G21 MIA @CHA Game Thread

  1. Would the Hornets take the home game against the Heat after losing the 1st game on the road? This win can potentially place the Hornets as the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference standing so it is an important game.
  2. Will JLin play well against the always-tough-Miami-trapping defense?


Let’s go, JLin!Β Let’s continue to shoot at least 8FG Β & 4 FT attempts. Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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  1. 1st

  2. 1st

  3. lol nice try

  4. Not 1st πŸ™‚

  5. 2nd, even there are two 1st. haha!

  6. Go JLin!

  7. Are you 1st? I did type 1 first and it was held up. You can be I don’t mind.

  8. This will be a close game! So hope Lin can step up!

  9. Let’s go Lin!

  10. Al got suspended 5 games due to drug issues. it does not any good for his career. It might not hurt Hornets starting lineup much. But i thought he would be good to pare with Lin for PnR in 2nd unit.

  11. Lin has spoken. Kemba has spoken about Lin saying he’s always been comfortable with him. Lin said Cliff is learning more of his game and how best to pick spots to utilize him. He’ll play more at the 2 than 1 even though he produces more at the 1. He takes pressure off of Kemba when he’s in but still, Kemba will be playing the point and dominating the ball when they are on the floor together. Lin says his role may expand as Cliff learns more (paraphrasing). It’s a process. So let’s all be patient now. This is close to what I’ve been saying all-along in my uninformed observations. Not to say I’m right all of the time, I’m certainly not, but sometimes we have to detach from what we want for him vs. what he thinks is best available for him and to work within that. Let’s all keep believing in Lin and his decisions and judgments.

    Hoping for Lin to stay healthy enough to stay on the court every game and for him to enjoy himself on the court whether he is as productive as he could be in any given game or has a Hairsanity type of game. I support his team too. Go Lin, Go Hornets.

  12. after I submit your comment pop up

  13. yes, life is too short to worry about things.
    Next season will take care of itself.

    Lin’s smiling again playing with an unselfish team finding his role. If Hornets can finish in Top 4 of Eastern seed & advance deep in the playoff, more accolades will come. He’ll have plenty of options next season.

    For now, let’s go JLin & Hornets!

  14. a W would make Hornets #2, a L could mean #8 statistically. It should be an exciting game. I wish Lin had a freedom to play his way for at least 20 mins.

  15. #8 if L why?

    I think Lin will get more min (more than 20 min) from now on.

  16. actually #9. #3 – #9 in east only separated by 1 game.

  17. Lin is playing 52.4 percent of his minutes at shooting guard, according to Nylon Calculus’ Seth Partnow’s player production statistics, but he is averaging 13.0 points and 3.1 assists per 36 minutes there. Compare that to 20.2 points and 6.1 assists per 36 minutes at point guard β€” while leading the Hornets to scoring 14.9 points per 48 minutes more than their opponents.

  18. The nicely timed SportingNews article may explain Lin’s increased PT over the past couple games (and hopefully going forward). I’m glad Lin politely called out Clifford for not quite living up to his promise yet. The money quote:

    β€œHe’s done that to some degree,” Lin said. β€œI know clearly what he expects from me. … But that’s why I feel like it’s a process. I feel like he’s going to continue to learn my game to see what I can do. Obviously watching film is one thing, but implementing it into a game, into a full situation is another thing.

    With Kemba as starter, he knows he’s not getting huge minutes, but he has to get 25-28 no matter what.

  19. Check out how many 1st GSW has.
    I’m not sure if it’s ever been done before.

    We’re witnessing the future of NBA style


  20. Wow. Even blocks? It would be even more insane if they keep it up throughout the season.

  21. Further validation that they win with both Offense & Defense.

    Luke Walton for Coach of the Year! =)

  22. Al will meet with CHA media, possibly to make public apology


  23. Yes, Luke Walton deserves it… not Steve Kerr lol.

  24. That’s unfortunate. He seems like a good guy… just made a bad decision.

  25. Luol Deng will come off the bench for the Heat tonight.
    Heat went 3-3 in his 6-game absence.

    This game will be tougher


  26. Let’s win this Hornets!!!

  27. Bad for our 2nd unit?

  28. Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson – ‏@HarryJohnsonNC

    @At_The_Hive @DRomanoff37
    “Oh yeah, Al’s TOTALLY ready to play! Let’s go ahead and activate him!”


  29. w/o any victories.

  30. high price weed.

  31. possibly ..depends on how healthy he is

  32. this i have tried to point out previously and i feel is the most significant declining aspect here for lin more than minutes; (basketball reference i think actually has him even less minutes at point guard)–and the reason why regardless of geniality of the parties involved.:

    at least to date lin was in a much better situation both in houston and l.a. where at least he got to play point guard.

    as the numbers you point to here clearly reconfirm the overall pattern of more general declining production in charlotte to date (again to date) based on the way he is being used in charlotte as compared to previously in his career.

    and the last line you quote explains why (to date) the “no lin no win” factor has not been present for the hornets.

    its not just for lins best interests that he play point guard; its in the teams best interests.

  33. Curry’s handle is very impressive & beautiful to watch


  34. all depends on how other games play out but yes lot of tightly stacked teams in the east. so one win or loss can tip big.

  35. i would consider deng even if fully healthy at this point in a long nba career not a signfiicant factor.

  36. He should be one of Stomp’s drummer πŸ˜€

  37. Hinkie on hot seat. Bryan Colangelo could replace him. Who knows… Maybe…

  38. One thing I do enjoy seeing is the haters at clutctzfan having daily meltdown over their rockettes.

  39. nba east teams ranked by point differential not winning %.


  40. What do they say right now?

  41. first time ever (or so its said) huge crowds show up b4 the game just to watch curry’s dribbling exhibition.

  42. They are trashing the hog bigtime.

  43. 32nd! Go JLin!

  44. Ahhhhh, troll!

  45. Bad for AL but good for the charity

  46. It’s a pity he’s getting 0 wins to his name…

  47. All part of NBA Cares.

  48. BOS 1st? That’s very interesting
    Wonder if their had an easy schedule

  49. But he would make a history to be the 1st Assistant Coach who will win the Award =)

  50. If I was Al’s PR, I’d say he did it for charity πŸ˜‰

  51. haha nice, you always see the positives πŸ™‚

  52. He he…

  53. Hes so articulate… very impressive.

  54. Unbelievable stats! Best team ever?

  55. Is that even possible? Make it happen, psalm πŸ™‚

  56. 28-32mins

  57. About time for the rockets to resign Jeremy Lin to right the ship

  58. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, are you kidding?

  59. i know this is not what yer addressing but what is significant to me about tonites game is the ease of schedule for miami in terms of home and away games.

    as you probably know home court advantage in the nba is more significant historically than in any other profesional sport, put simply the home team wins 60% of the time (more or less).

    miami has had an unusually skewed schedule to date with i beleive its something like 14 of its 19 games at home. no other team has had that luxury.

    it could be argued their sucess to date is thus highly distorted by this unusual and statistically deviant vis a vis the rest of the league home court advantage: one they will not have tonite.

  60. ship of fools that would be.

  61. Yeah, even if Morey, Harden, Beverly, etc leaves, Jeremy should not go near HOU. The fans and media are horrible.

  62. The Eastern Conference is tough! Almost every team except the 76ers and Nets can realistically make the playoffs.

  63. NO NO NO.

  64. That would be too smart for them. You give them way too much credit.

  65. I love it!!!!!Go Lin just express yourself!!!!!

  66. OMG. Now I have to get use to this…

  67. Solidarity with Hawes. Samurai hair!

  68. Did yall see Lin’s new hair style?!?

  69. actually i beleive someone here (initially jokingly) predicted this deveolopment some time ago.

  70. just wondering how did they find out AJ was smoking weed?

  71. lol this surprised me.

  72. exactly my response……

  73. just saw it in the post below lol. I like it.

  74. see omg below etc.

  75. What response?

  76. HahahaHAHA

  77. its gonna make him move faster

  78. OMG

  79. I’m only beginning to get used to JLin’s spiky hair and now this:-)
    Guess it will take me a long time before I like his hair again:-(

  80. Aerodynamic.lol

  81. Me too. Can’t believe this… ???

  82. totally not prepared…

  83. Totally…


  85. I like spiky hair looks good but this one is ugly to me… OMG!!!

  86. wow it fits nice style

  87. Re: The Jeremy Lin Thread 2 / realgm/hornets
    Post#1008 Β» by Roy Tarpley Β» Today 9:32 pm
    I think the mods need to regulate some of the unwarranted jabs/snark against Lin fans. I’d say 90% of the Lin fans on this site have been team-oriented, and even some of the bizarre ones who harp about more playing time believe that this is not only to Lin’s benefit but the benefit of the team. I haven’t seen a single Lin fan who has argued for more playing time if it meant that the Hornets would play worse.

  88. This hair style is just for warm up, right?

  89. Embraced it…he might color his hair with teal next time.

  90. Looks bad…like Hawes

  91. That hair might distract and annoy his opponents more. LOL

  92. all he needs to do now is shave the front a bit and grow the pony tail


  93. That’s our point…but until the team or some teammates would marginalized Lin,someone will talk with displeasure.

  94. So much gel… I’m gonna need some time to recover from this shock. LOL.

  95. That and opponents won’t want to touch the grease. I’m laughing reading all the comments and yours makes me respond, LOL.

  96. Michael Jackson bad, R.I.P MJ

  97. here we go….hope for a good game

  98. Nice 3 Kemba

  99. that dude to tall for Kemba to defend

  100. got to contain Green…he burned the bees last time

  101. Batum gave up on D right there

  102. I wonder if Lin doesn’t own a mirror. lol

  103. Lakers mods are the worst. I commented “Kobe should retire” on the “what do you think about Kobe this season” thread. I got a warning. 2 weeks into the season, i just went back in and made a final comment, “once a Lakers hero, now a Lakers buster.” Did I just simply say the truth? I am glad I did not got back there again.

  104. Harden-esque defense.

  105. nice 3 by Batum

  106. Ba3um

  107. WOW THAT STEAL BY KEMBA, in the air steal

  108. did u guys see that steal from kemba…wow

  109. Williams on the board

  110. i dont like those running 3s by Batum. He jumps forward while shooting the 3. I know it makes the basket closer but you need really steady hands.

  111. Williams!!!!!!!!!

  112. wow they look good so far. Ball movement is good.

  113. wow….what is up with Lin’s hair tonight????? hahahahaha

  114. Lin’s got quite a bit of cloth wrapped around his waist. Back acting up?

  115. Lol we killin em!

  116. i just hope it makes him play better

  117. what happen to the super saiyan hair? i like that style better, what do u guys think?

  118. Ran out of gel…?

  119. if he wanted to, he can spike his hair up again.

  120. Wait, Lin is really going to play with new hairstyle? Just watch – It might help his FG%!

  121. i like this 1

  122. Me too. Don’t like new one hope just for today not next 20 games.

  123. Lower coefficient drag…

  124. This is one is more intimidating

  125. it will increase his movement speed by 5%

  126. Decrease distraction by 50%

  127. Lin is going to keep all of us and opponents off guard this season w/his ever-changing hairstyle. The final look is not here yet.

  128. create better view

  129. he probably tested his hair in a wind tunnel for aerodynamics

  130. what kinda defense was that

  131. Lower center of gravity. Should help.

  132. Needs to sub

  133. what if crowd laughs when they sub Lin in cause of his hair? LOL

  134. I’m sorry but no thug like…lol (not trying to be mean or anything just my opinion)

  135. Take PJ out

  136. if it works, we might see him bald next game.

  137. Nice J Zzz

  138. Bald is beautiful.

  139. wow they are playing with great ball movement today

  140. Got hit when Green did the dunk. That’s why defense was wide open

  141. They look like a Lin team now.

  142. That’s why whiteside will be a monster in a few years! He averages 2 blocks more than anyone in the league.

  143. Batum is the facilitator on this team.

  144. Ya! More Lin’s game now.

  145. I think he helps Kemba and Lin but in the end it should be Kemba/Lin as the floor generals. Batum should not dribble much. He tends to get turnovers when he dribbles.

  146. so far so good…love the ball movement and fast decision. everyone is moving and need to keep this up.

  147. ya the pace is faster than what they used to do. This is how Lin likes to play. It makes the game more exciting to watch too.

  148. Good ball movement. More & more like what Lin wants now…LOL!

  149. Better facilitator with starters.

  150. Lin has a new hairdo? Looks slicked back?

  151. It shows Hornets plays better without too much AL/Kemba .

  152. 22222

  153. 2222222222222



  156. Bye#..lol


  158. I like the hair

  159. That’s too fancy Nic

  160. MAN BUN??!

  161. I hope this phase is very very short… How can I unsee this? LOL.

  162. Nice try though Batum.

  163. hahahahhaha…..i laugh so hard when i saw that…..trying to be like hawes

  164. lets hope he doesn’t start playing like Hawes

  165. Bet Lin wasn’t expecting a pass at all

  166. Lin did not expect Batum think of him today.

  167. 3443444444

  168. 3333333333333333333333333

  169. NICE!!! Batum is really looking for Lin now.

  170. I’m so confused it is a 3 or a 4?! LOL

  171. New Hair 100% FG

  172. I’m just so excited …lol

  173. should have pulled Curry on that one instead a turnover

  174. DOn’t know what’s happening with Batum. Too many passes to Lin.

  175. too much passing but whatever, good turn over.

  176. He wants easy assist?

  177. i like it though. He’s playing unselfishly. And we’re winning haha

  178. Nice closer by Tank and a good team D on the 1st Q

  179. Lin have nice hair LOL

  180. Hornets really plays Lin’s team ball now. Good.

  181. LOL at Lins hair i prolly like the one before

  182. i blame the man bun

  183. now that’s unselfish basketball right there….i loving it……hope this will sustain..

  184. Like the ball movement. Wish Lin just shoot that last 3. Seems like his shot is back. Thank God!

  185. The hair, wow. Love that.

  186. the super saiyan was bad a$$. the man bun on the other hand..

  187. He doesn’t start wanting easy assist this game and not the last 10 or so games.

  188. Batum will have over 10 assists today. I’m pretty sure.

  189. He knows that he needs everyone to win a lot of games..No more hero ball.

  190. Batum wants those triple doubles lol

  191. You hurt my ears.

  192. Ya! Finally Lin’s team ball game.

  193. lol

  194. Nice Tank

  195. I was shocked at the hair at first, but I think I like it. It’s unique and it shows that Lin has personality, some punkishness in the style.

  196. the 2nd unit is now “Bun Force One”

  197. Ball movements are awesome

  198. the ball movement is crazy!!!!

  199. hawes not very good

  200. Hawes why you’d missed that?

  201. HaWes!!!!

  202. damnit. hawes messed up that bun-to-bun connection

  203. Lol

  204. Lin finally gets to play with his own unit

  205. good find by lin…unlucky by hawes

  206. Hawes blew a bunny.

  207. CHA: 13 FGM, 11 assists.

  208. Was it Lamb or Lin ang Lang?I’m confused..

  209. Miss layups

  210. Lin finding the right under the hoop but not finishing

  211. LOL….that just doesn’t sound right…

  212. Lamb committed the foul.

  213. 7 footer under basket go for layup? DUNK IT.

  214. I dont think these bigs are good PnR players.

  215. Ok


  217. Rockettes up 11… booo

  218. hawes laughing at his little pony? lol

  219. Try Hansbrough Cliff

  220. dang bad foul

  221. Beautiful basketball so far. Everyone’s passing the ball and i’ve never seen lin get the ball back this much.

  222. Hawes needs to step up! Zeller turns his up. He can hit jumpers now. Thanks to Lin gave him first made jumper!

  223. 2 blown assists so far from what i’ve seen but miami defense is good.

  224. they are double teaming Lin lol

  225. Trapping Lin hard now.

  226. Nice Lay Lang

  227. Grreat job Lamb, forget Hawes.

  228. Heat double Lin

  229. yep, Lin is going to start passing a lot now.

