G16 MIN @ LAL PreGame Thread

Here is the next best chance for the Lakers to win their 4th game as the depleted Timberwolves has lost 4 straight road games. No Rubio, No Pekovic, no Kevin Martin, no Turiaf, just Andrew Wiggins the rookie and other rookies.

The two worst teams in the Western Conference meet Friday night with the Lakers hoping to avoid their fifth consecutive home loss and the Timberwolves trying to avert their fifth straight defeat on the road.

Kobe and Nick Young are in a shooting slump so perhaps this is the perfect game to get the Lakers teamwork going. Here’s hoping JLin will continue taking more reign in being assertive in the 1st quarter. Will JLin get more time to develop his rhythm?

Preview: Timberwolves vs Lakers


Guess JLin's stats



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  2. Finally, Nitron striked 1st :>
    Congrats! May this bring Black Friday win for JLin and the Lakers!

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  5. OMG, the spread is actually EVEN for this game! (I believe this is the first time this season the Lakers are not favored to lose). This is a moral victory already! LOL

  6. / Yeah !! Go for the Win !!!

  7. Who will have the lower FG% this game? Wiggins (41% this season) or Kobe (38%)?

  8. Crystal Hwang

  9. More like the first troll

  10. These two guys have been coaching each other all season long.

  11. No guarantee that the Lakers win.

    Nobody knows whether the Lakers will play unselfishly or not.

  12. I’m counting down to the game when Braynt breaks MJ’s scording record, and then I think the real LA Lakers season starts. Or at least, the one I want to see!

  13. lol…I love how you put it “..not favorite to lose”

  14. We have very high chance of winning this game. LAL with 3-12 while the Wolves are 3-10
    If we dont win this, I’m lost of words! 🙁

    Hope Jeremy to have a blast!!!

  15. We can take that troll 🙂

  16. I think Lakers will bc w/o K Mart sure hurt Wolves a lot..

  17. From the Lakers – TWolves game preview by Eric Pincus :

    The Wolves will presumably start a back court with UCLA rookie Zach LaVine and veteran Corey Brewer. LaVine is gifted athletically but is mostly raw potential and nowhere near a steady NBA point guard at this stage of his development. Brewer is a feisty defender and streaky shooter; another player who seems to play well against the Lakers. LaVine is averaging 6.0 points and 2.5 assists a game this season. Brewer is at 11.0 points and 2.2 steals.

    The Lakers’ pair of Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant simply need to dominate the match up.

    See : http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/lakersnow/la-sp-ln-lakers-timberwolves-preview-20141128-story.html

  18. Kobe and N Young are both great shooters but what bothered me was their shot selections. Shooting over a well guarded opponent is a very difficult shot to make and that’s why the Lakers are among the worst teams in assist.

  19. The Wolves are coming off of a 103-86 home loss against the Milwaukee Bucks last night. Brewer led Minnesota with 19 points, while Andrew Wiggins had his best all-around night as a pro, finishing with 14 points, eight rebounds, four assists, two blocks and a steal. Shabazz Muhammad led the second unit with 13 points, while Anthony Bennett and Zach LaVine scored 12 points each.

    The Lakers are coming off of a 98-93 home loss to the Memphis Grizzlies last night. Bryant led all scorers with 22 points. Jeremy Lin and Nick Young scored 14 and 13 points, respectively. Ronnie Price and Jordan Hill each scored 11 points.


    Bryant has been the offense for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, for better or worse.

    This season, Bryant leads the league in scoring, putting up 26.4 points per game to go with 5.1 rebounds and 4.1 assists. He’s already played in nine more games than he did last season.

    It will be interesting to see if Saunders puts Wiggins on Bryant or the veteran Brewer.

    Brewer has played well of late after starting off slow this season. He’s averaging 11 points per game this season, but has scored more than 13 points in six of his last seven games. In four games against the Lakers last season, Brewer averaged 11 points per game.


  20. Welcome! More female points of view needed.

  21. I hope Jeremy gets to pad his stats too. But knowing BScott he will play Price lots of minutes so JLin won’t get enough minutes for stat padding.

  22. with wolves’ injuries. kinda bad lakers only got even odds.

  23. one thing i missed from linsanity days is how lin takes over 4th qtr. with
    harden b4 and kobe now, lin really not gonna be able to get any chance for linsanity.

    also i think with all harping on his TO reputation, his fear of getting them are forcing him to play safe sometimes. i think perhaps that’s y he is near the 50/40/90 mark because he doesnt wanna push bad shots.

    last game , i believe he was able to see the openings in the first half and thus he was very aggressive on his offense, but in the second half, the defense was targeting him more so he was trying to get others involved.

    hope with wolves’ injuries, lin can be more aggressive the whole game.

  24. 2014-2015 “Hollywood Nights” Games

    Friday, November 28th vs. TWolves
    Friday, December 26th @ Mavs
    Friday, January 23rd @ Spurs
    Friday, February 27th vs. Bucks
    Friday, April 10th vs. TWolves

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/promotions/1415_hollywoodnights


  25. Corey Brewer FG% 45.7 | 3P%11.8 | FT% 63.6 is a worse 3 pt shooter and FT shooter than Ronnie Price. Should be good for the Lakers who haven’t defended the 3 well.


  26. What if Lin were still a Rocket? How bad would his experience be so far?

    I shudder to think what Lin’s season would be like.

    The marginalization of Lin would have been worse than in his previous two seasons, I think, no matter how well Lin was playing.

    Morey would give McHale the green light to totally marginalize Lin. Given how vindictive Morey is, embarrassed by Jersey-gate, he’d try to sabotage Lin’s contract year.

    Lin would get some starts because of Beverley’s injuries. But, turn over the ball once, then he’d get benched by McHale, consigned to the bench for the rest of the game while scrub Canaan plays the rest of the way.

    McHale starting Canaan over Lin at some point in the season wouldn’t be totally far-fetched, and Lin being relegated to third string point guard.

    Lin would also be getting thrown under the bus by McHale in his post-game conference after a loss, whether Lin was in the game or not, lol.

    Harden would continue to freeze out Lin and only pass the ball to him with the shot clock running down, if Lin were playing at all.

    It would be ugly in Houston right now for Lin, I’m pretty certain of it.

