G20 LAL @ BOS PreGame Thread+Poll

So Lin didn’t shoot well (0-10 with 0pts/) in the 2nd night of Back-to-Back game but I’m glad he didn’t shy away from shooting.

That’s what great players would do to try to break a shooting slump. It didn’t work tonight but I’m glad he took it in stride in the post-game interview and didn’t get down on himself too much. Lin will rest, regroup and come back strong like we know he does after a bad game. 

Let’s hope Lin will come out strong vs Boston Celtics in less than 2 days.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. 😛

  2. one of those nights…

  3. Third? I guess people are just too lethargic. I need a drink!

  4. noticed Kobe & Lin chatted on the floor… are things are not as bad as they seem at times… don’t know what to make out of it… well, for the ego-maniac, there should be less to worry about Lin… then, just can tell as far as Lin goes… watching…

  5. After a bad night, even the list to vote had shorten. Shame………..jk.

  6. Review from LakersGround editor-in-chief DancingBarry:

    “Just one of those bad nights,” Scott said. Glad to see Lin not stop shooting. He said he felt like they were all going in. He had some good looks but they weren’t dropping. Sinking two or three of those threes would have made a big difference. “I think the old me would have kicked myself over and over and over again and found myself a gym tonight in Boston. That’s the old me. I
    think I’ve grown.
    Sometimes it just is what it is,” Lin said. I like his confidence after the game. Good to see. Hope for a good bounceback game in Boston. The Lakers need him.

    1. I was glad to see Lin continue to shoot despite an off day. Hey, even Steph Curry had a 2-15 game before (missing 13 shots). 47% fg, 38% 3pt? keep on shooting.
    2. I was glad to see that after the game, Lin did not dwell on the misses. Just recognize that it was an off day and forget it for the next game. I expect Lin to take 10 FGA next game.
    3. I was glad to see LakersGround’s editor share the same sentiment that he was glad to see Lin’s confidence in shooting.

  7. Ido Amir tweets:
    For those who say “@JLin7 got his fair chance with @Lakers”, oh man.. We define “fair” so differently.
    When PG says 1 day before 1st game of season “I’m only starting because I’m the only one healthy” – THIS is not “fair chance”
    When a PG is being criticized publicly by his coach for poor D, when in fact he played EXCELLENT D, that’s not “fair chance”.
    When your starting PG is #44 in Usage Rate out of all #NBA PGs, that’s not “fair chance”.
    A fair chance is trusting your PG – putting the ball in his hands for at least half a season before criticizing him.

    Can you imagine @kobebryant going 0-10 and playing only 21min when he’s healthy? Of course not. He’d get 40min, and go for 7-21.
    Distrust comes in many shapes and forms. But at the end of the day, it is still distrust. No matter, @JLin7 will find his right place.

  8. Yep I have no issue for JLin to have an off shooting day. Glad that he continued to shoot and didn’t drill on this. Excellent JLin! Continue to trust on the Lord for every step of your NBA journey! Many of your fans are behind you!!!!!

  9. very good post to balance the nastiness out here today.

  10. yes, but now it has Linsanity!

  11. psalm, wise move to turn the page and start anew.

  12. LOL Because I was out for many hours:-)

  13. Time to start a new winning streak LOL

  14. The last time Lin faced Boston was Jan 13, 2014. He had a great game: 16 pts, 9 ast, 1 to, 5-7 fg, 1-2 3pt, 5-6 ft, 3 stl.

    Here’s to hoping that Lin will do the same or better!

  15. lucky girl, she even got a real side hug, not just a floater! LOL

  16. Look at where she put her right hand!!! Seem like they are really comfy with each other. Really look nice with one another:-)

  17. Lin’s future wife is going to be PO’ed at this pic 😉

  18. @psalm234. Since your hottie and food didn’t work in the last couple games, maybe this pic will give you Linsanity 2:-)

  19. The first time Lin faced Boston was the eve of Linsanity: Feb 3, 2012. I remember that game, it was rather uneventful, but no one knew what was about to happen the very next day.

  20. doesn’t look like a hover hand, maybe they know each other.

  21. Thanks for the info. mmmh. Hopefully it is going to be a different story in this coming game: Linsanity 2:-)

  22. I loved Lin’s interview. Lin rarely beat himself to death just due to his personal poor performance. He normally got mad at himself due to the loss.

    Lin thinks more in the team perspective. He often over-criticizes himself because his mistake might have costed the game.

    But this time, the lost has not much to do with him just like the team even has not much to do with him. I think Lin misses his high school buddies. Cannot speak for girls, but for boys, many life-long friends came out of high-school, simply because there is almost no money, fame, power in the way. It’s so pure and so real. Yeah, Lin misses pure basketball. He misses the pure team work, players are ready to sacrifice for each other. They can share win and loss with honor.

    What now? I think Lin’s struggle is not basketball at all. It’s the war between his passion and reality. For me, Linsanity is about to bring true passion into the reality. In a sense, there is no Linsanity 2. Only Linsanity, it says it all, nothing needs to add.

  23. BS’s starting PG motto:

    1. Be Aggressive
    2. Be Assertive
    3. Be Confident
    4. Be Consistent
    5. Be Conscious
    6. Give D Effort

    JL: I already did all that you asked.
    BS: No. you miss-understood. Don’t take the word literally. Look at my dictionary for these definitions.

    1. Be Aggressive – aggressively passing to K once you dribble and pass the half court. Not aggressively “search for me or search for team”.

    2. Be Assertive – assertively keeping the pace to match K and the other bigs. Refrain from running like a Triple Crown horse. You will run the team down if you do so.

    3. Be Confident – Believe in K that no matter what, do not expect he (and others) will pass the ball back. Believe in K that no matter what the game situation is, he will shoot and brick and brick and shoot and so on.

    4. Be Consistent – I will give you 29.5 minutes no matter what, well, except when you brick.

    5. Be Conscious – Be aware that your only passing target is K. No need for clock management. Let K do that.

    6. Give D Effort – As a PG (and a easy scapegoat), you will deserve all criticism for your (and others, specifically K and bigs) defense effort. So give your utter D-isclaiming-your-stats effort for this.

    All and all: Be ready to be mentioned in start gate or price gate or whatever gate as you are only a piece and a role player to K. Just read my lips here not my or K’s lips in public.

  24. That’s an efficient game but I want to see more points. I want to not care if he scores more than Kobe, it’s time for him to turn back into a scorer yet I don’t see Byron encouraging this. I like the 9 assists and 3 steals, but yesterday Wall got 15 assists and Wall isn’t that good a facilitator or passer, he did it off his speed something that Lin also has but doesn’t utilize in the pokey, get it to Kobe offense Byron runs in the 1st unit.

  25. some times I rather idoamiro would just shut up.. he makes us lin fans look bad sometimes.

    A great bball player can play..REGARDLESS. no excuse about playing pg or sg on and off. They should be already mentally prepared… Look at lebron james. Lin just have an off night that’s all. Lakers didn’t trash him. So no need to make matters worst by having him tweet like that. If that’s houston.. that’s another story..but I at times do not know did tweets like this instill more hatre for lin in the past. So don’t make matters worst.

  26. She could be another Harvard grad. She’s wearing one of those toggle coats that Ivy Leaguers are partial to. I bet she knows how to cure what’s ailing him. 🙂

  27. I always wish that Dan Cohen would just shut up. Everything Ido says in this tweet is spot-on. You, on the other hand, suffer from diarrhea of the mouth, a rare but terrible malady. The only thing worse than your syntax is your semantics. You saying that “he makes us lin fans look bad” would be funny if only you meant it as a joke.

  28. Unless she is “The One”

  29. someone asked the rich gambler about CHI HC:

    Mac Simotes (@MSimotes23)
    12/3/14, 7:16 PM
    @haralabob @NickFriedell Is Thibs the most overrated coach in basketball simply because of how terrible he is at managing minutes?

    And he replied:

    Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob)
    12/3/14, 7:17 PM
    He’s the worst coach at managing minutes and preserving his [email protected] @NickFriedell

    I was curious about his take on BS, and didn’t expect him to reply to a nobody:

    HY CA (@hyca73)
    12/3/14, 8:13 PM
    @haralabob what do u think of Lakers HC in managing mins? 36 yrs old got 35-40 mins night in night out, 26 yrs old got 29 – 30 mins

    I was surprised that he did reply, I guess he won’t bet on LAL:

    Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob)
    12/3/14, 8:16 PM
    @hyca73 Who cares the only thing that team cares about is getting Kobe pts. They aren’t going anywhere.

  30. In a Woj interview, he said Lin is a 1-yr player.
    Contract wise, it’s true Lin/Boozer/Davis is 1-yr player.
    Woj said chemistry work-in-progress b/w Lin & Kobe. And that’s true, we can hope it gets better


  31. Here’s the Woj Interview Article
    There is a link to the audio interview.

    Wojnarowski: “Jeremy Lin is a one-year player with the Lakers.”


