G17 MIL @CHA Game Thread

After 4 consecutive games with 28+ min (28, 29, 29, 31), JLin had 2 games with 15 min due to foul trouble (4 PFs vs WAS) and TO trouble (2 quick TOs in Q4 vs CLE)

Coach Clifford made a costly mistake to go with JLamb to close out games since Hornets lost the 82-79 after benching JLin. The Cavs went on 16-8 run with Hornets shooting 3-17 with the Cavs getting open shots. Cavs guards (Delladova & JR Smith) scored 12 of these 16 pts

  1. Would Coach Clifford bench JLin quickly for early foul trouble & TOs?
  2. Would Coach experiment with Lamb to close out games?
  3. What adjustment would JLin do to get more PT & chance to close out games?
  4. FT attempts might be the best way for JLin to earn PT. In the 4 games with 28+ min, he had 13-17 FT Made-Attempts but he only had 1-1 in the WAS & CLE game

Let’s hope JLin find a way to draw a lot of FT attempts to help him to get PT and chance to close out games.

Let’s go, JLin! Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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  1. 1st

  2. 2nd! Go JLIN GO!

  3. I haven’t seen jlin play well in the day game.

  4. Player perform better when their nature skill sets fit in well with a team. Or team willing to design some plays for the player to shine; unfortunately Jlin is not Hornets franchise players (neither get nor sign a decent long contract; brought in to take whatever left on the table). It is not easy in JLIN’s situation, and he been handle very well, contribute to whatever he can do when his number is called. Pray he stay healthy and enjoy when he play! Go Jlin, GO!

  5. Because Lin was in west, only few games play in day time. But right now in East, it’s different now.

  6. This is old picture, right? The hair is different.

  7. This will be a win game, if 1st Lin play more than 28 minutes.2rd play PG with 2nd unit. 3rd shoot more than 10. 4th close the game.

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  9. Thanks Hornets for saving Lin’s mileage for a better future team.

  10. yes, it says back during Tag Heuer ads making

  11. Still, the best youtube of Jeremy is from linsanity during knicks days!

  12. I just checked JLin’s FT attempts vs MIL last year.
    It looks quite good with 6-6 and 5-6. He got 14p/6a and 11p/6a

    For some reason, JLin got lower FTs with CLE last season too (0-0 and 2-2) possibly due to the big men & their defense.
    I have higher hope JLin can produce more when he can get a lot of FTs tomorrow.


  13. Be honest, Lin haven’t played overall great games even compared last year’s some good ones. Hope Lin can start Linsanity mode soon.

    Jeremy Lin 23 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/3/2015)

  14. I’m done with the Hornets, hope they lose EVERY single game in which they shortchange Lin for his blue collar work on D.

    Nothing wrong with being a role player, in fact Jared Jeffries and Shane Battier are very good players who are selfless and good at what they do. That being said, playing Nash Jr. like Jeffries or Shattier is a crime.

  15. Lin had a GREAT 1st half vs CLE, and was then iced…’nuff said.

  16. Ironic.haha!

  17. Yes, and the OT vs Kings. That’s why I said overall. Maybe because Lin didn’t have enough PT or didn’t play PG. Lin hasn’t have over 20 points and 5 assists in 1 game.

  18. Exactly.

  19. Yes I agree that seems like 25min playtime is the lowest threshold for Lin to have a statistically satisfying game. And I’m talking about at least 15pt and 5ast.

  20. Same as me. But I still hope Hornets can get into playoff. So Lin can have more chance to showcase his talent.

  21. Lin’s career stats is 11.7 pts and 4.7 asts.So right now, Lin really just play average.

  22. Like a Indian fighter.

  23. So MJ and Clifford often talk the day after games ..
    After the big loss vs CLE, I wonder what MJ told Clifford on what he liked and didn’t like.
    I hope MJ meant what he said about JLin being his biggest summer acquisition so we’ll see positive change in this MIL game

    Steve Clifford: Michael Jordan has perspective most owners don’t have

    “He’s great,” Clifford said. “We talk quite frequently actually, usually the day after games and things like that. He’ll tell me what he likes and doesn’t like, but the one thing where he’s great is, one, he knows because he’s very knowledgeable about our team and our league, and two, he always says, ‘You’re the coach.’Michael Jordan has been majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets since 2010. Grant Halverson/Getty Images

    “There are things that we do that I feel we’ve improved on because of input I’ve gotten from him. But he’s great. I’ve said before, coaches ask me all the time, particularly when we meet, you know, ‘What’s he like really?’ I think he may be the easiest owner to work for, and because he has a feel for what four [games] in five nights is, what five in seven nights is, I could give you five or six examples of situations where things have gone badly, where he — because he played — he’ll call and be much more reassuring than, ‘Why did we play so poorly?'”

    Clifford, who received a three-year contract extension from Jordan earlier this week, gave a specific example of Jordan offering his support last season.

    “Last year it was [our fourth game] in five nights, we played Golden State, we were up six early in the fourth [quarter], we lose,” Clifford said. “We’re down 36, I think, in Atlanta the next night. [Jordan] called the [following] morning, and he said, ‘I could have told you we’d have nothing left. We put too much into [Golden State].’

    “I’m just saying not many people, let alone owners, would have that perspective.”

    Link: http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/14238772/charlotte-hornets-steve-clifford-says-michael-jordan-playing-experience-makes-easiest-owner-work-for

  24. They will naturally lose since noone can create shots or move the ball like JLin during crunch time.

    I hope winning will triumph over all this NBA politics & Clifford uses JLin’s strength in PnR like he should.
    But if they keep losing, let’s see if CHA media will call for JLin to get more min

  25. “Yes” man.

  26. Yes that is the only chance Lin can play his game and shine. But don’t expect two games of Linsanity allowed in a roll as we learned from McHale.

  27. Native

  28. That’s why I said he’s just like Mc bc what Rox O system isn’t from Mc but Alex. The only different it’s Alex is a business man not BB player before….

  29. I have one thing was not really clear and would like to ask for help from people who knows basketball better.


    So this is the turnover Lin had yesterday, which looks to me almost like Lamb drive in to grab the ball from Lin cause the turn over, even Cav commentator was talking about Hornets bump into each other caused the lost ball. To me, I just totally don’t understand what Lamb is trying to do there, his move looks really ridiculous to me there, there is no lane for him to cut and he basically blocked any room Lin need to move around.

    However, I looked through some game thread and see no talk about this turn over, and looks like people kind of think it is normal, just Lin lost the ball. Am I missing something?

  30. I guess tomorrow they will let Lin plays longer min bc I still believe they want to keep Lin. (even I don’t think he will stay…) Let’s see what happen tomorrow.

  31. It was a weird play, I agree. Thx for the link to clarify it.

  32. Team is talented and East is weak so they can reach play-off even with limited time for Jeremy.

    They could’ve done more but actually they seem happy to inflate Kemba’s numbers.

    Hopefully Jeremy will leave sooner rather than later.

  33. One thing for sure Clifford is great is in Lip Service.

  34. I watched couple of times, it really looks like Lamb just goes in and dig the ball out of Lin’s hand, not sure what he was doing there…… Lin would not have TO if Lamb did not goes in

  35. Haralabos Voulgaris‏@haralabob

    [email protected] I just watched a player making 25m chuck shot after shot. Don’t force two nightmares on me.


  36. doesnt apply. MIL is much better this year.

  37. heh yes.

  38. It looks like Lamb wanted to cut to the rim, thinking JLin got stuck on a defender and might pass the ball to him as a trailing man.

    But the angle is all wrong since he ran straight behind Lin, not giving any space for JLin to operate or pass out the ball.

    It looked like JLamb tried to put on the brake, JR bumped him, Lamb bumped JLin.
    It looked very weird for sure. Like multiple car collision on a freeway for braking too late

  39. lamb isnt too bright about making himself available for a pass. but in this case, maybe hes crashing the boards bc he expects lin to shoot, and then gets pushed. seems weird if he is cutting to expect a pass with his trajectory.

  40. btw, while your point is something like ‘Cliff lies really well’, the takeaway from Cliff’s ability to speak to the media is that he is a good communicator. Compare that to Mchale and Byron — if you cant talk to the media with any competence, then you also can’t communicate with your players. if you cant communicate with players, then you have no business coaching.

    in other words, I consider it a basic prerequisite that a coach should be able to handle media well when he chooses to.

  41. well, looks like Lin was about to pass it out to Zeller who was cutting in the right angle and without Lamb, there is very straight forward hand over or shot pass there And it was already kind of crowded inside with Zeller, Kaminsky inside, Lamb don’t really need to crash the board, and there is no lane for him to crash the board there.

  42. not much to say here except: stupidity is harder to comprehend than genius.

  43. He wanted to make sure Lin doesnt score there so he remains the top scorer off the bench lol jk but he never passes back to Lin hes looking to shoot everytime he gets the ball excpet when hes playing with the starters then hes a nobody

  44. McHale was honest

  45. McHale played Jeremy in the right way in the first games (especially the one vs Atlanta). Then something happened with Morey saying Lull is perfect Harden’s backcourt partner.

    McHale played hard to Jeremy to make him a better player. But, to me, it wasn’t McHale who created that situation.

    Anyway, it is what it is, it’s the past and let’s face the present.

  46. Trudell is a good man
    but its sickening to watch all them lakers reporters sucking up to kobe to this day

  47. Milwaukee has some good shot blockers. lin better get his jumper going early.

  48. All-Stars being hosted in Charlotte this year has driven Hornets to pump their starters’ numbers in the hope of getting them voted in. But even then they should’ve let Lin play more, if just to create spacing for the starters. What Hornets are doing now is not only stupid, but actually counter-productive to their goal.

  49. Maybe a lowly 8th seed.

  50. Didn’t really pay much attention but now that you mention it, yes it looks really weird.

    I hope they break the film down and he gets called out for it.

  51. What I don’t understand about nba politics is the end game. Isn’t the end game about looking good. What makes owners look good, GMs look smart, and coaches look brilliant?

    Winning! Winning solves everything. So why not win? What makes losing without Lin so much more beneficial then winning with Lin? The lack of vision just smacks me as illogical and stupid.

  52. Hornet situation is disappointing for us and especially for Lin. I pray the supernatural peace he says God has given him exhibited every game. If so he has won.

    If he could be joyful regardless of the circumstances because of his faith then he is the victor and I would add Linspirational to our list of game predictions for Lin.

  53. Do you need league pass to watch it? I couldn’t watch it.

  54. you could have just stopped after “lamb isn’t too bright”.

  55. Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool bent on folly.

  56. lamb is laughably akward and random on the court; thats why cliff is constantly yelling at him but if you observe lamb and his general demeanor one could not expect much else.

    he has the appearance of what once would have been called a “space cadet”.

    his play is gangly and out of control, he just happens to be able to get shots to go in the basket. but without lin on the court to get him the ball in situations when that is more likely i wouldn’t except his recent only capacity in that direction to continue.

    he is shooting (this year) 100% points above his career ave from the field; i would expect that aspect of lambs game (if not lamb himself) to fall back to some sort of more realistic mean soon.

  57. to be fair thus far (except for the example of the final quarter of last game which no one but lin fans acknowledge) this season the hornets have been able to win (or lose) pretty much irrespective of lins contribution.

    most of that has been possibly due to ease of scheudle. once they hit a tough patch in dec/jan i could see them losing 6 or 9 even starit. well see then if changes are made.

  58. i think yes there is a big push to get kemba in the all star game. he has reversed a carreer long downward trend and is having the best year ever; to what can that be attributed might be the question.

  59. imo the key factor (AT THIS TIME) is the fact that for the first time in his career he is not playing point guard the majority of the time.

  60. He is. But as basketball fan it’s not fair.

    Anyway as long as he’s in Christ he’s a winner, not only on court.

    But I do still believe Jeremy will shock NBA once again. Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I’m sure of it

  61. My grouse against Clifford is quite specific. Kemba and Lamb have been playing much better (compared to past seasons), especially when Lin is on the floor with them.

    There are 3 main explanations for their improvement.

    1. Kemba and Lin magically became better players this season.
    2. Clifford’s coaching has suddenly made them better.
    3. Lin has been spacing the floor, drawing the defence, playmaking and also doing the dirty work on defence.

    It is quite clear that Clifford is believing in Option 1 and 2 above. That is why Kemba is getting monster minutes and Lamb has supplanted Lin. You can call it not giving Lin the benefit of the doubt, lack of trust or just prejudice. Unfortunately Lin has been going through this his entire career.

    Omer Asik magically started averaging double figures on offence. Parsons improved overnight. Rockets returned to the playoffs led by a former bench player in James Harden.

    Still, Clifford is not worse than McHale but that is for another post.

  62. no, it is from NBA.com, anyone could see it.

  63. McGee does not look back fondly on his Washington years. “It was a real negative situation for me,” he said. “I’ve always been blessed to be able to go somewhere else positive. You definitely learn it’s a business. Even if it’s people ahead of you that’s playing that’s not better, they make more money than you, they’re going to play. It’s not anything personal.”

    –javale mcgee in boston globe

  64. Ok here is my take on why McHale is still much worse than Clifford. McHale has a starting point guard that the team signed with much fanfare. Lin had the biggest contract at point guard for the Rockets.

    In other words, Lin was the Kemba Walker for the Rockets. When Lin got benched initially, the media would actually question McHale. Yet McHale put Lin down, dismiss his skills as a ceiling aberration and forced him to play off the ball. Even though Lin adapted, McHale then pushed him to the bench, replaced by a player so bad in Beverly that it tarnished Lin’s reputation.

    Scott and his tanking Lakers was even worse, reducing Lin to a bench player in one of the worst teams in the NBA.

    However I do not sense any animosity by Clifford towards Lin. It is just that the past 3 years has reduced Lin to a very low level. I think there is some lack of trust but there is some hope that it will change for the better. We have to just wait and see.

  65. Kinda sad, the state of this board now. Go to RealGM and they are much more confident about Lin playing and playing well there as the season progresses. But the issue remains of Lin’s production. One of the members there said he’s not producing like thought of. I really find few on Charlotte’s boards compared to Lakers and Rockets who don’t want to see Lin play more BUT Lin could play much better as well. They’re waiting for it and confident it can happen, but we aren’t?

    Lin has to earn his playing time. How he played in previous seasons doesn’t matter. On the Hornets and on any other team he’s going to go to he has to earn it. And Charlotte now is deep, so there are other guys that produce. I didn’t agree with Clifford at all in the Cleveland game the they lost. That’s all that matters. Put Lin in and things might get better. Clifford is not a stupid man or stupid coach. He’ll analyze what happened. Do we have to keep on and on about how bad Charlotte is for Lin and such? The same Charlotte Lin carefully chose because it had Silas and he liked Clifford? I guess so. But here it is a new game and new possibilities and 16 games and the board is very negative and very “sky is falling Chicken Little” because Lin’s playing time dropped the last 2 games.

  66. Lin, continue to practice that step-back shot. And maybe stop going all the way to the rim as much as you said you would do in the off-season. That stop and pull up banked short jump shot worked great yesterday and then Lin tried going all the way to the rim and lost it. And slow down when it comes to Zeller, he doesn’t go your speed. But that jump shot is key to expanding Lin’s offense. It will be a tough shot for any defender to stop and Lin can vary the step back to any time to keep them honest. He just has to convert more of them.

  67. as far as JLin earning playing time some stats that confirm he has earned #30Minutes
    Cumulative through 16 games the ON OFF offensive/defensive and Net Ratings…

    Jlin has the second best Defensive rating behind Kaminsky at 96.5 when JLin is on the floor. the Def Rtg drops to 103.4 when JLin is off the floor ( meaning the team is holds opponents to 96.5points per 100 possessions when JLin is ON the Floor and gives up 103.4 points per 100 possessions when he is OFF the floor) Defense baby!

    The team does slightly better on Offense when JLin is off the floor (103.9 while on compared to 105.1 when off)

    however the NetRtg shows the team is 7.4 points per 100 possessions ahead when Jlin is on the floor and only 1.7 points ahead when he is off the floor. for comparison look at Kemba Walker’s net ratings 2.7 points ahead when on the floor yet 8.5 points ahead when he is OFF the floor. meaning team is better when he sits!

    Cody Zeller is a mess and should not be on the floor! just sayin’

  68. he has earned playing time. see post above…

  69. last game…. on off ratings hmm wonder who should have been on the floor at the end??

  70. I think it is #3. ” doing the dirty work on defense” might impact his FG%. That is why his OffRtg is average, DefRtg is great and NetRtg is much better than others. (see wu kong’s stats image above)

  71. He has to do it to the criteria of the coaches and we have to look at negatives. I really think it was the type of turnovers Lin made that annoyed Clifford, not the fact that he makes turnovers. But that’s only a theory, I don’t know. I ask the board to look at some of the negative stats for Lin and negative tendencies. Charlotte is trying to win games. They have players they prioritize and Lin isn’t in the top priority, although he’s a priority. See their decisions from their point of view, not everything from Lin’s point of view because that’s not what is in play.

