G17 TOR @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

Will JLin finish close to double-double again?

And will Byron bench Lin again if he is seen as ineffective in Q4 (struggled in defense, 1 offensive TO, missing 3pt)  to play next to Kobe?

I expect Kobe will continue to play too much ISO-ball again in Q4. But the margin of error for Lin is small so if Lin doesn’t make strong defensive plays or make his shots, Byron will try to find players with hot hands to complement Kobe. The same applied to Boozer who also sat the crunch time.

The solution should be to make Kobe play team-ball like he’s been doing in Q1-Q3, to seek his offense within team flow but there’s no indication Byron sees it as the main problem. Defense knows Kobe will have the ball so until he passes, they will double and triple team Kobe rendering him as ineffective.

But JLin can only focus on his effort so let’s hope he continues to perform well with his drives, shooting and growing chemistry of PnR with Boozer/Davis/Wes/Hill and even with Kobe.

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Let’s go, JLin!Lin_LINE_LetsGo



  1. LOL. For a change, 1st.

  2. Arrghhh…haha

  3. Yeah!!! .. Aussie struck 1st :>
    Linning tonight, baby!

  4. Oi Oi Oi OZ Oi OZ Oi OZ OZ OZ Oi Oi Oi LOL

  5. Sorry mate! Just happened:-)

  6. 22 minutes before game starts, can’t wait! Hope Lin has another double double or triple double game!

  7. TWC talking about Jeremy benching in the last game. Worthy defending Jeremy.

  8. Good! Need more from HOF to tell the world the truth

  9. BS made comment about bonehead play(s) by the Lakers in the second half or 4Q, guess who he benched? McHale all over again.

  10. What did he say? I am so happy to know about this… Hope tops support Lin to against Scott’s unfair treatment!!!

  11. Congrats! (I need a bigger refresh button….)

  12. It’s McHale only if Lin is out for whole quarters or halfs and his playing time diminishes and increases according to his whims. Byron Scott is not treating Lin like McHale did.

  13. Hope so, depends on if guys knock down shots. Lin can get it to them but maybe Lowry’s guys can convert them better.

  14. Similar to what he said after the last game. TWC is trying to be unbiased so said decision like this must be hard on the coach.

  15. Scott put Lin back into the Houston game when he had a poor game. He hasn’t been totally unfair to Lin. Like I said in the last game, I think Scott tried something that failed and we have to see how it goes moving forward before saying he isn’t treating Lin fairly. Scott gives him around 30 minutes, that’s been consistent.

  16. I really think must be something else not that 3Q played too fast or TO… Scott just made some excuse to not let Lin finished the game. Hope he will not do it from now on again. smh!

  17. there was no defense in that 3rd qtr. fast offense is more like Dantoni’s. BS doesn’t like it. Lin seemed to really enjoyed it. I’m sure Lin wish the defense was a bit better though too.

  18. Well, at least there’s one Laker in the picture besides Kobe …


  19. was listening into ESPN LA, Ireland and Mike Trudell were discussing about Lin’s bench last game, and they are trying to figure out why is that. Ireland said that, Ellington played for Byron in Cleveland, and Byron trust him, and that’s why Ellington is here, and the bench kind of shown how much trust Byron has there, and he might think with Kobe and Young handling the ball, Ellington might help a little bit on the defense there, since Lin was really good having double double in that game. Then they kind of discussed that, it still does not completely make sense, as for defense, Ed Davis is definitely way better than Hill, and last game, Hill was not doing much things, and yet Davis really make difference, thus if for the defensive purpose, Byron should sub in Davis then.

    Anyway, the conclusion pretty much stay as Byron just trust Ellington.

    Good to hear the radio guy is pretty fair to Lin there. Ireland usually not that friendly to Lin though.

  20. He only did that one game and maybe he just wanted Ellington in for height. He never said why he did, maybe he just felt it was better for Lin to be out. I think if Lin plays well tonight, he’ll finish the game. His strategy didn’t work. It’s almost good they lost the game because if Kobe hits those FT and they win, he may have thought his strategy worked.

  21. You never know…hope your first would give Lin’s first triple-double or a season high!

  22. Thanks for the update. That makes sense.

    The logical decision for defensive purpose was to replace Hill with Davis, not Lin with Ellington.
    The reason was because Mo Williams still got easy layup for his 5pts and Thaddeus Young getting fouled while attacking the rim.

    It simply means Byron was not being logical regarding strengthening his defense. Let’s see if he does the same bad experiment tonight.

  23. It was a BAD replacement

  24. MAJOR change! lol

  25. or maybe tanking?

  26. they need to keep this quiet. Better than Kobe? Bench Lin.

  27. Bringing it up is good enough for me. They must throw BS some bone for his bonehead decision of benching Lin.

  28. Play with confidence and aggression Jeremy. Last season he dropped 31 on them. He just needs to remember how well he can play against them.

  29. Swaggy P sure has a quick release on his 3s.


  30. Hope LAL are up for some defensive plays, else its gonna be an ugly game

    GO Lin!!!!

  31. Hope this doesnt get repeated today!!!!

    Bryant’s memorable career-best, 81-point performance came on a Sunday
    night at home against Toronto in a 122-104 win Jan. 22, 2006. He made 28
    of 46 shots that night but is a far less efficient player now in the
    twilight of his career.

  32. I thought Lin defended very well.

    Zach LaVine simply got hotter than I’ve seen any player ever get against Lin.

    Lin had a hand in LaVine’s face, but LaVine simply made everything.

    I seriously doubt LaVine would play like that against Lin or any opponent ever again.

  33. Noticed Lin loves hanging on the basketball rim before every game. Is it some kind of ritual for him? Kinda like MJ and apple sauce?

  34. Game #17… Is this Jeremy’s night? 🙂

  35. Wow…..didnt realize it…. Hope Jeremy have blast!!!! give us a memorable night!

  36. Lin is guarding Vasquez, not Lowry.
    But Lowry is guarding Lin

  37. Great defensive effort by Kobe guarding 2-3 people

  38. thats a tough assignment, GV being 6’6

  39. Kobe has been looking for Lin 2 times on 3pt-line.

    2nd pass was too strong but good to see.

  40. Keep taking the 3..it will come!

  41. Why not Kobe guarding Vas?

  42. Lin is aggressive…thats good

  43. 3!!!!!!!!! there you go

  44. Just keep shooting… Just keep shooting.. Just keep shooting…

  45. Great touch.. and bounce on Lin’s 3!!!
    We’ll take it 😀

  46. Not watching game yet please hit me with updates as they come — you all are awesome

  47. Lin missed like 3 shots already got he finally got the rattled 3 in!

  48. Kobe with 3 ast!

  49. Lakers seem to match up well with Toronto. They don’t seem overmatched.

  50. On Kobe’s 3rd attempted to Lin on 3pt line, Lin hit!

    simply marvelous!

  51. so far I liked the way Lin plays.

  52. Just be glad Kobe still passed Lin the ball after 3 misses! I thought for sure Kobe will go for an iso instead of a 3 point play for Lin!

  53. not quite sure

  54. hide Kobe?

  55. Dory, that you? 🙂

  56. yes, aggressive to look for his shots when open

  57. Probably too slow

  58. Comeon Hill, you can do better than that!

  59. Come on Lin just take the shot instead of passing it!

  60. Good job by Kobe finding Nick Young for a 3!

  61. Lin should have shot it, he drove into traffic.

  62. If I’m Scott I’ma do some nice PnRs with Jeremy and Davis…

    Unfortunately I’m not..

  63. he saw Boozer was open ready to pop so a split-second decision

  64. Jeremy is still in… hmmm..

  65. Yeah, and he is going to the basket….all good

  66. weird……BS forget to set the time?

  67. Nevermind… Price in.

  68. LOL, spoke too soon, Price is in…which is fine

  69. What is his stat line

  70. 1/5.. 3pts 1reb

  71. Wow 5 shots look at that

  72. his clock is delayed 1 min today..

  73. He looked very off on some of those shots. I like counting made shots rather than focusing just on number of shots taken.

  74. Pressing maybe?

  75. This was certainly a different dynamics in Q1.
    Lin and Kobe took turns playing PG.

    And Lin didn’t hesitate to take his shots, a bit similar to his role being off-the-ball in Houston as an SG

  76. Uneven quarter for Lin. Shooting seems shaky. Played a minute longer than usual, coming out at the 3 minute mark. Still assume he’ll come back in at the six minute mark in the second.

  77. Come D…pls

  78. Great ball movement by the Lakers to get everyone involved.
    Kobe did a great job getting everyone involved

  79. Yeah, and a good shot from Kobe

  80. whoa… Kobe’s off-balance turnaround 3! :>

  81. uneven quarter for Lin. Shooting seems shaky. Played a minute longer than usual, coming out at the 3 minute mark. Still assume he will come back in at the six minute mark in the second.

  82. yes, all shots within the flow of the offense

  83. Sounds or reads like Kobe is running pg

  84. probably so.
    Byron is predictable with his rotation

    He should have rested Kobe more but Kobe was on a roll so this was ok.

  85. Price’s role = stand there and let Kobe run the offense and be PG. I’d rather Clarkson be in, at least he can hit some 3s and play defense.

  86. How is lin playing defense tonight?

  87. but a good pass-1st/shoot-2nd PG in Q1

    Good to see

  88. Didn’t seem in rhythm so hope he picks it up when he comes back in.

  89. Getting knocked off of picks a lot.

  90. Jeremy knows how to play off the ball so it works

  91. So no help?

  92. Vasquez got by him first but got a screen on 2nd shot.
    1 good possession making Lowry give up the ball

    So not so good on taller Vasquez but good on Lowry

  93. Lin, pls keep shooting & shooting

  94. Nice shot by ellington…keep the lead guys

  95. yes, it’s a good experiment since Kobe felt involved in the offense.

