G18 LAL @ DET Game Thread+Chat

Without further ado, Let’s go, JLin!

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Let’s go, JLin!
Let’s see if a “Lin Hottie” picture will inspire great performance in Detroit!




  1. first!!!

  2. You claimed the 1st @Spot:disqus!

  3. it is a dream come true 😀

  4. pistons is a winnable game. it only depends on kobe. and he doesn’t want to win. or at least he wants to win… the scoring title.

    i still think stevens could be the best coach for jeremy: fast pace game, motion offense, team game… they should give up on rondo who’s shooting now 30% in FT, the worst in the league and asking a max contract.

    byron scott is another lin hater, unfortunately. and he’ll be in LA for long unfortunately…

    i’m going to sleep. have a good game folks

    see you tomorrow. here it’s 1 am 😀

  5. Jeremy, go for da Win!

  6. Good job Lin hottie pic! Linsanity tonight!

  7. I wonder what JLin is checking on his phone before gametime?


  8. If it works, we’ll keep the streak alive! LOL

  9. Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo! Finally!

  10. Repost because I like smiling JLin and the tweet itself.

  11. LAL Starters introduced in Detroit


  12. Jeanie’s tweets? 🙂

  13. Lin with 1 assist to Boozer

  14. I’m not watching just checking in via this site….new good karma approach

  15. Why did kobe not shoot and not give lin the assist.

  16. LIN WITH 3!

  17. 1-1, baby!
    Took the lead 9-8

  18. Lots of positive Lin already see I’m not watching lol

  19. 1-2 :/

  20. oh ok, still 50% 😀

  21. me too .. just box-score watching.
    Let’s keep the streak alive then LOL

  22. You guys at work or something? lol

  23. Less stress my friend

  24. about to leave haha..

  25. his Defense is a little shaky right now

  26. Who is running point? Kobe or Lin

  27. Kobe. Even passed up an open layup and gave it to boozer instead.

  28. Nick Young in at 4:30mark

  29. kobe looks tired

  30. Kobe is bad on passing, TO 3 times? So he thinks he didnt need to practise with the team? Too cocky!

  31. how’s our boy doing ?

  32. Lin out at 3:09

  33. Pattern pretty consistent 15 minutes a half

  34. Kobe – 2fouls 2to 0 pts with 2:26 remaining in 1st quarter.

  35. Everything is going wrong with Kobe! Now he has two fouls, i hope he fouls out ASAP!

  36. hope this kobe pg stuff ends its dragging the whole team down

  37. Kobe Bryant is no pg….just saying that is crazy….if it was lebron different story

  38. he is also too old to do it if he was 32 ok he can try but at his age you are playing with fire

  39. Nash probably could’ve played but seeing Kobe and BS in action he was like take the money and run

  40. Indeed it’s foolish

  41. we are giving detroit a lot of confidence

  42. They are already pretty confident when they know it is LAL….

  43. Let see if 2 foul Kobe will come back before Lin as usual. smh

  44. Boring game so far…..

  45. i have a feeling this game will go to the last minute given we often play down bad teams

  46. Lol…once DET goes hot……I am not so sure about that..

  47. detriot has no one to go hot

  48. As long as they are not the walking dead…they can go hot…

  49. lol true

  50. a lot of kobe post no pnr. very slow offense

  51. That couldve been said about MIN and look at LaVine.
    Anything is possible with the Lakers’ defense lol … 🙁

  52. This is eastern conference basketball. Boorrrring.

  53. No Kobe, ball movement.

  54. clank is all i hear. miss miss miss

  55. Bet Kobe will play another 35 or 40+ minutes game if overtime. JLin will stay blow 30 min again. Depending on how good Kobe is in 4th qtr, Lakers will lose again. Kobe has been sloopy thus far. He contributes all the first 4 tos either directly or indirectly. He is also 0/3 thus far.

  56. Starting to feel sorry for Price. Nothing is going his way.

  57. Ronnie price should not be getting more that 10-12 mins a game at best….sheesh

  58. Josh Smith overpaid like heck not one knock on his game

  59. This team is full of talent but retards.

  60. Refuse to watch and I am instead watching my beloved Knicks look like death on the court

  61. As usual, Lin first to sit and last to come back in.

  62. No cohesion on this roster

  63. lol

  64. Scott waiting for the second quarter to end before sending Lin back in at half-time.

  65. Pigs will fly first for JLin returns before Kobe with BS’s rotation. He is so afraid of JLin shines.

  66. Let’s see when JLin will return this time.

  67. Oh boy, it keep getting to be like in Houston.

  68. Seeing the box score and the minutes all you can do is laugh

  69. Scott’s rotation is truly frustrating. Why bring in a player to play the last five minutes of a quarter??

  70. BS overplaying Kobe as usual

  71. JLin’s first 3 pts.

  72. Lin assist to BooZe

  73. Boozer with the pick and poop play, lol.

  74. Credited to Kobe?

  75. Rather than complain and complain some more, I’ll go watch some Jeremy action. Switching to something else when he’s not on the floor.

  76. So, is this what Scott wants from Lin? To play like Ronnie Price?

  77. Is Lin playing PG tonite?

  78. kobe dominating the ball

  79. nope

  80. Love it.

  81. Delete that. Just saw it. Feed and box score slow.

  82. Same thing will happen in 4 th qtr. That’s why I basically give up watching Lakers now until BS is gone or some other things happen. No pt to feel sick with this boneheaded BS and Kobe ball.

  83. i have a feeling we will lose this game

  84. No use in whining when the whining is NOT directed to someone who should be getting an earful from it.It’s hollow when it’s like that.

  85. Based on comments and from prior away games, it seems that scott tends to revert even more at away games. Fewer prying eyes perhaps and no home crowd

  86. ballboy again……sheeeeeh

  87. Don’t leave anymore, you might miss some action when Lin comes back to the floor.

  88. I’m about to watch Fury instead… -___-

  89. Call it out long while ago:-) The similarity is getting stronger and stronger as each game progresses. The only saving grace is its fans and FO.

  90. The only 3 points.

  91. kobe looked off wide open lin.

    lin with the dumb foul

  92. I don’t know what Lin’s role anymore. BS is bs.

  93. The Detroit announcers suck.

  94. so kobe goes for a triple double and think he can be a superstar pg

  95. The play by play guy can’t even complete sentences, lol.

  96. Lin to Wes for Dunk and1

  97. its not just looking off lin, its kobe going for the difficult pass instead of the simple pass that could easily lead to lin passing to another player open due to rotations.

  98. take kobe out of the gam.e. he is not even bothering to clsoe out shooters

  99. the word by word guy

  100. Kobe is 15 feet from Butler.

  101. How many pts have Kobe gave up??? I say at least 4-5 baskets now.

  102. So boring !!!

  103. Lol. Word.

  104. Lin Hottie aint workin..

  105. its disgusting and embarassing. coach cant preach defense when kobe can get away with that

  106. i can’t deal with kobe anymore. i just can’t. he tells lin be the pg ill play off the ball then he has a three d and forever takes the ball away

  107. Well it’s worse than R for JLin to play in Lakers now.

  108. Cause it ain’t me… 🙂

  109. okay, Lin officially lost his PG job. I think we won’t see much interaction between Kobe and Lin anymore. Honeymoon is over.

  110. So BS? Your pg tonight, and yes I mean Kobe, is making some bonehead plays. You gonna take him out? Smh

  111. Ehhhh Lol

  112. shes not actually hot

  113. Yep That’s why I said BS is worse than M and I wouldn’t give him any credit for any win. He shouldn’t even be NBA coach at all.

  114. I was being sarcastic….

  115. Too slow for the team.

  116. Speechless……..

  117. It was all a lie from the start. It just took away focus from the fact that ‘no one can play w/bryant’ story.

  118. except kobe taking 27 shots he will pass the ball every time. meaning the ball is always in his hands. this should be a blow out. what an embarrassment of a game it has been. . this kobe pg is worse then the shoot it 27 times kobe. honestly this is harder to watch. him pathetically trying to be the pg.

  119. talk about ‘PG responsibilities’

    its not just the turnovers — worst part is he is taking too long to pass and letting the defense settle. the simple pass to lin to swing the ball the other side would be fine but NO….that’s not showy enough.

    he’s trying to do too much himself.

  120. LOL Not in a million year unless something happens to Kobe.

  121. Saw it from the very beginning. That’s why I was so angry during jerseygate.

  122. kobe has a personality disorder. he just switches his play style out of nowhere. before lin played pg for 3 quarters now for none of them

  123. No JLin no win. Expect a winnable loss again.

  124. he does go into passing mode some games/quarters. its something he does. not a new thing.

  125. Can’t stand him, ball hog, throwing bricks, TO machine tonight! He made sure he is not passing to Lin even Lin is wide open!

  126. thats bipolar i prefer the shoot it all the time kobe. i mean why have a pg

  127. the point is that either mode he does, he forces it, isnt making the right play in an organic way

  128. Kobe is 0/5 and 4tos. Should have at least 6 tovs and 0 pts. He is going to shoot more in second half and hence a blowout loss for a winnable loss.

  129. Why nobody helps lin on the pick?
    Scott told them not helping Lin to make him look bad? LOL

  130. i swear they didn’t count 3 tovs

  131. cuz the bigs are bad at it. except for ed. boozer doesnt set real screens anyway

  132. Kobe and Lin were screening for each other a few games. Kobe needs to get back into doing that. Lin is screening for Kobe.

  133. He has never gotten much help from boneheaded BS anyway. He wants to prove he is right. JLin’s bad in…………

  134. I know they are bad but they dont even try.

  135. i agree both pass all the time kobe or shoot all the time kobe suck

  136. Yup, bryant crime fighting is about to begin…get ready to be wowed…not.

  137. scott didnt get the news that it’s a PnR league. he’s still doing ancient things

  138. My wish list:-
    GOD intervention
    FO intervention
    BS fired
    Lin trade mid season
    Kobe back to SG role

  139. Not going to watch the second half esp 4th qtr. Will watch 3rd qtr until JLin is taken out. That’s it!!!!!!!!

  140. Yes…..

  141. thats a good idea

  142. Maybe that’s what BS wants to happen so he could finally be free. j/k

  143. kobe won’t last like this. shooting all is one thing but playing pg and dominating the ball. his body can’t take it

  144. I’ve said it’s matter of when BS’s Price will take the starting job weeks ago and I still stand with it.

  145. In many games

    # of opponent PG get screen – # of Lin get screen = # of kobe shots – # of lin shots


  146. the way kobe is playing that would make sense or why even have a pg. just play 4 on 5

  147. thats an example of a simple pass to lin for lin to make the extra pass.

    it wasnt kobe who passed to lin

  148. Lin was playing well up to the Raptors game, looking for his shots, getting assists. He took 4 shots maybe and hit a 3. Or did he take 3 shots. He’s not getting to the foul line either. He should come out in the 3rd looking to score and he should bypass passing it to Kobe sometimes. He used to, he’s relying on Kobe too much and that’s on Lin.

