G15 CHA Observations & Notes

It’s too bad that a hot-shooting JLin (5pts in first 5 min) got to 2nd foul too quickly. He finished with 5pts/2blks/3TOs/4PFs. Otherwise he’d close the 2nd quarter like the previous 3-4 games. Otherwise he’d close the 2nd quarter like the previous 3-4 games.

Clifford made a mistake to over-play a tired Kemba in the 3rd quarter allowing the Wizards to take 5pt lead. He should put JLin in mid 3rd quarter.

JLin Great Defense But it’s okay.

1. JLin made a great Defensive Play of the Game by tying up a hot Gary Neal for a jumpball. Lin had a great tip and Kemba finish turned the momentum back to the Hornets.

2. The huge block by JLin on a taller Nene was nothing less impressive.

3. Multiple challenge by JLin cause many shooters (Wall, Neal) to miss shots

If the Wizards didn’t play a 2nd Back-to-Back game, JLin’s defense would’be been needed more in the 4th quarter. He was too cold to get in the flow of the game picking up 2 TOs trying to make something happen by being over-aggressive.

  • JLin will learn next game on how not to pick up 2nd foul so quickly in Q2 so he can finish the 2nd quarter.
  • Coach Clifford will need to get better in his substitution pattern. Riding Kemba too hard will wear him out for the season. Keeping JLin hot and get him going will be important against better teams.

A happy JLin celebrated his team’s win like other starters did when they didn’t close games in previous games. No worries. This is a good team win to get them to 6th seed in the East Coast. Onto next game. JLin’s fresh legs will help him to shine later in a long 82-game season.

Go JLin!


Guess JLin's stats in Game 16 vs CLE


  1. first

  2. LOL #1 only when JLin doesn’t have much good stat:-)

  3. First! On to the next game.

  4. So, you are home sweet home?

  5. #3-#7 all in .600 – . 0692 in east. Hornets looks good. It would be #3 already in west.

  6. 2 TOs or 3 TOs?

  7. Now I am. I was at a red light.

  8. sorry, 3 TOs.
    It’s fixed now

  9. Maybe bc lots of WC players moved to EC teams so EC became much better now.

  10. Harden with 40 pts and Rockets lose. Sweet!!! Ball hog.

  11. WOW you typed and drove. You are going to get a hectic fine here in Australia if get caught:-)

  12. These Home refs really hate lin… I think bad call came from the last 3-4 home games…

  13. Atlanta lost.***** HORNETS MOVE TO #6 *****

  14. Yeah. No texting and driving here too but I was literally couple blocks away from home and the red light is usually long so it’s all good 😀

  15. Ya! So happy to see this great news… LOL!

  16. That was 1 pass to Lamb, he touched the ball and lose again. Don’t know if that one count?

  17. #6?

  18. The refs have DECIDED to CHEAT LIN every game.

    Make no mistake, this is a deliberate decision and not a random happenstance.

  19. On other NBA News, JKidd lost his cool with 1 ref. He should be fined soon
    Not sure if he will be a potential good coach for JLin in the future


  20. No that count to Lamb not Lin.

  21. To MIN? Wow.

  22. Any coach that fights back against the refs on behalf of Lin would be a GOOD COACH for Lin.

  23. Just checked. It will cost $353 with 3 demerit points (only have 12 points over 3 years period). Can gain the points back after 3 years of first committing an offend. No fun to get that at all.

  24. THis win is a good team effort for Hornets,they’re building a great chemistry and becoming as one of the most exciting team in the NBA,those wins coming from big deficit and resulting for a win is actually what a true NBA fans need.My only concern is Lin’s playing time and rotations but I’ll definitely take the win.

  25. Players have to take him aside and talk him down. LOL

  26. you got a point there. Just not sure what caused JKidd to blow up here

  27. i dont like the kemba-lin-lamb trio. kemba dominates the ball and both lin and lamb end up camping. now the kemba-lin-batum trio is money. the addition of batum leads to more ball movement. i also think kemba is willing to defer to batum but not so much lin… cliff has to realize this and just let lin play pg more often. trust him to run the 2nd unit. the lin-lamb-batum trio is also an emerging lineup to watch.

    tonight kemba started the 4th quarter and i thought the offense looked bad. when lin would get the ball he’d be off on the wing not high pnr with zeller like i would like to see.

  28. Are you trying to fine me, Melody? LOL.

  29. LOLOLOLOL Not to you but just to satisfy to my own curiosity mind. Heard that it was a hectic fine but didn’t know how much it cost and demerit points until now. WOW! No way I want to get that.

  30. bucks are overrated. stay in charlotte lin. he can resign for a marginal contract because once his addidas contract runs out, mj would be salivating to sign him to jumpman…. all those chinese buyers…..

  31. Lin should once to the ref.

  32. I don’t think it is going to happen. I believe CHA purposely not wanting Lin to shine unless they are losing. Kemba and Batum are the 2 main players they try to promote.

  33. Also have the longest current winning streak in the Eastern Conference at 4. Which is second only to the GSW in the entire NBA.

  34. he has to defer to batum because he is 12 million not 2 milion

  35. I agree. A Win is a Win.
    In a loss, JLin’s Defensive Play of the Game plus huge blocks would be useless.

    But we know Lin’s margin of error in the Hornets is very small.
    Not scoring enough or getting early foul trouble will diminish Lin’s PT

    Coach Clifford doesn’t seem to recognize that he needs to insert JLin early for a struggling Kemba in 3rd quarter.
    I hope he will give bigger role to JLin later; otherwise JLin will move on to a different team next season.

  36. I agree, I don’t like the Kemba/Lin/Lamb trio. Kemba/Batum/Lin is much better and Batum shows quite a bit of trust in Lin. Kemba absolutely gives up the ball more readily to Batum than Lin.

  37. Kemba played way too many minutes today. It showed. Kemba made a lot of mental errors.

  38. i hope gsw stays undefeated. every game it seems to be a national broadcast. wouldnt it be sweet to end the streak on national tv? when steph comes home? on dell curry night? i like our defense and our offense at home is elite. trap game for them.

  39. Mutombo-LIn’ interior defense


  40. I’m beginning to like this team esp. that Hawes is already out of the rotation….lol,but Clifford’s coaching style is really mind boggling for me,esp on Lin’s situation,I hope he will give a clearer role for LIn in the next few games otherwise we will be seing another NBA uni again next year.

  41. You guys are just way too quick!!! 🙂

  42. i legit thought he was going to play the entire 2nd half. i was like wth is going on here? didnt cliff admit to playing kemba and al way to much 2 years ago and thus ran out of gas in the playoffs?

  43. I’m surprised Clifford didn’t rest him earlier. Not sure what the reason was.

    Tactically, Clifford should insert a hot-shooting JLin in mid 3rd quarter when Kemba was making mental mistakes with TOs. For 1 game, I won’t worry but if it’s becoming a pattern, I’d be a little concerned

    Burning out Kemba won’t be good for Hornets

  44. He is human as well….he needs to figure things out and in game decision is tough as well

  45. batum knows what’s up with lin being a long time blazer. unlike crazy loh’s batum is smart enough to know lin’s contribution in that playoff series.

  46. For today, I think it’s set up for Lin to play like that… OK I can understand 2 fouls for 1st half, but 2nd half… it’s nothing wrong w his game … just too bad Kemba needed extra playing time to handle the ball… but if the one who really needed to go out it’s Kemba bc he played so bad for early 4Q … Well, that’s the way it’s. Unless Lin signs the long team contract w Hornets otherwise he will always be treated like this…. That OT…. smh!

  47. Keep it going Hornets!!!! Go Lin

  48. It’s not Clifford’s call.

    The refs have made it impossible for Lin to stay on the court.

    I am totally OK with Lamb and Batum and Walker. They seem to able to win games when Lin is ref cheated out of contributing.

  49. TRue…It’s just frustrating as a Lin fan esp. when he started playing great then yanked out immediately

  50. Any player without the superstar status or PR promoting will eventually get bad calls by the refs but they fight through with coach’s backing. When Lin drew a charged on Nene, Cliff turned his back and disappointed. This soft talk of Cliff won’t by pass his action from me.

  51. YES!!!! And Lin took it to Portland many times in regular season as well.

  52. very weird 4th q. kemba starts, goes out, then comes back. why? lin got screwed a bit. only thing i can think of is that his defense wasnt needed cuz the wiz were throwin straight bricks at that point.

  53. Clifford would have no impact arguing on Lin’s behalf.

    If anything, it would piss the refs off further against Charlotte if Clifford did that.

  54. Breather for KW…personally…I think CC had different plans for the rotations today…and Lin was not in the plan, he was just used as spark, change the momentum and for defensive play…in his short stint

  55. at least he doesn’t have a dumb smirk on his face the way BS does when Lin gets hammered with no calls

  56. The way the minutes rotation went, I dont think Lin was in the game plan today…CC probably wanting to try something diff

  57. Hardly any arguing would change those ref’s call but to express disagreement would help slow the abusive.

  58. W Kemba Lin couldn’t handle the ball like he used to in the past few game in early 4Q. That’s why he couldn’t get any AS at all… I am not mad now bc that’s the way it’s…. like it or not….

  59. Everybody ALREADY KNOWS that ALL refs in the NBA are corrupt and on the take.

    Clifford would just get the Hornets in more trouble.

  60. it could go either way….I have seen in the past many times…even last game…he was arguing with the ref…on couple of Lin calls

  61. I hope so. But Hornets 3P defense would need to get better. And JLin need to play extended min.

    Hornets is ranked #13 holding opponents to 34% 3p shooting.
    GSW is ranked #1 in holding opp to 29%

    Too many wide-open 3s even for Wizards tonight. GSW would already build 20pt lead given the same chances.

  62. No he won’t. He would show his support of his players.

  63. ok so cliff has 1.) started using cody as the screener for high pnr 2.) dnp cd hawes 3.) more minutes for frank

    now what does he need to do? 1.) reduce pj’s minutes 2.) spot minutes for psycho t 3.) let lin be pg on 2nd unit ie dont play kemba with 2nd unit too much

  64. I really don’t have a problem on his decision on the 4th becuase it’s a tough call to decide between Lamb and him but on the 2nd Q was really a head scratcher since Lin can afford to have a 3rd PF on that time since he subs in usually late on the 3rd Q anyways…just being inquisitive but everything is right if the team wins.

  65. That’s what gets coaches EJECTED.

  66. Latest I’ve seen was Lamb to close game instead of Lin.

  67. lol..so no lightlights because of small offense.

  68. Next game will play against Cavs. Wonder whether Hornets will have a chance to win the game. Will JLin surprise us with his super performance again???

  69. You won’t see that much. Today is the exception, not the rule. Game before that and in OT, who closed? Game before that? Game before that?

    I think Lin and Kemba will be forced to play together more. Clifford wants that to work.

  70. It’s okay Kemba and Batum should be their primary ball handler when they are in the game
    Lin should just work on his 3s and make sure he can knock down open 3s
    but when hes with the 2nd unit
    they can call more plays for Lin instead of giving the ball to lamb everytime but for the team its been working so i dont think that will change after all Lin is just a one year rental they wont go out of their way to call plays for Lin

  71. Those are like the Twilight Zone questions! 🙂

  72. I wished some on here would stop justifying taking Lin out of the game after picking up 2 personal foul.

    Lin is a bench player who is averaging about 22 minute per game..He does not play enough to take him out because he has 2 fouls in the second quarter….There are many starters that are allowed to play through 3 fouls deep into the second quarter.

    I simply don’t agree with Clifford quick hook for a bench player who does not even play that much…The quick hook for foul reason should only be reserve for starters…Not bench players who needs their little minutes…

    By removing a bench player for foul reason, you destroy any chance of him getting into a groove which is very crucial when you’re a sub…Even if Lin picks up another foul, that would be deep into the second quarter and you can always bring in your starter.

    I believe subbing Lin out after just 2 foul gave Clifford a cheap excuse to bring in Kemba much earlier…I’ve noticed Kemba is now playing close to 40 every night…Those minutes are coming at the expense of Lin, sadly.

  73. LeBron will go 40-10-10 on Hairston and Batum

  74. Is Shumpert still on the Cavs? Shump plays good D on Lin. Irving is still out, right? Cavs are beatable.

  75. You don’t disrespect and you don’t get in their faces, You just show your disagreement. That’s all we ask from coaches if they trust his player(s).

  76. With the way they’re playing…I think they believe now that they can beat any team.

  77. It’s what Cliff does. I don’t always agree with it but we should know, 2 fouls for Lin in the first half, he comes out until the next half.

  78. pretty much this. just like in houston and la. they’re always looking for a reason to sit him

  79. Clifford is not looking to play Lin outside of his back up minutes
    he has 3 more years now he is going to go with the guy he knows will stick around for long
    Lin’s mins will only get fewer as other players get more comfortable with each other
    you can see Clifford is trying to play Lamb-Kemba-Batum together as much as he can and develop their chemstry
    Kaminsky and M Williams too
    also he is phasing out Al Jeff…

  80. He already in the past when Lin was closing games, he wanted to insert Lamb in. His words not mine. He did it this time with team won which will justify him to do regularly.

  81. at the same time he needs to have confidence and just shoot over people. and if his shot is off cant blame the refs. can only blame refs when he drives and they allow contact.

  82. I really dislike one year rental talk. JLin will probably surprise you and many others by choosing to stay in Hornets. Who knows what tomorrow will hold. Hornets just finished 15 games and still have 67 games to go. Let’s just concentrate one game at a time. None of us is JLin and even JLin himself doesn’t know what decision he will make in 6-8 months time.

  83. There is no guarantee he will stay and Everyone knows Lin can make way more than 2mil/year and that its common sense that he will opt out and sign a new contract which will be big becuase cap space goes up next year

  84. he allowed beal to destroy a useless pj all 3rd quarter. lin should have been inserted early. cliff’s rotations are bad. takes him too much time to switch things up. how many hawestastic games have we watched before tonight’s dnp-cd?

  85. it goes both ways…there is no guarantee he will not be extended and get revised his payroll

  86. Well he is a woman beater. Dude got anger issues.

  87. As as coach…he would see if his adjustment and lineups…won the game? If not adjustment needed. Thus far Hornets been doing well. Lin just need to be ready when his number is called

  88. He can sign with other teams for a bigger contract
    Either way 11-3-3 in 23mpg is gonna get him close to 7-10mil/year

  89. Prolly Cliff is trying to injured Kemba so that Lin can take over the PG role..LOL…Kidding aside,this is not really good for the team if your best player is playing almost 40 min a game because it will affect player rotations and it creates dissastisfaction on your core players.

  90. its his decision to make…he may or not want the money…

  91. Yes we all know this fact. But for him choose not to stay in Hornets????!!!! NO ONE knows including JLin at this point. JLin chooses to play for Hornets among couple offers. If everything works out, he will most likely choose to stay in Hornets. That’s my take! Unless somehow MDA lands a job in a team, then it will be a different story.

  92. Is there anyone with common sense would believed this was what Lin expected when he rejected 5 other offers for this low contract?

  93. I agree. Plus, the Hornets want to win with the players they have. They aren’t terribly concerned about Lin’s salary, they want him to play his best basketball because he’s then a very versatile weapon. Lin could get up to Batum’s level but won’t if he doesn’t start playing smarter. Lin can help himself, sometimes on the court he doesn’t. Sometimes the refs make bad calls on him. Maybe much too often. But he still can help himself but coming up with counters to the parts of his offensive games defenses are targeting.

  94. It is but thats just what everyones thinking
    unless lin explicitly tells them hes goin to stay for less money

  95. Of course I don’t think Cliff should took Lin out but that’s for today. Don’t think it will always happen…. Don’t worry.

  96. I have the same feeling…I get the sense the goal is to eventually get Lin to accept playing the backup minutes at PG..that is the minutes that Kemba rest.

    I’m sure they would love to keep Lin since they won’t be able to find a back-up to Kemba that would be as cheap as Lin…I hope Lin does not accept such a role and opts out and becomes a free agent next year.

  97. Exactly no one knows and its completely up to Lin
    thats why people can only guess for now and thats the general consensus whats gonna happen

  98. Too early to talk about that now.

  99. Maybe Lin is sick of going from team to team. Really, he’s trying to get settled down and looks like he believes in the coach and system. Things haven’t really played out to anything other than Lin is still learning how to play with some of his team mates. Even Patrick Ewing said the Hornets are a work in progress, they have a lot of things to work on. So did Kemba and Batum.

  100. Honestly I don’t really care. Cliff can do what he wants with Kemba’s minutes. Let’s see how long Kemba can sustain to play in such high minutes. Sooner or later something will happen. This includes Batum. There is still 67 games to go. To me as long as JLin is doing his job and stay healthy, team still has a win, I’m ok. Season is still long.

  101. With the way the NBA games goes…I think D’Antoni will have a job again sooner or later…You heard this from me first.

  102. In life, I’m not afraid of loud mouth but I am well aware of soft talk. When Cliff took out Kemba in the 4Q I knew right away he would come back to replace Lin. Cliff avoided questionable rotation by not inserted Lamb to replace Lin.

  103. I mean its okay if thats what they are doing they have to run a team too

    With Kemba healthy, They cant really give Lin a lot of mins so they think Lins gonna leave then might as well take his minutes

  104. I think Lin himself don’t expect this either. But Like he said he’s w peace now. To be honest, what else can he do…? Just hope he can have good stats from now on. smh!

  105. lol

  106. it’s 50/50 at this point. lamb is better for offense and lin is better for d. if lin gets his shot back then it’s no contest. or if lamb learns how to play d, it’s over for lin.

  107. Totally agree with you. I don’t know much about bball, but I do know when people try to justify the cause, something smell fishy.

  108. I think that’s more something you think when he says insert Lamb. He was talking about in the 4th quarter those times, not specifically finishing. But the group played well and he stuck with Lin. And there’s one time he took Lamb out and inserted Lin and Lin made that big drive and behind the back pass to Al to seal the game.

  109. I am a fan and I knew he’s not happy. Look at Tyler from the bench, he’s happy too.

  110. shhhhh

  111. iiiitttttt

  112. He will do whats best for him. He will settle down next year with a multi year contract

  113. zipped

  114. I predict the sun will come up tomorrow.

  115. Lamb doesn’t have the intangibles. The plays defensively or the facilitation abilities that Lin has. I think it is 75/25 Lin over Lamb. Lamb is only good for hitting some shots, not much else.

  116. moon?!!

  117. see.. that’s why i kept asking will this contract extension have on lin’s playing time.
    If it’s last years.. and he want’s an extension, he can say f-k it..and play lin all the time if he wants to …now it’s all pliticsmore

  118. hahahah ..I was going to bash you on that..until I glance and saw LOL and kidding aside.

  119. one can hope 🙂

  120. I think Lin is sure not happy w what he has right now but he can accept that bc he picked this team by himself &….?! I also believe he & Cliff are OK w each other now. But don’t think he can let Lin plays his game bc he’s not under the long team contract player. Long season.

  121. To me this is too early to speculate on JLin next year move and this one year rental talk. We are NOT JLIN. Even JLin doesn’t know the answer.

  122. This is the best answer to resolve all our differences.I’m tired of debating with coaches,players and fans…LOL

  123. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow.

  124. All I’m saying to you if you’re truly supported Lin, Lin is not only a backup but also not a regular rotation for this team and it bases on game by game basic by his first 6 min performance. This is LA all over again. At least the Busses signed $15 mil instead.

  125. I think Lin was fooled…The Hornets FO sweet-talked him and made him believe he will get at least 25-30 minutes….

    The Hornets knew they would never be able to get any PG as good as Lin to back-up Kemba, so they fooled Lin into thinking that even as back-up to Kemba, he will get guaranteed minutes at SG so that he could get guaranteed 25-30 minute

    As the season goes on, Lin is starting to realize that his minutes will be very inconsistent at best…There will be night when he will get 25+, if he plays well, but on most night when he’s having an average game, he won’t get much minutes.

    That, my friend, is the sad situation Lin got himself into when he signed his contract with the Hornets.

    The good news is that he can opt out next year…But he will not have good statistic to convince another team to give him good money.

    Maybe another 1 year cheap contract for a team Like Brooklyn or even Sixers..At least, Lin gets to pad his stats with Philly, than he can leave to sign a big contract.

  126. Yah they need to develop their own players for years to come
    Lin has been the odd man out for the past 2 years but im sure Lin will have some big games and nights like tonight CLifford will have to play him because he wants to win and the team isnt very goos he will probably end up 11-3-2 in like 23mpg he will sign a multi year contract and he will finally have a solidified role there

  127. I’ve been trying to give Cliff the ben of the doubt but it keeps repeating. Nothing will change unless…

  128. Don’t know when Cliff answer this… but like I said today’s set up… So it should be OK….?


  129. Exactly.

  130. yep so team will guess and play him accordingly
    is all im saying

  131. Lin was locked only needed.

  132. Huh….Cliffford is trolling us….LOL

  133. What I think it’s that OT Lin played too well…. so today it’s time to let others’ shine or they will not be happy… smh!

  134. My feeling of today’s game is Cliff just wants to take JLin out for a breather, but then Washington just couldn’t hit any nail, so the game was over and JLin wasn’t needed anymore.

  135. That’s why I always afraid of soft talk. They need to ask him to define lock.

  136. DId Cliff say Lin was a lock? If so, that should relax a lot of folks here. I thought he was moving in that direction.

  137. Meaning he was trying something new or it wasn’t Jeremy’s night offensively and ref’s unfair calls led Clifford to bench Lin later 4Q?

  138. I thought he might come in for Lamb also if the score was close. But it didn’t get close, Lamb hit some shots, so good, Lamb finished.

    I like Lamb. He’s not playing as well as he was but Lin and Lamb are a good combo.

  139. athleticism and length vs intangibles. it’s probably a tough call for cliff. being a defensive coach, lin probably does have a slight edge but not too much.

  140. Lin is like any other NBA player, he needs minutes to build his career too. Without it…..

    Lin didn’t play 40 min to need a breather.

  141. I dont think that was the plan…no coach would plan in that manner…unless its a blowout

  142. I think it’s that OT vs King… Lin played too well… but it’s not matter now… just hope he can have good game from now on… Please. smh!

  143. Sarcasm only

  144. Lin played so little, he needed no breather…

  145. That’s my guess. He just wanted to sub out JLin for a little, then subbed back in for JLamb. Well, since Washington coudn’t hit any nail and JLamb did, JLin wasn’t needed. I didn’t see JLin was sad at the bench. He was cheering for his teammates on the floor.

  146. Yea I understand and know. But this is only 1 game. Still have 67 more games to go. More when Hornets go to playoffs. I would love to see JLin play big minutes when the game is on the line.

  147. Clifford wants to win and I don’t think a coach will do anything like that and jeopardize team winning. Well, except BScott lol.

  148. I hope his agent bring more endorsement for Lin… LOL!

  149. Sounds so ominous! Especially coming from a mod. “This includes Batum.” Lol.

  150. i know the charlotte announcers are doubters bc they all saw lin block nene but they couldnt believe their eyes, so they ignored it.
    ive seen this happen every year with every announcing crew. lin makes a block and they cant process what they just saw. they think, someone else must have blocked that, or the ball slipped or something or something. whatever it, it couldnt be something lin did.

    meanwhile, dell curry imagines lin traveled when he didnt. this crew is starting to bug me. meanwhile, anything batum does is like the best bball play theyve ever seen in their lives.

  151. Why? Seems pretty clearly stated.

  152. That’s good to know

  153. Have you guys ever thought before Clifford’s contract extension, Clifford had to win, hence Lin got to play and close games. Now that Clifford got 3 more years, winning becomes less critical to him…

  154. Unfortunately, his D won’t show on stats but game like this took down his scoring average badly.

  155. People will still doubt until Jeremy starts or plays 30+ min.

  156. Dell pointed out Lin’s defensive play on Neal as the turning point in the game. This crew is decent but not my favorite to listen to due to the play by play guy. I like Curry, though.

  157. yeah, JLIN knew it now that words only means when one use it. anyways there still enough games for hornets to see how valuable JLIN to them and to their aspiration.

    In actuality its not a question of money that is a problem here for JLIn in hornets.. if the team know they need him, they get him . But having enough players right now for their future goal makes JLIN a redundant . They’re making Batum a hornets for long……Looking to replace Al Jeff (maybe a trade of Jeff Al + Jlin for a center) they have Lamb that they love right now..LOL…KW who seems healthy and a great of supporting cast .so Hornets time to decide on Jlin will be late december or january ..if they increase Jlin times with the team and cater more to him, then they are all out to get him for whatever makes Jlin happy.
    this thing will happen after Batums decision to stay or not.

  158. His contract with the Hornets only tells us they have agreed something beyond the money. They’re on the same agendas.

  159. and no one is speculating
    its just for the FO
    we are not talking about FA here LOL

  160. Well BS wanted to tank. Clifford is pretty happy with his personnel and he’s trying to win I think. He won’t always get it right, but he’s been winning. Something he’s saying and doing is connecting to his players.

  161. Ya! Cliff wants to win so badly that’s why he used Lin in OT. That’s set up for Lin too… otherwise why Kemba & Batum passed most of the balls to Lin but not 4Q? Anyway, after watched so many NBA games. you know, sometimes you just can’t play too well… Like Chalmer in Men, after that 29 pts.. next game? Not the same… I just want Lin can have good stats for this season. That’s it !!!

  162. you mean eric collins as the excitable and excited announcer doing play by play?

    dell curry barely talks and when he does, it will be something obnoxious like the earlier game, in which he said lin deserved the no-call because he was stripped and lost possession (even tho lin got raked across the arm). it was completely ridiculous. the guy reminds of stu lance.

  163. Its only one game since his contract was announce. Various factors attributed to why Jeremy played so little tonight. Lets wait and see.

  164. I don’t like Lawson’s personality but he’s too good a player for this. He’ll be wanting out of there soon. He’s the kind of guy to demand a trade. But he’s weakened by his problems with alcohol and the law.

  165. He’s treatment is worse than lin…JH even with 40pts…dont understand the flaw in the whole play

  166. Agreed, I just pointed out to remind everyone that Clifford’s extension may not to Lin’s benefit.

  167. Yes, it’s sad.

  168. Eric Collins. I’ll give Curry the benefit of the doubt for now.

  169. Come on, ClufhFans now tries to blame the loss on the guy who only played for less than 3 min now?

  170. then his waiting will never stop.another rental year after year will make him irrelevant.

    right now is the best time and he’s showing the whole NBA how resilient he is..

