G20 LAL @ BOS PostGame Thread

First, let’s congratulate Jeremy on the great job he has done bouncing back after a bad game with a strong efficient game (14pts/2asts in only 19 min with 5-8 shooting, 1/1 3PT and 3-3FT).

Byron Scott inexplicably only inserted Kobe at to play with 4 bench players in the 4th quarter (6:54 left) with LAL trailing only 11pts (83-94).

  • Then BOS proceeded to make 17-5 run to take 23 pt lead (111-88) before Byron Scott took a time out with 1:30 left!
  • It’s not just Kobe but Sacre, Young (who Wes replaced at 5 min mark), Price missed many shots and did not deserve to be on the floor.
  • Sacre was 1-10 but not getting pulled for Hill or Boozer?
  • Lin was super-effective but not inserted for Price (7pts/2a, 3-10 shooting, 1-4 3PT) who didnt play any special

What kind of coach would not insert the starters when they’re trailing only pts but not called a time out when BOS was making 17-5 run?

He’s either:
1. getting direction to tank this season or
2. “auditioning” bench players (+Wes) who can play next to Kobe

And perhaps both.

Byron Scott will make a lineup change on Sunday against the Pelicans. Perhaps Boozer will be benched for his lack of defense for Ed Davis. But there will be outcry if he replaces Lin with Price who performed so poorly (3.8PPG/3.7APG with 32 FG% and 26 3FG%) even for a backup PG.

Jeremy would be better off playing somewhere else next season because it’s clear he’s not the future player for the Lakers under Byron Scott.

That much is clear. If Lin is benched, we know how hollow Kobe’s promise to mentor Lin into a championship PG.

We will wait and see what happens next in the soap opera in LA. It’s truly a Kobe performance art and not a basketball team trying to win basketball games. We should treat it like one to avoid any disappointment of expecting normal basketball teams trying to win.


  1. 1st 🙂
    TWC version from jay910221

  2. Hahaha 2nd

  3. Bunch of post game interviews.

  4. But first Aussie!

  5. First from Asia…

  6. With the whole wide NBA world witnesses how JLin is marginalized by BS because of crazy Kobe ball, I can’t say I’m stunt @ BS’ antic. Before the game, I said I would like to see what other stunts BS and Kobe would pull in this game. Here we were!!!! More are coming unless “chronos” takes Kobe and BS out of NBA. Otherwise, I would like JLin to go to any other teams except Lakers and R. Preferably to a team with a coach who truly believes in him, uses his strengths and develop JLin to be a better pg.

  7. LOL Is Australia also considered part of Asia or Oceanic???

  8. That’s true! Is there another Aussie here? Would like to find out:-)

  9. I think Boozer and Johnson will be benched for Davis and Ellington if Scott has little basketball IQ.
    Let Lin play PG and more PNR with Davis. Lin can make Ellington very good 3pt shooter.

  10. Lakers version of Tyson and Novak 🙂

  11. No Mel, give it up. Be happy with your Aussie title. 🙂

  12. Nick Young, I don’t know, I can’t say.

  13. Johnson is another Scott’s guy, I don’t think he will be benched.

  14. I think the NBA already knew Kobe’s antics, which is why no one wanted to come last Summer. Someone here even suggested that Nash can still play somewhat, but decided to call it quits because his PT would be pointless with Kobe on the court.

  15. Come on. Be like Oprah and give first to everybody 😛

  16. So…BS loves guys who cannot score to complement Kobe. Price and Johnson both fit the profile.

    BS: Jeremy, we’re trying to tank here!

  17. She started it. LOL

  18. His coaching record explains everything.

  19. thanks psalm for giving me the 4th quarter picture. This is weird, to read and then seeing below PFV is wondering about it too. It all makes sense if they are tanking. Just have these 2-3 week dramas to keep fans wondering while they do subtle things to lose.

  20. tbh honest i want to see how the boozer price kobe hill wes lineup goes.lol I’m thinking disaster

  21. who is blaming him??? worthy say he was fine

  22. So Lin plays passive but has under 30 min or aggressive with under 20?

  23. what kind of choices are those

  24. lin hasn’t been passive in weeks

  25. Feeding Kobe or Boozer the ball, that’s passive.

  26. thats the gameplan

  27. There’s no way a normal coach wanting to win BB games will allow 17-5 run with Sacre embarrassing himself into 1-10 shooting w/o inserting starters in a hurry.

    I stopped expecting normal BB games when winning is #1 goal. It’s embarrassing to watch a coach shamelessly tanking and/or making 1 player performance above the team goal. But sadly, the reality is there for all to see.

    But I’m happy to see a flash of Linsanity 😀 Just feel bad for Laker fans who got duped for this theatrics with the promise of winning.

  28. Never mind about my question.

  29. listening to scotts post conference it sounded like boozer will be benched. idk about lin or wes could be either although wes seems to play a lot for a scrub

  30. I love Swaggy’s responses. He refuses to BS. Lin still feels the need to go through the motions.

  31. It’s interesting to note that Wes was subbed back in with 5min left in 4th quarter for Nick Young.
    Wes has been hot lately with his 3s. I don’t think he’ll get benched.

  32. Yes, tonight was efficient for me – just watched 3 mins and had a nice night, and no need to read any Lin snipers. Oh well … looks like Lin is calm and just talking to get the press done. I bet he knows. Hope his personal life can take a leap forward in this high pay tanking year. Really want to see him about town with a gf someday.

  33. wes plays like doo doo but its ok he plays defense

  34. Poll done by TWC

  35. i dare scott to start price. kobe iso 100 percent of the time. ride his daddy more. although if he does start davis with or with out young it could mean more drives. but ill give him no credit we all saw davis should have started since preseason

  36. I think Byron will think of “Harden Route” to protect 36-year old Kobe:
    1 choose to surround Kobe with defense-first players so he’s not too tired playing D and can be effective in late Q4
    2 create gaudy numbers for Kobe to justify his “brilliant” moves

    Then support Lakers Tanking Plan
    3 still closely “lose” games because of bad bench and role players among Kobe
    4 Full-Tanking mode to appease Mitch and protect Top 5 pick not given to the Suns

    And riding into the sunset by appeasing Kobe
    5. Get in Kobe’s documentary as a coach who understands Kobe
    6. Get cushy jobs within 3 years in Kobe Inc

    Disclaimer: All theories are not factual until they happen soon :]

  37. With all else being said, I love Jeremy’s bank shots. I like that I’m seeing it more often.

  38. Yup. High off the glass.

  39. He should bank more.. I mean bank shots, often.

  40. Keep it PG-13, ladies :]
    All ladies love Lin the banker haha..

  41. MB said it’s either Young or Ellington move to Starter.


  42. Well, what you laid out above is logical….sadly. But I’m beyond caring about Lakers as a team, I just want my Lin to get decent/efficient performance whenever he is in, and let God take care of the rest. I like that he was looking to stay aggressive today, before being inexplicably yanked. It’s almost like he was giving Scott the finger and trying to play loose, the way he does best. If he goes to the bench, it will be a travesty of justice but hey, not the first time, won’t be the last. I’m sure he will be the consummate pro and give of his best whatever situation he finds himself in. I will support him no matter what, and every obstacle he overcomes just increases my respect for him even more.

  43. as i listened to scott and see article i do think boozer will be benched first. if anyone else then wes and lin would come up

  44. Subtle? 🙂

  45. I think it is Boozer and maybe then someone else. It may be Wes. I know a lot of people are thinking Lin but it may not be Lin at all he has in mind. It’s hard to say. He doesn’t like the way Boozer plays defense and Boozer is another jump shooting big. But Davis fouls too much. We’ll see on Sunday.

  46. With all the Lin’s drives, I thought there was a different mindset by Lin in this game to get his scoring down so he won’t get benched (but he still did!) It’s eerily similar to his HOU role to get his numbers off-the-bench.

