G14 DEN @ LAL PreGame Thread

GameTime: 23 Nov 18:30 PST
Denver Nuggets @ Staples Center
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Nuggets (5-7) vs Lakers (3-10)

At first, this seems to be a winnable game for the Lakers but the Nuggets had the momentum from winning 3-game straight (CLE, OKC, Pelicans). The good thing is the Nuggets only ranked at 26th in points allowed at 105 so there is a chance the Lakers can outshoot the Nuggets at home.

Will Jeremy continue his sharp-shooting (2-3 from 3s) with double digits and play PG assertively in the 1st quarter like we saw in the past few games? Or will Kobe go back to his ISOs too soon after a bad game in DAL rather than letting Jeremy and his teammates to play team-ball?

I hope Lin will continue to improve his efficiency to finally improve his FG% to reach 50-40-90 status for the season.

Let’s go hunt some Nuggets, JLin!



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  1. OORAH

  2. 1st

  3. Nice try 😉

  4. Congrats, 2nd-time Champ!

  5. Good job, Marine 🙂

  6. She is 1st female 😛

  7. She’s female too? lol.

  8. LOL Of course because I used my mobile instead of laptop:-)

  9. hahahaha Of course I’m. You are outnumber here for now:-)

  10. AHHH. Ya’ll are everywhere!!!

  11. you get better next time, Sniper 🙂
    say “Yo” haha

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  13. https://vine.co/v/O5I5LPuOt7Z

    Saw this on reddit. So funny..

  14. why so serious batman

  15. LOL so how long did that boy cry?
    Who was this defensive player?

  16. is the countdown timer correct for you? should be 22 hrs 20 mins.

  17. Durant

  18. 22hr 16mins

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  20. Scurry

  21. Come on Kevin, whatever happened…it’s more than 200 years ago and that kid had nothing to do with it.

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  23. thank you. He does have a distinctive walk like Durant!



  26. looks like Pacquiao is punishing the guy

  27. Algieri is good with great conditioning. We’ll see

  28. I wonder how long he can keep up dancing around. lots of energy expended there

  29. Pacquiao is showcasing his power. If he wins this fight even with decision. Mayweather has no choice but to fight him. Looks like pure domination right now.

  30. gotta be careful with counter-punches though. But yeah, it should win by decision if not KO

  31. haha. HE’S DONE

  32. Geez. This guy has a lot of heart. He’s taking a beating.

  33. Man, I feel bad for the guy. He’s completely outmatched by Manny!
    He didn’t have anything left but still toughed it out to the end. Respect!
    Hope he didn’t have concussion

  34. Max should ask Pacquiao what he thinks about Lin.

  35. Complete video of Lin parodying Manny’s Foot Locker Commercial

  36. Yes, it’s. thanks!

  37. Although I always say PnR is about team defense. Lin facing a guard like Ty Lawson or Curry. I really hope he can get around that pick a bit quicker to compensate the lack of awareness from bigs on the LAL.

  38. I love in Dal game where Lin made more directional change both on ball and off. He has to abuse his defenders.

  39. feels like the pace is swimming. Bev was fun – he speeded up.

  40. All about footworks…LOL

  41. fast pic for ya … (refresh)

  42. Oh I meant defending it. LOL

  43. Lin was also more comfortable shooting pull up 3s. gr8!

  44. Went to Nike store today to get some workout shoes. Saw Hope Solo and Kobe on huge facade entry windows. No Jeremy (yes, I know it’s adidas). Just sayin’ I ended up buying Skechers.

  45. I still think Nike is making better shoes.

  46. LOL. same applies too! Those pics above are not PnR, but they are fun to see anyway. Bev in sprint mode, and just before they were just at a standing start see below (refresh). Lin is so amazing, people don’t get how deadly he is 1-1. It’s not just his first step.

  47. I’m old, don’t need performance shoes. Saved $40 for congee and kids college.

    Anyway, I make up for it with this below because I have bad ankles from years of pushing it … if you keep it up, this let’s you use any shoe you want.


  48. Performance means a lot. Especially on comfort and protection. I think Nike are at it best on shock absorbing.

  49. Isn’t Hope Solo a crazy alcoholic that’s gotten arrested a few times? Quite surprising that she still has her contract.

  50. He really it. He probably only need to do one thing more to slice through that semi open lane. dribble the ball lower.

  51. A sore back? That sucks, I was looking forward to seeing Lin play.

  52. did Lin hurt his back during the Mavs game? or today in practice? or previous injury?

  53. That’s troubling, Lin had a huge slump last year that coincided with back issues.

  54. oh, so that’s the context! I was wondering what the heck Lin was doing. LOL

  55. don’t worry, Mayweather will find another excuse

  56. Denver’s offense is about the same as LAL. They don’t have great defense (ranked 24th), but still 10 pts better than Lakers. This is the Lakers most favorable spread of the year (lose by 2). I’m going to predict a Lakers win by 2 pts, 108-106. If Lin is healthy, he should be able to get 16 pts 6 ast. He may drive less aggressively due to back soreness though.

    offensive rating
    LAL #11 105.3
    DEN #14 104.9

    defensive rating
    LAL #30 116.2
    DEN #24 106.8

  57. From my understanding, he didn’t practice today but according to some who watched BS’ interview (I didn’t), they saw JLin shots 3pts behind BS. From this, I guess, he might hurt himself from one of the last few games. However, we didn’t see his ice out in Mavs. No idea. From Medina earlier report that it was just minor injury and should be able to play on Sunday game. Well, just have to wait and see how JLin’s body is responding to the treatment today.

  58. LOL Slow today???!!!!

  59. haha, but Tyreke missed his jumper anyways

  60. As long as his back does not hurt his jumpers much. I guess it will be fine.

  61. Who taught Jeremy to speak Tagalog?!?!!?!? I am NOT PLEASED!!!!!! Now how can I talk to my girl friends about him if he can understand some words I’ll be using?!?!?!?!?!?!? 🙂

  62. That looks scary. He may have a future in horror.

  63. Maybe he’ll like what you’re saying and approach u……

  64. sorry it was me 🙂

  65. #facepalm “naloka ako!” (I was driven crazy!)

  66. creepy. I’m assuming he taped that over the summer before his re-injury

  67. Cavs continue their struggles despite having the most talented roster in the league and playing in the weaker conference. How bad is the Eastern conf? A .400 team would qualify for the playoffs.

    Besides the big 3, they also have Varejao, Waiters, Tristan, Marion, Mike Miller. So if the most talented roster Cavs haven’t been able to figure it out how to make it work, how much more difficult is it for the Lakers, a low-talent roster (after Kobe and Lin) to figure it out!

  68. Haha I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s not that good…yet! You’ll have to teach him some more 😉

  69. where? when?

  70. LOL, during a FT by DAL, Jeremy came over to say something (most likely for the next play, where Jeremy goes to score).
    LOL at Parsons who eavesdropping

  71. His video saying good luck to Manny Pacquiao

    “Good luck sa’yo, Manny. Mabuhay” (Good luck to you,Manny.Mabuhay)

  72. Is his video for Manny P. available only to Filipino fans? The comments are a good combination of sniping among Lakers fans, a very few Kobe haters, and Jeremy Lin fangirls.

    I got to say this is Jeremy’s second home in Asia (let’s make this official soon. LOL). The most interesting post I read,” si jeremy lin ngayon gumagawa sa lakers..” (Translation: Jeremy Lin is the ONLY ONE playing well in the Lakers (team)).

