G19 LAL @ WAS PreGame Thread+Poll

So Lakers won against the hapless Detroit Pistons. It’s good for team camaraderie for the Lakers.

Lin somewhat bounced back from the bad shooting last game with 2-5 shooting but finished 11 pts/5a (True Shooting % of 68%). He didn’t get many chances to play Point Guard but soldiered on to give his best to help his team win. He managed to get fouled twice in the final min to hit 3 FTs so his stats looked better

Kobe continued to play the playmaker for the 2nd game since it produced wins. But Kobe got 10 TOs due to fatigue. It simply won’t be enough against a good Wizards game tomorrow. Will Kobe have enough in the tank tomorrow? Probably not. Will Lin be ready to save the day or have a chance?

It might be his NJ Nets breakthrough game in 2012 or it may have to wait until games where Kobe truly needs the rest.

So who won the DET Game Vote?

Lin had 11pts/5asts and the closest two numbers are:

12p/6a @samvictor (3rd win! Congrats! Now we have 2 leaders tied at 3 wins with @cjshyy )



Guess JLin's stats

Introducing new “Lin’s Hottie”

Since Lin’s regular Hottie girl seemed to fail to result in Linspiring performance (other than distracting Kobe to have 10 TOs), we are switching gears to use a new hottie of Food!

This is JLin’s own burger creation posted on his website so may this inspire his Linsatiable appetite to create Linsanity tonight!

So tonight’s new hottie is “JLin Spicy Buffalo Burger!”  :mrgreen:



  1. Darius Soriano
    Lakers’ starters played 26 minutes together against the Pistons. Had an OEff of 132.8 and a DEff of 95.4 in those minutes.

  2. McFlurry

  3. double-double!

  4. jinx

  5. 3rd…I regressed!

  6. Washington favored by 9. Need a Toronto type upset again.

  7. so…is there any pictures? Like psalm asked for? lol 🙂

  8. For Jeremy Lin’s eyes only. lol

  9. LEO

  10. Roar!

  11. Katy Perry?

  12. JLin’s first eva tweet:

    Thank you to Jesus Christ for all the blessings! Real excited to be with the Warriors. Hopefully I learn how to use twitter soon haha— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) July 25, 2010

  13. law enforcement officer?

  14. Lin’s Eyes Only!…fail!!! 😉

  15. meow!

  16. just making fun, just fun …

  17. I’m going to laugh when this Kobestyle gets scouted and then what? They probably need a PG lol.

  18. 10 TOV for Bryant. Ugly, and that teaches him (and those who criticise Lin for TOVs) just how hard it is to play the PG role and restrict TOVs. Lin has really improved in this part of his game, and I never bought the false narrative that he had a turnover problem. Given his high usage rate during Linsanity, it was to be expected, and his average dropped thereafter in tandem with his changing roles.

  19. What are u talking about…it was all because his teammates are not at the right positions…..lol jk

  20. Ah yes, how could I forget, there is always some criminal committing some crime out there!

  21. Yes, and Scott will go with Price…..arrrggh!

  22. Hahaha, what’s THAT about?

  23. So tomorrow will be another game where Lin benched for Price to guard Wall…..great!

  24. I find it funny that Wall says Irving and Rose will be his rivals when in reality his biggest rival is Lin, who has schooled him time and again. Hopefully Lin can have the opportunity to do it again.

  25. Is this based on an average of 100? So above it is good but below it is bad?

  26. All about status……he will never admit it that he had a hard time playing against with Lin…

  27. Lower is better for d…higher is better for o

  28. Arrgh is right!

  29. Blocked, d’oh!

  30. They wore mitts …

  31. Team average for the game (all players) was OffRtg=113.3 and DefRtg=94.5

    Jeremy’s rating OffRtg=123.5 and DefRtg=96.4

  32. grrrrrrr

  33. No idea. Probably JLin was just trying to loosen his shoulders but it came out like shoulder dance. It’s just funny to see this.

  34. My expectations for away games are now very low. On espn la they mentioned how these away games in the east could be the only game those fans could see kobe. Wonder if that factors into kobe’s mind when he plays be it seems to me that they play more kobe ball in away games.

  35. Did any media talk about Kobe’s 10 TO tonight? Guess not bc it’s Kobe even TO was good bc that’s the way he won the game!

  36. Sounds like JLin is complaining to the ref that Jennings initiated the contact with his shoulder?

  37. Lol!

  38. Where’s the hottie pic? Or we anti-jinx it with triple Mcflurries?

  39. No one talked about the triple doubles today. Expectable!!! If it’s JLin, WOW! All sort of name-calling, blaming from Kobe, BS, haters, doubters including his fans.

  40. He said that after the game? So he was interviewed after all?

  41. Liked his 3 pt catch and shoot from Kobe pass. Such a fast release, no time for defense to rotate over.
    Full court passes, showing his good vision and deep passing ability once again.
    Even though he didn’t get much action, at least made it efficient with 50% fg and 5 ast/0 to, 2.2 pps (pts/shot).

  42. That’s the comfort we have for this game. Oh yeah, you missed the one that he passed the ball to Wes and he dunked it.

  43. it was a moving screen, refs are very picky on Lin lately..

  44. Lin looks pissed lol

  45. so are his fans, we had enough of fking ballhogger in past 2 games..

  46. the scorekeepers credited Kobe for Lin’s steal, where is Ido when we need him?

  47. Based on Jay’s highlights, as usual Jeremy made Wes and Boozer look great offensively.

    If Wes and Boozer are smart, they’ll know WHO they should be looking out to and for on the floor.

  48. Yes, forgot to mention that one. It was a laser beam pass to Wes, causing the defense to have to chase. Wes made a good fake and went in for the dunk. Almost looked like the Spurs for a second there. LOL

  49. I actually remember that one.

  50. Kobe would rather have ten TOs than letting JLin doing his PG job… 🙁

  51. Sad but it’s so true. The trust isn’t there from Kobe and BS.

  52. I am probably less disappointed than many in this forum. Probably because my expectations were low to begin with. I merely expected the Lakers to be better than the Rockets but I did not expect them to be the “opposite” if you know what I mean.

    Fundamentally we are rightly upset at the Rockets as they enticed Jeremy to sign on by making promises – face of the franchise, floor general etc. Asik’s open rebellion was just a mirror of Lin’s well contained inner turmoil. Lin was a superstar after Linsanity, he had a choice and he was tricked.

    With the Lakers, they traded for a backup point guard in Lin. So I was not upset at the Nash starter debate (though Price starter debate was sickening). I am also not surprised that Kobe is hogging the ball. Lin came to Kobe’s team, not the other way around.

    Still, the fact that Lin is a starter now is a really big deal. It changes his entire future career path.

    We already had some great moments of Lin being a floor general. Also Lin has been an efficient secondary scorer when called upon that role. He will just keep doing his best.

    I agree with Joyce Ward’s theory that the Lakers are rebuilding. Jeremy may well be in their long term plans. I am disappointed in coach Scott but on the balance we will see that Lin is on the upward trend again.

  53. I think Lin indeed is in Lakers long term plan, they like Lin’s talents and huge market value, but they want to sign him cheaply next year. BS does not like Lin, but FO is using that to one stone kills 3 birds, 1) tanking 2) letting Kobe has his stats 3) later on signing Lin cheaply by promising him starter job while no other teams will offer Lin that. And they know Lin likes to stay in CA.

  54. Yup. It is the most sensible theory. No one can control Kobe so might as well not try. If they lose, tanking will help their future. If they win, no real harm done and they have lots of flexibility to sign free agents in about 1 to 2 years.

  55. Don’t think Lin will sign with Lakers if they continue to play like this as well as under this dumb coach. Lin is not chasing money and fame, I guess he rather earn less in order to go to a team that do play team basketball.

  56. Well if Lin goes to another team at least he will be going as a starter.

  57. Yep…..dont think anyone could manage to get 11 pts 5 asts in such unfavourable environment. Hope other teams can see this

  58. I agree that Lin is definitely not chasing money and fame, but if Lakers decreases Lin’s value to the point no other team will sign him as a starter except Lakers low ball starter offer, then Lin has no choices but sign with Lakers.

  59. Lakers definitely does not want Linsanity kind of price tag to sign Lin next year.

  60. I actually doubt if Kobe wants to play with Lin. No one can outshine Kobe in his team and Lin is just too good to challenge his status.

  61. That is another reason Linsanity will not surface. Kobe will not allow and FO does not want the price tag comes with it. So no Linsanity at least until Kobe is gone.

