G21 NOP @ LAL Pregame Thread+Poll

First of all, game information! The game will tip off at Staple center on Sunday 6:30p PT.

Seems like the better Lin plays…the less minutes he will get in the game. Price was routinely being favored by Byron Scott. Let’s hope Lin can get decent stats with limited minutes he is gonna get.


Sorry…no prediction poll this time…..Maybe @Psalm234 will magically appeared and add one later.

Thanks, Brent! Here is the Poll

I just came back late past midnight



Guess JLin's stats



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  3. LOL All females got the first 3 places. Where are the boys??????!!!! Still lost in miserable thread???!!!:-)

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  6. Man, JuanCesta is single-handedly turning Lakers ground against Lin fans (and by extension, Lin)

    SMH. Can’t you keep the crazy talk in Lin Fan forums where it won’t infuriate regular fans?

  7. Who is he/she?

  8. Who are you?

  9. Just watched some Roscoe Smith vid. Guy’s not bad. Fundamentals are ok. Fights for a rebound. If this guy played alongside Jeremy last preseason,well…

    I liked that Clarkson-Roscoe give-and-go. Clarkson learned stuff from Jeremy, eh.

  10. Nice, lots of movement. They should just get their whole D-League team to play for the ‘senior’ team for this season. After all, the actual Lakers team (Lin excluded of course, although his donut game was painful) are so woeful already, surely their own D-League team can’t do any worse. Oh wait, I forgot, there is someone called Byron Scott……

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  15. It has been increasingly difficult to read the situation with the Lakers. Something Khuang said recently seems to be coming true. Which is that Lin will continue to be efficient in limited opportunities whilst the Lakers continue to struggle.

    However, it is clear that Scott is a terrible coach. He just panders to the superstar. I think he just got lucky in his earlier years when he backed Jason Kidd and Chris Paul. But his more recent coaching history? Backing Kyrie Irving has been awful with a pathetic defensive record for the Cavaliers.

    I also think the NBA has evolved in recent years and he has not been able to keep up. That could explain why his coaching career started well but went downhill.

  16. Scott never continued to coach Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, nor Kyrie Irving and we all should know why. Reason Kobe got BS is cause he’ll tailor the offense and listen to him! If Lin ever becomes a Max contract player he should demand a coach that will put him first as well!

  17. That poster is most likely a troll pretending to be a fan. Why are you falling for it?

  18. throwing this out there as reason for Lin’s 19 minutes.

    At the start of the season, Lin trusted the team concept and BS’s attempt to push for the princeton offense. They keep telling him to be aggressive, but with the offense initiating offense from top with a big, the ball never really comes back to him. And then with the Kobe ISO, the ball definitely not coming back 99% of the time.

    Last game, Lin probably said screw it and just went with his own offensive game and started attacking outside of BS’s offense. Perhaps BS didn’t like how the offense is no longer his, he benched Lin.

  19. Basketball is not the end purpose in Jeremy’s life. It is a time of preparation for things that God has planned for his future. The journey thus far has been a time of testing of his faith. He has the assurance that God will be with him through all of these difficult times and continue to build stronger character in him. Life was never promised to be easy. His faith in God is growing with each adversity. Here are a couple of promises from the Bible that assures all who believe of Gods faithfulness.

    ISAIAH 54:17 No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord.

    ROMANS 8:37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

  20. Congratulations Psalm234, Brent Yen and all involved on getting this site up and running successfully! I don’t post much, but for me it’s great source for informed, thoughtful discussion and easy access to Lin content (e.g. Lin videos, articles, news).

    The poll is fun. Maybe have one on what everyone thinks the new lineup will be for tonight? [Lin, Kobe, Ellington, Davis, Hill? …probably off by a mile though :P]

  21. I’m a slow to learner . Finally got the hang of the site it. Great work. It’s a great inspiration to all true JL fans. Thanks so much to all you for your effort. God bless.

  22. This is from Lakersground:

    PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:55 am Post subject:
    angus wrote:
    Mr. Scott,

    As coach you have 259 games in the last 5 years, only 72 wins…
    a 23-59 Win/Loss per season avg…
    and now 5-15 and never the slightest hint of shared responsibility of coaching and its offensive “schemes”/”plans”/rotations in your daily scapegoating all on players’ focus/effort etc etc…

    and you say YOU are running out of patience?!

    Exactly. Take some responsibility and hold yourself accountable. Junk your offensive and defensive systems if they don’t fit your players. Make better rotations. Call timeouts more judiciously. Have your players prepared, them coming out flat in the beginning of games and in the 3rd quarter reflects the coach, I don’t think it is the players. Your overplaying your veteran shooting guard is ineffective. Getting mad and shuffling around the chess pieces using the same strategy will not get you anywhere but the same place you are now.

  23. ok, poll is up, Thanks, Brent for creating the thread!
    I just came back late past midnight from out of town.

    Let’s go, JLin!
    LINSANITY Unleashed!

  24. Could be because at this point, Lin & crimeFighter-bs have different goals. Lin want’s to win & the record bros just want byrant’s numbers.
    I’ve never followed bryant before & I question his reputation as ‘winning is all’ type of player. I haven’t seen it & think he’s creating a downfall for himself/bball/nba…but he has said he doesn’t care about what anyone says…he’s going to do what he’s going to do because he is bball/nba. smh

    Can we say: ‘EGOTISTICAL’.

  25. BS is a bad coach plain and simple. As I’ve posted before and someone below mentioned the guy got lucky early in his carreer w/ JKidd and Cp3. But remember the guy got replaced by a nobody, Lawrence Frank, because the guys-I known JKidd can be poisonous-had enough. That’s a tell tell sign

  26. Could be because at this point, Lin & crimeFighter-bs have different goals. Lin want’s to win & the record bros just want byrant’s numbers.
    I’ve never followed bryant before & I question his
    reputation as ‘winning is all’ type of player. I haven’t seen it & think he’s creating a negativity for himself/bball/nba…but he has said he doesn’t care about what anyone says…he’s going to do what he’s
    going to do because he is bball/nba. smh
    Can we say: ‘EGOTISTICAL’.

  27. So…you will stay and get the game thread up? LOL Yes….Linsanity again!

  28. Enough with the pg defensive anchor nonsene too….only a few pg play D. Pg defense is not as important as protecting the paint. Watch Davis and Asik protect the paint tonight.

  29. I can schedule it but sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t LOL
    yeah, I’m in town tonight .. hehe

  30. You figured that out!!! JK,,,,,you are right….

  31. Took me awhile lol. But seriously it’s amazing how little perimeter d is played, Grizzlies aside, in the league in general. But jeremy contains very well but gets no help and the BS narrative continues

  32. Why would the Lakers bet on this guy, if his record is as bad as people say. I agree that he can’t coach, from what I’ve seen so far, but don’t understand how a reputable winning team hires a sub par guy…I just can’t call him a ‘coach’. smh

  33. Hear, hear!

    JLin’s career path has never been the easiest for sure. But God continues to use this difficult circumstances to mold and strengthen his characters to battle and persevere agains ego, politics, jealousy, slander, etc. It offers hope for people with similar struggle in life to not give up and keep fighting for doing the right things.

    This is better than any Hollywood movies!
    Linsanity Sequel 2!

  34. It is impossible to play good D today on perimeter unless the other team only play ISO. I should rephrase….because everything is actually relatively speaking in a sense. Of course you still can do better than other perimeter players….but it is not gonna like the 80s where you can just put your hands on someones’ body.

  35. I can’t wait until Lin does an autobiography…a ‘tell all’ book, when he retires. I’ll be one of the first in line to buy a copy. lol

  36. I picked Linsanity last time and I was right on until bs screwed me by playing Lin only 19 minutes

  37. No one wants to coach Kobe. So the lakers figured hey let’s bring back an old laker, Scott, who also has a good relationship with Kobe. That’s it that’s all. But it’s backfiring because Scott through his ability and actions or non-action will lead to a mutiny at some point.

    Lots of 1 year guys on this team with nothing to lose so I can see some of them (Jeremy, Booz, Wes) saying things here and there. But we will see.

  38. We probably will lose count by the half on how many times that lin had to help to clog the lane and someone just do not rotate to help defending his man….

  39. So you’re thinking the Lakers are stuck w/bs( bryant-scott ) for the next 2 yrs? Then I predict that no one worth anything is going to come to LA & the fans are going to get fed up sooner or later. Wow…the Lakers are pretty much screwed then. The Buss family is in for a lot of hurt.

  40. No facts of course but think about it, Scott, biggest draw coming home to lakers was A) former laker and B) cool with Kobe.

    Nothing else to sell. So I see it as a 2 year job.

  41. Especially because it’s a true story.

  42. I think that’s why byrant challenged Lin to be a great defender (not a great ‘pg’)…to cover up the lack of defensive skills of himself & others. smh
    In other words, it wasn’t to motivate Lin as people thought, but for Lin to protect him while he broke records.

  43. But they NEED an excuse to bench him tho.

  44. Yep and MEGALOMANIAC.

  45. Well…..Kobe’s d sucks……..He can only turn on the effort like for 5 possessions…

  46. Exactly, that’s why it’s laughable how lack of D is blamed on everyone but the iso guy by bs.

  47. The way how it works is like this, Price and Kobe or whoever can get a few good defensive plays…in a game. Most of time it was steals. Then TWC will air it all day until everyone believes that they played the whole 48 minutes with that kind of defense. Lin is actually the same, NBA just did it reversely…

  48. Back with ppl he trusts and loves. Good…

  49. Thanks for posting this Joyce. It’s good to see Lin enjoying himself w/true friends. A nice break from the hard times of his current nba situation.

  50. lol…true enough. One thing the nba seems to excel at…manipulating facts to deceive fans into following like sheep. smh

  51. So basically what Lin can try is to blow the game open earlier….and let Kobe to be the hero in the crunch time. LOL He will not have the ball in his hands as much as he wish. So…I guess it is about how much he can do with 15 minutes of playing time….because the remaining 15 minutes for him is just like a placeholder on the court. LOL

    I was a Kobe hater in his early careers because of his style of plays. But I respected him a lot because his way won 5 rings….which is a fact. Of course he had helps at those times….good coaches, younger bodies and a few other stars. But the ring is the ring. I turned overnight became a Kobe fan after Lin joined LAL. Too bad I turned back again…like 10 games into the season. I turned a lot…must be the walking dead effect….

    Anyway…Lin can only do what he can do. ANd there is not much he can do…so let’s just see how brilliant Lin will be under this situation….LOL

  52. It is called…maximizing the revenue….

  53. The way Scott talks about the defense from day 1. Now thinking back…I almost felt it was just part of the plan. Keep preaching something he knows is not possible to cover something else bigger…something that is armored…..

  54. You are welcomed anytime…just post more if you like!

  55. Like I said earlier. Lin is perceived as a very good back up PG in NBA by NBA IMO. If I am right. Then…the most important thing to Lin in this season is to hold that starting PG spot tight. Sadly, he has very little control over that. But anyway…given his skillset and age. He will be fine regardless….it is just things May be easier if he can leave LAL as a starting PG.

  56. These guys look good, better than the NBA team. At least in the highlights they have crisp ball movement and play well as a team.

  57. Another photograph from Q Sushi (see also Joyce Ward’s post below). The person shown with Lin is David Nurse, a shooting coach who runs “PerfectShots Basketball”.

    See : http://www.perfectshotsshooting.com/who-is-david-nurse/

  58. If they have enough of him/her, a ban will come. They are pretty good at keeping things sane over there.

  59. Thanks for the info!!

  60. I really wish when I was young..there are many coaches like those around. It will really save you time figuring out a lot of things playing basketball..

  61. Me too!

  62. power of free social media for the good.

  63. Too bad…only VHS when I was playing LOL

  64. yep – LAL not even in contention and starting is an orchestrated controversy. They need to get him to a team what is bottom quartile like Rox was and without a great guard, dominant shooter and build around the entire team for Linball to flourish. Maybe an east coast conf or Seattle some day no taxes.

