Game 17: Los Angeles Clippers vs Atlanta Hawks


  1. Interestingly, someone mentioned a Ringer article on both Baze and Lin as options for NOP.

  2. Gentry wants heavy ball movement in the half court, which has been unsteady this season. Elfrid Payton, signed for the biannual exception this offseason, has helped, but he’s missed nine games with a sprained ankle and will miss another four to six weeks after fracturing his left pinky during his first game back. The team needs another playmaker, even after Payton returns to keep Holiday in the attacking combo guard role he thrived in last season. New Orleans had interest in Jeremy Lin before he signed with the Nets in 2016, so his status in Atlanta is something to keep an eye on. So are Milos Teodosic and T.J. McConnell, both of whom are currently buried on their teams’ benches.

  3. I just read the article and it did mention both Bazemore and Lin. But the gist of the article seems to be there is a need for 3&D player on the wings (SF or SG) to help out easing ADavis’ workload.

    Then there is speculation of the Suns and the Pelicans getting into bidding war for John Wall.

    My take is Pelicans might be interested in trading for Bazemore to fill the wing player need, then Lin might start on the SG position helping out Trade. But maybe Pelicans might also be interested in Lin to help out as SG/backup PG. The only thing is Jrue Holiday will still be the starting PG so Lin will still have limited playing time as a backup PG.

    here are a few thoughts on who could help:

    New Orleans pursued a trade for Hawks wing Kent Bazemore this offseason, per league sources. Atlanta still wants to get off Bazemore’s contract, which has a $19.3 million player option for next season that he’ll absolutely pick up.

  4. Yup, Lin will have to defer to Holiday and Davis. They are the Pelicans’ star and superstar. They have seniority and pull over any new guys joining the team. Even if new players joining Pelicans are vets and Lin can outplay Holiday, he’d still have to defer to him. Only guy who might force Holiday out of his role / position would be John Wall, but it’d take too much to acquire Wall, and I doubt Pelicans would want to spend that much for him.

    Lin to Pelicans has been on my mind for a while. It’s a good scenario for Lin if it happens. He’d be going to a playoff caliber team and one that has a legit superstar big man in Anthony Davis. Lin can still take it relatively easy if he needs to and still contribute to a team looking to win, not tank. He can show that he’s still valuable and not have the pressure to lead a team (even though Lin wants that role, it may not be the best for him this year). Play well in the playoffs and stay healthy all year, teams will come flocking to Lin in the offseason.

  5. That could be a good scenario for Lin to increase his market value for his contract next year.

    Even as a backup PG in the Pelicans, Lin can help the team to reach the playoff with his ability to draw fouls and get FTs in crunch time. Closing many games with Davis and Holiday in the playoff will definitely increase his market value.

    You raised a good point that logging heavy minutes as a starting PG this year might not be good for Lin’s long-term health. So perhaps helping a playoff team to shine in the playoff is the win-win scenario for his health and his next contract.

    Let’s wait and see how things develop.

  6. I think if Pelicans want this to happen, they can easily do it. They can trade Mirotic’s expiring $12.5M for Lin’s similar contract. Solomon Hill’s $12.2M is within 25% of Bazemore’s $18M contract, so that’d work out too. Of course, Pelicans would have to attach some picks to give Schlenk an incentive to make the trade.

    Who knows what will happen. All we know is that Pelicans was interested in both Baze and Lin before. They’re in desperate need of quality players to help out AD and Holiday. Baze and Lin makes them a very good playoffs team, even in the stacked Western conference.

  7. good to know…thanks for sharing!

  8. really interesting

  9. It’s where I wanted Lin to go, not to the Nets. But, from Lin’s perspective, the Nets made more sense. And kind of worked out except for the injuries. He was captain of the team. It’s just AD is a phenomenal player and Lin does well with great big men. Holiday and Lin could probably play well together, both can play PG or SG.

    Edit: I wanted Lin with Pels because they’re a contender.

  10. I don’t think I like this. But we’ll see.

  11. The MOST IMPORTANT THING tonight, is for LIN TO STAY HEALTHY, and NO injury.

    Stats should be secondary tonight. If PB is on court, Lin should try to use screens, pass the ball off, DON’T dive for any loose balls, don’t challenge PB.

    PB is dirty. Has no qualms about trying to hurt a “superstar” like Westbrook. He sure won’t have any qualms about hurting Lin. Probably even worse, knowing Lin is still recovering from injury.

    STAY CHILL, JLIN!!!!! No need to prove anything tonight.

  12. Not saying it’s necessarily going to happen. But for sake of argument….

    Does Jrue have to play PG? Last season, the Pelicans got into playoffs with Rondo being PG. Supposedly, that freed Jrue to attack more:

    “That frees Holiday up to be incredibly aggressive on both offense and defense without having the added worry of orchestrating an entire offense.”

    I don’t have stats handy. But from memory and eye test, healthy Lin has always outplayed Payton when EP was at Orlando. Payton has NO playoff experience. Lin has, and played well in playoffs.

    IMO, if the Pelicans think enough of Lin to trade for him to help, it would be to start.

  13. The summer that Lin signed with the Nets, 2016, Pelicans were NOT in playoffs. And wasn’t in 2017. Were NOT contenders.

    Could Lin have made them contenders? Maybe. Depends on what the Pelicans offered Lin.

    Certainly the Nets’ offer, along with playing for Atkinson, was too good to pass up.

  14. Definitely interesting prospect.

  15. Sorry to see Poythress get hurt. But doesn’t sound too serious.

    This clip again shows that Poythress has good court awareness. After getting the rebound, he IMMEDIATELY gave the ball up to JLin, to make the play, and pass to Bembry for the score.

    Hope when AP gets back, he can get minutes again. Another challenge for Pierce and his rotations.

    Better yet, find a way to convert his two-way contract into a regular one.

  16. Should have been “superstar” already. If only he had gotten green lights after Linsanity. With support, and development focus, from teams and organizations.

  17. It is curious that 6’2″ Jaylen Adams was called up from the G-League, will he play tonight?
    At PG we have TY, JLIN and occasionally Bembry, Dorsey and whatever …

    So what does it mean … why do we need to call up another PG? Could be:

    – Trade in the works? JLIN maybe?
    – ATL souring on TY or JLIN?
    – FO really liked what they saw of Jaylen and want to develop him too? What about TY?
    – Someone might be moved down to the G-League?
    – Nothing at all … but it is strange nevertheless since the team has PGs already

    Incidentally Trae is also 6’2″ but let’s see who is noticeably taller if they stand next to each other.

  18. Literally, any of the other 29 teams who would trade for JLIN this season would be better than remaining on this ATL Hawks team…

    … reason is simply because what it would do for JLIN’s reputation, market value and next contract positioning if a team goes to the trouble of trading for JLIN and his expiring contract this season.

    It matters not what role JLIN gets with that team because benefit would have already accrued to JLIN’s prospects — he could play fewer minutes from the bench with a full-on tanking team and coach that could care less about him and it would still be better for JLIN if a trade was consummated.

  19. The Hawks is gonna get destroy tonight as no one can handle Tobias Harris, Marcin Gortat or even Montrezl Harrell, so Lin should try to stay away from Patrick Beverley at all cost!!!

  20. I don’t believe JLIN is worried about Bev – Bev has suffered plenty of injury in his own career, whatever is left of his career

  21. Yes but Bev can still injury Lin with his so call aggressive defense. To me Bev is kinda a dirty player.

  22. The few times I’ve seen Beverly guard Lin he wasn’t super aggressive. He sort of played off of Lin to give him room to drive.

  23. Wow the hawks commentary saying all the great stuffs about Lin. Just hope LP see the same way.

  24. Yeah. I noticed that too. Compare to his defense to Westbrook and Lin, he seem to not as aggressive when he play against Lin which is a good thing. The last thing I wanna see is Lin get hurt again…

  25. Back to back to back TO

  26. TY puts up a ridiculous shot that had no chance and it bounced off window – And 1

  27. Pat Beverly was very fond of Jeremy Lin when they played for the Rockets. He said nice things when Jeremy left Rockets.

  28. TY hits first 3 pointer in the last 4 games I believe — so look for the kid to go nuts tonight thinking he has his touch back

  29. Lol. Bev is trying to start with Trae already

  30. Lin is coming.

  31. Beverley is making Trae play better.

  32. Haha yeah. Bev pissed Trae off that’s why.

  33. Trae having a great 1st quarter. Lin coming in late. Let’s hope Lin can start and stay aggressive tonight.

  34. Who said feel sorry for Trae Young need to eat there words! What is there to feel sorry for? He will get starter minutes regardless of how he plays yet when he’s shooting well Lin sits! I’d laugh if Bev takes Trae out this game.

    Lin’s minutes barely 25 even when he’s playing well.

  35. It’s just the FIRST Quarter – you still might eat your words – the kid is inconsistent and concedes as many points as he generates until proven otherwise

  36. Come on Lin that was wide open! 0pts in 1st quarter. :/

  37. Man, Lin played a terrible 1st Q. Missed an easy open layup, turned the ball over, and missed an open 3. He looks sluggish and unsure of himself out there tonight. Need to pick it up.

    Hawks came out ready to play tonight, especially Trae and Dedmon. Let’s see if they can upset one of the best teams in the NBA.

  38. TO is on Huerter

  39. And yet the awful JLIN’s squad is responsible for the 5 point LEAD that the Hawks have

  40. Lin needs to wake up if not with Trae being hot, he will eat all his minutes to be the hero!

    Huerter fouled, Lin got lucky if not it would be TO.

  41. It was caused by Lin. They might’ve scored it on Huerter, but it was Lin’s fault for passing that ball to a cutting Huerter.

  42. Yup.

  43. Lin looking for open players and only gets 1 assist instead of forcing shots but he needs to get going. Trae playing well means he will be benched any minute.

  44. They could’ve been up by 7 more if Lin didn’t make mistakes and miss easy buckets.

  45. Most of the starters are NEG plus/minus currently

    ALL of JLIN”s unit is POS

    Who cares – the game is long and he had a tough contested layup

  46. Yeah, I didn’t care for his approach. I think he gives the ball up too early after bringing it up. The layup he should have made, easy shot for him.

  47. What you folks have been seeing in Q1 and probably Q2-Q4 is what you’ve seen all season long and you seem surprised … STILL

    JLIN looks to get his squadmates involved early period, end of story

  48. Collins is pretty good.

  49. Not even going to bother arguing with you tonight, but you’re wrong about the comments you said.

  50. Trae is hungry and focused. Dude realizes he crapped the bed previous 3 games and needs to come out ready to play tonight.

  51. It also might be because Bev pissed him off in the early 1st qtr. Lol.

  52. He hit shots and made good passes before Bev started his antics on Trae.

  53. He’s taking charge and making things happen. And yes, he was playing that way from the beginning of the game.

  54. and its a home court so to speak for this game

  55. And yet this Hawks starting unit with Trae – usually gives up more points than it scores because they can’t defend which is probably the principle reason this team has the 2nd worst record in the NBA

    … today might be starting better than the recent 8 gms but the trend is still no differennt

  56. What JLIN’s unit gives ( a LEAD) the starters again promptly give away.

    … but the franchise stars chasing stats look great

  57. Lin came in with the Hawks leading.

  58. perhaps by 2 pts not certain, he got in in when it was even if I recall correctly

  59. now he’s being guarded well, he lost his luster of the 1Q..beal is now taking trae unlike the wanna be (not…great defensive player) PB

  60. Exactly, Lin needs to smarten up and get his stats for his contract!

  61. Home court advantage, Trae knows when he’s got the benefit of the doubt.

  62. JLIN trade highlight tape is already spectacular, that’s taken care of

  63. Announcer just used the word Vinsanity?! Lol someone’s a Lin fan.

  64. Vinsanity came before Linsanity.

  65. It is going to be a low minute game for Lin.

  66. They say Harold changed the game, no Dominque … the change came when the starter lost the lead the bench game them due to bad basketball and adjustments Clippers made

  67. Perhaps Pierchlenk wants to finally stop this losing streak – JLIN closing the half again

    Guess that coaching staff might be paying attention to the Plus/Minus of which squad is performing

  68. Spoke too soon

  69. JLIN and Trae on the floor together closing the half huh?

  70. Yeah, much better defender without the antics.

  71. What an awful 1st half for Lin. He was a total non-factor. Kept deferring and not making plays. He’s going to get benched for most of 2nd half because of this and because Trae is having a very good game.

