G15 MEM @ LAL PostGame Thread

26 Nov 2014 – Jeremy Lin G15 MEM @ LAL PostGame Thread

Jeremy Lin finished with 14pts/5asts/4rebs/2asts/1blk/3TO/4PFs in only 30 min.

Lakers lost 93-99 to Memphis who’s the #1 seed in the West but Lakers had a chance but could not sustain the effort and effective plays in the Q4 while not stopping Memphis from getting open shots.

Lin had a hot start in the 1st quarter with 2 quick 3pointers, 1ย midrange shot for 8pts plus 3 assists. But Byron Scott sticked with the rotation of resting Lin at 3:39 and brought Lin back in Q2 with 6:39 left instead of taking advantage of a hot-shooting Lin by bringing him back early. Byron might want to ride Lin’sย hot hands rather than sticking with rigid rotation. Lin was also inserted late in Q4 with 6:13 min left because Ronnie Price had a good game.

When will Lakers stop being so predictable by going to Kobe in the 4th quarter stretch? Kobe was 1-6 in the last 4 min in Q4. Whether he was tired, MEM knew Lakers will rely on Kobe late in game and is prepared to guard him.

Next is the Timberwolves game that should be winnable compared to the tough Memphis team but with the Lakers, we never know if they will go back to predictableย offense and lax defense quickly


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  8. as you can see, assertiveness is rewarded :]

  9. BTW…..if a team is tanking. Players like Lin won’t know/sense it? I think he knows.

  10. Not fair @psalm234 as I’m still mad on the other thread and you start on a new one:-)

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  18. So I thought Jeremy got an extra assist and it apparently Blaiyan caught it too. This is a first… usually he gets robbed. I guess the Lakers stats guy likes Jeremy ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. you know, you can edit it later w/o fear of losing 1st place. haha..

  20. I think so too.
    He’d have a tough time with it but he’ll probably just soldier on and might try to bring out Linsanity in Q4 when he gets tired of losing :]

  21. It’s going to get taken away :/

  22. Should we start the caption contest?

  23. loved that bit. Lots of Kobe lin workin’ it out stuff tonight.

  24. Lin was like “Okayyy…whatever you say..”

  25. This was a really good sequence because it was after Lin’s first hot streak with Kobe holding back. I loved it because they were talking about how to win this game, together. Announcers were giving props and then they showed this.

  26. Kobe: “I can see the writing on my fingers .. T-A-N-K -O-B-E. What could it possibly mean?”
    JLin: “???”

  27. Kobe: Lets stare at this imaginary orb in my hand.

  28. Lin: just shoot me in the head…I have had enough
    Kobe: okayy..if that is what you want.

  29. Well… it is fair…

  30. How about that 2 block Davis sequence announcers pouring water on it aside … very pumped first half.

  31. he should start

  32. Jeremy: I had it up to here.
    Kobe: *Awkward silence*

  33. @psalm234:disqus you have the Mavs image for the Timberwolves game schedule; on the countdown.

  34. I really think Kobe likes Lin even w that trash yell sometimes but I don’t think that means in bad way… really.

  35. Kobe’s body language is v respectful.

  36. we have to win that game. hope davis start

  37. I went to the game today expecting a loss but not it being as close as it was. Most of you saw the game so I will try to comment on the things going on between time outs and the bench. Lin and Kobe were talking a lot throughout the game, and on the bench. Sitting next to each other or near each other end of Q1 and Q3, at least, from what I recall. Lin and Price would talk as they switched, coming in and out of the game. I saw Lin’s mom, and she was taller than what I thought. In Q4, Lin talked to Kobe and Young quite a bit during time-outs. Seems it was always to get a way to get the ball to Kobe.

    My comments on the game: Resting Kobe in Q1 for the first time and at other times, if I recall correctly, seems to have at least helped his FTs. Lin seemed to be hesitating more in Q3-Q4 and sat for too long in Q4. Freakin BS, pun intended. NRP… Conley had a couple easy lay-ups. Conley has great teammates, especially in Gasol. . . makes his life easier at least. Gasol had some EASY buckets in Q3 or Q4, I can’t recall. Same play. Lin played good defense on Conley I thought.

    After three games, Price finally showed up. All in all, another disappointing game because it was winnable. Also disappointing when Lin attempts an alley-oop but the personnel simply isn’t there. They were up the first half when Kobe took little to no shots and Lin orchestrated the offense and played free and created looks for his teammates. Then, Grizz came back after the half with more defensive intensity and we reverted back to feeding Kobe. Kobe bringing the ball up, pass to Lin, back to Kobe, or some iteration of that.

  38. We will…i’m confident!

  39. ah, yes.. let me check. thanks

  40. AS I posted earlier in the other blog that LA wants to keep lin. They have already asked the question to kobe, is Lin the one to bring back showtime lakers and Kobe has responded with yes. Kobe knows that lin is an avid pupil to learn and it is not about him getting a big contract. Lin wants to be a champion and he is willing to listen to whatever Kobe has to say, no matter if kobe lashes out. I personally think that Scott is a nonfactor at this point and Mitch has given him the next 15-20 games to evaluate him, just long enough for Kobe to surpass MJ, and I think Scott will be out just like Mike Brown, because Scott has lost the players respect and the Locker room

  41. They picked him again? Really? Wow!

  42. Good to see that…Kobe may be old and doing what he is preaching, but Lin could pick those things up from Kobe

  43. When Scott came…it was kind of high profile…..I wonder how will him be “let go”.

  44. Thats what i’m been saying…its fine when some dont agree to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I recall this towards the end of Q1 when Kobe came out to rest. As Kobe was coming out, he high-fived Lin who was sitting closer to the coaches and Kobe also gave Lin a firm pat on the back. Kobe high-fived others and went back to sit next to Lin, whether intentional or because it was open, not sure.