  230. Hawes please sub yourself out

  231. They are proud of killing linsanitu

  232. Swoosh for Williams

  233. are refs being fair? just tuned in.

  234. Starvin like marvin, 3.

  235. Hornets are really trapping Lin
    EDIT: Heat are really trapping Lin

  236. Yes!!!!

  237. this is looking good!!!

  238. They shd bring another scorer

  239. Swingin the ball, love it.

  240. the heat you mean?

  241. Wish Hawes would dunk those under the basket.

  242. nice….

  243. Hahahaaha this is really a special team,nobody expects this only US if Lin is used well.

  244. you mean heat. Thats what they do. Very good PNR defense. Hornets finding ways to eat it up. Feeding on the double team.

  245. Everyone yoloing 3s now!

  246. it’s good that they are trapping Lin, it leaves at least one person open. If they swing the ball around they will get a good look.

  247. That is what Lin dreaming about – TEAM BALL.

  248. *could

  249. can he dunk…he has like a 2 inch vertical

  250. Hornets today look like 1st team in Easter Conference.

  251. Trap lin and leave our bigs to shoot wide open threes, pick ur poison.

  252. yup

  253. Lin handled that trap well and they found the open guy. Just didn’t convert.

  254. Nice to see lin playing PG.

  255. i think the time out is adjust this mistake now.

  256. Haha! This is big news…LOL!

  257. Hope Hawes switch to dunk those easy baskets. He got blocked and missed some easy baskets from Lin’s passes.

  258. Pretty much

  259. Lin willing to sacrifice for the team ball!

  260. they just took lin out didn’t they?

  261. Lamb

  262. Yes

  263. Yup and instantly the Hornets lose a point (on a review of MW’s foot-on-line 3).

  264. Lin the only bench out smh

  265. Williams is killing it today making up for the last game

  266. Marvin is killing it.

  267. Lin and Batum may come in later together.

  268. Marvin be like: TAKE MY 3??? EAT THIS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. i think cliff will sub in back in for lamb in a couple mins

  270. He will be back before 2nd Q end.

  271. Need to front him Z

  272. Lin coming in

  273. interior d is bad now

  274. Jlin going back in

  275. Lin is going in.

  276. Great block by Zeller

  277. goal tending!!

  278. Nice interior D

  279. Tylerrrrrr

  280. Lin & Hansbrough time!

  281. took forever for Lin to come in

  282. I like this new rotation pattern by Clifford.


  284. Yeah, Lin Hansbrough

  285. No stoppage of play. Can’t sub after a goaltend. Has to be a foul or out of bounds.

  286. Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEEE, Lin & Hansbrough!

  287. Come on Lin dont let Lamb outplay you
    score 5 more before HT!

  288. He must be reading our forum.

  289. Wade is too old and too slow.

  290. This is a regular scene now,they’re always like up 20 now every game

  291. Linsbrough

  292. TyLin

  293. Hornets will be #1 team in EC if they keep playing like this.

  294. Hornets running them to the ground. Too much speed and depth

  295. I think so.

  296. I am sorry but Lin did not improve his defense, he’s just totally another person play great D.

  297. Miami is not that good. CHA could be 15-5 easy if they just played Lin down the stretch.

  298. i missed 1Q. who was lin guarding in the game before he came out?

  299. dunno their names lol

  300. Dragic, some Green.

  301. Just playing D nothing spectacular ,you know….lol

  302. Dragic I think

  303. Evrryone…hehe

  304. lol. good answer

  305. See when everybody swings the ball like that and all five guys constantly get to touch the ball, thats unselfish basketball and i don’t care who scores what. Teamball makes everybody look good.

  306. they obviously try to shut down Lin by trapping him with 2 defenders. That’s good the opponent coach knows how good Lin is.

  307. Batum is 1 for 5, but with 8 assists

  308. its the only answer. lol

  309. Nice recognition for the mismatch

  310. Lin saw mismatch here batum.

  311. he’s playing great

  312. Too much passing this time,reset to 14s

  313. Thanks for the kick πŸ™‚
    1.4 to 14 sec shot clock

  314. Hornets by 20000000000

  315. Up by 20….ht…yeah

  316. good half for team. Did not see any PnR with Lin and Psycho T.

  317. wasnt lin fouled on that 3 shot?

    eric collins just said lin ‘fell’, leading to transition layup

  318. Heh. Lin is a little too comfy shooting jumpers now. Should’ve attacked the rim for FTs.

  319. He should have made at least one of those 3’s

  320. if he is passing well, he’s playing great.

  321. wow i never thought this team could be this good

  322. Fell by himself

  323. Could have been a foul, but I’m not mad — no phantom fouls on defense from these refs.

  324. ref didn’t call it a foul so it’s a fall lol

  325. ok

  326. Batum will get his triple double this game book it.

  327. Can’t attack against Whiteside.

  328. agree…he needs to drive to the lane….

  329. Lin missed 2 affordable wide open 3s. Would be nice if hit one.

  330. my feed is pixelated because my ballstream account expired.

  331. Batum: we tried to involve everybody on offense. Good. Everybody. Lin definitely got the ball a lot more with Kemba and Batum. Team looks terrific.

  332. Haha. Not renewing?

  333. It’s only foul on shooting motion. Lin was going down when he got hit.

  334. Have u seen that even Kemba is passing toLin now..This is how to do it!!!

  335. Lin has higher shooting percentage in 4Q as always.

  336. Whiteside. Better to shoot jumpers.

  337. Sore back. Not worried. He always heats up over the season anyway.

  338. team looks like a championship contender

  339. totally unselfish basketball. You can’t complain about anybody this game so far

  340. i tried to. but they shut down automatic renewals.

  341. And the result is hornets blowing out their opponents

  342. Yes this is the team we always hope for.

  343. That’s not true. Foul on 3s is usually from going down — must give the players room to land.

  344. I am smiling.

  345. lol

  346. tbh, if team plays like this every game, I don’t even care what results Lin gets.

  347. yeah, their billing system is messed up right now.

  348. Lin can get Hassan in foul trouble. He’s got moves if the refs don’t cheat him.

  349. LOL Sokka from the Avatar series!

  350. I am glad Hornets are playing toward Lin ball more recently, hope they keep doing this. This resembles the HUGE winning stretch of Rox when Lin first returned to MSG. But we all know after that professional jealousy eventually caught up and ruined it.

  351. Would have occurred much sooner, if Clifford wasn’t so slow

  352. LMAO! That’s fast.

  353. Celtics need to beat the Bulls. Bull’s 54 Celtics 51 in the 2nd

  354. Yup

  355. Hornets offense adjusted and got Lin 2 open threes. Pity he missed but I believe his long range shooting will get better sooner or later.

  356. Thats what i said below. Pass the rock and u are being unselfish, so who cares who scores. Team wins.

  357. I think Hornets can beat Heat today.

  358. Too bad NBA not allow earrings.

  359. i want to see more back cuts since his 3s aren’t there yet. Get easy 2s instead.

  360. No big deal. His shooting is not too bad now.

  361. Yep. The ball movement and passing gets everyone involved.

  362. Everyone who played scored except PJ… didn’t even attempt one.

  363. i’m positive they will.

  364. He’s unselfish too.

  365. Go to http://www.ifeed2all.eu and then click basketball and then click Channel 1, it is so crystal clear. But you have to cross out those junk at least 10 times before you can reach your destination Chanels selection, lol!

  366. Everybody on this forum is happy right now. All those naysayers who say we only want lin to do well are wrong, we want everyone to do well, just involve our favorite player lin thats all.

  367. Heat will make adjustments. They are going to clamp down on Batum and try to make Kemba turn into old Kemba. Offensively they are going to attack, try to draw fouls. They may also clamp down on Lin when he’s in.

  368. not just Lin but before I also felt Lamb was marginalized too. I’m happy Tyler gets some time on the floor too. Cause I know Tyler and Lin can connect.

  369. Best post of the nite

  370. Heat didn’t expect Hornets new O game plan – team ball. But I think they sure will make some adjustments.

  371. they already tried to clamp down on Lin by double teaming him. I think next half they will attack the basket ball like you said cause they know our interior D isn’t that good in the starting unit. I think Cliff will have to play Lin more in the 2nd just to help with D.

  372. As long as ball moment, things won’t change.

  373. Holding the Heat under 20 each Q, Charlotte is playing superb defense. The shots start to fall with good defense.

  374. Jeremy must be trending right now… lol

  375. i was going 2 say that but couldn’t get logged in: actually what i was going to say was “an astute and important observation”.

    but yers is better.

  376. yep, he’s #3 on nba pulse behind Kobe and Lebron


  377. Batum is a smart player, his shots are not falling so he gets the assists. Stop forcing.

  378. pic.twitter.com/paKyA6Qs7D

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Jeremy Lin has changed his hair from the mohawk to whatever this is.

  379. Awesome awesome hair.

  380. I think he was assigned to AS more in 1st half but in 2nd half maybe will score more.

  381. yep that’s what he should have done in other games where he shot 3 for 16

  382. PJ 333333

  383. Got my fingers crossed for second half, continue to pass, or our lead will not last.

  384. PJ scored!

  385. Couldn’t get to the game thread until just now. Always check in at NBA.com for score so I’ll know what mood I’ll find here. CHA up by 20?!!! Checking the thread now, looks like [at least for tonight :)] even Kemba’s meshing a bit with Jeremy and they’ve been swinging the ball well. My chores don’t seem to work as well as Michael’s sleeping, but I’ll keep this up if there’s any chance for continued team play. Go Lin!

  386. Pjjjjjj 33334 sir!!!

  387. Pj!!!

  388. PJ 66666666

  389. They’re making it as a shootout

  390. Yay, good for him.

  391. a car can’t run without the engine

  392. trading 3s

  393. Heat getting extinguished !

  394. Quarter way through season not that bad.

  395. great steal by Kemba

  396. Great great hair.

  397. Walker 3 ST!

  398. Good t/o Coach

  399. ya they are killing us inside

  400. And that is a tragedy of the Goran tragic proportion

  401. Desperately Seeking Hansbrough

  402. need hansbrough

  403. Calling bench force.

  404. Cliff mad at Zeller for not being in right spot

  405. I just notice tragic is wearing his idol number…lol

  406. dragic is tragic lol

  407. Time for the bench

  408. Pun intended

  409. Zeller got elbowed on the nose

  410. “Tragic”, thats messed up. Hehehe

  411. KW played good tonight, 7-11 with 15pts/4asts & 3 ST.

  412. Nice no look batum

  413. Batum better PG than Kemba, 10 asts already!

  414. Batum for 3ple double

  415. told u batum would get 10 assists today

  416. Let’s Go, Wizards!!! Put this one away in Washington.
    Let’s Gooo, HORNETS =)

  417. Total domination!

  418. Batum playing very selfless, 8reb 10ast, only 8pts (2-7).

  419. I think Lin is coaching

  420. Whiteside didn’t just travel, he took a vacation.

  421. Yes also with 9R & 8pts! probably going to hit triple double!

  422. Batum on NO PASS mode now ! NEeds his triple double

  423. He’s always coaching

  424. He will get in.

  425. anyone else having trouble with BallStream?

  426. Yeah. Lin’s magic is contagious, will dissipate one year after Lin leaves.

  427. Kemba/Batum passing tonight.

  428. Well…good way to get your earlobe ripped in half the way these guys slam into each other.

  429. Game over

  430. Is that JLin checking in?

  431. He was actually standing alone on front of bench and waving his hand.

  432. A bucket for Batum!

  433. Even cliff is learning from Jlin

  434. yeps

  435. he looked taller in my blurry free stream lol

  436. He will & gets his tri double today.

  437. Forget about PG, Hornets hires Lin as assistant coach or head coach for 76ers after 12/15.

  438. Al out blessing in disguise, more Kaminsky and hopefully Tyler gets time.

  439. He gave up the ball to Zeller for a dunk.

  440. Psalm. ..contact lp …advertising in exchange for free lp

  441. Someone needs to tell Nic that he needs to shoot the ball

  442. The Heat is still under 20 for the Q

  443. Damn Lin missed that one too

  444. Beautiful defense by hornets, me likey.

  445. I think Lin wants to give batum his last shot so he can get the triple double already

  446. overpassing now lol

  447. Lin was suppose to shoot when he got a screen from hawes

  448. I’ll take overpassing rather than underpassing anytime.

  449. Walker: 5 steals.

  450. what were lin’s two shots that he made? what kind of shots?

  451. Let’s go to the playoffs

  452. Alright, any Lin action coming up when KW sits? He’s been quiet, I jus turned it on.

  453. 1midrange,1 3

  454. Overpassing is never good

  455. Here’s Lin’s chance to get his buckets.

  456. thx

  457. For 3Qs the Heat scored under 20 each.

  458. not really…if this keeps up, he’s going to sit soon….unless he comes out firing in the beginning of 4th.

  459. defense is good + ball movement = top team

  460. It’s easy there is 4Q. He can make 2 pts for his tri-double.

  461. East sleeping on the Hornets. Gonna get stung for it!

  462. why is everyone passing so much? did cliff say something to them?

  463. that’s a good start for ball movement..

  464. Al is out, no need to play low-post grinding game.

  465. Dragic is quite lost.

  466. ya Hornets are the underdog becoming the top dog

  467. Overrated and exposed.

  468. Lin need to attack rim.

  469. Batum got 11R/11A/1ST/1BS with 8 pts and +20; he need 2 more pts; go, Batum, you doing a good job to pass to LIN!

  470. Why Kemba is still up?

  471. Agreed

  472. Ranked us 2nd to last in the East by BR. What a joke!

  473. SEATTLE!

  474. Not needed in garbage time.

  475. Walker out Batum in

  476. too much over passing now. LOL

  477. thanks My Ballstream just had a hiccup

  478. Lin alley-oop to Batum!

  479. Lin to Batum

  480. WOIW!!

  481. Lin needs to shoot like Lamb! Yolo it!

  482. CLifford just yelled again! Shoot the ball!

  483. Come on Lin why you do this to your self lol

  484. Did batum reach triple double from lins pass? Nice.

  485. Wow!!!

  486. did lin try to pass on that layup or was he blocked?

  487. Lin helps Batum with his triple double by an Alley OOOOOO dunk
    That is style.

  488. Did Lin block that shot?

  489. Great! Battum triple double & Lin got AST!

  490. Yes..the Batum leave the game. ..lol

  491. the overpassing started with Lamb than to Frank then to Lin lol

  492. Blocked.

  493. Did Lin block that before the Batum ally oop?

  494. A stylish assist to triple double and a 30 points lead.

  495. ok. its like i am watching legos on the screen

  496. yes

  497. yup

  498. Frank didn’t even pass or look at Lin.

  499. Batum needs to give early Christmas gift for that stylish 3D

  500. Ally oop

  501. Too big a deficit, Clifford might bring in the 3rd stringers soon.

    I don’t care too much because this just proved that Clifford’s new sub pattern for Lin (on pace for 25-28mpg) is the right move. Points will come over time with this new rotation.

  502. Nice! Triple double in style! Thanks to Lin.

  503. Pace too slow. Wade is also ball dominant.

  504. Batum is out. GG πŸ™‚

  505. Hea in garbage time?

  506. OMG i just noticed lin’s hair. LOL. what is that

  507. Lin got his back! If only other guys would help Lin like he helps others.

  508. 2 buckets?

  509. 1.7 left in shot clock. @JLin7 drew foul in 0.3 sec

    Just need to make FTs, plzzzz

  510. Hit your ft Jlin!!!!

  511. some kind of cartoon character.

  512. missed both FT? πŸ™

  513. Lin should be passing like Batum. Not the same run into the paint kick out or pass at baseline only to get it passed back out !
    I haven’t seen a lot of Lin good passes.

  514. awww

  515. WTF Lin? 0-2 Fts. Might be the back.

  516. he looks like a coolie. like a 19th c. chinese railroad worker.

