G21 NOP @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

How will Jeremy respond to this pretense of benching him for defensive purpose when Price is really not stopping anyone consistently?

The only thing Price does better than Lin is having more 0pts game, shooting worse and handing the ball to Kobe.

Let’s hope JLin will play all out with his minutes, however few it might be. And Kobe’s shooting inefficiency will resurface again as the Pelicans double-and-triple again in the 4th quarter. Perhaps the best scenario is a Pelicans blowout by Q3 so Lin and the 2nd team gets to play a lot of minutes. If they can make a comeback only to be replaced by the starters who proceed to lose the game, that will be perfectΒ  πŸ˜†

Let’s go, JLin!

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  1. LOL First again

  2. Time for a Linsanity 3D off the bench!!!!

  3. shhhh

  4. lol

  5. I’ll repeat again my secret wish (“sssshh!”)

    “Perhaps the best scenario is a Pelicans blowout by Q3 so Lin and the 2nd team gets to play a lot of minutes.
    If they can make a comeback only to be replaced by the starters who proceed to lose the game, that will be perfect” LOL

  6. New starters have more to prove than Lin and Boozer. So…they will try their best.. And blame the chemistry if it does not work

  7. get used to big leads to overcome

  8. OTOH….I think Lin must be tired of playing with Kobe too.. Might be a good way to relax and do his own thing.

  9. That’s the best scenerio:-)

  10. True! I’m sure Byron is already practicing what smart line to say in a post-game interview after a loss :p
    – “It takes time to build chemistry”
    – “I need more time before getting fired” :>

  11. one thing to be happy about kobe iso will not involve lin

  12. I always want to see Boozer to abuse other teams’ bench. Lets see how it goes…

  13. Anyone who is watching the game, please keep us informed what’s going on in the court with JLin. Thanks in advance!

  14. For those of you who cry about Lin playing backup to Parker, how do you like Lin backing up Price? Sorry had to rub it in.

  15. yes… more freedom trying to play his game.
    If Byron pulls him repeatedly despite getting hot, that would be very funny to explain to the media!

  16. Priceless

  17. aahh head down

  18. LOL .. Lin-less = Winless

  19. For “defensive” reasons. Man, I’m really sick of hearing that crap. All least veil has been lifted and they are not pretending anymore. The only question I have now is, will BS finally unleash Lin for over 30 min? Somehow I really doubt it.
    Please find a good team that trusts you next year, Jeremy.

  20. On thing to watch is if Price can play more than 30 minutes.

  21. But, will Lin be allowed to do “his own thing”? He is now sharing ball with Nick Young who doesn’t exactly distribute the ball.

  22. wow lakernation is actually sorta trambling on lin..but more like linfans… I think crazy blind lin fans made it worst.

  23. Ok, I’ve changed my mind & am going to watch this game to see the beginning of Lakers crash & burn after b-s’ change.

    Let’s gooooo NO…until Lin comes in!

  24. yeah,, it will be glorious to see how Byron will respond afterwards :>

  25. LOL, oh to be a fly on that wall.

  26. The thing to watch for price is whether or not he is able to free himself and keep in front of his man AFTER opponent does a pick on him. Lin gets smash on the opponent’s pick and then end up chasing the person he was suppose to guard. He actually got better in houston and then a few times in Lakers, but now it’ back to that getting smash by opponent’s pick.. What happened..no communication??

    If price is not able to free himself from the opponent pick..than inserting him is a bad choice.. because it’s you win by the kobe and die by the kobe because kobe will be the one running the offense mostly and shooting.

  27. Nah, he has the scripts from the Book of McHale.

  28. Guess Scott doesn’t read Lin’s social media.

  29. Maybe Boozer plays poor defense, well, not maybe he does but I like how he spoke out. He’s a Lin ally for now.

  30. what does play within themselves mean??

  31. That may be, but I can’t look/watch him or crimeFighter. They keep speaking from the wrong ends of their hole. I’ll be happy w/Lakers’ loss & Lin’s attempt at bailing them out..hopefully w/good #s.

  32. My translation: “Don’t try to do too much. Pass any shots to Kobe!”

    Otherwise, see what happened to Boozer and Lin :]

  33. “Pass the ball to Kobe.”

  34. Dont do nothing
    dont get in Kobes way
    Let Kobe do his thang
    pass to Kobe
    Dont question Kobe
    dont think just pass to kobe gtf out of the way

  35. lol really does boozer not have internet

  36. He keeps trying to sell lemons for oranges w/no one buying. smh

  37. I’m reminded of the quote: “Who watches the Watchmen?” Who fights the crime when the crime is Kobe himself?

  38. Is it just me or does he look pissed?

  39. Comfortable?! SMH! So that meas he used to be in bench, right? Really hate this no warm feeling coach. Lakers thought w these Lin will feel better or the fans will be happy.. smh!

  40. He’s more afraid of Boozer’s reaction than Lin’s. He plans on giving Booz the news & running fast after.

  41. lol

  42. He should.

  43. I really think Scott & Lakers show no respect to Boozer at all. smh!

  44. Scott still hasn’t talked to Nash but expects it to be no big deal.

    Scott still hasn’t done any coaching but expects blaming the players (Lin) to be the easy way out lol.

  45. No use warming up…he’ll be cold by the time b-s puts him in the game. smh

  46. told lin first becuz he’ll react better

  47. i really get frustrated watching boozer play — on both ends of the court. now i have to keep watching him TOGETHER with lin? so friggin annoying.
    and the most obvious part of it: lin and davis should be on the court together.

  48. i know

  49. LA is all about losing now, they don’t want to win. Lin should just concentrate on padding stats.

  50. I don’t know, doesn’t look into it. That shot was really short too. But, it wasn’t much to go on.

  51. curious to see how much the offense will suffer when Lin is out…will be interesting to see

  52. You won’t see Davis and JLin on the court for BS and Kobe make sure that this won’t happen in their watch. It’s their intention from Day 1.

  53. Price to start means LA is tanking, so Lin should just pad his stats with whatever time BS gives him.

  54. Play to the strengths, don’t try to force, don’t try to do more than what you do well. Lin plays within himself, that within himself is taking risks. Coaches like McHale and Scott don’t like that, D’Antoni knew for Lin to make great plays he had to make some really ugly ones too. Look at Kobe, he still makes really ugly plays but of course he’s Kobe, he can get away with anything.

  55. true. if Lin/Davis became so lethal, LAL fans will demand them to have more plays that Kobe’s failing ISOs.

    And that can’t happen for a successful tanking plan. It does make sense from that perspective

  56. They may not look that much different, just Kobe will get tired out faster. On defense, they’ll see Price isn’t that good.

  57. it’s win by kobe and die by kobe.. so if kobe is hot.. it’s fine. if kobe is not.. blowout by opponents.

  58. Yup, b-s’ so inept, he can’t even come up w/his own ideas on how to marginalize Lin.

  59. yeah, only if winning is the goal, right?

    I’m becoming more convinced that it’s intentional on Byron’s part to tank by not developing lethal Lin/Davis PnR.
    He’s smarter than McHale so if he doesn’t do it, it’s to support Kobe ISOs as the “best option” that Lakers have.

