G16 GS Warriors (12-4) vs Brooklyn Nets (6-9)

Can the Nets surprise the league by beating the Durant-less Warriors?

Espn Preview

“Love it,” Carroll said. “Like I tell all these guys, this is what you live for. It’s going to be a packed house. We don’t know how many of them — Brooklyn Nets fans — we’ll have. But at the end of the day, this is where you show and improve. Just like we did against Cleveland, everybody doubted us and counted us out, but we gotta go out and show who we are.”

Those were Carroll’s comments after the Nets played arguably their most complete game of the season in a 118-107 win over the Utah Jazz. The Nets shot a season-high 50.8 percent, led for the final 41-plus minutes and by as much as 22, setting up the excitement of facing the defending champions.

Those words were spoken about 24 hours before the Warriors pulled off the largest comeback in the NBA this season by rallying from 24 points down to get a 124-116 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. The Warriors are heading to Brooklyn after allowing 47 points in the first quarter and, also producing a 47-point third quarter.


Golden State’s impressive comeback was its seventh win in eight games. It also was the Warriors’ fourth when trailing by at least 15 points, two shy of last season’s total.

“The communication was on a different level coming into that third quarter,” Warriors forward Kevin Durant said. “It was just like a perfect storm. We don’t want to have to do that every night, but it was good that we came out and played with a different level of energy and intensity.”

While hoping not to experience the same fate as Philadelphia, the Nets will be attempting to get consecutive wins for the second time this season. They also will be curious to see if Spencer Dinwiddie can come close to replicating the best game of his career.

Dinwiddie is the starting point guard until D’Angelo Russell returns from arthroscopic knee surgery.

On Friday, Dinwiddie totaled 25 points, eight assists while hitting six 3-pointers and not committing a turnover. He was the first player in franchise history to produce such a game and Dinwiddie shot 9 of 14, including 6 of 10 from 3 to set career highs in field goals and 3-pointers.

The 24-year-old, whom the Nets signed Dec. 8, is averaging 16 points in four starts on 46.8 percent shooting. Overall, Dinwiddie is averaging 11 points, 5.6 assists and shooting 44.6 percent from 3-point range.

Before Friday, Dinwiddie’s previous career high was 22 in a 112-107 win over Cleveland on Oct. 25. The Nets are 3-7 since beating the Cavaliers, whom like the Warriors will visit Brooklyn on the second night of a back-to-back.

Besides seeing if Dinwiddie can produce another steady offensive showing, the Nets will be curious to see how he fares defensively against Curry, who is averaging 23.2 points in 14 games against the Nets.

“With anybody, especially with great scorers, there has to be some level of help,” Dinwiddie told reporters after practice Saturday. “Obviously you have to pick (Curry) up a lot further out than most people and be cognizant of him off the ball because he’s a great mover off the ball. His gravity that he creates on offense is second to none, but you’ve got to stick to your principles. Boston got a win by doing that. That’s what we’re looking to try to do.”

The last time the Nets hosted the Warriors, they struggled to contain Durant. Durant scored 17 of his 26 points after halftime with 11 of those points coming during a 39-point third quarter that resembled what unfolded in Philadelphia Saturday.

Durant is averaging 25.8 points in 15 games against the Nets and among those tasked with defending him is Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

“He’s a scoring champion, so it’s our job to come out and make everything tough,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “He makes tough shots all the time. That’s his game. So, we’ll live with those fadeaways and step-backs but make sure you make him work for every point.”

The Warriors are 8-2 in the last 10 meetings against the Nets and 11-5 since Curry entered the league in 2009.

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  1. It seems Lin still has to keep his leg straight while he rehabs. Does anyone know when he’ll be able to bend his leg? It’s good to see him out and being active in the community addressing the youth.

  2. Pre-Game Humor:

    “In 2016 Google’s AI had an IQ of 47.28. It came out ahead of Chinese search engine Baidu (32.92) and Microsoft’s Bing (31.98) and had almost double the IQ of Siri (23.94).

    Notably, none of these systems had a higher IQ than a 6-year-old (55.5), much less an 18-year-old (97), the researchers found.”


    (guess we don’t have to worry about Skynet just yet!)


  3. Thanks for update. Now there’s a real chance!

  4. Last season, Nets played the Warriors at Barclays, with JLin back from first hamstring issue. And gave GSW a fight. Nets were up 16 at half-time. In that half, JLin played approx 15 mins. Only 3 pts but 8 assts, 2 steals, 1 block, and only 1 TO. He was +14.

    In the third qtr, GSW turned up the defense and came back to win. Too bad. But we can still appreciate JLin’s court vision, running fast breaks, beautiful passes, great Brook-Lin connection.

    A little reminiscing with JLin’s highlights:

  5. KD being out tonight is, I think, for rest, despite the official reason. They are playing OKC on ESPN on Wed.

    The Nets don’t have players who can make tough shots. So, lots of ball movement is needed. Unselfish passes to open teammates for easier shots. Make those open 3’s. MAKE THE FREE THROWS!

    GSW can be turned over, so play hard defense. Protect the ball.

    So, on second night of back-to-back, can Lin-less Nets beat KD-less GSW at their own game?
    If the Refs make decent calls, then it definitely could be winnable game.
    Should be a breeze. Right?

  6. Nets at home. Anything can happen.As always, a good fight would expected and demanded.

  7. Game time. From people reporting from Barclays, there are a lot of GSW fans there.

  8. RHJ is struggling. He doesn’t look right, physically.

  9. Doing too much for the two possessions I watched. One got lucky one was ugly.

  10. Mozgov is out of rotation now??

  11. Curry is hot, GSW looks smooth and Dinwiddie is in foul trouble. Good to see SKil in the game. Hope he plays well. GSW blew about 4 bunnies at the rim, they should really be ahead more. McGee is swatting balls away and protecting the rim very well.

    RHJ is visibly injured, so it’s best to sit him.

  12. Nets looked outclassed. Dinwiddie’s fouls are keeping him out of the game. Big contrast to last season when Lin led the Nets to a very competitive game. Kerr had to make big half-time adjustments to get GSW that win.

  13. Bandwagon GSW fans fill up Barclays Center not realizing the Nets can’t provide enough competition to make it an entertaining show. Nets are playing like pure crap.

  14. Theres only one player that can Lead the team and have the Nets compete and that’s Lin! We’ve seen a Dinwiddie and DLo led team and not impressed. Individual talent is one thing, which they both have but not to lead the team and play against the top players in the League. I’ve watched Lin compete every year he was healthy and come out on top. Lin, getter better and it’s time to improve and add to your conditioning and training team.

