G19 LAL @ WAS Game Thread+Chat

Will Lin win his matchup vs John Wall again? Will Lin perform more PG responsibilities because Kobe is fatigued?

How many TOVs will Kobe have before Lin is asked to resume his playmaking duties?

Let’s go, JLin!

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Let’s go, JLin!
Let’s see if the new “Lin Hottie” picture will inspire great performance in Washington DC! 

 Tonight’s new hottie is “JLin Spicy Buffalo Burger!”  :mrgreen:




  1. LOL Learned to claim my first before plugging post that I would like to post. Good strategy!!!!!!!!

  2. HelloO?

  3. Someone is ready for the game!

  4. Hi r u there????!!!!!

  5. DId he put Lin and Wall reversed in that tweet?

  6. He is but not me:-) Believe I can still watch the first half if I want to but probably not. Need to finish my late assessment. Submit it before going to my followup appointment with oncologist.

  7. Wait u beat me? Ugh

  8. LOL. I did:-) You still can claim to be the first male:-)

  9. Congrats! Wow I didn’t even see it pop-up

  10. Haha, did I teach you that lesson?

  11. Actually you can say the same about us. Lots of people already here (in this thread) because of this Jeremy Lin guy.

  12. Point guard match-ups and comparison of stats are misleading when one of them isn’t getting to be a PG.

  13. They are kidding right? They said Gortat is poor man’s version of Hill….ppl kept reversing things today…

  14. Worthy is not happy when Horry talks about the 10 TOVs….LOL

  15. glad that 10 TOs being mentioned… but Worthy expected less and more precise assists….

  16. National they have Charles Barkley, local they have R Horry. They are fearless commentators.

  17. Horry is making way more sense than chuck did so far…LOL

  18. Young seems to be a chosen piece to showcase along w/ Kobe… also Hill given his score last night

  19. Horry keeping it real it seems.

  20. do you think Lin has a choice to keep the ball? and not bring the ball up to 24?

  21. More like you agree with Horry more than Barkley

  22. he was “not well” , maybe “ill” last night… thus 10 TOs

  23. all i have to say is that new Wizards logo is hideous. what the hell is that

  24. kobe hesitant to pass it to lin and so botches it when he finally does

  25. Lakers seemed to let Lin to do the playmaking first with a tired Kobe.
    Not shooting well to start 0-4 but got 4 assists.

    Lin’s shots are also short, tired legs maybe?

  26. yea i see that

  27. he’s probably too tired to pass either

  28. b2b! Jeremy’s kryptonite as always >_<

  29. oh man, Kobe wasted Lin’s long pass by not making the reverse layup!

  30. Yes, but 36 year-old is shooting OK for now so that is not a good justification.

  31. 0-5

  32. atleas wall is 1-4

  33. their starters are still on and we already sub.

  34. lin’s subbing pattern means he is plays less against 2nd unit defenders

  35. Except the oldest player

  36. atleast they cant say he score against the backups

  37. Byron is so rigid with his auto-subbing so he won’t get Lin going against 2nd unit defenders first

  38. wasn’t last year

  39. WHy didn’t he dunk? That was such a great pass.

  40. lin shooting form has been inconsistent. doesnt look like its going in even on release.

  41. probably didn’t have the legs

  42. they are short so I’m guessing its his legs

  43. Love Ed

  44. i love ed

  45. Exactly

  46. Kobe is out, watch him come back before Lin in the 2nd.

  47. Darn I missed the poll. Oh well hopefully Lin exceeds my would be 14/4 prediction

  48. thats how its been every game

  49. He’s fine, he’s just off tonight. Everything is short so far.

  50. Price is a foul machine

  51. Exactly.

  52. lins the pg today so I’m happy. he will turn around the misses

  53. Keeping my pattern of not watching the game and following online

  54. we’ll see how long that lasts

  55. Lin’s been active and handing out some nice assists. Nice game so far.

  56. why?

  57. Although BS won’t see it this way, Price just cannot guard John Wall.

  58. so he can tell us about it

  59. Kobe already hesitated when had to pass to Lin…TOV..M…..

  60. wall had 1-4 2points then price happens

  61. wall is extra confident against price

  62. Wall is smart to attack the big man side of the “wall”. Hill did not thing but screened Lin

  63. Lin looking more for his shot tonight. Unfortunately, not going in. But he needs to take a page from Kobe’s book and keep shooting until they do!

  64. it will last. the defense isnt doubling kobe

  65. this wiz announcing crew is ghetto

  66. Price made a good steal then passed to the VIP section?

  67. They live and work around politicians too much.

  68. Price can not even let Stu finish his praise on him…TOV…M

  69. i really hate reporting on twitter trends. its a pathetic attempt to seem hip

  70. Nice pass by Price to the seat in the third row, lol.

  71. lol

  72. he was passing to stu

  73. Price breaks his scoreless streak, lol.

  74. No troll 3 straight wins

  75. Seems to be working for the team

  76. What does that mean exactly?

  77. where the fudge is lin

  78. left leg

  79. Kobe’s hurt holding his left knee

  80. Thanks BS,

  81. just knee bump. walking it off

  82. Kobe sit down like NOW!

  83. Is there some analysis unbeknownst to us that says price is a + on the court

  84. still no Lin sighting.

  85. On bench?

  86. yes

  87. WTH…..where is Lin….I am turning off the PC….volleyball time.

  88. good idea

  89. Backup pg ended his scoreless streak so bs play him a bit more

  90. Price’s first points in who knows how long apparently means he gets to play the entire second quarter.

  91. After Price made his 3, Byron decided to stay with him and bring back starters.
    Lin would need to be effective when he checks in so he can finish games.

  92. Lin is benched??? oh right, 0/5 is terrible.

  93. tbh if price was actually a decent player and not on his way out of the league, then I think this would have happened a lot more

  94. Thing was, Lin WAS being effective, even though he hadn’t scored.

  95. Wow, Lin in for the last 5 minutes of the second.

  96. They missed 9 open 3 and still down only 10

  97. Lin’s back in with 4:46 left in Q2

  98. Yeah…and the ONE turnover is so glaring…bad..LOL

  99. 80s players generally don’t beleive in Jeremy’s game and Scott is no different. Playing price over jeremy is like that eras rallying cry

  100. yikes, this is bad

  101. refs just hate him

  102. boozer

  103. Kobe seeing a crime right before him….he will be chucking mode soon…

  104. Linconsistency tbh 🙁

  105. its already happening

  106. Just admit that you are racist bs! This is so obvious

  107. hehehe so here it is..
    – Hill is riding Kobe’s back.
    – Boozer, no matter how sloppy, believes in Jeremy’s game.
    – Davis wanted to ride along Jeremy but the problem is he is being sent to the other side of the table.

  108. officials calling all types of ticky tack against lakers

  109. relax please

  110. lin looks spaced out instead of focused/intense

  111. I am, just the truth tho

  112. its good to see scott actually benched boozer for those two possessions.

  113. why doesnt’ Lin drive to the basket? Is there no space for him to drive?

  114. Too many 3 pointers may need to pump fake and take the mid range jumper

  115. not really :] but BS did bring Lin back in with 4.5 min left so that’s pleasantly surprising

  116. no space. big man on elbow to receive pass — clogs the lane

  117. morelike overreaction. how many times have hesitated slowly only to get going later

  118. 2 camps within Lakers?

