G15 Utah Jazz (6-9) vs Brooklyn Nets (5-9)

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The Jazz attempt to get their first road win of the season Friday night when their four-game trip continues with a meeting against the Brooklyn Nets.

Two of Utah’s road losses are by five points or less and following Wednesday’s 106-101 setback to the Knicks, the regrets were abundant along with the optimism about breaking through away from home.

Utah’s only win in the last two weeks was its 114-106 home victory over the Nets on Saturday. The Jazz scored 61 points in the first half and then shot 42.9 percent in the fourth quarter.

It was their first game with Derrick Favors at center in place of Rudy Gobert (knee). Favors totaled 24 and 12 against the Nets but totaled 15 points in the next two games.

Brooklyn also is slumping since getting a big home win. The Nets are 2-7 in their last nine games since a 112-107 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Oct. 25.

While the Nets average 110 points, they are down to 103.8 in their last nine games and shooting 42 percent in those games.

Their slump continued Tuesday when the Nets were handed a 109-102 loss to the Boston Celtics. D’Angelo Russell (left knee contusion) did not play after getting injured Saturday and is unlikely to play Friday.

Spencer Dinwiddie started for Russell at the point guard and will do so again. Dinwiddie played 34 minutes Tuesday and totaled 12 points and 11 assists but shot 4 of 14.

Chris LeVert also saw some time at the point and added 15 points while Joe Harris scored 19 and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson added 16. Still, it wasn’t enough as the Nets gave up runs of 19-6 and 10-0 in the second half, doing so after allowing Utah to go on a 22-4 run in the first half Saturday.

“I thought guys competed. We just have to do it for longer stretches,” coach Kenny Atkinson said.

Those runs seemed to put the Nets in bad situations offensively such as forcing shots late in the clock or playing isolation

“Yeah, I think when we play the way that we’re supposed to, playing together with the pass, the way that Kenny and the rest of the staff kind of preaches, we get good shots, and everybody gets good touches and when it starts to go into isolation, that’s when we kind of struggle,” Harris said.

The Jazz are 6-1 in the last seven meetings with the Nets.

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  1. First, go and beat the Jazz with creativity.

  2. nets are ridiculously tight lipped about injuries; no word and then bam surgery! if lin was out forever without surgery how likely russell is back any time soon with surgery. “expects he will be back this season”… dont hold yer breathe.

    “tho there are no more details on the specifics of the surgery look up typical recovery times just to get back in motion It takes up to six weeks for the knee joint to re-establish normal joint fluid after arthroscopic surgery. Because of this, you may not realize the benefits of your surgery for four to six weeks. There is a high degree of variability in recovery times. Some patients are able to return to regular activities within two weeks, but most require roughly six weeks before they can resume full activities – including sports – comfortably. Reduction of pain and swelling and improvement in strength, motion, and coordination may continue for three to four months.”
    –pro alliance orthopedic surgeons

    can you say nets point guard curse children?

    (dao know the actual history of this, ie. when the first nets guard went down and who all there have been since then with injuries up to and thru lin and now russell).

  3. Nets PGs always had bad luck w injury…. smh!

  4. Nets doing well without DLo. Is there any major player of Utah not playing?

  5. Their center Gobert but he was out last game too.

  6. I cant see why Dinwid can’t play 40 mins, that’d minimize Whitehead on the floor.

  7. Levert might need glasses.

  8. The only way Levert can see the rim is with a monster dunk!

  9. 25 pts for Dinwiddie. 6-10 shooting. 0 TOs. He’s really playing well.

  10. And 8 assists last time I looked. Dinwiddie really has a low TO rate and when his shot falls, his a very efficient scorer. And he plays good D as well. The team plays better with him running the point in the absence of Lin and he should run the point as starter this season IMO.

  11. The problem was SM didn’t want to help Lin by bringing in better SG, PF and good backup for Lopez last summer. Instead he’s all on replacing Lin at PG position. The uncharacteristic Dlo was a horrible move.

  12. Dinwiddie should have been Lin backup PG this season, instead he’s a 3rd string backup. Horrible move by SM.

  13. He’s a MUCH better PG than Dlo, period.

  14. ur right , he threw 100 million at Otto Porter but that’s not what your point is . however Lin signed up with the Nets . It’s on Lin as far as free agency

  15. He has been the better PG. The win that he brought to Nets are impressive wins. I’m afraid that FLo can never lead a team to this kind of victory; a total team effort and everybody contribute. Low error and high efficiency from everyone.
    For some reason, the team plays better when FLO and RHJ are in slump. It’s up to Atkinson to figure out.

  16. I suggest without proof that RPM is a good reflection of team players in the MO of Nets
    RPM Ratings:
    PG Dinwiddie ranked 13th (0.94) / D’Angelo Russell ranked 53 (-1.38) / Whitehead ranked 59 (-1.7) as SG
    SG Joe Harris ranked 14th (0.50) / Allen Crabbe ranked 32 (-0.95) / Caris LeVert ranked 80 (-2.04)
    SF DeMarre Carroll ranked 12th (1.14) / Quincy Acy 25th (0.14) / J Wiley ranked 51 (-1.1)/ (Rondae Hollis-Jefferson ranked 70 (-1.71)
    PF Trevor Booker ranked 70 (-1.33)
    Center Tyler Zeller ranked 42 (-0.51) / Timofey Mozgove ranked 51 (-1.01)/ Jarrett Allen ranked 53 (-1.07)

    On the roster there is only one listed PF; clearly is the position that needs to be improved. The closest replacement should be Qunicy Acy. Tyler Zeller is the one who could be switched to PF too.

