G20 LAL @ BOS Game Thread+Chat

Let’s hope JLin will be focused and ready to redeem himself with a great game!

I’m hoping for multiple drives to the rim,  at least 4-6FTs and controlled aggression to set up his teammates!

Let’s go, JLin!

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  1. LOL 1st again in game thread!

  2. Let’s go, Linsanity!!! :>

  3. LOL Just give me 17/7 I will be a happy camper with this Kobe ball:-) Kobe and BS make sure Linsanity won’t happen in their watch.

  4. Lets goooooo Lin…get your stats any way you can!!

  5. 17/7 is Linsanity if Kobe is on the floor 😀

  6. Lin, just play with what your heart tells you. Lintense!

  7. In that sense then yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miracle for JLin to receive that numbers. Will be very happy if JLin is able shoot at least 10 FGAs in Kobe ball.

  8. Good you are back @Kwok Wai Lai:disqus

  9. LOL .. welcome back, Lintense Kwok 😀
    I got a good feeling about this game!

  10. Wow, it’s quiet. Where is everyone…the westCoast still commuting?

  11. I need some heartwarming support that’s been missing in the old Jeremy Lin #7. They should change to Jeremy Lin #17.

  12. I appreciate the effort more than the outcome from the Kobe team. When would Kobe start realize that it takes a team to play well? The team chemistry has improved but I wonder if Kobe will sabotage the flow of game by ball hogging.

  13. LOL after the last 2 games, maybe people can’t stomach to watch Kobe ball anymore:-) I will watch the first qtr until JLin subs out. If too much of Kobe ball, won’t watch rest of game unless JLin is doing well:-) LOL can’t stomach to witness JLin suffers under Kobe ball.

  14. That’s a good suggestion. I can’t put up with Lin being left out in the offense and Kobe just chucking up the shots. I want to see a fired up team not just Kobe.

  15. Let’s hope there’s more balance on Kobe and JLin playmaking.
    If Lin/Boozer/Hill/Wes are hitting, there’s hope for Kobe passing.

    Otherwise, it’s Kobe crime-fighting time!

  16. lol…me too. I’ve started to watch until Price checks in, & when bryant starts bringing up the ball. I’ve barely lasted to 2nd qtr the last few games. My last full game was when Lin had big numbers & was criticized for it by noCoach.

  17. I know. That was what I’ve done in the past few games. Found some “sanity” in rooting for JLin. Otherwise, I will begin to “scream”…..:-)

  18. LOL. Even the diehard laker fans could get tired of kobe breaking stat records and losing 3 out of 4 games.

  19. I know. Stop believing anything came from their mouth. During startergate, I still gave a little bit of benefit of doubt to BS. But not after JLin double-double. With Kobe, I lost my respect of him when JLin was elected as player of game when he had same pts. Could see the obvious marginalized began. I would hold my views and perspectives on these two. I would like to be wrong but they only proved me right all the times. Sad but …. Have to find a way to support JLin in a positive note.

  20. Always count on it on 4th qtr, the rest depends on how fast his “madness” begins. That’s why he lost so many winnable games by him alone. Don’t blame anyone but Kobe and BS. JLin isn’t perfect but at least he tries his best in this Kobe ball. No one is able to flourish under Kobe and BS. If JLin does well, BS makes sure to sub JLin out and sit him long long long long until he is cool before letting him return to games so that he can blame JLin for the LOSS. He won’t blame JLin when he is cold like last game. Find that’s most ironic with both Kobe and BS.

  21. Exactly…I’ve wanted to give the nba the finger & say sayounara for awhile now, but I’m determined to support Lin. No matter how painful it is to watch the unfairness go on & on & on.
    Hope for a better team next season is what we have to hold on to for now.

  22. All new teams without a core unit tend to have trouble to begin the season: Miami Heats, Cavaliers, Timberwolves Knicks, Hornets, 76ers except the Milwaukee Bucks. If I were Byron Scott, I would not look at the team on win/loss basis and I would just concentrate on team building.

    Currently teams with similar or worse records than Lakers are OKC, Utah, Minnesota, 76er, Detroit Pistons, Knicks, Hornets. With the kind of injuries to start the seaon with, Lin’s team could be proud of what they have achieved so far. This is a long season and you need all 16 players to do well. The Spurs is the best team to manage minutes for their players.

    Byron Scott is the most stubborn no show in his offense. I wish he could just shut up and do his job.

  23. That’s right. I’m still hopeful that anything can happen between now and July. Am patiently how the events unfold. For JLin, when things become unbearable for him and us fans, something impossible happens. So, not hoping for next season but still focusing on this season game by game.

  24. Why there is no Kobe?

  25. Oh oh, jealous Kobe sighting very soon after!

  26. LOL My eyes focus on JLin only; no one else:-)

  27. In the diva room throwing a tantrum because Jeremy is getting more attention than him.

  28. hopefully he shows the world how good random really is lol

  29. LoL

  30. Why do announcers, commentators, and press writers seem to praise Kobe every chance they get? Anyone who knows anything about basketball already know hes a world class player. No need to shove it in our faces so many times!

  31. You mean the opposite. Lol

  32. There is an interesting article about Jason Kidd who once played as PG for Byron Scott. Kidd has found his team and the team has found its coach. A young and exciting team to watch. Yes, this is the team who grab Kendal Marshal away on waiver.


    Jason Kidd may have been right all along

  33. He even does ISO during pregame huddle.

  34. I still don’t get why people think Rondo is any good. Hello he HAD KG, “had” being the operative word here.

  35. Like John lee puts it, divas are suppose to get all the attention! =)

  36. Nice!

  37. Slow start so far.

  38. Boozer with two fouls. Should be coming out of the game.

  39. Kobe ball hogging….Lin not getting any passes from him even when wide open!

  40. assist for Lin on that Hill jumper

  41. Ball not moving at all, just Kobe bricking shots after shots!

  42. If Lin wants to score he needs to shoot after half court and not pass!

  43. Lakers can’t buy a basket.

  44. or just steal the ball and go coast to coast! =)

  45. Byron Scott should call a Timeout and he just watched Kobe. This is a dumb coach.

  46. celtics are so fast this slow offense don’t stand a chance

  47. the slowness of this offense is killing lin

  48. The lack of ball movements because every time Kobe missed a shot, the Celtics scored.

  49. Well another loss with a winnable game if this pace continues.

  50. BS’s order. He is 5th option.

  51. Jeremy is the only reason I’m not switching to Spurs vs Grizzlies.

    Well probably once he’s resting, I’ll switch.

  52. Kobe taking over PG duty again, not working so far.

  53. Kobe is the one who stopped the flow of the Lakers with his patented fade aways. I just wish him fade away for good.

  54. Everytime Kobe gets the ball, he just chucks up a shot ><" Guy doesn't know how to pass?

  55. OMG it’s like a blowout already 9 – 21 !

  56. LOL Very frustrating to watch Kobe ball. No doubt about it.

  57. His passes aren’t much better than his shots.

  58. Kobe is killing the Lakers.

  59. Mitch: good job Kobe, keep chucking!

  60. this offense is so slow

  61. Ok switching to Spurs vs Grizz in a few minutes

  62. That won’t work because noCoach will complain that he’s out of control…code for: wait for crimeFighter to catch up.

  63. Kobe doesn’t have excuse of taking so many shots now because he almost miss everything while Jordan Hill has a good day inside.

  64. wow, Celtics are currently 12-17 (71% fg)

  65. Lakers going to lose. Kobe playing PG with TOs and chuck shots every time he gets the pass, completely ignoring Lin who’s wide open for 3s!

  66. Kobe doesn’t know how to pass back out at all! Lin was wide open yet he threw the ball away twice!!

  67. Lakers bigs sans Davis are mediocre defenders, THATS THE PROBLEM!

  68. Lin continues to struggle. He is not in this so called Laker’s flow. Where is the flow anyway.

  69. Just wonder why BS is so boneheaded of keeping on subbing out JLin and not Kobe for a change. Kobe’s clown and puppet for good. No point watching this sick KOBE ball!!!!!!!!

  70. It doesn’t matter how many goes in…it’s how bryant fights crime.

  71. With Kobe bricking so many shots already you’d think he have more than 4 points!

  72. They play at the slowest pace in the NBA.

  73. Jordan Hill scored 7

  74. I am more and more convinced that Lakers FO wants to tire down Kobe.

  75. So Rondo is showing he can shoot now?! Take so many shots today.

  76. i honestly miss the fast pace the rox had. this team takes forever to get to their sets. the defense gets a long time to set. against these fast teams you see the flaws of the system quick

  77. That’s the only play he can manage.

  78. Lakers lazy, old starters almost never runs fast breaks which Lin excels at! No wonder Lin got almost 40 points against them during Linsanity!

  79. Sounds like this is going to be another kobe show for these away games so the crowd can witness his amazing abilities (sarcasm)

  80. the Lakers have been giving up layups. Whose fault is this? Lin is out.

  81. I think he was on the money on that pass, he meant to pass it to the audience.

  82. That’s true. Can’t wait to see both KOBE and BS out of NBA for good! GOOD for NBA!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I don’t. I like the Knicks with Jeremy more.

  84. that as well but the slow methodical style of the lakers is frustrating

  85. Lin needs to play ef it bb. He just needs to look for the basket then open man.

  86. No one’s forcing Kobe to chuck shots, guys a huge ball hog and can’t pass!

  87. That’s exactly my thought. People come to the game to watch HIM. That’s exactly the quote in one of his games. So sick of this kind of egoistic player.

  88. BB so much fun when Kobe sit.

  89. I’m bored to tears by Kobeball, going stat-watching mode now. Boxscore number changes are much more interesting.

  90. Disgusting BS never played Lin when Kobe on bench.

  91. BS has played every starter with 2nd unit except Lin! Bias!

  92. you can tell lin wants to play faster but is being told to slow down

  93. That’s what I kept saying, Lin did when he just looks to score after bring the ball up and never passing! I don’t know why he doesn’t ignore Kobe and just looks for his own shot!

  94. BS’s offensive system is killing you Jeremy. The sooner you know the better.

  95. Lakers slower than the much, much older Spurs…

  96. He doesn’t want to start mutiny.

  97. Not having fun watching this team. Lin was playing so much better until the Toronto game. This game he had one nice penetration out to Hill but mostly he’s having to play defense on another tough PG without much help.

