G21 NOP @ LAL Postgame Thread

This is the 1st game that Lin has been demoted to the bench for defensive reasons. The game still went bad as LAL just can not find any meaningful offense while the so called defense was still not there.

Clearly Scott thought he did the right decision. But it was always players problem that they “went away from the plan”

From now on. Lin effectively will only got two 6 minutes stints per game where he can be the the main guy (if Nick Young allows). This minute is just to short to be meaningful. The armoured vehicle plan is working so far for the LAL.


  1. First
    But not a very happy first.

  2. First girly! 🙂

    I’m happy with this loss. The more Byron Scott shuffles his rotation, the more his incompetency is shown.

  3. Eve? lol

  4. Well, that’s a good reason! I like and agree with that sentiment.
    I’m just unhappy cos our guy is unhappy.

  5. Wow, quick with the postgame thread tonight.

    Access Sportsnet postgame for anyone who wants it. Don’t know how long feed will last:


  6. Yeah, as if we had to watch.

  7. why this again

  8. Jeremy’s thought bubble:” I understand that you’re a ‘from MORDOR’ (minus D and add N at end)! But I’m not going to say it out loud.”

  9. I missed a lot of the news today. Did Scott ever say what his reasons were for the lineup changes? Like specifics?

  10. Lin should have been mad…

  11. Seriously, deja vu.

  12. “Defense”

  13. What else is he going to say? Honestly it’s ridiculous

  14. When they interview Lin, he be like”no of course i wasnt happy about it”…awkward..lol

  15. Jeremy is my Adam hehe

  16. Set you up there, didn’t I? haha.

  17. He’s unhappy being benched, but really it’s out of his control with that coach 🙁

  18. i dont get why kobe still on the floor when lin is in. i think 2nd unit will play harder w/o kobe

  19. Wow… RT @SerenaWinters: Byron Scott says he plans to ride out this starting lineup for the next 15-20 games as well.— LakersPulse.NET (@LakersPulse) December 8, 2014

  20. I don’t mind… 🙂 I’ll give him my apple.

  21. I do… 😛

  22. Should have said there was no support for me to do better. I play better at a high speed so maybe alternate between fast and slow, Wes can keep up. Maybe play me more with Ed Davis, fight for himself. I don’t know if he did, maybe Jeremy did a little. I wish he scored more tonight, didn’t play bad but not great either.

  23. You know, if Byron Scott works as a card shuffler in a casino, he will be fired real soon by the pit boss.

  24. what happened to re-evaluating every five games?

  25. They took the ball out of his hands cant really blame him

  26. tanking!

  27. what did you expect do the something regardless o result then over react. laker will have a hard time winning again

  28. As @Luzwei notes, the two Lakers who demanded ball movement the most were Lin and Boozer. Now they’re benched.— Baxter Holmes (@BaxterHolmes) December 7, 2014

  29. Someone needs to fire that sadistic guy…

  30. This is ridiculous – having to put up with 20 minutes a game for Lin for at least the next 19 more games? how low can it get?

  31. Time for heroin


  33. I picked the wrong time to quit sniffing glue. Lol.

  34. Our boy Jrue Holiday came thru big time! Price “locked him up” to just just 22 points and 8 assists (lol) and that was with the help of Ed Davis, a much better help defender.
    For the record, in their last meeting vs Lin he had 17 pts and 5 assists (Jlin had 15 & 4) and Lakers only lost by 7.

  35. “Ronnie Price appears to be afraid to put up a shot right now”—–Yeah that’s Kobe-Scott want.

  36. You tell them Lin! Tell everyone how b-s lied again about you being ‘comfortable’ w/it. b-s is a liar liar pants on fire!

  37. Very astute note.

  38. Scott is worse than Mchale. At least Mchale let Lin play 29min.

  39. They both suck.

  40. LIES and LIES!!
    All that…be more aggressive! And don’t look behind your shoulder!
    Can we just tweet the lies he’s been fed?

  41. so scott blamed lin for other guys issues as well

  42. I know both suck

  43. What is Lakers’ franchise record for losing games in a roll?

  44. Hope there are a lot of home games so Lakers fans can continue to express their displeasure by booing loud and clear

  45. I’m officially on the Fire Scott bandwagon. My god, he is awful.

  46. it will be broken

  47. lin looks depressed

  48. You can sniff BS…the methane will knock you senseless.

  49. Is that a reason for Lakers’ fans to buy ticket and watch ?

  50. It would be weird if he did not look depressed…LOL

  51. Houston was the ideal system for me. Personally as a player in terms of spreading the floor, running and making plays and having guys with a lot of space, stretch fours. That’s the ideal system, but that’s not what we have here.

  52. Lol

  53. I need to tip my hat to Lakers’ fans….LOL this is beyond ridiculous

  54. yea its worse then last year. he gets blamed for everything.

  55. Correct me if I’m wrong… but isn’t basketball is a team sport with 5 players who should ALL touch the ball and should shoot during the games? *sarcasm*

  56. b-s blames Lin for anything & everything. Someone has to take responsibility for crimeFighters mistakes too…mind as well be Lin.

  57. Really awful…..

  58. Not for me. The Knicks system fit him to a T, as well as Spurs and Dallas.

  59. yea clearly this system suck

  60. I don’t care.

  61. Makes no sense. Scott wants Lin to get other players involved like Jordan Hill? Isn’t Hill still on the 1st team and Lin on the 2nd team now?

  62. Notice that pretty blond girl in the left also looks depressed from this steady pic. Most of us are depressed, I assume.

  63. so scott will not be fired. we will get booed lot more

  64. this is what lin said

  65. Not we…them…..and Lin

  66. Of course ex knicks spurs dallas is much much better

  67. I hope Scott doesn’t last 15 more games.

  68. Byron wants Lin to help more on defense and Get other guys more involved in offense
    SO he doesnt want Lin to score at all and play defense for the whole team?
    That is so fked up like Byron Scott pisses me off so much he’s being too ridiculous

  69. The only difference is that there is no news in Houston but everything is magnified here. Hopefully the injustice shines brighter here. That’s all I can say.

  70. Basically, he wants Lin stat-less

  71. Scott is just incompetent. Mchale had a chip on his shoulder because Lin showed him up.

  72. First Young, now Boozer, can we get Lin to do this, leaving without interview?!

  73. he wants ronnie

  74. My biggest issue with Houston is that everyone is blaming him, from team mates to fans.

    At least the fans are booing Byron.

  75. Scott is more than incompetent. He just straight up doesn’t like Lin, no amount of incompetence otherwise would bench Lin for Price

  76. Calling it now, JLin to Pelicans would be sweet!

  77. Why?

  78. New starting line-up 0-1.

    Next nine games:

    v. Sacramento
    at Spurs
    at Minnesota
    at Indiana
    v. OKC
    at. Sacramento
    v. Golden State
    at Chicago
    at Dallas

    Can we say at LEAST 1-9?

  79. In other words, he wants Lin to be Ronnie Price

  80. Pretty much…Lin needs to learn how to be a pg & he’s not a good defensive player. More b-s lies.

  81. Then you wonder why Boozer left without interview today. Lin should’ve done the same!

  82. BS is low IQ and low EQ.

  83. Great coach! I say players riot.

  84. Good way to put it…..Basically meant BS is BS

  85. Its unreasonable
    disgusting i feel so depressed
    at least McHale let him attack the rim

  86. Lol, Worthy made a joke about the play Kobe slipping on floor and passing to Davis. He said Kobe won’t hurt his butt since he’s sitting on all that money (padding his fall).

  87. Wait, what? That’s cold. Demoting a guy without giving him any explanation? That’s way lowest on the “jerk” scale.

  88. 0-10 if Price starts all those games lol. Can’t wait to see the look on Kobe’s face with this great lineup. Those double and triple teams might cause him an injury before he can pass MJ.

  89. Yes!
    Mavs, Bulls or Pels are my dream (realistic) spots for Jeremy come next season.

  90. I can only imagine what the mood is like in that locker room. Good job, BScott.

  91. Really awful indeed!

  92. Boozer deserves better he is a good player

  93. I think that amount of money is equally stiff. But whatever…I would love to fall on that many money as well

  94. AND we’ve come full circle back to the houston situation. Possibly even worse becuz Lakers are losing and Lin might get LESS playing time coming off the bench for ronnie motherfreakin price. The only positive is that at least he’s closer to his family so they can curse at BS together

  95. I hope 0-10 with blow outs every game, not cos I hate the Lakers, but cos I want Scott to be fired.

  96. Someone should talk about race. It’s the elephant in the room.

  97. I can imagine Kobe giving a talk about ” let me teach you guys how to win”

  98. Man I was hoping for more home games.

  99. No to Bulls cause of D Rose, no to Mavs cause Ellis doesn’t like Lin. Yes to Pelicans if Jrue Holiday is traded.

  100. Scott just keep on talking and making the Laker organization look bad. He will get fired. I am not worried. Lin will have the last laugh.

  101. Can’t Lin involve Hill from the bench? Lin needs to be a better bench player per b-s.

  102. No it’s better because Lakers are losing! Everything is magnified unlike Houston where they can do whatever they want!

  103. Hit the nail on the head. He is making the organization look bad. Worse than bad.

  104. Are you sure FO is not behind BS?

  105. McHale at least let Lin play his brand of basketball let him score
    Scott doesnt want him to score he told him that basically

  106. LOL….I think so too….I hate how NBA operates…but this is beyond that…

  107. I’m tired of the lst laugh i just want some basketball. who knew it would be this hard

  108. He’s a good guy, just a poor defender. He’s friends with Lin, I’m sure they’re talking to each other tonight.

  109. Let go. I will play you….JK

  110. The only stat I want Lin to fixate on is plus-minus. The rest will take care of itself. We’re Lin fans because of his uncompromising team-first mentality. I wouldn’t want him to change who he is and become a me-first stat padder. While Lin scoring more would give us ammunition to shut haters up, at the end of the day it truly doesn’t matter what they think. If he plays with the right focus, his stats will become good on their own anyways.

  111. Jeremy: I understand you’re a TROLL.

  112. Well by advanced statistics (win shares/48) Kobe was never the best player on the Lakers when they won those 5 championships. It was either Shaq or Gasol. Kobe was lucky that he got all those hall of fame big men to bail him out.

  113. I hope so. Do you think Laker fans are going to stick w/this team as is? I wouldn’t pay to watch this type of games.

  114. Jrue is not getting traded, Jeremy will be a back up to all these teams, but at least they are solid teams with good coaches that emphasize ball movement.

    And where did you get that Ellis doesnt like Lin? He seemed to get along fine with him during that off season training program.

    edit: wait, he could start for the Mavs, but then again we thought the same thing about Jeremy starting over Beverley and Price and look how it turned out!

  115. Could it be the thought running through Howard’s head when Kobe said that was:”Yeah I know Kobe. Give you the ball right?” (roll eyes)

  116. BS is Kobe’s puppet. Kobe is the problem.

  117. had coach miller talking about how lin did. probably just damage control for lin fans. show couple of good efforts from lin on defense and offense side.

  118. Coach Miller said that even though Lin had a bad shooting night he found ways to contribute. Pointed to play where he boxed out for defensive rebound and then the behind the back to Davis on offense. Said that he didn’t pout about the demotion and he saw a lot of fight in him and it was good to see.

  119. No one is listening to him. Talk about a hypocrite

  120. huh? that doesn’t make sense

  121. The power of the media..

  122. Horrible coach. He has destroyed locker room chemistry. He doesn’t mention the horrible defense tonight because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for the loss.

  123. Worse, he is driving away Lakers’ fans and sponsors.

  124. before season started Byron said he liked Lin his ability to get to the rim, his d and all
    Now he wants him to get others involved and help moore on D?
    Am I crazy to think all this is because Kobe doesnt wanna share the ball with Lin?

  125. Byron Scott did in Cleveland and NO with the franchise. He would say stuff even after they had warned him. Tha That was one of the reasons he was fire. Also Kobe not looking too good in all of this either.

  126. I change my 5 game prediction. They will lost the next 5. When do you think they will fire BSc?

  127. Do you think if they lose next 15 games, that sure will not make it to playoff. What Jeanie or Jim will do? Really fired BS? Kobe will not allow that to happen.

  128. He had 11 assists in that Minny game and 4 steals. Byron can’t deal with the team playing well and not following his broken system. Get guys involved, that’s the thing Lin does and he actually did it too much as a starter when he should of looked to get his shot going so defenses would look for it and he could open up guys more. He’s not always steady on defense but he doesn’t give up on D either.

  129. Because Miller believes Jeremy belongs on the bench… smh.

  130. Yup no doubt about that! Maybe a while texting they can text a screw you to Kobe Byrant!

  131. too bad damage done

  132. …said the spider to the fly.

  133. still waiting to hear how price is better as a starter

  134. yep, really awful.

  135. because he gets people involve you can see because of all the assist he has. also he played great defense the other pg didn’t get a point

  136. Who wouldn’t right? But main takeaway is that it seems Worthy isn’t afraid to speak his mind and will joke on or call out anybody, including Kobe.

  137. Kobe is only better at hitting tough shots. What’s the point of trying to hit tough shots when you can get open shots all game long like the Spurs by moving the ball?

  138. Did anyone call out ‘We want Antonio back’?

  139. The color on the starting lineup is harmonized. No more Oreo nonsense. Explains Boozer too. He should already know since he’s a veteran.

  140. Question for all- is there a realistic chance that BS gets fired this season?

  141. b-s was trolling for the coaching job. It was all lies lies & more lies.

  142. Thats why Im upset cuz Lin isnt treated fairly

  143. They are not talking about Price at all… only ask Lin, Young. Where is Kobe? Boozer didn’t want to have interview…

  144. He got Hill involved like crazy, Hill, Boozer, the guy he didn’t get as involved was Wes but that was starting to come. Scott is full of it. Some really smelly it.

  145. What actually makes this worse is that mda left and then they created this hoopla about picking the next coach and this is what Lakers fans get. An even worse record this season at this rate. Kobe doesn’t deserve all stars. Hope those fans voting in China really do like lin better like those prior votes showed

  146. idc

  147. he has a 4 yr contract, so unlikely but still possible. I say they will give him another year after this.

  148. Scott was talking out of both sides of his mouth after this game. He knew his decison was bad, but he decided to ignore and justify it. For him to say that he didn’t tell Boozer why he as benched is pretty cowardly after he said it in the press.Fan booing the Lakers tonight is not a good sign. He thinks that as long as kobe has his back, he is good. I have seen Mitch /FO pull the rug from under kobe. It is just a matter of time.

  149. He didn’t go that far nor did I think he alluded to that. I think JW said it best, it was probably damage control to placate Lin fans.

  150. What did Kobe say during his interview? I’d really like to know.

  151. He is saying the truth..I will let him slide.

  152. I don’t want to say Scott is trying to tank.
    He just don’t know how to win..
    he is just bad coach without system.

  153. I need heroin to calm myself down lol

  154. I’m not counting on it. I think bryant is bs’ puppet master & the Lakers aren’t doing nutn w/crimeFigher.

  155. I’m hearing fans say even mike brown was better. Haha

  156. U do realize this is a worse scenario …right? LOL

  157. No way he gets fired this season. They’d have to pay him too much money.

    At this point, Im sure they’ll just roll with him and are looking forward to getting a high draft pick.

  158. Even Bryant can’t be happy with the new starting line-up.

  159. Ya! How come no one mention about him at all. Saw him walk away first off the bench… LOL! Got BOO today. Ya!

  160. they did interview him though, but they did not discuss it at the desk

  161. Wow
    Seriously ?!? These words come from the coach ?!?? smh

  162. So we hit rock bottom? lol

  163. Mike Brown WAS better, lol.

  164. It’s the Cleveland all over again. This BS couldn’t do it with Kyrie Erving. What makes you think that he can be better with Kobe the Bryant?

  165. I don’t know about that. I think the only thing they promised Kobe was getting his points to surpass MJ. After that all bet are off.

