Game 2: Atlanta Hawks vs Memphis Grizzlies

Jeremy Lin got over the hurdle of finishing his first NBA game after 555 days.

In an article by Howard Megdal, Lin was quoted that he hasn’t felt the rhythm of the game or felt right about his body after the long injury layoff.  Some days will be amazing and some days will be a grind.

Still, he’s returning from almost two years away, so while he isn’t close to 100 percent, Lin simply may not know what 100 percent is at this point. To him, it’s about rhythm, rather than maximizing speed, and he knows that isn’t back yet, either.

“I think it just takes time,” Lin said. “Some days it’s going to be amazing. Some days it’s going to be a grind. But no, it’s going to take time. I understand that, but I’m not really at a point where I’m trying to make excuses either. I just think I need to get continuing to work out, get my body right.”

His basketball IQ is as strong as ever, something he showed over his 14 minutes Wednesday night. He recognized Ron Baker was overplaying him and took a give-and-go backdoor route to the rim to punish him for it. The following possession, he stepped into a passing lane, picked off the pass and headed straight to the rim, utilizing strength over the circuitous routes he often took when he had quickness in abundance, drawing the foul.

And yet, there were the setbacks as well — Trey Burke pressured him in the backcourt on a possession late in the second quarter, ultimately forcing Lin into getting tripped up and turning it over. The Hawks called timeout, and after the respite, Lin was back on the bench, Young in the game.

“I asked Jeremy after the game, I said, ‘How do you feel?’”, Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce told assembled media in a back hallway of The Garden following the game. “I said, ‘You should feel great. You played more games than you played last year… Now we can move forward, now you’re good, you’ve gotten over this hump.’ He’s good, I’m glad that he was able to finish the game, feel good about himself. From a competitive standpoint, he doesn’t feel like he had a great performance, but that’s what we all should feel like after a loss.”

What Jeremy Lin understands now, in a way few players ever truly get it, is how little he can dictate the circumstances of his career. And so Lin has made the decision to find the joy in whatever he gets to do on the basketball court, to “ride the wave of my circumstance”, as he put it, knowing that he can work as hard as he did in his 20s at his craft, but a most improbable journey is entirely out of his hands.

“I think the older we get, the more we realize we just can’t control anything,” Lin said. “I mean not anything. There’s a few things, but when it comes to like you can do all the right things and it won’t matter if it’s not meant to be. So, if I have five years left, or eight years left, or only one year left, it’s going to lead whatever it will. And if I didn’t enjoy it, I feel like it was a waste. Even if I was healthy, I played well, if I didn’t enjoy it. If I didn’t really appreciate it, then I think I’ll have wasted it.”


  1. Waiting to watch Lin’s highlights….no interest in losing teams.

  2. that’s was my initial plan. but I haven’t watch Lin’s game for too long plus highlights don’t tell the whole story. so I ended up getting LP 😛

  3. pls post links if you have one thanks

  4. “Two teams whose opening-night performances already have stamped them as among the worst teams in the NBA again this season will get a chance to redeem themselves when the Atlanta Hawks and Memphis Grizzlies vie Friday night in Memphis.
    The season could not have started off much worse for these teams, which earned top-five draft picks in April. The Hawks were drubbed 126-107 at New York, while the Grizzlies were routed 111-83 at Indiana.

    Neither of the teams’ new marquee rookies performed well individually, either. Hawks guard Trae Young, acquired in a trade after having been the No. 5 pick in the draft, shot just 5 for 14 overall and 1 for 5 on 3-pointers against the Knicks. He totaled 14 points, but had a minus-20 plus/minus in his 33 minutes on the court. Atlanta coach Lloyd Pierce, who made his Hawks debut in New York, cautioned not to put too much scrutiny on Young.”–the sports exchange (quoted on hawks realgm site)

  5. I think you can watch League Pass for free until Oct 23

  6. Just noticed the Magics under Steve Clifford, has DJ Auguste and Jerian Grant as PG for them, so don’t be surprise if Lin can demonstrate he’s healthy, Magic might trade for him.

  7. we’re playing Memphis today….it did say we were playing Orlando a few days ago. idk why

  8. interesting to see trea face Conley.

  9. Lin in

  10. Good, Lin and Trae together.

  11. trea is a good passer but he dont understand tempo

  12. It’s nice to see Pierce put Lin in early, so he can play with the starters.

    It’s not nice seeing Lin just stand in the corner waiting for the ball that never gets to him.

  13. This stream is very clear and high quality:

    Always remember to have adblock or uBlock Origin when clicking on these sites.

  14. hawks foul alot

  15. Just tuned in. 10 pts behind. 10-20

  16. Good defense, Lin.

  17. tempo is zero. i blame pg

  18. Lin was fouled a few times, no call.

  19. trea is not a good tempo setter

  20. Of course no foul calls when Lin gets hacked.

  21. yea but no tempo

  22. trea back in we will lose alot

  23. Lin is out already. Hard to get a rhythm playing such short stints.

  24. annoyed Lin was pulled after 3 min on the court

  25. This game is hard to watch. The Hawks are playing like a non cohesive unit

  26. These refs are so bad and biased. Calling everything against the Hawks, but nothing against the Grizzlies.

  27. i cant read how lin is mostly because how bad the tempo is caused by young. young gets rewarded with more time.

  28. A few times I noticed him not clapping or cheering after a team bucket

  29. Like I said, LP doesn’t think much Lin and people just dont wanna believe it.

  30. he is fine. this is a rehab year mostly. just trea bad at setting tempo

  31. Screw these refs. Didn’t call an obvious double dribble, then saves the Griz by calling a non-foul against Hawks.

  32. This coach has no believe for Lin. Lin should just go out and get own number.

  33. I said it last time. It is not about if Lin is healthy. It was about the substitution pattern which can clearly tell LP is looking at Lin like a 3rd string PG.

  34. Trae and Prince carrying the Hawks 1st Q.

  35. Bloody nose?

  36. weird

  37. Yeah, what in the world.

  38. Who? Lin?

  39. Yeah, unless it’s Lin gassing out, I don’t understand the sub pattern. Really doesn’t allow for any type of rhythm.
    Albeit, when Lin got in, the pace of the game got real fast and Hawks was getting over run. Maybe Lin was looking exhausted.

  40. Trae has picked it up. I guess LP wants a fast tempo. Right now, I can’t fault Trae’s play.

  41. idk

  42. He’s exhausted of the way he’s treated!

  43. Top left of the screen, Lin’s nose was bleeding:

  44. Yep, sideline.

  45. Lin’s not even on the bench. Probably getting treated for that nose bleed.

    Edit: he’s back on the bench now.

  46. strange… at the bench?!
    Hope it’s not too bad.

  47. He was hacked!

  48. OK, Lin, let’s go. Look for your shot. Be active as you can.

  49. Lin in

  50. Bembry is like a black hole….

  51. come on, make the free throw

  52. I thought they weren’t gonna that…. #@)@*)( Ref

  53. uncomfortable cotton ball in the nose 🙁

  54. Lin was wide open at ther corner…

  55. stop giving it to bremby

  56. Has Lin attempted a shot?

  57. they have just zero hemistry

  58. nope

  59. lin should look for a trade out of the tanking quick.

  60. FGA = 1

  61. No shot, no assist, Lin is air now.

  62. 2 FT

  63. FT – Good for stats! If Lin can score 12 or up, I would be happy.

  64. Lin out

  65. These refs are ridiculous.

  66. Lin played 4 min in 2Q, 3 min in 1Q.

    Is this going to be his standard PT? 🙁

  67. Lin should try to score whenever he is on the court. They don’t have another PG, so his coach can not cut his minutes any further, so why not just look for his own stats

  68. His current situation is about 100 times worst than Hornets.

  69. it’s not that easy. He has to run the play. you can just call your number every time down the court.

  70. It’s very frustrating see Lin on th floor only passing ball to side and ball never come back.

  71. I’m more concerned with the total lack of chemistry when he’s in with the other players, and, his +/-. If he could get the team up or close deficits, he would be more effective. But that’s not happening yet. Still, I’m thinking he’s moving a bit better tonight. But mentally, he seems detached or something.

  72. Lin does look a bit sluggish. I don’t know whether it’s the pace of the game or him not fully back to his normal physical fitness.

  73. Lin had a better 2nd team with the Hornets, and he often played with the starters. And he wasn’t coming off an injury. Part of this is Lin’s 2nd team isn’t effective and the 1st team is doing much better. But I still think his stints should be longer.

  74. I’ve said it before the season started, right after Lin got traded. Lin needs to be more selfish. He keeps passing the ball to ballhogs and bad players that don’t make buckets. He needs to have the mindset that he’s the first option coming off the bench.

    Lin is either not mentally back and feels that he can’t make his shots yet, or he still thinks that by being a pass-first PG, he can build team chemistry. Sorry to break it to Lin, but this season is all about stat padding and staying healthy. He’ll never be looked at as a leader on this Hawks team and he won’t be given the freedom to shoot and score whenever he feels like it like Trae.

