Game 15: Atlanta Hawks vs Denver Nuggets: Efficient Lin Continues to Shine in Limited Time

Jeremy Lin continued to capitalize his performance in the limited time that he was assigned and thrived especially in the 4th quarter against the Golden State Warriors. He showcased great defense in guarding a taller Kevin Durant multiple times forcing misses, giving up the ball, and even an entertaining offensive charge causing both players to smile.

Durant did extend the arm and Lin did a great job to accentuate the impact by falling down, earning praise from the announcers.

This game was on national TV and provided good exposure of Lin’s performance and excellent health after rehabbing from injury. It will be

Meanwhile, NBA Advanced Stats showed Lin’s ability to excel in limited minutes in November by ranking 4th for PG in PER36 in efficiency and 7th in overall PER while shooting 50%FG, 40%3FG, 90%FT. This will be attractive to many NBA teams seeking PG help for a playoff push or veteran PG leadership.


  1. First! Wish JLin stay healthy and have good games

  2. Letโ€™s notch another game on the rehab tour with another fine game.

  3. I wonder if Jlin, knowing he will have limited minutes based on what the coach wants to do, and knowing that limited minutes is good because of the need to be careful with his rehabilitation, tailors his game play with those two factors in mind making all of his moves, especially on offense more deliberate? If he knew he was in the main rotation and going to play 30 minutes, would he be more aggressive and maybe reckless knowing a little risk could be worth it because he would have time to make up for it after? If so, this would help to figure out how he plays his minutes. Also if so, this is a great demonstration of the maturity of his overall play and an astute GM recognizing these mental factors would consider these valuable intangibles to contribute to making a playoff run

  4. Melo is out. You would think I would be laughing. I AM. But, I also really wanted to see him stay on the Rockets and implode their ENTIRE season. TOO BAD.

    The biggest wimp, DARYL MOREY. Come on Morey, you’ve been chasing Melo (and dissing Lin) since 2014. So, now after only 13 games, you give up? WHAT A WIMP!

  5. Looks like Lin is mentoring Bembry more than Young. These mentions of Lin were all volunteered, not asked.

    After a Bembry preseason 20-pt game, Bembry talked two smart experienced players like Lin and Carter making it easier for him.

    During half-time interview on 10-27-18 (loss to Chicago), Bembry shared credit with Lin, for helping lead a come-back.

    Postgame interview after 11/9 loss to Detroit, Bembry talked about how he and Lin have discussions about game strategies.

  6. Didn’t see if posted already. Lin postgame 11/9 loss to Detroit. Talked about his progress (physical or in-game or both?) as NOT BEING LINEAR. That progress is improving each week, but will have ups and downs.

  7. Prince and Dedmon are out. Len is questionable

  8. It’s tough to mentor someone who doesn’t even play with you 85% of the time (don’t know the exact time Lin and Trae share the court together, just guessing). If Hawks truly wants Lin to mentor Trae, they should start them together and rest them together. But then Hawks would have nobody to play point on their 2nd unit.

    Lin “mentors” Bembry because he plays with him a lot more often. Bembry has finally stopped being as much of a ballhog after about a month playing with Lin. He’s been sharing the ball more often now.

    I honestly think Bembry’s ballhogging is the result of poor coaching. Pierce constantly tells everyone to shoot open shots and be aggressive. So that’s exactly what Bembry has been doing. It’s Lin who has been passive and not listening to Pierce, because Lin wants to get his teammates going first and worries about their stats more than his own.

    Lin has helped Bembry see the benefit of taking his blinders off and look for open teammates instead of driving into 3 defenders every possession he has.

    Gotta keep in mind, Bembry is still relatively young. He’s is only 24. This is only his 3rd year in the NBA and he’s only played 78 games overall. He’s now got one of the best mentors in Lin helping him learn how not to be a ballhog and learn how to break down plays, assisting others, not just score by himself.

  9. Hopefully some of Prince’s shots go to Lin tonight. Lin really needs to get his field goal attempts up a lot more. Be the scoring PG the Hawks wants and needs, so they can show other teams Lin is worth trading for.

  10. WOW – the 50/40/90 club. MOST IMPRESSIVE.

    Even on its own, amazing. But after a catastrophic injury? TRULY A MIRACLE!

    Keep going JLin! STAY HEALTHY and stay great!

  11. Hahaha

  12. Morey is a slimy creep. That whole media scrum he put together a few days ago was all BS. Everyone knew he was lying about the rumors of Melo being waived being false. I don’t trust a word that comes out of Morey’s mouth. Only other GM in the NBA I dislike more than Morey is Marks. They’re both lying, backstabbing, snakes who uses players, then discards them like garbage when they’ve served their purpose.

    As for Melo, he should just retire. Like I said in the previous thread, he should save himself further embarrassment and call it quits. He’s already made enough money and he obviously doesn’t care about winning. He just wants to salvage his legacy and bruised ego, but it’s not worth going to another team who will just cut him again, after they find out firsthand how terrible he is. Plus, no team is even interested in Melo because if they were, Morey would’ve traded him already.

    Poetic justice. The jealous backstabber who sabotaged Lin’s career is now (hopefully) going to be out of the league before Lin is.

  13. JLin knows what he is doing! He is THE NBA player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. His PER36 for Nov is already very impressive. I’m surprised even PER is #7.
    But several games with 20+pts when key players are out will certainly help his market value

    I’m glad Lin is being extra careful when attacking the rim now. It’s okay for Lin to have a few blocked shots but still play almost the full 82 games. Health is certainly Lin’s greatest asset.

  15. Check out Robin Lundberg’s tweet on MDA and Melo ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. We can prop up Lin with advanced stats and ignore his October stats all we want, but the fact is, scouts and GMs won’t care and will just say he brings it 1 quarter per game and only in garbage time. Which would be true. Lin has to be consistent and show up the whole game more often.

  17. Dagger from D’Antoni. Iced the game on Melo’s career. Payback’s a B.

  18. no worries. We just need to be patient. Lin is already ahead of schedule after 10 games. He said he’s 8 out of 10 last week so hopefully he’ll be 10 in December.

    I trust Lin knows what he’s doing based on the efficient stats in the last few games. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he only took good shots.

  19. Not certain how to distinguish JLIN & Bembry’s relationship. JLIN said he did NOT like using the word MENTOR wrt Hawks/TY because he said it’s a 2-way street.

    Bembry is learning. JLIN’s career is replete with teammates that were on his squad that, over time (just like Bembry’s experiencing now) understand that JLIN will make the game easier for him and that JLIN knows how to use what you do best as an advantage and exploit the weakness of the opposing unit.

    From Knicks onward, JLIN has played with guys that had more years in the NBA than he had, but he made them better too – you can’t call that mentorship – that’s flat-out a peer wanting to play with JLIN because he finds a way to beat the other team. So Not using the word mentorship is fine with me.

  20. Sure, patience is good and needed, but his time is running out in this league. I know he’s still not 100%, but the league doesn’t care. Lin just has to be more consistent and not take 3 quarters off, hoping for a blowout so he doesn’t get benched for all of 4th quarter by Pierce.

    The problem with only taking good shots and not taking more contested shots, is that he doesn’t even get that many touches and minutes per game. Plus, he still defers and overpasses too much. If it wasn’t for the 4th quarter burst against the Warriors, that game would’ve been another stinker for Lin, minus his great defense, but defense doesn’t show up on the score sheets.

  21. Hawks lineup will be as thin as the Denver air tonight. Let’s hope Lin gets more meaningful minutes tonight as a result. And Lin does need meaningful minutes to make an impact. From what I’ve seen so far, Lin is slowly regaining his old self, playing basketball the Lin’s way. He needs time to gel with the rest of the team. Things will work out for Lin in Atlanta, my Ouija board says so. My Ouija board and I are always optimistic when it comes to Lin. Letzzz Gooo JL7!

  22. I’ve learned not to second guess JLIN when it comes to basketball strategy and management of what he needs to do on the floor to further his career goals.

    JLIN got his starting job with Brooklyn despite an entire season of fans saying he should take over Hornets games.

    JLIN did it his way – and if he continues to only turn on his jets in the latter part of games – then I trust he knows what he’s doing. He lost 2 years due to injury but he will figure out what needs to be done as the next step.

  23. I look forward to one day this season, and it will happen, when JLIN due to the starting point guard needing a rest, injury what not … when JLIN gets the call to be the Starting Point Guard.

    Now when that happens, the ramifications would be interesting.
    1 . Would the Hawks really want to Win (rather than say start Bembry over JLIN)
    2. How much time would JLIN really get as the starter (or would it be just a cover-up) e.g. JLIN started but ended up still splitting time with faux PGs and gets still 15mins.
    3. If JLIN led a victory (e.g. JLIN starter in CHA over Lebron, Raptors, BOS etc..) how would that play to the Atlanta establishment?
    4. Would JLIN be later punished for exposing the tank as a truly purposefully engineered TANK strategy

    All I know is – JLIN will know what to do when that START time comes this season.

  24. Hopefully it will happen just like how Lin led the Hornets to its only win against LeBron.

  25. Trae was asked about Lin replacing him in the 4th quarter and learning from Lin:

  26. Kudos to Trae for being humble and praising JLin’s terrific plays in the 4th quarter and learning from his pace.

    He seems like a good, humble young guy.

