G15 MEM @ LAL PreGame Thread

Memphis Grizzlies is currently #1 team in the West Conference with 12-2 record. Marc Gasol has scored 22 pts, 32 pts, 30 pts in the past 3 games (@TOR, BOS, LAC)

But the Lakers managed to play them competitively in the last game so there’s hope for the Lakers to win IF all Lakers play well as a team in 4 quarters, something that Kobe hasn’t been willing to do in the 4th quarter. Kobe was shooting efficiently for 3 quarters 6-11 in the last game before relapsing into inefficient hero-ball with shooting 3-11 in the 4th.

Will this be the game that Kobe learn to share the ball in the 4th? I wouldn’t bet on it but anything can happen. Let’s hope JLin will continue to be aggressive and attack as the 2nd best scorer and the best passer in the Lakers!

Link:  ESPN MEM vs LAL Preview 

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Guess JLin's stats


  1. Hello?

  2. Made it this time!
    Your future hubby will be impressed with your assertiveness :]

  3. don’t sit by yourself lol.

  4. I think I was like, “hellOOOOOOO?”

  5. More like, my perseverance hahaha. Didn’t give up until I become “first” lol

  6. Boozer is out.
    But if Davis doesn’t foul out and everyone shooting decently, esp. Lin/Kobe/Hill/Young plus maybe Ellington, they have a chance.
    Good/Bad Kobe in Q4 is the X-Factor.

    If Lin is the floor general for 4 quarters, Lakers can win all 4.
    If bad Kobe shows up in Q4, Lakers can lose the next 10 games easily.

  7. echooooo …

  8. true, 3 .. 2 .. then 1! :p

  9. I wanna see 1 alley oop, one back door cut for slam, etc etc. Getting bored with losing.

  10. Marcooo….

  11. I want to see Davis defend without fouling too much and what @joeteam:disqus said below.

  12. I wish Lin could be more decisive, just shoot the ball without thinking too much, hopefully he can prove me wrong by performing better that what I voted.

  13. Davis is in.
    But if Boozer is playing and everyone watching Kobe shooting with boredom, especially Lin/Swaggy/Hill plus maybe Ellington, they won’t have a chance.
    Miracle is the X-Factor.

    If Kobe is the tank general for 4 quarters, Lakers can lose all 4.
    Even if good Lin shows up, Lakers can lose the next 10 games easily because Kobe will always be Kobe.

    –tongue in cheek–

  14. You’ll be disappointed for some time yet if you expect or hope LIN will just shoot without thinking too much. From what we’ve seen the last few Games, LIN has shown his true grit and ultimate toughness to stand up to Kobe. LIN is strong and decisive, unfortunately not the way many fans want him to be. As LIN said recently, he wants to be remembered at the end of his career as a player that played the game the right way and as a team player. What we see as indecision isn’t indicision to shoot or not, but about who and how to pass to his teammates to set them up for an easier score.

    Many people have applauded Lin’s decisive challenge to Kobe to be a better team player. LIN is a natural leader by the leadership of action. He leads by example. He isn’t afraid to speak up if the cause is just and right. On the floor LIN leads by example to try to build a passing team. What kind of leader would he be if he lead them to be just like Kobe by being a shoot first PG? Lin plays the way he believes the game should be played, as a team of shared responsibilities and success.

  15. Is Boozer out? I haven’t heard one way or another. This is the latest thing I’ve seen:

    Los Angeles Lakers‏@_LALakers_news

    Lakers’ Scott optimistic Davis and Boozer will play Wednesday: http://bit.ly/1zsTVvG #GoLakers

  16. Bad Kobe misbehaving in Q4 has been the Achilles heel (pun intended) of the Lakers in the past 2 games.
    Nick Young in a slump certainly didn’t help.
    Let’s hope Lin figures out what to do in Q4 to balance the offense w/o Kobe going berserk on him.

  17. no indication that he’s cleared yet from several tweets.
    Let’s hope he’s back for some offensive power

  18. Well said. I don’t want to see Jeremy become Westbrook kind of PG. As long as he is not passing an open shot, I believe what he does will always thinking the team first instead of seeking his own interest.

    Look forward to seeing which Kobe will show up tomorrow…team Kobe or iso Kobe.

  19. If only they had better spacing…and better cutters…and better coach, Wes could easily become the recipient of many alley oops from LIN. But I might as well be asking for the moon. Lol

  20. Yeah, no room. Few fast breaks where there is room. Is BSc really worse than McH? I wonder … naw, I just remembered Lin’s PT. BSc is better by an inch.

