Game 21 Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat: Which Teams Have Trade Interest in Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy Lin continued to garner praise for his strong play in November and helped the Hawks to snap a 10-game losing streak.

In the last 5 games, he averaged 22.8 min, 16. points, 4.2 assists, 2.6 rebounds, 1.4 steals, 0.2 block, 65.3 FG%, 55.0  P%, 71.4 FT%.

Dominique Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks announcer and VP of Basketball Operations, praised Lin’s crossover that left his defender lose him badly, “Man, he is playing great basketball!” as Trae Young celebrated with a fist pump.

Which Team Have Trade Interest in Jeremy Lin?
  • Orlando Magic

Jeff Siegel, Peachtree Hoops Atlanta Hawks community blog editor, suggested Jeremy Lin’s good performance and expiring contract as the perfect fit for Orlando Magic who needs a quality starting PG. He also implied that the Hawks don’t need someone that good. Atlanta Hawks are in the “tanking” situation to lose as many games as they can in hopes of getting a possible #1 draft pick in Zion Williamson, which are discussed frequently and openly in the Hawks podcast and forums.

Note: “Expiring contract” is valuable in the NBA because after the season Jeremy Lin’s $13M contract will come off the books of his team, freeing up more salary cap to sign a big-name free agent. It also offers a chance to test if a player is a good fit for a team, can help to reach the playoff, test the player before offering a new contract.

  • Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns is also in a dire need of a starting Point Guard to help Devon Booker to bloom and provide veteran leadership to other young players, although they are in worse position than Orlando Magic to reach the 8th spot for playoff appearance.

Back in August 31st, Russ from @LegionHoops, stated Phoenix Suns have reached out to the Hawks with interest in trading for Jeremy Lin, according to source. If it is true, the Suns would have even greater interest after seeing Jeremy Lin’s strong performance in November.

Philadelphia 76ers is also another team discussed in a recent article about possible trade destinations for Lin although Miami Heat seems to be in the latest rumor to trade for Markelle Fultz 




    heres an article of local nba announcers have to basically be the local teams cheerleader. No way they say thing they shouldnt and dont get fired

  2. Go Lin.

  3. Yep, this just confirmed Lin’s mistreatments in prior teams were ALL from FO starting from Morey.

  4. Yup, this was what I said the other day… that broadcasters were the mouthpieces of the organizations they cast for, and that they wouldn’t say or do anything that doesn’t get OK’d from up top. One person disagreed and bashed me for it, but that’s to be expected.

    The fact that Bob Rathbun and Dominique, as well as the Fox Sports crew are so overly complimentary of Lin and praises Lin on a nightly basis means the front office is very high on Lin. Not as high as having him start over or even with Trae (at least not yet), but they’re obviously trying to promote Lin either for a trade or maybe even to sign Lin in the offseason.

  5. Agreed. I think it is more for a trade.

    Can not wait, although I do agree that teams do not look for the best interest for players when making trades, teams look at what they could get most from the trades.

  6. I want to see Tsai kicking himself and firing Marks when he is able to.

  7. what i was thinking. rox never wanted him

  8. probably for trade. trey can string up 8-20 20 points every now and then. that should keep him starting.

  9. Excellent article.

    This part about marquee rookie player is very applicable at the moment.
    Hawks announcers situation is very unique because ‘Nique being a VP of Basketball Operations clearly have interest of the organization so what he says really reflects the organization’s position.

    I like how Nique praised Lin’s playing great basketball. I believe it’s a genuine admiration but also realize that he’ll do what is the best for the Hawks. It could be propping Lin’s and Bazemore’s trade values, protecting Trae’s position as the future, etc. NBA is a big business after all.

    In more recent years, Chenier has felt the presence of upper management. “It’s no longer a mom and pop business anymore. There’s a lot of money at stake,” Chenier says. “I’ve heard story after story about how these presidents and GMs are so concerned about their marquee player.”

    There have been times, says Chenier, when Wizards management would call Washington’s broadcasters if they were being hard on a player—usually a rookie.

    “If you have a draft pick that you picked, especially high in the first round, that’s not doing well, I guarantee you that if you get too critical, you will hear from somebody,” Chenier says.

    To these calls, Chenier would reply: “Wait, I played this game! I know what I see.”

    There are many franchises that do not have ownership stakes in their regional sports networks, but team influence remains. The Clippers are one example. Portland is another. “The Blazers ran their own broadcast 100 percent,” Rice says. “The stations we were on had absolutely no say about on-air product.”

  10. I agree the announcers will talk up Lin’s values for possible trade, they probably realize there is no way 30-year old Lin will resign with a tanking team when he can sign with a winning team whether as a starting PG or backup PG.

    Everyone should know the Hawks is in the rebuilding mode, just like the 76ers a few years ago when they worked hard to Embiid, Simmons, but also Nerlens Noel, MCW, Jahlil Ohkafor, Markelle Fultz alike.

    It’s interesting to see who panned out and didn’t in the 76ers 5-year tanking process

  11. Great find! I like the opening paragraph stating the gist of the article.


    Local team analysts have long tried to straddle the line between cheerleader and critic, but as Bruce Bowen and an increasing number of veterans behind the mic are finding out, speaking your mind nowadays can kill your career.”

    The praises heaped on Lin by Hawks game commentators then are consistent with the FO plan to raise Lin’s market value. That hopefully means
    we Lin fans could look forward to more playtime for Lin whether he is traded or not.

  12. “The Process” isn’t even totally successful and has not been replicated by any team yet. The Lakers failed in their version of the “Process,” and had to switch back to their old method of rebuilding by buying stars / superstars like LeBron. The Suns tanked for years and look at where they are now…

    “The Process” was partially successful because Sixers finally have a competitive team, NBA fans actually care about the team now, and they have the most attendance out of any team in the NBA.

    I can’t stand tanking either, but we need to accept this is what the Hawks organization wants and they won’t give up on this plan after only 1 year and 2 months of tanking. Lin has been getting good minutes whenever he plays aggressively and whenever Trae plays poorly. Lin has already turned the culture around in Atlanta. Last year, the Hawks’ locker room was chaotic, with Shroeder causing problems and coach Bud not wanting to tank (purposely). That’s why Schlenk got rid of Shroeder and coach Bud and replaced them with Lin and Pierce.

  13. Great find! I like the opening paragraph stating the gist of the article.


    Local team analysts have long tried to straddle the line between cheerleader and critic, but as Bruce Bowen and an increasing number of veterans behind the mic are finding out, speaking your mind nowadays can kill your career.”

    The praises heaped on Lin by Hawks game commentators then are consistent with the FO plan to raise Lin’s market value. That hopefully means

    we Lin fans could look forward to more playtime for Lin whether he is traded or not.

  14. I specifically mentioned Nique’s comment about JLIN starting over Trae — and if you return to those unedited conversations, my disagreement was with those POSTERS who suggested Nique has the GREEN-LIGHT to suggest such thing from the FO. I’ve not disputed that Hawks seek to deter general praise of JLIN’s play.

    Let’s be intellectually honest here, shall we. If anything this article bolsters my contention – because you’re not gonna hear the ATL Legend Nique ever suggest JLIN starts over superstar TRAE again.

  15. There’s a difference between :

    A. advocating for a player on the team e.g. “JLIN is playing wonderful basketball”
    B. suggesting that a FRANCHISE player e.g. TRAE should/could/would be replaced in the STARTING lineup with a “temporary” player in JLIN.

    Dominque is a LEGEND in ATL with executive title, has been color commentator forever. What Domique was suggesting would have gotten him fired (or contract not extended) had he been a journeyman player like Tom Dore, or a Bruce Bown.

    You may disagree, but I don’t believe, unless Trae stinks it up for another 10 game losing streak, you will EVER hear Dominique again suggest JLIN replace Trae as the starter, that is ABSOLUTELY crossing the line from the goals/objectives of Hawks, and I’m sure Nique knows he did cross the line.

  16. Should JLIN possibly stay with Hawks as some suggest situation might not be better with another team — I don’t agree.

    History Lesson: were not for 2 injured seasons — JLIN would own NYC as basketball king of Brooklyn, I firmly believe this but since it’s a counterfactual, we’ll never know. But it is the hand that JLIN was dealt.

    As it is, rehabbed JLIN is just 30yo playing better than ever (will probably at least 5 more yrs), so he is seeking a NEW team with the best possible outcome for his role on said new team.

    1. Any trade for JLIN is a good trade, for all the reasons I’ve mentioned that a trade would signal about the acquiring team and JLIN’s value.

    2. JLIN has NO future on a young, developmental TANKING team because they won’t be good for another 4 years at best if this tank strategy ever works in the first place. In those 4 years of losing, JLIN will never have a real chance and will waste the most potent years of his career.

    3. JLIN is following the exact same path he charted leveraging CHA to get the big job at Brookyn…
    … leveraging this small role on ATL to perhaps a playoff run as a backup … finally to a team that says “I want JLIN to be a critical piece in my starting lineup”

  17. I think it was Bob Rathbun that asked the question if Lin should start temporarily and it shouldn’t be seen as a punishment for Trae? It’s in the highlights but we couldn’t hear Nique’s response.

  18. yup

  19. depends. things can always get worse

  20. True it was Bob who initiated the question but the salient news-making part of the discussion was Nique not immediately rejecting the idea but alluding to there could be value in JLIN starting over Trae, (I don’t recall the exact words)

  21. The likelihood is low, NBA teams don’t make in-season trades of veterans so haphazardly, there is buy-in from the head-coach, scouts and FO. And to give up something worth $14M to get JLIN says it all.

    Any trade is a good trade for JLIN.

  22. Is booker calling lin to build a super team?
    How about Lin and booker backcourt duo?

    “I think it was a ‘few years’ plan a couple years ago,” Booker said, acknowledging that the Suns have gone through more point guards, head coaches and GM’s in the last couple years than just about anybody.

    It’s not wearing on him, but he’s starting to feel the responsibility of the five-year, $158 million extension he signed in the offseason.

    “These first few years, it’s more trying to figure it out. What’s going on in the NBA? Where do I fit in?” Booker told Yahoo Sports. “Then my second year, I’m a player. ‘Can he actually start?’ I played pretty well my second year. My third year, now I gotta solidify myself. Now I’m here and it’s about winning for me.”

    The way Booker sees it, the Suns aren’t in any position to take down the the defending champion Golden State Warriors or even the next tier of contenders. But he knows the path to greatness — look at Green’s recruitment of Durant in 2016 — is possible and can change the league forever.

    “ … Dynasties only last for so long,” Booker said. “I’m not wishing trades upon any of the superteams.”

    But …

    “I’d like to build a superteam. I’d like the superteam to come to me.”

    Booker has shown his versatility recently, shifting to point guard to facilitate the Suns’ offense. Although he isn’t a pure point, he’s averaging 24.9 points and a career-high 7.1 assists, providing stability for a franchise still finding its way.

    “If it’s playmaking, I’ll do that,” Booker said. “If it’s scoring I’ll do that. I’m trying to figure out that balance. It’s the position I’m in now. We’ve had a lot of different lineups.”

  23. well look at sixers situation. the main reason to trade for lin is to get rid of fultz. what if they get lin but feel like they dont really need him. they trust smmon, reddick, and McConnell more.

  24. i like the suns the least. had 3 point gaurd at one point and traded all

  25. If they get rid of Fultz then JLIN gets all of TJ McConnell’s minutes plus Fultz’s (TJ had been sharing with Fultz).

    If they hate Fultz so much (which btw the salaries don’t match) and think Fultz has no value they could try to trick another team instead of trying to trick ATL who actually can use JLIN

  26. assumption lin gets all the minutes. he may or he may not.

