G17 Brooklyn Nets (6-10) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (10-7)

Espn Preview

…Brooklyn drained 17 shots from beyond the arc that night and stunned the Cavs, who led by a point with 1:03 left. It was the first loss in an early-season tailspin for Cleveland, the three-time defending East champs who ended up losing four straight.

The Cavs (10-7) enter their rematch against the Nets on Wednesday riding a five-game winning streak and sitting one game out of third place in the East. The Nets (6-10) are in the 13th slot in the East and seem headed for the lottery, which means Cleveland is headed for the lottery.

But the Nets should not be taken lightly. The Golden State Warriors nearly lost in Brooklyn on Sunday night.

“We’ve struggled over the last few years in Brooklyn,” said injured Nets point guard D’Angelo Russell, according to NetsDaily.com. “Teams are used to coming in and taking nights off.”

Russell is out indefinitely after undergoing knee surgery last week, but his team remains capable of upsets.

The Cavs are still the NBA’s worst-rated defensive team, but during the five-game winning streak, they are allowing 100.8 points per 100 possessions — eighth best in the league. The 88 points they yielded in a blowout win over the Detroit Pistons on Monday were the fewest by any Cleveland opponent this season.

The Cavs have yet to play with two-time All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas, and they have two other point guards out, Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert. Yet they are third in the NBA in scoring — just ahead of the Nets (110.9 points for Cleveland to 110.6 for Brooklyn).

“I knew we was gonna be OK,” said LeBron James, who is third in the NBA in scoring (28.3 points per game) and fourth in assists (8.5). “Very patient. Obviously, it’s frustrating when you’re losing, but at the end of the day, there’s always a brighter side of things. We’re just in a good groove right now. We’ve still got a few bodies out.”

Both teams have huge injuries at point guard. Not only is Russell out for the Nets, but Jeremy Lin is lost for the season after knee surgery.

Center Trevor Booker is listed as questionable after sustaining a left ankle sprain in the Sunday loss to the Warriors.

Spencer Dinwiddie is running the point for Brooklyn, averaging 11.7 points and 5.7 assists with Russell sidelined.

For the short term, the Cavs have turned to 36-year-old point guard Jose Calderon, who made his second start this season Monday and outplayed the Pistons’ Reggie Jackson, scoring 14 points.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be three more games (until) Shump is back and we’re back to the same rotation,” Calderon said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. Like I say, I know my role on this team, I know what I have to do. I’ve been working to be ready just in case they need me, and like I say, if it’s Wednesday, one more game, perfect. If not, I’ll be on the bench ready to play whenever Ty calls my name.”

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  1. First be gritty and competitive with your long 3s. Go Quincy! U holds the key to success for Nets.

  2. Since Jaden is so popular, here is a personal favorite. Yuuum. NOT. LOL.


  3. Make free throws!

  4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING in advance to fellow Lin fans!

    Many many things in life to be thankful for.

    Add jlinportal to the list. Thanks Psalm!

  5. Kenny Atkinson said this morning if Trevor Booker is out – which he is – expect to see Carroll, Hollis-Jefferson and even a little Joe Harris on LeBron James. (via Brian Lewis)

    In other news, Patrick Beverley is out for the season after knee surgery (microfracture and meniscus), via Woj.

  6. When Lin says he needs to change how he plays, hopefully he means that he will work on his handles. I consider Lin to be in the top 10 if not top 5 if given a chance to really Lead the team. Unfortunately, he is a little predictable in his movements, driving to the rim or setting up his midrange shot. With improved handles, he can break away from his defender more while lulling the other help defenders to sleep to create the open lane or separation needed for the midrange shot.

  7. Nets lead at the half.

  8. Calderon is the starting PG. That’s how bad it is for the Cavs!

  9. Yeah. I want to see how much of a difference IT makes. Cavs look very beatable in all the games I’ve seen them play this season.

  10. and JR is not a starter

  11. Mistake to leave Harris in too long like the last lost.

  12. Harris has the hot hand

  13. But not much of defensive help. They need a center in there.

  14. He’s guarding Korver. Just need to stay with him. But his offense is needed.

  15. With the size of Love and Lebron in the paint, need a center.

  16. That’s true. Love is taking advantage of the small ball throughout the game.

  17. At least maybe Acy.

  18. OK, James was clutch down the stretch in this game. Nets missed some late FTs but put up a great fight.

  19. Harris is not a closer.

  20. Harris just missed two FT! Unbelievable.

  21. He faded in other games too in crunch time.

  22. I think he deserved to close this game. He played a strong game and made key buckets. Maybe he’s not a closer, but he’s hit big late buckets in other games.