  62. We thought Kobe should be more mature and only wants wins and unlike Haren feared Lin’s glamour. We were totally wrong. What he said earlier about Lin should mark his territory and pxxxon the fire hydrant was just a show. When Lin outshined him, Lin is punished.

  63. And that’s the reason why I guess Lin will not sign with lakers, waste another year as a “fisherized” Lin? No way, he’s 27 next year.

    Of coz, Lin may need to stick with it if, a big IF, no one offer him anything.

  64. Exactly. PR move..What BS said in the beginning is even more disgusting now… I already regret buying Lin jerseys and tees and other Lin related items !

  65. I know, now I think back how we were all so excited when BS signed with Lakers because he said so many good things about Lin and thought Lin finally would have a coach understands his game and appreciates his talent. What a joke. It is indeed disgusting. Making me never trust anyone in NBA now.

  66. only one team plays team basketball, you know which one

  67. The thing that Kobe doesn’t want to get nobody is the media are not interested in his stats. All Kobe is doing is making himself look like the selfish jerk that he is with no clout in mainstream media anymore. He has become so irrelevant that the only time they talk about him is in a negative narrative. If Kobe would act like the elder statesmen on a team with young players and encourage them, then I think he would get more respect. At first I thought Kobe was mad at Lin about his double, double, but I think it is much deeper than that. I think Kobe is feeling threatened because Kobe has always had the lead in the Asian market and has put the Lakers as the #1 basketball team in China. Lakers want to keep that status, thus enters Lin. I suspect that since Lin has joined the team, many more Asian sponsors are trying to jump on board. Also, Lin is marketing himself very well in China. His brand is rising fast over there, and this does not escape the Lakers F/O. Also Kobe wants to be assured a place on the All-star team. So there is probably a lot of drama behind the scenes. No matter what is happening, lin will be fine. He has been here before. No worries.

  68. I know…just the team that not so much rely on hero ball. I like Dallas, Denver, Utah, Charlotte and Boston, because of the coach….can only dream at this moment

  69. Not sure Lakers is in the rebuilding phase as long as Kobe is still playing. The way and minutes that Kobe is playing now I wonder how long he will last. It will be a huge miracle for Kobe to last much longer. Last week we learned that in order to save his legs, he would’t do team practice in between games and cut down his minutes. However, after 40+ min on Raptors game, he couldn’t even do shootaround in Pistons game. Look how tired he was in Pistons. If he continues to play pg and the minutes he continues to have, sooner rather than later, his body will break down totally. That’s when the real rebuilding begins. I would like to see how things progress then before I make any call. It’s just too early to make the call as there are still 64 more games to go. Anything can happen between now and July 2015.

  70. It’s hard for me to blame Kobe for being Kobe though. He’s always been like that and now he’s older and it’s hard to just change. He’s not the mentor type. It’s like Jordan. Jordan is mean and he will never change as well.

    Whereas perhaps stars like Magic, Duncan, and even Lebron are different. They are still one of the best, but their personalities are different and they are more willing to teach, to mentor, and to adapt.

  71. This makes more sense. Lakers’ situation is definitely much more complicated. Believe there are two main poles in Lakers: Kobe/BS vs FO. FO apparently has a divisive between KM/Jim Buss vs Jeanie Buss. JLin is definitely caught in between the tug war between all parties. Am not worrying about JLin. With JLin, any impossible can happen. Just want JLin continues to stay healthy and improve his games. He is in a much better frame of mind now. I know from the passage he shared earlier. He has overcome another “bump” of his bb life. Wonderful to learn!!!!!

  72. Look at Kobe at Pistons game. He looked so …..

  73. @awarde:disqus Are you the one who said Nash might return to Lakers for some kind of role? Wonder when it might happen. Maybe when BS is gone???? Just thinking outloud here after ready Joyce’s tweets @Twitter:-)

  74. Yes, it was reported that Mitch had met with him and he agreed to come back to help the team, but I don’t know in what capacity.

  75. To me, what last night’s game showed was that Lin’s “inconsistencies” had less to do with his “mental weakness” and everything to do with a team/coach that doesn’t trust him and marginalizes him by sending him mixed messages about his role on the team.

    How can Lin be aggressive when his role is reduced to being a ball boy to Kobe Bryant?

    How can Lin shoot the ball when he never gets the ball back after passing the ball to Ko-Brick Bryant?

    How can Lin be consistent when he’s told to be both aggressive and passive at the same time?

    JLin has had to have been very mentally tough to keep going and play at high levels given the lack of support he has had from his coaches the past few years.

    Lin has played in systems that do not play to his strengths as a playmaker/scorer, and yet he still has flourished as much as he can. That’s a testament to his strong will and immense talents. Any lesser player would have folded by now.

  76. That’s the way they want LIN to be, walking 3 steps behind. Lol

  77. To improve my pole chances, I’ve added linsnaity/insanity to claim the highest and lowest numbers. Haha.

  78. Thinking about Byron Scott in comparison to McHale –

    Scott is a much better head coach overall than McHale. Scott clearly is running the show, along with Kobe, in LA, while McHale had a lot of direction given from both up high (Morey) and from below (his assistant coaches).

    BUT – as for their relationship with JLin, it’s still too early to tell, but B Scott almost has been worse for Lin than McHale, at least at this point in Lin’s Laker tenure.

    With McHale, at least he was consistent – he was consistently trashing of Lin’s game. We all knew where he stood, and so did JLin, with respect to what he thought of Lin’s game.

    With Scott, he’s been very inconsistent in his views of Lin – sometimes seemingly very supportive, lately very unsupportive, down-right hostile.

    What’s worse? Being marginalized through consistent mental beat-downs ala McHale? Or being marginalized through inconsistent, arbitrary back-and-forth mixed message beat downs ala Scott?

  79. I voted that! 😛

  80. I think being marginalized ala Byron is worse. But, it’s a pick your poison choice, that’s for certain.

  81. At least McHale has been consistent about his negative views, probably because the Houston front office agreed with him. We can recognize the hate right away. IMO, BS’s opinion seems to change like the weather, and that’s worse as a coach for a player. But LA in general is still much better than Houston. The front office seems to be at least neutral about JLin and the media is more fair.

  82. Mchale is far worst. In Houston, LIN got pissed on.

    In LA, LIN gets to piss on the hydrant. It’s a very small hydrant by the corner and never on Kobe’s.

    All in all, Lin just needs to tighten his circle and play to maximize what they parameters they allow to play in. One thing we do know is that no one should mess with LIN for too long because Karma is a beach.

  83. yup. i agree with ur assessment.

  84. BS was brought on by Kobe to serve Kobe. IMO, anything goes for BS as long as Kobe is content. So JLin can be aggressive if Kobe also looks good. JLin can shoot the ball if Kobe gets his assists. We just have to accept that this is the status quo for now. JLin has to get his stats within these limitations for a few more months and then he’ll be free to choose his own team.

  85. i’m with u about the karma part! BS and Kobe are laying the seeds for the own destruction and demise.

  86. Introducing new “Lin’s Hottie”

    Since Lin’s regular Hottie girl seemed to fail to result in Linspiring performance (other than distracting Kobe to have 10 TOs), we are switching gears to use a new hottie of Food!

    This is JLin’s own burger creation posted on his website so may this inspire his Linsatiable appetite to create Linsanity tonight!

    So tonight’s new hottie is “JLin Spicy Buffalo Burger!” 😀

  87. Maybe you could combine the two – food hottie and hot girl hottie. A double-double hottie combination – just like those Carl Jr.s commercials, lol.

  88. How about using pic of McFlurry

  89. man, we got some hungry people today :>
    Maybe girl+food is tomorrow!

  90. Is Carl Jr.s good? only 2 in Dallas.

  91. good but In-N-Out is much better IMO

  92. if Food Hottie doesn’t work, we’ll try McFlurry tomorrow!

  93. ok….so it means it is very bad….LOL

  94. haha.. it’s good in mouth but … it makes me felt more weighed down by the fat/calories for the rest of the day

  95. I like it. Better than McDonalds or Wendy’s or Burger King or Jack in the Box.

  96. that’s why I like it – substance. Lol.

  97. I think I will stick with five guys….LOL

  98. haha.. “substance”, I’m gonna use it
    Have you tried In-N-Out?

  99. McHale definitely is the worse coach for Lin than Byron.

    It’s like asking which boss is better:
    – a consistent hater in McHale who’s always out to get Lin or
    – a new inconsistent coach who doesn’t know JLin yet and his only goal is to appease the superstar employee in Kobe?

