Game 18: Toronto Raptors vs Atlanta Hawks


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  2. Jeremy Lin Breaks Out In Win Over Raptors
    “Jeremy Lin led the Charlotte Hornets to an overtime win over the Toronto Raptors with an exceptional 35-point performance.”

    A blast from the past, what an awesome game that was with Batum out due to injury and JLIN getting his first start as a Hornet against a TOR team that CHA hadn’t beaten in nearly 3 years.

    One day this season JLIN hopefully will get put in as the starter, and then he will really show what he can do…

  3. Here’s a show for you… Extra: Jeremy Lin Full Interview episode of Freakonomics Radio

  4. Carter will get more minutes tonight and expect teammates to feed him the ball. He needs about 13 points to get to 25,000 career points. Also I read Kawhi may not play but that isn’t confirmed.

  5. Pre-Game Research:

    “The difference between many good and great teams — and, indeed, many good and great players — is what they do in the last five seconds of the shot clock when the plan breaks down. Even the most prepared teams will run into those situations, particularly against great defenses. The deeper a team gets in the 24-second shot clock, the more difficult it becomes for that team to find layup and three-point opportunities, and the ability to knock down the mid-range jumper thus becomes king.”

    Full Article: ( )


  6. It won’t happen with Lloyd Pierce as the coach.

  7. The Lin / Lin fan hate has begun… again.

    Although to be fair, there are a lot of annoying Lin fans who make tons of excuses for Lin and incessantly bash any player or coach who threatens Lin’s playtime and role, every single day. We’ve got a lot here on this site and on the other Lin fan site. They’ve also invaded Reddit and Peachtree Hoops.

  8. Power of Lin I guess.

  9. Oh well, Collins and Dedmon are back to the starting lineup. Lin will have to hope Len can convert some of his passes. Or that he can play with Dedmon some. Trae has a far better lineup to play with than Lin. I expect Lin to feed Carter tonight.

  10. ➡️

    (and at least now professional sports writers and bloggers react to me-Lo stans the same way as some overly aggressive and militant Lin fans, too)

  11. So, if I had to guess, I’d say maybe Lin is closest to Len and Collins on this team. That’s only based on the social media clips I’ve seen. I hope he gets to play with Collins some. Lin’s already expressed how he likes playing with Dedmon. Dedmon is the best center on the team. But maybe Lin and Len can gain some chemistry.

  12. will likly miss the first haif. hopefully lin is aggressive and scores in what ever time he is given

  13. On Jeremy Lin, Superb Offense Off the Bench & the Inevitable Trade

  14. Your lack of empathy for Lin is also totally annoying. Meanwhile you constantly and repeatedly advocate that Lin is weak and mentally incompetent in the face of his bosses demands. Many Lin fans here are already upset by his situations, yet you continue to lash out at those who don’t agree with you like we are the enemy. Neither of our opinions will ever make any difference to how Lin will play. Lin will only answer to his own agenda and his God’s will. There is no need for stirring the pot here on this site and marginalizing anyone that has a different opinion than you.

  15. Your lack of empathy for Lin is also totally annoying. Meanwhile you constantly and repeatedly advocate that Lin is weak and mentally incompetent in the face of his bosses demands.

    Please find where I have ever had a “lack of empathy for Lin,” or “constantly and repeadedly advocate that Lin is weak and mentally incompetent.” Go ahead, I’ll wait. Guaranteed you can’t find even ONE instance of any of the garbage you claim I’ve said about Lin. You make crap up about me all the time, just so YOU can lash out against me and anyone who dares criticize Lin’s play on the court.

    Most people here cannot handle the truth and feel like they must defend Lin at all costs, making excuse after excuse for his passive play this season, while tearing down anyone who threatens Lin’s playtime and role. Then there’s people like you who blatantly bash those of us who have the guts to tell it like it is when Lin plays poorly or not up to the standards we all know he’s capable of. You are such a hypocrite, saying I’m the one marginalizing anyone that has a different opinion than you.

  16. “Zaza’s fans impressed me the most [and I thought he led all role players in stans] until I was introduced to Spencer Dinwiddie‘s stans. My goodness. You’d think this group was a bunch of bots based on the sheer quantity of posts that they can get into everyone’s mentions. Nope, they’re just that religious about Spencer Dinwiddie – who participates in the campaigning himself, which only adds fuel to their fire. They don’t forget either. They keep lists like Steve Buscemi in the movie “Billy Madison” and they will only take you off their list if you call them personally to apologize. Respect, Spencer Dinwiddie!” [ ]

    (side note: don’t forget what @Lorenzo_Max said few years ago when Lin was with Hornets: there were certain trolls who would create multiple accounts, one pretending to be an extremely aggressive LoF, and the other an extremely aggressive LoH, and “they” would argue with each other and derail forum so everyone else couldn’t read what everyone else wanted to say on that team fan forum, too)


    At least now professional sports writers and bloggers react to me-Lo stans the same way they do to some overly aggressive and militant Lin fans ( ). Don’t forget either the epic civil war that was erupting on Lakers forums after Lakers drafted Lonzo (Jim Buss / Mitch Kupchak / me-Lo faction vs. Jeanie Buss / Magic Johnson / Lonzo faction).

    (And LOL, now that Lin isn’t with Nets, those same Lakers fans are presumably taking their battle to homegrown Brooklyn Dinwiddie stans now).

  17. So far the poll on the best trade destination for Lin is mixed.
    33% chose Pelicans and 34% for other (possibly 76ers or other) then Orlando Magic at 24%

    33%New Orleans Pelicans
    24%Orlando Magic
    09%Phoenix Suns
    34%Other NBA teams

  18. Yes, of course there are Lin haters who hate Lin so much, they create new accounts and jump from team to team like Lin fans do, and pretend to be Lin fans, but act crazy and spew nonsense to make people believe all Lin fans are that nuts.

    However, that’s not who I’m talking about. I’m talking about actual Lin fans who go around from site to site, pretending to care about whatever team Lin plays for or the teammates Lin has to play with, only to bash Lin’s teammates, Lin’s coach, the organization, etc. when Lin doesn’t get fair playtime or a role they believe Lin should have. They keep pushing Lin’s advanced stats onto these teams, while ignoring any negatives about Lin. Teams’ fans are sick of these antics from legit Lin fans.

    I’m not free from blame either. I’ve done some of these things when Lin played for the Hornets (during playoffs) and for the Nets. However, I’ve always tried to temper my comments with both pros and cons of Lin’s game and made legitimate criticisms of how Lin was being used or the playtime he was allowed by his coaches. I’ve realized it’s pointless to argue with fans that only root for the jersey and couldn’t care less about Lin. It only makes them hate Lin and Lin fans more than they already do, which perpetuates the bad reputation Lin fans have everywhere Lin plays for.

  19. Lin teaching Huerter and Len some Chinese. They’re not bad at all 🙂

  20. Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Lin fans in the U.S.! 🦃

    Thankfully I will be able to watch the game tonight after missing the last two! Hope Lin will have a Great game in whatever PT given by the coach, and most importantly, Stay Healthy!

  21. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Yeah, hopefully Lin will have a good night. He usually plays well against the Raptors for some reason.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!
    There’s plenty of reasons for Lin fans to be thankful this year. Last year we only had 1 game but this year we get to watch him play. Yes, stay healthy!

  23. Nice story of how John Collins and JLin developed the special “Naruto handshake”

    For Hawks’ forward John Collins, there’s even a backstory to a few of the handshakes he has with his teammates. John does acknowledge that he and DeAndre’ are two of the frontrunners when it comes to creating the handshakes. John even proudly boasts how he takes it up a notch, having handshakes stemming from last year with just about everyone on the staff, save for the head coaches, though he briefly considered including Coach Pierce but quickly said the head coaches are usually so focused on the impending game, he doesn’t bother. John did it in high school and college, so it’s only right he took it to the pros.

    The handshake between John and Jeremy Lin is a collaborative effort based on the popular Japanese anime, “Naruto.” “We talk about that (show) probably every day.” The two connected on the series and even have “friendly competitions and little nerd talks” surrounding the show. At the time, John claimed to be further in the series than Jeremy, saying the two actually bonded over their love for it and the fact that neither had finished.

  24. For this season, to save these “Uninformed Fans” typing time, we’ve created a simple copy and paste:

    “Lin played so passive in the first 3 quarters, if he doesn’t stop playing so passively he’s doomed in the NBA, you know he’s not getting any younger. Lin did play a bit more aggressively late and especially in Q4, were it not for Q4 his game would have been a disaster.”

    During and at-the-end of this game, let us see if what the above copy and paste was on-the-mark with this Uninformed Fans.

    Next 50 games use the copy and paste, or get a clue

  25. There’s a short story on how Lin and Collins bond over their love of Naruto.

  26. And in comes the snarky and clueless know-it-all to add to the nonsense.

  27. Use the copy and paste, it fits your stuff to a T

  28. I finished reading Naruto Shippuden manga many years ago, but haven’t finished the anime. Too much filler in the anime for me to sift through. No wonder neither Lin nor Collins have finished it yet.

  29. I tried to check out the anime but it’s daunting to see thousands of episodes so I gave up trying to watch 😀

  30. It’s actually one of the best anime out there (Naruto Shippuden, not the original Naruto series), but the fillers mess everything up. You have to know when fillers begin and when they finish. Skip most of the fillers and only watch the main storyline.

  31. I believe this is the first time the real starters (minus Lin) are starting together…

  32. Gonzaga just beat favorite Duke. Gonzaga has half Japanese, half African player Rui Hachimura, who scored team high 20 points tonight.

    Everyone is focused on Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, but Rui Hachimura’s going to someone to keep an eye as well.

  33. Tonight is Vince Carter night, as he plays against his first team, the Raptors. He’s only 13 points away from 25,000. I have a feeling Lin will feed Vince as much as possible. Maybe even assist Vince for his 25,000th point.

  34. Lol 2 mins passed and no one can make a shot.

  35. No one can make a shot.

  36. 3 minutes and neither team can make a bucket.

  37. 4 mins and the Hawks still can’t score smh

  38. Lin!!!

  39. Lowry with 5 quick points. Hawks are playing so bad. They’re lucky Raptors couldn’t score, other than Lowry’s 5 points.

  40. Hope Lin will call for more PnR tonight.

  41. another passive Lin outing…

  42. Lin missed an easy floater. Hawks just can’t make any buckets other than Baze.

  43. First 2 possessions, he was passive, but he tried a floater later on and it didn’t go in.

  44. Lin in earlier tonight at 7:59 1Q – because Young did not play well after 4 min?

  45. that floater needs a lot of work! he looks totally uncomfortable shooting it unlike Trae or Tony Parker.

  46. game should be over by halftime. hope Lin gets extended minutes…

  47. good save by Bembry

  48. Non of the Hawks played well in the first 4 mins lol.

  49. Trae didn’t even do much. Coach pulled Trae early in the 1st Q.

  50. Lin with nice thoughtful words for the fans regarding Thanksgiving…

  51. Well, at least Lin took 2 shots in the 1st Q. Didn’t make them, but it’s good seeing him take shots early.

  52. not shown on my stream 🙁

  53. No one can box out nor rebound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 2222222222

  55. Excellent, Lin.

  56. Geeez can someone please box out?

  57. 2-4 50% so far!

