Game 19 Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin Breaks Another Personal Record

Jeremy Lin continued to reach another personal record with each game in November with 100.0 eFG% – the highest he’s ever had in a game with 10+ FGA in his career. After missing the first two shots, he made the next 11 shots to finish with season-high 26 points on 11-13 FG, 4-5 3P in only 25 minutes.

His excellent performance in November will no doubt garner a lot of interest from many NBA teams who can use his skills to reach the playoff (i.e. Pelicans, Magic, 76ers, etc.) or stabilizing veteran point guard (i.e. Phoenix Suns). Atlanta Hawks is rebuilding with young players and in the pseudo-tanking mode so they would entertain the possible trade to get draft picks or young players. Trade rumors might get louder with each game Jeremy Lin is playing well and continues to be underutilized in the Hawks team.


  1. Al Horford will be out for the Celtics tonight. Go Jeremy!

    BTW, according to Basketball-Reference (as of Nov 20), the Celtics rank 1st in defensive rating, but 27th in offensive rating.

  2. Jeremy doing what he loves; helping in the community …

  3. Haven’t heard anyone talking about Lin’s health, I will throw in my simple observations.
    I still think Lin is probably around 80 to 90 percent like what he said. On top of that, Lin is holding off at least additional 10% of his strength for specific motion to preserve his health.

    The most obvious one is his first step. I think he is controlling himself not to use 100% of what he has to protect his knee. That’s why we can no longer see Lin leaving defenders in the dust even when he is closer the basket. If you notice, Lin can go pretty fast (80 to 90 %) when he has established his initial speed.

    2nd, he is no longer jumping high for his layup. He changed the way of his layup. I saw several very un-Lin like layups in some previous games. I think he is still trying to figure out the new layup form for himself.

    3rd, he can no longer recover as fast as he did in the past when a player blowing by him with or without a pick. He is preserving his knees by not turning/accelerating much.

    4th, this one was not super clear to me, I think he explored cross over several times, then he started holding them back more.

    Overall, he is purposely holding off any move that hurts his knees the most. I am guessing he is exploring and establishing his next 10 year playing style. Well, maybe I am completely wrong, if that’s the case, then I would bet he is not even 80% yet.

    Anyway, the good sign is Lin is getting his other skills back gradually to make up for his deadly first step. He is good enough to be a great NBA player without his first step. So far I don’t see any guard in NBA can defend like Lin especially the way how he read the court. Well, the negative side is he always ended up blocking those bigs. I hope he will give up on some of those too. In the beginning of the season, he actually did give up many encounters with bigs. However, while he gets more confidence in his body and he started doing it more now.

    As for now, the top priority for Lin is still not the playing time. He is still trying to figure out lots things with his body and his game. I would wait for another month to see how he progresses in different areas. So far it’s been exciting 🙂

  4. Go JLin! Do your best and stay healthy! The rest will take care of itself!

  5. Gee, I never see headlines for Lin whenever he drops 20+ off the bench…

    By the way, Rose played 29 minutes with 17 FG attempts, with -10 +/- rating for today’s game.

    Gotta love the bias in the NBA.

  6. Lloyd Pierce offers an explanation of his current approach …

  7. thats all blahh to me

  8. Jeremy is not trying to compete…he’s already ahead versus a rookie come on.

  9. Total regurgitated BS.

  10. I think there’s something there. He distinguished between players that are behind in the pecking order and players that may get more minutes based on production. Lin is one, at least by what he is suggesting, that can get more minutes with being competitive and making shots. So it would bear out those that have been thinking Lin should look for his shot more and look to create for others more.

  11. well my issue is it sounds well and all but Lin plays bad to ok and trea blows him out in minutes. if lin plays great lin gets the same amount of minutes as trea. sound like a load of blah to me. btw blahh is a placeholder word

  12. He got more minutes than Trae last game I believe. I think Trae is the default starter but Lin can get more minutes if he seems “competitive” as LP defines it. Part of it seems to be looking to score. I’m not sure what the other part is.

  13. That right there, is healthy competition,

  14. One is proven, one needs to earn it.

  15. The Hawks commentary is right. Lin makes the TEAM BETTER!!!

  16. LP is rookie coach that is clueless on how to coach a team. Nothing more.

  17. Can’t find a high quality Hawks stream, so this was the best I could do:

    Fox Sports South praising Lin again…

  18. You cant make chicken salad out of chicken s**t

  19. Baynes already has 2 offensive rebound. Smh.

  20. I disagree vehemently that this is purely lying to the media to protect their tanking. It’s nothing more than a pacifier for those Hawks and Lin fans that wants to win. It’s political expediency to lie just as many establishments hide the truth to sell their agendas.

  21. boy trea gonna get 50 on him

  22. Geez ,do the Hawks even watch films? How can you leave Kyrie that open twice?

  23. thats trea

  24. Prince is really bad omg.

  25. airball…..!!!

  26. And left a guy wide open for 2 right after. Smh

  27. Shot was so gross.

  28. Lin in early again.

  29. Love it!

  30. Pierce finally trying to play Lin and Trae together instead of just benching Trae for Lin.

  31. Yet those minutes mean nothing because LP keeps yanking Lin out just as he’s about to turn things around.

    Lin knows the routine now. He’s too smart to not know that how he gets minutes is to lay low in the beginning until the tank is secure. Make sure he doesn’t upset the sure loss and wait for garbage time when he can finally play his game to win his allotted time.

    LP has no intention of winning unless Trae has a great game. Then Lin sits and gets no playtime.

  32. 222222

  33. Wow Baynes can shoot 3 too?

  34. quick first step

  35. Lin with nice drive and layup.

  36. Lin-Trae killing it

  37. Nice pass by Trae!

  38. why havnt we seen this before

  39. Lin and trea works really good together

  40. Oh look, having in there makes things much easier for Trae. What a shocker.

    Lin pass to Trae for easy drive and layup.

  41. It didn’t work well before for some reason. Maybe they practice playing together now

  42. As I said, Trae is not a ball hog and he is pretty good on some areas. I don’t hate him but he is a little to early to be a starter. That’s on the coach and front office, not Trae.

  43. Happy to be watching the game, though multi-tasking.
    Go Lin! Play well! Stay Healthy!

  44. some chemistry takes time i guess

  45. Dedmon making buckets, but him and Len are so bad at defense. Can’t stop Baynes.

  46. Can we win this game please? Celtics is not playing that good lately and without Al Horford tonigh

  47. Good enough to beat Hawks though. Baynes is better than any Hawks big man and Kyrie eats Trae for breakfast.

  48. Lin with another 2!

  49. Damn Kyrie…

  50. they set up awesome screens for kyrie

  51. Why is everyone hitting 3s when they play against Lin???

  52. Boston can’t miss a shot. Dang.

  53. nothing you can do about that shot

  54. Celtics hitting their perimeter shots. LP has to figure something out. Lin looks great. 2-2. Looking aggressive and involved as well. Good stint with Trae.

  55. Because they all screen Lin with good big men that know how to set screens. Lin has a tough time fighting through screens.

  56. Yup.

  57. nope. they are very talented. if they come togther it will be an issue. hope it dont happen today

  58. It’s already happening today.

  59. lol… its early. some deep threes

  60. You can kinda tell when Baynes and Tatum hit a 3s haha. Nothing you can do about Kyrie tho.

  61. Boston is 5 for 9 at the 3, 55.6%. Hawks are 0 for 2 at the 3. RIP

  62. Why is he wide open?????

  63. Celtics were cold before this game and all of a sudden they are on fire this game.

  64. oh no. Celtics are on fire! can’t miss a shot!

  65. 2222222

  66. Lin’s speed is improving.

  67. Looking quick again!

  68. I would say 80%

  69. Nice steal into bucket by Lin.

  70. And now Morris is on fire… smh

  71. Wow Lin out. Stupid LP.

  72. oops my bad.

  73. Lin will be in all nite long

  74. It’s amazing how just one good player divides the defence and space them out. LP is just a bad coach or a great tank commander.

  75. Nice move by Collins!

  76. Nice effort there by the Hawks and bucket by Collins.

  77. Scary.

  78. Wth. That was a foul by Smarts.

  79. Hawks 1 for 7 at the 3. Celtics 8 for 12. Sheesh.

  80. Lin still 0 assists. His guys can’t get buckets.

  81. celtics sooooo talented

  82. 45 pts qtr, that crazy.

  83. celtics making all the three. this game will be over soon if this continues

  84. Celtics shot the lights out. Lin mostly very good. Probably Trae starts the 2Q.

  85. This isn’t even tanking. This is just Hawks getting outplayed badly, even with Lin out there.

  86. the talent gap is too big. hawks missing threes and celtics not

  87. Ehhh, Celtics wasn’t very good lately until this game….

  88. what a sad contrast:
    one team cannot miss a shot, the other cannot make a shot. 🙁

  89. Doesn’t matter. Their talent is always there. Their chemistry wasn’t… until tonight.

  90. Trae is looking awful lately.

  91. agreed

  92. Playing against tougher competition as well as being scouted.

  93. And can’t buy a 3…

  94. Is super boring if the Hawks bet blow out every single game…..

  95. Really, his shot has abandoned him.

  96. that’s because he’s not as wide open as the rest of the hawks

  97. And shots selection.. smh.

  98. Baze is not a veteran at all.

  99. Mutombo! Long time no see haha.

  100. Too easily angered and tilted.

  101. Yup. Like rookie.

  102. His voice is so nutty.

  103. Lol yeah. Haha.

  104. celtics slowing down. thank goodness

  105. Real life cookie monster.

  106. Hawks are even slower.

  107. 1-12 from 3

  108. Cut short shopping. How is our boy doing?

  109. Collins having a good game so far.

  110. Prince already in foul trouble with 3.

  111. Lin needs to come back in soon. Sitting a bit too long.

  112. Nice pass by Smarts, even I don’t like him.

  113. This is terrible. Not at all competitive.

  114. trea defense is horrendous

  115. What a dedicated fan! 🙂

    He played 8 min in 1Q, 6 pts, shooting 60%. It has been a poor shooting night for the Hawks!

  116. 10-18 vs 1-14.

  117. Trea leaving his man wide open three times already

  118. spellmen did it a few times as well

  119. the whole team plays bad defense. Running around like chicken without heads

  120. This game is already out of hand.

  121. Wow, pretty good, eh?

  122. Lin in

  123. Hope Lin stops the embarasement.

  124. He tried once already and couldn’t do it.

  125. Come on Len, Lin was wide open and you threw it to the stands.

  126. Looking at Kyrie reminded me when Lin lead the Kemba less Hornets and beat the Cavs.

  127. That was such a great game. Lin vs. Kyrie showdown.

  128. No one can hit a 3, Hawks should go for 2 instead

  129. Bembry missed 3 wide open 3s.

  130. he’s wide open for a reason

  131. True.

  132. Nice pass Lin!

  133. Good fast break pass. Thankfully Heurter finished.

  134. unit doing good work

  135. Lin making things happen. His unit is responding.

  136. agreed

  137. Hawks are shooting bricks so far! 🙁

  138. They ran Kyrie through 4 screens to try and lose Lin. Lin stuck on Kyrie and the outcome was a turnover into assist by Lin. That’s how good Lin’s defense it.

  139. Wow no foul?

  140. Nice feed inside, Lin. Lin is getting his basketball timing a bit better with each game.

  141. LOL that looked like OG Vince trying to dunk.

  142. Nice pass by Lin, when you pass it to the big, you gotta make sure your big is deep into the paint.

  143. Lin-Len

  144. Baze hurt?

  145. Geez what a late call.

  146. Oh no, looks like he’s hurt.

  147. WTH wrong is the ref man.

  148. Bembry missed 4 open 3s.

  149. Ball don’t lie.

    Refs helping Celtics and biased against Lin as usual.

  150. Celtics only scored 14 so far this qtr.

  151. I think the ref are biased against the entire Hawks.

  152. There we go Bembry. Don’t try to shoot anymore. Just drive and dunk, lay it up, or pass.

  153. Bembry hardly pass the ball after he gets the rebound sigh…

  154. Lin not shooting anymore. Just trying to facilitate and shut Kyrie down.

  155. Good job by Lin to deny the pass to Irving

  156. Lin’s defense on Irving is mad good!

  157. Lin and the various units he’s playing with got the Hawks back into the game. Lincredible.

  158. i cant believe lin made this competitive

  159. 14 mins 1st half, not bad. 🙂

  160. Lin is a force out there. He’s just making good things happen on both ends of the court. His D is effective, his passing, his floor leadership.

  161. Lin orchestrated to reduce the deficit from 29 to 16!

  162. Complete package. He’s sacrificing his scoring tonight to get his guys going and to shut Kyrie down.

  163. He really made his teammates calmed down and organized.

  164. Lin plus/minus -2

  165. well trea about to come in and finish this off for us

  166. LOL

  167. Lol

  168. haha

  169. oops -1. it was -14 after his first stint

  170. -1 at espn boxscore

    The best is 0 and the worst is -17 for the Hawks

  171. which is whom lol. i know who it is

  172. Whoever stayed longer with Lin has the least.

  173. lol .. I’m not going to say it to be polite

  174. lol… ill be nice

  175. -1 at too

  176. trea would develop better off the bench. he needs atleast 2-3 year coming off the bench being a 6th man. tbh that may be the only role he can play

  177. Yup. Too early to put him as a starter. It is actually hurting him more instead of developing.

  178. Since ATL is known to be tankers, what difference does it make what the ref does? You want to lose anyway right?

  179. His 3pt shoot selection was too forced.

  180. he is lucky he isnt lonzo. he has no pressure but for the first time i heard hawks commentators talk about his shot selection

  181. i like the way collins play

  182. This is the 4th game in a row Lin did not go to the free throw line even once. Knowing how good Lin is at drawing fouls and how well he’s been playing lately, the only explanation is refs are biased against Lin across the board.

  183. Finally, we have been noticing a long time.

  184. lol the commentator said he cannot be like Curry, Curry made bad shots!

  185. boston?

  186. As always…smh.

  187. yes the boston guy

  188. Another thing is he’s not playing in the penalty as much. But agree, Lin not going to the free throw line is a red flag. Not this amount of games.

  189. he isnt even making good three shots right now

  190. teams know how to play him now. He gets trapped early to force the ball out of his hand and force him to shoot bad shots.

  191. Felt like the ref are biased against the entire Hawks, Vince was foul on the dunk attempt.

  192. they defend him in the paint better. he is short so its easy to block him

  193. Bazemore out perhaps Bembry starts 2nd half for him – this things going back to a 30pt lead in the first few minutes…

    … blowout means more minutes for JLIN

  194. Now that Lin got his guys involved and scoring, he needs to take charge and be the leading scorer the Hawks need him to be in the 2nd half.

  195. Yeah man, JLIN was so passive passing the ball when he should’a been shootin’

  196. I think from here on, no matter what Lin will get his minute because Lin was playing so well and everyone can see it. LP have no choice but to play Lin for meaningful minutes.

  197. LP always has choices

  198. Yeah man, not what I said, but go ahead and try to troll like the dumb dumb you are.

  199. Prince is not defending omg!

  200. lol starters are awful

  201. I agree.

  202. So bad…

  203. Not a good start, yikes.

  204. 3 layups

  205. Trae out there and 0 defense. Boston with 4 quick points to start the 3rd Q.

  206. like i said all the work lin did ended in 15 seconds

  207. 2 dunks and one layup to be exact lol. Just playing.

  208. Prince too, he is awful on the defensive end.

  209. Horrendous. Trae and his unit just gave back what Lin and his units played so hard to gain.

  210. Annoying. They showed no effort. What’s going on with that unit?

  211. no talents

  212. Nice shot, Prince. He needs to sit.

  213. You live by the Trae, you die by the Trae

    Unfortunately this means, every time Trae’s unit steps on the floor they are so disorganized on both sides (offense is whoever decides to take the shot first without passing; defense utterly atrocious) you are in anotehr deep HOLE before you realize what truck just hit ya.

  214. Dedmon and Prince are terrible bigs. They play 0 defense, especially when Trae is out there with them.

  215. Another air ball by Prince……. omg

  216. This is not just Trae. That whole unit is dysfunctional.

  217. It’s a matter of leadership, there is no floor leadership

  218. Nice D but Jason still hit it.

  219. No one run back????????????????

  220. Prince is falling apart.

  221. Lin in

  222. This is not even about talent man, this is about effort

  223. Nah, it’s about talent too. Hawks lack both, especially the “starters.”

  224. No one box out at all….

  225. C’mon Lin! Ice Bembry

  226. Well Lin just missed a 3 so I guess that was why he pass it to Bembry

  227. 30 pts again. We are done.

  228. But TY is the PG and should set the table the way Jlin does. How Jlin organizes the team while on the floor is his biggest attribute. LP needs to put Jlin in with the starters to see whether he can make a difference. If he can, the TY needs to sit the bench and learn

  229. Prince plays too many minutes

  230. Prince ballhogging again. Had an open Lin but kept the ball and got fouled.

  231. At least Bembry hustle on the defense, Prince is doing nothing, NOTHING!

  232. He’s more of a ball hog than anyone else on the team. He’s played a horrible game.

  233. Hows he doing??

  234. Prince so trash

  235. another Lin-Len connection!

  236. TD pass!

  237. that’s a beautiful pass to len by lin

  238. I’ve liked Bembry the past 2-3 weeks. Dude still sucks at shooting, but he’s stop being a ballhog and trusts Lin now. He’s a good energy guy and hustles on both ends of the court. Prince on the other hand…

  239. Lin save the qtr again…

  240. trea making lin have to work so hard

  241. Lin leading his units to crawl back again!

  242. This has got to be getting hard on TY. Feel kind of bad for him, OTOH he should not have disrespected a fellow player (Doncic) and not expect karma to come back and slap him. He needs to suffer a slight ankle sprain so he can legitimately sit out for a while (10 games) w/o losing face.

  243. How many miracle comebacks can 1 man lead his Unit to magically execute???

    JLIN in a different plane of basketball wizardry

  244. I also noticed Bembry is more willingly to pass the ball now and his energy is good.

  245. trea will come back to end the game

  246. This is like the Hornets season + Lakers season combined.

    Lakers tanking season, Hornets season where Lin’s bench had to get back what the starters give up.

  247. Yes, but Lin would be out of gas soon.

  248. Have to say, Celtics coach is putting good D on Lin. But Lin is still effective. Game is probably out of reach at this point, though.

  249. Yes. Lin had more help with the Hornets bench, however.

  250. At least Len box out.

  251. Over the foul limit already, Hawks should attack the basket more!

  252. Hes doing well?

  253. Good pass by Bembery

  254. 33333333333333333333333333333

  255. I want to exchange the LP with you.

  256. 15 again.