    At least with Byron, Lin can get on his good side if Lin supports Byron’s goal to appease Kobe.
    With McHale, there’s nothing Lin can do to look good.

  100. Does the name describe the meat procedure or…? because the image that pops into my head when I see that name is not appetizing.

  101. But Byron is consistent with Lin’s minutes. He knows he’ll got 30 minutes a game in regulation time unless it is a blowout. Byron’s comments about Lin needing to develop more PG instincts were not wrong and he is not bashing Lin to prop up another player like McHale did. My problem is Lin was playing better and why come out and say anything then. His game against Minnesota was fine except the last few minutes and I think Byron should be telling Lin to be the scoring/passing threat he is and continue to help him with some point guard duties. The emphasis on Kobe facilitating, although Kobe does this sometimes, is bothering me, not that he said Lin needs to develop more as a PG. I agree with that.

  102. Good points.

    Looking at the positive side, perhaps Scott’s inconsistent treatment of Lin will change once he gets to know Lin’s game better.

  103. I would never wish any harm on anybody. But you know Kobe is 36, going on 37. And after he ruptured his achiles tendon, he went through the lengthy process of rehab and physical therapy and after all that he came back but before you knew it he broke a bone in his knee and was out again. You know Kobe has just been pushing himself way too hard lately playing all those crazy minutes and over-exerting himself trying to play like a point guard. I would never wish no harm on nobody but you never know what might happen. I mean, Kobe might just be walking down the street and a Mack truck could run him over. Or he could just be taking a relaxing swim at the beach and a 500 teraWatt bolt of lightning might stike him. Or he might be crossing some railroad tracks and a freight train could just plow into is his Hummer. Or he might just be enjoing a meal at his favorite Japanese restaurant and a particularly large piece of Kobe beef might get stuck in his throat. You never know. I think Kobe has just been digging this huge hole that he just might fall into. It makes me sick to think about it but I just cant stop worrying myself to death about all these terrible possibilities.

  104. Spain?

  105. supposedly it’s just a perfect name for a fast-food burger joint

    But fascinatingly, there’s speculation it is derived from a variation of John 10:9 verse since the founders were devout Christians

    If it’s true, I need look up verses to create great business names :>

  106. The possibility of Kobe reinjuring himself is always there if he keeps playing too many minutes.
    When he ruptured the Achilles Heel under MDA, he played a string of 5-6 games with 42-47 min before it happened.
    I don’t think we have to worry about it because I think Kobe and Byron know about it but just can’t help stopping it.

    But the recent MDA quote about Kobe’s nearsightedness to achieve his short-term goal can help us to understand what makes Kobe tick.

    Best – his ability to do the volume of work that he does, if it’s humanly possible to do he will do it, mindset and determination and work ethic. Will always try to be the best to ever play the game. That’s also the tough part of coaching him, he has a determination and near-sightedness. Sees one goal and will go over you, under you, whatever, to get to where he wants to go.

    So the same great determination that Kobe has can be his ‘Achilles heel’ (pun intended)
    He’s so competitive that short-term wins are much more important for him even if he might hurt himself in the long-term.

    Neither Byron or Kobe himself can stop Kobe. For good or bad.

  107. yes, there’s a little hope with Byron if Lin finds the mutual goals :]

  108. Would you like to lose a leg or be paralyzed for life? Neither situation is ideal , just one is worse. whatever Kobe wants, Kobe gets. Lin is just a tool really. They dont’ go out of their way to marginalize Lin, he just happens to be marginalized when they try to please Kobe.Its unfortunate but he is a just a casualty. IMO, BS will never view Lin has a playmaker, especially with Kobe on the court and time isn’t going to change that

  109. I agree that noCoach is worse than the other one. I think the difference is that LA is better than htown, but the noCoaches are the opposite.
    Lin was able to adjust w/mc-noD because he figured out that mc wasn’t a fan early on, but how does he adjust when noCoach-crimeFighter continuously shows 2 different sides. One is telling Lin to be aggressive…not that aggressive, shoot…not as a ballhog, distribute…not to anyone but crime fighter, crime fighter needs help…get out of his way…
    Ya, how to adjust/change when you’re fracked if you do & fracked if you don’t. noCoach-crimeFighter changes the narrative dependent on how Lin plays per game. mc-noD was consistent in his belief that Lin is nothing, while noCoach-crimeFighter is two faced like a politician…just enough positive for people to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  110. Is that really molded from his hand? Wow….

  111. yes, they don’t intentionally go out to marginalize Lin like there were motives in HOU to suppress Linsanity to make M&M look bad

    From his recent comments, I think Byron knows Lin can be a playmaker but still has to learn about PG responsibility in Q4, which is fair enough for his development. He also said Lin is quite young at 26

    And Byron certainly thinks Kobe is the better playmaker than Lin, which I think it’s wrong.
    But it’s giving 2 wins in the short-term so they’re sticking to it even if it endangers Kobe’s health.

    We all know what can happen when people with fire, ya know?

  112. I just do not see how Kobe is a better “PG” in any sense. Except he got longer arms so easier to pass the ball

  113. https://twitter.com/RealGM/status/540189923283070977

    Ugh….any one wants lin to re-sign with the lakers?

  114. Did you see the LG post that TTNN posted in the Game Thread?

    It’s quite interesting that Kobe being playmaker only works because Lin is a better 3PT threat 😀

    It’s worth posting again because it showed the latest trend of what’s happening.

  115. Don worry about it. Let see how he sustain his current k 1st

  116. no, thank you 🙂

    So LAL tanking plan is a 4-year plan then LOL

  117. I was going to say that too…LOL

  118. I am just going to lower my expectation on Lin until Kobe sits. Tonight Lakers are playing the Wizard, ranked second standing in the Eastern Conference with 11/5. Would Lakers win If Kobe had his 10 TO’s playing vs this team? I think not. JLin is doing the best he can under the circumstances. Good luck tonight and continue on your efficient games, Lin.

  119. Linsanity!!!!

  120. I didn’t expect such a sober response to my attempt at a humorous post. I got to hand it to you psalm. You. You. You’re good you. You’ve got a gift my friend. Yes you do. You.

  121. Brent still wants lin staying in LA, I prefer him back to the east if not Mavs. Lets see what will happen. lol

  122. Good luck w/that LA…4-yrs of being bottom dwellers. If Lin can’t play w/crimeFighter, no one of worth can/will & fans aren’t going to buy into the narrative that it was Lin’s fault, like they did w/Howard.

  123. @TTNN posted a great post from LakersGround highlighting the recent trend of Kobe being a playmaker.

    I found it Linsightful that Kobe being a playmaker only worked in the past 2 games because Lin is a better 3PT threat :]
    So if Kobe’s going to hog the ball, it’s better to make him pass than shoot-and-clank

    It’s not that Kobe is a better PG than Lin but giving Kobe the PG job to pass simply stops him from shooting-and-missing so badly 😀
    I found it a very funny strategy on Byron’s part. Not fun for Lin fans but who knows how long can Kobe keep up burning this energy. They should really make Lin be the PG and decide if Kobe’s open to make shots but ego gets in the way.

    @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus • 9 hours ago
    in LG, I really liked this person’s (fiendishoc) posts. He posted a lot in the thread X’s and O’s discussion. Really high quality thread.

    Following is his view for this game:

    Offensive spacing
    Another trend starting from last game was that they turned Kobe into the primary P&R ballhandler. This gets the better 3pt shooter Lin on the wing, and also, defenses know that they can’t give Kobe the mid range shot so it creates a lot of openings. And Kobe is patient in reading how the defense is playing him and where the help is coming from, having turned into a willing passer. It also reduces the frequency of the sets that I don’t like, like the isolations and floppys (though Ellington killed it this game). I would like to see them mix it up a bit, so he doesn’t have to work so hard on every possession.

    The weakside movement is better now. I saw them run an high post split on one side and swing it to the other side with a screener freeing up a shooter. Before, the guys just stood there, and they wouldn’t even swing it to the weakside.

    Also- did I really see the Lakers running “Motion Strong” in posting up Swaggy?

    Maybe they are reading the boards. Can we have Lin running the “Loop” next game please?

    Wes playing how Wes should play
    There are two things Wes does well, which are one, catch and shoot and two, jump over people. I’ve been harsh on him this year, but he impressed this game. He did most of his damage from the corner this game, and he try to do too much. When he moved the ball he did it without dribbling. When he was open for 3, he launched without hesitating and knocked it down. Four blocks from your SF is icing on the cake. And of course that baseline jam was amazing.


