G17 TOR @ LAL PreGame Thread

How will Jeremy Lin follow his 2nd double-double against #1 Eastern Conference team? He will match up against Kyle Lowry

Raptors (13-3, 4-1 away) vs Lakers (3-13, 1-8 home)

TOR #1 scorer DeRozan is out indefinitely with a torn tendon on his left groin

Preview : ESPN Raptors vs Lakers 

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Guess JLin's stats


  1. Lin for the WIN.

  2. Arrghh…nearly had 2 in a row! But congrats!

  3. hey Jedi I’m your big fan. so you win!

  4. LOL…aw shucks. Thanks, but a win must be fair! You’re the best…this time!

  5. post often for peace and justice.

  6. Let me just post again…..ha

    Jeremy Lin now ranked 28th in pull up shots 3FG% (36.4%) among 68 players average 25mpg and 0.5 pull up FGAs per game. Like I said earlier…once he can get his pull up 3FG% go over 33%. He will have a much better time on the court.2

    Jeremy Lin now ranked 6th in pull up shots EFG% (53.4%) among 69 players average 25mpg and 3 pull up FGAs per game. He is behind, Dirk (60.3%), Curry (57.4%), CP3 (55.8%), JJ Reddick(55.3%), Wes Matthew(53.6%).

  7. Jeremy will improve further, and if he doesn’t think too much like at times when he runs point, he probably can hae better FG%.

  8. FTW indeed!
    Lin vs TOR had some great games, didn’t he?

  9. 2012 Valentine’s evening, that moment I officially fell in love with our boy. no turning back since then

  10. already 16 games in the book now…..time went by so quickly.

  11. Great historic night with lots of NBA players giving respect :>

  12. It sure did .. and Lakers lost more winnable games than I would’ve thought

    BTW Kobe’s fitness looked worse by the game and he didn’t have any lift in his legs.
    Do you think he will get reduced minutes soon?

  13. This is really great stats!
    To me it’s a sign of growing confidence to translate his practice shots into real games.
    And this is without consistent screens, right?

  14. Kobe legs looked shot by 2nd quarter and he looks more tired by game. BS really needs to limit his minutes because if he looks like his now how will he look like by the end of the season? Assuming that Kobe can finish the season.

  15. I’m actually quite concerned that Byron has overdone it with Kobe’s min.
    Not sure how long Kobe will take to rest or will he force himself too much.
    But Kobe has got to make that call himself if he’s going to change how he’ll play.



    TIPOFF: 9:30 p.m.

    TV: Sportsnet

    RADIO: Sportsnet 590 The FAN


    Toronto: Kyle Lowry, Lou Williams, Terrence Ross, Amir Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas

    Los Angeles: Jeremy Lin, Kobe Bryant, Wesley Johnson, Carlos Boozer, Jordan Hill


    At 3-13, the Lakers have the worst record in the Western Conference and have lost four straight, the latest 120-119 to Minnesota on Friday. . . . Ex-Raptor Ed Davis plays a solid role off the bench for the Lakers, averaging seven points
    and seven rebounds in about 24 minutes per night. . . .

    The Raptors have DeMar DeRozan listed as “to be determined” on official game notes. That’s likely code for “game-time decision.” . . .

    Despite their terrible record, the Lakers are 2-0 against Eastern Conference

  17. Just got to do it more then.

    Dear Steph, I’m coming to North Carolina for a couple of weeks this summer with my family. Want to hang out a bit?
    Love, Jeremy.

    Dear Ed, Want to road trip to No Carolina this summer? Your best friend, Jeremy.

  18. Sweet … he dropped the bomb on us, baby.

  19. You first? How’d that happen we see you once in awhile.

  20. LOL…Quantity vs Quality

  21. right on!!! ^.^

  22. Jeremy Lin Quietly Having Career Year For Lakers

    Jeremy Lin is quietly having a career year for the Los Angeles Lakers

    You probably haven’t heard much about it — because Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers’ futility is the big story — but Jeremy Lin is quietly having a career year and signs point towards Lin’s continued improvement.

    Lin isn’t at the New York Knicks/Linsanity levels, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lin is playing a much smarter game than he has in the past and he’s being a lot more choosy about the shots he’s taking. It’s no coincidence that he’s putting up career highs in field goal shooting (.490), 3-point shooting (.383) and effective field goal percentage (.552).

    He’s improved his midrange game over last season by leaps and bounds, as he’s improved from 3-to-10 feet (plus-4.9 percent), from 10-to-16 feet (plus-8.7) and from 16 feet to the 3-point line (plus-5.7).

    What’s most impressive (courtesy of NBA.com/stats) is that Lin is eating up his open looks. For shots over 10 feet when the defender is 4-to-6 feet away, he’s shooting 62.5 percent. When he’s truly wide open (defender more than 6 feet away), he’s shooting 50 percent. This tells me he’s doing a good job of playing off the ball as well as when he handles the ball and most importantly — he’s taking care of business when he gets the chance.

    For the season, Lin is playing 30.5 minutes per game, with averages of 12.6 points, 2.8 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.1 steals. He’s doing all of this while posting a four-year low of just 8.9 attempts per game (call it the Kobe effect, if you will).

    Over Lin’s last four games, he’s playing at his season average with 30.5 minutes per game, but his production is up. Lin is averaging 16.8 points, 3.3 rebounds, 6.5 assists and 2.0 steals while shooting 56 percent from the field. Those might not be Hall-of-Fame numbers, but they’re excellent and would be welcomed by about 25 teams in the league.

    The problem is, Lin isn’t going to get the recognition he deserves while he’s on a losing Lakers squad. Although Jeremy has put up excellent numbers, the Lakers are on a four-game slide and are trapped at the bottom of the Western Conference at just 3-13.

    We’d be leaving out a key mention if we didn’t talk about Lin’s defense. Remembering that he plays on the worst defensive team in the league (30th in points allowed and defensive rating), we have to understand that Lin’s numbers aren’t going to be as good as a player on a solid defensive squad.

