G14 Hairsanity in Overtime Win

Jeremy Lin started slow but was his Hairsanity was tremendous in scoring 8 points (7 straight!) out of his 14pts in the 127-122 OT win vs the Kings. His 8 out of 15 Hornets points were simply the definition of clutchness! CBSSports even commemorated this excellent Hairsanity game to tell our future grandkids someday 🙂


Guess JLin's stats in Game 15 vs WAS


  1. First?

  2. first

  3. Second

  4. just shoot….don’t defer

  5. 4th, crap. Just like Lin on this team, I’m the 4th option.

  6. Linn has no fear. Clutch…

  7. Wheres that troll saying Lin was nervous in the game ???

  8. It’s pretty simple. When the game is on the Line give it to Lin. Can I be a head coach now?

  9. Yup 🙂

  10. YEY my first first!!!

  11. Well the chickens(lins hair) have come home to roost for the haters tonight. Never nervous in crunch time baby.

  12. Did you guys see Kemba hugged Lin in overtime?

  13. Lin = Mr. Overtime!!!!!

  14. Yay and Jeremy was clutch. This is your night!

  15. yup awesome game!!

  16. LOL Check out this appropriate Q4 & OT summary


  17. Probably went over to the Knicks-Heat game.

  18. great win with Lin playing so many minutes. Hopefully this will continue.
    Crazy though that the game was so close against a 5-10 team.

  19. Hahahaha……… I don’t get it. lol

  20. I don’t fully get it either but it’s some kind of fusion of power LOL

  21. Knicks lost btw

  22. Can this night get any better?

  23. Nope

  24. NBA is just not covering much of Charlotte games.. Just 2 highlight video..SMH. Where are all the post games interviews??

  25. Congrat, LOL

  26. They lost big!!!!

  27. Kaminsky, JLin and Zeller had the Top 3 +/- off the bench with +23, +18 and +16


  28. Thanks haha

  29. wow only 78 points. Heat defense good

  30. We’ll see. The night is young in the west coast 😉

  31. The bench saved the game and Kemba’s unbelievable scoring in the 4th.

  32. Sweeeet!!!

  33. yes.. Lin+Kemba can be the most lethal backcourt in the NBA!

  34. Why is Hawes at the way back? Lol.

  35. Spacing the floor.

  36. George Karl is good! “Lin was busting us”


  37. I think I can say this with confidence. MW likes Lin. He looked really pumped up by Lin in OT, especially after making the jumper.

  38. Wow, some Hornets fan on Atthehive had the gut to say this at starting of 4th quarter.

    ” With as bad as he was in the first half, Lin might be our only hope {ONLY HOPE!} in this one…
    by calamity.12 on Nov 23, 2015 | 8:42 PM”

  39. Link to Karl postgame interview?

  40. Kemba does too when he’s not closing games. Well actually Kemba looked pumped today too in OT when Lin was scoring.

  41. Ya! Starters lose it in 3Q but bench & Kemba saved it. OT, of course all Lin Lin Lin.

  42. i still dont get it with clifford coaching… Only when he is desperate he let lin in the game…and when lamb cant do anything..smh

  43. there are quite a few Lin haters there. They will eat you alive for praising Lin like he’s not a Hornets

  44. Clifford is slow but he’s getting it =)

  45. Marvin William is really good teammate to jlin. I saw his reaction when jlin scored in ot couple times. In the knick game, he got ejected for knocking that 17 guy out. That 17 hard fouled lin earlier in that game. Keep an eye on MW. I think he might be the enforcer for jlin on this team. Kind of like JJ.

  46. Why Zeller and Lamb in front of Lin?!?! jking

  47. one is Jeremy and the other is Jeremiah???LOL

  48. Right now NBA not paying attention to the Hornets right now, but they will make them notice.

  49. In some ways, we have to be thankful to Rondo for throwing that pass to connect to G a y? with .07 left putting the game into OT. That set the stage for Lin who decided it was time to flip the switch.

  50. yes, (time out huddle), after that made basket by JLin

  51. yes you may!!!

  52. Very true! Marvin Williams just acted like one of us congratulating JLin for making the clutch jumper in the OT =)
    He’s a good guy!

  53. That’s what I think too.

  54. WOW, did not know that. New Jeffries. Respect!

  55. Jared Jeffries, yeah. I’ve noticed that almost everytime Marvin Williams gets a rebound, he looks for Lin and gives the ball to him immediately, not anybody else. He knows who the playmaker is.

  56. Thank you, Rondo!
    You made Hairsanity Hero in OT possible =)

  57. …their lost would make the game interesting this Friday in MSG–glad we got tickets for their next meeting

  58. theres that tweet I was waiting for

    EDIT: it’s usually on NBA twitter account not NBAcom. I guess this is new

  59. Yup, they will make noise. Buzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  60. Thanks Rondo, nice game and do it next time!

  61. i thought it was 17 points deficit?

  62. noticed that one too for this game alon. he was the happiest when Jlin finally connecting his shots.

  63. You see, I don’t agree. I think Clifford is the defensive guy and Ewing is the offensive guy. It ia matter of them figuring out what is needed for the team win. jmo

  64. I like MW a lot. He’s good teammate & good player.

  65. for fastbreak purposes!!!LOL

  66. he still needs someone to help teach him basketball fundamentals, so he’s flying “coach”.

  67. they needed him more than the other

  68. Wow! Another fan from Taiwan.

  69. we should vote for him at All-Star when we vote for Lin, like we did for Asik

  70. #8 seed for the moment =)

  71. We’ll break .600 pretty soon

  72. Pacers? I thought they are not good?!

  73. Great veteran to have in the locker room for sure.

  74. I think MJ is going to like what he saw tonight from Lin. He’s going to see that clutch quality, that will the ball in when it counts.

  75. Love JLin’s expression after he made it

    “Been there, Done that .. Thank you for the assist, Nic!”
    “Let’s get back to defense”

  76. I love MW’s reaction at the end. Like big bro rooting for the little bro 🙂

  77. I think Hornets is the best group Lin is w/ since Knicks (-melo, -JR smith)

  78. hey touch my hand, not my head.

  79. “You got it, Bro!!! Aaaargh!”

    Great to see =) I’m loving this team’s unselfishness

  80. Any comment from Cliff postgame?

  81. Just like Jared Jeffries

  82. Thanks.

  83. I know some Hornets fans at atthehive do not like Lin fans much including this guy…. but he finally said

    All you Lin fans TURN UP RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

    It’s your time to shine!!!

    I’m gonna live forever, I’m never gonna die. The only thing I fear is I’m never gonna fly.

    by Charlotte Bobcat on Nov 23, 2015 | 9:37 PM up “

  84. I think Walker is a good guy, he gave lin props in the comeback

  85. Roger that.

  86. Bc they had fight w some of Lin’s fans…. Well, Hornets media are nice compare to Rox.

  87. Lin said his agent was doing the same hair. Did he mean Montgomery? I don’t think he has hair. Must be another agent.

  88. Kemba had a good post-game interview up on hornets videos page. Mentioned J Lin a lot, good positive stuff.

  89. Roger Montgomery was his previous sole agent. Jim Tanner is now his new leading agent. I dunno if he has hair.

  90. From Cliff’s postgame interview, he mentioned he wanted to bring Lamb back in, but the guys on the floor were doing so well that he kept the lineup. I wonder if that means Lin would’ve been out for the final minutes.

  91. Haha. So much hair conversations this season.

  92. Doubt it

  93. I think maybe the one from Taiwan? Don’t think it’s Roger.

  94. Nah, probably means Frank K.

  95. No I think it’s either Zeller or Kaminsky.

  96. I think Marvin could’ve subbed for Frank. Coach touched on that as well. Frank said he was good to continue

  97. “It’s really cool that I can get some rest. JLin made huge plays for us and other guys as well,” Walker said.

    “We have guys who are consistently ready, consistently working on their games. That’s one thing I love about this team – guys stay ready and those who don’t play are up on the bench cheering us on.”

    Case in point: When Lin made a breakaway layup in overtime, forcing a Sacramento timeout, Williams ran nearly to half-court to give Lin a chest-bump. Williams totaled 18 seconds of playing time in the fourth quarter and overtime, but was ecstatic over being part of such a big comeback. That tied for second-largest deficit overcome in Hornets history.

    “We weren’t supposed to win that game.,” Walker said. “Guys just made some great plays. JLin made huge shots in overtime.

    “That goes back to our depth – they’re always ready.”

    And they’re not always the same five and likely won’t be the rest of the season.

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article46167045.html#storylink=cpy

  98. Thanks.

  99. So if Pacers beat the Wizards tomorrow then Hornets will move to 7th place. It sets up an interesting game Wednesday when the Hornets play the Wizards. If the win they put 1 1/2 game distance ahead of Wizards, if they lose they will be back 1/2 game behind the Wizards and perhaps back out of the top 8.

    Wizards will be on second night of a B2B and Hornets playing at home so they will have the advantage.

  100. Another great game for lin. Offense not going your way in the game, pass the rock, get other guys involved, play great defense, and then boom! Clutch in OT, just like we Lin faithful knew what could happen and we saw what did happen.

  101. I guess not then : )

  102. Hmmm wonder which agent JLin was talking about? Montgomery certainly doesn’t have enough hair either:


  103. not a compliment to lin?

  104. Hornets tied Wizards #7 on EAST

  105. #7? Wow!

  106. There was no question about Lin. I don’t believe Cliff mentioned Kemba much either. He talked about the depth on the team, what they had to do to overcome the deficit, and Frank. He said Lamb played well and he was thinking of bringing him back but the group on the court was getting it done, especially defensively.

  107. One more win could put Hornets to top 6.

  108. They are both 3 games behind but Wizards .600 vs Hornets .571. If Pacers beat the Wizards the Hornets will be in #7 alone. Then they need to beat them Wednesday to get some distance.

  109. So weird. Lin played big in OT. Not even one reporter asked about him? So obviously coach let him played big in OT.

  110. Hornets vs Wizards on Wednesday at home after Wizard come back to back from Pacers tomorrow. It is good for Hornets.

  111. Didn’t watch any Wizards game this season yet. Hornets vs Wizards? Who will win?

  112. Yes Wizards will be on 2nd game of a B2B and Hornets will be at home after a days rest. But to move to #6 ATL or TOR will need to lose a game. TOR plays CLE Wednesday so maybe.

  113. How about BOTH TOR and ATL lose and Hornets move into 5th? LOL

  114. Fortunately my anti jinx didn’t screw up Hornets and JLin’s game ?

  115. It is likely. Hornets only lost 5 pts in previous two ALT games. Now, Hornets players get to know each other more and better. I hope Hornets beat Cle.

  116. ATL playing BOS tomorrow so I would think they are favored but BOS good enough they could pull out a win.

  117. I don’t blame him for not liking lin fans. I’m a fan and I don’t even like some delusional extremist ones.

  118. Lin can handle John Wall as he did it in Summer League 2010.


  119. see.. as long as kw get his, then it’s all good if lin also get his.
    you know what I”m talkin about.

  120. Kemba will do the job not Lin.

  121. Lin hit the 3 in 4q, them miss a 3. He’s open again, but didn’t take the shot. He drove to the basket all in ot. It’s a good sign. He’s raising his game to another level soon both O&D.
    Let’s start wit wizards.

  122. Fields and Shumper: “But…but…that’s OUR hip bump!”

  123. This sounds like gsw lite. Dang I’m getting lp.

  124. I have been suspecting that the FO demands Clifford to give minutes to Lamb. We all witnessed that Lamb is a just a pure shooter and in this game trading basket won’t win this game for the Hornets.
    Lin please opt out next season and let them as much Lamb as possible. This team is not for you; just for Lamb.

  125. Well I reverse jinxed your anti jinx so that fixed it.

  126. There’s the acupuncturist / massage therapist. Hope he can help JLin’s shot soon. Big game against John Wall Wednesday.


  127. I’m not going to at the hive anymore. In fact I don’t even think much of the organization. After this season, Charlotte will be all but history. Lin will get to play somewhere and they can have as much Lamb as they want. Adios Hornets.

  128. Byron’s quitting? LOL

  129. He has to pretend like he’s doing something and that he knows what he’s doing.

  130. League Pass? I got the team pass for $119. Better then full league pass for $199.

  131. Don’t speak so soon. What’s if Lin opts out 2nd year and Hornets offers a fat one?

  132. I think so. He needs someone to take the heat from him. Wed vs GSW it’s a sure loss game. Russell maybe it’s his target?

  133. One of us … meta world peace.

  134. I’m not the extremist but the presecution of Lin has taken steps further to Lin fans. Fancy no more Lin in Charlotte after this season. Lin haters has already caught up with Lin fans wherever Lin goes. Adios Charlotte after this great season.
    Clifford wants to put Lamb back (after his 5th foul). What kind of message this is? The coach is forced to play Lamb more. The early extension of Lamb’s $21M contract is taking its toll. If Lamb played the 4Q, the Hornets couldn’t mount a comeback at all. They might just send in the third team in front of their home crowd and lost by a blowout.

  135. Bodies are piling up under the bus in less than two years. Lakers need to procure a second bus now.

  136. The fans there are annoying. Not all, but enough to turn Charlotte fans off.

  137. Really, what about kt Steph? 2nd maybe.

  138. I didn’t say anything in the last month there and then Idiscover I was banned for no reason. I wouldn’t even care to go to the site again.

  139. Ya! Check Russell’s interview… he’s still very young kid….

    D’Angelo Russell Has Little To Say After Another Lakers Loss

  140. Russell is the future of the Lakers. If he goes down then the whole tanking from last year was a waste. He has to keep Randal, Russell and Clarkson. He won’t touch Kobe so I’m not sure how much he can change.

  141. Maybe Lin will do when play PG or in 4Q.

  142. Keep up!!!!!

  143. To be a backup PG to Walker? I doubt it

  144. Russell is the only one he can move… he’s not Lakers future… saw few times from his postgame interview can tell… he’s too young & not really that ready yet.

  145. I gotta watch gsw too so I have to pay full freight. It’s ok, Lin is doing great and I git to many gsw fan friends. Lp mobile was only 50 two yrs ago. They $mart.

  146. That’s a sad interview. I hope for his sake that Byron is let go as soon as possible.

  147. Thank you! lol

  148. I hope the Lakers get stuck with Byron forever, even long after Kobe retires.

  149. BS will out of Lakers when Kobe retired. Before that… not very likely.

  150. Got this from the other side.

    Lin getting big props on SportsCenter. SVP loves him. Says Lin owns OT. First highlight shown

  151. SVP?

  152. Scott Van Pelt?

  153. I don’t watch that show usually. Don’t know who he is. But good to hear.

  154. SVP for the PPP, GMT in your SDL yo!

  155. Sad Very Poor
    Senior Vice President
    Sick Vice President
    Something Vs Predators
    Scott Van Pelt

    Choose one.

  156. lets’ have all the players except kobe ‘boycott’ bs.
    let’s see what happens.

  157. I have no idea who he’s?

  158. lakers reporters are so worthless. so glad i dont have to listen to those guys anymore

  159. It’s not going to happen from the trend they are treating Lamb and Lin. They prefer Lamb to Lin even before the competition. There is no competition; it’s predetermined. The coach simply accepts this and is trying to put Lamb back as much as he could. There is a reason that Lin doesn’t get to play in the 3Q. If they put Lamb in the 4Q, either he got fouled out or the team got clobbered. Lamb is not they tough player that the Hornets FO thought he could be. Lamb is not tough like Lin.

  160. When Byron gets fired from the lakers, he can apply to be a bus driver, we all know why he’s qualified.

  161. SacBee article on GKarl comment on JLin busting them so quickly.
    Cousins got a stiff back to he left late in regulation.
    In the end, JLin survived because he’s strong and made the most of his opportunities.
    We should pray for 1 OT every 4 game =)

    “Kings blow 22-point lead in OT loss to Hornets”

    Kings coach George Karl said he deserved some of the blame.

    “There’s always could’ve, would’ve, should’ve in these situations,” Karl said. “We probably should have went to blitzing them a little bit more … . We let (Kemba Walker) get to his right hand. Jeremy Lin was just busting us so quick that the help couldn’t come.

    Cousins watched the finish with ice on his back.

    “It’s the worst feeling in the world,” he said. “I wish I could be in there to help, but my body wouldn’t allow it.”
    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nba/sacramento-kings/kings-blog/article46172150.html#storylink=cpy

  162. yeah, he got a back Lin-tusion.

  163. It all depends on Batum’s contract. If Batum walks then Jeremy could become starting SG.

  164. I’m so glad this is the home court for Lin fans.

  165. Oh man!…missed another great game!!! 🙁

    Happy to see many comments (tweeter) recognizing Lin’s talent, especially when the game is in line and for his clutchness!

    Go Lin.

  166. back Linjury due to Stif-Lin D, you mean? :]

  167. I got to watch last Q4 and OT .. that’s when the Linning started happening lol

    Waiting patiently for Jun Liu 7-min highlights 😀

  168. GK…always had recognized Lin for his plays…good to see it continues

  169. That’s right Kwok Wai Lai. Forget At The Hive, we’re cool here At The Jlinportal.

  170. will wait for tthe highlights in the interim…but I would need to download the game to see him in full action! Leasting (Beasting) lol…

    BTW…what happened the first 3 quarters?

  171. Aw, you don’t know that, you’re just Lin-sinuating.

  172. Can’t wait to watch next game vs. Wizards. Hope have another win, then Hornets will be at 6.

  173. I’d like to nominate myself for tonight’s OT win MVP, as opposed to our regulars @Michael and @LAJane.

    The Hornets were trailing by 20+ when I visited my dentist. After replacing my crown with permanent cement and then prophylaxis, I walked out of the clinic and saw the Hornets’ OT win.