  73. It’s like in high school when your best friend is whispering something to another friend’s ear and you just have to know what it is too lol.

  74. Los Angeles Lakers – Jeremy Lin Better Than Kobe Bryant But it Doesn’t Matter
    Posted on 22 Nov, 2014, by Greg in Basketball

    It seems the most important thing for Kobe Bryant this season is taking shots, hopefully scoring points while arguing about whether or not he deserves to be paid the way he is (he isn’t). Jeremy Lin, when he gets the opportunity, actually outplays the hall of famer, but it doesn’t matter with the Los Angeles Lakers crumbling on defense, losing 140-106 to the Dallas Mavericks.

    The new Run DMC trio the Mavs have with Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis and Chandler Parsons excelled, each of them scoring over 20 points in the same game for the first time this season, combining to score 64 points. Even with the Lakers playing defense that’s arguably (and statistically) the worst in the league, the Mavericks got quite hot and streaky, making more than a few shots their players don’t usually make.

    They ended up shooting 62.2% from the fieldand 51.4% from beyond the arc, with J.J. Barea hitting 5-of-5 attempts,finishing with 16 points and 8 assists. Monta Ellis had 10 assists for the double double and Jameer Nelson, getting a bit more comfortable as the starting point guard on his new team added 7 assists, part of a whopping 37 for the Mavericks, coming on 51 of their field goals while turning the ball over only nine times.

    The Lakers were in the game until the third quarter. They began the period behind by nine points, but fell apart in the final six minutes ofthe quarter, as the Mavs’ lead grew from only 8 points to 27 points in less than six minutes, including a sequence of scoring 11 unanswered points during one sequence. The Lakers were out of it in the fourth quarter, as the lead just grew, finishing with 51.8% from the field but simply not doing anything on defense to make their offense be worth anything.

    Bryant was terrible, later suggesting his legs couldn’t hold him during the game. Why was he still playing? Why was he still shooting (6-of-22 from the field)? Bryant does whatever he wants and has a head coach that either doesn’t know how to stop him or simply is too afraid to do it. He did play only 31 minutes, hopefully giving him some time to rest, but the Lakers were at their worst during his moments on the court.

    Jeremy Lin didn’t have a very good +/- either (-22), but that was a team problem, not just his. Offensively, he played better than anyone with 18 points on 8-of-11 from the field including five assists. He got to see plenty of the ball and was quite aggressive with it, which is something that comes and goes for him this season. It isn’t just about the balls going through him. Lin sometimes gets dejected very early on, preventing him from trying to make a change later in the game.

    After winning two games in a row, the Lakers hit a wall, as expected.They didn’t play all that well in their win over the Rockets. It had more to do with Dwight Howard not playing than Bryant suddenly playing well, which has rarely happened over the course of an entire game this season, or at least in a way that’s made a difference. The Lakers are still terrible defensively and not good enough offensively. They’ll remain that way if Bryant continues to play for his own personal agenda instead of the team’s.

  75. Similar to CBaldwin, Greg always gives justice to his articles

  76. http://www.complex.com/sports/2014/11/kobe-bryant-isnt-even-trying-at-basketball-anymore

    Sure, the shot clock was running down. But there were still six seconds,
    and Kobe Bryant is at least three miles from the hoop when he launches
    this ridiculous three pointer that got all net and no basket

    Bryant’s career is going to end, jacking up insane shots while Carlos Boozer screams for the and one he’ll never get and Jeremy Lin tattoos Linsanity on his forehead, the nation will be in mourning.

  77. That’s the main reason why I find so much comfort knowing that JLin indeed is doing very well. He is only playing less than 4 weeks with Kobe and the starters. Plus a head coach who roots for his priceless pg rather than him. JLin indeed is miraculous worker to me that he is still able to play very well more games than bad (maybe 4 out of 13). That’s very good!

    Go JLin and stay healthy!!!!!!!!

  78. Seem like JLin is doing quite well comparatively.

  79. You 5×5 me, sir.

  80. I will get back to nike then.

  81. Good point. Dmo obstructed him. You can see it in the to vid. Low with bad back. Give him two weeks, coach.

  82. Jealous not being included in his BFF whispers

  83. I have the Jordan Super.Fly and new adidas Crazy Light Boost – it’s no comparison, I preferred the Nike in comfort and performance but it was cheaply made and cover of insoles started peeling off and curling. Adidas is light but felt like playing on flipflops – not much support or shock absorbing – boost? Nah, don’t think so.

  84. He shot with confidence and his stroke looked really good.

  85. sometimes, i believe this kind of article further isolates the relationship between kobe and Lin. kobe is the largest investment made by Lakers. lakers is not going to like this type of article. they may use twc to help kobe more

  86. How’s his back? He’s probable tonight. Saw him stretching in the fan’s cam. Last year back problems really messed up his game for a long stretch, like 3 weeks. Hope it isn’t that.

  87. Can’t deny that Nike shoes break apart easily. However I will still buy them and Adidas…just whichever happens to look the best and is on sale.

  88. Well plenty of time for him to read now…

  89. LAL, do really need to buck up their defense, in order to compete.

  90. Lakers will win tonight and Jeremy will have a good game.

  91. They are opinion pieces. I’m not sure how much Kobe, Lin or Lakers PR pay attention to them.

  92. When Bryant is fatigued, Lin gets more touches.

    To me, how much Lin has the ball has nothing to do with Lin himself.

  93. They could make a big step by putting Davis in instead of Boozer.

  94. Games like this are why I pay no attention to Lin’s +/- even when it’s in Lin’s favor.

    Lin’s brilliant play was ruined by the Lakers playing badly.

  95. The way Lin’s last place Lakers CRUSHED two Eastern Conference playoff teams in Charlotte and Atlanta indicates how much better the West is than the East!

  96. Thats true, but just wish, he gets a tiny bit greedy at times 🙂

  97. keep your hopes up high and your head down low

  98. http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20141122/lakers-kobe-bryant-carlos-boozer-jeremy-lin-rest-in-saturdays-practice

    So Kobe “fit in an early afternoon shooting session before the game that lasted until he made 300 shots.” That’s why he is so tired in the game, and start to settle in various jump shots. Maybe that’s why the coach was not really limited his minutes, as he will use it somewhere anyway, so why not in game?

    Then regarding Henry, sounds like coach somehow lost trust in him, and don’t think he could be back from his injury. No wonder Ding was saying that the team might cut Henry for another player. I do feel coach’s judgement on a player is critical to a player’s fate in the team, such as in this case, coach would trust Price but not in Henry, and that could well decide who could stay with the team and who will be cut. And that has nothing to do with their performance etc. I just hope Henry would not hurt himself again as he definitely trying to prove to the coach what he can do, but he also need time to adjust and come back from his injury.

    And now just think back, what Jeremy might went through in his first year when he was trying to come back from a surgery.

  99. Where can I watch the Backstage Lakers episodes?

  100. I think it depends on the sport. Adidas makes better running shoes, especially with their Boost stuff. But for basketball it’s Nike hands down.

  101. Kept trying to click on the play arrow…

  102. I think someone has put it on YouTube….

  103. it’s asking for my TV provider in the US. 🙁

  104. I watched them on YouTube before but they are no longer there.

  105. Yes it seems to take a while to come back from knee injury. Took Lin a little while. Lakers need a backup PG though and need an open spot.

