Game 20 Charlotte Hornets vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin Has 2nd Best Effective FG% for NBA Point Guards

Jeremy Lin continued to impress with another strong performance in the Hawks vs Celtics game resulting in his first double-double of the season (19 points and 10 assists). He also finished with 3 steals, 5 rebounds, efficient shooting (6-10 shooting, 2-4 from 3-point line).

Lin has scored the most points for Atlanta Hawks in 6th of the last 10 games which highlights his excellent performance in November.

And Jeremy Lin is currently ranked 19th in NBA for eFG% (59.2%). Jeremy Lin is the 2nd-best-ranked Point Guard in the NBA for eFG% after Steph Curry (64.6%).

Best NBA Team for Jeremy Lin in Possible Trades

The Atlanta Hawks are in pseudo-tanking mode in hope of getting Zion Williamson in 2019 NBA Draft so they don’t need Jeremy Lin’s services to win and would rather develop young players and still losing a lot of games.

Will Jeremy Lin’s strong performance attract more interest from NBA teams who has current need for starting Point Guards (i.e. Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic) and backup Point Guards (i.e. Philadelphia 76ers, New Orleans Pelicans)? The Magic, 76ers, and Pelicans might be contending for the playoff so a strong playoff performance would help to increase his market values for a new contract in 2019. But on the other hand, a starting Point Guard position in Magic and the Suns will help to create a stability for a long-term position for Jeremy. Combined with the familiarity to Steve Clifford (former Hornets coach), it seems Orlando Magic might be the best destination for Jeremy Lin if they show interest to trade for him in December-February timeframe.


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    “I’m getting back to being confident and trusting myself,” Lin said. “When I get out there on the floor, I don’t really think too much. I just play and trust my instincts. Obviously, there’s film work and things that I’m always trying to work on, but when I get out there, I just try to have a ton of fun, and get lost in the game.”

    While the outside noise appears to be building, Lin said that the key to Young climbing out of the slump was to keep his composure on the floor.

    “I think [he] needs to keep staying patient, let the game come to you,” Lin said. “Obviously, there’s a balance between imposing your will on the game, and letting your game come to you. It’s a tough balance to strike, and teams are gunning for him right now, which is difficult.”

    During the week-long period where Young stayed in a gym twice after games to put up more shots, Lin said he doesn’t fear for the rookie’s future.

    “He loves the game, he truly wants to be great,” Lin said. “He has an unbelievable confidence about him. Honestly, I’m not even that worried about him. I’m thinking [that] he’s going to be just fine. He’s going to be a great NBA player in this league. He’s already shown big-time, big-time flashes and glimpses. What a lot of people were saying about him early on when he got drafted in Summer League, I think a lot of people are realizing they’re wrong.”

    “I just try to be the best role model I can be, try to make my fans proud, and try to do things the right way,” Lin said. “My fans have been with me through a lot of tough stuff. I know they always have my back, and that makes it easier for me.”

    “I like the city a lot,” he said. “It’s really nice, actually. It’s a lot better than what I thought it was going to be. There’s a lot to do, a lot of great food, and a lot of great people.”

    “We have to stick together, play together,” Lin said. “We have to play for each other. I think [that we] have to hang our hat on playing harder than the other team, and I think that starts on the defensive end. Everything else kind of flows from there.”

  2. NBA scouts already have 8 years worth of data, shot selection, videos, and scouting reports on Lin. They can throw those scouting reports out the window…

    The scouting report on Lin used to be: crowd the paint, double team him early to force Lin to make a turnover, let Lin shoot mid-range shots, and put a hand in his face for 3s.

    Teams didn’t expect Lin to be taking and making so many mid-range shots this season, pump fakes under the rim (Lin usually drives into defenders looking for contact and does a layup – not nearly as much anymore), and being able to make 3s at such an efficient rate. Lin added more tricks and skills to his already huge bag of tools this season… mainly because he was forced to, due to recovering from the knee injury.

    The fact is, Lin can hit anywhere on the floor now: long-range, mid-range, floaters, layups, catch and shoot, pull-ups, shots in the paint, shots in transition (his favorite), under the rim shots, etc. No team can stop Lin when he’s “on.” He simply has way too many offensive tools to be defended against. Even if you double team Lin, he’ll find the open man more often than not, leading to an easy basket. This is what makes Lin so dangerous right now and why he’s on a hot streak.

  3. Young TY should place his focus on stopping Kemba. Play defense and the rest will come to you but don’t let Kemba go off for 40 points

  4. my wish is for him to stay healthy and have FUN playing!

  5. I’m hoping for another great game today against the Hornets. Lin was pumped the previous Hornets game. I thought Lin put together his first aggressive game last time in Charlotte, from start to finish.

    That’s the key to Lin’s success: start and remain aggressive. Doesn’t matter if shots don’t fall early, keep shooting. We saw it the last 2 games against the Raptors and Celtics. Hopefully we’ll see it again today as well.

  6. Now that Jlin is back and is being recognized again other teams will be planning for him. This is where when the other team focuses their efforts on him that Jlin’s teammates can be the beneficiary. Jlin is a vet now who can handle this focus now and make adjustments whereas during Linsanity he did not. If he can get a couple of teammates hot CHA will have to stop them and when they do that pressure relaxes on Jlin to be on the offense.

  7. Jeremy and Vince seem very comfortable with one another.

    Being vets, and the generally poor play of the team, has likely brought them together to talk about what they can do to help.

  8. CHA will be ready for Jlin and it will be up to ATL to adjust. Can LP coach? We will see

  9. His ceiling seems to be even lower than no playoff Kemba.

  10. Exactly! Stay confident and aggressive.

    “When I get out there on the floor, I don’t really think too much… I just try to have a ton of fun, and get lost in the game.”

    No one on the Hawks is playing very well and many are outright atrocious lately, but they’re still throwing up shots with misguided confidence. Jeremy is by nature a team player, so he’s always going to try and get his teammates involved. But that shouldn’t preclude him from taking a good share of the scoring opportunities.

  11. That’s too much to expect from a rookie. Defense is a team effort. Trae (and many of the other Hawks for that matter) just needs to start paying attention to his defensive responsibilities. I think many of the younger players are focused on trying to push on the offensive end and lack attention on their defensive positions.

  12. Lloyd Pierce wants Lin to score. It’s apparent based on his post-game remarks. He talked of Lin making shots and plays. So Lin has the green light and I hope Lin continues to play as he has in the last two games.

  13. That is my point. TY is not focusing on defense. A lot of defense is just effort. He needs to put more effort into D and if he doesn’t with Kemba he will get lit up….again

  14. Trae needs help as well. Dedmon has to step up, Baze has to be more consistent and Prince has to play defense and not just pretend to do so. Switching is important too and communication. Plus energy. It’s a team thing on the first unit and Baze should be setting the tone, then Dedmon. TY can do but so much and has to do more, but he’s not the only culprit.

  15. Jeremy Lin on being thankful, Trae Young’s slump and ending the losing streak

    The veteran point guard is grateful for getting his confidence back, and having a large support system. Lin also opens up about his perspective on Trae Young’s struggles, and what it’s going to take for the Hawks to win more games.

  16. if lin can get to 14 ppg in 23 minutes. ill be so happy

  17. Possible caption

    Vince, “What’s this I heard about man-groupie?” 😅

  18. Agreed, This should be the number 1 priority for this year.

  19. Kemba will feast on Trae with his combination of speed, quickness along with his experience and confidence. Once Trae sits and Lin goes in, Kemba will be stopped by Lin’s great defence. The difference will be dramatic.

  20. The first unit is like deer caught by headlights. They are so scared now that they are already worried about what the other team is doing to them instead of focusing on what they need to do to make a difference.

  21. Baze is “available.” Guess Baze don’t want to lose his starting role…

  22. If Baze is truly injured, forcefully playing will make it worst we’ll see.

  23. We don’t know if he’s injured or not. He got cleared by Hawks to play, so it must not be too bad of an ankle sprain.

  24. Psst 15PPG, that’s the starting PG minimum but we all know his minutes are limited so…14PPG would be amazing.

  25. CHA? Lol Without Parker? Good luck. They can no longer clog the lane with Lin now able to shoot 3s with a defender in front of him. Pick your poison!

  26. So I guess Trae is still the starting PG? Pierce didn’t announce any line-up changes has he?

  27. we knew this going in

  28. That’s why he’s riding that bike, keep knee muscles loose to avoid injury. Honestly he should do that for the rest of his career. Helps him shoot better too.

  29. Bazemore injury would’ve allowed Lin to start as SG but Baze is available.

  30. Well I’m more concerned with Trae needing to come off the bench instead of starting than Baze’s starting job… At some point coach needs to give this a shot. It’s clear as day now that Trae’s confidence is very rattled.

  31. Here is some data on the Hornets’ roster, sorted by minutes per game :
    – Seven of the players were with the team when Jeremy was there,
    – Nick Batum is getting a lot of minutes (comparatively) but not scoring much,
    – Frank Kaminsky has gotten 10 DNPs this year (and 1 ‘inactive’)


  32. He has made 10 assists in the last game and his teammates also earned free throws after receiving his passes which weren’t counted in the assist column. So Lin in fact was helping his teammates much more than the 10 assists shown.

    I have already lost confidence in Lloyd Pierce as a coach. He is pushing Trae Young too much, which if not now might backfire soon.

  33. Trae Young has already made Baz and Dedmon look bad. I hope Baz and Dedmon may be relieved by playing with Lin for a change.

  34. LP will get fired if he dare to start Lin

  35. as expected

  36. lmfao. Lin will not start at the 2. he will either start at the 1 or not at all

  37. LP will get fired if he dare to start Lin…

  38. baze is not a true pro…he is smart knowing it would be a disaster playing with the starters lol

  39. Scouting report affects Trae Young more than Lin. Lin’s wisdom on the court and his changes in the years have amended most of his weaknesses. Lin just takes what the defense gives him and feasts on them; driving, shooting 3s or midranges or passing to teammates for better shots. Jeremy can hurt the opposition in too many ways for the scouts to spot any weaknesses.

  40. LP is going to be fired by losing so many home games.

  41. one more hour to go….

    Let Trae start during intro then sub lin right away after 1st min hehe…actually sub the whole starters

  42. LP is trying to cover his weaknesses with the best players they have to stretch the floor. That leaves Alex Len, Justin Anderson, Bembry, plus old timers like Vince Carter and Plumlee to help Lin.

  43. I feel that Batum really has regressed since the Hornets gave him that nice contract and let go of Lin. I can’t help but thinking about the “what would’ve been” if Hornets have made the better choice of keeping Lin… Cos with Batum’s performance thus far, i’d say it is pretty easy finding a replacement for him…

  44. As usual, I pray for a blowout in Q1 again so Lin may have more than 20+ minutes on the court. Way to go kid! How many points will Hornets score in Q1? Wanna to guess! My bet is 35-40.

  45. im actually fine with this. i think Lin essentailly will take bazemores minutes. will come in quickly. heurter is just filler

  46. Yes, all five players on the court need to work together to defend. You double up on any player and they can burn you by finding the open man. So there’s a defensive scheme to counter that, but it’s definitely a very difficult task at NBA speeds even if everyone does their job. But it’s impossible if one or more of the players simply miss or ignore their assignment.

  47. Lin on Lamb is a win on D.

  48. yes Lin and Len and anderson… good combo and bembry is ok too but he’ll have to pass to Lin more

  49. When Lin steps on the court, fans will start cheering him on Linsanity!
    Trae Young will have a hard time against small PGs like Kemba.

  50. LP was hired to lose games
    Schlenk was hired to lose games

    Both of them are very effective – they might get large Christmas bonus gifts

  51. Psalm requested it…

  52. I messed it up a bit… should’ve been “male-groupie.” Oh well.

  53. Kemba played Trae once this season and took 22 shots and scored 29 points

    Kemba is in contract season, just like JLIN, the Hornets scouting staff and Kemba know Trae and will feast on Trae tonight as Kemba takes 15 shots in the first half to try to blowout ATL before the 3rd quarter and take a rest before their back to back game tomorrow.

    Only JLIN can put a wrench in the works again

  54. Note that of all of the core rotation players who have mostly been uninjured only JLIN has NOT started even once this season…

    … and barring injury to Trae or more than 1 starter, JLIN never will start for this team imo

  55. Baz will work with Lin to save his confidence.

  56. Lin will not be responsible for the loss. The bench will outscore the starters as usual. Just wanna see how big a hole that the starters are allowed to make before LP plays the bench.

  57. like i said i dont think lin start at the 2

  58. Baz doesnt have a confidence issue – Baz has a effort and attitude issue vis-a-vis the tanking strategy

  59. In another words, No Lin starting. But using word scared, this is not a good coach.

  60. Pierce feeling the heat, but still lying and making excuses for not starting Lin.

    The excuse this time… putting Lin and Trae together would cause a defensive liability. Uh no Pierce, Trae is the liability on both defense and offense.

  61. Pierce will have every excuse inthe book to not start JLIN

  62. The only thing JLIN is responsible for in these games is that the blowout was not by a 40 point margin

  63. Just watch the future splash brothers splashing.

  64. … Pierce feels no heat whatsoever … he doesn’t answer to the fans …

    Pierce knows why he was brought (though many fans here still can’t comprehend) to ATLANTA and he is executing the plan

  65. He feels the heat from the Hawks media and broadcasters. The players as well. Players don’t want to play with Trae and aren’t giving their best efforts out on the court when they play with Trae.

    Pierce has said before that players earn their roles and minutes. Everyone knows he is full of S now.

  66. I am OK with Lin not starting. Just stay healthy and gradually get to 100%. Play garbage time and get some stats. Eventually Hawks has to deal with this PG issue if Young keeps struggling, which i think he will because of his limitations, no size, no defense, no experience. Lin will be traded to not to causing any PG controversy.

  67. I thought the broadcasters get approval to state certain things from the Atlanta front office? I can point to where you alluded to this last game.

  68. Well certainly JLIN will not start, barring devastating injury of the existing starters, but there will likely be no starting PG issue as JLIN will be traded and Trae can be at peace in his role of “develpment”

  69. Yeah, what’s your point? They’re putting the heat on Pierce to answer these questions about the starting lineup. Maybe the front office wants Pierce to put Lin in to help Trae out, but Pierce is refusing to do it for whatever reason.

  70. Perhaps Pierce refuses because the owners/management/front office told him to REFUSE … but that would be too apparent of an explanation

  71. Trae has his unit;
    JLIN has his unit;

    As long as Pierchlenk does not mix JLIN and Trae, the performance statistics between the 2 units will continue to widen as JLIN further familiarizes his unit with how JLIN wants to run his squad…

    … this is only good for JLIN’s trade and future value

  72. Or perhaps Pierce refuses because he pulls the entire starting lineup and/or Trae out early in games anyway and Trae is merely a starter in name only… like he’s been doing for the past week. Why move Bazemore to play with Lin, then?

    But that would be too apparent of an explanation for someone who doesn’t even watch games and only comes here to troll, spew hot takes, and know-it-all predictions all day, everyday.

  73. The answer is simple. Trae is supposed to be the franchise player but he’s not producing. If he puts Lin with the starting five…second five will be atrocious plus they will look bad if they are winning with Lin. It’s ok guys…we just hope he’ll get traded to a real NBA team and not this college team. BTW even if Lin plays with the starters…it’s not going to work because their starting five is already bad. He can Lin start over Trae because management won’t let him do that.

  74. Say whatever ad hominem; and other stuff that makes you feel better, haha

  75. As long as Young is healthy, which I think he will be, he will start. Nobody will get hurt playing 20+ mins that easily. Trust me.

  76. staggered minutes

  77. Not surprised. Anyone but Lin.

  78. There were and will be games where Trae gets lucky and there is no early blowout, in those games Trae will still get 35 minutes and JLIN will get 10 min

  79. yes…I like his unit a lot better…but i would prefer collin playing with the second unit. Bazemore is smart playing with the 2nd five knowing it’s a better unit

  80. staggered with Prince no thanks. Or trae no thanks lol

  81. prince yea i dont like that

  82. Oh, so you don’t have a witty troll response to my questions now?

    Why is Pierce supposedly demoting Baze to play with Lin and moving the inferior player Huerter to play with the “starters?” Why is Baze, a starter for the Hawks for the past few seasons and the highest paid player OK with this?

    How come Pierce pulls Trae early to allow Lin to play with the starting lineup? Why did Lin get starter minutes and Trae get bench minutes the past week?

