Game 16: Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers: Jeremy Lin Reached 5000-Point Milestone


  1. No. 1 Lin fan.

  2. This game is significant in that this is the arena where Lin had his patellar rupture injury. So at least for me there’s something psychological in Lin getting through this game uninjured. Especially when the Hawks are playing on the same basket. I hope he has a good game. I’ll breathe easier when it’s over and he’s fine physically.

  3. Pacers’ Victor Oladipo: Questionable with sore knee

    Oladipo is listed as questionable for Saturday’s game against Atlanta due to a sore right knee.

    This is the first we’ve heard of the injury, which likely occurred during Friday’s game against Miami, in which Oladipo was held to just eight points on 3-of-12 shooting. The hope is that he’ll be able to take the court Saturday, but it’s possible the Pacers could exercise caution against an inferior opponent on the second night of a back-to-back.

  4. LO, only no. 1 for this thread:-)

  5. Looks like Lin will get to play with Collins and Dedmon more tonight, since they’ll be in the 2nd unit.

  6. Geez, Trae bricking everything… already 0-3.

  7. Hawks shooting 14%, 2 for 14 to start the game. Awful.

  8. Lin already in.

  9. And works a nice PnR with Dedmon.

  10. Yeah, nice pass from Lin.

  11. stream?

  12. Lin out. Made some good passes, but the last possession, he should’ve just done a layup instead of shovel passing the ball to guys already being covered in the paint.

  13. 0 attempts, he deserved to get pulled.

  14. Back to passive Lin again. *sigh*

  15. Collins is very rusty. He has butter fingers tonight and seems shaky.

  16. I thought he was alright as he looked to make plays and get his touches. Passed up a shot but otherwise, ok.

  17. not if he wants to play minutes.

  18. He passed up a 3-pointer too, on top of the layup. Passive Lin has returned.

  19. Heurter and Trae jacking up shots (1-4 each), while Lin defers. Got pulled by Pierce because of it.

  20. That’s true. Passed to Collins. Probably looked to get him in the play.

  21. Don’t think that’s why.
    LP is not trying to win

  22. Stop using tanking as an excuse for Lin’s passive play. Pierce gives Lin extra, extended minutes when Lin plays aggressively.

  23. Nah back to 4mins a strong.. Smh

  24. Lin back in.

  25. ‘Cause Young is in foul trouble.

  26. behine the back dribble off almost cause tov

  27. And Lin messes up his dribbling, leading to a rushed, bad shot.

  28. true

  29. his behind the back dribble is horrible.

  30. Almost.

  31. since the injury. it was fine before

  32. It’s not horrible. It’s actually pretty good. Not elite level good, but above average good. He messed up the last possession though.

  33. no not really, he never can clear his back and his behind the back dribble, his body ends up being 45 degrees cause he has to turn to reach for the ball. He might as well do a between the leg dribble to cross over. quicker and can still move forward.

  34. Lin 3,

  35. Tsk tsk, How did Lin lose the ball at the end, good thing he got it back. Need to be more decisive should’ve taken a 3.

  36. Some things aren’t the same, Lin can’t seem to jump as high and gets stuck when driving.

  37. Baze passed it literally to everyone except Lin.

  38. Not finding him a high IQ player.

  39. Well, at least Lin’s leading this unit to getting a nice lead on Pacers so far.

  40. Collins racking up dem foul shots.

  41. It never mattered. Lin had efficent games and didnt get to play extended mins (charlotte?)
    We can keep telling us Lin being passive is why but in reality LP has never been consistent so Lin’s minutes is not entirely decided by his performance

  42. Hawks are lucky Pacers have gone ice cold in shooting.

    Lin is +7 so far.

  43. Rooting for Pacers now like LP is too

  44. Wow, Vince hit a long 3.

  45. Naruto run…after 3’s.

  46. No Oladipo, Hawks need to take this win. Good to have Dedmon and Collins back.

  47. Gonna be shocker if JLIN sees lots of time 2nd half, if this stays close then Pierce will want to see Trae get the win

  48. Trae wastes a dozen posessions a game.

    JLIN out and there goes the lead

  49. Annnnnd… Pacers wipe out the lead Lin and his unit got for the Hawks.

  50. 9-0 run with Trae out there.

  51. Trae is not a super star like Vince or AI were when they were rookie
    This guy is second tier

  52. Trae aint ready yet. Let the guy learn from the bench. It worked for Kobe and Harden

  53. But JLIN is so so so “passive” … regardless JLIN is TOO dangerous of a weapon on a team that holds other issues as higher priorities than WINNING because even a “passive” JLIN wins.

  54. he came in and got lost on defense two possessions in a row plus a tov

  55. No “D” Trae.

  56. he’s not even ready on the offensive end either
    the hawks are gonna make him irrelevant in a few years

  57. Lin back in.

  58. collins not playing well. tov and over aggressiveness

  59. Collins is rustier than the tin man

  60. Very rusty.

  61. he is being passive as in scoring. not sure if it’s mental because it’s the place he was injured. Didn’t go for the layup and dumped it when he had that look. Maybe didn’t want body contact?

  62. It’s his first game of the season. Scored 8 points, 2 for 5.

  63. Collins trash

  64. Come on Lin stop be passive take some shots!

  65. At some point all of you need to understand why you see this pattern of “passivity” in game after game early then late in games JLIN is aggressive, WHY WHY WHY?

  66. Lead gone, Lin needs to start taking shots cause his teammates aren’t making them.

  67. I’m not arguing about him being passive, I think he is too passive when it comes to offense.

  68. Ok, Lin has the lead back.

  69. Another rare JLIN closing the first half

  70. 222222

  71. Seems Lin is getting more playing time.

  72. A little scary looking. Nice drive.

  73. Wow, beautiful pass from Lin to Bembry for the emphatic dunk!

  74. maybe that is the mental icebreaker he needed. heck maybe for us all. Go LIN!

