Game 21 Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat: Which Teams Have Trade Interest in Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy Lin continued to garner praise for his strong play in November and helped the Hawks to snap a 10-game losing streak.

In the last 5 games, he averaged 22.8 min, 16. points, 4.2 assists, 2.6 rebounds, 1.4 steals, 0.2 block, 65.3 FG%, 55.0  P%, 71.4 FT%.

Dominique Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks announcer and VP of Basketball Operations, praised Lin’s crossover that left his defender lose him badly, “Man, he is playing great basketball!” as Trae Young celebrated with a fist pump.

Which Team Have Trade Interest in Jeremy Lin?
  • Orlando Magic

Jeff Siegel, Peachtree Hoops Atlanta Hawks community blog editor, suggested Jeremy Lin’s good performance and expiring contract as the perfect fit for Orlando Magic who needs a quality starting PG. He also implied that the Hawks don’t need someone that good. Atlanta Hawks are in the “tanking” situation to lose as many games as they can in hopes of getting a possible #1 draft pick in Zion Williamson, which are discussed frequently and openly in the Hawks podcast and forums.

Note: “Expiring contract” is valuable in the NBA because after the season Jeremy Lin’s $13M contract will come off the books of his team, freeing up more salary cap to sign a big-name free agent. It also offers a chance to test if a player is a good fit for a team, can help to reach the playoff, test the player before offering a new contract.

  • Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns is also in a dire need of a starting Point Guard to help Devon Booker to bloom and provide veteran leadership to other young players, although they are in worse position than Orlando Magic to reach the 8th spot for playoff appearance.

Back in August 31st, Russ from @LegionHoops, stated Phoenix Suns have reached out to the Hawks with interest in trading for Jeremy Lin, according to source. If it is true, the Suns would have even greater interest after seeing Jeremy Lin’s strong performance in November.

Philadelphia 76ers is also another team discussed in a recent article about possible trade destinations for Lin although Miami Heat seems to be in the latest rumor to trade for Markelle Fultz