  149. These away games are trash. FO seriously needs to intervene. Watching kobe ‘ s minutes… what?

  150. We can already see that from his shooting tonight.

  151. That’s ok. The more he does it, the less we have to see it the rest of the season when his body totally breaks down one way or the other. We will suffer less to watch this repeatedly. That’s I’m ok for him to play as pg and more minutes.

  152. away games are good in that it doesnt have the crowd chanting kobe MVP. that gets to his head to start being kobe

  153. It’s the FO and BS prerogative to run Kobe into the ground. Probably what Kobe himself is setting up for anyway.

  154. What he did and why tonight game said it all. See, bring the ball up and give to Kobe and get out of the way.

  155. I’m okay for BS to run Kobe to the ground so that I don’t have to see this for the rest of the season. The sooner the better.

  156. drummond with 12 rebounds already

  157. Yep, exactly sooner his body is going to break down.

  158. Wow.. Detroit crowd is so…bad.Those seats..

    Or maybe they’re still in the restroom.

  159. JamesWorthy hinted Kobe not playing well and should let other players step up. He saw the problem.

  160. Idk the last few away games were a lot of kobe iso regardless.

  161. Kobe should have not even played on this game. He should have just sat out, and let the others play.

  162. Kobe has not passed the ball back to Lin. lol

  163. Blocked Boozer?

  164. The rest of the reporters are too scared, they afraid they won’t have access to the locker room.

  165. 33333333!!!

  166. LIN WITH DEEP 3!!!

  167. top of the key 3….

    any complaints?

  168. nice 3 lin, looks exactly like his role in houston so far though

  169. Wow that 3 woke me up. I was falling asleeeeep

  170. It’s not NFL Josh.

  171. He should but won’t and Scott won’t rest him. Unlike pop who rests his starters at times despite any potential consequences. Scott simply is a bad coach catering only to kobe

  172. this isn’t Rockets v. the Pistons?

  173. lol

  174. lin with the nice overhead gather move

  175. Weak stomachs couldn’t handle so much hogging? 🙂

  176. Hmm missed the tech ft…why in the world?

  177. pretty much is, you have harden turning the ball over, and other players taking shots

  178. why is kobe still in there

  179. lol wes with the body check

  180. Someone has to make Kobe mad….he has missed all his shots.

  181. Maybe that’s what all of this is about. Setting up the narrative for starting Price over Lin when noCoach makes his ‘changes’. We can all act surprised & say: ‘didn’t see that coming’.

  182. stu — no verticality if you dont jump. haha

  183. Don’t worry, Kobe doesn’t have to practice he has energy to play. lol

  184. He’s too tired from winning the last game all by himself. No energy left to even get mad. smh

  185. Lin got push but no call.

  186. Still sticking with not watching

  187. that was a really bad non-call.

  188. Don’t blame u. Not worthwhile to watch anyway:-)

  189. as usual.

  190. Ur a smart man.

  191. Kobe Bryant is the like Brett Favre of basketball – doesn’t know when time has passed him by, thinking he still can play like when he was 24 years old.

  192. Kobe TO machine, 6 !!!!!!!!!

  193. Great comparison

  194. Every athlete should be a left handed relief pitcher

  195. Kobe’s feelin it all of a sudden..

  196. Lin is more active in the 3rd quarter.

  197. They give Jennings screen on every play.

  198. 8 points 4 assists 3 rebounds with low usage not bad

  199. Lin needs a steal! Gotta get to that 1.5 mark.

  200. bill macdonald is such a kobe nutsucker

  201. Lakers up by 16, led by Lin. Time to bench him for Ronnie Price. Lol.

  202. Outside of NYC every announcer is a homer beyond belief

  203. that ref is giving lin attitude. what an azz

  204. lin gotta hit most of those open 3’s. he gets…becuz shots are gonna be a rarity

  205. That white ref needs to be like taken out of the court. Doesn’t know how to make calls.

  206. Racism????

  207. lakers are mostly incapable of making two passes for a shot. so pathetic

  208. Here’s Ronnie. Time to go finish reading War and Peace while waiting for Lin to come back in.

  209. Pulling out that card is tiring already. It’s like using antibiotics all the time until the bacteria gets immuned to the antibiotics.

  210. man…detroit sucks

  211. Got to hope for a comeback from the pistons….watching my sorry Knicks

  212. lin is now a 3 pointer shooter playing off the ball. I thought this is LA..not houston.

  213. Shoulda been 7th turn over for Kobe. he got lucky.

  214. why do you want a Pistons’ come back?

  215. so scott has kobe on minutes restriction. already playing close to 30 min against this crappy team.

  216. 4 more you know what and Kobe will get his triple double back to back game.

  217. Wait I can’t remember… who’s the guy who said Lin has got to run the offense?

  218. BS meant restrict Kobe’s minutes under 44.

  219. More PT for jeremy possibly

  220. Lol

  221. poor lin. he’s a point guard that has to play like a 3 pt shooter

  222. surprise!

  223. Kobe mad jealous about Lin’s double-doubles…

  224. Just toying around…I think most refs are biased but not about race about guys game or perception of their game

  225. Well, Lin needs to step it up w/his telekinesis pg skill. But he’s young, so he’s got time to learn by the next game per noCoach.

  226. There’s another game tomorrow. Scott plays Lin like he’s Nash. He needs more minutes.

  227. like in HOUSTON!!!
    I guess that’s a good thing the learned from houston.. playing off the ball.

  228. Lakers lead building up, good time to assess BS, see if he sits out Lin for entire 4Q.

  229. Sooo… I had dinner and Lakers up 20pts?
    Did Lin happen or what?

    I should have another dinner if Lakers is down in Q4 😀

  230. but I guess this is the formula.. kobe passes first and then preserve the energy for shooting later..so he gets them in.
    Lin is just a role player.. 3 pointer shooter off the ball. and at times run the offense

  231. Librafree
    Relax! @JLin7 gives LA City Grace Church a quick shout out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD1VEIvIfX0

  232. Got to miss tonite’s game…..looks like Kobe is the facilitator again?!

    Fine, Jeremy just needs to do his thing, get the ball, take shots off dribble or drive to the basket. Hope he has more shot attempts. Go Lin!

  233. whelp..at least this isn’t anything new for Lin =P

  234. go for a double-double psalm234

  235. If this game remains a blow out, Lin will come back right in time for garbage time.

  236. Don’t want to tire out the 26 yr old, just in case his body can’t take back-back games. He’s not super human like the 36 yr old crime fighter.

  237. get ready for kobe takes every shot 4th quarter so this is all kobe all the time.

  238. 1 more 3 pointer for lin please and they can say all starters have double digits again..and low doubles.

  239. ah.. Kobe gunning for another triple-double, eh?
    If Kobe can keep this up for another 40 games, I’ll be really impressed

  240. Somebody forget to pay the heating bill?


  241. I wont be surprised if he gets the most of the season…its Kobe.

    Jeremy just needs to be looking for his shots. Since he is playing a SG, then take more shots, just 5 shots for now, aint enough

  242. lol…i asked you to go for a double-double on dinner

  243. not watching game. In box score, 10 assists aren’t bad (despite 6 TOs)

  244. no I don’t think so. BS will preserve Lin’s body.

  245. He is done for the night:-)

  246. He still has 7 more minutes to play! Byron take note!!!

  247. He will.

  248. This game to me makes it clear why it’s not so easy for Lin to just “shoot the ball.” This isn’t about Lin being passive or aggressive, it’s about a coach and a game plan that don’t allow Lin to exploit his scoring abilities.

  249. i agree

  250. How cold is it in LA?

  251. B2B tomorrow. They should rest the starters. If Kobe comes back you know they’re padding his stats.

  252. pistons making me made with how bad they are

  253. where is linja.

  254. Obviously, but Lin need to recognize it and play to his best to score. The scoring mentality need to come as first now, since he is not the facilitator anymore

  255. 58F

  256. oh 🙂 haha.. I’m full now

  257. I agree with that. It’s just too bad that the coach seems to be trying really hard to suck the life out of Lin’s game as much as possible.

  258. Yup

  259. 11 points lead and still not having Lin come in?

  260. Is Scott gonig to wait until the lead is gone before bringing back the starters?

  261. Does Jeremy just get under dudes skin that easy? I find it amazing how a hard working guy like Jeremy becomes the scapegoat and whipping boy so easily.

    Hard Work = Much Love

    But with Lin it’s the opposite.

    Oneday real story will come out

  262. Thank you for the mini come back Pistons!

  263. the bench is the pathetic really

  264. 3 possessions late.

  265. He just going to wait til it gets to his robotic pattern.

  266. Leads evaporated too much before the starter come in, Kobe iso and throw bricks n then OT!

  267. Kobe wants his 4D including TO.

  268. Yup. Scott sucks.

  269. Way to ice your starters, BS.

  270. 3 more Kobe gets triple double.

  271. Only one team suits Lin’s play and I hope that Spurs has interest in getting Lin next season.

  272. BS is a robot.

  273. That’s the first time I saw Kobe passed to the rim this season!

  274. i hate to say this but we can still lose this

  275. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!! Starters are back. Let’s watch Kobe ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. I know and soon the leads will be evaporated and then OT. Low IQ coach!

  277. Should have replaced Price with Lin earlier in the 3rd. Detroit wouldn’t have mad a comeback.

  278. BS is robot timer, should have let starter closed the game then bench play in garbage time.

  279. Please don’t insult the intelligence of the robots.

  280. he is what he is. expected

  281. he is one of those that program to do repetitive stuff

  282. I hate to say it, too, but it is true.

  283. He is definitely ABJ coach.

  284. The loopy loop error code? Sounds about right. lol

  285. kobe TO machine tonight maybe he can get a triple double!

  286. Did you forget who isn’t coaching?

  287. yup

  288. They screened Lin every play.

  289. Kobe 8 TO! TO machine! He thinks he is a good PG!

  290. Kobe iso, Kobe iso, Kobe iso. I can’t take it. Lol.

  291. two more to go… just two more…

  292. It’s killing me lol

  293. its driving me nuts all game

  294. Well, he has enough asts already.

  295. Time for KOBE ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  296. Kobe with 8 TOs.
    Only 2 more TOs to get Triple-Double!