    Running the offense through Price in the 4th
    They had a chance to put the game away early in the 4th and rest the starters for tomorrows back to to back. Unfortunately, with that lineup that they had on the floor, Ronnie really pounded the air out of the rock, didn’t let the O run through Swaggy, and generally let the Pistons get back into it. They could have put in Lin in earlier than Kobe and tried to run some stuff with him and Davis instead. Unfortunately they are on autosub mode with Ronnie at 18.5 min and Lin at 29.5 min.

    Kobe overhelping
    With the bigs zoning up, there’s no need for Kobe to go help off the corner 3pt shooter on drives in the paint. He did anyway several times and the Lakers paid for it. Maybe it was only 2-3 possessions but it was at least 6 points we didn’t need to give up. The turnovers you can live with because he was playing through fatigue, but overhelping takes effort and is the wrong thing to do.

  124. No No No… smh! I knew it he will not retired after 2016. No one will come …

  125. No…I am not really in the camp of wanting him stay in LAL. I think it is irrlevent where he stays. I said in the last thread that Lin’s situation will happen repeatedly no matter which team he goes. It is about him being treated like a role player. He will always have to compliment “a guy” on any team. So…leaving or not matters really little. It is what it is…

    he just need to wait for the next “opportunity” for him to gain that “star” status. That chance may or may not come. It does not matter because it is out of Lin’s control. What Lin CAN do is to improve, and that can be done with any team anyway. Staying gives you continuity…which is a plus in terms of improving. that’s all.

  126. hear, hear!

  127. As usual, misleading headline to get readers. Kobe says nothing about he wants to play beyond his current contract either.

  128. Oh BTW….in terms of o and x’s…Scott still is much better than McHale……It is really just depending on how kobe wanna do it

  129. LOL …yeah, that’s what my friends call me a lot.. Sober :]

    Your humorous post has a lot of foreboding truth.. so well done, my friend!
    I like the “500 teraWatt bolt of lightning” reference haha..

  130. I am no fan of McHale but let the record speaks for itself, McHale is a much better coach than BS.

  131. Better in terms of record I think. Not sure about if McHale is really better or not

  132. I partly disagree. I think there is a coach that believes that Lin is a top notch pg…not many maybe, but it only takes 1( like D’Antoni ).
    Yes, Lin will work to improve/thrive on any team because that’s his nature, but it’s a matter of getting on a team that will allow him to be part of the team w/o trying to down grade him unfairly due to a ‘star’ team-mate. Lin has learned a lot w/the misery in htown & now in LA, which will influence his decisions in fa. He will have control then as to what environment he wants to play in, because there will be other teams that want him. jmo

  133. You sounded you are annoyed? Apology if I misunderstood you.

  134. Not really….I am just giving my observations….I feel Lin is doing great and I am pretty happy with it

  135. Lets agree to disagree

  136. Yup. Nice analogy to BS as a two-faced politician. Promises one thing, delivers nothing.

  137. sure 😛

  138. yes, Byron is like an animal trainer who rides on Black Mamba train to go to work.
    He never knows what the Wild Mamba will do in his daily commute but at least he gets to go to work

    So his latest trick is to keep the Mamba busy passing the ball so it won’t missing biting the criminals on the way to work

  139. Despite he doesn’t like Lin too much but he really wanted Lin to be aggressive with PnR and attacking the basket (Lin was the 2nd best behind LBJ last season). Base on recent games, Lin mostly only played D because Kobe was 10x worse than Harden when it comes to iso.

  140. Not by much but coaching wise…I agree he’s better by a margin.

  141. Will, just like Lin’s video “the last pick”….I agree it is unfair. I just wanna point out that he is currently that Last pick of most teams. It takes more than just the coach to change it. Has to be from top to bottom. For example, if Lin goes to Dallas or San Antonio……sure I believe it will be better. But those team culture are rare in NBA. Other teams are playing team balls too….the point here is Lin is unlikely to be signed as “the guy”

  142. That’s assuming that he’s even making plays. Not much o/x’s needed when it’s a 1 man show that is determined by the 1. Lin is probably directing the other 4 x, around the 1 obviously. The game could probably be played w/o noCoach.

  143. I agree….still it has little to do with coaching ability…jmo

  144. I blame that to Kobe…so…who knows…anyway it does not matter I guess.. in the end…Kobe rules…

  145. So…more like one faced….lol

  146. Is the whole East tanking?

  147. EC is really bad…

  148. 2 of the best teams in MIA and IND just collapsed. The new super team in CAVs is not doing good so far…so…..

  149. Man, Lin will dominate next year if he comes to the East.
    Create some type of order, you know…

  150. I hope so….68 games and a summer remaining! He is a good C&S shooter now. Will get better at pull up shots. With better handle improvement in the summer. He will be great.

  151. So the Lakers are 1-13 against the West with their only win against the “championship contending” Rockets.

  152. True, but I don’t think Lin even cares to be ‘the guy’. Lin has been very unlucky so far in being on teams that are very ego centric, but he hasn’t had the decision to choose so far. e.g. I think Cuban is high on Lin & the team isn’t a star centric team.
    I agree that the cards are stacked against him from every direction in the nba (unfairly), but there are other teams that are similar to Spurs style that ‘might’ see Lin’s high ability to contribute to wins. Nothing is a given w/Lin, but I’ve seen the unexpected happen during Lin’s career. Of course all of this is conjecture at this point, but I’m still hopeful for Lin. Hopefully, we’ll both be there when things turn around.

  153. For next year, I’m a proponent of Lin going to the right system (Spurs vs Mavs) as Cuban said.
    He might not be”the Guy” but he’ll bloom and unleash his potential when he plays in the right system emphasizing team-ball.

    Even if Lin takes less money, I believe he’ll be happier playing team-ball and winning in Spurs and Mavs. Otherwise, he’ll lose his basketball passion to play in teams supporting “Diva-Ball”

    In 2015, I don’t care if Lin (age 27) backs up Parker (age 33) in the line-up at first, but Pop will find a way to play Parker/Lin/Duncan together in the lineup.

    I’m dreaming now …

  154. That is what I am trying to say. It is not about luck. It is the life of a role Asian player in NBA. It is actually a norm. I wish him the best. But I also believe that he knows the situation perfectly…and he will act accordingly/properly. I may sound pessimistic….I am not, really.

  155. outside of Spurs/Mavs, are there other teams who emphasizes team-ball as a system?

  156. Most teams without A level stars are playing team ball more or less I think.

  157. the practical said of being AA in the NBA also played a factor to give benefit for LAL to sign Lin so for this year LAL is better than HOU and PHI.

    So the lessons learned for me is .. we got to make the best lemonade out of lemons/opportunities in front of us

  158. Agree…

  159. that’s probably true. perhaps not as well as Spurs but they have to

  160. It’s just harder to make enough lemonade to go around w/1 lemon. lol

  161. IMO…for POP to want use Lin. Lin has to demonstrate 2 things. Handle, situation reads and PnR reads.

  162. LOL…that’s where chemical addons kick in…..lol

  163. I just think ppl has to realize one thing. Spurs is not the ONLY team playing team ball. BUT they are the BEST team playing it.

  164. that’s 3 things :]

    you don’t think Pop thinks Lin can do all that (handle continues to improve) but reads are Lin’s strength?

  165. true, but if Lin can’t be the PG, I want him to win rings with the best like Spurs/Mavs :] I’m a Tiger parent!

  166. that’s why we don’t want Lin to play Lemon-Ball with those Super-Lemon-Star! lol

  167. I am not sure how Tony Parker will run PnR with Hill. But I think in terms of those….Parker and Manu are better with their bigs. But that is in a team/pair sense. I agree with @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus that Spurs success are largely because of Tim Duncan. And somehow POP can make their bench playing starter level team ball too.

    I think one key for Lin’s improvement is that Lin has to go to a team that does not require him to be a scorer. I guess this is against of what most fans want.

  168. LOL…winning rings takes more than a team. Need some luck too.

  169. I think Mavs or Spurs would be a good fit. I’m really hoping for the Mavs to pick him up this year. Especially for the playoff run to the title. He could push the Mavs over the top IMO.

    None of that wishful thinking matters unless Cuban is as smart as we think or hope he could be.

    Lakers FO playing a dangerous game of chicken with LIN if they think LIN will resign with them JUST because he likes LA. Boozer LIN and Hill are one year rentals so they had better think hard about what that means. No star players will choose to come to LA to get second or third fiddle to Kobe. That’s as clear as day to anyone that remotely watches the game. Only third tier players like Boozer will be desperate enough to come to “Dodge” to chauffeur the Kobe crime mobile.