    Lin/Davis PnR is a threat to Kobe ISOs so Byron doesn’t want to grow the chemistry

  60. Yes, I think that is the case. He is afraid of Boozer, it is not that he has no repsect to Boozer. I think BS actually has no respect to Lin that is why he was not afraid to tell Lin. SMH

  61. Guess Kobe doeso not care about his Asian market.

  62. BS continues to BS, no way Lin is “comfortable” with it

  63. just shows that the coach is all that matters. Doesn’t matter what the team is, if the coach doesn’t support u, you are *****ed.

  64. But davis is the difference maker.so we’ll see.

  65. Bryant / Davis / Hill / Johnson / Price NetRtg: -23.5

    Bryant / Boozer / Hill / Johnson / Lin NetRtg -15.0

    Boozer / Bryant / Davis / Johnson / Lin Net Rtg +32.4


  66. Don’t think so. BS complained about Lin got too less AS vs Celtics?! Can you believe that? He only played less than 20 min but Rondo got more than 30 min… This is getting more & more difficult for him. Hope he can out of Lakers soon. smh!

  67. As Monta Ellis said
    “You’re only as good as your coach thinks you are”

  68. post that on laker nation and let the trolls eat themselves alive.

  69. but never had

    Bryant / Davis / Hill / Johnson / Lin NetRtg ????

  70. Kobe be like..

  71. Ya! Kobe & Scott sure will have game plan bad for him… smh! It probably will be hard to get even 10 now.

  72. Today likely:

    – Davis in foul trouble.
    – Hill producing less
    – Lin fine for 25 mins. They’ll cheat to give Lin more minutes to keep it close.

    We’ll be happy like a Rox happy for Lin’s time on court.
    Everyone is appeased.

    LAL loses.

  73. Carr is up, Kap is down. Life is like that. JLin no matter how low will be back. So will we. Hang in there …

  74. If games are like I’ve seen in the past, Prices porous defense will let opponents penetrate at will, Davis trying to pick them up and defend will get into foul trouble. Without any other offense Kobe is going to shoot like crazy his inefficient contested 2’s especially since Price’s man will double on Kobe and leave Price alone. Price will hit an occasional basket because he’s left wide open.

  75. This

  76. Yes. this set of moves will make new problems. We know the problems, this team is spending money for goals other than winning.

    In Hou, the problems got covered up by ball moving and some great 3s at times. But it was clear they had problems with hubris in the playoffs (the best sf of the POR series barking out orders to the elite defender while Lillard throws them out of the POs.

  77. Actually that’s NetRtg -20.6. I think maybe Davis and Hill are kind of redundant. Surprisingly Boozer/Davis works better than Hill / Davis.

  78. They will give lin more minutes to PR shutdown about his less minutes.

  79. i really think byron is just stupid. i dont believe hes intentionally tanking.

  80. Jlin response to BS benching him….

  81. More PG blows by Price means more work for Davis and fouls!

  82. Joyce, outside of what we’re reading and the various boards, any feel from other Laker observers and fan/friends on this? Maybe you’ve given it and I missed it?

  83. Lakersground thinks its dumb. Generally ok with boozer but not with Lin being benched. Having said that, they don’t see J as a starting PG necessarily, but he is definitely better than Price. Talk about captain obvious on that last bit.

  84. They are all puzzled by this move, Everybody is shaking their head.

  85. I personally think I can coach this Lakers team to regular season and beyond even if I only have “basic” basketball knowledge. My mentality is way different from Byron lol

    Byron logic: Let's keep the two players with the best chemistry on the team separate at all costs— LakersPulse.NET (@LakersPulse) December 8, 2014

  86. Technically anyone of us can coach better! It’s sad!

  87. Yep. They’re sensible people. I would halfway support it if Davis was still on the bench. But, Ronnie Price starting even for the weakest PGs never mind Lin is unbelievable. He almost got cut from the team not so long ago.

  88. Kobe, or Kobe. Did I mention Kobe?

  89. so kobe can score 30 and get closer to MJs record

  90. that is why bs say reevaluate after 5 games! =D

  91. Except Price is his golden boy! BS would rather keep him as starter unless FO says something!

  92. I used to think Lakers wanted to sign Lin next year cheaply, but now I change my mind. If FO let BS bench Lin, there is no way Lin will sign with Lakers next year and FO knows that.

  93. Lin: the reviver of defunct and/or non-existing NBA careers. Benefactors include Bev and Price.

  94. Anthony Davis is a breath of fresh air compared to the fake star in Lebron without the big ego!

  95. I wish so much for Lin to play with LaMarcus Aldridge next season! Please make it happen!

  96. Really? I’m not so sure about that.

  97. This is a loss… hehe

  98. you know.. lin BETTER not defer to nick .

  99. he likes to defer too much.

  100. most games if not all are losses

  101. no he don’t not this year

  102. Lakers can go up to 16 players but really what’s the point? Not like people don’t know they’re tanking! BS couldn’t make more obvious! Side note: Memphis has such a great, Bieber is lucky to be part of their big 3 and possibly win a Championship with them!

  103. as long as Kobe has 20+ pts, I think BS will consider it’s a w

  104. Byron Scott chooses a back to back game of the Pelicans to start his new lineup.
    FYI, the Pelicans is 2-1 on back to back games. The only lost was to Washington Wizards by 3 points. The team was one of the youngest team in NBA with the next to eldest player Omar Asik at 28.
    Also the Pelicans was extremely competitive after a landslide loss. Last night the Pelicans lost to the LA Clippers by 20 points.

    Prediciton: Byron Scott will shoot himself at his foot in this game.

  105. James Worthy will answer question during 3rd quarter? Which account is that how do we ask him about Lin?!

  106. Let the bloodbath begin.

  107. Not Lin’s call.

    Byron Scott will decide how much Nick Young passes to Lin.

  108. Photoshop! Lin wouldn’t do such a thing.

  109. Asik is lucky to play with Anthony Davis who isn’t a ball hog.

  110. Just turned on the game. WHAT! This is the BS Plan he’d been working on all season? What a loser. BS. He really does not want Lin and Davis to renew they PnR in pre-season. Price is simply not an impact player, of any sorts. Can’t wait for the next GS game, at least they have a great coach and phenomenal coaching staff.

  111. Go Pelicans Go!

  112. Pelicans leading 11-7 with 3s and layup after Lakers started well.

  113. Why are coaches allergic to something as basic as pick and roll? Shouldn’t everything start from something simple? Even the champions play pick and roll.

  114. Good job Pelicans ! keep it up

  115. Lin, please do not sign with Lakers for another year with BS and Kobe, let alone further extensions to Kobe’s career.

