G21 Brooklyn Nets (5-15) Regroups vs Denver Nuggets (8-13)


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Sean Marks finally provided information in an interview that Lin was willing to prove people wrong by coming back early but the Nets want to protect him from further injury by letting him to heal first. It is very commendable that the Nets as a franchise prioritizes Lin’s health over selling tickets with him playing not 100%. All season long the Nets have been promoting Lin heavily to sell tickets so they are willing to sacrifice tickets revenue to ensure that Lin is healthy in the long-term. Sean hopes for Lin’s return soon but there is no timetable given.


If there was some suspicion that the Nets are not truthful about Lin’s not being healthy, Lin fans can be rest assured that Lin can take the same measure to have his agent call the Front Office to insist that he plays. This happened in his Laker season when Coach Byron Scott unfairly benched him in the Spurs game Jan 23, 2015. His agent, Roger Montgomery, tweeted, “Nothing we haven’t seen before. Victory is certain.” The next game Lin played against the Houston Rockets.

The Nets mistake was simply not to communicate the progress of Lin’s injury to his huge fanbase, causing frustration and wild guesses.

On this game, the Nets simply need to figure out a way to beat the 3rd quarter woes of being outscored by double-digits by complacency by players and slow adjustment by coaches. Blowing up 15pts lead at half-time to lose the game to the Wizards should be a rude awakening to them that no amount of lead is safe.

ESPN Game Preview article:

“The third quarters are kind of crazy,” Nets guard Sean Kilpatrick said. “It has to be a situation where everyone wants to take the third quarter seriously. We (get) lax in the third quarter and that’s when teams come back and bite us.”

It was the 10th time this season the Nets have been outscored by double digits in a third quarter and the 16th instance they committed at least 15 giveaways.

“We show them a lot of film,” Brooklyn coach Kenny Atkinson said. “We have a phrase, play with the pass. It’s real important when they do something, you’ve got to make that next pass and you’re got to make that next read and it’s decision making.”

Eleven of those games with at least 15 turnovers have occurred since Jeremy Lin injured his left hamstring in the first half Nov. 2 against Detroit. Since Lin was hurt, the Nets are 3-12 and the team is being cautious with his return.

KEY OF THE GAME: Can the Nets come out hungry in the 3rd quarter? Can they stop the sloppy turnovers and simply execute? Or will they let it be a mental mistake to freeze up and stop playing to their capability?

Let’s hope and pray JLin will come back soon to help the Nets get back on the winning track, and most importantly finish the game healthy!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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