    HOUSTON built their team on the shoulders of LIN and Asik. They gave the team respectability to draw Howard. Without Lin sacrificing himself for the team, HOUSTON and LA would be nothing.

  170. [email protected] I predict W @Jlin 16/6 link to previous game threads and of course summer league JLin vs John Wall 🙂 http://t.co/a9UqOPsQ62— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) December 3, 2014

  171. 16/6 will be gr8!! Linsanity will be even better!!!

  172. Agreed

  173. Now I know why Kobe wants to take over PG job before road trip games bc they are against EC teams & it’s more likely they will win so he can say my way it’s winning receipt for the team.

  174. I agree….but I guess in terms of FA signing…it is just much more trickier than just thinking about bball reasons…

  175. Let’s hope this PG Kobe continues for a while so that LIN can get used to it and start playing like a SG. That would be great for LIN wins IMO.

  176. W Kobe in charge the PG… I don’t think Lin will have high stats for today. Hope I am wrong.

  177. Jlin’s history against jwall is impressive so if given the reins he could lead team to win… we shall see… Will an exhausted Kobe refuse to acknowledge his tired legs and sit? Will BS limit Kobe to efficient mins or let him run himself into the ground? Inquiring minds want to know…

  178. I only worry what refs will do…lol

  179. Hope for the best and expect the worst = Linsanity /insanity.

  180. have to be optimistic!!

  181. Lin could get on one of those other teams & help them be the BEST. That could be Linsanity2. Make it happen god of karma.

  182. Expect 1/14 tonight from Kobe and starters sitting by end of third.

  183. http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/4490/thread I did an analysis on this on who should be passing to who… Jlin has had a much better Fg% and 3Fg% for the entire season… yes kobe should pass to jlin and let him shoot… should kobe handle the ball like a PG NOPE.

  184. We all hope so!!!

  185. Not likely to happen. Lin is always the last one Kobe likes to pass.

  186. To tell the truth, I really think that game Harden sort of help Lin (not Lakers…) I don’t like Harden but I really think he did help bc when did you see Harden only took 1 or 2 shots before half time? He only got 2 points for that game before 2nd half. Lakers really thought they can beat Rox?! Day dreaming!!!

  187. I agree, I think this is the order Kobe passes the ball:

    1) Bigs (Hill and Boozer)
    2) Swag P
    3) Wes
    4) ISO
    5) Lin

  188. Exactly… Like last night, Kobe did poor so he passed Lin even less bc Lin had to look as bad as him in score box. smh!

  189. You forgot whenever Lin got hot, he was benched by McHale?

  190. I still have high expectations for JLin and see him growing into an All-Star caliber starting point guard at some point.

    I’m not sure what team he’ll be on next year, but I think it’s very important for him to be a starter, to cement his reputation as a starter in this league, not as a back-up.

    It’s way too early to speculate, but, I’ll speculate anyway, lol – I think two teams that I’d love to see Lin play for in 2015 are the Knicks or Dallas. In both cases, he’d probably come in as the starting point guard. With Dallas, that would be a near certainty, with the Knicks, he’d probably have to contend for the position with Calderon, unless the Knicks are able to trade him.

    The Knicks need a more offensive-minded point guard than Calderon, because clearly Melo is not enough. They also need a real play-maker who can create shots for others.

    Dallas would be a great fit because of Carlyle, who seems to really like and respect JLin’s game.

  191. One thing I noticed is Koby’s change to PG followed Jeremy’s game of a double double and the highest assist number for a Laker this year, as well as, Worthy praise. Now Koby owns that assist stat. Could it be that Koby can not stand anyone to shine on his team and is so insecure of his own identity that he goes to lengths to keep the spot light on himself? Kolby has no peace! He has a giant ego to fuel and the media feeds it! Tonight the inability of the Lakers to play as a team will show, lack of ball movement and help defense. Lin has been in this situation before and only his faith in God keeps him a float. He has his eye on the correct prize and knows this to shall pass!

  192. I didn’t say McHale was DAntoni but he still started lin one full season. I am not so sure about BS. BTW, you need to go back and check game vs the Wolves last week, Lin was basically benched even with double double.

  193. Growing up in the late sixties as a teen and hanging out with yippies and draft dodgers in coffee shops during Vietnam gave me a deep sense of foreboding about our future. It didn’t help that the Cuban missile crisis scared the living daylights out of us. It’s only now that we can open the hidden files to see how close we were to global thermal nuclear Armageddon. Many of my generation tuned out or abandoned our youthful hopes for a better world. So no matter how bad LIN’s situation is now, it can’t be as bad as things back then.

    A few song writers really touched us. One of them was Jim Croce. So LIN fans, if you don’t know these 2 songs Google it and hope it gives you a lift.

    Jim Croce. “I Got A name”.

    Like a fool I am and I’ll always be
    I got a name
    I got a name
    They change their minds but they can’t change me
    I got a dream
    I got a dream
    I know I can share it if you want me to
    If you’re going my way
    I’ll go with you
    Moving down the highway
    Rolling down the highway
    Moving ahead so life won’t pass me by.

    “Don’t mess with Jim” (JLin)

    You don’t tug on Superman’s Cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
    And you don’t mess around with Jim. (JLin)

  194. Kobe to Lin: “Anything you can do I can do better!”

  195. Whatcha talkin bout CJSHYY? You sayin Harden let the Lakers win because…

  196. That’s how I feel… Bc Why Harden just kept passing in 1st half?! I don’t believe Johnson really held him well.. Just IMO.

  197. …because of Lin? Hmm. Interesting theory. You have much more faith in the generosity of others than most people do.

  198. The music of the 60s and 70s was just amazing, and this gen of kids are listening to Taylor Swift. If as Joyce W and others here say that words define your thoughts, what about the music in our heads?

    I put up Credence Clearwater Revival, Looking out my Back Door:

  199. I don’t like Harden but after Lin got traded… He seemed to be more nice to Lin … Anyway, Lin didn’t do well in that game so Lakers all credit to Young’s return… But I really don’t think so…

  200. Amazing! isn’t it….how that guy has plenty of garden-variety conventional confidence, but a black hole of insecurity in his spirit. He can collect records until he falls over, but they won’t fill that up. He’ll be admirably diligent in keeping his body going, but he won’t do the harder, bigger work on his consciousness.

  201. Every single good parent alive knows the feeling of passing any ball to their child and the delight for them and us in seeing them flourish and master that ball.

    For that keeps us all alive forever in the way nature and god intended.

    “Sonny boy, G(g)od in his infinite wisdom made life finite.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Can you imagine if every choice we make sets us up for a chance at an eternity of regrets, how hard it would be to live freely?”

    Hence, passing it on is part of avoiding that hell and living well.

    I wonder if Kobe is a good parent?

  202. just posted a comment here that’s waiting for approval…have read it over several times and can’t find a reason…can a mod enlighten me? What rule did I unknowingly bend? (BTW, big fan of moderation…)

  203. Lin is definitely a better team player than kobe.

  204. Eyes on the prize, many have said it and it does recall Martin Luther King.


    Kobe doesn’t seem to be at that stage. His prizes appear meaningless, IMHO.

  205. The idea that making Kobe the PG is a strategy for somewhat curbing his iso/bricking sounds kind of creative, but I’ve lost confidence in BS’s coaching skills so I don’t know if he has come up with an actual PLAN. Anybody think it’s a strategy for corralling Kobe into some teamwork? It’s not something we Lin fans want, but it could help the team…maybe.

    It does seem a change that came suspiciously on the heels of Jeremy’s double-double success.

  206. I rememeber BS said something about moving Lin to SG position last week, so kobe played as a PG was probably decided before Lin’s DD game

  207. From last night, I should add 4.5) the other team.

  208. But why after the noteworthy praise by Worthy that Lin is an affective facilitator? BS says a lot of things…but who really runs the team?

  209. I think Lin does most things better than old, geriatric Kobe (not to be confused with the Kobe of old). It’s just that Kobe is acting like he needs to put Jeremy in his place.

  210. Record is based in team by a lot. The 10 seconds here and there that a coach cannot control. Since Kobe is in control as he says and we see, then by your framework, Harden is better than Kobe. Maybe who knows.

  211. Yep, 10x to opponents, 1x to LIN.

  212. Except for that final play where they inbounded to Kobe for a long 3. 1. he only talks to kobe so anyone guarding kobe would have seen that. 2. you noted kobe wasn’t making those. 3. they were only down by 1.

