G15 WAS @CHA Game Thread

After a slow start, JLin contributed big time in the OT Win with his clutch 8pts out of 14 Hornets OT points. Against John Wall and the Wizards, the Hornets could have a great chance to win tonight since the Wizards played a game last night against Pacers so their tired legs might slow them down a bit

  1. Would we see Kemba/Lin/Batum/Frank/Zeller lineup that were most effective in the 22-pt comeback win?
  2. Will Jeremy find the comfort to shoot well in the 1st half?
  3. With 4 consecutive games of averaging 28+min/game (31 min), would Coach Clifford run some plays for JLin to get going quickly? JLin presence in the closing lineup has definitely provided good defense and offense in the 2nd half and OT.

Let’s go, JLin! Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 17 vs MIL


  1. ha #1. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Lin vs Wall = undrafted vs #1 pick?

  2. After Cliff got his contract extension, would Lin get more PG role so he could be more decisive and efficient for the team?

  3. 3rd

  4. washington as i posted at top of “old” thread are one of the worst defensive teams in the league; the absolutely worst in the east and hornets in a viritual percentage points tie with cleveland for best offensive team so in theory hornets good offense should beat wizards bad defense.

    you can see in walls defensive rating a typical component of wizards porous defense.

  5. i think technically you mite be construed second as both posts ahead of you are by the same person.

    in any event you got here in a “flash”.

  6. Happy game day!

  7. Go Jeremy !! Hope Master Lo has fixed whatever is ailing him and he has his shot back.

  8. Lets get that 6th spot 🙂

  9. Haralabos Voulgaris‏@haralabob

    Haralabos Voulgaris Retweeted Lance Dorroh

    Not close. Byron Scott.


  10. mod, is something wrong on this site? First I have hard time to click the auto link to get on this site (error message); then I go to other site & click from that site to visit here. then I saw “Guess JLin’s stats in Game 2 vs ATL” on the top right corner. & ….

  11. Try just entering just jlinportal.com or jeremylin.net then click home and click on the newest thread. I have the same issues on my iPad and phone but not on my desktop.

  12. Master Lo, who he?

  13. sorry, the poll was not correct.
    I need to prepare it for next game. It should disappear after refresh

    You’re at the right game thread for WAS

  14. I hope the heavy defense work is not hurting his body.

  15. Massage therapist or acupuncturist or both?

  16. that is a nice and very relevant introduction dude… for this thread.. with this vid..even though I’ve seen it.

  17. Yes, flew out from Taiwan to treat JLin

  18. Something must be really bothering JLin for him to ask Master Lo to fly out to the States.

  19. JLin’s shot’s been off and Master Lo flying out to Charlotte seems like more than a coincidence. Hopefully it improves. Perhaps home games (less sitting in planes, sleeping in hotels, less sleep in general), days off between games will help him recover.

  20. Don’t worry. In vs King OT, Lin got some big shots so he should be OK.

  21. Yes, seemed to have found his shot later in the game. With Wizards weak defense, if Jeremy gets his shot back and gets into rhythm hopefully will be a shooting clinic.

  22. Could, not will?

  23. So he got the 3 years guarantee money, is he going to free for Lin’s game or no needs him anymore?

  24. It’s almost game time… shouldn’t you be sleeping!

  25. and I prepared popcorn for this game….arrr..

  26. You need to sing to him or read him a story.

  27. Or read me my rights to remain silent….

  28. You have rights?

  29. Unpop that corn and go to bed.

  30. Well I’ve been practicing going left this summer…so right is my dominant side.

  31. Didn’t think sleepy trolls have rights.

  32. Someday you have to show me how to do that ==

  33. Peeking at that Is Kristaps better than JLin article, just think how Zingy would fare with shumpert, Novak, Fields and Tony Douglas as guard. I like Zingy very much, but that article is….weird.

  34. Believe it or not, not everything is about Lin. He will continue to coach the team to win. Whether he believes that means more JLin or not depends to a large extent on how Jeremy fits and plays.

  35. So few people are here in this game. Maybe it’s Thanksgiving eve and many are traveling???!!!! Pray that JLin continues to stay healthy and does his best with the minutes he is given.

  36. They don’t even play the same position. Completely different story. Yup. Weird.

  37. Who will start tonight? same as last game?

  38. I am not sure which one you read. I read one about the comparison, at the end, the article implies that they cannot be compared and better put them in the same team to show the best PnR pair.

  39. Kristaps is good in some games but just not Linsanity. Plus they don’t play the same position. Shouldn’t compare two of them. I guess some media just tried to get some headline or click only.

  40. Probably. I’m still stuck at work because boss won’t give us half day 🙁

  41. That is bad. Sorry.

  42. It’s their way of saying they miss Linsanity.

  43. Don’t worry, I’m here to make up for the number of bodies.

  44. I worry because you’re awake.

  45. Ya! I think they miss Linsanity. NY media want Lin back to NY that’s for sure… but… Too bad if Lin back to NYK this season that should be fun game to watch w two of them together….

  46. Kristaps is nowhere near to Jeremy. They’re just pumping him, probably they will give him to Clippers for Paul.

  47. It’s okay. I have you guys (JLin fam) to give me live updates 🙂

  48. Google it?

  49. That’s true. I think Lin will get his min….

  50. fear the spike/fear michael a-waike

  51. what about lefts?

  52. rats you beat me to it.

  53. I think Batum maybe only….

  54. Don’t think so. Next year it’ll be Kemba Batum and MKG. If Jeremy wants to start must go elsewhere.

    That’s a shame.

  55. Same since Batum said he will play.

  56. Put some pills to sleep in his popcorn!!

    I go now… To sleep! 😀

  57. Oh no. Guess being a nurse doesn’t have the luxury of working half day off.

  58. I’m not a nurse 🙂

  59. Opps. I thought you are:-( Sorry, must have confused you with another person.

  60. Not JLin related, but while we’re waiting for the game…

    If you like Star Wars (or even if not), google “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away”, but without the quotes. You will be rewarded. (I think it works best in google chrome.)

  61. Joy is such a devoted JLin fan. This is her third game to watch JLin from Taiwan.

  62. No worries. I do work in the health care industry though so you were close 🙂

  63. hehehehe Ok. Are you able to watch the game a little when you finish work?

  64. Since my reverse jinx worked so well last time…
    JLin sucks!!

  65. Wheres the poll?

  66. Just waking up.

  67. No 🙁 it’ over by the time I get home. It doesn’t help that I have a long commute…

  68. 🙁

  69. In the previous thread but you have to hurry. It will close when game starts!

  70. 🙂

  71. Now, go drop 25 on John Wall. 🙂

  72. I think the heavy defense work is hurting his offense.

  73. There is nothing LEFT but for him to sleep. lol

  74. Oh no. That isn’t helpful at all with games in ET.

  75. Oh. So you are from Asia?

  76. Exactly why I wanted Jeremy to go to a western team 🙂
    The game started when I got home from work when he was with the Lakers last year. Now I can only watch the entire game when the Hornet play western teams (their home) and during the weekend.

  77. Can understand your sentiment:-) Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I only can watch some games when I’m free as it always happens in the day time here.


  79. Yes, the struggle is real. lol. but really nothing compared to the fan in Asia trying to find time to watch the game in the morning.

  80. whos lurking?

  81. Hornets are Jekyll and Hyde team – some nights they play great, other nights they play terrible, sometimes (as in two night ago) they do both in same game.

  82. Zzzzz when Jeremy is on the bench. Buzzzzz when Jeremy is on the court 🙂

  83. starters: same

  84. Beal vs. Lin on the 4th quarter

  85. Another observation – I am learning to like Kemba Walker. Whether he is playing well or poorly, he always seems to be having FUN. Also, he seems to appreciate JLin.

  86. Really hope Frank will get more play time.
    Game on! Go Lin Go!

  87. Wizards plays good D on Kemba. Hope they will not do the same to Lin.

  88. what do you mean?

  89. So far, not good. Kemba is struggling. He’s getting the JLin treatment and struggling. They need to start screening for each other.

  90. That’s the type of defense Lin usually faces.

  91. Hornets can’t let Beal get 2 wide-open 3s like that

  92. Who’s guarding him? They need JLin’s D now.

  93. if Clifford is smart, he’ll insert JLin early but we know he won’t do it in Q1

  94. Tyler please!!!!

  95. first one Hairston turned his head a bit

  96. Dell says the Hornets bench is key tonight.

  97. Williaaaaammmmmmsssss!!!!

  98. another 3 for Beal…


  100. 8pts.. wow

  101. already 8 pts!

  102. keeping up w/ beal 3pt’s barrage

  103. Poor Kemba

  104. he finally missed

  105. 2 blocks.. Wizard is ready for him

  106. Everyone shooting 3s…

  107. C’mon ….Defense overall is D+

  108. This is a shootout

  109. As usually, 1st unit do not defend much and wait for 2nd to clear the mess.

  110. 3 for Batum

  111. good nice, calm stroke by Batum

  112. every night…

  113. Shooting 30 points last game you bet.

  114. Batum is doing so good facilitating out there.

  115. Lin’s time right?

  116. Still don’t get why Cliff can’t start his closing lineup! Lin should be a starter.

  117. Not 2 minutes in the 1Q yet. So probably not.

  118. urrgggh

  119. not until the Hornets in trouble.

  120. Cliff is stubborn. No going to happen.

  121. Tank, Lamb in no JLin

  122. Codddyyyyy

  123. Nice D on Beal, Tank!

  124. Batum assisted to himself

  125. Jeremy is in

  126. finally Kemba

  127. Linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  128. Lin the Hornets fan favorite

  129. 2222222222

  130. Lin shake-and-bake ..SWISH!!

  131. dell curry just said lin traveled. what the hell

  132. and the crowd blew up

  133. Lin with the shot clock winding down! Look sharp right off the bench!! Keep shooting!!

  134. Did Lin get a block there?

  135. That jumper was [email protected]! That was preseason Jeremy “Steph Curry” Lin.

  136. Ya! Great shot.

  137. That was really annoying Lin couldnt have come in until under a minute left
    Clifford should have put him in sooner incompetent coach really

  138. LOLOLOL Who cares what he is saying. JLin got his 2 pts.

  139. prepping for DEc.2 game….lol

  140. 2 points in less than a minute 🙂

  141. Clifford thinks Lin is a bench warmer

  142. Does Curry on Wizards side?

  143. 28min x 2 = 56pts high ceiling =)

  144. Shake it JLin! 🙂

  145. With Lin on the court, Kemba got an easy layup. They create space for each other.

  146. there you go Lin….keep on do that

  147. Bc Lin came in less than 1 min. LOL!

  148. censored….