  27. Bembry gets the start again tonight. No Lin in starting lineup, as expected.

  28. I am hoping Lin will play 20+ minutes this game. Go Lin!

  29. Interesting. Nuggets are switching their normal starting PG, Jamal Murray, with their backup PG Monte Morris. They want the shorter, less skilled Morris matched up against Trae, and the better, taller Murray matched up against Lin.

  30. Pierce already forced to call an early timeout. No defense from Hawks starters. Hawks down 0-7.

  31. Nuggets have a lot of new talented guys who can shoot the 3. Every mediocre team Hawks has faced are rising due to the switch to shooting mainly 3pointers. Except all those team actually play teamball and Hawks are full of selfish iso players.

    Starting lineup is just hilarious, all iso players who are lazy defenders, Trae, Baze, Bembry, and Spellman. Golden tanking lineup with Prince out.

  32. Lin already in. Hawks down 0-9.

  33. Lin in

  34. After 0-9 start, LP can’t stand it anymore and put Vinsanity, Linsanity, and Plum-sanity

  35. haha Starters so bad both Lin and Vince checked in early! Keep tanking Trae and starters you guys are doing what Hawks want!

  36. Defense lead to offense!

  37. Interesting, Trae and Baze stayed on the floor .. so LP wants the game to be at least competitive with Vince, Lin, and Plumlee

  38. Pierce is finally giving Lin and Trae extended playtime together.

  39. Lin to vince – assist!

  40. Anyone play fantasy basketball? haha Chose Lin x Vance for Hawks today, great choice. Didn’t know starterrs would be this bad allowing them to play early!

  41. So funny, Lin arguing with the ref over the out of bound ball that went to Nuggets while Trae just sits there staring at him like “Dude when are you or anyone going to help me up?”

  42. LOL i saw that!

  43. I missed it damn.

  44. Good D by Lin!

  45. Then a great pass!!!

  46. Nice A after great defense

  47. Lin making good plays today and playing with determination.

  48. Pierce is a genius is planned a killer tanking starting lineup with all the selfish shot chuckers so Lin and Vince can get more minutes and check in like they are starters haha. Nice! Hawks must be building up their values. Either for trade or whatever, Lin’s gain either way.

    Bench unit is 10x more like a team than the starting lineup.

  49. Great Lin bounce pass leading to an easy layup

  50. Productive 6 minutes from Lin. Nuggets seem to be ready to play and Hawks look like they’re winded, struggling to make shots and defend.

  51. Yeah! He looks great. I was kinda worry as the oxygen in Denver is lesser.

  52. Trae young went to the locker room might have hurt himself.

  53. huerter 2 3’s? lol

  54. Wow make the dunk dude!!!

  55. Looks like Huerter has been practicing his 3s. Made both tonight so far.

  56. If LP allow Lin to play with Trae, than I am glad that Trae is okay.

  57. 222222222222

  58. 1 FT

  59. And 1

  60. jeremy had that floater?!

  61. He just made a transition 3! Must’ve learned by watching Lin! Smart BBall player! Huerter is a great 3 point shooter and future starter but he needs to be setup and needs to learn some playmaking, drives, built up, to get to Thompson level.

  62. Since Linsanity.

  63. Man, loving that Lin high-arc Floater!

  64. Lin Lookin heeeeealtthy !!!!!

  65. I love it i hope he stays that way!

  66. Lot of minutes. close to 9 mins and is only the 1st qtr.

  67. It was a beauty. Was a bit scared when Plumlee (Mason) landed on Lin though.

  68. Pierce smiling while relaying orders to Lin. He’s like haha I got the job done well tonight, Starters tanked and Lin will check in like he’s a starter for showcase. ๐Ÿ˜›

  69. yeah, a beauty indeed. Lin ready to protect his head from being stepped on

  70. Huerter sucks

  71. good to see he tried the 3!

  72. You bet! Lin checked in at 8min mark cause Starters gave a 0-13 point lead!

  73. 2nd try tonight

  74. Just hope they will fall soon.

  75. Lin bringing back the floater means he’s getting closer to Linsanity form again! Woot Woot!

  76. Like the way he cradled the ball driving to the hoop like back in Linsanity days vs Harden-isk trying to draw fouls with ball out in front. He won’t get the calls that way as much.

  77. Lin is missing his shots, but at least he’s aggressive from the get-go tonight. Making great passes and plays. Rebounding, playing good defense too. This is exactly what I want to see out of Lin. He’s being rewarded with starter playtime now.

  78. yup…that was sweet…good to see….get it going early….and most like more minutes this game, since the lineup is thin

  79. Actually since Hornets! He brought it back during Hornets then it disappeared again. Not sure why but Lin needs to use it more now that he has to avoid injuries.

  80. Need to keep shooting those even if he misses! They will fall eventually, can’t be afraid of shooting!

  81. agreed. as long as he gets to play his brand of bball he’ll get hot with minutes

  82. stream?????

  83. Haha Trae stuck with Bembry now. Lol.

  84. Lin out

  85. Hawks are really missing Collins. He needs to come back asap. Wonder what Lin can do with him…

  86. hawks defense is terrible…

  87. Stop try to be like Curry, words to the entire Hawks!!!!!

  88. Shot clock just reset there no need to take this kind of long distance 3…

  89. stream???

  90. Stephen curry #2

  91. Vince putting these young guys to shame! He’s doing everything out there! Getting his own rebound, passing back out, rebound again and passing to Trae and everyone missed! SMH! Vince should’ve just taken it himself! Can’t believe he’s 40+ he play like he’s in his 30s, Vince just needs to lose some weight and he’d still be a very good starters.

  92. Lin was able to settle the Hawks down and stop the bleeding. Hope he can keep up his momentum and rhythm all game and find his shot.

  93. defense is very much lacking for hawks starters except for Len

  94. Nobody boxing out, Bembry no defense.

  95. Wow no box out! Should call a time out!

  96. Man, Hawks starters keep digging themselves a deeper hole.

  97. The worst combination – Young team + rookie coach!

  98. Tanking team, Pierce is doing a fine job! His job is to showcase Lin while making a starting lineup that can dig a huge hole. This time Pierce’s done it, starters were so selfish and bad on defense that Lin and Vince checked and played entire 1st quarter like they were starters.

  99. sigh…..LP need to be smart in switching the rotations now

  100. As I said, LP don’t wanna tank just yet. Just think about it, if LP can have a winning record or make the playoff with this young Team, he job probably will be secured for 3-4 years down the road.

  101. LP is a genius they put all the selfish me first shot chuckers together saving Lin from all of them! Lin gets to paly with Vince and all the teamball guys tonight. It’s like Knicks tonight what a treat!

  102. You can tell right there that Young is too thin…

  103. Baze!

  104. Trae is struggling so Lin might get more minutes. Maybe opposing D has figured out how to guard Trae

  105. I am hoping LP finally realize Lin is good and then the team make the playoff, sort of like Lin;s time with Clifford…

  106. My prophetic dream may come to fruition. Lin being the starter eventually and Young being back up?

  107. Lin should get the starting PG/SG spot while leading the bench! If not this team can tank for all I care!

  108. That won’t happen. The best is both starts IMO.

  109. I hope Lin has a great game which will support that dream but I really doubt it.

  110. Lin waiting to come in

  111. come on Bazemore. That was coming off the rim.

  112. Collins praising Lin for leading the team in charges taken.

  113. The commentators praising Jlin for taking charges.

  114. worst team in the NBA?

  115. Lin is waiting to come in

  116. good pass from TY to bazemore

  117. Seriously, not if Lin was able to start.

  118. Yup. The most important thing is Lin’s get the minute his deserve which should be no less than 25+ minutes.

  119. You are like a fortune teller to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. Definitely, they had the worst record last season.

  121. not even Lebron or KD can save this team

  122. Lin in!

  123. Lin in

  124. When Lin is on, he looks Waaaaaaayyyy better than Young. Can’t hide it anymore. If Trae was killing it with 3’s maybe a different story. But he’s exposed right now with his lack of D, size and shooting %. Not hating, just facts.

  125. That’s the magic of LIn. He’s not Lebron nor KD, but has the leadership quality to raise others and mind you can score like them if given the green light. He does it his way…not theirs.

  126. tough pass by lin – TO

  127. Go Hawks! Win this one!

  128. I wouldn’t go that far. LeBron is the best player ever to play the game and makes others better

  129. Murray just got demoted to the bench today. He is piss Lol.

  130. Lin made 2 bad passes. Can’t be forcing those like that.

  131. Not comparing him like that…LeBron is the best individual player to play the game, for sure.

  132. Yup. That one of Lin problem. But good to see Lin is talking to LP.

  133. 3333333333333333333333333333

  134. I haven’t seen Lin raise others like you said though.
    He’s a good team player but he never lead a team like that

  135. there u go!!!!!! 33333

  136. How is that a foul? he was looking at the ball.

  137. he should be trash talking LP

  138. 2nd team now loosing their shooting touch! sigh

  139. Lin scored 5000 point in NBA just now

  140. 2 FT

  141. Congrats!!!

  142. Lin out

  143. wow, Lin’s 5001 points!!

    Congrats on the milestone, JLin!

  144. Grats on Lin’s 5,000th point!

  145. 13 Mins 1st half. Not bad at all!

  146. Not having one of Dembry or prince really helps a lot
    these 2 are cancer

  147. Lin making shots and playing very well, not over passing great to see! He looked gassed so I don’t mind Pierce giving him a breather.