    Yahoo Sports NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski joins The Home Team each week to give an update on the two L.A. franchises, and this week he had his sights set squarely on Jeremy Lin and the Los Angeles Lakers.

    I think this Lin is a one-year player with the Lakers. He’s a backup point guard in the NBA. He’s obviously be thrust into a bigger role because of who they have [on the Lakers roster], with the injuries and with Steve Nash being out for the year. You can see that Lin’s confidence is not there. There’s not a great chemistry between Kobe and Lin, that’s obvious.

    Listen to the full interview:



  32. Who did Kobe have great chemistry with? Nash? Nope. Derek Fisher? Lin fans having been saying for years that we don’t want Lin to become a role player like Fisher. Lin is trying to make the best of the current situation but if Kobe is a Laker for the foreseeable future then Lin would be better off getting traded to another team sooner rater than later.

  33. Woj also said Lin is a backup PG in the NBA.
    Clearly the stigma of Houston still lingers.

    So it’s imperative that Lin needs to be the true PG in a new team next season so he can get his starting PG numbers and realize his true potential. Unfortunately LA is not a good place for his career due to Kobe’s presence.

    Wherever it might be, “No ball-dominant SGs” should be the requirement!

  34. Who is this woj & why should Lin fans care? I’ve heard nothing positive come from him when it comes to Lin. I tuned him out completely as soon as the htown reporters kissed his a$$ by raving about him. ‘Birds of a feather…flock together’. smh
    I’m ok w/critiquing Lin if it’s fair w/comparison to other players, but it’s rarely fair when it comes to Lin…even during NY days.

  35. Correction to this Woj guy, JLin was USED as a backup PG in Houston. He is a starter in any team that allows him to play the position of PG. His starting job was taken away from him and given it to Beverly, for better fit to the beard.

  36. If a trade happens before Feb 2015 for some inexplicable reasons, I wouldn’t mind since the team might really want Lin for 3-4 months rental.

    But there’s also the concern of the stigma of journeyman player (“being easily traded” player and no teams want them long-term). Oh well, Lin just needs to focus to do his best at the moment. Moving around so much can’t be good for him since he needs to be comfortable with system/players to perform well.

  37. Woj is Adrian Wojnarowski, NBA Yahoo columnist famous for insider-scoop during NBA Draft.
    In this case, I don’t think he got this info from LA insider but his words can be seen to carry some weight.

    Lin and us as Lin fans shouldn’t care too much but it’s good to know the perception of NBA analysts of why Lin is seen as a backup PG. Clearly, playing with Harden and Kobe diminished his numbers because we saw Lin scoring 38 and 34 points w/o Harden. At the end of the day, NBA analysts would look at the numbers to grade players or All-Star status

    For me, it helps to conclude that Lin needs to avoid any teams with ball-dominant SGs next year at all cost.

    Even LA seems to be the ideal place, it could be a trap for his NBA career as a future All-Star PG

  38. Last nights game thread and this thread don’t show up in the front page, is it just me?

  39. It sounds like a browser caching issue. I just refreshed them manually.
    Please reload homepage and see if you can see them now?

  40. I guess you’re saying it’s better if he’s traded at or near the deadline rather than ASAP. I can’t be certain but I get the impression playing with Kobe on this team with this coach is very frustrating. I mean the coach claims he doesn’t even work on offense at this point. So no hope of working on the spacing issue so Lin can drive once in a while. Stigma is a concern but if he cannot operate on this team, better to try elsewhere. Of course it depends on which team he’s traded to.

  41. yesss they show up now! thank you
    I had to navigate from the WAS pre game thread to get here XD

  42. This is what Lin has to endure. The reason why In this 3 yrs I am against Lin being a backup even if you are backing up players like Steve Nash. The perception is very hard to raise but very easy to go down….especially with a guy carrying some Asian discount.

  43. I think he did not play in the 2nd H of that game….

  44. This is not gonna work….We need IJ’s pic now…LOL

  45. I’m not sure either if a trade is good or not now (but we’re purely speculating)

    I only remember JLin said it takes time for him to be comfortable in HOU to perform well in his role (especially after they took away his playmaker role and had to learn playing off-the-ball)

    So using the same logic, Lin might prefer to stick it out in LA this year or at least until Feb 15 to see if things will get better. Otherwise, all those TC, hard work learning the system would go to waste. I’m not sure he’s ready to throw in the towel. If he manages to play well next to Kobe, it’s still a great opportunity. I’m just not sure if he can play like Nick Young next to Kobe.

    I’ll be patient to wait until Feb 2015. It’s not like we can do anything anyway 😀

  46. So….If I am LAL’s FO. I would try to offer Lin a 5mi/yr deal as a backup and try to sign Rondo in FA. Meanwhile, for this current season, I will just let Kobe to play his “winning bball” so the 1rd pick stays in LA….

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  48. I remember who he is, psalm. I was just being sarcastic because his writing/opinions have been just as biased as others so called ‘journalists’ in judging Lin’s game. Journalism has always been known to be based on ‘unbiased’ facts, but that is no longer true.
    Anyone can write the crap these opinionists write. I can look at someone (Lin in this case), make a judgement & twist the facts…leave out pertinent info, in order to match my own beliefs. As Anais NIn noted: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
    The problem is that people believe what they write & have forgotten how to think critically on their own, they just believe what’s popular or common…easier than thinking.

  49. noticed that happening recently myself. Yea. refresh shows the new links. Probably some page expiration setting got changed.

  50. Good scenario!

    If I’m Lin’s agent, I would call Danny Ainge in Boston, “So Boston .. you have no Rondo now, and this Lin guy is perfect for your system. $7M/yr with bonus up to $10M if he makes All-Star?”

  51. Not gonna happen, LAL will just sign him out right in FA….easier this way.

  52. Do you think Rondo will even consider coming to LA? I don’t know him, but he doesn’t seem stupid enough to be a non-existent pg w/i bryant-noCoach ball.

  53. Since the perception is what it is……not thing Lin can do about it now. The remaining game and the summer will be the key….

  54. I was pretty sure you’d knew :]

    Yeah, I guess Woj is just not Lin believer. If he did, he’d mention how Lin’s playmaking job was taken by Harden and Kobe. But then it’ll make his idol Kobe look bad. So he won’t do it

    Just one of those things when so-called journalists have biases.

  55. Maybe I’m letting the last couple of games influence my thinking too much. Also, his biblical tweet makes me feel that Lin wants out. But sometimes you do need to stick it out and make the best of it until a timely opportunity to escape appears.

  56. Lin fans that think Lin is not an “alpha male” will disagree with you. But I think Rondo will only go to a contender or stay in BOS. I mean…if I am Rondo…I am not going to LAL at all. But to LAL’s FO…that is what they have to do.

  57. LOL “No more Asian Discounts!” should be the motto for Lin’s agents next year!

    Yeah, starting PG will open paths to All-Star status, teams building around you, etc.
    But Lin had no say in the past year. It’s a good thing he can choose next year.

    Let’s hope he chooses wisely.

  58. Can’t believe this.. Really don’t like Woj now.. smh!

  59. you mean LA will sign Rondo in FA? or Lin?

  60. The thing about choosing is that you need more info. Most of the time you do not. So,,,you just go with the best offer on the table. So how wise Lin is really is irreverent to how he will be treated in his next team.

  61. I think they will try and fail…who knows.

  62. Even without Rondo, Lin should not be tempted by the offer.
    Lin can waste 2-3 years of his peak (age 27-29) playing behind Kobe

    I don’t think Lin will be tempted by the Money after turning down ~$1B endorsement deals in NY

  63. The thing about a bad team trying to get a star player is tricky. Most of the time you need to have some B-level role players to get the team to a certain level 1st. HOU did that with Lin, Harden, Asik and CP25. Then you start to build stars while signing some bona fide stars. If Lakers ended up with a 12-60 record…I guess not even Mo Williams will want to go to Lakers…LOL

  64. Not just about money, the best means overall. Maybe he loves beaches in MIA more than he does for LA? LOL JK

  65. Either 22-60 or 12-70

  66. Yes…my bad…LOL

  67. Its ok….I am using my pocket calculator

  68. Not sure if anyone posted this earlier:

    Baxter HolmesVerified account
    Another shot of Kobe & Rondo grabbing breakfast in Boston:


  69. Ya, I just can’t see any known player even consider going to LA the way things are. I think LA is also burning their bridge w/Lin signing. I’d be highly surprised if Lin takes less $ to play backup for this noCoach & bryant. The only way it happens is if no other options are available, which I don’t think is true.

  70. Kobe: “I am gonna teach you the winning way”
    Rondo: “you mean winning 22 out of 82 games way?”

  71. He will at least know which coaches he’s choosing between and that’s huge. Way more important than money. Because as you said, if Lin is successful, the money he’ll make from endorsements would dwarf any salary. The team would benefit enormously from Lin’s fame as well.