  83. yeah as soon as Trae is doing good…they’ll all forget about Jlin

  84. can you imagine playing with trae you have to guard two people instead of one.

  85. Baze is a immature veteran. Lol

  86. lol. i dont think lin will start at the 2. if he start trea has to be benched

  87. 🤮

    I feel bad for Collins and Dedmon.

  88. Lin looking good / ready during shoot around.

  89. Your belligerant responses — degrade yourself … there is no need for me to degrade you further

    Read my posts, I’ve repeated answered the questions you’ve posed (or try to really think and you might even come up with the answers yourself)

  90. LOL, I miss read the headline: The Alternative Hawks Stating Five, Haha

  91. this starting five is so bad except collin

  92. are you at the game win ? = )

  93. LOL OK buddy, keep trolling, talking ish, and thinking you know everything that’s going on behind closed doors. You can’t respond to me with logic and reasoning.

  94. LOL

  95. No but league pass is showing the shoot around. Alex Len is practicing soccer lol

  96. I’ve been asked by some who desperately wish to understand: Why JLIN gets so many minutes? (starters level minutes) I’ve answered in many posts repeatedly but I will say again here and now:

    This is because Pierchlenk does NOT want to get blown out by 40 points in their rebuild (anytime you see the word rebuild : read TANKING) … you will notice that JLIN has brought the starter back from huge deficits quarter after quarter afater quarter …

  97. Haha he will just hide behind screens as usual pretending to fight thru

  98. When Young Chucks up a 3 and misses, you all have to run back against the fast break before the game is broken apart.

  99. Is normal, he is only 19 and he has all the right to be upset on the poor performance. Again it is on the coach and the FO

  100. Clueless as usual. Smh

  101. You have my vote. By the way, Lin is going to be the sixth man of the year soon.

  102. JLIN used to take 1000 practice shots per day

    … JLIN stopped doing that this season and is now the 2nd best FG% guard in the NBA recently

    Trae might learn something from JLIN but he wont

  103. Collin needs to play a lot worse from now on. I am not exactly looking forward to this.

  104. With both Young and Lin playing 20+ !

  105. Sweet, the good quality streamer is using the Hawks feed tonight…

  106. It seem Lin is in a good mood, maybe we can expect another double double form Lin 🙂

  107. Triple-double! 🤗

  108. A lot of S already! Indeed.

  109. Giving Bazemore to Lin to save the game. Next one down , Dedmon.

    The undrafted trio finally gets to play together and that will ruin the effort to tank with big comebacks every game.j

  110. Nic Batum lol, Hornets biggest mistake.

  111. I think Kemba is gonna destroy Trae….

  112. Oh my, that arena is empty.

  113. Appears that Trae’s coach/shooting coach/practice rebounder is his dad — glad the kid is getting some support, but you might think it would benefit Trae to use the services of a professional shooting coach in the extra practice he’s doing.

  114. Even Prince made the 3, it still a bad shot, he give a easy layup for it.

  115. Marv with back to back 3s.

  116. TO # 1

  117. Trae with an early missed 3, then turns the ball over, that turned into an easy basket for the Hornets. Pierce with early timeout.

  118. that was utterly despicable of a pass – unbelievably lax

  119. How many time LP called a early time out already? Lol

  120. On track for another negative stats filled night

  121. you can tell trey feeling a ton of pressure

  122. It almost feels like Pierce is secretly wanting to destroy Young and give him PTSD…

  123. TO # 2

  124. Batum sucks

  125. If Trae keep on shoot this loooong 3, he will be out of the league very soon.

  126. I don’t think Lin will get much play time TY plays well.

  127. Knew sooner or later Trae’s 3s would fall.

  128. Trae playing well tonight so far.

  129. trea taking bad threes. they wont fall forever

  130. Wasn’t a good shot at all.

  131. I didn’t say it was a good or bad shot. But he made 2 3s tonight. Law of averages.

  132. Couldn’t agreed more

  133. 1st off the bench my ……

  134. Sheesh… 31 feet shot…? Keep taking those and you’ll shoot yourself to the bench..

  135. Lin in

  136. Well I am sure. Even I can make a few back in the day.

  137. Lin assist.

  138. Ast # 1

  139. Lamb is getting better. Glad to see

  140. Lin hasn’t taken a shot yet…

  141. I think he looks a bit stiff so far. Needs to look for his shot. Not really keeping up with Kemba on D either.

  142. JLIN is so passive the first 3 quarters of this game against Charlotte – he’s not gonna get any minutes at this rate

  143. one major issue. baze and bremby now have the ball meaning lin has the balll less

  144. He’s been getting screened and his guys aren’t helping when he gets screened.

  145. i didnt see that

  146. Lin may be passive if TY plays well.

  147. What is Bazemore doing?

  148. Great D by Lin!

  149. Did Lin block Kemba’s shot?

  150. Not sure but at least stopped the fast break.

  151. Lin out

  152. NBA show one block 🙂

  153. I thought i saw 2 A for lin now i see one

  154. JLIN is so passive the first 3 quarters of this game against Charlotte – keeps getting pulled for being too passive

  155. Hawks looking like they want to win this one.

    Lin’s looking a bit awkward out there. 2 turnovers and no points in the 1st Q.

  156. I think LP pull Lin out because of his 2 TO. Lin was great on defense tho.

  157. goal for this game is to shut down Lin….he’s doing too well for Hawk’s taste. Time for Trae to shine this game

  158. I think Lin did pretty good on defense.

  159. they didn’t put anderson in…instead let Prince and Baze play with Lin hahaha

  160. i cant wait till lin off this team

  161. worst lineup

  162. Haha same here.

  163. In reality, JLIN is pulled because as always they want to give Trae any excuse to play minutes the instant Trae is even a bit lukewarm rather than his usual icecoldness

  164. Yup that too. Unless Trae is having a bad game then Lin will get extended minutes.

  165. Thinking: Can we make a guess how many points the starters lose before JLin enters the court? That will be an interesting guess…

  166. hawks tryng this game. lets see how long it last

  167. Kemba played the entire 1st Q.

  168. He does put in a lot of minutes.

  169. No Parker tonight.

  170. See what I mean by Kemba has gotten better at dishing? A few years ago he puts up a bad shot at the rim.

  171. He’s playing pretty well. 10/6 for the 1Q.

  172. Some haters here still call Kemba a fake star lol

  173. yep…they can’t let Lin shine

  174. This

  175. yeah….so that Lin won’t do good

  176. Anybody here think that JLIN would played more minutes if he had actively (rather than passively) scored a few points early (rather than zero points) despite JLIN having One turnover (other was wrongly officiated call) and Trae sinking some shots?

    I don’t but your mileage might vary

  177. Lin need to take the ball from baze

  178. yep,the only reason they let Lin play was to stop the embarrassment Trae created

  179. As long as Trae is performing, Lin’s minutes will be like here and there with spotted minutes

  180. Wow behind the back dribble – that’s worth another 25 starts

  181. trey seem to only be trying to score

  182. I just hope that when the Charlotte run comes to blow this open — that JLIN and his unit force the Hornets starters back on the FLOOR …

    … so the Hornets don’t get any cheap rest for their back to back tomorrow at JLIN’s team’s expense

  183. Lin in

  184. OK, Lin. Get the ball and shoot. Relax. Have fun.

  185. guys…the bad news is Lin is going to play with Prince.

  186. Ain’t that right … ha

  187. Not likely until Trae steps off the floor

  188. He won’t get the ball with Baze, Prince, and Trae out there.

  189. You know, Prince and Baze seem less likely to pass Lin the ball than Trae.

  190. Prince and Baze shoot when they touch the ball (which is 20% of the time, because Trea has the ball the other 80% —

    — Trae knows the ball comes back to him when passes to JLIN

  191. JLIN along with Trae goes …

    JLIN hand off the ball or pass to Trae —-> off to the corner with you JLIN

  192. Good job, Lin.

  193. What a pass by LIn!

  194. JLIN has helped stiffen up Trae’s unit on defense

  195. 22222222

  196. OK, it’ll be nice to see it on my feed when it catches up lol.

  197. Every minute that Trae is on the floor with JLIN increases Trae’s team worst PLUS/MINUS rating

  198. Good, Lin shooting now.

  199. Monk is pretty good.

  200. He’s good tonight. He’s up and down from what I’ve seen.

  201. Yup, gotta keep shooting.

  202. whose gardng him. i saw lin on kemba

  203. Lot of switching going on. Sometimes it is Lin, sometimes someone else. But right now, Lin’s guarding Kemba.

  204. trea very focused on scring his assist are way down

  205. funny Collin pass to Lin instead on trae for the outlet. They know who’s in charge. He shot the ball because no plays set for him

  206. Here’s Trae’s minute Playing Time formula:

    Each point scored = extra 5 minutes PT
    Each 3ptr scored = an entiire 12 minute quarter of PT

  207. Prince on the in-bound didn’t even look at Lin, only Trae.

  208. Trae out

  209. I hate Bazemore, tryin to take Lin out

  210. 2222

  211. Pierchlenk trying to have some of JLIN’s sheen and gloss rub off on Trae by giving them more minutes together than any game this season

  212. You are at least one 1.5 possession faster than mind. 🙂

  213. Good fast break Lin!

  214. Lin blocks his friend, Marvin!

  215. Bembry on fire!

  216. Linsanity “D”

  217. Lin playing solid defense on Kemba. Lin is cooking now.

  218. Lin is guarding Kemba so well .. forcing an out-of-balance jumper

  219. Lin knows Kemba too well

  220. Lin defense was good from the start!

  221. Linsani-D

  222. Haha yeah

  223. Bembry and Lin are playing well together.

    Hmm, Lin a bit short on that 3, lol.

  224. lin way under shot well call it a pass

  225. Can we change that air ball to an assist?

  226. Lin was so surprised getting a pass from Bembry .. that he airballed the 3 🙂

  227. Lol!!!

  228. Lol very possible. Or it was a pass maybe 🙂

  229. Lin’s crew has tied the game. Magic of Lin.

  230. JLIN willl insure that Charlottes Starter don’t have a walkover game tonight – as long as Trae doesn’t score too many points and JLIN gets some playing time

  231. lin with amazing defense

  232. Lin out

  233. One of Lin’s many specialty. 🙂

  234. see that they won’t let Jeremy close that’s BS

  235. Kemba is a good sport
    I wish I could see them play again

  236. That makes no sense. Lin was guarding Kemba great.

  237. yeah that’s dumb

  238. LP is clueless as usual.

  239. Jeremy knows he’s move.

  240. Goal is development and getting Zion not winning lol

  241. trey may be scoring a bit more but he still isnt playing good

  242. that’s dumb. I want to kick him

  243. Prince is a bit better today. Still don’t like his shot selection.

  244. Why is the Hornets scoring at will once Lin is out?

  245. Because he’s out.

  246. Bembry looks great today.

  247. If only Prince would play within the system instead of ballhogging, he’d be good and Hawks would suck less.

  248. like noone is guarding the paint area or play team D *sigh*

  249. I think he is on Team Lin now… he buys the system

  250. kemba 3-14. Lin should get all the credit. 10 in the 1st 0 in the second

  251. i agree he plays team ball even when lin out

  252. 4 pts / 4 Assist / 2 blocks in 11 mins, decent.

  253. yeah saw that

  254. i have a feeling trea will end u shooting his season avrage in percentage by the end of the game

  255. yeah. points more would be nice. But they’re not letting him score as much. Hornets knows how to defend Lin. Kemba was shaking his head like Jeremy won’t let me score hehe

  256. He really gotta work on his shot selection…

  257. Hoping Lin would make a few more shots early during his next court appearance. Pierce would only keep Lin in the game if Lin is shooting well and Trae is laying bricks well.

  258. bad news is LP is not letting Jeremy close the quarter.

  259. Yup. Lin’s defense was amazing in the 1st half.

  260. he tried more on defense. ill give him that but it went away as the game went along

  261. Haha … Yeah Jlin was caught off guard by the pass back . 🙂

  262. yes… i hope he’ll go crazy so he can stay in the game

  263. Hehe, that has been true from the beginning of the season. Hawks defenders don’t read the court at all. Lin always stopped the threat even before it happens. So his contribution is very invisible until he is out of the court 🙂

  264. Yes

  265. “DeAndre you ok!? Why you pass to me? You feeling unwell..?”

  266. Lin and trea lineup works. so thats god news. means more minutes for lin

  267. I think LP noticed the defense. Don’t know why he took Lin out the last minutes of the half. I don’t think Lin is in foul trouble.

  268. you think? I didn’t like it

  269. Wasted minutes for JLIN from a statistical perspective.

    Great for Trae and how the starting unit looks

  270. he doesn’t quite trust that line up fully

  271. i just want him out there. if he is he will ball

  272. JLIN organizes and plugs holes in defense and TIRES himself out for nothing

  273. loved jeremy’s defense on kemba. really miss this pair tho… lol. hopefully jeremy scores more in the 2nd half

  274. his defense is shining right now.

  275. yep….he’s doing all the dirty work

  276. yes…..he should look to score more…

  277. yep, I don’t like that

  278. lets see how much of a lead lin has to remve when he comes back in

  279. All sorts of muddying up of the lineups this game by Pierchlenk …

    … as a result there is no longer a clear cut Wide Disparity between the traditional starters and the bench unit

    … that’s a devious plan, Pierchlenk

  280. Isn’t it why we love this dude? bring some light in the darkness – play the right way for the team instead of playing for himself.

  281. in Plus/Minus I mean

  282. except for lin and whoever plays with him

  283. A 43 points Q1
    For Hornets

  284. I am only okay if Lin can control the ball for 50% of time with Trae. Lower than that, I am not happy. hehe.

  285. Lin takes pressure off Trae. Doesn’t help Lin at all, imo

  286. I missed the first half. Lin only took 5 shots in 11 minutes. He did have 4 pts and 4 asts, 3 rebs and 2 blks. Not bad.

    Did Lin take less shot in an attempt to let Young shine after his double-double performance last game?

  287. it took lin a while getting use to the new lineups. baze now is in the secon unit. trying to prove something

  288. Kemba 0-8 in 2Q. Mostly Lin guarding him.

  289. Thanks!
    Bazmore has 11 pts already. Perhaps Hawks is showcasing him.

  290. Batum sigh….

  291. he looks horrible

  292. Super overrated.

  293. Cho, the only Asian GM then let go of Lin to sign max for Batum…

  294. Dominique is getting all over Batum. Thinks he’s underachieving.

  295. Doesn’t he though? He’s gotten worse since Lin was on the team.

  296. I would have sign courtney lee instead, not saying courtney lee worth the max tho.

  297. Trae 3 for 5 at the 3.

  298. I think he’s playing well. A few TOs, but overall, pretty well.

  299. Back to 35 minutes for Trae
    10 mins for JLIN

  300. Marvin is shooting the ball well.

  301. where jeremy

  302. Whenever Lin is doing well and starters doing bad, I have a bad feeling about it. It’s all based on the previous teams. We’ll see how Hawks deal with Linsanity.

  303. Glad to see that. I like Marvin.

  304. Perhaps the line up change is Hawks’s way to prop up the starting PG!

  305. Yes folks as of this instant only JLIN has a POSITIVE plus/minus for the Hawks

  306. trea take horrible shots.

  307. Damn Marvin! Great shot!

  308. if he makes them i still feel hawks lose

  309. On the other hand Marvin took good 3s

  310. yep

  311. for 6 of the last 10 losses that has been the case indeed

  312. I feel Hawks did the lineup change so that Young would do better stats-wise.

    In other words, it is to prevent Lin from overplay the starting Young.

  313. You are correct, I agree

  314. Trae’s 3 is falling again. Good for him.

  315. The recent one was pretty good. At least not 30 feets away.

  316. Hawks playing well now.

  317. Hawks 3s are falling.

  318. Poor Vince, not even allowed to play 1 minute.

  319. Hawks shots are falling, Lin’s will not have much PT tonight

    I hate it, the coach only uses Lin to hide the embarrassment

  320. This is the best I can expect. Too many dramas in the past tool place and way worse than this scenario.

  321. That was a nice alley oop from Trae to Collins.

  322. There’s an example of Trae’s solid passing.

  323. Recall the Clippers game – prepare yourself for a replay.

    Hawks hanging around until the push from the opponent, since Trae had some success – then Pierce kept him in and the overwhelmed ATL

  324. Lin in

  325. 33333333333

  326. unforced stupid TO lin…

  327. It is unfortunately the reality for Lin. I don’t like it either.

    The team will use Lin’s defense ability or any other means to prop up the anointed “star” Young.