  166. sarcasm

  167. Indeed!

  168. I was expecting him to say something bad but it was fair. And possibly for damage control.

  169. I don’t care what kobe has to say. He is actually treating fans like they are stupid. Like they can’t see through his lies. He doesn’t want to win games. He wants to satisfy his own selfish goals

  170. yes, but unfortunately, rock bottom is going to last AT LEAST fifteen more games. 🙁

  171. I’m not sure about that…it didn’t happen w/o crimeFighter’s ok. I’m pretty sure bs discussed it w/coBrick.

  172. Byron Scott pulled a Patrick Beverley (it’s not even Ronnie Price himself who did it) on Jeremy Lin, in favor of having Kobe Bryant get his points.

    Seriously, Lakers need to be reminded that their glory days are from when the team is playing a team-work style basketball. They can’t bring back their glory days until that mentality changes. For now, they should just enjoy not getting to the playoffs and watch how the current “dynasties” Spurs (I’m betting they’ll get it this year again), Warriors (if they continue playing like that from season to season, they can rule the West), or Mavericks (defense, defense, defense creating their offense).

  173. He got only 14 pts…can not be happy

  174. Why not, they fired Mike Brown after 5 games

  175. Byron Scott is not a good coach because he doesn’t put players in positions where they play to their strengths. Like when he said Lin was used to running pick and rolls in ny and that it’s different here on the lakers. If pnr is a strength of his, logic would suggest trying to run his bread and butter play more often. But it’s Scotts way or the highway.

  176. exactly. This new line-up is going mean it takes Kobe longer to pass MJ.

  177. No, because of his history with the Lakers.

  178. i think they had higher expectations back then, they were in win now mode

  179. May be Scott will be fired before 15 games. LOL just kidding not going to happen.

  180. Good analysis. He’s trying to cram his players into the system instead of molding the system around the players.

  181. The only way to pass mj is from the scoring.. no more ring

  182. It makes sense to me.
    1. Lakers lose so it shows BS is a low competence coach. If they were winning, then they would say Jeremy going to bench is the correct move.
    2. BS can’t sweep it under the rug and hope that no one will ask him about Lin. In LA, everything he does is magnified and he’ll feel the heat.

    (Why does this need to be approved??)

  183. And then for the next 15-20 games, Clarkson will be the starting PG.

  184. Miller “praising” Jeremy

  185. Further Tanking confirmation of Byron’s tanking plan from his 10-15 more losses like this.
    #TankingFullThrottle #PricedIn


  186. It does… that means Lakers cannot hide behind a winning team to justify what they do to Jeremy

  187. Kobe is the accomplice or main murder in this crime! He deserves it!

  188. There’s hope if that is true, but too much has been going on beyond breaking MJ records for the inactivity of the FO.
    I still have a smidgen of hope that what you’ve been saying is true tho.

  189. It’s still better than Houston because at least the LA media is still confused about it. In addition, most Lakers fans are confused about it.

    Another big difference is that Scott is merely incompetent, whereas Morey and McHale felt humiliated by Lin.

  190. With Kobe’s 14 points. Can he be happy?
    Playing a team on the 2nd night of a back to back, playing a team who has just lost to the Clippers by 20 points. I want MDA back!

  191. Whut, really? Wow…smh

  192. I love the hash tag. What’s the point of tanking anyway? Yeah you can get the first pick, but is it 200% guaranteed that that pick any good? Shouldn’t the correct mentality be “we’re playing to get a shot a winning the championship EVERY.SINGLE.SEASON”?

    If I own a team, I’d stamp that mentality in their foreheads. I find the “tanking” mentality loser-like.

  193. THat is if you have good roll man…LOL Lin and Davis almost never played in regular season

  194. About what? Lin played so less min w so less ball…? That passed to Davis?

  195. easy for that jerk to praise Lin after he got benched like Miller has always been arguing for.

  196. What? McHale did not let Lin play his brand of basketball. Lin had to completely change his playing style.

    McHale flat out said that Lin scored too much and they they were “trying to win.”

    Scott is just incompetent. McHale had a grudge.

  197. Loving it fan of Boozer since bulls

  198. For Laker fans, a game is a year. They will give him 4 games to improve.

  199. Then it’s not rock bottom… we’re staring at an abyss.

  200. oh im so upset at BS that even mchale looks a saint to me I over did it lol

  201. Better go w/weed…it’s legal now. lol

  202. oh yes…i understand you are tanking…..and make Kobe the scoring king….Lin

  203. they talked about price doing his thing with his defense. 2 steals and 0 TO. he did his job. then they talked about holiday doing a lot better than his avg. had to chuckle to myself hearing that.

  204. not over here lol

  205. scott isn’t incompetent, he just doesn’t like Lin.

  206. Exactly. Byron doesn’t even know chemistry if it was right in front of him – like playing Lin and Davis together for longer periods of time.

  207. Too bad, I’d rather see a Mavs vs Spurs finals but it’s either Mavs vs Warriors or Spurs vs Warriors.

  208. LOL. That’s right. Byron even gave a speech about it at the beginning of the season. I almost forgot.

  209. Spurs vs Warriors and we’ll have a good show. Spurs vs Grizzlies ain’t bad either.

  210. Too little too late for me from Miller.

  211. Yes, it’d be a 3 point battle!

  212. I think now LAL is officially weaker than 76ers….given the rotations and lineups…

  213. How about when he said that the reason Scott had Price in the game for his “defensive prowess”? That was coming from Horry, too.

  214. who?

  215. …given their tank captain and designer.

  216. Ya! In fact, 76 almost beat Mav the other day… I believe Lakers probably will loss to 76 now.

  217. a safe post – sit your effective minutes, block Lin from playing with effective players, let swag freelance on 2nd unit … you put an NBA team into DLeague.


  219. worthy seems to have a problem talking about holiday following the price discussion.

  220. Gotta lock in for the 1st rd draft pick.

  221. Horry talked about Price then Worthy talked about Holiday

  222. Unless they goal is to tank, and then it makes complete sense.

  223. Jeremy Lin on what Byron Scott told him: “Offensively he said he wanted me to get guys involved.”
    12:06am – 8 Dec 14

    This is why Lin can’t shoot much and be aggressive.

  224. Thanks, I’m gonna use #Tanking #PricedIn often now using some stats :]
    Byron wants championships through that #1 pick. Lin got in the way by winning too MUCH!

  225. I love Lin to death and I will fight to the death for him, but I don’t think he is ready to be a starter in this league. You have to be confident and show no fear. You have to come out guns blazing whether the coach is with you or not. You have the skill set and you show what you can do. I hate to say it, no team is going to have lin as thrie starter, when the narrative on him, that he is not confident. Also being a starter is about looking out for yourself first, unless you have a coach like Popovich to teach you. I personally I am sick of lin going from team to team always trying to prove himself and I am tired of wandering which lin would show up for the game. I know that he wants to be a starter, but he has to show it and let nobody shake his confidence. This might not be popular, but this is what I see from my perspective. Lin knows that he is already behind the eight ball, ne never needs to give them a chance to point fingers. I looked at how he bounced back with Celtics game, why can’t he bring that every night. I know that this won’t be popuar, but I am just throwing it out there. just some thoughts

  226. I always like the Lin non-Kobe minutes:


  227. I know BS was complained about Lin got too less AS.

  228. stop this confident stuff. you just said he had to look for his shot while the coach bench him for not getting other people involved. Jeremy Lin on what Byron Scott told him: “Offensively he said he wanted me to get guys involved.”12:06am – 8 Dec 14

  229. Is BS working undercover for Hou org?

  230. Basketball is supposed to be a simple game. If your teammate is being guarded by someone, and you are close by, set a screen for him so he can a) get free and pull up for a jumper, b) drive to the basket and score, c) drive and kickout to shooters. The problem on this team is that no one really knows how to set proper screens, except for Davis. And that they lack shooters as well.

  231. Not really that simple. But whatever…even those can not be done anyway

  232. BS said Lin shouldn’t just think about himself for scoring w too less AS vs Celtics… the whole problem w Lakers it’s Kobe is not happy about Lin can score too well. He needs to play like Fisher not too many points or AS.

  233. Me too. When Kobe gets on the floor, I stop watching.

  234. His cover’s been blown long time ago. He is just too incompetent. lol

  235. Price is better because he posts no threats to coach’s intelligence in his postgame interviews.

  236. especially when sid players miss thee shots as well

  237. In that case, I feel he needs to disregard the coach and just keep looking for his shot. Tell the coach that he will try to do that of course, but in reality, just look for his shot.

  238. “being a starter is about looking out for yourself first” <——-not really.. It just that Lin kept landing on the teams where that is the case.

  239. You stop the confidence crap. Lin sometimes acts like he is not confident in shooting sometimes. He is easily shaken when he is tripled team and taken out out of his game. Also even after that bull scott fed him about getting other players involved,lin knew that wasn’t true because he has an 11 assist game. He knows that Scott is full of crap.

  240. I agree. This is the NBA and you have to produce stats or else you will be out of the league. If Lin looks for his own, no coach will sit a 10PPG player. But if Lin averages 2-5PPG for the next 10-15 games, I could Lin’s playing time reducing further or even playing behind Clarkson.

  241. Right…so Lin can be a backup for a backup( Clarkson )…no thanks.

  242. Joyce – having played a lot of team ball and been on good teams, what you say here isn’t the key to a great career linStyle. Take a break and come back. Don’t kill yourself these next 15 games of BSc purgatory. For me, JLin playing the way he does is exactly what a team needs, but it’s not what LAL want to play from tanking to Kobe to BSc poor coaching. If those 3 didn’t exist, fans and team would gather around LinBall, because it’s the way to win games (together).

    Have faith, that’s what team ball is about. You know 1 second before a person makes a cut he will, and the ball is on the way. That is faith. Smiles … it will be ok, because look how well GSW is playing. That’s team ball. No egos, sharing. Happy Speights. LAL are losing, so you see the worse in people and then it’s all going for one’s own.

  243. Good post. 100% agreed.
    Wish Lin would take your advice

  244. And so he should just play that game. I think he was really optimistic about the Lakers and thought they would be more selfless, but he should have quickly picked up on the fact that they weren’t.

    I still root for him, but sometimes it’s frustrating to see him pass up shots I know he could make.

  245. Did he say things to do to win his starting position back? Interesting thing to say

  246. The big men standing outside shooting long jumpers instead of posting up, scoring, rebounding and boxing out is another major problem.

  247. Only mentally strong ppl can insist doing things their way

  248. I’m afraid he has to do that.
    Byron set up a trap by asking Lin to facilitate and get guys involved but Byron also wants him to have low individual stats to look worse or same with Price.

    Lin would need to use himself as a threat to score first then pass to open teammates.

  249. Look at the NBA, it is all about looking out for yourself to score. Now you have Rubio/Rondo who are are rare breed, wher neither one of them can shoot the broad side of a barn. It is all about the stats.

  250. Joyce, if I got tripled teamed, I’d only make it out 1 in 5. I bet Lin makes it out of a double and triple more than Kobe. Me for sure.

  251. No….Lin is the problem…..#TrollHard

  252. BScott – post game gibberish… if anyone cares.

  253. Like this is any better?

    I’m not saying to defy BS outright. Just say he’ll try, but in reality look for his own shot 90% of the time. He should aim to find his own shot every time he has the ball and only pass when he needs to.

  254. How exactly is Lin supposed to get other guys involved when the ball is always in Kobe’s hands? He’s already taking a low number of FGA’s per game. BS is a tool man.

  255. Price – post game interview.

  256. idc

  257. Confidence is leaps and bounds different from aggressiveness.

    Jeremy is confident. His aggressiveness is being held back by what this team wants. We all know what this team wants, which is opposite from who Jeremy is and what he wants for this team.

  258. It seems the truly unique thing about linsanity is that he got a fair shake. Not since has he gotten that fair shake.

  259. Lin is not gonna get his stats by been a gunner. I can almost guarantee it..BUT you are right about other things. Well…this is not easy….

  260. My concern is once you are labeled a backup, it’s hard to re-establish your starting position unless something like Linsanity happens again. Lin HAS to keep his PPG at 10 or more and asst above 4 so that he has a chance next season in training camp to compete for a starting PG job. Otherwise, if he’s a 6-8PPG and 3-4 asst guy, then he’ll have the label “backup” and it’ll be hard to shake even if he does well on the next team in training camp.

  261. Like this is any better?

    I’m not saying to defy BS outright. Just say he’ll try, but in reality look for his own shot 90% of the time. He should aim to find his own shot every time he has the ball and only pass when he needs to.

  262. Today during his 2nd stint with 12-0 run under his PG, I though he was so relaxed and purposefully not pressing on O, letting Swag et al have it. But, you def. felt his motor holding to together, esp on D. The 12-0 run was not a coincidence.

  263. i am surprise he didn’t get 30 minutes

  264. You can only lose so much

  265. He’s at a loss for words and doesn’t know what to say to them.

  266. Yup and it is unfair.

  267. Think if Lin came out gunning in that period..

  268. I know that, but Warriors/Spurs are those rare teams where the kinship has been built on them playing together for a long time and good coaching over the years. Look I am not throwing shade at lin, i think these are questions that he should ask himself about being a starter in this league.

  269. LOL.

  270. OMG i just got so furious seeing his face

  271. I just had a minor stroke seeing his face

  272. Kobe said he talked to Jeremy after the game, told him to keep on working on it

  273. Then Lin just needs to play for God, and drown out the rest of the noise.

  274. I feel your frustration Joyce. I have similar thoughts at times…especially when I was on jeremylin.net site. I just remind myself that if Lin wasn’t who he is & went w/what is popular instead of following what is right for him…I’d have stopped following him a loooooong time ago. If it hurts this bad as fans…can you imagine the conflict Lin is having privately?

  275. but he’s the one making it sink….

  276. Kobe and BS are like the two biggest icebergs Titanic hit into though LOL.

  277. He tuned out the noise. The problem is the human hand controlling this team. It’s like asking Pacquiao to punch mega hard without exerting damaging force against his opponent.

  278. Wish you could say that to his face lol

  279. PS Joyce, not sure if you watched the game. I only caught Lin’s 2nd shift. It’s gotten so I time family duties to catch the 2nd shift if I miss the first. Anyway, the 12-0 run had his quiet confidence all over it. That’s from me not being a NBA fan, but me being a gym PG for about 25 years. I don’t know the plays, but I could sense what he was doing. He wasn’t trying, on O, you are right. He was still moving off ball for his team mates, and he really gave Swaggy some good chances to shine. Swaggy was not on though he made some 3s. I was thinking – wow, even cruising, Lin is orchestrating a 12-0 comeback. If I can see it, and it’s not imagined. then other team staff can see it in tape. I know for a fact GSW wanted him, but settled for Shaun L. Did you read the article this weekend and when asked, Lacob only said he regretted the Lin thing? Smiles will come.

  280. On what, tanking techniques? Becoming African American?

  281. Working on his game…I guess

  282. Sorry. Collapse the post. lol

  283. OMG McHale said the same thing. BS is officially McHale 2.0 and a hater.

    I think in the system he was in — in New York, the ball was in his hand
    95 percent of the time, so he was able to run pick and roll and be able
    to get to the basket and get shots for himself. This system you have to
    get other people shots as well. You have to be able to do both. There’s a
    fine line at times.” – Byron Scott

  284. lol working on what especially when the guy starting is worse in ever category. its crap or should i say bs

  285. I don’t believe a damn word from Kobe or BS. Not after this bullshit.

  286. THe point is…if you become a gunner….than only the teams that wants gunner will take you.

  287. This site is great so you can know exactly when to watch when the rotations happen, of you are on replay DVR, LP, etc.

  288. Enjoy the bottom of the icy ocean Kobe.

  289. GSW gave Monta away for Curry. I’d rather Lin gets his GSW some day …

  290. Problem is the more he shines, the more pine he rides.

  291. I could barely watch Mark Medina’s interview with J. Jeremy could barely look at anyone. Makes me feel so sad for him.