  15. I don’t expect a win against GSW with Lin, but it would make them compete hard and organized at least. The flow just off especially in the first half.

  16. At least the Nets have trimmed the GSW lead 10 points and look more competitive this 3Q. That’s a positive sign for them.

  17. You got thay right BbfanNets!

  18. Are you sws94?

  19. Dongmen, I’m flagging any inappropriate comments. Best to ignore or flag.

  20. More Allen please.

  21. Dinwiddie has done a great job bringing the team back. 8 point lead. I don’t know if the Nets can pull of a win but they looked lost, outclassed in the first half. They’ve come back, played harder, cut down on TOs while forcing GSW TOs, and have given themselves a chance to win.

  22. Part of it is Dinwiddie involving him and showing confidence in him. But yeah, Allen is stepping up!

  23. Kid is going to be a beast! I think he has a lot of potential especially if he can gain a little weight, feel more confident and dominate the paint.

  24. That’s a good fight! KA must have some nice talks with his players in the halftime break.

  25. Yes. They really raised up their effort, started driving to the rim, and Dinwiddie didn’t foul and stepped up his game.

  26. 9 pts for GSW with 3mins left, wow!

  27. Curry is out! Din with two not so good quick 3 pointer.

  28. Yeah, his late-game execution hasn’t been good.

  29. Yep. Has to get an NBA body.

  30. Man, that would’ve been great if they could’ve pulled off that win. I’m glad that they made it competitive though.

  31. Had Dlo been the leading PG today game, the Nets would have lost by just 4………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  32. lol

  33. Do either of you two want to post about the game? That is the topic here.

  34. JLin congratulated his old friend David Lee on his retirement.

    I will forever remember Jeremy and David wearing a giant Snoopy head in Taiwan ? He’s a true friend


  35. I think you mean Hello Kitty head


    at 1:19 Lin put on the Hello Kitty head:

  36. Nobody other than us Lin fans realize that Mozgov is the worst contract in the NBA right now.

    At a DNP $16+ million a year for the next THREE years, he is the Nets albatross way worse than any failed Billy King transaction.

  37. more like 14

  38. Ah, you’re right. I need to brush up on my toy characters more ?

  39. Spencer Dinwiddie comes across as a steady and reliable point guard that coach should be able to trust not to make mistakes.

    That being said, I thought his hero ball impulses cost the Nets a chance to legitimately steal the Cavs game, and maybe also potentially complete the comeback against the Warriors yesterday (Cavs game he was taking pull up three pointers off his own dribble early in shot clock before moving the ball, while Warriors game I thought he just tried to do much, individually, late in the game).

    His greatest strength seems to be his steady reliability (seems like he is also very good defender too), and when he gets out of character it costs the Nets games that they might have been able to steal in closing moments.

  40. Sean Marks eventually has to give in to reality that Mozgov either didn’t try hard enough or he simply didn’t fit in the system. There is no way Nets can get rid of his contract.
    Another lesson to learn is the team should never give up their draft choices to anyone for whatever player. DLo unfortunately does not fit in the system too.

  41. by scoring 30 taking 24 shots.

  42. the defense isn’t good.

  43. The team doesn’t have Lin and his tenacious defense. Lin is sorely missed.

  44. There is no replacement for Lin.

  45. Nets missed his effort.

  46. The Lakers wanted to unload DLo. The Lakers wanted Lopez’s expiring contract. The Lakers wanted to unload the Mozgov albatross. If the trade were Lopez for DLo plus the Nets take the albatross, that would be bad enough. But Marks also handed over a 1st round draft pick which the Lakers used to get Kuzma. Sean Marks is a sucker!

  47. I wonder if jeremylin.net is shutting down? At least for the time being? There has been no new thread for over a month and now the current thread indicates, “Comments for this thread are now closed.”

  48. Tale of 2 halves really. They looked outclassed in the first half and played right along with GSW in the 2nd half. They manage to foul Curry out of the game with more than 3 minutes left.

  49. I don’t know. He’s hit some big long-range shots late in previous games. I think 2 shots were poor decisions, but overall, he mostly played a strong game and was a key part of the comeback. I also like how he was in foul trouble in the first half, yet didn’t get in foul trouble in the 2nd half while playing great defense.

    For a guy of his experience and against that level of competition, he did a great, though not perfect, job as he made some key mistakes.

  50. What is hero ball versus being a “closer”? Assuming that your most clutch player(s) will be looked at to make plays and shots late in games, when is he heroballing versus being clutch? I think if they are forced or early shots in sets or not trusting the open man great shooter versus making the shots that need to be made, especially late in the clock. Or at least that’s one difference.

  51. https://twitter.com/basketballtalk/status/932480876293902337

    Kinda like the way LeBron and his posse partially blackballed JLin. It’s the only explanation I see for whyevery single NBA team, including the Nets, marginalized him.

  52. You’re very generous. With me, straight up Lopez for Dlo would be bad enough already.

  53. Heroball is a player making a final winning play either offense or defense. A closer is a player leading the team to play great to win in clutch minutes, usually the final 5 minutes.

    Hero ball could be anyone, but the closer has to be their best and smartest player, like jlin or definitely not dlo.

  54. I totally agree. Getting a new PG while getting rid of Lopez was a huge stab in the back to JLin. The fact that Marks had to sweeten that deal with the salary dump and 1st round pick was a stab in the Nets back.

  55. It’s really a fine line. If you consistently made the shots you’re a closer. But if you don’t then you’re hero ball.

  56. Sure hope he lives a long happy life with his amazingly beautiful pro tennis girlfriend.

  57. Sure sound like it. someone’s the self appointed site admin here..,

  58. Many failed to see facts, helping lin means to bring in better players to play other positions around lin not the same position to replace him.

  59. I don’t see the two situations as being the same, and I don’t think LeBron and his posse (whoever they are) partially blackballed Lin. Yeah, they didn’t welcome him and tried to make sure Linsanity would be stopped but that’s not the same thing as being blackballed. Lin definitely paved the way for future Asian-American NBA player for sure as he endured a lot of things. Personally I don’t think there will be a better Asian-American NBA player within 5 to 6 years after Lin retires.

  60. It’s good David Lee is retired so he can follow Wozniacki around the globe while she plays tournaments. She seems cute and intelligent.