  106. So i guess Twcsn caught them putting copyrighted video.

  107. Could be great game if Kobe doesn’t go into crazy shooting everything mode.

  108. Great news! I will have something to watch tonight! Hope he still starts. LOL

  109. Notice how lin spoke foe himself saying he would play.LOL

  110. Does anybody think FO/Mitch used the PG’s they brought in to make a point to scott about keep trying to start price because he was brought in to police up kobe and it was lin/boozer who actually stood up for the team? I personally think that kobe/mitch are having side conversations about the team without Scotts knowledge..just my opinion

  111. a blessing in disguise

  112. JLin should have a pretty good game against Denver tonight. Last season, Lin absolutely shredded the Denver defense.

    4/9/14: 18 points, 6-11 FG, 4-6 Three Point, 6 assists

    4/4/14: 19 points, 7-12 FG, 1-4 Three Point, 5 assists

    11/16/13: 16 points, 6-11 FG, 7 assists

    Those are some incredibly efficient and high scoring numbers. Denver’s up and down transition game suits JLin’s game very well.

    I’m optimistic that Lin will have another strong game against Denver.

  113. lol. sry. that’s the only way to get a pic of the right moment … use nba stats to help us all see more!

  114. we shall see today in Price playing time. Given a GM’s job, I’m sure MK has discussed with BS Price’s productivity/lack and his opinions on why they lost key games. The normal defense would be ya ya, NY is back. And then you see in Mavs game all the swag talk SwP does, he’s back to his ups and downs like last year small sample. So, it’s still in how LAL uses Lin and supports him as a team plus Kobe dialing it down a bit to give the stats a chance to work in LAL favor. And someway to patch up the bigs.

  115. linteresting! Hope JL’s back is ok with an ibuprofen.

  116. so many good players got the JLin treatment, as is true for so many of us out there in the world. Hence, we rejoice at his progress. What I love about him is, he has a chance to stay connected to the JL and us who are average people. Remember when he gave up his first class seats in flights for others, even as he was suffering inside in the DLeague bus?

  117. He is doing well comparatively, JLFfOz. I play fantasy and pgs tend to go up and down.

    Also, there seems to be 2 kinds of productivity. PGs in D mode and support mode, like Iggy, Lin at times, Shump, Ariza, have very low box scoring and fantasy scores. That’s because there isn’t really a good NBA box score for D efficiency and hockey assists.

    Guys like Lin and Aaron Brooks can bring it on some days, and other days they look bad because they are not in scoring mode or form. If they have an off shooting day, and they are more being the quarterback (dropped and hockey assists happening), they can score zero in fantasy but play 35 mins. Even Tony Parker has low days.

    Hence, it’s all in watching the game. That’s why I say Lin has not had one bad game, though these stats above show 3 bad ones. Maybe I’m just a soccer fan at heart, where your hero is very unlikely to score any given game so you spend the game watching his wonderful plays and what might had been if other players received well and executed.

  118. on way to come to peace with that is to ask yourself … is this a ho hum possession, or is it a key time. If key time, is it hero time?

    Like this:

    Lane 1:
    Ho Hum Possession: Lin will play in his role. It’s 15% chance he will initiate his own scoring. He will give it to Kobe or try to get someone going. If the shot clock is 5 sec, he will shoot or do something 95% of the time.

    Lane 2:
    Key time in game flow: Lin will 80% go for creating his own or an easy dime.

    Lane 3:
    Key flow in hero time: for now, just like who is taking Tech shots, it is Kobe.

    There you go, if you frame it up that way, you will never be upset at Lin and all the games will give you peace and joy. You will like I am be amazed at Lin’s play in Lane 2.

  119. Careful with those books there, Steve.

  120. photo op for sure …

  121. There will be riots if he does not.

  122. I am confident that those conversations did happen. I just do not how will it translate on the floor.

  123. yep, i agree.

  124. fna (typo for fan) Nice!

  125. If Mitch tried out the FA point guards mostly on his own initiative and without Scott’s approval, then it may have been an assertion of power over Scott. The message being, if you, Scott, have any inkling to start Price over Lin, then I’ll cut your pet PG and bring in someone else.

    Would make sense, because I’d think the Front Office want to see if JLin is their PG of the future, and it would better to see that with Lin starting instead of coming off the bench.

  126. Superb post.

    I have nothing to add to this discussion.

  127. Thank you Maestro.

  128. Does Lin still wear protective padding?

  129. For the back? I don’t think so…

  130. I agree the FO used Gal Mekel as a way to tell Scott he is failing with Lin/play Lin more/all the above.

    Based on following the Lakers for a long time now, I do not believe Kobe and Mitch talk all that much and definitely not about thoughts on where the team is going and how to structure the team and all that. I think the FO leaves Kobe in the dark and Kobe just goes on the court and does his thing unobstructed. FO may haved hoped Scott would do a better job reinging in Kobe and this is likely where the FO has issue with Scott right now.

  131. And Scott in return…will just start what ever PG Kup brings in over lin?….lol

  132. well the pads he wear protects the back. I just dont know if he still wears them.

  133. the under padding protects the ribs and back (small of back only). And the legs protect hip and thighs and butt. Just not sure if Lin still wears it these days.

  134. Nah, Scott just has this weird thing about Price. If a new PG came in who was just back-up material, I think Scott would suddenly become a Lin convert, lol. He’d know that Lin not Gecko would give the team the best chance to win.

    But, then again, who knows what would happen? Crazier things have happened – who would have thunk it that Patrick Beverley would take over Lin’s starting position?

  135. PS KHuang and Brent, as I know you’ve read this: I don’t like the PGs that tend to have monster stats because they tend to lose games because of their own ball issuance. Hence. the more consistent the stats from a PG, the more likely for me the team loses because of their scoring volume. Example, O-rebs that were easy pickings for Bev last year. Etc. I like a PG who loses only when the team loses. Lin.

  136. Wow, I though I’d be overly optimistic with my vote for 22/7 but it seems like more people voted for that number than the rest. Lol

  137. Since Atlanta and Dallas games I haven’t heard media harping on Lin’s discrepancy between home and away games. That was so bogus. Now it’s inconsistency. SMH

  138. Maybe Lin should wear football player gears.

  139. Lakers control all local media. If it stopped, Lakers brass stopped it. If it continues, Lakers brass dont plan to keep Lin much longer than this season.

    Oh, and Lin HAS BEEN inconsistent. On that I agree!

  140. I don’t agree, it’s not that black and white. Media is a mix of longstanding relationships mixed with the driving force of huge swings in ad revs if they hit the right trending topic. It is not like in the old days where a beat reporter has lunch with a source and they trade favors. Due to the Internet, media has a different agenda. And, media are now paid by ad revs, not subscribers, so there is v little editorial control. It’s actually about controlling the mass response, to drive clicks.

  141. Ed Davis = dimes and Lin in offensive flow.
    Lin against Nuggets too and their poorer D than Dallas.

  142. Should be good to have Davis in for offence and defence.

  143. well because the stats showed he was bad on away vs home games. now it shows inconsistency. again a lot of the media didn’t follow lin in rox. the don’t know him. i find it funny how some believe he should get special treatment because he won’t. if lin wants those to stop all he has to do is get better stats. its all about the stats right now. would rather that then them harping on how insanity was a fluke.