  75. Lin looks really slow out there. maybe he was playing against 3rd stringers in preseason. very timid and passive. looks like rookie Jeremy Lin in 30 year old body. perhaps he’s still fearing injury out there? I’m very concerned if he’ll even be in the league next year playing like this. it’ll be difficult for the Hawks to showcase him for a future trade at this point.

  76. he needs to shoot its better then watching bremby or prince get nothing done. its funny Lin before injury was better then those players. to seee all these guys shooting like there the guy its the most frustrating thng ive seen. bench unit dont know their role. im guessing lin is pacing himself back

  77. Well said!!!

  78. to be fair he didnt drive or shoot any threes so idk how he looks slow. he didnt run out there yet.

  79. There is no need for him to run. One pass was all it took.

  80. Lin only attempted to shoot ONCE in 2 quarters.
    Hope he is alright physically and mentally…

  81. Another blowout game before halftime. Hawks have no defense whatsoever. Full tank mode incoming.

  82. lol true. cant tell nothing from how its going. its not lke he is driving and going and going no where

  83. If I am Memphis coach I will then have Conley post up Trae whenever is possible. Trae is tooooo tiny.

  84. Lin has been hacked this game and last game, fouls not being called, that is part of it. Makes him look worse than he is.

  85. My point , this team is too bad and lin playing it safe or not getting a chance to ply hard. cant tell nothing from this

  86. do you guys notice memphis playng there backups

  87. Lin always gets hacked. That doesn’t prevent him from playing his game when he’s determined and aggressive. He’s not really looking for his shot. I think he seems detached, not comfortable right now on the court.

  88. Yup.

  89. this is horrible

  90. Lin isn’t trusting something. His speed isn’t there but he’s not trusting his ability to get free and take mid-range shots. I don’t know if his body isn’t right but he’s not playing his game in the limited amount of time he’s been out there.

  91. This is perhaps the worst team defense in the history of the NBA… certainly the worst first two games in NBA history in the first 2 halves by this defensiveless team.

  92. No defense, no chemistry, rookie coach, over rated under size rookie PG. Yes, it is pretty bad.

  93. a healthy lin is better then all the players the hawks have. so for him to get the lowest minutes off the bench it has to be minute restriction or he is not physically ready

  94. Both?

  95. His handles are horrible right now, part of it is the hacking and no foul calls.

  96. JLIN’s doing fine, his points per minute production is still one of the best on this team.

    The team is a utter and total mess in every perspective possible – that is what tank teams are all about.

    As long as JLIN comes in during garbage time and gets some easy buckets JLIN will be fine.

  97. I hope you are right — minute restriction

  98. hard to say the teams chemistry is nothing. or in the negative

  99. i dont know if the hawks win a game

  100. the whole year

  101. This team sucks and very weird rotation.

  102. I don’t think he should try to drive. He really doesn’t have the acceleration right now. He should should mid range shots. Play like he did the last preseason game.

  103. KHuang says Hawks is a decent team. Lol. Lin probably will lull everyone he’s done in NBA, and then Bamm, he scores 35 against GSW when he goes all out. Lol

  104. He sure looks like he regressed from preseason. Not sure what it is. He’s moving ok, but not great. But it looks a bit mental too.

  105. Last game, was saying Lin was passive. Everyone flamed several posters on here. Funny to see the posts today. Suck it!

  106. people saying he looks slow or his dribble is not good. how can yu tell. theres no spacing there no chemistry. one pass and they shoot. lin hasnt made one basketball move. its impossible to evaluate lin right now.

  107. he is just passive

  108. how in the hell is hawks a decent team? worst team in the Nba

  109. We need a few more games to confirm but appears to me that Pierce has ordered JLIN to pass off the ball in Quarters 1-3, then when the blowout garbage time arrives – JLIN is given the keys to do whatever in Quarter 4.

    JLIN appears passive only because he is ordered to be passive that should be obvious to anyone, he had his gears in the pre-season Miami game.

  110. yea he is passive. it is what it is.

  111. Just hope Lin can average 10 points per game in 15 or less minutes. Lin needs to utilize all garbage minutes to score as many points.

  112. agree, I hope Lin picks it up.

  113. i feel like lin playing not to get hurt out there. physically he seem fine

  114. Agreed. For some reason, Lin goes to the worst team in NBA.

  115. People actually takes KHuang seriously? There’s a reason why he doesn’t post here anymore…

  116. Hawks is a joke, and Young is too small size

  117. I am starting to get annoy everything I hear Trae’s name mentioned by the commentary.

  118. Why?

  119. Their really not putting a lot of pressure on him, because he’s not a game changer. Just like D’angelo, let him shoot rack up points as long as they other team wins. great game plan.

  120. Loving it! Blow out mean more minutes for Lin.

  121. I have one more team to hate

  122. Just not a good team. Nets are considerably better. Even the Brook-Lin Nets was better when Lin played.

  123. Getting rid of an Allstar center, that could hit 3’s, PnR, fill the paint, one of the biggest centers, post up….who does that?

  124. there no spacing i can tell Lin dont know where to get his. it looks like passiveness

  125. So far, defensive recipe to beat hawks, similar to nets, relaxed perimeter defense, crowd the paint, let team shoot themselves to a loss. easy peasy

  126. one of the most disorganized team ive seen. the bench is the worst at it. Lin cant over come it and there selfish n top of it

  127. I hates the Nets the MOST! Even though I am a Brooklyn native.

  128. Hope Collins and Demon make a difference.

  129. I think Lin will come in around 8-7 minutes mark, play 4 minutes and then get sub.

  130. Hawks are training tank drivers, like many others. I wonder why there are fans wasting time to watch them.

  131. There are definitely Hawk fans that do not believe Trae is going to be able to be the man…

  132. Taurean is a ball hog as well.

  133. Debating whether to get League Pass. I had faithfully subscribed LP since Linsanity

  134. no

  135. Bembry doesn’t know how to pass.

  136. dont pay for pain

  137. nope

  138. He is a black hole.

  139. Opposing teams only have to defend the hand offs by the hawks…haha

  140. Tank drivers never learn to fly.

  141. Lin keeps stretching, seems more than usual.

  142. Lloyed Pierce stating he wanted to recreate Linsanity at the MGM vs Knicks, but he wasn’t talking about with Lin…how’d that work out?

  143. Where’s Lin? Bembry is playing point now.

  144. Bembry is a PG now?

  145. Pierce did the same thing last game in the 3rd

  146. He’s on the floor stretching. I don’t think he’s physically right.

  147. My guess is the coach is saving Lin so he can play him some minutes with Trae to end the game.

  148. Young out and still no Lin???

  149. doubt it

  150. You jest haha

  151. I think he is showing the coach he is ready to go in…last game he kept looking in the coach’s direction to see if he was going to call his #.

  152. Lin has to be on minutes restriction

  153. No he is not.

  154. Q4 – Garbage time is JLIN time – looking forward to a good 4th tonight JLIN against the 3rd & 4ths string Grizz haha

  155. Bembry is terrible. He will force it 80% of the time.

  156. Lin’s not even allowed to play with bench now.

  157. Seriously, Lin’s teammates don’t respect Lin. They all think they are better than him. Everyone does it… you think you are better than anyone that is older than you!

  158. Only 3 points for Bazemore in 18 minutes

  159. The worst part is the coach let Bembry do whatever he wants.

  160. That’s what it seem. But I am not surprise.

  161. imma turn this off soon

  162. Meanwhile, Nets beat Knicks in a close game. LeVert destroyed the Knicks tonight.

    Lin was right in bringing LeVert with him to China last year. This kid is special.

  163. Why do you say that? There’s obviously something wrong with Lin by how he’s playing AND he’s just stretching right now. He doesn’t look right to me.

  164. Lin is not on the bench?

  165. A win for the Hawks is simply Trae Young scoring 20 points.

  166. Nevermind, he is sitting on the floor.

  167. hes sitting on the floor

  168. I think there’s something wrong with him physically. Hope we’ll find out after the game. I don’t think it is serious, but he’s not sitting on the bench, he’s stretching on the floor.

  169. Lin has been kneeling down on 1 knee for 3 min then do some stretching

  170. No help defense from Trae at all

  171. Well I hope you are right but I doubt it.

  172. Maybe a trade is lined-up for Lin and they don’t want too play him to much so he won’t get hurt.

  173. dont think so

  174. No value at this point.

  175. somehow this game is worst then last

  176. I don’t think it’s the coach. I think Lin is probably not feeling well so they’re not taking any risk with him.

  177. I hate Sean Marks. I haven’t seen the Nets this year. But I watched those young Nets all last season.
    At this point in time, I think they are much better than the Hawks. Aside from DRussell (last year), they were all good guys who were unselfish, and played defense. I really liked them. Joe Harris, Caris, LeVert, RHJ was rounding out of dribbling the ball up court.
    The Hawks can’t seem to make layups, or wide open threes. And they certainly aren’t playing defense.

  178. dont think so, unless Lin has value

  179. This is street ball, every man for himself on the playground and not a whiff of defense to be found. At some point the morale of the players will be at ZERO – but Pierchlenk don’t care.