  98. BS’s system is killing Lin’s career.

  99. This is trend I have detected. He has taken no chance of Lin playing w/o Kobe. This is the kind of coach who should be fired. Byron personally wants Kobe to play after the expiration of his contract. This is an extension of Lakers misery.

  100. lol…I was thinking the same. I’ve had a snooze by the time this team gets across court.

  101. i have almost given up on the lakers as well as scott. lin all year hasn’t been at his beast yet. he has done good to pretty good this year but the dynamic playmaker lin has always been seems to be missing. its the slow style he is in

  102. Kobe is the coach, the player and everything. That is just a disastrous team to watch.

  103. I think Kobeball is the main cause of @Michael ‘s occasional coma.

  104. Of course he does, that way he can continue to be Lakers HC! Without Kobe, BS is out the door! He’s the sole reason why he was hired in the first place!

  105. Those mean screens by Davis…. Jeremy could certainly use those.

  106. The 2nd unit has developed some kind of team work w/o the Kobe factor.

  107. See how Lakers play when Kobe on bench? Imagine Lin is leading them. SMH.

  108. Or metalogic.net

  109. even ellington driving

  110. Lakers could win more games with Kobe gone for good in this season.

  111. So slow. Which is why I wouldn’t mind Lin with the bench. They can run which I would love to see

  112. Say that and people go we are making excuses for Lin. But sometimes there are reasons for things. He gets no picks and there’s no attacking early offense like there is with Rondo. Rondo isn’t doing anything amazing, he’s just taking advantage of his picks and his players moving which doesn’t happen in Byron’s system.

  113. All Lin does is to look for the first post up man either Kobe or Boozer.

  114. This slow style doesn’t fit JLin at all! Teammates don’t give him screens, and barely want to move not to mention never pass back to him!

  115. He would only get 20 minutes then, that’s the problem.

  116. Kobe would want to come in now.

  117. lol…wouldn’t be surprised. Lin probably has played 2 full games by himself, by the time bryant shuffles to the other side.

  118. regret pleading to BS to start JLin? Situations like these it would be better for JLin to play with 2nd unit even though he is justify to be a starter.

  119. BS indeed wanted to start Ronnie Price and let Jeremy run the 2nd team.

  120. Exactly, when speed is your advantage and it’s taken away.

  121. 2nd unit bringing the game close again. I’m not even watching the boring game just look at the score and stats until Lin comes in!

  122. I saw it from the first season game. That’s why I brought this issue up repeatedly. Definitely KOBE and BS scare of JLin’s shining. They arent’ JLin’s friends but enemies. That’s why I called out Kobe and BS long time ago. They are no better than M & M in R. That’s why I won’t give credit to anyone when JLin does well. He is fighting the crime ALONE!

  123. You’re going to have to wait a while, lol.

    Lame substitution patterns.

  124. How was lin’s d on rondo? Rondo has 6 pts 5 dimes. Looks solid play from rondo…

  125. Sometimes you need to pick a better poison.

  126. If Kobe can stay on the bench, I don’t mind watching just the 2nd team. The movement of ball is so much better w/o Kobe.

  127. LOL Price so far had more shot attempts than Lin.

  128. Without Kobe of course!

  129. There’s a pass that Lin makes in his sleep.

  130. At this rate I almost don’t care. And it’s possible he could close out games. Nick young does. I just hate to see lin’s talents wasted like this so kobe can star in his show

  131. The Lakers didn’t improve until Kobe the Bryant was out.

  132. They play freely without looking over Kobe. SMH.

  133. don’t wish to see the starters in again and squander the game with JLin being the scapegoat…again.

  134. OK, Rondo gets a lot of screens. At one point he scored easily on a layup and that looked like bad defense by Lin.

  135. This system is not ever going to make it easy for jeremy….wish Nash would’ve stuck it out to allow jeremy to thrive off of the bench…how ironic is that

  136. never try ….you never know what is best…

  137. Exactly. Teamball. Lin’s play personifies Teamball but even without lin, the problem is kobe

  138. doubt it. Kobe will not allow Lin to play without him. it is clear that he wants Lin’s performance fully under his control. if he’s happy, he may let Lin play a bit!!

  139. Starters should’ve been back in when bench got the score close now it’s back to 10!

  140. Thanks.

  141. Lin still not in even Price is out. You tell me wtf?

  142. Lin still not in. 🙁

  143. I’m so glad I didn’t sink in $250 to buy League Pass! LOL

  144. And of course Kobe comes back in before Lin. Here’s another long rest for Lin, way too long. How is he supposed to ever establish a rhythm?

  145. LOL JLin will see more bench from last game on.

  146. BS is bias, and the Lakers offense are atrocious.

  147. Yup, it’s barely watchable from free streaming. smh

  148. he’s not. The coach is trying to ice him. Lol.

  149. That’s an understatement it’s Not EVEN Watchable without Lin! Totally remember why I was never impressed with Kobe, Lebron or NBA after MJ retired! This is exactly why!

  150. Where is offense with KOBE???? Only Kobe ball!!!!!!!!

  151. BS knows what would happen if Lin play without Kobe.

  152. Playing the devil’s advocate: come on guys make up your mind. You want Jeremy as a starter but you want him to play on the second unit more.

    LOL kidding. I’m just enjoying the Grizz vs Spurs game, with each team showing both of Jeremy’s strengths: speed and fundamentals

  153. He is icing JLin from DAY 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. That’s the point. noCoach-bryant doesn’t want Lin in rhythm to outshine chucker.

  155. NBA will have to pay ME to watch this BS.

  156. I don’t want Lin to play with the second unit. So i’ve made up my mind, lol.

  157. They might win more games? Nope can’t let that happen.

  158. They both are poison, just have to pick a better one.

  159. Lin benched for the rest of the half.

  160. Anyone join me to pray for a Lin trade?

  161. so, do you want Kobe to play with the 2nd unit?

  162. Maybe the noCoach testing the waters to trade Lin? Hoping…

  163. Of course. That’s why he is marginalized JLin even worse than M & M. This situation in Lakers is worse than his time in R.

  164. Great, Lin coming in with 3 minutes left. Lame.

  165. Mitch please trade JLin! I can’t stand to watch another game of Kobe Ball and your sorry, lazy so called Bigs who only take jumpers!

  166. Your wish is granted!

  167. So, BS does know how to change rotations after all… when it comes to Lin at least.

  168. Lin takes a paycut and joins Spurs in offseason.

  169. I prefer “chronos” take him and BS out for good!!!!!!!!

  170. That’s not a rotation change…he forgot Lin is still on the team. smh

  171. Not must to miss with Kobeball.

  172. So far there some would like to pick either or both poison

  173. whichever combination BS is trying….Celtics is still leading…

  174. Cant wait until off season! This kills Lin and we fans !

  175. I’d love Lin on Spurs, except I don’t think backing up Tony Parker is going to be good for him. Also, he is a bit young to already take a pay cut.

  176. I lost count how many TOs has Wannabe PG Kobe had this game?!

  177. There’s no one in there who can guard Rondo. Nice move benching Lin, BS.

  178. What happened to the “no wishing injuries to other players” policy?

  179. Uphill battle for his career all over again…but perseverance is what makes him what he is. But BS is a horrible coach and Kobe is the most selfish 2 in league history. Couldn’t ask for a worse hand

  180. Kobe is the poison for all team basketball .

  181. Kobe needs to accept he’s old and slow.

  182. Everyone on Spurs team is underpaid, Lin wouldn’t be the sole exception.

  183. Not a good person or teammate

  184. I don’t get it – why did BS go without a point guard for the last several minutes of the quarter??

  185. Jeremy would be a good fit in Boston. TEAMBALL

  186. The Lakers look pitiful, embarrassingly bad.

  187. scott has to accept this system suck

  188. It’s not an injury wish, but a gentle reminder from father time to bryant to stop playing like it’s 1995. lol

  189. Overthrow Ginobili then overthrow Parker… lol

  190. Mitch has to fire him, except Lakers FO obviously wants to tank!

  191. There you go, Rondo for Lin and everyone’s happy.

  192. He did that before and they lost. He is so freakin clueless or pathetic excuse for a coach.

  193. Here is what we need to know about Kobe. When he got arrested in Colorado. One of the first things he mentioned was Shaq. For no reason. Says all you need to know how he values teammates.

  194. BOS 48 LAL 39….and JLin enters the game…

  195. Lin dooooooo that more.

  196. What’s the point of having a PG with Kobe taking over as PG and chucking shots and TOs!

  197. Boston went on a little run there without Lin in there. Dumb move.

  198. He won’t until he actually breaks down! I won’t be surprised if he does playing these minutes.

  199. It’s an underhanded request for an injury lol, like a backhanded compliment or slap lol

  200. At the verge of being blown out, BS sent in Jeremy.
    Why don’t you just sit Jeremy for the whole quarter. There are only 2+ minutes left.

  201. @&?#x 2:46 left and brings Lin in??!?


  203. nice drive Lin!

  204. I missed when did Lin get 2 points? But wow 3 point play!

  205. Come on Linsanity!!!

  206. Ef BS’s sytem

  207. Since when is Kobeball a “system”?

  208. Lin should just fk it! Shoot don’t pass to Kobe!

  209. Just checked in time for 2 ft. Will take that than 0.

  210. See what Mr. JLin can do in 2:45 minutes on the clock

  211. 5 quick points

  212. Just keeping shooting Lin, get your stats! Screw this team!!

  213. ok. nice drive

  214. Jeremy sets meaner screens than Boozer + Hill

  215. Awww almost And 1 at Buzzer!!

  216. That’ll COUNT!!!!!!! oh too bad!

  217. 7 Points!!

  218. LIN!! WOW. He got it off with .1 second left, lol.

  219. The Jeremy Lin Show

  220. Lin is so efficient and the whole team starts moving. Jordan Hill is the best player on the floor.

  221. Lin against 4 Celtics.. No problem!
    Layup, baby!

  222. LOL Lin with 7 points in 2:46 minutes!! He’s obviously mad and is playing well!!!

  223. Niiiiceee!

  224. Lin just needs to keep running the one man fast break, lol.

  225. Back in BeanTown, baby!

  226. That’s our boy….

  227. That’s efficient! Lol

  228. Lin needs to play mad and just score every game!!


    It’s awakening.