  297. 1 more

  298. Yes 9TOs 😀

  299. lol the whole game was kobe time

  300. last 3 possessions…lin dribble up…pass to kobe, lin dribble up, pass to kobe

  301. One more TO for a quadruple double? Or is it two?

  302. nice drive and dish by Lin.

  303. GO PISTONS! It’s Kobe ball! Time to shine Pistons!!!!!!!!!

  304. Jeremy puts up stats like this a riot breaks out

  305. Kobe, TO machine, 9 times! LOL!

  306. Kobe TD coming again

  307. LoL 3D coming up for kobe

  308. go kobe!!! just one more you got this

  309. 5 more points Lin, I am happy.

  310. Nah, still got to root for the Lakers. Lin’s in the game, he’s the starter.

  311. 2 more points and I will be happy.

  312. GO Kobe 3 doubles again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. No TO by Jeremy with low usage but 5 assists

  314. Kobe might break another NBA record of 2 consecutive Triple-Double with 10TOs in the 2nd game :]

  315. He’s played well with his low wattage.

  316. 5 more? OT then :]

  317. That’s what they want give to them

  318. Wonder if ESPN will mention Kobe’s TD tonight

  319. That’s quality playmaking.

  320. so close… so close… just one more… plz.. come on… just one more

  321. Please stop passing it to the turnover machine. Thank you.

  322. Are you sure? Knowing Popovich he will play Jeremy maximum of 25 minutes.

    Are you ready to complain more next season?

  323. Playing with the Blackhole

  324. Well, BS directed it.

  325. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KOBEEEEEEEEEEEE! You can make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  326. lol

  327. I just started watching in the 4th. Kobe has been trying to play team ball, hasn’t he? He’s getting the ball and trying to pass it out.

  328. Kobe wants to be assist leader, instead he becomes TO leader.

  329. “Lin stop make mistakes in 4th qtr.” BS

  330. That was awful Kobe.

  331. Someone’s worst ball hog than haren

  332. Yup. Kobe is King Ball Hogger.

  333. He’s gassed.

  334. If Lakers up 7pts with 7 seconds left, will Kobe ‘accidentally’ lose the ball to get a Triple-Double?

  335. 10 TOs!

  336. YES!!!!!!!!!

  337. Yeah 3D for KOBE

  338. I love it. Why get mad anymore?

  339. People hate Harden but Harden ain’t full of it like Kobe…Kobe is a huge phony

  340. I hope so.

  341. Grats again Kobe 🙂

  342. 3D on roll.

  343. I miss the beard, lol.

  344. YAY! 3D for Kobe

  345. HE DID IT! wow…..

  346. 10 PFs next game :>

  347. Kobe “I gave it all I had tonight” trying to make plays etc etc….reporters genuflect

  348. Yes KOBE makes it triple doubles!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Lakers turnover machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. Can he foul from the bench after foul out?

  350. Lin for 2 FTs

  351. Two FTs and he can get double-digits again.

  352. Three more TO will match his assists… probably wlll run out of time… well… next game then

  353. pad those FTS lin!

  354. missed most of game, ha ha Kobe almost as many TOV as points that’s him controlling ball. What was the game flow like?

  355. 10 TOs

  356. 14 TOs for LA and kobe has 10 of them

  357. Lol, JLin gets another free throw.

  358. Wonder what will kobes excuse be for playing the pg role tonight? That Lin’s a turnover machine? Lol

  359. 2 more FTs for Lin 😀

  360. More FT’s for Lin! Woo hoo!! The hi-light of the night.

  361. great pad on FTs!

  362. one way to get points for Kobe

  363. I’m soo happy 😀

  364. LA is just a Kobe team, all the other players are just role players.

  365. Yeah, double figures

  366. Kobe is excusable…BS will turn a blind eye

  367. Love the fts

  368. Who else is laughing gleefully like me now?:D

  369. hope its on ESPN, kobe 3D!!!

  370. Lakers WIN!! Two in a row. Wow. Throw out the confetti!


  372. Lin at just below 30 min. Like clockwork.

  373. BS manage to almost loss a game that lead by double digits without sub in the starters earlier.

  374. Thanks to the crime fighter striking again….hooohooo!

  375. Yes he will. Any record is good record!!!!!!!!!!!!! KOBE is breaking all NBA records in no time. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  376. Kobe looked pretty tired at the end of the game. Going to be out of it for 2nd game on a B2B. Hope he doesn’t go into high volume, low efficiency chucking mode.

  377. Jeremy Lin with 2 consecutive games of 0 TOs and double digit PTS 😀

  378. lin had more ft then shot attempts. kobe look like he will run himself to the floor. its ok with me. but he wants to play 2 more years . if he plays like this forget about it

  379. You mean Kobe is a cornerstone?

  380. he might actually let lin play pg tomorrow..LOL

  381. Did Lin make any 3p tonight?

  382. stop that b4 your wife take away your pc/phone.

  383. Woo. hoo.

  384. Soooo is my 12/6 prediction close enough? 😛

  385. I think he hit 2. Definitely made 1.

  386. Yep

  387. Yes, 2-4.
    50% 3FG!

  388. Lakers really aren’t that bad a team. In the eastern conference, they’d probably be a top 8 team and make the playoffs. BS’s coaching/Kobe hogging has cost the Lakers a couple of wins.

  389. Shoulda made them free throws!! Bleh. Oh well. GG!

  390. JLin is 2/5 and 2/4 3pts.

  391. Access Sportsnet postgame if anyone needs it. Don’t know how long feed will last:


  392. Woot nice!

  393. Kobe’s TO is fun to watch indeed.

  394. Yes!!

  395. So Lin actually has more assist than kobe.. because lin has 0 TO.

    kobe is 13 a – 10 TO.. so 3 assists.

    OK, same can go for lin if he does have TO.. I’m objective.

  396. he was already tired before this game because of last game. when you play pg it uses a lot of energy. a lot more then shooting a lot. he won’t last if he wnt to play pg. also let him try this against the wizards and watch us get blown out

  397. Is this game fun to watch? HELL NO!

  398. Yeah I know. But luckily it was enough to get him to double digits lol.

  399. Repeat…repeat…repeat & more to come. It’s the Scott-Bryant way. smh

  400. 3 wins? 😀
    Let’s hope there’s noone with exactly 11/5 .. haha

  401. who is that asian guy talking to lin..and why is only asian talking to lin..

  402. Not only Asian, you just notice Asian more.

  403. I know right.. wt happen to his ft percentage..
    At least now they can say ALL starters are in double digits.

  404. You know, 10 more games with 0 TOs, Jeremy would have an amazing AST/TO ratio!

  405. Lol at Nick Young. Camera hog.

  406. I’m hoping he does play this way tomorrow. Let him get it out of his system & maybe Lin will be able to play team bball soon.

  407. Kobe – box score: nice assists but 10 TO’s . What happened?

  408. 6 ft

  409. There’s more non Asian talking to jlin than Asians

  410. Steven Yeun, a beta

  411. You know, when you are a coach you want to change your rotation when those in the court are losing but I don’t know about BS.

  412. what did he say? I can’t quite hear him

  413. Does that mean we let kobe do his PG thing then for the time being?

  414. So Kobe got triple double again. He is a true star, you know.

  415. Haha came in the stat poll game late. Going for 3/4! (Sorry I’m not very humble like JLin)

  416. You see now, Lin got his double digit (11pts) now, all bcoz of you! thanks for the help! lolz

  417. Lin played another exactly 30 min. Robot timer BS.

  418. if lin had played hi brand of ball none of the starters would of played in the 4th

  419. yeah, that would look good as well!

  420. no, I’m just kidding :]
    Kobe can’t keep up this rate.. He spent so much energy doing so
    Tomorrow will be a good test if he can keep this up.
    Maybe he’ll rest

  421. Well you cannot blame nicky youngy.. for being ball hog or something.. because to come off the bench. you’re goal and coache’s goal is NOT play maker.. but more like scoring machine to maintain or push the lead til starters comes in.
    So to come off the bench, you need to just shoot. That’s why harden was a 6MOY award because he SHOOTS. Lin can never do that if he comes off the bench because he playmakes and play as a team FIRST before shooting. If you come off the bench you have to shoot first and make plays 2nd. That’s my opinion and that’s what it should be.

  422. Well that was quick. Here’s another feed, but crappy audio.


  423. too tired being the playmaker.
    He dangerously pushed himself too much in the past 2 games

  424. If Lin and Kobe switch roles this game the result would be a lot better

  425. He plays Glen in The Walking Dead

  426. Lin’s like the FT magnet in the last 2min.
    Everyone thinks, “I can steal from Jeremy Lin” 😀

  427. maybe.. you never know.. he is like missing his ft suddenly.

  428. Nop always less than 30 minutes 29:36.

  429. So in terms of minutes, there are people wanting Jeremy to come to Spurs or Mavs next season.

    Playing the devil’s advocate here, given how Pop manages minutes, he will only play Jeremy maximum of 20 friggin’ minutes. If he comes to the Mavs Monta will play more minutes than him.

    You sure about that?

  430. hey there is no number 11 and boozer

  431. When Kobe makes TO it’s the other guys in the wrong position. If Lin makes a TO “he has to take care of the ball better”

  432. Two games ago, both BS and Kobe talked about boneheaded plays by a certain player after the loss.
    Since then, the boneheaded Lin has 8/0 assist to turnover ratio compared to the 25/12 assist to turnover ratio by wise master Kobe. Now I wonder who the true boneheaded player is.

  433. Give it up to Kobe for another triple double, wow, he is on a row for triple double. Double turnover is nice,

  434. Nothing new but still surprise me every time.

  435. Yeah, this is definately a winnable game, as I predicted earlier. Tomorrow is the real test against Wizards, and I want Kobe to be the PG again and facilitate the offense. If they can win against Wiz, then if I’m the coach, I would keep the same formula!

    As for Jeremy he just needs to figure out how to score. That should be the only thing in his mind, to score, no more no less. I’m still not happy taking just 5 shots! that crazy, it just doesnt make any sense.

    Even Young with 20min, has 13 shots! Kobe took 11 shots, that is way much lower than his norm!

