G18 GSW @CHA Game Thread

The much awaited matchup vs the undefeated Golden State Warriors has arrived. Jeremy Lin reportedly was probably with right ankle sprain but will attempt to play

  1. How will the Hornets attempt to slow down Curry and GSW 3pt shooting?
  2. Who would be assigned to guard Curry and Draymond Green? Will JLin be asked to guard him?
  3. Would Clifford ask JLin to pick up the scoring load for the team?
  4. FT attempts & Scoring might be the best way for JLin to earn PT. He had 4-4FT in the MIL game and his PT increased to 22min and it could be 24min had he score more in the 4th quarter

Let’s hope JLin find a way to draw a lot of FT attempts to help him to get PT and chance to close out games. Let’s go, JLin! Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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  1. 1st

  2. First. Hehehe.

  3. 2>1

  4. : )

  5. Will the Hornets be able to stop GSW from reaching 115pts tonight (1st in NBA)?


  6. Adidas really nice to Lin always has a lot Promotion for him.

  7. I’m torn, root for the warriors to lose or not. Break the streak or Lin’s hornets lose. Maybe warriors continue streak and Lin plays well. Maybe Lin breaks the streak with a last second shot? Hey, one can dream can’t we?

  8. yes, much better than Nike for sure

  9. If Lin played under 15 mins, I could see GWS 125.

  10. “Jeremy Lin improbable buzzer beater broke the longest winning record 19-0 by GSW who still proceeded to break Bulls 72-10 season record with its own 74-8 record on their way to their 2nd championship. But JLin’s shot jump-started a rebirth of his Linsanity performance that launched multiple teams in a bidding war in summer 2016”

    That’s the dream that I’d like to materialize =)

  11. Gotta love Dirk who got a sense of humor after being put on a skate by McCollum last night



  12. Indeed.

  13. When could Cliff make his mind on his lineups? It has been 17 games, plus 8 preseason games. So far only two lineups played more than 10 mins a game . The best lineup (BS1) played less than 5 mins/game.


  14. Now thats what u call a dream, i hope ur clairvoyant psalm.

  15. Who dares to crush your dream? 🙂

  16. Don’t think Cliff will change the lineup. He wants Lin to be SG in starting lineup which I doubt Lin wants it…. Not going to happen…

  17. Really like Dirk, unlike Kobe…

  18. I posted last week what if Warriors get to 19-0 and Hornets beat them to prevent 20-0. But that would have required Lin at 100% and play big minutes and make a big impact.

    Even if Lin plays today, he won’t be at 100%, so Warriors will win today.

  19. I hope so too. It reminds me of this quote:

    “A person is the product of their dreams. So make sure to dream great dreams. And then try to live your dream.” Maya Angelou

    What’s important is #NeverGiveUp

  20. Dirk and Duncan aged gracefully.
    Kobe … not so much

  21. AND Hornets will not let Lin play big minutes to make a big impact even if Lin were 100%

  22. JLin’s sore right ankle will certainly make it hard for JLin to chase Curry around.
    I’m hoping for a MJ flu game for JLin to produce 10 threes but I’ll settle for 12pts/3asts with a sore ankle.

    Only if Hornets can replicate the 130pts Bulls game, they have a chance

  23. I don’t think Clifford wants Lin to be SG in starting line up. He wants batum to be SG and Mkg as sf next year.

  24. Cliff said Lin will attempt to play, that sounded not very good. As much as I want to watch him play, I wished Lin to sit the next 5 games.

  25. No word yet if Lin will be playing tonight?

  26. He will attempt to play is the latest word.

  27. Kemba and Batum are the once and future cornerstones. They do not want to share the scoring or play-making with another guard. If it makes us feel better, that’s also what keeps Lamb out of the starting lineup. If Kemba went down for a month or two, Lin would get to start. But even if Linsanity exploded again, as soon as Kemba is healthy, he would return as starter and Lin would go back to the bench. Charlotte will not become Lin’s home.

  28. I hope this is the game where Clifford used LIn properly if he’ll play because this could be a turnaround of his season if they win and he played well

  29. When did he say he wants Lin to be starting SG? I don’t remember to hear any of that.

  30. I totally agree with you. Lin should not risk aggravating his injury and should not play until he’s fully healed. Let’s see if the Hornets can win without BF1

  31. Only when the Hornet starters are in double digit behind.

  32. Dirk still ended up scoring 28 points on decent shooting percentage plus his team won. Unlike Kobe who hurts his team just jacking up shots and bricking most of them. So, he could look bad defensively and laugh, but at least he can still contribute in the way he’s known for. Go Dirk.

  33. I hope it’s not Cleveland all over again.These are the 2 pivotal games of the season

  34. Yes, it’s the most pain to chase Curry around when his ankle not 100%

  35. I don’t think Lin wants to stay w Hornets either. Last year, Mo played well but after Kemba back, Cliff played Mo just like bench again.

  36. Even Garnett is. He runs his mouth but when he’s on the court he doesn’t try to do too much and he plays much smaller minutes. He only plays like 21 minutes or so a game.

  37. I don’t really care about GSW’s streak and I want Lin’s team to win. GSW are a dominant team and may win another championship, Lin’s team is trying to be a contender. They need every win they can get and they make a huge statement to themselves by simply winning against the best team in the league, streak or no streak.

  38. Yep, there is no evidence that Lin will be treated better than Mo was.

  39. Lin has no place on this Hornets team because they’re loaded to get a max player next year,they have money to do that.

  40. true, Garnett has been a good mentor as he aged

  41. Can I just ask why are you thinking of next year when there is so much more season to be played this year? And really, Lin has his own priorities. He didn’t sign where we thought he would. Nobody at all predicted he’d sign with Charlotte. So we are pretty clueless to exactly what Lin will do when the time comes. But that time is far away and there are a lot of games to be played with the Hornets.

    He has no place is funny to read because on the Charlotte forums, they like Lin for the backup role and think he’s the best they’ve had and want to lock him up. Maybe it doesn’t fit our scenario of Lin getting a bigger role, but he has a definite place on the team according to longtime Charlotte fans. The big money may be spent on another position.

  42. Absolutely not. Unlike Lin, Mo was among the first in substitution. He averaged 29 mpg and he had a lot of 30+mpg.

  43. As someone said, it is best to put energy into what Lin can control. So, regarding Clifford, he’s making moves for his team and sometimes that means we won’t like them. I can only hope Lin’s jumper is working. If his ankle affects his play, he’ll need to have his jumper working. If it works and he’s scoring, it’s a better chance he’ll play a good amount. But he may just go 15 minutes anyway for Clifford to avoid using Roberts. That may be all he can do in tonight’s game. It depends on how he feels.

  44. Who is this guy? He seems to like Lin.

  45. Head of PR for Hornets.

  46. As a Lin fan,I’m not happy with his role right now as a player,I know he can help the Hornets better if they can mange his time better(25-28mins/game)with a specific role.As an observer of the game,I can’t see any evidence that they want him to resign next year,kudos to Hornets fans if they like him because they know how important he is on the rotation,but do they treat him as a major contributor on the team?of course not.

  47. Marketing.

  48. He’s the PR manager or marketing manager of the team

  49. Lin can keep this role and this salary for as long as he wants. In fact just about every team would love to have Lin under such conditions. But Lin has loftier goals and ambitions. How do I know? I’ve been paying attention to Lin’s saga for more than 5 seasons now.

  50. Here is his exact job description from NBA.com
    Pete Guelli is in his seventh season as the organization’s Executive Vice President and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

  51. That’s still better defense that Har_en! And in all fairness, that’s a guard he is guarding too.

  52. I’m happy with it only if it is expanded. I know he’s new to the team and it’ll take time to integrate him. If Clifford is true to his word, which I’m not sure he is, Lin should have a nice role here where he can have some big games. I also think it is dependent on Kemba to work Lin in more, not just Lin and it is Clifford’s job to help Kemba integrate Lin more. I don’t think Charlotte is thinking of considering resigning Lin yet as they are still evaluating him and I’m not sure what they think of him so far in terms of meeting expectations or not. Lin will not have the role we want, but will it be a decent compromise? That’s all practically we will see on most teams, not just the Hornets.

  53. Excellent.

  54. “I mean 40 [minutes] a night is pretty tough especially if you want to
    be efficient on both ends of the floor,” said Harden, who led the NBA in
    minutes last season and currently leads this year with 39.6 minutes per
    game. “We got to figure out how to get guys more minutes and be more
    effective in the court so we can get better.”

    Hmm, it’s a big surprise that Harden even knows they are two ends of the floor. And this wanting to be efficient on both ends of the floor really confuses me LOL. What does he mean by being efficient on the defensive side of the floor? Does he mean playing passable “defense” while minimizing how much he has to move at the defensive end? I guess Harden can become a comedian after he retires.

  55. Dirk took a pay cut to bring in more players, didn’t he? Classy

  56. He’s very polite to JLin fans on twitter and tries his best to answer all of the tweets.

  57. Yes he did, just like Duncan for a better chance at championship. Kobe received a pay raise to bring down the organization…

  58. Ya! Bc he’s in marketing that’s big different from these blog writers… $$$ vs Mad at Lin’s fans…LOL!

  59. Shootaround vids are coming up, waiting for Cliff’s and what he says on Lin. Marvin really does great interviews. He’s smart and savvy, well spoken and has a great understanding of the game. I enjoy his interviews. I hope he and Lin can play a lot together. Kemba said he’s just going to try to play his game and not do too much, and he needs help guarding Curry.

  60. Yes, it’s his job to be professional for sure 🙂

  61. If the coach really want to integrate him as major contributor,he would start it now if they have the desire to keep him next year.I have no problem if Lin will be coming off the bench, but if he’s playing well,Clifford needs to recognized that and need to play him more(that’s a norm anyway for most of the coaches in the NBA).If they give him 25-28 mins/game and closes the 4th quarter of the time,then I have no doubt that Lin will resign on this team next year.As of Kemba,coach just need to tell him to move the ball and find a better and quality shot.

  62. Let me make it real simple for you. If Kemba “wants to find a way to integrate Lin more” he just has to do one simple thing. It’s called pass the ball to Lin. Lin is a PG. He will figure out what to do next. In fact he will often pass it back. No need to make BB into brain surgery or rocket science.

  63. Haha! Ya! Just pass the ball to Lin… but Kemba will not do it unless gets the order that he has to…. (that OT vs King) LOL! Let’s see what will happen tonight.

  64. It is interesting how MW and Jared Jeffries are so alike off court.

  65. Kemba needs help to guard anybody.

  66. Lol, 25-28 min used to be game that we questioned. What a new low this franchise has placed on Lin.

  67. Who will be the one helps Kemba to guard Curry? Lin?

  68. The core of this team if they really want to compete are Lin,MW and Batum.Kemba is just small SG that handles the ball and if he’s contain and shots are not falling,Hornets is in trouble,while the other three ,they can always find other ways to impact the game.

  69. Lin can’t stop Curry but he gave Curry hard time last 2 meetings while Kemba got destroyed.

  70. If I were Cliff my best 3 point shooters have the most minutes. Period. Lamb has to play big minutes in this game. Kemba and Batum always do and they have to hit 3 point shots. Then they have to hope that Marvin hits some, Frank, and Lin can hit some. The best defensive guys are going to have their trouble in that system due to how quick the 3 pointers get their shots off and how they swing it until they can get one open through screens. Then they also bring the ball inside too and can score inside. If fast breaks present themselves go for them because GSW has great team defense and they are long. The Hornets bench may be able to counter GSWs. Maybe the Hornets bench scores a bit more or at least keeps up with them. But these starters keeping up with them and the part starter part bench lineups. I don’t think so.

    If Lin doesn’t play many minutes it can be for 2 reasons. One, his ankle. But two, his 3 point shot not working and the Hornets needing 3 point shooters on the floor. If Lamb plays 32 or 33 minutes, that’s why. Even if his shot is just so-so, he’s probably the team’s best 3 point shooter besides Daniels who hardly every plays. As for Lin’s D, the way GSW plays, if he’s knocked off on picks, they don’t need much time to get up 3s and when they are hot from 3s, no defense is stopping them.

  71. Kemba is definitely part of the core. And I looked at some highlights, Kemba is definitely getting assists. I looked at Lin/Batum/Kemba highlights and Kemba, like Lin, is a combo guard. He doesn’t look to pass as much as Lin, but he’s passing pretty well this season and getting assists.

  72. The team, whoever is around. If he gets by Kemba others try to block his passing lanes and such. It’s hard, Curry can handle and pass. Curry is a huge challenge. Just hope he isn’t red hot shooting tonight. He wasn’t for the Jazz game.

  73. Yes. It’s good.

  74. This is why they lost to Cleveland and could have been more had Cliff decided to insert Lamb to replace Lin to close games.

    The best 3 pt shooters are allowed to shoot more but the best defenders are allow to play the most minutes, that’s what a smart coach without politic would do.

  75. Kemba has to change his mental approach. It’s not just passing. It’s allowing other players to do what he’s used to doing. That won’t happen overnight. He’s had years of playing the way he’s used to.

  76. I agree about Wolves and Knicks announcers are great. Of course, the 3 stooges of the Rox at the bottom of the list. For Lin fans, we would add, ATL’s Dominque Wilkins and CHI’s Stacey King.

