G17 MIL vs CHA Observations & Notes

Jeremy Lin finished with 7pts/4asts/3rebs/+10 playing 22 min in 87-82 win against Milwaukee Bucks. He played very well facilitating to spark the bench to gain the lead in 2nd quarter as starters trailed again to finish with negative +/- for all games. Batum had very high 9TOs.

Lin was benched with 2:08 left possibly because he hasn’t scored in the 4th quarter (0-2 shooting, 2 rebs) despite playing great defense. It’s best if JLin looked for his shots more throughout the game to earn the trust from coaches that he can be depended to score at end of gamesAs a bench player, he wouldn’t have many minutes to persuade coaches that he will help to secure win at the end of games

After watching the extended highlights by Jun Liu, I got the sense that Lin was in the mode of facilitating today because he wanted to empower his teammates to move the ball. He wanted to “train” his teammates to keep moving-the-ball ala Spurs. He could actually had taken more shots if he wanted to:

  •  [3:34] Lin drove and passed to Frank. He could’ve tried a layup after passing 2 guys. Frank bobbled the pass since he didn’t expect the gift but managed to gather it and lay it in.
  • [6:13] Kemba passed to an open Lin at 3pt line after Lin’s man wanted to double him. Lin could’ve shot a 3 but saw an open lane to drive inside. He could’ve forced a layup against Hawes man trying to cover him but saw Hawes got open. Hawes couldn’t finish this time.

Also, there was growing team camaraderie and Kemba/Lin chemistry

  • [6:31] Lin drove inside drawing his man & Kemba’s guy. He saw Kemba wide-open and returned the favor to pass to Kemba who made them pay with a beautiful 3. Kemba celebrated by low-fiving Lin.
  •  [6:49] Lin drove inside and got fouled. Kemba ran all the way from 3pt line to help him up along with Hansbrough. Frank was also there. This is a real team that cared for JLin

These are textbook Spurs plays to give up Good-Shots for Great-Shots to empower teammates. I can see why JLin chose to build trust in ball movement so his teammates will be ready to receive his pass and finish next time. It takes time to build chemistry and trust. Sometimes it might not be successful but over time, JLin would be successful to instill his brand of play of moving the ball in this young team

As fans, we wanted JLin to score more points but it’s important for us to understand that JLin had a chance to play his game to building an identity to keep-moving-the-ball like the Spurs. It’s not easy and it takes time but he’s willing to do so because it will pay off in the long-term (i.e. playoff). So let’s trust JLin that he knows what he wants to do because he has the liberty to play his brand of basketball.

I wasn’t happy with Coach’s decision in the Cavs game but I have no problem this game because JLin had the freedom to play his brand of basketball. He didn’t take the easy way out to stat-pad for himself but he wanted to build a real team in the long-term. I will fully support his decision to do so. Overall, I see better interior defense and teamwork and improving camaraderie among the Hornets. This will help them to get higher playoff seed in the Eastern Conference

Let’s be patient, fellow JLin fans. JLin knows exactly what he’s doing. He was in control of what he’s trying to do on court. I wish he could score 3 more pts to get more PT but other than that, I respect what he’s trying to do. Oh yeah, Jeremy would need to learn to not over-facilitate that he forgets to score because coaches won’t trust him to be “hot enough” to score by closing out games. This will deprive his teammates of his presence at end of games. So as weird as it sounds, it is “selfish” for Jeremy Lin to over-facilitate and not score enough. I believe he will find a better balance of scoring and facilitating. 10pts/3asts should help his chance to close out games most of the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVOfR6vwll8


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