G16 MIN @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

Here we go!

Will JLin, Kobe and the Lakers be able to pull a win against the depleted Timberwolves?

It’s been a while since Lakers got a win so let’s hope for a little Linsanity on the Black Friday night!

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Let’s go, JLin!Lin_LINE_LetsGo



  1. hi! hellOOOOOO!!!!! Here’s to Jeremy giving a black Friday event for everyone!

  2. Someone is ready for the game! :]
    Let’s hope your future hubby get some shooting spree tonight at the expense of the Wolves!

  3. lol more like once it hit 10 o clock she went to blogs and refreshed every 15 seconds lol jkjk

  4. Bitter… 🙂

  5. Haha no I really didn’t keep pressing F5..

  6. ……..

  7. I thought victory was supposed to be sweet.

  8. I was talking about @alaingrvis:disqus lol

  9. Let’s go Jeremy!!! No McFlurry tonight!!

  10. i could come in first if i wanted. I’m just too cool ;p

  11. Jeremy, let me handle the McFlurries, you concentrate on the win ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  12. what mcflurry

  13. We treat being “first!” here like those people in nasty previous Black Friday videos that fight over stuff. lol

    Kidding aside, I just hope those fighting over stuff on Black Friday shouldn’t happen again.

  14. lol then I’m the rich guy standing in the back like hahahah lol poor people lmao

  15. I can help as well..haha

  16. Lin once told reporter that he sooth the pain of losing with Mcflurry…..12 already..no more tonight

  17. we better win

  18. me too!!!!

  19. Go for a WIN!!!!! Jeremy 22/10!

  20. Let’s go JLin.

  21. Me likey the jersey. Looks good on Jeremy.

  22. missed the 3!!!!…good try

  23. My favorite jersey.

  24. I voted 22/10.. but I don’t mind he gets 38/10 ^.^

  25. Wes… being in right place…D need to step up

  26. Jeremy HITS!!!!!!!!!

  27. Nice jumper JLin. Way to go.

  28. Go get those jumpers Jeremy.

  29. JLin assist to Boozz. Finally they convert JLin’s assist.

  30. Lin is feeding Boozer inside a lot of stuffing 🙂

  31. LAL is not looking good at all….

  32. Lin is not getting his shooting rhythm yet, probably wise to get some layups to get hot first

  33. Harder for a zone D

  34. agree, when he has 1-4

  35. its s till early…they need to settle down

  36. nice…from Hill

  37. true, perhaps get a screen for short jumpers

  38. nice!!!!

  39. Yes that’s the way Lin. A steal and assist to Kobe.

  40. kobe steal

  41. Eric PincusVerified account
    Kobe picked Wiggins – Lin passed it up ahead for a Bryant reverse dunk – LA up 21-15 with 4:10 left in 1st vs. Wolveshttps://twitter.com/EricPincus/status/538541842095022081

  42. that will pump up Kobe as well

  43. Kobe pickpocketed Wiggins .. just a learning experience for the rookie

  44. If they let TWOV to hang with them…..lol well…

  45. Kobe steal but yes …Lin’s 3rd assist

  46. You make Boozer sound like a seasonal dish.

  47. leaving perimeter open is still a problem

  48. NYoung being aggressive…nice

  49. Wow.. show time 4 Kobe.. a few nice steal by him.. 🙂 Go Lakers

  50. Wolves are racking up their TO…good

  51. Was TWolve being predicted as the 30th best in the league?

  52. KObe been hot Q1 with 5-6FG

  53. Price throws it right to Minn. SMH.

  54. Stu said it, leave the floor to shoot

  55. Still a problem, good thing TWolves can’t score.

  56. dumb pass…

  57. Price really needs to be waived.

  58. trying to draw a foul but failed, not a good move

  59. The kobe we need!

  60. No Lin?

  61. Don’t know what Scott see’s in him.

  62. Its bench time

  63. Nick Young with a questionable shot selection on an unbalanced long 2

  64. yeah…sometimes he thinks he is Kobe…hope they dont giveaway the lead

  65. Uggg.

  66. all year so far

  67. Maybe just bad defense?

  68. with a TO now .. not good at all

  69. slop

  70. The bench is still far away from playing as a team

  71. My gosh, hoe they get a lead with this slopiness?

  72. Davis early fouls are not good

  73. Minnesota is really bad, lol.

  74. MIN is a bad team, as I said on last thread this is definitely a winnable game

  75. Sacre seems very uncomfortable in shooting… well, scratch that..
    Make it everything

  76. Take it anytime we can get it.

  77. You allow middle drive….every players will be a one-pass away. Gonna be bad for your defense no matter what.

  78. The Bigs are popping up too many…they should only shoot they the defense falls back and make them pay, else they should take it to the rim

  79. winnable lol more like we won it yesterday

  80. Good time to bring Jeremy in but I says 6 minute mark

  81. the game is boring without JLin in. Do we really have to wait until 6 minutes left in the second to see Lin play again this half?

  82. lol

  83. Lakers bench cannot beat Wolves bench… SMH

  84. T-Wolve have put better effort…

  85. Price should play 10-12 minutes a game at best

  86. thats really sad

  87. I have to say, Mitch did a great job .. to select the bench personnel if the goal is tanking.

    I was hoping Price, Davis and Nick Young would get more chemistry but they don’t improve much at all.

  88. We should thank Price for playing so horrible to make Lin look so great LOL. Looks like Price is going for his 0 points and 0 assist game again!

  89. Coach is a slow on the uptake….give Lin minutes without Kobe

  90. Price back to his normal self.

  91. Lin is the only player who hasn’t played with 2nd unit this entire regular season!!

  92. Right now sub in Lin now

  93. Hm, Boozer came in to replace the ineffective Nick Young.
    Might work to score some points

  94. Usually comes in with 6 minutes left in quarter.

  95. Kobe and Lin back YES!!

  96. At least he comes back at 7 minute mark

  97. great foul by price.

  98. It looks like Scott’s pattern of rotations.. 🙁

  99. Sacre looking smooth

  100. Scott beats you by ONE minute…lol

  101. wow, Sacre looked good with that hook shot there. pleasantly surprised :]

  102. we’re all pleasantly shocked :>

  103. nice reverse!

  104. Lin with an acrobatic reverse layup! 😀

  105. reverse layup baby

  106. Hope he continues getting to the rim

  107. Dr. J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lin

  108. That’s Lin go to move he needs to make more reverse layups so he won’t get blocked.

  109. stu calling the J-Lin reverse lay-up – that was noishe!

  110. I like this hahaha:

    “Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lin… show us what you got and take it to the rim”

    Stu you’re putting my fandom to shame..

  111. He has done that now, in couple of games…good sign

  112. That acrobatic reverse layup by Lin there .. showed how much talent Lin has to score around the basket.
    That was just instinct, not premeditated at all :>

  113. My goodness. That hangtime!

  114. Didn’t know stu was Japanese XD.

  115. that’s all Linstinct, no thinking, baby! haha..

  116. I want to see 20pt lead the least

  117. yup, just attack and score any ways he feels like to :>

  118. Jeremy should always wear that sleeved jersey.Dem sexy!

  119. 4 pt lead?!!! smh

  120. rainbow Jeremy….

  121. Rainbow 3 from Lin!!!!

  122. keep it coming

  123. Oh yea.

  124. nice layup

  125. Great ball movement Kobe-Hill-Wes for the 3!

  126. nice ball rotation

  127. boozer lin pissed

  128. Lin discussing with Boozer about defending the screen and 3

  129. Levine is hot. Lakers need to double-him and get the ball out of his hands

  130. bad rotation move by Lin, giving room to take the shot

  131. boozer stayed to long on him

  132. Lavvine looks really good wow

  133. more like boozer staying with the guard too long

  134. That Rubio contract looks silly

  135. Is that guy any way related to Adam Levine?

  136. I will let him to shoot if being contested.

  137. yeah 6-7 is really really good

  138. No defense no wins

  139. mmm this lakers team is really bad

  140. yeah, but lin should not ask Boozer to rotate, when the ZL is about to make his move

  141. well its one game. he hs potential though

  142. new player? never heard of him.. ha

  143. he’s a bit taller than Lin, right?
    Hard to guard when a guy gets hot

  144. they are

  145. Kobe’s legs tired already? Missing FT ><"

  146. Jeremy 15+ points me thinks

  147. Nice fast break Kobe to Boozer!

  148. nice insight

  149. Nice steal by Boozer and finish on the other end!

  150. yup rookie

  151. Boozer just wasted Jeremy’s block…

  152. Lin should’ve taken that!

  153. Wow all starters could be in double figures tonight, that’s a first!

  154. Such an undisciplined team

  155. His FT was shaky this whole season so far….weird.

  156. why did davis get those fouls

  157. Lack of focus

  158. Wolves been tanking since kg got traded

  159. too many sloppy plays can bite them in the end

  160. a little too aggressive

  161. Wes Johnson wasted that steal should’ve shot it himself or passed it to Lin right away. =/

  162. Johnson is little bit of a ball hog

  163. the laker play down to their opponent a lot. they stick with the grizz but fight with the timberwolves

  164. Also if he is a star, he would have only 1 by now

  165. Wes disrupted the Wolves final play.
    Then disrupted himself :>

    Good stop nonetheless

  166. JLin’s reverse layup

  167. true… thats how NBA is… same goes to Lin

  168. lakers defense is crap today on the rookie timberwolves of all teams

  169. Davis got called trying to block shots, one ticky tac foul was with his hands straight up. That happens when you’re not a star or starter.

  170. that was quick!

  171. Lin-Air adjustment is so nice to see :]

  172. if i was scott since davis is in foul trouble i would think of a non davis boozer lineup. probably go small

  173. Lakers head into halftime with a 58-54 lead behind 13 points from Kobe and 9 each from Boozer, Johnson and Lin. pic.twitter.com/8zy1gZqIoS— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) November 29, 2014

  174. “That was NIICCEEEE!”

  175. With who? Ellington? Lin, Kobe, Young, Ellington, and Hill?

  176. Lead yes…but not a good lead…they really need to step up on defense. Even Lin is slacking a little

  177. lin hs to stop the allyoops to kobe. he can’t jump that high anymore

  178. Lakers not giving much effort on defense cause they’re underestimating their opponent, happens all the time and the better team loses because that.