  292. I got your back on that one.

  293. They gave up Ellis for a reason. Mavs gave OJ for a reason.

  294. I didn’t see the game either, but lin can still be the great facilitator and play maker that he is, nut he himself has said that this just a business, but he needs to score points to be looked favorably on in this business, that is all I am saying and this a contract year for him. I read what Lacob had to had to say..

  295. Never thought I’d say this, but even Houston used Lin better than the lakers are doing now. They at least allowed him to push the ball up court instead of walking the ball up court and handing off to Kobe or Boozer who shoot low percentages.

  296. He will be fine (my best McHale impersonation …)

  297. They didn’t either.

  298. My concern is once you are labeled a backup, it’s hard to re-establish your starting position unless something like Linsanity happens again. Lin HAS to keep his PPG at 10 or more and assists above 4 so that he has a chance next season in training camp to compete for a starting PG job. Otherwise, if he’s a 6-8PPG and 3-4 assist guy, then he’ll have the label “backup” and it’ll be hard to shake even if he does well on the next team in training camp.

  299. Lacob hinted at why in his weekend article interview. Sounded like GSW felt they needed to get Monta out of there so Curry could blossom. Wish Buss would be as strategic as Joe Lacob, but there is only one Kleiner Perkins:


  300. Like Lin said, Houston’s offensive system fit him well. The rest of Houston, not so much.

  301. KB on lineup changes: “It don’t matter to me. I think it really depends on how Jeremy Lin’s and Carlos Boozer’s deal with it.”

    Yep Kobe u behind this u snake

  302. Lol its okay i had my meds…unprescribed

  303. KB on Lin: “Just continue developing. Just continue working. Just continue to stay with it. You can’t stay down on yourself.”

    Kobe is such a sh1tty person

  304. Hope you brought enough for the rest of us. 😀

  305. Im crying man

  306. Minute allocations, rotations, offensive/defensive schemes, out of timeout plays, creativity in approach…all have been not very good.
    12:23am – 8 Dec 14

    -Darius Soriano tweeted.

  307. HOU still wanted to WIN even with Lin off the bench.
    Lakers want to LOSE by sending Lin to the bench.

    Lin will need to fight to get his stats with his limited minutes

  308. Just continue to stay out of my way…just continue to warm the bench

  309. I don’t give a hoot what Kobe says.

  310. if i could have the chance, i will say something not good to have it hear lol

  311. He hasn’t left the tank.

  312. Catering to an incompetent coach and a diva ball hog aging superstar who can’t shoot anymore but insists on jacking up shots.

  313. I agree, l totally want his numbers because I keep him on my fantasy team to express that through thick and thin.

    You know what? Maybe prayer is powerful, but man gets a little myopic alone. Maybe Lin needs a nice gf to help him calm his own spirit so he can pray and weather these things. I gotta tell you, there’s nothing better than a great home partnership you prob know. Kids (not teens) might keep him steady too. The kind of crud he faces will take down any man woman. Triple teams on the court, triple teams in the locker room and FO. You know what I mean. I can understand how you feel.

  314. Trapped.

  315. easy for him to say what a jerk

  316. That’s the right thing to say, regardless.

  317. What would Kobe say if he gets benched?

  318. All hail to #AsianDiscounts……I need to do some work…..back later.

  319. I’m with you . For real.

  320. Blame it on the coach for not creating situations for players to thrive and play to their strengths.

  321. well he hs been in these type of conundrums all year. first kobe be aggressive lol nope pas me the ball. now with the pass the ball more stuff. lakers have no coach

  322. Not from him. From one’s boss, from one’s father, but not from him given his own performance.

  323. LOL im asian too i luv discounts of any sort

  324. Huh? What else is Kobe supposed to say?

  325. Not if it is reversedly applied on you…LOL

  326. He got benched by the gods for 2 seasons, I wonder if he said that to himself.

  327. This is literally rock bottom for JLin. We all thought Houston was IT. We were so wrong.

    Playing backup for Price is not the same as playing backup for Bev. I am trying to remain optimistic and be supportive but I am just too damn angry right now.

  328. What else would he say?

  329. lets pay byron scott a visit? u knoe to let off some steam

  330. I feel so bad for Lin.

  331. BS= tank builder
    KB= tank captain

  332. Nothing
    he knows hes behind all this

  333. who’s darius soriano?

  334. Wow…Lin went there. A new low. Tell it Lin…TELL IT!!

  335. No KOBE, if this was the titanic, you’d be the slow moving iceberg

  336. Not what he said, it’s what he did.

  337. I dont know any franchise player come off the benxh
    i dont knoe any 5time mvp come off the bench
    idk any 5time scoring leader come off the bench
    why kobe bryant?

  338. Don’t know but he sounds pretty smart if he’s talking about Byron.

  339. Great minds think alike. Lol

  340. idk idk what will happen with lin. who knows

  341. Lin is in danger by being being led on by Byron’s self-serving instruction to facilitate more off the bench.
    Byron knows Lin likes to faciliate so his stats will be limited by his teammates blowing assists.

    In the mean-time, Lin’s minutes will suffer more with limited points and further justify his decision to bench Lin for Price.

    Lin would need to play politics by telling Byron that he’ll facilitate the 2nd team by making himself as a threat to score first. He needs to get 12+pts/5asts in 19-24min to play for his next contract.

    Byron and Kobe don’t care for Lin’s next contract so Lin needs to counter this trap by playing smart to avoid the trap

  342. LOL

  343. Honestly, I think Kobe believes in Lin’s abilities.

  344. Kobe is the watchman that forgot to bring the binoculars.

  345. “It’s partly my fault we are losing, and right now it looks like Jeremy is carry the load for all of us. We’ll work it out, we have to. Jeremy is part of that solution and he knows that.”

    There you go, no condescension but still stating the situation as it is.

  346. But Kobe wasn’t asked about losing. He was asked what he thought about Lin getting benched.

  347. Yeah, he needs to go out there and score near 30. Score. Put the ball in the hoop. Forget about Young and others, score. And soon.

  348. lol…

  349. He runs the site forumblueandgold. I’ve liked his commentary so far. He seems to not copy what other people say.

  350. That is what I have been saying. he needs to play smart and outwitt them.

  351. 12pts isn’t getting Lin anywhere! He needs at least average 18pts for the season!!

  352. JLin…Bro I know you are a very stubborn guy and tried to play the game the right way but this is mission impossible. These jokers aren’t here to win games. They set you up to fail from the get go. F**k ’em. You are in your contract year. Be selfish, pad your stats, and then peace out of town when the time is up.

  353. Lin’s management team needs to fly into LA and spend 2 weeks all over him, PR, eating, etc. No more dinners with friends until he completes career bootcamp 2.0. I say this only because of his statement this is his toughest bball situation. User your team, man!

  354. the ironic thing about Scott wanting Lin to “facilitate” more is that he coached Kyrie Irving, the epitome of the non-facilitating point guard.

  355. Lin has little to lose at this point. He should ignore Scott’s direction to facilitate for others and just shoot and get his points. If he gets his points, Scott can’t justify sitting him. There’s nobody else on the bench and I’m not sure Scott woudl be dumb enough to sit Lin for Clarkson if Lin is scoring 10+ ppg in a backup role?

  356. The coach will trade a win for Kobe’s 2 extra points, which is a play to his strengths I guess.

  357. I’d like to know what system b-s keeps referring to. I haven’t seen any system yet, except for coBrick’s iso.

  358. I lost faith in nba as a whole!

  359. i support coachs decisions 100%

  360. Stay with it….it meant the bench?

  361. And ronnie price is in the right place defensiely and creates offensively???????

    That answer to Lin is freakin’ offensive and full of BS.

  362. Being a supporting cast of coBrick’s record breaking isos…gooooo coBrick.

  363. I have nothing against Price. He’s going to try the best he can. This is on Byron.

  364. stay with the iceberg.

  365. I don’t watch NBA until I found that I like Lin’s style of winning basketball. I can easily move back without a problem.

  366. liar..bs….crap…

  367. Kobe is so fiull of it. He was so afraid of lin upstaging him.

  368. that’s not the point. The CONTEXT of the questions is about a losing team trying to find a solution. What I wrote is what a good interviewee does to bring the loaded question to the right context without coming off sounding very very condescending. Kobe is not lin’s boss or trusted mentor. He’s Lin’s team mate who by his own weaknesses, ego, and personal goals is causing the team to lose regularly.

  369. If Lin listens to Scott and becomes a facilitator for the 2nd team, he’ll end up with 5-6 PPG average and Scott may even give Clarkson a chance to play ahead of Lin towards the end of the season. If Lin ignores Scott and gets his 10+ PPG, then Scott has no choice but to keep playing Lin. And if Price continues to average 0-3 PPG while Lin is scoring, then it’ll look truly ridiculous that Price is still starting over Lin.

  370. Yes, and not to be down on himself means Lin needs to sit on the bench and not on the ground to keep the bench warm for Kobe.

  371. Ya! That’s what he wants from the beginning. Scott just be the bad guy for Kobe.. Don’t be fool by this. All these idea came from Kobe.

  372. Kobe Bryant’s On- and Off-Court Splits
    Minutes Lakers ORtg Lakers DRtg Lakers Net Rtg
    Kobe On 744 102.4 115.5 —13.2
    Kobe Off 274 108.6 101.5 +7.1

  373. If I could fly 7000 miles, I would bro.

  374. I have long suspected that Kobe is a negative to his team after PJ left.

  375. Lol

  376. He should not have…he has nothing to prove at all….I guess thats what happen when a player is getting old and insecure.

  377. Joyce, any winning ball team you have faith in your teammates you know that from your background. It doesn’t have to be as good as GSW, I’m just using it because that’s easy. Lin is a team player. He’s Semper Fi. Don’t get mad at him just because he’s going to stay with his idea of team play, but sure, he has to start looking out for himself. He should get his management team in town, demand they drop everything, and they have to get their business head on right. It’s not just about Lin and his funk. He can afford to pay for the Lin Team to set a proper response because he has the skill and work ethic. It can’t be just him, God, his parents fighting all the forces in that locker room.

  378. First Jeremy needs to consistently reach 12pts/5asts in 19-24 min 1st then forcing Byron’s hands to play him more min to get 15-16pts with Kobe still hogging the ball

  379. yep, if he took the bricks the other guys laid, it would have been much better!

  380. Lin sometimes is too trusting but it’s clear Byron and Kobe don’t have his best interests at heart.
    Need to counter shrewdly

  381. Not w this Lakers. Stop dreaming. He only got 19 min per game w 5 to 6 shots how can he get 18 pts?!

  382. KB: “I shot 6-18, that’s 33%.” How’s that for words of wisdom?

  383. I like it. It’s warmer than Harden.

  384. I hope our messages for JLin to outwit Byron’s “facilitate others” trap will reach him somehow.



  385. Kobe only shot 33.3 FG%. Only 2 times lower 27.3 against DAL when Scott overplayed him on the road and 7.1 against SAS when he was sick. What’s the reason now the Price flu? When Price didn’t have ball in his hands Holiday was on Bryant doubling because Price isn’t a scoring threat.

  386. When Prices man is doubling on him that’s what happens.

  387. I think Lin is really limited in options.

  388. Lol wow. I’ve lost all faith for this season for Lin. Lins season appears to be screwed. I just hope this dosen’t damage him bad come next season and I hope and pray he heads to the RIGHT team.

  389. I agree mostly, but I think bs is ‘dumb enough’ to play Clarkson over Lin. I wouldn’t put anything past bs to discredit Lin’s bball abilities.

  390. Long time no see!

  391. Lol yeah. Been busy with work. I can only keep up with what’s going on by coming around here and listening to PFV’s analysis.

  392. Ya! They don’t want him to score well. Looked at how poor Kobe did today. For the second time, Young was pulled out in 4Q not closed the game bc he almost passed the points than Kobe. Now you know, Lin can’t score well. smh!

  393. I can’t believe I am saying this but…I would take McHale back over BS any day.

    Scott set the bar for incompetent coach real, real low.

  394. Yeah right, lin scored back to back games over 30 last season when Bev and Harden was out. Did Mchale start Bev when he returned? You bet ya.

    No matter what Lin does in this league, they’ll always look at his worst performance as fact even though 80% of the time it’s the other way around. Meanwhile John Wall or any other black PG is protected by the media when ever they have an off night. The tables are stacked against lin EVER getting a chance to shine again. They are just too scared of it. They don’t want more asians to make it in their league. They just want our money.

    Lin will get washed out of the league eventually, not by anything he’s ever done but simply because of who he is. I’m disappointed not for Lin only. I’m also disappointed that as a human being, we see this type of pettiness in what is supposed to be a sport. The NBA is nothing more than WWF dressed up as if it is sport. Lin is fighting no longer just for himself. He’s already looking at the bigger picture. Lin is the pioneer that will break the barrier for those to follow.

    I’m presently reading a wonderful book called “the Gold Mine effect”. It might as well be called “the gold mind affect”. It talks about how the greatest sprinters of the world not only come from Jamaica, but from one school in Jamaica. What this book talks about the ability of coaches to affect the minds of the youth in that one small community into self belief that repeats over and compounds by every success.

    This is why I wrote those lines

    You lead with a belief, the mind follows

    You lead with the heart, the body follows

    You lead with your will, your destiny follows.

    You focus on process, the end becomes the journey.

  395. Yes, but I want to see him getting mad to drive to the rim like his layup plus And-1 play after Holiday scored on him.

    Maybe at least 3-4 times. He’s being a good solider to follow BScott’s order but it’s a slow virus to hurt Lin’s stats as his teammates can score as well as he does by being a primary threat.

  396. Psalm, maybe like this site, JLin should rejoice at where he is. The whole thing about being down because Price is starting is a little ridiculous. Lin knows he’s more capable, and this is a political not bball decision. Just relax and have fun. Any good verse you can tweet him with that in mind? Rejoice for what God has blessed in him? you know what I mean … so cool he’s 6’4″, making $15m, having NBA minutes, having so many NBA friends for next summer’s FA, etc. So cool to have a shorter run option to get away from Kobe ha ha.

  397. Jlin and boozer benched cause they called out Bryant for being selfish.
    Another drama in the JeremyLinovelas… We’ll see what will happen.

    At least I didn’t buy the Lakers’ jersey … Hopefully I will get another one this season…. We’re still waiting for someone who believes in Jeremy and who knows if we will ever find….

  398. see above. I want Lin to free himself in spirit, rejoice and play like he says, freely.

  399. exactly

  400. ok all ye faithful fans and those who know and love bball, sports. I’m off because tonight is full of anxiety and I plan to rejoice. Lin has been relieved of making Kobe work. His stint I saw was so low key and yet he pulled out a 12-0 run. I’m not having rosy glasses, just choose to be happy for him and his $25m pre-tax. Not for him, but what stewardship he can have at 26 yrs old. That’s quite something … Happy night.

  401. Ya! That’s why Scott keep saying Lin needs to learn how to be a PG. That means not score too much just be like Price now.. smh!

  402. The situation is trickier here….Lin does not have the upper hand. Scott is making the call right now and He does not want to see the Asian guy scores too much. Scott has not problem to extend Price’s minutes if Lin gives him a excuse to do so. This has to be done more delicately. TBH…it is almost not possible. Scott knows it. Lin knows it.

    IMO…the only way Lin can play is to play his own way (whatever that is) for the minutes given. Scores will be bad…but it is upper capped by the team anyway. The more you show how good you knows the game the better.

  403. Good night…I am with you

  404. no worries – only 4 months left of this craziness. Not a bad pay-day.

  405. Feel sad & upset by Lakers… Poor Lin can’t do anything about it.


  406. exactly

  407. No! He’s not down on HIMSELF, hes down on SCOTT’S INCOMPETENCE!

  408. Lin-Ellington-Wesley Johnson-Boozer-Davis can make the playoffs

  409. Is Lin subconsciously implying some people are lying when he started with “I’m not going to lie” when he was answering one of the reporter’s questions about the demotion to the bench?