  23. They need Lebron James!

  24. Overall, Nets played well. Good on Atkinson and Nets.

  25. But who else can they put in?

  26. Yeah, that’s unfortunate. Other Nets missed late FTs as well. Can’t do that and win most games.

  27. Veteran Cavs took over.

  28. They have enough offense, Harris really doesn’t give much of variety. The other guys can get hot on 3pts. They need a center. Would have liked to see Allen in there for experience to finish. Play a little man to man and zone defense.

  29. So close yet so far

  30. I think tried it one season with Hornets? but his dribbling was too flashy and got the ball stolen. Would be great if he can improve them to steph curry’s level.

  31. I think Lin is going to work at pacing, figuring out different positions on the court to pass, getting to the rim without relying on speed or at least getting into the paint, mixing in the mid-range with the 3 pointer and at the rim shots, and in getting to the rim using more hesitation and slippery moves to get space to finish. In finishing, not jumping as much and having as much contact. I think he’s looking to not beat up his body as much.

    I’d love Lin to work on his handle but he has enough of a handle coupled with speed and smarts to play the game within the handle. If he’s in trouble, give the ball up and reset, and stay out of areas of the court where he can be trapped. He’s gotten a lot better than than in the past 2 seasons (last season and when he started for the Hornets or played extended minutes off the bench).

  32. D’Antoni’s Rockets are real contenders this year. Nobody giving much attention to them.

  33. Actually the refs took over.

  34. Being clutch can be learned. Most pga golfers will choke with the lead. Only the truly great ones can handle the pressure of being the hunted. Some never learn. The only way for Harris and all the young Nets to learn is to be put into those situations and feel the adrenaline. Hopefully, with repeat exposure, they’ll be able to deal with the shakes.

    John Mckenroe famously said “everyone chokes, the great ones justchoke a little less.”

  35. New here!

    Nets lost but was impressed by Dimwiddies overall play. A true PG to hold the fort til Lin comes back.

    Also, knee injury to Pat Beverley very unfortunate.

  36. JLin continues to inspire with his workout and recovery

    @JLin7(weibo story): Take your time! #慢慢來
    #LinStrong #NeverDone #Nets

  37. JLin shares that a Nets nutritionist prepares his food during his recovery.
    He also regrets not being able to eat ice-cream for a year ?

  38. “No, no easy buckets!!” ?big brother/?uncle @JLin7

  39. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!
    Jarrett Allen is a good guy who takes his time to help teach kids how to budget

  40. Lin fans ran into @JLin7.
    ?enchieh_: Lin has always be an inspiration to me. I started to watch NBA, believe in God a little more, and care more about Asian culture. Thank you for taking time to talk to your hugest fan…

  41. IT in the mix will be very intriguing.

    Only then will we know who won the Cavs/Celts trade

  42. Unfortunate for beverly but please dont bring him up here… no one cares…

  43. Handles can use a little work.

    But he may be considering ways to be effective without charging the lane or going to the rim

    The “Steve Nash” model of controlling the floor from the perimeter, prodding inside without leaping, finding the open man from various angles and of course great shooting

    An improved long ball, an effective midrange and a more accurate floater will open up the floor, test defenses and really change Lin’s game without punishing his body

  44. Roger Federer’s Serve Accuracy!!!

  45. Speaking of the Nets

    Support Not Repealing Net Neutrality.

  46. Wtf is that erythematous bump/growth on his right foot?

  47. Isn’t it amazing how expectations for the team have changed?

    e. g. at the beginning of the season, we would all probably be arguing over whether the Nets have enough talent to even win 20 – 25 games, and now we’re all complaining about whose to blame for losing to Lebron in closing minutes of game yesterday vs. Cavs team entering yesterday’s game on a 5 game winning streak.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  48. It won’t help.

    Handles don’t matter when there are 3 defenders on a single player.

    Lin needs BETTER TEAMMATES, particularly in big men.

  49. I’ve seen this ad and always wondered if it’s real or fake, like those utube posted bball shots.

    I suppose a knife thrower can do it, why not a pro server like Federer.

  50. Happy Thanksgiving!

  51. Actually, at the beginning of this season, many were saying Nets would make the playoff for sure with Lin healthy. Even toughest Nets critics thought Nets would do better than last year.

  52. Federer definitely has one of most accurate serves ever. He’s not the most powerful server but combine some speed, weight transfer and accuracy due to the same throw and body weight transfer, his service is a reliable monstrous weapon.

  53. It’s like saying if Rafael could improve his serve to Federer’s level . . . not achievable even with years of practice. I always wondered why Sharapova could not improve her serve because the main problem with her service motion was that she throws the ball too high. If Sharapova had a good serve, she could have won more Majors for sure. Mental aspects of her game and competitiveness is second to none, but her serve lets her down time and time again.

