G16 CLE @CHA Game Thread

After 4 consecutive games with 28+ min (28, 29, 29, 31), JLin got into foul trouble (2nd PF after 5 min in Q2) and only played 15 min. After a hot start, he provided great defense with 2 blocks in Q4 but lost the nice offensive rhythm in the 4th quarter. JLin simply doesn’t have a lot of luxury as a bench player with limited min to not scoring enough or committed too many fouls too early.

  1. Would JLin repeat his hot start (5pts in 5 min) without getting into early foul trouble?
  2. Would JLin figure out a way to play aggressive defense without fouling much?
  3. Would JLin find ways to be aggressive in the offensive end but not commit offensive fouls?
  4. Would Coach Clifford realize he needs to keep a hot-shooting JLin to not get cold by sitting too long on the bench? He simply needed to insert JLin early in the 3rd quarter vs Wizards when a tired Kemba made many mental mistakes
  5. Would Clifford run enough plays to keep JLin involved so he can contribute big time in the 2nd half?

This is a tall order because JLin is a rhythm player. The more he plays and have the ball in his hands, the better he will play and shoot. But if anyone can figure out how to survive this challenge to be a better player, JLin has proved he can overcome them and get better over and over again. Let’s go, JLin! Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 17 vs MIL


  1. Ha

  2. Oh @disqus_k2FjNlkcus:disqus, the Empire Strikes Back!


  3. He’s lucky it was only a one game suspension:


  4. LeBron had a team-only meeting so look for the Cavs to come out determined. I think a full team effort is needed tonight and hopefully, Lin is on his game. Maybe this is the game he breaks out of the shooting slump.

  5. Hopefully the coach will allow Lin to facilitate and keep him on the floor long enough. But I know Cliff won’t let Lin shine for two consecutive games which is similar to his previous coaches in LAL and Rox.

  6. Why did they have a team only meeting? Is there some issues going on with the Cavs? SportsFromMyEyes mentioned some turmoil.

    SportsFromMyEyes ‏@JTyree704 3h3 hours ago
    No updates from shoot around from coach all is well. I wouldn’t be shocked if Charlotte beat a Cleveland team in turmoil.


  7. This would need to wait for the off season, but I wonder why Lin doesn’t have Lasik surgery to correct his vision. Someone once posted that Lin wears glasses only for fashion, but that can’t be true. I assume he’s nearsighted. When I used to wear contacts I noticed that my vision would be affected by the humidity level of the air. Lebron had Lasik done in 2007 and it’s been argued that his shooting efficiency improved as a result. I wouldn’t be surprised if Curry had 20/15 uncorrected and Lasik can get you there.

  8. My thoughts about the comparisons on Clifford, McHale, Scott regarding Lin and Hornets winning chance tonight vs Lin’s minutes.

    1. Scott’s plan is to tank Lakers for 3 seasons to get 3 top 5 picks. Any Lin’s good skill was only considered to threat the tanking plan. So, I would not expect they treat Lin nicely when Lin wanted to win . I could not believe he blamed Lin for losing games. They would not keep Lin because Lin could not play with a losing team. So, forget about Scott.

    2. McHale wants to win. He might believe Lin was good PG. But he had to use Beverley’s well known defense to offset Harden’s iso+weak defense style. So He sent Lin to bench, but Lin still had avg 29mins and played a lot of PG role as backup. He might never say anything good about Lin, he did not say much bad about Lin neither. McHale got what he deserved this season after he spoiled Harden for 3 years.

    3. Clifford said a lot of good things about Lin. He knows Lin’s true value MORE than McHale did. But, unfortunately, he has used Lin like a game saver or game changer only when Hornets is in trouble. He does not reward him with the role (pg role and minutes) Lin would like it and deserve it. Lin’s minutes would sink when Hornets winning chance is up during the games. The only reason I could think of is they treat Lin as one year rental. So they only need him as a backup with NECESSARY minutes.

    Hornets’ best chance to win Cavaliers? I believe Cliff knows Lin’s true value more than I see from the following data. He will still use Lin as game saver (or a spark) with as few minutes as possible instead of using him as consistent role player or true backup PG. I wish Clifford would reward Lin a consistent role which Lin deserves before 12/15.

  9. 6th!

  10. 7th, JLIN’s # :), Go JLIN, GO!

  11. May the LinForce be with you.

  12. In Houston Jeremy was the 4th option after 2 future HOF and Parsons.

    Here he’s the 4-5th option after 4-5 players no one will remember.

    That’s the difference. But if it’s good for you and good for Jeremy, that’s it. But that’s reality.

  13. the issues would be i would assume general unhappiness with 3 strait road losses and a losing road record overall. also it was not defined as a team only meeting by for example mo williams who framed it more in terms of general post game talk over

  14. Good work ! Cliff may let Lin shine in a game to win but will likely marginalize him in offense in the next game to avoid overtaking the spotlights from Walker and Batum.

  15. Please don’t judge me, would rather lose if Lin can play more minutes and have better game.

  16. Lebron and the Cavs better not mess with our Honey Bees tonight or I’m gonna be pissed!


  17. Thats pretty rude… the cavs coach shouldve told the players to let them finish

  18. Im with you DX… want jeremy to be given a solid chance and for clifford to keep his promise!

  19. Yeah right! It’s Lebron’s bright idea. Coach wouldn’t dare say anything. Love looks very uncomfortable standing there

  20. Lin isn’t satisfied in losing effort regardless of how he plays. It’s just empty stats. It’s only good unless it is really, really close. But, I don’t want to see the team win without key contributions from Lin either. But losing is no good. Didn’t feel good with the Lakers even when he played well.

  21. Wow…. Now that’s just not what gentlemen should do…. Not cool Cavs..,

  22. http://www.popcornmachine.net/gf?date=20151125&game=WASCHA

    Lamb’s min included Garbage time
    the hornets have half the team new players, old Hornets learning new offense
    Starters all played garbage time when the lead was big enough to put in 3rd string. we cant use the template of a typical team to judge by minutes being too meaningful
    Cliff used a Lin lineup to get lead and catch up

  23. Good for you to stand up for your belief. No judgement from me.

  24. Well we all know he can easily binge on his video games and ruin his eye sight again…. Our Jeremy is a big geek…

  25. isnt that why they become Honey Bees?

  26. No wonder they lost the game. How can they focus standing so close to the dancers?

  27. me too , but I dont have a billion dollars to buy a NBA team
    I would try to get Lin into Hall of Fame
    Nevertheless Lin should train like a Hall of Famer / MVP All Star

  28. those dancers are pretty thick-waisted

  29. The ones in white?

  30. No need for judgement. It’s a simple statement from you. And I kind of wish the same. Just wish Lin can play more minutes, win and loss will take care of themselves although there’s more winning possibility when Lin plays longer minutes….

  31. If they didn’t lose, they would probably make this a road game ritual. Lebron has become a megalomaniac, like Kobe.

  32. Well said, Lin will eventually bring more wins for team if give him the PT and power.

  33. Unfortunately, I am not a billionaire too.

  34. Thanks

  35. Totally agree.

  36. only 2000 in the world; dont feel bad.

  37. Hope too, that will be great if Lin settle down here. But it hasn’t shown the clear signs.

  38. Not even a millionaire. ?

  39. Boo, I have a belly myself lol. It’s not elegant, and I learned in life you get nailed for being glib.

    Actually, I respect these gals because the hrs they put in, the low pay, etc. Sure it’s glamor etc but really, they are paying dues.

  40. Somebody hacked your account?

  41. Nice perspective, I will try to take note of that in the games I watch.

  42. Right or wrong the most respected comment is the honest one.

  43. Thank you! Fortunately, we have JLinportal for speaking truth.

  44. Lin is the takeoff and landing gear. During the fight? Not much in used.

  45. Totally respect them girls. It’s as if those Cavs were invisible! They just keep doing their thing. Bravo!

  46. Maybe that’s the important role he was promised. He needs to come to rescue every time.

  47. ya… he’s gone to the dark side…

  48. I hope you know this is a video game right?

  49. Rick BonnellVerified account
    Cleveland Cavaliers list ex-Hornet Mo Williams as starter at PG tonight. Also, Timofey Mozgov upgraded to questionable for tonight.

  50. What?? No way…. That’s not video game….

  51. What’s up w/this stand-in from the Cavs? So disrespectful…

  52. Is this their ‘fighting’ motif? That’s not wise… It’s just stirring up opponent’s motivation to play harder against them.

  53. To me it just proves that Lebron is a thuggish tyrant who can force his coach and teammates to behave inappropriately. Lebron probably feels threatened by Curry’s ascendancy.

  54. Glad the dancers avoid distraction and continue w/their routine. There’s a time and place for everything. That’s Not wise IMO.

  55. So fake…yes lets take it out on the dancers to show how mentally tough we are.

  56. Pete Guelli‏@PeteGuelli

    Pre-game ritual for @JLin7 shooting with coach Silas. He looks ready for tonight! #EnterTheSwarm


  57. Go Lin GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  58. So awake…

  59. not a good sign. please pass the nytol, sominex, restoril, etc.

  60. Brad Turner: Byron Scott said “we don’t have chemistry problems. Our guys get along. They just don’t trust each othre on the floor.”
    – via Twitter BA_Turner
    Byron Scott, Los Angeles Lakers


  61. Yes pls do we need eyes to check Clifford coaching decision about lin

  62. LMAO!!!!!

  63. Has Scott understood what trust means yet? The way he lets Kobe do whatever he like (including embarrassing himself) on court is nothing to do with trust.

  64. BS is so smart…

  65. Lebron & Cavs waiting for the opposition to show up … Messing with the halftime show dancers … One Word: IDIOTS! Another Word: SOFT! **This is Not a war. It’s freaking Entertainment. You want to act tough… Go join the Army and Fight ISIS extremists.

  66. I like this comment:

    K. P. Chan ‏@chankpc 50m50 minutes ago
    @PeteGuelli Pete: I can’t resist saying this: Lin is always ready! Now, is the Coach ready to play him? 🙂

  67. But he wouldn’t trust them in a fox hole.

  68. hi sophie p. bae dae icymi. see how smart ive got in internet jargon thanks 2 u.

  69. See GS Warriors, the “real” champs do that ? Nope. They just let their actions do the talking.

  70. Lol internet has no more secrets for you

  71. ikr

  72. Lin always plays bad when he goes up against Lebron. LETS GO LIN

  73. Lamb in that interview looked and sounded stoned

  74. Totally disagreed the MH part. He said a lot of bad words and despised Lin ad a pg. I cant understand anyone who thinks MF is better for Lin.

  75. Game time


  77. Let’s go get some Cavs

  78. Has Lebron always played his butt off at hornets home games? To make daddy MJ proud?

  79. Actually Lin had difficult vs Miami, because they double or even triple on him. vs Lebron in Cle, we will see tonight.

  80. i remember this ‘color commentator’ from the Cavs. gonna mute this game

  81. wut he say about lin?

  82. PJ 2 PF already, is Clifford taking him out???? NO

  83. dang we not getting any buckets

  84. there are lots of cav fans in charlotte?

  85. Baboom

  86. bandwagons

  87. from past games. i remember him being very anti-Lin. saying things like Kyrie should take it to him cus he’s a bad defender. also says Lin can’t go left, so take away his right

  88. sounds like 50% of the crowd are Cav fans

  89. OH yeah. I remember.

  90. lol Lebron complaining for And 1 instead of running back

  91. Baboom on that dunk!!!!

  92. nice! we look like a top 4 team right now

  93. Batum and Marvin my favorite starters

  94. is the Cavs bench any good?

  95. stupid auto correct does the same to batum for me

  96. Batum’s facilitation gets better and better. Marvin also plays really hard and is decent from 3.

  97. Kemba been shooting pretty well lately too

  98. Lin always wearing that ice pack on his back – is this just a precaution or is his back acting up and affecting his performance? This seems to be a chronic problem with him (and others).

  99. lol I didn’t know datum was a word

  100. batum is slowly proving that he’s a facilitator to me

  101. Nice big Al

  102. Better then kemba no doubt

  103. Mo is torching Kemba on the PnR

  104. Sit Kemba now

  105. Hey Cliff Kemba is not doin anything sit him down

  106. This is the usual time cliff plays him

  107. put lin in plz lol

  108. Yep but I hope he adjust once in a while

  109. I am so sick for Cliff sub Lin as last one.

  110. not likely

  111. Cringe

  112. And then pulls him out the 1st.

  113. which is why I don’t care if Lin has off games/bad shooting nights. Not that he did last game. He shot 50% last game he just didn’t shoot enough in his limited minutes.

  114. I know but Lin can leave if he wants. If his minutes stay like this then he will leave. This team goes back to what they were

  115. Come on Cliff put in JLin the playmaker.

  116. cliff… r u serious?

  117. The Lin effect…see NY and Houston, hehe

  118. Absolutely

  119. Yeasty Lin in

  120. JEremy!

  121. Lin in a little early

  122. Wow what a passed Lin

  123. nice pass

  124. good pass

  125. Lebron is in with the 2nd unit


  127. No one come to setup a screen after Lin bring ball cross the middle. Is it by design?

  128. good strip by Zeller

  129. Hornets is a legit team in the East

  130. i wish Lin would play like he’s the main ball distributor on the court like Paul does. forget about standing in the corners. take control and piss on Clifford’s fire-hydron

  131. they know which unit is more threat in Hornets.