  72. I’m not sure what Lin is doing in this game. In the second stint, he did nothing. Didn’t stop Lou Williams, didn’t shoot, didn’t do much of anything.

  73. Lin is la la land tonight. He better wake up in 2nd half… IF Pierce even gives him any minutes, that is.

  74. Lin very hesistant to shoot this game just deferring all the shots. Meanwhile Trae is 6-12 with 19pts. When was the last time Lin took 12 shots or got 19pts by half time?

  75. Well, Trae is playing well, so Lin won’t get pass 15 minute tonight.

    He did get 2 good shots. One missed lay up which he went reversed lay-up..That was so unnecessary. Should had gone straight up from the same side and would had made it.

    Hate to see Lin miss these lay-up, specially now that even 15 minutes are not guaranteed.

    The other shot he missed is another wide open 3point shot…For some reason, he has no problem shooting the transition pull-up 3’s but the wide open catch-N-shoot has been a problem.

    Lin can’t afford to miss these shots.

  76. someone is influencing his plays. He’s instructed to just pass it looks like….no one is passing him the ball. I think front office wants trae to shine…..especially home court.

  77. And yet, JLIN gets to CLOSE another halftime

    And yet, everyone, EVERY SINGLE player that normally plays with JLIN is a large POSITIVE on plus/minus and every starter NEGATIVE

    This game is a WIN with the awful JLIN and his unit – but the game will be in jeopardy because the starters play the big minutes

  78. Clippers are beginning to figure Trae out, but he’s still going at them. Lin needs to provide some more for the team.

  79. when your teammates not passing the ball to you, do you think you can become a scorer to fill your stat..(pls watch Bembys game) even bazemore can’t handle the ball because trae think he can score all the time

  80. They passed him the ball. He passed it right back. They set picks from him, he dribbled around and then passed it to someone else. He’s not aggressive at all.

  81. jeremy is technically not playing he’s not even shooting when he was wide open

  82. He’s rushing those open 3s, should take a second to settle himself or do a step to the side if he needs to.

  83. He’ll get minutes. But the aggressive Lin needs to show up.

  84. He’ll start looking for his shots in the 3rd. No matter the limited minutes he’ll be given, he just needs to get to his average of 10 pts, 3 – 4 asts.

  85. They don’t pass Lin the ball because Lin does nothing with it tonight. Lin just passes it right back to them. He’s deferring and playing super passive. Not sure what he’s thinking or doing tonight.

    The 2 times Lin got the ball early, he missed an easy open layup and an open 3.

  86. How many GM actually look at those? They only look at how many points are scored.

  87. It’s like a broken record … why is JLIN passing the ball to teammates in the first half?

    Just copy and paste that for successive games

  88. plays design for trae

  89. I agree. When Lin does something with the ball and takes charge, he gets it from his teammates. He sets the tone as to how much he’ll get the ball back.

  90. that was not an open layup, because that could be a blocked shot if he insist on the normal one , thats why the reverse layup

  91. Did he look steady with his dribble tonight to you?

  92. With Dedmon and Collison back they have better shooters.

  93. You’d be surprised

  94. just following orders

  95. We don’t know if there is an external switch to be placed on Lin or not. But a home game, Trae playing well, as a coach, would you want Lin to take spotlight from the star? Think about it before calling Lin deferring. He needs to play on-court politics to survive in the long term.

  96. you my friend have some sense

  97. He’s not taking the spotlight from Trae if he comes into the game after Trae has played well and just plays like he’s capable of playing. I don’t believe there is any spotlight he can take from Trae. He can share it with Trae and why wouldn’t the fans want to see two players on their team play well?

  98. Agreed.

    There is a balance between showcasing Trae and giving him every advantage and opportnity to succeed — this is balanced against Pierchlenks DESPERATION to get a win and break this losing streak …

    … thus you see JLIN closing the half alongside Trae

  99. bembry seems to think he’s the PG when Jlin was playing too..and he pass to rim always if not covered by opponent

  100. Well, this I disagree. We don’t know the off court political dynamics. How would you explain the sudden change of attitude and playing given Lin’s capabilities? Something is going on.

  101. Incidentally I think the idea that there is significant benefit to JLIN when paired on the floor with Trae and apart from running JLIN ragged on defense there is nothing to be gained for ATL or JLIN, only positive might be to Trae if he pays attention like a good student would – but there is doubt that he is agood student

  102. I agree Lin didn’t do so much 1st half. But I am totally fine with this. Lin know Young is on fire today, anyway he will play the most time. It’s Young’s game now doesn’t matter win or lose. I am sure coach wouldn’t let Lin take Young’s thunder even Lin played well. Would rather Lin save for the 4th Q or some close games later instead play hard for risk.

  103. plus giving trae the most minutes to shine the most…even it means hawk will lose games

  104. Why do you assume there’s politics? Maybe it is Lin that’s up and down based on something that’s going on with him.

  105. Forgot there is a game tonight.

    how is our boy doing?

  106. We’ve played 15 games at some point the data points are large enough to try to make sense of the same comments that fans make about what they see every game

  107. There is always politics anywhere. LOL

  108. trae is playing well…need i say more?

  109. Ok, will see if that lasts

  110. Trae is scoring a lot of points and giving up even more points .

    Usually all he does is give up points – so there’s that difference today

  111. PBev stating his best case for Defensive Player of the Year! look how he’s doing on the rookie PG…

  112. I see, thanks

  113. love the way Lin is defending Lou Williams and knowing all his tricks of drawing easy fouls

  114. cant wait till lin off this team

  115. Gildrich-Alexander somehow is effective finishing around the rim without using a lot of speed.

  116. Honestly, I’m not sure he’s going to be traded. While he’s played a few good games, he hasn’t really become big-impact Jeremy Lin yet where a contender would be interested. Lin hasn’t shown his old pre-injury bite yet IMO.

  117. i cant do ths manufactured star thing with this kid. he maybe good down the road but he isnt now. he is just given all the rope

  118. true but its hard with this type of zig zag minutes

  119. PBev playing like trash

  120. I think he’ll get more minutes if he does a bit more. This game, he’s not done much. Games where he scores/assists more, he gets more minutes. But then again, those games Trae played poorly.

  121. Bev purposely falls on Trae, dude is always out to injure people.

  122. kid plays good and he plays all the minutes he plays terrible he plays same minutes as lin lmao

  123. an trea plays bad which isnt happening today

  124. i’d rather have Gilgeous-Alexander than Trae as my franchise PG.

  125. atlanta trade for lin makes no sense to me

  126. It is what it is with Trae. He’s the promoted rookie. I think Lin should play his own game regardless of how Trae plays. i think he has to hang on to the ball longer. The first half he barely handled the ball. When he got it back, he’d just pass it, sometimes without even dribbling it.

  127. cant say lin has done nthing while having bremby with 12 minutes 0-2 2points

  128. You kidding right?! GA the single digit players is worst than Trae.

  129. he will be and hawks just waiting for a better offer…already shown jeremy can play, its just a matter of time. Baze and Jlin seems to be playing low minutes , esp Lin can be an indication,

  130. Expiring contract, very valuable in clearing cap space.

  131. just watch him play. the kid plays the right way… watch his defense and his length…

  132. Hawks finally have a good 3rd quarter. They actually have a good chance to upset the Clippers tonight.

  133. Right way means nothing if you have single digits every game. Look at Lin he looks bad with 0pts and 1 assist.

  134. Lin in

  135. I have a bad feeling they’ll blow it.

  136. clippers are plying horrible defense butt then again official calling soft calls

  137. Trae continues to play well and Bev can’t harrass him with technical foul.

  138. Lin in.

  139. Officials favoring Hawks this game.

  140. Gosh please get some buckets =.=

  141. Picks up a foul under the basket. Go Lin! Be aggressive.

  142. Why can’t Lin beat Milos off the dribble to the rim?
    Perhaps he doesn’t have the legs today?

  143. 222222

  144. Finally, nice floater by Lin!

  145. is he trying?

  146. Perhaps, doesn’t look as spry as he has in other games.

  147. 1 bucket. Making progress. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  148. Finally, Lin with a running floater!!

  149. Looks more aggressive in this stint. Good.

  150. looks slower than his usual self so he passed the ball out

  151. hmmm. ok thx.

  152. Saw more floaters from Lin this season. Very nice!

  153. not good handle as i saw it..maybe pain in the hands???

  154. nice to see he’s getting comfortable with it …
    less contact with big guys will certainly help in the long-term

  155. after this lin in period, ill probably check out

  156. 333333333

  157. Yes, must be making more with competition from Trae. Floaters are very helpful with height disadvantage against tall guys.

  158. Expect a major push in the Q4 by Doc Rivers – he certainly doesn’t want to lose to this team…

    Hawks living and dying by Trae tonight … if the collapse does materialize it will be a tough pill for Pierce to swallow

  159. Lin with a 3 yes!!!

  160. Lin will get some minutes in 4th, Pierce wants to win to make Trae the hero but starters will lose the lead.

  161. Dominque is so derogatory toward JLIN,
    JLIN defends bigmen better than most of the Hawks bigmen

  162. That was a charge, refs cheating Lin on calls again.

  163. 222222222222

  164. Adds after replay, not much contact there but…

  165. Vince 0-4 from deep

  166. Vince is at the end of his career, so banged up, losing his legs already.

  167. Would have liked to see Lin drive in some to take an easier shot. Good stint.

  168. jeremy should have drove that one but itsall good. gotta see those 3s falling more

  169. like i said cant judge lin in such low minutes. Lin is a rhythm player and these low minutes are the lowest of his career

  170. Much better 3rd quarter for Lin. Got a lot more aggressive, but still overpassing a bit too much. Since Lin came in for Trae, Hawks gave up 8 points. They led by 15 when Lin came in, now only lead by 7.

  171. Lin out

  172. I don’t mind the 3 with 3 seconds left in Q3.
    Just heat-check since he made the last 2 jumpshots

  173. watch bremby/heurter still get more mintes

  174. Even those last two 3s were open shots, he probably shouldn’t have taken them.

  175. Vince is a good 3 point shooter. He’s just off tonight.

  176. That Boban guy is gigantic, even for NBA standards.

  177. Here’s where the big push from the Clippers come and Hawks have no answers and look lost

  178. Definitely much better Q3. I think there’s a pattern by now that Lin is supposed to facilitate in the 1st half to get teammates going.

    Vince missed some 3s and Dedmon(?) also missed a wide-open 3

  179. heurter in why???? because

  180. Yeah, wow.

  181. bremby in??? why because

  182. Wow what a make up call for Clippers.

  183. There’s no pattern except Lin takes 2-3 quarters off each game. Last game, Lin was passive in 1st and 3rd quarters. This game, Lin was passive and played badly the entire first half.