    The game after Wiz againts Celtics is another winnable game. SO looking forward to see LAL climb the standings. They are ranked 25th now

  436. Apparently he’s been very predictable since his NJ Nets years according to Haralobos Voulgaris (professional NBA gambler). Made him a lot of money before

  437. We can round it up if it’s ok.

  438. kobe can try nd play pg but the thing with old people . its usually little injury from no where lead to other injuries again i wish no harm to kobe but this style for kobe will end his career before this season end. him shooting a lot if one thing. just shooting for kobe is nothing but dribbling the whole time off the clock while being double teamed will wear his body out. i give this style 10-15 games. with the way he looked 5-10 games

  439. kobe can try nd play pg but the thing with old people . its usually little injury from no where lead to other injuries again i wish no harm to kobe but this style for kobe will end his career before this season end. him shooting a lot if one thing. just shooting for kobe is nothing but dribbling the whole time off the clock while being double teamed will wear his body out. i give this style 10-15 games. hell with the way he looked 5-10 games

  440. I feel, we are criticizing Kobe too much at this point, since he brought a win. If its a lost, then I would have joined the bandwagon as well. Whatever it takes to win

  441. Law of averages. Lin is an 84 percent FT shooter, not 90 like he was shooting. He’ll start hitting them again at a good clip.

  442. That’s 30.

  443. Scott thinks his position is safe to appease kobe, but I know mitch/Jim buss, they will pull the rug from under kobe any minute. just watch

  444. a win against the pistons

  445. Who is JW?

  446. He looked gassed again today. I would have to agree with you. His body is going to give at some point.

  447. TO and a lost, would cause a pain, but a win, nobody really cars

  448. Cause that was how Rox sold Lin to be.

  449. I didn’t watch the whole game bc I thought Lin would not play in 4Q… So Kobe wants Lin to be like Fisher now?! smh!

  450. James Worthy

  451. U missed, blame Lin for the missed free throw

  452. It has already started. He can’t even do shootaround anymore. It’s breaking down very quick. Won’t last long. Guess his goal is just trying to make MJ points now.

  453. I know this is a winnable game. But the last game, against Raptors did bring a huge relieve to the team. Next game would be the real test!

  454. Not buying it. Kobe is outta control and he knows it.That statement that he made at his last interview about staying mad is an excuse for him to continually to badly.

  455. errbody misses free throws….

  456. Kobe is infallible in BS eyes.

  457. and missed layup by Boozer from nice Lin feed

  458. Because it is Kobe TOs so no body care. Why don’t Lin try going 10 TOs?

  459. Maybe, but I want to see how he performs on the next game

  460. and get a win! that would be a good test to see how the media reacts…lol

  461. Thank you…a voice w/o Kobe blinders on.

  462. Sorry I just don’t do round up but to be exact in time JLin plays. Few seconds more made a whole lot different. This is what JLin has more time than not.

  463. Doesn’t matter win or loss, Turn over machine will be all over the front page for Lin. May be just not in LA media.

  464. He needs to get his triple-double…some way, aint it…lol (kiddin)

  465. I sure hope so, because this was painful to watch. Winning this shouldn’t have been so hard.

  466. Except if you’re Lin. Then 1 TO is way too many!

  467. I round it up and I got 29:40. hehehe

  468. He said it. I listened to post game interview on Espn la and kobe said he talked to his wide receivers in that he won’t pass if they mess up essentially.

  469. Not just now, Kobe was explicit about wanting a Fisher 2.0 from the start.

  470. BS’ prriceless Price stat: Played 18:23 min with 0/2 1 rebounds, 2 asts, 2 PFs, 1 steal and 000000000000 pts.

  471. Didn’t know til now.

  472. You should round those 0 too =)

  473. how is he averaging 3 points he never scores

  474. More like untouchable.

  475. Kobe looks really spent. I don’t he can keep this up, esp. with high TOs to win against a good Wizards team. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see

  476. Always less than 30, 29 minutes, this is total BS!

  477. Just checked the score box….I think BS has done a very good job on time management….Lin is given 29m37s, just about 30m again !! What a time management master – precise calculation! lol

  478. I do feel for Price, because he just can’t score, but noCoach continues to try & bring him into the spotlight over Lin.
    I give him credit for not thumping his chest & saying he’s the best defensive player that is Lin’s bro from another mother.

  479. Yes if it’s over, it’s just by accidents because of OT.

  480. Just came back! How did Lin do?!!

  481. I didn’t watch the game except for last 4 mins. Why didn’t Jeremy shoot?

  482. Did you guys watch Kobe yelled at Lin when Lin didn’t pass to him in the late 4th Qt?

  483. that and the Asian baller stereotype which works to Lin’s benefit in this case

  484. Might not be a bad thing if Kobe retires early. This whole Kobe being PG will just wear on his old body.

  485. Yeah, before he reinjures himself.

  486. Ideal figure for a ballboy next to Kobe

  487. He didn’t see ball after leaving his hands. He didn’t get much from the start anyway.

  488. JLin with another 11pt game after Kobe insist on being PG. 🙁 Guess I didn’t miss much. I saw the score 106 to 96 against a lowly team like the Pistons? SMH.

  489. He’s been a ‘safe’ PG with 0 TOs.
    Kobe saved all his TOs to collect 10 TOs to notch another triple-double :>

    Lin hit 2-4 on 3s and hit 3-4 FTs in the last min to get double-digit points.
    I’m hoping Kobe will rest tomorrow so Lin can be the PG

  490. Listen I talked to my die hard Laker fans on the game against the Raptors, but let me give you a little history of them: They work at the same hospital as me, and they have being working there for about 20+ years. They are all in there 50’s or 60’s and they sit on the back docks of the hospital, like it is their neighborhood block. Nobody knows exactly what they do, but it is what it is.. They call me the pretty lady that knows basketball. When I came in Monday and asked what they thought about the Laker’s game against the Raptors, this is what they said ” It was the usual kobe show when he feels threatened. So i asked them what they meant, They said the Lakers had a good showing in the game against the Grizzles, and it was like show time lakers. They said Byron needs to let the young boys play. They were not impressed by Kobe’s antics, and many of them said it left a bitter taste in their mouths because they are sick of kobe. They also said that they think Mitch/Buss want kobe to fail, because when he gets injured again, they really rebuild the team and don’t have to worry about Jeannie Buss looking over their shoulder.
    I asked them about Byron Scott being the coach, and many said that although Byron has two rings that he was always an outcast and not really apart of the Showtime Lakers.

    They also said that they believe that lakers are going to rebuild from bottom up with draft pieces and that after this season, they will look at what players will be left standing with the Lakers and that is the future lakers. They think that the Lakers will add some pieces, but not anything of superstar talent because they are in rebuild mode.

  491. He won those games during linsanity and they still talk about him being a TO machine to no end.

  492. It’s getting there anytimes just looking at him. It’s a matter when and not if anymore. My guess is very soon. I’ll be surprised if he lasts as long as passing MJ’s points.

  493. For sure. Not only will Price NEVER steal a shred of Kobe’s thunder, his abysmal stats will provide strong contrast for Kobe to shine even more.

  494. I forgot who said this in the last game that kobe’s tight passing could lead to high TO once opponents notice his role change.

  495. not much to say after a game like tonight’s, lol. Sad.

  496. Follow Didier LeMan‏@LeManDidier
    @IdoAmir @Lakers But Ronnie has held Jennings to 2-10. Oh wait… that was Lin.


  497. JLin is SG with no ball and Kobe is THE PG again with triple doubles.

  498. Yeah, Kobe is a yeller. Lin needs to yell back at him, how many times did I dump you the ball and you threw it away. I’m the PG and I’ll pass it to the whole team and get them touches too.

  499. I do not wish him to get injured, but somehow i can’t wait for him to get out of the picture.

  500. Kobe really wasn’t the PG. He was like a post forward trying to feed from there. He brought the ball up a few times, but Lin brought it up, fed it to him, and they repeated that over and over.

  501. hmmm, very nice to hear from you about what the old-timers know. So tank. Run Kobe to the ground ? Wow. Seems to be cleaner ways to win, but it’s an institution with it’s own inertia I guess.

  502. Then that means BS is a liar through and through.

  503. Lin isn’t good safe. He’s good making TOs and big plays. If he makes 4 or 5 TOs with 9 to 11 assists, and some spectacular ones, while scoring 17-23, that’s a game that should be his blueprint. Too much is made of TOs sometimes, Kobe gets 10 and if it was Lin they’d want to send him to the D league.

  504. This!

  505. Thanks.

  506. JLin only brought it up because Kobe was spent. It was Kobe ball game anyway. Did u see how many times Kobe had turnovers because he was stripped toward the end??? That was why toward the end JLin took over and got fouled. Otherwise JLin was only 8 pts.

  507. Yep, he made those assists in spite of playing with the Blackhole.

  508. They also think that kobe will be injured and That is when the Lakers will win more games.

  509. Agree to their view. What Kobe is doing now, in not healthy for the team and organization. They have some good pieces, some veterans and good rookies as well. They immediately mode should be how Kobe could help to bring these guys together, rather than being selfish at this stage of the life.

    Be the leader he suppose to be and not a greedy stat seeker, like a 24 yr old!

  510. Yep I can see that happening now. I believe it’s going to happen soon. I will be very surprised if he can last few more games until he passes MJ points.

  511. so conspiracy is true.. they wanted to tank!!!

  512. wow..ouch

  513. Really? Kobe did it again? So who did Lin pass the ball?

  514. scuse me I’m not signing that unless you change your shirt.

  515. Nobody forced the Lakers to sign Kobe to a two year $48 mil contract. So I don’t see the logic in wanting Kobe to fail or get injured. No sauce is perfect.

  516. My personal thought on kobe/lin. I think that kobe has already seen o r thinking that the are moving him out and looking more at lin. Kobe never had to worry about players coming in to take his place. Kobe’s biggest followers have always been China, and I think Kobe feels threatened that lin will come in and take that market away from.

  517. Very nice of you to give us some of the thoughts from the old timer hardcore Laker fans. Thumb-up.

  518. We’ll, if he keeps trying to be the hero, he’s increasing chances for joint problems. I know because one stretch for a bad pass and I tore my meniscus. You get old that’s for sure.

  519. Paul Villareal tweet:
    #Lakers announcer: Jeremy Lin been a target for the officials all year.
    I agree.

    MAYBE if this gets ‘viral’ and ref knows it.. they might do the reverse psychology and start giving him calls..
    You know .. like how some ppl got annoyed with crazy lin fans and therefore start hating on him on purpose to ‘revenge’ against the crazy lin fans (crazy as in crazy as in no logic).

  520. I really hope so for real, sister because Lin is the real McCoy! Always been nervous about Kobe’s character. Just a feeling, that’s all.

  521. They see the game of basketball back in the day when it was Showtime Lakers and how much fun it was to watch them play. Many said they saw that in the Grizzle game and it was fun watching them. They didn’t even care about the loss, but liked that they competed and it reminded them of the Show time lakers.