  132. Lin blatantly pushed down,no call.

  133. Cavs are denying Lin the ball

  134. deli with da block on lin..

  135. oh my. got blocked

  136. Wow that’s a good block by that player

  137. Lin tried to play bully ball ahha

  138. Who’s that guy

  139. wow a foul on 0.01

  140. Hornets are featuring Batum as main facilitator. Both Kemba and now Lin.

  141. where was you last playoffs??

  142. Lin is still running on that corner,he needs to relocate and find the ball

  143. well Lin’s role has been reduced greatly to just a defender type of player.

  144. freaking dirty scrub play lol

  145. Lol just don’t wanna mention him

  146. Bemba did the same thing. It’s being a good team mate because Batum is in a groove facilitating.

  147. Delly did a decent job guarding curry last year in the finals

  148. how come james is playing againts the bench team?

  149. Hawes is in that’s why

  150. if Lin plays aggressive, his teammates will defer to him, even Batum and Kemba. that’s just the way it is. take control of the ball , Lin!

  151. foul?

  152. Lins hands too low

  153. 1 more foul he’s gone

  154. Lin do not give Clifford excuse to pull you please

  155. does it look like Lin is ignoring Cliff?

  156. Lin has to avoid fouls like that.

  157. 33333333333333

  158. Yes 333333

  159. 3333333333333333

  160. Put Al in and take Hawes out

  161. wow cavs getting a lot of calls now

  162. or Cody

  163. Shuts as that Hawes


  165. assist!

  166. nice

  167. to Hawes!

  168. way too many fouls

  169. Lin does not need to over defend. Avoid unnecessary fouls.

  170. I heard Clifford shouting “No More Fouls” earlier.

  171. 12 fouls to 4 fouls


  173. Ahhhhhhhh

  174. alley ooooooop

  175. LIN SUCKS

  176. Lol ….I know that’s shyss is on their faces

  177. LOL

  178. ya we already committed 12

  179. siiiiick alley oop

  180. Liking the potential of this game

  181. Like I said, I like Lin with Lamb. But, Lamb is handling the ball too much so far. Let Lin handle it. Lin looks calm and making good decisions tonight. But, stop over helping. Don’t get in foul trouble, Lin.

  182. did i see the boxscore right, no ast from lin?

  183. Why only shows 1 Ast? should be 2 for Lin now!

  184. nope it shows 2 assists

  185. lol plz don’t tell me they counted that as a missed shot attempt….

  186. Refs always treats hornets like they are the visitors……Lol

  187. I see 2

  188. League pass stats says 2 assists for Lin.

  189. 2ast.

  190. come on Lamb…

  191. Yay! (no feed )

  192. Nice tank

  193. Ok Hoes

  194. Hawes with the new Hair, new man

  195. I hope Lin sticks closer to delly on the 3pt line. He’s a 40% 3pt shooter

  196. Rambo look

  197. Ram-slo

  198. Ahhhh, go away!

  199. Hansbrough will be playing at this foul rate. He better be ready.

  200. Lin, do not over help on D please!

  201. Cavs are respecting the bench. Leaving Lebron against them.

  202. nice combo

  203. assist #3

  204. JLin 3rd assist to Kemba 3

  205. Lol

  206. Like I said I like this game for Jeremy

  207. I thought you were on vacation? lol

  208. Someone was doing bad on D

  209. Is this Cliff plans after all,you’re confusing me Clifford

  210. They just fixed.

  211. I’m sitting back on my couch and enjoying JLin’s game.
    That’s part of vacation 🙂

  212. Can’t help it lol

  213. As long as Lin has below 2 fouls this will happen.

  214. Batum. He left Jefferson for no reason. Wasn’t even close enough to affect the drive, unlike when Lin overhelps.

  215. Lin playing really well. Under control.

    BTW, Lamb picked up two fouls and went to the bench. Clifford is a fair coach. He may be wrong not to play Lin more, but he’s fair. He just has hard “rules” for his team (size, defense, fouls).

  216. Hive Talk Live
    Triple L – Lin Lamb Lob #CLEatCHA

  217. haha. me too. finally can watch an entire game!

  218. Yes, Lin seems much calmer and under control tonight. Maybe watched film and slowed down.

  219. Lin seems to be handling double team blitzes well today. Got the ball back to hawes without any trouble, feeding hawes for a close range shot on one occasion

  220. yes, 2 fouls might send them to the bench

  221. I think that is the reason Lin overhelps.

  222. what a lousy pass by batum

  223. lazy pass by Batum, stolen

  224. Williams is holding up lin

  225. horrible interior defense from the big

  226. its gonna be one of those walker games again..

  227. Good D

  228. Most competent coaches sit their players if they pick up 2 quick fouls. It happened to Curry when Golden State played the Clippers

  229. 222222222222222222

  230. nice give and go!


  232. low scores on both teams – D will make difference in this game.

  233. THERE WE GO

  234. Cavaliers’s bigs are much better than Hornets’.

  235. Great give-and-go with Al and JLin!
    Easy layup

  236. There we go. Need more Lin! More Lin, more Win.

  237. See guys, Lin is being integrated with the starters. We’re seeing more of this with each game.

  238. I like Al to be his PnR partner

  239. Bigs look totally outclassed

  240. Charlotte bench is stepping up tonight

  241. Lamb has 2 fouls, try again

  242. Smart play

  243. Not a bad half so far. 5p/3a/1r

  244. yes! more easy plays pizzazz

  245. Bench players are often allowed to get 3 because they don’t play 36-40mpg.

    But I guess Cliff holds his major rotation players to the same standard.

  246. I believe it now sw

  247. as long as he doesn’t foul too much and keeps scoring =)

  248. It’s a good half

  249. anyone have a stream with Charlotte announcers?

  250. Great defense and offense ….What more can you ask for??

  251. Lin might get his minutes today

  252. 🙂

  253. His owning his role

  254. More touches! But that’s not up to Lin.

  255. from Jeremy, nothing…from Coach C, more minutes, more PnRs, more ballhandling duties, etc…

  256. jeremy needs to move off the ball like that and be super active running around everywhere to get those easy buckets

  257. Ballstream doesn’t have Hornets feed either

  258. Cavs commentators called Lin “Mr. Gel” in reference to his hair. Paraphrasing: And before the break one guy said Lin has made himself a steady player and Linsanity is long gone…

  259. Lin not forcing, letting game come to him

  260. then again, cliff would probably get pissed if jeremy didn’t follow orders lol :/

  261. Hornets interior D is too easily exploited

  262. And this is true but linsanity can erupt at a moment

  263. Bad K Bemba showing up.

  264. MW for 3!

  265. Nice 3 by Williams! 45-46

  266. Hansbrough is needed to grab that rebound


  268. Almost… great move against Lebron!

  269. Lin oh my god!!!!

  270. almost yeah 🙂

  271. Damn, if Lin made that 3…haha. Oh well.

  272. Finally they call a foul

  273. Lin rushed that 3 just a little. The crowd gasps when he goes into that move.

  274. The reaction by the bench was pretty cool 🙂

  275. LIN overhelps almost got a faul again

  276. The game would have been over if he made that, ha. Crowd would have exploded and Cavs would implode.

  277. it’s not always overhelping. It’s called switching

  278. Lin is trying his best to contribute as off-the-all SG, but that is just not his best ability. Why do they refuse to recognize that?

  279. Great help D on Lebron by Lin.

  280. Great ball movement by Hornets..

  281. highlight of his career. lol

  282. i think coach likes him at the position so he can focus on D more

  283. Clifford whispered something to JLin on sideline

  284. Kevin Love had a friendly slap on Lin, anyone see this? What is that? Good friend?

  285. YUP. I think Love gave Lin props for putting Lebron on skates lol

  286. good one by Kemba

  287. Great job by Walker to bait Deladova to bit .. 3FTs

  288. Both from Cali. I think they play the same gyms, Pro-Ams, etc.

  289. Batum doesn’t really play D that great

  290. Lin is the catalyst of this team

  291. do u think it was something negative?

  292. Its Lebron so who can against him.

  293. JLin’ ball-handling training is able to put LeBron on skate.. Nice =)

  294. ….(happy thanksgiving)

  295. Nice balance of D and O this game. Let’s go Jeremy!

  296. Lin playing great. Blatt is a former Princeton star, he’s smothering Lin’s drives.

    I expect Mr. 4th Quarter to dominate if he closes.

  297. Sleeeeeep!

  298. Thank you zxcvb!

  299. If Clifford can manage to get better interior D in the 2nd half, Hornets can build a lead

  300. at least contest it a little he gave Lebron so much space and then he just drove pass Batum and Al couldn’t do anything.

  301. yes, they’re starting to find each other on-court

  302. Jr. smith is non existent on this game,keep it up Lin and Hornets

  303. I think that starts when Al sits out 2nd half

  304. I cant imagine what if Lin hit that 3s on that great move on LBJ?

  305. 15 first half minutes tonight. Clifford got his back after last game, I guess.

  306. Jr. Smith played? didn’t even notice. lol.

  307. i would have got a noise complaint where i live lol

  308. Lol

  309. would’ve already been on vine/youtube. def top 10 play of the night

  310. Shan’t

  311. Hornets will send quite a big message throughout the NBA if they beat the Cav’s.

  312. Game over. But these days, it seems Lin looking good early means he stops getting the ball late.

  313. I’d take that any day.

  314. that might need to happen.
    Al is too slow out there

  315. That’s like Iverson crossed MJ

  316. people should seriously lay off of clifford the guy is the most fair coach lin has had its simple the one who contributes most on both ends gets to play…lin with 15 min already why? good defense and patience on offence no to keep it going lin!

  317. Classic.

  318. no .. just to keep directing offense, I think

  319. Clifford is a smart, fair coach. I think people are angry at Lin’s situation — going all in on “Batum at SG” and “Kemba as franchise PG.” When Lin leaves next year, CHA is going to revert to their old ways.

    Playing Lin at SG and Batum at SF is clearly the way to go. So obvious but CHA won’t do it.

  320. They are capable, if keep on playing the teamball

  321. yop..lin broke Lebron’s ankle!!!!!

  322. FItting in to the team. There’s talent on the team and it is how he’ll get playing time.

  323. Clifford should definitely been given the benefit of the doubt.

    Keep fouls down and keep scoring is the mantra for Lin/Lamb to get consistent time to close games

  324. Did you guys see how many times Lin try to block Lebron? i saw at least 4 times already. hope no more foul until 4q.

  325. Still inconsistent.

  326. lin is playing a very good game, on both ends of the floor

  327. Not bad 4 tries and only 1 foul called on Lin. I’d take it.

  328. I like to see that consistent in the next 20 games (same number he asked) to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  329. his release was a little too late :/

  330. This is the first game I see Lin not smiling or have fun. Something must have happened.

  331. if he made that

  332. called focus. This is the top east teams. Time to focus

  333. great move!!!!

  334. lin has 15 minutes already.
    ppl freaking out last game over nothing.

  335. He hasn’t before? Nonsense.

  336. That’s a new move he worked on this summer. I think it’s similar to what Curry does….

  337. Might have if he was closer to the rim. He’s not used to putting up a 3 yet doing that but that’s going to be an effective move for him.

  338. I sense that too. Perhaps he’s focused on his game.

  339. Up and down called inconsistent.

  340. Hi guys… hows he doing??

  341. Focus and peesh.

  342. he does…if lin keeps the fouls down he gets to play compare that with byron scott and mchale who would plant lin on the end of the bench for a TO

  343. Because he was a positive and playing within the system. He made beautiful passes and didn’t force the issue. He’s not in foul trouble. I continue to think Cliff is fair to him.

  344. playing better than the stats show

  345. As always, keep him in good things happen.

  346. Cha 14 assists, Cle only 6 … but
    Cha 20 boards only, Cle 28

    Need Cle bigs to step up

  347. Its called foul trouble

  348. It would be so good if Philadelphia wins their first game against Houston tonight.

  349. He smiled during an exchange with Kevin Love

  350. yep.

  351. Thx!

  352. Thx! Saw the alley oop to lamb!

  353. Love the Bench reaction 🙂

  354. Did he play the top East team before? Game face. He looks fine and is playing wonderfully.

  355. Bench player meant foul expenses.

  356. Is he recruiting him?too early Love…

  357. yup. Wasn’t his night. He looks so much better tonight. Now, he has to keep it up in the 2nd half and he’ll get close to 30 minutes probably.

  358. yes, very balanced.