  184. There goes the lead. Come on, Hawks.

  185. because LP has some weird infatuation with him. I don’t get it.

  186. You live by the Trae, you die by the Trae

  187. So glad the lead is gone when Lin is on the bench. Lol.

  188. because ..just because..LOL

  189. I felt it coming. LP needs to put a different lineup in there. Maybe think of bringing Lin back in with the message “be aggressive.”

  190. he has that with alot of players not lin. its the youth push. Lin wont be there long. he will get traded unless no one wants him

  191. trea is a volume shooter

  192. Lin’s squad(s) in the 3rd gave up 8 points. Trae’s squad in the 4th gave up the rest.

  193. LP is clueless. The only thing he knew is keep the hot unit on the floor. Nothing more.

  194. yep

  195. you wish..LOL

  196. It was because of Vince keep shooting 3s….

  197. Trae has a great offensive game today (minus 3-point shooting), but he also has 5 turnovers.

  198. I would be fine with that but Lin didn’t facilitate much. He brought the ball up, yes, but after that, he wasn’t in many offensive plays. And when he got the ball back, he gave it up to someone else to playmake. As long as Lin playmakes, I’m happy. When he doesn’t, I’m confused why he isn’t.

  199. Time to bring in Lin, starters about to lose the game, Trae disappeared after Doc adjusted.

  200. He’s definitely clueless.

  201. And no I don’t think you can call it a Lin’s squad, at least not yet.

  202. All fake stars are, Walker, Harden, Melo, fans are too gullible to care.

  203. Probably won’t happen

    They want Trae to get the win or claim he was the only reason the game was close

  204. Squad, units, lineups, whatever. They mean the same thing.

  205. Baze not even in the game..LOL

  206. so far, 7pts/1ast for #7 in 13 minutes by the end of Q3.
    3-6 shooting, 1-3 for 3FG so not bad at all.

    Hope he finishes with 12-14pts

  207. What I meant was it is not like when Lin was in Hornets which he really the one who lead the 2nd unit. In here everyone bring the balls up and go ISO or one pass never get the ball back.

  208. The Hawks desperately need Trae to bounce back at home to keep the ROY talk alive

  209. Not going to claim anything if they lose this which they will.

  210. Need Lin in there with Trae. They can do some damage and close this game.

  211. Notice that all of the Clippers main unit are fully rested

  212. not happening

  213. I’m all for that. But LP doing that is unlikely unfortunately.

  214. Trae gets the biggest screener and big in Len who can also shoot 3s. Lin makes Len look good while Len can only make Trae look good. This is how Lin needs to play, stop looking for other players so much and get his first.

  215. Lin mostly brings the ball up. Either Lin or Bembry.

  216. Yeah but most of the time, once Lin passed the ball, it won’t go back to him.

  217. Boban is like a character in a movie 🙂

  218. Fixed game.

  219. The Giant?

  220. yeah, Andre the Giant!

  221. I see and agreed lol.

  222. 8-21 trea is a volume shooter and this is a good game for him

  223. Looks like it is up to the guys on the floor now to win or lose this one. Don’t see Lin coming back in the game. Hope I’m wrong.

  224. i knew that already

  225. He can’t buy a 3. I like his facilitating and passing more than his shot selection, which is awful.

  226. Never been anything other than a volume shooter

  227. he started well from 3s but now it’s 1-5 ….*ouch

  228. with the coach like LP…it might happen..Lin will not play anymore for this game

  229. I think you are right.

  230. That 1 that went in was by accident. He banked it off the glass.

  231. Doc Rivers is not going to lose to a tanking team, he punishes tanking teams

  232. Notice Lou Williams finishes games. He comes off the bench, but he finishes just about every game.

  233. He lost to the Nets.

  234. Lin is watching in pain as Clippers took the lead.

    He bounced his head up and down hard

  235. The real sixth man!!!

  236. oh boy

  237. This season especially Nets aren’t tanking – thanks for confirming and proving me right.

  238. Spellman injured? Wow he barely played.

  239. Yes.

  240. You wanna bet?

  241. At least half of this losing streak, a starting JLIN could have won those games

  242. With Caris down who knows

  243. trea is fools gold

  244. And that’s the dagger. Trae gave up his 6th turnover, which went the other way for another 3.

  245. Big mistake by Pierce not to have Lin in there. He doesn’t get it. Lin is clutch. He’d be drawing fouls and making big shots and assists and defensive plays. Tough for Lin to just sit there helplessly.

  246. I don’t think Lin is coming back.
    This game is designed for Trae to lead the team to a win, but he might fall short

    Lin’s presence on the floor might change the narrative so it’s up to Trae

  247. Wow Mike Scotts is getting hot. Revenge game?

  248. They own their own draft pick this season.

  249. Doc Rivers told his team, “you guys are rested, they will not be able to stand up to your pressure”

    . .. he knew exactly how to defeat this team

  250. yep.

  251. 8-22

  252. The least he could be is used like Lou Williams. Start the rookie, but make sure Lin is in the game at crucial times and finishes close games.

  253. NO LIN NO WIN

  254. yep

  255. This is over.

  256. No Lin no win. Another meaningless stat game for Trae. Lin sitting on the bench looking bored :/

  257. Lin will be going in soon…because they are losing watch

  258. whats making me mad is bremby and heurter minutes

  259. Not alongside Trae to close games he wouldn’t; just because Kemba/JLIN works doesn’t mean anything … trae is not kemba

  260. lin needs to get out asap….trade

  261. Game over already lol.

  262. 31%FG and 18.5% 3FG in the last 5 games.

    That GM’s seat is getting hotter by each game

  263. bremby had 2 points but get 20 minutes

  264. tankathon!

  265. Agree! Tanking team for Zion sweepstakes.

  266. oh yeah i’m still watching hehe

  267. crowd needs to chant “Zion! Zion! Zion!”

  268. oh yeah 2 points hehe I thought jeremy was bad with 7 points hehe

  269. Mike Scott is hitting clutch 3 after clutch 3.

  270. To the Hawks, the love of Trae is more important than trying to avoid the humiliation of the continuation of the worst losing streak in the NBA that incidentally will go into a double digit losing streak

  271. that’s why he is going in because it’s game over

  272. Trae and Prince’s defense is horrid.

  273. 42 secs left jeremy is going in hehe

  274. Mike Scott is the new Trae Young
    6-12 from 3s

  275. Well I like Doc River a lot so I am happy that he gets another W.

  276. After 7 years of this pattern why do y’all still act surprised and angry?

  277. whats D?

  278. A revenge game for him.

  279. i wish lin would get a buyout

  280. it’s laughable at this point. Lin’s desire has faded.

  281. we’re not, we’re entertaining ourselves

  282. i cant do watching this team anymore

  283. I hope Steve Clifford will get Lin out of here.

  284. yes i hope someone will asap this is horrible

  285. a buyout in this situation makes all the sense. they are playing the rookies more then lin. only time lin plays more is a blow out or he scores quickly

  286. Hilariously pathetic game, team, and coach.

  287. NBA needs to fix tanking badly.
    It’s not fun watching teams play to lose

  288. I can’t remember anyone shooting the 3 as bad as Trae has in this cold stretch. Not any guard that I can think of.

  289. yes…we all know…what can we do. Chip in to buy out jeremy’s contract

  290. no respect!!!

  291. JLIN had a good game — JLIN maintains his trade value and overall valuation for next contract

    That’s the most important issue until we get to our NEW team

  292. Their trying to win with Trae. Not tanking. They are just horrible and won’t let Lin play. Even when Lin does play, his desire to take over games has faded.

  293. I agree. Even though this game was mildly competitive, no way was that closing group going to win this game.

  294. Hawks rather lose with Trae then allow Lin the respect to close the game and seal the win. Lin will hate KA and Marks for life, no better than Morey who traded him to tanking Lakers.

  295. he doesn’t get any…..nets was his team but injuries what can you do.

  296. Wastes 2.5 hours for 12 mins… smh.

  297. 7pts is not a good game!

  298. Lp was trying to win this game. It is just almost 20 games into season, he could not find the winning formula. Or he refuses to use the real winning formula.

  299. LP wants to show that Trae can win games for them, But he;s clueless

  300. No way – if JLIN was given the green light to win games — you would see his desire in spaids

  301. lmao

  302. he played 12 minutes..what do you expect?

  303. yeah….why? I guess the only team that was interested was the hawks to see asian tickets

  304. clueless

  305. Lin played 1 good quarter and a horrible 1st half. What do you expect?

  306. just watch the highlights next time lol

  307. why not a buyout. i bet a team picks him up before he gets through waivers or is that how it works?

  308. I really don’t think LP is trying to tank, at least not this game.

  309. Jeremy is chinese……he will lose a lot of money with buy out

  310. Lin’s got the green light to play, that’s all he needs to show he wants it as bad as he did with previous teams. Regardless if he was a bench player. He would take over games because he put the effort on offense. Tired of rhetoric if only coach unleashes him. He’s out playing on the court, it’s up to him like in the past to take over the game.

  311. Mark and Morey seems of the same fold!!!

  312. hawks literally dont need lin. what they’ve done all season goes exactly the same without lin

  313. Lol

  314. Magic! Another under dog story!!!

  315. Lin being efficient should’ve focused on scoring and he’d have 15pts easy. He kept passing only to get 1 assist. Meanwhile Trae gets assists without evem trying or over passing. Lin tries too hard to find open guys who bricks instead of looking for his shot first.

  316. at this rate hell lose money next year in free agency

  317. Trae Young had 17 assists.

  318. JLIN has a specific role on the floor in the minutes he’s given based on — whether Hawks have a chance to win … if you refused to see this, I can’t help you

  319. Mama and Papa lin won’t allow it.

  320. Trying to win but only with Trae, no better than tanking.

  321. He is there to teach Trae, like don’t be cocky, be humble, don’t some weed, sleep early, etc, etc,

  322. i saw lin into the game so i dont think a buy out happens but it should. from the trade rumor it shows teams are aware lin is not needed for the hawks and will try to get him really cheap. maybe lin is waiting for that

  323. It’s true that they’d rather win with Trae than lose.
    But they also know playing mostly young players will probably give a lot of Ls.

    If they really want to win, they’ll play Lin and veteran players next to Trae

  324. Don’t need the help…if you can’t see his desire fading…then I can’t help you. You’ll always blame the coaches.

  325. Wish it was a blowout so at least he would get some. Mins for my fantasy pool lol

  326. trea has the most empty stats ive ever seen

  327. Lol Trae doesn’t even respect Lin! They have zero off and on court interactions! Trae is only friends with the other rookie and future Huerter.

    Trae is Not humble all this tanking and cuddling will create another fake star who’s a wannabe Curry.

  328. he is grown enough

  329. and to put popcorn in his car

  330. If he’s not needed for the Hawks, he’s not needed elsewhere. That is the problem. Needs to outshine the starters even from the bench to get noticed in the league.

  331. Perhaps when the Losing Streak extends to 12 games and the real prospect of only a 10 total Wins season becomes more evident …

    … only then might you see Pierchlenk decide it’s time to allow a real effort to break the losing streak

    there’s tanking and then there is come on this is getting ridiculous

  332. you think? lol

  333. I am sure a lot of thing Lin did and wasn’t approved by his parent, such as earring.

  334. Hawks were dead last in the league last season, they will tank just to get Zion. Meanwhile they will let Trae shoot as he pleases.

