G15 MEM @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

Will JLin play the role as a combo guard (PG/SG) that Byron Scott referred to?

It sounds like he’s expected to contribute more in scoring which helps with being assertive in the 1st half in order to set up his teammates in the 2nd half

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Let’s go, JLin!Lin_LINE_LetsGo


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  3. You took my spot. 🙁

  4. Yeah! Back on top for the 2nd time? 😀

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  6. 1st Female Poster 😀

  7. LOL Was watching JLin’s thanksgiving interview:-)

  8. dinner time 1st..lol

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  11. Let’s hope we have another big thing to be thankful in this game :]

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  13. Same here. Lol. I blame on the slow fingers.

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  15. Always have hope until 1st, 2nd, 3rd qtr:-)

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  24. Curry is in a hot shooting season. If this keeps going season long, they can be favorite to win it all.

  25. Anybody thinks that the “state of the union” meeting Scott had with Mitch wasn’t very positive. I think Mitch laid the law down to him. I also think that Mitch gave him the next 15 games to get his act together. Scott was very mum on what he said to him.

  26. Here is the list Eric Pincus said he’d put together …


  27. Which highlights on the right, are you referring too?

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  29. I know for sure that meeting wasn’t pleasant at all.

  30. WiFried…lol. Good that you don’t messing it with, for it might fry your wifi. Lol.heeheehee…

  31. So Byron Scott says he wants Jeremy to shoot when he’s open. I hope Jeremy listens. There’s an ongoing debate as to whether Jeremy should be more agressive and shoot more. Personally, I think he should attempt 15 shots a game, which should amount to around 18 ppg, given 3-4 3pt attempts and a few FTs. Why is 18 pts important? Because Jeremy will be a free agent after this year and will have his choice of where to play. Given cap space, no team is going to pass on a free agent point guard who just averaged 18ppg. Like it or not, at the of the day, management, players, fans focus on points. If Jeremy ends up the year averaging 12pts/5 assists on a BAD team like he is now, teams are not going think he is worthy of being a starter and will lowball him when it comes to his contract. We all know he is starter material and deserves to be on a team that will utilize him properly with the right surrounding cast.

  32. Joyce, have you seen Josh lately. are you stalking him yet..lol.. 🙂

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  34. Actually, Lin is the most accurate shooter on this whole team. He should shoot much more and they should be running way more plays for him like they do for point guards on other teams. The engine of the Lakers starts and stops with Lin, but if you go to Kobe the car stalls.

  35. No, way too busy for that. LOL

  36. They should go to another market. Find something overseas! : )

  37. Really? How?

  38. what’s AWDL and JB?

  39. Apple Wireless Direct Link

  40. Underrated hidden gems in D-League, perhaps?

  41. Official

    Los Angeles LakersVerified account
    RT @LakersReporter: Carlos Boozer (shoulder) will start tonight after missing Sunday’s game. Ed Davis (ankle) will come off the bench.

  42. Darn I wanted to see more chemistry between Lin and Davis.

  43. Ugh

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  45. But I thought he was kobe’s mentor…LOL Scott…smh

  46. Wrong BS just followed Kobe’s order… that’s it. LOL!

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  48. I predict Grizz win 105-95.

  49. Translation: “He told me to get the f**k out when I tried to cut down his minutes.”

  50. What does he have to learn from Scott that he can push him around?…LOL

  51. I predict linsanity!!

  52. Just the direction of the team and the record so far.

  53. To predict Linsanity with Kobe hogging the shots is Linsanity.

  54. Oh yay!…….

  55. ah, ic thanks. don’t know Apple lingo.

  56. Will we see any change of tonight game after the BS’s summon?

  57. yeah….lets see, if there was some kinda real “feedback” from the FO

  58. This is the longest hour of the day. lol

  59. I guess that what they tried to do with Earl.

  60. It will be very tough and risky since you have to release a player to sign another.

  61. Kobe will be more ‘aggressive’ in the third quarter.

  62. They are not there now … site is faster now.

  63. Just leave the 4th to Lin.

  64. Yeah, he had been playing at high level, this season, good for him. Even on back to back games, his being consistent.

    When a players is consistent for 4-5 games and go down one or two game, and come back again with big plays the next 4-5 games, they will earn the respect from the league.

  65. Then the Lakers would actually win games. We can’t have that!

  66. Surely it’s a chance to see what page the FO is really on via Scott’s action, assuming he’s under orders.

  67. Scott: “Well, I asked for feedback from the front office and they just sent me a huge empty fish tank with a lotto ticket inside!”

  68. Curry is always hot, hence his name. Even when he shoots badly he’s hot.

  69. I suspect that Scott and Mitch sitting down after the next 15-20 games is by that time, kobe will have got his MJ points and maybe he will take a backseat. I think some on here believe that Lakers are not going to resign lin, but I think they will. Kobe has one more year after this contract and truly believe by that time he and lin would have worked out the kinks of their on court relationship, besides still won’t give up the ball especially to another ball hogging PG. Lakers have a very strong following in China, once kobe goes their is no more connection. People wander why Lin only post some things only on his Chinese FB page is because he is building his brand in China. just some thoughts.

  70. True…lol

  71. I am w you. I also think Lakers will sign w Lin. I remembered MM said in the preseason, Laker sure will sign Lin if he has solid performance … bs lakers like the star power he has… I think w/o Kobe, if no Lin either… Asia will not buy Lakers TV broadcast rights bc they just follows Lin not the team.

  72. Kobe sure will pass that in this season.

  73. LOL, not that long…should be around 10 more games

  74. I am still not sure if they will sign Lin as their starting PG or not. Currently, I think they will try to make an lower offer for him and they will aim to get a “B-level star” PG to start from somewhere….I think Lin will also get an better offer somewhere else. So….difficult to say now. If…..just an big IF…..Lin got voted into ASG….then the story might be different.

  75. I think it depends on how he does this year and what he kind of salary he’s willing to take. If he continues to do well and get 16/5 at least they will probably offer him a Nick Youngish deal. Whether he takes it or not is another story.

  76. The key is what they envision him to be…

  77. Again, how can Jeremy play combo-guard if the ball is not passed to him…

  78. Go Mavs…Go Kings!

    Tyson Chandler MONSTER game with 13 points 24 rebounds! Parsons not so hot with 4-14 FG and 1-8 3PT.

  79. At least with the Lakers he’s one of the faces of their promotional materials.

  80. stephaniecali (IG): Yessss! Jeremy Lin!! @JLin7 #lakers #Jeremylin #loveit #yesss #lakerfans #riseup #OMG #amazing pic.twitter.com/zz39SeIlRu— Penny Lee (@penny10654) November 27, 2014

  81. She won’t pass to Lin. Next!

  82. Off topic, regardless of what you thought about the verdict, we should say the prayer to the people of Ferguson for a quick recovery and hope they’ll have a moment to enjoy Thanksgiving.

    Peace for our country and our fellow countrymen. Evils do exist and they are taking advantage of the situation.

  83. #24?

  84. Either BS couldn’t get his hands on this one, or was slapped by FO for squeezing Price as starter on printed schedule a couple of games ago.

  85. I would like to be positive and think there was a mini-uproar on the Lakers office who handles their print media.

  86. Some are just taking advantage of the situation for a free Thanksgiving shopping spree, regardless of verdict.

  87. I’ll pass.. and more 😉

  88. risque !

  89. They don’t not even live there. SMH.

  90. better start beasting by January then.

  91. I’m slow but I got your point. lol

  92. I think that Lin is tired of moving around from team to team. He knows that it will always be the same wherever he goes, is that he will have to prove himself all over again. Lin will have fulfilled a dream of his is to be starter in the NBA, and the next goal is to be a an All-star and then a championship. Also as I said Lin is building his brand in China, and the Lakers will offer offer up more to him as you say for a “B ” level contract because of what he brings to the table in the business sense. Lin gets it now, that to remain in this league it is all about the business.It has never been about the money for lin, it is about people believing in him and giving him an opportunity, and besides lin’s brother is in LA, and he is closer to family for support. Lin is a very astute businessmen, and he knows how to play the game of business. just some thoughts

  93. I think indeed it is not about the money. The problem comes from if LAL want him as a starter. Like you said, it can be the same else where anyway. Very true. I think it is too early for him to think about this anyway. He still has 60+ games to “prove” he is a starter. He is focused on it NOW

  94. I agree

  95. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I would be really grateful if Jeremy gets to lead the team for a win in this game.