  65. You turned because Kobe does everything on the court that you know you hate when you play pickup or rec ball … he ruins the hour you all share and the team loses loses loses so you don’t even have the consolation of having lost together or deserving the loss. It’s like also being on a team and sitting the bench because you didn’t kiss up to the coach. Just not sports that elevates the indiv or collective feeling …

    nm, maybe it’s just me. For you, you know more so you must might be mad at all the fails that a casual guy like me never sees lol.

  66. Because Lin is much better coach quility than BS! So if BS let Lin doing this, he and Kobe will be witnessing Linsanity 2.0 in 30 min total in that game, and they couldn’t take that, it is embarassing to them! So he has to bench Lin to prevent the Linsanity 2.0 from happening!

  67. I think monking probably mix up. He probably wants to posted it on laker ground but end up here.

  68. Don’t soak too much in beer, you will get big belly. πŸ˜€

  69. for now, like most US companies on quarterly cycle. The Lacob article was nice – a true investor.

  70. BTW, what is inside the small wine glasses? Looks like everyone has one of those glasses. πŸ™‚

  71. Lin is a perfect fit to LAL’s situation.
    1. They need financial flexibility, so the need a good one yr rental.
    2. They need someone who is good as back up PG but also good enough to start in case Nash is a no go.
    3. They need the 1rd pick. Only hou is stupid enough to throw it away.
    4. They need to generate the revenue. They need to cater to Kobe while tanking. Lin is a perfect fall guy in a sense that team’s failure can be blamed on Lin because

    4-a Lin is inconsistent…can not provide KObe the help Kobe needs,
    4-b Lin is weak in defense so it is not Scott’s fault that LAL’s suck. It is about the PERSONNEL.
    5. Lin is still good enough to be put on the table for some kind of the trade if necessary although unlikely.

  72. Ah, you went that far. Me, I had a regular gym with the same guys, and we knew each other’s limits. No stress, just free running team ball. Very little ego, just the normal guy things but we ate good Chinese food after so it was all in the family. We saw the kids grow up, shooting on the open courts …

  73. 5 is the key. You are right about all the great points. Reads like in retrospect. Only hope is Jeannie Buss and her feel for the situation if it matters. Ha ha, Phil is out there …

  74. shoju?

  75. A sushi cafe…I assume it is Sake…

  76. I can see you putting the pieces together live and posted above. Nice.

  77. I like my cold sake in a small wooden box is it pine?

  78. From Mark Medina, for the Pelicans game …


  79. JUst tried to reason as the sample size of the observations goes larger.

  80. btw, sushi in West LA is way too expensive for me …

  81. You’re welcome, Brent.

  82. https://twitter.com/SerenaWinters/status/541672918267068417
    This echoes my points below….Lin to be the fall guy on defense

  83. yes, the framework is good and putting the pieces together did need these many games. Today’s starting move should shape that convo with some fenceposts.

    I actually think Lin will start, but it doesn’t mean your thoughts aren’t in play.

    1. tank
    2. great options with Lin, promoting him new to the poker game of LAL was important for all the reasons you stated. They got him not for free, but a next win.
    3. now we watch as LAL longstanding poker game between fans, $, Owners, Kobe play out. BSc has a seat, but he’s new too and maybe he’s just their for the contracted cash, not to achieve anything meaningful for his seat at the game, etc.

    Fun I guess …

  84. What about lin? Not starting?

  85. Oh, too bad … And yet, this is a huge joke. For sure no owner out there thinks this is right AND they know it has to be done for LAL to adjust. Now they can blame RP and BSc and lose 20 more games without seeming to tank.

  86. becuz Nick not crazy about playing with Kobe at the same time.

  87. I think LAL want to keep Lin…..as a backup. Price will be gone if another starting guard will come.

  88. Funny, all the guys hinting at Kobe ball hurting the team are now 2nd unit boo big egos yay young folks who strive!

  89. Exactly! What a joke!

  90. Yes, makes sense, and you know last fall owners wanted Lin. For backup maybe, but they wanted him. So, FA will not be as easily discounted as people think because vid don’t lie and Lin can pay for good negotiations PR, positioning, and materials. He’d better start now with all fronts.

  91. what an incompetent coach

  92. lol lin will not be back

  93. Can still hope for the best. Young can be like Fields and Novak in one for Lin.

  94. i know.. just saying what LAL might want

  95. Can’t agree more. Does he smoke? He must smoke something unusual here.

  96. who cares what they want lin will decide himself

  97. so lin gets blamed for boozers defense

  98. OK, Jeremy. Time to win games from the 2nd unit! Get your stats, win the games so it’s clear kobe loses them and does not win them (which has been the pattern) and then move on. Stats baby!

  99. it matter how they will use lin now

  100. exactly i now don’t care if laker win at all. all stats

  101. BS (bu.. Sh..) is just trying to take away the opportunity from Lin-Davis and trying very hard to make Ronnie Price looks good!
    Davis said he loves playing with Jlin in one of the interview. Idiot Bu.. Sh..coach, Ronnie Price was his player before and now he has to make him a starter, but please leave alone Davis for Lin please! What so great with Price- Davis?

  102. Price’s defense isn’t as good as Lin’s. This is going to backfire on Byron Scott. Now I have no confidence in him or respect for him as a coach. This is idiotic.

  103. And what dope doesn’t see that Lin plays great with Davis?

  104. winning the games will increase the chance for a Lin bidding market.

    Also, make it v hard for them to tank right so Kobe has to mess up badly and then the contrast will be nice … turn the TV off in crunch time to skip the massive tanking play.

    Media will still know … if you want locker room access, no asking questions about no clothes and king.

  105. can’t wait to see it. Lin in down 5 to 8, brings them back, lin back in down 5-8, bring them back with lead, LA loses in crunch. Nice.

  106. Or it works perfectly for his plan. Kobe pass Jordan and Lakers has top pick next year.

  107. How much playing time is Lin going to get now and who is going to close games and quarters? I’m mad now.

  108. i loss respect a while ago

  109. 25 max

  110. from what he said price 32 minutes or so

  111. Isn’t Sake is warm and with different kind of cup?

  112. Not enough. I mean a backup to Ronnie Price? Give me a break. Now Clutch and all of the other clowns are going to start crowing about how he’s just a backup and blah blah blah. All because of an incompetent coach.

  113. who cares

  114. Wasn’t Scott’s mantra that he should be “aggressive.”


  115. The one silver lining in Lin coming off the bench was that he would overlap more with Davis. So now we’re denied even that. As someone who spent the first half of his life in socal and the second in the bay area, my default fandom has always been with the Lakers. Guess that’s going on hiatus…oh well at least I still have the warriors to root for.

  116. Where is a link to his comments? How can a coach promote such a bad player in Price?

  117. he said his starter would ply the majority of the minutes

  118. yes, warm is in sake cup. Cold can be served, and I’ve seen wooden boxes and it does taste nice with the wood smell.

  119. Don’t think so… last game Lin & Boozer both got 18 & 19. That’s the time Lin will get now less than 20 min per game.

  120. Go GSW. Hard to have fun watching such a great team until playoffs for me. I love Speights’ good nights and some of the amazing Curry moves.

  121. It’s just annoying and unnecessary. Lin was beginning to get going and he pulls this garbage.

  122. if lin don’t get credit for the effort he putin the last two games defensivly. i give up on this year. forget bout it. he will not get a chance by this coach

  123. he’s babbling, whut?

  124. Good thing is he chooses his team next year. And maybe he should get a no-trade clause if he can. He won’t sign with the Lakers or want to play under Byron’s system.

  125. Davis and Price are foul prone. Davis plays best on the team with Lin. Price is OK, but Lin is better at PnR with him.

  126. yea it will be somewhat fun watching blow out by the starters and competitive games by the bench. now i can hate the lakers 100 percent of the time.

  127. ..And Kobe has a defensive mentality….

  128. I think Lakers maybe ready to trade Lin now.. they asked Clarkson to come back today.. I hope they can trade Lin ASAP.

  129. lets set this straight price will have a hard time being a back up on all other teams

  130. me as well

  131. haaaaa

  132. now they play freely with the bench atleast

  133. what a fool get his behind fired

  134. Exactly! This is Kobe’s call because Price helps Kobe to shine! But i wish Davis plays with Lin because Davis said he loves playing with Jlin in one of the interview!

  135. Good for them, that’s winning basketball.

  136. Watch what I said… especially the “MAX” part

  137. Might as well but they cannot rebuild too soon. All Lin value is in.

  138. Good for them. That’s winning basketball.

  139. Stupid idiot retarded Bu..Sh..coach!

  140. Well, I don’t believe they will pay 15M for a player on bench that only play less than 20 min per game?!

  141. Dear Jeremy,

    Enjoy West LA. Keep you mileage down but the engine running hot.

    Wear some Hawaii shirts, floppies and meet some good people. Next year you could ben in snow country.

    Your best friend,

  142. yea i know but used to it as a lin fan

  143. I dunno these games in trading. Just think LAL got what they needed form Lin and now they need him to not break out and not be a problem for the plan on Kobe and losing while trying.

  144. scott look like he is trowing crap at the wall hoping it sticks which it won’t. he is really incompetent

  145. so what is the offense iso kobe all day lmao.

  146. do what you want with personnel, but in the end, you need to coach them to play team ball to win. He’s going to keep tweaking personnel and minutes because he doesn’t have many options in real coaching (Kobe who he is, team goals what they are, and his own track record.)

  147. nonono, it’s going to be the best of Kobe’s PG from last week, for about 3 games this coming month.

  148. This Bu.. sh.. coach and Kobe do not want Lin to play well, they afraid Linsanity 2.0 happening!

    Same thing with Rockets’ M&M trying so hard to make Lin looked bad and prevent Linsanity 2.0 from happening!

    I hope James Worthy and Robert Horry and Magic Johnson say something about this stupid coach! May be Kobe behind this too, who knows!

  149. kobes unit will never play team ball now

  150. lol with what. wes who can’t shoot. price who can’t shoot. or hill whose shot is inconsistent and crap with out lin.

  151. Yeah, I wouldnt mind if Lin signed a somewhat lowball contract if he could get a no-trade clause and player option for subsequent years. He’s been shafted so many times, he needs control over his destiny.

  152. So you all can feel better … eat up!

  153. yep, nonono is all I can muster up to say how silly things have gotten.

  154. I hope all other point guards score on Ronnie and shut bu.. sh.. mouth forever!

  155. At least we know now that who is the real nemesis. Poor Lin, any team he goes with, the biggest nemesis are always his coach and so called superstar.

  156. Well since the decision is made…..nothing can be done about it. Let hope Lin gets better stats without KOBE!!!!! I am pretty optimistic….maybe not today’s game. But eventually…

  157. They will not keep Lin if Kobe is not happy Lin in this team w him… Kobe won.

  158. I doubt bc Lin will not have long min playing time. Well, anyway, he didn’t get that long min playing time before…

  159. At least I hope he plays more freely. I will take whatever the stat that might bring…

  160. Let just not use bad words….for now…

  161. Well….but Davis goes to starter unit tho

  162. I hope he can be traded after 12/15… ASAP. Don’t like Lakers or Kobe at all.

  163. the bench youth and speed should help lin.

  164. It comes in all forms..but you are right…that is the most typical setup

  165. who knows

  166. He can be traded now….if…there are takers.

  167. This is deja vu, all Houston again.

  168. Cough Cough what are the chance starters getting injured left and right just like the game before regular season? BS’s stupidity will cost him!

  169. Dare Lakers to put 15M player and the second best player on the bench. Lakers really wants to tank b/c they can’t control Lin on the court. Last game’s 14 points in a span of 7 minutes shows that Lakers were not happy about Lin out of control. At least BS and Kobe are not happy.

    If Lakers FO is behind this, we can see Lin got traded before Feb.