  149. what a hater thing to say for a home announcer. smh. and it was NOT a travel.

  150. Beast mode!

  151. Ya! Kemba couldn’t make the shot until Lin was in on court w him.

  152. 28min x (2 and 3) = 68?

  153. His son is king, not jlin

  154. This bench isSICK

  155. LOL

  156. +1

  157. thanks Zellerrr for that screen

  158. and 1….whooooohhoooooo!!!!!

  159. DAYUM. Lin is LOCKED IN.

  160. Lin has to ask for screens? Bigs needs to initiate screen setting!!!

  161. 5 points in 3 minutes 🙂

  162. Both were highlight reel buckets.

  163. I had to switch the stream link and Lin’s already at 5 points where did the other 3 come from?

  164. not a 3. it was an and 1

  165. I’ll settle for career-high 40pts =)

  166. Good to be Lin tonight I feel

  167. Here come the refs…

  168. He’s just freakin standing and raising his hands ref

  169. Come on Lin was fouled!

  170. boooooo

  171. refs hating again

  172. Lin gets knocked to the floor on a drive…no call.

    Lin gets run over on defense…late-whistle block call.

  173. Did Curry agree to ref too? He is not supposed to quiet on this!

  174. I see thanks, darn I missed a good shot.

  175. Instruction for referees during Hornet’s game: STOP Lin !!!

  176. So the refs are getting worse and worse year after year… *sigh*

  177. Good 3 by JLamb.

    Let’s go, Super Jeremy Bros!!

  178. assist!

  179. This bench is too much for the fatigued Wizards!

  180. 2 fouls

  181. Jeremy picking up a quick 2nd. Ugh.

  182. Jeremy is out 🙁

  183. Dumb move Lin! You were hot and got a BS foul already.

  184. dammit just missed jeremy….how’s he doing?

  185. UGH that was so unnessasary what a dumb foul to take himself out of the game

  186. Jeremy MUST watch his fouls. Damn it. He looked like he could drop 20 today easy.

  187. if dell curry starts going drexler on lin, ill be really annoyed.

  188. LIn out due to getting 2nd foul.

  189. Lin out so fast again with starters back in :/ Hate the fact he’s a starter being unfairly benched due to bias of NBA

  190. it’s okay. Lin wanted to stay aggressive

    Clifford protected him from getting quick 3 fouls. Hope he will be back to close Q2

  191. good D by the refs

  192. Starters losing the lead

  193. I thought Lin and Dell know each other quite well since Steph is Lin’s friend

  194. normal

  195. the 2nd foul was lin being dumb reaching in

  196. Lin should not try to stop anyone, refs will blow everytime Lin is near the baller. FAK NBA, all biased refs!

  197. No he wont, he is not low like those Rox stooges! His son is Lin’s good friend!

  198. I wouldn’t mind if he had 0 fouls. But he already had 1. And the foul he picked up was ticky-tack.

  199. All bench +, all starters –

  200. 2 fouls he was pretty dumb on that play
    very very unneccesary

  201. He’s much classier than Clyde.

  202. its the dumb fouls like that one that also prevent lin from playing the best he can
    now hes gonna play 19mins at best

  203. shouldn’t be

  204. Already said before this game that Lin has to watch out for those fouls and bam he’s benched because of 2 quick fouls!

  205. even if lin didnt have 2nd foul, basically cliff is putting kemba in whenever wall is in.

    seen this before, lin comes in late, and is replaced whenever the opposing starter comes back. it results in a very shortened span of play time for lin

  206. i don’t think you have to worry about that. steph wouldn’t let that happen

  207. It was a legit foul. First one was questionable.

  208. it’s more of D’s alignment,it’s actually a good foul.

  209. Possibly…maybe that’s why Lin fouled? Clifford called for it?

  210. yup, a bit too aggressive
    Hope he learns quickly not to get 3rd too quickly

  211. Why take Jeremy out after just 2 foul in the middle of the second quarter?.. in my opinion, you do that when you starter picks up 2 quick foul in the 1st quarter or 3 fouls by the second quarter….

    2 fouls with 7minute to go is too early to take a “sub” out….My guess is it’s simply an excuse to take jeremy out for Walker.

  212. No one is perfect especially on the court, i know he is smarter than…..

  213. That’s why I hate the fact Lin’s forced to be bench player when he’s a starter! Even Lamb gets to play with starters more often!

  214. I don’t think so. I think he’s out due to the 2nd foul. Cliff knows Lin can cover Wall.

  215. Did he get an and1? I just tuned in.

  216. Yes. It was epic. Fancy moves and all. Same with his jumper.

  217. I don’t think so. Lin have been closing 2nd quarter lately with starters.

    Clifford just wants to protect Lin from getting 3 fouls too quickly.
    He knows he needs Lin later

  218. Lin is backup low uasage glue guy for team to be used as tire patch

  219. i agree with you on this one there has been discussion of this on hornet fan sites; that is sort of sop for cliff if someone gets a 2nd foul early they go out.

  220. That’s what i thought and hope so!

  221. Which is possible because Jeremy plays D.

  222. Lin signed up for it and wrote on his Twitter Facebook or website this is what he is happy with

  223. Just got in at Cha 44-Was 40. Is it appropriate for me to assume Cha’s lead was cut because Jeremy was subbed out?

  224. You’re ridiculous. Really. Lin closes games and he has pretty high usage when he’s in.

  225. What does this have to do with anything right now?

  226. Marvin Williams has been very good tonight.
    Nice finish off Al’s miss

  227. For some reason, Kemba doesn’t look as solid with his handles this game.

  228. very appropriate.

  229. taking a bench player out after 2 fouls in the second quarter, is not right!…This is simply an excuse to take jeremy out.

  230. How did Lin get the fouls?

  231. Wizards definitely had 2 quick 3s after Lin got subbed out

  232. He was guarded by the ref

  233. starts with the refs.

  234. Wizards game planned for him obviously.

  235. not the first time we all know Clifford doesnt wanna play Lin too many minutes

  236. John wall

  237. were they defensive/offensive?

  238. yup, especially since JLin needs to be aggressive on D in the 4th quarter

  239. Jeez! Idk why you so mean and unkind to Lin!

  240. He did great on D too. the starters no much D on Wizards’ Gs.

  241. Not true

  242. Yah, right keep on bashing!!!

  243. Were they phantom fouls?

  244. the first foul, yes.

  245. Neal destroying Lamb and Kemba. Looks like MJ against them.

    No Lin, no win.

  246. defensive.

  247. Put Lin in

  248. Hate them phantom fouls…

  249. hornets dont really have anyone can guard 2’s except lin. batum can guard 3’s but not 2s. and lamb can’t guard anyone. kemba can’t guard anyone big.

  250. Clifford is more frustrating than McHale and Scott

  251. Lin showing his value, even when he sits with 2 fouls!

  252. JW has 3 TOs already.

  253. Kemba / Lin / Batum is the best combo, but Clifford is dead set against it.

    At least for now.

  254. 5 points in less than 5 mins…

  255. he had it all in early 1st quarter.

  256. The Ref’s bias against Lin is any team’s best weapon.

  257. Mr. Efficiency activated 😉

  258. rite offensively you have 3 playmakers; defensively you let lin take the 2 and kemba/batum can guard the guys they naturally can guard.

  259. well at least its a secret weapon (kind of an open secret tho)

  260. Why does Lin always get these phantom fouls when he’s shooting well?!

  261. Now I’m hoping for an OT so Jeremy can get the minutes to score and do his thing…

  262. Let hope the case that Cliff didn’t want his best defender to get his 3rd foul.

  263. i guess i was wrong pre game i wrote that the charlotte bigs are defensively liability but it wont matter because even big al should be able to defend marcin gortat; apparently not. no matter who the other team bigs are they always go off big against hornets.

  264. 2 Nice moves by Zeller

  265. Lin does not look interested at all sitting on the bench
    He’s not gonna stay there

  266. both of them are phantom fouls.

  267. Just answered your own question.

  268. Al is a bit too slow for Gortat

  269. Definitely best lineup is Zeller, Batum Williams, Lin, Kemba. Lamb isn’t doing much out there and Zeller is doing way better than Al.

  270. you’re right Al seems a little bit slow,but offense is better since Hawes is not playing

  271. You’re right.

  272. Nah the 2nd foul was just dumb he gets no calls but the ones called on him arent that bad

  273. I agree with this…I hope Lin will be able to be efficient with his low minutes than leave….I’m beginning to get very annoyed at Clifford…

    Am I suppose to believe he took Jeremy out to protect him from fouling out?…lin is averaging 23minute per game…come on…Jeremy will most likely not play enough to get 6 fouls call on him anyway..

  274. think about that.

  275. Yes but why doesn’t Cliff start this “closing lineup”? Is it due to politics or his own bias?

  276. I’m still not sure whether Lin’s 2nd foul was his dumb mistake or Clifford asking Lin to foul so he could sub Kemba back in (to match up with Wall).

  277. Hornets 3PT defense is non-existent.

    Good thing Porter missed that wide-open 3

  278. Clifford wants to invest in Lamb
    So he will play Lin as few minutes as possible
    Explains why always the last one in

  279. he only fouled when his man got a step on him. if it was just to allow a rotation, he would have fouled earlier.

  280. prolly latter Lin is not dumb now that I think about it

  281. Not sure about that. You foul when you have to — might as well try for a “Harden steal” in the process.

  282. Hows he doing??

  283. Actually, he plays Lin plenty when it counts and hasn’t been playing Lamb that much. Lamb has fallen to Earth anyway and Lamb plays best with Lin. I totally disagree with you that he’s trying to minimize Lin’s minutes. He has been consistent with Lin that if he gets 2 fouls in the first half, he sits.

    He’s the last one in because maybe he’s the last one out as he finishes most games. That’s Coach’s decision. I am not anti Coach Clifford.

  284. One thing I will say for Clifford is that he’s not much swayed by hot and cold shooting like most coaches.

    Guys play how much he plans for them to play unless someone is really scorching hot or really ice cold.

    Lin played big minutes in recent games even when he was off. And then tonight, he gets a quick pull just for 2 fouls. It’s just Clifford’s “rules” I guess.

  285. Someone said this already and i agree but seems like Clifford told him to foul so he can sub Kemba in
    He would never do that for Lin even thou he comes in with less than 2mins left

  286. Hope not…I’m already regretting the fact Lin joined the Hornets…I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s starting to feel the same way considering how inconsistent Clifford has been with his minutes….

    Tonight, he took him out after just 4 minutes of play..that’s after Jeremy scored 5 point…come on, that’s ridiculous.

  287. No Hawes. Interesting.

  288. “he plays Lin plenty when it counts”. if Lin does not play, how does it count?

