G14 DEN @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lin finished with 17pts/5asts/3rebs/2stls/3TO/5PFs in a 94-101 loss.

This was a game that the Lakers could have won.

Lin started slow in the 1st half as he couldn’t get the PnR going with Davis as DEN packed the paint (Lakers couldn’t make 3s in Q1)

Lin couldn’t get his rhythm in Q2 either after sitting out from Q1 4:20 until 6:03 left in Q2

Linsanity appeared in Q3 where he scored 11pts/2asts and LAL outscored DEN 27-23

But Kobe shot 3-11 in the 4th quarter after shooting efficiently 6-10 in the first 3 quarters. It has been a common theme lately that Kobe will do his ISOs in the 4th while playing teamball in the 1st three quarters. Kobe will need to learn to trust his teammates more and let the offense run through Jeremy Lin. Until then, we will have more losses in games that they could win.

Lakers 3PT defense was still a big problem, the same with bad bench

Lin performed quite well with his midrange, drives and aggressiveness (8-11 or 73%) Β when his 3pt sharp-shooting didn’t fall today (0-4) and rare FT misses (1-3). That’s what great players should do if their outside shooting is not falling. Attack the rim and make closer midrange shots.

Grade: B+


  1. 1…..

  2. 2nd – still puny

  3. You moved up to 2 though πŸ™‚

  4. 2nd female!

  5. I beat Jeremy in the consistency department

  6. man, you’re getting so assertive like Lin :]

  7. Jeremy’s post game interview.

  8. that is a coaching problem

  9. Demand the ball? How about just let someone set him up for great shots?

  10. Kobe and Nick Isos in the 4th? No ty.

  11. He said first “share the ball” and now ” I must demand for the ball” lol

  12. Come on Young, you really think you can get the ball from “The one can’t be named”?

  13. No contradiction there, he meant “share the ball…with ME”!

  14. Come on Swag make up your mind.

  15. wow…

  16. just got back from SC, disappointed the team lost, but am glad that at least JLin did well points wise (still can’t believe he missed that 2 FTs in OT).
    Am I right that JLin took himself out the last few mins of OT? I saw he talked to BS, then he came out, and Ellington went in.
    I sat at the opposite side of the court from LAL players, unfortunately not able to see clearly the interaction between Lin and his teammates.
    Sacre is pretty funny, when DEN players doing FTs, he would wave his towel to ask the fans to disturb them, it worked a few times ^_^

  17. lol. interesting. Thanks!

  18. Damage control after quick mouth.

  19. Pics and videos please πŸ™‚

  20. lol. yup

  21. any videos on nick young’s post game interview?

  22. Yeah, he is doing damage control now…LOL

  23. great post! They needed to be aggressive on D those series, and if they tied, they would need Lin for 2nd OT, so it was Ellington who was assigned to D up at the end there. It was a wise pull of Lin. Not a stupid pull like playoffs against Portland. Also, Lin was exhausted staying in front of Lawson and his 2 missed FTs told the story. Wise move, Kobe lost the game in my view with that final ISO so easy to D. 1 on 9 really.

  24. This isn’t a three page report but will do for now πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. lin is the player of the game?

  26. awesome, Lakers Nation!

  27. I have only the vids when JLin doing pregame shootaround, but don’t know how to upload here πŸ™
    His corner-3’s from left hand side were very good.

    during the game, too busy watching, didn’t take pics or vids, sorry

  28. Lin getting banana?

  29. enjoy the trip. Any recollections would be nice. Be safe in LA. Fun place. Eat great food.

  30. Review from Lakersground:

    Lin –a smiling Smiley and a cringing Smiley — Good to see him involved in the OT. Not good to see him miss two FTs he earned out of that. If you are looking for a point or two to help the Lakers bring this back to a one-possession ball game, those misses were painful. Lin was the only one besides Kobe to produce offensively in this game. We should have involved him a little more in the fourth after his strong third quarter. The Lakers went back to calling his number more (or Lin did it himself) in the OT. Despite the loss, this was a positive step forward for him as he looked more like a wingman to Kobe even in crunch time. Defensively, he got into some foul trouble. I really thought he got robbed on a call late in the fourth when he stripped a man with 16 seconds left. That looked like a great defensive play. The Stats: He scored 17 points on 8-15 shooting (0-4 from three, 1-3 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals, 3 turnovers and 5 fouls in 36 minutes. He was a -2. The Action: He threw a pass away getting caught in the air. He took an outlet and scored in transition. He was rejected on a layup attempt working off the screen-roll. Bad kickout right to the Nuggets, points the other way. He attacked in early offense, got his man in the air and scored a layup. He missed a long three on a kickout. He missed a wide open wing three. Second Half: He used a second Nugget defender to screen his man, attacked and hit the bank from the right side. He sank an elbow pull-up jumper. He attacked a seam when the Nuggets bigmen were drawn out on the perimeter and he scored an And-1 layup, getting knocked to the floor, he made the FT. He pushed out the Davis block with speed and scored a layup over a helpless defender. He sank an elbow pull-up jumper. He hit Sacre for the open jumper off the two-man game. He missed an open wing three. He missed a pull-up working off the high screen. He swiped the ball, pushed it out, looked off the defender and hit Wes for the nasty And-1 jam, massive dunk. Wow, great reach to strip his man with 16 seconds left and he was called for the foul. Overtime: He swiped a kickout and was fouled. He iso’d and hit the turnaround from about 12 feet out on the left side. He picked up his fifth foul on the other end. He got tapped on a wing three on iso. He probed the lane and drew FTs on the pull-up, he missed both, uggh, those were huge.

    I’m jealous that Sacre got a dancing tomato”

  31. You know, lin is standing up yo kobe. Worthy said that lin waived kobe off a couple of times, and then when kobe screamed at lin, lin screamed right back at him, so the team is watching this, and I think Lin is getting respect by standing up to kobe. I think Kobe likes it. Kobe knows that all he wanted to do was get his points so that he can maintain #1 in scoring. He got his 27 points, but Scott should have taken him out. Scott is afraid of Kobe.

  32. sorry, I’m only a LOF, I admit I don’t know much about bball, so not able to give you a multiple-page report πŸ™‚
    I was there purely cheering for Lin and his team.
    I need to continue learning from other experts here to understand what princeton, triangle, etc, are.

  33. Really? Wow! Can’t believe this? But Lin played well in 3Q. Just didn’t get enough shooting in 4Q.

  34. pisss on the hydrant lin

  35. Just as Worthy said, its so predictable who the Nuggets should defend during crunch time. The chance of winning the game decrease to about 10% when you know Kobe is going to take 90% of the shots at the end.

  36. NY missed his 3. Why not Lin? He’s made those from harden.

  37. Love Clarkson’s reaction after Wes’s posterize:


  38. lin giving some good political answers..LOL

  39. He gets a B from me because of the 2 silly TOs in the first half and seeming less than decisive. He gets a YAYYY for the 3rd quarter play where he really got in gear and gave us some Linsanity. In the 4th he was cold and hit a nice shot but that steal was very exciting leading Wes to a highlight. But he didn’t have his 3 ball, he had a few too many fouls today, he missed 2 clutch FTs he usually makes and he didn’t really look to do his clutch thing in the 4th as they went into Kobe ball too soon. I’m happy with him because of his tough D and dazzling 3rd quarter. But I wanna see the 25 point game soon and the 4th quarter explosion and big clutch shots.

  40. lol i like this lin assertive on and off the court.

  41. he would have if he hit his 3 and got the 2 fts..lol

  42. BS will never control Kobe, Kobe is the reason he was hired in the first place. You don’t bite the hand that fed you.

  43. LOL…you folks are really quick!

  44. yea i see it keep it up

  45. good kobe

  46. Yep I saw that too, Kobe yelled at Lin for that one play after the whistle for timeout and Lin yelled something back. Wish we knew what they said. Nice to see Lin stand out up to Kobe that’s what he needs to do and what Kobe respects.

  47. you are being passive! LOL

  48. Exactly, even if BS was to call out Kobe it’d be privately.

  49. He’s holding back something. He’s taking these losses hard. Lin wants to win, especially winnable games.

  50. Not really looking for BB stuff, but more on the court interactions and happenings, would be nice. Thanks @hy_c:disqus

  51. Lin is close to figuring it out with kobe. They are working with each other early on to get each other going. Then when Kobe needs a rest, like in 3rd quarter, Lin turns it on and Kobe supports. The last thing Lin needs to decipher is how to give Kobe the ball and find a way to keep the rest of the team going so there are options. Really, LAL need to be 2 possessions ahead so it never comes down to Kobe ISO because Kobe isn’t going to win many games that way now.

    There you go, my view on how close Lin is. Hope he solves it before it all changes again.

  52. its very hard to defend. works better then the harden lin one. because kobe boxes out his man harden would put his but out like i did my job

  53. from what I saw of the game on TV jeremy is ready to challenge Kobe on the court. BS will have to pull him out of the game to make him stop like he did near the end of overtime great coaching. swag it was left in after shooting 2 for 12. Kobe had too many bricks near the end of the game and an overtime to even count

  54. yea i agree he used to but can’t anymore 3 years ago those shots was cash

  55. Give the guy a break. He played with a bad back and still managed to fight through it to put the team into a winnable situation. Pretty hard to beat the opponents as well as your own coach and star chucker.

  56. I started to notice that a few games ago. I thought it was something he and Lin worked out, not something Byron Scott put in. Also I think Boozer is in on it too, maybe Hill. But they should get Wes cutting. He has the athletic edge that they are missing now and he isn’t really a 3 pt. shooter. He should be doing high-flying acts by the rim.

  57. LOL. I was just teasing you. No worries. Hope you had a lot of fun.

  58. i think scott said henry loss athleticism from his leg injury. he could of been a big player with his driving

  59. Harden’s a lazy player. Kobe is hard-working at least, he just needs to look for players more in the crunch moments of games like LeBron does.

  60. that’s what I’m sayin’

  61. don’t you guys wonder why so many people respect Bruce Lee, its mostly because of his attitude that attracts people. Only guys with enough self-confidence will act like that, and people will feel it too.

  62. Lin had 5 fouls, that’s why Ellington came in to play D on Lawson.

  63. that foul by the 2 bigs was dangerous! could have been a head bouncer on the floor. Lin is just so good.

  64. No, i think lin was out because he had 5 fouls. Scott doesn’t mind lin challenging kobe because he won’t. Just like lin/boozer kind of pointed the finger at kobe.

  65. he need a few steps though. this team is slow so it hides what he can do.

  66. But Lin did not come in for the final 2 possesion

  67. “Somtimes” not “All” the time ><"

  68. It was as announcers said to keep lin available in case they got to double OT.

  69. Game got out of hand by then. Nothing left to do but keep fouling. Lin couldn’t help with that.

  70. He protected himself well. Did not try to land on his feet at all. very softly landed.

  71. yeah, no point fouling out, when the game could go into 2nd OT

  72. young today. kobe got the whole team challenging him except the coach

  73. thats all good πŸ™‚

  74. Lin was only out in the last 23secs for 3PT purpose.
    Lin was 0-4 for 3s and Lakers was behind 4pt so Elliington was in as a threat next to Nick (who made 1) and Kobe (who made none)

  75. It will all go to Kobe so no need to take the chance for foul out..

  76. I def see it lots and it gets each other going.

  77. Well it is not like you still have possessions left anyway. might as well just use him one last possession. If he foul out, he foul out. Not a biggie.

  78. like a karate fall … both blades and shoulders taking the force but i was worried about the head bounce. Lucky he got fully flat on his back.

  79. Yeah, if LIN could lead the team properly, Wes would be flying and cutting LIN Landry Fields with easy score at the rim.

  80. Lakers had to foul in the last 2 possessions. If the Nuggets player had the ball near Jeremy, he would have fouled out. If the Lakers somehow got into double overtime, Jeremy wouldn’t be available to play, so sitting Lin was the right play at the end of OT.

  81. Of course. THat is the only PnR that teams can not load on either Kobe or Lin.

  82. you can be coach of LAL … I’ll put in the call lol.

  83. Nick Young post game interview

  84. Yeah, he should be the Parsons replacement for Lin’s game….hope they improve on it. Maybe Wes is not too use to it yet…

  85. That is just weird. I mean, if he does not even trust Lin with one last possession, why thinking about the remotely possible 2OT at all?

  86. Overall good game with bad stretches. At the end it was like watching the big o’fish that got away…

  87. I doubt Brent willing to take all the hate that would be thrown at him! LOL

  88. flip flop splash!

  89. I will just take some popcorn and watch at home laughing….LOL

  90. Brent will be the zen master 2, the sequel “the wrath of Brent”

  91. And we fan, would be smacking at him all day long! Thats fun

  92. ha ha very good one! Kobe and Lin with 5 guys and then 3 guys wide open at the 3. Oh, wait …

  93. Minus the 0-4 from 3s that were off tonight, Lin actually made 8-11 or 73%(from the field (Total 8-15 FGM-FGA).
    That’s really good.

    I’m glad he took 15 shots despite the 3pt misses. He didn’t give up and got closer to the rim to score like all great and smart players do.

    I updated the post above

    Lin performed quite well with his midrange, drives and aggressiveness (8-11 or 73%) when his 3pt sharp-shooting didn’t fall today (0-4) and rare FT misses (1-3). That’s what great players should do if their outside shooting is not falling. Attack the rim and make closer midrange shots.

  94. smh Kobe

  95. I will just pull a McHale or Scott anyway….LOL

  96. We already do that lol

  97. tweet attack his bad plays …

  98. It actually means something that Byron wanted to save Jeremy in case 2OT is possible. Coaches will sometimes do that with their star players in foul trouble.

  99. take the money and do the McHale/BS …

  100. I think Wes got a glimpse of that when lin assisted Wes with that master dunk, that saved him from being a total bust for this game.