  119. poor passes by lin but that offense is so predictable. it just invites ppl to jump passing lanes

  120. Tough game for Lin so far.

  121. Sadly, yes.

  122. that’s a fitting end to the first half for Lin. Got blocked. 🙁

  123. lin had the shot before pump faking it, i thought

  124. Reads like a Lin game that gives BS Kobe and many others to question if he should be getting big minutes

  125. the ‘unfocused’ criticism sticks with this game thus far

  126. isnt that inconsistency right there?

    and this is always the case for him on b2b anyway, so its not even like im surprised.

  127. buzzer calling it like it is

  128. It has been a bad half for him. 0-7
    He would need to seek deep to come out strong in Q3

  129. why pump fake idk thinking too much so far

  130. This offense is too boring and exposed.

  131. its not just the shooting. his decision making — looks lost

  132. had nothing to do with that.

  133. lin has to drive the last few games its been all three. did he forget how to drive

  134. thank you, I am a big fan of his, just calling it out like i see it.
    No harm or hate intended.
    Hoping he picks it up in the 2nd half though.

  135. You are watching the game?

  136. are you even watching the game?

  137. That’s why I told you about the offense and you disagree with me.

  138. Washington is faster younger then them. they have tpo slow it down. if it gets fat they will get blown out

  139. I don’t think so.

  140. why insult

  141. Wall talked to Lin, strange. I have never seen them talking to each other.

  142. are you a child

  143. if you think that’s an insult, you have some thin skin. i’m telling you — the drive isnt there.

  144. The second unit did very well.

  145. then say that rather then th childish do i have eyes question. i agree with you btw. the lakers have to give him space to drive or else when his shots are off he is useless

  146. I thought bs gonna pull a mchale thing

  147. very well

  148. Wall seemed playing more mature now.

  149. Real conversation:
    7 shots is still 7 shots. But his game is not tailored for this offense. And since he is not a key piece BS won’t make adjustments for jeremy. But jeremy is doing himself no favors. He is not getting to the line at all. His “head case” style of ball will not attract positive attention.

    Even if he played the same as yesterday that works better than come across as not being focused.

    Tough game

  150. Wall is very different player

  151. I don’t think he’s playing that bad, he’s missing shots. I think the real problem is he isn’t playing enough minutes to get in to the flow and rests too long. I also think he needs to push the ball up the court. Every tie he goes slow like that the defense is set up, attack the defense in early offense. That’s Lin’s stength.

  152. he is not forcing things now.

  153. Offense:
    1- Walk up
    2-Feed to Kobe
    3-Feed to Boozer
    4-Feed to Hill

    So please don’t ask where is the drive.

  154. Yeah took him a while but he is very good and has a solid 2 guard in beal

  155. i agree they are trying what the rox tried which is make jeremy a three shooter which he isn’t. id like him to take 1-3 threes but thats it. also only shoot threes to get to the rim. thats what he excels at

  156. 5. Stand outside 3 pt line.

  157. thx for making lin ineffective lakers

  158. Lins game is not a priority but he still got 7 shots…too many 3s

  159. what i hate is that it creates a mass of people in the same area. and if the defender overplays boozer to hassle the pass, the only thing you can do is to backdoor — which is a very difficult pass to make to boozer in a tight space.
    the spacing in this offense does not capitalize on lin’s driving ability.

  160. Scott really has earned the description of being predictable. He really is, and so is his offense.

  161. haif his shots last game was threes. this isn’t a good way to play lin.

  162. What the f happened?

  163. I gotta stop rushing home from work for this… lol

  164. Lakers hit over 50% from three in the first half. No way they keep that up. Could get ugly in the second half for the Lakers.

  165. I agree man

  166. while the rest of league attempts to create offense with the threat of penetration from perimeter, byron’s offense starts from boozer passing or shooting at the elbow. its so absurd.

  167. Because they didn’t have the shot so they passed out to him

  168. I feel sorry for you. You should work a little more. That will make you feel better.

  169. Kobe has good game but he does not cover his man very well. He’s too slow to stay in front of them.

  170. wall finally outplayed Lin, took forever, but he’s finally playing like a #1 pick should.

  171. beal is too athletic

  172. Wall is more of a complete player now but Lin is just having a bad game

  173. boozer zero help

  174. lol boozer got lucky

  175. stop taking threes please

  176. ugh

  177. it doesnt even look good on release

  178. why does he keep shooting it

  179. okay, now it’s confirmed, it’s Lin’s bad shooting day. That’s okay

  180. coz that’s what Kobe says you do – just keep shooting it. Even if you miss everything.

  181. Haven’t seen Lin this cold ever. He can’t put a shot into the Pacific tonight.

  182. Terrible, if, 3’s not falling he should try to get some closer shots and get his confidence back.

  183. because they are giving him the shot and giving space to prevent the drive. you always have to take the open shot.

  184. Time to take it to the whole and it is time to push the ball down the court, pass everyone and draw fouls. That’s how Lin can get back in the game. But time to stop shooting 3s.

  185. lin has to be pickier with his shots. he took 2 bad shots so far. he has never done that before

  186. cant drive without the shot

  187. Needs to be a better way

  188. Did his fans from Taiwan go to the game again? XD

    But really, stop Jeremy, its killing your pretty 3pt FG%

    JK I actually like this, he’s taken to Kobe’s “I’d rather go 0 for 30 then 0 for 7” attitude.
    They’re bound to start falling at some point! lol hopefully

  189. Don’t even drive just get a 2.

  190. Walking up allows them to set their defense.

  191. He’s come down with Price-itis tonight.
    Hopefully he’ll recover by next game!

  192. Kobe is trying to stop a crime. lol

  193. Get Swaggy in there to create some offense

  194. Gravity in the East is so damaging…need to adjust a little.

  195. lol same play in a row. timeout

  196. how come this thread doesn’t show up on the home page? I have to click on a link on the recent comments to get here.

  197. the last 2 plays because Lin pushed the ball.

  198. just gotta make one…it starts with one Lin

  199. lin has done a good job not giving wall layups

  200. Umm i just started watching…. 0/10 wtfff

  201. so obvious wall didnt touch him

  202. the new jersey re-play review team is telling the refs they are clueless

  203. Great to be superstar.

  204. pure incompetence.

  205. Serious LOL at the LEastern Conference though.
    Lakers are on a back2back with Jeremy having his worst game ever VS the 2nd Eastern seed and could still easily win this game.

  206. refs — refuse to lose face. pathetic

  207. Has he been missing open looks?

  208. yes

  209. so is kobe gonna get flopping call now?

  210. been daring him to shoot. and hes missed

  211. that is give back call for wall

  212. when it rains it pours

  213. boozer if he misses from FT/elbow area, he neither has time/position to crash the offensive boards, or the speed to make it back for transition defense. just nothing.

  214. washington has played great defense when has grotat been a blocker. he hasn’t even tested him

  215. this is a terrible game all around for lin. except for defense

  216. Lin out of the game. Should come back right in time for garbage time.

  217. nope, lin still in.