  96. Anyone else hate it when Lin gets to the rim, jumps like he’s shooting and passes to the player next to him, only to have a miss? I’d rather he take the shot himself!

  97. Lakers played much better defense to prevent paint penetration.
    Maybe just 1 bad posession

  98. so far so good

  99. he always does that…. i think he does it more than anyone in the league.. -_-

  100. Looks like we are draining 3s today!

  101. Lakers bench playing sharp on O and D!
    Pleasantly shocking :>

  102. keep them longer?!

  103. that’s the problem with Harvard brain.. sometimes too much thinking due to extra CPU processor power :>

  104. I just want lin to get his stats.

  105. 5.0ghz overclock? :>

  106. Price still ZERO stats…

  107. They had bench offense training yesterday, I guess its working

  108. why not? :]
    At least until 1-2 possessions got outplayed by TOR starters

  109. need more cooling fan 😀

  110. needs liquid not air :>

  111. hill/boozer are terrible about hedging. they always give up the elbow jumper off the pick, and worse, even open lanes. for example to vazques for floater in paint

  112. Unless he gets waived, BS will continue to play his golden boy!

  113. Price spaces the floor well, lol.

  114. ok, Lakers bench with 2 consecutive TOs

  115. Anyone knows who is Librafree? This person always has close shots of Lin and he probably Josh Fan?

  116. Yes cause he disappears SMH.

  117. why BS doesnt stagger minutes to get lin some minutes with 2nd unit…

  118. hm, good thinking.. probably true or his friend

  119. Boozer is in…so the starters would be coming in soon

  120. hm, maybe fear of Linsanity?

  121. Lin hasn’t played with 2nd unit at all this regular season! Lin can do so much more leading 2nd unit instead of Kobe.

  122. he has preconceived idea that swaggy by himself can be enough.

  123. perhaps more PT for his beloved Price

  124. Ronnie Price still in but 0 scores?

  125. price can come in earlier and go out with lin coming back with 2nd unit

  126. Ellington shooting well tonite

  127. Lin is IN

  128. I think Byron is just a stickler with his rotation

  129. Oh!!! TO!! ;(

  130. wtf was that boozer… goodness..

  131. I do wonder if thats good…especially in a dynamic game as BB

  132. Should have kept Ellington a little longer, he was feelin it

  133. Great find by Kobe to Boozer inside after an almost-TO

  134. Kobe with 6 assists wow that’s a first! He must really want a double double after Lin got his last game! Good things happen when Kobe is sharing the ball, team playing much better.

  135. Looks like a double-double for Kobe tonite

  136. yes, Byron just likes his rotation, I guess

  137. Ok got the game on

  138. Done with the webinar.Is Landry still with the Raptors?

  139. yes

  140. Bench deep on the bench

  141. didnt know that. i havent followed raptors this season as i usually do

  142. Raptors Bench: Atlantis.

  143. Time for lin to take some shots or drive

  144. so hes never fixed his shot…

  145. Thought it’s Marianas Trench?

  146. Coz Lin had double double last game….I bet he will try 1 alley oop pass this game…..

  147. this game, kobe is in boozer’s position at high post. he’s a much better passer than boozer, so it can work well. tired of seeing boozer get the ball there.

  148. Kobe with another great pass to Hill inside.
    Lin just got to be ready for an open 3 or quick penetration

  149. Yeah…its all Kobe-Boozer…but it seems to be working..get a WIN!

  150. Like his assists

  151. lin was really bad at creating a passing lane for hill to hit when he was stuck at baseline. of course he doesnt get the ball. lin has to come MEET the ball.
    he’s so bad at that.

  152. i hate it when kobe controls everything… sigh jeremy just being forced to bring it up and dump it to kobe

  153. Seems like Jeremy turned into ball boy once again in this game.

  154. Lin’s got two double-doubles already, while Kobe has none. Looks he’s looking forward to get his first of the season.

  155. Kobe passing well and playing unselfishly. He should have been doing this for all the games.

  156. Kobe wants his double double tonight so he’s taking over PG duty.

  157. I think Lin’s job is to get open at 3pt line waiting for Kobe to pass to him.
    3 passes in Q1 but not yet in Q2

  158. and he is doing well, credit to him

  159. For the moment

  160. Lin’s 1st assist to Hill

  161. Wonder if this is what Mitch and BS talked about.

  162. yeah…like to see get it in there

  163. I want lin to score.

  164. YES!!!

  165. Just continue to pad stats

  166. He had some opportunities; I think he will get more chances.

  167. Comeon Boozer!

  168. not quite that bad. Lin got 40% chance to set up plays, if not it will find Kobe

    It can still work IMO

  169. I don’t think that was a foul by Lin on Lowry; you can’t play anyone better than that.

  170. i dont see the foul.

  171. Me neither, it wasn’t a foul.

  172. Stopped at a rest area….lol…how is Lin doing?…..Kobe seems only two ast away to be the only one with 30000pts and 6000asts

  173. I think its gonna be a triple-double

  174. I mean, the only thing Lin did was touch him with his body.

  175. I remember last season when Kobe passed the ball more the team did really well

  176. Kobe only passing to Jeremy as a last resort.

  177. yes….fill the stat line

  178. Bias refs what else is new.

  179. What a great last possession by the Lakers
    Lin missed an off-balance 3 but 2 offensive rebounds before Boozer finished with a putback

    This is great for Lakers to come out pumped in Q3

  180. hes not really involved in the offense. kobe is mostly controlling the offense from the highpost.

    and end of 2nd quarter, kobe called his own number asking for high screens.

    lin mostly mmissed the shots he did get

  181. did lin do something to piss off kobe…? like jeremy is getting absolutely no passes back

  182. hope lin gets involves more maybe another single digit game. kobe dominating the ball

  183. Jeremy not playing pg is not a good sign

  184. 9pt lead in halftime (LAL 58-49)

  185. Kobe playing for his own stats tonight.

  186. its been an embarrassment that valencunias has been shooting point blank shots over hill all night

  187. BS should have put Kobe in Boozer’s position for his “Princeton” offense 10 games earlier. Kobe is a real threat to score or pass. Boozer sucks at it.

  188. Looks like Kobe is the PG tonight, making Lin irrelevant,

  189. Kobe’s feeling hot so it’s ok to go 70-30 Kobe-Lin

    It’s about the momentum of the game

  190. Maybe Jeremy’s game comes off as selfish to dudes or that he shouldn’t be the guy facilitating. Because ever star player wants to take away his of play

  191. Kobe wants his DBL-DBL. He’s insecure.

  192. Well this game is not exactly the most enjoyable as a Lin fan but it’s working for the Lakers? Let’s see if this kind of play lasts the whole game.

  193. boozer’s FG% doesnt reflect how bad he is at bunnies. missed so many shots this season when fed at rim

  194. JLin was totally out of the offense in the second quarter. He rushed that last three pointer. Had a lot of time to shoot it.

  195. well he didnt play pg soooo

  196. From Lakers’ point of view I have no objection to Kobe playing this position or this way. In fact, this is the best Kobe has played so far.

  197. and so it begins. reporters already leaking BS’ complaints

  198. no, he don’t have time, that was the last second of the shot clock.

  199. Hater tweet, Kobe’s playing PG this game.

  200. I saw him look off Jeremy several times, except on that last play because he had no choice.

  201. The F is that suppose to mean? He got a double-double on >50% FG!

  202. You are correct.

  203. 11 assist = struggle??? That’s why no PG tonight?

  204. yes, good he was very aware of the time

  205. Yeah, an off-game so far. He just doesn’t seem quite in rhythm this game. He usually plays really well against Toronto, at least with Houston and the Knicks he did.

  206. was it? Then it was a fine shot.

  207. Why does this sound like a hater tweet?

  208. So this is why Kobe is the to pg

  209. yeah, because he hit the rim, so they got the rest of the time on the clock as it will start another 24s

  210. Kobe taking over point is taking Lin out of the game.

  211. In the last dozen or so possesions, he barely touch the ball! The only thing off are his jumpers, which happens to every single bball player

  212. result of Kobe controlling everything… He’s trying to make Lin become ballboy?!

  213. He’s right in a way. He’s right Lin is improving. He really missed a good season of development as a PG in Houston.

  214. totally.

  215. Agree. From Lakers’ perspective, this is good. The only thing is Kobe should look to pass to Lin a little bit more.

  216. Insecure? Guy has had countless double-double over his long career. I don’t think he’s insecure.

  217. I’m disliking Scott more and more. That is some BS from BS.

  218. not sure exactly waht this means. he botched that one fast break but lin is the only one who consistently pushes the ball for transition buckets..

    really not sure what this is supposed to mean

  219. If he becomes a jump shooter this is a problem but maybe he can pump fake and hit the midrange

  220. If Lin is deemed “struggling” while Kobe played PG, what does that make Price with multiple 0-pt games?
    Perhaps hibernation

    Who is this Bill Oram?

  221. If it gives a WIN why not…Lin just needs to figure out how to be a contributor, while not the main facilitator.

  222. I am not even Lin defender, and it’s obvious to me.

  223. If you watch Lin he hesitates, sometimes he forces some things, sometimes he has problems with the dribble and handling off the dribble quickly, things like that. He’s improving, but as PLV has said plenty of times, he is a work in progress. He’s doing well, but he is struggling at times with some PG responsibilities.

  224. he need to look for his own shot, rather than only bail out shots. He had some good ones but he passed.