  148. He took a hit. Hope his knee is ok. Don’t see him on the bench.

  149. LP is should tell his players play close defense on Murray. Guy is trying to show his coach that he is a starter….

  150. Baze is a great player, he throws down every shot closer to the basket and makes almost every shot. If only he’d pass more to Lin and look for teammates. He can be a great no.2 option if he was less selfish.

  151. plz

  152. missed first haif. what happened? how is lin playing?

  153. A lot. 13 mins!

  154. Playing great, minus 2 turnovers (3 overall) and missed shots.

  155. I don’t know about you guys but I like Huerter as much as I mock his relationship with LP off the court
    He honestly looks like a more solid player than Young.
    Young just takes bad shots and plays no defense. No game at all.
    Huerter plays well within the role and can shoot well. Kind of like Klay Thompson

  156. how his speed?

  157. Super! Lin checked in at 8min 1st quarter and played most of 1st and 2nd quarter cause starterrs dug a 13 p to 0 deficit. Lin’s sub pattern is like a starter today. His 3s weren’t falling but he kept shooting and finally got 1 in, also made a floater which we haven’t seen since Hornets and before that Knicks.

  158. Hawks 5-23 3pt 21.7%

  159. good.

  160. He’s trash
    His decision making is the worst

  161. Pretty good, but he’s holding back. 1 play, he went full speed drive and looked fast.

  162. Looking good buddy.

  163. i thnk thats how hell play from now on. he’ll go full speed more as he gets healthy but not as much as before

  164. When you have the best player playing bench minutes, no one can save the team.

  165. on the other side….looks like GSW recent drama may have influenced their game…loosing bad to Rockets

  166. Getting blown out. Kerr not keeping KD out there like he did against Lin and the Hawks.

    What a difference team cohesiveness can make. And no Melo for Rockets = wins.

  167. Melo is gone. Rockets playing better too.

  168. To be fair they loss Curry, he’s the glue guy without him this team is in shambles. Doesn’t help with KD “decision” looming over them.

  169. Congrats to Jeremy for his 5,000th point!

  170. If Lin gets another 13 mins, no problem getting 20pts tonight

  171. KD is starting to get too full of himself and not playing like a team which GSW is known for their team culture. It’s why D.Green was pissed.

  172. Huerter is part of the future just like Young, They want Huerter to be Thompson 2.0. Huerter is a smart play but to get to that level he needs to learn how to make some plays, drive, and built up! He can learn a lot from just watching Lin. Already learned how to make transition 3s like how Lin does.

  173. for me , as long as jeremy is getting his goal to be fit and healthy again. no amount of loss of the hawk will be a disappointment but if it ok to be greedy, winning also is sweet…LOL!!!

  174. He was huffing and puffing out there. Even though I want Lin to play more minutes, tonight might not be a good idea. Plus, he got landed on by Mason Plumlee and Juancho Hernangomez ran into Lin’s bad knee.

  175. Curry the glue guy, that sounds so wrong lol
    He is a superstar and the warriors play for him
    Hes the second best player of that team
    Klay is more of a glue guy

  176. yea, sounds right. Again, hope his knee is ok

  177. It looked like the initial contact hurt Lin’s knee, but he recovered.

  178. am i right, its now only JLIN who wasn’t tried to be a starter?

  179. You are right. Well, except Dorsey.

  180. Bemb bein a starter today…hope LP make that move for Lin to start as an experiment sort of (of course, young needs to be consoled here by FO and coach onto why)

  181. This is Bembry’s 2nd start, I believe.

    Thing is, it doesn’t matter who starts because Pierce played Lin starter minutes tonight (so far).

  182. Thank you for capturing the stream.

    I sent the congratulations. It’s quite a mile-stone. Hoping for another 5000! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜€

  183. Uh oh, here comes the blowout… as usual, in the 3rd Q.

  184. Bembry on skates

  185. Lin is a big PG, Young is small PG. Nothing Young can learn from Lin in offense.

  186. Curry is the franchise he keeps everyone in line, Klay is no.2 option and too nice so he can’t really keep Green in check.

  187. There’s always something to learn from each other. Lin can certainly learn how to create separation and make extended 3s from Trae. Huerter certainly learned how to make transition 3s, look for mid range jumper, and pass just by watching Lin.

  188. Lin is not on the bench ?

  189. He comes out at 8min mark in 3rd.

  190. Players can learn by watching films of other players. The mentorship are more about work ethics and leadership things.

  191. i saw him there a few seconds ago. he maybe on a bike

  192. this teams D is horrible. No leader on the floor.

  193. yupp…sigh!

  194. You can see his back after the timeout, he’s in a gray shirt.

  195. i dont see how any of this is develping trea

  196. yeah, i saw also just now..i just wonder because trae playing was not working and huerter comes ahead of him

  197. yeah saw him

  198. thats still confuses me

  199. Instead it might hurting him mentally. But that’s on the front office.

  200. Green Light to shoot and play freely is enough. Hawks priority is tanking and getting Lin minutes to raise his value. They also value Zion Williamson more than Young that’s for sure.

  201. LP should put Lin i now.

  202. 33333333333333333333333333333

  203. Lol….

  204. They try to make case for Young as Rookie of the Year, but…..

  205. sweet threeeeeeeeeeee

  206. There were 3 players at the rim Bembry. come on!

  207. This is getting ugly…

  208. lol

  209. Noooo Lin finally get more minutes please don’t make it a blow out…

  210. I just want lin to play well lol

  211. take bremby out. he is out of control

  212. Jokic tried to give Lin a clothesline shot. Lin wasn’t happy about it.

  213. like i said earlier. i dont see another win for a month

  214. the light is not on up there today. It must be the altitude.

  215. He played well last 2 games too. This game, back to ballhog, stupid Bembry.

  216. Lin trying to make stuff happen but too many young and out of control player. no energy again. Still they play alot. Lin who shows up every game doesnt

  217. Lin now ties Spellman with most FGA: 8.

  218. low IQ play there

  219. That foul was unnecessary and out of nowhere. Rarely see Lin mad over a foul cause it was so random, like what the heck are you doing?

  220. 8 so low, need to get 15 every game. Lin’s doing a great shot of taking shots without a care and not overpassing. Can look for his mid range more though.

  221. take bembry out.

  222. Come on Lin, just shoot the ball.

  223. Well at least not a 50 point blow out.

  224. You’re kidding. Giving up 98 to Denver with 3 minutes left in the 3rd?

  225. Blowout is a must for benching Young and playing Jeremy.

  226. I know, but Lin went back to deferring again in the 3rd Q.

  227. Bembry having a bad night. Destroying LIn’s +/-. LOL.

  228. maybe LP told him to get guys going.

  229. The night is young.

  230. Vince lighting on fire lol

  231. The Hawks don’t have Dedmon, Collins, Prince and the team sticks with rookies. What do you expect!

  232. Lin taking to Plumlee after going to the bench, might be explaining something to him. Plumlee is pretty bad as a big compared to Len, not making screens or good enough passes.

  233. Terrible. With Denver up by so much.

  234. Plumlee played hungry, with high energy, and made great shots, dunks, and put backs for like 2-3 games. Now that he’s getting more playtime, he’s looking clueless out there and back to his older self.

  235. His PER is below 10 with starter minutes.

  236. i saw that the 3Q are plays the coach wants..even VC played with the flow and it highlighted Huerter on that series of play..Coach made those plays for him and they execute it to the letter..however the result was a dud!!!..Hope LP tries also the PnR sometimes on his aresenal

  237. Vince has tape on his shoulder I hope he isn’t injured. seriously Vince puts these rookies to shame! Vince just need to lose weight and I’d take him as a starter over Bembry, Prince, and Bazemore.

  238. TY with those down town 3’s lol

  239. bad shot selection

  240. Lyles trying to posterize Vince. Nice try.

  241. The whole team look lost out there.

  242. TY is so lucky, he gets to practice extended range without fear of being pulled. Wish Lin had that kind of green light.

  243. is J in or out right now?

  244. how many time will we say low energy

  245. Out

  246. i don’t like his brand of play, he play like he believe he’s a PG or globetrotter. He’s big , slow yet with little BB IQ

  247. Haha. They have no one left. Not that Prince has been able to help with winning. Just maybe not a big blowout.
    Prince can get hot on offense. But pretty much lacking court awareness, especially on defense. Not a big fan of Prince at the moment.

  248. plumlee calling his own number too often knowing that dedmon is only out for personal reasons.

    also, how obvious of a tank is it to get “paternity leave” lol… i mean one game sure, but three?

  249. Prince if he allow himself to play with the system can be controlled..bembry not so much

  250. Have mercy. Nuggets with 109 at end of third.

  251. Prince is out and coach is trying new lineup every game. It’s the tanking formula to put everyone out of rhythm. Even Lin is affected hence the 2 TOs.

  252. Same story. Starters dig a hole that Hawks can’t get out of. Then Hawks have a horrible 3rd Q to give opposing teams a blowout. It’s like a broken record.

  253. Too young.

  254. the record aint broken. that’s the sound of a top draft pick…

  255. Bembry very inconsistent. Heck, I guess they all are. (Except Lin, of course. More consistent in November.)

  256. Hahaha.

  257. anything for zion right?

  258. The players aren’t trying to lose, bro. If Pierce didn’t care either, he wouldn’t have called a timeout when Hawks went down 0-9 to start the game and bring Lin in early to stop the bleeding. He would’ve just let the Nuggets keep running up the score.

    Hawks are just bad. And they’re also tired tonight.