    Nobody asked but here are my top and bottom local league pass broadcast crews. pic.twitter.com/Q29cOtIl0P— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) December 2, 2015

  77. I think he is. Lin is on the floor with Kemba more than he used to be. But Kemba has to change his game more to work Lin in. I think Lin can come to the ball more but he’s supposed to be one of the 4 out so the corner 3 is available. I don’t really know all of the plays, but in the system, all the players have to be on the same page or else guys end up passing the ball to where they think a team mate should be rather than where he moves to. That’s why Batum sometimes gets TOs (when he isn’t poorly executing the pass).

  78. Laker’s Stu Lance needs to be added to the bottom as well.

  79. That’s my point he looks to shoot first most of the time than passing,with his height that’s going to be his disadvantage when the game will become tighter.Although if he involve his team they can be more dangerous.As of now,Kemba is effective because of these 3 players,without them he’s just an ordinary SG/PG.

  80. Add Atlanta.

  81. He does pass though. I don’t have the links to the video right now but if you watched them, you see Kemba making good passes and getting assists. He’s improving in that regard. He used to be far more shoot the ball and not get assists. He’s moving in the right direction.

  82. When you play twice the minutes more than corner standing bench with 100% control on the offense but only has 2 more assist than him, you’re not doing it right as a PG.

  83. What do you like about Kemba’s game? What does he do well?

  84. Dribbling and fast.

  85. I’ve seen some of his passes but most of the time he just shoots,with his height he’s a liability when games become more defense oriented.

  86. Of course Kemba and Batum both pass sometimes. They just don’t pass to Lin very often no matter how open he is or how long he’s been frozen out.

  87. They do pass to each other more.

  88. PSA: Authorities are responding to a report of 20 victims in a shooting in San Bernardino on Wednesday. https://twitter.com/NBCLA/status/672134115085414400

  89. http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/02/us/san-bernardino-shooting/index.html

    The San Bernardino Fire Department is responding to reports of a “20 victim shooting incident,” the department said on Twitter.

    The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department tweeted that there was an “active shooter in the area of Orange Show Rd/Waterman Ave near Park center.” It urged people to avoid the area.

  90. I think Kemba is playing good basketball now. Many of the league’s PGs shoot alot. That includes guys like Westbrook, Lillard, K Irving, etc. The Rondo and Nash types aren’t as many as they used to. Lin is somewhere inbetween the Rondo types and the Irving type. Kemba has made huge shots and plays for the Hornets. In fact, when the first unit is faltering, then Kemba starts shooting much and almost, why shouldn’t he? He’s shown to be the one to at least help lower the deficit in a lot of games before Lin gets in and then the bench erases it and sometimes gets a lead. I can’t fault Kemba much right now. Compared to how he used to play, he has massive improvement for his style of play.

    But mostly, Kemba is playing with supreme confidence. A coach, team mates and fans secure feel watching someone playing with confidence. I don’t think he’s over-confident. His confidence level seems healthy now.

  91. SB County Sheriff ‏@sbcountysheriff 4m4 minutes ago
    [email protected] has confirmed 1to3 possible suspects.Multiple victims. #SBCSD &other agencies assisting. More info to come. #SanBernardino

  92. Wow. That’s about 25-30 minutes from where I live…

  93. I watched the Sixers game with a friend from China who knows very little about basketball. I chose that game because Lin was starting and I thought Lin was likelier to score a lot against a weak team. My Chinese friend said she really admires Lin for being so brave. “He’s playing in an environment where he’s an outsider. And those 3 black guys are so fast! They pass the ball among themselves and just ignore Lin.” I told her that Lin is really fast too and really good. But on this team he’s ignored sometimes. Interesting how an unbiased viewer sees the game.

  94. I would give him that…he’s really playing well but give it to Batum,Lin and MW because they are the major reasons why he’s playing well this season w/o them,Kemba would just be a Kemba like last year

  95. Stay home

  96. Don’t worry. I rarely go east towards inland.

  97. You’re really amazing. Your comments:

    First: …..if you watched them, you see Kemba making good passes and getting assists.

    Second: I think Kemba is playing good basketball now. Many of the league’s PGs shoot alot. That includes guys like Westbrook, Lillard, K Irving, etc.

    Which is he?

  98. stay safe. stay inside lock doors!

  99. DEVELOPING: “Suspicious device” just found inside building at Active Shooter.


  100. I’m not that close to be in harms way. No worries 🙂

  101. Thanks for sharing. Interesting observation from a non-basketball viewer.

    Perhaps it’s good to show the Nets Linsanity highlights + Spurs 38pt highlights to ask what’s the main difference that she can observe

  102. yes, stay safe

  103. wonder if this is terrorism or mentally-ill person *sigh*

  104. good. tv scene is scary…

  105. Thanks, I will. I’m currently at work and about 50+ miles way from it all.

  106. reports of 1-3 gunman… if 3 then not simply mentally ill… news is very fluid right now… watching news now so scary.

  107. Live police scanner of the incident, for anyone interested: https://twitter.com/floatingpointz/status/672141971000057857

  108. Sgt. Cervantes with SB Police say the suspects are heavily armed and were possibly wearing body armor.

  109. SB County Sheriff Dept. confirms there are 1 to 3 shooters at this facility in San bernardino we are live http://ktla.com/live

  110. I’ve shown her Linsanity highlights in the past and she knows I’m a big Lin fan but that was a long time ago. Watching a live game this season, she kinda felt bad for him. Of course the obvious difference is Lin standing in the corner or on the 3 pt line not touching the ball vs. Lin running the offense.

  111. Very depressing

  112. Will Reeve‏@WillReeveJr

    #NBA Goal = Championships. Would you want James Harden as your leader & Number 1 option on your team? #Rockets


  113. I agree with that. Kemba is definitely helped by Batum and Lin. No doubt. And MW provides a mature presence, hustle, grit and basketball intellect that helps unite the team. Plus I love how he pumps his team mates up, especially Lin.

    Lin’s role is big, I still put Kemba as one of the core but if you don’t, we at least know each other’s position. Good discussion.

  114. Sounding like a possible Boston Marathon scenario. This is sick. Really sick news.

  115. Does anyone knows what was Lin’s PER for last game…I mean, in the single game?

    I’ve noticed his PER is sliding sharply, so I’d like to get a picture of what type of game ans statistic he needs to see it rise.

    At this point, I think it would be more realistic for us Lin fan to simply root for better efficiency from Lin which means low level of turnover and making his shots, even if it’s 4 shot per game….His FG% and 3point% have cringed up a bit which is decent news.

    At this point, I’m hoping he can get back to shooting 43%FG and 34% 3point, by all star break…I doubt we should expect 20point games..those will be very few with his current minutes.

  116. wow I live near by there

  117. And who will bring the bread home to bluebell if she stays home? The best is to be careful. Hard to avoid it sometimes if it aim to happen. You never know when these Terrible event will happen again and where.

  118. ok, it’s starting for Kobe now. The article ends with how much money he’s made, so it won’t really hurt him now likable he is.


  119. be safe! shooters still at large possible IED mentioned on police scanners…

  120. ya, I don’t live very near there but I was about to drive closer to San Bernardino to buy some food but I’m changing my mind now. I think I’ll buy closer. I’m going to avoid the highways that lead to San Bernardino.

  121. at least one in black SUV eastbound waterman with black mask on. just said on police scanner…

  122. Yeah, avoid it. I just called my parents and they were somewhat close to that area earlier today and when they were coming back home they saw lots of vehicles (maybe armored) heading that way. Thankful that they were able to avoid it all. Scary…

  123. http://abc7.com/news/12-killed-in-shooting-at-san-bernardino-social-services-facility/1106844/


  124. So sad to hear. There were shootings here and there in that area but never at this scale…

  125. ok on scanner just said possible another shooting at patton hospital.

  126. ya i live about 50 minutes away but I’m still scared

  127. Too close to home 🙁

  128. the police scanner is a good thing to listen too… http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/12443/web

  129. That is the “anatomy” of it “grey” : ) or what is it the ladies call u: Mcdreamy?

  130. Steph Curry wan’t to get a big lead in the first half so he can enjoy the half time festivities. Family in town. Trying to earn the good seat in the living room. LOL Going to be a blow out in the first quarter.


  131. BE ON THE LOOKOUT: 3 heavily armed suspects with AK-47 type weapons fled the scene in a black GMC Yukon, SHARE! https://twitter.com/pzf/status/672159380427657216

  132. Charlotte HornetsVerified account‏@hornets

    #BuzzCity… we’re ready.


  133. be safe

  134. I don’t see Lin’s jersey

  135. Look like tickets are about to be sold out, 91 left.

  136. I am more and more convinced that Lin would join GSW if Cliff continues to diminish his role (or minutes) for whatever reasons.

    Lin would fit GWS .

    Besides the following 5 reasons,


    6. i did not see him would play less role (or minutes) in any other team

    7. He likes to have fun and food. How much he found it in Cha?

    8. If he enjoys playing bball more than big pay or star status. He is one of the most unselfish player (Tim Duncan, Dirk too ). Any team and any player would welcome him.

    9. Joining GWS means more games to play (playoffs, championships games)

    10. you name it,,,,

  137. His Jersey is left standing in the corner

  138. The bay is his home and Curry is his buddy.

  139. Stephen CurryVerified account
    This is my story. In my own words.

    Check out my #ActiveFaith Testimony:


    #InJesusNameIPlay #IJNIP

  140. I don’t think GWS want to do any change now. Maybe next season or they start losing.

  141. GSW is set for now with Shaun and Barbosa in Guards positions. Why tinker with a winning roster?

  142. If Lin plays well in this game, there will be more demand for Lin to join them next season

  143. Things move and change. Come back home Lin!

  144. But I would rather Lin be a starter in 76ers than bench in GSW. At least, I can watch more minutes.

  145. where?

  146. If they ever come to Irvine, CA, I am ready with my weapon.

  147. joke.

  148. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  149. Adi JosephVerified account‏@AdiJoseph

    Clifford in the hallway: “Hello, Steph. Good to see you.”
    Curry: “Good to see you, too.”
    Cliff: “Actually NOT good to see you!”


  150. Here is how I compare Livingston (team option next year) and Lin (player option)

    Offensive Rating -3 vs 7.6. Salary 5.8M vs 2.1M. And you know how good Lin is this year.



  151. Charlotte Hornets PR
    Jeremy Lin (R ankle sprain) listed as QUESTIONABLE, will be available to play. #GSWatCHA

  152. it’s definitely better for JLin to be a starter to achieve his All-Star goal.

    Maybe not 76ers since the losing mentality has spread out like a virus.
    I just read Embiid being selfish not rehabbing requiring 2nd surger & eating right & now Okafor in fights will be hard to overcome. Maybe if MDA becomes the coach & there are some feared veterans

  153. FYI: anyone else in the area of the San Bernardino shooting here are some live police scanners you can listen too: http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/218

  154. That team is horrible. It’s not good for Lin to go on a team like that. It’s like Lin is only good enough to start on a bad team. He’s better off being a sometimes starter on a good team. A losing team is not good.

  155. Tape it well Jeremy.

  156. Good. He just has to be careful not to make it any worse.

  157. the suspects are loose so anyone in the area stay safe. praying for you all.

  158. it seem like the suspects were targeting government agencies.

  159. so 4 guards and 1 forward today?

  160. Thank you wu kong for all the updates!

  161. A good assistant coach would tell Cliff not to wait until down by double digit before sending in Lin.

  162. Match and possible “swap” next season?

    Livingston vs Lin => Offensive Rating -3 vs 7.6. Salary 5.8M vs 2.1M. (Livingston, team option next season)

  163. When GSW goes very small. If they do.

  164. maybe Lin won’t get his minutes today

  165. are you able to get news where you are??

  166. Whatever they did, they’ve accomplished. They should be in hiding right now until their next evil act plan. This was a well plan not a suicide mission. JMO.

  167. How about, A good coach would not to wait until down by double digit before sending in Lin.

  168. He’s tight up with too much politic.

  169. Livingston is pretty tall, long, he could slide over to SG and Lin at PG. In fact he played SG for the Clippers.

  170. No Ewing at tonight’s game. Had surgery on his knee. Don’t know if that makes any difference or not.

  171. But do you have body-armor?

  172. Lin admitted a long time ago that he’s not so impressive as a 1-on-1 player. He excels as a PG playing in a 5-on-5 setting. This is the 4th year in a row since Linsanity that we’ve started the season with high expectations only to have our hopes crushed before game 20. This season was supposed to be different. Lin was promised he would be playing a lot of PnRs as PG or alongside Kemba and it’s just not happening. Every year the usual suspects emerge to explain why Lin is struggling: 1) He’s not a good shooter. 2) His handles are shaky 3) He makes bad decisions 4) He defers too much. 5) He rather pass than shoot etc.

    The troubling part is I sense that even his most loyal fans are starting to waver. I’m convinced that Lin has been constantly improving his skills and when he finally gets the chance to play PG with suitable bigs, all the criticism will evaporate. I don’t know when it will happen and I guess we can’t be sure it will ever happen. The things that keep me hopeful: Lin gets another go at FA this summer with cap space going way up; Hornets will need Lin to win against quality teams especially in the playoffs, trades may occur between Dec and Feb; and finally the taboo subject of injuries. As long as Lin doesn’t give up hope, we shouldn’t either.

  173. yes. this was not simply a mad man

  174. Yes, but I can’t listen to the police scanners at work. I can google it and what you’ve already provided is sufficient.

  175. Aren’t they both quite old? Perhaps they’ll decide to hang it up next year. Could be a possibility

  176. Bahahaha!!

  177. ok good.

  178. you need body armor too

  179. 3 shooters with body armor and assault weapons sounds like more than a simple mad man

  180. the funny thing is they’re advertising “Heating & Cooling Inc”

  181. …. lol.

