G19 CHA @CHI Game Thread

After 2 days rest, would Jeremy Lin’s sore ankle heal enough for him to play aggressively against the Bulls? More importantly, would Clifford allow him to play extended time (22 min) like in the Bucks game with 0 TOs despite not scoring a lot?

Scoring and Free Throws are still Clifford’s consistent way to give min to his players.

Check out the average minutes based on JLin’s FT attempts:
They clearly show a trend that JLin earned more Playing Time when his FT attempts increased.
His highest average Playing minutes are 26min when he had at least 6 FT attempts.

Let’s hope JLin find a way to draw a lot of FT attempts to help him to get PT and chance to close out games. Let’s go, JLin! Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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