  96. Earl Clark is ready to get back to work in L.A. Posted this on his Instagram account – http://t.co/ERYBmbIpcA – H/T @MarkG_Medina #Lakers— Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner) November 27, 2014

  97. He’s a bigger Ariza

  98. She looks very familiar….

  99. bs has done nothing to get that either but rox ptsd so expected

  100. DOubt he will be a game impact player, unless he clicks well with JL like Parsons

  101. Any player who knows his fundamentals well can become an impact player alongside Lin.

  102. So he just needs another 220 field goal attempts….

  103. Amen to that. I think for myself if the delivery of the verdict had been from somebody other that the prosecuting attorney, it would be a little more digestible, because it would have not convened for a grand jury if the US Attorney General had not called foe a thorough investigation. McCullough has made callous remarks about this whole situation from day 1. It is what it is, and I have to believe as an AA that once the facts and evidence were presented that the jurors reached the most logical conclusion they could.

  104. This is the guy, Lakers used Nash’s exception on? How well does he play?

  105. Maybe on Xavier’s?

  106. Maybe used Randel’s

  107. Kobe’s got nothing to learn from him. But BS is sure learning a lot about what kobe wants and how he wants it.

  108. i was listening espn Mason & Ireland show yesterday. They talked about that may be Scott is not tough guy as he looks.
    They said that may be Scott is fear of benching Kobe or fear of losing his job by sitting Kobe.

  109. Lets GO!!!

  110. Start off D had not been good

  111. I’d like to eat Mcdonald’s large fries dipped in hot fudge sundae with him lol

  112. boozer already easy lay up

  113. whose

  114. Nice 3 from Jeremy!!!!!!!! he needs to keep it going

  115. Booze lazy under the basket, should’ve gone for Off Reb after Wes miss. I mean, you know Wes was gonna miss.

  116. Nice three by Lin!

    1-1 3 points, 1 assist.

  117. boozer push every game

  118. Yes! first 3

  119. Jeremy is a more efficient SG than Kobe… just have to let that out

  120. 2 3s!!!!

  121. 2nd 3!!!!!!!!!!

  122. another 3 for an efficient SG

  123. lets go another jumper!!!!

  124. ..and a jumper…

  125. hope he keeps it up!!!

  126. come on hill…wide open board to hit!

  127. Lin’s on fire, keep it up!!

  128. Lin making it look like as if Lakers have a good offense.

  129. yes!!!!

  130. linsanity today!!!

  131. so far good O from LAL

  132. That was a Linsane first quarter of the first quarter. Lol.

  133. On Fiyah!

  134. Linsanity night woot woot!!

  135. Lin aggressive keep it up 10_2 run

  136. Boozer is so lazy as a defender

  137. what a refreshing start of game… setting the tone… LIN, makes the difference!

  138. Kobe letting Lin have the reins, good things happen. Lin with convincing performance from the get go.

  139. That’s why I’m so glad he’s sitting.

  140. lin playing great so far. boozer can’t start any more his defense killed us. thank goodness for his fouls

  141. Please don’t take him out with 3-4 min left in Q1….

  142. Yeah…lets keep the fire up!!!

  143. Yes I was relieved when he got his second foul and went to the bench with Davis coming in!

  144. He never boxes out, and then just push the other guy in the back for a foul. Does this every single game.

  145. Here’s where we find out what happened at the FO meeting. LOL

  146. I’m eating some candies with messages on their wrappers. As I picked one on that timeout it said:

  147. Mitch must have told Scott and Kobe to unleash Lin!

  148. Davis the MAN!!!

  149. Keep eating them candies for the remainder of the game. Take one for the team…literally! LOL

  150. The “Real” starting lineup is in!! Lin, Kobe, Nick Young, Hill, Davis!!

  151. Jeremy responsible for all of Lakers points with scoring and assists!

  152. My candy agreed. I didn’t even see the message as I picked it. I just read it as I was about to open the wrapper.

  153. Truly, Kobe’s doing awesome – I mean that

  154. Ed Davis < Lazy Boozer! Nice put back!!

  155. Lakers has only one legitimate big and that is Ed Davis.

  156. lin rushed it there

  157. oops, airball by Lin.

    Cool how the Laker fans start to cheer when Lin is about to shoot, though.

  158. thats fine…it happens…as long as he is aggressive…good things happens to the team

  159. Young hustles more on the rebound than Jordan Hill…..

  160. cant believe they’re actually leading early

  161. Lin tired already? Not used to initiating the offense so much?

  162. agreed

  163. That’s bad.. he’s taken out…

  164. uh oh – the ronnie show begins

  165. Price is in? booooo

  166. Like clockwork, that BS.

  167. lol…its part of the rotation…which is fine

  168. normal time

  169. Price in not Clarkson?! BOO…..

  170. Keep the 3 raining

  171. What a shot …Hill

  172. Lin’s tired he needs his break it’s fine. Wish they played Clarkson over Price.

  173. Hill showing some footwork!

  174. conley sat as well

  175. LOL Hill with the crazy turnaround jumper!

  176. yeah, both went out the same time

  177. Still teams go under the screen. They are so afraid of Lin going in to the paint.

  178. Yea the “Price is not Right” show. ><"

  179. true…hence Jeremy been reading well, and taking those 3s!!!

  180. something i have learned about memphis if the game isn’t slow and muddy they will lose. this fast tempo favors the lakers

  181. Lakers leading by 7 points in 1st quarter am I dreaming?!!! Please don’t wake me!!

  182. Zbo has shown time after time that how to get rebound and put backs without jumping. It can be done at NBA level

  183. Hill thinks he’s Dirk tonight.

  184. kobe sitting

  185. 3-5, 8 points, 3 assists, 2-3 from threes. Nice line so far, lol.

  186. Announcers hyping up Price’s defense off a simple deflection.

  187. Fk Price, stupid foul!!!

  188. first time kobe hasn’t finish the first

  189. Yea after that dumb foul but that’s what home announcers does I guess.

  190. Discussing on the bench…

  191. I think Lin can make this already super good MEM team to a really great team.

  192. Kobe and Lin chatting on the bench about plays, Good!!

  193. conley has been there for years

  194. Smart set by mem

  195. He can make them a dynasty for years and lead them out of being second round exits.

  196. There is no way they’re taking Lin over Conley.

  197. So much for 7 point lead, 2nd unit just threw that down the drain!

  198. where udrih go

  199. Price is sensing the urgency here.

  200. Ronnie Price actually scores! Wow. Start the fireworks. Lol.

  201. About his job?

  202. First step to save his job! 🙂

  203. Urgency for his job!

  204. I think so

  205. Aww man! That could’ve been a nice fast break to end the quarter!

  206. Didn’t check in until 8 min mark. What happened to Kobe??? No FGA at all?

  207. It just hit me…Kobe with ZERO FGA! OMG!

    Totally selfless, let’s see how this game goes, and the plot…thickens!

  208. Lakers actually leading 1st quarter and playing with urgency with Lin setting the tone scoring and dishing out assists! He needs to do that every damn quarter!! Kobe and BS needs to keep telling him to shoot!

  209. Kobe didn’t play entire Q1 and didn’t take a shot. Lakers leading. Probably just a coincidence…

  210. truly shocking. Good strategy

  211. Yes and it’s actually a good thing! Needs to save his legs for 3rd and 4th quarter!

  212. BS and Kobe need to get out of the way

  213. Lets Go Q2

  214. Wow, what happened? Kobe being like Lin?

  215. First time I’m glad Lin’s not starting 2Q…gives me time to go hit the shower. 🙂

  216. Thank goodness 2nd unit has Nick Young, I can’t handle watching Price handle the ball ><"

  217. Price on the Dunk!!!!1

  218. price really today is the day the price is finally right

  219. They’re setting up Price to score

  220. lol…selfish!