  328. dude what the heck that was a clean block

  329. idk, it seems LP was talking to Collins so maybe Lin expected Collins to be some place he wasn’t. Look like miscommunication to me.

  330. 3333333333333333333333333


  332. frank getting all the calls

  333. ball dont lie

  334. Nice step back 3.

  335. “Man, he is playing great basketball.” said the commentator of Lin!

  336. 222222222222222

  337. Dominique!

  338. Wth Is the Hawks and Hornets having a competiton on air ball?

  339. Great drive!

  340. Whew, nice drive and floaterish looking 2 by Lin.

  341. That what I call it a good TO.

  342. Most of Lin’s TOs are timing/miscommunication types.

  343. Too many TOs

  344. Who is on Monk, why leave him open?

  345. He’s getting good PT and he really produced 3Q. Be hopeful! Be happy!

  346. how many pts jeremy at?

  347. Lol. Both Lin and Young have 5 TOs at end of 3Q.

    Probably due to rotation change.

  348. JLin looks good out there. Lots of energy.

  349. First time seeing Trae cheer for Lin, good to know the rookie is turning around. Lin can only help make the game easier for him.

  350. 12 pts and 4 asts.

  351. 11th overall pick by Hornets 2 years ago. He was pretty bad his rookie year and this year too. Decides to get hot this game.

  352. one issue is the passing

  353. He’s feeling good about his game and he’s cheering his teammate now.

  354. I think Lin is pushing himself now to play faster with more confidence in his body and game. But his teammates still need get adjusted to a faster Lin, so does Lin himself.

  355. Wow, Bembry has 12 pts and 5 asts (1 more that Lin’s 4 asts)

  356. If Lin made that way beyond the arc end of quarter 3, you know Linsanity is light! lol Gotta praise Hornets they did a pretty good job guarding Lin’s 3s making it tougher for him to shoot them.

  357. I think Lin will play later in this quarter.

  358. He has been Lin’s partner off the bench and been a consistent producer the past few weeks.

  359. Bembry playing within himself, could make less reckless drives to the rim though, wasted 2 possession doing that.

  360. I am cool if Lin come in around 8-7 mins mark.

  361. Lin and Trae both have 5 turnovers tonight.

  362. I think 7-6.

  363. I think he benefits from playing with Lin who is unselfish and able to make his teammates better.

  364. passes too fast now that Lin’s playing at a faster pace…teammates not used to it.

  365. Yeah. They have to tighten that up.

  366. winning the game, no one cares.

  367. Fine with that too, as long as Lin can close the game with or without Trae.

  368. Lin “mentored” Bembry well. Bembry used to be very selfish, but now trusts Lin and his other teammates.

  369. Haha Lin and Len.

  370. Now if only Bembry can learn how to pass back out to teammates for open 3s such as Lin ahem!

  371. probably because of adjusting to rotation change?

  372. Hawks moving the ball well today.

  373. Nah, just miscommunication and some fumbling.

  374. Aww crap, Hornets tied it.

  375. Time to put in the closer, coach. You need this win bad.

  376. lol i saw that. soo goofy

  377. Really, when Lin isn’t on the floor, the defense and offensive organization goes way down.

  378. And I knew LP will call a time right after lol.

  379. Put in Jeremy!

  380. No, LP thinks he has Trae

  381. If coach doesn’t put Lin back in now, tank comes first…

  382. Is Lin’s time! Mr. 4th qtr!

  383. I hope he closes. If LP isn’t smart and doesn’t close with Lin. No win for the Hawks.

  384. what did they do?

  385. I have seen enough Lin’s games in the NBA to bet that Coach is still willing to risk it by using Young more to promote the franchise star.

  386. Arm lock after Collins dunk lol

  387. Trae wasted a possession like that

  388. Bad, bad shot by Trae.

  389. Lin in

  390. If Trae dont change his shot selections, he will shoot himself out of the NBA, well unless you are Curry.

  391. It is okay to take a good 3, that wasn’t a good 3 at all.

  392. collins is one of my favorite hawk players

  393. Hawks finally playing as team. This is good basketball.

  394. that was trying to show off. bad shot

  395. Pierce knows he has to win this. That’s why he finally brought Lin in to close a game that wasn’t out of reach.

  396. i think trae finally got pulled for chucking a contested three. finally….

  397. That 3 was not contested, it was ridiculous 3 LOL

  398. That’s on the coach. It is okay Trae to take good 3. But not that kind of 3.

  399. Couldn’t agreed more.

  400. Go Mr. 4th qtr!

  401. You can tell LP wanna win by looking at 0 minute for Vince. lol

  402. Huerter is not bad.

  403. Nice rebound & pass by Huerter

  404. Trae is coming in

  405. prince with an ill advised shot

  406. Lin didn’t take a shot in the 4th.

  407. youre kidding

  408. plsssss keep jeremy in

  409. Lin not being aggresive

  410. Yes please

  411. the put the poison with Lin – Prince

  412. Lin out

    Go Hornets

  413. pull prince out and put lin in…

  414. LP should have kept Lin in.

  415. HaHaHa kemba 4 over Kemba

  416. Go Hornets!

  417. Yup, Prince doesn’t deserve to be in there and Lin does.

  418. Go Kemba!

  419. Exactly.

  420. come on, we have seen enough NBA with Lin to expect this.

  421. LP shouting at Trae get back get back Trae

  422. Refs helping Hornets.

  423. God I hate Pierce sooooo much.

  424. Good.

  425. yep he doesn’t want Lin to take the glory

  426. LP pulled Lin so Hawks could break 10-game losing streak with Young.
    Good luck, LP!

  427. ROFL refs. Ridiculous.

  428. Let’s go Hornets!

  429. dang if jeremy got to play with collins in the starting line up

  430. yep….very obvious

  431. I hope the Hawks can pull this out. But LP is making a mistake by not having Lin in there.

  432. Trae another ridiculous 3

  433. kemba 2

  434. Stupid shot from Trae.

  435. Go Hornets!

  436. hahah that’s funny

  437. Kemba’s move on Collin’s was sick.

  438. Trae choked.

  439. Mad stupid!

  440. 6-18 18 points . when he plays good this is his stats

  441. crazy handles up there with kyrie

  442. Ouch Kemba, why can you get a shot off?

  443. Bembry actually plays very good defense. Then he got help when Kemba got by him.

  444. time for hero ball franchise Trae!

  445. I want the Hawks to lose this game. Badly

  446. baze saves the day

  447. Veteran, Baze, gets the go-ahead bucket.

  448. 20 pts and 4 asts!

  449. I am not happy…

  450. LP doesn’t like Lin. It’s ok Win.

  451. It is not over YET.

  452. sigh…..

  453. Think in terms of this is the team Lin is on and they desperately need a win. Also, that they don’t win it without Lin

  454. headlines will be: “Trae breaks out of shooting slump and leads Hawks to Victory”

  455. Kemba disappointed!

  456. 6-18

  457. where’s the confetti? Hawks just won a title?

  458. I think Bazemore will get the credit. But it was a decent game for Trae.

  459. more like batum dissapointed

  460. haha….not without Lin’s help

  461. So, Lin got minutes in this game. Almost finished it.

  462. rather “Bazemore great scoring game broke the 10-game losing streak”

  463. lins trade value stays the same plz trade him

  464. schlenk to LP: “time for another 10. give me another 10”

  465. For once, I don’t wanna hear the postgame interview.

  466. yep…he was on fire – headline shooting from half court

  467. Plz plz plz

  468. with two stupid shots from Trae 🙂

  469. 33% shooting does not qualify for “out of slump”… 😂

  470. baze and bremby can be the sixth man. plz trade lin

  471. Did you see the big smile on Lin’s face greeting his teammates at the end?
    It made me feel better.

  472. Not going to lie, Lin didn’t do much when he came in the 4th. It wasn’t completely Lin’s fault (mostly Prince’s), but his unit allowed the Hornets to stay in the game and even come back.

  473. yeah. Dec. is almost here. Lin to Orlando?

  474. He’s happy. He ok this game. Just no playing time. it’s ok

  475. agree a little more aggressiveness. trying to feed baze and prince too much

  476. Lin for KCP! get it done Lakers. no closers on that team. LeBron is extra scared of the free throw line at the end of games. he needs Lin.

  477. This game wouldn’t even have been this close if Lin and Trae didn’t turn the ball over so much, if Prince didn’t ballhog, and if Trae didn’t take stupid shots and miss the layup at the end of the 4th.

  478. Lin is a team-first player. He hates losing.

  479. Fair assessment…

  480. if I were Lin I wouldn’t pass to Prince at all.

  481. Collins and Baze carried this team to a win. Bembry also contributed a lot this game.

  482. Bazemore is interviewed at courtside for his team-high scoring.

  483. yeah….my thought exactly. no screens cause Len is not there

  484. it’s the atl spin! Trae leads the way!

  485. congrats. we are 4-16

  486. he played well. Gotto give him credit

  487. when are playoff tickets going on sale?

  488. except the airball

  489. im very happy with baze and bremby’s performance. it may fool the hawks into trading lin. plz do. plz plz plz do

  490. Lol. Still at safe ranking to get top draft!?

  491. I have the feeling LP will try to take the credit away from Lin in this interview

  492. more than that

  493. LP would not be the first coach doing so

  494. I wouldn’t trade Lin with such value he brings to the team. I don’t think they are that dumb.

  495. don’t be hard on LP. he’s just executing the “process”. another 10-gamer is on the way.

  496. or he leaves for nothing

  497. I agree, it’s out of his control.

  498. Rathbun and Dominique give shout out to Lin and Bembry as unsung heroes in the game.

  499. It’s ok Lin is on mins restriction today

  500. Hawks commentators praised Lin and Bembry. “Lin continues to impress.”

  501. he defended well

  502. Lol. by Coach Mel Lin.

  503. what’s with the love affair between Lin and Rathbun?

  504. True. But Lin had a big contribution as well, helped to bring the team back from a deficit early. Played best in the 3Q.

  505. we always want to keep our star player fresh for next game. This game is over…that’s why they’re sitting Lin.

  506. His adopted daughter loves Lin and met Lin. Lin also won over Rathbun and Dominique with his great play and high character.

  507. Lins defense on kemba stop kemba from getting 50. bremby helped as well

  508. And he looked a bit shaky with the ball when he drove. Still, he was a big part of the game and he got credit for it from the Hawks announcers. Oh yeah, and I still don’t like how Prince plays. Worse decision making on the team.

  509. They put Bembry on Kemba most of the time. Lin only guarded Kemba a few times.

  510. that’s right…..Rathbun commented before that Lin is such a wonderful human being lol

  511. not in the second

  512. no on the 1st half click.. he stopped Kemba

  513. seems like nique loves Lin too but has to hold back a little bit because of franchise Trae.

  514. can someone post that comment

  515. lin has 1 as well

  516. But, he’s out of the 3-point shooting slump because he actually made a few of them. He’s hit practically none for like 5 or 6 games.

  517. Well, everyone contributed, even crappy Prince.

    I just can’t give Lin and Trae as much credit as Collins, Baze, and Bembry because they could’ve sealed the deal much earlier if not for their turnovers and Trae’s stupid shot selection.

  518. curious if teams are interested with Lin

  519. Didn’t Lin block Kemba’s shots twice?

  520. yeah…but only one block on his stats

  521. time to get Hawks playoff tickets! or should I say lottery tickets?

  522. we should send videos to correct that stat

  523. they took one away from lin for some reason

  524. Robbed again?

  525. There was a stretch where Lin guarded Kemba, yes, but Bembry guarded Kemba the most.

  526. Lol.

  527. I’m giving Lin credit for coming back from the early deficit. He could’ve done better in this game, wasn’t one of his better games. But he kinda shut down Kemba and Kemba didn’t have a monster game.

    Baze and Collins are the stars of the game. Then Bembry.

  528. the usual unless Lin fans send in the videos

  529. LP is giving his post-game comments now. I’ll comment if he says anything about Lin.

    He’s praising Baze now.

  530. Post game interview:
    LP praised Bazemore for “giving up the starting position” and helped the team win.

  531. thats not the point i said it stop kemba from getting 50. kemba had 10 in the first then lin stopped him in the second. bremby continue too do well after but kemba was already cold

  532. he’s allowed lol

  533. LP says Collins is off minutes restrictions.

    Kevin played well. Bembry played well.

  534. LMAO. I knew it

  535. makes no sense. heurter did nothing all game. it just made the bench better in terms of offense

  536. well lin didn’t get the top score from the bench this time…

  537. I disagree. I think Huerter made good plays, passes, had good effort on defense.

  538. yeah stupid comment. Baze gave up starting because he wants to play with Lin

  539. hahaha omg seriously

  540. lmao. bench is very fun now

  541. they won this game because walker was not walker today

  542. coach LP talk = political talk
    I am waiting to see if he mention Lin at all

  543. deleted

  544. airball Lin is still 50/40/85+

  545. Lol. You may be right though

  546. Because of Lin’s defense

  547. nothing changes. starters will be back to what they were. young shoots a ton of ill advised shot and so do prince. trade lin plz. 4-16 means nothing changes

  548. wouldn’t you want to play with the real first five.

  549. Coach LP said nothing of that so far 🙁

  550. yep and Lin shut down Kemba

  551. yes, we used to do that when they robbed Lin’s assist

  552. LP says he’s going to continue to mix up lineups. Said Trae and Jeremy played together some minutes.

  553. Yup TY was upset but he didn’t change the way he plays at all. Especially tho ill advised shots.

  554. why would he….it was Trae’s half court shot that won the game

  555. from what i see. its weird, he missed the easy shots about the same rate he misses the hard ones.

  556. he didn’t run back for defense

  557. just wait till they’re 4-26 with another 10-gamer. they have become an efficient tank machine

  558. There will be many diehard ATL supporters, writers, media (and Posters here on JLINPORTAL) who will give all the credit to others and take away credit from JLIN’s effort when he was allowed to be the PG of his unit …

    … but recently the most neutral arbiters of Hawk-land, Dominique Wilkins and Rathburn said the play of JLIN and Bembry were critical to the win

  559. prince continues to be my least liked hawks player

  560. yep…we always do in the past

  561. he needs to be shot

  562. i dont think lin will be there that long

  563. I feel so too. Hope it is a sign of trade coming

  564. geez

  565. what did they say….can someone post

  566. with a BB gun

  567. one can hope. dec 15th can’t come fast enough for Lin.

  568. k thats better.

  569. on his butt

  570. LP gave Lin no credit during his postgame interview — as expected by many posters here

  571. i want them to trade lin so we can see what all these lineup changes do

  572. nothing…LP still trying to figure it out

  573. its right there

  574. kemba will never win anything in this league. he had monk who had 7 threes wide open on that last play.

  575. Dominique said “Lin continues to impress” and something along the lines of Lin and Bembry were the unsung heroes …

  576. he’s kemba the great. Killer mentality. He will take the last shot

  577. wish it was dec. already. I want him traded to a good team

  578. Agree, now Pierchlenk can go back to losing with some pressure off them for the next 10 losses

  579. yeah..wasted talent on this team

  580. Any trade off this team —— is a good trade as it shows interest in JLIN and increases his value for his eventual new contract in 2019

  581. highlights anyone?????

  582. Orlando is still the best place for him I think

  583. would Lin be praised if he was 6-18 and 5 TOs?

  584. LP, another tank master.

  585. schlenk is the mastermind behind the drafting of Zion Williamson. ..

  586. he’s not trying to tank…he just don’t know how to coach and his team is so bad

  587. same old same old saying just like when BS was coaching lakers..LOL

  588. yep…..I hope kemba will give Lin credit post game

  589. Too many turnovers for Lin but he scored well. His shooting% will tick up a bit which is nice.

    Need to take better care of the ball.

    Glad the Hawks finally won a game.

  590. I like Jeremy. I really do.

  591. good to hear my prayers were answered..JLIN’s health continue to heal and efficiency in having fun playing the game..

  592. he’s picking up his dribble again. Teams are surrounding him and there’s no help from his teammates

  593. if he maintains 50/40/80+, no one will care about anything else.

  594. If anyone cares to have a quick look at the Charlotte Hornets fansite — some of the knowledgeable Hornets fans who know what JLIN did for CHA …

    … wouldn’t surprise me at all to see comments regarding how badly JLIN changed the game against their Hornets

  595. that’s three blocks there

  596. send this to NBA to correct his stats please

  597. now i see why Hawk win, Lins defense was phenomenal!