  170. Too bad he won’t until 1. Lakers are done Tanking. 2. Kobe breaks down and retires for good.

  171. Kobe won legions detractors in the twilight of his career.

  172. Also need to specify he can’t be a bench player and has to play minimum of 33 minutes per game!!

  173. Oh so now the starting PG will actually get 32 minutes while Lin barely got 29!!

  174. No, after 12/15 teams can start the trade…

  175. Time for Lacob to shake some trees for a long term investment. I’d feather see Lin off the bench in GSW later than on this or Rox team. No problem being bench in SAS, etc.

  176. nah, just get into manu mode with a killer team! Stay and produce for a few years, win rings. Then see where that leads after next contract cycle. Harden moved to starter too soon. You can see it, his game is not as robust as Lin’s.

  177. This confirms how NBA sees Lin. Not saying this guy representing the NBA. Just saying even a guy said good words about Lin can give a verdict like this.

  178. he works for the lakers what did you expect

  179. I am not expecting anything.

  180. they will fall in line with what scott did. it happen with rox so expect the same

  181. Haha I guess so

  182. No not all players. It was discussed on ESPN in July. At that time Lin was one of the only 3 that can be traded right after start of the season on LAL/

  183. lin honestly never gets it easy in this league

  184. Will he has a wrong last name I guess…LOL

  185. like even if he reaches his prime idk if he will get a shot

  186. That is what I was trying to say 2 threads ago…

  187. he never seem to get either the ball or be with the right personnel its ridiculous how often things have gone wrong for lin

  188. Someone in LA can go to McDonald now waiting for Lin

  189. no way Scott benches Lin. I don’t care how “racist” he is. Price is closer to being out of the league than actually starting. My guess is that Boozer comes off the bench.

  190. I know, that’s why I explained it is all about perceptions. HE IS a ROLE PLAYER to those ppl while WE THINK HE IS A STAR.

  191. lol it happened

  192. …. YOu don need to guess…it happened already

  193. its more then that. they blame him for thing that have nothing to do with him

  194. speculation, or official news?

  195. official….

  196. i watch his defense random was gaurded well by him. he shot abysmal for the day. the assist has to do wit the bigs. as well as rando getting in the paint has to do with help defense

  197. Ronnie Price is starting over JLin. I am done with this team. I don’t think Lin is staying in LA after this season.

  198. That’s what happen when you are a role player. You are a trash when they need you to be one

  199. right out of the dogs mouth

  200. LOL you need to get in line of giving up LAL. and mind you….this line is VERY long. LOL

  201. role players don’t get what lin gets. its the idea he is overrated the gets him that perception

  202. wow

  203. It does not matter how he gets it. It is about how they do with it.

  204. was long a while back

  205. exactly….LOL

  206. Better late than never. I am in now.

  207. Really? it took you this long to give up on this team? I gave up once Kobe went full PG last 4 games!!

  208. Well that’s how far RACISM Goes! And it’s a Brothers sport so no one will call him out for it!!

  209. I expect the starting unit can play better D now because of DAVIS. Scott is betting on the same thing too

  210. yea but can’t score also davis is foul prone

  211. It is ok….obviously it is Lin and Boozers’ fault

  212. well it is official…BS is a [email protected]#@$#king liar!!! he is officially worse than the hustink suckettes dmoron and mcidiot… I don’t fuking care if I get ban from here!!!!

  213. also with out lin who will get davis and hill there shots.

  214. you have Kobe….

  215. Even Lin’s tired of this crap, watch him take less money to head to the Spurs this off season!! At least on that team every single player is well respected! And he can learn alot an have fun playing the best team basketball!

  216. price WILL struggle to get a minimum contract in this league, he has NO business starting over anybody

  217. Awesome! Now with this news I wont feel guilty that my Pelicans will slaughter the Lakers, especially hope they crush the starters.
    I will, of course, also root for Jeremy to get himself as many good stats as he can in his limited minutes.

    Lets go Pelicans! πŸ˜€

  218. lol ok we will see kobe drive and kick with those old legs

  219. just like last year

  220. I actually believe for the 1st few games..Kobe will try to make it work. I think he is capable of doing that too

  221. looks like the true colors came out.

    “The biggest thing is I need them to defend. Offensively, especially from Jeremy, understanding just what a point guard is…he still has to learn that.”

    ….benching Lin for defense = McHale, but benching Lin for offense is asinine, especially with Ronnie Price who is not a PG

  222. I’m not even kidding on that team, great bench players get their fair share of praise and improves by leaps and bounds! We all should know Leonard didn’t used to be this Good! He improved alot under the great coaching Pop!!

  223. Mark Cuban is licking his chops right now….and so am I … here come mavs season tickets

  224. Example is plenty. Reggie Jackson…even Curry is…

  225. ok so price and wes can’t shoot. davis rely solely on pnr which you none there. so its hill post shots which i don’t think he will get open shots since there no need to pack the paint. soooo watch kobe iso it is

  226. you around Dallas? LOL

  227. I live in Dallas area

  228. Pretty much so

  229. Kobe will ISO with PG or not, that not even worth discussing! Just want to warn BS and Lakers KARMA is a BITCH!

  230. I did not know that…so am I….

  231. east of plano…town call murphy

  232. WOW I think with this Lineup, Pelicans can actually go for 200 points! That would be record!

  233. I am in Dallas….close to Plano too.

  234. cool…if Jlin comes to Dallas …maybe we can meet up to go to the mav games

  235. Ha….sounds great. If he really comes….LOL

  236. Well guys, I’m done watching the nba until Lin gets a new team & I’ll try following the fake nba sport again. Would appreciate posts of Lin’s plays during games, since I’ll be viewing just this site for Lin info. Thanks in advance!

  237. Haha c ya….

  238. Price will disappear just like Tony Douglas and Fatty Felton after Lin leaves Lakers

  239. I have league pass… so will be watching when ever Jlin is in the game…. [email protected]#@#$$k!! the rest of this team except for nick young and ed davis

  240. Young, Davis, and Lin should be the starters =/ but Tanking and politics goes a long way!!

  241. Lin benched.

    Reason: ASIAN

  242. 19-20min per game doesn’t get you much for your $$. lol Ya, I wasn’t sold on Lakers, so I didn’t put any $$ into the nba. I won’t either, until Lin gets into a ‘FAIR’ team. smh

  243. Kobe will be constantly double teamed by Price’s man. Teams know Price isn’t an offensive threat with his team worst 25.7 3PT% & 31.7 FG% means they don’t care if they leave him open. If they let him shoot he will likely miss more than score and they get the ball back.

  244. I agree

  245. The Warriors have a starting back-court of Splash Brothers.
    Not to be outdone, the Lakers now have a starting back-court of BRICK BROTHERS!
    The game on December 23rd against the Warriors just becomes the show between The Splash versus The BRICK.

  246. Have to bring the kiddos out…..will miss the game….let hope at least Lin can squeeze some good stats.

  247. Jlin = DNPCD Reason= Asian … more accurate description

  248. Yes, you are right.

    It’s just a matter of time before Lin is a DNP-CD.

  249. Your kids are probably more fun anyways. lol

  250. bricks hitting water will make splashes… water= every thing else beside the basket.

  251. Almost everybody else (including Price) is better at defense.

    Reason: Not Asian.

  252. Oh I forgot with Price as PG, Anthony Davis is going to have RECORD BREAKING GAME. My guess is 40 points?

  253. kkklutchfans is that way >> hustink

  254. As i posted in tweeter before, BS tries to get fired , took the 17mil and laughing at mitch and jeannie right in front of their faces.

  255. i always thought you were trolling but you might be right

  256. bs( bryant-scott ) must think people are really stupid w/that excuse. Well, I’m starting to wonder about the whole nba demographic’s intelligence…except ‘crazy’ Lin fans who has known the nba speaks from the wrong end of their hole about Lin from the beginning. sm

  257. you won’t get ban, it just that your post will get deleted. Hohoho

  258. This change doesn’t really surprise me…I kind of expected it, but it still pi$$es me off to no end! I really really really hate the nba!!

  259. Lol

  260. don’t bother click on the link… here is the article…

    After promising changes following a tough loss to the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott followed through on his word.

    “Starting lineup has been changed: Ronnie Price will start at the point guard; Kobe (Bryant) at the two; Wesley (Johnson) at the three; Ed Davis at four; Jordan Hill at five,” Scott told NBCLA.com on Sunday morning.

    Lakers Painfully Poor, Celtics Win

    Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer were no longer starting, and Price and Davis had usurped their starting roles. Scott pointed to a “defensive mentality” that both Price and Davis possessed–something the coach thought the team needed at this moment.

    “I think Ed’s energy is contagious. He comes in and he brings a different element. And I think it’s the same with Ronnie.” Scott’s reasoning for making the changes was ground in defense, “They think the defensive end of the floor first, and right now, that’s what we need.”

    Lakers Stats Analysis: Inside the Numbers

    When asked about how the player had taken the news, the coach laughed off the question. He pointed to the record, 5-15, and asked rhetorically, “What are they going to say?”

    Scott continued, “(I’m) just trying to inject some more energy into our team but also to let them know that if you think your minutes are guaranteed, it’s not. It really isn’t. To be honest with you, from a coaching standpoint, I got nothing to lose. I really don’t. We’re 5-15 right now.”

    Asked what Lin and Boozer needed to do going forward, the coach was clear: “The biggest thing is I need them to defend. Offensively, especially from Jeremy, understanding just what a point guard is…he still has to learn that.”

    Through 20 games, Lin has had a difficult time consistently creating for teammates and showing signs of building chemistry. The one-sided loss in Boston was just the latest example of Lin failing to run the offense as a point guard. Lin was able to attack the rim in spots and shoot a high percentage, but he only managed two assists with two turnovers on the night. His opposite number, Rajon Rondo, notched 16 assists and one turnover–more than the entire Lakers’ team.

    Consistent defensive effort, ultimately, was the reason the coach made his changes. Previously, Boozer missed a game due to a shoulder injury, and Davis made his lone start of the season. In that game, the forward was unable to avoid foul trouble and proved to be ineffective as a starter.

    “The first thing I want (Davis) to do is play like he plays–play with that aggressive mindset and that physical mindset,” Scott said when asked about how Davis would need to adjust as a starter. “But obviously, with doing that, he has to be a little bit smarter now that he’s going to start. I want him to be on the floor as much as possible. There’s going to be times when he has to just give up a layup or give up a basket to avoid getting his second or third foul early.”

    Scott also believed that Davis would hear less whistles from the officials once they saw him play more consistently.

    Scott said, “The more he’s out there, the more the referees will start to see what type of player he is and how he plays, and they’ll start to give him more respect.”

    The Lakers’ coach was quick to warn that these were only the first changes. He said the coaching staff would assess progress based on five games at a time, but he would likely be quicker to make changes on the next go-around.

    On Sunday night, the new-look Lakers host the New Orleans Pelicans at Staples Center. Tip-off is 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

  261. tank to walk paid and get the next gig want that …

  262. today will be fun to watch. I will be 0-2 on predictions don’t matter lol.

  263. I’m usually right.

  264. I’m kind of hoping that they keep losing w/this unbelievably bad line up & then same as last year happens…when it’s too late to turn things around. lol

  265. What BS. ” if you think your minutes are guaranteed, it’s not”. Kobe shooting brick after brick an still plays >40 minutes. Shoots 1-14 and still keeps playing.

  266. Here is my take on the whole situation.

    We now know why BS was surprisingly supportive after Lin’s 0-10 game against the Wizards. BS finally found the perfect opportunity to bench Lin aka the Asian who can’t play. So when Lin started poorly against the Celtics, things almost went exactly as planned for BS…. except Lin rebelled and went 1 on 11 (5 opponents, 4 teammates, 2 refs) and succeeded in his limited time on court. Now BS was all pissed off for Lin messing up his plan. As a result, BS could only bench Lin to justify his benching decision today.