  230. WOW! JLin goes goes goes. One man shows!!!!!!!!!!! NO more KOBE. IGNORE him!!!!!!!!

  231. JLin literally efffffff it in BS face

  232. Lin was mad he got in with only 3 minutes left to play in the second. Was going to get his as much as he could in that time, lol.

  233. Wow, just like that, 7 pts.

  234. You know the problem that the Lakers has. They tried to hide the fact that Kobe is not explosive anymore. Lin is explosive and with him running the show. Kobe would be run out of the court soon w/o his 26 points average.

  235. He needs to just keep shooting after half court, off dribble 3s, mid range jumpers, one man fast breaks all by himself just don’t pass the ball!!

  236. I hope Byron gets that Lin should take it to the hole and be involved in the offense. He’s the only one that drove the ball to the hoop.

  237. Lin is going Kobe himself! LOL

  238. Has the guys w/the white jackets arrived at your front door? lol

  239. lin is fast he can do that all the time no matter if the paint is packed. why i was mad in washington. he can do that at all times. now if there a blocker be smart but if not put a helmet on and drive


  241. It’s hard to drive to the basket while sitting on the bench because the coach won’t bring you in.

  242. With Lin running the floor it’d be obvious that Kobe can’t keep up and would always been trailing!! So Lin just needs to run fast breaks him and score after half court cause his teammates won’t pass back to him, only to Kobe! Forget the assists when teammates don’t try to look for him either way!

  243. Yup he was rebelling I think in Wash

  244. Off to enjoy some Spurs vs Grizz bloodbath, but Jeremy Lin wouldn’t let me.

  245. lol.

  246. good idea haha

  247. there’s no Gortat in there. Big difference.

  248. That’s the horse we know. Triple Crown Horse.

  249. gortat isn’t a great blocker i think scott told him to change his style

  250. HAHAHAHAHA I was so glad to watch the 2 mintues of 2nd qtr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Secretariat!

  252. Learning from the master himself

  253. TAKE THAT U bs!!

  254. Sure you want to bench me…f you pay me I’m shooting scoring running and making it happen….I hate 80s players who are now coaches — jlin

  255. Now he’ll be benched for the entire 4th.

  256. Ride it, baby!

  257. Just check in and see the starters and benches have about equal minutes. Is that the BS way of rotation change by sit starters more?

  258. Lin plays best when he picks up the tempo of the game but the Lakers tries to slow down the offense for Kobe’s fadeaway.

  259. Guy has a jealous streak. “I want your attention more so I’ll do something..”

  260. Take THAT, You FIRE HYDRANT!

  261. Kobrick with 10 FGAs that’s about the number of shots Lin would take in an entire game!!

  262. LAL total asts = 8. Rondo asts = 8.

  263. If Lin can play with Kobe on the bench, this will really open up the game.

  264. only great blockers affect lins drives.there are maybe 3-5 of those in the nba. when he plays against them yes shoot threes. but other then that we need 5-10 full throttle drives a game from lin. i bet its scott who have told him to drive less. heres an example of why he should drive more a lot more

  265. MINI Dragon JLin in 2:46m 2nd qtr.

  266. Case, we’re slow and easy don’t cut it. Fast and furious!

  267. 1. Ibaka
    2. DeAndre Jordan
    3. ?

  268. Except Scott won’t let him for whatever bias hidden agenda he has!!

  269. dwight

  270. thats about it

  271. Honestly I don’t think he’s a good shotblocker.

  272. Not happen unless KOBE and BS are out of NBA for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. I don’t mind Lakers slowing down from Time to Time but an entire 1st half basketball of slow pace NBA basketball just for Kobe is ridiculous!!

  274. yes he is

  275. How about Lin’s defense!! Disrupting Rondo’s playmaking!

  276. Kobe already taking 5 less shots tonight , he would’ve racked up 15 by half time normally

  277. He WAS. I don’t think he is now.

  278. Anthony Davis, current league leader in blocks.

  279. i agree but he still alters a lot of shot may not block you but you will be affected

  280. concentration and intensity comes back.

  281. It was interesting that Lin took the ball, didn’t look for Kobe, and just said I’ll get this myself. I think Kobe might like that.

  282. yes

  283. That’s why I said “chronos” in Kobe’s term = mother nature in his interpretation. Just his ailing bb body won’t take it anymore for playing so many minutes and doing so much. Not wishing that on him but this is what he is doing thus far.

  284. I know, what’s up with the long sit. I think Lin may change Byron’s mind in the second half. But you never know with Scott.

  285. Just hope for Kobe to break down and forced to retire! Then BS will be out the door! Kobe is the only one keeping BS in a job, you can tell Mich and FO aren’t sold on his BS!

  286. he is probably the best

  287. Oh yeah! how can I forget him!

    1. Ibaka
    2. DeAndre
    3. Davis

  288. Forget about Kobe; just go Linning.

  289. Not block shots but his body is enough to affect and scare anyone getting to the rim!

  290. I guess Lin was mad bc no one passed the ball to him also Scott let him played so less min in 1st half. smh! Really mad… They did it on purpose to make Lin look bad today.

  291. Game is actually winnable, if Scott freakin’ lets Lin play.

  292. Really want to see Byron crying when his job security (Kobe) is gone.

  293. lin has to do him. he will get criticized not kobe or boozer

  294. NOP! He/Kobe will bench JLin even more. Otherwise it will take longer time for Kobe to break more records. Wait and see both Kobe and BS will say boneheaded again in their post interviews.

  295. It wasn’t to make Lin look bad – it’s coz Scott thinks Lin IS a bad player. Scott doesn’t seem to respect Lin’s game that much, no matter what Scott may say.

  296. You know this game is actually watchable because Celtics are a better Eastern team with team plays! I have more fun watching Celtics score than Lakers entire team minus Lin!! They are just so awful!

  297. Lin fights back. He singlehandedly trim the lead by half.

  298. I know… now I really hate Kobe… Rondo tried very hard today to score… what a meeting… smh!

  299. they lose a lot though but this coach has them playing as a team

  300. Do you know IJ sometimes I come on here just to read what the future Mrs Lin has to say! You’re a riot girl! 🙂

  301. If BS would rest Kobe a bit more.

  302. Don’t think so. He and BS will say boneheaded again in their postgame interviews.

  303. They want to show the boss Lin vs Rondo it’s huge different… Rondo took so many shots today?! Show case… smh!

  304. i bet BS didnt expect Lin can make 7 pts in a rush. let’s see how it goes in the 2nd half

  305. I’m nastier than Jeremy, I know… lol

  306. Every game is winnable if Kobe sits for the entire game! I’m not even kidding! A good coach would force Kobe to take only 15 shots max and bench him if he’s chucking shots!

  307. Almost end of 3rd qtr and Hornets lead Knicks by 80 to 60. That is how bad Knicks are now.

  308. The last shot of the half was a real beauty. It tells you how explosive Lin could be. But BS didn’t give him a chance to play at his best.

  309. I know no one set the screen for him so Lin just drive by himself… I really hate Kobe & Scott now.

  310. LOL love it!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see what narrative will come out in postgame interviews.

  311. You know, this Lakers could be a much better team with Kobe out for 1 or 2 months.

  312. D.Fisher is not a proven coach

  313. Is there any way to take Kobe out of a game?

  314. I think that is true unfortunately. I hope he will play for a coach who believes in him next year.

  315. and make the playoff i believe

  316. just saw JLin’s 3 min stint and loved it!

  317. They’re forcing the Knicks to play the triangle but it doesn’t fit them AT ALL.

  318. Linsanity!!!

  319. LOL Lin back to back ONE Man Fast Breaks! He finally gets it!! Screw your slow teammates just run for yourself!

  320. Lin is so fast!

  321. I told you Lin should just keep doing that one man fast break, lol.

  322. told you

  323. Lin is having a lay up drill out there. ROFL!

  324. Actually I don’t really care. I’m just messing with you. Wish away! 🙂

  325. yep lakers are slow but he isn’t

  326. LINNNNN! Fast!

  327. Kobe can’t keep up with him.

  328. I’m the one who called it first – the one man fast break all the way! Lol.

  329. Go JLin! Use your speed!!!!!!!!

  330. Lin got fouled on the first fast break but no foul call, bias refs!!

  331. And I’m sure Scott will bench Lin for running too fast and scoring, lol.

  332. The Celtics call a timeout right away. Not like BS!

  333. Yes and I’m running with that AWESOME Phase!!

  334. Yep, so he got mad and was like, “Oh yeah? I’ll just do it again!”

  335. Yeah! BS would give Lin a traffic ticket for speeding.

  336. BS: We lost in 3Q after fast pace scoring by Jeremy.

  337. lol

  338. “We’re trying to win here, Jeremy.”

  339. what a body!!

  340. Lin has the cut.

  341. Somebody brought down my Grizzlies vs Spurs stream, without taking down the Celtics vs Lakers. Somebody with number 17 in gold is jealous. lol

  342. Posterized!!!

  343. Linsanity!!!

  344. WOW!

  345. whoa … nice from TW! Sparticus!!!

  346. 3!

  347. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  348. wakaka

  349. How could Kobe miss that shot!

    But Lin with that deep three. Wow.

  350. that was a bit deep lol thats what she said

  351. I want Lin to outscore Kobe.

  352. Kobe killed the flow

  353. LOL Lin got the same points as Kobrick in 16 minutes!!

  354. kobe not getting it up. Viagra

  355. So, what else is new? =P

  356. Should be are you not LINtertained.

  357. kobe not getting it up…what a shame.

  358. Yes baby! we need more

  359. On almost half the shots!

  360. JLIN 14 and Kobe 14 points….amazing Lin..!

  361. If only Kobe could sit down for a while.

  362. Lin 14pts on 8 shots, Kobe 14pts on 14, Rondo 8pts on 13. Just saying.

  363. Super efficient !

  364. who’s Lin mostly guarding? and who’s mostly guarding Lin?

  365. Lin’s guarding Rondo.

  366. that’s being sarcastic…

  367. Lin guarding Rondo but he was out entire 2nd quarter and benched most of 1st quarter!

  368. Nothing cool about that tweet..

  369. Kobe as my Cali wife says is hella selfish

  370. You only can do so much Lin.

  371. And rondo is guarding Lin.

  372. wut a dumass tweet

  373. its sarcastic

  374. Ed Davis is like an “Asik with a lesser offense than Asik” version

    Jeremy made him look better on offense

  375. sarcasm i think

  376. So you have MN wife too?

  377. seems like no one really cares if Lakers W or L….as long a JLin performs well..