  289. Lin looks good. Needs minutes.

  290. Great. Except he got two quick fouls and Clifford doesn’t let him play with more than 2 in the first half. So he only played a few minutes. He got a TO but it was a foul that wasn’t called.

  291. Sure, coach’s decision
    He just doesnt see Lin as a 6th man, more of a pure back up PG
    Thats fine but playing for Clifford is not in his best interest if he wants a “bigger role”

  292. Listen guys… im sorry but if jlin dont get to play, im rooting for wizards if watching at all…

  293. Please look the +- , all starters -, all bench +

  294. DId he play in OT in the last game? Has he been in the floor to close big games where he made big plays? He’s saving Lin for the second half because he wants he to play all out D and not worry about fouls.

  295. hmm… I wonder if he’s more like that in the beginning of the game, but then the 4th quarter is more determined by overall performance throughout the game (offense and defense).

  296. 🙂 yes yes YES!!!

  297. He’s done this all season
    I saw this coming when he played Lin heavy minutes in preseason and never was a fan of this coach

  298. Thanks! Ok, so he got only 5 mins due to foul trouble… disregard what i said above… lol

  299. and his first foul was a late whistle. questionable.

  300. He sees Lin as an important player and he is playing important, crucial moments with the starters in close games. And Lin has responded with big plays. And he’s played Lin these minutes even he was having lackluster offensive games.

  301. normal

  302. Oh, I see what you are doing. You are jinxing the Wizards. GO BLUE!!

  303. Did that really happen?…No way…Are you sure this is exactly what happened?…..

  304. He’s out due to foul trouble. Cliff’s idea of foul trouble is 2 fouls in the first half. He’s been consistent with that for Lin.

  305. Clifford “No.”

  306. We still have the second half, lets not give up on this team just yet.

  307. Please look the +- , all starters -, all bench + , So, why always bench to fill the holes?

  308. Clifford had Kemba at scorers table before he fouled

  309. I think he plays at least 14 2Q minutes. Would have played more were in not for fouls. His first jump shot was impressive.

  310. Not as important as coach McHale saw him

  311. Did Clifford really tell Jeremy to foul so he can sub him out for Kemba?….I would think that is not what happened and Lin was simply called for a foul while trying to defend.

  312. Im not
    we are all just speculating
    But Lin was too smart to commit that foul there

  313. relax

  314. Lin will get to play if Hornets lost by 20 like last game.

  315. relax bro

  316. Uh.. what?

  317. I think Lin should stay in. But that’s coach’s decision and SOP as you said.

  318. So Lin will only get 16mins today?let’s see

  319. If you think McHale is better for Lin than Clifford then I think you just have something against Clifford. Anyway, there’s 24 minutes left in the game for Lin to contribute. He’s done great so far.

  320. I don’t get the panicking. It’s not like we haven’t seen taken out of the first half after 2 fouls before. We should know it is going to happen and wait for the 2nd half without all this panicking and Cliff-bashing. And he’s looking good and like he’s going to make his mark in this game when he comes back in.

  321. Lol

  322. Folks are losing it now.

  323. Not a big fan of Clifford cuz he couldnt make things easier for Lance Stephenson he was a good player and I never understood why McHale got so much hate from Lin fans. He was a likeable guy

  324. Last time Lin got 2 fouls his minutes were around that mark too :/

  325. Its not about relaxation… just boring if hes not playing…

  326. now? (only now?)

  327. Batum knows how to get assists. 7 assists in the 3Q. Only 1 assist for Kemba.

  328. He can’t play 100% D all the time,but I’ll give Clifford a benefit of the doubt…I hope he’s not trying to sabotage Lin’s stat lines

  329. He is a good play maker

  330. Lin is a one year inexpensive add-on to this team They want to invest on Jeremy Lamb. Before the extension, Lin was the first one in. Now Lin is routinely the last one in.
    The only good thing is Lin has learned much about the flow of the game and it would help his 2nd contract.

  331. from what i can tell from hornets fans historically true, not just with lin.

    pre season thats what some hornets fans were worried about had a new narrative instead of the old lin is a turnover machine it was now lin commits a ton of fouls and when it was pointed out lin only has about 2 fouls a game the response was yes but as soon as someone gets 2 fouls early cliff takes them out.

  332. Probably not but there’s no doubt Cliff doesn’t want to start Lin even when he’s obviously the best lineup. Cliff is no different from all the bias coaches who unfairly benched Lin.

  333. sloppy playes

  334. Kemba didn’t even attempt to challenge Wall’s 3 because he’s not tall enough

  335. I saw that… lol

  336. Nothing likeable when he throws players under the bus and never takes responsibilities for his mistakes…

  337. Hornets needs to play catch up game before Lin can play.I hate this but if this is only the way for Lin to play then so be it.

  338. Hairston can’t defend Beal all night long

  339. color doesnt work on disqus

  340. Cliff like all coaches, want Lin to save them from deficit but not give him the starter respect so he won’t be a significant player in the NBA! Same BS! Feel like the entire NBA doesn’t want to see Linsanity again except for the fans.

  341. Hornets starters do not play much D. They know their bench will clean it up if they fall behind.

  342. Exactly. McHale did extreme harm to Lin. Played him when all other options were exhausted and still didn’t give him credit he deserved.

  343. Lin need to to learn to balance on when to expend his energy on both side of the floor

  344. Lin play the entire 4th plz

  345. lol….lin still not in?

  346. I think he will or we else hope for OT. lol.

  347. I don’t want to be pessimistic but with his last games he should have sealed his stable playing time by now

  348. blocked shot by kemba and they made no mention. glad to see it doesn’t happen to just lin.

  349. lol

  350. Zeller, Lamb, and Kaminsky first then Lin is the usual rotation.

  351. I think he will ..

    He will run tired Wizards to exhaustion

  352. thanks

  353. yessss… OT plzzzzz

  354. Lin will not come in until less than 3 or 2 min left….

  355. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  356. So sick of seeing Lin sitting for 2 entire quarters cause he’s unfairly benched while starters get to have many minutes and play every quarter.

  357. Will Lin get 17 min tonight? 🙁

  358. Ya! Cliff never changes…

  359. 2 fouls is very manageable for smart player like Lin esp. it’s already on 2nd q…he can afford to take the 3rd foul IMO

  360. I will give Clifford the benefit of the doubt if he plays JLin extensively in the 4th

  361. on +- , all starters -, all bench + after 2 and half uarters

  362. its goonna be a long season

  363. I thought we already gave the coach the benefit of doubts too many times….

  364. why are you bolding your comments?

  365. Actually gave up watching past few games, just not worth it when Lin’s getting bench minutes.

  366. of course lin is last in.

  367. Does Al even box out? Sheesh.

  368. Looks like PJ may have a concussion.

  369. lamb in no Lin..great
    Lin only played 5 mins still cant play more mins in 3q

  370. Oh no. I hope nothing serious.

  371. as long as he plays JLin when he’s hot, it would be fair.

    the problem is JLin doesn’t have a lot of guaranteed min as a non-starter or big contract.
    It’s okay. JLin will show his values as the long season progresses.
    He’ll be fresh when others are tried

  372. Batum already with 10 assists.

  373. MJ is on the bench.

  374. Is This NBatum’S first double-double?

  375. 10th man?

  376. I think he had at least one before

  377. he was demoted again?

  378. no, at least second one. He was close to triple double couple of times.

  379. he probably got 0 min tonight :]

  380. He will experience linsanity in the 4th

  381. ok…good for him

  382. Se3ms that way… zeller, lamb, whos next to play bf him?

  383. Charlotte crowd doesn’t look and sound excited to me.

  384. No Jeremy No Excitement.

  385. Boring…

  386. Lincitement (I know, I know… bad pun!)

  387. 1st unit blows it…

  388. lol are you serious… comooooooooonnnn put him in

  389. This is the usual time plus foul trouble

  390. Why would the coach leave lin out for so long what is his gameplan?

  391. Clifford is making a mistake not to insert a fresh Lin sooner.

  392. I know… what dies it take to play him?

  393. 9th cliffs finally got his desired 9 man rotation with hawes out completely

  394. Yeah, MJ may sit this one out unless there’s garbage time!

  395. Of course it’s a boring game with no defense and everyone just chucking shots.

  396. I am not sure yet that Clifford is very good coach…anyway Lin deserves more minutes than 25mins..period!!!

  397. no lin

  398. Kemba and Lamb doesn’t work. Cliff should play them less together

  399. Cliff must think Lin can help the team make up 20 pts in12 mins.

  400. Kemba is already playing 29min so he definitely can use some rest.
    Linning time!

  401. Lamb hasn’t been effective lately. He does better with Lin’s group.

  402. Not sure about that. He’s being playing entire 4th quarters, so playing more then 14m in a row is too much.

    The only annoying thing for me is the early fouls/benching.

  403. probably trying out different rotation lineups

  404. F this,this is not fair at all for a player like a caliber of Lin and have been consistently contributing major impacts on winning games

  405. I don’t think he’s a good coach but MJ & Kemba like him that’s all matter ….

  406. Lin is IN

  407. Lol. No need to edit the lin highlights. Just show Lin’s 6 minutes played.

  408. FINALLY

  409. Lets get efficient!

  410. 2 fouls in the first half.

  411. Thats what we’ve all been saying, Lin is being used inconsistently again. Doing well in 2nd quarter and yanked at 7 or so minutes left. Something different every night or every other night is not consistent.

  412. Yeah i know… go wizards…

  413. Great pass by Lin to Zeller, but Cody turned over an easy hook shot.

  414. I don’t like the full Q4 for Lin.
    Should be last 3 min in Q3 until 3 min in Q4
    Rest 4 min then back for last 5 min

  415. Tonight, it’s different. Lin got 2 quick fouls. BS or not, Clifford always benches important players for 2 early 1st half fouls. Definitely a problem still though overall.

  416. 2 fouls is nothing. 3 fouls then u worry, and even then, thats for starters not lin coming off bench.