  144. See saw for click revs. Hence the 1 paragraph articles and tweets, to test response. Then hammer away for a couple of days and onto the next see vs saw. I think forums are where the truths are uncovered now.

  145. Its about the same. Both team have similar chemistry issues. And in Cavs land, they have a “3rd star” to deal with fitting in.

    In LA, it’s just Kobe everyone has to deal with but that’s a big black hole.

  146. see the photo comparison below on consistency.

  147. Guys like Ernest will never get it. And a lot of NBA fans and GMs think like Ernest.

  148. If you see Lin as inconsistent, then you are watching box scores and what they feed you then. See the OP’s post below on other PGs who are not labeled inconsistent.

  149. he has been up and down stat wise thats not debatable. obviously we know its because he is finding how to play with kobe and in this system. he will get better.

  150. Ah ha ha, you learned English from Her Majesty lol. Colours my day, heh heh.

  151. Kobe should be at the baseline 3 here. Oh well.

  152. see the photo comparison below on consistency.

    (ok, I need to say more: see batting average of a great baseball player. Then see Lin compared to other ‘consistent’ PGs that OP posted below.)

  153. he tried, and Lin tried to release to him but Dmo whacked Lin good and got away with it.

  154. Some genius came up that conclusion based on some bar chart.

  155. NO! Linsanity is the ONLY answer!

  156. if the media stop it, it is because it is not true anymore. You think too much.

  157. I judge Lin by my own harsh standard. He is an Asian American trailblazer and he must be better, much better, than the average starting PG.

    I know he has it in him which is why I follow and support him.

  158. I don’t judge Lin.

  159. im not debating this. he has scored under ten several times. having completely abandon his shot at times while other time kobe taking the ball away from him. those games he barely shot 4 times. again as it goes shooting wise he isn’t inconsistent but how he plays in the system is

  160. You are judge Joe..

  161. I disagree with you if you think the Lakers have little control over what TWC and LA times reports about them. ESPN? Now they can’t control ESPN as much but ESPN LA has connections to Lakers too that both sides must somewhat respect.

  162. His job is not to score. His job is to PG and win games.

    see the photo comparison below on consistency.

  163. Like Lin has said. I got a job to do. Not just scoring

  164. please these are excuses

  165. you guys don’t think enough. I worked in sports media news production before.

  166. You need to go back and work there. So we get more insider info.

  167. Yeah. I don’t know, is he any more or less consistent than Dragic and Bledsoe? They’ve had a number of bad games and good games. Isiah Thomas is affecting their stats in not a great way. Do they get the same type of scrutiny Lin gets? I doubt it.

  168. then you should know those guys will need to write up something everyday from nothing, and you should not take their words too seriously.

  169. I was a peon but I saw how thinks work on a local news station sports cast production set. Basically imagine I worked for something like a Jim Hill or Fred Rogan sports production

  170. oh boy, Brent. Ok here goes … it’s ok to exercise judgement. In ‘merica, it’s not good to judge people. “Dude, you’re in my space man.” So, exercise sound judgement, and support people. I know you know this by your posts. Just too short to really understand morse code all the time ya know what I mean.

  171. what ever it was those low scoring games he was bad as a pg as well. he has had a lot of TO as well. those games as a pg was bad

  172. Haters will hate, not much you can do about it. I’m sure Lin just ignores it like water off a ducks back. I just don’t bother reading garbage because when you do you get filled with garbage.

  173. Fine.

  174. Yes, the defenses he sees aren’t consistent and I think he’ll make adjustments. Each team offers different types of looks and he handles some different. It seems when his shot isn’t falling he plays differently.

  175. what I know is what they report is influenced by agents and teams. Because those people will cut you off if you ask questions they dont wants asked or you go too hard at them.

    So you dont think enough.

  176. The only bad I really care so far is his team is losing. Much more important than aforementioned.

  177. I’d appreciate you get rid of your “harsh standard”, that sounds like a hater standard if you keep using that…..

  178. I’m entitled to whatever I wish to think. I am not asking you to think like me.

  179. maybe this year. but idc what tragic is doing. lin didn’t average 17 ppg last year. he also didn’t win most improvement award

  180. And badly. I can take the competitive losses. The blowout stuff is hard to watch, even when he does well.

  181. I am just messing around. Seems like lots of ppl are too..:P

  182. well scott said it the bigs are bad at defense so what can lin do about that

  183. He can rack up more TOVs to try to get the bigs going. Who knows. maybe more TOVs is a good thing. 😛

  184. Man, you’re bossy…okay I’ll chnage it to linsanity and beyond.

  185. Can you see my queen wave?

  186. come on, you are not the only one knows it, and you are the only one take their word too seriously.

    You can not hold people all with your “harsh standard”, those reporters could not be 100% accurate all the time, and you need to give them room to make mistakes.

    And, it is not like everyone and everything has an agenda…….

  187. So you see it from the ‘source’ standpoint like I said.

    Follow the money.

    The money is coming from what TTNN says below. That is what drives what is written, NOT the source. The source is just feedstock for the goal of getting revs.

  188. Lin is and always will be judged by what people remember Linsanity stood for: Lin was perceived as possibly being one of the best players in the NBA with insane stats for those few games.

    They will always use that imposssible measuring stick with him for the rest of his career.

    It’s not stat based, it’s this notion Lin and not even Jordan can match.

  189. Forget about those ppl. Lin will move on…

  190. yeah exactly.

    Kobe Bryant brings LA Lakers MONEY. This will be and forever be Kobe Bryant’s team forever until he retires. ANd he will always be the alpha dog right or wrong because he brings in money and ESPN writes 10 pages articles about him.

    Lin? Just a side piece.

  191. you’re not watching the TO replays on NBA.com, else you would not be concerned about the TO/Assist ratio at all.

  192. jeremy is perfect

  193. No he is not. He is no scrub either. LOL

  194. sure I won’t try to change you, but I will just keep remind you that your “harsh standard” is very similar to “hater standard”. As long as you remember your standard is “harsh”, and use that accordingly, I’m fine with it. Just don’t somehow forget about the “harsh” part and take it as “normal”.

  195. his pg skills have been sub par so far

  196. What a way to boost his confidence, coach. smh.

  197. Say what you will. It’s hard to hold back I know. What you are saying is still way out of band of what real basketball is about, imo.

  198. Well….respectfully disagree.

  199. real basketball at the NBA level is hard to achieve due to the politics and money of it all.

  200. see the photo comparison below on consistency.

    (hate to have to add more, but I guess all the stars are also subpar PGs.)

  201. I would rather see more Henry and less Price.

  202. lol saying he is adjusting which is what i said and is the truth doesn’t make him a scrub. now taking lin stats and saying hey they do it to is very childish. lin has to be more consistent stop the excuses

  203. Scott doesn’t seem to like Xavier for whatever reason.

    He loves Wes Johnson, Young, Kobe, and maybe Price.

    The rest? I’m not so sure.

  204. I actually think so. Lin’s TOV with those bigs are investment IMO. Lin is always trying to create new or better team play with others, so his game should have TOVs. Otherwise, Lin is not trying to create new things for the team. Just playing safe. Like many Rox games, when Lin has almost no TOVs, they lost their games. Most of Lin’s TOV are investment instead of consumption.

  205. Xavier is 100 times better even if injured. But sometimes people get caught up on personality.
    Also Xavier might be only at 60% playing hard and though it looks ok on the court in games, Scott may be very annoyed by it.