    He was super-feisty in the final play not giving up the ball so easily to the ref!
    Gotta love the competitive drive.

    I think we might see a different ‘Feisty Lin’ from this point on.
    He know Lakers is in tanking mode and he’s caught in the middle so he’ll get his numbers for his contract next year!

  47. well. subtle enough so the press writes about kobe iso or crazy coach, but the real goal may be to lose while looking internally out of sync. Maybe who knows …

  48. Hey! I didn’t do anything. I’m am in control. IJ on the other hand… lol.

  49. Ha! I got the same exact feeling.

    It’s like Lin thinking, “So you want to tank? I’ll do my best to score at will to help this team win! What you gonna do about it?”

    Yes, it’s absolutely the right thing to do to play his best in shoot-first/pass-second to be a real threat since his teammates are lesser scorers than him. Besides that’s what Kobe wants him to be, right? 😀

  50. we will see either way boozer should of never started.

  51. haha.. it’s okay..it’s mildly entertaining LOL

  52. SB Nation picked up on the weirdness of Lin benching despite playing well


  53. I hope all Chinese fans turn on kobe and let him know that he’s done a ton of damage to the Lakers franchise in China. Hurt them in the pocket books and in the media.

  54. When will BScott take responsibility for the losses instead of throwing the players not named Kobe under the bus…

  55. I also don’t think it’s Lin.. I know lots of Lin’s fans or even reporters all thought it’s Lin bc what Scott said about him after vs Min game.. but BS changed his tone after Kobe was more clam down…

    I still believe FO wants Lin so Lin also looks so OK to me even after Kobe & Rondo breakfast meeting news… Will see.

  56. Highlights?

  57. Who doesn’t love Jeremy Lin the banker? It’s like Cedric the entertainer lol

  58. Posted below. Or check out video gallery on the home page.

  59. Yes you do. You think it’s easy for Scott to face the press after every pathetic loss? Scott agreed to do it but it’s gonna cost ya.

  60. what is going on here

  61. Shouldn’t Jeremiah be the banker?

  62. Byron is shameless.

  63. everyone…Please join me to pray for Jlin to be with the Mavs by the TD this year or next year…. Thank You in advance Lord…Amen

  64. or somewhere where they are playing pro bball.

    “Dear Lord, please let me get on an NBA team” Amen.

  65. Totally!!!

  66. What did he say about Boozer?

  67. Thanks!

  68. This is just like Houston all over again…. is this real life? I actually wish Jlin playing for mike woodson now .. if not mda

  69. Who’s Jeremiah?

  70. Houston was trying to win. Lakers don’t have that constraint.

  71. Yes, Kobe ball is tiring and boring.

  72. Then why did Lin play only 19 min and 0 min in 4Q?

  73. All the starters all sat on the bench in 4Q but Kobe walked by himself (I think) … You know BS sucks he’s sort of gave it up & turned it to garbage time early. smh!

  74. I think we should start a grass root media, Twitter campaigne for all LIN fans around the world to go silent for 3 lakers games. Turn off NBA games and go completely silent and make them listen to what it would be like if we just turn off their money. Sponsors will stop placing ads, jerseys won’t get sold, TV revenue will dry up.

    It’s time for the LIN army to rise up and be heard.

  75. So it was Kobe, Swaggy, Ellington, Sacre and Davis? That’s not a bad line-up except Lin should replace Ellington. Hard to make sense of BS’s moves. We’ll find out on Sunday…

  76. They’re both bankers.. so.. 😉

  77. Movers and shakers too 🙂

  78. I think Scott was really bad & he didn’t know what to do?

    Price was on too.

  79. Good shooters as well 🙂

  80. Didn’t have time to watch the game… Please tell me why Lin only played 19mins but had 14pts…

  81. My guess is Boozer and Lin would be benched.
    They were the starter with the least minutes.

  82. I also missed the game. I’m curious why Lin wasn’t inserted in the 2Q until like 2 min left? Usually he comes in at around 6 min mark? Was the 2nd unit playing well or…?

  83. watching lin highlight man he was great. he was so fast the only laker nears wes lol. he even chased rondo after timeout when he layed the ball in. just guts talent and effort from lin, couldn’t ask for more

  84. Seems that he went bananas though at the end of 2nd. Lotsa pointssss

  85. scott brought kobe back at 7:55 mark it was like a 5 point game. by the 5 minute mark when lin gets in it was close to 20. lin should of played the whole fourth given his few minutes. we could of won. so either scot is incompetent which is highly likely or lakers are tanking

  86. From Lakersground

    Lin — — Finally, he started just going to the rack and playing more of his game. There’s no reason he can’t do more of it. You knew he was going to have a bounceback game after the bagel in the last one. This Lin is the Lin that all fans want to see more of. He was scoring layups through the D, attacking on consecutive possessions and then hitting a three after getting it going. That aggressiveness was rewarded with just 19 minutes. Sigh. He could have played double the minutes. “We got to try to get easier buckets. We didn’t get any stops today,” Lin said. “I don’t think we gave a great effort defensively. And when you don’t get stops it’s hard to score easy buckets.” He and Kobe looked more like a one-two punch when he was playing this way. Instead of sitting him then, run more minutes and see if he, Kobe and Young can spark the team to life. Worthy and Horry in the post game were as careful as they could about criticizing Scott, but they still said it. “Lin really sparked them, then he was out of the game,” Worthy said, mentioning Scott is maybe still trying to figure out his roster. Then Horry followed it up. “He got mad because Rondo was taking it to the basket,” Horry said, “and he started saying, ‘hey, I’m going to the basket, too.’ He got four layups, then he got the three and all of the sudden he’s on the bench. You got to keep him out there.” Horry said that’s when an assistant coach should speak up and remind the coach he ought to play him more. Yep. Lin was on track, let him soak in it longer in the court. Long-term the team will be better off. To be successful here he needs to play like a PG and an SG and switching in between. His game is maturing enough that he can do that…but he’s got to have time. Instead we get Ronnie Price with 24 minutes. Horrible. The Stats: He scored 14 points on 5-8 shooting (1-1 from three, 3-3 from the line) to go with 2 assists, 2 turnovers and 2 fouls in 19 minutes. He was a -21. The Action: Miscue throwing a post entry out of bounds in early offense (I think he didn’t think Kobe was posting up but continuing to cut). Not close on a wing bank shot. He attacked down the middle of the paint and drew FTs, he made both. He attacked again, got into the chest of the big and banked in the And-1, he made the FT. He drew a moving screen call on D. He attacked off a screen next possession but missed a very tough off-balance shot. He got an inbounds pass with 4.5 seconds left, pushed it up with speed, split the D and scored a layup a hair before the buzzer (and probably getting away with three steps). Second Half: He found Hill trailing on the two-man game for a layup. He missed a pull-up wing jumper next time down. Aggressive attack from the wing and he scored a layup through multiple defenders. He took a pass, pushed it out with speed and scored a layup next time down and forced a timeout. He swished a long three in early offense. Weak double-dribble call, looked like it was a loose ball he was just gathering.


  87. I like his aggressive drive on fastbreak taking the layup for himself and not passing it to Wes. Seems like he was playing pissed off.. Nice!

  88. Man.. I love me some Horry.

  89. Only got 2 mins in 2nd quarter he was pissed and said whatever I’m getting my points NOW and he did with 7 points!

  90. Lin, Dirk, Ellis, Parsons, and Chandler starting lineup would be so deadly! They will roll over all teams in the NBA for the Championship! Not to mention Cuban likes Lin and wanted him back then before Linsanity!

  91. It seems like they really are trying to tank.

  92. Ellis not a fan of Lin, that was obvious from their GSW days.

  93. Lakers’ fans are wiser and more objective than ****
    I like it.

  94. No, this is completely different from Houston. In Houston, their media would have been bashing him. The coach would have been publicly bashing him. And management would be completely silent.

    Here, the LA media loves him. Management is extremely supportive. And the coach is at least silent most of them time.