  221. News flash – Byron Scott names Price starting point guard for forever!

  222. Ronnie Price really doesn’t want to be fired lol.

  223. lol stop it

  224. ROFL!

  225. who is the LA announcer all high on Price… but yes, credit to him, he plays quite well thus far tonight

  226. lets stop the mocking please, its fine to dislike a player

  227. Kobe saving his legs for 3rd and 4th quarter. Didn’t take a single shot and let Lin run the floor while he was in.

  228. obviously, he is feeling the heat

  229. Stu Lance?

  230. Jeremy is on fire 🙂

  231. why

  232. So, when is JLin going to come back in? I say at the 6:31 minute mark in the second.

  233. When Jeremy is allowed to lead the team to play team ball, everyone on the team plays well. Fact!

  234. Fact for us, not for other coaches

  235. I think that’s the usual.

  236. man….they are keeping the perimeter open

  237. Hmm starting to think, Mitch told BS, he wants to waive Price during the meeting.

  238. Can we have the starters back now?

  239. Maybe later as Price is playing good so far …………

  240. Can we get the starters back at 8 minutes mark, Kobe can continue to sit.

  241. MEM, starters are not in yet

  242. not happening

  243. its bench vs bench

  244. Young off tonight.

  245. I agree, that should be about the time starters come back. But, not with BS in charge.

  246. he is taking bad shots. his shot selection has been bad

  247. I want to see Lin NOW!!!

  248. Bench D need to be better

  249. His shots hasn’t fallen for past 3 games including this one. :/

  250. Some were makeable. I think he’s not really in game shape/rhythm.

  251. with boozer there well

  252. Well so much for that 9 point lead.

  253. agreed

  254. Took him long enough to realize this, but better late than never.

  255. bench, seems to forget there is such a thing called defense!

  256. Grizz starters not back in yet so Lakers starters aren’t back in.

  257. Starters are IN

  258. finally

  259. But, bench has Price? LOL maybe I should give him a break since he’s doing semi-OK tonight.

  260. yeah at mid game mark

  261. wow… they almost didn’t call that.

  262. Bias! The ref in front couldn’t see yet the ref from far away called a foul?!! Fk refs!!

  263. WOOOOOO 😀

  264. 10pts already!? Niceeeeeee

  265. Finally some pressure on the defense

  266. That ref was almost credited with a steal. LOL

  267. JL is reading and reacting quickly its a sign of good player….the comments from the announcers

  268. Jeremy can actually lead the Grizzlies out of being second round to semi-finals exits

  269. Finally Lin is playing the way we want to see!

  270. Kobe is playing Jeremy today!!!! he is trying to give all his passes only to jeremy?!!!

  271. That was supposed to be an alley…. oh well

  272. dodged a TO 🙂

  273. lol

  274. What did Mitch say to Kobe? Playing very unKobe.

  275. That was a terrible fast break spacing.

  276. LOL Lin lucked out!!

  277. great pass from LIN

  278. Some J-Kobe action is VERY NEEDED!

  279. Team ball!

  280. Kobe played linebacker on that play

  281. Kobe1st field goal by Lin’s pass!!!

  282. If they keep this going…I see double double for Jeremy

  283. Grizzlies are loading up on Jeremy. If BS and Kobe will trust J, it will leave Kobe open and feast on scoring.

  284. Igf thye play like a team , they will get to playoff

  285. lol i would of taken lins stats at this point for the whole game he is dominating right now

  286. More like what did Mitch say to BS? Let me guess, I’ll fire your golden boy Price and you if we continue to lose like we’re tanking?!

  287. Wow Lakers playing great team ball.

  288. I cannot believe what I see, Kobe is playing like a true MVP tonight. Even just for 2 Qs, I give him thumbs up.

  289. Kobe waiting to take over 4th quarter, saving his legs for last 5 min.

  290. Let’s finish strong!

  291. it s hard to defend him still he will either shoot a three or go by you. all effort are futile lol

  292. Yes… spacing is a problem… hopeful viewing game tape later can help them to improve, then Jeremy will be able to make more great passes to score

  293. lol They completely forgot about Kobe when they loaded up on Lin! That was such a awesome play! Lakers can dominate any team if they continue to play like this every night!!

  294. yeah he deserve the credit

  295. Credit where it’s due, Price playing like there’s no tomorrow…literally! 🙂

  296. I think so too. But, I still admit he is doing great job so far. Restraining himself and passing a lot. In fact, he even forced at least 2-3 bad passes just to try to give it to Jeremy. Pretty surprising.

  297. Playing like he’s about to be cut

  298. about to say the same

  299. Kobe’s passes are easily predictable by MEM

  300. perhaps… this could actually be the case…

  301. When you’re desperate, you tend to do something out of character 🙂

  302. well… the spacing are better.. LAL are less lazy

  303. Then you better hope we are up by 10 points during 4th quarter!

  304. hmmm… Kobe…

  305. the refs are dubious…

  306. On duty shopping with wife in the mall…….that’s hope Lin finish the game even stronger…

  307. J jumper…

  308. wow. Lin is playing great.

  309. Is #70 reffing tonight?

  310. Yeah, doesn’t feel like Lakers have home court advantage.

  311. Lin on fire!

  312. LIN!!!!!!!!!1

  313. Do your husband duties well…

  314. Either way Price will be cut, nothing he can do tonight will change that. Especially when Lakers just got 2 exceptions!

  315. 25+pt game? Could it be?

  316. boozer has struggle today

  317. Conely fell down Lin should have kept going to the basket

  318. no wonder…we see JL playing well!…infact everyone is playing well…lol…good day mate

  319. Wow, Lakers are up? Let’s keep old Kobe in a cage, or give him a biscuit.

  320. Kobe still took over towards end of 2nd quarter but I’ll take this!

  321. Conley been doing well as well with his shots. Lin need to close those gap, when he shoots

  322. anyone got a link for the halftime report?


  323. Conley’s good. Doesn’t need much room. If Lin gets too close he’ll get by him. Both PGs are playing well.

  324. Hope LAL keep the spirits up 2ndHalf

  325. awesome on O and need to contain Conley on D

  326. Maybe he heard it from BS who heard it from Mitch.

  327. Did not watch the second q….but it is safe to say MEM will change their d

  328. 4-6 in first half. If he continues to play like this 2nd half he should have 12 FGAs with 26 points or more. 😛

  329. yup . too bad TO

  330. Preach it, preach it!

  331. agreed. as long Kobe let it happen and don’t Iso too much..

  332. yup.. he better show up..

  333. U DA WOMAN!

  334. MEM are tough they have the best record in the West right now 12-2

  335. Others are seeing what we see as well

  336. LOL

  337. Steve Smith on NBA TV talks about Lin’s great game tonight and then trashes him by saying he’d make a fantastic back-up point guard.

    What? He needs to be bombarded with tweets to set his mind straight – throw at him all the stats that show tjat JLin is a legit starting PG and budding star PG in the NBA.

  338. thats was a great pass!!!

  339. they are playing pretty tight on kobe though. lin doesnt have much chance to get ball to him unless forcing it.

  340. Don’t know what Mitch said to BS but whatever he said, is the reason why Kobe took it easy in 1st quarter, letting Lin set the tone and score right out the gate! Of course Lakers got some lucky TOs from MEM due to their hustle and defense. XD

  341. I caught that too.. SMH

  342. i ignored it

  343. They are also reading Kobe’s passes. That’s why Lin needs to keep shooting, when they double him, Kobe will be wide open to do some Major Damage.

  344. You can’t just ignore it. You can’t let guys like him frame the narrative on Lin as a “great back-up poing guard.”

  345. Haters will hate.

  346. kobe was really tempted to force shot up in that 2nd qtr.

  347. brush them off…who cares

  348. if lin continue to play great it will stop

  349. exactly lins stats will shut them up

  350. I CARE. lol

  351. It’s not about hating Lin, it’s about challenging the dominant narrative in the national media that Lin is not a starting PG. You cannot just ignore it. You’ve got to challenge it, as Lin fans. Through social media, Lin fans can help JLin out by helping him get the recognition that he deserves.

  352. Thank goodness Lakers FO, and Mitch knows what they’re doing and laid down the laws! Offensive going through Lin is all Lakers need to win!! When he gets tired he can let Kobe do his thing for a few plays.

  353. they might move tony allen on lin in 2nd half

  354. When you listen to his commentary, you can tell he is not that bright.

  355. Like I said, being a starter is one thing Lin needs to keep fighting for..

  356. thanks 🙂

  357. his stats will be the only thing that will stop that

  358. Thats something that Lin needs to keep fighting for as a starter

  359. Some guys will say stuff. You know what. Bleep them.

  360. Pay him a compliment. Let him know he’d make an excellent d-league broadcast announcer and we’d all be rooting for him.

  361. That’s the best half I’ve seen in a long long time.

  362. Let his stats do the talking, Lin needs to score and play well with nice season averages.

  363. Jeremy is in the mood!!!

  364. REally wish Lin got that alley to Johnson. I think he would of went Linsanity after that.

  365. Of course Lin will do his thing, but, given his marginalization in the NBA, he can use all the fan help he can get to shut down people who constantly diss on his game.

    I mean, c’mon, they’re dissing on Lin when Lin is having a great game! Ridiculous.

