G16 MIN @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lakers managed to lose to the depleted Timberwolves team who has lost 4 straight on the road.

Jeremy Lin performed well scoring double double with 18pts/11ast (highest Lakers assist this season)

Complete stats: 18 pts 8/15 FG 2/7 3pt 2 reb 11 ast 4 stl 3 to 29 min

Byron Scott benchedย Lin with 3:45 left in the 4th quarter with disastrous result as the Lakers managed to lose a 3pt lead (115-112) and let Timberwolves outscored them 8-4 as the offense bogged down and defense allowed easy points to the Wolves.

Byron Scott simply didn’t play his best playmaker in Jeremy Lin (18pts/11asts/4stl) and his best defender (Ed Davis with 6pts/10rebs) during crunch time. The offense predictably went through Kobe who was inefficient (plus Nick Young) after Lin came out. And once Ed Davis came out, there was no interior defense allowing easy points for the Timberwolves. It was simply a horrible coaching decision. The loss is on Byron Scott because he made coaching decision and it didn’t work. No Lin, No Win!

This is my recollection of what happened in the last 6 min.

Kobe/Lin checked in w 6 min left. Hill replaced Davis
Lin assisted Nick Young on his dunk, got offensive foul being aggressive, missed 3PT.

Byron panicked, brought Ellington for 3pt shooting.
Kobe failed to take over. Made 2 shots, missed 3PT, missed 2 FTs, and missed a predictable 3pt shot at end of game.

In the meantime, MIN outscored LAL 8-4 with layups and easy shots because there was no interior defense.

So it’s really BScott blunder to:
1. take out offensive flow by benching Lin plus
2. take out any defensive presence by benching Davis the rim-protector with an ineffective Hill so LAL gave up easy points

Note: Additional note from @717 I’d add that Swaggy missed two shots and then fouled with the score tied and only 2 sec left.



  1. hellooOO?!?! helloooOOO?!?!

  2. wow.. assertive!
    BScott can learn much from you and JLin!

  3. First male……

  4. Hello!!!

  5. We’re not deceptively quick; we are quick, period.

  6. need to keep up with Jeremy’s quickness.

  7. So who’s BS referring to about “the boneheaded play”? Jeremy?

  8. Check out Lakers Nation game recap facebook page, not only Lin fans can’t stand Scott, Lakers fans were mad about Scott benchs Lin in final 4 minutes as well..


  9. Hi Melody, I finally took a glimpse of your nice pic on your FB. Saw your reply to Jeremy on his blog and clicked on your FB page… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. LOL. Thanks! Now you know how I look like:-)

  11. Yeah, a cheerful, unassuming, mild demeanor lady

  12. Lin’s alley-oop to Wes had such great timing and precision.
    Loving the Lin/Wes and Lin/Davis connection. Throw in Lin to Boozer/Hill/Young/Kobe connection too for tonight :]

  13. Very deceiving:-) I tend to look “nicer” in pics sometimes:-)

  14. :))

  15. Didn’t watch the game but from the highlight, Jeremy did a very nice back dribble which I have been longing to see. Brent said in the game thread that Jeremy did many nice moves, so I take this game as a victory regardless the team loss…

  16. yep, no Lin no win. Scott took Lin out and Mo scored 5 quick points right away, plus the Rockets also lost last night, so a win win for us anyway..

  17. Third quarter was really fun to watch. When JLin was taken out at 3:45 in 4th qtr while he only checked in at 6:12. Game deteriorated from there. He only played 2:27 minutes in 4th qtr. Was really annoyed with boneheaded and tanking BS.

  18. Despite the loss, I like this game’s highlights most as Jeremy has a lot of one on one moves, all very nice. Well, I ain’t no bball expert but I think after a long seasons of “traning”, I sorta know what are nice plays, etc. At least we get to enjoy Jeremy good game tonight.

  19. BS and KOBE!!!! Well, according to whom he was benched, most probably JLin. Kobe used the same term as well. Didn’t care enough to watch nor listen to their interviews.

  20. I know. JLin really played well in this game. I liked what he has done. Double-double for him early in 3rd qtr.

  21. I’m still pissed, this was a winnable game, jeez loosing to a rookie team just shows, mentality LAL has as a team. Now predicting a 20 or less wins for the season

  22. Nick Young got it right because the BEST playmaker was at the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It’s really sad that Kobe might end his career this way — the Lakers finish the season at the bottom of the WC.
    The ideal scenario is that Kobe end his career on a high note and nice documentary be made and everybody gets to cherish his much accomplished BBall career…but the inept coach ruin the ending of the film…if I were Kobe(well, obviously, I am not. Kobe is high achiever for sure), I would want to not “tank” while get my scoring record and co-lead the team to WC Finals. That would be epic!

  24. LOL I’m saying 3-79; maybe 10-72 if somehow Kobe changed or BS was fired.

  25. They way things are going, I wont be surprised as well, sadly

  26. I know. I will probably only watch 1st and 3rd qtr when JLin is in the court from now on. Just hope JLin continues to stay healthy and improve despite of BS.

  27. quick first step!

  28. Kobe tank is invincible.

  29. Wes Fields!

  30. Well, too bad with boneheaded BS. At least Kobe is playing more teamball in 3 qtrs.

  31. sad to say 36 is old for competitive pro sports. Kobe is “old”. He gotta know his limits and play a different style to ensure longevity like Timmy.
    Gosh, how I love Timmy come to think of it.
    Kobe envious of him but as smart as Kobe, he couldn’t see how and why Spurs and Timmy keep winning for many seasons?

  32. JLin: self-introd.

  33. I know. We won’t see JLin’s Mr. 4th qtr and Mr. Clutch in Lakers because of BS and Kobe. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Todays loss, was not on Kobe. To me, he played team ball, passed and let Jeremy to run the offensive.

    His iso moves was way much lesser and took alot of uncontested shots (40%). That shows he is playing team ball.

    Scott not realizing how to up the D by switching players, and the lineup/rotations, lost the game.
    Added to that, the whole team, just forget to play D, thinking its just rookies, could up-step easily with scoring.

    edit:typo with numbers

  35. “Jeremy Lin had a double double, Jeremy Lin had a good game and he’s also the guy who initiates the offense, I think better than anybody right now, he hits Ed Davis, he throws a nice lob to Wesley Johnson and I think down the stretch they get out of control a bit and they try to force feed certain players and I think Jeremy Lin, he was on the bench 9 minutes and he had a double double and I think Byron might take a look at keeping him on the floor just to have some balance down the stretch, he’s been playing very well.” -James Worthy

    More concisely, give Jeremy the ball and let him distribute and keep the team involved and stop playing iso-Kobe hero ball. Even Swaggy saying it, should have stuck with what we were doing. B. Scott going to lose this team.

  36. Good to know Kobe is coming around but the team’s 3-13 record has a lot to do with his Kobe ball.

    Not sue if the last play is on him or the coach. But I am sure Kobe can influence the coach to keep Jeremy in the game in crunch time yet he didn’t…the outcome might be different had Jeremy stay in the game during that stretch.

  37. That I agree, Kobe need to step up as leader, once he realizes what Scott is doing s not working

  38. Video of James Worthy saying this…

  39. “certain players” LOL

  40. LOL BS makes sure this happens every game in 4th qtr. Now I expect JLin only plays some of the first 3 qtrs.

  41. I didn’t watch the game but I checked the box score. I couldn’t believe Jeremy played under 30 minutes with a double double!
    I’ve always asked “when do we play the Sixers” but now I’m afraid that LAL will lose to them too and embarrass themselves.
    Jeremy deserves better…. especially a better coach. smh

  42. So what was the reason for the benching? I see Price and Ellington’s stats and doesn’t look like they contributed much. Yet they played 14 and 10 minutes respectively? Ed Davis is underutilized as well. All these point to bad coaching or tanking or both…

  43. Does anyone get the sense that Kobe has adapted his game a bit and is playing more teamball in the last few games? It really seems like Scott is the odd one out.

  44. totally

  45. Ed Tyson? lol

  46. Agreed. That’s why I called out BS and not as much Kobe. The losses are on boneheaded BS.

  47. In BS’ mind, he’d rather had a loss than playing JLin in 4th qtr.

  48. Yes. That at least is a good thing.

  49. No player of the game?

  50. Most likely due to defensive height, during the last 3 minutes, rotation. But still from grand scheme of things looking at the way both Davis and Lin played, keeping both in the last 3min, would have made huge difference

  51. I see it as conserving energy for the 4th quarter to “close out games”. Watch his defense the first 3 quarters, he will only defend what is in front of him, or if someone challenges him, other wise he rarely closes out on the 3 point line. But once they get behind he will go into “mode that may not be named”, regardless of which quarter. But even though he may not view it that way, it benefits the team immensely. BS on the other hand has been slightly disappointing.

  52. You called it first. Other than some nice comments right at the start, before he got the coaching job, Scott’s conduct has been consistently anti-Lin.

  53. Yep. He is beginning to become more and more McHale-twin in less than 10 games. Give him time, it will probably worse than McHale. I didn’t follow that closely when JLin first in R. So, no idea how soon it began. For me, BS is worse than M because it started at startergate. At least JLin was a starter when he first landed in R. M & M didn’t dare putting him as bench player until second season. For BS, he wanted JLin to be the bench player even before the season began. We know JLin cares the most on 4th qtr, see what BS did, played him around 6 min and this game only 2:27 min. BS is definitely ABJ. He is worse than M.

  54. They’re trying to tank. It’s the only reasonable explanation.

  55. Scott needs to really take a HARD look at his rotations, minutes and lineups

    I think he did. I seriously think they are trying to tank, so that’s why Scott has these weird substitutions and rotations.

  56. just one player in particular.

  57. That’s why it makes no sense to me that BS doesn’t play the strength of his players like JLin and Ed Davis rather than rooting for his priceless piece.

  58. Maybe…we dont know..personally I dont think so

  59. Tanking or euphemistically “rebuilding through the draft” is a strategy employed by virtually every NBA team at some time or other. Is Scott being paid to tank? Or is the management aware of his woeful record in recent years and knew that tanking would happen once he was hired?