  410. You mean buy tks and go watch? LOL

  411. Nah its just an expressiong

  412. LOL Lin alone is worth paying to watch and my boy boozer

  413. I understand BScott asked Lin to sacrifice his stats to set up others. But that is a losing proposition if Lin is not allowed to be himself as an attacking guard.

    I also hope Lin find the best way to help the 2nd unit win. I keep thinking of what Nash would do. Nash would always play the right way to balance his scoring and passing to keep himself as a threat. Perhaps pass 2 times, score once. Rinse and repeat. I’m concerned if Lin overpasses and being rendered ineffective. Lin just needs more balance so his career won’t be sabotaged.

  414. Nothing is worse than having a ball dominating SG from dinosaur age cornerstoned by antique loving management in your team, and Lin has to play with two of these during his short 3-year contract.

  415. Cool, haven’t had the chance to watch the interview. Can’t really tell from the quotes without the tones or facial expressions.

  416. Linsanity? 🙂

  417. 2.0

  418. LA edition.

  419. My point is…Lin is not Nash. If it was Nash…things will be completely different This is not about bball. Lin simply has less options to go, less than Nash would have. PPL kept saying why Lin can not be like this player A or B. They always got theirs when the time is bad. Of course they do…their last name is not Lin…or Yen.

  420. But at least in HOU he can score but not now?! Can you believe this? smh!

  421. Yeah, put the rest to the tank unit, I mean, the 1st unit.

  422. Right now
    Battle: Los Angeles
    City of Haters

  423. Obviously, Scott is not very bright

    He a real turkey

  424. I am not familiar with this player named Yen… tell me about his game 😛

  425. I agree Lin should play with the joy of playing ball the right way (like Nash said as I described below).

    He’s by nature an attacking guard who enjoys passing. So he just needs to find the right balance to play his best (2:1 ratio of pass/shoot in order to involve others as Byron requested)

    The best verse I can think of would be:
    “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

    He should find that joy to play ball the right way and give his best to the Lord, not Byron :]
    Find that right balance of passing and scoring so the rest will take care of itself.

  426. Well..I know he sucks….he only talk bball and was never good at it..

  427. Lin played okay, just didn’t have the minutes to make a real impact.

  428. He could barely score more than 15 points in Rox or be benched in the next game. Same is happening here in LAL.

  429. He impacted alright I guess…one of the 11-0 run. Given their final scores..that is a big impact

  430. He will not bc that’s not what Kobe & Scott had in mind. 19 min per game… no factor.

  431. If the other players are sick of losing the. They should all say Kobe is selfish. What’s he going to do? Bench the entire team and go 1on 5, I guess it wouldn’t make a difference.

  432. certainly this has partly racial stereotyping that Byron would exploit.

    I’d say Lin is correct to state these 21 gms are not a reflection of what he can do. I expect Lin will get angry by each game and will find that NJ Nets feeling to leave everything on the floor by playing like he could. Not sure when that would be but I hope soon 😀

  433. Here is worst. smh!

  434. Poor Lin. How he is going to get his next contract? Lakers is not the place for him? They can’t even guarantee to offer him a contract next summer?!

  435. If anybody wants to rewatch this terrible game, they’re running it again:


  436. Honestly @psalm234:disqus.. fighting politics is not quite engraved in Jeremy’s personality. He’s stubborn in establishing his team-first mentality.

  437. Nor do I want Jeremy to be muddied in politics.

  438. This seems to describe Jeremy’s situation right now…

    Psalm 140:4-5
    4 Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked;
    Preserve me from violent men,
    Who have purposed to make my steps stumble.
    5 The proud have hidden a snare for me, and cords;
    They have spread a net by the wayside;
    They have set traps for me.

  439. He fights by insisting his team-first mentality, which produces results that sometimes make people think, “how does he do that?!?!”.We’ve seen a lot of it last season with the Rockets.

  440. just thought of that too.. very pathetic! not a good feeling… perhaps, time to depart from this NBA thing… don’t find it entertaining…

  441. Tough battle but Jeremy will win the war.

  442. NJ game is different. MDA had no choice except TD. And the team was winning. The point is what he can do.

  443. in pre-season, hyped up enough to purchase ticket when they come visit and play here… when Lin had his honeymoon w/ LAL, just couldn’t wait to see him… after this week, tonight, think will try to sell my tickets asap.

  444. The lakers are made of players, coaches, management, owners, and fans. I don’t think Lin has players (i.e. Kobe) and coaches on his side. Management and owners are probably neutral. The only faction that he could sway to his side are the fans. Fortunately the fans are the most fickle. Lin should not worry about winning necessarily with his time, but to entertain the crowd with the love, the Kwan he showed during linsanity. Then Lin can own the rest of the lakers by the balls.


  445. So no point in following this scrub then? lol

  446. my friend was at this game and he said Lin stunk 🙁 My friend is a Lin hater though.

  447. Not that there is any follower now anyway…LOL

  448. NIce photo. Telling…

  449. Wow I’m shocked I can post here again. Thanks to whatever mod undid my ban. My 2nd warning was not legit at all (no name calling or trolling) and unwarranted so I appreciate that.

  450. LOL you were banned? behave yourself!!

  451. So you better behave before you get banned again.

  452. it was bogus. Last week I posted Kobe was turning on Lin in the interviews. I got banned for it.
    TOday, Lin is benched.

  453. So….if we ban again…will Lin start? JK…..just be good..

  454. you were banned? ha, good.

  455. Sure thing Madame Moderator.

  456. haha I’ll try

  457. I’m not sure what Lin’s future holds, but I think his career will rebound after this season even if he is a bencher somewhere else. He may never be a shining star again like during Linsanity, but he will be ok somewhere that he is wanted. The Lakers is NOT the place for Lin. Please run away in free agency as fast as you can.

    Those posters on here who say Lakers are suckering Lin to resign on the cheap really upset me. Do they really think Lin is a stupid fool? There’s no way he’s resigning in LA.

  458. I knew last week things were going bad for Lin when Kobe started to say bad things about Lin indirectly post game. He complained he was out of rhythm exactly when Lin was in rhythm. That was the beginning of the end for Lin.

    Thing is Kobe is so stupid and short sighted he will now struggle EVEN WORSE without Lin next to him. The Titanic Kobe alluded to is coming soon.

    Let’s get our popcorn and watch. Kobe will turn on Price in about 10 games. BOOK IT.

  459. Isn’t Miller the same knuckle who wanted Price to start from the beginning?

    How conveniently he leaves out Swaggy’s 3-13 or Kobe’s 4-18

  460. What if he does?

  461. these tweeters all miss the point. Their tweets are passionate to protect Lin but aren’t cohesive or well thought out. Ido is generally somewhat sharp but he too sometimes gets too worked up and posts irrelevant stuff.

    A correct tweet would have directly refuted the contention that Scott put forth about Lin.

  462. please dont ban me (ha), but I would honestly lose a lot of respect for Lin.

  463. listen to the Laker Line today, glad there are callers call in and complained about Price starting. And one Laker fan was literally crying on the phone, I think this game really did it, completely shatters fan’s dreams about Laker this season, I think now people will just roll out the tank and after that pick.

    One guy was just out of the locker room, and kind of saying that it was pretty sad to see Lin, when he was talking, his eyes are empty, and sounds like basically he is not believing any of the word he himself is talking. And thought this hit him pretty hard.

    Also said Kobe left the journalist waited for almost an hour, which usually is not the case, and they thought that Kobe might try to be calmed down before he face media.

    I was arguing with Martinez on tweeter regarding Lin’s defense then the line up change news break out, so I stopped that. And glad today Martinez was pretty gentle with Lin, saying that 1-5 is not his typical shooting night.

    However, I really don’t like the narrative that Lin is mentally weak, somehow that was the theme tonight. I think Byron’s message was really confusing, and when you get an attacking guard, and you keep emphasis on him involving others, that’s really confusing. Especially saying that after Lin’s double double game, he had 11 assist that game.

    So today before the game, Byron was asked whether benching Lin was for him to have a bit more time to have ball in his hand, Byron was basically saying no, Lin need to learn to be a PG, and to get other involved. So my take is that Byron don’t want ball in Lin’s hand, and he want Lin to be that traditional PG, who just redistribute ball, rather than create for others.

  464. GoodDayLA I’d like to publicly apologize for accusing you of trolling when you said Jeremy would be in a worst situation in LA than in HOU before the season started.
    I think every pessimistic thought you shared is becoming true lol

  465. Thanks, but I do not like being right. I want Lin to shine. I wish Kobe was injured and Dantoni was coaching and Lin was the main guy in the Nash role again. It depresses me.

    But Webattorney and I went to the same game and it was obvious it was going to be bad for Lin. Could see it coming a mile away.

  466. yeah, today he said lacking Lin’s penetration and Boozer’s spacing is felt.

  467. I’m not really sure what Byron meant as “getting others involved offensively” when Jeremy got 11 assists while scoring double figures for himself. That, to me, is the very definition of getting others involved. Things get confusing when people make simplest things complicated for some reason.It’s simple to win games. Byron Scott makes it really complicated.

    Also, holding someone zero to very little scoring is a simple definition of defense. Byron makes it complicated by saying Jeremy doesn’t rotate on defense.

  468. TTTN, you are thinking too much in my humble opinion. The answers are as clear as day. These coaches don’t believe Lin can be the face of a franchise and a alpha scorer, but Lin’s game is one that is a star’s game. They want to put Lin into a supporting cast member role but Lin stinks in that role and I believe subconsciously refuses to play that role causing more problems behind the scenes for teams. So they don’t know what to do but to bench Lin. It’s that simple.

    Lin will never find his place in the NBA because I doubt any team will give him that role. but I do believe Lin can survive off the bench on maybe 2-3 teams in the NBA. The Spurs would be his best bet by far.

  469. I do know what Byron means, but you wont like hearing it.

  470. Kobe is pretty stupid sometimes. I think D’Antoni said Kobe is nearsighted when he wants something. Kobe’s career will end on a whimper when he could have changed his game and remained on a relevant team.

    But he wants to stay the man so bad, this team will become the laughing stock of the NBA soon. The front office deserves the most blame though. Kobe is being allowed to do this.

  471. For someone who isn’t proven and still not proving himself a worthy coach, no thanks.I rather NOT hear it.

  472. Money talks:


    Demand a refund of season tickets

    Don’ attend any games or buy any Laker merchandise

  473. ok I won’t go there, but let’s just say Lin will have to prove himself over and over and over and over again till a team trusts him with the ball in his hands. Scott already commented he does NOT trust Lin with his “Lin had the ball 95% of time in NYC” so you know what Scott thinks of Lin basically.

  474. wont happen. Wishful thinking. Let’s just support Lin and urge him to choose wisely in free agency. Honestly, I would be OK with him leaving the NBA. Honestly would. I kid you not.

  475. I also don’t think Lin will ever resign with LA after his benching.
    At least he won’t play for Byron ever again.
    There was a history of Lin upset over Trent Johnson of Stanford for lying to him regarding scholarship and refusing to play as a walk-on for “someone that he can’t trust”

    Loyalty is huge for Lin and I don’t think he’ll trust Byron again.
    Undeserved benching in Q4 when played well last game clearly showed Byron not using Lin properly

    He might be a little confused now but he’ll be upset very soon of Byron’s treatment, I think.

  476. This guy is a clown….

  477. I agree on choosing wisely in the FA.
    I disagree on leaving the NBA. That would be waving the white flag of surrender on his dream.

    I won’t mind him backing up Parker in Spurs for less money since Pop will use him properly and he’ll find the joy of playing teamball. Or Rick Carlisle in DAL who values him well.

  478. When Khuang said the NBA wants to eject the Asian guy, I guess he wasn’t exaggerating.

  479. Not at all…I totally bought in now on that theory

  480. America is not ready or willing to accept an Asian NBA star who plays as a guard and not a freakishly tall stiff center. It’s that simple.

  481. When I first heard it, that was a game that Kobe complained that he was less aggressive thus lost his touch, so I thought that’s the coach want Lin to pass it to Kobe.

    But today Byron said that again after he already made the change to bench Lin, so my take is that even Lin goes to bench, he is not anticipated to get his own, I think Scott meant for Lin to feed Young. (Byron did say they will need to force feed Young, and that was Price used to do.)

    That’s what Lin was saying that it is very hard as a PG, you need to keep yourself aggressive yet get other people involved, so my get is that coach is ask Lin to pass the ball instead of shoot or create for others. That’s what Lin was doing today, gosh that was boring.

  482. Are more Taiwan fans really going to waste money and pad the Lakers and the NBA pockets still? I really wish these fans wouldn’t go every year and let the NBA and these teams get the last laugh on them. It’s insulting and mocks our intelligence. Personally I am boycotting the Lakers games till Lin is traded or the season ends.

  483. Lin is smart…he will find a way to deal with it on the court……maybe shoot more…maybe pass more…maybe throw the ball to the stand more….he will find a way…

  484. I did notice like others, he stopped passing to Kobe in the 3rd for a while. I liked that but he should have done that starting in game 1. Lin is a bit slow to learn and catch on. Maybe too naive and innocent and good hearted. Doesn’t see the bad in people like me, lol.

  485. What Scott said meant very little now. He is just scapegoating…

  486. It does not matter which game he started to do that. He is going to be benched if he does that….

  487. I am hoping for a “leave it out on the floor” NJ-Nets mentality since he’s going to be released anyway so might as well play his game.
    So not necessarily to fight politics but leave it on the floor 100%.
    No holding back

  488. scorers are stars. those who dont score in the NBA are scrubs. Byron is asking Lin to be a scrub. I hope Lin goes down burning in flames before he voluntarily kills his own NBA career. This coach does NOT HAVE HIS BACK. Kobe does NOT have his back. The Lakers do NOT have his back.

    Just ball hog discreetly and get benched if you get benched.

  489. Spurs is the only team that will play him properly. Even Dal is risky

  490. better to be benched than to look incompetent.

    The Boston game is a good example. he looked good and people wonder why he didn’t play more.

    That’s all Lin needs to do every game.

  491. No I think Spurs will not sign him at all.

  492. Spurs is BY FAR the best team for Lin.

  493. maybe true but lin is a good fit there. You can also tell this a mile away.

  494. Benched is incompetent..

  495. Kobe needs to be reminded: Scoring is good,but winning the championship is the BEST.

    Scoring well will make you a star. Playing team basketball will bring your ringSSSSSS

  496. 20 minutes of 3 points and 2 asst is not winning either. This is almost an impossible spot for Lin. I’d rather he score 12 in 10 minutes and not play anymore shooting 4 for 4. That’s just how I see it.

  497. It does not matter. His perception in NBA does not fit what Spurs wants…

  498. then he has nowhere at all to even go. Are you giving up hope for him in the NBA? I do believe Lin wants to stay in CALI

  499. What makes you say that? would you say he found a way to deal with it in houston?

  500. I never say it is easy….if he can consistently doing 12in 10 thong. His minutes will become only8 next game

  501. No…..he will be fine in the NBA….just not going to Spurs

  502. Byron wants to do the DNP-CD on Lin. No matter what LIn does it is going to happen. Lin might as well play his game and get benched for insubordination.

  503. i c

  504. I think he dealt it alright.

  505. I don’t agree. I think any team without a ball dominant SG whose stats are more important than wins for the coach will be just fine.

  506. I had a really bad feeling about Byron and Lin. “I like J, I really do” I knew Lin was going to be screwed the moment he said that.

  507. Exactly..keyword is his game…not just shoot

  508. Lin looked confused and sad. He’s in denial stage by providing possible reasons for the struggle.
    He can’t say the real reasons of Kobe not wanting to play teamball.

    Next will come anger. Not sure when that will take place.

  509. Lol

  510. well there are no PnR. No game plan to suit Lin. So Lin just needs to shoot due to lack of options. Get rebound and do 1 man fast break. PLay like it’s street ball.