    Statistics is nothing if you don’t know how to appreciate it and other teams knew how to use it..its just a matter of Liking jeremy’s game and what he can do for the team that like him that matters right now.
    he has already shown what he can do, its up to the other teams to see it and appreciate it.

  171. whoever said that, they said it even AFTER they saw the play again in replay.

    im not sure if it was collins or curry for the ‘deserved’ no-call comment.

    but saying lin traveled in this game, that was definitely dell curry.

  172. I feel so sad for Lawson, but as I thought once PB is back he will be #3 PG. He got 0 pt today bc no ball. Maybe he will ask for trade or Morey will try hard to trade him out of Rox.

  173. but he will bounce back after this year, he will get better offer than our Lin.

  174. sorry

  175. Ya! They do need someone to take the blame for the lose.

  176. Lol, the only thing that’s locked is the hate for Clifford. Smh

  177. No, he thought Lin traveled. Don’t think it’s a good idea for a home-town guy to say that. But he redeemed himself by making a note of Lin’s defensive play.

  178. holy smokes. i looked at the rox record today and it is 5W, 10L. wowzers

  179. I was listening to Wizard’s feed on radio, and that Lin block got a huge response from wizards announcers, a big “wow” there, they were yelling Lin!!!
    Plenty of praises there, like Lin get a jump ball, and they were praising Lin good defense. They talked about Lin’s hair for a good 5 min. And talked a lot about Lin’s last game.
    They did talked about Lin’s first shot was a travel, actually both Lin’s shot they were talking about him traveled. I have not seen the game yet….

  180. Indeed bc Harden don’t like him. Plus I read somewhere said in players meeting Lawson said something about Harden… maybe just like Pat who later got traded to King & now in Raptors.

  181. It is frustrating right now but this team is still trying to find their identity. Being the “defensive guy” is new to Jeremy this year but he will find a way to balance his D and O eventually. We need to be patient and can only wait and see.

  182. For what? lol

  183. There’s a tweet above that says Cliff was asked about the closers and he said that Kemba, Lin and Batum were a lock. He wasn’t sure about the big men. If that is accurate, then it will be Lin most games.

  184. I enjoy watching Rox lose the game too. Why Harden couldn’t have magic again… he always could get easy win in the past…. LOL!

  185. for doubting lol
    cuz i know will doubt until Lin starts/plays 30+ every game aha

  186. Maybe they didn’t see the block on Nene. Next time Lin should break into a song and dance:

    Now watch me whip (Kill it!)
    Now watch me nae nae (Okay!)
    Now watch me whip whip
    Watch me nae nae (Want me do it?)

    Now watch me whip (Kill it!)
    Watch me nae nae (Okay!)
    Now watch me whip whip
    Watch me nae nae (Can you do it?)

    Now watch me

    Ooh watch me, watch me
    Ooh watch me, watch me
    Ooh watch me, watch me
    Ooh ooh ooh ooh

    Ooh watch me, watch me
    Ooh watch me, watch me
    Ooh watch me, watch me
    Ooh ooh ooh ooh

  187. This isn’t close to LA. LA has Kobe, someone that puts himself on a different plane than everyone else as a player. LA has Byron Scott, one of the worst coaches that I’ve seen in 40 years of watching basketball. You keep talking about backup and I’m not defining Lin as such regardless of that word being used for him or not. I keep saying he’s an impact player and coach’s will use him as they see fit as such. He’s more than just a 2nd unit player or backup.

  188. Have a question. Are there true Lin fans think Lin is only back up quality player? If so, then can people think Lin is scrub also Lin fans? I just don’t get it. This has nothing to do with one’s bball knowledge, but how can one call him/herself a fan when one does not believe in the player?

  189. so, terry is implying that lawson is a big reason why they are losing this year


  190. As a fan…..Would you still enjoy watching basketball if Lin’s will play only an average of 15mins every game from now on?because this could happen since Lamb already broke in with the closed out rotation.

  191. Sounds like he is trying to kiss up Harden. Is his contract up soon???

  192. I don’t think that Clifford’s extension hurts or helps Lin.

  193. Not sure it’s his training in the summer or from the team, Lin’s D seems to be improved a lot since he came to this team. That’s good for him even he got low pay.

  194. lin’s minutes this game is not a pattern yet. i dont read too much into it as far as cliff’s attitude towards lin.

  195. sure enough,just googled. he signed a 1 year contract with Rocket this past summer.

  196. Very dysfunctional.

  197. NBA refs will take it out on coaches that complain too much.

  198. THere’s a tweet saying Clifford was asked who is in the closing rotation and he said that Kemba, Lin and Batum were a lock. So, if that’s true, we can quit saying Lamb is in the closing unit when he occasionally closes a game.

  199. Locks? He didnt play him to close tonight… didnt he say he was going to play to jlins game? Wont believe it until he actually does what he says…

  200. Lawson only played 2mins wow

  201. Some people would rather believe what people say than what people act. SMH

  202. Lol…u are into lyrics now

  203. I was enjoying the heck out of Lin’s high caliber performances as a very minute limited rookie in Golden State, so of course I’d enjoy Lin’s 15 minutes as long as Lin wasn’t too ref cheated.

  204. please be fair. he got 3 minutes tonight.

  205. breather mean think while resting where does this TO’s and his mistakes coming from….

    sometimes a player need it just like when he sit KW today when he’s seeing that KW force things out, but when came back, he’s was a different player 5minutes ago…

  206. Then they should blame Morey why he didn’t keep J Smith? & why Harden played lousy on purpose before Mc was fired? Now he really tried hard to win but he really can’t win now. LOL!

  207. If you look at all of the games, how many have Lamb closed vs. Lin? It’s a non-issue. Just because Lamb closed today means absolutely nothing. Cliff has clearly favored Lin to close the majority of close games. And if he says it’s Kemba/Lin/Batum, that’s what he put out there to the press. Kemba didn’t close one game too and maybe Batum doesn’t close here and there. It doesn’t mean that whoever closes occasionally is the closer or even the one who closed the last game.

  208. Such things depend on matchups and referee status and hot hands and such.

    Unlike most fans here, I am not concerned about Lin “finishing” games.

    All I care is that Lin is properly used by the coaching staff – and I think I’m the ONLY member on this entire board who completely
    agreed with Clifford’s usage of Lin this game.

  209. Haha. I know people mean well but Jeremy starting and playing 30+ mins was not promised when he signed so why demand that now. It could happen but most likely not. We can only hope Jeremy plays well and efficiently with the time given. Too early to go into panic mode.

  210. Time shall tell. It is not that Clifford has not broken his promise about Lin. He has admitted he tried to put Lamb back to Kings game but could not…

  211. I know you’re one of the knowledgeable poster here…What is your take on that 2nd Q when Lin was subbed out early on just for the 2nd PF,he was playing great at that time…Lin can afford to have the 3rd since he subs in late in the 3rd anyway.

  212. Lin’s min in the past 5 games are 28, 29, 29, 31, 15
    And his PFs are: 2,3,1,1,4

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much yet since Lin has played quite a bit lately.
    Clifford probably thought he can Plug-N-Play JLin w/o much effect. But all players will turn cold if sitting on bench for too long.

    I have no problems Clifford rested JLin early after 2 quick fouls but he should’ve inserted JLin in mid 3rd quarter for a tired Kemba.

    Coaches can make mistakes so I’ll wait and see if it becomes a pattern or not before I’m concerned.

  213. I agree with you. But I put more value on him closing games than starting. Starting has become unimportant to me as long as he’s in there long-enough and plays his game to have a chance to have an impact, he’s fine.

    I think today’s game was just weird and I’m waiting for the next one.

  214. also foul trouble? =)

  215. Thats who Jeremy is. He will give his all no matter what and that’s we’re his fans 🙂

  216. On the 4th Q I totally agree but not on the 2nd Q

  217. LOLOLOL My concentration on JLin alone and how the overall Hornets look. This way I don’t get upset easily when the game like this happened. To me playing high minutes all the times will take a toll on the body no matter what. If Cliff isn’t taking care of Kemba, who plays the highest minutes among all Hornets players, Batum the second, that isn’t my concern. I know JLin will do well when his number is called. So, just stay healthy and play his best in the mean time. This is only 15 games into the season. So, I’m all good. If this is 67 games, it will be another story:-)

  218. Not without Riley’s help. lol.

  219. Don’t know about foul part but trouble for sure. lol.

  220. I believe in the person. I believe he can play for any coach and any team and make an impact. I believe he deserves more minutes when he plays well but I don’t necessarily think he’s shafted at every turn. I believe he needs to earn it more than most and that isn’t necessarily fair, but that is the reality of Lin’s entire life. Whining won’t change anything – and we all know Lin isn’t a whiner. He takes his lot and he prays and he works and he trusts God with the results.

    Nothing gives me greater happiness as Jeremy’s fan than seeing him shine on the court. But I find interest and joy as well in seeing how he handles situations – whether we view them as fair or not. I don’t doubt that he will be fine.

    I didn’t become a fan of Jeremy to see Linsanity every night. I tune in to watch Jeremy Shu-how Lin.

  221. I will actually give Clifford the benefit of the doubt until 30 games,then I’ll rest my conclusion

  222. lol .. Lawson has been troubled by DUI since his Denver days.
    I’m glad Lin is not in HOU for sure =)

  223. I don’t repeat what other say, i only said what they done.

  224. No, the only reason i watch nba is jlin!

  225. I remember DMo contributing a lot last year. He’s also the sort of guy that is easy to not notice.

  226. Same here but I’m beginning to like the team so I’ll patiently wait.

  227. same here. I may even quit when I can no longer bear the mistreatment Lin receives from ref, coach, fo…etc

  228. You have the right to Khuang and we hope you’ll be right but all that remain to be seen. As of now it is what it is.

  229. actually he cud really help them right now lol
    they will be begging for Lin to come back

  230. according to the longtime hornets fans, cliff pulls ppl out of the game if they get 2 fouls relatively early. thats the best explanation because this is an established, long term pattern that cliff shows.

    as a side comment, there are also games in which cliff basically decides that kemba will always guard the starter. in that case, when the starter is put back in, kemba comes back and replaces lin. i forget which game it was, but this happened before, resulting in lin getting few minutes.

    generally speaking, its easy for this to happens because lin enters the 1Q later than any other bench player. so if the other coach plays his starter 35 min like tonight, then it could be a lot of kemba before the 4Q if cliff has decided to match starters with starters.

  231. Yah i know but its hard to keep calm with all that in mind when watching the game ahaha

  232. As a fan I watch Lin for how he fights through adversity and keeps going. Others may want to watch Lin become a star and score gazillions points. So here’s the reality Lin’s in. He may never get the treatment he deserves because of his race and colour. I choose to cheer for him as long as he keeps doing everything within his power to breakdown the barriers in front of him. Lin needs our emotional support and prayers to fight the good fight. I’ll not abandon him just because of injustice or situations.

    Lin always does something great to make a difference. Even playing 15 minutes, he will make a difference. It’s up to us to witness it and appreciate and give Lin back the support he need to continue on.

    I’ve compared Lin liberally to Van Gogh because Lin works very hard at his craft to be a great complete basketball player. Van Gogh didn’t sell one painting in his lifetime because ignorant people couldn’t see his talent. Lin is in the same boat. For whatever the reason, Lin’s amazing craft is ignored and unappreciated. As Khuang and I have said, it’s not Lin’s call how much he can play…but it is our call to make sure we appreciate it.

  233. I’m not sure whether that’s a none issue, I think coach will let Lamb finish if he could. Lin now is a place holder, and either Lin play bad or Lamb play good, it will be lamb.

  234. i imagine that ball as someone’s face.

    kidd knows you cant touch the refs, so he does the next best thing hehe

  235. If this is the process and path that Jeremy has to go through to become a great player/person, what can we do? God only knows.

  236. He’ll be lucky if he gets 1 game sus.

  237. OH that explains it then…I’m not really familiar with Clifford style of coaching because normally if you’re player is playing well esp on Lin’s case and sub pattern, as an observer of the game you would really ask the reason why the coach took out Lin since he was playing well at that time.Now I knew…just a head case mistake and weird sub pattern.

  238. Believe this was the first game I listened to Hornets announcers. Thought they belonged to Wizards by their way of commenting. More for Wizards than Hornets in their way of making comments. Agreed that they weren’t very kind to JLin.

  239. and thx for the compliment. =)

  240. I might give more leash to after All-Star Break due to current politics

    I hope for the better but if Clifford doesn’t make JLin an integral part of the team to woo him to come back the 2nd season, it will be his huge loss.

    I don’t see how this team can advance deep in the playoff w/o JLin running the offense to facilitate ball movement. Kemba can score, Batum can facilitate a bit but there’s a reason the starters haven’t been clicking. Their interior and help D is suspect w/o JLin helping out.

    Nene would’ve have easy layup or dunk w/o JLin’s help D and huge block.

    I hope Hornets media will recognize JLin’s contribution in Defense because he sure sacrificed his some of his offensive efficiency

  241. Believe me. I’m frustrated too! We all handle it differently 🙂

  242. 🙂

  243. He still have contract next year w Rox for 13M.

  244. I hope JLin will politely refuse the opening for the perennial scapegoat =)

  245. lin doesnt play if: lin play bad, lamb play good, or lamb play ok D instead of bad D. so i guess thats a lot of reason to not play lin hehe

  246. yes, pretty much every game Lin closed after Lamb extension, you hear coach say that. So coach is plan to put Lamb back in, unless Lin play super good.
    Coach was impressed with Lamb’s play making, so Lin don’t have much edge there. Currently it was Lin’s defense, but Lamb has his shooting and his size there. Lin need to forget about his defense, and pick up his offense. Otherwise, he will lost his identity.

  247. yeah, I think Lin’s role he thought he is going to get when he sign with Hornets is now goes to Lamb. So yeah, he don’t really get much left. Well, he is currently just the insurance.

  248. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. It’s here now:-)

  249. Lin actually provide more than offense and defense,he actually put players on right positions,if he’s playing well the defense react on him aggressively thus opens up other teammates,and you can’t teach the winning mentality and the ability to provide sparks and momentum plays that makes fans crazy…it’s a unique quality from a player.

  250. I don’t think CHA is trying to woo Lin to come back the 2nd season. IOn the opposite, I think CHA is trying to scare other teams away from signing Lin by devalue Lin.

  251. Cliff sure has the problem if he said so…. Coach was impressed with Lamb’s play making?! smh!

  252. And what would be left if MKG were healthy?

  253. As a fan I still believe that he can be a part of a championship team one day but if not I’m also happy with that Linsanity ride,Houston games and lately the Nets game which makes me a true NBA fan again.I actually enjoy the win tonite even if he didn’t contribute that much but that good D and jump ball was good enough to turn the tide.

  254. if MKV were healthy, what’s left is more unhappy players haha

  255. That is why I don’t think Clifford is that smart.

  256. Don’t forget unhappy JLin fans lol

  257. sometimes it seems that cliff’s idea of the playmaking on this team is kemba/batum/lamb taking turns heroballing.

  258. God bless you, Melody! I hope you’re healthy and enjoying life 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  259. One of my favorite quote:-

    Roast Turkey, scrumptious pies, freshly brewed cider, vegetables and fruits galore and golden baked goodies align the table…as the toast to Thanksgiving is raised..let’s take a moment to reflect and
    be thankful to the Lord for blessing us with so much and for making us able.

  260. Nite Melody!!!!

  261. I kind of wanna see Lin be the starter of that team again lol

  262. I agree with you but see a little diff. Hardly any career bench player joining a new team and got a reward contract when the season just started. Lamb did and I am sure him and his agent demanded: to lock-in with the Hornets for the next 3 seasons, they want Lamb’s role will be XY and Z. Cliff was unusual for the need to explain why and he wanted to inserted Lamb was very much confirm the condition of the deal.

  263. Benched and with only 16 min play. What clear if words don’t match with action? Maybe you should define Lock.

  264. TTNN, this is the play that charlotte announcers (seems to be dell curry based on voice) said lin traveled.


  265. Yep that’s him.

  266. i never thought for a second it was a travel when i watched in real time. unless dell curry means when lin first dribbles, and its hardly obvious or egregious.

    its just weird and annoying when the hometeam announcer goes out of his way to cast negative light on a hometeam player or something he did in the game. if dell curry doesnt want to say homer things, that’s fine, but dont go out of your way to say bad things, especially when its a questionable judgement

  267. One of the issue with Lin is the fact he has no “floater” to shoot over the traffic under the basket…Lin needs to watch Lamb…Lamb has a great floater that he uses whenever there is too much traffic under the basket…

    Lin talked about working on a floater this off-season but we haven’t seen it at all…Lin is getting crowded out when he starts his drive and he needs to be more aware of that…Sometimes, he puts his head down and blindly drives through too many defenders…Needs to watch the tape to see his mistakes and correct them.

  268. Really like the reaction from the bench 🙂

  269. Most of people believe game announcers are experts, but I call them team PR. You can tell their agendas just to hear the contents.

  270. If that were his son, it would be wow what a great move. SMH.

  271. yep, you know it

  272. WRONG! Lin would still get HIS! Lin can do in seconds what All-Star players need 36 minutes to accomplish. (TROLL FLAGGED)

  273. I’ve been sitting on this awhile but I’m just getting really weirded out by some of the conspiracy theorists here. I think there’s something that fans on this board is forgetting in that, yes, racism is a factor, but something else that could be affecting things too is actually that:

    Lin’s hiding an injury to the hand. (which happens way more often than teams, players, or agents want to admit)

    Specifically I think it was the first or second game where he fell and caught himself on the palm of his hand instead of his usual two feet slide back move, and I literally winced because that’s the opposite of what you want to do to break your fall because you can hurt your wrist badly that way. So I wasn’t surprised when his shots started getting messed up.

    Think about it: Lin has continued to be cheerful, Clifford has continued to trust Lin with closing games, there’s not a single bad or snide or passive aggressive word about softness or defense. Lin’s defense has been great and has been praised on multiple sites/outlets (usually a good litmus test of what the FO is thinking), which is what Clifford says he looks for. And also his *teammates* have continued to be supportive of him and I see no bad body language anywhere. He’s on some sort of minutes restriction. And he’s getting a tighter rein when he misses a shot, especially in the first half, unlike in the preseason or in the second half (usually), which is bizarre because Clifford history is that he WON’T pull people if they’re missing shots, only if they miss defensive assignments.

    Unless Clifford is so racist as to completely change his rotations (ie. when he pulls a person) JUST FOR ONE PERSON, which, you have got to know messes up the locker room incredibly. The fastest way to lose a team/group is by clearly being unfair to a person; the assholes start thinking they can get away with things that other people can’t and the other people start getting nervous that they’ll turn into a whipping boy or they get pissed off at the inequality. See also: LA and Houston.

    Lin seems to have the support of his teammates, like Kemba and Williams. Looking at the bench for Lin’s points in the first quarter, 3~4 people stood up to will it in. And these same teammates have seen what he could do in China and how he could help this team. I honestly think they wouldn’t all love being on this team as much if they saw a teammate they clearly like being either upset or unfairly pulled or being put in a position where he can’t help the team.

    Also, Lin’s doctor was recently flown in from China.

    I’m just saying that all this adds up, to me, as something different from what people on this board is complaining about. I think Lin’s wrist is strained/bruised from his fall, and it’ll take maybe another week or two to heal, depending on how bad it is and how much rest he and the team gets. There’s a three day break before the GSW game, another before the Magic game (16th), and worse comes to worse, there’s always all-star break, but I’m hoping that with his doctor and maybe acupuncturist it all gets sorted out soon.

  274. That’s not true. You are defining him by 2 games where Lamb finished and Lin did not. Lin finished, what, 10 games to Lamb finishing 2? I’m not going to count the blowouts either Lamb or Lin finished.

  275. caught that too. a bit surprising since Dell is usually pretty neutral on Lin

  276. He threw up a floater in OT that was waived off. A lot of PGs have floaters. HOF SG Wade developed one after beating up his body so bad and his knees got so battered that he couldn’t go strong and dunk on just about anyone like he used to do. Teague lives on the floater, it’s the shot at the rim he throws up most. Lin has all the moves to get to the floater and the short jump shot. He just has to resist the urge to always drive hard to the basket. It works if he can get a lot of foul calls if he doesn’t finish. But comes out as a TO if someone sets in front of him and he knocks them over or he gets stripped or simply has no where to go because there’s no room underneath to get up a shot. Or just a missed bucket if he doesn’t get the foul call, and some crews just don’t blow the whistle with Lin.

  277. His contract of the last year has been revised.

    According to an article:
    A new bit of information makes the Lawson trade look like even more of a quality move for Morey and the Rockets. According to Grantland’s Zach Lowe, Lawson has agreed to turn 2016-17, the final season of his current contract, into a non-guaranteed salary, thereby allowing Houston to waive him after one season with no effect on the salary cap.

    Here’s why that matters:
    That gives Houston the option of keeping Lawson at his current set salary for 16-17 if things work out, or letting him walk if they don’t.
    — Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) July 20, 2015
    So, Morey may try to trade him for some assets now or just waive him after the season.

  278. there is a lot of discussion about the floater already..Lin needs to use other creative way to succeed

  279. Master LO is a massagist. I think he is here because playing defense takes a toll on your body.

  280. So am I, I will wait until 30 games.

  281. That isn’t Dell Curry. That is the Wizards announcer. It’s the Washington’s feed.

  282. Exactly….many here too…think there is something else…and its not the FO or the Coach…..So far…I have no complains on how things are goings…obviously as Lin fan, I want to see him getting more minutes…but it is what it is

  283. It seems to me that Hornets PR has had Lin in the doghouse for awhile. Sure Lin gets defensive play of the game a few time this season but the amount of post game interviews he gets this season went from 1st to like 9th man.

  284. I don’t think Hornets would go out of their way to devalue Lin to sign him cheap in the 2nd year.

    It’s just the current role offered by Hornets is to spark the bench unit.
    Even if JLin proves he can be the best playmaker, I don’t think coaches would go out of their way to center the offense around JLin’s playmaking due to the contract amount and length.

    It’s good that more Hornets media have been asking JLin to be signed long-term after the past 4 games.

    I predict if Coach Clifford doesn’t utilize JLin’s playmaking by 2nd half as an integral part of the offense despite his hard work on defense, JLin would move on somewhere else. He would want to have a fair chance to start alongside Kemba, not a useful backup that’s only being plugged in to create sparks.

    Kemba only played 73 and 62 games in the past 2 seasons so it’s mind-boggling to me why Clifford wanted to burn out Kemba playing 47 and 41 min in the past 2 games. Showcasing? idk; hard to speculate. But playing Kemba 32min and JLin 25-28min should be the standard norm to play 82 games.

  285. ya i didn’t think that was Dell’s voice. Dell sounds different.

  286. That’s not Dell Curry. Washington’s announcer.

  287. Lin did a few but not much.

  288. Dell has more of a Southern accent

  289. More to make kemba and batum allstar this year or next year.

  290. I don’t know. Lin’s shots seem to fall in warm ups before games from when I saw him play the Knicks and according to others that have seen him in warmups live before games, but not game situations.

    I don’t go with the conspiracies, and some of Lin’s errors are mental. But, if your body isn’t tight you try to overcompensate and make errors.

    I’m not sure. He’s not hitting his shot like he was in preseason. In preseason he looked mostly terrific. He’s had moments but he hasn’t really strung together a bunch of wow games yet.


    Hope he’s ok. Good to see him in every game so far.

  291. I think Lin’s hair actually helps with blocking the vision of whoever he’s guarding. It adds a few inches to his height and so it makes him even a better defender.

  292. Maybe decrease Lin’s minutes not a bad thing. It seems Hornets don’t want Lin play too well to keep.

  293. If this prolong I think lin might want to reconsider to stay or not.

  294. Even this year will be the next year. Anyway go Jeremy, chance will come again!

  295. Dont worry about lawson. He will be starting onhis next team

  296. Exactly..When he drives, it’s always “all the way” to the rim…He needs a mid range floater…or even a quick drive and pull up j..We saw some of that with the Lakers..I believe Kobe got him to shoot more of those quick pull up Jumpers…But with the Hornets, we only see Lin trying to bulldoze his way to the basket and if the referee doesn’t call fouls, Lin is pretty much cooked…It’s either a turnover or a bad shot thrown toward the rim while still hoping for the referee to blow the whistle.

    Lin also gets a lot of offensive foul for the same reason..He tries to bulldoze his way in with no awareness of the traffic…I believe the scout on him is to simply crowd him out when he starts to drive and Lin will turn it over by either charging a defender or getting stripped or taking a bad shots.

    So Lin is at the mercy of the referee unless he adjust his game and learn to shoot floater or quick drive and pull up jumpers.

  297. Make sense, also the opponent will be afraid to stick on eyes.?

  298. It IS a bad thing for Lin. We all heard directly from Lin in interviews that he had said all along the reason he signed w/ the Hornets is for ‘more minutes’ w/ ‘bigger role’. The recent article came out reemphasized this very reasoning he gave them a ‘discount’ and thought that Cliff would allow him to play his game. It’s NOT happening as we see it!

  299. Sounds like the Washington play by play guy. Very familiar voice from one of Linsanity games highlight videos lol.

  300. There were a lot of pull up jumpers in pre-season. Not sure why he abandoned it other than he shot the ball really well in pre-season.

  301. His playing time won’t be decreasing, it’ll be increasing. He’s still trying to work out how to play with Kemba.

  302. Recommend NOT to stay w/this kind of treatment!

  303. It’s just one game. Let’s review in 5 more games and average out the minutes. This was always schedule win for the Hornets. Clifford didn’t need Lin to play too much to seal the win.

  304. That was Cliff hasn’t extended the contract and need Lin help to secure his seat.

  305. i wasnt referring to the audio of this clip (youre right its washington), but the play.

  306. 47 last game made sense. He was playing out of his mind. This game, 41 minutes, made no sense. He was struggling and was visibly fatigued in the 4th. I like Kemba at 32 and Lin 25-30 on average.

  307. I don’t think coach is thinking like that. I think coach is thinking these guys are my horses, I ride them. Lin is my weapon, I use it strategically.