    Learn Kemba! THIS is taking one for the team! 🙂

  174. I just skimmed through the Hornets comments on the game from atthehive, linked below. You can tell they’re disappointed w/Lin early on in the game, but it’s interesting that even then, a couple of them believed that Lin could bring them back. And then they were mostly very supportive of Lin when he took over in the OT. I was overall pleased with their friendliness and attitudes.

    What bothered me was that toward the end, there were a couple Lin fans who started pushing really hard to get Lin credit for certain things. It’s not necessarily that they were wrong, but that they were just doing it in such a divisive way, and toward people who were already pretty appreciative of Lin anyway. (For example, one was pushing really hard that it was Lin, and not Kemba or the bigs, that sparked the 4th quarter return. Again, regardless of whether he was right, he was just making such a big deal out of it toward people, many of whom were already giving a good deal of credit to Lin.) Everybody was friendly and cheerful until then. It’s unfortunate. Actually, after reading them, in some weird way, it made even me feel like I wanted to cheer for Lin a little less because of the Lin fans. I could feel how they felt, and I felt a little sad that Lin fans might make Hornets fans not like Lin as much.

    Anyway, that’s how I read the situation. Some people here might disagree with me or interpret things differently. I’m just sharing how I see things, and urging Lin fans to please be careful how the present themselves.


  175. Too bad, Lakers was thinking about to hire George Karl for coach but Kobe wants BS… smh!

  176. Cool quote from Lin (as posted in a great article by Howard Megdal https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/the-redemption-of-jeremy-lin)

    “It’s not so much proving to other people as it is being free, having that happiness on the court again, as opposed to feeling put in a box,” Lin said. “It really was a lot more personal—play the way I’m capable of playing, do the things on the court that I could, versus anybody else’s perception of me. Getting out on the court, feeling free to do the things I’m capable of doing—that was everything.”

  177. lol, yeah .. as long as we’re Linning, we’re good!

  178. Does Lin have post game interviews anymore? I haven’t seen one in awhile was hoping for one today

  179. I agree with you. The fans there got carried away. atthehive is not a Lin fan site, it’s a Hornets fan site. The people there were fine and the over-zealous and over-bearing Lin fans, not all, but some, will end up turning people off to Lin with what they were doing.

    Also, when any team member plays not great the fans will get on them. If it is Lin, don’t take it personally. Because when they do well the fans will then say great things about them. It’s just how fans act.

  180. idk .. Q3 is supposed to be Kings beasting time
    Lin took full advantage of Kings loading up on Kemba in OT then he hit that clutch shot

  181. So the Hornets are 8-6 in the eastern conference in 7th or 8th seed.

  182. Someone said radio….

  183. Ya! Someone said #7.

  184. yet some fans here feel and shows the pressure when they feel that Jlin is not performing to their liking and becomes the FIRST one to throw stones at JLIN’ even though and obviously that fans don’t deserve throwing that stone. #FairweatherFans

  185. This is from the article
    “The Redemption of Jeremy Lin”

  186. I’m also concerned because there might be Lin hater pretending to be Lin fan to stir up the pot; good thing there are big Lin fan being trusted by Hornets fans.

    True Lin fans shouldn’t hijack the conversation on Hornets fans to be about JLin; they should be open to discuss other Hornets players too.

    If I visit there, I would definitely talk more in balance about how well Kemba, Frank and Zeller played and how JLin played so well with them. It should be about Hornets as a team.

  187. some fans becomes overzealous to the point of reason because they want their opinion and point to be the winner.

  188. There are definitely imposters there pretending to be Lin fans or even one of us.
    Lin hating is not that simple. It’s a well organized effort to get rid of Jeremy Lin; perhaps, it’s because Jeremy doesn’t really play like any elite basketball player. We all know that Jeremy is really one of a kind basketball player.

  189. Yeah I felt embarrassed reading the comments of these lin fans.Some of them are behaving like Justin Bieber fans in their zeal.

  190. It is a team efforts at the end. We all should be glad that Lin played a key part of the team win..

  191. Despite our effort to keep peace, the Lin haters have never stopped provoking and stirring things up to give us a bad name. Ever since the days of Clutchfans, they have never given up on this. Who is behind all of this nonsense? Is it related to the Knicks, the Rockets, and the Lakers. Lin has never had a moment of peace to develop his game like other NBA players such as Kemba Walker.

  192. Yes, the infiltrated Lin fan who’s really a troll. We’ve seen lots of those.

  193. Atthehive was going WAY out of their way to be nice to Lin fans – crediting him when he played well, not responding to the crazy LOFs with anger or animosity. But some folks wouldn’t let it be and tried to make that team board a Lin fan site. Very rude and disruptive to the game.

    Also don’t understand why normal Lin fans want to argue for more Lin credit in the middle of a game thread. Let it go. Everyone’s heard those arguments. If you have to argue that Lin’s defense is why Kemba scored so many points, save it for a non-game thread.

  194. LinMad seemed like a troll, maybe Tinman. But some of the others just seemed like fan who thought they were posting here.

  195. Tues

  196. I honestly think those are trolls.

    That board is extremely nice place and nice people. Actually, most Hornets boards are nice.

  197. the LinMads on that site isn’t me

  198. but you two sounds like the same though…..

  199. Of course who else? It would be Lin.

  200. ok it is me. I said what I honestly felt.

  201. yeah, that LinMad was banned once already, I think he was banned again. Good that their mod now act faster.

  202. Hard to tell they are trolls when they post exactly what gets posted here, where such comments are appropriate for a fan site.

  203. So weird. The Charlotte Observer just like Cliff’s postgame interview couldn’t talk about Lin’s OT performance…? smh!

    The Charlotte Observer:

    Kemba Walker’s 39 points give Hornets 127-122 overtime victory

    Walker’s put-back of a missed layup by Jeremy Lin clinched the game with 5.9 seconds left in OT.

    The above sentence is the only place Lin was mentioned.

  204. then stop it.

  205. Maybe the trolls are just copying what we post here to incite heh heh … just alternate universes.

  206. Kemba was the lead story tonight. The second story was bench (especially Lin). It Lin by himself isn’t the story tonight anywhere except a fan site.

  207. who cares. espn knew who dominated ot. they get way more views

  208. they are. When they consistently ignore other people on the board, and when they keep posting extreme statement.

  209. lol .. At this rate, your dentist will get rich from your frequent visits to help make #Hairsanity happen!
    At least you need to go at Game 20 vs GSW!

  210. That’s true. Also Sports Center.

  211. My love for Lin is too strong

  212. I feel like in the background they already have their mind up that Lin cannot be the face of Hornets. Cause they want to sign him again or he’s going to a diff team next season

  213. I think there is another Observer article give Lin enough credit…..

  214. Is there a game that jlin plays in overtime and didn’t score a single point?

  215. Really? That’s good. I got the from Taiwan’s article fan’s comment….

  216. Gosh, you are a true hater!

  217. there are some lin fans (so many, so there are many kinds) who are just socially clueless. i dont know if its an age thing, or they also dont know how to talk to ppl in real life even. unintentional trolls.

    for example, fishing for compliments for lin in a hornets team game thread. its so pathetic, as if they just need to hear others say something positive about lin.

  218. how? Cause I defend myself from Lin haters? I’m sorry I’m too hardcore

  219. whats unfortunate and sad is you dont even realize how obnoxious you are.

  220. I will ignore him…..

  221. Thanks.

  222. ha ha, we had a joke in college. Whenever someone was fishing for compliments (today’s equiv of a humble brag on facebook), we’d all break out the big fishing poles and do a big deep sea fishing act. Fishing for complements sort of got rooted our of our dorm by and by.

  223. explain. All I did was praise Lin on a Hornets site and if I can’t do that cause it’s a Hornets site, that’s pretty lame cause Lin is a Hornets. They can praise Batum, Kemba all they want but once a Lin fan praises Lin, it’s “This is a Hornets fansite, a team site”. I’m not buying it. There is some ignorance there.

  224. I’d like to call this
    “Dr. Lin making a sharp #Lincision inside the paint”

  225. Why say it’s not you. You have a voice here. You can go other places that are just for Lin. atthehive is for Hornets fans. And most there are not hostile to Lin. Much of the time, they’ll look for whoever is the outstanding player of the team to credit. Tonight, clearly, it was Kemba.

  226. many kings fans have crucified karl for not playing cauler-stein (their best rim protector with cousins hurt) in the fourth quarter.

  227. ya but I disagree that the minute a Lin fan praises Lin there they immediately jump on you and say “This is a Hornets fansite” when we all know when Kemba or Batum has a good game it’s Praise Kemba/Batum time. I don’t really care cause I’m not going there anymore. Lin Fans are not welcomed there. Charlotte media doesn’t seem to appreciate Lin either.

    Also the things I’ve said on that site is the exact same things I do here when I praise Lin so why can’t I speak my mind on a Hornets fansite?

  228. You have to expect that. Look, if Lin scored 25 points in a quarter and was the captain of your team for many season, would you talk about a relative newcomer that got some big points in overtime much? Maybe they could have talked about Lin some, but it isn’t surprising that they wouldn’t mention him that much when another player had an extraordinary game.

  229. Nice pics

    Match captions to pics:
    “Ref, you serious?”
    “From tanking to FrankTheTank!”
    “Fist-pump time”

  230. I wonder what was Karl’s reason?

  231. any long highlights yet, sorry I missed the game.

  232. They said Lin had a great OT. That’s good enough. Then it is time to come back here for more talk about Lin. There is not the place to do it because it isn’t focused that much on Lin.

  233. im not familiar enough with the kings and their roster to even attempt to guess.

    but it seems like karl likes to play 3 guards at once (eg, rondo, collison, bellinelli), so perhaps cauley doesnt fit into that small lineup. collison and bellenelli are negatives on defense.

    i thought this was a good read for a kings fan perspective about the rotations.

  234. Well when I made my post it was for the Lin haters who said Lin sucked early game and also after game they even said some things about Lin that wasn’t nice. I can’t come in at the end of game to defend Lin?

  235. its their forum and they are saying what they need to say and hear. Some uses the ears but most of the time most don’t!

  236. They say players will suck in a game no matter who it is, especially on a game thread. Then they change when they do better. They get on Kemba or Al much worse than Lin when they aren’t doing well but I doubt you pay attention when they do that. Do you?

  237. and from the comments about casspi, it sounds like hes still doing the same thing he used to do on rockets (like kaminsky), ie, fake the shot and try to do something in the paint that doesnt turn out well.

  238. It’s amazing how players keep their same bad habits.

  239. If Charlotte lost this game, they would be tied with Detroit Pistons at 11th spot @50% but now Now Charlotte is at the 8th alone.
    In fact, Washington and Charlotte are both 3 games behind in the playoff picture at 7th and 8th.

    Charlotte can’t afford to lose this game. Every game matters in the playoff race which starts really early this season. Right now 13 teams are still competing for the playoff. The 11th team or above is playing at 50% or above in winning %. This is how competitive the conference is.

    I dare say if Clifford played Lamb instead of Lin, the Hornets would lose this game for sure.
    That’s wonderful because if the team wants to go to playoff which is not even option for Chao and Clifford, they have to go to playoff to keep their job. Lin then may have the space and minutes playing for the Hornets.

  240. I’ve been on that site for awhile but they are more harsh on Lin. They ripped Lin when he was 0-3 shooting in the first half. 3 missed shots only.

    Also I feel like they don’t give Lin enough credit and as soon as Lin fans come on there to praise Lin when he’s doing good they are like “I’m outta here cause the Lin fans are coming to ruin the board”

    Some of them definitely feel inferior once the Lin fans and Hornet fans who like Lin start praising him.

  241. i appreciate how you want to defend lin, but think of the overall outcome of your arguing with them. as a result of your arguing with them, they might actually end up liking lin less. then what have you gained? very little, and this is with people who are still acknowledging many of lin’s good plays.

  242. Karl definitely likes his guard plays but usually there was a reliable big like Kenneth “Manimal” Faried in the Nuggets. Maybe it was the lineup that was working for offense but not defense

    This game definitely is a blemish in Kings history

  243. The ones I argue with probably already hate Lin. Same ones who ignore a good play from Lin and let other fans praise Lin and they reply with “Oh please” like we’re blowing it out of proportion.

  244. People will always hate on Lin, he is a pioneer. He is the first Asian American to make it big the NBA. This just does not match peoples’ perceptions of what NBA players are supposed to look like or be like or play like.

    People see what they want to see in the world. If their lives are filled with openness, they tend to see things from both sides. Others however, dwell on bringing down others to feel better about themselves. They use every possible excuse to find a way to say Lin is no good and he doesn’t belong in the nba. They will say Lin is no good, rather than admit they have a deep dislike of a person just because.

    Because of what? we all have different opinions or answers on that. Hate on haters, Lin will continue to prove you wrong and you will continue to swim in your own misery. Sucks to be you Lin haters because Lin will continue to be clutch and you will continue to clutch to fear and hatred, and lose your grip like the kings did tonight.

  245. you might be correctly perceiving some wrongs done. my point isn’t about whether what you’re saying is correct, but whether anything you’re saying is helpful. notice that EVEN HERE on a lin fan site, people are getting annoyed with you. in the end, i think you’ll hurt lin’s status more than help him.

  246. cody does a nice job of shielding his man to open space for lin’s drive

  247. but but @johnfocker73:disqus technically could only make 32 visits (that too provided he have all intact)…what happens to the rest of the games?!!! Unless he is wiling to redo all over again?!!! If so…we should post a big banner to support JF

  248. Actually they weren’t annoyed with me until someone posted the link to ATH and read the comments there. I think many of you are trying to suppress Lin fans who are very passionate about Lin. Calling us Clutchfans when we’re not.

  249. Enjoy 🙂

  250. same post. del

  251. To be fair, when Lin was on the rockets, he could do no right. Even when Harden would screw up over and over again, he could do no wrong. We’ve seen it before so Lin fans are well aware of what’s going on, we’ve been keeping an eye out this year too.

  252. Just posted 🙂

  253. Hornets need to move up in standings , so they don’t have to play the cavaliers. Refs really love the cavs.

  254. So Jeremy is doing it again:

    Turning a bad coaching team with selfish divas into a play-off team.

    Jeremy, now, is probably in the top 5 of NBA’s best players

  255. Happy to see Lin has good mates in his team!

    Jeremy Lin and Marvin Williams

  256. From what I’v seen of coach Clifford, it could’ve been anyone of those guys, except Kemba of course. By leaving JLin in, its already a compliment in itself.

  257. Kings coach George Karl felt his team’s fatigue was a factor down the stretch.

    “I should have substituted probably earlier and more often,” Karl said. “I thought we were going to win the game with the switching. We probably should have changed it up with more blitzing.”

  258. I like that other play where he uses Zeller as a screen and weaves in and out to the basket.

  259. Jared Jeffries 2.0 🙂

  260. I haven’t done half of what you did and I got banned. In fact, I had not been there for a long time and I suddenly discovered that I was banned from at the hive. It’s probably because I posted somewhere discussing about the extension of Jeremy Lamb. If you still remember that article. Lin fans are not always treated fairly. Same is true for Jeremy Lin.

  261. I disagree, they downplay Lin all the time. Even say that he had a little bit to do with the win today. Not a lot.

  262. seriously…I dont find it weird at all. When Lin scored 38…did we or the media talked about anyone else who had contributed….it was all Lin….

    Similarly, Kemba did really well in this game….let him shine…he deserves it

  263. its actually quite cool that karl talks openly about his coaching mistakes. i guess you have to be an established coach to feel comfortable doing that.

    ah, mchale, never once admitted any mistakes. it was always the players’ fault.

  264. I haven’t been on that site reading all the comments.

  265. I’m sure the hair helps him make that Lincision

  266. Don’t forget BScott. The worst of them all.

  267. worth the wait, time for a 14min snack and beer ha ha.

  268. i dont think bs could even talk about his mistakes in a coherent way because he has little idea what hes doing. explanations require giving a reason, some basic concept of tactics hahaha

  269. All I did was point out the fact that when Lin came in the 4th, our deficit decreased and I mentioned that just like I mentioned it here. If that’s trolling then I don’t know why I got so many thumbs up here for the same point I made over there but instead of likes I got a ban there cause it’s a “team sport” apparently. Not like I’m denying it isn’t a team sport.

    They just don’t like hardcore Lin fans. And if you want to call me a troll go ahead but I’m pretty sure I got more thumbs up on this site than you have.

  270. Cliff has Lin closing close game after close game and still there are these suspicions that he wants someone else over Lin.

  271. Same with Frank K. And maybe Cody Z. And maybe if the same Lin vznx would mention the other players as well as Lin with more balance you’d seem to be part of the spirit of a Charlotte Hornets fan site instead of acting like it is a one-player fan site. It’s the one-player only look, that almost tunnel vision that doesn’t acknowledge or credit other players on the team yet what they may think overly defends that one player type of postings that will wear on people and not want to have Lin on the team simply because his fans have hijacked their forum.

  272. My first comment i made on that site praised Kemba as a scoring machine.

  273. no they aren’t. You can say what you want but there is a reason why ATH has bumped heads with some Lin fans on Twitter. Even the ones who were professional. Did you already forgot the immature tweets they made last month to Lin fans?

  274. Saw Joy from the highlights…..

  275. aint’ nothing extreme about what I said there. It’s same thing I say here. Are you implying that this site is extreme compared to Hornets fansites?

  276. Call them out and ask them what their handle is on this site or the other.

    If they are a true Lin fan, they will post on one of these sites. If they don’t, then we will know they are a troll.

    And if the do post here, at least we’ll know if they are trolls or not.

  277. I post here and I’m admitting that I got banned there. So did Kwok Wai Lai who got banned from there.

    The truth is that 50% of the viewpoints we make here that is transferred over to ATH will probably get you banned.

  278. That’s why we need a Lin fan registry hah!

  279. ding!

  280. You know Superhuman Registration Act ends up became a Civil war…right?

  281. I like MW. He’s very nice teammate & also good player too.

  282. looks painful

  283. ATH wouldn’t like it if you said “key part”. Lin was just another Hornets player who played today.

  284. You are very passionate about Lin I’ll give you that, some will say a bit overzealous. Try not to battle with those people because they won’t see your side of it anyway. People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear.

    Come over here and you’ll have people like me who will listen to you and understand where you’re coming from. I see both sides of what you and everyone else here is talking about. I’ll tell you this though Linmad, if I have to choose between a Lin defender or a Lin doubter(because of his fans) or what, I’m gonna choose the Lin defender. I will not apologize for being a diehard lin fan to anybody, especially the haters. Remember it, write it down, take notes, I don’t care.

  285. LinMad,
    You’re NOT alone…
    But every team sites are the same – There will always be Haters of Lin. You can’t keep arguing with them – on and on. I will do it for here and there, one sentence or two and then I’m done and gone. You can’t convince All haters. I will say – Let Lin prove them wrong with his All-Stars performance with games to come, with more seasons to play.

  286. Well facts are facts. Lin was key in OT and many NBA observers have acknowledged that. IN such case ATH is not being fair and balance. But fans are fans and you can’t pleased everyone..we should just ignore

  287. ya I’m not going there anymore. Apparently I’m not welcomed there to express my Lin feelings about the game. I do feel sorry for some Lin fans who are being banned cause they are grouped into one group. But the sad thing is that the same thing happens here too where Lin fans are grouping passionate Lin fans into the Lin trolls category. Both communities have misclassified Lin fans.

    I’m used to it though. I’ve been banned from so many Hornets and Lin fan sites. I don’t think there is a home for overzealous Lin fans but so far this site the mods haven’t banned me.

  288. I agree with you. The team management has already made up their mind. Management of a team normally controls the media. If you discuss something questioning their decisions, you could be banned such as the signing of Jeremy Lamb for the extension.

    There is already an article openly questioning their decision too but that’s OK, because it’s from SI.com.

    Trying to go to the sbnation at the hive discussing it, you might be banned there.

    My point is when I look at the drowsy eyes of Jeremy Lamb, I immediately sense a lack of energy there. I trust Scott Brooks is a good coach. He didn’t start James Harden and he’s right because Westbrook so far is the better PG no matter how much effort Morey put into the media to make Harden the choice of MVP. I still think Westbrook is a better choice. Scott Brooks didn’t think too highly of Lamb for a reason. I trust his judgment too.

    The Hornets has a habit of giving extension early but it may really backfire on them. For the time being, these issues are better discussed here than elsewhere. Jeremy Lamb has all the look and measurements, wingspan, and shooting % to succeed in this league but Scott Brooks wasn’t impressed at all. He’s also Kemba’s ex-teammate in UC too. I haven’t heard Kemba Walker mentioning him at all. It’s weird.

    Just wait a few more seasons, the truth would be uncovered. Whether the Hornets management has made a heck of a bargain signing some super talent at $21M or otherwise could be told soon after this season.

  289. Washington and Charlotte are tied with 3 games behind the Cavaliers but Washington indeed has a slightly better winning percentage than Charlotte. After the next game, we could tell who is still going to be there. The losing team would immediately drop below the 8th rank in Eastern Conference.

    It’s crucial that Hornets win as many games as possible in their home court. The Hornets could have easily lost this game if this was not a home game.

  290. They don’t allow you to question the decision of their FO specially when there are articles openly challenging them.

  291. Well I’m a passionate Lin fan, and I think that I’ll call a spade a spade when I see it. Sounds like they have a mob mentality over there so best to avoid them. This is our website here and we’ll keep an eye out on how things go. Don’t worry, we’ve got checks and balances here on this site. We got Lin fans from all points of view, so we’ll keep each other honest.

  292. Ugh, we all know Lin fans outnumber Hornet fans so I don’t get why they can’t just welcome us. Lin is making a big profit for Hornets. There is no way he will take another $2M contract after this season. His fan base grows every year cause he’s been moving from team to team and those fans who liked him will follow him.

  293. Yep. It’s all bout Kemba and pad your stats

  294. Don’t worry about that. Just leave them alone, Jeremy wouldn’t stay in Charlotte for long with FO like that. Clifford might not even be the coach there next season. Houston ClutchFans was even worse. Sure glad we have our home court here freely discussing and supporting Lin.

  295. That was history.

  296. ya i’m gonna leave it at that. No more going on that site for me. Not that I don’t support Hornets, but the Lin fan haters like to cry too quickly.

  297. Give up. Some of them aren’t listening. It’s not the end of the world. I have agreed to disagree with some of them. Rest in peace. It’s all good.

  298. I don’t think anyone is trying to make a Hornets site into a Lin site. We’re trying to join the Hornets family and express our feelings about the game. Lin is on the Hornets therefore you’re going to get comments about Lin. Whether it’s extreme or not. I just feel like the old Hornet fans don’t like change within their fandom. They can’t allow all the Lin fans to be part of the Hornets fandom. They want to pick and choose which Lin fans can be a Hornets fan.

  299. One of the two teams will make the 6, and the other would fall out of the playoff picture for the time being because both Washington and Charlotte are tied with 3 games back in conference ranking. This home game the Hornets can’t afford to lose. Coach Clifford will have to play his best players to win. May the better player be Lin not Lamb. I’m a Lin fan not a Lamb fan.

  300. That was Harden-inspired defense by Rondo, the reach around attempt after getting burned by the defender.

  301. The selfish player in him deserves another dismal season; perhaps even worse than before because they have to tank even more to keep their draft choice next season.

  302. To all the abused Lin fans out there,

    I just want to stand up for you guys and say that NO ATH,


    /drops the mic


  303. He will always pay attention under the bus..

  304. Russell is still an asset. BS just can’t change this because Russell’s not Asian American that could be toyed easily.

  305. Well deserving!

  306. God will make sure Lin can play at the clutch like today, I believe.

  307. Too obvious guy. Also doesn’t help that your fellow trolls upvoted you.

  308. Strange as it may seem, the teams that Hornets are going to play are progressively more competitive not to mention the Bucks. Wizard < Cavaliers < GSW.

  309. Tied for 7th 3 games back.

  310. Charlotte ties with Washington which they are going to play against in their home court. Edge is on the Hornets.

  311. PFV is right while the team is giving the go to other guys, Lin should just facilitate and defend waiting for the right moment to shine just like today.

  312. I don’t know, but Clifford reads like a drama-free type of guy to me.

  313. If Hornets wins, this team is going to be at #6.

  314. He’s just telling the FO he heeds what they want him to do but still he wants to win the game. Sorry I can’t put Lamb in the den while the Li(o)n is winning..

  315. There is a game video in nba showing Lin’s contribution in OT.

    Lin Scores 14 Off the Bench vs Sacramento – 11/23/15

  316. Here’s a great article on Curry vs. Kobe Bryant by Marcus Thompson of the San Jose Mercury News.


  317. Robin Lundberg‏@robinlundberg

    A lineup of Cody Zeller/Frank Kaminsky/Nic Batum/Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker has absolutely destroyed Sacramento in the 4th quarter.


  318. batum the alleged imported hope to keep star was actually the weak link in this lineup then; (not that he hasn’t been the star in other games and not to be critical overall, just sayin for this particular time that was pretty clear both in stats and eye test of what was transpiring on court, he made some very poor choices).

  319. And overtime

  320. i noticed every time lin came off there was one guy who always was extra enthusiastic after lin had done something good; was in williams then? (seems like here at least).

  321. I agree. From the interactions I’ve seen from the highlights, Walker, Al Jefferson, and Marvin williams have been very supportive of Lin, cheering and picking him up when he’s on the floor.

  322. yes and overtime, especially overtime for lin. mr. 5th quarter. also: with all the credit (deserved) to walker, not walkers numbers both scoring and especially +/- before lin was in the game and after.

    lin was clearly the catalyst to make it possible for walker to move to another level that was not just putting up numbers but winning (lining).

  323. i completley messed up on my immediate post game posts about hornets current playoff standings; understandable cause i was busy with other things and i didn’t take into account washington cause i was just looking at partial data and didn’t realize they have played so few games; their 6 wins could be in the picture!

    so i guess it appears at present then hornets are sitting 8th yes?

    and a deeper question i dont even know how the playoff spots are structured now it is just 8 best records in each conference, east and west now that division spots have been scrapped, or are there still other modifiers?

    would appreicate a response.

    in any event then the washington game becomes extra important.

    also just looking at the sked; the hornets are going to hit a very long very tough patch somewhere in the middle where they could lose a lot of games in a row.

    its absolutely critical now that they are in the middle of a relatively easy patch that they win the games they should win; so far they have been doing that for the most part.

    but as we know “past performance is no guarantee of future results”.

  324. like the spike, fear the spike.

  325. That Lineup has OffRtg: 130.4, DefRtg: 67.3 NetRtg: +63.1

  326. If the Ref’s weren’t so biased against him then Lin’s stats would be signficantly improved, decreased TO’s from Non-calls, increased FTA from fouls, and increased steals/blocks/charges instead of fouls.

  327. lamb tho capable of some occasional offense espeically playing of lins presence is incapable of defending anyone and has that what would have once been called “space cadet” aura.

    as you i beleive pointed out several times during the game; had lamb remained in the game the comeback would not have occured.

  328. i said 7th but i was wrong.

  329. so…hairsanity is a state of mind, a state of super-reality then not any particular statistical definition? but just something that a truly lin-sane person automatically knows when they see it happen?

  330. Just going to add my 2 cents to the discussion earlier about Lin fans (i am one too) posting on other forums. Us fans post on other forums to put our point of view across. Sometimes we want to reply to certain comments because we think it’s wrong. Just remember the old saying, “it’s not what you say, but HOW you say it”.
    Our goal is NOT to make people dislike Lin more, but sometimes if you say things a certain way, even if it’s factually correct, it ends up having the opposite effect – making people dislike Lin more…because of HOW you said it! For example, can’t remember who exactly, but someone said Kemba did well in the 4th because of Lin. Look, that might be partly true, but if you go around repeating that sentence, people are gonna get irritated. It’s like if I am actually a genius at something and helped a lot of people, but I go around repeating “I AM A GENIUS AND YOU ARE ONLY WHAT YOU ARE TODAY BECAUSE OF ME”, even if it’s true, it’s damn annoying to others. Nobody likes arrogance and putting yourself or your heroes (Lin in this case) on a pedestal. I’ve also read some saying Lin is the reason Novak and others on the Knicks team got good contracts….come on, firstly Lin is not the SOLE reason, he is a PART of the reason, but if you go around saying “LIN IS THE REASON NOVAK GOT A GOOD CONTRACT”, it’s annoying to others. A better and more tactful way imo to talk about the Kemba good 4th for example, would be: Kemba can play better and more efficiently with another playmaker next to him who’s also a decent defender like Lin, they can elevate each others games.
    Second, when you are invited to someone’s house, even if you are a “hardcore” person with “hardcore” opinions that you consider factually true, it’s still basic manners and respect to be polite, and tactful. When on other people’s forums it’s the same, you may be “hardcore” but it’s good make an extra effort to say things tactfully. As another posted said, Andrew Moon I think, think about what the end result is: if you go”hardcore”, sure you may have felt good about it, but is it really doing Lin any good? Or is it making people dislike him? So sure, if you have a strong opinion, by all means state it, but do it in a tactful manner! In order to be persuasive, it’s often not what you say but HOW you say it!

  331. If they stick with this lineup they could do great things

  332. Well said! Totally agreed. Other than this site, most other sites are more “team oriented!” So i plead to some of us hard core lin fan to keep low while more focus on other players who also contributed to the game when a game is well played. That shoulnt be too much to ask among us Lin fans alike !!!

  333. = =. Truth be told, I was actually watching the game and this forum up til the third quarter, but I didn’t post cause ..well you know. The game looked like it was out of hand, so I went to bed, and tada….all I can say is this J-Lin kid is pretty good.

  334. I up vote the vid but I really really down vote the referee
    He should be fired

  335. LOLOLOL That means you need to stay in bed for JLin to do well:-)

  336. …and giving birth to the hornets win.

  337. As you mentioned, division champs are no longer guaranteed playoff spots. And if there is a tie the head-to-head record will prevail. I think there are other modifiers but you can check the official nba website.

  338. No pain, no gain.

  339. Under the bridge we find another.

  340. I am flat out amazed at the number of ‘fans’ that have followed Lin from Houston to LA to Charlotte stirring up hate and causing general havok on this and other sites. Psychotic Stalker behavior. I do not understand that level of hate. That desire to see the world burn. That obvious pleasure when you hurt others. Such black hearts.

  341. please go to bed for rest of Hornets games. =p

  342. Kobe hasn’t been an assassin in a long time

  343. All..I can say is…keep sleeping…

  344. They are too obvious. They’re here too.

  345. oh really?!!!…sorry been away for couple of days….and missed most of the day today…

    nevertheless…unfortunately many has double face, when they write on internet and how they behave in real life…

  346. I like Kemba game in 4th qtr. He didn’t force it but he scored within the flow. That was great to watch. That was the teamball. As long as Horners play teamball, I have no issue at all.

  347. I’m still unable to find such comments that stirred up hate.

  348. As Daryl Morey would put it : The correlation is 3 deviations above the norm….

  349. My expression in bed is like Lin getting that post game massage, if I know a game is going on.

  350. I am right here.

  351. you are a sweet casper

  352. That “transparent” huh.

  353. Kemba had 2.1 PPS with Lin on the floor, 1.0 PPS without.


  354. GSW favored by 17 points over the Lakers

    I hope the Pacers beat Wizards and Celtics beat the Hawks. Then the Hornets would move up in the standings.

  355. I did a Michael today and just turned the thing off. The site is really getting annoying. Glad the team won and Lin did well in ot.

  356. Kobe may not be the same assassin but still really good at being an ass_assin.

  357. not worth the mention…lol

  358. Credit must be given to Clifford to find ways to give playtime to Lin.

  359. Maybe sleep away the rest of the season esp during offseasons:-) LOLOLOL Guess I join the teasing you team now:-)

  360. whatever yu say doesn’t make haters turn around, and wouldn’t turn Lin supporters either. All those excuses for hating are so sickening and repetitious. Lin didn’t do anything wrong. Why do people hate him. Explain! They hate Lin for no real reason. What makes the difference to hating Lin fans.

    Haters are going to hate. Hungry lion is going to swallow yu and the excuse is superflous but there will be plenty, pal. After so many years following Lin, I have learnt that long ago. Knock it off.

  361. Actually many people hate Lin because of the irrational segment of his fan base. Hey I’m a JLin fan myself but I just have to smh at much of the craziness that some people put out on the message boards

  362. Actually, many of us fled from the old site when (and because) it became infested with Lin fan extremists. Fortunately Psalm had foreseen the decadence of the other site, and labored hard to build this peaceful sanctuary we now enjoy.

  363. Clifford and the Hornets fans are beginning to see how clutch Jeremy is down the stretch, and Jeremy closing games is becoming the norm (minus the Bulls game exception).

  364. Wow! wow! 🙂

  365. What a comeback! Games like this make me believe what Clifford says about Lin is not just lip service. Although I hope Lin’s role becomes a little more defined and consistent, Hornets still seem like a pretty good situation, especially compared to Rockets and Lakers. But, I think Lin is getting this many minutes only because MKG was injured. If not, I have a feeling Lin might have gotten around 15~20 minutes per game because it seems like Clifford is getting a lot of pressure to play certain players this season (but not necessarily to play Lin less) and there are only so many minutes to go around.

  366. No worries, I compensated your not sleeping with some dental work on my part.

  367. Kelvin Sampson would be proud that you’ve elevated his Japanese algebra into Japanese statistics.

  368. i fled then got kicked off when tried to go back to get other people to flee; weird. (at least i still find it weird).

  369. there’s the details to back up what i wrote earlier:

    ” with all the credit (deserved) to walker, note walkers numbers both scoring and especially +/- before lin was in the game and after.

    lin was clearly the catalyst to make it possible for walker to move to another level that was not just putting up numbers but winning (lining).”

  370. the michael sleeping factor significant correlative effect actualization

  371. Was first at work and then at the dentist today, so I missed the game. Only after watching the highlights did I realized how many baskets were robbed by the refs from Lin and the Hornets (Zeller, Lamb, etc.)

    However, little did the refs realize that by shortchanging Lin, they helped stage one of the most dramatic comebacks this season, and a spotlight display of Jeremy’s heroic clutchness. Karma works in mysterious ways…

  372. I’d guess trolling is allowed at the old turd, but poaching isn’t? LOL

  373. he’s still an assassin its just hes target has changed from the opponent to his team.

  374. Or maybe because Al was not on the floor. You keep pushing that agenda on the Hornets forums it just makes you look bad.

  375. if “you” refers to me ive never posted on a horents forum if by that agenda you mean some criticism of walker or walker versus lin there is no such content in my comment. which indeed gives “all credit deserved to walker”.

    but just a fact (or at least one set of facts to offer an explanation)–you certainly could make a statistical case otherwise that the primary reason for the advance in walkers effectiveness was due to the absecne of al and not the presence of lin

    however i dont see how that would not be addtionally another “agenda” that would make “you” (me?, who?) look bad.

    ie. making al the target of criticism instead of kemba. (who i didn’t criticize!)

  376. Slightly OT – one of my friends who lives in LA and knows I’m a Lin fan remembered that Lake Show Life “writers” Jacob Rude and Valerie Morales used to get my blood boil with their blatant Lin hate. She mentioned today that they no longer write for Lake Show Life and she doesn’t know if they have new gigs elsewhere. I don’t know if they change writers every year, but I skimmed through some recent articles and they seem to be much more balanced.

    Nevertheless, so glad Jeremy is out of LA!

  377. I find those people annoying just like those people find me annoying.
    Anyways.. it sounds like ido or maybe ng.

  378. if charlotte lose this gmae this whole site will start blaming walker again for 39 points iso.
    But if charlotte lose this game with lin having 39 points, this whole site will probably its other players and coaches and not lin (like lin’s 38 with the spurs in houston). that is way double standard. Give credit to his teammates when credit is due. Walker in and they have doubled deficit, walker in and they came back from his shooting. Without kw, there is no lin showtime in OT. smh. Remember where you came from just like in life.

  379. it’s a full OT, not slighly OT.

  380. should not confuse people with OT for Off Topic when everyone is talkinga bout lin’s OT for Over Time

  381. It’s not OT to inform that Lin Haters got served their karmic justice…

  382. Too bad they need OT for that.. should be in regular time.

  383. But dude.. 14 points is nothing to be elated about..especially most in the OT.. been there done that
    If it was 18 to 21.. especially most in the OT..that will be excited about… missed 1 ft and 1 3 pointers in OT and that wide open layup!. 15 of his 21 points in the late 4th and OT or all in the OT, then that is something to be elated about. That’s why I’m still calm and down.

  384. If the refs didn’t hit Lin with tons and tons of bad calls, Lin would be doing Linsanity every game off the bench and throwing the entire NBA out of whack as a bench player.

    Bench players are “not supposed” to dominate – and even the race based refereeing can’t truly prevent Lin from doing that anyway.

    I shudder to think what Lin would’ve done this game had he been properly officiated. My guess: 18 points, 6 apg, Charlotte wins by 30.

  385. Ooops sorry I did mean Off Topic rather than Overtime!

  386. Gosh! You have been making really unreasonable assumptions. Purely speculative. Of course you couldn’t be more wrong. Most of us have been really fair to Kemba Walker. Kemba made 5 assists in this game. not like a game with one or zero assist. Kyrie Erving did that. What did LeBron say?
    You are as biased as those Lin hater in making these accusations.
    Who is having double standard? That is you, of course.

  387. hahaha I was just playing with ya.. it’s all cool. at least you can take a joke.

  388. From the highlights alone I counted five bad calls / non-calls that involved Lin directly or indirectly (Zeller and Lamb).

  389. Yo, what is up cousins.??? at 3:05 where cousins was down and when he got up, he sorta pushed lin away and rondo was there to interrupt it???!!!!

  390. Rondo was preventing Cousins from getting a technical or worse.

  391. As usual, Lin PROTECTED Walker.

  392. right..but WHY did cousins sorta pushed away lin..
    is that the norm when playes do that?

  393. He’s just acting like himself, personality issue.

  394. You are not a Lin fan. Many people hate Lin because of racial differences. The irrational segment of fan base for many NBA player has existed in every fan base. How about fans of Kobe? You are just like the hungry lion trying to swallow little animals for an excuse. Americans like you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Martin Luther King Jr. died in vain because nothing has changed since his death except the discriminated turned around to be discriminators.

  395. Those are wolves in sheep skin.

  396. Let’s put it this way. All of us are Lin fans here. Some are truely devoted to Lin and his causes by practising what he preaches, that is, being humble and modest, avoid conflict when possible (involves possessing high EQ) and gives credits to his teammates and coaches etc. But some certain Lin fans are merely obsessed with Lin himself, as an idol, as a god-like figure.

    It’s often the latter ones that get themselves banned from some “team-oriented” forums with their overzealous comments that basically states “my idol can do no wrong and if he performs poorly it’s all because of (please insert anything here)…..”

    To me, being a fan of someone, I’d like to become the sort of fan that heeds the words of my role model. Because that, to me, is the whole point of having a role model; to walk his walk and talk his talk. Also, I’d like to empower him in reaching out to more people by making more friends rather than creating more enemies. Think about it, if it weren’t for the effort and devotion of some frontline missionaries back then, would Christianity be so wide spread throughout the world today? Of course there would’ve been some bad ones that were “men of God” just by the title.

    But the important thing is if you’re given the chance to choose, would you like to be a true devotee carrying out by action or just a empty shell that carries the name? I leave this question for the people of this website to contemplate…..

  397. Yes the SAC Kings w/o Marcus Cousins was destroyed by this lineup. If Cousins was 100%, the Hornets may lose this game.

  398. NBA Power Rankings Week 4 (prior to game vs. Kings)

    Hornets rank 14th, Rockets 28th and Lakers 29th. So funny compared to ESPN’s predictions that basically had them backwards.

  399. Kemba has played extremely well tonight not like those nights with little assists. Batum made 8 assists in this game much more than Kemba though.

  400. On the Hornets team, I like Marvin Williams as Jeremy’s teammate the most. Frank the Tank is a distant 2nd, and then whoever genuienely friendly toward Jeremy is a distant 3rd…*.*

  401. Not really. Hornets would’ve put the Kings away in regulation had refs officiated competently and fairly.

  402. Gosh! You are making a big mistake. Clifford is a darn good coach.

  403. Jeremy Lin obviously is Mr. 4th Quarter. I attribute Jeremy’s elite performance in the 4th Quarter to his natural leadership to take it upon himself to win game for his team. Other than that, what attributes one must have to win it all in the final minutes of the game?

  404. Spot, I know you’re a huge Jeremy fan. Coach Clifford isn’t a bad coach. He has his hands tied. I think he trusts Jeremy and he put Jeremy the whole 4th Q. That’s trust and to some extent, good coaching to recognise talent.

  405. One thing I really like about Lin is his defense. His defense is really awesome. To be a elite player I think they have to be good in both ends of floor. I don’t consider melo and harden as elite player. They are one sided player. They never gonna be no 1 player in championship team. I think Lin will be better in both offense and defense this year. I don’t worry about his shots. It will get better.

  406. Ya! I think it’s MW.

  407. See some are fair to kw.. like me and I’m not even a fan of kw.. and some like ‘hey’ or some others are not that fair and start bashing kw whenever becasue it’s like they think lin should be the starting pg. It’s a team sport… kw is not like harden.. but kw also have to watch out for his ‘job’ which is secure anwyays and if he doesn’t produce, ppl will know and say sht, so I don’t blame him. The same will go for lin when lin does get the starting gig anywhere. The worst thing is to have certain lin fans instigate that on twitter and start destroying chemistry in the locker room and it’s a vicious circle. It’s a reminder for them. And I”m surprise ido doesn’t even post here but posts on twitter.

  408. hips don’t lie..

  409. Lin should play PG, Kemba SG. on offense. would be better

  410. Wow, what a game. I’m so glad Jeremy played his part in getting the win. He got his chance to shine in OT and he grabbed it with both hands. The man is just fearless, he steps up when the team needs someone to get them across the line. I just want to say that Kemba was terrific this game. That 4th quarter was something else, he got the Hornets back into it and got the crowd buzzing. Great come back win for the Hornets.

    I’ve wrote up an article. Why the one game experiment starting Jeremy Lin didn’t work. http://bit.ly/1NNfCfU

    Hope you all enjoy. I can’t thank you all enough for your support :D.

  411. Kemba is a scoring machine but the odd thing is that he couldn’t lead the team to cut the deficit and stage a comeback. Only when Jeremy’s called in on the court did the Hornets slowly but surely turning around…it’s the Hairsanity effect. No doubt.

  412. Thanks!

  413. Agree with your article. But Jeremy went cold thru the season but he started on fire.

    I could imagine it’s just he puts too much energy on defence but only him can explain that.

  414. Agree.

  415. Ya! Really surprised & happy to see Cliff finally let Lin run the show in OT. I am sort of glad Rudy G. to tie the game last night. Otherwise there was no show for Lin yesterday.

  416. Not necessarily. Jeremy cuts better than Kemba. They can share the ball.
    Unfortunately it never happens.

  417. Preseason his shot looked so good, hopefully he can find that stroke back soon.

  418. That was a pass…lol

  419. Lin was the man in OT, we can’t forget that 4th quarter performance from Kemba to get the Hornets back into the game. That was some last play from the Kings to get them into over time.

  420. When there are good shooters on the floor opponents can’t load up on Kemba so he can have great games like this one;

    Batum is one of the best 3 in the NBA. Let him play his position.

    Zeller sets good pick. When Al is in ball is stagnant.

    Kaminsky needs playing time to improve. I was so glad to see Marvin Williams run to Jeremy after every time out.

    Good game by Jeremy. Couple of silly mistakes (the charge on Collison for example) and he has to trust more in his jump shot. He can’t be beaten down every single game.

  421. Kemba played well in 4Q but it’s also lousy play from starters in 3Q to make them needed to fight so hard in 4Q. I also think Rondo that last pass to Rudy was good.

  422. frank or marvin, zeller, kemba, nic, Lin.

    now if coach didd all the time, it wouuld be great.

    the combo of al, nic, kemba, is too much for lin to fight through where clifford makes him the 4th/5th wheel behind those 3.

  423. clifford played the right players 2nd half much closer to the right way. Cliff gets it,,, I think. well i hope.

  424. Great post

  425. There’s no such thing as “one game as a starter didn’t work” for Lin when his team easily beat the lowly Sixers without the customary BEATDOWN the starters experience EVERY SINGLE GAME.

  426. Unlike anybody in the Hornets starting lineup, Lin DOES NOT PANIC in crunchtime.

    Lin doesn’t abandon the offense for selfish iso play the way the starters do.

  427. For the first time this entire season, Coach Clifford didn’t leave an underperforming Hawes out there to wreck Lin and the bench like Hawes usually does.

  428. It’s as simple as this. Don’t go to a friend’s wedding and start telling people that your wife is more beautiful than the bride. You’re wife may be a swimsuit model but no one will agree with you because you’re just being an insensitive idiot. THE HORNETS ARE MARRIED TO KEMBA FOR NOW, GET OVER IT.

  429. Lin will play for sure.

    Kaminsky and Zeller probably will because they’re active defensively and actually run plays unlike the other starters.

  430. Yep, that was me. I appreciated this wise and thoughtful post from a fellow ‘Andrew’!

  431. Absolutely Lin will close.

    He IS the Charlotte defense.

  432. I felt Coach Cliff experimented with Lin as the starting SG against the 76ers while it was low risk since the other team are so poor. He could have put Lamb as the starter instead of Lin. While it was only for one game, the Hornets didn’t utilise Lin in the right manner.

  433. Actually, they’re doing just fine with Lin at SG and Walker at PG.

    When Lin spaces the court with SG cuts and siphons the defenses away from Walker, it’s on Walker to ATTACK especially if he’s “guarded” by a useless defender like Rajon Ron-o (no D).

    Then when opponents finally get sick of Walker torching them, they’ll load up on Walker and then Lin takes over.

  434. Disagree.

    The SG’s job in halfcourt sets is to space the court with intelligent cuts and put pressure on the defense by moving without the ball.

    Lin DID THAT, and that’s why the starters essentially won the game in the first 10 minutes with Lin as starter.

  435. LOL .. so graphic

  436. It’s called being in the zone. Anyone that has played sports at any reasonably high level has provably experienced it.at least once. It’s elusive and otherworldly. This is why the Greeks invented the Olympics. They believe that when athletes enter this state, they are nearly godlike. Unlike us, sport was almost a religious experience that created a stage for humans to experience that “mana”. Lin has that uncanny ability of o call it forth when a Superman is needed, like he’d go into a phone booth somewhere to change identity. We call him mr. 4th quarter because he does it all the time.

    If you’re interested read a book called “Entering the Zone, exploring the spiritual dimensions of sports”. By Andrew Cooper.

  437. Yes I agree that’s the SG job but Lin’s game is compromised hugely. Coach Clifford and Lin said he understood Lin’s game. I obviously expect Kemba to have more of the ball than Lin but against the 76ers Lin hardly even had the chance to run a play. When Batum plays SG he gets to run plays for himself and team. I was just curious as to why Lin didn’t get much of an opportunity.

  438. That’s true but there were bad calls/non-calls on all of the Charlotte team. Kemba getting hit, Frank blatantly getting hit on a layup and Batum on a putback and more. The refs just did a bad job but I guess the game was so physical, they swallowed the whistle. But some of the non-calls were unacceptable.

  439. I’m elated that after a frustrating game and one where Kemba was the man, Lin was the star of the OT. I don’t think Lin had a particularly good game in regulation although his defense was a key factor in it. Offensively, Lin didn’t really have a going until OT. He did score 5 big points in the 4th.

  440. Theres a saying that goes: “i hate to lose more than i like to win” – many star athletes have this attitude and have said so such as jimmy connors, larry bird, chris paul, charles barkely, etc. I believe Jeremy posseses this attribute. He has shown time and again in big games, that in the end, he refuses to lose, everything goes out the window and there are no consequences in his mind. He will not surrender, its just him and the basket, “Lin, lose, or draw.”

  441. I think Lin’s role is pretty defined and consistent. Lin was shuffled to the starting role only after 2 key players were down and thankfully Cody was back in this game or the Hornets don’t win it. Lin comes in very late in the 1Q and 3Q and plays most or all of the 2Q and 4Q. He usually closes close games. He has some overlap with Kemba and then plays PG and has Batum and/or Williams with him in the 2nd unit. At some time Kemba may come back and he slides to SG. There are a lot of Batum/Lin/Kemba on the floor too where Lin can be inbounder and floor spacer. He plays D on PGs and SGs and is counted on to play tough D. If another PG comes on to play other than Kemba, Roberts, then Lin switches to SG. That’s pretty consistently Lin’s usage.

  442. I’m all in! Oops, I mean All Lin !! 😀

  443. Something I noticed watching the highlights a second time is how Lin’s and-1 in OT was helped by having the right screens. You first have Kaminsky set a screen, and then you have Zeller set a screen, and then you have Zeller kind of set a screen (he more kind of walked around getting in opponents’ way as Lin zig-zagged around), and then Lin get the layup-and-1.

    I think this helps me see how Lin’s game gets so much improved when he has bigs doing their jobs properly.


  444. I don’t agree. Kemba is fine as PG. Lin can perhaps facilitate a little more, but the team is effective with Kemba running PG and he’s playing quite well at PG the past few games. When Kemba and Batum play Batum also facilitates. I think offensively, Clifford is still trying to work Lin in more with Kemba and Batum and also Al if he’s on with Al. It’ll take time.

  445. I don’t see where Lin cuts better. Kemba cuts well too. Both could do it more.

    Right now, Kemba is playing like an all-star. He not only is scoring, but he’s doing reasonably well at assists and he varies the way he scores or gets the ball to his team mates.

  446. Al and Lin are two different positions. Maybe Cody Zeller had an impact too, or Frank. Big men open up things for guards as well. If you put it in a team context, say how other players can free up Kemba then I think you’ll be well received. I think we all have to be careful, myself included, to not have an overfocus on Lin and give other players on his team credit where due.

  447. Hawes doesn’t set screen properly for Lin.

  448. The Charlotte Hornets are not all about Lin.

    Besides, Lin GOT HIS that game.

  449. Clifford will be on WFNZ radio interview


  450. Hey RICH CHO.

    Trade Spencer Hawes for Steve Novak.

    Novak is a tougher defender, smarter player, and better shooter than Hawes.

  451. i like the way it was reported:

    “Walker was excellent in the fourth with 19 points, including three
    3-pointers, something we rarely see from him. He also finished with 5
    assists in his 47-minute night. However, this is fool’s gold expecting
    him to be this good each night. He didn’t play any differently than in
    other nights, except being faster thanks to a lineup that enabled that.
    The Hornets will do well when they play the right basketball with the
    right lineups, which includes Lin and Batum next to each other and Lin
    dominant on the ball, with options for outside shooting; not by letting
    Walker go wild and hoping for the best.”

  452. I dont understand why the Kings didnt try to get Lin…though I dont like Cousins at all. lol

  453. he sucks

  454. Well someone used that exact word “catalyst” on RealGM or ATH, can’t remember which forum. Lin helped but there were 2 other bench players along with him.

  455. His role has only really been consistent in the last 3 or 4 games where he’s finally been given more minutes and fully closing out 4th quarters. Clifford used to yank him out, put him back in, yank him out in the 4th.

  456. I just watched full highlights of Lin. Did cousins really push Lin after he got called for a blocking foul? lol w0w

  457. That’s good trade…Lin will get more assists. More space to drive in for Lin with good shooter outside.

  458. if cus is there, chem problems and also it’s gm’s who gets players kittyhead

  459. Stirring hate might be strong. But definitely taking this opportunity to rub it in. Not sure if it is real fandom or pretend. But it is certainly postings to fan the flames so to speak. No need to rub it in when Lin has a good game. Been there done that, act like it’s the norm. One can be happy for Lin without tearing the other players down.

  460. His name is David Kim.
    And whatever happen to novakiano these days.

  461. This report from where? I like this statement — The Hornets will do well when they play the right basketball with the right lineups, which includes Lin and Batum next to each other and Lin dominant on the ball…

  462. Yup I saw that as well ~ instantly dislike him

  463. Needs a PnR big. Like Andre Drummond. Ed Davis good too but I think too small to guard some of the bigger bigs in the league like DeAndre, Memphis.

  464. it’s from the sportige link a couple posts below.

  465. I saw that too..It was pretty funny but also shows Cousin’s immaturity…He acted like Jeremy knocked him down on purpose and shoved him as he was walking by…Jeremy was kind of puzzled by the whole event.

  466. I have not read the article yet…LOL!

  467. Questionable refereeing all night. That charge on the two-on-one was a blatant miss. On the long pass out to Lin to go one-on-one, he was fouled but they gave him a missed shot. Even on that layup in overtime, Rondo grabbed him as he ran past, should have been an and1.

  468. I hate ref… just never gave Lin the credit. smh!

  469. Lin is stronger than he looks, ran right over a 285lb Cuz. If Cuz wasn’t in the restricted area it would have been called a charge by those sucky refs.

  470. If you were calm and down after this game, then your missing the picture. We know lin didn’t do well offensively in many parts of the game, but he did well defensively, and when the game was on the line, he took over. All the reasons you mentioned are exactly why Lin fans are ecstatic about this win. Basically have a bad game offensively, and still will your team to victory in the end. This is what an underdog is, this is what movies are made of – the struggle, the battle, the failures and then the victory, it’s all about the journey.

  471. Ya! Not as good as Zeller.

  472. Off the court, Lin and Cousins are actually acquaintances at worst.

    They have played together in informal summer workouts at UCLA.

    Cousins probably lashed out because Lin aggravated Cousins’ bad back on that drive.

    It’s OK – what happens on the court stays on the court.

  473. Before the preseason, there was talk already about how bad a shooter Walker was from his pass 2 seasons. I tried to tell everyone to just be patient and wait till Lin gets on the floor with him. My reason was simple. Kemba had no one else to rely on. Even this year with the addition of Batum, he was still the focus of the team defence. Once Lin steps on the court with him, the effect is immediate. The defence has to shift to Lin and all of a sudden Walker has time to do his thing. It’s not rocket science. I’ve coached and know well how one player can change the offence an defensive schemes.

    Walker or his fans may not want to admit it, but sure as heck, he wants Lin on the floor with him.

  474. When Lin hit Cuz I think he really hit him because you could see Lin’s head snap back. But when Lamb ran into Cuz on that charging call, I think Cuz flopped like a fish out of water.

  475. I agree with you, but on that 2 on 1 it was a foul on lin. Even after you pass it, if you come down on someone, it’s a foul. I hated the crap out of that call, but it was correct.

  476. Lin is not a King because their ownership and management don’t know a good guard when they see one.

    Two seasons ago, the Kings had Jimmer Fredette who was AVERAGING 49% from BOTH the 2 and 3. But they ejected Fredette despite Fredette being the Kings’ best and most impactful player.

  477. Before the season started, I wrote on this forum that Kemba Walker plays like the All Star of All Stars against inferior defenders.

    This game, Walker faced one of the worst and most wildly overrated “defenders” in Rajon Ron-o (no D).

    Then you add Lin putting extreme pressure on the defense with his relentless SG movement off the ball and no wonder Walker AND Lin exploded late!

  478. The defender mirrored Lin and moved sideways away from the ball. Normally a defender would have moved with the ball, but he had no chance and sold the charge. Good play by the defender, fooled the ref.

  479. Both Lin and Lamb are BIG STRONG guards that can injure anybody they fly into.

  480. No idea why Ben McLemore sat. He should have defended Lin in the fourth.

  481. I know that –

    I’m just putting out a generic siren for Rich Cho just like I did in Summer 2012 when I requested that he pick up Lin, Lamb, and Hansbrough.

  482. Both Kaminsky and Hansbrough (ESPECIALLY Hansbrough) can eventually be that big.

    A properly utilized Hansbrough alongside Lin would be a 20-10 player in 30 mpg, better than Drummond or Aldridge or Griffin or any big man around.

  483. Had McLemore “guarded” Lin, Lin would’ve went off in the 4th even more than he did and there would have been no overtime!

    Lin FEASTS on young inexperienced guards who don’t have the veteran savvy to read Lin’s trickstering.

  484. Walker has already admitted before the season that Lin being there takes the pressure off of him.

  485. Clifford usually plays Lin most of the 4th. If he’s out and in it depends on matchups and that’s not unusual for any basketball player. Lin has a consistent role.

  486. I don’t think the 76ers game is that important. They are a terrible team and Clifford was trying different lineups and matchups. You can toss that one aside, it wasn’t a typical game. The Sacramento game is back to the norm.

  487. That’s the key. Lin moved a lot off ball. When Lin moves off-ball it opens a lot up. Lin in the corner not moving helps the other team.

  488. Hmm I think it’s more a case of cousins being weaker than he looks lol.

  489. Also looks like Rondo got between them to break it up.

  490. ICYMI JLin interview with Kiss 95.1 radio yesterday
    – iPhone guy,
    – what MJ might think of his Adidas shoes
    – Thanksgiving favorite meal,
    – Hairgel

  491. Should get the NBA Officials report today. Usually comes out in the afternoon.


  492. Interesting question… what MJ might think o his Adidas shoes?

  493. Any predictions on what JLins final hairstyle is going to be? Could it be dreadlocks?!?!

  494. When Lin fans go to other sites please observe a very simple rule and its as simple as this. Don’t go to a friend’s wedding and start telling people that your wife is more beautiful than the bride. You’re wife may be a swimsuit model but no one will agree with you because you’re just being an insensitive know it all. Even if it’s truth, it doesn’t give you the right to say it. THE HORNETS ARE MARRIED TO KEMBA FOR NOW, GET OVER IT.

  495. There’a big weight difference, 200 vs. 285 lb. Cousins wasn’t moving his feet, easy call. One of refs got right but they got a lot wrong or didn’t make many.

  496. Earlier in the season, Lin would get into games earlier and get pulled out midway thru the second quarter. Now Lin, gets in near the end of the first and plays all of the second. Just that right there is different. Also against Philly, he got the start. It’s a work in progress, but most people that have been watching know that Lin in the last 3 or 4 games finally got substantial minutes. Just last week, most of us on this forum were complaining about Lin’s lack of minutes. If you mean Lin’s has gotten consistently low minutes, then you are correct. I’m saying he just recently got consistently higher minutes.

  497. P.s https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=46neNgxv_RQ. Doesn’t seem like anyone has posted part 2 here yet

  498. hahaha, I was making a corny joke.

  499. Kemba Walker is PLAYING GREAT.

    I’m Kemba Walker’s biggest hater, but I LOVE the way he’s playing when Lin’s protecting him.

    If Kemba Walker can maintain this level of play alongside Lin, I’m happy with Walker as the starter.

    Besides, I never saw it as “Lin vs Walker”. I always saw it more as “Lin vs Batum” when Charlotte had the cockamanie idea of starting Batum at SG.

    Right now it appears to me that Hairston is the token starter and Lin is the “closing SG” in the 2nd half.

  500. It’ll be as unpredictable as Clifford’s closing lineups.

  501. “but I LOVE the way he’s playing when Lin’s protecting him.” – wink wink

  502. I think you’re nitpicking now. Earlier in the season was earlier in the season and a lot of players other than the starting 5 were going in and out. If you were to take each individual player, even the starters, you’ll find variations from game to game because game situations change, how they perform change, the matchups change, which units are effective against other units change, and sometimes a bench player may be inserted with the starters or the other way round and work out and a coach will go with that. You can only look for some general ways a player is used to go by. It won’t be exactly the same every game.

    The bottom line is Clifford is going to go with the guys he thinks are going to help them win or combo of guys in a particular game. A lot of the time, Lin has been one of the guys. And even when Lin hasn’t played great, Clifford put him in the end of games to finish and Lin has responded mostly well.

  503. ON OFF Def Off and Net Rtgs through 14 games…

  504. it was. but that’s ok.

  505. Very realistic and logical and excellent analogy. It’s better than me and someone else trying to post 10000 comments to tone it down with saying your wife is better than the bride. You can whisper to your wife..but don’t go stand on a chair and yell ‘hey, my wife is better looking than the bride..I don’t know what all the fuss is about’… everyone there (analogy to hornet’s team and fan) will stare at you and smirk at you, because you just did a kanye west!. You look like cr-p.(analogy to Ido). You look like you need mental help. Even if it’s true, you don’t do that as that is ruining the whole party (analogy to hornet’s team and forums).

  506. and also needless to say, you (lin fans) and your wife (jlin) will be targets by others in the party.

  507. what about his jlin foundation on every thanksgiving?

  508. Game flow for SAC vs CHA

    Shows dramatic turnaround when Kaminsky, Zeller, Lin come in in the 4th quarter


  509. Lol.. Trying to picture him with iverson dreadlocks. Going to be interesting……

  510. From Zach Lowe Article things he likes and doesnt like:

    8. New York fans, booing Jeremy Lin

    I will never understand this. The B.K. (Before Kristaps) Knicks have been
    exciting for like 50 games over the past 15 years, and Linsanity was
    the main attraction in most of them. The Knicks never made Lin an offer
    in free agency; like a lot of teams, they told Lin to draw an offer
    sheet and planned to match it.

    We know what happened next: Lin
    signed a funky three-year deal with Houston that included an untenable
    balloon payment in Year 3. Is that Lin’s fault? I suppose any player is
    complicit in the structuring of his contract, and some New York fans
    felt jilted when Lin decided against playing through a knee injury
    during the 2012 playoffs.

    But this is the kind of stuff that
    happens when you nudge a player into the market without understanding
    all the cap ramifications, and Lin did the very human thing by securing
    as much money as possible for himself.

    It just feels as if everyone should get over this and celebrate a unique, feel-good moment in sports history.

  511. I think you’re nitpicking. Now earlier in the season is earlier in the season? Who’s picking and choosing “when” to include playing time and/or minutes? You said consistency, so we talked about consistency. You can’t pick and choose what best suits you? Count everything. We know Clifford is experimenting with this roster, so be it. I didn’t say it was wrong, but definitely not consistent for the full season so far. Even Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker didn’t finish some games, and they’re starters.

  512. Zeller’s on / off was much better in the last game. Surprised he’s the lowest for the season so far though.

  513. ON OFF for single Game 11/23

  514. There’s nothing inconsistent about going with the lineups that work. Inconsistent is having vastly different roles every few weeks or so. Lin’s role has been the same and what’s happening is the natural variations that happens with coach’s and personnel regarding what is working on the floor at any given time. Lin is being used in a consistent way compared to the Lakers and Rockets and his role is expanding in a natural way. He’s in a good situation. Not ideal. But good.

  515. They were good natured boos. I had no problems with the Knicks fans booing Lin this far from 2012. When he first came back they cheered him but started booing him in the game when he torched the Knicks. They boo the enemy and he’s not wearing a Knick uniform. They booed other Hornets too. Get a thicker skin, it’s no big deal.

  516. third quarter they lost the game… 4th Q and OT they won the game…amazing graphics… I love popcornmachine!

  517. “There’s nothing inconsistent about going with the lineups that work.”

    That’s exactly the point, the hornets are 8-6, it’s only 2 games above .500 because Clifford played Lin the most minutes he has this season. Their record could’ve been at least slightly better if Clifford went with the lineups that “did” work. Like Pj hairston starting, that’s just a waste of time for everybody.

  518. Knick fans don’t hate Lin.

    It’s the NY tabloids that hate Lin.

    They keep citing Lin as a terrible influence and player even though Lin didn’t play an entire season and was kicked off the Knicks for playing too well.

  519. But the NY tabloids?

    That’s DIFFERENT.

    There are so many Knicks who played longer and did harm to the Knicks much worse than Lin did, but Lin gets singled out because of his RACE.

    I am from NY, so I know how Asians are HATED over there.

  520. Actually, there’s no need for me to go elsewhere to write that because Hornets fans themselves write the exact same thing!

  521. and taking Melo’s limelight

  522. Cho is said to be close family friend of Hawes family. No way this happens

  523. Of course the Lin haters will conveniently ignore stuff like this.

  524. Corny joke –

    That’s how I felt too in 2012 when I wrote that the Bobcats should offer Lin the full four year max RFA, draft Lamb #2 overall over MKG who I accurately predicted would be a draft bust, and pick up Tyler Hansbrough to be Lin’s enforcer!

  525. I’m from NY too. I know how the Asian kids were treated in school and on playgrounds. Until they fought back.

    I think Knicks fans booing were more them booing a former Knick on another team.

    The media? Do you remember American beats Kwan to get the gold.
    Michelle Kwan is AMERICAN.

  526. Al Jefferson sat which is why Lin has aces to move. With the fake big 3 Lin is rendered useless by coach.

  527. Little Rascals haircut now I like it!

  528. The winning 3 will become Kemba/Batum/Lin, Al will fade out of the big 3 and I think he knows that. Al is trying to be a team player. The actually clutch 2 are Kemba and Lin though, I don’t think Batum is clutch.

  529. We call that the Stephen A. Smith effect.

  530. You can see in the 3rd trying to stem the tide he first takes out Hariston for Lamb, doesn’t work, Then Zeller for Jefferson, doesn’t work, then Kaminsky for Williams goes sideways. Once Lin in the tide is turned back and they go on to win.

  531. now that’s social wisdom!

    unless the person is trying to be a boar at the wedding … it happens, speak now or forever hold your peace.

  532. I agree that boo was for he’s no longer a NYK. Not really big deal. But NY media just love Lin so… W Lin, always can get attention. LOL!

  533. Wow!
    Thanks for this info. Shocking how the numbers show what an effect Lin has. CHO is supposed to be an analysis guy. I wonder if the FO will choose to recognize these stats or will they stay with the status quo.

  534. What’s up with Jeremy’s wearing earrings?…Would Jesus piece his earlobe and get Women earrings if he were still walking this earth?

    My fear is Lin is starting to adopt un christian stuff…maybe that is why God has removed the Linsanity skill from him…I believe Linsanity was influenced by God…But when Jeremy started doing stuff Jesus wouldn’t do, his Linsanity power slowly started evaporating.

    Jeremy needs to come back to God so he can have Linsanity again…That means get rid of the women earrings and the rock n roll hairdo too.

  535. LOL!! he had his ears pierced before linsanity.

  536. Which mama Lin did not like… lol.

  537. It could be the timing he got into the game. I think he usually got into the game at late 1st quarter or 3rd quarter which usually Hornets performed the worst so far this season. He did well in last game because he played all 4st quarter and OT when Hornets won by about 22 pts during that period.

  538. He had some terrible game in the beginning… could be due to the dehydration issues??? that cumulatively he is working out off that hole… but his def numbers are always pretty bad…

  539. Hmm not sure if your comment is serious or not lol…

  540. this. is. ridiculous. please stop.

  541. Wonder how he’s going to deal with porzingis

  542. That’s how Lin’s shot looked in warmups before the Knick game. He hit most of them. But missed them in the game.

  543. Oh, that’s why he was out. Good for him.

  544. Shot seems okay there. Small sample size though.

  545. circumstances are different Porzingis was drafted.. Lin not. I am sure melo had some input into the draft of Porzingis so approved from beginning. A LOT of JLIN hate is from the fact that he was NEVER a part of the NBA system. In any field when someone comes from out of nowhere and shows people up that have been there for decades people get embarrassed for not seeing the potential and for not having a hand in the grooming of the potential and most importantly the $$$ and fame that goes with that process. JLin did not fit anyone’s mold and was not on anyone’s radar and that tends to make people uncomfortable.

    hence the flash in the pan stuff even to this day…and for so many people their ego is attached to proving that it was a fluke.

  546. same for the game on 11/15 pregame looked great. I still think his uptick in defense is hurting his shot.

  547. I think is it is hair issue. He needs to have the same hair (look, weight, height, and so on) on and off the court to make the shots consistent. 🙂

  548. I think he’s OK bc last night he did make some shots finally.

  549. Jesus also hung out with prostitutes and other “sinners”, but condemned the Pharisees of that time.
    We need to be careful to not be a Pharisee

  550. The last 3 pointer that Lin shot in 4Q, it seemed to be new form, with quick release and smooth. No hesitation or wait.

  551. You’ve watched the game long enough to know that players perform at an optimum speed and level. We still haven’t seen the best of Lin yet, Kemba however is a fine support level player that can perform well when he’s given time and space. It’s a commodity he hasn’t had for a few years because opposing teams load up on him. Kemba just doesn’t have the speed and quickness to create enough spacing to make himself and others shine at the same time. With Lin on the floor, the defence must shift attention away or be run over by the Lin fright train carry the rest of the team behind him. Karl knows that all too well and he has said in the past and last night.

    Karl will give Walker 30+ points but he’ll take that trade any day. Look how they lost to the Knicks with 13 ast. And Walker scoring over 30. Karl will gladly trade that for the Lin express. When that freight train comes through, Lin brings a team load of guys scoring over 10 points. That train doesn’t just bring in points, it brings along vibe, excitement and positive energy that can overcome an opposing team.

  552. FYI Interview with Kaminsky… asking for questions…

  553. Yes. That’s why opposing coaches fear Lin and try to keep him, well, from having the ball. It’s not only his scoring they fear.

  554. MW is a great teammate and he and Lin really do seem to get along. Kemba really gets along with Lin too. MW is also a good player who can knock down the 3s. He does remind us of Jefferies from the Knicks days.

  555. He didn’t hang out with prostitute as a form of support of their lifestyle…He tried to bring them to his side and get them to stop doing what they were doing since it was a sin…So I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  556. I’ve been thinking the same way 🙂
    IF “Practice makes perfect”, then JLin should gel up his hair during practice so he’s fully in the same groove during practice and games!

  557. Agree, like dressing up for work makes you more awake.

  558. Lets hope JLin’s finally out of the shooting slump. Got to take more shots.

  559. Are we all going to ignore how adorkable Zeller is at the beginning of the video? lol.

  560. He seemed to shoot better compare to 2 or 3 games before last night…. not worry.

  561. Agree. Lin makes others around him better.

  562. Right on the money!

  563. It wasn’t a problem during preseason though…

  564. can you tell Lin this great suggestion?

  565. I’m going to throw away the SG and PG stuff.

    I think of Kemba as a scoring guard that sometimes facilitates. He’s a good rebounder too. I think he’s a better bring the ball up the court and dribble around guy that passes it off rather than a floor general that sets up plays. When he’s shooting well, he scores well.

    I think of Lin as a energy creator for all of his team that often starts with his scoring. If he’s scoring he then opens it up for lobs to guys and hitting cutters, but he’s really a PnR guy and a dribble/penetrator creator. If someone else is pressured handling the ball and gets it to Lin, he has to expend much less energy.

    Batum is the scorer/creator too, but he doesn’t have the energy of Lin bolt of Lin. He can make great passes at times and is a good CnS player, but he also makes bad passes, more than Lin does. He too is counted on to create.

    So those are the 3 main facilitators on the team and 2 of them are looked on as big scorers. Lin is looked on as getting timely hoops, sometimes clutch hoops, but his energy, commitment to defense, hustle, and making big timely plays that causes time outs distinguishes him some from his team mates.

    From there it’s a balancing act between Kemba, Lin and Batum. It’s easier when Lin is off the court or Kemba isn’t. Lin brings the ball up without Kemba and Batum alternates with Lin in facilitating, though LIn does more of it. Wth Kemba, Batum does more facilitating, Kemba does a lot of having the ball and scoring while Lin has to figure out how to fit in and pick his spots to attack and score or facilitate.

  566. The strength of preseason can’t compare to the really game.

  567. It’s not the hair.

  568. that’s my point 🙂

  569. I don’t think it’s hair more like his body bc his private massager flied from Taiwan to NC last week… Lo wouldn’t fly all the way to NC just for the games.

  570. The Great Hair Debate 😛

  571. When Lin and Kemba together, Lin is taller and stronger than Kemba, so he can do better D vs. SG. Since spend lot energy on D, he better to avoid handle the ball too much. If Lin plays with 2nd unit, he can do PG since the D side won’t be too heavy.

  572. Good post.

    When I think of “PG”, I think of a designated “1” in a prearranged X-O halfcourt set.

    Just because Walker occupies the 1 position does not mean he should focus on passing. If he’s able to score especially when Lin is at the 2 facilitating, he should attack.

    Now if opponents finally decide to start guarding Walker like in overtime, it’s on the Hornets to get to ball to other open players like Lin but not exclusively Lin.

  573. Not necessarily.

    When Lin is playing with the 2nd unit, Spencer Hawes’ inadequacies on both ends of the court will wear Lin out physically since Lin compensates for Hawes’ weaknesses.

    If Clifford simply sat Hawes and played Kaminsky in Hawes’ minutes, that would improve Lin’s offensive performances with the 2nd team.

    With the starters, Lin is appropriately a low usage SG glue guy.

  574. I was the MEANEST TOUGHEST kid who fought back relentlessly in NY.

    I didn’t back down from anybody.

    I experienced far more racism from older generation NYers than I did from people of my generation.

  575. I was the MEANEST TOUGHEST kid who fought back relentlessly in NY.

    I didn’t back down from anybody.

    I experienced far more racism from older generation NYers than I did from people of my generation. Those are the ones writing hate articles in the NY tabloids.

  576. The only Charlotte Hornet that the team absolutely cannot win without is Jeremy Lin.

  577. Your comment is why people don’t like “Christians.” How would you know what God would or wouldn’t like. Why would you even think you could understand God? You’re way of seeing or understanding of God is your own personal and intimate way. How you dress or interact with people you meet or interact with is dependant on your life and experience. You should try to make those people you are trying to “save” as comfortable with you as possible. If you work with inner city kids don’t go there with a brooks brother taylor suit and swag in like a million bucks. Lin is dressed to be part of the community he has to thrive in. His outward appearance is only there like a warm handshake, it helps to gain him acess to people that would otherwise shut him out.

    Christians need to understand others and not judge others by how they dress or present themselves. To “stand under” means to walk in their shoes and be a part of their experience.

    Lin’s action as a Christian speaks much louder than his words, or appearances. There’s a lot of perfectly dressed bankers who’d happily steal your money dressed to the nines. They go to church on the weekend and pretend to be perfect Christians. Lin walks the walk of love and forgiveness. When people step all over him he tries very hard not to judge them and tries even harder to be their friends.

    Being a good Christian isn’t how you appear or how you dress, it’s how you live the gospel.

  578. No Lin, No win. Maybe except Lakers. ;D

  579. There are some advantages when Lin play SG with starters. Beside the D improved, Lin will attract the D from opponents since they know Lin’s O ability. So that will make other teammates much easier. That was one major reason why Kemba like pairing with Lin. That’s why Cliff insisted keeping Lin on court. Of course, I want Lin play PG and handling the ball.

  580. Lol, now I believe that will happen.

  581. This is interesting if he doesn’t start. Cliff can go Lin at the 2 to start or Lamb. But both will probably get more minutes. Lin could possibly get 32 plus if Nic can’t play.

  582. No, Lakers couldn’t win without Lin either.

    They artificially limited his minutes in favor of nonAsian nonproducers who caused the team to lose.

  583. As long as Lin receives touches, I’d prefer him at SG because this Hornets team desperately needs Lin’s traditional 2 guard cuts and skillset to prevent ball stoppage.

  584. Like the Warriors needed any extra motivation tonight. If I were BS, I would be worried about not getting fired by Xmas.

    Byron Scott: Showtime Lakers would "absolutely" beat current Warriors in seven-game series https://t.co/oWDHEgxy9Q— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) November 24, 2015

  585. Lin shooting much better with gel on his hair?

  586. Haha! Tonight is going to be ugly. LOL!

  587. Warriors favored by 17 in Las Vegas. Will probably be worse than that.

  588. Lin will probably get to start again cause starters need a stronger defender

  589. NBA probably will ask GSW don’t let Lakers looks too bad. LOL!

  590. Hellooo fellow Lin fans =)
    We have to make a Statement now (not for others but to ourselves) – GRAB the next 3 games, continue the mini-run with Wins over the Wiz, Cavs, and Bucks will go a long way. We Can do this!

  591. Is BS’s “beat” meaning “Basketball‘?:D

  592. After watching the Lin highlights in the featured post, you can tell Lin was playing defense really well when his shots weren’t going down. He played defense well the entire game.I don’t know why some people said Lin didn’t play D well the first half, he did.

  593. Still living in the past, the Lakers are. That’s all there is for ’em… Sad. Really sad. All they have to show for is Kobe’s yesterday years.

  594. I meant vs. Lakers.

  595. As if they don’t have enough motivation already! What a jack donkey of a coach, it’s always about him. Smh, he’s just disrespected MJ and the Bulls, Lebron and every team in the league for being charmin soft.

  596. got it. Asked Cody Zeller for help so teammates can ask JLin to gel up his hair during practice.
    They’ll love to tease Lin about it


  597. “yesterday when i was young”

    “those were the day my friend/we thought they’d never end”

    “oh we wont give in/well keep living in the past”.

  598. Awesome!

  599. actually lin had an equally dramatic effect on lakers record wise with his abscence of presence of minutes over his average as he did on rockets.

    its just that with the rockets it was the difference between 1 and 8 seed; with lakers it was the difference between tanking to the dp or not.

  600. oh yeah i see sorry we both misinterpret your point.

  601. No worry!

  602. I just hope they don’t fire Byron Scott and Kobe keeps playing until at least 12/28 when the play the Hornets and preferably 1/31 when they play the Hornets in LA. I’m hoping for >20 pt beat downs.

  603. Lin thought Kemba was the basketball lol jk

  604. I gotcha it was funny.

  605. LOLOLOL JLin! Literally a 3 years old child behavior after dentist appointment:-)

  606. Haha. I hope his dentist is not on twitter.

  607. Hahaha well said !

  608. Popcorn ready lol

  609. Game 14 Poll Results
    We have a LOT of winners for this Game 14.
    For the 1st time, we have an exact match of the stat this season so @CJSHYY:disqus , our defending champ, earned an extra 0.5 point due to its degree of difficulty. But @gojlintx and jakeyy increased their wins to #4.

    I forgot to vote so don’t wait for too late 🙁

    (refresh for pic of leaderboard)

    14p/3a vs SAC
    (14/3) @cjshyy #3.5 (0.5 bonus for exact stat)
    (15/3) @gojlintx #4
    (13/4) @jakeyy #4
    (Hairsanity!) @blubell#3, @nitron #2, @juanlegend, @acbc, @sog117 #3, @jlim7

  610. As much as I would like to be optimistic, Wiz and Bucks are possible…. Cav will prove a bit hard. Nevertheless, if the Hornets really beat the Cav, I will have no doubt in my mind that they would be capable of snatching one of the middle seeds in the Eastern Conference Playoff….

  611. Byron Scott is on cracks for sure. I’d give the matchup a stalemate at most. Showtime Lakers has the size advantage in Magic and Worthy being 6’9″ and Kareem being 7’2″ with Skyhook. But their overall athleticism and team 3pt shooting ability will become their pitfall against the current Warriors. And I’m speaking as a Kareem fan since my childhood…

  612. take this in
    Clifford and tom thib were in Houston with Yao Ming
    what a small world

  613. Major complaint to @psalm234: Not fair with the vote of Hairsanity since it doesn’t give any number. This gives any likely “insanity” event to be the “vote.” Believe it should give a “definition” on what is considered as “Hairsanity.” What I’m trying to say is “Hairsanity” is so easy to win the poll as those voters that voted exact number. I want a “fairness” in the poll.

  614. Yes! Hairsanity #3!

  615. I’m so gonna watch this game tonight. wahahaha

  616. Thanks. So glad Rudy Gay made that shot to have OT… LOL!

  617. Does lin even drink alcohol?

  618. Yes.

  619. and???

  620. They can and they will. I’ve been saying since the beginning – If CCliff is a really good coach (which I don’t doubt he can be given that he brought this franchise to 7th seed just two seasons ago) and he knows how to maximize Lin with Kemba, Batum, Al – no doubt, we will be Top 4 team in EC.

  621. I’ve been thinking “Hairsanity” might happen a lot more often than last season in the Lakers.
    The simplest definition is how JLin contributed big time in a game to pull a win or be the best player.

    IMO it’s good to create excitement but it could be unfair to others with more precise number.
    What if we reduce the point to be 0.5 to be fair for others who worked hard to crunch a number?

    That way, it still creates excitement but still be fair.

  622. Haha! If this really happen… it will be Magic… LOL!


  623. BS is really unbelievable bad….. smh!


  624. if lakers really beat the warriors, you will be hearing BS trash talk..that arrogant clueless son of a gun

  625. Agree.

  626. zamm khuang.. I mean I do respect your bball knowledge and opinion (probably also because much older than moi).. but this is really over the board.. I mean lin is important, but couldn’t win without him??!! they can scratch a win here and there. Even the knicks now can win without lin.

  627. suppose to practice 3 point shots.. no wonder why he is missing them in games.. he is not practicing them because it’s not a big requirements like the houston to shoot 3s.

  628. Congratulations!!! ?

  629. he is not in shotting slump… he is in a 3 point shooting slump.

  630. Steve Kerr still recovering from his surgery, isn’t he? Wouldn’t Luke get the wins?

  631. Eye test vs analytics.

    Same story everywhere.

  632. Lol, BS is for Byron Scott. He runs the LA Lakers, literally, because he doesn’t really know how to coach them. He was a minor part of the “show time” LA Lakers with Magic and Kareem.

    But you may have something BS does seem to “beat ” his own team really well.

  633. Especially after that comment. GSW just threw out the mercy rule.

  634. I’m filing a complaint too because I should have 2 wins now but I was way for that last Hairsanity game. Had you just pencil me in for Hairsanity for every game like ask, I woulda had that one too. Lol

  635. it’s hyperbole to emphasize Lin’s importance to the wins they were able to get last season. Without Lin, season would have been worse

  636. a very good question and the answer:

    There’s an NBA paradox on the horizon, as we’re very likely to see a winless man receive an NBA coach of the month award. Due to a quirky rule for interim coaches, Luke Walton’s wins during the Golden State Warriors’ historic 15-0 start to the season all officially funnel to Steve Kerr, who’s still out with painful complications from his first back surgery.–espn

    (i dont know what the “quirky rule” is but it appears from this quote that the wins go to kerr officially).

  637. “could this be the magic at last.
    Could it be magic”

  638. 🙁 hmmm… can we then at least get a full point when it is clearly Linsanity game where he fills up the stat sheet?

  639. This is just a very very very very short clip. Don’t make the assumption based on this short short short clip.

  640. Yeah what’s the point of this statement?

  641. Yes. That isn’t ideal but at least fairer to those who vote on numbers rather phenomenon.

  642. Stat sheet does fill up in Hairsanity. Hairsanity can’t be anything with points plus assists. That’s why it’s clearly unfair to those who vote on numbers/assists. Like last game 14 pts/3asts. Another game can be 17pts/5asts and so on. Hairsanity can win all different pts/asts whereas the pts/asts voters have very little window can win. My thinking is: the exact pts/asts can get 1.5. Close pts/asts can get 1 and Hairsanity only can get 0.5. Fairer to all voters. Deal or no deal???!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL 🙂

  643. Keys to tonight’s game: Kobe can be sneaky. If he limits himself to less then 12 shots and plays the facilitator role, this could be just an ordinary blowout. But if Kobe continues to show his truly astounding IDGAF attitude and chucks up 20 shots during this highly anticipated game, then the sky’s the limit. Another thing to watch for are those pesky refs. Lately, they’ve been sending Kobe to the free throw line because someone dared to breath while Kobe was rearing back to fling a brick.

  644. jlin7? head #justwokeup #concerned #onlyGodcanjudgeme #whichmeansyoucant #hah

  645. LOLOLOL JLin. You are really in funny mood:-)

  646. Saw that…Cousins always mean to players…. I saw later Lamb run into him too… then Lamb run away from him…LOL!

  647. I think even if Steve Kerr is well he shouldn’t come back until after the Warriors lose. Otherwise if he comes back and then they lose which they would have eventually he will be blamed.

    Might be superstitious but could see why it might be wise not to return.

  648. I think Ref & NBA will help Kobe & Lakers not to loss too much… LOL!

  649. Should wear a hair net on his beard, eww


  650. FYI. New poll is up. Refresh page if you don’t see it.

  651. He meant ‘show time lakers’ of his era, not the current team.

  652. Mom: Son why don’t you play some defense?

    Harden: I can’t mom because I need to score baskets… Duh

  653. jordan brand

  654. Just check box score… both Pacers & Wsh shoot well in 3P. Wow! Never thought Pacer is that good now.

  655. Wizards playing tonight?

  656. Ya! vs Pacers.

  657. Good. I hope the Pacers wear them out. 2nd night of back to back for Wizards when they play the Hornets tomorrow 🙂

  658. I know. Wizards always up & down in shooting. But Pacers is good at least today.

  659. Who needs to lose in order for the Hornets to move up in the standings?

  660. Yes if Pacers beat the Wizards Hornets will move up to #7 place. Then they play the Wizards Wednesday and they need to win to keep the #7 position.

  661. Wizards. I think maybe they will… Pacers is good.

  662. Maybe we should take a poll? LOL.

  663. Wizards has good bench players as well.

  664. Sessions is good too. When he was w Hornets, that’s the year they made it to playoff.

  665. what more do u need

  666. Saw Lin’s Lakers’s team mate J. Hill.

  667. Hansbrough clapping so hard. Clifford has got to let him loose

  668. Wsh bench beat Pacers bench now. Hill just like Ellis can’t really play free like their old team…

  669. older generation as in what ages?
    I don’t know.. I’m in NY. I don’t see stuff you describe to my friend who is chinese… maybe because I’m with him and another non -asian is with him?

  670. paul george is back better than ever.

  671. pacers made their first 8 shots from the field over all and still were only up by 1

  672. The 1 2 punch of Monta Ellis & Paul George is going to be awesome.

  673. so why they don’t sign him.. action speaks louder than words.

  674. bradley beal is back.

  675. Lamb cant guard him so Lin will play extended mins again

  676. ellis actually isn’t having that good a season so far but george has been huge.

  677. i haven’t seen lamb able to guard much of anyone.

  678. Coaches don’t sign players.

  679. Ya! He is shooting well w 3P.

  680. is this the only game 2nite that can impact hornets theoretic current “place”. ?

  681. Ellis can’t get to handle the ball that much like he did w Mav. So he didn’t play that well.

  682. Was he traded or signed as FA/RFA?

  683. FA.

  684. John Wall doesnt get a lot of mins
    Wizards coach is another McHale I see

  685. Celtics vs. Hawks and CHI vs POR

  686. He can guard back up SGs

  687. Maybe save it for tomorrow. Their bench play well. But Pacers starters play well.

  688. the wiz announcers in discussing their upcoming games just said the hornets are averaging the most points per game of any eastern conference team, i think they said that: is that true?

  689. offense is either measured in terms of points per game, or points per 100 possessions.

    based on PPG, hornets are #2 in the eastern conference.


  690. Right behind Cleveland.

  691. indiana shoots 80% from 3 in the half still only leading by 1.

  692. No, that was it, 4 shots then he hit the shower. lol

  693. maybe i mishear. i probably only heard part of it. like….they said second highest in the eastern conference and i just came in at highest in the eastern conference.

  694. maybe points per 100 possessions? Hornets is rather slower paced team though…..

  695. im probably confused at what they said; like i thought nene was who riley curry was dancing to.

  696. You’re not alone 🙂

  697. speaking of points per something as regards hornets hot offense; walker, batum, lamb and lin are all top 60 in points per shot among qualified players.

    at the other of the spectrum interestingly kobe, rondo, monta ellis and dangelo russell are all bottom 10 among qualified players.

  698. If Atlanta loses Hornet will pass them but then that means Boston would win which would tie Hornets so I guess they would be tied with Boston for #7. If both Atlanta and Washington lose then Hornets move to #6 but I think they will be tied with Boston so tied for #6? If Chicago loses they would still be ahead of the Hornets so that wouldn’t change the Hornets standing.

  699. And if the Hornets win tomorrow they can move up to 5th?

  700. it is just as likely the announcers got it wrong.

  701. It is possible but things would have to fall just right, BOS would have to lose to ATL, then MIN would have to beat ATL Wednesday, TOR lose to CLE on Wed, Hornets got to beat WAS on Wednesday.

  702. LOL!!! but that’s TRUE.

  703. I think all of these are possible except MIN beating ATL.

  704. Looks like he tried the SuperSaiyan hairdo by himself…lol

  705. John Wall had 7 TOs in 22 mins. -20 wow

  706. Still better than James Harden.

  707. Poor volume shooter. Probably similar to Kobe’s


  708. Have good feeling Kemba will get the All-star selection if not starter.

  709. Or BOS beat ATL. But then BOS would also likely beat 76ers and would be ahead of the Hornets so Hornets won’t get to 5th.

  710. Plus Hornets facing Cleveland on Friday (possible loss)… I’ll be happy with the 6th/7th for now.

  711. Lol Cousins is 7ft 300 pounds and flopping to lamb and lin… he is crazy… no wonder sacramento is not going anywhere… its not because of coaching, not because of management its because of cousins!!

  712. That would be a statement game if Hornets could beat Cleveland on Friday. Would get a lot of attention around the league. Cliff would have to utilize Lin correctly for that to happen.

  713. JLIN will be voted in..while KW will be selected by the coach..SWEET!!!

  714. Hornets are barely beating teams below .500 (SAC, Nets) but getting better each game… we’ll see.

  715. SKerr is still very much behind the scene on how GSW are playing..he still joins their training and talks to training staffs on daily basis.

  716. Bench starts and starter bench? Lol

  717. Lol….nba world and luke had given the credit to SKerr….for the way they are playing now

  718. Well if Clifford could skip the part where the starters get into a hole and just jump to the part where the bench dominates and brings them back they could win. Maybe they should just swap the bench and the starters.

  719. thanks fellow “Andrew”! Great name by the way 🙂

  720. Dennis Ginobili
    After last night’s heroic OT win, Apple Daily of Taiwan computer graphic Jeremy Lin as Full Power of Dragon Ball.

  721. Totally!!! Agree with you on this….hairsanity should only be credited for any extra ordinary performance

  722. Yes, Harden is at his worst now.

  723. Looks like Indiana will beat Washington. 114 to 101 3:45 to go. Hornets will move to #7

  724. Chances of Wizzards win the game with 2:43 left??? 117 vs 104.

  725. Great, hope can beat Wizards tomorrow!

  726. No way, Pacers plays really good and J. Wall is on court now. These 2 teams are good at O but weak on D, especially Wizards.

  727. Don’t watch the game. Maybe JLin is in the team:-)

  728. Ok. Impossible. It’s 119 v 105 with 1:43 left.

  729. Wizards has given up.

  730. i didn’t know it was that convoluted im sorry i asked.

    i think the simple answer to my own question as i see it right now an hour later is: washington loses, boston most likely loses.

    charlotte sits 7th after 2nite and i dont want to try to calculate beyond that.

    and actually im not even sure if thats right; but i think so.

  731. watching denver/clips –gallinari is being very agressive this year; his hair is more of a mohawk but has elements of a modified lin spike.

  732. He will as back up bc Hornets host this year’s ASG.

  733. Yeah, Hornets now at #7:

  734. Chicago vs Portland. Which team is most likely going to win???

  735. Tomorrow we need CLE to beat TOR and MIN to beat ATL and the Hornets to beat WAS then Hornets will move to #5.

  736. That’s the plan. The MC of Wizards mentioned next game vs. Hornets is tough one.

  737. I’d say Bulls. Portland is a depleted and not very good this year.

  738. minny over atl would be a reach but atl is not winning by much their point differential is not very good. so…..

    wheres the game? didn’t check but i believe thus far minny has been more successful at home than on the road.

  739. Just want Hornets win the game:-)

  740. Ok. Just wonder whether Chicago will move down a little in conference standing if they lose:-)

  741. i actually like the portland team and dont think they will be/have been as bad as many preidicted and i think need to get myers leonard back and chicago is inconsistent but yeah would be a definite “most likely” for chicago.

  742. Bulls.

  743. So happy Mem beat Mav so bad now. Ya!

  744. why happy about that?

  745. Bc they didnt indicate that much interest in jlin and thats parsons team… i root against mavs… so many teams to root against!

  746. hah okay. lin fans have the most vengeful memory hah

  747. Lol

  748. Hate the way Mav treated Lin when they vs Hornets. Harris… remember… smh!

  749. Parsons jilted lin and may be having a secret affair with a German guy in the team.

  750. Thompson 0-7 but GSW still up by 16.

  751. Kobe: 0/4. And his 3 point shooting for the season in now in the teens.

  752. Ya! So far can’t make any shot?

  753. on a lakers fan chat someone compared kobe now to that gold fish that has lived too long and is just sort of floating on the top of the tank.

  754. they should leave him open to get the ball. I would be more worry about Randall getting the ball.

  755. its like they’re just playing around with them; its like an exhibition game between a pro team and some long amatuer team.

  756. “There’s no defense” talking about the LAL. Thought that’s what BS suppose to be good at.

  757. Ya! But Lakers is really bad. Kobe 0-4. JC 0-3? Russell really made 2 shots?!

  758. “we just gettin beat on little things”–byron scott

  759. But still eating all the fish food.

  760. What Little things? LOL!

  761. Only Russell makes the shot? Haha!

  762. think scotts auditioning for standup after he and kobe have done their job of tanking to dp’s.

  763. Last season, Lin was helping Lakers won Spurs, Warriors, Rockets, Celtics. It won’t happen again.

  764. GSW already tried their best not to score… but still win by 20 now. Maybe Curry & Klay both will not play in 2nd half.

  765. lol

  766. warriors 13 assists; lakers 1

  767. Lakers only has 1 ast. so far.

  768. Bc they can’t make the shot…. LOL!

  769. Who dared to pass? lol

  770. “riley curry over or under 10 points”

  771. GSW always up around 20 pts …. NBA told them not to embarrass Lakers too much?

  772. Lakers lookin like charmin out there. So embarrassing.

  773. the refs should call a tko.

  774. Young can’t make the shot either….

  775. Only little things is between Byron Scott’s ears.

  776. Kobe is horrible. Randle and Russell actually look decent. GSW isn’t even playing that well. They’ll probably really put them away in the 2nd half.

  777. I think they don’t want to make Lakers looks so bad what’s why GSW played OK only. Kobe & JC both looked bad for 1st half.

  778. JC looks like he’s having a bad game. Kobe looks shot. Like he should retire at halftime and then go to some rehab to let his body recover from so many years of hard basketball.

  779. watching acrobatic performance at half time is far more exciting than the game!!!

  780. Haha! This is funny.

  781. There’s nothing between his ears. Empty space.

  782. Great shot Kobe.

  783. Stranger things have happened. But not tonight.

  784. Dog left to go piss on a fire hydrant.

  785. 1-11

  786. 1-12

  787. this game is unwatchable

  788. “stop the fight”

  789. curry makes everything look so easy

  790. The Lakers have no plays. They get the ball, someone dribbles, passes, someone iso’s, passes and then shoot mostly contested shots.

  791. At least it hit the rim.

  792. i havent been watching lakers games previously. i dont get why russell was picked so high. im not seeing it.

  793. Right now I really hope Kobe can make one shot… feel sorry for him. smh!

  794. He’s made 1. I think he’s 1-13.

  795. Chicago (82) v Portland (80) with 4:01 left.

  796. I mean one more… OMG….

  797. Right about now, Kobe needs to fake an injury.LOL

  798. What? Only up by 2?

  799. Haha! Ref needs to give him some help…

  800. Yall already know this going to be on Shaqquin the Fool

  801. allrite i admit it this is the 3rd time ive said this in one form or another but just seems too appropriate: if this was a fight the ref would have stepped in and called it by now,

    dubs by tko

  802. Yep. Chicago lost 2 points before this:-)

  803. I don’t know, I wouldn’t bet on it. If he keeps putting them up maybe he’ll hit one but he’s got nothing on his shot. No legs.

  804. with the commander playing him this many minutes he probably wont have to fake it.

  805. LOL

  806. lol

  807. His whole game tonight can be one episode of Shaqin a Fool

  808. who is more awful to watch? lakers or sixers?

  809. Lakers.

  810. sixers are bad. but lakers are offensive.

  811. on a lakers chat previously in the nite someone put up a over under ? on 50

  812. He needs to close his eyes and maybe he’ll get lucky.

  813. swaggy looks happy tho. haha

  814. If this was a fight, it wouldn’t have happened to begin with. Kobe couldn’t even beat an old lady across the street, never-mind climbing into the ring.

  815. I believe Kobe needs to be in the conversation about MVP. But his teammates need to man-up.

  816. They should just end this Lakers game after the 3rd quarter.. New GSW Mercy Rule

  817. This is true. LOL

  818. curry used to be a below average defender two years ago. now hes solid to good, and most of all, he can put defensive pressure without risking getting a personal foul.

  819. I feel sorry for Young, Hibbert and Russell…. I hope the kid can survive from this toxic lakers…

  820. If ur bored with the gsw/lakers game.. 89-88 bulls leading in 4th 13 secs left.

  821. thx.

  822. See who is the real soft Charmin….pissing all over the fire hydrant…Kobe Bryant!

  823. This is an embarrassment to the league. It says everything that is wrong with the fake star system in place. It illustrates the travesty of tanking. It undervalues everything sacred about sportsmanship and Olympic spirit. When a team allows owners to put such a fake star on the floor, it is like placing a 70 year old man to try to outrun Usane Bolt. Where else is it possible to have such a total mismatch of talent and pretend it’s fair? This game is a total indictment on the NBA.

  824. itll be a lillard 3 shot at end

  825. McCollum fail lol

  826. MDA as coach. Lin as pg. Kobe on bench. Would these changes make the Lakers vs GSW competitive?

  827. So many boring games tonight… BORED

  828. yeah didnt look good heh.

    but too bad, would be nice if bulls lost

  829. Too bad. he has been good this season.

  830. Cant imagine how Barkley makes the comments abt this.. 🙂

  831. It was a trip though… Dirty green

  832. Remember when Jlin led the tankers Whooping the w’s…. oh mine…how times changed…hehe

  833. Definitely a breakout year for him

  834. It looks like he prayed in mid-air.

  835. Does 2-25 looks any better?

  836. Nice defense…with folding arms like his coach!!!JC’s arms were Xfactor here!

  837. I posted below, if Lin and MDA was in and Kobe was out, I think Lin and the Lakers could win. If everyone played well, but Lin has that kind of effect on teams.

  838. Guess it’s time I need to stop to bring tweets on Lakers:-) They are already in too misery place.

  839. lol .. duly noted. For some reason, I can only find your name once.
    I checked twice =)

  840. Kobe was so bad. He’s done just doesn’t know he has no clothes on.

  841. This guy should check the stats before tweeting something like this. Lin is only ave 2.9 assists this season. His line this season. 11.7/2.9/2.9.

  842. Still 5 more min… Lakers sure wish the game end right now. Tomorrow Kobe will be the headline for his bad shooting day. 1-14?! smh!

  843. he’ll just say it’s a shoulder acting up again.

  844. this one was so funny … shaqtin’

  845. it’s a tough one to judge for sure, let me think about it some more.
    we might need some cap

  846. True but he’s playing SG most of the time. I think it was more a dig at actual playing style.

  847. I didn’t and you messed of the o-fer for me ha ha.

  848. it’s a tough one to judge for sure, let me think about it some more.

    we might also need some cap.

  849. the Harlem Globetrotters actually.

  850. Yeah, but Lin had more when he was on Lakers… That’s what he meant, I think…

  851. It’s official, I am now hoping JLin can stop GSW, they’ve eaten at the trough just fine. Win until then, then let’s have a Linsanity time !

  852. If Cliff let Lin be PG & plays the team like vs Bulls game 1.

  853. Loving “Clutch” Curry’s finger rolls – A Thing of Beauty! I cheer for everyone on GS Team – Teamball at its finest!

  854. Anything, just make it more challenging. The way they have it, GSW are favored for 64 games left, 2 underdogs to SAS. Steph is going to need challenge to stay sharp as they ramp it into next Spring.

  855. yes, they play beautiful bball, like a team of 5’7″ guys.

  856. what if GSW get to 19-0, then Lin + Hornets hand them their first loss to prevent 20-0? 😉

  857. We will know next Wed.

  858. Eh, I want to grab the game against Cavs more. That’ll be much more satisfying – a redemption from losing to Hawks, Heat and they’re same conference.

  859. that would be a big confidence booster to the entire team.

  860. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but ESPN has finally started
    calculating RPM and WAR for this season…Jeremy’s numbers are pretty
    disappointing 🙁 He in the bottom 25th percentile for PGs with a -2.17
    RPM…I’m kind of surprised how low his RPM currently is given that his
    overall plus minus stats and Net Rating for the year are very good, in the top 15th-25th
    percentile…very strange


  861. it doesn’t matter, it’s his usage. It’ll steady out as this team figures out the roles and what keeps them winning.

  862. ok, I’m with you. Anytime Lin beats the best player in the world, I’m in.

  863. It doesn’t what stats are out there – haters will secretly hate – stubborn people will remain stubborn. Plenty more games left to play – JL7 will pick it up and give all he’s got. Everything else – I tune them out if it’s negative.

  864. But that was his flu game. Now he shoots 1/14 when he’s feeling good. Looking on the bright side, tonight he shot better from deep then overall: 14% vs 7%!

  865. So who will Scott throw under the bus tonight? Probably Russell.

  866. You mean harakiri or euthanasia

  867. eenie meenie miney mo?

  868. I’d say Jeremy Lin.

  869. To The Lakers,
    Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get blown out by 50 points (like Memphis). And I do like The Grizzlies – they will be my team to keep kicking the Rox out of the building. =)

  870. just stats..too early to conclude!

  871. But Russell did good compare to JC..?! Wonder who Scott can use now?

  872. young!

  873. Oh! Maybe bc they use Young’s picture for the lose tonight. Poor guy!

  874. Don’t worry this will change….

  875. its his turn…LOL!

  876. NBA can do that because this is business!

  877. Ya! But Young is already a bench… BS said he will make the lineup change… So, Young will be DNP?!

  878. ESPN & TNT maybe will cancel some of Lakers games now.

  879. Keep broadcasting them so their fan base will die out and move to GSW

  880. its his turn to be thrown under the wheel of the bus because he wasn’t able to score while riding the bench bench!!!!

    anyway, scott and young will TALK about that later as usual because they always Talk, talk, talk!

  881. Scott don’t like Young & I think he will be the target for sure…. Poor guy has to deal w BS for this season. But next season will be OK bc I really believe once Kobe is retired from Lakers. BS will be fired.

  882. I wouldn’t even care if JLin hadn’t lost one year of his prime playing on this kafkaesque team.

  883. probably if not enough viewers

  884. Lakers still have a very strong fanbase so need more time…

  885. Would be awesome but on a scale 1-10 how much do you believe Hornets will win? Does not even look fair the way Warriors are playing.

  886. it makes sense when you consider that lin gets no assists bc his playmaking timespan in each game is limited (and playing with hawes), and he is shooting an awful 29% from 3 at a considerable volume. that’s pretty much it, esp the 3P shot.

  887. I think it has to do w what game plan Cliff wants to use… teamball or ISO…?

  888. Against this GS Warriors Team… Eh, it’ll be a very tall task even for Linsanity. “Clutch” Curry & Co. is on another level. Lin at his finest will still be below this GS Team. It’s Team Not about “one” player.

  889. Very funny, indeed. Lol… I like Clarkson tho – just be little less selfish.

  890. 99% likely. Certainly be more competitive this bias BS team. Real coach Vs Fake coach.

  891. I love Lakers games. I just get bored when Kobe sits.

  892. No need, lol. I’m just messing with you. I really don’t care that much. I try to remember to vote and when I do I almost always vote Linsanity or Hairsanity.

  893. I really hated Magic when he bashed MDA… How about now, Magic ?? Time to bash BScott ?!!?

  894. BS is powerless. It’s all Kobe.

  895. As if NY likes to pass? I wish he had said that Miss Daisy needs to retire or at least stop shooting so much.

  896. At least he dared to speak out the problem from the team…. Maybe he has nothing to loss now… But still glad someone said something…

  897. This has to be the tipping point. Kobe has to retire. How can he be so shameless?

  898. $$$$$

  899. Speechless!

  900. Did Serena ask who is that one guy you’re referring to?

  901. Really like Young.

  902. No. They are the one. Kobe & BS. smh!

  903. Me too. I saw his another interview.. what he said just like what Lin said… needs to be have fun on court. Play fast break, share the ball…. If Kobe & BS are out of Lakers. I think Lin maybe will go back to Lakers. He said Young is funnest teammate he knew.

  904. @psalm234:disqus is something wrong with the voting poll? I think I voted twice?!!!

  905. He’ll get the money anyway. He’s humiliating himself. Even lowering his career stats which will tarnish his legacy. Jordan still shot well in his last two seasons.

  906. Kobe wants to continue to play bc there are more money next season but I guess Lakers will not give it to him now. smh!

  907. Is Kobe starting to throw BScott under the bus?


  908. Zzz. LED Lakers vs Warriors last season.

  909. Zero. This is an elite team.

  910. Sounds like that… LOL!

  911. Boozer, Big Ed, Lin, Jordan Hill, all have to be really relieved to get away from the toxicity that is the LA Lakers. Yes, great at one time and now an absolutely dysfunctional mess of a franchise.

  912. That doesn’t help Kobe. He needs to shorten his time on the court. 25 minutes at the most.

  913. They are the one. BS can’t decide anything.

  914. nice analogy!

  915. lol…dont even need to ask 😉 there is no comparison between the two teams. The record speaks.

    but obviously we want a good show…and is possible a win for Lin and Hornets! I only see it possible with @Michael:disqus going into his sleeping beauty mode

  916. How can you loose faith in your own boss? BS is talking out of his you know what….Father’s time is undefeated, there ain’t no turning back the clock. It’s sad to see Kobe playing like this….

  917. Also Ellington, Wes, Price.

  918. Nick knows it’s a sinking ship and he doesn’t have anything to loose by speaking out.

  919. These 2 come to end.

  920. No team in their right mind would.

  921. Fun game. Really hope Cliff can let Lin play like this tomorrow.

  922. Young was a fun teammate and has talent too bad he couldn’t get out of Lakers like the others.

  923. no need to lie! LOL

  924. just watched the highlight of GSW and Lackee..GSW team work and chemistry is just WOW..just telephatic..looks like they can played with eyes closed and still above to score..SMH..

  925. They are really improve even more this season. I guess they will get another ring.

  926. thus far…I dont see any teams challenging their stand

  927. Lin’s stats aren’t that great for this game. He’s 4-11, played 25 minutes but he does have 5 assists and 3 steals with only 1 TO. He hit 3 3s in that game.

    Lin could have a bigger impact in tomorrow’s game, I don’t know if he’ll hit many 3s though.

  928. Me too.

  929. i don’t think that Young is a team player before and will ever be. He has pride with himself and you could easily discern his character, on off the court.

    He was fun then because they were both having difficulty understanding scott then, but when he was given time and opportunity by scott, he was no where when Jlin was marginalized heavily. i saw during jlin’s time there that young could easily sway by his ego and has no loyalty. He stayed at LA thinking that he can be their franchise.

    I believe JLin should stay away from this kind of player.cocky and braggart!

  930. he needs to let go of his ego and need to share the ball. system is ok,its just he’s messing with it that’s why his teammates play loose.

  931. no, you’re good. I only see 1 vote.
    My 2nd attempt to vote failed so it works

  932. I didn’t mean stats but game plan. Wizards can shot 3P well. Even not as good as Pacers. Their bench are also good. There’s one very good shooter… so not sure about tomorrow’s result.

  933. if i am the coach, i will allow KOBE to shoot 3 and leave the midrange and inside with the other players. i will ask him just to stay outside and camp there so he can sustain his energy and prolong his game. i will tell him that he has not to worry because he will not be guarded by opponent and his teammates will pass him the ball for his 3’s (and i am serious about this. ;P )

  934. cool thanks…will try to hack again 😉

  935. Like Young said He has been doing this for 20 years. Kobe will be Kobe….

  936. I hope GSW 3 peats. So much for the premature talk of Lebron’s legacy. More like Steph Curry and GSW legacy!

  937. sure, hack away =)

  938. i dont think he did ever think that he could be their franchise player. There was an interview posted some years back…where he mentioned he prefers/dont mind coming off the bench

  939. These numbers draw the profound yet simple conclusion of
    No Lin , No Win

  940. but during those games that he was hot , he seems to show thats he’s another KOBE and i think he believe that so. He was called last season little Kobe and he like it then.

  941. Kemba and Lin both do well against Washington. Even if Batum is out, the matchups are pretty good against Washington and the Hornets are home and trying to protect a winning streak. Washington is traveling and played last night. I think the advantage goes to the Hornets.

  942. no doubt he likes to shoot 😉

  943. Laugh OUT LOUD !!!

  944. Warriors make NBA history as first team to start season 16-0

    Now, the Warriors can aim for two more NBA records: 33 straight or 72 total wins.


  945. If we assume Kobe’s efficiency number does not drop further with more FGA (BIG IF), for Kobe to average 35 points a game he would need to attempt roughly 37.76 shots a game!!!

    If his efficiency drops further, we’ll be looking at breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s FGA/game record (39.5FGA/game) for Kobe to hit that 35PPG LOL. By the way, Wilt averaged 50.4 points that season.

  946. This deserves 10million retweets….

  947. Swaggy really reminds me of Johnny Drama from Entourage….

  948. lol

    The need is there, and instead of finding ways to control Kobe’s play on the court, Scott is simply allowing it to happen and point to Bryant’s Basketball-Reference page as an excuse for why it’s acceptable.

    He’s become Kobe’s personal assistant, instead of his coach in many respects. This is the issue.

    This isn’t a fraternity where you get to do things because you’ve been there for a long time. Everything should be about the quality of play on the court and not creating a country club mentality. The Lakers are ranked 28th in both offense and defense. Who is holding Scott accountable as he pretends to hold others accountable?


  949. Man…. This “Real Coaches of NBA” is hundred times more entertaining than the “Real Housewives” series….

  950. lol…nasty remarks on that page…poor clarkson

    Stephen Curry is doing his usual tricks. Jordan Clarkson, who was the
    recipient of this crossover, went back to his toddler years.

  951. Byron still gets paid for doing nothing.

  952. Lin has recognized his role in the team now. He just waits for his turn to shine. In the last game, PFV told us that Lin relaxed until the very end when Batum, Walker were all very tired double teamed and couldn’t lead anymore. he picked up his game in the flow. Lin took what the Kings gave him and he challenged and won the game literally before the Kings could react to it.

  953. What happened last season when the team won without him, BS didn’t like it. Things were wronged again soon after. You reaped what you sowed. Kobe wanted to win it by himself or nothing. Naturally He got nothing.

  954. Thanks for the tip.

  955. That’s strange I have no problem when I play CHA#7.

  956. It was so much fun w/o Kobe.
    Did you all recognize that Jeremy made the play @0:26 He broke up the GSW pass and tipped it to Clarkson. All they care was Clarkson got the dunk. The commentation was negative towards JLin as much as they could be.

    Lakers were full of crooks. They deserve what they are.

  957. Lin was making plays though he was not given credit

  958. LoooooooL

  959. golden state is/was elegant basketball

    course it helped they were playing against the mostly dead all day kobe and the lackers led by tank commander scott.

  960. no kobe no you couldn’t be out there averaging 35 points a game. sorry no. lakers fans were like at half time playing a sad music like a eulogy of kobes carreer and begging him to retire now. before he embarasses himself and his legacy even further.

  961. i have always submitted from day one that scott was hired to do just 2 things:

    1. be kobe’s personal assistant
    2. tank to draft picks.

    he’s been absolutley fabulous at both.

  962. yeah see my note above about lakers fan chat line music/gif eulogy for kobe at halftime.

  963. i have not been impresed with washington this year; i sort of lump washington and toronto as teams that complie reasonable records in the east but nobody really takes them seriously as a “contender”.

    it should be a winable game. (course doesn’t mean hornets will win, but they have incentive, momentum and opportunity).

  964. You kind of have to feel bad for Kobe now. The guy was feared by all the players for so long. After his injuries, he is just not able to come back to his old self. The guy is hard worker, and you know he must’ve spent hours trying to come back after his first injury only to suffer another one when he first came back.
    He could’ve saved himself all these grief and retired after that 2nd injury and he would’ve still been loved by his fans. At this time, he is simply tarnishing his image the longer he plays. He should be concern that he may have screwed up his future endorsement that Jordan is still getting. Jordan is a smart business man, and I don’t think Kobe has that business smart. Maybe that’s why Kobe wants to get his last pay day before finally retiring. I wouldn’t be surprised his wife ask for the divorce and leaving Kobe even less $.

  965. Andrew: I agree with most of what you’ve said. I also think it is just not classy for anyone to distract from Lin’s teammates’ performance and to cast aspersion on their accomplishments, and to always attribute these to Lin’s contributions to them.

    But there are a fews things some people say that I always have to struggle with:

    (1) “The behavior of some Lin fans just make me dislike Lin more” Why? It’s the fans’ behavior, not Lin’s. Why is that a reflection on Lin? Lin doesn’t not encourage that kind of behavior. In fact, he discourages it.

    (2) I am not on any forums except for this one, but I am on Twitter a lot. I have seen some of the stuff you’ve described in your post, but my impression is that these are isolated and not prevalent. I haven’t not seen too many people do this. Is this very wide-spread? Fans will be fans. They play favorites. Some are overly-zealous and biased, and step over the line. But why generalize? The over-whelming majority of Lin fans are classy and fair-minded, and do have genuine regards for Lin’s teammates. At least that’s my impression. Am I right?

    (3) Lastly, I do understand how some Lin fans can grate on people, especially on the media folks and popular bloggers. In these cases, the writers can freely address these fans directly and call them out. But I have seen on more than one occasion in which some bloggers group all the Lin fans together and paint them with a broad brush, tweeting to them sarcastic and highly provoking comments. That’s wrong too.

    So Andrew, I think your advice is right on. But I also think there are two sides to this.

  966. WOWOWOWOW! Great news for Hornets?????!!!!!!

  967. I don’t feel sorry for Kobe Bryant at all.

    He chose this path, now he gets to enjoy it.

    Bryant’s all about the money, not winning.

  968. It is impossible for Charlotte to reach such chemistry.

    The only way that could happen is if you played Lin, Lamb, Williams, Hansbrough, and Kaminsky together.

  969. Trade Nick Young to Charlotte.

    Let him play with Lin again!

  970. Good news for Clifford.

    I don’t think it changes anything for Lin.

  971. Sounds like Kobe is angry that he’s not getting enough shots.

  972. The Lakers are a CIRCUS FREAK SHOW and Byron Scott is the ringmaster!

  973. absolutely…he gets A++

  974. If FO had a hand on Lin’s PT before this, this will change it.

  975. kobe now has the lowest fg shooting % this season of any nba player playing at least 23 minutes a game.

    interesting footnote: second worst is ty lawson.

  976. Let’s hope he does better than McHale. 1st year of his 3 year term, and he’s out now.

  977. I like to think it wasn’t always the case. I think he’s always crazy focus to be the best player ever. Don’t know what he’s thinking now for these last 2 years.

  978. Bryant is focused on being “the best” player so that he can make the most money.

    If he actually cared about producing like “the best”, he’d have changed his game twondecades ago.

  979. He does have 5 rings to say why does he need to change. Not saying he shouldn’t since game has changed and he hasn’t.

  980. Kobe deserves whatever karma he’s getting now. How many more rings could the Lakers have had had he not been such a egomaniac. Shaq and Kobe were 2 superstars that could have won at least 2 more rings together. But the thing I hated the most was the way he ruined Steve Nash’s last chance to get a ring when the Lakers assembked Howard, Nash and Gasol with Kobe. Kobe deliberately sabotaged that superstar team. Last year was the last straw when he faked his intentions to help Lin become a star only to stab him in the back with the help from BS.

    The Fakers and Kobe deserve one another. That franchise will turn to dust and it will be because of Kobe.

  981. It is good news for Lin too because Cliff trusts him as a game changer. And he dares to sit Kemba and AL if he feels right.

  982. What Kobe means is that the system is flawed because he wants a system that sets him up for an uncontested layup 30 times a game with 2 bigs carrying him on their shoulders.

    I can just imagine Kobe as an old decrepit angry grandpa at thanksgiving dinner yelling at everyone to serve him first.

  983. Now that Cliff is set as coach he will have less worries about politics. Wonder if this extension will finally allow Cliff to start Lin.

  984. I think so too, Cliff had to do what FO said since he was in the hot seat but now that he is set, he’s got more power to do what he wants. Hopefully that means starting Lin.

  985. that tells about Rockets and Lakers.

  986. Kobe wants to be the assassin, BS gets to be ass~assin. I suppose that’s still A++.

  987. Gasol was the smartest to jump ship so early when his value was still unaffected by Kobe singularity.

  988. DRose probably has a higher % of 3s with one eye. Kobe should get some reading glasses like all us seniors.

  989. To my surprised, maybe now he will execute his promise to Lin & let him plays his game more since he got job extension already.

  990. I feel the same like you about Lin is only one year deal w Hornets. I think that’s part of the reason he picked Hornets. One year only not long term contract w low salary.

  991. You might as well wheel him out there in a wheel chair and tell grandpa to sit still and someone will come by once in a while to check on you. The Lakers might just win a gem that way.

  992. I hope so too. Maybe he can let Lin play PG and Lamb backups Kemba as SG.

  993. I thought it was funny that the Rockets were throwing his name around as a possible McHale replacement. Good for Coach Cliff and the Hornets to shut down that nonsense quickly.

  994. Go back to bed, it’s game day. Lol

  995. I think that’s more idea lineup bc Kemba is more SG than PG to me now.

  996. Kemba is PG, Lin is his backup and maybe 6th man. I don’t think that will change. In a Ewing interview he said their best four players are Kemba, Al, Nic and MKG. I don’t know if Clifford agrees with that but Kemba will be the Hornets starting PG for years.

  997. Ewing might be gone soon, because He was supposed to make AL good. Now, AL is on bench when the games are close. Big men in Hornets cannot play PnR which Cliff likes to do with Lin. Ewing was not good at PnR. I hope Karl Malone or John Stockton is available for coaching PnR for Hornets.

  998. I doubt that.

  999. Well said but kobe is a deek and deserves everything he’s getting.

  1000. Lin is only one year deal & came here just to help them win of course he will not be in the list. All Ewing said it’s their long term contract players. I guess Baum agreed to stay too.

  1001. Why they put bench w him for his extension news? Bc he got Lin to the team this year?


  1002. Like Khuang keeps saying, these old guys from the 80s don’t know anything about the new game. They don’t understand why the GSW are killing everyone. They think it’s just Curry. It’s all MDA that has made a system that allowed someon of Curry’s ability to take advantage of.

    Clifford may or may not be the great offensive coach we’d hope for. That remains to be seen. What we do know is he’s a good defensive coach. His biggest test is coming up against the GSW. The next 5 games will tell us a lot about Clifford.

    I really like Clifford for being consistently positive with Lin. I believe he may be the next best thing right now for Lin. No other coach is as vocal about his belief in Lin. Now that he’s got a secure contract, let’s see how much he actually believes in Lin. I’ll give him another 15-20 games to convince me if Lin should stay a hornet or not.

  1003. I doubt its FO…lets see

  1004. ha ha. because no matter how you slice it Jeremy generates more interest and they know it.

  1005. That’s because, these 3 guys are the future of the team!?

  1006. If Lin can’t be starting PG for this team he will not stay… He turned down GSW backup job why he wants to stay here as a backup? Don’t know about the other two.

  1007. Much bigger role in Charlotte than GSW. Plus he may be 6th man in Charlotte.

  1008. 6th man w his stats? Don’t think so.

  1009. He’s played as 6th man in most games. Stats can change and I hope for the better.

  1010. Lin and Karminsky could help Cho’s extension.

  1011. I hope so bc he needs to have better stats than he’s right now.

  1012. Cho’s extension? His last year too?

  1013. Six month ago, “Jefferson has saved Cho’s job, so far, but time is running out. If the Charlotte general manager cannot turn lemons into lemonade this summer, then he may find himself unemployed yet again.”


  1014. Oh! I think maybe depending on he can keep Batum & Lin or not? Batum maybe Lin no.

  1015. Living in the suburb of Wash.DC, I will be able to watch the game this evening on TV. My out of town guests all agreed to root for the Hornets…..especially Jeremy. Go Jeremy!

  1016. Cho will help Jordan to keep the “biggest acquisition”. “I think (Lin) is GOING TO BE our biggest acquisition”. Jordan wouldn’t not say “Lin is the biggest acquisition” yet, until Cho can keep Lin.

  1017. Hornets do want to keep Lin but I don’t think he will stay. IMO.

  1018. No 6th man for Jeremy. He’s bigger than just a 6th man.

  1019. Maybe. Only if they offer him starting PG job after he can prove his value in next 20-30 games.

  1020. Exactly. People still don’t get it. When he told NY Post, he turned down GSW deal… that already said it all. He wants to start…

  1021. I am not sure you can really trust their offer as starting PG job w this team. Bc Kemba just will not allow this to happen… That’s why Cliff keeps asking Lin to be SG… smh!

    In this team, starting SG is not like Harden or Klay. It’s Lance.