  359. Just another reg game.

  360. Lamb went out w. 2 fouls also. Cliff is fair.

  361. Go Philly! lol

  362. Meaning inconsistent. 2 fouls? You’re allowed 3 in 1st half.

  363. i don’t like stephanie ready lol

  364. Newtooooonnnnnn

  365. Is ballstream only showing CLE feed?

  366. need to lose tonight……. chi vs ind whoever lose is ok


  367. Took you that long? She’s a talking point not expert personal opinion.

  368. yes

  369. This is a tough game against Lebron and Cavs, it means business.

  370. Al keep that coming

  371. what a risky save from Kemba

  372. wtf is batum doing bro

  373. Nice make up D PJ

  374. lol Cliff “jesus christ what was that” to Batum or PJ

  375. LOL CLE announcers: “This team didn’t turn the ball over..”
    “Oops.. 4th straight TOs”

  376. Cavs doesn’t look like #1 EC team

  377. awwwww Kemba should have just shot that

  378. Hornets tried to make a push but couldn’t get 10+ lead yet

    Linning time, plzzzzz

  379. she compliments pj hairston’s defense and not lins lol. says A LOT

  380. Too early…

  381. he gets too excited sometimes lol

  382. Not until Hornets in big trouble.

  383. our interior D is our biggest problem

  384. Babooooooommmm!!!!

  385. that 3 just sled in, i thought it looked short

  386. yup, sill 7 min left in Q3

  387. Comparing Cavs to Hawks, Hawks look more like the No.1 team to beat in the East.

  388. Big Al is heating up!

  389. Lebron alone will beat the hawks

  390. at his own teammates?

  391. someone gotta stop Lebron!

  392. Love seems having knee problem. I hope he is alright although I want Hornets to win.

  393. Lebron is stil lebron

  394. he was telling Hairston he didn’t need any help =)

  395. Nice D

  396. Great D by Hornets

  397. Now I know why Lin was trying overhelps on defending Lebron.

  398. Lin time

  399. too much kemba

  400. Kemba needs a blow

  401. Need Bench Force One. Starters running out of gas.

  402. what? they counted that bucket too?

  403. PJ with four fouls, more minutes for Lin please!! Still don’t get why this nobody rookie is starting.

  404. Pj too many minute s

  405. BF1

  406. and fouls…

  407. continuation

  408. Played great D on first,Cliff rewarding him

  409. The Lebron stopper

  410. They should put batum on lebron

  411. No JLin? Hmmm…

  412. maybe on Q4

  413. Lin In yeah

  414. JLin in at 1:23 left

  415. Whole 4th quarter

  416. That’s an advantaged foul

  417. Clifford looked at your message and said, “Oh yeah” 🙂

  418. Going to need him to close out a tough game.

  419. This is a 90s style game

  420. Batum and Lin will be good here

  421. Picked up 2 rebounds. Nice.

  422. good Lin didn’t get that off in time would have killed his %

  423. You’re welcome 😛

  424. lol extra rebound for Lin.

  425. nice – Lin in just on time, now lez see if he can close it out!

  426. im pretty sure he wasnt trying to get it off in time

  427. If Cliff will let him close…my doubts will be gone forever

  428. Great screen by Lin for the Lamb bucket!

  429. Cliff probably mad about that pass

  430. 222222222222222

  431. 22222222222222

  432. Good game folks

  433. Lin…I love Stephanie Readdy

  434. Assist

  435. Great smart decision by Lin. O & D

  436. Jeremy to Jeremy 🙂

  437. Good Lin & Lamb

  438. This unit works!

  439. Lebron has to go back in lol

  440. zeller /// get with it!

  441. Good team rebounding effort

  442. Nice TeamDefense

  443. Looks like Lamb got shoved into Lin to cause TO.

  444. start already? my LP does not show the game?

  445. Refs

  446. ya Lamb pushed Lin, I didn’t see if Lamb got pushed or not

  447. yup

  448. lol refs plz… is it okay for players to throw other players at each other?

  449. Lin sit again? WTF

  450. Hes sitting??

  451. Slow down Lin. Don’t try and do too much. Take care of the ball better. Doing well though.

  452. Relax he’ll be back

  453. Short rest

  454. Any question, excuses?

  455. Lin is sitting

  456. ok now you going to sit lin?

  457. Facepalm @ Clifford. Yanked for that TO?

    Lin better come back in…

  458. Thats not true

  459. ANY Question of inconsistent?

  460. Lamb got pushed. Can’t believe refs didn’t call a foul off the ball.

  461. and once the team falls behind, they will insert Lin lol

  462. Just dumb coaching by Clifford.

    Lin made two quick TOs, even if they were aggressive unselfish TOs. But for Cliff, that’s unforgivable.

  463. Some was excited about Lin’s minutes first half, any question?

  464. GO CAVS

  465. Lin out lead gone.

  466. he got 11 minutes first half, it was better than usual.

  467. Li will come in soon.

  468. /gg

  469. No Lin no win, Cliff hasn’t learned the lesson yet.

  470. Are you sassing other posters’ opinions here?

  471. Kemba plays no defense.

  472. = = Lebron already lost control of the ball, why the foul.

  473. well. that didn’t work did it

  474. 82-79 when Lin sat
    8-4 run by CLE now

  475. Lebron homerism.

  476. Bad sub by Clifford. Delly can take advantage of Kemba’s size.

  477. ok, 10-4 run by CLE since Lin sat

  478. Doh!

  479. Cliff better put Lin back in before gets out of hand. Momentum has totally changed since he’s been out.

  480. BAM. Great jumper by J.R.

  481. Cliff has Lin on the shortest leash on this team. Even Frank has the green light.

  482. need lin’s D!!!

  483. Note: IMO, the current Hornets lineup on the floor is their projected core players that Cliff is trying to win with. But can’t at the moment…

  484. What are you comment policing?

  485. Cliff has the confidence on Lin to save the game if …

  486. And his O. And his I (intangibles).

  487. Times like these sometimes when Cliff inserts Lin back in, I wish he doesn’t put too much effort to save the team.

  488. Cliff is inconsistent with Lin

  489. Clifford don’t do this…..?

  490. Amen!

  491. ….since day 1 of the reg season.

  492. Go cavs…

  493. Because that’s part of being a mod, fyi. You tend to criticize any and every positive comments here.

  494. You want Lin to be a James Harden who only puts effort in when he likes his coach and he feels like it?

  495. Zero trust from coach, Lin is always on an uphill path, sad to say, MDA is the one and only guy that can help Lin achieve stardom, no one else. From Linsanity down to this……Only in NBA!

  496. Iso Walker going to lose the game

  497. Cliff has no offense, without Lin.

  498. hoping he coaches next season

  499. BrookLin Nets coached by MDA….coming in 2016.

  500. Hmmm. I thought Batum/Kemba/Lin are locked to close the game.

  501. True perhaps but MDA doesn’t have a job at the moment.

    And this happens in every sport at every level.

  502. Hate this

  503. Clifford went away with what worked at end of Q2

    He gambled with a big lineup here

  504. Look like Lin is done

  505. Cliff doesn’t know how to strategize and extend the team’s lead.

  506. Not any more. Cliffraud got his extension, he can afford to play in his comfort zone again.

  507. Walker tunnel vision.

  508. Nice shot jr

  509. 13-6 CLE run since JLin sat

  510. No Lin D no win.

  511. I hope this team lose

  512. No Lin, No Win.


  513. Big mistake coach Clifford.

  514. Right…

  515. It never changes for Lin does it Defferent team same result.

  516. Clifford gambled with Lamb offense but is losing on Lin’s missing D

  517. are you effing serious cliff. plz plz

  518. L-O-L. It’s going to be hilarious watching this team implode next season w/o Lin.

    They could honestly go 22-60.

  519. Watch Cliff inserts Lin at 2 or 1 minute mark hoping he will turn it around.

  520. They never learn…

  521. hope this team lose

  522. I’m sorry but extending Cliff’s coaching contract was a bad idea.

  523. Glanced at stats only to realize nothing has changed. Batum with 33 minutes, Walker with 29, Lin with only 19:53 ~ 20 minutes. Won’t bother watching another more games live, I’m done. Form now on highlights only. I wanted to give it one more chance but nope, not going to waste my time watching NBA trying to promoting others even letting nobodies like Hairston start when Lin deserves to be the starting PG or SG!

  524. What did I, Heart, NONONO and others have been telling about the new rotation? This is a new norm. Lin will play here and there occasionally at best.

  525. We desperately need overtime.

  526. 2:19 left on the clock. Will Cliff going to put in the scapegoat…someone to blame for the lost

  527. Benefit of the doubt meter is running real low. This is a one year rental. Lamb the new clarkson/bev/harden/whatshisname

  528. hahahha clifford big fail! im glad

  529. Way ahead of you… 🙁

  530. Relax, guys..

    No Linning, no Winning.
    It’ll take time to see this

  531. Even if they go OT, Lin will not play any more

  532. I’ve seen enough Psalm

  533. Seriously? What are you instigating against other posters here?

  534. let them rack up the losses

  535. Yes, by the way I hope Hornets lose! They deserve it! Wanting Lin to save them by only playing him at the end but NOT give him the respect and attention with the starting role! Cliff and Hornets no different from Rockets!

  536. Lin has the hardest road in the NBA by a thousand-fold.

    Curry would be out of the league with this treatment.

  537. That’s what it is

  538. you don’t want JLin be a scapegoat…do you?

  539. Officially off hornets bandwagon

  540. Lamb LOL

  541. Lamb stinking it up.

  542. Really Cliff? This is the offense you want to run, 5 guys afraid to shoot??

  543. There is no reason to create division here with this kind of comment.

  544. They do not want to admin it was D made difference in Wizards game! Cliff sucks!

  545. Lamb is failing this audition miserably

    No clutch performance to close games

  546. No offense, ball movement. No Lin.

  547. I am with you.

  548. Go cavs…

  549. And no D….therefore no win.

  550. Let them experience the losses w/o great D by Lin & great ball movement

    Maybe they will change their ways .. before the losses mount

  551. Jeremy lin the best cheerleader ever…

  552. Lin played great this is completely on warranted . Lamb now has more minutes then Lin.

  553. Lamb is so silent….LOL

  554. I just wonder, why every team Lin joins treat him like this? NBA demands it?

  555. I’m officially a hornets hater

  556. When Hornets are leading, Cliff gambles on offense rather on defense, thereby losing the lead.

  557. This was a winnable game if Lin was on the floor to close the game.

  558. Wrong move by Clifford. Lin had it this game. Unless there’s something wrong with Lin, he needs to be in there.

  559. I cant th8nk of any reason but his race…

  560. 4-11, Lamb, 6-15, Kemba, come on! Cliff! Let’s the better player in .

  561. Curry’s lucky he has a family history of basketball players! With his size and thin outlook, he would’ve be marginalized as well since he didn’t fit the norm of a basketball player.

  562. It’s not even that Clifford is “unfair.” He’s just dumb when it comes to lineups. He thinks you MUST HAVE SIZE and play straight up. Doesn’t think “small ball” works.

  563. thing is Lin was shooting well. 50% shooting and he was great at D.

  564. poor guy…..so RACISM prevails in sports after all.

  565. I like Lamb. He should play with Lin. He’s not a closer. I wish Lin didn’t make those 2 TOs but mostly, he played very well tonight.

  566. but Kemba is short

  567. this team is a fraud they want jlin to amp his defense but in reality is to limit his offense, touches and playing time……maybe these coaching staff explaining to jlin his to tired to play more minutes cause of his defense in reality they dont want him to shine cause his popular and will steal others shine on this team

  568. Exactly. He’s PG. So Lin has to be SG…which is smallball.

  569. He wants to play like Warriors with big line up..LOL

  570. Again, he’s a very bad gambler.

  571. Lebron got away from a technical

  572. That’s exactly it! He has the right play calls. Just the wrong lineups.

  573. Umm. OT?

  574. Blue…I’m sorry.

  575. That shot was created by Batum for Lamb.

  576. Absolutely.

  577. even in OT, Lin won’t play

  578. You watched the game instead of sleeping??? How dare you!!!

  579. Homerism on Lebron much, refs?

  580. I feel done with this season. Same book different cover

  581. I believe Cliff is a liar now.

  582. “That Asian guy is nice to have…but OBVIOUSLY he can’t be a star.”

  583. lebron really doesn’t want to lose lol

  584. so frustrating

  585. I said it firs

  586. promises never fullfill, all empty ones, get Lin purely for marketing purpose, thats the mindset of almost all NBA teams

  587. Im watching the last 4 year all over again. Lin gets better yet stat get worse or stay the same

  588. this is why jeremy looked unhappy

  589. This team is like rox and lakers…

  590. Matthew Dellavedova 32:48 this scrub playing time

  591. a few more games like this, i’m probably going to stop supporting Hornets. No offense to the players, just the FO/Coaching.

  592. Pretty much so.

  593. This is the NBA. I believe that the NBA is very crooked. I believe there is a hierarchy of teams they want to win games. In the east it’s the Cavaliers and in the west GSW. I am convinced that the NBA is rigged

  594. Blatt is a smart coach. He played for Princeton, BTW.

  595. Most people at RealGM are saying Lin should be in. Not Lamb. Lamb tonight is not the right guy to be in there. But strangely, Love is not in for Cleveland.

  596. thank you joyce

  597. but with less minutes and making Lin a 9th man instead of 6th-7th.

