G17 TOR @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lakers finally won against a good team in TOR Raptors who is #1 team in the Eastern Conference. Lakers is undefeated (3-0) against Eastern Conference teams!

Despite struggling with his shooting tonight, Lin stayed aggressive to shoot them when he had a chance.

Lin finished with 11pts/3asts/3rebs/2stls and 0TOs in 35 min with OT. He only shot 3-11 (1-5 3PT) but made crucial 4FTs in OT.

There were occasions where he could have finished drives but he chose to pass the ball out because he was being too careful and feed his open teammates to make shots. But in a game where Kobe hit a triple-double and was hot with crisp passing and shooting, I thought Lin adjusted very well in Q4 and OT.

He simply played his PG safely to feed Kobe first, or distributed to his teammates (Wes with a timely 3), played good defense on Kyle Lowry not allowing much penetration and finally hit his clutch 4 FTs to ice the game. As Lin fans, we might not like it but in a game where Kobe got the hot hands, it’s the right thing to feed Kobe the ball. I also thought Byron wanted Lin to not be over-aggressive in the 4th quarter to let Kobe be the finisher.

Kobe also passed 3 times in Q1 to find Lin to make his 3pt shots. On the 3rd time, Lin finally hit it. So it’s good to see Kobe looking for Lin to drain his 3PT shots but Lin just didn’t have them tonight. All NBA players have on and off night. The difference is what they do to help their teams win.

We thought Lin wouldn’t come back in the 4th quarter, but he did with 5:34 left so I gave credit for Byron to give Lin chances to show he can be trusted in the crunch time. And Lin did.

So I would still give Lin a grade of B-.  Despite his shooting struggles, he did what he needed to do not being overaggressive, distribute the ball to give chances for his team to win. And made his opportunities to use his clutch FTs to ice the game. That’s what a good PG should do to help his team to win even when he has a bad shooting night.

The bottom line is even when Lin struggling to find his shots, he delivered in crunch time with 4FTs and good decision-making to distribute the bal.  Lin helped the Lakers to seal the necessary win against a great team. He wasn’t a liability on defense and he found his teammates well. This should earn Byron Scott’s trust in Lin more in future games.

The stark contrast was Ellington subbing for Lin with 3 min left in the MIN game but LAL blew the lead being outscored 4-8. And Lakers lost.


  1. 🙂

  2. Second. Slow in this round:-)

  3. Just watched the OT….Why was Lin fouling Lowery for that last drive?

  4. look like a soft call but yea just let him score

  5. bad foul by Lin. He should just get out of Lowry’s way

  6. rip beth. what a season 🙁

  7. The Linning queen is clutch!

  8. We are watching too! WTH…….Just saw that like 30 secs ago.

  9. I don’t get why she did that…. They could have all died..

  10. Kobe can play unlimited minutes so long as the game goes in slow mo. Speed is one of Lin’s strengths. This Lakers team cares more about making Kobe look good than winning. Lin is being suffocated and needs to escape ASAP.

  11. I guess it is about the contract….

  12. huh

  13. That actress……

  14. hehe

  15. Come on guys. No spoilers.

  16. LOL my bad

  17. huh asdfas ;p

  18. I was gonna edit my original post. guess someone deleted it already ;p

  19. Wouldn’t call that yelling just Kobe calling out Lin for his mistake, something about keep dribbling?

  20. yep, I think so too.

  21. I did.

  22. Ha it is like…who cares how Kobe plays…I know how to play myself..

  23. LOL someone didn’t like spoilers :]
    I don’t watch it so I have no idea what’s going on

  24. Zen.

  25. He was not nice when he walked to the bench but later seemed to be OK… it’s about game plan I guess?! But you know it’s really too noise so you need to yell sometimes if they didn’t sit next to each other…

  26. is this lin on himself or kobe on lin on kobe lol

  27. dunno why she’s not watching it. it ended few hrs ago!

  28. yeah, one is powered by rage, the other is powered by peace.
    No problem with that :] Each player is different

  29. Well I know this…when I’m on tilt, I make really bad decisions.
    Maybe Kobe is mentally blocking out all the times he is mad and missing shot after shot in the final minutes.

  30. I didn’t know what he meant until Brent said “we’re watching too” lol. I blame Brent 😛

  31. what are they talking about

  32. Jeremy lin made a cameo in the season-finale!

  33. lin is listening to him. Somebody posted that they saw lin talking to the players showing them things on offense.

  34. when was this

  35. Today.

  36. lol at what point sound like defense stuff

  37. Each on himself.
    Kobe: I’m better when mad.
    Lin: I’m better at peace.

  38. this was not yelling

  39. Yin Yang?

  40. When Kobe walked to bench it’s but that’s the way Kobe talked to lots of teammates…Like last time to Young… Don’t think he tried to be bad but still don’t like it.

  41. good news it seem lin has taken over 10 shots last 4 games

  42. Force and the dark side…

  43. no it wasnt. people are screaming announcers in the background. alot of people near talking. he shouted but yell no

  44. yea i think so lol yin/yang

  45. Re-post: Jeremy’s post-game interview.

  46. what did he say? not listening to him

  47. Just realized Lin was not in the game late in 4Q…..WTH….well whatever….refs will cheat on him anyway.

  48. You mean when he was pulled out for “defense”?

  49. yep…I muted the feed…not sure why…

  50. B minus? This is a really hard game to grade. Regulation looked like a C. But, it was a pretty good OT for him, though I would have liked to see a FG or 2. We did sort of see one with the breakaway layout/goaltend. He didn’t make any big errors, so, yeah B minus seems about right.

  51. Only like few sec for Price to guard Lowery for the drive.

  52. “Lin and the Walking Dead “LOL

  53. 11, 15, 9, 15, 11 lin shot attemps last 5 games

  54. His USG% for this game probably is less than 5%? LOL

  55. wow…symmetric…

  56. I was listening to it but tuned out when Ireland said “you’re always humble about your record”… sorry.

  57. true, defense and offense purpose.
    I guess BScott felt justified when Lowry pushed Price for an offensive foul

  58. They don’t look happy for some reason…

  59. what do you mean

  60. M…..so I guess if it was Lin, Lowry would not get that foul

  61. Yeah but he lost the PG role to Kobe.

  62. Palindrome 🙂

  63. true, had it been completed in regulation, Lin would got a C or C-
    But OT gave him chances to play a safe PG and drained 4 clutch FTs.

    Good for Lin and our sanity/peace LOL

  64. Yes I was looking for this word….LOL

  65. Nervous parents. It’s normal.

  66. so you insulted me

  67. “The Walking Dead” TV series

  68. 😛

  69. Isn’t that another word for Elephants? :]

  70. lol

  71. didn’t like his me me me smiling.

  72. and mentally blocking out how getting mad takes the life out of his teammates.

  73. nice observations.
    So if Lin follows the pattern, he’ll shoot 15 in the next game!

  74. ok have a laugh still over 10 shots is important especially with the low ft shots this year . you know since refs are against him it seems this year.

  75. refs would give Lowry FTs.
    So I guess we should give credit for BScott for knowing refs hate Lin LOL

  76. Hi Everyone!

    (WARNING: long post up ahead. lol)

    First of all, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to the creator of this website, as well as all the mods here at JlinPortal! I’m so happy that we all have a place like this. I used to lurk on the other (net) site, but hardly posted because the trolls were seriously such a damper on things.

    I’m really happy to see so many of my favorite posters here as mods. It’s so much more fun when we can all discuss and have friendly conversations or debate. 🙂

    Anyways, I’ll admit that I was quite disappointed with the way the Laker season was turning out. Kobe stood up for Jeremy in the beginning and was vocal about it… but then his actions on the court were conflicting. From my perspective, it seemed like he wanted to win, but not as much as he wanted to be in control, and “surpass” MJ’s legacy (whether in pts. or “hero balls…”). Byron Scott was also another HUGE HUGE letdown. I don’t know if any of you have seen my earliest postings (when the season first started), but I was pretty optimistic about him as a coach. Boy, was he just talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    I just don’t know. Is it the coach that doesn’t appreciate Jeremy, or is it because he’s trying to pander to Kobe? I’m guessing it’s both… I just don’t understand a lot of his decisions. Is it out of personal bias or does it have something to do with the FO/Kobe?

    I saw joyceward’s post on this- and I happen to think that once Kobe surpasses MJ’s points, BS won’t be here for long. Unless they want to tank. Opinions on this? Tank or not?

    Having said all this, I’m also so thankful for where Jeremy is now. He’s a starter. He can get his stats and work towards that next contract. He does have more opportunities here now that he’s in LA. And regardless of whether LA will tank this year or not, there WILL be attention giving to Lakers because they’re the Lakers. And because of that, Jeremy WILL get to shine as the season goes on. Even if the coach tries to undermine him, people will see.

    Ha, remember when we would have been content even if he went to the Sixers? Yeah, I think he dodged a bullet there big time. I mean the weather would have been horrible for him, ya know? ;P (JK… you know what I’m talking about!)

    Lastly, did you guys see Landry Fields check in with just 2 seconds in the end? OUCH. How humiliating is that? I looked up his stats… and man has he fallen big time. He’s not even a bench guy… he’s lucky if he even gets ONE to FIVE minutes. Even ONE minute is a LUXURY for him, because he’s been logging 0 mins. for almost all the games this season.


    Same with Novak too… I just looked him up, and DANG, logging 0 min. most every nights…. Jared Jeffries is out of the league. Tony Douglas out too (overseas)… Carmelo A is fine but look at the Knick’s record. 4-14. Not better than Laker’s position, huh?

    This really put things in perspective for me, in terms of looking at where Jeremy is now. We have a lot to be happy for, for Jeremy. Of course I’m not saying it won’t be rough… but it could be worse.

    Jeremy’s got the tools he needs to succeed, and I really do think he’ll find his way eventually. So let’s enjoy this journey together! (Hey- might as well pop the popcorns as we scream in misery when they lose. hehe) 😀

  77. When I was driving….I asked my wife….how many shots did Lin take…..she said 11…and I was happy…LOL

  78. hope so low ft means you need more shots to get points

  79. it doesn’t take much to make you happy :]
    Great way to live!

  80. Only reason I know this is because my name is a palindrome 😛

  81. Watch media outside of LA will just give his accomplishments a blimp on the screen. IO hope they don’t respond because that is what he wants everybody to say how great he is.LOL

  82. Then she told me only 3 made…..I was like…….darn you Kobe…Then I overtook 2 more semi…

  83. what’s the first half of your name?

  84. If Lin didn’t get robbed from 2 FTs by the ref on that one drive, he’ll get 13/3/3

  85. Anna?

  86. Ah, I see my comment posted below is waiting to be approved? 🙂 Hope some of the mods here see it!


  87. Banana?

  88. He never had it FROM Kobe in the first place.

  89. One positive thing is Lin get his first 0 TO game this season in his 17th game!
    YEAH, Lin!


  90. they will share it as always kobe wont avrage12 assist.

  91. That’s not a p

  92. you have a The Good Wife

  93. I wish there are games that you can have negative TOV numbers…

  94. LOL

  95. Yeah, I approved bunch of posts in moderation. Not sure why they were there in the first place.

  96. lleblub? :]

  97. Is that a good show worth watching?

  98. @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus always said that…LOL

  99. lol braniac there called assist. lol palin esc

  100. um, … yeah! Really like the writing.

  101. Welcome. Feel free to browse this site.

  102. No…..it is not….mathematically incorrect

  103. yes whats the opposite of a turnover

  104. steal?

  105. lol im messing with him like he did me

  106. No….You can not add TOV and AST together, hence AST is not the negative TOV. Also TOV does not mean you will lose pts, but ast means you gained pts.

  107. You’re easy to please.

  108. negative tov really palin. cn you see africa from your backyard lmao.

  109. I don know…I don have a back yard…I guess that means Africa does not exists LOL #JK..

  110. Negative TOV = Palin Drone?

  111. in the comment section “When you know the baby is not yours”……..LMAO

  112. we all agree palin is not smart but hot. wish she was president it would be hot but embarrassing at the sametime

  113. U screwed up. Lol.

  114. Wow…lol

  115. I think it’s in moderation again bc I edited it? Haha. It’s okay though. It’s good you guys are strict on this!

  116. It’s a nice post, I tried to reply but got blocked. Thanks for a good post.

  117. I notice if you use the contracted version of “he will” it will be screened.

  118. Lin gets robbed of something EVERY game, except in TOs and PFs, which the refs super-size for free.

  119. Sneaky aren’t ya? 😛

  120. Athletes that play better when they get angry can only draw on the raw emotions for strength. It’s a powerful force for sure. IMO, it’s a force that can also betray you. In a game where only physicality is needed, then that raw emotion can add to your power; but then so is the power of faith and true personal belief. Lin’s powerful faith in himself and in his God powers him equally as powerfully as any strong negative emotion kobe can muster.

    There is a VERY VERY BIG DIFFERENCE between drawing from anger and drawing from personal faith. LIN can remain in complete control of his full faculties and work through his tactics with clarity and focus. Kobe on the other hand riskes losing his cool in the heat of the moment and mismanaged his focus by making crucial errors in judgement. Such is the case as his late game antics of wild shot selections. They are made with the madness of self induced anger and desperation.

    As a tennis coach, I teach that my students must master 3 physical skills as well as 3 mental skills. The Physical skills are Stroke production, speed, quickness and footwork and lastly endurance. The three mental skills are, tactics and strategy, mental toughness and then finally the most important of all, HEART. I’d you have mental toughness, everything else becomes easier to attain. Without it, any small obstacle can make you give up. This is what Kobe has. But mental toughness isn’t enough to get beyond to greatness. It takes heart to see beyond the heat of the moment to evaluate the importance of your actions beyond just beating someone into doing what’s right for not just yourself, but for the team. It takes heart to beat back the hot redness in your mind to decide on the right actions to take to win.

    In team sports, it’s easier with coaches to do that for you. That’s why great coaches can get so much out of players while poor ones repeatedly fail and continue to blame it on their players. Scott and Mchale will never be the kind of coach that can draw out the best in a player because they are too busy covering their own inadequacies. Kobe is hitching himself up to someone who is enabling him to be selfish but fail to see that he needs the help of a guide and fresh perspectives to help him see through what is being done to him. Kobe believes that his own anger can power and amp up his physical skills to blindly over power his opponents. He completely disregards the fact that the game has changed and that he is now fighting 1 vrs 5. That’s the disadvantage of using anger to fuel your game.

  121. there’s a hint of positively dry humor and Silver LIN-ing that might be well disguised there :>

    It’s not that hard to have 0 TOVs when Kobe played PG but hey.. Lin finished the game and helped Lakers won!

  122. Yes Sir!

  123. Not sure why but I had to approve your comment. Sorry about that…
    Welcome and make yourself comfortable. It will be a long season!

  124. Sorry. I approved it.

  125. kobes way worked for him. to each his own. mj was like kobe anger chip on shoulder like players. lin isnt that way which is ok. again to each his own

  126. Give me ten you scrub!

  127. lol

  128. Welcome……post more!!

  129. you heard him ten push ups

  130. He’s a troll but scrub works too 🙂

  131. Just like Lin…I can live with that…LOL

  132. MJ had Phil to guide him through and MJ understood how important his teamates were to his success.

    Can’t say that about Kobe now. Never mind what’s happening to LIN. Look at what he wasted with Gasol, Howard and NASH. That was a team with potential that Kobe wasted by his anger chip.

  133. Welcome! Hope to hear more from you. NO more lurking:-)

  134. I am so glad you are against anger as a winning tool. It cannot win to create community. That’s as much as saying a hammer cannot build a house. You also need sandpaper and love.