  75. Great execution to close the 1st half led by General Lin!

  76. Not gonna lie, I was cringing when Lin drove in that hard for that drive.

  77. yea. full speed lin

  78. Perhaps, perhaps Pierce is finally getting tired of being EMBARRASSED time and again.

    Let’s see how Pierce plays 2nd half

  79. Overall, he’s been better. Still a bit shot shy, but more active on offense.

  80. Nice drive by Lin from full court, would like to see some 3s soon. I’m very happy, this team and substitution between Lin and Trae with Collins back means Hawks want to win!

    Trae was confused why he kept getting subbed LMAO, cause coach wants to win!

  81. Lin helped get the lead back again… the lead Trae and his unit gave up.

    Lin is +14 at halftime.

  82. First quarter, Lin was deferring and passive. 2nd quarter, he flipped the switch and got aggressive.

  83. The mental icebreaker comes in the 2nd half when the Coaching staff allows JLIN to run the team in a blowout, the way JLIN wants to run the team.

  84. Hey smart one, did you even bother watching the game? Lin was running the team the way Lin wants to… the whole game. He flipped the switch and got aggressive in 2nd quarter.

  85. getting hit hard while driving to the rim that fast and falling…have to start fully trusting the recovery and work he put in to trust his body again and play all out.

  86. The JLIN layup drive has an alternate reason — and that is JLIN was going for a 2 for 1 with the half running down.

    He was forced by circumstance to be “aggressive”, had he not had the time pressure you all would have been still screaming “passive”

  87. Read what I wrote up top genius

  88. all the rookies have negative plus/minus

  89. I did and you’re still wrong, genius.

  90. i guess lp dont wanna go 3-78

  91. don’t be so sure yet

  92. what development?? trea is getting worse

  93. This is a very winnable game. Pacers are on a back to back and Oladipo is injured.

  94. The kid’s confidence is taking a hit every game; his free throw shots even look shaky

  95. anyone notice lins defense is contiguous. why?? because they dont have to cover treas defense. lin has his man and will help you

  96. That’s going to happen with a rookie. He’ll need to up his game for the NBA.

  97. It’s contagious only because Lin helps in the paint and rotates to the open man. Trae doesn’t even cover his own man. His lack of effort on D is what got Trae pulled. If he put in a little more effort, he would be playing more.

  98. maybe he’s not scoring but the way i saw it, Jeremy isn’t passive but dynamic in playing the right way getting the lead back..time in again, Lin always mentioned his stats is just secondary if winning is at hand.

  99. and he switches everytime. he doesnt even try to stay with his man

  100. Until proven otherwise, 2nd half will still see too much Trae running the offense and JLIN coming in to right the ship — this is a tightrope that Pierce will walk until the final minute.

    Chances are Pacers make a good adjustment and Pierce stays with Trae too long – another few big runs and even JLIN won’t be able to save the game in 2nd half… at least JLIN will get good playing time

  101. Yup, 1 man makes all the difference on D. If 1 guy is slacking or completely missing on D, the other 4 has to work extra hard to cover their own guy and the 1 extra dude on offense.

    Lin hustles, knows the defensive assignments, and makes everyone else’s job easier. They try harder on defense as a result of Lin’s hustle and tenacious D.

  102. Someohow he can handle guarding big men. Sabonis is a hard guy to guard.

  103. my fear too

  104. He is 200+ and 6-3. can defend in the paint because he knows his limits. He’s a smart cerebral, strategic player. Knows what he can do against big centers or Guards. His main strategy is disrupt their rhythm and his size allows him not to be backed down. Defense 101.

  105. agreed

  106. Hows he doing?

  107. but this one if that happened will be on the coaching staff and they can’t deny it anymore!

  108. Lins defense seems even better then before

  109. Very good. Offense is meh, but he’s making good plays and passes (minus 1 time). Defense, same tenacious, great D.

  110. Lin has to get scoring in the 3rd. don’t just try and get others going if he has open lanes and open shots. Needs to create for himself just as much.

  111. That’s usually the 4th Quarter for JLIN but I get your point

  112. Thanks!!

  113. Offense includes assists, so he’s not doing too badly.

  114. Baze with 5 quick points. Pacers look so tired and low energy. So does Trae.

  115. Lin with baze play really well together. they always make the better defensive team for hawks

  116. I don’t see the game. I looked at the box score and Colling is 12 minutes, 12 points and a +/+ of +14. What am I missing? If stats are so important as some here seem to want Jlin to pad his stats, what do these kinds of numbers mean while calling Collins “trash”?

  117. They’re vets and understand how to play the game. Baze doesn’t pass to Lin that much though, but they do play well together.

  118. he is trying a bt too hard sometimes. my guess its because he nows he will get traded. bremby also eats into his minutes

  119. Trae getting destroyed by Collison.

  120. A result of this stupid tanking strategy. Thinking about things other than playing winning basketball

  121. here we go

  122. ANOTHER 10-0 run from Pacers while Trae is out there.

  123. lucky call for trea

  124. Lin in

  125. Hope Lin’s hand is ok

  126. Lin out

  127. Cause he didn’t attempt to score again. 0 attempts in 3rd.

  128. only flaw this game. not taking his shots. everthing else he has been really good

  129. I’d rather see him attempting to score so good things can happen with offensive rebounds and put backs instead of over passing with turnovers. Didn’t press into the paint and did a lazy pass. Might as well attempted the 3 so Dedmon could be there to rebound at least.

  130. Not a good 3rd Q from Lin. Not bad, but not good either.

  131. Needs to get to the FT line. When Lin doesn’t look for his shot, he’s played to pass. Easier to guard.

  132. Here we are again, lost all the lead

  133. they’re not giving much space for Lin to do much

  134. Lin was part of the problem in the 3rd.

  135. not as much as Trae

  136. No more JLIN in the 3rd and here comes the blowout run

  137. agreed lin need to find his space

  138. when ever lin is out its like a flood warning

  139. He wasn’t bad. He didn’t make as many plays as the first half.

  140. Yea, Lin better come in quick if Coach actually wants a win tonight

  141. idk. i dont see 100 percent lin yet. not sure i want him to push it

  142. Gonna be one more game closer to winning the Tank lottery for the Duke players

  143. Big 3 from Vince.

  144. 26-11 after lin sat

  145. not.

