Game 15: Atlanta Hawks vs Denver Nuggets: Efficient Lin Continues to Shine in Limited Time

Jeremy Lin continued to capitalize his performance in the limited time that he was assigned and thrived especially in the 4th quarter against the Golden State Warriors. He showcased great defense in guarding a taller Kevin Durant multiple times forcing misses, giving up the ball, and even an entertaining offensive charge causing both players to smile.

Durant did extend the arm and Lin did a great job to accentuate the impact by falling down, earning praise from the announcers.

This game was on national TV and provided good exposure of Lin’s performance and excellent health after rehabbing from injury. It will be

Meanwhile, NBA Advanced Stats showed Lin’s ability to excel in limited minutes in November by ranking 4th for PG in PER36 in efficiency and 7th in overall PER while shooting 50%FG, 40%3FG, 90%FT. This will be attractive to many NBA teams seeking PG help for a playoff push or veteran PG leadership.