  218. What’s the deal? Jeremy won’t push the tempo and drive. Goes to his right and meets three defenders. He better than this );

  219. 0 pts….how????

  220. out now

  221. i pretty much dont even care who wins this.

    that’s it for me. good night

  222. seriously price is so bad, Beverley is even way better than him

  223. how? The shots didn’t go in.

  224. Couldn’t make a shot.

  225. I think this pace is way too slow. Price pushes more when he brings it up. I don’t know what happened to the Lin the used to push the ball but he needs to reappear.

  226. Lin needs to start in 4Q when Kobe sits.

  227. lin is stinking like a skunk tonight.. 4 of 8 lakers TO.. I think putting in Nick at this point will be better!!!
    SMH. did he catch wesleydisease.

  228. He started off well in terms of rebounding and assists. I wouldn’t mind if he were facilitating and not scoring but he’s just floating and missing shots and out of the offensive flow.

  229. no.. lin doesn’t have it tonight period.. If this continues.. I have no word for it.. tonight it’s his fault.. no more excuses.
    0 -10.. ZERO out of 10. and 4 TOs.. it’s not system.. it’s him tonight.

  230. He has lost his game….as his fan I’m pulling for him but being objective it’s hard to see why get gets into these funks like this.

    Much of the moxy is gone. He is playing himself into being a bench player. Houston really screwed him up.

    But talent is talent he just needs to pull it together. Speak to Mo Williams. Or Andre Miller or heck Jarret Jack. Guys who not matter starting or coming off the bench play positive mins.

  231. This unit should play with Lin

  232. came down with a bad case of Price-itis

  233. He doesn’t ahve that swagger.
    he is NOT confident enough.
    CONFIDENCE is important.

  234. I didn’t know there are only 3Qs per game.

  235. lost confident from yesterdays game where he was not PG.. oh btw, it’s back to back ..surprise..
    BUT BACK TO BACK stinking play.. that is INEXCUSABLE.

  236. He doesn’t have it tonight. back to back games remember.
    plus this is back to back BAD games for him.
    just hope lakey win so he is not the scapegoat.

  237. To have a career you need that and for the last two years with all the bullying bs and lies he has not channelled that into consistency as a player. As a 5 year pro you can’t be this inconsistent

  238. he can’t have stinkers like this

  239. exactly.. Inconsistency in the NBA = bench player. PERIOD.

  240. maybe he just missed

  241. No way….BS and Kobe are not the best beleive me but he needs to turn on the switch soon

  242. The game is not over. The lead is manageable.

  243. One bad game and you’re consigning Lin to a bench scrub. Overreaction, dude.

  244. Of course but that flair, let’s be honest the kid gave us lots of flair, is absent

  245. when was the last time he had 0 -10.. .. did kobe every have 0 -10? it’s a question..not a sarrcasm

  246. no, it’s 2, (TWO) bad games.. back to back..

  247. nah, this game is over, lol.

  248. relax guys. Not a good day let’s not make it worse.

  249. hopefully.. but again.. based on statistics, he never does well on the 2nd back to back game.

  250. I can only hope its a repeat of the Rockets game.
    Where the bench brought them back and during crunch time Coach Scott stuck Jeremy back in there after a terrible game and still came out with the win.

  251. No my friend not an overreaction. I watch lots of basketball. He needs to use his motor and play his game. This is a bad team. Play your game don’t become a jump shooter when your not

  252. drive

  253. bench is good.

  254. today

  255. overreaction.

  256. The inconsistency kills me joeteam…it drives me insane because there is too much talent inside that kid to be up and down like this

  257. this is the stinker of stinkers. he has plenty of 1/11, 2/10, 3/10, games tho lol

  258. Because they move the ball up and down.

  259. Cut to 5! C’mon bench!

  260. we get it. You don’t like it. Now, stop analyzing and just talk about the game.

  261. flagged.

  262. Lin doesn’t have a second on the floor without Kobe.

  263. We have watched him for almost 3 years since NYC…its a trend. One that comes out of bad coaching and backstabbing teammates but trend as a basketball watcher you can’t help but notice….I’m pulling for a 16/8 player every night but when I see the same type of stuff play out again at some point it’s something Jeremy must work on

  264. You’re free to leave then if it’s killing you.

  265. yeah, well I blow it too on occasion and today, I lose my fantasy game because of Lin. Let’s look for other things good to talk about.

  266. thank god for nicky young. else will be a blowout..
    now we know that nicky young does make a difference.
    It’s not just lin. If lin was out those times same thing.. lin will make a difference..
    it’s a team that functions on all cylinders to win.

  267. To those labeling Jeremy as a scrub because his shots are not falling in, you’re free to leave. Good bye.

  268. Nick Young is a microwave scorer

  269. Ellington and Nick Young are solid shooters…2nd unit speeds up the pace well for them to spot up

  270. Lin your in my prayers. Back to back games have never been Lin’s nights. I don’t think any of us should be surprised that he is playing badly in another back to back game.

  271. he is PERFECT off the bench.. because off the bench cannot be a rhythm player.. they have to come in and shoot lights out.. and then fade out and come back in. That’s why Lin is not a good bench player..but ppl like harden or ginobi is because they do shoot first and play make 2nd.

  272. Nick Young is Vinnie Johnson

  273. Remember after yesterday’s game he tweeted Scripture. IMO that’s a sign he’s very upset with the way this team operates.

  274. Little Nicky, lol. Loved that movie.

  275. Have people here really called him that?

  276. Lin may have to sit this one out. He may be benched tonight. We’ll see.

  277. I have a theory why lin is stinking and just shooting.
    Because he has been playing with that mentality for the past 2 games because kobe was PG.. so he try to find his role to FIT IT by shooting 3s..
    IF that is the case.. I have to say:
    HELLO WAKE UP.. your strength is driving in and make something happen (shoot or assist)..not just a plain jump shooter!!!!
    You need motion to get things going.. not post up shooter or stand stale and shoot.
    He lost his confidence after 0 -10.

  278. No….but folks get mad if as a fan you voice frustration at the person you want to succeed. Fandom is predicated sometimes on being bi-polar. I am such a fan I admit

  279. well, i don’t knw.. I don’t want the game to be close and then have lin do a TO or mess it up tonight.

  280. See posts below.

  281. for me and my fantasy game, the sooner he stops averaging down my score, the better lol. Not that I’m rooting against my man. Bad days area bad days, just go to bed early and change it tomorrow.

  282. McHail used to always play Lin beside Harden. I guess coaches behave the same when they have fear.

  283. He was trying to play the spot up 2 instead of being a slashing 2. Which if you think about it that’s his game anyway.

  284. I didn’t see it,, but they must be trolls or haters who just jump in and post .. I see some ppl say he is lisa ling. smh.

  285. looks like Lin is done for the night.

  286. He needs to use his motor. He brings the ball up too slowly now and looks to set up bad plays rather than just go and use his skills to break down the defense. He doesn’t break down the defense like he used to. He relies on Kobe to do so, and that’s a bad habit to get into.

  287. Silence is golden

  288. lol

    I think it is time Jeremy gets a hot girlfriend, like how Eva langolier turned tony Parker into a mega star

    henry would posted that..

