G17 Brooklyn Nets (4-12) Needs to Fix 3rd Quarter Woes vs LA Clippers (14-4)


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Jeremy Lin injury statusΒ is upgraded to Game-Time Decision on 11/28.
But with no team practice yet, perhaps the soonest return will be on the 12/3 Bucks game on the road or 12/5 Wizards game at home.

If the Nets want to have a chance to break the 7 game losing streak, they need to find an immediate solution to their 3rd quarter woes. 37.4% poor shooting combined with allowing opponents to shoot 53.3% in this skid explained how the Nets were outscored by 72pts (10.3pts/game) in this skid.

ESPN Game PreviewΒ article:

Brooklyn was outscored 34-18 in the third quarter and in this skid teams are outscoring the Nets by a 222-150 margin. In those quarters, the Nets have shot 37.4 percent (55-of-147) while allowing opponents to shoot 53.3 percent (80-of-150).

“We’re just getting outplayed and outworked, that’s it,” said center Brook Lopez, who has scored 25 points and shot 40 percent in third quarters during this skid.

The latest third quarter was so ineffective for the Nets that DeMarcus Cousins‘ had the same amount of points as Brooklyn. It resulted in a 15-point deficit and in their last seven games, the average deficit for the Nets has been 18 points entering the fourth quarter.

“We have to fix the third quarter blues,” Brooklyn coach Kenny Atkinson said. “For some reason we don’t come out with the requisite energy that we need.”

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets need to come out with energy in the 3rd quarter and adjustment to what opponents will try to do after half-time.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will come back soon to help the Nets get back on the winning track, and most importantly finish the game healthy!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets!Β 


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  1. Hope Nets can fix 3Q & fight to the end.

  2. Reposting from the tail end of the previous thread …

    Doc Rivers talking about Nets missing Jeremy Lin : “It’s like us missing CP, Blake for our team.”

  3. Definitely a high-praise from Doc Rivers for JLin

    Doc: “Lin is a heck of a player. It’s like us missing Blake or CP for our team. Lin is an important player for their team. But give them credit for playing .. they play the same way no matter who is playing. They move the ball, they attack and they are aggressive”

  4. Has Lin been confirmed out?

  5. So don’t tell me lin chose the Hornets so can be a backup with no opportunity to start despite taking the big paycut.

  6. Probably out since he did not practice yesterday.

  7. The real fix will come when Lin gets back.

  8. Brook Lopez today said #Nets current issues more than just 1 player, but team def misses JLin:
    “He’s a key to what we do. He’s our leader.”

  9. Anyway, this is a loss. Hope just let Lin play 10-15 min. as practicing.

  10. if he plays 15 min i’d rather he not play affecting his stats.

  11. Mike Conley is out indefinitely due to fracture in the vertebrae.
    Hope Lin will only come back when he’s 100% ready.
    Health is definitely #1 for a long-term career

    Sources: Grizzlies guard Mike Conley suffered a transverse process fracture in the vertebrae. He will miss an indefinite period of time.

  12. Stats isn’t a matter. Most important thing is recovering the feeling and confidence.

  13. How does the salary work in terms of injury like this? Would the player still get paid?

  14. I don’t think it’s energy that’s the problem in the 3rd quarter. Their starters play less time than any other team. Also they are getting outplayed in every 3rd quarter all year. Are we supposed to believe that they have an energy problem EVERY 3rd quarter all year? I think the problem is the other team is making better adjustments at halftime than Atkinson is. He’s a rookie coach though and there is a learning curve.

  15. I believe the contract salary is guaranteed unless otherwise specified.

    As far as I know, there is no injury clause for his 5-yr, $153M contract with Memphis

  16. I think it is the predictability of Net’s offense. After 2 Qs playing with Nets, the opponents can tight up the defense on some parts and dare Nets (esp point guards) to adjust. From games to games, we can see that in the last 6 minutes of 3Q, the meltdown began with bad plays and TOs. Once momentum is turned, Nets players tend to overdone too much, resulting more bad plays and TOs.

  17. Not 1 dollar less

  18. there is a games played clause, but I don’t think that will apply to the first year, it is the last year not fully guarantee

  19. That’s exactly what I’m saying. The opponents adjust to us more than we adjust to them.

  20. It’s not energy like KA says. I hope he wakes up soon.

  21. ok, thanks. I see the 5th year player option with partial guarantee

  22. He got injured taking a charge, from Kemba. I saw the play. He fell funny onto Kaminsky I think, and then just laid there. Tough break for Conley, he’s had some serious injuries lately.

  23. Agreed with this. We simply don’t have the penetration from anyone else besides Lin. It looks as if the Nets are doing the same things on offense, so the opposing teams can make adjustments.

  24. Jeez.. we’re lucky that at least Lin didn’t get hurt like this badly.

  25. It was actually a charge from MKG. Sucks for Conley/Grizzlies, they’ve suffered so many injuries last year and they’re looking to repeat this year.

  26. Wow. Really puts JLin’s situation in perspective. Prayer for Mike Conley. Sounds really serious and painful.

  27. Thats too bad.. Lin would have done another 5v1 layup on them.

  28. Wow, I would imagine this is season-ending…..

  29. Sounds very serious…
    Hope for full recovery

  30. This is the da clippers.. which means they are like the clippers who kills people for barons in the tv show Into the Badlands.

    So because of that. nets will lose again and lin will not risk playing if they going to lose anyways.

  31. Predictability, lack of adjustments, and a real lack of skill-sets is an issue.

  32. Agreed. Missing the controlled chaos that linsanity brings.

  33. Clippers will rest Blake Griffin tonight? Why not Chris Paul? πŸ˜‰ ?

  34. They still want to win this one…

  35. Wow. That sounds pretty bad. I remembered he just became a father recently.

    Thank Heavens that our boy’s injury is relatively “minor”. Pray that Conley and Lin both recover as rapidly as possible.

  36. Most likely.., especially after they lost the last 2 games to Pistons and Pacers.

  37. Brook is a great, humble teammate to Lin.

    I hope the recurring reports on his trade are nothing but rumors.

  38. I really hope Nets can beat Clippers today even it’s not likely…

  39. Seriously why does Yogi look so much like Chris Tucker??

  40. Little JLin is helping Lopez warming up! lol

  41. Start the refs at every position and you’ll have your win…

  42. Same here.

    As the saying goes – “it’s not over until the fat lady sings.”

  43. acbc’s “master of chaos” indeed
    Sun Tzu would definitely advise against Net’s predictability

  44. Lin out.

  45. lol don’t see the semblance…
    could you post a side by side pic?

  46. did they give a time line

  47. First star on the team that Lin didn’t have to fight with for playing time/role/spotlight.

  48. The announcers gave no timeline, even though the injury report says “game-time decision.

  49. smh… they are as bad as niantic was with pokemon go updates

  50. No one want to injure, but accident happens anyway.

  51. That will be a win if lose less than 20 points.

  52. Bad start

  53. lmao the nets are unbearable to watch without lin, i recommend watching okc, SA, or GSW in the meantime

  54. Lopez has a great shooting touch

  55. It seems Lin changes clothes and glasses every game.

  56. Yup, seriously looks like no one can penetrate and feed the paint on this team, hence why we keep resorting to 3 pt shots

  57. Very loud cheers for LA.


  59. Everyone has to play like Booker to get out of this. That’s called heart.

  60. Unfortunately, they are not Lin’s team.

  61. Hmmm not so much the facial features but that kind of intense “eyes wide open” facial expression. I’m struggling to find a good example…

  62. 1Q – 8 rebounds from DeAndre and the Nets whole team got 7 rebounds

  63. BOG really isn’t as good as the shooter I imagined him to be… lacking that dead eye accuracy…

  64. no but if you really liek watching basketball they are fun to watch

  65. They have to have either Booker or Brook on the floor at all times.

    Foye should NEVER be on the floor

  66. Never liked Foye. He plays for next contract.

  67. Should let Yogi play, instead of Foye!

  68. Foye oh Foye…

  69. Oh! Today no Yogi so far….

  70. is Lin playing?

  71. The defense starts with PG. Those losing games, our PGs never do a good job at defending. Offense wise, never wastes opponents PGs energy.

  72. Skil has been disappearing. What’s happening with him? No energy and grit at all.

  73. hes prob depressed he has no help aside from lopez

  74. I just don’t understand what’s in KA’s mind in terms of the rotation. He could at least let AB, Yogi and CMC play a little to see if it helps.

  75. Here come the 3rd qtr…..

  76. for all we know lin wont be playing until next season, but he will continue to be a game time decision eery game until the season ends…

  77. Awaiting the 3rd qtr meltdown, but looks like they’re hanging in there for now lol

  78. its still early…lets see

  79. lol…..interestingly the Thanksgiving event has not ended?!!