    Nevertheless, I think BS is just a fall guy because Kobe seems to be the guy calling all the actions behind the scenes. Remember Kobe’s quote about supporting coach’s decision 100% on lineup changes after last game? Kobe never supported any coach except maybe Phil after Kobe couldn’t accomplish anything after driving Shaq and Phil away LOL! So I think it’s Kobe being a sneaky liar plotting the scheme of marginalizing Lin behind BS. Well, I have always disliked Kobe and now I just have more reasons to despise him.

  267. Pelicans on a B2B after getting beaten by the Clippers last night. Hope they have energy left to embarrass the Lakers.

  268. my xmas wish…Jlin traded to the Mavs

  269. Not a hard job to do tho..

  270. Call the ACLU, plan for 1/3 viewing minutes and play with family, rename all post titles “Tank talk …”

  271. I never did have respect for noCoach. b-s both sounded too much like salesmen from the get go. smh

  272. join me to campaign for Jlin to Dallas…there is always room on this bandwagon. lol

  273. Remember weeks ago when I said Price to start over Lin is just a matter of when? BS is a dirty human being. This guy can lie and manipulate people for his own agendas. Mitch Kupchak was his first victim by his words and his actions have always been the opposite.

  274. No, I want Lin to get his stats for a new team & b-s’ first unit lose the games for the worst nba season EVER.

  275. I think BS just did what Kobe asked for… I think & hope Lin can out of Lakers soon.

  276. Jlin come off the bench and win games to screw up the lakers tanking plan…. double sweet

  277. I just heard the news about Lin to the bench. What other line-up changes did BS make?

  278. Ed starting over Boozer.
    The lengths Coach Scott will go to never give Ed&Jeremy time together lol so sad.

  279. Regardless, he’s still the coach. However you might right as Kobe told the public as he’s proud to be an @-hol3 and his latest was attempting to have breakfast with Rondo.

  280. That’s exactly what I predicted would happen. Lin would get benched, and he wouldn’t get the chance to play with Davis. One time I hate being right, lol.

  281. Boozer & Lin both move to bench. Davis & Price move to starters… I am so upset.. Mike B was wrong.. smh!

  282. Hey KHuang, do you think this dislike or attempts to make Lin look like a scrub is mostly from the old timers( mc, bs, ker, etc )? It just doesn’t make sense why so much disrespect.

  283. the good news about lin to the bench is that the new line-up stinks.


    Where’s the offense going to come from? Just Kobe? He’s the only one who can create shots for himself. That squad may be better defensively (with Davis in there), but it’s going to have trouble scoring.

    The second unit arguably is a better line-up than the new first team. The main weak link would be the front line. But, the back-court of Lin, Ellington, and Young? All the offense is now on the second unit.


  284. I thought the same, but I still held out hope that b-s wasn’t that stupid…how wrong I was.

  285. The only problem is that b-s will start limiting the 2nd unit’s playing time, once they start out playing the 1st. I just can’t wrap my brain around how incompetent b-s is.

  286. I don’t have much care for the Lakers anymore but one small positive note, yes we finally have the opportunity to see our Jeremy Lin to play freely without feeding ball stopper Kobe (I hope).

  287. I think this was the original plan all along. They just had to lay the story line to distract the fans.

  288. I can see with Jlin off the bench with younger teammates….. he can win games and mess up the lakers tanking plan and then leave them next year without that 1st round draft pick that they are screwing Jlin for… sweetest revenge ever!!!

  289. rookie75094 β€’ a few seconds ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by JLinPortal.
    I can see with Jlin off the bench with younger teammates….. he can win games and mess up the lakers tanking plan and then leave them next year without that 1st round draft pick that they are f##@#king Jlin for… sweetest revenge ever!!!

  290. Did you forget crimeFighter plays 35+ min w/both units? No way b-s is going to let Lin play freely for long…too much risk that Lin will outshine coBrick.

  291. You’re right maybe Lin can find 3-4 min without him per game.

  292. kobe body will get decimated with that amount of minutes…. then Linsanity will happen.. Jlin will put the checkmate move on the lakers…hahaha

  293. Not with slow Boozer weighing him down. If Davis stayed on the bench with Lin and Swaggy would have been good. But Lin going to pass to Boozer and he’s going to brick his long 2’s and then isn’t going to play any defense. What bigs do they have left on the bench? Boozer and Sacre? That’s going to be a disaster. SMH. 2nd string PG’s are going to have an open path to the basket and they will blame Lin. This is looking more and more like Tebow. Lin will be lucky to find a team next year and even so they won’t give him a chance to play his game. SMH

  294. Could be…just didn’t want to mention the injury risk for the ‘no wishing injury’ rule. lol

  295. And demand that they fire B Scott because he will be an UFA and can sign with anyone he wants if they don’t.

  296. sorry if you were being sarcastic… if not then my post below stands… lol

  297. Many of my posts are sarcastic. Don’t worry about it if you don’t get it immediately lol.

  298. Also, Price’s offensive utility is so much lower than Lin’s. It’s like you’re getting Lin’s worst offensive shooting nights as an average.
    3:17pm – 7 Dec 14
    -Darius Soriano

  299. boozer may suck but at least he is trying…. I still believe Jlin will make every one on the second unit better if they play team ball… and team ball is always better than iso ball. Just watch…. you will be surprised.

  300. Whatever the stats said it’s not matter.. bc Kobe & Scott used the same excuse like Rox did before …D. All they want from Price it’s D for Kobe so he can score.. now w/o Boozer & Lin in starting lineup, Kobe can ISO all game.

  301. cool bro…again sorry.

  302. Kobe won’t be able to score. At lease Beverly could hit a 3. Price is not an offensive threat, his man will double on Kobe and Kobe won’t be able to score.

  303. then it is back to how long kobe body will last for isoing all game long…. I guess it won’t be too long.

  304. I don’t think Boozer is trying on defense. He’s never been know as a strong defender but it’s gotten worse.

  305. I agree & I don’t care how long Kobe will last….LOL!

  306. That’s what Kobe wants & I think they probably asked Price to practice 3P… Don’t you see he took 10 shots last game.

  307. He mind as well be off the bench w/a winning caliber team than a not coached scrub team Lakers.

  308. The dislike of Lin is an AMERICAN thing.

    No matter where Lin goes or what he does or who he’s with, he’s going to get trashed because he’s Asian.

    America is deeply racist against Asians, and there’s a lot of backlash against people like Mike D’Antoni who support the Asians.

    Lin is going to face extreme racism throughout all his NBA career, and it will only get WORSE over time.

    I’ve faced this kind of withering career racism many times before. It never gets better.

  309. Price has a 9 year career 3PT% of 29.0. A little practice isn’t going to change that. Even if he hits a few he will regress to the mean.

  310. It totally does not matter how poorly Price plays.

    As long as the Asian guy is EJECTED, Scott and Kobe and the Lakers will be HAPPY.

  311. Price isn’t a D threat either, so his no O/D makes him a non-contributor…so b-s wants the 1st unit to be 3.5 on 5 game.

  312. No, Lin won’t be allowed to play much with the 2nd unit.

    Kobe and Price will be sent down in order to keep the ball out of Lin’s hands.

    The countdown to Lin’s inevitable DNP-CD’s begins NOW.

  313. Thanks KHuang for dashing my last smidgen of hope dust. lol I guess I’ll resort to hoping for a miracle for the time Lin is in this he11. The world hasn’t evolved much, after all. smh

  314. No, the world isn’t evolving one iota.

    Everything the world does is race based – and the world HATES ASIANS.

    I’ve been trying to tell people this, and many people disagreed with me. UNTIL NOW.

    Lin’s still THE MAN, though. To me, he’s one of the 5 best players in the NBA and is the greatest guard in today’s game.

    If Lin never plays another NBA minute because racism completely knocks him out, he still remains the superstar of superstars to me. I’m not even overexaggerating his basketball worth because he’s Asian. Lin is simply one of the best NBA guards I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen them all!

  315. I sure hope so. Eric said they will win today?! Let’s see..

  316. I speak for myself on this:

    In a weird way, Lin’s benching JUSTIFIES my belief that he’s a top 5 talent in the NBA and a truly great player.

    I’ve been complaining that Lin’s been benched for playing well, not poorly. Despite humongous racism and battles against teammates and opponents, Lin’s weathered it all and played GREAT. Only a top 5 talent could withstand all that negativity and carve out a consistent career for himself.

    Though I’m pissed that the Asian guy was unfairly benched, my opinion of his game remains unchanged. Jeremy Lin is one of the best guards I’ve ever seen in the NBA and I will never not view him as a true superstar talent.

    Even if Lin never plays another NBA minute because racism knocks him out, I won’t change my stellar opinion of him and his game one iota. I’d take Lin against any guard I’ve ever seen in the NBA and am totally proud to be a true Jeremy Lin fan!

  317. I think from this point on we might want to have a poll on the minutes Lin will play in the game.
    You could also include DNP-CD (ASIAN) as one of the poll options in honor of KHuang who called this before the regular season started lol.

  318. Woah. ..

    I’m too angry to say much. A knife sticking out of the back is an understatement.

    So angry.

  319. Your anger is JUSTIFIED.

    If you need to, let it out!

  320. Anthony Davis just played just 26min cuz he got poked in the eye and had to see a while, energy wont be a problem for him! He’s always great on b2bs anyway.
    I expect him to have a monster game tonight to make up for last night, but most of all, I hope Jrue has a career high, hehehe.

  321. Lin might not even be the first option off the bench, Young is.

  322. You were right about BS all along.

    All this blind optimism I had… what an idiot I was. It’s killing me how I really thought Jeremy had a fair chance.

    Unbelievable. I can’t even be coherent right now.

  323. You’re no idiot.

    Byron Scott talked big. Even I gave Scott the benefit of the doubt, which is how I always operate until it’s proven otherwise.

    I’m surprised only from the standpoint that it took the Lakers THIS LONG to eject the Asian guy. That’s because Lin battled valiantly against all odds and WON.

    Having faced this exact same dynamic in my own life many times, I know exactly what Lin’s feeling.

    Whenever I was ejected for excelling the way Lin just did, I smirked and strutted. That’s because when I was being ejected for doing well, the ejection was CONFIRMATION that I was doing a good job. I know that Jeremy Lin feels the same way as I did!

  324. Lin might not even get off the bench at all.

    That’s an eventuality that we all have to be prepared for this season, sooner rather than later.

    What the Lakers don’t realize is that they just signed their own suicide note by benching Lin. He’s going to take a TORCH to the team, just like he did in NY and Houston. Lin’s going to beat down the starters and coach so badly they can’t fight him off in practices and also compete in games.

    The Lakers should seriously think about cutting Lin and telling him to stay away from the team. They have NO IDEA what they’ve just done to themselves by making Lin MAD.

  325. I’m interested in what Horry and Worthy will say… Price is soooooo…inferior to just about any other Laker that you cannot justify to promotion other than 1) tanking 2) Kobe wants no-shine bellboy.

  326. I don’t care what Horry and Worthy say – and it’s not because I don’t respect your opinion or stance.

    Lin’s a GONER, and it’s just a matter of time before he’s done for the season.

  327. they will fall in line

  328. I truly believe the decision was made on the day when Lin tweeted out a bible verses. And that’s why Young said “I don’t know” 5 times during last post game interview and walk off 45s into the interview.

    That’s why in Lakers website, both in Oct and Nov best 10 play of the month, there is always Price there, but no Lin. Lakers has been trying to push up Price since day one.

    That’s why Lin don’t even have practice time together with Kobe, after Lin recovered from his injury in the pre-season, Kobe has been sitting out practice to reserve his energy.

    That’s why Lin was never too happy when people say Kobe want him to be more aggressive. And I hate that BS/Kobe will say Lin should not need to look over his shoulders, and yet, they were doing exactly the same thing to him, bench him when he got double double, and bench him when he is the only Laker that could get things going.

    Lakers is doing exactly what Houston did, playing with an agenda which is not winning basketball.