  366. 2nd half D from MEM gonna be tighter

  367. I just hope Kobe isn’t planning to start the second half by busting loose with 50 shots in a row.

  368. I don’t really care about what these guys from Spring Halftime are saying. Their comments are not affecting my thoughts about Jeremy anyway.

    What I’m really interested to know is what Kupchak and BS talked about in that meeting, what “or else…” did Kupchak laid down.

  369. Lets GO Q3…JLIN!!!!!!1

  370. Good job from Wes

  371. Dang it Boozer…..

  372. Darn…Off foul 🙁

  373. Get him off the court. Seriously.

  374. come on…jeez

  375. booozer has been bad

  376. Again Boozer!!! For the love of peanut butter you just wasted 2 possessions!

  377. What the F? Fk Refs Lin with 3 fouls?!!!

  378. Refs now hijacking and rigging the game! Boo…..!!!

  379. Boozer ball watching

  380. These Lakers bigs should try finishing it with a strong dunk for a change!

  381. Even Kobe not getting the whistle

  382. Gasol starts to beast

  383. Jeremy got to start getting aggressive

  384. Imo, the Buss should have kept both Gasol bros. rather than trade one for the other.

  385. Yeah, not looking for his shots.

  386. bigs are playing real bad right now boozer a big issue

  387. No thanks to the refs for his 3 fouls!!

  388. Yay Davis in

  389. Yes finally!!

  390. boozer can’t start

  391. Crossing fingers for Marc Gasol to get 3 fouls as well!!

  392. Mitch needs to put down the hammer, tell BS to start Ed Davis!!

  393. and Conley?!

  394. Exactly, it’s not about Lin padding his stats for the sake of padding his stats. It’s because that usually leads to a team victory.

  395. Yes…Kobe for 3

  396. JL with another TO

  397. Another 3 from Kobe…good recovery from Jeremy

  398. Kobe passed up that jumper. amazing

  399. lakers got confused there for a stretch .

  400. Does Lee have his number?

  401. JL out

  402. Clarkson deserves some burn….

  403. No more lead.

  404. Damn Refs and their stupid fouls messing up Lin’s game!

  405. Kobe doing well, keeping the game close

  406. i’m afraid that the 4th quarter will be Kobe doing it all himself and giving MEM the game.

    hoping for Lin to come out strong 4th quarter and do his thing though!

  407. its ok this is memphis just fight through it they played great defense the third. boozer was terrible defensively

  408. Should rest Kobe. He will get tired again in the 4th start missing shots.

  409. Lin picks up 3to’s 1 foul 1 assist 1steal – 3rd quarter

  410. Hope Davis stays longer in Q4

  411. I hope he stays for the entire 4th quarter! Boozer is such a liability on defense!

  412. how did his TOs come about? offensive fouls, bad passes, how?

  413. real bad passes.

  414. OF, strip in traffic, one bad pass

  415. Lets hope starters play entire 4th quarter. Those 3 fouls really messed up his rhythm!

  416. He’s made a lot of great ones with guys not converting them though. I don’t mind TOs if he’s playing aggressively.

  417. Clarkson deserves the minutes Price’s been getting!

  418. MEM starters are trying to push it thru with LAL bench

  419. Yes. Just don’t want him to lose control.

  420. 2nd unit better take back the lead!!

  421. Down 7 points no thanks to 2nd unit!

  422. AGaints Gasol and MConley…gonna be tough

  423. dangit! he always seem to get a string of them in a short time.
    Usually also gets hesitant to pass much and/or play aggressive, hope its not the case today cuz his aggressiveness is paying off it seems.

  424. I’m sorry but LIN AND KOBE DON’T REST AT THE SAME TIME. You don’t rest 2 of the team best players together. BS is stupee.

  425. No Lin no Kobe no more offense.

  426. What is Sacre doing?

  427. agree…not when game is this close

  428. He should be cheerleading on the bench.

  429. boozer may have cost us the game

  430. 6pt lead…for MEM; as 3Q closes

  431. Giving FTs and free points to the other team SMH!

  432. He made some real good passes to Boozer and Hill. They just kept bricking.

  433. agreed. Memphis still had their starters in and Scott sat all his starters. Dumb!

  434. Its 4thQ time, y’all know what time it is.
    JLin’s got this.

  435. Damn BS, get the starters back in!!!

  436. Word. Nice bulldog. Mine died few yrs ago :/

  437. Get Lin in Price out before it’s too late

  438. I think BS will put Lin back as schedule around 6:30 min left.. smh!

  439. price beasting lol

  440. BS going to keep him in..

  441. Ronnie, playing well on offense today!

  442. don’t be insecure

  443. Whoa, we must have woken up Price with our comments!

  444. Got to admit much better than last several games. All the rumors of being cut must be motivating him.

  445. I walk away and the lead is down to 2. Price must really not want to be cut!

  446. Naaa. Coming out for 4th.

  447. Price is good tonight.

  448. price looks like a viable backup today

  449. He knows he’s on the chopping block, plus BS really giving him as much time as he can to help preserve his guy.

  450. Price is getting lots of love tonight. lol

  451. Or it could’ve been Mitch through BS.

  452. Ronnie was abused by Udrih last game, good on him for getting his revenge!

  453. Price played a la jeremy in those last two plays

  454. bahaha

  455. Hope the Lin+Price ( or Lice ) backcourt can continue to produce.

  456. Mitch probably told BS, if Price continues to play like worst PG of the league he will be cut.

  457. after watching from the beginning, im finally caught up with the game.

    lin’s turnovers — not too upset about them, as he was trying to make things happen and have to give memphis credit on defense.

    the ball is mostly moving well — even saw quite a few secondary assists tonight, esp kobe passing out of the post.

    lin doesnt play off the ball well. he doesnt move to spots that create easy passing angles to receive the ball when the ball is ready to move.

  458. LOL

  459. lol

  460. Scary…

  461. That was ugly swaggy

  462. Itchy.

  463. Yikes! Lice? …noooo :p

  464. Man…dont let MEM to drain those 3ss

  465. Starters should’ve been back when the lead was down 2! BS is so dumb now they’re down 7!!

  466. Lin started the game as the hottest player played 9 min then sit 9 min in the first half. What kind of coach sit his player while he’s hot to cool him down? SMH.

  467. Davis the BeST

  468. he got to be ready all the time

  469. This is not a test. lol

  470. What? No Jeremy?

  471. scott’s lineups in the fourth always seem to have the starters enter the game from way behind

  472. Lin still not back in?! W the F?!!!

  473. “don’t be inscure” says Alaingrvis

  474. BScott benches Jeremy when he is hot but not Price?

  475. He’s human. Shooting and passing need momentum and roll.

  476. Some J-Ed Davis PnR could seal this game…

    WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!…..

  477. %@#x&zy

  478. I’m tellin’ ya…BS really, really wants to keep his guy.

  479. udrich is still out there

  480. BS really wants to keep his guy! Price worst PG with the longest minutes!!

  481. I’m not disagreeing 🙂

  482. going full McHale again smh

  483. BS’ infatuation on Price is really becoming more and more infuriating each game.

  484. Jeremy is in

  485. JLin back at the 6 minutes mark again FK BS!!!

  486. TIme to bring in Lin before he cools off too much. He needs to get it going in the 2nd half anyway.

  487. he should be coming in now

  488. Udrich is still out there.

  489. lin back in at 6min mark. the regular time

  490. Uh. Mods- can I block people on here?

  491. need a stop

  492. Lin is cold. That bench is not heated.

  493. Lin needs to just shoot and take over the game, his teammates are out cold!!

  494. lin isnt hot himself either.

  495. just report here…we are watching…

  496. He hasn’t even taken a shot!

  497. he just missed under the basket on a double pump

  498. Thank you BS for that !

  499. Haven’t seen any good shots for him. Spacing isn’t great now.

  500. Darn I missed that was checking the score.

  501. Like, they can’t believe it either. (Though it should read “With Kobe and Lin resting…”)

  502. stu was saying he should have tried to finish with left hand instead of double pumping

  503. Might have been fouled but difficult shot

  504. Hasn’t been aggressive in the second half.

  505. all right, cmon Lin, this is your time!

  506. BS always leaves 2nd unit in for too long, Lin doesn’t get enough minutes cause of his favoritism for the scrub Price!

  507. Just like BS said shoot 1st half, AS in 2nd half.

  508. why did you delete what i said.