  335. You can fool the fans with the state but can not fool the front offices or a good coaches.

  336. haha JLIN knows what to do with the minutes he has much better than any FANs … you gotta ask yourself why he turns it only sometimes late and not at all other times in the same exact apattern each game

  337. he can score but hawks dont care. for example if i have a guy who normally scores alot but is off to a slow start , i keep playing him. on this team what lin did the day before dont matther. rookies eat his minutes unless he goes off early and often

  338. You guys can make all the excuses you want, hate on Trae and Pierce all you want, blame it on tanking all you want, but the fact remains, Lin takes 2-3 quarters off each game and tonight, he played like crap the entire first half. Lin played 1 good quarter again, but it was too little too late for Lin. He can’t expect to get any minutes playing like this and no team will give up assets for Lin if he doesn’t wake up and realize that overpassing and deferring will end his career this year.

  339. Lin complained about losing money over a technical. He will not want a buyout and throw away all that money.

  340. cause it’s in garbage minutes.

  341. doc is an excellent coach. he benched his starter and got the win. them being 11-5 is all him

  342. Exactly!

  343. Just copy and paste that and save yourself some effort

    You’re gonna use that same comment for another 50+ games – until you learn

  344. Doc will do what it takes to win. Too bad he got Bev the fraud and dirty player as starter lol.

  345. The Hawks started Vince Carter coming out from nursing home, that says a lot about this team direction, Tanking.

  346. beverly days in this league seem numbered. doesnt seem the same

  347. You mean it faded away 7 years ago? You’re clueless.

  348. benched him today 19 minutes

  349. you’re gonna see garbage for another 50 games, get used to it

  350. I disagree. He played well under the minute allocated.

    You need to understand, Lin can not call his number everytime down the court… This is the big mistake you’re making. You think Lin has the green light to go “total Gun-Ho”?……Fact is, he does not….he has to take his shot within the play-calling system….

    He played well, unfortunately, he simply did not get the minute tonight because Trae started well and Hawks wanted him to pad his stats as much as possible.

    Lin did his job.

  351. Some fans simply won’t understand, but you are exactly right

  352. Lin knows about this. maybe his body wasnt feeling right to start the game. i notice hell have a good haif or quarter but hasnt done it a whole game yet. his passing also leaves alot to be desired

  353. 25/17 looks impressive. His biggest problem is shot selection. Had a lot of TOs and wasn’t efficient, but I have to credit him for his assists. He’s actually great at getting assists.

  354. How many times have we complained about Lin needing to shoot first pass 2nd? It’s like he’s stuck in the 90s traditional PG mentality. This stubborness is half of the reason why he fell from grace!

    Harden takes franchise, he defers, Walker chucks he defers. Never learn. Coach draws plays for Huerter he defers. Lin needs to get some guts and just saw no, I’m going to move away from these plays, make my own shots, and call for screens. He will be benched either way.

  355. I don’t think Beverley finishes most games. Lou Williams does. Bradley had limited minutes due to an injury. I don’t know about the other starters.

  356. i would lin to be traded and come back and haunt the hawks

  357. You and others need to understand, Pierce wants Lin and everyone on the Hawks to play aggressively and take open shots. Lin refuses to do it. You all blame it on politics or Pierce restricting Lin, but that’s just false. It’s Lin restricting Lin.

    Tonight, he missed an open layup, turned the ball over, and missed an open 3 in the first quarter alone. The 2nd quarter, he was even more passive and deferred even more. Didn’t even take a shot. Lin waited until the 3rd quarter to finally get aggressive, but by then, his time was up.

  358. technically he can call his number every time. he has the ball. not like he is a robot who is programmed to do things. what will they do lower his minutes. his minutes already low

  359. I’m not sure Lin trusts his body yet. And at times, his handles are too loose. I definitely think when he gets in the game, he has to look to make something happen. Take all shots available to him and look to directly make the assist. Be more active on the offensive end. I also think Lin made a few bad fouls today.

  360. fact just doesn’t remain, it was never too late for Lin to start playing well, not even close. Lin was taken out too soon as usual.

  361. Lin will never learn. He thinks it’s selfish to take shots and not get his teammates involved. He feels guilty for taking open shots, even though he’s the 2nd highest paid player on the Hawks. He simply refuses to do what Pierce and the Hawks want him to do: score and playmake. But most people here blames it on everyone and everything other than Lin.

  362. No one has the green light, just look for his shots, call for screens! Guys like Melo, Harden, Kobe always went away from plays. So what if he gets benched? He will be gone benched either way! At least if he plays well, coach will be forced to start him.

  363. You can give accolades about Trae’s assists — but the fact remains that he is usually such a detriment in areas such as :

    – judgement
    – shot selection
    – play execution and running an offense
    – and flat out terrible shooting

    that it more than negates his assists — Hawks propoganda machine flaunts the ASSIST – it doesn’t help this team get a win

  364. Still the designated starter for every game.

  365. thats politics…

  366. It’s actually gotten absurd. Some of Lin’s most loyal and longtime fans are now turning on him. They no longer accept the reality that NBA coaches do not give Lin the green light and to have any chance of fitting in with NBA players, Lin has to preach team ball and he definitely has to practice what he preaches.

  367. So glad Lin get the Bev dirty play treatment. One more game on the rehab tour done against a dangerous opponent to his health, that’s good enough for me.

    No stats will help Lin if he gets injured again get another job.

  368. Hawks aren’t looking for wins, they are trying to make a star and tanking for Zion who will be the actual franchise.

  369. i won’t if he can just call his number all the time and say F this. bench me if you want but I’m going to take my shots

  370. I agree with this. Lin is trying too hard to get assists or “make the right play” He’s not playing free, he’s actually forcing structure.

  371. Well said.

  372. yeah…For some reason, some fan think Lin can simply start jocking up shots everytime down the court…You really think the coach will tolerate this??….Lin is also the PG, he has to facilitate and pass…He’s not the shooting guard.

    I would understand your argument if he was passing up wide open shots, but it just wasn’t the case tonight..

    Lin took 6 shots in 13 minutes…That’s a decent “shots-per-minute” number..

    I’m satisfy with Lin tonight..He can’t control his minutes.

  373. When this losing streak gets to 12 games then you’ll probably see Pierchlenk actually try to win a game

  374. Teamball doesn’t mean passing every possession. Nor does Lin need to fit in on a 1 year rental! Look at how he has zero interaction with players when on the bench besides that time with Plumlee who has been DNP.

    Fitting into a tanking team who doesn’t have him part of the future is dumb. What he needs is to score a lot to save his career, not teamball with temp selfish teammates.

  375. LOL

  376. I think playing off the bench gives him more of a green light to make an impact on the game. Watch some of the best players that come off the bench, that’s what I suggest to Lin fans. Just because you come off the bench doesn’t mean you’re not a major rotational player. Look at Lou Williams tonight. 10 assists and 15 points and a lot of his assists were down the stretch in the 4Q. Lin was that player on other teams. But he has to do a bit more than he’s doing initially when he comes in the game. Make an initial impact and try his best not to be in the minus.

  377. DNP

  378. Nothing is worst than last season’s dead last record. Everyone knows they are tanking for Zion so they won’t complain. Trae and team are keeping it close and entertaining enough.

  379. he will be DNP by coach

  380. lin can be more aggressive for the whole game. not necessarily driving but shooting the ball and getting assist. his assist number tell you he isnt as aggressive as before. i personally give lin leeway. if he isnt aggressive he must not trust his body yet fully. truth be told i havnt seen lin 100 percent yet. ive seen it in spurts.

  381. It’s not shots I’m looking for Maria. It’s for him to hang onto the ball and look to playmake. When Lin is in the game, too much of the time he may bring the ball up, pass to somebody, goes in the corner or out of the play, and that’s it. And even if he gets the ball back he doesn’t look to playmake or score. And he does pass up open shots or a chance to score. It’s not just come in shooting and nothing else, but come in like a Lou Williams does or other great player does that comes off the bench and make a difference. Don’t be a complementary player so much, be a lead player.

  382. So be it! It’s a tanking team, 1 year rental, force a trade if he has to. Lin had so many chances to say F this with 1 year, trade looming teams like Rockets, Lakers and Hornets.

  383. can someone do some research…what’s the most FG attempts lin had taken in the past?

  384. You don’t think an outsider like Lin needs to fit in with teammates that he basically lives with 24/7 for six months?

  385. ever over 20?

  386. but its Lin who is playing, NOT us..LOL!

  387. Once or twice during Linsanity. Maybe over 20 in some OT games. Lin took more shots during Linsanity.

  388. lin needs to practice his dribble…he needs someone to screen for him to make it to half court

  389. yeah and now a rookie taking 22. Jeremy needs that star mentality

  390. Yeah why does he lounge around on the sofa all day munching potato chips instead of practicing his dribble? He’s so friggin useless.

  391. Let me put this another way — Hawks are on a trajectory to win only 13 games as of this moment.

    Hawks only need to under 21 wins to guarantee the Worst RECORD and top percentage in the Lottery (in all liklihood)

    That means any of those 7 extra losses is just abject and unnecessary HUMILIATION

    You already get maximum chance at Zion lottery with no more than 20 wins – getting more losses just mean you have no self-respect at all and love ineptitude.

  392. and look how his stats (rookie) has gone through??? if not for being annointed by the coach, his performance merit a d league stint

  393. because he was dribbling your balls lol

  394. He can’t dribble my balls while you’re sucking them all the time.

  395. That’s the problem…Lou Williams job is to shoot, shoot, shoot…I doubt Lin has that type of green light where he can fully dominate the ball like that and do whatever he wants with it

    And from what I see on TV, LP does call a lot of the plays for the rookies like Huerta and Bremby..LP makes sure these guys get touches…..So I seriously doubt Lin can do what u want him to do.

    If Lin gets traded, my guess is he’ll get that type of green light like Lou to take over second unit.

  396. they should just not play and run around the whole 4 Q

  397. you’re around Jeremy everytime thats why you know what he’s been doing the whole time of the day??? i guess he’s the millionaire and you says he is useless..LOL!!!

  398. FLAGGED

  399. lol troll hehe he was with you mama all the time hehe

  400. he’s probably a trae fan lol

  401. blocked..LOL

  402. Lol, that’s hilarious.

  403. C’mon James. Try reading the comments in context.

  404. He doesn’t live with them 24/7. Do you see any interaction between Trae and the starters? Trae only cheers for Huerter. Lin has zero interaction with his teammates ever since off season. Training workouts are all done alone besides shoot around and scrimmage. Kobe made zero friends on his team and yet he has 5 rings.

  405. yeah, LP says his PG need to facilitate more..(thats for JlIN)..LOL

  406. I wish he was with my mama. That poor boy needs some release after 30 years.

  407. Lin isn’t very engaged with this team. He kind of likes the guys and such but he’s not engaged here. It’s not like Charlotte, where he loved bonding with them and played, at least in some games, with a killer instinct.

    Of course, that was pre-injury. But still, in his approach and manner, he just seems somewhat lukewarm in his presence on the team.

  408. you mama ugly though haha

  409. JLIN is not under any blinders, he knows this team is TEMPORARY

    JLIN is playing for his next team and his next contract – he’s doing fine in that respect

  410. Lin’s dribble is a weakness in his game. He’s fine in the open court. But guarded tight, he gets rattled.

  411. Someone said it was ~23 and during Linsanity.

  412. Maybe if he was on a team he cared about?

  413. No that be yo mama.

  414. I wouldn’t say that. But it’s a rookie performance. Trae’s playmaking is NBA level good. His shot selection is horrible. His defense is horrible. Some of his decision-making is horrible but some isn’t bad.