  21. The shirt that shall not be nameddddd.

  22. and I’m not asking too much: I want to see a single hand dunk by Lin, at least 4 3pts, a reverse, a floater, a cheetah drive in and 1, monster defense, calling tons of play and waive off Kobe when he demands for the ball…….haha

  23. Just win the game and I’ll be happy

  24. No no, Scott may be a low plus factor for LIN, but Mchale was a high negative to beat down Lin’s confidence at every opportunity. For all the bad coaching so far this season with Scott, LIN is in a much much better place now than HOUSTON.

  25. I will be happy if its somewhere in between

  26. Yeah…its been awhile since we saw dunks from Lin 🙁

  27. Way much better, McHale was playing JLin’s minutes like a pinball

  28. hey, that’s a cool wish. Long time since last dunk. Lin had a beautiful finger roll last game.

  29. I agree, I was just bemoaning the idea that now I wanna see real coaching start.

  30. Ok I take it back, BSc is 1 mile better than McH, but then, he’s still in Downey (in LA, they way “Downey, where the freeways meet”) and not Big Town!

  31. Hy C, hows your LA trip? Going to game? Hope it’s a blast for you and Lin causes a win. Curry is getting all the credit this year, time to spread it around the league.

  32. LOL….get a kitkat

  33. And the Bench need to come in strong. If they dont step-up its gonna be even tough

  34. I think this season is hwre he is going to make his mark;;;where is the hydrant?

  35. is that the Nestle chocolate bar or a place in LA, lol.

  36. Curry and KT have endless summer with it up here in the Bay.

  37. I’m going to keep punching that 21/5 button until I hit the lotto.

  38. Only 5?!

  39. IMO, Lin being a Christian helps him to separate the forest from the trees. He has the mind of a great coach like Pop to recognize potential and finds ways to build a process towards it. That’s what a good Christian does everyday to build a process towards a destiny.

    Pop often will pull his starters in favor of his bench early NOT because he wants to lose, but to build a process. What is winning? A game won by Kobe will never carry a team to a future, neither will having LIN score 30-40 pts. Building a team foundation is a winning formula of building every player as an important piece of that foundation. LIN hates losing but he’d rather lose the right way that leads towards a process. Last year Pop lost all 4 games to HOUSTON, not on purpose, but he knows that he has to build and conserve his assets to win when it counts. HOUSTON “won” when it didn’t count, Spurs won when it mattered in the playoffs.

    LIN sees his struggles to find his rhythm as a price to pay for the team chemistry later. As a true leader, he’ll accept the price to look bad in the short term for the team.

  40. Last game I voted 22/7 and Brent gave me heck for not voting for linsanity. Lol

  41. Won’t expect too much from him. Just hope his iso time could be reduced a little bit while BS playing him a couple of minutes less.

  42. Hi Maknusia, I wrote a reply and it went into moderation again. Can you fix it. Thaks

  43. D Rose reinjured his hamstring and left after 10 mins tonight. Bulls could really use a healthy, dynamic PG. =) After Rose, they have Hinrich and Brooks.

  44. I was thinking of fabric softener or a goose.

  45. I’m only voting Linsanity once Kobe is out/injured.

  46. You know that everyone else would vote linsaity though but the team may still lose without a viable second option. Let’s hope he doesn’t because they need each other to be successful.

  47. Nonono!!! Always Lisanity!!!!

  48. LOL Continue my campaign for JLin to do 17pts/7asts until he surpasses it:-)

  49. Since you are waiting him to surpass your vote…You might as well just vote for Linsanity!

  50. LOL my Linsanity vote will be 20+pts/7-8asts. He is getting there:-) Last game he has 17pts/5asts. JLin isn’t too far off from my guess:-) Since his mom will be in the game I presume, believe JLin will play better:-)

  51. China NBA Lakers likes. Look at JLin (13,402,334) vs Kobe (1,432,595). WOW!

  52. Jeremy Lin gave veg and Ed Davis gave turkey at the Salvation Army of Inglewood with East West Bank. #LakersHoliday

  53. 21/5? that’s like playing the $1000 lotto. You gotta go for it all, like 40/20. Now that’s a lotto! =p

  54. Kobe: “Here’s me… Here’s the rest of y’all getting the [email protected]#% out of the way.” =p

  55. Wow!!! 10x the number, that’s linsane

  56. “I got this!”