    After Pierchlenk is done with this tank season even Sam Hinkie the architect of the Sixers infamous tank will learn something new.

  180. cant tell you what we dont now

  181. I hates Tsai 100% but now is 300% because if it wasn’t him, Lin won’t end up with da hawks.

  182. Turned on game when Hawks down 20. YIKES!
    Who is this Garret Temple guy? Torching the Hawks. No one guarding him?

  183. Not worried about JLIN’s health at all – it’s nothing serious or he’d be in the locker room.

    This Grizzilies game isn’t worth playing another 1 minute for JLIN – rest up you already got decent stats.

  184. I’m with you brother, Tsai is a gutless turncoat – should have threatened to pull out of his deal altogther if they traded JLIN

  185. Nets are a good team. They played good team basketball. All of the rookies are now more experienced and have played together with each other for at least 1 season. They have chemistry.

    LeVert is going to break out this season, watch. He’s so good in every facet of the game. Offense, defense, passing, everything. He is the best player on the Nets. Jarrett Allen is also a very good young player. This dude is going to be great one day.

    I enjoy watching the Nets even though I hate what Sean Marks did to Lin.

  186. FOR SURE.
    To add to all the hurdles of Lin’s rehab and recovery. He has to do it with new teammates, new coach, new system, new environment. (He has a lot of friends in NYC.) Definitely doesn’t help.

  187. Lin played ZERO minutes in 3Q?
    Hope he is not injured.

  188. he is not

  189. Theres no need for him to be stretching, he’s only played 7 minutes. His health is fine.

  190. Lin up

  191. And then had the nerve to get on Twitter to defend the Nets. All about the mighty dollar.

  192. Lin in

  193. 3rd string as I said. Time to pad the status.

  194. It wasn’t look good but 1 assist.

  195. bremby waits for lin to come in to shoot every time

  196. Lin moving fine just not involved

  197. Yeah, forgot about Jarrett Allen too. And Lin helped build and contribute to that culture. That’s why I’m triple pissed off at SM. And triple feel bad for Lin.
    Wish I had more time to follow the Nets too…..maybe just check in on some highlights.

  198. Well we have a ball hog in the 1st and 2nd unit which is Taurean and Bembry.

  199. lmao

  200. I live in NY, so they’re on YES Network every game for me.

  201. He’s ok. When he goes to drive he doesn’t look right, IMO.

  202. I see comments about Lin bloody nose. What happened, got whacked again with no call? Is that why only 7 mins when I checked in?

  203. Lin looks fast but not using it

  204. Lin with pretty good D on Conley forcing him to give up the ball

  205. Brembry is truly hyper aggressive. My guess is he’s playing for his career. He need to show something on his 3rd year in the league.

  206. Everybody does it in NBA now a day. Is all about $$$

  207. when did he drive

  208. He’s good at not going for fakes.

  209. Drove to the baseline and then almost lost his balance and threw it out to Carter who hit a 3.

  210. He just initiated the offense bit never get to finish it

    Idk what kind of offense is this. No more screen and PnR?

  211. Yup, good D = he’s physically right. I still don’t think he’s mentally there, but physically, he’s fine.

  212. No. He had a mysterious nosebleed while on the bench after his 4 min was up in 2Q. He played 3 min. in 1Q.

  213. See, he drove again and then got caught up in the paint. I really don’t know why he doesn’t put up the midrange shots.

  214. They play in Brooklyn in December. Maybe Lin will be back to form by then.
    And I also miss the YES commentators. So much more fun, and professional, and KNOWLEDGEABLE. Especially Ruocco, Lin fan.

  215. Lin playng with no confidence right now

  216. They’ve been using Bembry as a PG. Problem, Bembry sucks and is a ballhog.

  217. I don’t know why his minutes are so short. But he hasn’t been aggressive at all when he’s in. And the ball doesn’t go back to him. He’s not taking jump shots or many shots at all.

  218. Felt like he got push around. He lost balance a couple times.

  219. lack of confidence

  220. lin tried to drive but stumbled a bit and passed the ball out. Not as explosive as his old self yet

  221. I don’t think he’s physically there. His strength, balance, explosiveness, lateral movement, all are lower than they looked in the preseason.

  222. I think he got pushed.

  223. Ugh. He’s out there now. Hope he’s okay. Don’t need any more challenges…,

  224. Their not calling any fouls against him. NBA’s plan…is it time to start creating videos again for non-foul calls?

  225. Exactly. He’s stumbled 3 times on drives. So, something is off. I think he should shoot jumpers.

  226. Yeah, he looked very unsure about the drive in.

    They need to run some PnR for him.

  227. Sigh…..I see that, only 1 shot? Oh boy….

  228. Lin isn’t stumbling, he’s been getting fouled! This game and last game.

  229. Here you go. Lin and Trae.

  230. That was a good drive by Lin.

  231. Nice drive and lay in by Lin off Trae’s pass

  232. Lin’s defense is still on point.

  233. I was right. They were holding Lin back so he could play with Trae a bit.

  234. Lin and Trae can work out together.

  235. You’re right. Maybe Coach wants to see the pairing in the 4th quarter

  236. Good transition D by Lin.

  237. they can but you are right physically he looks a bit weird

  238. Lin’s too unsure of his shot right now. He gave up open 3s multiple times.

  239. Rebound!

  240. links anyone

  241. 222222

  242. You see, Lin is fast on D!!!

  243. Finally got a call, offensive charge

  244. But you can tell Lin is fast enough to defend a drive.

  245. why is he taking a sigh….. risking injury

  246. Lin used good hesitation move to start driving inside but not able finish with his usual speed yet.

  247. links anyone??

  248. yea that layup shows it. lin not right physically

  249. don’t bother, 2 mins left.

  250. Yup. He got a break on that. Wasn’t a goaltend.

  251. Too little too late. Lin finally gets aggressive in garbage time again. I really wish he’d do this earlier in the game next time.

  252. It was!

  253. Yeah, he can’t jump high off his foot to lay it in

  254. he is definitly on minute restriction and it shows why

  255. I still think it’s his handles and getting fouled, with no calls.

  256. Yup. It’s weird as he was find on the defensive end.

  257. no it hit the rim but ill take it lmao

  258. Maybe next game. It’s his 2nd real game back and I think he’s mentally not there yet and physically a bit off. But he’s doing so good things on defense and you could see he has flashes of seeing the court well and making good things happen.

  259. It’s featured from Click.
    Just refresh

  260. he doesnt quite trust his body

  261. Yes. I don’t know what happened between that last preseason game and the first regular season game to make him lose confidence. It’s like he’s thinking too much instead of just playing his game and having fun.

  262. In a way, since both were blowout games. Glad Lin didn’t play that much. Can’t get blamed. LOL.
    I will just hope by the time they get back to Atlanta to play, Lin will have gotten some confidence and rhythm back. Home court always helps a little bit.

  263. Even if there is no chance to go in, it was still a goaltending.

  264. Put it this way, LP only willing to play Lin when there is absolutely no chance to win the game.

  265. has to hit the backboard but it hit the rim

  266. assist

  267. Another word, blow out game = more playing time for Lin.

  268. Not much people movement. No cutting….meh…

  269. Nice court-vision by Lin to find open shooter on the opposite corner

    2nd assist

  270. What little I saw, and of last game….what are they doing in practice?
    Bembry terrible stat line. 4 of 11, 5 turnovers. For a guard, missed 3 FTs.

  271. OK, two games played, no injuries. Let’s keep this going. He’ll just get it all together in an upcoming game and play well. It’ll take time. Support for him always.

  272. Coach Pierce is taking this “Lin Mr 4th Quarter” too literally 😉

    But good experiment with Trae/Lin pairing. It can benefit Lin to score more as SG/PG

  273. so is lin only playing garbage minutes? didn’t watch this game

  274. idk, sometimes it seems Lin is much more aggressive as the 2nd guard on the court than when he’s PG.

  275. Lin isn’t ready for it. its like practice

  276. why is lin in bounding

  277. Bembry definitely thinks he’s Kobe 2

  278. But there’s a lot of video of him making them in practice. Wide opens 3’s should be the same…..he should take those!

  279. Bembry is awful. He’s a blackhole and turnover machine. He think he’s a score-first PG, but he’s not. If he actually played within the system (whatever system that is), and not try to do too much, he could be decent. But right now, he’s a ballhog who turns the ball over all the time.

  280. yea. he isnt ready fr the intensity of a real game.

  281. If Lin is physically fine, I don’t understand his PT from the coach:
    1Q 3 min
    2Q 4 min
    3Q 0 min
    4Q 10 min

  282. exactly, with only 3-4 min stints and Pierce giving the 1st and 2nd shooting options to other bench players, it’s different when he becomes the shooting guard and allowed minutes to play. Lin is passive but at the same time, we know he plays within coach’s strategies too. But he needs to start taking over in garbage time.