  101. Well…I guess so. I would not say it is impossible anyway.

  102. Brent the bonny head?!…sorry sorry…pun intended…just couldnt resist

  103. Byron pretends he did not hear anything.

  104. That dunk was flying from a ways out!

  105. and share with us, some! we will be good to you, then! Hail To Brent

  106. Lin is really challenging him. I love it…LOL

  107. his words to lin are aggressive, but his body language is contrite.

  108. There’s your reason for the lost. Kobe just being Kobe. Kudos to Lin for trying to get him to listen in crunch time though.

  109. Yeah. At first I was mad too when I saw that Bryon took Lin out. But then afterwards, I realized the game situation and could see why he did that.

  110. Rest of the team, Hill, Swaggy, Elington just staring at Kobe in disbelief. Wes just turns away.

  111. awesome, @hy_c:disqus πŸ™‚
    Hope you had a great experience watching the 3rd quarter Linsanity :}
    Too bad for the loss, but hopefully Kobe will trust teamball more in the 4th quarter to get wins

  112. He’s telling that to Lin?

  113. If Lin only had 4 fouls, I’m pretty sure Byron would have left Lin in the game at the end.

  114. Yep, lin made a point. Look at the other players face..LOL Lin is standing up.

  115. Lin looks like someone trying to talk a suicide jumper off a ledge.

  116. 8-15 is 8/15, how could we cherry pick it to 11?

  117. yea obvious

  118. Yep.

  119. i like it

  120. I would never let another man talk to me like that. Dont care who you are. WTF

  121. kobe is outta control and he knows it. LOL

  122. Yeah, he would have.

  123. Kobe has pride. I see pride in strong men to the what holds them back. Hope he can soften his pride. Really, when one ages, that’s the only way to have a surge forward from all the experience and wisdom.

  124. its bball. happens all the time. lin had to say something real

  125. it happens in any competitive sports, ALL the time πŸ™‚

  126. Actually LOL’d in real life at this comment.
    The accuracy.

  127. they can read lips now?

  128. No Scott is looking scared..LOL

  129. lol its obvious

  130. Turn on the recorded audio! After Lin stepped in to say something to him, Kobe told him or everyone to “get the F out of the way”.

  131. nick young’s expression is priceless. hill is a close 2nd. hahaha!

  132. Look how Young is looking at him. like really Kobe…LOL

  133. wow, Swaggy got that “I can’t believe it this relapse” look in his eyes :]
    BScott just pretended not to hear what Kobe said but Lin intervened.

    Lin got more guts than BScott!

  134. yea like what lin did though told him the truth

  135. Sure. But he needs to get checked.

  136. What does the body language say?

  137. lol he is lin is telling him the truth

  138. still can’t hear it

  139. BS just pretended nothing happened.

  140. Kobe had a blackout and relapsed :]

  141. Serena Winters
    Nick Young: “Kobe is going to be Kobe but somehow we’ve gotta find a way to put that ball in the hole with everybody else.”

  142. BScott..maybe with good reasons…lol

  143. that was soo… passive LOL *cluck-cluck-cluck*

  144. yeah, it won’t look good if Kobe spewing that to his coach LOL

  145. Top left corner of video has audio icon. What Kobe said was Loud and Clear.

  146. i mean i can hear the announcer, but I can’t what kobe is saying

  147. you won’t be able to hear Kobe said it but it’s very obvious reading Kobe’s lips enunciating the words

  148. Kobe’s tough guy armor is starting to crack. He can’t backup his selfish play because he is shooting horrible this season. You can see it in his body language when he misses repeated ISO plays…he knows people are talking about his poor shooting and ball hogging ways. In the past, he’d at least get away with it because he’d be a hero more often than not. This year, he’s the goat more often than not.

  149. Lin has his right hand up as he speaks to exhibit he is confident in what he’s saying. Kobe is rocking and snapping his feet and backing up as he says his words. Body don’t lie, he was hurt by what Lin said. NY going … “really, dude? You really sayin’ that?”

  150. You can actually hear it very faintly.

  151. CSI portal …

  152. 15 FGAs covers the four missed 3FGAs so discounting the 3s, it’s 11 shots for midrange/layup
    It means he didn’t shoot well for 3s but the rest was good at 73% clip

  153. Scott is totally a chicken here. I think the rest of the players will respect Lin more after this, especially after Kobe told them to get the F out of the way and Kobe still missed shots after shots. Notice at the start of OT, the plays went to Jeremy more than Kobe. But then it reverted back to Kobe ISOs after Lin missed his 2 FTs.

  154. LMAO, that’s exactly what he looked like!

  155. LOL.

  156. It’s just like every 4Q to end of the game.. all the ball go to Kobe… that’s rule since game 1.

  157. The thing is, Lin has it with his friends and on the court. He won’t say anything in public. We see it in his aggression on the court. Later, when he’s older, he’ll talk about it so younger guy can learn what he learned.

  158. Kobe could backup his selfish ways in the past, as he’d have good games more often than not. This year, it’s tough to walk the talk, since he’s been shooting horrible. Ironically, what he says is right, when the Lakers lose, it’s all on him. And if the Lakers keep losing like they have been, it WILL be all on him.

  159. i have to say kobe acts a lot like mj. sound like something mj would say

  160. This is a really hilarious clip. Even the asst coach has a “woah, what, uhh” look on his face…!

  161. except MJ would deliver and win :]

  162. I agree- you can’t let a player talk to the team point guard like that. Better yet can’t have any person talk to you like that in your FACE. I would of handled the situation differently. Haha. Or at least pull him to the side after the game for a pow wow.

  163. Lintervention did not work this time…

  164. Yup, that’s the difference!

  165. Needs more Linception :>

  166. well not at the wizards

  167. not on the wizards

  168. I think Kobe is worst than MJ

  169. Sad, but it’s really Byron Scott’s fault. Kobe was shooting very well in the first three quarters, but Scott is playing him too many minutes. He’s still a great player and in great shape but he’s 36 yo and returning from 2 major injuries. He just doesn’t have the legs to keep shooting at a high percent in the 4th quarter after so many minutes. Many younger NBA players wouldn’t be able to do it either. It’s a disgrace what Scott’s overplaying him is doing to him.

  170. It’s funny, this is the same thing that Derek Fisher did to him when Phil Jackson was coach. Kobe looking like a kid that caught doing something wrong and he got caught and he is defensive. Lin is like you are not going to blame this on me..LOL

  171. true, but I don’t remember MJ had 37% usage rate in the Wizards either. Or shot 3-11 in the 4th quarter
    This is something else. Epic Performance Art as Voulgaris said

  172. Except none of the teammates had the guts to say anything besides Lin.

  173. lol no mj was as bad if not worse. he punch kerr in the face for not passing him the ball http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/06/21/steve-kerr-recalls-the-time-jordan-punched-him-at-practice/

  174. you are USMC !

  175. yes, BScott should not let Kobe play full 12min in Q1.
    Save his legs for Q4.

    Not a good coach at all

  176. he was 55 years old by the time he played for the wizards πŸ˜‰

  177. basically what kobe is now with playing out of high school and injuries

  178. No, Lincantation. Kobe is a lost cause and clearly we need outside help πŸ˜›

  179. for a good reason! LOL

  180. That was during practice. Kerr was a scrub just a spot up 3pt shooter.Nowhere near the level of Lin. Lin deserves more respect than that IMO. Lol and I saw that segment on Grantland.

  181. heh heh. Lin was probably saying something technical like Kobe, swing it out or something …

  182. MJ knew when to reduce his play and walk away from the game

    Kobe doesn’t realize his limitations at this point

  183. long time ago but he was close he was shooting 22 times with 40 percent from the field

  184. That should work too. You’re getting advanced degree in Lin-pun-ism :>

    Lincantation for Kobe’s Public Lin-toxication!

  185. I know πŸ™‚ but I dont think its fair to split, unless we are doing some analysis taking his 3s out due to some anomaly.

    Just saying…

  186. lin is earning his respect by arguing with him. its sports this is how its done especially with a hof while lin is still young

  187. Lincarcerate him!

  188. Sometimes you gotta step up* against your seniors.. even if there is blood spilled ;p

  189. mj came back twice

  190. Seems, you are going for a PHD now…LOL

  191. when things get tough, the tough gets going

    It’s clear who is the alpha leader here! :p

  192. yoda again.

  193. “When i come back like Jordan,Wearing the 4-5.” -Jay-Z

  194. Yeah…MJ’s win deliveries are out of the world…he can say or talk all that he wants! End of the day, he delivers

  195. I checked MJ’s scoring efficiency was a little better than Kobe now about 2-3 games ago.
    I can check again later

  196. Then act that LIN was made player of the game by Lakersnation and also love from Lakersground shows that the momentum is turning into a tide in favor of LIN. What’s TWC going to say now when all of their fans are disagreeing with them. Kobe scored 27 to Lin’s 17 yet LIN gets the nod form the fans. Scott will drown under pulled under by the kobe anchor he has hitch himself to. The FO can’t let this go much longer or things can become very ugly.

  197. yea they are fiber copies lol

  198. Kobe in post game interview defended his poor 4Q play by saying he didn’t get involved in the 3Q and that got himself out of rhythm (in other words, he was cold from not touching the ball in the 3Q so he was cold shooting in the 4Q). Duh!!! How do you think other players feel when Kobe dominates 4Q with consecutive ISOs over and over again???

  199. hy C and all youz … did you all hear the roar of the crowd when Lin scored in OT? how about the awww when Lin missed FTs? It’s going to be Linsanity when LAL go on a streak, and Kobe will be young again with joy. He just has to decide to let it happen.

  200. Yes, it’s becoming clear that LakerNation want Lin to harness Kobe’s domination in Q4 more to get wins.

    In their own way, they want to protest Kobe’s 27pts by choosing Lin’s 17p/5a as the POG!
    Nice public pressure from Laker fans!

  201. its clear lin is the second best player on the team

  202. Bet you anything you would never hear those words from any player on the Spurs. Thats because POP runs his team like the general he is. Spurs = Seal Team 6. Lakers = ROTC

  203. most efficient clearly

  204. except the # of rings LOL

  205. Scott needs to protect Kobe from destroying himself (and the team). At least that’s what good coaches do

  206. Also, lin is standing up to Kobe and not being afraid. Lin is standing up for the team.

  207. Too bad….I think Lin could just go ISO on Ty and he would have scored more.

  208. Jeremy is a natural born leader. It is in his blood.

  209. Btw, Lin really is not good at drawing fouls out of a jump shot attempt. Need to watch wade……I think he lean too much. Refs are not gonna give you whistle…..

  210. And now, for something completely different:

    Winnable game, had we:

    1. had Boozer
    2. not have Davis do a Bev foul machine routine. I think we need to temper the Davis love until he gets more of his game going
    3. seen better shooting from SwagP

    What everyone covered:

    1. how great Jer was
    2. Kobe getting to the Rubicon
    3. Price so bad

    What else can we talk about?

  211. This is the thing about LIN. IMO, Lin isn’t doing it for himself or us. He does it because he feels obligated to speak up for the good of the team.

    There is no best player or second or third best player to LIN. There is only every player’s best. To do that and to make it happen, he must stand up to kobe and Scott to allow each and every Laker to become their own best potential. It’s only by doing this that the Lakers could ever win.

  212. Lin’s footwork of going over the screen is really good. But sometimes he does not acclerate after he passed the pick. I still do not know why.

  213. I agree. He also does not just throw the ball up when he’s fouled or make it look like he was shooting.. He coudl probably get 2-4 add’l free throws per game if he did that.

  214. LOL Lincarcerate the Lineffective Crime-Fighter haha…
    But Laker fans will Lin-plode soon

    Your Lin-puns are simply sublime :]

  215. thats personality duncan never talk lol. if lin was with mj it would be worse. 10-15 years ago it was a lot worse. kobe plays like he comes from the last generation of ball players. a dying breed. hope lin learn some of that will. players today are too soft anyways

  216. The fans like the team play and it was fun watching lin give Wes a handout with that dunk for a game that he was not feeling good about his game tonight. Lin gave him an NBA highlight of the night.

  217. he got good separation on those step backs, after a few fakes. I think Lawson is a better defender than Bev for sure, because Bev is fooled by one fake.

  218. Oddly, PnR doesn’t seem to be working very well for Lin this season. He’s better off getting the to rim on his own when the lane is open or for a stop and pop.

  219. Yeah…he is good enough shooter for ppl to bite. Just need some tweak I guess

  220. Oh, I meant defending a PNR…

  221. All this is easy to do if you don’t have to manage a ball stopper. That takes all your energy lol.

  222. Oh, nevermine then.

  223. boozer was not needed he is slow i was happy we had 0 easy layups today. davis has to stop fouling some of those don’t have to be blocked he has to pick when to block when not to.

  224. I knew what you meant this time lol. Do you mean he over chases and has to really get low to accelerate back into the chase? That’s then overrunning the play sometimes. Not sure if that’s what you are seeing.

  225. I think that is what Kobe expected Scott do to do to save him from himself and Scott has not followed through.

  226. Exactly. B Scott is being an enabler. By limiting his minutes in the first three quarters he’d have fresher legs to make shots in the 4th. Scott is riding him like Secretariat and he’s going to get injured.

  227. lol he has 1 less its close always close between this guys its weird lol mj said it kobe stole my moves

  228. Scott will let Lin do what he can’t do, because he is worried about his job.

  229. Looks like Jeremy is stepping up trying to save Kobe from himself. Jeremy is a true leader hopefully he will succeed.

  230. Natural born Killa!

  231. very true

  232. maybe Lin’s afraid Lawson will blow by him more than shooting it?

  233. Boozer can play with bench and still get his shots. He’s been better than Sacre although Sacre stepped it up tonight.

  234. kobe needs phil. phil challenge him all the time

  235. m…..it is PNR. Lawson is already picked Lin off using the screener. It is about how Lin trail and get beck in front of Lawson

  236. yes i hope the offense worked great. defense was good. davis has to start

  237. Sacre got MVP chants and all. He was also a good cheerleader. lol.

  238. lawson is really quick had price skating

  239. he thought about his 7 pt play and made up for it.