  57. I know. Thought Kobe is more popular in China but guess I’m wrong:-)

  58. haha…the result is kind of manipulated by some die hard Lin fans. I know they keep voting 10+ , 100+ everyday!! They are really mad about the all star result last year, and they hope to make use of his huge popularity to influence NBA, his team and referees to treat him better.

    I don’t know if it is effective but I always appreciate what they have done for helping Lin in their own ways.

  59. Jeremy was a life size cut out greeter at KFC in China earlier this year.
    He’s gained a lot of recognition there.

  60. close race!

  61. If BS let Lin played 5 more minutes last game, Lin should already had that number.

  62. I’m going to keep punching that ‘linsanity’ button until I hit the lotto or this accuracy

  63. so I guess now the houston community really miss lin becasue now they don’t have free food for those families like how he did it in the past!.

  64. It doesn’t matter the haters over there are still mad at one turnover in 1 game Lin made and totally ignore all the good stuff he did!

    Aside from that, I’m sure the community does miss him! He did a lot of good stuff over there. 🙂

  65. and because of that “no FOOD for you!” (food nazzi lol)

  66. I voted linsanity and will for every game 🙂

  67. What ? There are two types of Kobe?! Why doesn’t Scott just play the team Kobe and bench the ISO Kobe? That would make sense to me.

  68. Have you guys seen this? Don’t know much about him but he’s played for the Lakers before.


  69. I think Memphis will win because they are a good, complete, and experienced team. They are all familiar with each other. The lakers are none of those things.

    I’ve come to realize that although linsanity was magical, Lin is not a magical dominant player like Jordan. Lin is a catalyst that could bring out the best in players around him. The end result is very dependent on how good those players are. Houston and New York had talent. Lakers are not talented and yes there is Kobe, but he is not talented like he was before.

  70. I don’t think he was very good when he played for the Lakers last.

  71. Lin and the lakers will not cure Kobe. His stubbornness has been his strength and weakness. There only chance to win is to prevent Kobe from damaging their win. That means Lin needs to win the game in three quarters with a lead of 10+. Then pray and hold on that Kobe doesn’t feel the need to be a hero because who needs to be a hero with a 10 point lead.

    The chance of a 10 point lead to start the fourth is slim.

  72. Sorry Ed.. that contract of yours has to wait till you and Jeremy gets to play PnR again.

  73. I agree but don’t get the Jordan comparison. While he scored big during Linsanity it wasn’t the sustained dominance like someone like Jordan.

    He needs guys in motion, spacing and pace to play to his capabilities. Novak was a skilled shooter, Fields was athletic and in tune with Jeremy, Shumpert athletic with great D and not looking to shoot so much like Kobe is, and Chandler and Jeffries were great big men for Lin to work PnR and lob to. Davis and Lin had a connection but it is obvious that since they aren’t playing as much together that it isn’t as sharp as it was in the pre-season.

  74. Can’t separate Gollum from Smeagol.

  75. I think you underestimate the power of teamwork.

  76. The point I was trying to make is the better team work wins. Memphis has better teamwork then the Lakers. Therefore Memphis wins tonight.

  77. You have to destroy the ring..

  78. Me too. Highlights without a win do not seen exciting.

  79. Goran Dragic’s last 4 games:

    1. 6 points, 4 turnovers, 3/9 FG (33.3%)
    2. 11 points, 3 ast, 5/12 FG (41.7%)
    3. 10 points, 1 ast, 4/8 FG (44.4%)
    4. 12 points, 4 ast, 6/11 FG (54.4%)

  80. Let’s hope Kobe decides to be hero only in the past 4 min of Q4.

    That Kobe … sometimes he plays for the other team :]

  81. To destroy the ring, Gollum had to make the ultimate sacrifice. Are you trying to get me banned? 😉

  82. lol

  83. You started this, Frodo… lol

  84. I’m trying to say that Lin has many strengths and one of them is getting his team to utilize teamwork with maximum efficiency. “Lin is not a magical dominant player like Jordan.” But maybe he’s as good a floor general as Nash. Nash may have been a better shooter but Lin is better at driving to the basket. I think Lin just needs a supportive coach and teammates who want to play as a team.

  85. last meeting with the Grizzlies, Lin had some real bad calls by the refs.