  308. Join Hansbrough in the bench.

  309. This is abiggest questions to all of us..why coach didnt need lin to play too much to seal the win?

  310. And some unhappy fans because no more playing time for Lin. He will be reduced to a cheering bench squad.

  311. During pre-season, we saw a lot of contested long 2’s which concerned me since I felt these shots will not always fall for Lin eventhough they were falling in pre-season…I don’t think we saw the 10 footer jump shots..the drive and pull up J in the restricted area..He’s missing that mid range game.

    Lin is basically the same player with no improvement..Even his turnover has to do with the fact he has no mid range game…That’s what he needs to focus right now..floater and mid range jumpers in the restricted area..at 6’3, he should be able to shoot over most point guards.

  312. Happy Thanksgiving, Mel!
    Hope you get a wonderful feast and blessed day with family & friends

  313. So now we see his true face is what you’re saying…

  314. It started in Houston. Its still happening. Keep on praying for better days.

  315. IMO, Cliff wants to let the core players shine to make All-stars and for All-star coaches voting justifications if they don’t get vote in by fans. Hence, draw your own conclusion… you know the answer.

  316. I don’t want to say he is liar. But he maybe changed his goal and plan.

  317. I understand. We don’t like to see broken promises. In this case, we can only draw our conclusion by one’s action. So when someone’s action does not match his words, then the result can only be truth or lie.

  318. If you ask me to hope for things to change for Lin for the better tomorrow then OK, but don’t tell me it is good and justification for what’s going on right now. To find way excuse Cliff is to accept Lin as an average pg at best.

  319. And Kemba and the rest of the starters are playing more minutes because they dont need a breather. Lin played the least minutes. 15 minutes only. And took 4 shot attempts. He needs a breather alright.

  320. Ewing said Lin did an outstanding job (in OT) in the Kings game. He says it in the Pregame with Patrick vid. 11/25.

  321. That’s the one thing that’s very concerning..Kemba minutes has increased and now, he’s playing close to 40 minutes…That is not a good thing for Lin if this continues….So much about resting players..

    What’s the point of having a high end back-up PG in Lin if the starter gets close to 40 minute a night..

  322. Sounds like Ewing is saying Frank will be a big part of the rotation as the season goes along. Phase out Hawes?

  323. we knew that lin can do better.he needs more PT

  324. Its all about the all star stats. Can you imagine if Lin have Kemba’s playing time and role? Lin will definitely become an all star. But no. Lin is not allowed. They ate promoting Kemba.

  325. Exactly.

  326. Cliff says Jordan gives feedback but in the end, tells him to coach how he needs to coach.

  327. No they want Kemba in the all star.

  328. That’s what Lin did not oversee..and the Hornets probably wasn’t sure whether they were going to offer Lamb this contract.

    The moment I heard Lamb had signed a new contract with the Hornets, I knew this would be problematic for Lin because Lamb would now be expected to take a large chunk of that SG minutes.

    The promise that the Hornets made to Lin is that they would be minutes available for him at shooting guard…But with the signing of Lamb, I’m not sure whether those minutes will be there..at least not on a consistent basis.

    This is why Lin minutes will be very inconsistent.

  329. There are improvements. His hesitation moves and dribbling is improved. His dribbling/handles needs to improve more, but are improved.

    I said Lin is rusty as a PG and I still think so. Every so often he looks like Lin, the big-time facilitator making great passes. But Clifford needs to be careful with placing him with Kemba too much and let him facilitate. I want to see Lin go back to those football passes and lobs he was showing just a few games ago. Go back to the no-look stuff and behind the back passes we know he can do.

    The shooting, when he wants to get to making big one-on-one moves, he’s way better than he was last season. The only thing is he reverts into doing the tried and true and that’s zooming as fast as he can to the basket. That won’t always work. That’s scouted and it works when he gets the proper screens or has the proper opening and he acts fast enough. But he has those others tools he just forgets to use sometimes.

  330. I don’t worry about Lamb at all. I still think Lamb is best with Lin, not Kemba or even Kemba and Batum. Lamb shines with Lin. He’s just OK with Kemba or disappears.

  331. When did he say this? Today’s postgm?

  332. If Lin will not have good stats this year, nobody will offer him a starter contact next year. And Hornets already low balled him this year. The trend seems to be going down instead of going up. Except when theres an injury, lin can have more minutes. When everybody is healthy, back to rationed minutes.

  333. It’s one game. He played around 28 in the last 4 I believe. He was taken out early due to fouls and things just didn’t go great for him in the 2nd half although he made huge defensive plays, one pivotal defensive plays. Getting caught up on this one game is going to give us stress that isn’t necessary. Next game, let’s see what happens. Lin just may go 28-30 in that one. I just hope he doesn’t get 2 fouls in the first half.

  334. Today’s shootaround. 11/25/

  335. Last game, Clifford needs to win so bad to extend his contract.

  336. Let us pray that our boy will stay healthy and do his utmost best in every games.

  337. Or maybe he just likes to win because he’s an NBA coach and coaches in professional sports are driven to win.

  338. In fact, Hawes only played few min last game & no show today. Looks like they really want Frank just like Porzingis to be part of regular rotation.

  339. That’s what ive been doing. Silent prayers and wishes. I cant accept that Kemba is better than him. And reduced to a back up player all his nba life?

  340. No one knows what happens tomorrow. Let’s stick together and keep cheering Jeremy

  341. Ewing mentioned his defense. They seem to be easing him along and want him in the rotation.

    Porzingis is more of a star now, he’s adapting to the NBA incredibly well. His blocking shots wasn’t expected.

  342. Call me whatever you like. I’m a basketball fan who watched basketball growing up in the 90s when Jordan and Barkley, Robinson and Olajuwon were battling it out on the court. I stopped following NBA not too long after all my childhood idols retired one by one. That was the early 2000s. I started watching NBA again in the wake of Linsanity. So yes I would call myself a Lin fan. I like him for his ability to overcome all kinds of adversities, breaking stereotype barriers that very little people could. His basketball prowess was just icing on the cake, a bonus attribute.

    But I do not idol worship him. I know he’s only a human like you and I. I know he makes mistakes. I know he has limitation to his game. So I call spade a spade, I’m ok with and accepting him not being a starter, but that does not mean I think he is a scrub or lack the ability to be one. I’m just more in touch with reality than some of his overly passionate fans who idol worship him. I do not jump straight to conclusion and criticise the personnel around him simply because he’s not put into an ideal situation that I wanted to see him in. I share the same disappointment with his other fans when he seemed to be struggling to find his role within the team, but I refrain from resorting to conspiracy theories that his teammates, coaches or managements were out to get him due to jealousy.

    I just want to remind people, just because some people appears to be not as passionate in defending Lin, or seemed reluctant to place blame on Lin’s teammates or coaches when Lin himself had a few bad games or being put in not so ideal situation, it does not mean that they are “fake” Lin fans, trolls, or haters in disguise. Just understand there are tens of thousands of Lin fans each with different personality and ways of responding to different things.

    Bottom line is we all need to stick to the forum rules of respecting each other, stop pointing fingers and assigning blames etc. This is a forum created to promote “positivity”. It’s sad to see comments carrying “the sky is falling” kind of negativity creeping in…. Let’s just focus on cheering for Lin’s good performance and stop formulating more conspiracy theories against people around him when he appears to be struggling.

  343. Time for the NBA to notice Lin’s shot blocking prowess. The guy is a shot blocker. He’s almost as impressive as Wade as a shot blocking guard. Maybe more now that Wade is older.

  344. And what can you say about Byron Scott?

  345. i didnt view this Vine clip with audio. im just referring to the play shown the video.
    i watched the game with charlotte feed. so it sounds like both feeds said lin traveled.

  346. I don’t think Lin will stay. Just one year deal only. Today’s playing time will not be regular schedule for Lin. Check this. Cliff said it before the game.


  347. well said!

  348. Cant not agree more…

  349. @adele @leeda harun ‘…A prayer of a righteous person prevails much.’ James 5:16. I’m sure Lin’s family, friends and ‘true’ fans are praying for him.

  350. Amen!

  351. I have always been under the impression that CP3 isn’t a spotless player. He can get quite nasty when he needed to be. All in the name of getting what he wanted.

  352. It’s funny, like you I watched basketball through many eras but got dismayed by it and stopped watching the hometown Knicks. I’m from New York City. By accident I watched Lin and was into him as a basketball player, and he happened to be Asian that also made it cool. It was his playing that thrilled me. His ability to zoom and weave through defenses and finish at the rim but at the same time involve everybody on the Knicks and there were no real star players with him as Anthony was injured soon after the run started. I found out about his faith later when I heard his post-game interviews and then learned more about his life.

    Lin’s like other players I liked, Stockton, Nash, Magic, guys that passed and scored when it was necessary. Guys with a winning gene in them that played tough and strong. But guys that had a team spirit. Lin had that even more than the other guys because he wasn’t considered a superstar. In fact, I never heard of him. And then he just became a phenomenon and he created magic in NYC that was rare and extraordinary. We can now call it the Linsanity period, but it was more than buckets and wins, it was some contagious magic that electrified the Garden and the city.

    Now I see how Lin has persevered and blazed through stereotypes and deals with adversities and I like him more. I get frustrated by external things and some things Lin does on the court because I want to see him excel for a number of reasons. But Lin is just someone truly wonderful in professional sports on so many levels.

  353. Overrated. He’s lucky he’s got Jordan and Griffin together.

    Paul is so bad that with all those good players with him, can’t lead his team winning games.

  354. He seems to be not as good as before…. Clippers is not good now? What’s wrong?

  355. GREAT post. Beautifully stated. It should be saved and put on the top of all of our threads.

  356. How we think is not important at all. I bet they dont see Lamb shines because of playing with Lin. They see Lamb as a part of their future plan while Lin is a one-year rent.

  357. He’s not like most coaches. He’s unqualified and should be fired. He tanked to get a pick and then he picked a kid that wasn’t best for the team. Now he’s destroying that kid’s confidence. He should be fired. Maybe banned from basketball if I had my way. I strongly dislike him as a coach.

  358. I’ve heard that before and really don’t think it adds up to much. I think they go on the court and perform and think of chunks of games and where they want to go. They use the personnel they have at the time. There’s no guarantee Batum is going to resign yet look at his role. Lin is a weapon and a Hornet now and they are playing the 2015/2016 games in 2015/2016. Worry about 2016/2017 when the time comes and when there are new personnel. Not now.

  359. And we too.

  360. Most of happened in their eyes when he caught the ball and then went into his move. I didn’t see anything like a travel in that clip.

  361. Not real winners. They can play well but don’t have that quality that makes for winners like Spurs, Warriors have.

  362. Only Kemba will make it for sure.

  363. Clippers used to be good but not this year…?! Lose to Jazz??

  364. Anyone. Winning takes team focus and playing well in 4Q. They lack that too much and lose.

  365. Hornets are only hosting it in 2017 not 2016

  366. This is really unbelievable? After they said so … Lin went to bench…?!


  367. I hope Coach K will share this great wisdom with Coach Clifford someday.
    Let the best playmaker orchestrate the best symphony


  368. Cliff needs to consult w MJ first …. Now I know why he got the extension…..Just like Mc & Alex.

  369. yeah, I went back and watch the game, Dell said Lin get away from a travel…….

    Still don’t think that’s a problem, Dell point things out to other players too, And he did always find ways to point out nice play of Lin in lots of games. Would really hate people go out to call him hater, that will turn people into real Lin haters one by one, I have seen that

  370. I agree. He had handful of games where he had 2 or more blocks last season. Lots of memorable blocks throughout his career as well.

  371. Highlights

  372. So far, we see that Cliff allowed NB, KW, AJ to make 30pts+ … Remember, you and I saw these guys were allowed to play in late 4th qtr after either win/loss has been determined.

  373. Thanks.

  374. I see what Dell meant. Lin jumped when he got the ball and then went into a series of cool moves. The first jump is often called a travel.

  375. Swarm&String is good to acknowledge JLin’s tying Neal up as the #GameChangingMoment of the game
    Please freel free to give them a click for the good reporting.

    “The game changing moment happened when Jeremy Lin forced a turnover on Gary Neal when he attacked the basket and Kemba ended up with possession and finished a two on one lay-up to bring the Charlotte Hornets within 5 points (85-80) with 8:04 left in the game.


  376. Read many of your comments either here or RealGM (which I don’t have an account, just there purely for reading), I’ve come to a conclusion that you and I have quite a few things in common. I used to be a Chuck fan for his straight forward, no nonsense approach. But as I mature my personality has smoothed into something that appreciates more what JLin has to offer.

    Seriously, as long as Lin is happy to be a reserve, I’ll be happy for him. To me the most important thing is that he’s at peace with himself. If I’m purely looking for a basketball idol, I’d prob be a Curry Groupie or a Lebron nut-hugger. But JLin offers something more than his on-court finesse, something that deserves my following. And that is his humbleness and sincerity. But I guess some of us are only looking at the material side of his career and thus inevitably feeling very frustrated….

  377. Jlin must hope the clippers implode so that harvard owner Balmer might want to pluck Lin as a core guard next season.

    Maybe Morey gets canned in the summer and Les brings Lin back {unlikely} upon Harden being traded and resigning Dwight.

    Regardless Lin’s become expendable now that Clifford has a new contract and job security. clifford can now afford to not play Lin and play Jordan’s guys. The new contract allows Clifford to go away from Lin and folllow MJ’s orders.

    spencer hawes’ minutes are about over it looks for now and Lin is back to 15-18mpg except those nights when the team is desperate.

    Clifford will be much more discilpined now imho in playing lin as little as possible.

  378. I’m not worried about next season at all…But people need to stop saying Lamb doesnt affect Lin’s playing time. Now he takes up the shooting guard’s time and Lin’s playing time is more limited to back up Kemba. They want to develop Lamb and will give him more opportunities in the end. Just like
    Clarkson, everyone says he’s better to play
    sg but the Lakers let him handle the ball and give
    him the green light,rather than Lin. It’s more
    about whom the franchise want to keep and develop for long.
    It’s just fans’ thought that Lamb shines with playing
    with Lin, so he wont eat up Lin’s time. I dont think
    that’s true.
    But I wont complain about Coach Clifford because Lin’s offense is really bad so far. If he couldnt find his scoring ability back ASAP, I really doubt his FA market value will go up…

  379. Don’t believe JLin must hope the clippers….. JLin isn’t the person who hope for anyone ….. (negativism). Please don’t put your own words into JLin’s mouth.

  380. Removed

  381. The difference is a college coach doesn’t have players with salaries / contracts.

  382. Thanks!

  383. “lost respect for Morey
    you can’t turn over a roster like that every year.

    Their starting point guard(s) have changed every year for what, 5 straight years? Lowry/Dragic/Lin/Beverley/Lawson and now to 37 year old Terry. No. Not gonna work. 6 dudes in about 4.5 years . . . . . lol And they changed often to WORSE players. I love Lin, but jeez, they let Dragic walk for nothing.

    but hey
    they have harden and howard!


    Houston is where PG careers go to die

    They take a dump on every point guard that comes their way. Harden can’t really co-exist with any of them.

    one of the reasons I have such a soft spot for Lin

    first Melo, then Harden then Kobe. Jeez, give that kid a therapist, on the house!”

    –collective dialogue on a hornets fan site.

  384. If tomorrow against Cleveland JLin plays long mins then I’m ok with last nights low minutes. I’ll justify it in my mind as Popovich resting theory. But if once again it is 15 mins I am going to be officially ticked off. Just sayin’

  385. As long as coach Clifford is trying to win, I’m okay with his usage of Lin. Think he will need Lin for the next game but don’t know if Lin can help enough to upstage LBJ and Company…

  386. I think people have to be fair to coach Clifford, he benched Lin not just because of 2 fouls, but more that Wall get by him twice in 2 possessions with moves that Lin was forced to foul. He played Lin even when he got 4 fouls in the 4th quarter because he’s playing well defensively. Lin did provide the momentum for the turnaround, and Lamb finished it by shooting well. The goal is to win, and different people contributed for the game, not every time can Lin be an offensive hero. Clifford did take Kemba out in the 4th for a few minutes when he played selfishly. I hate people saying “No Lin, No Win.”, it may be true when he played for Byron Scott when he’s tanking, but not true now.

  387. Lip service.

  388. Y don’t hou jus get another SG to play w harden . Dum

  389. Nonsense, Clifford took kemba out because he played selfishly? Then he needs to keep him on the bench all the time.

  390. Wait until you see his usage is a new norm.

  391. I like your opinion about the way this team is treating Lin. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory as what others call it but to me, I am just expressing an opinion just like everybody else here. I don’t trust this team and this coach who say something and do another thing. Period. I don’t believe in a team who just post his pictures for marketing purposes and a coach who just want to use Lin for his personal gain. Hope Lin will not fall for this lip service again.

  392. Keep it going. Stand for what you believe in. I don’t care about this team. I CARE ABOUT LIN! Whatever will happen to this team, I’m sure Lin will not be given credit if they are winning but he will surely be blamed for loses and poor performance. Or he will just fade away for being an INSIGNIFICANT player.

  393. As fans we have our right to point out when coach words and his action don’t match something that player can’t do.

    15 min will not help Lin to find a new long term contract after this year.

  394. Thanks and I will even my idea would not be popular here.

  395. 🙂 ….chill gal….long season…Hornets has good rotation players….and Lin was not brought in as a 6th man…all that was said CC will let him play his game (that doesnt mean free reign but within Hornets scheme), and will play with KW…which had been happening in 4th Q.

    Generally coaches would take about 20 games or so to determine the rotations and lineups…so lets have some patience

  396. Of course. They need to amplify the stats just in case he can’t make it to the regular voting for the starters, he can still be voted by the coaches. Their ploy is so obvious.

  397. Thanks Heart for seeing it. I can see that you are smart enough to notice and express your opinion.

  398. Sometimes whatever you are doing today can greatly affect tomorrow.

  399. 20 or 30 game excuses are for coaches with losing team. Right now not only Lin will never be a starter playing with kemba, he is not even in a regular bench rotation. Start to get used to his up n down min.

  400. Exactly. No conspiracy theory about this thing. 15 minutes for a back-up player. And you think as a player you will be content with that knowing that you work so hard and not just being smart and skilled for this craft?

  401. Me too. I’m not seeing it as a negative. Let’s not go astray to what’s the bottom line for this forum. This is a Lin fan forum. Not a Hornets fan forum. If I want to praise Clifford or the Hornets, I will go directly to their forum. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE HORNETS. I only care about Lin’s well being, how he is treated and he is being viewed as a player and as a person.

  402. So read your statement about coaches.

  403. Im sure lots of Lin fans are praying. Also cheering for him despite the misuse and abuse. Go Lin, go play for God not for anybody else. We are just human like you, we feel frustration and hurt but you inspire us in the way you handle these struggles.

  404. I think people here are content with that erratic usage and minutes. I am not. That’s a sign to me that he is being used as a temporary remedy in case of emergency. Not a regular mainstay character with a significant role and time.

  405. That’s my opinion too. 100% agree

  406. I’ve been saying this from long time. And they call me troll.
    Better Jeremy’s agent find a trade partner for a team who needs a PG. As STARTER.

  407. You hit the key words, in case of emergency.

  408. no lin no win was true not only with the lakers but also with houston at least the second year.

    that is to say there was a clear correlation between significant lin playing time and the teams success.

    you are correct however in saying that “now” ie. with charlotte that has (tho small sample size) not been the case.

    lins minutes have had no signifcant corelation to charlottes won loss %.

    beyond that (again small sample size) it is interesting to note that the longer carreer arc of (contrary to narrative) lin performing better with more minutes has also not been in force beyond the first two games this season.

    ie. even tho lin got his minutes and played well the first two games the team still lost. (keeping to the second if not first corelation)

    but beyond that since those first two games lins own performance has not been significantly effected by his minutes, his per minute production and shooting % for example are consistent regardless of minutes.

    in fact his per minute scoring (usually expressed as “per 36” pts) is the highest it has been since “linsanity”.

  409. break glass.

  410. because harden does not want anyone else “shooting”. what he needs is a tony allen, well p bev was the fake tony allen but ….ahh what it comes down to is hardens needs and the teams needs do not coincide and this far hardens needs have predominated.

  411. That’s what I’ve been saying for YEARS.

  412. Lin’s been doing that since he entered the NBA.

  413. I feel your pain and Reagan’s as well, but the officials are CHEATING LIN and it’s killing the Hornets.

    Lin’s racking up too many phantom fouls and turnovers from refs artificially cheating Lin out of good games, and it’s forcing Clifford to pull Lin.

    Were Lin properly officiated, Clifford would play Lin much more.

  414. exactly.

  415. NBA refs tend to let Lebron’s teams hack and shove and run over Lin.

    It’s all about the officiating.

    Like disgraced ref Tim Donaghy said, NBA outcomes are usually decided by the refs and their superiors in a hotel lounge on the morning of the game rather than what actually happens on the court.

  416. NOT AT ALL.

    Other players do it all the time.

    For once, we here can give the Asian guy a BREAK for doing the same moves that nonAsians fo.

  417. This is the NBA where the REFS are ALWAYS doing some sort of conspiracy.

  418. ALL guards in the NBA PALM ILLEGALLY more than that EVERY GAME.

  419. Khuang, the refs are another dark horse to contend with. But in the first place, Lin did not make a deal with the refs. To me, its the usual bias on their side. Lin just need to deal with that as much as we are dealing with it. But when you deal with people within your side and it turns out that they are abusing your goodness, that’s another thing. And its more frustrating and painful to take.

  420. Who are you flame baiting here?

  421. You hit the “spot”

  422. that was a travel- but players do it all the time and don’t get called for it

  423. Thanks Khuang. I always value your opinion although sometimes it’s off the charts. Most of the time, you hit the nail in the head.

  424. In the NBA, teammates and coaches are not necessarily “on one’s side”.

    But that’s NOT the problem here.

    The reffing today was PARTICULARLY BAD. Too many uncalled hacks, too many phantom fouls, too many dirty turnovers caused by fouling.

    The NBA refs have collectively decided to prevent Lin from playing his game. The way this works is that the league probably has sent out a memo to all refs to limit Lin’s production. That’s how the league manages its officials with all players in the league.

    There is NOTHING Lin can do to overcome the refs.

  425. Praying and wishing Spot. Still hoping.

  426. agreed it was the action right before this clip

  427. We just have to hope for the best and expect the worst. I’m only rooting for Lin. Not the Hornets. If Lin is not the the game, I don’t care. I only care if Lin is in.

  428. It’s not easy for Lin fans to understand how DIRTY the refs are.

    Because I’ve followed the NBA for decades, I’m acutely aware of all the scheming and cheating that referees do when they are ordered by the higher ups in the NBA to target certain players in order to change the outcome of games.

    Lin’s being reffed in a very predictable way. I’ve seen refs cheat players like this before, though never to this extent.

    Nowadays, Lin’s trying to BEAT THE REFS by getting BLATANTLY hacked with illegal contact. But it’s not working because the mandate from up high is to foul Lin out of games.

  429. I don’t agree that Lamb takes anything away from Lin. I don’t go by the SG PG stuff either. Lin, Lamb and Kemba have spent time on the court together, all 3, and it isn’t a good offense. Cliff is still trying to run different combinations of guys that work well and Lin, Lamb and Kemba doesn’t. Kemba, Batum and Lamb is OK, because of Batum but really, what’s wrong with Lin going out there and playing well and making Kemba, Batum and Lin a devastating combo that will play in the important parts of games? Players all of the time get moved to the bench and have their playing time chopped. Look at Noah. It’s not always because of some younger player and it isn’t like Lin is old. Lin is a great age as a player, experience but still physically fast and strong.

    I’m not looking for total minutes all of the time. That means nothing and lots of people were complaining when Lin “stood in the corner” with the starters even though he got his minutes. I’m looking for Lin making a strong contribution and critical times in the game as much more important than total minutes and when in, touching the ball and being a big part of the offense.

    And Lin doesn’t have to score a lot. What Lin needs to do is continue to play great defense and then up his assists and try to limit his turnovers. But really, up his assists. It’s not like Batum doesn’t turn the ball over, but his assists number is good.

  430. I can’t agree more that this is a good team win. What impresses me most is the way the substitution that has created the change of the flow of the game. Immediately after the substitution of Lin with Walker, the Hornets mounted an insurmountable run against the Wizards. It’s not that Walker is better than Lin. It’s the play that the coach sent in through the rotations that changed the game.
    Just like in the last game, you could sense the change of flow when the players rotated. Then the game was changed. This I think Jeremy Lin would learn. Jeremy Lin would improve drastically if he acquires this kind of knowledge.

  431. Let the Hornets try that.

    It’ll FAIL.

    Lin plays when the game’s outcome is in doubt.

    Lin did enough to turn the game in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

    If the Hornets want to try winning without Lin, they’ll find out the hard way that they cannot.

  432. It’s NOT about Lin or Walker.

    It’s about the DAMN REFS killing Charlotte’s momentum by CHEATING LIN.

    Even though Lin was a beast defensively, the refs wanted Lin off the court and were allowing opponents to bash Lin. That was killing Charlotte’s momentum, and Clifford stopped it by mercifully removing the ref’s target of cheat calls in Lin.

    It’s not that the team plays better with Walker, as Walker pissed away the lead Lin in earned them before the refs stopped Lin in the 2nd quarter. The problem is that the Hornets cannot function when refs are artificially hitting Lin with phantom calls.

  433. Brooklyn Net, New York Knicks, Philly Sixers,…Those are the 3 team hat I believe Lin wold start on, or at least get guaranteed good minutes.

  434. The coach is doing a good but not flaw-free job of finding the right players to put on the court. His moves have benefitted winning, so he won’t be second guessed. When they don’t he will.

    If people expect Lin to always be a part of any surge they are in for a disappointment. He will be part of many surges and runs, but not all. Sometimes his coming out of the game helps his team. Some days he doesn’t have it or lost it or the combo of guys on the floor due to matchups favors others. Some days the refs have to be considered as in what are they calling and what moves does a player like to go to that may be called.

    All players have skill sets. Lin has plenty of skills and intangibles. But sometimes it is wiser to use Kemba or Lamb or someone else. Maybe not usually. But sometimes.

