G2 Orlando Magic vs Brooklyn Nets

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With Jeremy Lin successfully underwent surgery to fix the ruptured patella tendon, the Nets will host the first home game against the Orlando Magic.

Crabbe will be the new starter to replace Jeremy. Unless the Nets fixes the defensive lapses that allowed 140 points in the first game against the Pacers, the Magic will be a tough matchup and a win would be tough to come by. The Magic won the first game 116-109 against the Heat

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The Nets confirmed what many suspected Thursday morning, making Lin the second player to go down for the season with a serious injury after Gordon Hayward was injured in Boston’s season-opening loss at Cleveland Tuesday.

Now comes the difficult part of moving on and trying to get wins while Lin recovers.

Unfortunately for the Nets, they’re familiar with lengthy absences by Lin but this time they’re hoping their roster is better equipped to handle it.

“We’ll miss from a competitive standpoint, his leadership standpoint,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson told reporters at Thursday’s practice. “We’ll call it what it is — it’s a big blow.”

En route to 62 losses last season, Lin missed 46 games with two lengthy absences because of a hamstring injury. During those absences, the Nets were 7-34 but D’Angelo Russell was on the Los Angeles Lakersthen and depth at point guard was lacking.

Russell scored 30 points in his Brooklyn debut after being acquired for Brook Lopez in the offseason. He made 12 of 22 shots, including four 3-pointers as the Nets made 12 of 30 3-pointers, marking the 58th time the Nets attempted at least 30 3-pointers since Atkinson began coaching the team last season.

While the Nets continued hoisting 3-pointers, they also continued struggling defensively. Although their defensive rating improved toward the end of last season, Brooklyn allowed 52 percent shooting in the season opener.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do; a lot of work to do,” Russell said. “As you can see we can score points. It’s the little things — defense, rebounding, transition, little things that’ll get us over the hump.”

Last season, the Nets allowed at least 50 percent shooting in 22 games and lost each time. Last season, the Nets allowed at least 120 points 19 times and lost 18 of those games.

Orlando is looking to win its first two games for the first time since 2012-13 after emphasizing defensive improvement during the preseason.

The Magic began the season with a 116-109 win over the Miami HeatWednesday. Orlando gave up 37 points in the opening quarter and held the Heat to 38 percent shooting in the final 36 minutes.

Perhaps just as important, the Magic won after blowing a 17-point lead by executing on both ends. Orlando forced Miami to miss nine of 11 shots in a span of about two minutes down the stretch while Evan Fournier and Nikola Vucevic rescued them offensively by combining for nine straight points.


Let’s hope and pray the Nets can continue building their chemistry playing together in their 2nd regular season game and be healthy throughout the season. 


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  1. Let’s Go Nets !

  2. First. Let’s go Nets.

  3. I’ve been a lurker here since you guys exiled yourselves from the “other” site….and been a fan of JLin since his Harvard days. Wanted to finally write a comment firstly to thank the admins for all you’ve done to create this space for us fans to get info and speak out mind on our favourite player. This is undoubtedly a rough time for us all… But let’s stick it through here together. I know we’re “grieving” the loss.. but let’s hopefully we can move on from the disappointment… and help each other stay positive this season. Even though JLin’s not playing, we all know he’ll make a positive impact, one way or another. I’m excited to see how Jeremy’s faith plays out in this storm… the God he worships is all about making unimaginable comebacks… I truly believe the best is yet to come!

  4. 23-15 for Magic
    Nets hasn’t fixed their defense yet.
    Allowing Magic to shoot 69% (9-15), and 75% (3-4) from 3s
    At this rate, it will be a while before they win their 1st game

  5. Lin’s presence is obviously missed. No organized offense and defense.

  6. Nets misses their floor general indeed..
    This can be ugly if they don’t fix their D soon

  7. Bench played better.

  8. Not watching the game but just wonder how Nets is coping without JLin…..Guess not too good…..

  9. they try hard but look a bit lost out there without their leader

  10. Assist/FG ratio, Starter 4/7, Bench 3/4

  11. Good on you for still watching Nets game:-)

  12. I want to see the real impact of no-Lin 🙂

  13. better ball movement for sure

  14. Hey! This could be a whole discussion, but do people have an opinion on the probability that Lin will be w/the Nets this year? I don’t want to get all invested in this team and its players if Lin’s just gonna go somewhere else next year. But if he’s very likely coming back to Nets next year, then that inspires me more to keep up with Nets games.