  511. Exactly

  512. Too bad, this team doesn’t even half the team work the NY brady bunch had.

  513. Kobe is all talk. He only wants to win a champsionship if he is #1 on the team.

  514. If Lin is out of NBA, they won’t even get my clicks.

  515. A lot of things he can do. He can foul out playing d. He can racking up hockey assists..he can punch refs……lol

  516. “You won’t like me when I get angry” – Jeremy Hulk

  517. the “I REALLY do” gave it away. It was insincere.

  518. that time when Lin turns green…..

  519. I believe Linsanity Knicks LOST to Scott’s Cavs. And Lin had like 10 TO’s. So Scott must have not thought highly of Lin and thinks he put a gameplan on Lin that easily flustered Lin.

  520. ok

  521. Not sure about Scott…but Lin was much better now..

  522. Oh definitely..

  523. i think he will be a bench guy now. But he will stay in the NBA. If the offers are too pathetic, Lin should go to another league. My dream is for Lin to play on Team China and beat Team USA even though I am American. I cannot stand the hypocrisy when it comes to Lin.

  524. Lol…not gonna happen.

  525. wait they lost to New Orleans or Cavs? I cannot remember anymore. I think Lin BEAT Cavs.

  526. He did

  527. but that means no stats. I guess he wont get stats no matter what so might as well help do stuff that wins. Good point.

  528. People hate on Lin. People laugh at me saying Lin is good. Nash looked WORSE than Lin next to Kobe when they did play. If a HOF cannot do well next to Kobe, what the hell do they expect from Lin? Lin looks 3 times better than Nash did next to King Kobe.

    Can you say ridiculous?

  529. Lol..sadly..that ain’t happening either.

  530. picture with thousand words.

  531. Agreed. Scott tries to make Lin a scapegoat before he is booed out of LAL.

  532. Lin maintains perspective:

    “The best way I can summarize is: My life, my purpose is about glorifying God everyday. In the highs and the lows…”
    “It’s about waking up tomorrow, and doing my best, have a great attitude, and glorify Him in everything. And moving forward, trusting Him with what happens”

  533. morale seems so low for all the players than before. Even Young got so bad he walked away from his interview after 15 secs.

    BS and FO sure did a great job making the line up change to bring some hope for the team.

  534. This what would happen when you feed the cancer cells

  535. Miller lost my respect long time ago. His words are just meaningless!!

  536. They deserve each other for sinking Titanic!

  537. lol might as well pass this out at Laker games

  538. He is way too late for me. He lost my respect long time ago. His word is worthless.

  539. Both BS and Kobe not only dig their hole but also dig the hole big enough to bring down the whole Lakers into it with them. SAD to see JLin has to go thru this one more time and us fans have to witness another dark and ugly of human beings.

  540. It will pass….

  541. Throw the ball to the stand?!…another bad pass TO? doubt he will do that…but into BS’ face..I can’t guarantee that will not happen.

  542. Looks like someone’s had too much sugar


  543. Hopefully sooner than later. This season is getting too long and yet only less than 1/4 is done. Feel like ages!!!!!!!

  544. Scott’s expression is one of his career going down the drain. Even if fired though hell still collects 3 years salary.

  545. looking at the player i think they re all depressed.young eyes are red. they all look warned out. the next 15 games will get worse. this game was the first time i thought lakers had no chance the whole game. hell they led only once

  546. looking at the player i think they re all depressed.young eyes are red. they all look warned out. the next 15 games will get worse. this game was the first time i thought lakers had no chance the whole game. they led only once

  547. Knowing it will pass is good enough to me….lol

  548. Jlin beat the Cavs during Linsanity… you need to do a fact check.

  549. They are elites….they know what is going on…hence they know there is no cure

  550. I agree.Keep your head up kid.Be well prepared for the next game.

  551. Yeah even firing BS won’t cure it, until the cancer is gone.

  552. They know what is going on but cant do anything

  553. Pretty much so

  554. Who knows….lol

  555. Look what AI did to this generation….

  556. ha

  557. We probably only need one thread for next 20 games…pretty much will be just rinse and repeat on all discussions…lol

  558. Well AI never had a ring, so…

  559. Apparently that guy in the video will not get one anytime soon either…lol

  560. the sad truth is the FO didnt intervened.

  561. Lol, this reminds me of the Washington game where Kobe did the exact same thing before shooting an shaky 3, bricked, then Washington rebounded, blew past Kobe trotting back on the fastbreak at the other end and scored and thus killed any chance of comeback.

  562. Not just soon… even later lol

  563. Sigh, sad but true. 🙁

    This is probably my cue to stop watching games and sticking to highlights.

  564. That’s why I call out Lakers now. They let these two get away from sinking Titanic.

  565. I’ve totally stopped watching game from this game; not even watch highlights. Pointless unless JLin do so well. With this sinking Titanic, not going to happen anytime soon.

  566. I can not believe Buss & Co will be happy about this meltdown. Boos, fans crying, the locker room imploding. Scott is mishandling this in a major way.

  567. Good on u! I’m still furious on this stunt even though I’ve seen its coming. Just can’t believe how sick BS and Kobe are. The more I read their interviews in Twitters and here, the furious I become. Not good for my bp:-( Don’t need that as I have enough of my own health issues to deal with.

  568. Hey, keep healthy ok?

  569. This is set to happen when they extended Kobe for two more years,,,they have to take both good and bads,,,

  570. Pretty sure Knicks (with Lin as starter) beat Cavs 2 times. NO was the first team to end the first 7 game streak.

  571. The young Buss expected Kobe to shoulder all these, and Kobe doesn’t care, just like he doesn’t care setting brick records.

  572. Tanking without a style, fans backfire.

  573. Lakers are tanking.

    Jeremy got in the way of that because he’s won’t play to lose and his explosiveness combined with team play will win the Lakers too many games to get a top 5 pick.

    Jeremy plays well then he gets benched and he’s suspiciously pulled whenever he’s hot. At first I thought i was a coincidence but the trend is too strong to ignore.

    It’s way too obvious, and people need to call out the Lakers for their tanking and blatant mistreatment of Lin.

    In this era of social media, public opinion is extremely important in a fan-centric revenue based sport like the NBA. That’s what has changed. With the Lakers Buss family reliant on the revenue stream from the ball club unlike other self sufficient billionaire owners, revenue hits from China and fans will hurt their brand. Now that the Clippers have surpassed them, the Lakers are now being hit from all fronts. They are still popular in LA now but public image can change fast. If people attack them in the social media and Asian media, there will be a response to both the Lakers brand and Kobe’s brand.

    Let the pressure begin.

  574. No, I don’t think the city hates Lin….yet. They could turn on him if the FO join in and start the Houston mind games as well as KOBE and Scott. Right now we still have many fans as well as Worthy on our side.

  575. It’s a business, so is Kobe brand. Hurt them where it hurts….don’t show them the money….DONT SHOW THEM AT ALL! NBA just signed a huge boost to players’ salary mainly because of TV rights and revenue. Take some of that away and let them know it’s unacceptable to show such bias to Asian players like LIN.

  576. It’s torture watching but it is equally hard not to watch because I want to see things live when he’s doing well. But with the way this season has been going, it’s not looking good, especially now that he’s on bench.

  577. Scott was smiling after a loss and smirking at Carlos being upset (even with the false overtones that he ‘should be’). Now that’s a terrible thing for a coach to do. That’s like your company losing a major deal and the CEO coming out and grinning about it to the shareholders, while laughing at the people who got their money taken from them. Then he said Jeremy was fine with not starting? It does not seem the case and Jeremy said in the interview that he didn’t talk with Scott about getting back into the starting line up at all. Scott seems very two-faced.

    Kobe will say the right things but it’s plain that he doesn’t care who’s thrown under the bus as long as he get his shot and stays a starter.

    Lin was obviously down, but he should just stay aggressive and keep attacking. The better Jeremy plays, the more time he should get, or Scott will take even more heat for it from both the fans and the media.

  578. Ditto

  579. I NEVER exaggerate.

    Trolls like to pretend I do.

  580. So anyone know what happened to wu kong and her website?? Is she OK? Anyone talk to her regularly? I haven’t seen her around here in a while.

  581. NBA would not accept Asian tall centers if it weren’t for the Chinese government constantly threatening to expel the NBA from China if their players were mistreated the way Lin is.

  582. Wow, Patrick Beverley sure gained some weight.

  583. Once you start down the losing mentality. You’ll never get out. Players will start getting injured now and just won’t play as hard while just stat padding, which is already what Kobe has been doing since the start of the season.

  584. WRONG.

    Ido is right on point.

    This is strictly a race issue, and Ido has the appropriate outrage.

  585. FO: “top 5 pick here we come. they are doing their job.”

  586. “It will pass….”

    That’s what they said about Kobe……..

  587. That looks like it can kill someone. Both if they eat it and if it falls on their head.

  588. LOL! Thanks for some levity on this sad day.

  589. Lakers are tanking and Lin hates to lose on purpose.

  590. From Lakersground
    Lin — — Some pretty nice defensive rebounding from Lin in the first half of this game. Small thing, but when our guards are in the boarding and helping the bigs that makes a difference. He was mismatched down there several times but came up with the boards. Offensively, the second unit was very disjointed. Lin and Boozer never had great chemistry, so that’s something that needs to be developed. Nick is often freewheeling, so if you are looking for Lin to dominate the ball, you’ve also got to consider Nick will get his share of chucks up as our sixth man. Of course, the move to the bench comes with Davis leaving to play with the starting unit. Fans wanted to see Scott explore that two-man game between the two since they showed some potential in a few preseason games. So we lose that option and have to search for chemistry elsewhere. On the other side of the coin for the starters, you saw the offense bog down. Price is an awful starter. Probably the worst starting PG in the league. In the last game, Lin and Kobe were sharing the court and both able to do their things offensively. You saw Kobe able to rest a few possessions as a result of Lin being aggressive. That should have been explored more instead of ripping it apart again. Now, we heap more on Kobe by moving Lin to the bench. So the question will be how many minutes will Lin play off the bench and to what extent will he play his game when Kobe’s not on the floor. It didn’t happen in this one. He’ll pick it up and find his spots, but switching gears was clunky tonight.

    The Stats:He scored 3 points on 1-5 shooting (0-1 from three, 1-3 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 4 assists, 1 turnover and 3 fouls in 20 minutes. He was a -9.

    The Action: Great board on D to take it away from a man with better position. He attacked off the high screen down the middle of the lane for the And-1 layup ending a long stretch of scoreless Laker ball, he made the FT. Great box out again against a bigger man to secure a defensive board on a rotation, so nice. He missed an open wing jumper working off a screen. He got up high again to take another defensive board away from the Pelicans. Davis subbed in and Lin quickly found him with a behind-the-back pass on the baseline under the hoop for the dunk. He pumped the other Davis in the air and drew FTs on the jumper up against the shotclock, he made one.

    Second Half: He attacked an open lane and choked the layup. He missed a three at the end of the quarter. He kicked out to Ellington for the three. Nice help D challenge to force a miss. He attacked and missed a short one. He saved a ball to ignite a break. He attacked in transition and coughed up the ball.

  591. Seriously, I would rather Lin be race phased off this terrible team.

    Houston phased Lin out, but they were in a playoff hunt and couldn’t win without him. LA is out of the playoffs and is DONE.

    Lin has easily been the best player for the Lakers all season long, but he’s being punished for it. He’s justifiably frustrated for being punished for doing well. Byron Scott hates his race and not even Kobe Bryant can do anything to support Lin.

    I don’t blame the players for distancing themselves from Lin, not even Bryant who’s competing with Lin but who I think genuinely wants Lin to do well. The players know that Scott hates the Asian guy and are afraid to jeopardize their careers by playing off him. In Bryant’s case, there is no way he should trust a player who his coach hates.

    I’m amazed Lin played as well as he did last game, leading the team on that late run that would’ve turned the team around if it had been allowed to continue.

    Once Lin adjusts, he’ll get his shooting back. That ought to result in a reduction of minutes. It’s INEVITABLE that Lin will be DNP CD’d off this team.

    And if that means Lin is expelled from the NBA, so be it. I’m not really a NBA fan anymore and I don’t want Lin in a race toxic league. I myself have been race expelled from professional situations and I was always happier not working in those environments no matter how good the money was.

  592. The better Lin gets, the less minutes he’ll play.

    Byron Scott hates him.

  593. The team is lost, depressed and shocked by the boos…..I guess the only one get motivated is Price…..becoming a starting PG at 31! Thank you Papa BS

  594. I thought FO kind of supporting Lin…….sad…..

  595. 40 years ago, I quit my starter position on my high school team in my senior year because teammates started to freeze me out. It appears time hasn’t changed that much yet for Asians. Li Na had to quit tennis in order to get the bureaucrats to stop meddling in her scheduling and prevent her from competing in singles. The fools BELIEVED THAT CHINESE WEMEN COULD NOT COMPETE IN SINGLES AGAINST THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Racial bias is everywhere, even by your own kind. It takes a very special person to break that stereotype. LIN may yet do it…no, he already has done it! There’s an old saying that” history is written by the conquerors.”. We are witnessing a rewriting of history to discredit LIN as a fluke.

    Khuang and I don’t believe that LIN’s legacy necessarily will end when and if the NBA finally rewrite their history to obliterate linsanity once and for all. They could chase LIN out of the league, but the damage is done and history can’t be undone. As we speak more colleges are recognizing that Asian kids can be legit to their programs.

    Lin’s legacy will always be tied to his ability to open the minds of asians everywhere that we are just as good at anything if given a fair chance. This is the conclusion of a wonderful book called “the gold Mine Effect, cracking the secrets of high performance” by Rasmus Anderson. Khuang and I believe that LIN has one last rabit to pull out of the hat to make the world believe that Asians can be ballers. LIN can play in China and develop a new crop of talent to take a Chinese team to the Olympics and beat the world on an even stage. We believe that LIN can lead a Chines team to kick some international butts, just like Steve NASH did for Canada.

    For now, I’m done with basketball like when I turned my back to my own bball back in my teens. It’s too hard on my positivity to have to watch the world as it is revealed every game with the Lakers. It’s greed and selfishness of the few overriding the needs of the many.

  596. It’s always hardest for the ground breakers. I’m ashamed that such overt racism still exists today in America.

  597. I believe in Yensanity!

  598. Just finished reading JLin Only Garden. All JLin fans are very angry with Lakers esp BS and Kobe. Everyone feels cheated by Lakers. Yes, fans will start to boycott Lakers soon enough.

  599. If Mike D Antonio had anything like what the Lakers having now, he would be overjoyed and a winning record. Despite much trashing of MDA, he fought through serious injuries of players and never rotated his players so horribly.

  600. Who knows. Maybe not. Remember Kobe has an influence on how this team is run.

  601. With playbook of Byron Scott, Jeremy is very limited in his plays. Just like a chef who has to follow a cook book and inadequate trust of his cooking. The consequence is almost predictable when he is shifted in and out making a dish.

  602. The best days of Kobe is behind him now.
    All he is having is a very disgraceful future ahead of him leading to nowhere.
    He scored 14 points on 18 tries with only 2 FTs, 3 Asts and 4 TOs.
    Clearly, Kobe is lost too.

    What if BS really gets things his ways, a total disaster!

  603. He is the hall of famer; the representative of the team.
    He and Hooray are not afraid of saying what they know about basketball, which is more than BS knows.

  604. Well spoken. It’s a matter of time and time is running out quickly.

    This team is moving backward with nobody running the offense properly. It is not the defense which lost the game. All you need to win a game is to score more than your opposition. The offense of the Lakers is simply horrible.

    There is no way to win in NBA with such an offense. Byron has misguided us. It’s the offense that the Lakers has had trouble. Good offense in many ways affects defense. On any given night, good offense beat good defense in NBA. Just tell me how many Kobe’s misfired long jumpers led to fastbreaks.

  605. Nobody has confidence in their offense anymore.

  606. That’s because he is dense that’s why he can’t figure it out.

  607. If kobe is determined to sink with his titanic, he’s welcome to do it himself.

  608. There’s no ground being broken with Lin.

    America won’t permit Asian entertainers to exist in the mainstream.