  598. No competition and intent starting PG for playoff run! Really hope Magics calls Hawks for that trade soon.

  599. Lin makes one less shot than franchise Trae on half the attempts.

  600. Anyone else besides me ticked off that Lin doesn’t ever close when Hawks has chance of winning?! It’s like the coach refuses to give him any glory for the win and rather give Trae the experience of closing! Except starters almost lose the game again!

  601. that’s the schlenk plan. don’t blame coach.

  602. Oh dear sws94, you are such gentle soul.

  603. i think it didn’t matter right now because when know what the agenda is and need just to wait till trade of jeremy happened. lets chill right now because we know JLIN has recovered well!!!

  604. LP is just a dummy. He’s trying to make a living. If doesn’t let Trae shine…he’ll lose his job

  605. Coach is the one making the calls of who closes, I doubt GM is that specific in how to “tank” or win games. Especially when they’re trying to raise Lin’s value for trade.

  606. Not saying to bench Trae but Lin deserved to close with him!

  607. Letting Trae close out most of the games is part of his development. For them, it makes no sense to let Lin close out because this is good time to let Trae get clutch time experience.. And since winning is not a priority, they would rather lose a close game with Trae than win it with Lin.

  608. I like your positivity James. We should be used to it…after 8-9 years watching him being mistreated

  609. can’t let lin take the glory sport

  610. right on brother..after all, we are the most experienced followers of JLIN saga and such roller coaster ride helped us acknowledged what Jeremy can and cannot control and be happy and content for whats available.

  611. Speed of Lin highlights …

  612. Why do I remember that Nique used to be a big Lin doubter and often says some not so complimentary stuffs about Lin when he was with the Rockets and Lakers?

  613. Baze made the game lead as well as good defense by collins to defend the lead…otherwise, coach again lost the game because of his player rotation 4thQ

  614. Because that’s completely true – Dominique used to criticize and downplay JLIN every time he played an Atlanta team …

    … this season he started off lukewarm on JLIN and game by game has started to love JLIN’s play

  615. Hallelujah! Another converted soul. Lin spreading his gospel…

  616. LP gets lucky

  617. maybe, but drose is putting up 20 a game off the bench

  618. No worries on TOVs. They were not that bad. One shoulda been foul, 2 where teammates were sleeping, and one really cares about them, except when Lin makes them, lol

  619. Pretty much

  620. he’s going to say see…. i made the right choice after getting it wrong 10 times

  621. An undersized PG shooting like Young has no future in this league. Lin will be gone next season if the situation of Lin doesn’t change.

  622. I like him…but I just don’t want to play him or start him

  623. yeah…i like him to feed the bigs down low

  624. speed of lin is fast tonight. Day off?

  625. we have to thank Len….he’s setting screens for LIn

  626. well, lp called TO when lin was in and hornets tied the game in the 4th qtr.

  627. Prince is weak link

  628. Full Lin Highlights

  629. This plan of Young will blow up in his face.

  630. 6/18 = 1/3
    33% shooting night!

  631. 21mins comparing to 30 of Young

  632. Agree. LP doesn’t know how to win. This win is not by design.

  633. Another streak begins

  634. Lin doesn’t need the young rookie to mess around.

  635. thanks nique

  636. It’s the Mchale playbook

  637. Next Down, Dedmon.

  638. Trending up.

  639. PER less than 10

  640. Len also played great defense tonight. Another unsung hero.

  641. When Lin’s teammates play well, Lin will play less mins no matter how well he plays.

    More blowouts for the Hawks please.

  642. I think we know this as well. What troubles me is that some still blame Lin for playing “casually” in the beginning of the game. Lin is savvy enough to know what we know…that if he pushes too hard against the tank, he loses minutes and no garbage minutes of freedom. We all see it now, why wouldn’t lin? Lin’s just playing within the tanking system, that’s how he gets his process and rehab, that’s how he’ll get his stats to land a new contract.

    Tonight was Trae playing another low defence chucker who’s also vertically challenged. I expected that he’d do better on offence against Kemba.

  643. Oh please. Your narrative and many others here don’t make any sense when you consider that Lin’s 2 best games of this season came when he was aggressive and took charge early in the game against the Raptors and Celtics.

    Lin got his most minutes in those games because he played aggressively from start to finish. Of course, Trae playing like crap also had a lot to do with it, but if Lin didn’t play aggressively and confidently throughout those games, Pierce would’ve pulled Lin regardless of Trae struggling or not.

    Look what happened this game. Lin didn’t come out aggressively and had a weird start to the game in the 1st Q. Trae was having a good game too, so Lin didn’t get as many minutes from those 2 factors. When Lin played better in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, he got more minutes and Trae sat on the bench longer.

    Then in the 4th Q, Lin didn’t do much again when he went back out on the court with 6+ minutes left. In fact, he turned the ball over a few more times and kept passing it to ballhog Prince (who unsurprisingly bricked his shots). Pierce decided it was time to pull Lin again and let Trae hero ball it in the end.

  644. That’s because Lin feeds Len whenever possible. Len also knows that Lin will make the right play more often than Trae would.

    Len knows Trae just chucks the ball and has his favorites on this team, rarely ever passing it to him when he’s open.

    Len is a good partner with Lin. He sets decent screens and plays good defense with Lin.

  645. Trae was hidden behind the defender, lol

  646. Tonight was not about Lin. It’s about getting Trae’s mojo back. Lin shot 5 for 9 in 21 minutes, or 15 shots per 36 minutes. Shooting 55.6%, and 40% 3pta, 3 rebs, 4 asts, 1 blk (thought he actually had more). Very efficient and good shot selections. Can’t blame him for passing to Prince the vacuum. Defense started slow on screens with little help defense, but was fantastic against Kemba later. Lin plenty agressive to me. If someone disagress, tell it to his face, lol. Trae, hit some nice ones, then regressed to shots a la Curry from the tunnels, lol. Young man still needs to learn shot selection.

  647. yeah, Jeremy’s defense was showcased here instead of his scoring. JLIn seems to play around with his brand of game that he seems to see first the defense and the opponents personnel to see what he want to contribute on the game. He knew Kemba was flying high with his points recently so MAYBE, he played the way he thought would give hawk the chance, by playing defense.

  648. Exactly that’s why no one sets screens or look for Trae’s open shots, he’s on his own. Len can help Trae but Trae can’t help Len.

  649. Think he just feels the game. He passes and expects others to do so too for better shots. Prince didn’t get the memo. Trae lost his on shot selection.

  650. well to be honest, how you see the games and how “acbc” look at it are all both correct and you two (or with others too) just have a different perspective on how we see Jeremy’s game with the hawk. to each his own as we live to agree to disagree. as I know here, we all root to have Jeremy the kind of games where he showcase his talents as a player as he remained healthy and ready to compete

  651. whats new about Prince and Trae, Bembry is one guilty player too, but lately , he seems to enjoy playing alongside Jeremy

  652. kemba gets buckets, not wins.

    lin’s defense on him was great tonight.

  653. Prince will never get the memo, selfish player and shot chucker. I understand why Lin would pass to him though. If Prince doesn’t get a few shots he won’t work on defense.

  654. tanking 101. never let players establish chemistry. players don’t tank, so you have to make things difficult for them…

  655. Bembry hit the winner and shooting 70%, 66.7 3pta, I forgive. Prince 38.5%, and Trae 33.3%, smh

  656. That’s cause Bembry’s looking really good right now with Lin looking for his open shots.

  657. Didn’t you get the memo? It’s never about Jlin. Lol. The last time it was about Lin was when MDA made it about Lin. Every other team he’s been on is about someone else!

    What I’m saying is that Lin CAN’T BE aggressive. Lin has to Ben very subtle. Lin is passively aggressive now and has learned what he needs to do to get his playtime while improving his stats.

  658. You may be correct. Certain players mentally check out on D when they get no action.

  659. Baze, Prince, and Bembry are all those type of players. That’s why starting them with Trae was a disaster.

  660. Thought Bazemore was the one who hit the winner no?

  661. opps, corrected

  662. Proves you didn’t watch the game nor highlights. You only read’s stat page, which is wrong and makes you look silly.

  663. You’re right.

  664. Too little

  665. Lin has to stay healthy for a full season for his next contract. He’s learned to jog through the season instead of running at top speed.

  666. Lol, watched and on blogs

  667. LOL yeah right. You’re just another ignorant Lin fan who never watches games and just spams hot takes, as well as bash Trae whenever you get the chance to.

  668. whatever with your hot takes.

  669. You got caught bro. Just take the F and shut up.

  670. I’m looking at boxscore for final stats, why did they list Baze DNP?

  671. That’s my point! His first priority is health, Second is respect the tank commander and make the rookies look good, third is let the tank roll to its inevitable conclusion, then when tank is secure, he finally gets to play his game.

  672. He wasn’t half as good when he started.
    Now his PER goes to double digits.

  673. LOL mod is stealth deleting my posts. What’s the matter? I’m telling too much truth around here and proving ignorant Lin fans wrong too much?

  674. he’s not even asking for any screen at a given time, wasn’t he????

  675. Yup, I don’t buy the conspiracy theories. The Hawks don’t need to make a concerted effort to “tank”, they’re gonna lose plenty trying to win. If anything, they want to pump up the trade value of players like Jeremy, Dedmon and maybe even Baze in these early weeks. But it’s all just pure speculation.

  676. go away

  677. tanking need to be concerted to effect fully and with good reasons to do it…if trading will be the route, thats good and lets wait where Jeremy will be heading…

  678. u mad

  679. nope, i didn’t delete posts . u dumb

  680. I didn’t say you deleted posts, since you’re not a mod. Who’s the dumb one?

  681. why i mad then? you antagonize everyone that disagrees with you. with insults no less.

  682. Oh and you don’t? Other don’t do the same to me? Please, hypocrite.

  683. my goodness, he’s the number one fan

  684. You’re the number one stan.

  685. i dont insult unless you do. re-read your posts. you come off as a jackass.

    go back to reddit where no one cares about your dumb posts and answers with memes

  686. Jeremy played well, Hawk won, why is some poster here angry and in the attack mode..LOL

  687. Great photo of Lin on his Instagram (text: see posted below by Click)

  688. You’ve called me plenty of nasty names before when I didn’t bother to call you names first. I’ve even seen you edit out a few vile words before. You’re just an ignorant liar and know-it-all who don’t watch games like many other ignorant Lin fans here.

  689. We submit to your almighty knowledge and authority oh great one

  690. Good one. I’ve never heard that pathetic insult before. So original.

  691. Come on, Click. Posts breaking forum rules will be deleted. We are all Lin fans.
    There’s no need for insults. Lin fans might have different takes but no need to antagonize others.

    1We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.
    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.
    8 No personal insults. (Example: “You are a clueless fan who obviously has never watched basketball.”)

  692. So it’s fine for others to keep antagonizing and trolling me as well others who don’t agree with them? Like don, acbc, Linary, and InfiniteMoron? If you want me to stop antagonizing others, perhaps you should tell them to do the same thing too.

  693. bruh, you dont know as much about ball as you think you do. you keep saying lin is not aggressive as if he’s CHOOSING to be. i’d like to see you ask him face to face…

    if you dont like it here, go away. no one will miss you.

  694. well maybe click is blazing red eyes today than white…chill to all, HAWK won the game!!!

  695. Trade shines
    With 22% 3P shooting playing 30 mins

  696. Glad you acknowledged it. Thought it was only me. See you have a fan club of your own.

  697. why did you insult me, while complaining about antagonizing others? funny how you name all these people, and we all can name just you…

  698. TIger fan, smh. Only 12 pts, didn’t get an A+.

  699. I deleted all posts that are breaking the rules. If their posts have insults, just flag them so mods can take actions.

    Please don’t retaliate and make things worse

  700. Nah, I’m just sick of all the ignorance and passive aggressive (lol) posts from ignorant Lin fans who don’t even watch games and act like they know everything.

    I’m also sick of Lin fans who are so jealous, angry, and bitter about Lin not getting minutes that they resort to bashing Lin’s teammates on a daily basis and even lie about what Lin has said in order to justify their bashing.

    Oh, and I even saw tons of people here tonight cheering for the Hawks to lose and Hornets to win, simply because Pierce wouldn’t allow Lin the glory to close the game out and beat the Hornets. This, after complaining daily about the tanking… you all want the Hawks to lose because Lin can’t be on the floor when they win.

    Lin fan haters have a point. A lot of Lin fans really are toxic, annoying, and ignorant and gives Jeremy a terrible reputation for having such fans constantly spewing BS everywhere Lin plays for.

  701. we can all disagree with the other poster without hurling derogatory comments and name calling, can we? cool down brother

  702. From what I have seen JLin is surprisingly aggressive as he continually attacks just as he said he would but what I notice is he does not dpseem to charge headlong to the basket in order to get as close possible AND draw a foul thereby not getting beat up as much. I think that is smart as he does not seem to be taking near as many headshots

  703. wow, time out everyone. Why are Lin fans suddenly fighting among ourselves?
    Lin’s doing so well so all of us should be celebrating.

    Let’s take 5 and come back so cooler heads will prevail

  704. he can’t. it’s his character. if you disagree with him, he calls you ignorant. not just me, everyone.

  705. don’t let the door hit you on the way out. bye felicia

  706. THANK YOU!!! i see this as well. lin is more calculated now. also he plays with bigs that space the floor for threes, he doesnt always get screens set for him.

    guy acts like lin WANTS to defer. acts like he WANTS prince to never pass it back…

  707. thats why maybe we all need to understand that we are all not the same and we don’t see the glass the same way as others see it. more understanding to those who lose patience and break of easily as againt those whose opinioned he can’t agree with. Lets avoid adding fuel when one is being on fire, so to avoid an explosion from one poster or thought only..:)

  708. I think I’m checking out for a while. Not worth the stress.

  709. Agressive doesn’t just mean shooting, but I agree on the limited opportunities. He isn’t the main focus like Knicks and MDA

  710. Looked at the video. I think Len made the right pass. Jlin was closer to the basket and close by to set a screen for

  711. he’s the only one who insults if you disagree.

  712. Click, I haven’t read all the posts below but we ought to allow difference of opinions.

    While it might not be commendable to cheer for the team to lose, many fans can be upset seeing Lin not to close after powering the Hawks to keep the game close.

    You know how it is when emotions can run high during and after games. Later, all Lin fans will come to the realization that the Hawks is fully tanking and Lin’s purpose is to help Trae Young and other young players to develop.

    Even Lin understands it well so that’s why he can fully enjoy the win since he and Vince worked hard to help the young players.

    For tonight, let’s take a break and not antagonize one another. Many Lin fans are just frustrated so let’s extend some patience and still be respectful. You may certainly criticize the actions but let’s avoid getting personal. After all, we’re in the same team here.

  713. thank you for understanding.

    I share the same perspective. We all may have difference of opinions, some might be wrong or right, but we can always extend patience and still be respectful with one another.

  714. my point exactly, he’s the one who started it so we can opt not to give our time answering such remark that goes nowhere

  715. I think JLin plays the way the team needs him to play. When coach pulls him maybe he doesn’t agree with Jlins approach at that time, so it’s a disagreement and they must work to agree. Sometimes he is aggressive and sometimes he is mainly a facilitator. He could be acting on coach’s orders too as to which kind of player to.

  716. Thanks to you and the other mods for the underappreciated work of modding this great site. i know i havent made your job any easier at times and i’m sorry for that.

    i agree we should all be happy tonight. lin played well, he’s healthy, on to the next one!

  717. I’m not frustrated that the Hawks won and Lin wasn’t able to share the glory. I’m frustrated that others are behaving like children because Lin didn’t get the minutes and role they think Lin should be getting. And they do this everyday, not just today. It’s an on-going problem that you and other mods ignored and turned a blind eye to.

    What ever happened to your motto for this site…?

    Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”

    All I see everyday are the same characters trashing Lin’s teammates and complaining about various things (tanking sucks, I want Lin traded, why isn’t Lin getting minutes, this team sucks, Pierce hates Lin, Hawks front office agenda is against Lin, etc. etc.). The same characters also keep trolling and keep repeating the same false narrative, even after they’ve been proven wrong.

    There’s so much negativity in the Lin fan community, it’s sickening. People can’t even be happy when the Hawks win and when Lin seems to be happy they won. Just more of the same “I told you so” from the same crowd.