  329. I’m always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

  330. The decision to eject the Asian guy was made when Scott was hired.

    Lin only prolonged the inevitable by playing like an ALL STAR.

  331. Yeah, looks like this was in the works since the very beginning, maybe even more preseason. Lin not practicing with the starters should have been a dead giveaway.

    We were all blindsided.

  332. I don’t hope for the best when it comes to Lin.

    I simply take in the show and get marshmallows to watch him BURN people, his Lakers team being the next on the list!

  333. …unless Kobe runs himself into the ground and cannot play, which seems to be what BS and himself are striving for. And I care about what the media says because of public opinion, which may affect where Lin goes next.

  334. true.. I am hoping for miracles… considering it is xmas coming up.

  335. If Kobe suddenly cannot play, Lin won’t get any more minutes.

    The plan is to phase out the Asian guy, regardless of how badly the team suffers.

    Bryant’s minutes would simply by taken by Young and Ellington while Price plays well over 30 mpg.

    Lin’s DONE.

  336. Jeremy NEVER had a chance to start with in the beginning.

    I’m angry that I thought he had a chance. I’m angry that we kept asking Jeremy to be this and that, when JEREMY already did everything that he could. He NEVER had a chance!

    They said they wanted him to be aggressive. Jeremy plays aggressive= he gets taken out. They said he should play good defense. Jeremy plays good defense= justification for another benching. They wanted to win. Jeremy scores like crazy= BENCHED for the next entirely of the game.

    The fact that we were even talking about what Jeremy could do… when it was clear that no matter WHAT he did, it didn’t matter.

    Screw it. Screw it.

  337. fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me….. the lakers in my eyes are now at the same level or worse than the hustink suckettes now and that is saying a lot.

  338. So the question becomes, what DID push the racists to start Kin in the first place? FO? We know the KoBS don’t care about what the media sΓ ys?

  339. Also BS said they will need to force feed Young.

  340. I think it was the Magic Johnson tweet… but he can only do so much… sigh

  341. Darn too bad walking dead ended. Now I have to watch this stupid game. SCREW BS!

  342. Jlin in Hulk mode… I like

  343. Against why does JLin only go in Hulk Mode when he’s benched? Haven’t past lessons taught him to play every game like it’s his last?

  344. Well, the walking dead show ended. But the “Walking Dead Lakers” just started tonight.

  345. three of the shooter shoot below 40 percent for the year. walking dead is too fast for them

  346. Didn’t Linsanity take place in the darkest of days?

  347. plese stop scott will kill the flame when it gets lit like last game

  348. Linsanity didn’t happen in darkest of days when he was with Rockets, hard to believe it would happen unless both Kobe and Price are done for the season.

  349. I think because Jlin was fooled by the lakers just like us… only now he realized hulk mode is his only option left…. shm to think Jlin has found a basketball home…according to mitch kupcake

  350. I hope Jeremy just plays his ball. And get all his damn points no matter what.

    I want him to come back and ruin the Lakers, Houston and every single team and coach that’s tried to manipulate him.

  351. Yes, BS better give ZERO PT, otherwise Lin will make him pay. Anyone know if Clarkson was called up?

  352. I never trusted BS with the way he managed JLin’s minutes and his BS about defense when his past teams had the work defensive record and complaining about JLin taking too many shots, blah blah blah.

  353. I’m sad, I’m angry and I need a drink at 6:45 in the morning! This is just the worst day ever. I hope Jeremy plays like no tomorrow. And I hope the Lakers lose.

  354. We wished he would when he played Rockets twice but it didn’t happen due to the double team! Lin needs to play with aggression and anger, dunk in those losers faces!

  355. The NBA won’t allow Lin to return to haunt everybody.

    Enough people around the NBA have SUFFERED at Lin’s Asian hands. They’ve had their fill of being beaten repeatedly by Lin.

  356. The inverse is not always true.

  357. Lin ALWAYS plays like there’s no tomorrow.

    There never was a tomorrow for the Asian guy.

  358. Reason: Linsanity got alot of people fired and in the HOT SEAT.

  359. Lin’s ALWAYS in Hulk mode.

    Think of it this way: When Hulk gets attacked by his own teammates, it’s HULK SMASH on his own team!

  360. I actually hope the lakers win with Jlin balling…so then that will mess up their tanking plan as well

  361. No past games he believed he was the starter and insisted on passing and getting teammates involved, he played with no energy for many games just cause he didn’t get to play teamball with lousy teammates!!

  362. The ongoing beatings which are Linsanity level have messed up a whole lot of people that crowed that the Asian guy didn’t belong in the NBA.

    Lin’s had so many Linsanity level games, Linsanity looks like TRAINING CAMP.

  363. you forgot the Dallas Mavs…. Mark Cuban is not part of the corrupted nba.

  364. Price was hurt in the last pre-season game…….. And he was horrible…..

  365. Well, disappointed but I was expecting this to happen. It is just pure BS and shall I say racism against an Asian guy who is considered as a scrub by a coach.

  366. I saw the highlights from last game and was totally enjoying Jeremy beating 5 boston defenders to score, again and again. Now I don’t even think about what the team will do to him anymore. If they sit him, then he won’t get hurt and will be ready for the next team eventually. If Lin gets a chance to play tonight, then go go go Jeremy, beat the crapp out of everyone and be yourself. Always your fan.

  367. BS BS BS! Wt of defensive liability!


    Being a great teammate who passes unselfishly and runs plays is exactly what Lin needs to be now and forever.

    Basketball is not a 1-on-1 sport, no matter what that loser Kobe Bryant thinks. Lin is a great player who is super aggressive.

  369. If defense mattered, the likes of Harden and Kobe would not be starting and hailed as stars! It’s all about average PPG! Lin is the only stubborn one who refuse acknowledge the truth!

  370. I hope they keep losing so they will fire B Scott.

  371. Expected but I cant accept when it really comes

  372. Actually, the Mavs believed that Lin wasn’t good enough to play in the NBA too.

    They wanted to banish Lin to the D-League for at least an entire season with zero chance of an NBA callup.

    The Mavs have NO FAITH in Lin’s NBA abilities, and they demonstrate it via their actions.

  373. It’s not even about PPG, as Lin vastly outscores Price.

    It’s about SKIN COLOR – nothing else.

  374. Beat 5 defenders and 4 teammates and the racist head coach!

  375. disagree… Jason Kidd was playing for them at the time… they were planning to groom Jlin to take over his spot… but well you know what happened.

  376. Lin was the default starter because Price was SOOOO BAD.

    Price is still SOOOO BAD, but skin color always trumps production in the NBA.

  377. When are Lin fans going to start calling this what it is…racism against Lin? Change will not happen until people are forced to see the truth. I didn’t want to believe it or place voice into the idea, but it’s happened too often w/o a logical reason to pretend it isn’t happening. I’m not a vocal person by nature, but this racist unfairness by the nba is too hard to ignore.

  378. It is about PPG, we think Lin can be top 10 PG but he can’t if he only take 5-8 shots every single game!

  379. I’ve been calling it “racism” since January 2012!!!

    I even got a warning on this site for doing that here!

  380. or that… I take that as well

  381. If Lin gets moved to 2nd unit, the benefit is that unit can run, and he doesnt have to deal with Kobe. But Swaggy is also Kobe-lite — the ball stops moving when it goes to his hands; he rarely makes the extra pass when the ball swings around, even if his teammate is more open than he is.
    From his on court actions and what he says off the court, I don’t think Swaggy respects Lin as a player. And, as PFV has said, Swaggy regards himself as a better player than he really is.

  382. NO NO NO.

    Price not only takes fewer shots than Lin, he bricks them too.

    There’s no justification for starting Price on the basis of PPG!!!!

  383. The replacement for Scott would still be ANTI LIN!!!!

  384. Yes… still hard to believe but true.

  385. After the race based garbage in New York and Houston and now LA, the simple truth should not be hard to believe.

  386. more than likely… unless it’s George Karl

  387. But they wouldn’ thave if Lin was average allstar stats with 20+ PPG! They wouldn’t pull the defensive crap he that was his average!

  388. Lin won’t be given the ball on the bench.

    In fact, I have serious doubts that Lin will even play many minutes with the bench.

  389. Lin’s SCORED 20+ this season, and he got shut out by the coach the next game every single time.

    I know you’re trying to rationalize this from a standard basketball fan’s perspective, but it won’t work because Lin is not the standard nonAsian player.

    The better Lin plays, the more he gets benched. That’s RACISM!!!!

  390. I thought there is an Asian part owner in the Laker? Is he trying to be the model “minority” owner?

  391. That’s why Karl is not coaching in the NBA – he’s a radical and a guy that franchises cannot control.

  392. I think Yao should put together a group to buy an NBA team and relocate it to Seatle… similar to the nets owner. And build the team around Jlin during his prime…git it done Yao

  393. OK I admit I really like the Pelicans… so tonight I can cheer for them until Jeremy on the court. Go Pelicans Go!

  394. BUT he didn’t score 18-20 every single game! He has 2, 0 point games and a few single digit games creating an ugly PPG of 11. His overall FGA this season is 4-8.9!

  395. No they weren’t.

    They had Jason Terry, Rodrigue Beaubois, Dominique Jones, and JJ Barea all in front of Lin.

    Dallas strictly viewed Lin as a mainstay of their D-League team, and Lin SAW THROUGH IT AND BOLTED!!!

  396. Yeah, always AFTER Lin was shut out by his teammates and coaches.

    You cannot convince me or anybody here that Price is the proper starter, especially with a TOTALLY FLAWED AND WEAK argument like “Lin’s not shooting enough!”

    Stop PRETENDING that the Lakers are feeding Lin touches and screens and plays.

  397. Any ideas on what we can do as a collective? Getting of this… college admission (i was an admission officers wet dream and didnt get into nearly every ivy league school i applied to), media, Hollywood, bamboo ceilimg at work,, this… lets start a discussion… really tired of this junk

  398. you and everyone here

  399. Yes we can enjoy watching opponents crush the Lakers now!

  400. Lin didn’t get benched because of his PPG. It was strictly because b-s ran out of excuses to down grade Lin after he repeatedly showed he could adjust his game to their dictates. b-s was never a fan & subtly layed the foundation for getting him exactly where they have put him…back-up.

  401. Go Pelicans! Just destroy the 1st unit! I will cheer for you until Lin enters!

  402. You too?

    You as a Lakers fan should be INCENSED that your starting point guard and most efficient player was unfairly benched!

  403. NOTHING we can do.

    Racism against Asian Americans is too institutionalized.

    We can only go on and live our lives the best we can.

  404. Go to a Lakers’ game and show huge signs how we feel about the treatment on Lin??

  405. The coach and GM that Yao would hire would be ANTI LIN.

    Wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference.

  406. we’ll have to agree to disagree…. however I still think Dallas is one of Jlin best options.

  407. That means NOTHING.

    Byron Scott is going to be racist, no matter what Asians think or do.

  408. why wouldn’t he hire George Karl as coach and Gm?

  409. Hey we all think alike! Great! Go Pelicans Go!

  410. I seriously doubt that Dallas wants Lin even as a minimum wage player.

  411. We CAN do something… thinking like that is why nothing ever does happen… ill think of something…

  412. I would pefer lin practices his shootings instead of driving to the rim to risk injuries. Shoot as much as 3s, midrange and floaters even if it means 0 for 15. It makes no sense to drive to the rim now to prove a point as I believe many teams had already known what lin is good at.

    Hopefully there is a playoff contending team willing to trade for him by the trading deadline fir whatever reasons. You never know.

  413. I’m doubly sad – there is not much uproar on Twitter about this. Many JLin fans are resigned to the fact that we’ve been in this situation before – nothing new. πŸ™

  414. Now you know why I’ve been so cynical from the start!

    This kind of dynamic, I’ve been facing it long before Lin was even born!

    The years have not made me any less mellow.