  58. Lin is playing wonderfully.

  59. Another 2 pts by Lin!

  60. He take what the defense give him, nice to see.

  61. 29-20 deficit down

  62. 222222222222

  63. Lin is increasing trade value!

  64. 29-24 end of 1Q

  65. There we go! THIS is what I wanted to see out of Lin. Aggressive and taking charge in the first quarter. WOOT

    6 points, 1 assist in the 1st.

  66. kawhi is not playing so I really hope they can get a W this game along with VInce 25000 pts

  67. I’m happy. He’s playing a fantastic game. Aggression, pacing, defense, everything is fantastic.

  68. Good balanced quarter.

  69. Lin had 6 pts in the 1Q. Aggressive enough? 🙂

  70. If nobody on your team can score points then JLIN gonna do something about it

  71. Yes. He’s fantastic.

  72. I won’t call it aggressive but he is taking whatever defense give him. All shot were good selection.

  73. Lin got into rhythm early. Guess how he did it… by being aggressive and taking shots!

    Let’s hope Lin can keep this up. Pierce gave him extended minutes tonight and benched Trae early.

  74. Trae was going to come in, but the D by Lin and fast break by Collins, LP let Lin stay in.

  75. He played 8 minutes in 1Q!

  76. 333333333333

  77. Lin shot selections are great tonight!

  78. Why take Lin out? He is getting hot….

  79. Even Anderson thinks he is Curry. Smh

  80. He needs some rest too. Surprised Pierce even let him start the 2nd quarter, after playing him for 7 straight minutes in the 1st.

  81. Rest. He played a lot of minutes.

  82. Holy crap, Baze FLEW for that alley oop dunk! WOW

  83. Lin started 2Q, out at 10:06 2Q, 31-27 Hawks behind by 4

  84. We need Dewayne on the floor tonight.

  85. That was a great play. Trae got that pass off fast. Lin liked that play.

  86. Lin almost always plays well against the Raptors lol.

  87. I noticed that.

  88. The Hawks are in rhythm – only down by 4. Clerly, Lin’s role by design of Hawks is to make Young’s life easier.

  89. He’s pretty aggressive. Looking to draw defenders off the dribble, make passes off the dribble drive or dish, take shots that are available to him.

  90. Hawks NEEDS Lin to be aggressive and take shots early. He is the spark plug they need to come off the bench, especially when starters and Trae suck in the 1st quarter. Glad Lin finally woke up early tonight. So happy.

  91. Yup.

  92. Raptors have so many bigs..

  93. Lin showcasing himself tonight. VanVleet who? LOL

  94. Wow Trae can’t defense at all.

  95. So many good bigs. They’re dominating Hawks in the paint and boards tonight.

  96. Yup.

  97. Lin has the Hawks’ only 3 pointer. They’re 1 for 13 overall. Sheesh.

  98. About time, get Plumlee in there.

  99. yuo…thats a surprise!

  100. Lol Hawks is 27th place on 3pt%

  101. Could be that Pierce is getting less tolerant of terrible defense; missed defensive assignments — lots of quick timeouts tonight

  102. Oops. Hawks are behind by 10 with the starters – 44-34 5:29 2Q

  103. Trae got bail out by Ibaka

  104. JLIN did too much perhaps against Pierce’s orders

    JLIN not getting back into the game this half — let’s see

  105. Get Vince out, not doing anything in the paint on D.

  106. Can’t, it’s his night tonight. Hawks are dead set on getting him to 25,000 points tonight.

  107. Lin in.

  108. Keep the aggression up, Lin.

  109. when Hawks are behind by 11 – 48-37

  110. Taurean and Bembry are two black holes.

  111. Prince, why don’t you pass to an open Lin for a 3? why? Staring right at him.

  112. How did Heurter blow that?

  113. What in the world was that by Prince? Driving into 3 defenders and then airballs it. What a dumb ballhog.

  114. Not sure, but it was ugly.

  115. Lin with the fastbreak layup!

  116. Glad Lin decided to lay it in himself on that fast break.

  117. 2 pts by Lin – fastbreaK!

  118. That really was a stupid play.

  119. Nique and other guy verbally pumping JLIN’s value

  120. Wow Lin is on fire!

  121. Doesn’t look like a foul to me, more like a good box out.

  122. How was that a foul on Lin?

  123. Rrrrr Vince fumbled a great pass from Lin.

  124. LIn yelling at team to get in defensive positions. Leader!

  125. Yeah, great pass from Lin. Threaded the needle and got it to Vince.

  126. Excellent half by Lin. Lin is playing Lin ball tonight. Something about playing Toronto. Lin just steps up and plays great.

  127. He is the best player in the team!!

  128. Not sure. Valanciunas jumped over Lin’s back and it somehow got called against Lin.

  129. After losing 13 games of last 14 played and 8 straight … Pierce might finally be tired of the humiliation and finally wants a Win, though I doubt it.

    Let’s see how he plays JLIN in 2nd half

  130. Lin is super efficient as usual –

    13 pts, 1 ast, 1 reb, 0 tov, 1 pf in 13 minutes

  131. Don’t mind him being 6th man there ..

    Altho possibly not going to happen.

  132. Would’ve had 3-4 assists if his guys didn’t miss open shots and easy buckets at the rim.

  133. 🙁

  134. The one foul was a BS foul.

  135. Lin only player with double digits, tells you how bad teammates are shooting this game.

  136. The half time show is not bad lol

  137. I hope LP talks to Prince about the horrible shot he took when he had Lin and others open. It ended up in an airball.

  138. I’d like to see more assists. But he tried, teammates have to convert.

  139. It was ridiculous. Lin was trying to box out a guy that is way taller and outweighs him.

  140. Lin has the ONLY 3-pointer by the Hawks. They are 1 for 14.

  141. Looks way better than van Vleet. But vV is probably younger?

  142. Terrible call. Lin visibly was unhappy with it.

  143. Good game from Lin so far. I hope the coach give him more minutes. Lin loves to play hard against Toronto.

  144. they are giving Lin double screens this game

  145. Tonight might be Vince Carter night, but so far, it’s Jeremy Lin night. Pierce even pulled Trae early in the 1st, kept Lin in, let Lin start the 2nd Q, and let Lin finish the 2nd Q. Pierce is rewarding Lin’s aggressiveness, willingness to take shots early, and great play with lots of playtime over Trae.

  146. This is the 1st time I could remember that Lin’s PT is larger than Young in the 1st half:
    Lin 13 min.
    Young 10 min.

  147. Because no one else can score. The coach just accepts the reality.

  148. yeah, with team – 0 points in 4 minutes. Had to do something. He was going to sub Trae back in but Lin had a defensive stop caused fast break for Collins (or maybe it was Anderson?) and so LP decided to let him stay in. Good thing he did.

  149. Lol

  150. they will make adjustments at half time…jeremy should watch out

  151. justin anderson is trying to make the team

  152. I am afraid that LP is the one who make adjustment (by playing Lin less in the 2nd half)

  153. Not sure the coach is “rewarding” Lin because of his performance.
    I think it is more to avoid humiliating Young against a veteran Kyle Lowery.

  154. Coach wants Lin to score unlike other fans whos said he’d be benched if he does. Lin plays his best went looking to shoot first.

  155. Please no more 3rd breakdown.

  156. Missed entire 1st half, and Lin shoots lights out. Almost thought he started. If only…Lin was the highlight of Hawks halftime.

  157. Lin played 13 minutes in the 1st half! 3 more than Young!
    He was super efficient too with 13 pts!

  158. It can break, Lin just needs to get his and I’ll be happy. Hawks are tanking for Zion not even low key about it.

  159. Price 0-5 for Prince and his shot selection is just terrible

  160. Haha hope highlights will be fast day.

  161. Let’s see how deep of a hole Pierce allows the starters to run up before they put JLIN’s unit back in

  162. You mean Super Prince! Thinks he can play 1 vs 5.

  163. Well he did tried 1 vs 3 in this game.

  164. He doesn’t need teammates…smh

  165. Yikes, Raps up by 17 already early in the 3rd. Hawks starters playing like poo tonight.

  166. Another 3rd qtr collapse

  167. Sigh!
    Hawks were down by 7 at end of half time, now down by 17 with starters at 10:12 3Q

  168. Seriously, has Trae defend anyone yet? Need a PG that will help the centers in the paint.

  169. good thought haha

  170. Trae is bad but this game is more on our bigs. They sucks!!!

  171. Lin helps the bigs at least try to disrupt their post moves.

  172. Lin!!!

  173. Wow Lin come in so early both 1st and 2nd half.

  174. Pierce took out all the starters.

  175. 9:36 3Q

  176. He should lol.

  177. Even with Leonard out, Hawks are facing the best offensive lineup for Raptors.

  178. Again, Lin on D, there when Center gets the ball in the paint. Regardless of foul.

  179. Yup.

  180. LP should leave Dedmon in.

  181. Nobody can stop Valanciunas tonight.

  182. Plumlee is noneffective. Would love to see Dedmon come in.

  183. Nice D, gotta denies these inside passes

  184. 3333333333333333

  185. sweet 3 by Lin!

  186. Under pressure too!

  187. Dominque said: Feed Jeremy Lin. He’s rolling tonight.

  188. Omg Prince….

  189. Plum finally!

  190. Team looks so much different when Lin on the floor. They look like they can come back anytime.

  191. Lin is asking LP who shoot the FT. lol

  192. Lin should start.
    Young ain’t ready for the role.
    He will be good but he aint there yet

  193. 10 pts game!

  194. Lin’s defense is way way underrated…

  195. OK Lin helped stop the bleeding. Caught up 6 points, Hawks down by 11.

    Raps put the bigger Danny Green onto Lin. Coach Nurse knew that Lowry and VanVleet couldn’t cover Lin tonight. Lin still getting buckets but he’s trying to pass more now in the 3rd Q.

  196. he should hehe

  197. that was another assist right?

  198. Deep in the 3rd, no one else is 10+

  199. oh yeah he said that

  200. Yes, Toronto made some adjustments to Lin. But Lin is still active and taking charge.

  201. No but Plumlee finally look like he is in the game. He was terrible in the 1st half.

  202. Yes, this is why many coaches have to bench Lin as much as possible. They don’t like the idea of relying on Lin so much.

  203. Young trash

  204. I knew Lowry will shoot a 3.

  205. once it gets close, LP pulls lin for trae… rinse, repeat….. lol

  206. At least jlin blowing up for my fantasy pool lol

  207. So, I have to give credit to Lowry. I thought he was overrated but he’s playing great. Lin can match him, though, at least in impact.

  208. Lowry is 20+11+14.

    The Hawks defense is trash.