  15. Personally I think Lin will exercise his player option, if according to what KA/SM said about family. So for me, at least I will root for Nets until Lin comes back and the coming 3rd year.

  16. It’s hard to say. Lin is likely to choose to opt in his 3rd year for $12M but Nets might ask him to be in a backup/mentor role
    Being out 1.5 out of 2 seasons put him at a disadvantage because of the injury-prone concern.
    Even if the Nets want to trade him next season, he still has to prove he can be healthy before other teams are interested. It’s a bummer for sure 🙁

  17. yeah, the Nets and Lin are possibly stuck with each other at least for the first half-season next year

  18. Jarret Allen is in for Mozgov and he’s holding his own so far.

  19. It all depends on how SM view Lin’s value. Maybe owners’ view too.

  20. Vucevic is unstoppable now, 20pts with 8-10 shooting and 4-4 from 3s
    Mozgov and JAllen can’t stop him
    This can be the key of this game
    51-50 BKN with 1.5 min left

  21. JAllen shows some sign of potential. Some P&R dunks and a rim block.

  22. Not watching the game, but the +/- is telling.

  23. As someone suggested, Net might offer to buy Lin out after he opts in the 3rd year (likely), they need the cap room to sign other FA/RFAs.

    Perhaps I’m being cynical, but I don’t put a lot of weight on what SM or even KA said. They’re saying all the right things like Lin’s “family and a Ne” for now, but when the time comes, SM will do what he thinks is best for the org & not Lin.

    I don’t doubt KA’s sincerity but he’s not the ultimate decision maker & his insistence on signing Lin to a 3 yr contract is now looking like a dud.

  24. Sorry to say, hope the Nets stink which I think is a for gone conclusion without Lin. They’ll get to see their golden boy D-Lo run the team to the ground.

  25. Even if Lin is welcomed back as starting PG, he’ll have lost TWO years of his absolute prime to freak injuries. It stinks for the Nets too, because now they’ll be in the dumps without a lottery pick for yet another year. “Linjuries” have made Marks’ job 1000X more difficult and depressed the sale price of the Nets bigtime. Without Lin out, they couldn’t be less relevant or less exciting. So far away from contention.

    When Lin comes back, Marks might be forced to tank because they’ll have their pick back. Man, life just isn’t fair. I’m glad Lin got PAID at least one nice contract before this happened (he’s set for life), but watching all his hard work vanish in an instant is just cruel.

  26. I believe KA is sincere but as you said, SM is the decision-maker. Business-wise, buying out Lin is a possibility if they cannot trust Lin to be healthy in the 3rd year.
    If that’s the case Lin has no choice to but to look for a backup role somewhere else to prove that he can be healthy and contributing. Hornets or Grizzlies might be a possibility due to prior connections.
    There’s no guarantee what will happen in the 3rd season. We just have to hope for the best for Lin. More importantly, he would need to see if he needs to change his playing style more like Steve Nash.

  27. Well the only thing this will prove is that Russell is no franchise and Nets are set to have another worst record of the NBA season. Russell also won’t be able to take credit for the Nets’ success when Lin comes back because he would have a year to prove himself and failing to make playoffs.

    If Nets misses playoffs even with an improved roster it will just prove the importance of Lin over Russell. Now Lin will have no choice but to opt in to his final year of contract. And by then he will have no choice but to look to score to prove himself for his contract extension and to make playoffs.