  27. And, thinking how bad it would be in Houston, it puts Lin’s Laker experience into perspective, as uneven as it has been. His stint in L.A. has actually been really good compared to what it would have been like as a Rocket. The one bad thing about L.A. is the losing, but that doesn’t have to do with the way JLin has been treated.

  28. Agree. Open shots are always higher percentage shots. Teams also do better when they shoot within the offensive flow, when there’s better opportunities for offensive rebounds. Jeremy does a great job at this. Swaggy and Kobe have not.

  29. instead of a happy thanks giving… I wish the hustink suckettes a big FU!!!!! and may your un-holy season goes where it belongs… in H#LL!!!!

  30. Wow, Lakers actually favored by 6 over Minnesota


  31. Rockets gave Lin a nice K when not many teams would made that kind of offer.

  32. @psalm234, on NY, he has flashy handles and it’s fun to watch the swag and cheer for him because you know he’s a genuinely happy guy in interviews. If coach would ask him to camp a bit like Parsons or Novak, and not do the side and through legs moves before a shot, he might start stabilizing is shooting platform and do a lot better for the team.

  33. true story… got an email from suckettes insiders trying to sell me suckettes individual games… I immediately unscribed… they ask are you sure? too bad they don’t have a comment section… I would have let them have it with an epic fu post .

  34. that does not make up for their treatment of him

  35. At least, they gave him PT and then traded him. Lin’s position with Houston was doomed when they got Harden.

  36. true..but the way they give him pt really disturb me…try to ruin him by playing him a lot when he is coming back from surgery….then they yoyo his pt regardless whether he is playing well or not… I just have a sinking feeling they are really trying to ruin his career… but that is my humble opinion(with many supporting evidents though)

  37. Even if Rockets did not offer Lin their K, and as a result, Lin had stayed with Knicks (probably for a lower money), Lin might not be in a great situation with Knicks. It didn’t turn out that badly.

  38. Let’s say Rockets did not offer him their K. Knicks would have gotten Lin at a lower K. I am not sure Lin’s situation would have turned out all that better had Lin stayed with Knicks, because his popularity might have gradually gone down even with Knicks. It could always have been worse.

  39. maybe maybenot… but that would be just guessing

  40. Yes, true. So what I am saying is Rockets did give him something. It wasn’t 100% bad; it could have been worse.

  41. do you see their starting pg. they would pray for lin back

  42. well 99% bad isn’t that great either

  43. no way I want to see Jlin back in that [email protected]

  44. lol the way people here talk about the jim buss kobe and bs i dont see the difference

  45. Lakers need a win badly to get out of the slum.

  46. I never say I want to see Jlin stay with the lakers the way they are constructed right now either… His ideal destinations are in this order 1) dallas 2)san Antonio 3) any MDA coach team

  47. lol when he gets there it won’t be. lins best option is to stay. settle down in one place so he can get comfortable in one system

  48. you have to remember this will be his first FA contract… of course he will be settle down and get the chance to play his brand of basketball

  49. again lin has to master a system. he can’t keep going place to place. this is what people call a journeyman pg. which lin will be if he leaves. having been in 3 teams in 4 years.

  50. my point is this is his first time where he can control his own destiny and I think he is good enough to secure a good long term contract with the team that truly wants him for his skills…. which in my opinion are 1)dallas 2)san Antonio 3) any MDA coached team

  51. you really miss the point if he doesn’t set himself as a starter now he may never get a shot gain. mad is not coaching. please get over insanity those days are over. he would never start in san antonio they also have a good back up. dallas has a lot of playmakers. he would average 12 ppg there and be a back up

  52. If Lin ends up on a new team with a small contract for only a year, I agree with you, Lin is in danger of becoming known as a journeyman point guard.

    But, he really isn’t a journey-man, since journeymen point guards aren’t signed to three year 25 million dollar contracts based on 25 played games.

    The key is to garner a lucrative long term deal when Lin hits the FA market next summer, whether it’s with LA or with another team.

    A journeyman point guard is one who is signed to a bunch of one year contracts to be a back-up, never being able to gain any traction as more than scrubby role player. He signs with a team without much choice, since he doesn’t have many options. Ronnie Price is a prototypical journeyman player.

  53. When Bill Bradley arrived at Knicks, all the adulation quickly turned to boos within one month. Knicks crowd is unforgiving and will turn on you just like that.

  54. of course but he has to start. where ever it is. but la would be his first choice. kobe will be done after next year. the laker are a first class organization. theres is no better place unless toney parker retire

  55. Totally disagree. The Knicks would have matched the offer if it wasn’t for the poison pill provision. And the Lakers were in the running to sign Lin as well to a pretty big contract.

    The point being, Lin had options coming off Linsanity. He didn’t have to beg to be on a team. Teams wanted him, which is highly unusual for a player who’s resume consisted of only 25 games played as a starter.

  56. I disagree…1) Dallas has always shows interest in him…and I have all the confidence in the world that Jlin can beat out nelson as a starter 2) he may not start in san Antonio… but have no doubt Pop would Utilize Jlin talent appropriately to win games, 3) MDA never says he will not coach again… and we all know how Jlin felt about him… abvsolute offensive genious…. I have a feeling you have a high expectation of Jlin but don’t really have a firm belief in his basketball skills… but whatever

  57. I disagree about being a back-up in Dallas. If the Mavs signed Lin, it would be to be a starter.

    Do you actually think Lin would be a back-up to Jameer Nelson or JJ Barea? Nope, not a chance.

  58. I hope tonight Lakers win this one to start a mini-winning streak. After this game, there will be 4 eastern conference teams in the schedule. Raptors and Wizards being the toughest eastern team out of the 4. Lakers had played 2 eastern conf teams and won both so far. So, I’am optimistic.

  59. Agree. And Lin wouldn’t have to beat out Jameer to be a starter. Lin would be brought in as the starter, no doubts.

  60. that offense fit a three only pg better. ellis, parsons, and dirt are all high usage players. there isn’t enough ball to go around

  61. he wouldn’t score a lot or handle the ball a lot

  62. Like I wrote on the other forum, Lin would be a DNP-CD for the entire season.

    The Rockets would eject him off the team and tell him not to come to practices.