  283. to be fair the other players never pass it back

  284. telling you guys he needs to be traded to another team

  285. Sometimes he can be thinking too much; but I’d welcome Lin scoring more off Trae’s passes

    He needs it this year

  286. He’s mentally not there yet. In-game mentality is very different from practice and pregame warmups. Lin’s even said it himself in interviews before, that if you don’t have that killer mentality during a game, then you’ll be eaten alive in the NBA. Right now, he doesn’t have that mentality.

  287. he isnt physically fine yet

  288. Then Pierce has to rein him in. Right now, it looks like Lin will be playing with him a lot. That’s not a good sign for Lin.

  289. he isnt ready for it. he need at least till January

  290. Yeah i wonder if they even tried it on practice

  291. then why was he put on court for TEN min. in 4Q?

  292. It’s not like he’s playing in a contract year. The Hawks just extended him.
    Pierce better break him of the bad habits now…..

  293. Annoying broadcaster from Fox. Whole game repeating Tray Young and bla bla bla Tray Young and whatever Tray Young.

  294. the intensity was way down. against 3rd string guys

  295. Hopefully he realizes that Trae alone isn’t going to cut it. He’s not going to be Pierce’s golden boy that will prove he is more than an assistant coach. If he really wants to be known as a serious long term coach, his job is on the line. Sure they’ll give him several years…but Trae hasn’t really delivered. Yes we know he can shoot, but can he lead a team?

  296. honestly, I don’t know how Jeremy is going to turn this around. I wish him all the best.

  297. Agree. I think the mental recovery is probably just as tough.

  298. by getting healthy

  299. playing garbage minutes is an insult in my mind

  300. 2 of 82. It’s a long season. Patience.

  301. not if your rehabing you body back to full strength.

  302. There’s nothing to turn around. This team and season is not about the playoffs or playing to win.

    Like I said earlier, this season is all about stat-padding and staying healthy for Lin. Those should be his main objectives. Show other teams that he’s still a valuable player worth trading for. Then hope he gets traded to a contender by the trade deadline.

  303. I wish I could be so positive and supportive of the coach’s decision.
    My friends in Taiwan said the media were mostly complaining that Lin was “frozen on the bench” by his coach for the last and this game.

  304. Not trying to find excuses. But, was it also because of the bloody nose?

  305. The game was lost already. Less pressure. May help him get more confidence back just seeing the ball go in?

  306. Good take

    Pretty good stats PER36 and he gets to try to find the rhythm

  307. have you ever seen Lin not make a fast break layup. he isnt right it will take a while. the team i think knows this

  308. I certainly hope your are right.
    However, how could Lin find confidence or rhythm playing 3-4 min. at a time? He is deployed like a 3rd-stringer. Sad!

  309. The SG/PG role next to Trae will help his stats in 4th quarter and crunch time

    Let’s hope he gets to close to 100% after 20-30 games

  310. I think they are all from Fox. Was it the Hawks or the Grizzlies announcers? If it’s the Hawks, well, it’s all about their number 5 pick superstar……

  311. That we don’t have any information to determine.

  312. Okay.

  313. I see that. I think if Lin doesn’t go to the corner or gets out of it quicker and moves to the arc, then he’ll get it back more. He did during preseason, especially when he was going well. It may just be if he’s scoring or making things happen, he’ll get it back. Of course if Prince or Bembry get it, then it’s highly unlikely he will. But I noticed Trae set him up in the 4th. That was interesting.

  314. Out of control, selfish player. LP needs to rein him in.

  315. 100% correct. Stay healthy and productive for 82 games to get good contract offers

    Trade to contenders and playoff appearance will be a bonus for his 2019-20 audition

  316. Starting PG for magic had 2 points in 21 minutes. That’s Steve Clifford team. We may see a trade for Lin as a Magic.

  317. A smart coach would use Lin with Young to get easy shots. Then Young’s stats would look better.

  318. Lin has to play consistently and up his game some before he can be traded. And then, you never know what the GMs will agree to.

  319. Trae played some garbage minutes too with Lin. I think it was good idea to try it then.

  320. But Lin doesn’t stat pad.

  321. I think Clifford would welcome Lin if the opportunity was there. Even though I didn’t like how he used Lin in the last playoff game, he WAS actually giving him minutes through game 3-5. It would be interesting if he did get traded there.

  322. Hope you and @linthezone are both right.
    Patience unfortunately is a virtue I lack. If I had a magic wand, then Lin would be 100% healthy tomorrow.

  323. 0 -72 is the goal this year……now that’s hard to do

  324. How about Hornets? Lin’s friends are there.

  325. highlights anyone

  326. Don’t know if the rest of the team is any good. Are they unselfish players? Just know that Aaron Gordon dunks. And Vucevic destroyed the Nets last year.
    As long as there are no politics with catering to another player. I guess if Lin starts, and allowed to play his game. Then, I’m in.

  327. i think after the first game lin knows he’s forgotten. he’s not even trying out there on offense. on defense however, it’s personal pride. he still tries on defense. sure he’s a step slower, but his bbiq can still make things hard even for good players like conley who couldnt get past him easily when they were iso…

  328. Do you mean 0 – 82? 🙂

  329. yes oops 82 haha

  330. i think jeremy should call Curry next year and play with him and get a ring. then move to china to be a celebrity. F the NBA

  331. Not in my opinion. I still think it was MJ who wouldn’t support retaining Lin. Kemba was his guy. MJ also signed him to Jordan Brand shoe deal.

  332. I’VE BEEN SAY…… eh, why bother… people will see for themselves….

    hello darkness my old friend…. i’ve come to talk with you again…

  333. yea i wish

  334. at this point i just want lin on a team trying to WIN, is that so hard?

    this way if lin can still play, the coach will use him to WIN…

    if lin still needs time to recover, then play him a little and it’s no different than this disaster of a team…

  335. levert is legit. dlo is d’LOL…

  336. If that’s what Lin wants to do, I’ll still support.

    Otherwise, no thanks. Livingston is still there. And he only averages 15 to 16 minutes per game. And GSW is developing Quinn Cook as Curry backup.

  337. CBA is not a bad gig…atleast he will be treated fairly.

  338. I also don’t wan Lin as a Warrior. I think there’s other team where he can at least be a full-time 25 minute back up or teams like Magics or Suns where he can start.

  339. I really hope he gets traded to another team that will use him and not taking orders from rookie coach

  340. just waiting for highlights

  341. Steve Cliffors coaches Magics. Steve loved Lin but too much as a back up PG. But with no Kemba Walker, Lin should no doubt start for him. He really appreciated Lin in Charlotte.

    I’m confident Steve will trade for him.

  342. Sure, if Lin is healthy, and Orlando values him. No argument from me. I think we all agree we just want Lin to be healthy, and playing, and happy.

    You know, you make a lot of good points.

    But sometimes, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Always adding a snide remark. Always antagonistic.

    The same post without “is that so hard” would be a lot more congenial. Unless you don’t care.

  343. did anyone see the knicks-nets game? did anyone see fizz celebrate kanter’s and-1? fizz is legit. he don’t tank. he benches his 1st rd pick knox for frank even after knox started preseason. he says in the pregame if you’re making technical mistakes he’ll teach you, but if you make selfish mistakes ot you’re lazy he’ll bench you.

    this is the guy who wouldnt get rooked. any way lin can go back to his REAL home? must be nice playing for a coach who WANTS TO WIN….

  344. I hope you are right…anywhere but this horrible team

  345. maybe when he’s 35 or 36. he can still do it in the nba if given a chance.

  346. Winner Lin got me and many people like me interested in NBA.
    A proven Lin has hardly got any chances against rookie tankers again and again….
    Bye NBA !

  347. ok guys….have fun…goodnight. Have to work tomorrow. can’t wait for the highlights anymore

  348. Haha. You and a million other Lin fans!
    Patience is NOT my own natural trait either. But trying to hang in there for now….

  349. With the injury list that long, there is absolutely no chance to win a game with Lin on rehab. Might as well treat as warm up exercises rather than adding up on the injury list. Treat it like preseason games.

    Wait for players to be healthy.

    Lin has played 17mins; not bad. Just protect players from further injury or else the season will be really over.

    No team can survive with your starting center and forward gone.

    In the meantime, two Alex (s) are promising. Trae Young’s offense is not bad.

    No team can compete at half it’s strength. Atlanta needs to be at or close to 100% before it can compete. It is not tanking; just retreating to fight at full strength later.

  350. I don’t know, CLV scored 28, he had over 20 i his first game. Dinwiddie had over 20 too. I think the Nets probably made the right move in trading Lin. DLo hasn’t been that great.

    Lin needs to get his body back and mental confidence. Then go from there.

  351. I’m not sure if it’s tanking yet or not. Sure hope not.

    Yes, you bring up a good reminder! Yes, the Hawks are also short-handed with injuries. That doesn’t help.

    But defense is a big problem. What little of tonight’s game that I saw. The Grizzlies were constantly WIIIIIDE open on the perimeter.

  352. There is no reason to take the risk of injury without Dedmon and Collins. I would think it gives Lin the minutes for rehab and protect him better. In the meantime, train the young players.

  353. it IS antagonistic… but it’s aimed at the hawks who are killing lin’s career. sorry not sorry… i will always stand up for lin.