  28. Nets are up 4. Starters, who have lower +/-, are coming back in. Let’s see how they do.

  29. When Lin is expected to exercise his 3rd year player option, it might be similar to his one year of ‘audition’ with the Hornets.
    The only difference is he auditioned and aced the test for a starter role in his backup PG role as a Hornets but later he would audition to be a healthy, contributing player either in backup/starter role.
    You brought up an interesting point that JLin might not find much playing time if the Nets want to tank by playing younger players more. It’s the Lakers tanking season all over again!
    In that case, JLin’s agent should sit down with Sean Marks and ask if they will tank. If they do, perhaps it’s better to find a backup role with a different team if teams want to trade for JLin. Of course there’s possibility that team wants to watch if JLin can stay healthy for the first 40 games and only trade before the Feb trade deadline.
    So yeah, the Nets future goal of tanking or not will play a role. But as for Lin, staying healthy to stay in the NBA is the #1 goal.

  30. Another tanking year would make 3 losing seasons under Marks. He told the owner there needs to be patience but honestly it doesn’t look good for him at all. Especially if the so called futures can’t bring any wins with Lin gone for the entire season.

  31. Don’t like Mozgov, nothing stands out about him, no offense, no blocks. Hope KA starts Jarrett Allen mid season just like he did with Lavert for development.

  32. From GM standpoint, it really depends if the Nets can increase the number of wins from 20 Ws to 30Ws to 40Ws with exciting basketball.
    So there is a lot of unknown at the moment. Some teams want to tank in the East will help the Nets this year

  33. DLo made the clutch shot (but missed the FT) to give Nets 119-116 lead with 1 min left

  34. Booker’s defensive rebound helped to draw Magic foul and 2 FTs.
    121-116. Nets can win this

  35. Agree, they said nice things about Lopez but when the time came he was traded. Nets are rebuilding and it will take years before they go anywhere. Add in the fact that KA’s insistence on using only motion offense is never going to work, they need to incorporate other offenses, and players need to actually move, not just stand there and pass on the perimeter.

  36. For “Uncle” Kenny, I hope Nets win the home opener.

  37. I hope so too.. The Nets also want to win this for JLin

  38. RHJ great steal on Vucevic but fouled to give Magic 2 FTs
    121-118 with 25 secs left

  39. Booker 1-2 FT and Ross hit a 3

  40. Crabbe clutch 2 FTs
    Nets can win this if they don’t foul and hit FTs

  41. Nets WON!

  42. After two injuries from driving to the rim I think Lin will truly
    need throw away his rim game for good to stay healthy. He needs to perfect a floater,
    his mid range, and 3s to automatic consistency. His mid range used to be
    good but he barely used it preseason and in 1st 2 games his shots were

    I truly hope with this injury Lin will not do any
    promotions outside of US and just focus on rehab and refining his shots.

    Always felt those events took precious time away from his practicing and this season proved that playing more basketball off season actually made his shooting worse.

  43. oops 126-121 after Booker 2 FTs

  44. so KA took DLo out the last minute. Was he not doing well defensively?

  45. Good job Nets. D-Lo played well too. Booker & Dinwiddie excellent. Allen could be rookie of the year if Atkinson let’s him play.

  46. I miss #7 on the court, but am happy for coach Atkinson that Nets get a W for the home opener.

    RHJ had a bad fall, hope he is not injured.

  47. yeah, not quite sure
    LeVert in for DLo
    Then Dinwiddie for Crabbe
    Prob. for defensive purpose. Gutsy by KA

  48. yeah, slightly better defensive effort in 2nd half plus clutch plays by DLo/LeVert/Booker/Dinw helped to secure the W.
    Bench play was super important

  49. Allen may not be the best rookie in the class, but he may be the rookie that brings the most to the team and impacts it in a positive way if Atkinson gives him more burn time. I would like to see him build up to 20min a game.

  50. It was for rebounding. Put in taller guys.

  51. yes, he needs more PT than Mozgov.
    He can make plays that Mozgov can’t already. Great to see!

  52. Bench plays is crucial to get a W
    Nets bench outscored Magic’s bench 64-34.
    That’s almost double LOL

  53. The artist who did the sketch of the Nets shown at the top of this page is Alex Kim, a long-time fan of Jeremy.

    Here are several of her sketches and a photo of her and Jeremy in Indianapolis some years ago.

  54. @GregLogan1
    Russell sits for final 13.7 and doesn’t look happy, but @BrooklynNets beat Magic, 126-121.