    I think we just end up going nowhere when we talk of playing time so much. The only power Lin has to do what the coaches want and I think they are reasonable. I don’t think this is Byron Scott or McHale, I think if he produces what they want, not what we want but what they want, he plays. If one of the things is not have turnovers on drives, then he has to make some adjustments and maybe Clifford isn’t happy with Lin not making the adjustments they’ve discussed. There’s really a lot we don’t know in terms of what was reviewed on tape and what any player does.

  72. Rewatching some Hornets vs Cavaliers highlights… damn that ankle breaker vs Lebron. If that 3 went in, it’ll be crazy!

  73. I don’t know if stats are enough. Weller is probably the most effective big man when you watch the games. Al is for awhile but defensively and offensively, Zeller is the best big man.

  74. Practice that, Lin. That’s a beauty and will be a big weapon for him going forward.

  75. if they want to win they will put their best players on the floor for long minutes… Jlin’s net Rtg indicated he should be on the floor longer. 5 man lineups indicate that as well. The game is played on both ends… yep his shot is not great right now but his defense is more than making up for it. and his shot would most likely be better if he was given more like 30 minutes a game. stats indicate he has historically been better at the 30 min mark.

  76. I think in the first three games, Zeller somehow got really bad +/- in all three games, and then he was playing together with AI a lot of times, and that was pretty bad. Zeller got much better when he was put in as center, instead of PF.

  77. Zeller’s stats are horrible. cumulative and game by game he stinks it up. I tried looking at his stats and throwing out the games where he had dehydration issues even then it was bad.

  78. Ya! Good to see you again. Haha!

  79. just zeller game by game…

  80. His decision making needs improvement on the offensive end. Clifford is still working with a combo of players that he is picking from. Often it is Lin, but it won’t be always until Lin really stands out in every facet. And Clifford has put him in for defense, plenty of times. in fact, it may be his D that has had him close out more games than not.

  81. Watching all of the games, they don’t win some without Zeller. These stats can be misleading. It depends on who plays with whom, some of the stats can make PJ look like a star. Zeller is a good player for the Hornets. I agree with you, he’s better at center and without Al.

  82. Agree. That and the fouls. Coupled by the fact that he’s been shooting badly that may be the reasons why he has not seen more minutes. I have more hope that the coaches will be communicating with Lin in this team though than on his previous ones so I’m optimistic that he knows what he needs to do.

  83. I have put up stats take ’em or leave ’em

  84. Also about stats, do you remember how Clutch used to use them against Lin? I can’t go by stats alone. They only tell part of the story. I remember how you used stats to counter Clutch and one other really good poster, then Clutch got arrogant and dismissive that Lin fans used only stats they liked for him. That’s the thing, there are probably negative stats for Lin too that can make a case for not using him on the court.

  85. Honesty about bias is still bias

  86. hmmm. bringing up clutch interesting…

  87. Honestly, I don’t think it is the matter that coach don’t want to play Lin, it is more of coach want to play Kemba or Batum or Lamb. Lin was the after thought.

    You could see coach was testing things out. Like play Batum the full 1Q, then play Kemba the full 1Q, then play Kemba the full 2Q, or play Batum the full 2Q. Get Batum completely taken over when he was playing with 2nd line up, then let Kemba to completely take over.

    All these, has nothing to do with Lin play good or not. To me, looks like coach like the way the second team was playing, and trying to test who would benefit the most in that second line up. Looks like it was Kemba. Since that second line up got the good reputation, and defense start to focus on Lin and Lamb, thus leave Kemba enough space so he could cash in. It worked for the past two games.

  88. Interesting take. I think you might be right.

    But do you think they’ll keep winning like this? Because I have my doubts.

    Cliff may be hated and all on here already but I actually think he’s the smartest coach Jeremy has had in years, although that’s not been to Lin’s favour necessarily. In the context of the team, it doesn’t really have to be, although for a Lin fan, it’s a difficult pill to swallow.

    Kemba and Batum are performing well but is that sustainable? I still think fundamentally Jeremy is a better player and will be needed more in the long run.

  89. oh, sure, that’s always the case. That’s why I really don’t like some Lin fans try to push an agenda holding one number, and not completely understand what does it means, that could pull out a lot of other stuff you don’t really want to see.

    Especially when the number don’t agree with eye test, and especially when the number are coming from small sample size.

    Stats are double sided sward, one really need to know how to use it and when to use it.

    Wu Kong, this is not target to you, but I had an discussion with somebody else couple of days ago when I was picked at putting anti-Lin numbers out.

  90. Hairsanity is about to come!

  91. Yes, not a target to wu kong. I don’t intend it that way either. It’s just how I’ve seen them use. They need a story and context and yet most can be countered.

  92. Zeller is so far the best in the team sort of protect the rim, when he was playing with AI, he was play as PF, so he got dragged outside, and left AI alone under the basket, that’s the time the defense goes bad. and offensively, Zeller could not space the floor, and his presence clogg the lane, which is no good. He plays better when pair up with Hawes, and even better with Kaminsky

  93. There’s nothing interesting about Clutch. He’s the only person who has ever blocked me on twitter because I came down hard on what type of biased unprofessional condescending so-called administrator he was on his site

  94. Thinking it as players lined up eating a cake(mins), Lin is just not in front of the line…so…when it is Lin’s turn…..the size of the remaining cake can be very small..but occasionally large.

  95. Definitely Kemba and Batum. Kemba is what he knows and trusts and Batum is producing well. I’m not as sure about Lamb. Lamb gets chances but Lin has replaced him a lot if we look at the game totally. Lamb needs to be developed, Lin not so much, so we have to remember that.

    But when coach wants to win, Lin has been the guy that needs to be in there. He’s in there most of the time, not all of the time. And when he isn’t, they usually do’t do as well. I also think Kemba may say to coach, Lin gives me more space because he takes pressure off me. He’s sure said that publicly.

  96. Haha! I think he will get more playing time today.

  97. The best players on this team is Williams,Batum and Lin w/o one of these players their team would be a bottom feeder.

  98. Lol, too late Brent. Everyone has jumped off the wagon into the abyss. There’s a few of us trolls that are still hanging on.

  99. LOL…..ok…..#youpplofnofaith….

  100. I’ve decided to give cliff a pass until allstar

  101. Is it sustainable for Kemba? I doubt it. I can see Kemba going into old Kemba at times and it is Batum that saves him from himself. I also think Kemba is logging too many minutes and will becoming physically fatigued.

    Ba tum may be more steady because he seems to not rely on shots falling but making good decisions and he has a good chemistry with most players. But not perfect, he has his share of TOs as well. Probably the most in the team. Some of them will come in crunch time so he may turn out to be the reason the team loses some games because of them. But overall, I think he will sustain his level of play.

    I think Jeremy is a high risk, high reward player who has a bigger upside. But he has more rough spots in his game than Kemba or Batum, I hope Clifford follows his original plan of using the 3 together a lot. That will help them win the most games. No other 3 will work as well.

  102. you know Rockets Morey had the tightest control of media, thus I’m not surprised if there is hidden agenda there behind the scene. Morey is good at using multimedia to guide the fan reaction, and to brain wash.

    Just think back, Harden was horrible in defense start from very early days of his Rocket career, but that was not get public notice till mid of second year, yet the whole focus was how bad Lin’s defense was, and again, how the team kind of hype up how good Beverley’s defense is, you could now see a hand behind all these, and Cluth could well be the person help to execute all these.

  103. Yup. His bias was so clear but he was also quite obnoxious about how he treated anyone that had something positive to say about Lin while backing the most extreme anti-Lin people. But he’s history thankfully.

  104. one more ON oFF rating showing PIE, TS and EFG%

  105. Your thoughts on McHale are head scratching. Yes, he played Lin right for that one Atlanta game, something like 42 minutes, and a Boston game, and then he was right back to using Lin off ball and playing him unpredictable minutes.

    I don’t know why we have to revisit McHale and I in no way support how he treated Lin. He was horrible to him. So what he occasionally featured Lin, he mostly marginalized Lin and dismissed Lin as a player mostly calling him a nice kid.

  106. Here is the best and the worst 4MAN lineups Hornets vs Cavs game (Stats from NBA.COM).
    I tried to find the stats for 3rd quarter for Cliff’s “excuse” to pull Lin out. I just found out that Lin never played in the same 4MAN lineups for more than 1 min in the 3rd quarter. How do you expect he perform consistently?

  107. This could also mean that Lin and bench is better than most opponent team bench.

  108. so PIE of 55 when Lin on court is generally a winning team 49.4 falls below the the winning value of 50% meaning they lose… no lin no win proving to be true…

    for comparison:
    Kemba barely winning % 50.4 when on the floor but if he is off ht team jumps to 55.8 a winning value…
    Cody Zeller 48.6 when on the floor losing % 53.8 when of the floor means comfortable winning percentage.

  109. yes if Lin only played against other bench players… but he plays with and against almost all the players…

  110. exactly as you said, Lamb needs development, thus even coach don’t trust him as much, he still got chances to be there and test out. Especially this is early in the season, perfect time to do that. Coach need to know Lamb’s limit too, by put him in that kind of situation and test out.

    Same with Lin, coach don’t know Lin’s limit as well, thus Lin got to be put in close game situation too. I’d say Lin also need development, and I do see coach was helping his game, pretty obvious in the defensive side. I do think he got help from his TO too.

    This year Lin got to learn a lot, even if he don’t get to show his full potential, he will gain a lot of knowledge way more than his previous years, so I don’t think he will waste his one year here, but he might not get what he was hoping for either.

  111. If we look Lin’s individual stats, we would find he is usually in top 5 of the team. But If you look team’s lineups stats, you would find he almost always in the #1 lineups. The reason is simple. Lin can make lineups (team) perform better than individuals by more than just scores. He can create shots for teammates, he can blocks, steals, rebounds. It is hard to find those contributions from his individual stats, but it is not hard to find he is always make his lineup the best.

  112. Must say, the tanking Lakers are much more interesting and entertaining than the tanking 76ers. Probably their intent. Kind of like a “Housewives” reality show”


    “Scott keeps making the world an interesting place. By not trying to help the Lakers develop as a young team sans-Bryant, and by making some of the most idiotic comments in the NBA universe right now. They suggest he really has no clue what’s going on with this team and how to make things better, or he’s simply enjoying his final year as a head coach in the league (he can’t actually land another job after this, can he?) by trolling the media, Lakers players not called Bryant and the entire fanbase, going through a nightmare they never thought possible to last for this long.”

  113. The last lineup could be Cliff’s dream lineup, LOL.

  114. Just realized, Steph wears his father’s number. Good for him:


  115. How about telling Lin he would play his game and ending up standing him in the corner
    or saying hes a lock to finish the game but giving him <20mins instead?

  116. Yah I dont mind McHale he trusted Lin when team was in trouble he knew to turn to Lin a lot of the time
    After BS and Clifford, McHale doesnt look so bad anmore

  117. In some of your posts, you seem to hold Lin to a different standard of performance. Comments like “Lin has to earn his playing time” or ~his decision making needs improvement.

    Of course EVERYONE including heavy minute players like Kemba and Batum have room for improvement. Yet they don’t seem to need to EARN playing time.

  118. Guess we won’t get to see much if any of Hansbrough. SMH


  119. Batum is playing superbly. Kemba is having a strong season. On some of the Hornets forums I point out issues with both players, especially when they say Batum is perfect.

  120. I think Kemba plays too much. Lin could play more of course, I don’t like him coming in so late into the game and I think once he’s in, if he’s going to come in that late, he should stay in. If he needs a minute or two breather, fine, but he should play the remainder of the half. He did that in the first half but then he was pulled. I don’t agree with Clifford pulling him and I think he would have made a difference closing yesterday. Lamb was a poor choice to close. Lin, Batum, Kemba, Zeller and Williams would have made the best closing squad. Zeller due to defense.

  121. He’s also had awful shooting games and so has Kemba, but neither have been required to earn playing time

  122. not really.

  123. so what is it you think Lin has to do to ‘earn’ play time?

  124. Some people thought TOs was the reason for Cliff to pull Lin out in Cavs game. I don’t think so. Cliff knows Lin’s style is high risk high reward which would create a lot of scoring opportunities for him and his teammates. He has proved it on the past whenever he handled the ball in many seasons. That was why Cliff signed him as he said it publicly. In Cavs game, his defense was great (Cavs Gs scores 22 out of 24 when Lin was out) too . I believe Cliff knew it. But for whatever reason, they cannot let Lin shine over Kemba or Lamb for this specific game or since Cliff got his contract extension.

  125. Run the offense well at PG and play more like Batum when he’s in with Kemba (look to facilitate and shoot when the shot is there). On the D side, mostly what he’s doing and just remained focused. I don’t think Cliff likes him forcing the action on the offense and driving recklessly to the basket and losing the ball resulting with a fast break for the opposing team.

  126. Hey Brent, has there been an videos of Doc actually teaching Lin to shoot? His stoke is definately off now. I mean massively off. The rhythm and timing is so off I’m actually worried.

    So here’s the deal. When I taught the service motion in tennis, I was quite the maverick in that I taught the function first and allowed the form to shape according to the musculature of the student. I taught from the throw of the racket up to the ball first and made them throw as fast as possible. In tennis speed equals power. I’d say most if not all pros teach the form as an integral part of the throw, thus a lot of pros have similar looks with deep knee bends. I don’t believe that it’s absolutely necessary to have that perfect form to serve well, if the student can’t time the sequence properly to use his body to add to the power of the throw. For example Stan Warinka won the Austrailian open beating Djoker and Rafa on the way to the title has little if any knee bend. Warinka has a very big serve that helped him beat a lot of people.

    I’m wondering if Lin needs to just be placed at the foul line and have him forget the form and just quick release shots. Have 2 guys keep forcing him get the shot off and not worry about how many goes in. This may in fact achieve his quick release goal while forcing his body to become more efficient.

  127. what I’m worried is that he might have changed his shooting coach which results in changing of his form. Was hoping Doc could be with him during this week but does not look like it is the case.

  128. so seriously all the stats above do not prove he is worth more play time? gotta have time to run the offense as PG…

  129. From a Charlotte perspective with their depth, he could play more. But in close games, you have to weigh the risks. A lot of times Clifford will just bring back Kemba and leave Lin in, but sometimes he’ll go for shooting and that’s Lamb since Daniels doesn’t play much.

  130. CHO is supposed to be the stat guy. How can someone miss these glaring stats to play the worst lineup at crunch time.

    I don’t agree that it’s all Clifford because I just don’t believe he wants to ruin his reputation by losing.

  131. They thought lamb could get buckets simple as that

  132. 12 4 4 in 18-21 mins……own the back-up position….you never know what can happen. Hell jkidd is starting OJ Mayo and Bayless today for Petes Sakes …. Bayless lol

  133. Lamb is the investment but Jeremy need to keep at it and act like this situation is about getting GMs and Teams to forget about the lakers fiasco

  134. And this says jkidd is in control of the Bucks….Clifford doesn’t wield that power with MJ in the background

  135. He and his brother.

  136. Lol, he’s preparing properly to have starters face Lin instead. Smart coach.

  137. Cho made up a great team but as long as Clifford wins games no one will say anything.

    This is a top 4 eastern conference team but in Charlotte they are happy to be top 8

  138. Thanks Brent, this is analogy I can totally understand, and not just because you are talking about cake.

  139. Brent the philosopher 🙂

  140. Did you hope for something different?

  141. Actually when Hornets win without will make it harder on Lin and be further marginalized. It’s a roller coaster w/Cliff slow-to-change attitude/habits of a coach. There’s a guy on twitter attested to this fact, who had been watching and examined Hornets and Cliff’s coaching over the years.

  142. Lin will be gone next season. Cliff needs to prove to his boss that his chosen lineup works…well, just average.

  143. Only thing that could make Jeremy start is Kemba get a season ending injury.

    And I don’t want anybody to get hurt.

  144. Boring

  145. Do you know Zeller or Kaminsky play or not?

  146. BC they lost to Lin last year.

  147. ast%, ast ratio and ast/TO are very similar for Batum and Lin try again…

  148. Kidd has the balls to bench MCW and start Jerryd over him because MCw has been a disaster and Jerryd has been phenomenal
    Lin can be in the same category as Bayless but he will never be treated as fairly as him in charlotte because Clifford isnt the coad that Kidd is, hes just another clown

  149. Only Clifford knows , Zeller is Zeller , Kandinsky is a developing rookie

  150. Jeremy’s a Chinese guy among prototype nba players, they don’t see him the same way bc of ethnicity

  151. Looks like Lakers gunning to retain that top 3 pick. From this would finish second to last only behind PHI:


  152. I’m not arguing against playing Lin. I’m weighing what Clifford is the coaching staff is looking at. I’d play Lin 32 minutes most games and close every game regardless of his TOs or stats. But I’m not Clifford.