  240. yes, I meant if Lawson saw Lin accelerated towards him passing the pick and overcommit, perhaps Lawson can take advantage by drawing a foul or blowing by him? Just wondering the thought process involved

  241. nice, 1st one! Added to Video Gallery.

  242. In early days, Duncan and Parker never got along well, as well

  243. Lin didn’t get the call on the clean swipe of the ball


  244. But he Pops well; for a Big guy

  245. Wow, that’s the game right there, Kobe or not.

  246. Someone needs to post this on reddit and make it go viral like the offensive foul he got against the Mavs.

  247. People talk about inconsistency but truth is that a team needs every player to be ready to step up over a 82 game schedule. LIN was hurt slightly and it affected his shooting touch. That’s the reality of the pro game. Look at LBJ and Love losing with their 3 stars to a tired Raptors team on a back to back. They used their bench to cream the Cavs. The Spurs won the title by beating the heat with a long bench.

    Kobe’s highest usage rate of all time is killing any possibility of ever building abench that can step up when key guys are hurt or injured.

    There is no “I” in team, but more importantly, there is no best or second best player in a team, there is only every players best.

  248. amazing to see the burst of speed by Lin to the rim.
    And the variety of midrange Js are reminiscent of his NY days!

  249. Lins comments on Kobe, he shows lots of respect. Why no one dares 2 point out Kobes ISO philosphy n the way he doesnt sacrifice 4 the team? Lins being too nice thou.

  250. My sentiments exactly. That’s what Pop does with his aging stars. He keeps them for the most important moments of a game and rests them for the playoffs. Kobe’s min should be like more Lin’s. Beginning and end of first and second beginning and ends of third and forth.

  251. I think, BScott, will eventually get there…lets see

  252. yes, we can’t say Lin was 8-11 for the game but it’s just to make a point that he was assertive to drive inside when his 3s are not falling. And he was very effective in doing so.

    All the great players would get closer to the basket if the outside shots (3s, midrange) are not falling so it’s a great to observe Lin able to do so and settle on “shoot more 3s until he drops 1” which is another approach

    So the point is not 8-11 but the mentality that Lin took to make him effective in the game despite misfiring on 3s. That’s all πŸ˜€

  253. If all a coach could do is keep yielding to the superstar then he is not a good coach, he is not doing his job, he just wants to get paid

  254. agreed!

  255. The way he has managed the first 14 games has shown how his mind works. This says more about his ability to coach at the highest level. I’ll have to write a longer piece to explain it properly, but it doesn’t look very good IMO.

  256. That’s how you earn trust and respect

  257. He said, he will review after 20 games..so i’m waiting

  258. relax

  259. Did TWC throw Ronnie Price under the bus by putting his name next to Ed Davis in the poll ?

  260. Can’t wait to read report from Hy C.

  261. She did. I read it earlier while doing some catch up. Somewhere down there:-)

  262. Jeremy, good job! This is how you will be the leader of this Lakers team to make it to the playoff. Kobe will respect you eventually.

  263. At least we know that Price voted for himself 3.3% times.

  264. Wade also flops a ton.

  265. Among all NBA headcoaches now, #29 = BS.

  266. From DB on LG:

    “Lin — — Good to see him involved in the OT. Not good to see him miss two FTs he earned out of that. If you are looking for a point or two to help the Lakers bring this back to a one-possession ball game, those misses were painful.

    Lin was the only one besides Kobe to produce offensively in this game. We should have involved him a little more in the fourth after his strong third quarter. The Lakers went back to calling his number more (or Lin did it himself) in the OT. Despite the loss, this was a positive step forward for him as he looked more like a wingman to Kobe even in crunch time.

    Defensively, he got into some foul trouble. I really thought he got robbed on a call late in the fourth when he stripped a man with 16 seconds left. That looked like a great defensive play.

    The Stats: He scored 17 points on 8-15 shooting (0-4 from three, 1-3 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals, 3 turnovers and 5 fouls in 36 minutes. He was a -2.

    The Action: He threw a pass away getting caught in the air. He took an outlet and scored in transition. He was rejected on a layup attempt working off the screen-roll. Bad kickout right to the Nuggets, points the other way. He attacked in early offense, got his man in the air and scored a layup. He missed a long three on a kickout. He missed a wide open wing three.

    Second Half: He used a second Nugget defender to screen his man, attacked and hit the bank from the right side. He sank an elbow pull-up jumper. He attacked a seam when the Nuggets bigmen were drawn out on the perimeter and he scored an And-1 layup, getting knocked to the floor, he made the FT. He pushed out the Davis block with speed and scored a layup over a helpless defender. He sank an elbow pull-up jumper. He hit Sacre for the open jumper off the two-man game. He missed an open wing three. He missed a pull-up working off the high screen. He swiped the ball, pushed it out, looked off the defender and hit Wes for the nasty And-1 jam, massive dunk. Wow, great reach to strip his man with 16 seconds left and he was called for the foul.

    Overtime: He swiped a kickout and was fouled. He iso’d and hit the turnaround from about 12 feet out on the left side. He picked up his fifth foul on the other end. He got tapped on a wing three on iso. He probed the lane and drew FTs on the pull-up, he missed both, uggh, those were huge.”


  267. and yet that put Lin with 5 fouls, hard to play with, but Lin did good D later on too.

  268. Not what I meant. My biggest concern is the fact that Scott plays Kobe all of the first quarter no matter what. A coach has to be like a good Bridge player to not play all his best cards at once to measure where he needs to steal, how to build the bridges, when to end play and when to rough out with the last trump card. Managing power and resources is about trust and faith too. Great players believe they control their destiny. Coaches must do the same, to believe in his players to perform while you as a coach find the right match ups of your strengths to theirs weaknesses. Bball is all about controlling the flow or runs and to keep an opponent close enough to time the last run yourself and run out the clock with you on top.

    Scott I’m afraid is like Mchale in this way, they have no idea how to build bench strength while keeping his trump cards in hand.

  269. At least the Lakers fan sites are fairly moderate and balanced. Had this been Houston and CF, and J missed those free throws, they would have blamed the loss, global warming, and world poverty on Lin.

  270. He had 2 years to learn from Harden…lol

  271. Gimme that ball!!! I’m much much Bigger than you!

  272. Yup, I glad that they are also calling out on kobe and asking Lin to involved more

  273. At least with Lakers, in general fans and media recognize that Kobe should play less hero ball and get teammates involved more. With Rockets, it seemed like fans and media wanted Harden to do iso ball even more, and Lin was actually holding Harden back.

  274. Those poor suckers are still mentioning one turnover Jeremy did for one game and defining him for it. That’s when you know there is some form of prejudice going on. I never understood the hate, vile and vitriol against Lin spewed on that site.

  275. They’re not as mean and stupid as CFrs…those FTs were highly visible ’cause they came in crunch time, but there was MORE than PLENTY of game-losing error and bricking to go around and Lakers fans can see that. Cherry-picking the negatives is wildly inaccurate and annoys the heck out of me, so even though I’m sorry for the Lakers tanking, I’m really happy that the press and fans are not piling the blame on Jeremy.

  276. wow. The reporter should have asked that as a followup question. lol

  277. Just read up on the box score. Why did Lin get subbed out for Ellington in OT with 0:21 left and Lakers down by 2 at 96-94?

  278. 5fouls. Scott wanted a stop.

  279. I thought of the 5 fouls factor, but that doesn’t make sense because if you’re going to sit a player with 5 fouls, then he might as well just play him and he can pick up his 6th foul without any fear. Lin could’ve participated in an intentional foul if necessary, or he could’ve played hard defense and picked up his 6th foul. Then you can sub Ellington in after that.

  280. If JLin got another foul he wouldnt have been available to play in the 2nd OT, which I imagine is why Scott was saving him.

  281. Or, you put Ellington in to intentional foul so that Lin doesn’t foul out, then you put Lin back in.

  282. Yup. I thought the same.

  283. Actually, Lin should forget about the missed 3 ptr and 2 FTs in OT. That’s what the great athletes do.

    Even accounting for yesterday’s misses, Lin is 39% 3pt, 87% FT, 49% fg. He needs to trust his skills and muscle memory that he will make those next time. Dwelling on the misses will only cause a player to overthink it next time.

  284. Yeah it happens to everyone. He just needs to shoot more. I thought he played great in the 3rd quarter. I would have liked to see more of that in the 4th.

  285. If that’s the case, then I think that was a bad strategy. You need to get to 2nd OT first.

    Reminds me of the infamous NBA finals game (MJ’s flu game) where Karl Malone had 5 fouls and refused to intentionally foul the Bulls because he didn’t want to foul out and miss overtime period. Well, because Malone didn’t intentional foul, they lost the game in regulation.

  286. Most refs don’t give Lin the benefit of the doubt. NBA is mostly reputation-based officiating.

  287. Lin is 6th on the Lakers in Usage, after Kobe, Boozer, Young, Sacre, Hill. Something’s wrong with that picture.

  288. That’s insane…

  289. Usage %:
    37.4 Kobe
    22.7 Boozer
    20.5 Young
    20.4 Sacre
    19.9 Hill
    18.3 Lin
    18.3 Clarkson


  290. Thanks for digging this out. No wonder the Lakers are losing so much. If only they would all trust Lin more, like Worthy said in the postgame vid.

  291. That means his usage rate is still lower than both Houston seasons.. Linsanity in NY was 28%. SMH

  292. Lin is 9th on the Lakers in FGA per minute O_O!

    24.2 Kobe
    15.4 Boozer
    15.2 Young
    13.1 Sacre
    13.0 Hill
    11.5 Ellington
    11.2 Clarkson
    10.1 Kelly
    10.0 Lin


  293. wow, you’re right. Lin’s usage%

    2014-15 18.3%
    2013-14 20.4%
    2012-12 20.8%


  294. That something is named Price. No arguing that Kobe’s the de facto PG, but even on the rare occasion that Kobe’s off the court, Scott let’s Price play PG and Lin SG. (not that Price can play EITHER role well anyways)

  295. Not surprising at all. Have seen this repeatedly. As the playmaker pg, he hasn’t been treated as such.. Like J Worth said, “Give JLin the ball!!!!” Hope this will change soon. Otherwise, more game losses than wins.

  296. This is really insane!!!!!!!!!! Thought R is bad and now even worse. Hopefully things will turn corner soon. Otherwise, more dooms than celebrations:-(

  297. Just want to add that Kobe leads all NBA players in Usage. Lin is 44th in Usage amongst all point guards.

  298. This is a true crime that Kobe’s not fighting hard enough.

  299. Wow, this almost makes McHale look good!

  300. Kobe Bryant TS% – 48.6% (246th in league)
    Jeremy Lin TS% – 61% (37th in league)

  301. I’m not saying wishing any bad on Kobe so please don’t anyone take this the wrong way, but I would just love to see one game where he doesn’t play. Like those Rockets games where Harden didn’t play and see how Jeremy would do.

    Just think it would be a very interesting contrast.

  302. It’s going to happen sooner than you think. Kobe’s body will wear down at this rate.

  303. Lakers Reaction: Relying On Kobe Too Much Instead Of Sharing The Ball?

  304. Watching the highlights, I just noticed how easy it is for Lin to use his speed to get defenders off balance, and then make them jump with a pump fake. The only thing is Lin usually passes afterwards. But, after he gets them in the air, he should jump into them and shoot. That should be an automatic foul (in shooter’s favor) every time. Wade and Kobe are good at this. If Lin added this to his game, it would make him so hard to guard.

  305. Kobe had like 5 consecutive games during which he exceeded 40 minutes of PT, then the Achilles snapped. BS is playing him 36 minutes, which is close to or already worse than before, since the Achilles has already snapped once.

    He’s playing with fire.

  306. No, I think what Lin meant is I need to think about those to forget about why we really lost the game. It’s self created distraction.

  307. In a way the blame is on Jeremy as well, since many times, he brings the play, without any play, just dumps to Kobe. Obviously Kobe is trigger happy and does his thing, sadly. ALthough he had been improving on that department a little where he do pass it on to team mates, especially the 1st and 2nd Q

  308. The thing is Jeremy needs to also learn how to usage his touches, He is passing more than necessary.
    The second problem is his teammates are not passing back to him as well, which he needs to build on and work with them.

    If I were to look at this game, he had 82 touches *highest in the team” So why is his usage is low?
    Because he passes like 55 of them (67%) which wasnt to bad compared to couple of previous game.

    In contrast, Kobe had 78 and had 45 passes. (58%)

  309. To be politically correct, it should be “The Coach is Not Reeling In Kobe”

  310. This is getting interesting. Kobe/Scott is getting more and more exposed. I wander did Lin’s Chinese FB page see the video of Kobe cussing at lin?

  311. Great minds think alike.
    Bearness and Brent-ness πŸ™‚

  312. Bear-y Brent and Brent-y Bearness

  313. Uh that image reminds me of Microsoft Windows command prompt…

  314. I havent looked at the numbers, but I’m pretty sure his FGA is one of the lowest of not the lowest for any starting PG

  315. Lin is not comfortable with shooting yet, but he will be.. When Lakernation named lin the player of the game over Kobe, seems that fans know kobe needs to be reigned in.

  316. Yes, thats what I’m seeing, my take is Kobe wants that from Jeremy… the Jeremy that he saw trashing LAL. But over the 2 years, he had become more of passing more PG and takes over out of necessity rather than willing.

  317. I’m thinking that is what Scott is calling for. He admitted calling for Kobe iso.

  318. Edit duplicate

  319. Lin is OK as SG if he was allowed to play the offense and be the offensive weapon but Price doesn’t pass to JLin. It’s ridiculous.

  320. Johnson really changed a lot now… LOL! Good to see him finally became wild west Johnson!!!

  321. One thing I noticed by JLin’s drives to the rim last night – he would start his drive not going at full speed, lulling his defender to think he was on top of Lin. Then, he’d accelerated and blow past the defender, getting a wide open look at the rim, or dribbling around underneath the rim ala Steve Nash.