  257. These hawks so trash cant even pick a rebound

  258. Your stream is so far ahead of mine lol.

  259. Wow bs foul! They both fighting for the loose ball!

  260. Sure let the guys who got us in the 30pt deficit back on the floor LP

  261. 3 FT!

  262. 1 FT

  263. Tank strategy 101

  264. changed it to 2
    cuz you know its lin

  265. OMG am I seeing things? Lin to the foul line?!?! SO RARE

  266. Wow that sucks!

  267. Lol

  268. And Lin misses a FT. 🙁

  269. annnnnd LIn out

  270. Lin out

  271. Ouch in & out.

  272. about time! Boston is his “home turf”.

  273. Jesus so trash

  274. Playing a ton of minutes. Gotta rest him.

  275. 3 fouls 🙁

  276. that dont matter

  277. Anderson should hold for the last shot.

  278. The minute JLIN steps off the floor — it turns into the G- League basketball

  279. trea got benched

  280. Not that bad as it is going into the 4Q now.

  281. Lin is the only hope if Hawks have any desire to win at all

  282. hawks saying trea worse then not having a pg in the game

  283. A breather for Lin is fine, he should come back in no later than the 8 mins mark of the 4th qtr.

  284. He didn’t deserve minutes this game. Glad Pierce is sending a message to him.

  285. It was good to see Lin drain that. My stream is also quite behind Dorothy’s.

  286. LP should benched Prince as well.

  287. Also he played for 22 min already at end of 3Q

  288. He’s doing the best he can. Doing a great job. But too many Hawks aren’t playing well.

  289. vinsanity at +17! play that half man half amazing guy more!

  290. 13 minutes for Prince, 15 for Trae. They’ve been awful.

  291. LOL Fox Sports showing Lin fans at courtside.

  292. This team is really terrible. 3 years from now, I don’t know what kind of monster this team can become.

  293. Trae is learning the hard way now.

  294. zion sweepstakes

  295. Hayward is looking sorta ok. That’s good to see.

  296. I thought Dedmon is good, but he looks awful in this game, especially on the defensive end.

  297. ehhhhhh….idk

  298. why every time Lin out theres open shots

  299. JLIN would have rotated over to contest Hayward, Trae — stepped out of Haywards way for the jam

  300. He had a good offensive start, but then got progressively worse. Yeah, his D is terrible.

  301. Yeah. Team isn’t good.

  302. im going to say this. trea will get benched

  303. God can LP tell Trae stop shooting this long distance 3?

  304. just got here, how is our boy doing?!

  305. Annnnd Trae and the starters trying to get it to 30-point deficit for the 3rd time this game.

  306. That was fast..down 25 again.

  307. TRAE YOUNG is unplayable – if you know basketball the last 3 minutes were so apparent it’s sickening

  308. It’s sad he did not even attempt to defend! So bad!

  309. trea -33

  310. He should, aside from defensive end, his shots selection are awful

  311. Dedmon -36 :O

  312. Lol didn’t that break any record haha

  313. its like hawks vs celtics and trea

  314. Hahah that’s a good one. 6 vs 4

  315. If you are a starting PG for a team, at least show efforts to lead in both end of courts. Shot won’t fall, it is OK. But energy has to be there no matter how many deficits there are.

  316. Back in the old day, if you are shooting 3 way behind the 3 points line and with lot of time on the shot clock, unless you are Kobe otherwise you will 100% yell by the coach. Smh.

  317. He played well. Twice led the bench to reduce the deficit from >25 to ~15.

    He played 22 min for 3 quarters, 10 pts, 5 asts, 2 rebs, 2 stls. Not seeking his own shots though.

  318. Heurter seems to be playing good D.

  319. Lloyd Pierce’s body language –

    when the starters on the floor – he often sits down
    when JLIN’s unit on floor – stand up

  320. Boston NBC announcers stating Trae is “little out there, he looks smaller in person”…

  321. Lin in

  322. Heurter missed rim by 3 feet – rookies

  323. when Hawks are behind by 27! 94-67

  324. Oh my…Bembry

  325. Trae will be mentally broken and damaged by the 12th game of this losing streak

  326. 33333333333333333333333333333333

  327. Lin’s pull up 3 is great.

  328. Hawks starters — 25
    Hawks bench —50

  329. Time for Lin to get his.

  330. Lin is working some magic now.

  331. wow lin just made great plays

  332. Lin playing fantastic and wont be staying on this poor excuse of a team.

  333. Lin makes Hawks look like an NBA team again

  334. hawks commentators talking about lin starting lmao

  335. JLIN really is the miracle worker – unreal

  336. Lin and his units are playing admirably tonight. So much grit, determination, and focus.

  337. unbelievable!

  338. I think he already is…

  339. I see what you’re doing there “Magic”!

  340. Wow Len playing well tonight.

  341. Therefore he should join Magic and be a starting PG for Cliff. 🙂

  342. Auditioning for Coach Stevens

  343. 22222222222222222

  344. The defense of the 2nd unit is so much better

  345. It’s been obvious for the past month, but they’ve held their tongues for as long as possible.

  346. wow that would have been a great assist to len

  347. Thank you for the forecast! 🙂

  348. Yes. If Len hits the shots it’s the same result, 2 points.

  349. It is on the coach and front office. Dude is only 19, still a kid.

  350. Lin really makes the Hawks look respectable out there

  351. they are playing defense with lin out there.

  352. He should for a while for his own sake. He is being overwhelmed and needs to collect himself

  353. Whole second unit is playing like a first unit. If you’re going to play Young pair him up with Lin as a SG

  354. If Lin is not an Asian, he would have been a all star every year since his rookie year.

  355. Lin’s unit has outplayed the starters whole night.

  356. Lin+17

  357. Nope, that would ruin the unit that JLIN leads

  358. yeah -35 for TY thats pretty bad.

  359. wow, Lin with 15pts/7assists/3stls/3rebs already in 26 min

  360. Nope first unit gets much stronger and more respectable.

  361. wow 7 assist

  362. prince man 0/7 thats terrible

  363. Would’ve been more if his guys hit more open 3s.

  364. Rockets lost to Pistons. Good! 😉

  365. and the starting PG -35

  366. they probably aren’t going to win but the second unit fighting hard.

  367. The only way first unit gets stronger is JLIN leads the first unit

    Trae shoots 30 shots per night
    Trae let’s JLIN play D for him
    And the 2nd unit goes to pot because JLIN has expended all his energy carrying Trae’s water

  368. It finally happened! At about 6:30 in the 4thQ, the commentator (the one with the Asian adopted kid) asked the other one something like the way Jeremy’s been playing in November and the way Tray’s been __, perhaps they should think about having Jeremy start or something like that. The other commentator hesitated and then said something like maybe they could mix it up. And then the first one said it would be not to punish Tray but to help him bc Jeremy is established in the league or something like that!!!!

  369. and makes the game watchable!

  370. Lin playing starter minutes now. Hope he has enough gas to close the game out.

  371. I’tl make Life easier for Trae with another creator next to him. It always is. Hawks have no creators except trae. Taurean is garbage. Baze is decent the rest is meh. Lin can create and penetrate along with Good D. He wants to start i’d start him.

  372. Great fake Lin!

  373. please 3 FT

  374. Lin so not use to shooting FTs, he forgot how.

  375. 2 FT

  376. Missed 2 FTs tonight 🙁

  377. Guess Lin hasn’t been used to shooting FTs, since it’s been 3 games in a row since he got to the line.

  378. That won’t happen; dreams of Kemba-JLIN will not work for this team

    All that will do is break down JLIN’s rehabbed body – JLIN is playing for his own stats because he will move to a NEW team by trade deadline or season end, he doesn’t need to do this franchise or “franchise star” any favors at his own expense

  379. Yeah, unlike him.

  380. I think Lin wants to start no matter what team.

  381. Lin trying to get over 20 points tonight and leading scorer again. Hope he can make another 3.

  382. nice wrap around pass

  383. Maybe 2 more assist?

  384. please 2 FT

  385. Lin FT form back.

  386. 2 Free Throw

  387. Leading scorer again! 🙂

  388. Is that an assist for Lin?

  389. 1 more assist for double double

  390. One more assist please!!!!!!!!!!

  391. Yes, please.

  392. 1 Asst

  393. NICE!!!

  394. Got it! Double double WOOT!

  395. There we go! Double-double.

  396. Haha thanks fortune teller. 🙂

  397. collins should have passed to lin…

  398. Double double for Lin!! 19 pts 10 asts! 🙂

  399. impressive. against boston

  400. first 30 minute game for lin woooooooooooooooooooooot

  401. Lin is the leading scorer on EITHER team, has a double double, and is +15 for the night.

  402. 3 steals too baby!

  403. oh yessss.. 1st double-double of the season for JLin?

  404. 42.3% 3PT by Lin.

  405. Gosh missed the entire game and only caught the final play by play. Lin got 30mins and Young only mins?! His first double double of the season!! Woot woot!

  406. 6/10 shooting, 2/4 3pt, 5/7 FT, 1 TO, +15

  407. The good news is, Lin was able to shut Kyrie down tonight and played the best out of anyone on both teams.

    The bad news is, Trae and the starters sucked again and gave back every comeback Lin and his units helped gain for them.

  408. The other good news is ATL has a proven starting lineup to fit the tanking strategy

  409. Lin has got to be player of the game

  410. gotta love how those 3PT% is climbing up to 44.2% now!

  411. LP don’t really wanna tank, at least not that early. These couples game he played Lin more than Trae is the prove.

  412. No Lin did not start.
    He led his unit to outplay the starters drastically!

  413. more like player of the week

  414. or even month lol

  415. TY was -35, Dedmon -38, prince -24

  416. LP doing all he can to help Trae’s D stop the bleeding (by subbing in Lin and bench) so Trae can get the accolades to keeping the game close and win a few, but man, Trae is just not looking great.

  417. i just want to say I am so happy today for Lin.

  418. i wonder how he’s doing compared to all other bench PG

  419. After this game, Lin shooting average climbs up to 51.1% FG and 44.2% 3FG

  420. no doubt lin trade value will skyrocket right now. he may start soon. hawks commentator saying he has been the hawks most consistent player

  421. Maybe ATL should start thinking about making the playoffs. Ed Davis got 12 minutes for BKLN, not playing as much as he probably thought the would. Maybe they could sucker Marks into taking Prince for Davis

  422. and Lin +15

  423. Boston fans know what’s up. Too bad Hawks fans can’t admit it.

  424. Well not only Trae, the entire starters sucks. Prince, Dedmon and especially Baze, he is so overrated to be called a elite defender.

  425. Preliminary highlights …

  426. The lineup with Collins and Dedmon in it is worse than with Len and Vince. I don’t think it is any fault of Collins, but Dedmon is more like edmon out there. Trae is not being shut down by good teams and Prince is a disaster out there. Baze also has a lot of bad moments.

  427. where ? hehe

  428. Was gonna ask the same lol

  429. I think Prince has looked the worse of all of them. At least Dedmon does halfway OK on offense.

  430. Agreed, Prince looks so bad this game.

  431. oops those are treas highlights ……………………….hehehehehehe

  432. Hahahha.

  433. -35. Really. Ouch.

    Lin was like -30 or so i the 1Q. But he balled. And he played D. Lin was so good tonight. Different than the previous game. Here he had points and assists as well. I’m happier when he gets both.

  434. Lin had great audition to Celtics (& Toronto) 😀

    Hope one of these contenders will consider him for 6th man role.

  435. yep, a black player breaking all those records… he would have been a protected superstar.

  436. I feel Taureen Prince not liking the whole Linsanity 2.0 thing that’s starting to happen.

  437. How about Magic as staring PG? 🙂

  438. Celtics aren’t really lacking with Rozier and Smart combo.

  439. Lin can get a starting role on a desperate contender with his stats right now.

  440. How was anderson playing he seemed to give effort when I saw him play.

  441. Dedmon looked good when playing with Jlin on the 2nd unit. Now Len is on the 2nd unit and he looks good. Could it be Jlin? Of course. making others better is what Jlin does. Prince does not play team ball. If he did Jlin could make him better too. TY does not make his team better. Boston has 3 good PG in Irving, Smart and Rozier so I guess Jlin won’t be going there unless Boston trades on of them to ATL. Not likely though. Still lots of time. Injuries can happen

  442. at this rate lin has a higher tade value then bazemore. he may start infront of him

  443. Next 5 games, against teams over .500. 3 of them are away including 1 B2B. We will see if Hawks can break the L streak at 10.

  444. For sure. Baze has been awful. No way he is a leader, so immature.

  445. Depends on whether Hawks are considering keeping Lin but either way they will have to start him to make a point. Can’t expect Lin to stay if they aren’t going to give him the start. Minus the obvious tank, Pierce knows exactly what the best and worst lineups are. He can be a smart coach but Hawks needs a tanking commander.

  446. What happen to Bazemore?

  447. hawks commentators talking about lin starting

  448. hurt

  449. Well but you do have to offer Asian discount tho. Smh.

  450. With Trae, or in place of Trae?

  451. Celtics commentators talking about Young movement and his shot selection.

  452. the tv commentators talked about lin starting with trea. the post games one talking about benching trea

  453. Statistically, only a few are better than him, Dinwiddie and Schroeder being a couple who are. He’s one of the best bench guards in the league right now stat-wise.

  454. For real?! Someone needs to upload that clip asap!

  455. what are they saying?

  456. What we having being saying.

  457. I have a feeling Anthony Davis will leave the Pelicans next year.

  458. ohh its funny everything we’ve been saying everyone else is now saying.

  459. Leave to join Lebron or KD… Pelicans are not a contender.

  460. If he can get his free throw % up to 90.. He can hit the elusive 50/40/90 club.

  461. They’re beginning to see the light.

  462. its kinda obvious as lin gets to 100 percent

  463. Just be glad Hawks has some decent announcers willing to praise Lin and say things as they should be!

  464. lmao

  465. If refs would actually call fouls for Lin every game, he can get there.

  466. didnt i say he was when healthy

  467. Yup.

  468. What else can they say? Feel bad for TY. he needs to figure out how to make his teammates better rather than feed the stat machine. That is how he can find a place in the NBA

  469. for me it was like this. hawks are worse then brooklyn. lin was the top guy there so, yea its takes logic but he is the best player in atlanta

  470. Well on the good side, I believe we don’t have to worry about Lin’s minute after these 2 games unless LP wanna get fire in his 1st year.

  471. well. trea has great competition to face. he will continue to slump if left in the starting lineup with no lin.

  472. You misunderstand ATL and Pierchlenk’s goals and objectives this season — but sit and watch you will learn

  473. It doesn’t matter if LP wanna tank, he still gotta play Lin. No more 9 minutes sxxt!

  474. otherwise lose by 50 points lol

  475. lmao

  476. The minute Trae’s unit is competitive in the first half and/or Trae scores 10 points in the first half ———> JLIN goes back to 18 minutes play time and watches from the bench as Trae tries again to lead a win…

    … count on it

  477. trea close to shooting under 20 percent from 3

  478. They can always blindly praise and find excuses while ignoring Lin completely so many of them do that like the rockets and hornets.

  479. I am fine with 18 as long as Lin can pad the stats. But 100% no more less than 15 minutes BS.

  480. rockets and hornets had harden and kemba who can score. trea just isnt even sniffing that level of scoring ability

  481. Announcers and FO are linked closely, for them to say and not say certain things. The fact that Hawks announcers are allowed to even call out Lin to be a starter is unheard of! Lin totally deserves to be a starting PG or SG!

  482. How about: We didn’t start off the game with good player?

  483. What’s with all the pressure from media? So…Hawks are not tanking and Pierce is just bad? There’s no need to give pressure of everyone knows you’re tanking.

  484. Things that LP need to fix on the 1st unit, defense, shot selections and he gotta hold the player accountable.

  485. I think so. It is more like Pierce is clueless. But I do think the Hawks will tank soon.

  486. There are many ways of tanking. The way Hawks are tanking is not the right way. You want to develop your young players during a tank, not have them regress further and further each game. Even with a full-on tank, you can’t be losing 10 in a row and expect your rookies and young players to improve and develop. They’ll only get more demoralized and careless. Hawks media and even some intelligent and objective Hawks fans now see this is becoming a major problem for this team. Something needs to be done.

  487. GOAT

  488. I don’t want to say anything bad about a 19 years old rookie.

    It’s more of the organization’s decision. They want to showcase T. Young even Young is worse than Clarkson’s first year.

    I won’t mind the Hawks keep losing if they can find a contender trade Lin.

  489. He’s trying to hold them accountable by benching them all the past few games. Nothing is working on them. Coach is losing half his players because they don’t want to play with Trae and don’t want Trae to lead them.

  490. If this is really the case, then I feel sorry for Trae, it is not on him.

  491. Couldn’t agreed more!

  492. Right, nothing is working. And they’re getting worse, not better.

  493. I want to hear what LP has to say.

  494. I know, I’ve been trying to tell people to ease up on Trae and stop bashing him 24/7. It’s not his fault that he was put into the position he’s in. Lin wasn’t healthy enough to start the season and when Lin finally got healthy enough to start, Trae already started too many games to bench him for Lin. Now half the team don’t even give a F out there every night.

    It’s also Pierce’s fault for not playing Lin more earlier in the season, not inserting Lin into the starting lineup to help Trae out, and letting Trae do whatever he pleases. Thing is, Hawks don’t have another guy who can run point other than Trae and Lin. So if they play and start together, nobody can lead the 2nd unit when they rest. Benching Trae now might have an even worse effect on him. Pierce and the Hawks got themselves into a predicament.

  495. Lol me too.

  496. This I agree. No matter his talent or limitation, he should not be fed into game of wolfs right from the start.

  497. he he me too

  498. Lin & Kyrie combo would be amazing. Trade Rozier to the Hawks.

  499. With games like this, I wouldn’t mind Lin starting from the bench and getting starter’s minutes.

    A big double double for JLin ± +15. shooting 3s @50%.

    Start Trae Young in as many games as you please, Lloyd!

    Playing happily and enjoying the games are more important than winning for this coach. It is probably the end of the beginning of Linsanity. I absolutely love to see the starting 5 of the Hawks gotten blow off the court for the Linsanity show to follow. Lin played with a ± of +15.scoring 19 points with 10 assists in 30 minutes. Amazing! 1TO!

  500. I think the opposing teams have figured out how to guard Young.
    Putting defensive pressure on him, get more physical and close the printed area.

    When Traw Young got fluctuated by D, his offense get worse.