  80. Of course not, we’d be much more active if he was.

  81. Damn.. Bojan hurt, Foye time.

  82. Why Whitehead just shoot?

  83. We’ve got beat up by Austin-River. Sigh!

  84. The meltdown begins.

  85. It’s just predictable. Team isn’t that much fun to watch anymore.

  86. Yeah, yawn.

  87. Nets could probably get beaten by Doc Rivers playing at this point, lol.

  88. If everyone shoots 35%, the MO would not work.

  89. Hopeless!!

  90. I’m surprised that people are still watching,myself included.It’s like torturing myself for 2 hours.

  91. I have watched about 20 minutes of Nets games in the last 12 games. So boring.

  92. I don’t know if it is coincident, but when Foye checked in, the meltdown begins.

  93. So painful. Maybe I’ll just watch the 4Q, starting next game.

  94. The offense was like you watched it already 2 days ago and the result was always the same.

  95. I can’t blame you Joy I’ll prolly will do that too.lol

  96. I think we watch the games despite the tormenting losses because it is Lin’s team.

    Nets is the extension of Lin. We love Lin, therefore we love Nets.

  97. I know and it’s a big disappointment because we will missed a whole season again just because of this.I hope they can snag some good players come trade deadline.

  98. But we don’t have Lin to help make better shots for the team so…

  99. lol

  100. Griffin is not playing and we still got beaten and KA sits on the bench and looks like he has no solution either. So humiliating!

  101. 7 point game now…..

  102. I think they did well Q3 today…better defense

  103. Whitehead has the most minutes played with a pathetic 14% FG.

  104. wait for it … its a comeback!

  105. ouch

  106. I think they hear us!!!!

  107. Kilpatrick and 1

  108. Yes Kilpatrick! Let’s win this!

  109. Nets are on this game.I hope Atkinson will not pull out Lopez…LOL

  110. Go Nets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. I’m on the road home watching play by play.

  112. We’ve got a chance! Nets finally playing with some Brooklyn Grit!

  113. Wouldn’t be this bad if he didn’t restrict his minutes.

  114. 5 point game

  115. Kilp!!!!!!!!!

  116. Absolutely and with those DNP’ed road games

  117. this feels like the “bonus win” no one expected….. a set up for Lin’s return and making the Nets watchable again for the faithful on this site

  118. I think its due to Q3 buckup

  119. Kilpatrick is on the zone!!!!

  120. He’s back!!

  121. DNP Mccllough is a dumb decision dude is far better than Foye and RHJ. He deserves minutes at least as 6th man.

  122. 2pt game!

  123. SKilpatrick doing his best Lin impersonation!!! Dude’s going off!

  124. 2 Pts!

  125. I know…I don’t why he didn’t used him>I will love to see him more than RHJ

  126. good for Shawn. I knew he had it in him. Finally, a competitive game in the late minutes.

  127. stream link?

  128. 99-99 all tied!

    HOT Skilz

  129. TIE!

  130. 99 even…Nets have a chance on this game.

  131. Yes Kilpatrick on fire! Dude should’ve started over RHJ from day 1!

  132. Yessssss Lopez for 33333333!!!!!

  133. 102-99 Nets!

  134. JLin cheering like crazy for Skilz πŸ™‚

  135. That’s the way we should play!

  136. Omg we got this! Let’s go!

  137. hahaha… 102-99

  138. 27pt looking at 30pt game of course!

  139. We’re leading! 102-99

  140. Crazy turn out!!!!!

  141. Kilparick on fire!!!

  142. kilP is the SG we need next to Lin it’s done!

  143. I wanna see Levert though but Kilpatrick will be a good wingman for JLIN

  144. Loving the bench reaction to celebrate Lopez’s 333! πŸ™‚

    Foye, Lin everyone so happy

  145. Yes. When Booker and Brook do screen for him. He plays well.

  146. KA finally let them play more min & took more shots w hot hand players. Hope we get this one.

  147. Yes he should start over Booker it’s a no brainer.

  148. Close game oh gosh..clippers by 2.

  149. That’s right. Fight to the end. No more rookie players in late 4Q…. good to see no matter what’s the outcome. Hope we win of course. haha!

  150. Will we have Ot?

  151. Good play after timeout. Booker for 2


  152. Yeah finally–if he kept his stubborn even rotation, we’d be behind by 20+ just as usual.

  153. I love this kind of games..at least Nets has a chance to win.

  154. What up with my JLin buds? He back on 12.1?

  155. All these timeouts after a shot, a true test for KA as coach!

  156. So many times, it’s just about believing you can win…. they’re starting to believe (a la Matrix – part 1)

  157. yes, a chance to compete.. That’s all we ask for

  158. Ya! He got it today. lol

  159. Getting ready for Jlin to comeback. Have to win at least one before the return of the hero!

  160. Nice DDDD

  161. LOpezzzz for 33333333….HAHAHA!!!!!

  162. Lopez with the steal! Damn right he’s the franchise!

  163. LOP3Z!

  164. omg the nets might beat the clippers

  165. OGM OMG

  166. Yes, I’m game. Lopezzzz!

  167. Psalm they have a chance!!!!

  168. Steal and 3 omg that’s a highlight and game winner! Lopez the man!

  169. OMG

  170. OMG

  171. wow.. Lopez for a DEEP 3333!!


  172. Wow. Long 3. Lopez has become a good 3 point shooter.

  173. brookie is stepping up big time

  174. Omg KilP with the rebound!!!

  175. btw skilpatrick must have heard us bashing him here 27 pts

  176. wow, a real game!!! go NETS!!!

  177. Brook!

  178. Brook got range!!!

    Lin threw a fist pump in celebration πŸ™‚

  179. LOPAZ + KILPARICK 27 apiece.

  180. He’s always had it just need the coach to unleash him for 30+ min every game!

  181. It is very good for the team’s confidence that they can compete with any teams!

  182. Yes good defense…..Get this WWWWWW

  183. Let’s use the foul

  184. Smart move no clutch 3!

  185. Please get this WIN!

  186. If they can win, this would be good momentum for Lin to come back.

  187. Foul them

  188. Omg wtf Foye sub for Lopez?!

  189. Atkinson is really a rookie coach

  190. He’s… Why took Lopez out?

  191. lol now everyone compliments kenny?

  192. Really, I gotta watch OT without JLin again? Ok, ok, I’ve been a fair weathered fan …

  193. Don’t leave the feet. doh.

  194. uh oh

  195. What is he doing??

  196. F…..OT here we come!

  197. OT…

  198. Ouch!!! How come CP is wide open???????

  199. we got this … win

  200. Should have foul him before he shoot!

  201. 107-107 with 1.8 seconds left

    Need to lob the ball to Brook for the tip-in

  202. Come on, KA! The boss is here. Please don’t do foolish thing.

  203. He didn’t instructed to foul somebody for them to take FT’s instead of a 3

  204. They should foul!

  205. Ya! Rookie coach.

  206. Unbelievable. SKilpatrick almost ended it… in and out.

  207. OMG!

  208. Boss is here no wonder KA changes ….

  209. That too.

  210. Dumb, I thought Booker’s was a FT foul but it was just regular and here I thought KA was smart..

  211. Ouch!!!!!!!!!

  212. Good floater.. just rimmed out

  213. Good. Even OT. I like they fight to the end.

  214. At least Nets are playing competitive, even with Griffin out.

  215. Well at least we’ve watched an entertaining game.

  216. Ya! That’s the way they supposed to do for a long time.

  217. Finally…lol!

  218. Kilparick and Whitehead both played 36 min so far perhaps a Nets record under coach KA. haha

  219. Gosh I want to watch this live, can Nets pull through in OT?

  220. OT you act like we loss already.

  221. Jeremy did say Skilpatrick would have a break out year and he’d surprise a lot of people.

  222. Harris 3!

  223. Not yet but I was saying we’ve been watching a better game than previously

  224. Everyone is stepping up! Go Nets!

  225. They’re competing.Let’s win this

  226. Wow! Another 2 pts! 31 in total!

  227. Killpatrick is on fire

  228. Is kilpatrick a pg or sg?

  229. SG

  230. wow … 116-111 with 2:32 left

  231. Awesome… we have our backcourt…

  232. LETS GO OMG

  233. love me some sean kilpatrick

  234. KA is trying to make him a combo

  235. they got tired of losing .. let’s go!

  236. And a good thing is he can play both ways like Lin

  237. Lin gave Kilpatrick his “secret stuff…”


  238. Skil has over 30 points. Player of the game.

  239. We got this, please win this!

  240. Good to see we can beat Clippers… haha!

  241. Love KilP since preseason! About time he proved he’s a starter!

  242. Skil is another version of Linsanity tonight!

  243. This is the team that I remember in the beginning of the year. Win or Lose. Grit!

  244. I like how KA plays Skilp 40+ minutes!

  245. playing some D for once!!

  246. Bad shot… give it lopez down low!

  247. gaaaa sean needs to calm down a little

  248. Should have passed the ball!

  249. Skil is cooling off. They need ball motion and take better shots.

  250. That’s should be the play especially on closing minutes.And Lopez is a good FT shooter too.

  251. yup, run down the clock and get easy buckets.

  252. I think so.


  254. Skil should know he’s cooled down…. he’s just not used to being the man for the entire game

  255. Skil needs to give Brook some touches.
    can’t miss three 3s in a row

  256. one minute left

  257. The last couple of missed 3 might just be the nail on the coffin…. really shouldn’t have taken those shots

  258. still lack clutch time experience

  259. Time out

  260. Need to play smart!

  261. The heck? Two shots?

  262. Kill make these FT’s

  263. Sean Kilpatrick is now trending on Twitter lol

  264. 1 more Kill

  265. NO FOYE PLZ

  266. That would be a RIOT

  267. Finally some sane decision. Still don’t like the way he hogs the ball though.

  268. what a ….