  609. Her Twitter account is no longer active, and http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com is offline (being deleted). I wonder if she got ticked off by haters and BS and called it quits.

  610. Lakers had had the worst start of the season this year. Now Byron virtually says let’s start over again after these 20 games of misery. When will they ever get another win with this roster?

  611. How can he disrespect his own player like that? I don’t care if you’re a veteran or whatever…it’s just wrong to hear about this from reporters first.
    The ‘no big deal’ is his own imagination.

  612. Scott is the the poster boy for bad bosses. What a jerk.

  613. Hope so!!

  614. You mean he was lying, and then tried to reinforce the lie so that it’ll sound more real? I’ll buy that.

  615. I wander why Ramona Shellbourne ESPN senior writer all of sudden has access to the Laker’s locker room?

  616. You have a center who’s been shooting 20+feet away from the board all the time instead of playing near the board, a 36 year old playing the most minutes ineffeciently, starting a much less talented pg over Lin, preached defensive effort but never hold the players accountable for not playing defense…how is this not coach’s fault??? BS never ever once blame himself or kobe for the lost even though it’s clearly they are the biggest problem with the Lakers atm! Dont hope the lakers will change because a person who thinks he’s always right will never learn!

  617. Very nice! I really like them tweets!

  618. During the summer lakers couldn’t get any star player to come play in la, you know there’s something wrong in the team.

  619. I agree with you. Play like he has nothing more to lose, instead of worrying about his spot in the rotation, pleasing BS and KB etc. Just go out there and show the world why he are so darn good!

  620. Can’t express how disgust and furious I’m with BS when I read this as well as about JLin. Never been so glad to see how honest JLin was about benching and BS was caught lying flat. BS doesn’t qualify to be called “human.” Shame on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  621. Who was the pretty blonde one next to Lin? 😀

  622. Only recently have I began to figure out how media savvy this cat is.
    He says all the right things to the media, tells people he doesn’t care about passing MJ, tells Lin to not play like he’s looking over his shoulder, tells Lin it’s fine to wave him off, makes sure his breakfast with people are photographed, but who know what he plans behind the scenes…
    His actions contradict his words…so I won’t be fooled anymore.

  623. They definitely won’t get any now.

  624. Lin never had 10 TOs

  625. No doubt about it. No sane players will choose to play for Lakers unless there is no choice.

  626. They’re delusional if they think next summer is going to be any different.

  627. Nash’s back/nerve issue may preclude him from playing. However, how is it that he can swing a golf club, but cannot mentor the Lakers PGs, or even send text messages? My money is on Nash having smelled something rotten a LONG time ago and wanted no part of it. That’s really the only explanation for someone with his work ethic to not even show his face for moral support while being paid handsomely by the Lakers (dis)org.

  628. I used to think that was a conspiracy theory gone wild. Now I must admit I’m thinking it must be true. Nash bailed out of the Titanic while he could. Smart man.

  629. NO ONE of any talent above Price will be coming to Lakers next summer unless BOTH Kobe and BS are gone. NBA players may or may not believe in Lin as a player, but they’re all very well aware that Lin’s the most humble human being there is. And if Lin cannot co-exist with Kobe, that pretty much means NOBODY can.

    While Shaq may not have been the most likeable guy, bear in mind that Sessions chose to play backup elsewhere forsaking the Lakers starting PG position, D12 left seven digits on the table when he walked out, and now the nicest Bible-reading, non-confrontational Asian is also having issues with Kobe? Speaks volumes about the man’s character.

    I’m surprised Kobe still has any fans left.

  630. Nash knew no amount of mentoring would help Lin and Clarkson overcome not one, but TWO quantum singularities, because the issue was never about performance and/or productivity, but one of politics.

  631. I disagree, I think Linsanity was a huge event while it lasted.

  632. Is there any Photoshop experts on board? I excel at IT management and PC hardware, but suck at photo-editing. I’d like to request your kind assistance in making:

    1) A “Los Angeles Leakers” logo based on the now defunct Lakers club, and
    2) A BS bobblehead on a toy tank.

    If you ever travel to wherever I’m stationed at, I owe you high quality ramen (think Ichi Ran). I’m currently in Hong Kong, will likely be in Taiwan after 18 months.

  633. Precisely. In Price’s case it was either the Lakers or out of the NBA.

  634. Last night was Lin’s way of speaking out. Lin is sharing what scott said to him, which makes no sense. Fans are scratching their heads on this one and many media outlets are not buying in.Ramona Shelbourne (ESPN) there to ask the hard questions here the beat writers are afraid too. Also noticed how coach Miller tried to throw lin a bone with that one play with Davis. When the fans start booing their own team, and notice nobody was chanting MVP for Kobe….team is is imploding. It will be interesting to see who is left standing.

  635. BTW, what did Scott’s TCW cronies have to say?

  636. Sad day for JLin…sad day for Lakers…sad day for NBA….only proofs one thing…race plays a part…

  637. They’re still brainstorming but have yet to whip up an excuse that makes any logical sense.

  638. LOL

  639. A BIG part…..

  640. Yes, I’m glad that JLin shared what BS told him when asked. BS was exposed for lying that JLin was ok for benching. We know he wasn’t from his tweet and prayer request #4.

    @awarde:disqus Wasn’t sure about the meaning of fans are booing. Can u explain more?

  641. Somebody posted on twitter that in the 4th quarter when the Lakers took the floor, the crowd booed because they were playing terrible.

  642. BTW, this is a little exert on why kidd had a problem with Scott’s coaching:

    Kidd, and forward Kenyon Martin, also took issue with Scott’s coaching moves during last year’s Finals, including how the coach used former Net Dikembe Mutombo against San Antonio and his reluctance to call for double teams on center/Finals MVP Tim Duncan.

  643. When JLin was in the game or he was off? What it means by Lakers fans were booing??? How serious for Lakers?? Any past history of Lakers fans did it????

  644. Meaning BS is worst than McHale.

  645. What a mean person he is…?! No respect at all. The result is the same… I really didn’t see any good D from this team last night. smh!

  646. Haha! Joke, right? King played better than New O team. smh! Young is reasonable guy!!!

  647. Lakers Fan Survival Guide: 10 Tips For Surviving This Horrible Season

  648. Kobe didn’t want him to score… Kobe is so afraid Lin can score better than him. Now even w Young. No one can score higher than Kobe. Coach pulled Young out last night bc he was only one point behind Kobe. No closed game for him either. smh!

  649. Before anyone starts thinking a HC will change anything, remember Kobe, will be Kobe no matter who the HC is. Even Mike D couldn’t get Kobe to defer and let Nash play PG.

  650. Linsanity surprised the league.

    Since then, the NBA has been hellbent on preventing any more Asian outbreaks.

  651. Don’t think Lakers will change coach as long as Kobe is here. They did whatever Kobe asked for it at least until now. smh!

  652. The sad eyes of the Lakers.

  653. Probably need 50% discount to sell them now.

  654. Really think Lin should get a good agent to help him now like CP had difficult start in Mav bc all the starters didn’t want to pass the ball to him. But now he seems to be in great position.

  655. I believe it was a step forward.

  656. I miss Mike D.

    I even miss McHale. He would let Lin play to save him, gave him 29min from the bench. Not much kind words from McHale but at least he was being consistent in his evaluation on Lin.

    BS, on the other hand, is becoming the worst coach in my eyes. (McHale is one spot higher now) No O no X, never take any responsibility, praising Lin at the beginning and trashing him for something non existent. What I hate most is his disrespect to his players. Can’t imagine his words regarding Boozer to the bench, and claiming Lin is comfortable of being benched!! As a coach, you could handle the case gracefully by not trashing your team. I see him not even border to say something nice for motivating these two or for a better team morale. SMH

  657. Hey even when Price is not there at the right place his shoes can be there at the right place.

  658. How did it feel, being a president of a Basketball organization, sitting on the court side game by game, just watching the team keep losing and tanking while hearing occasional boos? Your coach smiled at post game interview even if it is losing, as if Win or Lose got nothing to do with him.

    “Welcome Home”, that’s what you said to the naive boy. Your GM tried 3 time to get him. Now you benched him to destroy his believe in basketball. Is it going to be this shameless way Lakers operating now while you take the helm, catering to one man? Or it is just business, a hollywood circus?

    Jeanie Buss, is this your Lakers?

  659. No, you don’t miss McHale.

    McHale was gradually phasing Lin out of the rotation the last two seasons.

    The only difference between McHale and Scott is that Mchale had a better team that was in danger of losing the playoffs whenever Lin sat. So McHale had to minimally play Lin even though McHale didn’t want to play Lin at all. Scott has a worse team, so benching Lin is not detrimental to the team’s “hopes” of winning.

    McHale forcefully ejected Lin off the Rockets this season. He finally got rid of the Asian guy once and for a.

  660. The ONLY part.

    This benching, like all the others, has absolutely nothing to do with Lin’s stellar performance or flawless personality.

  661. Same here.

  662. Ok. I mean both are worse but McHale is comparatively better, that’s why I miss him.

  663. No matter how badly Lin struggles, he does something like this every game that reminds us why we are so admiring of his greatness.

  664. Jlin had 19 pts.,1 TO and 13 asst in that Linsanity NY vs Cav game.


  665. McHale is NOT comparatively better.

    That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

    Lin would have been a DNP CD this season in Houston if he wasn’t traded. That’s on McHale.

    At least Lin got a few games in before the inevitable racial DNP CD takes him down soon for the rest of the season.

  666. If Kobe goes down, Lin won’t get any more time.

    The Lakers will continue to phase Lin off the team, no matter what.

  667. It seems Byron Scott is losing the LA faithfuls. Also he might end up losing the locker room. His coaching is so outdated it makes my head hurts. Kobe got his puppet dancing to his every whim

  668. As Byron Scott talks big, Lakers’ defense sinks to historic depths


    Scott can blame his players – Boozer has been a (fair) target – but the Lakers’ upgrading their defensive personnel might not even be enough to solve this issue. In his last coaching job, Scott led the Cavaliers 29th-, 26th- and 27th-best defensive ratings in the league. The next year, Mike Brown helped lift Cleveland to No. 19. There just isn’t much evidence Scott can design and install an effective defense in the modern NBA.

  669. We Lin fans, including you, CALLED IT.

    I’m so sick of Lin playing for these outdated 80s coaches that still think the illegal defense rule is in effect.

  670. I highly doubt that. If Kobe goes down they will have to play Lin more.

    You’re talking about a line up of Lin, Price, Clarkson and Ellington at the guard position. Lin will get at least 30-35 minutes.

  671. Barry Allen, that’s what a reasonable basketball coach would and should do.

    It will never happen because Scott is NOT REASONABLE.

    Byron Scott is knocking out Lin for strictly racial reasons. When race is involved, reasoning gets flushed down the toilet.

  672. I thought princeton offense was for the center to get the ball on top and move the ball to weak side or cutters, not have him shooting it there with nobody to get rebounds.

    Yes, on some games, he was able to knock them down, but that should not be the ideal offense.

  673. I’m not sure how well even D’Antoni would do with a ball stopper like Kobe running the team. He couldn’t control Melo and ended up leaving NYK.

  674. Scott talks about establishing a defensive culture but history shows it’s all talk:

    Cleveland Cavaliers fire coach Byron Scott after three seasons

    A big reason the Cavs might not have felt progress was being made is because of the team’s lack of improved defensive production. For three straight seasons under Scott, Cleveland has finished 26th or worse in the NBA in defensive rating (points per 100 possessions given up). Even though the team has had multiple injuries and asked young players to step in and play as veterans, you would have liked to have seen someimprovement when it comes to the team’s defensive capabilities.

  675. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Lakers change lineup, but get same, losing result against Pelicans http://bit.ly/1scNDws

  676. Interesting, maybe the lineup change is for the wrong player?… Nah, that can’t be the case.

  677. It’s weird. Scott was not even that upset by the lose last night.. ?! smh!

  678. Hope Lin just looks out for himself out there just tries to get his first. This is contract year he needs stats whether he likes it or not. He doesn’t realize this his agent is doing a bad job. He needs to tell Lin the importance of this year. Not sure what he’s doing other than ripping Lin off.

    Fk what the coach tells u to do cuz he wants u to fail. Byron already demoted Lin to bench theres nothing more he can do no matter what Lin does, he will get his 15-20mins. Hope he just goes for his shots then instead of passing off to Scrubby P and others. BYRON CANT STOP YOU. If he keeps scoring, nobody can’t say nothing to Lin fans will call him out for not starting Lin FO will call him out! Come on LIN! DONT LISTEN TO YOUR COACH!

  679. I feel terrible about Lin’s unfair benching even though I’m usually pretty optimistic. I wanted to hear something positive to see if there’s something good to take away from all this (cause I’ve been going through similar things lately at work as this benching incident). Well I’m just glad I heard from PFV today to put things in perspective. Way to go PFV!

  680. He shouldn’t care about defense on this team its awful anyways he needs to look for his shots

  681. Only thing I’m looking forward to now the destruction of Lakers empire

  682. I think he needs to stop feeding his scrub teams including Scrubby P
    and look for his own Fans love players who can score
    Lin is an elite scorer

  683. If you noticed, he looked happy all night cudnt resist smiling I’m not even joking lol

  684. From postgame interview? So weird? Tank?

  685. No during the game when they were down
    but I guess he was happy he had his dream team starting
    post interview he didnt look upset when Lin played well

  686. I didn’t watch his postgame interview at all. But from the tweets you can tell he was not mad for the lose like vs Celtics?! Smh!

  687. yah hes happy Lin didnt play well i think

  688. It doesn’t work that way unless the whole locker room revolts.

  689. Last game Jrue Holiday Highlights. You can tell how great the new defense stopper starting PG played.

    Up coming with strong Western conference team. Let’s cheer for his defense contribution.

  690. Lin must be an idiot since many of the posters here continue to tell him what he should do bc this is his contract year. Lin must be busy counting his 15mil bucks and forgets about it.

    Interesting thing is lin was graduated from harvard and major in economics. I guess harvad is overrated.


  691. that extended to 12-0 run before NO got FTs.

  692. he definitely is not an inspiring leader, and his work shows.

  693. with a worst lineup. Fish Tank.

  694. Don’t give up in the Lin community. Take a break. The tide will come in.

  695. keep posting my friends.

  696. You got it right, ppp. Many posters here won’t give Lin the day or week he needs to sort out his stuff. Honestly, what Lin is facing is tough and it takes time. Guess Lin beating the odds time and time again is the kind of sausage making nobody wants to see.

  697. thanks for seeing that with me.

  698. But whats Byron gonna do to Lin?
    Demote him to 3rd string?
    and I dont think a lot ofplayers are happy with Byron now
    Boozer already isnt

  699. Thank you psalm, this is a good verse I will also meditate on because I believe in someone something much greater than myself. Also someones, like a team.

  700. love ‘ballin’ with you.

  701. Last night the Lakers were playing like they were the team on back to back instead of the Pelicans. I guess it is safe to say BS already managed to lose the entire locker room after just 21 games. Hopefully, BS wouldn’t have the privilege to continue his cruel experiment on how hard you can bend Lin before he breaks.

  702. You really think Lin’s here during his free time to read your posts? LOL

  703. Miller said Lin can go back to starting lineup. So that’s what Lakers promised Lin?!

    Pelicans vs. Lakers 12/7/14 Jeremy Lin Praise for coming off the bench!

  704. I believe someone posted about there was no mention about how Lin can get back to starting position. Might be from Lin’s interview. It was mainly letting Lin know that he’s not starting.

  705. Not this one…they sort of praise how good Lin looked…& go on w he can earn his starting job back..

  706. I’m going to find time to post a longer post later. All about being in teams, getting frozen out, etc. I haven’t been looking at it from Lin’s point of view, though I try to just go with the flow and see what moves he shows us.