  116. LOL Lakers got 2 offensive rebounds and couldn’t finish

  117. Come on Pelicans stop those TOs!

  118. Pelicans 14-7 after another 3

  119. LOL Good job Asik and Davis!

  120. The real Twin Tower :>

  121. Best thing about Pelicans, Asik is a starter, always liked him when Lin was with the Rockets!

  122. I wanna see Anthony Davis spread his 8 foot wings, and light it up while Lin is benched.

  123. Because it’s beyond their brain capacity.

  124. I love to root against the Lakers. They suck!!!

  125. 30 percent shooting by lakers expected….yes

  126. Yea same here! Best thing is this start actually plays within the system and isn’t a ball hog! Would be a great team for Lin as well!

  127. Rooting for the opposing team is FUN! I could get used to this… LOL

  128. Scott is essentially blaming Lin for the loss string, not his coaching or lack of team play, aside from having players to perform at high level.

  129. since last year

  130. Let’s have fun while supporting the tanking effort πŸ˜€

  131. Surely meant lowlights…

  132. Yeah! There is nothing to lose!

  133. Price 1-3 so far
    – Made 1st 3 off Kobe assist
    – Missed the next 3pt attempt left
    – Missed the driving layup

  134. Rooting for a team without ball hog! I can get used to this!

  135. Yes, because Price’s FG% is not yet low enough to justify BS firing.

  136. Nick Young is off the bench with 4:32 left in Q1

  137. then missed the long 3 from the top of the key

  138. Why isn’t Jeremy in?

  139. price is god

  140. He Asian, and takes shine away from Kobe.

  141. And Lin stays on the bench! Maybe he will get 10mins tonight!

  142. Lin is waiting to check in

  143. Lin is in with 3:38 left in Q1
    MEM leading 18-13 after 2 FTs.

  144. Because he’s only a bench player now. BS doesn’t need to justify giving him starter minutes…so he won’t.

  145. Bias, racism, what else? Lin always got to go out in 4 minute mark in 4th quarter but not Price! Told you Scott will give him 35 minutes!

  146. My Toothless plush toy seems to be asking the same thing.. “Jeremy…no.. play?”

  147. Music to the ear!!!!!!!!!!

  148. lakers still have some class. they cheered

  149. So Kobe still in? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  150. Omg.. kobe .. that’s 2 assists from lin gone already!!!!

  151. Heard the loud cheer for Lin!

  152. Lin gathered the Def. rebound then made crosscourt pass to Kobe … who proceeded to travel

  153. never seen kobe pass to lin as much as he did with price so far.

  154. Your Toothless Plush should grow into a giant and eat BS up alo with his boy toy Price!

  155. This season scrub Price 31% FG, 25% 3PT% vs Lin 45% FG, 35% 3PT%.

    What? Hardly finished writing this. BS Plan was all BS? Price is in <4 min? Fire the coach.

  156. Dragons don’t eat junk food, especially noble, good ones.

  157. Take him out, and put in Nick. Kobe to the reserves.

  158. Lin on court with Kobe and Young? LOL, fat chance of touching the ball.

  159. So Kobe asked BS to let him run the 1st unit and the 2nd unit!

  160. Anyone pass it to Lin?

  161. There is a chance that Lin will outscore Kobe in this Q

  162. Not that I saw so far..

  163. Holiday went inside and scored on a jumper on Lin.
    Lin got a payback with layup plus And-1!

  164. And 1

  165. lakers shooting 23 percent before lin shot

  166. im glad he took that shot. called his own number against a nobody defnder. got the look he wanted, just didnt drop

  167. That’s means Lin must fight for the rebound and do it all by himself…

  168. Wow Lin finally gets to play without Kobe on the 2nd unit?! Why didn’t he ever get that as a starter?!!

  169. 43 seconds only

  170. swaggy will always take the contested J even if Lin is open for a 3. its annoying. its also terrible coaching.
    spurs would never play that way.

  171. this team has zero offensive rhythm set by the starters brick fest

  172. The high arc looked great too =(

  173. Lin was defending the guy in the post. That’s why he was already so deep in the paint when Holiday made the shot. Of course Stu didn’t see THAT.

  174. Saw Anthony Davis light it up against GS. Mostly creating his own shot, or putting back misses, his 14 of 19 for 30 pts despite tough defense. The guy has wings. Pelicans lost, but exciting to watch Davis.

  175. He runs himself into the ground soon! He has all the right bricking and no one can say anything! Are we living in third world country or what?

  176. swag is just a black hole when he gets the ball

  177. The Spurs would rather tire out opponents by passing and passing and letting opponents chase their passes rather than take contested shots.

  178. rare player. will challenge duncan for greatest pf

  179. 2nd team +/- all positive.
    First team +/- all negative.
    The bench team will win this game.

  180. Doesn’t matter whose in the starting lineup if Kobe a starter nothing change.

  181. Lin can’t get Assists, unless the Lakers can knock down their open shots.

  182. any offense built around boozer jumpers is pure idiocy

  183. Who’s supposed to guard Ryan Anderson? Sacre?

  184. Boozer is just shooting, every, single, time. =/

  185. Lin’s fault!!!! LOL any shots are Lin’s fault!!!

  186. LOL

  187. I thought Booz?

  188. Lin’s the only one willing to run to put a hand up!

  189. Lol whenever Lin is on the floor it’s like all of his teammates suddenly decide to play with 0 basketball IQ

  190. i sometime wish lin did NOT go and help.. else it looks like it was his man!

  191. Why not? Kobe takes so many contested, off-balance shots.

  192. #TrollHard :]

  193. No it’s Lin’s LOL….

  194. Looks like Sacre.

  195. scott is stuck in the past. he still thinks boozer is someone who can carry a team.

  196. My thoughts exactly!

  197. LOL, true that.

    Sacre is doing nothing while everybody is having fun.

  199. Sit Lin down!

  200. Not watching game anymore just checking box score.

  201. Young is 0/5. Where is the swagg?

  202. Swag needs to stop the swag, and pass it right back to the open player or Lin.

  203. maybe it’s Booz.. PF, right?

  204. The Lakers is led by ‘Carlos Boozer’ 6 points.

  205. Oh great, because 1 Kobe wasn’t enough. LOL

  206. the lineup changes are pointless. its just boozer all over again. makes no difference. he still gets his crap minutes.

  207. Ball in Lin’s not his hands, thank goodness!

  208. Boozer defense is just horrid!

  209. I think it’s definitely “supposed to be” Booz.

  210. Boozer out, Davis in!!

  211. Boozer is too slow. And his shots are not falling, he’s a complete liability on the floor.
    2 Ryan Anderson 3s plus foul on Ginza

  212. Nice assist Lin/Davis!

  213. The strongest line up for the Lakers.

  214. Lin to Davis!

  215. Lins nice pass 2 Davis.. This is what we call LED..

  216. Finally we get some Lin-Davis action!

  217. lin to davis.
    byron needs to stop that right now.

  218. That behind-the-back to Davis is money.

  219. Lin will be benched!

  220. lin got AD to bite on a fake!

  221. Great job by Lin to tease Davis and baited him for the foul!

  222. Foul on Anthony Davis! Nice Fake Lin!!

  223. wah1?? LIN free throw in please!!!