  501. i think lin will start soon. he is playing too good. trea is regressing

  502. Wow … stating facts and actual BASKETBALL statistics about Trae Young is not bashing him

    When you have ATL announcers, sports writers and average ATL fan (not blogheads) all openly questioning the logic of allowing Trae to destroy himself and the team would you call that BASHING Trae?

    I will add that had Trae come in with a bit more humility and a mindset that he will dutifully learn (like Caris Levert did), but instead Trae said he’d be better than Doncic and that he was going to TEACH this team what he could do … perhaps that would have garnered Trae more consideration.

    Trae Young will be out of the NBA in 3 seasons

  503. I hope not. Lin is having so much fun playing from the bench now.

  504. speed of lin where’s my highlights?

  505. Poor quality, but if you can’t wait…

  506. yea prince is my least favorite player. starting with him may suck. that being said starters get more respect. this is a contract year for lin

  507. thanks

  508. welcome

  509. they should be the starters

  510. Also the 3rd highest in rebounds, 4th highest in assists, 1st in steals, 6th in blocks.

  511. if LP doesn’t change his starting five next game…’s full of BS

  512. To give a 19 yr old that much pressure to carry a team and when opponent figure you out esp elite pg is not a good thing for development. It destroy it . Kobe didn’t even had that much to carry early on.

  513. I don’t want LP to comment that there’s competition at the PG position between Lin and Trae. There’s no competition at all period.

  514. Lin won

  515. too much presssure

  516. You see what you have giving up now Joe Tsai? )((**&&^^%$$

  517. btw the point gaurds we face next are kemba, dragic(may be out), kemba again, russel west brook, curry(if back) and john wall

  518. Lloyd Pierce was an integral part to the greatest 3 year span of losing in NBA history with the Philadelphia 76ers —

    LP is immune to criticism because he follows the Process – that is why he was brought to Atlanta

  519. I don’t blame the kid. It’s not his fault that the crooked GM and coach are deliberately trashing the kid for their own benefits. Don’t take it out Trae.

  520. Unfortunately, if Trae objectively wanted to succeed in the NBA, he would tell the coach “I am not ready”.

    The trajectory Trae finds him self on, the NBA will decide and the verdict is he’ll be out in 3 seasons

  521. 7 out of the last 12 games lin has been the hawks leading scorer

  522. No athlete will ever admit to that. It’s in their DNA to never doubt themselves. They puff their chest up and swallow their fears to give it their best shot. The nba as a league is the only ones I know that throws their kittens to the wolves to see who can survive to be a lion. It’s the fault of the league, the teams and owners for their greed and stupidity. Trae is a less a villain and more of a victim.

  523. Lifted this from the other thread.

    Post by Kpkafle

    From LP’s post game press conference, Bemby and Lin were best players tonight. They brought energy in both offense but especially defensively. Asked what he would do to get starters some energy he said Jeremy will now be first man of the bench. He said even though Trae and Jeremy only played two minutes together in the first quarter he thought they played well together. Based on his comments LP may still start Trae over Jeremy but he has realized Jeremy is the best Hawks player so he is going to get more minutes.

    He will probably regularly get over 20 minutes now and if Trae sucks which he has been doing he will be getting starter minutes even though he may not start.

  524. Joe can’t hear you through the spot he got in the NBA. You think he would’ve gotten it if he didn’t trade Lin away? The fact Sean Marks didn’t sign/keep any of the 3 possible Asian players is revealing enough.

  525. still waiting for SpeedOfLin, but here’s one highlight

  526. Lin will just have to keep racking up those points and post 30 pts on a nightly basis until he does so! Showcase, trade or not, Lin deserves the start until Hawks can get rid of him.

  527. Sounds like Lin is now 6th man for Hawks based on LP’s statements. But some Hawk’s media want him to start based on their in-game and post-game comments (mentioned by some posters here).

  528. Trae has been starter in name only the past 2 weeks.

  529. did he say that post game damn

  530. Wow…good game by Lin today! (sigh! i missed the game)
    First double-double of the season!
    First 30min of the season!

  531. ATL has only won 3 games. I’d say the tanking started some time ago

  532. Hawks media holding Pierce’s feet to the fire and holding him to his words when Pierce said that you gotta earn your minutes and he’ll play the best players the most. They all understand it’s a rebuilding and tanking year, but this is not how a team should tank.

  533. lin’s talent is being wasted on this team. i dont need to see much more. he’s probably like 90% of his former self. even his 3’s came back, with a vengeance. limited minutes, limited role, yet obviously the best player on the team. lin is still in his prime. we need to see him play in meaningful games soon. schlenk would be a FOOL to not trade him for SOMETHING. other gm’s would be FOOLS to not gamble on an expiring lin to bolster their bench or heck even replace an injured or regressing starter…

  534. Yes. LP needs to do something about Prince. He’s been horrid.

  535. that is totally BS

  536. trea getting a few more chances it seems.

  537. Amazing Linsanity stats and efficiency! Just need more minutes

    I can see those GMs doing their homework now ..”Quick! Who can we send away for Lin?”

  538. trae can’t hide anymore. atl commentators did the impossible and discussed if lin should start to help trae get back his game….

  539. See my post below. Someone from the other site did a summary of his postgame and I posted it here.

  540. Magics! No competition for the starting PG spot! and they have loads of bigs!

  541. He did do something. He only gave Prince 17 minutes to play, which is still too much playtime, but well below what Prince usually plays when healthy.

  542. bembry can’t play pg. too many to’s. LP sure gave him opportunites as pg for whole quarters but alas, his role was bgger than his talent…

  543. Yess – gotta start your best player – period!!!

  544. I like Magic because it can be a long term team for Lin.
    Hope Clifford does his best to convince the GM to get Lin asap to Orlando

  545. I believe they will start Trae no matter what as otherwise the front office will look really bad for drafting him instead of Luka. So the best scenario is starting Trae and Lin but in this case no one can lead the 2nd unit. So 6th man with 25+ minutes should be reasonable.

  546. must be hard for him to outright lie to everyone. at least the sixers didn’t lie about it. everyone knew what was going on. hinkie died for this…

  547. But i gotta bash Lin as well for his inefficiency….since we had already benchmark-ed

    26min-> 26pts

    30min -> 30pts! no?!! lolz
    On a serious note, 10FGA on a 30mins…is kinda low

  548. wont work with how trea has been playing

  549. We will see if LP starts Lin in a B2B next week.

  550. Thanks! Been waiting for it.

  551. Expect it

  552. been saying this since summer. lin WITH trae makes trae better. no one wants lin to score on them so he attracts so many defenders. the secret to his x-factor ability…

  553. Lin tried getting his teammates involved to lead 3 separate comebacks tonight. He had to expend a lot of energy on defense to prevent the Celtics and Kyrie from blowing the Hawks out even worse than already did. Then Lin tried getting some buckets in the 4th to pad his stats a bit. I don’t blame Lin for not taking too many shots tonight.

  554. true atl fans don’t mind prince being traded. they see the horrible plays as well. once you take off the homer glasses, prince has been putrid…

  555. Who’s a tiger fan! Lol

  556. Knowing Lin I bet thats whats the thing he did…but ….you know

  557. lol .. Asian grading

    don’t forget 10 assists so 19pts + (~2pts*10) = 29pts plus hockey-assists
    And many potential assists getting fouled -> FTs so let’s say 35+pts impact in 30min

    A++ lol

  558. The only way JLIN starts on this team is if Trae is injured or desperately needs recuperation …

    … that said, they could engineer an “injury” or “recuperation” at some point this season and they will announce it as such, “JLIN replacement this evening for a recuperating Trae Young”

  559. all will probably be out with a “sore something” seems every game someone is “out” with something…

  560. hawks really dont wanna bench trea so im guessing lin and trea starting maybe there first attempt. rookies tend to loose confidence when benched but with the way trey is playing they may have no choice. if lin starts it maybe next to trea. that being said if trea continues like this hell get benched. he was suppose to be the future so the leash is long. for lin id say just keep playing like this. youll start either at 2 or 1 or atlanta will trade you. this all depends on their confidence on trea. if they bench trea. id say the trade for him was a failure. they will deelp him but he wont be the future anymore

  561. minority share holder. not his call. blame marks. should’ve been lin and levert best backcourt in the nba… sigh….

  562. Few games ago, Lin saw how well Parker did those stuttering/fake moves to have defenders fly by him. Lin learning something new and did something similar to Parker at ~4min in 4th quarter! Thanks to Fortius his posture and movements are even better than before! Sure his 1st step might not be as explosive but all those expressed movements and efficiency makes up for it!

  563. sad to say but the worst trey play the less likly i think they trade lin. either theyll try to get lin to start with him and boost his play or theyll give up on trea and lin will start

  564. At this rate Trae can develop the yips like Fults which is an actual phsychosis call “Steve Blass disease”.

  565. Play Prince with JLin first to see if Jlin can rehab Prince into a better player.

  566. we are the rest game arent we

  567. they brought levert along slowly. levert was also nba ready. it was obvious he played winning ball from the start. once the shots started falling, he broke out…

  568. Or they can trade for a lesser player to replace Lin so Trae won’t have someone of Lin’s caliber threatening his role and starting spot.

  569. They’ll put in some place holders and not Lin. Bet on it.

  570. DJ Augustin. Hehe

  571. hnestly i think dwindie would be threatening to start with how trea is right now

  572. If they don’t trade JLIN, then they let JLIN walk for nothing at season end, they will trade JLIN and JLIN from his side is working to land his next team

  573. Perhaps, they might even start Bembry over JLIN

  574. we are losing by 10 or so right now with lin trying to keep it close. can you magine no lin. LP would be fired with 50 point losses racking up

  575. Lol

  576. I agree. Lin’s too much of a distraction now to the tank. I expect them to trade him ASAP while value is high.

  577. Good, more room for Lin to showcase his skills.

  578. very funny hahaha

  579. it’s because they have vets like baze, dedmon, etc. on the team. they should’ve traded all of them and got ALL young guys. vets like VC can help them from the bench. but getting guys like lin, keeping baze, etc just makes trae and prince look bad.

    anderson has been great on defense/energy. once his 3’s start falling, he’ll make a huge impact.

  580. If Joe said something there was no way Marks would gamble his future GM position away knowing who his new boss in 4 years will be. Joe had to agree for Lin to be traded, don’t believe for a second he’s innocent in this at all.

  581. maybe either way, Lin starts or gets traded

  582. for now, Lin is needed to help Trae gets his confidence back. So that might mean starting next to Trae to take less pressure.

    But for a price, they’ll give up Lin once Trae gets better.

  583. dinwiddie plays winning ball. he’s not a “star” but he helps you win no doubt…

  584. Haha, Dinwiddle is way too good for that! Dlo is probably a better fit for that chore!

  585. Lloyd Pierce on the post-game is effusive about D’andre Bembry — he loves the guy …

    … even if Trae was injured/etc… would not be surprised one iota if Bembry starts at PG over JLIN

  586. i know. they did this a few games ago with the 13 minute game. trea is just horrible right now. he has everything on his side to start and get all the minutes and he is failing

  587. I have being saying it early in the season but only based on Clifford can’t play Lin all the way because of Jordan and the front office.

  588. At this point I wanna give some props to the Hawks announcers. In the last game (not this game) Wilkins started with “Jeremy is playing solid”. Then it became “he is playing well”. Then it was “he is playing very well”. Finally he said “he is playing extremely well” !!!

    Wilkins also praised Jeremy’s defence in disrupting the wings.

    I think we can forgive Wilkins for supporting the home team too much last time. He sure ain’t no Clyde Drexler.

  589. i lik bremby since lin has over taken hm in minutes

  590. I’m not sure how serious LP is about playing them together but at this point Trae is not getting any more confident watching JLIN light up the floor with stellar play

  591. If Marks can trade Dlo for Lin, he may just save his own job!

  592. he is very fair and says it like it is. he holds back a bit on trea but hell say it eventually

  593. Bemby is Sean Kilpatrick with slightly better handles, but is a borderline NBA player in my opinoi

  594. yea but he tries on defense which makes him and lin the only two really. other players try every now and then

  595. they did early on. prince just chucks even more when not sharing the ball with trae.

  596. It’s only half a season so we can finally see how Cliff would use Lin without being forced to prop up a fake star. I still won’t trust Cliff but he knows how to use Lin at the SG spot for triple threat situations which is rare. He will give Lin lots of minutes just to win, not to mention if he’s the starting PG. I hope Cliff learned his lesson not to be play politics and that only winning with the right players will secure his job.

  597. Agreed, I’m rather shocked at how far Dominique has done a 180 on his opinion of JLIN from the beginning of the season to now

  598. Lin will not help trea that much if he plays the same way when lin is in. he still dominates the ball when lin is in. only passed it to him once

  599. LOL I can’t believe you’re still hating on Kemba and calling him a fake star.

  600. Poor kid.

  601. Next stop for Trae Young, if this losing streak keeps going is the Sports Psychiatrist office

  602. taking 30 pts with 29 shots = fake star/shot chucker.

  603. he would only see lin every now and then. he finally gets to see him every game

  604. i don’t buy it. owners who meddle with basketball ops are the worst. a minority owner doing that? it’d be laughable… tsai had no power and even if he did, i doubt he says anything.

    blame marks 100% for giving up on lin and going all in on dlo.

  605. Whereas JLIN constantly passes to Trae (and all the other starters) and never gets the ball back

  606. It’s Pierce’s terrible system. Lin gives the ball to Trae and just stands in the corner. It’s rare that Lin plays point or handles the ball when they’re in together. If Pierce has an actual system and plays designed to get both Lin and Trae involved, good things will happen.

  607. Like Lin and Kemba

  608. they want lin and kemba but they shared ball handling like 60/40 kemba. trea has it 100 percent of the time

  609. Trae gets the ball on offense and …
    … JLIN chases the ball like a slave on defense for Trae

  610. they have to learn while trea can pass an rack assist, he doesn’t control the tempo of the game at all. if lin is in with him. it really neutralizes lin

  611. basically. trea should have less pressure controlling the tempo

  612. if they bench him id say yea.

  613. Lin’s been doing this after every game! I don’t see anyone besides announcers mentioning this!

  614. frankly I think Trae at this point might actually be relieved if he gets moved to the bench and he finds success against other teams’ 2nd units

  615. There’s a small chance the Hawks may keep Lin if they can’t get back a PG of his level to at least make the team look competitive.

    I hope they do trade Lin but my guess is the Hawks management are really getting worried about
    the team and fan morale..They can’t keep losing by 15-20 every night.

  616. hasnt been updated yet

  617. the classic “great assister, bad passer” kinda player like harden. rack up assists like crazy off pnr lobs, weak side curls, or drive and kick, but don’t promote ball movement by passing side to side…

  618. I’d lay the blame on the FO and Hawks official media for trying to narrate Young as their savior and the next big thing to come. Essentially bringing on unrealistic and unnecessary expectation and consequently ruining Young’s confidence when he couldn’t perform up to the hype. I don’t think Pierce really wanted to tank, no dignified coach wants to intentionally tank. It’s always the FO pulling the strings and putting the spins on political agendas and trying to sell a story or narrative.

    It would’ve been so much better for Lin to start and Young to first try commanding the bench squad in order to develop his credentials as the future leader of the Hawks. But FO wanted to fly before the team can even walk…

    None of these are really my business though. I’m just glad that Lin is shining despite temporarily being trapped in this godforsaken team…

  619. yup

  620. “boards don’t hit back”

    nba defenders are the problem not his shooting, per se…

  621. updated except today’s game

  622. Well just to be fair, it is hard to start Lin at the beginning of the season as Lin is not 80% yet. (I think Lin is around his 80% of his old self now)

  623. amen

  624. While they can play together for maybe 5 minutes, I hope Lin can get the time to facilitate.

    And I agree that when Trae and Lin plays together, Trae dominates the ball too much…LP need to get Lin more involve when Trae is in there instead of having Lin just run into the corner.

  625. yea. im guessing he is much higher after this game

  626. closer to 90 id say

  627. yeah. makes sense he was hating on an opposing player that wasn’t a “star” that everyone respects. now he’s championing the heck out of him. he almost goes out of his way to mention how well he’s playing. bravo.

  628. if they trade lin. theyll lose by 30-50 every game

  629. Can’t play JLin and TY together effectively. Both are PG’s but TY can’t play without the ball in his hands. Jlin can play with and without the ball but he is much more effective with the ball in his hands. JLin and Kemba made it work, kind of, when they were in together but JLin was much more effective when he controlled the ball and so was the CHA team as witnessed by games against SAS and CLE when JLin started and ran the team.

  630. it’s actually good that jeremy didn’t start. Now everyone is talking about why he is not starting….I like that controversy better.

  631. bembry is a MUCH better athlete than kilpatrick. bembry as a role player is an asset. when he does too much, then it’s a problem…

  632. Stevens had a lot of guys going at him and he didn’t get a lot of good looks. But he got to the line a few times and as you see from the stats, he got assists. And what weren’t assists were points from foul shots.

  633. Pierce might be a dignified coach in two years time, he has wonderful experience operating a tank and he is using that experience this season

  634. speed of lin where are you?

  635. lol true. i said that before. if lin had started an wasnt ready to early on the pressure would be on lin. now he is getting healthy and now the pressure s on trea

  636. kemba kept telling lin to stay agressive and that was what did the trick.. it’s saying ‘lin, be yourself and play with the ball on hand if you need too, I don’t care, I will take care of myself too’.

  637. Bembry tries to do too much 90% of the time he’s on the floor and is successful about 30% of that time spent

  638. That’s exactly what he told him, lol. They miked Kemba during one of the playoff games and pretty much, that’s what he said.

  639. yep

  640. give lin more ball handling duties and i bet it works

  641. That’s the problem…While they’re all for tanking but getting humiliated every nights could really destroy the confidence of the young players you’re trying to develop and they could develop bad habit too.

    Also, they still need to keep their small fan base from not coming to the game..they still gotta sell tickets and getting blown out every night can only diminish attendance even more.

  642. can someone speed dial speed of lin so I can go to sleep smiling.

  643. Kemba was a good teammate and confident enough in his abilities to not feel threatened by JLin. CHA just had two really good PG’s on their team though I see Kemba as a short SG. Though he isn’t tall he is very strong while young TY looks scrawny

  644. Bembry actually had a career high 14 points tonight. He’s fully bought in to Lin’s system and has benefitted greatly by not being a ballhog for the past 2-3 weeks. Still has an awful 3-point shot though.