    I have to say I have to agree.. he is so tight up.. he needs to relief himself. LOL.

  289. Hill had a weak night too, by the box score. Still working out on west coast, so just watching box scores. What’s the game flow like tonight?

  290. The point of this is?

  291. Hill done too?

  292. probably so. Lin just didn’t have it tonight so let’s hope for the best for the Lakers.
    Lin will get his game back next one

  293. lol.. it’s a joke..
    but there is a trend..
    nicky with that iggy too. and nick went off.

  294. I realized with some you can’t have a barbershop conversation about basketball. It’s cool I will not post anything but praise on here out of respect to the mod but to call legit basketball insight trolling is what gives us Lin fans a bad reputation

  295. Ban first. Ask questions later. (jk)

  296. do you enjoy amplifying misfortunes? Honestly, your posts read that way, sort of stilted and no common thread except the many posts on a bad day. Like IJ7 said, consider going where that has more fertile ground.

  297. no flow by starting unit. Second unit played well together. Lin out of synch since the beginning of the game.

  298. I don’t know, just watching box scores and reading what bball there is here.

  299. Hill not in the line-up either. Maybe he’s done, too.

  300. Sacre’s game while soft has improved

  301. Wall’s jumper still a work in progress. But his assist has greatly improved. Helps to have finishing bigs and Bradley Beal as your backcourt mate

  302. Honestly, if I’m the PG and my team leader in Kobe is yelling for a well and saying to the press “control has to flow through me” I’d be a little lost right now as a number 2 number 1 number what. So mental lapses whatever. I hope the 3 other bad days for other players on my fantasy will work themselves out.

    Seriously, some people here have no clue how up and down all the players are. They should play fantasy to see for themselves how only say 10 people in the league deliver monster stats every game. I would say those tend to be Anthony Davis, Blake G, Tim D, etc etc. Those guys have very set roles. Much easier also for F, C to get monster stats consistently to because it’s their job to vacuum rebs and take high % scores at the rim.

  303. The second unit plays FASTER. the first unit is too slow.

  304. Just a 4pt game! for the sweet love of swaggy p, pull this one out Lakers!

  305. Who do they play on Friday? The stupid thing is, Lin has had strong games against Washington on Washington’s floor.

  306. Hill and Kobe are not in 2nd unit. Bummer on that team achilles heel.

  307. Collapse happens without Lin. Late TO by Kobe. Wasn’t meant to be tonight.

  308. game over

  309. that’s because I’m superstitious.. everytime he is stinking.. I start venting and getting frustrated online and then he comes back strong.. If I kept it inside.. he will keep stinking like the first 10 games of the season or something… Notice that..With the roxieorge game… I got so frustrated I started to vent the first time this year..and voila..lakers came back winning!. I did the same when he went off in the 4th qtr and another game in OT. If he does well, it should be status quo.. if he is stinking I have to change it up to break the status quo by venting online.

  310. Could’ve had 4 straight

  311. no the wizard are too fast and athletic

  312. Wizards the number 2 seed out East is a joke but I like their mix of vet and young talent

  313. aaand thats game.
    Well at least we can expect a solid game from him next time, he always bounces back strong after having a rough game.

  314. if lin got 10 points.. that would’ve been good. now trollers will say he is the scapegoat.. just like how they said wesley was in the past .

  315. Where is Nene?

  316. Is this some teenage hormonal thing going on? You’re in the wrong site if that’s it.

  317. Celtics.
    Yeah, too bad but it happens.

  318. can you vent somewhere else? I’m ok with you posting but venting is sort of pointless given we all gotta get through the day.

  319. This kind of performance from Lin was what BS has been waiting for. Expect starting lineup change any day now.

  320. ISO game isn’t going to cut it…sad

  321. Jeremy had a bad game…but he didn’t get enough minutes for all that….wiz got talent

  322. They are unselfish.

  323. idk that would of been worse

  324. Kobe just gave the ball straight to Washington. He’s not infallible down the stretch.

  325. You may be right but I hope you’re wrong.

  326. Wouldnt even mind, the bench personnel fits him better and they’re more fun to watch!

  327. Should’ve let the 2nd unit keep playing. they were doing it today. Kobe trying to do his thing again instead of what got them back.

    Lin just wasn’t in it today after the back to back. I don’t have a problem for BS to sit Lin since 2nd unit were successful.

  328. Thisclose. 🙂

  329. He’s always fallible down the stretch, lol.

  330. Keep digging yourself a into a deeper hole. You’re beyond clueless.

  331. Kobe % down the stretch of games is putrid…give me Paul Peirce any day

  332. Is that what you want? I don’t see how this type of post is helpful. Maybe Byron just goes kid had a tough shooting night, I believe in him, and he’s out there Friday. Why don’t we just wait and see and cool it with the doomsaying.

  333. oh well tonight.. didn’t help. no magic well.. he just didn’t have it. period…

  334. No way. No one should accept Ronnie Price starting over Lin. Makes sense only in bizarro world. And I guess the Lakers are just that.

  335. well was against Washington’s bench

  336. I thought Lin played OK in the first quarter. I think this long layoff between bringing him back in the 2nd takes him out of games.

  337. 2-3 3pointers a game should be Jeremy’s goal unless he is on fire like last years sixer game.

  338. It does not matter if it’s what I want or not, it’s a fact and it all started since the preseason.

  339. not gonna work its the same every game. he was just off

  340. that’s the thing.. it’s a statistical trend that he stinks back to back.. he didn’t even play that much yesterday no??
    But dude..didn’t expect 0-10!

  341. Yes, I understand BS couldn’t bring Lin back because Lin had a bad night.

    What I want to see is will BS design some plays to get Lin involved in the game if similar things happen.

  342. I don’t trust B.S. on this one.

  343. at least the shots were falling better for Lakers’ 2nd unit.

  344. Lol. Oh thatclose.

  345. let’s see what BS has to say about lin in the post game interview.

  346. the way he has been used the last 3 games have been bad. just like rox the only difference rox had the mind to bench him early if he was off

  347. saw the box then … 0-5. I want him to take some of that sponsor money and hire a personal sports psychologist for this very time: starting cold, on the bench with no responsibilities, visualize what his return to the court looks like. It will do wonders. I’ve had work with a sports psychologist, and you really learn something every meeting.

  348. it’s bad % all right.
    But credit Lin for keep shooting them out to break out of the slump :]
    Too bad it didn’t fall in for him tonight.

  349. I really beleive he came out tonight as the teams 2 guard and Kobe switched it up last minute and said you run point

  350. i would be speechless.

  351. what terrible game

  352. relax

  353. Today game will be one to justify that decision. It is not who’s better but who’s fit to play with Kobe super iso.

  354. lol ha

  355. ok, no more ‘Food’ Hottie :[
    The original Girl Hottie worked better yesterday!

  356. See my post below … lin is going to have to add a sports psychologist because his coach won’t do it, and prayer isn’t going to be specific enough on what he can do in-game to adjust to the sum of his day.

  357. not really he was the pg but the style was all threes still which i don’t get

  358. nicely done! lol

  359. I thought last night was bad. lol. I’ll take last night over tonight!

  360. you gave him Lindigestion.