  209. It always amazed me that without Lin Hawks defense looked like clueless.

  210. Doesn’t Lin have more total minutes in this game?

  211. 19 minutes so far for Lin vs. Trae’s 14 minutes. Some people here don’t actually watch the game or think Lin can just play non-stop for entire quarters. Gotta keep their know-it-all narrative about tanking going…

  212. Trae is too small, he can’t handle Lowry post up.

  213. sure. but it’s obvious he’s a table setter for trae. too bad trae is stinking it up so far… when trae plays well, or basically scores a lot, lin gets 12 minutes…

  214. Lol couldn’t agreed more.

  215. Haha
    Kyle Lowry is 6′-0, Trae is 6′-2 (or so Trae says)

  216. Good call, Dedmon was moving.

  217. JLIN’s the best player but there’s only so many miracles comebacks that one man can magically engineer a team out of …

    … no matter, blowout courtesy of Starters means more minutes for JLIN to close game

  218. you mean like the full 4th quarters trae plays?

  219. Lin the only Hawks player with double digit points smh. This team stinks. Glad Lin is having a great game though.

  220. Well LP did put Lin in very early in both 1st and 3rd qtr.

  221. Jlin is still the only hawk in double digits!

  222. Yeah when Trae is playing well for the previous 3 quarters and Lin played like crap for the entire first half. Thought you actually watched the games…

  223. Steve Clifford are you seeing this? Please come get Lin so that the Magic can make the playoff!

  224. See, Trae needs to be playing vs opponents bench team.

  225. played like crap? just because he doesn’t chuck?

    what happened this game? played great 1st Q but only played a few minutes to start and finish the 2nd. you theory is busted. thought you watched all the games?

  226. If it is a close game (with in 15 pts) Lin might have a chance to close the game tonight I think.

  227. LMAO you actually trying to still perpetuate your silly know-it-all commentary and narrative THIS game? Just admit you’re wrong and you don’t actually watch any games. All you do is come in here to chime in with your ridiculous hot takes and terrible analysis. Take the L bro. YOUR theory is the one that’s busted.

  228. Lin would narrow the deficit and starters would widen it again and again!

  229. Trae at least have to gain 20 pounds in order for him to play in the NBA.

  230. how lin doing missed all the game so far?

  231. Fantastic.

  232. He is great this game!!! And LP play him very early too.

  233. can trea defend lowrey?

  234. sorry…been the game we’ve been waiting for from Lin.

  235. Nope but our problem this game is our bigs. No one can stop Jonas Valanciunas

  236. Lowry has a triple double. Answer, no. Not at all. Lin has 18.

  237. really?? geez will need highlights immediately

  238. funny how you side stepped. he played great the 1st Q cuz trae was bad. then he played only a few minutes in the 2nd Q. please explain… your theory of his minutes is busted. the L is on you bruh…

  239. He did well. Super efficient in the 1st half, 13 pts in 13 minutes.

    Coach allowed him another 6 min. in 3Q. Another 5 pts!
    Lin in court would narrow the lead by Raptors and the starters would widen it again and again tonight.

  240. They’ll replay the game (usually) after post interviews and stuff on this link.

  241. Lin should go to toronto because they always get his best lmao

  242. thx

  243. Pierce pulled the entire starting lineup, including Trae… TWICE this game. But but I thought Pierce is tanking and will keep Trae out there no matter what. Nope, you’re wrong as usual and still won’t admit you’re wrong like the pompous, clueless know-it-all you are.

  244. Go Hawks! Take this game!

  245. tanking doesnt mean not making subs. you don’t even know what you’re talking about. you can continue ad hominems all you want. wont make you any smarter…

  246. Lin is still the only Hawks with double-digit scores at 9:37 4Q!

    Poor shooting night for the big birds. 🙁

  247. Toronto definitely could use Lin.

  248. Yeah but I don’t want Lin play behind Lowry.

  249. Lin in

  250. Tanking means playing your crappiest players for as many minutes as possible. Tanking doesn’t mean pulling your entire starting lineup twice and putting in the bench so your team can catch up and have a chance to come back in the game. Tanking doesn’t mean giving your best player, Jeremy Lin, extended minutes so he can help you come back.

    Anyway, I’m done arguing with you tonight. Stay ignorant, kid.

  251. Heurter is trying to do too much.

  252. 9:19 4Q
    93-78 Hawks behind

  253. Huerter made a good pass but Collins wasnt even looking. smh.

  254. Better than playing behind ty!

  255. 2222222222222

  256. Lin In -> Lin Scores!

  257. God someone please stop Ibaka…..

  258. down by 20, game over…

  259. Big men of Toronto are doing the damage.

  260. i hate waching this team. they just dont try on defense

  261. Lin cannot not create miracles. Why are Hawks shooting bricks tonight?

  262. Hawks simply doesn’t have the personnel to stop the 3-headed monster that Raps have: Valanciunas, Ibaka, and Siakam. Raps’ bigs are feasting on the Hawks’ bigs.

  263. Yup, that’s the problem.

  264. to be honest, I don’t think they know how to defend. I just seems to me, so many (most of) NBA players don’t know how to defend.

  265. Need to double and put bodies on the bigs early.

  266. This is the worst 2nd unit Lin plays with.
    Worse than the Rockets, Lakers and Hornets.

  267. We got killed on the board…

  268. They need a 3 pt bonanza!

  269. They need a stop, lot of them…..

  270. The Raptors knows the Hawks intention is to let Carter to score.

  271. Feed Carter time.

  272. tonight? every night…hehe

  273. Lin is trying to feed Vince 🙂

  274. Lin!

  275. 15 pts. come on

  276. another 3 pointers by Lin!

  277. JLin said in “Dunk of China” that 80% of NBA players don’t like to defend. I believe it’s more 99.99999%

  278. What great pass by Lin to Prince.

  279. 15 still chance…..

  280. hehe, a little too obvious

  281. Dedmon needs to body up Val early and boxing out!

  282. Damn Jonas is back in.

  283. 🙁
    It would be nice if Hawks won with Lin’s great shooting tonight.

  284. “24% on 3 pointers tonight” by Hawks… 🙁

  285. 33333333333333

  286. Linsanity 3pt bonanza, he’s smart. Knows need 3’s to catch up!

  287. Lin having a great game.

  288. 30 point game plzzz

  289. Lin on fire tonight. Man, he LOVES playing against the Raptors lol.

  290. Hope Lowry is okay.

  291. wow, so glad to see Lin got his first game after injury that is hard to miss!!

  292. It will be a long highlight tonight. 🙂

  293. Lin’s 3pt form is looking great!

  294. Lin is 4 of 5 from the 3. He scored HALF of the Hawks’ 3-pointers tonight!

  295. So happy to see Lin’s stat just went up substantially!

    26 pts in 24 min.! Shooting 84.4%!! IF ONLY his teammates shot well too!

  296. Watching box score looks like JLin having a great game! I wonder if he is playing with the starters?

  297. Steve Clfford, are you seeing this man???

  298. We don’t care about Clifford, unless he makes Lin a starter.

  299. He will be if he go to Magic.

  300. Markelle Fultz wants out of Philly. Philly needs a PG!

  301. Wow WTH!!!!!! Not a foul man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. 4th foul on Lin!?

  303. stupid Prince.

  304. At least two of them are bs.

  305. Time to let Carter get his!

  306. Lin taken out to not play garbage time.

  307. Now that’s more like it, play Lin early and sit Lin for garbage time.

  308. lol i notice that

  309. “He played a remarkable game tonight.”
    – One Hawks commentator said of Lin.

  310. Refs are so biased and hates giving Lin fouls, but loves calling fouls on Lin. ANOTHER night with no fouls called for Lin. He keeps getting shafted by these terrible refs.

  311. Taureen Prince, the worst player for the Hawks!

  312. heurter could be really good if he only took 3’s off a pass

  313. Yeah. He is kinda like steve novak

  314. Come on Vince!

  315. oh?? good info. I will try to watch online if they are available.

  316. 3 more for Vince.

  317. one more

  318. Let’s go Vince. Get one more 3.

  319. Lin and the bench caught up again, 3rd time tonight, forcing coach Nurse to bring Lowry and Valanciunas back in at the 5-minute mark. Lin and the bench caught back up to within 14. That’s how effective Lin is.

  320. This is 1 game I don’t care if someone chucks. I think even the Raptors wants him to get it.

  321. Ouch coming Vince, one more 3 or And 1

  322. Yeah, and it’s his first team.

  323. I believe with all my hearts, if it’s Lin, he would just pass the ball to the open teammate 🙂

  324. He should drive and I think the ref will give him a call for And 1.

  325. Lin’s 3pt this season is 42% now.

  326. Lin gave Vince the ball many times tonight, with several open looks. Vince just couldn’t make most of them. Hope he gets it here on his night and on the night when Linsanity came back. Vinsanity passing the torch to Linsanity.

  327. HAHA refs helping Vince out. Make these 3 free throws!

  328. I’m on the edge of my seat!

  329. missed the game. How did our boy do?

  330. Linsanity-level awesome.

  331. 26 points. Best game of season

  332. I knew the Ref will help Vince. Lol.

  333. WOW

  334. Wth Ref is checking to see if it is 3.

  335. foul raptors to give Vince another shot.!

  336. Can’t believe the refs checked that. Come on.

  337. Omg this is sooooooooooooooooooooo dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. hahahahahahaha!

  339. Foul them you stupid Hawks!

  340. YES HAHA! Vince dunked it for his 25,000th point!

  341. EPIC!!!!!!!

  342. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. Can’t wait to see highlights. Should be a lot of JLin!

  344. Lin was great tonight!

    Shooting well (84.6% shooting for 26 pts in 25 min.) and great defense as usual. He kept on leading the team to narrow the deficit and starters would widen it again and again. There were 4 foul calls against him, 2 were beyond my understanding.

  345. So Happy for Carter!

  346. Okay all my Lin’s fans fellow, have a Happy Turkey Day!

  347. It looks like the Hawks win the game. LOL.

  348. Preliminary highlights ….

  349. SpeedofLin is gonna be busy tonight! can’t wait! hope he includes some Carter buckets!

  350. Lin being the Minuteman!

    26min – 26pts!!!

  351. Lin going off and Vince Carter getting to 25,000 points was the only highlight for the Hawks tonight

  352. Yes. You can watch this online under youku with the search on 这!就是灌篮 第一季. Believe he said this after he formed the JJ team during the coaching session after first game. It could be somewhere around Episode 3-5. There was a lot of good info there. JLin is definitely a very very good coach, much much better than most of current NBA coaches. Sad that he has no interest to become a coach after his NBA career. Hopefully he will change his mind when he retires.

  353. Lin was fantastic! So happy that I did not miss the game tonight!

    26 pts, 2 asts, 1 reb, 1 stl, 1 tov and 4 pf in 25 min! Linsanity level game!

    Thank you Lin for a great game on the eve of Thanksgiving.

  354. and I thought it was gonna be one of those 2 for 7 nights after he missed his first two shots. glad he kept on shooting. hope he stays aggressive. little did i know he would make his next 11 shots!

  355. that’s not the only way to tank. that’s why don’t know what you’re talking about.

  356. thought Knicks were tanking? what happened?