  378. BS takes so long to call a timeout.

  379. better blocker

  380. I’d take Davis’s offense over Asik’s

  381. I think better hands though.

  382. Lin needs to just keep shooting, all his starting teammates can’t score and never passes back out to him for wide open 3s!!

  383. I think Kobe told Rondo at breakfast to take as many shots as possible. Rondo has 13 FGAs, almost as many as Kobe 14 FGAs. Rondo has by far the most FGAs on the Celtics, but only 4th in pts with 8 pts. LOL

  384. so will boozer get what jeremy got last games. also wes has been doo doo

  385. Nobody played well with Kobe except when Phil Jackson was the coach.

  386. nice ball movement there. Kobe for the lay up.

  387. Celtics are outrebounding Lakers like crazy.

  388. Mexican Salvadorian wife from the Bay Area

  389. Have Kobe go for drive rather than his jump shots.

  390. Lin play fast BS not going to like it.

  391. Petey’s sarcasm filter is functioning outside normal parameters.

  392. sacre can help

  393. Whatever!! BS doesn’t say crap about Kobrick or Nick Young so screw him!!

  394. I’m going to guess BS will bring him back later than usual to keep Linsanity in check.

  395. lol if he didn’t they would’ve gotten blown out idk what game he’s watching

  396. As I said it he got bench

  397. i hope

  398. I know but I just said that because BS said Lin play too fast sometimes

  399. Game is lost, Lin just keep scoring when you get back in!!

  400. Game over. Wonder when Lin will come back in.

  401. lakers so slow. have zero pace.

  402. Going to be 20 pts lead soon

  403. lakers should put all the slow players on the bench

  404. Will he come back in at all is the questions with this BS!!

  405. They have 2 speeds – slow and slower.

  406. I’m going to say when there’s 4 min left. That was too much Lin for BS to stomach.

  407. 1 more speed – stand still. XD

  408. And he hated Kobe

  409. The problem of the Lakers is too much Kobe.

  410. rando can’t shoot to save his life

  411. And too much BS

  412. Scott seriously is a horrible coach.

  413. That would be 0 speed. XD

  414. I think that’s Harden’s defense speed. Don’t take away his trade mark.

  415. lin has played 19 minutes why not let him play the whole fourth. idk just an idea. you know put your fastest player in a fast game. just an idea

  416. That’s what they do when they all just stand around watch Kobe. =P

  417. Nick Young gets alot of 3 point fouls, when will Lin get any?

  418. Exactly

  419. scott wot because he sucks

  420. I can’t tell who is worse. BS or McHale

  421. To be fair, Lin’s last play was out of control. Almost lost the ball.

  422. It would be 1 on 5 then. Lakers have no one who can run with Lin.

  423. “Join us!”
    “Well, if you are better than us…”

  424. Both are worst in the league along with any coach who tailors to their ball hog SGs!

  425. I’ve never seen a coach do so little in game adjustments

  426. wes, davis, sacre, clarkson can run

  427. Fighting for 29th and 30th spot.

  428. Never seen a coach who gives their starters and starting PG (except Kobrick) less than 30 minutes per game and leave them out almost entire 4th quarter with 6-5 minutes left!

  429. play him with young, wes, ellington, and davis. not great but better

  430. Ummm I’m not going to judge on one play

  431. why would you do that? are you trying to win the game or something? =)

  432. and ellington

  433. Aggressive and fast pace, that’s small risk.

  434. i knew scott wouldn’t ride the hot hand

  435. I’m down with that…only make that the starting unit!

  436. “Come on Jeremy! Kobe is trying to set more records here!”

  437. Don’t care, BS and media only nitpicks Lin, I don’t see coach saying crap about Nick Young’s out of control plays or TOs at all!!

  438. ok i have an important thing to say. scot is worse then mchale. final

  439. That’s cause his precious Price and Nick Young needs to get theirs! SMH

  440. Yup, that’s getting awful close to bryant’s 10 TO…shut down Lin. smh

  441. BS’s system is long jump shooting.

  442. Only be strict and true to yourself, then you can improve.

  443. Not when Lin was out doing crimeFighter…that’s a no no…

  444. Unless it’s 3s.

  445. Never seen a coach who doesn’t start 4th quarter with his starting unit, what BS!

  446. lets see when lin comes in. 5-3 minutes mark

  447. BS, u forget the 30 min rule! Lin only gets 19m, gotta bring him in now

  448. Never seen a coach cater to 1 player over winning games. Yup, that would be noCoach scott.

  449. He messed up his “rotation” by bringing in Lin way too late in 2Q today.

  450. Every time 2nd unit gets the game closer, BS leaves them in too long! He doesn’t know how to coach at all!

  451. The problem of Lakers stem from coaching. BS is not the top tier coach available on the market. These 2 long years of Kobe ball will be torturing for fans of Lakers.

  452. Coach is a fool

  453. Sub now

  454. Now

  455. Of course not

  456. He always throw his team under the bus. It’s BS who should be responsible for the dismal records of the Lakers.

  457. That price shot man come on

  458. price has close to the same minutes as lin lol

  459. BS and Kobe winning the game for the Celtics.

  460. Should never happen ever

  461. BS not even trying to hide his love for Price anymore.

  462. Lakers 11 asts, Celtics 25. ‘Nuff said.

  463. Coming out of the closet, love for PG who can’t playmake.

  464. Kobe needs a better team (a better coach also). A better team playing with Kobe = rings.

  465. Nick Young is a microwave scorer that’s all he can do but it’s something to watch

  466. scott is a horrible coach

  467. Jeremy is tired right he is exhausted

  468. 19 minutes exhaustion

  469. LA better than Rox in mistreating Lin, BS is worse than Mchale

  470. Never seen a coach who barely plays his starters for entire 4th quarter every single game! This is ridiculous!!


  472. …and he’s dooooooone….nutn. Goooooo scott!

  473. Wahahahaha! Lollll! Nice pic!

  474. Nick Young is the only one watchable on 2nd unit who can score.

  475. Getting colder by the minute on the bench.

  476. Tanking tanking tanking

  477. rox was worse but mchale a better coach

  478. this is badness

  479. agree

  480. I’m still not too sure about McHale is a better coach thing. Tough call.

  481. “Come on Jeremy, we’re trying to tank here!”

  482. Amazing

  483. I hope Lin won’t come in. I want to see a blowout.

  484. Kobrick always the only one back with 2nd unit on 4th quarter what the heck is this?

  485. He likes to make the game predictable to help the opponents.

  486. we are getting bs‘d

  487. Scott doesn’t want to play Kobe so he bench the whole 1st unit to make it look better?

  488. BS send in Kobe to padd his stats.
    The most abysmal scoring leader in NBA at the cost of his team.

  489. He will definitely bring him in, when the game is safely out of reach.

  490. Wesley Boozer can’t be happy either

  491. Lin is under the Lakers bus.

  492. Trying to slow down for Kobe right?

  493. Word huge bus

  494. lol

  495. to padd his stats. They wanted to give the scoring title to Kobe at the expense of the team.
    This is How BS can keep his job.

  496. Pls don’t send Lin in to bail you out Bull S.

  497. I’m telling you man, they dgaf. They tanking I tell ya!

  498. what a terrible coach

  499. I’m betting BS is going to say “Lin played too fast in the 3rd quarter”

  500. Just got back. Looking at the boxscore Lin seems to be doing well but little minutes. Why is he not in yet??

  501. Lin better not come in for garbage time.

  502. Byron Scott has outdone himself in supporting this “Kobe Performance Art”
    9-0 run Boston run since Kobe checked in!

  503. I know like now. What a disgrace.

  504. They’re not even pretending anymore right? This season is all about Kobe and his points. I’m so glad Jemrey put on a show. Hope he can do that every night.

  505. I am pretty sure that the playing times and whatnot will be different at the home game. These away games are where scott goes crazy

  506. Sad. He should have brought in Lin. Kobe just took away all flow from the bench guys.

  507. Never seen deference like this to an old player in the nba

  508. Dear BS, Please don’t put Jeremy in to save your sorry state. I only have two eyes. I’m enjoying what’s happening at FedEx Arena.

  509. lin got really hot so bull s rested him for 10 minutes. ronnie has 20 minutes lin 19

  510. why is Kobe in with the second unit???

  511. 14 points not enough I hope he can score 6 more points if he comes back in. 20 would look much better!

  512. Former Lakers kobe backers BS and Fish ain’t looking so hot

  513. Points

  514. Lin get his numbers…then get out of Dodge, first chance he gets.

  515. C’mon Boston bury this sorry franchise!

  516. Scott is going to play it differently at the next home game. I am convinced he does this at away games bc he thinks he can get away with it.

  517. “Lin on fire I must bench him so Kobe won’t look bad” BS.

  518. Seem like Lin not going to see the floor again.

  519. Kobrick 20-20 lol this is a joke!!

  520. good. he doesn’t belong in garbage time. That’s for back-ups.

  521. How can laker players like this

  522. please don’t bring Lin back to the game!

  523. Stat padding what else? So he can pass MJ’s scoring record!

  524. He just needs 2 minutes

  525. You mean like #24 who is on the floor right now?

  526. Should let him in early, now, I don’t want Lin in the floor too.

  527. lol even rondo hot

  528. Kobe is embarrassing the team….BS makes sure JLin doesn’t outscore Kobe..

  529. Lin got benched again b/c he played too fast in 3Q.

  530. “I told you Jeremy, your job is to feed Kobe not attacking the basket. You’re benched” BS.

  531. Sacre 1-10 and is still playing in 4th quarter
    I guess Sacre has something that Lin didn’t have.

    Unbelieveable! They’ve got to be tanking to explain this incompetence.

  532. he belongs in garbage time.

  533. Price — I got this


  534. scott is by far the worse coach I’ve ever watched in my life

  535. If you are going to do this at least let Clarkson play a little seriously

  536. Lakers is a joke of a team.

  537. If Kobe isn’t in to catch MJ then I don’t know what.

  538. No because he scored, tied points with Kobrick and made him look bad!!

  539. I am actually HAPPY. hahhahaha

  540. I agree. It would be an inisult if Lin comes in for the last 2 minutes of this game.

  541. Yes, playing Lin more means less points for Kobe.

  542. I guess the coaching staff forgot to scout Zeller (sarcasm). Scrub having a career night against Lakers. Lol!

  543. huh?