  517. wow Lin he really cant score now

  518. maybe need some hair adjustment time πŸ™

  519. I was thinking that or some bad early 60s movie out of HK.

  520. Lin hasn’t even hit a pair of FTs in ages. IF he can’t even make FTs how does he expect the coach to let him shoot 3s?

  521. Good, hes out..

  522. Lin out

  523. Good game for Hornets

  524. Must be the sore back. Game is over. No need to play with the scrubs.

  525. haha

  526. that’s why coach pull him out.. someting is obviously wrong or off.. maybe off night.

  527. ok, no all done. V inefficient game I didn’t see it. only 5 shots. Hmmm …

  528. Yup, we don’t want injuries. See what happened to klay thompson yesterday with sprained ankle.

  529. It is garbage time in the second half. There is no need to over analyze everything.

  530. You mean off month? He’s been shooting like a scrub for so many games.

  531. After beating the Heat like this, Charlotte ought to lead the conference in time to come.

  532. What happened to Lin’s back? I hadn’t read.

  533. whatever, Lin would have been out anyways. If he made those FTs, would have been 7 points.

  534. I just hope this team plays more like this in future games.

  535. Only scored in double digits once in the last 8 games wow
    Lin isnt what he used to be
    He’s been getting the real back up stats
    looking at his stats of past 10 games
    It’s looking like a very average back up pg

  536. Take Lin out. Next. This game is over.

  537. Just minor soreness for the past week or so. Even flew in his acupuncturist a couple days ago.

  538. well the only games he’s really had the chance was like 2 games out the 8. The rest he shot only like 4-6 times per game.

  539. Agreed, Lin’s D is improved a lot. But O is off.

  540. NBA pulse shows Kobe is number 1. I bet at least half is negative like selfish SOB.

  541. Ah …

  542. O is what matters the most
    He keeps this up he will never be an NBA starter again probably not even a 6th man

  543. still do wonder if Lin misses intentionally sometimes. Like game is in the bag, so why bother

  544. Well still doesnt change the fact that his stats are awful

  545. Pretty disappointed in Lin’s performance.
    20mins 5pts 2ast 1blk.
    2 missed FTs.
    2 missed wide open 3s.

    He’s not generating good offense to let him team mates get easy buckets.

    Lin better start working on his shooting because no coach will let him on the floor when he can’t shoot or get easy buckets for his team mates.

    Another surprising blowout against the Heat.
    Credits to Kemba Batum and Marvin doing most of the work this game.

  546. It’s early. Relax. Lin’s sub pattern has changed now and points will come over time.

    30pt destruction of Miami is not a good gauge.

  547. ya, either he stays on this team or he works on getting his more.

  548. This unit looks pretty bad. Good thing they get time to play.

  549. He is no longer an offensive threat

  550. Lin didn’t look like himself

  551. put up the percentages man. If he made all his shots then he’d have 13 pts but no one shoots 100%
    40% FG and 33% 3PT 0% FT

    Even if he played great he’d be under 10 points.

  552. He could have had a lot of assists. Shots weren’t converted. At least 6. He missed a few shots, got one blocked. I thought he did well in the flow of the offense and didn’t allow Dragic to go off. He did his job. And he got that beautiful lob highlight to Batum for B’s triple double.

  553. Thats the thing he wont
    hes content as long as team wins
    he doesnt care about his stats
    thats why hes where he is now
    a very average back up even though he has the potential to be more

  554. last 10 games..a pretty good measure imo

  555. Yeah, right. Keep watching this season. We’ll see.

  556. Nice guy never kick a dead horse.

  557. 40% and 33% 3ptfg isn’t good.
    Lin shoots way better than this.

  558. Next goal…50% off papa john pizza…hehe

  559. tonight is worst.. how can you miss 2 ft.

  560. i know but it’s not 26% like Batum the other day. It’s below his average but not that much lower. He’s just too focused on defending. He needs to shoot more cause he’s losing his shooting form.

  561. Love Lin’s new sub pattern — consistent for 3 straight games, make or miss. Points will come over time and non-30pt blowouts! Lin also has a sore back nagging him.

    He looks confident, playing controlled w/ low TOs, teammates passing him the ball. Just needs more of this current treatment by Clifford and if they keep WINNING BIG like this, he’ll get it. Recent article was very telling/encouraging.

  562. Called up the homies and I’m askin y’all
    Which park, are y’all playin basketball?
    Get me on the court and I’m trouble
    Last week messed around and got a triple double.

    Nic batum, today was a good day.

  563. Batum makes up his shooting with assist and rebounds.
    Batum as of right now is playing like what Lin is suppose to be.
    Lin won’t get a starting role if he plays like this.

  564. he won’t even if he plays well.

  565. Can’t say that for sure

  566. Lin played really well this game but thats as a very average back up PG
    I think he can be a top 30 PG in this league and start somewhere
    But he is just far from it right now
    Team is winning so Lin’s role isn’t gonna change
    Whatever Clifford is doing is working very well for them so cant really blame him for not featuring Lin more
    Lin is just not an offensive threat anymore
    He is playing the role PJ hairston is playing

  567. i noticed that his free throws has been especially bad this season…crap free throw = crap jump shots = crap 3points. Simple, his shooting is obviously off for some reason. The only good shots he has is the layup…and nobody ever misses a layup, its just not possible.

  568. if he doesn’t hit over AT LEAST 10 consitently for anymore games.. he will NOT be playing more minutes.

  569. Overall I am happy with Lin’s game tonight. Good passing and good defense. I think the shooting slump needs just one good game to get fixed.

  570. yes, 9-10FGAs in the previous 2 games.
    It’s too bad he only had 5 FGAs in this blowout.

    Those 2 missed FTs are very unusual. Stiffened back? I hope not

  571. Lin did well. He only cares about winning (and winning big they did).
    He seems to have thrown stats out the window. And sometimes he seems to intentionally miss free throws

  572. seeing 3rd string guards play…if Lin leaves this team…omg they would not have a chance.

  573. Not really. New sub pattern only started for 3 games — with 2 blowouts!

    Last game against DET? 13p/4a/3r/2s in just 26mpg.

  574. Lin needs his mohawk back.

  575. They are winning without Lin being featured in the offence

  576. He’ll get stats if they keep playing like this. Again, this treatment of Lin has only lasted THREE games.

    CHA is 3-0 with 2 blowout wins w/ this Lin usage. He was also 13p/4a/3r/2s in just 26m last game!

  577. 18 points lead now…lol. 4 minutes left. Maybe need to bring in other players now.

  578. He’s either changing his shooting form or he’s getting too nervous when he shoots. When you miss both FTs it’s pretty disgraceful for a point guard.

  579. Not neccessarily
    Lin plays good defence but they dont need his offence

  580. He didn’t have shooting slump just didn’t take enough shots. Good ball movement from the team.

  581. i rushed home to watch the game, and before i know it, its garbage time and lin is out. boooo!

  582. ??? Last game against DET: 13p/4a/3r/2s in just 26mpg.

    Give it more than a 3-game sample size w/ 2 blowouts!

  583. they need his defense and his spreading the floor. Also playmaking and scoring. When Batum can’t make a bucket, they need Lin.

  584. Pizza!!!

  585. wow 15 points game now…omg

  586. yeah, blowout is not good for Lin’s min *sigh*
    But a Win is a Win

  587. phew! that 3

  588. Last 10 games?

    thats horrible

  589. Yes, it’s true. Lin isn’t the 6th man now.

  590. Not awful for a 23mpg backup. Compare them to Dragic who’s getting major minutes! Lin is almost matching his production. Now Dragic has awful stats.

  591. 2 more 3’s and they’ll make it a game

  592. so when did lin come in during 1Q? 5 min mark?

  593. Yah as a back up

  594. Again: New sub pattern only started for 3 games (CHI, DET, MIA) — with 2 blowouts!

  595. He was just playing in the flow of the game. I agree that he did not take many shots this game so may not be fair to say it was a shooting slump. But over the whole season, his 3p% and FG% is still not where he is capable of reaching.

  596. 4 min

  597. Kemba and Nic were shooting well so I think Lin was just playing in the flow of the game. No need to worry about the offence. The drives and mid range are still there. 3 point and FT will get back.

  598. ok not bad.

  599. Celtics leading the Bulls by 10 with 6 minutes left. Bull’s loss means 2nd place for the Hornet’s

  600. If Lin keeps putting up single digit games he wont be able to help spread the floor anymore
    gotta make shots

  601. Hansbrough really doesn’t look that great out there.

  602. It’s not that
    he doesnt even look for his

  603. he’s better at PG position. he’s playing 50% SG and 50% PG. It’s kind of confusing for him. He needs to adapt quickly.

  604. his fouling rate is impressive. LOL
    no doubt thats why cliff has been reluctant to play him.
    and i dont think pyscho can really change that part of his game, at least not by much.

  605. yeah..im not sure whats going on with that, but if he perfects his free throws, ie 90% and higher on a consistent basis, I think all his other shooting percentages will improve as well. He needs to go to the gym and just throw 1000 free throws every day and perfect his form.

  606. 5 13 9 still not good
    new sub pattern doesnt have much to do with it
    no need to make excuses for his subpar offensive game

  607. so after this win, where are in the conference standings?

  608. No, you’re misunderstanding completely. Please read carefully…

    I’m saying his new sub pattern will HELP him. “Unfortunately,” Hornets have won by 20 and 30 the past two games, so he’s not really needed for extra minutes or shots (Lin’s best quarter is always the 4th). Also, he has a sore back nagging him.

    He’s playing well, just not getting stats yet because 2 blowouts and sore back. And a 3-game sample size under this new, GOOD sub pattern. And he played well last game.

  609. MJ joked around with JLin =)

  610. MJ chatted and laugh with jlin

  611. Did you see that exchange with MJ and Lin? Hope someone makes a gif of it.

  612. Marvin and Lin standing up together cheering the team.

  613. Probably asked what happened to his hair.

  614. I wonder what MJ said to JLin, “Gotta love the hair :)”

  615. LOL MJ clowned Lin’s hair I think. HAHAHHA

  616. yeah, good to see MJ ribbing JLin

  617. OMG. MJ and Lin having a good laugh together after the game. That was GOLD!!

  618. He should look for his own this is his contract year as well

  619. screw his stats this game, that’s all that matters right there. And the team win.

  620. Agreed lol

  621. about his new hairdo

  622. LinMad, you are LinHappy : )

  623. Wiz down by 2…let’s go beat the rockettes

  624. Yeah man. Not that his stats isn’t important. But when the real GOAT share a moment with you, that means heaps!!

  625. I think they finally played his team ball today. It’s from Lin’s idea that’s why….

  626. I agree! And he WILL if they keep using him like this. Just give him time to heal his back and more games that aren’t 20-30pt blowouts. Even in the DET blowout, he shot 10 times in just 26m.

  627. 4 teams tied for 2nd place in the conference.

  628. Does anyone have the clip of MJ messing with Lin!?

  629. even more the owner GOAT =)

  630. next couple of games should be easy teams

  631. We are 2nd in EC now. What a turnaround compared to last season

  632. Lin took too many falls in past games. He mght be hurting.

  633. cool!!!

  634. Imagine if Cliff let Lin play more minutes in the 2 ATL losses and the CLE loss!

    They’d be in first with AT LEAST 2 more wins.

  635. i liked what I saw out of the players today. Batum, Kemba is playing more selflessly. And Lin still got his chance.

  636. At worst tied for 2nd place.

  637. Forget the stat talk it doesnt matter
    MJ had a moment with Lin! thats all that matters in this game

  638. I have LP but I don’t know how to record that moment

  639. I believe this Hornets team can kill the Hawks.

  640. so far the trend of playing Lin more minutes is working. Also it is making players we normally don’t see do well actually do well. Like MW, Hawes, etc.

  641. Hornets is a sleeper. EC slept on them. Even the media/analysts slept on them.

  642. Nah Hawks bigs are too good for them

  643. The Hornets is currently only 1 game behind Cavaliers, the leader in the Eastern Conference.

  644. Had they let JLin finish the Cavs game, they’ll be #1 seed now

    But hope they learned their lesson.

  645. I hope ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBAtv now consider airing the Hornets’ games.

  646. Can you blame them? Even majority of Hornets fans slept on this team…

  647. ya they thought they wouldnt make playoffs without MKG. I told them we will still be top 4.

  648. I really do believe if Lin is used correctly, Hornets will have a good chance at cracking 50 wins…

  649. Hornets 8-2 the last 10 games. 2 loses to NBA final teams Cavs and GS.

  650. What’s his FT percentage?

  651. thing is this team has so many shooters. Even the bigs are shooters. I think Cliff wants Lin to be the defense guy and play maker first before shooting.

  652. Hornets have 4th best record in entire NBA. Wow!

  653. you guys are going crazy….getting a little ahead of yourselves.. Yeah the hornets are doing better than anyone expected, but the reason is because they played a ton of home games this season. If all the home games are done early in the season then they will tire out later with all the consecutive road games in the second half. Its only 20 games and they played like 13 at home and only 7 on the road so far.

  654. i said they would be top 4 this season. Before preseason began. i also predicted Lakers would only have 5 wins this season and it looks that way.

  655. I’m sorry you can’t feel good after this game. Ball went to him, and he played in a team concept. There’s an article interviewing Lin about his role on this team. I suggest you read what Lin himself has to say.

  656. I disagree, they played a lot of away games too early season.

  657. Isn’t that how fans supposed to react, winning and losing? Don’t make a big deal.

  658. They played well not bc home game bc Lin’s team ball.

  659. I think Cliff wants to contribute overall what it takes for wins. If it is D some nights, if it is being the guy getting assists while Nic is out, if it is the guy throwing lobs in the open court, or drawing fouls and getting to the line in the 4th. It’s what the game calls for, not playing for his own stats which Lin doesn’t do anyway.

  660. check out the schedule, there will be 4 consecutive away games coming up in january, february, march and april. Its heavy loaded on the back end of the season. I don’t know if the hornets decided the schedule or someone else, but this will hurt them for sure.

  661. I think they are more like a transient wonder, and will disappear after Lin leaves next season.

  662. I counted 12 home games vs 8 road games this season so far. I know they do worse in road games but I honestly believe that the road games we lost we could have won if we played more like this. Where Lin actually got to play his style. We could have been a 15 wins team right now.

    If they continue to play like this, I think we will see more wins than we normally saw early season. And it looks like the team is actually allowing Lin to play over 17 minutes a game now.

  663. Don’t observe the website rule. This is the borderline of labeling. This is the first warning!

  664. There is no 6th man. And Lin is the closest thing to one. Lin and Lamb are the sixth men types but on Charlotte, there really isn’t a 6th man.

  665. it’s okay to celebrate. Team is playing well

  666. Hornets fans aprroved (not that some of us care)

    Jeremy Lin's ponytail is 1-0 on the season…just saying #keepit #statsthatmatter— Queen City Hoops (@QCHblog) December 10, 2015

  667. He would never do that.

    Apart from that, I think it’s his back.

  668. He’s been shooting like a guy with a sore back.

  669. His back isn’t terrible, but you could see it’s not right and affecting his game in some ways.

  670. Cliff wants Batum to be the option#1 in offense thats why he placed PJ in the line up so he will shy away with hard defense. Cliff knew that good defense will waste the energy of one player to the detriment of his offense. He let KW plays with minimal defense so he can make his shots falling too..Now JLIN can only play IF his defense is excellent and to make it happen, Jlin has to give away his energy on offense and put it all in defense.

    That’s how cliff use JLIn capabilities with the team who has 2 offensive players already.

    see the pattern of play and not having lin be the real PG inside the court. Its always Lin with Batum or Lin with walker tp make sure that it will check-out lin’s offensive capabilities.

  671. Do you guys really want Lin to leave the Hornets now? I mean it looks like he’s getting his chance again to play, even though it’s more defense than offense as long as Hornets make the playoffs as top 4 team, would you like him to sign again next year or find a different team? I honestly am tired of seeing Lin moving from team to team so if the conditions are right in Charlotte, I would say yes, stay with them forever.