  224. bill macdonald is an azzhole. he loves to trash lin

  225. Lin missed 2 FTs. He spun the ball a bit before the 2nd shot attempt

  226. okay price is back. time to eat my instant noodles

  227. Go pelicans!

  228. Joyce, whats up with this change??

  229. This vine looks really blueish…..

  230. Here’s the plan. Put Booze back on the first unit with Kobe & Price, along with the Swag.

    Let Lin play w/o the scrubs, and with Davis and others. Maybe they can show how to pass and team play to hit high pct shots.

  231. Lin HAS to make those ft.. he need to squeeze out as many points as possible.. he could’ve gonna 7 pts now.

  232. good idea

  233. Gotta make those shots!

  234. Time to see what’s on 60 Minutes.

  235. make every shot it is

  236. It’s BS, he won’t make changes until he loses 15 more games.

  237. won’t happen always

  238. Lin definitely needs to make the most of his chances.

    Let’s hope he looks to score more in Q3

  239. That’s the Tankers way!

  240. AS Jeremy lintel stated iin his post that Lakers want to sign lin as backup PG to keep the connections to china.It is up to lin if he takes the bait.

  241. hopefully the starters can keep the game close for the bench unit to win this game!!!

  242. Hill still can’t set screens lol.

  243. Why can’t the coaching staff put together more plays like this???

  244. With Price back, even lost Ballstream connection. Maybe they turn back on with Lin returns.

  245. Except Scott will take 2nd unit out! They don’t get the winning glory!!

  246. if wes is the best offensive player lol we have a problem

  247. I like the 2nd unit better. Lin was able to play his game more. When Kobe got in, I switched channel. Sorry, I just couldn’t stand a hopeless retirement show.

  248. Pelicans …come on… destroy these Fakers NOW

  249. Issues with shot clock might help the slow Lakers.

  250. Did Jrue just score on Price easily?

  251. This Pelicans team needs Lin. Come on NO…get Lin!

  252. notice how when holiday scores on price, bill macdonald doesnt mention price’s name.

  253. It’s fine just mean more Kobeball towards the end.

  254. why yes.. yes he did.

  255. is this the Lakers feed?

  256. ok, let’s keep track on this Priceless defense πŸ˜€

  257. macdonald is the guy besides stu on lakers announcing team

  258. I’d like to see him on this team.

  259. Pelicans not a bad destination for Lin at all! Anthony Davis isn’t a ball hog and plays within the offense! Do they need a starting PG? Lin taking notes watching this game?!

  260. true, let’s see if he’s forced to say it .. when it happens the 3rd or 4th time

  261. ok

  262. Not very difficult…despite b-s’ assertion otherwise.

  263. Pointless to watch lakers play, they are not going for a win. They just put up a show pretending they are trying hard to win. great tanking. Lin by the way should just go for personal stats.

  264. I was thinking Lin would have a field day w/Davis-Asik.

  265. boozer is such a joke. its misery watching this team

  266. Got it… thanks… backup? Whay yhe?

  267. Same here!! Looks like we’ve found the perfect destination for Lin!

  268. Pelicans needs a solid PG like Lin! Too many TOs!

  269. I’m beginning to see BS is clueless to leave Booz with the starters now

  270. I tried watching & failed miserably. Is the season over yet? lol

  271. Price lost Holiday… again.

  272. macdonald said ‘lakers’ not pric eon that holiday bucket. hes has a double standard

  273. Boozer seriously needs someone to make him look good on offense and Davis to cover his behind on defense.

  274. he wants to support BS decision about Lin/Boozer benching decision

  275. How does jlin take this in stride all the time?

  276. interesting….Hill benched for Boozer to finish the half, but Price still starts

  277. boozer needs to stop shooting and do the other things big men are supposed to do.

    this is on byron.

  278. foul trouble

  279. Wow, interview on the massive cancer genome project, with lead doc showing his graphic results on the beautiful, new Blackberry Passport. Can’t wait for this phone to be released in US. Only problem is, currently has ATT exclusive for US, only GSM. No CDMA. Wtf for Sprint and Verizon. BTW, how the 1st group doing?

  280. Booz change was to fool fans into thinking the benching wasn’t about Lin…b-s LIES.

  281. love davis but he is a fouling machine.

  282. FIRE BYRON!!

  283. Can Lin sees 25 min tonight?

  284. 20 if were lucky

  285. he only had 19min last game…

  286. No chance.

  287. Needs to iron out his defense but fundamentals are good.

  288. Hows Lin’s min n stats 4 the 1st half?

  289. He has another 9 mins stints…and that’s it

  290. the lineup changes just make byron look more stupid. if you use your players’ talents wrong, it doesnt matter what combos you put on the floor.

  291. I guess it was just a life-time experience since his pre-college years

  292. It is called play-dumb-tanking.

  293. urgh………

  294. They are losing to a 8-10 team on a back to back, that said it all.

  295. The New Tank Commander – Cmd BS

  296. Meh, not all GMs are not smart.

  297. only front offices set it up to tank. coaches always try to win with what the FO gives them.

    this isnt byron tanking. he is just a fool.

  298. BS is in on the Tanking, that’s why he was hired!

  299. Lin doesnt seem to care much when he’s on the bench GOOD!

  300. Bs tool lol

  301. Hmm……may be…..but many have bias…..

  302. I think he started on every team hes played on before NBA

  303. stool or tool? lol

  304. He was looking at his nails while the Pels shooting FTs.

  305. tool is instrumental for tanking.
    stools are good for floating.

  306. Stool tool = bull patties

  307. so both. got it.

  308. hes a hater

  309. Anyone so mad at Byron Scott that they need to hit the gym at this hour?

  310. Doggie!!

  311. Need a fire hydrant?

  312. they just want people to blame. sad thing is when in doubt blame jeremy

  313. I did my Pilates earlier so I will be calm while watching this game.

  314. lol i already did

  315. I need to hit b-s at this hour.

  316. i skipped the workout and went straight to the post-workout meal. does that count?

  317. i usually work out monday through thursday. but today i was like i need to work out today

  318. Lucky you I need to get a picture of Byron’s face and glue that on my sandbag

  319. Top play of the night, Curry with the buzzer beating win, spot and play so similar to Lin’s buzzer beater vs Raptors during Linsanity! πŸ™

  320. if thats chocolate lol

  321. One of those days imma get a heart attack for real

  322. I’ll be kickboxing later, so he’s a good motivation to work on my punches.

  323. The offense of the Lakers is abysmal. 1/9 3pt; 33% overall.

  324. lol i worked out so i could eat more

  325. Jeremy to Ed – better quality.

  326. I shouldn’t kickbox last night….. should save my kicks for tonight!

  327. Lol.. blame it on BScott.. See how many calories u’ve got tonite?

  328. Found the perfect destination for Lin, Pelicans! Look a first half Anthony Davis only took 6 shots! He’s not a chucker at all means his scoring is legit!!

  329. I know Ronnie Price is a nice guy and all
    But I can’t shake off this unexplainable resentment whenever I see him play on that court
    and Byron makes me wanna jump off my buildig

  330. Both ends of the floor are ‘abysmal’…UNWATCHABLE.

  331. Congrats to Lakers Tankers. Tanking is art and entertaining. Staple Center is a living place of great tanking, instead of great basketball. Showtime, tank time. Lakers Fan, enjoy!