    According to Center, PF, SF, SG, PG, we have Zeller, Trevor Booker, DeMarre, Joe Harris, Dinwiddie
    DeMarre Carroll, Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, Tyler Zeller, Trevor Booker
    1.14, 0.94, 0.50, -0.51, -1.33
    16.32, 18.43, 14.30, 18.63, 15.93
    ( I hope this could be the best lineup for Nets)

    Now let’s use 5 players with the highest RPM which also seems to be a feasible lineup for Nets.
    DeMarre Carroll, Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, Quincy Acy, Tyler Zeller
    1.14, 0.94, 0.50, 0.14, -0.51
    16.32, 18.43, 14.30, 7.01, 18.63
    ( I hope this could also be one of the best lineups for Nets)

  17. updating the dinwiddie effect: when din plays 25 minutes or more the nets are 5-2; when he plays less than 25 minutes the nets are 1-6

    no din no win.


  19. The trade with Lakers is going to haunt this team for years. In fact, Sean Marks has been saved from some of his bad trades already such as the trade for Nicholson. Without DLo & Mozgov, the offense runs smoother and the defense doesn’t break down so easy. Only the trade for DeMarre actually helps the ream. The others are long longtermed project: too long for the team to make real progress in time.

  20. That doesn’t add up to the Nets record of 6-9.

  21. “no din no win.”

    Uh oh.

    The Dinwiddie puns are starting already!

  22. If Dinwiddie happens to be a better player than DLo, Sean Marks had better known it before it’s too late.

  23. According to RPM among all players:
    DeMarre is ranked 60, Spencer Dinwiddie 76, Joe Harris 98
    Quincy Acy 120, Tyler Zeller 182,
    Allen Crabbe 222, Timofey Mozgov 234, Jarrett Allen 242, Jacob Wiley 245, Trevor Booker 283, DLo 291,
    Isaiah Whitehead, 335, RHJ 336, Sean Kilpatrick 340, Caris LeVert 381,

  24. Quincy Acy

  25. I don’t know why fans are so worried here about DLo. We love Dinwiddie now but Dinwiddie is the younger version of Lin. Lin is more dynamic, but Dinwiddie is doing a lot of things Lin does. DLo doesn’t. Din looks more like an eventual possible replacement for Lin than DLo does. DLo and Lin are apples and oranges.

    Look at Dinwiddie’s production. If it continues, is there any justification for keeping him as the 2nd unit PG and not starter next season?

  26. Orlando Magic 25 mins 126-121 6-15 16 points 2-5 3P 5 Reb 5 Assist 2 steal 1 TO
    Atlanta Hawks 19 mins 116-104 2-6 5 points 1-3 3P 3 Reb 5 Assist 1 steal 0 TO
    Cleveland Cavs 32 mins 112-107 7-13 22 points 4-8 3P 5 Reb 6 Assist 1 steal 2 TO
    Phoenix Suns 27 mins 98-92 1-8 4 points 1-3 3P 4 Reb 7 Assist 0 TO
    Portland Trailblazers 25 mins 101-97 4-12 9 points 1-3 3P 3 Reb 3 assists 1 TO
    Utah Jazz 31 mins 118-107 9-14 25 points 6-10 3P 5 Reb 8 Assist 2 Steal 0 TO

  27. Nov 11, Din didn’t play against Utah Jazz.
    He played in 14 games only.

  28. Din might just be the starting PG for some team with his 3 point shooting and low TOs and high assists per 36 mins.

  29. It’s so obvious that you’re not a Lin fan. And your message to those that are: Embrace Dlo but demonize Dinwiddie. Fear the threat of Dinwiddie! lol. You’re so clueless.

  30. I’m not sure Din can keep this production up against tougher teams and when defenses get tougher. But he might. We’ll see.

  31. sws94 is one of Lin supporters, not just here. He defend Lin in other sites as well, not just by words, but by reasoning, with good analysis.

  32. Don’t think he can do that 30 mins/82 games, especially if other teams starting to game-plan on him. He still need some physical building-up to do. I dont know, some people just cant bulk up, like the other guy that Nets traded away, McCullough.

  33. I don’t worry about either one bc what Lin can do for this team it’s not possible to be replaced by anyone. Not just on court but off court too. Dinwiddie is doing what Kirkpatrick did last year. Play style exactly like Lin on court… Even Dinwiddie said Lin taught him…..

    I am not a fan of DLo & I don’t think we should trash him. Bc he’s just doing his job requested by the team. Even his game is not my favor style… Plus he had the same injury like Lin we should wish both have good recovery ASAP.

  34. Thanks. I agree and appreciate your spirit to support Lin and his teammates.

  35. Ive had my suspicions too…

  36. I feel a similar sentiment with Guest.

  37. It’s illogical NOT to count a game in which he played 0 minutes as one in which he played less than 25 minutes. It was a loss which supports the claim.

  38. She’s an annoying, self-important, apologist for Lin’s marginalization who likes to lecture Lin’s real fans with endless, long-winded posts. She’s one of those people that like to hear themselves talk but don’t know what they’re talking about.

  39. Wow, now the stats are even more convincing. I think we need to change the name of this site to dinportal.com

  40. With Dinwiddie as starting PG this Nets team plays much better than with DLo. Because Dinwiddie plays the right way using teamwork whereas DLo is a selfish chucker.

