G18 LAL @ DET PreGame Thread+Poll

Will Jeremy Lin bounce back tonight with a strong performance like he usually does after a bad shooting game?

Lakers (4-13, 2-5 away) vs Pistons (3-14, 2-7 home)

Lakers has an undefeated 3-0 record against the Eastern Conference teams. Will this pattern continue with another win against DET? It’s very rare for Lakers to play teams with fewer # of wins. But as we all know from MIN game, Lakers can easily lose winnable games.

Lin had a bad shooting game last time but managed to salvage a bad night with clutch free-throws and error-free plays in Q4 and OT which was the most important PG responsibility as indicated by Coach Byron Scott. Will Lin bounce back from a bad-shooting game with another good-to-great one like he usually does? Let’s hope he continues this pattern.

Lin will match up against Brandon Jennings who just came back from an injury last game. He scored 22 pts with inefficient shooting percentage (6-19) but good 3pt shooting (3-7) and FT shooting (7-7) so Lin has to be aware of his quickness to penetrate and 3PT shooting. Letting Jennings shooting midrange would be a good strategy.

On offense, Lin would need to face Andre Drummond (C), Josh Smith, Greg Monroe (C) before driving to the rim. Drummond and Monroe provide good defensive presence so Lin needs to be sharp if he decides to drive to the rim. Let’s hope Lin’s 3PT shooting and midrange will be sharp tonight so defenders will come out to get him allowing more space to attack the rim.

Preview: ESPN Lakers vs Pistons preview



Guess JLin's stats



  1. lets get another win Lin!

  2. hey @wilsc :>
    Good to see you notch the 1st!
    Hope things are going well and not so busy for you

  3. Hope Lin playing swag tonight!

  4. thanks for the thought, it has been busier this year. nice job with the website and moderation btw. i’ve been following this site for lin news and discussion. i’m glad to see the culture of respect and a more uplifting environment for lin fans to follow and enjoy lin’s journey.

    lin’s having a solid season so far. another team, another learning curve. it is encouraging that with only close to 20 games into the season, it looks to me that he has already earned the respect and trust of most of the rotation players and veterans on the team. we just need the final and most important one to come on board. i’m rooting for the team to settle down into a winning pattern. winning sure helps build trust and camaraderie among teammates.

  5. I wish Lin could play for the

    They have a team filled with young athletic bigs that are CLUELESS. Sorta like a bunch of Greg Smiths and Ed Davises but BETTER.

    The Pistons have Brandon Jennings as their pg. While I love Jennings, I also recognize that he’s an erratic jump shooter. Jennings has the same team first mentality that Lin has, but he’s not the athlete that Lin is.

    When Lin’s Lakers run expires, I’d love it if Detroit signed him as their new starting point guard.

  6. Question … what’s the stats equivalent to Linsanity in the poll?

  7. None….it is Linsanity!!!

  8. The reason that Hill does not roll HARD alone is giving a lot of problems to perimeter players…… #HaterSpeaks

  9. So if the stats is higher than any stats listed in the poll , it should be Linsanity then…. jmho

  10. Good pts……..lol

  11. Then I would have more chances to win…hehe… I hope

  12. no, unfortunately we have to be able to quantify how close it is to the real stats :> for fairness to other users. Otherwise, people will fight all day long if their stats qualify for ‘Linsanity’ .. haha

    If Lin breaks career-high of pts/assists, then maybe it’s a special case at the discretion of the judge LOL

  13. Linsanity is a sense/feeling/goosebumps, it’s not about stats. Am I right?

  14. Good to hear that :> Yeah, the mods and users have worked well trying to be positive. It’s not perfect but we forgive and move on as it should be :>

    Yes, winning will cure a lot of things going wrong in the locker room. With each Lin clutch shots, Kobe and Byron will trust him more. Let’s hope Lin will get more comfortable to find his stride soon at crunch time!

  15. Look at it this way. … if I keep getting Linsanity right, that means we are having Linsanity 2.0 on our hands. ..so everyone should start rooting for me to be corrected.

  16. It is an option that I made and asked @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus to vote every time!

  17. of course, we would all be super-happy for you to win ‘Linsanity’! :>

    Man, if we get 30+ pts, that would be Linsane indeed
    But Kobe has to be well-rested for that to happen for sure.