  332. its like hating on the kid for the parent’s favoritism.

  333. You actually watch the starters? I just turns off the sound want wait until Lin’s back in!

  334. Only child lol

  335. lol

  336. 16 points 1Q!!!!

  337. Except Ronnie Price isn’t a child and deserves undeserved resentment from Lin fans.

  338. Yah I can’t focus on other things anyways
    but this really is pissing me off
    I’m starting to lose faith in god
    Lin does not deserve this kind of torture
    well its a torture to me at least

  339. The Pelicans traditionally come out strong in 3Q.

  340. Holiday can’t do squat against Jeremy so they just had to have Ryan Anderson to guard him lol

  341. he doesnt make the decisions about lineups etc. he is functionally a kid

  342. The crowd cheered alot when jeremy came, got the shot and 1, and the cool pass to ed davis… do they not see this?.

  343. C’mon dude, “God” doesn’t dictate whether Lin starts or not. Life’s not fair, we just got to deal with it as best we can.

  344. So Ed Davis is put in the starting lineup for guaranteed assists to Price and Kobe? A’ight.

  345. I didn’t say he deserved it. He deserves the undeserved resentment from Lin fans, lol.

  346. lakers o built on jumpers. only lin can reliably create buckets in paint. so sit him

  347. crowd has no say.

  348. You forgot there are 10 huge tanks there blocking the views.

  349. Jeremy is a terrible tanker, ’nuff said.

  350. Imagine Anthony Davis and Asik setting back to back screens for Lin, drools!!

  351. You’re right
    Preach lol
    I need to deal with this more than Lin ahah

  352. arc on AD shot is lovely

  353. Holiday got away from Price, hit the jumper off a screen.
    LAL Announcers praised Holiday the former All-Star

  354. I’ll get the bill if Kobe asks Holiday to breakfast.

  355. Pelcians with Asik and Anthony Davis gets all the rebounds!!

  356. Laker starting unit getting pounded on both O and D. Couldn’t be happier in such a depressing time, lol.

  357. Stu Lantz: Nobody is guarding Holiday.

  358. Jrue Holiday the average PG feasting on Price lol.

  359. Should’ve said, Price isn’t guarding Holiday!!

  360. I blame this entirely on b-s & not Price. Unlike my complete disrespect for htown scrub aka Lin’s ‘brotha from anotha motha’.

  361. love this game…

  362. where is price defense

  363. Nobody = Price

  364. Yup

  365. how is the new lineup working against a sub .500 team that is on a back to back?

  366. LOL .. so true!

  367. Lin to Pelicans! This is the perfect team for him! How I wish Lin and Asik both went to Pelicans! Imagine what would’ve happened!! Linsanity 2.0!

  368. losing great! love it!

  369. …compete & utter FAIL. Surprise to no one here.

  370. ohh wht a genius you see it now

  371. Holiday has a great day with Lin on the bench.

  372. macdonald talks about lakers low turnovers. yeah there are few turnovers when the team doesnt pass much

  373. If Price goes the Patrick Beverley route, then he deserves it. So far, it’s Byron Scott who is pulling a Patrick Beverley.

  374. Great observation…

  375. Holiday’s crossover faked Price badly, leading to Asik’s jam

    Thanks for the typo, Alain :p

  376. There is a price to pay for selfishness.

  377. sherlock

  378. It is a great observation. I posted that analysis myself a few hours ago, lol.

  379. i must be a loyal fan cuz this game is hella boring and im still here

  380. gasol lol asik

  381. How many times has Holiday turnover the ball? I hope this team trades away Holiday and signs Lin this off season!

  382. oh yeah πŸ˜€

  383. The biggest lead LAL over NOP is only 3 points and have been trailing NOP from then on….
    IMO, Lin and Clarkson should have no problem close up the game for the starters…

  384. Lol. plagiarism!

  385. No sh*$ Sherlock. Too bad b-s didn’t have the sense to figure this out.

  386. Haha… they have to see it to believe

  387. LOL Asik=Gasol

  388. BS is da man! Had trouble not throwing up a little inside my mouth saying that.

  389. today is a career day so don’t ask for it today

  390. You mean garbage time right?

  391. Lakers had poor D, so BS changes lineup to also take away their O. Tank commander is the stuff legends are made of!

  392. Please tell this to BS! Every casual basketball fans can see this !

  393. PB made 4 steals on Holiday last yr. Not He is out helping Price?

  394. Don’t count me out, even if Byron is pulling a Patrick Beverley on Jeremy.

  395. The Pelicans are slacking off! Come on… should be leading by over 20 points…. play harder please

  396. Kobe’s legs look heavy….doubt he can last till 4Q

  397. lol.

  398. Price is simply not a Baller, and teams will not win relying on him for anything. Better is 3rd stringer

  399. No, No, No. Even if in G time, no Lin. Only Kobe. Insert Lin, Lin will score like 20+.

  400. how long has lin been sitting?

  401. LOL. I figured that out once I saw the new line-up. Lakers should hire me for coach. πŸ˜€

  402. Too long

  403. You can help but wonder which team is playing back to back.

  404. 6 minutes 2nd quater. like haif an hour

  405. I kinda hate Ed Davis making his shots from Kobe’s assists.

  406. He’ll pad the stats w/the heavy legs no matter what.. πŸ™

  407. LOL

  408. Especially when crimeFighter isn’t trying to play pg.

  409. Traitor! lol

  410. That’s aside from the continuous movement with or without the ball, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, open-look, 2-3 pts. The whole team is shooting better — and defending harder. Livingston is starting to hit his stride now, after recovering from injury — as backup PG, a 6’7″ guard who can dribble, pass, shoot.

  411. Young makes 3, Lin doesn’t cheer at all on the bench, good!

  412. I think we want to see Linjustice gets its consequences

  413. BS looks nervous….his new lineup isn’t producing…i

  414. LOLOLOLOL Just look at his score 17pts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  415. btw pelicans close to 50 percent from three as well

  416. His new starting PG has … 3 pts… 3 asst πŸ˜‰

  417. Let him sweat, he deserves nothing less.

  418. Same as Lin though…for now.

  419. maybe scott is hoping lakers bricks rub on the pelicans

  420. Only 3 minutes to play, Lin do your thing!! One Man Fast Breaks now!

  421. Loved how Asik is lending help to his old pal, Lin with his jams πŸ˜€

  422. Wow, Stallone looks awful. Ok, the Tankers have degraded me into ‘star’ watching…how sad.

  423. Good D Jeremy!

  424. But with more than double the PT.

  425. Like how he’s not even trying to help defending against Jeremy lol

  426. What…Lin plays D? Better let b-s know.

  427. nah, his (tanking) mission today is soon to be accomplished – 1 down, 61 to go

  428. .. but that chocolate Iggy is trying to open.. that looks yummy.The chocolate I mean.