    Ofc, if he’s marginalized again later down the season, I’d say go to a different team.

  672. its 21 games played so far this season, 13 played at home with a 10 wins 3 loses record, 8 games played away with a 3 wins 5 losses record.

  673. ?? sorry what?

  674. After today, Hornets may be tied with Raptors for the 2nd place of Eastern Conference.

  675. Never say never, and enjoy the winning streak while it lasts.

  676. they are 2nd. No ties.

  677. +1 for ABC since I don’t have cable lol

  678. its part of the reason, but a big reason also because the schedule has been good to them so far. If they keep playing team ball in road games i think they will rise to the top of the east.

  679. ya those road games I think we could have won more if they played Lin ball. (what we saw today)

  680. The only bad thing I saw today was the over passing. Somehow it always ended in Lin’s hands lol. These players who are opened need to take the shot, they just kept passing and it ended in Lin’s hands.

  681. Had the Hornets beaten the Cavs… they would be in 1st =O

  682. I think bc they finally played Lin’s team ball, he just showed how unselfish he’s… I really think he needs to take more shots even they played his team ball theory finally. I guess Lin will make adjustment…

  683. Enjoy the win and why speculating the future that is unknow?

  684. I think he hasn’t been taking a lot shots in the pass 8 games so it’s like really hard to change now. He needs the coach to draw him plays more so he can get the feeling back. IMO, he’s 100% defense now and like 50% offense.

  685. It doesn’t really matter. We are just his fans. He will not stay or leave a team for us. And rightfully so because it’s his decision and future. We can only support each and every moves he does….

  686. he likes charlotte as his game actions dictates. But JLIN promised to himself that he will find him a team that will used him to juice out and max his potential. That doesn’t mean Jlin doesn’t want anymore to score points because in all honesty, Lin knew that scoring win games also. So if Hornets offered him something in the table and a good one at that, he might consider it and stay.

    factors: USAGE + ROLE + PT + money.

    I placed money as the last factor because money for Jlin is less of a hindrance in considering players contract.

  687. ya they need to set Lin up for success cause it will draw in more money for Hornets too. Everyone wins. Hornets FO wins, players wins, team/coach wins.

  688. his career ft% has been fluctuating around 80%. Currently its around 77%, lowest its been since his golden state warriors days of 76.0%. At houston he was shooting 78% ft first season, and 82% ft second season. At la he was shooting 79% ft but he also had highest 3point shooting in his history at 37%. Currently at houston hes shooting around 77% FT and 29.8% 3 point. Pretty ugly. When you compare steph curry, his ft shooting has been 90% throughout his entire career on average and his 3pt shooting at 44.2% career. So maybe there is some correlation between the two? Players who are better free throw shooters generally have better 3point shooting.

  689. In fact, he could have more chance to take more shots but he just passed it…

  690. right on cue..

    cliff made some plays for Lamb already even when Batum is in, while cliff make some cue plays for Jlin (esp during the OT win) when necessary. it seems that Lamb need to be cued always because he lacks certain awareness. while Lin can make shots for himself.

    A play design for Jeremy must also be practiced for it to be perfect.

  691. I want to see as well, please share!

  692. Lin didn’t have a bad game for a $2M player

    Dragic $18M 24 mins 2/7 5pts 2 asts.
    JLin $2M 20 mins 2/5 5pts 2 asts.

  693. yaaaa……please!!!

  694. it was just a quick convo, mj was messing with lin about his hair, lin smiled and went to locker room. Brief, maybe 4 seconds, nothing big.

  695. MJ said man you have to shoot more.

  696. Agreed.

  697. First they wanted us to wait for 20 then 30 game samples, how many so far has Cliff increased the way he uses Lin so far?

  698. LIn had a way better game than Dragic. Dragic didn’t really impact the game. And Lin isn’t a 2 mil player. He’s an at least $8 mill player that settled for 2 mil. Dragic isn’t coming close to living up to his contract playing with the Heat. He’s an excellent player but this isn’t the right team for him.

  699. Al Jefferson suspended for smoking weed is 1-0 on the season…just saying #keepsmoking #statsthatmatter

  700. I think no one said Lin had a bad game, just had bad stats.

  701. Raptors won against Spurs but sits 3 with 14/9. Charlette is 13/8 so mathematically better.

  702. There’s a good feeling in this team and they are winning. All Lin needs to do is stay the course. His plan is to ride out the process to contributing progressively more as the season progresses.

  703. i think ppl are just pissed he missed the 2 free throws. That’s rare. If he made both and Cliff sat him the rest of game with just 7 pts, I think no one would have complained about his stats.

  704. I’m a little surprised the are so many complaints about Lin tonight. He played hard, played the right way, didn’t make mistakes, controlled, his whole team played the right way, and won.

  705. If MDA is coaching somewhere, I’d like him to go there and take his chances.

  706. is there a lot of complaints? I only saw like 2 ppl complain here.

  707. I agree. Also I don’t like comparing Lin’s stats and saying he has a low salary. And that’s not to point out anyone that has done that. Lin had plenty stinkers when he had the 3-year $25 million contract and guys had better games against him. If Lin is playing a series of games where he does a good job on a good player, that’s what really matters.

  708. On the other site people be mad complaining…

  709. The problem is his stats gets lower and lower even lower than career average. He won’t have a chance become a starter if keep doing these.

  710. Bc his stats looks bad… Well, he will take more shots next game.

    I am glad they finally played his team ball today that means MJ also believe more in Lin’s game now.

  711. It’s early but my guess is if JLin:
    – gets 25-30min PT,
    – regularly closes out games and
    – Hornets advanced deep in the playoff plus Batum coming back;
    – no other starter position or MDA as a coach

    he might stay with $7-8M/yr (cheap in new NBA salary cap).
    But he has to forego his starter and All-Star dream

    I think Lin is just enjoying a great chemistry with an unselfish team so he’s not thinking beyond this season yet

  712. well ya, that site is always bashing Lin when he doesn’t get his double figure stats.

  713. Clifford treated Lin today like a bouncer, taking him out when things under control then oops, come back in Jeremy.

  714. I really dont like how hes not the pg… its such a waste of talent… these coaches dont see how l8n controls the game!

  715. There is no way Lin would accept a bench role in Hornets next season for less than 10M/year.

  716. 200% yessssss …

  717. Who?

  718. Lin had rebounds n steals, played great defends too!

  719. The most important game is the next game.

  720. well if he’s ever going to find a home, I think as long as Hornets give him his minutes and he has a role in Hornets, that’s all that matters. Lin even made a post about how results don’t matter. Ofc, he wants to do well but the big picture is winning on a team that has a defined role for Lin.

  721. I think it’s pretty much match his last two game’s schedule. Only today it’s more a blowout game so he played less min.

  722. ya it looked normal too me. It’s better than being last in, first out. If this wasn’t a blowout game, Lin would have closed. I don’t think Cliff pulled Lin at the end cause he couldn’t make a basket. Cause the 3rd stringers lost a 30 pt lead, it was cut in half. Cliff would have yanked everyone out if that was the case.

  723. Don’t need anyone to approve of Lin. Lol

  724. He’s working for more but in no way I can guess how much.

  725. Ya! I think so.

  726. If he played longer, he may have had more points. Maybe not that much more. He didn’t really need to score that much today and took the shots the defense presented. Don’t know what happened with the FTs, he just missed them.

  727. Agreed!

  728. Well, I think they finally agreed to play his team ball & Lin just tried to show I’m unselfish….But I wish he can be more selfish. Bc unlike Batum, even he took less shots but Hornets set up tri-double to make it up for him. I think he’ll stay but not Lin yet… so not the same treatment.

  729. Kobe is not closing game?

  730. thnx for stating the obvious

  731. Considering that no one expected Hornets to even be competitive, I would think a little enthusiasm is warranted. No one likes a wet blanket when team is doing well. Lol

  732. Really? Let me check…

  733. Russell & Randle play well since move to bench.

  734. just realized something. If golden state warriors win the next 10 games, they will tie the all time record set by the lakers in 1971 lakers for continuous winning streak. Their 34th game will be against….guess who…yepp its the hornets. If hornets somehow take the top spot in the east, it will be the best of the east vs the best of the west final showdown. It would be absolutely epic if it happened and hornets end up beating them.

  735. Must be something reversed BS call.

  736. That was a winnable game had Lin got a chance to close out the game. Too bad Cliff took Lin out when it was anyone’s game.

  737. Everyone plays well without Kobe

  738. Did I win? 4/2/15min

  739. Interesting but this time they play at home. VERY hard.

  740. true…just a hypothetical situation, it would be pretty interesting either way to see it happen. The only way its possible is if the golden state can beat the cavs on christmas…otherwise it won’t even matter the next time we face them

  741. Depends on how they count it. If you include winning streak continuing from last year the 33rd game is Christmas against the Cav’s.

  742. Where are the potential landing places? Not Lakers for sure. Probably not Houston either. Nets and Kings are the only 2 teams that may hire MDA.

  743. Beating GS is still and always great. Hope Cliff will put Lin on Curry this time, that’d also free Kemba to run the offense more effectively.

  744. i don’t accept that because when you look at the lakers record, it was 33 games continuous in same season which is much harder than combining 2 seasons. If you want people, and magic johnson to accept that this golden state team is the best in history you need to beat the continuous streak in one season. You can’t count last season since they got beat by cavs twice in the post season.

  745. Kobe benched at end of close game? B Scott actually trying to win? This is where he’d usually shoot the Lakers out of the game.

  746. The Hornets winning is no fluke. They have multiple guys who can shoot 3’s, multiple guys who can facilitate, multiple guys who can play-make, they play good defense (lead by Lin) and they have a very strong bench (lead by Lin) that have saved their starters multiple times. With building chemistry, they are becoming a really versatile team right now.

  747. maybe there is a little @Hope:disqus :]

  748. I think Lin plays BB correctly for winning, but he also aims high. If Hornets want him next season for a bench role, they have got to pay him more than a starting PG.

  749. lol

  750. I think so. Russell plays well from the bench. He got 23 to tie the game. It’s OT now. Young is also playing tonight.

  751. They’re treating Lin like avg pg

  752. I think Lin looks the best and most handsome was when he had the first Hornets media day with Coach Clifford. That hair made him look so good! Fresh, young, handsome and stylish!

  753. yeah if that game happens, they should have their strongest lineup ready to go from the start: nick batuum, kemba walker, cody zeller, marvin williams, jeremy lin. Then slowly rotate in lamb/ zeller/ hawes and kaminsky

  754. AJ is guaranteed coming off bench or be traded. This team is doing without him. KW is better git with the system or he’ll be falling off this wagon.

  755. Goofy

  756. NBA recognizes both:

    Is it 22 or 26? Your primer on the Warriors’ various winning streaks


  757. Watching the Knicks vs Jazz game, Clyde Frazier just said, “Only Linsanity would surpass Bill Bradley’s debut at the Garden”

  758. probably not.. franchise have to play against franchise players…else you are disrupting their confidence.

  759. Really? Wow! Love Clyde Frazier.

  760. that will hurt his career and free agency. there is no stats for defense.
    so imho, I think he better perk up to score. he is like giving up about 3 to 5 points off the table ALL the time.. for a bench player that is huge.. it’s not 13 points last time.. it can be 16 to 18 points ..it’s not 5 points today it can be 8 to 10… that is huge for the average.

  761. i think Batum has now more or less make reason to stay with Hornets next season unless something comes better for him. But as player, he is now a starter and 1st option in scoring, maybe liking the position of Sg with less defense for him not to tire and money is in the table. They catered to Batum the right way and biting is forthcoming.

    Hope they now turn to JLIN and cater to him now so they can see the big chance of JLIN being with them in the long run.

  762. Then let witness the 2nd massacre.

  763. Jeremy!

  764. #letalsmoke

  765. Love him and he spoke the true. Mr. Frazier was there since day one of both incidents.

  766. it will come i believe when he knew finally that cliffs giving him the key to make his offense work. Cliff showed JLIN how he can be a defensive stopper though at the expense of his offense, but carefully balancing it with the team help (they are now buying onto the team Defense) Lin will somehow give extra juice to his offense in the coming games.

  767. Thanks. I turned off TV when Lin was off.

  768. I think it’s something else not hair…

  769. Lakers lose but Russell played well today. Really surprise to see all these players who BS don’t like to close the game for him today? Russell, Randle, & Young!!!

  770. Hilarious

  771. sixers?

  772. I know I don’t like that but that’s Lin…. he’s so happy that Hornets finally played his team ball today. I think he has team to go next year that’s why he did’t really care about his stats… otherwise it’s not make sense at all why he doesn’t care about his stats? It’s his contract year.

  773. I think they did talk to Lin & cater to Lin in preseason but I guess Lin didn’t make the decision yet… that’s why everything was off…. Batum probably did that’s why everything it’s Batum now. Hornets sure wants to keep Lin but not sure Lin wants to stay…

  774. Hello, what is lin stat for this game?

  775. Kemba ain’t going anywhere… He’s Jordan Brand. =)
    If we Desire to go deep into postseason AJ need to go – for the better of the offense and defense. If he comes off the bench and play with Lin – think Lin can help him ?? AJ need to be a much better defender for sure…

  776. I’m going to use my basic lip-reading skill to interpret what MJ said:

    “I looked at your new hair … What happened? (laugh)”

    I’m not sure about the 1st part since JLin’s head blocked it but it looked like MJ said “What happened?” in the end

  777. He did played well. Just need to knock those FTs down – like a “Russell Westbrook”. We all hope to see his 45% 3-FG real soon.

  778. I REALLY, REALLY want to know what MJ actually said… He looked like he was very pleased…. Or amused???

  779. head of the snake

  780. like this write ups for JLIN:
    Jeremy Lin strides toward comfort in Charlotte after the mania of ‘Linsanity’ by “ADI Joseph”

    and i quote:

    [β€œHe’s done that to some degree,” Lin said. β€œI know clearly what he
    expects from me. … But that’s why I feel like it’s a process. I feel
    like he’s going to continue to learn my game to see what I can do.
    Obviously watching film is one thing, but implementing it into a game,
    into a full situation is another thing.

    β€œAs time goes on, we’ll just be more and more comfortable, and I’ll
    be able to pick my spots in the offense, and he’ll be able to see what
    really works, what I can do well β€” not just what I can do well, period,
    but what I can do well that fits with the guys and the system. … It
    takes time.”]

    Obviously, JLIN knows that Cliff’s can’t still see what he can offer offensively because he still rely with KW at the moment and they are winning. a win beats all and JLIN knew it that’s why he has said, he is patient and its a progress.

    adding quote from said article…..
    [ “They were just expecting me to do what I did in New York, which β€” it’s
    just not possible if you don’t have the ball in your hands,” Lin said last month.” ]

    to all whose expectation are all grandeur, must be willing to invest on more patience for Jlin is also waiting for the right moment and at the right time whenever Cliff finally found the right way to use JLIN both defensively and offensively.

  781. #2 in the eastern conference now.


    1 win behind cavs

  782. a win is a win. ofc he’s happy. his team is now 2nd in EC. I’m happy Lin is happy and MJ is too.

  783. Actually the biggest acquisition for hornets is Batum. He is the only starter in that acquisition.

  784. im proud that Lin is on an underdog team and is now #2 team in EC. Keep it going!

  785. MJ must be like rubbing his eyes to see if it’s true. hahaah

  786. I’m starting to see it but I think if Lin had 30 minutes every game and the green light to do what he wanted, he would have been in better shape. People said Batum is biggest acquisition cause he’s replacing MKG but he really isn’t. Batum’s defense is not that great. His offense is good though just needs to lower his turnovers some games.

    I think Lin is still the biggest acquisition cause he’s the one who is willing to sacrifice his stats just to fit the mold for the team. What team really needs, Lin is there for defense and play making and scoring when he can.