  598. No bias against CHA. Just against Lin. His own coach doesn’t believe in him.

  599. Yeah, i went to see creed instead… lol

  600. Lin has to be the unluckiest guy in the world. Linsanity was actually sanity. All the other year of his life are insanity. From harvard to the pros

  601. I totally agree!

  602. 12 mil and 7 mil vs
    2 mil
    so kinda obvious

  603. MIL is frustrated with their PGs. Maybe Lin for Bayless or MCW (all are expiring)?

  604. Relax guys, next game Lin gets to finish and all is well again. 🙂

  605. 20 minutes for a back-up pg is not the NORM for today’s NBA…..Lamb will get minutes until he bombs…..Jeremy just has to be a pro and be ready

  606. I think cliff is trying to balance the finshing team.

  607. nah we keep telling ourselves that and it just happens once in a full moon.

  608. Trolololol

  609. Get Lin and play him along Bayless.

  610. And we can be the unluckiest fans too since we can’t see him go to the top

  611. what?

  612. Wow….messy play by Hornets starters….

  613. so rockets knew they are out of contentions so they are now playing bad and also other teams….man thats so fraud a pre determined finals to sell tickets

  614. Bayless is actually better than Lin just largely underrated and mistreated
    he will eat Lins minutes

  615. 1 year rental so He’ll move on

  616. Hornets threw game away when Clif subbed Lin out.

  617. I agree, Roberts wasn’t even played tonight!

  618. The key difference this game is that Cle trusted their backup PG, Cliff does not! !!!!!!

  619. What? You took that offensive? You only feel offensive because the true hurts.

  620. You’re discrediting Jeremy Lin if you are saying you are an unlucky fan.

  621. When Lin leaves we will see what Lamb/hornets becomes

  622. Hornets don’t deserve Lin. Let’s get out of this crappy trash team.

  623. but cliff has to manage politics..so kw has to be in and lamb has to be in since they get paid big.

  624. 15-8 CLE run since JLin sat
    Hornets trailed 90-94

    12.9 seconds left

  625. Kemba lamb is the trusted scoring backcourt….

  626. look at their FG lamb and walker

  627. Can Lin just fake an injury or pull an Omer Asik move on his team?

  628. Their first PG Irving is out. They don’t really have an option.

  629. Sounds good to me. I don’t think CHA would want MCW, though. Clifford likes vets and whoever they get is going to get Lin’s 20-25 minutes, not starter minutes.

  630. Jeryd as undersize SG.

  631. lol well deserved cliff. well deserved

  632. Yup Jeremy is being paid as he is being played minutes wise

  633. Yeah, some of the refs already confirmed it.
    Theres too much money involved

  634. I am angry but happy angry.

  635. Game over…

  636. Rox gave Lin more minutes…sigh

  637. It was over when Lin left. This isn’t the Wiz. This is a great team in the Cavs.

  638. I am soooooooooo happy. Clifford deserves this.

  639. 20 minutes for backup PG is absolutely the norm in the NBA. I think you are confused.

  640. No Lin no win, I am happy to see it.

  641. Hmm
    He and Lin wil make an unstoppable one 2 punch

  642. wrong

  643. But Lin does not.

  644. Good for Lin in the long run. Clifford was put in his place and embarrassed.

  645. lol.. look at their salary

  646. Cliff…please end this misery….get over it ….will you

  647. what’s the point in watching? Lin will never earn a bigger role here. We’re not even wishing for main guy or co-main guy, he can’t even be the sixth man. This season is the culmination of what you saw tonight. 15-20 mins. No chance to develop.

  648. wait till MKG come back more minutes will be chop……..trade deadline pls

  649. Lin looks very uninterested good hes mad

  650. Well, he’s done for the season so that doesn’t affect Lin.

  651. lin would be lucky to get 10 mins with mkg.

  652. cuz we love Lin too much lol

  653. Lin saves his mileage for a better stage.

  654. This soft talk coach sure con a lot of people.

  655. don’t know why I ended up watching this games..
    maybe because it’s friday night

  656. well he picked this team. you can only put it on Lin.

  657. LOL, Lamb. AGAIN. How awful.

  658. This is Jeremys career moving forward….something dramatic has to happen personnel wise….tonight’s game was a solid back-up game…and just keep stringing these games together and note the trade deadline to a contender

  659. Heh heh…

  660. Well, this is depressing. Lin goes to the bench and so does the offense.

  661. that was a mistake playing lamb. and he did nothing to deserve those minutes.

  662. I have never been so happy for Hornets….ofc its without Lin on the floor

  663. Just the Lin fans there, though he really should.

  664. This is where Lin’s agent needs to be in the work. Dec 15 couldn’t come soon enough.

  665. No.You’re violating the number 1 rule here: be respective of other people’s posts.Any more posts against other posters will not be tolerated.Consider this your final warning.

  666. Without Lin, this team is a joke. Just another 10-12th place team.

  667. Once lamb signed the contract, lin’s role is done. He’s not overtaking lamb on pure basketball plays. It is what it is. He’s forever behind lamb, even when he plays better or not. There’s no chance of letting us play dictate his minutes.

  668. Cliff wants to prove MJ and FO were wrong about Lamb

  669. Lin faces too much odds to succeed. Its just too overwhelming. They said he cant start because of his threes, he fixed that. Then they said he cant defend, he again fixes that and no reward. Lamp who plays no defense starts like his family BEV/Clarkson/ Harden

  670. MIL is really frustrated with their season and PG play… Bayless and MCW have 2-3M contracts.

  671. Did Lin ever have problem inbound the ball?

  672. Win some loose some. We should follow Lin’s attitude, train harder and take the high road.

  673. heh i dont believe that for a second

  674. Thing is Lamb needs Lin to excel. He’s trash without Lin on the floor making plays for him.

  675. Yup nothing you can do but cheer on when he does play and stop worrying about the what ifs

  676. well, you can forget the wed game against gsw.
    lin will never be able to showcase his talents.

  677. maybe Cliff is just dumb

  678. HaHaHa, I actually thought about you.

  679. And….. continue to be on the bench

  680. You promised.

  681. Cliff disgrace!

  682. We need tweet from Lin from the bible right now.

  683. Seriously? lin has no chance to earn more minutes…He has no chance of being promoted to the sixth man, let alone starter. How can anyone in any profession be motivated knowing that you are forever stuck without the chance to move up, even if you produce?

  684. Lots of folks hated linsanity and it’s been a gift and a curse

  685. can’t argue with that

  686. Hornets going to lose to GSW, Bulls. Going to drop to 10-9 and out of playoff top 8.

  687. “You reap what you sow”?

  688. one of the options.

  689. our first lost cause Lin was not closing the game.

  690. And continue to being lied upon

  691. the NBA hates rockets and les

  692. You forgot the loss to Bulls.

  693. I know you’re frustrated but you still need to follow the forum rules. No name calling.

  694. I’m not the coach.

  695. Anyone here has the guts to tweet Jeremy how STUPID he is for choosing Hornets? Anyone?

  696. Remember, half of the 20 min he played today was standing in the corner.

  697. This is so similar to the situation in Rox when McF sat Lin during the 4th quarter and had himdelf burned, LOL.

  698. HaHaHa, you are funny.

  699. If they don’t acknowledge Lin, that’s where they will be at the end of the season. If they play Lin 25+ minutes a game, they would be a top 4 team.

  700. 16-7 CLE run since JLin sat
    Hornets lost 90-95

    Kemba/Lamb/Batum/MW/Al shot 3-18

  701. whats the day trade deadline end in dec

  702. He wasn’t good, but he’s not a closer. This is Lin time and maybe Cliff will explain why he didn’t close with him. I also think while Batum is a wonderful player and solid facilitator, I don’t think he’s the clutch guy that will make the big plays for the Hornets. There are 2 clutch guys on this team. Kemba and Lin.

  703. trash

  704. All-Stars!!! Pipe dream…

  705. time to check twitterverse

  706. lol

  707. Clifford got the extension now so he no longer will play Lin as much as he did before. He has job security and doesn’t need to win at all costs anymore. He has to win with MJ and Cho’s guys. And he has 3 years with 4th year option to figure out how to do it.

    I think Lin will play less and less and may be traded mid season to another team who feels they need a backup PG.

  708. Rockets still gave him the most playing time

  709. Did I hear it two seasons ago ?

  710. Don’t know what Lin saw in this team? Sacrificing pay to play on such a crappy team that will marginalize him.

  711. Honestly, I think Clifford is just a “smart” version of Byron Scott. He knows his Xs and OS, but he’s still old school and thinks Lin shouldn’t close because he’s “too small” next to Kemba.

  712. He wasn’t playing. It was Lamb.

  713. 18/20 minutes a game 8-10 points with 2-3 assists/rebounds is the goal to keep him valuable

  714. lol a lot of tweets about Lin breaking Lebron’s ankles

  715. No this has been the plan since day one or the day Lamb signed the extension. Cliff now only put it in full play.

  716. Lin IS indeed too small to close next to Kemba. I totally agree.

    Lin should be playing OVER Kemba at PG.

  717. they think lamb is better than lin, point proven with the contract. Lin will never play more than lamb or kemba or batum. Neither will he get more touches, more shots, more plays, minutes, nothing. Unless lin is happy playing 15 mins every night with the chance to play 20 if he has a good game, then it is what it is. Lin wont ever get to really close out or play any significant minutes on this team. If he’s happy with this, then there’s no point of hoping to develop into a better bball player. This is basically his career ceiling if he stays here

  718. No Lin, no win. I knew that when Lin wasn’t playing the rest of the 4th quarter that the Hornets would lose. Kemba got schooled by Dellavedova several times. I really felt that if Lin played out the entire 4th, the Hornets would have won.

  719. Hornets where the only team to offer him minutes right???

  720. Once Lin leaves this team they will all hurt for awhile.

  721. Read my post again

  722. Lin took the chance but at worst he can opt out.

  723. “It’s always good to have two pick-and-roll players on the floor. That way you can put pressure on the defense at one side, then switch it to the other. That makes more room to play similar to how Golden State does. You’ve got Steph (Curry) on one side, so defenses have to load up there, and then you’ve got Klay Thompson on the other with room to operate. That’s what Kemba can do for Jeremy and Jeremy can do for Kemba.”

    That Jeremy is Jeremy Lamb? LOL

  724. post it here

  725. lol trash team

  726. he was tricking us the whole time lol

  727. Lamb’s role has nothing to do with Lin’s.

  728. We should and please ask him to stop being a stupid male cheerleader…

  729. I honestly don’t even think that (after watching Clifford so far).

    He just doesn’t believe in small ball. He keeps saying over and over that he likes length (Batum at SG, MKG at SF) for defense. Just look at Hairston starting at SF! He’s not even wanted (CHA declined a 1M extension).

  730. I know pity Lin didn’t finish for the win. I thought he played well tonight.

  731. That’s got to be Lin.

  732. It’s not on Lin that people break their promises and broke faith w/him.

  733. yep trash team with no accomplishment

  734. i think he could have went to Mavs

  735. Nil, whether unlucky fan or fans.Seems like the most important to everyone is his end destination, not his journey to the top.

  736. 8pt, 2 asst is not valuable to any team out there.

  737. Lamb even couldn’t get the inbound …. he’s a shooter only. smh!

  738. Be my guest.

  739. Evertime Lin finished the game he would say ” i want to put Lamb back in but……”

  740. Lin played well and only got 20 mins. That’s a joke. Maybe they are trying to sign him on the cheap for long term but he is being screwed right now. Kemba is playing way too many minutes. Lin should not resign under this circumstance.

  741. Theres been enough games. Lin will average 20-22 minutes. An occasional 25 minute game. Anyways i think Its would be best to skip this season.

  742. If Lin plays 28+ mins vs GSW, the Hornets will have a small chance to pull off a big upset. But if Lin plays 20 or less mins, definite Hornets loss.

  743. If thats his mindset, LIn’s playing career will come to an end. This season might be his last.

  744. It’s not like he made the decision on a whim…

  745. You’re kidding right?

  746. all seasons will be like this for Lin from now on. Perhaps even worse. I still strongly hope Lin sees the CBA is best for him unless he becomes a selfish Harden stat padder over night.

  747. Smart move to make that option.

  748. For ones health I suggest to “checkin” every now and then

  749. ya I’m starting to lose faith in the NBA. I mean those tweets about Lin when he closes games and does well is great by the NBA but that’s not enough for me.

  750. No. Mavs always has been interested in DJ. Jeremy is either an afterthought or not even at their plans.

  751. How so? He’s eating up Jeremy’s minutes… and closing.

  752. Why wonder? Speak your mind. You called yourself NBA expert right?

  753. you wonder?
    everyone wonder dude!!!

  754. I have faith in Lin, but there is only so much he can control. NBA won’t let him shine.

  755. No way with that cba….getting 20 mins in the NBA is no small feat

  756. Several times got burned sitting Lin for Bev.

  757. anyone has stats when lin finishes the game vs not?

  758. team win stats

  759. no, it would be to STICK it to the NBA.