  46. Really? When did Kobe say this? They have already asked the question to kobe, is Lin the one to bring back showtime lakers and Kobe has responded with yes.

  47. The only reason they can hang with MEM….I think.

  48. ok, fixed :]

  49. Yeah…going Harden again with bogus points

  50. I think the thing that Kobe respects about lin is that lin is not afraid to speak up and call Kobe on his BS, because lin is allabout the win,just like Kobe. I think Kobe respects the fact that lin challenges him.

  51. Yeah it happens to all the games and not to Lin alone

  52. Wow! Glad to know that even they lose the game. But I believe Lakers will find a way to win the game soon.

  53. The Sultan of Swat! Yeah, Babe Ruth is long gone, let’s use it or lose it.

  54. LOL .. LakersNation is on a mission to send a subliminal message to BScott that he didn’t utilize the POG properly in every game with only 30 min :]

  55. I’d say so if he can get more rebs.

  56. Pee on….oh well..I agree.

  57. I’ll take the passive aggression!

  58. Yeah, everyone was so high on Price tonight with TWC giving him the Subway POG but we know who is really the difference maker.

  59. lol hope so

  60. I was surprised that when MEM was making their run in the 3Q, from being down 5 to catching up, that BS did not call a timeout right away. It wasn’t until after MEM took the lead and more, that BS finally called a timeout. Coach Pop of the Spurs is known to call a timeout after 2-3 consecutive buckets by the opponent, to stop the momentum and regroup.

  61. Bad joke…by TWC.

  62. Kobe needs a Tan? lol

  63. Winnings are coming, in the next 5 games, we should be able to win 3 of them. ELse we better stop wasting our time

  64. To be fair, using POP to compare is kind of harsh for any HC in NBA…LOL

  65. Gasol was heating up. He need to get bigs back in with clear instructions.

  66. If that’s the case, maybe the Lakers want to “limit” Lin’s production this year. Otherwise, Lin will get larger offers from other teams and it will cost the Lakers more to keep him.

  67. more then boozer the fouls are the issue

  68. Not even in the same level/league…

  69. How does LakersNation pick the POTG? Public vote? editorial committee?

  70. So…even Harsh-er

  71. Really? More eastern conf. teams?

  72. By checking with JLinPortal.

  73. I think they will give him the choice to step down or be fired. much like they did with dantoni. Look Scott ha not meat the promises he made to the F/O when they hired hi,. What GM in the league reevaluates the team status in 15-20 games. They are evaluating Scott. I personally think kobe just does what he wants without consulting scott. The fact the Kobe is coaching lin so much on the side lines and he was willing for the offense to go through lin speaks volumes for Kobe.

  74. How smart of them lol

  75. Kobe: Did someone say “shoot”? I got this. =p

  76. Yeah, those was huge

  77. Yep. 1 tonight. O-reb 2. Monster on offense.

  78. That’s so BS style.. not surprised at all. As usual bad again. smh!

  79. perhaps they felt bad for Price who got 0pts game multiple times and knew he might get cut soon.
    Price played well but he’s supposed to contribute like this as a backup PG from Game 1-3, not just in Game 15.

  80. Undefeated vs East Conf teams, baby! 2-0, yeah!

  81. So…if Lakers are indeed tanking. It is safe to say Scott will stay.

  82. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for this forum and all the posters that make it what it is!

  83. did you see how intense BSc was during first quarter? I was thinking … “Relax and smile, dude, the plan is working. Oh, I guess you need the win, I see.”

  84. Mitch: Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing, Scott! *wink*

  85. dang, you did it 21 mins too early on the west coast. We should make it a rule – Lin time zone time!

  86. My prediction is win against, Wolves, Pistons and Celtics

  87. When do we play the Sixers? lol

  88. …and then you release the orb, and if it’s yours, it will come back to you. This is how you get your looks, see?

  89. I was high in Pricesanity to be honest.

  90. Everyone comment I read will be voted up for Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ˜‰

  91. We expected a dunk from jeremy, but price delivered

  92. yes he did. what was that bit about left handed form the right side. Is Price L handed, or is that a showboat way to do it?

  93. Hmm Kobe is coaching Lin and schooling Scott

  94. The funny thing is they also tweeted this during the game lol

  95. Jeremy: “It’s a good thing it’s not spelled .. T-A-N-K -I-N-I. That would freak me out” :]

  96. I don’t think they are tanking deliberately. I think that SCott would at least get them to a respectable play off run. Lakers know that the fans re not going to put up with too many more losses, because Lakers will loose season ticket holders.

  97. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!

  98. It’s her assumption and wishful thinking. But I think it’s FO, Mitch, and Kobe’s decision.

  99. If I’m not mistaken he is left handed. For his height, he is really known for his dunks. Check youtube

  100. Jeremy: uhhhh… what?

  101. you to happy thanks giving

  102. like never!…lol, i think its on march

  103. I agree.

  104. Thanks.

  105. Thanks for the update, @cali7:disqus
    Men, everytime you went to watch, Jeremy got a great game :]

    How was Jeremy in Q4? Did you see him communicate a lot with Kobe and other teammates?
    I wonder if the direction is to give Kobe the ball every single-time. He seemed out of rhythm but tried to create something.

  106. Everything was going well until BS started his dumb rotations and giving 2nd unit too many minutes. I think any Lin fan here can come up with better minute management and starting lineup than BS.

  107. he is so slow to adjust like really davis should start. its obvious

  108. should i wish Price dunk it next game ?

  109. I don’t this is a tank job because Lkers dynasty have too much pride.I think Scott is a very clueless coach and unfortunately for kobe/FO are finding this out.

