G14 DEN @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lin finished with 17pts/5asts/3rebs/2stls/3TO/5PFs in a 94-101 loss.

This was a game that the Lakers could have won.

Lin started slow in the 1st half as he couldn’t get the PnR going with Davis as DEN packed the paint (Lakers couldn’t make 3s in Q1)

Lin couldn’t get his rhythm in Q2 either after sitting out from Q1 4:20 until 6:03 left in Q2

Linsanity appeared in Q3 where he scored 11pts/2asts and LAL outscored DEN 27-23

But Kobe shot 3-11 in the 4th quarter after shooting efficiently 6-10 in the first 3 quarters. It has been a common theme lately that Kobe will do his ISOs in the 4th while playing teamball in the 1st three quarters. Kobe will need to learn to trust his teammates more and let the offense run through Jeremy Lin. Until then, we will have more losses in games that they could win.

Lakers 3PT defense was still a big problem, the same with bad bench

Lin performed quite well with his midrange, drives and aggressiveness (8-11 or 73%)  when his 3pt sharp-shooting didn’t fall today (0-4) and rare FT misses (1-3). That’s what great players should do if their outside shooting is not falling. Attack the rim and make closer midrange shots.

Grade: B+