  760. It sort is though. He has been lied too many times now and keeps believing though….

  761. Overtime iv heard him say this I’m like” this is crazy” but now i look at it he maybe the most sane one

  762. man…**** the hornets and the NBA i’m done

  763. Not everyone, Clifford will never wonder, he thinks Lin is just another scrub, so no need to play him.

  764. He’s not stupid! He’s naive and trusting 😉

  765. No way man….NBA guys in the cba would kill for 20 mins in the league

  766. At the talent he has its quite small and insulting

  767. i’m just afraid that other nba teams, if they even want lin now, will give him this role or even lesser. sigh, we used to dream of lin making all-star, then it was okay, a productive starter, then okay, maybe a productive six man, then now, just let him have 20 mins, please ,please what? next? I know lin is happy to contribute however for his team, but I feel like if lin’s career is going to be like this, then his career never really got the chance to see how good he could have been. i feel like the window is closing and probably closed. IT sucks, Lin is 27, decreasing minutes every year, changing teams every year, is Lin ever even going to reach starter level? right now it looks as if it’s over.

  768. Hmmm..i am beginning to loose faith in Hornet and Cliff..not cool and not keeping to promise ..

  769. Lisa, thumb ups.

  770. 12 and 7 mil
    2 mil

    case close

  771. That’s why everyone who is frustrated with his decision to play with the Hornets should have the balls to tweet him :), like right now.

  772. Lin is a PG. Let Lamb take those SG minute. Lin will never get Kemba’s spot.
    I honestly don’t know what Lin was thinking signing in Charlotte.

    He needs to realize he should sign up for the NBA and opt out this summer.

    Build the CBA and expel the NBA’s impact in Asia.

  773. Yea i think I’m close to that. Before Lin i early watched the NBA. I think I’m done. They’ve beaten out my hope. # coaches now. 4 years later. Its over man

  774. Can someone tell me why Lin wasn’t inserted back to the lineups when the game was on the line?

  775. Beginning??? You have a lot of hope

  776. bench guy

  777. Clifford thinks he can win without Lin.

  778. If McHale got fired after taking the team to Western Conf, Cliff is not 100% safe either. But we’re talking about the low market.

  779. usually, I will say watch it! don’t want to ruin chem.. but then again, for a long time when he had lin out there finishing games, did they win most of the time? if they did.lisa has a biggie point.

    I for once will think it can be true as when lin drives in you have defender clamming up on him to allow open passes to others.

  780. McHale thought he could win with Haren.

  781. 12 and 7 mil
    2 mil

  782. God works in ways we don’t expect. Not sure of the outcome but whatever the outcome Lin will do well.

  783. I hope to hear from sws94.

  784. Bad gambler Cliff. Whenever Hornets gets the lead, he gambles on offense rather than defense. Jeremy’s unit has always been the best defensive unit just by being in the lineup.

  785. I saide that yesterday

  786. Can only wish for some Jeremy get busy games during the season…Chicago will needs a pg soon

  787. Like we all know, no Lin, no Win. I was debating with someone a few days ago and they said coach was being consistent with Lin. Consistent my foot, consistently yanking him in and out. We all know the outcome would have probably been been different with Lin in the game. Even if not, I’ll take my chances with Lin any day.

  788. Why did he gamble?

  789. So what’s the difference between Clifford, Woodson, McHale, Sampson & BS?

  790. i dont think hes dumb but smart ppl can also make dumb decisions

  791. You tell me, aren’t you the smarty pants here.

  792. Ido Amir‏@IdoAmir

    Would have the @hornets had a better chance of winning if @JLin7 played in the clutch vs #Cavs tonight?


  793. They will risk losing money if they pay Batum and find not much improvement in the team.

  794. Clifford gambled to test Lamb to close games but he went bust.

    Kemba/Lin/Batum went so well at the end of Q2 but he went away from it.

    More losses like this will help them to see how’s really clutch when it really counts the most

  795. Not much apparently. Another season of frustration. SMH

  796. Ugh. I value defense over offense. This has to be the most hilarious post I’ve read about defense,especially with Jefferson at the lineup.

  797. Having Al in the 4Q for defense was a dumb move. Same with Lamb. They are not good defenders. And I believe we only shot 17% in the 4th after Lin was sub’d out. Nothing to be happy about here. Bad coaching.

  798. Smarty pants? Calling me name? Uh sound like you are a hypocrite here.

  799. and yet you’re here. lol.

  800. They all called themselves defensive coaches.

  801. LOL, so dumb….

  802. Didn’t he try to close with Lamb before and failed? Why does he keep going with that? Didn’t work to start games either.

  803. it’s all good. you both are huge lin fans. both are smart.thanks for the reply.

  804. Q: What kind of team sees its player score 8pts in OT just a few nights ago yet STILL benches him in the clutch? A: @hornets #jeremylin— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) November 28, 2015

  805. Clifford’s attempt at stand up comedy.

  806. Shouldn’t you be pleased I called you smart? I see what you are doing.Attack me again.

  807. Didn’t shoot well because Kemba didn’t move the ball around and went into hero – iso ball mode.

  808. Probably the 3-yr contract to test if Lamb is clutch.

    Predictably, it failed since he can’t create much for himself.
    He’s good shooter but not a creator

  809. Hornets lost due to poor rebounding. They were outrebounded by the Cavs.

  810. What a crap game. At least this was nice.


  812. I support Ido. I know some Hornet fans and even Lin fans think he’s a little extreme but he speaks the truth.

  813. I’m not going to automatically lump the Hornets and Clifford in with his previous 2 teams. Here’s why:

    This year, Lin is having his highest PTS/36M and USAGE by far in the past 4 years, and not that far off from Knicks days. (Stats from this year to previous years):
    PTS/36: 17.4, 15.7, 15.6, 14.9, 19.6
    USAGE: 24.4%, 21.9%, 20.4%, 20.8%, 28.1%

    So that shows that when Lin does play, he gets to do a lot more. It’s better than having lots of minutes and not doing anything. Right now, it seems that Clifford is still basing his PT off matchups. Hopefully by midseason, Clifford will play Lin more regardless of matchups.

  814. What am I doing? Am I chasing you around? Seem like you have a problem with me personally.

  815. Relax guys. End the discussion here and agree to disagree.

  816. It didn’t even take a few nights. He benched him in 4th quarter the next game after his clutch performance. They got the win against the wizards because the wiz players could’t make a bucket to save their lives. Then clifford thought he could pull that trick again, woh woh woh, no lin no win.

  817. Kembas usually does his iso moves whenver he receives the ball from his teammates. He did have some nice moves, but the team just couldn’t win when he failed to do his PG job.

  818. He doesn’t have the composure yet to hold a team’s lead, and right on the match ups.

  819. this move is buzzing

  820. Kemba. So simple bc Lin was not supposed to play main key in that OT.

  821. I swear, Lin could take on Lebron

  822. You’re RIGHT!

  823. My biggest problem is he went away with what worked at the end of Q2 (Kemba/Lin/Batum).

    I hope with more losses of not having JLin to close games, he can convince himself and other coaches/FO that they simply need JLin to win games.

  824. FYI you’re the one who started this. Chasing off people with positive comments,creating posters divide. I’ve warned you ENOUGH already.

  825. SERIOUS QUESTION: Is there any hope for lin to ever have starter level minutes in the nba anymore? He’s going to turn 28 next year and if he can’t get minutes on this hornet squad, where else can he really go? It’s so sad that this is probably the reality. I want to be positive but nothing in the last 3 years has given me hope of anything else.

  826. Oh please, whoever can’t see that must have their head buried in the sand!

  827. 76ers? Or one of the bottom 2 teams from each conference except the Lakers.

  828. Idk man i just don’t know. At this point it would take a fool to believe so

  829. Pray forD’Antoni to get a coaching job

  830. Too bad there are many Lin fans couldn’t see it.

  831. ya this is the way next season.

  832. So clifford plays lin the whole 4th quarter in a handful of games and they win, he gets his contract extension, and the next 2 games Lin sits out the most of the 4th quarter. Either plain coincidence or just plain stupidity.

  833. I lean more on stupidity.Dude doesn’t know how to strategize and keep leads.

  834. maybe Cliff is trying to prove that he doesn’t need Lin to win games (incase he doesn’t resign with Hornets) except he actually does need him against teams like Cavs.

  835. Thats what mchale tried to do, and we know what happened to him don’t we?

  836. I have to pin this loss on Clifford. When he took Lin out at 6+ minutes mark I thought he would put him back at 3 minutes when Hornets fell behind. Look at the assists, Lin tied with 2 others at 4 with his limited minutes, but his assists were more meaningful, bounce pass to Hawes for easy lay up, alley-oop to Lamb, passed to Kemba for 3 on his first score after he missed others, and passed to streaking Zeller for lay up and +1. After Lin left there were low ball movements, and jumpers mostly miss with no easy baskets.

  837. Exactly. That’s why I don’t get why some Lin fans troll this board by clamoring that Curry is sooo good, etc, etc. smh

  838. He took Lin out at the 7 or 8 minute mark. Real real early

  839. hopefully same results for Cliff if he keeps this up. Once Lin leaves Hornets, it’s a wrap. The franchise will be reduced to a small market again. Right now, I would say Hornets is liek a medium market now thanks to Lin’s popularity.

  840. I spoke to a conductor a couple years ago. He said it is not too hard to study conducting. The hardest thing is to find an orchestra that is willing to give you a chance to conduct.

  841. CCliff… SAD…
    NO LIN, NO WIN!!
    No trust in JL7 to close to game ??!? SMH..!!!

  842. Why do all these coaches seem to have this desire to see if they can win without Lin? It’s like having a turbocharger in your car and you keep trying to see if you can win races without it. ????

  843. in other news, sixers have a chance to beat the rox. 6 min left.

  844. Just admit that you don’t have a respectable offense flow without Lin.

  845. Go sixers

  846. Funny thing is that Jeremy Lin is ranked 5th on NBA pulse for his social media buzz tonight. Especially for his ankle breaker on Lebron and probably for not letting him close in the 4th. Hornets need to realize Lin should be the face of the franchise.


  847. I have more fun watching Rox and Lakers lose than watching Hornets win w/o Lin, seriously. I’m actually glad Hornets lost a winnable game tonight.

  848. up 7!

  849. Lin played 15 minutes first haif and 5 the second haif

  850. Go 76ers
    Get me some news tonite!

  851. Do teams have to go into a big losing streak to finally in desperation try to utilize Lin? Even MDA did that.

  852. Morey can take a page from Hinski to tank many seasons to come..yay

  853. Lucky #7 lol

  854. it was kind of entertaining today cause Hornets loss w/o Lin.

  855. More bench for stealing Kemba thunder.

  856. 76ers ahead of Rockets 104-99. 6:22 left in 4th Qtr. 76ers usually choke in the stretch though. That’s why they’re the 76ers.

  857. Sixers can lead but they never win.

  858. Kemba doesn’t get thunder on the web. Batum doesn’t either. They can score 35 pts in a game and no one really talks about it on social media. Lin can score like 17-21 pts and he’ll rank top 3 on NBA pulse.

  859. That’s Christian value. Believing in someone is not wrong. The question we have to ask is why ‘they’ can take advantage of Lin without backlash? and not others? Lin did his due diligence. He verified w/Coach Silas and had long ‘understanding talks’ with Cliff this time before signing. But he cannot control the other person’s behaviors /actions when that person turns on you. When someone breaks his/her promises to you, the breach is on that person. That’s why he has an “Opt-Out” and I hope he will use it.

  860. Look, Lin will be a success whichever career he decides to continue. There is life after basketball, I suspect he will succeed if he decide to preach even though I am an atheist.

  861. Hence the benching.

  862. Yes Lamb is a one dimensional player, no defense, no assist, no rebound. And his offense is average to be honest.

  863. that makes no sense

  864. That is why I say this game was in favor for Cavaliers to win. Clifford gave up to easily in the end. He had the worst possible lineup in 4th quarter and he knew it. NBA is very crooked and political. The stage is already being set for a showdown with LBJ and Steph Curry.

  865. Exactly

  866. NO, CCliff Still wants to win at all cost – Not taking any chances of Not making playoffs. Problem here, Clearly – He DONT Trust JL7 to come through and help get the W. Just keep doing this and you will see a losing streak. Hey, I’m happy – Mr.4th Quarter is Not to blame for loss in close game =).

  867. refs handing game to rox.

  868. The momentum turned to Cavs favor when Cliff took Lin out. Cliff tried to see if he can win against a playoff team Cavs w/o Lin at home for MJ and fans view of the Hornets future. Result: Failed. Don’t be surprised Cliff will try again.

  869. what doesn’t make sense? Lin ranking 5th?

  870. Hope Lin learns a big life lesson– do not believe in people’s sales pitch, never.

  871. Includes Jeremy’s CnS, alley oop to Lamb, and Stephanie Ready’s “Jeremy Lin is sooo good.”

  872. or consistent losing with the starters + Lamb

  873. no surprise, sixers are pure garbage

  874. MDA at least kept playing Lin once he recognized his talent.

  875. Every time Lin improves they lower his minutes

  876. Cliff promised Lin explicitly that he would let him play through mistakes. Losing the ball because your teammate was thrown into you is not really a mistake. I hope we stop hearing lectures on how Cliff is Mr. Wonderful next to McHale and BS

  877. hope lin learns a big life lesson, don’t accept a pay WAY less than a scrubs pay.

  878. Its not freakin rocket science – Lin is a playmaker, the best on the team at getting scoring opportunities for others as well as himself. He’s also the best defender to date on this team.

    All the signs say this way is the “freeway entrance” so let Lin the Lamborghini take u home, but no way says the coach, let me see where this “do not enter” sign take us, oh no the wrong way! And straight to another loss in what could have a winnable game, among other losses that could have been winnable, sigh.