    Did anyone else notice this? To me, it’s Lin adjusting his game so he’s not just using full out speed to beat his defender, but using craftiness and wile as well. It also importantly meant that Lin’s drives to the rim were not out of control.

  322. Indeed. Even playing with Davis and dumping on Kobe, he can still only manage so many assists, even with stat-padding time against opponents’ bench.

  323. Yeah, that was nice. But I’ve seen him use the dribble hesitation quite a few times in his career.

  324. If Lin can do that with >10 FGA and maintain the same FG% then he could be an elite PG. Until then, he’s an efficient shooter and a good PG. I think the potential is there, Kobe and sometimes himself is holding him back.

  325. Many improvements this year but what I am most impressed about is Jeremy’s efficiency. Despite such low usage he is putting up very good numbers. I guess playing with ballhogs for so many seasons forced him to adapt. We can only imagine what he can do with an offence fully running through him and tailored for him. Averaging 20 and 10 with lots of wins should be achievable.

  326. Lin id 9th in field goal attempts but 4 in points per game. Now that’s Lincredible.

    Now please take a few more shots a game Jeremy. That will be better for the team than Kobe taking them as Lin is more efficient.

  327. I think Jeremy has improved his skills but maybe being freed from Moreyball also helps him to be more in control. Being forced to do only layups and 3s means that he has to charge at the rim at full speed since he doesn’t get screens or shooting bailout passes from Harden with no time on the shot clock.

    Now that he has the mid range option defenders are not sure what to expect so they are more easily fooled with a change of pace.

  328. That’s what Kobe/Scott/Public want, right? Being aggressive and assertive, not just on the court.

    Be careful what you wish for, Kobe/Scott.

  329. If he had Ty Lawson’s degree of freedom he’d AVERAGE 22+ pts and 10+ asts EASILY, definitely all-star.

  330. dribble hesitation – love that term, lol.

  331. LOL, Nick Young is saying we need to win in spit of Kobe. it’s 4 on 6 in the 4th qtr.

  332. Nice point! Yeah, that makes sense, that with the mid-range option, defenders are on their heels a bit not quite knowing what JLin would do.

    Another indictment of Morey-ball and its censorship of the mid-range shot.

  333. my grandpa uses the dribble hesitation too.

  334. Ha-ha.

  335. Actually the only time a coach has run the offence through Lin and there was no ball hog, i.e. Linsanity, Lin had about 27ppg and 10apg. In Houston he averaged about 22ppg and 6apg when Harden was not playing.

  336. I totally agree

  337. I think he is just saying the “right thing”

  338. It depends on what opponents are doing.

    Denver’s double teams fade away after an initial showing, so Lin exploited that.

    Lin was doing that in Fall 2012 with Houston. Opponents would show Lin a hard double trap and then fade to single coverage. Lin would patiently wait until the trap faded, then he’d attack while opponents were on their heels.

    NBA defenses vary, and Lin simply takes what he is given.

  339. …and the team record will be way better than now.

  340. During Linsanity Lin had Novak on the outside to help get better spacing for drives, and he wasn’t scouted. In Houston he could’ve gotten 9 to 10 asts if Asik could actually catch the ball.

  341. 8-6 by my reckoning. They would’ve beat the Clippers despite Jordan’s no-call, Suns on Nov 4, Grizzlies, Pelican and Nuggets.

  342. @SerenaWinters The problem was not with "the last shot". It was the 10 shots BEFORE THAT. @kobebryant— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) November 24, 2014

  343. Nick Young is gonna be Kobe if Kobe is not playing.

  344. Young look like he really wants to punch Kobe.

  345. wow.. trusting jeremy lin.. from worth…

  346. Lin with losing Lakers is still better than winning Rockets. Hope Lakers somehow makes a playoff, and Rockets lose first round in playoff as always.

  347. BE WATER

  348. True, but I think KL is right. Morey-ball’s ban of the mid-range shot limited Lin’s ability to use the “dribble hesitation.” I watched virtually all of Lin’s Houston games the past two years, and I rarely remember him using the dribble hesitation move, especially last year.

    Lin seems to have been having to un-learn a lot of bad habits while playing under a stupid offensive system that really limits the range of a player’s skill set.

  349. What did Lin say?

  350. This article basically said. If Lakers is not pursuing big stars, it means they are tanking. They had chances to get some B level stars but they choose to stay with a sub-mediocre roaster.

  351. GMTGDB

  352. somebody need to ban u for blasphemy. /jk

  353. That’s why I censored it somewhat…:P

  354. basically need to split being team ball and kobe doing his stuff. getting better since the beginning of season. Kobe not gonna miss 4-5 shots in a row again. he’s still kobe and needs to do what he does. kobe is the superstar on team.

  355. so u think He can’t crack the code and strike u down?

  356. After Lin shredded those Fall 2012 fake doubleteams, opponents shifted tactics yet again.

    They started jamming Lin in the midrange and left their big man on him so that Lin faced a true double team. That knocked out Lin’s ability to hesitate because the double team engulfed him and stuck with him.

    Houston in 2012 countered that by sending Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris to the 3 point line. It worked beautifully until both players were traded. From that point on, Lin played with players that didn’t quite have that 3 point range.

    In 2013, Lin was able to counter those double teams by splitting them sideways due to the Rockets having players spaced out at the 3 point line and interior players either receiving passes from Lin or stepping out to screen him. But once again, that required speed as opposed to hesitation from Lin.

    Against the Mavs and Nuggets, Lin faced those fake double teams like he did in 2012. Thus Lin easily shredded them using a combination of raw speed and hesitation moves.

  357. Very true…on DEN game, game took 22 contested shots! and made only 9 of them (40%)

    Jeremy had 12 contested shots and made 8 of them (67%)

    But today’s lost attributes to many uncontested shots from the team, that was not falling.

  358. I think at least 0.500 without the Kobe ball hogging. I thought they were going to be a 0.500 team this year and miss the playoffs. Hopefully I am still correct at the end of the year.

  359. M…..I hope not

  360. Thanks for the breakdown. I recall that patterson and morris trade. Lin was really sad to see them go and stupid Morey got nothing but worse after that trade.

  361. i can’t…
    all I see is
    a time zone and a debugger stringing together

  362. I always thought it was a cockroach.. instead of a moth.. but now recalling more about it.. yes.. it’s moth… in fact it was the ‘who wants to be a millionaire” final question.

  363. I think that’s bc of Lakers tops are fair & nice to Lin… Lakers sure is 10 times better org than Rox.

  364. It’s surprising to see how Zach Lowe almost praised Lin by calling him ‘useful PG’ in an article putting lowlights on Kobe and Boozer

    Kupchak has already rejected the notion that the Lakers are stealth tanking, and a few of their transactions run counter to that path. They are not the Sixers. They swiped Jeremy Lin, a useful point guard, from the Rockets (along with a nice first-round pick), and getting Ed Davis at the minimum salary was a steal β€” even if Rob Pelinka, the agent for Bryant, Boozer, Davis, and Wesley Johnson, likely facilitated it.

  365. I agree. The thanking theory is gaining more track.
    Also, wouldn’t the Lakers need to finish to get Top 5 draft pick (by tanking) so they won’t give the pick to Phoenix Suns as part of Nash deal?

  366. what does GMTGDB stand for?

  367. yes, even if they’re tanking, they don’t need to find scapegoat.
    LA is definitely a better work place for Lin despite the Kobe and BScott factors. LA Media seems professional.

    Nothing could be worse than playing a contributing role player in Houston but get all the blame and none of the credit. Lin might not be in LA next year but he’s in a much better place mentally and professionally.

  368. Scott is really a lousy coach. Very disappointed by him. smh! Even so but I still think Lin maybe will stay in Lakers as he & Kobe seems to get along much better on court game by game. Even I do like Mav but not sure they will really get Lin or not.. ?!

  369. I feel like Lin doesn’t try to draw cheap fouls. Maybe he should, like all the other stars.

  370. Jeremy Lin Realizes Frustrations of Playing With Kobe Bryant After 13 Games with LA Lakers

    After 13 games into his Los Angeles Lakers career, point guard Jeremy Lin might have already realized that sharing the same backcourt with Kobe Bryant is more of a curse than a gift.

    Lin kicked off the 2014-15 NBA season with a goal of reviving his career after two rough seasons with the Houston Rockets. As a starter for the purple-and-gold, the Asian American star averaged at least 11.8 points and 4.8 assists in 30 minutes of actions per game.

    His statistical numbers are quite similar to his production in his final year with the Rockets, though difference now is he’s not anymore playing for a legit title contender but for a Lakers team that already lost 10 of their last 13 games.

    Without a doubt, the struggle is real for the 26-year old Lin, and it seems the spate of frustrations has just begun.

    Blame it on the Mamba!

    While it’s true that Lin isn’t the type of playmaker that can produce double-double stats every night, the former Harvard standout is nevertheless skillful enough to make a big impact on the floor.

    During the ‘Linsanity era’ in New York and some moments in Houston, Lin proved that he could put the ball into the basket in various ways, and at the same time, create scoring opportunities for his teammates especially off pick-and-roll plays.

    On the other hand, his career also showed that he’s less effective when playing alongside ball-dominant winger like Carmelo Anthony with the Knicks, James Harden with the Rockets and now Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Similar to what he experienced with Melo and James, Lin often turned into a mere spectator as he painfully watched Bryant hurl bundle of low-percentage shots every game. His true abilities as a scorer and a ball distributor are all being undermined by the overwhelming presence of Bryant. The sad part is Lin is very much aware of it, but couldn’t do a thing to stop Bryant’s ‘shooting spree.’

    The game of basketball is … we’ve got to do it together,” Lin told ESPN.com’s Baxter Holmes after the Lakers’ blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors last week. “It can’t be … if I go into a game concerned about myself, then in some ways that’s detrimental to the team. … There’s so many things wrong right now. At the top of the list, I would say communication, trust and effort.”

    Lin, who is in the final year of his current contract, might not play for the Lakers beyond this season as the franchise openly express its desire to upgrade the point guard position in next summer’s free-agency. However, if there’s one reality he quickly realized after the first 13 games in Lakers uniform, then it must be that playing with snakes is always regretting.

  371. wrong font =)

  372. When did Lakers said so? the franchise openly express its desire to upgrade the point guard position in next summer’s free-agency.

  373. I checked and it’s correct that Lakers would have to give the Suns their 1st round pick unless it falls in the Top 5. So it gives further motive to tank this season.

    If the tanking theory by Kupchak and BScott is true, BScott has the tough job to keep playing Kobe a lot of minutes so Lakers keep losing but not too long that Kobe will get hurt. If Kobe gets hurt, Lin might start the winning streak with Lakers playing teamball and will ruin the tanking process.

    The Steve Nash Trade Was Supposed To Make The Los Angeles Lakers Contenders β€” But It Totally Backfired

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/lakers-steve-nash-trade-backfired-2014-10#ixzz3K0ZMJayt
    The only real issue with this plan is that the Lakers need to finish with one of the worst records in the league. That is because, thanks to the Steve Nash trade, the Lakers owe the Suns their first round pick unless it falls in the top five. This is exactly why the team needs to tank. They will not make the playoffs and if they win too many games they give a division rival an extra draft pick. Therefore tanking becomes the greater good.

    If the Lakers are able to secure a top five pick, it would go a long way to helping their rebuild. They could draft one of the three stud big men in next year’s draft. Also, they could make a run at free agent Rajon Rondo. Finally, Randle will be back next year, giving the team two promising rookies. This is why the Lakers must tank this season.

  374. Yes, that is the key to the great guards. Use change of speed and change of direction to get your opponent leaning one way, then burst the other way. Or better, glance them as you drive past to pick up the And 1. Lin has the elite acceleration to be able to master this.

  375. IDK, it is censored…

  376. The difference is that Harden cares about his stats while Kobe cares about his points. Harden will dump passes to LIN with less than 5 seconds left after showboating his between the legs dribble for 20sec. LIN will often save Hardens rear end. Kobe on the other hand will just chuck it over 3 defenders instead.

  377. Be careful what you wish for.

    Lakers owners, management, and coaches should be surprisingly pleased that someone finally stand up to Kobe, as though they dare not to (because they have stakes to lose). That someone is often labeled “not aggressive and assertive enough”, and even blast by some of his own fans being too beta. That someone is someone direly to be named, Lin.

    Be careful what you wish for. You gave empowerment and lip service and it will come back to haunt you with a just cause. in front of Scott, assistant coaches, players, and everyone else, Lin dared to challenge Kobe during one of the timeouts last game. Just looked at Scott’s emotionless and turned away face, Kobe’s defensively “get the F out of the way”, Swaggy’s amazingly shocked reaction like “What? Lin dare to say that? and Kobe replied with a F? In front of every body? Wow!”

    This is true LIN. As our respected and distigunsied poster Acbc indicated: “Lin isn’t doing it for himself or us.
    He does it because he feels obligated to speak up for the good of the
    team.” Lin stands up with guts. Not for himself, but for the team, for the WIN, for the love of team-ball. Just look at those who should have stood up, but no one dare to. Only Lin has the courage to confront whom can not be named. This is what a leader does. A leader is not a leader by assignment. It is by courage, wisdom, efforts, unselfishness, actions and chances. Now Lin is given the chance and empowerment, he is going to take the wheel of this sinking ship if no one has the guts and capabilities to do it.

    Well, someone’s territory is officially manurially marked. Be careful what you wish for.

  378. This may be because I’m closely following the Lakers for the first time. But, I get the sense that the whole “team ball” v. Kobe isoball debate has gained greater urgency because of the presence of Jeremy Lin on the team.

    The last few years when the Lakers have been bad, there really wasn’t an other option besides going to Kobe at the end of ballgames. So, though you still had the debate, it wasn’t as high pitched as it is now.

    That’s because, perhaps unconsciously so, that the media and fans recognize that running the ball through Lin is in fact the better option than Kobe-isoball.

    James Worthy said so last night, that the ball should be in Lin’s hands more at the end of games. He didn’t just say the team should run plays other than Kobe-isos – he specifically called for the ball to run through LIN.