  225. Is he really? Maybe that’s why he’s playing pg tonight. Lol

  226. He’s insecure about Jeremy, not the dbl-dbl.

  227. Agree he’s gotta stop passing to others when he’s getting to the rim.

  228. i kinda skipped the 2nd unit parts (so boring).
    but am i right in saying that they dont really run the offense from the highpost like the 1st unit?

  229. Lin should be on Lowry, he is a defensive better match up than Wes on him. LIn is plenty strong to take Lowry’s pounding style on offense.

  230. I think he is a beat writer.

  231. I think the way Princeton system is set up, it’s good Kobe is playing THAT position; he just has to pass to Lin sometimes for open 3s.

  232. He will, just like he did in Houston. I knew Scott saying this was about Kobe wanting the ball in his hands.

  233. I’m not really optimistic, but I do remember Jeremy turning it on in the 2nd half of games in H-town a number of times. So there’s still hope for a decent stat line.

  234. well it is point guard duty to get into the paint and find the open man

  235. So far, he doesn’t have it going. He’s not in any type of offensive flow, not scoring or facilitating.

  236. Never trust beat writers 🙂 I’d rather read The Onion rather than these guys hahaha

  237. he sometimes pass to a shot that’s not better than his own shots. Which is wrong.

  238. Jeremy will never have it easy in the league but only a small few have it easy. Mr Big Shot played for several teams before finding a home so there are many stories for Jeremy to look at including his own.

  239. true, there is no passing big man (Boozer) or Kobe in this game to do so.
    Price just tries to penetrate to pass inside or find open 3pt shooters from top of the key

  240. He has to remember he’s playing Toronto. He has had strong games against them. But maybe he feels like the team has got it going so let the guys that have it working do their thing.

  241. I agree. But no one can play a perfect game without any mistake, we should instead seeing a player in a total package….

  242. more shooter in that line up.

  243. what i really dislike about 1st unit offense is how much boozer dominates it with his midrange jumpers. which are not efficient. doesnt work well with lin’s game either

  244. Where is the follow up? I would like to hear him elucidate to the public on what responsibilities he is referring

  245. Yeah, the team was hitting their outside shots, so Lin didn’t really need to contribute.

    BUT – when those shots start clanking the rim the second half, the Lakers are going to need Lin to win the game.

  246. Perhaps Kobe switched PG role with Lin in the 1st 3 quarters.
    Then Lin can go ISO in the 4th quarter :]

  247. Time to hit the road again……let hope a better stat line for Lin in the 2H

  248. lets hope this isnt a single digit game for lin. hope he stays aggressive and take every shot he gets

  249. It’s just Kobe being Kobe. I ain’t surprised to see him playing like this.

  250. I hope it is just Byron saying he’s learning on the job and nothing else. Saying he’s improving is somewhat encouraging, because he is.

  251. lin had his chances to shoot when playing off the ball. not much more to say about that aside from that last bailout shot.

  252. have a safe travel 🙂
    Lin will do just fine

  253. He probably thinks kobe is the better one with PG responsibilities.

  254. Lets hope they switch it up in 2nd half with Lin running offense!

  255. Kobe was not giving the ball to Lin, was he?

    Trying to c if there is interaction btw Lin & Fields. Don’t see any yet.

  256. Btw…maybe Lin thought that he can close the game if he does not get a double double…..lol

  257. lin had his time in houston to improve his offball game. he is supposed to be able to do this.

  258. To me, it seems like Lin is still learning the BS offense.

  259. No will play PG all game. Lakers are leading so it is working, I wouldn’t change it. Lin just needs to look for his shot like in the last game when the ball comes to him. Hopefully in halftime he has figured it out.

  260. He did 3 times in Q1 to shoot 3s, but not in Q2
    But Lin got a chance to playmake 2-3 times in Q2

  261. Yup, shots are starting to clank off the rim. Lakers are going to need Lin.

  262. Kobe is overpassing now. He passed up 2 good looks from Lin.

  263. that ref is a serious lin hater

  264. Thats true…why break the rhythm

  265. 4 consecutive misses by Lakers!

  266. This is Jeremy bad game I guess geez

  267. JLin really has to start shooting.

  268. well terrible choice to use fingerroll over valencunias

  269. Where is the floater?

  270. He just shot the ball! Got blocked.

  271. I’m not surprise, after that double double and he got blamed at, that is really enough to mess up his game.

  272. if lin is going to get called for ticky-tack fouls, I want to see him seriously hack people when they attack him.

    if you are going to get called for it regardless, then you got to come out and make them pay when they try to score on you. sadly, i doubt he ever does this.

  273. lin is taking bad shots today.

  274. Turn up those midrange shots J!

  275. what im saying

  276. Really hard for me, as an honest bball watcher and player, to see stardom for him. The mental approach has to be better

  277. Tweets from Bill Oram (consolidated) regarding BS’ comments:

    Since Jeremy Lin fans are crazy, here’s chunk of Scott on his PG: “he has to recognize clock, situation, score. The last couple
    things … if we just scored on them, keep running them. Those are the things you have to do as a point guard. And I thought the last game he got away from it after a little while, brought him back, told him about it, went back to it, so he just has to understand the flow of the game a little bit better.”

  278. 1-7 looks pretty bad! Non LOF must be yelling ‘take him out’.

  279. He did that, the first 2 games into the season, he called it as well, saying the ref’s are not familiar with his defensive play…but not that much now

  280. yes, that’s not good
    being too careful to finesse shots in, maybe

  281. Come on Lin makes some shots! ><"

  282. it is not mental, it is really the play style. All a sudden, his playing style is no good. Even he got double double of it.

  283. he is forcing it a little and not letting it go…take a 2pter instead

  284. He is a hater…

  285. I would ignore him…not worth it

  286. It’s not consistent enough but he will get there

  287. Kobe clearly going for the triple double.

  288. Clearly this guy wants the attn. If he said this ti begin with the response would be different.

  289. Jeremy getting screened to death

  290. Yes!

  291. Good screen on LIn for an easy shot.

  292. In many instances, Kobe looks to pass, instead of shooting (open shot). This tells that he is onto something.

  293. SHots are not falling, D is not as good…its 3 pt game now smh

  294. How come Lin never got help when he was screened?
    Open lane to the rim

  295. that’s a moving one though

  296. How was that not a moving screen ==

  297. amazing and-1 by hill

  298. the Lakers were playing zone.

  299. Great effort and finish!

  300. Nice hustle and teamball!

  301. Lin with great steal. And great assist to Boozer! 😀

  302. Good pass by Lin there.

  303. Forget the misses, just keep shooting!

  304. finally boozer!

  305. Just do the little things tonight

  306. Go Jeremy!

  307. please lin get two shots

  308. Looks like Wes is looking for Jeremy more.

    Wes: Let’s have another alley-oop..

  309. Hill needs to get to the rim more often he got the height and body just lazy.

  310. Sounds like coach speak and I’ve heard coaches say that to me but sometimes only the coaches know what they are saying lol

  311. So THAT’s what’s going on!

  312. lol I think all fans wants more Alley-opps.

  313. 3 pts a steal, and 2 assists? ahhh lins got to dig himself out :/

  314. looks to me kobe has looked off lin in favor of others.

  315. Wesley was a lottery pick folks

  316. It’s Patrick “James Harden we gotta share the ball” Patterson!

  317. Lin for 333333!!!

  318. So for those ragging about Jeremy’s inconsistencies and other stuff….. that’s a 2 for you

  319. a 2

  320. long 2 🙂

  321. A clear foul on Lin.

  322. Kobe will get triple-double tonight!

  323. argghhh

  324. Kobe joined Lin with a long 2 :]

  325. no doubt!
    That much contact and no foul?

  326. Kobe getting into shooting mode once he got 10 assists

  327. refs are seriously haters

  328. refs strick again

  329. Lou Williams a very good player but come on ref

  330. Im done with watching, NBA refs are biased, Lin will never shine in NBA coz NBA won’t allowed him.

  331. Hey BS check Nick on that shot kills momentum

  332. I am beginning to agree with you.

  333. Kobe with 2 bad decisions

  334. Clank.

  335. Not strick, but sux.

  336. Well shots ain’t falling

  337. Kobe get double double may be time for him to jack up shots.

  338. That swaggy P shot was totally horrible

  339. Lin’s too far back behind 3PT line.

  340. shots is not falling today

  341. wow some clueless post D by swaggy.

    lin is really frustrated by the officiating. he is mad

  342. he got robbed 2FTs

  343. Lin will continue to fight.

  344. since his shot is off ill be happy with 10 points today

  345. Probably not the only thing frustrating him tonight.

  346. bye lin! that’s it for him today i bet

  347. Why would Byron sub Lin with Price?
    Ellington would be more of a 3PT threat

  348. Come on

  349. Me too.

  350. Kobe dead legs

  351. Not gonna complain about his shots not falling.

    If I want a guy who can just shoot all day, I wouldn’t be here and I’d probably start a stephencurryportal.com

  352. He needs to rest.

  353. His pg of choice

  354. He is going for 3D tho… lol

  355. Kobe dead legs with a crazy shot

  356. Both N.Young and Kobe on the floor not effective.

  357. It seems Kobe and Lakers have lost their cool and are jacking up shots from frustration after misses.

  358. Lol Kobe can just fall by himself and get foul call but Lin..

  359. Kobe is the only PG; Price is ball boy to PG

  360. Price is a pristine 0pts/1ast/1TO

  361. i have to wonder if the refs get together and have some implicit agreement/consensus about how to deal with lin. its not just a few faces, its so many of them.