    It’s more and more obvious that they are trying to tank so they can rebuild. And their secondary goal is to devalue Lin so that they can re-sign him for cheap. But of course they can’t be too harsh, so that’s why the media is still so good to him.

  95. I just don’t think Byron has any powers at all. He’s even more of a figurehead than McHale.

  96. Reaching his scoring upper limit set by Scott implicitly.

  97. Do you really think Lin is a pushover? He’s not going to want to re-sign with the Lakers again after being treated this way. Lin will get out of dodge

  98. Found an interesting stats this game: all non black laker players played the least mins (lin, boozer, clarkson). Is boozer considered as non black?

  99. TWC are Lin haters who cares what they think!

  100. Rivalry? Then I guess Lin won’t be heading to Mavs after this off season. At this point I doubt he’d stay with Lakers. I don’t mind Lin going to Eastern Teams so long as he gets to be the Franchise player and not deal with systems that tailor to stars or ball hogs!

  101. Boozer isn’t black, not sure what ethnicity but he was born in Germany.

  102. I love his reviews. Really objective and good analysis.

  103. I saw that, cracked me up!! LOL!

  104. LOL, you don’t need to pay $17M to a really bad scapegoat for tanking.

  105. I’m pretty sure he’s half or part black, as is Jason Kidd, Blake Griffin, Klay Thompson, Austin Rivers, Deron Williams, Joakim Noah, Landry Fields, Tony Parker, and probably many other NBA players.

    He may have been born in Germany but grew up in Alaska.

  106. Boozer is black, at least partially.

  107. Don’t forget Ryan Kelly. He didn’t even get minutes! 😉

    Boozer is part black, as is Clarkson. See below.

  108. useful first gets upvote from me!

  109. Hes goin to the spurs!!!

  110. I think Byron’s going to bench Kobe. LOL

  111. Incredible eurostep through 3 defenders. It looked like a travel at first, but upon further replay, it was a legit eurostep. Most people don’t know that you don’t start counting the steps until the ball has been gathered with two hands. When Lin gathered the ball with two hands, his left foot was already on the floor. Then he took a right and left, that’s 2 steps. No travel according to NBA rules.

    I liked how Hill actually cut to the basket instead of just standing at 20 ft.

    No idea why Lin played so few minutes. But given the few mins, it’s important for Lin to have high efficiency. Which he did just that. 14 pts on 8 shots, in only 19 mins.

  112. We don’t know what’s being said to Lin behind the scenes. Management could be telling him all these nice things, about how they value him and really want him, but that they owe it to Kobe after so many years.

    So they really hope he can understand and that Kobe will be gone really soon and then he’ll be the man.

    Besides, if the Lakers can get Lin’s value down enough, they could end up being the ones that offer him the most.

  113. How was that a double dribble by Lin? smh

  114. Who is this guy? Excellent analysis! You sure he’s not Torocan (or whatever his name was on CF)

  115. JLin played about 8 min in 1st qtr; 2:46 min end of 2nd qtr which he scored 7 pts. Then whatever the min he had in 3rd qtr. Oh yeah BS put Kobe back in 4th qtr to patch his stat. BS and Kobe officially becomes Lakers’ clowns as a result of this. Let’s see what the stunts of the clowns will pull next. Very lintertainment to watch!!!!!! Waiting to see JLin as DNP-CD.

  116. From what I saw in Twitter, seem like LA media began to bash/diss JLin from the orders of FO except JW and Horry.

  117. some more: Mike Bibby, Shane Battier, Aaron Gordon

  118. If you can figure out why JLin plays so few minutes from BS crazy mind, you are THE champion of all:-)

  119. That’s sweet. I didn’t know he was taking tabs of international news.

    When I looked into the comments section one of my girl friends who don’t even watch basketball commented hours BEFORE me…

  120. Didn’t see this message until now. Very sweet of him!

  121. This is a good article about how the Warriors have improved this year under Kerr compared to Mark Jackson. Jackson was mostly doing isos whereas Kerr is doing more like Spurs style moving the ball. The biggest impact was on Harrison Barnes, who is not an iso player. A good coach maximizes each player’s natural strengths. A bad coach forces a player into a system.


  122. Lin has to look out for bro Pacquiao! =)

  123. My theory is that Byron Scott literally forgot about Lin. There is no other rational explanation. =p

  124. oh, took me a minute to get it. LOL!

  125. It’s more like THE future wife is in that country lol

  126. DancingBarry has got to be one of the best analysts around. Always quick in his reviews yet, in my view anyway, scrupulously fair. He has fairly criticised Lin before but he really saw what Lin could do today and bemoaned Scott’s weird decision to bench Lin. He also saw right through Price with this review:

    “Price — — He probably got some extra run today because the starters got their butts kicked in the third. It’s easier for Scott to sit all starters but Kobe in the fourth. I would have rather seen us go all in with Kobe, Young and Lin being aggressive and seeing if that could give the team some jump in their step. Instead we get Sacre and Price combining for an impressive 4-20. That won’t stagger anyone. If you move Boozer to the bench, that gives you some much needed scoring punch for them and you hope that Ronnie’s D helps us depend slightly less on Boozer to erase mistakes. Because that’s not happening.”

    He in effect calls out Scott for erroneously believing in Price’s defence, which doesn’t exist.

  127. what ever happened to the Lakers signing Gal Mekel? Looks like Pelicans are signing him instead


  128. My question: Does BS have any “brain” or mind at all?? He has lost his mind long time ago!!!! No any normal human beings behave like him.

  129. Seriously, I hope you are right. He needs to get ‘his’ first in those first 8+ minutes he’s guaranteed in the 1st quarter. Otherwise, who knows how much more he’ll be playing after as BS randomizes things.

  130. I thought Jeremy’s benching is plain and simple :

    1. the early turnover cheesed Kobe off as Jeremy’s moving too fast.

    2. Kobe and his handpicked BS already decided that Jeremy isn’t “coachable” to make every game the Kobe show, thus the benching whenever Jeremy’s about to get red hot –well, he was LINNING and showed no sign of slowing down so the refs decided to stop him by bogus discontinued dribbling and BS benching last till the end of the game.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Jeremy be traded by February TD if Kobe is still healthy(cough cough) enough to average 35m/g..

    and it’s a shame that this happens in Boston: one of Celtics announcers said Rondo has no respect for Harvard, then there’s a brief pause and silence..

  131. Too much looking just at Lin. He benched Boozer and Hill also in the 4th.

    Kobe made a worse pass and play to Lin later in the quarter, throwing the ball into the 2nd row, the whole team looked idiotic trying to pass the ball and many stretches of the game.

    Byron coached an inexplicable game. He had Kobe playing in the 4th when the game looked like a blowout, plus Wes, plus Sacre and Price. That made no sense whatsoever.

    Kobe looked very pleased with Lin after that 3/4 end the half drive and made lay-up and during his aggressive makes, pumped his fist and looked like he approved.

    I don’t know if Kobe still believes in Lin but Byron has gotten weird and is making strange coaching moves that aren’t giving his team their best chance to win. And he doesn’t hold himself accountable, something I don’t like in a coach.

  132. Just bad coaching.

  133. “…Rondo has no respect for Harvard” – as if Harvard needs Rondo’s respect lol. Harvard has been Harvard even before Rondo came to the NBA.

  134. I can’t trust Kobe anymore as he doesn’t walk his talk. I still think that Kobe doesn’t like Jeremy as much for whatever reason.

  135. I don’t mind that, they are just homers and Rondo is an established player. Lin made his mark with his play, blowing by Rondo and getting to the hole easy.

  136. No name calling policy here but Mod I couldn’t resist by saying Rondo is a th_g that doesn’t have respect for Ivy League..

  137. I don’t mind the homerism; I just don’t get the Harvard-Rondo association.

  138. I am rather certain Boozer will go to the bench once BS makes up his mind on the new starting lineup. He’s still experimenting Jeremy’s replacement thus benching.