  146. Shocked that Trae didn’t take that 40 footer and then gave Vince zero time to put a prayer up

  147. lost totally what to do when his shot were’nt falling…mind seems disturb…

  148. Lin in

  149. coach is really trying the trae experiment even though its a flat negative always

  150. he took 0 shots! You can’t win without scoring.

  151. Bad play by Lin. Take the shot.

  152. Lin right in front of the rim. It’s what happens when you’re not looking for you shot.

  153. 222222222222222

  154. He’ll get pulled with 7minutes left.

  155. Dorsey made all kind of bad decisions out there

  156. Lin out

  157. not good player..playing for himself..

  158. lin is tired

  159. im mad that trea an his unit killed all of our momentum and trying to re built it for the 3rd time is difficult

  160. yeah, just kept wasting possessions

  161. yeah i saw that too shoot it

  162. not taking a shot is a problem???

  163. Well at least Lin came away from this game unhurt.

  164. Really brought down the unit Lin was playing in.

  165. he’s tired playing defense…let trae take the glory after his dirty work

  166. yeah it’s hard when your teamates can’t play

  167. hahaha

  168. also i don’t know why LP gives so much time with huerter todays should know when to play him when off and shouldn’t get to call for his play..

  169. true, Trae’s unit kept giving back momentum to the Pacers so it’s really hard to regain it

    hard to watch a tanking team. Trae’s out there for development. I just don’t want Lin to get hurt. Just shoot 3s and midrange and finish the game

  170. 19 minutes played, 5 shot attempts, tied for 3rd least amount of shots taken.

    No excuses. Lin only had 1 good quarter this game. His defense was very good, but defense doesn’t show up on the scorecard.

  171. If there was just one or two “development” youngsters on this team – this team would be a lot easier to stomach …

    … but with so many “developmental” kids all trying to get their minutes and show off their skills — unbelievably frustrating.

  172. No FTs either. That’s not Lin-like. Lin’s talent is getting to the line.

  173. commentator was asking if one player could get that much freedom to shoot the ball like trae..LOL!!!

  174. Lin usually does what the Coach is asking him to do. He had 0 shots called for him and was not looking for his shot

  175. what is wrong with Trae taking so many looong shots?

  176. he likes to shoot, they said again..LOL (on trae)

  177. at least he shoots the ball.

  178. as you said, Lin was out last year vs the Pacers.
    Perhaps, subconsciously he didn’t want to get too aggressive attacking the rim.

    He lost his footing on the drive then tried to pass out and got stolen. I hope he didn’t force his body driving to the rim

  179. Come on Lin. Get the win now.

  180. Fouls are something Lin can’t control. Refs swallowed their whistles for Lin. Even the Pacers’ homer announcers said that Pacers got away with a foul on Lin.

    What Lin can control is his willingness to shoot and take shots. He’s purposely not shooting and overpassing / deferring. Pierce wants Lin and other players to shoot and take shots when they’re open. Lin refuses.

  181. he does not get separation with any closer shots, and he is not playing off ball to get the catch and shoot

  182. Lin in

  183. if the team loses this game it is the coach’s fault for the most decisions. The team was very good with Lin, benzemore, collins, dedmond and bembry.

  184. Don’t blame JLIN for this impending LOSS – the responsibility as usual is with the ATL organization and Pierchlenk — this game of the last 7 was probably the most winnable.

    They would rather take a loss than sacrifice any development time for these wannabe franchise stars

  185. how man shots does one man have to miss

  186. He had that one hard drive to the rim at the end of the first half, though.

  187. surprise, he drives, looks for his shot and makes it.

  188. I don’t get the offensive foul called on Lin.

  189. ref just went with the momentum of the game

  190. crowd was chanting for Holliday so ref just gave a home call

  191. exactly

  192. i guess , if you re a player playing with him, you don’t mind him taking shot after shot bricking all of it..LOL!

  193. that was BS

  194. no BB iq yet on how to position for a better 3 or shot

  195. Trae is too small

  196. you cant lose momentum that much and think you can win it back. as the offensive foul shows even refs fall for momentum. trea lost the momentum everytime he was in

  197. yep

  198. he’s letting lin close the game, he’s desperate to win now.

  199. the momentum is all on pacers this is a loss

  200. Too late to recover from this game.

  201. 22222222222222222

  202. I don’t think you can dial it down. You play to win, its instinctive and natural. That is why tanking is BS. It is not natural. Why I won’t pay for league pass to watch. Besides, it is more fun to check in here to listen to all the complainers!

  203. That’s it, Lin. Great drive.

  204. too late to recover

  205. not athlelic too and can’t jump high

  206. This coach and Trae are hopeless

  207. I think Lin runs out of energy as the game progresses. He’s getting stronger, but he got tired of running around on defense.

  208. So Pierce walks the Trae – JLIN minutes tightrope and fails

    Asking JLIN to lead recovery from deep holes once, twice, thrice it’s too much to ask

  209. playing defense ware you out. thats why alot(harden) dont play it.

  210. yeah..bazwemore is not a good player..easy to lose composure

  211. With that bucket, Lin ties for team lead in points. Too little too late.

  212. holiday the way he’s playing is a disaster waiting to happen..jumping high without a reason ??

  213. Lin seem to get alot more aggressive in fourth. too bad trea lost it already. next time i hope he scores earlier

  214. Odd, isn’t it funny for the umpteenth game – the “aggressive” JLIN comes out in the 4th Q but was “passive” in Q1-3

  215. he is like 20 so its ok for now

  216. yeah, it’s garbage.

  217. I get the feeling he’s conserving his energy.

  218. 3333333333333333333333333333333333

  219. not garbage — it’s PLANNED

  220. looooooong 3.

  221. Wow, Lin’s must be 3 feet behind the line!

  222. another 3 hehehe

  223. does nothing for the team. Let Trae stay in and collect assists.

  224. injury doesn’t look on age..but his way, his game…

  225. 16 points to lead the Hawks in scoring again. Too bad Lin didn’t want to turn it on in the first and third quarters. Lin played 1 more minute than Trae.

  226. yea true

  227. you’re not afraid of injuries until you’ve experienced a major one.

  228. Lin should’ve really shot more 3s and mid range this game. Did too many drives with misses and he wasn’t getting fouls tonight.