  415. Ido Amir tweeted a Hebrew saying: ‘They pee on you, tell you it’s rain, and you believe it.’ describing a complete fool…exactly what b-s did in this situation. lol

  416. look at my Yao buying a team Idea… may be he can get together with Taiwan companies for money….some one should tweet this idea to Yao

  417. Exactly what Minority Owner means, NO POWER, the Buss Family controls the Lakers with their BIG shares!

  418. That’s as much as you can do – and it’s still a lot!

    America will NEVER change in its racist views toward Asians.

  419. Yao would never do it.

    He KNOWS how against him the NBA would be.

  420. All my asian brothers and sisters, we need to stop being this “model minority.” Nothin drastic or nutty… just think about it as you go about your day at school and work… assert ourselves and assert our rights and fight the good fight when wronged…

  421. I’m at a loss for words. Kobe and BS have wanted to do this since day 1 but I didn’t think they would dare. This is the worst day in Lin’s career since Linsanity ended. This is rock bottom. It can only get better from here on out. I always sensed that Lin was afraid to complain about his treatment by the Rox since he had a multi-year contract and hated the thought of spending years with a team on bad terms. So the good news is that there are only 62 games left. Definitely no playoffs. I expect Lin to become more vocal even if it means embarrassing Kobe. Obviously, Lin will not be signing with the Lakers next season and he should be asking to be traded. After tonight’s game there is only $11 mil left on Lin’s contract. So any team that has hope of making the playoffs should go after Lin if they have weakness at the PG position.

  422. He might – but Karl would not be able to prevent his players from freezing Lin out.

  423. Pfft, that “model minority” is just a hateful phrase invented by nonAsians to trash the accomplishments that we Asian Americans legitimately earn via hard work and talent despite overwhelming racial odds!

  424. this is very true.

  425. No, it can get A LOT WORSE.

    It’s inevitable that Lin is DNP-CD’d for the rest of the season.

  426. Thats why i put it in quotes my friend πŸ™‚

  427. Another poster mentioned that no other coach wanted to coach bryant w/o BIG pay. Not sure if that’s true, but it wouldn’t be hard to believe.

  428. But we Asians are NOT consciously being a “model minority” just because that’s assumed of us by nonAsians.

  429. FAITH VS FEAR: All of our lives are governed by these things . The JL story playing out before us helps determine what our mindset is. Faith in God brings peace and serenity. Fear brings turmoil and anxiety. When we look at Jeremy’s life today we will either believe that all is well or that he is headed toward certain disaster. We see Kobe, Scott and many others on one side and Jeremy alone the other. What we can’t see with our eyes is God standing by Jeremy’s side. If we truly believe that God is with him then it is a no-brainier who will win. We don’t know how it’s going to transpire, but we know the end results. The Bible story of David and Goliath portray this battle. David was a teenage boy with a slingshot and Goliath was a trained warrior with a sword and full armor. One small stone from David’s slingshot and the battle was over. Jeremy has been in many of these battles. He has always been victorious, not because of his own strength, but his faith in God. The battle is not his, but the Lord’s. We can also enjoy the same peace as we trust God’s faithfulness.

  430. I think Pelicans defence will be hard for this new Lakers starters. What do you think? It would be great to see these great Lakers starters got shut down. I hope Jeremy won’t even have to come in on 1Q. Can’t wait to see they get totally destroyed by the Pelicans… Gee… I am smiling… dammm

  431. Thats a start… but gotta be large number upfront for media and sponsors to see… also, someone with some connections and clout gotta start some kind of boycott… gotta be someone here who lurk or something…

  432. I’ve been speechless for 2 hours. i think I’m broken

  433. In this sense, I hope the Lakers make Lin a DNP-CD.

    I’m sick of Kobe’s horrifically bad play, I’m sick of Scott’s race based outdated loser coaching, I’m sick of Ronnie Price playing terribly and regarding Lin as his enemy, I’m sick of the Lakers not being able to run plays with Lin.

    It’s not good for Lin to be surrounded by this much racial negativity.

    Houston ejected Lin for racial reasons, and it was for the best.

    Let’s hope the Lakers place Lin on waivers and allow him to be claimed by another team that actually wants him.

  434. My friend, what is the most infuriating part about this to you?

    For me, I’m just angry that race had to mess up Lin’s career yet again.

  435. Wait, you’ve been one of the most optimistic Fan of Jeremy. Come on, he will rise again despite the turmoil. That is what I believe.

  436. its the incompetence . that we and lin has had to deal with for years now

  437. I hope so too.

  438. its a little too overwhelming for me

  439. Exactly… hence the quotes… “model minority” is a white america construction used by white america to describe and stereotype asians just like “oriental” is a western construction, not something asians describe themselves as… “model minority” implies we are guests of true americans (not real american)and that the other “minorities” are bad…

  440. That could very well be what is best for Jeremy at this time. These who are against him are merrily puppets. There is a perfect plan for him they they cannot thwart.

  441. OK I refuse to believe this is IT. No farking way…

  442. I’m sick of NBA, Lakers, BS & Kobe. I swear I WILL NEVER WATCH NBA IN MY LIFE ONCE LIN RETIRES!

  443. Like Khuang said below, I hope Jeremy clears off the waivers and be acclaimed by some contending teams.

  444. me to but you can get the feeling when the fix is in

  445. The term is very patronizing and effective in pitting minoroties against each other…

  446. I agree.

    Unfortunately, I as a Asian American male am USED TO this kind of racial hatred and career undercutting.

    It saddens me to see that Jeremy Lin is no better off than I am!

  447. Me too! I’m torn between giving up on the nba or supporting Lin & his cause to be an anomaly in the nba.

  448. a waive that would be even worse trade atlas i think he will be here for the year. scott cold be fired

  449. Let’s dissect starting PG’s in the NBA. How many of the starting PG’s in the NBA are black?

  450. I’m so sick of the NBA right now, Lin hasn’t retired yet and I’ve actually stopped watching!

    Je Ballew and I attended a horribly officiated Suns vs. Spurs game earlier this season. The Spurs had a 20+ point easy victory ripped away from them by the evil refs.

    That game SNAPPED something in me, something that was a long time brewing.

    I haven’t watched an NBA game since and actually rely on my BFF Je Ballew for game analysis!

  451. This could be the reason for Lin being in the nba…spot light the Asian-American racism, besides the fulfillment of his dream.

  452. That is very true.

  453. Do you think Lakers will trade Lin soon?

  454. I would think they would have and interim coach, usually the assistant coach and Mark Madsen would be it who has been a long term Lin supporter. They had thought about making him the coach from the beginning.

  455. Toronto would be the best city for Jeremy but we already have Lowry.

  456. No Alain, a waive would not be worse at all.

    The waiver wire works like this: If Lin were placed on waivers, only teams that actually WANTED HIM would take him.

    The caveat is that I think that the new team would assume paying the remainder of Lin’s salary. But a buyout can sometimes be facilitated to allow the new team to claim that player without the burden of salary.

    Frankly, I’d rather Lin be DNP-CD’d for the rest of the season than be race jerked around like this any further.

  457. He get poor analysis, but he is a great friend that I love to talk with.

  458. I won’t watch Lakers’ game any more, except Lin’s highlights after each game, cheers.

  459. idk at this point la has the largest asian population i think soo

  460. I don’t think it’s a black or white thing.

    The real issue is that the NBA believes that the Asian guy doesn’t belong on an NBA roster at all.

  461. In a pinch, you can always cheer for …

  462. The coach and GM would probably be anti-Lin.

    Asian population in a town means nothing – look at LA!

  463. Go Pelicans! Blow out the Lakers tonight. Lin, stay strong and hope things will turn around for you soon.

  464. Poor analysis MY BUTT!!

    The highlights show you to speak the truth 100% of the time.

    This season, you are the master and I am the student!

  465. ok ok, I yield!

    By the way, I could NEVER feel insulted when I as a child was taunted with being a “coolie”!

    Even at that young age, I had great respect for the Chinese American laborers who helped build the West with their lives and efforts. I cannot be insulted by that racial taunt, and I’ve actually forced racists to back down when I tell them that I’m HONORED to be called a “coolie!”

  466. “K” I think I have finally released it to God’s plan and quit fretting. I hope so.

  467. thats my point

  468. ok ok, I missed that!

  469. yeah, I will be teaching you guitar and violin when we meet in January.

  470. I did that a long time ago in my own way, but I have to go out and face the same things Lin faces on a regular basis.

    All it means to me is that Lin’s no better off than I am when it comes to race relations!

  471. Go and cheer JLin for me. Not going to watch anymore NBA games until either BS and Kobe or JLin is out of Lakers. Please post when JLin, Kobe, Davis, and Price are in and out.

  472. Not just that… this city is multi cultural… any little thing concerns about racism will make the front page… many people live here became colour blind now. Again, not to say no racism. Even in Hong Kong, China or anywhere in the world, racism exists. Just that, the battle on racism is direct and brutal here than most other cities. My personal opinion only.

  473. Me too, Like Asik and Anthony Davis. I would remove Lakers from one of my favorite teams from my profile list if I knew how.

  474. Lol

  475. Pays the same and saving his body for a team that really cares.

  476. I want to watch how the other teams destroy the Lakers. I want to see how the starters of the Lakers throwing bricks after bricks… I won’t miss any Lakers games

  477. list of lakers opponents after …

  478. I’m not surprised at all with LAL decision to bench Boozer & Lin. But I’m mad and upset like there the rest of us are

    In fact, I predicted they will bench Boozer and Lin since they need players to make Kobe look great and cover Kobe’s defensive weakness.

    Byron Scott will make a lineup change on Sunday against the Pelicans. Perhaps Boozer will be benched for his lack of defense for Ed Davis. But there will be outcry if he replaces Lin with Price who performed so poorly (3.8PPG/3.7APG with 32 FG% and 26 3FG%) even for a backup PG.

    Jeremy would be better off playing somewhere else next season because it’s clear he’s not the future player for the Lakers under Byron Scott.

    That much is clear. If Lin is benched, we know how hollow Kobe’s promise to mentor Lin into a championship PG.– See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/g20-lal-bos-postgame-thread/#sthash.fN0XA5F2.dpuf

    And Lin fans should have a plan of actions to expose LA’s tanking and Kobe worshipping at the expense of winning. They cheated Laker fans and basketball fans who buy tickets and watch games.

    Here are a few things we can do to expose this non-basketball reasons:
    1. Track Price/Lin defensive rating and Kobe rating to see how Price doesn’t stop people but to cover Kobe’s D.
    2. Track 5-man lineup and 4-man offensive efficiency (+/-) to show teams outscoring Kobe/Price combination, etc.
    3. Track clutch-time efficiency of Lin vs Price.
    4. Monitor Kobe’s failing efficiency in crunch time with Price on court since teams will double Kobe.

    We can monitor these stats to show Price is worse than Lin in defensive rating and he’s not stopping people and will make Kobe’s efficiency worse since he’s not an offense than threat.

    Let’s channel our frustration to show the real truth behind Laker’s tanking plan and Kobe performance art at the expense of winning.

  479. Sorry lady, i wont watch the game until Lin becoming starter again.

  480. You are doing very well in spite.

  481. Thank you for sharing… and thank for history nugget… i too will not be insulted!

  482. I wonder what would Horry and Worthy think about the line up change after the game tonight, if the Lakers lose.

  483. they are paid by lakers so will blame the players

  484. I think they will do everything they can to support Lakers decision no matter what?! They got paid for doing this.

  485. Is there a way to cancel league pass?

  486. Arent they company men?

  487. at this point yes but you lose the money

  488. What? No refund at all?

  489. Lin’s play in the last game was poetry in motion. 14 Points playing against the other team, four of his own teammates and BS. He was setup for the bagel. IT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!!!!

  490. Might as well follow others

  491. Saw it from preseason and I was furious then. Anticipated this move since then but I’m still “shock” to see this news when I checked Twitter and first thing I saw. My blood was just boiling! Can’t describe how disgusted I feel toward BS, Kobe and Lakers FO.