  61. The writing was on the wall the moment they allow prolonged political debates on that site! Never been bck there since …?

  62. Lol

  63. I remember when Jlin first signed with the Rockets, Parsons also lent JLin his couch. Parsons said that DLee called him (because both were Univ of Florida alum) to “take care” of Lin. Yes, good friend.


    Look at the size of that ring! LOL!

  64. OT. Both DLee and Parsons (different years) played for and won for Billy Donovan at FL. Wonder why neither was recruited and signed by OKC. Probably because of money and cap issues.

    At one point, I thought it would be nice for Nets to sign DLee for his vet presence and so he can get to play with JLin. Then again, I say that about most of Lin’s ex-teammates.

    Like with Steve Novak. Age matters less when you are a sharp-shooter. He’s actually younger than Kyle Korver. I’m sure Dlee & Novak could both have been cheap gets.

  65. By LeBron and his posse I mean him and other “superstar” players who exert tremendous power in the NBA. Guys like Chris Paul, who’s president of the players association, and Melo can use their influence over talent agencies to control how teams treated Lin. Watching Lin get marginalized by the post-Dantoni Knicks, the Rockets, the Lakers and the Hornets I thought it was just a series of bad luck. But when I saw that even Atkinson had no intention of unleashing Lin it became clear that Lin is being blackballed by the entire NBA. He’s allowed to be a role player but not a star. I can’t prove it and we may never know for sure but that’s what it looks like to me.

  66. CJSHYY, ICYMI. I wrote a long rant against Net Income in the prior thread. Is it possible to “unfollow” him on twitter, and yet still be able to read his tweets, if absolutely necessary?

    I read tweets but I don’t have a twitter account. So, who am I to say? But, here’s the thing…..

    I said I wouldn’t click on and read Net Income articles on Nets Daily. But last night, I thought I would just read Puccio’s write-up of the game. (Anthony Puccio is okay.) Unbelievable, Net Income was at it again He wrote “tell no one, Dinwiddie is better than Lin, and five years younger”.

    He can’t just say Dinwiddie is playing well and stop there. He has to throw in “better than Lin”. I don’t think he’s a Lin hater. But definitely a TROLL.

    Gandychan (I think a Portal poster) objected. And the other moderator there immediately “suggested” that Gandy post elsewhere. Kudos to Gandy to try and defend Lin. I personally wouldn’t bother falling for the bait.

    Nets Daily can write whatever he wants. It’s his forum. But, IMO, Lin fans shouldn’t reward him by giving him ANY clicks. Boycott, if that’s the word.

    Sorry if I went too negative.

  67. so many cute little Lin fans. Did you guys ever see Ryan Ruocco’s pic of his nephew from this summer?


  68. It’s really nice to see many Lin fans. There were lots of cute little ones (sporting his Mohawk) back in Charlotte too.

  69. He’s Clutch Jr. And Clutch is one of the worst moderators I’ve had the displeasure of having to deal with. Some guys just don’t want to get how Lin does so many things to win. They get hung up on stats but don’t get how Lin facilitates wins in numerous ways and plays in a relentless way that nobody else plays on the team. Maybe Booker is next, but not close to Lin. This Net Income person has a big ego, a guy that thinks his assessment of players isn’t debatable.

    He is frustrating and I understand fully why he’s so hard to deal with. Your rant was necessary and I was glad you expressed it. I try to stay away from Nets Daily.

    Overall, when Lin gets on the court next year and hopefully plays like he did last season when he came back last season, then more people, who think he’s washed up at 29 and will be 30 next season, will see that he’s still that guy that is the difference maker in many games in wining or losing. And he makes that difference not only against good teams, but top teams.

  70. I bet Jaden has one too. 🙂

  71. I heard about all the problems at Clutchfans. So, I avoided that whole place from the beginning.

    The Lakers forums weren’t too bad, were they? I remember one moderator “dancing with something……” who did write-ups of the games and he was very fair and balanced.

    You’re right, Nets Daily is really an arrogant know-it-all bleep-bleep. But, you know, I actually don’t care what he thinks, because I think he has zero credibility.
    I just don’t think Lin fans should reward him with clicks. Best way to respond is to boycott. (Kinda like the “real” world.)

  72. Yes, maybe a whole closet full! For sure!

  73. Lakers forum was ok. Not great, but ok. The “dancing with” moderator was very good. Some of the others weren’t that great about Lin or his fans. But I do think Lin fans have to remember that the team fans aren’t like player fans. I adjust my posts on team sites and try to say how Lin helps the team. Still, nothing was worst than Clutch, who would make all of these stat-based posts on why just about everyone is way better than Lin. He used to do that for Beverley, who was clearly not better than Lin. But another weird thing about Clutch and Clutchfans is that trolls from there would go to team sites and post on whatever team Lin was on after he left Houston. They’d post over-the-top stuff that was obvious trolling.

    Probably the best thing to do with NetsDaily is boycott. But there is something pleasing and sometimes satisfying reading commenters that stick up for Lin there. Especially when they are team fans.

  74. Well, Wade too. Remember how he and HIS WIFE were whining about the officiating and the calls that Lin got? (during the playoffs Hornets against the Heat.)

    Buncha bullies…..

    The other night, did you guys see Lebron picking a fight with Ntilikina, the Knicks rookie? Way to go Lebron. Picking on a rookie, whoopeedoo!

    And then Kanter stood up to Lebron for him? Wish JLin’s teams had enforcers who stood up for him when he got hacked and whacked..

    I’m not sure if there is a conspiracy to marginalize Lin. IMO, it’s more like nobody wants to stick up for, and side with, the kid that’s being bullied. Because they don’t want to be a target either. It takes another strong kid to stand up too.

    In my mind, Kenny & Sean are this other strong kid. At least, for now. I’m willing to give them some benefit of the doubt. Let’s see how it plays out.

    Good news is, so many coaches know how good Lin is. And many have publicly said so. Not just being polite when asked. Spoelstra, Brett Brown, Brad Stevens, David Fizdale, Terry Stotts.

    I think Jeremy has made a lot of friends with, and earned respect of, many other players. Throughout his stops in the NBA. He is definitely following his own path and doing things his way.

  75. I get that Team sites don’t all think JLin is the GOAT, like I do :-). Again, they have the right to their opinion.
    That’s why, for me, I’m just going to stick to posting here. (And I just started, after years of lurking only.)

