G16 Brooklyn Nets (4-11) to Rebuild Trust in Defense vs Sacramento Kings (6-10)


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As the Nets losing streak reaches 6 with 5 losses in double-digits, they need Jeremy Lin’s return more than ever but there is no sign he will return in this game yet. Defense is still the #1 issue but as Sean Kilpatrick expressed, the trust is not there yet to play good defense. Having Lin back as an experienced floor general will be a great start to organize their porous defense.

NYPost article:

“There’s got to be a guy in the back that’s really sitting there to help us get on the defensive boards especially. The trust right now is not there and we have to find a way to get there fast. Because in this league, if you don’t have that type of trust, it’s not going to work for you. Hopefully in the next couple days or the next couple games that pops up. We’ve got to build something.”

Lin hasn’t resumed full practice yet. And with games upcoming Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, missing a month total seems a real possibility. That’s why after their latest blowout loss in Indiana, veteran Luis Scola — the oldest Net at 36 — told the team they need to take ownership of the problem themselves, and fix it themselves.

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets has to rediscover their the gritty defense to contest every shot and be competitive to have any hope to stop the losing streak.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will come back soon to help the Nets get back on the winning track, and most importantly finish the game healthy!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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Guess JLin's Average PTS/Game in Game 11-20 (within 0.5 pt precision is correct). Deadline: Game 13
Guess JLin's Average ASSIST/Game in Game 11-20 (within 0.5 pt precision is correct). Deadline: Game 13


  1. Go Nets ! First!

  2. Bring Lin back soon! Healthy & Happy! Anyone know when Lin will be back?

  3. so, what is going on with JLIN? any update?

  4. I guess it’s we’ve seen Lin get hit so hard and get up, shake it off, and play. That injury looked mild, and yet he’s out well over 3 weeks and counting, and so early in the season. He started off well, and now it’s just we’re watching a team that’s really rudderless without him. I guess we just have to trust the Nets medical staff and trainers on rehabbing him.

  5. When Lin gets back into the rotation, he needs to work up to 30+ min per game. He is still young and can play more than his average of 26.9min per game. He is ranked 32 for minutes played out of all point guards.
    He needs to stay warm and out on the court with less rest time which cools his body down. With his aggressive style of play, he needs to be on the court even if to pace himself but at least his body will stay warm and loose. Nets can easily get to the playoffs if Atkinson just let Lin and Lopez play. Take off the kids gloves and let your players play!

  6. Look at this article that ends with time for a trade. I hope they don’t mean Jlin.

  7. Without the return of the floor general Jeremy Lin, it sounds like Nets’ ability to win tonight’s game will depend on their ability to knock down the 3-point shots. Since Kings possess a bottom-ranked team defense this season and let Rockets put up 50 three-point attempts, Nets may be able to stop the losing streak if their shots go in tonight. Go Nets! Go Lopez!

  8. Yeah, they tend to look to trade injured players. Hopefully, Lin back soon.

  9. Nets’s owner must be very upset for Lin’s injury. Have missed 11 games after only played 4.5 games. Hope Lin will play the rest games after come back. Happen again, his career will be destroyed.

  10. I think they meant trade for backup PG. Even after Lin back, they still need that.

  11. So many empty seats.

  12. Im here. It is better than last time… lol

  13. someone on reddit suggested they should give out tickets for free… maybe they should.

  14. No JLin not going to watch the game but score wise the Nets look equal with the King. I hope they can pull through a win here and break the losing streak. So far it looks like Bog and Kilpatrick are contributing the most on offense. And if the minutes match it looks like the starting lineup was Bog, Booker, Lopez, Kilpatrick, and Whitehead. Not bad but I really hope Atkinson will give McCullough more minutes and hopefully start him over Booker soon.

  15. Hope you can watch a win game today.

  16. SKil is hot so far. 2+1 and 3 ptr. Hope he stays hot.

    4Q 3:32 Nets leads 52-49

  17. I hope so…

  18. The stadium looks pretty full as 2Q proceeds.

  19. Good game. Hope we dont collapse in 3rd…

  20. fingers crossed…

  21. A win here would be nice…

  22. end of 1st half, Nets leads 59-58

  23. It surely would be nice.

  24. Anyone know when the Net’s next full practice is (so Lin can practice and be cleared to play)?

  25. Are you at the Barclay center for the game?

    Hope Nets beat the Kings for your sake. 🙂

  26. Yes, this a great stadium…

  27. Come on guys!

  28. Enjoy the game!

    I have yet to feel the atmosphere there in person.

  29. Im surprised that kings have some decent players on paper anyway…

  30. Thanks!

  31. 3rd qtr collapse…

  32. Just checked in, looks like the usual 3rd qtr collapse is happening.

  33. the awful TO’s and flat shots…

  34. finally, Whitehead 3 pts and Booker 2 pts..

  35. 69-75 , the deficit is only 6… premature to call it a “collapse”:)

  36. Its getting away from them as usual…

  37. That was why I said it is happening when the score was 71-64

  38. Sadly, the deficit is now 10 at 4:01 3Q.

  39. Harris 3!

  40. Cousins, hamstring injury?

  41. Wow that was a really lucky pass from Barnes. 🙁

  42. He seems ok to me…

  43. Really?

  44. Probably not. NVM.

  45. Close but cant get over hump…

  46. Good pass from Yogi to Hamilton! 2 pts.

  47. All these players just need to be waived

  48. How does Lin look on the bench? No clipboard tonight?

  49. Looks disinterested.

  50. Not much on the market. Maybe after Dec 15.

  51. They suck.

  52. They are playing ymca ball…

  53. I just don’t get it, why in the heck you put Scola on Cousins??????

  54. Thank you. I probably would be too with the team’s uninspiring play.

  55. D-league has more younger and better players,they just need to go and get somebody

  56. I really think KA has no clue what he is doing. Smh.

  57. Totally agree. I don’t even know why they signed Scola in the first place. Also that injury backup PG who’s out w 5 M now. smh!

  58. Honeymoon is over already?

  59. the only bright spot is Hamilton and that’s it.

  60. Agree. Every game it’s same …. never do anything about it just let the game out of control. smh!

  61. Yeah, he looked depressed.

  62. Scola always works for the opposite team. Can’t even setup a screen properly.

  63. Brook is not in foul trouble, if Cousins stay in the court, then you gotta out Brook on him, doesn’t matter how many minutes Brook had played in the 3rd. it is about match up, not minutes.

  64. Hes horribke.

  65. One fan said it well…. Lin is finally on a team with a coach who “likes” him but the guy is clueless and stubborn.

  66. It would be difficult for Nets to overcome the 15 pts deficit in 4Q. 🙁

  67. Totally agreed with you man! Sigh… not easy to be a fan of Lin. But it is all good. 🙂

  68. Ya! His SOP it’s always miss shot, foul 2FT for the other team & TO…. smh!

  69. Not really but KA needs to give his best players playing time to fight for to the end not just give up again. smh!

  70. When he “attempts” to setup a screen, he rolls even before anyone comes near him, over and over. Not sure what he’s trying to do.

  71. Nets have no D at all, how may game the other team reach 90ish pts on start on 4th qtr???

  72. Avoid contact? Eager to get ball to score?

  73. Where is the grit?

  74. Nets keep on have poor 3Q, game after game. 🙁
    One would think the coaching staff have figured how to address this by now.

  75. On the trash bin.

  76. I know that’s why I am mad at KA… Ya! He’s good guy but too bad he’s not a good coach at all. smh! From his own word. “I don’t have all the answers,” he said. “I’m searching for the answers.” Needs to do more homework. KA. smh!

  77. As I said I would rather get a d-league players than these comedians.

  78. Looks like the other team is always making better half time adjustments than the Nets. Kenny is s rookie coach though.

  79. Barns had a hard foul on Skil. Hope he is not hurt.

  80. These young players are not good & develop them during trash time it’s not good for them either. DL is the place to go. Learn more from Rox.

  81. Wake me up when Lin is back on the court :p

  82. OK! see you next year!

  83. Luke is also a rookie coach. KA is not smart at all. Also stubborn.

  84. There’s nothing wrong with the coach,it’s more on the players that looks like retired playing basketball even they’re just started their careers.

  85. Lets go Nets, we still have a chance!!!

  86. Look at the bright side, we are only 4 games behind the 8th spot.

  87. Absolutely agree.

  88. Put the best players on court to fight & see what we can do to improve next game if we loss this one. No more equal playing time…. smh! KA.

  89. It’s not that easy. We have to win those 4 games WHILE keeping up in wins with the other teams ahead of us.

  90. I’m afraid you’re right. He was smart enough to get Lin though and he deserves credit for that. It’s one thing though to recognize a good player but another to coach a team.

  91. At least this will erase without a doubt that Lin is the difference maker for this team, not Lopez, Atkinson, or Marks! Lin is the Franchise point guard.

  92. Down only 14 pts

  93. Yes!!!!

  94. Ya! Still lots of time left… fight for it.

  95. And other Tech, 13 now. 🙂 Go Nets!!!

  96. Brook!!!

  97. 8 pts deficiency now !

  98. You are right!

  99. Hope we fight to the end no matter what’s the outcome…. Go Nets.

  100. Lol hope a little before that ?

  101. Show us fans the “Brooklyn Grit”!

  102. Ya! Fight for it.

  103. Wow, that is an offensive foul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. speechless

  105. Same here, I am not blaming KA this time instead is on these (#*@_#(*@_#* refs…………..

  106. Coach AK was slapped with a Tech foul because he complained about Foye foul call?!

  107. Even refs are bullying Nets.

  108. Yup. But I like how KA stand up to the BS call

  109. Refs suck!! They are the ones should get Ts!!

  110. Couldn’t agreed more.

  111. TO after TO after TO.

  112. Every team Nets facing in this losing streak shoot over 50%.

  113. They come to your place to bully you. That’s barbarous!

  114. Developing time again. smh!

  115. BKN – Foye Foul: Shooting Block (3 PF) (2 FTA) (K Fitzgerald) then BKN – Atkinson Technical (K Fitzgerald) @ 5:58; Then poor Foye got Foul: Shooting (4 PF) (1 FTA) (K Cutler), followed by the Technical (K Cutler) @ 5:31. Refs don’t like Nets 🙁 No Fun to watch, Refs need to refresh their skill.

  116. Lin would have to play 36-38 minutes a night for this team to win some of the games they’re losing.

  117. The worst team in the league…

  118. This will not happen bc KA likes equal playing time….

  119. I don’t see they’re learning anything. Sigh!

  120. Totally agree. Too bad, I am afraid Lin will waste his time in Nets …. smh!

  121. My hope is that will change later in the season.

  122. If his boss call KA maybe…. lol

  123. It’s what I was afraid of. That’s why I didn’t want the Nets and Lin on the Pelicans or other winning team. I hate watching him play on a bad team. Feels like LA now without the horrible coach and Kobe.

  124. Exactly… trash time developing for what? They should go to DL not trash time. smh!

  125. It supposed to be good but too bad KA is not Luke… smh! Why Lin is always so bad luck… smh!

  126. Another blow-out game!

  127. Luke looks like a great coach.

  128. My concern is even if Lin comes back, I wonder if KA let him play more than 30 minutes or let him score at will. I really don’t like the development first mentality. It means it is OK to loss.

    From these 7 games losing streak, I have to begin to doubt KA’s coaching. Not just on court. I don’t think the 2nd and 3rd unit players are buying what he advocates.

  129. He was playing around 32 when he got hurt.

  130. On the home court to a lowly Kings.

  131. He’s. Why he’s not our coach…. smh!

  132. 7 consecutive Losses! 🙁

    Wonder what is like in the locker room…

  133. Don’t give up too early! Have faith. 🙂

  134. Based on the past rotations, I really don’t think KA will let him play too much, in the name of development.

  135. Well, the bright side is KA and Lin have a great relationship. Maybe Lin can have some positive influence when he comes back.

  136. I hope KA just let Lin plays his game & also gets more playing time. That will do better….

  137. Painful to watch…

  138. I have faith on Lin but not KA. Only good thing it’s since he’s so so coach maybe will agree to let Lin plays his game… lol!