  417. Time for Lin to take over. Everyone else has gone cold.

  418. Lin SHOOOT!

  419. They need to put all bench in

  420. TO and foul 🙁

  421. where? when?…lol

  422. Lin needs to take some 3s stop charging in!!!

  423. Kemba will go ISO soon.

  424. Kaminsky rolls better than Al Jeff & Hawes. Play J and Kaminsky more

  425. yup….sigh

  426. Not good…rusty from sitting on a bench for an hour.

  427. Lin’s got to calm down now. Trust his jump shot.

  428. if cliff pulls lin out i swear…

  429. Lin needs to play smarter
    It was bound to be a TO

  430. not his fault he got cold sitting on the bench for that long. especially after he was hot

  431. That’s a problem when you started hot then not played for a long time.

  432. gawd…what is lin doing? turnover 2 straight possessions

  433. Now JLin is too cold; he’s just warming up again

    Clifford substitution pattern in Q3 is so bad; giving momentum to Wizards by playing tired starters too long

  434. Make up your mind. Now that he’s playing you’re still complaining.

  435. theres nothing we can do lol
    He’s trying to win too
    we might not agree with his coaching but hes not mistreating aha

  436. Hate it when he avoids taking 3s and instead charges in every time.

  437. No excuse for dribbling into 2 defenders.

  438. 1st qt too…

  439. yeah…at times…he gets over aggressive….cant blame him, when his minutes are uncertain…but thats something he needs to get better at …to play…in control

  440. Still? He should figured out already play lin to win!

  441. Well that wasnt a good play

  442. That’s his usual substitution pattern & he will not change….smh!

  443. it seems he’s 2 scare to shoot

  444. That was actually a good foul by Lin, technically speaking. Got the ball outta Wall’s hands. Wiz had to inbounds and take a worse shot…no score.

  445. Lin needs to refrain from driving into huge traffic…that are an unnecessary turnovers…Needs to be more aware of clogged lane.

    His hold on the ball is very loose too..He needs to be aware of players who likes to reach for the ball….when he drives, he should tuck the ball like a running-back and come out with it when he’s ready for the lay-up or floater.

  446. yup .. Clifford should play JLin sooner.
    That’s on the coach

  447. agreed bad substitution pattern…probably CC has something else in his mind…Lin too need to play under control…

  448. He took the jump shot for his first shot. He can do that move all day.

  449. Cliff didn’t take lesson from last game.

  450. I don’t really care about TOs anymore. That’s one benefit of playing bench SG.

    Better to protect his FG%.

  451. He probably got fouled but they didn’t call it.

  452. in 1 and 3 q, he was put in under 1 min. It is just so wrong.

  453. Not playing = complaining
    Playing (trying to get momentum) = still complaining

  454. Lin sat too long and he’s out of rhythm no thanks to Cliff!

  455. Yeah his 2nd foul was on the 2q,he can afford to get the 3rd coz he’s subbing in 2 mins late on the 3q anyways

  456. He’ll be alright if he just calms down and take the jumper when it is there.

  457. Kaminsky hogged it and missed badly. Lin’s teammates taking AWFUL shots.

  458. Not playing = complain
    Playing bad = complain

  459. He thought Kemba would have another 21?

  460. Virtual assist on that 3 miss, hehe.

  461. Umm he is cold people needs a couple of minutes….lots of folks never played ball who comment way too often

  462. That’s okay. He’ll get it back.

  463. HUUUUGE JLin block on Neneeee!!!

  464. Time to make up your mind.

  465. Look lin’s D

  466. Kemba is going ISO soon.

  467. Ya! Why he’s still in?!

  468. Kemba got hammered on that play.

  469. Thank god that foul wasn’t on Lin. I thought refs would cheat him again.

  470. no time for a couple minutes…he needs to start quick

  471. Kemba is tired.. not sure what Clifford is doing. 33 min
    Should be playing Batum/Lin to give Kemba some rest

  472. Did anyone complain Kemba 3Tos?

  473. No ball movement. Only Lin plays teamball.

  474. Maybe Kemba wants to be in charge…

  475. If Hornets lost this game, it’s due to poor game management by Clifford

    Over-playing Kemba

  476. Kemba hogging it again. Game over.

  477. I hope Cliff take Kemba out. !! Put all bench in

  478. everyone is trying to be a hero….selfish plays all around

  479. Another winnable game slipping away.

  480. I have a feeling Lin is going to sit soon.. i hope i’m wrong.

  481. Cha offense epic collapse.

  482. Gotta take Lamb out for Batum.

  483. wiz b4 this game giving up 106 per game

  484. This lamb is beginning to be a ball hog

  485. No set plays AT ALL.

  486. practice what you preach ….. pass the ball you ball hogs

  487. he always has been given the chance

  488. he will be benched at 6:00 mark

  489. I think Clifford wants to ride Kemba’s hot-hand

    But he’s on tired legs. Bad decision

  490. Walker to tired. Should sit down. Making fatigue type turnovers.

  491. Kemba is worse. -13

  492. very clear. He can hardly breathe

  493. I don’t understand they are not playing lin’s strengths.. all he does is stay at the 3 pt line and he’s not particularly shooting well there. No team ball what so ever.

  494. he’s back down to earth now after the hot start from the beginning of the season

  495. MJ extended Cliff’s contract too early.

  496. easy to say? i know he must but lhe’s patient, he’s waiting …

  497. lin started the game reeeeeally good if not for the 2 early fouls i believe the lead would be different….

  498. Cliff is not smart… smh!

  499. Head scratcher… thats why i am losing interest in this team…

  500. Nice D Lin

  501. Its on both coach and Walker. If he’s tired, ask to be taken out.

  502. Elite defense by Lin…even with 3 fouls.

  503. Excellent defense from Lin. wow he fought through like 4 screens

  504. 2 blocks

  505. Greate defense by JLin tying up Neal!!!!!!

  506. Basket created by LIN.

  507. Can’t understand why Kemba is still in? Sit him down.

  508. Lin still not touching the ball on offense. This team is hopeless.

  509. That was extremely athletic of Walker though!

  510. with his minutes….foul is not really a concern…lol

  511. he’s the star of the team

  512. 1 great defensive stop by JLin

  513. Nene missed 2 FTs .. still remember the block by Lin =)

  514. 4 pts conversion.

  515. Nene was moving but Lin was too reckless.

  516. yes baboom

  517. JLin made Wall miss

  518. Lin’s defense is the key right now. Just needs to touch the ball more!

  519. Kemba sit

  520. few Wizards players can shot over Lin

  521. nice Williams

  522. Great offensive rebound by Williams

  523. finally

  524. Love the energy now. Even off misses and TOs, guys are hustling for rebounds and stops.

  525. I love how williams is extremely supportive of lin.

  526. Lin still not able to hit a shot even with Walker and Zeller out. Good thing Batum’s making some shots finally.

  527. See Walker just needed to SIT!!!

  528. jeremys offense is gone haha but his d is great

  529. Williams is good to pair with Lin. Lin looks ok, needs to look for the jumper more. Guys are getting in his way and flopping.

  530. Well, he’s not taking them so…

    Only got 2 touches this half.

  531. wow Wizards had three guys on Lin off that pick and roll. they really want to stop him.

  532. did he take a shot? didn’t see it

  533. williams has been a very solid consistent team player. he never plays outside the team game concept.

  534. And Batum they have good chemistry

  535. Offense isn’t gone. Just didn’t play enough and now he’s getting the freeze out and ref BS.

  536. Marvin is a great friend indeed to Lin

  537. It toke 5 TOs for Cliff to take Kemba out?

  538. Can they please let lin play PG

  539. everyone always has 3 guys on lin

  540. Lin has to dribble with his head up and recognize what is coming at him or what he’s heading into.

  541. He’s PG after Walker and Zeller was out but charged the rim twice instead of taking 3s or mid jumper.

  542. JLin got “Defensive Play of the Game”

  543. He should just trust his jumper.

  544. this is time for lin to shine….need to take charge

  545. Great challenge by JLin on Neal

  546. Charged at the rim twice, once got the non shooting foul , 2nd was offensive foul. Can’t do the same thing over again it becomes predictable. Hate when he plays like he’s avoid the jumpers. Just shoot!

  547. Jumper barely missed…good shot tho!

  548. Indeed

  549. Missed!

  550. spent 2 much energy on defense…

  551. wow Lin was out

  552. nice pull up by Lin but he rushed it. he did a great move, lost his man and had more time to take a steady shot.

  553. LIN!

  554. Batumm!!!!! i told you lin would be benched

  555. why take out lin? so weird

  556. Lin played 7+ consecutive minutes. It was time for him to rest.

  557. Lin out. No lin no win.

  558. Lin needs to refocus

  559. sigh lin done

  560. I thought it would fall. It just didn’t. Looked like a good shot.

  561. What. They came back with him in?!

  562. Lin out come on Wizzards. Can’t believe he was given so few minutes.

  563. lamb 21mil investment

  564. Lin started off playing very well yet cause of 2 fouls he was benched for most of 2nd and entire 3rd quarter. He comes in 4th and coach expects him to play well, not happening.

  565. well 14 mins i hope they lose

  566. Wall got 5 fouls not Lin why Lin is out? smh!

  567. Lin does all the dirty work…gets yanked.

    Wiz only scored 4pts this quarter! All Lin.

  568. Me too.

  569. Screw this team…

  570. lets go wizards and john wall stop turning it over youre hurting my team

  571. I don’t hope they lose…I want to see Lin on a winning team. Stick it to HOU, LAL, NYK.

    But if they do lose…whatever. Won’t cry about it!

  572. 1 year rental. I’m glad Lin stayed aggressive today, the rest doesn’t matter. The agenda is confirmed. They play whom with guarantee contract.

  573. only 15 minutes and benched for almost 2 quarters straight causing Lin to be out cold when he started off hot! Ridiculous!

  574. Looking at the rotations today…I thonk CC has no plan for Lin today

  575. Pretty much makes sense to me. Foul trouble, good D and wiz was clamping on him hard making Lin less effective. Cliff has to try something else. You keep Lin in there you get the same offensive result. Lane is log jammed and Js weren’t falling

  576. Maybe it’ll go OT, ha.

  577. What’s worse is if the Wiz comes back, he send in Lin.

  578. Although JLin made the Defensive Play of the Game; he couldn’t get into a zone due to foul trouble

    It’s tough being Lin but I’m sure he’ll be happy if his team wins tonight

  579. that’s the ball movement i like to see

  580. lin is done for tonight.
    reasonable decision by cliff given what hes seen.

  581. Wizards are done. They played last night and it’s showing.

  582. nice find BATUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

  583. Great play by Batum there. He really is good.

  584. Lin is always playing his worst when MJ is watch the game ><"

  585. Lin created the defensive spark and turned the tide. Could finish but it was a key point in the game.

  586. Lin played great defense. Still need to find his offense this year.

  587. When he’s playing SF

  588. come one now…u have to be supportive of lin’s team…

  589. Lin’s already too cold but he made the pivotal Defensive stop of the game

    Clifford played by fire by over-playing Kemba in Q3

  590. It’s the life of a bench player up till today the minutes were there

  591. I mean he was 2-4 despite being iced. Just needs minutes.

    Last game he heat up in OT.