  259. Big blowout in high altitude. Might as well treat it as practice.

  260. playing bembry, huerter, and spellman aint trying to win either. that’s called tanking…

  261. This is really ugly.

  262. They have nobody else. Are you blind?

  263. Want to hear how Lloyd Pierce can brag about team improvement after this game. lol

  264. Hawks get wide open 3’s. Clunk. Nuggets get wide open 3’s. Can’t miss. Swish.

  265. you dont have to START them, are you even watching?

  266. Trae looks a bit shaken up.

  267. TY getting checked out

  268. LOL..after taking a block, Trae is now acting out????

  269. he should be fine

  270. So who do they start?

  271. maybe his EGO lol

  272. lin and vince.

  273. humiliated big…Coach is the culprit!!!

  274. those extra minutes for trea were unnecessary. he seem to get worse with time

  275. Did Trae just raise the white flag. Ego a little bruised. Don’t need to play anymore tonight.

  276. ATL down by 36 at the end of the 3rd. At this rate DEN could score 140 pts. How can a professional NBA player not know “how” to play defense? Defense is pretty basic and after that it is effort. ATL professes to emphasize defense but show absolutely no proficiency at it. To me, this indicates lack of effort. How can these athletes not bust it every night playing for obscene amounts of money? The +/- difference between the two teams is huge. The way ATL is playing is demonstrative of a team tanking, an evil, vile aspect of pro sports. I am glad I did not get League Pass even though the only reason I follow the NBA is Jlin. I cannot understand how anybody can be a “fan” of the NBA.

  277. So obvious no one’s going to help Trae or get him open shots. He’s getting the “Lin” treatment by players. No one’s going to help Trae look good, he needs to learn his lesson and be humbled.

  278. And who leads the bench? They have nobody who can handle the ball, make assists, and playmake other than Lin and Trae.

  279. Agreed. That this is on LP. He just don’t know how to coach.

  280. Chemistry is a funny thing. This game, Lin and Poythress had it going. Poythress passes to Lin. Lin feeds him.
    Plumlee, on the other hand. Couldn’t handle Lin passes. (Also, couldn’t finish at rim.) He’s not having a good game.

  281. he believed he’s the best now thats why. coach inflates his ego tahts what you get from it!

  282. bembry “leads” the bench anyways, have you not been paying attention? who plays backup pg when lin doesnt play whole quarters? watch the games before you talk man…

  283. It’s the coaches fault. I even feel a little bad for Trae, but he’s not better than Lin. Bottom line, Lin should start the rest of the season now he is getting healthier. Teach the team how to play the right way and let Trae learn that way.

  284. Bembry “led” the bench like 3 times. I’ve watched all the games. Doubt you have. All you do is talk ish and keep doing your “waaaah Hawks are tanking” BS routine every single day.

  285. I give him respect that he’s still playing. Like the fighting spirit…

  286. lol you deny they are tanking? really? man you dumber than i thought…

  287. Lin getting ready to check in

  288. Lin coming

  289. Lin in

  290. LIN IN

  291. No, they are obviously tanking, but they are also trying to win some games. Nice job with the insult. When you get called out for your annoying antics, you start with your childish name calling. Pathetic.

  292. Trae totally humiliated, should start buddying up and appreciating Lin very soon. LMAO You have a lot to learn wannabe Curry. News flash, Huerter is a much better future than you and Zion can take your franchise spot.

  293. how do you tank and try to win at the same time? starting 3 rookies is trying to win? lol cmon bro…

  294. Also, we know they are tanking. No need for you to keep reminding us every day like you’re some sort of genius trying to enlighten us. You’re just a broken record who loves to pile on when Hawks play like crap. I hardly ever see you here whenever they play well and cheer on Lin and the Hawks. You’re just a negative POS “I told you” know-it-all (who doesn’t actually know anything).

  295. I agree defense takes effort. I don’t see too many guys hustling to close out on 3 point shooters. With a few exceptions, like Lin.

    But I think it also requires IQ. Court awareness. Not ball watching.

    Boxing out for rebounds also a skill. I just don’t think a few of these Hawks have that court awareness.

  296. lol they never play well… cheer for what? i only cheer for lin, the team sucks and i gave up long ago…

  297. Coach saving Trae from embarrassment, Lin closing this game. Hawks motto is obvious tank for Zion and make sure Lin gets his minutes and showcase without ruining the tank. I’ll take it!

  298. It’s the worst NBA offensive sets if there is any with Hawks. PG dribbles, passes to center at top of 3 pt line, before anything happens gives back to the PG then another handoff to someone else to turn right into the paint where there are ALL the defensive players for a highly contested layup. Great! Rinse and repeat since it’s not working well.

  299. 3 pass and the player who got it tries to shoot even with 3 players around him..MO????

  300. They played well (given the competition) the last 2 games. They competed against far superior teams. I thought you watched all games. Guess not. You only come in here when they get blown out to tell us “See, they’re development tanking. I told you so! LOLOLOL”

  301. All that great ball movement. No points. Ugh.

  302. No one is passing to Lin…

  303. Defense is terrible…

  304. Garbage time. They’re all trying to “get theirs.” Especially Daniel Hamilton, who never plays.

  305. hamilton kid trying way too hard

  306. they didnt play well. their opponents played down to their level and their star players were out. i thought you watched all games?

  307. ALL the Hawks’ shots are short. Maybe it is the altitude in addition to bad shot selections.

  308. showcase himself to be able to hold onto his job

  309. I give credit to Jlin for sticking to his plan and not giving in to try to play hero ball or become a shot chucker just because they are getting wiped out (again). Play solid ball, rehab and show the team how it is done and maybe they and the coach will come around.By sticking to his plan, I actually think this is his way of “playing for himself”. It would do no good to try to play hero ball, sacrifice his body when his primary goal should be to get stronger and healthier. I actually prefer Jlin not get big minutes or even start until he has 30-40 games under his belt and is well along the way to rehab. I would not be surprised if coach wanted to start Jlin to give young TY a break, come off the bench, change things up a little, but I also don’t think it would be the best thing right at this time.

  310. Played down to their level. Good one. You’re not even worth arguing with anymore. Keep acting like a basketball savant and spewing your negative BS. Couldn’t care less anymore.

  311. is he trying on defense or just offense?

  312. I think is offense.

  313. Stupid late call.

  314. Hamilton could stand out if he tried hard on defense

  315. lol it’s not an argument. it’s the truth. curry out, green out. cmon bro…. watch the games man…

    also playing down to their level is common in the nba. if you actually watch…

  316. Closing in on that 50 point blowout!

  317. Yikes, Lin missing free throws.

  318. Who called it before and said “the night is young?”

  319. Let’s blame it on the oxygen level so that we can all feel better.

  320. During last time-out. Lin was talking to bench. Looking frustrated.

  321. that was a good foul by lin.

  322. 333333

  323. Lin only one playing defense. DON’T foul out, LOL!

  324. Lin to be out by fouling out!!!

  325. Lin stat padding. Let’s go!

  326. honestly would rather lin sit so he doesnt get hurt. garbage time is only good for stat padding and no one passes to him…

  327. Lin the highest scorer. haha get yours.

  328. FINALLY, a NICE PLAY drawn up for Lin. 3 more points!

  329. Lin with the team lead in points again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  330. spellman should have passed the ball to lin

  331. Dude took 15 shots tonight. Made 4. So bad.

  332. If not want to become a laughing stock like the Jazzs, they better not lose by 50+

  333. Fourth largest victory in Nuggets history.

  334. Thanks god only 45

  335. lol…hahahhaha

  336. ive never seen a team give so little effort and still get minutes and get to start

  337. Lin is the only one playing D

  338. Buts adds game court time to rehab which is good as long as he doesn’t get hurt.

  339. does he get rewarded? or do the bad effort players get benched??

  340. Lin was the only one playing good basketball on the Hawks.

    Well, almost, close-call. Lose by FORTY-FIVE!!!!

  342. He got rewarded with his first 25-minute game this year.

  343. Yeah its terrible, I don’t know if Lin will ever find a coach/team that appreciates his team effort.

  344. i thin he got 27 earlier but its a blow out. Not much a reward

  345. Pierce kept Lin in extended minutes tonight, even when it wasn’t a blow out. He finally gave Lin and Trae decent playtime together, but Trae didn’t show up again tonight to take advantage of it. Lin stopped the bleeding in the 1st Q and that wouldn’t have happened if Pierce didn’t keep him in the game.

  346. Based on Lin is healthy, then every minute counts.

  347. Not gonna complain. ANY stat padding is good.

  348. this dude is a rookie can’t play at all. Won’t pass to Lin

  349. ok thx. i missed the first haif

  350. You don’t want the Hawk to lose more than 50 as otherwise they will replace the Jazz as a laughing stock.

  351. To be honest, none of them pass all that much. They don’t pass to each other too often either. And also don’t always pass to Young.

  352. 16 PTS / 5 REB / 5 AST / 4 TOV / 5 Fouls in 25 minutes played.

    Could be better but tonight was just awful for the Hawks. Lin got dragged down with them. Energy just wasn’t there tonight. High altitude and tough road trip.

  353. Looks like Lin’s handles are coming back to form. Tighter on his behind the back dribbles. He looks pretty fast out there, again. Got his burst back. Looking way more comfortable now than just a few games ago.

  354. atl is already a laughing stock. they can’t even get their anointed draft pick to put up inefficient numbers like booker did or dlo, etc.