  27. Pheonix, Orlando or Philly would all be great this season and if JLIN brings Phoenix to the playoffs – JLIN gets his new starting job next season because they are the worst of the 3 teams

  28. $14 million says JLIN gets his mins

  29. Why would a 22-year old ask a 30-year old whom most people don’t even see as a starter, let alone a star or superstar, to join him in Phoenix to build a superteam? A superteam requires multiple stars and superstars. Booker isn’t even really a true star. He’s just a ballhog who takes way too many shots per game and a pretty good young player.

    Nobody wants to play in Phoenix and their front office is terrible. Good luck to Booker and his supposed superteam lol.

  30. like with the haws early in the season. or what about carmelos contract they ate. its for the expiring contract

  31. The HAWKs trade from Brooklyn was for expiring thus JLIN has no gravitas whatsoever on the tanking Hawks, this next trade is a positioning trade for a team that either is making a run or really wants JLIN

  32. Make it happen, Schlenk / Brand…

  33. unless the team is getting rid of a player. thats my point. teams may only view lin as a stop gap measure for 1 year. the coach may not really wan lin and end up not playing him much. what ever team he is traded to im guessing lin will have to again fight for minutes. especially on a playoff team

  34. if McConnell is traded as well then yea. the sixers have no choice but to play lin a good number of minutes

  35. Let’s put it this way, and I can’t explain to you any better:

    ATL got JLIN as an expiring contract to free cap space AND a coin flip that JLIN was not a rehab-BUST

    The coin was flipped and ATL got lucky because JLIN can still PLAY good to great basketball

    The next team to get JLIN has seen the coin flip was positive and they know JLIN will add value to their team – unequivocally now.

  36. ofcourse i agree. still lin will have to battle for his spot in the new teams hierarchy

  37. Atlanta Hawks:
    Grading each player at the quarter-mark of the season


    2018-2019 stats:
    11.5 points, 51.3 fg%, 42.4 3-pt fg%, 3.2 assists and 2.1 turnovers

    Grade: A

    Linsanity has returned after back-to-back injury-shortened years, totaling 37 games combined. So far, he looks as good as he ever has in his first 20 games as the Hawks backup point guard. He’s averaging over 11 points per game off the bench and shooting at the most efficient clip of his career.”

  38. trey got A-. shooting as bad as he is. rookies get a different rating scale. impossible he doesn’t start for whole season

  39. They’re grading on potential lol…

    Young is in the midst of a major shooting slump, so the numbers really don’t do his play justice right now. What we have learned about Young in his first twenty games as a pro: He is so much more than just a shooter. The rookie is already sniffing eight assists per game and playing in less than 30 minutes a night. There is so much potential here it is not even funny.

    Trae is obviously a C- to D if you’re trying to be subjective and not a Trae fanboy or hater. He’s had a few good games, but other than that, he’s been awful so far this season.

  40. may be a few year before trey actually gets rated

  41. Trae at A- in the real world is a joke

    There are literally 400 players in the NBA better in shooting, shooting 3s and defense — so what do those 400 players get? A+++++, A++++, A++. A+???

    Goes for almost every other statistic too like Turnovers, TO/AST ratios, Blocks Against … etc

  42. Can’t trade Fultz for Lin straight-up because Fultz’s contract is $500K shy of the $8.7M required for any team to trade for Lin’s contract.

    McConnell might be a good locker room presence for the Sixers, but he’s not producing close to what Lin has and will continue to produce. If Sixers really want to make a deep playoffs or title run this year, then this trade makes too much sense for both teams.

  43. Let’s not be too hard on JLIN’s teammates

  44. i hope they do it.

  45. C or C+ from me due to his assists. But, his shot selection and some of his decision making is in G league territory. His defense is also poor.

  46. I still don’t want Lin anywhere near Jimmy Butler. I know Lin may not play with him much but I think he’s toxic and a bully. And it’s possible Lin will play with him because Lin has a way of getting to 6th man status on contending teams.

  47. Butler may be a hothead and egotistical, but he’s a very good player and he’s also new to the Sixers team. He won’t act up and act out as much as he has on previous teams… not until they resign him after this year. By then, Lin would be gone from Philly anyway.

  48. He wants to playmake and score. He’s a streaky chucker. Don’t see him as a good teammate.

  49. Dragic, IT and Bledsoe. At least those are the 3 I remember.

  50. Hope the Hawks don’t trade for Fultz since they already have a PG for the future.
    Don’t want Lin in Philly.

  51. I don’t know if the Hawks have figured out what they want from Lin. But he’s an asset to the team. They may not deal him unless something really tempting comes along. They may try to deal someone else, like Baze or Dedmon, more actively. They currently don’t have an option for another PG right now (that’s an NBA-level player) and it’s hard to replace someone with all of the great qualities Lin has.

  52. Getting Embiid and Simmons was big. But, as you said, they really haven’t done much yet other than get out of the basement.

  53. Funny how Schlenk didn’t say the same things about Lin, who is a lot more deserving of this exact praise than Baze is. Maybe because Lin’s stellar performances didn’t end in a win. Or maybe Schlenk is trying to talk up Baze for a trade…

    General Manager Travis Schlenk joined John and Hugh on Tuesday and said it was good to see several players have good performances.

    “Obviously, we were in a bit of a slump there; John [Collins] had a great game but we had several other guys breakout and give us good performances.”

    Schlenk had praise for one Hawks veteran in particular: Kent Bazemore (who went 9-for-11 from the floor in the win).

    “After being asked to come off the bench–you know, a lot of veteran guys would have put their head down and sulked,” said Schlenk. “But Kent showed up and came up with his best performance of the year–real happy for him, real happy for all the guys.”

    “Kent’s a real pro,” Schlenk continued when asked to evaluate his season up to this point. “He had a great offseason getting his body ready for the season. He’s the kind of veteran you want in your locker room when you’re going through this process because he’s positive with the young guys everyday. He shows up to work and gets his work in.”

  54. Honestly, he’s a great player. But right now he’s taking a lot of Philly’s last shots. He was all over Rose when he played in Chicago. And all over KAT and Wiggins on the Wolves. I see another Kobe yelling at Lin because Lin wants to run something that doesn’t always involve him. I don’t know. I just don’t trust him or like him much. I respect his basketball playing ability, but that’s about it.

  55. Why would the Hawks want a possible underachieving Fultz and McConnell instead of a great locker room guy like Lin who is producing?

  56. Can it be what have you done for me lately? He had a big game and game-winning shot in the last game. This seems to favor trading Baze. That’s the feeling I get.

  57. He’d be yelling at Simmons and Embiid, not Lin. And if he acts out like that, Philly fans and management won’t hesitate to turn on Jimmy because he’s not as important to them than Philly’s other 2 young stars.

  58. Yeah, maybe. I do agree that Simmons and Embiid are the stars, maybe superstars, of Philly.

  59. Because Fultz’s upside is huge if Hawks (or any team) can fix his shot / his head. Because Fultz fits the Hawks’ timeline and Lin doesn’t. Because Fultz can be a deadly combo with Trae in 2-3 years if he gets fixed.

    Because McConnell is an expiring contract and a much lesser player compared to Lin. He is the perfect backup PG for Trae because he won’t show Trae up like Lin is right now. Because McConnell isn’t a trouble maker like Shroeder is and is well-liked in Philly. He’ll be good for the Hawks locker room, just like Lin.

  60. TJ is fine. Fultz is a project. Like you said, fix his head. That’s the downside of a deal like this. Fultz could turn out to be a bust.

  61. Obviously, but he’s already a bust in the eyes of the Sixers and they don’t have the time nor patience to fix him. Hawks have the time, personnel, and patience to fix Fultz. If the risk isn’t there, Fultz wouldn’t even be on the trading block right now.

  62. I haven’t checked to see how much interest there is in him. He’s young. But, shoulder problems or phantom shoulder problems? That’s what people are trying to figure out.

  63. Nobody knows for sure what’s going on, but they’ve already sent Fultz to multiple specialists and nobody can find an injury. So it’s most likely all in his head. If it’s a mental block / issue, it can be fixed. But there’s always risk that he can’t get his shot / form back and will become a bust.

    There is interest in the league from teams, but not many teams have the time, assets, or patience to take on a project like Fultz. Hawks have all of the above and that’s why there’s been buzz about Hawks as a potentially good place for Fultz to start over.

  64. It’s a silly thing to say about any player, let alone a sub-par role player like McConnell who is on an expiring contract. All teams listen to any trade offers for any player, even if they’re stars or superstars.

  65. yup

  66. You are not supposed to trash him even if he plays like trash. Understand!

  67. The decision to bench Bazemore was also odd if the Hawks wants to showcase him for a trade.

    Perhaps it was an attempt to bring out the fire from Baze since he wasn’t playing well prior to this game when he came off the bench.

  68. Yup, and it worked. Baze responded by playing one of the best games this season. You could he was mad and had something to prove. Getting bench for Huerter, a rookie, fired him up.

    Pierce didn’t even play Huerter that much last night, which tells me that it wasn’t a real benching in the first place. Baze will most likely be back in the starting lineup tonight.

  69. Based on the recent poll, It seems that @JLin7 fans are split in preference of NBA teams he should be traded to. Other NBA Teams (35%) & #Pelicans (30%) received the most votes, followed closely by #Magic (23%)

    On paper, JLin7 & Magic would have natural fit as a starting-caliber PG is needed for playoff push. Also, Clifford was his former Hornets coach. But it’s always possible that Magic (8th on the Eastern standing with 10-11 record) prefers to wait until end of season & not give up assets in a trade

  70. I really don’t think Magic are even interested in Lin or any PG for that matter. They’re rolling along with D.J. Augustin. The GM and Clifford seem to praise Augustin a lot too.

  71. This is not a real benching. Baze finished the game, played more minutes. That’s a great example of starter by name for Huerter.

  72. I agree. Augustin is doing well. He played well last night against the Warriors.

    And tbh, there’s no guarantee that Cliff would use Lin as starter in Orlando. Cliff seems to love the idea of Lin as an X-factor off the bench. Sometimes high-usage and finisher, sometimes low minutes.

  73. My thinking is the Magic GM and Clifford think DJ Augustin currently can do the job well despite being undersized as they’re on the 8th spot in the East. Magic paper wrote about how Augustin doesn’t foray into the paint enough as a starting PG so Magic still needs a starting-caliber PG.

    But if they hit a losing streak jeopardizing the playoff spot, perhaps they’ll be more motivated to look for a starting-caliber PG.

    They might not want to give up assets unnecessarily in a trade unless it becomes urgent.

  74. I just don’t think Magic are as desperate for a PG as Lin fans seem to think they are. Suns on the other hand, are actually desperate for a PG. I just don’t like the Suns because their management is bad, they’re a worse team than even Hawks are, and Booker is a ballhog.

  75. Travis Schlenk has signed up several new players in the offseason:

    Jeremy Lin – leading the team in player efficiency ratio
    Alex Len – surprises everybody that he can shot 3s and when he teams up with Lin, his block shots are great!
    Alex Poythress – signed with peanuts with just a two way contract. Can he play! a big who is mobile, definitely has at least the potential of being a good role player
    Jaylen Adams – too raw to tell
    Daniel Hamilton – come back from injury and didn’t show any thing positive yet.

    Travis has done a great job getting his men. The signing of Alex Len with mid level exception is absolutely a bargain. Having him shooting 3 so effectively means if Schlenk trade him now, he could at least bring in a mid-level first round draft choice.