  269. Great job by Skil to draw a foul
    Must be Lin whispering some Linsider tips

  270. Great coaching, they iced Kilpatrick.

  271. Nice foul…nice foul

  272. Oh, nooooooooooo

  273. Explain why Foye is subbing for Lopez twice ow?

  274. by Doc Rivers, you mean

  275. that’s a veteran coach and a stupid ref

  276. Rivers knew what he was doing.

  277. I was wondering myself

  278. Common sense should be leave the franchise in to seal the win.

  279. Good foul by Whitehead on Deandre to prevent dunk

  280. smart foul by whotehead

  281. yes technical foul

  282. Give the coach tech too plz

  283. Doc Rivers was ejected! πŸ™‚

  284. Sheyytt why would you give those FT’s to a freakkkin rookie

  285. doc is gone!

  286. lol

  287. why was doc ejected?

  288. not good idea to give FTs on a cold Whitehead

  289. the heck whitehead lol

  290. Wow, never see Docs act like that.

  291. tech foul, yelling at the Ref

  292. OMG!MIssing FTs are killing us

  293. whitehead’s shooting is terrible

  294. thx! just keeping up w/play by play.

  295. Clippers players, always moving right when the free throw is being attempted.

  296. Why whitehead?????????????

  297. Developing young…smh!

  298. He was so agitated that his assistant coach has to restrain him physically

  299. if they make a 3… im gonna be very angry

  300. KA is our of his mind to let Whitehead shoot the FT.

  301. Ok, We got this.

  302. Double OT!

  303. Same story …stupid coaching…use your foul!

  304. another coach KA stubborn doctrine

  305. He’s not smart.

  306. lol

  307. Why don’t you let the guy that is hot, shoot the free throws?

  308. Bad coaching… cant let them shoot a 3!!

  309. KA is really really bad

  310. lol i just jinxed myself

  311. seems like he wanted to reward him for his heads up play on Jordan

  312. Developing him!

  313. Let whitehead shooting the FT is just very very sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  314. I can’t stop face palming…?

  315. Wow, I did not know KA is this bad

  316. KA is dumb. smh!

  317. Let’s go, we got this. Need positive energy!

  318. He’s just stubborn as hell

  319. Rookie mistake?

  320. Double OT… hope we get this one.

  321. just stubborn as hell

  322. Let’s get this!!!!

  323. Whitehead to redeem himself.

  324. ok as much as ive been defending kenny…. the whitehead freethrows was dumb

  325. Nope! It’s called common sense!

  326. We have been saying it all the time. We are ok with the rosters, but the coaching and the minute management is just bad, real bad…

  327. Sick as hell.

  328. Double OT? Come on?!

  329. Booker is playing well

  330. So dumb! Subbing Foye for Lopez is just beyond dumb. Just leave the big man in!

  331. Yes. Should’ve been an easy one with any other players…

  332. He should have told the team to foul the Clippers for two free throws. This would have been over.

  333. He probably forgot how to win since we’ve been losing. lol

  334. Everyone is tired!!!!

  335. including us!

  336. KilP doing work on both sides of the floor! Shot and defensive rebound

  337. LOL…

  338. If we lose this game, it is all on KA. Sick coaching.

  339. Give it to brook lopez!!

  340. If Nets will lose this game,this site will explode

  341. Bad coaching. Should’ve won with 1st OT by fouling!

  342. …and not in a good way.

  343. The reporter said we just need to keep fighting to the end. Love it.

  344. Where is coach lin?

  345. Teams are very tired.

  346. He’s getting up a lot off the bench, cheering the team on.

  347. You need to know how to watch Nets game! Watch 1Q, turn off the game around mid 2Q and do your stuff. Comeback @ 4Q. Never tired!

  348. Good timeout with 2:10 left
    Can’t waste possession


  349. I know. If KA is smart enough we got the won already….

  350. They got this, this is real development. Putting them in the pit, to fight it out. Not restricting their minutes so everyone touches the ball.

  351. I bet Coach Lin keeps telling Skil to attack the rim.
    Stop taking 3s

  352. I guess he has to coach through his mistakes. At least he’s giving the right guys minutes tonight. But, he’s made a lot of bad decisions.

  353. I also agree w reporter they should give Lopez some touch….

  354. He also has to ISO less, look to get guys to space the floor and cut.

  355. I’m not sure if Skil is as good at drawing fouls or finishing with contact.

  356. Or at least the coach will design a play for Lopez,he didn’t touch the ball for the last 5 minutes I guessed

  357. yes, they miss a true PG who can give everyone touches

  358. Ref should’ve called a foul on Chris Paul. He fouled Whitehead!

  359. Absolutely. He should be taking most of the shots down low and drawing fouls.

  360. Whitehead was too soft

  361. Need to run a set play for Lopez

  362. sean playing too much hero ball. give brook the ball

  363. Ref are tired too,they can’t even blow their whistle anymore.

  364. Even the cheerleaders got overtime.

  365. at the end of 2OT, Skil is tired

    better chance to get any pts from layup than 3s

  366. CP3 always has favor from the refs.

  367. i dont mind :3

  368. NETS ball!!!!

  369. Yes! Win this pls….

  370. off DeAndre’s knee

  371. Terrible shot…

  372. Why are they keep shooting 3’s???Is this by design?

  373. plz just take t to the basket. I mIss Jeremy so much

  374. Time out – hope KA reminds everyone don’t just shoot 3s

  375. Brook has been making 3s but he’s been cold πŸ™

  376. Sane reason WH took FTs?

  377. Inquiring minds want to know!

  378. Clippers in the paint defense may be too good for Lopez, but they should give it back to Booker in the post.

  379. OMG. Why does Brook like 3s so much!!?

  380. At this point, I’ll take Booker scoring in the paint

    Or anyone attacking the rim to draw FTs

  381. I didn’t like that shot at all. He needs to be inside.

  382. Play was drawn by KA blame him! Nets didn’t need a 3 they should’ve gone for a 2 for a 4 point lead to seal it! Lopez in the post was what should’ve been drawn! KA is so bad!!

  383. YEAH!!!

  384. Finally whitehead attack the rim!

  385. Skil 333 2+1


  386. 126-122 Brooklyn!

    Love SKil!

  387. PLease don’t shoot 3

  388. And 1 for Kill..Give this night to this young man .

  389. No3s!! Tell em ka or jlin!

  390. There you go.

  391. finally secured the WIN!!!

  392. klip!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. SEAN KILPATRICK baby!!!

  394. it could have ended way earlier if they did this

  395. Testing…

  396. And what was that !? Huh? Should’ve been doing it since the last 2min of the first OT. Take it to da hoop YO!!

  397. Nets are now 5-12! Knicks were 8-15 when Linsanity led them to 7 wins in a row to bring their record to .500 and eventually playoffs.

  398. CP looks old

  399. phew… Finally we can breathe πŸ™‚

  400. Owner is happy! πŸ™‚

  401. Oooops! all my posts disappear!

  402. Nets won!

    THe losing streak is OVER!!!

  403. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  404. Thanks God they have this W otherwise KA will get hanged on this site.

  405. For sure.

  406. LMAO

  407. haha, damn right!

  408. haha. You are right!

  409. Omg. I’m so excited I’m on the wrong site!

  410. lol

  411. Finally

  412. YES!!!
    Happy for SKil, Brook & the gang!!! Great Win!

  413. My throat is sore from screaming at the TV!

  414. I would have blamed him for not playing Lin in OT. hehe

  415. LOL,you need to go to urgent care tomorrow.hahaha

  416. Kilpatrick saying “we said we’d get a win eventually this week”. All about the team! Good job!

  417. Or not giving the board

  418. LMAO I was getting ready to!

  419. ????????????

  420. KilPatrick mentioned Jeremy! Woot! Giving credit for Whitehead defending Chris Paul!

  421. SKill was interviewed court-side.

    He gave credit to coaches, Lin and teammates!

  422. Drink some champagne will help. lol

  423. Sean spoke from the heart, “All week long we talked that we can get one (W)”

    I like how he talked about the team for this win, gave credit to Isaiah and team

  424. Lin is the only player named by Sean?

  425. He’s like Lin’s twin brother being interviewed πŸ™‚

  426. drink some champagne might help. lol

  427. Great win totally out of the blue!! Needed it bad!

  428. Yup didn’t take any credit, mentioning all teammates including Lin who didn’t play!

  429. He also mention Whitehead.

  430. ok lets get a word on lin’s return now…

  431. An unsung hero in this game, Booker. He played really hard with heart.

  432. Humble guy!

  433. Sean speaks “Linspeak”….. lots of humility and heart for his team. btw his career high in pts is also Lin’s. Definitely channeling the Man on the bench

  434. I think Whitehead did a great job on CP3 too.

  435. He always does. I don’t get why KHuang is so against him.

  436. Very high character guy my man!

  437. Love this team more and more πŸ™‚

    It’s all about the team, not individual accomplishment

  438. Ya! He said Jeremy & coach told him to …..

  439. Okayyy, that was a good warmup for JLin’s return. Gotta make those FTs, though.

  440. Don’t forget Harris he actually kept Nets on the striking distance w/ some offense too

  441. He also said Whitehead played well.

  442. Get Lin back & go on a winning streak!!

  443. yep.