  362. Haven’t been watching the game. Is Lin’s shot off tonight, or is it Toronto’s D? Has he been driving?

  363. Ballboy for Kobe.

  364. Kobe 3 more rebs from a triple double.

  365. Kobe is the pg today.

  366. Lakers fans are pretty insane with the mvp chants

  367. yeah, Lin struggled a bit with shooting but he’s aggressive to get things going.
    Refs robbed his FTs.

    Let’s hope Lin turn it on in the 4th quarter

  368. so today, after the “adjustment” from last embarrassing game. Lin is no long controlling the offense. I have very bad feeling about this game. It’s Kobe’s “redemption” game. What a circus show. I hope they lose again.

  369. I hope Lin has a Mr. 4th quarter in him. He needs to take it to the hole and get to the foul line.

  370. They called all the time… means nothing.. smh!

  371. no… I bet at least 5 min for him, not reaching Lin’s PT rule

  372. Here we go. They’re gonna lose this one methinks.

  373. That’s his goal today.

  374. Just another Lin foul

  375. hasnt been all year

  376. Yeah but he got the pg title.

  377. Me too.

  378. ok, Price hit a 3.
    Lin might be back at 5 min left in Q4

  379. I hope so, can’t say I’m feeling much from him tonight. Best moment was the steal but there was a no-call at the other end.

  380. get fouls these refs lol

  381. Or he might not be back at all. Lol.

  382. or not at all lol

  383. Let’s hope they lose it again….Sorry I’m bad

  384. Yeah but Lou just destroyed him on offense

  385. I said it first!

  386. let’s see the bond between Byron and Price :]

  387. OPEN… if he wasn’t able to hit that..well…

  388. lin said he doesnt play well when mad. hope he channels it well in 4th

  389. 😛

  390. yep price hit his first 3 in like forever, and that will earn him the rest of the minutes of this game lol.. damn it

  391. Hope Lin can at least get 15 points this game.

  392. very not likely

  393. Looks like not going to happen today… ?!

  394. How’s he going to get 10 points in 3 minutes of play in the fourth?

  395. hehehehe

  396. He wasn’t able to before that.
    His 3PT avg is 14.8%, maybe 15% now

  397. Lin is just INCONSISTENT again.

  398. I think BS definitely changed up the offensive scheme this game. No more running through Lin. BS was not happy with Lin’s 3rd quarter last game and it’s translating to this game. Shout out to my dad, who’s probably reading these comments, who told me Lin could either go for 20/10 or not do so good depending on how much weight BS’s comments had.

  399. because he is Mr. 4th quarter. duh. LOL

  400. Your dad checks in here?

  401. A shout out to all Irvine Lin fans who are watching this game.

  402. AND HERE WE GO AGAIN. worthless unit to start the 4th quarter and will play 6 minutes

  403. ok this looks bad

  404. Son, I told you. 🙂

  405. Another loss… unless somebody officiates this offense other than Kobe or this unit shoot 3s the whole day.

  406. Lou Williams going off

  407. if the raptors had a clue, they would only guard swaggy

  408. Exactly why Young loss the ball.

  409. You’re right. He has to start doing it as a Laker.

  410. really like how lin is still shooting. Will definitely be beneficial long term, even though he’s off today

  411. Swaggy and JR Smith coaches nightmare

  412. Lakers lost in the 3rd Q again!

  413. Will BS wait til his regular sub pattern to put in starters?

  414. LOL, I wander what will be the excuse tonight.LOL

  415. NO interaction between Lin and Lakers .

  416. Just for the note, the game got away from the Lakers when Kobe made 2 bad decisions in Q3:
    1. to shoot 3pt early in shotclock, giving TOR a quick 3
    2. passed in traffic inside when Lin was open outside, TO, giving another quick TOR transition points

    So Kobe stopped passing and led to easy TOR points

  417. i thought they stopped giving that ball swinging motion as a shooting foul.

  418. Price with the dumb foul! BS seriously can’t see the reason for their loss is the 2nd unit?!!

  419. Not enough pace lol

  420. yes, he’s very predictable

  421. it wasnt. stop hating

  422. Except for sending and receiving checks.

  423. Swaggy shot was bad too

  424. starters have to come back early if scott is smart

  425. What do You mean?

  426. Ronnie Price the defensive specialist! Lakers down by 5. Basketball intangibles to you and I are the basketball “invisibles” to BS.

  427. Nick Young the only one scoring for 2nd unit.

  428. a big IF

  429. he wont

  430. His last name is Scott not smart.

  431. What else. bad shooting from Lin.

  432. LOL

  433. Timeout, cant BS put the starters back in now?

  434. BS: LIn…..he’s not distributing well, his shoot is not falling. Lin is struggling as PG. Oops I forget Kobe is the PG tonight….

  435. Will Kobe start to jack up shots now or pass?

  436. Lin is ineffective tonight, so the starters are not any better.

  437. nope

  438. is it only me… LIN being freezed… and instructed to pass to 24 all the time… ??? what is the deal?

  439. he will shoot. no doubt

  440. well, a crime has been committed soooo …

  441. Come on, you know the answer well

  442. And here is when the game is lost

  443. LOL

  444. Lin not allowed to outshine Kobe, PERIOD. Four game streak has to be stopped.

  445. what matters is actually what kobe does to lin. and he has mostly looked off lin, even when hes open.

  446. Go find some “effective” player you can go hug then.

    Don’t mind the door hitting you on your way out.

  447. Here’s where Scott fails. Bring in Lin now.

  448. Sacre just went Kareem skyhook there

  449. Certainly not Kobe’s 11 assists!

  450. bone head plays?

  451. Sacre-Abdul Jabbar!

  452. BS should just leave the 2nd Unit and see how they do.

  453. Working his behind off…

  454. Nice and cold

  455. sacre gets all types of calls tonight

  456. Is Lin even going to come back in?

  457. white boy refs heh

  458. Need OT for Lin to fix his stats.

  459. No

  460. KOBE is made to look good this game at all cost…

  461. Lowry just burned Price there

  462. Back at this nonsens

  463. I guess, bs going McHale

  464. correction… all the games

  465. Starters not coming back in at all?!

  466. I promised not to get mad anymore so I won’t but its sad and unnecessary

  467. Lowry and Vasquez LOVING Price!

  468. even if he is back.. doubt if he is allowed to do anything…

  469. Maybe BS will bring Jeremy back at 3:45.

  470. well, we will see when the commercial ends. this is the time lin normally gets subbed in. 6min mark

  471. I think not this game.

  472. Lin is going to be benched the whole 4Q again?

  473. if not, then BS is making a statement. would be a d*ck move

  474. I say yes come on in and shoot

  475. BS benching them so it doesn’t look like he’s just benching Jeremy? lol

  476. Lin’s double double is killing himself.

  477. Let it tank, let it tank, can’t hold it back anymore… SING IT!!!

  478. Soo.. the goal is to get Kobe his triple-double, 2 more rebs

  479. Past 6 min mark already only 5 minutes and 28 seconds left!!

  480. Nvm, he is back

  481. Not in damn

  482. had to wait for a break in game for sub to come in

  483. Elsa???

  484. Lin is back in with 5:28

  485. he’s in

  486. In ok

  487. He’s in.What’re you talking about?

  488. Lin only getting 29 minutes again SMH!

  489. give him credit he could actually justify a bench today

  490. Had Lin wide open

  491. Are u surprised?

  492. Young plays PG?!

  493. Mamba thinks Lin’s no crime-fighter :]

  494. Selfish play by Kobe and bad play by young

  495. I disagree

  496. Kobe’s double double? what a coincidence. Lol

  497. Kobe really try hard to get triple double tonight

  498. Kobe is really fighting for rebound to get 3D

  499. No Kobe’s 1 more rebound from Triple Double!

  500. Byron.. you’re not coaching the Spurs who has great ballhandlers in EVERY position on the floor.

  501. We might see Kobe shooting long 3 to get a long rebound here

  502. Would hate to play with Kobe #teamshaq

  503. Anyone going to say that bad play by young

  504. No. Just because his shots ain’t falling merits benching.

  505. Let’s blame Lin

  506. Boozer with a costly TO

  507. Seriously?

  508. kobe going into ball hog mode/

  509. thats boozer passing from high post. scott lol

  510. No not really just noticing the BS

  511. he is permitted…

  512. Will Kobe get that 10 rebound for his triple double?

  513. Great play by Kobe.
    Not getting the ref’s call so pulled one move from his arsenal and drained it.

  514. U need the Lakers to lose playing everything through Kobe ball

  515. hope fully lin get atleast 2 points

  516. Kobe playing well together, Lakers will most likely win.

  517. Lin is doing everything right as a PG now.
    Clock management, feed Kobe and wait for his chances.

    Too aggressive and he’ll get benched

  518. i doubt it though

  519. Other words his being Derek Fisher’s number.LOL

  520. lol… = not a usual PG

  521. I’m sure they’ll make sure he gets his 3D

  522. he will.

  523. they are arguing for Young’s foul?!

  524. How as that a foul on Young?

  525. wow these refs

  526. How was that a foul? I don’t get it…

  527. lowry been really working it tonight tho

  528. Bs call

  529. Refs are robbing the Lakers blind in that horrible Lowry call.
    I think it’s the Vegas factor

  530. Even worse than a foul on Lin.

  531. Are lakers playing in the home court??? These ref are really BAD

  532. Kobe is not passing to Lin

  533. What’s the Vegas line that these refs are betting?

  534. Refs giving foul to Hill to compensate for a bad call.

  535. their refs are not for them

  536. makeup call?

  537. Yeah.

  538. announcer: good foul!