    Still, Lin is doing a pretty good job at ensuring his opponent isn’t performing to their usual levels. On two-point attempts, Lin is holding his opponent to 2.1 percent less than they shoot for the season. Inside 10 feet, he’s harassing them into 5.9 percent less and finally, he’s keeping them 6.1 percent below their averages inside six feet.

    In the interest of fairness, Lin is getting killed from the 3-point line (allowing 53.8 percent, 17.6 percent above opponent’s average). A big reason for that is the lack of team perimeter defense and the need for Lin and the Lakers to sag to protect the middle. That is an indictment on Lin’s defense, but it’s also indicative of a team that isn’t good enough defensively to allow Lin to cheat towards the 3-point line.

    All in all, Lin is having a terrific year, but you may not have noticed. Ideally by the end of the season, the NBA will have taken notice and Lin will continue the streak he’s on. He’s got motivation — another contract — and although his team is horrible, Lin has been that diamond in the rough.

  23. Lin vs Raptors:
    2012 – Lin for the win… BANG!!
    last year – scored 31 points off bench, Rockets win in overtime
    this year – ??

  24. Well done.

  25. Lin had a nose ring? Lol

  26. Just remembering the 2012 Valentine’s Day game. By that time I was a full out Jeremy Lin fan. Could not watch the game as I was at work (morning in Asia). Followed the box score. Lin was struggling to score initially and Knicks fell behind. Things improved in the 2nd half but still behind in the 4th. Then Lin and the Knicks mount a furious rally. Down 3, Lin scores 2 points. Then I noticed he scores 1 more point. I realised it was an and-1!

    Score tied, then with virtually no time remaining, Lin scores the 3 and the Knicks win by 3! Within minutes the game winning shot was all over social media. My jaw dropped. It wasn’t just running out the clock. It was his complete composure and confidence the entire time doing that.

    Good times…

  27. Glad that you experienced that. Wish I could have that experience rather than watching the highlights months later:-(

    Had so much of high hope we would have Linsanity 2 in Lakers but my dream went down the drain since the season began. JLin barely had a chance to play in 4th qtr as to date. Even if he played, he was always Kobe ball. SAD!!!! How long do I have to wait to see Mr. 4th qtr and Mr. Clutch again in Lakers???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or the question should be: Will I see one in Lakers this season????

  28. The past 2 1/2 years have been tough. But at least Jeremy has remained strong and grown through it all. He didn’t become a pampered star. Now he is ridiculously efficient, playing on and off the ball. I am sure if you factor his low usage, low minutes, low number of FGA and extrapolate, he is easily a top 5 PG in the league. We will see Linsanity 2 soon enough.

  29. No, Byron Scott will NEVER reduce Bryant’s minutes.

    Scott thinks that he needs Bryant out there to erase Lin’s “mistakes”.

  30. I hate how the Lakers announcers are putting my Jeremy fandom to shame!

    On that reverse layup:
    “Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lin, show us what you have as you take it to the rim. Go to the other side and scoop it up, scoop it in. That was NOICE!”
    “JEREMY LIN! Reverse layup is good! Smooooth number 17!” (so @psalm234:disqus it seems like I’m not the only one calling him smooth)

    On that alley-oop that made Wes look good
    “The pass was on the money…” – and I can sense Ed Davis having some “I want THAT pass too!” moment.

  31. Just these 3 could ELEVATE the Lakers in more ways!

  32. The Raptors game. Lin’s dagger three right in Calderon’s face and the Toronto crowd went nuts like it was a home game at MSG. It was the game that elevated Linsanity to an iconic level. That was vintage Lin. Imagine Lin playing with that kind of trust, support, and confidence with his current improved skill set. Dude would set this league on fire again. I still believe it can happen. Maybe not this season but I believe it.

  33. That 22 wins prediction is becoming more and more likely. They might not even get that.

  34. Lin – Novak – Field

    The original bromance. Glad they were able to get a good payday out of Linsanity. They contributed to it.

  35. There are few things that will happen..

    1) Lin will play lights out
    2) Lin will play average
    3) Lin will play like crep
    4) Lin will not play

    4 is due to injury or health..or extreme reasons
    2 and 3 might be due to psyhcological damage of BS’s benching last time.. (it’s like telling him don’t be aggressive)
    1 means he dgaf..and just continue to be him.

  36. Why post this stuff. Please keep your fear to yourself…smh

  37. keep thinking could’ve been at least 6-10 or 7-9 right now..
    while still being a work in progress

    clippers early one
    2 memphis games
    this last game.

  38. Don worry too much…Lin is doing great….forget about Lakers….

  39. Lin will just play and hopefully keep his rhythm. There’s no baggage attached to Toronto and he’s played them well previously. And let’s not make too much of Lin being benched for those final minutes of the last game. I don’t expect that to happen again seeing the results were pitiful.

  40. Game day! And I can not watch it…….darn it!…I tried to listen to the game while driving. I found out it was actually more dangerous than text and drive…LOL

  41. I think Lin will be fine.. He knows he needs to be aggressive for himself no matter what coach or whatever will happen.. don’t worry too much about it.

  42. well, I was like darn also in the past.. until I notice a trend…:

    lin had a double double when I didn’t watch the game..but only looking at android phone play-by-play on nba.com.
    In fact I always seem to miss the beginning half when he was killing it and reading it on play-play. ..once I start watching..
    the 2nd halves.. he didn’t seem to kill it.

    So call it super stitious or a jinx to him or whatever.. I think I might contrinue this trend? but yet..when he is doing that well, I tend to watch it online and then you know what happens with that ‘inconsistency’. So I don’t know..

  43. Touche~

  44. FWIW

    LAL vs TOR @JLin7 's past performances against TOR with highlights and game info. I predict 18/10 Loss 🙁 http://t.co/iYLJwxOtaq— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 30, 2014

  45. Wow! That’s great! I read from Taiwan news said there are several travel agents arrange the tour like this so I think there are more to come for sure.

  46. crp..no.. usually when that happens lin doesn’t do as well.. remember last time at the toyotat center!!!.

