G15 MEM @ LAL PostGame Thread

26 Nov 2014 – Jeremy Lin G15 MEM @ LAL PostGame Thread

Jeremy Lin finished with 14pts/5asts/4rebs/2asts/1blk/3TO/4PFs in only 30 min.

Lakers lost 93-99 to Memphis who’s the #1 seed in the West but Lakers had a chance but could not sustain the effort and effective plays in the Q4 while not stopping Memphis from getting open shots.

Lin had a hot start in the 1st quarter with 2 quick 3pointers, 1 midrange shot for 8pts plus 3 assists. But Byron Scott sticked with the rotation of resting Lin at 3:39 and brought Lin back in Q2 with 6:39 left instead of taking advantage of a hot-shooting Lin by bringing him back early. Byron might want to ride Lin’s hot hands rather than sticking with rigid rotation. Lin was also inserted late in Q4 with 6:13 min left because Ronnie Price had a good game.

When will Lakers stop being so predictable by going to Kobe in the 4th quarter stretch? Kobe was 1-6 in the last 4 min in Q4. Whether he was tired, MEM knew Lakers will rely on Kobe late in game and is prepared to guard him.

Next is the Timberwolves game that should be winnable compared to the tough Memphis team but with the Lakers, we never know if they will go back to predictable offense and lax defense quickly