  539. Fish

  540. Anything Kobe does looking good.

  541. Young is mad. Good shot by him.

  542. lin isn’t gonna get the chance to take a single shot is he..

  543. Great pass by Kobe to find the open Swaggy for a 3

  544. Lin’s being benched while he’s on the floor, lol.

  545. He’s being floored

  546. lol

  547. just goes to show how hard it is to average like 15 pts per game. for every game like this by lin, he’s got to make up the lost difference in other games.

  548. Lin being frozen out by teammates =/

  549. I am afraid starting from this game, this will be the norm.

  550. Swaggy and Kobe all the Love and Glory

  551. it’s okay .. he’s playing good defense not letting his man score.
    Like Price, you know..

    Hope he’s ready for his chance to shoot

  552. So reminiscent of those awful Houston days.

  553. if its gonna be like this, i hope the lakers lose

  554. Agree.

  555. lin hides. he doesnt always make himself available for the pass.

  556. Welcome back to H-Town….as soon as clarkson gets minutes Jeremy is losing his….I’m not a believer in LA

  557. The work of Kobe and BS.

  558. Clarkson is not even getting a burn

  559. I hope the Lakers win
    Because Lin’s on the floor during crunch time in a win

  560. I don’t fully trust any team except Spurs with Pops. Carlisle and Karl next best.

  561. what a cool play by raptors. so simple too

  562. As soon as he can get minutes you will see…again I’m not a believer in LA doing anything for Lin

  563. Can this game go to OT?

  564. Me not.. That will make them believe it’s good to have Jeremy Fisher Lin

  565. lowry gets those calls

  566. I’ll believe it if he can even see a minute on the floor.

  567. kobe going to hero-ball this team to a loss.

  568. kobe and young will get all the glory, and a lakers win means nothing in the long run. a lakers loss would mean a possibility of change to their offense

  569. Game ovah.

  570. I noticed Lin is playing really slow today, I mean really slow. Great work from BS

  571. dare to say what me thinking… wish LAL…

  572. Sit back, ladies & gents
    Let’s just enjoy the Kobe show, Win or Lose.

    And if Lin gets a rebound, let’s hope he drains it

  573. Lin out for his “bad” defense.

  574. taking LIN out…!!!

  575. He’s out hehehe

  576. BS

  577. kobe iso

  578. ok, Price is in for defense.
    He might get burned by Lowry here

  579. Let’s enjoy the loss then.

  580. Lowry shoot a 3!

  581. Bricked both FTs lol

  582. please lose Lakers

  583. Lin in

  584. Kobe hero ball for the win or OT.

  585. No chance getting past that flying shoes

  586. OT

  587. OT

  588. Knew it, OT!

  589. kobe-ball: the best result >>> tie

  590. wow these refs.

  591. Sheesh Lakers are BAD at OT without Jeremy leading the offense.

  592. Kobe zero-ball to OT.

  593. Not a believer in LA….joke a team right now….Dwight is a fool but he isn’t lying about LA

  594. OT = Kobe show?

  595. Kobe will get triple double

  596. ok, Kobe needs 1 rebound for a triple-double.
    Kobe show will continue.

    Let’s hope Lin gets his chance on offense

  597. Hate this McHale jr.

  598. well, i guess even kobe doesnt get the benefit of some calls

  599. Jr.? haha

  600. Now Kobe will get his triple double of the game and be the hero lol.

  601. Mr Clutch, it’s your time now!

  602. now lin can get some points

  603. The great Kobe choked

  604. Price could have been called foul… so refs there acting in a rather curious way

  605. But but, wasn’t Lin told to be aggressive and assertive?

  606. No way they’re giving him the ball now.

  607. Kobe hasn’t been getting calls cause he complains too much and he’s a lame duck in the game, retiring soon.

  608. Kobe: Yeah I know. I got this.

  609. lin always non existent in the fourth

  610. Good to see Lin talk to his teammates before the jumpball

  611. ed davis should be in this game

  612. its kobe i know

  613. This is NO basketball.

  614. Kobe with a bad shot but got the call

  615. WT.. I just got back from a bar..without knowing what is going on and saw lin is 2-10 and 2 assists??!! and 29 minutes!!! what??
    what happened.

  616. Raptor starters going to foul out first! Lakers can take this!

  617. Over/under – zero shots for any Laker besides Kobe.

  618. Kobe needs to retire.

  619. He can get a rebound and made a reverse driving and 1…..I hope

  620. Karma

  621. Kobe PG of the game is what happened. Lin missed shots in 1st quarter didn’t come back until 5:28 4th quarter.

  622. I remember Mr. 4th Quarter. Haven’t seen any in LA, but I saw more of that even in Houston…..Hope for another portland game OT game, but I don’t think he’s gonna get a chance to shoot =(

  623. Lin goes to Hollywood, I never thought it could become real.

  624. what was kobe mad at lin about? not going past him on the wing?

  625. KObe is going to take every shot in OT, book it. Lol.

  626. told him to drive

  627. Doubt Kobe will pass much now.

  628. oh I c.. because lin has a d-d the other night..so they also have to show kobe can do d-d too..
    j/k…but conspiracy theory maybe.

  629. Kobe able to play 41 min no problem

  630. If Lin got as many calls as Lowry then Lin would drive

  631. I never doubt it for a sec.

  632. I think kobe and BS got too much into his head now, so he won’t be doing that less he gets a shorter leash.

  633. Obviously, except Kobe will get his T-D if he gets 1 more rebound.

  634. Tonight game, the Raptors vs the Kobes.

  635. kobe got good look at basket. cant blame him for taking it

  636. how many career t-d does kobe have?

  637. haha, look how slow Lin was…

  638. ISO brick.

  639. This OT is soooo slow.

  640. I find it impossible to read the tea leaves here. Press and FO have been good to Jeremy. We speculated Mitch was showing up to push BS into properly using him after Friday’s mess-up. Apparently not? We thought some of his teammates were getting with him ’cause they got that he was helping them shine. But tonight they’re supposedly looking him off? Do they think they got stuff done all by themselves, or has some internal political dynamic poisoned the well? For sure BS and Kobe did not like the negative attention from the Timberwolves loss. Making Jeremy pay? Really have no idea what the heck is going on…convoluted mess.

  641. ???

  642. That was one funny shot Wes XD.

  643. Jeremy made similar 3 earlier too 🙂

  644. Lin knew Wes Wild Shot well :>

  645. 0 shots by Lin so far in OT…unbelievable.

  646. Just how BS likes it!

  647. My reaction was completely different. Guess I’m biased like the refs.

  648. Game Over, Lakers win!!

  649. Who cares about triple-doubles? Right mentality should be care for the rings

  650. Not so much j/k…I think he’s that childish. Surprising how insecure some very accomplished people can still be.

  651. finally. Jeremy scores!

  652. 2pt layup by Lin, YEAH!!!!!

  653. nice!…Go Lin

  654. A score by Lin!!

  655. Nice one man fast break.

  656. A nail in the coff-LIN!

  657. i just knew lin was going to take it himself

  658. Long overdue!

  659. Anybody who says Jeremy is sucky this game…you’re free to make your argument now. He just shot a 2 on fast break

  660. Spoke too soon. 2 points! Lin did some intangiles, got some rebounds in OT! And 1 assist!

  661. Defender thought Lin would pass.

  662. yes he got the point i wanted

  663. Redeeming himself in OT!

  664. once he ran with it, i knew he was shooting it himself. too much argh bottled up inside

  665. J/k.

  666. As the mods would say, what’s your point?

  667. Can Lin shoot a 3 for 10 points?

  668. his ppg

  669. One more rebound…Kobe gets his Triple-Double

  670. Yes. Yes. and YES

  671. Kobe got it. Woo hoo.

  672. Lin is playing exactly like he needs to play in OT
    Play safely, feed Kobe, distributed the ball, managed the clock and make his layup

  673. Young should has pass to the big man

  674. Grats Kobe for triple double

  675. Another 3 from Lin would nice

  676. Can’t be too risky in OT, gotta slow down and make right pass and shots.

  677. swaggy should have passed it

  678. Lin’s got some FTs

  679. Lowry fouled Lin, 2FT! YEAH

  680. we’ll take them, baby!

  681. Thank You for the FTs for Lin, Lowry!

  682. I still stand by my earlier request…one more three!!!

  683. perfect from the line 🙂

  684. Lin drained the 2 freebies!

  685. He try to help Lin padding his stats

  686. LOL anything to help his PPG average!

  687. lowry was going for steal. not foul

  688. Apparently, it’s the 20th triple-double of his career. (via Mike Trudell on twitter).

  689. Mr Clutch

  690. 2 more freebies!!!!!

  691. Yay Lin will get his 11 point game!! LOL 6 points in OT!

  692. 10 points!

  693. I’m happy now!!!!

  694. Mr. CLUTCH!



  697. Keep Fouling Lin so he can get 15 points LMAO!

  698. never never count Lin out! never

  699. Raptors, that’s what you get for trying to steal the ball from Jeremy

  700. Why BS looked so upset?

  701. Lin has best FT % on Lakers, so it’s good for him.

  702. 11 Baby!

  703. SO HAPPY for that gift…but really, why would they foul the guy who can make FTs.

  704. 6 pts in OT

  705. another 2 freebie! YES!

  706. This was getting to be more like 76ers game in 2012 where Lin made about 10FTs to close the game 😀

  707. Lin padding his stats

  708. bill mcdonald is an azz. he singled out lin again for those missed free throws earlier, and pinned the loss on him. jesus

  709. Of course, Lakers needed to defend the 3, they allowed Raptors to cut it to 5 points!

  710. He is upset the raptors foul Jeremy instead of Kobe

  711. lol…you dont want the game to slipaway now

  712. the PADDING i like it!!!