    Kobe being mono dimensional and many people cannot see that clearly. Thanks for your post.

  135. mj was the same when phil left in Washington. great coach is vital

  136. Welcome, @disqus_xvokrtwAxr:disqus :>
    Absolutely a great perspective!

    Lin is making the best of his opportunity in LA.
    It’s not easy to play next to Kobe but it’s even harder to get a compliment from Kobe wanting to mentor him to be a championship PG. Whether it’s a lip service or not, Lin is a starting PG for the Lakers like you said!

    He could be a backup PG in 7ers, backup PG in Houston getting 22-25 min a night but he’s getting 30 min/gm and still adjusting. Two double-double for the season w/o hitting his stride yet. The best is yet to come :]

    Yes, please post more of your insights like Brent said!

  137. I think they’d look different at a Linsanity game.

  138. Welcome, I was earlier but got locked in mod. Great Post!

  139. Is that personal attack according to your regulation?

  140. Shumpert is doing well. I wish the Lakers could get him. Good defensive player.

  141. What happens to the policy of no personal attack since the word like McH#ll is not allowed here but Palin-drone is ok?

    BTW those of you thinking you’re smart but in reality you’re reacting just like sheep. Sarah Palin responded to a question from Charles Gibson about her foreign policy experience by saying that you could see Russia from Alaska.

    SNL took it a step further in satire to use the “house” phrase.

  142. Very. And u replied with banana so fast I’ll assume ur name is Anna Llebulb. (Blame Psalm for revealing your last name as well)

  143. Shifu, I need to sign up for some Golf Mental lessons. Pronto :]

    That Kobe definitely has mental toughness but angry HEART so he can’t stop beating up those criminals senseless in his mind even if they are just tempting him to repeatedly miss swinging his batons.

    In this game, Kobe managed to land his batons a few times and lend his batons to his teammates so I give some credit to this kind-hearted crime-fighter. Let’s hope he continues to be a good cop to share :]

  144. kobes way works. he is a hall of famer

  145. S Palin to me represents a lot of what’s wrong with people in leadership positions thinking it’s all about them. She quit her job halfway too. Personally, since I’m not a Mod, I don’t mind Palin jokes.

  146. see my answer below.

  147. sure it does …

  148. he also has 5 rings

  149. What kind of last name is Llebulb? lol

  150. sure he did it his way lol. I think there were many others on that train a loooong time ago.

  151. palin jokes cures world hunger didnt you know

  152. Lots of people don’t mind personal attack either but why being double standards?

    She resigned because for the good of her state which was sued by the radical left tried to destroy her but that another topic for another site.

  153. it sure worked enough to win 5 rings.
    But if he’s more like MJ to trust his teammates more, he can win more than 5. Plus All-Stars would come to play with him to win rings.

    Just like Drexler joined Olajuwon, Rodman joined MJ, etc.
    When you can make enemies your friends to win more, that’ the sign of greatness. Kobe’s individual greatness prevent him from sharing the glory with younger All-Stars

  154. he still is a hof and has 5 rings regardless

  155. it does feed lots of brainwashed people.

  156. Fantasy Weekly: The Rondo Problem

    What has caused the guard’s struggle from the foul line?


    Rondo is shooting an NBA-worst 30.0 percent from the line on 2.3 attempts per game. Before this season, Rondo was the only player in NBA history to shoot below 60 percent from the free-throw line while averaging 10 or more assists (2010-12). Now he’s the first to do it below 50 percent. And 40. And 35.

  157. Hey JT, you see it all the time in sports, like the biters or low blows, the late hits and flagrant fouls. The power to fuel extra effort is a double edge sword. Anyone that’s played sports know how it feels to get into that false “hero” mode. It’s not pretty and opponets are actually laughing at you.

    It’s now clear to me that others in the league, media and players see it. They are nolonger laughing with Kobe anymore. They are now snickering behind his back and he may already know it. There is a sense of desperation in his actions. What are the5 stages of denile again…lol

  158. If he were a HOF he’d be retired and not making Lin play in slow mo.

  159. but is that saying mch. he has 5 if he played like jordan he would have 6. my point his way is his way to each his own. wo are we to say if he chang he would be this or that. if you change him then he is not kobe is he

  160. Regardless, many people have things. Think they are ‘right’? What you have bro, and what you are. I’d rather be than have.

  161. not quite changing names disrespectfully.
    More like the play of words for Palindrome

    I actually do like Sarah Palin and respects her convictions

  162. According to whom she’s not smart? You and your brainwashed friends?

  163. I am grateful to Palin for one reason only, Tina Fey.

  164. Depends. He wouldn’t get those 5 rings if he wasn’t forced by Phil Jackson to play team ball. Having Shaq and Gasol ain’t bad.

  165. Yeah, but he’s a cumudgenly troll that gets away with it.

  166. Maybe we should not talk about politics? It could get heated.

  167. stages of denial, lol.

    I sure hope so, the shift you write of. This SAS style + Lin Brand of BBall. Gives me hope for a lot of things for humanity, because if all our big money organizations and pastimes are corrupted, the the average people have very little to aspire to. Then we just watch TV and go to work like cogs in a machine. What will we teach our kids?

  168. That’s word of respectful to you drone next to someone name? SMH

  169. You got is sista! It was illogical because it gave Kobe credit for the 5 rings.

  170. I personally don’t have any intention to disrespect Sarah Palin since it wasn’t changing the Palin name and a play of words for Palindrome. As I said I actually respect her convictions.

    But to avoid heated discussion on politics which can be distracting, I’ll delete my comment

  171. sas style of ply wont work for everyone

  172. boo psalm, heh heh. The convictions part, not your word play.

  173. It’s not even politic, it’s personal attack to me. Totally against the policy of what I once thought here.

  174. I agree. And I apologize if it’s offensive to you.
    I deleted it

  175. good one!

  176. Kobe did this for two reason: he didn’t like lin running the offense the last game and although Kobe got his points, lin was passing the ball to the player with the best look. So Wes, Hill, and Davis looked good. Then Scott invented this so called, lost the game in 3 qtr, and when he couldn’t sell that, he went to something like clock management and speeding up the game, meaning that game was too fast for kobe/and kobe didn’t get enough touches and plus the brought out Wes’s game in which neither one of them could do and not to mention lin’s double/double. He also wanted all the praise for himself tonight. Lin needs to just stay focused and get his stats when he plays. The way that kobe is playing, he is not going to last a full season.

  177. tmback – to me I don’t observe good values. Same as I am lin fan because I see good values in and by him. so FWIW anyway.

  178. Same as MJ. I respect their work ethic. Really phenomenal. The thing though is, this is a 5-man sport. This ain’t golf or boxing or some other individual sport. The ultimate goal that you are winning for, a championship ring, is hard to impossible to achieve if you are playing as an individual in a sport that requires 5 players.

  179. well still his mentality didnt change it hard to say because you think this way you get this reward. as i keep saying kobe is kobe lin is lin

  180. Thank you.

  181. you’re a swell guy, psalm. not taking sides, I like Palin jokes and for that, I’m willing not to be Mod. I like riding free.

  182. Yes, for sure won’t work for Kobe as Kobe shows every game.

  183. lol mj once punch kerr for not passing him the ball in practice. they shard the ball but still they had the same mentality they’ve always had

  184. yeah, kobe seems to always leave out that little detail. His performance was showing lin that he is the top dog on this team and nobody light shines brighter than his. I went through my tweet line and so far no major sports outlet has commented on his performance yet.

  185. Nice to meet you … from your friendly resident troll.

  186. Kobe is Kobe and Jeremy is Jeremy. No questions on their individual work ethics. But on the floor, once the buzzer signals the start of the game, the winning mentality and attitude is Kobe FOR Lakers and Jeremy FOR Lakers.

  187. It does not matter…..He is a star, and Lin is a scrub

  188. Joyce, I love your read because while they won tonight, I think Kobe and BSc just put Lin in coolie position again and someone (like you) has to call it out and I love reading what you write because you say with what is sensible. (hope the word coolie doesn’t offend people, but I’ve been thinking that lately).

  189. every player gets help would duncan win without parker or ginobli. it dont take anything away from his accomplishments

  190. Yes, Lin just needs to stay patient to help Kobe gets his personal goals and Laker wins.

    Good things will come to those who are patient. Father Time will eventually come.
    Until then, Lin can be a good solider to develop great chemistry with his teammates in the current system

  191. Rondo has a ring.

  192. Yes yes, but I doubt the Kobe FOR Lakers thing. He gives it good lip service, fool me once lucky I’m new to LAL.

  193. my point is this kobe like jordan has a anger to his play. mj was not picked to his high school bball team. he held that in till his hall of fame conference bringing that coach up. some player play with anger to get motivated other dont. its there way

  194. So what? If Jordan punched Kerr within an actual live game then that is really questionable. Having the same mentality doesn’t automatically translate to disagreeing and spitting fire against each other in team games.

  195. kobe is the greatest laker of all time. he has 5 rings to his name if he didnt care he would leave. also unlike most players his whole career was with one team

  196. I knew this was going to be Kobe designated his star status on the team and nobody else. What Kobe needs to careful of is that lin also has huge following in China and he is building his brand slowly and everybody loves the Lakers and kobe over there, so he needs to be careful on how he treats him.Karma can be real beotch when comes back on you..just sayin

  197. thats old school mj did it as well. players today are soft anyways.

  198. French?

  199. To be fair, psalm, that’s not that much different then using Kobe nicknames short for his self-indulgent game. You did the consistent thing, and that is good.

    One thing I would encourage is more vigilance on obvious trolls and trolling because by now, we all know what they are. The false narratives, the disruptive questions leading to discussions of false narratives, etc. the pages of people ‘soothing’ the troll play, etc. Those exist more here than name calling.

    And I stand corrected in that a firm no-namecalling rule does lead to a nicer place, so cheers for you and Mod policy.

  200. I know this will happen, but Kobe needs to wake up and realize that at his age, he can’t do it alone, and Scott is the enabling him, and he can’t keep up this pace before it starts wearing and tearing on his body.

  201. He used that anger, to be the best INDIVIDUAL player. So when did he started winning his rings anyway? When he played within context of team ball. Using anger as personal motivation ain’t bad. Using anger that can detriment within context of team play? Questionable to say the least.

    I don’t mind Kobe using his anger as personal motivation, just as Jeremy prefers a peaceful demeanor. However, if that anger translates to something that can detriment the team, well…. expect more losses to say the least.

  202. oh, stop please. His anger in the game is decisive and you know it so just stop. I’m done bro, new topic? I don’t watch rings, I watch basketball.

  203. I understand Scott wanting to sub out Lin for D. But I didn’t like his move of bringing in Price at the end of 4Q. I was annoyed by that substitution — it makes more sense to have Ellington if you are going to sub for Lin because Price is horrible. Lowry blew by Price but he wrapped his hand around Price when he didn’t really have to do that in order to get to the hole. Had Lowry scored, Toronto probably would have won and Scott would have had a hard time explaining why he brought Price in for D.

  204. still mentality has no affect. its a double edge sword will kobe can be too aggressive lin can be too passive. each mentality has its flaw

  205. Lisanity isn’t just about an Asian doing well. There are many non Asian fans as well that see the magic of team ball that LIN created in NYC. The symbolism of team play of “a rising tide raises all ships” is many different people can identify with.

    While it’s true that we little people feel helpless most of the time. I believe it’s media designed that way to keep us under thumbs. The power of individual influence is the power of All religions. All the big problems of the world seem insurmountable yet they are problems we each have made possible. We all have the power to solve pollution or hate. It take all of us to influence the next person to make the effort to incrementally make things better…after all that’s how the problems have gotten to where it is to begin with. Christians believe in the power of changing others to accept a process to be good to others and to the world. Why can’t this process be applied to problem solving as well on a global scale?

  206. its the truth

  207. price got a charge so it worked

  208. Palin probably likes drones.

  209. So your name is……Bob!

  210. Ok- cyber monday is finished for me. I bought a lot of stuff. Now im poor. Lol. Goodnight everyone!

  211. really you are really taking it that far

  212. Interesting. Yes, afik, Kobe is a top 3 fan fav in China, but Chinese fans are not naive. They will switch because of longstanding values on team, family, and community. The NBA China thing NBA are working on, over years, is going to be really big. I don’t like the way Lin has been treated the last 2 games. It is not like Rox, but it smacks of disservice to LAL, the game, and Lin. I fell asleep 2nd half and OT, so all I can safely say is now I feel and I wish Lin hit his shots so he can remain out of the fray.

  213. I am Bob, one of the minions.

  214. BTW, Brent aren’t you not obeying the rules of the house, buy labeling somebody as a scrub, if it all in fun. just sayin….

  215. What I would like to see is Lin to play about 5 min each game without Kobe on the floor.

  216. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… prepare to die? LOL

  217. Never happen, because lin can’t shine better than kobe.LOL

  218. Yes he did it his way during a period of time when ISO was possible and protected by the illegal defence rule. It’s a different game now that even MJ or LBJ can’t do it by themselves. That’s the new reality. As great a player Kobe is in his prime, he is no longer that player and he can’t fight over the the double teams even if he was. Team play is the way of the future because of team defence. That’s the new reality.

  219. I hope so bro. In steps, in phases. We each do our best. psalm and mods here have made a little garden in the wild LinFan world.

  220. will lin ever be on a team where we dont hate the coach/players on his team

  221. Then I should put it I wish to see….. instead.

  222. But then he right back out again. I think scott thought about what has been said over the last couple of days by taking lin out. In the end, it payed off for the team win.

  223. yes, it is the truth we are watching basketball. Kibe has five rings too, but that is irrelevant to this conversation as written above. You are twisting and pinning discussion to focus on a micro-fact that is irrelevant to this conversation. Stop.

  224. LOL

  225. Very possible, but good luck expecting BS to do it.

  226. BOL … burst out laughing …

  227. she got you bro …

  228. agreed

  229. Lin career has been so far with Melo, Harden and now Kobe so will see.

  230. Won’t see it happen unless something happens to kobe. Funny thing though, scott should really be looking out for kobe to ensure he stays healthy, because if he doesn’t he can kiss his job good bye.

  231. every team has their star. it shouldn’t effect lin. lin cant do it by himself

  232. I remember games Lin played without Harden and Melo were unbelievable.

  233. Good point…let me change it 😛

  234. Not every team, plus not all stars demand the ball like those 3 mentioned.

  235. I’m with you on this: “I have a dream: JLin plays in at least 9-10 minutes without Kobe in 4th qtr” 🙂

  236. That’s nice to know. I hope they keep the line drawn. LAL cannot keep losing – it’s bad for the NBA brand.

  237. with an asterick that it was accomplished with the lowest shooting percentage for a scoring champ…

  238. You’re greedier than I am. lol

  239. He’s chasing so many records…

  240. agreed kobe will retire next year so wait it out

  241. It really is a team sport. 5 people, much less time to adjust than bigger field games. Amazing how hard it is to score a basket some possessions.

  242. I don’t think so. The shortest will be until after his second year contract.

  243. 1- He must be healthy
    2-Scott pardons him from practice.

  244. So the reason why Kobe is better in pass mode is because….in attack mode, he can not pass….in pass mode…he attacks anyway..

  245. he said after next year he will retire. has played since he was 18

  246. he turns the ball over quite a bit in pass mode…averaging 3 TOs per game.

  247. Never heard of that, I must have missed.

  248. For real. Kobe should just stick to playing as SG if he wants to last.

  249. It is ok….I will take the W

  250. to be fare kobe has played that way for 3 games. today was great for his assist but thats what the defense gave him. when they didnt give him it he shot it. before he shot it no matter what

  251. * * * * * *

  252. Records don’t matter LOL. It’s not the basis for winning a ring.

    Hey if Jeremy can win a ring by getting the scoring title, then I would egg him to ballhog all day.