  206. idc about the other guys he has had 1 TO for every assist last two games where kobe had to take the balll and play pg stop the excuses

  207. Not had to. But would/wanted to anyway

  208. I just wonder how annoyed Scott is thinking about himself.

  209. No. He is not and he doesn’t have to be perfect to be given his due, which is he is a top 10 PG.

    You are saying things to incite. Lin is playing great as a PG on any of 3 teams he’s been a starter for. He’s been able to make 2 of them contenders. The fails on those were the team work breakdown due to ball-dominant volume scorers. Because of that, he has not been able to get team work started on LAL, and that is causing him creative struggles on court. BS is not strong enough to help him.

    It will come.

  210. had to they don’t think he will make the right pass. which i would name on the newness of the offense but you say lin you do nothing wrong

  211. I think it is because his knee issue. Xavier had surgery in the summer and somehow not completely recovered. I think Lakers just don’t have the patient to wait for him to get to 100%. And I think he is not really 100% at this time, and if the coach and team is rushing him this way, it could lead to another injury or at least pretty bad performance.

    I’m not sure whether the Lakers’ injury issue has something to do with rushing people back before they are ready, like Kelly.

  212. Like I said, watch the TO vids. You are wrong. Keep working at it with the false narrative, it’s ok by me.

  213. Scott is actually a nice man, I’ve seen him in person before and he acts with class. But he seems to be terrible as a Laker coach.

  214. Plus the amount of rust he needs to shake off.

  215. lin has played great as a scorer he still need to master the system. his assist to TO are too high too often. he has to do better. no excuses.

  216. Brent, are you in some kind of Zen mode now?

  217. his TO are too high

  218. I am not talking about personally. I wonder how Scott thinks about how his coaching went so far. I believe they are nice guys

  219. yeah but Scott seems to be holding it against Xavier. I guess he’s cleared the LA doctors so Scott wants him to suck it out but Xavier is probably playing scared or worries about those knees like you say.

    Kind of like SAS going after Lin with the knee and not playing in NYC.

  220. that I can agree with.

    And Linsanity was about real bball and SAS smoking in the finals last year was real bball so anyway. the other stuff is a distraction for the moments I personally want to see. Until then, I look for moments of brilliance and am quite satisfied with it given at-bats and batting average.

  221. well, I think it is all excuse. Lakers need to cut a person to get another one, and I think now Scott is unwilling to cut Price, thus he will need to somehow find a target to work on.

  222. people tend to be kinder to themselves. I bet he thinks his roster stinks so he can’t do what he can do.

  223. LOL….No….I am just happy with what Lin has done so far. Things besides Lin is not my concern. I am a Lin fan and a basketball fan. Not really a interpersonal/team-operation fan.

  224. big LOL. I now am totally … um, a bit enthused I supposed.

  225. JUst cut Lin already.

  226. that would actually be really good for Lin

  227. too expensive to cut…… They still keeping Nash…..

  228. what a leader boo.

  229. You’re expectations are unfair and unreasonable. Firstly, Lin doesn’t just play against the opponents, he has to play against Scott and his sets as well as his rotations. Last night, Dwayne Casey took advantage of a hot hand in Lew Williams and rode him to a blowout of Cavs. Scott keeps yanking Lin like clock work regardless of situations. Secondly, Lin has to play against KOBE and his ball hogging. Thirdly, his teammates will sometimes go rogue and not follow plays. Lastly, his opponents will sometimes double him and set up defences to stop him from attacking the rims.

    So yeah, Lin has had problems being consistent for many reasons, some of it by his own indecision but a lot of it out of his control. In fact if you were a least bit sympathetic to how difficult a situation Lin is in, I’d think you would be amazed at how well he’s done.

  230. if he wants to trade price, he has to get his numbers up. Or just let him go. I’m thinking MoreyTrade.

  231. no, the way you address GoodDayLA’s question, really like you are out of this, and with GDLA somehow super anxiety posts, I thought you need to be in some kind of Zen mode to be less affected. lol

  232. I so laugh at Lin having to play against his own team mates and fans, and you called it right it is the case. Chinese say it is eating bitter.

  233. GoodDayLA and AG had some good points too. So…..lol maybe I need to learn this zen mode more? LOL

  234. I don’t think you could trade an NBA player with under 30% FG% and under 20% in 3FG%, plus, his contract is not guaranteed, really no point to trade him.

  235. Just cut Lin already….(TTNN is choking me now….LOL)

  236. We know the anxiety guys from all the Lin fan sites. That is why zen is easy to develop over time.

  237. ok, yes he can be dropped and I hope FO does something like – BS, you get no budget.

  238. well, just suprised Brent has this inner talent to master it in such a short time. However, you don’t know when that will trigger his inner troll mode, which he already start showing with his cry to cut Lin. lol

  239. Yes, starting to see that from following Lin from NY, to Houston to LA. Stuff we see just doesn’t seem to be logical from a basketball standpoint.

  240. excuses

  241. pre-game boredom. I think I will do some work.

  242. I’m looking at his flaws looking for where he can improve. I’m sorry i can look at his game in a critical manner because i want him to get better. i have watch this guy for how long seeing his improvement so far he should be better. I’m tired of the guard lin as if he is a child. making up excuses for his flaws. this well other people do it too. well idc if other people do it. my focal point is lin. also tragic and bledsoe don’t play all the time. they have three pg lin last time i check is the only pg on this team he has to be better and more consistent. stop the excuses

  243. He’s got his kids to get him back to genuine mode lol. Anyway, I think Lin will monster tonight. He’s rested, Denver is not Mavs, and Kobe has had time to think it over a bit. What a dummy, to take 300 shots preMavs on 3rd road game. What distortion field does he live in?

  244. It never ceases to amaze me how people don’t how situational a performance can be. Even great athletes who should know better, don’t take into account that nothing in game situations is cLear cut by what you can or cannot do. There many factors to consider. Such a simple thing as force feeding the bigs to get them into the flow like Lin did with Asik. It cost him a lot of TOs but long term effect is that Lin built up a working relationship with him for the future. This is off course not LIN’S job to do, but the coaches aren’t doing it. Pop manages his people’s future development so well and he always has one eye on what is and one eye on what he needs them to become. That balancing act requires tremendous amounts of patience and faith to see through to a well laid future.

  245. so a few guys today decided to protect lin like the geeky kid getting bulled in high school. i respectfully say he is a man and all athletes deal with expectation and pressure lin gets it bad but not as bad as other player. I’m looking at his flaws looking for where he can improve. I’m sorry i can look at his game in a critical manner because i want him to get better. i have watch this guy for how long. seeing his improvement so far he should be better. I’m tired of the protection of lin as if he is a child. making up excuses for his flaws. this line of well other people do it too. well idc if other people do it. my focal point is lin. also dragic and bledsoe don’t play all the time. they have three pg who play depending on ow good the other is. also the suns are better then the lakers and don’t need each to preform every game. lin last time i check is the only pg on this team he has to be better and more consistent. also this team needs him to preform or else an lin will be a free agent. he has to show he is a starter in this league. stop the excuses

  246. Anyone knows if I can bring a backpack 2 Staples Center? I have coat and iPad. HOU TC didn’t allow, when I went there last yr, I had to check it in with the security.BTW,HOU TC security treated ppl like criminals, not paying customers :-(, they were not very courteous

  247. All TOs aren’t created equally. I’ll take an offensive foul any day. I’ll look at a misread and see it for what it is. And some are bogus. He had a bogus TO in the Houston game. He had a bogus TO in the last game. He’s had plenty of opportunities to have very high assists games and his team mates didn’t hit them. Curry has a lot of guys to inflate his assists because he just passes it to them, they hoist a shot and make it and he get an assists. A lot of assists Lin gets he creates, he gets few of the pass it to a hot shooter assists like he did when he played with Novak. Even when he finds Hill he expends a lot of energy breaking the defense down to get it to an open Hill.