  139. Lin isn’t the type of attitude player Kobe is and he likes guys like Rondo. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t think Lin could do more. Maybe he’s given up thinking Lin will assert himself like he wants to see him do so. I don’t think it is a personal like or dislike, I think in some ways he likes Lin’s abilities and work ethic but doesn’t see him playing as confidently and decisively than he would like. I’m still watching the two, not sure yet.

  140. jLin fans, we have another rough year on our hands. As we know Jeremy is a great player because he is a team player. Unlike the NBA mentality, we who love basketball, knowing it is a team sport…FIVE not just ONE. ISO is boring! Team ball: watching the ball move around quickly and one smooth move and swish. FAST, FAST, FAST is FUN to watch. For the Lakers, I recall that in the glory days of Magic and the rest it was exactly like that and there were at least THREE BIG stars and the rest were no slouches either. We see this now in GSW, and as always the Spurs. One man shows are lame. We have to face the facts again JLin is on a ISO team, again. Hold Your Head Up, Jeremy! We will be here doing the same!

  141. I agree, Boozer is going to the bench. The rest will happen Sunday, I’m not going to try to guess what ridiculous moves Byron may make. But maybe Byron will calm down and be sensible again, sometimes he just needs to bark after a game.

  142. There, there.. *pats livyrlife in the back*

    Just call him something else other than that. Hooligan, perhaps?

  143. Lin is from Harvard, he’s saying Rondo doesn’t have respect for guys from Harvard I guess. I don’t care who Rondo has respect for, he’s a jerk in my opinion. He’s a solid point guard for sure, but a jerk.

  144. I didn’t mean Kobe doesn’t like Jeremy’s for his attitude or personality. Kobe’s dislike of Jeremy could stem from many factors, not just his attitude.

  145. Carlisle will keep Ellis in line

  146. yes mam

  147. Most certainly, the Lakers have a lot of ISO in their playbook and Kobe is still at the core an ISO player.

  148. Lol well the Harvard dudes don’t really need Rondo’s respect or something.

  149. He is the editor in chief of LG

  150. Rondo needs to start playing like an actual NBA player before he can be called a “solid” NBA point guard.

  151. How about a short little gentleman that has anger issues but is athletic enough to play in the nba despite that he can’t shoot a lick…. in other word…rondo is a rich man gangster… hehe

  152. I’m not so sure what is the significance of nabbing titles. Ever since I’ve been watching basketball, I’ve always believed that players’ ultimate goal is to win a championship. Even athletes playing for individual sports, nabbing titles is secondary or tertiary. It’s like, “yeah it’s great that I won the (insert title here), but it feels way better to win the gold/trophy”.

    So yeah I still don’t get why Kobe wanted to surpass MJ. He is legendary in a way himself, so I don’t think it’s about significance or something like that.

  153. Something like a “guy with anger management issues who can’t shoot” would be better, if you can edit it.

  154. I don’t mind R – rated conversation sometimes. …hehe

  155. Thanks for tuning in tonight, #LakersNation. Follow me on my personal account @DanDuangdao and not sure why Lin didn’t get more minutes.

    People retweeted

  156. Check this out. Lin w 4.5 sec left before end of 2nd Q…


  157. Sorry. ..gotta go. ..will edit later if I can remember.

  158. Doesn’t get old 🙂

  159. no.. that won’t be good.. u don’t know who is the real person behind it.. so it make do more harm to lin than good.. it made lin fans rep worst.

  160. because BS wants to run half court oldie set instead of fast break which is the modern era. and lin was not listening to him. I guess that’s why.

  161. I really think Lin outplayed Rondo now. If he can control the ball fully like Rondo then he can have more AS & double his score for sure. 🙂

  162. they have to bench at least two people.. if they bench one it’s like say that player stinks and affects their psych.. so if they bench two, they say it’s the system fit role.

  163. I wonder what that is….LOL

  164. So…Lin still got 14 points…that is not bad at all.

  165. BTW…..tanking or whatever reason aside….THis build a wall thing is not working. They can not even contain pick and pops Rondo created….Hill routinely blocked Lin from Rondo…

  166. Maybe Gal Mekel saw what happen to Laker..so decided to go with a better offer…LOL

  167. I’m just tired! 🙁
    At this point, 5 wins per quarter (season), is really disappointing. Doubt if they could get the same win as last year!?!

    As for Lin, just go and get your stats man!

  168. hahaha…well…they could do better. They just did not do it…

  169. LoL, I’m looking at NYK articles. Crying for Linsanity!


    NOthing much in the article, except for the below…

    “While the 2014-15 Knicks seem eerily similar to that 2011-12 Knicks despite playing a completely different style of basketball, is there any chance another trend like Linsanity can sweep New York again and start to turn this season around?”

  170. How many games, that had been…Jeez

    They just did not try!

  171. Then I would crown him as the best coach. The second do really need a player like Kobe

  172. Hope Phil and Jeanie talk about trade.

  173. Smart boy!

  174. I like it… trade Lin back to NYK asap.

  175. whatever the aurgument may be; with Kobe playing 36min, is not going to help the team in winnings, when Lin is playing with the second. We have seen this! Not buying!

    Either reduce Kobe’s minutes or increase Jeremy’s minutes

  176. Don’t click it for them. I think they just assumed Lin will move to bench but I don’t think so bc I believe in Mike B from LA times more than these two…

  177. Exactly, Kobe played such long min per game so don’t believe it works. The best it’s cut Kobe’s time or trade Lin.

  178. Just saw this remark for BS from Lakersgroud regarding last game.

    Does this mean tanked banana?

  179. What did he say?

  180. He said Johnson will move to bench. Either Young or Ellington move to Starter. No Boozer or Lin’s name mentioned for move at all. I think so too.

  181. Can’t see what you saw.

  182. Thanks to Maknusia, posting it below.

  183. Young — — Rare interview afterward where he wasn’t his usual upbeat self. “I ain’t giving no credit to them. We played like…I don’t want to talk about it,” Nick said. He was frustrated with their play tonight and cut his interview short, walking away. “Frustration is good,” Kobe said. “Frustration is good. You have to be able to use your frustration in the right way and channel it to have good performances.” He, Kobe and Lin were the only ones who seemed to be up for the fight tonight. Not always on D, but they were battling hard and trying to impose themselves on the game. The Stats: He scored 16 points on 5-14 shooting (1-3 from three, 5-6 form the line) to go with 3 boards, 1 assist and 2 fouls in 22 minutes. He was a -1. The Action: He missed a 20-footer. He probed and hit a step-back elbow jumper. He worked off the split play and hit the pull-up at the FT line. He worked out of the sideline triangle, drew the D and fed Davis who blew the dunk. He drained an open three when Sacre erased his man with a nice screen. He posted up and missed a turnaround. He got tapped on an elbow step-back jumper. He had 7 points on 3-7 shooting. Second Half: He attacked, spun and missed a tough one in the lane. He nearly banked in a three he bricked it so badly. He took some contact on a three and went down quickly making sure he got the call, he made two FTs. He cut backdoor, took a pass from Sacre and drew FTs to start the next quarter, he made both. He attacked down the lane with speed and scored a layup. He missed a wing three (Celtics pushed it out quick for an And-1). He stretched out for an outlet over the D at full speed, shielded the defender and scored a lefty And-1 layup in transition, very nice, he made the FT. He attacked and lost control, turnover. No transition D and he gave up a three.

  184. My take on possible line-up moves, and the moves I think most likely:

    1. Price over Lin – a definite possibility. 🙁 I give it a 50-50 chance.

    2. Nick Young over Wes Johnson – not likely. BS likes Young’s offensive fire power off the bench.

    3. Davis over Boozer – this would seem like the obvious choice, but I don’t think so. I’m not sure BS is sold on Davis being starter material. I give it a 50-50 chance.