  229. staying true with his progression stat…!

  230. LP needs to start Lin next game….he’s stubborn but he believes in Lin to try to win for him

  231. Who got range? JLin, you got it right!

  232. he gave too many open shots

  233. That’s why LP doesn’t comment on Lin’s performance, because it’s not during game time when it matters.

  234. I agree, he also over helped on defense.

  235. One day perhaps, not only will Pierce be so humiliated that he not only will want to WIN but actually do the right things to get the WIN …

    …. i.e. Coach well, Play the best lineups, run the best plays for players that perform, have accountability on Defense, etc… you know what real coaches do..

  236. ill say this if trea keeps this up he will get benched. i heard the opposing broadcast talk about his shot selection and how he is 27 percent(probably 25 now) from three

  237. they need to get rid of Dorsey and spellman..Huerter need to be traded..LOL

  238. If only he would take those on a regular basis. Need to have confidence in just taking 3s off dribble cause his teammates aren’t passing to him for open ones.

  239. It’s so hard to bench him now, but yes, he should be bench for Lin.

  240. Trae was awful again tonight. 0 for 5 at the 3, 3 for 11 (27.3%) overall. He was the main reason why the Hawks lost, but Hawks also couldn’t buy buckets in the 2nd half. They let a very winnable game get away from them. And no, this isn’t Pierce purposely trying to lose and tank. They wanted to win this game but got outplayed in the 2nd half.

  241. heard that bad for him because the coach has no inkling on what he’s been doing to trae..

  242. Spellman is awful. Huerter can be a great 3 point shooter off the bench.

  243. Jeremy was impressive, most his shots made were all created by himself. No screens or set plays for him at all.

  244. why hard, he already made a showcase that he needs at least be a bench player or developed more on the d_league

  245. They will never bench Trae, that is admitting they were wrong

  246. They benched Trae a lot this game. Only a matter of time.

  247. well if they all let all these rookies be starting five..then it’s going to be a long season for them.

  248. too many play called for his number being a rookie..shouldn’t be playing together with trae

  249. player of the game again haha

  250. Just sit back and watch — Trae’s minutes were “adjusted” but they will start him and play him with the other starters for the entire season

  251. we know to be that kind of persistent..LOL

  252. I’ve noticed, now how about learning to create separation for off dribble 3s like Curry and Thompson? Lin should’ve shot 3s and mid range more when his drives were missing. Just kept driving, bad decision.

  253. It’s exactly why ESPN took off the box score for the game by the 3rd quarter. Didn’t want to expose their narrative that Trae can shoot from anywhere. haha.

  254. that holiday guy rookie, he’ll get it next game. He likes challenging Lin

  255. Nice stats for Lin tonight. I’m happy but he needs to take better care of the ball. Led the team with 4 turnovers. 2 very horrible turnovers.

    At one point, during the 3th quarter, he drove and could had shot a little floater but decided to pass at the last second, and turned it over..I was very frustrated at this particular play by Lin. When u so deep in the restricted area, just put the ball up.

    I’m also still don’t understand why Lin can’t keep steady footing…It’s like his shoes has grease under them…He needs to work on his balance..

    Decision needs to be quicker instead of thinking so much. Let your instinct take over.

    But overall, glad with the stats…simply didn’t like the 4 turnovers.

  256. decreasing minutes of play is a sign they can’t take it anymore..

  257. Tried to block Lin and got goaltend. Lin needs to payback next game!

  258. I think he doesn’t have his legs and was worried about long shots.

  259. oops trea is already shooting 25 percent from three and 40 percent over all. this is worse then kobe was shooting. atleast he got 1 point per bucket

  260. if they only just let lin run this team…they’ll see.

  261. good thing, Jlin is a good player, otherwise, he lookin for trouble…i can see arrogance on his stance

  262. ive notice lins assist have been under water. that has alot to do with teammates and momentum. trying to do too much

  263. He wasn’t worried when going coast to coast to the rim or taking 3s towards the end of the game! Really needs to trust his 3s more. *rollseyes

  264. LIN FG 46.4%, 3PT 38% FT86.5%

    It has been the goal for years to improve the 3PT% over 40%.

  265. he almost hurt lin bumping him really hard

  266. do you got his per

  267. lost cause, a little loose on the game that time.

  268. talk to him sport

  269. PER can’t be updated so soon.

  270. k.thx

  271. more of a PnR like kinda game..

  272. meanwhile, Luka Doncic has 46.8% FG and 39.1% 3FG

    Somewhere, a few people in Atlanta Front Office is panicking. Trae needs help out there

  273. they need to start Trae for one min just to please the front office then sub lin right away after to win games. What do you guys think?

  274. Tanking for picks while still making the game entertaining with JLin on the court. The Hawks knows exactly what they are doing. Win win sich!

  275. Yup Holiday was trying to embarrass Lin when his shots were falling. He felt so proud after trying to block Lin and it was goaltend. Lin got an unfair call when dude pretended to trip and Lin didn’t even touch him. Looks like a Pat Bev in the making. So much arrogance I’d laugh if this rookie is even in the NBA few years from now.

  276. trae so small in the game, that a bazemore type of player with him (baze and Huerter)will be like hard for trae to get points

  277. i agree. he is regressing and fast. he looked shaky once on the free throw line as well. his confidence can go south. once that happens its over.

  278. Like last game. They kept the game entertaining today by subbing Lin and Trae quickly after fouls or bad plays. Honestly they should just start Lin. Trae will look better with staggered minutes against bench players. Right now he looks awful and even announcers are noticing how bad he is. Trae Young won’t get the same light when Zion gets drafted to Hawks.

  279. If Lin comes in at 8min mark in 1st, great. But if he’s not taking any shots, might as well keep Trae out there.

  280. has it

  281. one more bad news for hawks. only three players have a fg percentage of 50 and over. lin, collins and dedmon.

  282. Hawks have been trying to win. I don’t buy the tanking narrative. They just are bad with a bad PG starter.

  283. Lin would’ve had 20+ if Pierce gave him screens but I’m liking how Lin got his all on his own tonight! That’s what he needs to reach the next level. Time to worst on dribbles and separation to get his own 3s and he’ll be set. Extended range will be coming next reason. Lin’s competitive and he knows that’s what’s needed for modern basketball.