  182. how in the world did you manage to see that??!? I am impressed you saw anything else in the shot

  183. I’m trained to bounce my eyes ..
    I pity our own JLin who has to focus to memorize Heating & Cooling phone #s around the HoneyBees LOL

  184. They should send HoneyBees in front of GSW locker-room.

    Welcome them cheerfully right before game time =)

  185. It is hot in here. Nice shirts!

  186. Sure your eyes bounced…

  187. My fav Warrior gal has moved on, I’m ready to change dance teams ha ha.

  188. For the record, I did not see that.

  189. Really good shooter !!!!

  190. His 3 is not there yet, he needs to quit working with Doc!!

    Oops, not Jeremy, sorry…. 🙂

  191. Yes, he is great player but not superman.

  192. Steph got a wife AND a daughter!!!

  193. The problem is — he made lots of them during the game.

  194. Who is curry’s shooting coach?

  195. Steph is a good husband and dad with strong faith so it shouldn’t affect him.
    jk 🙂

  196. I know. Me too 🙂

    Anyway, Draymond Green …. 😀

  197. he’s a man. that will challenge even the best men to ‘bounce’ their eyes …

  198. I have to say.. I think omri’s sister beats them all lol

  199. Too much make up anyway

  200. you never know what is hidden beneath all that makeup!

  201. Yes!! Aviv rules!!

  202. 27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup. #5 Is Unreal.


  203. Clifford talked about Lin who’s a little sore in the morning but he feels good & hopefully can play his regular min

    Teams need to be able to score against GSW & can’t turn them over.


  204. He’s going to try to go, was a little sore this morning. Hopefully he can play his regular minutes. Cliff on LIn.


  205. Yep. That scares me 🙂

    The one on the right is a fake blond too. Apart that, they’re OK 🙂

  206. Bounced and bounced back?

  207. He had to sit and play healthy the next game.

  208. OMG!!!! :O

  209. man, you have good eyes!

  210. He wouldn’t play if he wasn’t able to. This game is big. They need him. Players play a little injured all of the time.

  211. that’s the problem with ‘bouncing’ .. it’s still all-over the place

    anyway, being single it’ll be harder on JLin than Curry for sure.
    Hopefully HoneyBees go easy on JLin lol

  212. No worries. As long as mama Lin stays in the zone…:)

  213. Disagree.

  214. He takes a step and shoot in practice. Not just catch and shoot.

  215. They better keep their distance! 😛

  216. wow, it’s so good that it’s scary what’s not real

  217. Or bluebell goes nuclear countdown~~~~~

  218. Sting like a bee, dance like a butterfly? lol

  219. Even the girl on the right had taken note, look at the pen on the shorts LOL!

  220. I am tired to hear what he has said. “i hope lin can play regular mins?” what is lin’s regular mins?

  221. Well done! Bravo!

  222. I don’t care anymore what Cliff says.

  223. 15 minutes..so he will play less today because he wants him to be healthy for the next games..LOL!

  224. i hope he sits out if he is not 100% feel good about his ankle.

  225. like the gal in the right side..LOL!

  226. Police spray bullets on black SUV, hope this is the end of these madness.

  227. 18-28 depending on how the game goes.

  228. 1 in custody 1 down swat approaching SUV with a bomb shield device looking for 3rd guy I guess

  229. i think is between 9 and 28

  230. If so Lin should not play… he will get less than 15 today…smh!

  231. Don’t think so now… around 15 or less….

  232. good live video : http://www.cbsnews.com/

  233. 1 more just matter of when.

  234. Okafur suspended 2 games. Won’t play tonight and the next game.

  235. Don’t know how you can chose.

  236. The game hasn’t started, I’m not minutes guessing. Sorry. It’s tiring. We don’t even know what he’ll look like. Anything can happen. He can come out and hit 2 3s and then go 5-8 from 3 and play a lot. Who knows?

    I wish we’d be more positive that Lin can break out of a shooting slump and have a big game. Some players have played really well when sick or injured.

  237. I wish. You should send the tweet to tell Lin about this…

  238. Hellooo fellow JL7 fans =)
    First, God speed to those involved in the San Bernardino tragedy. Prayers need to send out…

    Am I the only JL7 fan that don’t want the Hornets to take this one ?? This is No big deal… Just one game in, what, more than 60 games left… GS is my fav team and I’ll say they’ll take this game at 15+ points. I’m not confident on how Cliff is using the players and esp. JL7. Go, Warriors!!
    But yeah, always hope JL7 to have a 18+ pt in 22+ min night.

  239. You must be flagged for the next 3 hrs. 🙂

  240. yes, perhaps JLin can unite 2 nations someday lol

  241. Home or away broadcast?

  242. Del Curry of course ..

    It’ll be fun listening how he comments on Steph

  243. Thanks.

  244. God protect us, now from all these madness in the world. You just don’t know where is safe anymore…

  245. Clifford said the key to contain Curry is to draw different scheme & looks because he’s so good.

    Spent 2 days working on them

  246. Well this most loyal fan will never waver. His true fans know what he can do, sky’s the limit. If it is destiny that he shines then so be it. But if not because of whatever circumstances, we will always still love him and be his fans no matter what. Nobody shakes him and nobody shakes me, got ur back jeremy.

  247. Del Curry: “I’d love to play for Coach Clfford because if you can score, he will draw a play for you”

    So score a bunch, JLin!
    Let’s see all those drawings

  248. I think he put away the drawing board and hid the pens when jeremy is nearby.

  249. It’s a “Del Curry” night
    Del thanked the Hornets to celebrate while his son is visiting.

    And JLin drained a practice 3 in the back

  250. Lin could play a bit more tonight if GSW blows out the game…That would depend on his ankle..Let’s hope Clifford will let him play garbage time.

  251. Dell must be talking about the “stars” on the team, not JL7. For Cliff – I don’t see enough of actions matching his words. We will see … for 60+ games left.

  252. My preference of outcomes:

    1. Lin is a key contributor to the Hornets being the first team to defeat the Warriors this season.

    2. If Lin is unable to play his usual self due to his ankle or lack of PT, then I would root for Warriors to extend their winning streak.

  253. Garbage time? LOL!

  254. He draws them for Lin on give and goes. Al to Lin, Batum to Lin. I’ve seen quite a bit of those. On other plays, Lin facilitates them. When Lin’s jump shot returns he’ll draw more for Lin on CnS with Kemba and Lin doing it for Kemba but LIn’s shot has to improve.

  255. there were a few plays drawn for JLin (Hawes to Lin, Lin cut to the rim off Batum), mostly driving to the rim

    But we need mooooore 😀

  256. Steph Curry turned the table and interviewed Del on his night =)
    Del: “… need to contain this guy! Don’t spoil my night”

    Great father-son moment =)

  257. I don’t agree with this. Regardless of how Lin plays, the Hornets are his team and he hates losing. He’s a team guy first so I want what he wants. I think he’d love to contribute and have great stats but if they can get a win and he has a subpar game, that’s better than his scoring a lot and they don’t win. Winning is top priority.

  258. That would be inexcusable for Clifford to play a key player with an injury in garbage time. If it is a blowout, play the 3rd stringers and rest the key rotational starting and bench unit guys.

  259. me, i want to be entertained. team win isnt enuf.

  260. Lin definitely will root for Hornets to win.

    But we know if he’s not playing, we’ll get a lot of CLE late-game situation with stagnated offense so there’s naturally less chance for Hornets to win.

    Hornets need JLin to play big to win. Also, the rest of Hornets better bring their A game

  261. Lin beat GSW with Knicks, Rockets and even tanking Lakers – only reason is he played at least 25 mins in each game and played PG role a lot.

  262. I listened to pregame reports, some mentioned Kemba being the key. But if Lin doesn’t play much with Kemba, Kemba will not succeed.

  263. Marvin with the new haircut

  264. Hornets came to play 9-7 with super-quick game pace

  265. does Warriors have a stronger bench than Hornets?

  266. Go Lin, go Hornets! Go GSW! Go Curry! Yes I’m a fan.

  267. Kemba will wait for Lin to show up for score….

  268. Batum with the kobe like contest shot from 3 and brick

  269. Hornets strategy is to double Curry to give up the ball.
    So far, other GSW teamamates have scored well

    It might have a chance to work if they slow down later

  270. Lin didn’t want to sell his yet?

  271. if Klay is hot, Hornets are doomed

  272. PJ has been killed and no adjustment was done

  273. It’s all about the coach and what he empowers. We don’t see the so-called “clueless” Lin under MDA. Lin have to do what the coach ask of him as to how to fit in with the team – 1st unit and 2nd unit. Behind the scene situations can affect a lot of Lin’s plays. JL7 just have to do his best – of what coach wanted. It’s not easy task when you’re also trying to be the best player that you can be.

  274. Batum needs to pass more. He’s 2-5 already

  275. NO MATCH. You cannot beat GSW with offense.

  276. yup, Klay is hot. Hornets doomed.

  277. Klay already with 13

  278. Hornets can’t outshoot 3s with GSW

    They need Lin on the floor to give space for Kemba/Batum/Lin/Marvin to shoot 3s

  279. who was on Klay?

  280. For his dad, Curry don’t take that many shots… it’s all Klay now.

  281. PJ

  282. I’m glad he called a timeout

  283. warriors covered the 9 pt spread already LOL

  284. PJ is deadweight

  285. Klay slays PJ

  286. Pretty much

  287. So coach thinks Lamb is a better defender than Lin…

  288. PJ is in such a bad spot because he needs to guard the better offensive player so that Batum can spend all his energy on the offensive end. Both Batum and Walker don’t really play hard defense so that they have the legs for their jumper heavy offensive games.

  289. Lamb want guarding Klay

  290. Of course he needs to put his fave son first

  291. Maybe Lin is still recovering from injury so coach will not give him much minutes today

  292. Lin comes in Last regardless

  293. Curry is dancing on the hornets

  294. lol

  295. Always like that… no need to upset…

  296. Curry is dancing and shoot…

  297. Hornets want to compete pop 3 with GSW. It’s totally not right.

  298. This team looks d league lol

  299. This is what I’m saying,Kemba is too short,when good defense was applied he’s ineffective

  300. why are we trading 3s with GSW? Play better D and go for 2s

  301. Good job, Hornets LOL

  302. Did Cliff watch GSW’s videos before the game?

  303. apparently not cause we need better perimeter protection

  304. Give Lin a rest. I would just enjoy Curry’s game.

  305. so..hotter and colder?

  306. hahah 61%FG I love our starter’s defense
    Walker looking hot with 0-3

  307. something was probably bouncing

  308. Yes, and it still looks the same in real time.

  309. Watching the Warriors is like playing video game. So easy…

  310. Exactly, Lakers did win GSW last year, just go over what they did.

  311. Clifford said in an interview with the Charlotte Observer that Lin and Walker will play a lot of minutes together. When asked if it will be an effective combination, Clifford compared the Lin-Walker duo to Golden State Warriors backcourt partners Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

  312. When did he say that? Preseason?

  313. Batum doesn’t move off the ball. He just passes it, stands there asking for the ball back from Lamb.

  314. when Lin played in China lol

  315. Great! Lin is after Hawes. The 5th on the bench!

  316. Why no MW? Hope he play with Lin!

  317. i know. he already forgot what he said.

  318. klays scored more baskets than the entire horents starting lineup (at 8 minute mark)

  319. I think he said Jeremy

  320. Clifford needs to wait for Walker to score before Lin could come in

  321. [L]ast
    [I]n, First Out

  322. pretty much standard the last 3 games; lin’s become the 9th man.

  323. lol

  324. Normally if Walker didn’t shoot well when Lin came in he did score.

  325. Lin coming

  326. Hornets #1 in TOs
    Yeah tell that to Batum LOL!

  327. As usual.

  328. Why is it Batum?lol

  329. Clifford killing the buzz from Lin

  330. well at least Lin got a lot of cheers

  331. Finally, 1:40. Cliff really count the time.

  332. Damn it Kemba w Lin.. smh!

  333. Watch out for LINcoming!

  334. LOL Lamb

  335. Ast1!

  336. THERE WE GO!

  337. 1q130 livingston burned lamb for the alley oop

  338. Lin is already making his presence felt

  339. Lin making things happen

  340. 1 pt, 1 ast in 50 secs. Efficient, lol.

  341. Put Hansbrough in

  342. no boxout of Ezeli for the putback slam

  343. Come on Lin make those FTs ffs

  344. Hawes is like Oh it’s my job?

  345. relax its just a free throw

  346. don’t even attempt a heave to end the quarter?

  347. FTs = easiest points in the game for a guard

  348. Who is protect the rebound?

  349. ya but it’s like every time he misses some Lin fans ride him for it. He’s a 82.8% FT shooter this season. Best in his career

  350. Nobody is 100 percent

  351. 12 mins. 9-2 assists.

  352. should Kemba be resting…I mean…let JLin have the freedom to play

  353. How did Lin get free throws? Wasn’t shooting foul. GSW already in penalty?

  354. As long as Kemba is controlling the ball,no crumbs for him

  355. In penalty

  356. loose ball foul

  357. kemba 40 minutes man

  358. ya I think we need to be as supportive of Lin as possible with his limited opportunity this season.

  359. Kemba still not looking for his teammates enough. He has to find Lin more.

  360. Clifford is no difference to other coaches

  361. Lin has more points and assist than Walker in 1 min of playing time.

  362. don’t understand the coach…if the starters are so bad, what makes him think that kemba can run with the bench…

  363. Kemba really spends a lot of energy chasing Curry on the defensive end and all of a sudden his shots are no longer dropping. Going 0 for 5 so far. It’s hard to shoot well while playing all out defense.