  592. He’s been promising…in last couple of games

  593. Wasn’t his night. Happens. Lin will shine. Just like him to do well when Jordan is there but Jordan saw what Lin did in OT. And Lin may still come in for defense. Right now, Lamb is doing OK.

  594. OK it’s a win I’ll take it

  595. for as long the team win..i’m fine lin is not playing..more games to come!

  596. pathetic…… low minutes even if hes in play he barely touch the ball,,,,

  597. It’s good to see Lin turn the tide and win the game. Obviously, he deserves to close, but Clifford is consistent with his “weird” rotations (PJ still starting).

  598. Unless Lin can produce right off the bench it’s going to be tough for him. Benched for 2nd entire quarters there’s no way he could play in rhythm by 4th quarter.

  599. yes, Lin would be happy his team win.
    Otherwise his Defensive Play of the game won’t mean much in a loss

  600. The team chemistry is over the roof now,believing is the key to a good season

  601. True…and he has received couple of defensive play of the game…now

  602. Kambaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  603. Lin’s so happy cheering for his teammates
    Bench is all standing up

  604. Lin 15 mins —lowest in the team….
    Didn’t coach say that a player should play at least 19mins to be consistent?

  605. Yep. But tonight he had early fouls.

  606. Wizards got tired legs.
    Can’t shoot no more

  607. The commentator just said ” Lin’s defenses triggered the things turn around.”

  608. Nothing wrong with Lin’s offense. Just needs minutes.

    Just look at Kemba he was 3-9 and then got hot to close the game.

  609. Wizards ran out of gas after back to back.

  610. yep
    lin doesnt play 19+mins every game
    what does that tell u about cliiford?

  611. yes…i like your way of thinking….agree 200% with u…..Lin would rather be in the playoffs then seeing a few more mins

  612. I know I’m still happy his defense has been consistent. His offense will get going eventually

  613. Than*****

  614. everyone has to produce and play in control when they are inserted into the game. lin’s situation is not anything unusual

  615. yup .. they didn’t even run or want to shoot anymore

  616. yep….Cliff knows that

  617. Dell Curry giving props to Lin for sparking turnaround by defense, getting jump ball.

  618. Good that they acknowledged it

  619. They just showed the honeybees on tv, ok i feel better.

  620. Look at the Wiz 3rd and 4th Q and tell me why and who made the difference?

  621. Curry said Lin made the pivotal defensive play of the game. That tie up of Neil and then winning the tap.

  622. yep

  623. yes .. it’s a long season

    Lin’s fresh legs will help him to shine in the 2nd half

  624. Just glad to see Lin on a winning team where he’s clearly a big contributor.

    The NEXT step in the next 10 games is Lin getting consistent minutes and hitting Js

    Lin’s minutes have been way up the past week. He would have played more today if not for early foul trouble.

  625. Take Lin out on this team and they’ll will become a Hornets of old

  626. And the ball

  627. Lead back when Walker got out and Lin playing PG. Batum clutch threes. Good win at least.

  628. I think so

  629. 25-0 scoring run by the Hornets is quite mean to the Wizards lol

  630. No doubt. It already happened this game! They were about to lose big until Lin came back in.

  631. Didn’t realize that!

  632. Lin is learning something tricky. Playing great defense and great offense.He has done it this season . Just need to do it consistently

  633. Wow

  634. Still don’t get why Lin needs to be bench for that long after 2 fouls! Bad substitution by coach! No reason why Lin should be benched for that long after 2 fouls when he’s not even a starter! Does Cliff think Lin can just miraculously get hot shooting after being bench for more than half the game?!

  635. No, he just needs more minutes.

  636. Alright fine, we’ll take one for the team.

  637. Need to not get in foul trouble

  638. He needs to play 32 minutes every game like like the starters which he’s not getting!

  639. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  640. That I agree with. But enough with this “consistency” garbage. We’re not in HOU anymore! Kemba and Lamb were ICE COLD for entire quarters. Then they heat up for 2-4m stretches. That’s how it works!

    Lin did the same thing last game in OT.

  641. No fouls and hell get that chance.

  642. We’ll tweet,if Hornets will not take care of Lin,he’s a goner next season….voices need to be heardHappy thanksgiving everyone!.

  643. Wish Lin had gone to GSW
    at least backup PG on a contending team
    part of that historial 16-0 run
    and its more understandable when he plays 15 mins or less because the team is just too good for Lin to play more than that

  644. W/O playing time & ball he can’t do any no matter it’s O or D.

  645. I’m not mad about Lin’s minutes. Foul trouble will do that to you. Great game Hornets.

  646. We’ll see! I’m optimistic after this past week where he played big minutes despite cool shooting.

  647. Not this year

  648. Wizards 6 pts in 4q. Thank you Lin.

  649. lol thats too far
    unneccesary lol
    hes not mistreated

  650. Needs to play smarter. He made some young player type of mistakes tonight he shouldn’t. But, his hustle, D, determination and way of stepping up and making the big plays made him a factor in the game although he really didn’t play much.

  651. In 4Q it’s not…

  652. dude he went out because of the fouls i guarantee you that if he did not have those 2 fouls early he would play

  653. yep

  654. Lin plays great D but he’ll definitely start thinking about not fouling after getting his 1st one for next games

  655. It was his foul trouble then we had the momentum but Lin couldn’t get it going. It is what it is

  656. You can tweet nice words within the context of the game and his value as a player

  657. Let the FO worry about it, if FO worry about it.

  658. I don’t agree with it, but that’s Clifford “rule.” I’ve seen it happen to others. The problem is that Lin plays GREAT defense and gets BS fouls calls from refs. So this happens more often to him.

  659. theres nothing wrong with playing with 4 fouls when the game is nearly over. i dont think thats why cliff took lin out of the game.

  660. He played with Kemba longer than usual. I’m not sure why Kemba played so much this game.

  661. Not even the last 4 seasons did Lin get 30+ minutes! 2nd year after they acquired Harden Lin’s minutes were below 30 every game. Now on his 5th team his minutes are the least.

  662. “Couldn’t get it going?” He took 2 shots. Come on man. No more HOU brainwash garbage. Look at them now…falling apart with that BS.

  663. Overall jlin is more effective as a player at hornets. Also it gives Lin better experience to handle some crucial moments in the game. At GSW he will be a non impactful rotation player. I’d pick hornets.

  664. That still count to not getting it going.

  665. lol true
    I think Clifford did what he thought would help the team most while looking to maximize lamb/zeller’s mins, im not a big fan of it but its as fair as it gets

  666. Refs was disgusting… Again. Not just to Lin but hornets overall.

  667. Nope. It doesn’t. Played 7m. Everyone, even Curry misses 2 shots and goes cold for stretches.

  668. It wasn’t just the shots. It was his rhythm, timing, making the passes, etc.

  669. 2 fouls for a back up pg isnt too bad
    if hes gonna be a back up might as well be one on a good team where u get more spotlight
    if u do well within the PT ur given you will get bigger roles else where

  670. It wasn’t foul trouble n the fourth

  671. Feel the same way…

  672. Nope. He played 7m. You guys act like he played 40m! Haha, jeezus.

    Kemba and Lamb looked awful for 10-20m at a time. Then they HEAT UP. How it works.

  673. 2mil per year player, don’t think Hornets cares. If they did they would’ve offered Lin more.

  674. Good D by JLin. A win for the Hornets will make JLin happy. We all wish he got to play more minutes.

  675. they coudlnt have lol

  676. What do you mean he wasn’t take care of? He got too many personal fouls. What you expect?

  677. ASk yourself

  678. Team effort. Great win! Even MJ was excited about the win. 4Q 25-0 run took the gas out of Wizards.

  679. Sigh.. Happy Thanksgiving y’all! This year I’m thankful for all the faithful loyal Lin fans. You know who you are, if you are questioning yourself … tsk tsk. Cheers!!! ?

  680. Wasn’t his night. He just seemed to be forcing things, not letting the game come to him and then planning his attacks more wisely.

  681. Refs have their agendas, not necessarily against Lin or anything but they have ties with the gambling world

  682. Cliff wouldn’t take Lin out if Hornets is in trouble!

  683. Yet they’ve offered Lamb extension after a few games. It shows they’re not committed to Lin.

  684. i agree

  685. So much bashing of Lin, even on this forum.

    Sorry he didn’t score 20p in 15m! Sorry he won the game with defense! Sorry he didn’t satisfy your impossible demand of never going cold for 5m stretches like every other player in NBA history!

    Lin was great. His minutes were not. Onto the next one…his minutes are increasing overall though. Look at his gamelog.

  686. Whatever Lin played to night it will be the new norm rotation unless the Hornets play from behind.

  687. This game just reminded me why I gave up on watching Hornets game and just watch highlights. Going to do that for the entire season from now on. Not worth wasting time watching Lin get low and inconsistent minutes.

  688. I dont think Lin wants to sign an extension with them yet
    and they acquired Lamb off trades so they could sign extensions with him
    Lin just signed a contact with them lol
    its okay

  689. This team changes a lot with out Lin. So interesting what he does this offseason. All i care about now is play offs. Hopefully Lin score more.

  690. Why sorry? Do you respect other opinions?

  691. Frank not so great this game. Zeller had a mostly good game. Batum had a very strong facilitating game and scored enough. Lamb was just ok but got had at the end of the game. Lin had a great first half and forced in the second but made that great defensive play. Kemba struggled mightily but picked it up in the end of the 4th. Al was so-so. MW played great, hustling, rebounding, playing D, just great.

  692. We literally just saw him play a ton of minutes 2 days ago

  693. Kemba as the luxury of having lots of minutes to get in rhythm cause he’s favored by Hornets as the starter. Lin doesn’t get that luxury. When Lin came in with 5 minutes he had 5 points while Kemba only had 2. Lin shouldn’t have been benched because of 2 fouls.

  694. I think CLifford got in trouble after the game where he benched kemba down the stretch
    hes been playing a lot of mins since then lol

  695. Missed game but what I gather Lin did his usual figuring out what is needed to win approach and won in spite of not scoring a lot.

    Seems game would be lost without him.

  696. yeah i understand but look at the other times he got 2 fouls early same thing happened its just the wat clifford is…this team is good for jeremy and so far he has been good for them.

  697. The game wasn’t decided when Lin was in in the 4th. He made some positive contributions defensively, but offensively, Lin is not in sync. I thought Kemba had some ball handling issues today he usually doesn’t have. Lin’s TOs weren’t based on ball handling but a bit of over-agression and forcing things.

  698. I might have to believe some other people said – Lin’s offense might have been traded off by his intensive defenses. If so, he will get better on offenses after he balance out his energy. Few more games maybe?