  253. in 2 years not next year. we’re still 2014

  254. this year next year = 2 years

  255. This season 2014-15 = 1 yr
    Next season 2015-16 = 1 yr

    total 2 years.

  256. Right. There’s a photo that Kobe looked exhausted, couldn’t even sit properly. As much as I hate him not letting Jeremy to shine, really don’t want to see him get injured before retirement

  257. exactly its not long

  258. I do not know. I did not see the game….

  259. he wont play pg ofton. or should i say they wont let him. the defense allowed those assist. once they shot putting 4 players on kobe the assist stopped. kobe started to shoot more

  260. Then once he attacks he is no longer in pass mode. Unless there is this sliver of time, like the moment between night and day where Kobe becomes the balanced player that every coach dreams of………..pure fiction.

  261. the defense put literally all 5 players leaning toward kobe so he passed which he should. once they just doubled him he didnt get assist as easily. kobe played pg because of how the defense played against him.

  262. He should get a label.

  263. I post something on twitter about being a lin fan. There is one person who gets into it with the beat reporters and sometimes it gets out of hand to the point they become disrespectful. I posted on my twitter page for the reporter to block the guy, then i got all of these tweets about me not being loyal and stabbing other lin fans in the back. If you follow me on twitter and don’t like what I posted, please feel free to unfollow me. I will not be a part of group of fans have seem to gone overboard in their support of lin. There tactics sometimes are borderline harassment. I will not be a part of that “labeled crazy lin fan base”, and if you think lin is on board we this then these fans don’t know lin very well. off my soapbox.

  264. That is one beautiful dream XD.

  265. I know. That’s why “I have a dream!!!!!!!”

  266. Still no live tweets from other sports media about kobe’s game tonight/

  267. Saw that….nice.

  268. Really. Maybe it will show tomorrow.

  269. You get my drift, right.

  270. They probably still working on deciding what narrative they want..

  271. Someone please refresh my memory. Will Kobe really retire when his 2 years contract is up??? Or he is thinking about more years. Seem like somewhere in the past couple months I saw the later. Maybe I was wrong.

  272. Hard to say. I will just see if he can sustain this 2 yrs 1st

  273. Yeah, you are probably right.LOL

  274. Me too Brent. At the rate he is going now, i will be surprised if he lasts the season. Did you see the pix of him on the bench, he looked like he needed to be hooked up to an oxygen tank.

  275. Unfollowed him earlier this year…..sometimes is good to have him speaking up but sometimes is really annoying…

  276. His FT told the same story….completely out of sort….

  277. Just 10 minutes Kobe-free time is good enough. No way Lin plays in Q4 without Kobe

  278. 2 years

  279. The way Kobe played and the minutes he continued to have, I don’t want to sound so negative but sooner or later something will “break.” That’s not the way you take care of your high mileage bb body. Pop is really taking good care of his “vet” players. That’s why they still can produce in such high level of bb games.

  280. i agree duncan Parker both played below 30 minutes kobe has alot more miles then them as well as worse injuries but he get 40plus today

  281. watch him after the game. he looks warned out. we will see by midseason

  282. Sorry to be mean here: should be “worn” out not “warned” out:-)

  283. A lot of the time, I don’t think it is even about lin, but he likes the attention. He doesn’t know how to police up himself. he has these little band of followers that hang on his every word. Sorry i don’t get down like that. never been a follower

  284. He would. He played 41:36 out of 53 min. Crazy BS!!!! Having said that, I’m thankful that JLin didn’t play that many minutes to preserve for future:-) He can play more years that way:-)

  285. Even if that happens Lin will just get frozen out by other PG or ball hogs like Nick Young.

  286. Not next year it’s the year after which is after Lin decides to stay or leave for better contract and team. At this rate, if BS is still coach I think Lin will leave.

  287. Love it. Even in praising Bryant, JW slips in a reminder about importance of team play.

  288. Kobe is also #5 all time in turnovers. He is only 1 TO behind #4, so will probably become #4 next game..


  289. PFV long vid:

  290. Lakers Post-Game: Kobe And Jeremy Lin Have Differing Opinion On Playing Mad

  291. Almost. Against MEM Lin only had 9 FGA, but he did have 6 FTAs, I would count 2 FTAs as equivalent to a FGA.

    If you count MEM, then Lin had 5 straight games of > 10 “FGA+FTA/2”. 4 out of the 5 games had good results for Lin (44+% FG), and the one poor FG game, Lakers won. So yeah, Lin should keep taking 10+ shots per game.

  292. I think his remaining contract is two years. He has said he will retire at the end but I think it really depends on how long he can sustain this level of play. I look at him and it’s like he’s throwing everything out there now, getting all the records he can get. Maybe he knows he might get injured again or wear himself out. It feels like that sometimes. I’d be surprised if he makes it to the end of the season, but that’s just me.

  293. nice post, welcome to this site!

  294. Most likely Disqus auto spam filter. Sometimes it gets triggered when a post is long, or many edits to same comment.

  295. (Play) Free Lin!

  296. I think it has to do with length? Whenever I post a really long comment it says that it requires approval.

  297. I feel those aren’t real Lin fans but trolls that are trying to make Lin fans look bad.

  298. At least not until the Lakers can re-sign him for cheap. I wonder if Cuban will try to take Lin away?

  299. Kobe ain’t gonna win a ring anymore. He knows this team wont win it anyway. He’s just trying to get a scoring record past his idol Jordan, and another season scoring title to his long list of accomplishments. That’s like the last thing he can take before he retires.

  300. Chinese reporter brought out a mystery man with a doom face behind JLin besides papa Lin. Anyone has any idea who is the doom face right behind JLin’s shoulder and neck?

  301. I felt lin was more assertive in his interview! Good job Lin

  302. lol…it was15.5% but Kobe didnt have high usage than any other game either. His usual 30s (33%)

  303. Face? Looks to me like a window or wall with wood texture.

  304. He got a TO robbed as well. I remember during the game, there was a TO, but later it was correct. Which is good.

    Those guys who keeps these numbers are human as well, they tend to make mistake, and at times with biased eye, same as us. Every player in NBA goes thru the same predicament, sadly. But when we as Lin’s fan, feel the pain because of our biased love to Jeremy 🙂

  305. overturn!

  306. A 0 TO game brings down his season average so it’s a good thing.
    We all HATE how they used to keep talking about Jeremy being TO prone, so if he is nowhere near the top TO people this season, that will end the nonsense.
    Right now he’s ranked #22 on ESPN (2.8 TOPG), so let’s hope he gets out of the top 40 (40th is 2.3 TOPG).

  307. No, because those players and coaches don’t accept Lin no matter what team it is.

  308. Oh, Kobe is playing primarily to defeat the players on his own team while Lin is playing to defeat the opponents.

    If Lin was playing to defeat his teammates, he’d use anger too.

  309. I think that 50/40/90 article jinxed his 3pt shooting. Last season he started super hot also. Someone on CF posted a 50/40/90 thread and it immediately went downhill. Lesson: no 50/40/90 talk until end of season.

  310. Lol, When I was younger, I’ve throw my share of clubs so anger on the golf course is the ultimate enemy of good scoring.

  311. Too much emphasis is placed on 50-40-90.

    While it’s nice that Lin shoots in that range, Lin fans shouldn’t go crazy if Lin doesn’t meet those numbers.

    It takes good coaching and willing teammates for a single player to get those numbers. That Lin even comes close despite having neither is terribly impressive.

    As long as Lin shoots decent percentages, I don’t care if he makes 50-40-90.

    It’s more important that Lin make the right decisions and not get down on himself when misses happen.

  312. I seriously doubt that an article had anything to do with Lin jinxing himself.

    Kobe Bryant wanted the ball tonight, and so he threw Lin off. That is more impactful than some sports article.

  313. Soooooo true.

  314. “warned” out is American English and “worn” is Aus English. JK =)

  315. It was just a joke because I want to lay the blame on psalm234 🙂

  316. All comedians and especially Tina Fey are thankfully saying ” a Palin in hand is equal to two Bush.”

  317. Wow and people talked about KH exaggerate on 2 or 3 defenders on Lin.

  318. Haha, like I just said to Michael. Palin jokes may not cure world hunger, but it sure does cure comedian hunger! “A Palin in hand is equal to 2 bush”. Lol

  319. It’s very true, KHuang.

    It certainly takes good coaching and willing&able teammates (which doesn’t currently apply in Lin’s current situation) to set multiple screens for a player to maintain such high level of shooting efficiency.

    That’s why it was surprising that Lin got even close to it in the 1st place. I also noticed Lin had increased his shot attempts (FGA from ~8 to 11-ish) because of all the talk of being not assertive so Lin’s taking more chances to score in order to give his teamm to win. For example, Lin would drive to the rim and threw up a not-so-good shot knowing the big men are in position to hopefully rebound and do putback

    I think any talk in articles/media is good to showcase his true Nash-like potential in the right system.
    Until then, it’s good to enjoy Lin’s stats still continue to improve from last season

  320. Drama

    Nick Young:"Ya'll make sure to tell Kobe to pass me the ball, or there's going to be problems." It's Kobe/Shaq & Kobe/Dwight all over again!— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) December 1, 2014

  321. My only comment is that you could have sent it as a DM instead of publically.. knowing Ido has a lot of followers the backlash was coming. or just you quietly ignore or block Ido and move on and not make it a public event.

  322. Be careful don’t alter with Kobe name it is against the policy. hehe.

  323. I agree with your assessment that his over-aggressive comments can have detrimental effect being seen as harassments. Passion is good but it’s too much, it can certainly backfire.

    But it’s also good to be careful lke @wu kong:disqus recommended to DM it than commenting publicly to LA reporters. It can be seen as “overzealous Lin fans attacking one another. It’s good to keep it internally. I’m getting a bit concerned with Bob Oram(?)’s comment referring to “crazy Lin fans” on a separate subject

  324. My wife loves that show. I can’t stand any lawyer shows because it shows the underbelly of the beast we’ve created. I appreciate how powerful words are and to see it twisted for personal gains like gunslingers is too much for me to watch.

    I especially find the show “How to Get Away With Murder” offensive. Pandering to then lowest common denominator of human morality for ratings is yet another sign of the pending apocalypse or maybe we are already living in hell.

  325. Agreed

  326. Swaggy is more like comedy show :]
    I think he’s good for the Lakers to keep it light in the locker room.

    We have LAL players fueled by being mad, peace, and comedy. All good balance with the right dose!

  327. Since, you keep talking bout rings. Kurt Rambis had 4 rings and who is that? Right, Kurt who?

  328. yeah my twitter handle got caught in a chain of tweets/replies that were pretty bad… I wish there was a way to get your handle off a chain like that but I don’t think it is possible once you are part of a the reply chain you are doomed. 🙁

  329. Wow, that’s says a lot about you and not so much about Kobe. Magic and Kareem would be considered by many to be greater because of showtime. For all the need for Kobe to BE THE GREATEST LAKER, he will fail to achieve the team shared “magic” of showtime.

    Kobe will sully his legacy further and further if he can’t pass on the baton to the next generation of Lakers properly instead of desperately padding his own personal “greatness”.

  330. Cause your name crystal “meth” is a ban substance.

  331. What!? What a shameless kiss donkey. Lol

  332. I’m a little concerned with Bill Oram (OC Register’s reporter) tweet referring to “crazy Lin fans” regarding to questions about Byron Scott’s assessment on what Lin needed to improve in MIN game. I sense the mounting frustration probably built up from a few interchange (not sure what). The worst case is haters would jump on this to portray Lin fans as crazy.

    I agree with @awarde:disqus observation that Lin fans need to be careful when interacting with LA reporters, otherwise we’re branded as overzealous Lin fans who want Lin to be #1 Laker player no matter if Kobe and Lakers are doing poorly. It’s still Kobe’s team after all with 5 rings so Lin’s best bet is to be the 2nd player to help Kobe and Lakers win.


    Here is the summary of 4 tweets:

    Since Jeremy Lin fans are crazy, here’s chunk of Scott on his PG: “he has to recognize clock, situation,s core. The last couple things..if we just scored on them, keep running them. Those are the things you have to do as a point guard. And I thought the ast game he got away from it after a little while, brought him back, told him about it, went back to it, so he just has to understand the flow of the game a little bit better.”

  333. COOL!

    I like it then!

  334. LOL .. Don’t shoot the messenger. Blame JLin who managed to flirt with 50-40-90 :>

  335. I love Nick Young.

    He’s a lot smarter than he lets on.

    Young has this smiling funny goofball facade, but underneath that is a COMPETITOR who knows how to speak his mind in a politically correct and unoffensive way.

    I just wish Lin and Young could play together more. They would be more effective than Lin and Bryant.

  336. Monitoring is needed for anyone name crystal (meth).

  337. The problem is much deeper than what a bunch of Lin fans are doing.

    Remember that this is the American media we are dealing with and that the American media DISLIKES ASIANS.

    Lin fans get labelled by the media as “crazy” even if we are polite and rational and have the stats to back us up.

    The American media never lets up a chance to criticize Asians, especially Lin fans.

  338. you are correct of course. My bad. It was the perception that matters the most, not our own interpretation.

    Yes, we need to be vigilant to remind one another to be respectful. Even unintentional joking around can be harmful. We can make mistakes, apologize, forgive one another and move on. That’s what good families do after all :]

  339. Sure there is a fraction of reporters with racial/discriminated biases.

    I’m not sure if it’s the case here but there were interchanges of tweets with angry ‘accusatory’ tone in twitter sent towards LA reporters regarding BScott’s decision to bench Lin. It was a bad decision by BScott but the anger shouldn’t be directed to LA reporters with suspicious undertone. It’s not good for building good relationship with LA reporters at all.

  340. I really think some of Lin’s fans should not tried to ask these reporters to agree on their expectation or opinion.. bc even they do that will not change anything if Scott wants to bench Lin or whatever…? Plus Bill Oram is not even that famous at all.

  341. I agree. Bc to tell the truth, these reporters can’t make any final decision for Lakers… So no need to take the upset or angry on them.. that will not help.

  342. I think we all need to be very careful trying to direct how Lin fans should behave. We can attempt to talk someone off a cliff when they are fighting mad about some situation but often that just backfires and the person gets mad at you for telling them what to do.

    probably the least confrontational approach is better. just ignore and block just like you do trolls on here. engage them and you give them exactly what they want – attention. if the over the top comment is from someone we recognize as a a true lin fan but maybe just overheated in the moment… DM’s or ignore it and let the anger run its course is probably the best we can do.

    We know there are plenty of fake fans out there making crazy comments and there is nothing we can do about it. All we can do is hope that the reporters are professional and understand social media with all the anonymous people posting things to get attention.

  343. I agree it’s not effective to complain or direct anger to the reporters.

    And IMO it’s not a matter if Bill Oram is not famous but it only takes 1 upset reporter (customer) to spread bad image of Lin fans to other reporters which will frame a certain negative image.

    Lin fans should thank these reporters when they have positive Lin fans, provide facts politely so it helps Lin’s causes. Otherwise, it’s HOU debacle all over again

  344. Every Lin’s fan on their own none has control over anyone so let us not worry about something that we have no control over it.

  345. To me, what’s far more impressive than Lin shooting a certain percentage is Lin getting all of his teammates involved.

    When I watch teams like the Suns which are extremely point guard centric, I find it uncomfortable to watch the discomfort of the big men and forwards who do all sorts of screening and cutting solely to get the guards their numbers. This has a spillover effect into other aspects of the game because players who are not being fed shots will eventually give up in other aspects of the game.