  492. You guys read what Byron had to say about the lineup change?
    He said he needed Lin and Boozer to play defense, offensively needed Lin to know what being a PG means
    This is total bogus I wonder how his mind processes things thats just so messed up

  493. Nop I saw this from preseason. That was why I was so furious back in preseason when we knew Nash was out for good. JLin wasn’t named to be starter but RP. That was why JLin said he started because there was no healthy gp when RP hurt. God took care of JLin then. Let’s see what happen from this game forward.

  494. Lemme preface by saying I’m a huge JLin fan. Life-long Knicks fan and was ready to give up in the Melo-era until Lin came and energized the Garden. Our boy has been royally screwed pretty much post-Linsanity, but this latest BS is a Ferguson-level hate crime against humanity. However, I try to be optimistic and think there’s a silver lining in all this. The fact that Lin wasn’t successful leading this offense is less an indictment of his skills and more proof that he plays better in a moving offense. Luckily, the bench has players more fitting of that style of play. If anything, Lin can showcase his talents and hope he scores a contract with a like-minded team (Warriors, Spurs, Clips). Now it’s really up to Lin to deliver the goods. I honestly hope he doesn’t get hung up on losing his spot because he needs to see the starters are CANCER for his career. The further he can get away from Kobe, the more likely he’ll be putting up Linsanity numbers again. And let’s not forget, our boy also happens to be hyper-efficient so even with limited minutes, if given freedom and the right players (Ellington (poor man’s Novak), Swaggy (upgraded Iman Shumpert), Davis (poor man’s Tyson Chandler)) he should be fine. He just has to swallow his pride, play without ego, and dig deep in the well to find the fire he had when he was sleeping on Landry’s couch.

  495. and Vasquez

  496. Hey psalm234, can you list some resources to get straight up stats( not nba manipulated ). I don’t follow the nba, but I really want to do my part in supporting Lin by exposing the double standards against Lin by this org( nba/Lakers ).

  497. I’ve said bs needed to shut it a long time ago, because he shows his lack of intelligence each time he opens his yappers.

  498. As I’ve said before it starts and ends with 24. Kobe needed a scapegoat and he looks up and sees Jeremy. He Scott we’re going to blame Nash…Nash bolted and now they got Jeremy. Someone was always set up to take the fall. It could never be 24 or his hand picked coach

  499. He is clueless
    I’m starting to think Lakers might have signed him to ensure them their top5pick
    Or He is making up all these excuses so he can start Price, which of course was hand picked by him before preseason started

  500. So what’s most telling tonight will be the 3 minute mark of the first quarter, which is usually when Lin get’s subbed out regardless of whether he’s on fire or not. If BS sticks with Price then we’ll know how the rest of the season is gonna be.

  501. Or any PG who couldn’t live up to expectation so Kobe had to take the ball away = Kobe not selfish PR strategy much?

  502. The more we as fans recognize the crazy the better we will feel. Lakers are no longer about winning its about keeping Kobe happy. They sold their soul of a franchise a long time ago. Ask Rudy T or Mike Brown or D’anotoni about Kobe’s destructive ways.

    Better yet ask Shaq or Karl Malone.

  503. Lakers should fire their GM ASAP! Spent 15M for a backup point guard? Totally incompetent GM… hit the door NOW!

  504. Once Kobe couldn’t get Cp3 all those years ago when Stern blocked the trade he flipped and has been chasing pg out of that lockerooml

  505. I feel good all over. I finally edited the Lakers off of my favorite teams list and replaced them with Pelicans (Omer Asik and Anthony Davis).

  506. Actually… now I think not playing side by side with Kobe is not a bad thing.

  507. I pt them at #29 below Rockets ad Knicks.

  508. And if Ronnie plays well he plays well…jeremy just needs to get his in 15-18 minutes a game I predict that he will be given. He still has to play well to keep value

  509. Can see why Nash has been staying away. Don’t want to be associated with this train wreck of a team.

  510. Never wish anyone injures but now I do. Sooner than later. Preferably this NO game just like when BS wanted RP to be a starter and M to PB, few minutes into games, the players were injured.

  511. lakers are acting like they are a contending team and Ronnie is a blue chip prospect lol it’s hysterical

  512. Yeah, but he won’t be playing with Davis either…

  513. One of the most under reported stories and it’s because Nash has clout to just disappear without comment

  514. Less minutes for him could be very advantageous to him. Playing with the Lakers as the team not exists is more detrimental than positive. Any GM with any BB knowledge can see his value. A year fighting what he is not is negative.

  515. My Game plan against Lakers:
    Leave Price & double team Kobe when he gets the ball.
    Let Price shoot the ball (31% fg why not to let him shoot)
    Keep attacking Davis as he’s easy to foul
    Use speed to attack Price

  516. I just received Jeremy’s Prayer Request in my inbox.

    Please pray that I play with joy and fearlessness and that I seek to glorify God even in disappointments. Please pray for supernatural strength and courage, as well as the right perspective in remembering that God is all-powerful and always faithful.

    GO Jeremy. We are with you and most importantly God is with you!

  517. Oh…Jeremy tweeted

  518. Nash was smart enough to get out of dodge never to return. Att’a boy Steve.

  519. Is this really something he sent?

  520. I think Kobe might be the main reason.

  521. I have already foreseen this from Day 1. You are not alone in this. Not happy to be right. Feel very sad indeed for JLin having gone thru another sickening experience and all JLin fans have to go thru the same with him again.

  522. Yes. If you subscribe to his prayer request on his blog, you get an email. This is his 4th prayer request so far.

  523. Al will foul out fairly quick with the starters so won’t matter anyway. Jeremy could get assists from Nick’s shooting…. only problem i see is limited miunutes…

  524. I think LakerFacts used a lot of BasketballReference stats in his latest tweets

    For example, here is a good one to show Team Misc. stats on ORating and DRating


  525. Wish I had faith must be a powerful thing in the face of adversity….I respect people who have that.

  526. There is not enough gold in Ft. Knox to keep Jeremy in LA.

  527. Yup, I wondered if he would tweet a verse or email a prayer request. This is Lin’s way to ask for support from his fans. Man, it’s got to be disheartening to be battered repeatedly when all you want to do is play a game you love the right way. nba really suks!

  528. Just checked it. Yes this is the only item that he sent out this time. Like us, he must be “crashed” by this news.

  529. even in disappointments? So he sure is not happy at all. Hope he can ask for a trade soon. smh!

  530. This prayer request kind of implies that Jeremy had been playing with fear and without joy. Really sad to see this happening to him again.

  531. He didn’t say anything about Lakers this time so he maybe gives up on Lakers too? Good.

  532. He did both, tweet the passage above and also sent out prayer request. He must be “devastated” by hearing the news for him to do it right before game.

  533. No worries! Every team knows that. Go Pelicans and kill Lakers with Kobe and Price on the court.

  534. For those who want to pore over stats, BasketballReference.com is an excellent source.

    For example, WinShare (WS) shows that Lin is ranked 3rd with 0.5 while Price is ranked #12 (3rd from last) with -0.1

  535. I had to do a double take because it was just one item and close to game time. I hate to see him so disappointed πŸ™

  536. I feel so bad for him. Stay strong J!

  537. Ya, he’s hurting. I can’t imagine how he finds the strength to persevere…I’m wanting to cry for the injustice. How much more can one guy take, before it crushes him? It makes one question the justice of Lin’s God.

  538. LOL You miss all these dramas????!!!!!!!!!!

  539. YES at least my boy spoke out about this in his very own subtle way

  540. We will see the justice soon. Don’t worry! Waiting something big is happening very very soon.

  541. which one? :>
    yeah.. I expected the drama but still I hate cover-ups! haha

  542. For all intent and purpose Price is dead last because both X and Randle are injured and out of the season.

  543. exactly!

  544. Thanks psalm234. I’ll look through it & keep track of my own stats to compare/confirm.

  545. I know. When I saw your post. I immediately went to check and thought it would be more but then no. I could see how devasted he is, probably more so than us. Pray for God’s protection on JLin in every sense.

  546. Word!

    Jeremy will not be tempted by gold to be backup PG to play for a tanking LAL :]

  547. thanks! Yes, we will need to discuss specific stats later to show the evidence of tanking despite better Lin’s stats over Price

  548. I’m happy that Lin’s not happy
    Lin won’t go down without a fight!!

  549. All the dramas with clowns BS and Kobe. Another worse crime is unfolding in Lakers. Comparatively R is just a minor crime:-)

  550. You know, in perspective, Lin doesn’t fit Lakers plan to tank this season.

    Jeremy = Winning with Teamball.
    Lakers plan = Losing with Kobe breaking records

    So if Lakers don’t want to win, they need to bench Jeremy.
    Jeremy can ruin their plan to LOSE! LOL

  551. Glad that JLin sees the reality so soon. Lakers is even a bigger joke than R.

  552. Yeah, I’m putting on my CSI (Crime-Scene Investigator) hat to expose the hipocrisy πŸ˜€

  553. Yep that’s the bottom line esp JLin said he still believed in miracles that Lakers could make into playoffs. Now JLin knows–not going to happen. Lakers (BS and Kobe) is panic of JLin’s mindset:-)

  554. haha.. Kupchak and BS are like, “Whaaat? .. Lin wants to bring our “Tank” to the playoff!?
    To the bench! He’s not a team-player supporting our “Tank”!

  555. They never planned for Lin to be the starting pt guard at the beginning. It was Nash. Since of his health, Scott wanted to start his beloved Price but Price got injured. If it wasn’t Magic Johnson’s tweet, Scott would have started Price once he came back from his injury. I don’t think Lin’s performance would have change his initial agenda, which is to start Price. Scott prolly want to prove to the Lakers that they cannot win with Lin leading.

    Just remember when Lin was getting his double-double, he was benched. Same with the Wizard game when he was performing well. He was bench BOTH times when performing well in TWO winnable games.

    Scott ‘s agenda is to prove that Lin should be a back-up and can’t win with him and now finally his effort succeeded. Their losing record is an evident of that.

  556. Saw it from preseason. Very intriguing in all these criminal acts that are unfolding each day and what will be the ending.

  557. Yep. That’s what it’s! hahahaha PFV will probably apologize to me again for seeing the crash train coming before him:-) Just kidding PFV!!!!!!!

    Hate to be right Paul in this case. I wish you were right and I was wrong to make all these up but this is the reality! That’s why I said I’m a realist and not pessimistic.

  558. I was going to ask you why you think they’re doing this to Lin. It seems like a personal vendetta. I don’t think it’s just to lose games. When Kobe tries to hit those last-second, game-winning shots, he’s not purposely missing.

  559. Jeremy’s Prayer Requests 4 (if not already posted)…

    On Sunday, December 7, 2014 7:00 PM, Jeremy Lin wrote:

    Please pray that I play with joy and fearlessness and that I seek to glorify God even in disappointments. Please pray for supernatural strength and courage, as well as the right perspective in remembering that God is all-powerful and always faithful.

  560. What is karma? πŸ™‚

    Go A. Davis and Asik!

  561. the difference is if you let Lin get going, the team starts winning. If Kobe wins a game here or there, next game he will lose it likely. So doesn’t hurt on tanking of Kobe heroes a few out. They only need to be bottom 5. Lin will get them to playoffs (last week, he said he still thinks it’s possible).

  562. It will be interesting to watch how Al Davis plays tonight. Lack of offence passing to him will make him only defence specialist, that means early foul out. Wonder if that would be the outcome.

  563. ESPN is right about Kobe, as are Ramon Sessions and Dwight.

  564. Jeannie Buss’s twitter is being overloaded with tweets about this change in the roster.

  565. anthony? Al Davis’ team just beat SF.

  566. Good or bad for Lin?

  567. interesting 10 gams ahead. BSc is not safe who knows.

  568. Ooh I gotta go check it out! Your BFF must be through the roof! πŸ˜‰

  569. good for lin.I think fans recognizes that price is not starting PG caliber.