  76. Ya! You still can read his tweets even you didn’t follow him. I don’t follow him anymore just RW the tweet about Mr. Tsai… Well, no need to care or upset by what he said bc he’s not inside circle of Nets Org at all. What he said just his own opinion & sometimes he said so to upset Lin’s fans or by doing so to get more clicks….. Just ignore him … his article is not that popular…lol!

  77. The problem is the NBA. A copycat league. Warriors are winning and dominating. So most of the front offices are going for the small-ball position-less motion offense. And that rebuilding means throwing out the vets and going with inexperienced youth.

    All hype and hope, no substance.

    It’s just so unfortunate that JLin is at the right place with Atkinson. But the wrong time, with Sean Marks.

  78. I AGREE!

  79. Her advice is great!

  80. Makes sense. Glad to see you posting here and enjoy your posts.

  81. Old news. Some quick takes from the loss to Warriors. Like everyone was saying, good fight, a few bad choices in shots last five minutes. And then just ran out of time.

    Bad: RHJ reverted to bad habits. Should not have attempted that 3 pointer. Hope he wasn’t playing hurt.

    Bad: Dinwiddie forced about 3 bad long range shots near the end. Should have tried harder to get the ball to Crabbe, who was hot, and on a roll. A little too much ball-pounding, not enough ball movement. Dinwiddie did have two beautiful buzzer beaters the other night! Hope he’s not getting over-confident.

    Bad: still feel so bad for Kilpatrick. He’s such a good guy. His whole game is gone.

    Good: Dinwiddie did a great job! He really is stepping up. Just need more experience in closing games the right way.

    Good: Allen Crabbe Great game. Very unselfish. Could have taken 2 semi-open shots but instead, two great assists to wide-open Carroll and Dinwiddie. Another possession, shot-clock winding down, bail-out cut to basket for 2 pts.

    Good: Jarrett Allen. What an impact! Played calm and cool. Didn’t seem intimidated. Loved how his teammates cheered for him. Kenny should have kept him out there longer. Maybe he’s still on minutes restriction? His outlet pass to Levert in the Celtics game was Lin-esque.

  82. I knew it! Missing free throws would come back to haunt! For once, the refs were actually trying to give the Nets the game! LOL. I mean, come on, 39 FTA to Warriors’ 23 FTA. Make those free throws and they win. (That’s how the Celtics beat Warriors too, at the foul line.)

    The Nets are actually rank #1 in FTA, but rank #26 in FT %. The team should practice, with no one allowed to leave until everyone makes a certain number. Haha. Seriously though, what is Kenny’s plan to improve on this?

    The Nets rank #2 in 3PA, but also rank #26 in 3P %. Doesn’t this mean not everyone should be taking them? Or if that’s how you want to roll, shouldn’t more plays be run to get players better open shots? How about getting more sharpshooters? A couple of the guys from summer league looked good. (I think Doyle & Senglin.) Just stop chucking!

    I don’t understand why professional bball players cannot make free throws. It’s one of the first things you practice when you are young!

    I can sort of understand with the big men. Maybe because they are used to scoring from inside, so less comfortable stepping out to the foul line.
    But the guards, or the wings? Someone somewhere said that maybe it’s hard to stand still and take shots after running up and down the court. Maybe the Nets’ pace is hurting FTs?
    Whatever it is, I know I get more annoyed with missed FTs than anything else. I mean, it’s free, there’s no hand in your face! Come on Nets, get it together!

  83. Priceless.

  84. 🙂 Thanks to Psalm for giving us the forum.

  85. Well…LeBron just stood there and Ntilikina kept bumping him. It’s not all Lebron’s fault in that case. By the way, he’s the GOAT!

  86. Brooklyn Nets vs Warriors.

  87. https://youtu.be/OkNEl_q7bLM

    (Lin’s obviously trolling here, but IIRC he had to go away from the mohawk because it poked another player in the eye during a game!)

  88. That site has become the most anti Lin anti Asian site, far worse than Clutchfans or NetsDaily.

  89. NetsIncome is a typical NYC media racist that hates all Asians, including the incoming owner Joe Tsai.

    All American media journalists hate Asians, and their endless lying and cheating about Asians are a big reason why Asians are so reviled in America.

  90. The Warriors have 6 centers not including the 7 foot Durant, they’re the biggest team in the NBA.

  91. When the media talks “heroball”, they’re talking about one guy hogging the ball for severely low efficiency shots on bricking percentages that are way below their standard percentages.

    Such players selfishly break the offense to hoist up bad shots while other teammates with hotter hands are frozen out.

    Also, heroball is ALWAYS accompanied by BAD DEFENSE. These players simply stop defending during crunchtime and usually get exploited.

  92. I don’t see it that way.

    I view the NBA’s players as being healthily competitive against Lin.

    I blame the workplace prejudice against Lin on Lin’s employers, specifically the owners and to some extent the general managers.

    All of those older generation American owners are virulently anti Asian, and that’s why Lin doesn’t play for teams with American owners. The only NBA team that will have Lin is the Nets that have a foreign owner in Prokhorov and are steadily turning the team to Joseph Tsai who is Taiwanese Canadian.

  93. Disagree.

    I feel that Atkinson has unleashed Lin, even with Russell as the new starting PG (I got flamed for calling Russell that the instant he was traded for, and I was RIGHT).

    Lin has put up superb numbers and played as many minutes as possible for Atkinson. I have no issues with the way Atkinson has used Lin thus far.

  94. Lin gets ganged up on by opposing players, but it is NOT because they don’t like Asians.

    Rather, Lin is so DOMINANT that opposing teams cannot stop him with just one guy.

    Any nonAsian player with Lin’s exact same game would draw the same triple teams, regardless of that player’s race.

  95. I believe there is a bias against Asian-Americans in the American or other Western societies, largely influenced by the media. Yes, there were many black NBA players who were jealous of Lin’s popularity due to the Linsanity. That much, I will agree.

    I will give you one

  96. There are several players I would take over Lebron as the GOAT, including in Lebron’s 21st century after the rule change.

    Tim Duncan is the prime guy I’d cite as being a better basketball winner than Lebron James.

  97. I don’t think there’s a fine line at all.

    Usually guys that do heroball are bricking up a ton of shots AND getting burnt defensively.

    The combination of those two losing aspects makes it very hard for heroball teams to win in crunchtime.

  98. There is no 4th quarter player in the NBA deadlier than Lin.

    If Lin is not beating opponents with the shot or pass, he’s getting key defensive stops and/or siphoning defenders off his teammates by moving off the ball and thus getting multiple opponents to abandon their defensive assignments just to locate him.