  645. But what would TY do?

  646. yea. it seems lin trade value is higher then ever but hawks maybe afraid of losing him. i just want him to start or play alot so he can get a nice contract

  647. He had a few selfish moments but he’s mostly become a good energy and defensive presence next to Lin.

  648. he can do what bremby does. wait for the open three or wait and drive and score. he snt ready for that much ball handling duties. its obvious to see. his downfall continues even f lin plays with him. why?? he dominates the ball still

  649. ill miss him if lin starts. prince will cause me pain

  650. Markelle Fultz syndrome

  651. If Bembry can be less selfish, then he can be Iman Shumpert type of player next to Lin.

  652. PER is not a very good stat to use. That’s why most fans don’t even mention it when comparing players.

  653. i agree but its better then when the season started

  654. Yes he will. Lin will siphon off defenders away from Trae allowing him more space to maneuver. They know that if they don’t watch for Lin, they will get burned. The question is if LP will allow it to happen or not, or will he do the stand Lin in the corner thing like all the other teams did.

  655. No, this is Hawks trying to save themselves. Few games ago announcers said Lin was right a back int he gym, he’s been practicing those 3s. You never saw any hawks media filming a video of Lin practicing. But since Trae has been horrible they film this to gain some pity and benefit of the doubt.

  656. yeah i’ll take bembry over prine

  657. Me too.

  658. i think he’s getting better though, so that’s a plus…

  659. Lol, tiger moms would nevertheless ask for A++++!

  660. im actually fine with lins minutes slowly being increased. he is averaging 21 minutes this month. 23 the last five games. so going to sixth man he should get to 25 minutes. Eventually hell start and get to 30 minutes a game.

  661. He has been less selfish. Like A LOT less selfish. The first 3 or so weeks of the season, he had blinders on and only cared about his own stats. Now, he feeds his teammates, he rebounds, he blocks, he steals, defends, he hustles on both ends of the court.

    I think once Bembry realized that Lin wasn’t there to take his job, but rather, to help him and the Hawks play up to their potential, Bembry trusted Lin and his teammates to get him the ball when he’s open and expects the same back from Bembry. He’s been instrumental to the bench’s success, besides Lin of course.

  662. 100 percent agree

  663. Agreed. He has been a lot less selfish this few games.

  664. I think we have yet to see if TY can act like a SG

  665. Why not?

  666. Also, people need to realize that Bembry hasn’t even played a full season in the NBA yet. This is his 3rd year in the NBA, but he doesn’t get that many minutes. The guy is still young and still learning. Lin has helped a ton in his development already in just 2 short months.

  667. I don’t know specifically why, but was told that it’s a pretty flawed statistic. Only ESPN uses it.

  668. You have to think if Jlin played with Prince that Prince will be better too with better guidance

  669. yes. i think we can all agree the now grossly overpaid batum was the problem. they catered to him because they gave up so much to get him…

  670. ………………..idk.

  671. somewhere dennis s is laughing his butt off

  672. agreed

  673. Jeremy Lin playing great in Nov.!

  674. they haven’t played together enough honestly.

    my new death lineup may be trae, lin, baze, anderson, collins…

  675. dennis has been playing great

  676. i like collins

  677. this is from the raptors’s game

  678. This is my video.

  679. all coaches are HIRED TO TANK… brett brown was given an extension for tanking so well. BS my beautiful avatar keeps getting jobs to tank. LP is from philly’s coaching staff… coincidence? hell naw…

  680. yup

  681. I thought the Suns are tanking?

  682. suns dont have one pg in their starting lineup

  683. because it’s a volume stat. take more shots, your per goes up.

  684. Exactly why Prince, Baze, and Trae on the same lineup won’t work. Prince what’s to prove himself as a rookie, Baze knows he’s on the way out. In their mind they’re thinking, no way can I going to help Trae look good. If you’re the franchise prove it yourself.

    After all these years I’m glad Lin’s finally learned to not rely on teammates and get his own shots even contested ones. No harm in taking contested shots when that’s what the defense is giving you. Clogged lane with close defender at the arc?, take the 3!

  685. Tanking doesn’t mean losing 10 games in a row like Hawks have. Even with their big upset against the Bucks tonight, Suns are still the worst team in the West by a longshot and 3rd worst team in the NBA.

    Plus, from what I’ve read, Suns fans say they’re not intentionally tanking this year. They’re just a bad team without a legit point guard.

  686. blah blah blah, not confident enough to vouch for Lin to start as SG though!

  687. trade for lin

  688. Sorry! I just found it on twitter!

  689. No problem. Not saying there’s anything wrong with you posting it lol. It’s actually a good video and that’s why I uploaded it.

  690. Highlights

  691. haha just a little slowwww J/K

  692. it’s not just about shooting.. if that’s what he is thinking.

  693. not if all he wants is stats though… lin is a winner, not a stat chaser. prince is a stat chaser. harden is a stat chaser. westbrook a stat chaser. melo. etc…

  694. JLin got to be high on PHX list if true they are not tanking. Great weather for healthy reasons plus they have a medical staff that has gotten high praises in the past from players like Shaquille O’Neal, Amare Stoudamire and Steve Nash. Been a lot of turmoil there though

  695. @NBAFantasy really loves Lin’s value recently.

  696. tank vs development tank.

    philly outright tanked. they started guys like tj mcconnell. they sat out embiid and simmons entire year to heal. they didn’t sign vets to big contracts, etc. they literally set themselves up to lose. “the process”. adam silver effectively “banned” this kind of tanking.

    after outright tanking, development tanking is when you play the young guys and try to get them to be winners. they will lose naturally, having no experience, but the point is to win because the young guys played well, not the vets on the team playing well.

    atl right now is in the worst kind of hell. their annointed young guys trae and prince stink and their vets baze, lin, dedmon are playing well. collins just got back so hard to judge, but he’s likely their best young player and for his sake should play more minutes with lin. i think schlenk will make a lot of trades to save face and get these vets off the team. lin and dedmon are expirings. baze has an extra year. all 3 are great candidates for other teams looking to make a playoff push…

  697. Trae’s getting all kind of pressure and he’s wilting.

    My guess is LP wants to see if Trae is getting less pressure with Lin on the floor.

  698. see above. jlin making them winners does nothing for booker and ayton’s development. booker and ayton becoming the next shaq and penny though? that’s what they want… i think dinwiddie is a great candidate for that team. either marks trades him or they sign him in free agency.

  699. There is no perfect stat, stat only shows half of the story and it has to be compared with various ratio, but that its still a good indication and goes along with GmSc and VORP.

  700. denis is relieved. he wouldn’t have gone along with this. that’s why he wanted out. that’s why they made the lin trade. it was to set up the melo trade. schlenk never wanted lin for his “talent”…. he needed someone who would mentor trae and play hard/lead by example on a tank team just like he did in LA…

  701. Lin plays for God and for his family…

  702. magic 8th in the eastern confrence. plz trade for lin cliff

  703. Warriors need Lin. they need a guy to stabilize the locker room with all the draymond-kd drama. with the new arena next season, they can’t afford to finish 2nd this season.

  704. This is just the beginning of his transformation designed by Fortius Health & Sport which made the huge difference in Steve Nash’s career.

  705. Lin has won his game against the Celtics, 19 points 10 assists 5 rebounds ± +15. Before he even stepped on the court, the starters had dug themselves into an insurmountable big hole. The situation is actually ideal for Lin’s comeback year.

  706. PER measures offense well enough.

  707. Young gets every thing from the team to build his rhythm. Lloyd Pierce has tried to surround him with the best teammates and design plays to help him.
    It is his team to lose.

  708. Schlenk has spent $13M+ to bring Lin in and the GM is running the Hawks.

    wants others admit that was a good trade to acquire Lin too.

  709. It’s the coach’s job to help Young.

  710. In fact, LP has tried to use Bembry as PG.

  711. What I’m afraid of is that if you start Lin, he might not have as good numbers because his chemistry with the bench team is set and the bench team starting to buy into him. With starters, everyone is free for all except maybe for Trae.

    I don’t understand why LP never play both Lin and Trae together? You can still start trae, but play together and see what happens.. To learn from someone you have to play with them.. not just sit and watch.

  712. This I agree. It’s funny and ironic how Hawks FO’s stubbornness and impatience came back and kick themselves right on their rear. Their poster child of the future looking like a lost gamble and his chaperone turns out to be the real hero of this movie.

  713. 10 assists! Lin gave up his shots for assists.

  714. I agree that if LP don’t want to bench Trae, he has to play them together, but it has to be done in a way where Lin stays involved instead of him standing in the corner.

    That’s the main negative in starting Lin beside Trae. They need to keep both involved.

    In Charlotte, Clifford used the double-sided pick n roll plays to get both Lin and Kemba touched….Someone would set a PnR for Kemba and if he does have a lane, he just swings it on the other side for Lin who will immediately call for a scre

  715. Indiana Pacers is another team that could fit well, beside Orlando Magic.

    Their starting PG, Darren Collison has been really struggling so far this season, averaging 8.9 points, 4.2 assist on 43%FG and 33% 3PTFG. All this in 27 minutes per game. Lin scores more in just 18mpg.

    Historically, Collison has always had a high shooting %. He’s a career 47%FG and 39% 3PTFG.

    On the other end, his career PPG averaging is only 12.6, not that much better than Lin’s career 11.9 ppg.

    Yet, people like to claim Darren Collison is much better than Lin.

    But anyway, this year, Collison has not been playing well and I wonder whether Nate McMillan would want to acquire Lin. I heard he had said some nice thing about Lin in the past.

    Lin is also cool with Bojan Bogdanovic from their days with the Brooklyn Nets.

    Lin’s PER is 16th among PG, better than 21stD-no, 23rd,Din and 41st TYoung.
    His TS% is 65%. The 2nd highest among PG. S.Curry is the 1st. 68%.

  717. Victor Oladipo avg 4.7 assists per game in Indiana Pacers.
    Pacers is not for Lin but for Victor.

  718. You realize that Lin has played with the entire rotation on a nightly basis, right? He’s been subbed in for Trae countless times and has played with the starters. Starters also get subbed in to play with Lin. Pierce does take out and benches the entire starting lineup when they suck too much and replaces them with the entire bench unit, but he tries not to do that too often. Lin has had chemistry with the entire Hawks roster and makes them all play better when he’s out on the floor. There’s nothing to worry about.

    Pierce has been overlapping Lin’s minutes with the starters all the time. He’s been trying to find lineups that work together and have finally realized that Lin works with everyone on the team, not just the bench of starters. Now Pierce has to figure out how to insert Lin into the starting lineup for the first time this season (everyone BUT Lin has been in the starting lineup this season) without supplanting Trae and tanking Trae’s confidence further.

  719. How about Lin signs with Knicks? That would be awesome.

  720. I have been watching games on League Pass though I skip some parts without Lin. Anyway, even with the limited time I can see that the starters are completely lost. The Trae lineup is not just playing badly, they are playing afraid. Their opponents are feeding off that and playing with more confidence. The Lin lineup is a lot more stable defensively and unfazed by their opponents. Lin’s leadership from a mental standpoint is really carrying his unit. Lin is getting his stats without any hogging or force feeding. Just going with the flow of the game.

  721. These dirty players who consider Lin to be a threat to their job and are jealous of Lin showing them up by outplaying them, are trying their best to re-injure Lin so that Lin can be permanently out of the NBA. This BS has to stop or someone will be successful one day.

    Notice how Smart aims his shoulder directly at Lin’s surgically repaired right knee and purposely uses his hands to crawl further, pushing his shoulder into the knee? He knew what he was doing.

  722. IMO JLin was just a knucklehead on that play for waiting that long to pick up the ball.

    He baited Smart into diving at that foot, and got lucky that he didn’t get an ankle sprain that could sideline him a few games (or at least put him in a temporary shooting slump when he appears to be starting to shoot the ball with supreme confidence right now; Lin seems like he could have easily scored 30 points last few games, maybe even broken his career record of 38 points in a game, against the Raptors, if so inclined and given the green light by Lloyd Pierce)

  723. One of the reasons offered by Pierce for the delayed media availability last night was that Vince Carter spoke to the team after the game.

  724. The 2 vets, leaders, best locker room guys in the NBA, and basically on-court coaches have spoken.

    Now it’s up to the Hawks players to respond or keep getting embarrassed on a nightly basis. Hope coach Pierce also responds and makes necessary changes.

  725. Oh please, point guards do what Lin did all the time. What I don’t see all the time are players diving at another player’s knee to take them out. Yeah, Smart went for the ball, then immediately switched to using his shoulders to ram into Lin’s right knee.

    “Lin was a knucklehead? He was baiting Smart?” Are you kidding?

  726. Never forget, Zach Lowe, 4 games into the season.

    I love it when Lin proves these haters wrong over and over.

  727. Scoring 30 isn’t important in the Raptors game. He went 11/13 and had 26. Great efficiency and production.

    Yes, Lin could have picked up the ball a bit earlier but Smart’s play was dangerous and scary. And inexcusable. Especially knowing Lin had some injury history, you don’t go and do a stupid stunt like that IMO.

    I’m happy to see Lin be productive and more important, healthy after all the hard contact he’s taken the last 2 games.

  728. Totally unnecessary risk JLin took there.

    That’s my point.

    He needs to play smarter so he is traded to playoff team this season, then hopefully signed as unquestioned starting point guard of team next summer.

    (another example: Lin is great at taking charges, but sometimes he needs to know if he is stepping in front of a totally out of control freight train like Thomas Robinson, or veteran player who sees he is going to get called for charge and tries to pull up so neither player gets injured. Resulting back spasms have messed up his jump shot in past that way)

  729. Lin probably didn’t think Smart would dive like that for the ball. But Smart does things like that. I’m all for Lin being cautious, but Lin is also competitive and tough. And he’s beginning to play with less caution and get more confident in his body to withstand hits.

  730. he better do an update.

  731. I hope some hard core Lin fan would make a compilation of these things and retweet it over and over again until it goes viral so the NBA would start to take notice .

  732. Athletes have a competitive streak that few would understand. They got to the bigs because they are now hardwired that way. Lin’s only now learning how to temper his movements but at the same time, you can’t neuter the guy and take out his testosterone. Athletics is all about one upmanship. It’s as simple as that. If someone raises the bar, the other must respond in kind. The trick is to do it in balance. Lin didn’t get hurt…so he found the balance to accept risk and beating the other guy. That’s what matters.

  733. these speeches are meaningless since schlenk doesn’t want to win. how can players be expected to have a winning attitude? this is all about culture and the culture at the top is all about getting high draft picks.

  734. he will after KD also signs next season.

  735. no more black coaches for Lin.

  736. It’s to be expected. When you have a rookie 20-year old with only 1 year of college experience trying to lead a NBA team, no lineup would respond well to that.

    The NBA is like a big frat. You have to get hazed (obviously not nearly as harsh as a real frat) to get in and you have to earn your spot on a roster. Trae did not earn his starter spot / role and he did not do much to prove he should keep it. The Hawks players who play with him are not responding well to having him be their leader when they all know darn well who the true leader is on the team.

    I don’t blame Trae for this. Lin was not recovered by the time the season started. Trae was forced into this position that the Hawks organization were so happy to hand him. Point guard is the most difficult position to play well at in basketball, especially in the NBA with so many established, skilled, veteran guards already. It takes years of experience to become great at PG in the NBA.

  737. hawks better tade lin if the dont want him to walk away for nothing

  738. Why do you let the rookies start ?

  739. Let’s see if he’ll be willing to do an update and give Lin credit since he wouldn’t wait to write this article telling us how bad Lin looked.

  740. This article was a mistake that you would expect from an amateur less experienced writer because when you write a player off that early in the season, you really open yourself up to having egg on your face if the player then turns it around.

    Zach Lowe must have just decided to play the odds, i.e. few players ever come back powerfully after a patella rupture

  741. ATL is depressed because of tanking. It is unnatural for competitive athletes to not try to win, to be their best. It becomes blatantly obvious each game that the problem is TY leading the team. He leading them in the wrong direction. I saw a story somewhere yesterday suggesting that players have a “problem” with TY. Enough games have gone by with enough losses that the team has lost confidence in their PG leadership. However the problem is not just with TY. It is FO tanking. VC and Join need to address not only the team but the FO and ask them “are we trying to win games or tank?”. Simple question should get a simple answer. Put the FO on the spot. Tanking is one of those things where people will try to do it for future draft picks or whatever but will not come right out and say it. It kills the team and the city that supports it. Tanking, or losing, has no place in sports. All fans of ATL deserve a discount until the tanking discontinues. Though Jlin may disagree, I think ATL is better than BKLN for Jlin in his rehab year simple because he gets to play, and shine. If he were in BKLN he would be fighting for time behind golden boy Dlo, Din and even Napier. BKLN would never have let Jlin breakout like he has in ATL. I fell bad for Ed Davis who is getting scant minutes, like Jlin earlier. Not enough to get a rhythm. Something not right in BKLN. Something wrong in ATL but it ain’t Jlin.

  742. Hawks will DEFINITELY trade JLIN – would not be surprised if they are already in talks after JLIN’s blistering November with some prelim teams sending out feelers.

    On JLIN’s side, JLIN knows what Pierce and Schlenk are all about – Schlenk may try a lowball offer if he thinks JLIN is stupid — but there is zero chance, absolutely ZERO that JLIN remains a Hawk after this season

  743. Agree will almsot all of your post.

    However, I also belieive that Kenny knows and has shown repeatedly that he trusts JLIN on the floor above almost anyone else — Kenny was not the reason JLIN got traded, but Kenny couldnt prevent the trade. Kenny would be playing JLIN big minutes today, especially the way that team has collapsed after Caris down

  744. unless Lin and trea starting works but i doubt it

  745. I don’t think he will. And really, he said, Lin at this time doesn’t look like an NBA player. He wasn’t playing the way he is now. He’s not that important, really. Just another Lin doubter.

  746. There is no chance of getting a PG of Lin’s level. Hornets have tried to duplicate Lin’s phenomenon for more than 2 seasons.

  747. We’ve seen this before on JLIN teams and non-JLIN teams.

    When there is no floor leadership, in this case the Starters on offense stand around waiting for things to happen e.g. Trae to do SOMETHING or pass me the ball- this “inertia” is a death spiral because that leads to standing around on DEFENSE too

    The starting unit is virtually broken at this stage

  748. Stat-padding tanking star is NOT a star! But teams like to sell them to clueless fans because it’s easy to sell dreams than to actually win.

  749. brooklyn would of given lin more respect. atlanta acted like lin want good. they made him earn the 6th man role and maybe starting. why i think lin a goner

  750. or they can ship trea to Nets because they seem to like this type of tanking stars.