  415. I think if he’s playing for his next team how he’s doing is highly debatable. He has a body of work that is well above how he’s playing now. But, and it is a big but, he’s coming off a major injury so that has to be taken into account.

  416. yo mama’s mama

  417. perfectly understand Lin here…this team main priority is to pad trae young stats and give as much minute to huerta, bremby, spellman and the likes.

    Lin should simply try to make the shots he take and that’s it.

    Tonight was a good night because he finished shooting 50% 3-6…Good statistical night for him..I wished he made the open 3point shot…but overall, I’ll take tonight as good night…

  418. Career stats from a PER and efficiency standpoint.

  419. come dribble my balls troll

  420. If I’m scouting Lin for a contender or major role on my team, I need to see more in terms of impact. Stats are just part of the story. But I give him much more time as well.

  421. Trae is untouchable. The entire franchise has his back. Kobe? You comparing Lin’s precarious situation to Kobe’s?

  422. jeremy should tell his coach…i am just going to sit on the bench. this team is tanking. you guys have seen enough of what |I can do and I’m ok to play. Please trade me asap

  423. If I’m a scout and I need a guy to help for a playoff run – I take JLIN

    If I am scouting for a starter, I also take JLIN and hopefully JLIN due to injury or whatniot will have the opportunity ala Kemba or Batum out to start and complete a full game

  424. Lou is also established on a not totally young team and is not coming off a major injury. That’s a big difference than where Lin is right now.

  425. You ain’t got none.

  426. LP is very experienced in tanking being a 76ers assistant coach during the Process.

    We all know how tanking goes:
    – play 1st round draft pick players to have gaudy stats, try to win ROY so the Front Office looks good.
    – many losses in the beginning are okay for the sake of “development”
    – keep the fans interested with huge win here and there
    – but at the end of the season, try to get winning streak so fans will be excited for the next season and buy season-tickets

    For us Lin fans, let’s just hope Lin gets traded to playoff caliber teams who value winning and Lin’s services by Dec-Feb. I have no hard feelings against the Hawks since the NBA allows tanking and 76ers have benefitted from “Trust the Process”. It can still be a win-win scenario for the Hawks and JLin.

  427. come dribble my balls troll

  428. Point is Kobe made zero friends while playing for years so the fitting in is moot. Lin needs to know when his time with a team is over and just get his. If he thinks it’s bad then he needs to think, what’s worst getting his before benched or not getting his and still benched.

    He is a nobody on every team unless he scores and media starts questioning the disrespect and lack of minutes.

  429. how do you know? did you check it? lol

  430. Totally not in his character and bad move. He doesn’t even have the production right now to be a malcontent. Lin just has to make the most of his playing time. Thankfully, he hasn’t been DNP CD’d. That would be even worse.

  431. It’s obvious.

  432. you must be gay lol

  433. Why don’t some of you purported JL fans join the Young site? Seems you think his game is better than Lin’s. Lin is doing what the coach instructs him to do. Nothing has ever changed, nor is it wrong. He’s who he is. In spite of severe injury and it’s early in the season, he has the best overall stats on the team. Maybe he’s more intelligent than some of his fans??? This my first post in a long, long time, and probably my last. Enjoy your negativity.

  434. Young is miles and miles from being as good as JLIN

    — JLIN proves time and again he wins games
    — Trae proves that he likes shooting the ball

  435. He is definitely more intelligent than most of his fans.

  436. not comparable. one is a rookie that just got popcorn poured into his Audi.

  437. Are you a scout?

  438. stop scratching your balls troll

  439. statistically, Lin is doing great…He does need to work on his handle and spot-up 3point shot, but once trading deadlines come around, he’ll be fine.

    Lin can alway say he was handcuffed by the coach and didn’t have much minutes to average more than 10ppg.

    I’m sure people will be able to look at his playing time and see there’s not much Lin can do under his current situation.

  440. Yeah a Girl Scout. She sells 🍪.

  441. It’s basketball that’s the whole point of the game, making shots! And Lin is proving he likes passing more than shooting which is an outdated, traditional, and skewed mentality.

  442. no body cares about that in NBA it’s about points you scored

  443. Post-Game Reminder:

    Home games at State Farm Arena = Trae time (especially after Hawks just returned extended road trip, too).

    I’m just happy JLin got through the game healthy without getting injured by a dirty player like Patrick Beverley.

    Don’t forget Hawks have also been playing every other day for the month of November, and just played 4 games in 7 nights on that West Coast road trip.

  444. Exactly people only care about Curry’s 30+ PPG, no one is complaining about his assist and defense disadvantage. GSW won their first ring by outscoring opponents with 3s. Rockets got no.1 seed on scoring and not defense with Harden and MDA.

  445. like you hehe

  446. At least I got a pair to scratch. Stop trying to come at me. You don’t pose the slightest challenge.

  447. JLIN can score when he is given the green light to call his own number first.

    JLIN didn’t score outlandish points for CHA and yet he earned the Brooklyn starting job

  448. defense and assist is overrated….who cares…at the end of the day is how many points you cored

  449. turn around i’ll show you

  450. Pat Bev only goes after the starting PGs.

  451. btw GTFO you’re not welcome here

  452. Teams like to pad and sell fresh tanking stars to some fans because it’s cheap and easy, getting closer and closer to “professional” wrestling.

  453. I thought winning was the purpose of the game. What are stats without wins? Ask WB, Melo, K walker, Lillard and many,many others.

  454. Troll, go away, don’t let the door hit you.

  455. They care about assists too. The big story from the Hawks will be Trae’s 17 assists, not his 25 points. 17 assists are much more impressive.

  456. Trae’s shooting % tonight 7/21=33% 2pt & 1/5 3pt= 20% about his normal. 0/6 shots in fourth quarter was a major factor in the team loss. Thanks LP.

  457. Come on @je_ballew:disqus you know very well, how fans react. many are just frustrated with the way things are, and how its expressed differs from one to the other. But all are fans anyways.

    The main reason some opinion differs because non of us know whats exactly goin on at the back office, we only hear half the story.

    Personally I’m happy to see JL still has the will to play and playing at NBA level, even its limited minutes. Its still very early in the season, so lets hope for the best as he gets healthy and if the tray is empty here, obviously next season, hopefully something fruitful will open up

    BTW…welcome back! 🙂

  458. clifford knows how to use lin

  459. I know Trae was inefficient and as a rookie has a bunch of holes in his game. However, he’s the talk of Atlanta Hawks fans and media. Those stats will get him press. And if you look at even established players, like Westbrook, he’ll also get huge numbers with terrible efficiency (but usually with better 4Q play). Many fans and media go for the numbers. Should they look at efficiency? Absolutely. But that doesn’t change that they love the big numbers.

  460. Choppy video, but this is the Hawks & Fox Sports showcasing / highlighting Lin and trying to generate some buzz for Lin, maybe for a possible trade. Too bad Lin wasn’t able to take advantage and add to this video package and promo video Fox Sports put together for him tonight…

  461. I’ve blocked the guest guy for a long time!

  462. jeremy wasn’t expecting 12mins only

  463. Nobody was expecting Lin to crap the bed in the first half either, nor see Trae bust out of his slump with 25 points and 17 assists.

  464. Highlights, if you can even call it that:

  465. Folks…just a quick update…the user “Guest” had been banned.

  466. good man…thanks

  467. I tell u all those plays are for Trae and for Trae only to shine but he did capitalized.

  468. Till next game…let’s move on nothing to talk about this game

  469. But the game was lost.

  470. yup…winnable game, lost at Q4…bad decision by the coach

  471. It was smart of Trae to get his early buckets on drives. He scored his points without really hitting jump shots.

  472. “I’m just happy JLin got through the game healthy without getting injured by a dirty player like Patrick Beverley.”

    That was my personal wish for Lin this game. Driving into the lane into the likes of Harrell, Gortat, to get hacked, and not get foul calls, was just not worth it. Just being on the same court as Marjanovic was dangerous, good thing Bembry didn’t get hurt. Or PB getting anywhere near Lin.

    For this game, the stats didn’t matter. Staying unhurt much more important for the big picture. Long season, 65 more games to go.

  473. For only 13 mins playtime, Lin had done well and his stats won’t suffer because of this.

    Every time Young played well, not often, Lin will have playtime until this coach gets himself fired.

  474. The Hawks, as a whole, shot the ball well tonight, played decent defense, with the addition of Collins and Anderson coming back, the did not really need Lin’s service. LP wants to see how next season’s team play together. What’s another loss in the grander scheme of things? Every game is different, let’s see how the next game play out. Most importantly…Lin’s healthy and getting minutes. IMHO.

    Side note: Doc adjusted, LP didn’t!

  475. Young hasn’t proved that he can close and win games.

  476. 7 points in 12 mins, the first two stints at only 4 & 3 choppy minutes? Not bad at all.

  477. This is not to bash Young. It is the reality. It is the reality that the Hawks accept.
    Not as a rookie. Especially not against veteran playoff teams.

  478. I know how you feel. But I don’t think Pierce will be fired yet. Definitely not this season. Pierce & the Hawks front office are probably in sync as far as what the goals are this season. I’m sure winning with the veterans are NOT the goal.

  479. Lin not getting hurt are HIGHLIGHTS. Fine by me.

    Another bogus foul called on Lin, even when he took an elbow to the head from Harrell. Should have been offensive foul.

  480. Agree! The Hawks are NOT in it to win it. LOL.

    Well – except the part about defense. Not sure about that, haha. First quarter when Hawks were up, they were just lucky Clippers were missing open shots.

    The Hawks had nobody who could stop Harrell. Only Lin tried, with his head.

  481. Dominique Wilkins may or may not have official input into basketball decisions. But he seems to have the power to influence. Not just a TV color analyst.

    Wilkins mentioned tonight that on the plane back from west coast, he talked to Trae Young about how to break out of his slump, that he should not worry about scoring, just go out and have fun.

    Wilkins has also appeared to give Prince advice before another game, with Prince listening and nodding.
    I don’t think other teams’ color analysts can talk to players before games like that.

  482. PBev got a technical for running at a Ref in a bad way to argue a call. Bob Rathbun was funny, saying that PB shouldn’t do that, because he always looks half-crazed anyway. Cracked me up.

  483. Great stuff from Fox Sports. I don’t think Lin has ever gotten that much good press from any of the previous teams’ sports networks. Whatever the motive, it is ALL TRUE. So, glad they are promoting it!

    With the Nets, Lin got some good solid in-game support from guys like Ryan Ruocco, but not all that much from the YES Network. I don’t remember all that much from Fox Sports Hornets, just a few player-of-the-game kudos when Lin won those big games. Well, and MSG when Linsanity first broke out.

  484. Que sera, sera, Whatever will be, will be, The future’s not ours to see!

  485. Yup. We are just fans. We don’t play the game. We don’t have a crystal ball.
    I just enjoy seeing Lin play.

  486. Good to see you here again after long absence.. We need someone like you here who can provide mature thoughts…Hope we can see your posts again in the future!

  487. Yup, I appreciate the opportunity to watch someone like Jeremy Lin play….true trailblazer of our time.

  488. Yeah, but I don’t blame JE. Gotta agree it’s tiresome to read the SAME Lin-bashing game after game after game.

    But, I’m learning to ignore those kinds of comments. Not gonna get all worked up trying to debate them. It would take all the fun out of watching LIn play.

    People are just gonna think what they want to think.