  139. I hope so. But if FO and KA decide this is a gone season, they might put a minutes limit on him. I just hope so.

  140. This one was bad… cant lose it like that against kings…

  141. Ka will get fired at this rate…

  142. Um… doesn’t that title belong to the 76er still?

  143. Hope not…. smh!

  144. Skil is a nice player. If he had Lin with him, they could do well together. As much as RHJ is maligned, the Nets need him. Booker is always good for rebounding, but his offensive game isn’t good. Brook goes in and out. He doesn’t really dominate throughout the whole game but he’s the biggest threat so he gets a lot of defensive attention. Whitehead and Yogi try, but they’re very inexperienced. Foye is terrible. He’s a veteran and is supposed to organize the team. He provides more disorganization and tries to play hero ball. He’s not talented enough to play hero ball.

  145. I think so …..

  146. He’s not figuring out the 3Q woes. But he also doesn’t have Lin. So probably the owner is taking that into account.

  147. Record-wise, maybe. Not sure. But they play better than the Nets.

  148. But like Lopez said…it is not going to be JLin coming back, it is go to be player currently in the locker room to figure this out. Coach should do more than just waiting for Lin to come back.

  149. I doubt. If they losing like this into next season first 20 games, maybe. This season keyword is DEVELOPMENT.

  150. You’re right. He’s not doing well.

  151. Sigh, these games are getting tougher and tougher to watch without Lin…


  152. What about Kilpatrick?
    Hasn’t he been performing well above expectation?

  153. 12/15 is coming hope Nets trade some good players….

  154. Yes, this is all on the team all together, starting from the coach down to the last players.

  155. I hate it when he plays hero ball. He doesn’t shoot at a high percentage. Why not just try to set up the team instead? Also, no one on this team seems to know how to penetrate. The PGs only pass outside the arc and if they try to drive in, they get trapped and just pass it back out instead of throwing it inside to a big man or a cutter.

  156. I don’t see KA developing them well for trash time… smh!

  157. But I don’t see anyone’s developing so far. They seem getting worse to me.

  158. Haha! Me too…. trash time it’s not going to do any good for them. DL is.

  159. Eventually Kenny will realise that the NBA is entertainment business and need not be overworked on the ball calls/nocalls by the refs and getting the technicals in heated games like this one. Vegas has to make some money for the entertainment industry to survive and continues. Nets will continue to lose until the betting odds are more balance up. Haha cheers

  160. I have not followed 76er games –
    they were at the bottom of East Conference last time I checked the team standing.

  161. That’s what I am seeing. But I think it is one or two players not buying KA. I don’t have to name them. Just look at the unnecessary TOs.

  162. Lin’s injury has nothing related with PT this time.

  163. Killpatrick is playing out of position so I’ll give him a pass.

  164. Lin must do very well after come back. His career will have another difficultly if KA get fired or he injure again.

  165. “We have to fix the ‘3Q blues’.” – Coach AK said at the post-game interview.

  166. Not really. I believe FO wants to keep Lin so he will be OK if KA really get fired. I hope KA can just let Lin plays his game to save his job… haha

  167. Serious Lopez.. was there a time when Lopez got really serious about winning, encourage his teammates to play harder..etc.. like gestures? I really don’t like him goofing around with the other players when they are losing badly. His foul on Cousins turned the tide to King’s favor and when the Nets were down by 10+ I saw him goofing around with Kings player again, laughing and making that funny face. I see him make that gesture so often on TV. It’s really annoying. Not asking him to be all serious all the time, but as the “franchise” player, I’m hoping him stepping up and take the leadership role.

  168. How?

  169. You havent watched a lot of Lopez have you?

  170. Watched every Nets game this season.

  171. Foye has been horrible. He annoyed me the most in this game. But Lopez also has to play stronger and dominate the game, especially with Lin out.

  172. i mean through the years you havent watched a lot of him have you?

  173. No I haven’t. I’m talking about this season, if you are being sarcastic.

  174. Not who he is thats what im trying to say dude you cant switch that mentality on just like that. he is a goofy guy who doesnt take bball too serious

  175. It has been 3rd and 4th quarters when the opponent teams play a bit seriously. No Lin, no win.

  176. He mentioned there were too many turnovers…, otherwise, I didn’t hear a fix to the ”
    3Q blues”.

  177. why would he get fired? Nets were projected to be the worst team in the nba,,,,the fact that he has won 4 games this early with this trash team is commendable

  178. He looked like he didn’t know how.

  179. Lopez is fine. He played well when Lin played PG. Nets cannot win and do not believe they could win without Lin

  180. IMO. Lopez is just trying to buy in on the socalled system and can’t just try to dominate without the other players in the correct positions. He needs a competent floor general to direct play n organise the floor for him to play his A game. Haha cheers.

  181. This team is exactly what people thought they were going to be. Not good thats what it is…This is all about Lin proving himself as a starter folks im good as long as he gets his stats.

  182. Exactly. He’s a good guy but he’s not a good HC yet… not ready for this job. smh!

  183. Nets has no player who can be on court leader like Lin. So Nets keeps losing because not just lack of talent players, but also lack of leadership.

  184. He’s clueless & probably waiting for Lin to give the answer….

  185. Got his from the other side… I agree… What KA’s doing since Lin’s out? Nothing ….. smh!

    I think Scola said it best when he said that the Nets are not playing the way they did during the early part of the season (I read that as no JLin leadership on the floor, just a bunch of guys playing pickup basketball).

  186. Obviously Lopez cannot take the leadership role. He lacks of the charisma and abilities. Lin is the one player can turn the Nets around.

  187. I think so.

  188. This team needs Lin more than KA. Lol

  189. This is disheartening. Although i still think they can get back in the race with a win streak when lin comes back, this is just bad. I dont see lin coming back vs clippers so on to december.

  190. I don’t think he will vs Clippers. But after that…. maybe…. hope he doesn’t feel sore anymore soon.

  191. He still has not been cleared for practice. Thats the 1st step. Even milkwaukee thursday looks unlikely.
    What a difference this injury makes….

  192. I read from Baidu but not sure it’s true or not… from China news said even 12/4 can’t come back?

  193. I dont know but at this point , dont put him out there unless he is 100%. Pre injury levels. Whats a few more games now…..

  194. I think Nets feel the same way bc he’s near 100% & since they had been waiting for so long why needs to rush now? Just few more days….

  195. This is what is bad with Lin going to the nets…It’s not a good team i hoped he will have a monster season here and move on…I hate the thought of Lin being stuck on a bad team the rest of his career. If nets dont fix this roster coming off season things will be the same.

  196. He will not but I hope he’s been seeking advice from some senior head coaches’ about his coaching skills. 🙂

  197. Hope so. 4week injury. How long was jeremy lamb out with a similar injury ?
    He is playing now but he got hurt earlier than lin

  198. I think Lamb was out on 10/29 or 30? Came back on 11/23. He plays well now.

  199. I just checked and he was out for 10 games. Lets take into consideration that nets are being extra cautious with lin, so it should be soon lol

  200. Assuming the coaching staff are not giving much guidance, there is a possibility that AK and SM are planning for numerous trades.
    If you let the players to swim on their own, you will soon find out who deserve to be on the rosters.

  201. I think so.

  202. I hope they don’t trade Lopez but feel they will…. on vs Lakers, Lopez took lots of shots…. it’s not KA’s style….more like show case to me.

  203. Funny how an injury can skew and change the course of action within the organization. They might pull the trigger on some of these trades, whereas otherwise they wouldnt have if lin did not get hurt and the team has a better record

  204. Brook lopez looks like a giant out there on the court but he is so soft… he has like 6.inches on cousins but he couldnt do anything in the post… he was shooting fadeaways and 3s… whats up with that?

  205. Here is what Kenny Atkinson is saying to the team. The highlighted section is interesting …

  206. Like Legit Thats just not true Kenny….i know you’re motivating but Team is not talented enough…you basically have Lin and Lopez if one of them is out it’s over….

  207. FO keep Lin only if coach like him and he can bring more wins. KA maybe the only coach which can let Lin lead. So far Lin only played 4.5 games and have missed 11 games. Even as a Lin fan, I am upset for this start. So Net’s owner must be unhappy too. but can’t image if anything else happen.

  208. So true meanwhile Lopez and Lin are not the main go to guys for their offense. Both of them need more plays and need to lead the offense with each other, not pass and wait for the ball to never come back to them.

  209. I applaud some Lin fans for watching the nets when lin is injured. I personally can’t do something like that. Aside from booker and skill the rest of the team really sucks. Even brolo is highly overrated. I don’t want to hurt net fans feelings but that is the truth. Lin coming to this awful team was the best thing that could happen…..for THEM. Not so much for Lin and definitely not for Lin fans. I’m highly disappointed in Lins team mates for constantly getting blown out and even more annoyed at their awful defence. A lot of that responsibility also falls on coach KA.

  210. Brook Lopez can do all kinds of offensive moves including 3s and mid jumpers, KA needs to balance that with his post ups and plays at the rim. Nowadays big men needs to also shoot jumpers and 3s that’s just how the game is. There’s no doubt Lopez is able to do everything efficiently but he needs more plays and someone to feed the ball to him at the right spots.

  211. Actually, last 6 games lose 17+ points. Not only 3Q blues, it mostly be all blues. D & O are both getting worse and worse.

  212. My problem with Kenny is that he looks dejected and overwhelmed. He looks drawn and exhausted. I want to see some pep in him and resolve.

  213. Aint no amound of pep gonna make Scola a better defender or Lopez a better defender etc etc….Team needs talent….man if they had a decent damn team it would have been good but this team is the worst team in the nba….And it’s starting to show…All i hope for is Lin to not get injured anymore and ball out

  214. Yup i understand Kenny and where he is coming from…Me personally i wished Lin would have gone to Chicago maaaan that team would have been even better than now…

  215. Chicago had Wade and Butler with a bunch of talented young guys there’s no room for Lin he would’ve probably come off the bench again on that team. There’s a reason why Nets chose Lin as their star since they are rebuilding. Other teams with their stars wouldn’t allow Lin to lead them that’s obvious after 5-6 wasted seasons.

  216. I agree he is talented but man is he soft…

  217. I feel awful for him. The players on the nets are just not NBA caliber. He is likely racking his brain trying to figure a way out of this mess. Unfortunately you can dress a pig up, but in the end it’s still a pig.

    If not for Lin on the team, KA’s tenure as HC surely would be a very short one.

  218. So glad to see Jam Hsiao (a famous Taiwan pop singer). Hope you’ll see me play next time. (Lin’s new post on his FB)

  219. Take out Rondo hes really bad and put Lin in there…Team would have been real good..Lin would have been awesome…He would have averaged at least 15/7 i think which are really good numbers..Hoiberg would have loved Lin. Great teammate can shoot can defend easily penetrates…Rondo cannout play in todays nba.

  220. I don’t think he’s soft at all more like this motion offense crap doesn’t fit him. We’ve seen Lopez being a monster with his post ups where no one can stop him yet the coach insist on Lopez shooting so many 3s and mid range shots. Where’s the so called “balance” that KA talked about finding? i don’t see it at all.

  221. But Lin would’ve been off the bench and not the main offense or ball handler. That’s not what Lin or any of his fans want! Lin wanted his own team and I’m so glad he found got it. Nothing is going to happen overnight if there’s one person who can figure out how to win with this team it’s Lin. GSW didn’t become the favorite team from day 1 it took time for them to become great.

  222. The problem with that mentality is TIME. I mentioned this before in the offseason but Lin is 28. In basketball years, this is his peak period. He is at the top of the hill and will go down hill as he crosses 30. This year already looks like a major bust. If the nets don’t get enough wins, we can guarantee that no other talent is going to join the nets in the next offseason. If that happens then he will be 30 by the time he is out of the contract and 2 of his prime years wasted.

  223. “Take out Rondo”. Dude you’re like in a dream world. That’s not how those nba ppl work. You need a non american boss and some coach who believes in him. The bull’s coach would rather have rondola than linna.. that’s typical. That’s why lin got to the nets because of KA who believes in him, allows him to run the offense and allows him to do his linology thing. NO OTHER COACH OR TEAM IN THE NBA IS GIVING HIM THIS FREEDOM except the nets who has a russian boss and a coach who seen linsanity first hand and knows what lin can do.

  224. Rondo has among the worst reputations in the league. Numerous reports of bulls being intrested in Lin, Lin would have started who else do they have? this is not byron scott or anyone else..Hoiberg loved Lins game. Rondo is a ball stopper Lins not. ROndo cant shoot Lin can. Hoiberg hates Rondo so does the entire bulls board. Lol you know the nets were Reeeeal intrested in Rondo right? Bulls had no PG so they had to get Rondo. Lin would have been great there in my opinion.