  544. In BS book Lin play too fast.

  545. He got lucky with Kidd and Cp3 early in his coaching career

  546. This is inexplicable. The game wasn’t over in the beginning of the 4th. Kobe playing garbage time for points. Just waiting until he gets injured playing when he shouldnt.

  547. That line-up to finish the game was head shakingly stupid. Why leave Kobe out there with the second unit? Why keep Sacre and Price in for extended minutes?

  548. I’m so happy that Kobe is still on the floor trying to get his 26 points average shooting.
    Jeremy can take a rest; nobody can play well with Kobe.

  549. He’s in the top 2 of the worst coaches I’ve ever watched.

  550. psalm234…seems like this game is really getting into you…hard to watch…

  551. WHAT??? WHY???

  552. hahahahahhahaha

  553. I hope he doesn’t catch MJ, dude and everyone else after got 2 more years than MJ to surpass him! As if anyone would think he’s better just cause he scored more. MJ had 2 less years yet still got 6 rings and two 3 peats!

  554. Lakers is just Kobe and accessories.

  555. To show that you get a better Price.

  556. LOL Clarkson finally seeing some playing time, this is ridiculous can Mitch please first BS!

  557. Tank

  558. incompetence.

  559. I’ll bet LA players have very low morale with how this team is being run right now. Except kobe, that is.

  560. The rotation today got me all dizzy.

  561. This is nonsense!

  562. when the HC is clueless…they will do stupid things like …..

  563. I’ma go watch some playoff intensity game

  564. Lol got blown out by celtics! Kobe ball ftw

  565. Either BS raised white flag as soon as 3Q ended or they are tanking. I’m going with tanking. I don’t believe even BS is this bad.

  566. Purposeful tank or Incompetence I can’t tell probably both!!

  567. Rondo has more assists than the Lakers. LOL

  568. even mchale might’ve given clarky more minute.but then again that is only very true if lin was playing.

  569. what did Kobe say to rondo at the breakfast table?

  570. BS

  571. Davis really can’t make FTs.

  572. I didn’t get the chance to watch the whole game.. for the 3rd time.. but I saw play by play..
    was there any hints why lin was play only 19 minutes? injury? messed up?

  573. I am speechless by Scott’s incompetence. If he has any integrity he should resign. He clearly doesnt have the chops to head coach

  574. That’s it…. I have had it with this lakers bs and BS bs…trade Jlin NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  575. And cannot always in foul trouble

  576. Question is where?

  577. Using tank as execuse to cover up incompetence.

  578. LOL just made a 3 and walked away like Whatever. Dude is better than Price and he knows it!!

  579. Worth run around like a kid when Lakers won against the Raptors.

    Hope he doesn’t bang his head on the table repetitively after this loss LOL.

  580. Clarkson just gave BS the middle finger with a 3s.

  581. Guess what BS has to say to the media? oh….JLin..this and that …I suppose

  582. Why did LA trade for Lin when they are into tanking mode? Why did they want to destroy Lin’s career? Why didn’t they just let Kobe play with all scrubs? So many questions need to find an answer!

  583. weird substitution patterns by BS.

  584. LA Tankers, ladies and gents!

    No reason to get upset at all :>
    Might as well think of this as a soap opera. “1001 Ways to Tank Without Being Caught”

    I want to see how Byron will explain this Tanking Episode to LA Media now

  585. any where he get to play decent minutes…. then on to Dallas next yeaR

  586. or bang his head on the table repeatedly..THAT would go even more viral.

  587. Haha i just edited while u reply

  588. Nah he’ll say, so-so did this and this without saying his name!

  589. Except that they’re caught!! Just denying.

  590. Worthy should punch BS!

  591. BS did let Kobe play with all the scrubs. It was weird.

  592. Is the media stupid or intend to ignore? Kobe is too slow for defense.

  593. I don’t really care now. I switched to watching another team.


  595. BS’s heart sank when that counted. That’s when he decided he needed to watch this guy to stop this turning into a win.

  596. Worthy started questioning if this is the maximum Lakers team. “This is It!”
    He’s giving up on the Lakers

  597. Byron Scott going to trash Lin for scoring, going too fast, not getting teammates involved.

  598. no way they can destroy Lin 🙂

  599. Crazy. Bench him… we might win

  600. benched by BS during 1st quarter when Kobe was chucking shot after shot and had 2 TOs when trying to pass to Lin! Lin didn’t come back until 2:45minutes in 2nd quarter so he just looked to score and score at the rim for 7 points! After words he was playing in 3rd quarter and got benched after he tied points with Kobrick who took almost double the shots!

  601. What a joke. There is no good basketball reason why Lin should have been benched like this. Basketball politics is a pretty powerful force.

  602. Kobe: ‘I’ll let you win this one if you come to Lakers next year.’
    Rondo: ‘I’ll think on it. Do I still get the win?’
    Kobe: Ok…

    Celtics win:
    Rondo: ‘Psych…not coming to your loser team!’

  603. that. was. awesome.. he didn’t even jump..and just throws it up by splitting 3 (THREE) defenders !

  604. BS probably thinking to himself “Lin’s turning rogue on me.”

  605. Kobe will not be able to keep up if Lin were allowed to play his speed game.

  606. I don’t mind the tanking so much. But it seems like they’re water-boarding Jeremy.

  607. Exactly

  608. As most of us here has. smh

  609. Sure there was no slight hint of injury or whatever… ???
    Or maybe bs saw something he didn’t like.. besides tie points with kobe.

    Post interview might reveal the truth!

  610. And he still a few steps behind us fans hehe. We already gave up.

  611. did he actually say that

  612. Can Lin demand a trade?

  613. Kobe+4 bench players pretty much summed up the goal for this season.

  614. Lin played only 19+min. Even Ronnie Price played more minutes than Lin. The stats showed that Lin is efficient if he plays in his own way.

  615. Yes but $15 mil current contract, not that easy.

  616. to settle the score…after JLin dropped 38 on them in 2012…

  617. JLin was playing alot of One Man Fast breaks cause his teammates were slow and scored all on his own! BS is full of BS I don’t care what he says!!! Lin played well during his short stretch just looking to score like Linsanity!

  618. Don’t worry Lin fans. The agenda is so obvious with this joke of a game that everyone can see it. The tank-and-get-Kobe-points at the expense of Lin and every other player (except Price) is so obvious, it’s laughable. I wanna hear what the LA media and fans say about this one.

  619. hehehehehehe

  620. I’ll bet he’ll have the same comments about Jeremy after the Atlanta game, looking for his own shots, should look more for his teammates blah blah.

  621. It must be horrible to be on a tanking tram when you came from a team that had aspirations for a championship. It is horrible to watch but how much worse to experience it like lin

  622. It seen to me BS just dislike anything Lin does.

  623. Carlos Boozer – Lowest minutes among starters. His crime was quick fouls.
    Jeremy Lin – Second lowest minutes among starters. His crime was quick points.

  624. And if one of the ‘bench’ players turn out to be a star (Jeremy), then better not let him play much.

  625. He tried to be careful in saying that. “I wonder if This is It”
    Couple good games here and there. But this might be it.
    Giving up that many points to Zeller who averaged 6pts, etc.

  626. LoL

  627. This is what it feels like now reading the comments…hehehe

  628. oooh..maybe that’s why. ..he wants lin to play princeton or throw kobe the ball on the half court offense instead of fast breaks..

  629. This is the time that I think Jeremy should start from the bench; the less Kobe, the better.


  631. HAHAHA
    BS doesn’t want SHOWTIME LAKERS style of play.

  632. Fire Scott, sign Karl.

  633. LOL Lin-carcerated for running Kobe to the ground :>

  634. You mean stare from the bench? yeah he can help Clarkson warm up the bench if he not starter.

  635. Except that Kobe plays with the bench also!!!

  636. I think BS is too preoccupied with pleasing Kobe.

  637. That would have been really nice…. but well…

  638. It’s time for MAXXIS president to pay Mitch and Jim buss a visit. They have to see return on the 25 millions of sponsorship.

  639. You’re grasping at straws.

  640. I’ve given up on scott and the lakers organization for letting this brainless coach run the team. can’t wait for offseason

  641. Half of that by the mid season.

  642. JEREMY LIN IS A STARTER. Nuff said.

  643. haha…that’s why i just checked the lakersground, want to see their thoughts on this ridiculous thing !

  644. too early for them.

  645. And about BS this is how it feels

  646. No way. Lin is a starter !

  647. Kobe will be the only pathetic scoring leader in NBA by shooting the Lakers at their feet.

  648. plus….it’s not SCOTT.. it’s you know who.. that cannot be gone and only traded, but no team will want him due to his massive contract for 2 years.

  649. Lin don’t even get that much minutes as a starter. He probably not going to see much floor time if he play with 2nd unit.

  650. the moment BS took Kobe out with 1:33 in the 4Q, LAL went on to score 8 points…that says a lot about Kobe

  651. Yeech this is the second time I won’t be seeing Jeremy in the playoffs 🙁 oh well.

  652. Lets hope he does run Kobe to the ground so Linsanity can break out!

  653. Ouch…

  654. Kobe is infamous for taking all his teammates out of their games.

  655. Or maybe BS is saying..ok I will take things one at a time.. let kobe pass MJ..to get the lakers something..AND THEN I will coach to win. .. kobe MUST get 20points minimum… he is about what 90ish before passing mj.

  656. THE TANK IS REEEEAAAALLLLL. That also explains why Lin didnt look bad after loss. He knows what is going on

  657. The toxic Kobe. D12 us right about trading Kobe.

  658. Kobe plays with the bench also! Also Lin won’t be handling the ball with golden boy Price as PG and Kobe Jr, Nick Young! So no way!!

  659. I said it a day ago that a retirement show of two seasons is just too long, too boring for any fan to watch.

  660. He might yet. Only takes a trade.

  661. I love kitties. Please don’t insult them 🙂

  662. unless he is traded in mid season 🙂

  663. yeah.. we sorta know that.. just watch MJ and him play.. there is a difference. MJ DOES know how to play..he gets open shots to shoot instead of the traffic and congested ones that kobe shoots.

  664. Wow – Worthy and Horry backing Lin on post-game show. Basically questioning why Lin didn’t play more after he got hot. Said assistant coaches should have told BS to keep Lin in.