  699. Disagreement is not disrespecting. You can say what you want. I can say what I want. End of story.

  700. still below 30 minutes and only because last game was OT. If not Lin would’ve only gotten 22 minutes last game which isn’t enough for any player to perform and score at their best!

  701. He’s not benched for 2 quarters. His normal substitution pattern is to come in late and often plays the whole next quarter. That’s about 25/26 minutes for him. It looks to me like, lately, Clifford wants him playing with Kemba more. But that combo still needs to get more balance. Lin and Batum are fine, so Cliff seems comfortable with that.

  702. He played 15m. Shot 4 times. Made 2 (50%). Nothing wrong.

    Just needs minutes and more games.

  703. Beal was destroying the Hornet b4 Q4. JLin broke the Wiz’s momentum and Beal was shaken. JLin up the tempo before he was taken out. Gortat was called out for illegal screen on JLin and possession back to Hornets before he was taken out. That took the gas out of Wiz which sparked the Hornet’s comeback.

    JLin played great D tonight and that had contributed to Hornet’s comeback.

  704. Good feel free to say what you want. Stop faking your apology.

  705. Same thing to be said when he was yanked out on the 2nd for the 2 PF…he can afford to have the 3rd PF,he subs in late in the 3rd Q anyways…Lin is playing well on that time.

  706. Yes, Kemba is the starter. He’s playing like the starter. Lin is playing like the bench guy. And Lin gets benched just like the other players if he has 2 fouls in the first half. Lin had 4 in whatever minutes he played so Clifford was right to put him on the bench in case he needed him 14 minutes of the 2nd half. If a player knows the coach will bench him with 2 fouls, as long as the coach is consistent, the player tries not to get them.

  707. This NBA business won’t take what Lin did into account. Months from now we only know he’s a backup in foul trouble with nothing to remember.

  708. Faking my apology? It was clearly a joking tone. RELAX.

  709. Except he won’t unless he’s a starter. If not it’s a Russian roulette every game.

  710. He played very intensive D on PnR (which other players usually let go) in those mins. Because Cliff often let him get into the games when Hornets is behind.

  711. Refs are too biased against Lin.

    That’s what’s killing Lin, not the opponents.

  712. what can lin do at this point? If he gets 15 mins…like this..

  713. They were on a b2b. I thought they would run out of gas in the 4th but didn’t think it would be that bad.

  714. If that was a joke, I apologize. Sorry not in a good mood to see Lin in the revolved door.

  715. I really wish this board would do a complain about minutes thread. It’s so monotonous, all of this talk of his playing time. Cliff is trying to win the game. He didn’t play Hawes at all. If Lin wasn’t valued he get a DNP-CD. He isn’t getting that and although he didn’t close tonight’s game, he usually does.

  716. Well obviously. That’s why it stinks for him to be a backup. But that’s life — unfair. Lin will get his chance if he keeps playing his game.

    In the league, there’s always an injury or a trade or coaching change or whatever. Just have to be ready and healthy.

  717. I don’t know. I think that a guy flops when someone is driving is a bail-out in the rules, but Lin sometimes benefits from that too. Lin has to be smarter and not fall for that.

  718. I dont think refs were that bad
    Lin just doesnt get star treatment lol

  719. Only good thing I can take out of this game is that Jeremy shot 50% with 4 shots….After that, no positives things to say….

    His turnovers issues are popping up again…Needs to pick his spot when to drive…Sometimes, Lin tend to lower his head and drive through too much traffic and the ball get stripped away from him.

    Tonight is probably not the best night to argue for more minutes, but I still felt Clifford should had kept Lin in the game after his second foul in the second quarter…He had just made 2 straight baskets for 5 points, and Cliff subbed him out…Maybe if Lin has stayed on, he would have had a better game…There was no time for him to get into a groove.

  720. Not just Lin, to succeed he needs trust from coach.

  721. Lin does that all the time
    little acting

  722. Hornets are 11th in the Overall Conference and 7th in Eastern Conference

  723. Well Clifford knows the contribution of Lin in his defense and the tie up and jump ball which switched the momentum. And the most important thing is Lin knows and is happy.

  724. It’s too bad that a hot-shooting JLin (5pts in first 5 min) got to 2nd foul too quickly.
    Otherwise he’d close the 2nd quarter like the previous 3-4 games.

    Clifford made a mistake to over-play a tired Kemba in the 3rd quarter allowing the Wizards to take 5pt lead.
    He should put JLin in mid 3rd quarter.

    JLin Great Defense
    But it’s okay.
    1. JLin made a great Defensive Play of the Game by tying up a hot Gary Neal for a jumpball. Lin had a great tip and Kemba finish turned the momentum back to the Hornets.
    2. The huge block by JLin on a taller Nene was nothing less impressive.
    3. Multiple challenge by JLin cause many shooters (Wall, Neal) to miss shots

    If the Wizards didn’t play a 2nd Back-to-Back game, JLin’s defense would’be been needed more in the 4th quarter.
    He was too cold to get in the flow of the game picking up 2 TOs trying to make something happen by being over-aggressive.

    JLin will learn next game on how not to pick up 2nd foul so quickly in Q2 so he can finish the 2nd quarter.
    A happy JLin celebrates his team’s win like other starters did when they didn’t close games in previous games.

    No worries. A good team win to get them to 6th seed in the East Coast. Onto next game.
    JLin’s fresh legs will help him to shine later in a long 82-game season.

    Go JLin!

  725. Defense?? Making the Key pivotal play the second game in a row???

  726. Clifford only praised MW for D.

  727. HEY! The 76ers might beat the Celtics! It’ll be their first win, and also helpful for the Hornets! They’re up by 5 right now, with 2 minutes left.

  728. After lin. William is my favorite. Professional, effective, steady force, productive. Like williams a lot.

  729. Wiz scoring in 3rd and 4th quarters tell us all what Lin did in D. That’s not enough to earn him more playing time from Cliff.

  730. Agree. Not only against Lin alone. Ref missed several calls. If you slow mo on Gogtat and Nene they were doing lots of illegal screens. The one that took PJ out. Ref did called out Gogtat for illegal screening with his legs sticking out to trip JLin.

  731. No prob! I guess sarcasm doesn’t translate online very well!

    BTW, I’m angry too. I just see all these posts blaming Lin for 15m productive minutes and a win, and it makes me laugh. When he’s 3-15 in 35m in a loss, then people (me too) can bash Lin all they want.

  732. Knicks lost to Magic. wow

  733. Exactly, except some called Lin fans care only stat line and minutes.

  734. Lin has to find a way to get more assists. Batum is going to the ball more and when he gets it, shoots it or makes a good pass. It’s not like some aren’t risky and result in TOs. But 11 assists is great. And if his assists are at a good ratio to TOs, that’s good for his stats. Lin needs to focus on that part of his game more when he’s running point or even when not. Batum isn’t running point and getting a lot of assists.

    Some of Lin’s assists didn’t happen because guys didn’t knock down shots. But those easy ones finding guys underneath the basket is where he can get them.

  735. it is so unfair. He might be the only one – Truly does not care who scores as long as team win.

  736. Do you always see Tyler looking happy from the bench? If you do I don’t need to explain to you the nature of this NBA business.

  737. well, if he praised Lin for defense then he would have no more excuses to keep starting PJ

  738. Not playing Pg a ton.

  739. Really don’t care which team Lin plays for, just give him enough PT and handling the ball.

  740. We should drop the starting Lin stuff. PJ hardly plays any minutes. HIs starting is no big deal and Lin is more empowered running the 2nd unit anyway than starting with the first unit. I’m sure Clifford noticed the D Lin played, not everything comes up in post-game comments.

  741. Hard to find ways to contribute when you have Lin’s playing time,even if youre Lebron and Curry

  742. The fans are definitely excited when JLin came in and doing his business. That shows the fans are beginning to appreciate what JLin can bring to the team.

  743. Lin’s DNA is team first. As of now, Lin’s defense was the real reason to keep him playing in the 4Q occasionally. He’s still and will always be on short leash.

  744. Neither is Batum. When Kemba handles the ball and gets in trouble, run to the ball and take over. That’s what Batum does. Lin tends to stay in the corner. But not always. When he comes out of the corner good things happen.

  745. his post game comments are always like this. he’s not much of a Lin fan

  746. Buyer remorse.

  747. You wished Lin had gone to GSW?…Are you serious??….Lin would had gotten even less minutes there than in Charlotte…While I’m not satisfied with Lin minutes in Charlotte, no way in hell would the situation be better in the Bay area.

    I do feel Lin needs to leave Charlotte after this year and go to Brooklyn or maybe the Knicks if they are interested.

  748. can lin please just get 25 mins consistently? damn. it’s gonna suck seeing him like this all year.

  749. But he did win the game with defense, without his defense against Neal who was 7-7 (he finished 7-13), and later against Wall when Clifford pulled Wall, Hornets would never have the come back.

  750. Knicks is still finding the next “Linsanity”.

  751. Kemba credited the bench’s depth by Lin, Lamb, Zeller


  752. It seems Cliff will do some changes after he got the contract.

  753. Clifford pulled Kemba I mean when Kemba attempted too much and froze Lin out.

  754. He plays well he’ll get more than 25 mins. He didn’t play that well offensively in the 2nd half. Clifford is trying to win games, not allot minutes evenly. Game situations sometimes dictate minutes players off of the bench get.

  755. “No he won’t”

  756. I think CHA wants to sign Lin to back up KW forever but cheaply. That is why Lin gets so little PT unless CHA is in danger of losing, they will not play Lin major mint nor will they let Lin shine. Their strategy has been burying Lin on the bench, on the other hand putting Lin’s face out. It is disgusting. I have always said this, CHA wants their cake and eat it too. They want to sign Batum next year, but dare not treat Batum the same way the treat Lin.

  757. How has Batum performed on the court compared to Lin? Lin will be fine if he executes his game.

  758. Too much bad officiating.

    Not much Lin can do when the refs are targeting him in order to protect the other team from being blown out.

  759. Cav’s don’t look too impressive against the Raptors. If they play that way Hornets can beat them Friday.

  760. Jeremy role at GWS would be very limited, no matter how well he plays…No way can his minutes increase while playing behind Curry and Thompson…

    Even if he does well with his 12 minutes per game as a Warrior player, he will not get more because Thompson and Curry will always play big minutes.

    I agree with you that Lin’s inconsistent minute in Charlotte is a problem, but the solution is not to go back to GWS…If you hate Lin’s low minute in Charlotte, I don’t understand why you would want him in the Bay area…This is pure crazyness.

  761. Thank you.

  762. Pardon me, if you are a true Lin fan, you know that Lin would be better than Batum if he had the same PT as Batum.

  763. It’s not Clifford.

    It’s the DAMN CHEATING REFS that artificially abuse Lin.