    Does that mean that Dinwiddie can lead this team to playoffs? Of course not. JLin is a lot more talented and clutch than Dinwiddie but he couldn’t do much with this team either. And that’s because this team doesn’t have a single decent big. Whenever the Nets face one of the better teams that have dominant bigs, they get blown out and even injured if they try too hard to compete.

  41. “The confidence people have in their beliefs is not a measure of the quality of evidence but of the coherence of the story the mind has managed to construct”. There’s no right or wrong, just the way it is. Everyone has their own opinions. So please stop complaining. It gets old.

  42. Great to see him getting back into other activities.
    But he does seem a little tired and drawn. This must be so tough for him mentally.

  43. Nice smiles there.
    Not a doctor. Just hope he’s not running around too much too soon.
    It was exactly one month ago today. Ugh. Can’t help it. Still bummed out, so sad.
    Can’t imagine how he feels.

  44. I bet you can beat him one-on-one right now.

  45. Ha ha. Maybe not even now. Not a baller here. 🙂

  46. None of us can predict what happens. Next season is a long ways away. Knowing how fans are protective of Jeremy, why bring that up now?
    Look, Jeremy is hurt. He can’t help the Nets on the court. Dinwiddie is trying to play the “RIGHT WAY”, and he is using the opportunity to help his team win. And doing a great job. GOOD FOR HIM! I don’t think anyone begrudges him that.
    And if it happens that Dinwiddie really breaks out and starts as PG next year, so be it. He would have earned it. After all, that’s how Linsanity started.
    I am just so disappointed that Jeremy can’t be a part of this, this year.

  47. Just watched the game. Another TEAM win, everybody contributing, with SD leading the charge. It helps to know that they won, so I didn’t have to yell at the screen when Utah got within 9 in 4Q. Fun game.
    Have to be honest, not the same level of fun or excitement without JLin. Still continue to watch to support. And hoping for the best for next season.

  48. I like these fun correlations.
    Here’s another one. Allen Crabbe, when his FGA > 10, Nets are 4-2.

  49. Dinwiddie would compliment Lin and they can work off each other. Guys like Russel are only good as 6th man. Of course Nets might not see that and instead think they can keep Russell and Dinwiddie while trading Lin away. Honestly don’t care if the lowly Nets keep Lin or not. KA is an incompetent coach and Sean Marks doesn’t have eye for talents and most of his trades have all been bad.

  50. Dinwiddie also taught Lin to have to throw up the shot when bein fouled. This is what great teammates do. Unlike Russell who thinks he’s the man of the team. Yea no one’s going to follow or respect you Russell when you don’t pass or defend and just chuck up bricks.

  51. Dinwiddie could’ve started along side Lin! Both could’ve worked off of each other especially when Lin plays SG looking to score more! Din would’ve been able to make passes for a cutting Lin to the basket or mid range shots!

  52. Because RHJ and Russell keeps looking to score on their own! When they don’t they just make an easy pass to the guy next to them including Lin instead of initiating plays with shot clock wasted!

  53. His lack of turnovers is an amazing stat to me. Usually with increased handling of ball and increased usage, would expect increased turnovers.

    Maybe because he’s not making risky flashy passes? Or he doesn’t drive to the rim as much? He plays a mostly perimeter game? Not sure.

  54. With Nets probably only 15-20 games if lucky. Honestly Nets are better off without Russell either way!

  55. Guest you should get a username cause there are too many trolls who use guest. Anyway totally agree with you! There’s no doubt that the Lakers trade was horrible! Nets don’t see Lin as the franchise because if they did they wouldn’t have gotten Russell and instead gotten guys like Reddick, Nick Young and Omri Casspi!

  56. Been saying that for the longest time, Sws94 roots for every Guard Player who threatens Lin’s leader role of the team! Continuously defending ball hogs and bad coaches like Mchale, Harden, Walker, Cliff, and Russell says it all! Meanwhile demonizing teamplayers like Dinwiddie making it look like he will replace Lin, wrong! It’s Russell who will be replaced!

    That’s cause Dinwiddie outright called this “Lin’s team”. While Russell still wants to be the man and doesn’t respect nor get along with Lin at all!

  57. I support Dinwiddie and enjoy his play. It is a lot like Lin. I’m questioning a lot of the anti-DLo posts, and they’re quite numerous here. I think while DLo may be more marketed and pushed, that Lin is way more the PG and doesn’t threaten Lin’s position as starting PG and he provides different strengths than Lin. I really don’t think Dinwiddie does, but he would seem far closer to be considered for PG than DLo. Dinwiddie, OTOH, does a lot of what Lin does. I don’t think he’s proven and can raise his game to match the top PGs like Lin does, and we’ll see how he does with swarming defenses if coaches game plan him defensively in a tighter way.

    It is extremely disappointing Lin isn’t going to play the season in his 29th year. There is no other player in the NBA I’d rather watch.

  58. Good enough but this is the first time I’ve mentioned that I find if anyone is more of a threat to run PG, it would make more sense it’s Dinwiddie than DLo.

  59. Feel bad for Kilpatrick and Mozgov not getting playing time. Felt bad for Zeller in the Celtics game. Yeah, I know, it’s pro bball, not “participation” ball. LOL.

    What’s with Booker’s shaved head? Not trying to be mean but Quincy wears bald better.