  751. tea has a 4 year contract as a rookie. it will take alot for them to move on from him. even benching him will be hard for the hawks.

  752. It was a pretty wacko choice to dive for the ball, but I don’t think it was deliberately to damage Jeremy but to challenge him and maybe regain possession. But I do believe he felt an opportunity to get nasty in the aftermath. Smart’s dive momentum naturally carries him forward while Jeremy falls over him so I don’t think he crawled ahead to enhance Jeremy’s tumble…but then…check out the :34 second mark. As Smart starts to push himself up from the floor, look at him push his hips up high so that Jeremy has a harder more uncontrolled fall forward. He felt Jeremy on his back. He didn’t just efficiently roll over and get out. He pushed up, gave it an extra shove. That was intentional. Bad guy.

  753. KA might be playing Jlin more minutes because Caris went down. However prior to that, just like he could not prevent Marks from trading Jlin, he would not be able to prevail over the FO wish to make Dlo the face of BKLN. Then Jlin would not have gotten the minutes needed to develop. Plus there is Din who seems to be playing well, at least well enough to make Jlin the 3rd PG, and saying Jlin needs rehab would have been the excuse for not giving Jlin minutes. Then there is Napier who takes even more minutes. The problem in BKLN would have been balancing rehab and meaningful playing time behind a logjam of PG. When BKLN got Jlin he was anointed team leader, unchallenged. Now he is “damaged goods” and the FO has just moved on. I think ATL, as is being shown now, was the best place for Jlin.

  754. Read the next 2 paragraphs. Lowe was clearly throwing FUD on Lin and trying to create the narrative that would lead to the Hawks benching Lin for good and maybe even cut him, essentially ending Lin’s career.

    Lowe / ESPN had an agenda by writing this about Lin so early in the season. Why didn’t they write the same thing about other injured players who were out last year with a devastating injury and coming back this year, such as Hayward? Hayward is playing much worse than Lin is and you don’t see Lowe, ESPN, or any write saying the things Lowe did. Their plans have failed… again.

  755. Dlo is massively inconsistent; perhaps one good game then many bad games where he almost disappears.

    It’s no secret most Nets fans know that Kenny isn’t fond of DLo, he has benched and punished Dlo consistently and repeatedly the entire time Dlo has been in Brooklyn.

    Nobody in Brooklyn (Marks & Prokorov) would take the risk that JLIN could recover to pre-injury form – that is the disappointing aspect of the whole thing

  756. Smart intentionally aimed at Lin’s knee. If need be, slow the video down further or even watch it frame by frame. His shoulder was aimed at Lin’s right knee and made contact with it.

    Like you said, Smart then intentionally pushes his hips and butt up in the air so Lin would get flipped over and fall even more awkwardly. Most players if they have someone on top of them, would just protect their head, lay there, and not do what Smart did.

    Nobody dives for a ball like this in the NBA when guards allow the ball to roll up to get more time on the clock, unless maybe if it was a close playoffs game or an important game. This wasn’t a close game. Smart did this to try and injure Lin.

  757. Lin vs brookyn december 16. although lin may be traded by then

  758. Agree. I did not disagree with the decision to trade Jlin because of that injury. They did not have to but did and it is history. But if true that KA is not fond of Dlo doesn’t make any difference because he was out voted- but Karma’s a bitch and KA has got to be happy for Jlin and BKLN has to be lamenting what-might-have-been.

  759. Like everywhere he has been Jlin is earning his respect. He has never been given anything. ATL is no different. He is winning over the commentators as we can hear. I’ve got to believe he is winning over fans as well. Who he is not winning over, for whatever reasons, is the NBA establishment. Jlin connects with the people. I would be willing to bet that there is not a former teammate with whom he has played is not happy for Jlin’s recovery and success to this point.

  760. I thought before it would take 20 NBA games to see where Jlin was at against NBA talent in a real game. I thought it would take 30 games to take the next step and compete against starting teams. He is about on schedule for the first and remarkably so. But he has now got to be tested by teams who will be looking to stop him (like they did TY very quickly) and to see if he can get the starting team organized and willing to follow his lead, which I think he will do if he gets the chance to start by game 30. I would rather wait until game 30 to start Jlin to give further time to rehabilitate. After all, what’s the hurry if tanking is the program?

  761. They can put him to the end of the list because his rookie salary isn’t much, or keep playing him to increase empty seats and become laughing stock of the league.

  762. well he probably will start eventually here. hawks are not very talented. im just amusing hawks want to get talent or draft picks for lin rather then losing him for nothing

  763. I think the Hawks may hold unto Lin until the trade deadline because there may be a desperate team who may be willing to give up their first round pick for Lin. We call this the “panic trade move”

    Of course, the danger in waiting until the last minute to deal Lin is, he could get hurt or Lin could go into a Trae Young type of shooting slump.

    I personally hope he gets traded as soon as possible so he can have time to mesh with his new teammates.

  764. rookies loose confidence quickly. this is why they say once you start a rookie dont bench him

  765. we will learn alot in the next month. will hawks bench trea or put lin aside him? if they dont they must trade lin while value is high. only thing tht makes sense

  766. Absolutely against starting TY and Jlin. Jlin is best with the ball in his hands directing the team.Seems like a lot of people want to start Jlin with TY to “save” TY. This is not in Jlin’s, or the team’s, best interest

  767. I think Hawks knew that, and had a plan 2. That’s why they traded for Lin with high price.

  768. yep

  769. ATL Starting JLIN?
    I remain convinced Hawks will not willingly (barring TY injury) Start JLIN — but I’d love to be surprised.

    1. No benefit to demoting Trae from an organizational perspective (they’ve invested an immense amount of political capital in TY already),
    2. … just to watch JLIN turn the season around by allowing JLIN to generate WINS? against the strategic TANK goal,
    3. Additionally the imminent trade for JLIN to another team means Trae gets his starting job back anyways giving the organization a yoyo kind of impression …

    … nope Pierchlenk will not let JLIN become a Starter

  770. Lowe/ESPN are part of the NBA establishment. Jlin is anti-establishment and for the-love-of-the-game. This is political, not sports. Recognize that and everything makes sense.

  771. Also, the Hawks are clearly rattled by their 10 game losing streak and trading Lin too soon may make things even worse than they need to be, creating more chaos.

    Unless they can get a good back-up PG for Trae, they may keep Lin for as long as possible.

  772. The tanking force is strong.

  773. Just what I was going to say.

  774. How are you, my friend? Happy Thanksgiving !

  775. they may feel thats a bandaid they must pull. their best player so far plays the same position as their prospect. unless they start both i think lin wll be traded

  776. he will be traded, that’s for sure, but I think they could wait until last second, hoping a desperate team who could suffer injury, would all of a sudden be willing to give up a lot for Lin.

    I think Houston will probably try to get Lin since they could use a pure PG. They have eric gordon doing that when Harden and Paul are not on the court.

  777. Are they really considering that?

    They’re pretty much trap with TY. They can’t really demote him without it looking like they’ve lost a bit of faith in him. Don’t think they can afford to do it.

  778. i cant deal with rox again

  779. Surprised me when Dominique started discussing Starting JLIN last night; but I don’t believe the FO is really considering the move

  780. i think they are. if they wasn’t it wouldn’t be talked about.

  781. Dominique is paid to want to see the Hawks WIN right now…

    Pierchlenk do NOT want to see the Hawks WIN right now … therein lies the difference

  782. If TY can’t look reality in the face, that Jlin is playing a whole other level above him, that ATL has lost 10 games in a row (to this point), the starting team “quitting” under his leadership, and accept a demotion hopefully for a little while, then he hasn’t got the mental toughness to survive in the NBA. Compare what Jlin has gone through compared to TY maybe getting demoted less than 20 games into his NBA career and you can see this is nothing.

  783. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. I’ll be having family dinner tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Haha

  784. Nique was talking basketball, FO is talking politics. Am sure someone in the FO will clue Nique in

  785. I laugh whenever I read know-it-alls try to predict things and act like they know exactly what’s going on behind closed doors and what the front office wants or doesn’t want.

    The broadcasters are the mouthpieces of the organization. They do not say anything or promote anyone unless the front office gives their blessing. With the entire Hawks media and broadcasters now questioning and even pushing for Lin to start, do you really believe they’d be so bold to do something like this if didn’t get OK’d from the top?

  786. Yes. Nique is an HOF great and played for Atlanta. I don’t think he’s going along with the tank for Zion on RJ mentality that the FO seems to be doing. Putting Lin in there with Trae is Nique’s idea of doing what’s best for the current Hawks, IMO.

  787. Out of the mouth of clueless babes …

  788. So says the most clueless of them all.

  789. Honestly, why are folks only looking at Trae? I think the biggest problem in the starting lineup is Prince, not Trae. And Dedmon is not offering any resistance at the rim. Trae is just a few adjustments away from being decent. I don’t think he’s fallen into some hole he can’t get out of. And sooner or later, his shots will fall. He’s really facing a tough part of the schedule and I expected him to struggle big time. But that starting unit has a problem as a unit and it goes beyond one player.

  790. i think your right. no way they say that without the organization being ok with it. the hawks are loosing faith in trea. they are doubting him being the teams future.

  791. It wasn’t even Dominique who started discussing it, dumb dumb. It was Bob Rathbun.

    The pregame and postgame Fox Sports South crew are pushing for Lin to start too.

    Once again, you’re wrong in your hot takes and false narratives. No surprise there.

  792. There’s talk of starting Lin from the Hawk’s announcers. They’re impressed with his play in November. There’s no talk of it coming from Pierce, however.

    There is starter in name and starter in function. And that’s what Pierce may do. Bring Lin in really early and give him, in some games, more minutes than Trae. That, IMO, would be starter in function without him “officially” starting. That may at least be the next step based on what LP said in his postgame comments.

  793. Nah, they’re not giving up on Trae or doubting him as their future PG. They just see what everyone else sees: Trae is struggling way too hard and is too raw to handle being the starting PG of their team. They know that if they continue down this path and keep throwing Trae out there to get embarrassed every night, he will lose the whole team and he will lose his confidence. Might even mess up his psyche long-term.

    They want Lin to save Trae. If it means starting Lin with Trae or even replace Trae in the starting lineup, then so be it.

  794. I agree with you here. I’ve been keying my eyes on Prince and noticed he’s been missing a lot of defensive assignments, getting beat back-door and not properly rotating and not closing shooters hard enough.

    Dedmon has also been worst on help defense than I expected. I thought he was going to be a huge upgrade on Len but they seem equally average in this department..

  795. just a few adjustments?

    It starts from the guy who has the ball in his hands 80% of the time, he sets the tone for what the OTHER starters do …

    1. currently that is wait around for TY to dribble around incessantly and pass the ball to them so they shoot or TY shoots the ball himself

    2. this sedentary ball-watching bleeds over to DEFENSE as NOBODY wants to actually MOVE around to guard a man or rotate to their assignments

    When the guy with the ball doesn’t perform then the others take that lead.

    Conversely, JLIN has repeatedly made mediocre players look like all-stars because of the tone JLIN sets as the PG

  796. if you bench a rookie. psychologically its over

  797. No politics, only Lin, haha.

  798. People look at TY because ATL promotes TY. When a player is promoted as much as he is then expectations are high. The one player who would make a difference on ATL is Jlin, as he has already shown. TY is the problem, but not entirely of his own doing. It is the FO. I made a comment earlier that playing Jlin with Prince might bring out the best in Prince. If so, then Prince is not the problem- the guy giving direction to the team on the floor is.

  799. Tank you very much!
    -Hawk fans

  800. Not true. Trae would get to play against lesser-skilled players on the opposing team. He won’t have the pressure of starting against other starters who key in on him all night and make him look like a G-Leaguer.

    If Trae loses confidence on the bench, then he’s not mentally prepared for the NBA in the first place.

  801. yep, starting in disguise

  802. Prince, Bazemore, Dedmon were playing good to fair early in the season … they have been demoralized in my opinion by the play of Trae and all the bad habits that comes with demoralization have appeared : lack of rigor, lack of communication, the me-get-mine has infected and taken root

  803. im not sure the hawks wanna take that chance

  804. The “Jllin should start” talk just started. There may very well be a memo from FO on the way to stop it. I feel bad for TY and hope it doesn’t destroy his confidence. OTOH, he has got to learn to deal with adversity and he has just the mentor to do that right next to him in Jlin who has an almost 8 year history of dealing with adversity and winning

  805. I’ve said last night that Trae has been the starter in name only for the past few weeks. Lin comes in early to replace him as soon as Pierce sees Trae struggling. However, Pierce still gives Trae too many minutes on the floor because that’s what’s required to not tank his confidence further and to keep “developing” him.

  806. That’s all hype stuff. But from a basketball perspective, Prince to me is tearing down the starters with his unintelligent and selfish play. Lin with Prince may make Prince play somewhat better, but he is forcing things and making plays that really put the opponents in a good chance to score. When Lin was in with Prince, Prince still did the same poor plays he did with the Trae unit.

    Trae is an unselfish player and a much, much smarter player than Prince. He’s making mistakes due to a lack of experience and some physical challenges right now. And he has very poor shot selection at times. But he doesn’t play like he’s clueless. Prince does and there is no excuse for Prince as he’s been in the NBA longer.

  807. They have no other choice. Trae’s confidence is already in the gutters.

  808. Bingo. When you compare him SC, then you expect decent shooting. Didn’t Bob say they should compare more to Nash?

  809. Agree with this. If TY can’t take some adversity in the dog-eat-do of pro sports then he is in the wrong business

  810. His game is very one dimensional and predictable at the moment.

  811. I don’t think I like this “starting in disguise” thing.

    Hvaing Lin start off could be a huge psychological boost to the team. I do believe that the players have lost confidence in Trae and may need a fresh face veteran like Lin to take over.

  812. You make a good point about the announcers. Lin has been so good that they may be force to start him soon.

    Lin is the only draw for the fan who they have very few coming to the game.

  813. Agreed. Prince is a major problem, maybe even a bigger problem than Trae is. Remember, Prince was a 1st round, #12 overall draft 2 years ago. He thinks he’s a star but he clearly isn’t. He has some really good games once in a while, but whenever Prince decides to act like Kevin Durant, that’s when he and whomever he plays with has a lot of problems.

  814. Yes, a few adjustments. That means, forget shooting bombs and dribble to where he can put up his floaters. But he needs help. When he’s trapped there is no viable second ball handler for him to give the ball to. That’s where LP needs to put Lin in.

    Trae had 25/17 a few games ago. You don’t get those numbers without having talent. Trae is, IMO, an exceptional passer with very strong handles. I look at the kid with balance, not just the negativity you’re expressing.

    There are bad defending PGs elsewhere in the league. There’s not much he can do about that. He doesn’t have size or body heft to play solid defense. I think he does try at least. And in one game he got 3 steals.

    I’m not looking at this as Trae vs. Lin. I’m looking at Trae as a guy who has played 18 games and has some physical challenges. I think he’s looking like he is supposed to look, like a struggling rookie against the tough teams. Lin and Trae can play together and that’s Lin’s spirit. It has been that way since he became a Hawk. I’d like to see Lin and Trae overlap and have fun together. It’ll help Trae a lot, help Lin as well, and they’ll figure out some defensive things like putting Collins and Bembry in the mix to help Lin on the defensive end.

    Trae can learn the game with help with cooperation and more creativity from the head coach.

  815. true

  816. That’s part of being a rookie. Lin missed defensive assignments too earlier in the year. But Lin has experience and it’s not happening very much now. Hopefully, Trae will learn. Like I said, he should be looked at as a rookie with not much game experience. He’s going to get some things very wrong.

    I’m not saying Trae will be a good defender or great defender like Lin is. But he has a good attitude IMO and he has potential to become a better and more sound player. But that’ll take him messing up a lot in the process.

  817. This is a good example of what a pathetic idea tanking is- if the team is tanking, what the heck does the team announcer talk about? “hey, the tanking process is going great, we have lost 10 in a row. Next up is CHA where we might get to see Kemba light up TY for 50. Stay tuned folks!”

  818. I’m also just looking at Trae, and I’ll tell you this…

    when JLIN is long gone from the Hawks and we never speak of the Hawks again, then Trae Young within 3 years time will go the way of Jimmer Fredette — out of the NBA

  819. Bazemore has been up and down. Dedmon started off well and has fallen down. It’s not all Trae’s fault. In fact, Baze has been disappointing. He hasn’t acted like a veteran in many cases. Only Lin and Vince have. And I think Collins shows a good amount of maturity for a young player. I’ve been impressed with him on court and in his post-game interviews.

  820. I know you love to give predictions but they mean nothing to me. Sorry.

  821. I’m glad to see LP is trying to discipline him. But he may need to be yanked out of the starting lineup. Because he seems to be getting worse, not better.

  822. But, in all honesty, that’s like Lin haters who put Lin down based on some crazy things Lin fan says. The hype machine isn’t Trae’s fault, it’s the hypers fault. So, in a basketball sense, he’s not responsible for anything other than the effort and attitude he gives on the floor. And his attitude and effort have been fine.

  823. Looking at everything you just said here is reason enough why TY should not be starting. He is making the team look bad and in the process that falls back on him as the anointed leader.

  824. Lin, Vince, Collins and they keep hoping for Trae to improve. At least that’s what I’m picking up in the team’s forums. And some aren’t that much into Lin while others are. Lin coming back so well from the patellar tendon rupture injury is a great story, though.

  825. Raburn did say start Lin *temporarily*. I’m not sure what Nique’s response was.

  826. You maybe onto something but the PTSD is strong and historically overwhelmingly on one side. Let’s hope they will do the right thing and protect their 19 year old teenage from the onslaught of men much more season then him.

  827. No, he said “Do you change that starting lineup? At least temporarily?”

  828. I think if Trae’s shot starts to fall, then he’ll be ok. But no perimeter shots falling and getting picked off on passes while his team gets badly beaten up while he’s leading it is tough to deal with. But I think he’s fairly tough-minded and he’ll get through this.

  829. Let’s for a moment see the game from the other Starters’ perspective in this 10 game losing streak:

    Watched Trae repeatedly chuck up 3Ptr prayers from 35 ft at will and miss 80%, let his man blow by for easy scores, miss help rotations, cough up the ball

    At some point there is fatigue in knowing that anything that I do is offset by what Trae is gonna do next — the inability of Trae to apply mental discipline and effort on both sides of the ball for more than 1 minute at a stretch — infects the Starters

  830. How is that different from what I said?

  831. If you believe his attitude and effort have been fine, then we are not watching the same games.

    Can you really honestly stay this?