    I don’t mind criticism. But sometimes look at stats and things like assists and see that there’s more to the story than numbers.

  248. Acbc, agree. Many have played the game, few have tried to win it at a team, and even fewer have tried to lead a team to greatness. Lin has done that for the failing Knicks, and he has saved 2 PO runs that were failing for Rox.

  249. GSW has those rules online. You might find it on Staples site. Hey, have a great time!

  250. It’s a combo of Lin still having shaky looking handles or just taking some pressure off of Lin when he is targeted. That doesn’t always work. After a Lin TO Kobe brought the ball up and had a TO in one game as both of them got the ball stolen from them. It’s OK for Kobe to bring the ball up sometimes, just LIn has to do it more. I don’t see a lot of creativity in the Laker offense, the coach often says he doesn’t care about it so it doesn’t look too organized whoever runs it.

  251. You do not have to be sorry. we forgive you. LOL

  252. How are we making excuses for him? Let’s see, Lin can only score if he eventually gets to touch the ball again. What should lin do? Ignore the gpfact that he is supposed to be facilitator and take a shot before passing the ball to a teammate? Should lin intercept a pass to KOBE and then take the shot? Give us some examples of what he can do in the offensive scheme he’s in that he can muster a few more touches.

    Lin will never be the kind of player that will aim for short term goals for himself. He will always favor trying to get his teammates to buy into passing the ball like the Spurs, to not be satisfied with a good look, but a great look.

  253. I just love this picture. Says so much … taken in context with this season, what was called on the floor, what fans have said, etc.

  254. stop the forgive mode Brent, AG obviously is in his own world, he don’t need forgiveness, and I think you could just leave him alone.

  255. I don’t know if it I agree with this. Maybe Scott is trying to motivate X, thinking he could work harder at his game. I’m not sure. I like Scott’s manner but as a coach, he hasn’t shown much or have gotten good results. He’s now put himself on a timetable saying it may take years before the guys understand the defensive schemes. Well, a lot of the team may change in these years that have to adjust. And the not paying attention to offense bothers me.

  256. you might want to check it out before you go. I know Oracle center do not allow you to bring backpack, or big bags, no camcorder, or camera with greater than 4″ lens.

  257. the guy who agree with gooddayla says this lol funny

  258. This is from the Staples Center web site …

    The following is a partial list of items that are prohibited at all STAPLES Center events and is subject to change. Please contact Guest services specific policies/information.

    Weapons, pepper spray/mace, flares, fireworks
    Food, beverage, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers, drugs, illegal substances
    Pamphlets, product samples
    Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets, chairs, beach balls
    Laptop/Tablet computers, 2-way radios, laser pointers, flashlights
    Balloons, permanent markers, spay paint
    Noise making devices: air horns, drums, whistles
    Cameras: no flash/professional photography, tripods, monopods or selfie sticks.
    Recording Devices: audio or video
    Bags (backpacks, large bags, suitcases, luggage): may not be larger than 14″ x 14″
    Signs/Flags/Banners/Posters: may not be larger than 11″ x 17″ or attached to a pole/stick

    See : http://www.staplescenter.com/guest-services/a-z

    Note : Guest Services Centers are located on the Main Concourse across from aisle M12 and on the Upper Concourse across from aisle U6 and is designed to provide information to guests with questions, concerns, or issues during STAPLES Center events. In addition, Guest Services Centers provide assistance to guests with disabilities

  259. Is it on “the Price is Right” that they say “come on down!”.

    Maybe Henry needs to dress up in a funny costume or something to get called.

  260. Na na na na na na na na na zzzzzz

  261. lol…… you need to understand which mode Brent is in……………

  262. Yeah, I can imagine him in his Buhda pose levitating.

  263. I actually like it more when you defend Kobe Bryant.

    While I respect your love of Bryant, I don’t like the way Kobe Bryant is playing this season.

  264. I’ll bet Xavier Henry would outplay starter Wes Johnson if given the chance.

  265. What’s his percentage again? To make 300 probably took him 1500 shots to do it. Lol

  266. Screensaver mode I think.

  267. you know Bryant practiced before last game in the early afternoon, to make 300 shots, and so he was tired in the game, and start to settle with jumpers……..

    That’s the insane working ethic that kept him for 19 years in this league….

    Kobe is wired differently from normal people.

  268. exactly: lol
    JLin: we’re going for sushi after the game..
    Kobe; I love teriyaki too.
    JLin : ok, we’ll order that one too.
    Parson: take me with you.
    JLin: No. We just have Chipotle together. It’s Kobe’s turn..


    You are wrong in holding Lin to a higher standard.

    Don’t promote the “bamboo ceiling” that artificially limits Asians in America.

    I hold Lin to the same standard as any other player. That’s why Lin looks so good to me, even in games when circumstances force him to struggle.

  270. Then even though you think you are not a racist, do as the racists do.

  271. I judge Lin.

    I LIKE what I see!!!

  272. Well, I am NOT IMPRESSED.

    I’d rather Kobe practice with the team and work on making the right fundamental reads than hucking shots in solitude and mucking up the gameplan with his isoball me tality.

  273. I see nothing wrong with what Lin is doing.

    As long as he does as much as he can in his situation, I’m good with him.

    I’ve been just as comfortable with his zero point games as I have been with his 18 point games. I’m not lying either.

    Basketball is a team sport where one cannot be better than what the team allows a player to be.

  274. So there’s some guy being a tiger mom today telling lin to stop making excuses. I’ve been following Lin for a loong time and I feel sorry for him to have to put up with such mental lashing. I think I’ll report him to the league commissioner office for child abuse. Lol

  275. The problem is that it took him 1500 shots to make 300

  276. When I see lin give up on defence, then I know he should give up the game.

  277. Great photo, Joeteam.

    Many people would look at this and say that “Lin is not being triple teamed, he’s single covered, you Lin fanboys are delusional”.

    By the way, notice how Bryant and Hill are crowding Lin in the midcourt? Lin can’t even drive past Hill and Bryant if he somehow cracked the triple team, and he can’t pass to them either because they’re not open!

    Plays like these are why I have not been critical of Lin when he gets bottled up this season.

  278. my love for kobe lol wow

  279. its crazy so bayonet judge everything. lin does nothing wrong. this lin compared to tragic stuff all i have to do is say kobe compared to mj in Washington,

  280. lol, good one

  281. lol I’ve notice all of you just insult instead of going at my points. it well you are a kobe lover or you don’t have to be sorry while dodging what was said. i know I’m right but thanks for telling me by dodging

  282. Huh?

    I’m not trying to flame you, Alain Gervais.

    I don’t have any problem with you looking for flaws in Lin’s game. That’s what we all try to do here.

    I know you are a Kobe Bryant fan. There’s no problem in remaining one either. I’d like to be a Bryant fan too, but he’s only played one game this season (Hawks) which I thought was a “good” game. Bryant has to have more games like the Hawks game for me to really become his fan.