    Like Sarah Kustok’s commentaries. She seems to be balancing objective analysis and criticism. Not being too much of a homer.

    Barclays Center recognized the 10 millionth guest. Cute kid in Lin’s jersey. Also looks like huge pic of JLin in their Parm restaurant. Nice to see.


  60. There is no explanation of Mozgov being put out of the rotation immediately after DLo’s nearly season ending surgery. I speculate that it’s only because DLo that Mozgov is given the starting assignment. IT’S star power at work. Now DLo is out. Atkinson can’t wait to search a winning combination for his team. The pressure is on the coach to win except when the GM is trying to prove his trade has brought in a franchise player rather than a franchise disaster. Mozgov is currently the second highest paid player in Nets.

  61. That’s a good guess. NBA politics and agenda.

    I also get the sense that there is more pressure to win this season. Poor Kenny. First losing Jeremy. Then all these other injuries are not helping. He’s got a tough job, and only in his second year as head coach.

  62. His limitation in choosing his best lineup is now temproarily removed.

  63. I don’t understand why KA isn’t playing SKil more. He’s giving Whitehead more chances yet Whitehead is playing quite poorly.

    Booker looked better with hair. Actually, he looked good with hair. Bald doesn’t suit him.

  64. Mozgov has not been playing that engaged. Zeller has played more engaged when he had a chance. I think Lin might have helped Mozgov but, that’s not going to happen this season.

  65. I can offer no better explanation than Skilpatrick is 27 and Whitehead is much younger.

  66. I’m with you on this. The NBA money machine is a business model that I don’t agree with. Actually, I hate the NBA. Only follow because of JLin.

    Lin, Redick, Young, Casspi, all proven veterans with playoff experience, who have worked hard throughout their careers. Who can really lead teams to wins, not just be role players. (Okay, maybe not Nick.)

    Unfortunately, the NBA would rather, every year, hype up high draft players. Hand over franchises and keys to unproven, one-and-done college players who have only played about 32 games.

    Yet, Lin, against the Lakers and world champ Mavericks, produced. But continually minimized as “small sample size”.

    They want to sell potential and hope, the next franchise savior. And it’s working because most NBA fans are buying. Ugh. Don’t get me started…..

  67. The team chemistry becomes secondary to star power.

  68. On the record, Dinwiddie has played 14 games this regular season, Nets won 6 and lost 8 of them. The one that he was injured wasn’t counted on his record. I think it’s most logical to count the loss on DLo rather than Din.

  69. Dinwiddie really has good measurements in his size and in his stats.

  70. As long as everyone conforms to Psalm’s forum rules. As long as we don’t do it on DRussell fansites (are there any?) or Nets team fansites.

    What’s the harm? Russell or the Nets, and Russell fans and Net fans aren’t going to see these posts. Their feelings aren’t going to be hurt.

    We know you like Lin. It’s nice to have more Lin fans post here. The more interesting posts for me to read. The more the merrier, right?

    But, it’s NOT realistic to expect a JLin fan site to be objective and fair. Lin fans have the right to express their frustrations at injustices against Jeremy. A place for Lin fans to vent. However they see it. Please give us our space to do this.

  71. Yup. Look at Daryl Morey. Every year, different rosters, constantly trying to “upgrade”. Chasing stars. I could be wrong but IMO, the Rockets are never going to win a championship that way.

    That first year Lin was with Rockets. Even with Harden. There was Marcus Morris, Patrick Patterson, Chandler Parsons. They were the youngest team that season. And still made it to the playoffs.

    What could have been built, if they had a better coach.

  72. Yeah. Grow it back Booker!

  73. Again, good guess. Could be why. Even though Whitehead is not playing well at the moment.

  74. D’Angelo Russell
    Height Weight Wingspan Standing Reach
    6’5″ 193 6’9 ¾” 8’6″

    Spencer Dinwiddie
    Height Weight Wingspan Standing Reach
    6’6″ 205 6’8 ¼” 8’7″

    Jeremy Lin
    Height Weight Wingspan Standing Reach
    6’3″ 201 6’5″ 8’2″

    There is no stats that Lin is the most explosive of all. Dale Morey is the GM who actually put a device on Lin and
    measured it.

  75. Why are people still hating on Dlo Mozgov and Marks? How’s about giving a couple of new players the time to learn the new systems.

    The motion offence is very difficult to learn. It takes time to adapt. Even Lebron couldn’t win with “superstar sidekicks” the first season together adjusting to each other.

    Din is proof that development and motion offence can work. They had a year together already. Guys like Crabbe and DMC have been in motion offence experience so it’s going to be easier for them. Dlo has had BS and Kobe to learn from, duh…what we have is a player that will need time to relearn how to play as a team again.

    Atkinson wants the motion system for a reason. Din and the rest of the Nets lack the superstar speed Lin has. They need a system that helps them to create separation. The motion offence is designed to run players through multiple screens to help create enough space for an open shot. Guys like Din has been a great student of the system and has had time to learn it. It requires chemistry and timing that must come from playing together.

  76. Good points. I feel like this. What’s in the spirit of Lin? That’s what I ask myself. Lin is a team player, maybe to a fault some of us may think. I think he wants us to support his teammates. Wish all of them well but it goes without saying, not at Lin’s expense.

    But do we turn into a space of relentless bashing of one of Lin’s teammates? I don’t see any player that has reached Harden, Anthony, Kobe levels on this team yet. Or any coaches reaching the McHale and Byron Scott levels. I gather, others disagree with my assessment.