  764. Yes.

    Refs had it in for Lin tonight, so NOT playing Lin was the right call.

  765. It’s called rotation bench player. Lin didn’t sign up for this.

  766. Clifford is just not a big fan of Lin. his interviews ever since training camp started are very telling. so are his minutes allocation and substitution pattern. Lin isn’t going to be allowed to be a factor on this team. he has to look somewhere else

  767. I like the Hornets,reminds me of Houston team with a lot of potential but it seems this situation for Lin would end up in a gutter with the way they use his playing time.

  768. IMO, JLin had gone through years of unfair treatment since NY. JLin being JLin. He is able to rise above the tide and become an all rounded player. After Hornets, I believe his game will move to the next level. PG / SG who also plays great D!

  769. What happened to home court advantage?

  770. I agree with you if you really think Lin is at best 2nd to 3rd string backup.

  771. After Cliff got his contract, he is doing some changes. Today, he is doing 9 players rotation. Unfortunately, Lin played least minutes. Just make the 4 PFs as excuse, see what will happen next game.

  772. I don’t think Lin played bad but just didn’t have enough playing time & ball. Kemba played so bad in early 4Q but he got OK to stay in & sub Lin later on…

  773. JLin did a great job making them miss and they didn’t threaten anymore

    But he knows he needs to contribute on offense by not fouling so much next time

  774. Lin’s defense turned the game around. Everybody can see that.
    Not to worry.

  775. Lin did all of the heavy lifting and sacrificing but with very little credit in Houston much like what he’s doing right now on this team

  776. Refs didn’t pull him off. If you worried about the refs, don’t play.

  777. No need to piss off Hornets fan..stay away from Hornets forums…Lin did not play well tonight, so there’s no great argument to be made for him tonight…..

    My only issue is that Lin should had not been taken out after just 2 fouls because he’s a bench players and I feel you can afford to let a bench player who doesn’t play big minutes to play through 2 fouls midway in the second quarter.

    But please, to all Lin fan…stay out of Hornets forum and stop complaining to them about Lin’s minutes, specially tonight since he had 3 turnovers in very few minutes..

  778. How? He’s either w Kemba or Batum… even Lamb tried to run the O by himself…smh!

  779. doesn’t matter that everybody saw it. Clifford doesn’t acknowledge it and he’s the one in control of the rotations

  780. Cavs lost 103-99

  781. Unlike anybody else here, I don’t see Clifford trying to bash Lin out of the rotation.

    The refs were really unfair tonight against Lin because Lin was running the Wizards off their own home floor in the first half. And in the 2nd half, the refs didn’t want Lin to break the game open.

    Like it or not, Clifford has to account for the refs cheating on Lin. When Lin gets targeted by the refs, it hurts the Hornets badly. So mercifully limiting Lin’s minutes was the right move, as evidenced by the WIN.

    Grrat team win for the Hornets. And make no mistake, Lin CONTRIBUTED. So in my eyes, Lin GOT HIS.

  782. Cliff has always tried to insert Lamb to close game in the 4Q. He delivered today and it will be the new norm.

  783. The only difference are hornets fans are nicer,although Houston give him more playing time…Now the question is,what team valued him more?

  784. You are way too concerned with labels like that. Lin is a great player, combo guard, facilitator and winning player that makes things happen on both ends of the floor. He’s a unique player with serious upsides and still some flaws in his game. So coach’s use him as best they can as a weapon to help win games. That’s what Lin may be now that he is scouted thoroughly and targeted to stop in games. He just isn’t given minutes because he’s this or that, it’s based on how he impacts a game, his foul situation, matchups.

  785. Hornets one game away from possible #2 in east. WOW

  786. Pistons beat Heat! I’m happy! 🙂

  787. it’s so obvious. Lin fans who have been following his career so far should be able to see this

  788. What? Really?

  789. You may know about NBA business, but I am sure you do not know Lin, to him the team win is more important than the stat line for 1 game.

  790. Lin got nothing on paper. His stats like this will guarantee him to be a back up or bench warmer for life.

  791. hmm. i don’t know about nicer. there’s definitely a lot less Hornets fans as there are Rockets fans. and it’s still early. things can turn ugly

  792. Batum is playing fabulously for Charlotte. Lin hasn’t found as consistent a groove. Don’t question my Lin fandom EVER again. I’m sick of that. Stop it.

  793. so why not keep in the game?..why Cliff subbed him out after the play.

  794. Exactly….Lin is a very good player but how long can he sustain his good games if his rotation is messed up.How can he reach his potential as a NBA player?

  795. maybe #3. Because #3-5 are Pacers,Heat, Hawks all around 0.625. Hornets 0.600 tied with Raptors #6.

  796. -early fouls messed up lin’s game.
    -needs to learn how to play vs teams that trap/double. kept trying to split the double and got stripped a couple times. needs to have more confidence in his shot.
    -i thought it was weird to play kemba to start the 4th. lin had no chance to play pg late. oh well, team won, im happy
    -pj was bad all game. killed us in the 3rd by doing nothing on both ends of the floor. he’s the next hawes, needs his minutes reduced to someone with actual talent. lamb played ok d tonight, he should have came in earlier for pj.
    -no hawes, no hawes, NO HAWES!!!!! cliff grew some balls after that extension eh?
    -frank played well. loved that he can switch to a smaller man and actually move his feet on d
    -zeller looks good as a backup 5. his 3’s are still lol, just roll to the rim man and dont even try to shoot 3’s
    -kemba should be an allstar
    -batum is the ultimate glue guy. almost triple double again. i dont like him handling the ball too much, shooting too much, but he should get touches because he makes great decisions.
    -refs hate us so much. the contact on kemba was lolwtfbbq, the nene charges also sketchy…

  797. Then you should know it by heart, if Lin had 50% of the support Batum or Walker had from CHA, he would do much better than either of them.

  798. That’s fine if Lamb PRODUCES.

    Let the $7 million player earn his keep.

    The refs were cheating so bad today, Lin was better off not playing.

  799. Top seed teams are losing tonight!

  800. Well said.

  801. Mods, if anyone questions my Lin fandom again please ask them to refrain. I’m looking at Lin practically but I’m here sweating and rooting for him as hard as anyone. Fans that don’t like minutes and don’t trust Cliff have every right to but don’t have a right to question other fans that can understand that Cliff is running a team, Lin is part of the team, and he’s trying to win games while still expanding Lin’s role slowly and melding it with the other key players in Kemba and Nic. If you take that point of view you may be challenged. You state your points of view, not questions other fans on here about being a Lin fan.

  802. i don’t know about the early fouls thing. i mean whenever Lin has 2 early fouls, he automatically sits even though he comes off the bench. but we saw Kemba with 2 early fouls in the 1st quarter and stays in the game like forever. the rest of your stuff, i agree

  803. Spencer Hawes DNP Coach Decision. Well, this will definitely please a few forumers here 🙂

  804. As LOF, that’s not ok. You either trust your player or you dont

  805. KHuang, I disagree. Refs also cheated on other CHA key players sometimes, but we did not see Clifford took out those players.

  806. This is just me.LIn was playing great basketball in 2nd Q,he can afford to earn a 3rd PF if that happened since he will subs in late in the 3rd Q anyways,but my concern is…why Did Clifford yanked him out early in the 2nd?

  807. It’s not Lin’s call.

    The unfair race based officiating is killing his game.

    There is NOTHING Lin or anybody can do about the ref cheating.

    I prefer to just enjoy Lin’s performances despite the massive handicap against him.

    Besides, if the ref cheating continues to this extent and Lin is knocked out of the NBA, I’ll simply stop being a NBA fan because the NBA has the WORST OFFICIATING in pro sports second to pro boxing when Floyd Mayweather fights and needs to cheat to win!

  808. it was justifiable tonight. lin played bad. good d but terrible on offense. if lamb plays half way decent d, he’ll stay in cuz honestly he can score real easily. lin will finish when it makes sense. lamb will finish when it makes sense. kemba and batum will likely always finish unless the 2nd unit is beasting as a unit

  809. pretty much lost all of his minutes to Tank

  810. Fine – but Lin gets cheated THE WORST of any player in the entire NBA.

    The refs are making a mockery out of the rulebooks against Lin, DELIBERATELY.

  811. LOL…yes he did but you ignored the whole 2nd quarter.

  812. Lamb played well tonight, so I do feel he deserved to finish…He’s getting paid $7M, so no one should be surprised whenever he gets the nod to finish ahead of Lin…But again, he played better than Lin, so I won’t argue here.

    Lin was getting into a groove in the second quarter, but Clifford took him out and broke any type of momentum for Linsanity to occur in the second quarter…If Lin had stayed on, maybe he would have had a much better game.

  813. Lin has to adjust to scouting and not be predictable in his moves. Sometimes I think he’s stubborn and just tries to bulldoze or zip his way through defenders but they’ve figured out counters to his moves so he has now to make the adjustments and figure out counters. I hope he does soon. Kemba looks good, even with his struggles and fatigue tonight.

  814. I’m no LOF.

    I’m a generalized NBA fan to whom Lin is one of the brightest stars of the game despite the artificial ref hate that’s killing his game and ruining the integrity of the sport.


  815. I switch to that game instead of listening to all the crying.

  816. OK folks…..both of you are right…..By now we should know that Lin is a Team first, pass first kinda guy. Thats how he is…thats not going to change…..Most of NBA players go with score first……many a times we have seen, even there is a shot, Lin would rather pass it up for a better shot, or get his team going or to give confident to a particular player.

    We are not going to see Lin taking forced or many shots unless the situation deems like the last OT game or 2 games ago. We are not going to see Lin doing it that kinda regular scoring, just because that’s not how is build.

  817. Lin will usually finish. Lamb maybe sometimes, but Lin usually. Al may end up finishing less games than Lin.

  818. we know…no worries 🙂 cheer-up mate

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  820. Clifford MERCIFULLY took Lin out.

    The refs had started their cheating thing, and no player can resist that.

    I saw a similar episode in the 2001 NBA Finals. The 76ers had put out a lineup of reaerves to rest Iverson and Mutombo against Shaq and Kobe. The refs got pissed and called repeated phantom fouls and let the Lakers cheat the rules. Coach Larry Brown “got the message from the NBA” and stuck his starters back in.

  821. It pleases ME.

    Had Hawes played, it would have been a LOSS.

  822. kemba’s handle makes him hard to trap. whether he can finish at the rim however is a different story. lately he’s been good. real good.