  284. Too many shots for guys like Huerta and Bremby. At one point, LP let Huerta shoot a tech FT and he missed it. the broadcasters explained how LP wanted Huerta to take it so he can get going which is baffling since the Hawks really need a win. That says a lot where his head is at. Very winnable game and you send a rookie who is shooting horribly to take a tech.

  285. If they played Collins with Lin more they might’ve won! So obvious they are holding Collins back to tank!

  286. it was , yeah I was watching NBA’s when ESPN’s went down. Coach isn’t doing Trae any favors.

  287. everyone else had 35 percent and below

  288. Tank Master does it again. Pierce learning to keep the game close by subbing Trae and Lin more often then blowing it up 3rd quarter. Nothing Lin can do 4th quarter for a win with selfish teammates.

  289. two random possessions where dorsey went iso.

  290. Collins came in on fire and deserved more minutes.

  291. mines as well. i like espn but that happens alot

  292. Bazemore knows he’s gone so he’s rightfully a me first player.

    Pierce needs to start Lin with Trae having staggered minutes with bench to get going and not look too bad.

  293. Commentators said he was under minutes restriction.

  294. Dorsey is ??? Why is he on this team?

  295. His PER may not be that high because of the 4 turnovers.

    Is there single game PER stats listed somewhere? Would like to see the PER for each game to give us a clue what type of game give you more points on PER.

  296. Pretty sad when bench player outscoring the starters. . In less minutes per game consistently.. .

  297. things dont get better for trea. this is the pg we will play. first beverly who usually harass rookies then lowrey and right after that we have kyrie who just had 45 i think. after tht we have kemba then dragic and kemba again. lmao then we have westbrook then curry(if back). last we have wall then we have murray who didnt play when they beat us by nearly 50.
    gooood luck trea.

  298. huerter played even 28 minutes of nothing..coaching staff at least has some data during games so they know whose not doing its job and should be given less time to play

  299. he shouldnt.

  300. You don’t “need “ a win if you are tanking

  301. He will probably get traded lol tha would be funny

  302. and spellman

  303. oohh yea i heard that

  304. Kemba just scored 60pts, loss in OT with Butler nailing a 3 in final seconds.

  305. Bremby, Spellman, Dorsey and Huerta should both be in the D League. LP is not only playing the trio too many minutes but he’s telling these guys to shoot as much as possible.

  306. thngs will only get worse from now on. our schedual was easy early in the season

  307. his offense enable players to create who really shouldnt

  308. Hehe, the only time I might be rooting for Beverly.

  309. Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger’s job reportedly may be in jeopardy because of a difference in philosophy between him and the front office.

    According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, those within the front office are unhappy that Joerger is favoring playing veteran players over the team’s young prospects.

    Specifically, Kings executives would reportedly like 2018 No. 2 overall pick Marvin Bagley III to be featured more prominently.

    Bagley is averaging 11.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game this season, and he has yet to make a start.

    Instead, Joerger has utilized 30-year-old Nemanja Bjelica as the starting power forward despite the front office reportedly believing Bagley would be a starter entering the season.

    That’s a similar situation that Lin has. Front office wants to make their first round picks as franchise players.

  310. Spellman and dorsey..

  311. they wont

  312. Bagley stats look decent, so maybe he’s deserving to start ahead of the veteran. On the other end, Trae should be benched since Lin has been better.

  313. Vinsanity looks tore up from the floor up! I don’t know if he’ll make through the season….perhaps it’s time to mail it in.
    On the other hand, based on the way he has been playing with Linsanity, that’s probably not an option.

  314. Then its a win win win situation (Trying to win but still losing; eye on Zion; and Lin making it watchable)

  315. funny thing is it would of been better for trea if lin started early in the year and as he got more acclimated he would take the jjob but its seems lin is the one getting more acclimated and may end up taking the job or he may be traded. win/win for lin

  316. good point

  317. he is shooting 39 percent from field and 24 from 3. worse then lonzo ever did

  318. must be difficult going to work knowing you’ll lose again.

  319. welp… at least that 1st half was great… lin/dedmon/collins looked good. but once the second half came around collins was benched for minutes restriction… and slowly but steadily the lead disappeared.

    lin & len don’t have chemistry. lin and dedmon do, so that’s why LP keeps them apart when the game could still be won. i mean it was a 4pt game at one point in the 4th Q and LP has trae, huerter, and spellman out there. if that’s not a tank, i dont know what is…

    lin played great when the game was still winnable, playing with good bigs. then he got his in garbage time, im happy… he’s healthy… on to the nest one!

  320. why huerter got 29 minutes idk

  321. at some point, there are no more excuses…. he can still improve but how long is that gonna take? and can the hawks wait, or move on to zion?

  322. Lin is 10-3-2 in 18mpg thats not bad at all.
    Too expensive for a back up but next year he can go to a really good team like Milwaukie

  323. me neither

  324. it wont be this season. not with that shot selecton. he is also to short. nba has him at 6’2 lmao noooo waaayyyy

  325. he dont wanna tank. vlade tanked hard for years and now wants to see his young players play no matter what (development tank)…

  326. kemba gets buckets not wins…

  327. he also started and was given the green light early. development tank in full effect.

  328. he dont play much so gotta shoot it everytime. get them buckets!

  329. LP learned from the best. he was an assistant in philly. it’s not even subtle anymore….

  330. yeah. most of his turnovers this year are bad passes. no chemistry and poor spacing…

  331. how can you seriously say this when they started huerter and poythress. then late in the 4th Q they played trae, huerter, and spellman in a 4pt game??? intellectually dishonest much?

  332. naw, stay away from Milwaukee because the Greek freak is the full time PG and he plays like 35 minutes a game. and they have decent PG.

  333. they will double down. maybe once collins starts, the starters will get an injection of talent. of course by that time, hawks will be dead last in the standings and they dont have to actively tank anymore…

  334. development purposes, He’s suppose to be the next Clay Thompson and Trae is suppose to be Curry.