  354. I think if Lin can get back to form, he may get a starting position as a 2 guard or a 6th man position. I still believe he can do that if he can get back to a form where he can still take a game over and be a game-changer. I don’t want to see him on the Magic or Sun, I think he should be in and hope he ends up playing with a contender.

  355. One of Lin’s best games as a Net was when he put the Grizzlies away in that Brook-Lin season. With Conley & Gasol playing.

    Clyde Frazier, even Wilkens tonight, all made comments about Lin being open, and should have taken the shots the defense gave him.

    What’s your theory on why Lin didn’t?

  356. im 1000% sure lin can play 10 minutes for the nets and STILL make a difference. they actually play the right way unlike the hawks…

  357. The Hawks are not killing Lin’s career. The Nets did it by trading him there in the first place.

    You have to look at the big picture. Lin is grateful to be on the court. In a way, we should be grateful that the Hawks are letting Lin play and rehab there.

    As an expiring contract, the Hawks could have easily kept Schroder and waived Lin. And LIn would be out of the league.

    And if Lin recovers his value, the Hawks could still trade him.

    And see, that’s what I mean. You keep implying other posters here are not supporting LIn. You think we spend hours reading and posting on this forum because we have nothing better to do?

    We are not trashing LIn. We just have different opinions and different ways to support Lin. Why do you feel your opinion is better than anyone else’s?

    Just give us your viewpoint. If people disagree, move on from them.

  358. Not many teams left. Which other team will use and VALUE Lin the right way?
    Toronto has also been mentioned. But Lowry is signed through 2019-2020. Unless the Raptors decide to move on from him.

  359. why play hard for a team that doesnt give a crap about you? he got clobbered a bit in preseason and in almost every game. no fouls called. bloody nose tonight. stand in he corner, never touch the ball. etc…

    i think he’s intentionally over passing. intentionally being passive. trying not to get hurt. when he looked for his shot in preseason he was unstoppable. you see a bit of this late in garbage time when he wants to stat pad a bit. he gets aggressive and his speed is still there, easily getting by his defender. but like i said all summer, he isnt the guy LP wants to see scoring and making plays. he wants to see how bembry plays. they need to see if he’s worth keeping around.

    that’s why bembry all of a sudden starts getting pg minutes. the end of the 3rd Q tonight had no trae, no lin. bembry was pg. it’s crystal clear there are no minutes for lin as he has no place on this team in the future so why give him minutes when the hawks have to evaluate their own young wings? likewise, why play hard driving to the rim, risking injury, for a team that’ll give you 10 minutes a night and pull you after every TO?

  360. Sheeeesh, such pressure! Here – Speed of Lin highlights

  361. Can’t give up now. Lin hasn’t given up. Give it a little more time…..

  362. that makes sense to us fans..but don’t think its in Lin’s nature to play with any kind of selfish agenda

  363. Better him than Lin doing this

  364. LP will chew him up after the game.

  365. Safer

  366. I was thinking as a 2 guard. Lowry is a PG. But Toronto has Kawhi. I don’t know, we have to see who emerges.

  367. But why pass up OPEN shots? Like you said, he must know he needs to play up his own value too.

    The Hawks must know already what Bembry can bring. They just picked up the team option on him for next year.

    Kwok brought up a good point. Don’t forget the Hawks are still missing players due to injuries.

    Well, you already pointed out that the Hawks’ priorities are in rebuilding. And Lin is probably not part of long-term plans.

    That’s why I can’t get too worked up. It is what it is. If Lin is not happy in Atlanta, then let him prove his HEALTH. Then he and his agent can go find a new team.

  368. Didn’t see the game. Watching highlights, very forgettable.

  369. nets, or marks, is another story. we’ve beat that horse so dead no need to continue.

    no, they wanted schroder gone no matter what. they drafted trae AND traded for lin BEFORE selling him for pennies on the dollar. lin was brought in as a culture guy. i was convinced they also wanted him to contribute. i was wrong. he’s used only as a backup… bembry is clearly the 6th man… the last few games of preseason were a mirage…

    lin cant recover his value by playing 10 minutes a game. it will in fact do the opposite. GMs will say if a tanking team doesnt even play you, why should i? his value has never been lower…

  370. Speaking selfishly, if there is a choice. If the system plays to Lin’s strengths, I prefer seeing Lin as PG. Directing the tempo, initiating the offense. Handling the ball in transition.
    Scoring lots is fun, but I enjoy Lin’s assists even more!

  371. I don’t think it’s ever the coaches who decide to tank or not. I think they just carry out whatever the front office dictates.
    Don’t forget Fizdale won a couple of rings as assistant coach for Miami. He has a better resume than Pierce.

  372. You sure you can be happy with Lin playing 10 minutes if a team is trying to win? 🙂
    Because if that’s the case, then Lin should have no problem finding another team.

  373. If you have a better and REALISTIC scenario for LIn, RIGHT NOW, let’s hear it.

    Otherwise, you’re right. We’re beating this horse to death too.

    BTW, did you listen to the interview that Schlenk gave in August? This is like the 100th time I’m posting this. What are we expecting?

    Schlenk very CLEARLY said that he acquired Lin because:
    1) Lin is expiring contract which has value.
    2) Mentor Young OFF the court.
    3) Oh, and Lin is a good player (threw that in at the end)

  374. HOPE SO! Lol.

  375. when he’s open no one passes to him. when he has the ball the game plan is to pass. remember he’s just a back up pg. his job is to set people up. not much is asked of him.

    bembry has always been hurt. they dont fully know what he can do. yes they picked up his option, but they will soon have to decide if they want to extend him, make him a RFA by keeping his cap hold, or trade him, etc.

    they are missing bigs and wings. doesnt really affect the pg position. trae gets all the minutes, lin gets the scraps.

    again, he can’t prove his health if he can’t see the floor. in fact it looks WORSE because people dont know if it’s because of the injury or not. perception is reality.

  376. no way. BS was in on the tank for sure. you think brett brown didnt know what hinkie was doing? it’s a concerted effort to tank. LP knows way more than he lets on. i dont trust him one bit…

  377. lin is stuck. he is getting paid rotation player/low end starter money, came off career altering injury, and is now getting 10 minutes PT on a tank team. what situation, what gm would touch him with a 10 ft pole???

    the only thing that matters is the trade deadline where teams may get desperate, and free agency where lin can sign for vet min on whichever team still believes in him enough to give him meaningful minutes.

    i honestly believe he will never get paid more than vet min/BAE and will never start again. his career has been killed by injury and this situation afterwards. people talk about hayward but his situation, role, and prominence is completely different than lin. it’s insulting to even compare the 2 situations…

  378. That’s what I’m saying. The front office dictates, and the coaches executes accordingly. Same with which player to promote and cater to.

    After what happened with the Nets? (And even before then.) Wouldn’t trust ANY team.

  379. maybe he’s starting to learn to be selfish though… he played like idgaf tonight… maybe he only cares about his own health at this point and is not willing to risk injury on a tank team…

    it’s inexplicable to see him attack and shoot almost 100% fg% in the last couple of preseason games, to now being SO passive…. either LP told him to not shoot so much and pass more, or he saw the writing on the wall and wont risk it for a team that doesnt have his back.

  380. It was Hawks’ announcers. But even Trae made bad plays they still praised.

  381. That’s not what I heard, and saw. He passed up open shots when he had the ball in his hands, and still chose to drive it, instead of shooting it.

    He was shooting mid-range jumpers in pre-season. Less driving into traffice.

    Just wondering why he’s making those kinds of decisions.

  382. Yeah, that’s the way it is. Dominique Wilkins used to be the worst. Always putting Lin down. He’s actually been very complimentary to Lin since Lin joined the Hawks.

    I think he’s like Tommy Heinsohn of the Celtics. Real homers for their teams.

  383. there is no scenario out of this hell. why do you think i’m so mad? you think i want lin to be miserable just so i can say i told you so? look at lin on the sidelines. i dont even look at the game, i look at lin on the bench. when big plays happen like dunks, even his celebrations are muted. imo he doesnt care too much about this team and the players. it’s cordial, professional, but not intimate. what he had with RHJ? that was true friendship. marks took that away from him. he’s so much more somber now. he hides it by saying stuff like he’s just grateful, blah, blah, blah, and on some level i’m sure he is, but he is also hella competitive and wants to be out there playing…

    LOL in fact I’M the guy who first posted that schlenk interview on here (if it’s the same video i’m thinking of…)

  384. The NBA is about trying to promote stars or create stars. Their perspective that the two closest things they have to stars on the Hawks are Trae Young and Turean Prince. So, you’re going to hear a lot about those two, especially Young who actually played well tonight. 20 and 9 for a player in his second game is impressive. Expect to hear a lot about Trae and Prince as the season goes on.

  385. Knock wood. Hopefully by December, about 20 games in. With any luck, maybe even sooner.

  386. EVERYONE drives and kicks. this offense is INSANE!!! that’s why they’re so bad. if trae or prince isnt shooting lights out, then the game gets away in a hurry. the offense is SO BAD. the defense is SO BAD…

  387. the real test is wed.