  444. He mentioned Lin. He said Jeremy on the bench. So I guess Lin encouraged him to be aggressive.

  445. It’s KA’s fault for playing D leaguer RHJ and Foye instead of KilPatrick who we’ve been support since preseason! Seriously it took RHJ to get injured before Kilpatrick got his rightful start! KA is so bad and dumb! Subbing Foye for Lopez was also mind bobbling!

  446. Both Skil and Booker got double-double tonight!

  447. That’s how they should play a game, GRIT and fight till the end.

  448. Lin probably told him not to settle for shots and attack the basket.

  449. Even a dead clock gets it right twice a day but it’s still a dead clock. Ref gave the Nets the game and they almost refuse to take it.

  450. Boss is in the house…. I think that’s why KA made some changed today. Good. Hope KA can continue to let them play like today.

  451. Got a feeling Lin’s coming back next game that’s why Nets was so intent on winning this.

  452. He really steppe up.

    Great game – 38 pts, 14 rebounds!

  453. Just came here to say WIN!
    And that Lin needs to burn that all white suit he looks like a popstar.

  454. Yes. Harries got a timely 3 in 4Q which turned the game around I think.

  455. That’s 1 hell of a player and a team mate!!!Good job tonight Skill!!!

  456. 100% agreed! Ride the hot guys or group with heavy minutes = GRIT!

  457. LOL it’s fine he needs to look sharp on the bench as a the Net’s star.

  458. Yup, screw the minute management!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  459. Lin told him attacking the rim and draw fouls. lol

  460. Ya! That’s the way to build team not always developing young.

  461. test test

  462. Toss the blue glasses

  463. Lin has either white suit or black suit. He’ll wear black suit next time. lol

  464. I think the owner should be in every home game from now on.

  465. they won yeah congrats to everyone

  466. Also had it just need the starting role and minutes. This shows how bad KA is with talents he played RHJ and Foye as starter , giving Vasquez main backup PG before even considering starting Kilpatrick as a starting SG or main backup PG!

  467. I don’t know why he’s doing that,he has a very young team and they can play even 38 minutes.I’m just exaggerating on their minutes but c’mon KA needs to give minutes to his best players not just a boring rotation that doesn’t produced good results

  468. He can come in in 4Q! Lol

  469. I bet he is not happy w KA’s record… specially after the loss to King…. good to see him here today.

  470. I would say 3Q, to avoid meltdown.

  471. This game proves that, minute management has done more harm then good. Atkinson had a 9 man rotation today. Whether by design or due to injuries; this is what he needs to stay with for the rest of the season.

  472. Seems like KA only has urgency to win home games. He acts like a tanking commander, blind to talents. His minutes restriction and weird substitutions are total BS and why we’ve been losing!

  473. he sd be there from the beginning

  474. Sounds right.

  475. SO happy that Nets ended the losing streak finally. Let’s start a winning streak!

    Now I am too excited to go to sleep! It’s nearly 11 p.m. and I have early meeting in the morning. πŸ™

  476. Hope Lin can come back soon….

  477. He should be at every home and away game then KA would throw his BS lineups, minutes restrictions out the window and we would finally be on the right track!

  478. wow the bucks beat the cavs?

  479. test– all my posts from las half hour or so got wiped out shortly after they’re posted…am’ i sensored? if so, i want to know why.

  480. Yes! He is “game-time decision”, so any game now?

  481. I was having an issue too. I can’t find this game thread until the Mod send me the link.

  482. Starting and playing the wrong players, minutes restriction, inconsistent lineups. I seriously hope if RHJ comes back he’s going to D league or bench! Foye should not even be playing.

  483. @linfinity88
    Brook Lopez acknowledging today that the team has definitely missed Jeremy Lin during his injury absence. #G17 #LALatBKN

  484. If you hear from Brain Lewis saying Lin is practicing with team for several days, then he should be closed to return.

  485. That was the worst win ever. Just a fluke win on a terrible night for the Clips w/o Blake. Nets sven got some ref help.

    But at least it gives them a badly needed win until Lin returns. Lin still hasn’t practiced so this week seems unlikely. WAS on Monday maybe?

  486. So is next game a possibility?

  487. Lin’s absence has forced a lot of growth in these young players on the team. I hope this experience will benefit Lin on his return. Tonight missing Lin’s maturity of clock management made this game take much longer, but glad they got this big win. Good for their confidence.

  488. I can see all the posts.. nothing in pending
    Sometimes Disqus requires refresh, not sure why

    Try to change browser

  489. Nets just don’t have the depth for an 11-man rotation. When both Lin and Lavert are healthy, maybe then you can entertain an 11-man rotation. Otherwise, maximum 10 man so they can gel on the floor and make adjustments.

  490. nah. Lin not even practice with team yet.

  491. Nets also didn’t have JLin so they were even!

  492. Kilpatrick wouldn’t give him the ball at the end! I like Sean, but he got carried away and that was bad for chemistry. Lopez is a much better scorer having a much better night and SK froze him out completely.

  493. A Win is a Win, good or bad. It has to be good for the team morale.

    And we get to see Kilsanity manifested. πŸ™‚

  494. From ‏@C_L_I_C_K

    Brook Lopez with clutch 3 to bring #Nets ahead for first time tonight. @JLin7 and @BrooklynNets bench goes nuts!

  495. So Nets, Bucks, Pelicans, and Magic won today. What a day.

  496. i don’t understand why they relied on three’s and iso when they are leading at the end. They have been good sharing the ball.

  497. That tells me SKil is not a PG.
    Just tried to ride the hot-hand but he doesn’t have the court-vision. The 3 straight missed 3s were bad decision

    He’ll be good as an SG next to Lin

  498. Lakers, Hornets and Rox lose.

  499. w/o Blake definitely made this a less potent Clippers team. But a win over a winning team is a plus in my book.

  500. again my quest for if i was sensored disppeared shortly after it’s posted. I did see someone was replying to my message, but i had no chance to view it before the entire thread got removed. mod if you want to le me know what’s going on, pls do not reply but post the message separately. thx

  501. we’ll take the worst win πŸ™‚
    Clippers was in a funk losing to Pistons and Pacers (scored only 71)

    Nets just caught them playing their worst

  502. I was frustrated too. I hate ISO. Move the ball around to find the high percentage shot is best.

  503. @hchao:disqus, nothing is wrong with your post. Not pending or put in Spam in Disqus.

    It could be browser related so if you try to change browser, see if it works

  504. that’s the problem with no real PG.

    They have the liberty to take open shots so they continue to do so, even at the end of games.
    They should still pass the ball around and not do one-and-done without any passing

  505. Not even about that it’s about starting the right people and giving the best players minutes! Kilpatrick, Harris, and McCullough are all miles better than RHJ and Foye! Yet KilP didn’t get to start until RHJ went down and McCullough is still benched! McCullough should be starting and Booker should be off the bench!

  506. It seems no one is really comfortable with feeding inside the paint and penetrating other than Lin that’s why.

  507. haha, I was trying to figure out how to add the sanity to Kilpatrick, but couldn’t. Very clever!

  508. He has to practice with the team first I hear. Don’t know when that will be.

  509. You guys have the same feeling that rebounds was better in 4Q and 2 OTs?

  510. πŸ™‚

  511. KA got lucky we won after having Whitehead shoot the t’s. Don’t understand that

  512. development

  513. Thanks. It indeed looks like browser-related. I saw all my posts after switching to firefox, but they stopped showing up in IE for some strange unknown reason.

  514. lol

  515. Yes commentator & NetsDaily all felt the same way why Whitehead? KA needs to have mind as HC not developing coach… smh! Coach, we tried to win here.

  516. πŸ™‚

  517. I have a feeling that once Lin comes back. whitehead will be the backup PG.

  518. Doc on his team: “To walk around like you’ve done something, against a team playing its heart out just to win 1 game bothers me.”

  519. lol

  520. He’s back up PG.

  521. 3rd string PG

  522. I bet he thought this is going to be an easy win for sure that’s why no Blake Griffin….lol!

  523. haha. sarcasm much?

  524. hmm. somehow sean kil seems like a humble guy.. he is like lin..he gave credit to others.. interesting..both are christians

  525. Lol

  526. Ya! He’s not smart either… but seems to be good boy.

  527. I will bet you lin come back on dec 3 or the 5th..
    now that brooklin had won a game..
    they now going to see if they can be the bucks..and then if they can, they might bring lin in… if not, they might wait one more win.
    anyone wanna place bets.
    it’s psychological situation they are trying to do.

  528. http://www.netsdaily.com/2016/11/28/13770176/for-the-nets-the-daily-medical-report-is-the-thing
    This Netsdaily article says KA hinted that Whitehead will be LIN’s “primary backup:”
    “Meanwhile, Atkinson spoke of Isaiah Whitehead’s future once everyone is
    healthy. It suggested that the Nets are happy with the Seton Hall
    product and he’ll be Lin’s primary back-up.”