  435. He could go to any team and be a starter for 3 or 4 months and then be put on the bench and see far less playing time. We should all know that by now. Why is the grass greener on the other side? We thought it was so great for him to go to LA. What happened? Didn’t he start? Who replaced him? Who replaced him as a starter in Houston?

    Be careful what you ask for.

  436. I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s te DAMN REFS.

    Lin is consistently good in the clutch. He plays teamball and gets players to their proper position. Unlike the Hornets starters who usually abandon the coaching scheme in favor of isoball when the pressure is on, Lin sticks with the gameplan and that’s why everybody plays better when Lin’s on the court even if Lin himself is not shooting or assisting.

    NBA refs know this, and they are deadset against letting Lin run wild. Their biases show through in their dirty officiating against Lin. So when Lin is doing well like early in the 2nd, NBA refs recently have CRACKED DOWN on Lin succeeding.

  437. You’ve said this before. And Lin’s played some of the highest minutes. You’ve said almost the exact same things before the 28, 29 31 minute games. Now it is because of Clifford’s contract. Before it was Lamb’s.

    It doesn’t benefit Cliff or the Chrarlotte Hornets to have one of their highest impact players not play. He’s going to play. He just needs to stay healthy. In fact, he’ll probably get really hot in the near future.

  438. So here comes Cleveland.

    I firmly believe that Charlotte can beat Cleveland.

    The main key is Jeremy Lin not being overly cheated by refs. If the refs somehow officiate Lin fairly, Charlotte has a great chance of beating Cleveland. But refs usually artificially call the game against Lin if Lebron is playing.

    As for the rest of the team, I’m seeing consistent contributions and roles for all the other players. They just have to keep doing what they’re doing.

    Despite the constant ref cheating on Lin, the Hornets are winning. I even think that Lin will find a way to beat the refs, though I cannot imagine how right now. Right now the refs are deadlier to Lin than any opponent is.

  439. Oh yay!

  440. He’s a team player.

    For me, I’ll root for the team to win because he’s on it. But Lin can’t win games by himself. He does because his team mates help with picks, by hitting shots when he throws them great passes, by playing good defense so he doesn’t have to worry about other players and so on.

    As much showboating as there is in basketball, it is still a team sport. Lin needs his team mates and they need him. And some of his team mates seem like good guys.

    Maybe hope for the best and not expect anything. Each game is different. And there are new opportunities with each game for a player to shine. And we know, Lin can shine. He did a little last night, he made a big play. Great. Now what big play or plays does he do in the next game?

  441. Time for shirt pulling. But replays can be useful 🙂

  442. But once Lin was taken out, the Hornets mounted an insurmountable run to kick the butt of the Wizards which aint going to give the game away for nothing.

    I tend to believe that Clifford used his rotations to send in plays that changed the flow of the game. Lin was currently not responsible for running plays in this game, because from the stats, he actually made no assists. It’s not Lin incapable of assisting players to score. It’s about whether Lin needed to do that to win the game for the Hornets. Lin of course was given a role to play in this team that he was trying to do too.

    I don’t think coach Clifford is dirty or else he wouldn’t have the respect of the team that he needs to win. It’s about how to manage the team to win. Each player receives his order to play the game that the coach wants from him. Twice in a row, we saw sudden turnaround in a game of basketball. Don’t believe what Kemba told us that they determined to play hard and then the game was changed through determination last game. Yes determination was needed and yet the knowledge of running the correct plays/strategy against the opposition is more important.

    MJ knows what kind of coach he is having. No GM can change that. He’s a prof. He knows everything happening on the court or off the court. He’s the real master mind behind the Management and the team. He knows a talent when he sees it.

    The terms for the extension of Clifford’s contract is not disclosed because it obviously has something to do with the results of the team this season.

  443. I totally understand why most fans here are unhappy why Lin is not playing more.

    They want Lin to play his 20 mpg minimum, as they feel that Lin will develop a rhythm and overcome any early “mistakes”.

    However, I as a veteran NBA fan who is no LOF am fully understanding of how the refs are actively conspiring to limit Lin from doing well. The NBA refs do not tolerate bench players outplaying stars, especially Lin specifically.

    Lin needs to adjust his game. Not for his team and not for his personal production, but for the REFS that are OUT TO GET HIM.

  444. Lin just got into foul troubles and was taken out because he may be needed in the 2nd half.

  445. No, replays are not useful in the NBA.

    The NBA has the dirtiest officiating in all pro sports. Everybody knows that.

    Besides, all the instant replaying and ref reviewing done this season isn’t changing the outcomes of games. It does no good for the NBA to essentially say “We cheated so that Lebron could be a superstah” when the win loss record is not altered after the fact.

  446. I will not completely disagree with you on the ref issue. I’m just a more reserved person who seeks factual proof or evidence before jumping to a conclusion. I agree that the refs make bad calls sometimes, and that some of them do have prejudice against JLin. But if you have any concrete evidence suggesting that ALL REFS are crooks, I’d be very interested to read it.

    I really do respect your opinions on things, and I do agree with your approach that the real issues lie with the refs instead of Lin’s Hornets teammates and coaches. But I’m just a bit doubtful that the entire NBA ref team is as bad as you claimed….. I really don’t know what to make of it…

  447. Some calls were noted. An example, the steal in I think game 2 of 3 of Lin on Teague. The league reviewed it and said it was not a foul, it was a steal.

    It might be after the fact the more that is done, the better chance they refrain at calling fouls against Lin.

  448. Disgraced ref Tim
    Donaghy spilled the beans.

    While Donaghy is a FELON that likely cannot be trusted, he did spark outrage across the NBA from disgruntled players and owners who were used to being cheated by refs.

    NBA refs commonly shift their officiating based on mandates from their superiors. What’s a foul can be called as a charge, depending on how the NBA offices demand the refs do.

    Nowhere is the dirty reffing more obvious than against Lin who is hacked and bodychecked and phantom fouled in a way that would cause MVP Stephen Curry to sink to D League status overnight if Curry were reffed that way.

  449. I agree IF refs are no longer the problems…..Lin will have zero problems playing

  450. Good points, but you’re thinking like a RATIONAL BASKETBALL FAN and not the NBA supervisors of official who are just using the instant replay calls to JUSTIFY the ongoing deliberately biased refereeing.

    If the NBA were suddenly called fairly, overnight there would be a gigantic shift in the NBA’s power structure. And fans would likely be turned off for a while because the “superstars” wouldn’t be so “super” and new TRUE superstars like Lin with clean games would take their place.

  451. I don’t believe in any sabotage of Lin theory because it tends to hurt a team more than help. Any intent of that would seriously hurt the credibility of a coach and at the end the coach will get himself into trouble. McHale is a typical example. Harden at the end turned against him. You will lose respect of the coach who did that for you too.

  452. Fair enough…. So in your opinions, how can JLin overcome the ref problem? I’m very curious. Cos it sounds like he’ll need to somehow butter them up so good or even bribe them to get any fair calls….

  453. Lin had a few plays that could have been assists, though. Lin can run the offense like Batum does, or at least get assists like he does if he came to the ball more when Kemba is in trouble. He needs to look off Kemba more and make plays.

    Kemba is on sort of a roll. He’s making enough plays for others and scoring, his defense is pretty strong and he plays with confidence. I think he and Lin could be a deadly combo but it is hard to mesh their games when on the court together.

  454. Unfortunately, NBA fans cannot deal in hypotheticals.

    Lin has to battle the refs.

    He can:

    1) Continue to play his aggressive clean game and put his team in the bonus even if the refs wreck his stats and minutes

    2) Become a wallflower pansy afraid to drive or attack in fear of phantom fouls and phantom turnovers, in which the refs would let Lin be totally bashed anyway.

    3) Adjust his play to become more of a quickhitting jumpshooter, in which the refs would take away Lin’s shots by allowing opponents to grab him with their hands illegally.

  455. Clifford did what he can. He sent in another player to finish the job. The Hornets ran the Wizards off the court

  456. Lin fouled too much in that game. He was doing great with not fouling much but he had a tough game in terms of fouling. Happens sometimes to all players. I didn’t like some of the calls, but he’s a veteran player and has to know what the refs are calling. But he had tough defensive assignments, and did well.

  457. Lin CANNOT.

    I’ve never seen any player overcome ref hate.

  458. While I have no explanation on why Lin does not get big minutes, I think he still has chance to have a good season. Who knows…He is finally on a winning team again….

  459. I like 1), and I think he is doing it.

  460. If I were Clifford, I’d have yanked Lin off the court exactly the same way.

    I love Lin’s game, but Clifford had no choice but to pull Lin when the refs were using Lin to give the Wizards a chance to win.

  461. I begrudgingly agree, but it means that games like this are going to become more commonplace.

    The refs are literally trying to cheat Lin off the court.

  462. So it then sounds like Lin is totally ****ed. I wonder what it would take to clean up the ref corruption…. A royal commissioned enquiry is needed…

  463. Let’s hope the ref will forget to do it sometimes..

  464. It may just be he’ll get decent minutes most games with an occasional game like last night. Context is everything. Since he came off of games of 28, 29 and 31 minutes, I can’t worry about it. In fact, I take the good out of yesterday’s game and am still high off of what he did in the Kings game. It carried over into his offense in the 2Q but the momentum was broken in the 2nd half. Happens. But he’ll get more opportunities and he’ll get in a groove. I wish he got to show off his offense more in the homestand but he gave Charlotte a sense of it in the OT game.

  465. The explanation for Lin’s low minutes is VERY SIMPLE.

    When the refs had had their fill of Lin, they hit him with 2 or 3 momentum changing PHANTOM CALLS IN A ROW and then Clifford is FORCED TO yank Lin out of the game in order to preserve whatever bonus Lin has put the team into.

    Clifford would prefer to play Lin a ton of minutes, but the dirty refs will not allow it.

  466. Impossible, the refs receive orders every game from the league office to target this player or that player.

    That’s a KNOWN FACT.

  467. I think Clifford told him to literally just play D…and fill in for O occasionally..Lin is the backup to Hairston now…LOL

  468. I don’t think he is. I think he deals with whatever conditions that are set and finds a way. If he has to do his work from the 3 point line and throw lobs, or go into fast breaks and then kick out to trailers, whatever he needs to do he’ll do. He’s not totally bleeped.

  469. Lin played recently against weak teams that are not in the playoff hunt.

    Thus the ref cheating was limited.

    But against playoff teams where the NBA is trying to create separation between good and bad teams, Lin gets hit with phantom calls more.

  470. In a way, yes. But he also can facilitate and flash the O when needed. He’s used as almost a secret weapon that’s not so secret. So he goes dormant until he needs to strike.

  471. So…it will be bad for CAVs game.

  472. I don’t see Lin as Hairston’s backup, though that’s the way it looks on paper.

    Hairston is just the token starter who holds the fort down until Lin and Lamb come off the bench.

    If Lin weren’t so ref targeted and Lamb weren’t so inexperienced defensively, either of them would likely be started by Clifford over Hairston. And certainly either Lin or Lamb – usually Lin – is the 4th quarter closer.

  473. I know he’s pretty good at D now but I feel he still have room for improvement. Especially learning how to fight through screens….

    If he’s able to achieve it, he’s reputation as being solely a spark plug off the bench will get a major upgrade… And he’ll be having more oppotunities and offers.

  474. The reffing ALWAYS IS BAD in a Lin vs Lebron game.

    But Lin might find a way to avoid the refs’s bad calls and thus play the 25-30 minutes that Clifford would like to play Lin for.

  475. I would say not too many ppl go tru screen better than Lin does…

  476. The NBA refs agree – and that’s why they’re trying to put a stop to Lin succeeding that way.

  477. Completely agree.

    The right thing for me to do is point to your post as the ANSWER.

    Lin is a TRUE GREAT PLAYER, and that’s because truly great players find a way to win and will keep shifting their games if the refs try to cheat them.

    But there’s a real limit to what Lin can do against the refs, and Lin’s HIT THAT LIMIT.

  478. It means Lin has hit the sky

  479. Replays in playoffs game could make a big difference because each one is national tv and there is accountability from the audience watching.

  480. Yeah we all know what he will do and what he’s capable of. Just really feel bad for him in terms of not being able to get fair calls. And this is why I respect him tremendously.

  481. Interesting. Then that would explain linsanity. New York is an important market and the nba needed a star to rescue it. Lin was a nice underdog story to.work around until the underdog became frightfully too good.

  482. To a point –

    the NBA is still trying to build “dynasties”.

  483. I think d is the last thing he needs to work on. Many players having bad defense are seldom citicized…I dont understand why people are always picky about his d??

  484. EXACTLY.

    Not even the refs could save NY from going down that season.

    Linsanity happened because the NBA cannot afford to let NY be a bad team.

  485. Because the MEDIA has ARTIFICIALLY created the MYTH that Lin cannot possibly defend because of his RACE.

    Lin’s the best defensive guard I’ve ever seen in the NBA, and no troll or hater or media racist can convince me otherwise.

  486. Yes, and sometimes leaving the 3 point shooter open. Although, I hear the coaches yelling, help, help, help and that will leave the 3 point shooter open if Jeremy does it.

  487. As a person with Chinese cultural upbringing, there’s always room to improve…. Sorry it’s just too ingrained in my psyche…

  488. Lin just following COACH’S ORDERS.

    It’s not Lin’s call.

    Besides, a few open 3s hit is not changing the overall narrative that every single team Lin’s played for since his rookie team has been WAY BETTER DEFENSIVELY with Lin on than Lin off.

  489. There’s always room for improvement. MJ worked on his game until he retired. All facets of it.

  490. Then Jordan needs to.pull a Cuban and send videos to.league office and tell the media he is doing it. Things improved for dallas after Cuban went all maverick about the officiating and Jordan is bigger then Cuban.

  491. I actually disagree.

    There’s a real human limit to what can be achieved.

    Besides, Michael Jordan NEVER defended all out in an entire game like Lin always does!

  492. I think Lin will have his min (not like last night) & hopefully have good stats for this season. It’s a long season you just never know what will happen… trade is going to start… so maybe something will change like lineup & so on…

  493. I would rather he spends his time working on his shooting and handling…Have people ever heard Curry works on his d? lol

  494. Lin is playing as good defense as is humanly possible.

    There’s no room for improvement in Lin’s defense.

    Besides, this is the NBA where the offense sometimes just scores against a committed defense.

    All fans of the NBA have to avoid the fatal trap of thinking that when an opponent scores, it’s “always” the fault of the defender.

  495. So do you think NBA is trying to save the Lakers now?

  496. My thoughts exactly.

  497. Absolutely Lin will get minutes.

    Overall Lin is playing A LOT for a $2 million player who’s the 3rd stringer in pay on Charlotte’s PG depth chart.

    If anything, Brian Roberts who was a major contributor last year and is currently earning more than Lin should be WHINING about Lin taking his minutes.

  498. Khuang your’e the best.

  499. I thought Mo Williams was back up PG not Brian Roberts?

  500. Against a brick handed team like Washington, Lin SHOULD abandon the 3 to help out on Washington’s deadly inside bigs.

    What many well meaning Lin fans don’t understand is that NBA coaches vary their coverages based on the opponent.

    Thus Lin doesn’t seek and destroy the brickhanded Wizards guard with the same shutdown ferocity that Lin does against Kevin Martin or Jimmy Butler or Marco Belinelli.

  501. No, Mo Williams is on CLEVELAND this year.

    Last season, Mo Williams stepped in when Kemba Walker went down. But Brian Roberts backed up both Mo and Kemba.

    Brian Roberts is the DNP CD backup behind Lin even though he’s earning more than Lin this season.

  502. What? I didn’t know Brian Roberts is earning more than Lin this year?! Never mind…. smh!

  503. Now you fully understand why I am SERENELY TOLERATING the wild fluctations in Lin’s minutes but not in Clifford’s HIGH ESTEEM of Lin!

  504. haha! Yes, indeed he already plays a lot as the 9th man on the team…We should be thankful that Roberts gives all his time to Lin!! lol

  505. Lin needs to work on KISSING UP TO THE REFS, not shooting or ballhandling.

    The refs are the sole impediment to Lin dominating.

  506. He’s not the 9th man. He’s comes in 9th. But Lin plays a big role on the team.

  507. See you later. Happy Thanksgiving for those that celebrate the holiday. Be safe.

  508. I think he meant when Walker got injured last year, Roberts played a lot.

  509. If a guy comes in 9th, he is the 9th man.

    But that doesn’t matter at all to me because Clifford counts on Lin to play IMPORTANT minutes and PRODUCE.

  510. I thought it’s Mo Williams bc he got one game w 51 pts?

  511. Because I am not a LOF, I’m UNHAPPY that Roberts plays so little.

    Last season, Roberts and Walker had the same per minute production. Same shooting stats too.

    I’d like to see Roberts play some of Walker’s minutes, especially in the 2nd quarter.

  512. Yes, both Williams and Roberts played a lot.

  513. Return back in a few hours – heh heh!

  514. At that time Mo was the starting pg, right? I remember Walker underwent surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus last season.

  515. 1am here. Good night all and possibly see you around game time if work is not too busy….

  516. Ya! Do you know why Mo Williams didn’t stay? Hornets didn’t offer him or he just wanted to leave?

  517. Cleveland offered him a $1.5 million veteran’s minimum.

    Because Williams is at the end of his career, he’s chasing titles by teaming up with Lebron.

  518. Won’t help –

    Charlotte is not only a small market team with a HATED Asian player in Lin, they’re also WINNING because Lin is PRODUCING.

  519. Yes, that’s why I’m constantly singing his praises despite seemingly bad games.

  520. Being ILLEGALLY FOULED WITH NO CALL is damaging.

    It’s not defense.

  521. Amidst all the legitimate griping about Lin’s minutes last game, there’s the POSITIVES:

    1) The Hornets are playing as a TEAM. Everybody is rotating, passing, hustling. But sometimes the bigs don’t know if they should go down low or set screens high when Walker is on the court doing iso.

    2) Thanks largely to Lin’s hustle, the Hornets are playing hard on every possession. This is completely unlike previous seasons when the Hornets usually looked checked out before the game even had started.

    3) Clifford continued to play Lin when the outcome was in doubt. Unfortunately, this game Lin was THE reason why the game went south in the 4th quarter when he was in. The refs got into Lin and cheated too much.

    4) Lin is playing aggressively, not passively. Maybe the refs didn’t like that, but it won’t stop Lin from continuing to be a POWER GUARD.

  522. JL VS LJ. Bring it JL. 35&10.

  523. hypothetical i guess if not imaginary or hearsay..regarding motivation of refs giving Lins phantom calls.
    agreed and yes there were questionable calls, but not to warrant a determinate plan against Lin only, phantom calls were widely made across many teams in the NBA.

    your opinion and suggestion that Cliff’s seeing this and yanked Jlin because of this is just a wild speculation at all, but i respect your opinion on these.

  524. Harlan On McHale Firing: “I Smell A Rat”


  525. Fellow Lin fans, how about if we write email to official NBA email or send tweet to NBA twitter handle everytime referee cheats Lin? If NBA email and twitter handle is flooded by Lin’s millions fans complain every game, I am sure NBA will be forced to take note and take action, either by ejecting Lin from NBA or by protecting Lin from referee’s cheats.

  526. stop….nba wont listen to you….go find something better to do

  527. Next year Paul will leave Clippers. Last hope is Ballmer for Jeremy to start.

  528. Paul will be FA next summer?

  529. I don’t think so. According to this website he isn’t an UFA until 2018-19. Not sure what “early termination” for 2017-18 means. Perhaps team option?


  530. If 1 or 2 people doing it, nobody will listen, but if millions flooded NBA server every game, they will. If there is a power who can influence, NBA will listen. For example all NBPA committee members got special treatment from referees.

  531. Happy Thanksgiving, faithful JLin fans! 🙂

    May you enjoy counting your blessings with family and friends today. Let’s also officially kick off our yearly
    2015-16 JLinPortal Fundraising for JLin Foundation so we can present the check on Jan 6 Hornets vs Suns game.

    Let’s make a difference by supporting Jeremy Lin Foundation together.

    So far the total is $100 as I made the donation on behalf of JLinPortal.com

    Thank you for all your support. Let’s hope and pray JLin will continue to make an impact on-court and off-court!

  532. On the second thought, this referee cheats made Lin strong. We witnessed it on Blazer vs Rockets playoff, where Lin could still doing the damage, while Harden who got referee protection in regular games became timid. So, do you all prefer Lin got cheat by referees but become strong in playoff, or Lin free from referees’ cheat?

  533. To be honest, I don’t think NBA care about Lin fans like us in the US. If they did, they would not have treated Lin the way they did. I do think NBA cares about CHINA MARKET though. Therefore, if we can somehow motivate fans in China do something, NBA will turn head.

  534. Every one keeps complaining like it will ever change anything. Every team Lin goes to, the Lin fans charge into the locals telling them how to play the game. How they should use the best PG in the league. How you all hate them for not handing over the keys to the offence to Lin. Think about that for a moment and digest how that would make you feel, if some kid gets hired as a toilet bowel cleaner starts having their parents send you messages on how he should be the CEO.

    Houston was a bizarro world so we can’t use that for an example, but in LA, Lin fans wore out their welcome very quickly and it’s happening again in Charllete. Maybe just maybe the coach, GM, and MJ decided that they’ve had enough of the Lin fans telling them how to run their own business. Maybe, just maybe they decided, we don’t need this garbage, we’ll do it on our own without Lin and his crazy fans. Maybe, just maybe your negativity is making life miserable for Lin instead of helping him.

    There’s been no one that has trusted Lin like MDA. Guess what he got fired for it! Ever think of that! Why do you think he’s not been hired yet. I’ll bet even MDA would think twice about reuniting with Lin just because of his crazy fan base. It’s a pipe dream that the NBA will magically start to see how great Lin is and make him a starter; stop calling marginal fouls on him, and allow him to rise to superstar status. It simply will not happen this year or maybe even next year. Lin will need a series of events just like NYC to put the ball in his hands again. It took 3 years to destroy Lin’s reputation, it will take at least a couple of years to change it back AND IT WILL TAKE some form of miraculous intervention to do it. All Lin can ever do is take what they can give him and use it to keep getting better.

    So be thankful for a team that actually wants to win, teammates that wants to become more like GSW, a coach that actually praises Lin, trusts Lin, uses Lin in the crunch, a fan base that actually doesn’t hate Lin, a media that is able to be more unbiased and most of all a real chance to contribute to a playoff bound team.

  535. NBA is just a private organization, afraid of workers’ association, afraid of bad press, afraid of customers association. As usual a company doesn’t care if it is a person making complain, but if it is big and influencing bad press, all companies are very afraid.

    But back to my question, do we prefer Lin free from referees’ cheat or let him become strong like MJ because of referees’ cheat?

  536. It’s NOT ok bc it’s a broken promise to Lin to Not allow him to ‘play his brand of basketball’. Remember we all have heard and read from Lin that he had this supposed understanding talks from Cliff before signing as expressed in interviews and articles.

  537. yep, truth needs to be told.

  538. Please understand that NBA is just another private organization. There is always office politics and company politics. To survive in NBA, many players use political vehicle (such as NBPA) to upgrade their bargaining power against NBA. What about Lin? Lin and his agents seem don’t know or don’t want to use political vehicle to bargain and only want to concentrate on pure basketball reasons and or only want to rely on God’s power.

  539. Happy Thanksgiving errybody!

  540. Of course, i am not talking about we in Jlinportal only but we as all Lin’s fans in the world. Pryuen in Yaomingmania.com Lin forums seems to have connection with China fans, Brent Yen can organize Taiwan branch. Maybe webattorney can organize and register a NBA Asian and Asian American Customers Association and thus to establish a power to assist NBA Asian players.

  541. Good. Don’t want him to FA next summer w Lin at the same time.

  542. The team is trying to downplay Lin. The last thing they want is a PG controversy. With the amount of Lin fans that will happen sooner or later.

  543. I don’t think right now really have lots of fans to complain to Hornets about unfair treatment to Lin. Maybe not happy w the way Lin has been used so far but I don’t see fans to trash Hornets Org or media like they did in LA. Fans care about Lin that’s why they discuss about it… just let them do it. Team will not change anything bc fans asked for it. They know that’s the way it’s during the regular season.

  544. first few minutes is definitely worth the listen.

  545. I don’t get people wanting Jeremy to move to the Sixers or Nets to be a starter. How do you even know he’s going to be a starter there if he did move? And have you seen these team’s records? Jeremy himself said one of the hardest things about LA was the losing – the guy is happiest when he is winning with his team. He said so.

    He’s happy in Charlotte. Do you guys even remember what it was like this time last year under BS in LA? Or the other year in Houston?

    Honestly, let’s be thankful for Jeremy’s journey and watch how it pans out.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  546. In my professional work experience, NOTHING can overcome systematic institutionalized racism against Asians.

  547. I don’t see Charlotte fans or the Hornets being unfair to Lin AT ALL.

  548. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all.
    I got a full-dose of KHuang.

  549. The Jordan question DOES NOT APPLY to Lin because Jordan was REF PROTECTED unlike Lin.

  550. Do not tell us Lin fans that Lin did well in the playoffs despite ref cheating.

    It was ref cheating that cost the Rockets the series, both in that out of bounds illegal hack of Lin’s dribble by Mo Williams and in that vicious uncalled Flagrant 2 foul that LaMarcus Aldridge did to Lin’s head with no foul.

  551. urk, so have I.

  552. NBA doesn’t care about Chinese fans, most of whom aren’t as into Lin as Asian Americans think.

  553. No they won’t listen.

    Americans don’t care about anything Asians do or say, as Asians are regarded as THE ENEMY even when it’s homegrown Asian Americans like me or Lin.

  554. At least, in a bad team with plenty of minutes, he gets to pad his stats and can leave to sign for a better team with a better contract

    With a team like Charlotte, he will have problem getting good stats unless he gets enough minutes…

    If Lin continues to get under 20 minutes with Charlotte, I would much prefer he would had been playing for Nets or Sixers than sitting on the bench getting low minutes in Charlotte.

    With the Nets, Lin would probably be averaging 16ppg and about 6 assist…That’d be good enough for a very nice contract when he opts out.

    With the Hornets, under low minutes, his stats will probably be 9.8 and 2 assist…..Who will pay good money for these stats?