  225. That’s the reality right now either go to a team with star players but be a bench player or lead his own team. I don’t think these 3 years will be wasted Lin will finally be able to prove he’s a star if he leads this team to playoffs. I still don’t think the team is that bad, it’s KA’s bad coaching that’s the main problem. They played their best their game when Lopez was u leashed with post ups and PnR with Lin was their main offense. Then stubborn KA went back to the same old crap these past games with no plays.

  226. It’s called NO POINT GUARD.

  227. If you’re going to be disappointed in any of Lin’s teammates, blame GREIVIS VASQUEZ who swindled the Nets out of $5 million and whose disinterested and injury prone play led directly to Lin being forced to overexert himself.

  228. NO MORE BENCH for Jeremy Lin.

    No nonNets teams.

  229. NO IT’S NOT.

    Nobody predicted that the Nets would lose both their 1st AND 2nd string point guards – the 2nd stringer for the season.

    I don’t care what team we’re talking about, NOBODY can survive losing their starting and backup point guards. Not the Cavs, not the Warriors, NO ONE.

  230. Did Chicago offer Lin a starting job and starting money the way the Nets (and only the Nets) did?


    The End.

  231. He doesnt rebound either! Gets pushed around by smaller dudes… jlin cant help.that!

  232. Well, i dont know him that well and i like him but watching him live i was shocked at how weak he is…

  233. Bull’s couldve gotten lin, but why didn’t they.. because as I mentioned.. it’s all politics in there that say let’s not get lin..get rondo instead and wiling to pay up because if they are wrong, they can say hey it’s rondo. It’s no different than picking stocks..they rahter go with someone who everyone knows and the fans want to save their job. If they pick a stock that is not a favorite and it doesn’t perform, goodbye to that ‘guru’. So they rather play it safe. And it’s not all the coaches say. It’s gm’s and owner too.

    Now, no, the nets was not REALLY interested in rondo. Most nets fans wanted rondo.. not that the coaching staff specifically wanted rondo due to his attitutde. That’s a clear difference. They do not want rondo but him as a backup plan because of his attitude and price. In fact KA specifically ask for lin when lin hits FA. Even Sean marks, wasn’t 100% buying it until KA adamantly say ‘yes. I want that guy he is the guy’.. when he or someone question KA are you sure. So it’s KA job on the line too, Plus the russian owner is a bit hands off.. he just cares about making moeny. And he doesn’t have this sutle american stereotype that asians can’t play.

    I don’t think lin wouldve been great in the bulls because wade is there. You keep missin the politics aspects which is huge and which is also why lin wants to play for the nets and kept saying that hornets had a camaderie that he haven’t seen since college days or something like that.

  234. It’s easy for Lin fans to be depressed about the state of the Nets.

    That said, we need to remember that NO TEAM can survive the loss of their starting AND reserve point guards (the 2nd stringer lost for the season, mercifully waived).

    The Nets are bad, yes, but that’s what you get when the 4th string clueless 2nd round pick point guard is starting and the lead backup is an undrafted player who was passed over 60 times in the draft!

    I still see tons of encouraging signs that make me very confident that the Nets will be terrific when Lin returns. Thus I am NOT WORRIED about the Net despite the endless losing.

  235. Lopez being out is easily survivable, as the Nets have one of the NBA’s best backups in Hamilton ready to fill in.

    But as many of predicted this summer, Lin being out is FATAL especially with Greivis Vasquez gone.

  236. Lin and Lopez together were winning too much and putting up too much All Star production for Atkinson to worry about “developing their chemistry!”

  237. This is so much like when the Magic Johnson Lakers faced the Detroit Pistons for the championship about 30 years ago.

    The Magic Lakers were destroying the Pistons when suddenly BOOM, Magic went down with the same exact hamstring injury that is keeping Lin out.

    Soon after that, starting SG Byron Scott (a much better player than coach) went down with his own injury too. And POOF, the Lakers starting backcourt that was the very best in the NBA was GONE.

    Detroit’s backcourt of Isiah, Dumars, and Johnson utterly ate up Magic and Scott’s replacements Tony Campbell and David Rivers. The Pistons backcourt was utterly unstoppable against the Lakers’ minor league backcourt, just like opponents are unstoppable against Whitehead and Ferrell.

    This did not mean that the Lakers were terrible or that the Pistons were all that great. It was just BAD LUCK TIMING, as is the case for Lin right now.

  238. Drawn and exhausted is how a NBA head coach looks even when his team is winning!

  239. Nets’ success without Lin = people upset. Nets’ failures without Lin = people upset. It’s hard to please everyone. Damn right that this team is Clueless without 1st & 2nd rate point guards. The result so far = Predictable. Guess all the analysis and critics were right after all ?? This is How the Nets look like without Linsanity. 15/7 on Bulls ? Lin can be 25/9 on this team by season’s end.

  240. So who would start instead of Lin if he went there and Rondo went to the nets?

  241. Actually, Lin can help that A LOT.

    Lin is the best rebounding guard in the NBA, he usually grabs the loose rebounds that come off of Lopez blocking people out.

    Having Lin on the boards is like having another big man on the court.

  242. He needs a POINT GUARD.

    When he has an actual point guard, Lopez typically scores 20+ points.

  243. Are you goodayLA from Real gm?

  244. No analyst is “right” based on MASSIVE INJURIES, particularly to the very durable Lin.

    Analysts that crow about that, that’s WEAK BASKETBALL ANALYSIS.

  245. NO, why do you ask that kind of cockamanie question?

    I am THE LONGTIME ENEMY of that known LIN HATER.

  246. As i said this team should be great for his numbers…but there wont be any playoffs and he is 28 years old. how much will this rebuilding take? 2-3 years maybe who knows

  247. 2-3 WEEKS once Lin returns, likely LESS.

  248. lol you just reminded me of him…He is a lin hater? did not sound like it.

  249. What in the blazing world about me reminds you of him?

    He and I fight regularly, especially since he thinks Lin fans are IDIOTS.

    You don’t know me very well, it seems.

  250. Listen if Lin can get this team to 30 wins he is a top 10 Point guard in this League because i cant see anyone to that with this team. So if he does that he is top 10 in my opinion, lets see what happens.

  251. How long did Tony Parker and Nash played ?? Lin’s IQ and shooting stroke still have ways to go – they are the bread and butter.

  252. Nets success with or without Lin = I’m not upset or pleased (blah)

    I’d be cheering if the Nets had an adequate backup point guard instead of the bad mistake of signing Greivis Vasquez, as Lin likely would not be injured from trying to clean up Vasquez’s messes.

  253. I would be DISAPPOINTED if Lin is out so long that he cannot win 40 games MINIMUM.

  254. The playoff talks thats all reminded me of him dude :/

  255. Lin’s IQ and shooting are WAY AHEAD of Parker’s and Nash’s.

    Both Parker and Nash played with max contract big men on stacked rosters, neither player was the prime focus of opposing defenses like Lin has been all his NBA career.

  256. They did not take neeear the amount of punishment Lin takes, Lin is fearless which i love and hate because that stuff shortens your career. Will he be able to take those kind of hits when he is 30?

  257. like i said 30 wins and he is top 10 easy.

  258. OK.

    But I’m not the only player who views the Lin led Nets as a playoff team.

    I predicted that this Nets team could EASILY win 50 games as long as Lin did not have a major injury – but unfortunately Lin has a major injury!

    The other thing that I’m unhappy is the Nets wasting money and minutes on Greivis Vasquez. They’d have been way better with Jimmer Fredette – with Jimmer as the NBA’s most unstoppable backup PG, the Nets would not lose because Lin wouldn’t have had to exert himself as hard to cover up for Vasquez’s terrible play.

  259. Totally agree. But there might be some exceptions. For example GSW has so many talented players who can create their own shots: KD, Klay, Green. Even with a rookie PG the Ws would still be able to compete. But the Nets have a much “smaller margin of error.”

  260. He doesn’t have to. If he’s shooting 45-50% from 2’s and 3’s.

  261. dude,,,cmon man 50 wins? thats Elite Lin is not Lebron.

  262. HRMPH!!!!

    Lebron cannot lead turn around this team like Lin can!!!

    I’m dead serious.

  263. His game will improved in all other areas besides drives. He can outsmart and outplay other players without driving to basket.

  264. If Golden State lost both Curry AND Livingston for an extended stretch of games, they’d get WRECKED almost as badly as the Nets are.

  265. Thats a big if now isn’t it? that we except Lin to shoot 45-50 % from 2 and three with lopez being the only second option. im just saying its a long shot.

  266. But opponents are sending tons more defenders after Lin than Parker and Nash ever got.

    Neither Parker or Nash ever saw a double team in their NBA careers.

  267. You saying you are dead serious makes me think you’re not loool

  268. That’s NOTHING for Lin and this Nets team.

  269. i hope you are right

  270. And you trashing Lin and taunting me is WAY NOT SERIOUS on this Lin appreciation website.

    You view Lebron as some sort of immortal god. But he isn’t – and Lin EASILY crushed his championship Cavs team with a vastly inferior talented Hornets team when given the chance.

    Lebron actually has done very poorly against Lin, especially when Lebron is being SHUT DOWN by Lin in head to head coverages.

    And as far as raising a bad team, NOBODY can get more out of a bad roster than Jeremy Lin. Not Lebron, not Curry, not anybody.

  271. Trust me, I am.

    I’ve watched the NBA for too many decades, I’ve seen it all.

  272. dude….how am i downgrading Lin? like you remember lebrons cavs teams right? looooong ago when Mo williams was his second best player you remember how he carried that team dude?

  273. I like Kenny as he was always there for lin, but he definitely needs to adjust his offensive strategy. Surprisingly, the nets starting unit actually shot the 3 point shot pretty well. They shot 11/20 from downtown, which is very good… However, their bench shot 5/19, which is atrocious. We honestly need to stop taking so many threes. Golden state takes a bunch of threes because they have guys who can make threes. However, you never saw Bogut shooting 3’s because he simply did not have the shooting ability to do so. Kenny needs to understand his personnel and play with that. He claims to want to play a motion style offense and implement the offense popovich uses with the spurs. However, you do not see parker, aldridge, or gasol just jacking up threes. Why? because those guys are not known for making 3’s consistently. I have followed the spurs very closely since 2013 and must say they are moving the ball much more this season than last year. Why because tony parker is healthy again and is playing well. he is the true quarterback of that team. Pop uses a motion offense, but it all starts with aldridge or gasol setting a simple screen for parker to penetrate the paint. Allowing parker to penetrate collapses the defense and opens up other players. Like i said he is absolutely key to their offense as his penetration and passing is the reason why the spurs ball movement is as good as it is. Last year he was injured, so kawhi and aldridge played much more isolation style basketball.

    Getting off topic here… my point being is that when lin comes back he will be providing the nets the same thing parker provides the spurs with. However, kenny must realize this and set screens for lin to allow him to penetrate and play pick and roll and pick and pop. Lin’s penetration will collapse opposing teams defense and will promote good ball movement. Kenny must realize the reason why the spurs were so successful in winning their 2014 championship all came down to parker’s ability to penetrate and either dish or score. His penetration allowed his teammates to get open looks. Kenny just seems to want to move the ball around the perimeter, which is absolutely ineffective. I really hope he will implement more screens for his players as jacking up contested 3’s is not a recipe for success. Also I do not know any team that has had 9 out of 10 guys attempt to shoot the 3 ball every single game…

  274. I agree with KHuang on this. Lin absolutely can lead this Nets team or “Any” bottom-feeder teams in the NBA to the playoff. If he’s being utilised in the right way.

  275. You’re trashing Lin’s ability to lead the Nets to victory so that you can pump up Lebron.

    I remember those 60 win Cavs teams far better than you do – that’s very recent history to me considering I’ve been following the Cavs long before even 2nd overall Clippers pick Danny Ferry was mistakenly traded to the Cavs for their stud SG Ron Harper! That should give you a clue how far back I’ve followed the Cavs when I’m talking about guys like Brad Daugherty and Hot Rod John Williams and Craig Ehlo!

    And no, Lebron had HELP on those teams long ago. Guys like Zydrunas Ilgauskas, JJ Hickson, the strangely disappeared Daniel “Boogie” Gibson, Ricky Davis, Delonte West, and especially the horribly underrated and underpaid Sasha Pavlovic were doing all the dirty work for Lebron so that he could be a superstar. Lebron back then wasn’t good enough to carry those Cavs further, and he wasn’t going to beat Tim Duncan and the Spurs no matter who he had on his Cavs team.

