G18 LAL @ DET PreGame Thread+Poll

Will Jeremy Lin bounce back tonight with a strong performance like he usually does after a bad shooting game?

Lakers (4-13, 2-5 away) vs Pistons (3-14, 2-7 home)

Lakers has an undefeated 3-0 record against the Eastern Conference teams. Will this pattern continue with another win against DET? It’s very rare for Lakers to play teams with fewer # of wins. But as we all know from MIN game, Lakers can easily lose winnable games.

Lin had a bad shooting game last time but managed to salvage a bad night with clutch free-throws and error-free plays in Q4 and OT which was the most important PG responsibility as indicated by Coach Byron Scott. Will Lin bounce back from a bad-shooting game with another good-to-great one like he usually does? Let’s hope he continues this pattern.

Lin will match up against Brandon Jennings who just came back from an injury last game. He scored 22 pts with inefficient shooting percentage (6-19) but good 3pt shooting (3-7) and FT shooting (7-7) so Lin has to be aware of his quickness to penetrate and 3PT shooting. Letting Jennings shooting midrange would be a good strategy.

On offense, Lin would need to face Andre Drummond (C), Josh Smith, Greg Monroe (C) before driving to the rim. Drummond and Monroe provide good defensive presence so Lin needs to be sharp if he decides to drive to the rim. Let’s hope Lin’s 3PT shooting and midrange will be sharp tonight so defenders will come out to get him allowing more space to attack the rim.

Preview: ESPN Lakers vs Pistons preview



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