  47. Yes….a few main travel agency….all have packages of visiting Cali and game tickets. Very easy to go from TW.

  48. Just small sample size….wait until you have seen 20 seasons of the awesome Lin to give the verdict. LOL

  49. Haha! You’re worry too much. I don’t know what happened but started from vs Mav game, Lin became more aggressive in his shooting. I am glad he finally got it.. no matter Kobe will play team ball or ISO. Lin just needs to keep shooting for himself & the team. Probably CP said something to him then…?!

  50. So far…defenders are still willing to leave him more. Let’s see how this goes..

  51. you may have already come across this: many games are stored at several sites which you can watch at a later time; for example (dont know if I am allowed to post sites here, so you have to put in the appropriate colon and dot replacing the xx, and x httpxx www x aknba x com/

  52. You know after looking at social media posts from lakers, they seem to be quite desperate to keep Kobe focus of attention. They are making a big deal out of everything that kobe does to keep him relevant. But it interesting that nobody is mentioning that failed 3 that cost the Lakers the game against the Wolves, and also, some LA beat journalists thinks that lin was pulled in the 4th quarter because of the fast break that kobe missed the laypup. Kobe claims that lin held onto the ball too long which caused the TO.Also I bet there is a probably a running joke around the league among the “superstar players” on how Kobe gets to get out of practicing with the team. I bet Pop doesn’t do that, because Duncan/Parker lead by example. The more Scott tries to cater to Kobe, the deeper the hole he is digging for himself to be relieved of duty. I use the word relieve because I think they won’t fire him but they will give him the option of resigning, so that F/O/Showtime Lakers that endorsed can save face. I think once Kobe gets a seat on the All-Star team/MJ points that we might see a shift in that direction.just some thoughts

  53. I think Scott will stay until Kobe is retired bc he is the coach Kobe really wants… you know he did everything Kobe asked for it… I really want to know how slow they will play tonight?! I guess it’s hard to win bc even w/o their #1 O player they almost beat Mav on Friday so… Hope magic do happen tonight.

  54. The focus on Kobe thing. I think it really is just there from day 1. No way Kobe should have fumbled that catch. I remembered a similar one with Lin and Harden. Harden was so angry and Lin was like “whatever”… I am not sure hoe Pop manages his practices….I think he also rests his older players. But yeah…Duncan and Parker are just different.

  55. I remember that play, Kobe was running too slow at least 2 steps behind that 3 on 1 fast break.

  56. I think Pop’s does too, but he is not stupid enough to broadcast it top cover his azz, because he is afraid to stop Kobe. Kobe would have still been shooting lights out, if Lin/Boozer had not stepped up and the rest of the fans and media were like yeah they are right. I agree this has always been about kobe, but outside Laker media, ain’t nobody singing his praises these days.

  57. I don’t think so. Mitch/Buss are on a time timetable to become a contending team. Kobe might not retire after this contract. He has been talking out of both sides of his mouth these days. Kobe was on board with Mike Brown and so was the Showtime Lakers, until they started loosing. That might have been different because they had Howard/Nash who were expected to help Kobe lead them to a championship, but it was still kobe who took the ball out of Nash’s hands to lead the offense which turned into a fiasco.

  58. Also another lie by Scott was the game was lost in 3rd quarter, not true score was 90-93, then hit a 3 point shot, then score was 90-96 Laker favor. Then Scott said yesterday that he didn’t let them watch the film, another cover up to keep his lie going,. That is why he is digging a hole for himself, because we can pull the tape and see.

  59. You’re absolutely right, the hole is getting deeper for BS. His words and his actions don’t seem to match at all.

  60. He would hope he did not speak at all….I think…..

  61. He wished.

  62. If this keeps going down, his days of coaching are numbered.

  63. I agree. They fired Mike Brown, I think 10 or 15 games in.

  64. Ya! That’s what I thought… by the end of 3Q Lakers won not a lot but not lose… smh!

  65. no….just 5 games into the season I think. Was 1-4

  66. Wow, that is why I think it was strange that scott had lunch with Scott a couple of days ago to talk about team and he said that they would reevaluate in the next 15-20 games. Then Mitch shows up at Laker’s practice yesterday…. and not a word from LA beat reporters about his visit and no questions about his visit to Scott…..hmmm

  67. I think Mike Brown was exactly one of the reasons that Scott gets a longer leash…The fire a HC with only 5 games in the book thing went crazy that yr I think.

  68. who had lunch with Scott 2 days ago?

  69. True, but notice how coach dave is not weighing on lin, and worthy spoke up, so something is going on. Even when Scott was talking about he didn’t know who would be in the starting line up, Magic congratulated lin on being the starting PG for the Lakers. I personally think that Magic and the rest of the Showtime Lakers don’t like Kobe, and they were behind Scott because they knew kobe’s tendencies to take over, and now they are disappointed because Scott has failed.

  70. Mitch. Scott would not say what they talked about. Also Mitch gave an interview and he would not discuss what they talked about, but they would reevaluate the next 15-20 games.

  71. 5 weeks from now

  72. Trade dates information:

    However, on Dec. 15, trades become more viable. They do so because of the expiration of a restriction. Players who sign as free agents cannot be traded for up to three months after signing, or until Dec. 15, whichever is later.* This means that all players who signed before Sept. 16 cannot be traded until Dec. 15.

  73. I think it’s Price. They probably will use Clarkson to replace him.

  74. wasnt that one game enough

  75. so what ever happen to novakainao and fieldy.

  76. just wondering.. drose is injured all the time..but why is he still consider a great player.. and get to guarantee a starter’s job?? I’m sure if someone else, it’s not guaranteed.

  77. alot of top players have had their career ended by injuries stilll dont mean they suck. he is a top player but not what he used to be

  78. I think FO is not happy that Price couldn’t have O going on… they had bench practice O yesterday no Price but Clarkson was in it..?! So I guess it’s Price.