    So, if I’m right in sensing a real trend in the Laker community, then the debate isn’t team ball versus Kobe ball; it’s a debate between LIN-ball v. Kobe-ball. And that’s a big validation of Lin’s game, especially after seeing what Lin did versus Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver

    It would be interesting to see if posts at Lakers forums are evolving to talk more and more explicitly about going to Lin-ball at the end of games.

  379. nope, only rival executives and media

  380. Noone knows if Mavs would have Linterest next season although Carlisle and Cuban knows Lin’s potential to be the next Nash. If it’s $7-10M/yr, they might get into the bidding because Jameer Nelson is not getting any younger.

    And even if Lakers might be tanking this season, they too realize Lin’s huge financial revenue once Kobe retires in 1-2 yrs so they might try to convince Lin to stay by giving free-reign to Lin as the main playmaker next season to try to win. Not sure if Kobe will agree though

  381. I know only Dragic’s agent express their wish list have Lakers & Rox?! To my surprised, CF didn’t response to his wish when the news came out… Dragic will be 30 next year. Will see…

  382. Nice call on the distinction. Going through Lin gives Kobe more energy for that open shot. It could be a wide open shot, or just so Kobe saves a few contact and pressure moves. Worthy is smart the way you underlined his phrasing.

  383. it’s going to be ok. Nobody is going to change Kobe but Kobe, and nobody changes Lin but Lin. Not even the free-will giving God. So, this will play out to a good place, because both of them want one thing that is eluding them and that is a winning team. They are working together, so that continues to build.

    I wonder of the vine is a continuation of what we saw in them shouting at each other on the way to the bench, or a different sequence. Very interesting set of events.

  384. Let Lin ROAR.

    He don’t got nothing to lose.

    Lin has EARNED the right to speak up. He’s the best player on the Lakers. He had a great game that was marred by Bryant’s selfish poor play and Scott’s lame coaching.

    What’s the worst thing that could happen? Lin gets suspended and then gets knocked off the team. He’s a one year rental who’s not going to be around with the Lakers next year anyway.

    Lin doesn’t have to fear Kobe or anybody. Lin doesn’t have to play in fear, not when he’s by far the Lakers’ best player.

  385. I really don’t think Mav will make the move bc if Cuban really likes Lin so much then why he never really made any offer for Lin 2 years ago?! I know he spoke highly about Lin after he signed the contract w Rox in CBS but just talk …? Plus J. Barea plays well w the team so they really don’t need Lin that much… Will see next summer then…

  386. Right. Lin-ball at the end of games doesn’t necessarily mean Lin takes the shot – it just means that it’s Lin setting up the play for Kobe, or, taking the shot or passing it to another teammate, depending on what the situation calls for.

    But, let’s be real, Lin-ball will primarily go to Kobe for the shot. But, it’s Kobe-ball operating within the context of Lin-ball, not just Kobe-isoball in isolation. And that would make the Lin-Kobe combo truly dangerous.

  387. For 19 years, the Lakers have gone only to Kobe Bryant at the ends of games.

    They’re not going to change now.

  388. LOL. you’re making me think will Kobe give up salary to keep lin if they are successful at tanking?

  389. I called it as early as Spring 2012 when I posted that I didn’t want Lin on Bryant’s team because Bryant would freeze Lin out and scream at Lin for everything including Bryant’s own mistakes.

    Now that Bryant is indeed screaming at Lin, it’s good to see Lin screaming back. The best player on the Lakers has every right to scream back at teammates that antagonize him.

    It’s LIN’S TEAM now, though Bryant and Scott are fighting it tooth and nail.

  390. Hey, remember who predicted that Lin would have a good game against Dallas? πŸ˜€

    Regarding Lin ball v. Kobe ball, I think your prediction will probably pan out. But, it’s not either/or. If I’m right, then Lin-ball may gain greater traction, and there may be greater variety at the end of games then just Kobe posting up and going iso.

    Also, I know this is a big if, but, IF Kobe gets injured and Lin-ball becomes the only option for a good chunk of games, then the options would even be that much more wide open when Kobe comes back to play.

  391. Cool.

    Let the Lakers dump the one year rental in Lin and bring in the far less gifted Rajon Rondo on a much more expensive contract.

    I’m sick of Lin being frozen out and mistreated on this Lakers team anyway.

    Let Lin choose a team that actually wants him.

  392. Of course I remember – and I hope you’re right yet again.

    I’m a PESSIMIST when it comes to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

  393. might be more like
    1) they haven’t have someone like lin as a pg for quite a while..and they know he can distribute and play teamball even though he is ‘mr inconsistency’ at times like others had mentioned
    2) you are a lin fan.. of course might be bias eye. lol

  394. What we might see as the season progresses is more two-man plays with Kobe and Lin at the end of games. That would mean Kobe could get his cake and eat it too. It means Kobe is going to be involved in the final plays, but he won’t have to do it all by himself. That would be a realistic and potent combination of Lin-ball and Kobe-ball, imo.

  395. his ability to turn on at will is cool to watch. I think he is assessing the possibility of tanking. What’s the league rule on that? Is it allowed to be an open agenda, or does it have to be quiet moves by the owner?

  396. Let make one thing clear, this is not about Lin and Kobe it’s about Kobe and the team.

  397. so
    wjhat exactly did linja say to kobio?

  398. It took a lot for James Worthy to speak out like that.

  399. yup.. was pleasantly surprise… after he questioned lin’s killer instincts.

  400. They should because Kobe is nowhere near the younger healthier Kobe.

  401. great post!

  402. You just don’t know who will be the shooter if Lin has the ball.

  403. I’m sure Lakers will look into Rondo but his mercurial personality will clash with Kobe for sure.

    Plus Kobe might like Lin more to establish more popularity in Asia while Rondo can’t do that.
    It’s business after all and Kobe will want to launch his Kobe Inc successfully in Asia after he retires in 1-2 years.

  404. I think before they got away with it because Kobe’s efficiency was higher and they’d still win games despite Iso-ball. Also they had more players that could shoot. I remember some of the games Rockets played against the Lakers in Lin’s first year it wasn’t all Kobe. Kobe is still efficient though in the first 3 quarters, he’s just playing too many minutes and loses his legs and shooting accuracy in the 4th quarter. Same thing would happen to Duncan, Parker, Ginobili if Pop played them those ridiculous minutes. Lakers hired Scott to rein in Kobe but instead he’s enabling him and destroying him. Reminds me of a rock star entourage pandering to him whereas a true wise friend would be limiting him. Pop and Lin are wise just don’t know if Kobe will listen.

  405. not sure if Kobe will give up salary for Lin or anyone else :]

  406. maybe the price was too much for Cuban after Knicks and HOU got into bidding war?
    Didn’t they get Calderon at the time?

  407. yup. it’s like the fast break where wes slams it in.. lin saw nick and he thought about / or fake the opponent to thinking he will pass it to nick.. but he saw the the opp in front of him is facing towards nick..and know that nick might be challenged if he passed it to him..but he also knows that wes is at the other end.. so since the opps facing away from wes and at the angle he knows wes has a better chance of getting it in and might possible draw a foul by the time the opp turns and defends wes. I was like wow.

    Slow mo and you can what he is thinking.

  408. “Lin is deadly in transition”
    -Kyrie Irwing.

  409. nobody in fan land knows for sure

  410. Lakers will not take Rondo bc he wants 100M max contract.. He can’t shoot & Kobe don’t need his AS…

  411. There’s no official league rule on tanking, but teams do try to be quiet about it lest they offend their fanbases and drive down ticket sales.

    Lin is doing a good job swaying the team to his side. Carlos Boozer is now on Lin’s side and Jordan Hill seems to be too. Wes Johnson is figuring out how to excel besides Lin.

    I’m enjoying the juxtaposition of Lin’s unselfish teamball against Bryant’s selfish isoball. It’s jarring in an interesting way for me to see these two approaches on the same team, on the court at the same time.

  412. Yes, those two guns need to play off each other to do well.

    I don’t mind Kobe shooting a lot in the flow of the offense.

  413. Kobe sees it as himself vs. Lin, but you are totally right that it’s Kobe vs. the Lakers.

  414. I’m conflicted like Lin.

    If Kobe paid $50m to tank, then:
    1. kobe is very skilled indeed
    2. we’ll have to get used to Lin up and down and low usage/mins

    If it can come true, Kobe, Lin, first round, some trades. Lin’s team.

  415. I agree. w/o Kobe & Lin Asia will not buy Lakers’ game TV broadcast rights . Like the reporter in Taiwan said… Even rebroadcast Lakers game they still got 3 times more rating than other’s teams first time run game.

  416. What makes the debate louder is how much BETTER the Lakers look playing Lin’s teamball than doing Kobe’s isoball.

  417. ever seen it before?

  418. they’re not trading Kobe if thats what you’re implying

  419. Totally agree.

    I will never forget how ex Denver coach George Karl used to say that “John Stockton and Steve Nash would make one play a game that was so astounding that it would make your head spin around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist”.

    Lin makes these “Exorcist” plays every game, multiple times a game.

  420. I guess M.Cuban will pursue JLin in FA. Tyson, Parson and JLin reunion at Dallas. Looking forward to the day.

  421. No, not that. When Kobe retires. Kobe also cannot keep playing his iso … legs etc. So, the tanking makes sense, but we have to wait a year. Hence the internal conflict. But it’s there. BS vs Karl. Price vs Lin. Kobe inefficiency and over minutes. etc. It’s almost like Kobe is playing by some goals we don’t know.

  422. Maybe Nash can help Lin talk Kobe back off the ledge:


  423. Ah, there’s no conflict.

    Lin’s just a rental. He’ll be gone in less than a year.

    All Lin’s trying to do is play the right way while maintaining maximal efficiency. There’s no more Lin can or should do.

    Hopefully Lin will get a new contract from a team that actually appreciates him next year.

  424. I hope Nash continues to work with Jeremy Lin.

    I really do believe that Nash’s summer tutelage with Lin has indeed helped Lin, especially in coming upcourt more smoothly and in terms of utilizing the midrange.

    I doubt that Nash can have any impact on Kobe Bryant, but Nash can have an impact on Lin.

  425. No I haven’t seen a team that had the best AND worst team players on it, doing two completely separate gameplans!

  426. I agree Nash can’t have any impact on Kobe & hope he can really help Lin. As for KD, I doubt..

  427. With Nash, JLin can only get better.
    I think M.Cuban will be very keen to get an up-sized Lin in FA.

  428. NY is true love for Lin… LOL! I like HB.

  429. JLin has to continue writing on his journal:

  430. They forgot to include Dolan LOL

  431. i was wondering about that..because i sense soemthing big (good thing) will be happening soon for him.
    Plus he write his journal about his REAL thoughts on kobe and what happened really on the court with him.
    Plus his houston years.. the dark side of mchale and stuff. That shebang with 2 pgs and how players turned away from him after the trip from manila and stuff like that.

    We know about his linsanity story already from the video his friend made.. but that was the beginning.. this is the journey or the middle part

  432. That would be one of the best circumstances ever to happen for Lin.
    With a championship coach like Rick Carlisle at the helm, we won’t have to worry much :>

  433. not bad trade for NYK, trade away 2 chuckers, only get 1 chucker back. πŸ˜‰

  434. I wonder if Evan Jackson Leong is still following Jeremy? Will we see a Linsanity sequel if there is another breakout?

  435. Ya! Price tag it’s one thing but I also think he was not really fully believe in Lin bc he said something like Lin can be good w the right system…so in his mind w/o MDA Lin can’t be good at least at that time he thought so…

  436. We are the yin and yang of ultimat LIN believers. I’m the ever optimist to your pessimism. I had predicted at the beginning of the year that the Lakers will suffer a long tough beginning of the year, that it would only come around after 20-25 games. What we are seeing IMO is the revelation of human nature unfolding before our eyes. The old lion holding desperately to power out of pride and fear. I’m optimistic that Kobe will come to the conclusion that LIN a WILL HELP him to end his career in the RIGHT WAY, leaving a positive legacy for a storied franchise he helped build.

    Human nature being what it is creates the world we live in, good and bad. Kobe will decide if he chooses the right way or wrong way to end his career. Being a selfish megomaniac that brought ruins to the Lakers or the sage leader who mentored the next generation of Lakers to glory.

  437. I agree w Melo, Harden, & now Kobe that sure will sell well in bookstore… LOL!

  438. No point of Lin going anywhere if Kobe goes with him.

  439. Love the analogy. Head spinning and jaw dropping is what LIN does more often than not. Now tell me who is throwing up the green goo all over the pace! Lol

  440. yes, they all will combine to buy all Lin’s books to prevent people from reading about them :]

    But knowing Lin, he’ll probably won’t write “Tell-All” book to stay on track to be an NBA Commissioner someday haha..

  441. I’m just thinking out loud.

    If Harvard-educated Lin someday aspires to become an NBA Commissioner, would he still produce funny videos pranking NBA stars and his family? ;}

  442. Recently the league announced that teams would be penalized for tanking. How they would determine if in fact a team was purposely losing was not addressed.

  443. Winning may be a priority for Kobe but it’s not his highest priority which is to demonstrate that Kobe is still one of the best players in the NBA: pass MJ, have the highest PPG, etc.

  444. absolutely. but mostly NBA owners, I would think

  445. he was using Nash as an example that he became special after playing the in the right system with the right players. So Lin would be similar to Nash.

    But he didn’t reveal if DAL would the that right system or not. We can only hope that it would be correct.
    DAL has a LOT of 3pt shooters already, Tyson Chandler that fits well with Lin and an aging Nelson.

    We can only hope Cuban would be interested in Lin next year. Smart owner and smart coach. Lin would have to consider it after Houston and LA experience. But Lin can also like LA to stay.