    I myself believe that Lin himself has been very consistent despite his inconsistent situation, and I’d like Bryant to help Lin solve the losing.

  283. exactly, I had the same concerns. Kobe looks like he like to go with his own training and skip practices all the time to rest, whereas he lost all this chances and his teammates’ chances to get to know each other. He need to set his priority right.

  284. you guys keep dodging i said things about lins game you go to i love kobe. the move of a 6 grader

  285. keep dodging

  286. i talked about lin not kobe why are you dodging

  287. What more would you have Lin do, then?

    I myself don’t see Lin being able to do any more than he’s doing in the limited minutes and the low usage and the poor defensive help that Lin receives.

    I haven’t been following this forum as closely lately, so forgive me if you’ve already posted your opinion and I missed it.

  288. NOT ME.

    I have great respect for you, Alain Gervais.

  289. limited minutes and usage he has the ball every play or most and can decide what he want. his usage the low scoring game vs the 18 point game last game was exactly the same. stop the excuses

  290. you have i agree shown respect i just hate putting all that effort to write what i see and people say you love kobe or stuff like that its childish

  291. that training might also give him some kind of false feeling that his shot could fall if he just shoot the next one, thus kind of pushed him keep shooting.

  292. Dodging?

    I’m not dodging anything.

    Lin’s “role” is inconsistent based on what the Lakers demand, but I feel Lin has played his role as humanly well as anybody could.

    Some would argue that Lin’s inconsistency causes the team not to trust him. I argue that when Lin’s been the only guy the team could turn to, he has consistently delivered and there’s a paper trail showing that Lin does.

    I always ask “Is a player doing as much in a role that he’s given? Given that Lin is regarded as just a caddy for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers veterans, I’d say that Lin has been shockingly consistent.

  293. not you you have debated my points thx for the respect

  294. I completely disagree.

    Houston trapped Lin HARD, and that actually backfired on Houston because they lost the game.

    Dallas used a more balanced defensive coverage against Lin, as Dallas was more focused on stopping Bryant. Lin was mostly guarded only by one defender and was easily able to shred the help defense when it came to stop him. It WORKED because Dallas destroyed the Lakers.

    We Lin fans here view Lin not just myopically, but in the full context of his team, his opponents, and whether the team won or not.

  295. Remember, I’m your FRIEND.

    We can disagree on points, but you and I do not troll each other.

  296. Now LOOK.

    There is nothing wrong with “loving Bryant.” For one game this season, I really did. I want to love Bryant more, and you’ve made some great arguments as why I should.

    Alain, you know that I’m being straight with you when I write that your pro Kobe arguments are much more convincing to me than your “Lin needs to raise his game, no excuses” arguments.

  297. i agree with you i do blame scott he has to get lin going . or have to notice the trap and call a play to counter that. all of his low scoring games could be blamed on scotty for lack of adjustment or kobe ball hogging. rox game was more understandable but i do think that trap should never work again if scott does his job

  298. yea i agree thx.

  299. Are you talking about the same guy saying “It’s Kobe team and he can do whatever he wants” or “It don’t matter” Lin has to do this and that and this and that?

  300. well you got the better argument today ….but ill be back lol

  301. To me, Lin is playing as humanly well as one can play in the very limited role Scott has given him.

    Other NBA players like Dragic and Thomas have plays and spacing and options laid out for them by their head coaches. Not Lin. Lin has to create his own coaching scheme out of thin air, and that is almost impossible to deal with because Lin cannot move 4 other guys around by himself.

    Please understand that when people disagree with you here, Alain, they actually feel the same way you do about Scott. I’m not even sure you disagree with any of us that there is a real limit as to how much Lin can overcome Scott’s lack of coaching.

  302. NO I DON’T have a “better argume t”.

    My friend, you are too hard on yourself.

    At the end of this discussion, you pointed out that Scott is KILLING Lin with bad coaching. Thus you are actually in agreement with the rest of us.

    We all want Lin to do well. If anything, you’re more fervent about it than I am. I just happen to be completely satisfied with Lin’s effort while you’d like to somehow see Lin get more for his struggles.

  303. do you think that limited role has to do with this team being new i saw more play last game using both lin and kobe to help the other

  304. thats a good point. its a contract year so i may be a little antsy this year.

  305. Great question.

    Personally, I think that the primary problem is that Byron Scott has NO IDEA how good Jeremy Lin is.

    I have followed Scott for a long time and am aware of how he handles point guards that he favors. If Scott handled Lin like that, we’d see Kobe Bryant taking far less shots and playing more teamball.

    But because Scott has NO FAITH in Lin and plays Lin solely because Ronnie Price has been abysmally bad, Scott doesn’t see any need to help Lin on either end of the court.

    Without proper plays and help, Lin can only help so much. This results in Bryant literally being FORCED to play heroball.

    Notice we saw the same dynamic with McHale? When a coach doesn’t respect Lin, it forces the team’s stars to go rogue.

  306. I have seen many high performing players not receive good contracts after great contract years.

    There is NOTHING Lin can do to influence it.

    All Lin can do is play as well as he can and see what happens.

  307. well i don’t know if he lacks belief in lin but he basically well to put it nicely he isn’t a offensive genius like dantoni. the player say they never practice offense or focus on it. it seems the players have to wing it out there on offense. i do think its better structured then rox last year but that doesn’t say much

  308. not Steven Novak, who paid his dues in high school.

  309. I LIKE IT!

  310. And I got this just wondering why Lin had that TO. He actually blew by Bev, Dmo pretty much stuck a thigh to stop Lin, Kobe ran the baseline too late. Imagine all the other stills we can get. See how wide open Lin is to the basket if Dmo had not gotten away with the obstruction. Ref definitely gave this one to Rox. Then there was the one where Lin was stepping over Dmo’s face as he arguably fell and tripped Lin up, the false charge when D did not give Lin space to catch and face, and the uncalled reach in by Papa in Booz to knock Booz off the ball. I think instead of 5 TOs against Rox, it was a legit 1.

    Love the bev attempt to catch up, the near each by I think Ariza leaving Kobe, kobe breaking baseline just too late because Ariza already left him. Why isn’t Booz going with Lin, etc etc,

    Fans were saying he was playing out of control and panicked under Rox double. Wish people would watch bball instead of box scores and media. This pic says it all. Wu kong’s site is great because she focuses in facts to make up for the lack of bball watching.

  311. This is the problem:

    Jeremy Lin: “We have a formula. We have a recipe, but we have to stick to it every night.”

  312. Kobe had a clear shot at the basket had he cut to his right.

  313. So much for read and react, does it not?

  314. Neither do I. Nothing wrong with him

  315. tell me what you mean, as I don’t know the lingo.

  316. You can see Kobe here reacting way too late (refresh), and DMo is clearly not set and has already knocked Lin off his lane. Ref in the far right standing and can see the foul. It was marked a TO.

    Shows Lin is sharper in team movement than Kobe at least on this play. At least 1 sec ahead of Kobe.

  317. That should be the first thing Kobe should have done once his man Ariza turned his back on him (Kobe).

  318. YES!

  319. I am just saying this is a system of read and react while most players on the team does not read at all….m….oh well…

  320. Do you mean Lin is the problem?…JK

  321. I get it. You are right. Lin is making 2 seams from nothing and the team misses it, refs missed it, and all the tiger fans miss it too. I miss it live-action too, but I feel it and when I look it up on nba stats .com, I can see it too.