  213. nothing wrong, I just approved it along with 4 others in pending.
    sometimes Disqus has their own rules (i.e.multiple posts in 10-15 seconds, multiple edit/save) to put posts in moderation.

    mods got our posts in pending many times too :>
    Just something we have to deal with Disqus system

  214. Maybe this came from the Sat meeting with Mitch on the practice floor?

  215. Well, if he did hint at moving Jeremy to SG, maybe this is some experiment to deal with Kobe. Since it’s clear now there is no chance whatsoever of controlling him, then give him PG to both satisfy his ego AND push him towards more assists and less iso/bricking. Pushing Jeremy over to SC isn’t what they originally intended, but Kobe has been a huge impediment to Jeremy running the floor so at least make use of his scoring ability. Trying to make Lemonade…possibility?

  216. Making Kobe happy is #1 priority for Byron since he’s hired to do so.
    Kobe is happy when he’s heavily involved and wins.

    I think Byron is trying different things to make it work.
    The latest thing to make Kobe the playmaker seemed to work because Kobe looks to pass more and not take bad shots. So I think Byron will stick with this ‘seemingly’ winning formula to appease Kobe.

    IMO it’s a short-term fix since Kobe’s body can hold up being a playmaker and those 5-10 TOs will not work against good teams. We just have to see what happens next

  217. Kobe will have tired legs, shooting is going to be off. He will want to continue with the facilitator role and play PG. I just hope when JLin gets the ball he shoots it rather than keep passing it.

  218. Mchale wasted the talents of Kyle Lowrey, Dragic and LIN. He had a championship team last year but could not make use of the talents he had. The record he has is only because of the talent he had.

  219. I think they are winning now bc it’s against EC teams… If they really want Lin to be SG then why only let him took 5 shots last night?! Really so disappointed by Kobe… Like a note I read from Asia fan said… after one month, Kobe finally shows what he is…

  220. The numbers seemed to show that Kobe shot less being a playmaker.
    And that seemed to reduce # of bad shots in Q4 because Kobe is focused in passing.

    Lin’s double-double might be in conflict with Kobe’s desire to have the ball in his hands in Q4. We’ll have to continue to watch the dynamics of Kobe playmaking

  221. BS never said anything about Lin moving to SG.

  222. Correct…SG stands for “Shooting Guard”. If you don’t pass to the SG..duhhh..he can’t SHOOT!! So seriously are they moving Lin to SG or moving him out of being the PG?

  223. wait, Lin going to Knicks scenario would include Melo in NY? :>
    I’m not sure Lin would agree to sign up for that again

    Dallas would be certainly good to replace Jameer Nelson. Plus Rick Carlisle is 10X better coach than Fisher for sure

  224. Here is the note…

    2014-12-01 主场”抓”龙 Kobe-Lin 蜜月期正式结束

    在高度媒体的镁光灯下, 难为Kobe “尽力”演了整整一个月”老”好人的角色。今天正好满月, 蜜月期宣告结束!
    回复常态之后, 控球权就是永远在Kobe手上, 出手权当然也是; 不用掩饰洗白或虚情假意。
    一. 因为在Kobe失控的掌控欲之下, 又刻意怎麼做”分享球权”;
    1. 正直的Jeremy继续打他”正确的团队篮球之道”, 抵死不从当”Fisher (老鱼)”;
    2. ESPN继续将Kobe的假面, 摊在公开评论中; 我们所看到Kobe自由上下场, 骂人, 追逐个人数据等等…, 都不是错觉, 他”很忍耐”的配合”球权分享”的戏码;
    3. 我还是要提到大师兄急流退场, 且除了一封公开信, 诡谲的沈默。
    二. 随著蜜月期的上限, 事实证明, 一切将回归真实的面貌;
    1. Kobe认真训练是为Jeremy所佩服, 但核心价值观的差异, 注定他无法将Jeremy及Linsanity的利益, 归到他的势力范围, (说不定他想说服Jeremy, 换球场事业和代言事业经纪人失败);
    2. Kobe经不起ESPN的刺激, 乾脆把一切伪装拿掉, 既然得不到好名声, 摆明往数据留记录奔去, 大大出口气打ESPN的脸, (至於更邪恶的, 根本是Kobe和ESPN唱双簧? );
    3. Nash不愿同流合污, 不愿落井下石帮手, 把Jeremy打至替补席, 他的合约又不易交易; Price又不够出色逆袭;
    三. 耐性有限的Kobe, 一不作二不休, 乾脆自己来; 控球权,出手权一把抓; 这将是这赛季Lakers球赛的样式。
    直到上帝用年岁和体况, 让Kobe亲自面对他。(Rose 16:38pm)
    再说说Jeremy, 上帝给了他三年合同。
    一. 如果以他从小到Harvard带队的技能, 你不难发现, 许多NBA顶尖留名的招牌动作, 他都有但是, 不是经过NBA场上对手焠鍊过;
    二. 加上Linsanity之后, 所有针对性都不是场上因素, 要不是代表联盟立场的黑哨, 就是背后利益集团的压制;
    三. 感觉为了在NBA生存下来, Jeremy配合调整每一个不同居心的压制, 而拿出原来会的磨练, 而不是掌权所要的, 就只能暂时不用, (不必去管黑子所说的, 因为懂球的会说那是他本事不够, 不懂球的就拿数据说);
    从Rockets以来, 几乎各种状况, 都面对到要求了; 我想Lakers的最后这一年, 就真的把无球3分 (指角色调整快速) 和健康体能调整好(48分钟难不倒)。他就真的”全方位”的”全明星”了。(这不是我第一次说了)
    未来上帝如果使他日子舒服过, 去Spurs, 控球.得分手, 他会玩的不亦乐乎;
    辛苦一些当建队第一核心, 那就要体力够使得上, 长时间上场不受影响的得分力或突破力。
    我非常期待, 自由之身以后, 重新出发伸展手脚的Jeremy! 不知道会不会有比Linsanity更炫目的造字出现呢?!?!
    —– 全文毕
    Rose 17:13pm

  225. I have read this in my youth. What I love about it is that there is an upwelling that cannot be contained … that for me is an essence of the human spirit, the desire to ascend like helium. It is unstoppable, and we can all guide that to where we are meant to go …

  226. Kobe wants Lin to be Fisher #2. Took 3P shots will do. No wonder coach Miller said Lin’s stats will like around 10… smh!

  227. Harden had trouble shooting well before that LAL game. I think he wanted to facilitate more in 1st half but failed, also due to foul trouble.

    He and Bev definitely tried to trap Lin hard resulting in 2 Harden fouls.
    Their goal is to take Lin out of the game and take the win. But it backfired on them

  228. I think you’d agree that human nature often disappoints so I’m not really surprised. I am amazed that NBA superstars are able to abuse their power to this extent though. I don’t think I ever heard a good explanation for why the coach who presided over Linsanity was fired. I mean why would the coach who brought the most exciting Knicks season in decades lose his job in the middle of the season? I know that it was because of Melo, but he got away with that without even being openly blamed.

  229. Commend on Price exactly what I thought. Should have brought JLin earlier to shore up the bench before ending up having to put all the starters in. That would have saved them for today’s game.

  230. but they won?

  231. Lin wants to be a PG so even in HOU they asked him to be SG, he still tried to AS… That’s why I think unless they started to loss again (maybe that will not help either…?) then Lin can do well… ?! The best it’s w/o Kobe…

  232. “He can’t handle the truth…”

  233. Did Swaggy P always have that part on the side like JLin? Or is that something new? First time I’ve noticed it.

    Los Angeles LakersVerified account‏@Lakers
    ICYMI: @NickSwagyPYoung has designs on @LakersReporter’s job.
    WATCH: http://on.nba.com/1ygcV3I


  234. I will be happy in either team.

  235. Beautifully said.

  236. Byron definitely liked to stick with his auto-sub pattern.
    I wish Lin can get in early with bench when Price clearly didn’t deserve the time. Lin can get more rhtyhm as a playmaker to put the game away

  237. MSG / Dolan sound like a low class, gangster organization

    Chris Davidson‏@Chris__Davidson
    @robinlundberg hey here is a recap from a fan near the Nets fan w/ the prosthetic leg.Yup looks like msg got it wrong http://www.netsdaily.com/2014/12/2/7325183/nets-fan-gamblero-brooklyn-neon-leg-ejected-madison-square-garden


    Nets “super-fan” Jeffrey Gamblero forcefully ejected from Nets game at Madison Square Garden

    UPDATE: A fan named Max was sitting behind Gamblero. Here’s his first-hand account of the situation (all typos/errors are [sic]):

    (Gamblero) was being his usual self, absolutely no cursing, no negative cheering, just dancing and loud cheering for the Nets. Never attacked a Knicks fan, never got out of hand.