  99. Something must have happened to the owner of the site so that he cannot post an explanation of why the site is being discontinued because so far, he has been a responsible person. I hope he’s ok and nothing bad has happened to him.

  100. Not only in US but in most Western countries.

  101. Mozgov is there because Russian ownership hoards Russian NBA players, not because anybody genuinely thought Mozgov could play.

  102. It’s simpler than that:

    The Nets players simply cannot play.

    No amount of coaching or even protection from a healthy Lin will change that.

  103. Clutch was definite a racist moderator. For some reason, he allowed all kinds of racist posts against Lin and Asians but none against blacks. He also does not allow well-reasoned posts disagreeing with his posts because I was banned even when I was a lot more respectful in my posts than almost all of other posters. However, I would say a lot of posters in that forum are good people but they rarely speak up against idiotic, racist posts. This world is full of good people who don’t speak up against bad acts.

  104. I also have no problem when people think Lin is just an ok BB player and a backup player in NBA, but I do have a problem when they link this with their racist views.

  105. http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/21/politics/harvard-affirmative-action-justice-department/index.html

    Great news for Asian American. Thanks to the Trump Administration.

  106. I don’t believe anything will come out of this, although the publicity may help. I am against all forms of Affirmative Actions now days mainly because I believe it harms just as much as does good and also does not benefit many of the groups intended to help. I admit there are good arguments for either position though; it’s just my personal view of the position which would lead to most progress without causing resentments. Instead I think it will be better for the society if the laws punishing discriminatory behavior is carried out more effectively and often. That will send the message. I am not against holding personal views that may be racist (you can’t do anything about it) but the govt should focus on creating a fair playing field NOW and in future.

    To me, it’s just as stupid to ask that NBA allow more Asian players on their teams as colleges give higher points for being of certain races.

  107. We’ll see about that but nothing good happen without a start, this is a good start, FINALLY.

  108. Some interpret this as the Trump administration using Asian Americans to further their own agenda. In other words, since it’s a lot harder for white applicants to say college admission process disadvantages them, they are using Asian American students who have higher GPA and test scores.

  109. What agenda other than enforcing the laws? This is the first ever, a President is fighting for Asian people for being discriminated against. We, Asian, have been ignored for so long.

  110. I believe you are correct, but I still hope this will bring some relieve for these poor Asian students who are under so much pressure getting to good colleges.

  111. I have two views on this. On one hand, I agree with you and sympathize. On the other hand, there are many lower ranked colleges which would be happy to cover full costs of college for any students with very good stats. There is always decent choices for applicants with very high stats.

  112. Hair-Sanity?:


    (LOL, forget the braids; Hornets were 15 -1 when Lin rocked “The Zorg”!)


  113. I believe they (private parties) already lost similar cases against Harvard. I agree that an investigation brought on by DOJ will help to bring attention on this issue but I don’t expect top colleges to change the admission process because I don’t believe there is institutional bias but it’s due to mostly unintentional bias of reviewing officers who have biases against Asian applicants without themselves realizing this.

  114. This is from the highest government agency not any private law firm. If nothing can be changed nothing will, our best hope.

    Using a higher standard for qualified Asian applications is a form of discrimination, not unintentionally bias.

  115. The way the admission process works at top colleges is that they divide factors into various categories and assigns points. Some categories are very subjective so it might be hard. All I am saying is it might be very hard to prove your point, that Harvard uses a higher standard for qualified Asian applications. To give you a simple example, Harvard may assign 8 points out of 10 points for an applicant who got 2300 in SAT and 9 points for an applicant who got 2350 out of 2400 in SAT. So let’s say an Asian applicant got 9 in test score category but 7 in essays for total of 16 points but a white or black applicant got 8 in test score but 9 in essays for total of 17 points. The Asian kid will not get in. And very hard to prove there was discrimination against Asians. Most kids who apply to HYPSM will have very high GPAs anyway because 4.0 at one high school is not the same or difficult as getting 4.0 at another high school. Also, Harvard will use the geographic diversity factor to argue there is no racial discrimination against Asians. So I am not disagreeing with you but just trying to point out how difficult it is to win against Harvard. Also, Harvard has a lot of money to fight DOJ forever.

  116. “lower ranked” is the problem 🙂

  117. Well, some have to be higher ranked and some have to be lower ranked. I agree that many good students feel a stigma of getting rejected from top 20 colleges. But in the long run, things even out. Now, I wish top colleges allow students who got in to “sell” their admitted spots to other applicants who didn’t get in, so that they could attend lower ranked undergraduate schools and use the money to attend graduate schools for free. lol

  118. I can vouch for this based on my kid’s experiences from his friends in college (he actually is fine with it), the kids got in via AA indeed are academically subpar and get lower grades in classes. Most of them can still graduate just with lower GPAs. I told him the difference between those AA kids and him is those AA kids as long as they can manage graduate from his college, their life is set, but my son still has to fight bamboo ceiling for the rest of his life…

  119. This is why many high ranked colleges even offer pre-matriculation summer course for AA kids who got in so they can prepare them to do better at school. I think they experienced the same thing. This is why I believe many Asians identify with Lin’s NBA experiences. At least, Lin has many fans because he’s unique which is better than most Asian American students. Lol

  120. LOL, that would be very interesting to say the least.

  121. Harvard has been refusing to release their record and the justice dept is giving them a deadline or they might get sued. One step at a time, that’s what I would take. Bottom line is this investigation is no joke like any private firm in the past. I welcome this great news.

  122. Sadly that AA does not apply to our kids, Asian.

  123. I would be interested in seeing their record. Lol

  124. Yep, if there is nothing to hide why refusing the info. If I were Harvard and could honestly claim there was no discrimination against Asians, I would LOVE to clear my name.

  125. As long as they have the same range GPA and test scores.

  126. oh, I know that too well, gone through one with my oldest, now onto the 2nd one.

  127. And there would be a long line of Asian parents want to buy the slot , and you name the price 🙂

  128. Lol, I got one myself too.

  129. Adcoms probably hate to read “hardship” essays from Asian American applicants. I told my kid not to mention any hardship info related to his Asian race because of this. Lol

  130. I would have loved to have persuaded my kid to sell his Stanford spot to rich Chinese parents for one Million USD and then had my kid attend UCLA. Lol

  131. Not sure about that, Adcoms seem love to admit Vietnamese…etc refugees. Read this story, makes me wanting to throw up. I am sure most of Asian kids know their “identity” too, but got rejected by top schools left and right…


  132. Do you know how much nowadays parents have to donate to top colleges in order to exchange for admission? I think 10M may still not cut it.