  555. I don’t think Jeremy cares about money or contracts that much. Last year, he played team ball every single game – to the utter frustration of this forum – even when he could have just padded stats for his contract year.

    And how are we sure he’s going to get more minutes in those teams? He was in the worst team ever last year and look how that panned out.

    I was always told when I was kid – the minute you complain about your lot – you forget to be thankful for everything that got you there. He’s healthy, he’s got good teammates, he appears to enjoy Charlotte. Let’s be thankful for that and wait to see what happens.

  556. I’m pretty sure Lin cares about his minutes more then you’d like him to…Lin even stated he had a chance to play for Golden State Warriors, the ultimate winning team, and decided against it because he wouldn’t get enough minutes.

    If all that matter to Lin was team ball and winning, he’d be backing up Steph Curry right now..GSW is a million time better than Charlotte.

    Lin’s agent even called the Knicks to gauge whether they had any interest..and the Knicks were not really seen as a playoff team during the offseason…Lin probably knew that he’d have a better chance getting minutes competing against the likes of Calderon and Galloway for point guard minutes on the Knicks.

    This seems to suggest if it were between the Hornets or the Knicks, Lin would had picked the Knicks..YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY??? BECAUSE THE CHANCE OF HIM BEING A STARTER WOULD BE MUCH GREATER AS A KNICKS THAN AS A HORNET PLAYER.

    So these seems to suggest playing for a team that can give him a big role meant a lot for him….He’s not interested in playing for a good team if he’s not going to get good minutes.

  557. Agreed.

  558. I am happy if Lin is happy in Hornets. Now Lamb has extended, Batum seems will stay as well. There is no major spot for Lin. Don’t like to watch Lin plays less 20 minutes and play on D mostly. Believe this isn’t what Lin wants too. Don’t care which team Lin play for, at least have enough PT and can handling the ball.

  559. $2 mil a year is easily to be traded, the question is will Cho? Lin’s chance to have a home with consistent mins n role is getting smaller and smaller. Lamb is clearly next in line for the choice as a closer unless emergency like double digit points behind. LasT night game was not the first but many more to come.

    Refs are bias and it happened to anyone, you don’t stop playing or got pulled out because of that?

    Lin carefully released info why he picked Charlotte before 5 others of his top choice. In other words he reminded Cliff you owned me your words, consistent and bigger role. Last in first out was not.

  560. I didn’t acutally say he doesn’t care about minutes, I said he probably cares less about money. What I am saying is I don’t actually think moving teams will guarantee him more minutes. He played “good” minutes 3 games in a row here. He’s still averaging 23 for the season. Unless he really is going to get 14 minutes a night for the rest of the season, which tbh I doubt, he might get one or two more minutes elsewhere but not much more imo.

    And in GSW he would have got probably 10-15 minutes as a norm with the way they play Steph Curry. I think that’s the kind of minutes he was trying to avoid, not 20+ minutes a night.

  561. Actually 2 mill a year is not easily traded, it has almost no value. You’re not gonna get a better player than Jeremy at that price so why would you trade him? I doubt very much Charlotte pulls the trigger.

    Jeremy has nearly all the cards on his contract situation with the player option at the end of the season.

  562. No value is the easiest. You don’t need equal salary to trade, future pick is ok. Lin does want to play uncertainty or short leash, he would be better elsewhere. The risk is worth taking n like u said only 1 year.

  563. Why would she hate Jeremy in the first place….. Smh

  564. I think the signing of Lamb and the continuation of Hairston in the rotation will continue to put pressure on Lin’s minutes…So don’t be surprise if Lin’s minutes dwindles toward the 16-20 minute mark by the all star break…..I’m pretty sure Lin expected a much bigger role than that.

    The way Lin talked after he signed seemed to suggest he was going to take all of Kemba’s back-up minutes + 1/3 of the SG minutes….With Lamb and Hairston at SG, it becomes increasingly difficult to give Lin enough minutes at SG.

    Also, keep in mind Kemba is now playing 35+ minutes during the past 3-4 games…So even as a back-up to Kemba at PG, Lin’s minute is being squeezed there too.

    It will be interesting to see how things goes…..Lamb contract has got to suggest he will eventually get the bulk of the minutes at SG..You don’t sign Lamb to a big contract and than allow another player who makes much less than him to play more minutes at SG…That’s not going to happen….So Lamb finishing game will probably be what we should expect…

  565. CBS Houston: Rockets Played Their Hand Too Soon


    They decided to play the scapegoat card way too early. If you’ve been paying attention you know what the real problem has been, James Harden. He isn’t the leader he should be as the team’s best player and an “MVP candidate”. He’s been lazy on defense, sloppy on offense, and he’s too busy galavanting around with Kardashians and living up the night life to care. The problem is that this team is feeding off of his attitude right now and not in a good way.

    People are going to notice how far down on Harden’s list of priorities basketball really is and Kevin McHale won’t be there to blame anymore.

    The Rockets played their hand too soon and by making McHale the scapegoat this early in the season they’ve created an environment that will expose Harden for what he is, a waste of superior talent.

    Firing Mchale was a kneejerk reaction with no real plan to follow it up. It shows no respect for logic, and I have no respect for those with no respect for logic.

  566. They’d have to replace Jeremy with at least an equal player though right?
    So you think they’d give up a pick to get someone more expensive but about as good a player or maybe worse than Jeremy? I’m not sure they’d do that.

  567. They have Robert and they can trade lin for future pick.

  568. The top paid PG becoming free agents in 2016 are; Mike Conley, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings, Greivis Vasquez, Mario Chalmers. This list doesn’t show players like JLin & Mo Williams so it isn’t a complete list but doesn’t look that competitive in a FA season where every team will get a huge boost to the salary cap. JLin just got to get his numbers up.


  569. Maybe but Lamb is not as versatile as Lin so there may be games when they will need more Lin. Lin closed out 3 games AFTER Lamb’s signing.

    There are also very few teams where the exact same situation may play out.

  570. But aside from this game, Lin has played more than twenty minutes for the past few games even after lambs signing…. How do you explain that

  571. Wow! This statement is really tell the truth…. “If you’ve been paying attention you know what the real problem has been,James Harden. He isn’t the leader he should be as the team’s best player and an “MVP candidate”. He’s been lazy on defense, sloppy on offense”

  572. They barely play Roberts though. 7 mins on average for the season. On the same salary, would you trade Roberts or Lin?

  573. She is a NYK fan & she hates Lin didn’t stay w NYK… normal reaction from fan.

  574. Conley & Rondo pretty much will stay in the team they have right now. The rest are OK.

  575. What kind of bargains do you want Lin to negotiate? Just curious

  576. That’s why I said will Cho?

  577. Before Mc was fired, Harden really played lousy on purpose but now he really plays hard & try to win but fail…. LOL! So fun to watch Rox game now.

  578. with the nets lin would be jarret jacks. back up. jarret jack is currently a top 100 player in the league. had the nets signed lin they would have signed him as a backup to jack who was their clear choice for starting point guard. he (jack) is averaging 15 pts 7 assists 4 rebounds. lin would not be taking those numbers/time from him.

    my personal concern and it is just my opinion nothing i would choose to debate but ill throw it out is the problem in charlotte for lin right now is that he is not being allowed to play as a backup point guard but as a backup shooting guard. some feel this doesn’t affect his performance. i feel just because it is such a radical departure– prior to this season he has played however combative the enviornment 80+percent of the time as point guard this season he is playing to date the majority of time at shooting guard–that it is possibly the primary obstacle to success in charlotte.

  579. Well there seems to be quite a few Indian CEOs of US companies recently so can’t be all that racist towards Asians?…

  580. close ones maybe, rest prob dont matter

  581. i agree … lin saves himself for his team down the road.

  582. thats why lin should go to cba

  583. I thought most of these knick fans know that Dolan never gave Lin a contract…..

  584. lin lacks off court game

  585. Disagreed. I have seen quite a number of zealous fans did that every game. Honestly I’m tired to see this myself.

  586. if Lamb steps up, Lin will be phased out

  587. What do you mean by it’s “happening again in Charlotte”. In my opinion, charlotte fans and media have been very fair to Lin and I haven’t seen any signs of that changing. Also, I’m not sure why MDA might be hesitant to reunite with Lin because of his crazy fan base? It’s not as if he hears what they’re saying… Well perhaps only in the interviews. Same goes with Clifford and MJ, not as if they’re exposed to any of the craziness.

  588. ———

  589. Yeah if that’s the case, I can see overzealous fans annoying hornets media and fans, which is obviously not a good thing. But I disagree with the above comment about coaches/gm/mj getting tired because of crazy fans. As if they actually scroll through Twitter and FB to see what jlin fans have to say.

  590. Not really… Anyway, it’s not matter she likes Lin now.

  591. Haha I agree. Better late than never

  592. His shooting is back. This Bible verses is OK.

  593. Yall didn’t listen very well when Lin said that Clifford and Silas challenged him defensively. They know he has mad skills offensively. Did you notice that there were no less than three defenders on lin in the game. They recognize he is the game-changer. Also I saw how lin was up cheering for the team. I am taking my cues from lin. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving.

  594. He will leave, you will see it. Not a free agent though

  595. I know who these fans are… I am sure these media also know them well…

  596. Congratulations on opening your eyes to the reality….. 4 years too late…

  597. They could trade Lin for something if they think they can get to the playoff without him and obviously he will opt out and not return.

  598. Leslie said he hates losing. I think Moreys in trouble 😉

  599. 12/15 is coming Rox probably will make the trade….Lawson maybe will out of Rox sooner than we thought….?

  600. I understand and share your concern. But I haven’t observed it happening in Charlotte just as yet. I think Hotnets fans have higher tolerance for unpleasantness given that they were there for the “Bobcats” all this years….

  601. Yeah whatever happens, I’m hoping for a hairsanity game against the rockets and leslie hanging up the phone on morey again…. Or he could fire him. Both work for me ;D

  602. I don’t like Lin back to Rox bc Harden always will be Harden. Whatever they promised you before you sign the contract that will not count once the #1 guy in the team is not happy….everything will change within one day.

  603. It’s not about Cho anymore. It’s about Clifford.

    There’s no NBA player who can produce like Jeremy with that contract. But they can give Jeremy away for young players.

    I don’t think it’ll happen though

  604. yeah I definitely don’t want Lin back to rox… But would enjoy seeing some justice 🙂

  605. Coach like McHale and Clifford taught Jeremy that play defence means put hands on opponent body and play man to man. Cause they’re old and in their old days you could play like that. In this way Jeremy wastes too much energy, affecting his jumping.

    Jeremy needs to find one day a coach who make him play defence in a system.

    Nice words from Clifford mean nothing to me. Facts mean. And facts say Jeremy is 4th string at best.

  606. Jack is not on similar standing as Kemba…Jack is 32 and has a much smaller contract…And I think Lin would also get some time at SG alongside Jack…

    Lin is 27 and Jack is 32…I believe there would had been a better chance for a truly and open competition for the starting role…but even if they had decided to stay with Jack as the starter, I believe Lin would had probably seen more time as a Nets than as a Hornets.

    Jack would have not be playing close to 40 minuter per night.

  607. well coaches and GMs lie all the time
    not the first time
    I didnt think Clifford was any different from the get go

  608. I am not happy about his playing time last night. But I guess Hornets tried to make it up — Lin was highlighted for defensive performance of the game in the Fox broadcast. Cliff probably can’t let him run his game but so far they do try hard to promote his great D… that sure can clear his bad name for poor D from Rox & Lakers.

  609. That will eventually change…UNLESS Lin plays like Linsanity…Clifford will always look for an excuse to take Lin out.

    Last night, we saw an example of that…Clifford used the excuse of Lin getting 2 fouls as the perfect excuse to sub him out and to bring in Walker and this also allowed Lamb to remain on the floor.

    Usually, it’s Lambs that comes out for Walker since Lamb is the first guard to come in the game in the first quarter..Not only was Lin the last guard to be subbed in, but he was also the first guard to come out on behalf of a returning starter.

    Lamb makes the money, so you don’t have to be a genius to understand the Hornets will start looking to increase is minutes at the expense of Lin.

  610. Why are they not challenging Lamb? They signed him for 3 years.

  611. Alex do like Lin but too bad he likes Harden even more… bc Harden he fired Mc. But he wouldn’t do that for Lin.

  612. Great defense meaning he will be hired as a defender? Forget about the stats now?

  613. Very good point, Adele.

  614. Yes but he still get the star attention, same minutes, same role, big fat salary, franchise player and dates a kardashian. Harden doesn’t care if he plays defense or not. He just scores and become a hall of famer because of accumulated points. Our Lin? His team and coach is throwing him to oblivion.

  615. Ok well I’m not too quick to judge Clifford just yet, sample size is a bit small. Let’s see how things go in the next few games

  616. That’s one thing I don’t like about this D…. bc Lin will not have good chance to get good stats bc you are in for D not O?! smh!

    But under this circumstance, promote his good D it’s better than nothing…

  617. Not just Lamb I don’t think Kemba plays good D either… ?!

  618. You’re absolutely correct! Thats some opinion with a backbone.

  619. Yes like eating morsels that your master will throw you from the left overs of the stars.

  620. Of course, he’s #1 guy in the team so he will get whatever he wants…

    As for Lin, too bad, he always took the back seat… No attention from team? Not really but not powerful enough to get what he wants on court… that’s the problem why he always up & down in the season…

  621. I still believe who makes the most MONEY will eventually settle this…As I’ve stated, they didn’t sign Lamb so he can continue to watch Lin play as he sits on the bench…

    While Lin did finish some game earlier, I don’t think this will remain the same as the season goes on.

    And to be fair, Lamb has really surprised me, specially offensively, so I can’t even make a good argument that Lin should finish ahead of Lin….Lamb is shooting around 47% and about 39% from 3point range….So that is already good excuse to give him more minute than Lin

    The Hornets will still try to give Lin enough minute so he doesn’t become too unhappy….but at the end of the day, Lamb is their guy that they need to develop…They need to justify the cash that they gave to him.

  622. We should not lower our standard under any circumstances. I’m sure you have you heard the ‘old saying–give an inch they will take a yard’? They know where their advertisement $ comes from and who’s watching, and that’s the only obvious thing they can use to mediate Lin’s PT situation from last night game.

  623. And they are paying these twoplayers more and a longer contract with more secured minutes? So Lin will become their supporting cast? No no no. Lin is a waaaay much better player than these two whether in offense and defense. Even if others will say we can’t do anything about it, well at least we are here to give him moral support. Why? are these people who are defending this coach and team make things any better? And just accept that Lin is a non-role player?

  624. Very true.

  625. This team supposed to be much easier to deal w compare to Rox & Lakers. Bc Kemba is not Harden or Kobe BUT Lin is not long team contract player w this team. It’s easy to figure it out who they will pick…. Ya! They like Lin, Asia market but if he’s not plan to stay long term….

    Last night… not happy but …. I guess just for last night then. Hope so. smh!

  626. I think the key is long term contract… Kemba is #1 guy in the team. Lamb is new comer but also w 3 yr contract extension…. Lin? One year deal…Don’t like it but that’s the way it’s.

  627. People here tend to forget Jeremy is not tied to Charlotte. He just has a one year 2 mln contract.

    Charlotte is doing a good move in lowballing Jeremy so they can sign him to a longer contract for cheap.

    Let’s see what his agent can do now.

  628. No way Jeremy sign a contract if he doesn’t start.

    He chose Charlotte for that. But he was played for fool.

  629. If I remember correctly, Klay’s dad said GSW can give Lin 8-10M? People should not always think Lin only will get low salary… NO, it’s not like that…

  630. I agree Lin will not stay if not for starting PG job.

  631. I don’t know what happens in the future and I don’t want to think what could be. With Jeremy, you really never know…

    If you ask me now, Paul will force Clippers a trade to the Knicks and Jeremy could go there. Ballmer is from Harvard.

  632. That’s fine if that’s the new standard you want his career to be: 15 min, 4 attempts, running around chasing their shooter, station in the corner, last man off the bench, first man out etc….

    There are from none to few plays for the mad skills offensively, JLin.

    I’ve heard Clifford loud and clear, keep playing D Lin and I challenge you because I need Kemba, Batum, and Lamb to jack up their stats.

  633. Hornets was not Lin’s top 6 teams. If he was not ‘promised’ or gave ‘some kind of assurance’ that he would be able to play his game or have bigger role/minutes on this team and a chance to become starter again, then he’d NOT have signed w/them in the first place, let alone re-signing w/them. That’s ‘fool’ gold like you said.

  634. You beat me to it, I couldn’t figure it out either.

  635. Maybe Sixers offered but he refused. Or maybe, like a kid, wanted to play for his hero.

    Anyway things didn’t work. At least for now.

  636. If he wasn’t given promises, what would have been his top choice?

  637. We will never know. At least not this season

  638. Watching Lamb play defense… I would not challenge him either. It’s a waste of time. 🙂

  639. Haha! It’s true that really hard to tell what Lin’s future will be … LOL! But I am sure he’ll be OK otherwise he will not careless about his stats specially in his contract year.

  640. Oh I just thought heart had some info. How do we know hornets wouldn’t have been Lin’s top choice with or without promises…

  641. Lol maybe saving him for offense? Easier to justify his contract. I’m just making this up.. Have no idea

  642. Then he would have to choose among the ones offered. GSW was one of the teams he mentioned. When Lin gives his testimony in the off-season overseas trip, he usually refers or implies what has transpired in his recent season. We’ll know eventually how things will turn out for him.

  643. You care?

  644. His dad said Mem, NY Post also mentioned about Nets.

  645. Nets? This should have been one. What was he thinking?

  646. Oh ok. Well I guess conclusion is we don’t really know anything. Even if hornets didn’t promise Lin whatever they promised… Maybe they’re STILL the top choice. Who knows.. Lol.

  647. I trust Lin had a good reason… Whatever it may be.

  648. Maybe Jeremy didn’t want big market and all their dramas.

    He just wanted a quiet city who wanted to win.

  649. First off, I am a huge Jlin fan, but the reality is that this is an NBA network driven by who they think the face of the franchise should be and that is black players. You can shout from the rooftops that you think Lin should be a starter in this league is not going to happen. Lin is not provided the opportunities to be a starter in this league. Lin understands that, and that is why he is finding other ways to excel in the league. Clifford has shown that he has trusted lin in those clutch moments of the game and Walker , Batum feel a sense of relief when lin is in because they trust him to make the right play. If you lin fans will look at it realistically, who else does Clifford have to trust with his defensive statigies. I for one will not be on that up and down bandwagon with lin. I chose to believe if lin is happy, I will be also.

  650. Excerpts from Howard Megal, “The Redemption of Jeremy Lin” 20 Nov 2015.

  651. Thanks for the clarification!

  652. Lin said “Charlotte wasn’t on the top six list, but I ended up here.” Excerpts from 20 Nov 2015, Howard Medgal, “The Redemption of Jeremy Lin”.

    Here’s the link: https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/the-redemption-of-jeremy-lin

  653. Hellooo, fellow Lin fans =)
    What’s up with All the negative posts about JL7’s PT & CCliff’s decisions ?!?!?
    #1) JL7 don’t have the keys to offense when Kemba, Batum, Lamb are HOT or playing well. Why: Lin is Not long term because he ain’t signing any contract to come back to Hornets as BACKUP PG or SG. You guys want him to do that – backup for next 2-3 seasons for Hornets so he can get more minutes now ??
    As long as CCliff’s mentality is win at all costs – JL7 will have opportunities to shine because he is Better than Batum and Lamb. JL7’s big contributions to this Winning team won’t go Unnoticed. Stop putting Clifford in same category as McHale (only catered to Harden, not a Lin-believer) and BScott (losing team, tank commando). Judge by what Cliff & Hornets do: good press for Lin, close many games, winning games, happy teammates, good team chemistry, seen Kemba & Al benched – (didn’t see Kobe and Harden benched in the 4th for Lin). So, yeah, Things have be fair for Lin (as someone looking in versus “all me” perspective).

  654. Good for you and I’m happy for you. Now let others call out his coach and Cho for the inconsistent role and mins something he didn’t sign up for.

    I trust you Lin but I prefer Lamb and Kemba to close more game and play more mins.


  655. Whatever, but you live in a fantasy world if yo think this is a level playing ground for lin. He will never be provided the opportunities to succeed in this league. Also lin is a $2 million dollar player off the bench. Yall need to get your head out of your butts. Walker , Batum, Jefferson , Lamb ate their players with the high money contracts. I am glad that lin is getting favorable press as an elite defender.

  656. How do you know when Lin is happy? The truth is when Lin is happy he shows it. Like when he was first traded to Lakers he tweeted a picture of himself flashing the LA hand sign. Before this season started Lin spoke excitedly about how much Cliff likes his game.

    But when Lin is unhappy he basically goes silent. At most he tweets Biblical quotes with a hashtag such as #surrender. Since the season started and Lin has seen his role and minutes, it’s been the latter.

  657. Lin is nowhere near star status treatment like Kobe or Harden, it’s a ridiculous comparison. No one here asking lin to be a starter, we are just unhappy with 15 min in and out game right after he won the OT game for them.

  658. Clifford playing to the press. He spends his whole time running up and down court yelling at lamb because he is not in the right place.

  659. Lin discounted his salary to only $2 mil because he thought he had an agreement that would be honored. He could have gotten more money and even more minutes elsewhere.

  660. …and Lin being benched in the expense of Lamb?

  661. I think Lin will be a starter again but I am not sure when he will be. He is too good to be a back up.

  662. Your statement should be where not when.

  663. Then he can move on if this doesn’t workout. To me, Lin is the one that is holding all the cards.

  664. The “reality” is also that Lin was never supposed to play in the NBA. Lin has overcome “reality” many times so I don’t think it’s quite right to say “starter in this league is not going to happen”. Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? I don’t think so

  665. Yup may be in other team..

  666. It is not because of his skill set, but because of NBA politics

  667. Yeah I know, I’m just saying politics.. like all the other challenges Lin’s faced.. Can be overcome. Maybe I’m naive 😉

  668. This is a great post. I totally agree. I’m sure Hornets have already offered Lin a contract extension which I’m sure Lin has respectfully declined since he could probably make more next year playing for a different team and maybe even as a starter. Although it is so frustrating when lin has limited minutes in a game, I rather him get limited minutes now and a good contract next year than sign a contract extension with the Hornets now, get more minutes and then be stuck playing as a back up to Kemba for the next few years.

  669. Sure but he won’t go there to start if that’s what you’re thinking.

  670. I don’t think Lin’s situation is terrible because this team will need him to compete against teams like the Cavs and Warriors and especially in the playoffs. But I wouldn’t say that Lin is holding all the cards because without minutes and stats it will be hard to get a better situation in FA.

  671. Finally finish the second half of the game now… 🙁
    I really hope that JLin can get his shooting back real soon. Otherwise, he won’t be able to close many games.
    From last night, you can see that Lin’s defender did NOT respect his shooting at all. Neal gave him almost 4 feet, daring him to shoot. On top of that, Neal was able to cheat and packed the paint. I think that’s why Clifford put Kemba back in. He needed to open the floor up.
    On the bright side, Lin was shooting very well in the first half (too bad refs happened). I really look forward to him coming out aggressive next game.
    I also like the fact that Frank is now in instead of Hawes. Even though JLin still needs to babysit him a little bit, you can see the talent. I think the two of them will be a GREAT pnr & pnp partner soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving for all of you who celebrate it today!

  672. First off, the refs were not trying to be fair with lin. Lin was doing what he was suppose to do. Sorry I am just waiting to see how it all plays out for lin

  673. That’s the thrill of being a Lin fan I guess and what makes it more interesting.

  674. Come on guys, it is TIME to say that as a fact – not even 1/4 season in … If Lin is playing good D and has 0 TO, 0 fouls, and Cliff pulls him out – I will be the First one to join you calling for dumbest coaching ever. Truth is: JL7 never was a “starter” – If Kemba was on MDA’s Knicks, Lin wouldn’t even get a chance to see the floor, to run with the “2nd unit,” let alone “first” unit here on Hornets. Truth is: Lin never lead a team for an entire season with close to All-Stars stats (not Hou, Harden was the man). Why should Hornets & Cliff give Lin the keys to offense most of the time ?? They All know JL7 will not be coming back as a “backup” after this season. So, I’m fine. I don’t want Lin to.

  675. Lin was nothing comparing to number 42. So I am glad their minds was much stronger than you think they are. Fight against all odd.

  676. Lin said somebody promised that he will have a significant role. But maybe he misunderstood the role.

  677. You forecast your goal with your current stand and progress. Lin is nowhere near his goal for his free agent decision making.

  678. And yet we’ve heard that Lin is poor in defense. But we saw it in Lamb and Kemba’s level of defense. Are they better than Lin?

  679. What are you thinking? Why do you follow someone you have so little respect for to make such a huge bladder as to be in Charlette. Maybe just like the Knicks, no one made him an offer. We just don’t know for sure.

    For all we know, this team may be the only team that offered him something that was reasonable with an escape clause if things don’t work out.

  680. I disagree. I think Ewing was panicking . Yall always want to put everything on Clifford , but I think Ewing has a lot of say so in the offense . I think Clifford is strictly a defensive guy. I think Lin is Clifford ‘s guy.

  681. Are you sure what you’re sure? You can’t offer contract extension when you’re still under another year option. Lin can’t decline it right now not until before this season over.

  682. I have never heard anyone say Lin has poor defense in this Charlotte team.

  683. Yep. Probably.

  684. I think the Lin-is-poor-defensely narrative is a thing in the past. This year, everybody is praising him for his awesome D.
    Like my post just now, I think all Lin needs now is to get his shooting back.

    BTW, I have never said Lamb and Kemba is better than Lin. No way they are better than Lin!

  685. Never say never. If I still follow him and NBA it’s cause I do believe one day will happen again.

    I won’t give up my hope.

  686. i’m gonna predict Lin getting more than 20 minutes tomorrow simply because the Cavs are going to destroy the Hornet’s first unit

  687. A significant role doesn’t mean a starting role. We’re only a dozen games into the season. Most coaches with a new team like this wouldn’t have settled on rotations and roles until at least 15-20 games, if that. Look at how Houston is treating their new “star” PG. it’s a natural process to establish working units by juggling PT this time of year.