  79. Bc he is #1 drafted & also MVP …

  80. ohh thank god i think mitch said develop the rookie

  81. Ok, I just pulled up free agency 2015, and I got to say that lin/dragic/jackson are the top picks. According to their stats right now, lin/jackson seem to the most consistent. So Laker fans can scream all they want, but lin is one of the better PG’s coming up in free agency 2015:


  82. didnt dragic sign a big contract

  83. Well, I think since they are going to sign Clark so probably will not get another PG. Since Clarkson has better O than Price so….What they want just score so no need to have real PG in 2nd unit.

  84. and lin stats will only get better

  85. That’s such a big lie. Absolutely shameless like saying night is day. How can you lose a game in the third when they were leading winning after the third? Makes absolutely no sense!

  86. his defense is questionable

  87. Jackson has good stats when RW was out but he only cares about score not that much in AS… more like Clarkson type.. better than Clarkson maybe..?! I do think Lin is the best PG for next summer. Rondo couldn’t shoot also asked for 100M Max contract?! Don’t think Lakers will pay him the price tag & Kobe sure will not let him handle all the balls? Dragic is older than Lin also w/o marketing value so…

  88. I think so. Dragic is 14 right now & Lin is 12.6. But I am sure Lin’s stats will go up soon.

  89. Who? Clarkson?

  90. Very true

  91. rando lucky he played with 3 hall of famers. talk about a 4th wheel

  92. I think so.. w/o that big three look at Celtics now?! But Celtics seems to willing take Rondo in the future so he said he wants to stay in Boston.

  93. yea he gets lost alot

  94. Coach

  95. Because he knows that Boston is the only people that will pay him that money.

  96. That’s what I thought… LOL!

  97. they wont they already dradted his replacement

  98. What is Linsanity equal to in terms of stats

  99. Just another 65 games before Scott knows what changes are needed.

  100. I was just looking at the box scores from Wolves game and kob/lin stats. They are hilarious, lin had 4 stls, kobe had 5. Kobe is really trying to stay relevant and the he knows that lin is the only one on the team to give him a run for his money and he battling hard. Lin and the others are too quick on the offense for kobe, so he gets mad. It is funny to watch.

  101. But oh wow, look he is hurt.

  102. I think he only cares about shooting for himself nothing else doesn’t matter to him… LOL!

  103. Anything higher than the available choices. (I reckon)

  104. He is not changing any starting line up. He will split the minutes between Boozer/Davis. Boozer doesn’t care just as long as he gets his stats. The only changes I see him making is to the 2nd unit, by adding Clarkson and making Young the defacto PG.Price days are numbered and that is probably why Scott seems to so angry and trying to point fingers at lin. I am pretty sure when he met with mitch is was not pretty, but he has to act like he is still in control. Also mitch stated in his interview the standard line that “scott is doing a good job”, now that was before the loss to the Wolves and then Mitch paid him a visit yesterday at the practice facilities.

  105. Welcome to the NBA…LOL

  106. Almost forgot about Clark? I think they sure will need to make some change in lineup. So probably Ellington will not get lots of playing time now.

  107. Haha! I think it will be very interesting to see Clarkson & Young for the bench? Who can get the ball first?! LOL!

  108. Lol, it looks like the only way Lakers can win is if Lin holds back his scoring until the forth just so he can finish the games on court.

    Me, I don’t care too much if Lakers win or not. Go lin get your 20/10 in the first 3 quarters then sit back and Watch Scott blow another one.

  109. Listen to Madsen, now he sounds like a coach:


  110. I hope that Scott learned from his mistake last game, because he says one thing and does another. Also, i think they might keep the same scheme as before, but we will see.

  111. http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/11/30/lakers-byron-scott-said-lineup-changes-are-coming-but-when/

    What feedback did his players provide?

    “I didn’t let them talk,” said Scott, who reported an unnamed assistant coach also spoke during the meeting. “I said my piece and I felt much better.”

  112. Also the reporter threw in his interpretation of things with this comment:

    Scott has also said Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin doesn’t always appear comfortable running the offense. He also sat out the final 3:45 of the Lakers’ loss on Friday to Minnesota because of defensive struggles against Minnesota guards Zach LaVine and Mo Williams, whom combined for 43 points.

    All of which leads Scott to where he is now.

  113. thats a stretch he has looked more and more comfortable

  114. I think this reporter has problem… Lin looks more & more comfortable to run the O for Lakers… see even Johnson plays well now… just like Linsanity period. Lin made his teammates better…

  115. That’s why I think in the past Scott might have said something like that, and that is why the reporter has also said theat lin didn’t feel comfortable running the point. meaning that was a past comment.

  116. Just watched Byron’s post-practice interview and saw that he implied Lin was at fault for speeding up offense in third quarter instead of slowing down. Crazy, as Lin was keeping them in the game. But I guess Byron wants to play at old man speed for Kobe.

  117. reporter is just throwing in his own on interpretation of things.

  118. Notice how when 3rd quarter ended, we were ahead.

  119. It is by the same reporter (the new M&M) that like to stir things up. His words always mean zero.

  120. Yeah, I’m guessing Byron isn’t focused on winning but on keeping Kobe happy.

  121. Ya! I think Kobe just couldn’t keep it up w these young players… Saw Lin half court passed to Johnson for the dunk.. looked at how happy & surprised from Boozer but not Kobe…?!

  122. Exactly.. that’s why he said we the the last in western conf..?! So now he gives up?

  123. Don’t click for this article.

  124. It began to reveal what BS really think and see from Lin. He never likes Lin in the first place, hence the starter gate and now once in a while implications of faults on Lin.

  125. I know he just wanted the click from Lin’s fans… don’t do it for him.

  126. Cir-Kers. or La-cus. Wonder what kind of show would be tonight?

  127. Too late. At least the poster should gave us some warning beside the link.

  128. Well, he doesn’t LIKE losing, granted. But he wants to win with Kobe leading.

  129. yeah, surprise he would say third quarter they dig a hole, that quarter they were 38-39, not sure whether the coach even check the score board or not.

  130. That AS coach probably it’s his son.. LOL!

  131. well, he did have some information, so…..