  832. I think it’s then acting in a short-term vs. long-term way. Trae is considered their long-term PG, maybe franchise is possible, and does that project start now and stay the course, or do you go with the proven player short-term. Either way, Lin would be considered short-term.

  833. Kids know the pecking order in the school yard. Trae knew he was being pushed ahead of the line based upon his credentials and not on realworld experience. In a dog eat dog world, taking a bit of cover while young is how they’ve learned. A 19 year old has learned all his life from men of more experience. This is no different.

  834. He didn’t specifically say or ask to start Lin and “at least” means he’s being very careful with his words and not trying to push hard for Lin to start. He is a veteran caster and knows he’s gotta be delicate with this situation.

  835. OK. Well, Lin is being noticed and acknowledged some by guys that used to not be high on him. But maybe they’re just big homers. As announcers go, I now enjoy listening to them. And I’m seeing a different side of ‘Nique that I like.

  836. That’s exactly it, confidence! When confidence is replace by fear, then the kids aren’t in the flow. They are in the opposite end of the pool drowning.

    Leadership is about being cool under pressure to the point of almost faking it. You can’t let your own fear infect your teammates and Trae is do8ng exactly that. Someone like Lin will right the ship quickly and calm the stormy seas of fear. That’s the intangible no one give Lin credit for.

  837. I hope you are right. But if the stories that are starting to seep out, that the team might be in revolt, especially when Jlin is clearly outplaying TY, then there is more than shots not falling that is the problem. I will never forget a post game interview with Tyson Chandler when Linsanity took off that he said “Jlin just puts people in the right places.” I don’t know if TY does that because I do not have game access. Then Melo came back but he did not go to the right places, he went to the places he wanted to go to and busted the team chemistry. Thus far I don’t think TY’s style of play is suited to get the most out of this particular team, and I don’t know if TY can adapt to a different style to make them better. We shall see. But maybe his shots aren’t falling because he is facing NBA defenses and getting picked off on passes is another way of saying he is making bad passes

  838. Who says no one gives credit to Jlin for his leadership qualities. I do, and always. It is his biggest attribute to make others better. Confidence is one part of being a good player. You also have to play well. The NBA has figured out TY and how to stop him. Now he needs to figure back how to counter.

  839. The team might be in revolt? Is that a guess or have things really seeped out?

    I do get the sense that the players may feel Lin deserve a chance to start based on merit.

    Lin has been great while Trae has been awful…It’s amazing how the 2 event is happening at the same time opposite to each other…so it’s logical for the players to not understand why Lin is not starting before Trae.

  840. This is not sustainable in the NBA:
    Out of 430 qualified players in DefensiveRPM Trae Young is 430th dead last -3.47, and in the bottom 2% in many Offensive Categories as well

    Is this caused by:

    Physical Attributes?
    Teammates Awful?
    Development Coaching?

    You tell me what the reason is

  841. I think Dominique Wilkins is in a unique situation and he holds a lot of power as the announcer because he’s also the Vice President of Basketball and Special Advisor to the CEO.

    In this sense, ‘Nique has more freedom to state his opinions while still keeping the organization’s insider matters safe as he once shared about being a broadcaster. The good thing is he’s fair and he appreciated what Lin brings to the team as a Hawk.

    I can see him advising the coach as the VP of Basketball in a way to help the young Trae to develop but also utilize Lin more based on his impressive plays. If Lin can help Trae while increasing his trade value at the same time, it would be the best decision for the Hawks.

    It has gotten to the point that Trae can’t shoot his way out of his slump (1-25 from 3s in the last 6 games), that he needs help.

    My guess is they’ll try to start Lin next to Trae because benching Trae might hurt his confidence more and ruin any chance of winning ROY (if it’s not already ruined by now)

  842. Noticed how media guys like Zach Lowe have stayed away from not only Lin playing extremely well, but they’re also avoiding Trae playing terribly.

    But yet, after 5 game, Zach Lowe couldn’t wait to tell us how awful Lin look and he didn’t look like an NBA player.

    Someone need to ask this guy for an update on what he think about Lin plays now. We deserve an update now that we’re 1/4 of the season done. We can now start evaluating players properly.

  843. They should go with who will bring you the win, if only winning is what you want. Let’s say somehow, Butler was on the team for a year, what would they do? Now that Lin has proven his recovery and is excelling, what do you do?

  844. There’s a lot of @Zach lately. Think he is hiding, lol.

  845. he’s also the Vice President of Basketball and Special Advisor to the CEO.

    Must be nice being a basketball legend, getting paid to talk about the team you love and played for the majority of your career, and have so much authority, power, and decision-making ability about your ball club.

    Again, it wasn’t Dominique who started the “start Lin” talk. It was Bob Rathbun. Rathbun was delicately asking ‘Nique his opinions on the matter because Rathbun feels comfortable enough to say it finally (on air), after seeing ‘Nique praise Lin so highly for the past few weeks. I forgot what ‘Nique’s response was but it wasn’t a negative.

    We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe they’ll talk things through and come to a conclusion on how to handle this situation. I have a feeling Lin will bust out another amazing game against the Hornets (you just know he’ll be pumped for this game).

  846. IMO there are 2 main factors:
    1 Loss of confidence from not making 3s.
    2 Teams are figuring out how to defend him by being physical.

    From watching the games, it started in the GSW game when he was pressed hard and harassed by bigger defenders. Since then, he hasn’t recovered well and his poor 3-pt shooting impacted his passing, any effort on defense, etc.

    Poor kid hasn’t learned that his passing, closer shots, getting to FT line can help bring back his 3pt-shooting.

  847. It was after game 4. I know, a small detail, but wanted to make that clear.

    Lowe and ESPN hate Lin. They’re probably influenced by league officials as well, to keep Lin down and to promote Trae as much as possible.

  848. Just a guess, speculation. I saw a story yesterday somewhere that alluded to the idea that players were unhappy with TY. If VC addresses the team post game there must some some kind of internal problem that they are much closer to than we can see. Wish I would have saved it so I could be sure. But if I were an ATL starter I would certainly be questioning what is going on. They are players so they can see and know much better than us who makes the game more fun and I am guessing they like Jlin. No fun losing and getting blown out repeatedly.

  849. Maybe the reason VC addressed the team after the game. Still the (my speculation) revolt

  850. Remind him what he spat out. Dig him out.

  851. Interestingly, [1:39] Bob Rathbun asked the question after Nique said, “I just love the way Jeremy Lin is playing right now” .. Too bad the clip didn’t show Nique’s response

    True that Rathbun was floating the question nicely to see if Nique can weigh in on it.

    It’ll be nice to see Lin starting against the Hornets, we know he’s going to push the Hornets after not being able to do well yet in the last game.

  852. Against this idea. This is Jlin babysitting TY. TY needs then ball. Jlin does not. But Jlin is best with the ball. This hurts the team and hurts Jlin. Jlin is at his prime and as an 8 year veteran deserves better than this. Start Jlin and ATL will get better, IMO. Bring TY off the bench and he will develop with less pressure and learn from it. The idea of playing Jlin with TY is all about TY. For us fans it all about Jlin getting respect for his abilities. TY has lots of time to learn and pay his dues, if he can .

  853. I’ve not heard of this. Collins said something about having more urgency but wouldn’t reveal what LP or what Vince told the team, unlike the time LP told the press what Lin told the team. I don’t know the dynamics in the locker room or sense what they are. I read some team forums and I’ve seen no mention of it.

  854. It’ll be nice to see Lin starting against the Hornets, we know he’s going to push the Hornets after not being able to do well yet in the last game.

    I might be reading this wrong, but do you mean Lin wasn’t well enough to start last time or that Lin didn’t do well against the Hornets in the previous Hawks vs. Hornets game? Because I think the Hornets game was the only time Lin put together a good game from start to finish prior to this hot streak the past week / week and a half.

  855. Difference. One is promoted in media, the other fansite mumblings. His decline seem to coincide with his interview where he thought he was better than Luka. Rookie, mistake, one Lin would not have said.

  856. If you are an Asian and live in USA, your whole life is going to be surrounded by 70% to 80% of “Western Zach”

  857. They should be responsible for the misery that they have caused.

  858. Agreed on Dominique Wilkins. He is pretty fair on Lin and other Hawks players as well.

  859. Yup. That’s why I hardly go to anymore instead I will visit NBA or

  860. That explains why they are free slightly criticize Trae, praise Lin, even ask to start him.

    Not sure how much power Dominique has over the GM but it’d be nice if he can vouch for Lin to get a long term starting PG contract. Hawks are not that bad, they have lots of talent and can go far with Lin leading them. But we all know they are tanking.

  861. I have the opposite view because I’m considering the Hawks organization and their overall plans for their team. And Lin is there temporarily. Starting Lin with Trae, Lin will take pressure off of Trae, the Atlanta fanbase won’t object to that. Lin can still lead the bench with strategic time management. Plus, there are teams that play with two-guard combos, like Beal and Wall or Lillard and McCullum. It’s just a matter of who Lin replaces in the starting lineup, Baze or Prince.

  862. I was a bit surprised when I heard Rathbun (Hawks’ announcer for 22 years) float the question about possibly starting Jeremy over Trae. He phrased it very carefully and Wilkins’ response was even more cautious. As always, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff happening from management down to coaching staff and players. I’m just happy to see Jeremy play well and stay healthy. There’s only so much he can do about the other stuff.

  863. I’m sure he is being reminded daily, lol

  864. Trae is just a rookie and rookies are always bad in their first year. It doesn’t tell much about the player after all. There is always a chance for Young to come back and prove himself later but the hype which is given to him doesn’t help his development and the excessive minutes given to him could be a problem to rookie’s body.

  865. You really love to make things up and misquote people or flat-out lie about what people have said. This is what Trae ACTUALLY said in the interview:

    “The thing with Luka, he’s a great player,” Young said. “I don’t understand why it can’t work out for both situations. I hear [Atlanta made a mistake] all the time. Luka’s a great dude, and I think he’s going to be a really good player. But at the same time, I’m going to be a better player. Just because of my ability to stretch the floor, get others involved, I think I’ll be better.”

    So not only did Trae praise Luka and say he’ll be a very good player, Trae said he’s GOING TO BE a better player because he thinks he can stretch the floor, get others involved. What do you expect Trae to say? “Yeah, Luka’s better than me and Hawks made a mistake. I’m going to suck. Sorry!”

    They play 2 different positions. Luka is a tall 6’7″ Power Foward. Trae is a short and skinny Point Guard. Luka’s main job isn’t to facilitate and run an offense. Trae’s job is. Power Forward is not nearly as difficult of a position to do well in and to come into the NBA and dominate in. Point Guard position requires years of experience to become great at in the NBA.

    As usual, your Trae hate blinds you to these truths that most basketball fans understand.

  866. Lin doesn’t look like a basketball player.
    Asian Americans and other minorities don’t look like Americans to many.

  867. Yes. He’s also playing higher-level competition. Right now, Trae’s perimeter shots are broken.

  868. Play Lin and Trae together and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, then move Trae to the 2nd unit.

  869. oh, I forgot .. I must have remembered it vs the Knicks. thanks.
    Yeah, if Lin starts, he can lead the Hawks to a W. And a winning streak

    But then the Hawks will have to question their tanking ways lol

  870. Double edge sword for Rookies. Too much playtime and exposure or not enough. Small fish in big pond, or increase the pond gradually, lol?

  871. Travis Schlenk makes the trade to acquire Lin from the Nets. At that moment, it was considered a risky movement and many Atlanta fans didn’t like the trade at all. Schlenk spent $13M+ to get Lin on his team after a notorious injury on the knee without the compensation of a first round draft choice. If rehab of Lin doesn’t work out this season, Schlenk would really be laughed at. We must give credit where credit is due.

  872. however, one person can sabotage a leader. Remember after the great Linsanity winning run what happened? Anthony came in and sabotaged D’Antoni’s system and the team went on a losing streak that forced D’Antoni to resign. Would you blame Lin for that? I didn’t. I blamed Anthony. I still say look at Prince. He is playing horrendously. Trae is still fundamentally making much better decisions than Prince.

  873. Good to see you back. Hope you’re enjoying this mini-Linsanity streak Lin is having.

  874. To be honest, I think the Hawks FO simply drafted the wrong player.

    Luka Doncic was the sure pick here…Guaranty to be a future All-Star…They got caught up in this idea of re-creating the Golden State Warriors instead of keeping it simple and taking the guy that is most likely to pan out.

    There’s been way too many draftee that have become bust to gamble like that and not pick Doncic here.

    Way too much risk with Trae, being at least 5’11 with a low-point of release on his jump shot which I believe is the reason he shoots so far away..this is to keep taller players from properly contesting his shots. No one will try to contest 35 foot 3point shots.

  875. But your examples are proven NBA veteran players. TY is an untested young rookie with less than 20 NBA games. As a team employee if ATL wants Jlin to babysit TY then that is that. But in terms of basketball they dilute Jlin’s talents and the ability of the team to be the best they can be, which of course is the point of tanking. This tanking thing better work out for ATL because at the moment giving up Doncic for TY isn’t looking so good. This is a Jlin fansite so I am advocating for Jlin and pairing Jlin with TY is not good for Jlin- or the team- or the fans

  876. Hawks ownership group (new in 2015?) don’t care about any of the players except in how they can benefit the organization. Forget about what any player “deserves”. They’ve placed a fairly big bet (in egocentric terms) on Trae, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll do anything drastic after 19 games.

  877. The $13M doesn’t matter to the Hawks or Schlenk. He paid Carmelo $25.5M just to stay away from the Hawks and to get Schroeder off this team. You think Schlenk batted an eye at paying Lin that money? Which he might not even have to pay, depending on what happens in the next 2 months.

    Lin was brought on to the Hawks for many reasons. I’ve already detailed it all in this lengthy post I made 4+ months ago, before the season started.

  878. I for one do give a lot of credit to Schlenk for seeing Jlin’s talent though I still do not see what his real reasoning might be for it

  879. But I am happy as at the beginning it was way worst. Like played Lin for less than 10 minutes, put Lin in during the garbage time, etc. So I am glad that Lin finally able to play long and meaningful minutes.

  880. Yes, and Lin and Kemba were veterans as well. And both much more skilled than Trae. I think the long-term investment is in Trae. And they’ll try to keep him in the best position to succeed. Lin would be “used” as part of it. And, from what I can tell, their fanbase hasn’t given up on Trae yet. Bottom line, they’ll cater to Trae before Lin. And that’s one of the reasons why Lin will have to pick a team where he’s valued more next season.

  881. This must be Travis Schlenk’s plan 2 considering how much he had paid. And his plan 1 is apparently a failure now.

  882. they can because next year another draft choice can be the hawk franchise player. they have lined up lots of chances for the forthcoming years like the sixers

  883. I guess it’s plan 2. They leak it a little to test fans’ response.

  884. It is extremely difficult for a young player of his size to adjust to NBA’s level of competition. Trae is undersized and Schlenk has mentioned this he wished Young was seven inches taller (couldn’t remember exactly now). I figure that he will take time for his game to develop. Trae will never be a player like Nate Robinson who is athletic and strong on thecourt and yet his height doesn’t help his NBA career.

  885. If the Hawks’ goal is to win games and not tanking for Zion Williamson lottery, it’s definitely good to have TY come off the bench so he can develop properly. And maybe that was the plan when they acquired Lin.

    But the situation has gone weird since Lin wasn’t himself in to start the season and they had to start Trae but now it’s reversed. So the Hawks had to worry about not crushing Trae’s confidence because he’s their draft pick so the Front Office will look good if he plays well and in the ROY contention.

    So that’s why I thought the Hawks might start Lin next to Trae not to further crush TY’s confidence by benching him but taking away pressure from him

  886. thats why right now ,no one among the hawk even float what head coach has said before the season begins, PG starting spot were being competed by TY and Lin?

  887. Lin made his name known in Palo Alto high school and he led his team to win the state championship. In his four years of college basketball, he has proved that he is a college basketball star specially in his game against Boston College and University of Connecticut against Kemba Walker. He is not exactly a nobody then GS has offered him a contract as an undrafted player. Well! GS has offered contracts to undrafted players like Kent Bazemore and DeWayne Dedmon who have proved themselves in NBA

  888. or even bogues?

  889. They will bot bench Trae it will destroy his confidence. However starting Lin alongside is definitely an option. Lin’s value will go up even more and Trae will get easy open shots just like Harden and Walker. With Trae being less selfish, he can also get Lin open shots. Shared PG duties are the norm for Championship teams anyway.

  890. His plan 2 is saving his reputation.

  891. Just read your analysis, thanks. Pretty much in line with my speculations. I think too that ATL has plenty of young players and plenty of draft picks and the pick up of Jlin and Len were good to go with Dedmon and Baze already there. I had thought maybe ATL was going to try to win instead of tank, but right now it appears not, preferring instead to sacrifice winning for developing TY (mistake I think). If Jlin has truly “organized” Bembry into being a better player then ATL might have the 3 and D wing defender they need. If Prince responds to Jllin’s leadership then that is a big plus and they don’t need to fill a hole. In my dreams I would like to see ATL change directions and try to win this year, still not too late to make the playoffs in the weak East. Start Jlin, get another solid shooter. If Collins is as good as advertised and plays his way into shape that will be huge. If they make strides then maybe rather than trade Jlin for some unknown quantity keep the value they have on hand in Jlin and resign him surprising all the pundits. They may also need a back up PG if TY can’t hack it. I hate to say it fearing blow back from this forum, but…..Jimmer Fredette!

  892. Let’s see the PER and minutes given to all Atlanta players on their roster.


    Miles Plumlee 21.27 11.2
    Jeremy Lin 18.59 18.8
    John Collins 16.60 22.3
    Kent Bazemore 14.54 26.4

    Alex Len 14.25 21.7

    DeWayne Dedmon 13.37 21.5
    Trae Young 12.79 29.2
    Alex Poythress 12.12 15.0
    Taurean Prince 11.69 28.4
    Omari Spellman 11.92 18.9

    DeAndre’Bembry 10.55 23.0

    Vince Carter 10.39 17.9
    Kevin Huerter 8.65 19.3
    Tyler Dorsey 5.13 10.5

    There is a trend that players on the court more often with Lin now (like Alex Len and Bembry) are trending up and players with Trae Young are trending down in PER.

  893. he will be given playtime more than many rookies in the league.

  894. Think we’re saying the same thing.

  895. Stats are fakable. It takes a lot more than measurable individual stats to win a game.

  896. Problem is, they did not leave the door open for a Lin start. They could’ve based on Lin’s recovery, “see how Lin’s recovery goes…”. Think they shot themselves in the foot by their own evaluation of Lin’s possible recover path and Trae performance. Now they are in a tough situation.