    Jeremy Lin ought to show how good Schlenk is as a scout for talent.

    I would give him an A in scouting for talent. The owner should feel good about himself

  76. I also don’t like the Suns organization for Lin as a trade destination. The Front Office is a mess and even the vets (Tyson Chandler, Ariza, Ryan Anderson) couldn’t make an impact. LeBron wanted Tyson and called the GM to facilitate the buyout so Tyson gladly went to LA.

    Perhaps I’d rather Lin stay in Atlanta until the end of the season rather than joining the turmoil mid-season for the Suns. Lin hates moving and I just don’t know if the Suns want Lin for 2-3 seasons so it could be temporary.

    Let’s see which teams are desperate enough to trade assets to get Lin between Dec-Feb. It’s still a long season so anything can happen.

  77. My Dad said I had lots of potential, now I’m just a sad game programmer without a dog. Potential is overrated.

  78. Yup. No teams are truly desperate for a PG like Lin right now. Suns are desperate for a PG, but they’re not desperate to win. So they don’t have to give up assets to acquire Lin. If they strike out again in free agency this summer looking for PGs or if they don’t draft a PG, they can always offer Lin a contract and see if Lin wants to play for a bad team again.

    I think a lot of teams still don’t believe in Lin and his incredibly efficient shooting numbers in November. GMs are still waiting to see if Lin can stay healthy for more than a few months and if Lin can keep this up for longer than a month. Sadly, Lin’s stigma around the league still plagues him. GMs simply don’t think of Lin as a starting PG and no team other than true contenders missing backup PGs are willing to trade assets for an “injury-prone” 30-year old player like Lin.

  79. Agree
    plus he is the PG who is just ranked 434 out of 434 on defense

  80. Alex Len

    2018-2019 stats: 10.4 points, 50.7 fg%, 32.4% 3-pt fg%, 5.6 rebounds, 1.0 blocks and 1.8 turnovers

    Grade: B+

    Here is a player who is making the most of his opportunity on a struggling team. Averaging a mere 21.4 minutes per game, Len is putting up a career-high in points per game. Most of that is due to his newfound three-point shot that has become a regular part of his arsenal in Atlanta.

    The 7-footer was a former fifth overall pick out of Maryland. He never lived up to that selection but is letting the rest of the league know he can be a useful piece of a competitive team.

    He should be graded ‘A’.

    If you have a lottery pick performing at his level, you should be very happy. He is not old and can be developed with a higher ceiling.

  81. Do you have any stats as to how Len plays with Jlin as compared to TY?

  82. superstar in waiting

  83. Eyes test showed us on the highlights that He and Lin together made a good team in blocking shots.and getting back the ball.

  84. In other words, grading on imagination or fantasy. The writer must have been on LSD

  85. Was Schlenk’s “scout for talent” a correct choice on Doncic vs. Trae Young?

    And “A in scouting for talent” … results in worst record in the NBA because of Tanking

  86. Well, it is as asian F, lol

  87. I read Clifford likes Augustin’s ball-handling and his efficient stats so they might not want to rock the boat as long as the Magic can reach the playoff with him.

    On the other hand, Magic has Vucevic on the expiring contract so that might be who they consider trading first.

  88. I guess the Moral of the story is we all need a dog in our lives to fulfill our potential 🙂
    Here is an hassle-free way to hear a dog’s thoughts lol

  89. At such a huge salary for a potential bust. No thanks

  90. I didn’t take drafts into account; just off season acquisitions.

    Schlenk doesn’t loss completely on the deal because he would have another first round draft choice coming in next year. I can’t predict whom he will get.

  91. Here’s an interesting twitter conversation between Howard Megdal who likes Lin and @_bk_chino, a big Lin fan, on possible Lin trade, especially with 76ers

    @howardmegdal Hey: @JLin7 with a .513/.424/.847 on the season shooting.

    Joseph Spector: Maybe the #Nets should’ve kept him…
    @howardmegdal The Knicks, too!

    @_bk_chino He’s an unrestricted FA next year. Any idea where he could be next year or even at the trade deadline?

    @howardmegdal A lot depends on how he plays this season, and proves he can stay healthy.
    @_bk_chino If he’s playing how he’s playing now by trade deadline, do you see him still with Atlanta after the trade deadline?

    @howardmegdal Not if someone offers a useful future piece or a pick, no.
    @_bk_chino Like a Markelle Fultz? Would it work for both teams?

    @howardmegdal I am still trying to understand what the market for Fultz looks like, but I suspect he gets Sixers a bigger return than an expiring contract. Depends on how much Philly thinks Lin improves on McConnell, then.
    @_bk_chino I was thinking a Fultz for Lin trade wouldn’t match straight up salary wise and it doesn’t, but if you add McConnell, it works. I’d also consider the fact that Lin has more experience in playoff games and provides more of what the Sixers need which is shooting/playmaking.

    @howardmegdal Interesting!

  92. Lin gives some reason for Tsai to fire Sean Marks.

  93. Recent news about TJ McConnell 76ers current alternate backup PG

    Sixers reportedly won’t trade T.J. McConnell, but is he the answer as backup point guard?
    “In recent weeks, the Sixers stopped listening to trade overtures for McConnell, sources said, a reflection of the fact that the organization knows it will be leaning more heavily on him now.”

  94. My ideal scenario:

    1. Tsai renegotiates his deal to exercise majority control sooner, perhaps 2019
    2. Fire Sean Marks
    3. Keep Kenny or hire MDA
    4. Force new GM to sign JLIN to a 5 year max deal

  95. would not prefer Lin go to a cold-weather city due to his recovering knee. Orlando or LA (Lakers or Clippers) is better.

  96. So he can’t slip and fall on the ice?

    Joint pain strikes anytime the weather changes, ha

  97. He’s always icing his knee, so np

  98. You have my vote. LOL

  99. As strong as Baynes is, he let Jeremy Lin ties him up.

    The result is a jump ball

    Man, you are dead wrong about this. Lin is so strong that he often tied up players for jump ball. 6’10” Baynes didn’t want it.

    Also watch how well Alex Len worked with Lin. Give them some more time, the team chemistry is there.

  100. Yup. Lin had tied up big numerously in the past and sometimes win the jump ball contests

  101. Baz: Please get me out of the starting lineup, I have had enough.

    Jeremy Lin for Solomon Hill, Two Second Round Picks and Cash:

    Just kidding.

    New Orleans Pelicans should explore a trade with Atlanta Hawks for Jeremy Lin

  103. Heat are without Dragic and Tyler Johnson. They are really struggling without any guards. This is Trae’s chance to shine. If Trae messes up again, Lin will have a monster game.

  104. Lloyd Price wants to play Trae 38 minutes this game. Sit tight Jeremy.

  105. This writer’s scenario would be wonderful; I’m sure JLIN would embrace this Trade for the remainder of the season as in short order he would outplay their starter Jrue Holiday and who knows when Elfrid Payton gets back.×714/920×0/filters:focal(0x0:1851×714):format(webp):no_upscale()/

  106. Last time Hawks and Heat played, Trae had one of his best games with 24 points, 15 assists.

  107. To me, no Sun, no Philly, no Pelicans but starting PG at Orlando Magic!

  108. Dragic didn’t play that game either, in that Hawks win

    And that was before the NBA figured Trae out

  109. In this case I hop Trae messes up again. Haha. Go Lin!

  110. Two terrible teams, thinking they can beat the other team.

    Miami has won just one of last 5 games; Atlanta has won just one of the last 11 games — but Miami has revenge on their mind as they want to beat the worst team in the NBA on their own floor this time

  111. Heat has an unique roster with 1 PG Goran Dragic who is having a bad knee. So this team is virtually having no PG at all. Good for Trae because there is no competition. This is not trashing. It is just a joke.

  112. We should pray for Trae Young because Winslow might just want to take Trae’s head off. He almost did it last time they played against each other.

    Winslow is 6’7″ 225 lb extremely physical.

  113. link please…

  114. We are in no hurry. I’m having fun imaging Winslow going after Trae Young. This is not trashing because I think I will give the edge to Trae.

  115. Blow out as usual

  116. so may empty seats

  117. Lol still better than Hawks home game lol

  118. I’m not against it because it will give Lin lots of minutes. It’s your choice. Either you want to see Winslow chasing Young or you see Lin coming out with Baz whipping the Heat.

  119. Me neither, as long as Lin can get his minutes. Hehe

  120. Guess who will play the PG if Winslow gets fouled out.

  121. Wade lol.

  122. And again we got kills on rebounds… sigh

  123. Game plan should be get Hassan in foul trouble early

  124. He’s slicky enough to be that PG. Bad news for Young though because Trae may need more than 1 shirt for this game.

  125. The starters are playing okay, in this case Lin might not be over 20 mins….

  126. or get Winslow in foul trouble.
    Let’s use Trae Young as bait to draw fouls against Winslow. I assure you it won’t take long for Winslow to get boiled over.

  127. Lol

  128. Trae making good passes. Starters playing well so far.

  129. He’s playing point well. He’s really solid at getting assists.

  130. Yup except rebounding, they got do a better Job on whiteside

  131. He’s a good passer, but it’s nice having a good player like Collins to play with for easy assists.

  132. For sure. Collins helps a lot.

  133. Lin and Trae!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Lin in

  135. TO# 1

  136. Lin and Baze are in.

  137. Yes, Winslow would have fun chasing Trae the whole court.
    Where are you, young fella? I want your head!

  138. They really should drive to the basket more to draw foul this game.

  139. Slick pass by LIn. Slick LIn to Len.

  140. Ouch in and out……

  141. I hates Wade…

  142. Every teams can destroy the Hawks in the paint….

  143. Bad D by Baze

  144. Lin needs to shoot the damn ball after he gets by his man….wide open midranger he hesitated smh….

  145. Good effort by Bembry on Wade

  146. How’s our boy doing ? Links anyone ???

  147. Only played about 3 mins, too early to tell.

  148. How is that a foul on JLin cause he’s asian?

  149. 3333333333

  150. He just made a 3 ^^

  151. 3!!

  152. Too fast, I am still at Wade shooting the FT.

  153. Must be different watching on tv versus actual game

  154. 333333333

  155. bad pass by lin should have slowed down the tempo

  156. Nice by Lin win???

  157. Ouch Collins fumbled the pass.

  158. Bad pass, Lin.

  159. Yup

  160. Hawks playing well, but could be better.

  161. Really? I thought it was on Collins.

  162. Looked like Collins’ fault that time.

  163. He threw it into traffic. Better not to make it.

  164. True, it was kinda of risky pass. But high risk high rewards. Lin’s style.

  165. seen him take those shots countless times and then all of a sudden stop taking them.

  166. He’s hesitating ever so slightly. But he has pep in his step.

  167. true, would have been a great A if it had been successful

  168. yup playing nice basketball no complaints other than the hesitation.

  169. Well, this team is long. So he has to be careful.

  170. Yup. At least not down by 15+ pts by 1st qtr haha.

  171. Assist from Bembry!

  172. I like the effort. Some fine tuning, and they’re ahead a bit in this game.

  173. I do wanna see Vince play man, let the dude plays LP!

  174. Lin is out after a TO?

  175. Lin out after 4 min. in 1Q

  176. lin’s got to throw that pass to collins over the top. he’s too big to catch a bounce pass on the move.