  132. I was just amazed about “I said my piece and I felt much better” part. So this coach is all about himself, whether he said things to the team or not, whether he feels better or not, but pay no attention to whether the team took what he said or not, and whether the team feel better or not…….

    Just like he was complaining about the team lost focus, and how he reminded them three times, but sounds like he has no idea whether the team take his suggestion or not, and whether what he did helped them to focus or not.

  133. I know… he really had no idea what to do … I found out all these bad coaches all said the same.. “play harder, D…” only the talk but no solution?

  134. Pelicans game, DEN and many games that got blown up once Kobe went hero mode in Q4. They would be 9-7 for sure

    It’s quite unbelievable that a coach will not change things if the goal is to win games. But it’s also to appease Kobe so here we have with the Kobe Showtime

  135. This is MM interview w Scott?! How come I didn’t see any other reporter talked about this section?! “Scott has also said Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin doesn’t always appear comfortable running the offense.” Hope it’s not make Price be a starter?! Trade Lin? Weird? If this statement it’s true from Scott then tops should agree w him?!

  136. Sadly yes, Byron will do everything in his power to make Kobe be the hero (and if neccessary win games). It’s quite a circus, really

  137. Better than Price who has 0 Offense, can’t wait until that scrub is gone.

  138. Getting caught up on the below and I must say it’s very troubling. Everywhere jeremy goes it’s something. Now he is making the game too fast for an aging superstar and has a head coach who caters to that same superstar. Other than Jeremy’s overall game improving what is the upside with all of all this?

  139. I think Lin has gotten smarter on in how things are done in the NBA. Lin has tried to play the way the riules have been established, but they don’t apply to him. So I think this season is taking a different tactic, instead f the GM’s asking the players what they have to offer to the team,lin is using his business acumen in saying this is what I can bring to this team in a business sense. GM’s will listen because they know that athletes are only as good as their next game or injury. Lin has been building his brand in China. Adidas jumped on board with Lin because he is the most famous Asian American in the the US to influence the brand in China. He is with the Lakers’ which I think he will stay. Lakers are a business mined organization knowing that they have the foothold in China because of Kobe will be retiring, Lin will present him with a business opportunity to keep the Lakers foothold in China.Laker’s F/O is noticing that more Asian tours are coming in just because the signing of lin and they are coming in and buying out all of his products, trust me, this is not lost on the Lakers organization. So Lin keep up your stats.

  140. I noticed Scott complained about speed and was really puzzled by that. But all the various comments have me thinking it’s partly about keeping things at Kobe’s speed but I’m finally convinced Scott has McHale’s disease, just not as obvious and mean about it. These guys are jealous of his fame. Annoyed that an “outsider” to the NBA/draft farm system crashed their party. Intimidated by his Harvard smarts. I don’t think it’s racist…I think it’s basic human territorial pecking-order aversion that will not be cured any time soon. Then there’s Kobe who talks about liking aggressive teammates but doesn’t really like them to shine. Jeremy created a highlight-worthy play with Johnson and neither Scott nor Kobe were able to feel good about it.

  141. Wasn’t that just amazing? So revealing…and not in a good way.

  142. Long overdue. Scott is slow , stubborn, or both

  143. On twitter, Nathan Gottlieb asked Mark Medina what he meant
    by that “Lin doesn’t always appear comfortable running the offense” comment and Medina simply
    said “shot clock management.” Gottlieb tried to follow up but hasn’t gotten a response yet.

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/11/30/lakers-byron-scott-said-lineup-changes-are-coming-but-when/

  144. Upside is that either for basketball and/or business reasons, the FO got Jeremy’s back.

  145. You are right. If you watched the Lin-Johnson dunk video, you can see Boozer was very high on this but not Kobe… Kobe sure couldn’t take anyone outshine him on court. Scott just be the bad guy for Kobe… smh! Too bad, I always thought Kobe really likes Lin ?! Maybe he did but you just couldn’t do better than him on court.

  146. You nailed it. Wes is coming into his own because lin is bringing out the best in him, something that scott/kobe couldn’t figure out how to do it. Lin is making Davis look like a superstar. Kobe is trying to remain relevant in the NBA by being the top scorer in the league, but nobody is talking about that. Kobe has burned a lot of bridges in the past with sports media, and it is what it is. The last couple of games where lin has led the offense has been upbeat and fluid and worthy of NBA highlights.

  147. But Joyce he still needs to have some coach believe in him while in LA….it’s been awhile and to keep playing while looking over your shoulder is crazy. It doesn’t help him “on the court” but hopefully things will change. I just don’t trust Byron at all. He has been a bad coach for over a decade and is living off his past glory to get jobs

  148. i think kobe recognizes lin’s potential, but he is having a hard time relinquishing control. I personally thinks that mitch/.fo likes lin.

  149. MM will not reply for sure…

  150. If BS keeps up with his namesake, he may not survive past this season, assuming he can finish it.

  151. He loves basketball and will always work hard to be the best player possible, but he’s also one smart cookie (and smart enough not to shove it in anyone’s face) and I think you’re right Joyce. Maximize every option for creating his place in the game that is also a business. Big business.

  152. I also think FO likes Lin … I really want to know did FO feel the same way like Scott… the lose it’s on 3Q?! Run O too fast?! Can’t wait to see tonight’s game.

  153. I think Lakers will let Scott play out this season because they thought that he would be able to get kobe to a place of relinquishing control, but that has not happened. I think it was confirmed when Worthy called Scott out bc he could not tow the company line anymore because he knew what Showtime Lakers was all about.

  154. Notice how lin went out and got a patent team for all of his name brand. Notice how he pitched the isea to Addias to do an event at Foot lockers to do a welcome event for his fans. That was huge because fans turned out in huge numbers. Also he got stock in Youtube sportsnetwork which is the largest sportsnetwork online.