  60. Tanking is a disgrace to a franchise like the Lakers. Kobe wants his scoring title and also tanking? hmmm…if I were Kobe, I wouldn’t want the team to tank.
    Well, I’d say either Jeremy’s traded by next February or BS will be gone by then.

  61. Tanking is disgrace.

  62. Scott wanted this to be the Kobe/Young show in the end to be heroes.Young’s girlfriend(Iggy Izelia) was there and Scott wanted to play to that. Too bad it backfired on them. As I stated before that it is hard for kobe to let go,so he will be back/forth in some games,but deep down inside he knows how good lin can really be.Kobe likes lin and his game, but kobe wants to focus on one goal at a time, get his stats for All-Star game and beat MJ points. BTW, I don’t think Lakers are trying to tank,they are in rebuild mode trying to figure out who they will keep next season.

  63. Honestly I don’t know and we won’t know what happens behind closed doors. However, I really doubt if Kobe is part of the tanking plan, if there is one. He is not likely to be around long enough to enjoy the benefit of a high draft pick as a teammate.

  64. I don’t think they are trying to tank, they just have a dumb coach, who is not good offensively.

  65. I agree. I don’t think they are tanking, I think Scott is just not a good coach. I think when kobe solidifies his spot on the All-Star team and beating MJ points, we will see a different kobe..just my thoughts

  66. Yes I never really bought into the allegation that Kobe was a hypocrite. I think he is kinda sincere. It’s just hard to change the way he has always been playing. People often state what they want to change or achieve (like quitting smoking etc) but actual change is harder and takes time.

    Scott, on the other hand, really does not have the appreciation for Lin’s game. I was wrong about him. However, I am glad that I have been right about Worthy though. He has guts to say what he is saying.

  67. You are probably right in that Scott is just not a good coach. Lin could have and should have won the game if he played more in the 4th quarter.

  68. Because Magic/Worthy knows what Showtime Lakers represented. I really believe Lin is a keeper for the Lakers, but they want to insure that Kobe keeps his stats for final ALL-Star spot and beat MJ points.

  69. Well even they aren’t tanking, they’re doing a great job:

    1. Kobe gets his points and his legacy

    2. Jeremy gets some practice, doesn’t play too much to get injured, and his value decreases so they can try to resign him for a cheaper price

    3. The get a high draft pick

    Their only concern is if Lin does too well, then other teams will try to steal him away from them. So it makes sense to let him play so he doesn’t get rusty, but not too much so he won’t be stolen.

  70. What’s with people talking about eating McFlurries? I guess I missed that somewhere.

  71. Frankly your theory makes sense. It would explain the initial public praise of Lin initially whilst suppressing his minutes. At the same time, the timing of Lin’s benching in this game would suggest lack of faith in Lin’s abilities and bad coaching. Maybe your theory fits the front office more.

  72. you know what is interesting to me is that Worthy in his comments about Scott is that he is trying to warn him that that Magic and the Hall of Famers who voted him in are not pleased with how this team is being coached. So Scott needs to adhere to the warning. Also Mitch gave an interview in which he stated that Scott is doing a good job in instilling Laker culture. Mitch said a lot of good things about Dantoni, right before he fired him. I would not put much stock in what Mitch says these days about Scott

  73. It was from Jeremy’s Thanksgiving interview with TMZ. He said he had a McFlurry after one of their losses because he was so pissed.

  74. Have been browsing other boards, and everybody seems to be in agreement that Lin should have been in on last minutes of the game, Young guarding Thaddeus Young was joke, and Scott needs to be fired.

  75. Worthy can’t be happy. But as bad as Scott is it starts and ends with 24. He is a coach killer with his ball dominance and an old ball stopper only has one antidote me that is a system and coach that demands adherence to it. That’s why it worked with Phil and the triangle. Every other Kobe coach has been fired or quit.

  76. Did the exact same thing with the same conclusions. And so no matter how bad it seems in LA, the fan base still does not compare to the downright disrespectful haterade that Jeremy got in Houston. It is so much better in LA, and I would extend that to some of the media too (not all though).

  77. Jeremy gets to 13 points a game in November that’s a plus. Each month he needs to add 1.5/2.0 more so that he could avg 16/17 with 6 dimes and 4 bounds a game. Sounds like he could get a nice Collinson deal or maybe a Mo Williams 6 man contract.

    Big test for him, I don’t really care for the Lakers as a team, with Tdot. They are a really strong team.

  78. Lin was benched in the 4th quarter so that it could be the Kobe/Young show. That is it. Kobe approved it and Scott went along with it. Kobe was trying to cater to Young because his famous pop star girlfriend was in the audience with her parents… end of story

  79. This is the first time Wes looks like a NBA player to me ๐Ÿ˜›

    And the commentator who praised Wes’s dunk had no idea about the pass. I call it rhythm pass. If you look at the replay, Wes’ movement is so natural to himself, that pass was calculated according to Wes’ moving rhythm. Meanwhile, the pass was also calculated NOT in favor of defender’s rhythm.

    In my experience, anyone who receives the pass like this will give the instant respect or “love” to the passer. It’s like someone said something right into you heart.

  80. But if you listen to Nick he wasn’t too happy with the play calling down the stretch. So while it’s plausible what you propose I’m not sure if that’s the case. I believe Scott, like Mchale, just punished Jeremy for the PGs going off and that offensive foul call. Scott believes 24 can handle pg duties and Nick can play the 2

  81. Well, BS should be fired long time ago imho.

  82. Yes, it’s clear to me this is all planned ahead of game. Lin’s turnover and missed 3 ptr just triggered the benching a little earlier than planned.

    I almost can imagine the conversation between Kobe and Scott.
    “I will try my best to play team ball for the first three quarters”
    “Wow, cool…”
    “I only need my last quarter to be me again, close the game and get all the glory”
    “of course”
    “But Lin is so stubborn and sometimes he waves me off”
    “I know”
    “So give me last 3 minutes”
    “sure…I may actually give you a little more, because you always asked less than what I wanted to give”

  83. If they had won, Young would be singing a different tune.. Him being put in to guard Thaddeus Young was a joke. So I think my theory is on point. I like the fact that Worthy called him out, and Laker fans voices are getting louder and questioning Scott’s coaching ability.

  84. you can make fun, all you want, but I live in LA, and this is how they roll here. Also they kept putting the camera on her to see her reactions whenever Young scored. So don’t even get it twisted, like i said this is Hollywood,what’s your dream…huh

  85. He will be there until the press/kobe can’t cover up for his inept coaching abilities.

  86. Yep I know. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never wish bad or anything to anyone but lately I have to refrain myself hard on that dept. I don’t get that upset with McHale. Somehow with BS I just can’t stand him more than M. Maybe he is just too double faced to me. See him thru because of my experiences with similar demeanors. I was burned too many times in my life that I can see it thousand miles away. How he changed his tone once he got the job???

  87. Has anybody noticed that coach miller has not weighed in on lin lately? I think Laker F/O stopped that.

  88. I am not worried about Scott. He is not coaching this team, Kobe is. Scott is just a puppet. I am sure the meeting with Mitch was very unpleasant, so the next 15-20 games will determine whether he stays or goes, by that time kobe would have solidified his spot on the All-Star team and have beaten MJ record. Also after the loss tonight once again, he won’t be pulling lin in the 4th quarter anymore, because fans and Worthy called him out.

  89. Contrary to what most believe, I think the Lakers will keep lin. They have to finish one goal at a time. First is to get Kobe into the All-Star game, and then let him surpass MJ record, then the will focus on lin. Lin is becoming a fan favorite, because he plays that Showtime Laker ball and Kobe knows that. They just got the wrong coach to lead them.

  90. If they want to keep JLin, then BS has to go NOW. That’s not the way you treat your player no matter what THE GAME Lakers, BS…. is playing. It’s getting more and more unbearable to watch how JLin is treated on court.

  91. I don’t remember every play, but Williams and Levine were just on fire yesterday. I remember Lin was in Levine’s face on a few of those jumper but they were just falling anyways. You really can’t blame those on anybody when somebody has such a hot hand.

    I didn’t expect BS to take out Lin, but I had hoped that he would switch up so someone taller or longer arm span with Lin to limit the damage.

  92. Laker media gone silent about why Scott pulled lin in 4th quarter, but LA media will step it up.

  93. Also notice how Scott didn’t say anything about defense..LOL he is such a fraud

  94. I think loosing focus summarize everything…maybe

  95. Lakers has pretty good distribution of pts which usually should be good enough to get wins.

    Yea, the defense is just bad as Stu keep mentioning in the game. They had 57% FG with 55% 3pts.

  96. I don’t think that is what happened. I think they could have grinded it out as team, if Scott/kobe was not so focused on kobe being the hero of the game. Scott took out Davis, who was clearly the best defensive player on the team. Nope this one is on Scott, and Worthy called him out on it.

  97. Scott seems to be hellbent on playing Lin as little as possible.

    To me, it seems as if management has decreed that Scott is to play Lin at least 30 mpg, the more the better.

    Scott has seemingly rebelled against that by playing Lin just under that 30 mpg.

    If Ronnie Price weren’t so horrifically bad again, Lin would have sat out the entire 4th quarter. That would have left Lin at about 26 mpg, just enough for Scott to shirk the 30 mpg mark while making excuses for why Lin’s play warranted a benching. Lin knew it too, and that’s why he played anxious.

    In the future, Lin needs to play calmly and not try to force the issue when he knows he is going to be benched.

  98. well Worthy called Scott out tonight about taking lin out in the 4th quarter and also about lin sitting out on bench for 9 minutes.

  99. I hope you are right on not pulling JLin out on 4th qtr with playing so few minutes in 4th qtr already–less than 6 minutes. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

  100. Won’t make a difference.

    Not even Kobe Bryant asking Scott to play Lin would change Scott’s thinking.

    All Lin can do is maximize the minutes he gets.

    Lin needs a coaching change.