    Anyway, if you’re going to keep allowing this garbage to be posted everyday, then I don’t want to be part of it. It’s your decision if you want to keep the same clowns here and stray from the original purpose of this site or you enjoy the clicks they bring.

  718. it’s human to be upset after being insulted…. but yes we all should strive to take the high road…

  719. bye felicia

  720. Maybe the Lin effect can work on Prince as it may have on Bembry. With the JLin is playing and the potential of the young players they have it’s too bad ATL doesn’t do a 180 and go for the playoffs.

  721. See psalm, this guy is STILL trolling and spamming non-stop. He only does this after games to get a rise out of me and others who disagree with him. Why is he allowed to keep doing it?

  722. and notice the subtle dig at the mods and site on his way out. no class. we dont need that ish here…

  723. it’s not trolling. you dont like it here so go…

    why insult the mods on your way out? that’s why all this happened to begin with. that attitude…

  724. Don’t like the idea of Orlando as a destination for JLin. Ugly uniforms, association with Disney World,hot humid weather. They got a great center in Vucevic though

  725. click, to be honest with you, iam a JLIN ONLY fan, thats why i change teams just like changing clothes (no pun intended) I watch the game because i want to see Jeremy play and if the team intentionally disrespect jeremy of their actions and commitments, i am there to say something about that but it doesn’t mean i become negative and doesn’t want the team to prosper too.

    If winning doesn’t intentionally hurt Jeremy (playing time, usage, position etc) i enjoy the winning for as long Jeremy had showcase his talent and become productive, but if it is a concerted effort to undermine him, i don’t care for the team but has to side with Lin even though others doesn’t see it my way.

    I understand where you are coming from, but we can’t dictate what we want to hear or read here, we can avoid reading post that aren’t on our taste or if we do, we at least exert an open mind about the post so we can avoid wronged feelings.

    lets enjoy the win and forget /avoid those with still negative thoughts because we can opt to be positive all the way!

  726. Many Lin fans are unhappy with the lack of minutes Lin is getting even when he performed well so we can’t suppress the frustration because it has some truth, right?

    We should not be a group-think in this forum just to prioritize positivity. What the mods hope for is being able to discuss difference of opinions respectfully without personal insults, calling names, etc.

    And you know very well that clicks or site traffic is not the priority here. Otherwise, we would allow all kinds of posters to create controversy even when breaking the forum rules. And honestly, it barely covers the hosting cost so I wonder sometimes why I and the mods continue to spend so much time and resources away from family and work.

    If you read all the forum rules, I hope you and many posters understand the vision of this site.

  727. Got it. Just making more excuses for their daily poor behavior and ignoring the points I’ve brought up. Anyway, enjoy the toxicity that you’re allowing to fester. Have a good day.

  728. for the rest of this season i dont mind it. any place that will let him play more minutes and with a bigger role.

  729. with the way jeremy is playing, the team that will snatched him from the hawk has no reason not to play him to his full potentials and the idea of the trade seems more palatable if available, otherwise, staying with the hawk team can be productive too for his full recovery

  730. bye felicia!

    if that’s trolling, let me troll. i support this site and stand by the mods, who YOU continuously insult on your way out. no one will miss you and your attitude.

    just like you trash lin for not being aggressive you trash this place and the mods who do this for us? GTFO man…

  731. because they dont care about the win since Lin wasn’t on the floor in the end. These people preach teamplay yet go crazy as soon as Lin gets taken out. I saw the game he was passive in the 4Q and was rightfully taken out. he played real good otherwise.

  732. Your big post up top got deleted by the way. And I agree with you.

  733. 13M is a lot. atl would have to take back money in any trade. if lin was making peanuts, no problem, but what trade out there works for everyone?

    my proposed trade is lin for delly + pick. delly has an extra year so will atl swallow that for a pick? will the bucks give up a pick for a rental?

    there’s always a buyout, but i dont think it’s in lin character to do that, sadly for us fans who would rather see him in the playoffs…

  734. Contained a forbidden word. aras has to post it without that word.

    I think the spirit of Lin is to support his teammates. Baze, a veteran, won the game and what could be Lin’s best friend on the team, John Collins, got the big block on Lin’s buddy Kemba. Hawks needed a win and got it and Lin played a role in this win. And truth be told, his best stint wasn’t in the 4Q, it was in the 3Q.

  735. Lol really? The posts that should get deleted are the everybofy who benches Lin is racist comments but whatever it is what it is. I root for Lin and any team he is in thats what a true fan does. You should be able to be truthful about a player you like.

  736. Delly isn’t Lin. Lin has value in that locker room and he obviously gets along with Carter, the other vet the team looks for guidance from. I think whatever trade that may happen will happen with a team we may not be aware of and not at the time we think.

  737. Im with you 100% They played like a team this game Trae was cheering along with everybody else. They should be able to build of this.

  738. 3rd Q was definitely Lin’s best quarter tonight, but he didn’t do enough in the 1st and 4th to warrant keeping him out there when Trae had a good night and needed this night to build confidence back.

    I wasn’t happy that Lin got pulled either, but I knew why Pierce did it and Lin was partially to be blamed for it. I didn’t whine about it non-stop and actively cheer for the Hawks to lose. I was sickened when I saw so many people spamming negativity and wanting the Hawks to lose, just because Lin wasn’t able to be on the floor when they won.

    I kept my mouth shut and took the time to edit Lin’s highlight videos. I came back and see a bunch of passive aggressive trolling and bitterness from the same crowd that always do it. Then the usual troll came back to stir the pot as usual and he’s still spamming without consequences. Meanwhile, I get my posts stealth deleted by psalm and he makes a bunch of excuses for their behavior.

  739. delly obviously isnt lin. the question is would atl eat an extra year of delly for that pick? and would the bucks even offer a pick just to get rid of delly?

    my main point is that lin’s salary is the sticking point in any trade, thus i dont think it’s that likely. some team or gm would have to be desperate…

  740. Yeah, Hawks finally played like a team tonight and people were mad because Lin didn’t get 26+ minutes again and had to take a backseat to Trae. It was deplorable what I witnessed here, but it happens on a daily basis.

  741. still insulting the mods? sorry not sorry for supporting this site and the mods who do this with their own time. only to be insulted by this guy and accused of trying to make money off site traffic. go away…

  742. I don’t agree with those that wanted the Hawks to lose. Lin doesn’t want the team he’s playing for to lose. And just because a PG is being promoted on that team doesn’t mean Lin fans have to automatically dislike him. He cheered for Lin and if the coach allows it, the two PGs can play well together.

    This is psalm’s forum and we have to play by his rules. I think he’s just trying to do the impossible, make the site have a positive feel. But really, there’s a certain negativity that creeps in with the PSTD that’s hard to control. I don’t envy what he’s trying to do here. You have a lot to contribute and you make valid points IMO.

  743. Thanks, I know we’ve had our differences and share of arguments in the past, but I agree with you more often than not. You don’t troll and bash Lin’s teammates like so many here do. Appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

  744. Thats what im saying it’s hilarious Lin is all about teamplay this forum preaches teamplay yet when the team plays like an ACTUAL team they dont like it why? cause Lin was on the bench during crunch time. It is what it is and anybody who calls a coach or Whatever a racist based on their decisions is crazy. The league is not out to get Lin peeps! if they would he sure as hell wouldn’t be playing for years in the NBA now would he?

  745. The league is not out to get Lin peeps! if they would he sure as hell wouldn’t be playing for years in the NBA now would he?

    Well, I disagree with this point. The league IS out to get Lin and has always been out to get him. They’ve tried multiple times and multiple ways of getting Lin out of this league before. However, Lin fought through it all and keeps fighting the bias, racism, and prejudice everyday.

  746. his points don’t matter if he delivers them with attitude and insults.

    also he goes on and on about how lin isnt aggressive enough but never cares to give an explanation as to why. he acts as if lin chooses to be less aggressive. he can’t see the other side of the argument that his circumstances may dictate that he play that way. instead he calls everyone that disagrees ignorant.

  747. Some of it may be true but i think Lin is just too good of a player for teams and managment to think like that. Maybe before when he was unknown it would have been at it’s peak. But if people cant put their prejudice aside on lin now they never will lol.

  748. There are folks that are pro-Lin. Some players and coaches. not sure about GMs. I think it is some or the people pulling the strings that have, let’s say to be nice, “club” ideas that don’t see someone like Lin as part of it.

  749. Lin being passive is probably on him thinking he is being too selfish. He can go 2 possesions or 3 trying to make things happen and then goes cold for a couple of minutes. Lin needs to realise he is the engine on that second unit if he is aggresive good things happen. Passive wont give him more minutes it just wont. you can be passive for a couple of possesions maybe. But not minutes.

  750. It’s a star-driven league and the stars (who happens to all be of the same race and ethnicity) don’t like it when an outsider like Lin comes in and shows them up or takes their job / their friends’ jobs.

    Of course there are pro-Lin folks in the league. Lin has won a lot of people over throughout the years. He is well-liked and respected by many. But those at the top, whether it be stars, GMs, or coaches, do not want Lin in this league and only tolerate him because he brings so much attention, fans, and money from the Asian fanbase and fans that loved and still love the Linsanity story / moment.

  751. I think Lin does exhibit different levels of aggression. A poster that doesn’t post here anymore thought he was something of a people pleaser and a confidence guy. That’s what I think Click is talking about. And Click isn’t the only Lin fan that does. I thought Lin wasn’t quite as in sync tonight as the previous two games and it’s ok. He still was productive and in positive territory for the most part.

    Do I think this team situation is a positive one for Lin? Only for his health. But this is a basement dwelling developing team. And Lin’s a winner. That’s what Lin is trying to balance.

  752. Yes, I agree about salary. I can’t think of a reason Atlanta would want Delly.

  753. it’s obvious that lin sometimes looks for his own shot and other times he doesn’t. the difference is that i don’t purport to know why. this is something that us fans seek to find out why. what is he seeing on the court? how are they defending him? was there a play called by the coach? did he call a play and it broke down? did the coach ask him to get guys going? to move the ball? all of this we dont know, yet that guy says after every game this quarter he was aggressive and this one he wasn’t blah blah blah…

    his arrogance makes him think he knows better than lin himself…

  754. yeah I can’t stand Mickey Mouse and gang either but Disney owns ESPN and Fox so Lin would get positive coverage every time

  755. the Hawks may want to keep Lin too since he’s playing so well

  756. for the pick! just like melo…. delly would be fine as a back up on a tank team. trae is the star anyways

  757. And he’s paving the way for more Asian and Asian-Americans in the sport. Lin will write his book. A movie may be made about him. Lin’s a big figure in basketball and he still has more to do in the league.

  758. Lin right now is playing like how i always wanted him to play. much slower pace taking his time. No more putting my head down going 150 miles/hour to the rim. He is playing like a much more mature player that teams would want to acquire to help with a playoff push. He would love orlando i think with Vuc and some other pieces there.

  759. Agree. Trolling the team and tanking are two negatives that take away from the joy of us fans. I remember during Linsanity there were many negatives expressed by some like “he can’t go left, he doesn’t dribble well, he can’t defend, he can’t shoot etc etc right during one of the great episodes in the history of sports and a real feel good, people unifying story.

  760. Of course we don’t know exactly why. I guess that he has a certain brand of basketball to get guys the best looks possible through passing as opposed to the one-one-one stuff. And he may stubbornly adhere to that. But why he looks to make more plays and call his number more at times is beyond me.

    I think both of you make valid points. I think your initial feeling about LP from the preseason has pretty much been validated. I think LP is slowly beginning to trust Lin, but nowhere near enough. But he may be following some directive as well.

  761. If you want quality you have to pay the price

  762. I don’t understand why some people have to put others down simply because they share different views and perspectives… sometimes I wonder if their real life self is the same as their online behaviours… 🤔 I mean I know people like that in real life and work, and those people are pretty much universally hated…

  763. come on dude difference of opinion is one thing. But actively Rooting for the other team just because Lin didn’t get playtime in the end is just low.

    It’s like if your Son got benched in a game and you start rooting for the opposition.

  764. Gotta give LP and coaching staffs props for one thing I’ve been noticing on the floor.. all of the players (not just Vince and Len) give the ball right back to the guards at the top of the key. This is important because it allows the guards to get into better position to attack the lanes. Bravo!

  765. The Lin effect beginning to spread. Team getting better. Danger to the tankers!

  766. that’s the thing that i get and have said since summer/preseason. it’s not about lin. never has been. i dont find it surprising that trae closed out the game tonight. it has happened, and will continue to happen. lin playing well has nothing to do with it. it has to do with how trae is doing. everything revolves around that. therefore, i take joy when lin performs DESPITE his situation.

  767. LP is very slowly gaining more trust in Lin. It’s not where it should be. Lin should have finished the game and if he has to come off the bench, he should be 6th man. I’m even OK with Lin and Bembry being 6th men. Happy to see Collins play well. I like his game, for the most part. Seems like he and Lin are bonding. Baze rebounded well and played well. Lin had another solid game. While he didn’t score as much as he did in previous games, he still made a huge contribution at key parts of the game.

    I want to see Lin close a meaningful game. With Trae perhaps. But LP hopefully will get that Lin is a crucial guy to close games to give his team a better chance to win the few games he really wants to win.

    Carter had his first DNP CD. But it seemed LP talked to him about it before the game. That shows some respect for a classy veteran and future HOF member.

  768. I’ll hold out some optimism that LP will get it and play Lin with Trae to close at some point. Really, closing minutes, Prince is the weak point. Lin, Trae, Baze, Collins and Len probably is the best closing unit. Or you could put Bembry in there in place Baze some nights as he’s improved a lot.

  769. The bench outplayed the starters again. The starters played 137 players-minutes scored 62 points but the bench played 101 player-minutes for 61 points.

  770. Strong benches with JLin on it are becoming a trademark of his. CHA, Lakers, ATL, Houston when he didn’t start, and of course NYK

  771. after last game LP said lin will be 1st off the bench. then tonight he benches baze and makes him 1st off the bench. welp…

  772. did he really mentioned last game that he will put lin first off the bench? so to avoid that, he made Baze as a bench player to be subbed first in todays game…clearly, he sees and trust Jlin game now..LOL (sarcasm intentions inside)

    Otherwise, i still see LP as a tank commander who doesn’t want player sabotaging his plan (FO and Coaching plan)

  773. win with trae/prince/collins or lose and get a pick. there is no in between. lin balling and winning games is about the worse case scenario. there’s a reason he’s not highlighted on this team and it’s not about lack of talent…

    even the baze move, which was bold, was done to free up trae and prince to be the only ball handlers. we’ve been saying all season trae/baze/prince was terrible and the advanced stats also concurred. it worked. trae got out of his slump, baze balled out off the bench, and they won at home. notice lin isn’t in any of this… it’s not about lin, never was…

  774. Dude… I wasn’t even talking about that. I get what you are saying and I don’t do it. I’ve always been saying that we as fans, ought to support Lin in ways that he’ll approve. Lin as I know, would be very disappointed to see some behaviours by his supposed fans in this blog. I’m not completely innocent as well. I’ve criticised some of his teammates, coaches and plenty of times, the FO personnels. But I always try to be careful of the words I use and making sure what I say don’t offend other people here… I was brought up this way so I thought these are pretty basic form of etiquette around people… but guess I just haven’t really experienced the ugly side of human interactions until i started participating in these passionate online discussions…

  775. Lakers bench lead by Lin was probably the best bench ever

  776. to be fair he didnt say lin would always be 1st off the bench. he said lin was 1st off the bench last game and that he will continue to play with the lineups, like subbing early. naturally with lin playing as well as he has been, it makes sense to sub lin in early. but of course he benches baze instead and nothing happens to lin’s minutes…

  777. No. This team is limiting itself by its warrior 2 model.

  778. as you have mentioned you had entered into a passionate online discussion, we all know that Passion can be blinding sometimes..But dynamic and positive discussion doesn’t need to personally attack the other opinion and name call them too, isn’t it?(whether one is right with his own opinion)

  779. Trae and Lin used to get a few screens at the beginning of the season/preseason but nowadays both are on their own except for Lin x Len. Not sure but I suspect it was Pierce’s decision to take screens away.

  780. I don’t think Lin will close too many game here because the Hawks value these last minutes moment as valuable experience for Trae.