  276. I hope Kenny is learning from 7 straight loss and correcting his strategies soon. I really want to see the smile faces in the next game, not the look from this pictures. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3b440a723cd4e38429282c1e8dc3bc2dd3e01f748115824038d799aac383ad9.jpg

  277. Atkinson is doing fine.

    This is the NBA where a broken down halfcourt offense results in lots of bricking threes.

    The Nets don’t have players off the bench other than undrafted Yogi that can execute in the halfcourt.

    Remember that all of their players other than Lopez are UNPROVEN and still learning the NBA. And believe it or not, they’re learning well and getting better every game!

    The Nets cannot run the same offense for Parker that the Spurs run – they don’t have two All Star centers like Gasol and Aldridge. And Whitehead/Ferrell are not Parker.

  278. There is only one lesson that can be learned here:


  279. The only bit of management I STRONGLY disagree with Atkinson on is sending their two young talented productive bigs CMC and Bennett to the D-League.

    If anything, I’d START Bennett over Booker and feature CMC as a regular bench big man. I’d play the dribble driving Booker as the backup or even starting 3!

  280. YUP!!! We’re talking about a team without “quality” point guards. How you expect them to win ?? Who’s going to create and run the show ?? Unless you have a system in place for years and years – like Pop and Spurs. But can the Spurs survive with Whitehead as their starting pg ??

  281. 2006-2007 cavs team had a total of 4 players in double digits for the season Lebron had around 28 pts and next up was whooo? larry hughes with 15 pts drew gooden and your buddy zydraukas with 11 pts.

    Lebrons stats for that Year: 27.3pts 6ast 6.7 reb. 1.6 steals. Team went 50-32

    Brooklyn Nets have 5 players in double digits for the season so far. we’ll see what will happen when lin gets back. No im not upping Lebrons value dude trust me there is no need his accolades speaks for himself. and like i said if Lin takes this team to 30 wins he is Top 10 no doubt in my mind.

  282. That’s right. Lin is the only key to make his team better and help his teammates develop quickly.

  283. Can’t agree.

  284. I thought CMC just got back from the D League. OMG CMC could seriously start for the Nets. With the few minutes off the bench in previous games, he was able to produce immediately. Right now he’s been DNP every game which is sad and talent of a 1st round pick wasted. Seriously when McCullough is the only Nets player this season to catch and make an Olley-Opp that is enough reason to start him with Lin for some deadly duo! Atkinson is very blind to who the talented players are while giving minutes to the likes of Vasquez, RHJ, and Foye.


    They can’t even survive with Patty Mills starting!

  286. whats the right way now?

  287. You can’t disagree either.

  288. i think its safe to say we’ve all been lin deprived and upset haha! i miss watching him play so much… hope hes back next game… plz

  289. Vasquez, RHJ, and Foye (Booker too) are guys that play terrific in practice and do everything “right” in scrimmages and running plays on off days.

    But when the GAME BEGINS, then the pressure is on and those players get wrecked.

    I’ve always preferred guys like CMC and Bennett (or Lin for that matter) that occasionally struggle with playrunning in practices but BEAST OUT in games than terrific practice players who cannot produce in actual games.

  290. The right way is Lin RETURN TO GAMES AND BE HEALTHY.

    That’s all it takes, he’s THAT GOOD.

  291. It doesn’t matter what you think. I’m sure you’re a great fan and all… I’m not here to convince others but just stating my opinion. JL7 and Nets can get 45-55 wins, #3 to #5 seed EC. I didn’t expect him to be out so … Now, I guess #5 to #7 seed, but definitely better than #8.

  292. It’s not the Nets offense that is killing them it’s their defense.

    Booker is their best defensive player who is healthy. Why did he only play 26 minutes tonight and 27 last game?

  293. Do well in “practice” exactly there’s a reason why it’s called practice. Even so the preseason games should’ve been enough to waive Vasquez immediately. It took KA way too long to realize RHJ and Foye were not starters or backup players. Actually he never realized it, RHJ just got injured obviously due to being given starter and minutes he didn’t deserve.

  294. never said it did matter it’s a discussion dude im not from the future i dont have an agenda this is what i believe and we are in a forum arent we?

  295. What I didn’t expect was the Nets being SO OFF on Greivis Vasquez’s ankle.

    The entire NBA was unwilling to touch Vasquez.

    When they signed him, the first thing I did was post that I didn’t think his ankle would survive the season, that his absence would put tremendous unhealthy pressure on Lin, and that he would “have to retire”.

    And that’s exactly what happened.

  296. Because Atkinson would like to develop the other Nets since they aren’t going to win without Lin anyway.

    I can’t say I disagree with Atkinson on this.

  297. Curious question. What will Nets Record be at the end of this season granted Lin is healthy?

  298. The problem is there is no real personnel for the penetration besides Lin, hence why the team is just jacking up 3s. It seems no one really knows how to create for others and penetrate to feed the big man or cutter in the paint. I just watch people attempt to drive in and either turn the ball over or pass the ball back out because they’re stuck.

  299. You serious? Booker is a pretty bad defender and the reason why they got burned so many times. The only time Booker looked decent was during preseason trying to go for a sudden block where he almost feel on his head. I haven’t seen Booker on defense at all he literally disappears. Lopez is the only one good on defense.

  300. Lakers beat Hawks?? Wow! Luke is really really good. He always adjust well from game to game. Lakers finally made the right choice.

  301. Are you talking about Lin being healthy through his current injury or Lin once Lin returns?

    I myself can make no predictions since Lin is not back yet.

  302. RIGHT! You hit that right on the nail !!! Who’s avail for backup coming months ??

  303. Once he returns. lets say he returns next game and is healthy rest of the season. bam go

  304. I DESPISE Booker’s ATROCIOUS defense.

    He shows hard initially on coverages, but then he GIVES UP on plays. Booker is out of position most of the time and he doesn’t rotate hard.

    The Nets rotate poorly, and opponents are going at Booker knowing that putting pressure on him forces all the other Nets out of position.

  305. OK, how many games are left after today?

    35-45 wins is my guess, especially if Lin stays healthy for the rest of the season.

    Keep in mind that the schedule softens up for the Nets after this brutal stretch of games right now.

  306. Correct.

    That’s not a coaching problem, that’s a NO POINT GUARD problem!

  307. So that’s what it is. I also got fooled by his fake initial coverage during pre season. But so far I haven’t seen Booker being “there” for defense or make any time of impressions. Even Kilpatrick has more hussle on defense than Booker. How long will it take before Atkinson benches Booker and start McCullough?

  308. 66 games left i think

  309. OK, then I’d adjust to 30-40 wins.

  310. At least McCullough TRIES.

    I have been trashed on this forum for bashing Booker, but I am RIGHT.

    In the NBA, it’s better to have a clueless guy like McCullough that plays his guts out than to have a LAZY veteran like the below average Booker doing FALSE HUSTLE.

  311. It’s hard for me to put numbers but I’ll simply put – make playoffs #7 to #8. If coach KA permits it – unleash Lin and Lopez.

  312. i agree, but its parker’s penetration that makes all the difference.

  313. Most rookie coaches like to play the guys that practice hard but don’t produce.

    Even veteran coaches are not immune to this fatal mistake.

    The NBA is a PRODUCE league, not a feel good league for coaches.

  314. I hope you’re right.

  315. the nets also dont have curry thompson or durant, and yet they shoot mroe threes than any team

  316. Parker CANNOT PENETRATE without those picks set by max contract superstars.

    It’s been like that in Parker’s entire NBA career.

  317. If we can get a good backup pg and shooter(s) in Dec, I’ll say 35+

  318. Shooting too many 3s is because the Nets have a broken half court offense due to having no point guards.

  319. NOBODY.

  320. Don’t understand the logic behind that.

  321. man they shoot like that even when lin is on the floor, only lin gives them better looks

  322. Lin will unleash himself, Atkinson can do nothing to limit Lin’s production.

  323. parker used to penetrate all the time especially when he was in his prime. what i am saying is parker getting into the paint is vital to their offense.. lin gets into the paint easily when he has some screens so kenny needs to play to that.

  324. Ok some of you disagree with me on Bookers defense and that’s fine.

    How about this one. The Nets are a poor rebounding team but Booker is their best rebounder. Why is Booker playing 26 minutes a game?

  325. They could beat the Kings at home. And they could beat a Paul George-less Pacers team too. They would certainly not get blown out in either case.

  326. Simple thing like that. Can’t Kenny see that??

  327. Coaches work their butts off on gameplanning.

    The bulk of their work is done in practice – or so they believe.

    Coaches want to reward the players that run the coaching gameplans. But this is the NBA where opponents are so good that coaching gameplans usually get thrown out the window and SHEER TALENT takes over.

    When a coaching scheme breaks down, even for the best teams, that’s where raw but energetic guys like Bennett and McCullough can come in and salvage the game like they’ve been doing all season!

  328. he obviously can, but he wants to implement his “motion offense” i hope that changes upon lin’s return

  329. Rebounding is a deceptive statistic.

    Just because a player grabs many rebounds doesn’t mean he’s effective defensively or is even truly competing on the glass.

    Opponents are EATING BOOKER ALIVE on the boards, though his numbers look deceptively good.

    It’s what I call “Kevin Love Wolves” syndrome where Love would selfishly pad his defensive rebounding stats while the Wolves got battered on the boards!

  330. better question…why the hell would you implement motion offense on the worst team in the nba?

  331. It’s one game and then it’s two games But others will not perform better than Booker. It’s just pointing fingers. No general or leadership on the floor. I don’t want to see these kind of hussles when Lin IS on the floor. My judgement will have to wait.

  332. He better if he wants to win!

  333. I’ve actually thought about that question myself.

    Honestly, I can’t necessarily argue with Atkinson using motion offense for a team like the Nets that has only two players on it in Lin and Lopez that have had any success creating for themselves in the NBA!

  334. Actually, CMC and Bennett have both been performing better than Booker.

    Their energy and production are far greater than their stats indicate.

    From what I’ve seen, both of those guys have earned the right to start over Booker and RHJ. That’s right, I’d start BOTH CMC and Bennett since it isn’t as if RHJ and Booker are truly producing anyway!

  335. I just looked up defensive ratings for all NBA players in the NBA advanced stats. Booker is 53rd out of all players with a defensive rating of 104. He is one of the best defensive players in the NBA and by far the best rebounder on the Nets.

    Once again I ask:

    Why is Booker averaging 26 minutes a game?

  336. Wrong, motion offense required ALL 5 talented positions. The Nets had only 2, 1 is out and 1 too busy shooting 3.

  337. I totally agree with you. Booker has the best D and D is the Nets problem. Although I cannot figure out why Booker often has an awful +- even when he has great stats. In any case, this coach doesn’t play anyone 30 minutes. Not Skil, not Lopez, no one.

  338. You left out the most important factor, when will lin be back?

  339. Brooker is the nets best defender, but he needs to stop bringing the ball up coast to coast like Jeremy Lamb.

  340. The +- is often deceptive. I did notice lately he has been playing a lot with the 2nd team when Brook is out and they have not done well.

  341. I agree with that

  342. You have a truly unique but curious mind.

  343. Yeah +- can be misleading but against the Pacers he had a -34, much worse than any of his teammates despite scoring a double double.

  344. That sounds like a compliment.

  345. Booker is not a good defender. Defense is all about efforts, As you look closely, he did not challenge for 3 point shoot (just try to steal the ball to pad his stat) and he did not box out his opponent in the paint. His opponent can always get into the position to compete the boards. He is the major reason Nets rebounds number is always bad. He is using his atheism to show that he can compete the rebounds (after losing the position) particularly in the offense rebounds (but he is always the last one to come back to defend). He should be in the 2nd unit but after CMC.

  346. lol

  347. No suprise. Lakers has some good players. After the former coach and star leave, team should be better.

  348. Lakers beat the Hawks without D’Angelo Russell tonight. If you look at how Luke Walton’s manage the minutes of his players, you can tell he is a lot better than KA. I didn’t watch the game but I am pretty sure Luke Walton has ride with the group that were hot or were winning till they won the game. That’s how a coach should be. We are not the Spurs or a team that have strong bench so we just have to play our best players heavy minutes to win game. In this industry, the bottom line is to win, it is ok that we don’t have enough talent on our roster but not even trying just doesn’t make senses.