  823. Lin trying to play bully ball but the refs are just too biased. too many bad calls made against him. and too many miss calls against his opponents. this game would have been a completely different game for Lin if the refs had called it fairly

  824. Thanks.

  825. No 2 in East?!! They are at 7th

  826. I know…you were lobbying hard to rid of Hawes…your wish came true.

  827. sitting players with 2 fouls early in the game is the norm and it is good strategy. And in this game I don’t think Kemba picked up his 2nd foul until the 2nd half

  828. Lol, I gave up and switched to the raptors game instead. Too much wining on this site now. We know you’re a good Lin fan.

  829. Any comment should be welcome as long as following the rules.


  830. zealous lin fans who don’t understand the game can really be annoying, even to other lin fans. SMH

  831. He was trapped several times and forced into TOs tonight, though. I was saying earlier how good his handle is and it is. But tonight, he struggled at times with traps more than usual. Lin will still see more of them so Lin has to find a way to deal with them. Actually, find ways to burn guys when they trap him.

  832. the example was from a couple games back

  833. still waiting to see the highlight of Lin rejecting Nene’s dunk attempt. that was very Mutumbo-ish

  834. comeon Khuang…thats not objective at all….No doubt many bogus calls on Lin over the years…but the same happens to most of the players as well

  835. Correct as usual.

    Unfortunately, being a Lin fan also means recognizing that Lin has to battle these biased refs.

    The refs with their race based officiating are hellbent on preventing the Asian guy from breaking out in the NBA. It’s not Lin’s opponents and it’s not Lin’s team that’s causing this.

    Like it or not, having Lin on one’s team means that the calls will go against your team. I will not tolerate NBA teams believing that Lin is too Asian to succeed, but I can begrudgingly accept that he’s CURSED by the refs.

  836. yup…similarly it happens to all, not just Lin

  837. i mean one game away from #3 theoretically.

  838. Heh heh, you’re sweating and rooting for him far harder than I am!

    Tonight, I was like REF RACISM and simply sat back and let the refs make a DIRTY MOCKERY out of the sport of basketball!

  839. By looking at the scores, seem like Rox is going to get another loss tonight.

  840. early on kemba struggled bad, but he got better as the game went on. lin got in foul trouble and couldnt redeem himself in the second. of note is that kemba started the 4th q so lin was sg… lin had no chance tonight but unless this happens every game, im ok with it cuz we won.

  841. It makes me lmao when I read your posts and I find I’m agreeing with most of what you say. We used to go loggerheads over things but now I find your comments a sanctuary for sanity.

  842. You’re a great fan buddy.All of us just have different opinions when it comes to Lin’s situation

  843. I would not say it happens to all.

    It ONLY happens to Lin at this level.

    In my decades of watching the NBA, I have NEVER seen a player officated as blatantly dirty as Lin is.

  844. So with the win Charlotte moves to 6th?

  845. There were quite a few calls last game that I just couldn’t believe went against Lin.

  846. I agree that they would probably love to keep Lin, but for as little money as possible..No way would they offer Lin the type of money they just gave Lamb.

    Lin is at the least, a high end backup point guard and should get at least 25minutes every night…Anything less will not do…Lin is also worth 8Mil per year, so unless Hornets are willing to offer that, he should leave…Hornets can’t even give him 25minutes, so he should definately leave after this year is done.

    Lin should join the Brooklyn Nets next year…Even if he backs up Jarret Jack, he will get more minutes and Lin and Jarret could play together in the back-cour..both of them are 6’3, so it won’t be such a small backcourt as oppose to Kemba/Lin.

  847. Nop still #7.

  848. #7, but one win away from #3 theoretically.

  849. I gently disagree.

    Other players are OCCASIONALLY targeted by refs, and for the most part a foul is a foul.

    But Lin? Opponents routinely grab and elbow and hack and bump him. Then when he drives and they’re illegally blocking him, Lin gets whistled for offensive fouls.

    The NBA refs are DIRTY toward Lin.

  850. It’s about friggin time.

    Players have to EARN their way onto the court.

  851. I hope Mem beat Rox. But poor Lawson, as I thought after PB came back he really became #3 PG. only 2 min w/o ball. smh!

  852. I didn’t watch the game today cause I had to buy a car. But I saw in the first half Lin did really well but was pulled cause of 2 fouls. I really don’t buy the 2 fouls pull out Lin thing. I think it’s just a way to suppress Lin like he has been suppressed in previous seasons. I like that we won the game but I’d like to see Lin left in the first half longer so he can get in the rhythm. Anyone who only gets 5 minutes in the first half will probably not be on their best performance when 2nd half begins. Especially when you’re iced out for almost 2 quarters and half time.

  853. new thread


    G15 CHA Observations & Notes

    It’s too bad that a hot-shooting JLin (5pts in first 5 min) got to 2nd foul too quickly. He finished with 5pts/2blks/2TOs/4PFs. Otherwise he’d close the 2nd quarter like the previous 3-4 games. Otherwise he’d close the 2nd quarter like the previous 3-4 games.

    Clifford made a mistake to over-play a tired Kemba in the 3rd quarter allowing the Wizards to take 5pt lead. He should put JLin in mid 3rd quarter.

    JLin Great Defense

    But it’s okay.

    1. JLin made a great Defensive Play of the Game by tying up a hot Gary Neal for a jumpball. Lin had a great tip and Kemba finish turned the momentum back to the Hornets.
    2. The huge block by JLin on a taller Nene was nothing less impressive.
    3. Multiple challenge by JLin cause many shooters (Wall, Neal) to miss shots

    If the Wizards didn’t play a 2nd Back-to-Back game, JLin’s defense would’be been needed more in the 4th quarter. He was too cold to get in the flow of the game picking up 2 TOs trying to make something happen by being over-aggressive.

    JLin will learn next game on how not to pick up 2nd foul so quickly in Q2 so he can finish the 2nd quarter.

    Coach Clifford will need to get better in his substitution pattern. Riding Kemba too hard will wear him out for the season. Keeping JLin hot and get him going will be important against better teams.

    A happy JLin celebrated his team’s win like other starters did when they didn’t close games in previous games. No worries. This is a good team win to get them to 6th seed in the East Coast. Onto next game. JLin’s fresh legs will help him to shine later in a long 82-game season.

    Go JLin!

  854. Am I the only one who sees how badly the hornets are off ball. So many times they run to the rim like moths to a flame when Lin tries to attack the rim. They inadvertainly clogg the lanes with their own defenders while giving no outlets to Lin for easy 3s

  855. you’re one of the most level headed fans here, always enjoy what u have to say!

  856. Maybe #5 with another win. Only can be #3 with another win plus Indiana and Miami will take a loss next game.

  857. This game is not the perfect game to make a good argument on behalf of Lin’s minutes, but there were already sign that Lin minutes wouldn’t be at the level that we all expected.

    I know some Lin fan expected 30-35 minutes per game..I always felt that was too high, considering Kemba plays big minutes….I was expecting 25 minutes at the very least since I knew Kemba would be playing big minutes at PG, so it would leave very few minutes for Lin in that position.

    I thought that Lin’s remaining minutes would come out of the SG position, but we failed to take into account that Lamb was going to sign a big contract which would increase his minutes at SG…than we have P.J Hairston who plays at least 18 minutes at SG…..So this leave very few minutes for Lin.

    If Lin stays, things could be worst for Lin when MKG comes back…He will get more minute than P.J at SG, so Lin will only play Kemba’s back-up minutes which is about 13 minutes

  858. Yep Mem will definitely beat Rox. No doubt about it. It’s 102 v 93 with 27s to go. No way Rox can beat Mem now.

  859. I tenderly disagree as well 😉

    since there is no numbers to back it up

  860. how was he looking?…Was he sad?..did he say anything?..

  861. I’ll cite a number:


  862. Like I said, I’ve NEVER been a LOF.

    I’m a generalized NBA fan that actually has no allegiance to Lin other than I love his game.

    I view Lin in the context of the entire NBA, not just from Lin’s own perspective.

  863. That’s WHAT YOU WANT.

    Guys attacking when Lin’s on the court, GOOD.

    The refs are out to stop Lin from doing that. Nobody, not even Lin, can overcome NBA ref cheating.

  864. Bring it on 🙂 hahaha

  865. 3 times defensive player of the game now!

  866. JH is sketching his head again…no understanding what hit them…even with 40pts…sigh

  867. Because Warriors are the best team in the NBA and Lin would be getting 12mins per game and that’s just how much he deserves on that team
    at least people would see how productive he is with the mins hes given and he will have a better chance going somewhere else for a bigger role
    Charlotte is a dead end, first round exit series sweep is the best they can do
    Nobody will look at this teams 2nd unit

  868. He might’ve been on a high from his great performance in OT, but I guess he has to pick when to pull back and take the jumpshots. But I suspect Lin already knows all this.

  869. Thats fine
    but clifford is not looking to play Lin
    hes trying to maximizing Lamb and Zellers mins
    He is trying to play Lin as little as possible
    and I understand this because Lin is likely not gonna be there next season

  870. Ha Ha. Yeah and someones claimed that there is no racial issues but only bias toward Lin.

    Then, where is the bias coming from?

  871. i know the charlotte announcers are doubters bc they all saw lin block it but they couldnt believe their eyes, so they ignored it.
    ive seen this happen every year with every announcing crew. lin makes a block and they cant process what they just saw.

    meanwhile, dell curry imagines lin traveled when he didnt. this crew is starting to bug me. meanwhile, anything batum does is like the best bball play theyve ever seen in their lives.

  872. We care about that for Lin. But most people here have different opinions. They accept the fact that he is just a back up with the way things are going?

  873. It’s been like this since. It’s being muffled by some wins and injuries wherein Lin is given more minutes. No injuries means no minutes. He is a back-up. Needless to say more.

  874. Not seeing in this team. He is not happy career wise. But probably making the most out of the situation. He got some nice buddies in his team mates and Charlotte is a low key state. He might just find his peace and contentment in this team and lead a low key basketball life.

  875. That’s worse treatment than in Houston. Thats another type of abuse. Lin is way too good to speak up.

  876. If everyone should be smart and open their eyes. The only times Lin got his minutes is when somebody was injured. And every body was happy. Now everyone is healthy and back to the normal 15 to 17 minutes. Unless Clifford wants Lin to be a savior he can increase it a little bit.

  877. Not in this team. Not in this coach.

  878. Every game is a guessing game regarding his playing time and role in the game. Unlike the starters (who are given consistent minutes and roles even if they mess up or shoot so badly) Lin has to scrounge for minutes like a lowly dog eager to serve his master.

  879. I believe Lin is smart enough not sign up on something such as this.

  880. When will Tyler get his chance ? Or will he even will ?

  881. No such thing with Lin and the refs.

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