  897. They play 2 different positions. Luka is a tall 6’7″ Power Foward. Trae is a short and skinny Point Guard. Luka’s main job isn’t to facilitate and run an offense. Trae’s job is. Power Forward is not nearly as difficult of a position to do well in your first year. Point Guard position requires years of experience to become proficient at in the NBA.

    Of course, most rookies don’t shoot nearly as awful as Trae has, but I think his shot is fixable. Lin’s 3-point shot didn’t become decent / good until his 4th and 5th year in the league.

  898. Even a good manage can draft a bust. But a competitive manager is able to spot the lemon and makes a fast turn, and the bad ones try to prove their forever correctness and sink along the way.

  899. my point is, you pick the guy that’s most likely to become a star and in this case, it was luka doncic.

  900. Sure, it looks like Luka is the much better player now, but we won’t know who really will be the better player years from now. Luka was obviously the safe bet, but remember, Hawks got back the Mavs’ 1st round pick next year. It’s a protected 1-5 but I doubt Mavs will get a top 5 pick anyway. So really, Hawks got Trae and a 1st rounder for Luka. Not a bad deal if Trae becomes a good PG in the next few years.

  901. How about starting both of them and quickly sub out Trae? Let Lin shoulder more time against starters, and have Trae work back in against other team bench. Don’t think that will result in more wins, but will benefit the rook.

  902. Start the first quarter giving up lots of points is not a pleasant experience. In Q1, the Hawks gave up 45 points against the Celtics, 40 against the Pistons, 35 against the Nuggets, the Kings and the Cavaliers.

  903. his defense wont get better. he likly wont get bigger or taller. these are major issues. at best isiah thomas(celtics one) is his ceiling an thats a stretch right now.

  904. Absolutely! 👍🏼

  905. They are giving a reason for Atlanta fans to come to home games.

  906. The dilemma is tickets sale versus the star making of Trae Young.

  907. Trae can still develop and grow more muscles. It takes years for NBA players to get a NBA-ready body. Just look at Lin and Curry. They were skinny and tiny in their early years. Now they’ve got tons of muscles and are cut. You think Trae’s body is going to be like for the rest of his career? LOL

    Trae can care more and learn how to play better defense. His D can improve as his body gets stronger and he learns how to keep players in front of him and hustles past screens. His shot can be much better once his shot selection improves and form is more consistent.

    He’s got a lot to improve on, but I see a lot of potential in Trae, especially his gift of court vision and passing abilities. The other parts of his game can be refined, developed, and fixed, but you can’t learn natural passing skills that Trae has.

    Comparing Trae to the ballhog midget is laughable. IT can only score and he can’t even do that as well as he used to anymore. IT was never a great passer and didn’t try on defense throughout the years. That’s why he’s a bum and will never get paid like he so desperately wants to be paid.

  908. a bad idea! Who is going to back up the two PGs? The team only has 2.PGs on their roster and Hamilton is not ready to make a real contribution.

  909. Great replays, videos showing Lin passing the ball to his teammates when they are in great positions or when mismatched. Several to Anderson quick up court passes where Anderson had space to go 1-1 and beat his man off the dribble before defenders could get set.
    Easy dumps to Len deep in the paint after posting and screening out his defender. Lin is great at getting the ball to the centers that seal off their position for a great post up play, especially in the past with Lopez – Nets, and Al Jefferson – Hornets. Also easy quick up court passes when Centers leak, Lopez used to get some easy ones against mismatches from Leak out, fast breaks.
    Setting up Collins nicely with several dimes. Lin is looking great and close to 90%, I’d say not 100% yet but he’s well on his way.

  910. I think Lin is a star before turning pro. He looks like a star on the court making last minute shots. In his game against St Mary (I guess), he sank a hail Mary shot from half court line and went in. He looked like a star.

  911. from Lin fans.he couldn’t hide for long.

  912. They play him at the 2.

  913. Totally agree.

  914. i work out. his frame wont allow much growth.

  915. Luka Doncic is not a rookie. He is a veteran for years playing professional basketball.
    Unfortunately, Trae Young will have to be always compared with the Euroleague MVP in his career.

  916. Half of defense is focus and hustle. When your shot doesn’t go, you have to focus on the other end.

  917. start lin

  918. Perfect opportunity and excuse for them to start Lin in place of Baze. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  919. baze is avraging 20 minutes and 7 points the last 5. just start lin already

  920. Doncic is younger than Trae by months, I believe and it really doesn’t matter whether he’s played professional in Euro.
    The fact that he’s been the best player in Euro at such a young age says a lot about him.

    Don’t know why some of you regards this as some type of unfair advantage..In my opinion, that should had make you more want to take him ahead of Trae.

  921. luka is averaging 19 ppg 45 percent from the field and 38 percent from 3. he is also 19 years old.

  922. exactly..He’s younger than Trae. That’s key here…People acting like he’s 23-24 and can’t improve further.

  923. He’s 20 and playing a different position and role than Trae and on a much better team that’s not tanking.

  924. he is 6’7 218 pounds. thats a frame that can get much bigger. hawks drafted the wrong player.

  925. i doubt dallas would of drafted trea.

  926. thats what i don’t get from the hawk…they have the chance to get the better player yet opt for trae and tank???

  927. you guys forgot about coach’s favorite?

  928. he is 19. bday on feb 1999

  929. Dallas is not in Atlanta’s position. Dallas already went through a small rebuild and aren’t looking to fully rebuild like Hawks are. Not sure why you keep trying to compare different teams, players, and situations.

  930. No, nobody forgot about Bembry, but with the pressure mounting on Pierce, he’ll look like a toolbag if he starts Bembry instead of Lin again, then the starters and Trae gets killed… again.

  931. dennis jr is there. forgot but i remember people thought trea would go much later. they were surprise atlanta jumped up and took a chance. this was a gamble by atlanta. not looking good now

  932. I’ll bet you he won’t start Lin tomorrow, instead he’ll start bembry….anyone but Lin because coach is still trying to figure it out hehehe

  933. more height is better for the future…maybe except if Trae is really that good (which right now doesn’t and suck at defensive end)

  934. lol funny you said that. imma post something on top

  935. btw if some saying to start bremby. lol he is shooting 38 percent from the feild and 29 percent from three. lol what a starting back court. heurter is 37 percent from the feild. 35 percent from three which is better. if lin dont start now. he never will.

  936. look what i posted ontop

  937. if LP starts Bembry instead of Lin, then its just like the tank commander (BS) who really will not give Lin the chance to start(means more playing time) and have more time destroying his tanking plan..

  938. a backcourt shooting 38 percent from the feild and below 30 percent from three. good luck trea

  939. I would suggest changing the whole line up. Lin, Bremby/huerter, anderson, collins, Len

  940. trea will start for now

  941. Bulking up may also effect speed and shooting.

  942. 2nd five Trae, Prince, Huerter/bembry, plumlee and tall black dude forgot his name

  943. We all do here on this board. The problem is the rest of the sheep like masses.

  944. I know LP will get fired if he changed the starting PG

  945. dedmon. btw len getting help by lin. dedmon wishing he get demoted lmao

  946. I want Lin and Len they have chemistry and seems to be getting along

  947. Dedmon

  948. Lin and collins as well. he just plays the right way

  949. if Trae miss one game, they will see how Jeremy runs this team and bring them a W.

  950. yeah them too. Huerter is like Jeremy’s brother

  951. prince is horrible. just had to say it

  952. he just tiny can’t get pass these NBA players

  953. that means he can’t shoot half court anymore

  954. Did you forget the place holder in Charlotte as well. I think he’s out of the league now. Can’t even remember his name.

  955. PJ or something

  956. no D too that guy

  957. Lin playing with prince scares me

  958. yeah…prince is no D and ballhog however bembry is D and ballhog – pick your poison

  959. exactly

  960. lol

  961. pj hairston

  962. there you go hair…….ston hehe

  963. retired. facing assuallt charges

  964. oh yeah….you won’t hear that from Lin..he’s the one getting assaulted all the time on court = )

  965. I’m pretty sure he’ll do whatever to not miss any game and risk Lin starting and playing too well.

    Even right now, it has to be very uncomfortable watching his back-up grossly outplaying him while playing 10 minute less.

  966. they may start bremby at pg lol

  967. Christine’s offensive and defensive highlights!

  968. Remember Kemba was injured and kept it quiet and playing until season was over?

  969. yeah, I remember him. Never understood why Cliff insisted on starting him ahead of Lin. It was so maddening.

  970. No loss, no gain, lol

  971. kemba?

  972. I think so, I don’t remember the detail. someone please correct me if I am wrong.

  973. Yep, My memory was not too bad.

    “In May 2016, Walker had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in the left knee”

  974. The idea of starting Bembry would be to replace Prince and have a better defender out there. He also can do a bit of facilitating where Prince is a disaster when he tries to facilitate. When Prince is shooting poorly, Bembry is no worse.

  975. Doncic looks older than he really is but looks like a mature star already. He has a PF built but plays the PG position. Just like how Yuta Watanabe Has the built for PF but can play PG/SG.

  976. Hairston

  977. Exactly Trae was Hawks wishful thinking they could find a Curry 2.0, since GM wants to recreate GSW,
    pipe dream.

  978. It made sense. It didn’t madden me at all. He only played 18 minutes or so and when Lin was mixed in with both Kemba and Batum, he barely had touches. When Lin played with either Kemba or Batum he did well. So it did make sense from that POV that someone who is a placeholder for a forward, MKG, and around his height played in that position, played 18 minutes or so a game, and Lin was grand leader of bench force 1 and used with either Kemba or Batum before the full bench came in, but not both, until the end of the game to close it. It’s a formula that actually worked well for Cliff.

    You don’t always have to use all of your best players in the starting lineup. Mix and match makes sense sometimes.

  979. I’d rather he didn’t. But I’d pull Prince out of the starting lineup for a few games.

  980. Luka plays as the main PG of the team even though he can play PF! This is modern basketball where any position can be PG due to everyone capable of shooting 3s and playmaking. Even Yuta another one of those rare players capable as PF/PG/SG! It’s where modern basketball is heading!

  981. If Baze can’t go, it’s Bembry or Lin. I have a feeling Bembry would get the nod if my read on the coach is correct.

  982. 1,000th comment on this thread.

  983. Insanity for Linsanity

  984. He doesn’t bend his knees on defense, maybe Daenerys Targaryen can help.

  985. Trae who is even shorter than Curry and less crafty in creating shots for himself. Honestly think the shortest a PG should be is 6’3” like Lin and Curry. Any shorter will be a liability on court. It’s a blessing, if Hawks drafted Doncic, Lin won’t even get minutes or talk about starting. It’s the fact they drafted Trae that Lin has a chance to outplay him by hige margins.

  986. Bembry has already started 2 games this season so it wouldn’t be an anomaly or unusual at all.

    JLIN is perhaps the ONLY rotation core player to not have started a game.

  987. It’s become a consistent theme for a number of games now that Jeremy Lin has been the team’s most effective performer. He amassed 19 points, ten assists and three steals in the game and was a definite spark during each stretch Atlanta would start to eat into the lead of the Celtics.

    Bembry stuffed the stat sheet with 14 points, seven rebounds, four blocks, four assists and two steals. He continues to be a regular part of a reserve lineup, often giving the team their best stretch of play with his relentless energy.

    “Competitive group to finish the game. Still, seeking and searching to find a group that we can get started in terms of our energy, our effort, playing together,” Pierce commented about the solid play of his reserves. “I thought Dre’ and Jeremy – they’ve been on a tear (the) last couple of games – just consistent energy on both sides of the floor. Dre’ missed a couple of three’s early—but finally got one. You just see a burden and a relief coming off. He’s playing the right way and he’s being rewarded with minutes, and I think he’s being rewarded with spirit with how hard he’s competing. Those two guys are the examples in our locker room right now as we are searching and seeking and trying to find something positive. Those are the two the guys that I’m looking at.”

  988. it wasn’t a small rebuild it was a one year tank. cuban himself talks about tanking and got fined for it. just like san antonio tanked one year to get duncan, cuban tanked AND traded a 1st round pick to get doncic.

  989. unless he thinks starting lin will help trae get out of his slump… but he did mention lin will be 1st off the bench so the safe bet is still bembry…

    so far i like lin playing with dedmon, collins, and anderson. too little time with trae to form an opinion. prince is a nightmare. baze and bembry are ok as long as they know their role. len, huerter and VC are ok. spellman, do not want….

  990. what if that’s the point? 4d chess… do people here really think BS started ronnie price over lin because he was better? likewise LP has started EVERYONE except lin…. can’t be by accident.

    now or never. if lin still can’t start he will never on this team.

  991. Best highlight so far!

  992. Christine does make the best highlights of Lin. We all notice the scoring, but at the nuances on the other end of the floor has to be appreciated as well. Lin did a fantastic job against KI.

  993. it doesn’t matter what position they play. what matters is atl had 3rd pick. the safe bet was doncic. instead, schlenk tried to pull an ainge and trade down to get “his guy” plus a 1st round pick. for schlenk’s sake, trae or that pick better turn out to be gold…

  994. “Brooklyn was tremendously successful down the stretch with Rondae at the four. Their starting lineup to end the season of Jeremy Lin, Randy Foye, Caris LeVert, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Brook Lopez was Brooklyn’s most played lineup this season.

    That group also finished with a Net Rating of +3.8 per NBA dot com.

    That number is remarkable in the context of Brooklyn’s overall Net Rating of -6.1.”

    ➡️ ( )


    (almost kind of wonder whether John Collins could complement JLin defensively in similar manner, even if it’s only on a temporary basis until he hopefully gets traded to playoff team later this season)

  995. JLIN & Trae’s divergent November Paths Disrupt Pierchlenk’s plans

    Original Plan
    a. Nobody returns from patella so JLIN is NO threat to strategic Tanking and rookie Development mins
    b. JLIN’s services not needed because Trae the top drafted franchise PG
    c. JLIN’s expiring $14M frees cap space end-of-season when JLIN is unceremoniously jettisoned
    d. If JLIN, against all odds, performs modestly, ATL may even offer vet min to stick around
    e. JLIN mentors Trae

    Disrupted Plan
    A. JLIN playing lights out; a larger role (demanded by some Atlantans) threatens Tank & Rookie mins
    B. JLIN’s services only thing stopping 40 pt blowouts every night
    C. JLIN perhaps worth something after all – trade low 1st rd pick from a contender? $$$?
    D. ATL has NO CHANCE to keep JLIN — no way JLIN stays for any reason in his contract season
    E. Trae learning NOTHING from JLIN (TY’s fault? JLIN’s fault? Both?)

    Feel free to disagree, it’s an open forum – I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do contemplate before I offer my theories.

  996. I think I can articulate why I believe it would it could be worse with the Nets. Kenny is fairly loyal to Lin. There is hope for starting and minutes because of Kenny. The problem is with Kenny’s system. No matter how many minutes, the offence does not really flow through Lin. With the Hawks, if Lin gets minutes, he will probably excel. Run the offence through your best player, something Kenny was never willing to do.

  997. JLIN has proven he can play and SUCCEED under any system: low-post big man, P&R, Kenny Motion offense — JLIN just figures out a way to WIN under any system.

    The Brooklyn situation was ideal and JLIN will tell you that

  998. I certainly agree that Lin can win in any system. He could even win with McHale’s “system”. I like Kenny for how he treated Lin. I still do not like his system. I agree that Lin wanted to stay in Brooklyn hence the betrayal by Mark’s was really terrible.

  999. Joe Tsai’s betrayal was the dagger, what Tsai did (or didnt do e.g. demand that his entire equity deal is off if they trade JLIN) is too hard to swallow

  1000. I have always wondered if it was just the injuries. I have a nagging feeling that Marks never really trusted in Lin for the long term. Just a placeholder until the Russell trade.

  1001. I generally agree. I think they didn’t expect Trae to be this bad and Jeremy to be this good. It is a very embarrassing situation. Not sure what they will do. They want to tank but it is looking too obvious.

  1002. Kenny and Sean Mark’s motion offense was one of many betrayal to Lin’s bargaining contract.

  1003. after lin’s injury, i think schlenk thought lin would be how VC is now. VC is old but he can still play, not at a great level, but still nba level. play him a few minutes as backup, be a role model/mentor, etc.

    i assume schlenk thought lin wouldnt be close to his former self and would be the guard version of VC. think of a guy like calderon or priginoi in the past. instead, lin is back to 90% (imo) and is straight up embarrassing the rook who is struggling hard…

    remember in charlotte, how the bench would routinely beat the starters in practice? just like then, there are politics in play… what schlenk/LP do now will be very telling…

  1004. My hope is when Joe become a majority owner, he will fire the snake SM and sign Lin for a max contract for the remaining of his nba career.

  1005. I agree with this.

    Actually I am in the process of drafting a Letter to Joseph Tsai on this exact topic, just need Brooklyn Nets to collapse a bit more before releasing the letter.

  1006. Some valid points but some are quite extreme IMO. I think the original plan was to have Lin come back from the injury but play a backup role for Young. I think the FO have been calculating the risk and see Lin as a win win bet. That is, if he doesn’t come back fully healthy and lost a big chunk of his explosiveness and other skills, then at least he can save a big chunk of cap space for the team next season. And if he comes back fully healthy, it’ll be an added bonus on top of the salary dump. Furthermore, I don’t believe the Hawks were even thinking beyond this season for the JLin situation.

    The only unexpected disruption to Hawks plan is, that Young would struggle this badly. They fully expect Young to be able to hold his own even if he might hit a bit of rookie wall. And no matter how well Lin performs this season, he would not generate enough talks and discussions to endanger Young’s starting PG position. But it turned out that Young just couldn’t handle this responsibility and all the hype around him and the Hawks FO is now faced with a major debacle…

    This drama is getting more interesting by the day…

  1007. Our forum is too well-mannered for KHuang, plus he seems to believe he’s been banned from here, so I peek in on the “other” site now and then just to read him and him alone. He has a lot of convincing analysis of why Jimmer Fredette is hugely under-rated. Thinks very highly of him, and that he’d be a great partner with Lin.

  1008. Joe’s is not stupid about the nba, he knew much more than we thought he knew. He and his family are big fan of Lin’s under dog story and they’re the children of Taiwan. His hands were tied when Lin’s traded. I believed he bought the Nets because Lin was the player there. He will do the right thing about Lin’s been unfair treatment

  1009. mchale didn’t have a system

  1010. yes he did. give it to harden and get the **** outta his way!