  349. I doubt it even playing our best players (who else besides Lin and Lopez) long minutes will make any difference. What I see now is we lack of the ambitious and the desire of winning as a team, especially on the 2nd half. KA needs to do something or most likely we will keep losing until Lin’s back.

  350. How are we “not even trying” to win? This statement makes absolutely no sense. Just because we’re losing games doesn’t mean we’re not trying. We had the game within 6 points in the 4th quarter. The Kings made a huge run and then it got out of hand, so Atkinson subbed out Lopez and others for a bench lineup when it was obvious there was almost no chance for a comeback.

  351. Winning is no longer the top priority for the team. The team is developing his players keeping them healthy. Playing them long minutes would cause more injury.

  352. Well said.

  353. because under the nets “program” no one on the team plays more than that. if they continue this program thru the season no one will. they are on “spurs minutes”. which makes no sense when you only have 3 adequate nba players, one out with injury already for equal to the longest # games in a season since the knicks already in less than a fourth of the season and another (lopez) who is set up periodically as if were a fragile being.

    the big thing here i see is if lin continues to sit out not play for say 20 games no matter what he does in the remaining the reversal of direction in his preception in the league and future opporutnites will not happen.

    lin fans should be hugely concerned about his extended abscence with really no word as to when that will change.

  354. Fortunately 76ers kept loosing too.

  355. Yup…Sadly it looks like keeping everyone minutes under 30 is part of the Nets blue print.

    Sometimes, it feels like Kenny is more worried about controlling everyone’s minutes instead of making sure the guys that are playing well stay on the court.

    Nets is the only team that has no players playing above 28 minutes per game…Has that ever happen at this point of a season where a team doesn’t have anyone playing more than 28-29 minutes per game?

  356. Totally agree…. plus Luke is willing to make adjustment if the game plan or lineup it’s not working well… but not KA… this 3Q collapse Nets had since preseason …. fans, reporters all can see why he finally said it now??? smh!

  357. Got this from Taiwan news…

    美國媒體《REAL GM》專欄作家史密斯(Keith Smith)今天也在個人社群網站上指出,籃網可能在12月中旬後展開交易,而其中大前鋒布克(Trevor Booker)和射手波格丹諾維奇(Bojan Bogdanovic)更已傳出有球隊問價,而籃網的交易目標將鎖定在年輕的潛力球員以及未來選秀權上,將重建計畫放眼未來。

    US media “REAL GM” columnist Smith (Keith Smith) also said today in his personal community website that the Nets may start trading in mid-December,Power forward Booker (Trevor Booker) and striker Bogdanori (Bojan Bogdanovic) has been heard from the team asking price, while the Nets trading target will be locked in the young potential players and future draft picks, the reconstruction plan to look to the future.

  358. Someone please tell AK communism never worked and will not work.

  359. No, Lin fans should NOT be concerned.

    Other nonAsian players miss far more than 20 games, why should it be different for Asian Lin?

  360. I’m also RIGHT.

    I predicted this before the season started.

  361. I don’t see more than 25 wins. But, to be honest, they were a lot better with Lin. And Lin needs to play 36 minutes to make the impact. 36+


    More telling than the deceptive individual stats is how opponents are TARGETING Booker.

    In switches and in transition, Booker is getting murdered.

    His individual man might not score, but Booker’s out of position all the time and it is causing secondary breakdowns at the rim and at the 3.

    Bad individual defense has a trickle down effect where a defender’s man might not score but the rest of the team is thrown out of defensive position.

  363. LIke I keep trying to tell you, Booker is causing SECONDARY BREAKDOWNS where his man might not score but Booker is so out of position that it throws the other 4 defenders out of whack.

    Booker needs to stop GIVING UP after he shows hard on the initial pick and roll. He has to put a body into his man or at least get back into defensive position. Instead, he strolls out there uninvolved in the play lollygagging the way James Harden used to.

    Lin returning will force Booker to not constantly be caught out of position and giving up on secondary plays.

  364. It better be – I am right.

    Explain why I am wrong – you CAN’T.

  365. I think 32 is more than enough for Lin to win consistently.

  366. NO HE’S NOT.

    If opponents aren’t isolating against him for easy double figure scoring, they’re targeting him in high screen action because they know that not only does he not recover after a hard initial showing, he also isn’t fast or high jumping enough to close the gaps to play the help defense that is required in today’s NBA.

  367. Lin should NOT have do that donation where if he shoots 3s he will donate 100 bucks etc.

    it’s a jinx
    and some can say he can missed on purpose to not put money in
    and since he has done that his 3 point shootin dropped and now look what happene.. he ain’t playin man.

    He should’ve made the donation that if he missed any games or missed any 3s, he has to pay up.. that makes more sense.

  368. Nah, it’s an IRS TAX WRITEOFF!

    Lin needs to spend that money anyway, let it go to a good cause!

  369. I used to bash Atkinson for motion offense, but I stopped once both Lin AND Vasquez went down with injuries.

    With the totally inexperienced and clueless Nets 3rd and 4th string PGs that would be in the D League were it not for injuries to Lin and Vasquez, there’s no halfcourt offense other than raw motion that the Nets can actually run!

  370. So all the stats are wrong but your opinion is right?

  371. Another observation… live, scola looks slower than any other player out there… and he stinks!

  372. I hope they can trade him but I bet no team wants him.

  373. I dont want him near my rec league!

  374. I think he’s too stubborn to listen. It was a bad sign when he accused Lin of being stubborn.

  375. “spurs minutes” is a myth. Kawhi Leonard and LMA both average well over 30 minutes and play close to 40 minutes as the game demands.

  376. The content is totally different: they alomost won against the championship team, while Nets lost big to similarly-ranked weak team AT HOME.

  377. What kind of charity would wish their donor to fail in order to get his money?

  378. Walton got Randle (4th pick) Russell (ok injury yesterday but 2nd pick) Ingram of the bench (2nd pick) Lou Williams (former 6th man of the year) Mozgov Deng.

    KA got Lin, Lopez, maybe Bogdanovic who is good and the rest are D-LEAGUE players or very raw like Booker or very old like Foye or Scola.

    You really can’t compare.

  379. It’s unrealistic to expect too much from the draft. If the Nets is unable to convert the existing players to capable NBA players, there is very little hope that they could in the future with newly drafted players. In fact not many newly drafted players could make it to NBA. Many are busts. A large percentage disappeared after the first three years. when their rookie contracts expired.
    Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez, Bojan Bogdanovic, Trevor Booker are the anchorage players for this team. There is no reason to believe the team can trade any players better than them. What the team should do is to use their cap space to sign more capable players than the existing bunch other than the above.

  380. What can you get from the stats below.
    List of mins played and PER for the Nets

    Brook Lopez 26.9 min 22.83
    Jeremy Lin 26.8 min 22.02
    Trevor Booker 26.8 min 19.17
    Bojan Bogdanovic 27.6 min 14.28
    Sean Kilpatrick 25.7 min 14.94

    Justin Hamilton 22.1 min 14.01
    R H Jefferson 24.8 min 9.02
    Luis Scola 14.6 min 11.89

    Joe Harris 23.7 min 8.14
    Randy Foye 17.4 min 6.96
    Yogi Ferrell 16.4 min 6.66
    Isaiah Whitehead 19.5 min 6.34

    Anthony Bennett 10.3 min 16.92
    Chris McCullough 5.8 min 19.59
    Caris LeVert –

  381. For god sake Give us a date Kenny this is becoming a joke

  382. Lin does not even average 30 min? lopez the same? loooooool

  383. Why are the people in entertainment business trying to act like politicians?

  384. Atkinson is protecting the assets of the team.

  385. Anybody know how Lins contract works? like if he had a monster season could he leave if a better team offered a starting job? like a lets say Bucks or something like that?

  386. I thought Lin was supposed to be able to do his thing in brooklyn? 27 Min is a crime for a starter. This is not being given the keys to the offense, this is taking a seat.

    Edit: protecting assets? Lin is 28 years old Let him loose

  387. ..and he failed miserably.

  388. are people starting to hate KA more than Cliff now? With Cliff, no matter the injury, Lin would come back to play 1 or 2 days later. That annoyed some of us, but we were happy that Lin was playing 28 mins a game. Which is about the same amount he is currently getting on the nets lol….except now he is a “starter”

  389. Love the man but hate his system. Gotta make it clear.

  390. as much as your son right?

  391. No one came close to my son.

  392. hmm…maybe Im not remembering right, but I recall you said you loved him like your son LOL! Maybe it was someone else.

    Either way, you can’t love a coach and hate his system. Its one or the other….I will be honest with you, I am just about starting to snap against coach KA.

  393. communism works well, it reduces injuries and gives people more rest, keeps people fresh for the important part of the season. Look at Tim Duncan, he was playing until 40 years old, and he could have kept on playing if he wanted to. There were teams out there that wanted to sign him!

    KA isn’t doing it right though, his version is a cheap imitation of the real thing( g pop)

  394. If he has a monster season, he will stay with the nets.
    and the nets will want him.
    the way it works with lin is different from other players..
    If lin has a monster season, the nets will be in the playoffs and then they are better than the bucks.

    I don’t know.. seems lik eyou are doubting lin..and I thought I was the harsh one.. in fact, I got banned here because of I was harsh.

  395. I’ve never said such thing.

    Too bad you’re unable to separate a person and his job.

  396. I can’t…I don’t know him personally to be able to do such a thing. I can only judge him by his job.

  397. He’s a public figure, we can judge him by his behavior, how he treats his players etc….

  398. This site is fast becoming an Nets/ Atkinson hater site. It’s pathetic. Some of you are even calling him a commie, lol.

    This bunch is what Lin signed up for and it would seem he’s not about to throw anyone under the bus like everyone here. The Nets are stuck with the roster they have because they sold the farm already. What’s left is comparable to tilling in manure to rebuild the soil. It stinks to high hello, but it’s all they can do.

    I suggest anyone unhappy about the situation rethink why they follow Lin. Yeah it sucks to lose but when key players get injured in a rebuilding team, they lose. Do you see Lin sulking on the bench? He’s still trying to do everything possible to help HIS TEAM DO WELL. Lin feel a sense of ownership to this fledgling team and that’s good.

    When Lin comes back healthy and turn this team around, the NYC press will all fawn over Lin as the greatest thing since slice bread. I hope all of you will eat crow then over all the garbage thrown at this team, LIN’S TEAM.

  399. can you pin point out the names who is calling him a commie. I didn’t.

  400. I don’t trust such things, the media manipulates things from specific angles to fit their own narrative. You should know that as someone who supports trump.

  401. scroll down lol

  402. Here is another example why you can’t see things clearly. From sports to politic, something so different. Btw, I do not support Trump, just against the hypocrite who say don’t believe the media but follow their lies about Trump and his supporters.

  403. Good thing is Nets getting more sponsor. But iTalkBB sucks.

  404. Only problem i have with Atkinson is the motion offense when the nets clearly dont have the personell for it…Aaaand that Lin is not even scraping 30min per game….thats what Lin was here for right? to get an honest chance? he is averaging 27 min so far.

  405. How do you know what Lin signed up for? When he signed up the FO was still trying to recruit TY and Crabbe. When they didn’t get either of them maybe their plans changed. You are in no better position to judge the current situation than anyone else.

  406. lol? doubting Lin? i want him to play for a good team is all dude where in my post did you find i was being harsh on Lin? no i dont think the nets are going to the playoffs even if Lin has a monster season but i expect him to have a great season.

  407. Im still not sold on Kenny to be honest…He wants to bring in culture to this team and it’s all good. Somehow i feel Lin got ripped of coming here. This is not Lins team or anybody elses…Kenny is establishing a culture and a style of play. Motion offense does not work when you have 2-3 Nba quality players. If lin was 23 or something i’d have no problem with the developing…but He is not so time is of the essence. Right now Lin is not even averaging 30 min its a joke, neither is lopez your top 2 offensive players are not even averaging 30? I dont want Lins prime years be wasted on a bottom feeding team is all. Kennys system would be great with a young core team but he brought Lin in here and as a Lin fan it’s torture….Remember the bucks game when he got hot and Kenny took him out? that was Lin not playing within the system expect Kenny to do more of that people.