  429. Why is Boozer playing with Lin and not Davis? Lin looks bad playing with Boozer and Kobe

  430. I like how Lin looked off Kobe. Good.

  431. This is what BS and Kobe want JLin to fail so that they can continue to feed the narrative.

  432. Good! He should continue to play one against 9 on offence

  433. BS plse call timeout…

  434. I want Lin to shoot every time he gets the ball

  435. The Lakers is toasted in 3rd Q with Kobe ball.

  436. lol…ya, I’d take the choc too. I just couldn’t get past Stallone looking so Joan Rivers like. lol

  437. Ugh! If that shot got in!!!

  438. Music to the ear!!!!!!!!!!!!

  439. Wasn’t he fouled?

  440. So…the only meaningful time is only 12 minutes for Lin. The start 6 mins of the 2nd and the 4th Q

  441. Wow first time hearing Lakers fans Boo…LOL NICE JOB BS!!

  442. he protested but no call.

  443. The Lakers are just so bad to watch now!

  444. yes but we can’t expect a call.

  445. Really? LA fans, you’ve got my respect !

  446. the starters crap offense is rubbing off

  447. Lin is back in, but why with Kobe, Booze, Swag? Not so good combo.

  448. BS is scrambling for a lineup that works but he will never find it with Kobe on the floor.

  449. Wasn’t whistled.. sheesh.

  450. Not even getting Price’s minutes.

  451. to share the blame.

  452. Kobe is tired ….no D and Boozer is so slow….Swag is Kobe2…

  453. 20 point deficit of course!!

  454. blow out, Lin gets to play basura time to pat his stats

  455. Wait until you see who starts 4Q, or shortly thereafter!

  456. Kobe kills ball movement, team play

  457. Great! losing by 20 points! Better line up today for the L.A. Losers

  458. It was like that when Lin came in first time. AKA everyone wants to shoot line up.

  459. BS playing Kobe for 29min already in Q3.
    Crazy min

  460. Can BS just call it quits, bench Kobe for rest of game and let Lin and 2nd unit stat pad now?

  461. You hit it!! Kobe literally stopped playing when Lin is in….makes Lin looks bad…

  462. Wow I think BS just heard me! He really benched KOBE! WOW!

  463. Kobe has the ball most of the time.

  464. Well the shots will start find the bucket.

  465. Go Lin! Stat padding all the way

  466. Can’t win shooting mostly outside jumpers. One may get hot, but then the cold quickly returns.

  467. Lin’s unit looking better. Yeah, we want to see him score but he’s making things happen.

  468. Like I said…the only 2 important 6 minutes

  469. Suddenly the flow gets better for the Lakers.
    Wonder why?
    Look at who is on the bench.

  470. Scott?

  471. 10-0 run?

  472. I am waiting to hear the fire Scott chants from the fans.

  473. Kobe out 10 point run. BS better do something or Kobe will be embarrassed

  474. Tanker-Bricker=Lakers

  475. kobe?

  476. 2nd unit with Boozer playing better than starters! Surprise Surprise! Lin needs to take his shots though!

  477. Price?

  478. He can’t quit now…he is the “Tank Commander” (someone here gave him this title)

  479. Jeremy with 3pts/3ast/3rbs.

  480. Boozer just can not handle starters ISO-ly anymore.

  481. when kobe gets back this nice rhythm will die a cold death

  482. I just thought of something, BS lied thru his teeth about liking Lin in order to get this job, but he has no hesitation to destroy Lin’s career by lying about Lin’s D knowing this is Lin’s contract year. What a Jexk.

  483. triple triple? nice

  484. Love Lin’s IDGAF play style … just tuned into this 10-0 run and he’s not even trying. Just PGing. 12-0 run …

  485. You are too late to pick up his antics!:-) Called him out during jerseygate:-)

  486. There you go…glass is half full kind of guy. lol

  487. without Kobe … the ball moves…

  488. into 12-0 run!

  489. and Kobe!

  490. Lin still with 3 points X-X

  491. Don’t tell that to BS and KOBE!!!!!!

  492. Now Tank Commander will sit Lin down

  493. Lin better stop doing anything. dont want him to get 666

  494. Smart foul by Young!!

  495. How are his misses? Way off or just missing?

  496. Common JLin get more points before you sit down.

  497. Lin not shooting come on!!!

  498. A mini-Kobe on the court, keep chocking.

  499. giving up.

  500. Is lin doing anything?

  501. But Nick seems one-dimensional in this game. Every outside shot along the arc is a good shot, he feels.

  502. passing too much to swaggy black hole

  503. Nice save Jeremy!

  504. Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  505. lol…that would be a ‘bad’ sign, tho it can’t get any worse than b-s happening to him.

  506. The precious 6 mins is about to over,

  507. What is BS thinking now?

  508. Lin so stubborn, always passing instead of scoring himself ><"

  509. 12-0 run as PG. Low key. Just gave Nick a save that leads to pints. Brining them back, but v controlled and not trying too hard except on D.

  510. Price in?

  511. 2nd unit better not get too close. or he will have to bring the starters in to tank.

  512. Time to sit Lin?

  513. So, NOP starters vs. LAL bench…cool!

  514. The door won’t hit me.
    I know when a game is done for jlin.. it’s 4th qtr.. are you telling me they can win this? and lin have 20 points???
    If so you are illusional.

  515. Is that by b-s directives?

  516. starters back to bench

  517. Am I seeing it correctly? already garbage time?

  518. what a big snore

  519. Lin made Davis miss with his defense!!

  520. BS throws the game away for the 4Q

  521. What is illustional?

    I didn’t say they will win,but if you are giving up on Jeremy because he’s not making his shots., you’re welcome to do so. There might be space on Stephen Curry bandwagon.

  522. I hope so. This LAL is the opposite of what it should be.

  523. This is when lin should say F it and pad his stats.
    His has no clue as to what he is doing to his averages and thus potential contract

  524. Yup, b-s considers ‘garbage’ time right after 3Q.

  525. ok. starters will be back.

  526. Good! Lin gets to keep playing!

  527. This is Lin, this’s why I like him, always playing for the win, not stats

  528. I think he knows.

  529. i would of had better time sleeping then watching this

  530. time for kobe to pad some stat to break jordan record

  531. You have to score jeremy but assists and rebounds were there

  532. Kobe what do you think of BS now? XD LMAO! Have fun chasing MJ’s record with Ronnie Price and against those triple teams! Get used to your 14 point games while you’re at it!!

  533. Coach, can I join the 2nd unit? I can watch Kobe score from there too.

  534. No room on the Curry bandwagon … I have the seats reserved for my fairweathered friends ha ha.

  535. So Lin is done tonight ..19m50s

  536. Kobe,” hands me the ball”

  537. I edited my comment to illusional.. I tend to think much faster than I type..even though I’m a fast typer.
    Notice that I say I’m giving up.. but I didn’t say WHAT.
    You are interpreting or ASSuming that I’m giving on lin.
    But for this game, you are illusional if you think they can come back and lin have an awesome game.
    I’m giving up on this game because I konw there is no way he can get this usual numbers due to his limit minute. Might be better that you find out more before ASSuming, girl.