    1.) home opener. even tank teams dont tank on the damn home opener…
    2.) the ONLY nationally televised game (on espn)
    3.) trae vs doncic

    let’s see when LP tries to win what lineups, what offense, what defense, sub patterns, etc. does he use… it’ll be a nice way to compare and contrast. like if lin gets 20+ minutes out of nowhere then you know they wanted the win. remember how BS used to unleash lin only when they played the celtics? THAT’S how you knew he wasn’t a complete imbecile and was just tanking all along…

  388. Really? O….M….G….. i can’t even…. what’s next DNP-Paper Cut?

    nothing else needs to be said… like i said before, ask LP and he’ll make a fool out of himself, all by himself…

  389. Agree they will want to win!

    But, IF the idea is to showcase Young vs Doncic, not sure how many minutes Lin will get. Unless Young plays badly, and they don’t want him to be embarrassed

    Regardless of motivation, if Lin is healthy enough to play a least 20 minutes, it will be great!

    With BS Scott, also when Ronnie Price started over Lin.

  390. 🙁

  391. This is too doomy gloomy for me.

    He played his 2nd game after not playing for a full year and coming off a patellar rupture. And if you look at the highlights, Lin didn’t look great. And I’m fine with him not looking great because it’s early in the season and he’s coming off a major injury. So why should he play many minutes now? I’ve watch many players try to come back after major injuries and it took them sometimes months to play more like themselves. And some of them didn’t get big minutes either. But as their season progressed, they had more minutes.

    And if Lin doesn’t start again, well, that doesn’t mean he can’t be a huge factor on a team. First of all, I don’t think he has to be a starting PG. I think it’s possible at some point he can be a starting 2 guard on a team that wants 2 facilitators, like the Nets have now, or like Portland has. If not, then it is 6th man. And I hope now people don’t lose their minds over me saying this and realize I’m talking about what may be available for him and not the ideal, something we need to be more flexible about IMO. Either way, there may be plenty of teams that want Lin.

    So, let’s not press any panic buttons. It’s all about Lin not getting injured in this very tender part of the season. Not to me about the Hawks. To me that part isn’t so serious. LP has a team to run and right now, he’s trying to figure things out and I think Lin fans have to realize he’s running a whole team, not just rehabbing and integrating Lin. So far, I do think he seems to care about keeping Lin healthy. And for that reason, I’m ok with him.

  392. I’ve always have thought that a 5 man team in bball has similarities with a human being playing the game. Right now the Hawks are a bunch of individual limbs trying to do their own thing. It’s no wonder they look awful. Can you imagine how bad an athlete would look if both legs and arms don’t work in synch? No matter how great each limb is, you can’t possibly win with a one hand dribble, lol.

    We question Lin at every turn as if we know better than him. We see the proof but we don’t know what the questions are. Now a days, knowing the answer in an exam is likely get you a D. More often than not, they’ll give you the answer and ask you how you’d get there. The process is how the brain is tested.

    This then is what’s at stake with Lin and the Hawks. The team is a bunch of talented limbs that don’t know how to work together. All the head and eyes can do is watch helplessly a one hand dribble blindly driving into traffic.

    A good player has to be able to learn and trust both hands to be precisely where it needs to be to receive a dribble. Good handles begin with that proprioception skill to know exactly where each part of the body is at all times. If Lin is slow, it’s becuase he can’t yet feel the limbs of his Hawks teammates. He has to search for them first with his eyes to find them. If Lin is slow, it’s becuase he’s trying to see how each part of his body/teammates works to try and feel for their movements so that he doesn’t need to see them first. Watching and learning the process so that he can change the answer.

  393. even when lin gets healthy, it wont mean anything on this team. LP wont suddenly stop “evaluating the young players” and give lin more playing time. there’s also no realistic scenario of a trade with his value so low and contract so big (relatively of course).

    i mean we can pray for the buyout route again? but i dont think it’s in lin’s nature to do that… quit, basically…

    in the end we just have to wait it out and hope for something good to happen in free agency… in the meantime we cherish each 3 to 5 minutes lin gets to play in whatever quarter he doesnt get a nosebleed…

  394. I don’t agree with your premise about Lin’s minutes. There’s Trae and Lin. And Lin and Trae looked pretty good together the second time. So they indeed may get playing time together. And if and when Lin gets back to an effective form and gets a second unit to play like he got other second units to play, LP seems like the kind of coach to keep Lin on the floor. A lot of the problem is, while both units look bad, Lin’s is even more disorganized, a lot because of Bremby shooting the ball everytime he gets it. In time, hopefully, the bench will improve. And maybe Lin and Trae’s play will as well.

  395. lin just stood there when he played with trae. just like when lin would play with walker and batum. instead now it’s trae, prince/bembry, and lin. and guess what? lin s still the odd man out. the more things change, the more things stay the same…

  396. In the 4th quarter, no. In the 4th quarter, they played off of each other. In fact, Trae was looking to pass the ball back to Lin to get things going. I think you have negative gloomy glasses on right now. It’s early. Lin isn’t close to being himself yet. Let’s see how things play out. I think Lin is mentally not engaged with this team yet but I hope that will happen soon. And I think his recovery is part of it and a feeling that this is just a temporary situation.

  397. the only thing i liked tonight was the “all vet lineup” of lin, baze, and VC playing together. it resembled what happened in preseason. i think baze fits well with the bench, instead of prince who chucks like mad when he plays with the bench. LP can try to adjust his sub patterns so baze can overlap with the bench unit. i think it worked well in preseason and we saw a little of that again tonight. prince + bench has been an utter disaster both for him (tons of TO’s) and the bench (prince ballhogging)…

    -once dedmon comes back we can rid ourselves of ever seeing plumlee again. unless people are hurt or in foul trouble.
    -once collins comes back, we can get VC back into the bench pf/stretch 4 role. poythress and spellman get spot minutes.
    -bembry is a lock, so lin/bembry/baze will be the guard and wings. you can add dorsey/huerter for spot minutes as well.

    lin, bembry, baze, VC, dedmon. a good bench lineup that hopefully can maintain a lead or close the gap and thus get more minutes as a whole.

  398. I feel ya.. Once he’s gone So am i

  399. Atlanta Hawks vs Memphis Grizzlies | HIGHLIGHTS | Oct 19, 2018

  400. meh. the 4th quarter was garbage time. yes they passed back and forth a bit, but no real competitive ball was played in the entire 2nd half. hard to judge anything in garbage time really.

    but in the 1st quarter, lin actually subbed in real early for VC and they went small with prince as the 4. the game was still competitive and there was a lot of game left to play. what happened? lin stood in the corner while trae and prince took turns handling the ball. lin literally never touched the ball on some possessions. classic stand in the corner lin… that experiment only lasted a few minutes as the deficit began to grow. then the bench came in and when LP had enough he called time out and put all the starters back in, even those with foul trouble…

    it remains to be seen if trae and lin will ever play together as primary and secondary ball handlers… they need to play with baze and not prince/bembry for that to happen… maybe something like trae, lin, baze, collins/VC, len/dedmon…

  401. Jeremy Lin Highlights – 10/19/18 Hawks at Grizzles

  402. This is going to be like an extended preseason game with core players on injured list or rehabing

  403. Lin’s a new player of this team just like Young, Guerrero, Spellman, Hamilton.

  404. Lin’s working on it and I will never give up.

  405. The team is taking care of Lin and let him rehab. Those guessing, distrust, mind guessing are not necessary.

    Let Lin play it out. This is not the end of the world. I will never give up hope. Lin is healthy and obviously can play basketball. He still has time and opportunity to prove it.

    At this moment, Lin is well protected from injury and setback in rehab.

    If you can forget those infinite BS, it is all good for Lin.

  406. Except this is a shoot 1st PG league! No one cares about your assists if you can’t score. Lin’s mindset of PG is too stubborn. He needs to be able to score like a star first before passing too much. That extra passing rarely earns him more assists and just becomes wasted possessions.

  407. It’s not about playing for a team, it’s about playing for himself and his career as a basketball player. When Lin play and shoots like there’s no tomorrow, like he did for the Knicks while not caring so much about anything that’s when he’s at his best.

    Obviously he’s loss his explosiveness because of the injury and needs time for his legs to return if at all. KA have mentioned before that Lin hesitates on his 3s too much, just take them if they miss they miss.

  408. Lin really looks less explosive out there. He can barely jump. He used to be able to jump to avoid those obvious fouls and still lay in it. It’s a good thing the refs gave him more fouls after that nose bleed. So many players fouls Lin on purpose knowing they can get away with it because of the ref bias!

  409. Just noticed Pat Beverly also came back from an injury, he is the starting PG for Clippers, (what a joke, NBA HC has no problem accepting Bev as starting PG even after his surgery)

    His first game vs Denver: 19 min, 0 points, shooting 0/8, 4 RB, 8 Asst, 1 TO

    His 2nd game vs OKC: 24 min, 7 points, shooting 1/5, 4 RB, 5 Asst, 1 TO

  410. Is he Asian?

  411. JLin’s first two steps from a standstill actually look pretty good (and he still seems to be able to get his defender at initial point of attack).