  489. Agree. It’s not about fair competition. It’s not about real talent. It’s about selling hope to fans. And the fans are buying. The NBA is making tons of money. So, why would the NBA change.

    They pretend to. Sure, let’s issue last-2-minutes officiating reports. Even though the officiating hasn’t changed for the better. Sure, let’s take away incentives for tanking. Well, so far, it’s not working.

    That’s how the NBA works. As far as Lin is concerned, we will support no matter which team.

  490. He was being sarcastic. Trying to be funny. Trolling some of the posters here.
    I thought it was funny. (Until he went off the rails with the inappropriate comments.)

  491. Networks are linked to FO, YES not promoting Lin was always a sign. They barely promoted or praised him.

    I’ve never seen home announcers praising Lin this much. Whatever the reason be it for trade or to keep Lin for next season, it’s a breath of frrsh air.

  492. ALL TRUE. Those were the SAME criticisms about DRussell. The lack of defense often meant giving away as many points as he scores.

    But, with Young. He is a rookie, 17 games in. It’s not his fault that the Hawks took a risk and decided to make him the franchise player. Trading down to get him. That’s a lot of pressure for Young. But the Hawks will give him endless chances to get it right.

  493. “Breath of fresh air” – That’s a great way to put it!

  494. Point of basektball is making shots, winning is just the result of doing so. It’s still basketball when you lose.

  495. JLin’s IG post after the game. Perhaps he’s trying to tell his fans something?

    jlin7 God isn’t slow, He’s just not on our timetable

  496. Well, I do think they are trying to win, but only by playing and starting the rookies. So, they know they are safe with the tank. They know they won’t win much.

  497. JLin being mysterious, as usual. Maybe he reads the comments on this board? LOL.
    Okay, I’ll stop.

  498. thank you. I was in the process of posting the forum rules but the flagrant posts deserved the immediate ban.

  499. Starting PGs average 15PPG, having 10PPG won’t get Lin anything more than bench role.

    Lin can think what he wants but reality is no one will give him the franchise spot without 20+ PPG.

  500. maybe he’s trying to say that the trade paperwork takes some time lol

    btw, is it true that Dec 15 is the earliest that Lin can be traded? I can’t find any information yet

  501. Is Lin hinting at his recovery being slow? Or his limited minutes? I hope it’s good news.

  502. Good to know.

  503. Jlin, just say what you mean

  504. More and more poeple notice Lin’s November stats

    The return of LinSanity. 😳

  505. I think you are correct about Dec. 15 being the earliest. There are some exceptions, which I don’t think applies to Lin.

    Per Eric Pincus: “Players who were signed over the summer cannot be dealt until Dec. 15th.” Also, another link to CBA Freq Asked Q # 101.

  506. dude, Lin is only averaging 18 minute per game…Show me an NBA player that is averaging as much as Lin under 18 minutes?

    You will have to look hard to find one…Lin is doing great under the minute he’s getting.

    He’s shooting enough per minutes.

  507. who’s doing as much as Lin under his situation where he can only play 15 minutes IF the guy he’s backing-up is embarrassingly bad.

    Name me a player that’s playing 18 minutes a game that a scout would pick ahead of Lin?

    Teams scouting Lin will understand he’s in a very difficult situation with no room for rhythm.

  508. For us, it never went away! We have faith in Lin! (Just not the NBA system.)

  509. No clue who “Halton News” is. Another interview soon. Lin – Nice Abs. LOL.

  510. Time flies. Jaden is a little boy, not a baby any more. (Yes, time flies in our own lives too.) Nice Hawks gear.

  511. Wow, Atlanta has its own JLin fan club. Don’t worry about the wins JLin. Remember, you just want to go out and have fun playing basketball.

  512. Nobody is bashing Lin. There is such a thing of knowing someone is doing well and can do better. Too much Lin is wonderful stuff or everyone is holding him back is syrupy or displacing responsibility. Wanting Lin to better is not bashing, it’s knowing what he’s capable of and maybe is holding back. That’s a high compliment, actually. Maknusia’s response is spot-on IMO. This is mild compared to the way most fans get all over whoever they’re a fan of when they have an off game.

  513. Unfortunately, it’s not for a so-called developing team. The purpose of the game is to have progress for certain players for the future. Individual games are sacrificed. This team is at odds with Lin, because one of his best qualities, in addition to making teammates better, is being a major contributor to wins. He really almost can’t here. His number isn’t called for him to do so at crucial moments in the game.

  514. He is not in the list, so I think he could be traded at anytime.

  515. Scouts tend to look at a player’s attributes to see how much he has left. With Lin it may be things like close out speed, first step, ability to get into the paint, and maybe some things on defense, though his defense seems mostly good. Whatever minutes he plays, they may look for something very specific to report to teams interested in him. The point is, can he help a particular team now with attributes he’s had, or has he lost them due to injury or rust? So whatever minutes he plays, I think he should think more of himself going forward rather than helping a team where he’s not part of their long-term plans.

  516. What’s important is the game is lost in the 4th quarter. Collins, Dedmon, Prince all come back. The team us supposed to be almost at full strength.

    Lin played only 13 mins with good efficiency and the lost is not on him and this game should have been a win for the Hawks.

    Young played at his best and it wasn’t enough.

  517. I was just about to post this..I think he may already be eligible…

    If Hawks are smart, they shouldn’t wait until deadline to trade Lin because if Lin get any type of injury, his value would drop like a stone.

    ‘Pray Lin can be traded as soon as possible so he has enough time to gell with his new team and teammates.

  518. I think he does..I didn’t much wrong on how he played tonight.

    He took 6 shots in 13 minutes, didn’t grossly pass out wide open shots and more importantly, he mad 3 out of 6 shots.

    That’s really all Lin needs to do….Not sure I want him to be over aggressive out there, jacking up shots which would kill his FG%.

    I’m fine with him playing within the system while looking for his shot..don’t force it…even if he wanted to force it, I don’t think he has the green light to play like Lou Williams.

  519. Lol..exactly..If LP wants Lin to pass to Huerta and Bremby so they can shoot and Lin refuses to do so, what do you guys think is going to happen?

    You really think LP will stand for this disrespect?…Lin will quickly get DNP.

    Now, if Lin plays selfishly and makes most of his shots, maybe that would push LP in a corner a bit, but he’ll just play him less next time.

  520. There’s a chance the Hawks may not trade Lin and could even offer him a contract to back up Trae.

    Of course, Lin should politely decline and tell them he would rather be traded to a potential playoff team.

  521. Damn Jlin, I see yo, all ripped up and ishhh!

  522. Frankly nowadays I look specifically for blowouts. That seems to be the only situation where Lin gets real minutes. If there is a chance to win, Lin does not get enough minutes. It is a perverse win-win for Pierce. Lose the game and build the tank or win the game and be praised for developing Young. Getting your excellent veteran guard to seal the win is not part of the equation.

    Lin is still doing surprisingly well. Many games with the best stats in the whole team despite limited minutes. Not sure why the trolls are still buzzing around.

  523. Holiday and Lin would indeed be perfect…I always felt having a secondary ball-handler next to Lin makes more sense than not.

    AD is perfect pick n roll guy for Lin, although Lin PnR game hasn’t been great with Deadmon.

    Lin main competition would be Elfraid Payton who played well but can’t score enough.. He’s also has injury issues.

    Since Payton is a more natural PG with more assist# and low turnover rate, my guess is they start him ahead of Lin…I would hope not.

  524. There is essentially no other PGs in this team besides Young and Lin. Trading Lin may not not be a good idea for Schlenk.

  525. LP may not be in Atlanta next season.

  526. Failures in attendance will soon hit this team. LP is merely a rookie Coach. Firing him won’t be a difficult decision.

  527. John Collins, DeWayne Dedmon, Taurean Prince, Justin Adnerson, Daniel Hamilton all have come back from injury. Atlanta is at full strength. So blowout won’t be easy but winning is still difficult because this team is so desperate to showcase Trae Young for ROY. Young is currently shooting 39.1% FG% and a horrible 24% 3P%.

    Let’s compare Luka Doncic with Trae Young:

    Luka Doncic 19.2 PPG 4.1 APG 3.9 TOPG 6.8 RPG 15.24 PER 45.3% FG% 37.5% 3P% 76.7%
    FT% Mavericks 7-9
    Trae Young 16.8 PPG 8.3 APG 4.1 TOPG 3.2 RPG 13.48 PER 39.1% FG% 24.0% 3P% 81.9 FT%
    Hawks 3-14

    Trae Young is so hopelessly falling behind in all areas except in APG and TOPG. So I would guess LP will run many plays through him so that he may get a boost in assists to help him in the race of ROY.

    However Dallas is still in the race of playoff while Atlanta is out for sure. Luka Doncic is more likely to win the ROY.

  528. Travis Schlenk is not going to trade Lin because he’s the safety blanket for the Hawks.
    The worst situation could occur if Trae Young got injured. Without Trae Young, this team would have to count on Lin. Lin is essential for the team to showcase Young as much as possible.

  529. Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

    Linsanity is hoping for the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    The sports world is a monopoly of big money billionaires using the athletes as a means of making money and self gratification. For those who choose to believe Lin is weak and lacks focus or drive, all you have to do is take the example of Colin Kaepernick and see what happens when a player gets blackballed. The fact Lin is still in the league after publicly accusing the NBA, it’s scouts and college feeder league of racism is why Lin is constantly fighting to keep one foot in the door. Why do you think ESPN hates Lin? It’s because he accused them of racism and got one of their own fired for insensitive remarks in a headline.

    The desire of the league, media, players and owners to protect their own self interests is why Lin keeps getting pushed down instead of being promoted up. How many of us would dare to accuse our employers of racism or bias without getting fired? How many of us are willing to give up their jobs to make a stand like the Asian casts of Hawaii 5 “O”? I suspect not many here can ever say they can do that…and yet we expect Lin to defy his master’s will and go off script!

    LIN HAS TREAD A FINE LIN MASTERFULLY TO BE A VOICE FOR ALL ASIANS WHILE MAINTAINING A JOB WITHIN THE NBA ESTABLISHMENT! That takes a lot of mental toughness, guts, strength, discipline and faith to remain in a league that wants him out. Every stop of his career has been an attempt to destroy his game, his confidence and reputation. Lin keeps getting the worst end of physical abuse and keeps getting up of the mat to fight on. IMO, Lin is a hero of all, not just Asians, who wants to do good and live, work, play the right way.

  530. According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, Smith said he believes the Cavs are tanking: “I don’t think the goal is to win. The goal isn’t to go out there and try to get as many wins as you can. I think the goal is to develop and lose to get lottery picks. I think that was always the plan.”

    Even though i don’t like JR Smith,
    He is telling the truth. Tanking is the big problem in NBA which makes me lose interest about NBA except Lin. LOL

  531. Yeah, Trae assist number is all he has going for him….I think he loses the ROY by wide margin because his shooting line is too far behind + Dallas has much more wins…That alone will win it for Doncic.

  532. This team gave up 127 points in a game; hardly any defense at all except fouling. In consequence, the Hawks gave up 20 more points from free throws.

  533. JR’s just doing what some Lin fans wants Lin to do: trying to force a trade or buyout (in Lin’s case). Smith has always been a me-first malcontent. He was one of the people that hated Lin and was jealous of Linsanity, along with Melo, even though they both won’t admit it. JR’s a trash player who is even more trash this year on a tanking team. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out Cavs are tanking this year without LeBron or Kyrie.