  713. Will Jeremy get his 15 pts? lol

  714. He so does not want Mr. Clutch to show up.

  715. that was a stupid foul.

  716. Lakers Win!

  717. i love these FTs

  718. Lin fouled like a sissy.

  719. lol lin being so stupid

  720. Lin with the bad foul on Lowry but.. it’s okayyy :>

  721. what’d he do? Im not watching

  722. Headline: Kobe leads Lakers to a rare win with triple-double perfomance!

  723. lowry played a great game

  724. Lakers is undefeated ….. 3-0 against the Eastern teams 😀

  725. Dam, gotta do it right! Not like that!

  726. I feel bad for Fields

  727. fields coming in now?!!!

  728. Did we win?

  729. That was a funny foul. 🙂 Little pat on the arm.

  730. well, it started off really badly, ended pretty well. Nice comeback for Lin in OT.

  731. so happy lin with 6 points when it counted

  732. I give lin a C-. Good team win.

  733. yes yes yes!!!

  734. What do you want him to do? Make Lowry bleed? Foul him in the head hard bordering on flagrant?

  735. Did Lin’s FT% go back up to 90 after this game?

  736. lol its crazy! even against the TOP seed in the East, dang the Leastern Conference is THAT bad.

    This is great, this win was unexpected, it makes up for the loss against Minny which shouldve been a win. I’ll take it XD

  737. I know but wasn’t sure. lol

  738. Worst team in the West (per BS) beats best team in the East as Lakers remain undefeated vs. EC.

  739. I did not watch the game, just saw that he was 10 for 28 though

  740. C+. Just missed some shots.

  741. Bear hug him. Don’t have to hurt him. Just needs a hug! 🙂

  742. Worthy jogging around the announcer booth to celebrate the WIN 😀
    3 times.. He’s funny!

  743. the east suck lets be honest

  744. 6 pts in OT! Love it

  745. This is a HUGE win!….

  746. lin was 3 for 11 tonight. ouch

  747. Lakers would be playoff contenders in the east.

  748. Well he doesn’t want to bear hug the guy. That doesn’t make him soft or something.

  749. Happens sometimes. He bounces back with an 8-11 and he’s fine.

  750. I ain’t even mad, at least shot.

  751. Lol worthy so happy he run around like a kid.

  752. Stu Lantz shud stfu sometimes…smh

  753. I can’t believe they did that to Fields….

  754. Lin is still un-determined role.

  755. better than how it started

  756. Damx the Lakers beat my hometown team! … well… a win for Jeremy is worth it… Toronto can beat others later 😉

  757. Hold his arm. Tie him up. You look at that foul and tell me that was a good foul. Everyone agrees with me.

  758. How did he do?

  759. The FTs were clutch. It’ll help Byron have faith in him. Did good things defensively too except for the dumb foul at the end of the game.

  760. I actually gave him a B- since he delivered in the end.
    Didn’t shoot well but didn’t get too over-aggressive in the 4th Q and OT.

    Basically be Price who can score and ice the game 😀
    Being a safe PG with good clock management and keep Kobe happy

  761. Just an off night but he fought hard… I think

  762. Everyone goes thru a shooting clump, I’m fine with it…since he remained aggressive and a factor at OT

  763. yup,. against #1 Eastern Team

  764. I don’t care how he fouls him.FYI there is only one agreeing with you here.

  765. he did good at the crunch time though

  766. It’s about time you showed up here…welcome.LOL

  767. OrdinaryJoe agrees with me. Show me if anyone agrees with you.

  768. Doesn’t matter. He scored in OT is more important

  769. Glad he took that last drive instead of giving up and passing.

  770. Agreed.

  771. Picked up 6 pts and 1 a in OT. Now Lin just needs to ask to be traded to get the F away from the Kobe show.

  772. Two upvotes. Seriously? That’s YOUR argument? Who is agreed on or something.

  773. Fireworks in the Staples Center!

  774. Yes, and we should be thankful. 🙂

  775. Knowing Lin he’d rather have a the win than meaningless stats. They need to win all those eastern road games to have hope for playoffs.

  776. Get another person to agree with you. You looked at the video, seriously?

  777. A winnable game against MIN would have put us 2 wins back to back! sigh

    anyways, I will take this win! And the win on next game as well. Thats definitely a winnable game

  778. they have no hope left

  779. lol yea probably

  780. I don’t need anyone to agree with me.I’m not a scaredy cat like you who can’t stand on HIS own feet to defend HIS own argument on HIS own without anyone else “backing” him up

  781. clap clap

  782. just saying it was not smart play. Either go all in, or let him go at that point. not worth arguing about.

  783. If Kobe plays every game like tonight(passing more)lakers will be a playoff team

  784. A from me… a win is A …;-)

  785. All of us are!!!!

  786. Yeap. Either don’t foul, or make sure Lowry doesn’t make the shot. A bad foul.

  787. Yeah, got to give credit to Kobe

  788. Hope ended when they lost to the depleted TankingWolves and benched Lin.

  789. Bingo!

  790. C+ to B- from me

  791. You are the one who is getting too sensitive. You are letting your bias show like the refs. It’s an obvious observation.

  792. Well…he needed overtime to salvage a stat line that looks okay on paper. But I’m satisfied cos it won’t be a topic of discussion by the announcers now for the next game. Or at least they won’t keep harping on it.

  793. correction.

  794. The argument here is saying Jeremy fouls like a girl, not even complaining about the play.Tell that to your friend Mr. Macho webattorney here.

  795. So is this a new formula, Kobe running the offense?!!!

  796. I said Lin fouled like a sissy, not Lin is a sissy. He did on that play, so just accept it and move on.

  797. haha. that’s the way to look at it!

  798. the script before the game: Kobe to look good and in complete control …. Lin is to be contained… all to justify the last game…

  799. 60+ games left, still time but Lakers need to chase back some wins.

  800. Meanwhile what happens to Jeremy?

  801. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Damage already done.

  802. I’d be happy to give him credit if he just didn’t seem to look Jeremy off so often. LOF here 🙂

  803. When the dude who didn't chip in grabs the last slice of pizza. RT pic.twitter.com/uOWU04Patc— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) December 1, 2014

  804. LOL bias over who, Mr. Macho webattorney?

  805. count the assist

  806. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just admit you were wrong and move on.

  807. feel that they are trying to feature only Bryant and Young in this game

  808. unfortunately thats how NBA is, its not only Jeremy.

    Yeah, I felt bad as well. Imagine how fans for LFields would have felt?! Urgh…dont want to be there

  809. + assist on 3 pointer

  810. Nick Young had 2 single digit games before bouncing back. Lin needs to keep shooting 12-15 FGAs.

  811. You are using a wrong example to make a point. Use a better example.

  812. LOL you wish.

  813. Sadly, I think so too.

  814. Ok so you’re saying my point is stupid?That’s good reason enough.

  815. Lin struggles when he’s not the PG, wonder what he can do to over come that this season especially playing with Kobe.

  816. So does that mean that they will count it as he played in this game, but has 0 stats?
    Man…that’s just wrong. How is he gonna get a new contract with that kind of average?

  817. I only watched the 1st half.
    I know it was all Kobe running the offense, but honestly I’ll take it if it means getting others involved over him hogging it all to himself infinitely chucking bricks. And to his credit, he made some wonderful passes.
    Today JLin’s shot just wasnt there, but it happens. He’s been shooting great this season, he was due for an off night.
    Next game if Kobe’s still playing PG, Im sure JLin’s shot will be on and if it gets Jeremy 20+ points Im happy 😛

  818. Woot! Jlin dominated 4th with 9 of the 20 points in 4th, even w/ kobe! Cheers!

  819. Assist to Wes’ 3 🙂

  820. Hope it’s only for today…

  821. Bad shooting night for Lin but still 11 pts and a W? We love it.

  822. Why couldn’t they just bring in someone else who has already played like Stu mentioned?

  823. Bc Young was shooting well today. I guess it’s only Kobe.

  824. I didnt get the feel…I saw Kobe played within the flow and not force passing. Although the rebounds, was a known fact, he is going for the stat.

    End if the day, if the formula works and gets a win, why not.

    Jeremy just needs to figure out how remain relevant and be aggressive. Cuts, spacing, defense, driving and killer shots

  825. Tell that to your friend webattorney who is saying I’m stupid. Too bad.. wrong move.

  826. He wants that Lakernation Player of the Game badly…
    Looking at how tired he seemed, he’ll be super sore tomorrow.

  827. I didn’t watch the game, it only shows Kobe more willing to pass tonight, but did he handle the ball all the time? Of course I would be glad if Kobe plays off the ball and still willing to pass, Lin should awalys be given the key to be the pg and direct the offense.

  828. Next game is definitely a winnable game…

  829. This game to me shows why Lin fans need to always root for the Lakers to win, no matter how badly Lin is getting treated (benched, iced out, etc). When Lakers LOSE, the miscues by Lin get magnified. When they win, they don’t. Lol.

    If they had won the Minnesota game, the focus would have been on Lin’s double-double, instead of being benched at the end of the game. Because they lost, Lin’s double-double got lost in focusing on all the Laker negatives.

    Tonight, because of the win, we can focus on Lin’s strong OT performance, and we’ll forget his silly foul of Lowry at the end and his shaky start.

  830. told you…when lin fans from taiwan come and see him..he doesn’t play well.
    Just like when young’s wife watch him, young didn’t do well.