  18. I have been voting Linsanity every time as well

  19. Imo, another last second game winning shot would be Linsanity

  20. Where is Jeff gigooly when we needed him… haha

  21. Thank you sir!

  22. JLin said the following on his website, talking about seeking humility:

    “Spiritually, I’ve really been challenged to seek humility even more each day. When life is tough, it forces me to re-evaluate everything and learn to depend on God more than I initially think I need to,” Lin wrote on his personal website, http://www.jlin7.com. “God continually stretches me and challenges me through basketball, and Im just trying to live each day pleasing Him.”


    Some people have interpreted that statement about humility to mean Lin constantly tries to lower his opinion of himself instead of playing with confidence and “swag.”

    Even though I’m not Christian, it’s pretty clear that Lin is talking about humility in a religious sense. He’s talking about being challenged to be humble before GOD, not about being humble in the secular meaning of the word.

    And, being humble before “God” means having a “right relationship with God;” it does not mean having to constantly lower one’s opinion of oneself.

    One can be confident, assertive, bold, aggressive, “swaggy,” and still be humble before God.

    Imo, Lin’s Christian beliefs have probably been a HUGE factor in Lin being able to meet and overcome such tremendous obstacles in pursuing his NBA career.

    For Lin, when he faces adversity (getting undrafted, getting cut by NBA teams), instead of wallowing in self-absorbed self-pity or blaming “The Man” for his difficulties, Lin sees the obstacles as challenges to get him to be more humble before his God.

    And so, the difficulties have MEANING for Lin, and therefore aren’t just arbitrary injustices. And with meaning, that means that there’s some purpose behind the difficulties. And purpose and meaning in one’s life gives a person the strength and perseverance to face obstacles head on instead of throwing in the towel.

    That’s what’s helped him to get where he is now, and what’s helping him now to keep on truckin’ on.

    In saying all this, it’s not to say only Christians can find personal strength through humility before God. Rather, people find personal strength through some kind of humility to or actuation of a higher power/Law of some sorts, whether that power is God, The Tao, Reason, or Existence in and of itself (Existentialism), what have you.


  23. Yw.. any time…thank you for the Linsanity option. .. I would never vote for anything else

  24. Just remember to vote Linsanity!

  25. It’s time for JLin Fans to take collective actions to keep track of unprofessional reporters so we can ignore them (mute/block on twitters, don’t retweet or read articles) so they would be careful not to alienate Lin large fanbase. Don’t engage with them so they know it hurts them professionally with many fans ignoring them

    I muted Bill Oram for now. I would suggest other Lin fans to do so and not tweet them. If he apologizes and take corrective actions, perhaps we will remove him from the Lin Fans Ignore List

    Any suggestions?

    Please add more bad reporters in the future to this Sticky Post

  26. Sean GrandeVerified account
    Are corner 3’s the hidden secret of NBA success?

    Maybe not.

    But the top 7 are 84-32. The bottom 7? 31-87.

  27. Nooooo, you don’t ask. You command!

  28. I like that idea. That’s pretty much what I do anyways but it would help to have a posted wanted list so that we can all know as well.

  29. Why are the recent games so early? Won’t be able to watch the one vs Wizards tomorrow.

  30. So every game I have to guess who is going to play PG?

  31. Maybe we can add this to the poll too? LOL

  32. Go JLin! Win with another double-double!

  33. That’s really interesting. A little surprised that Houston isn’t up there in corner three percentage.

  34. Against the Pistons lets hope it’s TD assuming Kobe isn’t playing PG again.

  35. Hmm interesting does this mean the Suckets won’t make it to playoffs?

  36. Bc it’s in East Coast.

  37. 0-17 is the Sixers record. The chart is showing the number of corner 3s taken as a percentage of total number of 3s attempted.

  38. thank you, maybe we’ll get a poll to count how many members participated to boycott the bad reporters :>

  39. “error-free plays in Q4 and OT”

    Really lin fans want him to play like this like last game? Sorry, I wouldnt.

  40. Very interesting.

    Just from this corner 3 numbers, the Top 7 team with a min of 42% 3FG win a lot and often.
    To me, it means good teams can make corner 3s well.

    But what would be interesting is if we can compare non-corner 3 % with corner 3 % to see if corner 3s are statistically significant. Maybe it just means high 3FG% are significant to wins :>

  41. Not going to the extreme of advocating Lin to be a super-safe PG to reduce Lin’s effectiveness, but unfortunately Byron said in the recent interview that managing shot-clock, not turning over the ball are important requirements for his PG to get PT in Q4. Without any PT, Lin can’t make any contribution which would be the worst scenario to avoid.