  155. Big game James definitely put down the gauntlet with that statement. Maybe Madsen will be the next Lawrence Frank and get the gig over BS is fired. Tonight’s game will show all of us what BS is thinking

  156. I think the Lakers are playing a dangerous game, if they intend to keep Lin. Lin is all about team bball & is too smart to stay w/a team that is Kobe focused. He has also learned from htown, how miserable it can be to play for a coach/org that throws him under the bus repeatedly. I think Lin knows what he brings to the table for any team & will choose another team that will let him play team ball w/possibility of helping that team to a championship, over the Lakers.
    I’m starting to dislike noCoach/Lakers, as much as noCoach/rox. There is too many similar patterns between the 2 orgs, not to take notice. I hope things change, but if not, I’d rather Lin get his numbers & leave next season. jmo

  157. Where do you hear him implying anything about Lin?

  158. Exactly. Mitc/FO knows that the 2015 free agency does not have any better PG’s than Lin. I think Mitch/FO buying their time to get kobe All-Star seat/MJ points and anything after that is fair game.

  159. Here’s the other part of this. Considering all he’s been through, Jeremy has got to be thinking about how to best organize his financial future in the event he is 1) unwanted 2) injured 3) would rather run his charities than sign up for more abuse. He is very disciplined and admirable about not cheapening himself by grasping every offer. He’s choosing carefully and building for a future that will enable him to afford his compassionate (Christian) outreach and mission.

  160. So regarding potential lineup change, Byron hinted towards Hill/Boozer and Lin?
    So Kobe’s role is not changing despite his ineffective ISOs. Plus Davis might replace Hill/Boozer.

    Will 3.6p/3.8a Price replace Lin in the lineup for his defense then?
    I doubt so but that would be hilarious to see.

    The article didn’t mention that Price and Ellington also struggled defending LaVine and Mo Williams.

    Kobe Bryant’s role isn’t changing for obvious reasons including his star stature and league-leading 26.7 points per game average. Scott has called out the Lakers’ frontcourt, including Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer, for their inconsistent communication on defensive pick-and-rolls. On Sunday, Scott lamented that his team only executes those coverages properly 30 percent of the time. Scott has also said Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin doesn’t always appear comfortable running the offense. He also sat out the final 3:45 of the Lakers’ loss on Friday to Minnesota because of defensive struggles against Minnesota guards Zach LaVine and Mo Williams, whom combined for 43 points.

  161. i think the Lakers have told Byron what they want from him, but he deviates from that because of kobe influense then it is on him. I think the F/O has promised kobe that they will ensure that he gets a seat to the All=star game/and he will succeed MJ points and that is it.

  162. Exactly

  163. I posted earlier Masden’s comments about the raptors and he did say that the biggest thing that Lowry brings to the table is that he makes other players around him better. I think Masden get that about lin.

  164. I’m not trusting that fo has Lin’s back. If they did, why aren’t they putting a stop to ‘blame Lin’s game’ for losses, to switch people’s focus from Scott/Kobe’s contributions. It started w/Lin’s lack of defense, aggressiveness, confidence, playing w/Kobe, FT…now it’s the pace. What will they come up w/next…he’s taking away too much attention from Kobe? smh

  165. I believe MM asked Scott about why Lin was benched in late 4Q vs Min… that’s why Scott talked about Lin… bc there’re lots of Lin’s fans sent the tweets to MM to ask him why he did ask Scott about that Lin’s bench… ?

    Still don’t believe FO will let Lin to be a bench for Price… unless they tried to trade Lin. I saw Clarkson did O practice w 2nd unit but no Price yesterday more like they are going to let Clarkson replace Price.

    Scott is acting like he is in charge but I really doubt… just like their last road game trip… before they took off he told the reporter that he wanted to let Price start over Lin?! But few days later…another reporter said Lakers’ FO open to let Price out?

  166. I hope you’re right Joyce. I think Lin & the Lakers could be good for each other, but Scott could ruin it. Lin likes being in LA, but he loves playing bball to win more than a/the team. I don’t have much confidence in Scott any more, but still hoping that the F/O are thinking like you.

  167. I personally think that this all on scott. Notice how Worthy called out Scott on his coaching ability in the last game. Worthy, Magic, AC , and Kabbar are very good friends. Worthy thought this out very carefully before he said anything, so he represents Magic/Jabbar/AC green in what he said. These guys re very good friends and they talk a lot and Mitch/FO/Jeannie Buss gives a lot of credence to what they think.

  168. Sometimes Lin will dribble and look indecisive when the shot clock is running down and sometimes give it Kobe. As he gets further into playing with the team that will become less of a problem. Lin is bringing out the athleticism in Wes and creating shots for Hill and Boozer. He evens finds Kobe in the low block some more. Lin hasn’t really had to play point guard for a long time but he’s improving. I don’t think Scott has any other options but to start Lin. Price is terrible, Clarkson really isn’t a PG and he hardly plays him.

  169. Price has been getting worse and worse in offense and defense (except for the 11pt game vs MEM)
    He’s not a viable option to replace Lin.

    Byron is only thinking replacing players if they can’t complement Kobe to win.
    Which is quite a nonsensical thing to do since defense know they only need to stop predictable Kobe offense in Q4, no matter who’s around Kobe.

    I guess we’ll see more losses with Kobe ISOs in Q4 with multiple different players around Kobe.
    We just have to be ready for the revolving lineup change around Kobe.

    The simple solution is to make Kobe play team-ball like in Q1-Q3 but I guess that’s deemed Mission Impossible in Q4 by Byron.

  170. I think if Kobe stops believing in Lin then he’s the one who decides who starts at any position, including PG. But, I think Lin is doing enough to show Kobe some things. I don’t know if it is enough for Kobe, but I think Lin has stepped up in recent games. I’d like to see better play from him in the last 4 minutes though, that’s where we know he can do much, much better. I think he knocks down 1 shot with 1 minute left, or makes a crucial steal or knocks down big free throws they’ll get more confident with Lin at end-of-game situations.

  171. That is because that is the compromise, let lin lead the squad in the 3 quarters and the 4th Quarter belongs to kobe to be the hero of the game.

  172. So who should Davis replace, Hill or Boozer? Now it makes sense why Mitch and Scott where both looking at Boozer and Hill during practice.