  522. Nope, that’s 29 if we’re to follow principles of rounding off #s.

  523. was listen to the radio, they were talking about that Lin now is playing Nash’s role, somebody who can start offense, but don’t need to do that, as Kobe is playing PG, so he is on the court as support for Kobe and shoot 3s. He said Lin got a chance to run the offense but was not able to do it successfully, and Nash was originally planned to play that role anyway, as Nash would not run the offense when Kobe is on the floor anyway.

  524. LOL No wonder boneheaded BS and Kobe were so mad about this.

  525. It becomes so obvious of what they do. Disgraceful for the NBA.

  526. I don’t understand how Lin was unsuccessful. But what the heck. At least people know Kobe is the real PG. Let them live and die by it.

  527. What radio? ESPN?

  528. lol we will see how long kobe will last

  529. Wasn’t successful because Kobe wasn’t co-op.

  530. Ya! I hope so. Really hope they can loss tomorrow’s game.

  531. Maybe the refs are doing it on purpose because so many of us are pointing out the blown calls they make every single game, thus making people question their competency.

  532. Byron : 10 TO Kobe? C’mon we’re trying to win here!
    Kobe: Don’t be stupid Scott. I was trying to break the record of 14 in one game.
    Byron: Oh sorry Kobe. I forgot for a second that your records are more important than winning.

  533. 36sec is pass the half mark, wouldnt that e 30min then…just saying 🙂 lol

  534. wasn’t kobe the one who lost the games playing iso the last minutes of the game. also the defense. these are just excuses for kobe being the center of the universe. he won’t last long at it a lot we won win a lot with it.

  535. He should treat it like a fire hydrant, I am sure Kobe would appreciate that. ( Not sure if the fan would…)

  536. anybody watching Dal vs Chi? 2nd OT. bad foul at end of regulation for 3 foul shots for Dal. Now DRose got 3 at end to go to 2nd OT.

  537. Very interesting, especially the part about the pretty lady that knows basketball…

  538. You just came back + I just woke up = Lakers win?

  539. “Also a verse that I think God has put on my heart for this season is Ephesians 3:20—Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we all ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us,” Lin wrote.

  540. I read inflatable..:P

  541. Lin fans, don’t be dismayed. Kobe did the same thing with Nash, he took the ball out of Nash’s hand and Nash was relegated to 3 point shooter, Nash being MVP, they couldn’t run the narrative that nash was not comfortable in the PG position

  542. Something wrong? Every time Lin post this means he is in trouble.

  543. the problem is Kobe doesn’t put out on defense so he might last a long time.

  544. Our boy is sending his fans a message. Chill out. God is at work. Hope abounds. Anyone else care to try and decipher that one?

  545. he won’t

  546. lol. “Breaking News at 11: Steve Nash is not comfortable at PG … “

  547. That’s true, and how many point guards are better at running an offense than Nash? Not many.

  548. Not to. I’m just having fun with Kobe triple doubles today:-) Am patiently waiting out Kobe’s time of playing bb now. Can see it coming sooner than later. This gives me so much hope of my dream of JLin to break his records:-)

  549. losses will mount, yes.

  550. Now I don’t blame Nash anymore… He is smart to take the money & run away from Kobe.

  551. Isn’t that verse more appropriate for his fans?

  552. nah, he’s telling fans to keep the faith. It’s at a face value. that quote. Same as the one about ‘my power is made perfect in weakness”.

  553. Never blame nor upset about Nash at all. With the way Kobe and BS behave, I won’t go near them if I can as a player.

  554. This could be why he’d rather not play this season?

    Nash hasn’t retired yet. I won’t be surprised if he signs with another team next season even even cheap but a chance to win ring.

  555. LOL::)

  556. Knowing that Kobe did the same to Nash doesn’t make me feel better. It just shows how hopeless the situation is.

  557. Do you think Kobe yelled at him in the lockers room or what?

  558. this season has gotten from bad to worse i fear. lin will average 12-13 ppg. yet another year his stats don’t show his improvements

  559. Lin was talking to Steven Yuen

    Victorious postgame interviews https://t.co/W8yUypeynp— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) December 3, 2014

  560. Why would he?

  561. exactly. it will be unbearable though with this kobe pg system

  562. Bc someone said Kobe yelled at Lin in late 4Q..? True? Didn’t watch 4Q.

  563. No wonder Nash wasn’t around to mentor Lin because he really isn’t that good at being Derek Fisher, either lol.

  564. Lol yeah, that slipped by me. tnx for pointing out.

  565. This is not a good sign.

  566. not worried about lin, he will figure it out

  567. from what I read, I’m glad my meeting ran long and I missed the Linball Shuttle. V sad to limit such a great player out of ego, based on JW’s post about what old-timer LAL fans know.

  568. Well the question is, is the person who said that within two feet away from Kobe and Jeremy to actually say that?

  569. Because these are the lazy guys that go by stats and don’t ever actually pay real attention. I think most of them even if they’re watching a game aren’t breaking it down and noticing the real dynamics. They’d say it was how they saw it and it’s a matter of opinion, but that’s an easy hide-behind. I think many of them love the sound of their own voices much more than they love basketball.

  570. Kobe is dangerously taking over the game night in night out. At his age and health, he won’t last.

  571. Down below…

  572. Absolutely.

  573. Jeremy with
    11pts; EF%=60.0; TS%=68.1; 3P%=50%;

  574. maybe need to revisit the optometrist? lol j/k

  575. LOL

  576. i don’t think kobe cn keep it up. look at him at the end gassed having lin bring the ball o=up to him like an old man asking his grandchildren to get the controller for the tv. we will see how long this last

  577. Looks like the same tactics he applies to rack up his points, quantity over quality.

  578. Still same question. Is that person within two feet away from Kobe and Jeremy to actually say he yelled?Also, don’t players do that all the time? I was 5 seats away from Jeremy at that time and I heard him yell at D-Mo, Casspi, even Parsons…

    If he yelled some profanity at Jeremy then that’s where I draw the line.

  579. Nope. He really is thrashed beyond fixing…as an athlete anyway.

  580. If Lin was playing PG and had 10 TO he’d be lynched.

  581. his body will break down.. its so stupid to me. kobe should not average the most minutes on the team. now he also plays pg. its like a prophecy just wait

  582. The thing that I find that lin is a strong leader is when the max show said that kobe is outta control and that nobody in the locker room would stand up to kobe. Then they mentioned that Lin did and he got punked(meaning nobody stood with him). LA media knows what is going n with kobe and they keep calling him out.

  583. Like Ms. Ward has said, he is now pursuing MJ’s scoring record.

  584. I heard it on ESPNLA too and was very disappointed…

  585. It’s Lin being dismayed by his reduced role.

  586. Of all the points there, you only caught the pretty lady?!!! Isnt that obvious she is a pretty lady!

  587. this will be a long season joyce. atleas before the lakers was somewhat fun to watch

  588. Only he knows for sure.

  589. Kobe is not going to be able to keep this up all season…

  590. It may take another year for Lin to be truly freed, lol.

  591. I like this article title: Steal JLin PG role, Kobe’s turnovers triple doubles.

    NBA/搶「豪」控衛工作 柯比失誤大三元http://www.nownews.com/n/2014/12/03/1530878

  592. he is perusing to be the sun. literally everything now revolves around him

  593. Can Zeus just step in and zap him out of his misery? LOL I’m a Greek literature geek.

  594. atleast someone was bold enough to put that into the title

  595. like i said this pg kobe won’t last

  596. The topic about Nash and Kobe were so true as I think more about it. This history of Nash and D’Antoni were even much more than D’Antoni and Lin.

  597. If you wanted to put out a message of pain, anguish and frustration but could only do it cryptically, would you want your audience to “get it” or would you prefer they pretend that everything is just peachy.

  598. That’s from Taiwan news, right? I hope it’s ESPN..

  599. more like icarus kobe wants to be one with the sun

  600. No. Kobe won’t allow the crime to happen before his eyes again.

  601. Even with a win, kobe made the pro basketball game so hard to enjoy.

  602. I don’t think I’ve felt so deflated after a win in which Lin started and finished a game.

  603. To put it mildly.

  604. It could sooner than you think.

  605. so good for me to miss the game then!

  606. Most of Kobe assists were after he had no look or nowhere to go.

  607. the bench blew a 19 point lead please don’t brag. against btw the worst offense in the league

  608. Winning formula?

  609. Laker announcer: hate to see the starters had to come back.

  610. honestly, you didn’t miss much. JLin played 30 minutes tonight, but it felt like he played just 3 minutes. He was totally shut out of the offense. He truly was Kobe’s ball boy, I hate to say it.

  611. Kobe’s yelling is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Lin’s marginalization on the court is what matters.

  612. They have to kiss Kobe in order to stay in NBA.

  613. This group has co-operated with the Jeremy Lin Foundation on a number of projects …


  614. who would of thought we ask kobe all year to play team ball he responds by naming himself the pg. its either i shoot all the shots or i pass all the passes.

  615. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  616. Not every problem has a solution.

  617. How did you feel about what TWC commentators said re kobe as facilitator, after the airing of kobe postgame interview? I thought their words (JW & ACG) were supportive albeit unenthusiastically. Somehow made me feel that’s what FO wants and they were toeing the line.

  618. …in hope of Free Agency ahead….

    JLin, I will continue to support you…even not in LA..

  619. Somebody gets it.

  620. So, let’s see – BS has now forced Lin into playing like Ronnie Price. Lin’s the 5th option on the floor. Took only 5 shots the entire game.

    BUT – if Kobe got injured, you know that Lin would become THE main player on offense, and Lin would be racking up big numbers (17-20, 8-10 assists) and making the Lakers a better team.

    Hmmm . . . there’s something wrong with this picture.

  621. Has been waiting 4 the Lin s post game interview, looks like they skipped him tonite.. The mesg he just tweeted might be the feeling how he reacted after the game..

  622. No. We aren’t getting one today.

  623. This is what J needs to hear from his fans.

  624. Guy needs some hope. So do us fans, lol.

  625. Can someone explain what is this Rom:15:!3 is about?

  626. I don’t think they skipped Lin . . . it’s the other way around – Lin skipped the interview.

  627. One assist from Lin to Kobe during the game. Lin had to make sure he threw the ball with high arc so that Kobe was in time under the ball.

  628. positive thinking. I like it..

  629. My take – it’s about having hope when one is down and feeling out. Imo.

  630. He definitely is clinging on hope that things will get better as far as his reduced PG role situation.
    Which tells us he does not like how the current situation is transpiring but he’ll do his best to help his team win.

  631. My question about the tweet – Lin must have tweeted it right after the game. Did he have that verse memorized in his head?