    Whitehead’s D is good, but O is terrible.

  529. Bucks just beat Cav today.

  530. Don’t think it has anything to do with being Christian. Many Lin’s ex teammates were Christians and they were far from humble. Nets new GM just know who to sign. Kilpatrick was the first one they signed Sean Marks was hired! Imagine how this team would be if they got the 2 players they needed during off season!

  531. Congrats to Nets players on the big “WIN”. However, I still don’t understand why Lopez only got one touch in both overtimes. Lopez was frozen out in both OTs. He got only one touch to shoot a 3pt when his feet weren’t even set yet, so he missed. This has to change. So for the first time after 15 games, KA has to increase PT out of necessary for key players on the floor. He also allowed the same player, SK, to be the floor general in crunch times. The effect resulted in instilled confidence to the players on the floor to will the ‘win’. We’ll see if KA learns his lesson. High probability is that he might not… From his post game interview, KA said he “didn’t change anything” in the second half…

  532. What situation is that exactly?

  533. Still have no clue why he subbed Lopez out for Foye every time during last seconds of OT for defense it was dumb!

  534. I just feel KA doesn’t like Lopez… somehow I really feel he maybe will be traded….

  535. Same here I also feel KA doesn’t like Lopez or his post up game! During OT they could’ve gotten a 4 point lead by giving to Lopez for post up but instead he drew up a 3 point play and Lopez missed it. Also not leaving in Lopez for the entire crunch during OTs and subbing Foye for defense is insulting! The most logical choice would be going for a 2 with a higher percentage.

  536. I notice Sean is very similar with Lin in giving credit to God in his tweets but also his actions.

    Many Lin’s ex-teammates claim to be Christians in label but not in actions, i.e. James Harden
    Harden is more like King Solomon with many women :]

  537. I really like today’s playing time for starters & also let these players to fight to the end. Good move by KA. Hope to see the boss in house more often so KA can keep improving…. haha!

  538. i’d say it’s beyond dumb.

  539. Yes! Beyond dumb! I’ve been saying forever that the problem isn’t the team. The talents are there, KA’s offense, coaching, lineups, minutes, rotations, are the problem! When can we finally see McCullough play as a starter? Seriously do we need to wait for another d leaguer to go down before he’s out of the DNP dog house!

  540. Ya! He never really happy for him on bench when Lopez made the important shots….KA likes these young rookies & the players he & GM picked….

  541. Dwight also Christian no? But he’s got so many baby mamas and has ego as well!

  542. I don’t know.. I’m just feeling that maybe KA was seeing how these players develop and see if they can dug out from that hole they got themselves into.

    So after this win..it’s less pressure for lin as in sayin he is the savior. So if they lose next game, it might delay 2 games. But if they win the next game, he might come back 1 game later.

  543. Feel the same way…KA’s offense, coaching, lineups, minutes, rotations, are the problem!

    Today KA finally made the big adjustment on playing time & rotation….. my guess bc his boss is not happy w his record so far. lol!

  544. That’s dumb cause Lopez’s humbleness as a franchise player is rare in this league! Not to mention Lopez’s post up game is very efficient and deadly! KA needs to stop being so stubborn and just let Lopez play his game with both post ups, 3’s and mid jumpers!

  545. Anyone worried that when lin comes back he might be rusted with the chem of his teammates?.

  546. still have no clue why they don’t put lopez down low in the post during the OTs as theose are basically gaurantee points. smh.

  547. I don’t think so bc this team don’t have that good chem yet…..lol!

  548. There will be rust but Lin’s been taking notes. He never played with Knicks players before leading them on a winning streak. He just watched the tapes to get an idea of how to play with them! He will be fine now that all the youngsters have stepped up!

  549. I concur.
    KA and SM better not trade him away. else I will conclude that they are clueless.

  550. I an really so worry they will trade him for picks? smh!

  551. Yup, the pattern is obvious and he’s exactly the same as Byron Scott! Win home games for boss and lose the rest doing things my way!

  552. Today is weird day in NBA all these so called “good team” all lose… lol!


  553. Doc Rivers getting ejected. Notice Brook Lopez clapping at 0:38.

    If any of you miss Mike Woodson, he’s there from 0:35-0:46.

    I don’t get it. It really did look like a foul. Why was Rivers initially so mad?

    And what caused Rivers to really lose his temper at 0:32?

  554. Guess which 5 Nets players get ~40min tonight

    4 starters+1 bench player:

    Kilpatrick 47
    Whitehead 46
    Lopez 43
    Booker 42
    Harris 39

    Possibly because they played both offense and defense?

  555. Explanation of Doc’s 2 technicals by the refs

  556. Clips w/o Blake but we were without Lin!

  557. It could be frustration reaching the boiling point.
    They’ve lost badly to Pistons and Pacers (only scoring 71) so it’s either frustration or intentional to fire up his team who hasn’t played inspired lately

  558. Doc wasn’t happy with his team

    Doc on his #Clippers: “To walk around like you’ve done something, against a team playing its heart out just to win 1 game bothers me.”

  559. He’s not a PG. He’s a good penetrating SG. But he’s a decent secondary ball-handler.

  560. I remember a young Dwight wanted to bring Christ to the NBA/
    But he also chose the King Solomon path

  561. FIrst time seeing a coach ejected at most only a tech foul.

  562. Question for ministration: I can’t post for some reason. Am I being blocked?

  563. KA needs to be careful with that. He can be easily to get into 2nd T by the way he acted toward the refs.

  564. nope you are not :)…but lemme check the disqus

  565. “He’ll be good as an SG next to Lin” I’ve been say start KilPatrick since preseason! Now he’s finally proved why! To think he’s still be benched with barely any minutes by clueless coach Atkinson if RHJ didn’t go down!

  566. Pop got ejected too.

  567. Doc probably feels losing face by losing to the Nets!

  568. That would be great. Then Lin could take over as player-coach!

  569. I have checked, nothing seem to be wrong….could you provide more information on what had you posted replying to whom,,,etc

  570. He should start and help lead 2nd unit with JLin! I’d rather Kilpatrick lead the bench than Whitehead. So many SGs do most of the ball handling for teams anyway. Been say KA should start Kilpatrick or Harris to share ball handling duties with Lin to open more offensive options where Lin can play both 1 and 2. Lin can be more deadly on offense when he’s cutting at the 2 position with a pass for another playmaker! I’ve also been waiting for KA to not only have a 2 guard starting lineup but a 3rd guard lineup with Harris as well!

  571. Didn’t know that.

  572. It seems ok now after I log out then log in again. Thank you!

  573. Haha~ that’s true. πŸ™‚

  574. Can’t remember what year and Doc surely looked more upset than what Pop reacted to the refs!

  575. great…..just give us a shout if you encounter it again.

    make sure you sort by newest…to keep the view easier to read.

    And dont refresh with “load more comments” after you had posted a message.

    Normally, upon login, I would open the page with “load more comments” when I first visit…..then I let it idle with popping new messages. To ease the finding (i use “control F” with “new rep” key word search…so the browser would bring me to the exact message, without scrolling up and down

  576. Probably trying to instill confidence in Whitehead. Now he’s going to practice 10 times as hard because he messed up.

  577. SKil’s post-game interview giving credit to God, coach, playing hard since Lin is still on the bench, Isaiah guarding CP3,
    Very Lin-like

    Kilpatrick had 38 but gave all the praise to the #Nets: “We played with a lot of heart tonight, all the way to the last man on the bench.”

  578. Well, he’s lucky that we steal this one. I just hope he’s learned some lessons by the mistakes he made.

  579. I really think KA sure got some advise on rotation…. Who? haha! I bet it’s Lin. Got this from fan on the other side… I totally agree w him. haha!

    For once Kenny played only a 9 man lineup. Really 8 with Scola playing minimally. Sometimes players get even better when they’re warmed up and playing heavy minutes. His 10-man rotation of 24 minutes each was bullshtt.

  580. dont forget the 14 rebounds! πŸ™‚

  581. If not I hope we can rely on Lin to point those out to him!

  582. Thank God they got the win. Buys them more time. Hope they can continue to win without Lin. He should be back very soon.

  583. Although I can’t tell if KA is a good coach yet but PLEASE don’t compare him with Bryon Scott. Didn’t you forget how Lin say about KA? Bryon Scott is not even qualified to be called a head coach!

  584. Maybe but more then likely it’s due to the injuries where they waived the useless/unmotivated Vasquez and RHJ’s injury. I truly hope we won’t have to stomach RHJ or even Foye’s playing again both lose the lead or increase the opponents when they’re playing or check it, just awful! I truly hope Nets’s GM will trade them during December deadline.

  585. Because he likes him a lot. I don’t understand why he’s not giving some of Whitehead’s minutes to Yogi?

  586. Today’s 9 men rotation pretty much like when Lin was w Hornets…. haha! Hope KA can continue to do so… I think he will bc his boss will not be happy w his poor record. lol!

  587. i hope so but I just realize that he’s much stubborn than Lin. I hope SM will talk to him after this game.