  101. the only reasonable explanation is tanking…and that throws the entire NBA into question for me… one step closer (and a large step for me) to being nothing more than WWE. I am very sad today. Tanking is disgraceful, and should be illegal. There should be charges filed for fixing a game.

    The entire process of draft picks being traded and only useable when the team is bottom dweller is the root of this and should be changed. The draft process should be changed to not encourage this behavior. It is disrespectful to the players, the fans and the sport… which if this behavior is actually true NBA IS NOT a sport is a nothing more than a fixed game and we are all under the delusion it is a fair/equitable/merit based game.

    OH well might be time to find a new hobby. Not sure I can be a part of this type of scam. T_T

  102. @paslm , do you keep a library of all Lin’s great alley oop pass?

  103. I don’t think it’s tanking at all.

    I think it’s just that Scott is trying to eject the Asian guy.

  104. First of all, I don’t believe Scott is the coach for this team. I think Kobe is the one calling all of the shots. Worthy calling him out was a big deal, because it was Worthy, Magic Johnson, and Jabbar that was the final stamp of approval to hire him. I am pretty sure the meeting he had with mitch was not a good one. i personally think that scott’s stubbornness will be his downfall, and that is the same reason why he got fired from NO and the Cavaliers.

  105. i don’t believe that for one second. L/Orange County has the largest Asian community in the US. Not buying it.This is not Houston and that dog will not hunt here in LA. Think what you want

  106. OMG, 4:30 am? Why so early?…

  107. I don’t think Lakers want to tank, did you see Scott with his head in his hand and that panicked look in his eyes.I think he panicked in the end by putting in ellington to account for height with Lavine to stop him from shooting.

  108. I fell asleep at 7 and couldn’t go back to sleep.LOL

  109. Byron Scott doesn’t care one iota about what Asians or even the franchise thinks.

    In his mind, LIN CAN’T PLAY. And he coaches like it too.

    Now the Lakers owners? They DO care about how Lin plays and what fans think. That’s why Lin plays that 30 mpg despite his coach trying to makr Lin into a DNP CD.

  110. I also think this was plan ahead of the game bc Lin played the whole 3Q last night. It’s possible Kobe just wanted to in charge the last few min w/o Lin to be hero. To tell the truth, when they pulled Lin out I started to wish Lakers lose this game. LOL!

  111. He has to care what the franchise thinks, because if he doesn’t play along, he will be fired. Also you seem to viewing the race issue out of your own experiences. I think lin not playing as many minutes is because kobe doesn’t want lin to outshine him that is the main culprit. Kobe has to be the hero. it is the same play over and over again.

  112. Why not ask Johnson to guard him just like he did to Harden?! Scott really didn’t know how to adjust his game plan well?! In fact, Kobe should be the one who guarded him no Lin?!

  113. Actually, I wasn’t thinking of myself at all with the race issue.

    Somebody, likely Kupchak, got into Scott and told him that Lin is to play at least 30 mpg.

    That pissed Scott off, so now Scott is trying to shirk that by playing Lin as much under that 30 mpg as Scott feels he can get away with.

    I don’t even think Kobe Bryant is responsible for the benching. Bryant seems to be legitimately trying to be a good teammate to Lin, and both Bryant and Lin are reveling in that.

    We saw the same pattern of behavior in Houston where McHale and Morey were forced to play Lin roughly 30 mpg because Les Alexander ordered it. McHale and Morey shirked that by benching Lin at predictable intervals just so that Lin averaged 28 and not 30 mpg.

  114. I now believe that Lin’s problem is strictly with Scott and not with Bryant.

    I LOVE the way Bryant has played the last two games. He’s really working at being a team player, though he’s never going to run that Princeton because it’s too difficult for him to grasp. But at least Bryant is trying to play teamball within hos outdated 80s scheme.

    Bryant and Lin seem to respect each other and enjoy each other’s games. Bryant at this point doesn’t seem to be the problem to me.

  115. Imo, here’s the way Lin being Asian may have affected Byron Scott’s decision to bench Lin, and his persistence in trying to start Price over Lin.

    Bottom line, Scott doesn’t think Lin is that good. He views Lin as a serviceable role player. As a serviceable role player, the coach can bench him at any time when the coach thinks it would be for the good of the team.

    Here’s where race may come in – why exactly does Scott think Lin isn’t very good? It could be because of ingrained stereotypes about Asians and athleticism, and the notion of what the prototypical NBA player is (not Asian).

    As Lin said himself, it take him longer to prove to others that he’s good. Why? Because there is a presumptive skepticism that Lin could actually be really that good, and that has a lot to do with being Asian.

    But, this sort of racism is most likely to be of the unconscious variety – where the actor doesn’t realize that he’s being influenced by racial stereotypes and beliefs. So, Scott doesn’t think to himself, Lin is Asian, let’s get rid of him. He thinks to himself, Lin is nothing but a serviceable role player, I can’t see him as anything else, even when there’s ton of empirical evidence and stats that say the contrary.

    The same thing goes with Lin’s teammates – earlier in the season, I do think the teammates were “freezing” Lin out, not passing to him because they didn’t think Lin would do much with the ball. That perception is slowly changing, imo, the more they practice and play with him. Last night, when Lin made that perfect alley oop pass to Wes Johnson, you could tell the Lakers were impressed with the pass. Plays like that build up and slowly shatter the notion that Lin is no good.

    But, the fact that it’s taking so long for his teammates and coaches to truly believe in Lin – I think Lin’s Asian-ness has a huge role in that.

  116. As I said before, if Scott keeps doing this, then he will be fired. I personally think that once Kobe solidifies his spot on the All-Star team, and get MJ points,then scott might get pulled. Mitch said that Scott’s next evaluation is in the next 15-20 games, juts enough games for Kobe to get MJ points.

  117. That’s exactly what I thought… ” I think lin not playing as many minutes is because kobe doesn’t want lin to outshine him that is the main culprit. Kobe has to be the hero. it is the same play over and over again.” Everything all about Kobe not race at all. Lin always checked in on the court at the same time w Kobe & sometimes even a little bit late. He always checked out before Kobe normally.

  118. Good points and well thought out, instead of just saying that he is doing it because he is Asian.

  119. Hadn’t noticed I try not to listen to him much he’s just spews clichรฉs and Kobe worshiper. Wanting Price to start shows how incompetent he is.

  120. Exactly. Also the players are beginning to like playing with lin, because lin will get them the ball. Also Wes should be very grateful because lin got him two NBA top plays in these last weeks..LOL

  121. That is exactly why if Scott keeps this up, then he will be gone. kobe is not going to defend him.

  122. Thanks. Yes, to better our own understanding, we need to take that extra step and analyze and think about WHY and HOW Lin’s Asian-ness influences the way he’s viewed and devalued as a basketball player.

  123. Ya! I thought that would be Davis but no it’s Johnson… I almost didn’t remember what he did on court in the past but now he seemed pretty good to me.. LOL!

  124. I agree. Lin is becoming a fan favorite here in LA. Also what Lakers were impressed with Lin’s alleyoop?

  125. Wes Johnson for one, lol. But, I’m thinking specifically of Carlos Boozer, who pointed to Lin in a “that was an awesome pass” way after the dunk.

  126. OK, Kobe probably a little jealous because he can’t jump the high anymore:) lin has really done a great job in bringing out Wes’s game lately. Davis/Wes/Lin have really stepped up their games.

  127. It’s the Lin effect – the effect of making players around him better.

    I noticed in previous games, that Lin would keep passing the ball to Johnson, and I’d think, why pass it to that scrub?

    Now, I know why – Lin was doing it to elevate his teammate, give him confidence, and to push him to maximize his abilities. And it’s working, because we’re seeing a totally different Wes Johnson than we did earlier in the season. And Lin has had a huge role in it.

    Johnson is like Steve Novak, not in terms of the way they play, but in the way that Lin made them both into noticeably better players.

  128. I agree about Lin making Johnson better.

    And last night, Lin’s rocket bounce pass to Davis for the basket was eye-poppingly good.

  129. So do you think lin will stay with the Lakers?

  130. I hope Worthy will not change his story today…


  131. I don’t think BS has anything against Lin. I think he just made a stupid move last night. He also believes Lin should play only 30 minutes a game and needs long rests regardless of how well he’s playing. Like, if he’s in a rhythm, he doesn’t seem to have that in mind when he substitutes for him or makes sure to get him back in when he’s hot. He doesn’t play Clarkson at all, even when Price is playing like he usually does like last game. He doesn’t have ED in to close a game when rim protection is needed. I think he thought last night he had his best defensive team in plus Young who he thinks is a good closing guy because he’s used to closing. Well, it backfired badly. So maybe that’s one idea to throw in the garbage can.

  132. Too early to say. I think the FO is still waiting to see more from Lin over the course of the season before thinking of re-signing him to a long term deal.

    Right now, if I had to guess – I’d say the Lakers will offer him a long term deal, and Lin will likely agree to it.

  133. I agree on all points.

  134. That’s what I thought too. — Right now, if I had to guess – I’d say the Lakers will offer him a long term deal, and Lin will likely agree to it.

  135. I think so too. Lakers looking at what is on the market of PG’s next year. Goran Dragic and westbrook, but Wewstbrook is going to stay in OKC. Nobody is coming to LA while kobe is on the team.

  136. .Jeremy Lin Quietly Having Career Year For Lakers http://t.co/KXsAl73kEX— linspiredinla (@linspiredinca) November 29, 2014

  137. When Wes was struggling, there’s was a talk of force feeding him the ball. And now young is back , there doing the same thing to him..

  138. RW is FA in 2016 not 2015, right? Only Dragic & Rondo. I believe Lin will catch up Dragic’s stats number soon. He is 14 & Lin is 12.6. As for Rondo, he can’t shoot & needs the ball in his hand. I doubt Kobe really needs PG like him.

  139. I do see Lin’s benching by Scott as a clear no confidence vote. You don’t yank your starting PG in crunch time. Especially in a game in which he scored a DD within 25 min (15/10). It’s as if Lin is viewed as some out of control rookie who can sometimes put up great numbers but is still raw and cannot be relied upon. It’s as if Lin is forever viewed as he was during Linsanity. It’s so ironic that many including Lin have said that we need to forget about Linsanity and move past it and yet old timers like Lin’s current coach are the ones who are stuck in 2012.