  335. why did he start? why did poythress? the same day collins is available, poythress ALL OF A SUDDEN gets to start? LOL!!! that’s how you tank. you put out lineups that dont play much together and they NATURALLY have no chemistry. also you have to play a lot of players and mix and match the line ups like crazy. LP does this amazingly well.

    PLAYERS DON’T TANK, ORGANIZATIONS DO! the hawks are tanking. there is NO DOUBT.

  336. Sure…Lin was also on “minutes restriction” until few games in he ourtright said he wasn’t to the media.

  337. Yup! So much more “franchise player”. Trae will get a reality check very soon. Not even Seth Curry the youger brother can be a franchise let alone a shorter, wannabe Curry.

  338. I don’t blame a semi vet like Baz who is ready to win but stuck in a tanking team. They are so competitive and hate to lose. Like Sixers when the losing team got players so bent out of shape inside that they lashed out uncontrollably.

    Atlanta is fooling themselves pretending they are developing when all they are doing is throwing knives in the air and see which rookie can survive the slaughter.

  339. Nice to see Jeremy talking to Bojan Bogdanovic after the game. Jeremy seems to have fit in well wherever he’s gone.

  340. and ppl have to buy in.

  341. Not really when you work hard and play the right way. Hawks playing the right way but coach is working against them. They are actually more talented than Nets by miles. If they were tanking they’d make the playoffs.

  342. They will move on to Zion either way if they get him.

  343. Motion offense, the best way to encourage iso plays…Nets did the same thing with Lin. At least Hawks are allowing him to be main PG went on the floor.

  344. Gotta give some tough love. Lin’s got room for improvement. According to Hawks announcers that’s why he goes right back to the gym working on those 3s after each game. They see first hand how hard working he is so they respect him now. Hawks media and announcers are so nice to Lin, if only he was part of the future.

  345. Either that or Lin will start with him. Only a matter of time.

  346. Some things never change…

  347. The way LP “coaches” Trae, it reminds me of how Lin was abandoned by Melo and coach

  348. i dont really care about these games anymore, i’m just enjoying lin still being lin. it’s OBVIOUS to any objective viewer that there is a better flow when lin is the pg. going forward, he is STILL an nba starter level player. as always it’s going to be his situation/role that defines his opportunities.

    collins coming back is real interesting. i want him to play with lin as much as possible. lin + good bigs has ALWAYS been deadly…

    trae, lin, baze, prince, collins
    lin, baze, prince, collins, dedmon
    trae, lin, baze, collins, dedmon
    lin, baze, prince, VC, collins

    these are some lineups i really want to see get some good minutes together. i need to see lin play WITH better players AGAINST better players as well. it’s getting boring seeing opposing teams sit out their stars every time they go against the hawks…

  349. I remember Lin worked well with Melo under Woodson. Then, he was injured.

  350. Hawks want Huerter the wannabe Thompson to do it since they are part of the “future”. Don’t care, playing with Trae will take the ball out of Lin’s hands and have him defer even more no thanks. Lin needs to learn how to score on his own and improve his game to the point he doesn’t need to rely on screens or teammates to score.

  351. If it’s not posted before, here is “Jeremy Lin – All Career 1,000th Point Milestones”

  352. ooooo mmmyyy goooddness. i was looking at stats and trea is -450 for the year in plus /minus

  353. -9.4 per game average

  354. JLin’s prayer requests:

    Happy November!!

    Per usual, I want to start this off with some encouragement of what
    God’s been teaching me. Recently, I’ve really felt God challenging me A
    LOT. But one of the cool areas He is challenging me is to not trust my
    own instincts or default mechanisms, rather to stretch myself in new and
    more ways to depend on Him. For example, I typically ask for God’s help
    in basketball, whether it’s a performance in a game, health or things
    like that. But there are so many “smaller” decisions that I don’t
    typically include God in, like how to get out of a shooting rut, the
    best plan of attack for my body when it’s feeling worn down, coming up
    with a great scheme to attack a certain defensive coverage, etc. But I
    feel like God’s been telling me that I need to include Him, pray
    earnestly and depend on God in all the major and minor aspects of my
    game and my life. My default is to trust my own talent, my basketball
    mind and the experiences I’ve learned from in the past, but I don’t want
    to get comfortable and try to solve life on my own. I’ve started to
    pray about more things more often, and I feel God working in the details
    of my life. I’d encourage you guys to try the same!

    As for prayer requests, please continue to pray for our team and my
    health. Praise God I’ve been healthy thus far! Prayer for continued
    health, regaining all my rhythm and for our team to be able to turn
    things around and going on a nice winning streak. We also started a
    Bible study on the team, so prayer that the Holy Spirit would work
    powerfully through our team. Aside from basketball, there are so many
    things of eternal consequence off the court. Please pray for comfort for
    the families of those impacted by the recent shootings that have
    happened in the United States, and for real change to start happening.
    Please also pray for the wildfires that are happening in California, and
    the firefighters that are on the scene.


  355. A bad coach?

  356. They truly expected him to do much better and they surely want him to succeed but I think they’re simply miscalculating on how good Trae would be, specially shooting 3’s.

    Trae was not a “great” 3point shooter in college, so you can’t possibly think he would be that in his first year in the NBA. This is why the Curry comparison is not a good one at all. Curry has always been a great shooter, college and his first year in the NBA.

  357. So this is what Lin does and where he is during the times we don’t see him on the bench:

  358. NBA Fantasy Twitter account made another quality highlight video of Lin, using the Hawks feed. Smart fantasy players have Lin on their team and are profiting big time.

  359. That drive at around 33 seconds was dangerous. No foul called on Pacers even though Lin got hacked at the basket. Good thing Lin landed on the side of his leg and rolled, instead of landing on 1 foot, putting way too much pressure on his knee, like he used to.

  360. yup, Trae is not 6’2. Trae is at best 6’0 or 5’11.

  361. Only after he forced out MDA and installed Woodson who changed Lin’s role to defer to Melo and run offence through him.