    As for the NBA, I haven’t been interested in the NBA other than when Jordan played, during Dirk’s / Mavs’ championship run, and during Linsanity. I also watched a bit of the Spurs’ playoffs games when Timmy was still at his peak. I enjoy watching good basketball, but this league is rigged, biased, racist, and extremely selfish. Without Lin, I couldn’t care less about the NBA. I think the majority of hardcore Lin fans feel the same.

  534. Nobody is bashing Lin except somebody thinks he knows better than Lin in playing basketball.

  535. Bottom line for this game is you can’t do much in 12 minutes. How do you get into any kind of rhythm in 12 minutes? 6 minutes a half? 3 minutes a quarter? 12 minutes all at once then nothing? Can’t do anything in 12 minutes except get hurt from going to sitting to playing full out on cold muscles.

  536. I know they’ve been experimenting with Bremby playing PG, so they could go full force and letting Bremby be back up PG.

    Also, they may acquire a PG via the trade coming back to them.

  537. He has been given choppy minutes; time that you can’t play yourself into a rhythm.

  538. making only eight out of them.

  539. Mike Scott has done a good job in this game.

  540. Refs called every foul against Lin, none for him last night. Just more bias from refs against Lin. This was a foul ON Lin, when it should’ve been a foul on the Clippers, for elbowing Lin in the face:

    He played good defense on a 6’8″, 240 lbs. monster, keeping Montrezl Harrell from scoring on that play. But refs called the foul on Lin instead.

  541. trae doesnt have the stamina either

  542. i think people are already asking why lin hasnt started or got more minutes esp since trae has been horrible – that is my impression anyway

  543. he knows what is happening and i think he is telling us to be patient

  544. does anyone have any suggestions where lin sd go or get traded to? just for fun

  545. Best destination: New Orleans Pelicans. Sort this thread by Oldest first to see our discussion on the matter.

    Bandwagon fans want Lin to go to winning teams like the Raptors, Lakers, and Bucks. But I don’t think any of those teams will be interested in Lin or give up assets for him.

    Fans who want Lin to start want Lin on the Magic, Suns, and Spurs.

  546. Now that we know the Hawks is fully tanking and prioritize development of young players, Lin’s expiring contract becomes much more valuable to get draft picks for more young players.

    Last night was another evidence of young players getting as much PT as possible for development. If LP wants a W, he could have played JLin next to Trae to help Trae shine and get a W. But tanking with Trae’s great numbers seem to be #1 goal.

    My #1 concern is Lin’s numbers and playing time will be depressed the longer he stays there. But I expect the uptick in minutes when the Hawks showcase him close to Dec 15 when he can be traded.

  547. Lin tend to ride a stationary bicycle a lot instead of sitting on the bench. I guess he does that to keep his body active so it won’t go cold.

    But I agree with your point. There’s not much he can do with 12-13 minutes. And LP put Trae in during one of Lin stint and got Lin to simply hand the ball to Trae and watch him dribble and shoot.

  548. Lin is basically saying that Hawks is tanking and there’s not much he can do to help them win since they won’t give him enough minutes to help the team wins.

    But a trade may be on the way soon. I hope his agent has let the Hawks know they want a trade.

  549. Yeah, I do hope at some point, they’ll be showcasing Lin a bit to prop up his value, so a bit more minutes for him.

  550. This is pretty funny 🙂
    Lin and his teammates have developed more chemistry on and off-court lately

    They gave Jeremy Lin a 6 out of 10 on the rim hang 😂 (via @ATLHawks)

  551. Orlando is most Lin fan choice because of Clifford who will probably give him a lot of minutes. I’ve even seen a few fan not wanting him to go play for Clifford because they fear he would overwork him.

    Lin should be very fresh because he’s not playing a lot of minutes for the Hawks, so he’ll be ready for big minutes in Orlando.

  552. How are you sure he can do better? Are you in his body or mind? When he inis given 13 minutes of time on the court, shooting 50% in that game and leading the team in overall stats considered a off game or season?

  553. Pelicans. I’m thinking Lin at 30 and where can he go where he’s valued and won’t be looked to be replaced or seen as an older expendable player. I think the Spurs are possible, though I’m not sure how Pop would use him or if he’d use him consistently. The Magic may be ok but I frankly haven’t paid that much attention to them this season.


    Not sure how legitimate this article is, but of the three teams suggested before in ( I would have liked the 76ers the most – if Jeremy had a chance to start, for one season, the possibility of getting to play on the stage of the conference finals in the playoffs would have been too good an opportunity to pass up.

  555. Because he’s done better. Because when he gets on the court he has stints when he looks to take charge and other stints where he defers and almost takes himself out of the offense. That’s the major topic by some of us, not his shooting efffency, but his consistency of approach. There’s also looking into Lin building up his numbers because he’s going into free agency, and they matter to teams. And no need to ask me if I’m in his body or mind. I’m a fan making comments. That’s what fans do. If that’s too much for you, then you should consider tuning out to fans talking about sports because that’s how a lot of the discussions go.

  556. Let’s start Twitter poll on the best trade destination for JLin.

    As the Hawks focuses on young players’ development & Lin’s market value increases with excellent stats in Nov 🔥🏀, @JLin7 expiring contract becomes more valuable to get draft picks in a trade.

    Which team would Lin fans prefer in a trade?🤔
    a New Orleans Pelicans
    b Orlando Magic
    c Phoenix Suns
    d Other NBA teams

  557. What’s better. Lin off the bench for the Pelicans but getting a big role and perhaps finishing much of their games and maybe being the reason they win more of them vs. what is bound to happen on the Hawks with the minutes and the losing? I think Lin’s big decision is next off-season provided he stays healthy most of this season.

  558. 76ers is an interesting new idea for Lin trade. The only concern could be the limited time but yes, the upside could be to shine in the Eastern Conference Finals.

    Note: Markelle Fultz’ average min is 22.5 min/game so it’s actually more than JLin’s current 17.7 min/game

  559. I think when we consider trades it’s best to consider how a team wants to improve. Why would they want Lin? What is their financial situation? What are they looking to accomplish? Then how will they use Lin? Is Lin a depth move or a primary move? Or an “insurance” move? Because it is really up to the team to fit Lin into their plans to make a trade for him.

  560. pelicans make the most sense to me

  561. The hard part is Lin has no say in which teams the Hawks will do a trade and get the best assets in return. Just like Lin had no say when Brooklyn Nets traded him to the Hawks.

    It might just be helpful for us Lin fans to evaluate which team would be the “best fit” in regards to Lin’s next contract and future starting role. But we can only hope the trade will favor Lin’s future.

    If Lin’s next contract and his health are the main goal, here is my preferred list for Lin’s next team:
    1. Philadelphia 76ers
    Playing 22mpg in the Eastern Conference Final could be huge boost to his market value. Any other player’s injury will truly showcase Lin’s clutch gene in big moments. Playing only 22-25mpg will help Lin not being 100% yet this year by preventing injuries and wear-and-tear.

    2 Orlando Magic
    Being a starting PG with 28mpg for a possible #8th seed in Eastern Conference playoff will be good for Lin. He can showcase his full PG skills in leading a team for a familiar coach, Steve Clifford. The potential downside is Clifford playing him heavy minutes (30+mpg) affecting Lin’s future health. Worst-case scenario: Season-ending Injuries mean no NBA contract next year.

    3 NO Pelicans
    Being backup PG for 25mpg (Elfrid Payton’s PT) to help the Pelicans fight for #7-8 seed in the Western Conference might help Lin’s health and help his market value in the 1st round of playoff.

  562. Don’t trust the Process.

  563. Orlando Magic.
    Lin definitely makes a difference there. Lin needs a head coach who has confidence in him.

  564. issue with the magic is why gve up stuff to get a player you can get next year for less

  565. The comments section is brutal. Nobody likes JR Smith, especially now that he’s publicly trying to force a trade and won’t accept a buyout…–nba.html

  566. Take it with a grain of salt because it’s anonymous source, but Stephen A Smith said that an anonymous Wizards player spoke of John Wall: “We love Scott Brooks. Love playing for him. He just can’t coach John. John just walks all over him and it frustrates everybody. The way he plays is impossible to play with. We have so many guns, not enough bullets. If John would just play off the ball and let others eat, we’d be fine. But that’s a difficult thing for him to do, and sometimes difficult for us to watch.”

    There is so much drama in the NBA, especially this year. Lin’s situation and the situations with the Hawks may seem bad, but it could be worse. Other teams also have a lot of issues. Grass isn’t always greener elsewhere.

  567. Trey Young (Q4):
    2 points on 2 FTs
    6 assists before Q4; he has only 11 assists.
    2 TOs
    5 missed shots that costed the game. The Hawks lost by 7. The Hawks scored only 23 points for the quarter.
    The Clippers scored 38 points; the defense was nonexistent.
    Prince and Collins shot well and those assists may not mean anything at all.

  568. if they want to make a playoff push this year

  569. Here’s a good Hawks podcast discussing the Trae Young and JLin PG situation and how Trae’s 3P% struggle will be evaluated later in the season. It has fair and honest discussion of the pseudo-tanking situation the Hawks is in to hopefully get high draft pick aka Zion Williamson.

    Note the last part where they mentioned Lin would start immediately in Phoenix and Orlando
    [17:26] .. there is a weird situation with a very polarizing PG who is a rookie starter, and a very famous backup PG that has a lot of fans, that is a better player than Trae Young is especially in the last few games when Lin is Lin again (healthy) …

    [20:25] Lin should have started as PG if healthy while Trae Young learned until Feb, but it didn’t happen because Lin was not himself yet. But now that Trae started, it’s hard to turn back from that. If the Hawks try to win at all cost, they will start Jeremy Lin and play him for 33 min/game but that’s not where the Hawks are (with the pseudo-tanking situation). They’re 3-13 and they’re not contending for anything other than the #1 pick.

    [22:30] … only if Trae Young is atrocious for 1 month that you maybe start Jeremy Lin for a while to send a message but Trae Young has the longer leash because Trae is the best asset on the roster (even if you don’t believe in Trae Young)

    [23:25] .. for the people who want Lin to play more but not at the expense of Trae Young, it becomes difficult because the two of them are very difficult to play together because of the defensive combination. Because neither of them are high-level defenders, obviously Trae is a disaster on that end through 16 games (although he’s trying)

    [25:25] Lin is fine, somewhere as average as defender among Point Guards but he’s not big enough to play the 2 (Shooting Guard), while Trae is barely big enough to play the 1 (PG). If we play both of them more, offense will be better but defense will crater.. there’s so many wings (2 & 4) to take 10 minutes. For those wanting both of them out there to win, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense ..

    [26:30] ..Jeremy Lin will be a free agent at the end of the year and can move on to a place where he can be a starting PG. There are places out there he would start. He would start immediately in Phoenix, Orlando, or big role in a lot of teams, more than in Atlanta where Trae is the face of the franchise .. He’s good enough to play starting PG role, just not in Atlanta where they’re rebuilding with Trae

  570. [28:50] It’s hard to trade Lin because he makes a lot of money ..You have to match salary so it’s not as easy as flipping Jeremy Lin for a 2nd round pick. Teams have to be willing to take back salary.

    It would take a starting PG for a playoff caliber team getting injured .. or Orlando (8-8) seeing themselves in the playoff mix and might want to jump to get him
    [Markelle Fultz possibility]
    Lin is Top 35 PG in the league, low-level starter, high-level backup

  571. They’re wrong about Lin’s defense. Either they refuse to admit Lin’s defense is above average, not average, or they want to downplay Lin’s ability on the defensive end to make excuses for Lin not playing with Trae more often, or even starting with Trae.