  140. All asians know this first hand in every field we enter. That’s the reality of the bamboo ceiling. Historically, asians were considered to be the lowest cast, below Mexicans. I keep reminding Asian Americans that it’s been less than 50 years since we were finally granted some rights as human beings by LB Johnson. African Americans have been fighting against prejudice and racial bias for well over 200 years. We all are victims and also perpetrators because it’s a human condition we are born with. “Do not cast the first stone unless you are free of sin”. We are the minority in America but in Asia we prejudge other races just the same. Even my own mom hated my first white girlfriend.

    Be like lin instead and fight the good fight and not tear others down instead.

  141. Jeremy Lin had 2nd-best game Defensive Rating for #Lakers vs MIN (lower # is better); better than WE ==> http://t.co/wCeItnj5pN #Lakers #NBA— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) November 29, 2014

  142. Johnson is like Landry Fields.

  143. I don’t think Scott is so malicious. I also don’t think Scott has that much power to flirt with losing. His own job is dependent on winning. Kobe isn’t going to accept losing for too much longer. The Lakers will never tank like the Sixers. They have too much pride and tradition to do that. Kobe knows that his own legacy will be viewed not just by his own personal records. Like it or not, KOBE will be viewed as the former great who selfishly dragged his franchise down by his own selfishness if he continues to demand being the hero. He can either choose to accept the role as the wise sage to pass on the baton of greatness or the goat that turned the Lakers into the laughing stock of the league.

  144. Unless they are trying to tank. Then in that case it’s a very strong confidence that they’ll win with Lin in. The more I watch Scott’s rotation the more I believe this is the case.

  145. Very well put and I totally agree with you. That’s why I feel that the word tank and all its variations should be as blocked from this forum as any other four letter word. It’s no fun to analyze the games if every bad result is explained by the Lakers purposely wanting to lose every single game. I’d still like to give the Lakers the benefit of the doubt. I don’t really see the logic of boring your fans to death for two or three seasons just to possibly increase your chances of having a better team. Especially for a big market team like the Lakers. If it does become obvious that the Lakers are tanking that will be soon enough to talk about it. No need to be reminded about the possibility every other post.

  146. Zach LaVine’s Highlights … you can see he was really hot and shot over everyone. Although there are some instances where Jeremy could have done better

  147. 76ers’ best chance to get their first win is in March at home against the Lakers if BS is still around.

  148. Once you consider the tanking possibility then anything could be the opposite of what it appears. To avoid going further Linsane I try not to think about tanking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. Sick and tired of seeing Kobe posting up n demanding the ball caused everyone get the ef out of the way watching him doing the turn around tough jump shot.

  150. It’s no confidence if it becomes a pattern. For the most part, Lin has finished games. If he’s there in crunch time in the next 3 games, then it is Byron tried something that failed, or maybe he just wanted Lin to watch this game to learn. He didn’t play Lin much at all in the 4th, his Lin minute management was poor.

  151. Good write up on a plausible explanation on Scott’s irrationality.

    By the way it’s ‘subconscious’ not ‘unconscious’ but he might as well be heh heh. BS is doing a really crappy job coaching this team.

  152. Nah….he worths nothing. Should just sit with Scott…. #TrollHard.

  153. I don see a thing to learn. Except a few things NOT to learn?

  154. M……..I wonder what role it is……lol

  155. True…and….the fact that he choose to do so….says a lot about how he thinks about Lin.

  156. He has potential….who knows….another Penny maybe

  157. Nice highlight…..haha he has zero respect on Lin’s D at all.

  158. wow … keep punching that 22/7 vote gamely … ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Here are my thoughts after talking to some die hard Laker fans that I work with .They have been fans for 20+ years and one of the guys use to play with the 76er’s with Julius Irving. Most of them agree that Kobe has over stayed his welcome. They expected the team not to do well this season, they didn’t really care about that, they wanted to see Showtime Lakers. The majority of them think that lin is that guy, having watched what he did in NY. They also said that Magic, Worthy, Jabbar and others are not really big fans of kobe. They seemed to think that Scott was only hired to baby sit kobe so that he could play nice with everybody They all seem to think that Scott will be fired soon, because Lakers looking for scapegoat and it is not going to be kobe. I had to do some work today at the office and I ran into them, and this what they told me today.

  160. Linsanity…please..lol

  161. Uh, this site a hard place to discuss this topic easily, but it’s about as good a place as can be …

  162. is that even a choice on the poll? might mess up excel ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. The role played next to Kobe… Thanks God, he didn’t look like Fisher now.

  164. Lin has been on fire the last four games, and he’s shutting up the “Lin is inconsistent” trolls on the boards.

  165. Lin is not even that “great” to take the scapegoat role at this level…LOL

  166. BTW the players name that played with 76ers was Coniel Norman

  167. No he is not. This will be on Scott for sure.

  168. right-click stalk lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the story. Really nice to read from people all over who know stuff.

  169. Yes, he is. I think lin finally gets it, put up your points. I think he/kobe are bonding quite nicely. Kobe is going to have his diva moments, but I think lin can live with that. You Kobe was impressed with that dunk from Wes after lin’s set up pass.LOL

  170. If Scott left…and somehow the new coach….if there will be any….makes LAL into an average defensive team….It will be close to the biggest joke of all time….

  171. Lin has the whole 3.5 Qs..to get his pts….not really that bad…

  172. bcuz Byron is supposed to be a D coach?

  173. He talks too much….on D….

  174. kobe knocks the ball loose takes off, lin controls and lobs to Kobe for an easy score. Chemistry does exist, but I hope kobe starts to manage his anger because anger is infectious just like joy.

  175. Laker die hard fans are serious about their team. Most of these guys are older, and they tell all this Laker stories of games in the past. They just want to see good basketball instead of watching kobe iso all day. They also think that Scott will be gone beginning of next year, because you have to win some games to save face.

  176. nice, but instead of 4 game sample sizes, I would rather see his body of work for an entire season

  177. #KobeGonnabeKobe

  178. Just like any slumps he may have or he had. Hot streaks should be EQUALLY recognized….:P

  179. It will be always there. I have been voting that for quite awhile now…

  180. he lost so unless he’s defined as crazy, he won’t try that again …

  181. It is going to be hard for Kobe to let go, because he has been the hero for this team for 19 years. I expect his diva moments, but the more he acts out the more the media comes down on him.Kobe knows that he has lost a lot of leverage in this league. I suspect that the F/O got the video where you saw Kobe saying get the F out of the way, and Byron Scott looking like foo-foo the fool not policing up Kobe.

  182. I totally agree.

  183. I cannot possibly agree that Scott doesn’t have anything against Lin.

    Scott coaches and talks like he HATES Lin.

  184. So….regardless of the reason behind it. Is it safe to say that Scott trust Lin less than he trust Ellington, Young and Price?

  185. WuKong, Lin fans need your voice. Maybe just take a break with your hobby and come back to it when LAL management make moves that can fix the situation. I don’t think Scott can coach this team to any run, so it’s easy for people to say just tank given the rules.

  186. we needed that all year!

  187. Whatever, he see how well that worked out for him..

  188. Kobe missed 2 crucial free throws during the stretch, I would like to see BS say that “missing free throws” cost them the game, just like he did when Lin missed his. But of course the double standard, “stars” will be treated like stars and role players will be treated like role players

  189. last night’s game was a difference and you could see it working. Too bad he lost his cool on a few plays and BSc panicked resorting to creative changes that weren’t sound.

  190. How many more losses?

  191. He showed zero respect for all of Lakers defense, what is your point.

  192. Not sure if he sees it or not. Not working that is for sure…

  193. what helps us is Lin’s family is in LA and he has many friends there.

  194. Absolutely yes.

    If any of those guys could play just a little bit better, they’d take Lin’s role and minutes no matter what the Lakers management decreed.

  195. Scott has been giving his marching orders, and he knows what he is suppose to do, if he keeps deviating from that then mitch will not hesitate to fire him and mitch is not going to care what kobe or anybody else thinks.

  196. My point is this is becoming a constant theme for every team they play against. It does not really mean much. Just some observations.

  197. lakers defense is much worse than rockets defense without Dwight Howard…thats all u need to know

  198. Maybe all fans who wants LAL to get out of the basement were cheering against that set of decisions too!

  199. I think your question is a bait question and you know it will bring out the crazies, so why post something like that..smh

  200. That is why Laker fans are not buying it.

  201. A new coach who’s not an outdated 80s illegal defense retread would instantly turn the defense around overnight and the Lakers would start winning games.

    The Lakers don’t have to be a uber defensive stopper team. They just have to play enough modern day defense such that the 3 point line is guarded and the perimeter players get proper doubleteam support from the backline.

  202. I agree…..average really is enough

  203. I think worthy said it … people get up their games of the year sometimes: TRob, someone posted here LAL passed on LaVine, etc.

  204. oops, I just ignore the words … numbers guy hha.

  205. Yep, … on this anger on the floor thing: very few courageous people react well to anger under pressure. They tend to become passive to avoid conflict, or passive aggressive to fight back from the hurt. That kills a team. Kobe can use some sports psyche coaching. Coach Nick had a great piece last year how Knicks were going to collapse because of Melo’s emotions, and he had a lot of plays showing how it infected a team.

  206. ah …

  207. That is exactly what I am afraid of.

  208. No the point I was trying to make, was that it was not only lin’s problem

  209. yep, they did.

  210. yes, but look at all the consumers rushing to the malls this week and we bought NewChristmas and I want the old one back where I was happy happy for all the love. People selling it down our throats do affect how the whole thing evolves. That’s why Lin is such a blessing to the sport, and leaders just got to watch for those chances to make things better.

  211. Before season started… when Mitch had that press conf before picture day… what Mitch said about player for next contract did sound like it… but as season is going on …. they do need Lin to play well… I really think it’s all Scott’s idea not to let Lin has more playing time not Mitch now. Lin always got around 30 min per game.