  110. Lakernation is the fansite for the LA Lakers. They are doing this deliberately. The Lakers are trying to push the lin/kobe one two puch

  111. Same like how Clarkson should play as backup over Price. =/

  112. Happy Thanksgiving people! Stay grateful today and beyond!

  113. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL

  114. who is the two?

  115. We don’t have one here. 1 occasion I miss the most from US is Thanksgiving. Time to sit down and count the blessings.

  116. lol to auto correct

  117. Yeah, BScott need to put Clarkson into the rotation as well.

  118. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a nice ham today, not turkey for me.
    Happy Thanksgiving too.

    It’s always good to count our blessings. Lin might not get Linsane stats today but today he showed he could take over in Q1 when trusted with the ball. And he’s healthy ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll get better days soon!

  119. Try, we shall!

  120. Gobble gobble ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. I know…i hate that as well

  122. Yeah. Also miss the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Like turkey very much. Don’t get it here:-(

  123. Jeremy did seem to try to get into a rhythm in Q4. I don’t know what happened to his Q4 cold-blooded FTs but I heard people me acknowledge that it was Lin’s first shot or that he hardly shot since Q1.

    In Q4, Lin communicated a lot with Kobe and Young during the time-outs. It did seem like the goal was to give Kobe the ball.

  124. and i never notice it till i post it. its not like it ask you hey may i change that. lol rude

  125. Enjoy!

  126. i wonder what the lakers think their rookie isn’t being developed

  127. I know, great games but if only they won! Jeremy’s shot in Q1 was money.

  128. can you even imagine the Houston fans…. So can’t imagine it that I can’t even finish the sentence.

  129. They also had a tweet agreeing with some other tweet saying that Price should have closed the game or some such. SMH. Whether that meant, take Lin out for Price, I can only assume. Nevertheless, he’s player of the game!

  130. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    It’s a great time to count our blessings with family and friends. There’s always something to be thankful to bring hope and joy.
    I’m also thankful for the great friends here who I’ve never met in real life but I’m sure I’ll have good time to watch Lin games together with some pizza and drinks :] Cheers! Drinks (and Bananas) all around on Brent.

  131. People complain about Jeremy’s inconsistency but what about Price? He has one good game and they talk about starting him over Jeremy. He is not getting double/triple teamed… he’s playing against the opponent’s bench. smh.

  132. Hear, hear! :>
    We got some great people here indeed!

  133. Thank you psalm for creating this site. Your hard work is much appreciated!
    God bless everyone!

  134. They were great to see. No hesitation and with forward kicks :>

  135. Precisely. Scrutiny and criticism is so much more on Lin, it’s ridiculous.

  136. Great place to hang out for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Very true

  138. Either Lin or Kobe should be on the floor at all times. Ridiculous.

  139. thanks. That’s going to be LAL demise. When opponents knew Kobe will take shots, not good chances he’ll score efficiently.

    I saw the last Kobe drive in TO, Lin was wide open in 3pt lane but he didn’t expect to get it back. Neither did Memphis who triple-teamed Kobe :>

  140. I dunno, Joyce. Am I becoming too suspicious-minded? Seems like almost anything could be the case. We’re back to madly trying to read the tea-leaves. Is Scott just too old school to change it up against better coaches? Or is he just actually not a very smart guy. Or…would tanking financial loss be so much that it wouldn’t be worth it for longer-term hope of gain? Was Scott helping the Cavs tank? and now he’s facilitating for the Lakers?

  141. I am thankful for all the mods here who tirelessly regulate this site!

  142. Thank you for never letting this site be so “blue” in mood, @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus :>

  143. Thank you for monitoring trolls and keeping them in their place ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. Yes, KUDOS to all the hard-working Mods who prevent people from fighting over BANANAAAAS ๐Ÿ˜€
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  145. i want to thank you on this wonderful site. you allow discussion while not allowing insult. its been a great experience so far.

  146. Are we your minions? Psalm = Gru? lol

  147. You’re welcome. You can tell we grow our organic good trolls to counter bad trolls.
    Proactive Counter-trolling :]

    Thank you for all posters to support the rules to make this site have positive ‘tude’

  148. hahaha had one of those moments today. it happens.

  149. Hahaha

  150. Kissing mods’ butts is in violation of the rules. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  151. you’re welcome. Let’s keep it Lin-sult Free Zone :]
    Even when we get overheated, let’s forgive and move on to keep on Linning!

  152. I only kiss psalm’s. LOL

  153. I have an urgent need to go find sanitizer in the bathroom :] LOL

  154. real-dsb is jealous now

  155. muahahaha… No Gru, I still got a full head of hair. Let’s keep it that way ๐Ÿ˜€

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  157. which part? Left or right cheek? ๐Ÿ˜€

  158. Yes, Psalm234 spends the most the time, energy, effort, money, etc into this site. Very thankful to you!

  159. in the middle. HAHA. ok I’m done. lol

  160. NO HO|/|O!!

  161. Psalm Awesome…..nah… he is the Craziest Troll here for starting this Crazy Website with Crazy fans couple with Craziest Mods!

  162. Thank you blubell for your fast twitter feeds

  163. Listerine!!!

  164. Welcome to the Linsane Asylum ๐Ÿ˜‰

  165. pause

  166. Unrelated bb news. Just want to share this sad news. Watched breaking news when it happened and now to see this news.