    4. Ellington over Wes Johnson – Mike Bresnehan thinks this is possible, with Kobe moving to small forward. I’m not sure what the implications are if Kobe moves to small forward.

    At this point, I think BS makes only one move. The two possible moves that seem most feasible in terms of not disrupting the team too much is Price over Lin and/or Davis over Boozer. I hope, though, MB is right and the move that’s made is Wellington in for Johnson.

    So, potential new line-ups

    Line-up #1

    Line-up #2

    Line-up #3

    Line-up 3 makes a lot of sense. Having another shooter in there would open up the spacing on the floor. That would make it easier for Lin to drive to the basket, and hopefully open up more PnR opportunities.

  185. those aren’t “real” articles, they are more opinion pieces. They have zero weight on what’s going to happen with the line-up.

  186. It would be my dream come true if Lin became a Knick again.

    They could swap point guards – Lin for Calderon.

  187. that sounds stupid to me. What are those dudes smokin’?

  188. I think they are saying lin over Price and Davis over Boozer

  189. Lin tried and will keep trying until he leaves…LOL

  190. I think so too. But it could be also just because that guy is not good at logic or grammar…LOL

  191. Nah otherwise they would’ve just said Davis for Boozer. But yeah this is dumb

  192. 16assists is pretty nuts though.

  193. Scott! Be careful with the line up change. You will pay the price for the Price.

  194. You may be forgetting that BS is trying to tank… so the new lineup will be worse not better. At this point I just want to see Jlin gets to play his brand of basketball. .. I am careless about the Lakers right now

  195. if he meant davis and pricee to start it would be incredibly stupid. who would use davis in that slow half court offense

  196. (Whistle Blows) “Time Out” for light hearted laugh!

  197. @Lakers clearly tanking @JLin7 was ballin' @ the end of 2nd qtr and in the 3rd.. Doesn't see the floor in the 4th qrt pic.twitter.com/H0IMESBhHp— J Santana (@NY_JorEl) December 6, 2014

  198. I think I picked the correct stats prediction last night. I truly believe Linsanity would have happened had Jlin get to play 38 minutes last night. BS literally stole my 5 minutes of fame 🙁

  199. Who won—– psalm?

  200. From now on I will refer BS “respectfully” as T-com( tank commander)

  201. what if they started winning.. or getting 50-50 win loss after the change with lin coming off the bench..
    now they have justification..

    and pls don’t say..hey that won’t happen.. there is crazier shyt going on

  202. but price is bench, boozer is starting..so no.

  203. Not if the tanking is on

  204. One random thought on line up changes. I have been to 3 or 4 games now and lin always gets the second most applause/cheers coming out. He deserves it and a move to the bench would unfairly deprive him of it. I am sick of all the politics and injustice.
    Another thought about the game is that they didn’t want lin to outplay rondo and if he continued to play he did he just could have blown him out of the water.

  205. Lineup changes, whatever. The Lakers are three games better then the Sixers.

  206. ‘lol a kobe price backcourt both shooting under 40 percent now that would be horrible to watch

  207. It worked great because they played the clock odds and no foul. Really nice decision and move.

  208. Rough player? I don’t ever watch rondo cuz assists and handles aren’t enough for one man in five.

  209. BS=Big tank Specialist

  210. His personality type likes sycophants and people with no personal vision. Even if he likes him, there’s a generational gap that can only be bridged by team cohesion, and we see that it’s not there. Finally, some of this is not in kobes conscious mind as he has to know himself very well to manage the downside, … so I agree. No chance Kobe likes Lin and wants the best for him.

  211. This is what the Lakers coaching staff discuss during game time

  212. So I guess they will try to change the line up so they can be worse than 76ers…

  213. I think Price will start because BS only play Lin 19 mins yesterday

  214. That’s just the guy’s opinion, but he’s got access to the Lakers, so there’s some weight to it.

    I really hope he’s right.

  215. I think he sure has more infor than MM.

  216. What did MM say?

  217. Who knows…maybe Scott will resign…giving the starting HC job to someone else…lol

  218. Scott has got to be among the SLOWEST coaches in the NBA. No wonder his W-L record is so bad.
    He’s been “tanking” since he started “coaching” in the NBA

  219. He didn’t know anything so he just asked coach who will move to bench? PF or PG?

  220. Like Horry’s response about making everyone better. This is why he likes Lin:


  221. Over the past two seasons I was thoroughly convinced that as a NBA head coach McHale was totally incompetent.
    I now see BS is doing his best to show me there are worse ones.
    Lord have mercy.

  222. It was tryout time, right? Using winnable game with hot player on bench = tank.

  223. Tr…..lol

  224. He is just like HB for Knicks in NYT. Or Johnthan for Rox. He will not say something if he is not sure.. He didn’t use “I think” like Yahoo’s reporter.

  225. I think we give Scott too much credit. Scott would tank even without trying to: He had a losing record even before the Lakers

  226. Does Lin cover his face so he doesn’t get photographed making cringing and frustrated expressions watching BS terrible game plan?

  227. Some part of me almost hopes Scott does it and watch the starters really get stomped on. Then the bench with Lin starts to really outshine the starters. Will show how inept B Scott is.

  228. Your posts just keep getting dumber and dumber. I’d rather read Voltaire’s posts. At least his are amusing sometimes. Yours just constipate me. Mods, if this post gets upvoted at least 50x please do the right thing. (This is provided as a public service. )

  229. Does anyone have a video on Worthy and Horry talking about not playing Lin in the 4th?

  230. The ying and the yang

  231. Cushion of three standings too risky with Lin on the team. Might breakrout anytime.

  232. BS will insert KB in immediately just like preseason game when mini Linsanity went on. He won’t let JLin shine no matter what. He is literally ABJ. That is I feel hopeless at jerseygate. Now just want to see how far these two clowns will go and what stunt they play. Pray for JLin staying healthy and continue improving. If everything remains as it’s, then hopefully JLin is able going to a team that really wants him to be pg, trust him and develop him.

  233. I like this guy’s analysis in LG:

    The starters came out flat as well as cold from outside when the game started, and the team never recovered. Although the players have the ability to score and make plays on their own in spurts, this was where you wish there was a bit more creativity or purpose in the offensive sets.


    Lin’s aggression
    Lin, along with the rest of the starters came out cold and out of sorts. When the starters came back in, it was minus Lin, as Ellington remained in the game. Rather than get discouraged, he turned it up a notch, driving to the basket at will and finishing. He even showed a bit of attitude as a Celtic player tried to take the ball away from him on a deadball. Very nice to see.

    Unfortunately, the coach decided to troll fans around the world by benching him for Price.

    Easy E
    Ever since the regular season started, Ellington’s shot has been on. Today he hit a 3 off a floppy play which was set further out than he usually runs it, which was good to see, rather than the usual long 2. However, on the season he’s shooting 39% from 3, and 57% on long 2s, so basically you’re fine with him launching from anywhere on the court. Given what he’s had to deal with off the court, you can’t help but root for the guy.

    If they decide to start him, I hope it’s at Wes’ expense and not Lin’s. Or else you can forget about seeing any transition buckets with the first unit.


    Lazy bigs on D
    I agree 100% with DB here. Watch the bigs closely in transition or in scramble situations and you see them unilaterally decide to switch or “protect the paint”. God forbid they run to their rotation if it’s more than 10 feet away. Kobe does it as well from time to time, but when the bigs do it, it always seems to lead to the other team scoring.

    Bad Wes returns
    I can live with Wes being off with his shot. I can’t live with him taking more than one dribble. Whenever that happens, something bad is bound to occur.

