G15 CHA Observations & Notes

It’s too bad that a hot-shooting JLin (5pts in first 5 min) got to 2nd foul too quickly. He finished with 5pts/2blks/3TOs/4PFs. Otherwise he’d close the 2nd quarter like the previous 3-4 games. Otherwise he’d close the 2nd quarter like the previous 3-4 games.

Clifford made a mistake to over-play a tired Kemba in the 3rd quarter allowing the Wizards to take 5pt lead. He should put JLin in mid 3rd quarter.

JLin Great Defense But it’s okay.

1. JLin made a great Defensive Play of the Game by tying up a hot Gary Neal for a jumpball. Lin had a great tip and Kemba finish turned the momentum back to the Hornets.

2. The huge block by JLin on a taller Nene was nothing less impressive.

3. Multiple challenge by JLin cause many shooters (Wall, Neal) to miss shots

If the Wizards didn’t play a 2nd Back-to-Back game, JLin’s defense would’be been needed more in the 4th quarter. He was too cold to get in the flow of the game picking up 2 TOs trying to make something happen by being over-aggressive.

  • JLin will learn next game on how not to pick up 2nd foul so quickly in Q2 so he can finish the 2nd quarter.
  • Coach Clifford will need to get better in his substitution pattern. Riding Kemba too hard will wear him out for the season. Keeping JLin hot and get him going will be important against better teams.

A happy JLin celebrated his team’s win like other starters did when they didn’t close games in previous games. No worries. This is a good team win to get them to 6th seed in the East Coast. Onto next game. JLin’s fresh legs will help him to shine later in a long 82-game season.

Go JLin!


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