    After halftime a guard came up and told him to “cool down and just be a fan.” Obviously didn’t know who he was. He said what did I do wrong? Should I be quiet? They said no, just cool it down. He started loudly cheering FOR the Knicks doing “go New York go New York go,” etc. The guards came back and told him to stop. He said why? Is this a library?

    Then the main guard on the floor gave the signal to kick him out. He would not leave. A guard then touched his leg and he said “ouch you’re hurting me I have a prosthetic leg.” He then took off the leg, which is when things escalated.

    More and more guards surrounded him as he watched the game with his leg resting on his shoulder. They tried to get him to put his leg on, threatened to arrest him if he wouldn’t, but he wasn’t moving. He started saying “why are you doing this I just love basketball so much,” he was clearly overwhelmed. After about ten minutes, four guards grabbed him and carried him out as he screamed in pain. I am a lifelong Nets fan but regardless, this was one of the cruelest and most upsetting things I have ever seen.

  238. I think what is interesting is to hear comments from twc the day after a game. I suspect comments made then might have some influence from lakers fo. Maybe just speculating so if anyone watches pregame today, please share anything of note. I would but these away games in the east conflict with work unfortunately.

  239. Get a few nuke missile aiming at Kobe may not be a bad idea….LOL

  240. Kobe’s already NUKING HIMSELF.

    His selfishness is eating up his game.

  241. LOL….haha ok….you are right

  242. Lin did A LOT of things better than the young Kobe too.

  243. Obviously, that includes TOVs….not bad…Kobe

  244. As PG, how will Kobe match up with John Wall? What Assist/TO ratio is to be expected (>1 or <1?), against a player of Wall's caliber.

  245. They flip flop their comments so much….

  246. AST/TOV is old……a W will do…I guess LOL

  247. Any point guard who puts up 10 turnovers against a weak team like Detroit is a SCRUB until proven otherwise.

    Such a point guard who’s not even playing at a replacement level could not possibly compare to the East’s top point guard in John Wall.

  248. Nailed it!

  249. Fisher got a lot more shots than Lin does.

    Kobe doesn’t want Lin shooting AT ALL.

  250. That includes turning the ball over, getting scorched defensively, breaking plays, bricking in crunchtime, and whining about how he’s a high maintenance mama!

  251. Of course, Kobe’s 10 turnovers are ignored by the worshiping media while the Asian guy is STILL taking flak over his turnovers from that Miami game in 2012!!!

  252. So I think Kobe really wants Lin out of Lakers then…smh! I guess Kobe will not leave even after 2016 so Lin maybe better not to stay in Lakers.

  253. In the game I saw, the Spurs looked TERRIBLE without Duncan on the floor.

    Parker could not score unless Duncan set him up.

  254. He did not have 10 TOVs in that game tho. However……Asian discount is always there. LOL

  255. Not sure he want Lin out or not. But I think Lin is perfect for his business and as a scapegoat..

  256. I don’t think so.

    The Rockets simply had a better team than the Lakers do.

    McHale coached in MN and was every bit as terrible as Scott is right now.

    Scott plays Lin, but that’s only because management has ordered it.

    McHale and Scott are equally bad coaches.

  257. Lin better play PG, so Kobe doesn’t get 5 Assist/10 turnovers

  258. Asian discount. .. lol

  259. Highest TOV he had all of last year was 8 against PHI on 11/13/13. But then he scored 34 points and hit 9 3-pointers. JLin has never turned the ball over 10 times in his NBA career.

  260. NAH, let Kobe Bryant play all the PG he wants!

    Let him BRICK AND TURNOVER to his wittle heart’s content.

    If Kobe is insistent on committing basketball suicide with his selfishness, why should anybody stop him?

    This season’s already over for the Lakers, and Lin will likely be gone in a few months anyway.

  261. Kobe wants Lin OUT.

    I remember writing on the other forum that if Kobe wasn’t fighting with Lin, that means that Lin wasn’t playing good enough!

    Kobe is seething that Lin keeps outplaying him, and the angrier Bryant gets the worse he plays.

  262. Haha once he was marginalized. he never got the chance to do so either. LOL

  263. you said it first and I think you could be right, that Lin will get recruited and sign with an eye toward a balanced team. 3 strikes and it’s one batter out. Lucky there is an innings and game to be had.

  264. Game day!!!! so not looking forward to it!!!! JK

  265. I wonder when will we start to see the narrative of “LAL need a real PG”

  266. Time for a quick update on the current league leaders in field goal misses:

    Four of the top five are either Lin’s former or present teammate. There is simply no escaping from brick masters for Lin.

  267. Great that Lin did not learn to brick like them..

  268. That would qualify under “Things that Kobe’s Back Would Say!” :]


  269. That’s … amazing!
    So next year Lin plays with LMA?

  270. The way Kobe to Lin now I don’t believe he can get any business in Asia. smh!

    That’s how I see Kobe & Scott… He let Scott to be the bad guy to spread his idea & instruction then wait until going to against more EC teams to take over the PG job to prove his way it’s winning way for Lakers.

  271. True.

  272. Detroit is dead last in team TS% at .491. Yes, they are even worse than the Sixers (.493 LOL).

    The last time a team finished with TS% less than .500 was the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats at .483. Their record for that season was 7-59, good for a .106 winning percentage!

  273. That’s just crazy! And hilarious!

  274. LOL That’s good assumption! We have long known why JLin struggled at times because of these ” brick superstars.” Frustrations to see to this happens repeatedly but am amazed how JLin is able to overcome all these handicaps.

  275. After game today????!!!!!!!! Soon enough for u???!!!! LOL With JLin, this kind of narrative continues in sick NBA.

  276. So just how bad are the Pistons and Sixers offensively?
    Pistons are currently dead last in team TS% at .491 followed closely by Sixers at .493.
    Kobe currently has TS% of .492 so the Pistons and Sixers can be thought of as having
    a team of Kobes taking turns at bricking away lol.

  277. Maybe in this month….they still need few more KOBE as PG games to solidify this narrative.

  278. I’m sure one day JLin will win the MPP (Most Persevering Player) Award for playing with the most ballhogs :]

    All other PGs will lay out the red carpet for him LOL

  279. LOL…you’re goooooood….

  280. If that is a thing…LOL

  281. I won’t surprise this will come out either now as we speak. The slow train is now becoming bullet train in the last few days. My only comfort in all these is waiting to see when Kobe body is breaking down. If he somehow miraculously lasts even after he obtains MJ’s record, then we see bye bye JLin to be a starter for good and sit on the bench even behind Clarkson. Having said that, believe thing won’t get that far before something happens.

    With JLin, impossible things always happen to intercept the “evil-intent” on him when things get too far. So look out Kobe/BS. If they continue to behave like this, something will happen soon.

  282. LOL Pigs will fly before this happens. This is how cynical I’ve become since I root for JLin:-)

  283. Kobe looks exhausted. They probably needed to wheel him out.

  284. JLin thought bubble: “Just what if…what if I knock those two bald heads in front of me together? What happens then?”

    Stop overthinking it and just do it Jeremy! Be more aggressive!

  285. As I’ve been thinking about all this talk trashing Lin as a starter (by his own coach, no less), I realize that only a portion of Lin fans think he’s established himself as a starter in the NBA. The reality is, he hasn’t. Not because he’s not that good a player but because of something that should have nothing to do with basketball, and yet it does; i.e., Lin being Asian, and all the biases, conscious and unconscious, that goes with being Asian American in the field of professional sports.

    Because of Lin’s Asian-ness, he hasn’t proven to most of the NBA community that he’s a starter, in spite of all that he has already accomplished.

    Lin has had to deal with the same crap at every level of basketball he’s played. He constantly has had to prove and re-prove himself as a basketball player to GM’s, coaches, teammates, other players, fans and even a segment of Lin fans, you know, those who constantly bash and nitpick Lin’s game.

    To those people, Lin has yet to prove himself an NBA starter; and the fact that he’s starting for the Lakers has to do with timing and injuries, not because Lin is deserving of that spot. He still has to fight to convince people that he deserves to start over freakin’ Ronnie Price!