  177. Most likely because of the TO which Trae just have one right after too.

  178. Come on, LP. 4 minute stint is too short.

  179. Lin was starting to warm up, the game is too close to ahve lin catch on fire.

  180. Lin out

  181. Hawks getting killed in the paint.

  182. As always. Haha.

  183. LP is really sucks.

  184. It’s a silly move. So Lin had a TO. Live with it and let Lin warm up and get in a groove.

  185. TY having a good game other than defense.

  186. Couldn’t agreed more. This is the disrespect I am talking about. Smh.

  187. Heat commentator said LP is “super patient” with Young who had shooting slump recently

  188. It seem no matter how many times Lin proved to LP that he can ball, Lin still won’t get the trust from LP. Smh.

  189. Haha, whatever excuse makes us feel better

  190. Lol not just normal patient, super.

  191. Lol.
    Young is the only recipient of this “super patience” from LP.

  192. That’s accurate.

  193. I starting to feel like LP looks kinda the same as BS, just younger and darker lol. Intelligence wise they are on the same level = low….

  194. Lin’s no rookie. Too short a leash on the veteran, Lin. It is disrespect and it needs to stop. Lin will make up for any bad play he makes and then some. Just leave him in the game to do his thing.

  195. Come on man, no need for these semi-racist comments.

  196. more likely Lin’s alloted minutes are up in 1Q

  197. He’s smarter but he doesn’t always act smarter.

  198. Wow very rarely we agreed on the same thing. 🙂

  199. I try to be patient, lol. But I’m losing my patience with LP.

  200. Great give n go play with Len, crazy nice pass from Lin.

  201. Pierce looks very very relaxed this game…
    … he knows that last nights WIN allows him to do whatever he wants, for the next 6-7 LOSSES in a row

  202. Didn’t mean to be racist. But I do meant it when I said they are both dumb.

  203. another great Lin-Len connection!

  204. Haha me too.

  205. I don’t think LP is dumb at all. He’s a rookie coach but he needs to give Lin a longer leash. Sometimes Lin will turn it over, but he will make up for it later.

  206. What a pass! Worth the highlight!

  207. Lol at Wade’s reaction

  208. he’s just following orders from Schlenk…

  209. Trae’s passing may be special.

  210. Well, it depends on whether guys can make shot too, especially the 3pts. But I do agreed Trae is a pretty good passer.

  211. Look how easily Wade scores. Nothing that flashy anymore, just effective. I know Wade is annoying, but he’s good.

  212. It’s more than pretty good.

  213. Prince is awful. I think he has some talent, but makes really bad basketball decisions.

  214. Well like the pass he gave to TP and TP drove right into the basket and score so Trae got a assist, but it was just a normal pass.

  215. He is making the 3 tonight tho.

  216. But look at all of the more difficult passes he makes. He has excellent timing on passing. He has a different style of passing than Lin. I think the timing on his passing is excellent.

  217. Should be a candidate for #AssistOftheNight 🙂

  218. Yup he is a ballhog. He has the greenlight but does not have the talent for it. Do not see him as a future piece for this atlanta hawks team. just an eye sore

  219. Even when Prince makes buckets, he makes bad plays and forces things. This guy is obviously skillful but has terrible bball IQ.

  220. Yup pretty good.

  221. He can make shots, but he takes terrible shots and tries to playmake and he’s terrible at it. He needs to play team ball, not silly ball.

  222. Lol so true.

  223. We’re making the same posts, lol.

  224. OK.

  225. And this should be on LP. He is the coach and should so something about it.

  226. Lin in

  227. maybe. It’s better than Lin’s other #AssistOftheNight

  228. Lol ok very good then. 🙂 I do like his passing.

  229. That Taurean TO should tell you all you need to know.

  230. yeah, I’ve never seen anything like it from Lin or anyone else
    Wade can only shake his head lol

  231. no one can hit a 3 once Lin came it. Smh

  232. Prince often brings the ball up the court for…Prince, then does this meaningless between the legs crossover, steps back, stops, and the teams movement stalls.

  233. come on lin…

  234. Looks terrible right now. He needs to be shot minded, then he’ll be fine.

  235. I think I saw Lin was asking for LP for instruction on the play..

  236. always had prob with Heat no matter what team…mental

  237. as soon as TY plays well this is what happens, either that or the coach asks him to change his role

  238. you tellin me LP is telling lin to not take wide open midrangers?

  239. Not in the playoffs. He was determined and aggressive. Needs to remember how he played then.

  240. maybe wants him to get his team going or distribute more.

  241. true playoffs he was good against them. but i cant remember a good Reg season game against them…maybe with nets?

  242. Yeah, Lin and Kemba was mad exciting during the playoff.

  243. again wide open shots? no

  244. Lin’s going to get pulled if he keeps playing like he is. He’s forcing stuff.

  245. Wow really bad pass by Lin.

  246. Alex is doing the job baby!

  247. Lol air ball by Baze

  248. Good D by Lin on Richardson

  249. i called it this game. Heat man everytime i have seen Lin against Heat he hasnt played well. I missed the 3 PO games he played real good agains them lol.

  250. Yikes, some ugly basketball there by both teams.

    Lin really needs to get more aggressive. He’s not making plays and not taking shots in the 2nd Q.

    1st Q, he took some shots, but Pierce didn’t give him enough minutes. 2nd Q, Lin got a bit more minutes but did nothing with his time out on the court.

  251. I am shocked that we are at advantage on rebounds…

  252. Agreed and Lin’s defense wasn’t as good as last game neither.

  253. He looked ‘off’ in 2nd Q. Hopefully he can pick it back up.

  254. Oooo that was nice.


  256. Bembry is making a different on defense.

  257. 2 FT

  258. Nice behind the back by Lin!

  259. When I see a move like that I think Lin’s handling is breathtaking.

  260. baze mayne….Lin was wide open.

  261. Hawks defense is on point tonight.

  262. Bembry sometime just make bad move…. Not as bad as Prince tho.

  263. nice more FT i laaaajk e veri mach

  264. Who’s tech foul was that?

  265. Lin drawing fouls.

  266. A vey physical game!

  267. The Miami trainer, believe it or not

  268. Shut up Richardson!

  269. Gee. Lin was poked in the eye!!

  270. is he ok?

  271. Hopefully. He stays on the court.

  272. Len is great tonight!

  273. Bam baze with the chef shot

  274. Wow Baze!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. 68-52! at half time.
    Hawks widened the lead with Lin’s unit!

  276. He is going to be a very good center with good size, quickness and he can also shoot 3s. At his age, he is going to have a big contract.

  277. Defense is the key imo.

  278. At this point only Pierce and Trae’s unit can lose this game – JLIN’s squad handing this to them “to squander if they wish” on a platter

  279. The game is blown out by the bench.

  280. 7 points on 2 shots.

  281. Well, somehow Atlanta is way ahead. Think Lin was pretty tentative and had a lot of unnecessary TOs. However, that spectacular change direction behind the back drive to the rim he got fouled on showed what he’s capable of. And he’s in the plus and finished out the half.

  282. Yup not bad at all! 🙂

  283. This is good basketball from the Hawks. You can tell they’re playing like a team now, having fun together, sharing the ball, cheering each other on. Good stuff.

  284. Trae 13 min, Lin 13 min

  285. Trae did well in the first Q and allowed the Hawks in the game for the bench to do the kill.

  286. Trae is playing fine. Prince is playing silly ball. Most of the Hawks are playing hard and pretty well.

  287. in 12 minutes

  288. Ball don’t Ly.

  289. I strongly believe that’s the key to beat the team have better talent. Team ball is the best.

  290. Lots of TOs on both sides. Very aggressive plays on the court.

  291. Yes. Bembry played good defense. Mostly played well. Got a little out of control on one or two plays, but Bembry is getting it. Prince isn’t.

  292. 2nd straight baby!

  293. Yeah JLIN was so passive and played awful — and btw his core group including himself are the only guys in double digit POSITIVE plus/minus

  294. Lin taught them the way. Play with joy, play for each other, play to win. This is why Lin was brought in by Schlenk and Lin has proved he’s more than capable of changing the culture around in 2 short months.

  295. Yup. To me Bembry is way better than Prince at least for now.

  296. Lol. He may pronounce it like “Li”.

  297. Good. Platoon.

  298. They’re even overpassing some. That’s refreshing to see.

  299. LOL yeah. Everyone but Prince.

  300. If you call Trae’s sieve-like defense “playing fine” — not a complete player from any objective standpoint.

    Gives up as many points as he collects – FACT

  301. Ball don’t Lai

  302. You sound like a sourpuss lol.

  303. Harden’s amazing defense on John Wall is on the play of the day haha.

  304. Yup. Way better.

  305. Just ignore him. He’s here to antagonize and stir the pot.

  306. He has better braids too!

  307. I call it like it is – if that’s a sourpuss to you, fine

  308. Lol

  309. Veteran games. Let the game come to them.

  310. I’ll get sugar for your lemonade.

  311. Lol that I don’t know haha.

  312. I’m sure he’s locking Wall up.

  313. Still one of the best players in the league. Probably a HOF

  314. It was a totally different Lin. He took it right down their throats.

  315. In the Hawks practice, the losing team gets to start.

  316. Probably.

  317. JLIN’s minutes in an eminently winnable 2nd half usually drop precipitously as they set Trae for the WIN, let’s see what happens

  318. Every single Hawks player scored at least once except Justin Anderson, who only played for 1 minute with 1 shot. Nobody on the Hawks scored more than 9 points, yet they’ve scored 68 points in the first half. Amazing. This is team basketball.

  319. Darn Q2 33;14.
    This is a heck of defense.

  320. If Lloyd Pierce allows it. Justin’s shot was blocked by Whiteside.

  321. Lin with 12 minutes, Trae with 13.

    Pierce allowed Lin to play more in 2nd Q and let Lin close it out.

  322. D doesn’t show in box stats, suck

  323. Watch the turnovers & fouls

  324. Most minutes JLIN has received in a WIN this season was the recent Hornets game with 21 mins.

    … so expect perhaps Pierce to give JLIN about 8-9 minutes in the entire 2nd half

  325. lol who cares
    just one play

  326. I don’t have access to game now

  327. This is going to be a very physical game and you wouldn’t want to play a player too long.

  328. me neither.

  329. You think JLIN could stand to physical 8 minutes in an entire half?

  330. His unit did well. More physical and more active defensively.

  331. Haha

  332. It’s Lee you are right

  333. Haha so many ways to spell it in English but it’s the same Chinese character

  334. Pierce allowed Lin to play through his bit of funk in 2nd Q. Lin was able to get it going and that’s how the lead ballooned to 16 points.

  335. JLIN is in great shape and he’s Mr. Clutch.

  336. true, strange he took him out after 4 mins in the 1st Q though.

  337. Because JLIN was playing so passively and forcing bad passes he was rewarded with a “play through”

  338. Just take what the defense gives. The Hawks are killing the Heat beyond the arc, shooting almost 50%; 22 out of 47 shots are 3Ps.

  339. Ridiculous shot, Trae. Please, stop that.

  340. Prince is hot on 3 balls.

  341. Yup and it is on LP!!!!!!

  342. I feel like TY could have gotten hacked there, or he just had an awkward sidestep

  343. Hope Pierce plays Lin with Trae more.

  344. whoa, just checked in and Hawks is up 76-59?
    Is the Heat tanking harder lol?

  345. They don’t have Dragic or Tyler Johnson. Basically, no point guards.

    They’re also playing with low energy.

    Hawks playing like an actual team now.