    As long as Lin can get 20+ minutes and take his shots, I’m cool with it. It’s very likely he’ll be traded soon, so what’s the point in putting him out there to win you games in clutch time.

    At least, that’s the way LP and the Hawks FO sees it.

  781. You’re joking right?

  782. for as long as JEREMY helped the team in what manner the team wants him to be, and showcased himself at the same time, starting or not, even not finishing the game is no longer important at the moment with me because we already saw how this team see their future!

  783. Fight me! Fight me!

  784. This team has no future without a championship coach. A rookie coach like Lloyd Pierce is just a puppet on the string of Travis Schlenk who is weak at coaching but strong in building the infrastructure of a team. Building the Warrior 2 is destined to be a failure.

  785. No player ever trusts LP, the rookie coach. Atlanta’s record speaks for itself. This team has much better talent than the record shows.

  786. Full recovery is important. I agree that Lin should stay with Atlanta this season. If there is any player who could survive with inept coaching, Lin must be on the top of my list.

  787. all has a future to look forward to, some may be a positive future or some future may be BLEAKED one..! ONly dead people has no future at all.

  788. Who cares if the Hawks wins? Big deal by a point. As long as Lin is healthy and recover well from his injury and pile up good stats for his next stop, we will be happy. We could all agree that Lin’s future will not be bundled with the future of the Hawks by now.

    Lin is playing well. Winning by a point or lossing by a point makes no difference to a team with a 3-16 record trending down under the coaching of LP, the rookie coach with a rookie PG in Trae Young with 15.6 PPG @38.6% FG% making 1.3 3P per game @22.6% 3P%. The more he scores, the worse will the team be.

    I am glad Lin is playing at the bench and that will be cool enough for him to rehab and develop himself for the next contract. Whatever is good for Lin is fine with me.

    LP has done nothing to earn the trust of his players.

  789. a future following a sick plan is no future. This is a dead team following a formula to success but the basketball world is changing. Whatever successful in the past has no bearing to successes in the future.

    If you don’t want to understand, forget it.

  790. Totally agree. And my brain is not wired to come up with insults for the other person if our opinions do not compliment each other. However I’ve seen way too many incidents either here or elsewhere where people becomes extremely combative and spiteful over some simple disagreements… Really not what I like to see… The funny thing is, at the end of the day, they all ultimately want Lin to do well. Just in different ways. Such is the complex working of human interactions I guess…

  791. I agree with you here James Brown.

    While I would love to see Lin get a few starts in a Hawks uniform alongside Collins, I no longer think it’s that important anymore since he’ll be traded soon.

    What’s more important for Lin is his health and keeping his shooting% line as high as possible so that he can be more attractive to as many team possible.

    Keeping his shooting% line high, is partly why I’m not that obsess in demanding Lin to be ultra aggressive and shoot more. Many Lin fan wants him to do that but there’s negative aspect in that.

    Being too aggressive and taking forced shots may bring down his FG and 3ptfg percentage.

    I would rather him play within the flow of the game and making sure the shots are good shot. Preferably, open shots.

  792. Now, it’s time to recall this: on Oct 26, Zach Lowe’s wrote
    Ten things I like and don’t like, including the smothering Raptors
    #9 The state of Jeremy Lin

    He said

    Jeremy Lin cannot be 100 percent recovered from the knee injury that cost him last season. He moves with a leaden creakiness — unable to gain separation, unsteady in traffic, glued to the ground. He does not look like an NBA player right now…

    Neither the Hawks nor the Nets expected Lin to open the season at full strength. But Lin’s early struggles reinforce confusion over why Atlanta bothered absorbing him into its cap space as part of what was effectively a three-team trade with Brooklyn and Denver. Brooklyn dumped Lin to free room for Denver’s unwanted contracts — and a top-12-protected first-round pick that came with them. The Hawks acted
    as middleman when they could have done the Denver deal themselves.

    (I’m more bullish on Young after his first week-plus in the NBA, by the way. He’s a train wreck on defense, but he’s as advertised on the other end. Defenders press Young 30-plus feet from the hoop, and he’s already good at leveraging that to slip by them, keep them on his hip, and do damage.)

    Isn’t it funny that now on Nov 26, a month gone, Jeremy Lin is having a feast on the court with the following:

    PER = 18.55 avg 21.3 min
    14.7 points per game 50.0% 3P%, 57.3 FG%,2.1 Reb, 3.7 AST 1.3 STL

    Dear Zache (Zth – ache),

    you should have waited one more month and you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself. I wonder are you still bullish on Young who have done damages indeed with 22.6% 3P%!

  793. What I learned from the past years by following Lin is whatever we see on the court represents their team’s business plan. It’s very obvious Lin is not in their plan at least for now. Even Lin was inserted to close a couple of games, it still doesn’t mean anything. So far, I am actually pretty pleased the way how Hawks used Lin. I am thankful to this organization for Lin’s sake. My biggest fear was another young PG being inserted before Lin to move Lin to the 3rd or 4th PG, then I will be done watching Hawks. LP actually tried for a couple of times doing it which almost gave me heart attack. So far I somehow believe Hawks are Lin’s best home with all things considered. Well, I don’t watch other teams, so my conclusion can be as silly as it gets.

  794. Respectfully, I think some Lin fans are making too much about that comment.

    He was obviously only watching that game because of the matchup between Luka and Trae on national tv, and made comments regarding Lin as he saw it that particular game.

    Lin did look really bad that game because he was still just starting to get his feet back and hadn’t regained confidence in that knee himself. e. g. lateral quickness on defense that returned two games ago, and was also on display against Kemba yesterday, wasn’t yet there way back then.

    MBSurf said that his expertise is the business of the NBA and he had written earlier that it made no sense why Hawks traded for Lin.

    And it’s not like that was a click bait article with sensation headline about JLin; his comments about Lin were more an afterthought to whole article itself.


  795. He should had waited a month or so because that article was building a case against Jeremy Lin that he don’t belong in the league.

    He was already stating how the Hawks would had been better off signing a “cheapo” back-up PG…Now how stupid does that sound?…Lin is clearly the best back-up PG in the league right now.

    He knew Lin was coming back from injury and it was only the 4th game..How can you write such an article that clearly painted Lin in a negative way.

  796. Jlin better here than BKLN. How much PT would Jlin get behind Dlo, Din and Napier. The gnashing of teeth on the BKLN fansites over there would be howling. Jlin can play and shine in the ATL environment. Seems the only one playing with confidence, other than VC, is Jlin. I think this is because he is truly happy to be playing BB again.

  797. About the uniforms, Disney, weather and Vucevic? No. Except for the fact that PHX is in disarray and has an uncertain future I would like to see Jlin back in the west. The warm weather would be good for health and the PHX training staff has (or had?) a great record for treatment

  798. With ATL’s young talent even right now, can you imagine MDA in ATL reunited with Jlin and the benefit TY would receive from someone who knows the role of a true PG? If TY could not thrive at the point under MDA then TY has not future in the NBA

  799. I don’t see the point of doing that. they should just set screens for the guard…useless move in my opinion

  800. Lol.
    Nice comic relief.

  801. kcp for Lin

  802. Kemba’s expression is great.

  803. I’ve not seen Lin lose any minutes due to playing well, i.e., making shots and assisting and playing well on defense. If anything, he gets more minutes when he does.

    Trae’s only significance this game was that he hit a few 3-point shots. He didn’t play great, he didn’t play terribly. However, the big story was Baze moving to the bench and Heurter starting, Baze playing well off the bench and getting the game winner, and John Collins having a big game with the biggest story being finally the team won.

    Lin, according to Dominique and the Hawks announcers, continued his solid play. The game’s over. Lin continues to be healthy. Next game is against the Heat.

  804. Tonight was about Bazemore and Collins. Yes, Trae got some of his mojo back and Trae’s ups and downs is a theme with the Hawks. But the standout of the game was Baze and Collins.

  805. Knicks and MDA are years ago. Lin wasn’t the main focus in Houston, LA, or Charlotte either. And really, not in Brooklyn as Lopez was the main focus although Lin was the main guy to run the team. I think Lin has been getting a ton of positive attention at least by the Hawks announcers and I seriously do not agree with Ace that the coach has orders on Lin how to play. From what I’ve heard from LP, it’s he wants guys to shoot and not pass up open shots. And, from what I can see is Lin plays more, not less, when he shoots more and scores more or facilitates more and gets assists. When he is less active, that’s when he tends to be taken out of the games.

    But sometimes Lin comes out because of the score. If he starts to get in the minus, can’t fault the coach for taking him out to change the energy some.

  806. I agree, Click. Lin gets more minutes when he plays well. If anything, LP wants to see him shoot, score, be involved, and not turn it over too much though he doesn’t seem to strict on that if Lin is doing other things well.

    And Lin’s last stint was lackluster. Yes, I do blame Prince for bricking. But here, Kobe is right. If a PG sees a player on his squad not going along with the program and moving the ball in the offense, don’t pass to him. If need be confront and him and tell him why he didn’t get the ball. And Lin has the experience and position to do that. I don’t buy he doesn’t have that status.

    Pierce is not going to play Lin at a particular time in a game based on experience and reputation. He’s going to do it based on how Lin plays. And us fans have to be objective in looking at Lin and dealing with this coach at this time. Pierce may not be the ideal coach for Lin, but he does reward Lin with playing time mostly based on how Lin plays. I think if both Lin and Trae play well, we’ll see the two play together more. But that doesn’t happen much.

  807. so that’s like saying lin should be on the bench then..
    don’t know if that a good thing or not.

  808. It can be an advantage. That’s where folks here, sorry to say, have blinders.

    If Lin is say a starting SG, or even a starting PG, with a very ball-dominant other player or two other players, he sometimes doesn’t get the freedom and big role he would get as if he came off the bench and played with the ball-dominant player less. Yet, he still can get the same minutes and close games if properly used. Here’s where coming off the bench is an advantage, not a disadvantage. It’s not strictly a bench vs. starting position but what starting vs. what bench position. Yes, starting is better usually. But not always. That doesn’t mean he’s not starting quality. And sometimes it is because he is starting quality that he can make the difference as the quality of play doesn’t go down when the bench comes in. A coach can do a lot with this type of player rather than just putting him in the starting lineup. It’s not a demotion or slight in any way. And that’s what some folks, IMO, have to learn here.

    Tonight Baze played off the bench. But really, his role was no less than when he started and he was actually more noticeable coming off the bench. He properly finished the game and had the game winning basket. You don’t have to start to play in crucial minutes of the game. Huerter started, but didn’t finish or really was a factor in clutch times. So usage matters and sometimes more than starting.

    Yes, ask any player and they want to start. But sometimes a player realizes he can have as much if not more impact as a high-minute, high-usage, game closer off the bench.

  809. About Lin’s old team, the Hornets. I think Kemba looks good. He has exciting ball-handing skills, a good motor, can score, can get assists (he had 9 in the game). He has one fatal flaw IMO. That’s hero-balling. When the game is on the line and a basket is needed, Kemba appoints himself to take the last shot no matter what. He has the dribbling skills to find a way to get some type of shot off. But often, it is a forced, contested bad shot. And we saw that last night. In fact, his shot selection is still suspect. But there is no doubt to his scoring and ball-handling skills. And you can win with Kemba plus someone else. Someone like Lin. Actually, Lin, as no one has been able to do that job with Kemba since Lin left the Hornets.

    Marvin Williams still looks good. His shot is fluid and he has a good court sense. Though Marvin is less effective when his shot isn’t falling. And yes, Lin blocked his buddy Marvin’s shot after Marvin tried to post him up.

    Lamb and Kaminsky look ok. No better or worse than I remember them. Malik Monk is a good addition.

    Cody did not look as good as I remember him. He looked soft on defense and didn’t make much happen offensively.

    Now, Clifford’s guy, Batum. He looked awful. And Dominique was really hard on him. But I think with Batum’s salary, it was well deserved. Batum plays with little life, doesn’t make clutch shots, still has bad turnovers, and becomes a nonfactor when the game is on the line. But he looked even worse than when Lin was on the team. Batum looks like a bust. Jordan and company blew it with resigning him for so much.

    The Hornets do not look like a good team now. Parker helps, but age has limited his impact.

  810. General agreement with your take on most of the old Hornets teammates.

    Kemba’s shot reminded me of the exact shot that Trae took in against Lakers when Tyson Chandler blocked him — hero-balling with two wide-open wings just as Trae had with I believe it was Prince wide open in LAL.

    Difference is Kemba gives more defensive effort in a myriad of ways (though because of size is still just avg at best), Kemba shoots better (by a mile currently), Kemba is crafty getting to the rim, Kemba can play off-the-ball when he needs to — NONE of these skills does Trae possess

    I must add that as Trae’s offense has declined, he knows that Assists allow the ATL community to give him the benefit of the doubt — as such Trae is forcing passes trying to get assists, leaving his feet, trying to thread the needle and as you would expect the Turnovers are ballooning.

    Granted JLIN did have some TOs but many were simply miscommunication with newish unfamiliarized teammates — they were NOT forced passes

  811. As far as I’m concerned, JLIN had another fantastic game, did what he’s done all season which is to make the plays that KEEP his side in ballgames over and over …

    … and the Pierce has also done what he’s done all season, which is to give Trae the opportunity (instead of JLIN) to get as many minutes as possible when he is not extraordinarily awful and when the Hawks have a chance to win.

    The universe is still in order — wonderful JLIN game to further his narrative that he deserves a trade in the near term; and a new contract from a team that wants him in the longer term

  812. Yes. Lin’s TOs were miscommunication mostly. I think 4 out of the 5.

    Kemba is a stronger player than Trae. I think they look around the same height but Kemba is much stronger.

  813. tbh, I can come up with arguments of what to do from a team standpoint. The forum is seeing a binary Lin/Trae thing that doesn’t see the full picture. It’s not just about Lin and Trae more than it is about the game dynamics and the five guys on the court. Lin kept passing to a bricking Prince. So what do you do? Lin did not shoot. Lin did not go to the line. Lin, I think, had a TO in the last stint. I don’t believe Lin got an assist either. Prince wasn’t making buckets. Not a heck of a lot of good was happening with Lin’s unit on his last stint.

    Take Prince out? Take Lin out? What was Lin doing well? Defense. But it wasn’t preventing the score from moving in the wrong direction.

    So is Pierce so wrong in bringing in Trae? Well, how was Trae’s 4Q? Awful. He didn’t do much of anything positive either. And Lin is the stronger defensive player. But if you have Baze and Collins and Bembry on the floor, you have D. You needed someone to handle the ball slickly and look to assist. Trae is more aggressive at doing this than Lin is. Sometimes. And definitely was with Lin’s last stint where he was mostly just passing off to Trae and looked a bit shaky with his handling.

    There’s this sequence of events and how things were going, and that goes into assessing what may have been behind the coach’s move. You don’t have to agree with it. And maybe Pierce should learn that Lin is the guy to make plays and close out games based on who he is and what he’s done and, you know, he’s a veteran and not a rook playing his 20th NBA game. And maybe Lin would have done so. But there was no sign he was going to at that point of the game.

    Bottom line, Baze and Collins stepped up, Trae made a nice pass to Collins as maybe the only positive thing he did, and the Hawks got the win. The coach’s strategy worked for this game.

  814. criticising player is alright joe I do it aswell it’s natural you still root for them and want them to turn it around. Lin is winner it doesn’t matter how he wins as long as he does. Some games he’ll be on the bench and some he wont. He is a true teamplayer. He has been playing great and i couldn’t be more happier for him. I try not to join discussions on this forum about stuff like this and just try to focus on the game. But it’s weird seeing stuff like that being written on this forum.

    People have been following lin for how long on this forum? And they still dont know how Lin works as a player/teammate?

  815. Lol that batum contract man was a headscratcher…still couldn’t believe they paid him. Would have loved to see Lin gelling with kemba still alongside Marvin and zeller. Monk etc would have been so much fun to see.

  816. There’s a fundamental disagreement bifurcating a couple schools of thought here that appears will not be resolved easily.