  364. ya plays favorites not based on stats

  365. Kemba played 12mins PG , no assist , no point? Lin one min. 1 pt and 1 assist.

  366. If Lamb is your primary option on the 2nd unit,then it’s game over

  367. I’m not complaining…

  368. livingston guarding lin

  369. Both PG.

  370. 2q10 cmon Hawes. uncontested 3

  371. Lamb telegraph that pass

  372. Lamb shouldn’t have passed that

  373. Crappy Lamb pass cost Lin a foul

  374. OH my god Hawes should stick to the post. I rather have Lin shoot a contested 3 than Hawes shoot an open one

  375. Lin is out

  376. ok Lin is sitting now

  377. Why keep doing these low IQ TOs.

  378. mo speights was moving to the left when Lin drove on him. Bad call. Even the Warriors announcers admitted it was a “favorable call”

  379. hahaha,hawes and kaminsky

  380. We lost 4 rebounds in a row

  381. yep

  382. Get Hansbrough in to get rebounds!!

  383. yep,exactly

  384. Hornets announcer Ready says Mo had his feet set and thought Lin should have moved around him.

  385. Lin destroyed Livingston on the crossover. That was not a charge against Speights (who was moving to the left). Should have been a foul on Speights.

  386. Just like we predicted. Lin’s teammates are selfish idiots. Lin gets phantom foul trouble (first one was Lamb’s awful pass).

  387. Game over. hornets just not good enough

  388. ya that ref called it late too, it’s like he was thinking for awhile

  389. That was a charge

  390. Keep telling yourself that. Even GSW announcers knew it wasn’t.

  391. Clifford doesn’t know how to adjust in in game situations,too stingy

  392. Not a charge. Lin has not help out there. No picks. And now he has two fouls and Cliff may pull him.

  393. Its debatable. I really hate the lack of movement by the hornets

  394. Lin did. Mo Speights was initially moving towards his right to cut off Lin, so Lin changed direction to drove to Speights left, then Speight leaned left, that’s how Lin crashed into him. Just because your feet aren’t moving doesn’t mean you are set!

  395. Defender was moving left.

  396. I’m a fan of Ready, but she was wrong in this case.

  397. No! Shoulder to the middle of the body is charge

  398. It was clear Mo was sliding.

  399. Cliff is actually leaving Lin in. Which means, he read the hate comments.

  400. That lady keeps praising Kemba 0-5 while putting down Lin for one bad play.

  401. Clifford or FO is really only playing their favourites or playing politics. Hawes is the recipe for rebound failure, but yet he is still preferred more than Hansbrough.

  402. more like Clifford *didn’t* read the hate comments.

  403. LOL Lin got drop kicked

  404. Lin always gets HAMMERED flagrant style.

  405. Maybe Lin will not close so ….

  406. I think Lin was about to get pulled out right now but he diffused by getting on the line

  407. WTF, 2/4 for FT

  408. How do you even foul like that? Who fouls with their leg up

  409. Hammered on his fouls.

  410. Lin assist to Frank 30-43

  411. there we go! Kam hits the open 3 from Lin!

  412. great defense by Lamb, anticipating the pass

  413. Lin out for robert

  414. wow Lin out for Brian Roberts

  415. 2q752 Lin out

  416. Brian Roberts? LOL.

  417. it’s the ankle. =p

  418. Hawes!

  419. Of course,he doesn’t want his fave son Kemba to be outplayed

  420. Yeah Roberts! HAHAHAH

  421. Cliff, leave the kid alone.

  422. He didn’t score so he’s out…. smh!

  423. How come Lin’s eyes looked swollen?

  424. crying over his use in charlotte?

  425. Now Lin loses min to Robert. Lol.

  426. Kemba is immune to everything but Lin obviously play better than him yet he was taken out,2nd foul is nothing on his substitution pattern if thats the case

  427. got multiple bumps and kicks

  428. Lin out, time for GSW to put the game away

  429. Kemba is 0-5, gets 12 minutes. Lin has 2 pts and 2 asts, gets 5 minutes

  430. Where the heck is Lin agent?

  431. that might be it

  432. Robert will get more minutes than Lin today with no producton

  433. That’s the plan…From what coach said… I can tell Lin will play less min today unless he scores big but he didn’t even take one shot.

  434. Take Lin to the locker room. Probably OK but just check for sure.

  435. I don’t know how any hornet fans can’t see Lin is being marginalized

  436. For what? He’s fine.

  437. Lin might have been hurt with the foot to the head. Looks woozy.

  438. well ronnie we tried to tell them. when an old reganite like you and an old communist like me can agree on something well well, even there they go again.

    we’re probably rite.

  439. He was kicked in the head.

  440. He got to the line twice and he’s play making.

  441. Kill the gottem Bees.

  442. THis coach makes Mchale god for LIn

  443. so Lin isn’t a starter, gets replaced on the 2nd unit by a scrub. where is clafford gonna demote Lin to next?

  444. He’s fine to shoot freethrow.

  445. there are many lin fans not a few of them on this site and posting now who cant see it.

  446. nice interior d, jsut let green go coast to coast

  447. right!

  448. Lin should shoot some 3s when he’s back

  449. d leauge?

  450. Lin won’t produce if he’s being played like this by the coach. I think he should stop trying, go ask for a trade already

  451. Lin needs to just say ‘screw it’ and shoot every chance he gets. i’ll cheer just for the shot attempts

  452. Cliff marginalize Lin to a new low level.

  453. Green has 2 fouls. Bench him!

  454. HAHA no defense on hawes because they know he’s not good

  455. So he made 6 pts.

  456. I enjoyed the 2 seasons in Houston better than this garbage team

  457. I hope Lin will shoot lots of 3s when he’s back, even when covered
    That might be what Clifford wants anyway

  458. Time to be the alpha

  459. I don’t think so…

  460. There really is no reason to bench Lin for 2 fouls knowing he only gets 15-17 minutes a game now. He should have some more leverage

  461. Problem of Lin in Houston was only Mchale

  462. Exactly

  463. It doesn’t look like Lin will be getting the benefit of these refs calling foul tonight.

  464. I see no evidence that he’s allowed.

  465. But he played him the right way even if he’s a bad coach

  466. I hope he gets 10 min in 2nd half.

  467. CLifford subbing the whole roster to see what works. Guess he didn’t do any homework.

  468. No it’s Har en as well. Look at Ty Lawson now.

  469. Most of 2nd units offense run for the lamb now

  470. This same play of Curry, was foul of Lin

  471. What I’ve observed this season is that Coach Clifford has a shorter leash on Lin than Byron or Mchale.

  472. Lin will be held back by these 3 refs tonight.

  473. Right way? He started this whole bench Lin trend.

  474. If you compare him to this coach,I’ll better choose him

  475. Dnp cd

  476. not true, Harden never passed to Lin & went after JLin one time

  477. Haha Walker man ! 0points 0ast in 18mins

  478. If you don’t demand trade, what are you waiting for?

  479. 0-7 smh

  480. I really admire Lin’s strong character, nobody in NBA can withstand these kind of treatment from his own team, coach, players and refs. Time to think of an alternative route, NBA just won’t allow him to excel.

  481. by the count of the comments here…can gauge that this must be a horrible game….

  482. he has a good game,that’s the problem and concern

  483. Oh oh here roberts come for Lins minutes

  484. Roberts with 5pts already……….. lol

  485. Clifford is like a mad scientist…every game is an experiment…sad:(

  486. and why is Kemba still in? lol

  487. hard to decide on his situation

  488. Ya! Lin didn’t take one shot so…. Cliff wants you to score…

  489. kemba another miss.. .0/8 in 18mins

  490. Walker 0 pts, 0 Ast

  491. 0-8, can’t win that way

  492. Kemba 0/8 zero dime.

  493. Good to see that… Haha!

  494. experiment with JLIN’s time..that’s for sure.

  495. Walker no points no ast in the first half
    IT’S OK !
    He’ll drop bombs in the 4th for us.

  496. wtf man im done watching this game..

  497. Don’t worry he will still have his 40mins to pad stats!

  498. It’s time for him and the agent to say something,his career is on the line this year.with the way he was used,there’s no way he’ll get a good contract next year

  499. The answer is WTF.

  500. Lin, time to move on

  501. hopeless in Charlotte

  502. at least he is trying his best….not a bad thing…never try never know.

  503. injury LOL

  504. Cliff; we live and die with KW..hope we don’t die often!

  505. better stand up for himself

  506. I would take injury sit out

  507. Everytime Clifford takes Lin out
    It seems more of a punishment rather than trying to save Lin for later
    I do feel like Clifford enjoys it to some extent lol
    jk hes doing his job but its still annoying

  508. He never does. Needs to get T’d up a couple times yelling at the refs.

  509. I do think he’s sadistic

  510. Good lesson for Cliff and Kemba – It is easy to score if you do not care much about defense.

  511. He’s like Mchale but Clifford is worse because he’s singing different tone in front of camera

  512. He’s just taking advantage of the situation. He knows Lin is a pushover.

  513. I think they need to call off the Asian night, it’s embarrassing.

  514. I don’t know how to say. But Lin should leave ASAP. This is even worse than Lakers.

  515. Lin is not even in the Hornets’ equation anymore. Better ask for a trade soon.

  516. McHale let Lin play when team was down
    cliford doesnt do that

  517. What’s Lin thinking right now? regret joining Hornets? quitting? send sms to agent after the game or praying for MDA to call him?

  518. Much worse. Lakers traded for him and they want to tank. This franchise lied to him.

  519. yep thats the big difference

  520. exactly

  521. Lesson? I don’t think they are teachable.

  522. don’t think he is a quitter….just find an open spot and shot the daylight out of GSW.

  523. ya there’s no why anyone can defend Clifford’s decision of playing Lin 5 minutes the first half. I don’t buy the 2 fouls BS when clearly Lin barely gets any time/opportunity in the 2nd half.

  524. I foresee some DNP CDs coming up. Brian Roberts has just took the backup PG spot.

  525. okay chill lol

  526. You’re not far from it.

  527. He can still salvage the season if he wants too,if he’s looking for a sign from above,this is one of those,buy out the contract!

  528. Kemba 0-8 FG, 0 AST, 0 FT, 0 PTS at the half. Not surprised.

    Lin makes Kemba so much better when Lin’s on the floor with him.

  529. Lin better come out aggressive in second half with Walker AWOL.

  530. he can’t play make like Lin and some games he will miss like crazy. When he’s good at shooting, he’s really good, but if he sucks, he really sucks.

  531. Maybe w Lin’s sore ankle… I don’t want Lin to play either for few min & bad stats… smh! This is worst than Rox & Lakers.

  532. that’s lin’s fault..for inconsistent.
    for this game, might be his sore ankle. but no more excuse.. sick of excuse for him now.

  533. Defender has to be directly in front of the offensive player and have their feet set outside the restricted circle. Anything less is a blocking foul.

  534. I like walker but any other coach wouldnt have let him play 19mins in that first half
    just awful

  535. tbh, I’d rather Lin get DNP-CD and just not show up to practice anymore while getting paid to sit on bench. All Lin fans should just turn their backs on the Hornets. Lin should just collect the $2m, then move on to next season.

    Oh ya, he also needs to stop promoting Hornets.

  536. hate to say this why dell curry being honor…last time i check he was a scrub

  537. What? 5 min?

  538. He is a scrub playing in a scrub team

  539. inconsistent of what? the only inconsistency is his minutes.

  540. What? Really? In fact, I don’t know anything about him at all. LOL!

  541. for producing a superstar son –

  542. He wasnt a scrub lol
    he was a decent 6th man

  543. his main honor is that he’s curry’s father.

  544. It’s a ploy to recruit Steph. Is it a coincidence they do it when they play GSW?

  545. I would not know who he was had Lin didn’t sign with this team.

  546. I started dislike him, I think his leadership and humility is fake, the way he plays ISO.

  547. Right. Good lesson for Hornets fans.

  548. make sense

  549. Thats a bit rude.

  550. Can’t play consistently if you don’t have a consistent minutes

  551. just honest sorry

  552. This game, Lin will only get to make like 5 pts in 10 minutes of play time. That’s all he will get.

  553. the NBA is for entertainment ….not life and death…look at Shaq and Charles…

  554. all-time Hornets pts leader

  555. Lin and his state compare a lot. 11.7 ppg as a career.

  556. Haha! I only think that blog looks so fake to me. LOL!

  557. Somebody had to.

  558. for such a short speech, why does he need notes?

  559. you know, at some point, Lin has to “be ready” no matter what minutes he gets. teams don’t care about if you got inconsistent minutes. they just care if you produced with the minutes you had.

  560. he is one dimensional he only shoot three he is slow on def…….he is a scrub in the old days

  561. OK Dell, too long.

  562. atleast 13.5 points for 6 season

  563. Hope GSW blows Hornet out of the water..

  564. I don’t know enough to comment. I’m 22 so way way before my time

  565. they are a great family. It takes time to thank you family when it’s genuine.

  566. shoot three…. nothing much….i watch hornets old days

  567. Better make it the best 5 minutes he’s played.

  568. Don’t think so… for Dell, it will be around 20 pts.

  569. If he isnt ready for this game, he should not play. That’s on him.

  570. Yes they are, but too long.

  571. or buyout

  572. His son is down the same thing

  573. Haha!

  574. no…don’t think GSW is going to embarrass hornets in front of Dell Curry.