  361. Girl Hottie + McFlurry for Friday game! :>

  362. No, their actually not a joke

  363. to see lin miss driving to the paint ok but all those threes was just why

  364. so glad I missed it. Sorry you had to see it.

  365. Just got home, did not watch the game. Was horrified by Lin stats. Something must be happening at Lakers either BS, Kobe ro FO and effect Lin’s performance. I do not think he just had an off day. He was never like this before. Lin must know something that we do not.

  366. Felt good out of the hand? Love it when guys say that

  367. I’m not digging myself into any hole. I’m explaining why I’m venting. You ARE beyond clueless to what I’m saying. read between the lines.

  368. maaaan

  369. You are right, he’s never had a shooting day like today.

  370. Of course he won’t. We’re not talking about kobe here.

  371. No food hottie no girl hottie no hotties at all.

  372. Did he have good looks? Was his form bad? Off the charts statistically for him.

  373. is gortat aa shot blocker anyways

  374. it was short so tired legs back to back. still how did we go from lin driving at howard but not gortat

  375. They’re messing with his head again: PG, No SG; PG, but slow it down not so fast; control. Jeremy aims to follow what he’s told even if it changes his game and it shows. More than a back to back excuse…he wasn’t himself. Did he drive at all?

  376. had a few good looks, just not going in

  377. I am eagerly await to buy a Jlin Mavs jersey and will be the first in line to get mavs season tk

  378. Had enough with TX.

  379. I wonder if there will be a Lin interview tonight.

  380. the style has change to this be role of all three shots

  381. why not, ask him what’s wrong and see how he plays it.

  382. Nope…did not see a single drive to the bsdket

  383. sigh.. Sorry for annoying you joe.. no sarcasm intended. I was hoping someone will ‘vent’ with me in a way. Didn’t know you will take it that seriously.

  384. This season started with Lin run the offense to feed Kobe once past half court. What’s next? Starting lineup is the only thing left to do for BS.

  385. he will probably say it was the worse game if his career ill agree

  386. well, it’s back to back.. tell me when was the last time he did marvelous on the 2nd back to back game?

  387. yes. I saw a few weeks ago kobe giving Lin the slow down sign when all he was doing was bringing it up calling a play. What a lousy way to play, this Kobe led team.

  388. his role has changed the last few games. he used to drive and a lot of mid range with a few threes.now its all threes

  389. You are actually wrong – Lin did great on a b2b just within the last 10 days.

  390. I know what you are saying, but he was never this bad even for back 2 back game b/4. Like Lin sad, he does not play well when he is mad, so….

  391. anything atrocious about him?? if so I don’t want to hear it.. If they say something as to why lin was perform not as good. I will listen to the reason.

  392. yep. Worst I’ve ever seen by the numbers (didn’t watch the game was deciding to avoid the frustration)

  393. There wasn’t an interview last night and he did worse tonight.

  394. good point.. also might be because kobe was playing pg for last 2 games too much. But still dude.. if you are good, you should be able to swtich up immediately ..there might be a lag..but not for 4 qtrs!!? or 3 excuse me.

  395. Deja vu. .. with Houston except no drives just 3 pts shots

  396. Good point, he was so hot from midrange, I wonder why he stopped shooting those.

  397. don’t troll me please. I don’t take you seriously.

  398. really? which games?

  399. And I was hoping he will be 50-40-90.. wow.. what is he now!?

  400. Had enough with the BS bs and kobe bs

  401. look them up if you are ignorant. It’s not my job to educate you.

  402. at this rate 12-13 ppg very average.

  403. So far Worthy just mention he was 0/10 on b2b so Kobe feels the need to put team on back. Interviewing Scott right now and he just said he had a bad game. Not making a big deal about it. Pretty fair. Nobody is dumping on him…yet.

  404. he is better then this has gotten a lot better but the way they use him. the threes all the time. its like i have this extra arm lol no one else has but i tie it behind my back and never use it

  405. Two seasons of retirement show are just too much for any fan I am afraid. Fortunately Lin can get out by the end of the season.

  406. Kobe killed ball movement and everything the bench did to keep the game close once he entered.

  407. LOL. retirement show! Brilliant post.

  408. As someone rightfully pointed out to me below—relax. So I’m going to relax and see what December brings.

    Heck what the next game brings. Starting or not Jeremy needs to play his game of ball. It’s what got him his contract and place in the NBA. Improving as a shooter was needed but to become a jump shooter soley is not what he is. So let’s chalk this up to confusion, pressure and a bad release.

  409. no he didn’t kobe kept it close as well as the bench

  410. Um.. No JoeTeam. YOU are wrong. You should look them up yourself if you say withing the last 10 day.
    His average is 6 points on the 2nd back to back games. I did the work for you. Next time do your research before you call people ignorant. Anything BELOW 20 points is NOT great. If you say they are great, I’m disappointed in you.

  411. Interview with Scott, he surprisingly doesn’t seem mad or anything. Even jokes with reporters a bit about Nick Young. Did not throw Jeremy under bus. Kind of accepted that this was a B2B so people weren’t playing their best. Said Jeremy did well last night, but just having a bad night tonight. They don’t need him to be great every night he says. These were answers to questions that reporters asked him.

  412. Shake it off, get ready for Rondo and Boston. I think Rondo is a tougher matchup than Wall. Lin played good defense on Wall but that’ll get lost in the 0 for 10 tonight.

  413. exactly

  414. They were behind by 6 when Kobe entered with more than 5 min to play. the rest was history.

  415. I think he was happy with Lin’s defense. Every player has a nightmare shooting night. Kobe’s had tons of them. Scott probably has had his own as well.

  416. thank god this is not houston.

  417. Kobe had a really good game until the last 2 or 3 minutes.

  418. kobe has 20 in the half. he did all the scoring

  419. agree

  420. I was talking about the final minutes in game.

  421. waiting for lin to get on a groove but it never seems to happen

  422. I’m not…. a troller never talks stats.. I just talk stats to you in the post above and proved that you were wrong not me.. yet I don’t call ppl names. If you notice.

  423. Oh no, just read box score…yikes! Uggg. Missed the game, what happened? 0/10?

  424. Yes I will spend hours pouring over your crap and reading between the lines for some deeper understanding of your crap.

  425. oh yea the last 3-5 minutes kobe was bad

  426. Lin has been the crunch time kind of guy according to stat last season.

  427. This is what happens when you miss a game.
    Thanks a lot orLinaryjoe, smh.

  428. won’t be see it this season.. you know who wil have the ball in crunchy time.

  429. lin three point field goal down to 33 percent . fg down to 44 percent. ppg down to 11.8. very sub par year so far. is he the few players who keep improving but his stats don’t show it.

  430. I think these reporters tried to get Scott to blame Lin for his poor game & maybe would say something about lineup change….

  431. That’s true.

  432. I think you’re right. I was expecting Scott to pull him earlier than he did but he left them in there so that was good to see. Reporters mentioned something about that too, asking if he left him in there to try to work things out since it seemed like he was trying everything he could. I don’t remember what Scott said though but he didn’t say anything bad about Lin, which also surprised me.

    Man, he had that beautiful strip on Wall’s fastbreak, but was then called for a foul. Put that in the bad call video file.