    On the one hand you have a group of posters who believe JLIN for whatever reason (consistent to much of his entire career) defers his own scoring (especially early in games)
    a) to try to encourage his teammates to score; or
    b) when other members of the team are putting up points adequately
    c) some of us strongly believe the Coaches advocate JLIN moving the ball to set up teammates

    On the other hand another group of posters believe JLIN should aggressively look for his shot from the get-go, and cannot fathom why he is so passive (especially early in games)

    This debate doesn’t end, regardless of how many times it’s repeated, neither side is moved apparently

  817. I want to add that regardless of
    – how many times Huerter misses his shot, JLIN will still give him another pass as in the game before.
    – how many times Prince misses, JLIN still feeds him

    JLIN knows some of these guys just need to keep shooting and he tries to keep their confidence up – and usually they will get in the groove and make some — that is why guys love playing with JLIN he’s a baskeball player’s basketball player with a ton of wisdom of what other basketball players need

  818. Well, truth is, no team has truly built around Lin, Knicks included, lol. Lin has gotten very little attention until very recently. Hornets, another small market, actually gave him alot of buzz. I don’t agree with Ace that coach has any direct orders, but clearly as an organization they have priorities. Winning, unfortunatley is not one this year, and that is understandable. Unfortunately for Lin, they use him wherever and whenever they like. I.e., 4th quarter crunch time, you would think Lin, one of the most efficient scorers on this team would be out there, non? Play was drawn out for Trae (next best option, and for development). It didn’t work out and Blaze did. My point is, we all know what a healthy Lin can do. He is not 100% and still playing above his average by a wide margin. Even in this, “slow” game, he was pretty aggressive in my eyes. Much so, that he had two miscommunication tov passes. I know we don’t like Prince ball hogging, but those were instinctual responses, I’m sure even Lin regrets in hindsight. Had Prince passed for a better shot or hit them, then it would be a different story. I don’t believe LP is advocating hail mary shots and shots heavily defended.

  819. It makes no sense to feed someone who is missing shots in the last 4 minutes or so of a close game. You need to find the players that put the ball in the basket. And that’s not usually what Lin does. I think Lin hoped Prince would just brick shots when he received the pass but that’s what Prince does.

  820. Bout time.

  821. Lin does have faith. It’s who he is.

  822. What I said is an appraisal; not a prediction.

  823. Z+ache Lowe was clearly aware of the following:
    “Neither the Hawks nor the Nets expected Lin to open the season at full strength”
    He didn’t give time for Lin to tune his body for NBA games before he made his appraisal. This is an intentional mockery rather than an objective evaluation of Lin’s situation. I am going to make him responsible for such unreasonable hating on Lin.

  824. Maybe we can do the same to NBA like what they did to D&G? Lol

  825. Is TS% the same as eFG%
    TS%: True Shooting Percentage – what a player’s shooting
    percentage would be if we accounted for free throws and 3-pointers. True
    Shooting Percentage = Total points / [(FGA + (0.44 x FTA)]

    JLin’s TS% is 2nd among PGs and 16th among all NBA players; Miles Plumlee is 12th among all NBA players.

  826. Check out this clip of ‘Nique praising Lin’s crossover, “Man, he is playing great basketball!” as Trae Young celebrated with a fist pump.

    This is a good evidence that there is no Trae vs Lin or teammates hate Lin that often get floated here. Let’s put a stop to it since the evidence show otherwise.

    Also, I see some Lin fans rooted for the other team as he got benched and I agree that is simply not the right thing to do. At the end of the days, it’s still Lin’s team and even Lin celebrated from the bench as his team snapped 10-game losing streak. This behavior will reflect badly on Lin fans.

    I would implore Lin fans to be positive in supporting Lin and his team. Yes, the Hawks will do better with Lin on the floor if they want to win. But that’s not the case since the Hawks is in the pseudo-tanking situation. Just as Spencer Dinwiddie said about Lin on the Nets, “This is JLin’s team”, the Hawks is Trae Young’s team even if he is still a rookie. JLin and Vince Young are there to help the young players develop.

    So far, the Hawks announcers (Dominique Wilkins and Bob Rathbun) and @ATLHawks social media have been more than fair in praising Lin and floated Lin’s possibility to start. I believe they will do things right to trade JLin to a playoff contender when there is a win-win scenario.

    Even if Lin stays there for the season, we shouldn’t turn on the Hawks because they paid Lin $14.5M and they have the right to do so. Most likely the Hawks will trade Lin to get some assets back because otherwise Lin will not resign with them next season and they will get no assets.

    So let’s support JLin positively as his fans either here or on other forums/social media. We just need to hope/pray that the right team (Magic, 76ers, Pelicans, etc.) will sign Lin and rely on him to win.

  827. Very fair, psalm. Thank you.

  828. Not saying at all that Jlin belongs on bench. Saying that his body of experiences shows that he improves the team, even bench. With this much experience it goes without saying, at least to me, that he would improve most starting lineups too. How much he would improve a starting lineup would depend a lot on the coach. With MDA a whole lot. With McHale and Scott they wasted Jlin’s talents for some reason other than BB. With Clifford, underutilized due to Kemba’s presence. Book is still being written on LP in ATL

  829. In spite of BS

  830. How could Lin get a decent contract next season if he doesn’t have enough playtime on the court?

    When LP played Lin 13 minutes, it isn’t acceptable to Lin fans. We are positively supporting Lin. Mind you we will never agree that Jeremy’s future should be sacrificed for the development of Trae Young. Never!

  831. Absolutely agree. ATL may be tanking but Jlin is not. I have mentioned before that I would like Jlin to play more with Prince to see if he can make him better. Prince is obviously a tremendously skilled young athlete and maybe just needs some guidance. I feel that way about the whole ATL team now that we have seen them for a few games. They are young, talented but w/o guidance on the floor. TY himself needs guidance as he falls under the same category of young, skilled athlete but really doesn’t know the NBA yet. How can he, he just turned 20 years old and has less than 20 NBA games under his belt! I think that throwing TY into a major starting role is an error on the part of management, and damaging to the other young talents who need Jlin. The overall philosophy guiding ATL is tanking. Decisions are made with the idea of not winning. Somebody needs to clue in Jlin and tell him to dial it down:)

  832. All players go to the bench. Rarely does a player play 48 minutes. Some coaches are “ride your starters” types. Others, like KA, play some guys off the bench about as much as they do those that start. Somebody like Dinwiddie, who is doing well, plays about as many minutes as D’Angelo and maybe more than Allen. Dinwiddie has also finished games in favor of DLo.

    You’re right in looking at considerations for how a player is used, the coach, and who he plays with. I look at usage and role now rather than bench or starter. Here’s what I look for. Is Lin a subordinate to an egomaniac player he has to share much of his minutes with, or a selfish player, or is he a lead player? And I conclude, lead player on the Knicks no Melo, subordinate with Melo w. Woodson as coach. So both times he’s a starter, but such a big difference. That’s what I think should be looked at and not strictly bench vs. starting. And there’s also the very real situation where you can start off in a good position, and one trade changes everything. Harden trade and then with the Nets, the DLo trade changed dynamics of the team.

    There are more considerations than starting vs. bench. And there are poor starting positions vs. excellent ones. Then there’s stuff we can’t predict, like trades or changes of coaches.

  833. I saw where in the last two games Ed Davis in BKLN got 12 and 10 minutes. Why did BKLN bother to get him and waste his time?

  834. I doubt any of us agree. But it is what it is so that’s what we should expect on the Hawks.

  835. ATL may be TY’s team but it is by mandate. The problem is that Jlin is earning the right to be team leader and that is causing the problems, maybe not with the team since they are tanking and know it, but enjoy playing more with Jlin because he makes them better. That is just one of the quandaries caused by the unnatural act in pro sports called tanking.

  836. Yes there are other considerations other than starting vs bench like you point out. However, Jlin has unique attributes to be a leader and to make others better and for that sole reason he should start. Unless you are tanking. Once MDA found out what he had he started Jlin and “rode him like Secretariat” the NYK soared. Once Melo came back and tried to assert his leadership NYK died.

  837. It’s reasonable for us to wish the Hawks getting blown out or Young playing poorly so Lin may get his minutes on the court.

    It’s LP who makes this easy for us to pray for his doom.

  838. My point is starting doesn’t guarantee him being the leader of the team unless the coach and other players are part of it. Lin’s leadership fascinates me because I’ve seen him doing it both as a starter and fairly high-usage player off the bench.

    Lin should start for consistency of minutes. But he should also be a leader. Or, he should play off the bench with a team with an established starting unit that will use him as a swingman of running a competitive bench and use him with the starters to finish halves and games. The downside of that big role is less consistency of minutes. That’s why starting is better, IMO.

  839. I am not a critic of LP as a coach, at least not yet because has yet to show in true chops if he tried to win! We know he can lose, but what if he tried to win? What would LP do? I would truly like to know just as a topic of conversation. He is not as blatant a tool and a fool like Byron Scott was- and probably still is. In this regard ATL is a much more class organization than the Lakers.

  840. That I don’t agree with. I think if one is really a team supporter, one would want Lin’s teammate Trae, to do well and for LP to play Lin with Trae, especially when the game is on the line. Lin doesn’t like losing regardless of how well he plays. That’s the spirit that I take to what I want to see with the team he’s on.

  841. He should start because he is the best player on the team right now, by a long shot. It would be interesting if you could poll the team and ask them who they want as the starting PG and getting most minutes including closing. I suspect that even at this early stage it would be Jlin hands down and that would fulfill your requirement that the other players and coach be a part of it. There are many teams in the NBA, even those with starting PG’s who would improve with Jlin starting, IMO. ATL happens to be at the top of my list. 10 more games of Jlin balling like he is now and even if TY does not get worse, this discussion will be more heated. Tanking clouds an honest discussion based solely on basketball. A lot of fun maybe coming!

  842. I think Lin will continue to impress in Atl if he stays healthy. I think if Trae does well, talk of Lin starting will die down. If Trae struggles and Lin balls out, talk will be very strong to start LIn. If both do well, I think they’ll be more talk of playing Lin with Trae.

  843. When Trae Young played well, LP played him 37 mins, don’t tell me it’s good for anything.

    LIn’s minutes depended on how well Young had done on the court. So be it.

    November happens to be a month that Young slumping and Lin gets his chance of showing what he can do. Thank God.

  844. Here’s a way to speculate on what playoff bound team might want to trade for Jlin: Who has the most to offer ATL?

  845. Clearly after a losing streak of 10 games LP tried to win the Hornets game …

    But prior to that, I believe winning the 3 early games surprised some ATL watchers and perhaps even surprised Pierchlenk … because I am and have from pre-season been convinced this was a full-on development TANK season, so I wasn’t surprised at all that Pierce lost many games in-a-row to get the tank back on track.

    In that losing streak, there was very very few games where Pierce and the Coaching staff did not give up and outright concede, it wasn’t until perhaps the Lakers game where the size of the losing streak became a bit embarrassing.

    LP wanted to win the Hornets game and wanted Trae to have a significant role in the win because of Trae’s November debacle.

    Now the pressure is off LP and he can safely coach to lose the next 6-7 and nobody will complain.

  846. Wow, his movements, long upper body, 3’s, vision….. Asian L. Bird. He needs to talk to Lin for true mentorship

  847. Sorry Lin won’t listen to any thing short of winning.

  848. what you describe is an “LIN ALSO fan”or “Team Also fan”, but to others who is “a ONLY Lin fan” …team doesn’t matter for as long as Lin get his and when Jeremy got his, they believe team will succeed. On my Part, i can be a team supporter (Team ALSO FAN) if the team is FAIR with Lin, Meaning, they respect Lin and use Lin to his potentials (no Politics), so i will also support the team even if it needed that JLIN is not starting or even closing games. But if the team shows disrespect (on my own perception) in any manner, then i will turn to be a “LIN only Fan” mode

  849. Just like what Jeremy did with Novak during NYK time.. He gave novak the confidence to shoot when they’re playing together. Novak just needs the boost (as per Jeremy’s principle) that why the result. we all know why Jlin pass the ball, it is to encourage his teammates and not because he’s deferring (in the beginning of the season when he’s still not healthy that CLEARLY shows that Lin was deferring, and the reason might be WAS his own confidence not yet BUILD up).

  850. i supported the Knicks and even the Rockets before it became obvious that the Rockets and McHale were going to pull their stunt with starting Bev and ruin Lin’s career. i’m no longer a fan of teams, only players. if i support just any team (even ones like Hawks who suppresses Lin), i’d might as well support just any random crappy team like the Suns

  851. My comment is about supporting the team Lin plays for, not to become the fan of any team. I’m not a fan of teams either. Lin played in that game. Rooting for a team to lose in a game Lin played in is wrong IMO.

  852. and not supporting a team that Lin’s being suppressed on is NOT all that wrong either. that’s the category a lot of us Lin fans fall in

  853. If you read psalm’s post he pointed out positives on how Lin is being treated in Atlanta. It’s not what we want, but at some point we have to take what’s there because this is just a temporary situation. Lin is getting some respect in Atlanta now, he’s not treated like he was in LA or even in Houston.

  854. its the coaching staff duty to put personnel who can contribute to the team and we know JLIN to play the right way. If the coach during the crucial moment put in a player to play, all 5 players playing need to be trusted to deliver, thats why Lin still feed them because he trust his teammates and they are the one playing with him.

    Jeremy is a clutch player, and i saw countless times with his career that when the chips were down, he took responsibility and do what is necessary either by shooting the ball (most of the time, he chucked shooting the ball to get point for a lead)or by passing (example was with the daniels assist, Knowing Jlin type of a player when playing also help us at least presume what on his mind when playing

  855. They aren’t going to use Lin to his potential because of the team situation he is in. I’m describing rooting for a game to be won by the team Lin is playing on. I think Lin would want that from his fans AND Lin played in the game and made a difference and contributed to that win.

  856. it does seem a lot like how he was treated in LA and in Houston. just a different cover of the same playbook

  857. You’re preaching to the choir James.

    I think Prince played poorly and shouldn’t be in there. But, I have to question Lin’s decision to keep going back to a player who isn’t executing. There are 4 other guys Lin could pass to. If someone else passes to them, well so be it. But Lin is the PG, and could instruct or run the ball through someone else other than Prince.

  858. maybe that last game. Lin really want the team to win whatever the circumstances was. he was animated playing and even when sitting and not playing. I did enjoy the win last game because He did play the right way, still healthy and having fun with it. Not playing to start or even ending the game doesn’t matter yesterday for me because we saw how JLIN performed and he was effective, and the TEAM had shown (a bit) their eagerness to win that game

  859. Another way to say the same thing is to support the team and players Jeremy is currently supporting. But I’m guessing that won’t make any difference to some folks. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  860. no different than supporting every company you’ve worked for even when they’re treating you badly. i don’t praise my company when i’m out with my friends while we happened to be talking about our jobs

  861. Jeremy is Jeremy and his thought process is different from us (even were of different sides here) he reacts based on circumstances and i believe he doesn’t hold grudges when playing ball(meaning he don’t mind one player not passing to him or them shooting the ball more (even Bricking it) for as long everybody plays to win)

    Having said he reacts to circumstances dictating his thought on what to do with the ball, Factors affecting it lies on the following : Coach telling him what to do or one player is free to take the shot; or passing in preparation for a system device play; Time restraint and of the moment decision, etc (i believe you know what i am saying here). His passing to a bricking Prince (though i myself if i am Lin will avoid doing..LOL) was a testament that JLIN in playing to win needs to empower his teammates to be able to achieve the goal. A PG who become selective in passing becomes evident to a player playing if he is the one being affected by it and he know that is not constructive. He Trust his co player to get out of the funk and he knew it could happen by just giving them the chance to recover.

    Coach MUST see who is playing poorly and should have subbed him if it is evidently hampering the flow of the game, but LP did not because maybe, he like Prince still playing, and still playing, Prince is still an option for a pass

  862. I would have removed Prince, not Lin, in I were LP for sure.

  863. definitely too..LOL!!!

  864. Batum is just a normal rotation player in my book

  865. Thank you for reminding people that we should be more positive in our support for Lin. I will try my best to not antagonize others, so I hope others will do the same as well. There’s just way too much negativity within the Lin fan community when we should all be happy that Lin is playing well and that Lin seems happy and content with his situation / circumstances. Lin would be appalled if he read some of the things Lin fans say and do against his teammates, coaches, and teams he plays for.

  866. You don’t have to support the Hawks or players on the Hawks if you don’t want to. Just don’t trash them, their players, and wish them ill or to lose (because that means Lin loses and won’t be happy) like some people do everyday.

  867. I don’t trash any player regardless of teams they play on. I do however critique players. It’s just what some people’s definition of trashing a player may be another person’s critique of said player

  868. I know, I haven’t seen you specifically trash Hawks players. In fact, you’re relatively new around here and only started posting recently. I’m talking about the other people and using “you” in general terms.