  509. price mostly played well to justify the minutes. lin came in at the regular time (too late as usual) but its not as if his minutes have been yo-yoed game to game

  510. I didnt…but lets enjoy the game and let it go

  511. Lin almost with the steal..

  512. COme D guys111

  513. Did Lin take like 1 shot after half?

  514. Missed a layup

  515. LIN!

  516. sadly no. not 1 attempt.

  517. Lin was red hot 1st half but BS keeps him out longer with the 2nd unit! FK BS!

  518. I deleted it based on violation of Rules 4 (antagonizing) and 5 (labeling). All are welcome to disagree with another’s opinions, but don’t make it personal.


  520. What a great steal by Lin!!

  521. Nice finish by Kobe and good catch and shoot by Young…FT coming up

  522. Come on, Lin!
    You can spur a run here.

  523. BS, you don’t sit your starter especially when he’s hot too long.

    Hot Hand Cold Hand. Have you heard of that?

  524. I read it as you can Spurs a run here… ah well

  525. so i get everyone don’t like me because i don’t join the crowd. i don’t hate kobe or scott. or assume the worse of them. so yea of course some will not like me because i say the truth. if claims has a problem idk why he is in a public forum. where people of opposing view can comment and you ideas will be tested

  526. pun intended 😀

  527. the pnr coverage by laker bigs has been atrocious as usual. such an easy lane for conley. if only lin got that kind of coverage hehe

  528. put some hot peppers in dem jock straps

  529. Lin is hustling. Conley has that change direction dribble go into the lane floater move. Nothing spectacular but it works.

  530. Both times 1st and 2nd half.

  531. ok i got it

  532. I dont hate Kobe and Scott as well

  533. have to give it to this team. they are making it a game against the best-record team in nba

  534. COme on lets go LAL

  535. Again Gasol

  536. Nice try by Lin.

  537. some do for no reason

  538. FT…Lin

  539. ahhh so close on the And 1, like the aggressiveness!

  540. lin with 2 clutch FTs coming up again

  541. Lin’s FT not as good as usually is

  542. Agree, but its their perspective…


  544. Lakers hurrying their shots… come on!

  545. oh man should have nailed that 3

  546. refs screw lin there

  547. Nick with great defense on Conley! Conley got him in the air, but Nick avoided the contact and recovered to challenge Conley’s next shot.

  548. refs

  549. Wow, they call that foul on Lin? Really?

  550. I’ll take 50/40/80

  551. refs are going to give the game away on a ticky tack foul like that? are you kidding me?

  552. Lin always get those tick tac fouls! He needs to stop touching the players from the back when rebounding.

  553. as usual?

    ooops…misread “as good as usual” my bad….sorry, sorry

  554. ugh Kobe with a horrible brick on his 3. pretty open look too

  555. Fathom call again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  556. they’ve got a fine tradition to uphold

  557. afraid to win

  558. One ref has been bad since 1Q.

  559. yeah…thats bogus…

  560. And BS never complains…

  561. yes, Lin with a clutch rebound.

  562. Game over.

  563. yeah…its not going to cut it…

  564. Lin has cold handdddddddddd. You don’t get in your rhythm whenever you want.

  565. Agree!

  566. lin didnt have balls to just take it

  567. Lin should just chucked a 3 after that rebound! What was he doing dribbling the ball!!

  568. Can’t turn it on and off. When he’s got it going, he needs to keep it going.

  569. Bad TO by Kobe.

  570. This loss is on BS…. same as other losses

    Lakers could have gotten this in the first half….until BS took over.

  571. Lin should have just shot it. Wasted too much time looking for Kobe.

  572. I was thinking the same…the paint was clogged, even Kobe couldnt get in

  573. terrible time management. cant be bc he doesnt know — just didnt have the juegos to just shoot it

  574. I think he felt hesitant because he didn’t take a jumper in so long.

  575. He should have brought Jeremy in early in Q4

  576. Left bench in too long. Should have had either Lin or Kobe in at all times.

  577. Exactly.BS keeps doing the same rotation like a 9 to 5 job.

  578. griz defense has stopped everything lakers want to do. they are top in the west. so it expected they can play championship defense.

  579. For some reason Scott tend to keep JL minutes to 30…hmmm

  580. Another moral victory lol 🙁
    I know it sucks when you can almost taste the win but they still battled their butts off and made the #1 seed work for their win.

  581. Only 1 point in the second half. Lin usually shakes opponents hands after the game. Tonigh- first one back to the locker room.

  582. As the 2nd option, he shouldnt hesitate

  583. Yes, in fact, BS should bring him in early Q4 EVERY SINGLE GAME.

  584. yea i agree lin had a hard time getting going. but the griz defense did a good job.on kobe and lin.

  585. ive been getting many such tastes this season heh

  586. hey, moral victories are pretty good for the Lakers right now

  587. No matter how good or how bad…..always 30 min!

  588. Even when he was hot in the first half. Mitch going to have to have another meeting with Scott.

  589. Calling it, loss on Swaggy, Kobe and of course BS.

    Edit: sorry I forgot to credit the refs,

  590. Whatever happened to Lin playing with 2nd unit as SG?!!! BS is all talk, his bias has been costing the Lakers games, Mitch please fire his axx alot with Price!!

  591. it was lost on the defensive end. grizz get pretty much anything they want. open look for gasol all day

  592. I agree. But he does.

  593. Well at least Lakers weren’t smoked like some other team. They fought.They rattled the Grizz.

  594. BS is clueless coach. I was so wrong about him

  595. ohh i almost forgot happy thanks giving to everyone. hope you all get fat. lol jk

  596. Thanks!

  597. Bryant led all scorers with 10 FGM (tied with Nick Young).

  598. Or well, we know, this is a loss, but liked the way the team and Kobe
    played. Just couldnt close the game (as usual). And the Scott rotation
    not sound enough with the game flow.

    But we know Jeremy played WELL!

  599. I figure him out over startergate:-)

  600. and they weren’t easily smoked by the Grizzlies like some other team.

  601. Lin lost his edge in the 2nd half for some reason. Liked his hustle but he could have shot more. Should have shot the 3, not give the ball back to Kobe who tried to force a pass and turned it over.

  602. On the brigher side, both Guards on MEM had 30minutes as well

  603. Approaching McHale level at full speed.

  604. Little disappointed that he didn’t end up with 20 points the way he was going in the 1st half.

  605. Why no one can fine the ref for $25K? They were so obvious to help Memphis Grizzers!

  606. argh. lakers fourth quarters have been pretty awful all season. scott’s lineups in fourth a big part of it. and little adjustment it seems. just throws players onto the floor

  607. Lakers could’ve won this game if Lin was given proper minutes with 35! BS always leave him out too long making him cold! What’s the point of Lin shooting so much in 1st half when he isn’t given the chance in 2nd half! Fk BS and his bias hidden agenda crap!!

  608. McHale’s nicer twin…but apparently twin nonetheless. Only thing that keeps this from being “Groundhog Day” is Laker FO. (sigh)

  609. so dang hesitant >_<
    I need Swaggy P to lend JLin some of his swag, look at him shooting away 4 of 14 without a care in the world. If JLin took that many shots, he'd easily end with 20+ every single time.

  610. the grizz were keyed in on lin in 2nd half. they made the non-lin lakers try to beat them.

  611. he struggled on griz defense. he still has to work on something. he is really close his potential. still has a little to work on. kobe did a good job today. i think the offense just got confused. the first half i saw a lot of talking and sets. second haif there was a lot of broken plays

  612. Dear BS,

    Jeremy played like an efficient combo guard today. Deserves 40 minutes a game.

    Thank you.

  613. Thank you for the good rotation from BS….never adjust no matter how well is Jeremy, still taking him out according to his routine rotation….is there a playing time limit set especially for Lin ??!!!

  614. Starters should be playing most of 4th quarter yet BS leaves them out until 6 minute mark especially Lin! Lakers could’ve won if not for BS’s stupid rotations and minutes management!

  615. Unbelievable and bias referee!

  616. Just came back. Can someone explain why Lin did not have productions in 2H?

  617. Very frustrating that the Lakers and Lin haven’t figured out how to make the other teams pay for that.

  618. he struggled second half i meant. i also blame boozer for this loss

  619. He played exactly 30 min… smh.

  620. Yes BS is very good in not letting JLin shines. Let him out when he is hot and doesn’t bring him back about 10 minutes playing times. Play around 6 minutes in 2nd or 4th qtr. He really hangs JLin out there dry at times.