  153. Only Dantoni who oversaw Nash 2 MVPs can see. Non prototype NBA players success

  154. I just find it hilarious that the Rockets have a projected wins change of -12.1!!!

    They are the only team with a change in double digits and too bad it’s in the WRONG DIRECTION LOL.

  155. Byron Scott the lottery king

  156. a previous post listed them both as “probable”.

  157. Lamb was given too step up and be a reliable SG . PJ was not. lamb is not getting it done yet

  158. There’s a big difference between Mchale and Clifford. Mchale lied many times to Lin and the media. How’s about that OKC game when Linscored 29pts and Mchale told the press that famous “Jeremy, we’re trying to win here. Scoring 29 while turning over 9 times is just no good”. That was an outright lie. How about lying to Jeremy that he was experimenting about starting lineup and that Beverly and Lin would be rotating starting in the beginning of the season. That was an outright lie as well.

    Mchale systematically found ways to put down Lin at every opportunity, no matter how well Lin did. Mchale changed the perception of Lin and ruined his reputation. How you can think Mchale was honest is beyond my rational thinking.

    Clifford at least has not deliberately lie to the media about Lin’s contribution. He’s always said positive things about him. Since arriving in Charlotte, Lin’s reputation has been trending upwards.

  159. so was yao he was one of the best bigs for a while
    well respected

  160. Honestly don’t know why I’m watching

  161. You never know what can happen. Anyway I’m off to watching Juventus. See you later 😉

  162. Law of averages say it don’t matter.

  163. Take the chance. You never know when Lin will break out and have that overdue big shooting night.

  164. Woke up early today. Lin better get his opportunity!

  165. I don’t even care to say the obvious

  166. Lin with that huge back compress.

  167. And he got fired because of it. It will take a very very brave coach to promote Lin.

  168. This was how Lin gave Hornets hard time last year in two games (He led the tanking Lakers beat Hornets in Charlotte, then lose by only one point when Kobe played too at LA.).

  169. Batum with two Turnovers already. Does he get pulled?

  170. lol…must be CLF

  171. nope he gets 30+ minutes a game no matter what

  172. the defense sucks

  173. 3 already

  174. and sub in Lamb, and yeah.

  175. that was ONLY reason Cliff would pull Lin out.

  176. he had 7 in one game this season and never got pulled

  177. Yes, but the offense is no better

  178. yep only boneheaded NBA culture would not see what 2 MVPs coach understands

  179. hornets are worst than the bucks without Lin. honestly

  180. I have faith in Lin, but I am beginning to lose faith in NBA. I wanted to see him stay with a team and be their starting point guard for at least 4~5 years. But, I don’t think any team will ever make him a starter unless they have no choice due to injury. It is really a shame because NBA fans, not just Lin fans, will probably end up missing out on what Lin is truly capable of when playing as a starting point guard for many seasons in a stable environment.

  181. Wait till Lin leaves next year

  182. they would be the bobcats without Lin

  183. Zeller is in

  184. horrible defense

  185. One of Bucks commentators said ‘Spike Lee now it’s ‘Spike Lin’. Like that!

  186. 4 turnovers now for Batum

  187. I am totally enjoying the game so far LOL

  188. Starters look terrible. Hope Lin doesn’t try to do too much when he comes in at the 2 minutes or less mark.

  189. And still in the game!

  190. Now 4 turnovers. Get pulled yet? SMH

  191. hornets without Lin are just last year’s hornets

  192. Ya! 1st unit is bad now… smh!

  193. Exactly

  194. the favoritism is real

  195. Lamb needs Lin. It’s so obvious here.

  196. Is it odd that idc that we are losing

  197. Still no Lin

  198. lin-less hornets taking up right where they left off last 8 minutes of previous game.

  199. YEP!

  200. Of course, he is the one who take the tech FT… he will stay no matter what…smh!

  201. yup…Batum couldnt get it moving as well…and 4 TOVs

  202. me too. I can’t stand that Lin gets less than 20 minutes.

  203. he’s not gonna put Lin in there to prove himself wrong

  204. sounds familiar

  205. maybe he read the complaints from Lin fans and got mad

  206. Bucks bench sucks. MCW is bad…

  207. whos we? I only support Lin
    not a fan of the team lol

  208. Kemba is heating up. Batum has been meh and TO prone. 1 nice defensive play, the block, but he’s not having a good game so far.

  209. So what, don’t worry about that. That’s thin skin if he does…

  210. No Lin and Hornets are losing 23 to 17, keep losing!!

  211. Always around 2min…

  212. yep thats the spirit

  213. continuing on from last 8 minutes of cleve game lin-less

  214. Kemba do well w Bucks bench…

  215. He is the only one who is keeping the game alive

  216. Yeah Lin in

  217. Damn, Lin is w Kemba.. smh!

  218. this season is disappointing. But you know what? Life is disappointing.

  219. Kemba will keep playing 40 Mins.

  220. Cant take Kemba out…he is the only player who is hot now

  221. Batum and Kemba with 6 and 7 points but Hornets still losing and FO and Cliff treat them as their star players while the real one who should be treated as the franchise player is stuck on the bench until last minute.

  222. sometimes I wonder if Lin should even try given such limited opportunities

  223. Too bad, so far Lin has not touch the ball yet… as usual. smh!

  224. Usually sits at second quarter. Unless Cliff plans on playing him >40 min.

  225. 1st Q near end but Lin has not touch the ball yet… smh!

  226. Good

  227. Lin just shoot the ball lol hope for the best

  228. The kiminsky post up was stupid

  229. No. He should just coast man… screw this team…

  230. @ 36 sec mark first and only touch dribbled around led to lamb basket.

  231. Lin sets up Lamb beautifully. Lin/Lamb is best combo when Lamb is on the court. Lin left Bayless open, not a good idea but he may have been told to help there.

  232. Even with jeremy in, im rooting for bucks…

  233. Hornet fans say it’s okay that PJ gets to start cause he gets low minutes each game but have they even seen Lin’s minutes the last 2 games? It’s less or close to PJ’s minutes and Lin is not starting.

  234. 1 ast. for Lin. No bad.

  235. He plays so so today no need to come back… LOL!

  236. Lin gets the Ast for the last Lamb’s shot

  237. Kemba is hot, not time to take him out now. Plus, this is more a chance for Kemba and Lin to build chemistry. Lin will get his chances.

  238. Put on your seat belt. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride w/Cliff’s slow-to-change/adjust in-game, rigid, pre-scripted coaching style. There’s a guy on twitter attested to this fact, who had been watching and examining Hornets and Cliff’s coaching style over the years.

  239. Well if we start losing, all I can say is that Cliff ruined the team chemistry by not playing Lin enough.

  240. Assist #2

  241. Bucks starters are back….

  242. 2nd unit > 1st unit

  243. dae notice the difference in BALL MOVEMENT.

  244. Lin in Hornets catch up. But nobody but Lin fans notices.

  245. Hornets assists number doubled after Lin on the court,

  246. almost assist. good pass.

  247. Lin pushing the pace

  248. damn just look for your own

  249. Bucks commentators: Lin and Lamb have been teaming up…

  250. This line up is much more fun to watch , even my grandma said so!

  251. 3333333333333333333333333

  252. 33333333333333

  253. Lin should have gotten assist if Lamb didn’t get fouled.

  254. Grandma is always right 🙂

  255. Lin playing so calmly and confident

  256. Great D

  257. 3 balll…baby!!!

  258. Jeremy is on fire!

  259. Assist

  260. Lin showing his playmaking skills

  261. so with Al out, who will be replace him?

  262. Hope the bench gets at least a 10 point lead before Cliff puts in the starters to lose it.

  263. 3p/3a/1r in 5 minutes.

  264. Ya! Bc Lin they come back …. Great!

  265. Hope Aliain is watching. This could turn out well for Lin. This unit looks good.

  266. No matter how this season goes. Lin is showing he is getting better offensively and defensively

  267. Looks good. Haha!

  268. michael is asleep i think.

  269. I hope Cliff doesn’t pull Lin early

  270. Espn shows Lin with 3 assists, but I think he has at least 4

  271. Definitely! She watched a lot of bball even before i was born! Lol!

  272. 5min, 3 pts. 1-1, 3 asts. WoW

  273. I have no doubt in Lin. Jus wished his coach few the same way

  274. PR but I RT.

  275. ya i thought it was 4 too

  276. And gives Hornets lead since Lin’s been in.

  277. lamb got fouled on transition bucket

  278. Ido just never gives up…LOL!

  279. Always someone ask why you believe Lin. That’s why?

  280. Super Jeremy Bros in action!

  281. Talk about shooting slump.

  282. I can’t believe Lamb passed to Lin

  283. I can’t believe Cliff drew a play for Lin but Hawes made a bad pass

  284. Why Lin laughing on the FT line?

  285. Go Jeremy!

  286. Lin making things happen when the clock runs down

  287. This is how you lead a team!

  288. Cliff better NOT be taking Lin out while he’s hot! 7minutes=7points!

  289. Wonder why Lin was smiling when he shot the earlier Fts?

  290. The elite bench! I hope the old school coach dont change anything now since it is flowing!

  291. Lin smiles because he is playing his style.

  292. I tickled him 😛

  293. Hawes can’t handle Monroe. Lin and Lamb come in to help shut him down. Monroe scores when one on one with Hawes.

  294. I thought somebody was shouting some funny things to him

  295. Checked stats Lin got 7 points 3asts and Hornets got the lead! Go JLin get your stats!

  296. doubt it, he’s bringing in Batum already, the one with 4 TOs

  297. You just know he will.

  298. +12, that’s good

  299. Double standards always.

  300. Don’t even need to watch the game to know Lin’s playing his style, got 7 points in 8 minutes needs to keep scoring!!

  301. Grandma 1 Clifford 0

  302. well Cliff left Lin in

  303. He wouldn’t smile at all if he was corner SG. no matter how fans shouting anthing good for him

  304. Walker in party over.

  305. naughty!

  306. more like Batum. Kemba did well first q

  307. Good party while it lasted.

  308. Big difference when refs are fair and call fouls when Lin is fouled (as KHuang has been saying)

  309. Batum and Walker in, there goes Lin ball.

  310. No more play making for Lin.

  311. lol 2nd delay of game

  312. ofc Batum gets the shots

  313. that was almost a beautiful play

  314. Lin needs to stop overhelps in the paint.

  315. 5th TO by Batum

  316. He made the FTs didn’t he? lol

  317. Did you see that foul call. Refs are funny

  318. 2 fouls aaaaand he’s out 🙁

  319. Lin out after 2 PF, and Lam in LOL

  320. watch the bucks take the lead soon

  321. Yes, totally.

  322. coach obviously allows it. It’s probably coach’s strategy too

  323. Bucks commentators: Lin and Lamb are the top bench performers (I think) in the Eastern Conference..

  324. Batum 5 TO. No biggy, keep playing

  325. Lin shouldn’t make that foul. Oh well. He was playing great. Bigs have to be ready for his passes.

  326. the games slowed down every time the starters comes back in

  327. 7 pts, 3 asts, 1 reb in 10 min.

  328. Why sub in Lamb? Lamb has 2 fouls too why took out Lin w/ 2fouls? That was a phantom foul on Lin!

  329. Saved a basket but ya wish he didn’t get the foul.

  330. Gave up 6 points that way. Don’t know why Lin does it too much. That’s the only part of his defense that’s been a problem.

  331. Every time Lin plays well this happens, refs don’t want Lin to score. There goes Lin’s minutes. Watch Cliff only bringing him back start of 4th quarter expecting him to be hot scoring when he’s out cold.

  332. Lamb has no fouls

  333. no he doesnt

  334. That’s Zeller not Lamb

  335. only 2 Fouls Lin isnt gonna play enough mins to foul out anyways
    Clifford literally subs Lin out every chance he gets

  336. I hate to watch when the game is catered to the starters….rather JLin sits

  337. He can still playmake, Just work off of Kemba like Batum does.

  338. Kemba came in and messed up everything (on D). Can’t Cliff give Kemba some breaks?

  339. agreed, Lin won’t have enough minutes 2nd half to even be fouled out so I think coach needs to really play him longer before taking him out over petty things like that

  340. Lin is only allowed about 10 min in 1st half, whether he got fouls or not

  341. Thanks my bad. I miss took for Zeller.

  342. I wish. smh!

  343. Im kind of like having an immunization. Numb with what Clifford is going to do.

  344. That’s why many gave up watching the games just checking box score and waiting for highlights.

  345. No, you know he and Batum are the anointed ones.

  346. guess you are right

  347. Refs called fouls for Lin. See both sides. Refs are OK this game.

  348. I think Kemba is too short. Rebounds suffer.

  349. Batum has 5TOs already?

  350. The announcer said the game slow down!
    Yes, the old school coach thinks the good flow and leading is biting him n he needs to change the rotation!

  351. I wish Lin had more than few seconds smile at the end.

  352. There is no equal treatment. Kemba, batum and lamb are part of star manufacturing process. Teams need stars to make money

  353. Meanwhile the real star who can bring the team to the playoffs is benched.

  354. Why Hawes didn’t shoot…

  355. meanwhile the real money maker for the Hornets is Lin. Even on the bench with limited minutes.

  356. Wouldnt go that far Lin isnt a real star
    but hes good enough on that team to play 25+mins and get plays called for him

  357. He passed to Batum in last sec…?! LOL!

  358. probably

  359. ya..what do you expect Batum do? no time to take the shot. haha Hawes is painful to watch..

  360. PJ the playmaker? Held on to the ball. Late passing.. Ran out the clock!

  361. did Batum get that TO?

  362. Very good playing by JLin and the BF1. Love his smiles when his shooting FT.

  363. That is why i dont like this coach, he is not trying to continue the smooth game flow n scoring but just choke it with his fix rotation!

  364. Lamb does not have the same status as Kemba and Batum. Lin would have played the whole 2Q were in not for the 2nd foul,

  365. The hornets promoting Lamb so hard its disgusting
    He’s only 7mil/yr like chill
    hes good but he aint that good…ijk
    thats not true hes pretty good
    poor mans ray allen or K-Mart
    I can see him go 18-22ppg if he starts but his face reminds me of patrick beverley lol

  366. Cliff, remember the ‘game changer’ in Lin—When Lin came in the game, the momentum turned to Hornets favor w/ an eventual lead as a result!

  367. i during the start (Q1)…they were not calling for Hornets…couple of fouls…went without the whistle

  368. He’s have a very poor game. It’s like it’s too early for him or something.

  369. disgusting indeed!

  370. I don’t know…

  371. Kemba didn’t need to come in so early. Cliff’s subbing and rotations need work. He’s overplaying Kemba. Lin was doing great running the offense, should have kept the flow.

  372. Just check he did. 5 TO. LOL!

  373. He played 15 in the last game. He was only taken out due to the 2nd foul. It’s OK. Cliff likes what he sees from Lin this game. I don’t know how he feels about overhelping on the 2 3s, but besides that, Lin has made a huge difference on the positive side. And his 3 looked good.

  374. Ido is pretty intense huh? ..

  375. It’s getting worse right now. Ido going at it and they’re fed up. I don’t like it at all.

  376. no, shot clock violation is a team TO, not on player. Batum is still 5 TO

  377. Yeah I just read their thread…

  378. Cliff is fine with Batum’s 5TOs. In the meantime, Jeremy Lin got punished by two fouls which was just byproducts of his superior defense. After 15 games, I just realized that Cliff never interned to protect Lin from foul out. He either punished him for fouls or use it as excuse to minimize Lin’s minutes for Kemba or Lamb.

  379. Batum, the playmaker with 5 TOs so far…Stop the madness, he’s a SF not a SG or playmaker.

  380. Oh! I thought he had 4 TO….

  381. Didn’t I say Hornets are copying Rox model? No doubt…

  382. What happened to AL Jeff? missed the start of game

  383. What happened to EQUALITY

  384. out early with injury not expected to return i beleive.

  385. That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ under

  386. Hope Lin gets traded somehow
    This team really has no room for Lin
    They wanna give as many mins to Batum/Walker/Lam as possible
    when MKG comes back he will also demand some touches
    Lin needs to get out of there asap for his own good
    he can be a good back up on a really good team

  387. BF1 getting it done.

  388. Cliff’s Can’t deviate his pre-scripted game plan. Can’t make in-game adjustment quickly…according to a guy on twitter who has been following Hornets and Cliff for a long time.