    It’s the same old story that keeps getting repeated time and again for Lin.

    Saying all that, it’s not all doom and gloom for Lin.

    Lin HAS in fact proven himself at each level to a certain extent. After 4 years in the NBA, at least commentators begrudgingly acknowledge he’s a “fantastic back-up.”

    He’s now at the stage now where it’s about proving to others that he’s a legitimate NBA starter, and of course, he has to fight against those non-basketball reasons that probably will never fully go away.

    But, despite the ups and downs the past few seasons, I think he’ll get there and establish himself as an All-Star caliber point guard. It may just take longer than we Lin fans would like.

  286. As I’ve been thinking about all this talk trashing Lin as a starter (by his own coach, no less), I realize that only a portion of Lin fans think he’s established himself as a starter in the NBA. The reality is, he hasn’t. Not because he’s not that good a player but because of something that should have nothing to do with basketball, and yet it does; i.e., Lin being Asian, and all the biases, conscious and unconscious, that goes with being Asian American in the field of professional sports.

    Because of Lin’s Asian-ness, he hasn’t proven to most of the NBA community that he’s a starter, in spite of all that he has already accomplished.

    Lin has had to deal with the same crap at every level of basketball he’s played. He constantly has had to prove and re-prove himself as a basketball player to GM’s, coaches, teammates, other players, fans and even a segment of Lin fans, you know, those who constantly criticize Lin’s game.

    To those people, Lin has yet to prove himself an NBA starter; and the fact that he’s starting for the Lakers has to do with timing and injuries, not because Lin is deserving of that spot. He still has to fight to convince people that he deserves to start over Ronnie Price!

    It’s the same old story that keeps getting repeated time and again for Lin.

    Saying all that, it’s not all doom and gloom for Lin.

    Lin HAS in fact proven himself at each level to a certain extent. After 4 years in the NBA, at least commentators begrudgingly acknowledge he’s a “fantastic back-up.”

    He’s now at the stage now where it’s about proving to others that he’s a legitimate NBA starter, and of course, he has to fight against those non-basketball reasons that probably will never fully go away.

    But, despite the ups and downs the past few seasons, I think he’ll get there and establish himself as an All-Star caliber point guard. It may just take longer than we Lin fans would like.

  287. Mods – I’ve tried to post a post that keeps getting “held up.” Honestly, I don’t have a clue as to why. Please let me know so that I can avoid writing whatever it is I need to avoid writing in order to not get my post censored.

  288. Never feel so good that I won’t be able to watch this game:-) Will see the result of where Kobe/BS is heading to when I return. Interesting to see the development of Kobe/BS “clown” performance on JLin. In the mean time, am patiently waiting to see how things will end up with those two.

  289. As I’ve been thinking about all this talk trashing Lin as a starter (by his own coach, no less), I realize that only a portion of Lin fans think he’s established himself as a starter in the NBA. The reality is, he hasn’t. Not because he’s not that good a player but because of something that should have nothing to do with basketball, and yet it does; i.e., Lin being Asian, and all the biases, conscious and unconscious, that goes with being Asian American in the field of professional sports.

    Because of Lin’s Asian-ness, he hasn’t proven to most of the NBA community that he’s a starter, in spite of all that he has already accomplished.

    Lin has had to deal with the same discrimination at every level of basketball he’s played. He constantly has had to prove and re-prove himself as a basketball player to GM’s, coaches, teammates, other players, fans and even a segment of Lin fans, you know, those who constantly criticize Lin’s game.

    To those people, Lin has yet to prove himself an NBA starter; and the fact that he’s starting for the Lakers has to do with timing and injuries, not because Lin is deserving of that spot. He still has to fight to convince people that he deserves to start over Ronnie Price!

    It’s the same old story that keeps getting repeated time and again for Lin.

    Saying all that, it’s not all doom and gloom for Lin.

    Lin HAS in fact proven himself at each level to a certain extent. After 4 years in the NBA, at least commentators begrudgingly acknowledge he’s a “fantastic back-up.”

    He’s now at the stage now where it’s about proving to others that he’s a legitimate NBA starter, and of course, he has to fight against those non-basketball reasons that probably will never fully go away.

    But, despite the ups and downs the past few seasons, I think he’ll get there and establish himself as an All-Star caliber point guard. It may just take longer than we Lin fans would like.

  290. Yes I’ve read your post and approved it now. Believe @psalm234:disqus has explained why it happened sometimes that we have no control with.

  291. Must be your name…LOL

  292. Ha ha.

    NOT funny. Lol.

  293. thanks!

  294. test

  295. Welcome! Take me a while to find the place where I can do sth about this:-)

  296. That’s why he couldn’t practice or even do shoot-around until almost 2 days later in Detroit.

    It’s pretty crazy trying to ride the Kobe train.
    It makes me wonder about what joyce said about Byron & Mitch letting Kobe do his thing even to the limit of his own destruction then rebuild later.

  297. trashing I am just testing

  298. biases

  299. really? trashing?

  300. So…not trashing…I am just testing if disqus are allergic to some words.

  301. not biases either.

  302. I tried that, in reposting, edited out certain words that might have gotten it flagged. But I haven’t figured it out yet. But, it’s kinda fun trying to figure it out, lol.

  303. LOL .. one of these days, you’ll get in deep trouble testing ‘Disqus restricted words’ on people haha..

  304. I agree…it is what it is. The thing about being a starter is that you need chances too. So…we wait!

  305. That’s initially what I’ve thought when I read the post but…. Glad that you made a test. Probably it’s more to do with the sentence structure of certain word?

  306. Ok…so…how about….. robertlin!!!!! oh well not this either.

  307. maybe Disqus is allergic to “Lin” and “starter” :]

  308. Doom and gloom
    nope not that.

  309. That explains everything. The bias is even programmed into disqus!!


  311. So there are a couple of people on this site that appreciate my sense of humor (and maybe a few more that are afraid of being banned.)

  312. yep. Just got to accept it for now. But, at least in realizing that Lin is still fighting to be viewed as a starter, it puts all the hater talk into perspective, and realize that stupid issues like whether Price should start over Lin has nothing to do with Lin’s abilities, or lack of them.

  313. It never was…never will be about Lin’s abilities.

  314. true. sad, but true.

  315. legit

  316. lin fans

  317. Maybe not completely true. I mean if somehow Lin really find that chance…..still it is about his productions.

  318. Yes, ultimately it’s about production. But he needs a real opportunity to produce. He didn’t get it in Houston, he isn’t getting it in LA so far.

  319. Lin would always have to destroy the stigma of ‘Asian baller’ throughout his whole career.
    Nash had to battle his own stigma of ‘Non-Athletic Baller’ until he won his 2 MVPs

    I think until the day that the numbers, awards (All-Star) support Lin’s upper echelon status as a starting PG, he will still face this ‘starter/backup’ question.

    Then he’ll move on to next questions of “Does his race help him to get the starting PG job/All Star status?”
    Doubters and haters are abound 😀

  320. Well my former comment about Wayne Ellington deliberately knocking heads with someone in Pre-Season just to be put on the injured list and be ineligible to be waived didn’t gain much traction either.
    But I did enjoy your examples of what made you sick. Truly scary stuff.

  321. Yeah, people tend to avoid comments that are liable to be deleted.

  322. Boozer hit 7 missed 3. Pretty good concentration even with those cheerleaders dancing there.


  323. I actually think that a lot of Lin’s troubles are a result of the aftershocks of Linsanity. It was just too huge of a phenomenon not to generate a lot of jealousy. Landing back on the Rox with an owner that wanted him but a FO that wanted to sabotage him was just a bad twist of fate. And just because both teams since Linsanity have sucked that doesn’t mean all teams will treat Lin this way in the future. All it takes is one good team and one good coach that wants Lin to be their PG. This summer, we’ll find out if such a team exists following Lin’s very first experience of UFA.

  324. Just recently went to see John Fogerty of CCR. He gave a great show. So many “my generation” old folks (dare I say “old folgerties”) reliving the 60s and the summer of 69. I never went to Woodstock, but I musician friend of mine did. Good times and bad times. My fav is “Green River”.

  325. You are not wrong…just we won know it this summer. More like the next summer.

  326. They had so many greats. To bad a bad deal with publisher and have dissension stopped the creativity.

  327. Great Trolls think alike.

  328. Man, I was also gonna post that Green River is my favorite CCR song too. The guitar riffs just make you wish you could play electric guitar like that. Not that many people are familiar with the song but whenever I play it for friends they agree that it’s a great song.

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