  588. yeah, i still wonder what seemed to push him over at 0:32. it’s like the male ref said something, or there was something in their altercation.

  589. Got it. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  590. KA should let Lopez shoot the 2 FTs.

  591. Checked numbers: Whitehead has the highest average FT% among today’s lineup. That’s probably why. But KA failed to consider that Whitehead’s FG was a poor 14% prior to OT in this game.

  592. He’s lucky he’s 1st backup PG. Per his ability and experience, he should be 2nd backup PG. He’s much worse than Lin who’s 2nd backup PG (or maybe 3rd) in 2012.

  593. Brook Lopez acknowledging today that the team has definitely missed Jeremy Lin during his injury absence. #G17 #LALatBKN

  594. Losing teams said “we’re not gonna take this anymore!!”

    Winning teams said “had too much turkey over Thanksgiving”

  595. Yeah but he’s a rookie and has only averaged 1 ft per game. You put your veteran Brook on the line. He’s shooting 86% with 4 times more ft’s per game. Too much pressure on a rookie and we saw the result.

  596. LOL At this rate NBA will have to start charging for those basketballs.

  597. King Solomon probably chose beautiful women, whereas Harden not so much

  598. If I remember correctly, Lin’s career high is also 38 pts.

  599. Lin encouraging @SeanKilpatrick to keep going.? #BrooklynGrit @JLin7

  600. wow, so Lin gets to give the game ball to Coach KA, now Sean πŸ™‚

    @JLin7 gave the game ball? to @SeanKilpatrick after the game.
    http://weibo.cn/3800480539/4047490015594317 …

    “I think that’s something that Jeremy does a lot.” ?

  601. Lin has become the game ball dispenser

  602. Lin just keep himself busy.?

  603. Even CP3 got triple double tonight, Sean Kilpatrick still outplayed him!

  604. Fortunately, Sean isn’t a PG.?

  605. I think the key to this game was Q3, the hustle, everyone working hard on defense, rebounding, kept them in the game to push the pace in Q4 and eventually carrying over to OT.

    outta mention, BL’s 3 pointers was deadly in timely manner. He had really impressed me, in such a short time, had been shooting those 3s in confidence…just great!

    Hope they could carry this forward to next next games.

  606. When Lin is back, Lin can train him how to be a real PG. πŸ™‚

  607. Yeah, from now on, it’s Lin’s official job. lol

  608. Then Lin play his backup?

  609. So he can play PG when Lin plays SG to mislead the opponents.

  610. I still hope Lin stay as PG so he can do his best.

  611. Again what I’ve been hoping and what KA should’ve been experimenting during preseason with Lin,Kilpatrick, and Harris! Lin is definitely harder to guard when at the 2 guard position. When the player cuts to catch a pass the defender can’t really set up to guard him! Yes and it will confuse/keep defenders guessing how Lin will attack!

  612. Not necessarily just from last season you could tell Lin was tougher to guard at the SG position when cutting in a triple threat situation. That’s what I’ve been hoping Atkinson would incorporate more of. And why it’d be nice to have KilP and Harris share ball handling/playmaking with Lin. Of course this would only work if the SG isn’t a self shot chucked.

  613. Yet KA was the one who called Lin stubborn, oh the irony to that statement.

  614. But you have to admit both feeling the pressure to win at home or in front of the owner while losing their way on the road is very similar. Especially how KA’s been coaching like a tanking general playing d league players who don’t deserve to start. Of course KA is a better person better than BS, coaching wise he’s also quite clueless to talents

  615. Skilpatrick took 34 shots for 38 points. Big deal!
    Brook Lopez should get the game ball instead.

  616. Too much ISO by Kil down the stretch. I knew he was feeling it. But they got away from what got them the lead in the first place. I agree that Brook should have been getting the touches in the fail minutes. But horray for the sweet win nevertheless!

  617. So is Lin allowed to give the game ball to himself too?

  618. I finally saw Kenny getting mad. He screamed at Booker for sleep-walking back on D. I wondered if that sparked the team. I like that he shows emotion like that. He can also take a page from Doc in getting in the refs’ faces too. lol!

  619. imagine they lost even after double OT….
    what would happen
    what would da moral of the team be

  620. I recall he also mentioned jlin…

  621. Good question! I wonder too. πŸ™‚

  622. Nice new title! lol.

  623. Lin is a great team captain, rewarding his teammate who excelled in team victory. ?

  624. I think Lopez should get more shots in OT. Even Ski did take too many shots but he got the win so ….When Lin comes back he will be our good 6th man.

  625. Jeremy Lin: Now Expected to be out until at least Dec 1.

    From CBS sports:

  626. A sore loser.

  627. game highlights

  628. OK, that’s tomorrow, not bad.

  629. I think he just needed someone to let out of his frustration. He does that sometimes. I remember him crying during interview when his team was on a losing streak due to player injuries.

  630. Hope he can play Bucks game.

  631. I think Lin should come back soon. Lamb got injury again…

    11/30/16 Jeremy Lin PG Hamstring Expected to be out until at least Dec 1
    11/28/16 Caris LeVert SG Foot Expected to be out until at least Dec 5

    11/30/16 Jeremy Lamb SG Knee Game Time Decision
    11/26/16 Marvin Williams PF Knee Expected to be out until at least Dec 3

  632. SK is a volume shooter
    I don’t get the hype
    If this continues and they continue to hold Lin back
    When Lin comes back, this will no longer be Lin’s team

  633. Double happiness

  634. You worry too much. I don’t think he will replace Lin. I bet teams will have game plan against SK soon.

  635. Hope you were joking.

  636. Lamb didn’t re-injure his hamstring. This time it’s his knee. It’s re-injury of hamstrings that are really scary.

  637. haha…goodo one. Lin has to give it to Coach KA first so he can give it back πŸ™‚

  638. very true, there was a sense of urgency on defense and hustle that we didn’t see in previous 3rd quarters.
    I wonder if the lineup has something to do with it to play both ends of the floor.

    It’s refreshing to see!

  639. When the hamstring is weak after an injury, the tendency of injuring your knee is high. Hamstring injury is very complex, rushing thru aint gonna help any players

  640. no, if lin has a monster game himself… yes. .that’s a win ..but to KA, that is just a win.. but to lin, that is his record breaking game.

    But if there is record breaking game for ppl, I”m sure linnna will givea da balla to that one who needed the most.

  641. example say whiteheads first double double.. he willgive that to him even if lin has a quadruple double.

  642. My take on this game for the 2 OT is no ball movement, get the ball to Skil then get out of his way. Dribble, dribble, dribble until no time left on the clock then he chucked up a 3. Glad that they won and SKil was a big reason. Why in the heck did Lopez just camp out at 30 ft.

  643. Seems like everyone on that team gets to do that when they feel like it except Lin, maybe Lin needs to stop listening to KA too much. This is his team now he will have more power than KA if he chooses to be the man. It’s all up to him

  644. To get Deandre out of the paint thats why he did that.

  645. This game was a gift from the clippers. Could have won in regulation and 1st OT. Just needed to foul before they shoot the 3. I just don’t no understand the thought process of KA during those time

  646. Actually, it’s NOT all up to Lin. It’s KA’s stubbornness. KA was desperate for a win last night after a 7-game losing streak. The boss was in the house. Several of his substitutions were very questionable and ill-timed. Out of necessity KA allowed SK to be the floor general to handle the ball all night and especially in crunch times. KA made a puzzling move by allowing Whitehead to shoot two critical technical FTs where Nets could have put away the game. That decision by KA was disturbing as a Head Coach. Also, SK did make some crucial mistakes of at least two or three questionable plays in both OTs. In someway, Clippers actually helped the Nets win bc of the commotion caused by Doc River. The ‘mental’ aspect of the game did play a crucial role in crunch times. No doubt Clippers’ players did get affected by that commotion. They were tired out after extended PT for two OTs on a road game.

  647. He has a contusion on his knee from contact with another player. It’s not because he returned too early.

  648. I think why KA changed his usual equal playing time to 9 men rotation bc he needs to get the W. Just hope he can continue to do so in the future.

  649. I completely agree with everything you said. KA is way too stubborn to let Lin play his game.
    However, what I mean by its up to Lin is that if Lin ignores KA , breaks his plays and has some good games, the front office will trust Lin more. The fact that he’s very popular in NY helps tremendously also.
    If Lin chooses to do so, he will be able to run KA out of NY like many NBA players did to their coaches or KA will be ordered by higher up to coach for Lin

  650. because he is a development coach. that’s why he let white head shoot them.. to develop his confidence..but I think it ended up hurting his confidence more when game is on da line. smh
    To win, you do that only if it’s a blow out.
    But oh wel

  651. I am definitely not a bball expert and not trying to bash KA, but the way KA coached in Clippers game concerns me. He made so many common sense mistakes. I used to think he is a smart coach though inexperienced, but I start questioning that. If a casual NBA fan like me can tell the mistakes he made lol, how can we trust him to have plans to battle those top teams or when it comes down to the wire?

  652. I really think KA is a good person but too bad he’s not a good coach at least not yet so far….Maybe bc he got the heat from his boss or what… he finally made the adjustment on rotation & playing time. That’s good hope he can continue to learn & improve….