  346. Hope that Pierce stops playing JLIN with Trae

  347. LP forgot to sub Lin out, so…there is still time.

  348. That’s a great progress for sure

  349. Wow that was out of bound!!!!!

  350. yeah :[ we know it might happen if Trae plays well .. so let’s wait and see

  351. Lin’s unit widened the Hawks’s lead
    from 48-46 to 68-52 in 2Q

  352. What the… Collins lost his shoe and got fouled. No call.

  353. I think Collins would like that dunk attempt back.

  354. Q3 collapse coming yet?

  355. Glad to see Lin with the 2nd highest plus minus at +12.
    Len is first with +21

  356. Unless the Q3 collapse by the starters come — JLIN gets 8 minutes this HALF

  357. Len and Lin had a great give n go play before. Lin with a behind the head pass too lol.

  358. awesome! no wonder the plus minus is so good for Lin (+12) and Len (+21)

  359. Could you please do something about don? He’s in here antagonizing and trolling all night. Just read all of his posts.

  360. That should really qualify as AssistOfTheNight. More Lin promo 🙂

  361. Lin in

  362. Wow now a day you can retire your jersey in High School too? Lol.

  363. Wow just wow – I’d like you to specifically point out which post you are upset with and I’ll fix it for you snow flake

  364. see that was an awesome pass. Lin needs to learn that.

  365. That’s a little much, lol. What’s next, elementary school?

  366. I don’t see any flagged posts so it’s a little hard to see

  367. And psalm234 you need to penalize clickclick for FALSE complaints, lol

  368. Trae’s a talented passer, but Lin got the rebound and got it to Trae. Teamwork.

  369. I don’t bother flagging. He just spams so much negativity and troll posts all night.

  370. 🙂 come on guys, let’s play nice as fellow Lin fans
    don’t keep us mods too busy all the time

  371. seriously psalm, if you find any post that is of a antagonistic nature that I’ll made I’ll be happy to take a look and adjust myself

  372. ok sounds good.. oh, please remove ‘snow flake’ above since it’s breaking the rule on ‘name calling’ 🙂

  373. Wow Baze how can you missed that easy layup?

  374. Sckrub

  375. Dang, Heat making a run.

  376. Maybe Bembry should stop fueling a heat comeback.

  377. Bembry…..

  378. Dembry such a sckrub
    brushes Lin off then backcourt violation
    what a waste

  379. fine, done

    please have him remove TROLL and whatever else he’s called me; unless he can prove a troll post on my part

  380. Haha LP look lost lol.

  381. finally spell man open 3.

  382. Bembery has literally no handles they are forcing him to handle the ball

  383. Good shot Spellman!

  384. Great D by Bembry and Len!

  385. Bembry what the heck is this guy doing. i see him on the floor all the time.

  386. Lin out

  387. Bembry was playing so out of control that LP had to take Lin out…wait what?

  388. JLIN on track to get his 4 mins in 3Q and 4 mins in Q4 for his total of 21 mins in a possible Win for Trae

  389. LOL, LP does not make sense anyway, I am used to it

  390. He was really on defense in the 1st half.

  391. I’m not sure, he may have been hobbling. Took a bunch of bad falls then didn’t look quite right. Maybe it’s good to rest him a bit now.

  392. Lin getting punished?

  393. Sigh. I answered a call from Mother Nature and Lin is out. Darn!

  394. Lol

  395. whole bench getting punished.

  396. Bench wasn’t as good as their usual.

  397. Pick your reason:

    1. too many turnovers
    2. too many bad passes
    3. not agressive enough
    4. too aggressive
    5. too passive
    6. not passive enough
    7. all of the above

    Or simply, it’s a winnable game and Trae’s unit gets the win — always

  398. Sick shot by Wade.

  399. Bazermore was the worst and hes still in hmmmm

  400. Prince playing straight up defense…and I mean straight up.

  401. Lucky shot I say.

  402. Rooting for Miami now
    idc LP is ridiculous no need to cheer for the hawks

  403. I think the minutes work out for Trae to get the win with most minutes. Lin is really not a consideration for LP on any meaningful level, other than someone to finish out a blowout while your franchise player gets to sit and learn.

  404. I’ve seen him do this so many years. Shots just like that.

  405. again with this? Bembry went out right after Lin they played bad stop it or dont watch simple.

  406. Flagrant on Baz

  407. Please don’t. Psalm asked us not to do this. And it’s not like Lin played that well in the 3Q. He has plenty more time to do well.

  408. Are the starters going to throw away the lead?

  409. That is the only thing that will get JLIN more than 4 minutes in Q4

  410. Well heat has better players anyways. This is a Lin fan site right?

  411. Possible. But the bench has to do better than their last stint. They were too sloppy. Bembry made a few bad plays in a row.

  412. rightfully
    that was a dirty play

  413. so wait for the highlights to come out then.

  414. sourpuss.

  415. At this rate, the 16 points lead earned by Lin’s unit in 2Q
    would be squandered soon.

  416. removed

  417. Yes. And Psalm asked the forum not to root for the opposing team because Lin is on it.

  418. Sure, you have some points but…
    …. JLINs bench unit are the best performing on in this game statistically speaking by a mile

  419. Well here is my 2 cents, I really don’t care Hawks win or lose. If Hawks get blow out every game in order for Lin to have extended minute, then I wouldn’t mind Hawks losing every game. Just saying.

  420. who’s the kid here imma root for the other team cause my kid got subbed. stop it he’ll come back in.

  421. Everyone is talking bad about the coach and some players anyways
    whats the difference lol

  422. Lin will be back in. I hope he has some 4Q magic and makes some shots. I’d like to see him get 15.

  423. Spellman flew out of nowhere for that putback dunk. Wow.

  424. Love that hustle by the big guy.

  425. Wow Spell!!!!

  426. Think Lin cares?

  427. Yeah, he’ll be very good once he develops more. Dude’s got so much motor and hustle. Decent 3-point shot too.

  428. Psalm since you are flagging name calling, please check name calling now the 3rd time by this poster.

  429. I really don’t care neither cuz no one knows what Lin, LP, or anyone one thinking anyway.

  430. You have a point there.

  431. I gave you an lol but you’re being ridiculously negative now.

  432. They were losing some of the lead. The starters help get it back and then started to lose some of it. Lin will be back in I think.

  433. Somebody was out of control. Take Lin out to join him.

  434. normally I wouldn’t give it another thought but since “name calling” is an issue tonight, I want it to be fair

  435. OK, I mean, we’re all Lin fans with different opinions. But psalm asked us not to express this FWIW.

  436. 10 pt game now

  437. Wade is amazing. HOF Wade in his last season.

    Bring Lin in. Need a competitive vet in there now.

  438. Same here! Hawks winning or Trae playing well means Lin’s minutes goes down! This affects his shooting chances, FG%, and PPG average! Imagine if Lin only gets 7pts and 33%FG that brings his stats down a lot if it continues for several games.

  439. They are going to need Lin soon.

  440. True. If so psalm can ban me anytime he wants. I have been banned by Real GM for life already anyway. I am here for Lin, not Hawks not any other team, not NBA.

  441. Q4, It is defense that starts a team right.

  442. Right now.

  443. Hope Hawks lose, I doubt Lin will come back for 4th quarter and if he does not for long.

  444. rookie guarding a MVP

  445. Single digit and lower lead still doesn’t guarantee JLIN more than his alloted Q4 minutes today of approx 4 mins.

    If we not only lose the lead but go in the hole by a dozen, JLIN will finally get his mins

  446. I understand the frustration. But rewards are coming. If not this game, the next one. Lin is playing, though, and no one can stop his magic. No coach, not even Byron Scott did. So, it’ll happen. If not tonight, tomorrow maybe. As long as he plays.

  447. Young has played 10 min. straight. Time to sit.

  448. Yup. All I wants is Lin get his minute, pad his status stay healthy and a nice contract next year. 🙂

  449. Dedmon!

  450. Signature Wade fake shot, jump into defender play. Huerter fell for it hook, line, sinker. Can’t be putting a rook on Wade all night.

  451. I agree.

  452. Cant believe Huerter fell for it tho. Such as rookie mistake.

  453. Wade gets vets with that move his entire career. Easy to bait a rookie.

  454. Lin needs to come in now and finish the game with Trae. He needs two playmakers out there to seal the deal here or the Hawks may blow this one.

  455. He’ll be coming in. Just depends on when and if Lin will close it out.

  456. I hope so

  457. I am crossing my fingers.

  458. What a late call. Thanks refs.

  459. It is for the starters to loss the game.

  460. You guys gotta be kidding that JLIN closes this game

  461. Wow sooooo sick!

  462. Harden and Walker plays back to back 40min games, Pierce will give Trae a long leash.

  463. JLIN needs to come in within the nxt 2 minutes or perhaps he’s done for the night and my 4 min guess will be wrong

  464. Heat are just doubling and bum rushing Trae.

  465. 6 pt game now

  466. winslow this ain’t football

  467. come on guys chill please…….

    @sws94:disqus and ALL, if someone feel offended on a comment we made….just say sorry and move on…..

    BTW…we could pick of flavor here (pun intended)

  468. Take Trae out coach. He’s choking again and messing up too much.

  469. Well, LP, it’s now or never to put Lin in. Should have Lin in there with Trae 2 minutes ago.

  470. Why with Trae?

  471. put lin in without bembry

  472. Let’s see what LP will do –
    putting Lin back in or live/die with Young. I say likely the latter.

  473. Because he is too Young.

  474. I don’t have much faith in coach. It’s like he doesn’t get how to trust his veteran PG when things are getting hairy late in the game. That’s usually when Lin shines.

  475. Good, Hawks deserve to lose when favoring Trae and benching Lin no matter how well he plays. Lin deserves to start, so much disrespect!

  476. I see what you did there … nice

  477. Well I am gonna be piss again if LP don’t put Lin in now.

  478. Now it is too late and Trae needs to come out. But they were focusing in on Trae. If Lin was in there with Trae, they can’t do that to either of them or they would get burned.

  479. Lin in

  480. easy win easy…it’s ok. He’s on min restriction lol

  481. don’t think the “super-patient-to-TY”, “development-minded” coach cares for a win tonight

  482. Yay!

  483. Wow. Surprised. Might be too late though. Heats are hot.

  484. Better look to shoot 😡

  485. Go Mr. 4th qtr! Be aggressive!

  486. guess, the non-optimal solution is still a better solution than what’s currently happneing

  487. I wonder how long he will leave him in.

  488. why is bembry playing PG

  489. Not long, 4mins and Trae will close for the glory.

  490. Geez why Bembry brings the ball up?

  491. JLIN will get TWO to FOUR minutes most likely

  492. No clue.. smh

  493. Lin needs to be handling the ball.

  494. No foul? Wth!

  495. they are double trapping him

  496. Coach wants to lose, not allowing Lin to play PG.

  497. That’s why I thought Lin and Trae should be in the game together.

  498. Nice block by Bembry!

  499. mismanaged game from lloyd pierce this is on him.

  500. lin i s out

  501. Lin out

  502. What a nightmare. Lin didn’t do anything with his time out there again. The entire bench playing like crap. Geez.

  503. Yes. Lin should be in there now. This game is still winnable. Lin and Trae should finish the game out.

  504. JLIN gets his 19 minutes – so my 20min-21 mins was a slight overshoot

  505. Lin and Trae should have been in together. Lin barely touched the ball when he was in.

  506. Go Heat

  507. Lin out after 3 min in 4Q!

  508. They are doubling Lin tho.

  509. The bench didn’t move the needle and gave up the lead. But, Lin should be in there with Trae. I don’t think the starters can turn this around.

  510. it’s funny they don’t double Trae

  511. Everyone went for iso and Bembry wasted possessions as PG. Lin couldn’t do anything and not taking contested 3s again with one close defender.