  86. Yes I and will follow this quest till the end. Even if it means losing my ring finger.

  87. Byron Scott Wants Jeremy Lin To Play Combo Guard; Stats Expected To Spike Up With ‘New Role’ for Lakers


  88. Play combo guard means he has to back up Kobe….

  89. and as a ball-handling SG, Lin would need a 3P sharp-shooting PG like Toney Douglas.
    Price is not up to the job.

  90. That’s pretty much 80% of the games Jeremy plays in??

  91. Hope someone make a video of all the bad calls made on Lin, it could go viral

  92. I laughed at how the article says BS is really worried about Kobe’s minutes. I mean seriously…does Kobe just get up, call his backup back to the bench and go out there to play without BS knowing?

  93. I’m hoping that LIN will still finds some time to do his good work in Houston. It’s no fault of those people of Houston that a few haters chased LIN out of town. The people that needs his help are still there.

  94. Kobe reaching for Jordan’s record= “my precious”.

  95. he’s having the hardest time adjusting to the whole 3 solid PG rotation, I know the Suns signed his brother and all but I cant see him staying there next season.

  96. So far the few minutes I’ve seen him backing up Kobe (playing SG, Price playing PG) I haven’t seen him do much of anything. He’s not running the offense as Price as the ball and he isn’t shooting because Price doesn’t pass to him. That’s why his numbers without Kobe don’t look so good. It’s not that Kobe helps him, it’s because Price hurts him. I’d rather see Clarkson play PG and LIn SG, or Lin PG and Clarkson PG. Should work they’re both kind of combo guards.

  97. What’s wrong with Lin playing PG when Kobe’s out?! Let Clarkson play SG! Clarkson is more of a catch and shoot SG anyway! Scott is so clueless.

  98. if he does…that’s class and the houston community might left wondering why their roxieorigies players doesn’t do what lin does.. giving.

    Else if houston community still thinks they deserve that from lin because lin got that 25 million.. as it they think it’s their right.. than F them..and let’s see how many of your roxie players will do that type of giving.

  99. Sorry much for the much loved Dragic over Lin by Houston haters and his so called complain of not being Allstar last year! Those sure don’t look like AllStar numbers.

  100. For now Ellington is very good if not the team best 3p sharp shooter. BS needs to play him more with Lin on the floor.

  101. If Lin played 35 minutes he could easily average 20 points per game! Giving Price 21 minutes is ridiculous!!

  102. I like D Rose but no way would I want Lin going over there they will just hate on him and say D Rose’s better no thank you.

  103. @JoeTeam: so far, I have been to LAL-DEN game, riding subway to Korean towm for Tofu hot pot, Chinatown for Dim-sum, and Long Beach Aquarium.
    I hope, in tonight’s game, LAL can play teamball, also I will be veeeeeery happy if they can get a win.
    The next few day, thinking of going to Santa Monica (to see if I can bump into JLin ^_^), Hollywood, etc.
    What I wish most is to go to their training facility to watch them practice, I emailed them, unfortunately their PR said no, as expected.

  104. This is what we all would like to see tonight from JL

  105. woohoo, hope they’re telling him to shoot shoot shoot!

  106. Looks like a Triple Double to me.

  107. I wouldn’t mind if it is.

  108. huh??? getting ready to be eatting alive??

  109. Dragic’s stats for this year (so far) is around 14 points and 3.1 assists per 30 to 31 minutes per game. Also, averages this season around 12 FGAs per game. I have a feeling Lin will average similar or slightly better stats if he takes 12 shots per game like Dragic does. Last year, he had 35 PT per game, and he was the focus of their offense with Blesoe out. Not saying who’s better or worse. Just stats. http://espn.go.com/nba/player/stats/_/id/3423/goran-dragic

  110. “Scott’s latest ploy to empower Lin might work well for superstar Kobe Bryant as well. The Lakers superstar has been logging over 35 minutes per game since returning from two major surgeries – a stat that really worries the Lakers head coach and could force him to cut down Black Mamba’s playing time. With Bryant sitting on the bench, Lin could play either the point guard or off-guard position depending on what opposing defense presents to them.”

    Byron cut down Kobe’s minutes? I’ll believe it when I see it. Byron seems to have ZERO control over Kobe.

  111. Not sure how much I trust this report, as it was pretty much just a re-write based on Byron Scott’s interview, and from his interview, I don’t see anything related to combo guard or what so ever.