  355. do we now what hiis avrage is. im hoping for 11 ppg in low minutes

  356. I think if trae played well, lin wouldn’t have gotten his minutes.

  357. Not as good as the previous game but no complain as Lin finally get extend minutes in the 1st half and played 25 minutes. Hopefully it wasn’t because of the injury of Prince but it was because LP finally believe Lin can ball.

  358. GOOD LINE FOR LIN. Playing 25 minutes at high altitude. Hope he takes it easy in Indiana. No need to push too hard.
    Although IIRC, Lin always played well in Indy.
    Tough to keep energy going when the rest of the team won’t respond.

  359. Jlin is an almost 8 year vet. If LP is only “finally believing” Jlin can ball, then where has he been?

  360. Defence is much much more difficult than anyone thinks. You can fake offence by being an iso ballhog. Defence canโ€™t be played one on one. It requires superior effort but the dynamics of defence is that you will always have a fraction of lag behind the offence. This is why good teams help, switch and stunt to create traps and feed the bigs blocks. Only teams with chemistry and good coaching can play as a unit. The reason why Lin helps the Hawks D is that he brings a sense of unity and chemistry to them.

  361. I hope his % won’t drop by too much after tonight’s game.

  362. i have to say this, the hawks will be bad for years to come. trea can be good but he has the Isiah Thomas thing going on. if he ever fixed his shot selection he will score alot but he will be scored on alot. just too small. evryone else on the team are utility players. just nice pieces. prince is a nice player. if he was on a good team, he would come off the bench. baze could start but is a 4th option.

  363. I think Prince being out did impact the minutes. Plus Bembry was having an AWFUL game, only played 16 minutes.

  364. or per

  365. I agree. The League knows by now what Lin can do. Maybe only doubt is, has he recovered from the devastating injury.

  366. it’s mainly no prince though. he’s their #2 (or #3 if you want to count collins who STILL hasnt played…)

  367. + Lin is an Asian.

  368. 80% lin is better than 100% bembry. unless you want to tank then bembry is the exact kinda player you want out there…

  369. 1st thing he gotta do is build up some muscle.

  370. More comfortable yes. But I thought tonight EVERYBODY moved kinda slow, especially when the blowout started. They all kinda hung their heads. No fight in them.
    Only Lin tried. Time for another locker room speech?

  371. all those TO’s trying to set up the bigs when he should probably just shoot it…

  372. i work out alot and looking t his body his frame is so small. it just wouldnt do much. itll help but the genetics just isnt there

  373. Knowing what he can do, versus allowing him to do what he can do.

  374. Lin competitive even during blow out while everyone else just gave up and started stat padding. Almost fouled out with 5 fouls

  375. Still, he needs it. At least like Nate Robinson

  376. Fords keys to the game
    Don’t let jeremy score more than Trae
    Jeremy Lin 16 pts, 5 rebs, 5 assists

  377. Trae still played 26 minutes. I think it was more Prince being out, and Bembry being really bad.

  378. plumlee… Lin should’ve looked for his shot more.

  379. that’s why he needs to get off this team asap. his effort is wasted on these guys who just dont have the skill or will to win…

  380. nets has much better genetics.he is built much better. treas frame is thin and small. nates frame is short but for his size was built well

  381. Wow. Can’t believe they flashed that up there. Funny, but sad.

  382. Well said Spellman.

  383. Fox Sports keeps it real. They’re not afraid to call out bad players, even if it’s their home team. They also praise good players when they deserve it. They’ve been praising Lin a lot the past few weeks.

  384. I know where you’re coming from. I wouldn’t want Lin to be associated with losing by more than 50.
    But “ugly” InfiniteWisdom is right. (not you IW, your d**n avatar) The sports world has already pegged the Hawks to be losing a lot, and often.

  385. After tonight, JLin has 5009 points, 1854 assists, 1187 rebounds in 421 games (9 seasons)

    Watching the Hawks tanking game is depressing, so it’s better to anticipate for Lin’s 2000-assist milestone ๐Ÿ™‚ It should only take 50+ more games.

  386. anybody can start except Lin

  387. there’s a difference between trying to win and trying to avoid getting embarrassed. how can any team start trae, bembry, spellman and try to win? LP knows what’s he’s doing…. it doesnt take a nba coach to figure out that starting lineup is garbage…

  388. Giving up Doncic and trading down for TY is looking worse by the game- Doncic getting better and TY’s weaknesses being exposed and exploited. I hope TY is successful because he seems like a good kid. But putting him in a starting role, at 19, with no seasoning and short to boot is kind of cruel. I hope it does not destroy his confidence but he has got to figure out a way to play in the NBA with the tall boys. There have been successful NBA players who were not tall, like John Stockton, Nate Archibald. But Stockton had Malone and Archibald had the Celtics. TY has no one but a team tanking mentality.

  389. they didn’t take Luka because he’s not black

  390. And now that they rightfully respect Lin’s game, I find Rathbun and Wilkins to be very funny duo. Have worked together a long time.

  391. last few top pick pg’s have underwhelmed… doncic was the safe choice. trae the roll the dice choice…

  392. If Trae was a role player and coming off the bench in the NBA, I couldn’t argue with that. But to think that he’s going to be an All-star franchise player, don’t think so.

  393. Well, you’ve said it yourself. Development tanking, remember?

    It’s looking ahead. Giving rookies (Bemby is almost a rookie) experience by throwing them into the fire. Evaluating the future core. Almost like what the Nets were doing.

    This way, they can draft as needed next summer with their picks.

  394. I knew this would happen… 4 months ago.

    I said last week that I don’t want Lin to start. I want him to be eased into NBA game shape and allow Hawks fans to see that Trae is too raw to handle everything by himself and to start, playing 30+ MPG. Eventually, everyone will see what Lin is capable of and most will agree to let him take the reigns until Trae is more acclimated to the NBA.

    I hope Pierce wakes up and realizes that tanking this badly night in, night out, is detrimental to the development of these rookies. You can’t be throwing them out to the wolves in the NBA and keep getting blown out. It destroys their confidence and morale. Spellman looked so depressed in that post-game interview.

  395. Shut down the racist stuff

  396. Agreed…

  397. Did he do well?

  398. yeah not bad 1st half better

  399. Thanks!

  400. 2nd half garbage time…three threes

  401. that much is obvious. click is implying LP put lin in early to win. he’s wrong. LP knows what he’s doing. brett brown knew what he was doing. BS knew what he was doing…

  402. 3?? Woo hoo!

  403. CONGRATS TO JLIN! Looking forward to that assist milestone!
    If it had been a home game, it would have been worth a nice announcement to the crowd!

  404. Hawks better get Collins and Dedmon back asap. It’s time to put the real starting lineup out there: Lin, Baze, Prince, Collins, Dedmon. Let Trae develop and play against opposing teams’ 2nd units and stop putting him out there to get embarrassed every night. I feel bad for the kid.

  405. partially true. all euros are perceived as “soft”…

  406. Im watching clippers and beverly… makes me so mad at happened in shyt town houston… beverly sukks to no end

  407. Lies. I never said Pierce put Lin in early to win. I said Pierce put Lin in early to stop the bleeding. You love to put words in people’s mouths and make crap up to fit your narrative, so you can keep spewing your negativity every night.

  408. Don’t feel bad for Trae, he needed a wake up call. You can tell off the bat he saw Lin as a rival and they weren’t getting along. He thought too highly of himself just cause he looked good preseason and at the beginning.

  409. Speed of Lin highlights ….

  410. Beverly actually got 20+ pt games and technically he’s shooting better than Trae Young.

  411. Oh please, stop it with your Trae bashing. He’s not selfish or full of himself.

  412. this will never happen. you dont start your top pick and “demote” him to the bench. this happened to dlo and i think he never recovered. he got BS’ed and unlike lin wasnt mentally strong enough to take it.

  413. I do feel bad for the team. No player likes to lose, and be humiliated by the blowout. (Spellman was NCAA champion with Villanova last year.)

    To be fair, it is a tough stretch of schedule, against top playoff teams.

    Like many of you posted, probably can’t expect any wins any time soon.

  414. That whole narrative about PB totally nauseating. BLEH!

  415. It will happen because Trae’s confidence and mentality has already been bombing. Keeping him as starter is more detrimental to his development than letting him build up his game and confidence playing against lesser players.

  416. spellman is a grade A chucker.

  417. I think 76ers are planning to play Fultz off the bench. Now that they have Butler.


  419. trae is a confident person. don’t think his confidence is bombing… he has the whole organization behind him, for now at least…

  420. Beg to differ, look at Lin and Trae’s expressions when the other does well it was awkward and the other was alway unhappy. Trae definitely thought too highly of himself at the beginning. Why do you think teammates are passing to him even less than they do Lin?

  421. Who on that team isn’t? It’s the system. If you’re open, you’re supposed to shoot it.

    Other teams do it. Except they do it with better talent, and not with rookies.

  422. If he was confident, he wouldn’t be playing like he is.

  423. fultz is already a bust after ainge pulled a fast one on colangelo. taytum and fultz is like trae and doncic, their fates are forever tied…

  424. yup…

  425. Exactly. Pierce tells his players to chuck, especially when open. Not the players’ fault when they listen to what their coach tells them to do.

  426. Not completely true. I have seen Trae Young get up and cheer for Lin after good plays.
    Don’t know how often he does it. The camera doesn’t always catch the bench after every play.