  446. “While it’s true that Lin isn’t the type of playmaker that can produce double-double stats every night”

    You see statements like this in almost every article about Lin. So annoying. There is no justification for such an assertion. Lin is precisely the type of playmaker that can produce double-double stats every night. Just get Lin away from Kobe who is hogging up 40% of the Lakers possessions. To me it’s clear that Lin’s stats would double if Kobe wasn’t so selfish.

  447. yeah, those NBA owners will look hip in social media :]

  448. Kobe will not agree. Lin should avoid being marginalize by Kobe for two full seasons if he has a choice.

  449. so refreshing to hear you want Lin to play the right way. I get tired listening to posters on the other forum wanting Lin to become a volume shooter. Why waste a year learning bad habits when you could develop good ones that carry you forward?

  450. It’s no surprise that Lakers want KD in FA since his physique and scoring ability is similar to Michale Jordan and Kobe. Except KD won’t join if Kobe’s still there.

  451. I think the debate is getting louder because Kobe got worse. I am a laker fan and there has not been time for laker fans to really get to know Lin. They have not even seen the real 100% Lin that we are accustomed to. As a Laker fan it has always been in Kobe we trust and that has served us well for five championship rings. But I think it is slowly sinking in that this is not a celebration of the greatness of Kobe towards the end but it’s becoming an ugly swan song as his skills are deteriorating. That is difficult to say because Kobe has given LA many wonderful sport memories in a town where Lakers are King.

  452. “Kobe wants that from Jeremy”

    All Kobe has to do is pass to J when he’ open.

  453. Did not see the clip. Is James Worthy becoming the new Calvin Murphy?

  454. @SerenaWinters: INJURY: Lakers think Xavier Henry ruptured his left Achilles in practice.

  455. Kobe’s usage is more than twice as much as Lin’s. That’s the problem right there.

  456. I am not sure about the videos. But I am sure Lin will come up with some rules to limit those ISO plays. Like maximum ISO shots can be taken by players or some other fancy equations. It also protects young players so they to have chance to shine.

  457. this is such a terrible news :[
    He worked so hard to get back from injury.

    I expect people will start question Lakers training regimen now

  458. Dang, I’m concerned with Jeremy’s health. Something seriously wrong with Lakers coaching / medical staff.

  459. A lot of those Lin fans that want Lin to shoot more do not realize that the more Lin passes, the more he gets to shoot!

    Opponents cannot load up on Lin as hard if they have to guard Lin’s teammates too.

  460. What the heck does that mean by saying “Done”?

  461. Ever since that play where Lin stripped Irving and passed it downcourt to a streaking Bev who then handed it off to a fast breaking Lin for the layup, Irving has learned how dangerous Lin can be.

  462. When Lin skywalks up and under the rim while levitating, he does get opponents’ and even teammates’ heads to spin…

  463. Jeremy LinVerified account
    Everyone please say a prayer for @XavierHenry … get healthy soon bro. Joshua 1:9

    Joshua 1:9: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

  464. Davis should be played as much as possible even if that is until he fouls out. Davis’s foul are good fouls which trade sure baskets for fts. The more Davis plays the sooner he will learn to defend with less fouling.

  465. Henry had no contact.he fell wrong

  466. Not good.

    I was looking forward to seeing Henry with Lin this season.

    I can’t believe how badly the Lakers have been injured.

    The team at full strength would have been pretty good:

    Starters: Nash, Bryant, Johnson, Boozer, Hill

    Bench: Lin (would still play 30 mpg), Young, Henry, Randle, Kelly, Sacre, Davis

  467. I hope Henry can find his game back too! He must be under a heavy pressure now. But I guess this is just bad luck.

  468. Reporter probably likes his teeth right where they are.

  469. But wonder if is fatigue, practicing too much or too long? Maybe that healthy natural diet isn’t so healthy. For example remember all those years people touted margarine as a healthy alternative to butter then later found out it is worse than butter.

  470. Still practice today? No rest? I thought it will be off today.

  471. Well I think this is just the risk every athletes have to deal with.

  472. War is a way of life, as well as basketball, Some battles are won, some are lost. The purpose of these hardships are to make better people of us from these experiences.
    When Jeremy has a game that does not meet some of our expectations, we are disappointed in his performance and consider it defeat. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to win the war. Since God is for him who can be against him.
    We, as his fans, should sit back, relax and watch this transpire on the big stage of life.
    As we also experience many disappointments let as rise up with renewed strength, knowing while battles may be lost wars are still won.

  473. Statistically seems like Lakers more injury prone than other teams. Like when you see clusters of cancer in a community and then later find out there’s hexavalent chromium in the ground water a la Erin Brockovich.

  474. Wonder how many free throws he has to do for shooting only 1/3 33% yesterday. Quite un-Lin-like he’s been a >90% free throw shooter.

  475. Ya! I think he was upset by that… I really hope Boozer can play on Wed.

  476. Exactly:

    Dr. Robert KlapperVerified account
    KOBE.His legs felt”tired” last night! It is the TOTAL Minutes that must be watched not just each game minutes. INJURY is a concern otherwise

  477. So it is Vitti’s fault! LOL

  478. Notice how a lot of the injuries are from players who have just come back from previous ones.

  479. conditional statistics…I guess.

  480. All of his misses went too long. Too excited? LOL

  481. @Mike_Bresnahan: Lakers are in contact with NBA officials about roster possibilities now that three players are almost surely done for or the season.

  482. @SerenaWinters: Byron Scott on Xavier Henry’s injury during practice: “Obviously it brought practice straight down. Down day for us.”

  483. That means Henry is done for the whole season, right? man, with this rate, Lakers will have a complete new team by the end of the season.

  484. No thanks. Lin needs to get away from Kobe

  485. heat from what?

  486. I am sure he will vow to implement a ref evaluation system to give refs some ranking too.

  487. oh man, terrible news for Henry and the Lakers.

    Byron Scott was just saying yesterday about Henry: β€œHe’s not that explosive guy he used to be,” Scott said. β€œI don’t know if that will come back or not.”

  488. The players (besides Lin) I wanted to see were Kelly, Henry, and Boozer going into the season. So disappointing….

  489. Wow this really confirms it. BS is nothing but a mouthpiece and secretary for Kobe the boss. Jeremy stood up to the boss and BS could only avert his glance. Hill and Swaggy looked like they agreed with Lin but were not quite ready to vocally side with him. I think it was Wes who just turned away as if he couldn’t really stand the tension of the confrontation. I am so in awe of Jeremy. I knew he had it in him but confronting Kobe requires enormous courage and conviction that standing up for what’s right will work out in the end.

  490. The whole NBA world has to respect Lin for calling out Kobe. It doesn’t matter if Kobe ever concedes anything to Lin, Lin will be able to succeed wherever his FA will take him.

  491. Wonder if Scott calling him out yesterday made him push himself too much today?

  492. Unlike Lin, Scott does not stand up to Kobe. Kobe plays the entire 1st quarter cause that’s what Kobe wants.

  493. yes, I read some people speculated if the practice court floor was too hard but I didn’t see about it anymore.

    The rate of Laker injuries could be statistically significant by now to have some root causes
    But if it was true, wouldn’t they get sued by the players then?

  494. I would guess the media and fans blaming him for a lot of losses and his poor defense and wanting Davis to replace him in the starting lineup. But wonder if Laker organization also giving signals that they are displeased with his performance. Scott said defensive problems with Boozer and Hill and Boozer responded that it’s not just the bigs.

  495. yes, it’s so sad injuries just disabled Lakers like this.
    I’ve never seen anything like this except for the POR Blazers 5-8 years ago. But even then Oden and Brandon Roy had pre-existing injuries..

    It’s a little concerning for me

  496. It is sad to hear of another LAL injury. Hope Lin staysl healthy and wish for speedy recovery for his teammates.

  497. Yeah you would and you have. Cut the BS ok?

  498. Since it is Thanksgiving week, I will post random little things related to Lin that I am thankful for, things that may be taken for granted normally.

    Thankful for Lin being healthy (overall).

  499. I still can’t believe that time that the trainer just gave Lin a couple advils on the court. Not that taking a couple of those is a big deal in itself, but it just seemed to be administered so haphazardly.

  500. Playing with NBA stats, in guards playing over 25 minutes JLin TS% is 61.0 ranked #9 above Klay Thompson and behind Curry. Look at the other names in the top 15, wouldn’t you wan’t any of those guys to take some of the last 5 shots in a game? Surprised Beverley is up there at 5, he’s really worked on his 3 pt shooting. Houston forces PG’s to be efficient scorers because Harden hogs the ball.

    1. Korver 72.3
    2. Courtney Lee 69.2
    3. Kevin Martin 65.2
    4. Damian Lillard 63.5
    5. Patrick Beverley 62.7
    6. Danny Green 62.0
    7. Mario Chalmers 61.6
    8. Stephen Curry 61.2
    9. Jeremy Lin 61.0
    10. Klay Thompson 60.5
    11. Chris Paul 60.4
    12. Jimmy Butler 59.8
    13. Kyre Irving 59.7
    14. Ben McLemore 59.6
    15. Tony Parker 59.2

  501. if lin gets to learn from both nash and kobe honestly he would be the luckiest player ever lol

  502. Byron’s logic becomes questionable if the objective is winning.
    But it totally makes sense if the goal is to sell tickets and let Kobe break MJ’s record


  503. Not sure…but definitely not bad at least.

  504. Here’s a theory for why Scott is playing Kobe and going to him so much. I don’t really believe this theory, but it’s just food for thought –

    What if Scott is playing Kobe tons of minutes so that he wears out/gets injured early in season, so that he can get rid of Kobe-ball and start playing BS-ball (Princeton Offense)?

    Under this theory, Scott IS controlling Kobe, but doing so by looking like he’s not controlling Kobe. He and Kupchak may be in on this together. I read somewhere that Kupchak in a past season or even this season is allowing Kobe to go hog wild playing Kobe ball, precisely to show Kobe that Kobe-ball is not the way to go to build a winning team.

    Add to that the goal of wearing down Bryant physically, so that it becomes physically difficult, either through injury or season-long fatigue, for Kobe to even want to keep doing Kobe-ball.

    So, what looks like Scott being permissive in letting Kobe eat all the cookies in the cookie jar, is actually him letting him eat all the cookies, get really sick, and learn it’s not a good thing to gorge oneself on cookies (iso-balling).

    Like I said, I don’t really believe in this theory, but, it is an attempt to explain why Scott is letting Kobe play so many minutes when he’s old and coming off of a major injury.

  505. PB’s 3 is the only reason he is justified as a starting PG for Harden. His D is just a way to demote Lin.

  506. It’s also questionable in terms of actually protecting Kobe from injury and/or general fatigue. Game time minutes are way more stressful and strenuous than practice time minutes. So, sitting out practices but playing tons of points still puts him at risk for injury.

  507. not bad are you kdding me.

  508. It’s become reversed – PB is the shooting guard, while Harden is the de facto point guard.

  509. It seems to have improved his 3 since last year though. He wasn’t that much of a scoring threat last year.

  510. pb defense is real. its can be over come but he is a good defender especially with the rox this year who have ariza and dwight to help

  511. yes, Lin can learn from what to do and what not to do :]
    – Do not lift up GF’s luggage with bad back
    – Do use soccer footwork to slow-dance to the rim
    – Do not fight crime alone when playing basketball
    – Do keep shooting buzzer-beaters because one is bound to go in.
    – …

  512. No idea what BS agendas are. Lost my interest to analyze illogical person to save my own sanity after watching Kobe ball and BS’ infatuation on Price game after game. Honestly very little interest/enthusiasm in watching Lakers game this day despite of JLin’s doing well.

  513. Pretty much so…PB is Fisher-lizing….

  514. I know, what I meant is, if you have zero production. Even HOF defense is not gonna make you a starter. Not to say he is not remotely close to HOF defense. you get the idea

  515. BS tried to say He will not cut Kobe’s playing time on court but no need to do this boring & run hard practice… LOL!

  516. true, it’s like not training the body to endure heavy physical activities but expecting the body won’t have any impact.

    I’m truly concerned Byron is compromising Kobe’s career by over-playing him. I really thought Byron is smarter than this to protect Kobe’s interest

  517. LOL Of course I know. Very illogical and irresponsible coach:-)

  518. See my conspiracy theory post – Byron actually is NOT trying to protect Kobe’s interest, lol.

  519. Beverley 3P% was:

    2012-13: 37.5
    2013-14: 36.1
    2014-15: 46.5

    That’s quite a jump. Perhaps it’s early and just a good streak and it will eventually regress to his mean but got to give him props for improving it.

  520. Well, you have to consider what type of a player Lin is too. He is not gonna be like Kobe. Being Nash is possible, but he is actually better physically.

  521. I don’t blame you.
    BScott is proving to be a bad coach. This is not the way to protect Kobe’s health.
    I have no idea what’s going on with the Lakers

  522. Just need to break it down to contested and uncontested to see the real differences.

  523. My feeling is he just let Kobe do what he wants until the nature takes its course. That’s the only conclusion from reading his illogical comments.

  524. I am a Lin fan, so I think I see Lin differently. I think the reason why most teams are not willing to give Lin the ball to run is because how he perceived as a bad ball handler. That includes his teammates like Kobe or Harden. Of course this is not the only reason…just something added on top.

  525. Lost all my respect to BS as a coach. I want to equal him to M but for his only saving grace, he continues to play JLin as starter even though this isn’t his want/intention. Should give the credit to FO and/or Kobe rather than him but… That’s why I put him #29 headcoach in NBA rather than #31.

  526. Ya! This team is really run by Kobe not BS.

  527. I thought about this ‘giving Kobe his own medicine’ theory but there is a lot of conflict of interest to be true.
    – Byron will shoulder the blame for making Kobe retire
    – Lakers will not sell tickets
    – Byron wanted to cater to Kobe and help him break MJ’s record, etc.

    I think the simpler theory that Byron doesn’t know how to control Kobe makes more sense.
    The Kobe-cussing clip with Byron looking away explained a lot that Byron doesn’t know how to control Kobe.
    Byron only wants to appease Kobe but he might injure Kobe sooner if he’s not careful with his minute allocation.