  357. but do some more that’s why the brick..he just need to shoot the 3 when he’s open, simple as it can be.

  358. Great night even though Hawks lost. Lin played Linsane. Vince got his 25K. Happy Thanksgiving!

  359. Yeah, after Lin’s wonderful game and he went to the bench wanted to see Vince get his points. And there was nice drama how he did it.

  360. Lin’s FG% was 84.6% tonight!

  361. video game numbers!

  362. departure date for Lin from the Hawks: Dec. 15th!

  363. Atlanta bench 72pts! starters 36pts, Lin 26 pts.

  364. Why would anyone want to watch the Hawks anymore?

  365. Jeremy seems has good jump with his legs and muscles to play inspired. Hope this continue from now on because Jeremy already himself play that simple BUT SMART!.

  366. seems JLIN has his old legs back with this game…he played simple yet efficient

  367. this game was lost in the 2nd Q. lin played great right off the bat and finished out the 1st Q. he started the 2nd Q and was subbed out at the 10 min mark. it was a 4 pt game at that point. when lin returns, it’s at the 3 minute mark. 11 point deficit. 1st half ends with the same deficit.

    lowry on the other hand played most of the 1st, getting subbed out at 3 mins, comes in the 2nd Q at 10 mins, and plays out the rest of the quarter.

    you can make up your own answer as to why lin only gets 5 minutes total in the 2nd Q after a blistering 1st Q.

    i’m happy lin is getting his. after last game’s 12 minutes, he was kinda due for a good game. i’m just looking forward now to see if other gm’s and fans take notice. he needs off this tank team asap.

  368. This is the game I prefer Lin to play.

    More 3 pointers, less drivings and foul drawings.

  369. his midrange has been great all year. we saw it in preseason, and it carried over. he needs to do that much, much more.

  370. You know, they don’t have a big fanbase. But their fans watch for Trae’s progress and I think Collins is fun to watch.

  371. Hawks postgame is talking about Lin now.

  372. Beaten in so many games aren’t fun to watch.

    There are better things to do in life than seeing the team lose. Forget it. Wouldn’t give away good money for bad losses!

  373. I like Collins. Just saw him interviewed in the postgame.

  374. Refs hate giving Lin fouls anyway. Why risk injury again with those crazy drives into 2-3 defenders? Of course, drives will always be part of Lin’s game and he should use them from time to time, but Lin is smart to move away from that part of his game and utilize his floaters and jump shots more often.

  375. Really hated how Pierce took Lin out with 3 mins left even though he still had the hot hand! At least let Lin get his 30+ pt game before pulling him! 27 vs 30pts is a big difference. There’s no reason to take Lin out and put Trae back in whatsoever when the game is already loss with 15 pt deficit and 3 mins left!
    Lin was 11-13 this game and made all his 3 pointers, he deserved to close the entire 4th quarter!

  376. They’re watching for progress. And they want Zion. That’s how the NBA is for losing teams. Watch the promising players, hope for the lottery for the best college player to join their bad team next season.

  377. that change in his game begin a while ago. finally seeing it come to fruition

  378. Not really, Lin was still driving back to back possessions last or two games ago even when his layups weren’t falling and he wasn’t getting foul calls. The injury was a great blessing to push Lin to harshness his 3 point shooting skills and learn how to get 3 point shots off by himself! He’s become more unstable by changing his game to focus more on range shots.

    His drives will always be there when he needs it but 3 pointer and mid range won’t be there unless he stops relying on his drives.

  379. One of the things I liked a lot tonight from Lin was his changing speeds. He did a lot of speed up, slow down, and change direction moves. He was superb moving off-ball for most of the night as well. And he got the ball back because he was so active, decisive, and took charge running the team on both ends. He was superb. We won’t get 11-13 every night, that’s insane shooting especially because after missing his first two, he didn’t miss any more shots. But I hope he uses the effective changes of speed and takes charge in most games to come this season.

  380. less bembry = more lin. lin getting the ball back does wonders for the team.

  381. what percentage would you give lins health 0-100?

  382. It ain’t entertaining.

  383. trae needs points in garbage time for ROTY?

  384. Lin averaging 11 ppg with 50 percent form the field and 42 percent from 3 . all this in 18 minutes per game

  385. Trae can make up his points in any other game! This was Lin’s game and time to shine and he was on his way to 30+ pts with 3 mins to spare! It’s obvious Lin didn’t like how he was subbed out.

  386. hopefully gm’s of playoff teams are looking at these numbers. truthfully though, lin’s 13M will be a problem for any trade.

  387. pelicans may do it. i think the magic will wait till next year unless their in contention

  388. he needs more garbage time points to make his ppg look better.

  389. Lin x Anthony Davis as starters 🙂

  390. Hard to say because I don’t know how much he’ll lose due to the injury. But he looked strong and good tonight. High 80s maybe.

  391. 1 game can’t hurt his PPG that much any way! But after this game who knows when Lin will be able to get another chance at 30pts? I hope he remembers this subbing and looks to get 30pts next game for having it stolen from him!

  392. he wont start but they had rondo play and start in the playoff. that could happen

  393. You never know, any team serious about making a playoff run and trading for Lin should start him.

  394. Agree, been saying since Brooklyn Nets stint, that Lin needs to get Anthony Davis to play with. Anthony Davis hasn’t been deep in playoffs due to lack of an elite PG. In this league, need a top PG to be competitive in playoffs. Lin can be that guy!

  395. i just want meaningful minutes again. where the games are close. 25-27 minutes. ill be happy

  396. jlin7 (IG) God isn’t slow, He’s just not on our timetable⏳

  397. jlin7 (IG) CONGRATS Vince on 25k points!!! Half man half amazing…hyped to have witnessed it. Youre a legend!
    #Vinsanity #30kbetweenusbothlol

  398. 30K between us both lol 🤣

  399. Too little, Lin’s already getting 25min games on Hawks, he’d need to get 30+ minutes as a starter or 6thman for playoff run.

  400. who cares? Every famous player has jealous hater.

  401. Just pointing out that as Lin plays better and better, his haters (most of whom are racists) will keep coming out of the woodwork to bash him. They thought Lin’s career was finally over and tried to bury Lin early in the season. Boy are they wrong lol.

  402. LP doesnt care about lin, if he did why not play him in the 2nd when the game was still close/winnable? oh right, they tanking…

    trae all day.
    make or miss
    he still play.
    that’s the way,
    it is, okay?
    that’s all i gotta say…

  403. Lin’s season stats after tonight’s 11/13 according to my calculations. Total shooting 66/131 50.4%
    2 PT 45/81 55.5%
    3 PT 21/50 42.0%

  404. he is avraging out 20 MPG this month maybe less

  405. Lin has a good sense of humor 🙂
    5K is still a good chunk of 30K lol

  406. Yet he benched Trae for most of 1st half for Lin and gave him 3 more minutes. If Pierce wanted was willing ot give Lin more minutes when Trae is playing bad then why not just let him showcase till the end? There’s so much bias and hidden agenda with every coach and team. Hate to say it but D Rose revived his career only after reuniting with his old coach of the Bulls. Lin can only play to his full potential and green light with MDA as coach. MDA’s contract with Rockets isn’t up anything time soon right?

  407. “average” Lin did get some 25min games here and there recently especially when Trae is playing poorly.

  408. If Lin can stay healthy for the rest of his career, I can see him playing into his late 30s and get to 10K. It’ll be a longshot and real tough to accomplish, but possible.

    It’s great seeing both Lin and Vince get their milestones together on the same team in the same year… even if it’s on this awful tanking team. Linsanity & Vinsanity together at last, having fun together.

  409. when i say 25-27 minutes that means 32-35 minutes will be here and there which we dont get here

  410. Everyone thought D Rose was over too being such a polar opposite player. Every star will have their haters. All I care about is whether Lin plays well and get his pts in every game.

  411. Rose doesn’t have nearly as many haters has Lin has. Most people felt bad for Rose, except during his public trial with that woman who accused him of rape. Once that trial got rigged in favor of Rose, everyone went back to liking Rose again and hoping he’d stay in the league, even though he played like crap for so many years after his injury.

  412. I hope Lin gets a ring as a starter of his team. There’s a chance with Lebron getting old and having to rebuild a star team with Lakers. Also GSW turmoil, if they split, NBA champ will be wide open again. But I hope that doesn’t benefit the Rockets before Lin gets his team.

  413. I caught the last part of the game and was wishing Lin would close the game and give the assist to Vinsanity to reach 25K. But then I realize LP would want Trae as the face of the franchise to do so ;I

    But fate had Kevin Huerter gave the assist lol

    How great would that be .. Linsanity to give the assist to Vinsanity’s 25K points!
    Oh well, the important part is Lin’s healthy and showing the NBA who’s boss! lol

  414. Rose has his share of outright haters, remember the “assembly required slogan?” Rose went from MVP to Vet Min. If Lin ever has to take Vet Min his career is pretty much over. D Rose was always a quiet and soft spoken person. That’s why he was no.1 fav player in China, not Lebron years ago. D Rose was miles more athletic and versatile compared to Lebron who didn’t work on shooting 3s until the comparison with Curry came up.

  415. Yeah, I wanted Lin to get Vince the assist on his 25K as well, but glad Huerter was able to find Vince and feed him for that sweet dunk. Lin tried getting the ball to Vince a lot tonight, but Vince kept missing his shots. Vince was mad at himself in the 3rd. Lin did all he could for Vince, but it wasn’t meant to be.

    A lot of people on NBA Reddit are now talking about wanting Lin on their team. Raptors fans want Lin bad, even though they already have VanVleet to backup or play alongside Lowry. Lin outplayed VanVleet so hard tonight. Heck, Lin outplayed the entire Raptors bench by himself.

  416. Let’s be real. Rose never had the same hate and same racism directed him like Lin has. Rose’s haters didn’t hate Rose with as much venom and vileness as Lin haters have against Lin. People only “hated” Rose because he sucked, not because of his race and because he’s showing up other black players, taking their jobs and roles.

    Lin had to take the Hornets’ near vets minimum contract. He was paid $2.3M that season. He outplayed that contract by a mile.

  417. If Lin plays like he did tonight and like he’s capable, he’ll not only get those types of minutes, but he’ll play in the clutch and finish games regardless of whether he starts or not.

  418. Nice! Raptors fans want Lin on their team so bad after seeing how he always kills it playing against them. I’m hoping one or two 30point game by Lin will really make playoff contenders call Schlenk!

    yeah, that Vinsanity dunk is so fitting to reach his 25K. Happy for him! He’s a good guy

  419. Yeah, just read the post-game threads…

    They know Lin is the Raptors killer and can provide much-needed bench scoring for them. Some are even afraid that Sixers or Celtics will pick Lin up so that Lin will kill them in the playoffs lol.

  420. Speed of Lin highlights …

  421. There is actually nothing for them to hate except their own evil nature.

  422. Lin is playing like Steve Nash after 30 but Lin doesn’t get to start the games.

  423. Lloyd will get himself fired when Young keeps on losing.

  424. yes, let the #LinBidding begin!