    Lin can’t play this season. We’ll watch the team, and I hope enjoy the games and cheer with Lin for his team. And, of course, foremost, watch Lin’s recovery.

  77. Lin makes players come at him by breaking to the basket but Spencer makes players come at him with his 3 point shooting. When you play Din with Lin or Lin with Din, Atkinson will be a very happy coach.

  78. This isn’t a very strong team. The weakness is in the front court with no dominant 4 and 5 specially in defense.

  79. MDA has made a star out of every PG he has used.

  80. Din and Lin.
    Lin and Din.
    Win and win.

    I almost forget that Nets has Quincy Acy. They are made for each other.

  81. Lin and Din; Win and win.

  82. Din and Lin!

  83. It’s not about money. It’s the roster spot that Nets needs to use DPE that will limit Nets to get help.

  84. I think some people do not understand most Lin fan’s mentality. We do not hate Lin’s PG teammates if they proof they are actually better than Lin and play team ball. We HATE Lin’s undeserved PG teammates who were/are put above Lin unjustly and are selfish ball hog. If Din plays better than Lin, let it be. We will be happy and cheer for Din. We fiercely against and hate Lin’s undeserved replacement selfish PG teammates.

    All we want is for Lin to have a FAIR treatment. Is it so hard to understand???

  85. We abhor double standards.

  86. Ok. I don’t think there is an archetype Lin fan.

  87. Tyler Zeller is similar to Cody Zeller except they have joined different teams and being molded differenlty.

  88. I know you sure will not understand our mentality.

  89. Did you understand my comment? Lin fans are diverse, so our opinions will be.

  90. We are Lin fans, not DLo fans. If DLo fans has a problem with that, I’m so sorry that you come to the wrong place to vent out your frustration.
    I admit it that I am trying to be fair but I am perfectly inclined to say that Lin is a much better player than DLo can dream of in defense and offense. Case settles.

  91. I usually ignore your posts. I only answered you because you tried to imply something from my post. I find it strange you always have trouble understand what most Lin fan’s thoughts. Sure, there are different type of Lin fans, but I wonder why you always have hard time understand the very basic concept that we do not mind competition about Lin, but we do mind the unfair treatment Lin has received. While one of the reasons Lin attracts us is Lin is a teamball guy, but you seem to admire ball hogs. Just my observation about you.

  92. I hate it when DLo threw up 20+ shots in a game and what is left isn’t spectacular. The worse part is Nets has lost most of those games if not all.

  93. I will at least give him the benefit of doubt. For the time being, to anyone who played against LeBron as the PG of Cavs and won the game as a team, I’m a believer.

  94. i enjoy watching him winning. For how long? As long as it takes..

  95. I don’t admire ball hogs. If you think that, you’re not very observant. I’ve stated over and over who I admire, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Lin, Nash, LeBron (how he plays) and I stated over and over I stopped watching the Knicks because I couldn’t stand how Melo played, his ball stopping, and started watching the Knicks when I saw what Lin was doing at the beginning of the Linsanity run. So, your observation is way off.

    Life isn’t fair. I’m black. I’ve been treated unfairly. People I love who are black, Asian, overweight, minorities, have been treated unfairly. I choose not to be angry. I’ve been there, done that. I don’t embrace the energy of anger. I don’t find it constructive. I think Lin is handling his unfair treatment well and he’s being admired by it. Look at how people reacted to the way Lin handled Kenyon Martin.

    Things happen slowly. It’s not how I want it but I’m old enough to see how things change and also that Lin is handling himself well. I’m not going to go against Lin’s teammates because some Lin fans are angry. A lot of fans that like Lin aren’t angry. Yes, some fans point out unfair treatment and discuss, but don’t take the anger approach.

    To each their own. I stand by there are no archetype Lin fans. You can ignore me or not. But your observations are way off.

  96. Say whatever you want to say. I have eyes and brain to form my opinions about you just like some posters have done below. And I have no interest to keep dialogue with you.

  97. Then don’t, Dorothy. I try to be cordial with you but you have this wall and, that’s all, you have a wall.

  98. Who is worrying about DLo. His defense is absolutely unwatchable. He frequently took 20+ shots in a game like Kobe. The team lost most of those games. Dinwiddie at least can take credit for being the PGs in 2 wins w/o DLo. Can DLo win without Din? Very questionable. DLo’s stats didn’t appear to support this.

  99. Mozgov makes butterfingers Asik look like an allstar and Lopez a hall of famer! Won’t be surprised if Marks trades Mozgov for someone else. When coach doesn’t give you minutes or starts you, writing is on the wall!

  100. Tyler Zeller looks to be the better player though. Haven’t watched games, has Tyler gotten minutes or start yet?

  101. Injury to Russell is blessing in disguise. If Lin stayed healthy with Russel out Nets would win even more games.

  102. Who is a DLo fan here? Before he was acquired by the Nets, none of the regulars talked about him that I can remember. There are varying opinions on how he’s playing. I find you to be harsh on him. That’s my opinion. I find others giving him a chance.