  322. Well….I guess only ppg matters.

  323. For my fantasy team yes. I’m not mad if Lin scores a couple.

  324. Not to say you’re wrong, but its not really the fact that he was double/triple teamed but how bad the spacing was. Kobe as too close to Lin when he was driving which allowed Ariza to help one step away.

  325. Kobe could not go any further…..lol

  326. Not offended. KHuang made the point in double team, which is right in terms of team reaction to a lin move.

    If you look at the video (2nd TO in game logs), its not a double team that was unfolding. It was Lin beating Bev 1-1 with a quick misdirect not fancy handle, wide open lane, Dmo foul uncalled, Kobe not moving off ball as you say, and ref allowing it to go to TO instead of foul.

    As you say, Ariza able to crowd Lin allowed Dmo to hook back in front of Lin. I hadn’t seen that until now so thanks and I love fact based bball posts. Thanks again.

  327. Curry does it from the tunnel heh heh.

  328. haha, actually he could’ve been more at the corner or moved to the basket. Either way ariza had no repercussions for helping on Lin there, he was still close to kobe.

  329. not sure i understand why dmo was there though. Lin beat Bev 1-1 right? Dmo should’ve been on Boozer, why is he over there?

  330. don’t know. watch the vid here and let me know. I never got coached in bball so I don’t know the orchestrated moves. I guess Booz should have maintained his threat on the O by moving with Lin and since he stood, Dmo just sagged onto Lin.

    Here’s the vid link – see of you agree there’s only 1 legit TO of the 5:


  331. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    Byron Scott’s refusal to practice offense is KILLING the Lakers on defense too.

  332. i see 2 legit TO’s and 1 that might/might not be. The other 2 should’ve been blocking calls.

  333. hazzah! I feel better.

  334. Coach baby coach!

  335. Only explanation is coach incredibly incompetent or they’re tanking.

  336. I guess Lin thinks the plan is sound but when guys go against it, it falls apart. You need to make adjustments when the other guys figure some things out in your plan. I’m not sure Bryan makes these adjustments.

  337. I hate thinking of millionaires as incompetent lol.

  338. or they’re very competent in tanking :]

  339. Great article, Rick Johnson.

    The stat that really surprised me was Kobe Bryant shooting over 50% from 16-24 feet. That’s far more than I thought Bryant was doing.

    The other stat that surprised me but not as much as the Bryant stat was Davis playing insanely well with the starters. I had written that Ed Davis has basically been performing the exact same way Celtics great Bill Russell would be performing in today’s game, and Davis indeed has been a beast.

    Byron Scott continues to cling to his antiquated notions of 80s illegal defense style basketball in the modern day. It’s killing the Lakers, Lin included.

  340. I’d imagine this would be Kobe’s response:

    “We’re not making cookies. I also have a formula to fight crime”

  341. I’ve never seen a situation like this in the NBA where the coach had an awesomely working Princeton offense but willfully abandons it every game just because the team’s “superstar” refuses to run that offense with the team.

  342. I like the lineup tweak to swap Hill with Davis in the lineup:

    The starting four plus Davis has torn apart the opposition in their limited run together. They’re outpacing their competition by almost 36 points per 100 possessions, the sixth-best figure for any five-man lineup that has appeared in at least seven games.

    Add that to the argument for increasing Davis’ minutes.

    Watch this particular unit as the season progresses. Right now they’re shooting an insane 65 percent from the field and scoring an ungodly 147.8 points per 100 possessions—tops in the league and a pace that’s sure to falter soon.

  343. agreed. he loves boozer

  344. kobe too, lamenting changes in rules.

  345. If Boozer sits out tonight, we might see more Linsanity team play featuring Lin/Davis
    At least for the 1st three quarters before Kobe is the main feature in the 4th

  346. Boozer’s old coach, give him the night off.

  347. In SC now, they don’t show who the starters are on the overhead big board?

    Idk how to insert pic here 🙁

  348. Ideally, swap Hill, Boozer, & Wesley with Davis, Kelly/Randle, someone else*. Price should not be getting the minutes he’s getting. Injuries have obviously not been good to Lakers this season

  349. I will send pic thru my tweeter account @hyca73

  350. Wow that’s bad. I will not be able to get into Oracle Arena. My everyday bag is a big bag, which can fit a 10-12 inch laptop.

  351. Maybe they’ll blow out Denver so badly in 3 quarters with this line up, Kobe’s heroball won’t be necessary in 4th. =)

  352. Davis on the STARTING lineup! 🙂 He can go head to head more with Nuggets bigs.

  353. Did Lin show up for practice yet?

  354. omg please let the Lakers blow out the Nuggets in a impressive win where everyone plays the right way offensively and defensively so Coach Scott will stick to that lineup from here on out.

  355. For sure now? But Trudell just said don’t know yet…?!

  356. Maybe save Hill for offensive rebounding purpose with Davis for defensive purpose.
    As long as Hill limits his midrange jumpers when missing, that’ll be good

  357. lets hope…but prep for disappointment

  358. Except Randle’s done for the season and Kelly hamstring keeps getting reinjured.

  359. Lakers tweet says boozer out, davis starting to confirm Joyce ‘ s post.

  360. *ideally 🙂

  361. Thanks. Wow! Hope big won tonight.

  362. if this hasn’t been posted, it’s interesting to see perspective of Laker fans/new Lin fan.
    The only thing I disagree with is Lin might be a trade bait by Feb 2015.

    The irony is the better Lin plays, the more appealing his trade value would be.


  363. Kobe: “There’s no ‘I’ in team but there is an ‘I’ in Chucking!”

  364. They double and triple teamed Lin a lot even up to the 3 point line sometimes. It was ridiculous.

  365. yes finally we get to see what we wanted since the preseason

  366. If Lin plays well then why needs to trade him for what?! I don’t think that’s the whole point to spend 15M just tried to trade him?! But since 12/15 is coming so there are rumors like this show up now…

  367. Hope they’ve practiced that pick and roll. Saw they were both behind Scott practicing free-throws yesterday on that interview of Scott.

  368. Why does it take injuries to make Scott make the right rotation changes? Nash then Price out to put Lin in with the starters, now Boozer injured to put Davis in with the starters. We’ve been saying since preseason Davis and Lin should start.

  369. Well Boozer is better than Sacre. Boozer should come off the bench and Davis should start.


  370. I hope they play Davis more. Sacre is terrible.

  371. Or maybe Davis should play a lot of minutes to compensate…

  372. Lakers Nation‏@LakersNation
    One hour before #LakersBasketball, so check out the keys to victory against the Denver Nuggets via @kevin_cruiser. http://www.lakersnation.com/lakers-vs-nuggets-preview-lakers-return-to-staples/2014/11/23/


    “However, Kobe is still chucking the ball way too often through double and triple teams. It’s really ugly to watch when Kobe dribbles into a double team then launches it with four hands in his face”.

  373. have faith, buddy!

  374. i think lakers should win this game. Nuggets are one of the worst teams in the league, and they are playing on the road.

  375. May be Scott is all talk but don’t really have the balls to replace the veterans.

  376. They look like the crew of a cruise ship:

    Los Angeles LakersVerified account‏@Lakers
    It’s just about that time. #GoLakers

  377. what’s up with that fobby shirt man.

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