  425. Everybody will wait till next year.

  426. WOW WOW

  427. Hold on; don’t slip.

  428. LOL
    He is tall enough to get some rebounds too. He is also a fairly good passer.

  429. @StatMuse noticed Lin just broke his personal record with a 100.0 eFG% #LetTheBiddingBegin

    Jeremy Lin scored a season-high 26 points on 11-13 FG, 4-5 3P for a 100.0 eFG% – the highest he’s ever had in a game with 10+ FGA in his career. #TrueToAtlanta

  430. It’s Lloyd’s fault.

  431. He is so Linsane that he sees nothing but the ball going in the bucket.

  432. agree

  433. He has to convince the owner to open his cheque book to write Lin a big contract.

  434. Hang on, Lin is back and we will have many more games like this one to come.

  435. Lin, like us are on corporeal linear time while God is on eternal time. Once you accept the will of God, you in fact change towards eternal time as an invitation into heaven. We are like mayflies in comparison.

  436. Lin had better performance in this game even than Linsanity games. 26 points in 26 mins on 13 shoots. 84.6% PG 80% 3P, these numbers are insane. Don’t forget the coach didn’t let Lin lead the game also he didn’t have a great PnR big like TC. Lin will back to the top PG list if keep doing like this.

  437. …and don’t forget he did it against the best eastern conference team.

  438. Yes, Lin always played better when against the top teams, like spurs, raptors, Warriors.

  439. I taped it because Lin usually plays great against Raptors. I also missed the game but now I can go back and enjoy it. So glad he’s finally healthy again. Hope Lin will continue to have an injury free rehab seasons.

  440. pelican are out of the layoffs right now. lin could easily be that extra push they need. do it pelican and was interested in lin before. plz plz plz. im not sure if lin has to wait till december 15. atlanta may trade lin for fultz to the sixers. Lin really good friends with reddick which is also intersting. they are well over the cap so why not. though i doubt it.

  441. his job is safe. just carrying out management orders.

  442. fultz wants a trade. fultz maes 8 million and lin 13. they could make it work. they are already well over the cap

  443. His agent denies the claim:

    Who knows what the truth is, but Sixers won’t give up Fultz for peanuts and I doubt they’d trade for Lin in a straight up trade for Fultz. Hawks would have to add something to that deal, but Fultz isn’t worth it. He’s a mental case and his shot is broken like Trae’s, except he’s not as good as Trae is at passing and doesn’t have Trae’s court vision.

  444. In the recent article, the proposed trade is to trade Markelle Fultz+Furkan Korkmaz for Jeremy Lin

    Or 3-way trade with the Suns to send Bazemore to 76ers and Lin to Suns

    It all depends on how interested the Hawks is to acquire former #1 pick in Fultz and if they believe they can fix his shots

  445. I’m thankful that Lin is quick to recover by the 2nd month. Perhaps Chelsea Lane has the magic touch and helped a lot. If Lin gets traded, hopefully he and Josh Fan learned from Chelsea how to continue the rehab

  446. No worries. Both of them are fast learners:-)

  447. LP is probably given 2-3 years in this development/tanking mode just like Kenny Atkinson as long as he develops Trae, John Collins, and other young core players.

    Losing is good for tanking as long as young players get their numbers

  448. This is a crazy article I just found regarding Fultz’s messed up shoulder and arm:

    As another source of intrigue, there remain uncertainty as to the origin of Fultz’s shoulder woes. There has been uncorroborated speculation that Fultz might have suffered the injury in a motorcycle accident that occurred at some point in 2017. If such speculation is true and if the injury occurred after Fultz signed with the 76ers on July 8, 2017, the 76ers would arguably have grounds to suspend Fultz or even void his contract. The NBA’s uniform player contract expressly prohibits players “driving or riding on a motorcycle or moped or four-wheeling/off-roading of any kind” without the written consent of the team. However, a reasonable interpretation of this provision is that if the 76ers previously learned of the cause of Fultz’s injury and decided not to punish him at that time, the team probably waived its chance to do so.

    Plus, it seems unlikely that the 76ers would try to escape its contract with Fultz by cutting ties with him rather than trading him. While Fultz’s trade value has no doubt plummeted, he is still only 20 years old and still one year away from being the first overall pick in the NBA draft. It stands to reason that there may be a team or two that believes a fresh start would be just what the doctor ordered for Fultz.

  449. Let’s hope so 🙂 .. it’s so hard to watch tanking teams like we did with the Lakers

    Any preference where he might go? Magic with Cliffy or 76ers with Redick?

  450. Read this Sports Illustrated article. If true, no team would want to trade anything / anyone valuable to acquire Fultz:

  451. theyd have to add to fultz t get lin. Hawks guys said 2nd rounder for lin. fultz not worth that

  452. well hawks will lose lin anyways so why not try fultz and who ever else they send

  453. It’s confusing if he had some shoulder injury or just the yips.
    I just watched a good video about it. There was conflicting video that he was able to dunk hard putting so much pressure on the shoulder around the time he was reported getting cortizone shots on the shoulder

  454. You overestimate what GMs think of Lin and underestimate how Sixers value Fultz.

  455. it wasnt me it was hawks site. fultz value is his age. thats it

  456. Hawks fan blogs are dumb. They have no clue what they’re talking about sometimes. I wouldn’t put too much stock into what they say.

  457. Lin was just a starter. he could be a great 6th man. that value is still there. only issue s his health. fultz is young and was a first round pick. seem like a good exchange to me. no to mention lin is an expiring contract.

  458. Lin got the boxscore signed by Vince Carter for his 25K points.
    He’s a good investor, probably worth something someday 🙂

    Good celebration with Mama Lin

  459. Personally, I aint giving 100% yet…one more month to go…his knee would need time to recover, especially after the game….atleast there is one day gap before the next game.

    but mentally he is much better, and trusting more compared to early in the season

    rehab and; knee conditioning for game is different.

  460. Lin trade value is higher then yall think. he is an expiring contract. he can be sixth man or start. only issue is his injury history. if he keeps on like he is. his value will only rise. To me Lin willl get traded 100 percent. we already know okc tried to get him. pelicans have always been intersted. sixers were interested when he was a free agent

  461. yeah, i saw that too and jeremy is way different from his previous game in terms of his agility and speed. Efficiency, it was there already just it was a matter of whether he shoots more or less.

  462. I don’t think you read my post correctly. You don’t have to list reasons you believe Lin is valuable to me. I’m saying that you overestimate what GMs think of Lin. GMs in this league don’t think of Lin as a starter. They think of Lin as a cheap, decent bench player / back up PG / combo guard. Most GMs don’t think of Lin as a 6th man either.

  463. It doesn’t matter what we think of Lin’s value. It matters what NBA GMs think of Lin’s value and GMs don’t value Lin like we do.

  464. Yips (loss of motor movement/coordination) is a bad word in sports, many would avoid using it, where it might diminish their future 🙂

    But medically he had “SHOULDER MUSCLE IMBALANCE AND SUBACROMIAL IMPINGEMENT” that in return could also cause temporary Yips

  465. I saw Lin at GSW last week, and I tell ya, it was different than when he came in with Rox.

    – I noticed he was a little tentative at times … reading below, ppl say he’s still coming of injury. I haven’t followed him this season as I’ve been working too much.

    – his D was great … he was on KD a few times, and KD is Looong! I think he had a few good challenges and prevented some key baskets.

    – his shot was iffy, but good. Not as good as that season he shot so well for Rox, but good. I think he hit 3 of 4 3s from the elbow, and I wanted him to get that one he missed as it could have felt like the old days. But, no team energy or competitiveness around him.

    – ATL was not good, and I saw JLin play within the team but not really trying to lead a fight against GSW. Just doing his job of distributing and D. So, def no fight like in the years at Rox. Perhaps that’s what he’s coached to do. No takeover JLin style.

    – TYoung was terrible. Prince kept trying to do his own thing and messing up the offense. You could see it would be a stop on him or TOV. Horrible teamwork.

    – I noticed on one drive, he was a step slower than in years past. He blew past a guy, but was chased down and I think covered up or maybe fouled under the basket.

    I hope he recovers from his injury better, gets traded to a better team, and gets his chance to play like he can play. I sense he’s still working through the cobwebs, and he can’t really do what he can do on ATL. It was terrible to watch Young … next!

    Oh yeah, it was hard to watch Bazemore get the ball … He wasn’t much when here on GSW or when I had him in fantasy, and sure he made a few good plays. But, to me JLin is better, higher ceiling … we all agree. I def hope JLin gets out of this bad team thing. We need him to have some luck like Shaun Livingston … get somewhere where he can play his remaining years with a great team doing something relevant. Maybe this whole GSW thing is creating super teams only. However it evolves, I want to see Lin doing what he’s made to do. This ATL thing is worse than LAL, CHA, or BKN. Yes, Livingston had many more teams, let’s hope it doesn’t take that long.

  466. Human body takes time to fit into NBA level of athleticism. Lin wasn’t at that level a month ago. For rookies, it takes even longer no matter how many minutes you play him.

    Trae Young has almost reached his limit and I don’t believe he can run any faster or jump higher this season. Lloyd has already provided him the best teammates in this team and he simply has tried his best.

    Playing him that many minutes simply don’t help his developement but increase his danger of injury. It s just a trial of Chelsea Lane. I am really interested to see the result of Lloyd Pierce’s development of Young. He seems to continue his present approach of running the team.

    As a result, I think Lin may have more time in developing his new body. It definitely minimizes Lin’s risk of injury. So I will not complain. Lin will leave this team by next season and he continues to show his real value in contrast to the losses of the team. Who care? The losses are only on the coach alone.

    Everybody knows that the Hawks wouldn’t mind losing more games as long as Young make more assists.

  467. Hope he’s traded. Based on watching OKC tonight, I guess that would be fun to watch but not with RW. Funny, It was a blowout on GSW, and they kept RW in just to get the double double. Pretty cheap attitude, of the coach or RW. Shroeder looked pretty fast. … Ah, I hope for another team.

  468. Lin scored his season high without taking more shots. If I recalled correctly, it took Young 22 shots to score 23 in a game before this.

  469. This is Linsane efficiency.

  470. Just last week at GSW, Lin didn’t look like this. It’s great to see!

  471. Name PER MINS

    Miles Plumlee 22.01 11.8
    John Collins 18.87 19.7
    Jeremy Lin 17.31 18.2
    Kent Bazemore 14.82 27.2
    Alex Len 13.86 21.8
    DeWayne Dedmon 13.83 21.3
    Trae Young 13.30 29.7
    Taurean Prince 12.57 29.1
    Omari Spellman 12.36 19.6
    Alex Poythress 12.11 15.0
    Vince Carter 11.09 18.3
    DeAndre’ Bembry 9.96 22.8
    Kevin Huerter 8.74 19.1
    Tyler Dorsey 5.12 10.5

  472. damn, still can’t believe Lin is shooting 50% from the field…I’m sure there will be a bit of pressure on LP to play Lin more. If not, trade him as soon as possible.