  212. Also, lin is playing it smart, he is building his brand in China with him being the face of KFC and Adidas basketball. They are collaborating with him to design his own shoe. Lakers know that once Kobe is gone, that they loose their foothold in China. Lin building his own brand, so when the Lakers come knocking with some low ball contract, he will have none of it.LOL

  213. Lin is going to gather the worlds riches and steward them to the right efforts for what he knows in his own heart is God’s calling … might as well be him because so many American dollars are going to wast we just have to drive down the freeway and feel the road bumps and read about the things people do with money.

  214. I am so glad Worthy really said it in TWC…. Kobe again… smh!


  215. Yep, and the Lakers know what they have in their mist. I think their intention iis to do what the Spurs did, grow their own. Lin is good player, not a threat to kobe or his game in his old age, so we will see how this plays out

  216. It is so refreshing to go to a Lakernation article and see the fans weigh in about why Scott pulled lin and they are mad and taking up for lin. LOL this is soooooooo good!!!!

  217. I like PFVs look at it … Ellington is longer than Lin but Mo scored 5 pts so it was a fail. And, Wolves 8-4 so no Lin controlling the offense was a fail.

    I still go back to my present conclusion relative to LAL org team play (hence my screen name): Kobe got mad, BSc panicked. No malice, just middle-aged leaders not conscious of their responsibilities. Happens all the time in life, with dire consequences to teams. Enron, market collapse of 2008, Challenger explosion, etc. Not just groupthink, but failure to stay calm as a leader is a team killer. I have to think about this for my life too.

    See kobe get mad right here … that’s the point LAL lost (2nd TOV):


    Also, that last play, wasn’t Dieng’s (5) heal on the line? I’ve been meaning to look it up and sure enough, it’s to me a questionable call. I could be wrong, it’s a judgement call I guess.

    “A defensive player must allow an alighted player the distance to land and then stop or change direction when the offensive player is outside the lower defensive box.”


  218. So keepers:
    1. Lin
    2. Davis
    3. Ellington has potential?
    4. Swaggy Swaggy … need some good coaching and a stable team because he plays with emotion.
    5. Wes slam was beautiful. Can he be developed given I sense his attitude is good.

  219. Sounds really good…..we have not seen that for yrs..

  220. I agree to al of the above. I think Lakers will make a run for Monroe(center) for the Pistons because he opted out to be a free agent next season.

  221. What are the reasons the fans see?

  222. Yes, I love it….

  223. Lin will transform him as he transforms this team and himself to win. Rox didn’t want to win as a team.

  224. here some of the comments:

    “Sure Lakers donโ€™t Have a confidence problem, but can’t say the same about Lin though, after 18 pts / 11 asts, yet still got benched in final 4 minutes of the game. I don’t understand the move, repoters should ask Scott why he did that in postgame.”

    “Exactly. Mo scored 5 pts right after Lin was benched. And how many times have Kobe played hero balls that killed the Lakers? Why doesn’t Scott ever bench him ?

    Go back to New York next year,Jeremy. This is not your team.”

    “So I wasn’t the only one that noticed Lin on the bench at the end if the game? Made no sense to me. Byron has some explaining to do. I didn’t hear his press conference so can someone tell me what his explanation was for benching Jeremy at the end?”

    “Byron Scott should answer to everybody why have Kobe shoot a 3 when we were only down 1 pt is what I and everybody else would like to know.”

    “was it me or was Byron and Kobe the only one’s in the last timeout, diagramming the last play, what kind of signal does that send to the rest of the team, it should be obvious that Byron’s defensive scheme is not working”

    These are just a few. I didn’t post the posters names, just their comments.

  225. Thanks. I used to visit Lakersground, but got discouraged by the LOH or Kobe only posts there.

  226. No…not at all. Just saying he had to do some extra work.

  227. M….interesting….

  228. I just realized Lin took 7 3s in last game…..good for him….

  229. https://twitter.com/LosLakers/status/538793495838720000

    This is another angle.Translation: Mitch and Scott watching practice.

  230. https://twitter.com/LosLakers/status/538793342138449921

    Translation Lin. practicing his free throws

  231. crossed arms with hand on chin getting old

  232. something is up, mitch is there today at practice. Quick anybody reads body language?

  233. wow, Mitch on the ball!

  234. Playing sports brings us back to our most basic primal past. That’s part of the appeal because it is all about the ability to beat someone else. The dynamics of bball team leadership is like a wolf pack to pride of lions. There is an alpha male that must feed first. You eat what you kill, that’s the basic law of the jungle. This is the type of thinking the league is built on.

    This the problem that Lin faces because he thinks differently. Lin doesn’t think of the team as a pecking order but as a unit of one working together. It’s why the Spurs and Raptors are doing so well in spite of “not having a star”. This is the disconnect that the Spurs get from the rest of the league. They play the game differently than rest of the league.

    I believe that this way of playing is going to take over the league eventually. It’s just a matter of time. Lin is pushing the league towards the right direction. Kobe is a reminent of the past. He’s an old lion unwilling to accept the fact his teeth or worn thin and no longer can rule as before. Kobe has to decide now what is in his best interest in the long run. Will he be remember as the selfish player that left the Lakers in ruins? Or, will KOBE be remember as the old sage that mentored the next generation of lakers to become great. Kobe can achieve his own personal goal to surpass Jordan while helping Lin and the rest of the team win.

  235. you asking, me guessing – byron leaning to Mitch trying to get back in good graces, but arms crossed to protect himself because he doesn’t know. Funny they are watching Lin … and maybe they can see the same thing after the meeting.

  236. interesting read. Are they watching Lin in that photo (looks more like Boozer)

  237. I think that is boozer in the picture.

  238. Scott does look like he is a defensive posture, whereas Mitch knows he has full control and not giving anything away to Scott. I told you when Worthy called him last night, and he didn’t care, because worthy knew Scott mad a very bad decision. He blamed the players and that in itself was wrong. You see today, kobe is nowhere to be found.LOL

  239. Of it goes to China, the community part of the culture, Cultural Revolution and modern changes aside, for thousands of years will influence it toward the team and team win/dynasty approach. China understands dynasties.

  240. PR photo showing MKupchak and BScott are in good term. Ok we believe you (crossed fingers).

  241. kobe is in the front row no matter what happens on a Sat. That’s what’s cool about this pic lol.

  242. nah, look at BSc lean or just the fact this pic was chosen by PR.

  243. “Bonehead plays” spoken from the biggest bonehead of them all lol

  244. The final shot last night reminded me the final shot last season when D’Antoni drew the play to get Steve Blake a wide open winning shot over the Rockets, something BS wouldn’t be able to do.

  245. Repeated post.

  246. and if he doesn’t turn it around anytime soon, the honorable thing he should do is resigning as the head coach.

  247. yep, I think so too.

  248. Mitch at practice today, this is Scott:


  249. So what is that means? Give up now? smh!


  251. It’s kind of ironic because Lakers being the worst team in the West has A LOT to do with Scott’s hall of shame coaching abilities.

    Scott’s quote should read as this: “It is what it is. Right now I’m the worst coach in the West.”

  252. A lot of season highs in this game for Jeremy. 7 3FGAs, 11 asts, and 4 stls.

  253. Nice to see any article questioning BS’s benching of Lin after that foul and missed 3 pointer, who played well and had a double double game.

  254. Hmm Mitch watching practice? That can’t be good. Hint: Please fire BS his defensive coaching is really just that, BS and waive away Price while at it!

  255. Scott definitely likes something about Price — about WHAT? That is the big mystery

  256. You sure? At the zoom out photo it looks like they’re looking at Boozer lol.

  257. Yea his FT% went down to less than 90% (getting further away from the 50,40,90 club) and he’s been missing those crunch time shots gotta keep practicing.

  258. I don’t know what was worst last night, benching Lin or telling Kobe to take that last 3 point shot when a 2 pointer would have won the game. Byron Scott coaching blunders are escalating to new heights

  259. It’s so bad that Kobe’s missing practice. Even if he can’t participate at least be there to go through plays and sets and work things out with teammates. =/

  260. Have you notice that none of the beat reporters have picked have posted anything today about practice. Also I think Worthy was pissed last night about that game.

  261. That’s Boozer & Hill.

  262. See that is an example on on how atroicious this coaching is

  263. Lakers seemed to be always like this after the lose game.. Well, I really want to know why Mitch showed up for practice today? Agree w BS or not?

  264. Also doesn’t seem to grasp that an offense that wears down (and fouls out) effective opponents IS good defense. If he had Zach L running through multiple screens throughout the evening, he wouldn’t have scored as much

  265. Mitch was there to comfort BS and let him know everything is okay.

  266. Here is what is related to JLin:


    5. Jeremy Lin notched a double-double with 18 points and 11 assists with four steals, but Scott pulled him soon after Mo Williams converted a three-pointer, putting Minnesota within three points of the Lakers.

    Lin had just missed a long-range attempt before he was replaced by Wayne Ellington. When play resumed, Ellington missed a three-pointer and then Williams hit one to tie the score at 115.

    Lin didn’t return, and the Timberwolves would go on to score five more points to the Lakers’ four. Ellington finished with five points on two-of-seven shooting.

    Given Lin’s night offensively, was Ellington enough of an upgrade for Scott to justify the player swap?Maybe not, but consider, the two Minnesota point guards combined to score 53 points on 19-of-27 shooting (70.4%). Was there a right answer for the Lakers’ coach?

  267. LOL

  268. All he wants it’s ISO that’s why he didn’t want to show up… LOL!

  269. Not going to listen but if anyone does, please summarize what the boneheaded c said. Thanks in advance!

  270. hey @JoeTeam Thanks. I am not ready to throw in the towel Jlin hasn’t so I wont. It just makes me sad. This should be a beautiful fast paced team sport and it is being tainted by a team that should have more pride in self as an organization and LA as a community should not have so many fans welcoming a tank season. That means something is wrong ,,, deeply wrong with the system.

  271. He said that the Lakers worst team in the west and it is what it is. Said the team sped up the game towards the end when they should have slowed down the game, said he watched the tape twice, but has not shown it to the players. That’s about it.