    The reason Lin doesn’t start with Trae or play with him more often is because Hawks are more concerned with showcasing Baze than showcasing Lin right now. It’s not because having both Lin and Trae out on the court is detrimental to the defense. Hawks play terrible defense anyway whenever Trae is out on the court and play above average whenever Lin out on the court because Lin actually defends his guy, helps his teammates cover their guys, and can even be switched on to bigger players and not get destroyed.

  572. It doesn’t have to be a perfect matching contract. Any team trading away their player(s) for Lin only has to trade $8.7M worth of a player’s contract to acquire Lin. It’s not as difficult as some people make it out to be.

  573. I agree. In the 76ers trade scenario, Fultz ($8.3M)+Korkmaz($1.7M) is not an exact match.

    IMO these articles are intentionally being written to drum up interest from teams as Lin’s stats in November are very good. I don’t think it’s a coincidence but there can be influence from the Front Office.

    Let the bidding begin!

  574. Cliff knows how to play Lin to win, better than all but one coaches Lin has played for. He had done that in preseason games, in regular season games and playoff games when he needed a win and had to share the spotlight.

  575. It’s just annoying when fan blogs talk about topics they know nothing of. Lin’s contract is actually VERY easy to trade and very valuable, because Lin has an expiring contract AND he’s worth the $13.7M he’s getting paid (includes trade kicker), especially when he’s healthy and utilized correctly.

    Guys like Solomon Hill (using him as an example because he’s on the Pelicans) have tough contracts to trade, because Hill still has 1 more year left on his $12.5M/year contract AND he’s not worth close to $12.5M/year. If Pelicans want to get rid of someone like Hill in exchange for Lin, they’d have to pay the Hawks at least two 2nd rounders or one 1st rounder to make it happen.

  576. Not impressed with this blog. First, Jlin is great on defense as long as he his healthy. Even in this rehab state he is a very good defender, just a little slowed by his healing injury. In any case, you can’t even compare Jlin on defense even while rehabbing to TY- he is that much better, or TY is that much worse. In another month, especially if they have not won more than the 3 games thus far (possible) then ATL should start Jlin and let TY go to lead the 2nd team if for nothing else than to catch his breath and gain some confidence. At that point Jlin can establish his real trade value assuming a trade is what ATL wants so they can continue tanking. Join would not necessarily start immediately in PHX or OR because he has not been able to showcase his talents, let along his stage of health. This blog is just trying to facility the tanking. I hate tanking and do not respect the NBA allowing it, fans for putting up with it and the team for adopting this strategy. Jlin, at the trade deadline if he is still being treated this way should do a JR Smith and say what JR did, that he is competitive, plays to win and does not lie being associated with tanking. Jlin’s playing time must be something he has agree to with FO because I cannot see how they would play him for just 12 minutes. That is a recipe for injury so I can only imagine he and the FO must have worked out a formula to support his rehab and his health because it certainly does not make basketball sense. But of course tanking does not make basketball sense either

  577. Not that it would happen, but what you just described re John Wall and teammates, if true, would be a perfect situation for a player with skills, aptitude and character to turn WA around overnight. I see people in this Jlin website complain that Jlin sets the table too much and does not go after stats. But Jlin’s style is a team ball style designed to WIN, not TANK. TY goes after stats and ATL supports him in this quest but ATL is a LOSER. Tanking is bad! Refund ticket money. Refund League Pass or at least 50% discount.

  578. I don’t like JR Smith, never have. But now that has renounced tanking and playing to lose, I am reconsidering

  579. I would say TY is more ball-dominant than Lin. But I’m not sure he’s going for stats. He shoots too much, but he’s just naturally good at getting assists. One could say Lin empowers other players more as he isn’t so ball dominant.

  580. NOT for JLIN playing alongside Trae – success requires specific role adjustments I don’t believe Pierchlenk or TY want – Trae is not Kemba; Pierce not Clifford.

    But that phrase “defense will crater” is ridiculous??? Defense already cratered like Sea of Tranquility every night when Trae “trys” to play D so it really can’t get any worse

    Trae & JLIN means Trae shoots 30 shots instead of 25 and JLIN gets run ragged defending 6’6″ SG’s – no thanks; JLIN doesn’t need to be carrying water for this team and their “star”

  581. Reason JLIN and Tyson Chandler played so well together and got along so well as teammates — Both are among the most intelligent players in the NBA.
    Most Players Grab Rebounds. Tyson Chandler Swats Them

    Tyson Chandler is “perhaps the best player in NBA history at securing rebounds … without actually securing them.”

    Thanks Carmelo

  582. ..

  583. only 24 points and 6 assist? come on. some starts average more than that. and this is linsanity? it’s a put down since standard so low.

  584. Isn’t any player of Nets who doesn’t get injury playing for them.

  585. I Prefer the Magic…The coach there knows Lin’s game and will play him.

    They also have good players there..even better than charlotte, so Lin won’t have to carry the load on his own.

    Augustin can’t score enough to support the other scorers but he doesn’t turn the ball over, so Clifford may still keep him as starter instead of Lin who is a bit more turn-over prone.

    Augustin has also improved during the last week and Orlando is now firmly back into playoff contention.

  586. JLin and Trae can totally work but Hawks are tanking so they’d rather fully develop Trae and allow him a throw away season to build his leadership/skills while tanking for Zion.

    If Curry x Thompson can work surely Trae and Lin can work. Hawks may want Huerter to be their wannabe Thompson but his built and defense is no where near starting caliber.

  587. Not going to happen, benching Trae will kill his confidence that can never be recovered. Russell is a great example.Look at Lin after he was benched by Rockets in 2nd season he was never the same again cause his confidence was broken.

    All we can hope for is for Hawks to start Lin and Trae together. Lin’s defense is miles better than Huerter, Prince, Bazemore, and Bembry who were all starting and playing lazy/bad defense!

  588. Can’t imagine John Wall willingly move to the SG spot nor allow his same draft class rival in Lin to lead as PG. Lin is better off with Orlando or Phoenix.

  589. Riding the bike keeps his muscles loose for injury prevention. It’s something Lin should always do from now on after have 2 season ending injuries.

  590. Technically Linsanity would be 30/40+ pt games and we are not there yet. Unless Lin starts as PG with 30+ mins it’s not going to happen.

  591. Or Lin can counter offer for a starting PG/SG spot along side Trae but he has better options where he can be starting PG no need to play 2nd fiddle to an unproven rookie like Trae.

  592. The NBA is China’s most popular sports league. Here’s how it happened

    According to Mailman Group’s NBA Red Card 2018 report, Kobe Bryant is the most popular NBA player in China, while Jeremy Lin is the country’s most popular current player.

  593. DeWayne Dedmon is a better version.

  594. Why does NBA treat him so shoddily?

  595. You still don’t know? Lin is proof that the NBA is a racist and biased league. Nobody drafted Lin and nobody gave Lin a real shot to prove himself until Linsanity happened.

    Players, refs, coaches, GMs, and league officials try their best to get Lin out of the league each year, but each year, Lin finds new teams who give him a shot to prove himself over and over.

    Each year, Lin is able to acquire new fans (and haters), as well as earning the respect of more GMs, coaches, and players. However, the league as a whole still doesn’t want the lone Asian in their league showing up their black players and taking their jobs.

  596. “…never the same again cause his confidence was broken”?? That’s just wildly inaccurate . Almost a slander, really. Of course McHale’s unwavering hatred for this Asian guy shoved down his throat was a shock. Of course it took a while for Jeremy to come to terms with that. But he is famously resilient and determined, with strong personal faith and super family and fan support. No question he regained and even strengthened his confidence. I personally credit the greater part of Jeremy’s trials directly to the frankly vicious-minded scheming of Kevin McHale to absolutely destroy Jeremy’s career and get him dropped from the NBA. After Jeremy’s injury and being cut from the Knicks due to Carmelo’s jealousy, getting a starting PG spot with the Hornets was a career-cementing situation. Being underused, misused, and constantly described by his coach as an under-qualified player, his reputation in the press was so undermined by Kevin McHale that it has taken Jeremy years to patiently claw his way back up. Doing that has taken confidence in spades! “Broken”…holy cow.

  597. It was a rhetorical question, click… happy thanksgiving

  598. I saw Lin at GSW last week, and I tell ya, it was different than when he came in with Rox.

    – I noticed he was a little tentative at times … reading below, ppl say he’s still coming of injury. I haven’t followed him this season as I’ve been working too much.

    – his D was great … he was on KD a few times, and KD is Looong! I think he had a few good challenges and prevented some key baskets.

    – his shot was iffy, but good. Not as good as that season he shot so well for Rox, but good. I think he hit 3 of 4 3s from the elbow, and I wanted him to get that one he missed as it could have felt like the old days. But, no team energy or competitiveness around him.

    – ATL was not good, and I saw JLin play within the team but not really trying to lead a fight against GSW. Just doing his job of distributing and D. So, def no fight like in the years at Rox. Perhaps that’s what he’s coached to do. No takeover JLin style.

    – TYoung was terrible.

    – I noticed on one drive, he was a step slower than i years past. He blew past a guy, but was chased down and I think covered up or maybe fouled under the basked.

    I hope he recovers from his injury better, gets traded to a better team, and gets his chance to play like he can play. I sense he’s still working through the cobwebs, and he can’t really do what he can do on ATL. It was terrible to watch Young … next!

  599. Trae was terrible up close at GSW. It was like watching D league.

  600. Go review JLin vs KD at GSW. His D there was superb, you are right.

  601. Spurs and pops will be nice!

  602. Well, there’s more to it acbc than just racism. Linsanity came before the GSW super team era. 4 stars on one team. JLin was doing great at Rox, and got pushed out because of a ball dominant hog. Happened to KD, but he was able to get out and rise to his abilities. Now, he’s struggling because he’s lost his team ethic. JLin on the other hand has had some bad luck … he didn’t choose his destiny to LAL. Terrible team. Only some fun with Swaggy P and had to watch a tanking team promote Clarkson. Then onto CHA with a nicer ball dominant incumbent. At BKN, some magic with the big, then injury. Now recovery. So, I’d layer some real bball stories and breaks on your story, and the picture is more whole.

    The super team era is changing careers. Unless Harden, George, ADavis, etc get at least 2 more stars around them, they cannot do much. It’s just weekend ball and stats. Unless Lebron can get 2 more starts, maybe 3 more, he will not win another championship.

    So, 30 or not, JLin has to have a new game to do something at the 60th percentile of his career. His D is looking v good. I’m just hoping for a break for Lin … if not a superteazm, then somewhere where there are at least 2 starts and he can have a playoff run again. He’s that type of player, he rises to the competition! ATL is a not mess, as were many of his teams looking back. Rox was the best, remember that night they shot the lights out of GSW, tied the 3s record, and Jackson fouled to prevent the record 3 from dropping? JLin helped there lots. Harden boo, but that was best team Lin’s been on. Knicks during his Iinsanity was HIS best team, people gave him the crown and he deserved it.

  603. Lin was much much better in today’s game 🙂

    new thread

  604. ok, I’ll move this. I heard and was looking for that new thread. Getting rusty 🙂

  605. You are right, I just saw TOR highlights. Really good!

  606. let’s hope he actually goes somewhere instead of being stuck here

  607. i somehow feel he will land up at the suns or the cavs

  608. yeah i thought so thks again

  609. Hello…I´m fan of Dirkulas…Dirk Nowitzki is my fav player…like here

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