    FWIW, I have my doubts about him. I said I didn’t like his interviews, that he didn’t acknowledge Lin was THE leader of the team. I also discussed with Psalm that he has an attitude that he’s the man and that Lin may need to establish to DLo that he’s also Mr. 4th quarter and the ball has to run through him most of the time. So, I’ve expressed my reservations about DLo. But, tbh, the more he’s criticized, the more some may want to say, give him a chance to see if KA can make him a better teammate. We are all assuming he and Lin will share a backcourt next year, so the thought is to hope he improves and turns more into a team player that doesn’t take 20 plus shots a game. He needs to play with Lin, not compete with Lin or dominate the ball.

  103. WH doesn’t belong in NBA; dislike him. Last season, SKil had a break out 30pt game for the win even with Lin out! Yet KA has put him in the dog house. KA just doesn’t know how to use talents. Guys like SKil could be a great 6th man and instant scorer!

  104. Except youth means nothing when the scoring talent isn’t there! Loads of d leaguers are young who don’t make it to the NBA! I won’t be surprised if Marks and KA gets fired eventually.

  105. I agree. I don’t think Skil deserves to be in the dog house.

  106. Sure Skil might iso a bit too much but he actually makes timely baskets unlike Russell and RHJ who hogs the ball and stagnates the offense. In KA’s mind he probably thinks any player who scores 30 points are selfish and needs to go ?

    Guys like Omri Casspi are lucky to be enabled by GSW team and coach to score 40 efficient points for the win!

    KA would never allow something like that and that’s why he fails and is not a winning coach! Yet he allows Russell and RHJ to shoot as many as they want just cause they are the favorites, hypocrite!

  107. As you can see I have my “fans.” Thanks for defending me, it’s highly appreciated. Lin is not only my favorite current player, but one of my all-time favorite players. And I’ve been watching b-ball since decades before Lin was born.

  108. That’s not right, sport. I’ve never defended McHale. Quite the contrary actually, I think he damaged Lin for years. I like Kemba Walker. It took awhile, but he and Lin played great together in the playoffs. And I think Kemba is a class guy. I defend Russell against imbalance. I think what people are saying about him is mostly true, but I think there’s another side not being given and it’s not any different from what psalm has said about him. I think Cliff was good for Lin, he just didn’t use Lin as thoroughly as he should have. I’m not a fan of Harden, he’s a productive offensive player but he plays the game the wrong way in many ways.

    And it makes no sense to say I root for guard players who threaten Lin’s role as leader. It’s not at all accurate, and I’ve posted that I didn’t like DLo’s interviews specifically around the fact that he didn’t acknowledge Lin as a leader and that he said he wanted to be a leader. As long as Lin is a Net, he is the leader, unequivocally.

    I don’t have to share the dislike of Russell that others do. We’re all different. But that doesn’t mean I love Russell’s game either. He’s a Net, and it is what it is.

  109. I blocked Guest. Comes across as either Jeremiah or someone very similar. I don’t see his posts.

  110. Keeps it simple. Protects the ball with his body on the dribble. I think he’ll turn it over a bit with more ball pressure on him and him getting scouted. But, he may still, overall, be a low TO PG.

  111. We are harsh on him because he attempts to take over games and put up too many shots. We Love to see team winning basketball rather than hero ball. We love to see ball sharing and team defense and absolutely feel disgusted to see players running away from their guarding assignments. Nets has lots of scorers such as DeMarre, Harris, Crabbe, Din, Quincy nut they are all willing to give up their shots for better ones. In short, we are harsh on hero ball and the company.

  112. Mozgov? Hate to break the news to you but it was obviously Kenny’s decision to DNP-CD him. Not ours. Mozgov was not a strategic acquisition, he was a huge salary dump and the Nets are 18.5 points better when he’s OFF the court.

    And you think DLo was having such a hard time learning the motion offense that he kept chucking up his own shots rather than pass the ball around? Seriously?

  113. Now, DLo is gone, The team could be on the right track again. Cheers for Nets fans. No more hero ball this season.

  114. DLo can improve through watching films.

  115. I go along with what psalm has stated. There are 2 DLos. The one that is trying to implement a more team-oriented approach and one that takes a lot of shots, and some bad ones, and doesn’t look at his teammates much. Beyond that, I like to focus on other players.

    I’m no less harsh on hero ball. I write on RealGM that I don’t like DLo’s ice in the veins stuff where some posters there love it. If DLo facilitates late, he’s at his best when not doing the ice in the veins stuff, making good shots, but looking for his teammates for better shots.

  116. Yep and also PPat. A lot of good ex-teammates of Lin. But Marks seemed to purposely not get any big men of value.

  117. Im with you dorothy

  118. Agreed.

  119. Per JLin Portal’s retweet, JLin has joined Dinwiddie’s cause to auction off signed basketball.


  120. haha very true. Mozgov will be difficult to trade though. The Lopez+1st-round-pick for DLo+Mozgov trade is a total failure for Marks. Obviously he&his team didn’t do their homework right–I’m trying to be polite by not calling him stupid, and you’ll have to find a GM as careless as Marks to work out a deal like that.

  121. Zeller over 20 mins last game

  122. Nice! You said the words for us,

  123. Good one. Winsanity next year for sure!

  124. Here’s a negative rant that I need to get out of my system. (There’s a few more. Maybe another time. LOL.) Hope it doesn’t break forum rules.

    I really dislike Net Income (the tweeter), who tweets as @NetsDaily. He’s just a blogger who writes for Nets Daily (the site). He is NOT really media in terms of a journalist or beat reporter. His opinions carry no special weight. Yet he constantly claims he has insider info.