    Smartly, understandlably, and thankfully, he is pulling up on the accelerator and not attacking the rim with the force and aggression he used to.

    Seems like he could get all the wide open pull up midrange jumpers he wanted if coach allowed it.

    Also would have tons more space at the rim if he had a great screen and roll big to force defense to make split second decisions as the tandem applies tremendous force on defense.

  412. nobody said anything about hayward and even andre from okc who is still injured

  413. And what happened when he brought the starters back in? They cut the deficit. LP is managing a game, trying to find the right combinations. That he brought Lin in to see if things would go better says something to me. And ok, it didn’t work that time. LP made the right move as a coach to go back to the best unit he could to stop the deficit. I don’t see it as an anti-Lin move more than a coach’s game move.

    And that he went back to look at Lin-Trae and that they did better is actually encouraging. I watched Miami back when Lebron first came to join them. Wade and LeBron barely played together because they both were used to being the number one dog. It took them months before they learned how to play together. You don’t snap your fingers and magically think Lin and Trae will play well together when they don’t know each other games.

    I’ve said about the Hornets over and over again, and people would debate me and question my judgment because I didn’t like Lin playing in the starting spot instead of PJ Hairston and it was precisely because Lin didn’t get touches and stood in the corner most of the time when Lin, Kemba and Batum were on the court together. I thought it was too many cooks in the kitchen with the ball going through Batum. But I don’t feel that way on this team. Prince is a scorer, not a facilitator. Lin and Trae are both facilitators, and a brief look at them gaining some chemistry in the 4th quarter was actually encouraging to me, not a meh moment.

    Right now Lin looks like a player trying not to get injured. He more looks like that in the regular season than the preseason. And I applaud that. The last thing he needs to do is get injured. I’d rather him play tentatively and be used sparingly for the first 3 weeks or however long it takes than he get injured. And I stick to that. It’s about not getting injured now, not playing time or even usage. When he’s more confident then that can be addressed more fully.

  414. He’d still do that, but alternatively with another PG. That actually helps Lin and seems to make him more aggressive. Lin, through his career, seems to like having another ball handler, as long as it’s even and he gets his touches.

    Main PG worked well with the Nets but that role was going to change with the addition of D’Angelo Russell. That’s where a lot of teams are going, two facilitators on the court and the PG now is more of a scorer.

    btw, I enjoy Lin’s assists more than his scoring, but I like him scoring as well.

  415. He’s not.

  416. The grass is not greener elsewhere. His career shows us that. He needs to rehab and we need to be patient and be happy every game he finishes uninjured IMO.

  417. I’m going to have to dissent. The Nets have two players that improved a great deal last season in CLV and Dinwiddie. I thought too much attention was being paidhere to DLo. The guy emerging there is CLV, not DLo. These guys are playing great this season. CLV scored 28 points yesterday against the Knicks and I think 21 in the season opener.

    The problem is Marks should have been straight with Lin and told him we are looking to trade you. The injuries just did Lin in on the Nets. He had the starting PG and captain position and he had an excellent center to play with at first. But he got injured, Brook got traded, CLV and Dinwiddie improved a great deal, and Lin’s time on the Nets was done.

    I agree with you the Hawks aren’t killing Lin’s career. Lin is in a place where there’s no pressure to win. Lin is uninjured 2 games in. Let’s celebrate that. He’s playing NBA games again.

  418. As of now, he is not game fit yet, I will take about 15 to 20 games to evaluate where he is.

  419. PB had cartilage and meniscus issue that require surgery and unlike JL was a career ending injury.
    Hence I wont compare both.

    Personally I dont think JL would be game ready any time soon, its gonna take 15-20 game.

    From today’s game it can clearly be observed that he is very cautious in his movement, his is hesitant at times as well or a little slow in response.

    And sadly opponent understands this weakness of an injury returning player, hence they are bodying up with his quiet a lot just to timid him, There are alot of body humps and bumps and some went overboard by pushing him as well, where couple of foul call was made.

    This would be the modus operandi for many games to came as well, sadly. JL need to figure out playing smart, which I trust he will.

  420. todays stats:

    hollinger player efficiency rating (aka “per”) qualified point guards 2018-2019

    (of 69)

    #24 jeremy lin 15.45
    #36 spencer dinwiddy 11.73
    #37 d’angelo russell 11.65
    #39 trae young 11.45
    #49 dennis schroeder 9.31
    #50 lonzo ball 9.27
    #64 patrick beverly 3.23

  421. I saw a lot of pushing. Jaren Jackson pushed Lin when Lin drove to baseline. It seemed that Grizzlies defense against Lin frequently started with a push to make Lin unbalanced. Lin was always double and triple teamed.

  422. Just published: An interview with Jeremy. Here is the opening question …

    Host: So Jeremy, what would you say is one of the biggest differences between being a professional athlete and what the average fan thinks it’s like to be a professional athlete?

    Jeremy: You know, everything. I just don’t think the average fan really understands much about what it means to be a professional athlete. To have your life in constant scrutiny and all the pressures, you have to think — yeah. Every athlete is obviously making a lot of money, but how many people are trying to pull and pry and the tug and pull at the different pressures at each and every single person in that person’s life? And a lot of people that you love dearly, you have to say no to constantly or you have to set up boundaries for yourself because everyone wants something from you. And that’s just the people that you love.

  423. Lots of people don’t understand how much Lin was bullied on the court. Grizzlies was very physical in defense, pushing and bumping. Lin was bloodied up on his nose.

  424. This Hawk team is almost a new team with only 7 returned players. Only players in Summer League have better chances of playing together. Among starters, Trae Young, Bazemore, Vince Carter, Prince, Len, only Prince and Bazemore had experience playing together last season.

    You just have to give this team time to blend together, maybe 10 or more games. Also this team doesn’t have big man like Dedmon and Collins in the rotation. They are undersized. Teams tend to take advantage of this. Team chemistry really takes time to develop.

    We are just too harsh to this team anyway. When you play with players new to you, you tend to be more hesitant. Still they have to make plays and your opposition’s guess is almost as good as your teammates. That is a huge problem too.

  425. Maybe Mephis hadn’t heard that Linsanity was over

  426. I wouldn’t even think of those uncontrollables because of too many guessings. This is essentially a new team and Lin is affected a lot. Grizzlies is a very good defense team that Hawks can learn from.

    You passed to the paint and immediately you were surrounded by 3 players. What could you do?

  427. I thought Jlin was bullied as well. However, maybe it was a sign of respect as Memphis was afraid of what Jlin could do in terms of rallying the Hawks

  428. Those are new the Hawks.

  429. Great 43 min 📻 interview!!
    Extra: Jeremy Lin Full Interview: A conversation with veteran NBA point guard @JLin7 , recorded for the Freakonomics Radio series “The Hidden Side of Sports.”
    ➡️📻and words

  430. Yes, wonderful and insightful interview. I’ve read some excerpts. I’ll say I’m happy Lin has kept his private life private. We only rarely hear of him going out to a club. His personal life, dating, etc., is his business. His public community work and inspirational work is well-known as it should be.

  431. Only two games need to see a few more, for now …
    Starting point guards on October 19 in player efficiency rating, PER

    Kemba Walker 32.09 PER
    Stephen Curry 29.33
    Eric Bledsoe 22.92 PER
    Mike Conley 17.99 PER
    Jrue Holiday 16.58 PER
    Andrew Wiggins 15.35 PER
    George Hill 11.90 PER
    Trae Young 11.45 PER
    Kyrie Irving 9.40 PER
    Dennis Schroder 9.31 PER
    Ricky Rubio 6.67 PER
    D.J. Augustin 6.10 PER
    Darren Collison 2.54 PER
    Patrick Beverley 3.23 PER

    And then bench point guard:
    Jeremy Lin 15.45 PER

  432. just want to highlight this part of which JLIN expressed what we are seeing as a follower of an NBA player:

    “LIN: And injuries and things like that, fans are so quick to dismiss it or make fun of someone, someone like Derrick Rose, like “Oh man, he’s constantly injured!” and they’re making fun of it. But the guy has spent all his time making himself a great basketball player. That’s what he loves doing. The amount of effort, the heart, the love for the game, those types of things, and then for everyone else to from the outside come in and make fun of him or whatever in his 25th year. Meanwhile, he spent 25 years giving up all the different temptations or the different things that everyone else has allowed themselves to enjoy. But he’s done it to become better at basketball. So there’s a lot of heart and effort that goes into these things.

    But then fans are so quick to just only think about it from their end. I can’t tell you how many fans have come up to me and they’re like, “Man. you’re on my fantasy team and you got hurt. You hurt my fantasy team!” I’m like, “Are you comparing what I do and what I love and what keeps me up at night and the thing that I’ve put tens of thousands of hours into to your little fantasy thing that you just showed up for one day and did a 60-minute draft for?’” It’s just funny because the fans are actually invested, right? They’re invested but they could never compare to what an actual athlete has invested into their own life.