  653. Those “little” mistakes would be the least of our worries unless he’s making them because he cares more about development than winning e.g. letting a rookie take crucial technical FTs at the last seconds of a must-win game. A much bigger concern is his playing time management and willingness to let Lin play his game.

  654. Understand. But KA is a Head Coach for the whole team, not just for young players. There’s a time and place for everything. WH was not ready for that moment, though I did give credit to WH for keeping CP in check last night. He was one of the unsung heroes in last night game. However, KA’s priority was clearly not in the right place at that moment in last night’s game. He got bailed out by OTs. If the Nets had lost, no doubt KA would be badgered w/ questions of allowing WH shooting 2 critical tech FTs.

  655. Yesterday, I read somewhere that Lin gave KA a chart he watched and analyzed after every game. KA said in an interview that he handed Lin’s charts to someone and don’t know where they went from there, IIRC. That sounds disturbing to me. Does KA really value Lin’s input? If Lin goes off script, will he be reigned in? Last night’s game was the exception not the norm, IMO. Until we see a set rotation w/ consistent higher PT minutes and freedom for Lin to play his game, I don’t want to get my hope up just yet. KA must make adjustments to succeed. Enough of ‘equal minutes’ for all players! And KA must let Lin control the ball like he did for SK last night!

  656. what mistake

  657. Takes away the rim protection for Skil, Booker, Whitehead.

  658. via Darren Rovell (ESPN) …..

    Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has retained Allen & Co. to sell a minority share in the team.

  659. Is there a conflict of interest say if either the coach, gm or players buys the stake?
    That way they can’t trade me!! =)

  660. Who is hyping Skil? He was a big part of the win yesterday and we dont win without him..we need anything we can get i dont understand the complaint sure he shot a lot but he was clutch in the end. This is Atkinsons Team Lin is not bigger than the team…you think Lin goes around thinking damn this aint gonna be my team anymore? no he is thinking man i cant wait til i get back and help the team win games.

  661. Both Lin and LeVert are out for tomorrow’s game vs Bucks as expected (no team practice yet)

  662. I’m hoping for a Monday return against the Wiz.

  663. me too .. but I’m looking forward to hearing about the 1st team practice first.
    hopefully sooner than later.

  664. I am watching the game first time on NBA TV now. Of course I already know Nets won. Good effort from the Nets for not giving up. ??? KA’s decision of giving WH the FT with game on the line. Lopez was doing so well, and all of a sudden in OT no touches for him. Overall I guess a win is a win. Congrats Nets. Hope Jlin will return soon.

  665. Yep. Those two points you raised relating to Lopez getting no touches in OTs and WH’s FT also didn’t sit well w/me.

  666. I am almost certain he’s either building up players to prepare them for bigger minutes or he’s going to adjust them accordingly soon.

  667. amazing! nets actually won…im going to dust off my league pass and watch the game when I have time

    Great job nets! looks like there is some hope after all, and maybe the season isn’t lost.

  668. Lin hasn’t missed this many games since playing full time in 2012. Here are the games he played the last four seasons.

    2012 β€” 82 games
    2013 β€” 71 games
    2014 β€” 73 games
    2015 β€” 78 games

    I thought before the season started the number one thing is health, hoping for him to avoid injury. Unfortunately, a good chunk of the season for Lin is gone and he’ll have to restart and then get it going after he comes back. I don’t like the lack of information. I really think it would be better for the Nets to give more information on Lin’s progress, what’s needed before he’s cleared to play, and then how many practices or whatever it’ll take before he takes the court. Because, right now, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be back anytime soon. I really was hoping for tomorrow or at least some sort of info that he’s practicing or a timetable announced. Every game it is just that he’s out, out, out, there’s no questionable, probable, just out.

  669. The thing is, everyone on the team calls Lin the leader. There’s no worries this time about some star causing Lin’s status to drop. Skil played his heart out. Yes, he took a lot of shots and made mistakes but he played with grit and determination and made big plays and shots. And he credited IW and Lin in his post-game interview, Lin for helping him through the game and IW for his defense on CP3.

  670. I’m tired of the lack of info. At this point, they should give us a better idea of how injured he is, and what steps he has to take before he’s back on the court.

  671. Everything with Nets seems to be the long game. All long term goals. Very frustrating as a Lin fan when I’m more concern with the now. Lin is already one year in his prime. I feel most teams would have Lin playing by now.

  672. Not giving a timetable for Lin’s return is becoming an annoying circus act from Marks and Atkinson,Fans knew it already that they need to develop the younger players but freezing Lin for the benefits of these players are just plain bullsh!t!I’m ready to be bashed on this speculation if I’m wrong but I wouldn’t stop speculating until they will say something about the real status of Lin.I absolutely concur on your opinions.

  673. Chest
    Hamstring to secret n mistery.

  674. This seems like they’re benching lin, not about the concern for his health.

  675. Lin,Lopez,Killpatrick,Booker,Hamilton,Whitehead,Harris and McCollough is already a solid rotation and if Levert is good as advertised then Nets has a legit case to compete for playoff spot and as a team they can develop a better camaraderie and familiarity on each other going forward.I think playing 9-10 players will fast track the development of this team.

  676. There should be real information coming from the Nets organization. Is he doing non-contact practice, are they monitoring him after to see, are there any followup evaluations? Is he on any schedule for contact practices and after how many will we see him on the court? What’s going on? Just saying he’s progressing but there’s no timetable is inadequate at this point where he’s missed 10 plus games.

  677. McCollough? There’s nothing to show that he’s that good or NBA tested. Whitehead is improving but he has a long way to go offensively on the NBA level. I don’t find Harris that good either, he’s up and down and his ball handling is suspect. Lin, Lopez, Skil, Booker are solid, but Booker’s offensive game is pretty limited. And there’s no depth on this team. And KA is still learning how to be an NBA coach. There’s no interest from the Nets in fast-tracking anything, that’s shown with their approach on Brook’s playing time and how they’re handling Lin’s injury. I think we should realistically hope for the Nets to be more competitive in games than they were during the losing streaks with all the blowouts, win more games than expected, and hopefully, next year they’ll be competitive enough playoff contention. But they need more depth off the bench for that, IMO.

  678. I know and it’s really difficult not to speculate that KA and Marks don’t trust Lin and Lopez that they can lead this team to the playoff.

  679. I think KA is trying to figure out how to coach an NBA team and Marks how to keep the high-character guys yet get more talent into the team. I think they like Lin, but would be willing to trade Lopez if they could find a good exchange of talent for him.

  680. I highly doubt they’re freezing Lin for the benefit of younger players. If anything, Lin’s injury is more serious than we all thought.

  681. I just put McCollough on the line up instead of RHJ because RHJ is not an NBA player either.I would better see him on the court and see what he can do compare to RHJ which I already seen his ceiling.Not playing Lin and Lopez with their potential is just a disrespect on their capabilities as players.

  682. It’s more serious than we thought, but without any real info, it’s hard to tell how serious it is. I think Lin’s status is just fine in terms of his role as veteran leader and floor general on the team. But his status of when he returns on the court, your guess is as good as mine? And both are uninformed.

  683. I’m on board with how they want to improve the team but not giving Lin and Lopez to lead this season in trying to compete for playoff spot is a highway robbery for the fans.

  684. RHJ is only 21. He showed in one game he has some raw talent. But he’s very raw. So he’s another guy that needs a lot of development. McCollough hasn’t even played significant minutes at the NBA level. He’d have to play 20 or so minutes in a few games for us to have any idea if he has the raw tools that RHJ has.

  685. They’ve said nothing about the playoffs and I don’t think they care a thing about the playoffs at this time. It seems they think Lopez has to build up to the faster pace the Nets are playing and Lin has played 4.5 games the whole season. For Lin, there’s no real sample size. For Lopez, they’ve stretched him out and changed his game. I don’t think he gets enough touches, I’d like to see Lopez have a bigger role.

  686. I won’t debate on RHJ but I don’t see anything talent wise for him to be a legitimate NBA player,just my opinion.

  687. That’s my thoughts too that’s why I’m fuming mad on why they don’t even wanna try.It’s Lin and Lopez prime years why not roll it out.

  688. If I were the Grizzlies, I would do anything to trade for Jeremy Lin. They are pursuing for playoff and they put winning their top priority.

  689. In two years, both Lopez and Lin will still be young enough to play really well and the other members of the team will be much better. They are looking to build a culture, but they aren’t a win-now team. If they were, they’d look more like the Chicago Bulls, with veterans like Rondo and Wade on the team. They would have signed Rudy Gay if they were looking to get to the playoffs to have another talented player with Lin and Lopez.

  690. Think MKG type. MKG has a so-so offensive game but he hustles, rebounds, etc. That’s the type of player they are probably hoping he’ll become.

  691. That makes sense. But what would they give up to get him that would interest the Nets? I don’t know what type of young talent they have.

  692. Pick(s) something the Nets in desperate needs.

  693. I already knew that since they started not to play Lopez on some games and that’s the reason why I went rogue against KA and Marks.I’m not into development because nobody sees the future for how long players will play in NBA .