    Lin just needs to find the right balance of being aggressive-but-effective and not over-aggressive-and-get-benched (i.e. offensive foul TO) in the crunch time. A Point Guard’s responsibility is always the hardest to master.

    It’s clear Byron doesn’t have enough trust yet to let Lin make multiple mistakes to let him stay in the game. TOR game was a good game to build more Byron’s trust in Lin.

  42. not even going there :>
    Byron and Kobe might have pressed the self-destruct button by playing Kobe too many minutes. IMO it’s a time bomb, really

  43. Lin has been traded to the Lakers 😀

  44. LOL

  45. If Lin doesn’t play behind Brandon Jennings, I’m all for it :]
    Stan Van Gundy would know how to use Lin well, perhaps similar to how he used Jameer Nelson in ORL Magic years.

  46. I understand and agreed what you have said and lin has no control but needs to play how bs wanted him to play. But then they dont need a player like lin to do those jobs. A second or even a third string pg can do it perfectly.

    To me, if the fo agrees to what bs did in terms of how to use lin, which means lin is not in their long term plan unless lin re-signs with a vet min contract. I doubt lin would do that even though he loves california.

    I still prefer him to sign with a team/coach that recognizes and uses his strength but its no easy task in the pg riched league.

    My poor boy.

  47. Call me delusional. But just throwing out some ideas. Would Lakers trade Lin for Melo with Knicks? Contract wise, is it feasible? Does Melo have to OK the trade?

  48. He has and……Melo is taking a lot of money…LOL

  49. Melo+ Larkin for Lin+Nash+Randle+Houston 1st and a future first may do it in terms of dollars match.

    But is it good for lin to play in an other triangle system?

  50. It is never about the system. It is about how coaches will use you in it.

  51. I beg to disagree. Which teams running triangle/princeton has been successful in recent years? I cant think of too many. I may be wrong though and hope you are correct.

  52. I understand your concern, too.

    My guess is Lin would try his best to earn more trust from his coach and teammates as the season goes but if Byron or Kobe don’t seem to believe in his ability (measureable by Playing Time and chances to shine such as taking last shots), Lin is better off playing somewhere else next season. He’ll be 27 and he needs to have the ball on his hands to realize his full potential like Nash did.

    Trust is a two-way street so Lin also needs to deliver with his clutch shot-making while Kobe need to find him when he does. So there’s still some hope since I saw Kobe looked for Lin in Q1 to shoot 3s in the last game.

  53. I am just simply pointing out that no matter what system. It can be successful if you play it the right way. LAL as a team is not smart enough to run it. But it does not mean triangle or Princeton is not good for a PG like Lin. Triangle is not a cure for everything. Just one of the many puzzles that a team need to solve and optimize.

  54. It’s very possible that Lakers would welcome Melo to replace Kobe once he retires.

    I guess it doesn’t hurt if Lin asks for exclusion in his potential Laker contract that Lakers won’t sign Melo/Harden and other ball-hogs but play Spurs team-ball :> Like a pre-nup LOL

  55. The only way Lin to prevent those playing with Divas situation again is for Lin to be a Star himself. It might never happen, who knows.

  56. “You cannot reply a post that is not active”. Wonder why?

  57. Lin is pretty much screwed on this team. If Lin stays w/the Lakers after this season, I’m done watching star ball aka nba.

  58. True. Lin would need to transform himself to be a star and master all those ISO moves (or what Nash did effectively).

    If I were Lin, I’d go golfing with Nash, send him nice golf outings to pick his brain and book him for off-season training next year.

    Plus we can hope that MDA can get a HC job somewhere and look for Lin to resurrect his career.

  59. It’s a Disqus feature that we can’t control

  60. In todays nba, I wonder how many players prefer the triangle/princeton as their prime offensive scheme, let alone pgs.

  61. Got it, tks.

  62. oh..they will “prefer” it if they are the one shooting the ball at the end. That is why I said in the beginning. It is up to the coaches/team leaders on how to use those sets. It is less about the set itself.

  63. I have no enough bb knowledge to go further. So I take what you said.

  64. I just released my comment being put in Pending by Disqus
    Perhaps Disqus didn’t like the word ‘brain’

    Sometimes Disqus can be annoying even for mods. But it’s free so I can’t complain :>

  65. I put it simply. well…it is, of course, more trickier than that. Anyway…I think we agree that any SET needs to be chosen so players playing it can feel comfortable.

  66. Not complaing, just wondering since I think I never use any words thats absurb, lol.

  67. I just added a Poll to keep track of how many JLin Fans will sign up to boycott Unprofessional Writers so we know together we will make a difference to make them lose cash-clicks and social media audience.