  234. Another great comment from Anderson Huu @PFV vid:

    Wow, simply a brilliant discussion, Paul! Too many good points for me to remember for response. My favorite is the metaphorical analogy of “the emperor has no more clothes”! BAM! That may very well be the truth behind all of these irrational moves that we have seen displayed by the coaching staff of the Lakers thus far this season. And since we don’t have all the information, not yet anyway, or not until Sunday, what we could say is the coaching decision is a complete failure. I mean, we could give him the benefit of the doubt by saying that, objectively, there were at least 4 things happening in the 4QT last night:

    1. Playing bench too long, so by the 6 minutes mark, the game was already being blown away so he didn’t see any need to put Lin back into the game.
    2. Testing out new combination (Price playing with Kobe, Ellington, etc.)
    3. Kobe was put in there even late in the game (for what reason is still unknown)
    4. Boston was only up by 10-12 or so when Lin was out and bench were put in

    Now, given these mere facts, one thing we could say is, Scott has no real vision to winning games. If he does, he will stick to the starters who are doing well for the night, like Lin. So, even if Lakers were down by 14-18 at the 10-9 minutes mark, he should not think about anything else (as you said in the video) but just focus on winning the game. But instead, how many times have we seen that it was like he had made up his mind to play Lin ONLY WITHIN a certain minute-range. So, as a result, he won’t put Lin back until past 6:00 mark. And even if Lin is hot for the night, he needs to take a few minutes to get into momentum before making some great plays. But with such a short time left, 2-3 minutes down and very often, it was already too late to make a difference. So this is a matter of Scott lacking of a vision to win games.

    Secondly, what we could infer further from the first point is that, Scott is not a Lin believer. From the start of this season, he seemed to incline to play Price more, or as much as he could. So again, we could ask, if Scott and the Lakers franchise would want to invest in Lin, why should they not play him at least 35 minutes per game, and let this young guy be trained in all aspects and try to win games for them. Instead, except for the OT game, Lin’s playing time is limited to just around 28-30.

    Thirdly, as I mentioned in your last video, the way Scott allow Kobe to take on all kinds of roles and play with so many patterns in these roles is hurting not only Lin, but other guys as well. No one could get in synced with his teammates if a dominant player keeps taking on different role from game to game, or even Qt to Qt. At the least, such style causes a lot of confusion.

    Anyways, we have to see what will be the actual changes tomorrow to make more conclusion. But thus far, Scott is proving himself to be a coach with all kinds of weaknesses. Jokingly, last night I called him a BBB. That is, a non-Lin Believer, a Kobe Butler, and a Laker Butcher.

    Thanks for all your great works, Paul! Love this video!!

  235. Who gets the most?

  236. Lol… harvard is like “who?”

  237. Cool and kind, probably the 2 best words to compliment someone…

  238. It’s entirely possible.

    The Lakers, particularly Byron Scott, is more focused on knocking out the Asian guy than on winning games.

    However, there’s a little known factor that has historically scuttled those plans.

    When Lin is unfairly benched, he takes out his frustrations on the starters and on players in front of him.

    Lin goes into practice and beats the starters so badly that they cannot fight him off and also perform in games. In Golden State, NY, and Houston, that’s what happened.

    To prevent a benched Lin from killing the starters, you have to eject him off the team like Houston did twice.

  239. Good analysis. But you left out one important possibility: simply start Ellington over Lin. That’s the substitution BS made to bench Lin in his DD game. Using Ellington instead of Price to demote Lin has certain advantages. And I’m afraid this will happen unless the owners and GM put their foot down against Kobe/BS.

  240. Yeah, they would make the playoffs, win the WCF and win the championship and suddenly you woke up from your dream. LOL

  241. And you don’t call people’s post dumber as well. If his post is dumber to you then go read some smarter posts any other places you like. It’s not like him or anyone here force you to read it.

  242. Haha, why did he hesitate when he said ‘autographed’? That’s why they need to do more than one take for an ad.

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    We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.

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  245. this kind of personal attack should be warned by the mods.

  246. OK, what is with the Lin video’s coming out now? Are Laker’s releasing these purposely? Is this some kind of damage control? Thoughts please?

  247. I’m curious too. Would they bench someone they’re promoting?

  248. I don’t know either???????

  249. I think they must get lots of Lin’s fans trash about coach & possible move Lin to bench. Damage control for sure. I don’t think Lin will move to bench.

  250. No idea. Maybe Jeannie Buss and Lakers receive enough of my tweets on calling them out and try to do some damaged control. Honestly don’t care! Action is louder than words:-)

  251. Timing is certainly strange. If only you could swear on this site, I would call them with a word that starts with a and ends with es.

  252. I only sent tweets to Jeanie about how bad this coach is… & why no one set the screen for Lin like Rondo…?! LOL!

  253. Guess another conflict between FO and BS and Kobe. BS and Kobe want JLin to be benched but it isn’t what FO wants.

  254. Not really I guess. I see Sacre, Young & Wes also did the video..just to release them before Dec 12, goodwill day or something like that

  255. Did the rest do an autographed Video of their Laker uniform?

  256. Nop I called them out in almost of all my responsive tweets to PFV and my followers. Always include @jeanniebuss and @Lakers in my tweets. Call Lakers a liar to JLin for the promised minutes that he will play more than R.

  257. Believe they did to other players from my memory. Just so coincidentals after all the lashes from JLin fans.

  258. @awarde:disqus Any inside news from die-hard Lakers fans on latest development?

  259. I remember sometime earlier they did give out jersey for other players, but cant remember who.

  260. Clarkson to D league again…

  261. For his good.

  262. I watched D league game a little today and saw Roscoe Smith playing very well. He reminds me of Jerry Jeffries.

  263. Not as solid…..but really servicible…

  264. Their only response is that they want Scott /Kobe gone. They said that kobe always does this, because he is giving the impression of speaking for the front office, which is not always the case. They said the Laker’s care about image and that recently that look really bad. According to them, kobe wants to give the impression that he is running things. They seem to think that it is some power struggle inside the organization and the players are caught in the middle.

  265. He’s not even allowed to play in garbage time a bit longer…..i’ll take him over Price in any day

  266. Scott does not have a plan to develop him. So he sends him to “D league to get playing time.

  267. Really sad. Not that I think he is really good. But given this lal team. He should have at least get some play time..

  268. I agree on Kobe wants to show he’s running this team O. I believe just like Lin said he & Kobe didn’t agree on everything… I guess O type is the issue for them… That’s why Scott to help Kobe by said Lin needs to improve as PG…

    So far, I think FO still support Lin.

  269. Scott didn’t care about him but Price… I think he can do better O than Price that maybe the reason why Scott didn’t want to use him in case he do better than his beloved Price…?!

  270. I think the 3 point shot walked away at the end of last game was the middle finger to the coach for zero playing time. Scott sent Clarkson a message by sending him to D league.

  271. Also to add the die hard Laker fans are really very sick of Kobe. They think that the other players are very frustrated at what Scott/Kobe are doing, but don’t have enough voices to speak out about them. They also said that think Scott really is incompetent, and that is what Magic/Worthy and the gang get for supporting someone whose record was less than stellar in his previous job. They said that if Mitch/Buss had to interview him 3 times, that they were not really sold on him. I asked about lin, and they said that they like Lin, but he has to be able to bring his game every night as a starter no matter what is happening with the rest of the team.

  272. FO support seems unable to make influence on court.

    BS already breaks the 30 min rule (I strongly believe this is the case), and FO can’t control how the team play, how kobe play to be exact. What BS did is make sure Kobe is always next to Lin..

    And u see some media already claimed Price over Lin etc, it could be stop by FO if they want.

    Don’t know what’s going on, just wait & see

  273. Kobe

  274. plays with a lot of heart

  275. Totally agree with them. Lin has to bring his game nightly as he finally did yesterday, something we’ve hardly seen in the first 29 games.

  276. Thanks for the info. Can see the power struggles between Kobe and BS and FO. That’s why I sent the messages to Jeannie Buss and Lakers. This is what I view them by what’s going on on court. If they care about their image, they need to do something promptly.