  167. Cheeky aren’t ya lol

  168. Wow…sorry for him…my Condolences ..I dont know cricket much

  169. Ba ba ba ba na na na…. po tay toe ooooo ๐Ÿ˜€
    Couldn’t resist. hehe.

  170. wow .. so sad :[
    he’s still very young too

  171. Great read!

  172. Organic good trolls = no pesticides allowed? ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. they certainly know Lin’s value to bring real wins to LA.
    I bet they want to see Lin-Kobe as 1-2 punch in Q4

  174. Great one!

  175. v big thanks to all here and for you, Psalm.

  176. Lin is not the one that will go for the money, so even if other teams will offer him more than the lakers he will still choose to stay with the lakers; of course, unless the Lakers are treating him like Huston did. If lakers are going to deliberately limit his production, it will back-fire and could force Lin to choose other team. I could see Lin wanting to stay with the Lakers for many years if he gets fair treatment.

  177. To become a champion it takes heart not just skill. Howard seems to me is lacking a championship heart and toughness.

  178. raptors coach Dwayne Casey rode Lew Williams’s hot hand to beat the Cavs. He scored 25 points in the first half off bench on route to a career high 36. It’s unfortunatel that Scott can’t feel the flow of the game and “play” the game instead of executing a plan.

    Execution of a set play or game plan is too dependant on your own skills to out perform others. In games, you need to “play” because play is about messing around and being creative. It also means to accept the variables of the flow of the game. When the flow is with you, you have to ride it hard and not change its course. When it goes against you, you must do everything possible to stop it or at least alter its flow slightly. In game situations, it’s not always about how well you can execute, it’s always about doing just enough to be slightly better than the other team. Winning therefore isn’t a formula, it’s fluid like water running down a hill. When you are on a run, let it run until it is altered by your opponents challenge.

    A coach should be like a symphony conductor. The sheet music is in front of every musician who has all practiced their piece to perfection. The task of the conductor isn’t to to stand there and wave a baton and execute the music perfectly, any fool can do that. His talent is to draw out the emotions of the players to PLAY and not to execute. The conductor has to feel the audience and the mood of the musicians to elicit the best emotions of that environment to create something magical.

    It’s like D’antoni said during Linsanity, “sometimes you just have to sit back and let it happen”. When an athlete enters the zone “you ride it like friggen Secretariate”.

  179. Thats crazy and sad…. RIP.

  180. He did well? Awesome!

  181. I’m not into any sport except rooting for JLin. This is indeed a sad news. All news channels here broadcast the annoucement and continues to show the respect and support of this young man. Watched when and how it happened and now this news. What an afternoon!

  182. This game could have had a different outcome… hay….

  183. Top Performers

    Mem: M. Gasol 19 Pts, 11 Reb, 4 Ast, 2 Stl, 3 Blk

    LAL: J. Lin 14 Pts, 4 Reb, 5 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk

    via ESPN

  184. Thanks for this encouraging tweet. Wow is all I can say. There isreal hope for Lin here in LA after all.

    It’s no wonder they interviewed Scott so much. Is there buyers remorse I wonder?

  185. Yum, now I have a craving for a McFlurry:


  186. I noticed that too.

  187. its fixed now

  188. They played the best defense and game in 1st half but due to poor minutes management and leaving the 2nd unit in too long they lost. Scott is really poor with game adjustments, should’ve exploited the double tea on Lin more in 2nd half to get Kobe and other teammates going.

  189. I would certainly agree with poor minutes and rotation choices

  190. I hope they reevaluate what happened and how to prevent such tragedy from happening again.

  191. Yeah, we could have beaten them today…but loosing to a 13-2 record, with 6 pts, is pretty good by itself

    More McFlurry for Jeremy…it seems LOL

  192. Certainly if not Mitch wouldn’t have called a meeting one-two days ago. That’s assuming that Lakers really aren’t tanking. Scott’s days with Lakers are certainly numbered. I can’t see him returning next season if his only purpose is tanking.

  193. Believe they will. He wore the helmet…. Somehow it still happened. It was freaking accident. Shocked everyone who was in the game. The player who threw the ball was with him and the fam. Believe he and everyone in the cricket teams are traumatized by this death. Cricket is one of major sports in Australia. I don’t watch it at all but this news still hit hard because in one of my rare watching news in TV, it showed how it happened and ……

  194. Lakers FO, Mitch, and Kobe, has treated Lin well, I can see him signing a big contract with them if Scott is goner next season. I don’t think Kobe himself is buying into Scott’s coaching right now.

  195. I am sure they are just talking about basketball…

  196. There are so many people I would like to thank for making this site such a great place to be….( that I am not going to mention any names, but you know who you are ). Happy thanks giving to you all.

  197. Terrible..hahahaha.

  198. minions must eat…turkey.

  199. There’s just one thing that Lin has not done in a game yet that I would be eternally thankful for: on the receiving end of an alley oop dunk!

  200. lol! you nasty boy!

  201. You are dreaming:-) Seriously, did he ever had one in his whole bb career?

  202. Mean of you:-) I’m so hungry! I need the real one:-)

  203. Big thanks to you Psalm and to all the mods. This is a great little community.

  204. come over…or i could feed over sleep….wifey just made it….should have taken a snap

  205. I will if I can just snap my fingers and blink my eyes:-)

  206. He should try again even if that FAILED ALLEY-OOP WITH HARDEN happened.

    I blame Harden. He’s a bad passer. Period. End of story.

  207. Remember Jeremy. Top FIVE PICK! Count my fingers…1….2……3…….4………..5.

  208. LA Channel 18 26 Nov 2014 Evening news on JLin and Thanksgiving.

  209. Thanks! At least there was one failed attempt from R. No wonder I haven’t seen one yet:-)

  210. What was up with Lin’s performance in the 4th quarter. He started off the game great then started deferring. That’s fine when it works but when teammates aren’t making shots you have to take a few more yourself if you’re the best shooter on the floor.