  63. spurs are not an option. also mda is not a coach. so the what ifs to me is pointless

  64. I thought about the NY days before Melo came back and Lin’s improved skills today.
    We know Lin got better left-hand, 3s now but he definitely is not in the right system (the only playmaker with heavy PnR tailored to his strength) with the right players (Tyson Chandler setting screen and flushing alley oops) and the right coach who gives him 100% freedom which should affect his decision-making.

    I think that’s why Lin is seen as thinking too much on the floor to find his options as he continues to try to find his role as the 2ndary playmaker to Kobe in the 4th quarter. Plus noone sets a good screen for him except Davis

    But I have hopes that Lin knows how to get himself free to drain some 3s like the 2 consecutive 3s in the MEM game. And let’s hope Lin continues to build more chemistry with his new teammates. I think Lin’s slowly learning how to get himself and others going in 3 quarters. The only thing he hasn’t figured out is how to play with Kobe in Q4 and it depends heavily on Kobe.

  65. Bryant won’t suddenly morph into a team player once he “breaks” the scoring record.

    He’s gunning for KAREEM’s all time record.

  66. The Lakers are never guaranteed of winning any games.

    As long as Kobe Bryant is playing his super low efficiency basketball, the Lakers are in mortal danger losing any game they play.

  67. you must have miss Jlin documentary… his goals are becoming a rotational p[layer, becoming a syarter, then win the nba championship…. not to score or handle the ball aolot…. Ofcourse as a Jlin fan I like to see that as well… but I like to see him win the championship while being an integral part of the team better.

  68. why do you say the spurs are not an option …do you working in their FO… or are you MDA agent? MDA is not a coach now… but why wouldn’t he coach next year if offer a chance.?

  69. again if he stays the bench player or the 12 ppg player he will never get the respect. he will be traded easily. he hasn’t set his place in the nba yet. lets say he had a couple of years of 17 ppg then yes dallas is good. but he has to prove him self as a starter first before a chip run

  70. because the have two pg who have a chip already. who both won a ring together.

  71. Yup, Lin would probably be more marginalized as one of the role players off the bench as Houston tried to develop Canaan and the rookie from Arizona more. I’m sure there will be shorter leash when Lin didn’t drain his 3s in the 1st 5-6 min playing.

    I have no doubt that his minutes and numbers will be lower than last season as McHale chose to “develop” other young players.

    It’s one more thing to be thankful this Thanksgiving week!
    No more snide comments and marginalization from McHale, Drexler and HOU media! 😀

  72. If Nick Young played more with Jeremy Lin while Bryant was off the floor, Young would not take a lot of those contested low percentage shots.

    Kobe Bryant is more interested in playing “machoball” where he can puff his chest out after hitting a difficult contested shot than in winning games with intelligent reads and teamwork.

  73. why are you assuming he will be a 12ppg bench player with Dallas? you seem to know a lot of future info for Jlin… do you own a 10 jigawatts delorean?

  74. Good point about Lin getting trashed and marginalized by the Houston media. I think I kinda of blocked that out given how horrible the treatment was, lol.

    The LA media, while not perfect (what media system would be perfect?), is light years ahead of Houston in its relatively favorable coverage of JLin.

  75. he would. ellis would get a lot of shot with dirt and parsons. they all get paid a lot and shoot at will. lin is very efficient and stop shooting for long periods. he hasn’t got the confidence to play with that many top players. his day in rox showed that.

  76. Note : Evan Barnes covered the Lakers’ shootaround for Mark Medina

  77. One thing to be extremely thankful is fair/favorable treatment by LA Media to recognize Lin’s strength as a playmaker:
    – LakerNation giving Lin multiple Player of the Game awards even when he didn’t score the most points
    – LakersGround giving honest and detailed ratings each game affirming Lin’s good contributions.
    – TWCSN ex-NBA players (Worthy, Horry, Green) want Lin to play all-out and bring Linsanity w/o fear and looking over his shoulder

    Remember there would be 0 reference of Lin’s contribution in the HOU articles after HOU games?

    I still remember I would read JCF articles and getting less and less Lin coverage. I believe the decision came from above and that’s the reason JCF quit his job.

  78. if Jlin play with dirk and ellis… he will be getting double double all season long… nothing to sneeze at

  79. What you forget is that the Mavs, with their uptempo game, have a lot of possessions per game, and so there will be more shots to spread around, especially since there is no true ballhog like Kobe, Melo, or Harden on the team.

    What you also don’t point out is that Lin’s assists would probably go through the roof playing in Dallas. I could see him averaging close to a double-double for the season. He would have Nash like seasons in terms of numbers, and you do realize that Nash was considered a star player in his prime.

  80. yes, never forget that part so we can appreciate LA media :]
    I couldn’t stand listening to HOU feed especially when Drexler was on.

    Now, it’s such a joy listening to Stu and Bill recognizing Lin’s good plays like they do other Laker players. Plus Worthy/Horry post-game analysis. Haha..

  81. Exactly. You beat me to it – Lin might even AVERAGE a double-double for the season with all the offensive weapons around him, and with the uptempo game the Mavs play.

  82. he doesn’t have the confidence. thats why I’m happy about this yea where he hs too shoot and build his confidence as well. he had it in ny but lost it in rox. if you tell me ny lin would go to dallas i would agree but he needs a year or two of success to get that top player confidence

  83. yup… we are right there brother … hahaha

  84. ellis is a ball hog. also lin would run away from shots at times

  85. you are mistaken confidence with lack of familiarity…. as a Jlin fan you should know better than that.

  86. you saw lin earlier this year. being passive to boozer and hill. taking the least shot on this lakers. what makes you think he would average 8 shots even

  87. just fyi… I do live in dallas and I do watch the mavs play last year and so far this year… Ellis is not hogging the ball… probably because of carlise

  88. HOU negative references casting aspersions to both troll for attention and maintain false narratives. While Rox did it for their own reasons, the public posters and negative press for clicks amplified it for their own reasons. That’s why I love listening to PFV, because he calmly and confidently denies the ‘false narratives’, which he was first to name for me.