    It’s very hard, though, to orchestrate a locker room revolt. Let Kobe continue to exert his useless pressure for the losses to come, and then the team will take it’s natural course.

  707. Miller has no clue what he’s talking about w/his flip floppin comments. Lin stated in his interview that bs DIDN’T say a thing about him getting back to the starting line-up. I listen to Miller like I listen to b-s…NOT AT ALL.

  708. Yea. I think it’s just Miller saying it. He’s really has no say on anything.

  709. I thought this was a good breakdown for the fans, but really, Lin already earned his start so Worthy tells the truth and this is just supporting the surface waves.

  710. I know don’t really like TWC … but believe this maybe PR or whatever…?! I still hope Lin can get traded soon. Kobe is just hard to get along & he doesn’t want anyone play better than him on court.

  711. PR buddy, PR. The Lakers are not as dumb as Houston. They play the PR game better.

  712. I know but they sort of hint Lin can back to starting job… In fact, I really think the whole drama all due to Kobe is not happy about Lin can score too well… Don’t know what’s wrong w that? But… Will see. Hope Lin can out of Lakers soon but doubt..

  713. I think most fans understand that as a Lin fan, we are just waiting on the summer for free agency. I seriously doubt Kobe will get hurt again long term giving Lin a chance to play his game. You lose explosiveness from an achilles but the surgery does a solid job reattching the ligaments. So Kobe will just continue on like he has. Thankfully the summer is only about 7 months away. It’s bearable as a Lin fan.

    Now if he doesn’t choose wisely and makes the same mistake picking poorly again and not having his agent be competent enough to do the agent job properly, well there’s only so much a Lin fan can stand to bear.

  714. Bryon Scott is a good man but a complete job as Lakers coach. Hypocrite, clueless, stubborn, plays favorites, won’t take responsibility, passes the buck. Can I say more?

    Now he blames poor offense for the last loss. I mean this guy wants to hang what they do on defense. Now he says they lack offense? Byron has to be the dumbest son of a gun in a while. At least Mchale sticks to his script of “sticky ball” and saying Lin stunk without sugarcoating or lying about it.

    Byron is flip flopping every other game, it’s disgusting to watch this from him. He was one of my favorite Lakers during Showtime. I hope his son is learning how NOT to coach from his dad who hooked him up with a nice job.

  715. Book smarts does not equal street smarts or real life smarts.

  716. what you write is true but I think Lin is not that kind of guy. Many NBA players have played off scripts in the past, particularly Kobe Bryant in his youth. He angered the entire team and the vets who Kobe would look off to ball hog. But Kobe was good enough to deliver more often than not so he got away with it.

    Lin just needs to do the same. Perhaps he already is and we just dont know it.

    I’m sure Byron didn’t like Lin’s 1 on 5 layup on Boston. But that’s the kind of stuff Lin needs to start doing and njust go rogue.

  717. Here is one clip of fans booing in the end of 3Q,

  718. Thats true his teammates arent very nice to Lin on court he often gets frozen out
    Hopefully they realize Byron is not the way

  719. Exactly, I dont expect Lin to do what kobe did back in the day but Lin is capable of doing the same to non contenders, which are about 20teams in the league

  720. realistically I want Lin to go to the Spurs this summer. You?

  721. i agree

  722. If you look at the lineups

    Bryant,Kobe – Davis,Ed – Hill,Jordan – Johnson,Wesley – Price,Ronnie has offRtg 95.2 DefRtg 111 NetRtg -15.8

    What they had before:

    Boozer,Carlos – Bryant,Kobe – Hill,Jordan – Johnson,Wesley – Lin,Jeremy: OffRtg 102.7 DefRtg 117.7 NetRtg -15.0

    So exactly what we saw, minimal improvement in DefRtg but no offense and NetRtg same or slightly worse


  723. I think the LA Lakers gave Jeremy Lin these last 15 – 20 games to start and see what he was made of. Lin “failed” in the LA Front Office eyes badly. I think they wanted Lin to unfairly perform a miracle and make this team win and have Lin figure it out on his own without help, how to play with Kobe, get his stats, and pass the ball, all again without coaching help, Front Office support, or teammate support or familiarity.

    Since Lin failed the test, which was basically impossible to pass, Lin is now no longer in the Lakers plans. I believe that is what you see happening. I think they got their feel for Lin and realize even if they like him somewhat as a player, that he doesn’t work any better with Kobe than Nash did and that Lin and Kobe are basically in each other’s way.

    So they will find new players who help mask Kobe’s weaknesses better and will play with Kobe a bit more fluidly even though the Lakers will continue to stink till Kobe leaves.

  724. I disagree. If you look at the situation objectively, this will not happen.

  725. Lin will be gone from the Lakers this summer. That is the huge silver lining. Imagine if he was signed through next season! I for one, will be positive, and recognize we only have to wait 7 months for Lin to find a new team that he can actually CHOOSE!

  726. I was thinking it was possible Scott was going to start PRICE over Nash! and Nash got wind of it and BAILED. Seriously, I thought about that this morning before I read your post.

  727. Sorry for the string of posts, but I now strongly believe Lin will be traded by February 2015 as an expiring contract. Prepare to see DNP-CD for Lin coming around the corner on another team. Not a troll post, just real talk.

    This summer will be absolutely huge for Lin when he walks and finds another team who actually really wants him, for real wants him for his on court contributions, not some off court Asian marketing thing.

  728. I agree…

  729. Keep the Faith, Part 1:

    I’m just starting to rethink this season so this isn’t well formed. But, hey this is a forum so might as well just share and keep going. Acbc is the master at this, so I’ll try.

    First and foremost, thank you Psalm and (Mods) for this site. The lean to positive discussion is a guiding light in what is great about being a Lin fan, so it is with that in mind that I want to post some thoughts, here and in other parts to come as I firm up my own reset.

    Part 1: On wanting Lin to Bring It

    Brent has said there is only so much Lin can do. KHuang has said it’s a race thing and Lin won’t sign with LAL. Joyce wants Lin to be more consistent and bust through. Many represent different facets of that mentioned. I know all three support Lin, all of us, and it is hard some days. I know the 3 above always go online or personally to help Lin, so kudos. Yet, Keep the faith.

    Let me describe to you what it’s like to play on a new team and try to establish your role and leadership, through soccer. Put yourself in the mindset that you love competition and want to win, want to contribute your magic. So, you aren’t going to show up and pump a few plays up for just yourself, you want to play well with others, and win.

    Growing up in the US, soccer was not popular so we got coaches that were football coaches who needed to work in Winter. They tended to move to sprint coaching in Spring. These guys didn’t know the game.

    Imagine going from that to playing with Brits, Hungarians, Iranians, South Americans, Mexicans, Asians, etc. Each team played so differently and were homogenous so you could not break through easily. You had to do it through consistent team play and adjusting to their styles, which are very different. Some don’t even speak English on the field. Some days, you touch the ball 5% of how much you should. Some days, you give a ball in flow to a score and the guy who is popular takes it to the corner. Some days, you are running off ball all day trying to find a way to get people to see/hear you right.

    Traveling all over like Maknusia must be doing, I tried to play pickup in every city. Above is how it feels and is, and see if you can imagine how much Lin can really do. People are speaking different languages, have played with each other for years, and know each others limits, desires. Even after the game, you have to hang with the players in pubs to get the on-field going. Else, you are there playing, and nobody will work the ball with you. If that happens, you are out of rhythm and the game, and there’s nothing you can do.

    Same with pickup bball. You show up and you are good at some things but nobody knows because you have to get into the game flow with court-time at stake. You’ve got about 3 possessions to do something great before you are frozen out all day. It’s would be very hard to establish playing rhythm with new people, esp when they are not trying to win as a team, but out for personal goals.

    I once went to a new group and they froze me out all game, and later my host read me the riot act for trying to establish myself in a team way talking on the floor rather than just scoring. Scoring by myself is very hard when you play 5 other people, some of whom are much taller than me on the interior. I had a quick first step, was great to the right, but what good did that do me 1-1 when there was a big guy inside playing good D? Then there was the problem of getting the ball, and of course if you are trying to establish team flow, you have to give up the ball to build team momentum. We later invited that team to our gym, and beat them easily 2 out of 3. We let up on the 3rd, because all of us were Chinese, them and us, and we were avg 10 yrs older and planned to go out to dinner after (big bros had to lose). So that wasn’t a race thing – just how hard it is to see the nuances of a team style when you are new to a bunch of guys, and if you mess up, everyone loses court time.

    Lin is playing that great team game, and it’s become clear after 20 or so games LAL is not about that. So, he’s facing the off-court and indiv issues that show up in LAL not being a team that can function at the NBA level. There’s no problem with Lin, he’s just facing a team that won’t gel to play NBA bball.

    So, Part 1 says, look at Lin’s output from a team game perspective, and imagine yourself walking on in a new team at work or in sports. Can you expert any leadership before someone incumbent gets mad? Can you go against an incompetent authority? etc. Figuring that out will give you hard nights and what looks like and IS inconsistent output.

    Keep the faith! Mr. Lin will. He loves the game, and I can love that spirit in him so I’ll keep the faith.

  730. I find it hard to believe that he will become a DNP-CD….IF this is true as you said so…then it does not matter how this FA turns out. Because if ONE NBA team is trying to phase him out…the remaining 29 might not do the same…but something similar.

    Lin did not fail to do anything….this is just a bias against him…..Both LAL and HOU had some specific reasons why they needs to phase out Lin. I hope the remaining 28 teams will not have that same reason….

  731. Just 15-25 mins. When Lin gives up on the team game, he will start to become more efficient. The delay in him giving up on the team game will be if some others on the team want to play it – he will feel obligated to them to lead PG for them.

  732. Lin is auditioning right now…….If the whole 30 teams are biased against him..then so be it…I think this is simple. Lin knows it.

  733. Ha ha, you said SAS won’t so it’s 28 lol.

  734. Contract aside….Lin just need another chance…

  735. Yes, the only thing he has to let go of is playing as a team. Just to to indiv performance yes. That’s one strategy to break through on a new team, or get invited on the court/field with them.

  736. Price will not support Lin, lol.

  737. I just do not buy this teams only see PPG thing. They scout any player very thoroughly…Lin just had this racial bias on top of everything.

  738. He will get it, but it may not be different than rinse-repeat because of limitations of CBA. However, with 2016 ad revs reset, I hope the CFO doing TV ad revs will do a spreadsheet for the FOs where Lin makes a big different to revs, and he will see the confluence of a great team role + adding to a team’s revs.

  739. IF that was the reason why Lin gets the contract….he will forever getting benched Like his past 2.5 yrs. Because there is not bball reason to play him…

  740. If this is a result of Kobe/BS stabs in the back, it could be a good development:

    Jeremy Lin may now be dealing with a leg injury.
    In addition to getting demoted, Lin may now have an injury as well. In his postgame remarks to the media, Lin felt a “sharp pain” in his left leg before going back to the trainer’s room for treatment. The Lakers can’t afford any more injuries, especially at point guard, so this is definitely something to watch. Dec 8 – 10:13 AM


  741. So…whatever the benefit Davis brings was cancelled by Price.

  742. Yes, it has to be both. I’m taking about revs for tipping the balance and letting then entire new team work very hard at making and keeping a high performance bball goal for Lin. See how much they push Kobe even in his wanting years. So on … it’s biz, and I’m just saying biz people will support Lin on-court if they do the spreadsheet. For me in biz, I always try to get the other side to salivate on their $ thinking because then it’s easier to make a deal. My boss taught me that a long time ago – do the upside thinking spreadsheet for your negotiations foe, and give it to them. Then they will find the middle ground which you can guide once they trust you. Lin’s b-team needs to find CFOs in FOs to support the idea, because then the owners will know how it works completely to have Lin on the team when their staff present more facets. BBall ops key as you say.

  743. Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, I agree, they know Lin for real. So in that scenario, Lin just needs to show some brilliance so the story about “nothing he can do on LAL” sticks.

  744. “Outsider discount” … Lin has to find his generation of fellow playmakers.

  745. “The plot thickens.” By Joyce Ward.

  746. Exactly….it is the perception that is hurting Lin. Nothing else. Becoming a gunner will not change that. Same with becoming passive. Lin has very limited options. The good thing is….his hard work earned him at least a backup spot. I know it is not fair…but it is the reality I am believing. And Lin still got chance to go up….no doubt in my mind.

  747. good post. Yes maybe he will get 8-15 minutes a game once traded somewhere else.

  748. I think 1 or 2 teams like Dallas and I hope, San Antonio, remember he has potential. DNP-CD as expiring contract happens all the time and those players rebound on a smaller contract the summer after and get a better role of a team that wants them. I suspect this is what will happen to Lin.

  749. Yep, I mean I hope it’s just Lin planning to sit out a few games to let the Lakers continue tanking without taking his stats down with the Titanic. Lin could also probably use some time off to clear his thoughts and plan his strategy.

  750. Brent, to me I’ve let go of the fairness because LAL is playing so out of band in winning NBA bball that it’s freeing for Lin to sit and not have that responsibility. I don’t think Lin can at 26 buy into tanking and Kobe ball – it’s bad for his future. So, he’s now free. He just has to get over the hurt and let LAL go, LAL team ball never existed, so that illusion/mirage has to be see as such to help him let go.

    Lin is Free! and so are we (keeping positive of course).

    (PS, I’ve lived through leading a losing team, or leading a team where the morals and values are corrupt, where there is a no-win. When you are fired or decide to leave, it feels like today. Bad, and also, so much the better and hope for the future).

  751. Actually if you replace Boozer with Davis that doesn’t do so well either. Perhaps Hill and Davis are redundant or just sample size:

    Bryant,Kobe – Davis,Ed – Hill,Jordan – Johnson,Wesley – Lin,Jeremy OffRtg 104.2, DefRtg 124.8, NetRtg -20.6

    It’s when you replace Hill with Davis that you see something good:

    Boozer,Carlos – Bryant,Kobe – Davis,Ed – Johnson,Wesley – Lin,Jeremy OffRtg 147.8, DefRtg 115.4, NetRtg +32.4

    Makes sense, Davis in paint to do dunks, provide defense, Boozer to take short-mid 2’s, Kobe taking 2’s.

  752. don’t go there yet, it’s too early and you will suffer ups and downs. Just go with the flow and try to catch the next joy wave from Lin. Nothing we can predict that far out … just know Lin is going to catch another monster wave now that he’s free of making this one work – it’s a wipeout!

  753. My approach is….it does not matter if this team play team ball or not. It is about showing what you are when you are on the floor…are you a positive player? Which part were you being positive. The 11-0 run last night is one good example. It is what advanced scout is watching…Then they will breakdown into even more detailed category…..e.g. Why Lin can not guard that 3 pt shot? Because he went for helping his team mate. What happen after that? ….How he stop the close out and reverse chasing the dribble penetration….

  754. If this is true as to strategy a la Asik, then I credit is management team on the job.

  755. you trolled me … be quiet lol.

  756. Because I follow the Lakers, I believe they want to salvage the season by making a blockbuster trade. It’s the Laker’s MO.

    Nash, Lin and whatever else’s junk contract, plus some picks, for a big name. But who is really out there besides Rondo?

    Maybe Rondo IS who the Lakers are targeting. Lin will just be a DNP-CD behind Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart if that happens. And then he can walk in FA in the summer. I can bear 3 months of that misery. No way Boston actually wants Lin as I have personally said on 1 too many occasion.

  757. not really this time. the plot is clear now.

  758. Well, on that play, was it a mistake to go cover the corner? He was alone on the weak side, the corner 3 is more deadly?

  759. we’re only talking the next 6 months! Then he is a free agent! It’s coming before we all know it. I am not even sad, I am excited for the season to end and for Lin to get to choose a team he wants!

  760. I mean I wudnt either if i were him cuz i finally got to start

  761. Hey JT, I have one other long post to make and then I’m going to take a vacation until things change. You can maybe keep me up with news by email if you feel like it and have time.