  55. Didn’t watch the game. So who’s the guy on court as PG for last few sec?

  56. ppl say that win is for lin….

    Did anyone on the team say that officially at the beginning of the game ?
    Or is it linnafanna making things up.

  57. Jarrett Allen’s back to back jams in his first NBA home opener:


  58. He was replaced by Levert.

  59. Thanks. Levert …. good.

  60. I think this win is due to the bench. They all had positive +/- opposed to the starters. But I think that is true of the game against the Pacers.

    I didn’t see most of the game, I went out after the 1st quarter was over. But I saw that the bench led a run and got a lead before I went out.

    Looking at the boxscore, the minutes were even for the starters, and some of the bench got starter minutes. KA played Allen who seemed to do well. CLV was up and down, but had a few good moments. And I think RHJ is turning into a real player, but, and this is a big but, he needs Lin to find him in the right places. I think he may revert to his bad habits with no Lin. However, Lin will be there back with the team in maybe 7 weeks or so, or even a bit sooner, to give pointers to guys like RHJ and LeVert. Dinwiddie seems to have his game together.

  61. Game highlights from ‘Speed of Lin.’

    He says : “For the time being, I’ve decided to continue posting highlights of the BKN Nets, particularly D’Angelo Russell as I’ve come to enjoy his game. But I’ll also occasionally do highlights of other players as well.”

  62. HC Kenny Atkinson discusses the loss of Jeremy Lin to a season-ending knee injury, and what the team can do to adjust going forward, prior to the home opener.

  63. Man, Ainge is happy Nets can win w/o Lin. but Cleveland is not pleased…

  64. This man, a Netsdaily editor, says “Win for Lin.”
    I don’t believe he is alone in this.


  65. A Knick super fan is transforming to Brooklyn Nets fan:

  66. Marks will probably not want to disclose his plans to Lin’s agent. And other teams will probably not want to take Lin on until he has played enough to show he’s on the road to comeback. But I agree that for now, working hard to rehab is goal number one.

  67. Didn’t watch the whole game. But I can tell that it is the bench won the game. Dinwiddle should be the player of the game. He did a great job controlling the tempo in 2Q and 4Q. Allen shows some potential. Crabbe needs time to play along with DLo. But I have a feeling DLo/Crabble won’t be a good pair as Crabble needs someone to set him up and DLo probably will gun for the shot first. Well, unless KA gives DLo some short leash.

    Defense is still a big issue. In 2 games, opponents scored average of 130. This is not good. Not really good.

    Interesting DLo got pulled out in last minute. Maybe this is KA saying to DLo, play team ball.

    My opinion, unless KA can pull some magic and the players buy in and step up, Nets will be most likely a 30 win team.

  68. Of course they can win without Lin. They won a few last year without Lin. But how much more and how faster their progress and better they would be with Lin is what Marks and Atkinson consider. And what knowledgable fans consider, at least knowledgable about Lin’s game.

  69. Nets is one of the teams trying to recruit veteran PG, Jameer Nelson

  70. “If the Nets sign Jameer, it would be interesting for D’Angelo. DAR was definitely sloppy as the PG last night, & tore it up as SG on Wed.”

  71. yes, that bench advantage of 64 vs 32 really won the game.
    DLo had 1-2 clutch shots towards the end but his 8TOs were quite costly so he’s better off as SG than PG.
    – Jarret Allen should get more PT than Mozgov for sure.
    – LeVert is the best driver in Lin’s absence
    – Dinwiddie was great to power the bench
    – Booker tenacity, defense, and rebounding was also very key

    Greg Logan’s article credits the big boost from bench.

  72. I’m guessing this team finishes bottom 3 in the league w/o Lin which means Cleveland will get a top 3 pick and even #1 pick given the lottery changes next year. Ainge thought he fleeced Cleveland after plundering Brooklyn but it will backfire this time and the chances of LeBron staying will increase greatly with another #1 asset from Brooklyn. Ainge messed up this tme, especially if IT returns to his All-Star form from a year ago. Really sucks I can’t see Lin play for another 12 months. At least I’ve got Lonzo and De’Aaron to watch…How many wins do you think Nets will get this year? I say no more than 25 and finish in the bottom 3 which gives Cavs a great chance to get Brooklyn’s #1 pick next draft.