    Lin is genuinely trying to get all of his teammates involved, and his efforts are greatly appreciated. I don’t think there’s a single Laker, Kobe included, who doesn’t embrace Lin for doing that. But when Kobe gets into his selfish moods which is most of the time, not even Lin can prevent his teammates’ apathy that is directed more at Bryant and not Lin.

    A Jeremy Lin team always features Lin setting up guys as if they were featured stars on the team. I never get the sense of discomfort I do from watching players getting ignored, though obviously Kobe Bryant is doing his hardest to seemingly freeze out his teammates.

  346. Also because half of them aren’t even fans but trolls trying to make the real fans look bad.

  347. LA is not HOU. They probably fight w Johnathan for so long & forgot about it… LOL!

  348. If some guy is going to be so bent out of shape over what a player’s “fans” will say, I think the best thing is to just ignore him. He wants the controversy as he knows how passionate Lin’s fans are. Stop giving him views and just block him.

  349. Any reporter that take the action of a few fans for the whole is not worth of ours attention.

  350. Haters will hate. Writers do nothing more than incite emotions for clicks and to get noticed by people that can help them get furthers ahead.

    Writers like these are like Bleacher Report or all of HOUSTON reporters (except one). The best way to deal with instigation is to ignore it and not to give them a platform or clicks.

  351. Sportswriters who tweet about pro sports should understand that if they open themselves up like that, then they better be able to handle the HEAT.

    It’s IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM for professional sportswriters to be whining about how Lin fans behave when they know that pro basketball is filled with “fan-atics” that do this wacky behavior with every athlete.

    Journalists who can’t handle the heat should lay off the tweeting.

  352. good advise in choosing the least-confrontational approach (ignore/block) which would be more effective than giving too much attention to negative messages.

    affirming positive messages with praises, good facts will also be good to build relationship with LA reporters

  353. psalm234, that’s PRO SPORTS.

    Angry interchanges happen for ALL players in the NBA. Lin is no exception.

    I take great offense to this fool journalist who’s acting high and mighty just because a bunch of Lin fans are firing the same stuff at him that Kobe or Lebron fans would.

    Singling out Lin fans for criticism is BAD JOURNALISM.

  354. good advice!

  355. very true. It’s muted now :]

  356. A boss answer. A true alpha.

  357. It’s pretty unprofessional for a newspaper reporter to hurl an insult at a segment of the reading audience. I don’t care how “crazy” the Lin fans were in tweeting to Oram – his response was childish and amateurish.

  358. It’s not because they can’t handle the heat. It’s that they deliberately incite to favor themselves to Kobe and Scott.

  359. And even though I think Oram should be called out for his lack of professionalism, I agree with you that Lin fans need to calm down with their hysteria over any supposed negative news/opinion about Lin.

  360. the original tweet that started this:

  361. followed by:

  362. True that sport fans can be ruthless.

    Never mind how badly Kobe/LeBron fans behave which we have no control but I am hoping we can influence Lin fans positively so it frames positive image for Lin in LA. I believe that much we can do to help Lin’s career.

  363. I won’t calm down.

    I’m sick of all the racist “yellow journalism” fired by the American media at Asians. It’s been a long time building for me.

    However, I’m not gonna go on some professional news site and spew haterade. I may disapprove of the yellow journalism, but I’m not going to add to it either.

  364. I think he should not say Lin’s fans bc only few of them… I think I will not RT any of his tweets now. Lin’s fans should not contact him that much now.

  365. If Lebron fans tweeted crazy anti Kobe/Scott stuff, these journalists wouldn’t call out “crazy Lebron fans”.

  366. wow .. that’s simply a good question by @occupati0 but Bill Oram called him crazy Lin fans?
    Bill is certainly not a professional sportswriter/reporter

  367. this was NOT a crazy fan being disrespectful. This was BIll Oram being a unprofessional to a simple honest question. One to watch I guess and be leary of. It does not matter what or how much hate disrespect he gets from “fans” when he replies like this to an honest question he should be called out on it as unprofessional.

  368. If that journalist said something like “some crazy Lin fans”, I’d be in full agreement and would actually be praising him for making the distinction.

    Unfortunately, that is totally beyond the ability of the racist American media to be anything less than discriminatory.

  369. Lol, you can be un-calm all you want, KH.

    I’m only referring to those who flood news sites with “haterade.” That’s not kosher, no matter how bad the reporter is with respect to covering JLin.

    It’s about expressing one’s righteous anger over injustices in productive ways rather than through reckless expressions of hyperbolic rage.

  370. I agree.

  371. If so then we should not RT any of his tweets … Don’t contact him now.

  372. Kobe is playing with fire if he thinks that Chinese fans will continued to support him by delieberatly pushing LIN down. He trails LIN by 10x already. He may just find his statue pulled down if he allows this this to continue.

  373. Here’s where I still would want to read his tweets, because he clearly has a lot of access to the Lakers, and is a source of Laker news and information. I’d separate out tweets reflecting his personal opinion versus tweets that report facts.

  374. Yup, the reporter should have qualified his statement with “some,” and that would have been much less offensive.

  375. Besides, BS already well prepared for how to trash Lin’s game vs Mim so no matter the fact or stats number fan showed that would not matter to him.

  376. But he’s supposed to be a professional sports writer, not just some amateur internet wannabe journalist. That’s why his unprofessional response was really uncalled for, and I think he should be called on it in a respectful manner.

  377. Hoopshype’s Eddie Johnson is a former 80s player who HATES LIN.

    He’s openly written that Lin is a bad player and that Lin doesn’t deserve to be in the NBA.

    But when fans rose up against Johnson and criticized the heck out of him on the discussion board, Johnson stood there like a man and slugged with out with them respectfully. He didn’t insult all Lin fans, he just fired his insults on a case by case basis.

    I myself have had some good interactions with Eddie Johnson on nonLin issues, and I’m sure he’d respectfully and politely disagree with me about Lin. That’s OK, but this Bill Oram guy is NOT.

  378. This is not the first time Kobe did to his teammates … I think he just showed it last night. I am the King in this team, Period.

  379. Don’t you know? Kobe is KING OF THE WOOORLLLLD!

  380. I don’t think he cares about China. All he cares is about him.

  381. I know. That’s why I don’t think he cares about fans in China will upset… just like HOU…

  382. I will read but will not RT for sure.

  383. It is still a young season. A lot could happen. But if down the road BS and Kobe kept playing games like last night, looking off Lin, I just hope Lin got his stats, do his best to help team win and look for next opportunity. There is no point playing for BS/Kobe for the next 2 to n years.

  384. So true…. Hurt them where it hurts. Clicks and money is how Asian fans should fight back. Make Kobe a non factor in Asia media and watch how Kobe will all of a sudden give a hoot. Watch how nice Kobe can be if he starts losing his business interests in Asia.

  385. That’s what I thought too. I hope Lin can go back to shooting well mode & gets good stats for himself. I don’t think Kobe will retired after this contract end. LA maybe not good match for Lin after all.

  386. I think Kobe was determined to get his 6000th assists last night (first ever 30000pts 6000assists player in NBA history). As a result, Jeremy basically had to give up most of his possessions to Kobe. Kobe found out Jeremy couldn’t really make his shots early in the game, so Kobe simply stopped passing to Jeremy after that. Contrary to Jeremy usually trying to create easy opportunities for his struggling teammates to get them going, Kobe would simply ignore you if passing to you would not net him an assist.

  387. I remember 1 play that Kobe passed it to Lin at the 3, and Lin faked the 3 and drove in and passed it to Boozer which he fumbled the ball.

    Lin needs to just shoot that 3 cuz he is fairly open. I think Kobe wants to get that assist and Lin needs to just shoot it at those times.

  388. I guess Les doesn’t care about his Chinese interests at all then. All the money that comes with sponsorship and fans buying trips to oversea visits or buying out their stores also mean nothing!?

    You under estimate the power of social media and the power of money to push certain agendas. Do you really think these writers believe that by kissing a donkey makes them feel good about themselves? It just helps them pay them pay the bills and get ahead.

  389. Hou still got the sponsor from China even after what they did to Lin in jerseygate… I know Lin got high vote for NBA in China but to the end these teams still choice their stars over Lin. I don’t like it but that’s the fact.

  390. On a side note, @JJ Hui brought up a good question if LibraFree is Josh Fan since @LibraFree gets up-close training/game pics and tweet them often


  391. That’s true. Or reporting to @OCRegister would be a good way to help his professionalism.
    He’ll never get promotion if he keeps it up this way. Not a very smart move to alienate large JLin fanbase

  392. very well said!

  393. Part of the reason the players are getting such a huge raise in total team revenue is the next TV contract. Asia is a huge market for that TV revenue. Kobe has stepped on others in the past, but no one with so much power base that can change his personal holdings in China. He may not want to admit it now, but if fans start turning his backs on him in China, you can bet he’ll notice.

  394. Stupid Bill Oram is so wrapped up in his twisted Lin hate that he can’t even answer a basic nonthreatening basketball question.

    TYPICAL American media haterade again Asians.

  395. It’s true. Kobe was determined to give a lot of assists last night and he was good at them from the high post.
    It’s almost like someone reminded him before the game “Hey, you could really be the 1st player to break this record”

    It will be interesting to watch if Kobe will stick to this role in the next game since it net them a W or share the playmaking duties with Lin 50-50

    Lin just needs to be ready to drain those 3s like we know he could after bouncing back from bad shooting games

  396. I do not think so. The pics from Libra Free and PennyLee are available online… they get them from asian reporters, asian publications as well as NBA, Lakers, instagram, etc… they can be found online … they are just good at it so I just retweet their stuff and do not bother trying to find pictures… they do it so well.

  397. Kobe was jealous that Lin had high assists last game.

    Historically, Kobe Bryant has gone against his team more than he’s gone against opponents. This is why Phil Jackson hates him and why players won’t sign with the Lakers.

    Lin will soon be gone.

    If Lin’s back, it’ll only be because no other team wanted Lin.

  398. All this indicates is how unprofessional billOram is, not how ‘crazy’ Lin fans are. His reference to Lin fans in that way, puts into question whether billOram is just another tweeter or actually a professional writer, which I doubt by this post. smh Any Tom, Dick, Harry can tweet…even a 7 yr old.

  399. you could be right.
    They’re just so good in finding Lin pics!

  400. That’s because they still have the Yao connection, but their sponsors are trying up. Maxxis tires followed Lin to LA.

  401. I get tired of hearing people telling ‘fans’ to calm down & be silent. All fans are overzealous of those they think highly of, that’s the whole premise of being a fan. Also, all injustice has never been discussed/changed because people were silent & looked the other way when treated unjustly, as the NBA continues to do to Lin.

  402. There were several instances that Kobe got the ball and wide open (5 feet away from rim) and just chose to pass. What can you say about this type of player that only look to himself instead of winning for the team? When he should pass, he just shoot no matter what. When deemed needed for his record, he will pass even if it is easy basket.

  403. BTW, I have a quick PS4 question for the game expert :]

    Does it have wireless PS3-like Move controller to play golf games like Wii remote? I only saw people using wired PS3 Move controller to play in PS4 and it’s a deal-breaker for virtual golf. Thank you for the tip!

  404. I thought she is from Taiwan? I know Penny Lee is.

  405. I don’t think Kobe was “jealous”. I think he was feeling it and if he’s feeling it he goes into that mode regardless of what his team mates are doing. In Kobe’s mind, he was helping the team. In reality, he was since his facilitating was mostly strong. So, give him this game and let’s see what happens in the next. Maybe Kobe and Byron think that Lin is still learning, but while learning, at times Kobe will take over facilitation until Lin is more comfortable doing so. It’s not all a bad plot on Kobe’s part to outdo Lin. Kobe is one of the best basketball players ever, I don’t think he has it in his mind that Lin is outshining him.

  406. The problem with Bryant is that his outdated 80s iso offense leaves guys out of rhythm and out of position.

    Byron Scott is a BAD COACH for not forcing Bryant to play teamball the way Scott said he was going to do.

  407. The tweeter verse is hardly a ‘news site’. It is a place for people to express themselves, otherwise, it would be regulated & billOram would not have written what he did. The reason I don’t take anything written on the internet as absolute or close to the truth.

  408. His shot wasn’t falling so he tried something else. Sometimes you just shoot it, even when it doesn’t fall. If you’re open, shoot it. Lin hesitated, and that’s not what Kobe and Byron want to see. If the shot is there, take it. Byron, Worthy and others have said this, JLin fans here and at other boards have as well.

  409. W Yao is their best connection in China so they can give up Lin. Maxxis tires is from Taiwan & they followed Lin to any team from NYK to Rox & now Lakers.

  410. Hey Psalm, one of comments got moderated again. Can you check eventually if it’s vanished for me.

  411. That’s what I said don’t contact him anymore. smh!

  412. “Kobe Bryant is the first player in NBA history to reach 30,000 points and 6,000 assists”

    This headline makes me think that Kobe was passing more than usual in order to get that stat milestone.
    Last night, he also pushed his own teammate out of the way to try to get the 10th rebound for his triple double.

  413. He said he didn’t realize anything about the record in the post-game interview. Don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not.

  414. I agree…I wasn’t surprised at all how Kobe/Scott played this game after Lin’s high numbers in the last game. As soon as Scott opened his flapper & whined about Lin’s play, I knew this game would be all about Kobe. They are so predictable, that all their previous comments (positive) about Lin smacks of falsehood. They are a replica of htown…just a bit more subtle & deceptive, which is lower behavior imo.

  415. he’s off to the next record for MJ’s 3rd scoring list :]

    BTW, we just said that Bill reporter guy was so unprofessional in responding to your tweet.
    I guess the guy didn’t like getting promotion by alienating Lin’s large fanbase.

  416. Thanks so much psalm234 for helping solve my curiousity!

  417. approved! Disqus is overly-moderating today, not sure why

  418. AlanGrvis had an excellent point about Kobe’s high number of assists last night. In the first half, because of the way the defense was playing Kobe, he had a lot of open passing lanes and to his credit, he passed the ball to rack up the assists.

    But, in the second half, when Toronto adjusted and started to double-team Bryant, the passing lanes closed down and Kobe reverted back to shooting over multiple defenders and his assist total went down dramatically.

    Point being, if Alan is right, then if teams continue to double-team Kobe, then he won’t be Mr. Assist like he was last night and instead he’ll be self-ish Kobe as usual.

  419. I noticed Josh Fan following Lin everywhere and taking pictures with his cell phone. Josh Fan is like his diet guru/body guard etc.?
    I saw when Jeannie Buss showing Lin all those trophies and rings on the welcome day, Josh Fan is right behind Lin taking pictures. Also Josh Fan took pictures where Lin changing his shoes and uniform for photo shoots too! That was why i thought LibraFree is Josh Fan.
    Someone told me female pay more attention to this kind of details, LOL!
    Is male also this way?

    Thanks so much @psalm234 for helping solve my curiousity!

  420. Ya! That’s his plan for last night. I know lots of players got their tri-double on purpose like L Stephenson when he was in Pacers last season due to his contract year he got lots of tri-double but still not many teams offered him big contract.

    In fact, if you are the one who handle the ball can have more chance to get it like Rondo …

  421. You are the man, I don’t mean to disrupt and I always have my bads too and I would be better to admit it fast like you show in good example!

    You are the man!

  422. Hollywood has really jumped the shark. You really do remind us of the power of words, as has psalm, this site and Mods, and Joyce W.

    This site is so good, and it is good to be a Lin fan if we focus on why we want to be his fan – learn something or are reminded of something important every day.

    On lawyer shows … it’s weird they only have shows that amplify the negatives and I like TGW because there are nuances that are nice to think about. Lawyer, Cop, Doctor shows. So easy to create off of. I wonder how Hollywood can expand it because that also acts to expand the people who want to be lawyers lol. Maybe a fireman or non-profit volunteer show.