  787. Not 1 win. 1 game behind the cavs. 1 win with cavs idle would only put Charlotte at 0.5 a game behind.

  788. Batum wouldn’t be looking so good if not for Lin and second unit. BF1 is as good as a lot of starters on other teams and this depth is saving the starters and giving them a lot of confidence to not get too tight. Kemba and Batum are playing with very little pressure that other starters feel if the team is losing. How many games did we see them struggling and then bench comes in to give them the lead?

  789. Batum plays more correctly than Walker. But when facing tough situation, like in the OT vs King, we have seen who is the difference maker of the team. Next season when Lin is likely no longer a Hornet, people will see how good Batum really is assuming he is given a contract bigger than Walker’s.

  790. “They were just expecting me to do what I did in New York, which β€” it’s
    just not possible if you don’t have the ball in your hands” In other words Lin’s not being the ball handler or PG which hurts his game! Seriously did Hornets expect him to be Linsanity playing off ball? That’s not going to happen with Walker and Batum fighting to be the star.

  791. lol, russell has no fear of repercussions.


  792. Right now Batum is their #1 guy to please on the team.

  793. got it

  794. not biggest but the teams NO.1 priority to sign comes next FA, and they have the means to sway his mind on not to look for other team than hornets.

  795. he might be the nest one because they already signed Lamb, Al Jeff seems tradeable..so might be Lin come next after all star…

  796. How does the NBA highlights not have Lin’s lob to Batum for the triple double score?


  797. maybe i forgot the premise for this reply from JLIN…..

    as i quote again:
    [But after three years of unrealistic expectations yet solid production with the Rockets and Lakers, the spotlight has turned.
    “They were just expecting me to do what I did in New York, which β€” it’s
    just not possible if you don’t have the ball in your hands”]
    end of quote!

  798. basketBender!

  799. Lets hope they will start Lin soon. These minutes are just horrible, making these games unwatchable for Lin fans.

  800. That’s what I thought.

  801. that’s why Cliff’s inserting Batum/KW with the second unit from time to time to erase the notion that second unit playing better with the starters…why not rest Batum and KW when Jlin is in the floor for him to go all out everytime? thats the question and that’s why Jlin still persevere.

  802. The Lin hornet!

  803. this is worth listening to to see cliff’s understanding of when batum looks people off even when they are open. this is interesting, so cliff approves of ignoring open shooters and not passing to them depending on the personnel/situation.

    so if batum looks off a player next time, you can be sure cliff approves.

    post game interview

  804. Lin ignored Batum too a few times

  805. Been saying this every season, Lin needs to shoot more by himself instead of going “passing mode” which cause predictable TOs.

  806. Lin should ignore Walker even more.

  807. Lin’s Queue:


    Somewhere in Asian American history I think there was a rebellion when all the railroad workers cut their queues. Anybody know the history? I’d be proud if JLin has a message with this current style.

  808. Haha! W Kemba, Lin usually didn’t get the ball…. LOL!

  809. he did sometimes..lol

  810. That’s why when Lin gets those rebounds he shouldn’t pass to anyone else and just go on his one man fast breaks or a stop and pop 2/3!

  811. Q!

  812. The LinManBun?

  813. I like it !

  814. but you can count on GSW beating CLE on Christmas Day lol so you were right ha ha.

  815. ha ha, Serena is the PR lady. Hmmm the plot is thick in there.

  816. Haha! I don’t like it even I am his fan. But probably have to accept it for next 20 games. LOL!

  817. I think it’s by order ….

  818. i think i get it. lin is the team’s glue guy. i originally thought batum was because he does a lil bit of everything, but he’s really their number 1 or 2 option. lin is the glue guy. he hustles, plays d, supports teammates, is friends off the court with teammates, does what he can on offense without forcing, doesnt complain, coachable, works hard, high character guy/humble, etc…

    if you think in these terms, you cant be disappointed. sure we all want him to dominate the ball, but can we as fans complain about iso play and yet want lin to do that? the ONLY thing i dislike right now is his shooting has been bad. i believe he will get better as time goes by.

    i think he’s happy and we should be too. the handshakes are back. his shot will improve, points will go up a bit, playing time will stabilize. but in terms of impact, this team needs him. he leads the bench and when he plays with the starters, he does whatever is needed: defense, floor spacing, clutch shots/drives, drawing fouls, etc. the stats arent there, and i dont expect them to get significantly better, but in terms of impact, he’s never been more important to a team (since linsanity). he may have found his role as glue guy, and im fine with that cuz we winning…

  819. they will count it from last year so the tie game is 12.28 at 33. By the time CHA get back to GSW in Jan, it will be over.

  820. I really don’t like Kemba to play w Lin for too long. Why not let Lin just run few min of PG in the beginning of 2 & 4Q?

  821. I think it’s the game after.

  822. Spotlightshield

  823. sportscasters said they will count from last year. Of course GSW can go for 33 this year, but the official count is just a streak.

  824. He killed me in fantasy but I liked his swag on the court and he missed 2 FTs so he sat. Someone here said he’s nursing a bad back and had to fly in his own acupuncturist.

    Nobody looked worried, least of all him. He was v calm.

  825. i hope he put on stats more because people tend to forgot his contribution

  826. Good question. Ask McHale why he didn’t just let Lin run a few minutes of PG without Harden seasons ago ?

  827. i hope some games he gets to play linsanity

  828. Clifford said Nic throws the ball to guys where he knows they are in a good position to do something. If the guys is open, but in a spot where he isn’t in a good place to do something he’ll look them off. That’s a good quality. Lin does that too but sometimes he bails himself out by throwing to open guys who aren’t in a position to make a play due to the position they’re in. Not much. But that is an excellent quality Nic has.

    But Nic isn’t perfect either. He is TO prone and sometimes he’ll misread where someone is or going. He does seem to be in a passing groove in the last 3 games or so.

  829. linsanity happens every game in the 2nd quarter. it’s not what we fans want, but lin is really important for this team. does he get enough praise? imo no, but at least there’s no vitriol from the homer fans. for the first time, he’s getting positive vibes from the media too.

  830. Doesn’t apply to the last few games. HIs TO total is low. He’s passing because he’s trying to build chemistry with team mates. That’s how it is when you join a team. It takes months to really build full chemistry with most of them. Lin will shoot more post ASB in my opinion.

  831. avg back up pg

  832. awesome share!

  833. what can help is injuries to opponents as the season grinds on, and this team gel-ing properly.

  834. ya im not saying it doesn’t happen. He had one in OT the other day and being #2 team in the EC right now also feels good. Better than being on Lakers. I just like a good story and Hornets so far is a good story cause no one expected they would make playoffs but they are #2 team rn. They need to keep at it.

  835. I dont complain about the iso plays Those are fun to watch if the player’s good like Vince Carter, AI, Kobe and T mac. Not a lot of teams play isos any more the only players who can do that now are Durant, Harden and Irving, PG, westbrook and Crawford(theres probably more) Lin doesnt possess the skill set to play that way so nobody expects him to play iso or dominate the ball but every once in a while he can look to get his if the shots are there then again its his decision
    Fans can decide to be happy that Lin is contributing or not happy his stats are awful.

  836. Clifford uses the best personnel on the floor at any time and that’s the best together. Batum is his number 1 facilitator and he helps Kemba. The 2nd unit still has a lot of inexperience so having 2 solid facilitators on the court at the same time makes sense for Lin’s unit. There are times Lin is there alone, but some of the bonehead stuff that Hawes does, and then inexperience from Lamb and Kaminsky can bog the offense down. That’s why Batum and MW or at least Lin with MW is there with Lin to help organize the offense.

  837. He’s playing great. They aren’t a smart organization if they don’t cater somewhat to his basketball abilities.

  838. Lin is a good distributor but hes not great at it its not his strongest suit
    He is more of a score first guard or combo guard but lately hes not even that his offence became quite irrelevant
    He’s more of a D guy now

  839. When he tries too much he gets a lot of TOs but everyone does
    its whatever
    He doesnt wanna take over anymore like he used to
    back when he was fighting for the starting job in Hou

  840. I don’t think he plays like a score-first guard anymore. He did at first with the Knicks and occasionally with the Rockets. But he’s more play within the system and pick your spots to score, otherwise dribble-drive create type of PG now. And D too, yes. His offense isn’t irrelevant, it’s just not always on display.

  841. ignoring the open plaayers and tries to pass because of position sometimes gets Batum into a bind..thats what happened when Batum commits TO’s..

    In todays game batum been passing to the open man and not held the ball longer than expected because passing creates open man for an open look at the hoops

  842. They also moved faster, it opens things up. That’s what opened up the lob. Batum figured if I beat my man down the court and Lin gets the ball, he’ll outlet it to me. Batum was ready for that lob pass.

  843. He was still considered a 6th man in hou and kind of in LA
    without his offense theres not much to him thats appealing
    His offence has always been inconsistent to some extent but now its just bad

  844. That’s one thing I am not happy about it. Bc Lin didn’t get any credit for the team won… Good D. None… I listen to Heat commentators. All they talked about it only Batum & Kemba. Also a little bit on Lamb. None for Lin but this is his 6 years in NBA.

    Hornets played Lin’s team ball but no one really cares just good ball movement….

  845. Harden and Howard don’t seem to be on the same page:


  846. Another thing is Batum is playing with Cody more. He’s more mobile than Al Jefferson. Helps Batum out a lot. When you get chemistry with one guy you can go to him but also opens it up for others. He has chemistry with Kemba and Cody, his misread was with Lin on a play resulting in a Batum TO.

  847. Relax. They aren’t going to talk about Lin every game. Some games, other guys will emerge. Last game, the away team talked about Lin alot. And maybe next game. Not every one.

  848. You insult Lin by assuming that he can’t do what you think is manly or cool. The truth is Lin could dominate the ball like he did whenever he’s allowed to do so. That unfortunately only happens when fate intervenes and Lin gets the call to be the “man”. How many times does it happen? Only when everyone on the bench is injured and Lin is the last man standing.

    As in Star Wars, ” I find you’re lack of faith disturbing”.

    Lin chooses to accept his role as dictated by the team and coaches because that’s how he gets PT. if he goes rogue, he’ll get benched just as he was in LA or openly lying and ridiculed by Mchale for scoring “29pts while turning over the ball 9 times”, which of course never happened.

  849. I didn’t mean they had to say something like Hornets commentators too over sometimes. But just from the way they talked you know Lin is nobody now…

  850. no reason to say that you’re second unit best the starters if it really happened…so if the second unit is Best on their position, you need to rest your starters during those times..i am saying this because stats say so and eye test says so..

    second unit Inexperienced??? Hawes? Lamb? JLIN? maybe with Kaminsky because he’s a rooky..Zeller can also be called second unit but now starting..it was so obvious during the previous games that the second unit gives the separation the team needs.

    Obviously, Batum plays well with the second unit rather that the starter…KW doesnt’t coz he’s a ball stopper till last game, but not on this game i saw!

  851. He’s not nobody. Really. He’ll emerge in some games. I don’t think they were quiet with that lob he made to Batum. I didn’t listen to their feed but that was a nice play. It was Batum’s day and Kemba played well. It’s ok.

  852. If that’s how you want to view it, so be it. I think as the season progresses we’ll see more of Lin’s offense, he’s figuring out how to use it with this deep team.

  853. this is hilarious. felton doesnt even jump

  854. I picked Heat feed on purpose bc I want to know what other teams really talk about Lin now… Bulls was surprised high on him… (maybe bc they want to get him next year…) But so far I don’t see anyone think he’s good in D as we thought or talked….Oh! NYK is always good to Lin.

  855. the response by beverley, in the corner, is funny

  856. Yes, Lamb still shows inexperience. Hawes just plays dumb. And Kaminsky has inexperience. MW is very experienced and plays smart basketball as does Batum. Lin plays mostly smart and gets a little amped up and over-agressive at spots in games but then calms down. You have to look at the balance of the 5 on the court so adding Batum makes sense. Kemba doesn’t add much, but sometimes Cliff prefers he runs the plays and Lin slides to 2. Sometimes it is for defensive reasons. He’ll put Lamb on a weaker offensive player and Lin on the stronger one if the height difference isn’t too much.

  857. Funny. After McHale is gone, Harden tried this home-run pass =)


  858. That’s good but when someone gets a triple-double, that’s who they’ll talk about. Lin was very solid in this game but he didn’t do enough to have the other team talk about him. He will in other games, just not this one. This one Batum, Cody Zeller stood out and Kemba had an efficient scoring game and 5 steals. So that’s who they talk about.

  859. Lawson is really short?

  860. Felton be like, “You’re still here? Block!”

    Their ground game is strong

  861. with KW he’s a scorer..with Jlin he takes the facilitation plays. Misread do comes against the player who has the TO. But seldom Jlin misread batum.(misreading comes from doubting,its either i pass or not pass, thats why it will come late when you decide to do it)..Batum when reacting gives the best passing because he pass what he seeing.

    KW before this game pass only when he’s on a bind and you can count it almost always a TO..remember the jumping and passing? KW almost do this on all his games especially when he has nowhere to go. but on todays game, we saw that early on the play, he release the ball and pass that makes the game today funt o watch. hope this continue for KW got his points even at this kind of system.

  862. Went for the lob but Dwight wasn’t in position to jump up for it. That was a terrible read by Harden. Should have gone to the wide open Beverley.

  863. Yes.

  864. Not Batum’s tri-double. Just in general Lin is not high from Heat commentators. Well, I hope now Hornets finally played his team ball… Let’s see what Lin will do next then….

  865. Howard thought that since harden always shoot the ball, so whats new this time..oooopppps, he did pass the ball..LOL!

  866. For some reason, Harden thought Dwight will go up to jam it.

    Yes, Bev was so wide-open that he faked Bev

  867. yes, how is he supposed to know Harden will pass it? lol

  868. They think they stopped Linsanity. Some commentators don’t like Lin. Atlanta is the worse one with stupid Dominique Wilkens insulting Lin almost the whole time he’s on the court. The fair away announcers complement Lin when he plays well, the unfair ones don’t.

  869. Only too true. PR and politics follows Lin every where. I don’t fret too much because at least with Hornets he’s getting some good PR and reversing the 3 years of beat down by ahouston and LA. The way I look at it, Lin is too smart to be used by ignorance. He’s fully eyes wide open because he’s getting enough out of the situation to go forward.

    Ultimately Charlette is shooting themselves in the foot by not taking advantage of all they can get out of Lin. By using Lin to shine up Walker and kiss up to Batum, lin becomes a one year rental that will have immediate impact on this team. Hornets will revert as all teams that have tried to use Lin but deliberately suppress Lin.

    Think of Lin as being subversively disruptive to the team by being so important to them without anyone noticing it that only when he has flown the coop that every team regrets losing him. Lin makes them pay for their ignorance by being too good to them. Lol

  870. thats the whole aspect of an injury, playing your starter more minutes because coach seems doubtfull of his players..KW made some errors too but no doubt TRUST is there, but i don’t see the reason of inexperience. JLIN alone makes wonderful plays and when he’s aggressive comes the fun of it, so aggressiveness comes off hwen he’s not the focal point..KW or Batum in there will make JLIN only as the second or 3rd option.

    if you are addressing the team concept, i agree with you that balance of the starters and bench are needed and to make both units works well, needs to have at least the best possible composition every plays. so PJ position on the starting unit doesn’t warrant any reason at all but because cliff wants tyo use him (bonus if he score) but i don’t see that Pj makes the starter better. If cliff wants to make bench better, he should also think and arrange the starter for it to be the best!

    But 20 games counting, i doubt if inexperience is the reason why KW or Batum was there. maybe Trust issue is the culprit and that is because cliff couldn’t see Jlin or Lamb can handle the second unit…so its on cliff and not on the player, except the players themselves proved that they can handle things if given the opportunity..look at the separations they made on the times that they are playing.

  871. Way too fat

  872. Kemba knows Clifford’s sets, expectations more than others. So, when Cliff feels a need for that, I guess Kemba comes in. But a lot of what he does is for matchups. The substitutions may be based on what the opponents do as to why Kemba comes in and Lin slides to the 2. It also looks to me now that Lin is favored to close halves and games. I have to see more about games because Cliff hasn’t committed to it to the press, but his actions show a preference for Lin to close games and sometimes halves.