    I mean it was like he was deferring to Kobe and looking to pass to him all the time. Seriously, it’s not like Kobe would shout at him for not passing to him in the 4th? That’s totally uncharacteristic of Kobe.

  211. I think it’s by design. Lin is never shy away from shooting. His limited FGA is clearly controlled by BS.

  212. I can’t wait for the Lakers to play the Sixers.

    The outcome will be a lot like this…..


  213. Ms. Shirley’s got a funky jacket.

  214. Now I want some Pistachio and Cashew ice cream!

  215. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it:) I think this year will be the most challenging year of Lin’s career. In Houston, he was completely ignored and left to his own devices. This year, he is being challenged by Kobe to become a better player.Lin is auditioning for the starting PG with the Lakers for years to come. This team is finally starting to gel. I like the fact that Kobe is spending a lot of time with Lin teaching/mentoring him. Kobe is also having a hard time of letting go, so we will see a lot of back and forth with him. Lin hates the losses, but his stats are good (now we know they could be better), but I think F/O, and Kobe knows if lin given free reigns he would outshine kobe. Kobe just wants to beat MJ points and also to get picked for his last All-Star game. I think after he gets his MJ points, kobe will loosen the reigns (next 15-20 games,mitch’s reevaluation of Scott’s performance). just some thoughts

  216. Lol…how do you dig up such things?! You’re a real lateral thinker!

  217. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I also think Lin will stay & he is trying everything he can to help Lakers win more games. I believe he & Kobe will figure it out soon. Lakers is really good Org. In fact, I like Kobe bc compare to Melo or Harden… he is more open mind to make change for the team.

  218. Happy Thanksgiving to fans here and mods who keep this place nice and clean! Got to help wife with Thanksgiving dinner. Invited dozen folks!

  219. The biggest problem i see with the Lakers is Byron Scott and the F/O knows that Scott is not holding up his end of the bargain. I think Mitch laid on the table for Scott that he was not pleased with his coaching. I think Kobe doesn’t even respect Scott anymore.

  220. Happy Thanksgiving to you too:)

  221. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it.

  222. I am sure Lakers’ FO is not happy w BS but w 17M & this is the first year only… BS probably still will stay around for a while.. MM said they will not fired him to Ido. I think way too much money.

  223. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Of course it doesn’t make sense for Byron to wait until 6 minutes left (or even 8 minutes for that matter) to put Jeremy back in for the 4th Qtr. This is what I’m thinking: When Jeremy comes back in after a rest, he consciously looks to get assists first because he doesn’t want to appear to be a “chucker” as soon as he is back on the court. Unfortunately, the guys he has to pass to are not deadly shooters, so those possessions are wasted. Then when Jeremy thinks it’s time for him to start being aggressive and shoot more, there are only 3-4 minutes left in the game – and we all know what time that is – iso Kobe. Jeremy should be playing the ENTIRE 4th Qtr before the game is out of hand. How many times do we need to see others teams build leads in the 4th Qtr only to watch Kobe try to save the day?

  224. I agree Lin should play the all 4Q but BS just so stubborn to let Lin played as usual schedule no matter he is hot or not..?! He also let Lin did like he said before the game… Lin score in 1st half then AS in 2nd half to these teammates couldn’t make the shots?!

  225. Did they feed Young as Scott said?

  226. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

  227. u too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  228. Wonder how Scott’s son (asst coach) feels. ~a great dad but AWFUL coach: Predictable and unable to make game time adjustments

  229. Scott thinks that all he has to do it to keep Kobe happy and he will keep his job. There is a reason why Steve Nash doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with Scott. I saw a tweet last week, that Nash had met with Mitch last week, probably him coming back to help run the offense, because Scott doesn’t have a clue. The offense is being run by Kobe and a little by lin. That is one of the reasons they are engaged in so much conversation during the games. Also I think Scott was told with his meeting with Mitch, that kobe/lin/young are the ones that he needs to prioritize and everybody else kind of falls in line. The thing with Scott is that he will keep trying to give Price minutes and not use Clarkson, they are going to pull the plug on Price and get a better/younger PG for the bench.

  230. I like the fact that Lin seems to be holding his own with Kobe. Kobe has yelled and screamed at him, but ln has not backed down. I think Mitch/FO, told Kobe to make it work with Lin, because after Kobe retires, they will loose their footing in China for being the #1 team. Lin is being very smart by making himself know to his Chinese market. Lin is the face of Adidas in China. I personally don’t think any other NBA player with lin’s talent and smarts could get along with kobe. just some thoughts

  231. Box score says lin and Gasol top stats for their team. Also looks like the Big 3 (kobe/lin/Young) got their points, but probably wanted to score more. Kobe/Hill played the most minute for the starters, then Lin.

  232. If Nash really coming in for O then MDA system maybe will be back?! That’s good for Lin, Young, even Clark… Kobe will get his points w his ISO.

  233. wow, I didn’t know he even had an attempt! He was pretty close, the Hawks player did a pretty good job of contesting it.

    I didn’t post the video link here because it’s from CF. But if you search for “jeremy lin alley oop attempt” you’ll find it for yourself.

  234. Ya! I think Young took the 2nd most shots in the team…It’s like even Kobe didn’t take that many shots but to Young the same result–brick.

  235. Yeah, I saw he took 14 shots.

  236. Hopefully, he will. I think one the Laker reporters reported that Nash might be joining the team soon.

  237. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! I am thankful especially to the MODs here for excluding the TROLLS!

  238. I really think the lose should not really blame Kobe only but also Young & Hill bc their shooting were not good either. Don’t know why Boozer didn’t play that much?! His O is important but maybe due to poor D so BS didn’t put him on for long min.