  632. Have to give it to Kobe though, he is REALLY good at lip service.

  633. The only obstacle prevents Kobe to achieve the greatness is himself. Given the ways he is playing now, I doubt he could even break MJ’s record.

  634. And he even gets to turn over all the turnovers!

  635. It’ll be interesting to see how both Kobe and Lin do tomorrow night on the second game of a back to back. Lin has struggled in those this season, but given how little he really played tonight, he should be fresh for tomorrow’s game, lol.

  636. Lol those weren’t cusswords at all.

  637. what do they say

  638. if its like the last two game ohh i can wait.

  639. something like “a lot of people came even as far away as taiwan, china.” maybe others can make corrections 😛

  640. lol

  641. yup. same like houston..

  642. This might be an easier translation “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”

    My interpretation:
    It’s the concept that hope is important to give purpose in life. God is the source of hope so if one believes in Him, His joy and peace will provide hope in his/her heart.

    I think Lin is feeling a bit down (maybe having his reduced PG role) but he chooses to rely on this verse that God will give him hope that things will get better in the future.

  643. Just finished to see all the comments here. I guess It is another game not worth the time to catch up….Move on to next game!

  644. Did he get worked in D?

  645. many devout Christians can quote many favs.

  646. I guess we can skip to the PostGame and go straight to WAS PreGame?

  647. maybe he will lost his starter again here in Lakers?

  648. This whole fan discussion on Kobe getting injured deserves a fantasy FO one:

    MK: oh oh, Kobe got hurt
    JB: It’s ok, we have Jeremy to take it forward.
    MK: Um, we were tanking, right?
    JB: D’oh, we’re in trouble.

  649. its like when people who don’t speak mandarin get those types of tattoos. like how do you know what it says. i guess people like the look

  650. Yeah, plus the “hottie” failed lol

  651. Yes Sir!

  652. by jenning lol. i wish lin could take his job it would be easy

  653. Need to post ur pic instead!

  654. If he sits & jeremy has an explosive winning game kobe is gonna kill BS.

  655. lol skip the next week thats how long i think kobe will try and be the pg

  656. apparently we need a hotter hottie, lol.

  657. IJ is here!

  658. #TrollHard

  659. put your pic up next game sry lol.

  660. Kobe is now 128 points away. He can do that in 5 games easy. If he’d stop trying to be the effing PG.

  661. Good interpretation! JLin is down with all the bumps/obstacles that he experiences but he continues to have hope from the God of Hope will bring him thru once again.

  662. Yeap, TO machine! 12 points 10 TO! Double double!!!

  663. the two games i can’t wait for the superstar pg kobe to face okc and san Antonio especially with Durant and Westbrook back

  664. Yesss.. If the regular hottie only managed to entice 10 TOs from Kobe.
    We need to take the special weapon for tomorrow!

    Come on, @ij7:disqus!
    Take one for the team :> IJ-Linsanity tomorrow!

  665. Kobe playing an average of 42 minutes in five straight games comes darn close.

  666. I differ from others here in how I read this. I don’t believe Lin is the type to ask others for support (maybe his insiders only). Or overshare when he’s in turmoil. Did anyone see any tweets during GSW D-league or Erie ___? I believe Lin tweets these to provide love and support for his fans, to be a good steward for God. So, when I read this, yes, I know he felt it, maybe as recently as yesterday. But for sure, he’s tweeting AFTER he’s strong, not while worried.

    There you go, jmho.

  667. lol are you guys pimping her lmao

  668. Maybe the hottie not hot enough…..should we put your pic ? hehe

  669. Yup, when Lin is struggling, he tweets a verse for the fans to decode. It didn’t take as long as w/the last team…sad. Hate seeing him constantly being tested trying to be part of a game he loves…just a shame.

  670. Who started the hottie thing anyway?!?! lol

  671. no, that’s just rude. Uh-oh, you better apologize soon
    IJ is our special weapon to bring out the real Linsanity!

  672. Nop he often shares biblical passages when he was struggling. That’s the first notice that I have on him when he was in R. Whenever he shared the passage, soon he was up again.

  673. AHA! That’s right, a Lin Hottie could also vanquish his antagonists! Good one! GO IJ7, we need you.

  674. His faith wasn’t what it is now. He has said before that he’s become a stronger Christian & gets strength from the Bible. He started tweeting verses when things got bad in htown.

  675. it was a joke.

  676. Psalm. I think you should ban him.

  677. it came from a very popular thread in CF … every pic with a hottie, Lin has a great game. Or so everyone wanted lol.

  678. plus nothing can stop kobe not the specialized pink power ranger in ij

  679. On Kobe’s last turnover of the game, Boozer clearly pointed to the open Lin for Kobe to pass the ball to. However, Kobe ignored Boozer and decided to pass through the double team to Boozer rather than to pass the ball to the wide open Lin.

  680. lol

  681. I did see that play … I cheered for Kobe’s TOV, though. Way better than another Lin score, call me bitter heh heh.

  682. Bingo, you hit it right on the head.

  683. Kobe ensuring Linsanity not happening under his watch, no one allowed to outshine the Sun.

  684. I disagree. Lin is not struggling , he kows the giants in his life and he will perservere

  685. Muhahaha.

  686. whew!

  687. IMO, Kobe had no angle to pass to Lin.

  688. So, is it safe to say that this is about as low it’s going to get this season for JLin and his fans? We can only go up from here, right? Right?

  689. Why is everyone so low? I guess I am really lucky that I missed the game.

  690. You seem so disappointed. LOL

  691. It will continue like this until BS and Kobe are out. It will happen sooner as Kobe’s “chonos” is up sooner than later.

  692. I know .. just don’t want to get IJ mad and not supply the pic :>

  693. He is basically telling his fans he is fine and so should we.

  694. Kobe is not fooling anybody, he is afraid that lin is going to take his place. Keep Kobe as the PG until he burns himself out, then what is Scott going to do. Kobe is being way harsh to lin because, I think that this is the first time in kobe’s career that he realizes time is running out for him. His body is betraying him and Scott is his enabler.

  695. no, for me that’s not how it works bro. Every since I was a kid, I know not to spill my guts when I’m in need, and I share my inspirations AFTER I’m resolved. I don’t believe Lin is a walking scab looking for sympathy. He solves it and then shares his solution. That actually is what Christians are taught, to look inward to God when you are down. That happens in teenager years, as soon as you can understand things of philosophy and spirit. It isn’t developed after college. Don’t believe me, go to a college Bible study.

  696. ok so you say that right . and don’t get why i am comparing you to Jiraiya of naruto lol the original himself pervy sage

  697. you and I differ in timing. Like I said, the moment he’s at peace with is is when I think he shares, not a second before. So, the message comes to fans when THEY are not at peace with it. That’s leadership.

  698. Wrong Madamoisselle Llebulb.

  699. Lin is also human. Constantly having to battle against your own team mate/coach is hard, even for someone as strong minded as Lin. He doesn’t broadcast his struggles, but finds comfort in tweeting the truth in verses. He did the same thing during jersyGate. It’s just how he handles the lows of playing in the nba…a bit like an outlet.

  700. It was really depressing to watch. IT was as if Byron forced Lin to play like Ronnie Price.

  701. Like I said, I don’t believe Lin wants to put out a message of anguish and frustration. He just doesn’t strike me as a guy who needs to feed off his fans. I think he has his insiders who he does draw on, like anyone. Just remember all the stories of his insiders telling how hard it was for him, and that is Lin being real. To us as strangers, he’s putting out energy TO us, not commiserating.

  702. the last two games have been more unbearable then the blowouts. he is actually refusing lin from playing well.and we will lose. i am very pessimistic about this year

  703. In 14 games in LA, Lin has led the team in assists just five times, same as the shooting guard Bryant.

    Bryant, of course, likes it that way, and even complimented their “chemistry” as the team looks for sunnier horizons.

    “It’s fine,” said Bryant this week. “He added some jump shots to his game lately. That’s key for him and it’s key for us. It’ll open up our game.”

    Coach Byron Scott has not been totally enamoured with Lin’s play, yet. He has criticised him for his defence and for “picking up his dribble” and, after the Denver game for “over-dribbling.”

    When he compliments Lin, he often adds, “We expect better.”



  704. Yes. I agree. He shares the passage and then the next game he is up. It’s just his journey. He won’t share much about his struggles until he finds the comfort and peace in God’s Word. When he has found it, then he shares the passage.

  705. LOL….ok just be patient….we wait…we wait…

  706. Seriously…I’m waiting for that day in LAL!

  707. Lol Not at all. I would be disappointed if Jeremy cussed.

  708. He has to miss just about every shot he takes to play like Ronnie Price. Price is amazingly inept.

  709. BScott giving backhanded compliments just like McHale.

  710. True, Lin wasn’t able to play Ronnie Price very well – He actually scored and made shots, lol.

  711. Tweeting a verse is not a cry for ‘sympathy’. It’s a way to share his faith through the struggles. As a Christian, it’s common to share thoughts/feelings w/Bible verses that reflect the struggles. There would be no reason for these hope, love, perseverance verses if he was in a good place.
    Christianity is a continuous growth process. Just as one matures, philosophical/spiritual understanding expands because one’s perception changes.

  712. It was a great turnover, gave him the triple double.

  713. this seems old

  714. Does it actually count as triple double?

  715. It’s old, but I found the Kobe quote more interesting than the Byron quote.

  716. Sad to see a man taking while he’s fading. I learned at a young age there are beautiful passings in life. The beautiful ones are where the person made peace with family, God, and the journey, him/herself and gave to others as life faded. The very ugly passings are where people are scared and take from people who are supporting their journey. Beauty caused by that person at that time exhibits a life well lived.

  717. Yes, but with a negative stat.

  718. level 1: good ballhogger – Melo
    level 2: great ballhogger – Harden
    level 3: da best ballhogger – Kobe
    at least Lin will not play with a bigger ballhogger after this year..

  719. wow, learn something every day.

  720. is there no lin interview today

  721. westbrook someday?

  722. Yep. He is “finding” the peace and comfort in God’s Word again. So, JLin is in much better frame of mind now. Will see how this translates into games now. Can’t wait for the game tomorrow. He tends to play very well after sharing passages in the past. So, I pray it’s the same for the coming games.

  723. He told the reporter to GTFO…..JK…..Just GO

  724. It could get worse – he could end up playing with Melo AND Kobe on the same team, lol.

  725. Hoo hoo…make that two!!!!

  726. ok so a quote from the bible nd no post game interview. looks like lin is not happy

  727. The lakers were scoring over 100 a game, seems like the offense was effective. Their last place defense has been the problem.