  473. He’s clearly getting a free year or 2 because they’re rebuilding.

  474. Thanks for the recap….anyways looking at the bigger picture, from the beginning of the season he had been recovery splendidly…infact I’m surprised as well.

    Especially after today’s game, hope he doesnt push to much and has proper rest, knee injuries are sickening, not only mobility but the while body weight relies on the knee strength.

    We should see even better Lin come Dec, but still he wont be 100%, I foresee there will be up and downs especially close games and back to backs.

  475. If i was hawks fan, i would not go to watch the game. Are the starters even playing defense? LOL
    GM should let Lin start to make the games watchable? Then please trade Lin to other team. Lin doesnt belong to tanking team.

  476. Lin reveals he was a huge Vince Carter fan as a kid… 😄

  477. Ooops

  478. I read 80% of the thread.. where is the lin haters? I see none.. they all talking about lin and kemba and charlotte and how was underrate, etc.

  479. No wonder Lin had Vince sign the box score sheet. He’s still a groupie!

  480. unless you were talking about certain comments way earlier on that is now deleted.

  481. They got deleted. You gotta scroll down to the -90 score post here to see the comments before mods deleted it. They’re the posts highlighted in red…

  482. I don’t want Lin anywhere near teams like OKC, even though their rookie SG just got injured.

    They don’t need Lin on OKC anyway because they have Schroeder. Plus, it’d be weird for Lin to be on the same team as the guy he just replaced on the Hawks. Also, being on the same team as 2 ballhogs, no thanks.

  483. Agreed. I don’t understand why there are fans like to watch tanking teams.

  484. when is the earliest he can be traded though?

  485. Good to see mods doing their jobs, though.

    I’m familiar with the NBA’s view of Lin. When given the chance, he proves a lot of these notions wrong.

  486. Meh they don’t really do their jobs. The mod only deleted those racist comments, but didn’t permaban these racist aholes. They’re still allowed to troll and hate on Lin.

  487. lol…totally!!!

  488. lol .. It will go on JLin’s wall

  489. My #Thanksgiving wish is playoff contenders notice 👀 @JLin7 is beasting and be ready to steal him!

    “+4.2 Net Rating with him on the floor”

    50.4% FG and 42% 3FG coming off injury is even better than his Linsanity numbers 🙌🔥🏀

  490. He’s probably going to frame it lol.

    It was hilarious when Lin said “don’t tell him…” and started looking around to see if any of his teammates will hear him say what he said about being a Vince fanboy. He was legit shy and scared to say it, but had to tell the truth.

    I think this is part of the reason why Lin doesn’t mind playing for the Hawks this year and feels blessed just to play in the NBA again. He gets to play with his childhood hero and be part of his incredible milestone. Lin even played one of the best, most efficient game of his career on the night Vince got his 25k.

  491. lol .. someone asked to sign Lin’s Nets jersey but Lin gives 2-for-1 deal with a new Hawks jersey
    [9:32] “can’t have you rock on the old team’s [jersey]”

  492. Lucky fan. I have tons of Lin’s Nets gear just wasting away in the closet.

    If I ever meet Lin to have him sign stuff, I’d never wear it. It’d be kept in mint condition.

  493. Toronto Raptors vs Atlanta Hawks -full game highlights
    This tells us how the game was lost (bad defense)

  494. I got a sense that Lin might still be bothered by how the Nets trade happened.

    I hope Lin will be super ready when he faces the Nets later. 40+points!

  495. JLin on Thanksgiving

  496. Of course Lin is bothered by the trade. Remember the interview he gave after the Kings game where he let it all out, saying how he was the franchise player, the cornerstone guy, top 1, 2 player on the Nets, how things were supposed to be built around him but never got the opportunity to prove himself, then he got traded to a tanking team.

    Lin couldn’t say it publicly, but he basically meant that Sean Marks and the Nets used him, betrayed him, lied to him, and dumped him to Atlanta like a piece of garbage. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for Lin, but he’s fought through it all and is looking at his situation in Atlanta with optimism. Now he’s out to prove once again that he’s a top tier guard in this league, proving all of his doubters and haters wrong… again.

  497. Lin messing with his dad as usual…

  498. You know a Lin hater when you hear this:
    Oh, Jeremy is not that good. The bxxxk dudes do it every night and don’t get the credit.
    Oh, Jeremy is on fire tonight but mind you this is not sustainable.

    What are you talking about, dude?
    Lin has been hot since November! He has played well in many games.

  499. Hey JT, welcome back. IMO, Lin is protecting his future as well as sticking to his own timetable for “full cowling” later in the season. We all know Hawks are tanking, why would lin put himself into a dangerous situations by pushing his body too hard? Lin is smart enough to measure all the necessary angles of his future to play within the system to get playtime, take what he’s given by his bosses, push not too much to endanger the tank, then when the tank is secured, he can let loose and take shots. It’s a formula that’s allowed him to get good stats. The only problem is when Trae has a good game like just last game.

  500. I don’t think it’s Hawks’ goal to win many games this year. The goal is to tank, give as much PT to Trae and other young guys as long as they are playing decently. Therefore, I don’t think anyone should get mad at Hawks for losing many games.

  501. 25,000 points milestone is something else, when you realize that Lin just reached 5,000 points milestone. Amazing accomplishment.

  502. Many cheap tickets?

  503. like to have one e scoot too!!!

  504. Maybe you like this better.

  505. Let’s be honest, they did it to Lopez, they have no problem did it again to that Asian, no?

  506. 15 Dec I guess.

  507. No one’s mad at Hawks tanking. We’re just mad at Lin’s limited minutes even when he plays well and when Trae plays well he barely gets 15mins.

  508. Exactly doesn’t get better than that. Thought Lin was only a Nash fan, didn’t know he was a Vince fan bith playing different positions.

  509. Lin would have to back up J Holiday for the rest of the season. And if they make playoffs, Lin won’t get any credit just like Hornets.

  510. Very insightful press conference with Vince Carter last night:

  511. I sent a post earlier today and got a note tha the moderator was reviewing it. The post then disappeared not to be seen. Wha t did I do? As far as I know it was not offensive

  512. that was great but i guess it will be Toooooooo much for my legs..LOL!!!! good for young boys and men but not to me..scooter is just fine for ages like me and papa lin. 😛

  513. thats what tanking means to hawk, limit Jlin time because they knew that JLIN doesn’t like tanking and he always tried his very best to win even with 40 points margin to tackle..LOL

  514. Half man, half amazing. Vinsanity.

  515. thks again

  516. yeah he was hurt and it showed big time. i know it is business but for him it was personal too

  517. for JLIN, there’s a LOT of Variables to tacke, some can be controlled, some he can’t, so i guess Jeremy just look at it at the perspective of seeing his enjoyment on all those variables and let that experience teach!

  518. Again, Lin’s PT does not depend that much on Lin’s play but on how Trae is playing. Simply put, when Trae plays well, Lin will not get that many minutes; when Trae ok, Lin will not get that many minutes; when Trae plays badly, then Lin will get more minutes. Lin gets a chance to recover from his injury while playing 15 to 18 minutes per game, and Hawks gets a good PG to be on the floor when Trae, their future PG, needs rest or is playing poorly. That’s what Hawks wanted, and that’s what Hawks will do, even if that’s not what Lin fans want.

  519. I really believe Lin should stay with Hawks for entire season so he can fully recover from his injury, and then move to a playoff bound team next season. If he does that, I will get NBA League Pass. Not until then.

  520. I think Hawks will move him to get something for him. Keeping him means he leave for nothing.

  521. Lin should countersign it and it will be more valuable to Lin fans with Lin scoring 26 points on 13 shots, 2 assists, shooting 4/5 beyond the arc..

  522. wrote this before this post and seemingly what i said was Jeremy’s thought process: “for JLIN, there’s a LOT of Variables to tacke, some can be controlled, some he can’t, so i guess Jeremy just look at it at the perspective of seeing his enjoyment on all those variables and let that experience teach!”

  523. That’s my sense as well. Trade or not it isn’t something JLin’s can control. What he can is do what he can control and get all the best out of it. You can get lot of his thoughts by watching “Dunk of China.” He did share quite a fair bit of himself when he coached.

  524. I have doubts that Lloyd Pierce know how to win a basketball game. He knows more about losing than winning.

  525. Is there any trade rumors?

  526. Thanks for sharing…..during his early days…he used to make crazy 3pt shots as well…good old days

    In his early season he and Tmac was the splash brothers then!…NBA politics is always dumb

  527. BTW, that’s why he’s perfect for the job and that’s WHy he’s been hired.

  528. I saw the utube video about his “injury “ and it almost looks like a rotator cuff impingement. If it is in fact a yip, it’s more like a “Steve Blass disease” symptom, one he may never recover from totally. Watch Charles Barkley hit a golf ball and you’ll see how it afflicts even a great athlete with above average motor skills.

  529. Pretty much what I expected Lin to say. There’s not much else he can say. There’s not much any player can say about trade rumors.

  530. Vince didn’t get to 25k just from dunks alone. :p

    Him and TMac could’ve been so great if they stuck together in Toronto, but it was not meant to be. Raptors as an organization was pretty bad back then. They didn’t give Vince any talent to work with and let TMac walk.

    Ironically, Vince’s best years were in New Jersey with the Nets. That was the VC I remembered the most, not the Raptors version of him.

  531. Vince didn’t inspire Canadian bball, it was Captain Canada Steve Nash.

  532. Wonder if Popo has the video of the reporter actually asking the question, I’d like to know exactly what the reporter said about “trade rumors”

    If anyone has the full interview or can point to who this reporter works for, that would be wonderful

  533. who said that.. mayweather is the first one..what about second one.

  534. Wrong as usual. Nash was crap early in his career. Nash wasn’t even considered a star until his late 20s / early 30s. Nash only played for Phoenix and Dallas (I don’t count his Lakers days), so most Canadians didn’t even care about him that much, other than the fact he was born in Canada. He couldn’t even lead Team Canada to an Olympics appearance.

    Meanwhile, Vince Carter was a major star / superstar for the first decade of his career. Vince won rookie of the year and balled out his first 10 or so years in the NBA, then started to decline.

    Vince got people to care about basketball in Canada. He inspired lots of Canadians to play and watch basketball. He even inspired Lin, who was a kid in Cali.

  535. Head writer over at the Hawks fan blog wrote this about tonights Celtics game: “From a match-up perspective, the headline battle comes at the point guard spot, with Trae Young and Jeremy Lin taking on Kyrie Irving”

    Hilarious, the writer doesn’t just pit starting PG against starting PG, but portends that JLIN will need to face Kyrie, alluding to another potential quick substitution for the franchise rookie

  536. Why does Lin throw in English words from time to time? Are there words that he doesn’t know in Mandarin or idioms or both?

  537. Words, I’m not sure he’s at the level of consistently throwing out Chinese idioms – or translating English idioms into Chinese approximations

  538. Yup. It’s difficult to know all of the vocabulary in Mandarin when you don’t live in China or Taiwan, using the language everyday. He knows a lot of vocab for an American born Chinese (since he speaks with his parents and has a tutor), but not enough. I have to do the same with my parents and family members when I speak Mandarin. I don’t know all of the vocab just like Lin.