  133. i personally feel that’s an exaggeration. I think $2 Million donation will get you a definite advantage.

  134. Not all Asians are equal. But I don’t feel bad seeing refugees students with lesser records get admitted because in some sense, they deserve helping hands.

  135. no way, almost any Chinese parents would have done that if it were that “cheap” , just look at how much Chinese donated to Harvard, Stanford and Yale lately. (most of them have college age kids) easily 30M even 100M , I am not saying they did it just for their kids sake, but I feel that maybe the market price

  136. That is the same as AA 🙁 , it is just AA withing Asian communities which is also not right.

  137. and 2050 SAT to Harvard??? Pleeeease

  138. I just read the article. Several comments:

    1. I actually agree with Harvard’s admission of this kid given his background and life experiences.

    2. I disagree with his participating to defend Harvard’s side. Just because Harvard admitted him does not mean Harvard does not discriminate against Asians. Really, he’s a token admittee.

    3. It’s misleading to say he was awarded a full scholarship from Harvard when it’s grant or financial aid. They call everything “scholarship”.

  139. I have to disagree with you here. SAT is something you can improve dramatically as he lives in US longer. My kid got 2150 in SAT as a sophomore but easily made National Merit Finalist without studying for SAT as his English improved rapidly through his immersion in journalism. I know many kids who got 2300 in SAT who failed to make National Merit Semifinalist.

    I would say a kid from his background who got 2050 is very impressive. I myself got 99.9% in SAT after I have been in US for 5 or 6 years. I always thought I could have gotten 2400 in SAT if I had been in US for 5 more years when I took SAT. Therefore, I am always NEVER impressed with high SAT scores because I myself was not a good student academically.

  140. If you agree Harvard should admit this kid but you said you are against AA, then you are contradicting yourself. He is the product of AA within Asian.

  141. How do we know this Vietnamese kid did not study for SAT? Most Vietnamese families care about their kids education as much as other Asians. I know plenty of “poor” Asian family, their kids go to tutoring center, study as hard as my kids. No differences. The difference is their parents were from different countries. Does this warrant an admission?

  142. No, I am NOT saying blacks from poor economic background or unique situations, Native Americans and refugees do not encounter difficulties. I am just saying Asians in general are discriminated. I don’t see a contradiction here. I am not saying what Harvard is doing is inherently wrong; I just think many top colleges are dismissive of Asian experiences. I have met several Asian American applicants with awesome objective stats whom I would not admit if I were the admission officer of HYPSM, so I guess what I am saying is I am ok with the holistic admission process; but what I am saying is that the admission should be more fair and sympathetic towards the Asian applicants.

  143. I am not saying he did not study. I am saying in totality of circumstances and given his having been in US for a shorter time, his 2050 SAT score is not that bad. From Harvard’s point of view, this kid will probably make a greater societal impact than an average Asian applicant; that’s their gut feeling. I cannot say I disagree with them. Honestly, I would have strongly considered accepting this kid over other kids who applied. However, he’s one of very few token Asian admitted students in my opinion because if the built-in bias in reviewing adcoms.

    What I am saying is I am NOT against the reviewing adcoms exercising their subjective discretion, but what I am saying is that overall not enough adcoms review Asian Americans’ applications this way. I am NOT against the holistic admission process but I am noting that the holistic admission process is applied in an unfair manner against Asian Americans. I hope I am making my point clear.

  144. “I am not saying what Harvard is doing is inherently wrong” hmmm…

  145. To clarify, I am NOT against the holistic admission process.

  146. so you are for holistic admission process which = AA

  147. A fairer holistic admission process which would not give higher points for being of a particular race is what I would espouse.

  148. Re-posting Psalm’s post from the New York Post (from G15 thread). About Allen Crabbe. AC’s production has increased. If he can stay consistent, will help the Nets a lot. Also seems very humble and sincere about wanting to play team-ball.


  149. I have no problem with them if they allow debate. If they are a moderator or someone who thinks their opinion is not debatable, I have a big problem with them. And yes, some of them are just flat-out racist in their putting down of Lin.

  150. The right attitude; a step a time; little talking and sheer hard working.

  151. This was the moment when Linsanity broke loose. No other explanation than he’s blessed.

  152. Also adding link to article about Jarrett Allen. “His ability to roll to the rim makes it harder for them to switch when you have a 7-footer out there that can put pressure on the rim,” coach Kenny Atkinson said. “He was really good, and then defensively we feel completely comfortable with him out there.”
    So, if he’s not hurt, play him more Kenny!


  153. I’m a believer. Jeremy Lin was most successful when HE was set on a course to the end of his career when he was cut twice and on his way out of NBA. This is going to be the same when nobody gives a darn when he recovers and he plays for a Cinderella team with the GM went mad and got the team cornered so no success is not possible even Lin recovers. Then Linsanity will come back.

  154. It might be true that no current Net is elite. Aside from Lin, of course. 🙂

    Not sure I agree about total lack of talent. How much talent is required to make free throws? 100%? 50%? Will more practice or point-of-emphasis from coaching improve the makes? I’m hoping yes.

    I might agree with you that the team still needs to improve on team-ball mentality, and then executing on court. Hoping more playing time together will increase trust and decrease selfishness.

  155. Yes, I remember this very scientific statistical correlation!
    But I don’t think I saw too many kids imitating “the Zorg” – haha.
    It was probably a lot more fun to rock the Mohawk!

  156. Anyone see this yet? If that is the bobblehead they’re giving out, doesn’t look too much like Lin. Can’t tell which hair-style they are using…..


  157. Here’s to an even better Linsanity 2.0!

  158. Lin gets whacked and hit so hard so often. In the heat of play, I don’t think he even knows when they are intentionally flagrant hits. It probably just seems like normal business.

    On some level, I think he just refuses to acknowledge these people can beat him down. In his own way, that’s showing more toughness and standing up to these bullies than getting into a fight and getting ejected.

    Ironically, he complains more to the refs when he doesn’t get calls driving to the hoop. He probably wants those calls because it would get him to the line for points.

    My take.

  159. I do not think Russell was the new starting PG when he played with Lin. He may kind of share PG with Lin and they alternate, but Lin lined up as PG on the opening tip when they lined up for every preseason game and the opening game of the season.