  538. Ok thanks. πŸ˜‰ It feels so good! πŸ™‚

  539. I sincerely hope that the Great Lakers…opps Tankers, will lose 20 more pts in the remaining 4m

  540. The ship is sinking LOL

  541. Just got to hope at this point next year he is playing for a team that values his ability….that’s it

  542. BS is having the 1st team played garbage time.

  543. Hey Titantic’s a popular movie you know! LMAO!

  544. PFV Titanic.

  545. feels bad for lin cuz he talked about wanting to finish game. but i am sure it would be for games that are closer anyways

  546. Lakers + Kobe – PJ = Tanker

  547. BS called timeout when the bench beginning to hit shots…tank commander in action.

  548. He’s got to pick carefully. But it is really nasty on Scott’s part not to play him at least 27 plus minutes.

  549. I’m going to be right, Kobe will end this game wtih 14 points! LMAO! he won’t catch MJ’s record at this rate with Price as PG! And you can Thank BS for it!!

  550. Good block by Holidays on Rice.

  551. What will BS say about his astonishing lineup!
    BS,”It works. Lin is sabotaged.”

  552. what kobe look like with out lin

  553. I think the reason Lin not shooting much or not drive in is because Scott wants him to play like that. I think lin wants to score and drive in but he is not allowed to play like that.

  554. Block on NOBODY! Holiday need to thank him for making him look good again!

  555. No matter how kobe tries to play it off like he doesn’t care about mj’s record playing garbage time is so transparent.

  556. Oh oh! can’t wait for media interviews….see what BS has to say…the starters with Kobe looks bad!

  557. Lakers 1st unit = Tank unit, tank driver: Kobe
    Lakers 2nd unit = Anti tank unit

  558. he played 20 minutes so who cares . he will have to be traded

  559. The new lineup results Kobe hitting his lows in scoring.
    Is this the lowest for the season?

  560. Great Lin can’t even go in to pad his stats!

  561. Thank you Jrue, nice block.

  562. not sure why kobe not doing iso in this lost cause. what is the point then playing him when he needs extra rest for practice.

  563. Yup

  564. yes

  565. Awesome, they got what they deserved!

  566. HArd to do with only 2 6min stint

  567. Dan Cohen, illusional does not mean what you are trying to say here. Look it up. Anyway, be positive, this is no fun for everyone who’s a true lin fan.

  568. I guess 20 min is the new PT limit for Lin.

  569. Wonder what will he say about the effort and the focus?

  570. Even Kobe’s gotta hate this new line-up. Has to work too hard for his points. And he’s going to score less than 20 points tonight.

  571. I am so glad they are losing and it shows how stupid BS is!

  572. Stats, passing MJ scoring record.

  573. Pleeeeez let it be!

  574. If you don’t want to put Lin in G time, fine. At least put Clarkson in. BS is full of color.

  575. i guess he is out. but that was the thing. he was not even shooting

  576. It’s fine if Lin isn’t in for garbage time. Garbage time is for garbage players.

  577. Yeah, he is driving a tank to pass MJ’s record.

  578. I am so glad that lakers lost today. SCOTT DESERVE IT……HAHAHAHAHA

  579. So he is even more inefficient than usual? Payback is a you know what

  580. Pelican did not play great…and this still is a blow out…

  581. Someone call Steve Nash….he knows what’s going on….lins team should ask Nash to be their mouthpiece

  582. Hey coach, how come your team is blown out by a team playing the 2nd night of a back to back?
    The Clippers beat this team by the same margin last night. What do you think when you play the Clippers now?

  583. These games are becoming tortures to watch.

  584. they got blown out

  585. b-s already sunk the ship…the rest of the team is treading water for their bball lives now.

  586. But but but….. Price is the starter..

  587. Lakers has no coaches.

  588. Its soooo embarrassing 4 the Lakers..

  589. BS: Shuffling the rotation didn’t work… will shuffle again next game

  590. So…I guess Sott will come out and say…that 2nd unit lost us too much points

  591. not to pad stats, but to practice team play, even with swagger.

  592. ROFLMAO

  593. How about a tough night for Price? How many pts Holiday scores on him?

  594. BS being ignored by players lol.

  595. Yaaaaaaay…b-s lineup change LOST…Lin closer to a NEW team…hoot hoot!

  596. How about Kobe the Byrant? Did he do any better without Lin?

  597. kinda stupid singling him out on this.

  598. With Kobe scoring the least points of the season?!

  599. Not if he doesn’t get his points up.

  600. So only 3 points? What are his assists, 7 or so? Lin has to be more stat aware now, he’s a better player than all of these single point games and he has 2 0 point games. He’s got to look for his own stats now and have no respect for a stupid coach and just audition for next season. The Lakers are garbage and almost unwatchable.

  601. Lakers this bad even Iggy has to throw up her arms! lol

  602. BS your great plan for Kobe to score didn’t work, nice try though!! Can Lakers fire him now?!!

  603. Move away Lin. even Kobe did not have anymore space to choke…

  604. Losing to a back to back team by double digits!
    Byron, you’re going to the hall of Shame.

  605. The results is the same anyway….Try benching Mr. Kobe…

  606. Well I’m glad la fans got to witness BSCOTT’S ineptness and/or stupidity firsthand.

  607. idk why people don’t know this but lin is terrible off the bench. why because he is a rhythm player. especially when the starters have no rhythm

  608. Ineptitude.

  609. Thai is what makes me so mad about him sometime. Get over and move on. Boozer got benched, but he kept his point stats. Lin has to learn that this game is all about the stats game.

  610. Access Sportsnet postgame for anyone who wants it. Don’t know how long feed will last:


  611. Well, on the bright side for BS, the Lakers only allowed 104 points. lol

  612. Change for the worse!

  613. his D was pretty good.

  614. BS using iPod shuffle for his rotations…

  615. The tank captain fired 18 shots, and hit 6.

  616. kobe looked worse today… i wonder why

  617. Who didn’t see this coming? Everyone except B.S.

  618. How long will Kobe support this coach?

  619. Lin never learns that it’s all about getting his points even when he’s benched!

  620. This Tankers team doesn’t want Lin to be good, so they’ll take terrible.

  621. Are you correcting my word choice or picking one? Haha.

  622. At least after the scoring thing

  623. because of the stupid line-up that allows defenses to gang up on Kobe with impunity. Still supporting BS 100%?

  624. He has to score 10+ a game with 4 assists and 4 rebounds….scoring 3 points is unacceptable in a contract year….come on Jeremy solid games ahead

  625. He picked the hard way….whatever….let’s see how this goes

  626. 33.33%…..similar to Price career FG%…..what a great backcourt !

  627. But has hamlet said ” intend is not important as outcome”:.. that’s what it means.. he knows..but not do.. doing is all it matters.