    I just warn people and try to warn my friends and my family too when they are making judgments on a football player or on anybody or even a musician. It’s like, man, we just don’t understand how hard it is to be that and how much it takes – to be great.”

  433. as an additional, this would be like a normal LIN, but i noticed that a Jeremy on the Hawk seems a bit reserved, that maybe lacking in communication???

    “LIN: If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s communication. It could be a marriage, it could be in your family, it could be on the court, it could be with someone you don’t like, it could be with a co-worker, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t know how to communicate, things are gonna break down, things are gonna fail.

    How do you make somebody motivated – and each person is their own puzzle. You can’t, there is no blueprint solution. You can’t treat everybody the same. Everybody is different and even someone who is an extrovert, you can’t treat two extroverts the same. You can’t treat two introverts the same. Everybody is a different puzzle and you have to take the time to love and serve them and know them and then communicate well with them. And when you communicate well with somebody, like, that is – the beauty of sports. That’s the beauty of life, whether you’re teaming up in marriage or teaming up in being a sibling, you’re teaming up as a basketball player – as basketball players. The beauty is when you communicate well and you do things well and you have good synergy and teamwork, that makes life a lot more fun.”

  434. Name PER

    Turence Prince 24.76
    Trae Young 11.45
    Bazemore 10.14
    Vince Carter 9.61
    Alex Len 6.94

    Jeremy Lin 15.45
    Alex Poythress 12.62
    Bembry 2.26
    Dorsey 5.19

  435. Linsanity is coming back.

  436. For those who put down Jeremy Lin, please imagine that you run at full speed with a bloody nose.

  437. Linsanity 2 will be 1/2 step slower and 1 step wiser. Different presentation, similar effect.

  438. he did look kind of out-of wack. Let’s hope he’s simply rusty and everything will eventually come back to normal.

  439. Glad that JLin said this. I really hope and pray that people esp his fans will stop in giving him more grief from now on. He knows what he is doing…..We, his fans, know very little and/or nothing about how professional player faces…… Just pray that JLin is able to return to his “normal” self soon…..

  440. WOW!

    Mean of me: Would like to see what will be the fines and suspensions for all these players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. Bravo, but it’s up to Lin decide. I think he should bulk up to his normal weight so that he couldn’t be pushed around so easily.

  442. Ugly. I’ll give James credit for holding CP3 back.

  443. Big thanks Psalm234, and Arsenium a little earlier, for posting this! BEST Lin interview ever – actual intelligent, thoughtful questions that pretty much lay out the complete Jeremy Lin. Education, purpose, family, business, service, hard work, fans (the good, the bad), and joy of life. A to Z. Great.

  444. Also this team does need a third PG. It’s an experiment which may fail just like any other experiments.

  445. It is no accident that Bembry has got the one of the worst PER rating among players in the team. He has got 27.5 minutes per game and his rating is only better than Jaylen Adams who only got 4 mins per game.
    Perhaps, the minutes should go to Kevin Huerter instead.

  446. Forget it. Lin will overcome soon and all those theories will be thrown out of the window.

  447. This rookie coach is special. He understands Lin and will use Lin properly.

  448. If and only if Lin does well in Atlanta.

  449. No one puts it on the board that Lin is not part of the long term plan. Just like any other players, it’s an experiment that if Lin fits here.

    Even Young is an experiment. There isn’t a crystal ball which can tell you the future. What looks good now may be different the other days. Those are only speculations that I would throw them out of the window.

    We should see how the players fit in with each other at the end of the season rather than guessing at the hidden agenda with infinite stupidity.

  450. See! Memphis played great defense. It happened not only to Lin but also to Taurean Prince too. The one on three situation looked so familiar in the last game.×2508/920×613/filters:focal(1475×974:2035×1534)/

  451. Was this posted? Anyway, I like this more than any others.

  452. Applaud! If Lin fans find themselves unable to cheer on the effort of Jeremy, would you please keep your grief to yourself? Much thanks.

  453. Everyone is sick of Harden’s BS. He gets to throw elbows and forearms at defenders without being penalized, but if the defender even looks like they’re touching Harden, they get called for it. It’s garbage like this that started this fight:

    I really wish players would speak out on the floppers and fake stars of the NBA. They won’t, but they should. The biased refs and rigged league allow these punks to ruin basketball on a daily basis.

  454. Do you know how easy to pick up an injury with a short preseason?
    Just read this!
    Young guys out: Sixers’ Ben Simmons, Knicks’ Kevin Knox leave games with (hopefully) minor injuries.
    Don’t blame Lloyd Pierce for being cautious. He’s being smart of running his games.

  455. While watching the Nets game for the first time last night, I lasted only 5 minutes because of the overwhelming sadness that took over better part of my emotion…Watching Jeremy’s close former teammates and their coach Atkinson was especially difficult…I hope Jeremy will find much happiness in his new team.
    Go Jeremy!

  456. i just hope that lin gets to play more than 10 mins for the next few games

  457. What I want to see from Pierce tonight. A bit longer shifts for Lin.

    What I want to see from Lin. No injury. Drive less, shoot more short jumpers and midrange jumpers.

  458. It is difficult to watch his Nets teammates on the Court without thinking about what could’ve been with a healthy Lin, the team captain.

    I remind myself again:
    Lin has moved on, I will move on too –looking forward at the future, not backward at the past.

  459. Chicago has waived Omer Asik …

  460. He has averaged 15.5 mins per game.

  461. Memphis Grizzlies JaMychal Green Injury (a broken jaw) against Hawks

    Coach Bickerstaff! sounds familiar!

  462. A very sound advice! As Jeremy Lin’s devoted fans, we did face too many sad experiences….

  463. People here might be interested in this video. It’s about Wataru Misaka.

  464. game is less than two hours away
    another thread please if thats ok

    unless all the tiger fans
    of lin are gone, off they ran

    or maybe still here to just convey
    that lin should go to the cba

  465. Kwok, you have been defending Lin for a long time. And you have been one of his most fervent supporters. I appreciate that.

    I agree there is no crystal ball. I personally don’t like making predictions, overly positive OR overly negative.

    But, I also cannot close my ears and ignore what Travis Schlenk has stated openly about Lin’s role with the Hawks.

    At the same time, you are correct! Agendas CAN change. I will give the team every benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

  466. Trevor Booker was not perfect, but to me, he was a good teammate and played hard on the Nets. Like Al Jefferson, another casualty from the NBA (and so-called fans) obsession with youth and unproven potential. Another reminder to be glad that Lin is still actively playing on an NBA team.

  467. Even with all the fouls that did get called, so many are still missed. NBA – Football without the helmet and the paddings.

  468. Hey, same here! LOL. Turned it off too. Must be even harder for you, because of cheering for Joe Harris. I was thinking t would be so fun, if Lin was playing with LeVert, Would be winning basketball for sure.

    I mean, yes, it was sad. So much cognitive dissonance. Wanting to see KA and those guys succeed, but wanting to see Sean Marks fail big time.

    Lin, as the leader on that team, helped build that team culture for the Nets. To not be given the chance, even if coming off the bench while recovering…..:-(

    But yes, agree! Wishing the best for JLin!

  469. Agree, whichever team Lin is on, we will be there with him!

  470. And JLin knows it too. He is grateful to be on the court, because it can be taken away in an instant.

    So, we too will appreciate it!

  471. As revealed in Howard Megdal’s article, I like what Pierce has said so far on behalf of Lin.

    But, I will reserve judgement on Pierce on the court. I hope that he can get the team to buy into playing defense, and playing unselfishly.

  472. No. After pulling CP3 away, he should have let security and refs do their jobs. He should have went back to his teammates. Not hanging out with his homie.

  473. So obvious. But Harden is like, all innocent, “what did I do”?

  474. Disgraceful. Chris Paul. President of the Players’ Union. I don’t know how he got voted in. I have never heard about him speaking up and protecting OTHER players’ health and salaries.

    All I heard about was how he and LeBron James “helped” negotiate the new CBA: “Given that, it’s pretty darned interesting that Chris Paul stands to be one of the biggest individual beneficiaries of a subtle rule change on deck for the new collective bargaining agreement…..But in the immediate term, it looks like a gift for CP3 and his friends..”

  475. This was a great interview. Very glad that Lin is being candid and real about what professional athletes face.

    As I’ve always said about empathy. We should try to be sympathetic and understanding about someone’s circumstances. But unless we have walked in their shoes, we should never be judgemental, or think we know best.

  476. That is infinite stupidity.

  477. EXACTLY!

  478. Lin has given so many interviews over the years. A lot of them have been fluff. Through it all, he has always been humble and thoughtful. And has always balanced being sincere vs being candid.

    And being older has definitely given him even more perspective and maturity. Taking the long-term big picture view.

    Truly a role model on how to deal with adversity and emerge stronger.

  479. So great. And right there with the WONDERFUL article, beautifully written, by Howard Megdal.

  480. Yup. SAME with the Heat, the Knicks. And all the teams will continue to try to bully him, knowing he’s recovering from serious injury. The Hawks should try to figure out how to help protect him out there.

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