  512. He touched the ball plenty, he just got trapped and kept passing it off early. Lin didn’t playmake at all. His unit kept making mistake after mistake.

  513. Yeah, the worst part was LP let Bembry to be a PG and resulted to 1 or 2 TO.

  514. Not looking that aggressive out there. This is TY’s game to win or lose.

  515. The bench did play poorly. Lin didn’t really have a good game. Hope for better tomorrow.

  516. Pierchlenk is unbelievably predictable – flirting with Trae’s win and skating on a razor edge, haha.

    Oh right, anyone that thinks this game was as a result of JLIN’s squad … haha

  517. meh it is what it is they dont want to win i think draft rankings.

  518. Not after half court, Lin should’ve taken contested 3s but hesitated again cause he’s not in rhythm.

  519. Refs helping Miami…too much 7 against 5

  520. What a lazy rebound.

  521. So short no need to. They just play physical and give hard fouls on him.

  522. Yeah, refs definitely rigging this game in Heat favor.

  523. Lin played a decent 1st Q and a 2nd half of 2nd Q tonight. Otherwise, he’s been pretty awful.

  524. It must kill JLin to not close a game. Tanks a lot ATL

  525. even though they are winning right now. I got to give blame to lloyd pierce. atrocious coaching this game.

  526. Tiger fan!

  527. You can’t blame Pierce for tonight.

  528. LP should really put Lin and Trae out there since Heats is trapping the ball handler.

  529. jeremy headed straight to the locker room after he got subbed out. must be disappointed

  530. How is it “tiger fan” when I’m just speaking the truth?

  531. injured?

  532. Starters did a good job. They look like they may pull out the win. Coach’s move worked but he should have gone with LIn and Trae together when the lead was shrinking.

  533. Yeah I do not blame Paul Pierce at all.

  534. He’s back out. Maybe a bathroom break.

  535. dont think so

  536. Richardson playing horrible and going for iso helping Hawks win.

  537. Yup. Heats trapped the ball handler and caused TO and allow them to be back into the game. LP should 2 pgs out there.

  538. Miami took jeremy out of the game. double team all game

  539. He played 3 min in 3Q and another 3 min in 4Q.

    What could he have done with that measly play time???

  540. He was poked in the eye in the 2Q, but stayed on the court.

  541. choppy minutes

  542. Needs to stay on this bike if not his muscles get stiff so can’t tell. Either way Lin needs to force a trade.

  543. Pierce is part of the ATL plan. So yes I can. The overall plan is to tank so things are done in consideration of that, that no matter ATL does if the lose it is ok. It is NOT ok

  544. 1 for 4 FG, 2 assists, 3 turnovers, 5 rebounds in 18 minutes played for Lin tonight.

    “Tiger fan” LOL

  545. Lin, not Bembry, needs to be in there Pierce. Lin would have knocked down that 3.

  546. spo loves to trap. that’s his defensive philosophy.

  547. Limited minutes with Trae playing well no chance to get into rhythm

  548. Bembry was awful tonight too, but he will always be put in there over Lin because he’s part of the Hawks’ young core.

  549. Lin just needs to rebound from this bad game tomorrow night. Just get 15 minimum on efficient shooting.

  550. And, the truth is that Lin led his unit to widen Hawks lead from 48-46 to 68-52 in 2Q.

    I am proud of his impact of the game, though it is not reflected in his stats. He can’t help the rotation and PT of his “super-patient-to-TY” coach.

  551. if he gets the ball….he would be wide open…but no one will pass him the ball.

  552. Lose Hawks Lose!

  553. He’s the 6th man.

  554. i’m hoping for OT hehe

  555. Prince, don’t choke here.

  556. 14mins, 4 mins wasted in 4th not being PG.

  557. Nope

  558. If it wasn’t for Lin’s free throws, he would’ve only scored 3 points tonight.

  559. We do have Tiger Fans among us. LOL.

    The Tiger Fans would overlook the fact that at Lin led his unit to widen Hawks lead from 48-46 to 68-52 in 2Q.

    The Tiger Fans would also overlook that Lin was given 3 minutes each in 3Q and 4Q. Lin is a wonderful player, but he can not create miracles with minutes like that! He hardly got into rhythm.

    I am proud of Lin’s impact of the game, though it is not reflected in his stats. He can’t help the rotation and PT given by his “super-patient-to-TY” coach.

  560. 18mins with 4mins in 4th not as PG what do you expect?

  561. Pierce just likes him a lot more than Lin. Pierce thinks Lin’s D it bad and loves Bembry’s D.

  562. yeah….off night. but to be fair. I saw several plays. LP wants him to run the offense through Bembry

  563. can we all agree baze to the bench has helped the team but hurt lin’s role a bit?

  564. lets go heat, let go heat

  565. Hawks win. Barely.

  566. It would be easier to assess his performance if we knew what instructions he was given. With four shot attempts it doesn’t seem like he was told to be aggressive

  567. Gotta respect Wade for being the decoy to get that wide open 3.

  568. yes. LP called out plays, lin looking at sidelines, and there was a lot of confusion on some plays.

  569. yes…LP did that so Trae can shoot some more. Take LIn’s shot attempts away

  570. ugly win but a win nonetheless…time to watch my lakers suck

  571. Only 4FGA with 18mins not an off night just not given the chance score.

  572. Are you sure LP didn’t yell “Run through Bembry!!!”

  573. Bad Q4 from the Hawks and rotation from the Coach, but somehow they manage to keep the Lead

  574. yeah….Wade should just shoot it.

  575. It was an off night. Brush it off and there’s tomorrow.

  576. Want to give Richardson the future to be the hero.

  577. They got lucky that Richardson 3 didn’t fall (although he traveled before he shot it). They actually lost the lead in the 4Q but got it back. Not a banner night for Lin but he’s healthy and he’ll have a chance to play better in the next game.

  578. yep….Jeremy don’t shoot don’t shoot pass it to bembry

  579. Bembry! forget it.

  580. Another night with many Lin fans here cheering for a Hawks loss. Even more than last game. Really pathetic, guys, especially after what psalm said yesterday.

  581. Kent Bazemore coming off the bench is hurting Lin’s 6th man role and number of shots.

  582. I missed the traveled but was excited he missed haha.

  583. baze doesn’t have to share the ball with trae and prince anymore. bembry’s scoring role has steadily been decreasing as lin got hot, but then baze comes along and he takes up some of those bench possessions.

    overall for the team, it’s worked out better, but for lin personally, he inherited the “problem” that plagued the starters: too many people wanting to be playmakers

  584. Yes, he did. But to be fair, he also gave back the lead in the 2nd half. Lin had an off-night. It’s ok. Happens. Tomorrow has new possibilities.

  585. yes that’s the plan. Trade is all I’m waiting for.

  586. ok, good point. But Bembry regressed some tonight from the nice progress he was making.

  587. Your observation indicates that maybe LP’s idea of how to run the game and Jlin’s differed and maybe why JLin had an off game. Since ATL wonthough LP gets the benefit of the doubt.

  588. bembry couldn’t get to the rim. that’s his bread and butter.

  589. I saw it twice, Lin was looking toward LP direction and seem like waiting for his play call.

  590. yep my feeling too

  591. Bench problem of Bembry was already resolved by lin, but a new one emerge, the Baze enigma..LOL. Hope Baze go all out too on defense when he got his own points just like bembry when being fed to pad stat

  592. Jeremy fell hard after that behind the back dribble left handed lay up

  593. Pleeeease. The way LP treats Lin, they deserve the booo

  594. Well, what can you do? Psalm tried. Lin having a not so great game isn’t the end of the world. He’ll be back tomorrow with a new slate. Credit the starters, he did better. There is something to the Baze with the bench unit that may be a problem.

  595. I am proud of Lin’s impact of the game, though it is not reflected in his stats.

    I am impressed that Lin led his unit to widen Hawks lead from 48-46 to 68-52 in 2Q.

    Let us not overlook that Lin was given 3 minutes each in 3Q and 4Q only.

    He can’t help the rotation and PT given by his “super-patient-to-TY” coach. Lin is a wonderful player, but he is not a miracle-maker with minutes like that!

    Good night, fellow Lin fans!

  596. Shouldn’t have been a close game at all.

  597. no need to put it on against them tonite. Hawk wins and you like that isn’t it too?

  598. yeah…LP probably think mmmmmm how am I going to stop Lin. Ah…..put Baze in to take his shots lol

  599. 1. I do hope Lin gets to Orlando, he has shown more than enough that he can still start in this league. he would get to play with a lot more freedom aswell.

    2. while lin was not great he was not awful neither. Very passive and looked like they were running plays a lot.

    3. Baze in the bench unit will take a lot of Lins shots, but sometime Lins gotta call his own number. Baze is exactly what Prince will be.

    4. lloyd pierce needs to coach better than this.

  600. Good night everyone. Until next time / game.

  601. 1. I hope so
    2. can’t play..if coach is calling the play all the time
    3. I agree.
    4. He can’t. He’s a rookie coach. Will be gone anytime soon after the tanking

  602. No guarantee Cliff would start Lin. Cliff likes Augustin’s ball handling and likes Lin as an X factor. It’s possible Lin would be that in Orlando as well.

    LP didn’t coach well. Use dual-PGs more strategically and find better playing combos.

  603. tomorrow

  604. It’s called baby sitting. development.

  605. I have a feeling that he will do that to Lin if ever

  606. Any word on Lin’s ankle?

  607. why what happened?

  608. Kpkafle said he sprained right ankle on someone’s foot? Hobbled a bit.

  609. My take on the game…No excuse for Lin since turnovers have been his main issue this year and his career but LP quickly taken him out after the first turnover kind of messed him mentally from that point on.

    And then LP proceed in letting Bremby be the PG in the second half, pretty much tells Lin he’s lost confidence in him.

    To be fair, I never thought LP thought much of Lin as a player and only played him more minutes because Lin bullied him heavily by shooting so well. Even with that, Lin is still on thin ice with no room for mistake unless he’s shooting great.

    I just hope Lin can be traded as soon as possible because I think he’s facing too much obstacle to simply get 20 minutes a night in Atlanta.

  610. Lin may have an ankle injury. Let’s all hope and pray it’s minor if he does. If he has to rest tomorrow, fine. Maybe that’s what was off this game.

  611. oh shoot really. Oh man

  612. risking too much for this junk team.

  613. Agree with that…I don’t think Lin would start right away if he’s traded to Orlando, but he’ll get more minutes there and some leeway since he’s proved himself to Clifford.

    On point about Cliff, he hates turnovers and D.J Augustin doesn’t turn the ball much…Lin’s has had turnover issue in the past and it’s Lin’s biggest problem this year with the Hawks.

  614. To be honest, I don’t get why are you guys kept on arguing, although we have different point of view but bottom line is we all want Lin to be successful in NBA which is bias towards Asian right?

  615. who’s arguing Win?

  616. Not confirmed.

  617. Lot of them but I have no interest to even join the argument.

  618. Haha talk to you tomorrow then. 🙂

  619. don’t worry about those people. They are just trying to make 1000 comments tonight.

  620. I think you’re underestimating Jeremy if you think that getting pulled “messed him mentally”.

  621. I guess no highlights for tonight.

  622. For those of you who think JLIN had a bad game or had any hand in this game being as close as it was …

    … consider that in JLIN’s first 16 minutes (Q1-Q3) the Hawks had their largest lead around 19 points
    — the predictable Pierce perhaps had ZERO intention of even playing JLIN in Q4 at ALL but for the collapse by the STARTERs forced Pierce to play JLIN 3 minutes
    — too little for JLIN to create another miracle (and JLIN is getting flak for it by fans, c’mon people understand what this team and its goals are)

  623. another win will always be better than losing games..means quota hasn’t reach yet..LOL!