  179. probably

  180. It did not matter. Even if Kobe could, that ball was intercepted anyway.

  181. It was too crowded for that kinda pass

  182. They just gave hime a pick then let him abuse Lin.

  183. i agree just saying wes ok i get it, kobe slow down grass hopper those days are here no more

  184. Yea Kobe can’t jump like that anymore, Lin should do alley-opp with Johnson, Hill, or Davis.

  185. get this levine was averaging 6 points before the lakers

  186. Who prep the image with Lin? Lakers PR? Just wondering.

  187. They did not play LAL b4…so….

  188. Lin to Kobe for the dunk …

  189. I remember lakers never even been decent on defense

  190. You can forget about that, lin is going to keep giving it to kobe until he catches it. How long how you been following lin to know that he won’t give up on a player. Kobe will eventually catch it, not worried.

  191. Are you there?

  192. Kobe steal and layup …

  193. lol you are right. every now and then kobe will feel 24 again lol

  194. lol, but true

  195. how come Lin rarely gets picks on the other end at all :[

  196. Lets GO second half for a killer

  197. BS allowing Starters to actually start 2nd half?! It’s a Miracle!!

  198. Wow, Jeremy is running and doing those layups… in his black Adidas Flux!

  199. Boozer my god

  200. Boozer is horrible

  201. No, the next game I will go to is the Lakers/Thunder. My niece will go to the game on the 30 November against the raptors

  202. very interesting

  203. yes…

  204. Bad def by KObe

  205. No .. interior defense .. *sigh*

  206. Feel like a double-double otw

  207. Looks like Lin is doing great!

  208. Why?

  209. Shows how bad Lakers’ defense are, they’re actually letting TWolves play along instead of blowing them out.

  210. 9p/7a now.. yeah!

  211. Against the TWolves he better be! XD

  212. Quiet so far in Q3

  213. Whoa nice move Lin

  214. Step back my man!

  215. There you go…LIN…keep it up

  216. Told Ya! Lin needs to throw Alley-Opps with Wes Johnson!!

  217. Whoa..

  218. alley oop!

  219. I should miss the first half more often :>

  220. Thats the Wes we wanna see!!!

  221. nice 3 point play

  222. Jeremy making Wes look good…

  223. OMG!!!!

  224. Bad foul by Lin SMH =/

  225. he is swing a little hard on 3

  226. that was a quite bold one..

  227. Joey Crawford….. sheesh!

  228. Joey Crawford’s smile is weird. LOL

  229. Top Performers

    Min: Z. LaVine 18 Pts, 1 Reb, 2 Ast

    LAL: J. Lin 11 Pts, 2 Reb, 8 Ast, 3 Stl

    via ESPN

  230. He reminds me of a vampire from Twilight

  231. If Jeremy had a career like Mo Williams any problems

  232. What a pass!!!!! Spurs like

  233. quick thinking

  234. Kobe man come on

  235. This game worries me a lot…..

  236. stop feeding kobe lin damnit

  237. Kobe’s tired, he need to sit now!

  238. Don’t feed the kobrick

  239. Time to sit down Kobe…. OH WAIT…

  240. it does…suppose to be a walk in the park

  241. Kobe playing like harden

  242. Bouncing around teams? Doesn’t sound that great. Although that’s what has been going from now on until now on, I hope he finds a team to settle on next season.

  243. Is brewer going to get 51 again?

  244. what? Lakers have the same record, the only advantage they have is that they are at home

  245. ok, since LAL is not playing defense, I’m pulling for a double-OT for a LIN Triple-Double!
    Who’s with me :>

  246. Harden’s not here…. OH WAIT…

  247. thats a lot of advantage!

  248. LAL needs Harden to do so :>

  249. Linlayup!

  250. I love that “EYYYY!!!” lay up!

  251. another reverse!!!

  252. Classic Lin move. Haven’t seen that in a while.

  253. bad pass…smh

  254. WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!?!??!!?!?

  255. LOL announcers just said, “This is not NBA basketball. No defense on either end.”

  256. This ain’t nba ball

  257. Harlem Globetrotters?


  259. 3 fouls, Price will probably be in.

  260. Lin 13p/9a

  261. two bad teams playing each other lol, don’t care, lin is getting his points though

  262. who r the generals?

  263. Get your stats Jeremy

  264. Even from just reading the ESPN score board I could tell how bad lakers defense must be…sign

  265. whoever played Lin on fantasy today getting good #’s!!!

  266. floater, baby!

  267. Floater!!!! Get your points J!

  268. yes..stat padding time with no D from both team!

  269. Kobe does not care who he passes to

  270. I’ve always had him in my fantasy… photo album

    Oh wait, you mean fantasy basketball?Sorry wrong post. lol

  271. Lin already with 3 fouls ><".

  272. Hopefully Timberwolves, but hard to tell at the moment. LOL.

  273. O_O TMI

  274. Both team playing bad D or rather no D like preseason games

  275. lol i laughed so hard on the defense today. its hahahahahahahahahahahahah. omg. is this the nba

  276. Kobe wants to prove he’s better but his legs and old body just isn’t responding. Scott should just sit him.

  277. yes, got to be careful. nice D challenging Lavine’s shot w/o fouling just now

  278. That’s what happens when bad record teams meet.

  279. Can anyone tell me what the twins on access said during halftime?

  280. Lin 15p/9a.
    Nice drive for the short midrange J after Lavine made a shot over him.

    Then Lavine missed :]

  281. seems like it

  282. Double Double!! Wot Wooot!


  284. 10th ast!!!!

  285. Double-Double
    Lin 15/10!

  286. Another wasted fast break by Lin 🙁

  287. I like how Davis rolls to the basket with Jeremy feeding him the ball. Smooth game flow between him and J.

  288. Silly

  289. Lol I was just thinking that Ed Davis will be the one getting Lin a dd

  290. double silly

  291. we can blow them out but never do

  292. Davis reminds me of a bigger Landry Fields who fouls too much

  293. Yes Lin will finally ge his 20, 10 stat this game woot woot!!

  294. Yup 3 ball

  295. Lin playing all 3rd? Wow lin shooting great!!

  296. Now let’s get a win

  297. jeez…ugly BB

  298. Lavine is lucky Lakers has a bad perimeter defense.

  299. Awww…man if Lin made that 3 the crowd would’ve gone crazy!!

  300. should hv made the last 3!!!

  301. perfect chance to stat pad lol, c’mon Lin

  302. Bounce on the rim then get in the basket… too bad

  303. I don’t think that ugly. Just no D.

  304. Yes BS finally changing and giving Lin more minutes! Happy Lin got to play the entire 3rd quarter!

  305. this defense is uuh man throw away the tape

  306. Rubio is a lucky guy doesn’t really have a spot with these young gunners

  307. I know…dam. I mean darn.

  308. yeah, too bad..
    He’ll make the next one!

  309. What happened to Rubio?

  310. if there was a class on how to play defense they would use this game to show what not to do

  311. Hurt I think

  312. Loosk like my 19pts/9ast prediction is going to be under if Lin keeps this up, which is great!

  313. yep turn acll i think

  314. More like No Defense BB, but that’s the sole reason why Lin’s going to get a double double with 20, 10 tonight! XD

  315. he will pass that

  316. Same rotation in first half?

  317. Lin with 18p/10a/4stls after 3 quarters!

  318. I voted 22pt/10ast on pregame, let’s see if that comes true 🙂

  319. We need a W now

  320. lin is playing great but the defense is so bad its distracting

  321. lets see how bench performs

  322. the bench was who got levine hot

  323. there goes the lead

  324. Lin out, lead gone.

  325. common now, lousy bench.

  326. I know why starters played so long, must be due to Ed Davis and Nick Young in foul trouble 4 already!

  327. This group needs Jeremy to lead them…

  328. ok looks like the bench will lose the game

  329. Johnson having the best game of this season!!

  330. coming back.

  331. with 2 worst mis catch I have seen…But really good overall!

  332. yes, desperately .. I;m very concerned with the bench

  333. We need to see more of Lin to Johnson Alley-opp and dunks. Johnson really needs to cut to the basket more with his height advantage.

  334. Only way they are going to win is if BS brings starters back very soon, like now.

  335. everyone having that type of night

  336. still no D

  337. No d but Lakers playing with some hustle.

  338. at least we are having some offensive rebounds

  339. Whoever can make at least 1-2 stops is going to win the game.

  340. Ellington is supposed to be a shooter. He better step it up or going to get cut. He and Price have the non-guaranteed contracts.

  341. Ugh.. Ed Davis. Lakers should get that Spurs shooting coach who helped Splitter with his FT.

  342. Nick Young having a bad game, his gf looks bored in the audience LOL.

  343. Iggy didn’t look too excited after Swaggy’s 3.

  344. good 3…NY

  345. 1st bad game relax

  346. LOL, she looks beyond bored.

  347. she’s like, “is this over yet?”

  348. lol Kobe and Lin always coming back in together hehe I like this means they are the most important players of the team.

  349. lin coming back

  350. kobe lin coming in

  351. Okay, put this away.

  352. Is she a singer or something

  353. Ed’s athleticism is being wasted with him not playing with Jeremy. He’s a like a big Landry Fields who can block.

  354. boozer gone

  355. 11assists! bam!

  356. Good pass from Kobe

  357. YEAHHH.. Great teamwork by the Lakers!

  358. LOL what the heck was that? back to back, back door dunks by Nick Young?!!

  359. boozer got bench look like his days finishing games are over

  360. Lakers should play like this against top teams…

  361. Not possible

  362. Nick! Good job!

  363. ok, Lin with 4 steals.
    6 more for a triple-double? LOL

  364. i just want lin getting 20 ill be very very happy

  365. Yes!Play like a team.

  366. they’re a bad team, they can only beat bad teams lol

  367. Why do you have to block me! smh Brent! lol

  368. Haha, let’s just get a W and call it a game.

  369. i want triple

  370. lol yep

  371. Yes, Black Friday win, baby!!

  372. Didn’t he get a 5th one? Seems like it was 4, I saw another steal and it was still 4.

  373. LOL well….haha TOP teams will not give that passing lane to Kobe at all

  374. greedy on Black Friday! LOL

  375. You mean no D? If so, they do play like that against top teams…and lose. =)

  376. they seem to play up or down to the competition

  377. LOl not possible unless Lin makes 8 rebounds in 5 minutes.

  378. A win will make his stat much sweeter

  379. Kobe’s

  380. Hill, why…why have you out of position like that..

  381. I see, thanks.

  382. Play O. Look at top post.

  383. buy 1, get 1 free?