  869. WHile I don’t go negative on the ATL team and/or coach, I do have strong opinions on the legitimacy of tanking of any sports team for any reason because the basis is competition and intentional losing takes away that basis. It then becomes something else, what it is you tell me. In Philly they, and other sports “marketers” lovingly refer to losing as “the process”. In professional sports intentional losing to gain advantages in drafting is especially egregious because fans are still playing full price to watch a 1/2 a** product. In other words we are being cheated. After getting to know the ATL players a little now, I find I like the ATL team and would really like to see how good they can be, especially with Jlin as I am sure they and the fans would. Fans besmirching ATL I can see because what does ATL expect when they cheat their fans. Fans railing for wanting ATL to lose though is disrespectful to the ATL players who are complicit in tanking through no fault of their own though LP seems like he has to be part of the process. If you criticize any ATL player then Jlin must be included in that criticism though I think we all know Jlin is not part of this “process” and so we should extend the same courtesy to the other players. We should show more class than the ATL front office and the NBA in general in this tanking business. So unless mention of tanking is prohibited I will continue to vent on this practice when the occasion calls for it.

  870. Have been in hiatus for the 2 years Lin was out. I don’t even follow the NBA much since lol

  871. Greg, a writer for Sportige and a long time Jlin supporter recently said this in an article about Jlin: “The Hawks are making changes to their lineup around yet wouldn’t mind finishing last in the league for the upcoming draft. The logical rationale of what personnel gives you the best shot at winning doesn’t apply in this case.” Very nice Greg, a roundabout way of saying tanking.

  872. supporting might be different from accepting..i cannot support a team who disrespect their player intentionally just because they are tanking, BUT i can accept it the way they are and just leave the future whatever maybe happen.

  873. seems they don’t want her to win the prize…LOL…(just kidding)

  874. Jeremy, looking happy, warming up before the Hornets game.

  875. relaxed because he knew he’s on a roll and his body also is fluid..

  876. Lin has changed so much these past years under our eyes.

    Happy for him and proud to be his fan.

  877. Bazemore would rather starts from the bench. Before that, his stats was trending down as one of the starters. After that, his first game was phenomenal hitting 9-11 and the game winning shot. Playing as starters now must be a pain that Baz would rather be the reserved than the starter.

    Jeremy said the game started from the defensive end and we all know the defense of the starting team is a train wreck on defense.

  878. Why would they want to give up anything if they can make an offer to Lin after this season?

  879. Price to pay for an upgrade and/or fine tuning now. Deal with later later. If it goes well then it means the team will have some quality and JLin would have some familiarity with teammates and is tempted to stay. It’s not all about the money

  880. I don’t think we should wish Trae Young to do well because LP would definitely bench JLin. That is disgusting.

    Is there any real Lin fan who would want to see Young play 35+ minutes and Lin play 13 minutes or less.

    We aren’t going to wish that except you.

  881. Rooting the team to win comes second to rooting JLin to be healthy and to play well enough for his next job. Should there be a conflict of interest, I wish Lin be healthy and play well.

  882. I root for Lin first. Lin will do his best for the team. Then the team will win more games.

    If Lin is not used properly and the team loses. I don’t think it’s the fault of Lin fans. We should give credit when credit is due. On the contrary, while the team did the wrong things and Lin was doing well and trying his best to help the team, I don’t think Lin fans should be blamed for cheering on Jeremy.

    If LP only plays Lin when the team was blown out, it is not our fault to wish the team getting what it deserves.

  883. As a Lin fan, I can live with the Hawks not winning but I can’t tolerate Lin at this level of efficiency getting benched watching his teammates losing games after games.

    We could all agree that Lin is not the reason that the Hawks lost so many games.

  884. I don’t have time to look at a game miscroscopically but losing 10 games are bad enough. There is always someone who should be responsible. I couldn’t think of anyone other than Lloyd Pierce, the head coach. Perhaps you could.

  885. Well, the coach should be responsible to put Prince in. If he’s open, the PG is supposed to feed him. The coach can take him out if the coach doesn’t trust that Prince can make shots. What is the reason of putting him in if he keeps on missing shots? The coach believed that Prince might turn around and made shots. That’s why he put Prince in. So, it is right that Lin should feed him the ball when he is open. There are always some fans who want Lin to be responsible for the coach’s decision.

  886. Not sure if this has been posted – 6min – by Click

    Jeremy Lin Full Highlights – Hawks vs Hornets 11/25/2018

  887. Lioyd Pierce is a defense coach. Is he supposed to teach his golden boy some tricks in defense? Is it helpful to him at all.
    ESPN’s new RPM ratings are out and Trae Young is 434 of 434 overall. Is this trashing?

  888. I don’t think Morey is panicking yet, but both Chris Paul and Gerald Green are not available for the Rockets in recent games…

    I really hope Morey doesn’t panic and trade for Lin. Can’t stand Houston, Harden, Morey, and Rockets fans. Even with Mike D’Antoni there, I don’t think Lin would be treated fairly by Houston media and fans if he went back.

  889. No, for Morey’s pride sake, he would not trade for Lin.

  890. Lin is already being treated unfairly now in Atlanta. Reunited with DA is what all Lin fans should be waiting for. This would be a great opportunity for Lin to reignite his career to go the next team next season with a better contract.

  891. No, I don’t want people think Lin could only succeed under DA. Lin needs to go to another coach and excel.

  892. D rose’s comeback was with his old coach so? No one cares so long as you’ve got the green light and only MDA is willing to so that! Fact is every coach since MDA refused to play PnR and give Lin unlimited minutes to win!

  893. Morey invited Lin for that video game event so you never know.

  894. He’s not 21 yr old.

  895. NBA is a business, prides don’t belong there.

  896. Tell that to knick owner. Biggest thing to hit new York and they kill it. Out the door.

  897. It’s called systematic tanking or development. No one is surprise. Jeremy can have perfect stats and they’ll still lose.

  898. I think its a good opportunity for next contract and choose a good team for him.
    Its better than staying in hawks

  899. Melo went to Rockets despite what he did to MDA.

  900. MDA has treated Lin better than many coaches. Lin does need to prove anything to MDA.

  901. So a win-win situation is built. Lin may have his stats and Hawks may lose as much as they want..

  902. Many people want lin trade to Orlando. I like the idea but i think knicks can be a another good destination for Lin.
    1) there are still tons of lin fans including me in New york.
    2) NY media will boost his value if he plays well in new york.
    3) knicks can be a good team with lin. They are young and KP coming back soon.
    4) Linsanity 2.0??

    During the linsanity, we couldnt watch the knicks games through the TVs because there was only a time warner cable tv in our condo. So i asked condo manager to contact fios to make us watch knicks games. He said you are not the only one asking for that. Tons of people asked about it and they are considering to contact to fios.
    Knicks fans are waiting for championship for longggggg time. If lin can bring championship in new york or even fun in playoffs games. Lin will be big hero in knicks history.

  903. I have a challenging question for the forum. Are we in constant search for something that may not exist? A place where Lin is in some perfect situation that simply doesn’t exist in the NBA?

    Maybe right now is the perfect place for Lin. He still had the past two years of limited play. In fact, last year he didn’t play at complete game. I realize Lin looks fabulous now, but this is still a rehabbing year. He’s in a situation where there’s no stress, he seems to be bonding with the city and teammates, he has a wonderful trainer in Chelsea Lane and some nights he gets decent minutes. He hasn’t had one DNP CD.

    So much I’m hearing that the next situation will be better in a trade. What if it is not? What if he goes somewhere that he gets 12 minutes a game and some DNP CDs? That’s possible in the NBA. A trade doesn’t necessarily mean a better situation for Lin. That’s our hope. But that may not be he reality.

    And Lin’s numbers now are absolutely wonderful. But I don’t think he’ll sustain the shooting percentages and 3 point numbers. Those are likely to come down. And that’s fine. Lin is about intangibles, not all-out numbers. Getting timely baskets and plays when they’re needed.

    I guess I’m just being sober and giving a warning of be careful what you wish for and maybe appreciate some of what you have. This is still a rehab year for Lin. And he’s doing way better than most expected. He’s healthy. He’s playing well in the NBA. And that’s wonderful.

  904. Ed Davis is not seen as the future of BKLN, so to speak. The FO and coaches there do not want to win properly with what they have. They dream of a future under their control so they are trying to play Jarrett Allen more to help him mature or get injuries (if you look at a different perspective) They hate fair competition and sportsmanship. Winning at all cost is their dream which is indispensable for many NBA losers. Unfortunately they are not on God’s schedule to be champion. They gave up reality, real losses, for a dream, the champion.

  905. I think trades are being proposed from a Lin fan perspective. I don’t think that’ll work. Think like a GM. Think of Lin as an asset the way they do. Think of what they’d want to give up for Lin and how long they’d want to use Lin. Think of Lin’s salary and know that he’s an expiring contract. That’s how trades are done. Not with the thought of what’s best for most players. But what’s best for our team for a given position going forward and who is available.

  906. only if dolan sell his right over the team

  907. If we think like Lin, we will understand it is not those GMs and owners who are in control of the world. They are not on God’s schedule. Lin plays for God. Lin was injured and his career could have been terminated. Many athletes with this kind of injury in the past told us they couldn’t recover like Lin does now.

    Zache Lowe is not a fool and he believes to the best of his knowledge that Lin’s career is over. He is proved wrong. There are GMs like Cho who believed that he made the right trade to help the team to play at the next level. Jeremy meant nothing to them. Unfortunately his career is terminated sooner than Lin’s.

    What it boils down to is for whom Lin is playing. Lin believes that God is in control and he trusts God and follows.

    Those GMs can plan but plans are dreams and unreal most of the time. Travis Schlenk’s plan of Warriors 2 with Trae Young is destined to fail. NBA is evolving and new ways of winning will come out. I doubt if Warriors can win the championship this year. Warriors’ model of winning a championship may not work again.

    I trust God just like Lin does. Those GMs means nothing to me or Lin. Lin will enjoy what he is and overcomes challenges. We have fun following him. We have seen stars and GMs fallen out of the grace one by one. The pitiful Melo and Cho. They seemed so much in control of their future. Not now. Who cares what they think now.

  908. lol

  909. Sorry, this isn’t looking at the NBA and how it operates. What GMs think matters and that’s why Lin is where he is in all teams he’s been on. The NBA is a business and that’s how we should view trades.

  910. NY media said dolan didnt sign lin because of back loaded salary that make knicks pay luxury taxes on 3rd year. I dont thinks so becasue knicks had been paid luxury many times. It was because of melo who was jelousy of lin. One writer said its now Lin’s team not melo. Melo didnt want to share spot lights with Lin. He was a super star in new york and also had huge power at that time. But not any more. LOL

  911. I still want Lin off the Hawks, but like you, I also realize that there’s a risk involved with any team who wants to acquire Lin. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Lin could be treated unfairly on another team, even worse than he is on the Hawks.

    However, if a team is willing to trade for Lin and is willing to give up assets for him, it clearly signals that their front office wants Lin to play a big role for that new team. Of course, you can have a situation like the Lakers season, where Lin gets dumped to a tanking team with a head coach who hates Lin. Which is why I want Lin on a playoffs contender and a good team so chances of that happening again are slim to none.

    The situation in Atlanta isn’t ideal, but it’s not as bad as we’d feared prior to November. Lin progressively got better and improved to a point most people didn’t think he could reach so quickly. While Lin is still being restricted from getting into the starting lineup that he’s earned already, people need to understand that winning and having Lin replace Trae is not going to happen on this team. Lin is in Atlanta to mentor Trae, help start a new, good culture for them to build upon, and be trade bait for Hawks to acquire more assets. What we want and what Hawks organization want is not the same.

    We should just be happy with the fact that Lin is playing really well right now, that he’s healthy, that he’s happy, and that he seems content with the situation he’s in.

  912. It’s not only from Lin’s fan perspective. Check out the new thread/article.

    There is a tweet from PeachTree Hoops editor with suggestion to the Magic on Lin’s good skills and valuable expiring contract. I think even many in the Hawks fans want to see Lin succeed in other teams and have a win-win scenario for the Hawks to get assets back in picks/young players.

  913. Does GM Cho matters to you now. Many of them are on their way out without knowing. If Morey was right about Lin, Lin’s career would have been terminated. Those GMs like Sean Marks couldn’t do nothing against Lin. Lin comes out better and stronger and happier than before. In God Lin trust and so do we.

  914. The rehab time has been long over, why doesn’t he just retire to be safe? NBA is one of the most competitive work place on earth, guys are there ready to take your place if you keep staying rehab. Lin steals and coast to coast beating 2 defenders for a high up layup then landed beautifully, that’s better than the old Lin.

    He needs to go to a better team where winning is everything. Being a backup for cp3 has a lot more sense than a rookie TY.

  915. new thread
    Game 21 Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat
    Which Teams Have Trade Interest in Jeremy Lin?

  916. oh lol .. yeah, “Vince Young” was the ex-NFL quarterback

    Thank you for your contribution, good reminders of being positive for Lin fans, and to be nicer to others 🙂 We’re in the same team after all so we all need to learn to get along.

    My biggest concern is also if the team or Lin’s teammates see how some Lin fans put them down that it might result in them alienating Lin due to some “bad” Lin fans. That’s the last thing we want to happen.

  917. The rookie TY is ranked 434 out of 434 in DRPM by ESPN. It is a bad joke. The worst starting lineup in NBA now is the Hawks’. The bench of Atlanta can easily beat their starters.

  918. yes, we can definitely campaign for Lin to get more minutes while not putting down his teammates or his team, especially since Lin has developed good chemistry with team.

  919. true, I also hate the “tanking” process. It’s such a painful process for a fan to go through. Keep Losing to eventually win? It simply doesn’t happen in real life 🙂

    I really hope NBA can fix it.

  920. What a relieve would be for Knicks fans.

  921. The pitiful Melo got hammered in OKC and Houston again and again. Is there a third team who would like to give him a tryout?

  922. Is there anyone who want to bet that Lin is going to have a longer career as an NBA player than Lloyd Pierce as the head coach?

  923. I believe you. so many Lin’s coaches and placeholders are out already.

    Parsons will be out the league soon too…

  924. In God we trust.

  925. My biggest concern is also if the team or Lin’s teammates see how some Lin fans put them down that it might result in them alienating Lin due to some “bad” Lin fans. That’s the last thing we want to happen.

    Yeah, this could be a problem. We know that players are checking Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to see what fans says about them, their team, teammates, and other teams. More so now, than ever, especially young players. Bembry cared enough about Hawks fans rooting for them to tank and hating on them for winning, that he made this post on Instagram when Hawks finally broke the winning streak:

    Trae has already said in an interview that he hears everyone saying how Hawks made a mistake trading away Doncic for him. Not only does Trae have to deal with Doncic being the obvious better than him now, he also has to deal Lin fans trashing him for how terrible he is.

    Fans need to keep in mind that these players are people like us, except they have basketball skills and are making a lot more money than most of us. They have feelings and can’t tune out everything around them.

  926. I always think it’s Lin’s feelings who have been stomped rather than Young’s. We are not trashing Trae Young but he has been playing like trash and we speak the truth. Big deal, this rookie is ranked 434 out of 434 by ESPN DRPM. ESPN should be guilty of trashing Trae Young, not us!

  927. Lin’s feelings are fine. He’s dealt with a lot more adversity than this and he’s gotten through it all. Hawks fans are not hating on Lin like Lin fans are hating on Trae. This is not like the Houston situation where the media and fans there hated Lin and blamed Lin for everything.

    You keep bringing up Trae’s stats and advanced defensive numbers. Let me clue you in something: NOBODY CARES. All non-Lin fans, GMs, media, and Hawks fans care about are Trae’s very nice-looking stats in scoring and assists, especially for a rookie. Trae is averaging 15.7 PPG and 7.7 AST. That’s all people see and care about, not his DRPM.

  928. I bet it is much more fun to play as reserve than as starter in Atlanta. Baz can agree with me.

  929. Yes, Lin fans and some Hawks fans. The GMs unfortunately look at assets. The hope is a result in win-win for Lin and the Hawks.

  930. Dolan isn’t, Morey isn’t as well. I don’t know what past your talking about but I’m looking at the hard realities of what is involved in trades.

    IMO, God has guided Lin to Fortius and maybe the Dr. that performed the surgery and his recovery. But when it comes to the NBA, it’s business. Lin playing for God has little to do with what a bunch of GMs will do regarding trades that may involve him.

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