    Also, last year, you had intrepid souls on our boards like Joyce W and Grace plus wu kong who went out into social networking and really addressed the Rox press and debated them down. I forgot a few others, sorry in advance. I don’t include the obvious trolls who danced on the boards to claim Lin support elsewhere when really, it was just a percentage of the troll posting that they would accidentally support Lin. Our intrepid social posters … we’ll, I am grateful for the consistent, confident and rational voices who helped turn the tide.

    Now the tide in LAL press comes in for us, so let’s surf a few waves and have a lot of fun!

  89. la is the best place for lin. also their asian population don’t hurt win wink. both lin and the laker would be crazy to part ways

  90. maybe because he is new to the system and also he never got to play with the starter in the preseason… sound reasonable?

  91. ooh ok ill take your word for it but he was in gsw

  92. Oops, I meant Nick Young. I should figure on a better shortcut. I agree with you anyway.

  93. its plausible but he did have rox ptsd. what i want is lin to build his brand back up before going for a chip. rox destroyed his name

  94. so real, how there just aren’t any reliable efficient scorers for Lin to pass to on LAL. He’s probably the most reliable right now. LAL needs points sometimes really badly, and I just don’t feel it in the sense of … if I were in the game, who can keep us close? Nobody when Lin is doubled and tripled.

  95. I get that you want Jlin in LA no matter what… for me I want whatever give Jlin the best chance to accomplish his ultimate goal of winning the championship…although it wouldn’t hurt if he get that done in dallas…lol

  96. well i just want a confident lin. la gives him the best shot. with kobe as a mentor with nash hopefully helping lin could be special in la. la has always had a superstar. lin could take that role easily

  97. bottomline is we all support Jlin… well I got to go… thanks for a very nice discussion… have a happy thanks giving

  98. he has been inconsistent. lakers have with lin has yet to play great on offense for a whole game

  99. you as well have a happy thanksgiving weekend

  100. I disagree with what you’re saying. You’ve changed the context, which is the entire game responsibility that involves LAL figuring it out. Kobe anyone? I’m taking about Lin when he puts up shots. You look at his shooting % and so on. and the drive for 50-40-90. What I’m saying is if there are efficient scorers on this team, then you can see clearly now the team can maintain a lead, stay in contact or win a close one. Where we are at now is a crap shoot … if we are up at the half or 3Q mark, there’s no way to win and the odds are at best even. Actually, the odds are against LAL unless they get some reliable scoring, either through team play or indiv shooting when given the open look. That’a a team thing, and I’m talking about that.

  101. Completely disagree.

    Lin has GREAT NUMBERS despite low usage and Scott yanking him. Lin’s been super consistent despite Scott severely limiting him.

    The instant Byron Scott realizes that Lin is a very steady reliable player, the Lakers will start to win.

  102. i agree the lakers have been inconsistent offensively and defensively so it effects lin. some time the spacing is good other time it isn’t. so yea its a team issue

  103. i agree i said what i said to say they have to figure out thing first. the plays they set up is easily broken down. i see a lot of fee plays for the laker where they take to long to set a play so they go 1 on 1. this team still has a lot of chemistry to get

  104. Until Lin is actually offered a Lakers contract, I’m viewing him as a RENTAL.

    I expect Lin to shine for his new team next season.

  105. hi5 – it’s still so bad team wise that when we are up, or when the other team is gaining or spreading their lead, I think … oh, no, here we go again. An open look to SwaggyP brick. Kobe ISO brick. I never feel like … give it to KT, give it to Curry, give it to Parsons, give it to Novak, … for the open look. I feel like … Hill, 50/50, Boozer … argh, … you know man.

  106. If Scott made Kobe Bryant run the Princeton offense, all those problems would be instantly solved.

  107. i agree

  108. low5

  109. I do agree that LA is the best place for Lin – but that is only if they actually want him.

    If the Lakers draft a top PG or sign a high profile PG, Lin will be gone.

    I’d like Lin to go to the Eastern Conference, and Detroit with its team of young clueless dunking big men is the squad that I’d like Lin to play for.

  110. they’ve been bad for a long time though. but yea i miss the east

  111. low 4 really.

  112. they seem to have bad luck but thats what happen when you lose. what can go wrong will go wrong. its almost like they find a new way to lose every game lol

  113. Lin has learned from Wayne Ellington how to to curl off a screen, catch, and shoot.

    Lin has learned from Bryant how to back dribble into his opponent and then elevate for a midrange turnaround jump shot over either shoulder.

    Now if Lin can do the “Andrew Toney” by taking one or two hard dribbles in any direction before firing up a short midrange jumper, then Lin will have completed his offensive arsenal and then will be able to score at will.

  114. Wish they’d do the same for Price’s minutes so JLin could play more. Or play Lin with Clarkson. Or if they play together make Price pass Lin the ball and run the offense through Lin.

  115. Other Eastern teams:

    Indiana. I’d love to see Lin with Roy Hibbert. I always believed that Hibbert was a 20-10 player who simply has never played with a real point guard.

    NY – The Knicks could use Lin desperately, but they’ll never have him back.

    Orlando – Very talented team with no leadership and no elite players. Sort of like the Eastern Conference Utah Jazz

  116. Management seems to have laid down the law with Byron Scott.

    We’ll see if Scott actually obeys the edict.

  117. i hink lin has developed to the point he doesn’t need dan toni’s system. if he succeed in this system people will have no choice but to admit how good he is while if it was with dantoni they will say its the system rather then lin

  118. yes before the lakers that was the dream. defense team that lack offense they need lin. much better option then mavs

  119. hmm, it was EVEN when I last checked. Maybe that wasn’t updated for Kevin Martin being out.

    6 pt favorite is actually disadvantageous for the Lakers… too much pressure LOL

  120. I like Lin on teams that have rugged athletic big men that play above the rim.

    The Lakers have Ed Davis who plays like that, but Davis doesn’t play much with Lin.

  121. He’d be 3rd on PG depth chart behind Beverley and Canaan. Probably only get 10 min per game.

  122. Looks like the spread is updated to 5.5 pts in favor of Lakers now. Probably after the MIN injuries.

  123. i don’t think scott is crazy he will start davis at some point

  124. Welcome to this site, rookie75094! We do have different rules here compared to most other sites. We don’t allow cursing/swearing, nor derogatory name-calling towards any party. So unfortunately, terms such as “hustink”, “suckettes” will not be allowed.