  384. Come on Lin make a 2/3 pointer for your 20,10 double double game!!

  385. Jeremy getting his stats = sweet!

    Now all I have to get is that Surface Pro 3.

  386. I was just teasing… But, Lakers offense is usually decent anyway. It’s their defense that gets them killed.

  387. lead is dismissing

  388. ahhh another miss =/

  389. it’s okay stay aggressive, Keep shooting.

  390. Lin missing his shots gr……..

  391. its ok

  392. Missing shots is fine. Good thing was he took it.

  393. I think he’s got to drive and score or dish it off. Wolves got no one to stop him.

  394. LIn and Kobe both combined for 16/30.

  395. Lakers really need Davis in there to protect the lead

  396. True.

  397. He has to play perfect for so many

  398. Good job by Lin to call the time out to save the posession

  399. Lin out 🙁

  400. Why is Lin out?

  401. This is Not Real

  402. What……

  403. tied… sheesh

  404. Price needs 20 minutes. It’s all BS math.

  405. lin out, tied game

  406. Where is Lin?

  407. Not part of their future

  408. It’s so sad that it’s true.

  409. This game is just ugly.

  410. What kinda math class is Scott taking? man..

  411. LOL Nick Young wanted FTs.

  412. Possessions like that cosh.

  413. Lin out, lead gone again.

  414. Put Lin back in Dammit!!

  415. That’s ok. Mavericks seems to be keeping their eyes on Jeremy. Should also get Davis.

  416. Scott is desperate. Lin is not the problem.

  417. No , it is about kobe shining and being the hero of the game.

  418. Worse than Houston

  419. subbed for Ellington – Price not in

  420. BS head for Price love if Lakers lose this one.

  421. This is a losing team and he can’t play crunch minutes

  422. Lakers without their best playmaker and rim protector in the game.
    BScott is playing with fire!

  423. Too much desperation while not thinking straight

  424. OMG….><"

  425. Yup play Jeremy

  426. BS put Lin back in!!!!

  427. I guess they are tanking after all.

  428. Lin was subbed out for Ellington…why?

  429. Fire Scott, starting it now.

  430. Foolish coaching

  431. Not before trailing…

  432. He sure isn’t playing w/his brain. smh

  433. Hahaha instant Karma….

  434. Kupchak, you watching this?

  435. What in the world is this ? Gees!

  436. Scott is pathetic. He knows he has to win this otherwise things are going to get uglier for him.

  437. can’t help but root for the wolves here

  438. Put Jeremy in now but no

  439. no time out

  440. PHewww.. Kobe actually made the shot, we will have OT!!

  441. Doesn’t make any sense to sithe Lin and keep choker in there, if laker lose this one its clear lakers are tanking and BS is the chosen one to deliver it

  442. can they get a stop now?!!!!

  443. scott playing with fire

  444. Kupchak… if you don’t step in, you will lose your best playmaker and rim protector like REAL SOON…

  445. It’s the plan to save Lin for the overtime… just kidding!!!!

  446. need a D first

  447. This is what BS and Kobe have been waiting for XD.

  448. I’m afraid of one wide-open 3 by MIN here

  449. Given how easy TWolves got their points…..5 seconds like eternity?

  450. Play will be for Lavine or Mo

  451. Go Min!!! Win the game for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. Did SB think the last moments were the ones to sub Ellington in place of Lin and let Kobe be PG for himself?

  453. lol

  454. yes, either one can make it .. Or Brewer

  455. This called kobe being the hero of the game.

  456. Why end up this way? Urg! Cannot stand this BS!

  457. Just like in Houston, coach doesn’t trust Lin and pull him out in the closing seconds of game. Is BS decision right or wrong?

  458. Win by 2 pts please

  459. they are so lucky they even got into OT. they were playing without a pg to facilitate and they just looked silly….

  460. Yep. So, they had to take out Lin first.

  461. Anyone please win the game for Lakers!!!!!!!!!!

  462. What?!!

  463. Lin out, Lakers lose. Scott needs to be fired.

  464. No this is about Kobe being the hero of the game

  465. OMG please miss FTS!

  466. Scott deserves to lose

  467. wow refs actually called a fou

  468. seriously no benefit on Lakers winning this game with Lin out anymore, they’re not makng the playoffs anyway

  469. there comes FTs 🙁

  470. glad lin got his stats…

  471. ShxT ><"

  472. Double standard is real folks

  473. I want Lakers to loose this one

  474. Wow haven’t seen a foul called at the last second for a long long long time.

  475. Let me guess, Kobe takes the last shot. Triple team Kobe.

  476. 1 is good for me!!!!!!

  477. Last play…..Kobe get 2 screens and shoot a wild 3?

  478. No OT, its either take it or lose it

  479. Refs want Lakers to lose.

  480. Ah well.. as long as Jeremy gets his, next offseason teams will be knocking on his door.

  481. fadeaway 3PT shot

  482. Yes!!!!!!!!

  483. dejavu

  484. They are a losing team makes no sense

  485. BS should live in the moon! gees!!

  486. i honest can’t believe how bad the coaching was today

  487. Yes, brick, and lose the game….sad

  488. Tell me why BS took JLin out?????

  489. That’s why he has no hair?

  490. BS made sure kobe gets the ball that’s why he took Jeremy out.

  491. who was guarding LaVine all game?

  492. So do I, it’s for the long term benefit to fire Scott.

  493. there goes Lin’s stat to waste

  494. I hope so. I really don’t want him to stay as a Laker next year. On paper, it should be a good fit. Real life, not so much, thanks to things out of Lin’s control.

  495. Now Bs talks to kobe, so all the Minn triple team him!

  496. You put up strong numbers you deserve to play

  497. LOL, game over

  498. Hope that is the end of Byron Scott. SMH

  499. hahaha figures..

  500. hahahahahahaha exactly as I thought

  501. bahahahah

  502. Soooo.. predictable!

  503. There goes Black Friday!!!

  504. HAHAAHAH winnable game… and Scott lose it! Time to ask for his head on a silver platter

  505. Shame on BS.

  506. Please fire BS, this is ridiculous!!

  507. None of this is good

  508. I am soooooo happy, karma

  509. This is so retarted!! Unbelievable BS!

  510. scott i honestly. you have to be fired.

  511. Never so happy to watch a lose game..

  512. There goes the season as well

  513. This is becoming the routine. Winnable until Scott tries to coach.

  514. Can we say no Lin no win?

  515. For the 6th time.

  516. I’m not even surprised anymore.
    This Lakers season is designed to support Kobe’s upcoming documentary.

  517. Hahaha. Kobe bricks. Guess Bryant decides to play JLin for all of 3rd but pulls out JLin at the end of the 4th. Time to fire coach BS.

  518. Hero ball triumphs again….criminy.

  519. Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  520. No Lin, No Win

  521. Bcause he is stupid and low IQ!

  522. You could be right.

  523. SMH

  524. Scott needs a break from coaching!

  525. He will blame it on the players

  526. like who takes a guy with 18 points 11 assist out the game what. like really. hahahahaha. its laughable. lin got his point so i don’t care but really

  527. So happy Min won the game!!!!!!!!!!

  528. That’s funny.

  529. No Lin No Win

  530. Coaching like this controls the Jeremy out of control no defense narrative….it impacts how the league sees him

  531. Lakers are so tanking this season, that’s why they haven’t fired BS yet.

  532. No Lin No Win.

  533. Different players, but he was not getting open shots, kid just got hot

  534. A 10% winning rate to end the documentary.

  535. like permanently

  536. Stats are good and let’s keep hoping for strong games but wow

  537. I didn’t want to believe it, but it’s now getting hard to dispute.

  538. kobe played very well didn’t force it at all but scott substitution forces kobe to go iso lol

  539. All benefit of the doubt for Byron Scott is hereby revoked.

  540. I dont think its even that high

  541. LA is going for no 1 draft pick, keep on losing. 3-79 definitely helps!!!

  542. He is a fast learner. He has been watching how mchale close the games. Trying to beat .9 sec lost.

  543. LaVine pulled a Curry. Red hot all night.

  544. He got 18 points,11 assists, 4 steals with 4 TOs including one charge.. and Scott took him out while closing the game. That’s why they lost the game.

  545. Wow, Lin played 29:30 min. BS really keeping Lin on a short leash and not even letting him stat pad properly.

  546. Wonder what BS has prepared for postgame interview.

  547. Was supp. 2 get a win. (sigh).. I’ll go buy McFlurry 4 the night snack..

  548. The chances for wins are so slim and few with this team and they cant even take advantage of them, it really is an awful team.
    Oh well, JLin got his stats so that’s whats important lol 18pts/11asts

  549. I don’t know rather I should be happy or what, I feel sorry for Lin putting in so much hard work for 3 qts, at the last min coach sit him down just to lose the game, seriously lakers could have won many games already if the coach sat Kobe down during the crunch time!

  550. BS hidden agenda no longer so hidden, more like public agenda now.

  551. Follow Robin Lundberg‏@robinlundberg
    Jeremy Lin has 18 points, 11 assists and 4 steals and got benched down the stretch by Byron Scott.

  552. blah blah blah blah, defense, blah blah blah blah blah.

  553. this is by far one of the worst coached games I’ve ever seen. this is saying a lot given mchale last year

  554. Now I got the ans, Lin just reached his 30 mins that’s why he was out of the game. LOL

  555. Really Robin? Putting my Jeremy fandom to shame

  556. Kobe has a lot to do with it I guess.

  557. Scott just miscalculated. His guys just didn’t execute down the stretch and Kobe missed 2 big FT.

  558. 18/11 says whats up!!! Laker L …don’t care!!!

  559. 29 not even 30, you’d think Lin was Kobe with limited minutes cause of his old age SMH!