  160. That’s what I said about that, too. In Miami Linsanity’s game, it was to stop Linsanity “hype.” If it was another undrafted player it would have been the same, regardless of race. That was years ago. Lin was triple teamed in the playoffs 2 seasons ago because of what you mentioned. That proves it wasn’t hype, that Lin was for real.

    I do feel Lin doesn’t look to dominate in always the same way. But he always gives big effort on defense. On offense, sometimes he’s impacting the game by drawing defenders off-ball, or setting picks, or starting great ball-movement. His impact isn’t as always obvious as it was with all of the points and assists he was getting in the Linsanity run, and then the usual basketball stat-happy fans don’t get exactly how Lin is impacting the game.

  161. Yup, and drawing fouls. That gets opposing players in foul trouble, teams in the penalty, and Lin produces points at the line.

  162. didn’t you say CNN is fake news?

  163. When government start to play God, it is never good. Their job suppose to serve and protect, but somehow it has now became regulate and control.

  164. Sorry KHuang. Not necessarily agree. At least not in terms of sports and Lin.

    Yeah, Nets Income is horrible. But I think it comes more from trolling for clicks. I don’t know if it’s particularly racist. At lease I haven’t seen it yet.
    At any rate, he is a blogger. Not a traditional journalist, or what I call “media”. I wouldn’t lump him in.

    But NYC mainstream papers like the New York Times, Daily News, NY Post were all supporters of Linsanity. Because it was such a good story.
    In fact, that was used against Lin. Saying that he only got the hype because of NYC.

    Even last year, when Lin was able to play, NY Post, Newsday, cbslocal (Steve Lichtenstein), seemed fairly balanced in their reporting.

    And during a tough year in LA, I thought there was some fairness in reporting from the local media.

    I don’t know about the rest of American journalists, ie. Phoenix.

  165. So many threads and topics today. Entire doctoral dissertations could be written.
    Wish there was more time to comment. LOL.

  166. The other site discontinued. Lol

  167. Maybe for really below average applicants. But many legacies and sons and daughters of the rich have good stats.

  168. I agree Lin tries hard on D in almost every game. I believe he’s top 30% in D among PGs.

  169. Please DO NOT POLLUTE this clean Lin fan site with your political belief. Take your love for the women-groper somewhere else. I enjoyed this site too much to overlook what you are starting with this post.

    Please Do NOT bring what transpired in the other Lin site here! The unfettered political discourses may have brought down that site.

    This is merely ONE issue to be taken against ONE school, Harvard, by the Justice Dept.

    First, it is premature to say how the outcome would affect Asian Americans. Secondly, FYI, affirmative action covers all minorities, not just Asian Americans.

  170. Wrong. Affirmative action helps those traditionally screwed over historically by discrimination. Dont vilify blacks or hispanics or pit asians against them. Its those white kids who dont deserve to get in over asians that you should be concerned about…

  171. Without government regulation, companies would continue to dump chemicals into the ocean and discriminate and allow money to take precedence over anything else…

  172. Really? I wonder what happened. That site uses to be awesome. So many fans that he had to make pre game, game, and post game threads… lol

  173. Lin was not the only Asian who was discriminated in college, this is a great news for Asian American future generation and you can disagree all you like. It’s just a link and it didn’t harm anyone. It wasn’t POLLUTED or politic until you had to respond with politic and personal attack.

    We had great discussion below without personal attack and hates until you.

  174. Nice to hear from you Charles. Isn’t it great that you no longer have to stay up until 4 am to write me?

  175. Get healthy Lin. Get contract extension.

  176. Look like we’re gonna have to agree to disagree.

  177. Threads there auto-lock after 30 days (optional feature is Disqus).

    Mod there might not even know he needs to create a new thread because current one is closed.

  178. Ok, thanks!

  179. Keep telling yourself that. Quit bringing political garbage here.

  180. I miss president Obama. I couldn’t help it.

  181. Lin’s Dota2 team VGJ.Storm donated game winnings to Center for Family Life.


  182. Still many fans of Lin (including Robin Lundberg), who won’t be bullied by Lin haters.


  183. Looks like JLin is getting out more and more. And Lin fans are everywhere.


  184. All kids are cute but little Jaden is REALLY cute! Must be those chubby baby cheeks. He looks a lot like Grandpa Lin.

  185. JLin is funny guy. On one hand, he is mature beyond his years with how he handles adversity. On the other hand, he is a 29 year old big kid. Does anyone over 18 use the word “gross”? LOL.


  186. hmmm…should we be expecting influx of new posters here?!….

  187. Looks like Jeremy did a Q&A on weibo earlier today. Hope there will be a full translation and summary by one of his many dedicated fans. It seems like it’s still too soon for him to join his teammates on the bench yet.


  188. Yes, Jeremy has a certain affinity to tease/fun-troll his dad and Jaden ?

  189. Truly, very truly Linsanity 2.0 because this is a real bad injury. To come back from this, Lin is just like the reborn of Linsanity.

  190. Humans season 1 & 2, best British TV in recent year. Leading actress: Gemma Chan.

  191. look like you stay up to 4:00am to reply to me again. LOL

  192. True. But when government uses it as an excuse to create regulations and policies that benefit one group over another, than it defied the original purpose to be non-discriminatory law of the land. A good example is minimal wage policies. Instead letting supply and demand dictate the price of good and services, minimum wage policies created a toxic cycle of inflation of standard of living, and a deflation of the US dollars. And for what? So the ignorant feel better about themselves of getting a raise in the short term by sacrificing their standard of living in the long term? There are research done that showed 99% of the average American citizens have no influence in the policies creating process. Policies and regulations are determined by the elected parties. In other words, it is the parties interest that matter, and the people interest doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, this is part of history repeating itself. Governments are born because changes are needed. But with time, governments will be corrupted and new government will need to reset. Just matter of time.

  193. Between 0:16 and 0:19 you can see there seems to be a huge swollen lump on JLin’s right instep. Was that a secondary injury, not related to his knee?

  194. “The Justice Department clearly appears to be on the hunt for a case to bring a significant challenge to affirmative action,” said Vanita Gupta, former head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division under President Barack Obama who now leads the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.”

  195. Good news. Lin can bend his knee again.
    “I’m getting well and can bend my knee now and I can walk normally. The recovery is very good. I wear the knee brace every day,” Lin said, getting up off his couch to demonstrate. “So going anywhere, either eating out or working out is very easy now.”