  408. Uh, Lin knew was getting into. Crabbe and Johnson were support players and once they were matched, the Nets basically had to look around in a scrap heap to fill out their roster. Lin knew he wasn’t walking to a situation where the team was expected to compete a high level. This is what he was looking for. Denying that is basically living in an alternate reality.

  409. That included his most recent game, where he only played 15 minutes and had to leave early. It also included a couple of blow out losses (Celtics and Bulls), where the game was basically over before the 4th Quarter. It’s not an indicator of what he will average the rest of the season.

  410. The premise of this question is foolish. If he had a monster season, the Nets would be winning and he wouldn’t leave.

  411. i sure hope so. When kenny took Lin out against the bucks when he got hot is an indicator that If lin does not play within kennys system he’ll get punished

  412. You don’t get it. Lin doesn’t care how crappy the rest of the team is. As long as he’s the leader and gets starter minutes he will try to win. When Lin signed the FO was saying all the right things. Later when the FO struck out they may have decided to focus solely on development which is NOT what Lin signed up for.

  413. how is it a foolish question? if he has a monster season statwise will the nets go to the playoffs?

  414. well, see that’s what I’m trying to say…
    lin having a monster season and playoffs are NOT separatable… they are coupled together.

  415. Im saying putting up good numbers statwise. just because Lin produces does not mean the nets will make the playoffs.

  416. Lin signed first day of free agency. T Johnson and A Crabbe didn’t have offers from the Nets till weeks later.

  417. Lin is here solely to get a chance to start and play starter minutes.

  418. i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again If lin gets this team to 30 wins this season he’s a top 10 PG in my opinion because i cant see anyone with this much lack of a talent roster being able to pull that of except Lebron james. I’ll be happy as long as Lin gets 33 min a game and averaging 18/7 that would be awesome for me and it will give Lin a lot of respect aswell.

  419. …and leading the team as THE point guard….not motion offense.

  420. I don’t think Lin signed for for long playing time. He signed for Atkinson and a team that possibly offered him the best shot to reach his full potential. I still don’t get why people quickly hate a coach and a team Lin loves so much…

  421. We don’t hate the coach, just his system.

    That best shot needs time on the floor

  422. yup but we have yet to see him lead due to the system. I would love the system had nets had have good players but they have 2 players…At least make the games competetive use them more!

  423. I hope KA can give Lin to play his game & playing time then I believe Lin can do it. But if KA insists on his equal playing time w his not working motion system then it’s not going anywhere even w Lin comes back.

  424. Lin has said on multiple occasions he wants to start and play starter minutes. watch clifford when he talks about Lin he will say the same. Lin is a winner and wants to prove the naysayers wrong.

  425. So people shall be careful about their wording like using ‘communist’ to call Atkinson…smh

  426. Yeah it’s a little strong but I think Grace meant his system was.

  427. I know he wants to be a starter but minutes? Did he ever say he wanted to play 38 or 40 mins or ?

  428. not necessarily… westbrook couldnt lead his team 2 seasons ago to the playoffs

  429. Where do you see hate? The original post was about KA being “communist.” That refers to two things: 1) Motion offense where all players get an equal chance to create plays. 2) Minute allocation where all players get equal minutes. Starters don’t even reach 30 minutes.

    1) Not giving the play-making duties to a highly skilled starting PG and 2) not giving more minutes to the more talented players is a recipe for failure. Almost everyone agrees with this. And that’s the analogy to communism.

  430. He once said he would like to average 36 minutes. Currently he’s averaging 26.

  431. Whats the point of being a starter if you play the same minutes as a bench guy? 38 no 40 hell no….33 minutes hell yes thats what he should be having…Him not being giving starter minutes when he is basically the only player who can create is disrespectful in my opinon might aswell stay in charlotte if he is getting the same minutes.

  432. look guys even with a healthy lin, the nets would have a tough time making the playoffs they just dont have the talent to do so.. so lets just hang tight and hope lin has a great season, while we have faith in kenny and sean marks to bring in some talent next season. even westbrook couldnt get his team into the playoffs with ibaka kanter and adams 2 seasons ago. john wall looks like his team is struggling big time and the cavs would not make the playoffs without love and lebron… we knew what lin was signed up for and it is a process..

  433. That’s where you are highly wrong and that’s why I saw some ppl here are saying you are doubting lin.

    Haven’t you seen linsanity? All lin fans knows about it. That was what is it all about.

    Lin makes his teammates better. That’s what he is all about teamwork and unselfish plays. All 5 in harmony will beat one monster guy.

    When that happens, the team makes playoffs.. and we are in the Eastern conference which is weak.

    Other players can have monster years, but never make the playoff because they get 50 points while his teammates gets like 5 or 10. It not hard to see who the opps will be trying hard to cover.

    I’m a harsh critic of lin and I see where you are coming from that angle. But by now if you don’t know that when lin has a monster year and his team is going to the playoff are coupled together, I don’t know where you are from. That is why ppl were saying you are not a lin fan especailly on this site.

  434. Thats right and he had a much better team around him aswell. All im saying is this If Lin has a great season statwise and the nets still dont get any better should he take an offer from milwakuee as a starter or dallas as a starter if they offer him one? Granted Dallas are not that great either this year but they have more talent on their roster. Milwakuee really need a PG delly is not good enough to start.

  435. I meant everyone in the past since the start of this losing streak.

  436. Why gave up on lin this early of the season? You can’t hope for a better dinner tomorrow when you haven’t have the meal for tonight yet?

  437. but westbrook is in a strong western conferene.. in the east, they would’ve made it.

  438. people can say what they want about me being a real fan or not their opinion of me being a fan holds no ground, the most obnoxious thing a person can do is to tell you what you are or not that is as petty as it gets. my opinion is not the same as yours so i am not a fan? im not saying you are saying that but arguments like that should be for kids. No i dont believe if Lin has a great season the nets will make the playoffs but i’ll be happy to be proven wrong there is no loss in it for me now is it?

  439. It is very improper to call anyone a communist when he is obvious not. Will you call Popo a communist?This is ridiculous. How many games has Lin played so far? And people start criticizing KA for small samples? I like what I have seen from Lin bc he plays greatly and very highly efficient. Long playing time doesn’t mean much if no efficiency. I will give KA more time to adjust when Lin is back rather call him a communist now..

  440. But JL7 was getting 30+ min before the injury. KA was not restraining Lin’s minutes but prolonging his effectiveness. I want Lin to play 38-45 min like other PGs in the league but that’s not a wise move. KA has been good coach so far. It’s the “good” pg plays that we are missing. I can Calmly say – this Team will be alright (coming from someone that predicted them to be competitive and grab 4th to 6th seed from Day one). Lin is not on the floor. No blames.

  441. Could you offer me the source? 33 mins is reasonable I agree.But if Lin could play with high efficiency 30 mins is great enough for me. I want him to reserve his body for the playoffs and long career.

  442. Another important point. At first KA said that he wouldn’t make the players fit his system. He would rather develop a system that matched the skills of his roster. But at a certain point he completely reversed this position and insisted on establishing his motion offense. So once again, it’s not clear that Lin knew what he was signing up for.

  443. I agree with your opinion. I will never want Lin to play like Westbrook though most people may like that.

  444. Lin is a winner. If the Nets can become winners, they’ll need to make big changes. But we’re hearing it’s process and development and so forth. Lin should be doing his thing in the playoffs, going to the 2nd and possibly 3rd round if the team is good enough. Being in a close to, or basement team, doesn’t allow him to be that difference maker, and winner.

  445. Not in my opinion. Lin needs help. I don’t agree that he can do it by himself. The Nets are poor defensively and poor rebounders. That’s their main problem. Giving up 118 points a night is a huge problem, not one that Lin can fix by himself.

  446. You always say hate and negativity when somebody post their opinions and quickly judge on their true intentions for the team.Fans want the best on their fave team and for the player that they really want not just because they like Lin is enough for them to be quite and just go with the flow.NBA basketball is a very deceitful and harsh sport.If Nets thinks that their best bet to improve as team is thru development then everyone is dispensable including Lin.As a fan I always want my team to be competitive and always want my best player to be the guy not just trying to cruise this year and be satisfied as a bottom feeder.

  447. i didnt give up on lin I think he will have a fantastic season when he comes back. but one player simply cannot carry an entire team

  448. Linking Lin to turnaround the Nets and make them a playoff team is having faith in others other than Lin. If you look at all of the teams collectively as teams, you have to make a case of how the Nets can get by them as a team on both ends of the floor. It’s not at all about Lin, it’s about trying to assess teams. It’s difficult because we don’t know about injuries and so forth, or trades. It’s always hard to say who will emerge at the end of the season except for a few given teams.

    The Nets are in a bad hole now.

    Another thing is I’m not so sure Lin will have a monster stat year. He was averaging, what, 15.5 or so and how many assists? I think Lin at 16/17 and 6-8 assists may be what we get. He looks to get the team going, not himself so much. And since he’s taking the PG position seriously, he won’t make it about his shot and his stats, but organizing the team.

  449. if Lin averages 16/8 that would be great aswell. i agree with you on all the points. This team should be in development mode for the next 2-3 years and if that happens i dont want Lin there to be honest i want him in the playoffs every damn year.

  450. He has a system, he’s trying to use it early in the season so that if there is a key injury, the team will still be competitive. The team is not competitive and he didn’t plan on losing his starting PG so early in the season. He has a plan on building Lopez up, because the team plays a higher pace. Motion offense is KA’s system. Just like any other coach he has one. Phil Jackson had the triangle. MDA has his PnR based system. Motion offense is used by a lot of coaches. There is PnR in the system at times and will likely be more when Lin comes back. But did KA really have time to fine-tune and make adjustments to his systems with Lin in it? Is it reasonable to say after 6 games Lin played that he did? Lin played 4.5 games this season. That’s all.

  451. That’s the thing.. 1). you have to define monster year. 2). He is not all about himself.. he will run the offense and know their players strength..as oppose to just motion offense no pg system. A good team leader will know how to maximum their teammates strength. Those teammates are nba players.. they are not like 4 of me. If it’s 4 of me who can’t do anythning, then no way can he wins the playoffs.

    Plus it’s easter conference.. it’s weak. you can sneak in with a losing record.

    By now, if he doesn’t get back , can call the season over and just call this a development year. When where there is a chance to sneak in , you don’t think lin will just go off.. I think so. KA might just play to the players strengths by then.

  452. KA’s plan on lopez is buy low sell high. He will be likely gone by middle of december for some future draft picks and a core to build around. I don’t know how serious lin’s hamstring issue is, but to me it didn’t look like a major injury…maybe i’m wrong. if im right though, the fact that they kept lin out so long can only mean that the season isn’t a priority and the FO is trying to deal the pieces. That may be good or bad depending on what the FA gets for brolo, we will have to wait and see. Either way, if that does end up happening, we can say goodbye to this season.

  453. I didn’t want him to be with the Nets and I was by far in the minority here. Brook-Lin was the rallying cry because Lin would join KA and get his own team. Well, he’s with KA, and he’s the starting PG. But I had concerns about the talent level of players on the Nets beyond Brook Lopez. And I also put winning as a huge priority so I thought another team and was most interested in Lin getting his minutes and FINISHING, not starting, games. Lin is 28. If he was 24, I wouldn’t mind this team. But he’s not. I hope he doesn’t waste years here on a losing team. Because, Lin hates losing. But, at this point, I just hope for the best from the team and try to project who can work out on this team, and who won’t. Still, they need trades to make anything out of this season and FA signings for the next one.

  454. It’s not that weak a conference anymore. The teams are close together. Except for a few, and unfortunately the Nets are one of the few and have a poor record. The losses keep growing. Anyway, I wasn’t thinking of the playoffs this season. It’s the blowouts and the continued putrid play in the 3Q that bothers me.

  455. I’m on medical field and I already asked one of our best orthopedics and hamstring injury are not that serious.If the pt has a tear then that’s a different story but for young people especially athletes they can recover faster than a normal pt.A time table for this kind of injury is 2-3 weeks at most.

  456. I think they are just being careful with Lin. Lin is a big draw for the franchise. Lopez doesn’t bring the buzz Lin does. But he’s a solid center and I see no sense in trading him unless you get a solid center and other solid 2-way players. I think Lin is a priority, and they are just being extra careful. In the pre-game and post-game they always mention that they want to see Lin back and playing.

  457. I wanted him to go to the bucks to be honest that would have been awesome feels like Lin would have been a missing piece to that team being playoff ready. oh well it is what it is just want him to have a really good year. get well LIN!