    However, I do like to see if there is any minute of Lin and Clarckson, somehow I feel those two would work way better than Lin and Price. Clarckson is longer and more willing to defense than Price. He also drives and has way better 3s than Price. He also is a willing passer to Lin than Price.

    I just don’t understand why people are still praising Price on his defense.

  112. I have no idea why people say Price’s defense is good. Everyone just blows by him.

  113. Darn it, you’re making me hungry 🙁

  114. one thing might be: Price is horrible in offense, yet the coach still likes him and play him a lot, so he must be good in defense.

  115. That burger needs one more patty.

  116. The tragic story of the hustink suckettes hero called dragic. .. hahaha

  117. I remember the last time Price brought up the ball 2 times but was ineffective then Lin had to play PG but Price can’t shoot the 3s so he’s pretty much useless out there. Clarkson would have been better since he can shoot 3s off Lin’s passes.

    It’s time to shelve Price and bring up Clarkson along.

  118. true, Ellington and maybe Clarkson can shoot the 3s when Lin finds them

  119. Kobe should realize it would be so much better to surpass Jordan while the Lakers are closer to 12-11 rather than 3-20.

  120. The expressions on their faces are all kind of…uh…really? OK, man…fine (sigh). Booz in the back not bothering with the Kool-Aid. Maybe its Scott off to the side joking with him while Coach Kobe lays it out.

  121. Clarkson also looks like he’s making eye contact with someone else, thinking “Oh man, are you hearing this? Get me out of there”

  122. Lakers are gonna wave Xavier Henry…….so sad..

  123. I thought there was something about cutting an injured player. When Ellington had a concussion they couldn’t cut him. Is this different?

  124. Different…and lal still has to pay Henry. Just clear some roaster spot

  125. that’s correct. here’s one tweet to confirm it.
    at least he still got paid full salary.
    I was hoping big things for Xavier Henry with Lin, more than Wes actually


  126. First of all, what’s Travelers Today? Are they the Houston Culturemap of LA? LOL

    I wonder if the writer just made his own extended inferences from the short quote that Scott gave to Serena Winters that was quoted in this article. In which case Scott didn’t actually say he wanted Lin to play like a combo guard.

    But let’s pretend Scott did say that. In my opinion, that would be awesome news. Lin is a natural combo guard. He’s not a pure PG. So given a role of combo guard, that would put Lin in the mindset to score first (if open) and pass second, which fits his natural skill set the best.

  127. No, combo guard can play PG, like Lillard and Dragic.

  128. Anybody is better than Price when he is on the floor they don’t guard him and double team Kobe or Lin

  129. Price’s offense is so poor that his defense looks amazing in comparison. LOL

  130. yeah, that was my exact reaction too. The writer took a short quote from Byron and created his own interpretation. But that would be great if that’s what Scott meant.

  131. I think they just want Lin to score. Seems like ppl are more into Lin’s scoring ability then to his playmaking ability…

  132. Why even bother, Lakers are giving every indication that they are tanking this season.

    I’m just holding out for Lin playing well and maintaining a starting PG role next season where he gets full command of a team. Hopefully, a fast young team without any resident ball hogs.

  133. That’s really a pity. Lin is a great playmaker and if you let him do his thing, the team will get way more wins.

  134. i believe their roster is full and need to drop players so new ones can come in.

    They not waiving Randall. I’m guessing they hoping Nash still has value either for mentoring or trade value for some team.

  135. Try to be optimistic with the losses. Hope that Jeremy will finally bring the 4th win with predicted stats of 16/6. Also like to wish all the folks here, a Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  136. Mark Medina notes that Mitch Kupchak was also seen talking with Kobe Bryant at the end of the Lakers’ morning shootaround on Wednesday.



  137. Mitch: “How’s the tanking going?”

    Byron: “Pretty good, I got Price playing quite a few minutes. He’s shooting 37% this season and I just say he’s a good defender, but he really isn’t.

    Mitch: “How about Kobe?”

    Byron: “He’s doing his alpha dog thing and shooting terribly, I just give him lost of minutes and the team just has to defer to him every time. At this rate, he’s likely to get re-injured but he’s just stubborn so I”ll let him be.”

    Mitch: “So we’re set for a top 5 pick next year then.”

    Byron: “Seems that way.”

  138. Who will save the Lakers from Kobe?
    “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”


  139. LOL!

  140. So the coach meeting GM roughly 4-5 times for the whole season, once a month? Wow.

    I think the FO just sort of give BS some time to sort things out, but if he is like this always appears like don’t really know what he is saying or what he is doing, I’d anticipate a more frequent meeting though.

