G18 GSW @CHA Game Thread

The much awaited matchup vs the undefeated Golden State Warriors has arrived. Jeremy Lin reportedly was probably with right ankle sprain but will attempt to play

  1. How will the Hornets attempt to slow down Curry and GSW 3pt shooting?
  2. Who would be assigned to guard Curry and Draymond Green? Will JLin be asked to guard him?
  3. Would Clifford ask JLin to pick up the scoring load for the team?
  4. FT attempts & Scoring might be the best way for JLin to earn PT. He had 4-4FT in the MIL game and his PT increased to 22min and it could be 24min had he score more in the 4th quarter

Let’s hope JLin find a way to draw a lot of FT attempts to help him to get PT and chance to close out games. Let’s go, JLin! Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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