  72. Who is the other guy? Kobe’s AS? Looks like they didn’t look happy to me. Well, I really don’t mind Kobe asked Rondo to Lakers now bc he is so hard to get along & so is Rondo… great! Fighting!!!

  73. I don think it is true either. BUT one important point is, since Lin is treated as a very good BackUP in general. His offers will mostly fall in that range too. But like a lot of posters have said. You just need that one team……which is true too.

  74. Never mind about his guy now bc I think he was the one who did the interview w Kobe about to get extend contract in 2016… Looks like he works for Kobe’s favor now… Really don’t need to care about this at all.

  75. Brain training

    After a bad night of shooting by LIN, I was glad to hear Scott not throw LIN under the bus. LIN himself seemed okay with it as well. That’s the good news.

    Forensically my analysis Is based upon my experience with how an athletes’s mind affects their performance. It’s easy for us to say “just do it” but in reality it’s quite difficult to do. This is especially difficult for the PG position as kobe found out with his 10 TOs. Doing is easy, but trying to do is much much harder. Once you try to do something you interject doing with intent and that intend has logic and reasoning based upon past, present and future.

    One of my favourite books is by Andrew Cooper called “Playing in the Zone, exploring the spiritual dimensions of sports”. On page 118, he talked about how Dr. J could go into the zone and completed take over the outcome. Dr J explained that the most important aspect of maintaining peak performance isn’t in the execution, it’s in concentration. Good or bad must not enter the mind because once judgement begins, you risk losing that concentration. “What was most difficult was to sustain one’s focus after a great play, because there was then a strong temptation to dwell on what one has done. The seductive power of pride and elation is extremely difficult to overcome.”

    What this illustrates is how performance even at its peak is dependent and affected by how we control our mind. Lin’s shooting woes, especially shooting 3s is an extension of the doubt in his mind about his role, the lack of definition of his expectations, the seemingly contradictory directions by Scott and Kobe for his role on the offence. What Dr J is saying is that losing concentration is very easy at the pro level. The PG role today is to make decisions for 4 other players on the court. The 10 TOs by Kobe was blamed on teammates not being ready or moving to the right spots. We call that chemistry. This type of play requires intent, past scouting or plays, present adjustments and counters and future set up for winning situations at the end of game or playoffs. Confidence and doubt added to this deadly cocktail of mental interference is why the job of a PG can be so difficult.

    One of the things I used to work so hard on with my players was to control their nerves in big matches. For many years I used to think that was enough, but what I’ve come to believe is that positive projection is even more important. This article further reenforce that belief. When Olympic athletes project their mind forward, they prepare mentally for success. This idea isn’t new at all. The concept has been around in tennis for a long time but has never been well received by coaches. It’s taken a long time for coaches and athletes to finally embrace this idea.

    The funny thing is that as Asians, we should have been familiar with this concept much more readily. In Kung Fu and aikido, the idea of flow qi/ki is a very important part of body control in manipulation of flow and energy. The projection of flow and ki is used to break boards and deflect attacks. Many Asians still use Qi energy for health and wellness, so has many other cultures under many other names. This energy is viewed as voodoo science. It is also given a bad rap by snake oil sellers that falsely sell it as a mythical force. It is only since these sport science developments that maybe we’ll start to appreciate how we can use our mind to affect our body’s performance.


    The Brain-Training Secrets Of Olympic Athletes

    Excerpt… “Mental imagery impacts many cognitive processes in the brain: motor control, attention, perception, planning, and memory,” researcher Angie LeVan wrote in Psychology Today. “So the brain is getting trained for actual performance during visualization. It’s been found that mental practices canenhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success, and increase states of flow.”

  76. Yes sir!!!

  77. To linsanity and beyond…

  78. Cheers…

  79. Yes! Nice of you to take a teaching moment.

  80. i have an abacus

  81. Powered by a brilliant brain…..nice!

  82. Asian discount, I will use it.

  83. aw, hugs to bro. You have a wise brain – I need to be more renze (ninja patient).

  84. Since Lin is a combo guard, he can get 30 min PT even as a backup for the Celtics. And he’d start whenever either the PG (currently) or SG were injured. Getting good stats and helping Boston make the playoffs even as a backup would be better than being stuck on re-runs of the Kobe show. Plus Boston’s coach >>>BS.

  85. I also think Kobe did this on purpose bc why the reporter would know they would have breakfast together?! Just like some stars tried to get some headline so they would call reporter to take some pictures for the headline…. ?!

  86. very true .. PFV also said he’s always been Kobe supporter

  87. yes, we can only make the best decision with best information on the table. That’s what happened w/ HOU deal before Harden came *sadly*

    As far as preparation, Lin’s agents should call all NBA teams to exhaust their options :>

  88. I think someone posted that the 3rd guy is an agent. Perhaps Rondo’s agent.

  89. After read the news about Kobe, Rondo & Lin… I got the feeling all of these by Kobe on purpose. He just wants to show to the Lakers what he wants next summer it’s Rondo not Lin… smh! I don’t believe Rondo wants to come… just look at his no smile face.. Plus Rondo is not dumb to make the same mistake like Nash… to be fooled by Kobe…

    I hope Lin do know about this & plays well tomorrow have good stats for himself.

  90. yup, gotta give the best with what we have until the next best opportunity comes along

  91. Ya! They did it on purpose bc why today?! Well, before they came to Boston, I thought some news will show up bc Kobe did say he likes Rondo… but this breakfast just looks so on purpose to me… bc why reporter would know where they were going to have breakfast today?!

  92. If so then Rondo it’s smart.. bc if only two of them then no one can really prove what they were talking about it… w 3rd party, then no rumor can spread around. Rondo wants to stay in Boston w Max contract… I don’t believe Lakers wants to pay him Max for just passing the ball to Kobe.

  93. Go for it. Kobe is not a good bball partner. His teams have been beaten for years. Time to move on. the team is a washout and Kobe is a washout as to team bball. We want Lin on a SAS or other team type system, because that’s where we all got excited … TChandler, Novak, Shump, Fields, TD, Amare, no-Melo except for that one game where he injured his groin and did the kung foo bow to Lin. That was teamwork because he was not threatened.

    My about face on LAL until they prove otherwise, sry Joyce 🙂

  94. Yes !!!! To Boston for the rest of the year. …. then on to Dallas for the rest of Jlin career

  95. If that happens. I will go at least 5 times to AA center…breaking my “not gonna give money to NBA” policy

  96. Lin should definitely know which coaches he’s choosing among and that’s a huge factor. If Lin is successful, his future endorsement deals would dwarf any salary he might get, so money should not be a major consideration. Lin’s fame would also benefit his team enormously.

    As for Houston, Lin probably didn’t realize how much M&M hated Linsanity. Either that or he had no other offers and thought he could change their attitude toward him.

  97. Your troll skill is getting better each and everyday.

  98. Too much HOU math?

  99. I can make you like fisher!! LOL

  100. No one can….LOL…..not with Rondo’s 3FG%………LOL

  101. The thing is. The landscape of NBA changes too fast….even if you sign a short deal of 2 yrs. Things happen…exhibit A: Harden trade to HOU. Exhibit B, MDA resigns from NYK and LAL.

  102. True, there are no long-term guarantees. But look at the examples of the Mavs or Spurs. The coaching situations look pretty stable in those two cases.

  103. yes, too bad MDA is out of jobs so far.
    George Karl is planning a comeback, though.

    Houston was clearly a life lesson not to work for someone who minimizes his potential. Harden arrival was hard to predict. Oh well.. let’s hope for the best for now and in 2015

  104. not sure why.
    But I wouldn’t worry about it unless there’s FO talk later

  105. 76ers vs TWolves. Start game going the wrong way, have to restart


  106. Well coaches do turn over quite bit. So I hope both MDA and George Karl have HC positions on NBA teams for Lin to choose from next season. As a matter of fact, the Rockets should be in the market for a new GM and HC by the end of the season. LOL If Harden were also traded, I wouldn’t even mind a return to the Rox if they had a coach like Karl. Lin fans always need to hope for the best and be able to delay gratification. It pays off in the end.

  107. Lin has been in the league for five years now. Linsanity was four years ago. The word small sample size does not apply anymore. Lin has not been in the best situation for his skills since linsanity. What is the honest verdict on how good a player Lin is.
    It sound blasphemous here but I think Lin is just a good player. Linsanity was the mountaintop. Everything is awe inspiring and amazing on the mountain but eventually you have to come back to the valley. He has played many,many games and given minutes and he doesn’t look like a superstar.
    I don’t think it is a bad thing that he is just a good NBA player, very few, elite people get to that point. I coudl still be a fan if he is just good and not super. Accepting Lin for who he is I think is less frustrating. The Rockets fan hated on Lin because he was not “linsanity.” The Laker fans are more forgiving because they did not expect linsanity.
    Am I saying Lin could not have games of linsanity quality? BIG NO! I’m always hoping for a game like that, but its not fair to be mad if he doesn’t deliver every game. He is human..