    However, on the other hand, not sure how useful the meeting is, as the met 4 times before BS hiring, but does not looks like that is going anywhere.

  141. yeah, I’m shocked by how infrequent that is. I would’ve assumed weekly meetings between GM and coach.

  142. Sad for Xavier, he was rumored to be cut, and he end up still being cut, and yet got this injury which could affect his whole career, and next summer, he will just come back from his injury and that would be really hard for him to get a new contract.

  143. same joke gets boring

  144. Good idea … now I know why I don’t play Lotto. I’m aiming low …

  145. That sounds like a great LA trip. Hmmm, anywhere here know of any JLin public events like his LAL turkey thing? Hy C, I guess you are in LA for Thanksgiving – hope you find a great place to eat 🙂 We can be your Turkey fest family here. Have you been able to get to Monterrey Park or the latest mod place for good Asian food? KTown is good. JTown in LA is way better than SF. Talk to you later …

  146. Did you hear the roar in the OT when he did his midJ? And the “Uh…” when he missed his FTs? For a tanking team, if they let Lin explode a bit to say 20 pts, more Marketing Ad Revs. Wonder if TV ratings now matter given 2016 negotiations coming up. Wonder if LAL care that much about tanking relative to entire business let’s ask Mitch.

  147. Jeremy Lin — I Sooth The Pain Of Losing … With a McFlurry http://t.co/n8ctNZ4OPa— TMZ (@TMZ) November 26, 2014

  148. Oh, No Jeremy, that’s so bad for the kids …

    (seriously, watch some mass food fast food documentaries … unfortunately, it’s getting to a point where our mechanized mass manufactured foods are the lowest $/calorie, and it’s getting harder and harder to get healthy foods given the food industry is now set up for mass output).

  149. Dragic doesn’t play with as much hesitation as Lin does.

  150. Jeremy will have a very game tonight. 18pt, 7asts.

    Not very optimistic about Lakers winning this game though hopeful.

  151. can you edit your post to be just the raw twitter URL (below)? the embed codes don’t work with Disqus because Disqus creates its own embed code.


  152. Frodo literally gave Gollum the finger.

  153. oh no, TMZ is following Lin around now?

  154. Hopefully he won’t have to make a trip to McDonald’s after tonight’s game.

  155. I firmly believe tonight he will give us Double Double…maybe Triple Double!!! ^.^

  156. embed codes always work for me..might need to refresh..

  157. I refreshed, still has extra junk. See the extra code at the bottom?

  158. Let’s just hope for a Lin great game, that’s in his control. Looks like winning is in Kobe’s control lol he made his self-image a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  159. I really think Jeremy will have a great time.
    Can’t watch the game later but will try and catch the second half during lunch break with my 3M privacy filter on.. ;P
    Gtg, catch you later.

  160. Kobe: “Jeremy’s next McFlurry is on me.”

  161. Me too… I thought they should discuss how to improve after each game since their record it’s not good now.

  162. Good. See you halftime. You will be right!

  163. Yes, he automatically takes shots when he’s open.

  164. You forget who is the real coach…

  165. Price and Ellington got 0 vote?! It’s amazing they don’t even get a single vote out of 10 million. So I Just gave 1 vote to Ellington.

  166. Jonathan FeigenVerified account
    McHale indicates he doesn’t expect Howard or Beverley back Friday either. Will likely want a practice before either returns.

  167. ok. I edited the post. How’s that now..

  168. It’s perfect now!

  169. lol. The Chinese line is so rhymed!

  170. Way I do it is to click on “details” of a tweet so it comes up in its own page. Then just copy the URL of that page and paste it in Discus. Sometimes if there is text in the tweet I’l copy and past that and who tweeted it too. That way if the tweet later gets deleted we still preserve the text of the tweet.

  171. why is this here

  172. Good news for the lakers. Cause they will play them later?

  173. Interested in odds of Rockets losing.

  174. i to be honest don’t care . they won’t win a chip and they paid a lot for those so called superstars so who cares

  175. I used to that but using embed codes is more convenient. You can see the pics or video right away and reply or retweet within Discus..just need to watch out for extra text or script..

  176. MEM Game Thread is now open.

    Let’s go, JLin!

  177. Looks great! So did you end up using the direct twitter url or the embed code minus the “script” tag?

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