  458. At the beginning I was also against the nets, I just didn’t want lin to go to an awful team. I could deal with rockets again as long as it meant battling it out for a ring, even though I was very conflicted with the team and the city as a whole. I never took much stock in starting either, but obviously lin does better when he starts just by looking at the stats. By the start of the free agency I also fell to the hype and jumped on the nets train…im ashamed to admit it. I was very high on 76ers though, and looks like they are a great up and coming team.

  459. That’s a good team. And Coach Kidd would be good for Lin.

  460. No.. you guys keep forgetting politics..Kidd wanted someone else and kidd is a sleaze bag. Lin won’t have those freedoms as he does now.

  461. No roxies!! no roxiess!!!
    I was NEVER high on the 76ers.. in fact I thought they will be the last place team.. and not the nets.

  462. 76ers at this point look like they have the chance to make the move up and contend more than the Nets. But still want to see Lin with the Nets more. If he comes back and they get it together and start winning, and they get a winning mentality and attitude, then the course may change. I didn’t like either team, because they both were basement or near-basement. But there’s no where to go but up, at some point, when you are in the basement.

  463. well i was high on the 76ers when they had Ben Simmons coming down the pipe. I feel that pairing really could have worked. They aren’t much better than the nets, but their fundamentals are solid and the team is definitely improving. Not to mention their trajectory is up…nets on the other hand is still downwards. Embiid is also very intriguing to me.

  464. he will be in the playoffs every year.. except for da lakies. consider he is not hurt. But 16/8 is not a monster year. Monster year is 30/15. That’s what harden is doing. That’s a monster year.

  465. I don’t like roxies either lol…but man I put aside my hate for them as long as Lin goes to the top…ie the championship game

  466. true its not a monster year im just saying that would be a real good year for Lin.

  467. but that’s the thing, why give them the championship when lin is not da man and also when the fans themselves make fun of him. IThey will NEVER give him credit for winning.

  468. Id take 76ers over Nets all day to be honest Embiid is diamond and Lin and him would have been great.

  469. doesn’t matter if he is given credit or not….history will judge in the end. Also, its not easy to win a ring…its just not easy. Unless lin joins a team like the rockets, then the chance to challenge for the top won’t happen. Even if Lin leads this team by himself, look what happens…one injury and the team collapses. You can’t have a team rely on one guy, that is the reality.

  470. Lin can’t carry a team but he gelled them together a strong team. Only team success can make individual success.

  471. No it’s not. That has nothing to do with punishing Lin. That just has to do with Atkinson’s rotations.

  472. Lin clearly stated he knew this was like “investing in a startup”. Obviously, he didn’t know every little detail about how this would be run. But he knew for a fact there would be a focus on development because that’s what Atkinson and Marks has been preaching all summer.

  473. I’m starting to think Lin is already fully healed, but they’re working on building him up and strengthening his hamstring muscles to prevent further reinjury in the future.

  474. You’re not taking in context at all.. lol

  475. No kidding. All I hear every other day is people bashing on Kenny Atkinson or the Nets. I have tried to be respectful towards these opinions, but it has gotten out of control with the whining and complaining. If you’re so smart and you know what’s best for Nets, why don’t some of these people here try out for a coaching gig in the NBA?

  476. Lin always plays to win. For him, a startup tries to win and develop at the same time. Lin would never chose a situation that involves losing for the sake of development. If you don’t understand that then you are totally ignorant.

  477. https://twitter.com/AlbaneseLaura/status/803363436772163585

    “Tracking Jeremy Lin’s return to the Nets is a little bit like shaking a Magic 8 Ball and hoping for the best.

    Is his strained left hamstring doing better?

    Yes, definitely. He’s “progressing aggressively,” coach Kenny Atkinson said.

    When will he be back?

    Reply hazy, try again.”

  478. That is pretty much straight forward unless you can’t comprehend the idea.

  479. What we’re seeing from the Nets is just like 2012 NYK without Lin in the picture. No Surprises. I will not be surprise if they win OR lose. This site is dedicated to Lin, not that I’m not supporting the Nets but it is what it is, and at the end of the day it’s going to be about JL7 – for me. He’s playing – great! He’s not playing and getting some rest – great! He’s the face of the franchise and he’s being treated like one so – Great! When he’s back and running the show – I’m not worry about wins and losses because JL7 has never disappointed me and I know he will give his best. I’m not worry about 20 wins, 30, 35, or 40 wins and beyond because I know success will come sooner or later. They got it.

  480. Nice. Great to hear some positive words like this!

  481. He’s hardly ignorant and a startup doesn’t profit right away, it takes years.

  482. They say he hasn’t practiced. If he’s healed, then he needs full-contact practice. The Nets are the other extreme of the Hornets. I he was with Charlotte, he’d probably play after the minimum time to evaluate him.

  483. I’m not his biggest fan like many on here because I’m not. I prefer him to take his time coming back rather than known as injury prone if re-injuring it. I want to see him play til he’s 40 years old – still going strong. Like a Nash. Like a Vince Carter.

  484. I mean if you want to think every situation is the same and apply the same logic to every situation then there’s nothing I can do.

  485. Was Coach KA called a Communist? I agree with you that would be improper.

    We may like or dislike his coaching style or method,
    we may be frustrated because of Nets’ consecutive losses, but to label the coach Lin loves a Commi is excessive.

  486. This is a general and accepted time frame for this kind of injury unless you want to spell out something.

  487. You sang a beautiful song but the music has to end and reality hits.

  488. Every team needs cornerstone players. Brook Lopez and Lin are faces for the franchise. Without Lopez, this team would be just like without Lin. I don’t think any kind of trade will make this team better; probably worse. Booker is solid. Bojan Bogdanović is an up and rising solid NBA player capable to play at 2 and 3.

    What they should do is to use their cap space to get free agents interested in joining this team.

    RHJ is not a starting forward in NBA yet. Kilpatrick is nice but not a starting 2 in NBA. What Nets needs now is to replace them with better players at 2 and 3. Both RHJ and Kilpatrick could be big help as bench players.

    What the team needs now is at 2 or 3 as the starter to replace RHJ and go with Bogdanovic. They also need more help to backup Jeremy at 1. Whitehead is not yet ready to play at NBA level. Randy Foye is at best a backup SG at 2.

  489. Let us show our character by not kicking a team when it’s down. Every team goes through rough patches in its history. The Hornets went through a similar losing streak early last season, and that was with Lin playing! We’re experienced NBA observers now, so we know it takes time for a team with new players to gel, and that losing streaks are a part of the NBA. Furthermore, the Net’s started off with a tough schedule and were decimated by injuries, particularly in the PG position, which is the most important position. Therefore, it’s unfair to judge a team under such circumstances. Give Lin time to heal up so that he can join up with the guys and work together, and we’ll see them become a formidable team. With Linstructor out there shouting orders, basketball isn’t really that hard to figure out.

    Additionally, let’s not let the concept of winning and status overshadow what his primary basketball goals are: becoming a better player everyday, and making those around him better. The better view is that Lin likely values being a leader over winning. Everyone wants to win the championship, and gain the glory and recognition of their peers. But should that dominate the conversation entirely? I believe Lin wishes that at the end of his career, people will see him as more than a winner, but a leader. This is his story, and at this stage, and at his maturity level, these are the people he chose to work with and help rise up. This team is getting better. Improvement doesn’t always reveal itself in a linear fashion. Sometimes it’ll be slow, other times fast. Just remember this during the tough times which can make some of us question Lin’s choice to go to Brooklyn: “There is no love of life without despair of life.” – Albert Camus, “a man who in the midst of World War II, perhaps the darkest period in human history, saw grounds for luminous hope and issued a remarkable clarion call for humanity to rise to its highest potential on those grounds.” Brainpickings.

    Lastly, let’s not forget this is just a game. I’ll leave this quote from an article for your consideration:

    “Popovich says there’s a simple reason he wants his players to be engaged citizens: It makes for a fuller life. He believes there are basketball advantages, too. He thinks it makes them want to play with and for each other. ‘I think it’s sad if a person’s whole self-image and self-worth is based in their job,’ he said. ‘Whether you’re a basketball player, a plumber, a doctor, a mailman or whatever you might be, why not try your best to live a more interesting life that includes other people, other cultures and different worlds?'”

  490. In other words, the Nets need to let Lin play.
    I don’t know why they want to tank so bad

  491. What I’m sure of is the Nets will be a healthy team at the end of the season and they will be much better next season albeit they will lose more games this season.

  492. Brook Lopez is a beast. I don’t understand why they would trade him even for future draft picks.
    Future draft picks are uncertainty. But what you have now is a certainty.
    It’s like buffet said.. go with whatever you KNOW is certain.

  493. Hear. Hear.

    We all want the best for Lin, and in an extended sense, Nets. I hope KA and the team learn from the losses and improve from that.

  494. Jeremy Lamb of the Hornets also suffered a left hamstring strain on October 29th, about 4 days before Lin’s injury….Lamb returned from his injury on Nov 23rd..so he missed 25 days.

    Lin got injured on the 2nd of November and is still not back as of today, November 28th and it looks like he will not be back tomorrow.

    So as of today, Lin has been out for 26 days, 1 day more than Lamb who missed 25 days…So based on that, let’s hope Lin is very close, although I understand not all strain are the same, but the Lin injury looked like it was the less serious one and Lamb has been injury prone during a good part of his career.

    So if Lin misses another week, this should show that Brooklyn probably have a more patient recovery system for Injured players, but with the season on the brink of collapse so early, can they really afford to be this cute with a key player?

    That will also show that winning is not a priority at all.

  495. Lamb played well vs NYK the other day…. I think Lin will be back soon.

  496. Any drs out there? I remember that, during Linsanity, carmelo anthony went down with a hamstring injury, is that right? he missed i believe 7 games… if knicks had nets training staff, he would have missed 20!

  497. The keyword is “Build Him Up”. I am no medical expert. But I think Nets FO and KA are taking care of Lin, making sure he can gain strength surrounding hamstring muscle to support grueling NBA schedule, given how Lin plays the games.

  498. I prefer Lin to come back based on the average time it takes for players to come back from these injuries…Lin is a very durable player and I’m not sure whether any extra needless time would actually be better for him…This has already been the longest time he’s spent injured so it may be a Nets protocol to keeping these guys on the shelve for longer.

    If the season wasn’t falling apart this early, I’d be for keeping him out for longer than his returning date, but at this point, I don’t think you can afford to be this patient.

  499. He’s playing well tonight too. Good for him. I hope he stays healthy.

  500. Nice post. Good spirit. Thank you.

  501. Take into account that nets are gonna be extra cautious with him as opposed to lamb

  502. True. If Lamb reinjures himself, it’s not that a big deal to CHA. But Lin MUST stay healthy for the rest of the season when he comes back. If an extra 3-4 games is the difference between 90% healthy and 100% healthy, then that’s what they have to do.

    Doesn’t mean we have to like it, but that’s the smart move. If Lin comes back late and STILL reinjures himself. Then yes, I will be really, really mad.

  503. No, it’s reality. Rushing Lin back will help the Nets win some games but it’s still a very long season – many more games left. It’s a matter of winning now – or later. They will win some tough games against top 10 teams – sooner or later – with JL7 leading the charge. Why rushing it now when there’s still time for him to take his time… Unless I’m expecting 45-55 win season. I was but not now because we do not have a quality backup guard. Rest another week this team can still grab 35-40 wins.

  504. This is an old article relating to Football players and hamstring injuries. Not the same sport but relatable to Lin’s injuries and precautions of coming back too early.

    “One injury in particular has time and time again kept players off the field, and often for extended periods of time. I’m, of course, referring to the hamstring injury, which has become one of the more feared injuries among professional athletes today.

    The hamstring, located on the backside of the leg, is made up of three synergistic — parts working together — muscles that create movement by causing an individual to extend the hip and flex the knee. Acting as a decelerator, the hamstring is often ignored in sports, leading to an injury that can be both mentally and physically challenging for an athlete to endure.

    The hamstring injury has a reputation of keeping players on the bench much longer than expected, since the injured hamstring can be more difficult to treat, and overzealous players who return to the field too soon (often entering a type of sprinting play) could expect a re-injury rate of up to 50 percent.