  272. Yes, there was a right answer for the Lakers’ coach – play JLin.

    What the article fails to mention is that taking out Lin meant playing without a POINT GUARD. Do people not get how important it is to have a point guard out on the floor?

    Apparently not.

  273. I don’t agree on this.. bc they scored a lot before 4Q so made no sense to bench Lin in 4Q bc his teammates couldn’t make the shots… or did a better D..

    The two Minnesota point guards combined to score 53 points on 19-of-27 shooting (70.4%). Was there a right answer for the Lakers’ coach?

  274. Thanks! Glad you still have the stomach to listen to him:-)

  275. I don’t think so… to me more like Mitch wanted to see what’s really going on w these players…

  276. No Lin or Kobe?

  277. Thanks. I really don’t want to see him talk…

  278. For now I will stop checking on the NBA standing since BS has already declared it is what it is.

  279. sounds like pointing to Lin?

  280. So there is a LOT of talk about how Lin was replaced in the 4th and only play 2:30 mins in the 4th b/c of defense… that his offense was fine but defense HIS defense is why Mo Williams and Lavine scored career highs… So I have begun looking at the game clips ( NBA stats now has them for free) Is JLin defending like Harden and being a lump on the floor and not trying? Is he missing rotations or …. or maybe these two guys just hit some incredibly difficult shots…

    I have my comments here: http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/4885/thread

    anyone want to look at the clips and add to my comments??

    I see JLin with a hand in LaVine’s face and LaVine just hitting the shots. I see transitions situations where Jlin is the ONLY Laker back and he is at least trying to stop the score

    at the end of the 4Q I see Mo Williams doing the damage and not being stopped.

    I see this as a MO Williams 4Q Timberwolves Hero and Lakers failing to stop him… OH and BTW JLin not on the floor at the time

    any comments would be appreciated…

  281. I don’t see Boozer, or Hill either.

  282. Great article!
    LA Beat reporters can’t point fingers at BScott’s coaching error directly but Eric asked the right question if benching Lin who had a great night offensively was the correct decision.

    If LAL won, it would be considered good. But they lost so Byron should take responsibility. Especially since Ellington didn’t contribute anything. And didn’t stop Monta Ellis from getting easy points afterwards

  283. He is the only one, then because nobody else is saying that. He was mad because lin missed that log two, then he replaced with Ellington, then he missed the 3 and then Mo Williams hit a 3 and it took off from there. He might be talking in the final minutes of the game.

  284. You mean Mo Williams:)

  285. Lakers sure can use someone like Karl Malone right now

    Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t even like a Lin-Davis pairing

  286. I’m not really sure he is pointing to Lin but he did say it’s their 3rd quarters that need work, not so much the fourth. He kept Lin in all of 3rd so idk what he’s implying. Funnily enough, I hated to watch McHale’s interviews but can stomach Scott’s.

  287. Yea 3rd quarter stability and than not play any of the starters especially Lin for almost entire 4th quarter so they can continue losing games! <.< Lakers got the talent to play head to head with the Grizz who are the best team in the West right now! The problem is Scott and his horrendous coaching!

  288. Yes, LaVine was making shots all over the place even when Lin trying to challenge him.

    He was 6’5″ so he can shoot over Jeremy. J did make it a bit uncomfortable and took off-balance shot in the miss plus Lin countered with his offense.

    Towards the end, Lin was guarding Mo quite effectively. Maybe it was Kobe who guarded LaVine?

    But it’s important to remember that after Lin sat with 3:41 left, MIN outscored LAL 8-4

    115-115 -3:01 Mo Williams makes 25-foot three point jumper (Zach LaVine assists)
    Kobe Bryant makes 4-foot two point shot
    117-117 –Mo Williams makes driving layup (Gorgui Dieng assists)
    Kobe missed 2 FTs
    119-117 1:00Thaddeus Young makes 4-foot two point shot (Mo Williams assists)
    Kobe Bryant makes 8-foot jumper
    120-119 0:02 Thaddeus Young makes free throw 2 of 2

    So Mo scored 5pts+1assist and TY made 3.
    Clearly Mo was unstoppable in the end. The real question should be why Ed Davis not anchoring defense in the end while Hill did nothing to challenge penetration.

  289. And from someone who supposedly doesn’t believe in 3s

  290. coach said the game was lost in the third quarter not the fourth. that’s strange, the third quarter it was 38-39, lakers just scored one point less, but forth is the time 23-27, they lose 4 points.

    Sounds like Lin is the scapegoat again here, as coach was not happy they push the tempo, “play too fast”, when they should slow down. Lin played the full third quarter and was exchange shots with Zach LaVine.

    Not sure what it is, but just feels like Rockets again.

  291. But I thought they were still winning the game in 3Q?! Didn’t watch 2nd half.

  292. I think that’s the 2nd unit practicing cause I see Sacre and Nick Young. I hope that’s Clarkson with his back and head turned from the photo.

  293. So they don’t like Lin to push the fast break tempo then? smh!

  294. Yeah. See TTNN’s response. Much better understanding than me. But it does seem as if J is the scapegoat again. The infuriating thing is that he wasn’t even there to close the game!

  295. Kobe is too old to do it w fast break tempo then… smh! Hate this coach..

  296. He is just talking out both sides of his mouth. Notice nobody is agreeing with him He is just trying to save his butt. There was a reason why Mitch was there today. He talks about 3rd quarter stability, but he has the 2nd unit practicing this. He is so full of it. He can’t justify it because lin had 18/11.

  297. Right…Lin needs to play ‘aggressive’ slowly, so other team players can catch up to defend the ball. smh Scott is becoming more of joke…talking both ends of his hole.

    Just as Haren said: if it’s not one thing w/Lin, it’s another…always something.

  298. LAL reporters should ask Byron Scott:
    1. If defense is #1, why didn’t Ed Davis (6pts/10rebs/1blk) play in the crunch time?
    2. If defense is #1, who’s responsible for Mo Williams 5pts/1ast + Thaddeus Young 3pts in 8-4 run after Lin sat with 3:41?

  299. Why it’s all 2nd unit to working on D? So that means 1st unit has no problem?!

  300. oh yeah, thanks. Still experiencing the turkey effect :]

  301. You are right Scott is a walking and talking joke. He looks like a fool when he says it….smh

  302. Scott couldn’t sell the inept defensive effort, so now he’s trying to point the finger to the too ‘fast’ offensive plays. Scott needs to learn when to stop yacking, along w/how to coach. smh

  303. Nothing much to say except great work breaking it down. Jeremy was trying, that much is obvious and I think it was primariล‚y a mismatch that should have been addressed better. I do think taking out J was just a terrible coaching decision that backfired big style.
    In many respects, I’m glad J wasn’t on the floor when it all broke down. It’s like that 0.9 secs at Hou.

  304. Sure the coach has a not-so-hidden agenda and Kobe is hogging, but at least Lin has more supportive fans, media and FO compared to his time in Houston.

    This remains an uphill battle for Jeremy and us fans, but things are getting gradually better, as supported by Jeremy’s stats.

    Despair not when that light is already inching closer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  305. Which makes him look even more ridiculous because Laker fans were loving the fast pace tempo. I liked what Ed Davis said, he said it was about the defense and that was it. I wander what Mitch had to say to him today.

  306. He couldn’t explain why he doesn’t have the guts to bench Hill and play Ed Davis in crunch time.
    For someone who prioritized defense and threatened to bench players who didn’t play D, Byron hasn’t been decisive in keeping his promise (i.e. rest Kobe more, play the best defensive player, etc.)

    I guess we’re seeing how Byron got fired in multiple places. He simply didn’t make good adjustment, keep players accountable, or keeping his words.

  307. That reporter might risk to lose his privilege of access to the locker-room.

  308. Second unit. No Price? Interesting. As Joyce would say, the plot thickens!

  309. unfortunately yes

  310. This Scott’s agenda. This is about kissing kobe’s butt, when kobe probably hasn’t even asked him to. BTW, Fans on social media are cal;ling for him to fired.

  311. Mike Brown was surely doing no worse when HE was fired. I say BS days are numbered.

  312. no, they are working on O. 1st unit don’t need to work on O, their O is Kobe iso, so no need to work on it.

  313. Kupchak: So Byron, why did you bench Jeremy at the end of last night’s game?
    Scott: Jeremy (Tyler)? I thought we cut this guy before the regular season started.
    Kupchak: (Sigh) Byron, I mean Jeremy Lin, your starting point guard.
    Scott: Oh, Lin, yes. I played him 30 minutes according to your order though, what’s up with him?
    Kupchak: Nevermind.

  314. Exactly. He is mad about the 11 assists lin got last night.

  315. Exactly…I’ve seen nothing but failure at both ends of the floor w/Scott’s coaching. This team isn’t full of highly skilled players, but they are able to compete & shown it against top teams so far.
    The incompetence of Scott is glaringly obvious, but he’s still trying to put the blame on the players. I have no words to describe my disrespect of Scott. It’s no longer the player’s lack of confidence, skills, team work, etc that is preventing wins, but Scott’s inability or stubbornness not to adjust that is the Lakers downfall.

  316. lol

  317. So can somebody say exactly what happened late in the 3Q?

  318. 77 points almost no defense.

  319. both teams didn’t play defense.
    almost like D-League games

  320. that’s when Kobe did not even come back for defense, and cherry picked when Lin passed a long pass for him to score next.

  321. Levine had his hot night shooting 3s and the basket was like the ocean. Not his career average.

  322. So weird. No Price?! Maybe Scott is ready to use Clarkson instead of Price.

  323. Ya! I guess maybe they are ready to cut him now.

  324. Maybe that is why Mitch was there today. I am telling you Mitch told him to play give Lin/Clarkson more minutes and he did what he wanted to do. I know Mitch, doesn’t like it all when you don’t follow instructions. If they loose 1 more game and he doesn’t give lin/clarkson more minutes, i think he might be gone whether kobe likes it or not.