    Members may vote once to select up to 4 options.

  68. It’s quite simple. Harden has the ball on top and bails out to someone close by near end of clock. Impossible to have corner 3 s this way!

  69. It might be easier to actually have a very very short list of positive writers for Lin, mainly because there’s sonfew of them. Lol

  70. and … even the positive writers can always turn to the dark side :>

  71. Stars’ (in NBA) war VII: The force awaken….

  72. From the way Lakers had played defense, I was sure Byron talked to MDA about team defense :]
    Watching Jordan Hill and Boozer remind us of Amare Stoudemire


  73. who is asking scott these ridiculous questions?

  74. Hungry LA media wolves hoping for controversial comments

  75. Summary: Brandon Jennings is an offensive weapon. Andre Drummond and Josh Smith have been struggling offensively but good in rebounding and steals.

    Lakers at Pistons: 10 Things to Know (12/2/14)


    3) Having swept the Pistons in the past two seasons, the Lakers are 9-1 against Detroit in their last 10 matchups. L.A. is also 4-1 against the Pistons in their last five meetings in Detroit.

    4) The seven-foot Drummond has been a rebounding behemoth, as his 11.8 boards per game trail only DeMarcus Cousins (12.6). However, Drummond — who was second among all players in field goal percentage last year (62.3) — has struggled to get the ball in the hoop. This season, his 44.8 percent clip ranks just 79th.

    5) Brandon Jennings, who averaged 21.0 points and 11.5 assists against the Lakers last year, has been Detroit’s most diverse weapon. He leads the team in scoring (16.4), assists (5.8) and steals (1.3), while compiling 1.4 win shares*. No other Piston has more than 0.8 win shares this year.

    6) Josh Smith is having, by far, the worst shooting season in his 11 years in the NBA, as he has fallen to career-lows in field goal (37.7), 2-point (39.2) and free throw percentage (42.6). He is also shooting his second-lowest clip from 3-point range (24.0). Out of 124 qualified players, Smith is shooting 120th from the field, while his free throw mark is the worst among 130 qualified players. However, Smith has made his impact without the ball, as is averaging 6.9 rebounds and a team-best 1.6 blocks.

  76. You are correct. Kobe can’t even go for shootaround now. That’s really really really bad! Fear that Kobe will go “crazy” in this game. Another winnable loss we might have!!!!! That’s how much trust I have Kobe and BS now.

  77. So, noCoach is under pressure to do better than D’Antoni, if he can’t, blame it on the subpar difficult pg aka Lin? Sell it scott-bryant…sell it! lol

  78. I hope to see the Lakers continues to improve playing like a team. At the beginning of the season I predicted they will by X’mas. If they gel now, hey, I take it! Go Lakers Go! Go Lin Go!

  79. It’s okay :] … When Kobe shares, Lakers win.
    When he doesn’t, well .. it’ll be a long flight going to Washington

  80. Have never followed him so don’t think I can mute him right? I can do all the other stuffs and have already done it just like Miller….

  81. People say to look at the players we have and how they just arent as good but this affirms we should be looking to the coach. I place, at minimum, 90% responsibility on BScott at all times. 10% for “bonehead” plays.

  82. Let’s give Eric Pincus a click. He’s one of the good guys so far


  83. Unpopular? I love this tweet. Says it all, basically.

  84. I’m ok now. Stop watching the game when I see Kobe goes crazy. Didn’t want to get so upset with Kobe ball. Learned from 2 games ago. So, last game I was in much frame of mind even when JLin didn’t do well with Lakers won. Don’t want to invest my “emotions” into KOBE and BS team anymore.

  85. Very wise decision :]
    I learned from watching MJ years ago to not get “too emotionally invested” in the outcome of basketball games.

    Hope for a win and good performance but if they didn’t happen, hey.. there’s always something to learn :>

  86. you can still mute him so if your followers retweet them, you won’t see his tweets

  87. I only JLin stays in Lakers only if JLin is trusted as PG as 110% and not just lip services nor talks from both sides of the mouth. That’s what I continue to see BS is doing. BS needs to be gone for me to have any inclination of wanting JLin to stay in Lakers. With Kobe, I’m still deciding. As I see Kobe can’t even go to shootaround now, maybe sooner not later, something will happen. He will still go crazy with his Kobe ball but don’t think it will last much longer.