  389. the real question is
    is Hawes even a quality player?

  390. That’s the only possibility that we can hope at this point for him to get out of the unfair treatment.

  391. Lol!

  392. Virtually no chance of them trading Lin especially for his next to nothing contract and his contribution to the team.

  393. not unfair but its not optimal for him and not what he was promised

  394. Batum 6 TO now

  395. Yah they can only get a scrub or a rookie in return
    so Lin has to demand it or when charlotte decides to tank

  396. Let Hansborough have some playing time today Cliff! Zeller w/ 4 fouls and Hawes defense is questionable…

  397. Jlin to rescue these morons…

  398. That would imply ball iq

  399. Starters always in the negative. Take Lin off the team and This team goes back to last year

  400. We’re just gonna bring out the injustice… Cliff continues to let Batum in the game w/ 6TO. The next time Lin is taken out on his TO, we’re going to bring this up again!

  401. How come I’m not surprised that Batum isn’t out with 6 TOs? Cause he had a game with 7 TOs before and wasn’t pulled out.

  402. I see JLin with 4/4 FTs
    This is good for chance to close games.

    Just need to watch the fouls and avoid TOs (0 now)

  403. I prefer them lose this game without Lin’s help

  404. Yet no credit by cliff – it is Kemba batum lamb show

  405. As Lin fans, we want Lin to return to Linsanity. Which team do you think can give Lin the role that he has right now? Hornets have no good reason to trade Lin. Walker has history of injuries and MJ proclaiming that Lin is his “most important acquisition”. Hornets would not give Lin away unless it’s for Curry…Just kidding.

  406. I admire your optimism – hope this will get him playing time

  407. Nic needs to sit. Not his night. Time for Psycho T and Clifford should play Lin big minutes in the half.

  408. Batum airball…must be the early game

  409. Don’t get it wrong Hornet fans, it’s the coach’s decisions making Lin fans hate the Hornets. The same unfair treatment.

  410. Never a double standard is there lol

  411. Datum has 7 TOV and Kemba 2

  412. starters squandered the lead

  413. Batum 7 TO now

  414. Lin needs to start wearing a Superman shirt while he’s on the bench. Cause he’s always to the rescue.

  415. Do not bring in Lin to rescue them

  416. And if he doesn’t ?

  417. Lin comes to the rescue, again? This starting line up is pathetic.

  418. What a bad coach , letting the game slipped away!

  419. The magnificent PJ 360 spin shot

  420. Has Lamb waiting… to do what idk

  421. Team looks pathetic now. Need Lin now, not at the 2 minute mark. Now.

  422. Cliff uses Lin as stop-loss tool which would only be triggered when Hornets loss to a center level.

  423. Lin was about to go in but then someone told him to sit?

  424. This Hornets team has a 3rd quarter problem. They just underperform in it too much.

  425. I’m actually enjoying starters keep losing lead wo Jlin ?

  426. Lamb is not playing well without Lin!

  427. That was God- Let them Learn my son.

  428. Situation not desperate enough

  429. same here and hope clifford has the guts not bringing in Lin

  430. He’ll get in the next time-out.

  431. He is the savior. The 6th man

  432. Jason Kidd called for timeout…what happened to Cliff…he can still bear to watch the ugly starters.. Jason did cliff a favour to call a timeout

  433. Every game but the old school coach never adjust!

  434. Watch Lin gets put in and we start leading, then gets yanked out for a personal foul

  435. Walker -13, Lin +11.

  436. lmao

  437. Kemba jumper missed the whole basket. 1st team so out of sync. Put in JLin now.

  438. A few games like this will make the game plan looks embarrassing

  439. Lin still sitting

  440. Tyler in!

  441. Only if he’s PG. If Walker stays in and hogs ball maybe not.

  442. He knows Lin can save them if they are behind.

  443. ok this coach is not coaching at all

  444. Wow. Psycho T enters the game.

  445. Shocking indeed

  446. still no Lin i see

  447. No Lin No Win

  448. What’s Lin stat now?

  449. 4Q.

  450. Psycho T will probably be in foul trouble soon.

  451. JLin coming in.

  452. Already.

  453. same cause he just went in

  454. 1:30 left in Q3 for Batum

  455. Surprised that Lin came in for batum. Thought he would have to wait longer with kemba at the line

  456. assist 4

  457. the lead is coming back

  458. Lin in leads up!

  459. Walker benefits when Lin is on the floor w/him. Can’t say the reverse for Lin…

  460. Let Walker sit. I want to see some Lin / Hansbrough PnR.

  461. Kemba rather go for Lamb when Lin was right in front of him outside the arc

  462. I am worry. Batum plays bad hope Cliff will not let Kemba w Lin in early 4Q….

  463. If lin plays the rest of the game he will have 24 minutes wow how great.

  464. That’s for sure… smh!

  465. Lin won’t finish the rest of the game. Don’t get your hopes up.

  466. OT plzzzz ?

  467. Lin, very little. Kemba very much.

  468. If he gets a turnover, he will be out

  469. Can someone tell this guy at ATH that he’s got the numbers wrong. He’s trying to say that Lin’s minutes has been normal so far:

    it’s been pretty normal so far actually

    Comes in 3 minute mark, plays 11 minutes 1H. Comes in 4 minute mark 2H. Doesn’t seem confusing to me.”

    He didn’t come in at the 4 minute mark lol. He came in at 1 or low 2 minute mark (I forgot)?

  470. If they are quality minutes, he ups his efficiency. So far, so good.

  471. What’s the score I’m at work

  472. We know… Lin got the lead and Cliff will not him have the glory…

  473. Yes, i noticed that long ago. Talking about Kemba a great leader and no jealousy? LOL

  474. Starters all -, BF1 all +.

  475. Can we just see? The negativity here is too much sometimes. Let’s just see what happens.

  476. nice they use an image from 1st half lol

  477. wow… the refs

  478. Bucks 61; Hornets 65

  479. 65-61 Hornets
    lin 7/4

  480. Is he playing well?

  481. Ty psalm

  482. Damn it. It’s Kemba w Lin… smh!

  483. Thnks heart

  484. Kemba Iso…

  485. Kemba chucking alert

  486. Excellent.

  487. Yank him. 3rd foul

  488. wow the ref is whistle happy

  489. Yeaayyyy

  490. kemba is tired, shot on the front rim! No clutch again

  491. Thnks sws I’ll watch the replay

  492. Hands tied with Kemba at PG.

  493. Does Cliff try to kill Kemba?

  494. Cliff should rest Kemba…hate to watch him struggle so badly

  495. Ouuccchhhh

  496. He will be given his rest after he will have his all star stats. Rest and glory for Kemba. All good.

  497. Jason Kidd is putting 2 defenders on Lin…

  498. Batum has a worse game to say at least!

  499. In the fog of coach thinking must play Kemba no Kemba no win

  500. More Kemba chucking

  501. next play for Lin

  502. Kemba chucking…struggling really bad

  503. When is Kemba going to rest? He will injure if the coach loves him that much!

  504. Bucks is driving to the basket to get fouls while KW is hogging the ball…trying to make shots for himself only…

  505. Psycho T!

  506. Im so done with this team.

  507. Sit Walker. Let Lin get a 10 pt lead then he can come back.

  508. I know Kemba just wants to ISO … smh!

  509. Kid knows who is the best playmaker! Putting 2 defenders on Lin!

  510. Lin’s only taken 3 shots
    so much for letting him play his game lol

  511. Hey, but he has Clifford’s blessings…

  512. Don’t care if Kemba gets credit as long as Jeremy gets his stats.

  513. Why he’s still on ? Damn it.

  514. If Kemba not resting, the game is going be on the fence again because he started hero ball now!

  515. Me too. only 3 shots? smh!

  516. Cliff, take KW out!!! KW controls the ball the whole time…Can’t play w/o the ball in his hand. Let Lin make plays… SMH!

  517. Hurray Clifford.

  518. Wow. Kemba already played more than 33 minutes?

  519. lot of movement but very poor spacing …not good for JLin to drive in

  520. So much for being fair and playing more minutes to those play well. Hope Hornets lose this game! They deserve it!

  521. It is actually fine with me. I want to see Walker failing with Clifford and Hornets down

  522. Whether Lin gets his minutes or not, Cliff will always find ways to marginalize Lin. Like putting him next to another ball handler like Kemba or Batum.

  523. Kemba out. Batum In.

  524. Many other teams doing the same things to Lin

  525. Good news!

  526. Thank God Kemba sitting so that he rest his body!

  527. Great D

  528. Yay!

  529. ahhhhhh

  530. Batum gets it…

  531. Really? Many of us has been done for a while. Just watch stats and highlight sinstead of wasting time watching Lin play bench minutes.

  532. 8 TO Batum LOLLLLL

  533. Great rebound Jeremy!

  534. Batum 8 TO?

  535. Batum ? How many TO?

  536. 8 TOs..

  537. good thing Lin is a foul magnet

  538. Bate cookied

  539. Cliff: no problem, good job Batum.

  540. 8TOs still keep going at Batum
    real good coaching smh

  541. 8th TO for batum. Keep playing. Next play won’t be a TO!

  542. He needs to sit! He is killing the team!

  543. What a long leash for Batum. 8 TOs.

  544. And his TO occurs always at the most crucial building momentum moment!

  545. Lin missing his shots. Too much energy spend on D

  546. Think Cliff will ever let JLin play with 8 TO?

  547. Imagine if Lin had 8 TOs…actually he wouldn’t ever get to that cause coach would have sat him the rest of the game at 4 TOs.

  548. Forget Batum. Jeremy is playing well on D. Stil in the game.

  549. And a short leash for Lin just for having 2 fouls and/or 2 TOs.

  550. no

  551. Cliff let Batum close the game with 8TOs?

  552. Walker back, what was that 1 minute?

  553. well you gotta let batum play through the mistakes….Cliff.

  554. Why? smh!

  555. Let’s have some PR with Lin and T.

  556. Lol

  557. Haha

  558. Lin would not even get that far.

  559. No way, Kemba in

  560. Lin needs to DEMAND the ball!

  561. Batum 9 TO amazing

  562. 9 TO for Batum

  563. Batum TO! Again!

  564. JEremy only playing D?

  565. Demand away little man..,

  566. Kemba in Lamb out

  567. 1to and 1 foul that’s it

  568. 9th TO

  569. another good rebound

  570. Batum may have a double double when this game is over.

  571. Batum is Horrid right now

  572. Replace Batum with Tank!!!

  573. Lin going to get Monroe fouled out.

  574. All NBA defensive team ^^

  575. Batum won’t pass back to JLin and now 9 TOs.

  576. JLin is smart…draw that foul

  577. No kidding with 10 TOs.

  578. foul magnet Lin

  579. no charge?

  580. What’s Cliff saying to Jeremy?

  581. Lin just shoot man!

  582. Lin hasn’t made a shot since first haif. Its just corner duty

  583. almost a 10th TO

  584. lin should keep taking charges with that back
    also needs to be more aggressive with batum having a bad night

  585. double double

  586. Maybe Cliff is telling Lin to shoot. He seems to get the ball and just pass it. Make stuff happen.

  587. *shouldn’t

  588. JLin should stop passing to Batum…his airball and poor last sec pass could be Batum’s 10 and 11 TOs

  589. Batum close to a double double 12 pts 9 TOs

  590. Be Clutch 🙂

  591. Lin focus so much on defenses and rebounds.

  592. He is not really going for the ball. Idk why but he has an issue with that as a SG

  593. 1. Cliff doesn’t want to win this game
    2. Make Kemba the hero

  594. Batum. You can get a double double! Let’s go!

  595. Why would he want Lin to be Dave Hardisty?

  596. step it up LIn. 4th quarter belongs to Lin

  597. Must be from Cliff’s order….

  598. Clutch the Bear…

  599. Lol Lin done

  600. in a way by passing to Batum, Lin is exploiting Batum as a bad ball handler and Kobe like shooter

  601. Lin out. GOOO MIL

  602. Notice guys/gals, Cliff allows Lin to stay in is for his D not his O for KW and Batum to make baskets… Only time he gets the rock is last seconds…KW & NB control the rock…

  603. NO LIN, NO WIN

  604. Lin out. Ok time to lose

  605. You probably mean “for the night” but I’d say he’s done with any chance of scoring or being a starter.

  606. Go Bucks !

  607. /gg no lin, no win

  608. Ok.

  609. A loss would make me too happy

  610. What Lin out? Coach is full of it. Let’s go Bucks!!!

  611. Lin out
    Lets go bucks!!!

  612. LOL expect a loss now.

  613. Lead gone

  614. i see clifford likes to lose

  615. …they subbed lin out?! again cliff is experimenting on closing with Lamb….when will see the light?

  616. GO MIL!!!

  617. Maybe Cliff said “we’ll lose without you, Jeremy.”

  618. LOL seem like everyone has the same mind.

  619. give batum the ball!

  620. Lin does not look happy

  621. Big shot, Batum. I don’t mind Lamb in, Lin wasn’t shooting.

  622. Yeah Batum misses and then fouls. Come on bucks. Yes tie game.

  623. Of course not…

  624. Lin not happy even when Batum made that 3.

  625. clifford said something before benching Lin. i’m sure he was just making up some dumb excuse

  626. keep giving the ball to batum

  627. But he was playing defense. Out rebounding the bigs.

  628. Lin tried to give Batum a low-five but Batum looks away.

  629. Go for OT…JLin’s magic

  630. Kemba walker hugged Zeller n Batum like lover but didnt pass any ball to Lin, so obvious!
    Game is not over yet, dont celebrate too early!

  631. JLin is pissed. So am I.

  632. Jealous and threatened by the Asian guy of course. No matter how you look at it Hornets are not a real team, both Walker and Batum only care about themselves. Lin needs to do the same thing, everyone is out to be the best.

  633. Give batum 10 chances after 9 turnovers, which led to like 15 points by the Bucks. Let him redeem himself.

  634. Lin did all the dirty work drawing 3-4 fouls in the 4th quarter. Yanked!

  635. Hornets only get away with this with lousy teams. Won’t work with better teams.

  636. JLin needs to shoot when he gets the chance.

  637. Everything’s fine. He wasn’t scoring and Lamb is more of a scorer. No big deal.

  638. OT plzzzzzzz?

  639. it’s official. clifford is worst than both byron and mchale

  640. They don’t give him the ball to take the shot… smh!

  641. Ok cliff got his

  642. Left Lin hanging there. Lol. He’s trying to fit in, but no one is paying attention.

  643. Hornets need somebody that can put the ball in the basket. Lamb has a higher fg%, hope sit will work out.

  644. again lamb in and not Lin, Lamb is being propped up to be the next hornets star. He is playing better than Lin, I’d give him that. But Batum…yeah…ok.

  645. Lin is NOT Happy at all

  646. Lin benched even though he’s plays better than Batum and Walker and threaten’s their starting spot.

  647. lamb only does good when Lin is on the court with him

  648. Zeller being classy.

  649. wonder why Cliff makes an easy game look so complicated

  650. Hopefully he’lll be motivated to play better and take more shots , not be such a passive player who tries to make coach happy with defense.

  651. So sad. What can you expect? When the coach will not respect you, the other players will follow.

  652. because his “stars” sucks

  653. How to make more shots? They don’t even pass the ball to him?

  654. I hope the hornets keep winning like this…until they think they can do it with out jlin…after they traded Jlin away….reality going to hit.

  655. oh shut up.

  656. He was happy 2nd quarter when he was making shots and assists until he was benched again until 7 minute of 4th without closing the game!

  657. Can’t wait the game against Warriors!!! Win is a W!!!

  658. Cliff: I need you to warm the bench.

  659. Good game. However, Nic had a horrible game and Lin should be allowed to play through mistakes. For Lin, be more assertive at the end of the game. I think Lin’s not being more assertive got him pulled, but he played almost to the end of it.

  660. Its clear the Hornets are only catering to Walker, Lamb, and Batum. I understand Walker, he is their franchise pg. The Hornets are trying to justify the Lamb extension and they are trying get Batum to resign with them in FO. I know its early, but I don’t see Lin being a Hornet next season.

  661. He’s the Tyler Hansborough of point guards, do the dirty work and give the stars a rest and then sit on the bench when the game matters.

  662. Lin Really played 5 more min only for today… smh!

  663. lin missed 2 shots and didnt force it at the end. not much else to say.

  664. Promises not kept.

  665. I don’t think so…

  666. anyone but Lin. that’s always been the case, everywhere

  667. Kemba the HERO! Isn’t what MJ and Cliff want to see

  668. Lin was passing Batum the ball. Lin needs to look to score the minute he gets a pass and not pass back out to selfish teammates! Learn to ice out Walker and Batum when he gets the ball just like they are doing to him!