  628. Hey don’t insult the Ipod shuffle! It is more efficient in shuffling music lol

  629. Sheer incompetence

  630. Not a good sign when the fans are booing the Lakers…

  631. What did you observe?

  632. If kobe scores a lower number of points each game this is going to take even longer to beat the record. Mercy

  633. Boos very apparent in this video …

  634. Even my friend Mr.Cool lost his coolness and speechless about this BS.

  635. Effort and belief ain’t there and those tickets ain’t cheap

  636. Will Kobe get rid of his yes-man coach?

  637. details please

  638. May be the right changes are coming…hope.

  639. Right…. because Price did so much better after replacing Lin.

  640. It is not fun..that’s why I’m p-ss off ..and it’s not helping and p-ssing me off that if ppl think I”m a troll!! smh.

  641. If Kobe keeps scoring less, then BS isn’t going to stick to the line-up.

    Kobe is being really hurt by the no-offense line-up, and Kobe knows this. I don’t think Kobe is going to be supportive of this new line-up for long.

  642. in 20 minutes.with boozer and young there. in a slow offense. you asking lot

  643. Kobe can’t blame Scott, he asked for it.

  644. Kobe will turn on Byron after he passes Jordan

  645. They never booed before this game. I think it is great. Next will be fire Scott chants

  646. I don’t think bryant will change even after he reaches whatever record. He’s too fixed in his ways…even if it’s losing ways.

  647. The Lakers r hopeless, wonder Lin still thinks the team will make the playoffs w/o him on the starting? BScott’s rotation n the way/the attitude how Kobe plays r hard 2 help the team win the next games.

  648. Lin is a bit more emotional than Boozer. Give Lin at least 1 day to get over the kick in the stomach

  649. I’m actually sick to my stomach not even garbage time is Lin allowed to play
    and seems like all Lin does is bring up the ball I’d rather Lin sit out until he’s traded

  650. Laker show just talking about anthony davis. nothing to talk about for lakers guys

  651. IT’s going to take Kobe longer to pass MJ with the new line-up. He’s going to turn on BS sooner rather than later. Book it.

  652. I know that’s why FTs matter now more than ever…can’t miss them

  653. back problems ? Omer has one from last year he can sell to Lin.

  654. What…no bryant this & bryant that? It’s dark in Tankers land.

  655. LOL yess with his big brother Boozer just enjoy the money

  656. No graffiti allowed on this site please.

  657. He’s going to turn on BS with this new lineup! His plan backfired thinking Kobe can score more without Lin! Except Price is not a shooting threat!

  658. I actually like Bev now but Price i dont know man

  659. I am afraid the worse thing than tanking is happening.

  660. Lakers are turning into the Rockets before our eyes. Worse, because the team truly sucks.

  661. They took the ball out of his hands man and he just got benched for unexplainable reasons
    He might be hurt a lil give him a break lol

  662. That’s the best part! They can’t play well like the Rockets even when marginalizing Lin! BS thinks he can pull a Mchale! Wait until Kobe turns on him!

  663. Only Lin Hill near the play. Nick totally lost looking toward crowd when shot goes up. Kobe fakes it by trailing in. What a terribly coached team.

  664. Thank you!

  665. Assertive correction? πŸ™‚

  666. Yeah, any fan can see this lineup is not for winning games, but for shameless stat padding.

  667. save himself – put up no garbage stats. Omer is smarter than we know.

  668. huh?

  669. Not even close to as bad as when Lin was with Rockets going 1 on 5 defense! He was Naruto several times!

  670. Karma will bite in the rear, EVERY TIME.

  671. Even as tough as Lin, I think it is reasonable to have at least 1 game break to be recovered….We all know Lin is soooooo disappointed from his prayer request πŸ™

  672. Nah this isn’t Karma yet! Karma takes time to come around lol.

  673. Please stop saying that Kobe will turn on BS. How can he turn on his own puppet?

  674. fk me excuse my french

  675. Ineptness is a word, a noun. πŸ˜‰

  676. That’s bad news, this lineup is a joke.

  677. Your cat has fierce brows and I like it!

  678. I’m going by 1 game at a time, since this noCoach is unreliable in even basic coaching skills.

  679. Maybe the boo is not loud enough for him to hear

  680. Actually, he said, 10-15 games. They may go 0-15 at this rate.

  681. Told you!! 15 straight loss here me come!!

  682. New thread.

  683. Laker fans needs to boo louder and longer next game, BS’s old ears couldn’t hear them!!

  684. Just looked it up, they both exist. Wonder what the difference is?

  685. Karma has had practice, unlike Kobe, and is reacting faster than BS. πŸ™‚

  686. It takes him that long to come up w/another idea? smh

  687. Great. Now we can hear the Lakers fans boo the next 15 games. Hope the schedule has a lot of home games.

  688. Because they’re trying to tank.

  689. At least the LA media seems to be still pro-Lin.

  690. he’s doing better than most people on the planet.

  691. This is from somebody named Ty Cobb, a moderator, on the REal GM Lakers site.

    You act like Lin + Davis is Stockton and Malone. The only thing that’s gonna happen if they play together more is the Lakers will get blown out by 15+ instead of 20+ a night.

    I don’t think there is one decent fair moderator regarding Lin on that site. Bunch of jerks. Him, Kilroy, Slava, all of them talk crap about Lin. I expected better out of Real GM.

  692. Jeremy Lin:”This is one of the toughest situations I’ve been in since I’ve started playing the game of basketball”.

    Sooo…more than highschool, and not getting into the school he wanted, more than his time in the dleague, more than when he was about to be cut, more than his time in houston?


  693. I meant delusional. was choked up with anger at what is happening to even think properly.
    btw, I’m not graffiting. I’m speaking my mind and the truth and also answer your question after your snide remark against my harmless post.
    It is a shame and disappointing that this site has a moderator who abuses her moderating power.

    There is a reason why assumption does have the infamous word in the front because all lawyers will tell you that number 1 rule in all arguments is NEVER make assumptions WITHOUT any information backing it up or deducting from it because it will make you look like a donkeys’but. If you cannot take the heat that another commenter here is saying about you when it fact it’s true, then you should not be a moderator.

    I personally know that you actually wanted to ban me a while ago..thus your reply ‘thanks =)’ because I finally typed in something that is like swearing and justification for banning. But the fact is.. it is still part of a word in which certain letters are capitalized and you know you are being that when you made that assumption. Get on Stephen curry’s bandwagon? where did that come from?

    When you have a game thread up, it’s common sense that if something goes wrong ppl will go nuts and get frustrated.. moderators need to watch for haters..but not real lin fans who express their frustration without swearing or who cannot win the argument and therefore ban the person. If you don’t take that into consideration, the game thread is pointless and moderation is in question.

    I was testing out this site as a 2nd flavor to the original jeremylin.net. I already know it’s heavily moderated against REAL troll who are haters which is good..but didn’t know there are moderators who will ban or mistaken real fans because they can’t win the argument verbally with them. What’s surprising, disappointing and shameful is that if you are not saying Jlin is god, you are a troll. Wow, 1dimensional, not to mention it’s a shame to have a moderator who cannot take the heat that they are wrong. goodbye. One word of advise if you are moderating..NEVER reply..just ban it.. else you are saying it’s personal and thus abusing your power..esp when a female say it feels great to a guy..it’s more power to them actually. amen.

  694. You break the very first rule of this site: No name calling. You called me an “ASS”. That deserves banning immediately.

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