  108. Agree to disagree then 😛

  109. I would understand you better if Lin were playing good but not great. The problem is there have been too many Laker games where Jeremy looks totally bewildered and frustrated. In other words, there is a serious problem with Kobe’s Lakers. Once that problem is solved, Lin could be great again. So I don’t agree that Lin is good but not great.

  110. grover, I (truly respectfully) disagree. Here’s now I look at it: if NASA and all those unsung heroes with pocket protectors did not exist, Neal Armstrong would not have taken that one small step.

    Linsanity happened because if the intersection between talent, prep, supporting team, situation, and all that was opportunity. With Lin, though Lin, and with his belief in God as he credits.

    Jeremy is today better than 3.8 years ago. But, the rest of NASA is not with him, so he waves in the wind like a rained on flag some days, in tatters, and on some days, we salute him. I mean, Neal Armstrong never had to go to the moon again, right? He never did. But he was a cast player and solid afaik for a lifetime after.

    Let him work it out – he has 10 years left if he’s healthy and lucky. NBA will NOT extinguish his brand value. NBA is about owners about to become very much richer, and Lin is one small but strategic part of that for China and Chinese fans. ISO is trending away to team ball as long as SAS win. Rox even had a good system, except for the Harden iso at endgames. The ball moved. Mavs? etc.

    Happy day! I’ve enjoyed your posts.

  111. man I hate that set of words … I like just to keep it simple and just disagree because that then sets the basis for a solution, or not. Agreeing to disagree is defaulting to no heh heh. Another peeve of mine is when ppl say “I don’t disagree”. Whut?

  112. It is just words……with manner…LOL

  113. for honorable genuine people, words do not matter. Sneaky people will use manners to matter heh heh. Fool you into resting your vigilance and then they do a back cut.

  114. That’s ok….we have many rim protectors here. 😛

  115. Happy day! I’ve enjoyed your posts. But from now on…you’re dead to me. (jk) 😉

  116. Linsanity was 2.8 years ago.

  117. Yeah, where did Grover get 4 years ago from? And it was only 2 1/4 seasons ago.

  118. JLin Prayer Request 3

    I had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving
    with my family in LA! I’m sharing with you all a few things I’m thankful
    for and praying for and hope you get to spend some time with family and
    friends doing the same:

    1. Thankful to God for another year of health for me and my loved ones
    as well as another year to be able to play in the NBA — my dream job.

    2. Thankful to you guys for signing up for the prayer list, praying
    alongside me and sharing your thoughts and encouragement with me. This
    is the beauty of Christian fellowship — that we can support, exhort,
    and pray for each other.

    3. Prayer for Wayne’s family and recovery for Julius, Steve and Xavier.

    4. Prayer for the souls of my unsaved teammates and coaches and that they’d be open to the Gospel message.

    5. Prayer for the city of LA that we, as a city, would realize our need
    for a true Savior and that the city would seek God first.

    6. Continued improvement of team chemistry as we continue through the season.

    7. Prayers for you guys. Many of you are going through grief, trials in
    your school and job, questions and uncertainties about your future.
    Thank you for sharing all of these thoughts with me. Praying that God
    gives you the peace and strength to get through these trials, and that
    you rely completely in Him!

    For those of you that have replied with encouragements, verses, and
    prayers, Thank you! Even though my schedule is really busy, the
    thoughtful responses have been really up-lifting.

    – Jeremy

  119. LOL! Would love to see you for going to JLin games:-)

  120. This is why I really love this kid·so thoughtful and sincere·He is truly a gem and a difference maker in NBA·I know he wants to stay in LA close to his family·He will try to his best to play beside Kobe· I belive he can be a complete player this year and if god willing in next two years he will become an elite player·

  121. hahaha I’d say 5 out of 82 games. Nothing is guarantee with Kobe ball. Even a winnable game can be a loss anyday and anytime.

  122. i knew grover exaggerated, but I didn’t use my abacus thank you. You go my 0.8 message 🙂

  123. ha ha. blocked!

  124. I used mental math, lol

  125. Is this new from Lin?

  126. playing for thibodeau is good but when i think of Ainge make me cringe because Ainge is and old friend of M and M···urgh

  127. Yes new one. Received @8:29 like 40 minutes ago.

  128. stevens and lin would be perfect together. if only this would come true…

  129. Did he have this for every game? Guess not? He probably read the news on Kobe & Rondo then?

  130. thibodeau is bulls. you meant stevens. although bulls are an interesting trade possibility for this season as well.

  131. Kobe hanging with Rondo. JLin Trade?


  132. Eventhough he is for a one year rental, there is still a chance he put some extraordinary games·For me I look at it as an opportunity to learn something new eventhough how small it is such as how to play under control, pull up jumper etc·The kid needs to stay focus,keep on grinding and improving eventually something good will happens·The most important is stay healthy · ¿

  133. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

    LET’S GO!

  134. lol he wait for yesterdays game to make a great proposition. what a genius

  135. One thing about Kobe is that he always plan a head of time·····

  136. Nop this is the third prayer letter since the beginning of season. Guess JLin tried to do one fortnightly.

  137. I hope he can have good game tomorrow bc Rondo been struggling, Celts coach taking ball out of his hands. This from SB Nation Celtics: http://www.celticsblog.com/2014/12/4/7331453/evan-turner-handled-the-point-guard-duties-in-overtime-for-the-boston-celtics-not-rajon-rondo

  138. Stabler teams like that….they would more likely get players with better perception.

  139. You should check the other picture no smile on both side… compare to Rondo w Love..

  140. what I’ve found out about lin is people love to doubt him. they treat him not with the potential but with what he is. other players get to develop quietly for years before they blame them.while for lin thats never been the case. it doesn’t surprise me with the current criticism. i expected it. this is the road lin unlike other players have to take. hopefully he takes this unusual circumstances and he becomes a unique player the likes of the nba has never seen.

  141. Does Rondo ever smile?

  142. W Love one he did…

  143. I predict the next game….Lin will have a 20-10 (FGM-FGA) game!!!! in some parallel universes I guess….

  144. LOL That’s even better. Stick to my 17/7 until he stays there for a couple games:-)

  145. Linsanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Yep. Another version of Linsanity 2! hahahahaha

  147. Maybe Kobe had a Breakfast with Him and told him to attack Lin. Saying this is your chance to bounce back! Just play great and come to LA next yr. LOL

  148. You mean perception is more important than reality? Lin has tremendous potential and good coaches like MDA, Karl, Carlisle, Stevens, Thibodeau, Van Gundy(?) must realize that. Besides, everyone seems to agree that Bigs are more important than guards for winning it all, right? So since there is a cap, you can’t afford to pay max salary for all positions. Better to get max salary Bigs and spend less on your PG. Lin would gladly accept $50mil / 5 years from the right team. Because if Linsanity happens again Lin will make so much more in his lifetime from endorsements.

  149. I believe he will. Normally he does well after a bad shooting game unless he had injury but he isn’t. His ups and downs and so-called inconsistencies by haters/doubters/some JLin fans is because of Kobe/BS. He has overcome and improved so much despite of all these considering he is only playing 5 weeks with two-faced Kobe and BS. I’m all good. Still have 63 games to go. If Kobe/BS continues to behave like what they are now, soon something will happen. I’m patiently waiting for the unfolding story in the next page. Normally I prefer to read the end of story before I begin to read any book. But for JLin, he is still in the early plots of stories and the next page is blank to be readied to fill in as time goes. Very intriguing journey for me as a fan.

  150. Star trek the evil Spock and Uhura.

  151. No disrepect. Im afraid you misunderstood what “linsanity” represents. Its not just how many poijts he scored or hiw many assisits he made.

    May be you want to watch/rewatch linsanity the documentary.

  152. Lin will never be judged fairly. Maybe the Asian-American NBA players who follow his steps will be. But, not him. And I mean that with both his fans and critics.

  153. He can always plan but will he be able to control how his body holds up???? Let’s wait and see. This reminds me so much of a parable of Jesus on a rich fool who built up his wealth but then God said I would take your life away.

  154. good point. Did you know with EVERY IPO, there are law firms with class action suits ready to go for when the stock drops? Hence, it’s not fun to be a public market company officer take note ambitious people.

  155. the first of everything is never judged fairly i.e. obama, jackie robinson, and a long list of people to be the first of there kind being a revolutionary is only great after your life/ career is long over

  156. You know, I’ve been thinking on why Lin brings out the extreme opposite of emotions from people & I’m starting to wonder if it’s the notion that Lin making it in the nba puts into question some people’s belief of the nba, bball players, & themselves…among the other obvious ‘Asian-American’ stereotyping & being jelo.

    Think about how humans in general don’t like things that question their own beliefs. Some people like Lin because he made it being an underdog, his perseverance & being able to relate to working hard to obtain one’s dream.