  560. quota met…immaterial how well he plays

  561. I’m just happy Jeremy got his stats…. teams are watching like hawks…

  562. No Lin, no win. The coach is tanking!

  563. Scott thinks Lin is 36 and Kobe is 26

  564. Sadly neverending mcflurries until BS gets fired.

  565. I don’t think it’s miscalculation. At this point, it has to be on purpose.

  566. we lose to the timberwolves. with no love or rubio or martin. enough said

  567. JLin 30min. Like clockwork.

  568. Byron Scott should take responsibility for the loss.
    He gambled and lost


  569. Being an Asian Pg is so hard to accept…reminds me of POTUS

  570. ?? Hawks are not happy with Teague?

  571. And the the other TOs were fumbled passes and miss communications

  572. It’s on purpose, BS got the memo to tank and tank they will.

  573. He doesn’t trust Lin at all.

  574. Like hawks.. not Hawks lol

  575. Robin likes his game, there is no shame, BS to blame for the loss.

  576. Lundberg saw through BS ineptitude :]

  577. This needs to be tweeted over and over again to LALFO

  578. Well Scott played Ellington and not Price but who on earth did he think was going to set up plays… then again, I guess there is nothing to set up..

  579. Oh LOL. >.<

  580. 4 steals…and playmaker

  581. Playing the best ball right now in Purple N Gold….someone should be noticing this

  582. BS giving McHale tough competition, 0.9 loss record expected to be broken.

  583. Now I understand why Lin was playing for the whole 3rd q, BS moves Lin’s minutes out of 4th q. So Lin can stay out of Kobe’s way for the last 3 minutes. Great plan! So genius! What a circus team!

  584. scott will get himself fired i just hope the replacement don’t change the system too much lin just got used to this one

  585. How come Nick got Iggy court side tickets but can’t get court side tickets for his parents? Really Jeremy?

  586. Before the game, no one will believe Lakers would lose the game except KHuang. Well, for the wrong reason, Lakers indeed lose this winnable game,

    Lin was out of the control before the 5 mins mark. But as a coach, it is to inspire the best performer to calm down and take over, not bench him. This alone, this coach should be let go.

  587. Anyone catching what the postgame guys are saying. I only heard Worthy say Lakers haven’t learn how to execute to close games. Anyone asking about Scott’s strategy to take Lin out in crunch time?

  588. I get it…Scott thought Kobe will have the ball anyway. So he wants shooters and rebounders..oh well….now we now what Lin was doing when he was not doing anything on the court.

  589. I’m surprise BS played Ellington instead of Price, because Ellington has “lin” in it. LOL

  590. Rofl, coach of the year!

  591. BS is just plan horrible crunch time, need defense yet you leaving both JLin and Davis out?

  592. well she likes the spot light

  593. WORD

  594. I think Scott put in Ellington for defense because of his length. Let’s see what he says.

  595. I don’t get it. They played without THE point guard in the final 4 mins.
    How they can get the win without the best play maker on the team.

  596. Good job…do tweet that to all FO

  597. I think so too but who knows.

  598. Small reminder, the last 5 minutes…..body have stopped moving. Every time that happens…Lin will rack up his TOV in the lane.

  599. I guess if Lin is out, Worthy can’t say Lin should have the ball or set up plays. haha

  600. But if that’s the case, why didn’t Lin come in on offense?

  601. He dont trust anyone, except Kobe

  602. Everyone look up BS’s record as a HC during his first two years coaching a new team and you will understand.

  603. Well she wasn’t really in there to hog the spotlight, in jeans, Young jersey, and black shirt.

  604. Iggy still has her fame power, we see lots of Hollywood stars get VIP seats at court side 4 free.

  605. Whose body? Teammates?

  606. Lakers bigs “starters” got real stagnant and were slow to role to the basket, 2nd TO was a fumbled pass to Young in the paint(that lead to a timeout), no biggie

  607. Lin should have drawn the last play for Kobe. =P

  608. So far no comment by Antwan or Worthy about lack of Lin in end of 4th

  609. I agree that it seemed to be planned before the game.

  610. Like I said. Logic was simple and idioxtic. Kobe would have the ball anyway. No needs for Lin

  611. So you’re saying BS is dense AND has hidden agenda?

  612. If this is a tank game, I feel sorry for BS

  613. ya

  614. And here we thought Lin would finally get his 35 minutes per game! BS’s coaching, if it’s not purposeful tanking then he’s just plain dumb and horrible! I can see why he was let go from Cavs!!

  615. People act like pg are lock down defenders. Here is a short list of guys who play defense

    Everyone else gets scores on but Jeremy can’t defend.

  616. Sadly more McFlurry it seems… 🙁 darn! I’m pissed

  617. It’s not BS’s tanking that worries me. It’s his 4-year contract. I really don’t want Lin to stay in LA with BS for 3 more years.

  618. Scott speaking with media: Scott says experiencing frustration and anger and lack of focus; “wasn’t ready to play”; bunch of mistakes; looked at them like they were inferior to us

  619. Well, Iggy did beat out Eminem and Drake to win a major rap award….

  620. Still as a PG, he should know his bigs in 4Q and play more controlled. I don’t mean to be rush, but I just hope he can watch the firm and learn from it and improve.

  621. RWB plays D? you sure? LOL

  622. maybe agenda maybe not, but no question he is **** as a HC

  623. BS himself was THE mistake.

  624. Westbrook plays defense?? When?

    You kinda tainted that list more by adding Beverly

  625. When he wants to lol

  626. Maybe Lin asked to be benched because he knows it’s kobe time ??! Just some thought lol, in defense of BS’s idiotic rotation

  627. Doesn’t matter if a pg is a lock down defender. One PnR and it’s negated.

  628. I disagree…but indeed effort also matters…LOL

  629. Scott is basically blaming the players ONLY

  630. ..so they lost. End of story

  631. I think it would been better to just pull up for a midrange jumper anyways,……………..Hill and Boozer are too slow

  632. LOL

  633. Westbrook can turn it on and Beverly plays good d foolish but good but my point is Jeremy gets this spotlight on him but 80% of pg play no d every night lol

  634. Scott is a man of his word. 30 minutes is 30 minutes!

  635. this site is glitching on me. scott broke this website lol

  636. BS forced the ball into kobe’s hand this time, but if kobe is all about winning, he should refuse it; otherwise he’s in on the tank job.

  637. Lin gonna go home and start beating himself up again =/. really hope he doesn’t play handcuffed from now on . I would rather see that Lin, than the 3/9 5 TO Lin

  638. Nick Young was cold entire game yet he was kept in while Lin was pulled out after his TO and missed shots?

  639. I hadn’t been thinking beyond this season….now I’m alarmed.

  640. And the big man slacks off and can’t pick up the roller not does the 3 or 4 offer weak side help

  641. He never ever blame himself for even once for lakers poor performance, these kind of people will never learn and improve. Glad Lin is not like them, he takes the blame like a man.

  642. Byron Scott is the perfect choice for Mitch since it is a tanking season. No need to worry much, Lin will be fine.

  643. Nothing screams great leadership like pointing fingers and evading blame. SMH

  644. No he will not….this is very different from HOU actually.

  645. Disagree on the Bev part, especially since I saw how his defensive highness plays defense in person…. but Westbrook most of the time just let his man fly by and have Ibaka cover his back.

  646. It’s clear Mitch wants Lin to get “his” but still lose games and it’s working, BS is a genius!

  647. He locked up Conley in that playoff series and has given Parker fits….kids a head case but he “can” play d

  648. Scott saying the players forgot instructions, and had to call a timeout to repeat what players were supposed to do during the third quarter as if they were never told what to do

  649. Lin should answer to interview…” I did my job” you need to ask the coach why he made us to lose?!”

  650. The last 5 minutes play of this game pretty much sum up the Lakers season so far.

  651. He locked Conley up because there was a guy called Ibaka…

  652. C’mon, knock off with the tanking talk. Do you think Scott really wanted to lose this game?

    It came down to a really stupid coaching move – to go with no point guards at all down the stretch. Stupid.

  653. ha so funny not as funny as the defense and scotts coaching though

  654. I hope he meant defensive instructions

  655. Well not really. If I am not a Lin fan, I would say the stupiist move was to ask Nick guarding……TY….

  656. As long as BS is the head coach, I am worried.

  657. Bev plays good d but my larger point is if Scott mentions defensive subbing its overstatement given the lack of d played all night by both teams and how the pgs in the league rarely stop the opposition

  658. Not having Lin and Davis…is one of the mistake.

    To me the biggest flaw of the game is…no D from the start!

  659. okay, it came down to many stupid coaching moves, lol.

  660. Watched game with friends. LOL, Scott so smart, Kobe misses 2, missed final with a no-play etch-sketch play. I mean, when has Kobe made an elevated long 3 all season? And, yes, SwagP got hot look at him ineffective in last 2 mins. Really enjoyed that loss not to be snide, but just because I didn’t care as Scott was trying to prove something to me and I thought I was right. You too, I think, right?

  661. Lin should complain and say he should’ve been in during crunch time.

  662. Waiving arms alone is NOT good D, stopping opponent scoring is. People blow past Bev at will.

  663. I agree with you….there is stubborn pride there…he is just not a good coach….got lucky with JKidd in his prime in Jersey

  664. I wonder why I didnt close the game when I had double-double?

  665. Davis had 10 rebounds and however many blocks. Hill seemed invisible today.

  666. we have to fire scott

  667. you can’t expect D from these 2 teams. Lavine got v hot. His numbers this year are not that, that’s for sure.

  668. Scott must truly think that fans are stupid to continue believing his nonsense. The excuses he repeatedly uses gets old & unbelievable after each winnable loss. smh

  669. Then his instructions blow. Davis was iron-clad on D but didn’t get minutes when D mattered most.

  670. LOL…oh well…anyway…it was just another loss I guess….

  671. Lin kept putting a hand in his face yet he still scored, that guy was on fire!!

  672. Nah…I kind of wanna know the whole book of “how to lose a game” tho….With Lin it is hard to see..

  673. I hope he’s tanking on purpose. Otherwise, he truly cannot coach.

  674. now do you guys see why I like to see Jlin go to 1)dallas,2)san Antonio 3)any MDA coached team.

  675. Won’t happen for a while

  676. if only it was up to us 🙁 Jeanie or Jim please tell Mitch to fire BS!

  677. yes, look at his fantasy scores that take into account efficiency. He play out of his mind tonight.