  665. After Kobe came in in 4Q they lose from -9 to -20?! I really don’t know why he was there for garbage time?!

  666. yeap, when JLin ignored Kobe, J went on with 7 points…

  667. traded to a contending team that is.. but then he will be a bench player if that is the case

  668. I want to know too… this coach is so bad… smh!

  669. Too much money just the get rid of him.

  670. Spurs, Warriors, Grizzlies are the only contenders as of the moment.

    These are the 3 teams I see that can use Jeremy’s strengths to the full.

  671. wanted to see the post interview.. wonder if anyone will dare to ask.

  672. Did anyone notice that Sacre was shooting 1 out of 10!

  673. So do I. Or else I won’t post them. Hahaha. This cat has all the right expression to express what we feel now about the game the coach…etc

  674. From the post game Scott going to make changes in the starting lineup.

  675. but not 0 – 10..so it’s ok.

  676. linnie to the benchy i guess huh

  677. No laker i mean no laker can be watching this and saying yeah this is working…bad teams can try…the Knicks yes my Knicks suck but tonight they busted their tail to lose lol but they give effort. This laker team is all about Kobe effort which is piss poor

  678. that was the weirdest move – keeping in Sacre for most of the 4th quarter. Was that an attempt to match up with Zoeller?

  679. Kobe thinks it means something that he can surpass MJ’s scoring but it doesn’t! He still doesn’t have the rings nor game like MJ and never will! Watch Duncan surpass him and tie with MJ for number of rings!

  680. Credit to @bearness:disqus, here’s a tweet of his comment LOL


  681. 20 game is like a qtr of a season.. isn’t that too long.. should’ve changed much earlier? like 10 games.. or 15 max.

  682. What did he say?

  683. Lin can demand anything he wants. There is no law that forces the Lakers to comply.

  684. holy cr-p.. didn’t think someone would REALLY tweet that!!!!.

  685. who cares

  686. everyone except kobe.

  687. Worth and Horry sound like the only reasonable ex-Lakers who want Lakers to win.

  688. Changes don’t matter unless it’s 24

  689. Ronnie Price time!!! LOL.

  690. It’s kinda ironic that the teams I see that can use Jeremy’s strengths to the full are the top championship contenders yet they don’t really have space for him as of the moment.

  691. I’m not surprised, they’ve been fair. Nothing Byron did in the 2nd half made sense. He threw the game if you ask me. He coached like an idiot. He was a disgrace.

  692. Said it’s enough time to see if the starters gel. It’s time to make a change. Wouldn’t say what

  693. put lin to the bench i dare you scotty boy. please rescue him from your slow offense and brain. also leave kobe out there on a island.

  694. Dallas…….my dream

  695. yes you can.. put all post up players around kobe..and then when kobe sub out.. put in the ball moving system of players.

  696. LOL, I don’t tweet so thanks, I think?

  697. 2 point difference.
    What if they played Jordan Hill and took out Sacre. Hill shot 6 out of 6. He only got 6 shots.

  698. Any Eastern team can use Lin as starter and to his abilities so long as they don’t a ball hog SG!

  699. when the HC said “I don’t know”….you better believe him…he is clueless

  700. He might actually do it. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Lin is sent to the pine.

  701. Oh hell no. East is really weak. Better he stays at a stronger West team.

  702. Lin can turn any team into a contender. Just not a BS Kobe one.

  703. Lin won’t get his own team in the West! Even Lebron plays in the East!

  704. Scott said lineup change on Sunday. It’s gonna suck if Boozer comes off the bench with Lin.

  705. sure, keep them coming. You’ll get famous :> haha..

  706. Those coaching staff were handpicked by BS.

  707. Horry should be the coach and Byron Scott should go to Russia.


  709. lol really

  710. Can’t be worse than BS’ coaching the 1st unit.

  711. I don’t want to discredit Jeremy’s talent and strengths by putting him in the weaker East. It’s like saying he can only do damage when he goes to a weaker conference.

  712. Scott says he is making 1 or 2 line up changes next game. Said starters not playing with energy not geling

  713. He’s already on the bench…shooting 5/8 tonight!!

  714. Pick up points for his scoring average.

  715. Very nice!!

  716. Boozer sucks.

  717. ok. that means
    Sacre for boozer
    Priceless price for our boy

  718. BS finally revealing his true colors, and the plot thickens.

  719. Lets see what kind of ridiculous changes he’ll make!

  720. That is from JLin Portal.

  721. He forgot to add: “After I discuss it with Kobe.”

  722. It’s a great line. Benched for scoring points too quickly!

  723. wes 0-5, boozer 1-6, price 3-10

  724. Said going to say who on sunday night

  725. yea boozer sucks

  726. He actually played in Greece in 1 year so he can go back there LOL

  727. Since, Lin and Boozer have the least minutes as starter today I guess they are the two.

  728. Textbook defense by Lin today; slowing down Rondo, disrupting opponents’ offensive flow, helping out bigs……………………………………………………………………………can’t say the same for the rest of the “starters”, …can I, Scott?

  729. hahaha

  730. Les hope Boozer and Johnson both goes to the bench but I doubt it! Can we see some starters who can actually run fast breaks with Lin?

  731. Will see the true weakness of the starters and it isn’t Lin.

  732. New Laker starting line-up

    PG Kobe
    SG Kobe
    SF Kobe
    PF Kobe
    C Kobe

    all kobe, 24/7

  733. true, no other way to explain it.

  734. dont u see they are playing with effort….for tanking….4 /20 combined….lol

  735. if scott was smart which he isn’t it would be boozer for davis and wes for ellington or young.likly ellington. but he isn’t i am expecting lin to be bench because he clearly hates how lin plays even when he scores. this will be the preseason again. bench will out play the starters heavily.

  736. And BS look at Lin and say “yeah play harder.”

  737. Jeremy Lin said “we’ve got to play harder. And if I ever get off the bench that’s what I’d do”

  738. Starters minus Lin today equals “Walking Dead”. They were so slow, just stood around passing to Kobe and ignored Lin! So glad Lin looked to score for his own points!

  739. are you still against Jlin going to Dallas?

  740. Wow! A bit shocked that Lin was benched. All those times that BS brought him back in the forth even though lin wasn’t scoring much and this game Lin was doing his thing scoring at will. Makes no sense! Either there is a conspiracy to keep Lin from shining or BS is the worst coach in history??

  741. Ok, after watching highlights, I suspect why BS bench lin.. he was getting way too aggressive and was not really playing the half court set or something.. especially that last ‘double dribble when they was down by like 12 or 10..

    But he was being aggressive which is his game and a good thing.. so what now not aggressive is not good and too aggressive is not good? SO WHAT THE F does BS want!!

  742. shhhhh .. let’s not hope ill-wish.. Kobe will run Kobe to the ground
    Lin and his fans can stay blameless 😀

  743. Not complete with the Kobe announcer, the Kobe color commentator, and the Kobe half time show people.
    Oh yeah, let’s not forget the Kobe dancers.

  744. BS wants JLin on the bench. That’s what he wants.

  745. cr-p computer gitch ..made me post twice.

  746. KObe dancers . . . ewww.

  747. oh.,so it is true.. he was bench by not playing the set BS wants.. he said ‘MY’ biggst thing.

  748. New Laker starting line-up (for real)

    PG – Price
    SG – Kobe
    SF – Johnson
    PF – Boozer
    C – Hill

    Lin man out.

  749. So, is your name b***sh** or Byron Scott, which is it, coach?

  750. Price doesn’t score any points anyway so is a better “fit”.

  751. Lin actually meant play “faster”, but didn’t want to openly humiliate KoBS.

  752. Plus Lin not cramping Kobe’s slow style

  753. yeah because price is basically nonExistence..so kobe can play for 2! ..no one to get his shots!.

  754. Of course that’s what he wants but not sure it’s what FO wants? I guess BS did it on purpose to play lin so less min in 1st half to make him looked bad so he can tell FO to send Lin to bench… Thanks God, Lin got his 7 points less than 2 min? We will see what happen on Sun then?

  755. exactly. That’s what BS wants in a PG – someone who doesn’t do anything, and Ronnie Price fits that to a T.

  756. I think Boozer will be out first… bc he only played 18 min today the shortest one next it’s Lin.

  757. Kobe to Lin: “You’re p*ssing it the wrong way!”

  758. Ok, so the Lakers are playing slow to make Kobe last the whole season, to the detrimental of the team.

    Ugh, sad…

  759. He was hoping that Lin would have ‘proven’ to everyone that he was a bench player by this time in the season. But unfortunately for BS, Lin did some magic in his 19 minutes tonight, and now BS can’t do it without an uproar. Hope his as* is ready for the firestorm if he does bench Jeremy.

  760. Lin to Dallas is only viable if Ellis takes a hike.

  761. That would be the other move – Davis in for Boozer.

  762. Kobe con’d: “You’re supposed to p*ss on it after I do it first!”

  763. I guess BS already tried to play Boozer & Lin in bench min today… smh! Bc Lin got hot today so he is not sure FO will say OK.. that’s why he said one or two not sure yet…

  764. Here’s the irony of Lin to the bench. People have been wanting Lin to play with Ed Davis and the second unit BUT – it’s likely Lin moves to the bench AND Davis replaces Boozer in the starting line-up.

    So, worst case scenario – Lin gets benched, doesn’t get to play with Davis either. LOSE LOSE.

  765. He probably get to warm the bench with Clarkson hehe.

  766. Not sure that he’ll replace Boozer, with Mitch’s directive and Kobe’s preference to play with him (friends).

  767. In other words, BS doing an awesome job as a tanking coach.

  768. Umm…Kobe can’t catch up the speed you know

  769. Lol.

  770. Kobe having breakfast with Rondo was NO coincidence, most likely recruiting.

  771. TWC Sportsnet summary of game with embedded video of Robert Horry and James Worthy talking. Worthy says “I’m starting to wonder if this is it … If this is the team we have to get accustomed to this year.”


  772. Everything is about “Making Kobe Look Good So BS Avoids Getting Fired”

    Boozer D is lacking and Lin’s more-effective-but-taking ball-away-from-Kobe is a no-no.
    So both might come off the bench.

    It’s about auditioning which players will make Kobe look the greatest.

  773. Jeremy’s post game interview

  774. I want to but I can’t. I’m as trapped as Jeremy is.

  775. These reporters.. can’t they wait till Jeremy gets a shirt on?

    I sound like a hypocrite.