    The other spectrum of thought is that making it in the nba is suppose to be nearly impossible for just anyone. As noCoach told a group of kids: they have a better chance of becoming the president than a bball player…really. Yet, Lin made it despite the stereotypical norm. That makes some people question, what if they had worked & believed in themselves just a bit more, would they have made it? If Lin, a person that shouldn’t have gotten into the nba( some hater’s views ), maybe it’s their own fault for not making it.

    Those that have & are in the nba may not like the general public believing that they aren’t as elite as they’ve convinced people. If people notice Lin( a scrub ) playing just as well or better than so called elite ‘stars’, then it’s harder to sell their self-proclaimed goods( stars ). Just some thoughts. Humans are an interesting study specimens. lol

  157. Lol. Haha.

  158. I really think Kobe is hard to play next to.. specially PG. Young is lucky as he got at least 12 min w/o Kobe per game. No wonder he can do well. Lin is different story… When he played too well Kobe was not happy, but if he played bad, Kobe was not happy either?! smh! I really don’t mind if Lin is out of Lakers now.

  159. Notice doubters and amplifiers – no request for himself.

  160. Agree. Humans are an interesting study specimens. If I’m younger, I will probably do the study of JLin and his haters/doubters/JLin fans……

  161. Not sure about greener pasture out there. If Kobe/BS is still “well” at the end of season, then yes I want JLin to be out. Having said that I’m patiently waiting events to be unfold in the next 63 games:-) Something will happen between now and then. Hopefully sooner rather than later. So I will hold my wish until I see more stories to be unfolded first.

  162. http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20141204/lakers-jeremy-lin-trying-to-meet-challenge-of-playing-with-kobe-bryant

    A great quote from Lin: “People probably think I’m crazy, but I don’t really care. I think this team can make the playoffs,” Lin said. “I believe in that and I know other guys believe in that as well. It’s very early. People will laugh. That’s fine. But I’ve always been a big dreamer and believe in miracles. I feel like God has performed miracles in my life.

  163. Rondo says: Nah…I can’t shoot, and you want the ball all the time. I’ll have no stats!

  164. Glad to see JLin’s confidence hasn’t wavered as many of his fans do. Go JLin!!!!!!!

  165. Seven sins … envy, sloth, pride, vanity …

  166. Mental giant.

  167. Indeed Go JLin.

  168. 16/6 with 2 steals

  169. Has lebron lost a step

  170. How Lin IS valued is the reality.

  171. On a lighter note, Paul Rabil challenged JLin: https://twitter.com/TheWhistle/status/540609482804715521

  172. Does this mean Lin will do everything possible to help Lakers get into playoff including sacrificing his stats? SMH . BS and Kobe do not deserve him.

  173. Who is Paul Rabil & why is he calling out Lin?

  174. Ha just for fun I guess….

  175. Paul is a lacrosse player and it’s a Whistle Sports challenge (for fun).

  176. Ok, thanks! I just never heard of the dude & too lazy to google him.

  177. Lin in 2

  178. why cant whistle sport make it more interesting like involving all their star player in a far more interesting game.

  179. This game is in our bag! Good defense and focused with team play, we should win relatively easy.

    Go Lin, have a blast!

  180. Again?!!! lol…skipping this game?

  181. I’m agreeing to disagree…how?

  182. Blocking foul!

  183. Jeremy Prayer Request

    I had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in LA! I’m sharing with you all a few things I’m thankful for and praying for and hope you get to spend some time with family and friends doing the same:

    1. Thankful to God for another year of health for me and my loved ones as well as another year to be able to play in the NBA — my dream job.

    2. Thankful to you guys for signing up for the prayer list, praying alongside me and sharing your thoughts and encouragement with me. This is the beauty of Christian fellowship — that we can support, exhort, and pray for each other.

    3. Prayer for Wayne’s family and recovery for Julius, Steve and Xavier.

    4. Prayer for the souls of my unsaved teammates and coaches and that they’d be open to the Gospel message.

    5. Prayer for the city of LA that we, as a city, would realize our need for a true Savior and that the city would seek God first.

    6. Continued improvement of team chemistry as we continue through the season.

    7. Prayers for you guys. Many of you are going through grief, trials in your school and job, questions and uncertainties about your future.
    Thank you for sharing all of these thoughts with me. Praying that God gives you the peace and strength to get through these trials, and that you rely completely in Him!

    For those of you that have replied with encouragements, verses, and prayers, Thank you! Even though my schedule is really busy, the thoughtful responses have been really up-lifting.

    – Jeremy

  184. more like he is telling BS and Kobe that they can make it if they playing the right way

  185. I surely hope you are right.

  186. Linsanity was GREAT for basketball but it’s a thing of the past. We probably won’t see it again. I will always root for Lin though. Lin is a good player and my hope is for him to develop into a consistent 14/6 player.

  187. Good article covering how JL feels and his thoughts in addition going forward

  188. Thanks for this article. This gives insight on Lin, Bryant and Scott and Lin knowing that the offense isn’t built towards his strength and he’s going to have to feel it out:

    But Lin revealed “it’s no secret” he does not feel comfortable in Scott’s Princeton-based offense. That system entails Lin and Bryant splitting ball-handling duties as well as isolation sets for Bryant

    from the article:

    Instead, Lin has reported feeling most comfortable with free-flowing systems in Houston and New York that put a premium on ball movement and outside shooting.

    “That’s not what we have here, but that’s OK. I feel like I’m further in my progress as a player where I can be effective in different ways,” said Lin, who is in his fifth NBA season. “It’s just a matter of seeing what your team has and what is your personnel. A spread run-and-gun, open floor pick-and-roll system might not be what’s best for us given our personnel. It’s just learning to play and be effective within whatever system Coach puts me in.”

    Lin remains optimistic, citing his strong Christian faith and determination not to allow individual and team results to affect his confidence and happiness. That also explains why Lin envisions a fruitful pairing with Bryant. He believes their overlapping high-fives, scoldings, text messages and film study will eventually produce a happy ending made for Hollywood.

    “I have no problem playing with him,” Lin said of Bryant. “He has respect for me. I have respect for him. We talk things through. We understand each other and know that it’s a growth process.”

  189. He’s getting mileage on him, hasn’t lost a full step, but little less explosive.

  190. Next 5 Games:

    @ Celtics = W because Kobe had breakfast with Rondo and Lin is at home in Boston.

    v NOP = W Omer not quite back from Back Injury, who’s stopping AD?, Jrue ok but Austin not really producing

    v Sac = L because Sac has beaten good teams and Kobe ball.

    @ SAS = L Pop will play TD at home, and even Danny Green can light ’em up

    @ Wolves = W because LeVine will not be hot.

    No b2bs. Lin has 4 good games on O, 5 good games on D. Avg mins … heh heh, 30.

    8-16, 0.333 ball.

  191. lebron is under a lot of pressure to put Cleveland on top of easren conference.Isnt he the one who chose every player on the roster.

  192. I’ve gotten the link from CT but I’m glad we could spread a positive news after a bad game. 🙂

  193. PFV’s S/O to our @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus !!

  194. I dont expect a win against Pelican…obviously glad to take a Win

    Celtics – win
    TWolves – Win
    Pacers – Win

  195. I was going to try for 5 to see how we do. Pacers are b2b, so who knows. I’ll see how Kobe plays before I call mid Dec. So you think 7-17 by Wolves end?

  196. That’s quite spot-on :> esp. the 30 min haha…
    Byron’s “Auto-Sub” program!

    I’d guess the same thing with the possibility of NOP and SAC W-L being reversed.

  197. Melo just brain locked……and used up too much time.

  198. 0.333 ball … can they make it to 500 and lowest rung? Lin thinks so. Let’s have fun predicting to get away from the game by game hounding of Lin performance by you know whos. An upward goal!

  199. Anyone watch TWC 6:00 p.m. program that talked about Kobe & Rondo breakfast meeting?

  200. Tired of TWC….so did not watch

  201. I guess probably nothing.. bc didn’t see that many tweets on this but Serena Winters.

  202. Why Jordan was Better than Bryant (2011 video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmK1R17QpJU&list=UUSpvjDk06HLxBaw8sZw7SkA.

    Kobe is still playing the exact same way!

  203. AVG 29.29 minutes:-)

  204. Woj has spoken. Sad to say, I was right. Lin isn’t in LAL’s long term plans.

  205. No wonder MJ’s field goal percentage is a lot better than KB’s.

  206. Again…tough shots vs ill-advised shots..

  207. I don’t care about Woj or any other sportscaster, former player, analyst, coach or anyone else. Lin needs to play his best and not worry about being in LA’s long-term plans. If they don’t want him, they’re the idiots and bleep them. Lin needs a coach that can appreciate and cultivate his talent and if LA can’t be that place, so be it.

  208. No starter is in LAL’s long term plans until Kobe’s two-season retirement show is over. No serious player is willing to join the show after they have watched DH12, Nash and now Lin play with Kobe.