  624. If he is hurt I would rather see him sitting out a game or 2. Just to be save.

  625. Absolutely.

  626. JLIN is not hurt – wherever and whoever heard that rumor, please post any evidence

  627. I thought Lin should have been given more freedom to look for his own shot, but I think the Miami Heat also played really good defense against him this game.

    Don’t forget either that Hawks have been playing every other day for entire month of November, and current road trip will be 4 games in 7 nights, with back to back at Hornets tomorrow being third game in fourth night.

    (will be interesting to look at Popcorn Machine Game Flow tomorrow to see 5 man unit that played great defense to open up that big lead, vs. who Lin was deployed with in second half, and should be good game tape to study to see who Heat defense did against him this game, too)

  628. That pass to Len wins it all.

  629. Cliff would not only play he a lot of minutes, but use him to close games. That’s what I liked about Cliff. He saw Lin as a game closer.

  630. Agreed. Lin can be a 6th man with lot of minutes and closing game. 🙂

  631. Spoelstra always looks to slow down/stop Lin.

  632. but he might not start him also as per your earlier post?

  633. at least minimize JLIN’s impact. coach Spo has always Lin part of their defense plan i believe

  634. Miami’s coach really respects JLin and always game plans specifically to stop or reduce Jlin’s effectiveness. He knows that the guy who will beat him is JLin, especially on a tanking team, because JLin does not tank.

  635. He knows what Lin did to him in the playoffs.

  636. Yes.

  637. both baze and bembry get to run with the starters. lin? nope. that’s one reason i’m “angry” at his situation. trae doesnt need to play super well to get a lot of minutes, he just needs to not suck. and lin only plays as backup pg so naturally his minutes won’t be consistent. it all depends on trae’s play. this myth of lin + trae that we heard in the offseason just doesnt happen. they overlap for a couple minutes at best…. i truly feel this is as egregious as the time BS separated lin and ed davis…

    i don’t care how “bad” lin plays, the least LP can do is respect him enough to get a consistent 20 minutes a game. LP does these entire line changes and i always feel he’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater. the unit lin plays with may suck and lose the lead or widen the deficit, but i hardly feel it’s lin fault. sure some games he had bad TO’s, bad heat checks, etc. but in general i feel he’s one of the most consistent players on the bench. everyone else makes way more dumb mistakes than lin and yet lin gets “punished” with the rest of them…

  638. praying for a trade

  639. i have no doubt Lin would bench Dj augstin is not at his level at all. they have no one else to be a PG. Lin might start as a 6th man but i would be chocked if he didnt take the starting position.

  640. Why is the focus so always on how many points JLIN scored among his fans?

    JLIN and his main unit PLAYED the best, JLIN despite only 19 minutes, of which 3 mins were in helter skelter everyone wants to be PG as the Heat destroy the 19 PT LEAD, that JLIN helped CREATE.

    Pierce had a preplanned idea of how many minutes JLIN would be allowed to play in Q3 and I almost exactly guessed the minutes — and whether JLIN had 100% efficiency in the entire game that would not have changed Pierce’s mind… this was for Trae to win or lose period

  641. i have zero interest on the hawks. whether they win or not. how theyre developing. lin ofcourse didnt get minute because game not a blow out and trey didnt suck. not surprising. days like this will happen no matter how much lin scores

  642. Do you really think LP tells Lin not to shoot? I think LP tells Lin the opposite. when Lin shoots and scores more he plays more, even when he turns it over. The narrative that LP would tell Lin not to try to score isn’t supported by what happens after Lin shoots and scores a lot.

  643. Respectfully, it wasn’t Spoelstra that had any material impact on the way JLIN played, JLIN could have countered, it was the other guys on JLIN’s team who wanted to play PG that had the largest impact on JLIN

  644. praying for a trade because watching the hawks is becoming a pain. more and more. Lin will not get more the 21 minutes per game . no matther how trey plays

  645. yeah in the 2nd half lin was brought in with the bench to stop a miami squad with the momentum. that’s too much to ask. if perhaps LP mixed the lineups to win and not develop young players… but we all know that’s not the goal.

    huerter starting is just brutal. and anderson gets no minutes but i feel his defense, hustle, and size makes for winning ball.

  646. On the bright side of thing, Lin still finished with a (+3) and despite a poor shooting night(1 for 4 FG), I think he’s still at 50% FG and 40% 3PTFG for the season.

    We have to hope his shooting line can stay at 50/40 by trading deadline because it’ll give him more gravitas the longer he can keep his line up there.

    Someone should calculate the shooting line after this game.

  647. hopefully just ankle sprain.

  648. I’m not sure he thinks Lin’s D is bad. But, he may not like Lin’s pace and ball security (although Trae turns it over too).

  649. I don’t see games unless they are free, so I live vicariously from listening to people on this site. Odd way to formulate and give opinions but it is what I hav to work with. I will not commercially support professional sports who accept losing as an acceptable practice. But Spo does respect Jlin’s game and I am sure he game planned for stopping JLin like he always does. This time his job was made easier by LP short timing JLin in the 3rd and 4th qtrs. Plus mayb LP told the other players to employ more motion offense. A lot of these things that happen we don’t know for sure if they are precipitated by instructions from the bench- I.e. like the play calling from the bench that some have mentioned

  650. well if LP is “old school” then maybe he told lin to be a “real pg” and set up the other guys “like trae does” or some crap like that… who knows.

    conspiracy theory alert: do you honestly think the front office enjoys lin showing up trae like that? it’s not THAT big of a stretch to think LP wants lin to shoot less and pass more. but look at who he’s passing to and suddenly you realize why his lineups stink sometimes….

  651. I think LP wants Lin to shoot based on what he has said and what he has done. I don’t get into conspiracy theories. LP said he wants guys to shoot open shots and after a game that Lin did well he said Jeremy was in because he was making his shots. So, there is nothing to show that LP doesn’t want Lin to shoot or score. This idea that he’s thinking of Lin showing up Trae doesn’t wash to me either. Trae is great at assists and handling and Lin is solid at making his team play like a unit when they buy in. They have different strengths and look different as players.

  652. Lin’s hurt, but I went through and rewatched the 4th Q and didn’t see where he hurt himself. It might’ve been before that.

  653. LP doesn’t think lin can guard wings. ALL of LP’s lineup decisions revolve around that. bembry is 6′ 6″, that’s why he gets to run with the starters in the “death lineup”. add to that he’s younger and they need to evaluate him and it’s a done deal…

    perhaps another coach that believes in positionless ball will take a chance on lin.

  654. yes, he’s definitely hurt there. Hope it is something that isn’t that serious. Rest time, JLin.

  655. The last shot he took and missed in the 4th, before Pierce subbed him out, he didn’t land awkward nor land on anyone’s foot. But when he went off the court, you could see him hobble for a very slight second before the camera panned away. I’ll try to get the clip…

  656. and if LP wants lin to play more like trae, then that may explain the “deferring”… again, just throwing out ideas. who knows.

    i think baze going to the bench is the real/obvious reason lin took a step back so to speak.

  657. I don’t know. Turns out Lin injured himself. That may explain why he didn’t play as well in the 2nd half tonight.

  658. Hopefully he is ok.

  659. well the good news is he could still play so we just gotta wait for news. NO WAY he plays tomorrow…

  660. Rest wouldn’t be bad for Lin. I’m not expecting him to play all 82.

  661. Sit out a game to rest and stay well. they don’t need Jlin tank

  662. left hamstring?

  663. OK, I think I found where Lin got hurt. He drove and squeezed in between 2 guys, landed on his left leg awkwardly. You can see he was moving gingerly afterwards. I slowed down where he got hurt at the end of the clip.

  664. No, no, let’s hope not. Hope it is just the ankle.

  665. either way, he’s gonna be out for a bunch of games. helps the tank and helps develop other players. remember how long collins was out with his mysterious injury?

    lin can’t catch any breaks…

  666. not obvious on that video, but maybe after subbed, he felt the pain thats why the hobble to protect the leg which has pain on it…

  667. man, Lin might be out for awhile. yet another injury has come in. white Jesus loves him so much…

  668. We don’t know how long he’ll be out. Let’s just hope not. I don’t care about the tank. But Lin needs to prove he’s healthy and doesn’t need to be out for long.

  669. Says who? Let’s just hope for the best.

  670. he’s on the wrong side of 30 and can’t absorb as much contact anymore. think he’ll at least sit out tomorrow’s contest.

  671. To say that Lin gave back the lead in the 2nd half entirely is extremely unfair.

    I have listed the important details below. Young had a part in giving up the leads too but Young had only minimal input in building up the lead in his play time because the game was broken wide open in Q2 by the bench with Lin playing; not the starters with Young.

    Trae Young started Q3, score was 68:52 (16 points lead)
    Jeremy Lin entered the game with 6:41 left, the score was 81:68 (13 points lead)
    Trae Young left right after his assist to Spellman with 6:04 mins left, the score was 85:68 (leads came back to 17 points lead), Trae Young played 5:56 minutes with 1 more point lead.

    Then, Dear Bembry gave up a four point play to Josh Richardson with 4:55 minutes left.

    With 3:30 mins left, Lin left and Young in, score was 88:76 (12 points lead, the team only gave up 1 point lead in Lin’s playtime)

    Trae Young came back in with 3:30 minutes left, the score was already 88:76 (12 points lead);
    Trae Young closed the 3rd quarter (score was 100:86;14 points lead) Trae Young started the 4th Quarter,
    With 7:35 minutes left, Trae Young left, Lin came in (score was 107:101; 6 points lead; Young played 7:55 mins)
    To summarise, from the time that Young came in Q3 to the time Young left in Q4, the team lost 6 out of 12 points lead in Young’s play time.

    Jeremy Lin then checked in with 7:35 minutes left in Q4. Score was 107:101 when the Heat started their run against the Hawks long ago, Lin left with 4:45 minutes left, score was 107:108. A lost of 7 points During 2:50 minutes span that Lin was allowed to play.

    Within that 2:50 minutes span,
    With 7:19 left, DeAndre’ Bembry bad pass (Josh Richardson steals)
    With 6:36 left, Kent Bazemore misses driving layup
    With 6:33 left Spellman got the offensive rebound, dunked but missed.
    With 6:07 left, Kent Bazemore lost ball turnover
    With 5:39 left, DeAndre’ Bembry misses driving layup
    With 5:23 left, Lin got a defensive rebound
    With 5:16 left, Alex Len offensive foul turnover
    With 4:48 left, Jeremy Lin misses 16-foot pullup jump shot

    Then Young checked back and played for 4:45 minutes which turned a 1 point lead to 1 point advantage.

  672. is there a chance that this was just cramps?

  673. I think positive thoughts and ideas is best. Collins was out for the first few weeks of the season and he’s like 23. It’s not the contact, it’s the position his body is in when he gets the contact. Lin has had ankle injuries before. I hope that’s all it is.

  674. OK, I found where he did get hurt. He twisted his left ankle jumping up for the ball in the 3rd quarter:

  675. Lin posted in his IG but isn’t answering any questions on about his injury.

  676. That looks like it. I noticed he fell there but then the camera was off of him. That looks like an ankle injury and probably not too serious. Probably stiffened up after the game. Let’s pray it’s very minor.

  677. He was able to play for a while afterwards, so it must not be that bad. But after the adrenaline left his body, he started feeling it much worse.