    All Lin fans need to learn to expect the worst and hope for the best. We’ve seen it with Keith Smart, Woodson and Melo, M&M, BS, Mitch and Kobe. Each and every situation Lin’s been in has been repeats of the same jealousy and political struggle. The Hornets have been the most refreshing, most positive situation Lin’s ever faced. For all we know, the next situation could be even worst.

  688. I don’t understand:
    First, Lin IS a role player – He’s the backup for Kemba but he can get what’s promised to him – closing out games or play when the game is on the line (when others are “off” their games). He Did run with Kemba. He Did close games. He was the leading scorer when they needed him to. He was depended on when the games were really close. JL7 will shine this season on the Hornets. Because he is better than Batum and Lamb. When those two have “off” nights – JL7 will get his OPP. Those two will be returning to the Hornets – not our JL7 and I’m fine cuz I don’t want him to be back as backup.

  689. What do you mean by “Ewing is panicking”?

  690. May be you’re right that it is Ewing’s call. And, I agree with you can Clifford likes Lin’s defense.
    But from my observation, the paint was jam packed when Lin was in. It is not a knock to JLin’s game. It is just how Washington played their defense, and how Clifford (or Ewing for that matter) reacted and adjusted.

  691. I also think that the “Lin poor in defense” myth is just a thing McHale created to justify his Harden axx-kissing (giving the starter spot to Beverly)!
    That’s why I hate him so much!

  692. Did you watch last night? Kemba has 0 points, 0 rebounds and 0 assist in 13 minutes. Is that hot? But he is allowed. Please just watch the games and open your eyes and mind. Clifford is a different person from Mchale and Bscott. I don’t hate Clifford like I hate Mchale and Scott. I DON’T TRUST CLIFFORD AND THIS TEAM. Its different from hate. Just want to be clear.

  693. Well, Lamb is playing better offensively right now…so Lin will have to shoot better.

  694. What you’re saying is Bogus! If the Hornets is #3 seed in EC today, Today that doesn’t mean anything 2-3 months from now. Players health, stats, team chemistry, coaching, schemes, JL7’s continuing improvements – All are the same – Nothing is guaranteed.

  695. Exactly. I much prefer ppl using “unlikely” as opposed to “never”.

  696. Gosh, last night when Lin came in he got 5 points in 5 minutes. I don’t know if thats not hot to you.

  697. If MKG was there Jeremy would’ve been more expendable.

    Season is long and things can change quick.

    Thank God I didn’t buy Hornets’ jersey

  698. Lamb is shooting 52% from the floor and about 36% from 3point range…..Lin will have to up his game..that’s all I’m saying.

    But I agree, he needs consistent minutes…It can’t be one night he gets 28 minutes than the next night he gets 15…That’s very hard for Lin to get into a rhythm…

    Clifford talked about giving his players consistent minute but Lin minutes have been very up and down.

  699. I’m looking at Lin stat not the Hornets, they are not my priority. My concern is the inconsistent of his roles, game like last night will be hurt his his ppg and apg. Not bogus.

  700. No just play defense. Forget about your stats. Give it to Kemba and Lamb and Batum. You don’t need those stats because you’re Lin.

  701. When and where I guess.

  702. What does that tell you? its agonizing to watch. But still we are here to give Lin moral support. Sending him a message that we understand his struggles. At least we can reinforce his strength to face those challenges.

  703. Me too. Miracles still happen. And I believe in Lin. I believe in prayers. And hope is still there.

  704. Well, at least Lin got a chance to start in LA and Houston…It simply didn’t work out…In Charlotte, he can’t even get a consistent 25 minutes……So I fail to see how Charlotte is much better for him than team that have huge needs at PG.

    Kemba is younger than Lin and has is the face of the franchise…Those are problem that doesn’t exist with the Nets,Knicks and Sixers.

    Of course, Lin could go there and start, but fail to make his mark..If so, that’s on him, but he can the opportunity.

    In Charlotte, he barely has time to get into a groove and last night, just when we thought he was maybe going to get his first 20 points after scoring a quick 5 points, Clifford takes him out…

    So the situation in Charlotte is troubling to many at this point since he’s not getting consistent minute.

  705. I think I understand now why PJ is starting instead of Lin. Some have said that he is a placeholder for MKG. But MKG may not be back before next season at which point Batum may be gone. In any case you should always start your best available lineup and not save places for six months.

    The real reason PJ is starting over Lin is not for MKG’s sake but rather for Kemba and Batum who don’t want to dilute their stats with another playmaker and scorer like Lin. Lin’s defense is also better than PJs.

    Lin has run into yet another obstacle in the NBA. Kemba and Batum are not superstars like Melo, Harden or Kobe. But in a small market like Charlotte, it’s hard to attract talent so even second tier stars have a lot of power.

    Let’s see tomorrow if Lin does get a lot of minutes alongside Kemba and Batum when facing a really strong team like the Cavs.

  706. This team did offer him something that was reasonable but yet delivered.

  707. But we all know that if you concentrate on your defense, your offense will be sacrificed. So its ok now to forget about the stats because he has to play defense for other players who are not good in defense?

  708. Remember in LA, he was never a starter again after playing along side with Kobe. Always someone else to start.

  709. We should forget about Lin starting…Even if he starts with Kemba and Batum, he’s at best the 4th option when it come to shooting in the starting unit behind Kemba, Batum and Jefferson.

    Right now, we should simply hope for a consistent 25 minute off the bench every night for Lin…That’s all I’m asking…and let Lin run the second unit instead of bringing Kemba too early in the second quarter.

    Lin, on his part, needs to be play more under control…He can’t be charging into the lane with 3-4 defenders waiting for him under the basket…He needs to use a floater or a pull up jump shot….

  710. Here’s another article written about GSW an other offers Lin may have had:


  711. I agree most of what you’re saying but the last one, Lin will play under control if he knows he’ll play 25 to 30 min per game. In this case he tried to get as much as he can before sit.

  712. Haha! I think so too. I guess Hornets did talk to Lin about the extend contract just check Lin’s timeline on that interview. Don’t think Lin declined more like he will really consider it but have to wait until next summer…. I also think he has another offer from other team as starter….that’s why he didn’t care stats too much more wants to practice his PG skill…. I really don’t think he will stay in Hornets bc what he came here for it’s to play his game as PG only. Like Lin said in his FB, he’s not here to replace Kemba but play next to him….

  713. Hello. Please watch the games and pay attention. Did you know what happened to the two Atlanta games? To Dallas game? To the Bulls game? Have you watched really and paid close attention?

  714. Great memory, until Lin checked in then his shot falling in.

  715. Ya! Kemba played bad in early 4Q but he has the green light on court no matter what….

  716. But I believe that was still Kobe’s decision to marginalize Lin and not let him start. In fact, Lin received his infamous DNP-CD the very next game after Kobe’s season ending shoulder injury. Not a coincidence.

  717. Yes different situation but same concept, can’t let Lin start.

  718. There are a lot of posters like you who try to have it both ways. They argue why Lin should not start but then are outraged when he only gets 15 min. Only starters can expect consistent playtime. There is no valid reason why he shouldn’t start. If Lin, K and B are expected to win by sharing the ball at the close then they can start the game the same way.

  719. No no. Up to Jeremy and his agent now.

    Teams like Nets can’t lose games cause they don’t even have picks.

  720. I think so too. “In a small market like Charlotte, it’s hard to attract talent so even second tier stars have a lot of power.”

    That’s why they have to do everything to make Kemba happy since Lin is not long term contract player. He may not stay here next season.

  721. Now, I totally agree with you on this. That’s why part of me really wants Lin to dial down on the defense side, and get more aggressive on the offense.

    But, then part of me realizes this is how he plays as part of a team to win. And knows this is exactly why I like him so much… I just have to support him 100%.

  722. LA is different story… bc Kobe & BS just didn’t want Lin to stay in Lakers. They did it on purpose to make Lin out of Lakers.

  723. That’s exactly what I thought. Haha!

  724. I understand about significant role in a team not being a starter. But how can you have any significant role if your playing time is very erratic? This is a job. If your manager will not give you consistent type of work, inconsistent work hours and will tell you to be a subordinate to people who are in no way better than you, will you be productive?

  725. what if the next situation is a much better one? I thought you said hope for the best?

  726. If you still don’t realize it, whats the purpose of allowing Kemba to score? And suppress Lins stats?

  727. Thanks for your reads, I know a little basketball but zilch about the politics in pro sports. Sometimes the truth stings but at least its the truth.

  728. i guess it depends on what site you visit. ive never spent time at At the Hive. i dont like the discussion format and from their tweets, they seem kinda lame

  729. If you pay more attention to the games, most of the times, Lin is not playing his brand of basketball even if Kemba is not on the floor. Roberts is playing PG when Lin is on the floor without Kemba.

  730. Even way back in Huoston because of Beverly

  731. there is no evidence that ewing has any say for in-game rotations.

  732. It was NOT because of Beverley, it’s ALL because of Morey. The snake was trying to pull the same with Toney Douglas before Beverley even came into the picture.

  733. Obviously I’m not sure. Just my opinion. =)

  734. Should the term be Harden’d or Hardened? Ex: Yet another Houston PG gets Harden’d.

    Second-half benching an unexpected first for Rockets’ Ty Lawson

  735. not surprisingly no response to your post.

  736. this is why Lin should go to the CBA

  737. Well, you can make a stronger argument on behalf on Lamb starting before Lin…..Lin is shooting lights out and he’s a couple inches taller.

    Jeremy Lin will have to firstly, up his shooting %, specially his 3 point shots…He also need to keep his turnover under control.

    I think Lin can still come off the bench and still get 25 minutes..It’s up to Cliff..the math are here to give Lin 25 minutes every night…That’s the type of minute high end PG gets.

  738. Lin should go to the CBA. I cant believe my posts get screened and deleted when I make honest comments like this based on my personal opinion.

  739. a hornet fan site poster notes rockets have been thru 6 pt guards in 4+ seasons: lowry/dragic/lin/beverly/lawson and now apparently the ancient jason terry.

    so even before they just can’t seem to find anyone “fit” for the beard, the rockets are a revolving door of point guards.

  740. hey i just commented to this in your post below without knowing this one was up here!

  741. Bickerstaff ” I need Ty to be Ty” thats why he played 2 minutes in the second half? Ok.

    Ty is being Jlinned but Ty is nowhere near the player Jlin is so the marginalization of Ty is near complete while Lin still kept alive on the Rockets off the bench.

    Ty will become another teams future backup PG and put up decent stats elsewhere, maybe even with the Lakers or Hornets next season.

  742. we will see. I do think Lin will play more crunchtime and have good moments. but I think Lin will get less minutes overall so his stats are surpressed even if Lin plays the entire 4th Q.

  743. I never said Lin’s minutes would get cut by Lambs. You got me confused with other posters here. Thanks.

  744. I know that, I think Clifford even knows that, but I dont think the Hornets Front Office knows that.

    If Clifford was told to play Lin less with his new 3 year contract, how Cliff can do it with his new job security he did not have before.

  745. I will hope not..I would think the coach would want to have 100% control of his rotation and substitution pattern and not relegate such authority to his assistant.

    But sometimes, I do see Ewing going to Clifford and tell him stuff, than we see subs going in and out…so maybe it is true that Ewing does have a say on who gets to play and who don’t get to play much every.

    I also get the sense Ewing doesn’t like Lin much..Probably think he’s soft and Linsanity was nothing but a fluke.

  746. That was because McHale has ZERO IDEA on how to coach, much less on how to use a PG properly. TBH I don’t think he knows what a PG does.

  747. Clifford is repsected around the league and has that Van GUndy and MDA network thing going. IF he says Lin is legit and caochable that helps Lin in the future to land the next job.

    I believe coach is doing that by playing Lin in 4Q and also generally talking Lin up in the media.

    I think that’s all Cliff can really do becase this is Kemba Nic and Al and Zeller and Franks and Marv’s and MKG and Lambs team before it is ever Lin’s team.

    It is telling Miami accouncers talked Lin down in preseason but in game 1 regualar season they were so nice talking of Lin because they said they talked to caoch Clifford about Lin and their tone in the game about Lin was totally complimentary. No more “ok for a backup” talk at all.

    So lets hope that’s how Cliff helps rehab Lin in the NBA. It’s not going to be by playing Lin big minutes so Lin can become the hornets #2 or #3 star. Lin will be the backup PG who plays undesized 2 with low usaage who plays many 4th Qs.

    Lin will more than likely move on this summer to yet another team sadly for Lin.

  748. But your judging based on 3, 4, 5 games (Lin not as closer or impact role player) IS Bogus! If you’re truly a good Lin fan and no doubt you’re one But your negatives about CCliff or teammates are not helping the cause. Lin is the 4th option behind KW, NB, Lamb. Period. This is his role. This is reality. And there’s No better options out there (No Teams that’s going to make Lin the 1st or 2nd option). The Positives on Hornets: Lin can and will outperform NB and Lamb – JL7 will overtake them. But JL7 just have to be patience. The opportunities will come for him to rescue the Hornets from superior teams. And endless you think this Hornets team is All great and mighty without our boy – then, JL7’s season is bleak.

  749. Part of the reason people idolize Lin is because he’s a fighter, a trailblazing pioneer who must fight through discrimination and injustices due to incorrect perception (ethnic and/or academic). We LOVE Lin because he’s not a quitter.

    What you’re tirelessly advocating (I’ve seen this claim of yours at least 3-4 times) is akin to asking Jackie Robinson to give up MLB and return to Africa for some local league. It shows lack of trust and faith, and it’s derogatory.

    The saddest part is that you don’t even realize that is what you’re subliminally doing.

  750. I think the new poll would be…how many minutes would Lin play next game?

  751. Do you mean your experience will apply to Lin also? If yes, please tell us more about your experience, did you fight alone, or did you have group to support you? If no, please tell us what do you think that can help Lin overcome his discriminative treatments from NBA?

  752. Lawson didn’t play well but 2 min was too short? I guess he probably will ask for trade or Morey will try to trade him. It’s not working.

  753. very true.

  754. So the FO you’re referring to is just MJ alone, right?

  755. Houston’s PG revolving door is picking up speed SO quickly that by mid-season it would become a turbine.

  756. Yup, saw that yesterday. Pretty keen observation for someone who does not live in Houston. In fact, even some HOU fans seem to be blind to this problem.

  757. I just noticed that at the hive Twitter follower has increased from <1000 to 5195 now. Wow the Jeremy Lin effect…
    What has the Face of the Franchise done for the local media popularity? Nada.

  758. Batum has followers too,he prolly get 95 on that and Lamb would be 50 give and take.

  759. Such blunt honesty and fairness! LOL

  760. Thanks need to speak the truth this day…lol

  761. Too hard to guess since too many conditions. Depends on:
    How he plays?
    How many PF?
    How other players play? Kemba, Lamb, Batum, PJ, Kaminsky etc.
    Close game or blow out?
    How Cliff think?
    Add more if you want.

  762. So your putting him on 12 mins next game?i felt that he just played 7 minutes the last time

  763. Obviously, Hornets are using Lin’s popularity to bring ‘buzz talk’ to their franchise. So far, Hornets seemingly following Rox’ model to the Ts.

  764. Maybe if like last game.

  765. No doubt Cliff has treated Lin better then his previous coaches.

  766. Right now, referees take out dribble drive option from Lin’s play and Lin is forced to be 3 pt and long 2 pt spot shooters. In order for Lin to be successful now only if he can change himself to be like Curry, unless he can change his environment which is referees’ treatments.

  767. My guess is that Jeremy will play very few minutes in the GSW games..win or lose. My gut feelings…

  768. Oops, wrong place..meant for the poll post..

  769. Well said.

  770. Stop making this claim as you know very well that JLin has no intention to do this for the time being.

  771. Neither is Batum he can bolt for another team next season too! Meanwhile I see Lin as a loyal person, if Hornets start him as SG and move Batum back to SF he might consider staying. At this rate Lin’s not going to.

  772. I bet with you… JL7 will go off on the GS game but after he take the game from the Cavs. We will see Linsanity in these two games =). I don’t want Hornets to ruin GS’s awesome run though. We can afford to lose to the #1 Team in the league. But I want Lin to make it a close game.
    I need to see more floaters and spin moves from Lin. Where are they ?

  773. Lin is learning quickly about the game of basketball that he has not been getting from coaches before Clifford. MDA was only with him for a very short time. In the last three years, Lin survive through what he learned from MDA then. The rest of those were suckers to superstar and none are close to Clifford in coaching. You might call those couching on superstars coaches but Lin has learnt nothing from them.

    Lin as a quick learner would learn and absorb faster than any other player. This is a long season. Lin will have his chance. If this team is successful, Lin as a winning factor would have much better offer than before. This season he would redeem himself in defense and excel in offense for such a team who needs almost every game to survive..

  774. At The Hive is an independently run fan forum, much like this one, except for the team. The Hornets don’t control what’s said or posted in ATH. In fact, they can be quite scathing of Hornets management.

  775. After Kemba came back from the surgery, Mo’s stats decreased a lot and they didnt make it to the playoff. I guess he didnt like the situation. Mo tended to join a contending team. He and Lebron were once teammates and good buddies. So it’s not surprising for him to choose the Cavaliers, even with low salaries.
    I remember there were rumors the Hornets wanted to re-sign him or S&T him,but it didnt work out.

  776. its interesting prior to the hornets starting winning ATH “fan forum” was loudly anti-clifford for the most part.

    suddenly with the hornets winning what 7 of 9 there is loud and uniform praise for the clifford extentsion.

    its possible an entirely different set of people are posting there but more likely indicative of the “bandwagon” and “fair weather fan” nature of sports fans in general.

  777. i don’t understand you’re fascination of JLIN going to CBA? where not in CBA right now, this is NBA, so why do you want him to go to a league which is inferior with the one he has now in? if you will say its not inferior, will Lebron thinking of playing there right now? If you’re a fan of Jlin, show it but not the first person to downgrade his skills and talent.

    the first half of the game where hornets went overtime, you’re singing the same song of CBA, Unfortunately, when JLIN made his game in OT and win that game, you’re nowhere to find and your CBA Fascination..why?

    lets enjoy his newfound opportunity right now, even its so small windows ,
    … “because we never know what where getting”…[forrest gump]

  778. no need to challenge because they don’t want him to defend..why i know, because Coach Cliff doesn’t want Batum to defend that much either.
    Let the defense be made by the lowest rank among the hornets players.

  779. Batum Principle by cliff!

  780. gsw needs to make it public so CHO will act irrationally by signing Lin now at the price and contract of JLIN’s liking!
    media made it with Lamb when they hyped him…media made it with cliff when they reported many teams are interested with his services as a coach.

    so the only way Hornets will be ever jlin teams of the future is if other teams publicly declared they want him badly now!

  781. that’s the fine line of being a follower, learning to analyze things and don’t take for granted any small details.
    the art of WAR!

  782. Mavs

  783. I think we have to lower our expectation on Lin stats this season. The team is just not setting plays for Lin. He had to create shots for himself most times in the past couple of games. It is hard. Even if you put the best player like S Curry on this situation his stat will suffer significantly..If this is the situation for the whole season, Lin should look for a new team next season. SMH

  784. all generalities by playing with words…

  785. lowering expectation meant that some of us here will lose interest in watching his growth as a basketball player because we know he can deliver given chance. the good thing about this is that there will be less anxiety for most of the members (LOL) moreover Stress and hallucination over unwanted hypothetical hearsayed assumption of Conspiracy.

    but its our choice, being happy for all the things that comes our way and treat it as a Blessing just Like lin, or the crazy overzealous fan that harping over concocted THEORY of somone/somebody’s demolishing JLIN’s NBA career?


  786. they will ask for hornets JLIN in exchange for TY lawson..Jeremy cannot do anything if that happen, but what will the hornets do if Morey open up the negotiation?

  787. Why do we do this? Who knows what Ewing thinks of Lin? The only time I’ve heard Patrick say anything about Lin was in the 11/25 pregame interview where he said he did an outstanding job. I’ve seen Ewing smile after Lin makes a good feed or shot and give him a hand slap in the OT of the Kings game after he made a bucket.

  788. I don’t think Lamb is playing better than Lin. Not even offensively. He shoots a higher percentage. That’s about all. Batum is playing better than Lin offensively in many facets.

  789. After Kelvin Sampson every Asst. Coach looks like a Saint.

  790. that’s what bothers me right now..Jlin being perceived as a gentleman and an honest and loyal person, why does the hornets FO not buying on JLin right now instead of Batum who they know that has the potential of being like De Andre Jordan (fickle minded man)

  791. this will change if and when they ride high with JLIN..jeremy has no play with the starter right now so thats why he’s the 5th option on the team when with the starters.

  792. well said. Happy Thanksgiving to all..

  793. Face of franchise can be a white player as well. It’s often a black player, but most NBA players are black. I don’t know about Lin not being it. He was all over the place during Linsanity and really, LIn is pretty heavily promoted in Charlotte. He’s one of the most featured along with Batum, interestingly, the 2 that are not signed long-term.

    My theory is as valid as invalid as anyone’s and here it goes. I think Lin is seen as a weapon to use along with starters and to lead benches to make a team have a potent bench. A team with a very good but not highest-echelon PG, such as Kemba, loves Lin to come in as someone they can have on the floor that at any time can get into a groove and be another weapon (and start if something happens to the starter). This person isn’t any particular position, so people shouldn’t get wrapped up on him not starting or being called a “reserve” or “backup” or even “6th man”. This player is Ginobili like (in impact, doesn’t have to be position or playing style) and can carry a team with his ability to score, facilitate, rebound, defend, and make huge plays. He’s part of the winning core but right behind the big names as opposed to being the main guy. He’s like that number 5 batter in the order where after you’ve got out the tough number 3 and clean up hitter, he is there to drive in the runs and the pitchers fear him. Matsui of the NY Yankees was like that. And he was Asian. So I’m not totally convinced that Lin is not someone that will be heavily featured or marketing and I don’t really care how. He doesn’t have to be the #1 star. In fact I don’t want him to be because that opens him up for trashing. Let expectations be muted on him and let him exceed them as that guy you know that enters the game and can wreak havoc if he gets on a roll.

    More and more I think that is what Lin is. Sure, he could start but I really don’t see the same Lin in the last 2 or 2.5 seasons that I saw in the Harvard clips, summer league clips, NY Knicks clips, and early Rocket clips. I see a Lin that doesn’t look for his shot as much, and that’s big, because that will keep his scoring total PPG down. I see a Lin that let’s the “stars” or prominent players on the team do their thing and then he picks his times to roll. And, if one is out, he then shines and usually then starts making big scores and plays. But with Kemba, Batum, Al and other scorers on this team, even Lamb, I don’t think Lin is looking to be a big scorer. In the teens is mostly where he’ll be, sometimes in the 20s, but not as much as earlier in his career. His focus is defense and being a complete player. And seems to be helping his team win. He seems much more team-centric that we are. We’ve become stat centric and minute centric and he’s not being treated fairly centric rather than I think seeing the shift he’s made in his game and approach and why teams would want to use him like that. And maybe, why he’d choose this role vs. starting on a not-so-promising team that may give him bigger minutes.

  794. I fully agree with you that our expectation for Lin’s stats should be be lowered…

    My own expectation when Lin signed was 13ppg and 4 and possible competing for the 6th man award…That was with at least 25-30minute range.

    Now that we know Lin’s minute will not be enough, I think we should simply hope Jeremy can stay in double figure in point per game…There will be too many nights when he will get under 20minute per game with no chance of getting into a groove.

    I also agree with you that if Clifford can not find consistent 25 minute for Lin, he should leave…He’s not even a proper 6th man on this team.

  795. He’s something more than 4th option though in some ways that is what he is. He’s a not so secret weapon to take over and dominate for stretches alongside the main guys or when one of them is out or takes a breather. And he captains a bench that is expected to be better than most team’s benches because he’s on it. He actually plays a crucial role on the team. He’ll get that opportunity to do more of the former, not so secret weapon stuff. He’s actually done so, the OT was one instance but making that big pass or shot in the 4th quarter was another opportunity where that big role is evident of his worth to the Hornets.

  796. So did Kobe. Kobe may be tough to deal with but the guy knows Lin is talented on both sides of the floor. A lot of what Kobe said about Lin is valid. Not the later stuff, the earlier stuff. He got frustrated that Lin didn’t get to the pee on the fire hydrant more he wanted Lin to be, but he knew Lin was immensely talented. Clifford and Silas know too, but they are going about getting it out of Lin better than Kobe did. Lin gets it out of himself a lot of the times. They just want Lin to give max effort for as much as possible and not have mental lapses on the D end.

  797. I doubt Hornets will trade Lin. Plus Lawson is too expensive for a backup price $12M. Next year he needs to pay $13M that’s even more than Kemba…?!

  798. I think Morey will send Lawson to 76.

  799. I saw a lot of Ewing. He never struck me as a bad guy. In fact, I liked him. I saw him play as a rookie as a Knick and he was treated like garbage by NY until he won them over as a “warrior”. There are many ways Ewing could view Lin and we haven’t a clue what they are. That’s why I ask why do people want to make him an adversary of Lin?

    Also, I don’t care if he thinks other players are better than Lin. He played the game and played it well. He is entitled to his opinion on Lin’s game. He isn’t badmouthing Lin. If Cliff is out and Ewing is subbing for him and doesn’t play Lin much, then we have something to go on. But really, we don’t have anything to go on regarding Ewing.

  800. There’s no audio on Lin’s play.

  801. Hi…I think I will stop following jeremy lin as much now unless he performs up to par instead of just a regular bench player because I think better time is spent else where for me like biz deals and family.

    It’s sad how expectations was from 20 and 10 or 15 and 8, then 13 and 6 and then now it’s 11 and 3. To me that is nothing to be wowwing about, as that is a regular bench player stats and 6moy stats is much better. So what are we going to expect next year.. 8 and 2?!!! come on.

    Until he can break it out to at least 15 and 8, it’s starting to wear down on me and affect my time and he is just a nba player. He is no steph curry for those who think he is better than steph. Will I still be reading news.. yeah about him..will I scroll around here, yeah if I have pointless time. Will I be watching his every game like I used to which start to wane last year and this year… no. I might just come here for the replays and highlights which is so much time saving and look at his stats. I will start following intensely again if he is constitently getting 15 and 8 ( or 18 and 5) or also when he play with insanely crazy stats.