  678. Agree!

  679. We ALL like the idea…but…

  680. I know. Davis too? What the McHale? Oh wait, it’s BS!

  681. He didn’t mention much about defense. More like about players “,missing” instructions.

    Guards blow by Bev. That’s a good defender for you? Ok then

  682. I don’t care if it was Lin or Price, they needed a point guard/facilitator in the offense. To go without one is like playing without a quarterback in football, and making the running back run plays.

    Stupid, absolutely stupid.

  683. Scott isn’t getting any team to the finals or a championship and it’s not about the players.

  684. Checked the boxscore again, Lin had 3 TOs not 4.

  685. For that we will thank Mitch

  686. lol…we are getting use to it

  687. Unless you have lebron but your spot on

  688. scott will be fired if thiss continue. anyways lin is here for the year will have his chocies

  689. You want to know everything in BS’ playbook? I guess it is a good way to know what not to do. Haha.

  690. I honestly don’t think Lin will stay w/Lakers if things don’t change. Winning is in his DNA & the tanking goes against his nature. This constantly losing has to be killing him.

  691. Such a downer

  692. Kobe annoyed and shrugging shoulders.

  693. Lets see when the time comes…he would surely evaluate the options

  694. pretty much so…lol

  695. Ellington to spread the floor for what…Kobe ain’t passing

  696. Very unlikely.

  697. So this is what Scott was thinking in the 4th quarter.

    BS: Shoot I forgot to take that Asian guy out in the 3rd quarter because I was daydreaming.
    Better take him out before he hit 30 minutes or else the Asian guy is going to steal more
    player of the game from Kobe.

  698. Kobe said boneheaded plays lost the game…on wow…really?

  699. It begins

  700. No respect for any team that aims at tanking, even if they eventually win the champion with their lottery draft pick, develop your own players!!!

  701. Lets not bring the “Asian guy” thingy

  702. He said himself or coach?

  703. 1. Possible
    2. Possible
    3. I would prefer not to

  704. lol lakers have a worse record than Minn..

  705. Kobe lights that fuse jeremy is toast in LA

  706. Yep. The last three minutes sucked all the joy of Lin’s great game out the window.

  707. Well Kobe says if he’s open, he’ll take it but if not, he will pass it… HA

  708. Price played nearly 15 minutes and put up a whopping 0 pts, 3ASTs and 2TOs. Just helpin a brutha out aye Byron?

  709. disagreed… will be more than likely … next year Jlin is a free agent…. unless bs get fired or the mamba get injured and the lakers had to depend on Jlin.

  710. Seriously I am pride being an Asian

  711. Worthy saying that if Scott can’t get defense out of the players, then something wrong with the players.

  712. no word can describe how disappointed I am now 🙁

    why did the fre*king BS take JLin out the last few mins of 4Q, anyway? did the announcers say why?

  713. NOT Jim… but Jeanie

  714. Was he referring to the one turnover that Lin had on a 3on1 fast-break, or the botched alley-oop in traffic?

  715. Price played 5 minutes less than usual tonight. That was at least an improvement for Scott and his lame substitution patterns.

  716. The fact is that the coach perhaps wanted Kobe to get the credit
    of this winnable game against nobodies, but proved today’s Kobe is not
    any better than nobodies in NBA.

  717. Kobe called for the alley-oop though,… the 3 on 1 was a miscommunication

  718. lol…cheap shot

  719. i want to apologize. i defended scott all year. thought he had potential as a coach. but i was wrong. first he keeps boozer starting regardless of how he plays defense. supposedly a defensive coach. then he removes lin their best playmaker and second best player and also removes davis their best defender and best blocker. i am sorry. i have seen my ways. my eyes are now open on scotts crappy coaching abilities

  720. Edited.

  721. In BS mind that’s enough to start him over Lin…smh. I just can’t understand these people, it seems their mind is so narrow.

  722. Lin got the steal that started it off too

  723. Nope. No one thinks it’s a big deal that Scott benched Lin and went with a no point guard offense for the last 3 minutes.

    It is NOT going to be a big talking point as a reason for the Lakers’ loss.

  724. Never been a good coach….only fool to want lakers job

  725. They are scrambling to produce a narrative/reason right now.

  726. Every game is a deja vu. Rotations are predictable. Lin’s minutes are predictable. How the games end are predictable. I suppose it’s still better than McHale yo-yoing Lin’s minutes, but I’m starting to wonder if there is anything to look forward to this season.

  727. I don’t care.. but if you say Patrick Beverley is a BETTER PLAYER THAN JEREMY, you deserve more than a slap on the wrist.

  728. raw potatoes are an improvement over stale yam

  729. Why not…ignoring it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. smh

  730. In danger of losing the game just to suck up to the superstar!?? That’s not a coach!

  731. Its really stupid move from Scott, and not understanding the rotations and closing games

  732. So far interviews have been Scott, Kobe, Davis now

  733. Unfortunately, that wasn’t because Lin played more.

  734. lol who said that

  735. Look, Scott isn’t part of a tanking scheme, he isn’t out to make Kobe the star of the show, he doesn’t own stock in the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    Today’s loss came down to incompetency. Incompetent coaching tonight. Bad coaching.

    Let’s just call it what it is.

  736. i think even BS is starting to see how atrocious of an NBA player price is though, thats why he didn’t replace Lin with him…if they had a competent backup…

  737. A Kobe injury. I said it.

  738. Bad coaching every game, in the second half in particular

  739. What ever it was…..Lin got a DD and move on

  740. I thought it. Didn’t want to say it.

  741. LOL

  742. lakers suck, coaching sucks, this is definitely not a tanking a job…they just suck

  743. Yes there is one thing to look forward to…Lin getting most of the Player of Game nominations from the Laker fans!

  744. BS graduated from the “In-game adjustments are overrated” School of Basketball.

  745. Old Kobe will be the villain we all hate

  746. I could see how frustrated they were in the post game interview, so were the fans. Cuz they were able 2 take the win..

  747. Nah, team is salvageable, coach is not.

  748. Here’s where I would defend Price’s mediocrity. As mediocre he may be as a point guard, he still is a point guard, and the Lakers needed A point guard out there. If Scott was going to bench Lin, he should have put in Price.

  749. takes a big man to admits the error of his ways… lol

  750. who made bonehead plays. lol i don’t even remember the last 4 minutes i was so pissed lin was out can some tell me who made bonehead plays

  751. …so he can get a great contract offer from another team who plays team ball.

  752. Hmmmmm I don’t wish that to happen to anyone, at the end it’s just a game right? Hope he stays healthy.

  753. kobe wasn’t the issue scott forced him to play iso

  754. part of the bad coaching – to re-post a comment psalm234 made a few days ago:

    “I read Voulgaris (professional gambler) bio on how he used to make money so easily in Vegas off NBA games.
    He said he liked BScott since he was so predictable. So expect BScott to be very slow to any changes. He likes predictability (even if it means losing)”

    A poster below called BS “stubborn”. Stubborn/predictable…not a guy who can create in the flow of the game.

  755. There’s no such thing as jumping off a burning boat too soon…

  756. Price can’t facilitate, he just hands the ball over to Kobe, any position can do that

  757. That’s the PC thing to say, of course. But, c’mon, everyone thinks about it, but feels bad about thinking it.

    Just own up to it man, and be honest.

  758. Team is ok. Give this team to a competent coach who is not afraid to reel in shot hoggers and manage minutes well.

  759. What was the score when Lin left the floor?

  760. lol my behind got a little burned I’m at thee hospital for a few weeks

  761. Definitely not hating him, but just don’t like his plays

  762. I wasn’t sure about the team in the beginning, but now I would agree with that.

  763. up by 1 or two

  764. It begins the blame game

  765. i agree here. Kobe wasn’t the problem in this game. He actually played well and didn’t ball hog most of the game. I put this loss squarely on BS’s shoulders.

  766. One has to FORCE Kobe to play ISO? It’d be like having to FORCE Garfield to eat lasagna. LOL

  767. scott found a way lol he is genius

  768. [MIN 112-115]

  769. He is playing both sides of the fence with Jeremy watch you’ll see

  770. OK…

  771. Thanks…

  772. As I said below they are lighting that fuse with the Jeremy blame…look for cues “in control” not too fast” “not making the homerun play”

  773. It does not matter anymore at this point. I officially gave up this team…

  774. they couldn’t be, happened once or twice the whole game

  775. Even MDA can actually salvage this team. If you give this team to someone like Hornacek or Carlisle, expect a complete overhaul.

  776. It’s like saying the two free throws that Lin missed in a previous game cost them the win. Maybe he is satisfied with showing a rookie Wiggins he can still pump fake him into the air to get a foul, cause that is the point of playing in the NBA, to show up your man. Not to win games. ( ̄ー ̄)…now about those McFlurries…

  777. I got to agree with this

  778. So mad….no other pg goes through this no other

  779. I think they really are tying to tank.

  780. unless a new coach

  781. agreed…. I also gave up on the lakers… but still definitely believe in Jlin…. just keep getting DD, you will be fine J.

  782. Young interview – He says they have to stick with one thing… whatever that means.

  783. I feel they want to keep Lin. But if they can devalue him slightly then they have more money to sign others.

  784. even worse lol

  785. No Lin’s interview yet?

  786. Toronto next will be another butt kicking … Jeremy needs to go off on Lowry

  787. 1) he’d be an upgrade over jameer and Felton, and the mavs are a pick and roll/pop heavy team, it would be a good fit (if the money works out)

  788. Not any coach. Need a coach that trust him. Does not have to give him the ball, but has to trust him

  789. Jeremy’s post game interview NOW

  790. Now, I starting to doubt if they can win 20 games!

  791. Let me know if he says bonehead

  792. I just don’t think any professional coach can be this incompetent. So it must be on purpose.

  793. Perhaps not so much devaluing, but definitely putting a lid on it so it doesn’t fly off the charts. Theory makes business sense.

  794. Price can’t playmake, having him on court is like not having a PG, makes no difference what so ever!

  795. If they play like this….They will win about 11 games I think…

  796. Jeremy interview – consistently bring energy and focus is something they can do but what they have not done

  797. BS obviously not sold on kobe becoming team player; makes you wonder about his agenda.

  798. I don’t think Nick got Iggy the seats. I think Iggy got Iggy the seats. She’s more famous than him.

  799. Have yet to hear one question or comment about Lin being benched in the 4th; have been watching post-game

  800. Defense and keep on attacking on offense by playing coach Jeremy…

  801. Keith Smart, Kevin McHale…

  802. Defense was not there at all!

  803. not going to hear it, because no one except Lin fans think it was a big deal.