    Byron is clearly playing with fire now.

  528. I know. BS is a puppet coach in every sense. I have nothing against him not being the coach but another thing annoys me the most of his only “coach” influence is his infatuation on Price. That’s why I equal him to M in that sense. Thank God that Lakers isn’t R. GM and FO aren’t DM. For this I view JLin tender in Lakers in a much positive note. Another huge plus is LA media and Lakers fans are much much much better than H. This makes it more bearable to see JLin in Lakers for now.

  529. We have been saying this for years now. We want to see Lin running PnR at the crunch time! Has not happened much after Linsanity….

  530. I remember one HOU executive leaked comments that HOU would rather trust Harden as the primary playmaker because of the scoring ability.

    I think this scoring ability as an NBA star holds true for Lin’s other NBA teams (Melo in NY, Harden in HOU, Kobe as a fading legend in LA)

    The fact that NBA is a star-driven league where 1 talented scorer like Melo and Harden can hold the franchise hostage is sobering indeed. Lin has the unfortunate journey to get stuck with these star-driven teams and not with teams like Spurs or Mavs which rely on team chemistry.

    I’m just hoping Lin would choose the right place to play during his peak years where his brand of team-basketball can be fully realized without egotistical NBA stars. For now, Lin would need to navigate through fulfilling his obligations as a Laker in his final year of contract by playing his best.

    Man, it’s not easy to be Lin fans, ya know :]
    Gotta persevere a lot, haha…
    Lin should give us badges as 2-yr fan, 5-yr fan, etc. haha..

  531. There are still things Lin can do. For example, hitting more shots in game….LOL Note that I am not saying taking more shots.

  532. I agree w you on Lakers tops, GM, fans & media are all a lot better than Rox & HOU. If Lin can play well next to Kobe it’s not really too bad for his career. Kobe is not easy to play next to.. specially PG. I really think Kobe is nice to Lin compare to other PGs in the past including Nash. I don’t think they (Kobe & Nash) like each other.

  533. Crunch time is a valuable and rare thing to have for a new team. Do not waste it on one guy……All 5 guys need it….to learn.

  534. Sure, why not.. 50-40-90 would be sweeeet! :>
    But I realize how hard it is to balance that with winning.

    By taking more shots to apply pressure like yesterday, it definitely compromised efficiency but helps to improve winning chances.

  535. There is another layer of the mental/perception game going on here. If you can trade high production with high efficiency. I think it might make Lin’s career easier. He picked the hard way. For example, for every TOV, if he had shot those……his tov # would be superb and maybe so is his ppg. LOL It is very easy to be a JR Smith, it is just much harder to be a Jeremy Lin.

  536. Since I’ve never followed Kobe in all his 19 years in NBA, I can’t make a haste conclusion on him. From what I’ve seen thus far, he played Kobe ball too much for my liking. I don’t see him as a “superstar” per se. I see an “old” past prime time “superstar” who struggles dealing with his old age and accepting his limitations. Hence, the team has more loss games with Kobe ball than winning ones.

  537. Yep…I just do not know why it is that hard to pass the ball to an open man…LOL

  538. LMAO

  539. You need to remember, Kobe and BS both praised Price for his “amazing defense.” Kobe said that Lin is already a good defender but that Kobe will teach Lin to be a great one. It’s always the same story. Stars like Harden and Kobe want all the offense for themselves and they want to leave the defensive burden to poor Lin. Lin needs to obey and focus his energy on defense, or they threaten to play Price in his place. I do not think that BS is especially in love with Price. I think that Kobe and Byron simply use Price to pressure J into playing D and letting Kobe hog the offense.

  540. Kobe is putting on a show that makes it seem like he is nice to Lin, but actually Kobe’s behavior on the court is probably driving Lin crazy. We’ve never seen Lin look so frustrated on the court or post game interviews before.

  541. Why would the Lakers give Kobe a ~$50 mil 2 year contract if they wanted to injure him? They could have just let him walk and ballhog for another team. Also fans apparently want to see Kobe both on cable and at the games. He’s a net money maker. Finally, Kobe plays as much as he wants. Nobody could force him to take risks to his health that he did not agree with.

  542. Really psalm, you don’t think Kobe looks out for his own interests? You think he puts his health and career in Byron Scott’s hands? Kobe may be taking a risk by playing so many minutes, but I see that as Kobe’s own decision.

  543. yes, need him to be on the court longer.

  544. :] I’m making my Christmas wish for Lin’s jerseys for next seasons:
    1. Spurs
    2. Mavs

    Lin looks actually looked good in Harvard’s black jersey. Can’t be that hard to get used to the black Spurs jersey right? Maybe we can have people voting for next season which jersey they want Lin to wear :]


  545. so once they get past the individual pride, the whole team can move that way to help kobe.

  546. Kobe is most enthusiastic to teach Lin how to be a great defender. I wonder why. I thought offense was Kobe’s real forte.

  547. that’s going to be interesting to watch. They will have to come out with definitive rules during the off-season for things to evolve without a firestorm.

  548. So basically every reporter are just trying to bait him confirming he is really inconsistent.

  549. I think Lin answered those stupix Qs pretty good.

  550. i love his huffs and deep breaths to basically be the real answer before he gives the Lin official line.

  551. He seems a bit sick tho.

  552. that’s also true. Kobe will play if he wants to play but Byron needs to do his job to limit his minutes even if he’s scared of angering Kobe.

    Remember how Kobe played a string of 5-6 games with 45+min before rupturing his Achilles heel under MDA? MDA just gave in and Byron is doing the same thing now.

  553. no biggie … they say take some before you ski, but I’m no doc. I did it with ankle sprains it soccer. Helps afterwards too, to keep the swelling down.

  554. I just don’t think these coaches have a choice. Kobe would just check himself into the game if BS tried to limit his minutes. That could result in an embarrassing face-to-face confrontation, but in the end the FO would let Kobe have his way. The whole scenario has probably already played out in the past and the inevitable result is already known. I think a coach who tries to stand his ground gets fired the same way Melo got MDA fired at the peak of Linsanity. The superstar, “face of the franchise” has almost limitless power. I think you also posted that BS’s reaction to Kobe’s GTFOMW comment shows just how intimidated by Kobe, BS is.

  555. Well, that’s one way for me to see it with a conflicted fan feeling. Ok, so Lin does what he can and moves on. That’s life anyway.

  556. CA is starting to get cold. Fall flu coming.

  557. yes, some congestion.

  558. or to complain Kobe hold the ball.

  559. That’s too bad. After last year, he probably thought he really has a good chance to contribute to the team.

    Guess he should’ve given up the #7 to Lin for some better karma.

  560. it’s very sad situation. Someone has to be brave enough to tell Kobe to reduce his minutes for his own good but Byron just shriveled up and looked the other way (literally!)

    That’s why Pop is much more admirable as a coach, not a babysitter to superstar egos.

    Would you oppose the idea of Lin going to Spurs or Mavs next season to play his brand of basketball?

  561. His answer about if Kobe had hit his final shot, the whole discussion will be a lot different instead of doom and gloom.

    He’s rite that hopefully they will be able to figure this thing out sooner than later since they are looking a lot better than the beginning of the season.

  562. Dave Miller is a jerk. Why didn’t he go ask Price who he supported to start over Lin the same kind of question like what happened or where were you? Or Kobe why did he bricked so many and refused to get his teammates involved?

    Hey Miller, do you know why Lin is inconsistent? Because his teammates suck. They don’t know the offense. Princeton is just too hard for them. Lin still has to tell them where they should be and there is no time for babysitting now. Byront should have used their weeks of training camp teaching about this stupid offense instead of run and run and conditioning which only brought more injuries this early of the season.

  563. Good points. Let me refine the theory a bit –

    – The point of the wear Kobe down has to do with the mental aspects more so than the physical aspects. The point is not to injure Kobe, but to make him get “sick” of playing Kobe ball 24/7. So, Kobe gets all the minutes (cookies) he wants, passes MJ fairly early in the season, then Kobe wears down physically and mentally, Kobe ball dying slowly like dinosaurs going extinct.

    – This way, they get to wean the Lakers’ from Kobe ball while still benefiting from Kobe merchandising/revenue stream.

    – The theory/plan risks a serious Kobe injury, but that’s a risk they’re willing to take, especially as I assume that the Lakers’ have taken out insurance on Kobe’s contract. And the Lakers can still reap profits off of Kobe merchandising.

    The ultimate goal is not to get rid of Kobe or get him seriously injured, but to reduce his role on the team, and this is important, TO GET HIM TO BE A TEAM PLAYER for his remaining years as a Laker, at least as much as possible given who Kobe is.

    This theory is based on a big assumption – that Byron Scott is a shrewd politician-coach who knows what he needs to do to get what he wants – control over Kobe.

    Otherwise, without this theory, Scott is probably just an incompetent head coach who cannot and does not know how to control his “star” player, or worse, actually believes Kobe playing max minutes a game is a really good thing.

  564. With the amount of $ they paying Kobe, I think FO also needs Kobe to be the hero so they can tell people, “Yea, that’s why we gave him the big bucks.”

    If all the players doing well and winning, the media will have to ask, “So why are we paying Kobe so much money again?”

  565. But if Kobe keep hitting shot at this rate, I guess that question will still kept popping out anyway.

  566. Ya that Miller is a (edited). I expect full Kobe PR damage control and blame the rest of the team tonight on TWC Sportsnet.

  567. I think in the current NBA environment. Hero is a hero, doesn’t matter how many attempt. I think that’s why Harden’s bad D hasn’t stop nba from anointing him the best SG.

    I believe couple of the wins this year, Kobe also missed a lot, but nobody cared then. Winning cures all.

  568. What kind of coach now running around like a reporter? He’s joke and people learned about him that’s why he’ll never coach/assist coach again.

  569. Yeah…anyone gradated from Harvard has no problem running the Princeton O. When JLin first came in for preseason training. Some reporter asked if he is familiar with the Princeton Offence. And he answered…yeah I have played against it when in colleage. Of course we all know Harvard was the ivy champ. Princeton O is probably not that exciting…

  570. No Reagan’s quote today? LOL.

  571. Haha..quit that bad habit..

  572. Don’t quit just slow it down.

  573. I’d be ecstatic about Spurs or Mavs. Lin had to get out of Houston ASAP because M&M, Harden, the announcers, etc. all treated Lin terribly unfairly. But the Lakers (so long as Kobe is still playing) are not yet the promised land. It’s just an intermediary solution before finding a team in FA with a supportive coach and at least semi-rational teammates.

    The thing about Pop and the Spurs is that they hand picked their players and chose only those with a good attitude that are willing to accept a coach’s authority. That’s pretty rare among the general pool of NBA players, especially superstahs.

  574. Ya. Showing some inconsistency at the moment…hope our dear Kobe be consistently chucking shots …that is consistency they are preaching…

  575. mavs would be unstoppable with Jeremy. there are his buddies (tyson chandler, parsons, greg smith) but there’s monta ellis too. let the things going and enjoy this good season at the moment.

    now i can finally say jeremy is an all star in the making. if they let him run the show this guy is a double double machine….

  576. I vote for Dallas Mav.

  577. if only kobe would consider Jeremy like his Rajon Rondo to Paul Pierce…. i’m pretty sure they would become unstoppable.

    and if they get a rim protector they can really create troubles to everyone.

    but that, for now, is a forlorn hope…

  578. Does game #20 mean anything to BS?

  579. One thing I’ve learned from following LIn is that almost anything is possible in NBA politics. Personally I think “Scott is probably just an incompetent head coach who cannot and does not know how to control his “star” player.” Only I would leave out the incompetent part. I think the Lakers have given Kobe so much power that no coach could control him.

    Hypothetically though, what if Michael Jordan were the coach? Would he be able to persuade Kobe to pass to the open man instead of shooting while triple teamed? Kobe really respects Jordan and Jordan is no pushover.

  580. Sorry to hear that…..A speedy recovery Xavier…

  581. wise choice, I think.
    Lin’ll start and not play behind Parker

  582. It is extremely hard because he always wants to shoot it himself.

  583. Here’s the other problem with Kobe’s shot. He likes to take those turnaround fadeaway baseline jumpers. In both cases and especially on the right baseline, his body is falling out of bounds after the shot. If he misses (which is often this season) and the opponent rebounds, it’s likely the other team now has a 5 on 4 advantage going the other way and scores easily because Kobe is so far off the court and no time to get back on defense. Watch the tapes — this happens quite a few times.

  584. Dang, don’t tell me Henry injury now makes them more likely to keep Price. SMH

  585. Update on Nash’ situation from Eric Pincus (LA Times) :

    The Lakers are still waiting to hear from the NBA on their request for a $4.9-million disabled player exception for Nash. …..
    In Nash’s situation, an investigator is thought to be looking through years of medical records before making a determination. …

    The NBA has to agree that Nash is out the entire season to grant a disabled player exception, which can be used by the Lakers to acquire a player making up to $4.9 million, either by waiver claim or free agency. The team would also be able to use it to trade for a player making up to $5 million.

    See : http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-fyi-20141125-story.html

  586. There should be an advanced stats that shows your TS% compared to your playing time. In baseball they track how many pitches a pitcher throws and measure the velocity of the pitches. They know how many pitches a pitcher is good for and when his speed starts to drop. They need to do the same with Kobe, he’s good in the first 3 quarters (with rest, that 6/22 brick fest against DAL started in the 1st quarter from prior overplaying) but his legs are gone in the 4th especially during crunch time.

  587. I don’t think they have that by playing time, but I think they have the breakdown by quarter.

  588. I think Lakers is not happy w Price… Even Scott has different view on Price.. smh! But I guess they can still bring in the tried out PG for Price. Last night, the announcers sounds not very happy on Price for not be able have O in the game. This is his 2nd time w 0 point in the past 4 games.

  589. wow, we wish him well.

  590. No big deal if Kobe said that.

    Players in the NBA talk like that all the time.

    Kobe went ZERO FOR HERO.