  209. bleeeep!

  210. Well if what WOJ said is true. Nothing sad about it at all.

  211. thanks!

  212. I’d like to see Barkley calls out @JLin7 in golf!
    Who can drive the ball farther? 😀

  213. The only team I really want Lin to be on is the one I can take my kids to. So, given they have 2 great guards, I have to resign myself to the best team for Lin somewhere …

  214. What he said is just like anyone guessing the outcome of the game tomorrow.

  215. How happy are you with Kerr?

  216. Kobe: ….****OOOO____+++++
    Rondo: Sorry brother, I haven’t thought about retirement yet.

  217. wanna see Lin do it on 2, then SwaggyP to it in 3, with Curry then closing out in 1.

  218. haha…..Of course Chuck…..he is taller…

  219. well, I think he’s cruising off 3 years of guys gelling together. Before, Lee was hurt in POs, then Bogut. Jackson was at fault for Bogut not playing further last year, as he was coming back and Jackson announced he was going to have monitored minutes, and Bogie got hurt on a won game when he should have been sitting. Speights was fine back then.

    So, with that gel + KT really finding a consistent hot spot, I’d give Kerr a 6 for a free ride on the 4. Also, under Lacob, I’ve always like that goofy monster of a fun-poluka in Speights. This year he’s been very consistently monster in his bench minutes, and I don’t give any of that to Kerr. So I take it to a 4-5 because Speights has made a difference. This all said not really watching them, but seeing fantasy results across the team and talking to my friends who watch everything.

    PS – Lacob has really turned the team around. So, Kerr doesn’t get any credit for joining a team already well on its way to being owned and run well.

  220. Great video. Funny to see MJ Make a jump pass, but he looks a lot more comfortable doing it.

  221. Just heard that Rondo was forced to play off the ball in the last game.

  222. He said “I THINK”..

  223. I agree no one wants to come… But the trouble is Kobe may not wants to retired after 2016?! He & Scott already talked about this issue before the game yesterday… Don’t know why he needs to talk about this now? Maybe he just wants to make sure no one will come so Lakers can pay him big contract again!!!

  224. I really don’t care what Woj said bc either someone paid him to say it or just his own opinion… nothing really matter…

    More care about what Kobe is going to say when reporters ask him about the meeting between Rondo & him tomorrow.

  225. Brent, I’m watching Speights now and I think he can start over Hill. That guy runs the floor and has good footwork, v light touch.

  226. I think even Sacre can start over Hill

  227. ouch! 7pt underdog beats out Hill.

  228. Interesting what is Sacre better than Hill at because their scoring difference is quite big.

  229. But he HAS to think that way.. and even say if he doesn’t.. he can’t say publicly that the team cannot… he will be ‘deadmeat’ by jeanie buss.

  230. I will stick to linsanity or greater. because whatever I think is 1/2 of it..
    I was thinking low standards..15/8 last game but got 0/5!!!

  231. I just like players that are more fundamental sound.

  232. I just want to just blurp out that Kerr inherited a stack team..splash bros and stuff.. so if he mess it up.. he really should not coach.

  233. Except Mitch and Jim aren’t that dumb to extend his contract they want to rebuild and only have 3 years to do it including 2 more years of Kobe.

  234. Speight is no match to Asik…haha….LAL will be a completely different team if they got Asik.

  235. I welcome it if Kobe and BS are still with Lakers.

  236. True. Asik is something special. All he needs is to work on some rhythm and catching. Go dancing and toss a baseball with the kids. Hand eye.

  237. Actually Lin also has the same issue of just standing there when other teammates have the ball. He would score more if he made more cuts and ran around more like Green.

  238. exactly!

  239. Why is Jrue Holiday even a starting PG?

  240. It’s so weird. This year it’s his new contract starts so why needs to talk about next contract now?!

    As long as Kobe stays in Lakers no other big stars will come for sure.

  241. No wonder AD can get those stats…….win or lose…he is pretty much the only option for high percentage shots out there.

  242. he’s pretty fluid for a tall guy. When his body fills in, he’s going to be amazing.

  243. Still waiting for that 30 point game from JLin, I like his recent change in mentality of shooting out of a slump and not worry about missing shots. Kobe’s advice and mentality is rubbing off on him in a good way!

  244. Really? He sure didn’t like it.. where did you hear that? TWC?

  245. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin trying to meet challenge of playing with Kobe Bryant http://t.co/gs985hy0uD— Bo (@bolero2010) December 5, 2014

  246. Repost this comment of Anderson Huu from PFV’s vid.
    Thanks for making this video after all, Paul. I want to comment first before I forget too many points that you have covered. This is the first and only game I missed for this season and I am glad to learn about the various situations and aspects of the game.

    Still under the weather here, so I will just keep it brief because my brain doesn’t work today. Regarding the confidence/anxiety issue, whether it is true/real or not, one thing we could see is that Lin has been put to adjust his role in the team in so many ways, mainly as a result of how Kobe takes his roles. There are 5 basic patterns (I mentioned this on Jeremylin.net site earlier):

    1. Taking over the offense for the whole game (jacking up 30+ shots)
    2. Taking over the offense when some guys can’t finish shots
    3. Taking over the PG task (as in the last 2 games)
    4. Play a combo guard for the whole game
    5. Take over the ball in the 4th QT.

    My point is, given that Kobe takes on so many different roles and patterns of his game, Lin is asked to be the one forever adjusting to Kobe. Given such situation, it is no wonder that he may seem to have
    inconsistent performance from game to game. And as Skelator commented below, Lin had to change up his role again even after a great game where he ran the offense well and shots were going in. So, just how could Scott speak of Lin being lacked of PG instinct when he did so well in the game right before that and was forced to step down and watch Kobe takes over the PG task?

    Similarly, we hear all kinds of criticism of Lin when he has a bad shooting night, and no one questioned those many games when Kobe and Young’s shooting percentage were so low. The same for his TO. Everyone could turn the ball over (remember how many Kobe had in one game) and only Lin’s negative performance was magnified.

    In fact, I am convinced now that nobody could play well with Kobe, not just because of his ballhogging, but the ways and patterns that he took over the game. So, you’re very right about how it is clear now that the Lakers franchise is doing all it could to highlight Kobe now, even on the cost of team loss. And during this time, if Lin has a bad game, all the biased critics are out and downgrade him in full force. Again, this only happens to Jeremy Lin!

  247. Lin’s frogfu sage mode, master of nature energy.

  248. But Sacre has made some big mistakes such as the two bad inbound to Kobe in last 5 seconds that lead to the other team scoring 7 points. I wouldn’t call Sacre fundamentally sound but he does play harder than Hill.

  249. Linfinity and beyond!!!!!!!

  250. wow, the whole BlueHost site is down for 17 min!
    Even bluehost.com was down. Sorry for this flaky ISP problem.

    I guess I better get back trying to move to a new ISP soon before more problems come :p
    It has been better in the past month but it’s good it’s back up.

  251. obviously you haven’t watched how bad Barkley swings LOL

  252. Really! Wasn’t paying attention this time.

  253. good to hear :> at least it’s not that long

  254. Kobe had a fair share of that mistake…well anyway…hills has a better NBA body…that is for sure…lol

  255. I wonder if Kobe will even survive this season. We still have 63 games to go. Anything can happen between now and July.

    Don’t think JLin is thinking about FA until the season is over for him. He is just concentrating on how he is able to gel with his teammates and improve his games now. So, if JLin isn’t worry, I won’t either. Why borrow trouble for worrying about tomorrow (future)!!!!??? One game at a time for me.

  256. I think we don’t need hottie picture anymore.
    Lin can get his own real hottie and will go Linsanity on Friday :p

  257. I was listening to PFV’s vid and doing other stuffs since not much of action here:-)

  258. good balance.
    Listening to PFV always gives me peace then I sleep well lol

  259. This comment says more about your own views of linsanity than anything else. In early childhood education, one of the biggest mistakes a teacher can make is to make assumptions of a child’s abilities. When you try to define a work in progress by your own standards, you are setting limits by your own SELF JUDGEMENT OF WHAT YOU BELIEVE ARE YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS.

    I’ve seen it too many times myself that a young person’s progress unfolds not by anyone’s timetable. My niece is a perfect example of this. She was an above average student that graduated with little fanfare and took an ordinary job for a short while. She then announced that she was going back to school for medicine. We were all shocked by the announcement only to be even more shocked by the fact that she got in to a pretty good school. After she graduated she surprised us yet again that she was going to become a specialist in a field that her aunt was in. This time her aunt told her she might not be able to make it and to stick to family medicine. She went on to become one of the best in her class winning awards.

    My own nephew applied multiple times to med school until we had a long talk about believing in himself. He went into his interview with full belief in who he was and what a great doctor he could be and aced it to finally gain entry into med school.

    Young people have the ability to bend their future and make it whatever they choose to. As adults, we need to allow for that to reach fruition by the strength of their own will and never snuff it out by our own failures.