  239. But do you really think they will let Nash run O instead of BS?!

  240. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! I am thankful especially to the MODs here that keep out the TROLLs!

  241. What is the most frustrating thing about the season so far is that we all know JLin would be putting up monster numbers if Kobe wasn’t in the picture and the offense ran through Lin. He’d be scoring 17-20 ppg and dishing out 7-9 assists per game.

    Lin has always done extremely well when not playing next to a ball hogging ball hog (Melo, Harden, Kobe).

    AND – the Lakers would be playing better and winning more games.

    What if . . .

    it could still happen if/when Kobe goes out with an injury. Not wishing it would happen, but making an empirical prediction.

  242. Maybe a jazz band leader? I’ve heard small teams, jazz band. Maybe symphony for AM football, hard tackles and all?

  243. A sensible coach would simply sit Kobe on back-to-backs. Coming off achilles surgery and knee fracture and 18 years of wear and tear.

  244. From Lakers Nation

  245. What do you mean by defer? I saw Lin coming down and trying to get in to flow. The only choice I saw might have been pull-up 3 instead of giving it to kobe ahead of him in last or 2nd to last possession. It was still 2 possessions, and maybe that’s what he meant by it going by too fast and him needing to watch tape. Before that, giving it to SwagP on the fast break was the right play, just a bad shot.

  246. Happy family day!

  247. Happy family day to you too:)

  248. Rant Sports: Jeremy Lin Finally Showing Signs of Life For Los Angeles Lakers


    After a tentative start to the season, Jeremy Lin is starting to demonstrate more confidence in his game and as a result is playing better for the Los Angeles Lakers. Lin has looked lost at times playing alongside Kobe Bryant and would disappear for long stretches. He made some public comments a couple of weeks ago, clearly not happy with his role or the teamโ€™s production. However, the past three games he has shown positive signs, which bodes well for the Lakers.

    Lin has scored in double digits for three straight games and also has five assists in each of those contests. More importantly, he is getting the ball in his hands and making plays off of the dribble. Lin is at his best when he is attacking and aggressive โ€” not when he is just standing around off of the ball. Bryant was shown encouraging him last night as Lin seemed to be playing with more fire. He was high-fiving teammates, yelling at them to get a stop on defense and even trying to calm down Bryant after he received a technical.

    This is the Lin that the Lakers need if they want to get better this year. He has the ability to be a good starting point guard but needs to continually assert himself. Part of the problem is that they need to make sure they are running the right plays for him to be successful, which should improve as the team becomes more familiar with one another. If Lin is able to produce then it will help take some of the pressure off of Bryant and allow the Lakers to spread the ball around more on offense.

  249. the guy on the right knocks out with his arms up LOL

    can’t see him get hit though

  250. kobe did a great job setting screens and boxing out

  251. “you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian”

    so true

  252. Wow, Lakers have to at least look at their training staff to see if something wrong with their methods. Maybe they can borrow Phoenix’s training staff to come look things over to see if they are doing something unusual that might be outlying from the league.

    Dr. Robert KlapperVerified accountโ€@DrRobertKlapper

    LAKERS. Ryan Kelly’s Hamstring tear is a NEW one. When Scar occurs to heal the scar it is not as flexible as normal muscle. AT LEAST January


  253. hopefully better than the mustard ketchup shoes adidas came up with on their own

  254. Thanksgiving Day Practice:

    Los Angeles LakersVerified accountโ€@Lakers

    Getting going on Thanksgiving day.


  255. Serena Winters
    Happy Thanksgiving!! Check out this feel-good video of @eddavis32 & @JLin7 handing out turkeys to 300 families: http://youtu.be/BR-IZWT0-1c

  256. What? I can’t believe this…? Well, really hope they can win tomorrow. I think they will bc no K Mart, Rubio.

  257. Of course, you wouldn’t think someone could die from playing a sport and worst you were the one who threw the ball ๐Ÿ™

  258. At this rate Ryan Kelly should just sit out longer or for the entire season to fully heal before rushing back. These hamstring injuries are crazy.

  259. CBSSports: The Lakers’ painfully simple plan at the end of games with Kobe Bryant


    By Matt Moore | NBA writer

    ESPN broke down Kobe Bryant’s struggle in late-game situations and the results are not pretty.

    The NBA defines “crunch time” as the last five minutes of a game if the score is within five points. In those situations, Bryant has owned over 52 percent of all the possessions,which is more than anyone else, and a huge amount historically. True Shooting Percentage factors in free throws and three-pointers to give a more accurate assessment of shooting. Typically, this number should be well above 50 percent. Bryant has a 45.2 percent TrueShooting percentage in clutch situations this year.

    After the Lakers’ loss Sunday night, Nick Young suggested that more players, especially himself naturally, neded to be involved in the late-game scoring.

    In Wednesday night’s loss to the Grizzlies, Bryant had a 44.8 percent usage percentage, which is less than his season mark but still a whole lot. He went 0-of-2 from the field, did not get to the free throw line, and turned the ball over once. The Lakers lost 99-93.

    What was really interesting from the Lakers piece was Byron Scott’s explanation of their late-game strategy, in particular against the Nuggets on the last play of regulation from the Lakers’ loss Sunday at home.

    “Get (Kobe) the ball on that weakside on the wing and spread the floor and see if [he] can get a shot off,” Scott explained. “If they came to double, we had great spacing.”

    The spacing was great: Young was open, and Lin too was in position on the right wing. But as everyone in Staples Center knew — and as everyone in the league has known for years — Kobe Bryant was without question going to take the final shot.

    “We’ll take that shot all day,” Scott said. “He’s made that shot so many times in his career.”

    Young was asked if the Lakers’ offense is too predictable late in games.