  423. I think Byron’s comments about Lin as a point guard may be fair but ill-timed. His benching in the Minnesota game was also ill-timed and I think it was a bad strategy. Lin really had a strong game, a game that could boost his confidence and Byron didn’t read Lin’s temperament well in his critique of Lin’s game.

    I don’t see a complete point guard yet with Lin. I see someone who facilitates well at times, passes well, has great court vision, can really pump a team mate up with some daring passes, looks to get his guys going and shares the rock, plays spirited defense, but some areas need work. He sometimes freezes and holds the ball too much before going into his move, sometimes drives into traffic and doesn’t have the pass timed right, maybe sometimes doesn’t call the best play because the defense was set up a certain way and doesn’t call a play to counter it. I think his dribbling under pressure needs a lot of work and he appears tentative sometimes and is vulnerable to getting rattled and losing control (like in the Houston game). Jason Kidd said he needs to change speeds and he’s capable of doing that but could do even more speeds and sometimes forgets to do so.

    So if Kobe, who has a lot of Bball experience and is the team’s captain and one of the best basketball players ever takes over some of the PG duties in some games, especially against tough opponents, it is more that Lin is learning on the job than Kobe and Byron not believing in him. I think they’ve watched him enough to analyze what his strengths and weaknesses are, and he has weaknesses, as a PG, what he needs to work on, and in-game, maybe when to let the veteran player take over. This isn’t foolproof as Kobe will make mistakes too as a facilitator and turn it over but it is part of Lin’s learning process. He’s still learning.

  424. oops, that was a typo, thank you for reminder. will leave it there as it was an innocent mistake.

  425. But this season Josh Fan didn’t follow Lin like he did in HOU to me. Bc I saw Lin all by himself most of the time. The only time I saw Fan showed up it’s for Thanksgiving help for SA.

  426. I do not think those assessment are 100% correct tho. But he is the HC and Lin is doing Lin. 2 only things that really matter. And if Kobe and Scott think Lin is like that…I will be very worried about the LAL as a team. Well I am already very worried tho…LOL Whatever they say….everyone is still learning. 😛 I guess this is the reason why lots of ppl think Lin better to just score, play like an off guard.

  427. Josh Fan is Lin’s trainer so he has access.
    Who knows if it’s part of his job to provide nice publicity pics? ;]

  428. Well, I guess we can only go so far in a Lin board so I’ll just leave my smiles about (other celeb jokes) at the line of … I’m for Lin’s values here and I believe some of what SPalin upholds is not the same as Lin so I enjoy a joke or two about people in leadership or public eye who don’t mesh with that im(H)o.

  429. When he got married, he better follows his wife more than he does Lin :]

  430. I think if from now on Kobe is going to be PG then Lin has no choice but be a SG again.

  431. LIn is limited by the personnel and it seems Byron’s playbook offensively. I think Lin needs time and minutes to develop, he’s improving. And Byron said he was improving, he just didn’t put enough emphasis on the great things he did in the Minny game, that was a solid game by Lin.

  432. If Kobe wants to burr this team for good. Fine by me I guess…LOL

  433. Haha! Agree. I guess bc Lin’s family in LA now so he doesn’t need AS that much. But in HOU, he is all by himself so….

  434. He won’t be. I feel confident that Lin will do most of the point guard duties in the next game and most games going forward. Sometimes you’ll see Kobe take on more PG responsibilities, but it should be less and less.

  435. Why made you think so? I hope this from Kobe only means for last night.


  436. sw … is there really a complete PG? I think Lin is easily top 10 but that’s just me. Notice how the entire game has to be planned around Kobe so he can actually have a good game? PG needs team support to do his job. Carr as Raiders QB … some great games, but he’s alone on those. Kap having an off year, but surely his team is dropping balls and offensive called with him throwing all game making it easy for defense. Etc.

  437. I have said many times. I really don’t care about PRODUCTION when watching bball. Especially so for this LAL team since it is not really a team. I care more if Lin makes the right play. He does not always do it correctly, that is for sure. But What Scott said basically means Lin’s production matters less, but Lin’s decision making is the main problem. Not True….but if they think this way…it is actually a deeper problem….and may be e correctable.

    Edit: Since I gave up this LAL team already, so Lin’s production is the only thing matters to me now. Just to be clear.

  438. CP3, Parker, Rondo, Conley, guys like that. I think Lin most resembles Parker but is more athletic. I don’t think of guys like Rose and Irving as PGs, they are more scoring small guards that get assists through penetration and kick-outs but aren’t looking to set things up as much as CP3 does.

  439. Lin needs a game plan that includes is extraordinary skills, and the minutes when he’s hot or warming up. His coach, no matter who he is, would serve the team well of he understood the Asian and Lin mindset for holding the fort down until it is strong (safe from being beaten), and then hammering for his own. It’s not just about Western “Go West Young Man” aggression for Lin, but more “how do I make this community strong first” then get my own when all is on the line.

  440. and when it is not, Kobe yells at people and slams the ball down, and the team loses.

  441. Because I think Kobe wants Lin to be one of the main guys to contribute to the team. He doesn’t have Harden’s mind set to just be the guy who every night goes and playmakes and scores. He wants to score more than playmake but will playmake if he needs to or feels like it. Lin may have to adjust a little but but any point guard has to adjust to a superstar player that needs the ball in his hands a lot.

  442. I think Lin and everyone else needs flexibility. Sometimes Lin looking for himself and establishing himself in this macho NBA culture, and standing up and bodying up to guys like Lowry who is trying to bulldoze through him, will get him more respect and the ball and have him be more of a threat than a community approach. You have to go with what is right in the moment and Lin has the intelligence and skill to do so. It’s just getting the experience to know when to do what is needed.

  443. the headline makes me think – let’s make up a first for everyone to get clicks. Lin is the first player to contribute to 90% of the first quarter points after drinking a McFlurry. jk lol. Harden is the first NBA player to be in 2 all-star games for the Rockets while standing on his heels 3 times on defense.

  444. I think Byron benched Lin due to his over-aggressiveness in Q4 which didn’t pay off (TO due to offensive foul) and erroneously thinking Ellington’s shooting/defense was better.

    As for Lin not being a complete PG, that’s true since he’s still developing but it’s heavily influenced by his 2nd role next to Kobe.

    IMO the crux of the problem is Lin is a rhythm and habitual player, as he gets to touch the ball more, he gets better in shooting and directing offense. It took Lin 1 year in HOU to finally get used to his role to shoot 3s and play off-the-bench.

    Lin is 17 games into the season with the Lakers where he didn’t get the benefit of learning how to play next to Kobe in the TC because he played with the 2nd team. So he literally is trying to figure out how to play with Kobe and starters using regular games. But he has to do it quickly this year. He doesn’t have the luxury of playing 2 years in HOU

    I think it will take a little longer for Lin to get comfortable to know his role, esp. without touching the ball much. I only hope that he continues to touch the ball a lot as the PG because he’s not as good a player purely playing off-the-ball.

  445. I guess it depends on the team if this team is not that good then he will let Lin do it. But if the team he feels maybe it’s hard to beat then he will be in charge then…

  446. Definitely correctable. I didn’t mean Scott has the correct read, but some of his points were valid in LIn’s development. Scott does a lot wrong as a coach and isn’t maximizing the team’s talent or exploiting Lin’s strengths.

  447. Well, you look at team defense, matchups and the like. But when teams scheme against Lin and try to shut him down, because they want to allow Kobe to just chuck and make him a volume shooter, the coach doesn’t have counter schemes. That’s where Byron is failing, imo. Lin is countering with more use of the mid-range jumper. But nights it isn’t falling, then he has to facilitate from a different standpoint. Here’s where I think Byron should speed it up, look at how good Lin is at outlet passes, half-court lobs, etc. Byron seems to be gun-shy about things like that and that is what Lin does way better than anyone on the team.

  448. yes, thanks.

  449. I am not sure the read of the game is that correctable or not. I doubt it. Shooting mechanic, handling, etc are correctable. The only reason why Lin has a high potential is because his PG skill is innately built in. So I would think the real problem is Lin made better decision than Scott does. Yes Lin can improve a lot of things…I just do not think the decision making is on top of that list.

  450. or to be positive, give positive sites and articles clicks, so these negative money focused people sell positive messages some days in cycle.

  451. No, we are all MEN! :]
    Being married, we learn quickly saying sorry is the quickest way to get out of the doghouse! LOL

  452. Good points, agree with you. Lin is definitely a rhythm player. Byron doesn’t recognize that well, bringing him in so late in the 4th is a bad idea and a reason why Lin is not playing up to his potential late in the 4th.

  453. If I may guess…this Librafree is posting from Asia. The time stamp on the twitter post reflects the east asia time.
    Last few games were played at night …not morning….does it make sense.

  454. Rhythm only matters if you are seeking production. Not defense or play making

  455. I was thinking of game situation recognition, especially late game, and reacting to that that Lin will improve upon with experience. So, for instance, he won’t foul Lowry end of game.

  456. Those are smaller things. If you meant decision making on those…then it is very correctable. But what Scott has said pointed at a different level.

  457. Brings back memories of all the stomach aches I got from laughing.

  458. I think you can get into a play making rhythm in terms of timing and just seeing things before they happen and start creating for others. Sometimes Lin gets into an assists rhythm also. Defense even can be a rhtyhm, just having disruptive energy, deflecting passes and getting steals, sometimes Lin gets that going as well.

  459. I understand what you say, and I guess I would just moderate my post to say that I look at Lin through his family values, culture, and faith. So, he won’t just go to the hoop for a slam because he’s factoring in all the imperatives he’s gotten as a kid, which is not “get yours first”. The last shall be first. So, that’s how I have peace with his choice to dump off. When it works for a Davis or Hill slam, we cheer and think … oh, bummer, he got an assist but we want him to have >20. Sometimes, he frees himself to go to the hoop, hence at least one owner says he can score above the rim anytime. That we want to see too, and I think we get that when all his inner being says – I gotta do it for the team. That’s how I recognize his moments, the backdrop of who he is that he cannot change, so I think a coach to Lin must have some of that understanding to empower him to play free anytime against his own inner voices, one of whom is probably tiger mom (conceptually).

  460. Yes. me too on Parker. I’m amazed when Parker pulls a massive game out because I just think he’s so secure in team wins he’s not after that. I hope Lin finds his one-off Duncan and Ginobelli.

  461. BOL … bust out laughing … doghouse is not fun. Key is to get out of it fast like you say.

  462. yes, Byron hasn’t fully trusted Lin yet. It’s a learning period for him too. I believe he’ll come around since there’s no other options :]
    As Lin delivers more good-to-great games at crunch time, Byron will see how to utilize Lin the best way.
    At least he trusted Lin enough to insert him back with 5 min left in Q4.

  463. very true. Lin always has the attack mentality to make defense collapse and quickly make decisions to shoot or pass to open teammates once defense commits.

    Any hesitation or over-thinking due to shots not falling will disrupt his playmaking ability.

    On defense, it shouldn’t matter but we’ve seen how players (Hill/Boozer, etc.) dropped their defensive effort if they’re not involved on offense and ball-watching Kobe. So offensive struggle may have some impact in defensive intensity

  464. “Who lets the dogs out?” Whoop-whoop-whoop :>

  465. good observation! yeah, (she) is most likely based in Asia like Penny Lee but they’re great to find Asian reporter pics as @wu kong said

  466. Taken into consideration the talent, personalities and coaches surrounding each of those players I would say Lin is pretty high on the list.

  467. If Lin had a Duncan…( ̄ー ̄)

  468. If Lin was on another team that played team ball w/o ‘star’ agenda, we wouldn’t even be bringing up these ‘issues’ or discussing them. Therefore, is it Lin or Kobe/Scott’s agenda the problem. It ceases to amaze me how it’s always a lack of Lin’s skills, which I think is pretty amazing w/what he has to work with, even coming from ‘Lin fans’. I’m not saying Lin is perfect, but I guess Lin fans aren’t immune to ‘star’ blindness( excuses ) either, even if the ‘star’ is past his prime. smh

  469. On Game 17 Voting Poll, there is no winner to closely match Lin’s 11pts/3asts.
    The closest one is 15/5

    So the leader is still @CJSHYY:disqus w/ 3 wins as 5 other members closely breathe down his/her neck with 2 wins :>



    # of Wins UserName
    3 @cjshyy
    2 @johnlee, @caliusmc, @dinomite (michael), @pops, @samvictor

    17 11pts/3a vs TOR No winners
    16 18p/11a vs MIN (22/10) @moominfloren, @maknusia (19/9) @samvictor (#2)
    15 14p/5a vs MEM (12/7) @samvictor

    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/2014-15-jlin-stats-poll-winners/#sthash.5AnPHbpD.dpuf

  470. I am afraid this is going to happen…


  471. Exactly right. Calling Lin an incomplete PG is a totally unjustified criticism. All bb players have strengths and weaknesses. And as Rumsfeld said, you go to war with the army and equipment you have. In other words you play Lin as your starting PG but you also try to provide maximum support to accentuate his strengths while minimizing his weaknesses. That would include overlapping Lin with Davis as much as possible while separating Lin and Kobe as much as possible. Consistently, Davis leaves as Lin enters, while Kobe enters with or before Lin. Don’t see the logic. Also, Kobe’s age and recent injuries make him want to slow down the game. That’s probably why Lakers acquired Boozer and Kobe expected to share the backcourt with Nash or Price. But for Lin, having to wait on geriatric players to jog into position neutralizes some of his greatest strengths of quickly reading the defense and racing to take advantage of its opening.

  472. That’s it, that Brent made me change my vote to Linsanity but instead I’ve gotten insanity. He’s just too persuasive. From now on I’m going to vote with my own brain.

  473. Deja vu all over again.

  474. There are always agendas on most teams that players have to deal with. Lin will have even more challenges due to who he is. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some development to do. PLV is always saying what he needs to work on and that he is about 1 or 2 years away from being the player he will be. Lin is a work in progress. To me, he is still learning the position, it is a very demanding and difficult position to play well on a basketball team.

  475. Agreed.

  476. Yes sir!

  477. oh com’on…..Linsanity all the way!!!

  478. Since, I have not get the PS4 I am not sure about that but I found this video and it looks cool. The PS4 camera is similar to Xbox 360 kinect so may be there is should or will be a golf game without using control to swing a golf club.

  479. Where is the ten push ups? LOL

  480. Maybe…not gonna say it is completely irrelevant…But playing good D and making the right play are the two best things you can do to get back to your rhythm for shooting IMO.

  481. Or he needs to get his floaters working so if he fakes and drives, he’s not stuck too deep among the trees. Those little drop off to the teammate really looks bad like he’s being bailed out.

  482. thanks! Hm, I’m not sure if PS Camera will have more precision that wii remote.
    Might have to go with PS3 🙁
    I’ll do more research then.

  483. Relatively speaking,

    The good: Melo

    The bad: Harden

    The ugly: Kobe

    Melo was understandably jealous of Lin. He went out with a injury when the team was 8-15 and while he was out, Linsanity brought the team back to 15-15 and playoff contention. And although Melo is a ball hog, he is not a guard and the two managed to play fairly well together.

    Harden was worse than Melo because in addition to being a ball hog, he usurped the role of point guard. He also took advantage of a FO that wanted to make Harden look like a star while marginalizing Lin. The one saving grace was that the Rox were a fast paced team that really wanted to win. That forced them to utilize Lin in must-win situations.