  173. To tell the truth, I really don’t care that much about Lakers L or W now bc of Scott… I just want Lin to get his good stats. I think Kobe maybe is getting worst game by game due to long playing time … he is 36 but his playing time always longer than Lin who is 26?!

  174. Is that a joke??? Unless Kobe isn’t playing, TWC is just fooling with fans. It will be Kobe, simply because he gets the ball most.

  175. Let’s vote for Lin.

  176. This said #2 not #1, so no need to worry about Kobe. He is #1 for sure.

  177. Oops sorry read it wrong. My bad. I guess I’m letting my frustration get to me. Back to my cave.

  178. A speculative Lin fan-girl moment: In the Min-Lal Post Game thread, CJSHYY posted a vid of Jeremy introducing himself that played on the Lakers home court screen. He was asked to describe himself in one word and he said “Californian”. I was pretty surprised…not “basketball player”, not even “Christian”…but CALIFORNIAN. Well…obviously as LAJane I’m pleased 🙂 And as a world-traveler when asked where I’m from I’m often inclined to say “Californian” rather than “American” just because Cali is such a WIDE-OPEN culture that it seems distinctly it’s own universe. After his stints in places as diverse as Cambridge/Boston, NYC, Texas, and travels in Asia, perhaps he feels the same. Whatever is happening with the Lakers, it must be a big comfort to him to be here in LA.

  179. i think the only way we could escape from this nightmare is Boston trying to shop Rondo and get Jeremy. And we’re still trying to fantasize what Jeremy’s future could be… These things simply seem neverending. But God knows. Everything happens for a reason. Like Isaiah wrote:

    Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
    We are the clay, you are the potter;
    we are all the work of your hand.

    thankfully Jeremy is approaching it in the best way he can. Thank you Jeremy. You are showing us what means to go thru adversities and deal them as a man.

  180. I so know what you mean. I’ve been jumpy too.

  181. That’s normal, everyone feels pride in the city or state they’re born in.

  182. Yes last game was a great example of Kobe getting worse by game. He should be the one get 29/30 minutes per game not Lin! BS is stupid. Watch Kobe break down due to playing too many minutes for his age.

  183. I think Lakers are doing some underground movement with lin. I think jeannie buss/F/O like lin. but they also made promises to kobe. I thin they have have two movements going on in what happens on court and what is happening in a business aspect. Also let’ s keep it real the season ticket holders are asian americans and they are going to cater to them. Kobe was the man with them, so as Kobe is being phased out they are trying to phase in LIN.

  184. I have no doubt Jeremy is being truthful but you gotta admit that’s pretty smart too. What better way to endear himself to LA fans than by pointing out how much he loves it there and identifies with them. Way to go, J.

  185. Except those product profits are distributed to all of NBA not just Lakers.

  186. Oh the tangled webs we weave! A guru I traveled with in my hippie-ish youth was once asked what was the most difficult thing in life. His answer: “Relationships” LOL

  187. Bc they just want to make sure no one can do better than Kobe in score.. fewer playing time will make sure Lin will not outshine Kobe.

  188. That is lin

  189. I don’t think so. Rondo got 2 points w 10 AS today in 30 min. Lakers needs someone to score for them… I don’t believe they will pay max contract for AS only.

  190. @linspiredinca @drbrucehirsch Lineup changes could be coming. Medina hints Lin could be part of that. I agree, could happen.— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) November 30, 2014

  191. Lakers are not bringing Rondo to LA, he can’t shoot and he needs the ball in his hands to be effective.

  192. I don’t beleive that for one second..smh

  193. We’ve seen so many coaches get fired after 1 season, I won’t be surprised if the same thing happens to Scott.

  194. Yeah just read it wrong and went all indignant and jumpy. Sorry.

  195. The part I like: “go thru adversity and deal with them as a man.” A man. Not a nervous kid, not a delusional wanna-be, not a spoiled diva.

  196. Me too. Scott just complained about Lin didn’t feel comfortable to run O… anyway, sometimes I think Lin’s fans shouldn’t ask MM to ask Scott about Lin bc Scott sure would not say…he likes Lin so much that’s why he rest him in late 4Q not bench him?! He sure would say something bad to prove his decision it’s right.. smh!

  197. yup, I also don’t pay too much attention with W and L since Byron put Kobe’s individual performance above Laker wins.

    BTW, do you know that you’re the current leader of JLin Stats Poll with 3 wins for the season? 😀
    Great job!


  198. I doubt it, after averaging a double double? BS’s not that stupid, some said it was either Hill or Boozer.

  199. no scott wants it to be the kobe show in the end. this is what this is about,

  200. Exactly. Kobe will not allow that to happen… So is Rondo will not allow Kobe to handle the ball for him. Fight!!! LOL!

  201. Yup. It’s AllLin 🙂

  202. I’m glad more Lin fans here focus more on Lin’s performance vs Lakers W/L because it’s becoming clear that Byron Scott put Kobe’s individual performance in Q4 as a higher priority than winning teamball in Q1-Q3.

    So let’s enjoy Lin being assertive in Q1-Q3 with his drives, 3pt shooting, growing chemistry with Boozer/Wes/Davis/Hill.
    In Q4, let’s hope Lin finds his role to be the scorer/facilitator/defender in playing Kobe-ball

  203. I know but Kobe failed then now he blamed Lin for the lose?! If Kobe didn’t miss that 2 FT he would be a hero now.

  204. I will be very disappointed if Lin has to come off the bench.

  205. BTW, here is the current leaders of JLin Stats Poll for the season.

    After 16 games, @CJSHYY:disqus is in the lead with 3 wins with 5 people following closely with 2 wins

    # of Wins UserName
    3 @CJSHYY
    2 @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus , @caliusmc, @dinomite (michael), @pops, @samvictor

    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/2014-15-jlin-stats-poll-winners/#sthash.B6PWhx8I.dpuf

  206. I just hope and pray he stays assertive and not let all this garbage get to him. I’m nervous about our boy tonight, but trying to stay positive and optimistic.