  591. That’s a FAIL coaching mentality by Scott.

    Kobe Bryant already misses a ton of practices. That’s why he’s out of synch with the rest of the team all season long.

    Scott is coaching as if Kobe Bryant is the only player he has on the team. It’s BAD COACHING.

  592. I’ve watched a ton of Kobe Bryant.

    He was like this even as a young player.

    When he was younger, he could attack the rim and elevate. Now he can’t do that, but his style is exactly the same.

    Kobe Bryant has fought every single coach and teammate he ever had. He actually treats Lin BETTER than anybody else he’s ever played with.

  593. Yeah….probably shooting half court is a better idea……probably can do it with about the same fg% anyway

  594. Did Kobe tell his teammates to β€œget the f*** out the way” on the Lakers final shot in regulation?

    Fine, this is Kobe’s team no doubt. It’s 3-11 and it sucks!

  595. Oh Man! just couldnt believe all these injuries. Speedy recovery to XHenry

  596. I actually have no problem with that.

    If Kobe Bryant wants to shoot his historically bad endgame percentages and end up losing, then nobody else can be blamed for the losing.

  597. He should get his flu shot, already

  598. more likely!

  599. Lakers cut Price, for reals.
    …in 1979. Lakers cut guard Jim Price, after drafting Magic. πŸ™‚

  600. Yes, I looked at that. It shows his TS% drops off in the 4th quarter in general but dramatically in the last game. In the graph I made the green is the 4th quarter and in the last game TS% dropped to 29.5% For the season Kobe’s average TS% is 48.2 and drops to 41.4% in the 4th quarter. In comparison Lin TS% is 61 overall and drops to 51.5% in the 4th quarter.

  601. Great interview by Lin!

    It amazes me how he speaks the truth clearly without sugarcoating anything. No wonder the reporters crowd around him.

    Lin is probably the most interesting interview I’ve ever seen. He always has something very interesting to say, and he doesn’t really pull punches either!

  602. There might not be another NBA team like the Spurs where the coach has such authority like a college coach.

    Hearing about what Cuban said about how chemistry is important in the Mavs vs math in HOU, Cuban and Carlisle might be a close second to the Spurs to prioritize team chemistry.

    That’s good to know you like the Spurs or Mavs :] I think most Lin fans would be happy to see Lin play for the winning Mavs if Lakers continue to be a dysfunctional NBA team.

  603. Disclaimer: That was before Byron got there :p

  604. Alright, it’s WISH LIST TIME.

    What players would help the Lakers?

    I’ll sort them by position:

    Guards Bo McCalebb, Jimmer Fredette, Jerryd Bayless, Garrett Temple
    Small Forwards: Steve Novak, Bill Walker, Jordan Hamilton
    Power Forwards: Tyler Hansbrough, Andrew Nicholson
    Centers: Earl Barron, Hamed Haddadi, Omar Samhan, Greg Smith

  605. I guess Kobe didn’t mean to be bad… the complete sentence it’s like “get the fuq out the ways, it’s a 3ptr don’t worry I got this”.

  606. Fine, let’s get BS out the door first then. πŸ™‚

  607. You should get a job as a professional scout.

  608. lol

  609. Practice: Jeremy Lin (24 Nov 2014)

  610. LAL’s injury situation makes me think why they do not fire Vitti at all?

  611. SF: Novak for sure because of the obvious chemistry with JLin and helps the Lakers extend lead or catch up with a barrage of 3s.
    Center: Haddadi for a big body to back up Davis. Samhan since I want to see your favorite player plays with JLin :] Where is Samhan BTW? His speed might be a concern, I think.

  612. Not only that, when analyst looks at numbers, it has to be looked as a whole. You see the Net Negative for Jeremy, that the killer. He can be “OK” with DefRating, provided he concentrate on Offense (taking more shots = more point).

    And then look at TO Ratio and its way too high, and then when they look at his usage to sum things, to PIE, Jeremy would never come out of the cream, on whatever TS% he may have.

  613. Thats because he takes lesser shots (most of the time) on all 3Q and inclines to take most of his shots during Q4

  614. and next let’s make JLin the Player-Coach! :>


    There was noone who voted 17/5 in the Voting Poll but the next closest one was 15pts/6asts with 3 people.

    The following are 3 with the bragging rights.
    Congrats! πŸ˜€

    1. CJSHYY (2 in a row!)
    2. Yahmin
    3. pete roces

  616. Thank you… going to buy the lottery now.. LOL!

  617. I’ve enjoyed all of Howard Megdal’s (Capital New York) articles on Jeremy during Linsanity.

  618. LOL Quite an easy answer in a sense: Definitely NO, most probably no purple and gold unless things change in the next 69 games:-)

  619. Yes, but it shows that efficiency goes down in the 4th quarter which I suspect is due to too many minutes. Lakers would be more effective if Kobe and JLin swapped rotation minutes. Take Kobe out in 1st then back at end of second. Start 3rd, out in 3rd then play again the last 6 minutes of the 4th. JLin was hot in the 3rd quarter yesterday, they took him out and got absolutely nothing out of Price. During that time they were pretty stagnant, JLin could have run up the score on them and it wouldn’t have been so close at the end.

  620. LOL!!!!!!!!!! NOT FAIR @psalm234:disqus!!!!!!!!!! I have 17/7. At least I’ve got the the pts right:-)

  621. you don’t win anything in the lottery if you’re off by a digit. =p

  622. haha.. almost.. almost…
    Kudos for believing in 2 more assists :>
    I got 17/10.. haha
    I forgot 5 assists were robbed in 4th quarter during crime-fighting!

  623. except for bragging rights to friends who would listen LOL

  624. Well I will get it right somedays. He should get more assists when more gel with teammates:-)

  625. Price has had so many single digit and 0 point not existing games that I lost count! That’s how horrible he is!! And his so called great defense was hyped up by Kobe and BS!

  626. #7 is bad luck for JLin I’m glad he’s back with #17!

  627. Dirk, Ellis, JLin, Parsons, and Chandler starting lineup! That’s Championship team right there!

  628. I saw the still picture and thought: “Nah, that’s probably just out of context. I need to see the video.” Then I saw the video and it was even worse.

  629. Wow now that’s laziness!

  630. Paying Kobe the big bucks was a lifetime achievement reward. A big message to the next superstar that we take care of our stars. From coaching, front office, to media jobs. Big time laker players are taken care of.

  631. Darn my 58 points, 20 assists didn’t win again.

  632. and if his teammates actually stop blowing Lin’s great passes right next to the rim.

  633. Please get Novak and Greg Smith

  634. WAHAHAHAHA….. this deserves a dancing banana

  635. live by Kobe’s shooting and die by Kobe’s shooting. (this season, it’s mostly the latter.)

  636. He really is a cornerstone. He stands on a corner like a stone. Harden is pudgy for someone who plays basketball for a living.

  637. Wow. Just wow. I would hate to be on this team. The teammate that makes the worst decisions gets the least amount of practice to play the most minutes for more bad decision making. Ok got it. As a laker player I would totally be motivated to play for the team, NOT!

  638. That’s slothiness lol

  639. Houston announcers just said “Harden is doing it on both ends, offence and defence!”

    Wow they are delusional.

  640. Seriously is this guy on medication. That just is not normal.

  641. About 1 – What are you talking about? I can lift my own luggage, thank you very much. No bf dares to carry even my everyday bag for me or I’ll go ballistic. πŸ™‚

  642. Really, injury bug? Why pick on the Lakers? πŸ™

  643. Spurs or Mavs! No other “or”/”else”!

  644. sorry, the poll for Lakers 3PT Defense is not open yet.

  645. NBA: Where Amazing (Art) Happens!

  646. True…Coach need to figure that out…sadly πŸ™

  647. lol

  648. I see Harden is the spotter! “Incoming!”

  649. Just when we thought Harden couldn’t surprise us anymore with his defense, he brought a Christmas GIF!

  650. unless its on offence then he lumber towards the defender and swings his arms madly at him then flops to get a foul.

  651. LOL at gargoyle

  652. Well the question about PBs is are those contested or uncontested 3s? lol

  653. medical tanking.

  654. jimmer is rotting on no mins this season.

  655. “I’m going to stop him with my eyes, I’m going to stop him with my eyes…. oh well, next time!”

  656. They would like to trade for the Suns or Spurs medical team but it was vetoed.

  657. Who are you, Cyclops?

  658. That Miller guy looked so smug forcing his own opinion on Jeremy’s face. One of Jeremy’s statements: It’s not always gonna be like I’m gonna get five shots in one quarter, so I had to get five in the other. Just you’ve got to play the game of basketball and sometimes I might get 10 in a quarter and zero in the next; that’s just how it goes sometimes.

    The 2 of them are obviously not speaking on the same wavelength. Miller, it seems, does not understand the primary responsibility of a point guard despite him being a coach. He wants Jeremy to be a shoot first player.

  659. This will improve team chemistry, having Kobe practice less with the team? ok…

  660. Wow, I just did it…lol thanks, wish LA won, well…

  661. I’d like to be part of his marketing team (doesn’t have to be the top honcho) and organize some fan events for his foundation. Probably two or three fan events annually, excluding that online fan event.

  662. Young with a “really?!?” facial expression

  663. Harden stood there trying to get a steal? Instead of running back for defense, lazy as heck.

  664. it would never hurt to ask at JLin Foundation or tweet his business managers to be a PHI contact :>

  665. Samhan is in Egypt training with the Egyptian National Team.

    Next year, he’s thinking about going to the D League. I sure hope he does, as he’d be a 20-10 player in the D League if he could get his weight under control.

    Samhan tested out as been very fast in sprints. Even with his weight, he looks very quick to me. Certainly Samhan had no problem setting screens and playing help defense for Lin in Summer League 2010 and Rockets training camp 2012.

    Samhan has more polished low post skills than anyone playing in the NBA today.

  666. I wish – but I’d probably anger my superiors with my seemingly outlandish reports.

  667. Will Kobe help 76ers get their only win this season?

  668. .

  669. Thank you Byront. Thank you Kobe

  670. If you could only pick one from the list, don’t they need a good big the most?

  671. LOL. They might dig the outlandish reports, but the CAPS might scare them πŸ˜€

  672. If we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs…if only we had some eggs. Forlorn is right, ’cause whatever lip service he gives to the idea, Kobe has no docking station for real partnership. There’s just a chip missing.

  673. Yey!

  674. Hope you had lots of fun. Too bad they lost. It must have been exciting to watch up close.

  675. Nah…he just need a player other than Kobe to criticize..

  676. Unbelievable! Just beyond words how shameless this is.

  677. Thanks for the update. I hope he gets his weight under control and try out in the D-League.

    I still remember when he had such a hype during the NCAA tournament but then nothing came out of it after Summer League.

  678. He looks like “Why are you asking those questions? I do not even wanna talk to you”

  679. Watching live is just a totally different dimension.

  680. Could we get a dedicated thread to keep track of historical winning record?

  681. Your superiors might be overrated anyways. LOL

  682. Harden apologists defending him, didn’t know it was humanly possible for anyone after viewing this video. They have no shame.

  683. Cherry – picking negatives is a kkklutch specialty.

  684. Could use Novak (3 ball), Fields (smart ball) and g. Smith (big hands + PnR)

  685. Jimmer to replace Price. At least you know he can nail 3’s.

  686. I actually advocated that idea over the jeremylin. Net site

  687. Prices shoe throw defense doesn’t cut it anymore

  688. do we need a new thread?

  689. Probably so:-)

  690. ok…gimme 10 πŸ™‚

  691. LOL

  692. Such a ugly and cheap JLIn jersey in Chinese. Who wants it!!!! I can do a much better job than this:-)

  693. Funny thing is Kobe CAN be a hero if he will choose to play team ball and if Scott did some actual coaching

  694. if you create it, I can add the poll tomorrow.
    Maybe I can add poll on Kobe’s shots made/attempt in Q4 just for fun :]

  695. hahaha. easier for the whole game for Kobe FGA and made.

  696. Anybody know how Toney Douglas is doing with the Jiangsu Dragons? Guess he won’t be available until February.

  697. but but .. Q4 is the Crime-Fighter time :p
    It decides if the Lakers loses or win for the most time

  698. That’s very true!!! Just make it over 10 attempts and probably 1-2 mades.

  699. I like TD. Good 3P shooter & good D compare to Price…he sure it’s upgrade.

  700. Not an expert here. Believe many are much better than Price. No doubt about it. Didn’t understand why BS so infatuated with him.

  701. probably, just helping him out otherwise he’s long gone..

  702. I think more than just helping him out bc Scott even said he wanted to start Price just last Monday?!

  703. Yep. Don’t think just helping him out but something isn’t smelling right for BS wants him to be a starter. Even now not a starter but play so many minutes with his “lousy” contributions.

  704. I know Price can’t shoot & not even a good D player?! After the lose of Mav, they even did a post game interview w him to talk about D?! Didn’t they see how poor job he did to guard J. Barea?! smh!

  705. New thread is up…fight for your spot…hope you have the quick step!!!!

  706. The only thing I can say is they see something that I can’t see. For these same reporters/coaches, they call JLin out, i.e., JLin is bad in away game and now he is inconsistent. Well I just don’t buy into those kinds of “claim” from anyone.

  707. hahahaha I did my claim.

  708. As I said earlier in the thread, his numbers are “not bad” in terms of defense. I have posted it with the numbers, somewhere there

  709. yeah, that’s probably the best for JLin and all of his fans.
    He really lives to play the brand of unselfish team-ball so Spurs and Mavs would be perfect for him to bloom.

    I will create a voting poll soon to see which NBA team his fans would like him to play next. I’m curious if the majority would choose Spurs/Mavs/Lakers

  710. yes, I will need to do so before I forget :>
    Let me see if I can find some time to dig through the previous posts.
    It’s not automated so it’ll take some time

  711. Thanks psalm, I know it’s extra work and I really appreciate it.

  712. @John Lee, I just created a Sticky Post to keep track of historical winners

    Still being updated though


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