  73. Goes to show Nets aren’t dumb, they know Russell isn’t a PG. With Lin out they are desperate for a vet PG to lead the team while Russell plays SG.

  74. Dinwiddie in fact played well but the team needs another playmaker.

  75. KA doesn’t trust Russell as PG good. Again the future PG is Lavert and Russell is better as SG.

  76. The way I see it, Jarrett Allen will start mid season just like Lavert after gaining experience. Mozgov might be traded off season.

  77. The ref gave 20 more FTs to Nets. Also DeMarre and RHJ stepped up.

  78. Dinwiddie is backup PG, they need someone else who can draw defense and make better plays.

  79. TB did.

  80. Jarrett Allen and Mozgov got about same minutes. Both need to get used to the MO

  81. TB made crucial rebounds and FTs at the end.

  82. Dinwiddie collected rebounds well

  83. Crabbe got fouled and made them 6-6

  84. pels signed nelson. (my son finds it hilarious there’s a team called the pelicans hed find their moulty mascot even more hilarious).

  85. The best starter in +/- was RHJ at +1

  86. No way Lin will be traded now.

  87. Sean Marks told us that he expected Lin back next season and I think he’s sincere. This is a team who placed culture above everything and Lin is a good part of it. Let’s see how the rehabilitation of Lin turns out. Lin will need to play from the bench to begin with. It’s up to Lin to show the team his worth in his third year.

  88. Home court advantage helped the team.

  89. Nets had to give up Whitehead to sign Nelson.

  90. Definitely give more minutes to Jarrett Allen.

  91. Nice article on Jarrett Allen. Kenny Atkinson said :

    “… we did feel confident putting him in there [in the 4th quarter against the Pacers]. He’s way mature beyond his years. It’s impressive from that standpoint.”

    “There’s a lot of young players like him in the league. They’re talented, athletic as heck. Then the second part of that is do they have the maturity and the demeanor to carry that over and actually be a contributor? I think he has that. It’s day-to-day, every interaction you have with him. His intelligence level is pretty high, his basketball IQ is pretty high, and he’s got a calm confident demeanor.”

  92. no nets no lin but a wild and crazy nite in the nba at the moment: raptors over sixers by 34, magic over the cavs in cleveland by 32!!!!!, rockets over the mavs by 25, grizzlies over the warriors by 17 (warriors who were supposed to be untouchable may will barely win only 1 of first 3), jazz over “big 3” thunder by 17 only in the second quarter, i could go on….

  93. wait, Magic is beating Cavs by 32?
    the same Magic that Nets just beat?

    lol what happened there .. there’s hope for Nets then

  94. Jonathan Simmons had 19 points. Steph threw his mouth guard got ejected. Grizzlies has Marc who is probably the best center in the league.

  95. Hard to say, 25-30 maybe. It depends on health, how CLV plays and others. Well, let’s keep our prayers going and fingers crossed for Lin to play next season and just not get seriously injured.

  96. If you’re in the NYC area and rooting for Yankees, it’s not looking good. They can’t get any hits and are down 8-0 in the bottom of the 9th. I don’t think they’ll pull this one off but in a way I feel good for Houston for what they’ve gone through. It’s the silver lining, it’s a good story for the city of Houston.

  97. without Derrick Rose

  98. another point guard down: milos teodosic carried off the court at staples.

  99. Thanks for the infor… Can’t believe this… too bad, Lin can’t play….

  100. OKC lost to Jazz. Melo is NYK Melo not Olympic Melo.

  101. Non contact. Could be Achilles’ tendon or some weird foot injury cuz he was grabbing his foot.

  102. just a quick observation, but is it just me or was lin a lot more built when he was on the hornets. He looks so much skinnier the past two seasons. That could be why he got hurt so many times, his body was a little bit weaker

  103. Agree felt like he slimmed down a lot. But that’s what you’re supposed to do when you age no? Less muscle allows him to be quicker.