  728. Ah well… that’s why it failed 🙂

  729. Make that three 🙂

  730. it is becoming very easy to tell when lin is mad about something. bible verse with a no interview he is pissed off

  731. So this is his 21st career 3D?

  732. lol. good one

  733. lol

  734. I think Lin is media savvy and does not think he’s only communicating with Christians. He’s not sharing his feelings in my beliefs about him, he’s sharing his answer.

  735. He’s very down. And so are his fans.

  736. Is it safe to say Boozer is a willing team player who knows exactly which guy can help him elevate his game?

  737. yup. just like in Houston..

  738. i say pissed

  739. I hope not, even Ford Center is only 5 minutes from my home..
    for Lin’s sake, I want him to play for a ballhogger free team finally..

  740. angry and down. Down and angry.

  741. Whew, I can’t disagree with you and feel good ha ha.

  742. playing that same role he did in rox land is not what he wanted clearly after all the jeremy don’t watch your bak lol no don’t watch your back because kobe will look you in the eyes while he stabs you

  743. lol well

  744. good point, Lin posts that when feels being disrespect..

  745. #Lakers announcer: Jeremy Lin been a target for the officials all year. I agree. #NBA— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) December 3, 2014

  746. i thought the whole game lin could of drove to the basket with ease. but zero per two games back to back

  747. The thong that Kobe doesn’t realize that he is dealing with some sterner stock in lin is all about the team and team play. I think in the former days, kobe had the backing of the league,not so much now. They see him as a washed up player trying to relive his glory days. The league will give him props what he did back in the day, but not now, and he knows that , and that is why he is pressing so hard now. It is just sad to him do this. Scott should have been the one to save himself.

  748. LOL. I should say he was struggling but now he is in a better frame of mind with the help of God’s Word.

  749. He is a veteran, and know the game and NBA well

  750. But he said, he dont play well when he is angry…need to get into “in-peace” mood/mode soon

  751. Lin is not threatening because he takes a market over, he is threatening because he takes a team over. Lin is the one that makes other guys game easier. He is the quarterback and a good one.

    People are selfish. They like the guy who gets them the ball. Kobe and Harden could not handle the change in team dynamics. They want the other guys to gravitate to them, not Lin. Harden solved it by moving Bev in Lins position. Kobe is solving it by becoming Lin, the guy handing out the ball.

    The end result is Lin has less opportunity to win his teammates hearts and become the leader because he could not pass them the ball.

  752. Yes, Lin is media savvy, but he has said that being a Christian is part of who he is, so the verses are not meant as communicating ‘only’ to Christians. It is known psychologically speaking, that there is comfort in sharing one’s struggles w/others or releasing them internally. Lin’s way is to tweet verses because he relates to them, not to get sympathy or because he can’t handle the hardship.

  753. He is okay now. He finds the peace, comfort and hope in that passage. We will see the “ups” of JLin in coming games.

  754. Don’t worry about Lin, he has been here before and has survived quite well. Let Scoot/Kobe keep digging that hole that they will eventually fall in.

  755. Perhaps Lin and his fans have good reasons to be a bit down.
    But Lin does the right thing for him to quote Rom 15:13 to rely on hope beyond his game performance.

    Here’s a similar quote below by Dean Koontz regarding the importance of hope.

    Without hope, our light in the heart will flicker away and die.
    Gotta keep fighting and counting the good things to keep the fire burning inside!

    So… I choose to remember Kobe got 2 consecutive Triple Double and Lin got consecutive double-digit pts/0 TOs.
    Lin will be fresh and ready to perform like his NJ Nets game when the opportunity presents itself


  756. This is not even close to HOU level. Why would I worried. 😛 He still gets his double digits pts and some asts. If in Hou…it would be a 5p1a game for him

  757. We can agree to disagree then. Lin’s insiders can be reached in person, by phone or even by group email. When he sends out a tweet like that I hear a loud “Help me Lord, this is so unfair!” It’s a cry for help. And by putting it out there I think he is hoping that someone somewhere can help him. For example fans and the media can play a role in putting pressure on the Lakers to stop their rediculous treatment of Lin.

  758. I think so… I guess Lin probably didn’t want to do it bc they must be rush to next city.. Well, in fact, Lin only made 2 shots today so not much to say… I guess that’s why they had to ask Price…?!

  759. Yes those are the Lin games with the most entertainment to them. Very showtime like.

  760. i agree also kobe won’t last doing this

  761. At least in Houston, he had a role to play – score and be aggressive.

    Now, literally, he has no role to play on the team. It was so sad watching him take the ball up the court just to pass it to Kobe in the block, over and over again, while never getting the ball back.

    Demoralizing to watch.

  762. I think it is fine…..Kobe and Scott are just digging a hole…..and I welcome them to dig it deeper.

  763. Yes, that’s all JLin can do right now is keep working on getting better, improve where he’s weak, learn how to play with his teammates and be ready when the opportunity arises.

  764. well, i’m ready for those two to fall right into it. I’m getting really tired of all this marginalization. And JLin must be getting tired of it as well.

  765. So its double-double McFlurry tonite, for Lin I guess

  766. true, but Kobe was also a bit late to react to pass to Lin.
    Fatigue also played a factor

  767. I am not sure how Lin feels. But I think Lin knows this will always come until he reached some sort of the star status.

  768. Is it good? never had those thing b4

  769. Probably. And the sad thing is, the Lakers WON. And it’s still a double McFlurry nite, lol.

  770. I used to be but not anymore esp watching this game. Knowing BS and Kobe “chronos” is up pretty soon with this pace. Kobe in the past week couldn’t do practice anymore. Today he couldn’t even do shootaround. See in a week, Kobe’s body deteriorates so fast. Who knows what and when might happen next!!!!!

  771. I rather have a passing pg Kobe then a bricking sg Kobe. Yes Lin time on the court is more limited but the lakers win more when They share the ball. I’m happy for another win, make everything better.

  772. if kobe dominates the ball like that why not put lin on the bench or play him some minutes with out kobe. nick young gets to score all day while the second unit continues to suck

  773. .

  774. Yup. There’s always hope for change.

    It’s always happened for JLin, when things look bleak, something extraordinary happens to open a door for him.

  775. No…if they do that…how can they pin the loss on Lin?

  776. yup, he’s healthy, ready to contribute to wins.
    Sometimes situations have a way to resolve itself.
    Still better than being stuck in Houston and be scapegoats all the time :>

  777. no, Scott wants to make Price to look as good as possible, so he would have a reason to start him over Lin..

  778. I’m basing how Lin feels on that Romans passage – about him needing hope in a time of darkness despair and helplessness.

  779. huh? which part of the box score are you referring to?

  780. Hear, hear!
    A win is always better.
    A passing Kobe will bring more wins.

  781. He doesn’t sit full quarters. That happened so often in Houston. Big difference. Here, Kobe is the king and everyone abides by Kobe’s rules. So, Lin is just one of the ones abiding by his rules and not being the whipping boy he was in Houston while they elevated Beverley to some Prince standard he didn’t earn.

  782. Yes, that’s right. JLin has always prepared for this. So, my hope/dream becomes alive again today. I will see Linsanity 2 soon:-)

  783. Keeping your hope high…ha…i like it

  784. Big game for Lin tomorrow as Kobe will be too tired to do anything.

  785. lol .. that’s not a compliment, man.
    Just teasing IJ, that’s all haha..

  786. Nothing will change until Kobe give up himself.

  787. There are way more games to play. This Kobe thing will be for a short stretch and then Lin will get back to doing more. It wasn’t that much fun to watch tonight but Lin’s overall numbers remain ok. Think this, the 0 TOs for 2 games look good for him. And he scored in low double figures both nights somehow.

  788. I think so

  789. I doubt…but lets see; hope in terms of scoring…i will take that

  790. Of course he is the scapegoat. He is the minority in the group.

  791. Believe JLin has overcome the down now. He shares passage when he finds comfort and peace in God’s Word when he overcomes the struggles.

  792. in order to have better TOV%, either you reduce your TO or increase your shots

  793. Did you see Kobe’s flu game? Kobe played 36 min and shot 1 for 14. Wishful thinking.

  794. There is no way to make Price look good.

  795. exactly…..

  796. A few ways….like not playing him at all is one way

  797. I’m after I saw Kobe didn’t participate in shootaround and then how he played in the game. His “chonos” are up sooner than later. He won’t last long with this pace with his own “stubbornness” and BS’ as an enabler for this destruction path.

  798. I doubt it. Price and Clarkson are not as dangerous decoys as Lin for Kobe :>

  799. He played limited. He shot the ball 5 times and got end of the game fouls to make his point total respectable. Mostly, he passed the ball to Kobe and Kobe either turned it over or got an assist. Once, maybe twice, Kobe passed it to Lin for him to shoot a 3. He made 2 out of 4.

  800. if all players move out of paint, he could dunk all day long!

  801. now you’re talkin’ psalm!

  802. exactly, then Lin will sit on bench more and Price starting..

  803. Preach it, Bro!

  804. On opponents basket….I know.

  805. Even when he passes equally to the other team?

  806. you were right about Hills mid-range being useless to him and LAL, so I will enjoy you being right here too.

  807. Last time Kobe was tired he just kept chucking team out of the game. Wasn’t it Dallas he shot for like 6/22?

  808. I tried, but I’m not pious enough (not saying you are just saying nobody listens to me and my wife says it’s for other reasons that I won’t admit ha ha).

  809. Kobe’s body might not be able to hold him up just like the last couple minutes of this game. He is even more tired in tomorrow game. No time to recover! He might hog the ball and tries to be “hero” but it will fail misearably.

  810. jlin7 & I Caught The Young Gunna @jclark5on Slippin' #gotem #sleepatnight #justouched down #dc #holdathttp://t.co/VhBHuN62il— Carlos Boozer (@MisterCBooz) December 3, 2014

  811. ok, help me remember you are Mr OKC. yes, (play) free Lin! His team, his brand someday.

  812. Jlin seems closed to Boozer..

  813. teams are also over playing kobe let him shoot stop doubling. last two teams have played some of the worse defense i have ever seen

  814. this is true

  815. Yes I believe they sit together on the plane from one of the pics.

  816. LOL, I doubt Lin could get a team to run. He just needs to be prepared to play with those hoggers

  817. Kobe will try to do everything

  818. yes, Stern did see the long term changes in BBall and how important China is.

    Hey, now that it’s long past, allow me to share my brush with greatness. So I was at an event about 18 mos ago as a guest, and Stern was there. My host is more shy, and normally I’m more outgoing. But because my buddy was shy, I sort of was awkward in sharing the salad buffet with Stern. He actually reached out to me and made small talk. I’m so bummed that I froze, because he seemed really nice to sense our awkwardness. Just one moment, don’t know he’s a good guy all around.