  575. lol
    hes no leader and thats just how he plays
    thats why hes not a star lol despite being the no.1 guy at CHA

  576. Well, he maybe will not get that many min now bc Roberts got 5 pts already. smh!

  577. at least his son had great handles…..dad only good at standing at the corner….too short to def shooting guard and slow for guarding PG……he is a bit like troy daniels

  578. The rest of the team must be very bad.

  579. his wife is fiiiiiiinnnnneeee!!!!

  580. I think following the San Bernardino shooting is better than watching this game.

  581. Give me some updates guys/gals. Can’t watch right now. Looked at box score and Lin has the lowest minutes w/ no FG… Walker w/ 0/8FG=0pt so far.

  582. Business is business. Dell would support his son over his employer.

  583. Kemba will most likely get 36 minutes today with very low production. Like 4 pts 1 assist. Lin will be lucky to get 10 minutes today and he’ll end up with more pts and assists than KW.

  584. I kinda like stephanie ready

  585. Playing time for Lin on this game is less than 10 minutes

  586. he’s also the #1 all-time scorer in Hornets history so he deserves the honor plus being the dad of a reigning MVP

  587. SMH! Cliff???

  588. I can’t think of a worse first half than this one. Not how Lin played but how he’s treated.

  589. Sad to say, this might be Lin’s last season in NBA. All signs point to that direction. Miracles? I don’t think so.

  590. Marginalized. Cliff will use ankle sprain as excuse.

  591. He’s actually playing good,I can’t grasp the reason for him being benched.

  592. I start to think maybe Lin will not play in 2nd half or only another 5 min bc Roberts got 5 pts already.

  593. wow never heard that….thats how trash the hornets is being led by a scrub…………from the very start I knew hornets are trash

  594. that’s fine. NBA can stop using Lin to make money. Lin can make a lot more in China and be respected too.

  595. So I have a story about Dell and his family.

    I was at an event last year and the family walked in. I didn’t recognize him as that was my first notice of them (later, I came to know them a lot on TV highlights). My host buddy said, let’s give them our seats, and while I was confused, I just went and offered our seats. He declined, and that was quite a classy move because arguably, he and his family were the most important people in that room.

    That’s why Dell should be honored – he did the NBA thing, and what you see in him as a down to earth father to a generation who are also leading was true when he was rightfully offered a seat that he turned down. Very humble and took no privileges even with rightfully offered by a guy who didn’t know who he was, but knew it was the team play.

    I bet there are other sports celebs who would not even look twice at us.

  596. We saw that coming, didn’t we. Cliff’s true face is showing crystal clear now…

  597. Sick. Glad I can’t watch right now…

  598. BROB sitting ahead of Lin now lol so I believe Hawes and BROB will go in before Lin does.

  599. Why CBA? I think Euroleague is the better alternative provided they are not racist and biased like NBA.

  600. personality he is good…..but his basketball days scrub….hornets are know trash in old days

  601. In the next season Lin has to return to New York

  602. Lamb starts second

  603. No one question his kindness.

  604. But he can opt in next season…so techically he still can play in the NBA for 1 more season.

  605. I think he tried

  606. I don’t see it that way at all. Worst case scenario is that Lin is a bench player in NBA.

  607. KW is mad. “WHERE THE F IS THE HELP AT!?”

  608. He needs to.

  609. therefore people here calling him a scrub is probably unjust.

  610. sure he can still play, but what role? as the 9th man again in a scrub team in the weaker EC?

  611. Like I said, he’s not a scrub to me.

  612. I hate this coach,a lier and a deceitful human being!!!

  613. Brooklyn or Milwaukee.

  614. Team Chemistry is going to get toxic soon when Lin keeps being marginalized.

  615. damn Lamb in and we wont see Lin until 2mins left lol

  616. I don’t think he wants to play as a bench player forever.

  617. cool story

  618. Maybe never. BROB might go in.

  619. That’s his choice. It’s sad his present goal is to have playing time now again.

  620. Lamb zero defense.

  621. yep, when you brush up with famous people and they treat you right, it gives us all hope in the good of all people.

  622. I said it before,Kemba is just an ordinary player if he’s up against a good defensive team

  623. Kemba and Lamb not know the word defense

  624. We, as Lin fans, should just pray that somehow miracles would happen.

  625. Go Hornets, they are putting up a fight!

  626. 3 FT

  627. Lamb is not as good without Lin.

  628. Kemba frustrated. Fouling now.

  629. KW and Lamb aren’t as good without Lin

  630. MJ shouldn’t have extended Cliff’s contract.

  631. BUt the deceitful coach doesn’t see that though

  632. Cliff is not keeping his promise alright. His true character is showing…

  633. one positive out of this game is Curry racking up fantasy buckets for me thanks to Kemba “gaurding” him ahah

  634. Clifford loves his scoring ability and rewards him playing time and runs plays for him. Who cares about defense?

  635. Not sure why people have problems with Dell Curry night. It’s not like they’re retiring his number.

    Just giving arguably the best Hornets player of all-time some credit. Even though he wasn’t an all-star or anything, he’s still probably the best Charlotte Hornets player of all-time.

  636. Kemba air ball

  637. Kemba playing like Kobe now

  638. Sure, if Dell Curry played for a storied franchise like the Lakers, he’d just be another “scrub”, but this is the Charlotte Hornets!

  639. 1-12 for Kemba. What a night.

  640. CHA really want to lose. Game plan for GSW greatness, I can live with that.

  641. Just like Mchale…lol Anyway MJ still can fire him next season…: ) Win-win.

  642. Kemba stamp of approval. shoot and hope for the best

  643. OK, lets celebrate the 20th V for Warriors!!

  644. well at least the bench players Lamb and Zeller are making it a little exciting

  645. he was not a scrub

  646. what is a scrub? Start down that road and you have to entertain convos about Lin being a scrub. I don’t use that word, I try to talk about behavior. Kobe acted very mean to JLin, yelling at him. Is he a mean person? I don’t know, somebody loves him.

  647. You guys think Lin is really injured? or its Hornets ploy not to play him much this game?

  648. ding!

  649. He moves pretty well

  650. if it is a ploy, it is to let GSW win easily lol.

  651. and he doesn’t get bench. amazing 😀

  652. Kemba has being raped.

  653. Word from the sidelines–Lin is ailing over the ankle injury

  654. Word from the sidelines–Lin is ailing over the ankle injuryi

  655. you know you’re a bad defender when Curry doesn’t have to shoot jumpers but walks it in for layups all the time..

  656. So he will not play?

  657. ouch Kemba 1-13 now

  658. who told you this

  659. Curry!!!!!!

  660. Some people are saying LIn’s ankle is bothering him a lot. Maybe he doesn’t play much if he comes back at all.

  661. uh huh!

  662. do you work for Hornets damage control department?

  663. look at kemba just stand there underneath the basket watching curry hit a wide open 3

  664. Kemba can’t guard Curry.

  665. who are these “people”? cause from what I’ve seen, when Cliff took Lin out he was talking to him like he made a mistake.

  666. first time I saw her, I thought she was Steph’s sister.

  667. Still no Lin? hmmm

  668. Its like this every game

  669. If this is real, he should never play from the beginning…

  670. long is right, see what I did ha ha?

  671. usually 1 min left in Q3

    not sure about this game

  672. 1 more minute.

  673. Don’t hope you’ll get disappointed

  674. he’s finally coming in. but the damage is already done 🙁

  675. Don’t think he will come back….

  676. I saw Lin waiting to go in to play but he jsut walked back to his bench.

  677. 3q2m Curry beat Kemba in footrace for fast break layup

  678. Nobody can blame Lin if he is not playing

  679. he will

  680. wasnt that roberts heading to the scorers table?

  681. time out!

  682. I hope Lin will come out with quick score of 3-5pts

    That might be the only way to finish this game

  683. Kemba keep shooting so your % can go down to what you usually average.

  684. I can’t assess how sprained his ankle is, but between my entertainment and his health? I chose his health. Better not force it if he really can’t.

  685. Seriously though, who can?

  686. cliff needs to go dig a very very deep hole and put himself in it

  687. If Lin gets to play again, he needs to stat pad and be selfish.

  688. haha ..Cliff is so confused he forgotten to call for timeout…

  689. I need to crack open a beer then. Oops, still early on the west coast.

  690. LOL kemba’s tribute game to Kobe hahaha… when kemba’s shots are not falling, he is as good as useless…

  691. I asked and was told from another forum. Says a friend is at the game. Guess he’s near the Hornets bench. But Lin is going to give it a shot.

  692. A lot to learn from GSW…the team is not forcing play…it flows…

  693. Lin in with 2:01 left in Q3

  694. No he doesn’t. That won’t make things better for him. He needs to do all he can to help the team win. And that may mean no stats.

  695. kemmmmmbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  696. Take Walker off Curry

  697. Of course Curry just got hot and scored 2 3s

  698. Put Lin on Curry, Kemba can’t do it

  699. Curry murdering Kemba

  700. Lin corner work

  701. Lin is gonna be 5th option to shoot.

  702. Kemba looks left….JLin is standing in the right corner

  703. Can’t watch so I keep checking box score, no Lin.. Cliff is using ankle issue to ‘limit’ Lin PT? Might as well, he should have been on injury list, and not play at all. SMH!

  704. LOL

  705. Kemba is having the NBA’s worst game of the season right now.

    2-16, Harden-level defense. He refuses to defend…only wants his stats.

  706. oh my … another 3.

  707. Just for the record, Kemba is guarding Curry. Lin is guarding Livingston.

  708. NO~~~~~~~~~~~I dont want Lin to do hard work and Kemba benefits…

  709. Kemba goes left…he doesn’t go right

  710. Curry cooking Kemba in a pot

  711. kemmmmbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  712. LOL, this is just video game

  713. put JLin on Curry…to stop the bleeding..

  714. Curry just scored 11 points in less than 2 minutes…

  715. Slaughtered!!!!!

  716. Forget it. Curry is amazing.

  717. Steph has stolen Kemba’s soul. HOLY MOLY.

  718. For the records. Curry shot 2 more then Kemba

  719. Cliff doesn’t acknowledge Lin as a good defender or shooter. What a sad season.

  720. Did Lin even touch the ball?
    Speak up man!

  721. I LOVE IT!

  722. can’t speak up and ruin the play that was drawn

  723. I have insider info.. friend from friend…not even joking.

  724. Lin didn’t even touch the ball since he came in

  725. This the time Lin needs to say, “My ankle hurts now”

  726. JLin hasn’t touch the ball for 2 mins…

  727. Lin be sad again.

  728. this effing sucks. i hate the hornets. i hate cliff ahhhh I’m raging so hard

  729. It’s designed.

  730. We can let ourselves say the best eva! and then you start seeing his magic more.

    I would love to see the Curry Lin best friends out for a beer shot more often. They fit each other – they play differently, but I imagine Lin to be a good family guy like Curry.

  731. HOW’S THE GAME CLIFFORD? Your NO LIN strategy is working out great!

  732. Kemba is trash.

  733. Kemba making it a personal battle against Curry and getting destroyed the whole game

  734. JLin invisible act…hiding in the corner

  735. Kemba needs to be suspended by CHA. His effort is a disgrace. He just gave up and let Curry shoot wide-open 3s for fun.

  736. forget linsanity..
    this is curryfury

  737. No one from Hornet announcers said it’s Kemba who guarded Curry.

  738. Tonight he is having big troubles on both ends.

  739. Folks. I can live without seeing Lin this game – rest is garbage time, and let’s just watch Steph keep putting in the 3s. No need to have Lin suffer that indignity with a twisted ankle.

  740. At this rate, I think KW’s ego will get broken and he’ll sit his butt on the bench himself.

  741. cliffford just gonna say gsw is too good.

  742. cliff should say f-k it to kw..
    but no.. he is 12 million player.

  743. Kemba thinks he can out gun Curry?

  744. “Kemba played great defense. Curry just too good!”

  745. and he would be right.

  746. ISO ball from Lamb.

  747. once curryfury gets into this streak.. it’s game over. kw couldn’t defend him.

  748. Lin cant even touch the ball with 2nd unit now? wow

  749. gg Lin will never get to play PG.

  750. Now Roberts playing PG!!! Lin never getting ball. SMH

  751. Want GSW Blow out the Hornets. Anyone (true Lin fans) cares for them any more?

  752. Hornets is exposed…really bad play…unbearable to watch. JLin is not in action at all..

  753. Curry has hit 40pts in 3 quarters.
    Kemba should stop guarding him

  754. Lin is still in the corner.

  755. Kemba hasn’t been guarding Curry LOL

  756. Of all the guards in the NBA Jeremy Lin is the only one who could actually guard Steph Curry.

  757. Decoy….

  758. I care about Jeremy’s ankle more.

  759. Ridiculous.

  760. I pray Lin keeps his head up and put his faith to his word and stay at peace. Stay strong in the Lord. His team is ignoring him.

  761. Finally

  762. 33333333333333333

  763. so the “injury” excuse to play Lin just 5 minutes all of 3 quarters in BOGUS since he’s in right now

  764. Checked box score, it’s 3rd quarter and Lin only has 7:55minutes and 2 points. Just when you think things couldn’t get worst it does. This is worst than Lakers! So glad I’ve given up on watching Lin’s game. Let me know when he finally gives in and just looks to score for himself and prove he’s a star before talking about “teamball” ever again. No one is going to listen to the Asian guy not designated as the “star” of the team. If Lin doesn’t wake up his NBA will be numbered and will be stuck as a bench guy forever unless MDA gets hired and saves him.