  776. Well, it’s not like Lin has any input, so what is he suppose to say: ‘Not happening or I’m going to throw a bryant fit!’.

  777. The only reason why lin is probably will be benched is that Mitch has told Scott to develop Clarkson. Scott has no plan,just like his plan with Randle. He wanted lin to develop the rookies. Scott ‘s plan to develop Clarkson is to send him to the D League to get some playing. The 1st unit is that slow and not a lot of basketball IQ. They will just feed the ball to Kobe. Personally, I think if Lin plays with the 2nd unit, he will be relieved. I think the Lakers want lin, but they want him as a backup PG..just my opinion

  778. I thought those reporters were acting on your preferred timing?

  779. Not really. I prefer somewhere with lots of privacy.

  780. What are you complaining about? lol

  781. If so BS will find out soon. Price man will just go double team Kobe.

  782. Destroying what is supposed to be “for my eyes only” view.

  783. yes it is “for MY eyes only” 🙂

  784. Love that assertiveness! LOL

  785. Chun-Li vs. Cammy. Ready…Fight!

  786. I’m not sure what that tweet means. Price and Lin deferred to BS about what?

  787. So Kobe is actually coaching the team..WOW…smh

  788. I actually don’t care anymore. I just want Lin to get his points.

    It’s obvious the Lakers are,

    1. Trying to tank
    2. Want to devalue Lin so they can resign him for cheap

    I believe this is the case because the media is still so nice to Lin so you know the higher ups don’t want to alienate him.

  789. Bet he wouldn’t follow BS’s lead if he benched Kobe, lol.

  790. Serena having a dyslexic day…

  791. OMG. Jeremy needs to find an impersonator who can take his place for these lame interviews. Even Houston never made J look this distressed.

  792. Kobe will back him up until there is a need for a scapegoat.

  793. They were probably asked about what they think about the plans of changing the lineup, but they don’t know anything so probably they just told the reporter/s who asked them to confirm it with Scott.

  794. So full of sh!t!

  795. Not necessarily. If Lin realizes that the Lakers are simply trying to tank he could just go all selfish and look to score first. Who else on the 2nd unit will stop him? Not only that, but his chemistry with Boozer isn’t that bad. At the very least he can finish down low.

  796. Your posts do not fly over everyone’s head.

  797. If so they I don’t think Lin will stay in Lakers unless there is no team wants him…

  798. I prefer to be Christie Montiero.

  799. Agreed. At least Kobe won’t like to be outscored by his teammate, not even close.

  800. I just posted this in LG…. rookie75094

    Joined: 11 Nov 2014
    Posts: 7

    Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:42 pm Post subject: I just filed a missing person report to the LAPD…. we need to find the BS that said he is a big Jeremy fan!!! Please help look for him … we need to find him before it is too late :javascript:emoticon(”)D

  801. Good make it hard for Kobe to score so he won’t surpass MJ’s points!

  802. JLin…speaking in general about the team without letting his true thoughts come out. He feels the heat and knows the team is not right. Like I said before…head games…no honesty of what the Laker people want from him. They obviously do not want him to ball…and they don’t really mind when he tanks. Games, Games…

  803. Kobe’s recruiting becomes more and more like a joke when his team is at the bottom of the league.

  804. Talking about penetration!

  805. Cool. The cheers when it came in, it’s like he’s playing at Staples.

  806. Kobe: I’m just an accomplice in this crime…don’t blame me”

  807. The most feasible theory for BS playing Kobe+4bench players in crunch time are “Auditioning” to be perfect role players to make Kobe look great. #KobeIdol


  808. The more I think about it, I think BS can only make one move – either bench Lin or Boozer. He can’t bench both.

    If he benched both Lin and Boozer, there wouldn’t be enough offense with Davis and Price together in the line-up with Kobe, Johnson, and Hill. He’d want another offensive weapon in there, whether it’s Lin or Boozer.

    So, either he benches Lin and puts in Price, or he benches Boozer for Davis.

    The smart thing would be to just bench Boozer. But, we all know who’s likely to get thrown under the bus, lol.

  809. It’s official. Kobe is worse than Harden. BS is as bad as McHale. And Mitch has done nothing to protect Lin’s interests. At this stage LA is worse than Houston.

  810. bs only play Jlin to make him looks bad… if the opposite is happening , he then benched Jlin….. bs will not allow the Jlin that beat the hornets to ever reappear again

  811. Thanks! I’ll add to video gallery

  812. Every time Lin does a play like this, I should shout out “EXORCIST MOVE!”

    Coach George Karl who’s a big time Lin fan said that John Stockton and Steve Nash would do at least one unbelievable play a game where Karl’s head spun around like in the “Exorcist” movie.

    How Lin split those three defenders is beyond me. EXORCIST MOVE!

  813. Most welcome sight to see. Don’t care how it will happen, only want JLin does well.

  814. Somebody should exorcise those “demons” in the Lakers coaching staff then. Start with Byron. I’ll bring the sage and candles.

  815. Vintage Linsanity right there…Lin like a running back, finding daylight somehow and weaving through the defense to the goal. Amazing shot especially the way he contorts his body.

  816. very true. BScott saw Price made 2 3s in the past 2 games so he might be misguided thinking Price will be a 3PT threat. He made 1-4 today

  817. During Linsanity, away games always felt like home games. Lakers can have that too if they just let Jeremy do his thing out there…

  818. Jeremy was quoted as saying he still believes this team can make the playoffs. He sounds like Don Quixote.

  819. If Byron benches Lin for Price, I don’t think Lin will sign with the Lakers next season.
    And we know Kobe isn’t serious about mentoring Lin as the next “championship PG” because Kobe has the power to say to Byron I want Lin to play next to me.

    We’re about to learn 2 big TRUTH soon!
    Knowing is always good.

  820. BS must really hate these guys for cramping his style when it comes to Jeremy. Good that our boy played great just before BS setting him up to come off the bench.

  821. Your problem is that the camera didn’t pan lower!

  822. Well Jeremy and Davis said hi to the Spurs coaching staff on their last game at Staples and one of the Mavericks assistant coaches was “dragging” him towards their locker room…. so…

    LOL yeah. I’m speaking way ahead of the future.

  823. Tanking is definitely the worse strategy for LAL conveniently located so close to many movie stars. The young Buss probably thought that by outsourcing the team to Kobe, they are able to close their eyes and plug their ears for two years and reemerge as a contender in the 3rd season. This retirement show is already turning off everyone after 15 games let alone for two seasons.

  824. I don’t care about the lower part… in public.

  825. I think we’ve already known since Lin was benched in the 4th Q despite scoring a DD.

  826. It’s weird, I would think Byron would be thinking of sending Boozer and Wes to the bench. Price is not an alternative but the way he plays Price for so many minutes and how he almost had Price start the season makes it look like he’ll put Price in the starting lineup. And if he moves Davis to start, the sensible thing is to keep Lin in as the PnR connection.

  827. Deja vu. I think something like that happened the last game vs WAS.

  828. Sample size too small to infer.

  829. Kobe is under contract for next season as well. And Jeanie talked about re-signing him after that. The Lakers can never be competitive with Kobe on the team.

  830. Kobe plays almost 40 min. So, make no sense.

  831. Fine, then @bluebell will be Lin Xiaoyu. 🙂

  832. Yeah, it’s also pretty obvious that BS used some voodoo to get his job. Exorcise that away as well!

  833. Agree totally.

  834. But most of us wanted Lin out of Houston right? Most of us wanted Lin anywhere but Houston. I’ve always said its better for Lin to go somewhere that suits him better. Being in a team that dosen’t do him any good dosen’t help much. I had a feeling something like this would happen esp when playing with Kobe. I thought things would have changed but nope, still the same story with this Laker squad.

    Anyhow at least Lin isn’t being trashed as bad as he was in Houston. At least I’m not seeing too much of it.

  835. Kobe thinks he will be remembered for scoring more points than MJ. The truth is that the chorus of snickering in front of Kobe’s back is growing louder and louder.

    MDA was chased out of LA for a losing and was blamed for injuries by his system, yet he’s record last year so far is much better. He is so myopic right now that with yes men around him, all he is getting is advice he wants to hear. Kobe is heading into a corner that he won’t be able to get out of and end his career as the most hated Laker ever for selfishly putting himself above the team.

  836. Guess Scott’s secret weapon Ronnie Price is going to take over as the starting PG soon. Price had a very average game by his standard making 30% of his FG (31.9% season average) and 25% of his 3PT (25.9% season average). At least he is going to make Kobe look good by consistently shooting a lower FG% than Kobe!

  837. Mitch is still better than Morey, and LA media better than Houston propaganda industry.

  838. Do you think Karl would really make a big difference with this team? This team looks hopeless. Lol

  839. I agree with you, and I see it. That’s the one thing that’s good about all this.

  840. No, it not wise. Kobe will be remembered for tanking his team to score more points than MJ.

  841. As I suspected, everything is under Kobe for two seasons so the coach faces no pressure from the management.

  842. They still got them clippers though.

  843. He had to get out of Houston because it could have gotten even worse in the third and final year. But what’s happening now with BS Kobe is surreal and unexpected. Lin looks miserable.

  844. Mitch may be better than Morey but it’s hard to tell. Morey had power. Mitch doesn’t seem to be doing anything to help Lin get treated fairly. If he lets BS start Price over Lin, then forget about it.

  845. I agree w you. If Lakers put Lin to bench then I believe Lin will be traded soon… All the Lakers problems all came from Kobe… Like today, after he entered the game in 4Q by himself… they lose even more…?! smh!

  846. Good that you still have “faith” with Kobe. Give him up about a month ago especially after JLin first double double.

  847. wes can play like crap day in day out. all they say is defense and its ok

  848. every game… the Lakers’ aroma is getting worse… from perfume initially … now it is getting close to a water treatment plant

  849. The Rox managed to convince people that Bev deserved to start over Lin. Will anyone believe that Price beat Jeremy out of the starting position?

  850. Who would replace Wes? Ellington?

  851. Nick Young?

  852. Young’s too small really to play SF. He’s a shooting guard.

  853. young is listed as a sf

  854. It boggles my mind that Price, a guy who was that close to being cut a week or two ago, is probably going to be the new starting PG. It’s bizarro world in L.A.

  855. is he? He sure is small for a SF.