  819. This is what JLin with the same pic.

  820. LOL, they don’t care, it’s not kobe time.

  821. 4!

  822. Happy times then!

  823. Boozer & Lin only speak up about team play

  824. You bad “outgoing” boy!….I thought you watched the game

  825. nah, I’m not fakin’ it. Just chattin’ with my buds. You don’t have to watch the game when you’re being philosophical. I wanna see Linstyle dominate!

  826. lol

  827. I think the players are sick of Kobe and his antics. It will explode eventually.

  828. (shhhh … don’t tell anyone)

  829. Funny quote of the night:

    “If we continue to do like we’re doing tonight, we’re going to surprise some people.” – Jordan Hill on @TWCSportsNet

  830. and both of them called out Kobe..

  831. Any inclination of which one might explode???? No name comes to my mind.

  832. Yep. I see some nice connection between Boozer and JLin.

  833. New bff!

  834. doubt it

  835. Joyce, can you tell me the summary on what happened with Gasol, and Shaq? People say Kobe ran Shaq out of town, and I’m happy to admit those where years where I refused to watch bball because of iso. I played it, but didn’t watch it. Is that what you mean by things exploding but this time Kobe is not young Kobe?

  836. Your constant complaining gets old.

  837. All I remember is… the last 2-peat Gasol should be the Finals MVP, not Kobe. Ugh!

  838. and the plot thickens…

  839. Can they be fined for saying something like this?

  840. Mike D’Antoni on Kobe

    “his ability to do the volume of work that he does, if it’s humanly possible to do he will do it, mindset and determination and work ethic. Will always try to be the best to ever play the game. That’s also the tough part of coaching him, he has a determination and near-sightedness. Sees one goal and will go over you, under you, whatever, to get to where he wants to go.”


  841. I watched the game and I ain’t low.. so… 🙂

  842. A ball hogger is ok if the team has an effective coach.

  843. i know i know…just trollin…kiddin

  844. but it seems he did well, when ever they posted those hotties

  845. that’s why both have the least starter min….

  846. Lin will wear slipper sneaks so he can fling his shoes next game.

  847. Was Yao used as a scapegoat? I don’t remember. I know he was kind of injury prone.

  848. Toronto plays decent defense. Detroit is way worse.

  849. So glad to see Lin & Boozer get along well… Boozer is funny guy.

  850. yeah he does
    Carlos will be his new Jared Jeffries, his big bro 🙂

  851. PLV is not happy.

  852. I know you are a good egg. alles gutes.

  853. Have we gotten any highlights yet? please share with me if there’s any.
    I didnt catch the game tonight but I see Kobe was playing PG again and Jeremy got very few shots, but how was his defense tonight?
    Glad they got the win though, no matter how bad things get I dont want Jeremy to be a part of the worst team in the West so I’ll continue to root for some wins lol

  854. Anachronism. I don’t think Twitter existed yet when Lin was in the D-league. Or if it did it hadn’t taken off yet.

  855. Wearing NYC cap…

  856. What people are they going to surprise? Probably themselves after the stretches against [L]eastern conference teams are over.

  857. Which part are you waiting for? LoL

  858. Ya that was crazy. He might be sick again. Expect more chucking tomorrow if he is.

  859. WAS PreGame+Poll thread is open

    So who won DET poll?

    18 11pts/5asts (12/6) @samvictor (3rd win! Congrats! Now we have 2 leaders tied at 3 wins with CJSHYY )


    # of Wins UserName
    3 @cjshyy, @samvictor
    2 @johnlee, @caliusmc, @dinomite (michael), @pops

    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/2014-15-jlin-stats-poll-winners/#sthash.OKFBidt9.dpuf

  860. I missed today’s game voting!…so does that mean my TS% is still high?

  861. only if you get fouled late in game twice to get 4 FTs like Lin :p

  862. How can you guys @samvictor and @CJSHYY:disqus vote so low…must be Lin hater!

  863. oh dear…..

  864. sure, people in the East Coast for sure 😀

  865. yeah, we need to brake that relationship or get obe to join them (impossible) though

  866. wow, do you really mean that?

    What you say is not my experience with Lin’s personality or his lexicon. Almost like a TV series jumping the shark by breaking canon (you know, time travel and waking up and it was all a dream).

    No need to agree to disagree, we just disagree. respectfully of course. I hate that former way to play it; It’s like saying “I don’t disagree.” Wha? lol.

  867. I know because they called out Kobe in a sense.

  868. well, like I said, he is consistent if he tweets it AFTER he is resolved. It is inconsistent with what we know about him and his courage under fire to think he is reaching out for resolve.

  869. That is what Lin would do, share God’s message as soon as he hears and is at peace. It’s just Christian communications, shortcuts for feelings.

  870. I’m hoping but Jeremy tends to have bad stats on 2nd game of back to back. It kills me but I’m still putting him out there on my fantasy team for tomorrow. Keep the faith!

  871. I didn’t make it today. But I thought he would not get too high for sure just around 15/16 pts bc he probably didn’t want to upset Kobe… but worst than I thought…

  872. Actually in terms of what he’s been through, this is relatively minor.
    I mean he’s still getting his minutes, and the media still likes him. He’s also still scoring in double digits and his TOs have been 0 over the last 2 games. He’s not getting his shots, but nobody is seriously blaming him.
    On a scale of 1-10 on the Lin-Stress level (where 10 is max panic), I’m feeling a 3.

  873. Totally untrue. Twitter was there for masses in 2006. I started my account in 2006 and I’m no social maven. Lin was in D-league on 2010-11. Jlin’s first tweet was July 24, 2010. Why don’t you read through them and see if he wailed his woes. Just scroll down and let me know. You might be right.

  874. Also, like Jeremy says…have hope in God.
    There’s a sense of destiny for Jeremy for those who believe in such things. Just how his whole story is always about facing and overcoming one thing after another…like it’s on public display for us to learn lessons from.

  875. LOL!!!
    You said it out loud!!

  876. Here are some Laker – Pistons highlights (make sure to set the resolution to HD) …

  877. being assertive…lol

  878. He’s a star already. Just not respected by his peers as such. But definitely in terms of popularity, he’s in the top 5 I would bet.

  879. Yes, people will surprise with the low Bball IQ of coach & Kobe..

  880. I stand corrected. I guess I just wasn’t aware of Twitter until 3 or 4 years ago.

    The thing is Lin himself had his doubts about whether he was good enough to compete in the NBA at that time. Yes he was at an extremely low point in his life during his time in the D league but he probably felt like ok I’m failing. It’s after Linsanity that the intentional marginalization becomes unbearable. IMO.

  881. well thanks. I get into my JLin D mode when he needs someone gettin’ his back, not that you weren’t there. Just don’t like to see him getting jerked around by Kobe and BSc. Peace.

  882. wow, he is quick today.

  883. yeah, on that one.. never preach to your wife.
    It always backfires LOL

  884. “Sometimes Kobe plays for the other teams”… :p

  885. Price is not a good enough decoy to free up some space for Kobe :>

  886. oops …

  887. in LG, I really liked this person’s (fiendishoc) posts. He posted a lot in the thread X’s and O’s discussion. Really high quality thread.

    Following is his view for this game:

    Good to see the Lakers finally coast to a victory. Winning lets you appreciate things that we’ve come to take for granted, like Swaggy’s ability to create something out of nothing and often getting fouled while doing it, and Hill’s magnetic hands on the offensive boards. Even though the Pistons looked lost on both ends of the floor, it goes to show that the Lakers really have the talent to beat down teams when they aren’t running dumb schemes on defense. Also, it’s always great to read T&R and QFTOS after a win.


    Conservative defense pays off
    I mentioned in the previous T&R thread for the Raptors game that the Lakers have started dropping back in the PNR, something that us LGers have been calling for all season. In this game, you could see it really paying off as Josh Smith and Jennings laid brick after brick from midrange. With the bigs zoning up in the paint, the lane was too crowded for them to drive or dive, removing the need to help off shooters.

    Offensive spacing
    Another trend starting from last game was that they turned Kobe into the primary P&R ballhandler. This gets the better 3pt shooter Lin on the wing, and also, defenses know that they can’t give Kobe the mid range shot so it creates a lot of openings. And Kobe is patient in reading how the defense is playing him and where the help is coming from, having turned into a willing passer. It also reduces the frequency of the sets that I don’t like, like the isolations and floppys (though Ellington killed it this game). I would like to see them mix it up a bit, so he doesn’t have to work so hard on every possession.

    The weakside movement is better now. I saw them run an high post split on one side and swing it to the other side with a screener freeing up a shooter. Before, the guys just stood there, and they wouldn’t even swing it to the weakside.

    Also- did I really see the Lakers running “Motion Strong” in posting up Swaggy?

    Maybe they are reading the boards. Can we have Lin running the “Loop” next game please?

    Wes playing how Wes should play
    There are two things Wes does well, which are one, catch and shoot and two, jump over people. I’ve been harsh on him this year, but he impressed this game. He did most of his damage from the corner this game, and he try to do too much. When he moved the ball he did it without dribbling. When he was open for 3, he launched without hesitating and knocked it down. Four blocks from your SF is icing on the cake. And of course that baseline jam was amazing.


    Running the offense through Price in the 4th
    They had a chance to put the game away early in the 4th and rest the starters for tomorrows back to to back. Unfortunately, with that lineup that they had on the floor, Ronnie really pounded the air out of the rock, didn’t let the O run through Swaggy, and generally let the Pistons get back into it. They could have put in Lin in earlier than Kobe and tried to run some stuff with him and Davis instead. Unfortunately they are on autosub mode with Ronnie at 18.5 min and Lin at 29.5 min.

    Kobe overhelping
    With the bigs zoning up, there’s no need for Kobe to go help off the corner 3pt shooter on drives in the paint. He did anyway several times and the Lakers paid for it. Maybe it was only 2-3 possessions but it was at least 6 points we didn’t need to give up. The turnovers you can live with because he was playing through fatigue, but overhelping takes effort and is the wrong thing to do.

  888. Boozer reminds me of Super Mario.

  889. So not only us Lin fans realized that BS is a robot.

  890. Remind me of the bad guy in the Popeye when I don’t see his bald head. .

  891. But Kobe will still has the ball.

  892. BS is the McHale of LA.

  893. A stone-face robot, expressionless, lacking emotion and fire.

  894. You forgot the double digits assists too so it is a triple double.

  895. Brutus? Yeah, him too.

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