  125. It’s playing alongside Kobe for two seasons that most surely limits Lin to 12 ppg and deflates his assists as well since Kobe always has to dribble into 3 defenders before he shoots.

  126. ah, you think Lin learned that move from Ellington’s 3pt shot?
    Both 3s were quite similar on how Ellington moved to get some space for his shots.

    For the turnaround jumpshot, wasn’t off a dribble penetration? (Denver game?)
    It wasn’t quite the same with Kobe/MJ’s post-move bump off the shoulder followed by turnaround fadeaway jumper. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Lin can learn that move

  127. ha ha, if you fix the new losing trends, you might be building to a winning team. Harbaugh said this for one of the 9ers players:


    Unfortunately last night, they really had a Turkey Bowl.

  128. You have to distinguish between what Les the owner gave Lin and then what M&M “gave” Lin.

  129. Several posters here and even the Lakers themselves have put forth this narrative that Lin is suffering from PTSD due to his experience of playing with the Rox. For example, I believe it was Kobe himself who said that “Lin needs to stop playing as if someone is looking over his shoulder.”

    Well I don’t put any stock in that narrative. As much as we fans are suffering from PTSD, Lin is made of much sterner stuff than his average fan. We need to remember that one of Lin’s last games as a Rocket (the one before the 0.9 sec debacle) was game 5 of the Playoffs in which Lin’s play was nothing short of awesome! Once Lin was traded to the Lakers, he immediately started looking so much more relaxed and happpy. He was ready to unleash Linsanity once again. Far from suffering from PTSD, Lin has just been frustrated by starter-gate, Kobe’s excessive usage/bricking, Scott’s poor decicions regarding Lin’s and Davis’s playing times, poor play by all the other bigs, etc.

  130. by rox ptsd i mean he plays the same way he did in rox. he gives the ball to the superstar. go to the three. he also didn’t want to make mistakes so he didn’t get pulled. I’m sorry but it don’t matter how strong you are. if overtime you turn the ball over you get bench it will effect you. its a risk reward world. if him playing of the ball and hitting threes was rewarded then you will do that

  131. If Lin seems to play the same way he did for the Rox, it could very well be that is how the current coaching staff is asking him to play. On both teams he is being asked to focus his effort on defense, and on offense it is hard to refuse to pass to Kobe even though he asks for the ball way too often. I agree with you that his treatment by the Rox would negatively affect anyone, but I do think that Lin’s (mental) toughness has helped minimize the effect. IMO, Lin knew that he was being treated unfairly by M&M and expected everything to change for the better on the Lakers.

  132. If Lin gets a trade, i hope its the Mavs.

  133. no it isn’t because he isn’t playing that way anymore. he played that way a couple of games. he has gotten past most of the ptsd. but the ny lin confidence is not there yet

  134. IMO, the NY Lin confidence is not there yet because of some of the frustrating decisions that the Lakers have made. Not so much from any lingering Rox PTSD.

  135. Duely noted… and thanks for the welcoming message

  136. a mixture.

  137. kobe yells while harden claps. Kobe has poorer lateral response while Harden stands up and walks to offense during the play. McHale just says platitudes like ball got sticky, we’re tryin’ to win here, and adjustments are overrated. BSc doesn’t say much except it’s a team problem.

    anyhoo …

  138. not really. If you played Quarterback, you know it’s on you to call the plays and make someone else a hero, all the while making sure everyone buys in so you can sustain a drive. Jeremy has to do that with jumping beans here in game. That’s why he and Kobe are frantically waiving their arms and talking every chance they get. They don’t get a huddle in bball, and you are seeing they try which is a part of the game we as casual fans don’t fathom. I would guess you played pickup football so maybe you can relate to why I disagree.

    I give you this much, Jeremy said that anyone would be crushed with negative from above. But I would moderate that by saying … you know Jeremy always gives the listener a chance to keep believing the subtext of the conversation. He’s not going to force you into a belief unless you are under his leadership. If you are and have given him permission to lead, I’m sure he will yell at you like he’s doing to Kobe.

  139. i played football in high school. i think we are arguing different points. yes the lakers situation isn’t perfect. i don’t disagree to those points. but we have to understand that the difference between a average nba player and a great player is confidence. again lin is cocky so he has it but he losses it at periods. where his confidence crashes. lin has talked about it so has kobe earlier this year. he has been better at it but he still needs like kobe said the idgaf mentality. thats what superstars have

  140. kobe is old. he struggles on defends will be something that will happen given his age and leg injuries

  141. Lakers are still way better than the Rox. They don’t blame Lin for everything that goes wrong and even give him credit for good games. It’s just that Lin (and his fans) had much higher expectations. The current situation can still get so much better if Kobe passes to open teammates just a little bit more.

  142. The sad thing is that Kobe still has the skills to compensate for his defense with amazing offense. But he has to stop trying to do it all by himself.

  143. The whole “idgaf” mentality may work for Type A BB players like Kobe and football players in general, but, if it doesn’t fit someone’s personality, then it doesn’t make sense to ram a personality trait down someone’s throat.

    Confidence isn’t the same thing as an “Idgaf.”

  144. to not care about other peoples opinions is something lin has to i repeat has to have. lin is famous to the point where he can’t quietly develop meaning everyone has an opinion on lin. so he needs to not care if he miss the last shot of the game. he has gotten better with it still has a little ways to go. he is speaking his mind. and challenging kobe of all people. he has that personality. just because he is humble doesn’t mean he isn’t cocky

  145. I thought about this before. Does Lin need the MDA system to survive in the NBA? For survival probably not.

    What about achieving All-Star status?
    Then I listened to Cuban’s assessment and Nash’s post-Suns tenure with the Lakers. Both Nash and Lin definitely need to the right system to be the star to utilize their PnR strength to the max. Same with Curry and CP3 who are surrounded by the right players around them.

    So I think number-wise, Lin like Nash would need MDA-like system heavily using PnR and using him as the focal point of offense in order to achieve his goal to be an All-Star.

    For winning championships, let’s say in Dallas. Lin doesn’t have to be the focal point of offense but the numbers might not be enough for an All-Star.