  362. Play time allocation of the Hawks.

    Name Age PER Mins (play time)

    Jeremy Lin 30 15.97 18.0
    Kent Bazemore 29 15.3 28.1
    Dewayne Dedmon 29 14.77 20.0
    Vince Carter 41 11.75 18.4
    Miles Plumlee 30 22.03 11.6

    Alex Len 25 13.33 21.7
    Alex Poythress 25 12.14 15.0
    Taurean Prince 24 11.95 29.2
    DeAndre’ Bembry 24 10.01 23.4

    Trae Young 20 13.18 29.8
    John Collins 21 22.02 12.0
    Omari Spellman 21 12.41 20.0
    Kevin Huerter 20 8.16 19.0

    Kent Bazemore has had much higher play time than veterans from the age of 29 or above.
    Taurent Prince also has had much higher play time than others from the age of 24 to 25.
    Trae Young of course has the highest play time allocation fan others from the age of 20 to 21.

    If you ignore Baz, Prince and Young, the play time allocation of each player seems to be about the same. My conclusion is this Lloyd Pierce tends to give long minutes to Baz, Prince and Young. The rest of the players had been played with more or less the same minutes (ABOUT 20).

    I figure only these 3 players are treated like the corner stones of the team.

  363. Need to keep his muscles loose from now on for injury prevention.

  364. So I was checking out Zach Lowe twitter account and on one of his post, he stated he was intrigued by Aaron Holiday, the rookie PG who played well last night against the Hawks.

    Interestingly, he failed to mention how much improved Lin looked in the same game Aaron Holiday was playing. You would think he’d state his view on it since he was so strong in his feeling toward Lin and the huge mistake the Hawks made by trading for Lin. Also pointed out the Hawks would had been better off signing a cheap back-up PG instead of trading for Lin big contract.

    Interestingly, someone asked him on his twitter feed whether he still thought Lin was not an NBA player. No answer.

    I hope he does write an article to update us on his view on Lin and whether he still think Atlanta made a poor decision.

  365. Jeremy has been appointed to the Board of Advisors of SparkLabs Taipei, a venture capital firm.

    Other members of the Board include Steven Chen, a co-founder of YouTube, and Kevin Chou, a successful video game entrepreneur, who has donated more than $15 million to the University of California. [see Wikipedia for more info.]

  366. ESPN and Lowe are Lin haters. No point paying attention to those people. They want Lin to fail and out of this league. They will never praise Lin when he plays well and will always bash Lin when he falters. Lin already proved Lowe and his article bashing Lin wrong. Of course Lowe would praise the rookie who played a good half against Trae and Lin.

  367. Lowe was clearly trying to set-up Lin get the same treatment Carmelo is receiving by saying he’s a washed up player aand should be pushed out the league.

    Even the Hawks never came out to refute the article claim which argued Lin low minutes had to do with minute restriction instead of him playing badly. Maybe Lin did have inside info on nthe Hawks about them not playing Lin because he was awful.

  368. this is a playoff team with Lin in the starting lineup. pointless to pray for a Zion-seeking team. God only helps those who help themselves. management has already given orders to tank and to showcase Lin for future draft picks…

  369. The rookie Aaron Holiday purposely threw his elbow at Lin and pushed Lin off, with the ref staring right at him. Holiday trips on Lin’s foot and the ref calls the foul against Lin. Just more bias Lin has to fight against every game.

  370. Lin was playing really well, but the tanking power from above was even stronger.

  371. Maybe someon should make another video? Otherwise,Lin will be injured again.

    NBA can not and should not promote a rookie player on other players’ expenses.

  372. I tweeted from this twitter post… thanks to click… tweet it out

  373. i havent been watching, but how is lin’s speed compared to before? comparable or is he signifcantly slower?

  374. Watching the Spurs vs. Warriors game… they’re both playing pretty badly. Warriors are not that good without Curry and Draymond. Quinn Cook is a decent scorer but he doesn’t create for others on the Warriors. They play sloppy and uninspired.

    Spurs don’t have any playmakers outside of DeRozan and he can’t be out there the entire game. Plus, he’s more of a ball-dominant SG than a PG who distributes the ball. Patty Mills and Derrick White are so bad. Spurs are in need of a good playmaker.

  375. Just watch the highlights and determine for yourself.

    Lin pretty much has his old speed back, but he holds back now, so he can stay healthy. He’s not as reckless as he used to be, driving to the rim, although there are still times he makes dangerous drives and lands hard. It just happens a lot less often now. When he wants to though, he can still flip a switch and fly by most defenders.

  376. Spurs are in need of a rebuild! They have Rudy Gay, Aldridge, and all the wrong players who are not fit to play the Spurs way. Rudy Gay is a ball dominant player no clue why Pop got him. Spurs have been going down hill ever since Tim Duncan retired. They need to rebuild and draft a new franchise with young players.

  377. The speed is close but the acceleration off of the first step is not the same.

  378. on point assessment onto Jeremy’s mindset right now..staying healthy and accepts what he can’t control. on being not too aggressive and playing smart

  379. Lin can be aggressive and not be reckless with his drives. There is a big difference between the 2. Being aggressive doesn’t mean driving to the rim at full speed into 2-3 defenders who usually hacks Lin and pushes him in the air, making Lin fly off balanced and land hard / awkwardly. I want Lin to be aggressive and not reckless.

    Lin chooses not to be aggressive for entire quarters and only gets aggressive 1 or 2 quarters every game. He usually takes 2-3 quarters off each game, being passive, deferring and overpassing. Last night was one of the rare nights when Lin played aggressive 2 out of 4 quarters. Only other game he played aggressively for more quarters was during the Hornets game.

  380. Lin’s 15.97 now. Leader of the team in PER with the exception of Miles Plumlee and John Collins who haven’t play enough minutes to be included.

  381. Draymond IMO is the true glue to the GSW. The splash brothers are the weapons but Draymon sets them on fire with his intensity and selfless defence. It’s that intensity that is a double edge sword.

    I’ve believed that having KD on the team has devalued the players on the team. It seems that the fans and media has harbour resentment and dislike for them since the arrival of KD. Draymon probably feels this in his gut and resents the shift. He’s expressing what I’ve felt all along that GSW don’t need KD, it’s KD that needs the GSW.