  669. seriously it is a big deal and you are not hiding your hate very well

  670. sure, for someone not believe in Lin anything Lin did could be pulled, but Kemba, Batum now Lamb can do no wrong, including 9 TOs LOL , Life is not fair, is it???

  671. We all know Lin should be given the chance to play. Lin is not treated fairly. We can only speculate why this is the case.

  672. Lin doesnt look happy at all lol
    Thats my boy hope he stops playing for the team
    rather starts playing for himself

  673. Folks have to stop whining so much here. Lin was in and wasn’t assertive enough. That’s why he was pulled, NOT because Cliff didn’t want him to finish. Cliff had him in there to finish. Lin is every bit as capable of doing what Kemba did tonight. Cliff wants him to make a difference, he was just a guy on the court playing defense and hustling, but not contributing enough when he got the ball offensively.

  674. Byron is worst and its not even close

  675. Some Batum’s turnover he refuses to pass the ball to an open Lin!!! I don’t remember but it was his 8 or 9th turnover.

  676. Worked all night. Went to sleep at 7am. Woke up at 11am to waste my time watching this game. Now I will be sleep deprived for work tonight. FML

  677. 5th season with only 18-22 minutes per game and JLin still hasn’t learned to look after himself. All these “teamball” crap before the season are just talk. Everyone wants to be the star of the team especially Walker and Batum.

  678. JLin +10 and Kemba -9
    guess who is the real hero?

  679. Wasn’t scoring because Walker had the ball mostly or else Batum was turning it over.

  680. Thats why his ceilings are a good role player
    he doesnt believe in himself

  681. Not cool, wu kong. Sundown didn’t say anything wrong.

  682. That means nothing. Really hate this team.

  683. Batum 9TO

  684. hopefully Lin will be traded to a different team. I can’t stand this anymore.

  685. sundown is a known troll from the other site

  686. Lin isn’t too happy ….batum is now the new Turnover Machine

  687. exactly, Lin is too naive

  688. Yep thats why Lin isnt a star and just a good role player

  689. At this point, I thought Hornets was going to give the chance. But now, any team will treat Lin the same.

  690. It’s not a matter of fairness or not. Life isn’t fair. It is what it is. If he has to do more, he’s capable. So, it’s up to Lin to just be more assertive.

  691. FO tried really hard to prove that Kemba – Lamb – Batum lineup can bring them a win
    Lin just doing all the dirty works, let the glory be to the manufactured stars

  692. I don’t care how many times Hornets PR or media mentions Lin to try to sweet talk him into staying. Coach and FO obviously has a different agenda in mind and Lin isn’t in the equation. It’s Batum, Kemba and Lamb.

  693. Today I am an official Hornets and Clifford hater.

  694. This was a good game for Jeremy
    Back-up strong stats…needs to make his shots and will get 22-25 minutes a game…led the team with assists…

    On the other side MCW a 10 ten pick with less minutes and benched for Bayless….the league is a fickle one. Just play your role well and that’s jermey right now.

    Most posters here only see Jeremy but there is a league full of players in Jeremys position

  695. if you think about it, Rockets was actually treating Lin better.

  696. He’s only passive when Walker is at PG. He’s quite aggressive but playing team ball in the rare minutes he’s the only PG.

  697. once again, Lin bailed out the starters and yet gets benched while the starters rode the momentum and takes all the credit. it’s houston all over again, folks

  698. Yeah could totally see it. His celebration when kemba and batam hit shots at the end looked half-hearted.

  699. Hornets are good for Lin. He didn’t score in the 2nd half and Lin has to get back to having stronger 2nd halves than first halves. He has to change his approach when playing with Kemba and be more assertive.

  700. He can if he’s more selfish and looks to score every chance he gets! He needs to average 20+ PPG and take 13-15 shots every game before people see him as a star. That should be his goal every game. No one is just going to hand him the ball and let him be the leader without high scoring to go with it.

  701. He drew the fouls in the 4th that is assertive

  702. I’m pretty sure next season there will be a lot of options for Lin.

  703. Batum is the real hero of this game

  704. Okay guys, it’s official…I truly believe this team and situation is by far the worst situation for Lin.

    Clifford don’t even trust Lin to play point-guard since he barely plays there and plays more than half his minutes as a shooting guard waiting in the corner…They don’t even run plays for him.

    What is also alarming is the fact that Kemba is playing close to 40minute every night…Wha’s the purpose of having a high-end back-up point guard like Lin if he can’t even get 11 minutes to play PG?…At least, he got more than that with Lakers and Houston.

    What also bother me is the fact Lin did very well facilitating as PG in the second quarter and Charlotte had build a nice lead of 8 point…Lin had at least 4 assist in that quarter…So why not let Lin facilitate more in the second half?….Instead, Clifford kept Kemba in, even to start the fourth quarter.

    Now, Kemba has played well this year and is shooting very well, but he’s still not getting enough assist and facilitating much…After Lin’s first half of 4 assist and 7 point, I felt Clifford should had given him more minute as the facilitator, but it doesn’t look like he trust Lin to even do that since he’s obsess in playing Kemba 40minute and that leave no time for Lin to facilitate.

    Anyway, they won today, but after Lin was taken out in the fourth quarter, I got very mad because Lin barely got to touch the ball and do anything…that is after he had a great first half.

    I’m officially among the ranks who believe this situation is by far the worst for Lin and I’m just hoping Charlotte would trade him if he can’t even get decent minute or even get 12 minute as the main point guard.

  705. So all Lin hard work went to the bench for Cliff to shore up Hornets future line up to bask in glory win and for home crowd cheers. What happens to Lin is locked for 4 qtr closeout according to Adi Joseph’s tweet?! Cliff’s words are cheap. His actions speak louder and reveals his and Hornets’ motive and dishonor!!! Any more doubt guys/gals?

  706. Any idea why hornets don’t pursue Lin like they do batum?

  707. He makes it such a close game …otherwise JLin would have blown out the MIL

  708. That was good. The getting the ball from Batum or Kemba just to dribble once and give it back to one of them, wasn’t.

  709. you can shut up too.

  710. so Lin saved clifford, and he gets his back stabbed once again

  711. Lins career is going down hill real fast. Although his skill are better. Which is frustrating. His is better but his stats keep dropping. His minutes keep dropping. I think we have seen the best in Lins career. I don’t think he will ever get the opportunity to do more. His stats this year will be at or worse this last year. His threes will be better and all the other advance stats. Like i said last game i have lost all hope for Linsanity 2.0. Lin all continue to hope from team to team getting even less opportunity.

  712. Lakers was far worse….by leaps. This is a true role for Jeremy and the only promise I see broken right now is the kemba Lin backcourt

  713. he drew the fouls in the 4th. that is assertive.

  714. I agreed, there maybe some other players in NBA in Lin’s position, but none of them being used for marketing tools like Lin yet being purposely marginalized like Lin.

  715. What I’m saying is, even if he is more assertive, they won’t look at it. They ignore this. They ignore his effort, they ignore his scoring, they ignore his defense. First half, he was assertive. Second half, he sitll didn’t get the respect. Sure Cliff is experimenting, I’ll wait till ASB, then I’ll start labeling Cliff. Right now, I’m just stating my observations.

  716. This is every year I’m tired of the articles. Lin chose Cliff. Its over.

  717. what the heck happened?! i missed the game today

  718. Just checking: this is the sweetness and light site, right?

  719. Clifford is playing them together by increasing Kemba’s minutes. That just makes Lin less active in the offense. The balance he has with Batum isn’t there with Kemba.

  720. Kemba isn’t the only one keeping Lin from being a PG for a team. It’s also Batum. This is a season to forget.

  721. OMG you are so annoying. stop with the pretend Lin fandom and just go back to clutchfans

  722. No, you did not miss anything. 🙂

  723. this guy knows what he’s talking about

  724. JLin out-smart Jason Kidd…MIL strategy is to get Hornets big into foul trouble early…JLin took out their big guy at the end.

  725. You are getting annoying. You are a mod. Act like one. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Calling me a fan of that garbage site is uncalled for.

  726. Not a peep about Batum’s 9 TO’s only how he and Kemba saved the day… *sigh*

  727. Too negative….GMs will covet Lin in this role…..linsanity was a great moment but Jeremys career is one that will continue in the positive. I don’t understand expectations this is his 3rd team in the last 2 calendar years. This is a stable role. There is no drama with Charlotte

  728. Notice how towards the end when Batum stops handling the ball and just spot up shooting he did really well. Why can’t coach let batum do that all game while Lin handles the ball. Also I don’t get why Kemba and Batum were both in with Lin towards the end. Coach doesn’t trust Lin one bit at the PG position.

  729. they did pursue him and got him on the cheap because he was a free agent and they knew they could trick him since he’s too nice

  730. No PNR with kemba makes it hard

  731. Lin needs to talk to coach again since they talked so much before season started!

  732. you have nothing but negative comments on anything anyone says. it is obvious.

  733. Lin kept passing the ball with 3 seconds. Too much stat watching. He should take a few games off to reset.

  734. sigh just saw the stats and minutes..guessing lin led the bench and saved the game, only to be benched afterwards

  735. Funny, Hornets won, yet five starters have negative +/- expcept MW has 0: PH -13, AJ -8, NB -8, KW -9

  736. No worries sws94. Those kinds of comments are just cries of pain, lashing out to defer having to face reality. I get that some posters have their self-worth tied up in Lin’s play so they interpret any negative analysis of Lin’s game as a personal attack on them.

  737. Only reason Lin played those 4 games with 28+ min was because Hairston was injured. Now that he’s in starting lineup again, Lin will play around 20-25 min a game. If only Lin could only get those extra minutes from Hairston, things would be different.

  738. I was banned form Clutchfans by the way. I’m rooting for Lin but I’m rooting for him to take the power and not leave it up to anyone. That is the approach you MUST take if you are trying to make inroads into an organization as a minority. By EXCELLING. So I’m on him and not the others as much. Let him play his best and then there is nothing you can put on Lin at all. If he doesn’t, they get an out.,

  739. Lin and the bench did their job and got the lead. Psycho T got to play and helped. Starters finished the game and won.

  740. So you think he will sign here long term. His PPG and Minutes lower then last year

  741. if this were my site I would have you banned. but alas it is not. so snipe away at everyone and pretend you are a fan as you denigrate every comment. you are so obvious.

  742. Politics and racial politics at that sucks but I see a player who gives his all and is a good teammate….in the future then back will embrace an Asian pg….just not yet……look how long it took for European players to be embraced

  743. More like 15-22

  744. Cliff definitely has turned on him. He can talk ’til he’s blue. Marginalization continues. This change is from top down (MJ, Cho, Cliff). Lin can make it known to fans that he’s been duped! Fans can put pressure on Hornets org. Nothing to lose now!

  745. Lin barely gets 22 minutes. Hornets are dumb to think that Batum would stay. Once he gets his stats he’s bolting to a bigger market team. And with this horrible treatment Lin would not stay and they will lose.

  746. My comments are not negative. My comments are pro-Lin to make the best case for himself though his play. The stuff about the organization and Lin wan’t get his is more negative. Because if you keep looking for Lin to find the ideal place, you may run out of places. Let him make a mark here.

  747. not surprising….Cliff wants to show that the starters can close the game and win….at the expense of the bench.

  748. No way….I expect Jeremy to be a backup on contending teams for years to come. 2 or 3 year deals but he won’t get big money. That train has passed. He will have a solid career that could’ve b em great if for not racial politics

  749. saying life isn’t fair is like saying everybody else in the league gets the same kind of unfair treatment that Lin gets. which isn’t true at all

  750. We knew Hornet’s agenda….Kemba the Hero…

  751. you can’t troll here, buddy. go back to the other non-mod site

  752. ya and I have the feeling coach wanted to yank him earlier

  753. I mean like make sure they treat him super well like they do batum in order to ensure Lin stays with them. Guess they’re just not all that interested

  754. The coach is developing injuries for Kemba n Batum without resting them enough

  755. I’m sayings this baring foul trouble, I think he gets around 20 minutes.

  756. Hornets Exposed!

  757. And you’re acting unprofessionally. Telling another poster to shut up because of some criticism of Lin is unprofessional and I thought better of you before that. I think both of us need to take a breath. We are on the same side and approaching it differently. I said PLENTY of positive things about Lin in the first half. And he was OK in the 2nd half but when playing with Kemba, he has to be more assertive if you wants to play more with him. Kemba is not coming out of the game nor should he. He made big plays and he’s been with the team for years,

  758. It’s not about Bench vs Bench. The problem lies with Hornets starters vs starters!

  759. I’m done with this team
    I hate seeing they use Lin for PR again and again

  760. Lin was drawing in 2 defenders. Why would Cliff take Lin out?

  761. i think Cho wanted Lin but not clifford who has all the say in how the game is played.. rotation, substitution, et cetera

  762. Imagine jlin had that kind of freedom…. Smh

  763. Well in terms of cliff and the hornets I’m unhappy but happy Lin played well. Supported his team on and off court. Stayed center as he said in God.

  764. What? No drama? Suppressing and breaking promises to someone who gave them the discount to play his game? He’s being used and abused…SMH! There’s no excuse for this. Hornets are using Lin’s popularity (Rox template) to bring attention to their small market franchise and building up ‘fake’ stars.

  765. I hope Lin knows now not to be easily convinced by words. Actions speak louder than words. He should never take a pay cut again. Get the most money so teams won’t cheat him like this again even if it’s a backup role.

  766. to make Kemba and Batum the heroes

  767. I know sent the tweet to him already. smh!

  768. bench force one is kinda catchy and has a ring to it, but where’s the association with the hornets in that name?

  769. I hope this lights a fire in Lin. He needs to be proactive and not be a punching bag.

  770. Lin to the GSW next season. i’m calling it early

  771. Only allowed to add 5 more min for today. Plus Lin was not allowed to take any shot… smh!

  772. In fact, his mpg is the lowest in his career since his rookie season…

  773. Thats what I’m saying yet you seem content with that role while I’m completely disgusted by that role

  774. Ill do you one more… i am indifferent…

  775. No Lin, No Win… Huh, got lucky today. “CCliff, what’s the meaning of pulling Lin out the final 2 min for Lamb ??”
    Given: NB is the ball handler from now on besides KW. NB wants to be “the man, the hero.” Unselfishness IS not a word to describe this Team (not NB & KW, Al, at least).

  776. Truth is the NBA coaches and players hated linsanity….and the attention Jeremy received. It’s racially based for sure. And that’s America folks.

    Also dantoni system was very much disdained. Anyone remember Nash’s 2 Mvps being dissed up and down the street. So Jeremy is back to his d-league days in many ways. Proving that he belongs in a role in the NBA.

    He is doing that and will have a bunch of teams ready to sign him. I get folks want to blame someone but this is sports. Lots of talented people get burned due to politics.

  777. he drew the fouls in the 4th. that is assertive. what do you expect him to do punch Kemba and steal the ball? his stats PROVE he should get more playing time you ignore that try to continue saying he needs to EARN his minutes. you are fake and I am tired of you. Your clutchfans pants are showing and you should pull them up man. maybe even some suspenders are in order.

  778. id much rather have him play for gsw than this selfish team lol

  779. maybe, the season is not over yet.

  780. he’ll probably get 2 more minutes playing for GSW than hornets but they’d be crazy fun minutes

  781. No sure, remember Steve Kerr never had good things to say about Lin when he was a commentator?

  782. Just say it NB and KW are SELFISH, and CC/FO are enabling them! Why are people shying in saying this???

  783. Yep yep

  784. it’s fine. i don’t exactly like coaches who said great things about Lin then stabs him in the back

  785. him playing with iggy, klay, livingston, ezili would be awesome

  786. the colors on the sign lol

  787. Lin as floor general, takes what the defense gives him. He may appear passive. But this season, he’s played his best as PG. There’s just not enough minutes. IMO he has been assertive and aggressive. But You can’t have him force the lane or take a shot every time. Lin is too intelligent for that. As PG, it is also his job to get others open and pass the ball. I’m just saying that what Lin has done, he should receive credit and minutes.

  788. Can get away with it with sub 500 teams. Won’t get away with it with better teams. Didn’t get away with it against the Cavs. Won’t get away with it against GSW. Starters will be blown out so early and their bench is so good Hornets bench won’t be able to clean up the dung created by the starters.

  789. this^^^^

  790. So he’s playing well and got benched again?When can he ever get a break?

  791. I rather JL7 plays for 76ers with 30+ min than this Hornets.

  792. I agree with you. But the clutch fans stuff has to stop. Please. It’s just silly. I’ll apologize to you for some harsh things I wrote and hopefully, you’ll see I’m on Lin’s side. But I’m not changing my comments or approach to commenting. I’m a huge Lin fan and think that in the NBA he has to do just better than others. That’s his reality and won’t change on any team. That’s why I post what I post. It’s not fair, but it’s his reality.