    I want Lin to be a potential MVP like Nash 🙂

  146. LA may be the best place for lin but the team is the worst for him so far. If the current trend contiues (eg. Playing a ridiculos 30 mins as a starting pg), i would prefer him signing somewhere else next summer.

  147. There are ample signs of the players, even Kobe, coming around.

    The guy that is not coming around is the friggin’ head coach.

    While I’m not ready to throw Scott into the trash the way I did with McHale, I don’t like how Scott is not coaching in a way that facilitates Lin’s production.

    So far, Lin has not yet played for a NBA head coach that respects his game.

  148. I see absolutely no Rockets PTSD from Lin or Lin fans.

    What I see is a totally different team with a totally different scenario.

    Lin’s being benched not for being unproductive, but for being a false fail.

    I do not approve of Coach Scott’s handling of Lin, though at least he’s “stuck” with playing Lin 30 mpg solely because Ronnie Price is not good enough to start over Lin.

  149. The NY confidence that Lin had will never happen while Byron Scott is coaching.

    Scott does not believe one iota in Lin, and he coaches that way too.

    Lin is the injury default starter, not a guy that Scott cares one iota about.

  150. Any “great” NBA player would have like ZERO CONFIDENCE if their coach had no regard for them the way Byron Scott has zero confidence in Jeremy Lin.

  151. I don’t agree.

    Lin HAS TO watch every shot, every decision, every play.

    His leash is shorter than anybody else’s in the NBA, and Scott doesn’t hesitate to yank him when a mistake happens.

    I am rooting for Lin to maintain that focus, never let the pressure up.

  152. If Kobe Bryant is physically incapable of competing defensively, he needs to think about RETIRING or at least playing less minutes.

    A better coach would make that brutally clear to Bryant, especially in the face of the subpar season Bryant is having.

  153. Hrmph.

    Jeremy Lin is essentially COACHING Kobe Bryant on the bench.

    Keep this up and the Lakers might as well hire Lin to do Scott’s job for him.

    Scott needs to insist that Kobe Bryant attend full practices and work with the team. It shouldn’t be Lin’s responsibility to do Byron Scott’s coaching job for him.

  154. lin is averaging 30 minutes. i really don’t have a issue with his minutes. digress and bledsoe average 30 minutes. chris paul 33. i do have an issue with the fourth quarter and how late it is but over all minutes is fine. lin has the opportunity to thrive in those minutes. all they have to figure out is the fourth and i have no doubt he could average 16 ppg in 30 minutes. look at it this way people cant say his minutes bloat his stats.

  155. this isn’t a good argument

  156. There’s one critically big difference between Bryant and Harden, in my opinion.

    Bryant actually RESPECTS Lin.

    Harden didn’t respect Lin and wanted Lin off the Rockets. The Rockets were only too happy to comply.

    Bryant seems to be very pleased with Lin and is trying hard to be a good teammate. Even though Bryant’s never been a good teammate in his entire 19 year career, he seems to be genuinely trying to play teamball with Jeremy Lin.

    I strongly believe that a different head coach would bring out the best in both Bryant and Lin.

  157. no he isn’t just have fu that when he will thrive. like in ny. he thinks to much at times

  158. kobe is usually telling lin about whats happening. i can assure you lin is not coaching kobe he has seen about everything. although they may use what both see and make adjustments. 4 eyes is better the 2

  159. Why isn’t my argument good, Alain Gervais?

    Many top level players retire when they feel that they cannot compete physically at the same level that they used to. I cite Reggie Miller as an example of a top player who retired early because he said that he couldn’t work out to the extent that he needed to despite having ample game left.

    Everybody knows that Kobe Bryant has been very slow or nonexistent on defensive rotations and is being targeted by other teams. Also, Kobe Bryant has been talking about how fatigued he gets in the 2nd half. A different coach would manage Bryant in a way that maximizes Bryant’s energy level and production such that those bouts of fatigue would be carefully spaced throughout the game. But that would require both reducing Bryant’s minutes and holding him as accountable on defense as he holds his teammates.

    I have been watching a Kobe Bryant that cannot defend himself out there defensively especially in the 2nd half. It’s not pretty.

  160. kobe is old he has done everything so he isn’t insecure bout the attention lin gets

  161. Frankly, I’ve seen more Knicks PTSD than Rockets PTSD.

  162. because greatest laker of all time. won 5 chips. he will do what he wants its his team. his defense is ok. his offense makes up for it. his hustle defensively makes up for it as well

  163. I can assure you that Lin knows players’ tendencies and opposing teams’ gameplans and even the Laker’s own coaching strategies FAR BETTER than Kobe Bryant does.

    Lin attends all the practices, does the video scouting, and works with the players.

    Bryant is not at practice most of the time. I don’t care how long Bryant has been in the league, there’s no way he’s going to know his own team or even opponents very well if he’s not at practice working with the players and coaches.

  164. When Kobe Bryant is on the floor, the Lakers run a haphazard random offense that has nothing to do with the highly structured Princeton offense that Lin was running in the preseason.

    That’s completely different from NY where Lin played in a highly structured D’Antoni offense where everybody knew their roles and played them accordingly.

    Lin is having to create offensive sets completely on his own because Kobe Bryant is cluelessly iso-ing himself out there, breaking the patterns of the Princeton offense.

    Because Kobe Bryant doesn’t practice with the team, Bryant has NO CLUE that the Princeton offense actually fits his post up tendencies extremely well. So instead of running the offense properly on and off the ball, Bryant is yo yo-ing randomly out there and mucking up the rest of the team. Due to Bryant, the Lakers run strictly an outdated 80s isolation illegal defense offense.

  165. NO.

    Simply playing minutes is not a total panacea that cures all ills.

    Players need to be coordinated by the coaches in a proper offensive scheme, not left to fend for themselves randomly in a patternless system.

    This ugly 80s isoball that’s getting the Lakers killed this season is killing not just Lin, but Kobe and Scott and the entire Lakers franchise.

  166. In my experience, age does not make top level performers less insecure.

  167. 5 chips DOESN’T MEAN SQUAT in a 3-11 season!

    I don’t agree that Bryant’s weak defense is OK, I don’t agree that Bryant’s bricking offense makes up for it, and I’m not seeing the alleged “hustle” that’s making up for lost rotations and bad court vision!