  88. I was interested in the linear relationship between game score and usage rate for Jeremy and Kobe, so I ran some analysis.
    Here are the results (using simple linear regression):

    GmSc = -7.69 + 0.92*USG% (i.e. Jeremy’s game score increases by 0.92 for each % increase in USG%)
    The p-value for the hypothesis of USG% = 0 is 0.0025 < 0.05 so there is evidence of a linear
    relationship between the game score and usage rate for Jeremy.

    GmSc = 3.89 + 0.34*USG%
    However, the p-value is 0.18 so not enough evidence of a linear relationship. As a result, it's better to simply use the mean of Kobe's game score to predict his future game scores (i.e. 16.25).

    On average Jeremy needs 26% usage rate to achieve game score of 16.25 whereas Kobe averages 36.46% usage rate and 16.25 game score.

    Possible interpretations: Jeremy performs significantly better as his usage rate increases as evidenced by the statistically significant p-value. On the other hand, Kobe would always have high usage rate regardless of his actual performance in that game. So the Lakers will either sink or swim with Kobe, while Jeremy would only be able to shine if he is given the proper usage rate.

  89. OK. Good. Then I will mute him. I did to a couple posters but somehow I still saw the RT from my followers. That’s why I didn’t think it could be done. Anyway I will go ahead and mute him.

  90. I only needed two numbers to reach the same conclusion: number of games Kobe played and Lakers record. 🙂

  91. LOL I don’t even bother to watch. I still had the game on one of the tabs but only flipped over when I heard JLin’s name:-) Checked the scores from time to time. That’s all.

  92. true, I don’t want to have ill-wish but if Byron overworks Kobe or doesn’t have the wisdom to limit his min, then it would be a natural consequence for the body to refuse the excessive workload.

    Byron is flirting with disaster in both Kobe’s career and his own career.

  93. LOL I put it as 100% on BS and 50% on Kobe. JLin is just having no choice but playing with boneheaded BS and Kobe Lakers team.

  94. the idea of humility and being humble before God is a very difficult task to achieve for us. The most difficult aspect of it is “free will”. The battle of ego between what you yourself desire and what God has planned for you is a constant tug of free will versus God’s plan.

    In the case of Lin and his personal battles with ego. When Lin was injured just before the final game in high school before his final year, he took it as a will of God. When he wasn’t drafted, he took it as a will of God. However, these were interventions and not submissions.

    The ultimate humble moment was when Lin faced his last game as a player against Nets. Lin knew that his contract was up and most likely would be cut next day. It’s at that moment that he finally resigned himself to God’s will and let Him take control of his life. Lin later said that he felt as if he wasn’t doing the things he was doing, like it was an out of body experience.

    This is perhaps what he is talking about. Too often, we get caught up in our lives and the human wants and desires interfere with God’s plan. Even though I’m not Christian, I’ve seen this type of miracle working within my immediate family who are devout Christians.

    The ultimate test of ones faith is when you can finally let go of the things you want and need and replace it with complete trust in divine guidance. That’s when you have achieved complete humility.

  95. Excellent stat analysis!

    For GameScore, does it follow the formula to measure a players productivity as defined by Hollinger? GmSc & Usg% do have overlaps on FGA./FGA/TOV so it should be strongly correlated. It’s still very nice breakdown of the linear relationship!

    Game Score
    ; the formula is PTS + 0.4 * FG – 0.7 * FGA – 0.4*(FTA – FT) + 0.7 * ORB + 0.3 * DRB + STL + 0.7 * AST + 0.7 * BLK – 0.4 * PF -TOV. Game Score was created by John Hollinger to give a rough measure of a player’s productivity for a single game. The scale is similar to that of points scored, (40 is an outstanding performance, 10 is an average performance, etc.).

    Usage Percentage
    (available since the 1977-78 season in the NBA); the formula is 100 * ((FGA + 0.44 * FTA + TOV) * (Tm MP / 5)) / (MP * (Tm FGA + 0.44 * Tm FTA + Tm TOV)). Usage percentage is an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he was on the floor.


  96. The disaster will come much sooner rather than later. Sad that they can’t see it happen. Last game took so much out of Kobe. Crazy BS to play him so many minutes and Kobe himself took over pg job as well. I’m much much ok with this happens now. If disaster happens to Kobe, well bye bye BS. So, I’m more than OK now as I can see where this train is heading to.

  97. Even better time management 😀

  98. but doesn’t that mean LA media also thinks BS is not using Lin efficiently/wisely, and/or didn’t do a good job in bring out Lin’s potential?