  762. He was told to do so….I am pretty sure…stupix coach….I am just giving example tho. Scoring is just one very small aspect of a winning team. Lots of things Lin can show without the ball. I think he knows it…and he will do his best…He can fail in the end….and that is ok.

  763. Why not? Lin better than those 2

  764. Lin is like 26, Carlos is what 33? Those 7 years are not that much. Lin is not young in basketball parlance.

  765. Kobe is 36….Nash is 40….

  766. Rondo wants 100M which Lakers will not pay for him just to passing the ball to Kobe.

  767. I think marcus smart is a #4 pick. Nobody except you and I would agree with that last statement you made.

  768. well they need SOMETHING because the boo birds are coming and the Lakers are a Titanic in the making. Rondo will plug the hole and water will slowly get through instead of gushing through as it is now.

  769. Yes, I see. For me it is not about box either. I am satisfied with Lin’s play last night, and I did notice he was cruising and it was so each for him. When they are in ‘starter’ mode with Kobe’s emotional demands not meeting with the game flow, it must be very stressful for Lin. He’s just gotta focus on his own desire now, to play free of all those demands. Let’s see what he does next game to amplify his freedom on the court.

  770. well they are basically old men who both should retire.

  771. you will get disappointed and amplify that here. Just let the future take care of itself. Let’s watch Lin’s reaction if he plays next, hopefully he’s not injured.

  772. He is a rookie and doesnt get many minutes
    He might have more potential than Lin but right now Lin better than Him

  773. Again…the problem still exist at a more basic level. When any scout is forming a final opinion on Lin….the Asian discount will kick In…..I think Lin dealt it great so far. He is at least a VERY GOOD backup PG in NBA. Ask those who got washed out from NBA every yr. That is just not an easy thing to do, more so to Lin.

  774. “his lack of nuance in running the
    team offense and his defensive mistakes make it unclear whether he is,
    to be blunt, good enough to do what he intends.”

    Sad but real talk from Kevin Ding.

    This is Kevin’s best and the only article of trying to help Lin out. All Ding can do is bring to light the hypocrisy surrounding Lin. To do more would be to be labeled as a Lin only Fan and Ding cannot go there for reasons I can understand. But at least he went this far. Ding gets some points from me for at least bringing up the issue Lin faces.

  775. The Asian Discount is overcome with $ accounting ha ha. Just look at how many factories in the midwest are now owned by Asian companies. China is a great creditor nation to the US so far, fingers crossed. Follow the money, Brent, with me, and I’ll follow you on the court.

    (PS, I hate the backup ok, but hey, 6th man of the year is fine for awhile and then he will have his team. It takes many years to make partner in an accounting or law firm. Lin’s resume says he can be a good CEO with the right board lol).

  776. move Rondo out and then Smart will start. What team will play expiring chip Lin over their #4 pick they want to develop? Let’s be real and not fantastical!

  777. LOL…I hope that will work. I mean any help will be great for him…

  778. Mike D’Antoni did a great job of masking Lin’s weaknesses and playing to Lin’s strengths. Since then, his last 2 coaches have tried to expose his weaknesses.

  779. Lin is being challenged to perform a miracle with this second unit: his bigs are Boozer and Sacre!, he’s got Swaggy, the ultimate chucker, and Ellington who’s also looking for his shot. How is Lin going to show any productivity in < 20 min with a lineup like that? It could be Lin himself deciding he needs to take a time out and figure out what he is going to do.

    Personally, I think his only hope to salvage this season (other than an injury to Kobe) is to be traded. After BS's next 15-20 game experiment, there will be only be $7.5 mil owned on Lin's contract. Not too much for a playoff bound team that needs depth at the PG/SG positions

  780. Getting away from no-wins is wise!

  781. I think we need to form a post of “GoodDayLA zone” LOL and put all of your posts there…

  782. I think Lin will be a career journeyman from this point on or just an 8th man type like Beno Udrih going forward in his career. My expectations have plummeted because the forces against him are too strong. But Lin’s real purpose in making the NBA, for me, was that he provides legions of younger kids, faith that they too can do bigger and better things than even Lin did during Linsanity. Lin spearheaded this change for all these youths to believe in themselves and view Lin as the one before them. Lin will deserve his place in history as being that special break through guy.

    To expect more than that? I do not anymore.

  783. good point on the remaining dollars. And also, to your point, Lin with the effortless 12-0 run.

  784. haha ok I’ll get going for a while. Thanks Brent!

  785. Nah…JK….you are fine….

  786. So let the forces win then for you. My point is for you to stop speculating on wild things far out that have too many variables, because you will get disappointed and working out of that will take energy. Be like a skier or surfer – go with the energy of the waves or the mountain.

  787. Lin can help mentor the rookie and play 30 min by backing up their SG as well. Even when Lin came off the bench in Houston he averaged 30 min by backing up both Harden and Bev and sometimes the Rox went small with all 3 on the court. Plus Harden and Bev had their share of injuries which I believe is the case for MS at the moment.

  788. Nahs is gone

  789. I know what you’re saying If I were a Celtics fan I would want Smart to start
    but I’m a Lin fan so hoping for more
    I think he’ll get a few starts in the begining

  790. He played when he is 40.

  791. Ding is a LA writer he has his duties I’m glad he is at least being fair to Lin

  792. and it wasn’t pretty lol
    I kind get why he’s not Byron’s call now

  793. Let me ask the biggest question:
    Has Kobe given up mentoring Jeremy Lin into a championship PG?
    – Did he think he can transform Lin into a great defensive PG playing next to him?
    – Was it all a facade to gain more popularity in Asia?
    – Which game did Kobe stop talking/mentoring Lin? (MIN game when Lin was benched for being too overaggressive in Q4?)
    – Why did Kobe and Byron send 2 conflicting message about being aggressive in O and be a defensive PG?
    – Did Byron try to send a message to Lin to transform into a defensive PG next to Lin to earn back his starting position?

    Perhaps it’s all smoke-and-mirrors to cover up the great Tanking effort?

  794. Now that they benched Lin, the water is going to gush alright. They lost to the tired B2B Pelicans by 20 points. Just wait until they play a well-rested team like GSW or Mavs: 180-50? Kobe and the Lakers will be laughed out of LA.

  795. Did Byron actually say this is at least 10-game audition for Price?

    As he tried to accept Scott’s decision after 20 games to start journeyman Ronnie Price for better point-guard defense—with the coach committing to at least a 10-game audition for Price—Lin said Sunday night: “This is one of the toughest situations I’ve been in ever since I started playing the game of basketball. I’m trying to figure it all out. It’s tough, but I believe God has me here for a reason, and I just keep working.”

  796. Championship PG means staying in the wing shooting 3s for Kobe’s assist number. He found out what Lin can do. (can not do)….so he bailed after that 10 TOV game. Byron is just trying to save face…he talked too much in preseason.

  797. Just be glad it wasn’t all in 140 character chunks.

  798. You really believe what he said on this Has Kobe given up mentoring Jeremy Lin into a championship PG? I don’t after I read what D12 said about Kobe… sounds just like Lin.

    “Before I got to the Lakers, I would talk to him [and] he would really help me out on the [down] low about how to become everything that I said I wanted to be. And I looked up to him and I looked up to everything he, as a basketball player, stood for. … [By the end of that season] I just felt so hurt and disappointed in the fact that the guy that I was expecting to be somebody who was gonna pass the torch, somebody to say, ‘Dwight, I’ll take you under my wing and I’ll show you how to get it done’ … it was none of that.”

  799. I like how Kevin Ding summarized the conflicting message from Byron and Kobe:

    Add it all up, and it’s confusing who Lin is supposed to be, even before you have Kobe Bryant telling him he has to play with an “eff-it attitude” from back in high school while Scott is nagging him to call more plays for his teammates and make more responsible defensive rotations.

  800. Kobe is old and Scott is a joke….end of the story

  801. Yes, Kevin Ding summarized well the conflicting situation Lin found himself in LA.

  802. So Lakers are a old joke? Lol

  803. I thought he said 15 to 20 games w the same lineup. I think it will be 20 games bc Scott said he will meet w Mitch every 20 games. Who knows? Maybe next time it’s Clarkson time?! smh!

  804. They hold Lakers hostage is more accurate I think…LOL

  805. Could be….

  806. More puzzling is Jeanie and Mitch are also sending conflicting messages.
    No wonder Lin is in an extremely confuse state.

  807. I do not think Lin is confused tho. He knows everyone has their own agenda….that is all.

  808. Remember, Kobe/BS NEVER wanted Lin to start. Lin never practiced with the starters. Price was set to start the season opener but was injured. Jeremy: “I started because I was the only one healthy.” Kobe wanted to improve his image by showing what a nice guy he is mentoring Lin. As soon as they were able to, Kobe/BS benched Lin.

    So, “it was all a facade” and “all smoke-and-mirrors.” I’m still not convinced that Lin needed to be benched in order to tank. It’s not as if the Lakers were tearing up the competition even with Lin starting.

  809. When someone openly said that he will be your mentor. you should refuse that offer because he has put himself above you.
    JLin wanted to learn from Nash but Kobe cut him to that. It was not on Lin’s plan to learn from Kobe simply because Lin has beaten Kobe during Linsanity in New York.

  810. Looked at what D12 said about Kobe, I think that’s the way Kobe said to anyone came to the team.. not really means anything… the result all the same. OUT OF Lakers! smh!

  811. Didn’t you get banned? Welcome back.

  812. Everyone has weaknesses, no one is perdect! Great coach will bring out players’ strengh. You are hired as a coach to pull a positive force for your team, if you are doing the opposite you deserve to be fired! So sick of all this B..sh..!

  813. Very good point

  814. My suspicion is if Lakers truly wants to tank big time, they probably need these kind of “smoke-and-mirrors” to change rotation of “offensively minded Lin/Boozer” and “defensively minded Price/Davis”.

    Coaches will somehow look good in busy trying to do something but the players surrounding Kobe was not good enough.

    It’s truly going to be a sacrificial lamb for this tanking season to appease LA fans.
    The goal is to make Kobe and coaching staff look somewhat good.

    If yes, Lin’s year could be a lost season. I’m still not sure how much Lin can do as a player to change the narrative.

  815. Time to have a pregame thread? @psalm234:disqus? To get rid of some negativeness? LOL

  816. I probably believe Kobe’s sincerity to mentor Lin and Dwight to be around 10%.

    He doesn’t really understand what it takes to mentor someone. He only wants people to follow his ways and be his helpers, perhaps sometimes throw them a bone here and there.

    I see how Kobe would pass to Swaggy, and one time for the chance for a buzzer beater. It makes me think that he wants others to be like him. But when Lin did that to be aggressive in the MIN game, Byron benched him. So Lin is clearly not being empowered! No wonder he is thoroughly confused.

  817. That’s probably true in molding Lin into his new Derek Fisher.
    When Lin tried to be aggressive in MIN game (possibly taking the ball away from Kobe in Q4), then he got benched!

  818. Exactly…his style clashes with Kobe and Scott

  819. probably true :]
    I’m looking for positives to take actions. Show some stats to show how horrible Price in the starting lineup.
    Compare PER36 numbers between Price and Lin, defensive rating, etc. 😀

    Expose this nonsense from coaches
    Let’s be positive in this EXPOSE’! haha

  820. “players surrounding Kobe was not good enough.” I don’t understand this part. Last night we saw Kobe scored only 14 because w/o Lin, the entire defense was focused on Kobe. Hopefully, Kobe will soon regret this unexpected consequence of Lin’s benching. Especially if Lin sits out entirely for the next several games.

    If nothing changes, Lin is absolutely powerless to change the narrative. He needs a trade.

    But there are some possible interventions: the FO may step in at some point on their own or because the blowouts become so embarrassing that the fans get fed up and start to boo like crazy. Or Kobe might get injured…

  821. I probably need a few hours to finish something before creating a pregame thread.
    If you have some time, you may do so first.

  822. you’re right, perhaps the Kobe’s offense slowing down w/o Lin will bring Lin back to the starting position because Kobe likes to score.

    Let’s hope so. Any other factors might be taking more time to happen.

  823. What is it that Lin cannot do? LOL I mean he cannot drive when the paint is clogged and he cannot shoot if nobody passes the ball even when he’s wide open, but are there any PGs our there who can work miracles?

  824. As @Jeremiah said, it might be shorter if Kobe scores 10-15pts with Price being a non-threat to score. After all, Kobe’s legend-making is #1 priority

  825. he said hes gonna ride on this rotation for 15-20gaes

  826. very frustration for fans
    I think Kobe simply changed his mind knowing what Lin is capable of

  827. I feel like Kobe changed his mind about developing Lin cuz he wants to shine and be the only bright spot

  828. the first part is right.

  829. LOL Byron is only a private masseur for Kobe’s ego!

  830. I want to hear he say that to Kobe LOL

  831. 12-0 run without trying, following the narrow rails in giving up the ball that he was told. His choices, running off the ball to attract D, and his stops.

  832. I’m going to the pistol range this weekend… with some print-outs of Byron Scott’s face. Wish me luck.

  833. deck chairs, busy work, everyone looks at the smoke and mirrors. LAL fans should demand a discount on their seats, to see WWF for what? one pick who may or may not work out? Get on with it, LAL have billions in market cap to win with 2016.

  834. @Jeremiah said something that might help Lin get back his starting position fewer than 15-20 games.

    Last night we saw Kobe scored only 14 because w/o Lin, the entire defense was focused on Kobe

    As we expect more blowouts, maybewe can show how Kobe’s scoring effectiveness has “tanked” (pun intended) without Lin. The guy likes to score so he’ll demand Lin to play next to him soon.

    Or maybe we don’t have to do anything, just sit back and watch as Price is simply incapable of being a consistent scoring threat next to Kobe :]

  835. ha ha ha, Kobe finding out it’s not just about him with the ball shooting inefficiently … it’s him with the ball 1-1 shooting inefficiently. With Price, Davis, he’s 1-more more consistently , I read. Make is so.

  836. at least he didn’t say that he’s not a coach to win games.

  837. watch out for crazy reporters hoping to find evidence of “crazy Lin fans” LOL

    It’s better to get a printout of “Byron in a tank” and tell them you’re simply trying to help Laker fans

  838. He is a voice of reason.

  839. New thread is up…let’s bring the positives there.

  840. a lot of negative reply for this. Here’ s Ido’s.


  841. If you don’t want people to go to the new thread, just say so. I think there are still a lot of negativity to be had.

  842. So funny and sad at the same time.

  843. Or just a German Tiger tank. Did you notice how in early days of gaming, it’s easier to fight WWII Gerrmans and space invader because of the moral harm? Later years, FPS went crazy for $ and now we have pandora’s box open.

  844. Hey, I said that ha ha such a BSc setup for dunks.

  845. That’s why I like about Robin so much. Ya!

  846. Congat you are smarter than him.

  847. Yea. I think this latest move is really bad for Lin. He is pretty much set as the scapegoat again.

  848. I never suggested to him to do anything. I am not qualify for that although i am not retarded.

  849. Here you go, thanks.

  850. Jeremy, this is the right time to demand a trade. Don’t sit back and accept all the crap throwing at you by your own team. God has a plan for you and wants you to take action now.

  851. Go and do it for all of JLin fans. One probably isn’t enough. Bring tons!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  852. If he’s not one to massage egos, what has he been doing all this time concerning kobe, I wonder.

  853. Or a la Nash. I’m beginning to believe smelled foul play in the preseason and bolted via injury. GoodDayLA’s theory that BS may have wanted to start Price over Nash may hold some water, BS is that bad.

  854. Lin DOES NOT have an ego.

  855. You could be right – lifting a bag at home makes for jokes, but a guy like Nash should be able to know how to lift a bag well.

  856. I saw robin tweet. He’s really defending Lin.

  857. Yeah cause bench boy Lin is the bright spot shine stealer and not Nick Young who is the superior player. Lintards are so stupid.

  858. GooddayLA is a troll! He constantly remind people how bad Lin was by pretending some other people said it!

  859. unfortunately…

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