  1011. This is why JLin cannot play with TY at the same time because TY needs the ball but while maybe getting stats he does not make the team better. Jlin is thriving now because he is “the” PG. it all goes through him, he organizes the team to be better rather than a collection of individuals. KA and BKLN allowed (wanted in fact) any of 5 players to bring up the ball and initiate the play. If you are going to do that then you better have 5 very good players who will produce varying levels of success. Look at Prince, when he initiates the play it is usually a shot for himself. Same with Bembry until he played with JLin and got organized and now he is not as much of a chicken. ATL says they have a MO but mostly it runs through TY.

  1012. It’s hard to know about Tsai, imho. Maybe he was just being a businessman. On the other hand he’s an extremely active guy. He’s an important member of the Alibaba board, and what with the US/China trade war and China’s economy supposedly slowing he’s part of strategizing how to keep that vast business expanding. He also recently bought the Los Angeles Times newspaper and is trying to figure out how to keep it afloat. He played Lacrosse in school and owns a Lacrosse team, has invested in a football team, and bought out the Russian who was looking to unload the Nets. It seems highly unlikely that with all that going on he is able to be as much a hands on owner of the Nets. When Jeremy got so injured I’m sure Tsai was strongly pressured to “face reality”. A rookie NBA owner with a whole lot of other big responsibilities on his plate could be reluctant to second-guess his supposedly expert staff and steamroll them in favor of his personal preferences.

  1013. lol good one

  1014. No PG for bench if Jlin starts. If Jlin starts then TY has to lead the bench and Bembry at SG. ATL really thin at PG.

  1015. Based on his choice of players such as DLo, his eye norm is probably not good enough to tell a winner from stat padders.

  1016. If, big if, ATL were to decide to try to make the playoffs this season then Jimmer would be very good 2nd unit instant offense off the bench. He is much better than TY right now. He can coexist on the floor with JLin and with the young ATL bigs the offense could be overpowering, on a close par with GSW. Bigger, can pass well and while not known for defense better than TY. I don’t completely understand the stigma against Jimmer but wonder if it is religion, as he is a Mormon. Just like I wonder how much JLin’s Christianity works against him

  1017. Yea, I was dumbfounded when the nets did that. Joe has to make good of this. Dump dlo in the process

  1018. The team might be able to get a late-first-round pick for Fultz from a desperate club willing to take a chance, or the Sixers could try for a player with an expiring contract. That would enable them to avoid paying the $9.7 million that Fultz is guaranteed for next season.

    This sound like the perfect circumstances for a Hawks / Sixers trade for Lin / Fultz…

    If Schlenk thinks Fultz can be fixed and can work with Trae, and the Sixers feel that they need Lin’s services to make a deep playoffs push, this deal can be done.

    Lots of ifs, but the timing and situation is set up perfectly for it to happen. Fultz’s $9.7M contract is enough to be traded for Lin’s contract 1 to 1, although I think Hawks would have to at least throw in a 2nd rounder for Sixers to make that trade. Sixers need someone like Lin to either play with the starters or be the bench force and leader that Lin is.

    We know that Sixers have been interested in Lin in the past. Wonder if they still are interested now.

  1019. If ATL tried to get Fultz, now THAT would shake TY confidence. Plus Fultz is still an unknown and unproven NBA talent

  1020. looking at what sixers fan wants they think he is worth alot more

  1021. Of course fans think their #1 draft pick is worth a lot more than he really is.

    Doesn’t matter what fans think. It matters what GMs think. I’ve been saying this over and over.

  1022. I always suspicioned that Marks got JLin as a concession to KA. Jlin’s bad luck was also KA’s bad luck

  1023. He is also saddled with the huge contract of the mediocre Alan Crabbe and almost did the same thing with Johnson from Miami and the guy from WA. He could have tied up $60 M in three non-star players

  1024. I’m not sure if this is a good idea for Lin… Simmon is going to be the primary ball handler here…

  1025. You’re forgetting Otto Porter Jr.

  1026. Dis agree a little with D in Disrupted plan. If ATL changed course and decided to try to make the playoffs and made appropriate trades and moves to get competitive and they made JLin the starter he might stay. Why not? ATL has got youth, Young vets and draft choices to trade. If Jlin keeps up his current pace it will become “his” team anyway

  1027. Doesn’t matter. Lin doesn’t need to start on the Sixers to have a huge impact on them and get them more wins. Lin can contribute as a starter or coming off the bench, playing with Simmons, without Simmons. We all know this.

    Sixers are missing a good bench PG / sixth man. They’re forced to use T. J. McConnell now to fill that role and McConnell is nowhere near as good as Lin is. Once Lin shows the Sixers that he’s more than just a bench player, they will trust him to do more with the starters.

  1028. i don’t know if he didn’t believe in Lin more than he wanted to go younger. He traded all of his late-20s, early 30s aged players. DMC is in his 30s but his role isn’t as big as Lin’s or Brook’s. And then there was the emergence of Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert. LeVert is the most Lin-like of the two and Dinwiddie is low-turnover and played with more athleticism than DLo.

  1029. do you guys think jeremy will fit with Sixers?

  1030. Lin fits with any team willing to give him minutes and a defined role. Once he gains a team’s trust, Lin doesn’t just fit, he excels… like he’s doing right now with the Hawks. Only thing is, the Sixers have a lot more talented players and a lot more stars than Hawks have, so it might take more time to earn their trust and confidence in him.

    It’ll take Lin a bit of time to get situated with any new team, but he’s used to doing that by now, even if he’s sick of moving from team to team, city to city so many times in his career.

    Sixers needs someone like Lin, especially now that their #1 pick seems to be a bust and they’re looking to dump him. Lin is the missing ingredient to get them deep into the playoffs and maybe make the Eastern Conference Finals.

  1031. I don’t necessarily think that Joe Tsai should have kept JLin because they are both Asian is a good enough reason to keep JLin. Otherwise one could make the argument tha t black or white or name -your-ethnicity should keep a player beCause they are of the same ethnicity. Two wrongs do not make a right and we should not get caught up in that. BKLN offered JLin $36M to play for 3 years when he was coming off a $2M deal. Jlin was treated very well indeed. BKLN paid JLin $24M for less than 1/2 of the two years he was there plus he got a player option for year 3. Jlin is not a victim of anything but bad luck. I feel certain that in a few years when Jlin is done Tsai will hire JLin for the BKLN organization for the PR value inChina which could be massive if Jlin can play for 3 or 4 more years and because Of his proven character, basketball acumen and ability to get people to work together. This story may have a long way to run

  1032. 6th man the most

  1033. Philly is almost a perfect destination where JLin can put a team over the top and actually win the whole enchilada. Even though he would play behind Simmons, if Philly goes far Jlin’s Will have a ton of leverage for his next contract

  1034. I don’t care what title on a team Lin gets, as long as he plays quality minutes on a non-tanking team, and has a chance to shine, especially in the playoffs.

  1035. That’s who I meant, the guy from WA. My aging mind went blank

  1036. Atlanta has the best trainer in Chelsea Lane. JLin’s excellent performance has something to do with her care and treatment.

    If Lin keeps on producing at Linsanity level, Schlenk will have to draw up an offer to keep him in Atlanta. JLin will start soon and I won’t worry because Linz’s prayer to God is answered.

  1037. Yeah, some people (myself include and even Lin himself) get too caught up in titles (bench player, sixth man, starter, star, all-star, etc.). Lin is battling to save his NBA career again this year, on a contract year too. No better way for him to do that and set himself up for another good contract than to play for a good playoffs team and shine again in the playoffs like he did with the Hornets. Couldn’t care less if Lin is coming off the bench or starting. We know when it comes time to shine and be clutch, Lin more often than not, succeeds and excels.

  1038. WA = Washington state. Otto Porter is playing for Washington (D.C.) Wizards.

  1039. We might be seeing the beginning of Linsanity 2, 2nd generation, much improved

  1040. I bet Porter is regretting WAS matched BKLN’s offer

  1041. Actually he’s thrilled. Why would Porter be regretting getting that ridiculous contract? You think he cared if he played for the Nets or Wizards? He only agreed to sign that contract with the Nets because he knew it’d force the Wizards to match.

  1042. Horrible destination! 76ers have their own stars already! Lin would barely get any minutes! We’ve all seen how he got only 10-13mins when Hornets players were all healthy; let alone a team with 3 stars! Lin needs to go to a team where he can start right away.

  1043. Porter is not regretting the contract but the dysfunctional organization. But the $ makes it easier for sure

  1044. Nets the ever cursed team of injured PGs?! No thanks they almost killed Lin’s career. Not to mention their coaching and solo motion offense are horrible! There are way better options out there!

  1045. Starting on a crappy team doesn’t get you noticed nearly as much as contributing to a team making a deep run in the playoffs and even contend for a title.

    You’re not looking at Lin’s situation correctly. Lin has to worry about his NBA career this year and focus on showing teams he’s more than capable of staying healthy and contribute to winning basketball.

    Once Lin showcases his game in the playoffs, even if he is only allowed to play 15-20 minutes per game, teams will be rushing to sign him as a free agent next year. THEN he can decide if he wants to continue playing for crappy teams as a starter.

  1046. Not in Nets’ solo motion offense he didn’t! It took away PnR and the ball out of his hands while making allowing everyone to bring up the ball as PG! Lin had to work twice as hard just to get his!

    Lin is thriving with the Hawks because he’s the main PG when on the floor and can finally play PnR with the bigs!

  1047. Except Lin would also not get any decent stats which is what’s needed for his next contract with just 10-13 mins off the bench! With all those stars they might not even play him.

  1048. Lin has made players around him trending up in PER. The bench plays better with JLin as their PG and outscore the starters. The best part of it is JLin hasn’t reached his full potential yet. He is still adjusting his body after the surgery to his new way of moving with muscles that he rarely used in the past.

    What happened to Steve Nash after the training from Fortius may happen to JLin soon enough to earn him the recognition of Linsanity 2.

  1049. Nets poor training staff will ruin all their PG’s careers. Levert’s injury looked serious and was lucky to not get a fracture.

    Bottomline, with how he was treated there’s no way Joe is innocent. Lin will never go back to teams who wronged him unless it’s the Knicks.

    Marks was never willing to call Lim the franchise just the leader/mentor. Marks speaking in circles and telling Lin he doesn’t have to prove anything was always a sign.

  1050. Lin already has the stats RIGHT NOW. He doesn’t even need starter minutes to have good stats. Teams are looking for someone who can make their team better, to “move the needle,” and to have a positive impact on their team.

    The playoffs is the best place to get noticed and earn a new contract. Starting on a tanking or bad team means Lin won’t be in the playoffs, so he won’t have ANY minutes, not even the 10-13 (which is a low estimate from you) you’re so worried about. How do you not understand this?

  1051. Linsanity 2, The Adult Version

  1052. NYK NEVER be good with the current owner.

  1053. Yup Walker refused to have a season ending injury allowing Lin to prove he’s the better starting PG. Yet people keep saying Walker was nice, he’s fake and was just as afraid of being embarrassed by Lin.

  1054. Never say never with Melo gone.

  1055. Another high draft pick bites the dust. They had #2 Okafor too. How does this tanking thing work again? GSW got good by having a good eye for BB talent, not cheating fans by losing games (thank you Jerry West). BTW Jerry West is now with the Clippers who in spite of losing key players are doing very nicely, thank you- without tanking! Thank you again

  1056. Dolan and Melo two peas from same pod-one pea left-never!

  1057. From what I know JLin and Kemba are friends- good enough for me

  1058. Good to hear you say that, lol. I’ve been saying that for a long time and getting chewed out about it. Big role, minutes and finish most games. That way, Lin helps a team win. Lin’s a winner and I think he needs to go somewhere and win. That’s not happening where he is currently.

  1059. Each of the top 3 teams of the east need Lin. His demand has gone up a great deal now. My favourite is still Raptors mainly because of the Asian fan base and kawhi Leonard.

    The west is is also tight but GSWs needs Lin to give them bench strength. Lin’s one year rental contract is a perfect set up for a trade for Contenders to get a boost. Let’s hope we can get a deal done ASAP.

  1060. I’ve always felt this way, but there’s a difference between feeling this way and promoting it like you do, especially on other sites and here. We all know Lin will always want to be a starter in the NBA because he cares about having that title and the respect that comes with it, but he can’t be worried about that this year. Lin has to make sure he stays healthy and showcase his game to as many people as possible, so he can earn himself 1 last (hopefully long-term) contract.

  1061. I’d love Lin to be a starter but on a great team. Not a temporary starter on some “developing” team. That’s what happened on the Nets and I thought he was solid on the Nets, until they traded Brook. Now I’m really jaded about Lin starting on bad teams.

    If he finishes games and gets starters minutes, finishes games, although not absolutely consistent, he’s a major player on the team. It’s just another way to get a big role. That’s what I’ve been saying. But the biggest thing is, at has to be a contender.

  1062. Raptors would not be bad destination

  1063. Google Trends shows “Jeremy Lin trade” search term is trending up in the past 30 days

  1064. After reading some of those reddit comments, sounds like Fultz is a real gamble with his shoulder injury. The question now is whether if Hawks is going to bite the bait…. Hawks would be stupid to do so though. Losing their best player, mentor to Young, and leaving the PG position wide open with a bruised ego in TY…

    If this really happens, Sixers would walk away laughing all the way to the bank…

  1065. I don’t like Lin on GSW whatsoever. They have Shaun Livingston and other pieces. It’s a cheap way for him to get a ring. Plus Kerr always had this disrespectful attitude toward Lin.

    Toronto is great, some of the other East coast teams are good as well.

  1066. a lot of asians in Toronto….it would be great

  1067. Sixers sent Fultz to multiple specialists and none of them could find any hint of an injury in Fultz. They say it’s all mental with Fultz, while Fultz is blaming it on a phantom injury.

    Sixers are now trying to cut bait, a really damn expensive bait. Sixers fans don’t even think any team would take Fultz without Sixers sending assets to get rid of him. If this is true and the situation is that dire, then Hawks can ask for at minimum a first round pick from Philly in exchange for Lin’s production and expiring contract.

  1068. Yeah, ironically, Atlanta is becoming a good place for Lin to showcase his super star winning talent.

  1069. Praying for lin to be traded to a good team

  1070. I don’t like the Sixers. Too many ball dominant players there.

    But I could see the Hawks taking a chance on Faultz.

  1071. I don’t know much about Kerr, but from my limited observations he doesn’t strike me as someone who would show disrespect to someone like Jeremy. What happened?

  1072. Hawks are not that desperate for a 1st round pick ahe. They have 3 1st round picks already. Fultz will just cause more insecurities with Trae Young and possible locker room issues.

  1073. With Sixers, the ball will be in either Jimmy Butler hands or Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid, so not sure how impactful Lin can be there.

    I think he could still get 20 minute off the bench there, but I’d rather see him in Orlando where he could make a much bigger impact and get the credit for it.

  1074. There teams who need that playoff push like Magics where Lin can start as PG. Hawks would be dumb to get Fultz with that phantom injury just for that thrown in 1st round pick.

  1075. Agree with Sports…Sixers are too loaded with ball dominant star players.

    Even Ridick will need at least 15 shots.

    I’m hoping he doesn’t get traded to the Sixers but the trade does work for both side..I just hate this destination for Lin.

  1076. Exactly..I’m with you here…Orlando or Pacers are much better because Lin will get space and shots to make an impact…I’m not sure he’ll have enough time and shot to do that in Philly.

    All their stars will be playing close to 40 minutes come playoff time, so not sure Lin will even get consistent 25 minutes with them.

  1077. You don’t even know whether 76ers are just trying to get rid of Fultz and have no intention of playing Lin decent minutes!

    76ers with all those stars would not need nor respect Lin. He could be benched for rest of the season or only 8-10 minutes or without making a case for his next contract at all.

    If playing well on a crappy team then what’s all these articles about Lin playing well and being the best player on the Hawks?!

  1078. Your realize there’s a thing called a bench, right? You act as if the starting lineup can average 35-40 minutes a game and that Lin would never get to see the floor and have the ball in his hands… especially with the way Lin has been playing this season.

  1079. 11.4PPG and playing a few games with barely 25mins is not good stats. Not even enough to vouch for a starting PG spot. Starting PGs like IT average 15PPG minimum.

  1080. You act like Lin has never played with ball-dominant players before or straight-up ballhogs. Lin has played with some of the most notorious ballhogs in the history of the NBA before and made it work. Lin is even more crafty and experienced now than those previous years and teams he’s played for. You don’t think he can play with the Sixers starting lineup or their bench and thrive in that situation?

    I don’t like the Sixers as a team, organization, city, and especially their fans, but I’m looking out for what’s best for Lin, not what I personally like or dislike.

  1081. Wow, I wanted to write something expressing the same exact sentiment but you did it 10x better than I could ever do.

    I do feel that part of the reason they got Lin was because they felt he wasn’t going to be a treat to Trae, specially coming from the patella injury.

    What is currently going now, is probably their worse nightmare. Trae playing terribly while Lin playing lights out. It was suppose to be Trae doing well while Lin playing badly with LP only giving him 10 minutes per game.

  1082. Then you haven’t looked at the box score! That’s exactly how most starters are given minutes (35-40mins) especially on star studded teams!

  1083. You don’t know any of these things either, but are still wildly speculating way more than I am. At least I’m giving you legit, thoughtful analysis and refuting your silly predictions and worries with a sound argument.

  1084. They’re not AVERAGING 35-40 minutes per game. Plus, Simmons has to play more now than ever because he has no legit backup. TJ McConnell sucks and Fultz is on his way out, not allowed to play with the team. That’s why they need someone like Lin on the team to relieve Simmons and lead their bench.

  1085. Both Harden and Walker have been olay 38-40min games as kf late! What are their excuses? Some teams would rather give those minutes to the starters than give bench players a chance no matter how well they play. It certainly has applied to Lin on many teams.

  1086. We’re talking about the Sixers and now you bring up Rockets and Hornets. What’s wrong with you?

  1087. I don’t mind 1 guy, but not 3 guys that need the ball in their hands and all will be playing close to 40 minutes come playoff time..I doubt Lin can even average 5 shots per game playing for the sixers.

    How did that go playing with Kobe and Harden..Not that well.

    Also, I doubt Lin will get the type of credit you think he will get playing for the sixers, unless he goes crazy, dropping 20ppg coming off the bench…something I doubt since they have too many stars that needs to be fed the ball

    Embiid, Butler and Simmons will get all the credits, even if Lin manages a few good games during the playoff.

    I think going to a team like Orlando/Pacers and helping them make the 8th seed would gain Lin much more credit because he’ll be a huge part of their offense.;

    Sixers are expected to make the playoff and go deep,..Lin will only play 15 minute at most there.