  873. Bc Hornets started to play more & more team ball that’s why Batum was in passing groove also that could help him get his tri-double record.

  874. Hope MDA will be coach next season and Lin will join him.

  875. His game is so quiet but important for the team. He has settled into being one of the guys that makes the whole better and not the center of attention. The rest of the NBA likely prefers to not have the undrafted Asian guy from Harvard be the star. I think we need to make a new -sanity. Not Linsanity, Not Hairsanity, But Subsanity ( a smaller, effective sanity below Linsanity) that “subs” in from the bench.

  876. Well said.

  877. He plays well but also bc they do cater for him to do well. Ya! Since not that many players will come so they have to try everything they can to make Batum happy & stays….

  878. I’m really leery of this sentiment that Lin will go off with MDA and that’ll be best for Lin. In fact, I’m against it.

    It took a perfect situation, including injuries, for MDA’s Linsanity to happen. And that meant no Anthony on the floor. Lin had both the system and players and coach and no ball stopper to do his magic. And what happened a few games after Anthony came back? The Knicks went on a losing streak and that was the flipside to Linsanity. Eventually what happened? MDA left the Knicks and Woodson took over. He didn’t make it till the end of the season.

    There is no guarantee that MDA will recruit Lin to play him so many minutes or even as head PG in whatever new team he has. There will be politics there of who to use and they may want to go with a different type of PG. So all of this wanting MDA to be Lin’s designated coach I just can’t go along with. I totally want to see Lin play well with another coach that encourages ball movement. If it isn’t Clifford and he doesn’t stay with the Hornets, why not someone else? Is Lin so limited that he can only play well under MDA? I don’t think so.

    I don’t go along with this at all. MDA has shown limitation in how long he’s welcome as a coach lately. There are coaches that are now better offensively and defensively than MDA.

  879. I stopped listen to Hornets feed. I learn more from opponent’s commentators whether they like Lin or not. Except I don’t listen to Lin’s past team commentators.

  880. Yes, clyde Frazier!

  881. I don’t know about the Asian thing so much anymore. Lin is now a real NBA guy and is considered a dangerous player if not contained. I think Lin himself wants to not be the center of attention but still wants to make a substantial contribution to winning. And he’ll be Hairsanity some days and the glue guy the other days. The Harvard/Asian thing isn’t so much on the forefront as much as it used to be. Now he’s almost a veteran who can be a weapon for the opposing team. Some people will never accept Asians in the NBA, others just kind of see the player to plan to contain.

  882. I would like him to go to the Spurs and be a back-up for the aging Tony Parker whos #’s have been on the decline for the past few yrs.

  883. After 5 teams with no coach willing to start him, it says a lot about the bias Lin has to face! And if MDA is the only coach Lin can do well so what?! Where would Jordan and Kobe be without Phil Jackson?! Both of their careers fell off after Phil left!

  884. I know the Hornets are winning and #2 in the East. But as a Lin fan, I am not that happy with Lin’s game right now. Yes, he is playing strong defense but he doesn’t touch the ball much. And when he does, he isn’t shooting well (even with really good looks), he isn’t finishing drives that well, he isn’t creating a lot of great looks for teammates, and when he gets fouled, he is missing a lot of free throws.

    Maybe it is his back that is bothering him. Some will say he is spending a lot of energy on D. Maybe it is a little of both, but the games are kind of boring for me when Lin isn’t more of a two-way threat. I’m sure he will eventually get things righted but it just isn’t the same thrill watching him play right now.

  885. McHale and Scott started him. I think both were poor coaches. Lin chose Charlotte knowing he wouldn’t start. Clifford is a good coach. I think he’s fine in Charlotte so long as things progress and so far they are. I don’t need him to start. If he has power to play his game and knows what the coach wants and most of his teammates tendencies, he’s in a good place to do well.

  886. I think Lin rather builds his success from ground up than joining a successful team. 76ers is a very good candidate next year.

  887. Me too. Bc I know they will always say nice about Lin. I just want to know more what other teams really think about him now. Bc I don’t think Lin will stay w Hornets next year. I want to know which team is really high on him….LOL!

  888. Only averaging 18 minutes per game and not even considered 6th man in rotation, what do you expect? That’s why I just watch highlights now. It by far the most disappointing season and about time Lin learns to do more iso plays and ignore passing to teammates for his own shots. He should know that some iso plays is completely fine. He doesn’t always have to pass the ball just cause a teammate asks for it!

  889. not much to say here. shooting-wise, this is the worst season of his career.

    but on the plus side, consider how effective lin is without a perimeter shot right now. when he finally fixes his shot, it will all come together nicely.

    as far as not handling the ball and controlling the offense — that is the worst thing about being on this team. cuz kemba is not a PG.

  890. Ya! I like him. NY fans & media like Lin…

  891. He fits well with this team. Did you see him in Portland? It was very different, more featuring LMA and Lillard. Batum didn’t get a chance to show off all of his basketball skills.

  892. thats why i was almost confused during the previous game where cliff sit KW and let Jlin closed out games..

    I thought Cliff saw already how to make out of JLIN…but when post interview do comes during some other games, he specifically mentioned that He’s finding ways to reinsert some players as against Jlin but couldn’t find the chance…so more often, Trust is still the issue for if one is playing good, why says to the media what your intentions during the games where the player you’re supposed target of sub played hard for you but still not enough to believe that he’s the real deal..

    just like JLIN had said…its a Process and patience is a virtue. whether is a pattern of substitution, etc, JLIN know that come right moment and open trust by his coach , his time will come.

    If it will be on the other teams after FA, i follow!

  893. Don’t need him to start?! Are you crazy? Not starting means he’ll only get 15-18minutes per game with many single digit scoring!

  894. see the pattern with JLIN..Batum has potential but can’t get off because its lillard and LMA’s team, moreso that this KW and Batum’s team, so JLIN will find it hard (20/80 chance because he is a PG and KW is a PG also) to showcase himself and “get a chance to show off all of his basketball skills”

  895. He’s not sticking around in Charlotte if he gets offered starter somewhere.

  896. so portland is not a smart team?

    at least you are seeing that they are CATERING to batum …….maybe because of “fit and Basketball skills” as you mentioned below.

  897. thats for sure.

  898. Unfortunately, who will offer him a starting position with the way he is playing/being used now?

  899. alot of people say *when* he fixes his shot, but never consider the *if*

  900. if there i.s an offer but usually they looks at stats first..sigh

  901. its possible his shot will be broken for a long time, ie for most of this season. that is def possible.

    it is still unlikely tho.

  902. He said Lamb in a game in the 4Q only because Lamb went something like 8 for 10 and didn’t play at all in the 4Q. That doesn’t mean he was looking for Lamb to close the game. In the Knicks game Lin closed with Batum and Kemba wasn’t on the floor, no way was Lin not going to close due to how he was playing. In the Minn game I think Lamb was 8 for 10. Lin was playing well and was the only one to defend a guy, I think it was Kevin Martin, who was scoring on everyone else. But Lamb shot 80 percent and deserved to play because he played well. He didn’t play because the unit on the floor played better. It was more directed about the great play of Lamb at the time and why he didn’t get inserted than Cliff wanting to replace LIn as a closer.

    I think you are finding a lot of anti-Lin stuff where Cliff isn’t being anti-Lin. He’s looking at the whole team and trying to balance things out. It’s not a knock on Lin or distrust in him when he said he was trying to put an 80 percent shooter for the game back in but couldn’t due to the unit on the floor playing well.

  903. Something seems to have happened. He was shooting the best of his career in the pre-season. Now he’s having trouble with free throws.

  904. Exactly! Lin just doesn’t get it, he needs “stats” to show he’s a star! Without a high average PPG for an entire season he will continue to be stuck as a bench player!

  905. It’s only 1/4. The season is long.

  906. i was disappointed to see that steve van gundy gave the starting PG role to reggie jackson, and overpaid him too. makes me wonder he is bad at evaluating PG talent. he should have taken lin.

    lin would be killing it right now if he could play next to drummond.

  907. NO. I. don’t. need. him. to. start. Period. I’m not crazy. Is he getting 15-18 minutes now as a bench player? Have you looked at Iggy of GSW and how many minutes he gets? Lin can start from the bench and get his 24-28 minutes and have a huge impacts on games. In fact his first Linsanity game was off of the bench.

  908. he might not get a “starter” position but if he plays at this level and contributes to the team this much he could probably be offered a backup pg spot on a title contender, ie cavs next season. He has proven his worth, big time and can sub in for lebron james/kyrie irving and be an offensive threat or sub in with one of the two and be a defensive threat. Either way I could see him getting 20+ minutes on the cavs, and judging how much irving/love and now that lebron getting older, are getting injured he would probably be a starter anyway. The real question is how much is the cavs willing to offer, and if lin will accept it.

  909. Yes the season is long… Wish that he get good stats now and we dont have to wait until ASB to find out.

  910. He has only been the primary handler of the ball in MDAs offense. In Woodson’s the ball flowed through Anthony. In McHale’s Harden handled it. In Scott’s, as a starter Kobe hogged the ball. On the bench, Lin mostly handled it except when Nick came in and hogged it. At least in Charlotte, Lin runs the PG in the 2Q and with Batum, they both run the offense and there is less ball hogging with a system that actually encourages ball movement.

  911. This is the worst season for him
    Paul and everyone are saying Lin is improving thats great and all
    Lin is just going down the path to be a solid back up pg who plays the way coach wants him to
    no more taking over like he did in houston

  912. no to the cavs…

  913. Nothing is for sure. And why are we looking beyond this season that is currently defining itself? Lin said it’s a process. I take that as his instruction to have patience with this season and see what more develops.

  914. the woodson offense going through anthony, and the mchale offense going through harden. those are at least reasonable or arguable decisons.

    but the offense going through kemba instead of lin, especially at these ridiculous proportions, is simply stupid.

  915. I think it is pretty much going through Batum, not Kemba as much. That’s the interesting development in the most recent games.

  916. I seldom have any chance to listen to Hornets feed as my streaming is always linking to opponent teams:-) Having said that I seldom pay attention to what the announcers said unless it talked about JLin. I concentrate on watching the game when JLin is in rather than listen to announcers. Often I turn the voice rather low.

  917. I think he’s been playing really well this year. A lot more under control, plays with confidence, improved D, a very good captain, at least the bench unit and couple starters look to him to lead.

  918. I would hate to see Lin on the same team with Lebron. It would be so hard to cheer for a team with Lebron on it.

  919. I am not happy about his stats either. Not sure how long this only took few shots will last but today’s different bc they really played more team ball w good ball movement since vs Bulls game1. Lin probably just showed he’s unselfish…. I really hope Hornets & Cliff can give Lin more credit & freedom to play his game. Not just help your guys win but sacrifice himself.

  920. batum is perfectly justifiable but im not talking about him. im talking about how much kemba handles the ball when hes in the game with lin. and that lin doesnt get enough kemba-free time.

    kemba is simply not good enough to justify his outsized role. replace lin with kemba in the 2nd unit, and that 2nd unit certainly is not going to be better as a whole — it will be worse.

    replace kemba with lin in the 1st unit, and that unit wont be worse, and i bet would be better. kemba is not needed to do so much on this team.

    kemba cant play off the ball. that is his limitation. and lin has to pay for kemba’s limitation by letting the inferior PG run the offense.

  921. He will never be a star
    he seems to have already accepted being a role player coming off the bench
    but he’s still my boy the only asian in the NBA
    He will never achieve Yao’s greatness but hes done better than any other asians

  922. but we are now talking about closing…i am not looking for an anti=cliff things because i am reading what you are reading also..maybe dismissing one write up against another to sort whats happening. you are not changing you’re stand since the beginning even though it was clear that Cliff still has no trust with Jlin but trust PJ..what Pj can do, Lin can do it better and if you don’t believe that, then i don’t know what we are talking about here.

    He’s talking about Lambs performance not to spite JLIn i know, but why put it in that context when JLIN himself were doing better (scoring is not alone basis by what we mean by better) scoring wise meant not you’re per se performing well as we saw during that game. Lamb was a liability on defense but scoring well, yet cliff thought of bringing back a scoring player to replace a doing it all player, good that he didn’t and reasons and winning prevails. That’s why cliff is still better than Mchale and BS and not better than MikeDanthony in terns of Lins usage.

  923. Cavs dont need him
    already have Irving Delly and Mo Will
    JR and SHumpert at the 2
    He wouldnt any minutes
    and his offense has took a dip no longer a threat

  924. Paul said that….Lin is just going down the path to be a solid back up pg who plays the way coach wants him to …?

  925. I think the 17, 18, 24, 14, 28 pt games are coming. I’m not sure when. But when Lin starts knocking down that jumper and goes on a streak, that’ll start it in motion. I think it’s having faith that it will and being patient or just worrying about how his scoring is lately. We’re not 61 of 82, we’re 21 of 82 now.

  926. I wouldn’t go that far. He clearly has the ability to be a star. It is just the unlikely situation where a team would let him be a star. I don’t think he has accepted being a role player off the bench, he just isn’t complaining about it. He is picking his battles.

  927. In fact, w NYK, Lin was 100% PG after that … always mix w SG. In Hornets is really the worst one bc about 80% SG only few min PG w 2nd unit. smh!

  928. yeah, sure they can consider it 33 continuous wins (even though technically they lost like 10 games in the post season) but if they DON’T get past the hornets on the 4th there will forever be a footnote, a small footnote, a tiny footnote, but still a footnote. The footnote will read: “not longest win streak in a single season”, and that will forever leave some nagging doubt as to which team was truly the greatest, no matter what a “sports caster” or the NBA says is technical. If they can beat the hornets, they leave no room for any doubt who the greatest team in history is and that is what they should aim for. Lets watch and see what happens, it should be an enjoyable ride. Hopefully if it does come down to it, hornet don’t get blown out again and be embarrased on national television…that would be the worst case scenario.

  929. The last 2 games Lin is shooting better. Maybe vs Memphis will be the game that Lin will score lots of points.

  930. i wish some reporter ask lin what happen to his shooting form… Really want to hear what he says about it.

  931. I think they’re trying to get Kemba in the all-star game. His numbers are better than ever. Cliff seems to leans towards either Kemba or Batum on the floor most times. Lin won’t get much PT with both of them off of it.

  932. nope he only said hes happy lins developing
    but the way hes developing hes gonna end up a 15mpg back up

  933. Twinterview him the question.

  934. hope so. With lin you just can t pred ict his game

  935. Developing? For what? stand in 3P corner for CnS SG? smh!

  936. He can be a good starter but being a star will take more than that
    Lin hasnt shown hes got what it takes yet
    He doesnt have to complain just pad your stats a little bit

  937. then you are not wishing him well because you want him not to show what he’s capable of..
    not starting here had shown for now that he will only play less because coach with set plays in mind will not make him his options. hope this change and let see what happen next.

    i can wait for him to finish his tenure at hornets but i like him to be the focale point of a team where he will be given priority to carry it to the team because i know he can!

  938. I don’t know if Lin can play at a star-level for a sustained period to be considered a star. Lin can for some games and in spots in others. But stars do it for most of the games they play. And they play differently than Lin does, are more aggressive going to the ball or know the ball will mostly go through them. Love, for instance, knows that when playing with LeBron but he also dominates on the boards so he gets the ball.

  939. he offers a different kind of offense that delly and mo will don’t have. Thats the ability to open up the floor and create plays. Delly is decent at playmaking but not as good as Lin. Mo Williams is a volume shooter who offers no benefits on a team already stacked to the brim with volume shooters. They would be better off with someone who can increase the offensive potential of the entire team, be able to read the other teams offense and play lock down defense, and im sure lin would fit that perfectly.

  940. Yep playing within the system and all that

  941. Based on what? He’s a 23 MPG back up now. And he’s a 1/2 combo guard that plays crucial minutes of the games closing some. Based on what he’s doing, he’s likely to do that and more.