  621. IMO- defense tightened up on Lin, focus turned to Kobe-ball, and BS froze Lin out by bringing him in with only 6 minutes left in the fourth.

  622. BS won’t even give him 35 minutes let alone 40!

  623. Also BS still giving Price long min!

  624. 5 Grizzlies starters + Grizzlies bench + Grizzlies coach + no adjustments on BS part + Other Lakers starters frozen like a statue on offense or blowing shots vs Jeremy Lin.

  625. the great lakers defense in 1st half that turned into an unusual number of transition buckets for lakers melted away in 2nd half. memphis killed them, forcing lakers to play half court offense . grizz defense was keyed in to get ball out of lin’s hands. possessions by kobe were pretty bad, quite a few turnovers.

  626. BS still has his infatuation with Price.

  627. and no adjustment from BS…..sticking to his game plan (if any), no matter what happened on the court

  628. Lakers last 5 mins belong to Kobe only, and it has always resulted in a loss. Kobe has not won a game in the 4th so far.

  629. Yes I called him out weeks ago:-)

  630. lets be honest, rox are 10x better than the lakers either way

  631. i agree lin deserves more then 30 minutes. 32 or so. his rest the 4th was too long

  632. Lakers must be showcasing Price for a trade (not! =p )

  633. Thanks…as predicted….no surprises here.

  634. lin also came in at 6min mark in 4th quarter, as usual. scott always has the starters play from behind. thats so hard.

  635. Lol thanks

  636. Thanks for the info!

  637. something that he needs to realize and improve on. He has been indeed…so i’m okay

  638. Lin could’ve gone over 20 points if he had 35 minutes but BS with dumb rotations benched him for most of 3rd and 4th quarter!

  639. Does he ever let that go? Never that I’ve seen thus far. BS’ infatuation on Price is really getting my nerve now.

  640. So….althought I did not watch the whole game. It is safe to say…Lin needs to keep shoot at 80% rate for LAL to win the game…LOL

  641. what happened to swaggy p being fed the ball until he shoots his way out of the sluump?

  642. He can play 32-36 minutes. Not a problem at all!

  643. Gives excuse for Kobe heroball in 4th.

  644. Hell. NO.

  645. Kobe was passing right into Griz’ hands all night.

  646. He needs to keep shooting period. Lin could’ve changed the game if he chucked a 3 after that rebound instead of looking for Kobe!

  647. idk the team boggle down in the forth every game. lin used to be great in the forth so far he hasn’t had 1 good 4th quarter. kobe is to blamed for that but he tried today. there was just no opening. also he plays so little in the fourth.

  648. lesser than normal, today. He had 18min

  649. Lin should be getting 35 minutes per game not this 30=31 minutes crap and sitting out until 6 minute mark!!

  650. I queried about this with PFV a couple times now. PFV said it’s just “normal” BS rotation on JLin. Just didn’t buy into that. Very sick BS if this is the excuse.

  651. Same with his BS talk about play Lin as SG when Kobe’s out!!

  652. idk thats spotted minutes he plays the least in the fourth it seems the most important quarter

  653. scott said he needed like 10 games to reconsider the lineups. hehe, it takes some ridiculous amount of data for him to conclude that what hes doing is not working. how clueless is this guy to adapting?

  654. why have to follow others? why not create a lead by putting 1 or 2 starters against their bench? Why always no Kobe no Lin????

  655. What do you expect when Lin’s only put back at the 6 minutes mark!

  656. i was sure he was going to get 20. but after the third its usually is his end score

  657. true…

  658. Nobody would want Price. He’s been in the league a while and everyone but Scott knows his game.

  659. After this game, I will say BS and/or Lakers want to tank on purpose. This is the way to prevent a win in no time. BS and Lakers knows JLin shines in 4th qtr, why only plays him around 6 min and always Kobe ball???

  660. Lin 15GP (31 min)- 12.7PTS (48FG%/40%3PT/85%FT) / 4.9ASTS / 2.8REBS / 0.9STLS / 0.4BLKS / 2.9TO

  661. Price got Swaggy’s spot at the buffet tonight.

  662. i agree

  663. some people really are that incompetent — never underestimate incompetence. not to mention that kobe overrides scott too.

  664. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate BS and his pet Price more!

  665. I gave BS the benefit of the doubt at first but not anymore! The more games the more stupid he seems to me.

  666. The only reason I can come up with, BS doesn’t want JLin to shine and Lakers wants to tank in no time.

  667. If things don’t work out well for them in LA, they can move to NY and play for the Nits.

  668. scotts substitution has been questionable. but atleast people can’t say his stats are inflated by his minutes

  669. and with the PT limit for Lin!

  670. I read Voulgaris (professional gambler) bio on how he used to make money so easily in Vegas off NBA games.
    He said he liked BScott since he was so predictable.

    So expect BScott to be very slow to any changes. He likes predictability (even if it means losing)

  671. interesting. thanks for tidbit. (i follow him on twitter but i do not read twitter regularly)

  672. Because BS makes sure Price has his min! BS is not a smart coach!

  673. yeah, check out the wiki.. it’s very interesting and revealing insights of NBA games

  674. Whatever happened to BS saying starters will get 35 minutes?! Does that only apply if Lin was part of the bench?! Fk this coach!

  675. Looks like MEM adjusted and started to double up and handle the first screen set for him with intense scramble to prevent Lin from getting anywhere but to release to the obvious open man. Prob on LAL is the open man cannot make anyone pay because you have no high percentage shooter (not even Kobe).

    Also, BSc letting 2nd unit handle Gasol for minutes on end was what lost the game for LAL. He sat Lin too long as well.

    What did you buy for me for Christmas, being at the mall and all?

  676. But Lin only played 6 min in the 4th Q! Hate this coach!

  677. LOL! High-5, sister!

  678. Yeah I know. Very infuriating to watch. Guess I should stop watching for now until things change. Guess the State of Union talk changed nothing!!!!!!!!!! BS is still BS and Kobe is still Kobe. Only watched this game to see whether there is any change in BS’ handling on Kobe…. Well, I get the answer. Leopard won’t change its spot. Literally about 2 minutes less for Kobe. With this rate, they will be 3-79 for the season.

  679. the offense broke down. scott needs to practice some offense. they got taken out of their rhythm easily again the starters return too late. young has to play better

  680. McFlurry again….Lin’s gonna be Felton by the end of season

  681. he is annoying me a bit as well. slow to react and adjust.

  682. you could get lost rooting around in BS’s brain…

  683. Stupid coach plus bias referees! Plus Kobe too many mistakes and bricks flying!

  684. No cussing please in this site. It’s against the Rule #1.

  685. kobe actualyl did a good job of moving the ball tonight for most of the game. he looked for lin on perimeter from the post.

    i dont even blame him for his 4th quarter. theres only so much you can do when the team has like two sets haha. its either call ‘chin’ or ‘elbow’ plays and the team also doesnt have the personnel to punish opponents. you cannot win games with horrible pnr coverage by bigs, while shooting long 2s all day.

  686. He won’t be. Felton is a glutton. Jeremy is just an emotional eater.

  687. so true.

  688. So….forget about Scott for a moment. This thing will just kept repeating itself. After all, the only player teams have to guard is Lin. Force him to give up the ball means a completely stagnant offense. The only difference among teams is when will they start to load on Lin in the game.

  689. that was pretty crazy to see. Being inserted so late in the game, was it because Price got super-hot?

  690. yea boozer lost the game he has to be benched

  691. the rotation was just beyond horrible.

  692. Nop. This is always BS’ rotation on JLin except 1-2 games.

  693. Unless Lakers win more with Jeremy leading the team, they they’ll they treat Jeremy as threat rather than Kobe. I still say until midseason (I hope) Kobe will still be target of opponent’s double teams

  694. to me Kobe and Lin and one more can figure out their own triangle offense.

    Price did great – he had his little pricesanity with his job on the line. I’d give him 17 minutes.

    The loss was because of the Gasol on 2nd unit minutes where Gasol singlehandedly slashed LAL.

  695. LOL, again. you’re on fire tonight 😀

  696. No, my point is no more else can run a team at all. Not just dishing assists….so easy to guard.

  697. Where is his priority? Not winning games? Sick of him now!

  698. Kupchak and the Buss should beat himself up and should have just kept both Gasol bros rather than trade one for the other.

  699. conley is good but he gets to play with marc gasol. that just opens up your game tremendously. even simple screening action with marc generates open shots consistently. what do the lakers have like that? only thing remotely comparable is lin-kobe two man action.