  856. idc at this point let kobe bail himself out. lin young bench could be fun.love the way the bench plays. not slow and pathetic

  857. I don’t know… I really think it will be Boozer who will be benched. Too optimistic?

  858. you think it’s going to be great for Lin to get 15-20 minutes a game? Did you forget how awful it was for Lin to come off the bench last season?

  859. He subs in for Wes…

  860. youuuu …

  861. true. I still don’t think they move Young to the starting line-up, but really, who knows what BS is going to do.

  862. he is 6’7 listed same height as wes. well he is listed at that height

  863. I think if Lin really becomes a bench his playing time will be just like today… that sure not good for him.

  864. well my point is lakers will be even more crap. so let kobe get scott fired

  865. out to where?

  866. meeee….

  867. yup. Price the golden boy will get 30 to 35 minutes, and Lin will be lucky to get more than 20 minutes a game.

    This is all bad. 🙁

  868. That’s 6’7 with the hair, lol. That’s an extra two inches. 😀

  869. lol

  870. scott has been horrible as a coach so i can’t tell what his scrub behind will do

  871. that’s why he is trying to get Kobe extension after two years too.

  872. i used to say scott is not crazy enough to start price. now i know he definitely is

  873. He’ll be fine. Might do better with Swaggy, will do better with Davis. It’s a hopeless season anyway.

  874. I don’t think so, it is more likely to start Ellington instead of Price. Price has no 3s, and that would not help Kobe.

  875. Longer Laker highlights video for tonight’s game …

  876. highlight or low light

  877. basically someone was asking or hinting to see if anyone of them know in advance..and if one did..that means the pg position will change.. and they say go as BS about it as they have no dmn clue.

  878. Was his mpg better than Bev last season? I can’t remember. I’m sure Lin will play a lot still. Probably more than price.

    *edit* nvm; PB 31mpg Lin like 28mpg.

  879. why would haters upset he was bench?

  880. Mychal Thompson from ESPNLA said Rondo would be a great fit because he is a pass first guard… who wouldn’t want to play with a PG who will focus on passing rather than shooting.
    He must have forgotten Rondo shot 18 times.
    A Martinez again blaming Jeremy for poor defense as if all of Rondo’s 12 points were scored on Lin. He also defends BScott’s coaching. This guy is just unbelievable. lol.

  881. what lol if its that it like doing nothing with slow boozer back there.but if it means lin plays with the bench as well ill be happy but again I’m expecting the worse with scott

  882. I think that guy is being serious, but he’s clueless. He’s the guy who said Jordan Hill is the second best Laker this season.

  883. IMO, Boozer will most likely be benched.

  884. Lin and Bev each averaged close to 30 MPG. BS always said the starter will play the bulk of the minutes. Some think BS will start Ellington over Lin. Then Lin needs to share minutes with Price and Clarkson. Next stop the Twilight Zone.

  885. The biggest mistake Lin made was to declare that he believes the Lakers could still make the playoffs. Kiss of death Jereemy…off to them Enoch with ya.

  886. The pattern has not been a team gets worse after Lin leaves, but better. Lin leaves the Knicks, next season they are good. Lin leaves the rockets, they are now one of the top teams in the league. If Lin goes to the bench do not be surprised if the starters play better. I don’t think lin dragged those teams down, rather the superstars lin played with were not comfortable sharing the spotlight with Lin. Once lin sits the superstars play better team basketball. If you share the ball with other players they may make a good shot. You share the ball with Lin then you share the whole crowd because the fans get excited. Ball hogs like melo, harden, and Kobe do not like to share the crowd. They are not Duncan or Lebron,

  887. If Lin is going to play more than Price, what’s the point of benching him?

  888. ignore. also 12 points we lost i think 113 lol thats a 100 points. also lin played 19 minutes

  889. A lot of people are saying Kobe and Hill won’t be part of the line up change. Most likely be Wes, Boozer, or Jeremy.

  890. I know why he said Hill is the second best Lakers player that was base on his stats… right now it’s Young.

  891. He is supposed to be there for defense for kobe.

  892. I agree with that. Hill and Kobe are definitely starting. Of the other three, we’ll have to wait and see.

  893. These people changed all the time… no need to care… all BS!!!

  894. The conclusion was written before the season started. The lakers will suck because they have no talent other then Kobe. They will lose and Kobe will score. This is a self fulfilling prophecy. No one will blame Kobe if the lakers lose and he scores, that’s what all the pundits said should happen.

    They are dead wrong. Kobe hogging is killing any chance to win.

  895. I don’t think so bc if they really put Lin to bench all bc Kobe then you just count how many min Kobe will be on the court then the rest will go to Lin if he is a bench.

  896. For his defense, maybe. But with BScott not so keen in Lin plus his favorite not scoring 0 pts, it might be the best time to change the lineup.

    There will be an outcry for sure if Lin is benched for Price.
    The numbers are just not there.

    We need to come up with pre-emptive comparison to show how ludicrous that decision will be.

  897. I thought la was a classier organization than the rockets and they are in certain respects but letting kobe run roughshod all over them like this is too much. These unspeakable things keep happening to Lin, including no foul calls to say the least yet he keeps his integrity and remains humble.

  898. No worries. I don’t care. Just sharing what I heard on the radio while driving back home from work 😉

  899. The worst case scenario would be Lin and Boozer to the bench, and Price (or Ellington) and Davis to start.

  900. Their job is to say what the fans want to hear to favor the franchise. Rondo a pass first but Kobe is no catch and shoot, you don’t earn credit for assist from that.

  901. I don’t have faith in good-hearted Kobe, just business-minded Kobe.

    If Kobe likes Lin, it’s because of his popularity in Asia which will help Kobe Inc after Kobe retires. So it’s a business motivation for Kobe.

  902. Follow Robin Lundberg‏@robinlundberg
    If you’ve never seen Carlos Boozer play defense, than you are just like everyone else.


  903. I guess you and I are both wrong about LA.

  904. man.. so disappointing that I have to go back and was his break out games with the nets and that run he had.

  905. That would be logical to have Lin-Davis PnR as a threat next to Kobe.
    But I’m also wary of BS-Price unreasonable connection.

  906. Great point! So they should trade Lin ASAP.

  907. younge has a 40 percent shooting percentage. 1 better then kobe

  908. my five game prediction: 0 for 1.

    I dropped in for the 3 min stint. I was amazed Went out to dinner, came back and saw no minutes for Lin in Q4. Was is garbage time like that game before where game was 20 pts down and Lin was done, or was this just weird?

    Anyway, I might be 0 for 2 Sunday and then Mod will bench me. I’m convinced they are tanking now, not willing to go with the hot hand and plan for it during halftime with LAL only 5 down (something like that).

  909. Well, not a lot of people will care if Boozer gets benched but Jeremy on the other hand… Let’s see how the Lakers organization will handle this…

  910. Can’t blame a guys wanting job security. LOL

  911. what i saw is lin gave up on scotts system and drove. may be why he was bench for giving up on scotts play through the big style

  912. Thanks but just so mad about these idiots. smh!

  913. I think Lin was mad too… BS let Lin played so less min… smh!

  914. the guys has a show at 1 in the mourning whose listen. pfv has more twitter fans then him.

  915. Great! Finally some reporters did tell the truth.

  916. Scott killed lin’s rhythm.

  917. Making us tune in on Sunday to hear about the roster changes is very soap opera like.

  918. I really believe his time will come

  919. any time now. jk. he is developing a lot so it will

  920. BS as bad as McHale now. After promoting Price on Sunday, only piece missing is the 0.9s loss and the journey will be complete.

  921. worse. atleast mchale had in game adjustment. scott has none

  922. New PostGame Thread+Analysis.
    There are only 2 explanations for BScott’s bizzare player rotation in the last 6 min.


  923. I have already placed BS as #31 out of 30 NBA teams few weeks ago. Before the game, I said I would like to see what other stunts BS and Kobe would pull in this game. Here we are!!!! More are coming unless “chronos” takes Kobe and BS out of NBA. Otherwise, I would like JLin to go to any other teams except Lakers and R. Preferably to a team with a coach who truly believes him, uses his strengths and develop to be a better pg.

  924. wait y was he mad

  925. ppl say he was mad ?? how? the highlights did not show his expressions

  926. Post to new thread.

  927. everyone…Please join me to pray for Jlin to be with the Mavs by the TD this year or next year…. Thank You in advance Lord…Amen

  928. the lakers and BS have ruined my week end…. idiots!!!

  929. Still got Sunday until it’s Completely RUINED!

  930. No, Karl would not make a difference.

    He’d fight with Kobe and them Kobe would instigate another team mutiny.

  931. Not bizarre if their true goal is to tank and then try to re-sign Lin to a cheaper contract.

  932. I feel that the Lakers are hoping to devalue Lin’s stock enough that others won’t give him any offers so they can snatch him up for cheap.

    I feel this is evident based on how the LA media treats Lin. They don’t want to alienate him, and what him to feel this isn’t his fault. Heck, they might be even telling him in private that this is all Kobe and that Kobe will be retiring soon.

    Basically they want to rebuild and get Lin for cheap.

  933. Heard Monta Ellis doesn’t like Lin since GSW days so I doubt Lin will go there.

  934. Yes one of the assistant coaches pretty much tackled Lin in a friendly way which was awesome!

  935. I don’t know. I don’t think it matters if he is bench or not if its going to be that way. Price is a worser player than Bev though, and Lin is a whole lot better than Price. I really can’t see him playing more mins than Lin.

  936. A. Martinez is not too bright. But he’s like those that don’t realize theyre not too bright.

  937. And if he does play more mins than Lin, then this team is in absolute idgaf tank mode, let’s lose at all costs but help Kobe break scoring records.

  938. But both Chandler’s do!

  939. Doesn’t help Lin if Ellis is the one in charge of ball handling duties.

  940. They will not because they like Lin’s market value.

  941. That is why I don’t think he will be fired.

  942. What is “chronos” mean? You used that quite a few times and i have no clue at all. Mind to explain? Thanks!

  943. And Shaq said his wife divorced him because of that! LOL!

  944. You can tell when he was high fiving Kobe and teammates after the foul and and 1 with only 2:45 minutes left to play in 2nd quarter.

  945. LOL I can’t believe my exaggeration of BS only changing after 20 loses was almost correct! It was after 20 games with 15 losses before BS decides to make changes to lineup. But I have a feeling that change will be idiocy again.

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