    Kobe is not only a ball hog and a guard who can confiscate the point guard role, but he is also at a stage of his career where he places greater emphasis on his stats than winning. From the game where Lin misheard “GO” (pass to Hill for a mid-range 2) instead of “elBOW” (pass to Kobe for a 3) there have been a series of games (including the stay the F out of my way game) in which Kobe has been set up to take a heroic game winning shot. From leaping over spectators, playing 44 minute games, missing 35 ft shots, bricking for MJs scoring record, to getting a triple double, the Lakers coach is clearly more focused on Kobe’s heroic narrative than he is on winning,

    For all these reasons, I suspect that Lin is really frustrated playing on Kobe’s team and is wondering how soon he can be relieved of so many artificial constraints. It surprises me that so many think that Lin will gladly sign up in FA for yet another season of Kobe torment.

  484. I think Lin was so unlucky.. bc LaVine got 0 point yesterday vs Portland…. ?! But Williams still got 21…

  485. I think Harden was by far the worst of the 3. Kobe is just Kobe, he’s a demanding and difficult team mate but if you work hard he respects you and so far, it seems he believes in JL. Kobe and Lin talk constantly, I didn’t see the same rapport with Harden who seemed to favor having Beverley besides him.

  486. In order for Kobe to maintain his superstar status, he needs a slow game. IMO, Kobe wants Price to start over Lin. It wasn’t just Byron who praised Price, it was Kobe too. And whether it’s Price or Lin, Kobe wants them to compensate for his limitations on D. Exactly what Harden wanted from Lin and then got from Bev.

  487. now ppl can say lin’s d does suk

  488. yeah, voting ‘Linsanity’ is good but it won’t get us close to the Leaderboard :]

    Brent and I are still trying to get our 1st win!
    So yes, everyone please vote ‘Linsanity’! LOL

    @brentyen:disqus, you’re brilliant!

  489. I think it’s Lakers whole team D was bad so LaVine can shoot as he wish… plus sometimes player just got hot or cold for no reason…. specially he is rookie.

  490. Rookie LaVine didn’t get drafted by the Lakers and his idol Kobe so he was mad.
    Even a taller Kobe couldn’t guard him.
    But now he’s back on earth. Just one of those things.

    If there’s LaVine-sanity for at least 1 month, everyone will be impressed.
    Just like James Anderson going off for 36pts against his old team Rockets( Lin’s 9 threes game vs PHI) then 2pts the next game.

  491. Ya! That’s how I feel… LaVine is a rookie & one good game didn’t mean anything but too bad, Lin got in it… smh!

  492. James Anderson even out of NBA now..?!

  493. I agree that Harden is by far the worst because he wasn’t even a star when he first got to Houston. Harden was third in the pecking order in Thunders after Durant and Westbrook. I still remember the first few interviews for Harden where he was asked about him possible fitting with Lin. Harden said something like both Lin and him are chill so they will play well together.

    However, once Harden had those break out games, hell just broke loose. It did not help that Parsons was also padding his stats in hope of a fat contract. I guess the boiling point was when PPat was traded away for pointing out Harden’s deficiencies. Harden should know better than anyone how it feels to be snubbed.

    As for Kobe, I have watched Kobe since he came into the league as a raw and super cocky rookie. Kobe will always be Kobe. He has already driven away Shaq and Dwight, two pretty dominant centers of their era. I think the Lakers should be able to win a lot more than 5 championships if not for Kobe being such a net negative both on court and off court. As a result, what Kobe is doing to Lin right now is really not that surprising. I would argue Kobe actually treats Lin a lot better than he did to some of his former teammates (Sessions, Parker, etc).

  494. actually there was no defender in the paint once he drove by linja.

  495. LaVine played GREAT.

    The way he was playing, he looked like the rebirth of 70s/80s great George Gervin.

    There wasn’t a thing Lin or anybody could do to stop him. Lin had his hand in Lavine’s face and Lavine hit EVERYTHING. Lin has never ever been lit up like that in his NBA career and probably won’t be ever again.

    I remember David Robinson similarly getting lit up by Hakeem Olajuwon in the playoffs. When asked about it, Olajuwon said “David MADE ME play great offense because his defense was so good. It wasn’t that David wasn’t defending me”.

    This is the NBA where anybody can get hot anytime, no matter how stiff the defense is.

  496. It is normal…..NBA is like that

  497. One game where a guy hits everything does not trash a known defensive stopper’s work for 3 years.

    Anybody who would say that Lin’s defense sucks because of that one game, that person doesn’t know basketball.

  498. NO BIG DEAL.

    That simply means MORE SHOTS for Lin.

    Frankly, I was never truly unhappy with Lin’s SG role in Houston. Lin shot well from the field when he wasn’t injured and got to score quite a bit despite low usage.

    To me, Lin is just as good a SG as he is a PG.

    As long as Bryant LOOKS FOR Lin, that should not be a problem.

  499. I see Lin as a complete point guard who’s TORN between trying to run the coach’s offense but being forced to accommodate the wayward superstar who abandons the offense.

    Byron Scott needs to figure out if he’s going to let Kobe Bryant just go iso or if the Lakers are going to run the Princeton.

    I’m sick of Lin trying to run both Scott’s system and Kobe’s iso and getting flak from both sides for not accommodating either of them.

    This is a COACHING FAIL, not a Lin fail.

  500. Absolutely Lin is a completely point guard.

    In fact, I’d go one step further and say that Lin’s not just a complete “point” guard, he’s also a complete “guard” who can play either SG or PG with equal proficiency.

    Lin has the skillset to play on or off the ball equally well. He is a fantastic rugged two way player with flawless fundamentals and elite athleticism. The guy gets the job DONE.

    What I don’t like is how Lin is unable to focus on doing his job correctly because Scott is yammering one thing while Kobe is doing something else. There’s no point guard in any era who would know what to do in such a cockamanie situation.

  501. Put CP3 or Parker or Rondo or Conley onto the Lakers and they’d struggle more than Lin would.

    Those guys would go CRAZY hearing Byron Scott order one thing and Kobe Bryant order the opposite and then getting yelled at by both of them!!!

  502. THAT would be something.

    If there’s one player I wish Lin could work with in the NBA, it’s the greatest team player of all time in Tim Duncan.

  503. There is NO SUCH THING as an NBA scorer who is not a rhythm player.


  504. You nailed it.

  505. I just caught up with the site after driving today.
    I didnt bother responding to that ‘reporter’ or whatever he is. Not worth my time. And I agree with the general approach of just not giving them attention by retweeting their stuff in the future.

  506. That’s IMPOSSIBLE not to commit fouls at the end of games.

    Opponents are seeking to get to the line, and more often than not that’s where they end up.

    Lin is not superhuman. He can’t stop everybody. No one can.

  507. Still I don get why he respond to you that way…Ate too much turkey?

  508. It’ll get UGLY, then.

    While Lin’s gonna get his numbers no matter what, the hard truth is that Kobe’s outdated isoball is not good enough to consistently win games in the modern NBA.

    If Kobe wants to be the sole point guard, then opponents will load up on him and mess up his game as if he’s the sole point guard. MORE LOSSES AND MORE BLAME for Kobe then.

  509. Great post, though I still stand by my history that Kobe doesn’t want Lin outshining him because Kobe has historically hated it when he was outshined by his teammates.

    That Kobe doesn’t tolerate being outplayed by teammates is COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Everybody knows that.

  510. Nah….it is easy to spin. When Kobe is loaded with defenders and a ball. PPL blame Lin more for not assertive…lol yeah….assertive without the ball.

  511. Is it pride?

  512. Your post is valid only if you limit it to the current season after which Lin can look for a much better fit as a PG with another team. Lin has made it very clear that he wants and greatly prefers the PG role over SG. Lin excels in 5 on 5 due to his PG skills. His 1-on-1 skills are not as not as impressive so he is less confident as a SG even though he can do it fairly well.

  513. Lin doesn’t need much of a game plan.

    If the gameplan is Kobe Iso, then Lin will figure out how to play great teamball within a Kobe iso scheme.

    If the gameplan is Princeton teamball that works around Kobe, then Lin would make it work as long as Scott was clear about how he wants Lin to play when Kobe deliberately messes up the Princeton pattern with his clueless 80s isoball.

    What Lin can’t do is do two different gameplans and then get harshly criticized by both Scott and Bryant no matter what he does.

  514. But Lin always played so so if he was not PG for the game like last night?! I think he should just take the shots & get his good stats as much as possible… Hope he can do that tomorrow.

  515. He was benched for gettong a DD. I guess shooting light out is not the solution here. LOL

  516. I know that Lin would prefer to be a point guard.

    But I disagree that his 1-on-1 skills are unimpressive, not after he was like #2 in the entire NBA in converted isolations in 2012.

    Lin can easily beat almost any defender 1-on-1. What Lin can’t do is beat his defender AND the help defense that always comes with it, not without Lin’s teammates playing in a team structure. Thus Lin is not a good 1-on-2 or 1-on-3 scorer, not that any player in the NBA is!

    Lin was a superb 1-on-1 player in Houston too, so much so that opponents routinely guarded him with 2 or 3 guys because he just kept beating single defenders.

    If Lin weren’t so good as an isolation scorer, he wouldn’t get the constant streatm of double and triple teams.

  517. From Lin’s weibo..

    昨天晚上赢得很棒的比赛,今天早上去客场前的锻炼 |清晨的锻炼
    播放 11

  518. I’m not entirely worried about Lin’s benching, even though I know that Scott doesn’t like his game.

    The reason is simple: Lakers management has decreed that Lin gets minimum 30 minutes a game.

    The way Scott behaves and coaches points right to that, and so Lin’s going to start and he’s going to play.

    And if Scott feels that Lin can’t get the job done in crunchtime, GO AHEAD. Let’s see if Scott could win games like yesterday where Lin basically took control of the game and salvaged the win.

  519. Hehehe…I know, it was meant as a joke. 😛

  520. Let those people rant.

    People like that criticize Lin for being too passive when he tries to play teamball and too aggressive when he tries to get his own shot.

    For those misguided folks wrapped up in their fantasies of hatred that have nothing to do with hard reality, Lin can never play well enough.

  521. I didn’t say that his 1-on-1 skills are unimpressive, just less impressive than his 5 on 5 PG skills. It’s all relative. And the “constant stream of double and triple teams” are often traps to block off passing lanes as well as shots.

  522. no he can not indeed. I know…..those are just noises..

  523. I agree, that’s why Kobe took over and became a PG. So problem solved.

  524. Question is, would those guys not accept the situation and publicly blow up at Kobe? And is that why Kobe was happy to recruit Lin? Not that Lin wouldn’t rebel if he could. It’s just that Lin is not in a position to cause a huge confrontation before establishing himself or at least locking in his next contract.

  525. I agree… none of them above can play well next to Kobe even Nash too… Kobe just so hard to get along.. As I was watching the video, Kobe yell first then talked to Lin on the bench… looked at Clarkson, Price, Ellington & Davis’ face… don’t think any of them like Kobe at all… LOL!

  526. For how long? Lin will be talked about for a long time. Lavine, if he can string together a bunch of high-scoring games people will talk about him. If he does it every so often, then he’ll be a guy that can get hot every so often. He didn’t intimidate Lin at all on D.

  527. “Kobe is one of the best basketball players ever, I don’t think he has it in his mind that Lin is outshining him.”

    You’re following rational logic. That’s not how an obsessed, driven, aging athlete sees the world especially after suffering two consecutive season ending injuries that had him worried he may never play again.

  528. Well said! I was going to post similar thoughts, but it got a bit long so I gave up. ha When other players'( bryant too ) skills( both o & d ) are critiqued/measured/criticized by the same standard as Lin’s, then I will start agreeing that the pundits are justified in stating that Lin is lacking as an nba player.

  529. somehow, when we say rhythm, people might mean different things. rhythm itself is too general to describe the difference between how players develop their rhythm and/or read/react to other’s rhythm. I think when we say Lin is a rhythm player, we are more talking about his read and react to other’s rhythm, or say relational rhythm or rhythm meshing.

  530. Apparently, in early August of this year James Anderson signed a one-year deal with Zalgiris of the
    Lithuania LKL basketball league.

    See : http://www.ridiculousupside.com/2014/8/6/5972617/report-nba-d-league-alum-james-anderson-signs-with-zalgiris-in-lithuania

  531. Don’t ruin a good movie for me. It’s a classic spaghetti western.

  532. Yes, well. I guess I’m saying a good coach will be coaching for the best in the 2 best players. I don’t think whomever is the 2nd volume scorer it is that person (Hill, Swag, etc.)

  533. Saying and doing different things than the plan, esp post fail recriminations, continues any team on a loser track. Wonder if Kobe makes himself accountable to that what changes he might make.

  534. yes, thanks. It’s a big problem to slow the game down for Kobe and Hill, Booz because other teams are not playing their speed. So many ways to win besides stellar games for Kobe, and those are actually easier because ball moves faster than the man, and ball don’t lie.

  535. Kobe won’t last playing PG while hogging the shots as well. LIN knows how to play off ball. He just needs to know what and which role Scott wants from him.

    LIN shot bad yesterday because of Scott and kobe undermining his role on the team. Lin was confused by his treatment yesterday.

  536. The confusion starts with the TWOLVE game….

  537. Oh, alright…just once more. Darn, he’s done it again.

  538. kobe too old to play pg

  539. The real problem is that LIN does it better than Scott could ever manage by himself. Scott just doesn’t have the smarts to figure out how to get a kobe to play teamball while some Asian kid manages to do it for him and he can’t claim credit for it.

  540. The music was so good.

  541. I guess Lin needs to pack some
    Shuriken somewhere in his jersey.

  542. their record is saying NBA will not let Kobe run a slow game.

  543. you nailed it.

  544. He just did yesterday. He said in his post game interview he likes to under his control…(something like that…)

  545. We will see how that will turn out…(smile)

  546. Yep, teams like Mavs, Warriors, etc make it look like Lakers don’t belong on the court. Byron would need to put Lin and all the younger players in the starting lineup to at least look competitive. Of course Kobe would never go for that so those games will be especially hard for Lin to stomach.

  547. Though I agree with you, he was the PG yesterday and I assume the trend will continue. He will be roasted by quick and strong PGs in the west.

  548. And, those games you called out will be painful for us to watch as they have been. Amazing, this product they are willing to put out with all the money fans are putting out.

  549. True

  550. Yes SIr!

  551. … and price having a great game just as people are talking about him getting cut.

  552. Sounds great.
    That way, these reporters will feel the impact of the social media boycott.
    Hm, maybe we can get a list of these unprofessional reporters so no Lin fans will retweet their reports.

  553. it’s ok. It happens.
    DWill got hit with Linsanity in 2012 and was never the same.
    That’s much worse :>

  554. yeah, not sure where he is now

  555. It’s the Kobe show and Kobe does have a lot of die-hard fans. Lin’s challenge is to somehow make the best of it.

  556. He will not guard these fast PGs… Johnson will do the job for him. I don’t get why Scott didn’t ask Johnson to guard LaVine?!

  557. Wish Lin played angry and like that against the Suckets! If he can learn how Kobe shoots out of those double and triple teams, he’d light those Suckets up for sure!

  558. DWill was already old and going down hill! Nets were dumb to give him that big contract just for his past success!

  559. Kobe did most of PG duty but did let Lin play more PG in 2nd half! Lin was just totally off his game! In 1st quarter Lin just missed shots and he’s made unnecessary extra passes when he gets to the rim that weren’t better shots than his own!

  560. One swallow doesn’t make a summer.
    A single instance of something is just that; it doesn’t indicate a trend.

  561. What are you referring to, the Kobe Ball Control Has to Be Through Me game, or the Pull Lin at end of game plays, or just in general?