  168. Scott has his own agenda to deal with. Not sure why he has crazy love with Price. But I believe Jeremy has gained respect from the team, no one will disrespect him as seems he is the only one could have bball discussion with Kobe. Yeah maybe exclude Price, but I think it is more like anger than disrespect.

    Though I’m not happy with the coach, I am grateful that Jeremy is here in LA with lots of support from the team, media and fans.

  169. They should lay down a law regarding Lin’s minutes too, 35 minutes per game.

  170. I’m grateful too, but I still long for the day when the Asian guy is treated the same as a nonAsian who can ascend based strictly on merit.

    You wanna know why Price is so beloved by Byron Scott? You have your answer in my first sentence on this post!

    If Scott liked Lin half as much as he loves Price, it would be LINSANITY EVERY GAME, EVERY QUARTER.

  171. Ya! I also think Lin in LA is the best place he can get so far… bc even BS is not fond of him that much but Org & Kobe seem to be nice to him. I know Lin can have his own choice next year but really not that many teams will have open for him. I still think Lakers is the best place to stay if everything works out.

  172. lin vs the world stuff gets old

  173. exactly what i said his minute is fine.

  174. regardless of what you think it will happen. its kobe’s team

  175. come on lin doesn’t know as much as kobe he is great for a reason.inis still aspiring to be great

  176. yes true true.

  177. yep, so he can adjust because the ball moves faster than the man on O and team D is better than 1-1. Saying, that, I’m really impressed with his post-up moves and fadeaway.

  178. first kobe and links had periods where they played structured offense. especially last game. memphis defense seemed to confuse the laker given how long they’ve been team this is expected again. this idea kobe has to be injured so we can have insanity lin is ridiculous. lins games is not elected by kobe at all

  179. well, that’s my point about pickup. In pickup football, you don’t have know plays, you don’t know what your team is able to do, if they will stay in their planned routs, etc. So, a pickup QB is harder because you are trying to win while assessing who can lead, should lead, and when to take over. Coached ball is much easier, and yet, in NBA, wide range of well coached outings. I’m still not convinced GSW is mainly Kerr. I think GSW was years in the making.

  180. That is true too!

  181. sadly possibly true, KHuang.

  182. lin vs the world again its lin vs the world

  183. No it doesn’t.

    That’s exactly what’s going on right now.

    You pretending that the problem doesn’t exist will not make the problem go away.

  184. NO NO NO.

    I’m not happy with Lin’s low usage and long stretches of being benched, and neither should you.

  185. NO.

    It’s LIN’S team, as far as winning games go.

    The Lakers cannot win without Lin leading them, and that’s true even in the Houston game where Houston basically tripled Lin so much that the Lakers were able to beat them.

    The Lakers have artificially handed the leadership to Kobe Bryant, but it’s KILLING THE TEAM to the point that not even the team’s true leader in Lin can save them.

  186. thats ridiculous.

  187. lin minutes are find. weather he shoots it or not is his fault

  188. ok im not arguing this its hit the point of no return logic is out the window

  189. NO IT’S NOT.

    Lin has been race excluded in basketball all his life.

    That didn’t suddenly stop just because Lin now plays for the Lakers.

    The head coach isn’t doing anything to convince me that he’s any different from McHale.

    When Lin jumps to a new team next season, the race dismissal problem will continue unabated. NOBODY in the NBA (at least nobody who’s a decisionmaker) thinks that the Asian guy can play.

    It really is Lin vs. the world.

  190. It’s LIN’S TEAM, and the ongoing bricking and bad defense by Kobe Bryant make it more so EVERY GAME.

  191. this is laughable

  192. NO NO NO NO.

    Lin has a right to be confused when his coach is telling him to run the offense one way but then Kobe Bryant struts onto the court CLUELESSLY and messes up everybody else’s role by not knowing the plays.

    The Princeton offense has very exact movements and spacing, and Kobe Bryant is carelessly and deliberately mucking them up just so that he can chase Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s scoring record no matter how many bricks he has to fire up to do it.

  193. What’s laughable is you making excuses for Kobe Bryant when the team is losing PRIMARILY BECAUSE OF HIM.

  194. kobe has been better at that but he will shoot 15-20 shots. that said lin can still score so his stats aren’t affected. but winning is another issue

  195. If Kobe knew so much, then why isn’t he running a proper Princeton offense or making the right reads or leading the team to win more games???

  196. GSW has very little to do with Kerr.

    Andrew Bogut is finally healthy, and that has completely changed the team.

    Mark Jackson would’ve won far more than 51 games had he had a healthy Bogut.

  197. You couldn’t be more wrong, just like you are wrong about many things.

  198. WRONG.

    If the Lakers actually ran the Princeton offense and Kobe knew what he was doing, there would be REAL structure and Memphis would have LOST.

    You need to study up on the Princeton and see what it should look like. Lin ran it to perfection this preseason when Bryant was not stinking it up on the floor beside him.


    Go study how the Princeton offense looks in the textbooks. The diagrams will show you that Kobe Bryant is COMPLETELY IGNORING the offense and RUINING the cuts and screens.

    Kobe is still playing CLUELESS out there, and that’s why the Lakers can’t win and also why Lin’s stats aren’t bigger.

  200. what i dont get is why argue. its futile kobe will do kobe its not m concern. its a waste of time. btw saying kobe is clueless while remembering he is a hof also the greatest laker ever. what you say don’t matter. nor what i say. let learn as much as possible. its kobe’s team for 2 years. hopefully lin is here when his reign starts. talking bad about harden,melo, now kobe does that not get old.

  201. Let’s see how long BS will play Lin in this very winnable game. If BS is anything like McHale, he would try to play Price more to create the false narrative of Price being instrumental in the win.

    Over/under 31min for Lin tonight? I will take under.

  202. about the same scott is the upset of mchale he basically does the something over ad over agin. regardless of results

  203. Unfortunately for you, I really don’t care what Kobe did in the past because he has a completely new role and team and situation this season.

    It’s not a waste of time to discuss this because this is a basketball forum where real analysis takes place.

    Kobe playing clueless IS our concern from the standpoint that it adversely affects Jeremy Lin and so we should not be blaming Lin for failures that were not caused by Lin but by Kobe.