  942. i dont have twitter…lol

  943. That’s NOT what he did today. It’s not right to keep saying that. Lin is being utilized more in the offense and just doesn’t stand in the corner. They are moving away from that. And he certainly isn’t just a CnS SG. When he gets the ball he is another facilitator, but we have to accept that Batum has been the best facilitator on the team and he’s the main one. Lin is actually the 2nd best, he can beat out Kemba for that.

  944. thats silly. you cant do much if you rarely touch the ball, except for some 8-10 minute stretch with the 2nd unit.

    its like your silly assist-comparison between kemba and lin. how do you compare assists between two players when both are often on the court at the same time and there is only ball, and that ball is rarely in lin’s hands?

    how do you get transition opportunities and easy shots if you arent the one who gets the outlet after the defensive rebound? how do you do anything without the ball?

  945. He is not much of an offensive threat if he doesnt look to get his shots
    His defense improved but hes no tony allen or Bruce bowen
    So where does that leave him?
    I said he will go down that road
    his minutes will go down as Lamb picks up defense

  946. first Linsanity game, he was unknown then even with MDA, but Cliff told everybody he knew well JLIN’s game, so no more research and experimentation…

    what we have now is a given state..Hornets has a Franchise PG with a Catered SG, and then all role players (MKG i don’t know where to place, maybe Catered because PJ is a hold over for his position till he comes back)

  947. That’s a negative question. They won’t ask him that. They may ask him what he’s working on in the game, what he’s happy with and what he’d like to get better. But probably not. Team is winning and really, most reporters think he’s playing well.

  948. cliff is doing his job to make kw the face of the franchise and the owner happy.

  949. Thats the thing thou
    If nobody gives you a chance, then thats it
    You are not gonna go too far

  950. Me too. I don’t like or want him to stay w Hornets. Bc the only starting position for Lin it’s SG. W Kemba he will not get too much touch of the balls… That’s not good for him & I don’t think Lin like this role either.

  951. being on the same team as lebron james, and actually being a decent help to him would be huge for lins career and stardom.

  952. is this a recognition that politics plays also with the team?

  953. Nonsense. I’m not looking for some ideal place for him because in my opinion no such place exist in the NBA. The NBA is a nasty place of egos and politics and always wanting to find the new young guy to replace all but the established stars. If Lin looks like he has a place he’s comfortable in and can have his imprint on the team in a reasonable amount of time, then I support that.

    I think a lot of Lin fans want what may not be attainable. You are looking for him to be a starter and if he does, will it be on a joke of a team that has a Laker-like record? That would not be good. I’d rather see him contribute significantly to a winner. Just because I don’t see it as you do doesn’t mean I don’t support him. That’s not fair. I support him. But I don’t need him to start. I think he can still be a great Lin getting 24-28 minutes and solidify his place in the NBA that way.

  954. Delly distributes the ball better than Lin so is his defense
    Lin is a better scorer than him but he hasnt done that in a while he lost quite a bit
    and Cle is doing great the way they are now
    Lin really doesnt fit in that team

  955. How can he not have trust in Lin when he brings him back in so many games to close? He won’t always close, but he’s closed more than any other player not named Batum or Kemba.

  956. Heat is just a really good interior D team. Lin had trouble driving in today cause that particular team is good at defending inside. We killed them by moving the ball around the perimeter.

  957. cmon dude..delly distributes better than lin?? Distributes to who..to lebron 95% of the time? What happened last time when cavs faced against hornets and jeremy lin. Lin shutdown delly, scored like 7 points in 13 minutes off the bench, locked down their entire defense too. After he was subbed out, Cavs fought their way back in. Lin>>Delly, and I actually like delly so nothing against him.

  958. oh please not to sixers. Not when hinkie is gm….absolutely no….loloh

  959. You have to go with the best 5 and showcase the best producers. Lillard is amazingly clutch and LMA can put up huge points as the focal point of the team. Batum was a big contributor, but here, Batum has found that great combo at least for now.

  960. I think Lin is a far superior player to Delly. And Delly also resorts to wrestling guys, not playing BB when things don’t go his way. Lin’s facilitation is way better than Delly’s.

  961. Ya! Like Batum last year in Portland, he’s lousy performance. But in Hornets, they set up the game plan & cater everything for him to do well…. Like today’s tri-double… LOL! That really means nothing to me bc they set up for him since he took less shots today. If you have the ball in your hand, you can really easy to get AS plus if you are the one who gets Reb most of the time…. that’s how easy you can get tri-double on purpose like today. (Hornets did that for him in the past 3 games.) Lance got the most tri-double in his contract year but what about him now?

  962. That’s the standard definition of star.

    My comparison of assists say that Kemba has the better number, not that he is the better assist producer. I think Kemba is poor at getting assists compared to Lin. Lin’s assists are usually more skilled. Kemba throws the ball to MW, MW knocks down his 3s, Kemba gets an assist. Lin draws defenders and passes out of traps on dribble-drives and gets an assist. It’s much more difficult. Most of Kemba’s assists are easier, but to say Kemba doesn’t pass and just shoots isn’t right. Kemba is passing more, it’s just not the best part of his game.

    Lin chose this team and he’s working more at seeing where this team can use his skills but realizes, Batum is great at facilitating also. Lin is still in feeling out mode.

  963. So Batum has no skills, it’s just that he gets the ball because he’s coach’s pet. That’s essentially what you are saying. Batum has earned every right to be first facilitator on this team. He’s played that well. Even with the TOs, Batum has shown great basketball IQ and solid court vision in his role as facilitator.

  964. That’s good too.

  965. I don’t think Lin is developing in this team at all as PG. They ask him to be SG most of the time. They are training him for good D only. Consider that’s one good thing came out from this team.

  966. Kemba has said why. Adding Batum, adding Lin, has helped make his job easier. He doesn’t have to force shots as he did and can be more efficient. He’s really only had one horrible game I can remember when he shot terribly. The GSW game. Otherwise, he’s been pretty efficient. And Batum and LIn help him space the floor and get the ball in positions to get good shots or make better passes. Kemba has been there a long time, he seems easy to coach. The team is trying to reward him and the ASG is in Charlotte.

  967. According to stats, its 52/48 SG vs. PG.

  968. Stats not really tell the whole story… The time he really can be PG only from the beginning of 2Q. (That’s the only time w/o Kemba & Batum)

  969. I didn’t say he’s no skill but if not for coach to set up for him he wouldn’t have the stats he got today. Check his last year’s stats from Portland. If they think that high on him he would not be traded to Hornets.

  970. youre missing the pt. consistent production comes from consistent options available to the player. those options are not available to you if you only get the leftovers as lin does when kemba is on the floor.

    kemba — like anyone who is a decent player — can produce because he gets consistent range of choices throughout the game and can therefore consistently choose what is advantageous to him.

    for example, if lin gets the outlet from defensive rebounds, he can probe to see if you can a transition basket or assist available.if there are no good opportunities, then he can pass it to other players or set the half-court offense. but the point is, he got first dibs at the easy opportunities. consistent production comes from constantly getting first dibs, taking the good opportunities and foregoing the bad situations. kemba gets all those consistent opportunities, while lin does not.

    another example, if you have the ball, and they run picks for you, you get first dibs at layups and assist opportunities and if the opportunities are not there, you have the choice to do something else, like pass the ball to someone else. getting constant picks means you get to CHOOSE from a set of options and take the best ones and give others the lesser opportunities.

    if your role, like lin so often, is to just do catch and shoot, then you dont get first dibs. you just leftovers. no one can produce consistently without a consistent ‘menu’ of options available to take advantage of.

    so its not just about minutes or touches, but about being the guy who gets first dibs, who has the biggest menu of options. good players that get many chances at looking at the ‘menu’ produce consistently. if youre just a spot up shooter or there to make cuts, the menu is limited and you cannot decide to look at the menu whenever you want.

  971. Coach recognized the skill and this team is good for him to do it in. But he really has the skill. Nic is better on the Hornets than Portland because it is a better fit for him. Charlotte, due to lack of Lin type of players, PnR big man like Davis being central, isn’t as good for him. With Davis, Lin would have way better numbers. Cody Zeller is Batum’s Davis. Nic’s assists numbers are up due to Al not being in vs. Cody.

  972. They said not this year- AGS in Hornets.

  973. I get it totally what you’re saying. But, Lin does more than spot up and shoot. He’s that load up on Kemba and Batum guy that then emerges. That is your definition of leftovers. Yes, that is what he’s getting. What Lin is trying to figure out is how much more can he do.

    I’m against saying Kemba doesn’t pass at all. He does. He’s a shoot first PG but so is Irving, Westbrook and other “PGs”. He’s that type but not as skilled. But they all get assists too because their shooting opens up their getting balls to others. They are also very ball dominant.

  974. Well said. consistent production comes from consistent options available to the player.

    Why Lin couldn’t get good stats bc he didn’t have the same playing time like Batum & Kemba. Also didn’t have the same amount of shooting # like them to catch up bad shooting night.

  975. We must pray something happens in Philly…

  976. other than he score before , his efficiency were not that good, thats why many here were asking why he shoots when he’s not making it, so in terms of efficiency, it needs to be seen. Both KW and Batum shoots alot and their efficiency were not evident except on some few games, but generally, they are not efficient and TO was atrocious at times expecially Batum…

    well people tend to forget easily and sees only whats present, so right now, KW and Batum Efficiency are at best (this game i accept).

    If JLIN helped KW and Batum more, why not make him a starter because his defense warrants it. but no because PJ is better? (according to cliff?) why not reward Jlin also on this aspects of plays making great basketball? coach needs to see everybody and not only 2 or 3 players isn’t it?

    another question (not post for you but generally) the reason why JLIN is on the Bench was because he makes the Bench BETTER, so cliff reluctant to make him a starter? but now it seems the making the bench better is no longer being asked thats why after making the bench better and making the starters seems the bench, cliff now plant KW or Batum in the second unit for what reason again? isn’t it the Bench is already BETTER with JLIN running it?


  977. What’s going on?

  978. its happening NOW..changes will be forthcoming!!!

  979. hired somebody will overhaul the system in Philly..no one will be spared even FO!

  980. what i just said in my wordy write-up has nothing to do with how often kemba passes. i dont think we are actually in the same conversation.

  981. Do you think they’re really going to fired the coach?

  982. Please God let them choose Jeremy and sacrifice Noel…

  983. Coach is good (remember what MCW did with the Sixers at PG). But they have to trade for Jeremy first.

    Anyway, if the Colangelos riunite and want to recreate what they did in Phoenix….

  984. not noel…he’s needed thgere come JLin time there..maybe will come next FA with all rookies intact..then there’s a chance the Jlin has work to do there..make the team competitive!

  985. Ya! I really don’t like Kemba or Batum w Lin in 2nd unit? Bc why can’t just let Lin run O by himself along? These two already take enough shots why needs more playing time w 2nd unit?

  986. Noel and Okafor can’t play together.
    Embiid and Okafor can, in my opinion.
    Noel is on the trading block…

  987. Dwight for Al Jefferson?

  988. i like the way you assess the intricacies of where Jlin is coming from on this team. its a basketball analysis and it makes sense right now thats why i am not asking for any sort of consistent points with jeremy because of inconsistent role and “menu option” left for him.

    we are talking about Jeremy at this forum and we analyze his predicaments and we are not here because we follow KW or Batum, but talked about them because they are part on whats happening with him on the team.

    Batum do play selfishly sometimes but comes back when he commits 3 to 4 mistakes and try to play team ball there after. KW seems playing with agenda..He’s passing i know, but other than this game and few games before, he pass only when he’s in a bind. i saw also that on every games 2 to 4 possession on the entirety, he let Jlin facilitates, which maybe is a good sign or a bad sign, depends on whose looking at it.

    I still do believe that Batum and KW are the CATERED player and the rest are role players in the eys of Coach Cliff…but still waiting that time will come it will change and for the resove of Jeremy’s development with this team

  989. that is whenever Embiid CAN play.

  990. good trade..i take it immediately!!!LOL

  991. I like the NYK one & Hornets Mohawk. Hate the new one the most. LOL!

  992. doubt rockets would settle for that. Jefferson is a solid scorer but terrible defender. Rockets will be looking for DeAndre, Drummond, Cousins or Whiteside.

  993. I thought Lakers wants Cousins?

  994. Problem is, Lin doesn’t play in a vacuum. He plays with KW and Batum as part of that team. That’s how he’ll have to produce until his situation changes.

    Batum and KW are considered to be higher placed players than Lin whether we like it or not or agree with it or not. That’s the reality I make my comments on, not what I’d like it to be.

    The other problem is Lin is team-oriented, not self and stat oriented. So, in a player that doesn’t show the latter trait, it is anything other than frustrating to keep wanting him to more serve his stats?

  995. Agree NYK and Mohawk with nice. this new one looks too weird in the front and has way too much gel.

  996. My father at young age of 20’s, went to Nanking from Taiwan, wearing three-piece suit & tie and a pancake hat, and white shoes, doing business. He was called “Fake Foreign Ghost” by the natives with long braded pony tail in the back and a shaved front and sides. Ha

  997. better than dwight??? well they are settling for capella now, so alJeff seems better than Howard if they are trading him now.

  998. Hope they rehire MDA that would be the best!

  999. it will heal for the chemistry solution by Jeremy when he’s there..LOL!

  1000. Yep πŸ™‚

  1001. They have Lebron and Irving to facilitate Lin is not needed there
    They need a delly to do the dirty work

  1002. Lin + Dwight to reunite? sounds good to me. This is assuming that Dwight will ask for Lin to start!

  1003. Agree πŸ™‚

  1004. Delly has more assists than Lin
    but Lin scores better imo
    Any team would take Lin over delly prolly thou

  1005. too much gel not good for hair roots πŸ™‚

  1006. Dwight is not good for a team

  1007. Ya! I think Rox already picked Capella to replace for D12 … if he leaves…. I heard they said even now Capella is just a backup…(he starts sometimes…) but I can see him to starts for this league …..

  1008. I also think that’s possible for next summer….

  1009. that’s why i have no expectation because i know whats happening and what i hope now is the things ‘TO COME” and that will be a REALITY too if it happened not so much that its what i wanted too!! ..
    and i am not delusional to say that even with the catered player he will break out..but i am hoping that after they signed Batum, things will change and will now focus on Jlin and there , changes will come.

    Jlin is a team player that’s what i like about him, but it doesn’t mean he has no wishes too. real as the sense of the word, he’s real and wants to help also on offense, as it is frustrating to some fans, much more maybe with Lin.

  1010. Al Jeff will be useless over there
    the rox need a rim protector
    D Jordan is perfect for them

  1011. Yup Mohawk looked great, I never understood why people were making a fuss. But this new hairstyle……..

  1012. They are trying to lose
    even if Lin goes Linsanity they are still an awful team
    better a back up on a good team than a star on a losing team
    rememebr evan turner? lol

  1013. I’d speculate that Lins new hairstyle had negatively affected his shooting tonight.

  1014. Hinkie is good as gone next year, but they seem committed to Brett Brown, who’s a smart coach from the Spurs system. He was one of the only coaches who praised Lin last season (Brown,Clifford and Stevens).

    I honestly believe that MDA and Lin will reunite next season if at all possible. With the Nets as a major possibility.

  1015. I like Baby Lin’s style a little better, like Gangland Boss-style
    Maybe it will be thicker on the top


  1016. Joe Lin’s man bun looks way cooler. Lin should use less gel and give his hair more volume!

  1017. Anybody know how Memphis has been? Looks like they’ve lost to Cav’s, GSW, Nets, Port, Jaz, LAC, Spurs, ATL, OKC,

  1018. like it you already knew JLIN’s future with the words “WILL NEVER”..so much positivism there?

  1019. Same here, hope after such horrible team like the Rockets, Dwight will finally be willing to play PnR and appreciate a PG like Lin instead of insisting on doing old style post moves that he’s not good at.