  54. Since I feel thankful all or most of the time, the Thanksgiving day is not of special importance to me in terms of giving or feeling thankful, not that I don’t feel thankful today also. But it does have an added significance of getting together with loved ones.

    Even though I am an agnostic, I feel thankful to the unknown mystery of universe or God for putting me here on earth and allowing me to experience things in this short span of time called a life. I am especially thankful for putting me under a great mom (no longer here on earth) who gave me a level of confidence that I can many things if I wanted to and brought me opportunities by deciding to emigrate to USA when she realized I was not the type of kid who would do well under a strict environment of learning.

  55. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  56. Actually I kind of like the way that Nets is playing. They lost to Boston, Golden State, and Cleveland in closed games. It seems that Atkinson is developing the team and trying to find the best combinations on court.

    Let’s see the minutes distribution
    DMC 35 minutes – seems he comes the anchorage of the team right now.
    Crabbe 30 minutes – he finally finds his touch back in shooting
    Harris 29 minutes – he has been doing a little bit of everything. No wonder he is playing at high minutes
    Dinwiddie 27 minutes – he is not the only PG that Atkinson is developing. The coach just gives appropriate minutes and not to overwork him
    RHJ – 25 minutes stats looks good.
    LeVert -23 minutes 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 TOs a backup PG is born.
    Zeller 21 minutes 7 rebounds 2-4 shooting 1-1 3P 7 rebounds. He should be the starting center. I think Atkinson has found his center. Although Mozgov is given no minute, Atkinson is going to use him more later this season. He will have to learn to defend at perimeter and Atkinson’s system before the coach will let him back in the game.
    Q Acy and J A Allen 19 minutes each.
    Kilpatrick 12 minutes good for him when he still can play on the court. He has shown some improvement.

    Zeller and J Allen will share the job at 5 and they are doing it well.
    Glad to see Kilpatrick is given some minutes to get back in shape.
    Dinwiddie and LeVert are sharing the job at 1. Bye bye Whitehead.

    I really like the minutes distribution. Nets will get back on winning track soon.

  57. a scheduling note for those following nets games without lin: it says they are playing at 1100 am ect friday in brooklyn.

    i have no idea why; no other games till 630pm

  58. @JLin7: No ?no turkey on #Thanksgiving eve. ??JLin IG story
    ➡️No love! Grandma and pops hijack the TV. No turkey? Mom tell a lies.

  59. @JLin7 @JLin7(Weibo): #HappyThankgiving
    #Thanksgiving dinner with my family at my elder brother’s home.

  60. I dare say no real Li fans want to hear from him again. Just not interested.

  61. I’m sure glad that Nets is at least partially relieved from the horrible trade of losing Lopez but having two players who couldn’t blend into the team rhythm.

  62. There is no point in rushing the rookie to get hurt. Zeller has done a decent job at 5.

  63. lolz

  64. Agreed. This nash guy is from the other site and he is similar to sws94.

  65. Everyone entitled to their opinion, as long as they dont break the forum rules…I’m fine

  66. Can we please not determine who a “real” Lin fan is based on particular criteria of a group of fans. You don’t speak for all of Lin’s fans and a particular fan can make up his or her mind who to follow, like or dislike. psalm is the founder and administrator of this group and he upvoted this comment. So he didn’t have any objections to the post.

  67. Early game coming up. 12 pm.

  68. kauiablue, would you stop it already? You mentioned me 3 times already in recent posts. Cut it out? I never mention you in posts or talk about you or make up intentions about you and it’s time you return that courtesy whether you agree with my posts, like my posts or not. You always have the option to block me and not see my posts but I’m tired of you mentioning me in posts.

    Did you even read what Maknusia said? Did you see that psalm234 upvoted Nashfans posts? You need to stop.

  69. I’d really appreciate it if kauaiblue’s posts were deleted that mention my value as a poster or other saying other posters are like me as a negative. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me or challenging my POV but I have a problem with a poster constantly saying I’m not a true fan, that I give Lin backhanded compliments and have a negative agenda about Lin. That’s total nonsense and something needs to be done about this poster as he does it constantly to me and I consider it harassing. I do nothing of the sort to him.

  70. Dont tell me what to do… if psalm wants me gone, ill happily go. However, i see what i see and call people like you OUT…

  71. I don’t want you gone. I agree with some of your posts but your behavior with me is rude and obsessive. And then saying other posters are like me is going after me and other posters, and not debating us on our posts but our style of posting. And that’s against the rules.

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