  427. maybe cuz he was never THAT good to begin with? a lot of media thought he was a reach after giving up a “sure thing” in doncic…

    schlenk swung for the fences and we’ll see in a few years if it’s out of the park or at the warning track…

  428. Trae is surrounded by selfish players who won’t pass to him for open shots. It’s up to himself to get on the scoreboard. Lin’s faced this for many years. Trae is lucky he has the green light so he can score as he pleases. Guys like Bembry, Baze, and Prince only care about themselves.

    If Hawks were serious they’d start Lin, Trae, Huerter, Len, and Vince/Bazemore together.

  429. Teams start to figure out how to defend Trae. I noticed GSW started getting really physical with him beyond the 3pt line. He probably would need to study behind/next to Lin so there’s not so much pressure. Let’s see what happens in the next few games.

    Trae getting destroyed out there without help will diminish his chance to win ROY. LP and the Hawks have to be very concerned at the moment.

    Trae probably will need to model his game like Kemba as a small PG

  430. i would say trae is also mentally strong. being a little guy he battled his entire career as well….

  431. Will probably rewatch a few times later! LOVE LIN ASSISTS – FIVE of them this game!

  432. except he shouldnt be shooting it at that volume. there’s a reason he’s so open.

  433. Sure they stand up but look at their expressions certainly not “smiling”. when Trae made those crazy 3s teammates were all cheerful and Lin looked awkward.

  434. I worried about the altitudes for a rehabbing Lin. Sure glad he doesnโ€™t have to do that too often. Fatigue is no a friend to rehab and altitude sickness saps the oxygen from mental acuity. It leads to fatigue then mistakes and missteps. Letโ€™s hope he didnโ€™t get hurt from those bumps and fouls today.

  435. Or maybe John Stockton as a PnR specialist (if they can find him a Karl Malone). TY looks like a great passer. Kemba is a great scoring guard and a great player but his game is all about getting his own stats. Outside of that I don’t think he wills teams to win like Jlin does. Props to Kemba, but he will not win a championship while I think Jlin can because he can make the whole team better.

  436. Lin had a common foul at the arc where he bent down to the floor on his knees, had a scare there for a moment.

  437. Whatever you say. Know almost nothing about Trae except he has a nice family there to support him. And a Dad who used to play bball (and even shorter than Trae).

  438. DANG, that bounce pass at 40 seconds was SICK. It almost seemed like he was throwing a curveball. I knew JLin also played football for fun, but we have some evidence here that he also played some baseball. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  439. Pretty sure Hawks chose Young cause they wanted to build their version of GSW and thought he could their Curry with that extended range. GM took a gamble and it’s obvious he messed up.

  440. You can interpret whatever you want.

    I know what I saw, and Young was definitely jumping up and waving towel and smiling or clapping. Like I said, I don’t look at every play. So, is it 100% of the time? 50% of the time? 10% of the time? Doesn’t matter.

    Like you said. Young already knows he’s been handed the keys and the green light for now. So, no need for Young to feel any jealousy.

    And Lin knows his “role” on this team. Why bother being upset on the court or on the sidelines? And I have never known Lin to be a bad teammate. He always cheers for his teammates.

  441. That’s a good point. Trae has excellent court-vision and passing skill as a natural PG while Kemba is more of a small SG.

    If Lin can run PnR with a Karl Malone-type big in a system, there will be so many wins. Lin is a plus defender while Trae and Kemba will be a liability so it will be hard to keep winning.

    Lin can also learn from Trae and Kemba to be more of a scoring PG to lead his teammates because often times he’s their best option to score like tonight.

  442. Well, he has only had a 13 game “career” so he has a lot of testing ahead of him. You can be his height in college and still be a star but not in the pros where they are expert and ruthless in game planning to exploit your weaknesses. Even big men when they get to the pros if they can’t counter the other team trying to exploit your weaknesses seem to disappear. khalil Okafor had great press and expectations. After a few months his weaknesses were exposed and it was all over. I assume he is now in the process of re-inventing his game because the one he had is obsolete. This ability to adjust and adapt has absolutely been one of the strongest parts of Jlin’s career, otherwise he could not have lasted as long as he did. After Linsanity for a few weeks, Miami focused on him and beat him up and his cowardly NYK teammates did not stand by him. But 7 years later he is still in the NBA looking real good because he adapted

  443. Yeah,, I saw that. Again, he adjusted his knee pad. I was worried. Looked to make sure he was on bench and not in the locker-room.

  444. They are killing his confidence. Any fine twitch muscle action can easily go off once in awhile, but when you lose confidence as well, thatโ€™s a recipe for yips. Once you get the yips, you could lose your stroke forever….just like Steve Blass did; his name goes with the neuroses for choking and total loss of muscle control, or โ€œSteve Blass diseaseโ€.

  445. you said: “No, they are obviously tanking, but they are also trying to win some games.” i read your “stop the bleeding” comment as them trying to win, that’s why i said “implying”…. i’m not even sure what you believe anymore.

    i believe they are 100% tanking. there are too many signs to ignore. and the only time they are “allowed” to win is if trae or prince play great. collins for heavens sake isnt even allowed to play with his mysterious injury…

  446. Plus it took Curry a couple of years to become Curry. TY has had only 13 games

  447. I’m just saying it isn’t only Spellman. The whole team isn’t shooting great from 3.

    Spellman had some good games from 3, some not. Inconsistent rookie.

    (Just looked up his NCAA 2017 season, shot 43% from 3. Good for college stats.)

  448. Lin/Baze/Prince/Collins/Dedmon is their best starting 5 right now, but I doubt they’ll remove trae off it because they don’t want to hint at losing faith in his play.

    Their original plan was to start Lin but he wasn’t ready, so Trae got the start by default. Once Trae was install as a starter, it was always going to be tough to remove him.

  449. Well, 14 games in. Let’s see. Was Curry great in first 14 games? (I don’t know, I’m asking.)

    Not that I’m trying to defend Young. I’m here for JLin only.

  450. So why did Mavs want him?
    Aren’t a lot of big men also from Europe? They’re not soft are they?

  451. You still think Lin should learn to shoot like Trae? UGH, I hope not!

  452. Yes, agree. I only want Lin to be healthy and get good stats.
    Winning is more for JLin’s sake. Because we know how much he hates losing!

  453. Nice for Hawks and Fox Sports to highlight this!

  454. yes everyone chucks, but spellman never saw a 3 he didnt like. i’ve been watching him since preseason, at first to cheer for him, but it just turned into disgust as he chucks and chucks… i think he’s too out of shape right now. definitely not the “draymond” type of player he was compared to…

  455. Doubt they will remove him since winning is not priority. They tanking for Zion Williamson anyway.

    The only caveat is Trae mental beat down. Sometimes, it is good to remove a young player from the frontline but doing so has its own negative.

  456. And with a game on Saturday, and travel there. Actually, I hope Lin will take it easy and play less minutes. Maybe around 20, if he’s up to it.

    I know he wants to play so badly. But I hope he will listen to any advice from Fortius and/or Chelsea Lane.

  457. mavs had dirk. the greatest euro to ever play in the nba…

    also cuban loves him some international money. from signing ding, to almost signing lin, to drafting singh, etc…

  458. @JLin7 decided to use some Harvard Calculus on that #SpinBouncePass ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ€
    Hope it gets #AssistOfTheNight of @nba

    Check out the slow-mo

  459. Tell that to Harden, Melo, Kobe and all the franchise players who flagrant fouls Lin when they face each other again! Just cause they are the franchise doesn’t mean they won’t be jealous or dislike like! The saw Lin as a rival to their spotlight and knew he was better than them in many ways.

  460. Can’t blame them they know Hawks tanking. I bet most wants to get stats to get off the team. Lin was so frustrated tonight, very different from previous games. Like it’s a huge blow out and 4th quarter already, save you energy for offense and forget about defense.

  461. The Hawks can lose but not by that much. Lloyd Pierce will be in trouble getting blown away like this while Dallas blew Utah away by 50 points. Schlenk is going to be mad.

    But this is a perfect situation for Lin. Considering the teammates on the court with Lin, Jeremy has done a superb job being the top scorer for the team again.

  462. Good for rehabilitating!

  463. Don’t worry. Leave it to Chelsea Lane.

  464. Figure lots of them were dropped or fouled too.

  465. Specially after Doncic & Dallas trounced Utah by 50 points.

  466. and how is that gonna help the “process”?

  467. Congratulations on Lin’s career 5000 points at the Nuggets game tonight! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  468. So we may have to see Young getting humiliated for a long long time. The scout reports are on him. He is a real rookie not like Luke Doncic who is the MVP of Euroleague. Doncic is a real prof.

  469. @JLin7 (IG) post on his 5K points embodies why we love him.
    He thanked God and his faithful fans. Despite no D1 scholarship and undrafted in the NBA, he made it.

    Thank you, Jeremy. Your #neversurrender attitude and #humility truly inspire millions of fans!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™

  470. I can’t find a worse way to bring up a rookie.

  471. It takes time but he is on a higher ceiling now.

  472. May that happen more often.

  473. Giving up on Luka Doncic is a nobainer. Building a championship team like Warriors is worse. There is only one GS. GS has already lost to the Cavs with LeBron. Only with KD, GS could be the champ again.

    Even if Atlanta can build a team like GS, it is still not good enough to win a championship without KD.

    Could Trae Young be as good as Curry? Hardly possible!

  474. No, Pbev has been bad this season coming back from injury. His shooting disappeared, not sure whether it will come back to him later.