  765. Me too.

  766. Lin 6 possessions since the 3rd quarter 0 TOUCHES
    ZERO TOUCHES with Kembrick and Batum

  767. Yep but the coach is blind

  768. yes, Lin with the 3!

  769. Guts! JLin 3

  770. I said in the next 6 games will be just one win

  771. Get your stats, J-Lin. Kemba ruined this already.

  772. I liked that 3, team gave him a 2nd shot at it.

  773. good confidence. come back with the 3 after the miss

  774. Lin is auditioning for his next team right now

  775. What a waste. Lin as pg would at least make this exciting. Doesn’t MJ realize he is boring Charlotte.

  776. That was always the plan, though. Even at the start of the season.

  777. The media will probably ask Lin to explain the loss, and will also post his picture with a headline like “Curry destroys Hornets”

  778. no defense no offense…

  779. Sad but true

  780. nice 3 KAM

  781. haha that Hawes shot LOL

  782. Lin ask for the ball mannnn

  783. He doesnt need the audition. Warriors love him.

  784. I wish this game was a wake-up call to Cliff — you’ll never beat anyone good with your current lineup/approach.

    But it probably won’t be.

  785. Why is Robert running the PG?

  786. I really don’t like Hawes.

  787. Care about his health.

  788. The coach and Kemba killed this game!

  789. its garbage time at 8 mins

  790. Just dumb. White flag.

  791. It looks like 3pt practices for two benches.

  792. let me rephrase. Lin is negotiating his next contract with his next team right now

  793. This is horrible coaching. You barely play the guy all season. A few garbage minutes and now you thrust him in the biggest game of the season. SMH.

  794. I want Lin out. Don’t risk further injury.

  795. I think the coach didnt know Jlin is a PG.

  796. Let’s hope Lin plays the entire 4th quarter since it’s a blow out…No need to bring Kemba back…just rest him.

  797. So Robert is the PG over lin too? The corners seem like Lin permanent home.

  798. Waited way too long to play Lin, then not give him the ball. Zzzzzz. A potential epic game turned into such a snooze feast. If MJ plan is to entertain the fans, his team is failing.

  799. Been like that. Nobody noticed.

  800. Lin’s ankle is bothering him. If it is garbage time, he shouldn’t play the 4th. A few more minutes and he’s done for the night.

  801. I hope this team’s chemistry dies after this game. Lin needs to move to a different team soon. Coach won’t even let him play PG.

  802. He is not that smart or he doesnt care!

  803. Jazz was the best competition for GSW so far. They kept the scores close and even lead. Why? They played team ball. Hornets are not even close…

  804. This is so hard to watch. Bad basketball.

  805. This confirms Lin is marginalized to the worst by Cliff.

  806. Hornets has been a bottom team for many years, don’t think he cares, it’s just a fun game for him to have his own team and call the shots while staying relevant to basketball. I bet Kobe wished he had the type of money MJ does to buy his own team as well.

  807. Lin blocked that shot

  808. Lin block?!

  809. Cliff is giving up.

  810. People here will wait after 30 games or after the all star. Or maybe after the season. Lol

  811. was that Lin who blocked Speights?

  812. Saw JLin is so quick..to double

  813. I’m use to jordan’s shots going in. Not now.

  814. wow Hawes with a Olajuwon move

  815. Lin looking for another block there.

  816. Lin blocking centers now. first it was Nene and now Speights

  817. I guess if his team won’t let him affect the game on offense, he will do it with defense. He hates to lose.

  818. Lin is 5th option even with 2nd unit.

  819. LOL shots on the court yea, shots off the court and picking talents not so much.

  820. Man, they’re not running any play for Lin.

  821. You noticed the play on the left side while JLin is standing on the right corner..ALL the Time

  822. Lin out of the game. gaddamnit

  823. That’s what I said…He has no role on this team

  824. Lin out. Goodnight all.

  825. Hornets fans on Walker be like:
    We played clutch defense in the 4th so it’s ok to lose!

  826. I’m sure Steph inside is saying thanks for ignoring Jlin, just makes my night easier.

  827. chuckle lol.

  828. He’s injured its ok! This experiment is all on walker

  829. I’m officially done with this team.

  830. wow..Lin is out…I guess Lin needs a rest eventhough the next game is on Saturday.

  831. Lin’s out, Hornets throwing in the towel. That’s good.

  832. sorry but im done with excuses

  833. No need for Lin to play in garbage time. Rest the ankle.

  834. Been like that all along.

  835. they’re putting in the garbage time unit, Lin not needed.

  836. Hornets has to start shooting 3s to close the game…no way you can keep missing 2pt shots

  837. feed Clifford?

  838. Clifford’s little experiment with Walker and Batum failed AGAIN!
    Good loss!

  839. True. But it’d be nice to see him statpad to make up for past games.

  840. Have a goodnite sleep ..lol

  841. Really starting to hate Clifford. How many minutes did he get to play PG and play his game?

  842. I guess, Cliff is saving Lin for nothing lol next game will still be the same. Probably 15 minutes or less.

  843. Coaching in this game was to stupid for words.

  844. even then why not draw some plays for Lin

  845. Coaching disaster by Clifford of late.

    Lost an easily winnable game against CLE. Friggin’ DESTROYED by GSW like a D-League team when UTA and BKN kept up and almost won.

    Another bad extension by MJ and Cho. They’re so knee-jerk, always with the early season extensions.

  846. Batum? Wake up man.

  847. it’s not an excuse, it was announced on Tues.

  848. yep thats what i meant

  849. this is so ridiculous

  850. No really? been done since last 3 games. Just follow Lin’s stats and highlight, no point in watching a bunch of nobodies chucking shots and marginalizing the best player on the team just cause of his race color.

  851. Should’ve thrown Lin in with the kitchen sink earlier in the game. Horrible management by Cliff tonight. Not playing Lin enough was one thing but playing Roberts at all in this big of a game when he hardly saw the court this season is mind boggling to me.

  852. his stats are being ruined by cliff

  853. No teamball, forget this game!!!

  854. Clifford seems to be a slow learner. Going to take several games of Kemba being exposed for him to change

  855. Chunk shots and even miss wide open shots!!!

  856. 2 days of rest…clifford didnt plan anything to stop gsw…lol

  857. Ruined by every coach not named MDA!

  858. why, Lin has a sprained ankle, GSW can win at will so why not pull him during garbage time? Nothing to compete for here, I’m glad CHA folded early. They had to with KW’s shooting.

  859. I’ve been questioning their knee-jerk bs too

  860. this game was unwatchable.

    kemba shouldnt be playing basically the entire first 3 quarters. ridiculous. he was doing nothing out there.

  861. this is depressing.

  862. Not this season. We’re duped.

  863. could someone explain why they are handing out all these extensions to people on this team. We aren’t even half way through the season.


    They all frickin’ suck. Only Lin has shown the ability to beat top teams in his career.

  865. I foresee more losses coming up. Maybe 5 losses in the next 5 games cause team chemistry is officially dead. Cliff single handedly took out the one guy who brought team chemistry to the team

  866. Hope Lin just stops playing
    I dont want him to hurt his stats
    His treatment is getting worse game by game
    They never passes him the ball today

  867. Would love to see a big losing streak. Teach them some lessons and manners.

  868. that I agree with..but I think seriously if lin was in charge, they will inche closer..

  869. I totally disagree – KW was out there to jack up Kobe-like Turnovers. That’s Brent’s read – a jacked brick is like a TOV. Jk, you me good.

  870. ok i just saw stats and saw his minutes.. if he wasn’t playing much cus of the ankle, then thats a little better but i still hate this stupid team and coach

  871. everyone plays better when Lin is PG

  872. what game are you watching? Batum’s not on the floor. It’s Kam, Roberts, Daniels, Hansbrough, Harrison.

  873. This is what I’ve been talking about !
    Lin HAS NO ROLE.
    He’s as good as a catch and shoot shooter the way he’s playing!
    3rd Lin’s second time on the floor and he gets ZERO touches (6 possessions) until Kemba and Batum are out and Roberts IS THE PG.

  874. Imagine you bought the ticket to watch the game because Lin was in the promotion?

  875. Hornets really want to ask Jlin to leave them…

  876. I can see Lin has some emotion. He only shot 2 times and didn’t demond the ball.

  877. I thought Curry was pretty fun to watch. =p

  878. oh zammmmmm. why don’t you just say, what are u smokin.

  879. Nah the sacrificial lamb (Lin) just woke up and saw all that crap about teammball and defense were BS while the designation “stars” can chuck shots and TOs at will!

  880. Lin is 5th option on 1st unit and 2nd unit now when it comes to scoring. Which is ridiculous knowing that he is shooting 46% FG and he can get to the line very easily and make wonderful plays.

  881. when and where was it reported that he sprained his ankle?

  882. Not much game planning from cliff just micromanaging – hornets cannot win with this coach and Lin unfortunately is playing out of his comfort zone- might as well not play and not pretend being a team player matters in the nba

  883. I really question if Cliff actually watched Lin on tape when he recruited him. How could someone who said they researched Lin play him so little and out of position. Give him the second unit with the ball. I don’t know…. kind’ve like in the beginning of the season when the team was winning.

  884. Apologize.

  885. dont worry. there was a 15% discount.

  886. Just sad.

  887. since players who are not team playing are being rewarded, Lin should start being selfish too.

  888. I’ll stand correct when wrong, not blind like some

  889. He never does
    he only follows coachs instructions
    Its been obvious that coach does not wanna draw any plays for Lin
    anyone but Lin

  890. Ha ha….they come to watch curry

  891. Maybe he’s like, screw this coach and team. I’ll just let them tank on their own.

  892. Just horrible. I’m so mad at Cliff. I thought he was smarter then this. I didn’t expect them to win but at least make this game fun to watch. Even Lakers vs GSW had their moments.

  893. here’s the problem when the coach uses Lin as a SG.. the team usually doesn’t have a good enough PG to actually get the ball to Lin and so he stands in the corners waiting, and waiting, and waiting. even on the 2nd unit, he still does the same thing cus coach says he’s a SG. and knowing Lin, he doesn’t ever go against the ‘system’. sigh

  894. I feel like we say this every year. LOL

  895. Been saying that the last 5 seasons and Lin hasn’t learned anything from being marginalized! No one is going to rally behind a 10 pt Asian guy!

  896. This is the worst treatment Lin has ever had
    Way worse than Lakers and Rockets
    Is Paul still happy with the team and Lin? smh hes quiet tn cuz he cant defend his boy Clifford anymore

  897. the warriors repeatedly destroyed the hornets on the boards for offensive rebs, and cliff doesnt respond by putting in psycho until its too late. the GSW bigs just eat hawes/cody/kam alive. cliff is a stubborn mule.

  898. well maybe he still gets punished either way. When he does have good games, the next game he barely plays. So what’s the point lol

  899. Clifford just finalizing the job of marginalizing. He wants to confirm Mchale and Scott’s coaching to Lin. You did a great job there Clifford. You just put our Lin in the bench list.

  900. Clifford is not smart on offensive play……..

  901. thats the play isnt it?
    they are running PnR when Roberts is the PG

  902. Hornets won good games and Lin was instrumental on those wins,Cliff thought that he can win w/o LIn…stupid coach!!!!It’s not you,it’s LIn making everyone better.

  903. Lakers and Rockets far worse than Hornets.

  904. Repeat: Kemba 4 vs Steph Curry 40

    Games Over!

  905. Still his mindset still insist on passing instead of shooting every opportunity he gets with the little minutes he has left. Instead of being stubborn maybe all these obstacles are god’s way of telling him to give in to the system in order to rise higher. That means looking to always shoot first before passing.

  906. hahahaha…I love it!!!!

  907. just go to the fantasy boards, it was announced I think Monday, but I said Tues to be safe. I was surprised because nobody here reported anything. I was hoping Lin would not play as this game turned out, his numbers went down.

  908. but Kemba almost matched Curry on FGAs 16 to 18. LOL

  909. amazing isn’t it?

  910. he can always just run to the top and get the pass from Roberts and call for a screen or just take it in himself. no point in following a dumb plan that doesn’t work

  911. Cliiford is not that smart.He think he is safe now when he got the extension.

  912. Curry: 40 pts on 14 for 18
    Kemba: 4 pts on 2 for 16

    Nuff said.

  913. stop, he has a sprained ankle.

  914. what’s wrong with P.J Hairston?….Is he hurt?

  915. Well kemba will try to score more next game…ha ha

  916. It a real shame that Cliff either doesn’t know how to draw up plays for Lin or too stubborn about sticking with the default options in Batum, Lamb and Walker….
    Safe to say if JLin doesn’t get traded by end of the deadline, he won’t come back as a Hornet next year. I think this game with the Warriors would serve as a reminder for him of what “could have been” would be like….

  917. NO.

  918. Exactly. This shows Cliff doesn’t see Lin as a scrub. Lin tried to play. That shows guts. He was visibly not on his game. You could tell how he was playing defense. A positive is I think his 3 is getting there.

  919. well me too, mainly because they had the potential and if you don’t sit such a bad shooting player (KW), you aren’t going to be a good team. People do not buy in, and then you get more losing play.

  920. That is why I’m starting to think Lin gets marginalized with every team he is on. Lin shows the coach he is the smartest guy in the room. The coach can’t take credit for the win because Lin is the reason for the win. The only coach whose ego could handle this dynamic was MDA because he wanted his pg to be the reason for the win. What happens when the coach on the floor (pg) becomes the real coach of the team. This happens. Benching.