  325. Looks like Clarkson is going to replace Price soon.

  326. Had M Kupchak known he would get Lin from Houston, would he push D’Antoni not to resign?

  327. He will still let MDA go I think. In the end it was Kobe s ideas I guess

  328. Another reason Scott is so pissed is that lin has helped wes’s game so much, not kobe or him.. Did anybody notice any interaction berween lin and tea members last night?

  329. Wouldn’t it be funny if they brought D antoni back as an associate coach for offense…LOL

  330. Your guess is just as good as anyone.

  331. Clarkson, Lin, Davis in starter jerseys? Or is Lin going to bench?

  332. U mean as bad as…..lol

  333. lin is not going to the bench

  334. are the Lakers still paying DAntoni for his contract?

  335. I like the idea but doubt it will happen bc if Kobe is still a Lakers then MDA will not come back for sure.

  336. ..or…lol

  337. I don’t know

  338. I doubt it since DAntoni resigned himself.

  339. No Kobe so maybe he replaced Kobe.. that jersey means nothing… In Hou, I saw Lin wore the starter jersey but later in the game he is still a bench.

  340. Because he resigned so I have no idea either.

  341. Love this photo….even better it was taken by an Asian photographer, Johnny Nguyen.

  342. Just a little shallowness….But he is fine!!!!


  343. Maybe for your teenage niece.

  344. Yeah, she and her friends are loving it…..LOL…I think I speak for my friends and myself that he is definitely got it going on. Swoon…LOL

  345. Jeremy Lin pic.twitter.com/Z6gE8pTfzK— Rep Lakers. (@SnoopQuotes) November 29, 2014

  346. Awesome…lol. he’s definitely 10000% sure not for me.

  347. Lower your window man, come on Lin. Are you hiding a girl in your car or something?

  348. I ain’t mad at him.Lin has probably ran into to some really crazy fans. I don’t blame him.

  349. Yeah it might be at the gate of Laker’s practice facility.

  350. That is Time Magazine Cover page.

  351. Really? Didn’t know that. I just picked up randomly on the web.

    This is during the recent protest.

  352. Update on @Raptors DeMar DeRozan. Tests revealed torn left adductor longus tendon. No timetable for return to bball activity.

    4:07 AM – 30 Nov 2014

    The injury comes as Toronto starts a three-games-in-four-nights trip to face the L.A. Lakers Sunday, Sacramento Tuesday and Utah Wednesday.

  353. Who are tea members?

  354. 4am, is that your local time?

  355. typo team members..sorry:)

  356. Twitter’s snapshot time.
    where I am is 8:40am 30 Nov.
    Ahead of US time

  357. She is really good. Where did she get all these pictures? Bc Lakers didn’t even post them on tweet?

  358. Nah. I think they’re just tanking right now. The stupid coaching, the stupid rotations, and putting a hot Lin out supports my thinking of that.

  359. Or maybe just efficient – why lower window more than necessary lol

  360. Umm.. no with bs nothing bout Lin is certain.

  361. Never thought I’d disagree with you… Can I flag a mod? ๐Ÿ™‚

  362. LOL

  363. 3rd qtr stability and then 4th is? Oh ok we all know it, may be for most but not all.

  364. Aww.. cutting price? But he did finish the 4th qtr and Lin didn’t.

  365. If BS has a choice Lin would be a bench warmer and Price would be a super star.

  366. I can’t stomach neither of them and stop watching any of their interview.

  367. Not one or the other both are bad.

  368. Someone posted a vid about Lin looking upset (at 0:30) after he seemingly got a word from BScott. Then the next few plays-Kobe iso.

  369. the last play there was one on five. every team knows

  370. The video didn’t show Scott, but Lin was definitely looking at the direction where Scott was. Then Lin looked upset and turned away.

  371. If I am the boss BS be fire for those words a lone.

  372. I don’t care how bad BS is if after a bad run for a while and he is still the coach then it become Mitch the bad GM.

  373. Why would he be mad about that?

  374. Yes, Byron Scott is either predictably incompetent in BB IQ to stick with Kobe ISOs or politically correct to save his coaching job to cater to Kobe.

    But one thing for sure is he’s not a good coach at all. I wonder how he ever managed to bring NJ Nets to the Finals at all

  375. Test

  376. I’m really surprised Scott says one thing and does the other. Have some integrity and follow through with your word. As an old showtime laker fan I’m really disappointed in Scott. Some of my greatest basketball memories is him getting an alley oop from magic. Why would he poo poo the same type of game?

  377. Hill is not having impact in this whole game.

  378. That is what we are trying to figure out

  379. your message is under moderation … :]

  380. Linsanity Lifestyle sneakers. Nice!

  381. One can’t help thinking there is a grand plan of keeping Kobe happy with questionable shot selections above winning.
    Tanking might just be the side benefit to get high draft picks (Top 5 not given to the Suns)

    Without any FA coming to join Kobe, rebuilding through draft picks while still selling tickets might be the only logical plan by Mitch Kupchak as a GM.

    If that’s the case, I think as Lin fans we can only root for JLin to make the best of his opportunities (double-double, Linsanity quarter here and there) while waiting for the Kobe show to complete. It could be in Dec when Kobe surpasses MJ’s record or who knows when.

  382. I just went in an Adidas store yesterday. I only see drose series. I guess Lin’s is not available in us?

  383. maybe only in LA?
    Dallas would be next year!

  384. I thought it will come out in Dec?!

  385. Reminds us a guy we know….

  386. I will go with “who knows when.” I have no confidence on Kobe, BS or Lakers to stop this nonsense anytime soon even after Kobe passes MJ record and ASG. I’m getting very realistic in my view on KB, BS and Lakers based on what I’ve seen in the past few months.

    As a fan, not much I can do with JLin’s situation except praying he continues to stay healthy and improve under the circumstances. If things continue like this, sooner or later something will happen. I just have to learn to be patience and wait it out.

  387. That’s so right!!!!!!!!!

  388. Discounting Price? Lol

  389. If Scott said this, he shouldn’t be a coach period. A game can’t be lost in the third when you’re team is actually in the lead.

  390. So what car is this?

  391. The Timberwolves announcers said they give more points for the pass (JLin) than the dunk because it came from half court and it’s hard to do. It’s a soft, catchable pass.

    I noticed only Madsen had a reaction from the coaches. Hmmm…

  392. I think he meant more like, Q3, we lost bcoz, coming out of locket, we should have the same mentality like playing Q1, where LAL had been doing well taking the lead and pushing forward. But on Q3, we let MIN to come in and play, we should have slowed the game down and settle at defense first and at offense as well and run the pace. PLaying up-tempo, basically looses the focus and lets the opponent get into the game.

    Just my take

  393. Who is the number one in coaching staff? If Scott leaves…who takes over?

  394. LOL Good thinking, Brent!!!

  395. Yep, WuKong. I love the American West and what we stand for, to take risk and never give up. The system these days is broken all around, and JLin gives us reminders for our own live because he strives. I’ll quit on him if he ever sells out – so far so good. I love what you said: “I am not ready to throw in the towel Jlin hasn’t so I won’t”

    JLin represents all of us, who won’t quit on what is right.

    Happy Thanksgiving, I thank you for your strong corner of Lin fandom. I’ll post on you site when I think of things to prove. Just so busy working heh heh just another working stiff.

  396. Love it … gonna use it on the kids parents heh heh.

  397. Don’t stir the pot when there is nothing to stir. Watch the tape again. The players were the only ones that had a reaction. Scott was standing by the scorers table with no reaction as usual.

  398. ok, I finally found some time to create a list of Poll Winners!
    Congrats to @samvictor who won 2 games in a row!

    Note: I might try to find a small prize for the final winner at the end of season .. like a JLin-signed HOU jersey :>
    (if anyone wants it LOL)


    16. 18p/11a vs MIN (22/10) @MoominFloren, Maknusia (19/9) @samvictor
    15. 14p/5a vs MEM (12/7) @samvictor


  399. Thanks! this is place is so much better than ESPN and CNN …

  400. Who you wanna pick?
    1) Mark Madsen
    2) Paul Pressey
    3) Jim Eyen

  401. OMG, you are so LA, Jdubs.

  402. Yes, I am…LOL

  403. Too much noise at the background ๐Ÿ™

  404. Ah well, so good to read this. Nobody, I mean nobody said that to Asian Boyz 30 years ago when we went out and were our own SwaggyPs. So good for our kids, that ‘merica has to progress ahead.

  405. That’s a healthy careful take of the whole situation.
    Kobe’s fitness is deteriorating so they would have to do something soon.
    Reducing minutes would be wise, I think

  406. interesting…

  407. For all the negativity we’ve seen so far this season, just remember how much worst it would have been had LIN been stuck in HOUSTON.

    2 things to be thankful for, LIN gets 30 a game and actually gets to run point. Fans and media aren’t throwing him under the bus for any little mistake he makes; if anything it’s media and fans asking for more play time and responsibilities for LIN.

    Let’s all be thankful for the little steps forward instead of focusing on all the negative things. Sure the Lakers lost because LIN wasn’t on the floor during crunch time. I choose to see the positives and see how fans and media focusing on LIN should have and could have won the game for the team. HOUSTON and Mchale would have been saying something stupid like “Jeremy, we’re trying to win here”.

    What really matters is not wether Lakers win, what matters is LIN wins his little battles to wipe away all the negative media bias from the last 2 years and put up decent numbers along the way.

  408. yup, LakersGround rating made a comment if Hill had too much Thanksgiving meal

  409. hooo hooo….nice to see my name!!!!! hahaha

  410. no, he will get mob with anything lower.

  411. Yes sir!

  412. i do see it coming, maybe by Jan/Feb, with lesser minutes.

  413. Congrats! 1st time-winner this season ๐Ÿ˜€
    The 1st mod who won, hehe..

  414. HAHAHAHA..
    I thought the tea gang..he goes out and drinks tea with those players.

  415. Great post!

  416. Nash? :>
    Or Kobe

  417. and jeanie.. she enver thinks mda was a good fit.. she want phillyjacky

  418. Can I pick @khuang?

  419. because he lost it with Kobe in the last 3 minutes.