  277. Maybe that’s why they release the free autographed jersey video today.

  278. Serviceable is what they desperately need.

  279. Oh i see… thanks for ur report… we love in game eye witness reports!

  280. I agree… FO didn’t want to send Lin to bench so Kobe & Scott just have to make sure they can control Lin’s playing time. Always w Kobe on the court, always out before Kobe or in after Kobe…?!

    I also found out if your score it’s too high or near Kobe then next game you normally can’t have good stats. Kobe only can’t control Young bc he is w 2nd unit & has 12 min at least free w/o Kobe.

  281. You mean 19 games, right?
    Yes I hope Lin can bring linsanity every game, just a few moment in a game will be good enough to impress all

  282. Thanks my math was way off. lol

  283. Swaggy P seemed caught in the middle. Knows what’s going on, frustrated but couldn’t say and just walked away from reporters.

  284. Just looked at BS’s post game interview. He smiled, not once. But twice. And these were not embarrassed smiles. It is more like “it is not me losing the game” smile. It is a “not my fault” and ” I am cool” smile. And Kobe’s post game interview was like “I don’t care. It is not me losing” attitude. Lin showed depression and disappointment. Young said “I don’t know” 5 times.

    So what does that tell you? Shouldn’t BS worry to death now that the team kept losing, even to Eastern conference teams? 20 games into the season, then he see enough to make changes? Isn’t that too late? His advocates on defense. Where is it? If it is all about efforts, shouldn’t we see improvement game by game? Talk is delivered. Where is the walk?

    So there are 2 possible scenario to explain this: (Add more if you feel like)

    1. Lakers is tanking subtly. Right from the top, Jim/Mitch, then BS, then Kobe. They just want Kobe to be happy and pass MJ records. BS has the power to do anything to the team as long as he keeps Kobe perform and achieve the goal.

    2. BS is inept. He just wanted to keep Kobe happy. He got the job and 17M in the pocket. He needs to keep his promise. Kobe will take care of him.

    If things go like this well into the Feb deadline, we can be sure to say it is #1. Otherwise, we should be able to see something happen before it and it could explain it is #2.

  285. I have regret about developing talent and then losing it, like Jeremy Lin – Lacob

    Wish Lin & Curry can play together in some day

  286. Man, I love your body langue expertise. You make very good points.

  287. I listened to Nick Young’s interview on the ESPN LA radio last night, he started answering the question w/ ” I don’t know man” . He sounded he knew something, wanted to say it publicly but not allowed to.

  288. I like this guy. Takes some guts and integrity to say he regrets not getting Lin and how his coaching staff didn’t use him properly. NY, HOU and LAL I bet will never say that.

  289. Sorry for my ignorant. Who is Lacob???

  290. One of the owners of the Warriors. Knew Lin was good as his son grew up playing with him. Son is some kind of executive now. Sometimes see him talking with Lin when they play the Warriors.

  291. Major owner of golden state

  292. I thought that was the best interview…it said it all!

  293. Thanks!

  294. Oh ok. He is the reason JLin signed with Warriors right?

  295. He’s just responding to Ido’s question “Do you think Lin will start?” So even though he himself did not say “I think”, he’s answering Ido’s question that has “think” in it. Big difference. It’s not like a statement made by him or written in his news article (like your example of HB). He’s responding to a fan’s question which is asking his opinion. Hope that makes sense. Bottom line, it’s still his opinion and not and not a statement of fact.

    Now if Ido asked him “Do you know if Lin will start?” then that’s completely different.

  296. Whether you are a believer or not, I want to leave you some Scriptures to comfort you in your own plight/and or wanting lin to well in LA. i will leave you with this. It is out of the book of James:

    Trials and Temptations
    2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

    9 Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position.10 But the rich should take pride in their humiliation—since they will pass away like a wild flower. 11 For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich will fade away even while they go about their business.

    12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

  297. I didn’t click the link to read it…

    but do you remember the day ROX introduced Lin to the media, Les (and DM, too? don’t quite remember) also said they regretted letting him go the first time, and also apologized to Lin in front of all the reporters.

  298. That’s what I thought. PR & damage control.

  299. He pushed the organization to sign Lin. Dallas also offered him a spot but he choose GSW because it was close to home.

  300. We all suspecting that lakers is tanking this season, but we never ask are the talents from draft picks next summer worth tanking for? Even if the lakers get the best talent next summer, is it worth it? From history even the #1 first round pick could be a bust.

  301. 76ers about to win. That was more fun to watch than Kobe.

  302. Who are they playing?

  303. Pistons, OT. bench R Covington from D League with 25 pts, and non in OT. Good nights all around.

  304. Nice!

  305. SUN down 5 with 1.9 left…And they called a TO…haha

  306. Then…a TOV…..WT….

  307. One of the many reason for me to become a Jeremy fan is how he fought each battle hard and came up a real winner. Though the never ending battles that were thrown over to him are unbelievable. I am at peace now, just sit back to admire how he handles them his way.

    Tomorrow he may not be a starter. So what? Jeremy will use his 15 or less minutes for his best. No matter what, I’ll be cheering for Jeremy (not the Lakers for sure!).

  308. Good for you!!!! your health at least! LOL

  309. Lacob is running his team like a business, not a personal thing. The story on getting their D League team was interesting above link, and also their new arena development. You can trust if Lacob regrets having to let Lin go, he does regret it. Notice that’s the only one he says, after saying he looks forward. Also, he hints he didn’t go personally against his organization, and remember that was his first year as lead owner so he had to learn on the job. As late as Linsanity year, he was being boo’d by the GSW fans. I think the MJ move was hard. In the end, Lacob and his ownership team are proving out too leadership. It’s worth a read, HY C. GSW would be a good team for Lin to play on, if they had the need and salary space.

  310. Rox are doing well, even without DH, and PB seems to be having good game…

  311. ROX really gained from continuity…NIce…let’s see how they do in playoffs.

  312. You’re right but draft picks are also used as bargaining chips for trades.

  313. http://popcornmachine.net/gf?date=20141205&game=LALBOS

    I’m seeing 3 Kobe insertions where trend line is down. Bet our eye test shows this kind of trend for every Kobe ISO stretch.

  314. Upvoted this comment so hard that I almost broke my mouse.

  315. This idea that “Lin has to bring it every night.” Well there are two games now, the DD vs Wolves and this last game against Celtics, where Jeremy brought it alright but what happened? Jeremy was benched. And Jeremy will never make excuses but the way the driving lanes are clogged, the way Kobe ball hogs and doesn’t pass to Lin, well it’s not that simple for him to bring it every night. I know that you realize this but non-Lin fans probably think it’s just Lin being inconsistent.

  316. LOL…..great that you are not using a phone or tablet….

  317. Since I am convinced that Scott does not really wanna win. I guess discussing how he runs offense and defense is pointless. Let’s just admire how MAVs are getting the job done….shall we? lol

  318. Following the MAVs’ video with a Spurs’….lol

  319. I agree GSW seems to be nice but they have great back court already & I really don’t think be back up for Curry will get lots of playing time for Lin.

  320. Spurs’ offense tires down opponents lol. Chasing down all those passes is too much for even the a bit younger,Lebron-lead Miami Heat…

    …and this is the type of the offense which actually fits Jeremy’s skills to a T.

  321. WOW! Look at JH’s stat. Almost identical to KB. So sad to see JLin plays with these twos plus Melo. What a journey for JLin to play 3 “brick kings” in NBA. That’s the NBA record of itself!

  322. More from JLin for Goodwill SoCal …

  323. Nice. Although i will bite bs head off he sends our boy to bench…lol

  324. Youre back?

  325. The Houston Rockets?The perennial first round exits? 🙂

  326. Like

  327. I didn’t know he has a bit of environmentalism in him! 🙂

  328. Sorry, nevermind previous post… thougt i was on jeremylin.net… confusing so many sites dedicated to our man

  329. Ahhh… who cares about them

  330. Don’t care but just fun to see how similar of JH and KB:-)

  331. LOL Another record of KB. He is chasing all sorts of records in his final NBA days. When will this saga will end????!!!!