    At first, Net Income seemed to support Lin’s signing with the Nets. In fact, he gloated about how many new followers he gained on Twitter. Recently, after the Tsai deal, he again bragged about the traffic that Nets Daily gets from Taiwan, and shamelessly thanked Jeremy for it.

    However, last summer, he was pushing this narrative about how much Nets Front Office loves Milos Teodosic and will sign him, because he is better than Lin. As we know, that didn’t happen. Net Income eventually admitted none of what he predicted became true. So, why does he have any credibility?

    I thought, with the Tsai deal, he would back off a little. Nope. Today, he wrote an article about Robert Covington’s contract with the 76ers. It was actually interesting Nets history. Until the end.
    “Covington is probably the best D-League or G-League success story.” He could have left out this sentence and the article would still stand. But no.

    One ND poster replied: “Really? Do we not have Jeremy Lin on our roster?” Net Income’s immediate answer was “Covington’s a better player”. CLEARLY trolling.

  125. The point is. I’m going to do my best to cut way back on clicking on his tweets and his articles. In the past, it was convenient to get Nets news from his tweets. And to read other perspectives from Nets fans on Nets Daily. But today was the last straw.

    It may not be that hard to break my habit. Most of the time, Net Income just retweets Anthony Puccio anyway. Or, while he’s trashing Lin, he’s shamelessly retweeting Lin’s fans’ tweets. And a lot of the time, Nets Daily just summarizes and links articles written elsewhere.

    As a Nets blogger, he obviously doesn’t have to like or support Lin. By the same token, I don’t have to give him clicks either.

    Here’s an alternative to a link that keeps up with Nets news on Twitter. It doesn’t coverall all but not bad.


    And there’s always Brian Lewis at New York Post. And Greg Logan at Newsday. They are generally much more fair and balanced.

    The truth is, even superstars get a lot of hate. Social media enables it. Look at Lebron, Steph, KD, Kyrie, and so on.

    So, for Jeremy to get hate is not a surprise. I know that. But I still get annoyed and don’t like it.
    End of rant.

  126. Okay, to end on positive note again.

    JLin sure does have dedicated and loyal fans. Maybe already posted.


  127. Why do you keep calling hate to comments you disagreed? Why can’t you just simply express your opinion and let the readers decide?

  128. Exactly, if the Nets so valued their motion offense, Dlo would be the last pg they should try to trade for.

  129. Wall? Do you know it’s the racist word now? Haha

  130. Well said, the double standard and mistreat have been around for years not just now.

  131. Covington has not been half as successful as Lin is. Take the year of Lin with Hornets. Lin personally defeated Cavaliers, San Antonio, Miami and Boston. Yes, Lin took on a different role in defeating Toronto with the help of Kemba Walker too.
    What did Covington do? Not comparable.

  132. Agreed guest. She backhand compliments jeremy and pretends to be his fan. Annoying. Its up to posters like us to call out that nonsense.

  133. or do you mean the first PG they should try to trade for?

  134. but sometimes, a GM has to make a necessary risk, …sometimes you lose and when you win, you found a gem..i think its all about the FIT on the team..whether you are a star player but doesn’t fit with the system , your shine will not that bright until another chance for another team that fit one player well. my take

  135. i think they don’t want to highlight skil yet because of his potentials..another (CHEAP)
    contract will do for him with the nets…

  136. My last word to Sean Marks:
    If your career as a GM counts on a 21 year old, you are doomed for sure. Your team needs maturity rather than adolescence. When DLo makes it through to NBA as an all star, you will be long gone as the GM.

  137. The first PG to trade away.

  138. ESPN was right at least on the count that he thought Nets hasn’t done with bad trades yet.

    Taking 3 years of salary dump amount to $16M each season is not only a risk, it’s a catastrophic risk. DLo is a 21 years old and he is so many years away from being a complete player that Jeremy Lin is. By the time, he become the player to lead the Nets, Sean Marks will be long gone as a GM.

    Look at the cap of Nets. These 3 years, Nets will have $21-2M tied up by Mozgov and stretched contract of Deron Williams. Allen Crabbe’s contract will account for about $19M each season for 3 seasons. With about $40M cap space totally committed to pay off Mozgov, Deron Williams and Allen Crabbe, how many more risks Sean Marks can afford to make? Perhaps he overestimates the patience of the team owners. Atkinson could stay as the coach of Nets but Sean Marks has really put his career in jeopardy. For over $40M of cap space, only Allen Crabbe could be functional for the team.

    It is up to coach Atkinson to save Sean Marks from being fired as GM in these 3 year span. DeMare is now playing at star level. Both he and Din anchor the Moving Offense. With draft choices from the trade of DeMarre coming in, Nets may still have hope of getting help.

    Last but not least, GM has to make calculated risk but not catastrophic one that he should make all the bets on one 21 year old who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about leading the team. He’s not a complete player. He’s not a game changer. He’s been a disaster in team work. He’s not durable. He’s just a scoring machine who doesn’t defend. In these next 3 years, Nets will have hands bound to seek help in team building other than the draft.

  139. Sorry to tell you that DLo doesn’t fit in the Moving Offense. Mozgov’s contract tied up $16M+ of cap space for 3 years. The stretched contract of Deron Williams tied up $5M+ for 3 years. Allen Crabbe tied up $19M of cap space. Not to mention DeMarre’s $15M+ for 2 years which I consider as a bargain price for a premiere SF and defender. Sean Marks has to dealt with $56M cap space bound by Mozgov, Crabbe and DeMarre for the next 2 years. If you also took into consideration of DLo’s contract. $60M+ had already spent. Currently the team payroll is $95M. Sean Marks has put more than 60% of his payroll to risk. That is how much it costs Nets to find the gems for the necessary risk.