  260. Haha 蛤蟆功

  261. LOL Normally PFV calmed me down but not for the past week or so. Didn’t agree with some of his views esp Wizzards short vid. I wasn’t too happy with what he said. Anyway, we are all good now:-) LOL He did come hereand read. So I’d better behave myself:-)

  262. Words are indeed powerful. manners and civility is the grease that keeps the society from over heating, so the “manner” you speak has advantages as well as disadvantages. You can slip on the grease of that civility like a slip of the tongue.

    But choices words have hidden values way beyond how it’s spoken. Take the constitution;
    “We hold that these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; …”

  263. LOL, I knew what that one was going to be before playing the video

  264. LOL Good on u. I thought that was another one. A little disappointed in a sense:-) Quite mean of me:-)

  265. Thanks Brent and Paul

  266. I greatly respect Woj’s ability to break sports news and rumors. His own analysis, not whatsoever. When he posted that article about Coach K, I lost all respect for Woj’s opinions. I’ll still believe his breaking news from insider sources though.

  267. sorry to be a stickler: sports psychology, not psychiatry. =)

  268. LOL!!! Smh.

  269. Mychal Thompson & Andy Kamenetzky on ESPN LA talked about the negative effect of Kobe not practising with the team when he has the ball most of the time. Also, Kobe has not played with all of his team mates before for a season except for Hill. It’s tough to get better as a team without playing together.

  270. It takes much longer time to build the chemistry on court…and even he skips the practice, why not show up and watch the team mates? At least Kobe is able to read the game plan ( if there is anything besides iso), and follow the team progress closely….anyway, this is his team, no one could control him except he himself.

    I now don’t care about this team, I only care how well Lin can perform. Go Lin! Pad stats every game!

  271. Who is woj?

  272. Adrian Wojnarowski: NBA Insider for Yahoo Sports online and Fox Sports 1 on TV is what he put on his Twitter account. Apparently he has good inside NBA news but bad in bb analysis according to JLin fans.

  273. YEAH THAT’S MY JEREMY LIN! That attitude.. so sexy.

  274. Really? Wow! To Kobe since he is going to be ISO, that’s why he didn’t think he needs to do practice w his teammates.

  275. Because Lin knows that the ball will never come back to him so no point of wasting energy running around.

  276. Awesome! When did Jeremy buy a BMW? :]

    jk .. if Jeremy got a personalized license plate, it should say, “Got Team-ball?”

  277. LOL
    Kenny: “James Harden … his defense has improved this year … AWWW! You got to be joking, man!”

  278. I think if JLin play well against Rondo today. The Celtics would might just trade Rondo for JLin.

  279. If Lin and Rondo play well against each other today, it might impress LA and BOS enough to at least start the trade talk in things don’t work out by Feb 2015

  280. Someone loves JLin and giant cookies!


  281. Watching Lin played BOS in Mar 2012, I realized what’s the # missing ingredient in LAL to get Lin pumped up as the PG.
    “Teammates rolling to the basket moving without the ball knowing Lin will pass to them”

    Shump, Amare and even Melo cut to the basket!
    Too bad LAL has 2 popping bigs in Boozer and Hill and not enough roll.
    So far only Wes can cut to the rim (in transition) and flush it with authority. Kobe did a few times but didn’t have enough legs to finish well.

    Note: Lin has improved so much in his decision-making. So many dangerous passes in this game.

  282. So, it’s not what everyone thought ….


  283. Sooo … Kobe-Rondo breakfast had been planned for weeks.
    I’m sure Lakers would look into Rondo in summer 2015.

    But Rondo’s injury history and performance this season should play into consideration.

    “The intriguing breakfast between Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo on Thursday morning in Boston was indeed just breakfast.

    The two stars had planned for weeks on meeting up for a meal when the Lakers were in Boston, sources told ESPN.com.

    While there are no active talks between the two franchises involving a trade for Rondo, sources said the teams did have a brief discussion a few months ago. It’s not clear which team initiated the call. Rondo will be a free agent this summer, and sources stressed that the Celtics would prefer to re-sign him.

    Their willingness to engage in talks regarding Rondo is merely informational at this point, sources said.However, the Lakers have long held interest in the point guard, who helped Boston defeat them in the 2008 NBA Finals, and sources indicate he is high on their list of free-agent targets this summer.”



  284. Why took the picture so far away…? Saw Lin but don’t know who else on court w him?

  285. yeah, I’m not impressed at all with his own analysis.
    He’s more like insider leak expert

  286. May not be a good analogy but Kobe’s inefficient dribbling dribbling tough shots resembles a middle aged lady who likes to wear thick make up that accentuates her age and all the affectation just ruin her last tinge of natural beauty and youth.

  287. haha, PFV got his guardian angel watching over him :>
    keeping him on the straight path haha..

  288. probably talking about upcoming summer plan?
    Kobe may need to give his Germany doctor’s number to Rondo to help with his knee injury

  289. MM just wrote an article about this breakfast meeting it’s about old time… looks like either Lakers PR or Kobe.. just tried to clam down the trade talk…


  290. oh yeah…I completely missed that one LOL

  291. There’s just so much more spacing, Wes can do what Shump does but he doesn’t look to. Lin has just more of a sense of freedom, he’s out there, sloppy, but unafraid to pass or score, unafraid to make turnovers, he’s playing with a freedom really that he hasn’t had since NY. Sometimes he’d play with that aggression and speed in Houston, but not that freedom. Lin does look more relentless here than now and I wonder if he played with more this almost reckless abandon how Scott would react. Kobe might like it, not sure about Scott.

  292. Not to be uncharitable, but this is hard to believe …


  293. With the rondo news, i would be ABSOLUTELY devastated if Lin was traded or left LA.

    (that was sarcasm)

  294. Saw Davis and Clarkson on court.
    Swaggy and Hill sitting down

  295. Remember this, as I bet it’ll one day be a Jeopardy question!

  296. Those were good ole days…. good times.

  297. Rondo would be a horrible fit next to Kobe. It would be so laughably bad.

  298. Interesting. Now I know who not to read. Thanks

  299. Another article from Ramona Shelburne (ESPN LA) on Rondo trade issues :

    Should the teams re-engage in discussions about Rondo, sources indicated
    Boston likely would ask for at least one first-round draft pick. … Rondo’s injury history makes it even less likely … [that the Lakers would] … part with one of their [first-round] picks for a player they could simply sign as a free agent this summer.

    See : http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/11982075/breakfast-kobe-bryant-los-angeles-lakers-rajon-rondo-boston-celtics-simply-that?src=mobile&rand=ref~{%22ref%22%3A%22http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FLjG85nQNEM%22}

  300. lol .. Even Media knows noone would believe that knowing Kobe spent 19 years obsessing over MJ.

  301. But the drama might rival Kobe vs Shaq :]

  302. “Houston was the ideal system for me,” Lin said earlier this week, “personally as a player in terms of spreading the floor, running and making plays and having guys with a lot of space, stretch fours. That’s the ideal system, but that’s not what we have here.”

    FIFY fixed it for him, he was thinking it but didn’t say it.

    “Without Harden Houston was the ideal system for me,” Lin said earlier this week, “personally as a player in terms of spreading the floor, running and making plays and having guys with a lot of space, stretch fours. That’s the ideal system, but that’s not what we have here.”

  303. Yes, at least Melo/Shump/Novak were 3pt threat to help with spacing.
    Lin’s right that the slow personnel and system made it hard for him to adjust but he has to do so.

    IMO Byron would be ok with controlled aggression as long Kobe gets the majority of the ball. We’ll just have to wait and see how Lin adjusts tonight. I expect more drives to get fouled and FTs.

  304. Maybe someone called him and said, “hey man, why you gotta make Kobe look bad?”

  305. OK. For those who like close-ups … .


  306. yes please trade Jlin to boston for the rest of the year… then on to Dallas for the rest of Jlin career

  307. Does anyone know why @wu kong close @g and @JLFacts& Articles twitter accounts?
    Very sad :[

    @wu kong, are you here?

  308. Not close enough 🙂

  309. If you’re a bit down in life or about Lin in general, I’d recommend everyone to take 5 min to watch this excellent “Stay the Course” motivational view about what makes the Spurs and NE Patriots a successful dynasty in NBA and NFL.

    Stay the Course!

  310. LakersPulse seems to be support Lin…!!!

  311. This article on Aaron Rodgers is very interesting…. Time for Jlin to get a girl friend? https://www.yahoo.com/health/the-science-of-a-hot-girlfriend-can-olivia-munn-104321490667.html

  312. Who are LakersPulse.net? Are they like Lakers ground? It’s great to see more people voicing support for our guy.

  313. LeBron likes studying his stats.
    And look how the lady was confused looking at him :]


  314. I think the Harvard guy may already be 1-2 steps of us

    Reposting Melody’s post to get us Linspired performance tonight!

    sluluc Save the date #changlin #summer2015
    Melody: “Such a beautiful couple.” 🙂

  315. nice… thanks for the info…..Hello epic winning streak starring Jlin (not kobe.. hehe)!!!!