  921. No Hornets is officially worst than Lakers and Rockets just look at the minutes Lin has. But it all started with Morey, Mchale and Rocket’s hidden agenda and hell bent on marginalizing Lin and making Linsanity a fluke.

  922. 3 guards is not enough to beat a top team.

  923. Clifford continues to show poor in-game adjustment until it’s too late.

    It won’t bode well if they reach the playoff.

  924. He should ask to be traded or waiver.

  925. the coach is just the jockey, Lin is the secretariat doing all the real work to win the race.

  926. Kemba is really a star for this team and the face of the hornets. Hope they will show his face against this loss and not Lin’s.

  927. At this rate they won’t even make it!

  928. all of lin’s 2 shot attempts happened in one single possession. hehehe

  929. Curry 40pts owns one entire quarter and more by himself.

  930. I’m a big optimist and still think the tide will turn favorably but Jeremy’s climb back up will be a hard one. Sports are funny, redemption is always around the corner, but it doesn’t seem logical to think that way at the moment….

    On another note guns have no place in society

  931. wow the commentators talking about superbowl. not even on this game…so bad

  932. that may have gotten him yanked lol

  933. I already turned off the game.

  934. That;s the one thing he did right. PJ shouldn’t even get off the bench.

  935. Should really ask for a trade this is ridiculous! He needs to speak up!

  936. Crazy to think that others coaches prepares for him while his own coach put him on the leashed

  937. They are embarrased for sure.

  938. This is why he has never made allstar in the east conf. He’s a made star not proven,

  939. Agreed but Lin doesnt break plays hes always faithful to the coaches..

  940. I agree wholeheartedly. Me, I’m looking toward the January game where CHA can prevent GSW from getting the LAL record. Hope that comes to pass, that game. Linsanity, but Steph sinks a last second or OT 3.

  941. today, Lin played the least this season at 13 minutes. And no, his ankle is not an excuse..

  942. Didn’t even bothered to start watching. More focused on Wizards beating Lakers than this travesty.

  943. Alright…cut the misery…signing off…close the screen. see you guys next game..

  944. Yah and now no plays called for him whatsoever

  945. Can’t believe Lakers win vs Wizards for 1 now??!

  946. same, i’m very very very close to cancel my League Pass and get a partial refund.

  947. doesnt mean you cant draw plays for him
    if hes really hurt that bad, dont play him

  948. why not? Harrison Barnes has been sitting out due to ankle. Does that mean you think JLin didn’t play in NYK playoffs due to a choice?

  949. stephanie ready — ive never heard someone praise 0-8 for shooting as glowingly as she did tonight. ‘oh, kemba’s shots almost all went in! he just has to keep shooting. they were all good shots. they all looked good. he has to just keep doing what hes doing.’

    just shut your trap already. so annoying to listen to.

  950. Thank you

  951. me too.

  952. I finally agree. This was ridiculous. Ankle or no Ankle. I don’t know what Cliff is thinking but whatever it is the end result is a complete waste. Lin only hope is to play for someone who is really desperate for a pg. I don’t see any candidates in that department.

  953. either way he will have a lot of offers
    still a quality back up PG

  954. if curry had those garbage minutes, we would have lost by 30+

  955. LIn chose the wrong team and the wrong coach!!!!

  956. Rockets is the initial, seconded by the lakers and finalized by Hornets in terms of marginalizing Lin. Clifford confirmed what Mc Hale and Scott did to Lin.

  957. Only good thing out of this crappy game: Kemba getting exposed as not being able to carry the team.

  958. She had to otherwise what else could she say? Damn it so bad… LOL!

  959. thank you

  960. how do you know they are blinking..
    it’s all online.. as far as I can tell, you can be closing your eyes and typing if you took keyboarding lessons because it’s so hard to watch.

  961. The kept him at the ball for his 2nd 3. First one hit back rim I think and they pushed it back to him and he swished it. I thought that was respectful, and maybe that was drawn up for him I don’t know enough.

  962. So, how many of you has already given up Hornets? I still wait for miracle near trade deadline, may be they will trade Kemba / Al? Last season with Lakers, I gave up when they benched Lin, and wasted my ILP for 60+ games.

  963. i agree but Cliff is very good at convincing. I thought he was the right coach too. Not anymore.

  964. NYK was an injury that required surgery! Ankle is nothing!

  965. Ha hha.

  966. KW is the face of the Hornets but a manufactured ‘star’ not a true one.

  967. Thank God the game is over.

  968. Sorry, I have had so many ankle sprains it’s not funny. It is something, it messes up everything.

  969. Exactly, hog city is coming…

  970. Let’s keep in mind that JLin’s right ankle was still sore in the morning so he’s limited in this game.
    It’s good that JLin wanted to play anyway to fight through it but it’s clear he’s not as aggressive as usual.

    Good clutch 3 and a couple FTs.

    Hope his ankle will heal in 3 days vs the Bulls

  971. Never gave a dime to the racist NBA, and never will unless Lin gets treated fairly.

  972. LOL, you funny, MJ signed shoe deal with Kemba this summer

  973. I didn’t know it was still on. closed it when Lin subbed out

  974. problem is, if clifford is still playing his team this way, it wont matter.. maybe kw will learn and go off.. but it will not be ‘lin’ making an impact if they are playing this way.

  975. Just forget about it. smh!

  976. If Lin couldn’t even be the floor general with Robert on the floor, this disgrace coach is over.

  977. remember cliff had a history with the rockets

  978. When coach doesn’t even recognized his player as instrumental of most of their wins…then it’s not a good sign

  979. Pretty pissed he didn’t make all the FTS. He used to hit 80%+ before Byron!

  980. Not going to o give up coz jlin is in the team.

  981. that was literally the only time he touched the ball
    He was completely ignored in the 2nd half otherwiaw
    but believe what you want
    I will do the same

  982. that’s what I have been saying, but people refuse to believe it.

  983. how? lol

  984. Yet, he said he knows Lin’s game!

  985. I’m sorry to say this place is getting to be no different from the other site now. A couple of sane people in the midst of overreaction to every perceived slight on Lin.

  986. yep he had that going in HOU.

  987. Not just the low min he played, it the standing corner role has become the worst.

  988. But we say that every season. All the coaches recognize what Lin could do but his own coaches grow to dislike him. Cliff last year had mad respect for him as an opposing coach but grows to marginalize him as time goes on. Why?

  989. Ankle could be a thing…. I play the sport and I know even with a mild ankle sprain it would affect your performance and put extra load on your entire leg muscles… Not to mention this is NBA level plays we are talking about. But I’m still displeased at how Cliff is putting Lin on the bottom of his go to list. Just infuriating….

  990. clafford following mchale’s instructions to a tee

  991. that would have been fun, to see Curry score over 50 in his home town on his dad’s honor day.

    Oh wait … with Kemba’s 2-16 fail, Curry effectively scored 100 pts.

  992. Lakers will win this game vs Wizards… ???

  993. He’s a liar.

  994. wrong alexander

  995. We knowow

  996. Stop it, the other site is filled with unmoderated racial slurs.

  997. I’ve been saying this all along.

  998. At least, we got one bad guy today. Look for another one.

  999. Well, it’s not All on him, it was the ‘sale pitch’… Remember, Cliff told Lin he knows his game….

  1000. yep, my shot would be way off …

  1001. I am starting to think that Lin’s role in Rockets, Lakers and Hornets are only to impart the basketball knowledge about modern offense and for their young to learn P&R offense from Lin. He was always paired with weak P&R partner, and the better P&R partner always go to others. Like today, when Hansbrough came in, he already checked out.

  1002. He’ll be okay. He still hits 82.8% FT this season.

    Today is an exception. Lin just didn’t look himself today.
    He has been hitting 18-22 in the past 7 games

  1003. How many times will Lin be lied to and pushed aside for others before he learns to look for himself and give up his ideal of “team ball”. Does he not realize he’s at the brink of his NBA career? Just glad he can opt out of this deal. He needs another opt-out for his next team.

  1004. Refusing because it’s not connected. His role was the biggest problem.

  1005. What? Can you do that? Well, I will keep my LP bc season is still long…

  1006. that is true, this place is better. But to keep harping on Cliff and CHA because of a legit injury and then making it a Lin problem … well, put it this way, nobody is mad at anyone for H Barnes’ ankle sprain.

  1007. Oh the lying part…Oh yeah they did pretty well!!!

  1008. Lip service. To me, its an act. Like a snake. Silent and deadly.

  1009. This is much worse.

  1010. Lin wastes another precious year…

  1011. I have faith. He’s in good hands.

  1012. He did’t, he was lied to.

  1013. Please elaborate

  1014. kw is 12 million..
    main point is not to destroy franchise players confidence..so you always let him try again 2 or 3 times more..and THEN if it doesn’t work, you try something else.

    with a bench player that is 2 million buck, if doesn’t work once, no 2nd chances until a big while later.

  1015. i’m thinking of giving up soon. If next game isn’t a game where the coach actually empowers Lin to play his style, I’m getting a refund. I’ll still support Lin and hope he gets good games but I can’t giving Hornets any recognition. It’s no more team, it’s just Lin.

  1016. 19 vs 31 assists. Starters a total of 7 assists.

  1017. well, he has his extension, so he can afford more experiments.

  1018. If a Russian can buy an NBA team, there’s no reason a Chinese can’t.

    Here’s hoping Jack Ma (Ali Baba) buys the Nets and hires D’Antoni as HC, then sign Lin, Ed Davis, Marvin Williams, Psycho T, Kaminsky, and any other REAL team players.

  1019. jlin

  1020. That 3 made me happy … was that Roberts who fed it to him to get him going? It was great to see Lin adjust his shot and swish it. Made the game for me.

  1021. Jack Ma actually signed an Alibaba deal with Kobe this year LOL

  1022. Take Grant from the Sixers

  1023. Hope jlin figure it out how to be more effective

  1024. A real friend would tell his friend the true how he feels. The enemy would not.

  1025. NBA is a very private club, not just about the money. Loads of people have the money to buy a team but only few are allowed to.

  1026. Yep. I don’t like her high pitch tone and her analysis sounds like Clyde Drexler to me. Like a true biased Hornets homer… I tune her out after a few games.

  1027. Here is a SCurry thought: Dell Curry said he thinks his son will keep on improving until age of 31. Game was somewhat enjoyable watching Curry embarrass Kemba.

  1028. As I posted earlier, the NBA has already rigged who the teams playing for the championship. It’s going to be LBJ against Steph Curry. The problem with Charlotte is they have MJ as the owner with questionable ethics when is comes down to how business is done on this team. MJ and LBJ has some business dealings together, so of course Charlotte was going to take the fall in that game, then you have Dell Curry, who is friend to the team, and Steph Curry is hometown hero,guess what Charlotte loses again. As for lin, they didn’t allow him to play either of these games because the fix was in and lin is very skilled and intelligent and would have found a way to win. Lin’s skillsets are fine,it’s the politics. I think I feel more sorry for Kemba because Clifford hung him out to dry with Steph. Kemba looked really bad and I’m sure he has figured it out, that he was led to the slaughter. It may not play like that in press,but kemba know what was happening .Just use your common sense, the Hornets came back from a 23 pt lead to beat the Kings with lin/walker/batum. Why not use the same formula? Clifford not stupid,he’s playing to the politics.Also, don’t you think it’s strange that clifford signed his extension today before the game? Just some things to think about.

  1029. Good idea. Why not given the word is out they are going for commercial real estate bear in the next few years. I can attest that with the Clips change in ownership, owning a NBA team is a great investment (not me, but friends in the game).

  1030. you just have to have a good investment group to get allowed.

  1031. Yep

  1032. “Oh, my preshious”, Golum whispered.

  1033. Must be approved by team owners.

  1034. wonder what the ‘highlights’ will be.

  1035. Well, Kemba’s bad game gives Lin some more value in my opinion. Say, had Lin not had the ankle issue and he was productive, I think he would have had more time until the game turned ugly. Although, he would have got burned too by Curry. Those thinking Lin can stop Curry aren’t being realistic. Curry taking those long bombs is impossible to guard by anyone, I don’t even know if the most elite players can guard him.

    They need Lin’s ankle to heal. It’s obvious he was hurt. And getting kicked in the head didn’t help how he felt.

  1036. I think he meant God’s hands.

  1037. China has a healthy number of Kobeta…er, I mean loyal Kobe fans.

  1038. Brandon Simmons is a good Hornets fan who’s not afraid to ask the tough question.


  1039. And they keep on promoting Kemba at Lins expense.

  1040. He got kicked in the head. I think that had something to do with it. The first foul and 2 shots maybe. The second foul, I’m glad he hit at least one of the 2 shots.

  1041. I believe you are right.gsw vs cle….the redemption

  1042. Surprise, Lakers won over Wizards 108:104

  1043. You know it did seem like at a point, Cliff just decided to lose to LBJ by pulling Lin. They had a chance to win.

    With 82 games and such a tight race, you may be right it costs nothing to lose a few games for business reasons.

  1044. What we Lin fans need to do is voice our opinion on Twitter and Facebook to Hornets to the point that they will think about trading Lin in December just to save their franchise’s image.

  1045. Losing a game is good, a losing streak is even better and I hope this is the beginning. Why ? Because it’s the only way to remind Cliif that he can not afford marginalizing Lin in every game, just as what had happened in Rox.

  1046. Sure, any conspiracy theory is more entertaining than a game in which Lin is handcuffed AND shackled.

  1047. If we annoy them enough they will be forced to trade Lin.

  1048. DId they sit Kobe? That is a surprise.

  1049. I don’t think it’s the league,it’s more of the politics than anything else.Coach is scared to lose the locker room for an Asian kid that’s why Lin was treated this way.