  700. younge has to play better to help that. lin has to find ways over that. what i saw is the teams sets broke down. lin plays his beast in a will functioned offense.

  701. George Karl is that you? 🙂

  702. I love my hair…no thanks…LOL

  703. Wow. Well that pretty much tells us all we need to know.

  704. and did you notice Hill not-under-the-basket for offensive Re-s that Gasol just got so easily?

  705. yes indeed

  706. they got a chip for it grizz don’t

  707. Young can not run the play either. Young is just a super-upgraded Wes.

  708. brother, you missed some good minutes by Price, srsly.

  709. so BScott offensive system is basically too antiquated to win modern NBA games then, even with this personnel?
    They hit pretty good 3P% with 8-19 (42%) though tonight.

    I didn’t watch the whole game until late Q4. I wonder if the loose defense was the big factor to the loss.
    Kobe didn’t execute well towards the end too. It was so predictable for us and Memphis

  710. key crunch time walks by Hill.

  711. 12 min is enough for Price.

  712. OK….if that is the case. They need the Lin-Price lineup today.

  713. btw i noticed the poor boxing out by hill you mentioned, that actually results in occasionally lucky offensive boards. if he gets offensive boards against gasol and randolph, its certainly not cuz he earned them the right way. one of them tonight was — indeed — when he got pushed under the basket.

  714. he is better then that. just has no rhythm

  715. first half worth it. Everyone on the team clicked, down to swag and price.

  716. We are losing so bad and BS still keeps doing the same rotation. Other coach would try many different match up by now. Kobe should be the one to rest 8 min after playing 8 min not Lin each half. If Price is hot then keep him in playing 2 guard with Lin. It’s shame that BS doesn’t see that.

  717. Haha…sure he won’t be. But I remember he said he ate 100 chicken wings when he lose in a big game or undrafted…..that’s scary

  718. Any smart coach will let Lin play at least 10 min at 4th Q!

  719. t think after Kobe’s beats MJ points Scottis gone. he will be no use to kobe after that.

  720. I did not see today’s game. It seems like what Young does is to shoot after catching a pass. The only difference is if he shoots immediately or some ISO moves than shoot.

  721. hm, good to know.. BScott and Kobe just need to understand they got to play the same way in Q4 then.
    All this going to Kobe is getting so predictable and ugly to watch

  722. Yeah, Price was playing well but BS lets JL cool off. That’s counterintuitive but BS tends to be that way. He doesn’t have a great feel for coaching

  723. Never underestimate incompetence…so true!

  724. His way is not gonna work when his match up is players like Gasol, Bogut…or even Patrick Beverley.

  725. Blaiyan is back!

  726. its a damn shame because lin was super hot in 1st quarter

  727. he average 17 last year now granted kobe wasn’t there. he is better then this his shot selection is bad

  728. That means he is not fit for being a coach! This is a competitive games, strategy is a big part of it!

  729. First and second units did what they were supposed to do first half. Very great play. Worth watching of you DVR’d. 2nd unit almost did ok 2nd run, but Gasol tore them up and BSc was stubborn because you could see it coming a mile away.

  730. Stubborn and resistant to change.

  731. That is what I am trying to say. Racking up pts is not equal to running the team. Young is a good scorer of course.

  732. The art of monitoring minutes by Bryon Scott!

    Lin played exactly 30 minutes. Not one second more, not one second less.

    On the other hand, Kobe again played a lot more than Lin at 35:16. When will Scott change and play Lin more than Kobe?

  733. i swear he was gonna end with 20 plus. but its memphis top in the west and great on defense. kobe had trouble as well. is ok. ill take it

  734. JLin in post-game interview: “the end of the game went really fast, I need to look at the film to see what’s what”. What he’s really saying is I only played 6 freaking minutes and didn’t have time to get back in the flow.

  735. well he did say he would play him the same minutes. but play him less in the 1st half

  736. im not concerned about kobe minutes. its the pathetic 2nd unit with neither kobe nor lin guiding them. are you serious?–whenever i see huge stretches like that. yes he is.

  737. Price is guiding them.lol

  738. ofcorse he is a worse kobe. has to play better this offense is new to him. let him figure t out like lin had to.

  739. young was he played pg today

  740. From an outside point of view, the only logical interpretation on Scott’s rotation is that he is tanking HARD. How else can you explain his insistence on playing Boozer and Price so many minutes as well as some LOL worthy lineups he keeps running out there.

  741. NOT LINS FAULT: lack of depth, bad defense, Jordan hill not playing like a big man, coach making him cold sitting on the bench. Kobe poor shooting, youngs poor shooting, Kobe turnovers.

    LINS FAULT: not making clutch free throws, overthinking in the fourth, deferring to Kobe in the third, not attacking, not communicating better with hill on defense rotations!

  742. young is part of the long line of lakers shooting long 2s all day, including mostly contested jumpers. thats byron’s idea of offense

  743. simple explanation is that byron is stupid.

  744. Well for the moment Lin is the only player every team has to stop. Every team loves to see Kobe shoot it seems.

  745. I guess you guys saw everything that happened, I feel upset, too. It started so well for Lin, but BS didn’t bring him back earlier in 4Q, grrrrrr…..

    pic/vids taken today:


    http://instagram.com/p/v5JjdDonxf/ – half time practice, hope you can see where Lin is

    http://instagram.com/p/v5J5H2onzy/ – timeout – BS didn’t seem to be able to tell players what to do right away, always discussed with other coaches first (any other HCs are like that?)

  746. Yup, Steve Kerr or Brian Shaw said they don’t mind Kobe shooting 25+ fgs…

  747. They are all like that. I mean HCs

  748. Wow! He got fired by three teams? That is bad!

  749. You, my lady, have a great life. 5 days vacation, 5 days watching Jeremy plays…

  750. Lin was the first man out and the last man in, both half. Incredible coach.

  751. i agree. but he can make it at a high rate

  752. Makes me think they really are trying to tank.

  753. kobe didn’t do that today.

  754. if your offense has to take contested jumpers, im happy it is nick young taking them. but that doesnt mean your offense should be centered around those kinds of shots.

  755. BTW…how was Lin’s D on Conley?

  756. Incredibly horrible, clueless, bias, coach!

  757. hmmm….but I didn’t see MEM HC did that.

  758. To put it bluntly, I agree with you. It is hard to argue otherwise after watching how Scott managed to lead the Lakers to lose in so many different ways.

  759. first half looks nice, second half not so much.

    I complain Boozer…… 🙂

  760. id rather that wellington gets more sets for him to shoot. for example. and nick takes it as a last resort, not as the first option in a possession

  761. my issue with him is those shots are contested. he doesn’t create enough space. again its been 4 games for him. he hasn’t learn how to get his shots in this offense

  762. Loved the quick trigger on the 3s. Those reminded me of Curry. You lost him for a split second and the shot’s off.

    Has Lin had any “step on the 3 pt line” long 2’s this year? He seems to have cut those down significantly compared to the past.

    Also like the picking up the foul on the drive without hitting the floor. Earn the fouls smarter, not harder.

  763. only if LAL won the last 2, and will win the next 2 games I’m going, that will make my vac even better

  764. Can’t believe Lin got whistled for Boozer’s copyrighted push-off loose ball foul in the 4th quarter LOL.

  765. It depends on how they communicate. Usually they will discuss for about 30 seconds, let players settle down. Then HC give the play while ACs focus on some players to single out some issues. In a 2min timeout i meant.

  766. 3-11 now 3-14, and he BS still plays the same efking rotation. SMH. Boring and very predicted.

  767. look at the positive lin will at least average 15 ppg this year. we should of beaten denver. frizz are great so this result is expected. we can’t loss to the ok teams and have to beat the great teams

  768. lin still doesnt get around the screen very fast, but the breakdown was with the bigs. conley was seeing open lanes for drives or floaters.

  769. if boozer start again i may loose my mind.

  770. The meeting today with Mitch Kupchak should have been the last for BS.

    This is why his initial is BS.

  771. M interesting, I see Lin one of the faster for going over the screen.

  772. its marc gasol. not easy going around that dude

  773. I know, I mean Lin can get around him faster than a lot of other guard

  774. First quarter, Lin was hot but Scott took Lin out with 4 min left. In the 3rd quarter, Conley/Gasol were hot so the MEM coach left them in which turned a 5 pt halftime deficit into a 6 pt lead. Difference in coaching…

  775. We had a very good chance to beat the Grizzlies. Coach sat the best ball handler 9 min every 9 min playing.

  776. i dont have a strong opinion about how relatively fast lin is on doing that. it doesnt stand out to me in either way, positive or negative.