  793. Unless the anointed ones are injured 🙂

  794. is Paul still making excuses for clifford
    and how hes pleased with the team and Lin?
    Stopped listening to him a while ago
    its just gotten very annoying

  795. Maybe Lin should stop trying to give the franchise a reason to trade him this december

  796. Until someone gets hurt unfortunately

  797. i hope he becomes more like Ido

  798. You missed batums turnover extravaganza.

  799. The only way to end this is for them to lose 5 straight games

  800. i love paul, but this is kind of getting annoying.. there’s really not much excuses left for cliff’s stupidity/bias

  801. He needs to earn his minutes in this NBA, not any ideal one. Stats or no stats, that’s how it is. We can’t change that. And most of Lin’s improvements that need to be made are in approach more than anything else.

  802. That will happen.

  803. More than Linsanity will happen!

  804. Makes a lot of sense and he and Steph seem tight

  805. I want hornets to make it to the playoffs so Lin can get Playoff experience no matter how little minutes. At some point, Lin will prove to be a nightmare matchup for the other team. It will force Cliff’s hands to put Lin in. Call me an optimist LOL!

  806. i was thinking more with curry and green but those guys are good too lol

  807. He can buy out his contract but his agent need to work

  808. I’m in your camp…..moments tend to present themselves when teams are winning not losing

  809. You’re still hoping on Cliff???

  810. yup. i love the way they move the ball, passing, and uptempo style

  811. Ido is annoying in his very own way lol

  812. I understand your stand but as a fan I hate to see this.

  813. He bashed BS and McHale but why giving CLifford the benifit of the doubt lol
    hes been the worst so far

  814. FWIW, Dell talked about the bench force. And without them in the 2nd, this game is lost.

  815. yup. he lost all respect when he has to stretch things make a point. really, there’s no reason for clifford’s poor treatment of Lin. NONE

  816. If they’re winning ,I doubt if we still see Lin for 10mins playing time esp if MKG is back

  817. I will start labelling Cliff after All star break. Its still considered a new team. Sample size just isnt large enough. Every night you’re playing different teams, and have different match ups. Some people here believes Cliff is still in testing phase. So, I’m assuming this to be true until ASB.

  818. I stopped listening to him more than a year now! Lol!

  819. lol true. and i just caught the honeycomb shaped dots

  820. Remember Cliff has a close tie with Rockets

  821. To me, it is more like whoever said good things about Lin may not be trustful, but whoever said bad things about Lin is definitely not trustful.

  822. Too early to make this conclusion.

  823. Saw your tweet. they will continue to do so i can guarantee

  824. I’m not surprise because K n B played too many minutes!

  825. Hasbrough won’t get run and I can’t tell in this game if he is a good PnR big for Lin. But KHuang says he is. I just can’t tell from this game.

  826. I like PFV mostly. He’s an old NBA guy putting Lin into perspective and he has a cool demeanor. He staunchly believes in Lin’s game.

  827. Batum got 33 minutes with 9 TOs while Lin gets 22 minutes with 4 assists 0 TOs.

  828. He didn’t really get bench. He was pulled with about 2 minutes left. I saw Cliff say something to him but don’t know what it was about. Would have been nice if someone here was behind the Hornets bench.

  829. that’s the sweet talk I’m talking about. The Hornets media will put Lin on a pedestal but when it’s game time, Lin will only get limited minutes. I know everyone else sees it and acknowledges that Lin needs more minutes, but FO/Coaches have a different agenda for Lin.

  830. he said “i don’t like the way you look” then sits him

  831. Guys, Lin wants the hornets to win. If Hornets starts to lose, it would make him sad. What’s worse, locker room will become toxic. That’s not going to be a good environment. It’s better to have Bench Force One to continue to get the credit when Hornets win, compare it with BFO does well and Hornets lose.

  832. HIs PG play was superb today. And I think today showed that Hawes and Kam have to be more ready for his quick passes on drives. They need to practice that with him more. Just don’t assume Lin will shoot, he may pass it to you.

  833. I don’t believe the BFO hype. It’s just another way for the Hornets PR/Media to do damage control for not playing Lin enough and giving him PG duties.

  834. i knew there was something to the “bench force ONE”. it is the ONE that sets Lin apart from the rest. haha

  835. Whatever Clifford said to Lin did not make Lin happy. Look at his reaction when Batum and Kemba made the shots. It is so unlike Lin and Lin was so happy for the team win when the season first started. Not any more. Go figure yourself.

  836. Really, the spirit is right but he loses his edge when playing with good players. The idea is that he supports the main guys and doesn’t try to do too much. That’s a good team player. But he’s also capable of making huge plays himself. That’s the balancing act that will be tough to please his coach. So, he keeps going and will try to learn more of what Cliff wants. I think Cliff is open to communication and communicates well so I’m not pessimistic that Lin will find that balance.

  837. Hope is what keeps most Lin fans following him. Without hope, we’ll stop watching. I’m hoping on Lin and Cliff to work it out.

  838. i think Lin was pissed because he knew whatever clifford’s excuse to sit him was complete bull. Lin is a smart guy who has seen it all before

  839. CHA vs MIL on off stats… Coach got very lucky with his choice to end the game. nothing about his choice at the end was logical.

    JLin huge impact on the game…

  840. You don’t have to believe the media hype, the bench does do the heavy lifting with Lin on the court. This is fact.

  841. Right. So he has stop excel more. He’s a minority in this environment. He just has to excel more. It’s annoying but that’s his reality.

  842. i’m hoping he goes to the GSW next season. this season is already a lost cause to me

  843. The problem is not Cliff, it’s Kemba.

  844. Better than Lakers media that trashed Lin as well as the team.

  845. ya but that doesn’t change a thing for Lin. He’ll still be marginalized.

  846. We all know Lin can pass, but in this game, Lin seemed to not want to shoot more.

  847. I don’t know about Lin wants the team win any more. When the season first started, Lin was really happy when team win even though he did not close the game. Not any more, if you saw his reaction when Batum and Kemba made the last shots. I believe Lin realized he is being lied by the coach and FO again.

  848. Then he’s done all he can do and the history of the NBA should be shamed for it. But until he’s done that, he can just forge ahead and be the best he can be.

  849. i when lin plays with kemba, he’s literally playing as a spot up 3. notice he’s hardly ever on the weak side up top. it’s always batum or lamb. any kind of play draw up for the weak side would be for batum/lamb, NEVER lin. this has approached worst case scenario. you have the corner standing and short leash of the houston days mixed in with the paltry minutes of LA.

    GSW or bust. replace the brazilian blur with some linsanity.

  850. HC’s treatment of JLin is 360 degree different from that of HC McHale and Scott, haha

  851. Well if the team chemistry/locker room chemistry starts to die, we all know who’s fault it was. #cliffordmarginalizinglin

  852. Lin is transparent. But knowing him, he will keep it to himself.

  853. I feel like a broken record…. But here goes….IMO: The bar has been moved from preseason, to 10, 20, 30 and now to All-Star. Yet, each and every single time the outcome of Cliff’s mistreatment on Lin is the same. The promises to Lin have not materialized since the beginning of the season. Where’s the promise to let him play through his mistakes. Letting him play his game? Let alone close out games? Where are the consistent role and minutes? Can’t you see what’s happening? Hornets/Cliff are not letting Lin shine right nor allowing him to get great stats right now. The purpose of suppression is about All-Star Fan Vote. They can’t have Lin be voted in knowing how popular he is. With great stats, they know he will be an All-Star this year for sure. They want NB, KW or AJ (he’s hurt, now it’s Lamb) to get great stats for All-Star Coach Voting Justification and to justify their contracts/potential max offer to Batum.

  854. this is why Lin doesn’t get 10-12 fga like he used to. He’s getting like 4-5 now.

  855. clifford got really lucky this game. he put the game on the line to see if he can win without Lin and it failed in the past. he’s not gonna get lucky when they play against non-lottery teams like the bucks

  856. Well I chose to believe Lin is a true team guy. He wants the team to win. He will be happy that the team won. But he is not happy with the few minutes he played.

  857. Yep, he will not be vocal about it, but he is transparent. Lin fans who have followed him long enough can tell by his facial/body expression.

  858. He actually does set solid screen compared to any other Hornets bigs…

  859. we’ll probably see a verse from him soon

  860. I think you’re making too much excuses…Lin played very well in the second half…Play wasn’t being called for him at all…and I’m sure if he started forcing shots and that weren’t there, he would had been pulled regardless…

    The problem I saw in today’s game is the fact tha Clifford don’t even trust Lin to facilitate, eventhough Lin did a terrific job at it in the second quarter and brough the team back from a deficit and help the team build a 8 point lead by second quarter.

    Kemba is not playing close to 40 minute every night and it’s putting enormous pressure on Lin since he now has very little time to play PG.

    But even when he plays at SG, he can’t get good looks because Kemba is not really a facilitator…Kemba is a “poor’s man Allan Iverson”..A shooting guard in a point guard body, so so playing Lin alongside Kemba while expecting Lin to be able to get his shots, is nothing but a fool’s dream.

    Kemba is having a great year as for shooting, but he still does not create easy shot for his teammates.

  861. I think players care less about Lin being marginalized but do care injustice, unfairness in the team. Like what happens in Houston.

  862. Kemba’s minutes are expanded. So, something is going on. And when Kemba and Lin play together, Kemba will be chosen as the go-to guy. So then Lamb becomes a better choice because he’s a better shooter. Lin is a playmaker, but he’s 3rd choice in the Kemba, Batum, Lin lineup.

  863. there should be a poll on where people thinks Lin chooses to play next season. i got the GSW

  864. he’s just brutally honest and I like that about him

  865. But does he roll?

  866. Lin can get paid in China big time and just give his agent a little of it.

  867. That hope was in preseason. Not now.

  868. but it is injustice, unfair to allow Batum 33 minutes on 9 TOs while Lin and other capable players get way less. They really want Batum to be the face of the Hornets but they are doing it so blindly. He’s not even a big name like Harden or Kobe so I can’t even understand why this is happening.

  869. very good point. but also, remember the owner, Peter Guber is a huge Lin fan and he was really pissed that they waived Lin and Linsanity happened

  870. Kemba is playing way more minutes than usual and a lot with Lin. I think that impacts 2nd half production negatively. What’s the solution? I don’t think he can sustain playing close to 40 minutes a game as he has. Why is Cliff playing Kemba so many minutes?

  871. Got lucky against a lousy team. He won’t get away with it in an above 500 team.

  872. Yes, that will hurt team chemistry for sure.

  873. unless some team offers $10m per, lin should go home and replace barbosa. it’s apparent even a crap team like hornets cant respect him. even after his mvp preseason, they started off the season with pj and didnt even allow lin a CHANCE. actions speak louder than words. cliff knows how to talk to the media etc. and that’s how he played lin. make him feel important and play someone else. give him minutes, and ask him to spot up.

  874. to injure him so Lin can start?

  875. so much truth in this ^

  876. I think it’s too early to say that. But if things continue like they are now, he won’t be back. I don’t see this build around Lamb. Lamb is productive, but he’s not used like Kemba and Batum are. He’s being developed in a normal way. Lin is a different type of player and he’s essential to the strong bench. But he’s supposed to be more than just the leader of the bench.

  877. I don’t understand, Lin is an extreme loyal person. If Hornets treated Lin right, there is a huge chance Lin would be back. So, maybe someone on the team does not want Lin to be back.

  878. LOL

  879. Good point, I think Kemba just didn’t want Lin to shine & won this game for Hornets. He wanted himself to be the guy to do it not Lin. Had to make sure that OT vs King will not happen again.

  880. yeah. i don’t exactly see the logic in it also. i don’t think clifford likes Lin at all because he loves PJ, Lamb and Batum

  881. I’m an optimist. But I’m still pissed.

  882. Oh look Hornets won and no post game interview by Lin. Batum with the 9 turnovers gets to though.

  883. funny thing is lamb is also way underutilized when playing with kemba. he looks legit every 2nd q when lin is pg, but then when kemba plays he’s a spot up shooter just like lin is. and cliff either allows this or it’s by his design. either way, it’s dumb. the bench with batum and/or marv would outplay the starters 100 out of 100 times…

  884. hahaha, we have seen this too many times at Lakers and Rockets.

  885. That’s the way it’s… smh! Will not click for them.

  886. No, in Rox & Lakers they always gave Lin interview no matter how bad his stats looked like but not Hornets. smh!

  887. all 9 were cringeworthy too. yet he gets to play thru and hits the big 3 at the end. it’ll never be a meritocracy, we’ve all gotta accept it…

  888. I’m an optimist but a realistic one. Once I see the truth, I do what I can to expose it. No more excuses from me and move on.

  889. love Lin’s defense, but since clifford doesn’t really reward it, i hope Lin just put enough effort on defense to cover his own guy. more effort needed in padding his stats for his next, more deserving team and coach

  890. There will always be a silent hero on a team.

  891. cliff likes lin a lot, just doesnt respect his game.

  892. Knicks playing Rockets.Go Knicks. Only two games I root for the Knicks, against the Rockets and against the Lakers.

  893. McHale 2.0?

  894. Ya! Kemba. I believe Hornets do want Lin back. I think Lin will not come back … Kemba allows Batum to handle the ball but not Lin when they both on court together. This is going to be a long season. smh!

  895. agreed, I think Lin needs to play more selfishly now since Cliff doesn’t want to acknowledge him as a vital player for the team. I think Cliff may be jealous that the bench can outplay the starters if they were all given starter minutes.

  896. disagreed. clifford is stabbing Lin in the back

  897. What about rockets vs lakers? 😉

  898. Even Batum rather made a turnover instead of passing to Lin…

  899. Monroe was dominating Hawes. It was only when Lin or Lamb would come in to help and double team Monroe could Hawes control him.

  900. I disagree greatly. What train has passed ?? Other stars’ maybe… Not Lin. I still have great faith in Lin. He’s young. He’s like Nash, more skilled as seasons past. His true abilities will shine and a team would make him a Starter for their franchise and he will have a marvelous run that prove people wrong All Over Again.

  901. yeah, he called for the ball and just turn it over……

  902. Ya! I didn’t see Kemba passed any ball to Lin in early 4Q, he rather passed to Kaminsky or missed shot but Lin…. smh!

  903. yup. clifford is playing politics not coaching. there’s no point in trying to appease clifford anymore. if he’s gonna stab your back anyway, why carry his load for him?

  904. Oh that’s a tough one. I guess for the Lakers to win as that would devastate CF’s. Then Lakers can lose all the rest of their games without any additional encouragement.

  905. Clifford simply don’t trust Lin..Some of that has to do with Lin’s high turnover rate…But I though Lin was facilitating well today, so why not let Kemba sit on the bench for longer?

    Also, it could be that they want Kemba to play as much minute as possible to pad his stats so he can make the all-star…The all-star game is in Charlotte this year and Kemba needs to beat out guys like Wall, Teague, Lowry.

    Another possibility is they probably don’t want Jeremy to have decent stats so he can get good offer from other team….The goal may be to try hard to supress Lin’s statistic to be under 10ppg…If Lin gets worst stats than in L.A, he will probably be forced to accept another low-ball deal…at this point, the Hornets will ask him to simply pick up the option for the second year.

    Of course, even if Lin can’t get better offer than he got with Charlotte, he should still leave Charlotte because he doesn’t get to play much.

  906. remember how cliff asked pj to be a defensive stopper? i think he thinks the same of lin. put him in for defense, maybe a lil offense. bench got the lead? put crappy starters back in for the glory… win and its the starters, lose and it was a tough/close game. starter’s +/- all -? +/- is a bad stat….

    everything is illogical. so it must be political. i guarantee when all star talk arrives, there will be a push to put kemba’s better stats as the reason for this teams success. then batum, then lamb. heck frank will be a reason before lin…. it is what it is….

  907. Needs Rox to loss to cheer me up. So upset after today’s game. smh!

  908. the only difference is PJ doesn’t exactly play good defense. so, clifford was just saying that to PJ because he loves PJ and let’s him start. or maybe clifford knows that MJ loves PJ. but anyway, like you say, it’s all politics

  909. Lamb, Batum are not the problem. Kemba is. Now I know why Session & Mo didn’t stay…

  910. thing is Lin probably has a better chance making all star on 15 minutes than Kemba, Batum or Lamb at 30+ minutes per game

  911. the push for kemba all star is real. he’ll get in just to appease local fans anyways but they will showcase him as much as possible to not make it look bad.