  1020. i either don’t get it when one compare JLIN with another PG who has More PT and higher usage rate and expects him to gathered stats in the process

  1021. Houston cut was good. Mohawk started to catch on, then BAM, new style!

  1022. Not if Lin’s the star of the team and making everyone play teamball! Linsanity was also a bunch of bench players minus Tyson Chandler. Lin just needs the key to a team as PG and teammates willing to play team ball.

  1023. i dont mind the shape but it just looks so greasy. a big greasy clump.

  1024. I agree, too much gel IMO

    I want it to look like this (refresh)

  1025. It’s not what you said specifically. It’s something said here often. That Kemba has no passing game at all, doesn’t pass to others. That’s not true.

  1026. I think spikey Mohawk & greasy Shaolin-style have 1 thing in common:
    make defenders afraid to touch them =)

  1027. this might sound strange but i never noticed how short lin’s forehead is until looking at this picture.

  1028. well he’s defining the reason why KW plays with Lin and JLIN needs to accepts that it his reality right now…

    JLIN has ans some followers and me too accepts it as hard as it could be not because it will be the norm, but because theres no option right now but to play and play with the opportunity thats in front of him..I can’t even compare KW to Jlin now, because they are in different situation with both same position. Kemba as Catered and JLIn as role player..so role player will have lower stat line and catered will excel..

    unfortunately, even with limited minutes before, Lin had shown he can best KW if given little room to worked on that why now, KW will be with JLIN or Batum will be there.

    so far Batum works best with JLIN and KW works best with JLIN but you can’t say vice versa….with Batum maybe.

  1029. Still the man bun was too flat should spike it higher!

  1030. i saw this on reddit. i think its relevant to your question.


  1031. Not bad still good defense
    Offense is a bit messy they phase out Conley too much sometimes
    He passes the ball and a lot of the time it doesnt come back he stands on the corner a lot too
    Gasol isnt as effective as last yeat but still demands touches
    Zbo keeps shooting
    Lee Green meh inconsistent
    Barnes works hard
    Chalmers doing pretty well actually
    basically they are not featuring Conley a lot
    they cud be better

  1032. nobodys gonna buy in
    the org is trying to lose

  1033. i dont see why you reply to my post by saying something irrelevant to the discussion.

  1034. watch the game sir…he only pass to Batum and Al and sometimes to MW..thats why his assist was so low compared to the time JLIN PT..almost equal with more minutes KW plays…you already said KW has less skill in passing and he’s a shooting first PG.

    Traditionally, PG facilitates, but kW facilitates first to himself and if he’s in a bind pass or commit TO.

    Let’s accept that because even old time hornets fans knew about his assist and facilitation, so no need to exposed it becauuse it was well documented already..AGAIN, except this last game, He did REALLY PASS the BALL…that’s why even Jlin didn’t pad his stats (no chance) i enjoyed the win because it was a”TEAM WIN”

  1035. Interesting, it’s the players who prefer the slow-pace since they’re so used to it

    They’re gonna get wrecked by the Hornets RunNGun style

    -50 point loss to GSW
    -37 point loss to OKC last night
    -30 point loss to CLE
    -20 point loss to SAS
    -19 point loss to POR

    This isn’t true at all. Dave Joerger has tried to implement more pace into the offense every year he’s been the head coach and the players have revolted against it every time. It’s the players more than the fans or coach who want to stick with the slow-paced ground and pound style. Earlier in the season Mike Conley tried to explain away our struggles by saying we were “playing too fast” and needed “to get back to doing what we do.” We were 27th in the league in pace at the time. Last year it was Tony Allen publicly complaining about the new sets.

    The players will be the last ones to doubt their style. Everyone else – including Dave Joerger – has been doubting it for years. I’m sure there’s a lot going on internally. But doubts about their style of play is not behind the struggles.

  1036. i like this style lol

  1037. basically, memphis is like hornets stuck in the Al Jefferson era but with no shooters.

  1038. it should be noted that chalmers recently joined them in the middle of the season. i think he makes their team much better. at least more modern.

  1039. Yes that was what I was thinking. They look like they can’t handle fast, good ball movement teams that shoot 3’s.

  1040. and they’ll meet the Grizz twice in the next 10 gms!

  1041. and they wanted to sign JLin cheaply
    Good thing JLin declined, such a contrast in style

  1042. JLin needs to copy the look, too lol

  1043. if you are losing the game, its hard to make a comeback without 3s and more pace.

    old hornets fans would say that when they were down by 10 pts, it would be nearly impossible to make a comeback. thats because they didnt have enough perimeter shooting before.

  1044. Anybody else notice that Wade shoved Lin to the ground in midair as Lin shot a 3 pointer in the 3rd quarter? Announcers only said Wade got an easy fast break layup at the other end because “Lin just fell down”.

  1045. hrm, i smell a blowout.

  1046. wade is a dirty player.

  1047. Because the refs let him get away with it.

  1048. then why it didn’t happened with his previous team portland?

    all players having “skills” when catered can be an all star player..and that’s a fact. Look at melo, catered with good statsline (but can’t carry the team to a championship)..look at harden now, they chose Harden over Jlin, (and see what’s a mess the team has been), but stats wise harden is still ok…

    and let’s see the time when JLIN was CATERED..only in NYK..he did fine with his stats, but look at what happened with the team and his teammates, winning and happier than ever

  1049. and hes a jerk with an endless sense of entitlement.

  1050. who says that i want him to be useful there, all i’m saying is Dwight will be USEFUL here at the hornets!

  1051. it means , jlin can’t play defense onthat occassion thats why wade was able to break away with a fast break? but what happened to other players who also needs to play defense and safety? if one guard shoots the ball, the other guard needs to be the safety isn’t it?

  1052. But easy for an opponent to pull it down.

  1053. Send the clip to NBA. Tweet to NBA.

  1054. Any time you can hold a team like Miami below 20 points in 3 straight Qs, it will be a feat by its own right. This is possibly the worst game that Miami has played for the season.

  1055. talking about his new hair.

  1056. Again,I’m so late to the victory party, but congrats to Jeremy. I like his pacing this game, how beautiful it is against Miami Heat…

    Except probably the hair. I like the spiky, “Akira Sendoh” hairstyle better than the short ponytail.

  1057. The hair got MJ attention, that what’s count

  1058. Sure. With the exception of Kobe (thanks to Shaq and Pau), those players you mentioned are either still waiting or retired without the ultimate goal of an NBA players – a championship ring.

  1059. So far, my preference is important to myself. That’s what I meant by that post.

  1060. Lin is EXACTLY the player that Memphis needed to lead their team.

  1061. He might read your post and go back to spiky hair:)

  1062. Can’t ball with that. Not intimidating enough. Maybe for Parsons. lol

  1063. can also be that heat has an off night.

  1064. Gel is Jeremy’s defense. Opponents who touch his hair will risk turnover, due to cannot hold ball properly.

  1065. Oh please let it happen! I really don’t like this new look.

  1066. I really don’t like most of your posts.
    Honestly, I don’t come here as often because of your frequent posts to justify the favoritism that Walker and Batum enjoy.

  1067. His hair makes him looks like Manchu. I still prefer his spiky hair.

  1068. You guys are hella selfish on this forum Lin is not a All Star caliber player smh Im a lin fan to.

  1069. Lin is super star.

  1070. so you happy if he gets 2 ppg and 2 assist in 30 minutes, right? I will not be because that doesn’t warrant much to keep watching. We watch him becasue of the breakout of linsanity. It’s fun to watch.

  1071. and still hope there is one day linsanity again, but I doubt it..unless all circumstances fall into play ..again.

  1072. and btw when I say linsanity again, I mean 20 and 10 AND WINNING …even thought I hated that word if used by others.

  1073. That’s what I am happy for Lin & also worry about it….They finally played team ball as Lin wish but…..???



  1074. Neither Kemba, Batum, Al & co.

    But Kemba, Batum and Al are treated like ones. Jeremy, not.

  1075. You’re like a Konoha ninja doubting Naruto is of Hokage calibre… If this made any sense lol

  1076. lol.. you know something.. I might as well not watch.. i always end up watching 2nd half..and he didn’t do jack 2nd half for couple of game already…but reading play by play in the first half made me watch.

  1077. It is just normal for player’s fans to hope the player to start, or to have more FGA or to have more minutes. If Hornets cannot give that to Lin, what is wrong with hoping Lin move to other team which can give that.

    You are not happy with what Lin’s fans said, only if you are not Lin’s fan, but instead team’s fan who selfishly hopes Lin stays there as bench so the team can have no 1 bench or a fan of other player who will be demoted if Lin become the starter.

    We instead say it is not up to you or the team’s fans or Lin’s fans, but it is up to other teams’ GM and coaches. It only needs 1 team who believes in Lin. If Hornets cannot give Lin that, we believe there will be a team next year who wants to give Lin a chance. After all, It is just a business decision for NBA team and there is no such thing as All Star materials, except for handful HOFs, all other All Stars are manufactured ones that were produced by business decision.

  1078. Just found out. D12 took almost the same # of shots like Lin last night. 1-4 for 4 pts?! But on the other hand, Harden was13/23 w 12 FT?? Harden is more & more like Kobe now…

  1079. Come on now…Last night Lin had 19:50 minutes recorded on the books. But during the first half or most of those ‘limited’ times, he didn’t have much control of the ball or set plays or screens for him. And we all know he said that he’s tweaking his shooting style. What do you expect? I’m not making excuse for Lin. We all want him to do well, but we also have to take into consideration the circumstances that he’s currently in. Hornets and some Lin fans expect All-Star production from Lin, but Hornets are treating Lin as a 2M ‘backup’ player? What that means is they expect perfect production and shooting from Lin w/o even one miss in a game given the limited minutes? I don’t know if any NBA player could or had ever done that in the history of NBA basketball? Lin can do well eventually once he’s adjusted, but he is not Hornets priority or focal point! According to Adi Joseph’s recent article, Lin is still learning to fit his game w/Hornets playing style/teammates, and Cliff is a prescript game planner, (inflexible and micro-manager, IMO). At current, he is still learning Lin’s game by watching what Lin can do on-court according to the article. Make your own conclusion about the promises made to Lin.

  1080. Politics follows Lin every where. I don’t fret about it. Lin is too smart to be used by anyone without his knowledge. He’s in Charlotte fully eyes wide open because he’s getting enough out of the situation to go forward. Already he’s changing the narrative that he’s a weak defender. It’s not an equivalent exchange but Lin is using them to further his own destiny as well.
    Ultimately Charlette is shooting themselves in the foot by not taking advantage of all they can get out of Lin. By using Lin to shine up Walker and kiss up to Batum, lin becomes a one year rental that will have immediate impact on this team. By not using Lin as PG on the second unit, coach Lin can’t teach the youngsters how to play properly in a system. Every team Lin’s been on has benefitted from coach Lin’s patterns of play. Unfortunately for Hornets they will not get the full benefit of his input. Knicks and Rox held onto for a year. Hornets will revert even more quickly as all teams have when they deliberately suppress Lin.
    The joke will be on Hornets if this politically driven way continues much longer. There is obviously no meritocracy to who gets to lead and who gets the ball in hand right now. My only hope is that a trade or Allstar push is at work. However, it’s still a weak excuse for what’s happening.

    What comforts me is that Lin’s role as glue guy will come back to haunt the Hornets. Think of Lin as being subversively disruptive to the team by being so important to them without anyone noticing it. It’s only when Lin leaves will the gaping hole of his absence be felt. All too late of course just like every team that has let him go, they will regrets losing him. Lin makes them pay for their ignorance by being too good to them. Lol

  1081. Hornets aren’t treating Lin like a $2M backup player. His role is much bigger than any $2M backup player in the league. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Lin played within the game. Dragic and Reggie Jackson had bad games against the Hornets. They happen to players. Lin didn’t have to score much and played within the game and really, he is much more respected on the Hornets than he was on the Rockets and Lakers.

  1082. Politics is every where
    A lot of people are affected by it lol

  1083. No, Kobe would go 2 for 20
    Harden makes shots and he distributes the ball well
    He almost had a triple double

  1084. Lol this is the NBA
    Wade has been doing this kind of stuff for years
    He’s one of the best for a reason
    Dirty plays here and there
    its not even a big deal

  1085. from Acbc:

    It’s only when Lin leaves will the gaping hole of his absence be felt. All too late of course just like every team that has let him go, they will regrets losing him. Lin makes them pay for their ignorance by being too good to them.

  1086. So were MJ, Pippen, John Stockton(you think the all time steals leader got all those steals w/o being dirty?), Isiah Thomas and all other Legends.
    If you aint dirty, you aint even trying

  1087. so HOF, yep

  1088. John Stockton never got a ring, is he miserable? was he selfish?
    Not playing iso doesnt guarantee you a ring.
    and AI went to the NBA finals with a subpar team
    AI is a legend he changed the game, the players now all grew up admiring him. It’s not always about the ring,

  1089. Then why would the rockets do the deal that only helps the hornets

  1090. Not hard to tell

  1091. To answer post above: Lin is not even the 6th man rotation on this Hornets team and most of the time Lin has had the least minutes in a game. Contrary to the ‘promised made’, Lin has not been able to play his brand of basketball. Lin’s role and minutes have been jerked around to benefit the core players. Hornets are taking advantage of Lin’s talents knowing that he’s worth more than 2M. So, yes, they’re treating him as a 2M ‘backup’. Their actions speak of their intention, not their words.

  1092. Younger vision of Kobe.

  1093. Younger Kobe was more athletic was more like westbrook than Harden

  1094. Shots # made not the athletic.

  1095. Well said- Hornets are taking advantage of Lin’s talents knowing that he’s worth more than 2M.

  1096. I am not happy bc Lin should get the credit for they played well w the team ball not “just jerked around to benefit the core players.”

  1097. Me too.

  1098. Not much you can say about how the Hornets are handling things. They are currently 2nd in the East. The results speak for themselves

  1099. what

  1100. I would disagree with your sentiment. We are not the coaches with all the information. The way I see it Jeremy may have a nagging injury with icing on his midsection as we can all seen. Batum has been doing a fantastic job managing the traffic, and Clifford might not have the need for Jeremy’s full use at present in offense. Walker may be overused at present, and as we can see Jeremy is doing fantastically in defense, as season wore on his worth will be more obvious. He maybe a rental, but I think they will value him and offer him a new contract at season end. Just as Batum will have a close to max contract later.

  1101. In Rox, if Harden didn’t play well w his ISO game then they used Lin’s team ball to win next & Lin would be the one to do it but not in Hornets… Ya! Got your idea but Batum & Kemba could do it for us. smh!

  1102. Batum has been fantastic. He is the right choice on this team to do much of the facilitating. He’s done it better than Lin has. Lin’s combination of talent will help the team down the road, and he has some qualities Batum doesn’t have. But right now, Clifford has found a winning combination.

  1103. Very interesting highlight video, watch MJ in yellow/green jacket in far left corner.

    1) Lin made 1st 3, MJ Clapped hands enthusiastic.
    2) At 3:50, Lin made nice pass to wide open Hawes under basket but blew layup, MJ leaned back and crossed his arms express disappointment.
    3) No call on Wade hard fouled Lin caused him unbalanced landing. Ref was right there.

  1104. The way I see from this team, Lin is not use for PG duty more like PB for this team only – D & take few shots per game. At least for now.

  1105. Right now KW & NB are benefiting from many offense options around them and will get all the glory of any wins. They have the comfort and ease knowing that they have consistent minutes, role, mgmt/coach support, and the help of strong 2nd unit which can keep Hornets in the game. Confidence and support do translate to on-court performance. On the other hand, Cliff has not once allowed Lin to have complete control of 2nd unit. Either KW or NB or both are in at the same time w/Lin in the 2nd unit. And each time, they would control the ball, not Lin. So yes, Hornets have many offense options, contrary to Rox. Rox had to rely on Lin and Lin was able showcase his talents then.

  1106. Lol. When I first watched this video- I was paying really close attention to MJ. He seems to really enjoy watching Lin play. My dude just needs more mins mayn.