    “At times, we fall into relying on 24 a lot,” Young said, referring to Bryant. “I know I believe in everybody on this team.”

    via NBA: Who will save Los Angeles Lakers from Kobe Bryant? – ESPN.

    The Lakers are undermanned, undersized down low, and if they’re going to be successful, they need contributions from at least seven players consistently. Bryant is 36. He’s proven that he’s still a great NBA player with his scoring nights, and has made a mockery of projections he was the 40th best NBA player or worse. But he’s 36. He’s not the player he once was, and more than anything watching those games I’ve noticed Bryant will be red hot going into late-game situations and then simply run out of steam. The leg strength on his jumper dips, and his focused slides a touch.

    There has to be a better plan, right?

    Why not get Bryant rolling to the elbow off a curl? If both players jump to guard him, the screener will have an open path to the baske. Why not have Bryant drive towards the baseline, draw the corner defender, and kick to the corner shooter? Shooters are about the only thing this team has. Why not make them think about it, just a little? Why give them the most basic elements and pretend this is 2009 Kobe on the 2009 Lakers?

    Byron Scott’s stubbornness may be the most frustrating thing about a Lakers team that is woeful, and yet somehow performing below expectations.

  260. No break even on Turkey day?! This tweet seems so sad.

  261. Line the Lakers up with… a turkey. Hmmmmmm…..

  262. LakersTV
    Byron Scott speaks with the media this morning before practice.

    VIDEO: http://on.nba.com/1FxlrKH

  263. What is he saying? I can’t stomach to listen to anything that comes out of his mouth.

  264. OK, I listened and it wasn’t that bad. He just talked about the he was glad the team competed. Reporter asked about lin in 2nd half and he said that Grizz played better defense and Conley had screens. Not that bad…I guess. He said that practice would be short and sweet today.

  265. Punishment for the winnable losses?

  266. Thanks for the detail… I don’t like to watch him either… LOL! Hope they can find something to help Lin in double team or let him takes more shots in 2nd half.

  267. The thing about lin is that he has a mathematical mindset. He looks at things as an equation and thinks that there is a formula to always to get the expected results. Once he figures it out, there will be no stopping him.

  268. What position does the Turkey play?

  269. not surprised anymore

  270. What does the Chinese character on his shirt say?

  271. I wander will McDonald use lin in an add about the McFlurry. That would be so boss…LOL

  272. LOL

  273. ่‡ช็ง

  274. Selfishness

  275. Ya! Saw Lin & Kobe were talking on the bench… Kobe do listen to Lin last night. That’s really good bc if both can really figure it out how to play well next to each other then Lakers will be much better.

  276. It looks like dragon?!

  277. Then it should be Scott alone in video room

  278. LOL

  279. If you notice they clean up well after every game they have played in the last 5 games.They are not making the same stupid mistakes.

  280. This is funny describes the situation of the Lakers perfectly.

  281. That’s nice. Probably many of the players aren’t from LA or don’t have family in LA so the Lakers have a short practice and then Thanksgiving meal together. Can’t fly home anyway since had a game yesterday and again tomorrow. Then those with family locally will go home for the evening. We’ll probably see it on Backstage Lakers next week.

  282. Sad though, can’t even have a meal with family during Thanksgiving day =/

  283. I read the comments, looks like this photo of Kobe was last year’s.

  284. They will after practice. Most people in LA don’t do Thanksgiving meal until around 3:00 pm, because that is when the majority of the football games start.

  285. But still those who aren’t local will have dinner with teammates. Too bad Thanksgiving is always football and Christmas is always basketball.

  286. Lol. No. It says dragon. His zodiac sign.

  287. That is the USA…and nobody cares or minds…

  288. Except they need a better coach, BS just isn’t cutting it and I hope Kobe knows that. If Lakers aren’t tanking then BS is just horrible and they need to fire him ASAP, he on par with Mcfail as one of the dumbest coaches.

  289. Even more so if they can include McHale somehow…

  290. Oh I see. Guess that makes sense since last year they were on the road last year around Thanksgiving.

    Kobe Bryant Buys Thanksgiving Dinner for the Lakers


  291. dressed up as a turkey

  292. This is WRONG

  293. Did anybody see Kobe talking to Byron while he was on the bench?

  294. another $$ Lin-dorsement. MJ, LJ, and now JL

  295. Dragon

  296. hahaha

  297. New blog entry in Jeremy’s website. He seems to really like LA. I think he will want to stay there. http://www.jlin7.com/blogs/journal/16053064-thanksgiving

  298. What a great guy Ed Davis is! He comes across as really genuine and humble, no wonder he gets along so well with Jeremy. I hope he gets to start eventually, and gets a fat contract.

  299. HC. I thought that was obvious all along. ๐Ÿ™‚

  300. Haha…that was spot on. Happy Thanksgiving to all the US based Lin fans!

  301. Seriously. This is a guy who get Lin. They have great chemistry together(dem ‘oops) but BS was too stubborn to see it.

  302. Oh but I believe BS does see it, but decides to pair Davis with his golden boy Price to boost the latter’s output. There’s only partial success because it takes two to tangle, and Price is not half the playmaker Jeremy is.

  303. In JLin post interview after vs Memphis, He did say there was a practice. Not surprised. They practiced and enjoyed Thanksgiving afterwards. JLin is doing this 7/24 all year round anyway. It really doesn’t matter where he is. He went to practice almost immediately after travelling to Asia unless there was an event scheduled. So, not surprised at all. Even if there is no team practice, JLin will still spend time in practice.