  196. What’s old is new again!

  197. I have no problem with discussions on off-topic issues such as racial discrimination. What concerns me is that you subtly injected your post with your pronounced love for the women-groper, which is political and controversial.

    I know you are unable to freely disperse your political views in the other Lin site now because it is (temporarily?) closed. Please kindly try to keep this site a clean sports site which the moderators have done a great job for Lin fans.

  198. I will be posting here more frequently due to some circumstances. It’s good to see some old faces here like Cruz pollute this site with off topic political garbage in order to drum up support for trump. Your in the wrong place Cruz….trump is almost unanimously looked down on here.

  199. Minimum wage and supply and demand?? You must have it good. 15 dollar wage was introduced bc soooooo many Americans are totally struggling to just survive. Our poveety levels and the wealth gap us just hard to believe here in usa. Oh, and remember child labor, no weekends off, health hazardous working conditions, and oh yeah, hostile environmnets and sexual harassment? Adam smith cant help you here.

  200. I do… and I hear colleagues (adult) use them as well

  201. The bobble-head designer tried to make it look more like himself

  202. Winner at auction of Dinwiddie & Lin’s signed bball.


  203. Always uplifting to see so many of JLin’s Nets teammates giving back. Even when they are not all on big money contracts. Dinwiddie. And see Jarrett Allen and Demarre Carroll recently.




  204. So I have to assumed you agreed increasing minimum wage solve the economic problem in America? You do know there are research that shown minimum wage do not help reduce poverty, narrow the wealth gap, nor help the struggling American, right? It is a tool to make the bottom feel better about themselves for a short period of time. When the market adjust to the increase of wage, they will start struggling again. Minimum wage started in 1938 at $0.25. If you believe the government number that inflation is around 2-3%, then the adjusted minimum wage after 80 years should be around $2.60. Yet, we are at $15 dollar today!! which meant inflation in relation with CPI is really 5-6%. More than double then what the government claimed. In other words, minimum wage is not the solution to people suffering. It doesn’t matter if minimum wage is $100/hour. The cost of good will adjust accordingly to the increase in wages. (if a can of coke is $1 when minimum wage is $15, then at $100/hour, a can of coke will be $7 etc.) So don’t use minimum wage as excuse and solution to hardship in America. The major issue poor American facing today are ignorance. If they only understand why the wealth gap is widening, they would have been part of the 1% instead of the bottom 99%. The issue is our government are creating policies and regulation that benefit the top 1% in the expense of the 99%. Yet, the 99% still believe the government is doing whatever they can to make their life better. How sad is that. Because now they only have themselves to blame for their own suffering.

  205. See JLin Portal’s retweet.
    Another update on JLin’s recovery, from his Weibo Q&A. From JLin’s fan, with English subtitles. Doubly sad, no ice cream allowed.



  206. Another excerpt from another JLin fan. About his focus on more than his knee for his recovery.


  207. If possible, please boycott Net Income (the tweeter) and his articles on Nets Daily. Unfollow and don’t give him clicks.

    He has not been kind to JLin. Always trolling for clicks by purposely disparaging Jlin and Lin fans. Yet shamelessly exploiting Lin fans’ hard work.

    Instead, please reward Lin fans by following them directly. There are quite a few links in this thread. And many other sources for JLin news.

    I don’t want to hijack the forum again.

    If you have time, I wrote a looooong rant on the G15 thread. And there was some discussion on this thread 2 days ago.

    Thanks for reading.

  208. Okay, I hear you. Guess I haven’t kept up. Didn’t mean to offend. Just thought it was funny.
    And “totally” don’t like the guy skinny pants. Not “awesome”. 🙂

  209. Hmmmm. Missed that. Maybe from cupping? NO CLUE.

  210. Thanks. There are no subtitles on it. It’s funny to hear him speak Mandarin and throw in the English words for words he’s not sure of or doesn’t know.

    Lin will do everything it takes to get in the best shape possible to play again. What happens with his health next isn’t up to him. I just hope the major injuries are over and he misses as few games as possible next season. Going into this season, his health was my major concern, but I never thought he’d be out for the season after not even completing a game.

  211. And remember dunking on, and “pie-ing” his mom?
    Jeremy does have a very special relationship with his family!
    And with most relationships, having a great sense of humor never hurts.

  212. Yes, just like before. Indeed, would be a miracle! Hope so much for it!

  213. FYI – the English-subtitled ones are in the earlier post below.

  214. Yes, I’m afraid I got greedy.

    After such a great season with the Hornets. Being able to start and play for Kenny. Was looking forward to JLin building on that momentum. And leading the Nets to playoffs.

    Now, would be just overjoyed if he recovers 100%. And then returns to the court to play.

    Long year for Lin fans. Can only look at one day at a time.

  215. Since Jaden is so popular, here is a personal favorite. Yuuum. NOT. LOL.


  216. You are free to assume what you like, however, you know the saying about assuming. My point is you need gov regulation and a lot of it. Otherwise, there is mass exploitation beyind our imagination, beyond 1% v. 89%. With regard to your dissertation, which i didnt read due to time, if your theory is correct, lets hope we correct the problem accordingly…

  217. We don’t know what he’ll look like and how long he’ll play. Deron Williams is regarded as a lazy player who didn’t care about his team. Lin is the opposite. Whatever capacity Lin plays in, he’s either the team’s leader or one of the team’s leaders.

    Manu is 40 and is still playing, and he played a hard driving game. Yes, he’s not the Manu he once was, but I think Lin has a lot more basketball left in him.

  218. The news of his progress out weighs the secondary news source, lol.

  219. limits of posting… no offense taken (I gave you a thumbs up:-)

  220. It would’ve been nice for JLin to play with his best friends since we know they’ll have his back. But DLee might be too old for the rebuilding Nets and he’s a not a 3pt-shooter. Even Ed Davis fits the same mold of not being a 3pt threat even when his PnR chemistry with Lin was off-the-charts. So they might not fit. Omri Casspi on the other hand is a 3pt-shooter so he can still survive in the modern NBA.

    Novak was beset with injuries so that might be why he had to retire.

    Parsons is also undone with injuries, maybe for good? He really cashed in with lobbying with Cuban then that huge deal with Memphis. He’s definitely not a true friend with Lin although they still seem have good contacts.

  221. true, their personalities seem to be a good match. Maybe Lee can find a potential pro athlete girlfriends for Lin 🙂

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