G15 MEM @ LAL PreGame Thread

Memphis Grizzlies is currently #1 team in the West Conference with 12-2 record. Marc Gasol has scored 22 pts, 32 pts, 30 pts in the past 3 games (@TOR, BOS, LAC)

But the Lakers managed to play them competitively in the last game so there’s hope for the Lakers to win IF all Lakers play well as a team in 4 quarters, something that Kobe hasn’t been willing to do in the 4th quarter. Kobe was shooting efficiently for 3 quarters 6-11 in the last game before relapsing into inefficient hero-ball with shooting 3-11 in the 4th.

Will this be the game that Kobe learn to share the ball in the 4th? I wouldn’t bet on it but anything can happen. Let’s hope JLin will continue to be aggressive and attack as the 2nd best scorer and the best passer in the Lakers!

Link:  ESPN MEM vs LAL Preview 

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