  304. He must be doing something, like breathing at least…

  305. Hmm, at least he acknowledges Mike was able to get free off of screens.

  306. Looking in a mirror reflecting on himself

  307. The missing piece.

  308. Kobe was born 8/23/78. He would be a Horse. Lin is a Dragon.

  309. If that is what you had for thanksgiving you are off my list XD.

  310. Either you are in good spirits or you had too much to drink :P.

  311. almost…but with wine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  312. I’d say he’s looking intently at the upside down clipboard, but Davis’ finger is definitely dipped inside the jar

  313. It is not too late, I hope so. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and my sincere respect and appreciation for everyone making this site wonderful and fun.

  314. Maybe Byron Scott can go in that video room and fire up some youtube video of this guy called “Lin”.

    NBA coaches should know a little bit about the players that they are allegedly coaching.

  315. Wolves more dangerous WITHOUT Martin and Rubio!

  316. Very nice picture of Serena Winters and her mother, together on Thanksgiving:


  317. No look pass …to the basket!

  318. I think he was calling for a foul on that one, but as usual refs ignored him.

  319. New bromance blossoming?:)

  320. HAHAHAHAHA on banishing Ed to the kids table!

  321. Wow. summer skirt and summer heels. must have really good weather there! Begrudge. And she looks very pretty here.

  322. You are right. I messed up. I thought he’s in the same sign as lin.

  323. Why? Martin is the main O for the team so I think it should be all right.

  324. Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!
    ~ๆ„Ÿๆฉ็ฏ€ๅฟซๆจ‚ ~

  325. Bottom 3 works just as hard but they also know how to enjoy life:)

  326. Wow I’m seeing a lot of Jeremy-Ed Davis pictures right now. Hope this is a new bromance blossoming.

    If Lakers FO is smart they will:

    1. Let Jeremy and Ed PnR to infinity and beyond.
    2. Train Ed to improve his offense and sharpen his defense.
    3. Stop on insisting Ronnie-Ed pair up. Yes, Ed is an automatic roller.. to a guard who has PnR fundamentals and can do it properly.
    4. Insert a shooting guard/forward who can shoot 3s to compliment the duo.
    5. Find another big body for interior defense to compliment Ed.
    6. Promote Ed as a starter.

  327. Wasting space….

  328. Pretty warm today in Los Angeles.

  329. What about Dirk or Duncan?

  330. Wow, Lin has a great tone.

  331. lol the bottom three are also children of prophecy. talk about being set up for success. btw the other two are fiber copies of goku

  332. The thing about wishful thinking is for it to happen you have to make efforts to get there. We all love the way the Spurs pass the ball around and all wish for it to happen in LA. How is that possible? It would be nice if the coach can actually make it happen, but clearly that’s not happening.

    This is the dilemma LIN is in. How does he create something out of nothing? The process must then begin with a measured process of making one extra pass himself to lead his teammates into believing in each other.

    LIN wishes for a team like the Spurs in LA. Unlike his critics, he is willing to accept the consequences of that short term pain for long term development.

  333. Blog mentions how to make a burger and then he writes, “Needless to say, it takes a large mouth to be able to fit the burger into your mouth, but because I spent the majority of my childhood talking loudly, I have no problems consuming this burger.” ROFL!! I love this guy. I think he is the only celebrity that I know who would be fun to hang out with.

  334. Nice to see what JLin thinks of his teammates. Thanks!

  335. Just woke up, who was in line for something outside of a store? Lol

  336. LOL Remember those days. Crazy! Never done it when I was in US and not going to do it for the rest of my life as well:-)

  337. Timberwolves PreGame thread+Voting is open :>

    Too much turkey, must go zzzz…

  338. not for me, online all the way :> ,, way too stressful to get trampled by people in the stores
    even then researching online is super-tiring nowadays haha..

  339. yup, sleeping well is never overrrated :>

  340. you say it better and smarter than me!

  341. Not helping…

  342. It was hot. Too hot, in the high 80s. It’s supposed to cool down tomorrow with possible showers next week. I hope so, we need the rain.

  343. Thanks for the compliment JT. We’ve talked about this subject in many different forms. The line of reasoning I took is almost the same as many other arguments we’ve had to take as men of faith to reason our choices to others.

    It’s like Shreck the ogre peeling back the many layers of the onion to reveal himself. Life is often full of layers of foul smelling sweetness that needs to be peel back to the core of who we are. I’ve had a great chuckle when that little grain of truth became embedded into my subconscious.

    It isn’t cleverness that made me realize that the truth we seek is often revealed within the syntax of our reasoning. The wishful thinking and our oft deliquent actions to make it happen is the biggest obstacle we all face. Men of faith just seem to find the extra strength or extra terrestrial strength to make it happen.

    My admiration for lin and many true believers is their ability to make everyday strides towards their spiritual goals. Most of humanity take the easiest route to “get along”. There are many in my family that are able to immerse themselves in their Christian faith, while I stand on the sideline admiring their strength of will and belief. I’m just too lazy a person to admit it.

  344. and with all that soulful journey, all we need is one hater or doubter to say things that make them feel better to tear down all the fantastic positive progress we’ve made. That’s why a team is better, because after a while, the team just says … ignore the doubters we are strong.

    It goes from the individual finding a pure and good core and it spreads to the team. The individual finding it is then protected from the daily tearaways.

    Lin has found that now, and we still see many false narratives put on Lin. As soon as LAL get it together to win consistently as they can, the team will step up to day ignore the shredders. Today, LAL fans are doing their job.

    Now we go back to the indiv search for meaning and advances …

  345. Are you talking about church or Lakers? Lol

  346. I’m talkin’ about life baby!

  347. “Always look on the bright side of life”. Monty Python, life of Brian.

  348. “Always, no never, …”

  349. Scott throwing team under the bus. Covering his A…..s. He’s about the get fired.

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