  539. Some fans may consider this is to be overly optimistic but there are those who believe JLIN’s performance when he had the five or so opportunities to Start for the Hornets were critical in landing the Starting Job for Brooklyn.

    JLIN’s stellar November, though eye-catching — still would not be enough for almost any NBA team to solidly consider JLIN for their starter.

    Therein lies the problem:
    – From day 1 Pierchlenk deployed tank strategy and has zero intention of wavering
    – Even were JLIN to start due to the starter needing rest or injury, would he be allowed to lead a Win?
    – If he tried to lead Win despite Pierchlenk orders, would he get pulled at game closing to protect the LOSS?

    Final reason that sealed JLIN’s starting job offer by Brooklyn was his playoff performance in CHA, we know that’s out of the realm of possibilty here.

  540. Trae has been so bad that they now want to add Lin into the marque PG battle.

    I’m pretty sure everyone expected Trae to hit a wall at some point, but none of them expected it to be this bad. He’s shooting 24% from 3point.

    In the last 5 game, Trae been shooting .000% from 3point…Basically, he’s missed all his 3 point shots in the last 5 games. And he’s been taking quite a few of them.

  541. Yep, Trae is one of the worst basketball players in the NBA, and I wish that were just hyperbole, but Trae actually has the stats to prove it. At or close to the lowest rank in shooting categories to turnovers for qualified players.

    Trae did get that prayer of a 35 foot 3ptr that banked in off the glass as his only make

  542. To be fair to him, he’s been at least dishing assists but even those have disappear during the past 5 games.

    He’s still averaging a good amount of assist per game.

  543. *Yawn* Same old daily Trae-bashing from the same characters. Yeah, we get it, Trae sucks. No amount of trashing of him on here, on the other Lin site, on Reddit, or on Hawks fan blogs will change a thing. It just makes us Lin fans look bad, bitter, and jealous of a rookie that is starting over Lin. Same garbage every year. Bash bash bash Lin’s teammates and coaches.

    By the way, Trae has good stats for a rookie: 16.2 PPG / 8.1 AST. Nobody but us and Hawks fans care that he’s been inefficient, has terrible percentages, can’t defend, and turns the ball over a lot. All this league, the media, and casual fans care about are points and assists.

  544. My son came home when he argued that Trae is good, he pointed out that Trae is #3 in asst in the whole NBA and #1 in asst among rookies.

    Your thoughts?

  545. Trae has very good court vision and natural passing abilities. I’d even argue that he’s more talented RIGHT NOW than even Lin is at passing and assisting. Sadly, that’s all that Trae’s really good at.

    Trae can score, but only does it somewhat efficiently once every 3-4 games. Basically, he’s very inconsistent. I like his driving and layups, but he’s too short and gets easily overwhelmed, out-muscled, and blocked by a lot of players in the paint. His shooting is just bad but it’s fixable and not ugly and completely broken like 1st overall pick, Markelle Fultz’s shot is right now.

    He sucks and gives very little effort on the defensive end, causing the entire Hawks defense to struggle and lack effort whenever he’s out on the floor. Everyone blows by him and he’s not big enough, tall enough, strong enough, quick enough, defensively sound enough, or cares enough to keep anyone in front of him. Unlike Lin, if opposing teams bother to switch on Trae, he gets demolished. Lin can defend 1-4 positions and not look completely mismatched, although obviously it’s best if Lin guards the 1 and 2. Trae can’t guard any position, let alone the 3 and 4.

    Trae needs a lot of work and experience in this league, but I think the potential is there for him to be a very good point guard eventually. He may not be an all-star or worth the hype, but he shows a lot of promise as a facilitator. He just needs to put on more weight and muscle, clean up his shot / shot selection, learn to play off the ball better, learn how to not get trapped or how to get out of being double teamed, and put more effort in defense.

    Most of Trae’s flaws are what Lin also struggled with the first few years in this league. I think that’s the biggest reason why Hawks’ GM brought Lin to Atlanta, to teach Trae all of these things and hope that Trae learns from Lin and improves sooner rather than later.

  546. Lin’s played well in November and is maybe now considered a main force on the Hawks. Lin also has a good history of matching up well with Kyrie, outplaying him in some matchups.

  547. Great guy!

  548. Yeah, I could listen to Vince talk for hours and not get bored. He’s so insightful, knowledgeable, humble, and experienced with the game of basketball. I’m glad Lin got a chance to play with him this year. It’s no wonder Lin was a Vince fanboy and most likely still is lol.

  549. I don’t agree with you at all about him being one of the worse basketball players. He’s great at assists, for a rookie does a decent job running the point, has excellent vision, has tight handles and really has an impressive amount of assists, and he’s pretty good at getting into the paint and finishing on floaters. His shot is broken now but that can be fixed.

    I wouldn’t be fooled by his built. Reggie Miller was one of the thinnest guys I remember playing basketball yet was rarely injured and played pretty physically against much stronger-looking players. Trae has some physical challenges in terms of height and built, but he also has talent.

  550. Yes, around 8. Trae is actually a good player. I don’t pay attention to hype, it’s like advertising of a product. Trae has some abilities. I’m not into Trae-bashing and I think he should be “marked on a curve” because he’s a rookie.

  551. well, for SOME poster here can’t take that he’s starting and jeremy’s not, thats why the trae’s bashing or the like, otherwise, if JLIn did start over him, then i guess all will embrace trae as a developing rookie..

  552. Seems like if ATL wants to get maximum value from a Jlin trade they have to show him at his best which means starting him for a few games. Increased minutes led to the results of Toronto game. Next step is to start Jlin or maybe to play him alongside TY though like was pointed out they have no other PG behind them.To get the best value for Jlin in a trade (if that is what they are trying to do) they have to start him and see how he can lead the starting team against a starting team. TY will just have to suck it up, though I think it would be good for him. I don’t know if ATL did this intentionally but I think they are bring Jlin along well, along the lines I thought: limited minutes for about 20 games to see how he does and how the knee reacts; increase minutes to build more strength; at 30 games extended minutes and start some games leading to the trade deadline.

  553. I was never one to bash Trae from the very beginning … but over time, I’ve come to the realization have a VERY difficult time to make it in the NBA wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up out of the NBA in 3 yrs.

    This realization is IRRESPECTIVE of my JLIN fandom, you will also find this sentiment AMONG many ATL Hawks fans – I’m not going to revisit every criticism of Trae, but the bottom line is this, take Trae’s best attribute, his PASSING and it does NOT negate the points he gives up when he is unable to defend any player in the NBA from scoring on him; and wasting offensive possessions with ill advised play

    Now if you want to bash on JLIN Fans that’s your right even on a JLIN fansite but don’t think that you will get away without pushback from those you attack

  554. I am fine with JLIN getting any opportunity to showcase himself for his next team.

    I am against JLIN playing alongside Trae, I’ve laid out may times the reasoning – not good for JLIN only helps Trae and JLIN doesn’t need to help Trae, JLIN has a new contract he needs to work for — that is priority one.

  555. If you are not able to win, you can pad the stats of a designated tanking star and sell the “future” to some fans.

  556. Additionally the fact that some compare Trae to JLIN’s start in the NBA is ludicrous, not only did JLIN give effort, maximum effort on both sides of the ball and also has the size to defend – the was NEVER a chucker, SHOT Selection was important to JLIN and if his shot doesn’t fall, then he didn’t keep shooting.

  557. Plus Jlin made the NYK WIN

  558. Big big test for TY against Kyrie. For those of you worried about destroying TY confidence by not starting him, it might be worse if Kyrie lights him up. If Kyrie starts to feast on TY it would be good for LP to inject Jlin early if only to protect TY

  559. Even the diehard ATL fans, writers and perhaps even coaches might agree with you there

  560. I don’t read Peachtree much, but the latest comments have a lot of wanting Lin playing more minutes and minutes with Trae. They want Trae to start, but Lin to play 18 minutes as PG for the bench with VC , and 8-12 minutes with Trae. The idea is to take pressure off of Trae and keep the offense more organized. So they’re starting to see the goodness of Lin. I hope they get to the point of wanting Lin to finish halves and the game.

    That’s why I like the approach of Lin fans trying to see the team the way the team fans see it and letting the greatness of Lin dictate a bigger role and maximize minutes for them. I wouldn’t get so hung up on starting because Lin can rock the game in any way he’s put in (though he needs the longer stints, as many posters have pointed out). Don’t confuse that with me not wanting Lin to start, though. If I had my way, he’d be in a Nets situation, starting PG and team’s captain, but with better players. But once Lin is on a team, he has to deal with that team’s dynamic, coach, goals, etc., and I think we all want the best for him. So when he scores points he gets noticed more. I hope he has more often the scoring mentality in games to come rather than set teammates up. But mostly, I just hope he continues to stay healthy. I really think he’s ahead of schedule. I didn’t even expect him to play back to backs, yet he’s doing so.

  561. Different situation, Ace. The NYK were a team that was underachieving and wasn’t expected to tank. The Hawks are “rebuilding” and are either intentionally or unintentionally tanking. And remember, the Knicks went on a terrible losing streak with D’Antoni and Lin after Anthony didn’t cooperate. We remember the winning, but there was losing as well.

  562. all of what yur saying seem comon sense. they just dont want lin there but rather bremby and heurter

  563. Spot on. Development + Tanking. It is a process. Remember Net 1st year?

  564. Heurter may become a useful player. I’m finding the narrative beginning to shift some at the team sites. Lin is a rental, but while he’s there might as well use him more. And playing him with Trae is a win win for Lin fans and Hawks fans.

  565. so from what your saying hawks originally didnt believe in lin or ddnt believe he would recovers this well. Now he has shown otherwise and trea is struggling theres pressure building up to use him more. idk if they will. i hope they just trade him

  566. nets had to do thats since no 1st round pick. zion sweepstake in going big right now

  567. JLIN playing with Trae most likely goes like this:

    1. Trae no longer needs to even pretend to try on defense as JLIN picks up slack
    2. Trae gets even more opportunity to put up any old Shot as JLIN defers to him and sets him up
    3. JLIN gets criticism as he spends all his energy filling defensive holes and has no energy left for own game
    4. JLIN stats stay exactly where it is today, and/or PER36 stats decrease precipitously

    End result it’s a temporary help for Trae to pad stats, long-term it doesn’t help him because, granting a “franchise player” his own personal proxy to play Defense for him, won’t fly (unless perhaps you’re Harden with PBev) …

    … and all it will do is add mileage and wear and tear to JLIN’s body. Do JLIN fans really want that?

  568. Trae is not Kemba, and Pierce is not Steve Clifford

  569. Trades can be positive or negative. He could be traded to a place where he gets consistently good playing time. But he’ll need to adjust to a new system. But, he could get traded to a team that may DNP CD him as well. For now, fans are seeing a bit of what Lin can do in Atlanta and want to see him more.

