G17 TOR @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

Will JLin finish close to double-double again?

And will Byron bench Lin again if he is seen as ineffective in Q4 (struggled in defense, 1 offensive TO, missing 3pt)  to play next to Kobe?

I expect Kobe will continue to play too much ISO-ball again in Q4. But the margin of error for Lin is small so if Lin doesn’t make strong defensive plays or make his shots, Byron will try to find players with hot hands to complement Kobe. The same applied to Boozer who also sat the crunch time.

The solution should be to make Kobe play team-ball like he’s been doing in Q1-Q3, to seek his offense within team flow but there’s no indication Byron sees it as the main problem. Defense knows Kobe will have the ball so until he passes, they will double and triple team Kobe rendering him as ineffective.

But JLin can only focus on his effort so let’s hope he continues to perform well with his drives, shooting and growing chemistry of PnR with Boozer/Davis/Wes/Hill and even with Kobe.

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Let’s go, JLin!Lin_LINE_LetsGo