G16 CLE @CHA Game Thread

After 4 consecutive games with 28+ min (28, 29, 29, 31), JLin got into foul trouble (2nd PF after 5 min in Q2) and only played 15 min. After a hot start, he provided great defense with 2 blocks in Q4 but lost the nice offensive rhythm in the 4th quarter. JLin simply doesn’t have a lot of luxury as a bench player with limited min to not scoring enough or committed too many fouls too early.

  1. Would JLin repeat his hot start (5pts in 5 min) without getting into early foul trouble?
  2. Would JLin figure out a way to play aggressive defense without fouling much?
  3. Would JLin find ways to be aggressive in the offensive end but not commit offensive fouls?
  4. Would Coach Clifford realize he needs to keep a hot-shooting JLin to not get cold by sitting too long on the bench? He simply needed to insert JLin early in the 3rd quarter vs Wizards when a tired Kemba made many mental mistakes
  5. Would Clifford run enough plays to keep JLin involved so he can contribute big time in the 2nd half?

This is a tall order because JLin is a rhythm player. The more he plays and have the ball in his hands, the better he will play and shoot. But if anyone can figure out how to survive this challenge to be a better player, JLin has proved he can overcome them and get better over and over again. Let’s go, JLin! Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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