  777. OK….so…not bad either….LOL

  778. yea i agree lin plays so little in the fourth

  779. Personally, defensively he played GREAT.
    Offensively, he was great Q1 (Great) A+
    Q2: offensively he was slowing down a little (still was aggressive) but played great defense
    Q3: to many PF calls on him, (some bogus), to many TO in a Q, but still defensively he was good
    Q4: he came in late, and couldnt get the offensive going and but still great D

    DeffR:94.5 (on of the best on for the season) OffR:92.5

  780. the 3-4 min mark in 1st quarter — basically mchale timing. am i right?

  781. A good coach and player!

  782. The so called changes, force feeding Nick Young, playing Lin as SG with 2nd unit with another PG were also BS!

  783. Now always at the 6 minute mark, not like it makes much of a difference! BS is yanking Lin, except unlike Mchale he’s doing it consistently and benching him longer!

  784. His DefRtg is 94.5? really?

  785. BS in a million years would never be able to say things like that.

  786. Mem stepped it up and BSc didn’t have an answer so team lost their swag from 1st half.

  787. The worst part about this season is expecting every game to be a lost.

  788. considering that it was a low scoring game, a DefRtg like that for this game isnt standout either

  789. Let Lin be the coach and player of this team instead of Byron!

  790. Oh…I thought he said for the season.

  791. BS is stubborn & his rotation on Lin just on his schedule time… smh! He just never thought about to change it…?!

  792. i actually expect us to win or at least keep it close in the first three quarters each game. serious.

  793. The worst part of this season is when he coach BS assumes every game is a loss!

  794. yup, thats the reason i posted the numbers, coz, many wont agree on def vs off points 🙂

  795. nope, i checked the other day. his season defrtg is atrocious bc the team defense is atrocious.

  796. What a leader!!

  797. MEM coach doesn’t need to monitor elder Lin’s minutes. Scott must have thought Lin is 40 years old with this season being his last one before retirement.

  798. OK….thanks

  799. it matters bcoz they average for 100 possesion. Ronnie Price who normally does well on Def, was horrible, with 120!

  800. Or you can say BS manages to turn every game into a loss!

  801. With 35 minutes per game, Lin could average 18 ppg this year! Lakers could’ve won this if starters and Lin played 35 minutes! I’ve never seen a coach like Byron playing his starters only 30-31 minutes while giving a scrub like Price an average of 21 minutes for the season! I’ve always noticed that out of all starters, Lin’s been the only one not given minutes with 2nd unit in any regular season game!

  802. Oh…so you are citing per 100 possessions #s…

  803. Worthy said Lin is a major threat and wants to see him do more down the stretch. Seems he thinks Lin will get there.

  804. It is pretty evident that Lin can lift this team.

  805. If Worthy or Magic Johnson was coach, Lakers would be winning games, I’m serious!!

  806. there were actually sets run for lin tonight. even kobe was part of it, in handing the ball off to lin.

    so things are a-changing, albeit slowly.

  807. Lin can lift this team while BS pulls it back down!!

  808. So…the problem is Scott is too heavy to lift…

  809. its not in the highlights, the one im talking about, bc lin missed that double-pump layup attempt at rim near gasol.

  810. lin has taken the role of second option I’ve seen. boozer can’t play because of his defense. scott bench him the fourth but still why start him at all. he will average 15 atlas probably more once they figure out how to use him in the fourth

  811. YOU finally NAIL IT. IT’S ON BS. BS is McHale’s twin.

  812. Yes you’d think that Lin was the one about to retire instead of Kobe the way he manages their minutes! In fact the entire starting lineup must be 40 years old and can’t handle 35 minutes per game!!

  813. Lol….Melody is a BSoH….LOL jk…

  814. scotts subbing is bad but boozer is the worse offender which can be blamed on scott

  815. THIS. People might say Conley is underrated but look who he gets to play with.

  816. with mchale ronnie would of finish the game

  817. More like BS can’t let his pet get fired after that meeting with Mitch so decided to pad his stats!

  818. BTW, Lin triggered his 3s pretty quickly. Who was that guy saying his release is painfully slow?

  819. You got it. They won the first 3 qtrs but always managed to have a loss on 4th qtr due to BS and Kobe. For this game, I put it on BS.

  820. Sorry ust really really mad

  821. Watching the highlights those 3s kinda reminded me of Curry’s or Klay’s

  822. quoting from a guy commenting about BS on the Deadspin site, speculating BS’s real job is to engineer (and take the heat for) tanking:

    “…Byron Scott took the Cavs job just minutes before LeBron jumped ship to the Heat, and “helped” the team win 19 games, and then 21 games, which sped the team along towards its stockpiling of high draft picks. The same could be said here, too. I look to see the Lakers speed along towards their goal of 10-72, and once satisfied, he’ll move on to the next franchise in need of a scorched earth policy of self-destruction.”

    Could be. Then again, maybe he’s just stupid.

  823. Scott needs 20 losses before saying the starting lineup doesn’t work and needs changes ><"

  824. yea frustrating

  825. Not that quick but pretty decent…

  826. When he makes up his mind he’s going to shoot (eg, the first two 3’s tonight), his shot is quick. When he is probing or facilitate as a PG, it seems his shots go up much slower.

  827. Not supposed to be different tho….

  828. He is not stupid. I have no problem of letting Kobe shoot all the time. I just hope he can use some help

  829. Same with why BS said he’s thought of playing Clarkson more since Price’s been struggling or playing Lin as SG with 2nd unit. All just talk.

  830. I call it. BS wants to tank on purpose.

  831. did he say that today

  832. The one about Lin was by reporter on Twitter and the Clarkson thing was during Laker Suitup interview.

  833. Does this mean Lin is starting to take over? LOL

  834. if lin averages 15 plus points in only 30 minutes i would be really happy

  835. DefR=Number of Points per 100 possessions that the team allows while that individual player is on the court

  836. I meant so far comparing all the 14 games

  837. he is really starting to get the quarterback type role of a pg. its a chess match. frizz are so great defensively it can’t test the best of them

  838. LOL…seems like it

  839. very true. BScott can’t help giving more chances to Price to not get cut

  840. I think Mitch told Scott today that the pecking order is kobe, then lin and he really doesn’t care about anybody else. I think he told Scottthat if Price does not produce he is getting cut. They have a 4.5 million dollar cap to bring in a much better PG bench player. You see how fast Scott putNick down on the ladder. just my opinion

  841. Lin sounding more and more confident, instead of feeling bad about the loss he’s thinking how he can counter their attacks next time, great!

  842. you’re right. losing gets really tough. I bet JLin is having tough time with it

  843. They were quick and during the game, I didnt expect for that play, he is gonna drain a three

  844. I think after Kobe surpasses MJ, Scott will be a goner. Kobe will not support anybody he doesn’t respect and I don’t think he respects Scott. JMP

  845. He is quick as usual

  846. not sure, both are correct…could be its just the way BScott does his rotation, or Bcoz RPrice was hot.
    Both explanation stands

  847. yeah, he was given a layup by the interviewer to talk about God and thanks, and he pretty much said this is today, and tomorrow I’ll force myself to be thankful after practice lol.

  848. The guy on the left looks like he’s going to cry lol

  849. So hard to know. Kobe seems to have some compartmentalized personas with different agendas. He says stuff that he seems to believe, but doesn’t act on, at least with any consistent conviction. Then he does stuff that doesn’t mesh with his words. Sometimes he seems cerebral – clearly he’s a very smart guy. But then it seems like his most instinctive default position is lizard-brain dominance. Maybe doesn’t respect Scott because he can run him, but wants him there because he can run him. I think he’s kind of unreliable.

  850. If only BS was half as good at winning as he is at keeping Lin at bay.,,

  851. I thought he could have stayed a bit closer to Conley after going around a couple of those screens but without a big man hedging there was only so much he could do.

  852. They have played better as a team and have been competitive. This is way better then those blow outs against teams like golden state and Dallas. But it’s hard to expect winning with a record of 3 – 12.

    Some Lin fans seem especially hard on Lin during all this losing. I could hear the frustration of losing falling on every mistake Lin may make in some posts. I know Lin could play better he has before. But somehow the whole team including coaches need to do something to stop all this losing.

    Losing sometimes is tolerable. Losing all the time is draining. I don’t know why philly fans even come to games.

  853. Not as fast but hopefully Lin and Lakers continues play to his strength. His release was alot quicker last game which is great.

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