  570. Thanks Joyce for keeping us updated from the Lakers’ side. I blame this fiasco on bs, bryant, Lakers…in that order.

  571. Again…can someone explain this?

  572. You mean Ed Davis?

  573. Good she should suffer at least a little bit. Actually scratch that. They should all suffer a lot, starting tonight. Go Jeremy!

  574. The thing is I’m also taking into account the very public Kobe-Rondo breakfast. And, if they really want to lose as much as possible they wouldn’t switch Davis in for Boozer. That switch will make the team play better, even as Lin is benched.

  575. last year, I cancelled my LP, and went to ballstreams.
    I did get some refund, but don’t remember when it was into the season, and how much I got back.

  576. I would love to see how deep Scott and Kobe are going to dig the hole….

  577. Jeremy the saboteur! lol.

  578. Deep enough to bury both of them and still have room for more.

  579. Kind of fun to watch LOL

  580. I don’t think it’s personal against Lin but Lin’s aggressive playmaking in the 4th quarter took the ball away from Kobe. So Lin’s effort to assert himself in Q4 to help the team win conflicted with the goal of Kobe Hero-Ball in Q4.
    If we noticed, they’re okay with Lin being the playmaker in Q1-Q3 but not if Kobe doesn’t get the ball in Q4.

    Lakers (or Kobe’s) goal is to ONLY win with Kobe as hero, not with Lin being the playmaker in the end.
    Either they win with Kobe or TANK.
    I think it’s really as simple as that.

  581. Wouldn’t it be funny that after Scott gets back to LA he is fired without warning. Kobe ship is sunk and he will have to get in line. Kevin Ding stated that Kobe is all about the code of keeping your bargain. I think in this case he perhaps didn’t keep his bargain, and guess what we will bring in another coach to save the Laker’s image…just some thoughts

  582. Yep but not watching from live this time. Please keep us update of when Kobe, Price is out and JLin is in and with whom. Not stomach to watch anymore.

  583. When the org is allergic to Winning, Jeremy is seen as an allergen!

  584. Boozer demoted because he’s buddy-buddy with Jeremy.

  585. Most Lin’s fans or lakers fans?

  586. Kobe’s shooting % chart is like a forest fire compared to Lakers’ average.


  587. I am not sure about how they are going to spin this. THis is not Rocket….they do not have enough talents to mess around like this…

  588. yeah, it will be. I like the article that jeremy lintel wrote. he thinks lakers want to keep lin as a backup to keep the connection in China. I have said that lin will stay in LA backup only if they make him a sweet deal.Lin will probably become the highest paid backup PG in the NBA. It is no coincidence that Lin is building his brand in China.Lin has already figured out that nobody in this league will give him a starting position, but lin knows that this is a business, and he will appeal to their business acumen,.

  589. he will get fired

  590. Agreed. Scott will be the scapegoat even though everyone knows that Kobe without PJ has been a negative to his team.

  591. True, and Lin/Boozer are Christians and they called kobe out.

  592. I totally agree that Lal want Lin…as a backup. I agree that LIn knows it too. I just do not know if in FA…there are several back up offers…what will Lin pick.

  593. And Price got promoted because he carries Kobe’s bags when coming off the plane. He’s literally Kobe’s ballboy AND bellboy.

  594. Backup to Nash, NOT Price.

  595. I think he will stay in LA, because his family is here. I think he needs them close for things like this. Also Lin is tired of going from team to team and always having to prove himself

  596. BS finally has his starting 5. 4 defensive player with one offensive player, Kobe Bryant.

  597. I like Davis but I really don’t think he is good in starting lineup bc he has no O w/o PG set him up plus he is too easy to get into foul trouble. I still remembered when Boozer was not playing that game… I didn’t see him make any big impact for the game at all.

  598. Could be. Not things will be interesting if there are teams offering him a starting job.

  599. What does DST stand for?

  600. But Price’s defense is based on shoe throwing…

  601. also, if Byron is not fired, it’s clear that Mitch gives the blessing to the tanking plan.

    Or the master-mind. The only way Lakers can rebuild is through high draft-picks since much of the salary cap is committed to Kobe and no FAs want to come aboard the sinking Titanic.

    I just dislike FO pretends about not tanking. It’s not fair to Laker fans.
    At least 76ers are not pretending about it.

  602. I am not sure kobe Qualifies….as an offensive player….more like a non defensive player…

  603. Price is gone after this season. Paul Villarreal reported that Ramona Shelbourne reported that from her sources in the FO, that lin is a placeholder.

  604. He got 2 shoes and 6 fouls….that can take out about 8 possessions…

  605. The shoes can be reused. πŸ™‚

  606. Very soon, Lakers’ fans will be advised to neglect the win/loss but to focus on Kobe’s bricking record, LOL.

  607. lol

  608. You’re seriously underselling Price here! He also got…. a pair of socks?

  609. I used to sing this verse in the church choir. The entire verse is actually easier to understand. I think it means God has the power to give what we ask, but we must seek to glorify Him first for the power must come from within God as he works through us. Jeremy is reminding us and himself to put God first of all for HE has the power to grant our prayers.

  610. Lakers simply can’t afford tanking if fans defect to LAC.

  611. DIST% is distribution % of Kobe’s shots.
    So it’s his shot selection.

    A staggering 43.8% of his shots is from long 2 range, which happens to be his best shooting % (42.3%, a mere 2.6% better than LAL 39.7% average)

  612. Price would’ve been gone already if it wasn’t for BS. Did you mean Lin or Price being a placeholder, I’m a bit confused.

  613. Scott has always wanted Lin to play with the 2nd unit to develop Randle/Clarkson. Lin pretty much called 98% of the plays for this unit. When Randle got injured, Scott was let off the hook. But you still have Clarkson that has had no playing time. Scott’s development for him was to send him to D League o get playing time.

  614. She can’t do anything
    That’s unnesassary
    Kobe if anything

  615. true, so they can’t confess to this sham and be proud of it

  616. No she said Lin is a placeholder. They want to keep lin as a backup, but will try to recruit a bigger name PG after Kobe is gone.

  617. Imagine Lakers behind 20 pts in 1st Q…..

  618. now i understand why nash bailed

  619. I am not sure how socks can do wonder but I believe he will think of something..

  620. he ran way faster then a bank robber with his money

  621. LOL…It is not like he can play anyway.

  622. Brent…put on your philosopher/decoder cap on. lol
    My search found this: ‘Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope. ( Life: Application Study Bible 1996 )
    Wow, Lin has us fans looking up Bible verses. lol

  623. lol …that’s true

  624. no i mean he ws suppose to help develop the pg’s scott wants bev which nash wasn’t either

  625. Oh…I see…yeah true…

  626. Price is full of “defensive mentality” so he will surely find a way.

  627. stinky socks may do wonder, hahaha…

  628. It will impeded your own teammates too…LOL

  629. I think that Scott is stubborn and anything that Mitch says to him goes out of the window, once he consults with Kobe. Also Mike Breshnan who writes for the LA times was sure that Johnson would be switched out for Ellington. Mike Breshnan gets his info from the FO, not Scott. He was shocked they went this route, so it will be interesting to see how the FO responds

  630. So…Lin is gone too? unless he takes the backup job

  631. Price may have better aim with the socks than he does with the basketball.

  632. So what’s the story with Johnson and Scott?

  633. I feel butthurt this actully hurts
    after the Hou stint thought things would get better
    Nope, it’s not
    Really wanna beat the living crap out of Byron Scott and possibly Kobe bryant

  634. THis is remain to be seen….

  635. Yep. pretty much

  636. Just keep your but-t cool…….don worry too much…this is not the 1st time. might not be the last either.

  637. Only if Kobe injured and out of the season, FO will make he the scapegoat.
    Don’t forget he’s the chief tank commander, FO will be happy with that losing

  638. Kobe wants Lin out of Lakers or be a bench player.

  639. M….if it is still Scott…I would hope Lin just leave.

  640. Kobe wants him there. Kobe has supposedly been mentoring all this off season. You see how that worked out.LOL

  641. Does MB close to FO? How about Kevin Ding? Not much news from him in the past 2 weeks.

  642. New game thread folks!

  643. This is religious thing…I don want to translate its real meaning wrong…LOL

  644. LOL I’m in a cold bath
    This is just so annoying
    He never gets a fair shake like Yao did
    I don’t wanna play the race card but Lin is so unlucky

  645. No wonder…….haha I am not a LAL fan…but now I really feel for some of the LA fans…..

  646. I think Scott will not be there long. I think that he has gone against the FO’s wishes in favor of what Kobe wants.I think Scott was hired mainly because he convinced them that he could control kobe, because the FO knew how he kobe was. Kobe knows that he is out of control and he knows that Scott is not going to stop him.

  647. Should retweet to Buss’s family & FO

  648. here my attempt to translate that… Jlin is like Moses and God will give him power to bring devastation to the nba sinners like the racist refs, GMs, owners and Haters….they all betters hide their first borns and going hiding because Jlin is coming and Hellish devastation is coming with him… there!

  649. Yes she can. She is the president a she stated on the show with stephen a smith, that she has the power to fire her brother. She also stated that she the Buss family is not the sole owners of Lakers and that they have share stakeholders to answer to.

  650. Yah I doubt Lin benching is big enough of a scandal for her to fire byron sadly

  651. Yah he needs to be crusified

  652. Yao was 7ft no.1 draft pick with backing from China. Lin was undrafted with no backing what so ever and a small potato agent!!

  653. 20? more like 30 points! There will be so many blowout 1st quarter games! Which I don’t know, let Lakers and the Buss family embarrass themselves even more! Poor Jerry Buss created Decades Lakers Legacy and Championship only to have his children ruin it in a few years! With Anthony Davis’ abilities he’d get triple double tonight with 40+ points!

  654. It’s also the least efficient place to score. Teams will give Kobe that shot all day and the Lakers will lose.

  655. Lin needs to do some nasty dunks out of anger!

  656. That’s important piece of info ! So the front office wasn’t prepared for this either, that is going to be fun.

  657. true, long 2s are so outdated with modern games of 3pt shooting.
    open 3s should be better than open long 2s.

    it’s also showing how Kobe can’t finish well in the paint anymore with below LAL ave %

  658. Well lets just say if Kobe mentoring off season can’t make you a dominant then you’re just a role player. And to think Johnson got draft Lin’s year while the later got undrafted!

  659. Rondo if in LA would demand the ball and Kobe would let him have it for a time. Not sure what it would do, really, except that Rondo is not know for shooting well so make hime an assist man. Anywhere but here …

  660. Who needs their confession? You’d have to be really dumb and in denial to not see the tanking! But there are loyal Lakers fans who refuse to jump ship.

  661. They closed their eyes and wished that Kobe would take care of the fans no matter what happen. I am not that sure about it now since the media and fans are smarter.

  662. I disagree, parents want their children to succeed! What’s the point of staying home if it’ll just hinder their career! They’d rather see their children be successful and doing what they love! Lin’s parents also knows he should be starter rather than bench player! There’s bound to be an eastern team coach and GM who will off Lin a big contract!

  663. true, FO plays on the Lakers loyalty by wanting to believe that “Kobe has to shoot it out despite his bad teammates”

    that’s why Lin/Davis lethal PnR can’t be allowed to outperform Kobe ISOs.
    Laker fans will demand more Lin/Davis and Kobe will become a side-show

  664. Kobe can set Davis and Hill up but that means Kobe will be PG and will wear down alot quicker before the season ends.

  665. Yao had the Chinese government THREATENING THE NBA if Yao was mistreated.

    Lin doesn’t have that.

    Had Yao being “Mike Yao” from San Diego, “Mike Yao” would’ve not made the NBA at all.

  666. Keep on dunking on Lakers rim. That will be hilarious to watch!

  667. The fire has been a BONFIRE – but Lin cannot overcome this amount of racism.

  668. lol

  669. Gracias!

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