  570. yea i guess we are ignoring the not having a choice with a team that trades for lin.

  571. zzzz. old news.

  572. Not that different because linonly had Chandler and a bunch of bench and rookies for a few games, and yet he won. Lin’s impact is far greater than most people will ever acknowledge. The only person that did was MDA and he stuck his neck out to far for Lin. That’s what made him resign.

    MDA could not get the Knicks to play right for two years and Lin comes in and made them a team in one game. Melo and Stat were injured and yet Lin still won.

  573. Time to re-addition again for Brad.

  574. Having Trae play with Lin will definitely help him because Lin takes the pressure off of him. Lin takes defence away from him and is such a threat that they can’t single out a linear attack on Trae. What’s truly ridiculous is that LP can’t see that, which tells you he’s only good at knowing how to lose.

    Lin’s ability to draw defence is why Lin had any minutes at all with the Rox. His bball IQ independent of “adjustments is overrated Mchale” to invent a handoff to Harden because teams were deliberately taking the passing lane from him. It was Lin that invented the 2 guard PnR in houston and it worked so well that M&M stopped it becuase it made Lin look too good.

    Every team knew that Lin was the engine that drove the team and they all prepared for him. Trae would benefit greatly not only from learning in real time from Lin but as well as getting some extra space to work with.

  575. Generally agree. Lin will take pressure off Trae. But it won’t help Lin the other way. Lin would have to do more on D to compensate.

  576. Trae shoots poorly as the numbers indicate. Poor shoot selections. Defense is poor. His assists numbers are the bright spot currently, but that also gets partly negated by TOVs. Doncic is currently looking like the better deal at present.
    My problem is putting a rookie on a pedestal before having to earn it. And next time, don’t go into your neighbor’s house screaming your head off.

  577. They say he has range, but you’ve got to hit a consistent %, lol.

  578. Is that a compliment or insult to young and pierce respectively… lol

  579. Pierce is not coaching the Hawks to win. He’s coaching them to develop. D’Antoni was coaching the team to win, not develop. That’s why it is significantly different.

  580. It’s not “my neighbor’s house,” and I wasn’t screaming my head off. I was telling you to stop lying about what Lin and Trae said or didn’t say. You blatantly lied about both of what they’ve said and that lie was the exact opposite of what they actually said. Next time, don’t lie, make crap up, and put words into Lin’s mouth so you can keep talking trash about Trae, and I won’t go into “your house” to tell you off.

  581. Brad Stevens wil tell Kyrie to go hard at TY so this might be young TY’s biggest test of the year so far. It is possible this might be a big minutes night for Jlin because tanking will be in the bag

  582. Yeah, going to other sites and call them “toxic” in the middle of discussions is disrespectfully rude. It’s like jumping into a discussion firing insults without context. “Put words into Lin’s mouth” is my opinion and interpretation. So come again, and I’ll tell you too, lol.

  583. “It makes us Lin fans look bad”
    First, I never post on team fan sites. Second, why do we have to refrain from what we observe and have opinions? Lol. I don’t need you to represent us “fans”.

  584. Jlin playing for a cerebral coach like Stevens would be a match made in heaven. Maybe Boston trades for Jlin at the deadline to back up Kyrie and play some SG. Kyrie is a free agent at end of year, he leaves, Jlin takes over. Jlin would look GREAT in Celtic green. Plus he spent 4 years at Harvard. I would have to think it would be a great PR and marketing scheme for Boston

  585. That site is toxic and that’s why this site exists and many of Lin’s fans chose to come here. I’m just telling truth and explaining why I don’t bother posting there. It’s filled with trolls, haters (not just Lin haters, but Lin fans like you who hate on Lin’s teammates), rejects from this site that got banned for being too toxic, and delusional extremist Lin fans who worship Lin like he’s a god.

    Funny how you claim I’m “disrespectfully rude” when you’re the one lying about what Lin said and claim the exact opposite of what Lin actually did say. The way you and so many Lin fans behave is beyond “disrespectfully rude.” You people are the reason why Lin and Lin fans get hated on so much.

    You and those like you do not represent Lin in a good light. You’re no better than Lin haters hating on Lin because you hate on Lin’s teammates with the same vitriol and toxicity. Lin tries his best to promote positivity, kindness, teamwork, and love, while fans like you promote hostility, negativity, anger, bitterness, and jealousy. It’s just funny how so many Lin fans can’t see the hypocrisy they exude and complain about Lin haters everyday.

  586. I think so too. Celtics hovering in the middle now. If they see true value in Lin, it may be good. In fact, any team willing to trade and take the risks for him, sees value. Hawks is good only recovery and showcasing his skills now. Their priorities is not in Lin’s interest and timeline.

  587. That site is like the world, you choose to act and behave the way you like. There are a huge variety of posters that bounce back and forth. No different that you acting badly in it and pretending you are this polite personality here. It’s your own option to act that way. Would you do it here?

  588. Plus if Kyrie goes FA they will have a lot of money for Jlin and an open spot at starting PG! Celtics have a chance to win it all this year and Jlin could put them over the top. With Kyrie and Jlin at PG the other team would face constant pressure and with Jlin’s defense (appreciated by Stevens) they could stop clean the other teams 2nd unit. I am starting to get a little excited! Big question is though what could Boston offer ATL? Do they still have a bunch of draft picks

  589. “You people”, lol
    Yes, you are Lin’s number 1 fan ,lol.

  590. Tough. $ and picks is all they want.

  591. LOL that site is like the world? What are you smoking? It’s nothing like the world. It’s a small bubble of extremist Lin fans, Lin haters, trolls, and people who hate on Lin’s teammates and coaches all day, everyday.

    No, I’m not pretending to be like a polite personality. I know I can be very abrasive and I argue a lot. I’m far from perfect, but try my best to tell the truth, whether people want to hear it or not. I’m not jealous, bitter, and angry about Lin’s teammates taking Lin’s playtime and role like so many other Lin fans are. When they play well, I’ll say it. When they play like crap, I’ll say it too. I do not constantly trash Lin’s teammates everyday or make up and lie about things that Lin didn’t say to justify trashing Lin’s teammates. Which is exactly what you do and have done.

  592. “Promote positivity, negativity, anger, bitterness…”
    Your posts to me are not representative of what you are claiming. You and I have never even had any discussions before your little tirade.

  593. Well, for someone, who’ve I never had any discussions with, you are quite judgmental.

  594. You call it judgmental, but I’m just telling the truth. Truth you and many other Lin fans don’t want to admit and don’t want to stop doing. Because it’s in your nature to hate on Lin’s teammates. It’s funny how you constantly dodge, sidestep, deny, and ignore me calling you out when you lied and said Lin said there’s nothing he can learn from Trae and that Trae is smart to remain silent. Instead, you made up more crap to cover up your lies about Lin and Trae, after I provided video evidence of Lin saying the exact opposite of what you claimed Lin said.

  595. Now you’re lying about what I said? I don’t need to lie or change my posts, lol. I said Lin said Trae has nothing to learn from him. This is my interpretation of Lin’s polite wording of how he describes them as equals and downplays the need for mentorship. As rookie, like Lin, I would be all over Lin for advice. Even Lin asked Kobe for advice and how Vince. I also said Trae has been quiet about asking for help. So you found a clip of him answering a reporter’s question if he is learning from Lin. He said yes, (not very enthusiastically, mind you), and also from Vince. The reporter had to drag that from him. This is after my critique of how Trae is not setup for success on this team.

  596. How am I lying about what you said? Do you want me to go and take a screenshot of what you said on the other site and post it here as well? You’re once again dodging and deflecting your lies onto me. No surprise, since you got caught lying about what Lin said and have to lie some more to make yourself seem right and justified for lying about Lin’s words.

    How do you know that Trae doesn’t ask for advice? Are you Lin or Trae or any of the Hawks players? Nah, you just pretend like you know exactly what’s going on behind closed doors and then lie about what Lin and Trae said about each other so you can further your narrative about their relationship being adversarial. Then when presented with video evidence, you deny, ignore, deflect, and make up more crap about them. You just can’t admit you’re wrong and continue to keep arguing.

    Anyway, I’m done wasting time going back and forth with you. You’ll just continue to keep bashing Trae and making up crap. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s just sad that Lin has fans like you who has to lie about things he didn’t say just so you can trash his teammates. It’s pathetic that Lin has so many fans who bashes a 20-year old every single day because they can’t handle the fact that Lin is not allowed to be a starter on the Hawks and has to play behind Trae (which by the way, isn’t even Trae’s fault he was put into the position he’s in).


    “Brooklyn was tremendously successful down the stretch with Rondae at the four. Their starting lineup to end the season of Jeremy Lin, Randy Foye, Caris LeVert, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Brook Lopez was Brooklyn’s most played lineup this season. That group also finished with a Net Rating of +3.8 per That number is remarkable in the context of Brooklyn’s overall Net Rating of -6.1.”

  598. You’re right. When I was at the GSW game, I hadn’t been following ATL so I just saw is live and gave y’all some impressions. In the context you say, he was really good on D esp when they switch on him and got him on KD.

    The last 2 games show he’s getting stronger, because I did see JLin one step slower than I had seen him in the past (live, that is. It’s amazing what you see live, and from different angles and heights in the stadium. It’s so different.)

    Now I’ll be watching for what this forum seems to think, that he continues to product great output and D to get a good trade.

    At 30, I’m hoping for a good run and ppl in the stands at GSW want him to get that trade to GSW to get his rings. Me too, because I think he can really help out in playoffs to have aggressive D and offense behind the 3 all stars. Shaun is long and good on D, but he cannot generate spirited offense because his best tool is his midrange J and that isn’t really working with others to draw contact or create open 3s. Iggy on 2nd unit is also able to generate great offense, but mostly in his cuts to slams. The 3s are very nerve-racking, so I think JLin can really take the 2nd unit and give Iggy all the cuts and slams he wants, and makes that 2nd unit the difference between a close series and a 5-1 or sweep. That’s what I hope for Lin, so he can come off his NBA career as a champion. Once there, you never know how he can finish out his last years, maybe he’ll play to 37.

  599. Yes, I’m not a RW fan I was just musing and thinking where Lin would fit best for a run into playoffs this year.

  600. Yes, I hope he keeps up with his own stats and play. I don’t want him to keep serving his teams that are just parking him for whatever reason.

  601. A lot of words, lol. Called you out for being a hypocrite. Explained to you my train of thought, and you continue to tell me how I think. Hypocrite much? People say good morning, does it necessary mean good morning? “Bashing” on rookie. Can’t blame him for situation he’s in? You know I said he is setup for failure? All that hyping is not helping him. All that curry comparison is not either, and stats not helping him. Did you know he said he is better than Doncic, lol? Of course, do I need to quote that in precision for you, lol. What are you, the Lin police, lol. You are as bad as the fans that go and troll team sites. You go and stick your nose into other Lin sites to into other people’s discussions and tell them what they mean.

  602. Yes!

  603. “Trae is smart to remain silent”. I said that, lol?

  604. thanks for the explanation. I forwarded to my son and will see what he says.

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