  694. Atkinson recently said he likes what Lin did on paper from the bench but he does not know who he gave it to or where it went just like what Lin did to Mama Lin’s soup. Go figure, Lin hasn’t done that since.

  695. Only problem is RHJ doesn’t possess any of those.As I said I don’t see anything on RHJ that will tell me”ok he has a chance to be a good player someday”

  696. Did Lin have a setback? Wasn’t he a game-time decision in yesterday’s game?

  697. What? From 12/1 to 12/5???

  698. They always say “at least” to sure they can’t be wrong about their own guess.

  699. Yes, but they do. So, that’s the situation Lin signed up for.

  700. Dude I don’t even trust CBSSports. Unreliable with no real source. Just making up some random times..

  701. I actually love that idea and Nets will definitely say YES if they’ll lay it on the table.

  702. He’s out tomorrow as reported, he won’t be ready unless he’s allowed to practice….that’s more time off.

  703. I hope so.

  704. But the Nets need a PG. They don’t even have the second-team PG. Whitehead is barely good enough for that.

  705. Why not a single video clip showing Lin running and practicing?

    Because if the fans saw that, they would realize what kept him off the floor? His coach or his GM?

  706. They don’t need to wins and they don’t need Lin.

  707. hahahaha I told you.

  708. That’s the time where everyone can test what really the Nets take about Lin’s situation on their teAm.Do they value him as a franchise player or they just like him as a person?

  709. told yall

  710. just make it january 1 ok.

  711. Look at what the Lakers are doing to the Bulls in Chicago? All great or bad things happened start with the coach.

  712. Lakers beat Bulls. Wow! Luke is good. They don’t have Russell & Young but still beat Bulls. This coach is really good.

  713. And that’s a plain bullsh!t!

  714. I think coach is really important. Nets w/o Lin, I bet they would not win any game w KA’s Motion system, Rotation, & playing time. Glad he finally changed maybe bc his boss is not happy…. lol! Saw GM was w Prokhorov last night.

  715. Lakers are finally on the right track with a great coach. Interesting how things are instantly better after Kobe retires. Won’t be surprised if they make playoffs.

  716. Atkinson is a stubborn coach won’t let Lin play until he gets practice time with team which they won’t be able to until they’re back home facing the Wizards.

  717. I know. NYK won too. Looks like w/o Triangle system they started to play well too.

  718. Then Lin will be stuck on the bench or kicked out when Mike Conley comes back next season. Why would Lin go there when he has his own, long term team to lead as their star?!

  719. Maybe they will be out of the lottery this year finally!

  720. I beg to differ, the few minutes off the bench, McCullough was already showed why he was 1st round pick by going to the rim, making an olley-opp, and 3s. The 2 times off the bench he’s produce and made his shots right away. He’s miles better than Whithead, Foye, and RHJ! Heck I might go as far to say he’s better than Kilpatrick. Just don’t know why coach hasn’t played him at all after that show case.

  721. If they lose anymore games, it won’t matter how many wins this team has.

  722. That’s not raw talent that’s being desperate and aimless charging at the rim and throw up ugly shots and ugly moves then falling down and wasting possession! RHJ does not have talent! He’started enough games which he shouldn’t have to prove he doesn’t belong in the NBA and at most is only a bench player.

  723. MKG’s non existent offense makes him a liability on the floor. And you seriously can’t compare MKG a SF/PF to the likes of RHJ (SG) who doesn’t have any skills as SG and can’t even make 1 field goal not even when the rim is right in front of him! RHJ’s so called defense he just does many unnecessary motions like Patrick Beverely (fake defense). Even PB actually shoots why better than RHJ which is quite sad.

  724. They probably will make it to playoff.

  725. Yeah it’s looking that way. No more lottery for them.

  726. Not sure when Lin is going to be healthy again. 40 games into the season? who knows at this point.

  727. Either that or make Harris(SG) their 6th man like Ginobili! This is assuming KA is set on starting Kilpatrick over Harris from now on. Though I truly think both deserve to start. Your main ball handler for 2nd unit certainly doesn’t have to be a PG, that player can be a SG as well. So many SGs play as PG and does most of the ball handling anyway!

  728. Please no. No Lin fan should want that.

  729. He plays garbage time. To get a real sense of him is that he plays against some first and second team players for decent minutes, night in and night out. Showing flashes is not the same as proving you’re an NBA ready player.

  730. So, what would you like Lin to do? Change teams? Because, I doubt anything will change. That’s what both KA and Marks seem to want.

  731. This team would be far better already if the starting lineup was
    Lin (PG), Lopez (C), McCullough(PF), Kilpatrick (SG), and Bogdanovic (SF)!

    They should’ve seriously tried a 3 guard lineup by now or during preseason with Lin (PG/SG), Kilpatrick (SG), and Harris (SG) or Bog (SG).

  732. Oh come on… did he get injured again during that 40 min practice a week ago? maybe.

  733. Don’t know what’s wrong w Mav? 3-14…..

  734. But Kilpatrick, Harris, & Bogdanovic are all bad in D.

  735. I want a team that will make a serious offer for Lin this coming trade dead line so that Nets will show their true color towards Lin.If they will retain Lin as one of their building blocks then thats the time that I will trust this team and I will say that Nets is really worth to cheer for.

  736. I believe he will be back next week

  737. What make you think so?

  738. Just a hunch

  739. your hunchie is wrongie

  740. cuban is their owner.

  741. They got robbed by Parsons.

  742. LeVert might come back sooner than Lin.
    LeVert is already practicing while Lin is still rehabbing.

    Looks like the hamstring injury is more severe than we thought :[

  743. my gosh… this is frustrating :/

  744. I asked and was not given an answer as to what grade. #Nets

  745. Don’t think so especially when Kilpatrick can get way more defensive rebounds and steals. Harris can go for blocks. Bog also got some steals a few times and his d is already improved. I have yet to see RHJ’s so called d actually have any impact at all on the opponent unlike Whitehead who actually played great d on Chris Paul. Every time RHJ or Foye is playing the lead is either loss or opponent’s lead increases that is no coincidence.

  746. Flashes of offense with efficient scoring is still better than RHJ with zero flashes of anything besides aimlessly going to the basket without any moves and misssing ugly shots. RHJ played against both starters and 2nd unit but couldn’t do anything. No clue what’s wrong with you and your support for bad players.

  747. But something is obviously not right if Lamb got another injury after returning. Imagine if that was Lin? At that rate he’d be out for half the season.

  748. I will speculate that it is not about developing individual player, but to develop a team.

    Lin have to carry or cover for the team if the team is still in infancy stage. Players out of position or confuse with the play. If Khuang is right, Lin injured himself to make up for Vasquez’s lost ground.

    But, if Lin come back when the team is more mature and can carry themselves. He will cement the

    If my theory is right, I think he will be back when the team start winning a few games and the team identity is emerging .

    Just my 2 cents from a bb naive.

  749. Did anybody feel that Nets defense got better only after KA give a solid blast on Booker’s face ?

    I didn’t pay attention to him until then. After that it seem to me that he is more concise to his defense position and LAC started missing shots.

  750. Lin will be back after the all star game.

  751. Why Nets didn’t want to give the answer? For ticket & rating?

  752. 1- you don’t get to choose if they traded you.

    2- Isn’t he benched now?

  753. hahaha…


    When someone says β€œBut it’s not even December yet" ??? pic.twitter.com/Jele2MTHR1— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 30, 2016

  754. So, from the reliable source, Motiejunas visits Brooklyn for a physical…!

    It would be great if a healthy DM becomes Lin’s teammate again!

  755. Need to cancel my league pass….what a waste of $$$ but at this point it isn’t even worth cancelling. Better to just keep it. The last time I get league pass though

  756. new G18 thread

    G18 BKN Nets (5-12) to Stop Giannis & MIL Bucks (8-8)
    Strong D lineup: BL,BL,SK,IW,JH held LAC to 34.2% FG in 4Q+2OT
    Will the Nets rely on this lineup again?

  757. No. Lin is injured. Not benched.

  758. The optimistic side of me says true Nets grit may surprise us pleasantly again!

    It may not be a total waste of $$$! πŸ™‚

  759. yes, it’s been over a month. The Nets should give more information so fans won’t be restless

  760. Dude he’s not benched he’s injured and need time to recover and practice with the team before coming back. Look at Lamb came back earlier and now he’s injured again.

  761. Do you want Nets to force Lin to play like Hornets keeping his injury hidden and still play him when his ankle was the size of a baseball?

  762. The NBA is all about the players
    It’s always a player’s team except the spurs maybe

  763. And who do the Nets have that can qualify as a star player?

  764. Lopez
    and with his popularity Lin can easily have more power than KA
    it is what it is

  765. I am in a quandry about whether I should keep the 2 expensive tickets that I bought for the Dec. 30th game in Washington,DC. I am not the Wizard’s fan. I go out of my way to DC to watch and root for Jeremy Lin. If he does not play for that game, I’d prefer not to go. I wonder if it is wise to resell them…….Anyone has a good advice?

    I tried to watch last night’s game vs Wizards here in Dominican Republic but unfortunately my NBALeague pass did not allow me to do it. I followed the “play by play” report and was so disappointed about the loss to the Wizards!

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