  831. You’re jumping ahead to the future. Iggy’s a girlfriend for now. 🙂

  832. Kobe’s not playing as a pg tonight did he?

  833. very true…thats how tings are…win is always nice and brushes off all the other problems.

  834. suxs.

  835. Don’t you think it’s impossible to keep this up at his age? I suspect that this may be the highlight game of his season. He’ll need some sorta pain therapy tomorrow.

  836. Lol… thanks! I lurk a lot… i was wondering where u went!

  837. We said that about MIN game… so…

  838. Kobe had a tremendous game tonight. He played the point most of the time as he used to do with Nash, and made good decisions rather than forced things. I think Kobe at his age can still make great impact as long as he sticks to Only One Role at a time, PG or SG.

  839. exactly.

  840. Lol…you did say that, and I was thinking about it as I watched the game.

  841. But this is an Eastern team! Lakers eat them for lunch!

  842. If this was houston, they still talk about his stupidity.. But this is LA so it’s good.

  843. can a guys miss some shots it happens. still got 11 which is a good sign

  844. Agree. He still getting major minutes, and played through 4th even though he was having bad shooting nite. Needs to remain calm and be proactive.

  845. Jeremy has been averaging over 2 steals in the last 4 games.

  846. fans from Taiwan went to see him today?

  847. uhoh..based on this game will how will the line up change now.

  848. I dont even want to remember Houston!

  849. Haha. Let’s hope so!

  850. Zero Turn over…Zero!!!!!

  851. So, we see Byron went back to Lin. He did it late, as usual, but he did it. And he stuck with Lin in OT and it paid off for him with the clutch FTs. Lakers boards are saying LIn was good in OT (except for the stupid foul at the end of the game).

  852. got to be happy with scott with staying with lin. today was one of those days subbing ellington in would make sense. but he didnt. i give him credit. we all know and remember bev playing overtime while lin was the starter

  853. Nah, Lin clutch in OT and got the win vs top East team.

  854. really, I thought he had one TO…hmmm

  855. exactly!

  856. Good win for the team’s morale. We all knew was going to be the Kobe show after lin’s double. double. I am happy for Kobe, he will get his props in from the media, but he just showed that no “superstar” player is coming to LA to play with him. I also noticed that Scott put lin back in OT. Anyway glad lin got his points.

  857. I’d rather him make 2 or 3 and play more decisively. The 0 TOs didn’t show him having a strong game. He got his stats in OT and 4 free points (he nailed them, but they were free points).

  858. Lin played most, if not all, of the OT. He was there at the end of regulation too. It looked like Byron may not put Lin back in but he put him back in around 5 minutes I think.

  859. but kobe was the main thing.. that kept them in the gam

  860. he pull him out during regulation near the end of the game today too..what was that about.

  861. Because I think he was getting done on defense.

  862. So what will Kobe do after Jeremy gets a 3D? Lol. Scary thought.

  863. I don’t know. Considering how it started, it’s not so bad. He could’ve ended up with 5/1/2 tonight in a loss. I’ll take this stat line. I just hope he gets it together for the road. And I’m so glad he stayed aggressive till the very end.

  864. There’s no figuring out how to remain relevant because the dynamic of his teammates is so completely inconsistent – include him sometimes, sometimes not. I think the best he can do is as orLinaryjoe says below: “remain calm and be proactive”. Keep his emotions in control and keep his own aggressiveness up front. I think at this point all other factors are unreliable and uncontrollable.

  865. Felt asleep for 2nd half. Good to see it was a win.

    Lin has 2nd highest minutes after Kobe. Did he play the whole OT? Sounded like he contributed some other way.

    7 players in double digits, but probably more Kobe today though.

  866. Yes but the point being Lin redeemed himself and did pull through in OT, and does not merit a demotion.

  867. 80pt game is coming then! lol

  868. I think lin was in foul trouble. The one thing about Scott he doesn’t care if you foul opposite team to stop a play.

  869. Like I said… scary…

  870. He had 4 fouls total. so foul trouble should not be the case.

  871. Jeremy was his ball boy tonight, just like Price, Fisher, etc…

  872. pulled for defense

  873. yes.like during the roxieorgie game

  874. tell them to stop coming.lol

  875. Kobe and BS seemed bent on putting Jeremy on his place after that fiasco vs Twolves.

  876. Question: what happened to Fields that he’s buried way deep to the bench? Injury? Lowry can’t feed him good passes? Really low on the pecking order?

  877. somebody above said pulled for defense, when lowry scored a layup. he put price in and then Lowry?Vasquez was serving him on a platter, and quickly put lin back in.

  878. allegedly. (yikes, I’m slipping towards the dark side…)

  879. Never recovered from his elbow and his confidence is non-existent 🙁

    Makes me sad to say it but after his contract is over this year, that’s the end for him in the NBA.

  880. The Lakers now has the exact record with the Knicks 4-14. This is the turning point for the Lakers to go up and smoke the Knicks behind…

  881. Aww that’s bad.. really bad.

  882. Good win. We have to remember, we’re all Lincentric, but the team is Kobecentric. As long as Lin gets his minutes, some good stats, and not blame for losses, I’m good.

  883. Yeah, they have to at least top them.

  884. Lol, my joke prediction came true. LIN had to keep his scoring down so that he could help the Lakers win in OT.

    I’ll give Kobe another 8 games to improve his attitude and play as a team instead of his own agenda. Even though the team won, LIN lost IMO. Kobe and the Lakers are playing a dangerous game of dare with Lin. He can walk at the end of the year if kobe doesn’t play nice. Lakers will lose LIN if they aren’t careful.

  885. Thanks for the reminder. (breathe…)

  886. yes… that’ll be sweet. Even sweeter is the Lakers gets to playoff and beat the Rockets.

  887. Like gelato sweet

  888. Hilarious locker room interview of Swaggy with Jordan Hill video bombing…

  889. extremely slim…getting into playoffs

  890. Yeah I feel sad about that. Makes me feel a little thankful that at least Jeremy is still swinging and relevant. It could have been much worse I guess.

  891. gotta dream big

  892. Not able to watch so I hope JLination uploads it, the Swaggy/Hill interview from a few games ago made me LOL

  893. we all do as well…Playoff it is!

  894. Really Kobe, somebody get him an inhaler…LOL


  895. The interview got hilarious when Swaggy was asked about how he feels that his parents already met Iggy’s parents..

  896. because he’s not handling the ball much……but it’s always good to have a big zero in TO column

  897. I am glad Lin got his stats, that is all I care about. I hope he keeps shooting.

  898. Maybe he can become a scout just like Jared Jefferies.

  899. where Fields is at from Stanford and where Lin is at from not accepted by Stanford is why I feel lucky that Lin is in the league doing great even with good guys like fields who then don’t do as well.

  900. me too bummed I missed OT. Anybody know where one can watch replays?

  901. Me too. Now I don’t know Lin can stay in LA or not after what Scott said today… BTW, did that reporter ask him by himself only? I didn’t see any other reporter tweet anything like this before the game?

  902. So from now on he will be PG not Lin?

  903. I guess that means playing under the radar all season long 🙁

  904. I missed this part. What was the tweet?

  905. Lin last to be interviewed today?

  906. Aw……he’s now expecting a Jeremy Fisher Lin…..

  907. Also, this a very positive lin site and all constructive criticism is welcome. If you are a half empty person who only sees the negative, please don’t bring your drama here, because all it does is take away all of the positive energy from this site, Remember your words frame your world, so you need to reflect back on what kind of picture you are framing with your words. not directed at anybody, just a food for thought. I myself had a reflection moment on my own words.❤ ❤

  908. I like how he played his position – constantly on the move to find his shots and athletic. Complimented Jeremy’s game in every way possible.

  909. I guess. He’s up next.

  910. I already predicted Kobe didn’t like Lin steals his spotlight! Lin’s double double is not sitting well with Kobe! It is James Hogden situation, jeolousy!

  911. “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans” is our motto/vision here 🙂

  912. yep, he was so good with J during Linsanity. Hope he gets another contract and works his way back to relevance because he can really cut and alley oop, take the corner shots.

  913. relax.

  914. Naw. He needs to keep on doing what he is doing. Stops and steals. Shoots when he gets opportunity. Pass when it is there.

  915. I don’t care, just as lin is a starter and gets his stats, because kobe’s body will eventually break down on him.

  916. That’s okay. He’ll still come home with a bangin hot (and awesome kind hearted) wife.

  917. Exactly☺ ☺ ☺

  918. great post! yes, once you say something nasty to someone in real life, it’s never unsaid. That’s why so many people here come back and have multiple identities, not because they are banned forever, but because they are unable to admit their down cycles, embarrassment, etc.

  919. That is true! He is getting old!

  920. sometime things dont go your way. its how you react to it that matters. lin was missing but kept going and played smart

  921. As if fans couldn’t tell. LOL

    The writing has been on the wall for well over a decade, so zero need to spell it out now.

  922. That is exactly why no “superstar player” will be coming to the Lakers.

  923. Haha…..weak…

  924. OMG, he finally said it…

  925. you are back!…..

  926. So he’s like a moody, jealous wife? Kobe needs to practice on his metaphors…

    But hey, at least now he’s honest.

  927. Just moved all the stuff into the house and this is the 1st thing I see. I just lost every respect I have to Kobe.

  928. LOL. A diva.

  929. LOL. That’s Big Game James. My favorite player from the Lakers showtime era.

  930. I cant see the tweet right now…what did he say?

  931. Kobe: “You know the saying happy wife happy life? The same thing goes around here. If I’m upset, everybody’s going to have a bad day.”

  932. I think it’s not Jeremy’s dbl-dbl per se, but how people were turning against him (Kobe) and BS, and favoring Jeremy.