  562. Lilly Chen
    Look who is in the @NBASTORE catalog that I got in the mail today! @JLin7 is also on p.17. Nice! #balLin #17

  563. Is Price relegated to carrying Kobe’s bags?

    Los Angeles LakersVerified account‏@Lakers
    Bundled up for the Detroit arrival.

  564. I thought Kobe has his own AS?

  565. I guess he was showboating. He had a lot to prove. Growing up as a Lakers fan, Kobe his childhood idol, but they didn’t draft him with their #7 pick. Plus he wanted to show off against his alma mater UCLA.
    “I always wanted to come back and put a show on. I know a lot of UCLA fans were here, and I know a lot of them are mad I came out (for the draft). But I’m a confident person and I like proving people wrong.”

  566. yeah Dwill is deteriorating faster than CP3 for sure. And to think DWill almost went to Houston, too!

  567. Great by his standard, I guess.

  568. Ya! Maybe .. so is he first round or 2nd round pick this year?

  569. #13 pick. must’ve really hurt because he dreamt of going to the big market LA.

  570. Looking at the bright side, perhaps kobe was just showing Jeremy, “This is how you get it done” … hopefully.

  571. Wayne Ellington’s contract guarantee with Lakers increases

    Guard Wayne Ellington initially joined the Lakers on a non-guaranteed one-year deal for $1.1 million.

    On Monday, his contract became guaranteed for $581,692, locking in almost 55% of his total salary.

    The sixth-year, 27-year-old guard is averaging 7.5 points a game through 10 appearances, shooting 50.0% from the field and 36.7% from three-point range.

    Ellington recently returned from a leave of absence, after the tragic shooting death of his father, Wayne Ellington Sr.

    A smaller portion of Ellington’s contract ($315,646) was guaranteed on Nov. 15. His full salary locks in if he’s still on the roster as of Jan. 10.

    Veteran point guard Ronnie Price has a similarly structured contract, with $329,202 currently guaranteed. As of Dec. 15, the Lakers’ promise to Price increases to $658,405.

    The team currently has the league maximum of 15 players on the roster, but with four players out with extended injuries, the league is expected to grant the team a hardship exception to temporarily add a 16th. Rookie Julius Randle (leg), Steve Nash (back) and Xavier Henry (Achilles’) are all out for the year. Forward Ryan Kelly (hamstring) isn’t expected back for at least a month.

    With Ellington and Price’s full salary, the Lakers’ total payroll for the 2014-15 season is $69,699,818.

  572. LaVine wasn’t showboating.

    He simply CAUGHT FIRE, and it wasn’t because the Lakers weren’t defending him.

    That’s as good an explosion as I’ve seen from ANY player.

  573. If Lin knew he was to be an off guard in a Kobe outdated iso system, then Scott needs to make Lin a SG.

    If Scott wants Lin to run the team and get guys going, the. he needs to grab Bryant by the neck and say “Play teamball or be BENCHED”.

  574. ok ok, I YIELD!!!

  575. Doesn’t matter.

    No matter what kind of basketball “rhythm” people are talking about, it doesn’t happen for players without minutes, consistency, and teamwork.

  576. They’d simply refuse to be traded to the Lakers or sign contracts with the Lakers.

    It would be just like Ramon Sessions who took less money and a backup role on the last place Charlotte Bobcats just because he HATED being Kobe’s starting PG!!!

  577. If Lin KNEW that his role was to be a garbageman shooting guard as opposed to be a primary decisionmaker, then Lin would exert his energy cutting and playing off the ball instead of fighting to make passes with a ball that he never touches.

    Byron Scott is CLUELESS when it comes to deciding whether Bryant is going to pass or shoot from game to game, and he needs to figure it out quick because the Lakers will keep losing because of Bryant.

  578. It’s nice to read good news for Ellington, thank you.

  579. Ellington has earned it.

    He’s playing better now than he’s ever played in the NBA.

  580. Kobe feels that he’s in direct competition with Lin.

    That’s because Kobe RESPECTS Lin’s game and personality. It’s not about dislike.

    That said, I would prefer Bryant to channel his healthy competitiveness into being a better team player, not into outstating Lin or anyone else.

    Lin’s playing the right way by trying to get the whole team going, and this is the first time Bryant ever played with somebody as committed to teamball as Lin is.

  581. I think Mark is Lakers ast coach this year..

  582. imagine lin and kobe is able to be the dantoni’s wish of a ‘2 headed monster’ in terms of playmaking and scoring… wow..

    You think that is possible? or am I just wishful dreaming.

  583. Linsanity day 1. Just goes to show how hard it is to pull off Linsanity for real.

  584. This is why lin will be benched again.

  585. To become part of the coaching staff? lol

  586. No they won’t lin and kobe seem to always huddling and talk about office..smh

  587. Yes Madsen has been a long time JLin fan before Lin came to the Lakers. Worked our with him in the summer even when he was on the Rockets. I suspect might have had influence on bringing Lin to the Lakers. I’ve always wondered how it would be if Scott ever stepped down and Madsen was made interim coach. Probably still couldn’t control Kobe like I doubt D’Antoni could either.

  588. A Harvard degree goes a long way…:)

  589. To become the head coach, thats y scott is worried. Haha.

  590. Where was Kobe & Young? Someone said Young was there to listen too but not Kobe?!

  591. Lin and scott argued as to who should draw a play. Scott held it tight without letting it go like what mchale did.

  592. Interesting article on managing Kobe Bryant’s playing time and between-game recovery …

    Scott has pledged to restrict Bryant within 30 to 40 minutes per game, but his 35.9 minutes per game average has entailed exceeding that threshold four times. That included three games that went into overtime and one that proceeded a four-day stretch between games that Bryant would devote to rest. Scott and Bryant both maintain each party remains deferential toward figuring out this puzzle.

    “The key goes beyond health and feel for minutes played and how he feels. There’s also a performance aspect,” Lakers head athletic trainer Gary Vitti said in an interview with LA Newspaper Group during training camp. “Do we see when he reaches this load and/or at this intensity, does his performance go down? Then you make a decision. As his performance is going down, do you yank him out? Even if his performance is regressing, is he still better than the next guy you put in?”

    See : http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20141201/lakers-kobe-bryant-finds-it-very-challenging-to-balance-workload-recovery

  593. now we know. lol

  594. I guess Young is next to Lin, you can see his hair on top of BS head!

  595. LIN had gotten Melo and the Knicks playing as a team as well. I really hope your assessment is right.

  596. Oh! So that was the time I saw only Kobe sat on the bench?! BTW, did you go to the game last night?

  597. If only Scott had the guts to do that.

  598. Sorry, i never go to the game, i watch every Lin game online and
    I live in the Midwest, too far from LA! LOL!
    I think Kobe was on the bench and looked like he needed oxygen tank!

  599. LOL! BTW, where did you get this picture? Must be someone in the game took it?!

  600. I don’t think so it has the score in the lower right corner.

  601. I stole it from somewhere! It is a screen shot, you can see the score on the picture. Rich Johnson said that too below my comment.

  602. Coach Byron Scott said he would like to see his starting point guard concentrate on his fourth-quarter lapses that have led to turnovers and losses.

    “He’s gotten pretty comfortable (but) he still makes some mistakes that you just can’t afford toward the end of the game in the fourth quarter,” Scott said. “That he has to get much better at, and from a point guard standpoint he has to recognize clock, situation, score. Those are the things you have to do as a point guard.”

    Scott gave Lin, 26, a bit of wiggle room because of his age, saying, “He’s young, he’s still learning that position as well, but the last few games he’s gotten better.”


  603. Please don’t see it as half empty glass of water, gees!

  604. LOL! Debbie downer you! Your joke is not funny enough!

  605. Wasn’t 100% sure it was Madsen. He looked too “handsome” to me:-) Just guessing as there weren’t that many “whites” in Lakers. Still trying to figure it out who is who sometimes esp between Wesley, Ronnie, Wayne….. I know their names but not their faces:-)

  606. Wesley Johnson is tall and skinny with little hair! Ronnie Price is shorter than Lin with Star Wars actors’ kind of eyes! Wayne is………LOL!

  607. Fair enough.

  608. I don’t think BS appreciates Lin’s help with the coaching. Not winning him points.

  609. Fast forward to Sunday against the Toronto Raptors.
    Bryant distributed early. He had eight assists by intermission — one
    more than his season-high. By that point, he had taken four shots, and
    the Lakers held a halftime lead over the best team in the East.

    The Lakers won in overtime 129-122, though it’s worth noting the Raptors were without their leading scorer, DeMar DeRozan (groin).

    But it was still an impressive upset, and the key was Bryant and his
    distributing — not just early, but throughout. He finished with 12
    assists to go with 31 points and 11 rebounds. It was his 20th career
    triple-double and first since 2013.

    Much of the talk afterward was about how the league-leader in
    field-goal attempts coming into the game (23.1) kept his teammates
    involved all night.

    The Raptors sure noticed. They didn’t expect it, either.

    “He got a lot of people going and got them in a rhythm different
    from the way they’ve been playing,” Toronto coach Dwane Casey said.

    It’s not as though Bryant’s sharing the ball will lead to Lakers
    wins, but it no doubt makes them more competitive. The same can’t be
    said of those games when he essentially eschews his teammates, goes solo
    and takes a ton of shots.

    That’s what opponents want him to do, after all.

    “If Kobe is going to get his points, make him take a lot of shots,” Phoenix Suns coach Jeff Hornacek said after his team beat the Lakers earlier this year. “That’s what happens.”

    Sunday was different.

    “Kobe’s playmaking gave us a chance,” said Lakers forward Carlos Boozer,
    who scored 18 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. “They put two people on
    him, and it gave us a chance to eat early. We were aggressive with the
    ball, and it kept going throughout the game.”

    Late in the game, Bryant turned it on, as usual. After attempting 12
    shots through the first three quarters, he attempted that many in the
    fourth and overtime.

    Lakers coach Byron Scott made the point that in the first half,
    Bryant looked to conserve his energy by getting teammates involved, then
    at the end, Bryant had enough left in the tank to attack.

    The approach seemed to work, though the Lakers hardly rode Bryant
    alone at the very end. Bryant scored 6 points in overtime, just as
    Lakers guard Jeremy Lin did, and Wesley Johnson scored 7 of his 13 points in the extra session.

    In short, it was a team effort, and Johnson said Bryant’s role as a facilitator was the difference.

    “Yeah, he draws a lot of attention, and it just frees up a lot of stuff for everybody,” Johnson said.

    Said Lin: “It was good. [Bryant] was looking to make plays for
    everybody, and he was looking to move the ball and then be aggressive
    when he needed to be.”

    Bryant said he was just trying to “make the right play.”

    “The difference is,” he added, “when they make them, I don’t have to
    force the offense. When you miss them, and you go down 12, 15 points,
    then I’ve got to try and force the issue a little bit and keep us in the
    ball game.

    “But when they hit shots like that, it makes my job easier.”

    The cold truth is even if Bryant puts his teammates in position to
    score, it’s on them to do so, and they haven’t always done so this
    season. Many wide-open looks were not converted, so it’s not surprising
    if Bryant decides to do it on his own.

    Yet at his age, with the minutes load he’s handling now, it’s
    unreasonable for Bryant or anyone else to expect he can carry the team
    on his own. He knows that, and Sunday’s virtuoso performance appeared to
    be an acknowledgment of that.

    Whether Bryant was trying to conserve his energy or get his
    teammates more involved, the Lakers were, as Casey said, in a totally
    different rhythm. They had seven players score in double figures,
    including all five starters.

    “They made shots,” Bryant said of his teammates. “When you do that,
    you become very difficult to guard, and it enables you to kind of pick
    the opposition apart.”

    The end result: a win.

  610. So is BS saying that when it’s crunch time, he’d prefer Price or Ellington over the starting PG?

  611. Lin has held guys like Paul, Lillard, Wall, and Parker to low scoring games but it still didn’t change their opinions.

  612. Not for me, because anything is better than Houston.

  613. I think we need to stop overreacting to Byron making a boneheaded coaching decision late in the Minny game and just read what Byron said. All he wants Lin to do is play his game and pace himself and be aware of certain things late in the games. He also said he’s improving at that. That’s it. I think Byron tried to get too cute putting in Price for defense, especially when Price isn’t all that good at defense, but Lin played in OT and in the clutch, contributed well, so let’s just move on from the Minnesota game and hope that Lin keeps a good rhythm when the game gets more tense in crunch time.

  614. Overreacting? I don’t think I’m overreacting. Let’s see what happens with Lin’s playing time during crunch time in the upcoming games. Let’s see if Lin’s replaced with a bench player when it counts. Then we can revisit this conversation.

  615. We’ve already seen Lin come in in crunch time last night. That’s why I think you’re overreacting. All Byron did was bench Lin one game the last 3 minutes or so. That’s it. One game. And it was not an entire 4th quarter like McHale used to do. He went with Lin last night in OT and in the last minutes of regulation, he didn’t bench Lin. So why do you think he’s now going to start to bench Lin? I think he miscalculated and wanted more height on defense, that’s why he benched Lin. He did bench Boozer and should. That’s who is getting benched in crunch time, not Lin.

  616. It’ll take time. It takes a long time for people to realize what they thought wasn’t right.

  617. Says like if Kbe forced those shots…he would have made them….darn…

  618. And that’s also BS’s fault for allowing it.

  619. This isn’t too bad. Even as Lin fans, we know he has to improve, and he does too. But the value of what BS says here only holds weight if he and the coaching staff help Lin to develop and learn. The team is so bad, and it’s not like Lin is the worst player ever. BS can’t simply blame his point guard for every loss, and make Kobe the solution to everything, because he isn’t. It’s the coach’s job ultimately to have the team firing on all cylinders and having them perform as a unit, to the best of their ability. I’d like to see what he does in the future, and whether the Lakers get better and start winning consistently on the basis of his adjustments. And if they keep losing I just want J to get his stats!

  620. I would like to think you’re right but I remember Lin being replaced in late moments in more than just the twolves game.

    More height? Ellington is listed one inch taller than Lin and Price is listed an inch shorter than Lin.

    We have four games between tomorrow and Sunday. Let’s see. I hope you’re right that it’s an overreaction on my part.

  621. Coach Lin

  622. Worthy also spoke out about benching Lin during 4th quarter twice and he’s a professional! It’s not overreacting at all!

  623. Really like this article. This is why I root for JLin. He is such a “gentleman” among sharks. Sorry no translation from me. Maybe someone can. Thanks in advance!
    「抱歉」放嘴邊 豪平易近人見魅力


    11月30日湖人隊打敗多倫多暴龍隊,更衣室內氣氛難得輕鬆,幾名球員大聲喧嘩,發洩以往吞敗的抑鬱。最後步入更衣室的林書豪不發一語,前往浴室盥洗,大批媒體正包圍科比(Kobe Bryant)聆聽他生涯3萬分、6000次助攻感想。林的更衣櫃旁是艾林頓(Wayne Ellington)、一位上季平均8分43秒上場的板凳,正穿上便服準備離開。走出浴室的林書豪,向29日過生日的艾林頓祝賀,換來的卻是錯愕眼神,艾林頓反問:「你知道昨天是我的生日?」表情顯得不可思議,對林書豪重視自己感到驚訝。





    【2014/12/02 世界日報】@ http://udn.com/

  624. Sounds like BS is making Lin the scapegoat for his own stupid mistake of benching Lin. SMH Htown all over again.

  625. Thank you Australia for finding this piece.

  626. So you not thanking Mel, but Australia?!hmmm

  627. LOL Thanks @Maknusia🙂

  628. Just did google translation, Pretty much the Lin we know! Humble, obliges request, gets along everyone. Security guard story hits the point, how humble and friendly he had been all his career.