    IMO, adding KD has deminished the full force of the splash brothers and have dull their own development. They’ve learned to depend and defer instead of step up to reach beyond what they could be. That is an athlete’s worst mistake. It’s even worst than an injury becuase if you even become the least complacent, you are already on the slippery slope to being past by others. That is the nature of sports. It’s like Lin says never enough or something to that effect.

  382. This season is the contract year for boyh Lin & Dedmon. Just hope they will help each other out. They are so underrated. Bazemore and Alex Len will have one more year on their contracts. Vince Carter may play his last year for the Hawks. I firmly believe they can play for any team and they are underrated.

    On the contrary, I have doubts about Spellman, Huerter and Young as legit NBA players. The player developement of Atlanta is not even as good as Brooklyn. Bembry and Prince don’t run fast break well. Prince’ PER is below par

  383. Wonder why they didn’t retain Tony Parker. I know he’s 36 and can’t do what he used to do for Spurs, but Parker can still make plays better than anyone on the Spurs right now. He’s played for Spurs his entire career until this year. Without both Manu and Parker, Spurs have nobody to make plays for them. This Spurs team is not the Spurs of old.

  384. I’m just glad Warriors are finally struggling. They’ve been too dominant for too long. KD is a snake and a thin-skinned one at that. He lets every criticism get to him, big or small. He should’ve never took the easy road out of OKC, joining an already championship caliber team to get his rings. Now even his own teammates are calling him out on it.

  385. Spurs wanted Parker to be a mentor and take a back seat when he can still play. Of course Parker left for a playoff run team. Who wants to play with iso players like Rudy Gay and Aldridge?

  386. Interesting point: Is it good to have a system dependent point guard vs no PG i.e. motion offense where everybody is a “PG”. A team with Jlin on it who does not let PG direct the offense on the floor is missing out on using Jlin’s biggest strength, just like the Clippers do in mis using Telodosic. With the right PG the offense is a beautiful thing to watch. With the MO the offense is chaotic. Since MDA in the past 8 years rarely has Jlin been used in the capacity that created Linsanity, to the detriment of the teams that had him. If ATL started Jlin with the job of PG directing the offense would bring better success to ATL young team with it mix of good vets. Maybe young TY would learn how to be a true PG and find a fit in the NBA

  387. This is an interesting comment about the possible “disconnect” between Kings head coach Joerger and the Sacto FO: The FO is upset that Joerger is not playing #2 draft pick Bagley more. Joerger is playing to win now vs “develop” (tank). I like this approach Joerger is taking. Bagley is still getting minutes but most importantly Sacto is winning! I wonder what LP would do if he was told by the FO to focus on “winning now” and developing a winning mentality vs the fan cheating idea of tanking?

  388. This is exactly why I think Lin should be on a contender. He’s 30 now, and even when he was 28/29 he was playing on a team that was developing young players for their primes and winning wasn’t the primary focus. I never went along with the Lin will bring these guys to the playoff scenario because you can’t beat what an organization is trying to do. That’s why I think Lin has to go to a contender while he’s still young enough to really get a major role. And that’s now with now being age 30/31. Next season, if Lin doesn’t want to go to a contender, then he runs the risk of playing on “developing” teams. That’s his choice. But we may be looking at Lin on developing teams for years to come.

  389. I don’t think MO is everyone is a PG. MO has maybe two main facilitators, but not everyone. Ball movement and player movement is emphasized over everything going through the PG (which is easier to defend by trapping the PG). That’s what I understand a proper MO is. But there is still a PG or two good ball handlers facilitating the offense. What Atlanta is playing now doesn’t look like a real MO to me more than a shoot the ball quickly MO that comes out of no ball movement.

  390. LP give the active player with the worst PER almost the most minutes in this game.
    age 20
    Mins played 29

    Only Bazemore’s 31 minutes is higher than Huerter.

    Only 4 players with positive +/-
    Bazemore 31 mins +16
    JLin 24 mins +6
    Alex Len 20 mins +6
    John Colins 12 mins +14


    Lin’s passes in transition, at least when he gets defensive rebound himself and pushes immediately so defense is off balance and in true in scramble to recover mode ( ), and most definitely not when he and his teammates are jogging up court and Lin still tries to deliberately manufacture same big play (e. g. Lin to Brook Lopez in transition, where Lin isn’t pushing aggressively, and Lopez pulls up on his pattern and lets defender recover into play), looks exactly like Teodosic: precisely the right spot, at precisely the right time, all without any conscious thought.

    Even in half court, the actual passes look very similar (instinctively lead their receiver so they can catch and finish without the slightest hesitation or adjustment to their pattern), except that Lin just attacks without knowing what he wants to do for team then, while Teodosic is so much more deliberately purposeful about what he ultimately wants team to achieve several passes later. Lin does look like he is starting to develop some of that deliberate purposefulness (chess, not checkers) in half court offense with Hawks, though:

    “Teodosic is one of those remarkable assist men who can anticipate passing lanes a split-second before they come open. His court vision is incredible and he can create three-point shots and alley oops to teammates without necessarily needing to attack the lane – just noticing on pure instinct a defensive breakdown before actually running the play.”

    ➡️ ( )


    Teodosic’s passing creativity / imagination seems like Ricky Rubio ( ), except seems like while Rubio learned to pass like that to amuse himself, Teodosic was all about developing that passing skill to actually compete in games above all else. Both have more automatic and truly subconscious dribbles than Lin ( ), and that also probably frees them up to focus more on the passes, even when a pesky defender like Patrick Beverley is trying to hound them all over court. Trae may have more success again him this evening than expected because his dribble is already so tight.

    (side note: I think teams also have a tell on Lin now when he is deliberately probing in half court trying to keep defender on his hip (Warriors few seasons ago were picking off all his passes, and Pacers in second half of game when they seemed to play Lin for pass and Lin wasn’t given freedom to shoot his own pull up jumper, they started picking off alot of his passes, too. There is a tell there because Lin doesn’t really have defense off balance and opposing team knows he has been instructed not to shoot and just distribute to others. His on ball defender is picking off the ball immediately after he raises arm and release pass; Curry did it to him few times two seasons ago, and I think Pacers did same thing to him in second half of last game)

  392. Watch the game then

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