  104. It’s quite sad that many Asians also believe into the hater media agenda that Lin has zero defense and more TOs than assists. Obviously they don’t watch his games and just assume NBA2K are the real stats. That’s why is sad how these media and popular video games try every way to sabotage his reputation.

  105. All players back from injury need to play from bench 1st for precaution same with Lavert and Crabbe so it’s fair. Though I’m not sure Crabbe would’ve started eventually when Lin was healthy. Felt if Crabbe started along side Lin it would’ve opened up the game and lanes for him. Instead once again KA chose to protect their starter causing Lin to strain himself for points leading to injury.

  106. Not even Lin can fix their poor D. KA’s coaching problem is a big concern. They need to hire a defensive assistant coach for that job. Either that or fix their offense because MDA also isn’t a defensive coach but his PnR and fast paced offense works.

    KA’s ideal that a motion offense only team can win is ridiculous. All it does it lead to iso plays. He needs to get players to run on the base line for open 3s, need cutters, lots of PnR, and screens.

  107. booker was good also – somehow dlo tends to go iso at times

  108. Mozgov will stay and start for the Nets in the next 2 years.

  109. It could only happen if DeMarre is out.

  110. After this game, the Magic chewed and spit out the Cavaliers to show us that Nets is for real.

  111. Dinwiddie is making progress and Nets will have to spend much more to keep him.

  112. pray

  113. No team can afford to sleep on playing against Nets. The addition of DLo, Crabbe, DeMarre, Mozgov, Zeller plus internal development of RHJ, Dinwiddie, Jarret Allen and LeVert ensures this.

    If Atkinson can insert Zeller into the rotation, the problem in the middle could be relieved. For this to happen, they may need to put Mozgov on the bench.

    Indiana Pacers took a game from Nets but it hasn’t been able to recover on winning track. It lost 2 games in a row: 114-96 to Portland Trialblazers and 112-108 to Miami Heat.
    The Magic after losing to Nets blew out the Cavaliers `114:93.

  114. With the rate of injuries among team, no one will be sleeping on the Nets.

  115. DeMarre, RHJ, Trevor Booker, Dinwiddie have all stepped up.
    It is a matter of time that Crabbe and LeVert will follow.
    Jarrett Allen needs to polish on his game and his defense but it’s a matter of time that he will fit right in with MO. Mozgov seems to have trouble but Zeller could help.
    For MO to work to its perfection, the depth of the team is a must. Now Nets is playing with 11-man rotation. A good sign if it will last. There is still hope for Nets because all teams with few exceptions see their starters on the injury list. Just an example, Myles Turner, the Indiana Center is still out with a sore neck and the team doesn’t look good.

  116. Like the scores other than rockets lol

  117. What happened?

  118. Why would Sean Marks suggest that he expect Lin be back same time on the team next year?

    Patellar tendon rupture recovery time?

    Patellar tendon rupture recovery time after surgery varies based on surgeon preferences. After surgery, athletes are placed in a knee brace that keeps their knee straight. Most rehabilitation plans allow initiation of active knee flexion and passive extension by two weeks after surgery. At 6 weeks after surgery, athletes can walk without crutches. The stiffness that comes with the patellar tendon recovery, combined with muscle atrophy creates problems for athletes who need to place significant load through their knee. So early motion combined with early muscle activation is very important. Usually, a return to athletic activities is delayed until 4-6 months after surgery based on leg strength and range of motion. The rehabilitation for chronic reconstructions is more substantial and prolonged than above.

    What are the results of surgical repair?

    If the repair is done acutely (within 3 weeks), most athletes report good or excellent results. Most athletes are able to return to their previous level of competition and do not report residual weakness or discomfort. The results with repairs done after 3 weeks
    are not as favorable because of persistent weakness or poor range of motion as the likely cause of disability.

  119. Wish the best for the Nets. They did sign Lin and gave him a starter role. Marks has said all the right things he should say about continual support for Lin.