  316. Linsanity!!!

    (I’m channeling Brent)

  317. it’s gonna be the mother of all Linsanities!!!!!

  318. Here are some excerpts from an interesting blog post by Ettore Messina, one of the Spurs’ assistant coaches, entitled “What the Spurs are all about” :

    … one of the biggest things in coach Popovich’s philosophy is the “we can’t skip any steps” principle. It means there’s time and place for every process. You always start from the basics here and then go on to the most intricate things. At the beginning of the training camp we went over the fundamentals of offense and defense. Passing, catching, pivoting, sliding, moving without the ball – it was as if we were a junior team. That’s one of the major messages coach Popovich sends out to his players: techniques are much more important than tactics. You have to master the fundamentals and then you need the desire to compete every day, meaning that every day you have to come in ready to play.

    Coach Popovich always says he’s lucky that the Big 3 “has allowed him to coach the team”. What he means is that the three stars are ready to accept criticism, ready to be challenged, ready to lead the team during games and in practice.

    See : http://t.co/X9L3iRGalD

  319. no hover hand from Jlin and she is grabbing his tummy…. This is real boys…. get ready for the appearance of Linsanity by one Super Lintendo!!!

  320. The subject of possible trade for Rondo is just so full of BS. Just follow the stench and figure it out yourself. First, LA and Kobe had a MVP PG who could shoot and pass better than Rondo in NASH. What did they do with him instead? They made NASH into a SG and handed PG duties to Kobe. WHY WOULD MITCH BRING ANOTHER PG TO BE WASTED AS SG? WHY WOULD ANY “STAR” PG WANT TO COME TO LA TO BE AN ERRANT BOY FOR KOBE?

    Mitch can beg all he wants and throw money around like the wind but no one is ever going to come to LA as long as Kobe plays like he’s been playing since the beginning of the season. That’s a fact. If they aren’t tanking, Mitch will bring in a power forward or defensive center. My feeling is that they are ultimately after K Durant. LIN may not be in the future works of LA, but they have no choice to accept that no one else could possible co exist along side with Kobe. FO would be fools to get rid of the only player in the entire league that can possibly stomach playing with Kobe.

  321. even if is is BS…. I still want to see it go down… Jlin in boston now… then Dallas later.!!! unless kobe suddenly decide to retire…then Jlin should stay in LA

  322. Ultimately, NBA is an entertainment business. Lin was lucky that Linsanity began in New York where Asian American success was more accepted than other cities such as Houston. Nevertheless, the post Linsanity era has not been kind to Lin as referees are out to make him look bad.

    Of course NBA is aware of how many Lin fans are out there. Then why would they want to intentionally make Lin look bad? The answer is NBA wants to appease all the Lin haters out there. Unfortunately, the number of Lin haters far outweighs the number of Lin fans (in North America). We have seen so many Lin haters openly enjoying watching Lin fail on National TV.

    After all, it really comes down to whether more viewers would be entertained by watching an Asian American basketball player dominate after the novelty of Linsanity wore off. By the way Lin is officiated, it seems that NBA believes more viewers would enjoy watching Lin fail.

  323. It’s one of the smaller LA Fans website but they like Lin enough and smart enough to know how to properly use him.

  324. Lin needs more work on his floater LOL

  325. wait, what???

    Looks like the twitter account is closed.

    The website:

    Oh no, what happened?

  326. LoL That was fun to watch again and again.

  327. Sad to see that wu kong/G closed all her accounts down. Remember seeing her said something about closing it down few days ago or last week. Couldn’t remember which game it was. I was too busy to respond and now this. Hopefully she will still come here and interacts with us. She has done a great job in her site.

    Feeling sad before going to bed because of a good friend’s mom passed away last night while she was still in the airport to fly back home and waking up to see this news. No wonder I feel so “blue” right now:-(

  328. Linsanity!!!!!!! ha sorry…just a random yelling..

  329. LOL You are getting out of your mind for wanting “Linsanity” so bad:-) Me 2 but to save my sanity after watching Kobe ball in all kind of shapes, I just have to let go of that dream for now until either Kobe or JLin is gone. Sad but ….

  330. troll

  331. ban him!

  332. Yep I saw that tweet and felt so hilarious about such a “fake” portray of Kobe. He can speak all his wants for not choosing this or that records, he deceives only himself.

  333. That’s the hard truth.
    Nash and Lin are better shooters than Rondo so LA would do worse with Rondo as long as Kobe wants to do the playmaking.

    And I’m concerned that LA will make the best offer money-wise to Lin next year to play next to Kobe.
    I think Lin will decline if Kobe doesn’t change but we never know. I can’t imagine Lin playing the next 2-3 years behind Kobe wasting his peak time.

  334. Jeremy, be yourself and try your best. No matter what the outcome will be, still your fan! Good luck! Go Lin Go!

  335. We welcome positive random yelling :]

  336. Well, at least I hope she keeps it open for people to reference, even if just read-only. I can understand being too busy to actively maintain it though.

  337. Please don’t let it happen. I just can’t stomach myself for another 1-3 seasons with Kobe and BS. Only able to continue for the high hope that Kobe and BS will be gone because of “chronos.”

  338. it’s okay, Melody. Things will get better soon ..
    It always rains the hardest before the sky clears up. Keep the faith and press toward the goal!

    I hope wu kong will be okay. I didn’t see the message either. Did she say why?

  339. She did say something but my memory was vague. Didn’t want to write it down as a fact. She wasn’t happy about …..

  340. Similarly, John Wooden, a UCLA legend, would teach the fundamentals of tying a shoe lace to all his new players

  341. Busy isn’t the reason for her closing down from my memory.

  342. ok, I’ll continue on twitter

  343. It’s amazing Spurs stay consistent with the process with building up the fundamentals.

    No shortcuts, no skipping steps, no skipping practice, no home-run 3s.

    “Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty.”

  344. BTW, I’ll be out of town tomorrow but mods and some users can create threads/posts.
    Thank you, Mods!

  345. I will most likely not be online either. Others step up!

  346. not a fan of the hunched-back

    posture seems a bit off compared to Houston days

  347. That’s not close up, that’s VERY close up! Either way, I love it. If I am that black jacket lady, I think I’ll have hard time focus on the screen.

  348. http://afansnotes.posthaven.com/shifting-blame-rightly-from-line-to-his-teammates


    Excellent assessment of the problem for Lin in LA:

    …Without the threat of the outside shot, teams can sag and clog the lane, thereby eliminating Lin’s ability to create off the dribble.

    Coach Scott essentially agreed with Lin’s statement, even throwing a subtle jab at Jeremy by mentioning his need to “develop point guard instincts.” Here’s the rest of the related quote:

    I think in the system he was in — in New York, the ball was in his hand 95 percent of the time, so he was able to run pick and roll and be able to get to the basket and get shots for himself. This system you have to get other people shots as well. You have to be able to do both. There’s a fine line at times.

    While Byron isn’t incorrect, he’s failing to mention a very important facet of that offensive strategy —
    getting other people shots also involves them actually making them. Of players who have played more than 250 minutes this season, none are shooting 34 percent or better from the 3-point line. Only Kobe Bryant (47.1 percent) is shooting better than 40 percent from 16 feet to the 3-point line. How, exactly, would those “point guard instincts” help players like Wesley Johnson make jumpers?

    What’s even more confusing to me is the fact that Lin is having a very solid year, with averages of 11.8 points, 5.1 assists and 1.1 steals in 30.2 minutes per game. Considering what he’s got to work with (and the difficult task of keeping Kobe happy), how is that reason for concern?

    Lin’s game is largely dependent on players who can make jump shots, because one of Jeremy’s strengths is getting to the basket and finishing. He’s currently shooting 63.8 percent inside three feet (Kobe is at 54.2 percent for some contrast), but Lin is going to be increasingly less efficient there if the defense collapses because there’s no threat of consistent perimeter makes.

    While I originally thought Los Angeles was going to be a spot for Lin to shine, it’s becoming apparent that it might not be a great fit. We saw what happened when Lin was surrounded by shooters and had a green light in New York. We saw how effective he could be in Houston with shooters, but without as much freedom.

    If Lin can find a team with shooters that also allows him the full freedom to create and attack the basket, he could be right back to being one of the brightest young (ok, he’s 26) stars in the game.

  349. Thanks for the headup. Not IT savvy enough to learn how to do one:-(

  350. Go JLin! Bounce back and beat the Celtics. Get the buckets back!! Keep shooting and don’t give up.

  351. Jeremy can do some serious fierce staring at the refs next time if they don’t give him calls like Yao here:

  352. New game thread everyone!

  353. I don’t question the outcome but Lin’s intensity and concentration in the game. Go Jeremy! This is the sport you like. Compete. Eat well and sleep well.

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