  1050. once clifford got his extension, he’s no longer thinking about winning at all cost, he’s thinking about winning without Lin

  1051. Yes it’s going to take more Walker games like this before they change.

  1052. right! or force to make him the franchise player.

  1053. Only if they learned.if they get the 8 spot is enough for hornet this year

  1054. Hard to win when Curry and Klay are hitting their shots. Splash, splash.

  1055. How about the Kings game? Clifford almost lost it without Lin.

  1056. im over this season already. when lin stands in the corner for roberts and daniels? what the heck is going on? dont blame the ankle either. that doesnt determine whether he’s pg or not…

    at least the homer fans get to see the real kemba… this team’s going nowhere. 8th seed if lucky….

  1057. Hard to play Kemba less with Lin being injured. The Hornets put up a stinker. They aren’t good enough to beat GSW most nights, but they could have competed better. Even Marvin Williams had an off game and he’s been pretty solid and consistent. And Hasbrough should play more. He’s tough.

  1058. Agreed. What Lin fans can do is to expose them, make them pay for their misconduct.

  1059. you guys are just too smart. I mean nothing is as bad a it seems to fans who are not in the know.

    It us true that our boy Lin has been in the wilderness too long maybe since Harvard and then 2 mos in NY. That’s ok, he’ll sort it out.

  1060. Hey what’s up. First off MJ has a lot of questionable business dealings and he and his father use to be big time gamblers. Those two games had too much stickiness behind the scene .

  1061. Well done.

  1062. Lin and Psycho T should start in lieu of Zeller and Hairston, Batum back to 3.

  1063. Whatever happened, the truth is Curry torched and toasted Kemba to ashes, and Lin faced Curry many times before and never this bad but also won some games!

  1064. He was hurting. He tried to move around but his ankle injury showed a lot in the 2nd half. He was just directing traffic from the corner, pointing to different players.

  1065. Noo wonder a lot of team doesnt like bandwagoagon fans

  1066. problem is.. NO ONE NOTICES.

  1067. when curry goes to god mode.

    Lin was able to stop it from happening..
    kw just lost him.

  1068. thats right, lin is injured, but either lin can play or he cant. if he is good enough to let him see the floor, then use him, instead of — for example — letting roberts handle the offense . roberts just calls his own number most of the time, and lin sits in the corner, and never even touches the ball.

    the roberts-lin lineup is one of the stupidest things ever. i hope to never see it again.

    and lin’s injury condition is good to play some minutes in the 2nd, then let him play the rest. why even bother if he sees the floor for only a few minutes of meaningful time? he literally only played like 6 minutes in the first half.

    so, yes hes injured, but either he can play or he cant. its not some in between thing. if hes not effective in that condition, then dont play him at all.

  1069. Nope, Kobe 35 min, 10/24 and 31 pt

  1070. how the hornets play Lin is how they will land in the playoffs. if Lin is the 8th guy to come off the bench, they will be the 8th seed. if Lin is the starter, they will be in the top 5 seed

  1071. Then there’s that perennial rumor about MJ’s first retirement really being the league forcing him out due to shady practices.

  1072. Kemba was ineffective w/ a good defensive team,he’s too short to be a PG.I hope you believe me now.

  1073. His height is one contributing factor, but the deal-breaker is Kemba’s lack of court vision and playmaking ability.

  1074. Hi back, nice to see you posting. Go down and see my Dell Curry story … he and his family, Seth are really nice people.

    Ah, I see you are talking about the golf gambling that we know to be documented. I wasn’t really saying that as that to me is like the fix, I was just thinking your instinct is right and it’s not able gambling but just to smooth out interlocking relationships.

    I do agree the league would like to see a rematch of GSW and CLE, because of ticket sales and TV hype.

    Me, I would love to see Steph go up against SAS. KL would step up. I am scared DGreen will get to overconfident and start to perform less – he has that kind of swaggering personality.

  1075. Good post!

  1076. still doesnt explain how guys like roberts, daniels, hawes and frank LITERALLY never passed him the ball on consecutive possessions…. this season is lost….

  1077. That’s the problem ! You’re “Glad” he made at least one.
    Back then a miss was like so rare.

  1078. I disagree, the Jazz almost beat them last night, so they aren’t invincible. The Hornets had the advantage her because GSW was coming off a back to back. Clifford didn’t do anything to stop the bleeding even when the hornets had whittled the lead down to 9 points at half time

  1079. Robert is being generous, I give Clifford a G-.

  1080. no no no..
    it’s wrong wording.. this just seems like some lin fans wants to see lin play..without any proof or justification.

    Instead of saying kw was invisble.. he should’ve said/added..

    “anyone who knows lin and watches his game against curry knows that he is one of the few in the NBA that is ABLE TO DEFEND HIM BEFORE CURRY GOES OFF TO GOD’S MODE!!”

  1081. He has to hit those or he’s not getting any points. No one gives him any plays so he has to make shots when he’s limited!

  1082. Calling yourself Lin fan but there’s no limit for you find reason to justify Lin treatment. SMH.

  1083. Getting the 8th spot is not easy in the east this season.

  1084. Did he see Lin guard Barbosa? Lin couldn’t move laterally much at all on defense. Lin just gutted out 13 minutes. This wasn’t the night to put Lin on Curry.

  1085. He can actually pass but opted not to,he just want to score more than facilitating.If he wants to be successful he needs to watch Isiah THomas films from Detroit.

  1086. after a game like this, i like to go on twitter and read all the tweets from our trusty fans being REAL about how Lin is being mistreated

  1087. usage has always been a problem for Lin since MDA left the coop.

  1088. This scenario is as plausible as anything else because coach off the Cliff decisions made no basketball sense. Even if he considers Lin just a role player this game made no sense.

  1089. FO/Coach doesn’t notice. Maybe FO notices but coach is stubborn. FO needs to send some demands to Cliff.

  1090. No, thats a symbol for Good minus.
    my gradiing system in school is Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfatory
    it is equivalent to is A B C D F (F = Failure)

  1091. He didn’t want it. They aren’t to blame. Lin stayed in the corner. Everyone else came out for it and Lin was a spectator.

  1092. you are right, Cliff leaving KW in with that kind of shooting night was a choice to lose.

  1093. True.more up and down this year.

  1094. G for Gross.

  1095. barbosa is v good on cuts.

  1096. the night HOU rained 22 3s that record MJ fouled to stop. Then a few night ago GSW almost got that record. I wish HOU got that to 24 or 25.

  1097. Exactly ,the game made no sense whatsoever. The hornets had the advantage because they were coming off a back to back. The hornets didn’t capitalize on the were only down by 9 points during halftime.

  1098. H -horrible

  1099. F- for lier! lol,

  1100. Lin was hurt so no….

  1101. FO only cares about signing Batum and promoting Walker. If they cared about Lin he would’ve started since first game of the season.

  1102. J for Junk?

  1103. Haha AtTheHive is so biased towards Kemba

    Only thing he writes about Kemba in his bad performance was

    Kemba missing the three in stride.

    While Lin gets this

  1104. lol i dont buy this for a second. is he supposed to pull a kobe and run toawrd the ball clapping his hands for it? never gonna happen. it’s clear as day lin is being played as a spot shooter in the 2nd half. it doesnt matter who is playing, he camps…. only time he plays pg is the 2nd quarter. it has been multiple games now, definitely a trend….

  1105. Yeah, it was. He could switched up and put batum or put lin in to help defensively. The game seemed like a big set up to me.

  1106. Whattttt???????LOLLLLL

  1107. Don’t visit that side. They are not friendly to Lin’s fans. Forget about what they said…

  1108. Idc

  1109. let me guess, they said Lin didn’t get enough minutes today cause he’s recovering from an ankle injury. BS

  1110. I know it’s not friendly but bias like this is hilarious!
    He’s not even trying to be subtle!

  1111. Hey, I saw that too, that he got one play so we believe the same thing. I am just saying it was glorious to see him make the 2nd try, and whomever passed it back to him did not have to so that in itself was a good thing.

  1112. You are not him and you dont know the truth unless he told you.

  1113. I know but that’s the way it’s. Like Harden played no D but you never saw any complain from Rox or CF bc they are not allowed to do so….Only good. smh!

  1114. K for Keith-Smart level lol

  1115. Something is wrong when Cliff does nothing to fix a player’s bad shooting night. I side with JW … Cliff didn’t want to win. To me as a fan at CLE, it also looked like Cliff took the driver and his foot off the gas when CHA had a chance.

  1116. I have a hunch; a JLin trade is in the pipeline…

  1117. I already did my share every freakin game

  1118. Just unfollowed. Lin fans should stage a mass exodus.

  1119. This is possible, too many things cannot be explained by basketball reasons. And if Lin said Clifford is X/O coach, we shouldn’t set aside as Lin too naive, it could be Clifford really knows the game and recognize Lin’s contribution, but his hands are tied, and his extension that is early in the season may be the prove that he is cooperating with the FO / owner. Now the only question what is the Lin’s role in their planning.

  1120. better be

  1121. From Coach pregm interview can tell… smh!

  1122. Slowly you will find out there’s no difference between atthehive and Klutchfans.

  1123. It’d make sense. Lin marginalized since the OT win vs Kings.

  1124. Any idea on what team?

  1125. Did the coach even try it.Or better yet did he ask Lin to guard him tonight?LIn has no role on this team.

  1126. no idea….

  1127. Give it all the the Curry family on Dell Curry night is enough of a marketing reason, given how much money is in the game today.

  1128. He said he was find.

  1129. Even if JLin’s on another team its questionable whether that coach will make him a starter.

  1130. Pelicans, maybe or the Grizzles

  1131. Or buyout his contract

  1132. homers gon homer.

  1133. Joyce, you think so too?

  1134. Lin didn’t start, it was Kemba 0-12.

  1135. Don’t worry I’m not followed. I just want to see atthehive’s reaction to Kemba’s superb performance this game.

  1136. get out
    thats not it
    so disappointed in paul

  1137. Jru Holiday, always hurt

  1138. Bucks.Kidd is a hard nose coach who only wants to win,doesn’t scared to lose his job and doesn’t scared to fight with his team.

  1139. clippers is my bet

  1140. Nets for Jack? Grizzlies’ Conley was shut down to ZERO points by Lin two years ago. 🙂

  1141. Maybe fo and coach is on the same levelma

  1142. Who the heck listen to this guy on youtube anymore?

  1143. jlin for crawford

  1144. 76ers, I’d rather see 30 minutes of Lin trying than 10 minutes of Lin in corner doing nothing each game while team/coach lets the game slip away.

  1145. Lin a HUGE upgrade over MCW.

  1146. One question to you all. Is MJ a gambler?

  1147. Anywhere for me Joyce

  1148. Definitely.

  1149. Not a bad idea but that’s what the Opt-out was for. Lin definitely won’t waste money to buy out his contract. Just ask for trade.

  1150. jlin for jamal crawford

  1151. not me
    but still love the guy just cant agree with him anymore

  1152. the hornet want a rim protector..can bucks provided that.Maybe Kidd gonna get fired soon. ? So no to bucks

  1153. Then Clippers would have a shot at the title…but it’s unlikely ‘coz Austin has to shine first.

  1154. Any postgm interview news from Cliff?

  1155. Watching the plicans vs the rockettes in huston…there is a fat guy with no shirt on….just a red sweat pants with the words big distraction on his butt…everytime the pelicans shoot free throw…he start wiggling his fat butt……. must be clutch attending the game… hehe

  1156. When Lin goes stand in the corner while Robert runs the offense, that’s the end of excuses for Cliff.

  1157. ish smith is doing well and Tyreke is back]
    will be hard for Lin to earn mins imo

  1158. No, not the Clippers

  1159. Their GM used to work for Rockets and learned under Morey so no.

  1160. They have an athletic frontline,they don’t have a good guard but Lin is good match on this team

  1161. its curry, not a big Kemba

  1162. The ankle problem (may be an excuse), the lesser minutes, the isolation in the corner, no PG role (not even a backup PG)..is getting more fishy..

  1163. You forgot to take daddyball into account.

  1164. These are all signs of a trade. They just need to find the perfect rotation without Lin and Lin is gone.

    When you are a NBA player with no role, you are just waiting for your @$$ to get traded.

  1165. After couple times, I was done.

  1166. it’s NOT about this game. the low minutes and corner camping is a TREND… lin has NO opportunity on this team.

  1167. Jrue Holiday is their starter so if he’s gone then Lin has a chance at starting PG and playing next to a team player and star PF Anthony Davis! Only if Lin gets to start of course! Star PFs work the best with star PG cause there’s no ball hogging!

  1168. ZERO. Big man Hawes now has more outside jump shot more than Lin. That’s the end. Wait Tyler even had more..lol

  1169. The trade deadline coming up in December,right?

  1170. Yes mid dec

  1171. It’s a bad idea. Lin had poor movement today, especially in the 2nd half. I know he got a block but Barbosa got around him on a simple fake that Lin usually has no problem with. Lin couldn’t handle guarding someone like Curry tonight.

  1172. We should give it a few more games before we exit Hornet media enmass

  1173. you can’t.. usually that means play him more. not less.

  1174. They will go for a big fish…Al and Lin will be in the trading block this coming Dec 15

  1175. Thanks Coach Scott
    Actually like Scott way better than Clifford

  1176. so glad this Youtube star tweeted this. He has 177k followers. Imagine if all of Lin’s youtube friends tweeted something like this. Hornets PR would be working overtime for damage control