  912. Bobby Marks‏@BobbyMarks42

    With CHA tough stretch of 5 games (GSW,CHI,DET,MIA and MEM) possibly without Al. Lamb/Lin duo proving to be early 6th man candidates.


    Bobby Marks
    20 Years with the Nets, 2010-15 Asst GM 40 Under 40 Crain’s Business New York

  913. I have more patience, I see what you see.

  914. Duh . . . Too obvious.

  915. cliff likes lin as a person i meant. hates his bball game.

  916. I am sure they knew Lin was not happy… he will not stay ….


  917. happened with Cavs already.

  918. I heard Batum’s 9 TOs converted to 16 points by the Bucks or something.

  919. i like Nathan, he tells it like it is

  920. That’s why opinions are easily manipulated from ill-informed or misinformed fans and fans at-large who only give credence to Coach’s decision and don’t carefully examine the politics behind his decision.

  921. It will not be Lin. His stats is bad. 6th man … Wrong # for Lin, it’s 9 man.

  922. And the hornet’s bench outscored bucks’ bench 35-15. Hence the close closeout.

  923. The only player I see in Lin’s way is Batum. I think Batum has something against Lin.

  924. Can you please stop with all this “Lin to GSW” rhetorics..Lin has stated he wants bigger role….What part can’t you get when Lin says he wants a bigger role?…Do you think playing 12 minute per game is big enough for Lin…If you think so, than you think very little of Lin,

    It really angers me when I see supposed Lin fan wanting him to go play with GSW….Lin is 27…He’s good enough to get 25 minutes…He’s at the very least, a high end back-up point guard and under the right coach, he could be a starter that could average 15ppg and 7assist……Why would anyone want Lin’s career to go die playing for GSW?

    Please, enough of the “Lin to GSW”…Lin can chase rings when he’s 32…Now, he has to seek playing time so that he can get better as a player…I still haven’t lost all hope that Lin could improve enough to become a starting caliber PG and possibly an all-star.

    Playing for GSW would end all these dreams.

  925. He cares about small details bc he’s a writer.

  926. If Lin is not smiling, Tyler should be crying or fuming. Lol Tyler had good impact on the game with his 3 minutes of PT. Impressed. The guy should get about 5 minutes of PT every game for tough D when the opponents are tired out.

  927. Yeah team high points. He’s also -9 +/- as opposed to Lin who was +10. If not for Lin he’d have >30 points and Hornets would have lost.


  928. yup. and the funny thing is that all of the hornets fans believe what clifford feed them just like how the rockets fans believed the lies mchale told them. PJ has never played good defense in the past and the stats supports this

  929. Starting to like this guy now

  930. anybody notice how once al got hurt, cliff put hawes in? zeller hadn’t played many min at that point. what was he doing? saving the better player for the starters and sabotaging the 2nd unit with the craptastic hawes…. lucky for us psycho t got some min in the second half…

  931. Batum? How?

  932. wasn’t Zeller kind of injured before this game?

  933. it boggles the mind…

  934. NBA star making.

  935. I have NO idea whey Tyler doesn’t get 5 minutes per game.

  936. Foul

  937. So the game was already won when Lin was pulled. Cliff left KW, NB, Lamb in for their stats and glory. KW not once passed to Lin in this late stretch. If Cliff, KW and NB are going to be like that from now on, I’d rather NOT have Lin played and do their dirty work for them. Let’s see if they can truly win by themselves without him!

  938. that’s what I’m talking about!

  939. After Batum hits a 3pointer at 45sec on the clock…all his “sins” were forgotten. suddenly he became the savior of the day!
    When the media labelled JLin a turnover machine…it sticks with him forever.

  940. Cause when Lin is on the floor it’s either Kemba or Batum controlling the court. I think Kemba has the right cause he’s been with the team and he is a PG. However, Batum is new to the team and he’s trying to take everyone’s role.

  941. yup. missed two shots at the end but didnt force it. he had a good game, especially 2nd quarter to save the starters.

  942. pj is ok. not a stopper but he tries. you can tell he really does try. anyways, the point is that lin plays exactly like pj. all out defense and get a shot or 2 when you can on offense. ONLY in the 2nd q when kemba has to rest does lin come alive. and lo and behold, the bench is GREAT. but in the 4th q, we cant have the bench play too much, starters no matter how bad they played need their minutes and stats… all politics…

  943. Big Deal, Hornet!

  944. and the 2nd chicago game

  945. I don’t believe Clifford ever promised to Lin he will close…But I’m pretty sure Lin was under the impression he’d play a bit more than what he’s currently playing.

    For the most part, Lin believed he would at least be allowed to facilitate while Kemba is resting for about 15 minutes…Now that Kemba is playing close to 40, Lin can’t even get enough time as PG…and when He plays SG, he doesn’t get enough touches because Kemba is too busy creating for himself.

  946. Hellooo, fellow JL7 fans,
    I’m just as distraught as you guys…. Bull Crap: “biggest acquisition of the season.”
    Just hang in there, be by JL7’s sides and fight this battle with him. It’s NOT over.

  947. Lin was pulled out when Hornets won by 2. I guess Cliff knew Kemba wouldn’t pass the ball to Lin in late 4Q so he put Lamb in. As for Batum, it’s like set up, he’s the one who always took the last shot (replace Kemba)

  948. What has Hans contributed so far?

  949. But you know no one cares about his turnovers bc he isn’t an Asian guy.

  950. we’ve been doing it for years. Lin will either leave Hornets or the Hornets will have to give him a fair shot if they want to keep him, his viewers, his fans, his money/popularity, his skills, etc. The less they play Lin or the more unfair they are to Lin, the more backlash Hornets will have to face. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose.

  951. I shall wait till JLin shares his feelings and thoughts in Taiwan after this season….usually he will be more open …

  952. MJ was just pandering to Chinese media.

  953. Not effectively from my observation. But neither were any of other Hornets big men. Tyler is still yet to find his way to more on-court experience so he plays more freely and instinctively. I have a feeling he’s movement will improve with more court time and less nerve…

  954. looks taht way now. Before I thought he really supported Lin cause I remember Cliff played him very low minutes and the next day when MJ was sitting on courtside, I think Lin got to play a lot of minutes. But then, I think it had to do with Kemba getting injured.

  955. I agree with you here…sws94 seems to put too much blame on him by demanding that he start forcing shots…When Lin starts doing that, that’s when the turnovers starts pilling up…He can’t really start forcing shots that arent there…..Cliff would just use it as an excuse to pull him even earlier and accuse him of being selfish.

    Clifford needs to run play for him..The problem is that when Lin plays SG, plays aren’t being called for him and Kemba is not really the type of PG that get easy shots for his teammates….So Lin is playing worst as a SG than as a PG…At least, when he’s PG, he has the ball in his hand and can call PnR and look for a shot through this.

    But Lin barely gets time at PG since Kemba now plays 40minute during the past 3-4 games.

  956. It felt like NB was set up to be the hero in this game. All his TOs were overlooked by Cliff and still got set plays to get his scoring up. He was allowed to play through his mistakes. With Cliff’s long leash/trust that’s why NB was able to pull off that 3 to extend the lead. If that 3 didn’t go in, it would have been an ill-advised attempt in the last moment of the game when they still have the lead. To me that shows low bb IQ once again and he got lucky!

  957. i don’t think you realize what is happening to Lin RIGHT NOW IN CHARLOTTE

  958. He does pick up fouls very quickly. Wish we could see some Hansbrough, JLin PnR. Perhaps with Jefferson out we could see it. I don’t think he will do well against Ezeli though. Maybe after GSW game.

  959. Sometimes I wish the comments here were all posted on Twitter or something. That would create so much chaos for Hornets. Just imagine if allt he comments from here and the other jlin fan site was shared on Twitter.

  960. No. Screw hornets.

  961. Nathan and Ido got our back 😉

  962. No, it’s better to keep these comments here. Would create a lot of backlash from Hornets fans.

  963. It’s Home game…Hornets needs to showcase their Starters (Kemba, Batum and JLame)

  964. that’s fine. Lin is leaving them next season anyway

  965. They are always showcasing them no matter where they play.

  966. do you not realize there is literally no coach, no gm, no team willing to give lin true opportunity? cliff WAS the “right coach” lin literally said it himself. but actions speak louder than words. cliff said he knew how to use lin, and yet every game he stands in the corner, not on the wing like a 2, but literally in the corner like a 3 or stretch 4. how is that using him correctly? look at lin’s face on the bench. the joy is gone. even a week or so ago he looked ok, but now he’s realized the truth.

    at least on GSW 1.) he’s home 2.) he’s on a true contender 3.) he may get the same 15 minutes on a championship team 4.) he can make the most of whatever minutes he does get, ie play pg and not in the corner. 5.) all eyes on this team, so people will see he’s a damn good player 6.) he’s a talent augmenter, he will make people like ezeli look good and assist good players like iggy 7.) the faster style suits his game

  967. I want Lin to get 10pts and 10ast. I think Lin is trying to get AST more that PTS. He has become a pass first PG more and more each year it seems. Commentators has stated that Lin has impacted the game through Hockey assists. Every time I see Lin pull the run around under the basket, it screws the defensive rotation. Two passes after that stunt, a basket made.

  968. Time for Jeremy’s agents to start move him or something. Sixers are without a PG, problem is they don’t want to win probably.

    Or we should hope for a miracle next year. At least Lakers used Jeremy to pad stats…

  969. In fact, the times Lin actually got most minutes were from home games and it’s not much either. They know Lin is a crowd favorite. On the road, Lin had 15-17 min games. But recently, it’s starting to look like Lin is getting less minutes at home too.

  970. I don’t think it is to deny Lin, Kemba will get his anyway. So, for Kemba to pad his stats sounds feasible to me.

  971. This image is so so so so deceiving…hornet PR is so so so deceitful…

  972. I agree with Zcode, I don’t want Lin fade further into the background in GSW. Its as simple as that. Lin is impactful of the bench, in Hornet’s world, no one can deny Lin’s impact on the bench. Unfortunately it doesn’t translate to more minute.

  973. Well we got to speak our mind so they all know. Some Hornets fans might side with us and agree that Lin is being marginalized.

  974. lin also led the lakers to having the best bench in the nba for a while. it’s no coincidence this bench force 1 thing exists, yet no one except us will care. the crappy starters will get all the credit for the wins…

  975. That’s what surprised me about this Hornets decision by Lin. I never knew of them to have a PnR player. Zeller seems the closest thing to it.

  976. Will happen with GSW and Bulls next.

  977. Hopefully, Lin will be played and be the impact player.

  978. lin was acquired for business purpose. They put him on marketing. MJ is a good businessman.

  979. just 2 minutes left and clifford pulls Lin and tells him some sorry excuse. no wonder Lin doesn’t look happy. got stabbed in the back

  980. Also, best backcourt duo in the east is Lin/Lamb LOL!

  981. Really? I didn’t see that.

  982. Short of playing for MDA, I don’t think we’ll ever see Linsanity again. Charlotte has found their SG in Lamb. They value Lin as back up to Kemba. If Lin is not happy with his role, he’ll definitely look elsewhere next season.

  983. and even if lin gets to touch the ball, what can he do from the corner? he’s not even on the wing. that honor goes to batum/lamb… it’s clear as day for me. just look at the sets. lin is in no position to succeed.

  984. Bucks win 3 out of 4 Q, but the difference was already made in the 2 Q by the bench with Lin! Bench bails out the 1st unit!

  985. just before he sat Lin, he pulled him to the sidelines and made some kind of lame motion as to say Lin should or should not do something

  986. If we’ll see him close the 4th from now on,it means that someone got injured

  987. The story of the Hornets, every game this season.

  988. but he played when it mattered, with the starters. cliff couldnt let the 2nd unit keep the best big. had to trot hawes out there…

  989. I hope the team chemistry and locker room chemistry will become…


    due to unfair treatment of Lin

  990. what opportunity has he got? none.

  991. They tried to keep Batum & he maybe said Yes so he got the green light for everything on court. But not Lin … that’s why he’s to be the last player to come in…. Batum just the one who took the last shot for the team now…. I guess this game it’s for Kemba.

  992. well at least he’s active right?

  993. No. IMO, the template was rolled out by Rox. Copied by Lakers and perfecting and continuing by Hornets.

  994. Before being taken out, I thought Lin was overpassing and not taking shots as the 24 secs clock was winding down. I wish he would have drive or take the shot when the ball was in his hands. I guess, Lin wants to promote team ball.

  995. Jlin will get his nights, also he can’t play every game well!! Just be ready and win!!!

  996. Lin should have shot the ball..he was open..but hesitated and passed..

  997. I see. I will check LP video again.

  998. yeah, he should have been more aggressive but that was no reason to bench him

  999. exactly. passed too much..

  1000. The last shot is reserved between those two tonight.

  1001. I know… Why they didn’t give him more chance to take the shot?

  1002. So it makes sense for him to be happy under 12 minute sitting on GSW bench as opposed to playing at least 20-22 minutes for Charlotte?

    Lin, himself, stated he declined to play for GSW because he would be of no importance to this team…I doubt going back home to be a 12 mpg guy, would make him happier than Charlotte.

    Frankly, I’d rather he stays with the Hornets than play for GSW….There’s always a chance Kemba could revert back to his 37% career FG which could lead to losing games and Lin could be given a chance…

    With GSW, Lin will be buried deep on the bench..He’d simply be Curry water boy..The guy who bring gatorade cup for Curry so he can drink..LOL


  1003. sometimes I wish Lin yelled back at the coach kind of like how Al did earlier this season. It will blow up all over the press/media

  1004. So what happened to AJ now. Any news from his injury? Is he ok?

  1005. Ya! This team ball theory really killed him from team to team … really no comment on that… smh!

  1006. it’s like clifford was trying to find some sorry excuse to bench Lin but Lin doesn’t like to force shots unless the shot clock was winding down

  1007. I think he passed to Batum a lot cause he wanted to see Batum airball or get a TO since he is the franchise star.

  1008. Agreed. I think that’s Lin’s attitude. But his fans have different expectations of him….They want Lin to be Curry every night.

  1009. That may be what the coach didn’t like. I don’t know why he hesitates at time. He’s better off just doing and letting his will take over.

  1010. or they finally acknowledge that Lin fans are angry and hurting the franchise

  1011. yup. Al seemed to got better treatment after that. Lin should piss on clifford’s fire-hydron

  1012. I think he will be out a few days, taking MRI

  1013. lol

  1014. I guess he was not assigned to have O that’s why…

  1015. Exactly. Look, Lin played a terrific game but didn’t look to do much in the last few minutes on with Kemba and Batum. Maybe that displeased Clifford. Really, putting in Lamb for some shooting wasn’t so terrible and they won the game. It’s not that big of a deal to me. Lin was terrific this game.

  1016. I heard that Lin can buyout his contract. How is that done? If he buys out his contract he can go to another team?

  1017. Don’t you know that Lin is only used for his D instead of his O when he gets to play in the 4th? Defense is his designated duty during 4th or crunch time when he gets to play. Observe closely and you’ll see…

  1018. c’mon you’re always making excuses for clifford’s horrible treatment of Lin

  1019. I wish.

  1020. At this point, I want my fav team GS to blow the Hornets out of building by 20+ points!! Let’s GO, WARRIORS! KW & NB gonna have most PT anyway…

  1021. 6th or 7th. There’s no real 6th man emerging yet and may not be one.

  1022. I think next year Lin should just go to whatever team lets him be their starting PG (assuming there will be such a team and THAT is a big if). Lin’s strengths are not shooting guard requisites. Lin’s strengths are distributing the ball, attacking the basket and controlling the tempo. He NEEDS the ball in his hand.

    Jeremy cannot create his own jump shot. He is a catch and shoot guy or shoots coming off a screen. He can’t shoot off the dribble. He doesn’t go straight up vertically to shoot over defenders (please don’t try to refute that by using his fadeaways as an example).

    He’s been mired in bad systems for four years now. He should forget about fitting in or even looking for a contending team. A contending team likely already has its core in place, so where is Jeremy going to fit in? How much time is he going to get? Jeremy will be 28 yrs old I think. He’s got to find a team where he gets MINUTES AS A STARTER. I don’t care how bad the team is. That is the ONLY situation where he can display his true value.

  1023. They will don’t worry. They are really good now. Better than last season.

  1024. whatever, I’m tired of you and other’s whining. Clifford is the coach and holds Lin to a different standard than others. My stating that is not giving an excuse, it’s stating it. So drop it already.