  207. Thanks. 🙂

  208. Amen. Yes, I think he’s learning what to do and not to do with each game.
    Lin is smart enough to figure out how to squeeze life lemons to lemonade :]

  209. That’s quite impressive!
    I figure you’ll share your secret a bit later when you have a commanding lead? :]
    I still need to get my 1st win haha…

  210. I am good w number… LOL! Just lucky!!!

  211. To start whom….CP3 ain’t walking through the door

  212. Yeah, he’s out of rhythm a lot when he returns which is usually the 6 to 5 minute mark of the 4th quarter. Worthy made a point of that.

  213. Don’t be too sure of that.

    Byron Scott is just looking for any excuse to bench Lin, even if it costs the Lakers games.

  214. No, I don’t want Jeremy Lin playing behind Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley.

    While I’m really high on Marcus Smart, I am not high enough on him to proclaim him better than Lin.

    Bradley is definitely not as good as Lin.

  215. Wouldn’t be surprised. Scott has demonstrated an inability from the outset

  216. I’m really not putting that much weight on that statement. I don’t know, I kind of agree with it. He doesn’t always appear comfortable. Not yet. He’s getting there. It is a strange comment to make without saying that he is improving noticeably in recent games.

  217. so it is not a quote?

  218. Dammit, Price got away!

    I’m not talking about Ronnie Price who I’d love to see get away. I’m talking AJ Price who was just claimed by Cleveland off waivers.

    I don’t understand why the Lakers didn’t want him. The guy is a bona fide NBA player who just came off a very solid stint in Indiana. He would be such a massive upgrade over Ronnie Price.

    Tanking, roster flexibility, whatever – it all smacks of LOSING.

  219. So did we staying at home watching the game.

  220. Because the tanking theory is true? Lol jk

  221. Smart McDonough – he has three of those kinds of players in Dragic, Bledsoe, and Thomas!

    Lin would fit right in with those guys if Dragic walked.

  222. Here are my plausible translations to the quotes reported by MM:

    “Lin doesn’t always appear comfortable running the offense”
    “Lin doesn’t always appear comfortable in giving Kobe the ball and get out of the way”

    “shot clock management”
    “waste too much time before giving the ball to Kobe”

  223. Sportswriters spew clueless garbage, just like the American media takes every chance it can to criticize Asians.

  224. 1) FO also has to cater to Kobe.
    2) FO intends to re-sign Lin next year, so they don’t want his stock to go too high right now as to attract competing bidders.

  225. If you get lucky again in the next 3 games, I’ll ask you for a lotto numbers :]

  226. @BbaLLMajoR I honestly wonder if race plays into it (subconsciously)— Robin Lundberg (@robinlundberg) November 29, 2014

  227. Someone commented in starting line up change article.

    5 hours ago
    Projected starting line up
    PG: J Lin
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Wayne Ellington
    PF: Davis
    C: J Hill
    I think this is the best we got right now, Swaggy should still come off the bench to
    give us a spark. Ronnie Price starting over J Lin?? he’s coming off the bench.

    Do you like this line up?

  228. What are your numbers for lin tonight?

  229. I thought we can’t use profanity here?

  230. I’m telling you man, the lakes are tanking! LOL

  231. Thanks for removing the profanity

  232. yes, he quickly corrected it. Thanks for helping with the reminder :]

  233. Sorry I just did copy & paste.

  234. You give BS too much credit.

  235. Hope it’s Kobe that would give the Lakers a better chance to win.

  236. Also that he had defensive struggles against LaVine and Williams who scored 43 pts, according to MM.

  237. Mods, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but tip-off count down on main page is always off. But, the same countdown within game thread is correct.

  238. 18pts/8ast.

  239. I need one for myself too… LOL!

  240. Who is the player? Clarkson?

  241. Will BS ever take responsibility for this down fall Lakers?

  242. Dear Jeremy,

    I know your coach said you were struggling in offense last game. He’s right, you are surprisingly bad. How could you manage only double double but not triple double in 3 quarters?? How could you manage only one ally opp with Wes? You should make it happen with all your teammates. And most importantly, you should try your very best to make Kobe hero of the night, too bad I don’t see your effort here. Anyway, your smart coach has found a triple double (zero) guy to replace you soon.


    Kidding aside, I hope Jeremy pad his stats as much as he can. He should know he is only allowed to play 3 quarters with max 30 min. Keep aggressive as he said. I can’t wait to see what excuses they use to justify taking away his starter position or benching a 18/8 guy in Q4.

  243. I was surprised that Worthy said what he did on national TV. I would think he would have spoken to Byron Scott about that in private, and he didn’t have that sheepish expression on his face like the last time when he criticized Kobe.

  244. Yes, I think the player facing the camera is Clarkson.

  245. Imagine those two dancing to the tune.

  246. Never, until he gets fired then media will point the finger towards him!

  247. Lets hope the lineup is change is Clarkson playing backup over Price.

  248. Rajon Rondo: 31 mins, 1-5 shooting & 10 assists tonight

  249. New game thread everyone.

  250. I think Clarkson will play tonight. But I would prefer Price over Clarkson bc Price is not good… LOL! If Clarkson plays well then he may takes more Lin’s playing time since Scott is not really fond of Lin. But Price is not good in O so…

  251. Right, give it another 13 losses then he’ll be “closer” to “IT”.

  252. Max contract numbers by non-Asian standard.

  253. I used to like Rajon Rondo when Celtic won Championships and had the big 3, his handles, passing and dribbling skills are great something Lin can great improve on. But now it’s all about Stephen Curry and his 3 point shooting skills even Chris Paul has taken a backseat. If Warriors manages to win Championship this year they’d be the first team in years to win with a PG centric team. Spurs are more of a PF, Duncan centric team.

  254. I thought BS likes Lin when he just hired by Lakers as a head coach, he praised Lin and now what changed? Just because Kobe not happy with Lin taking away his spotlight? This is getting ridiculous! Winning is not important anymore? I thought BS said he needs to control Kobe’s minutes?
    Big talker but action shows totally opposite!

  255. Patience is one thing. Watching the team destruct is another

  256. Anyone knows who is Librafree? This person always has close shots and must be that Josh Fan?

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