  804. They might not give him the chance

  805. You are still too high! With BS continues to be the coach, then 3-79. He wants to tank the team on purpose.

  806. sadly yes.
    Byron Scott turned out to be a disappointment.
    Tanking or not, he chose to lose by not playing Lin and Davis at crunch time.

  807. Nash saw the writing and booked it

  808. I have one more game to go to on Sun.
    I guess it will be bad, too, since Raptors are pretty good this season, right?

  809. save the best for last.. 🙂

  810. Lin just needs to play well…thats all that matters

  811. That’s what is so odd. Lin is in the gray area everywhere he goes so they treat him accordingly… as second class

  812. Lin plays well, everything else doesn’t matter

  813. I can hear all the yams weeping now = =.

  814. Toronto is a very good team

  815. Jeremy Lin’s highlights

  816. I guess they mean that last drawn up play, the 2 missed FTs, Kobe’s earlier missed 1 FT, and if you want to blame JLin for that charge … I thought it was aggressive and right into Hill for the dunk. It’s about as boneheaded as a missed 3.

  817. Wish I was in LA, time for an In-n-Out Double-Double!!!

  818. Lin would have just stood in corner while Kobe took the shots anyway. So, whether Lin was in the game or a fire hydrant was in the game for Kobe to piss on, what’s the difference?

  819. Sorry for you to watch all these stunts that were done by BS. Yep, it will be a blow out game. Just hope that JLin will continue to do well.

  820. If he keeps putting up numbers someone will take notice

  821. Where is George Karl?!?

  822. Not gonna happen, like PFV said. A bad clock is correct twice a day.

  823. Raptors is #1 in the East (13-3)

    Expect a similar game to Memphis, maybe worse if defense it like tonight
    Just hope for a good performance by Lin

  824. In the bathroom. He laughed so hard he threw up.

  825. LOL

  826. I just meant tonight, no one in the media thinks that it was a big deal that Lin got benched at the end of the game. So, no one is going to question Scott about the move.

  827. Wes Johnson interview – lack of focus; back door cuts, easy transition buckets.

  828. He laughed so hard he almost choked on his reheated turkey and pie

  829. You must have had fun watching Lin’s double double in 29:30mins. Almost as good as a 3D off the bench last year.

  830. Seems like a coaching problem

  831. Defense was right there…on the bench.

  832. Ido Amir‏@IdoAmir
    I’m going to KEEP ASKING: WHY WAS LIN BENCHED with a DBL DBL in the MONEY TIME? @JamesWorthy42 @coachdavemiller @JeanieBuss @Lakers

    I like that Ido tweets to JeanieBuss.

  833. He could have somehow got a loose ball and somehow the ball would slipped from his hands and went into the hoop. 2 more points.

  834. and to think lakers was favored in that game

  835. He probably ate those cold..

  836. And that might be the par for the course for Awhile….it will change as Kobe % go down and Jeremy numbers stay up

  837. But if hill nor Davis is not in we must think Wesley will grab all the rebounds

  838. Turkey warmed up by LaVine’s shooting.

  839. to be honest, I really never thought or wanted Kobe to be injured, but I always wish Lin will force Kobe to willingly step down and let Lin take over the game!

  840. Nah…what rebound? LOL

  841. Lin just had post game interview. Hes got good stats, but cant hear any joyfulness fm his voice at all. He said defense is def the main job they gotta work it on now, they’ll focus on the next gm 2 the Raptors. They r the top in the East conf.

  842. This game reminds me of how I felt the first season with the Rockets when Lin got benched for Toney Douglas in OT against the Blazers. The Blazers won the game, of course. And ironically, in that game, Lin also had a double-double before getting benched.

  843. Worthy pointed out JLin was on the bench for 9 minutes down the stretch calling out BS to not force feed certain players and leave Lin on the floor more!! Seriously Worthy would make a better coach than BS right now!! Even someone like Kenny Smith would make a great coach for the Lakers!

  844. M…..

  845. Worthy spoke. Said Lin distributing and playing well and sat for 9 minutes but got a double double. Said should look to see that Lin is on the floor as he has been playing well. Said that they get out of control when they keep force-feeding certain people.

  846. Speak the truth, James Worthy! Lol.

  847. still don’t make sense

  848. Only if. =( For once, I want to see a close Laker game NOT end with 50 Kobe isos. I’m not even saying give it to Lin, as they should. Simply, they are not making playoffs. They are probably not going to win. So, why don’t they try running a play in crunch time for once?

  849. Worthy to listen to

  850. definitely worth the money. lol.

  851. Young says Lakers turned away from what had them winning in 1st half: "Somehow we started playing too fast & it just didn't feel right."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 29, 2014

    Looks like he’s blaming someone..

  852. With BS, he is really like his initial indicates. BS is worse than McHale.

  853. too bad he’s not HC

  854. Thanks for pointing this out. Scott may have seen this and gotten scared because he was desperate to win. Doesn’t make him a good coach or the right thing to do.

  855. Worthy sees how much of an impact Lin can be. I think he likes Lin’s game while knowing Lin hasn’t reached his potential and will improve in many areas.

  856. Jeremy had an offensive foul with 4-1/2 min left and then missed a 3, so the press might not totally rag about him coming out…even though considering how well he played tonight plus that it left the team with no PG on the floor it was a BAD coaching decision. They might not YET be entirely piling on BS, but they’re not going to pile on Jeremy either.

  857. Worthy just said Lin was benched 4 9 min. he played VERY VERY well 4 his double-double. Scott’s better gotta take a close look at this.. Like Worthy’s comment.. 🙂

  858. That was only 1 foul by a flopping player and that 3 was a wide open shot with great passing, Lin just missed!

  859. put bigs in like idk davis which slows things down maybe. idk jus saying

  860. Not quite but getting there. McHale still current title holder of the 0.9s loss, give credit where it’s due. LOL

  861. Maybe he should talk to Byron. I noticed LIn is playing more aggressively and looking to score as well as distribute for a few games now. I wonder if Worthy talked to Lin. I know Green said he talked to him.

  862. why is JLinNation justifying Scott’s benching of Lin???

  863. I love how Worthy STILL pointed out the lack of use of Lin. Before it was put the ball in Lin’s hands more and let him set up plays and now it is he should be on the floor more. At least someone said something.

  864. not yet but close.

  865. No Lakers were leading 115-112.

  866. BSNation?

  867. Let’s say this. YES….that charge was a bad TOV. Not the worst Lin had tho. But the “solution” was to put out a worse lineup with a worst play of the game? I would rather see Ellington taking that shot.

  868. Worthy doesn’t like ISO play old ISO play at that…Scott was the only coach willing to lose with a chucking Kobe

  869. Not true, I don’t think laker fans are blind to not see how well Lin did in the first 3 qts. People must be smoking something if they think Lin is not important for the team in crunch time especially when he just got double-double!

  870. Raptors are way better than the Lakers but DeRozen may be injured. Still, they are good. Lin plays Lowry OK and Lowry respects Lin’s game, but it is another tough assignment for Jeremy.

  871. Yeah, Green said he told him to be aggressive. Seems he became even moreso after Scott said they want Lin to be more of a combo-guard

  872. You know JLinNation is owned by a poster at the dot net site? I remember he started as a Lin hater then changed his tone gradually.

  873. Lin’s comments post-game …

  874. Those are facts no doubt but from a grant scheme of things, it just doesnt make sense

  875. Showtime was not about ISO tho…LOL

  876. LOL

  877. Yes bad TO but didn’t break the back of the team…Kobe does that all by himself

  878. Showtime was run by a POINT GUARD!

  879. Exactly…and at a higher pace.

  880. Look, forgetting the results and the benching, it was good to see Lin and Davis connect on a good PnR and Lin now has exploited Wes’s athleticism with 2 big perfect passes to him to display it. A Lin to Wes connection will be wonderful if they can get it going. Wes doesn’t seem like the most confident guy in the world and you can tell he enjoyed those dunks.

  881. Exactly seeing Johnson get that alley brought him back memories

  882. and Lin also fed Nick Young for that jam. So he was still orchestrating the offense despite being over-aggressive on the offensive foul.

    I guess BScott got burned for not trusting Lin to run the offense. Without Lin as the PG, Nick Young and Kobe offense stagnated.

  883. This is true…..

  884. kobe fumbles a fast break from Lin, 2 missed FTs, missed final shot. Ok, you have it Kobe. Lost.

  885. Agreed. Lin is slowly gaining teammates’ trust, while BS is quickly losing it.

  886. They can get 1-2 lobs a game

  887. Lin had played very well…the foul and the missed 3 with 4-1/2 min still to play and the Lakers still up by 3 isn’t enough to pull him and put NO pg on the floor. I’m not so sure he wasn’t trusting Lin but that he had some other boneheaded idea. Like it’s Kobe time and he can pg himself, plus a poster below thought Ellington for defensive purposes. BS being thick.

  888. Last play was simply just ridiculous. Kobe took the shot that the whole MIN team wanted him to take…

  889. Wes Johnson may become the Steve Novak for this team – the scrubby guy elevated by JLin’s playmaking magic.

  890. yes, Lin-Wes developing connection is great to see.

    Despite BScott’s blunder, Lin has played ultra-aggressive. It might not be perfect but he got the offense running with easy opportunities for his teammates.

    Kobe on the other hand is running out of gas and misfiring. He just didn’t his legs out there.
    Maybe that’s the urgency to break MJ’s record sooner than later. Time is ticking

  891. Yep, I thought he’d at least go for a two-pointer. But, nope…

  892. More like Fields. Ellington is closest to Novak but he doesn’t shoot the 3 as well but has better off-ball movement.

  893. Sometimes an NBA team is just better off without a coach…

  894. well, more like Landry Fields to slash-and-drive .. or super-athletic Novak who can dunk :]
    Shump maybe

  895. No way…Novak was way smarter.

  896. I think both BS and Kobe are starting to feel uneasy because Lin is starting to win over the respect of his other teammates. I saw Wes Johnson actively looking to pass Lin the ball which surely did not happen in the start of the season.

  897. My long term concern about the benching is if it becomes a trend, and/or it shows Scott’s lack of trust in JLin, something we’ll see throughout the season. We saw this happen with McHale for the past two seasons.

