G19 LAL @ WAS PreGame Thread+Poll

So Lakers won against the hapless Detroit Pistons. It’s good for team camaraderie for the Lakers.

Lin somewhat bounced back from the bad shooting last game with 2-5 shooting but finished 11 pts/5a (True Shooting % of 68%). He didn’t get many chances to play Point Guard but soldiered on to give his best to help his team win. He managed to get fouled twice in the final min to hit 3 FTs so his stats looked better

Kobe continued to play the playmaker for the 2nd game since it produced wins. But Kobe got 10 TOs due to fatigue. It simply won’t be enough against a good Wizards game tomorrow. Will Kobe have enough in the tank tomorrow? Probably not. Will Lin be ready to save the day or have a chance?

It might be his NJ Nets breakthrough game in 2012 or it may have to wait until games where Kobe truly needs the rest.

So who won the DET Game Vote?

Lin had 11pts/5asts and the closest two numbers are:

12p/6a @samvictor (3rd win! Congrats! Now we have 2 leaders tied at 3 wins with @cjshyy )



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Introducing new “Lin’s Hottie”

Since Lin’s regular Hottie girl seemed to fail to result in Linspiring performance (other than distracting Kobe to have 10 TOs), we are switching gears to use a new hottie of Food!

This is JLin’s own burger creation posted on his website so may this inspire his Linsatiable appetite to create Linsanity tonight!

So tonight’s new hottie is “JLin Spicy Buffalo Burger!”  :mrgreen: