G14 SAC @CHA Game Thread

With PJ Hairston and Cody Zeller back,:

  1. would Jeremy Lin go back to energize the 2nd unit?
  2. Or will Coach Clifford continue to experiment how to utilize Jeremy Lin to help starters build a lead.. but at the same time conserve his energy to power the 2nd unit that seemed unable to sustain great ball movement without his playmaking?

With 3 consecutive games of averaging 28min/game, Coach Clifford seemed to know that inserting Jeremy Lin in the starters or bench unit would greatly facilitate ball movement and spacing necessary to get open shots and build lead. But managing his minutes while playing great defense and helping with rebounding is no easy task; it’s very taxing to the legs and stamina. That’s why great offensive players like Harden and Kobe don’t always play defense to conserve their energy, too much to the detriment of their teams. Let’s go, JLin! Be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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