    Yes, there is no more linsanity unless certain things happened which I had posted before., plus he is scouted and getting triple team because they don’t want no chinese guy to shine in black sports. Like I said before in order for any chance of linsanity to break out, need at leas the following condition:

    1) he starts at the pg position and get the full trust from the coach ( like how kemba does ). That won’t happen here with kemba there.
    2) big man cannot be al jefferson..too old and slow.
    3) everyone buys into him and let’s him lead.

    If any of the conditions above is not met.. it’s time wasting to say there is ‘linsanity’ blah, because in reality.. there won’t be. I know some will be elated that I’m will be in hibernation mode..but that also mean that jeremy lin is not doing any better. But Jlin does crazily well, then I will be back some of you will have to put up with my sarcastic and annoyingly sharp comments. So it’s like pick yo poison.. yes that is REALLY pick yo poison..unlike how some here or there said ‘pick yo poison, harden or lin’ hahaha.

    Anyways, happy Thanksgiving and have a good black friday and black thursday now. Yes, ‘guest’, I will be having some $100 bottle of wine this weekend, wine which you don’t know how to appreciate because you think everyone is an alcoholic… alcoholic doesn’t know how to taste wine.

  802. I totally disagree that this is what Lin is. Come on have a little faith. Sure Lin hasn’t had Linsanity games like in the past, but I blame it on situation and not Lin’s talent. For 3yaers Lin’s been beat down by negative people telling him he’s a fluke and that he should accept his “real” role. That’s literally what Mchale did to Lin. Then BS and Kobe added to the beat down. Now, the league has been brainwashed into believing that cool aid. Then he gets no offers in FA. Wake up people, Lin is in survival mode. Lin’s playing with one foot planted in the door trying to keep the league from shoving him out the door.

    Lin’s doing whatever he needs to do to make sure he makes an impact and stay on the court. What ever is ask of him he’ll do it just to be on the court. Last year Lin finally broke loose after the all star game because he finally figure out for himself how to use his teammates irregardless of how little his coach makes plays for him.

    Anyone who doubts Lin’s ability to shoot just have to look at how he shoots effortlessly in practice. You saw it yourself during the warm up at the Knicks game. Until Lin gets comfortable with his role, his teammates, his coach and playtime, Lin will experience way too much doubt to shoot well. That’s how it is with all athletics. Stress dissonance from game situation is a huge contributing factor to lower %. I’ll bet Curry shoots 90% in practice but his game % is 44%. Lin was shooting 70%+ 2 years ago in practice and his game % was 37%. Curry gets his high percentage because he gets help from his coaches, mental support, positive reenforcemnent from everyone around him. Curry gets plays call for him, picks and outlets for him. Lin gets none of anyone’s these things for 3+ years. I’m amaze that Lin can maintain a high level of scoring.

    I know Lin’s shot looks off but that stress dissonance is what’s making him shoot poorly. Unlike other stars like Kemba, Batum and even Lamb, Lin has had to rely only on himself while playing. I fully expect Lin will improve his 3% to at least 38.5% this year. It just will only happen when he finally gets comfortable.

  803. I quit playing basketball because of politics. I was a starter for 2 years and when a new coach was hired, I was benched. After a few games, it was obvious that I wasn’t going to be playing a lot anymore so I quit and never looked back. I switch to tennis because it was a sport that I needed no one else to depend on. What I did and any success I had was mine and no one else’s. For a very long time I hated the game until Nash got me slightly interested and finally Lin got me hooked again.

    It’s too painful sometimes to watch how Lin has to deal constantly with politics. That’s why it amazes me how mentally tough he is. He could handle it but I walked away.

  804. danny green is shooting 31% from 3, much like lin, who is at 29%. both these guys in shooting slumps.

  805. I don’t see this as a negative. Hideki Matsui was more feared than ARod and Jeter as a Yankee by Boston fans. Lin may not ultimately be as big a star as Matsui was, as Matsui was a superstar in Japan, but in NY, Matsui was the one teams feared in the Yankees lineup. There’s nothing wrong with Lin not being a starter and an impact player from the bench that teams fear. None at all.

    His game has changed. Read again. It isn’t about LIn’s ability to shoot or score more than Lin not as inclined to gear his game to scoring as much as before. I see him more as an overall impact game on both ends of the court in a coming off the bench capacity. I think some of the Lin moving off ball and camping in the corner and then coming out at times and playing with Batum/Kemba is his contributions when the pressure is on them to take charge.

  806. Don’t bother

  807. Lin’s has the potential of being something really strong in Charlotte. If we can get past starter means best player and most minutes and most celebrated, we’ll see some huge potential for Lin now and in the future.

    Here’s an article on Manu and it starts:

    NBA championship contenders frequently have a starting-five caliber player come off the bench to lead their second unit.

    Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs is the greatest example of this type of player.

    Notice it says “starting-five caliber”. So, I’m not saying Lin isn’t starting caliber at all. Don’t get me wrong. I’m saying Lin is being placed as a weapon not as a starter but a “starting-five caliber” PG/combo guard to lead benches AND play significant minutes at CRUCIAL times in ball games. That’s a big role.

    He DOES NOT have to be the starting PG to excel in his game in my opinion. He needs a certain amount of minutes, but he needs to have some leadership which he does. He DOES NOT need to have the Kemba role.


    Now we can argue about Lin and 6th men and contracts and Lamb but really, there’s nothing new to say about that. Right now it is potential and I don’t care what you call Lin. I don’t care if he’s called a 6th man or not. He has a chance to be a huge impact player, and that means being a huge part of wins in Charlotte in a somewhat expanded role he has now. And it could be fun if we don’t get into if it isn’t ideal, then Lin should go to another team in this elusive search for MDT 2-like experience and role for him. It may never happen.

  808. Ok

  809. I don’t think Linsanity is what Jeremy Lin is all about. It’s really his incredible perseverance to succeed against all odds.

    Watch his documentary and one will understand:


  810. Because Batum is Cliff’s boy. Cliff pushed the trade for him and hoped he could help Walker’s facilitating. Cliff even took away the ball handling from KW and handed to Batum, only to change it back after the apparent failure.

  811. That maybe your point of view but to me once an athletes accepts his own limits, he’s already given up on being the best he could be. As a coach, I’ve seen too many tennis players give up on reaching for higher to accept what they know is a “reasonable” level of competency. Part of that is self delusion and the other part is faith. Believing in the possibility is how athletes break beyond what they themselves set as their won limits. When other people also tell them that and just play to a lower level of game. They aren’t doing for your own good, they are using you for their convenience. Smart, Woodson, M&M, BS, they all wanted Lin to submit himself to limit his mind to their own fit for Lin.

    To me one of the most important functions athletes serve to society is their unrelenting reach to break records and break beyond what we believe to be the limits of our human body. Stef Curry is doing it with his shooting. I believe Lin also believes he can reach that height and add to that talent with his own brand of team bball. Lin’s greatest challenge to me is not so much about just scoring, but how he can teach the world that unselfish actions can elevate everyone around them. That goal is a worthy goal to bet everything on. I don’t ever want Lin to be just an average player because he himself wants to achieve much more than just surviving. He serves his God by aiming to change people’s perception on selfishness and greed.

  812. You said it already. They want Lin to help them win but do not want to give him a fair share of stats.

  813. Happy ThanksGiving , mate….. Do drop by when you get a chance

    There is no right or wrong…everyone are entitled to their priority and preferences…

  814. anything can happen…there are other options in trade… like, picks, 3way trade, hold future a future bargain, etc

  815. Stay in Hornets to become a backup for Walker or Lamb ? No, It should be the other way around.

  816. I no longer stress about him starting or not. Still enjoy seeing him come on and impacting the game and being on a team trying to win. Still a lot more games for Lin ahead.

  817. Good. I hope we get to the point where Lin comes in and lights it up and we enjoy him playing knowing he was a crucial part of the team winning in both units, on defense and offense, in a lot of games.

  818. He is. He will be shopping for new team. What you guys don’t understand: JL7 will not be returning to Hornets next season as backup or 6th man or whatever. Just relax and Focus on this One season with the Hornets – JL7 will get his points and stats because he is better than Batum and Lamb, period. If we truly believe in his abilities we shouldn’t be worried too much. By the end of this season, his stat should be No worse than his stats in Houston. I predict it will be slightly better. Next season, he can move on and try find a team that will make him their #1 or #2 option.

  819. Happy Thanksgiving everyone here. Enjoy all we have to be thankful for.
    Hope Hornets with Lin’s help can take one from Cavs tomorrow. Lebron look like he can eat. Maybe a bit too much Turkey, lol.

  820. No Irving, Shump or Mozkov. It’s possible.

  821. Oh, even better. Lin can show poor-man’s-lin-Delly how it is done on both ends.

  822. No Delly. Mo Williams is playing 2nd unit guard.

  823. That’s better matchup. Mo has something to prove to CHA. Lin should prevail. Who gets Lebron?

  824. If he don’t get 25 min he should leave…. Uh, leave where ? He’s under contract, fyi. The Hornets “knows” that they got a good 6th man or impact player But they need the contract guys (Kemba, Batum- their first priority, and Lamb) to shine first. Lin will be use if the others cannot produce on any given night. CCliff: win at all cost – If they need rescuing they will use Lin. And trust me, the Hornets will need a lot of rescuing in order to be Top 4 teams EC. Despite JL7’s limited PT, he will find ways to produce: like his 17pt in 20min. He will not average 17+ pt in 20 min but 15pt is possible. I believe in his JL7’s abilities. It just takes time to settle in. It’s still very early.

  825. It’s not a limit, it is Lin being used as a weapon. Manu is great. Nobody says Manu isn’t a great player and not a lot of people care that he comes off the bench. I keep talking about Lin being used like Manu. That’s my standard of comparison. I don’t see it as anything less than a starter either because Manu is thought of in the same sentence as Derek Parker as being part of the big 3 in the Spurs championships.

    There is no huge compromise. It’s a shift in how he’s used. That’s all. He can still use his skills in this capacity.

  826. I guess Hairston some, MW maybe, Batum later in the game. LeBron logs big minutes. Without Kyrie, he may just get tired. Love is also someone to guard closely. I don’t think he’s injured so he’ll be playing.

  827. A meme is a mental virus that infects a person’s mind. If that virus contains all negative pathogens, it will spread to others like an infectious disease, turning everyone else into coach hating teammate hating zombies.

    This negative meme happens every time Lin doesn’t get PT, or points. It appears the only thing that can cure this mental virus is a Lin game like the 2 near Linsanity games when everyone was high with positive energy.

    There’s a lot of Christians on this site. One even suggested that Lin needs to cut his hair and get rid of his earring because God is punishing him for dressing like a pirate. Some have lashed out at coaches and players. Others have lashed out at other fans. But maybe Lin isn’t the one God is trying to teach a lesson to. Maybe it’s to the Christains who value Lin’s stardom too much maybe God is actually teach Lin fans humility, acceptance, surrender to the will of God. Lin may in fact BE the instrument of God to teach us how to stop wanting material things and surrender instead to the will of God, because it may have been an act of God that started the Linsanity phenomena.

  828. Ginobili was the scorer of the Spurs. Didn’t stay on the corner and get loads of touches.

    Ginobili plays with Parker, a great PG, and Tim Duncan, probably the best PF ever. Both are unselfish.

    Kemba, Al, Batum are all about me, myself and I.

  829. I am often quite comfortable with the middle ground. So here is the good and bad of the current situation in my view:-

    The Bad

    1. Lin has very low minutes. He is basically in the same boat as all bench players and far below the pecking order compared to guys like Kemba and Batum.

    2. Lin has a shooting slump.

    The Good

    1. The team is winning. They have a better record than the Knicks, Rockets and Lakers. That’s gotta count for something.

    2. Other than the shooting slump, his usage rate is up compared to the last 3 years and his per 36 numbers are up.

    3. Overall the team mates, coaches and media are much more fun to root for compared to the past 2 teams.

    To me that’s just life. There is good and bad and ups and downs. I support Lin cause he inspires me with his effort, sincerity and class. Sometimes I really don’t feel like giving my best effort at work or about life in general. But I am motivated to keep trying hard, keep hoping and to always do the right thing. So yes I am annoyed at the minutes but I am still enjoying this ride. Not getting off anytime soon.

  830. Yes, very well said !
    JL7 – work within your best abilities and you will only get better for overcoming more obstacles. New team, new system – give Lin time to settle in and find his niche. He will get better stats than the previous 3 seasons: 15 points in 20 min OR 18 pt in 30 min. ?

  831. Agreed. Everything has two sides.

  832. Good point. I guess people always said Lin can like Ginobili but the problem is the team asked him to be bench not really let him be Ginobili even now in Hornets. Bc when in late 4Q Ginobili can run O but not Lin w Kemba & Batum all together on court. Plus from what Lin told NY Post can tell, he wants to start not be a backup only. To Hornets it’s a totally surprise bc … we all know the story…

  833. Batum is not a selfish player. And he’s been looking for Lin more and more. Ginobili is a complete player. He facilitates, he scores, he plays defense, he hustles, he wins. That’s where Lin is like him. Lin’s game is different in some ways, similar in some ways, but both make an impact.

    This isn’t about comparing Duncan and Parker to anyone. It’s about Manu coming off the bench and being considered a great contributor to winning and mentioned along with the starters. I’m trying to get people beyond if he doesn’t start, he can’t accomplish great things. And bench equals not good as starter. Not necessarily.

  834. You’re making this negative. Lin can’t do so and so. Ginobili comes in and does whatever is necessary. It looks different to Lin but Lin isn’t done yet. This is the seed of something developing, not the finished product. You again are using starter as THE only criteria LIn can excel where I’m against that way of thinking. It’s one way, not the ONLY way. You again are using BACKUP as a negative when I say just DROP that word and think of Lin in a major role, just not a starting role.

  835. By the way, it took Parker a while to learn how to play with Ginobili. They didn’t play well together at first. It even took LeBron and Wade a while to learn how to play well with each other with Wade doing less when all was worked out. Chemistry takes months to build, not 15 games for sure.

  836. I am not being negative on anything just tell the truth. In fact, I don’t like Lin to start as SG for Hornets bc he can only be CnS shooter waiting for ball to come in 3p corner just like Lance.

  837. Wow!! Bravo!! You nailed it! Your post might be the closest thing to the cosmic truth than any other posts in this forum. Hats off to you and serious respect!!

  838. What truth? Lin accepted a role in Charlotte to contribute and to play as much as his game as possible. You say over and over the negatives. That he’s CnS shooter and hangs out at the 30 corner. That’s not a fact. If you watch the games there are plenty positives to look at. Lin is cutting more and being passed to more by Batum. He just isn’t in the corner and he isn’t even doing that much CnS because his shots aren’t falling. Even Kemba has looked to pass to Lin to get things going.

    In the OT in the Kings game Batum passed Lin the ball at least 2wice to get two of his buckets. How do you have him in the corner so much. He’s not.

    I saw Ginobili and Parker struggle mightily when they started playing together. Pop was the coach. They didn’t know what to do when each other were on the court. It took time. At times Parker did nothing and at times Ginobili did nothing. You want Lin to just play great and always be active on a team he’s joining and only played 15 games with? Not practical and not happening. He’s going to have to figure it out. So is Kemba. So is Batum. But they are little by little working Lin MORE into the offense. Not less.

  839. The truth is most of time, when Lin, Kemba & Batum all together in late 4Q, Lin can’t even do anything but waiting for ball to come. Run O? smh! You like your theory but I don’t agree w you at all. I agree w what Spot said. Period.

  840. What more can I say? Did you read what I wrote? DId you read how long it took Parker and Ginobili to be able to play together? You keep talking about a few games. And say smh. But that means nothing. You are being very impatient. It may take until after the all star break before Lin is fully utilized with Batum and Kemba. It takes time for players with their skill sets to work together and utilize all 3 players. Right now Lin isn’t playing with them as much so he doesn’t seem as active on offense. But it is coming. If you look hard enough you’ll see it. Not what you want to see, but slowly how it is coming along.

  841. Comparing Lin to the Big3- Manu supersub on the Hornets team is far fetched.
    1st of all, the Hornets don’t have the talents of other legit contending teams have. Unless you have Timmy, Leonard on the team, making Lin the backup to Kemba to fulfil Lin’s NBA objectives: STARTER–CHAMPIONSHIPS is just a pipedream.

    Like many of us keep saying, if Lin’s happy, we are happy. For now, LIn is happy when his team wins and he contributes significantly. But over the long haul, Lin just has to look into the mirror and ask if he is happy, with his contribution, to be a backup on a good enough playoffs team but not a contender team. The firmly believe, the answer is a big “NO”.

    I like some of your posts, but you somehow make me feel that you’re Hornets FO who wants to ride on Lin;s popularity, keep him on the team to be a backup to a “star” Kemba, yet unwilling to offer Lin a decent contract.

  842. I like your last statement…LOL!

  843. It’s just the impact. It’s not to be taken as comparable playing ability, but the role and impact can be that of something like Ginobili. Again, the emphasis is a BENCH player can have MORE impact than a STARTER. Guys like PJ and Beverley start. Starting is everything.

  844. Absolutely right!
    No place is “perfect or just right” for JL7 but this Hornets team is 10x better than the last two, even three (if not for out of desperation MDA). NY was not all that – just there’s No one else on that team. Even MDA has many flaws as a coach. Look at coach Doc Rivers – the “supposedly great” team is losing games and bad team chemistry, etc… Reality is: There’s NO perfect coach or right coach for our JL7. But life is not an open and shut case.

  845. MDA hasn’t been able to stay anywhere lately. Maybe he doesn’t handle star players as well as other coaches. I like his offense though. His teams are fun to watch.

  846. Good Post! =)
    We want JL7 to succeed at the highest level possible – including myself but some fans here have given me another perspective. Also much credits to PFV, Conservative New Media, on YouTube. At the end of the day, No fan here or anywhere will feel more about the game Than Lin Himself. No fan will be more frustrated than him. No fan will be more happy than him. We only can be grateful that we are along for the journey through the good times and bad times. If we as true Lin fans cannot handle the bad times we should un-follow Lin because at the end of day it’s just about freaking basketball – Not life. We shouldn’t be too stressed over JL7’s situation because we should have more joyful things in life besides JL7’s basketball success. JL7’s already the Biggest Success in my book. He is happy then I’m happy. I will follow his bb career for the next TEN more years – through the good and bad. He cannot fail because he’s already succeeded.

  847. Right now Jeremy is the Ramon Sessions of those Hornets:

    Kemba pads stats, he sacrifices and come off the bench. Result? Kemba face of franchise, Sessions carreer ruined.

  848. Yes, I agree with you 100%.
    I am also happy that Lin will have the opportunity to refine his game too.
    He is having coaches that could help him and he will come out of the slump and the uneasiness of fitting into the team’s new roles.

    Note Lin is playing his games more wisely. He needs time to adjust to what other teams preparing for him. As a Lin fan, I don’t think we should unnecessarily blame the coaches and teammates. We all want Lin to play better. Lin is working hard and is given opportunities while the team is winning.

    Coach Clifford is a great coach and he’s been fair. Make up drama don’t help Lin at all.

    Lin will break out of it and play at the next level as he always will. He will prepare for the teams better while the teams are preparing for him. Go Jeremy!

  849. I couldn’t care less who the face of a franchise is to be perfectly honest with you. Matsui was a feared, productive Yankee with a huge following. Jeter might have been the face and others talked about before Matsui, but Matsui won for the Yankees. He had a very successful career with the Yankees. If you want to be negative, I guess you will be.

  850. I don’t agree on the part that Lin’s teammates are selfish. They all play according to a game plan. It works. Lin and his teammates play for the team too. Everyone one on the team support one another at present.

    Please don’t blame Lin’s teammates when Lin is not doing well. There are other reasons for that because teams like the Kings and Wizards are better prepared for Jeremy Lin right now. Lin has to adjust to it as a team and help the team win. If not, he would be removed from the court. Are you ok with Lin’s offensive fouls lately. No I’m not. Lin has to do better than this. It’s also Lin’s fault. He needs to see it coming and use his teammates to overcome situations like this. Basketball is a game of five on five. Lin has to break out of his pattern so that those setup for his offensive charge could be avoided. It’s Lin’s mistakes of having these turnovers and there is no need for us to cover it up. Lin will be OK and break out of it. As Lin fan, we shouldn’t indulge on Lin’s mistakes and should encourage him to play better.

  851. I don’t agree with both you and Spot. Period.

    Lin has been given opportunities and he needs to adjust to the need of the team right now. Lin has been making the same mistakes of being over aggressive and committing turnovers which could change the momentum of the game.

    I have no problem with Clifford removing Lin in the 4Q when Lin made offensive foul and missing shot. I don’t want the team to lose because of Jeremy Lin. This must be avoided for the sake of Lin and the team.

    Lin will break out of it. He will understand the game better and how he was set up to make those turnovers. Lin wouldn’t want to make those mistakes too. Lin just has to be wiser in avoiding situations that hurt him and getting him in foul troubles. We should all support Lin to play better.

    Again don’t blame Lin’s teammates and the coach for Lin’s mistakes. Lin definitely won’t. LIn fans shouldn’t.

  852. Exactly. Lin isn’t an outstanding one-on-one player. He’s an outstanding five-on-five player. In sports, players need support. What good is a QB with a terrible offensive line? He’ll get sacked often and won’t have time to pass.

    Blame everyone else is something us fans have to be careful of. It’s a criticism of Lin’s fans that I think has some validity. And credit others is something we could do more of. Lin needs screens. Lin was great with Davis because Davis finished well, screened well, rolled well, ran well on fast breaks. Lin was great with Novak because he shot quickly and accurately and got himself open for Lin. Lin was great with Fields due to Fields running and having athleticism. They all helped Lin to shine.

    Lin has some stuff he needs to clean up to move forward. But he also has to just learn his team mates and adjust to two roles. It’ll take time. He’s making great progress with Batum. He’s doing better with Cody. He’s established nice chemistry with Lamb but it could be better. Lin is very quick and sometimes his team mates aren’t ready for his passes. They have to get ready and Lin has to make sure he doesn’t go too quick for them. It all takes time. And a lot of people here posting in my opinion are not only impatient, but are being impractical in expecting Lin, Kemba and Batum to just click after 15 games. It may take 40 or more games for that to happen. Or a season.

  853. Adding on…and great chemistry with MWilliams as well. JL and KW seem to be improving as well….

    Thus far the progress been great

  854. No contract will keep Lin coming back as Hornets Backup PG or SG. Period. Unless this Hornets team Will make it to the NBA Finals. Unless, there’s absolutely No better offers out there. Lin wants to be a starter Not backup. He have the talent to be a starter. As long as JL7 continues to improve his game he WILL get there. Franchise will make him the “star PG” only when he has all-stars performance throughout an entire season. He will be able to do so. Just believe in his abilities. But it’s not going to this season and may not be the next but he will get there – just Don’t lose hope (like how he began his NBA career). His impact on this Hornets team will be heard and felt – he will help them significantly because there’s Not enough firepower on this team to compete against top teams – not on a nightly basis, at least. Take one game at a time – opportunities will come. JL7 just have to continue improving, perfecting his skills – And when his greatness is Too Much to ignore by coaches and teammates – he will get his Chance again. And once he got there he will stay there for a long, long time. Like a Steve Nash.

  855. KW may prove to be the most challenging and take the longest to develop. But it may if Clifford thinks it can.

    I’m impressed that Clifford recognized Batum’s facilitation abilities. I never knew he could facilitate so well. While he may not be able to run the point, next to a PG, he’s been terrific. Maybe some of his passes don’t get to where they should but the decision-making is mostly sound. He makes few bad decisions on court. That’s an area where Lin does although Lin makes the more spectacular passes and plays, and sometimes more timely clutch.

  856. The next six games are going to be crucial to the Hornets and Jeremy Lin’s role in this team.
    Jeremy Lin has to break out of his slump offensively and defensively. The team would have to play at their best to win anyone of these games. Lets’ see what the Hornets is really made of right now.

    Fri, Nov 27 vs Cleveland
    Sun, Nov 29 vs Milwaukee
    Wed, Dec 2 vs Golden State
    Sat, Dec 5 vs @ Chicago
    Mon, Dec 7 vs Detroit
    Wed, Dec 9 vs Miami

    The teams above are surely playoff contenders or even sure-ins for the playoff.

  857. Hinkie connection…

  858. My comment was not meant as a knock on Ewing. I neither like nor dislike him.

  859. With Lamb’s emergence as the bench scoring priority, it’s becoming clear that Lin has no future with Hornets beyond this year. Hornets will not even let him stat-pad on blowout games (that’s reserved for Kemba/Al/Batum/Lamb), and Lin’s only brought in to either 1) Save close games, or 2) Stage comeback wins, and 3) Provide blood and sweat on lockdown defense so that Kemba/Batum/Lamb can bask in high scoring glory. In simpler words, Lin’s used as a handy tool but gets ZERO glory.

    The only benefit I can see in the Hornets situation, aside from Lin getting along well enough with teammates, is that he gets to reverse his untrue “bad defender” reputation, as Clifford uses him almost exclusively to that end. Unfortunately, Lin has to work so hard on D that it seems to affect his stamina, and indirectly, his shots.

    All that being said, Lin is a fighter who will go against the odds and create miracles. Even during his oppressed second year with the Rox, he was able to pull a triple-double in less than 30min. So everyone watch out, Lin just may explode often enough to recapture the league’s attention and get a decent contract in the upcoming offseason (even less PG availability than last time).

  860. Including D’Antoni?

  861. D’Antoni talked nice about Lin but the marginalization is there. Does that mean Clifford’s statements are more credible than D’Antoni?

  862. True. If you watch the games, once Lin will reach 15 point in a game, he will be pulled out. But with Kemba, sky is the limit. Check the stats and pay more attention to the games.

  863. Well said. I believe this. Lin will pull this through somehow. Miracles still happen.

  864. One thing I’ll like to say is, Lin is 27, so time is running out on him to get it together and improve the skillset necessary to be a legit starter in this league…He still needs a legit floater to compliment his drive to the rim…still needs to improve his jump shot and needs to cut down on his turnovers.