  1025. teams can buyout a player’s contract but it wouldn’t make sense for the hornets to buyout Lin’s since he’s only getting paid $2 Mil and is a very productive part of the roster. teams normally buy out much larger contracts of players they have absolutely no use for. that way they get more cap room for trades and what not

  1026. obviously things can still turn around, but im under the assumption that this will continue all season. if that’s the case, then 15 minutes for GSW is worth more than 20 minutes standing in the corner for hornets. yes lin THOUGHT that he’d have more opportunity in charlotte. cliff TOLD him that. but do you SEE it right now? cant say what happens in the future, but if this continues, where’s the opportunity?

    being curry’s back up is no insult. standing in the corner for kemba IS…

  1027. This. It’s a learning process for Lin, Cliff and the Hornets, it’s still early in the season. I’m pleasantly surprised how fast they have gelled given the short amount of time they have played together. If the Hornets keep this up, they will probably make the playoffs as a 6th seed.

  1028. Even with MDA nothing is guaranteed. It depends on the players and organizations. It’s not like Steve Nash got to play his game with the Lakers, did he?

  1029. He can create his own jump shot. He needs to be in the offensive flow more. But, well, he’s working at creating his own jump shot and making it with regularity.

  1030. Do you think Lin’s role will expand? I think it might, but I don’t get playing Kemba so much. Takes too much playing time away from Lin as PG? And it’s happening in the 3rd/4th quarter more and more,.

  1031. I’m supporting JL7 & his team Only if the team is being fair to JL7. Besides, I only want the Hornets lose to GS and no others. GS is my fav team, Not Hornets.

  1032. i’m not whining. i’m telling it as it is. but you’re making excuses

  1033. be nice we have some visitors.. lol

  1034. GO HORNETS!

  1035. Yes. Agreed. Everything has to be aligned for Linsanity to happen again. But given the lead role and playing MDA offense, Lin will excel. New Orleans has no PG to lead that offense. Lin would be a great fit.

  1036. I’m not and let’s stop with this stupid game. I’m saying what Cliff wants to see from Lin and that’s all. I don’t agree with Cliff at all, but it is what it is and Lin has to make the adjustments. Also, sometimes Lin doesn’t do everything right on the court and he’s not treated like other players. But whining about it doesn’t help. Lin giving them what they want is the solution to him getting chances .That’s what PFV has been saying and at least Cliff wants him to shoot and playmaker rather than just pass and play defense like Byron did.

  1037. Man…. Yes the situation is far from ideal. The treatment of Lin is appalling. But what is there to be gained for both us fans and Jeremy himself the way we are b-itching and moaning, SPECULATING what’s going through each players or coaches mind purely based on their facial expression, then making it into a little role play scenario? Heck, just by looking at Jack Nicholson’s face I will think he’s always plotting to kill some random guy on the street….

    This forum has become so filled with dark, negative, pessimistic rants. When negative emotions gather together it will only form bigger gloom, and that will somehow find its way to affect Lin because this website is one of his dedicated fan website…

    I mean no personal attack on any individuals, but rather is wanting a collective effort from all of us to channel more positivity to combat this ever growing dark energy looming this forum. It’s perfectly OK to express what you think, but before you hit the “post” button, take a deep breath and think whether if you’re still filled with anger after typing the negative rant. And please also try to tone down your words so they don’t appear to be so negative.

    Please, every effort counts. Let’s bring more positivity to this forum and Jeremy.

  1038. Jlin will SHINE in big games against the Warriors!!! But if Cliff pulls him out when he is hot in 4th Q, then we know more…don’t worry.

  1039. that’s the problem. you’re listening to PFV who is making excuses for clifford. plus, you don’t know what clifford wants from Lin. so in fact, you’re making things up

  1040. How’s the coach though? I’d love Lin with Davis. Another Davis and different player but he could PnR well with Davis with his quickness and athleticism and funnel guys to Davis all day. But, Lin’s with Charlotte now and still the season is young. I hope things work out in Charlotte because I’m weary of all the different teams for one. But if Lin needs to change, I support it 100 percent. We’ll have more info as the season progresses.

  1041. not cool. It will affect JLin too..

  1042. That poster profile has blank screen… Be ware…. He appears and disappears several times.

  1043. It hard to say what Cliff is thinking. They have invested heavily in Kemba. Unless Kemba gets injured, I don’t see Lin playing more than 20-25 mins/game. Now that Lamb has shown what he can do (and the big contract), he’ll cut into Lin’s minutes at SG. Prior to the season start, I thought, Lin would get around 28 mins at PG & SG. But now, his main minutes are as Kemba’s backup, his role is definitely reduced.

  1044. OK.

  1045. only for 1 year. it’s already toxic for Lin anyway

  1046. Lin will not stay for sure.

  1047. He’s playing alongside Kemba a lot. Lamb is proving he plays best with Lin. He’s not as effective with the others. Clifford seems to be sticking with the 2 PGs but Lin is not playing as a PG. He doesn’t alternate with Kemba and that’s the biggest problem with me. He needs more touches and both he and Clifford need to see to that.

  1048. I won’t watch Hornets’ game unless they play against a good team, which is the only opportunity Lin could be unleashed. And I suspect Hornets to follow the path of Rox and LAL after Lin leaves.

  1049. the entire bench needs more minutes.

  1050. PFV isn’t making excuses either. PFV is a realist that knows that coaches rule and players have to please them. If you don’t accept that, like it or not, then you may never accept Lin anywhere. Both PFV and I have said we don’t agree with Cliff on everything and we say where we think he’s fair. Anyway, I don’t feel like defending myself anymore and won’t. But maybe deal with the fact that not everyone sees Clifford here the same way,.

  1051. i doubt Cliff will allow Lin to tear up the Warriors. I predict some lousy minutes first half like 5 minutes so Lin does not get in the rhythm for second half. Then that gives coach a reason to yank Lin out in the 2nd half early when he misses shots or gets TOs.

  1052. Yeah, I don’t know much about Gentry other than from reading “7 seconds or less” book about MDA and PHX record breaking season. Gentry is MDA protege, so his offense is MDA’s style. The problem is the Pelicans have no PG to lead the offense, that’s why they are doing so poorly. Lin would be a perfect fit for that team.

  1053. well, he isn’t much of a realist when he has to stretch to find a reason for clifford to bench Lin now is he?

  1054. ugh, Paul…I like him when we’re winning and Lin gets treated somewhat fairly but not today…


  1055. one thing to look for going forward is to see if kemba starts the 4th. if no, then that means bench force 1 with lin as pg gets to play. if yes, then look for lin to stand in the corner. kemba will need some rest eventually, but he will undoubtedly close out so look or lamb to finish and lin once again go to the bench.

    lin is no longer mr 4th quarter. he’s not allowed to do anything but stand in the corner these recent 4th quarters. lin is now mr 2nd quarter. thats the ONLY time he’s guaranteed to be pg nowadays…

  1056. Lin and Kemba are both ball dominant PGs. In an ideal world, Cliff would allow the 2-head monsters attacking. But, so far, other than in the pre-season, when Lin is playing along Kemba, he’s staying in the corner which is not his strength. Kemba and Batum taking turn to be 1st and 2nd option. They have the green light to shoot as they pleased.

    Lamb is definitely benefiting from Lin’s playing making ability. Lots of Lamb’s successes so far is because of Lin drawing attention and leaving Lamb with open looks.

  1057. I’ve been saying your first sentence since when linawasaindalakers..

  1058. I see your point. You’re right. But when someone played you for fool it’s hard to contain anger.

    Better move on now… Hopefully Jeremy will have another chance somewhere. This team will fall apart when he will leave.

  1059. “Jeremy Lin had a nice performance despite missing a couple open shots, helping to move the ball, especially late in the first quarter when the Hornets faced their biggest deficit of the game. He’ll need to start shooting more efficiently for him to warrant extra playing time (without an injury to a backcourt player), but the second unit has been ganging up on opposing teams all year, and Lin’s a big reason why.” – ATH

    I disagree. If you’re only making 4 field goal attempts, 3 misses is nothing when you are going to the line and scoring 100% free throws, defending well and making more assists than the PG who got 40 minutes in about half the time.

  1060. It will happen.

  1061. good
    well deserved

  1062. who said that

  1063. Being in the offensive flow would help, but there are possessions where he literally doesn’t touch the ball at all.

  1064. If Cliff restricts Lin’s minutes the GSW are going to massacre the Hornets bench. I’m hoping Hornets will be 20 points behind before Cliff puts Lin in.

  1065. That’s why Hornets wins don’t necessarily benefit Lin. Some people are dazed by Hornets wins clouding their judgement by overlooking the implication of Lin’s plight.

  1066. yeap…saw that….”don’t you dare outshine the head of the snake”

  1067. And the owners are laughing all the way to the bank.

  1068. an article on ATH

  1069. yep.

  1070. bingo. if lamb were truly as talented as the homer fans make him out to be then why does he suck so much next to kemba? could it be lin makes him better? homer fans will never admit that which is obvious…

  1071. ya I don’t really care about today’s win when I know Lin was unfairly benched.

  1072. At this point, JL7’s PT won’t increase by much – and he’s behind NB, KW, and Lamb. It’s highly unlikely that CCliff will let JL7 be the savior of games. If CCliff dont let him play his game against average teams then why would he let him against good teams (a look back at the Cavs game, Bulls, Heat).

  1073. That assessment is cherry-picking Lin’s performance. Its hypocritical considering many other players playing with much less efficiency than him from many angles. Go find another PG with Lin’s production in the same minutes. Same minutes with BENCH on top of that.

  1074. Something tells me Cliff might allow Kemba to play 40 minutes like he did today and Lin will 20 minutes or less where half his minutes will be on the floor with Kemba and Batum so he’ll just be standing in the corner for 10 minutes. I think Cliff will try to use Lin as a defensive stopper but GSW will still score a lot of buckets.

  1075. I do understand where all angry Lin fans are coming from. If I was younger and hadn’t gone through what I’d been through all these years, I’d probably be the one fuming like there’s no tomorrow…

    But you just said “when someone plays you for fool…”. Well that “you” you’re talking about is actually Jeremy, not us fans. So if anyone should be all fired up ready to pout, it should be him. But he’s not doing it. Whatever the reason for him being so calm and collected, I’m sure it’s because he wants to be that way in public eyes and be perceived as such. So for him to be so well mannered and professional about things, us fans acting opposite the way he chosed to be, it really is hindering his efforts. That’s the way I look at these things.

  1076. I bet it will be JLin’s image if the MiL had won….

  1077. forget about being benched. how about all those minutes spent languishing away in the corner… im starting to enjoy watching his defense. on offense he’s not even a second thought, he’s a last resort…

  1078. What’s worse is that Lin might be pulled when Lin is actually HOT. That’s my worst fear.

  1079. Don’t worry, next time Jeremy will play 30 minutes they will lose and will have their scapegoat and will show other: look, when Lin is in, we lose.

    This team will fall apart when Jeremy will leave. They barely beat the Bucks.

  1080. ya if it wasn’t for Lin playing main PG while Kemba/Batum was sitting on bench in 2nd qtr, we would have lost. That 2nd qtr was the reason we won.

  1081. good recognition by them

  1082. yep. not much of a prediction if u ask me. kemba has to be the savior. if they’re down a lot, lin wont even play late. cliff will wave the white flag with roberts instead….

  1083. Agree. It’s his life, not mine. It’s up to him and his agents.

    But as basketball point of view, seeing all those talents wasted, it’s frustrating.

    Anyway I will always keep the faith. Somewhere, somehow, we will see another Jeremy Lin team. And it’ll be better than Linsanity.

  1084. ya, i just dont like how they compliment lin and also bag on him for something so small.

  1085. i pay good money to watch lin on LP. standing in the corner all game IS fooling me as well. we suffer with him…

  1086. Clifford is a bad coach. They just want to run motion offence but ball doesn’t move.

    Nets, for example, can’t lose games. They must do something cause their first pick belongs to Boston. And it’s unprotected.

  1087. no, it still benefits that if the team goes to play off, Lin might got chance to play further…..

  1088. I didn’t think about that. Good point. I wanted to get LP too but didn’t get cause games are on night in Italy.

    Thank God I saved money for the jersey

  1089. The Cavs game told me a lot about Lin’s PT from now on… I don’t believe my fellow JL7 fans before (against Bulls, Heat, others) but at some point I have to admit to “the truth.” JL7 can’t be a savior for this Hornets team – he’s on a short leash, hands are tied. How can JL7 be a “Steph Curry” in 20min role ?? No set plays, not PG role…

  1090. Yes. Frustrated I am too. Though I choose to vent my frustration by hitting some golf balls or go play a pick up game somewhere near me.

    I too is waiting for a promised land… And Lin is my Moses, leading us fans to this land filled with milk and honey. But I’m not gonna lose faith in him like some Jews losing their faith in Moses after wandering all these years in the desert without an end in sight… Lin will get there, eventually

  1091. homer fans are physically incapable of such compliments…

  1092. FWIW lineups from tonight’s game:

  1093. Don’t click for them…

  1094. In today’s post game interview, Clifford mentioned MDA. He also mentioned Hawes, Tyler and Lamb having great games off the bench. No mention of Lin.

  1095. yes! i also didnt want to buy into it, but its no longer a game or two, its a trend. even the kings OT performance happened only because they gameplanned to force the ball out of kemba’s hands. if not he’d be in the corner…

  1096. what is FWIW?

  1097. Good example 🙂

    I just wanted to show what the real Clifford is. A liar. Since first season game.

    Hopefully Jeremy will jump off this wagon sooner. That’s it.

  1098. For What Its Worth

  1099. I like Paul but I don’t necessary agree what he said every time…

  1100. Lin without Kemba or Batum is top 2 line ups.

  1101. I don’t care what he says. He’s just a liar.

  1102. I disagree..I think he’s just trying to stay positive despite the circumstances. He’s been a huge Lin fan.

  1103. Paul is good when you feel bad about JLin he always see’s something good. Gets you through the bad times of which there have been many.

  1104. Lin, from the pre-season, was being geared up not to play PG all that much. Remember in pre-season when he was not playing point guard with Roberts? Lin played well in preseason, so we didn’t care and were filled with optimism. But he didn’t play that much PG.

    Here’s the thing in my opinion. Kemba can’t play off guard role that well. Batum has shown that he can. Batum is the other facilitator with Kemba and there’s decent chemistry. For Lin to play the minutes we desire, he’ll not be playing PG that much. He’ll be another guard in with Kemba while Kemba is the main ball handler. And Kemba and Lin’s on-court chemistry is slow to develop. Even if he gets minutes, he may not have the touches we’d like to see and therefore scoring/assists.

    Lin’s role with Kemba is to be like Batum, another playmaker/scorer when the game presents it. It’s not to be PJ. If he seems like all he’s doing is getting the ball and sending it to Batum or Kemba, and not looking to get it to a shooter or score, Cliff may not stay with him. Whether he does or not may depend on the matchups and situations.

    Now, Clifford may pull him anyway regardless, I’m not sure. But I think Kemba’s inability to play off-ball well makes Lin have to become an in-motion, go-to-the-ball player when he’s in. I think today Batum struggled so much with his passing, that Lin needed to do more while in there so Batum wouldn’t just make another TO.

    But anyway, look for Lin to not play that much PG, especially now that Kemba is getting more PT.

  1105. Clifford must know many Lin fans are not happy about the way he uses Lin and trying to justify it. We have seen so much before at Rox and Lakers. Nothing is new to us, Lin fan LOL

  1106. that still doesnt explain how he’s not on the weak side wing, but is in the strong side corner. he plays like a 3 while batum/lamb is the 2. ONLY in the 2nd q do we see linsanity…. if that’s his role so be it….

  1107. Without Jeremy this team would’ve been crap like last years.

    It’s cause Jeremy plays his heart out that makes them win games.

  1108. wu kong, i think parsing lineup data makes it unnecessarily complicated, and right now its too small a size to make fine-grained conclusions about 5-man lineups.

    here are 4 simple numbers to make the same pt.

    Net Rating across quarters, for the season so far according to NBA.com
    1Q: +1.7
    2Q: +15.4
    3Q: -10.5
    4Q: +10.3

    The 1Q and 3Q are pretty much the starters. Lin plays the most in the 2nd Q, and has varying playtime in the 4th.

  1109. I think Kemba is not allow Lin to be another facilitator when they both on court. Lin is not allow to handle the ball & run O. But Kemba let Batum do it. That’s huge different. That’s why Lin can’t have good stats next to Kemba but not Batum.

  1110. In the 2Q he played PG. The challenge is with Kemba.

  1111. Oh yes the good’ol LP. AUD $270 a pop for a regular subscription that only lets you listen to home team feeds. I paid that as well, and I think I’ve lost my money again this year. But like Lin, he gambled on the Hornets and appears to have lost. I gambled on the LP and yep, I lost too… Lol

  1112. Yep. Rox rolled out the template. Lakers copied. Hornets perfecting it. The similarity is uncanny.