G20 DET @CHA Notes & Observations

Jeremy Lin played well with 13pts/4a/3r/2s/1TO in 26 min He rested with 20pts lead (95-75) after 1 Linsensational acrobatic floater/shot. Hornets won 104-84 against the Pistons.

5-10 shooting, 2-4 FTs, +6

Notable points:

  • Lin looked to facilitate early in the game but found the balance between facilitating and scoring
  • Batum was setting up Lin’s wide-open 3pt with a great assist as he drove to the rim drawing 2 defenders.
  • The Pistons looked tired in the 2nd night of Back-To-Back game
  • These are 2 consecutive games where Lin actively looked for his shots with 9 and 10 FG attempts earning him 27 and 26 min of playing time. These are good shot attempts to earn him 25+ min



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