  332. Watching the Spurs video posted by @brentyen:disqus.. the more I’m starting not to care too much about Jeremy’s minutes…


  333. So Kobe met with Rondo and the topic of recruitment was part of the conversation. Wasn’t Kobe supposed to be this benevolent mentor to Lin so that he could be the current and future starting PG of the Lakers? I used to fall for Kobe’s pretense when he put his arm around Lin and challenged Lin to become great. Now Kobe won’t fool me anymore. Kobe is not in Lin’s corner and it’s Kobe/BS who are pushing for Lin to be benched. Why exactly is not clear.

  334. LOL….very unlikely

  335. Lakers should trade for Bellinelli, Joseph, and some other guy from the bench for Jer and Ed Davis lol

    If he comes to Dallas.. well there’s Monta Ellis to think about, if he will share the ball.

  336. SPurs and Mavs might be good teams. That does not mean they value Lin much. I have my doubt.

  337. It’s like when Lin spoke about playing a Ginobli type role. He just needs to be traded to any playoff bound team with a decent coach. Lin can do great by playing 30 min backing up both the PG and SG. Much better than being on Kobe’s tanking Lakers.

  338. Lin will be the 3rd string if that happens. You forget about patty mills.

  339. My guess. BS and Kobe hoped to help Lin get another bagel. Two minutes left in second quarter, zero points. With no help from teammates, Jeremy in that quarter finished with seven points. In the third quarterJeremy scores seven points in a five minute span with only one pass from Kobe for the only three he shot, which he made. Fourteen points in a seven minute span shooting, over 60% from the field and 100% from ft. He played a total of only 19 min. with 14 total points.
    What’s wrong with this picture? Watch out guys you are messing with one of God’s kids! “Vengence is mine, I will repay, says the Lord”

  340. So no practice for the lakers today or do i miss sonething?

  341. I have no problem about the Spurs’ minutes management. I have problems about teams giving you “starter role” but don’t treat you as starter.

  342. When he passes Kareem

  343. Jlin has to play with those 2 ballhogs and anthony… oy!

  344. yep. If they had traded KT last fall and picked up Lin late summer, things would be different this year for us. They wanted it but settled for Shaun L. It’s good for GSW. Lin will have more adventures, and so will weeeee …

  345. It may be a problem for lin if he is a 3rd string, yeah i do care.

  346. so many ways that last sentence can play out … not up to me thank God.

  347. I personally think those teams value a team player. It’s like what Popovich said in their documentary, something like we don’t force a player into becoming something else, a context like that.

  348. I don’t, especially if it’s a championship contender. The proposed younger big-3 of Kawhi – Danny Green needs another player. It’s not Patty Mills. He is filling for Gary Neal’s scoring spot.

  349. I agree…but….I don’t think they value ALL team players…

  350. I don’t either….IF….just IF…..Lin gets to play for Spurs….There is no way he is not in the 10 man rotation…

  351. I personally think ALL of us will doubt any team Jeremy is traded to.

  352. Let’s just say I believe @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus is right….

  353. inspiring …. ! but ah … there’s only one beautiful game right? heh heh.

    Back to bball – this is so hopeful, if SAS can pass the torch and reign for 10 years and change the game for so many kids. This kind of ball is fun to play and watch.

  354. Spurs has to live longer…to undo the bad effect AI and the co. have put into the NBA.

  355. I don’t doubt Tim Duncan 🙂 and I’d rather not talk about Kobe

  356. I don’t doubt him either…….:P

  357. Al ? All I know is Al Davis and Raiders legacy under his son.

    More – if you think of all the China kids about to play bball for a lifetime, I’m thankful for the Spurs and Jeremy. Having played the game in pickup and gym since I was 7, I’ve never like the ISO street ball years. That vid is really nice, thanks!

  358. Allen Iverson

  359. I want to see Lin with a ring before 30 so he can control the 2nd half of his career!

  360. I wish he wins two rings before 30 lol. Three rings can follow later. I don’t care about any other title. Just the rings.

  361. Let’s hope so, however unlikely. LOL

  362. you wish….LOL

  363. oh my goodness, I totally agree with you know. Choking the coach was one big reason why I never watched bball those years – that an all the off court ‘stuff’ by stars and announcers alike. You know what I mean. Tim D had his 2 kids on national TV – that was not only sweet, … that’s a manly man as my mom used to say about my dad.

  364. Excluding the engagement and wedding rings, of course. lol

  365. Except backups don’t get 30 minutes! That is why Lin needs to start and there are alot of Eastern teams with no star and in need of a PG. Not to mention it’s easier to get to the finals in Eastern Conference!

  366. NBA totally went “just the business” under Stern….so many ridiculous things happened. One of the BIG reason why ppl kept writing off SPurs every year subconsciously..JUst like how they try to write off Lin…

  367. so anyone find out from BS why he bench lin in that game? did post interview say anything?

  368. Many theories….no confirmations yet…lol

  369. 77 pts to go but KB won’t stop there until he is out of NBA for good. Can’t wait to see the day! That is how sick I’m to see Kobe ball and BS’ saga. Can’t wait the day that I don’t have to see these two clowns.

  370. now they can justifiy their very reasoning why they choose pb of lina. smh.

  371. That’s the problem! Not a single reporter asked BS about benching Lin!!

  372. doesn’t matter.. pb was still able to get 19.. so lin really has no excuse.
    A good player can play with ANYONE and still produce.

  373. and what is up with pb getting 12 shots..
    when lin was there did lin get that many shots???
    if not,, why not!!! why allow pb to shoot that muchie!!!? oh D12 is not there..that’s why he has to shoot.right?

  374. 19 against Phoenix? What happened vs top contender like Grizz?

  375. Calm down….ROX is the past…PB is PB….LIn is Lin….

  376. Produce bench temperature…I git it

  377. Not if that player is marginalized and benched whether he plays well or not and subbed in weird rotations!

  378. To Eastern Conference? Oh well, I’ll take it. In the weaker East EVERY TEAM is a championship contender anyway.

  379. such an insider club they know what not to ask. We need a puppy dog newsie in their getting the scoop.

  380. well. you’d better stay online so I can hunt you down and do the touchdown dance …

  381. Now I hope that Asian reporter is there. The one who ask the “not so good team” question during Linsanity…

  382. Yes. How about 2 by 30 then 4 more to prove out the brand. Crazy beautiful …

  383. She was cool. People made fun of the accent, but it’s like Columbo (the deceptive TV show). Always gets the notable byline 🙂

  384. This would be the reporter?

  385. Yes even a bad team can get to the playoffs in Eastern Conference.

  386. Bc to Scott after 6 min of 4Q became garbage time so there was no bench question at all… smh! I just don’t get why Kobe was there for? Pad his stats? He only got 2 points in 4Q.

  387. FYI….somehow a new thread is there…let’s get out of this miserable game, and jump in to the new one….LOL

  388. yeah, but in the future.. M&M will have this to justify. I don’t want that. It just strenghten the ego of M&M.. that’s not good.

  389. LOL New thread. Where are the boys??? All first 3 places are held by females now!!!!

  390. Outstanding point. Both John Wall & Kyrie Irving were #1 draft picks (were they worth it? how close are they to a championship?)

    Jeremy Lin is NOW better than any #1 draft pick, yet the Lakers (like the Knicks and Rockets prior) do NOT recognize this.

  391. Let’s wait until season ends then compare their pt/Gm, oh don’t forget fg%, if you want to bring just 1 game to show how good pb is, wait until he drops 38 on Spurs.

  392. still here..but afraid of saying someting vulgar and offended them.

  393. That was one game… and beverly hasnt been marginalized, openly dissed by his own org, and benched like jlin… they actually actively promote and support him…heck, teams leave beverly wide open… he should be getting 19

  394. Lol

  395. Where is the new thread? I do not see it.

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