  433. he should try to just drive in and shoot instead of shooting 3s to get his rhythm going.
    I don’t know what was he thinking.

  434. Byron sounded fair about Lin after the game and understand it’s basketball. And players have off-nights.
    Good to see he didn’t throw Lin under the bus like a certain coach could.


  435. Like I said, look it up. I could be wrong and it might have been 3 weeks. In any case, you are wrong, Lin does have back to back good games and within a short time ago. Specifically, the game he was at home where he didn’t play well, and the next day, on the road, he played v well. I remember PFV said that disproves the false narrative about his b2b and home vs road.

  436. Usually I would say that’s the case but tonight the reporter prefaced question saying that it seemed that Lin was trying his best out there to get something going but shots just weren’t going in. I think that puts things in a better light.

  437. Byron had plenty of slumps when he played… he suffered from self doubt even in his prime… he had to hire tony robbims to get him out

  438. it was fine before where he didn’t drive a lot but there was a lot of midrange shots and diversity in his shots . now it worse then the drive all the time way of playing because he axels at driving so theres a good chance it works for him. he isn’t a three shooter so i just don’t get it

  439. Good. I think Lin just had bad game… it’s B2B so…

  440. Perhaps he is saving the points for the next one, when I do watch.

  441. I just checked the stats. So was Kobe PG again today? If so ever since Kobe became PG Lin’s game has suffered alot! This is crazy Lin has always done well against John Wall and Wizards!

  442. nope

  443. lin was pg

  444. not so much this game.

  445. really? do tell.

  446. Bill Clinton hired Tony Robbins, lol.

  447. No you didn’t … you just said it. There’s no proof. Within the last 2 weeks, PFV refuted your false narrative about b2b games. He’s more knowledgeable than me, so take it up with him

  448. Shallow Hal hired Tony Robbins in an elevator lol.

  449. Guys who don’t play defense are the only ones consistent on offense even on B2B.

  450. Lin was the pg to guard JWall that’s all.

  451. he was the pg.

  452. Hmm, tonight Worthy saying it’s OK to not have a good offensive game but you got to bring the defense and to at least slow down Wall and Beal down. Not really recognizing his good D tonight. He says Lin has to find a way to bring something to the table and not have no effect on the game.

    Horry just talking about Lin’s shot mechanics, saying all his shots were short so that’s a sign of not getting enough rest the night before. Saying the assistant coaches need to help him with that and for him to look at film to check out shot selection.

    Hope I got the details right, they talk faster than I can type lol.

  453. good point.

  454. Yes, in 1988 and 89, he had his best years but he was always kind of an outsider bc he was seen to hve kicked out norm nixon… he was always a headcase bc i think that played on his mind…

  455. this is twice where his shots was short in back to backs

  456. Thanks.

  457. Lol

  458. Yeah, we kinda expected it but never thought it would be this bad though.

  459. Mechanics seemed out of wack

  460. I need Tony Robbins some days 🙂

  461. That’s the issue and bias! All starters has played with 2nd unit besides JLin during regular season!

  462. he has to work on this. he was better last year in back to backs

  463. Ok everyone, have a better night. Trolls in charge, you are great.

  464. up to the movement he passed half court.

  465. Yep.

    After giving it a lot of thought, here’s my analysis for Lin’s game tonight –

    He just didn’t have it tonight. Move on to the next game.

    The end. Lol.

  466. So Lin was playing like he was in Houston? Bring ball up, pass to Kobe, and hide at corner? He really has to figure out how to play well even when someone else is handling the ball, move around like Green on Spurs. The positive side I checked and he took 10 FGAs which is alot better than just 5! In fact if he took 10 last game his points would’ve looked alot better! He needs to take at least 12 FGAs per game!

  467. Like before Kobe was a full time PG?

  468. Yep

  469. I’m sure there were more games than that but yeah, I think he had good looks tonight but just didn’t go down. No airballs so that is good. 🙂

    Anyway, the whole team seems surprisingly OK with the loss so I’m looking to the next game.

  470. You know, guys miss shots. Girls too when they play basketball. Lin missed his shots tonight. He played pretty well in some other facets like defense.

  471. not really he settled for a three because it was open

  472. I guess Worthy missed that Lin contained Wall tonight. Wall only had one layup where he scored on Lin and Lin fouled him.

  473. I think because he noticed Lin’s effort and defense tonight. Plus Lin didn’t really play out of control, he just missed shots and made a few bad passes.

  474. Traveling from west to east you lose 3 hours.

  475. OT but it looks like the Sixers might get their 1st win tonight :O

  476. Came back to this stat line….what happened?

  477. OK, Lin interview wasn’t too long but good news is that he didn’t seem too down. He wasn’t happy about his game and criticized himself but felt that he got good looks tonight, just wasn’t going for him. I think the reporter (John Ireland I believe) saying that he felt he did well despite his shots not going in.

    Coach Miller a bit more critical on Lin. Talking about his positioning in terms of guarding against Wall’s PnR.

  478. Lin just didn’t have it tonight.

  479. When John Wall scored 18/13 a couple games ago, he was featured on EDPN. When Jeremy scored 18/11, he was reprimanded by his coach, he was taken off his PG role. He ran too fast for the old timers. Put yourself in his shoes, how demoralized you would be. I think this is a silent protest from Jeremy. Do you remember there was one protest a few games ago?

  480. He needs some monster scoring games badly. I’m wondering if he can get them with Kobe at his side. He is well overdue for 27+ points and getting hot from 3s. His year is underwhelming but he was moving in a good direction up to and including the MInny game. So, hope he gets that back but scores more in a few games stretch.

  481. OK…that happens…..next game!

  482. no lin was the pg

  483. I thought he had a decent groove up to the Minny game and a few games before then. The last 3 games, no, he hasn’t had particularly good games.

  484. The bigs and Kobe were posting as they crowded the paint, there’s no lane to drive.

  485. When comes to Lin Miller has no love.

  486. The you know what with “Coach” Miller. Lin contained Wall, Wall didn’t go off at all. Nobody plays perfect defense, not even Tony Allen.

  487. exactly.

  488. Yeah, I thought his defense for the most part was good. But there was one instance where he and Hill switched and Lin was on Gortat but then he switched back and I think he didn’t tell Hill and that left Gortat completely open under the basket for an easy pass and score. I’ve seen this many times this season actually. Their rotations still bad though it’s gotten better lately.

  489. I have watched the 1st stint. 5 misses.

  490. Not even Wall can guard Wall

  491. I thought his first quarter was pretty good. Racked up some nice assists. Then it sort of fell off from that point on.

    With a game like this, you just gotta move on. No analysis. The best closers in baseball have that sort of attitude. Blow one game, forget it, move on to the next. Dwelling on a bad game is a recipe for disaster.

    I hope Lin and Lin fans just move on. Boston up next.

  492. 4 assists, though.

  493. He knows…good

  494. I know…haha not bad

  495. Great attitude!
    I did think it was a good sign (in a weird way) that he kept shooting, unlike other nights, like vs GSW that he was 0 for 4. That’s him being too way too hesitant and it drives me nuts. But tonight he got the looks so he took the shots, as he should have.

  496. No..again, you are wrong… 10 games is within about 3 weeks.. again, you have to look it up.. not me, because I Just told you 6 points average BACK TO BACK.