    Thanks for sharing,Mel

  629. no wonder! lol not it all makes sense

  630. You dont want to get back problem at this stage!!!lol…you are mean, Rick

  631. This is one of the many reasons why we love him!! Thanks for posting

  632. Read the whole article. It’s not as bad as the “logging timber” and “this isn’t Match.com” replies of his previous coach.

    If I take what everyone writes about Jeremy as serious, I would have probably killed somebody now. If it doesn’t bother him, it doesn’t bother me.

  633. I like all these little stories on this article. This is why I root for him. He practices what he believes in.

    I’ve noticed in his interviews that he did say sorry whenever he accidently “brush” on reporter’s camera, mike, and/or recorder. I also like the shock of Wayne Ellington when JLin said “Happy belated birthday” to him.

    The story of security just reminded me of JLin said how great it was for him to see R staff members again. Guess they missed him even more. The pics that I posted earlier told the story.

  634. Indeed it’s. Sure glad that fame and money haven’t changed him.

  635. Okay, I don’t like the tone of this comment. But it’s true. Lin did make some mistakes. As a Lin fan, I don’t like to point fingers. So I stop here.

    It’s funny that Lin is so professional, his behavior sometimes can tell what happened with coaching or Kobing. Last game, Lin was so slow to bring the ball up to the court and he always made sure he is staying behind Kobe not ahead of him. It made me laugh for a couple of times. It’s so un-Lin.

    I think Lin’s experience with Lakers will hurt his clutch play in 4th Q quite a bit. I know it’s his natural talent, but talent needs experience to nurture. Lin has no single chance to practice 4th Q clutchness.

    Also, Lin is a like a sports car designed for high speed, playing like such low speed, it actually hurts him more than helps him.

    Well, it’s funny when Lin said he has seen it all in NBA before joining the Lakers, I guess he underestimated Lakers. Lin will never say never again, lol.

  636. Still have 139 points for Kobe to catch up with MJ’s record. How many games will you give him before catching up? My guess is 6 games max.

  637. He’ll defend them better and won’t drop them. Much better option at bag handler.

  638. Seen like Kobe doesn’t understand that if he force the issue most likely it will worst.

  639. this guy must be 1) asian, 2) crazy lin fan

  640. Anyone listened to Max and Marcellus last night talking about Kobe’s inefficiency? And the comment who will tell Kobe about passing the ball more? They both mumbled something about Lin being the one but he got punked. What are they referring to?

    I’m recapping from poor memory but basically, how Kobe says when the guys make the shots, it makes his job easier because he doesn’t need to force the offense. When they miss them then he needs to take over…
    How only active Laker with worse shooting percentage is Price?
    Who to tell Kobe that if he passed more then team will perform better and he’ll shoot better?

  641. Hey not everyone as high on BS as you are. If Price can do a little better than he ever did then may be Lin will never see any 4th qtr time at all.

    It is not like Lin is the only one made mistakes on 4th qtr but he just single out Lin.

  642. I posted two items and they’re both clean and non-inflammatory but waiting to be approved by JLinPortal? Am I on the hit list?

  643. Don’t think so. Either u edit your post too many times or you have a disqus ban word. Once you have a ban word and waiting for approval doesn’t matter if u edit the word you will still have to wait.

    All mods are probably busy or sleeping right now.

  644. Aren’t those are BS hair if on top of his head? LOL

  645. Lin just can’t resist the temptation of coaching the “coach”.

  646. The result of refusing to watch game. hehe

  647. Why would I thank Mel Gibson?

  648. What an idiot. Lol


    How about giving Lin some COACHING?

    While Scott is yammering mindlessly about trying to plow the ball into Kobe using strictly willpower, Lin’s trying to read the strategies and lead the team.

    I can’t stand it when these outdated 80s coaches think that their busted schemes work in the modern day and then they blame their players for not executing those stupid schemes!!!

  650. It’s the clash of a cutting edge modern player in Lin against the outdated ineffective old world thinking of Scott and McHale.

    Right after the racial aspect, the biggest problem these two coaches have with Lin is that neither coach realizes that the illegal defense rule has been abolished.

  651. Too bad for Scott.

    If a coach cannot handle his players STEPPING UP to reinforce what the coah is teaching, then the NBA is the wrong place for such fool coaches.

  652. Kobe Bryant is so CLUELESS on team fundamentals, he doesn’t even realize that he could have accomplished the passing thing easier and with far more wins had he just gone along with Byron Scott’s Princeton offense by attending practices regularly!

  653. You are on MY hit list, Brewkowski!!!


    GREATEST HITS, I mean!

    Your basketball analysis is fascinating and intelligent!

  654. LOL! I guess too much snow in MN made you think that way!

  655. It happened to many other posters. Any system we live on is flawed. So no worry, just wait.

  656. it looks like a turkey to me.

  657. Byron is smart enough to know Kobe doesn’t need much practice with other guys.

  658. I think coach should be more open minded! PG or players can see something while playing that coach might not notice!

  659. Cute??? In bball games? LOL!

  660. To BS, Kobe is never wrong, lost so many close games because of Kobe throwing bricks and BS never dare to say a word but defending that Kobe played the right way! Unbelievable!

    To bs, Lin is always wrong for everything! Ronnie price never scored for long minutes in games plus TO also never wrong, BS never said anything about Ronnie’s poor job at all!

  661. Is that about the Max and Marcellus show?

  662. Scott is playing the blame game because he can’t control Kobe. Anyone that is a Lakers fan knows that the losses were because of Kobe and Scott’s inept coaching….AND not enough LIN. Worthy called out Scott and this is Scott answering back.

  663. 100% agreed

  664. In MN this time of the year your hair can turn white quickly if you are outside may be it mess with the brain.

  665. What is so bad is that Scott is so predictable. 6 min to begin the 3rd and 6 to end the game. While it is impossible to lose a game in the third, it IS POSSIBLE to set up a situation that leads to victory. When LIN left the game against Wolves, he had set the team up for a win by giving them the lead.

    Scott wasted that by over playing the bench and allowing a kobe to go hero-crazy.

  666. don’t worry, you’re not :]
    Disqus often also puts the mods message in pending list for inexplicable reasons.
    I approved one other one. Thanks IJ for approving one

    As @7iger said, Mods can set our restricted words list but Disqus also has its own rules to put comments in pending (i.e. multiple edit, similar posts, multiple comments within a short time, etc.)

  667. Ok, please tell me how to put it the right way! Thanks!

  668. You can listen to the Max & Marcellus “Kobe” segment here :


  669. Thanks for the great article, Mel :>
    It’ll probably be good to collect these articles into a “Little (but important) Things on Why We Love JLin” Sticky Post

    Gotta love Google Translate results. It’s like a poetry that leaves you guessing what it’s trying to say :>

    Google Translate version
    Lin joined the Los Angeles Lakers this year, the shock is not only Asian cyclones, which also exert influence on and off the court, people do not know ho kid just graduated from Harvard Christians, as well as to deal with the advance and retreat of the Chinese style, in the masculine thick, sloppy athlete group, Lin unusual.

    November 30 Los Angeles Lakers beat the Toronto Raptors, a rare relaxed atmosphere in the locker room, several players loudly vent swallow defeat depression in the past. Lin finally entered the locker room without saying a word, went to the bathroom toilet, a large number of media being surrounded by Bryant (Kobe Bryant) listened to his career three extremely 6,000 assists feelings. Lin’s locker is next to Ellington (Wayne Ellington), an average of 8 minutes and 43 seconds to play in the previous quarter, a bench, wearing civilian clothes are ready to leave. Jeremy Lin out of the bathroom, to the 29th birthday congratulations Ellington, they got startled eyes, Ellington asked: “Do you know yesterday was my birthday?” Expression seem incredible, Jeremy Lin attention to their surprise.

    Many tricks can display his special, when a large number of media waiting at the locker, Lin will quietly told reporters: “I’m sorry borrowed it!.” As if he was just a passer-by, rather than the protagonist. If you accidentally hit the camera when you dress or reporter, then spit out the words “I’m sorry” does, look in their eyes, feeling his humility are very natural, not because of the media and significant contrived. Stadium security guard, who declined to be named, said: “I have rarely seen the players will remember the name of the guard, but Lin remember me, but also take the initiative to say hello.” Conversations to show his goodwill to the forest.

    In the Lakers locker room, Jeremy Lin and Kobe attitude polarization, known as the big star Kobe domineering extroverted, highly complex media interview, had one knee, if necessary, will be waiting for him to come near the microphone to say a few words . Lin attitude is completely different, the team swallow defeat, depressed mood on the occasion, the media will continue to meet the requirements of a number of statements out, once can not stand hot pursuit, pleading for his life will expose your face PR siege.

    On the 30th, a media asked Lin, brewing anger play compared to Kobe Bryant, his attitude is what? Lin said: “I can not get angry at the court, and that people can not be calm, all I need is to exclude outside interference, and say, freedom to play.” Interpretation of the differences between him and Kobe Bryant. The reporter asked mildly poor performance, Lin not only do not get angry, but also to the tone of self-deprecating joke, saying all night at a low ebb, pushing the credit to his teammates, did not mention the crucial free throws himself in playoff.

    No matter how this year’s Lakers record, from pellets, teammates, the media, the fans, the staff are feeling ho boy charm, he is popular, not just the merits of the court performance, plain field under its popularity has created a full stall.

    [World News] 2014/12/02

  670. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Byron Scott said there are no lineup changes for tonight vs. DET

  671. preserve his body? what? I didn’t know kobe is a mummy

  672. Lin’s cali shirt is a big F U to Hicktown.

  673. weren’t you one of the scott nut huggers at jlin.net when he got hired?

  674. I don’t understand, why BS thinks Lin doesn’t get others involved. Because he doesn’t pass to Kobe?

  675. What Scott said it’s BS… he changed all the time so no needs to care what he said… I guess Lin will be in charge the ball today more.

  676. I think Bill Oram is trying to stir things up around Lin. I’ll pay attention to Serena and Mike Trudell’s quotes more.

  677. I don’t like this guy now bc no one report anything about this but him…?! smh!

  678. Feel the same way. So don’t RT his tweets. Specially after he thought Lin’s fans are crazy.. You know he needs the attention since he is not famous enough.

  679. Kobe has a lot of power in the LA organization and can get Byron fired. So he doesn’t critique him like he does others. But Kobe missing FTs and taking bad shots in the crunch time were a big part of some of the losses.

  680. http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/4909/thread

    this has the link to the max and Marcellus show with some comments about what they were saying.

  681. Yes, he’s trying to stir the pot.
    I will keep a record in Sticky Post of which reporters are unprofessional (i.e. calling Lin fans crazy for a simple polite question) so Lin fans can be aware and boycott this guy in social media.

  682. Don’t. Lin needs to look for his shot more, he tries too hard to get the ball to others sometimes. And Lin didn’t have ball in his hands with Houston that much, he played with them the last 2 years. Why go back to NY? Lin plays different now, takes far less shots, passes far more. I’d like to hear Byron’s full comments because what’s in that tweet is off.

  683. What about Price?

  684. That’s what I thought. Don’t help him to get click or RT. smh!

  685. Never mind about him… I guess he probably asked BS what area Lin needs to improve…?!

  686. ban this guy please, unacceptable

  687. Good point… This said it all… LOL!

  688. DET PreGameThread + Poll is open
    I think Lin will bounce back like he usually does after a bad shooting game.
    I voted 18p/4a for JLin as Kobe is still in the mood of passing a bit.


  689. Those are decent numbers but I’m waiting for the monster game. I want to see 27+ points 8+ assists, steals, and a 12 point 4Q from him with 4 points in the last 2 minutes. That’s what I’m waiting for from Jeremy. But I’ll take that for now.

  690. It’s pretty pathetic that Lin’s game is so dependent on how bryant decides to play. What other player has to play under these conditions? smh

  691. Yah, we’ll get good Lin against DET.

  692. well, he will have to adjust and play better.. he has 10 shots last game..but made only 2.. so if he shot 50% and .. that would’ve been at least 11 points without OT..or 13 points without OT and some threes.. so he did get a chance to shoot and shoot more thatn usual which is good.

  693. but with him shooting, it will open up others..
    in NY I can see why he said that because he goes for his own shot even when ppl are near him, but now he is more balance in a way that he doesnt’ just go for his own.. he involves other.. it’s just that others are not getting it in.. so maybe he had to do a kobe. speaking of which I guess he means getting kobe involve. LOL.

  694. Everyone has a bad shooting night sometimes. He hasn’t had that many.

  695. I’m not talking about just 1 game. I’m talking about how Lin has to continuously adjust his game w/i how bryant decides to play or noCoach’s expectations that constantly changes, which impacts his numbers when it’s all said & done. I don’t look at 1 game & judge Lin as a player, like a lot of others I’ve seen post. smh

    There’s a new Harden in town. #Defense #Kobe

  697. I give him a break on that one even when he was suppose to help out Hill and trap monte..but he might be thinking.. if he traps monte.. no one to look out for the paint..and by that time..his back was away from the dunk.

  698. I guess there isn’t a defensive record to break for bryant. smh

  699. 30+ points would be a monster game.

  700. My guess it there probably wont’ be any lineup changes until after Allstar break if at all. The only lineup change I can see happening is Davis as starter over Boozer or Hill or Lin playing more minutes with 2nd unit instead of Kobe, doubt it though.

  701. That’s total BS, he should be held to the same standards as other teammates even if he doesn’t need to shoot. He could still be there to go over plays again cause obviously their offense is disorganized.

  702. Scott made sure LIN learned to never lead or threaten to lead Kobe. Kobe is like a king that servants must walk 3 ft behind. The only reason LIN got to play crunch time was because he didn’t score a bunch of pts already so there was no way he could catch up to Kobe last game so he got to play crunch time.

    It’s sad to have to accept this reality. But it is what it is. Scott wants Kobe to win more than Lakers to win. LIN will learn to adjust his circle and shine within that circle.

    LIN fans will have to adjust as well. What matters for us is not if Lakers win. It only matters if LIN wins.

  703. but has to do it with 10 or 15 shots.. else they will say he is shooting for himself. blah. you know the thing.
    If he does it with 10 shots.. that is EFFICIENCY and no one can say anything and if they do.. they don’t know jack…yes..that includes the coach..

  704. esp true if kobe has 20 points only lol

  705. but fine if kobe has 20 points and 10 assists. lol

  706. One of the reasons I’ve always liked Lin is because he shows goodwill to the forest.

  707. pretty much all Kobe’s teammates to a lesser degree :>

  708. Hello Wu Kong, haven’t had a chance to get back on since I posted… I appreciate the link but when I went to it, it says the site is in the process of being deleted?

    I hope it’s not true since it’s a nice archive of a lot of interesting tidbits and history.

  709. Thanks 7iger and psalm, appreciate the follow-up. Didn’t understand what I wrote to trigger the moderation. Oh well.

    Haven’t visited for awhile. A lot of haters been waiting for this 0-fer day by Lin. No worries, he’ll bounce back stronger than ever.

  710. Yes, it’s from the Max and Marcellus show. Does anyone know what that comment was about? What happened exactly? Thanks.

  711. Ha!

    You know, I was skeptical about your initial thoughts about Lin playing alongside with Kobe but by the way things are developing with Lin’s marginalization as starting PG, I think you may be right.

    I’m not giving up though. I am hopeful that stubborn Kobe realizes that for him to continue for another 2+ years, he will need to rely on his teammates and especially one like Lin who will make it easier for him to score and the rest of the team to be involved.

    BS, I’m not even considering him. He’s basically Kobe’s puppet.

  712. No, absolutely not. If Disqus shows “awaiting moderation”, it is almost certainly due to Disqus auto filters. If you violated the rules ( http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/ ), your comment would be deleted, not awaiting moderation.

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