  420. Oh really thats even sweeter…but I would rather enjoy the joy of Lin hitting double-double with LAL winning…sigh

  421. nope, i dont want him to freeze the rest of the team and let the Asian guy to play….sorry pun intended…just couldnt resist …LOL

  422. sorry, I was looking at the photo 2 above this one. You’re right, this one is with Booz auditioning for MK ๐Ÿ™‚

  423. too bad BScott didn’t like Linning :]

  424. Darn it. I totally wanna see that happen

  425. I think things will change….say by the 20-25th game…lets see

  426. Everybody thinks this is Houston again as far as lin is concerned. I don’t think so. Scott is just a very inept coach, who talked a really good game and now everybody sees what a horrible coach he is and he doesn’t know what to do. Mitch coming to the practice today after that lost last night and Scott’s outburst last night after the loss was probably the last straw for him as far as the F/O is concerned. Lakers know exactly how lin was treated in Houston and that is not going to happen here.Lin played some great basketball last night and the Lakers front office knows it. Kobe might have been little miffed because it seems that he was completely ignored by because lin was leading the offense and everybody was getting the ball to him. When Worthy called put the blame on Scott trying to cater to certain people probably really p***ed him off. Scott cannot explain why he pulled lin out in the 4th quarter and he has not even addressed it publicly. I personally think that he has lost the locker room.

  427. instead of the other way around like that last 2 years

  428. Let’s hope so. I think Kobe’s health will trigger the change.

  429. the only clock on Lin’s progress is age and injury, and he’s already done so much for the sport and fans! Ok, I’ll be patient.

  430. Agreed. Completely different from HOU situation..

  431. Great post. I think everybody is becoming so negative that they can’t see the positives for lin. I think lin is happy to be in LA and I think it he and kobe will start to gel more, after Kobe solidifies his spot on the All-Star team and surpass MJ points.

  432. Thanks Brent.I just want lin to keep playing well.

  433. I have been to a lot of Laker games and this is the first time I have seen them do this with a player.

  434. Ha, Lin was doing great. Better and better actually. I jut gave up the team,..not lin himself.

  435. Lin is playing well these days, ever since he decided to take more shots. I am enjoying Lin’s play more these days, especially it’s obvious that Lakers isn’t going to make playoff. In fact, I would not be surprised if this season’s Lakers team sets either the worst (19 I think) or 2nd worst win record (27 I think) in their franchise history.

  436. That was after refs decided to give 3 FTs to MIN on Lin’s foul. NOT directed at BS IMO. Lin was just expressing his displeasure at refs’ giving 3 FTs.

  437. Yeah

  438. Yes, Byron is disappointing as a coach. Seems like a likable enough guy in interviews but his defense, offense, player minute management, rotation, and half-time adjustments are all lacking. Lin gets his 30 minutes a game, that’s much different than McHale’s 20 minutes, 38 minutes, 22, 40, yo-yoing of Lin’s minutes.

  439. In Brent we trust

  440. Really? So this is new then? I guess Lakers tried to promote Lin. If W/O Scott then it will be perfect for Lin in Lakers.

  441. Why is the kid crying?

  442. I am not saying this is new, it is just that I have never seen them do this before when i attended a game.

  443. Agreed as well, and Lin is playing well. Just from FGA, we could see he is not afraid to take those shots. He is also aggressive getting everyone to play teamball. And we are also seeing lesser and lesser Kobe iso.

    If they could get the defensive mindset and positioning going and Scott coming to his senses to have a better lineups matching the plays and rotation minutes, LAL could do wonders

  444. I think so as well…..Scott was at far back and Lin was walking forward and its only the Ref were at the left sidelines

  445. I totally agree. I think that Scott might have had an intervention from mitch, because he was at Laker’s practice today.

  446. the fruits On top of minion’s head looks more attractive! How about a basket of fruits like that deliver to the winner’s door instead. Hohoho~~

  447. Yeah, and thats the reason, as I said, in one of the below post, things might change when we come into 20-25 games.

    The reason being
    1) Its 1/4 of the season
    2) FO evaluation of players and Coach
    3) FO evaluation of strategy from the coaching staff against the season numbers; for win/lose games and player performance
    4) Beginning of the season we saw, the FO and Scott mentioned, that he would re-evaluate after 20 games, so there is such a plan and its also kinda normal for any organization

    Added to all these, obviously FO wants to evaluate their biggest investment, Kobe! and how his minutes had played out (tired legs!)

  448. so rubio should be threaten

  449. Yeah, true but mitch had just met with scott a couple of days ago in which he said that they will reevaluate in about 15-20 games. also no mention by the beat reporters that Mitch was at the practice. No I think this was a special visit after last night’s game.

  450. He’s all talk.

  451. The Lakers won 19 games in 1957-58 but back then the season was only 72 games long. Since the move to the 82-game season in 1967-68 the fewest games the Lakers have won is 27 in 2013-14.

  452. Jeremy Lin now ranked 6th in pull up shots EFG% (53.4%)among 69 players average 25mpg and 3 pull up FGAs per game. He is behind, Dirk (60.3%), Curry (57.4%), CP3 (55.8%), JJ Redick(55.3%), Wes Matthew(53.6%).

  453. Your post makes me recall when Lin was officially traded to the Lakers, Worthy, Magic & AC Green tweeted their “welcome to LA” to JLin. AC publicly mentioned that he spoke to Lin to tell him be more aggressive. Maybe in Nash’s absence, AC maybe mini-coaching Lin. Also, Magic’s opinion as shown on yt on the Lin trade. He sounded so excited about the trade.

  454. Jeremy Lin now ranked 28th in pull up shots 3FG% (36.4%) among 68 players average 25mpg and 0.5 pull up FGAs per game. Like I said earlier…once he can get his pull up 3FG% go over 33%. He will have a much better time on the court.

  455. TOR PreGame Thread+Voting Poll is now open.
    Will JLin get close to double-double vs #1 East team Raptors?


  456. I do agree that FO is looking after Lin and I’m still not sure whether Mitch is seriously tanking or Scott is just horrible coach. I think it’s the later, if not Mitch wouldn’t have such frequent meetings with BS.

  457. I’m picturing him and Kobe facing off over the fire hydrant…heeheehee.

    Phoenix vs. LA? He’d be torn between two loves…Duncan and Lin.

  458. He’s on the People’s list because he’s Korean-American. Good looking, but there are at least a dozen drop-dead gorgeous (and talented) Korean drama actors that would push him down the list a ways. Just in case you really want to swoon….:-D

  459. Hop to it and don’t give me anymore lip!

  460. I have also come to the conclusion after seeing how Scott has been losing the second half of most games due to lack of adjustments to opposing caoches’ adjustments. I agree that Scott is just too slow minded to be a good coach. In that sense he is much like ” adjustments are overrated” MCHALE. They are simpletons that are doing something way beyond their level of intelligence. They cover it up with player credentials and past exploits that has nothing to do with what a good coach must do to manage a game. What they lack in game management they hide by a formula like the “Princeton” or “read and react” offence or “more effort”.

    Great players rarely ever become great coaches unless they were cerebral AS a player. It takes special appetudes to be a good coach. You need to be at least be able to read who is doing what to whom and why, then decisively make decisions to change a run by opponents before the game gets out of hand. I’d often stop to chat with partners just so opponets have to guess what we will try to do next even though I have no plan yet in mind. At the highest level of the game, the PG is like the lower brain controlling the body in action. The coach is like the upper brain overseeing the game plan and making analysis and adjustments to what opponents are doing to counter your sets.

    The modern game is much more complex than it used to be when they had the illegal defence rules to force teams to play one on one. Today the PnR with multiple screens is a way to get around the defensive double teams on key players. What once used to work will never work again because that one rule changed how denies can keep star players under wraps. Defence isn’t about just effort anymore.

    The level of sophistication of the modern bball game isn’t yet like American football where plays are called and executed on every down. But a run of points ISNT that much different than a well run down in football. It’s about creating space and mismatches. The coath that ca read what opposing coaches are planning already have a leg up on an opponent.

    This is by far the worst appetude Scott has is that he readily allows his opposing coaches know what he’s about to do.

  461. Can someone shed some light on JLin’s market value for Lakers? At least in Taiwan, perhaps also in China, every Laker game is broadcasted on local sports channel, which should be a sizable revenue for Lakers’ top management. And also the Chinese/Asian audiences’ support in South Cal. So should JLin consider asking for less money Lakers next year so he can keep playing? He doesn’t seem care that much for money anyway. Well, I hope JLin can have a long and healthy career in the NBA.

  462. I wonder what other NBA teams would be friendly to Asian players? Actually, I thought Lakers should be a great team for Jeremy before the start of 2014/2015 season. Maybe it is the coach BS. Spur seems a friendly environment for foreign players, especially their coach.

  463. Oh, I never meant to stir the pot. I was just thinking aloud.
    Madsen’s body gave him away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  464. Ok I have to disagree… you just were not in the right places. I grew up a navy brat in the southern USA… we had a LOT of koreans and Japanese kids at our school b/c of the military… several were cheerleaders/football and other sports as well as band etc…, and very popular and considered hunks… just saying… um and I am old so we are talking long ago in the south Mississippi to be exact.

    so yeah Go Mississippi!

  465. Whoa, that’s so cool. I experienced being treated very ‘equally’ when I went to Sweden and Africa. I guess it’s the west coast out here. There are so many sub-groups in society that it’s easy to do what my friends called retiring into the subculture. I did meet people who were from the South who were very interested me knowing me. I used to think it was because out here, there is no hardship. A job, rent, a car payment and you don’t need anybody. No winter snow storms to mess you up, no real changes in weather. Guess we have to just assess individually for the upside ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy weekend!

  466. That could be the case. However, I went back to watch the clip again, at 0:05, the court announcer already announced “3 point attempt”. Besides, before the timeout, they already knew MIN would get the FTs. And next, before Hill passed the inbound ball, Lin pointed to Kobe to hint Hill to pass the ball to Kobe. Anyway, unless we have a view from another angle, only Lin knows why he upset.

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