  879. wait, 76ers AHEAD of rox???

  880. They lost because they didn’t play jlin in closing minutes PERIOD.

  881. He didn’t, that was why he insisted to have a player’s option.

  882. tell that to sws94.

  883. Sorry Dorothy, he will be hearing as many sales pitch as his ears could handle while he’s in the NBA.

  884. Everybody hears sales pitch, but not everybody believes it…

  885. Well, anything is better than McHale and BScott.

  886. If you don’t want him to believe sales pitches, then he’s out of the NBA.

  887. He would ask for that no matter what and he would opt out no matter how well they treats him this season to negotiate a higher salary.

  888. Lin played well. He was out bc time was up… bench PG it’s around 18 to 20 min per game. smh!

  889. He did, that is why he took a pay cut and came. i believe one of the factors he had player’s option is because he did not know how long Clifford would be the coach.

  890. 12 and 7 mil
    2 mil
    case closed.

  891. For now thats true, but keep this up for the whole year, and cliffords name will be 3rd on ur list.

  892. They were. Hinkie must have a “choke” button to prevent them from wining games.

  893. huh? why so?

  894. Any imminent trades for the Hornets?

  895. Ya! How can you trust NBA GM & Coach’s promise?

  896. And he’ll be here all season (and more) folks. lol.

  897. Thought you’re not following/watching Lin anymore? Nice to know you’re still here. What about when Lin was 15mil vs 1mil Bev, etc.? What’s the logic then?

  898. Because every season, every trading deadline, every summer he will be hearing sales pitch as to “why you should play for our team”/”why you should endorse our products”. You don’t want him to believe in sales pitch? Then he should leave NBA.He’s hearing a lot of sales pitches now with trade deadline looming.He would be listening, assessing which sales pitch thinks is good for him.

  899. Lin should not resign with Hornets unless they promise him 15 million a year and at least 30 minutes play time. If they don’t do that, time for the franchise meltdown.

    I would have accepted 7-8 mln a year if Lin was treated better this season. But nah, 15 mln it is.

  900. Lin gotta show us what he’s made of as a Harvard Econs grad. Come on, Lin, get your agent do a better job in structuring the contract.

  901. Exactly!

  902. Promise????

  903. I mean offer him a contract for $15 mln and guaranteed minutes

  904. stop posting any hornets media related here trash team

  905. at least not throwing under the bus,,,but still

  906. Lin has had big contract before and still lost his job. Ive completely lost hope. Its over

  907. He will not stay…

  908. I have yet to see a poster who can actually “walk the talk” and unfollow Jeremy Lin.

  909. lol, Cliff did not let JLin close.

  910. needs guaranteed minutes in his next contract. I have hope MDA will get a job and Lin will follow him.

  911. Khuang is silent. So is tina etc

  912. There’s only one Mr. Wonderful – Paul Orndorff and clifford is definitely not that. He’s more like a Mr. Horrible right now, horrible coaching.


  913. Silent is very and vastly different from unfollow.

  914. How??

  915. MDA?

  916. through a miracle

  917. Just raising the bar for JLin. Till he is so good that he will be DNP CD…

  918. why unfollow Lin? They should be blasting hornets on Twitter.

  919. JLin fans have their lives to live too. Sometimes we just need to take a breather to focus on our own lives by not visiting fan sites too often. LOL

  920. It’s a tale of almost biblical proportions huh? JLin’s never ending quest to find a home. Still wandering the desert. The Book of Jeremy is never dull.

  921. Oh btw from that other post, I never say I completely unfollowed him.. I said still look at his stats and everything…that’s a big difference if someone else here can’t comprehend that..not you. Posting here is will intermittently until he really loses it completely as in 8 and 2 . then I will stop completely. There is still hope.

  922. His NBA career is close to over anyways. He will sign with whoever.

  923. Linsanity has already happened which looks very sane now. They are all against him. Its just over. 4 coaches now has turned they’re back on him.

  924. Kind of repetitive

  925. GT: Cavs @ Hornets, 11/27 7:00

    From Realgm comments

    #1 Post#383 » by BigSlam » 3 minutes ago

    Watched the game on delay. Just got done. Haven’t read our GT yet. Will do so after this. Will say though:

    Gritty, gritty game by our guys.

    With about 5 or 6 mins to go in the 4th after we couldn’t get anything going for a while i would have liked to have seen Lin in the game next to Kemba in the back court. I feel Lin might have had a good chance of getting us going when no one else could.

    #2 Re: GT: Cavs @ Hornets, 11/27 7:00

    Post#384 » by BatumtheGlue » 1 minute ago

    I think Lin should close the game tonight. We just played against a contender, i prefer this loss than the loss against the Knicks.

    #3 Re: GT: Cavs @ Hornets, 11/27 7:00

    Post#386 » by Flip Murray » 1 minute ago

    Fair enough. I agree we should’ve gone with Lin. Once we stagnated for a couple of minutes Cliff needed to make an adjustment.

    #4Re: GT: Cavs @ Hornets, 11/27 7:00

    Post#381 » by steady » 5 minutes ago

    Braggins wrote:Don’t get me wrong, I think Lin probably should have closed this game, but some people are overreacting a bit about it. I don’t really think it was the biggest contributing factor to the loss.

    I agree with this

    But I understand the upset. I am a big Lamb fan dating back to his brief time in Houston – well before his breakout game against the Bulls . But you take someone who is used to playing spot minutes and suddenly ask him to close big games … It’s going to be rough more often than not

  926. There are teams waiting for him next season while their own “stars”/players phasing out. Lin will find his home.

  927. i’m just waiting for the day he says screw it! and pulls an Omer Asik. Doesn’t show up to practice. Doesn’t play for the team. Shows the current coach he’s not happy rather than waiting until the season is over to say anything. I just don’t like seeing Lin trying so hard on a team that doesn’t trust him.

    He almost never gets credit for games that he helps close and win anyways. It’s always Cliff praising Kemba and Batum.

  928. reality is that this is really his last year to show anything..and sad to say to do that..’someon’e has to be injured and have too ‘force’ him to play and start. That’s how reggie jackson got his 80 million.

  929. I watched from 3 mins 3Q to 2 mins before the end. Clear as day. No Lin no Win. Kemba could not generate any offense, and that was clear by 5 mins left. Cliff should have changed it up. He did not, so he lost. Kemba missed a wide open inside jumper. Batum missed an open 3 and a not so contested 2 midrange.

    CHAzzz are not HOU with a Harden and Howard. The could have won tonight, and they cannot afford to go with this weak ending combo.

    Why then? I think it’s because Lin is Ronin, and maybe they need to get trade value up for 2 things – increase in salary cap and wheeling dealing to come.

    They could say Hey Mr Lin, we’ll give you more if you commit, but Lin would not be wise to do so. So, all he needs is to say efficient and count on his team to get him to a good K and role on a team that can commit to him, starter or 2nd unit. 2nd unit on a bad team is not worth it, though, he’s too good.

  930. does the desert have the head of the snake?

  931. In that case, you have a very very short memory.

  932. I would if he is 8 and 2 this season. book it.

  933. just what i thot n said in a diid way … at five min, there was time.

  934. The day he does that is the day his NBA career ends. Be careful what you wish for.

  935. Uh huh, sure.

  936. I also can’t wait until Kemba gets injured from playing 30+ minutes a night and Lin saying “SCREW IT! Play Brian Roberts instead cause you never trusted me anyways”

  937. They’ll start losing and this will happen:

  938. I don’t mind cause he’ll probably play CBA next and make 100x more money than he is now and get bigger than he’s ever been. NBA will miss Lin when that day comes.

  939. MIL game belongs to Lin.

  940. Ever heard of Allen Iverson?

  941. I will keep an eye out on MIL then.

  942. Thats what they said the last game

  943. Thanks for the infor. that do make me feel better.

  944. On one side, I have to blame cliff because you are varying way too much on who is closing.. it requires mental shift..and another hand, I can’t because he might be trying to balance who is closing and let others have a chance.. it’s like making sure your players or workers are satisfy.. that is a tough job in itself.

    imho , unless someone is hurt or just not performing or not performing what he watns, then you stick with the closing team.. that closing team itself also has chemisty..not just the starters team…or the 2nd unit,

  945. But Sun it’s easy one?!

  946. Just like the rest of the Bible.

  947. do we have stats of lin closing games vs not closing.

  948. I predict MJ will show up next game courtside and somehow Lin will get to play over 25 minutes. I’ve seen this happen before after Lin fans vented on Twitter about his minutes.

  949. not if cliff does the same thing todqy

  950. Doubt it
    Why do people expect so much of MJ lol

  951. When it comes to Lin, stats are irrelevant. Lin started regular season with PER of 21.5+, and was iced with steadily decreasing minutes since.

  952. why ? mj wasn’t there today? thi is against the top team in the east though..why won’t he be there

  953. I think he will mind though. imo

  954. most puzzling is when jlin is on the floor no plays call for him…….playing small minutes and no plays for him when his in …hornets trash

  955. Why doesn’t Kemba ever get into foul trouble and have to sit out? Is he given a pass on defense or something?

  956. I didn’t see him on his usual spot.

    The thing is I don’t think it should ever come to this where Lin fans have to bash Hornets FO/Coach before Lin gets his opportunity. Lin should always get his opportunity whether he is still undecided to resign with Hornets next season or not. Batum is in same situation as Lin but Batum is getting his and Lin is not.

    Meanwhile, Lin is bringing so much attention and revenue to Hornets. I’m surprised they didn’t give Lin the green light over Batum. This is going to be a meltdown for the Hornets if Lin keeps on getting garbage minutes.

  957. I think if Cliff didn’t try with this group closing (without Lin) nobody will know if it works. Well on hindsight the trial failed. And now Cliff has every right to stick to the winning formula ie with JLin. I maybe wrong but that’s the closes I can guess.

  958. Cliffraud has no offense. If he had a good sense of offensive flow, he wouldn’t have had several seasons of well below average offense in the league. His job is earned by his defensive skill. But now he screws Lin to play the defense for Walker and Batum and you know what happen when Lin is sitting.

  959. I think Lin will increase min next game… bc last time when his min cut down around 15 min then increase next game …. and so on…. I guess next game probably around 22 min + or – …..

  960. no, I mean team wise…when he closes..how many games he wins vs if he didn’t

  961. ya, i predict more though.

  962. He’s #1 guy in this team. He got green light for everything.

  963. Yeah, I wonder about it too. Maybe he is just displaying defense since Lin is asked to do the heavy weight lifting.

  964. We all tried, didn’t we to root for Hornets to win until Cliff took Lin, Mr. 4th quarter, out of the 4th Quarter!

  965. cause in the end it’s MJ’s franchise he has to protect. Same thing happened to Lakers too. The time Lin got DNP’d by Byron, we all let Jeanie Buss know that and then next game Lin got to play a lot of minutes and I think he even started (i can’t remember it fully but the game was satisfying to Lin fans cause I think he scored big and the Lakers won)

  966. Lin is in the NBA playing for a team owned by MJ, the greatest player of all time. Today he broke the ankles of Lebron who many argue is currently the best player. Next week he will compete against his friend Steph who may become the GOAT.

    As someone who has devoted his life to playing BB, why would Lin even consider giving up being part of History? He has a contract for this year and he can opt into one next year. Anyone who mentions the CBA is trolling.

  967. Byron was gonna play him
    nothing to do with Jeanie

  968. Yeah I guess so. But his minute/role will be cut down again if he ever shines over Walker and Batum.

  969. I was rooting for overtime.

  970. ya don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be that angry if we won without Lin closing. Just like last game where Lin didn’t close and we won. But obviously, Lin was doing a good job at playmaking and defense today. He should have closed and the reason we lost was because of benching Lin. I just don’t like how Cliff is giving Lin inconsistent playing time. If you’re going to play him 15 minutes per game, play him 15 minutes per game so all the Lin fans know. Im tired of hoping Lin wll get his chance or not.

    I don’t like when Hornet fans say I’m just an angry LOF when I do want the Hornets to win. Just play Lin more and let him close games. I’ll be rooting for Hornets every game if that happens.

  971. Perhaps with the exception of the OT win, Hornets wins are not attributed/credited to Lin closing.

  972. Cliff didn’t deserve our support when he marginalized Lin and thought he could get away with it.

  973. Count me in, i tried. Include lin in the games is all we ask, we don’t need highest points or him to be top dog, just to be involved in helping the team win and we’re good.

  974. Yup, because stats matter now more than ever.

  975. Not Batum only Kemba bc they have the same position. Lin will in danger Batum’s job but Kemba.

  976. Yep. And this is what it has come for us to rooting for OT when we don’t see Lin in the 4th.

  977. Please revise the first word.

  978. GoodDayLA, lol

  979. Ok

  980. Bc he didn’t think they can win… LOL!

  981. Yep. And Hornets wonder why Lin fans loosing patience…

  982. Thanks!

  983. When Batum shot from 3 I screamed No! We need 2 to tie. Smh

  984. So right now no postgm interview for Lin anymore? smh! In Lakers & Rox, no matter how bad his stats were … they always gave him interview… now they really treated him like normal bench? Hate this team. smh!