    Also without even looking at the stats and research, I can immediately say you are wrong because you say ‘great’. A great game is over 20points and over 8 assists. He hasn’t have those b2b games since linsanity days. Btw, B2B means yesterday and then today.. there is no rest in between.

  497. Totally agree, glad he kept shooting.

  498. Had to miss today’s game. Its an expected loss anyways.
    Lets move to next game.
    Its a winnable game against Celtics, I trust Jeremy will make a blast comeback!

  499. That’s true. Mariano Rivera blew saves in the World series but if he got back, he did his job and closed the door.

  500. The last one I remember is from January of this year when he played a B2B against Dallas and Spurs and won both games without Harden (injured) getting 18/8. I’m sure there were more games but I remember this because we talked about this a couple weeks ago. 🙂

  501. No, he wasn’t. Kobe plays on the low block or high one side up top and Lin plays mostly at the top of the key or the other side high up. And Lin got the ball back plenty tonight from Kobe until Kobe realized Lin was cold. But still Lin got touches, he just missed shots.

  502. I totally agree. LIN is so confused right now about what his role is.

    The thing that best defines what a good coach does is the ability to set up a situation that allows a player to play without having to think about it. An athlete enters “the zone” when they do everything by instinct where their upper brain never interferes with how the body executes. A great coach will make that happen for all his players. So far this year, Lins been asked to push the pace, slow down, be aggressive, be under control. The only thing consistent is that he has to defer to Kobe.

  503. Kobe is now only 99 points away from passing MJ. That’s the only good news I could think of.

  504. I guess I picked a good game to miss…

  505. so…3 more games! or 2? LOL

  506. it was a really bad game. Picked a perfect game to miss.

  507. Will never see KKKlutchfan tweeting something like this. That’s why I still think Lin is in better situation w Lakers.

    Come back stronger the next game @JLin7— Lakers Facts (@LakerFacts) December 4, 2014

  508. 16/7 against Boston….

  509. Great to finally meet @JLin7. (Thanks, @phillipjung!) pic.twitter.com/WfyEeuYix8— Justin Fung (@justinfung) December 4, 2014

  510. NOOOOO! Linsanity!!!

  511. I’ll be happy with some Linsan, let alone Linsanity.

  512. Hanging out with my bro jlin7 after the game. Great guy! #116 http://t.co/RAyplcWTq4— Justin Forsett (@JForsett) December 4, 2014

  513. Just Lin would do as well

  514. As long as it is not L…

  515. L O L

  516. I missed it too. I agree, he will have a great comeback game. He usually does.

  517. Good support! fake or not….very good

  518. NYC is crazy right now. Lots of sad young men in the streets. I participated in a small protest this evening while following tonight’s game with you guy’s.

    Being a fan of a team or someone can be a great escape. That’s why I want the kid to do so well. His play lit up my City in a way that hadn’t seen since the 96 yanks.

    We could use some of that Linsanity now.

  519. All off-season Ive said 16/7 as his avg. that’s going to be my poll number each and every game

  520. Nice.. BUT he better does..another lower than 4-10 is disastrous… what will they say next if he does. …but usually 1 game of rest, he’s fine..UNLESS kobe is the pg again.

  521. Easy to imagine him being down, but his short post-game interview didn’t sound like that. Didn’t beat himself up as he so often does. I’m VERY HAPPY about that. The more even-keel he becomes through the ups and downs the more confidence I have in his success. I don’t think it’s in his DNA to protest his situation by withholding his energy in a game. He kept putting up shots – participating and not shrinking back. And he looks genuinely comfortable in the post-game fan pix.

  522. Ur probably right. ..lol

  523. What happened

  524. I listened to the ESPNLA. The announcers (Ireland and Michael Thompson ?) were very fair. They said Jeremy just had a bad game and it was good that he kept shooting which shows he was being aggressive. Also because he is a smart Harvard guy he will figure it out and do well next time 🙂

    The post game show hosted by A Martinez (?) was a different story. So many people called in and spewed their hate for Jeremy. They said he was weak, lacked confidence, no BB IQ, he should play the Fisher role, back up PG at best, worse defender, blah blah blah. What haters usually say. The host was just agreeing with all these haters and said Jeremy only plays well only when he finds himself in an ideal situation. Martinez is the same guy who said Jeremy wasn’t “getting it done as a PG.” He is a huge Kobe supporter and believes he should handle the ball instead of Jeremy. There were couple of people who supported Jeremy and criticized Kobe’s style of play but mostly a lot of hate for Jeremy.

    I’m not too worried. I believe Jeremy will bounce back, especially so after hearing his interview. Go Jeremy!

  525. Coach Miller is a bs’er (no pun intended)

  526. not a surprise there.. on lin.net.. someone posted a nba stream live of the game.. I click on it and watch..and on the side chat window.. it’s like full of teenagers or immature ppl .. when lin got that 3 pt shot blck by wall at the end of 1st half, they kept saying lisa ling miss or lisa ling or something..and then someone say ‘I cannot be any more racist at this time’.. and some say wt- a pump fake for what!!’.

    man..I’m wondering if jackie robinson had a bad game and what happens. wow. Martinez is a chicken.. what? you want him to argue with ppl.

    LA is like NY.. it can be tough.. remember that blake missed the shot and everyone was going after him and his pretty wife.. I was like wt-.

  527. so no, seriously, IT IS UP to lin to get it back up. Us fans can’t do anything but support..but if he still not getting shots in… support does nothing, So it’s all on him and his nba career.

  528. The cop who killed Eric Garner not indicted on any charge. Pretty crazy decision since the death was capture on film

  529. They are sad for what? And where did you protested? Is it 14 street? That’s where I heard the sounds from a crowd that sound like some kind of “protesting sound”. Was somewhere up the floor, so don’t know what’s going on and didn’t hear it clearly. So was wondering.

  530. I read this as “He knows God” lol.

  531. Is the box score correct? KB 29 pts, -30 +/-

  532. whoo ouch ah.. who is he talking aboiut.

  533. I see. Hope he will got his justice.

  534. Yeah, but sort of no. When Jeremy plays very well, BS finds things to say that diminish it. When he has an off night then BS feels comfortable enough to be a bit generous. He doesn’t exactly throw him under the bus, so it’s true he’s not as bad as McHale, but he still gives with one hand and takes away with the other. I don’t feel very secure in BS’s genuine fairness towards Jeremy.

  535. He kinda looks like 50cent, but better looking than 50cent.

  536. Kobe wouldn’t allow it

  537. Pretty supportive to me…at least

  538. Love this mentality. Dropping some anvils, Coach Karl?

    "Find me a team that wants me and I'll be back in the gym tomorrow. My main goal is to win a championship." –@CoachKarl22 on #OffTheDribble— SiriusXM NBA Radio (@SiriusXMNBA) December 3, 2014

  539. Those haters were just waiting for a chance to say this. When Lin does well the next game (like he was in all the previous games) they’ll scurry and hide in the dark.