  99. LOL That’s true! I still need to catch up with 1 assignment that is overdue since 23 Nov. Another 2 assignments are due this Sunday. At least I’m able to do the catchup by watching less Lakers game:-)

  100. I had a dream last night. In this dream Kobe scored 140 points against the Pistons. Don’t ask me how he scored that many points all by himself but it had something to do with the blackout in Detroit. By scoring 140 points, Kobe not only won the game and surpassed MJ for career scoring, he also shattered Wilt Chamberlain’s record for most points in a single game. After heaving his final 3-pointer from half-court, Kobe collapsed on the hardwood and needed to be wheeled off on a stretcher. But before leaving the arena, Kobe called for Jeremy. And Kobe clasped Jeremy’s hand and he said, “Now Jeremy, it’s your turn. Unleash Linsanity once again.” And then I woke up.

  101. That could be true. Not sure how the question was asked or how MDA name was brought up. Perhaps we’ll find the video later

  102. With the Lakers off to a 4-13 start this season, D’Antoni was on SiriusXM NBA Radio with Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher to discuss his time coaching Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. When asked about his time in Los Angeles, D’Antoni said they weren’t on the same page:

    Biggest thing is – you want to have a certain style and be on the same page and we weren’t all on the same page. Have to be on the same page from top of management down to the waterboy, especially in a tough place like L.A.

    When discussing Kobe, D’Antoni said he never had any doubt the five-time champion would come back from his injuries and talked about the positives and negatives of coaching him:

    Best – his ability to do the volume of work that he does, if it’s humanly possible to do he will do it, mindset and determination and work ethic. Will always try to be the best to ever play the game. That’s also the tough part of coaching him, he has a determination and near-sightedness. Sees one goal and will go over you, under you, whatever, to get to where he wants to go.

  103. lol…not sure how that dream can be interpreted, but a great ending.

  104. LOL You’ve been watching Kobe-Show and Linsanity movies a bit too much before sleep, haven’t you? Nice dreams BTW

  105. Lincredible Time Management!
    I think I need to learn from you :>

  106. Not going to watch the game AGAIN!……shoot…can not remember how many games I have missed now.

  107. Haven’t kept count, but you are very close to being below the ‘x-Lin fan’ line. Step it up man…step it up. lol

  108. I would argue that even though these two statistics share some common variables, they are not inherently strongly correlated. Game score is basically a weighted average of the box score contributions from a player not accounting for his team’s stats, whereas usage percentage is the ratio between a player’s possessions on offense divided by his team’s offensive possessions.

    I guess I can do the same analysis on other players to make the point clearer.

    James Harden:
    GmSc = -1.52 + 0.69*USG% (p-value = 0.067 > 0.05)
    Carmelo Anthony:
    GmSc = 2.80 + 0.40*USG% (p-value = 0.31 > 0.05)

  109. Mike Bresnahan (@Mike_Bresnahan)12/2/14, 6:07 PM
    Kobe skipped shoot-around because of fatigue but will play tonight. No surprise. Byron: “Game me the thumbs-up when he got on the bus.”


    fatigue? that’s not good, the 3 away games in 4 nights haven’t even started
    I hope Kobe then saves his legs by letting Lin orchestrate the O.

  110. ive been saying kobe plying pg takes a toll. he wont do it much or again.

  111. ok, DET Game Thread is open!
    I threw in a “Lin Hottie” picture just to see if it has some correlation to Linspiring performance tonight!



  112. I like Jeanie Buss. 🙂

  113. lin will be a laker next year

  114. Like her yes and even more I respect her.

  115. LOL. Not as good in time management when I get older. Everything seems like slowing down. Take longer time to finish tasks. Friends told me waited until you were 40 before saying that you were old and slow. It only hit me when I was 43. I could see the huge difference. Am going to be 50 in couple weeks with having 2 surgeries and radiation on top, slow in recovering; slow like a turtle in getting things done; memory is like a fuzzy eye-glasses… Very taunting to accept all these:-) Told a friend last night (she is 70), couldn’t wait for 2015 as both of us were dealing with health issues, doctors were clueless how to help with body was very slow in recovering:-)

  116. Very interesting indeed!
    Harden’s strength in drawing fouls and FT might play a factor between him and Melo.

    I’d need more time to look at the other variables in the box score to understand GameScore more. I never paid attention much to GameScore before. Thanks for doing the intriguing analysis!

  117. we’ll keep praying for you then :>
    Just keep being stress-free, eat super food and pray/sleep/laugh a lot

  118. Hope so.

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