  985. CBA!

  986. CBA for half a season if Cliff keeps this up? Then next season Lin can go on a different team. It’s a great way to show he’s not happy with Hornets treatment.

  987. problem is that even with that move, the shot didn’t go in, so most ppl will say doesn’t count.
    If it did go in, half of the ppl will say lucky move.

  988. NO

  989. YESSS

  990. That’s ok, I don’t want Lin to waste his PR time on a team that doesn’t deliver promises.

  991. whatever, he still got social buzz from it.

  992. Batum is not the guy can make the last shot either… he never made it just like Kemba.

  993. No, lin won’t even be in the OT if lin is not in the 4th.. because clifford usually keep the same lineup out there to stop destroying chem to have a new player in…that’s how he is…he did that before. mchale is different.

  994. lol

  995. His interviews were on and off but the last two game not much to interview about.

  996. NOOOO

  997. im looking at this board and seeing people write that Lins career is over after this year and what not… the guy is averagin 11 points 3 assist and around 3 rebounds on so so minutes….considering the circumstances he had played well…if he does not resign with charlotte there are plenty of other teams out there for him….i still have faith in that this team is good for him its a long season and you can see clifford is still experimenting with who finishes and not. tonight it was lamb who was not good down the stretch.

  998. Any League that Jeremy Lin play in, there will be instant boost of viewership, publicity and ultimately, many times more profitable. If the NBA loses Jeremy LIn, it will also lose lots of $$$$$$$

  999. problem is most people here want linsanity 25 and 10… me including.

  1000. sad thing is that they are using Lin’s revenue that comes from China and Chinese companies to promote other players on the team. I can’t wait for Lin to leave Hornets. They are leeching him.

  1001. Bc he didn’t close game… I really hate this team. smh!

  1002. Very unfortunate 🙁

  1003. I call MDA, mike d’antoni the “Great Rider of Secretariat” cuz like he said: “i’m gonna ride Lin like secretariat.”

  1004. Yep. Giving inconsistent minutes/role yet demands consistent performance from Lin.

  1005. Was this posted earlier? Only just saw it:

    Intro to Dramatic Theater with Professor Lin – 11/27/15


  1006. What is this? Calm Lin’s fans down bc they didn’t give him the playing time? This lousy team. @#$%^

  1007. Batum is Cliff’s answer to the management’s wish to speed up offense. Cliff’s offense is below average and he doesn’t want to move out of his comfort zone (to play Lin’s game). He wants to pad Batum’s stats (such as starting PJ to defend for Batum) to make him happy enough to stay.

  1008. exactly, they use Lin to earn as much as they can, but will never give him enough minutes to pad his stats, in short, they( NBA ) don’t want Lin to shine!

  1009. He played very well tonight but has just 7 points to show for it. He won’t be able to maintain an 11 pt avg at this usage.

  1010. Haha. Good job Psycho T and Tank.

  1011. well then the problem here is people expect instant success for lin in charlotte…it takes time new team new coach they need to gel….chemistry in which we see when lamb and lin play that has to happen for the team as a whole.

  1012. Lin wants to compete against Steph Curry not Marbury.

  1013. I don’t mind that. I don’t think he enjoys interviewing after losses anyway

  1014. whatever it’s gonna hurt the Hornets more than help them if Lin leaves. Maxxis Tires gone. Chinese viewers and support gone. Lin fans support gone.

  1015. I’m cool with 15 and 5. Just want solid minutes.

  1016. Hornets have played 16 games. If Hairston is still starting after 20 games (1/4 of the season), then there is something wrong with Clifford. If coach moves Batum to SF and inserts Lin at SG, then all will be forgiven.

  1017. i believe lin will have no problem keeping that number he shot the ball 3/6 tonight he shot the ball 6 times shooting 50% He can create shots for himself these past few games have been ashooting slump

    Oh and its a loooong season

  1018. Not necessarily trolling, judging from the treatment Lin gets from all these NBA teams, it clearly shows the pattern and agenda of NBA, they are driving Lin away from the league, they don’t want him to shine. Sad to say,CBA is clearly the better choice for Lin if he wants to have more minutes atm unless MDA returns.

  1019. wow, I was not looking forward to this interview. They lost. They should only interview Lin on wins where he closes the game.

  1020. Bc lose so he talked just like in Rox… No show for Harden w lose game.

  1021. Last time he got one, people complained that he only got 14 mins and he they still interviewed him.

    Other people complain the NBA is exploiting him and yet you want him to get a post game?

    So which is it? He gets a post game so the NBA is exploiting him or he doesn’t and this team is trash?


  1022. Why they asking him those questions about losing in the stretch. He should just say “because I wasn’t in the game down the stretch !!”

  1023. I know we’re all unhappy with this latest Lamb experiment by Coach Clifford but let’s be careful not to flood Hornets blog sites with too many comments.

    I would encourage Lin fans to simply leave the facts that JLin could’ve helped with ball movement so they won’t shoot 3-17 in CLE 16-8 run. Just don’t get lengthy discussion since it can be seen as hijacking the site and they would hate JLin. We need Hornets fans too to get on board as Hornets mount more losses w/ Lin not closing games.

    I expect several more games with Lamb to close out games to show that he’s not as big a difference maker as JLin.
    Let’s get Hornets fans to see this fact because we all want Hornets to win. JLin is a big part of that whether they can see it or not at the moment.

    Let’s practice some self-restraint on Hornets sites as Lin fans.

  1024. I don’t want Lin to leave the NBA and I’m certain he won’t quit. Lin has many objectives to achieve. I’m just giving an idea that the NBA should treasure Lin as a very valuable asset and not treat him like an unwanted son.

  1025. I want to skinzz those fellas who do that to Lin.

  1026. Anyone watching the GS game? Curry 8-12 on 3pointers. wtFf

  1027. They just wanted to show Lin’s fans we let him talked now…smh! So sick & tired of this. Why every team he went all the same… what he afraid of the most — cut his playing time, not able to close the game… always repeat again & again. smh!

  1028. Yes Chef Curry and not Starbury. Splash brothers and not beijing ducks.

  1029. Cliff is too old to move out of his comfort zone. darn it.

  1030. He kinda did when he said the game got away from them even before last 2 minutes.

  1031. Ya, I caught that. Not sure the regular Hornets media got it though.

  1032. what else is new, GSW fully supports him thats why he is performing like this, if he is being yanked just like Lin, I wonder if he still plays this good.

  1033. I think before Lin broke into NBA, he considered playing in Europe? I’m not saying he should go but league in Europe probably ranks ahead of CBA.

  1034. No worries from me, I’ll just flood the heck out of this site. You’ll have to build an ark by the time i’m done flooding : )

  1035. Imagine if people told Jackie Robinson to leave MLB to go play in some local league in Africa.

    Lin’s a trailblazing pioneer with a mission to open the door for future comers, not a quitter just looking for fame, money and localized success.

  1036. Chef curry serving up 3 meals for thanksgiving.

  1037. I don’t know about others but I never even bother to visit any of them since Lin signed w this team bc what they said don’t weight on the team at all. Plus so far Hornets media are nice to Lin. In fact, I don’t think they really talk a lot like Rox or Lakers when lose the game.

  1038. Oh look Hornets finally promoted Lin today as an Asian professor who can’t sing. This is the limelight he really needs to turn his career around (sarcasm)


  1039. You’re mods’ nightmare. LOL. Vent away… but within the rules!

  1040. Didn’t watch the interview. Only one reporter, right?

  1041. All leagues are better than NBA for Lin at this moment, NBA is doing all they can to drive him away.

  1042. I think people posting about CBA understand this concept… They must be just trolling…..

  1043. So Lin gets interviewed when he was not playing in the 4th when the game got away and resulted in a loss. Lin is adept and equipped w/ the ever diplomatic intelligent response.

  1044. Ya! Make it up to him for short playing time on court. Just like last game that D of the game?! Ya! smh!

  1045. at least he gets minutes on these short clips lol

  1046. must be protecting Al, Kemba, Batum for that lost

  1047. I guess they will let him plays more next game… maybe 5 min… smh!

  1048. yep, a lot of Chinese TV contracts that were signed with NBA would turn into a bad deal.

  1049. Yup!

  1050. I lost count but in the 2nd quarter Lin was snatching rebounds left and right, dang he was on par to have a solid night. Broke lebron’s ankles on that one missed shot so that was nice.

  1051. i wont be surprised…before the season end…he might be hitting 60pts

  1052. then they should sue the nba for loss compensation.

  1053. Kemba the most not Al.

  1054. Don’t count on it or you’ll be disappointed. Only when there’s mounting loss and Cliff desperately needs a win. And only then Lin will only be used for his D not his O and D.

  1055. if this keeps up, team chemistry will probably dissolve pretty soon. Im sure Hornet players read some of our comments on Twitter and they might get butt hurt but that’s how it’s going to be when Lin doesn’t get a fair opportunity. Hornets fans can blame it on the coaching.

    I think this is the same reason Kobe started hating on Lin. It’s cause we speak up for Lin and we’re brutally honest about what’s causing Lin not to get his playing time or opportunity. But really, we should all be direct the hate to Clifford/Hornets FO and not the players. Last season, we directed it to Kobe cause we all knew Kobe had Byron under his control.

  1056. Trying to cover the initial mistake of not drafting Lin by “proving” the false narrative of Lin not belonging in the NBA. Shame shame shame.

  1057. Watching Lin is like watching the walking dead show, right when it gets good, the show is over. Gotta wait til next week, is it good? Dang, shows over again. They’re trying to kill him off like Glenn.

  1058. that’s why it’s best not to get overheated.

    I simply state the facts that CLE 16-8 run happened after Lin sat & they shoot poorly at 3-17.
    Then we should take the high road to expect Hornets coaches to utilize Lin’s help on D & playmaking to close games in the future.

    Just bring the awareness and be polite about it.
    It should stay in their mind when they struggle again without JLin next games.

  1059. Kobe didn’t need anyone’s help on hating, he does an outstanding job on his own.

    Ever heard of Shaq? How about D12 throwing away 30M?

  1060. but how long do we have to polite before Lin finds a home? I cannot call Hornets a home for Lin right now. He seems marginalized worse than Lakers and Rockets did him.

  1061. They are trying to get away with marginalizing Lin from time to time for the benefits of the chosen players.

  1062. Harden and Bledsoe, “da man” of their teams, getting exposed.

  1063. It’s too late. I’ve taken the low road and blew the gasket on my engine : )

  1064. I don’t think anybody needs to be reminded to vent.

  1065. Being impolite fans doesn’t help Lin get more minutes or more respect by commentators.

  1066. They should give him especially good treatment but instead they marginalize him. I don’t understand why they can’t at least treat him fairly.

  1067. I don’t have an account on any of their sites and I’m not planning to join them,I’m still a Laker fan at heart although it disheartened me at this time,no way I’m joining any other teams sports site.I just leave all my frustrations here like the old times.

  1068. personally I think this might continue till the 20th game….lets see

  1069. Oh well…
    Just hope CCliff comes around and get his head out of the sand and trust JL7 for wins. JL7- just have to hang in there – be patience and keep on working.
    On to my other joy: Watching GS Warriors’ Awesome Run. Let’s GO!!

  1070. I dont care about it anyway. They treat Lin as the 9th man and Lamb is one of their core players. Action always speak louder than words. Hope some ppl who still defend for Clifford cant stop saying Lamb doesnt affect Lin’s playing time.

  1071. I have been rather mildly sceptical about Jeremy found a home when the Hornets didn’t make an attempt to be more contract friendly toward Lin. But I looked at Cho and Cliff and I thought hey, let’s give them a quarter of the season to see if they truly walk the talk.

    So now, I’m sad and afraid to be right about them not strong and noble enough to deliver their promises. Oh well, life isn’t fair and there are many weak minded liars around and Lin is just unfortunate to have to dela with many of them. There was M&M , BS, and now C&C…sigh

  1072. Same here. I badly wanted Jeremy and the Lakers to work out. It was a perfect for me when Jeremy signed with the Lakers but unfortunately it was the opposite for Jeremy 🙁

  1073. And you think blasting a team’s fan site is going to help Lin find a home? How does that work?

  1074. bledsoe has tyson setting killer picks but he never passes it to tyson on the role. instead, he takes it himself all the time. so selfish

  1075. Clifford told Lin he would be a key reserve, and he is.

    Rockets and Lakers told him he would be their starting PG, and they marginalized him to backup.

    While we all want him to get even more minutes, 23.3 mins is actually pretty good for coming off the bench. And his current 24.4% usage and 17.7 pts/36 is significantly higher than the past 3 years.

  1076. Players are not responsible for what their crazy fans tweet.

  1077. Lin is the 9th man on the roster. not even close to being a key reserve

  1078. we should do whatever it takes to be strategic

    Being polite goes a long way to get others see our POV
    If others refuse to see it, we can still be polite about it.

    When they keep losing w/o Lin, they’ll remember our POV and gets on board quickly.
    That’s how it works to change people’s mind slowly.

    We don’t have to win a debate to change people’s mind.
    If we’re polite and respectful, they’ll definitely consider our thoughts.
    OTOH being rude will close their mind completely.