  540. Make the Lakers want him!

  541. What’s up with the crucifix? Not that I find it wrong, I have one too.

  542. Don’t care about the haters. I’m just little irked by the host.

  543. Won’t happen till Kobe’s out of the picture.

  544. It is just a cross not a crucifix.

  545. Wishful thinking… *sigh*

  546. Can’t agree more… I think as long as Kobe is a Lakers no one can change coach. Kobe & Scott were talking to media about Kobe maybe will sign the extend contract w Lakers in 2016… ?! Don’t know why they needed to start the movement so early?!

    Kobe only wants Scott, they both talk or text to each other everyday.

  547. Cross or Crucifix, doesn’t really matter to me.

  548. He’ll be back stronger . I’ll support him no matter what

  549. Lakers Facts always nice to Lin. True support… LOL!

  550. It’d be interesting to see whether the Lakers still decides to keep Kobe in 2016, assuming he doesn’t run himself into the ground playing extended minutes.

  551. Good to know. I followed very few on tweeter.

  552. Well, Everyone no needs to be too upset about Lin’s shooting off day bc Jennings from Pistons also shooting off today too. He was 0-11 for 1 point vs Rondo (who got 2 points). Boston won.

  553. I was trying to rewatch the Piston game just now and it was just heck boring! I did notice a huge issue of JLin being isolated on the offense. After half court he passes to Kobe who almost never passes to him neither does his teammates! He needs to learn how to ignore Kobe and other teammates and just go for his shots. There was a shot where he got all the way to the rim and could’ve made an easy layup but made the unnecessary extra pass to Boozer who misses as always! The way i see it most guys like Nick Young have to never pass back out after receiving a pass and just look for their own shots inorder to score. JLin needs do the same. I couldn’t even count how many airballs and bricks the Lakers had against a team like the Pistons SMH. Lin can diss out assists but sadly his teammates can’t do the same for him and only looks to score on their own. This offense by BS has no flow what so ever.

  554. So long as Dolan is the owner and Melo is the franchise player, JLin won’t be back in NYC :/

  555. They’re kidding right? It’s questionable whether Kobe can still play all of this year!

  556. ESPN are all hater of JLin, not surprised! They barely gave him highlights in their recap even when he scored 30 points last season!

  557. It’s true they talked about this before the game w media… It’s weird why talked about this now? Looks to me Kobe still wants to play after 2016.

  558. to me, the reporter was basically asking whether the coach’s recent move/talk messed up Lin or not, but the coach was saying, no, he just sucked today, has nothing to do with his benching him when Lin got double double. That’s just basketball……


  559. Well, w this news. Who will come? So maybe Lakers have no choice but sign Kobe again in 2016?! LOL!

    Really weird why talked about this now? Put pressure on Lakers?!

  560. I don read it that way…But I guess it makes sense too. LOL

  561. When Lin has bad games like this, I see some Lin fans bash Lin more than Lin’s haters .

  562. Sounds like one of those hostage situations you see in the movies

  563. If there is a way for that,count me in…but ..

  564. Scott always supports you.

  565. Yeah, but the host isn’t sending out invitations, so what does he expect.

  566. lol, yeah.somehow I feel Byron still want to put Lin into second team. Just that really hard to start Price.

  567. and don’t forgot Kobe’s off-shooting this season. All the greats, even Michael Jordan have had off shooting nights, and that will continue to be the case.

  568. True dat.
    Wonder how they could live such a hateful existence. Must live really sad lives

  569. Boring party anyways…

  570. Short flight?

  571. anybody hear him in LALALA?

  572. I thought the 2nd question was what you said. but the first was more how he felt about J’s night. Cool vid. He’s still backing Kobe ball which is messing up the team.

  573. no milestone. He will continue to play the kind of bball that made many Lin fans run away from bball since before he was in the league.

  574. wall is fast and long. so v hard to guard. Is he harder to guard than CPaul?

  575. by your definition you are right. But I know you are wrong because of what you continue to post here.

    Like IJ7 wrote to you specifically, don’t let the door hit you on the way out (respectfully). Goodbye.

  576. I know…I know…..sad…

  577. BOS PreGame Thread+Poll is open

    Let’s skip the PostGame & look forward to the next game on Friday

    Lin will rest, regroup and come back strong like we know he does after a bad game!

  578. Well support does something. It helps with his confidence. It helps motivate him. I’m pretty sure Lin knows he’s got fans that support him. Also if he feels down, fan support can make him feel up again too.

  579. I wouldn’t say “won’t allow it”, more like hog the ball, and stat pad.

  580. Right. Just like the wishful thinking that Harden would stop playing selfish ball after he got his all-star selection.

  581. Yeah, I think you’re right. Just turn a blind ear towards whatever BS says about him looking too much for his own shot blah blah. Kobe’s the coach anyway and if kobe tells him to shoot it, he should shoot it.

  582. I don’t think kobe would want him.

  583. What party? They lost.

  584. Better support over in Laker land it seems like…

  585. LOL Kobe missed more shots than Lin =p

  586. so nice to wish innocently …

  587. too bad we grew up, Toto it’s not Kansas anymore.

  588. Lin’s previous worst 0fer was 0-6. In the past, Lin might have lost confidence and stopped shooting, but he kept his confidence today. I’m pretty sure Lin would have made a FG if he had 30 mins instead of 21.

    Kobe did not have 0-10. But he did have 1-14, 2-16, 3-21, 5-25 (missed 20 FGAs).


  589. Sounded pretty defensive to me, idk.

  590. but he is jenning.. lin should be bettter than him. =D

  591. Probably this kind of hate attitude damage the internal health of the body!

  592. Nah.. no one knows who Lin was.. and he got that far before linsanity broke out. So us fans supporting him doesn’t really do much…unless. it’s taboo to say. Why? He is playing for god. If god supports him..that’s all it matters to him.. not us. he appreciates us.. him getting his confidence back has to do with god.. not us fans.

  593. Dude.. how old are you? Do you understand what I”m saying? How am I twisting the micro quoting? Go look it up.. the FACT is the BEST back to back games THIS SEASON WHICH YOU STATED.. is ONLY 12 pts 4 as and 15 pts 4 assists. THAT is not a great game. You can say I’m looking at stats..but that’s not true because THAT IS THE ONLY decent back to back games. The others is much lower than that. Doesn’t matter if I watch or not. Again you are making ASSumptions.. how do you know that I didn’t watch his game. I watched pretty much all of his last 2 years..and even some laker games this year. I know his D is underrated. But when you say GREAT.. dude.. that’s lebron’s level. Its not great.. it’s good.
    I don’t know about you.. seems like you have low expectation of what great is and standards. Mine is quite high. I have high standards.

    And you quote me on micro quoting whatever cr-p that is.. so are you.. You are micro quoting IJ7. She’s a female so that quote that I put on from Henry Would is most offending to her. And I also picked Henry Would because he said shyt that doesn’t make sense.

  594. There is proof.. again I’m using your words “look them up if you are ignorant. It’s not my job to educate you.”.. But I will be nice.. nba.com..jlin stats. gamelog.. there..far enough for you.

    Sorry, but I watch games and look at number. and based it on my conclusion…anything else like everything here are interpretations or opinions regardless of what pfv said.

  595. good work, lol.

  596. I’m 12.

  597. I just worry about Jeremy’s intensity about basketball. Does he want to be a basketball player as much as he once was?

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