    With that said, I don’t get the sense that Scott sees Lin as a liability long term. He just thought Lin was out of control in this particular game.

    I hope.

  898. and that massive alley oop!

  899. Main comparison is the being elevated part, not the type of play part.

  900. He seems to be looking for his team mates more and having less bouts of tunnel vision. Kobe’s legs aren’t there anymore. I don’t know if he can build them up or he has too much mileage and age on them. He seems aware of it though.

  901. He has not been joyful in postgame interviews at all…and especially when he has a great night, gets pulled in the crunch and they lose by one stupid point. Tiring, deflating. But…he is a WARRIOR.

  902. The foul and TO were one play but appear as two line items. And then he missed a 3. So what?

  903. Here is my speculation. Scott had planned to increase Lin’s PT from 30min to 35min per game, depending on the scores entering the final minutes—-if leading then Lin sits. That’s why Lin played the whole 3rd quarter.

  904. Agree. Seems more like a last ditch desperation move because everyone expected a win against this team, if anything, but now the Lakers’ record is worse than the Timberwolves. Yikes.

  905. Scott says different things all of the time, though. Mostly, Scott doesn’t seem to have much of a clue on how to run a modern NBA offense.

  906. What good will it bring? if he arrange it like this?

  907. Matters to Lin, he hates losing yet he’s on a tanking team.

  908. In this game, he didn’t have the lift that he got in the first few games.
    So even with some rest, he’s not recovering well. If I were Kobe or BScott, I’ll be really concerned

  909. The only thing not predictable about Scott is what comes out of his mouth. All over the place.

  910. Who doesn’t miss wide open shot? Lin was still 8/15 after that missed shot!

  911. True. Simply put.

  912. Out of the reason of respect alone….he should not have benched his starting PG in that situation. It is not like he played really bad D.

  913. I agree. It was a desperation move that backfired big time.

    You win with Lin, Byron! Don’t you know?

  914. He was fine the first one and half quarter. I’m glad that he didnt go iso. Still I’m fine with Kobe’s game today, and little more rest and starting Lin a little earlier to cover for Kobe would have helped

  915. Is this another depressed post-game interview?

  916. oh yeah :> more so on Wes part, I think ..
    Man, I wish we could have Novak here in the Lakers team

  917. Exactly, Kobe can chuck 5 missed shots down the stretch, yet Lin can’t even have one charge foul and 1 wide open missed shot?!!

  918. I didn’t agree with the move. But, I just don’t think it means Scott is turning into McHale. At least not yet.

  919. No, not that depressing. Guess Lin is getting used to it.

  920. Increase the chance of winning by playing Lin more in the 3rd quarter, and get more approval from Kobe by feeding him more during the crunch time if the game is winnable.

  921. so Kobe can be the hero in crunch time?
    It looked very silly since MIN expected it to happen.
    2 missing FTs were so bad

  922. He is much better than McHale. McHale is just having a better group of players.

  923. Yeah, I saw that, too. Even that reverse dunk was kind of a lame dunk, really soft. Kobe didn’t have enough power to truly dunk the ball hard.

  924. More like BS being stupid. 1 bad play and a missed 3 by Lin, instead of calling time out he just pulls Lin for Ellington?!! Not to mention that missed 3 was from great ball movement!

  925. The way they are playing. It has to be a blowout at the end of the 3rd Q for them to win…lol

  926. Yup, I agree with that.

  927. This is how LAL won their wins, I think

  928. Not sure….lol….a distant memory…

  929. Scott brought Lin in the fourth with 6 min left and then benched him less than 2 1/2 min later. Because of a charge and a missed 3? That’s ridiculous.

  930. I loved the loss because Lin was benched. Same feeling as when HOU lost PO game to Portland to be 1 and out.

  931. Can we please have Worthy as Lakers HC instead? That guy always know what he’s talking about, points out dumb coaching by Scott, and ball hog by Kobe!

  932. Lin seems pretty focused to me tho……IDK…maybe just me….

  933. LOL, PFV says JLin out for Ellington on Mo, but Mo scored 5 pts from then on. And, Wolves outscored 8-4 without offense.

  934. I did not check…But I bet Kobe shoots less than 20% on a pull up contested 3 from the top of the key. Simply not his shot to take.

  935. Lin had a great game. The benching just took some luster off of what Lin accomplished tonight. Instead of talking about his great game, we’re all bashing Scott for his benching of Lin.

  936. I was very angry when Lin had to sit through the final minutes. But after cooling down and reading some insightful comments here, I thought assistant coach Scott might be forced to come up with such a lame plan.

  937. Yeah, he know this is a winnable game and wanted to be aggressive thru out the game

  938. I wasn’t gonna watch until you made this comment, ’cause it really pains me to see him down. Always very happy when he does not blame himself particularly. Do miss his smiles…

  939. Ronnie is a good shooter? Did I hear wrongly? Compared to me yes he is a fabulous shooter….

  940. Because Lin was obviously one the the players played without focus per Scott

  941. word!

  942. The fact that he increased the pace said that…

  943. the lakers will lose a lot this year. so my only focus is how lin plays

  944. BS just needs someone or something to blame for the lose everyone but himself. Of course his boss Kobe can’t be the one was wrong either.

  945. Tonight would’ve been a good night for Byron to say “this one’s on me”. Instead it was more “boneheaded plays” by guys “not ready to play”.
    1:36am – 29 Nov 14

    -Darius Soriano..

  946. with no merit behind it at all…

  947. meant Ellington

  948. yeah, he said that. Sometimes I think PFV says things to smooth out the listener. We don’t need the speed bumps – we can go faster 🙂

  949. Lin really wasted some great fast breaks this game, wish he either took it to the rim himself or passed it earlier.

  950. no, he was saying Price should have been in instead of Ellington for the shooting, so he concludes it was for Ellington’s length.

  951. Yeah he must have meant Ellington 😛

  952. That’s like saying that a ball is better than a brick because it’s round.


  953. nope, see below. You can listen to it again.

  954. yeah….I guess he should have…

  955. Do I have to = =….

  956. He flipflops.

  957. still it didn’t matter. it happens

  958. the guy had a DD. stop tiger-momming Lin! lol.

  959. TOV to Kobe with LeVine coming up, yep take it all the way.
    TOV by kobe was all kobe fumbling it.

  960. nope, you can trust me, I’m in your team.

  961. I know…right? LOL

  962. In other words, Lin don’t pass to Kobe on fast breaks when you have 2 other guys.

  963. What happened??!? Finished meeting with my client, and I find lakers lose by 1 pts?!? why lose it to rookie team?!?

  964. because Lin sucks…..had 20 TOVs and was not focused

  965. exactly, and Scott so earnestly drew it up in NBA feed!

  966. I give you three guesses.

  967. take it home, you can climb the ladder on one guy easily or scoop at the last minute.

  968. Bcoz Lin likes MCFlurry

  969. #hatersgonnahate

  970. It’s still sad to see Lin get great stats yet this team is in shambles ><" How does this team go from playing head to head with the best record, Grizzlies to playing at the worst record level with the TWolves?!

  971. Kobe got mad, BSc panicked.

  972. #trollhard

  973. THis is it!!!! It was all McDonald!!!!

  974. lol Einstein would have no clue

  975. #hatersgonnahate #potatoesgonnapotate #tomatoesgonnatomate #trollsgonnatrollate

  976. You severely underestimated BS’s ability to will his team to losses.
    BS has lost 179 out of 246 games since becoming the head coach of the Cavs.

  977. blamers gonna lose lose lose …

  978. #IJgonnaIJate!

  979. Sigh…looks like Lin will be eating McFlurry again.

  980. ok what ever you do don’t drive today

  981. Are you jinxing all these games? Just kidding. You’re a sweetie.

  982. Yes that’s a symptom of brain leakage. Scott definitely has shown his hand that his mind is playing checkers whiles Lin is playing speed chess.

  983. @#?&zx%÷y
    Lost because Lin played only 29 min?

  984. lol…burp

  985. I would say it’s one of the main reasons. BS is just so good at inventing more ways to lose games.

  986. i just realized boozer played 22 minutes today 21 last game. if he is benched he will barely get 16 minutes a game

  987. LOL, I totally thought LaVine was hot on Lin but I guess I was seeing Lin cover for Kobe:


  988. BS sucks
    Defense sucks
    BS + Defense suck?

  989. #Driversgonnadrive

  990. talk about act like you’ve been there before. a lot of his shots was on ronnie and transition. when lin came back he was hot so it didn’t matter what lin did

  991. This is my recollection of what happened in the last 6 min.

    Kobe/Lin checked in w 6 min left. Hill replaced Davis
    Lin assisted Nick Young on his dunk, got offensive foul being aggressive, missed 3PT.

    Byron panicked, brought Ellington for 3pt shooting.
    Kobe failed to take over. Made 2 shots, missed 3PT, missed 2 FTs, and missed a predictable 3pt shot at end of game.

    In the meantime, MIN outscored LAL 8-4 with layups and easy shots because there was no interior defense.

    So it’s really BScott blunder to:
    1. take out offensive flow by benching Lin plus
    2. take out any defensive presence by benching Davis the rim-protector with an ineffective Hill so LAL gave up easy points

  992. Yeah not his shot, especially if he havent taken one during the game. But thats Kobe. Stil I dont blame hum solely, game should have won much earlier with better D and better defensive plan from Byron on ZL (shootin at 78%)

  993. When a coach starts talking that way, it’s the beginning of the end for Byron Scott.

  994. You found a silver lining for Scott’s decisions.

  995. he panicked like harden when he don’t get fouls

  996. Predictability is a symptom of a weak mind. I’m beginning to believe that Scott should be driving a tractor instead of a f-1 racer like a bball team. His mind is just too slow.

  997. I was so confused by BSc’s decision and then it was fun to cheer against a bad coach and win. That’s just it – if people are boneheads and then call others boneheads, I’m happy to cheer against them.

  998. ya all sound drunk

  999. I disagree.

    The only reason Lin played the entire 3rd was that Price was utterly useless today.

    Scott “made up” for his overplaying of Lin in the 3rd quarter by benching Lin for the 4th.

    Scott was probably told by management to play Lin a minimum of 30 minutes per game, so Scott is REBELLING by playing Lin 29 minutes.