  204. its futile. barking at the moon like. kobe has shown improvement. so lets hope it gets better

  205. Precisely 30.00 minutes.
    IQ 9 min
    IIQ 6
    IIIQ 9 min
    IVQ 6 min
    Like clockwork.

  206. Whatever……it may not be Lin vs the world but the league is certainly a part of it.

    How many hard fouls he took without call? How many bogus calls on him? Why no mention on him when Lin played great? Why there is only a minimum highlights in NBA app? Why always use Lin as cover page photo when the team lost?

  207. I’m barking at people who would criticize Lin for being passive and confused – and you are NOT the person I’m barking at.

    I won’t convince those folks, though I’ll have my fun exposing and punking them.

    What I will do is give hope and knowledge to basketball fans that are feeling dismay over Lin’s situation and are seeing the same situation that I’m seeing.

    The situation won’t get better because Byron Scott is not forcing Bryant to attend practices. The result is that Bryant is playing completely separately from the team, and that’s why the Lakers cannot win.

  208. i agree there scott is hates to challenge kobe but lin and the players have. we heard what they said in the interviews

  209. under, doesn’t matter how good Lin plays, Scott will “rest” Lin for 9-10 minutes between qts, we saw that several times already.
    On the other hands, no matter how bad Price plays, he will always get his 18-21 minutes, very sad..

  210. also why i don’t go at kobe. this issue for kobe has always been there. kobe has always broken off the scheme. shot the ball a lot. this is how he played. he won 5 chips that way. since you haven’t why would he listen. he hates losing so hopefully it forces him to adapt. before those force shots went in and often

  211. My FRIEND, we never truly disagree on anything that REALLY COUNTS.

    I don’t blame Kobe for not attending practices.

    I blame SCOTT for not holding Bryant accountable.

    At the least, Bryant should be there every practice to at least go over sets and gameplans and offer tutelage to young players that need it.

    When Shaquille O’Neal was excused from practices because his aching 300+ lb body was hurting from the constant beatings, Bryant complained bitterly that O’Neal had to at least show up. Now it’s Bryant’s turn, and he’s doing exactly what he was criticizing O’Neal for!

  212. i know.

  213. It almost seems like BS only wants the Lakers to win in a certain way (i.e. making Kobe the hero, making Price the defensive stopper, etc). Too bad his agenda has already cost the Lakers so many wins.

  214. well shaq was young kobe is on his last legs

  215. Kobe wasn’t too far off the scheme when he was in the triangle.

    Phil Jackson and the championship Lakers had enough veterans and coaching to run the triangle DESPITE Bryant. They’d have won more and easier had Bryant simply gone along with the triangle the way Phil Jackson and Tex Winter were screaming at Kobe to do.

    I was totally OK with Bryant during the championship years because his ballhogging was successfully limited by the veteran players and coaches of that era.

    But now, it’s too late for Kobe to change.

    The best we can hope for is that Bryant occasionally passes more out of his isolations. It won’t result in more wins or more scoring.

  216. i agree

  217. Yeah baby, I don’t wanna see a Lin doubter get the credit for such a good Curry/KT/Bogut/Lee/Iggy plus Speights and Barnes. Speights is not given enough credit, even amongst GSW fans.

    On MJ and Bogut, he’s the one who kept Bogut in on the final mins of a won game that let Bogut get injured for the playoffs. Cost the owners 2nd round TV revs! Millions. That was AFTER he said Bogut time would be carefully monitored to keep him healthy on his return. so MJ caused his own playoffs fate, bro, still with ya!

  218. double pump deleted …

  219. If Price plays well, Scott will play him as many minutes as Price can handle.

    If that cuts into Lin’s minutes, EVEN BETTER as far as Scott is concerned.

  220. Ya! Lin’s standard schedule is like this..
    1 & 3 Q out around 3:30 min left.
    2 & 4 Q in around 6:30 min left.

  221. I would say it’s not on Kobe, it’s Scott who fails to control the team with his stupid strategy. Scott should be on the top of the blame list if any

  222. Russell Westbrook is playing tonight against the Knicks …


  223. i prefer lin vs stereotypes

  224. “Why always use Lin as cover page photo when the team lost?”

    Exactly – They even used a cover page photo of Lin when Lin didn’t play

  225. Just right at 30-31, that’s why that professional gambler like BS: easy to predict the results. Unless Kobe or Mitch speaks up and tells BS to play Lin more I doubt anything’s going to change.

  226. when lin scored 20 he got more reporters then kobe. thats what fame does he gets the blame and the glory. as for the refs. it continues to baffle me with the calls they call on him.

  227. The refs hate the Asian guy.

    When Kobe gets away with “superstar calls”, the refs even out the calls by targeting the Asian guy.

    NBA refs have been statistically determined to be racist. Everybody knows that.

  228. kobe actually gets less calls then before. but yea idk what the refs are doing

  229. It’s 27 points lead in the middle of 3rd quarter! That’s a BIG difference!

  230. Exactly, and Mitch is supportive of Lin, so if they want him back and give him a contract he deserves then obviously he’s going to stay. Not to mention it’s in California his home state.

  231. autocorrect strikes again

  232. Put pic/vids on Lin’s pregame shootaround on Instagram (my account hyca73)

  233. Khuang, please, lets not get into the “hate Asian guy” accusation here.

    At times, there might be some biasness, which happens to all the NBA teams and players. Superstars are superstar, surely they are going to get more calls compared to the rest.

    Similarly to Jeremy’s NYK period, where he had most calls in his career, and he was somewhat protected in that sense, because he was the Star carrying the team.

    Thats how NBA works, and we need to accept that, rather then the whole world is after Jeremy because he is Asian.

  234. I can’t help it because it’s TRUE.

  235. Nobody wants Kobe to retire, thats the reason. If fans starts to boo him, then he way think of retirement.

    Many fans are buying tickets, to just watch Kobe. End of the day, this entertainment is fans based as well.

    Jeremy is no different as well

  236. MIN Game Thread+Chat is now open!

    Let’s go, JLin! May this be a Black Friday shopping spree for Jeremy and the Lakers!



  237. That’s cause Kobe is the “lame duck” in the house, his rein as a superstar and franchise player is over soon. Unless Lin become an Allstar and franchise player of the team, I don’t see things changing.

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