    Lin should’ve pulled himself out of the game like Baze did the other night. Oh well, I don’t think it’s too serious.

  678. Whew. Still, I want an official word.

    Lin has to pull himself out of the games when he feels the little bit off.

  679. *** Lin was given choppy minutes in the 2nd half again;

    A span of 3:11 minutes and 2:50 minutes in the 2nd half.

    Wonder why he didn’t do well in the 2nd half. This is the reason.

  680. Thx for the video work. It does look like he did something to his left leg. I
    thought it was the knee or upper leg but no strong opinion. In the vid following it does not look like he is limping from what I can tell. Maybe that’s why he came out! Coach saw it and took him out as a precaution. If he did then good on coach!

  681. He got injured.

  682. He didn’t take a whole lot of shots like Bembry did.

  683. yeah…i saw that too. Must be it.

  684. “performance team” or whatever they call that here won’t clear him. just look how weird the whole collins injury was. very quiet on what happened exactly and very little updates. i think they might hold lin for ulterior motives. he IS an asset at trade deadline too so there’s that…

  685. I was looking a wrong video before. Looking at the one where he fell on his ankle but rolled. Good thing he rolled, didn’t look bad

  686. I don’t agree at all. I don’t know what happened with Collins but Lin needs to prove himself over 20 games for a trade. And they don’t have a 2nd PG. I think they’d want Lin back as soon as he can get back. He was just beginning to get his legs back under him.

  687. good detective work.

  688. good job click

  689. well it’s not like lin was scoring like crazy in the 1st half either. it was just a team effort that gave them a huge lead. lin was an integral part of that. in the 2nd half they started out bad and lost all momentum. lin and bench came in on an uphill battle. lucked out a win. trae and the young guys would have closed out the game regardless. this is just how LP does his rotations.

  690. I think in the flow of the game, the first short stint didn’t make sense. In the second half, his unit didn’t play well in the 4Q and we now know that Lin was injured.

  691. just saying it’s not his call.

    the kawhi saga has taught us all that the training staff are NOT just in it for the players’ health. more goes on behind the scenes. we can only speculate. if you were schlenk, would you let lin come back or wait until he’s 1000% healthy? he IS an asset and cannot risk him getting any more injured/re-injured and lose all that value he has accrued this nov.

  692. I wouldn’t have him out any longer than need be.

  693. do you have access to instagram….post more messages

  694. Lin played in two spans in the 2nd half: about 3 mins each.

  695. objectively speaking, in the first half lin came in “early” like at the 8 min mark. in the 2nd half he came in at like the 7-6 min mark. i think LP waited too long to bring in the bench that did so well in the 1st half.

    the only reason for this is to give trae, prince, collins the opportunity to dig themselves out. by the time lin and the bench came in, the tide had turned. they were gaining momentum. in the 4th it was a blitz. no chance. refs were horrible also.

    yes lin was hurt. but even if he wasnt it was an uphill batlle tonight.

  696. Beautiful give n go, behind the head pass, Lin to Len…

  697. if you were trying to win…. which the hawks dont seem to be doing. watch bembry “break out” as back up pg now. him and baze. no lin to take touches away. just watch…

  698. Should’ve been a foul on either Wade or Whiteside. They both crashed into Lin before that amazing pass.

  699. Trae was impressed. Gave Lin the “nice play” finger point.

  700. I thought LP blew the opportunity to bring Lin in to play with Trae when the lead started to shrink. Asking a hobbled Lin and overly zealous Bembry to save the team at that point wasn’t going to work. The starters got a little lucky that Miami cooled off when they got back in.

  701. Coach wouldn’t say to any player not to shoot. But as the PG running the floor he might have said to JLin “try to get the other guys involved” or maybe specifically 1 or 2 guys in specific. Now his focus is on following instructions to give up the ball more, not to not shoot

  702. Len pretty agile for such a big guy. If this team was coached to win then Len maybe coulda had a break out year especially if they let JLin andhim PnR teams to death.

  703. dwade was shaking his head in disbelieve

  704. Normal side view from Heat feed. Even the Heat broadcasters were impressed.

  705. sorry cant see the video….was that Lin?

  706. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post the FACTS.

    Too many people have tunnel vision and just see things to fit their pre-conceived narratives.

  707. JLin Instagram: jlin7✌🏼#ATL #NeverDone

    On the one hand, it’s good to see Lin posting about the win. Hope that means he’s relaxed and happy for the team win. And most of all, that he’s okay.

    (On the other hand, don’t really like the hashtag #NeverDone any more. Brings back references to his injury. It was great when he was recovering and rehabbing. But, now that he has mostly recovered, would like to move on from that hashtag.)

  708. It looks like this was it. And if it was, it didn’t look toooo bad. Hopefully it isn’t….

  709. Chelsea Lane is in the background, just standing there talking.

    No one from the bench seems overly concerned. REALLY HOPE something mild.

    Another game tomorrow. We’ll find out soon enough.

  710. AGREE. I’m not sure if the minutes are necessarily pre-planned. But, it’s never been about how well or how poorly Lin plays. Don’t know how many times we have to say it.

    This season is ALL ABOUT the Hawks going forward, whether or not if it even involves Trae Young. It’s to develop their draft picks, and evaluate and identify their core for the near future. And who could be traded for more future assets. And if they lose a lot for the sake of development, all the better.

    If tonight’s any indication. It’s not about scoring OR passing OR turnovers.

    Bembry: 6 pts. 20 mins. 3 of 10. 0 for 2 from 3. 1 assist. 4 turnovers.
    Bazem: 12 pts. 26 mins. 4 of 10. 1 for 4 from 3. 0 assist. 5 turnovers.
    Lin: 7 pts. 18 mins. 1 of 4. 1 for 3 from 3. 2 assists. 3 turnovers.

  711. whats that a lump???

  712. For a team in playoff hunt, with Lin being a big part. Maybe okay to play through it.

    For the tanking Hawks? Not worth it.

    Thanks for nothing. Some reminders not necessary. LOL.

  713. Don’t forget to check out You-tube highlights from jae26hood. It’s just too bad that he’s a little slower to post them, so they’re always a couple of games late.

    I like these vids too. Jae26hood shows the plays that support Lin’s stats. So, includes missed shots and turnovers. But will also sometimes show “almost” assists because Lin’s teammates missed.

  714. Binge watched and caught up on the games. Lin having a glorious resurgence. So much fun to watch him make these great shots, and make these fantastic passes and assists.

    Speed of Lin from win over Heat. (Title inaccurate)

    Next up,will re-watch all the highlights. 🙂

    [And repeating, PLEASE BE WELL JLIN!!!!]

  715. when trae is in the groove, a two PG line up with Lin is more fluid and can max the potential of a winning game as shown on these highlight (though isolated in nature the highlight shown, its can be a template for a good play set up

  716. Another article from The Athletic. Inside Lin’s long road back and to the Hawks @ChrisKirschner. (Long time Lin supporter Howard Megdal liked the article, so must be good. Wish Howard got more clicks for his article on Lin.)

    Anyone subscribe yet? (Can get free trial subscription. But too lazy to register.)

  717. Don’t have the stats on how many minutes are Trae-Bembry vs Trae-Lin.

    From the few minutes that Lin and Trae have played together, it seemed effective. If going small ball, would make sense. And Trae has been a team player, passing to Lin to make plays too.

    If the goal is to win, I think they would play more together. But, unfortunately, winning for the Hawks seems to be more a by-product, and not the ultimate goal.

    And right now, it seems like Bembry may be sharing more minutes with Young.

  718. (Before tonight’s game.) Howard Megdal: Hey: @JLin7 with a .513/.424/.847 on the season shooting. #NBA

  719. BTW, thanks @psalm234 for all the write-ups and stats and threads.

    The good news is Lin is playing great basketball and is now 21 games into a HEALTHY season. (Hope it’s a minor sprain and that tomorrow’s game will continue that trend.)

    The bad news is with so many games, a lot more work for Psalm! So, really appreciate it!!!! 🙂

  720. Lloyd Pierce is simply untrustworthy. Lin can stay for his health but should leave next season out of this mess. They are playing games with game plans that I hate to watch.

  721. Nice video! Lin was limping at 8:54, seems to hurt, probably will be out next game.

  722. I hope Lin will be happy playing here for this season. It is a difficult situation playing behind Trae Young and Lloyd Pierce. Just trust God and let your prayer guide you, Jeremy. You will find a team that really need you.

  723. I am also so appreciative of Psalm’s efforts and diligent work. I have tried to watch Jeremy Lin’s playing here in Greece via international NBA league….but was not successful so I read every bit of what is written about him but am able to follow the “play by play” at least. Thank you everyone for your support for our young man.

  724. It’s Young & company who let the Heat start the run if I may say so. That Lin alone giving up the lead is simply not true. The truth is Lin had a part in building the lead in Q2 that Young didn’t.

  725. Any news yet on Lin’s injury?

  726. oh my…hope its not serious…will know in couple of hours time!

  727. ankle injuries are common, not too bad and Hawks are tanking and will continue to showcase Trae so long as he’s playing well. I’d like to see Hawks lose every game so long as Lin’s out.

  728. Technically it’s only 14 mins, 4 minutes were wasted with Bembry as PG and teammates playing isoball. t’s bad enough that he doesn’t get to close when it’s a winnable game, how the heck is he going to get a high PPG for his next contract? Bottomline Lin barely got the stats and credit for the win. It’s a tanking team, those wins are meaningless and Lin won’t ever get to close those or get the chance to be the hero it all goes to Trae so I don’t care! What benefits Lin the most his his scoring that’s what gets the media and announcers noticing and praising him. Did you see them highlight Lin during halftime or praise him this game?, nope.

    Basketball is all about scoring baskets and PTs that’s the whole point, just assists and rebounds won’t be enough when you’re making single digit games!

  729. Lin posted a photo of getting acupuncture on his ankle/leg. He might’ve twisted it though which explains why he went 1-4. Either way if his ankle is hurt he should sit out and let it heal. Hawks can continue to tank easier with him out.

  730. I am sure you speak for most of us.

    Thank You, Psalm and all mods. 👏

  731. I’m guessing, maybe hoping, it can’t be but so serious as we’ve not heard a thing about it from the Hawks. Maybe it is something like Bazemore. Miss a game and then back strong. If that.

  732. Wasn’t gonna ask the same, if Lin is not playing, then its gonna be a hot pot night for me. Lol

  733. On behalf of all other mods (@maknusia:disqus, @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus, @brentyen:disqus ), you’re very welcome 🙂

    Thank you for all contribution from the excellent posters/fans like yourself, Arsenium, Click, Acbc, sws, HVJoy, Kwok, Michael, InfiniteWisdom, dons, gum, and many others I can’t possibly mention them all here who believe in trying to create a positive environment for all Lin fans. We’re not perfect but just like real-world families, we edit out the bad memories and focus on the good lol

    It’s getting harder to find the time but with the help of all the mods and good posters, I’ll continue as long as I could 🙂 Glad we all can root for a healthy JLin this year, hopefully he’ll rest 1-3 games for the sprained ankle so he’s really ready and the Hawks can appreciate what they’re missing

  734. new thread

    Game 22 Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets
    ➡️@JLin7 is Listed as Questionable 🙏🙏
    ➡️#AssistofTheNight and #9 of Top 10 NBA Plays 🔥🏀🙌

  735. Lin is listed as questionable for today’s game but no further update yet

  736. OK, that’s actually good. That means he may sit this game but be ready for the next game. It’s better than doubtful or out.

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