    Had Price not stunk up the game completely, Lin would have not even played the 4th quarter AT ALL.

    Then Lin would’ve played 26 minutes, which is still 26 more minutes than Scott can handle but is close enough to 30 to appease management.

  1000. I figure he had to live with the consequence of bad-decision.
    Bad loss in a winnable game vs the Wolves. Bad execution down the strength repeatedly is the coach’s mistakes for sure.

  1001. Really?! I seriously thought Lin was on LaVine cause he was the only one contesting his shots! So it was Kobe’s fault? Hmm bet BS doesn’t call him out for it!

  1002. LaVine was so frustrating to cheer against … sorta looks like KT too.

  1003. only a drunken understands

  1004. isn’t he always except for one game

  1005. I’d add that Swaggy missed two shots and then fouled with the score tied and only 2 sec left.

  1006. Highlights by footwearfoot

  1007. Who’s KT? Yea LaVine was on fire and showed his potentiall, hard to root for the Lakers who were playing so bad.

  1008. Yeah, that’s what I mean, I was confused and if this article is right, Lin was switching or helping and we just saw him with the challenge. LaVine seems a lot longer than Lin, though.

  1009. will take 3-4 year to be good

  1010. Klay Thompson.

  1011. More like so wrong…not so bad. I can cheer for a bad team…no problem

  1012. gosh, maybe he’s brilliant if he’s being paid to tank idk.

  1013. this lost is on scoot would be funnier if it was him. i blame scott for all of this

  1014. If Byron Scott could, he’d have Ronnie Price as the starting PG and Wayne Ellington as the backup PG while Lin is a DNP CD.

  1015. no more like westbrooke

  1016. PLEASE if someone has the ability to check the game, 4Q Lin turnover on fast break after the steal 3 on 1…..please please watch the clip again, Lin has the ball on fast break, 2 players (Kobe and ???) were running behind Lin and I was like WTF? They were either clueless or gas-less? They were tooooooo slow for Lin on that fast break, pls watch again.

  1017. Yeah, BS thought Kobe would like to play without a PG in the last few minutes of a winnable game, but Kobe disliked losing to nobodies even more, LOL.

  1018. it was lins fault a telegraphed the whole play levine reacted well to where he wanted to pass. anyways 3 tov it didn’t matter

  1019. There’s a problem with predictability and that’s like telling your opponent you’re playbooks and daring them to stop you. That’s why the New England Patriots had spies try to steal other teams signals and plays. Playing sports is like playing music, there’s a reason it’s call playing and not executing. “Play” is creative! That’s why hi tech companies encourage staff to have play time to juice up their creativity.

    The longer that Scott continues on this predictability, the more we must assume that he lacks the creativity to adjust to what the opponents throw at him.

  1020. kobe has to get some control of his anger because I saw him slam the ball down when Lin game him that fast break just out of bounds (Lin TOV), People say don’t get mad, get even. Kobe calm would have been a win.

  1021. kobe can’t dominate anymore. idk why scott plays kobe as iff he is what he was. he can’t for four minutes win a games in the 4th. he is too old. he can make a clutch shot but kobe isn’t that kobe any more.we have lost 4-7 or so games where we was close the offense was handed to kobe to go nowhere

  1022. because Kobe’s anger is in charge.

  1023. Well…what ever it was……I guess always Lin’s fault.

  1024. scott seem to force it kobe played off the ball all game. he tried a two man game with young but it failed.

  1025. hence Kobe’s efficiency tonight. He played well, don’t get me wrong. Just wasn’t going to win it angry.

  1026. Ok, time to rest. Thanks all. I’ve concluded with all the chatter here that LAL are not losing for any bball reasons. They aren’t even losing because of BSc’s coaching or Kobe’s bricking.

    LAL are losing because of Kobe’s emotions being out of control. His anger not managed right.

  1027. Yeah, this game has proved that it is still not enough. Kobe should play off the ball even during the last few minutes.

  1028. hmmm have to give you credit, that’s a good try 🙂 hope you enjoy Lin’s fan site. GN

  1029. This is tanking BS’ record. Now I can fully understand why Lakers is tanking by ignorant.

  1030. at this rate we will win 17 games

  1031. By this rate, I will say ONLY win 3 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1032. possible

  1033. No that’s not the solution, Lin needs a willing KOBE to share the ball and take this team to victory.

    While it is true that Lin maybe able to win some games by himself and turn a few heads, but it is even more true that Lin needs KOBE’s help to turn the national media into Lin fans.

    I am still hopeful that my prediction will come true. KOBE will help lin lead the team when he finally admits that he can achieve his own personal goals as well as ensuring his final positive legacy on the Lakers. In my mind at the beginning of the season, I expected things to be bleeck for the first 20-25 games.

    KOBE is someone who can really help Lin fight the prejudice and racial bias he’s faced forever. As much as Lin needs KOBE to change that bias, Kobe needs Lin to save him from himself.

  1034. LOL Not gloom and doom but being very realistic here. With BS’ view of JLin and KObe, this is the end result. Might get a win here and there by accident because JLin is just too stubborn to have a loss. Since BS doesn’t trust JLin to close the game as he is known as Mr. 4th qtr and Mr. Clutch, we will see JLin’s playtime to be less and less in 4th qtr, well the end result is the same — LOSS.

  1035. I don’t know which is more for me tonight, crying or laughing? Joyce Ward has been right since day one about BS and Kobe. This is what exactly the same way as how the big 3s LBJ, CBosh and DWade were dealt together but the difference was one for the ring and the other for the points and $$$$$$$.

    Kobe said he respected Mr. Scott and Mr. Scott told us he will control and limit Kobe without [email protected]$%#. Mitch and the Busses bought it and they agree to pay even with so much of skeptical. As the season gone by, everything happened so far was totally opposite. BS and Kobe are the same. They work together to protect their own interest such as Kobe’s legacy and BS big contract even if he’s fired.

  1036. Well, the 2014-15 record hasn’t been updated to include tonight’s loss.
    3-13 would drop the winning % to a blistering 18.8% i.e. 0.188 LOL.

  1037. Price 0 point and he keeps playing for Lin min. Ed Davis 3 for 3 and 10 rebound but still fighting for his. SMH

  1038. Actually, I don’t see today’s game as a Kobe loss.

    I see it strictly as a Scott loss.

  1039. There was NOTHING WRONG with Kobe Bryant this game.

    He played well and was a team player.

    The problem was Scott and his poor handling of Lin.

  1040. Which is why BS finally gave up on Price, notice he’s playing Ellington more over Price instead of playing Clarkson who’s also playing in D league.

  1041. As I wrote just now, BS does not care whom, he needs someone to replace Lin so Kobe can have 100% of ball controlling in crunch time.

  1042. at this rate lin will average around 15 ppg with a high efficiency rating. ill take it atleast people can’t say lins minutes made his stats

  1043. Wow. Generally, teams that defend well, do well. For a coach who everyone says preaches defense to have a record like this, either all of the players he coached didn’t understand, listen and/or lacked focus, or it’s him. Clearly, it’s him.

  1044. OUCH!

  1045. So much for the hype of BS being a defensive coach! It’s just all talk!

  1046. That’s the only thing we can smile with but with this rate of losing, it might not be good for our health. smh

  1047. lol it don’t matter to me. lin is still developing so I’m happy

  1048. I liked the floater Lin thrown up…good arc….nice 2 pts

  1049. I hope you prepare for the worst, by May and playoff excitement without Lin and the Lakers in it? I hope you like baseball. lol

  1050. Awesome highlights by footwearfoot, includes a lot of non box score plays.

    Another up and under reverse layup, beautiful!
    I like how Lin pulls the fast trigger on the 3s if he has daylight.
    Liked the left hand layup driving from the right side. I haven’t seen that one by Lin before. It’s nice to change things up, then the defender can’t predict.

    Too bad the game ended with Lin being benched with a Lakers lead. Some coaches just don’t learn.

  1051. lol yea . but it is what it is. offseason will be interesting for lin

  1052. Lin, if you read this please do not try the alley-hoop with Kobe, he can’t jump that high anymore. In other word TO for you.

  1053. And for the record. I hate floaters…

  1054. why what they do to you

  1055. I rather he does not read us at all. LOL Just go eat some McFlurrys

  1056. lakers got bs’d today

  1057. Look out for that mcflurry belly soon

  1058. Even D-Rose floaters..? They so purdee.

  1059. All about %age of the type of the shot.

  1060. Any clips of worthy post game talking about Lins 4th quarter mins?

  1061. I should be precise. I meant one footed floater.

  1062. The Price was right for a bounce back to a nothing Price game…the bench needed the 11 pts from BS’s man but got none.

  1063. why is it off balance

  1064. I used to love a soda float with ice cream. Don’t see them around anymore.

  1065. %age is too low to justify the use of it. I think it is less than 40% for 3-9ft from the rim. It just looks better.

  1066. Novak can dunk. He just chooses not to. =)

  1067. Nah, he is still under the calories, its burns out fast

  1068. #BrentgonnaBrentate

  1069. that’s impressive .. for finding Novak’s dunk :>

  1070. Nick Young: "We should have stayed with what we [were] doing when we [were] winning." http://t.co/Xo4sygHMWM— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 29, 2014

  1071. so viatish

  1072. So Nick Young was the one who messed it up?

  1073. I believe he was receiving the 11th assist from Lin for his dunk then another Kobe’s assist before Lin got benched with 3:45 left.

    When Lin left, Lakers were winning (115-112)

  1074. if they are not ready to play… uh it is on him. that is one of his biggest jobs as the head coach prepare your team mentally and physically for the game ahead. BS failed. EOM.

  1075. “Last 3 minutes should have stuck with one thing”

  1076. And plus you have teammates around to clean things up even if you do miss

  1077. Kobe could not elevate that late in the game lol

  1078. KHuang, as a musician, you definitely know on a jazz ensemble when a respected leading person loses their cool how mess up everyone else plays. Just no flow in the music, and I’m not even a singer 🙂

  1079. he might have kept it up with Lin … anyway glad his efficiency is up and he still got his points. Proof Lin leading is good for LAL. Just not sure if all 5 positions can play well on O and D etc etc.

  1080. It’s fine we can all go root for the Spurs or Warriors for finals. Lakers are hopeless they’d have a chance at playoffs if they were in the eastern conference.

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