  475. Can’t stop watching this assist:-)

  476. That’s not a glue guy right? besides not even Curry can keep Green in check

  477. GSW have also beat the Cavs with Lebron the year before that without KD so GSW would be a great team regardless of KD and a dominant championship team purely from drafts

  478. LOL, loving it

  479. Jeremy has fans of all races, colors, creed, backgrounds, and faith. He’s an inspiration to so many around the world.

  480. It helps by developing the players’ confidence, cohesion, and culture. Hawks can still tank, but at least tank the right way. Getting destroyed every night is not helping any “process.”

  481. Never forget.

    Rockets Photoshopped Melo in their uniform… while Lin was still wearing #7 for them. Oh the irony.

  482. I’m glad Lin’s sick assist got #AssistOfTheNight from NBA. And more basketball analysts (@bballbreakdown Coach Nick with 99k followers, @nba with 27M followers) are watching him.

    With each game being healthy and making more highlight play like this, Lin’s market value is climbing up steadily for his next contract. Imagine if his no-look bounce pass didn’t get stolen by KD, he’d have 2 #AssistsOfTheNight by now. Even then, @nba still tweet his no-look pass to Bembry. NBA/ESPN flashy highlights is how players get their attention from NBA fans. (just check out the tweet response “like Manu, JKidd”)

    But most importantly, Lin’s healthy and on the floor. It’s only Game 15 but some players are already getting injured (or struggled) and can’t play. Meanwhile he keeps getting stronger and seizing his chance. Let’s go, Jeremy!!!

  483. Thanks for the great video, Lin looks more comfortable and in control with his handles (i.e. behind-the-back) looking more like Milos with the dribble-hang

    [3:18] floater is also interesting with opposite arm going straight to protect against defender’s block.

  484. Lin’s beautiful passes makes ballhogs and two-way players look good. ๐Ÿค—

    Lin makes teammates play up to and even above their potential. He raises everyone’s game. That’s what’s so special about Lin and not many players in the history of the NBA have this ability.

  485. The strength displayed from the pass is real and it’s just the beginning of this season. Lin’s trainings at Fortius enables him to use his muscles that I didn’t see before. Lin is definitely stronger in his moves on the court,

  486. Draymond and Curry know that without KD, the team cannot win their championship again.

  487. We haven’t seen Len and Dedmon together; it could be better than Collins and Dedmon.

  488. Young’s size and weight will always be a problem in defense. His 3 point offense isn’t very hard to defend either. When the opposition plays him more physical, he would have problem to score consistently.

  489. Trae needs the ball in his hand to be effective. There is only one ball.

  490. People will always compare the Hawks with the Mavericks; Trae with Luka. There is absolutely no way out of it. Not saying this is a fair comparison though. Trae has just played 1 year in college and Luka is already the MVP of Euroleague. Luka has size and experience that Young doesn’t.

  491. Lin 17.6 MPG 9.9 PPG 2.9 APG 2.0 RPG 15.49 PER
    Young 30.1 MPG 16.7 PPG 8.0 APG 3.3 RPG 13.80 PER

  492. GSW would have won their second championship without KD if it wasn’t for Draymond Green’s immaturity that got him suspended for a game in the Finals. Even Game 7 came down to either team making one shot in the last 4 minutes. Curry and Klay missed a bunch of open looks and Kyrie managed to hit one. So I don’t buy GSW absolutely needing KD to win a championship.

  493. geez

  494. Gross. Wonder if / when Pierce will finally make changes to that awful lineup.

  495. never. prnce and young are the future

  496. Thatโ€™s why Lin needs to be traded.

  497. Not fair to Bazemore.
    How about Lin/Bazemore; Lin/Bazemore/Dedmon

  498. The future doesn’t look good.

  499. Perhaps the Hawks should start
    Lin/Bazemore/Vince Carter/Alex Len/ DeWayne Dedmon
    2nf team
    Young/Huerter/2Alex Poythresslex Poythress

  500. The real starters are coming back…

    Prince will remain out, but Collins will finally make his debut this season and Dedmon is also rejoining the team. Going to be interesting to see how they will mesh with Trae and Lin. Collins seem to really like Lin, as they’re both big Naruto fans, and Collins praised Lin a lot last night. Dedmon played well with Lin a few games, so hopefully after resting the past week, he’ll be energized and focused.

  501. Haha. Same here. What a beautiful pass!

  502. Well said! We know the best part of Lin’s game is making every teammate around him better!

  503. Interesting .. That Naruto connection might help with chemistry

    Perhaps JLin showed him his personalized Naruto shoes already so perhaps they can rock them together ๐Ÿ™‚

  504. Those shoes are pretty cool, but it’s these shoes Lin wore during the Kings game, that’s got Collins and other Naruto / Sasuke fans drooling:

    Collins at Summer League this summer:

  505. Teams like to sell tanking stars.

  506. Look who’s in the #7 best Net Rating lineups so far this season…

  507. It really shows how important a defensive star is to a championship team. Draymon is a far more important piece than KD. If he should leave to a team like Boston, he may not win another ring again with Kawhi in Toronto.

  508. never

  509. You see, if Hawks wasn’t tanking, this stats right there would had convinced them to switch up the starting 5. So the worst line-up in the entire consist of 3 of the main starters.

    Let’s pray Lin can force LP to start him by continuing to play well.

  510. Yes I heard as well, what injury did Collins have? Did Hawks just fake an injury so they could tank? If so maybe they donโ€™t want to tank anymore? Well last nightโ€™s loss should be embarrassing enough to bring Collins back! Want to see whether he will get minutes with Lin!

  511. If Collins back means less Plumlee I donโ€™t mind, heโ€™s been awful.

  512. Those shoes are awesome, why isnโ€™t Adidas releasing them for sale?! Naruto fans would buy them for sure especially the Akatsuki shoes!

  513. that’s 2 young cornerstones and a vet in his prime. LP truly is a BS level tank commander…

  514. KD will leave to try and win elsewhere. his ring has an asterisk on it and he knows it…

  515. prince still out. gave bembry a start and he was awful. lin getting better and better. there is a 0.0001% chance LP starts lin tomorrow… a man can hope eh?

    starters: trae, lin, baze, collins, len

    bench: bembry, dorsey, huerter, VC/spellman/poythress, dedmon

  516. Naruto haircut would be helpful too.

  517. Never say never. LoL

  518. Wow! Lin, Dedmon + rookies

  519. Len is still questionable tomorrow no?

  520. Was multitasking while watch Memphis hoping to see Yuta and he sta on the bench the entire night worst than last game with only 8mins. So disappointing, itโ€™s obvious NBA gave him heavy minutes for that one preseason game just for promotion like they did with Lin. Hate to see Yuta wasting his youth and talent on Memphis. Even with injuries they are talented enough to win close games. I hope he goes to a different team soon, preferably the same one as Lin.

  521. Right?!! And there was some serious english on that ball. Beautiful delivery.

  522. Jlin should not start for another 15 games or so, until his rehab is further along. He does not need the pressure while rehabbing this serious injury. When the time comes, he should not play along side of TY. TY should be the PG for the bench. There should be no confusion as to who is running the team. You don’t want dual PG’s. From what i have seen of the clips ATL runs much more maturely and efficiently with Jlin at the helm. He is not TY’s running mate, he is the PG. TY could provide a great spark off the bench with his speed, passing, shooting and not having to defend the starting PG.
    If ATL is truly tanking, then unfortunately I do not see Jlin starting because they will win more. From what little I have seen from the clips I would rather see Huerter rather than Prince as a starter with Jlin. Jlin can make Huerter better, Prince runs on his own.

  523. its individual customization….meaning, Lin goes to Adidas ask them to customize for him. Hence its not mass produced

  524. Elfrid Payton breaks left pinkie 8 minutes into the game, after coming back from an injury that sat him out for 9 days. Pelicans still beat the Knicks because Anthony Davis is a monster.

    I remember Payton hacked Lin really hard when Lin was a Net and Payton was playing for Orlando…

    Pelicans are desperate for a real starting PG. They’ve been interested in Lin for years, but Lin hasn’t been interested back. So they’re forced to use subpar players like Payton, Tim Frazier, and Frank Johnson as their PGs.

  525. Yes, at least two more fumbled by Plumlee. Plumlee seems to prefer lobs for dunks. Couldn’t handle the bounce passes.

  526. You are right. Those guys could not handle Lin’s fame and popularity. Except back then, Lin was a YOUNG RISING STAR. They felt extra threatened.

    IMO, it’s a different situation now. The Hawks have defined and pronounced what Lin’s role is on the Hawks.

  527. As I posted earlier, Morey has been chasing Melo since this 2014 diss of Lin.

    Yet, only 13 games in, Morey WIMPS OUT! I’m very disappointed. I wanted Melo to stay and for the Rockets to implode with him there. Then see Morey fired. Maybe Morey will still be fired.

  528. Very glad those fans from Denver got the chance to meet JLin. It is literally only once a year for an ECF team to play a WCF team on their court. What a rare opportunity.

  529. Well said Psalm!

    Imagine how much more he could have accomplished without all the obstacles thrown in his way!

    From being a rising star not allowed to reach his potential. Through losing two years of his prime, and recovering from serious injury. Yet, he is still hanging in there. Chasing his dream.

    Wishing him all continuing HEALTH and TRIUMPH!