    Only DeMarre is playing as a solid starter for the team. Crabbe has not fit in. DLo should be gone for this season. Next season even when he comes back, there is no sign that he will fit into the Moving Offense and improves on his defense. RHJ has more chance to fit in than DLo costs two or three times more than RHJ. Mozgov may not get much playtime. These so-called necessary risks would cost Sean Marks’ job.

  140. On one hand, Atkinson needs help for big man to run his Moving Offense and Defense. Should he use Zeller, it just may work out fine. Then what can the team do with Mozgov? It will make the trade for Mozgov and DLo look real bad. Atkinson is having a decision to make. Sean Marks is having a situation that he doesn’t want.

  141. So far, Mozgov seems pretty washed-up. Dlo still needs a lot of work and injury-prone. Plus the Kuzma thing, the trade overall not looking good.
    Man, Kuzma is what really the Nets need. Mobile big, can shoot 3 and rebound, decent D.

  142. How will the trade look in two years, provided that everyone stays healthy? Will Kuzma have a sophomore slump? A late-season slump? I think it’s all too early to tell. It’s also impossible to tell what a DLo/Lin backcourt would have been like right now and we won’t know until next season.

    I agree, Kuzma would fit beautifully on the Nets.

  143. The skillset and maturity Kuzma showed seems likely he will improve but not the other way around. Of course we dont really know who Nets would’ve picked up.
    Dlo’s case become a bit complicated now with the injury. SM need to decide whether or not to extend Dlo next summer, and at what price. He needs to improve his lower limbs strength, otherwise he will get hurt again.
    I have no doubt that Lin will come back strong and with improved Din and Dlo, the Nets backcourt can compete with any other team.

  144. This is called getting into a “hissing contest” (change one of the letters). This has happened before and nothing good comes of it. There are no archetypal Lin fans. Some fans may agree with some others about Lin, other fans may not agree with those fans. All are valid here.

  145. Yes, if DLo can grow and learn to play team-ball and willing to share the glory of winning.

  146. Fortunately, Net Income is only a blogger. Not an employee of the Nets. So I don’t think he is acting on any Nets agenda against Lin. FOR NOW, I do believe JLin has the Nets’ support.

    I actually do like Covington. Too bad the Rockets didn’t develop and keep him. And he did have a great game against GSW last night.

    But, YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Jeremy has been a game changer and contributor for all of his teams, and on the biggest stages! Covington has not accomplished that yet.

    Thanks for the post. Revisiting JLin’s highlights are now so bittersweet. Uplifting fun reminders, but at the same time, such regret!

  147. Im a big boy and can see whats up… Dorothy is right…

  148. Agreed. That’s why it’s so surprising about the DRussell trade.
    Unless Marks was confident that Kenny could work his magic and develop DRuss into fitting in the system.

  149. You’re just reaffirming my point above.

  150. DLo has to adjust his game to his teammates, not just mute it. So far, I think he’s muting it.

  151. Then you agree with dorothy.

  152. Geez, let it go.

  153. Lol… youre the one who keeps posting/reaponding…

  154. Kuzma interesting will weakness be revealed or will he keep killing it in lakerland? I think being a laker meanstte world to kuzma he will bring his A+ game inLA

  155. Trades are not fair if u compare lakers and nets
    La lakers is top top tier pride and nets is head scratching we have work to do mindsets

  156. As applied to kuzma trade

  157. U can be a laker star on a bad team and b happy anywaybc LA LAKERS MAN

  158. Allen Crabbe is starting to look worth Nets’ huge investment
    By Brian Lewis

    “Inconsistency has always been Crabbe’s bane, often due to waxing and waning aggressiveness. After averaging just 10.6 points on 34.7 percent shooting from beyond the 3-point arc through his first 13 games as a Net, he’s jumped to 19.3 points on 51.9 percent in his last three games.”

  159. “But [he’s] much-improved defensively. He has all the [necessary traits]. He’s got nice size, he’s got good agility, he’s got a high IQ defensively, so there’s no reason why he can’t be a good wing defender in this league. And now he’s in a starting position, now every night you’re guarding an elite wing, so heck of a challenge for him to improve in that area.

    Atkinson challenged him with guarding former teammate C.J. McCollum on Nov. 10 (McCollum managed 17 points on 6-for-16 shooting in a 101-97 Nets win in Portland), and on Sunday he held Golden State deadeye Klay Thompson without a 3-point attempt until there was 1:29 left. Next up is Cleveland on Wednesday, where he’ll not only get doses of Dwyane Wade and J.R. Smith, but likely some of LeBron James as well.

    “That’s what I’m here for. It’s a test to my basketball skills. I’m up for it. That’s what you want to do,” Crabbe said. “If you want to be a starter in this league, you go up against elite players. It’s just about learning, getting stops going back to the film room, taking away tendencies and hoping that I can limit them from having a big night.”

  160. IG Story: Gettin him on that disney life
    1️⃣Jaden was busy opening the drawers in the kitchen while his uncle Jeremy was busy preparing dinner.

    2️⃣@JLin7 teaching his 1-year-old nephew how to play basketball. Poor Jaden keeps getting blocked by his uncle Jeremy??

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