  933. A very true and sad statement, because is that what they do in their real life?

  934. Yes Ma’am

  935. that’s what I said, which is why LAL loses. Kobe has to get his emotions under control. His energy spreads.

  936. I’m not surprised, thats typical of Kobe. Old veteran as he is, it happens.

  937. Joyce, did you see this before?

  938. Batman also killed then joker.

  939. how much respect did you have for him? Me, very little. Just admire some of his moves. He’s not a team player, and he has no problem having a bad household.

  940. Lin always gives great interviews…

  941. I respect that 5 rings…ha….and that is pretty much it.

  942. Hmm… isn’t it getting colder there? He’s just wearing that shirt going to Detroit?

  943. I laughed.

  944. I still like how Lin responded today. The one consistency is he always is thinking how could I contribute for a win. Poor shooting, but good defense, no turnovers, and clutch free throws. And most importantly a win. Thank God for a win.

  945. Well…..just one win and now he wants to show that toughness…

  946. Kobe can be a great PG, is a super SG. He did the point with Nash before so there is no surprise here. The problem is how long can Kobe resist the temptation to play both PG and SG ? That has been proven to be bad for the last 3 seasons.

  947. well. you’ve hear the saying ‘two-faced”? heh heh. Thanks for always keeping it real, I have faith in any community you stand by, for.

  948. player coach of the year 🙂

  949. I spot dad.. I mean Mr Gie Ming…

  950. Sorry, not a Nick Young fan. I think he is probable very nice and respect his game,, but I live in LA and he wants that Hollywood Shine

  951. Maybe he’s being REALLY accurate.

  952. I guess the bottom line is he needs to have production too.

  953. yes. photobombing 🙂

  954. sweet, right outta the locker room given the shirt nice guy Lin.

  955. Looks like he went straight to Staples after church service.

  956. nick young was Hilarius today in the interviews

  957. Exactly.

  958. Late service then.

  959. nope

  960. So, that means Kobe will be the point guard from now on? He forgotten it was him who lost most of the games by throwing bricks and iso and everyone not happy after losing those winnable games!

  961. oh, yes. I forgot about those given it’s Kobe. Almost a senior citizen ha ha.

  962. at least my trip to LA to watch the 4 home games is not a total disappointment ^_^
    uploading vids onto Instagram (hyca73) now…

    I had a lower level seat today than the past 3 games, and could see a little bit more clearly:
    – regarding interactions with the coaches: I didn’t see much of him with HC (except for the time when BS was disagreeing with the ref, and Lin tried to calm him down)
    – AS Eyen talked to Lin more than HC
    – AS Madsen greeted JLin when he was out at around 3 min mark in 1Q (felt like he was comforting him, even though I know it’s the usual time he is pulled out), another time is when JLin had a wonderful assist (forgot which Q)
    – got to admit Kobe did fight very hard
    – Lin was instructing teammates this and that, but I felt O still went thru Kobe a lot

    – I was expecting Lin would meet or talk to Fields or PPat, but didn’t see it
    – after the game, he went to TOR bench, but only talked to a guy in suit, then got interviewed (on TV or something)

  963. Where is mom? 🙂

  964. Congrat! You even got a bonus OT time!

  965. Great post, Administration.

    It’s nice to be able to come onto this site and read truthful unbiased commentary about Lin.

  966. Is it worth the time to watch the game in my DVR?

  967. No, Bryant cannot be a great or even a decent PG.

    He lacks unselfishness and team fundamentals.

  968. Really. I think they are tired of losing. Maybe the Lakers hit rock bottom after the wolves lost. So no they are playing better defense and Kobe is ready to pass rather then shoot. Because shooting just gave them a 3-13 record.

  969. Thanks for sharing!
    I thought I saw Jeremy and Fields shook hands on the court right after the game ended….

  970. Maybe just the OT.

  971. Thanks, so happy you saw a Lin win and him contributing to 9 pts in OT. Did you feel a surge with Lin/for Lin as OT developed? On TV, every time Lin makes a 3, I hear cheering and oohhh when he misses, so do fans in Staples have that energy for him?

  972. Lin had a typical Jason Kidd type of game!

  973. I’m so tired of haters INVENTING wrongs that Lin and Lin fans allegedly do.

    This is a clean site devoid of such fools, and I like this place!

  974. Kobe really likes using a lot of metaphors now that he is old. “Fire Hydrants. Happy Wife.” Kobe must be thinking a lot while he gets to skip practice.

  975. Lin sounds like a seasoned vet now. Very calm and self aware.

  976. In the ladies’ room 🙂

  977. Wow, Kobe is really self center!

  978. cold in cali

  979. I think that is Lin’s aim too, but win at the same time. Set the tempo, shoot at his spots, help on defense, get loose 50/50 balls. Come out smelling like a productive, efficient pg that could help a team win and not be the star. I don’t think Lin could ever be the star on a team, always breeds too much jealousy and drama. Maybe he has come to realize that too.

  980. how

  981. he basicallly said lin plays better mad he plays better calm

  982. I like to add 1 Win at the end as the “bottom line.”

  983. I guess he didn’t hear Kobe’s happy wife commment. lol

  984. of course. makes all the difference 🙂

  985. yes, fans did do that, but LAL fans are still mostly Kobe’s fans, and NYoung is also a fan favorite. Both of them got very load cheers.

  986. Anybody think that Lin will stay with the Lakers after this season?

  987. Is the “he” referring to kobe or is kobe talking about lin?

  988. Glad you got to enjoy Lin’s clutch FTs in OT and a big win for the Lakers in the final game :>
    Too bad Lin didn’t have a good shooting night but he gave his best and helped Lakers win

  989. could be isnt quoted right

  990. likly

  991. i think there is a good chance. Scott has maybe given clues that he doesn’t trust Lin, but Lin is starting and playing a lot of minutes. Off the court Lin is very happy with his life. I could see him staying because of the city and he gets to start.

  992. Depends on how things go, Joyce. It’s still relatively early in the season. I don’t think he should for more than 2 years if the Lakers want him and he decides to stay.

  993. Scott isn’t standing on solid ground. This team is underperforming under his coaching.

  994. too early to tell as Lin is still not finding his role with the Lakers.

    If LA makes him a good offer after Lin performing even better with some Linsanity games towards the end of the season, maybe.

  995. No! He has to get away from Kobe.

  996. Kobe was really mad tonight. Lin can’t get as mad as Kobe gets.

  997. hmmm RIP BETH

  998. True. It really seems pretty simple on how Scott could make this team better. He seems to blind to see it it. We’ve discussed those point to death in the past.

  999. We have not seen a Linsanity game. A few Linsanity quarters, but not a whole game yet. I’m still waiting for that 30 point game. Highest scoring game is only 21 and highest assist are 11 or 12 I believe? Those are nice numbers but when Lin gets on a roll where he hits 7-10 3 pointers, goes to the line for 11-12 FTs and hits a few drives, and does some good things in crunch time, that’ll be his Linsanity game and the Lakers fans will go, wow, this guy is really good.

  1000. I think that will just offer him only 2 years because lin is one og the best free agents point guards in 2015. Lin justs needs to keep his stats

  1001. I used to but not anymore… Just read this from Chinese news said Lin went to high 5 Kobe after he made the shot twice today but Kobe just ignored him?! Anyone saw that? I didn’t …

  1002. Unless they go for Dragic. But Dragic is pretty blah so far this season.

  1003. Actually he said Kobe plays better mad, Lin plays worst when he’s mad.

  1004. That’s really sad. I believe otherwise though about him being the star on a team 🙂

  1005. yup, the closest one was the Clippers game that Lakers lost due to ref bad call.

    Unfortunately, Linsanity games can only come when Kobe is resting so we have to wait and see. Kobe is too dominant to let anyone take over to take big shots in crunch time.

  1006. I agree, and I think he is slowly becoming a fan favorite. Also as i posted earlier that lin had tied to play bball the NBA way, and they are not ready for him. I think Lin will approach them with his next contract with the business side of things. Lin is really making his brand known in China and Adidas is working with him on becoming the face of Adidas in China. Also lin bought shares in the internet sports network. I think will sell that aspect of his game also.

  1007. Really want Lin to have his own team and be the franchise player. During Linsanity he was the go to guy with both Amare and Melo out and took crunch time shots. He won’t be able to do that with Kobe still around. Hope a team offers him a max contract.

  1008. Somebody went to the game tonight and they didn’t report that.

  1009. Dragic is not a franchise player and he doesn’t bring any marketing aspects to the Lakers. Lakers are about business.

  1010. I’m convinced the LAL losses are mounting in part due to Kobe being unable to control his emotions and putting too much negative pressure on people. Basically, Coach Nick called it out – you play mad, and you lose.


    Coach Nick on meltdowns:

  1011. Thanks! Must have been exciting … have a save trip home.

  1012. He is so self center and childish to say something like this! The more i know about him the more i dont like him!

  1013. I just saw JLin went to Kobe and Kobe sort of going to the other way, too quick for me to make out whether Kobe did eventually acknowledge it or not for the screen just changed to do the repeat. Best if the in game fans saw this or not. Maybe soon we will find some fans webcam so that this can be verified or not.

  1014. I’m glad you like it!

  1015. Check what he said about the happy wife happy life!

  1016. OK.

  1017. saw that , on another camera angle, it seems he didn;t noticed Lin..

  1018. Byron deserves some credit for that.

  1019. The thing is would Lakers wants Lin? If so, the FO should fire BS and have a new coach that can control Kobe and play Lin’s strength. Otherwise, I don’t see LA is the future for Lin.

  1020. .? Who? Who is Beth?

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