  530. PIN POINT DELIVERY – a thing of beauty1

  531. Watched Omari Spellman postgame interview. Poor kid, he looked really discouraged. That’s the problem with the NBA. Drafting these young kids (Spellman actually had 2 years at Villanova) and throwing them into playing against starters on top playoff teams. They don’t have much experience. (Especially for the floor general position, like Young.) Small sample size, in a very different environment. How could they be expected to compete yet?

    Yet, the NBA enables the high draft pick guys to feel entitled over experienced vets. Add this irrational confidence, and these young teams are mostly losing disasters.

    I know it’s a complicated issue, with economics and the NCAA heavily involved. Still, I don’t agree with letting these young players overrun the league. Untrained, undisciplined. And the NBA is about to go even younger, out of high school. I personally don’t care about the NBA. But meanwhile, guys like Lin are not getting their fair chances, and getting pushed out of the League.

  532. Always a bit biased towards cheering for the underdog. (Like Joe Harris.)

    Quick bio on Alex Poythress. Spent all 4 years at Kentucky. Tore his ACL his junior year. Undrafted in 2016.

    Liked what I saw of AP last night. 4 years of college ball could be why he seems more mature in decision making. Unselfish. Passed to Lin for Lin’s three open 3’s. Good chemistry with Lin. Wished that alley-oop made it. Five of five at the rim (including a tip-in off Lin missed 3.) And, of course, hustling down court to receive Lin’s phenomenal pass.

    AP is on a two-way contract. Limited to 45 days in the big league. He has played 12 games so far. Not sure
    how he can get out of the G-League contract, so that the Hawks can sign him soon, converting it to a full
    regular season contract, and get a roster spot. (Hate to see anyone get kicked off, but maybe Daniel

    It would be nice if Poythress can play more minutes with Lin. Although Dedmon and Lin were playing well together too.

  533. More Hawks team-bonding on the road. Catching a movie together. (Assume they are already in Indiana?)

  534. He has played so well that the Hawks is going to give him a regular contract soon or else he would be signed by other teams in a hurry. He has both size and speed.

  535. In addition to their Naruto fandom, JLin and John Collins. along with the Hawks, will collaborate to give back to the Atlanta community. CPACS. (Center for Pan Asian Community Services)

    Did not see the date for their event. Always good to see athletes try to make a difference.

  536. These tweets probably never made it anywhere up the food-chain. But still, at least someone is speaking up for Lin. Lucky for Lin that there was no injury as a result of the unnecessary frustration foul from Jokic.

  537. Whoever runs that official Atlanta Hawks twitter account has a pretty good sense of humor with this team losing so much. Could be because they are happy the tank is rolling along. LOL.

    Tweets from blowout loss vs Sacramento. And the blowout vs Denver.

  538. There may be a small chance of starting Lin since LP tried Bremby and Huerta but both players have failed in the starting line up.

    Maybe try Lin and Trae and get Trae off the ball to see whether he can get a few open looks coming off screen.

  539. It’s all rumors of course. But it seemed like, AT THE TIME, before signing with Nets, they were offering less money, less years, and may have to play off the bench behind Holiday. Maybe now that they are desperate.

    Wonder why the Pelicans didn’t try to re-sign Rondo. Didn’t he play well for them last season? Helped them get into playoffs.

    The Pelicans announcers will be good to Lin. Joel Meyers and David Wesley both voted for Lin as 6th man of the year for Charlotte. IIRC, Joel Meyers was one of the summer league analysts during that game with Lin vs Wall. Was very impressed by Lin.

    Hey, if nothing else, New Orleans has fantastic food!

    Seriously though. Lin is rehabbing well in Atlanta. And starting to bond with new teammates. And hates moving. So, he may not look forward to leaving.

    Having said that. Lin still wants to start, still wants to reach his potential. So, whichever team will GIVE HIM RESPECT, AND TREAT HIM RIGHT, and help him reach his goals!!!

  540. Collins is now listed as “probable”.

  541. That’s the problem, are the Hawks tanking or not? Do they want to win or not? Who knows right now. It’s a mess, for sure.

    I’m no expert. But I don’t think other teams can sign the guys on two-way contracts during the season. Unless the team waives or releases them? Not sure.

  542. When fans start being impatient with the young players, this team will have to show promises of the team.

    With veterans like Lin, Bazemore, DeWayne Dedmon, Vince Carter, Alex Len, this team can compete with any team in the league.

    Young players like Alex P., Collins, Prince are much better than rookies.

    When they are all healthy, the Hawks can beat some really good teams to raise the hope of rebuilding.

  543. Everyone wants to hit a home run in the drafts and get them a star / superstar that will help carry their franchise to multiple playoffs appearances and championships. The problem is, rookies used to have some experience because they’d usually stay in college for 3-4 years.

    Now, they’re all staying just 1 year if they’re good and have some skills. Soon, they will come straight out of high school without any college experience. This problem is getting worse and worse, but the fans, GMs, media, and league don’t care. They just want to find their next stars and promote / hype the crap out of them to sell tickets, jerseys, and ratings.

    It’s sad because it’s not fair to the majority of rookies and vets. You don’t see vets like Lin in this league, being nice and welcoming to all rookies, even if they’re taking his job and opportunities away. That’s because the NBA is cutthroat and the vets know that they have to be especially cutthroat to the rookies because that weeds out the fake stars and guys who aren’t mentally and/or physically prepared to grind with them, and take their jobs away from them. Only Lin treats rookies with respect, kindness, and benefit of the doubt.

    Anyway, I agree with you. It’s sad what the NBA has become and it’s only going to get worse. Fake, manufactured, overhyped stars and superstars, overhyped and overpaid college, soon to be high school stars, whom most end up being busts. The league has become soft, with a focus on 3-point shooting and not grinding down in the paint with big men being forced to become guards. Motion offense where everyone touches, passes, and shoots the ball. Floppers like LeBron and Harden get rewarded night in, night out, and when Lin flops for the first time, it’s seen as “hilarious” and everyone makes fun of Lin for doing it. Biased refs rigging games every night so their desired outcome becomes reality. Oh, and last but not least, racism runs rampant, and runs deep in this league.

    /end rant

  544. Pelicans might be one of the best destinations for Lin to be traded to or even sign with next year… if they’re still interested. Lin will have an opportunity to play a lot there, even if he has to share the ball with and defer to Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis.

    I think if Pelicans acquire Lin and give him ample minutes and touches, he can be a huge difference maker for them, and get them pretty deep into the playoffs.

  545. Poythress can be a very good high energy bench player, but he’s inconsistent. He’s gotten more consistent lately because he’s been getting more playtime and playing with Lin a lot. They have good chemistry and Poythress fully realizes that Lin will make him look good, get him the ball if he’s open, and help him score a nice contract if he keeps playing hard. He’s definitely athletic and somewhat skilled.

    Let’s see if he continues to play well under Lin’s guidance and instructions. Pierce has been giving him a chance to prove himself lately, with so many players out of the Hawks lineup. However, with Collins and Dedmon coming back, Poythress’ opportunities will shrink again.

  546. Good to see them getting along. LOL @ that first picture with Lin hiding behind rook Huerter, who had to carry the Chick-fil-A food.

  547. Not during the season but the season after. The Hawks signed Hamilton who was on a two way contract last season.

  548. JLin all career 1000th point milestones – Speed of Lin

  549. Is the next game in Indiana? Lin had his devastating injury there. I just want to see Lin get through this one healthy. If Lin is matched up against Oladipo, he is a tough defender and tough guy to guard. Indiana is a tough matchup.

  550. Padding a tanking star won’t make Hawks money, allowing teams to hype tanking stars drives audience away from NBA.

  551. ATL does have some decent vets, especially since they are contending in the weak east. Put a starting 5 of Jlin, Baze, Dedmon, Len and maybe Collins, who I know little about and never seen play. A bench of TY, Huerter, Bombay, Prince and maybe someone like Daniels and you would have a pretty solid starting 5 backed up by a speed demon bench. This type of approach would lead to more wins than now and allow the rooks time to develop against 2nd units of other teams. If ATL did this, and they started to win games, maybe enough games to make the playoffs, then that would spoil the tanking strategy (good!) and maybe induce Jlin to stay in ATL. ATL already has 3 draft picks next year, 3 unknown young untested players. Instead get a 2nd star to play alongside Jlin and go for it all.

  552. Thanks for posting this! Something else to re-watch and re-watch on a loop! LOL!

  553. Haha. Missed that. Rookie duties.

  554. True. With all these BIGS coming back, may not be enough minutes to go around. That would be really too bad.

    As we know, it’s not always about talent. It’s about being given the opportunities.

  555. Rant on! AGREE with EVERY WORD! I’ve had similar rants off-and-on, LOL.

    “Floppers like LeBron and Harden get rewarded night in, night out, and when Lin flops for the first time, it’s seen as “hilarious” and everyone makes fun of Lin for doing it.”

    Yup, Lin is an easy and convenient target for bullying. They know few people (players, coaches, management, team-fans, etal) will really stick their necks out to defend him. Except for Lin fans. And then those fans are considered “crazy”.

    I think most devoted Lin fans would agree with us. Especially posters on Portal.

  556. Yes. LIN STAYS HEALTHY and continues to progress upward on the court, there will most likely be more options opening up.

    Definitely will be difference maker. If not Pelicans, on any team. So long as they use Lin right.

  557. I wish you were right. But I think it depends on the teams.

    Look at Lakers and Knicks. Don’t seem to have problems with selling out games.

  558. Why can’t they? They are still a great team without Durant
    No other teams close to it

  559. disqus_CldX260s3D 5++

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