    By next season, Lin will be 28, well into his prime, so he needs decent number right now if his hope is to get a team to give him a chance to start…He needs to show improvement because team may feel he’s now too old to improve, so they might just sign a younger PG instead of Lin.

  865. I don’t conceive this as a war. Its still part of entertainment. Sometimes lifes lessons can be learned along the way and Lin is an inspiration to me and my family. Thats my concept in following Lin.

  866. Of course. If Lin’s is allowed to play his brand of ball then he will outshine not only the new bench golden boy Lamb, but also starters Kemba and Batum.

  867. I somewhat agree with your statement…Lamb will be prioritized and deservedly so since he’s shooting very well.

    When they first got Lamb, I didn’t think much of it and never thought Lamb would have such of an impact.,at least not better than Lin..I definitely didn’t think he’d be ahead of Lin as for importance to the Hornets..and it is exactly what has happened..

    Lamb is the real sixth man and the first guard off the bench at the moment..He has the position that was promised to Lin…He gets subbed in at around the 6th minutes mark…exactly when you’d want Lin to come in and while we Lin minute’s total is still above Lamb, I believe we will see things flip by the all-star break because they will eventually start prioritizing Lamb even more.

    Again, I don’t want to hate on Lamb..I believe he has earned his minutes by shooting so well..The guy is shooting 50%FG so far…Now, he may not keep this up, but at the moment, he’s earned his minutes, so as a Lin supporter, I can’t really say that Lin deserve more minute than Lamb until Lin can start shooting better.

    And of course, we need to realize that Lamb is making more money than Lin and will be here for 3 years….So it makes sense for the Hornets to prioritize Lamb.

    As for Lin, I believe he got himself into another difficult situation, but you have to give him credit because he’s still in double digit in scoring eventhough he’s not receiving consistent 6th man minutes….If he can keep his PPG in double digit, that would be great considering the terrible situation he’s in.

    I hope God help Lin because he’s going to need it..He will have to make the best out of his low minutes and be as efficient as possible..and take care of the ball jeremy…stop charging into the lane with your head down…Look to see whether there’s too much traffic in the paint.

  868. good post. no wonder you have one of the highest “approval ratings” (based on votes to posts ratio) on this site.

    i also think a lot of people came to a lot of decicisve and different conclusions about lins current circumstance based solely on the last game with washington.

    clearly that is too small a sample size and that game was basically an outlier of any possible trends establishing to date.

    it could be a foreshadowing of things to come but there is no statistical basis for that speculation; only an excuse to jump to ones own pre-set assumptions as conclusions.

    as someone else posted the next few games will be critical to providing clues to any actual “trends” as the hornets will shift from an easy part of the schedule to a much harder one.

    also: youve given us the good and the bad, where’s the ugly? (old film reference)

  869. Ramon Sessions is still in the NBA. Statistically he’s actually doing better than Lin.

  870. agree a concern now is lins continuing downtrend in long range shooting; however it would be possible to speculate that is a factor of his radically altered role here in charlotte, not to fewer minutes which is consistent but not dramatic but rather from point to shooting guard which is stark and a radical departure.

    some have attributed it to extra work on defense, some to the hair.

    but whatever the reason (correlatives discernible should emerge thru accumulated playing time) it is clearly the most cause for concern over things lin theoretically should have some control over himself; ie. something he needs to reverse regardless of playing time, useage, or officials bias, or anything else.

  871. actually the quote i saw was less pirate and more something about godless communists or no it was wait: rock n roll heathens or…ill c if i can find it. but defeintely not pirates. more rocknroll liberals i think something like that. godless rocknroll liberal rockers maybe. is close.

    dont forget lashing out at bias predjudiced racist officials. (as well as coaches, players and other fans…there now i think we’ve covered everyone except mascots maybe, cue robin lopez).

  872. hairston doesn’t play enuf minutes to get anyone hes the kevin garnett of the hornets the guy who just starts and then leaves.

  873. Love your stats analysis!

    Yes we will see the trend over time. Still, I think we will see a couple of extreme games (beautiful as well as ugly) so this will be interesting. I think one of the keys will be Lin’s 3 point shooting. When he shoots well from 3 the game becomes a lot easier for him.

  874. Well, that can be debated..Session is averaging 8.3 PPG and 2.8 assist per game…He does shoots better at 43%…but has gotten less time than Lin..only get 17 minute per game.

    Lin is averaging 11.3ppg and shooting 41% and he’s averaged 22 minute per game…I expect Lin’s minute to drop as Lamb gets prioritized more

  875. well his 3 points shooting (long distance shooting generally) is the biggest dropoff this season thus far.

    whatever theoretical reason mite be given. that would seem to be the thing most needing correction.

  876. Shooting slump? He is playing defense most of the time at this point.

  877. i dont have the data to hand to actually back it up but i would think delly was only starting when williams as well as iriving was not available. in any event both are seeing big minutes which would assume they are actually playing together as well as alternatively so regardless assuming lin has some minutes he would come up against delly at some point.

  878. the two are not mutually exclusive. the shooting slump is real and dramatic from long range and primarily on 3’s. lins number of shots per game is not down and his number of 3pt and long range shots is not down. his recent three point shooting has been severely down from historic norms.

    one may attribute this to excessive effort on defense but doesn’t mean the shooting slump isn’t real.

  879. HI, a bit off topic, but, if you have not seen this yet I would be curious as to your reactions, since what I know about China is only what I read in the US press and I am not sure how trustworthy that is. I assume the name similarity is a coincidence:

  880. Only because of Garnett’s age. In his prime, Garnett was a key player and played big minutes.

  881. If you only make 4 shot attempts in a game, you will have shooting slump? All NBA players can make it perfect when they are given 4 shot attempts? They will be in a shooting slump if they can’t make it perfect?

  882. What if he doesn’t become a starter again? Fans should seriously ask themselves that. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. People can’t enjoy Lin unless he starts? Fans will always need him to go somewhere else to start even if he’s on a decent team with a decent coach and good team mates?

    If that’s the case, the always wanting more syndrome will be with those fans? And this isn’t about Lin not reaching his potential as a player either because he doesn’t get minutes. If he performs superbly, off the bench or not, he’ll get his minutes and opportunities.

  883. Lamb isn’t Lin. Lin provides a different skill set than Lamb does as well as Lin’s intangibles. Lamb is not making that defensive play Lin did combined with the type of OT Lin had or getting to the line like Lin does. And Lin makes Lamb better, in some ways Lamb helps Lin. I don’t expect Lamb to take anything from Lin at all. It’s just another player us fans look at and go, he’ll take away minutes from Lin.

  884. Yep. I’m not surprised at all. The communist government hates FalunGong and sees them as a threat to social stability. I’m not familiar with FLG personally so I can’t make any solid opinions. But the communist government does have a track record of ignoring basic human rights and manipulation of information and media.

  885. He only took 4 shots last game. In the context of shooting efficiency he actually shot 50%. Previous game to this he took 12 shots, it has been generally around 9-12 shots which is what he has taken in his career but his shooting % is much lower, particularly from 3 pt.

  886. That’s not his shot attempt average. What is Lin’s shooting average? He’s in a shooting slump if you look at a bunch of games and his shooting percentage, not one game.

  887. I agree the best benefit for Lin came to Hornets it’s Lin is great in Defense now. That sure can clear his bad name for poor D.

  888. as most people are doing. but each one are sharing and putting their opinion. why? generalities are not allowed here?

  889. Exactly what I tried to write below but you expressed it better. Thanks.

  890. Lin’s FG% and 3p% are at historical lows this season (apart from his rookie season). So he is definitely in a bit of a slump at the moment. I was not really talking about number of shots. I think defense is a separate issue but fatigue from playing defense can affect the shot.

  891. There are other things that are a problem. Lin doesn’t have the best decision making. I’m not sure why. And it isn’t more minutes is the solution or rhythm or some of the justifications that we come up with. He simply makes bad decisions. Maybe it is bad habits, he’s not the only player that does that.

    He can’t rely on refs for calls. Refs aren’t his friend and he is, to put it mildly, one of the least whistle friendly slashing players in the league. His TOs would be far less if he simply got calls. So, he has to play smarter. I hope the coaches have him watching a lot of tape. Maybe Lin plays better after ASB because he relaxes, watches some tapes, learns his bad decision making and when he forces the issue, and then doesn’t repeat it as much. That happened last year. And he starting shooting better then too.

  892. Lamb is a pure shooter fits well in bench SG position. Not surprised to see Cliff used him a lot. Lin will get his min & close the game. VS. Wizards was exception. Let’s see what happen tonight.

  893. May I ask why is Hairston starting? What’s so special in him? defense? I thought Lins defense is good?

  894. And he’s got lower salary than Lin. If the hypothesis that Lin can’t start because of his salary, why is Hairston starting when his salary is lower than Lin? He is only receiving $1,201,444 and Lin is receiving $2,139,000

  895. What? -22 games vs James… interesting….

  896. With Jeremy Lin on the Charlotte Hornets team this season, Lebron James won’t have his easy way. I say Linled Hornets win the game tonight.

  897. Nothing is special. It’s a role based on who the other starters are.

  898. Who has the best decision making in the NBA? King James? Curry?
    Lin simply makes bad decisions? Simply? Bad decisions?
    Wow, sounds like you come up with some sort of justifications to not allow Lin plays through his mistakes which are not necessarily “bad decisions” but going 0-3 in the first half, missing some open layups, etc.

  899. Why do you need to justify Lin’s better off playing the back up role? You’re here 24/7 to justify why Lin is legitimately not being put on a level playing ground.

  900. If you can’t honestly assess a player’s game, then you can’t see things clearly of where Lin needs to improve to give himself a better chance to stay on the floor. Lin made bad decisions in the 2nd half of the last game. And many of them were listed. Overall it’s forcing the issue and not reading the defenses properly.

    On this team right now, Batum makes the best decisions. He’s not perfect, but he makes mostly good decisions. Kemba is so-so, Al is so-so. Lin’s decision-making isn’t great either. Lin has done well in some games, not-so-well in others, and definitely needs to get out of bad habits and improve his decision-making on the court.

  901. This is really annoying. Read my posts more carefully. And enough of the “backup” stuff. I’ve said over and over what I think the league is seeing LIn as and it isn’t just a “backup”. Read the post better and if you ask me another question like this, I’m ignoring you.

  902. Lin’s stats for the year thus far. PPG 11.3 RPG 2.7 APG 2.7 PER 15.28. Minutes per game, 23.3

  903. yes since they keep statistics for absolutely everything now it is possible to know that king james has the longest active winning streak of any 1 player vs. any 1 team in the league.

    in an aside in regard to a question of the possiblity of deledanova vs. lin; it appears the latest injury report has “delly” upgraded to “hopeful”. (didn’t know that was a category)–and mozgov to “questionable” (from both not available previously).

    shumpert and irving still out.

  904. the nba player lins stats compare most closely at this point in the season is dennis schroeder of atlanta.

  905. What about Mo Williams? Is he going to play tonight? He’s a good shooter.

  906. of course i was just referencing the first player i could think of who currently has a similar role. start but not get starter minutes.

  907. yeah old mo is back.

  908. Happy Holidays to all. Wish you have a great year-end festival while watching Lin doing his things (well, only if he is given the chance).

    There are some similarities in the games where Lin played less PT. Ref bad calls, opponent targeting and trapping Lin, Lin’s condition on the game was not good (like bonehead TOs). But hey, Lin is only human. Ups and downs are norm and that’s why he is fun to watch and that’s why New York fans were (and some still are) crazy about Lin.

    I think the PT for the season will be also ups and downs, depending on the real time game situation. It is what it is. That’s what Lin has signed for. If Lin is happy (to me he seems to be), as fans, we should be.

    If most of the teams game plan against Lin and not Walker or Batum,, that tells a lot about Lin’s capabilities. Lin is respected in NBA in his own way. And I personally believe he will find his home next season as a starting PG.

  909. Oh! That’s not good news…..LOL!

  910. Batum played 527 mins and had 44 TOs. That means Batum has 0.835TO/min.

    Lin played 350 mins and had 29 TOs and he has lower TO/min 0.829TO/min than Batum.

    We must also bear in mind that Lin always given bogus calls by the refs and that caused his TOs higher. I would give discount of 25% to his TOs and hence we should see 22TOs(21.75 to be exact) and his TO/min is only 0.062to/min, much less than Batum’s.

    So the honest assessment is that Jeremy LIn doesn’t make bad decision all the times and Jeremy LIn makes better decision than Batum, based on the stats thus far.

  911. Lin has lower TO than Batum.
    Please see my reply to your post below.

  912. I’m gonna call it a night and watch the game tomorrow morning. I’m pretty sure you’d be here justifying Batum, Walker are better than Lin and LIn should improve endlessly.
    Catch you later.

  913. They are better and Lin still needs to improve aspects of his game

  914. sws didn’t say Lin makes bad decisions ALL THE TIME. The “bad decisions” Lin often makes is driving deep into the lane with multiple defenders protecting the rim or trying to dribble through double-teams. Lin has to keep his head up and look at what he is running into or what is coming at him. He often times is so determined to get to the rim that he just puts his head down. He’ll be lucky to get a foul called against him 50% of the time. When he goes against two defenders, he gives himself a difficult shot (no guarantee he makes it), makes at TO or gets the shot blocked or gets trapped with nowhere to go. Not to mention wear and tear on his body.

  915. His bad decisions are driving into defenders, trying to get fouls when the refs are not blowing the friendly whistle for the whole team, not just Lin. Not using his other tools. Forcing passes that his team mates can’t handle yet. Just forcing the issue in general, and he does that a lot more than he should at this stage of his career and his real-game experience. And I think for coaches it is less tolerable with a PG than with any other position.

    Batum’s TOs have more to do with poorly executed passes or some sloppiness than bad decisions. HE makes some, but not that many. The stats only tell that both Batum and Lin can turn the ball over but the way it happens with Lin makes more bad decisions than Batum does.

  916. I thought Lin played offense and defense perfectly in 2nd quarter and helping turn things around by perfect defense in the 4th quarter. He was token out right after he forced a Wizards turnover. It is clear Hornets were in very good position to closing the game by the time. Cliff might want to close game with a sure winning by adding more offensive power. It might be the best for the winning. But i have heard NOTHING from Hornets ( coach, player, media) mentioning about Lin’s contribution after the game, although the commentator said something like “Lin has made the things turn around” before Lin was replaced. As Lin fan, I am happy for Hornets win because he is Hornets player. But I am 100% “HEARD” the same as @takemeback2reaganyears:disqus heard – “Clifford loud and clear, keep playing D Lin and I challenge you because I need Kemba, Batum, and Lamb to jack up their stats.”

  917. Exactly. And he’s streaky. He still looks like an all-star PG in stretches in every aspect of the game and at other times, a very mistake-prone player. If we’re honest, that’s what gives people pause about Lin. Not that they don’t like him. I think more than less people want to see him do well and enjoy watching his game. When he’s on, he’s electrifying and makes everyone better.

    Lin can run an offense but I still don’t think he has figured out all of the nuances of doing so. Especially when the defenses tighten up on him.

  918. It’s weird in Cliff’s postgm interview he normally didn’t talk about Lin at all. Besides vs NYK in MSG bc all the reporters only cared about Lin… LOL!

  919. I like Batum, but he has to do less than a PG. Still, he does a lot. Walker is flawed but he has some nice upsides. He seems like a good guy so I can root for him.

  920. You know, people on the Hornets sites probably think I’m anti-Batum because when they wax poetic about him I bring up his TOs and that he doesn’t seem as clutch as Kemba or Lin. Almost all players have their strengths and weaknesses, including Lin.

  921. Is it game time yet?Lin needs to make his jump shots on this game to open up his penetrations.Hornets got this game.

  922. Haha seriously what is up with your CBA comments? I’ve seen it about 3 or 4 times now… No one cares about CBA? Lol. I would watch D-League or Euroleague or even cycling (shudder) before CBA. Actually I have a feeling you’re making CBA comments just to troll Joyce since you two don’t seem to get a long lol

  923. you should be thankful to Hornets fans and media, no one is bring up that Lin is shooting at last year’s Kemba level, less than 40% at FG% and less than 30% at 3s. Good that Hornets fans still love him, but it would be hell annoying that Lin fans goes out and bash on Kemba and asking for Lin to start at this moment.

    The advantage of Lin play in Charlotte is that in time like this, he could go under the radar for a little bit, and he will have time to figure it out, and team is winning.

  924. Not understanding what you mean.

  925. Lamb is more than a pure shooter, that’s what Cliff likes, and why he is taking more of Lin’s minutes.
    Lin need to get his offensive game back to find his role better.

  926. Where do you get “less than 40% at FG%” from? He’s currently shooting at 41%.

  927. I don’t need to thank them. I ONLY CARE ABOUT LIN. Don’t care about this team. Its a temporary team for Lin.

  928. Like that make much difference. 40.9% is not that much better. After each game the number will change. You got the idea, he is not shooting well now. It’s not like he will stay that way, it is still early in the season.

  929. Not sure how much you care about Lin when you don’t care about his team, and always looks his team as temporary team.

  930. No I don’t get the idea. Why would you want to exaggerate his slump by saying he’s shooting less than 40% when is fact it’s 41%? You should correct your false post.

  931. Lin chose this team and Lin needs his team mates to be able to play his game well (he doesn’t get an assist if guys don’t make shots after he makes passes for example). He’s a team player and I think he would like his fans to support his team mates. And I think he likes most of the guys on this team and they like him.

  932. Gosh, I had enough with you, you focus on tiny little things, and forgot about the big picture.

  933. What’s the big picture? You claiming that it’s less than 40% when it’s not? Less than 40% could be 25%. You don’t make any sense.

  934. Lin production is good for someone coming off the bench but he is capable of much more. More responsibility that is given to him, brighter he shines. Reason why MDA offense was so perfect for Lin. Point guard has the most responsibility.

    If clifford gave Lin the starting role and said it’s your show then games would be exciting and a lot of winning.

  935. If the team needs scoring, Lamb plays. If they need scoring and facilitation both, both play. Sometimes Lin, Lamb and Walker play together. But Lin/Lamb/Walker hasn’t performed that well. More often than not, Lin is chosen over Lamb in crucial parts of the game. And the Lin/Batum/Walker combo seems more effective than Lin/Batum/Lamb. Sometimes Lamb is needed for shooting, usually Lin is favored, especially for his D, hustle, penchant for making big plays.

  936. It’s not just the MDA offense. A key thing was Anthony getting injured. Lin had the right combo of players as well. PnR big man, hot shooting 3 point shooter, athletic wing, solid defensive 2 guard. Then the backup center was also great at PnR as well as taking charges. Lin had no real competition at the PG spot so he was able to play a lot.

    I think Lin has more responsibility now. He plays with the starters during the end of periods and games and he leads the 2nd unit. He’s much more responsible to hold down hot guys as a defender.

    The first situation lends itself to more minutes. The second situation to more responsibility and not as strong stats, but good stats are possible.

  937. And yet somebody advised me to Thank Hornets? No but no thanks.

  938. It is a temporary team because Cliff took him for a fool in FA. Now he has to make the best of it but yeah it’s a temporary team unless something momentous happens.

  939. He makes perfect sense. He has a low shooting percentage, the exact amount isn’t that important. The ballpark figure is what it is. It fluctuates through games. It’s better Lin has a low profile going through this struggle. When the shooting improves, Lin’s stats will improve.

  940. There’s a lot of season left and long-time NBA observers know that Lin can help himself by improving some parts of his game while maintaining the strong parts. When the time comes, Lin isn’t as predictable as fans think. Who though he’d go to Charlotte. Fans don’t know what Lin is thinking right now or even if he’s thinking beyond the next few games.

  941. “It fluctuates through games.”

    No sh-t! Really? Maybe starting tonight it will start going up again. Why exaggerate in a negative way? He’s taken a whopping 46 3’s and made only 13. If you remove his 3’s (which haven’t been falling) his FG% is closer to 50. The two you are apologists for Lin’s marginalizers.

  942. Go Hornets…Go LIN!!!

  943. The big picture is, with his current 40.9% FG%, he is shooting at 8th FG% in the team, only better than Hawes and PJ in the team, and his 3s is only 8th too on the team. Okay, he is playing like an 8th man on the team, and you are mad.

    See what you are doing? You get mad at people who point out one defect of Lin, and push them against the wall, what you get is the full picture of Lin’s defect in return. And then you would get a new found Lin hater.

    But what you don’t get is, most people know that’s not Lin’s norm, and that’s not Lin’s potential, so people not necessarily talking about it and willing to let it go under the radar. However, people like you and Adele who don’t know when to stop and where to stop basically are pushing people to point these things out, and tuning people one by one into Lin haters.

  944. In your opinion, but that’s not what either of us are. Remember the spirit of this forum in the rules please.

    Lin’s 3 point percentage is part of his FG percentage. Can’t be removed. It just has to improve and it will. We just don’t know when.

  945. Few more hours. Let’s keep the wins coming and hope Lin has a strong game and wows MJ and the Hornets fans.

  946. Lamb is good shooter and he drives well to the basket….Many of us, recognized these when they were at Rox…then we thought both JJs would be lethal combo….then the trade happened and Harden happened as well…sigh…it would really would have been fun watching them in Houston

  947. that’s an immature argument that won’t fly with any body. Lin without 3s is less useful in the team.

  948. Yes and Lin is not staying in this team

  949. Yes. Just like they started Hairston.

  950. I agree with you, spot and reagan. You really nail it.

  951. Great posts. I am Christian and you summarized what I have experienced following Lin this season. Each game is according to God’s will and Lin production will be done by His plan. As they say it is good by my soul, His will be done.

  952. Lamb can penetrate, and he can cut, he could play a little bit of P&R and so he is more than a shooter.
    However, I agree with you, Lin/Kemba/Lamb together does not work since when those three on the floor together, it is too much of shoot first mentality there, and the offense goes ISO heavy. However, pair that with Batum, it goes better, Lin/Batum could pair with any one of Walker or Lamb.
    I still think the coach is trying to figure things out, but Lin need to shoot better to make that easier.

  953. lol…”We must also bear in mind that Lin always given bogus calls by the refs and that caused his TOs higher.”

    Thats exactly…what he had been pointing out…Lin need to adjust not to make those kinda play like running into defenders, and taking into the rim when the bigs are protecting…he is gonna get those bogus call…hence play smart

  954. nice spirit for Thanksgiving.

  955. If you accused some educated Lin fans complaining about what Lin should have deserved (minutes, credits or whatever) for Wizards game, please look this stats (from NBA.com) regarding Lin’s contribution. His PIE (Player Impact Estimate) is highest in the team and is about twice than Kemba’s contribution. But he only got to play the FEWEST minutes in the entire team!

  956. I love Lin with Lamb. Together. They don’t need to be seen as competition, they complement one another. Lamb said he loved playing with Lin.

  957. He is not much different from McHale. The upside is that Lin has planned for the worst with a player option.

  958. Never heard of PIE before… How is it calculated?

  959. How can you know?

  960. People don’t notice it was Lin who made Asik look good even with his stone hands. Not surprising he has fallen off since then.


  961. PIE measures a player’s overall statistical contribution against the total statistics in games they play in. PIE yields results which are comparable to other advanced statistics (e.g. PER) using a simple formula.(PTS + FGM + FTM – FGA – FTA + DREB + (.5 * OREB) + AST + STL + (.5 * BLK) – PF – TO) / (GmPTS + GmFGM + GmFTM – GmFGA – GmFTA + GmDREB + (.5 * GmOREB) + GmAST + GmSTL + (.5 * GmBLK) – GmPF – GmTO)


  962. He did talk about Lin when he had a good game.

  963. Lin and Asik had good chemistry but Asik also shined on defense. As someone said in a reply, the league has figured out counters to him. Now Asik has to adjust. That’s what sports is. Adjusting and coming up with counters.

  964. McHale would only talk about Lin’s last play after that 38 point against Spurs, not mention anything after Lin’s 9 3s Philly game, so I think there is difference from Clifford and McHale.

  965. ‏@hornets
    SHOOTAROUND SOUND: @DC__for3 & @MattRochinski preview tonight’s #CLEatCHA matchup.


  966. Wow, could you please tell me what those 6 hilite numbers are? I can’t read them on my pad. Thanks

  967. Cliff is a more competitive coach unlike McHale, but they both have no offense and like slow games, point-forward, and stats management in favor of a few chosen players, Lin not one of them.

  968. lol…every coach has some flaws…,that I agree….but you cant claim he has no offense…the number of wins itself is a good indicator

  969. Thanks

  970. Good defense does wonders to wins. When Lin is not on the floor playing PG, their offense is the same as previous seasons.

  971. the hornets and cavs are essentially tied for best offense in the east in terms of avg. points per game so the two best offensives teams going at it should be a lot of points scored.

    the last time (this from “atthehive” writer) lebron lost to a charlotte team (then the bobcats)–only 4 players who played for charlotte in that game are still in the league.

    because: lebron’s winning streak against charlotte teams is the longest active current in the nba of a player against a team. 22 straight going back 6 years and including playoffs.

    for cleveland tonite the availability status of delly and mozgov have been upgraded; delly to hopefully to play mozgov to questionable.

    the cavs have a losing record on the road this year.

    and have lost 3 strait on the road. its been exactly 2 weeks since their last road win (at the knicks).

  972. overall….for this year, Hornets OffRating is much better compared to last year…whereas their DeffRating are about the same as last year

  973. If you are going to quote a stat, then get it right. Don’t change the numbers to fit your narrative. I don’t memorize Lin’s stats. When you said less that 40% I thought really? That bad? So I checked to see you were just pulling numbers out of the air. Now Kemba really did shoot 39/30 last season. And that was for a whole season while getting 34min/game. I can guarantee you that Lin will be shooting well over 40% over the course of this season.

    And I have news for you. I don’t get mad and I certainly don’t turn people into Lin haters. Are you becoming a Lin hater? Nobody becomes a Lin hater because of his fans. How many times do you need to be reminded that there are Lin hating trolls who pretend to be Lin fans. No Lin fan goes to a Hornets site and argues that Lin should replace Kemba. Anyone can copy your avatar and your screen name and pretend to be you. Don’t be so easily fooled.

  974. I didn’t say he will stop taking them. He has changed his shooting form and his 3’s haven’t been falling but 46 is still a small sample size and in the meantime he is still scoring efficiently from shorter range.