    This specific type of injury is categorized by three degrees of severity. The first degree can be defined by a “pulling” feeling in the back of the thigh usually during a sprint. This “pulling” often results in the hamstring to feel sore or tender the next day. The second degree of injury is a little more painful, and usually more noticeable, noticeable enough that the athlete would be required to stop all physical activity. Three to six days later this athlete could expect bruising on the injured site. Finally, the third degree of injury is so severe that walking may seem impossible, and crutches are most certainly always needed.

    Recovery time is usually dependent upon on the athlete and their performance history. There are many factors to consider when deciphering a player’s recovery window. For example, factors like age, one leg having a different length than the other, and a history of previous hamstring injury should be evaluated when determining how longer a player will remain on the bench.”


  505. Thanks for repeating the song.

  506. No time to waste with the season at the edge of the cliff…If Nets were doing okay while Lin is out, I’d be for more patience, but now, you can’t do that.

    Of course, my comment is solely based on Lin being healthy but Nets refuses to let him play because they want to add extra rest time.

    It could be that Lin is still pretty much injured and still feeling pain..If he’s not feeling any pain or anything, he should pay as soon as possible.

  507. Wow! Thank you so much for such details infor on hamstring.

  508. They are keeping Lin’s injury status very secretly. I remember they won’t evaluate his situation after 2 weeks, then only words after that without any time table. Even surgery, the doctor can estimate recovery time.

    There are none video of Lin running or shooting. Something is going on. Eventually Lin will play but the damage getting greater and greater.

  509. Lin has been practicing hard for 45 min a week ago. He’s more than ready now.

  510. We don’t know that. As you posted, Lin has now been out 1 day longer then Lamb. But Lamb is 4 years younger so expected to heal faster. And that’s assuming their injuries were equally severe.

  511. Lamb is nowhere near Lin’s toughness and durable. Plus, Lamb does not use or have master Lo.

  512. Again, you guys are behaving on the idea that Lin is still hurt OR that the longer you keep a guy out, the less likely he’s to get re-injured….The facts are that there’s no proof that keeping a player for longer than his expected return date will necessarily protect him from getting injured again.

    Look at Vasquez and all the injuries that Brooklyn has suffered and we’re told they have a very strong fitness program and all this stuff.

    LeVert is on the same level…He could come back and still get injured but if that happen, can we say that he got re-injured because Nets played him too soon?

    Truth is that you can not predict when injury will happen..A lot of it depend on the player proneness to injuries.

    I myself, doubt that keeping a player from playing for a longer time will mean he won’t get hurt…Again, I’m basing my statement on the idea that Lin can play now but Nets protocol is to be more patient..

    So let’s stop acting as if more time out means the less likelihood of re-injury.

    Lin is so durable that I doubt the extra rest mains much for him.

  513. For me, it’s based on whether Lin can play..If he’s ready to play, he should play, specially when your team is falling apart.

    I will accept that Lin is not comfortable to play now, but if he is, he should play.

    I just don’t think that extra rest necessarily equals to a lesser chance of him getting re-injured.

  514. Read the article at the top. Statistics show that returning to play too soon can increase the rate of reinjury to 50%. Should Lin risk a 50-50 chance of missing the entire season?

  515. I assume the comment is about last year BAD.

  516. That’s another comment, not this one.

  517. Read my statement…What does “too soon” means?….Again, we do not know whether Lin is even 90% or 100%…You’re basing your argument on the idea that Lin is not 100%…But you don’t even know that, do you?

    I’m basing my argument on the idea that Lin is 100% but Nets want to be overly-cautious…What I’m against is “over-cautiousness”..Watching a player go through sprints and work out but keeping him from playing because of special protocol.

    Being cautious works better with a player prone-ness to injury..A player that has had a long history to injury..Lin is not that type of player.

    If Lin is not 100%, he should not play, but if he is, he should play…I see no reason for the cautiousness.

    Look at Brook Lopez…Do you think it’s a good idea to only play Lopez 26mpg?..specially when the team is losing so much.

    I choose to believe Lin is still feeling slight pain and this is he reason he’s not playing…..If he doesn’t feel any pain and can print and go through 40 minutes work out while not feeling normal, he should play.

  518. Who says they’re not trying to win and develop at the same time? I don’t understand why everyone thinks like we’re purposely trying to lose games.

    Also, a startup has growing pains. To think that everything will be fine and dandy when going into a startup is ignorant.

  519. Exactly. That’s the problem. It’s a general time frame and not specific.

  520. I’m thinking he might be healed, but they want to make sure that he also strengthens his leg before he does real practice so that he doesn’t injure it during practice. Just my guess though, it’s as good as anybody’s.

  521. could lin possibly play tomorrow?

  522. That’s completely wrong. To provide clarity, here is the entire thread of conversation:

    7:15 PM – 27 Nov 2016 Anthony Puccio says, “#Nets locker room is down, but everybody seems to understand the plan. It’s bad, but a much, much different kind of bad than last year.”

    7:54 PM – 27 Nov 2016 TTNN4 asks, “@APOOCH Mind to explain what do you mean “different kind of bad”? How last year looks, and what’s difference this year?”

    8:54 PM – 27 Nov 2016 Anthony Puccio replies, “Zero direction. Unhappy players, unhappy coach & managerial staff walking on egg shells. Losing & dwelling over C’s pick. It was BAD”

  523. He is talking about last year

  524. Yes, this is correct.

  525. Doubt it. Still “no timetable”

  526. if the spurs werent winning i dont know what i would have done with myself lol

  527. Doubt it.

  528. After 15 or so games, the warriors now have the highest point differential. They are where they were expected to be

  529. Everyone is starting to average out but we still need some more games for player’s stats to return to normal.

  530. Last reply to you. Too soon means you don’t feel any pain or discomfort and you feel “100%” but when you return to action you happen to perform another quick change of direction and you reinjure yourself. Why? Because you didn’t allow enough time for your hamstring to fully heal and return to full strength. Who can tell what a safe time frame is? Doctors who specialize in these types of sports injuries, who studied the relevant literature, who treated hundreds of similar injuries in the past and who know how to analyze an MRI scan.

  531. Looking at kevin durant stats , wow he is hitting close to 60% fg

  532. Yea haha like I said we need some more games for player’s stats to return to normal. DeRozan is still averaging close to 30ppg and I think that should lower a bit more as the season goes along.

  533. He should be flying after being held back by Westbrook all these years.

  534. I do think that this is durants normal fg% . Makes sense he is benefitting from having curry and klay out there

  535. That’s a great Popovich quote.


  537. Hopefully.

  538. My last reply to you..Fact is you and I are in complete darkness when it comes to Lin’s injury…You’re simply giving the Nets FO the benefit of the doubt on how they’re dealing with Lin’s injury…And you’re making the mistake of tying the longevity of a player not playing to him being less likely to get re-injured.

    I’ve seen enough to think they could be un-necessarily keeping Lin out because of their stupid and idiotic minute restriction on every player which is not helping them play better.

    During the minute restriction, we also saw plenty of player get hurt…Lin got hurt while logging about 26 minute per game, so that prove that injury should not be tied to minutes or playing time.

    No team does what the Nets does when it comes to minute distribution so it is stupid stuff like that that leads me to believe they aren’t handling Lin’s injury the right way and doing unnecessary stuff.

  539. meanwhile rw is avging a triple dub for the season…

  540. I was thinking same. Actually, last Monday was 45 min hard workout by himself. It seems he hasn’t practiced with team yet. 🙁

  541. There is no answer to why they want to tank because it’s not a fact. Lin is not ready to play even though he wants to play so bad. When he’s back, the team may not be back to winning soon but at least they will not be blown out again.

  542. yeah. durant just a much better shooter. wb good stat stuffer, but low percentage shooter.

  543. Melo injured his muscle in groin area rather hamstring.

  544. Well Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are the only ones in this generation to be in the 50 40 90 club (50%Field Goal, 40% 3-pointers, 90% Free Throws). The previous one was Steve Nash for 4 seasons. Now those 2 most efficient scorers are on the same team. So glad KD is now free to play from that ball hog “Westbrick”.

  545. Possibly, but we’ll see

  546. EXTRA! EXTRA!
    JLin’s condition is updated to “Game Time Decision.” IOW, he should be back momentarily.

  547. If the news is true, then probably Dec. 1 vs. Bucks at Barclays Center.

  548. Haha, but how reliable is this source. Hasn’t he been gametime decision before ? I don’t know , it seems he has to practice first before being in games.

  549. No. The previous status update from CBS Sports on 11/26 listed JLin as “Expected to be out until at least Nov 29.”

  550. Last time they said it was a “game time decision” but it was determined Lin would not play the next game on the same day (day before the game).. Also, where does CBS get its information from? It doesn’t seem like it’s from the coaching & staff..

  551. http://www.netsdaily.com/2016/11/28/13770176/for-the-nets-the-daily-medical-report-is-the-thing
    Here’s a NetsDaily article with latest updates: A tweet from 10 hours ago quoted KA as saying “Jeremy Lin is making strides. No timetable but hopes to practice soon. Caris practiced while RHJ was limited.” This tweet is probably older than CBS Sports’ update.

  552. But that still doesn’t tell me where CBS got its information from to change it to that. I hope you’re right, but I’m not buying the update.

  553. For the impatient ones, please read the featured comment and the above post from “guest” of this thread. We are not Lin. We are not the one who got injured. How can anyone other than Lin/team doc to assess: Lin should or should not play, or injury less serious? Comparing the number of injury off days between one player with another is ridiculous. Every situation/injury is different, different physical body, different position of injury, different type of injury, different responses to the treatments, etc, etc.

  554. I guess you’ll have to ask CBS where they got their update from–I’m just as clueless as you. The reason I posted the update from NetsDaily, which was based on the update from a NewsDay article, was to show that CBS Sports update was probably too optimistic.

    “Atkinson said the next step will be for Lin to practice with the team, but the Nets aren’t sure when that will be, either. It all depends on his progress.”
    Levert already had his first full-team practice on 11/22, yet his status is still “Expected to be out until at least Dec 5.” I guess a Lin’s return time earlier than mid-December is perhaps too optimistic.

  555. Oh yes, thank you.

  556. OKC B2B tonight, from last night vs Knicks.

    Let’s hope Nets hang in there (esp. 3Q) to grasp a win.

  557. and then Dec 1st and then Dec 2nd.. etc.

  558. What? Mid-Dec??

  559. You’re STILL claiming that Lin is LYING???

  560. This is THE truth, right here!!!

  561. Here’s THE TRUTH … AGAIN!

  562. Sounds good.

    Of course, none of this means anything until Lin actually suits up for games.

  563. I just really want the nets to give us a timeline. If he is gonna be out till january fine but they should atleast announce it instead of getting all our hopes up with these “gametime decisions”

  564. told yall.. the injury is not as minor as ppl think..
    it has same resemblances as the torn meniscus (knock on woodio)
    but this is a strain.

  565. Ugh have tickets to the clippers game tonight… don’t think they’ll bring back lin against a team that can blow them out.. that would demoralize the team.

  566. https://twitter.com/nedough/status/803368341750562818
    Clippers lost the last two games consecutively, and worse is they scored only 70 in the last game. The chance of Nets winning this home game is probably not that low, provided they figured out how not to tank from 3Q on.

  567. Lin gonna play this game?

  568. probably not for a another week or 2
    he hasnt even practiced with team yet

  569. maaaan im done

  570. 4-12 is pretty much tanking while holding your 2nd best player out

  571. Nets are being “cautious” but really it just looks like they are tanking

  572. Tanking wont help them celtics got their pick. But yes it does look like it development = tanking

  573. well celtics will owe them a big one then

  574. Truer words have never been spoken.

  575. Doc Rivers talking about Nets missing Jeremy Lin : “It’s like us missing CP, Blake for our team.”

  576. new G17 thread
    G17 #Nets (4-12) Needs to Fix 3rd Quarter Woes vs Clippers (14-4)
    @JLin7 is upgraded to #GameTimeDecision on 11/28

  577. If the Nets want to have a chance to break the 7 game losing streak, they need to find an immediate solution to their 3rd quarter woes. 37.4% poor shooting combined with allowing opponents to shoot 53.3% in this skid explained how the Nets were outscored by 72pts (10.3pts/game) in this skid.

    KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets need to come out with energy in the 3rd quarter and adjustment to what opponents will try to do after half-time.

  578. He’s a smart man

  579. 2nd qtr and not even one comment, that’s a first.

  580. I see. But I don’t see it at your homepage. Anyhow, thanks!

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