    But in my mind I don’t feel attachment for Lin with the Nets. The season is over for me once the final diagnosis came in a few days ago. If I were the Nets FO, I would move on from Lin because he has simply been injured the last two seasons and unable to play. Does not matter how good and talented Lin is, he simply was not there for the Nets. I of course don’t blame Lin. Nor do I blame the Nets when they move on from Lin. As the sports cliche goes, “it is what it is.”

    My sense of detachment from the Nets extends to all of Lin’s former teams as well. I’m pretty neutral to all of them now. Lin has his bigger business to deal with, His current and former teams have their business to deal with. It will be difficult to let go of this ride but for now there is no choice but to take a break from Linsanity. (No Pun Intended).

  120. share most but not all of these sentiments (would take abcd length essay to explain more) but for anyone still following the nets as “lin’s team” there is a weird start time today 3:30 pm (thats 15:30 to the rest of the world) brooklyn time.

  121. I like the Hornets. I don’t like Houston or LA much at all. I don’t like the Knicks. I only now wish Brook Lopez well on LA. I don’t wish Houston well because I didn’t like the media or many of the fans there. Nor did I like their announcers attitudes about Lin.

    The Hornets had good fans and despite a lot of anti-Clifford feelings others on this board have, I really think he respected Lin’s game and defensive capabilities, and we just didn’t like how he used Lin. Lin played with much more joy, for the most part, in Charlotte, than he did in LA and a lot of the time in Houston. He got along with his teammates. It was a place I’m happy he chose and he did well there. But he had to move on to a bigger role.

    And he got it on the Nets. KA is great for Lin, Marks has come out in support. I think they want to give Lin another shot next season, love his leadership and intangibles and understand them. They know Lin worked hard and didn’t do anything to injure himself. These injuries aren’t his fault, they were unfortunate. I don’t feel detached from the Nets because of the support they’ve expressed, KA showing up to Lin’s bedside, and the relationship Lin has built with LeVert, RHJ and Acy on the team.

  122. Yes, trouble is with the bigs. Maybe Allen will fit in the role well, but the Nets have problems with the big. I don’t find Acy that useful when his 3-point shot isn’t working. Booker, OTOH, has post moves and is a more aggressive rebounder. I think Booker does a lot of good things on this team.

    RHJ has played very well and it is a shame he won’t have Lin to help him get to an even higher level than DRuss or CLV can bring him to. The best guy for RHJ may be Dinwiddie, but still, none are close to where Lin could get him.

  123. Hasn’t Steff done this before. Steff was frustrated with non-calls and maybe that will help him get calls. I think what Steff did was out of frustration. What KD did was not classy, I have a bigger problem with KD than Steff.

  124. I don’t know. We can focus on the haters and be angry, or we can see the growing respect Lin was getting in the league for his defense, team play and how he’s a great ambassador for the game. We can also notice how Lin was well supported over KMart for his hair. I don’t want to be just totally positive and discount the negatives, because they’re there and strong in many ways. But Lin’s standing is growing in the NBA. He’s done a great job as being a true pioneer in a very alpha culture that didn’t regard Asians as part of it. He’s made a huge splash in the movement toward inclusion and there are plenty that support him in it.

  125. Lin looks leaner but likely not less stronger than he was with the Hornets. The last injury was a freak injury. The hamstring, not sure. That may be related to back issues or other issues. I really don’t know. But this last one was a very unfortunate freak injury for a player to get at age 29.

  126. He gets MRI today. I truly hope it’s not bad news. There have been so many horrible injuries already in this infant season. The worse is Lin and Hayward.

  127. Agree, mozgov did nothing but clog the lane, barely scored and without any presence on the court.

    Taylor Zeller should get minutes with the starters and if he’s good then Mozgov should be benched.

  128. I understand the sentiment. The season-ending injury feels like a finality without any hope of Lin coming back for the season.

    I will support the Nets only because it’s still Lin’s team and he would want us to support his team. Plus there is still a chance of Lin staying with Nets next season & beyond

    I’m not sure if game threads are needed though. I’ll give it try for first few games to support Lin and Nets

  129. New game thread
    G3 BKN Nets vs ATL Hawks: “Will Deep Bench Propel Nets for 2nd Win?

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