    So let’s be strategic

  1079. I feel equating McHale and Scott to Clifford is giving way too much credit to McHale and Scott.

  1080. Absolutely not. Kobe wanted to block Lin from starting from the very beginning of the season. Way before Lin’s fans got pissed.

  1081. Anyhowz, keep messing with Lin’s minutes coach and ur messing with the karma train, choo choo, and most of ur games will be lose, lose.

  1082. Ya! Right after he knew he got injuried from training camp… smh! That’s why BS changed his tone on Lin from favor to bad D….

  1083. i think all the lin talk from cliff was before the team started winning. once the expectations were raised, he went with his gut, and his gut is telling him lamb over lin. im 50/50 at this point on whether or not cliff is bright enough to realize lin can contribute. it took him a LONG time to realize hawes is a joke and was killing the 2nd unit. how long will it take to realize no lin, no win? this game and the 2nd chicago game stand out. 2 close games vs good teams and we barely lost. both times lamb closed over lin. both times i got the feeling lin wouldve pushed them over the edge. a drawn foul here, a clutch layup there, good d, etc….

    it’s hard to remain optimistic when everything is telling me cliff simply believes more in lamb than lin…

    barbosa is on a one yr contract, getting older. why not go home lin? if you’re going to get 15-20 min, and get 2m per yr, might as well be with gsw and contend every year… he’s foolish to think any team, any coach will give him true opportunity… sigh…

  1084. oh that worked really well in Houston

  1085. Haha, that’s what I’M doing. Go GSW!

  1086. 2nd and 3rd string pgs helped Cavs won over Hornets starting lineups.

  1087. definitely not.

    But if we can help 1-2 fans to be strategic to channel our frustration so Hornets fans can see our point when they keep losing, it’s worth trying

    With 4-5 losses w/o Lin, they’ll be begging to have Lin to close out games to help the Hornets win

  1088. “Lin is the 9th man on the roster. not even close to being a key reserve”

    Lin has the 6th most MPG on the team and has closed several games, that’s why I consider him a key reserve.

  1089. This was such a winnable game. They had the Cavs right where they wanted them. But no. Had to sit Lin and lose the win.

  1090. nah, clifford has always favored lamb over lin. his interviews were very indicative of this

  1091. 1) didn’t he see what Lin could do in OT?
    2) Hawes is back.

  1092. that was with lamb slowly coming back from injuries. it’s not like that anymore and it’s gonna get worst

  1093. Now you know why M. Williams did not want to stay in Hornets.

  1094. I wouldn’t mind Lin being a key reserve/contributor on a championship team.

  1095. Re: GT: Cavs @ Hornets, 11/27 7:00
    Post#417 » by fatlever » 3 minutes ago
    In hindsight, I think just about all of us agree that Lin should have probably closed the game instead of Lamb. Lin is a better overall defender and better at drawing fouls which could have helped unclog the toilet at the end. Now that we agree, lets move on to other important parts of the game.

  1096. Ya! I read he & Kemba are not get along well…. after his 51 pts game… Next season they will get another back up PG.

  1097. Shaun Livingston is 30yo and is on next sesaon non guarantee contract. I say YES

  1098. Cliff has an outdated sense about offensive players. I think his offensive instinct is worse than McHale. McHale learned the beauty of Run N Gun from Lin’s first revenge game against Knicks and liked to play small ball ever since, sometimes overdid it.

  1099. well, other coaches pick the winning formulate from the get go … even Luke Walton has made good calls.

  1100. Lin never chose McHale or Scott. They never promised him anything. Cliff seems to be taking maximum advantage.

  1101. I was so happy to see JR made that shot… LOL! Never support him but today.

  1102. c’mon home, JLin baby! GSW just gotta pay Steph next year. Barnes, KT got theirs, Fez is still coming up. Iggy – dunno. There is room for Lin.

  1103. as others said, lin was in the lineup that started the 25-0 run vs wiz, but was unceremoniously taken out. apparently being clutch in OT means nothing. and hawes only played cuz everyone was in foul trouble. but even then, the lack of any psycho t is puzzling. as will lin’s lack of minutes ALL YEAR. book it. just like tyler gets no respect, lin wont either.

  1104. Haha! I have to show this… LOL!


    Lin performance was so good but at the key moment he was took out of the game. The Hornets flew overtake , deserve! Hornets really do not seek death will not die ! Lose good!

  1105. Lin’s OT Clutch does not help his relation neither.

  1106. translate pls

  1107. Ha ha, How to say “黄蜂队真是不作死就不会死” in English?

  1108. lin wont play over shaun. he has legit size advantage over almost everyone. but old man barbosa? he surely is at the tail end of his career. who wouldnt want lin for the same price?

  1109. Lin performance is so good, the key moment was the end, the Hornets flew overtake, deserve! Hornets really do not seek death will not die! Lose good!

    Google Translate. I guess Chinese fans are getting angry now too.

  1110. I think Jeremy’s coaches (minus D’Antoni) fear Linsanity and losing control of their team.

  1111. Haha! So happy to read this… LOL!

  1112. min contract or close to it. endorsements will make up the rest. lin doesnt seem money hungry. just wants to win and contribute. no shame in playing 15 min behind steph. but getting 15 min on the hornets? that’s mad disrespect after what cliff supposedly told him to make him sign…

  1113. google translate sucks….thnks for the translate

  1114. but players play better when Linsanity mode is on. THey actually want to play when Lin is doing good and dishing easy buckets for everyone. The team chemistry was at an all time high when Lin was in control of the Knicks.

  1115. You cant learn killer instincts. It’s funny people always underestimate Lin’s clutch performance.

  1116. But it’s good enough to know how mad she is….

  1117. There is not that much options the Hornets can do for damage control of angry Lin fans. There is only playing Lin more minutes and letting him close games when he’s doing well.

  1118. No matter what, Lin is an improve player. Hoping he gets his jump shot down. He can’t control a lot of what people are talking about but he sure can control on his play. I know that people are overly critical of his play at times – ie the coach but that is life. I just hope he can continue to improve and focuses on what he can change.

  1119. I think bc that OT’s performance so he got cut short playing time… Kemba sure is not happy about it. Bc he wants to be the one who win the game not Lin to take over & won…. smh!

  1120. If Hornets don’t kill themselves, they won’t die.

  1121. Smart BB fans know JLin should’ve closed.

    Next time Lamb closes game in losses again, there will be more outcries from Hornets fans

  1122. Shaun tall enough & could slide over to the SG position. Let JLin play the PG.

  1123. Ya! Show this PR type talk on game or the video will not work now… Hornets is not even popular in Asia at all. When the rumor about Bulls wanted him… Some Asia media said it’s good finally can go to big market team & more chance to win the ring now.

  1124. does standing in the corner, literally never touching the ball on consecutive possession count as minutes? quality, not quantity. once he plays with kemba, it seems as though he’s used as a last resort. that kings game. kemba went nuts in the 4th q. then in OT they doubled him, that’s the ONLY reason lin had a chance. if not, he would’ve just stood in the corner again as kemba tried to remain hot…

  1125. The worse thing than not having something is losing something, and they are going to lose all the new fans.

  1126. ya ever since he got that contract

  1127. and the mula

  1128. you gave mchale too much credit. it was in fact, les alexander the owner who pushed mchale to run a fast pace offense. mchale had no choice

  1129. That’s why I am even more mad at Cliff than Mc now bc Lin lose some of good chance to pick this lousy team to play his game & now…?! smh!

  1130. Ha, I asked the same question…Kemba picked up 2 fouls sometimes in the second quarter, but Cliff kept him in.

    That right there shows you that Lin being taken out of last game for foul trouble reason, was simply a lame excuse to bring in Kemba.

  1131. ya I don’t particularly hate the Hornets franchise. I just hate how they are treating Lin. They are sitting on a gold mine that is slowly turning into an ant hill. Yes, they will get bitten when Lin fans are not happy and they will get even more hurt when Lin leaves Hornets.

  1132. forget about this year. it’s another LA year. Lin needs to get it right next season and go to a contender (GSW or Spurs) no matter what. if you’re gonna be marginalized and not allowed to close out games, might as well get a ring to show for it

  1133. i firmly believe the lineups he’s played with have been bad for him. at the start of the season, before lamb got his contract, lin seemed to get a lot of minutes. too bad he had to play all of them with garbage hawes. now that hawes is finally replaced by frank, he gets the shaft and is replaced by lamb.

  1134. Prediction: If Lin fans continue to get angry cause Lin gets little minutes and Lin leaves Hornets in December or at the end of this season, I predict MJ will have to change the franchise name back to Bobcats just to try to save his team/franchise from the meltdown.

  1135. I wished you guys would stop tweeting Hornets fan and the team with these criticism…That would make people hate lin even more..

  1136. ya or at least on a bigger market so his fan base can grow even larger

  1137. I am not sure if this will happen. Team fans will justify everything in the end, something like it’s better to develop Lamb in crunch time and so forth even at the expenses of winning. We have seen this long long ago…

  1138. Ya! Cliff is the same he needs to talk to MJ for coaching… So MJ’s game plan is not good compare to Alex…LOL!

  1139. if he show his frustration which i doubt he will, they he can be traded away or ride the pine for the rest of the season. either way, i think he should because as you say, the hornets will look like the bobcats if they don’t play Lin

  1140. Or gets a 10M+/year contract and dares the coach to marginalize him.

  1141. he was still playing with Hawes today but not as much as before

  1142. yes that’d be the plan. play with shaun, not in place of him.

  1143. out of necessity due to foul trouble. and hawes played well in his limited minutes because he was in a post position directing traffic, not at the top making decisions.

  1144. I don’t want to say anything about this team anymore. The actions can say for itself. Some people here are defending this team like a fortress. You will be considered as a negative virus here if you talk bad against the team and the coach by some people. I rest my case.

  1145. i think you’re right. clifford have been running a very slow offense but the FO probably pushed him to run a faster pace offense with a lot of 3’s and so they got guys like Lin, Lam, Batum, and Tank. i don’t think clifford knows how to coach the offensive side of the court at all. he’s pretty vocal on the defense but completely silent on the offense

  1146. If he could only get so short time in the Hornets, I am ok with him to go back to the Worriors now…At least we could watch beautiful games and Lin gets a ring…

  1147. “No Zuo No Die”! Haha.

  1148. Just speak with your mind that’s your right as a fan

  1149. haha ur right they would be like bobcats if Lin wasn’t playing. Just a bunch of players who want to shoot first.

  1150. They play fast break bc Lin gave them the idea during training camp…. but you are right I don’t think Cliff really knows how to run O well. I also don’t think Cliff or even MJ like Lin’s long pass (or like Mc said dangerous pass…) bc I watched the highlights when Lin did that…. MJ never clapped his hand for the good play.

  1151. I dont think so. At least we know the Hornets signed Lin as a backup with $2m. Actually it’s not surprising they treat him as the 9th man. But the Rockets offered Lin as the face of the franchise and they cheated him and abused him over and over. BS is jus bs, nothing to talk.

  1152. lamb is just like clarkson. long, athletic, good shooter, can fill stat sheet but not necessarily lead to wins, terrible defense, home town fans put him on pedestal, coach believes in him over lin. the parallels are stunningly close. this doesnt look good for lin. go home lin. take barbosa’s spot on GSW. he bet on himself, but the house always win. no coach, no team will ever give him true opportunity. morey’s poison pill sunk that ship long ago…

  1153. I don’t think Lin can leave after 12/15 bc I doubt they will trade him. Don’t look like it….

  1154. No!..Lin should not go to GSW…No playing time there..I’d rather see him in Philly…Him and Noel/Okafor could be decent pick n roll partners…Lin could pad stats and get big contract.

  1155. I don’t agree w her opinion at all but I think she didn’t mean bad… just maybe tired Lin keeps changing the team…

  1156. Ya! That’s for sure. First the time I don’t RT it for them. smh!

  1157. Exactly! Their PR team will be in full mode to pick up the talking point from FO/Cliff to turn fans opinions into their favors. (Case in point Rox/Lakers). We’ve been subjected to this kind of media manipulation before. It’s sickening really…

  1158. he can pull an Omer Asik while Lin fans let Hornets know we are not happy with playing time and that we want him traded NOW

  1159. you’ve got to be kidding me. 15 meaningful minutes and a chance of a ring every year vs 48 minutes of tanking?

  1160. i don’t think he’ll get 15 minutes on GSW but ur right about getting the ring.

  1161. I think the Lamb and Lin combo can work out. I just don’t want to see Lamb playing alone with Kemba/Batum cause he’s reduced to nothing.

  1162. he may or may not get more minutes in Philly as he would in GSW. we don’t know that. but we do know that playing for a lottery team doesn’t exactly equate to fair treatment

  1163. You could add PB, Cannan, Troy, Price on the list too…

  1164. barbosa is getting 15 min so far this year, it’s not a bad role tbh…

  1165. 15 minutes playing the point guard position and backing up Step Curry the best player on the planet while going for the ring. that’s not bad at all. Lin, on the other hand took a HUGE pay cut just to stand in the corner waiting for the ball to never come for 15 minutes while playing for a middle of the road team

  1166. It’s business $$$ they will try to do some damage control to please fans that’s it.