G14 DEN @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

Boozer is out and Ed Davis will start.

Will we see more PnR between Lin and Davis? Will this create a more flowing teamwork? The defense intensity will definitely pick up

I expect Lakers will lead after the 1st quarter because DEN is ranked #25 in allowing PPG at 105

JLin looks great in his 3pt shooting in practice


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Let’s go, JLin!


  1. 1st 🙂

  2. welcome back to your Linning throne, Queen! :]

  3. If you keep calling me Queen, I’m gonna have to start calling you my loyal subject 😛

  4. nice 3 stroke. That kid has a fun job.

  5. Go Lin Go!

  6. LOL.. I see why power corrupts haha..
    Ok, queen only for 5 seconds then ..:>

  7. puny 4th..


  8. See what you made me do 🙂
    I abdicate.

  9. “The Lakers’ starting lineup is the most used five-man lineup in the NBA.

    It’s also arguably the worst, as its -100 point differential is the poorest mark by far. No other five-man unit has been outscored by more than 40 points.

    But when you swap out Jordan Hill for Ed Davis, the results swing dramatically.

    The starting four plus Davis has torn apart the opposition in their limited run together. They’re outpacing their competition by almost 36 points per 100 possessions, the sixth-best figure for any five-man lineup that has appeared in at least seven games.

    Add that to the argument for increasing Davis’ minutes.

    Watch this particular unit as the season progresses. Right now they’re shooting an insane 65 percent from the field and scoring an ungodly 147.8 points per 100 possessions—tops in the league and a pace that’s sure to falter soon.

    But if it remains efficient offensively and Davis’ presence bolsters the defense, this can turn into L.A.’s go-to crunch-time lineup.”


  10. Well, at least you’re consistent 🙂

  11. haha.. it reminds me of that Elf Queen at the LOTR when being tempted to take the ring by Frodo :>

  12. Consistently puny? hahaha

  13. Wait… are you a Hobbit?

  14. Let’s hope with Davis in, the real Lin is out of the bird cage to unleash Linsanity!


  15. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Fly free little bird…. I mean, fly free, Gerald Green!

  17. hm,.. I don’t have Frodo’s hairy feet and taller
    so maybe a Tall Hobbit!

  18. Wow, Musselman’s wife is Danyelle Sargent. Nice job Eric! She reminds me a bit of Rosario Dawson.

  19. a strategic coach! I like it

  20. hill stands on the perimter shooting jumpers so its ok to hve 1 guy ply inside

  21. Exactly. Jeremy alluded to this when he said that it is hard to figure out the spacing when you have 2 bigs who like to pop instead of roll.

  22. No hairy feet and taller. Must be an elf.

  23. They look like the crew of a cruise ship.

  24. Galadriel.


    Ed Davis spaces the court much better than Carlos Boozer does.

    That’s because Ed Davis actually rolls to the rim on the pick and roll, thus freeing up the congested midrange for Lin and other players to operate.

    At least it won’t be Jeremy Lin and 4 wannabe shooting guards that clog the midrange and refuse to cut to the basket.

  26. I like AC Green. He said some good things before too.

  27. Still depends on if Kobe will be in chucking mode. Hopefully Lin / Davis will be off to a hot start so Kobe doesn’t feel the need to start chucking.

  28. I cannot agree with Worthy’s assessment.

    What Lin figured out last game was that he could pin his man behind the clogged midrange screen if he jab stepped his opponent into the pick.

    That allowed Lin to either step back for an uncontested 3 or fly to the rim for a layup past a big man trapped in the midrange.

    This won’t work against every team, especially against teams like Houston that go over picks to blitz Lin with multiple players defensively.

  29. We don’t care about offense yet. Only D.

  30. GOOD.

    More Sacre is a good thing.

  31. LOL. They do…hahahahaha

  32. wait now I’m always defending scott but really really. didn’t he say it defense first . we score quite well we dropping a little there to gain a better defense would be you know one step back three step forwards type of thing. what happen to its all about defense. disappointed by that one

  33. even if we agreed with what he said. our offense is rated 6th i think lets say we drop to 8th or 10th but go from 30 or 31 defense to 22. hello scott this is actually better. assuming we accept what he said with no debate

  34. Lin’s shooting footwork has been steadily getting better this season.

    When he started the season, I thought that his feet were pointed too much at the basket. That caused Lin to corkscrew his jump shots and made his release very hard and flat.

    But as a result of observing Kobe Bryant’s old fashioned Larry Bird style side release, Lin has been turning his feet to his left more and bending his knees properly. Now Lin’s shot is back to being soft and backspun the way it was during Linsanity.

    I may be a critic of Kobe Bryant’s game, but I am not a critic of Kobe Bryant’s shot form. I think Bryant has a superb side shooting form that is pretty much identical to what Michael Jordan and Larry Bird used to do.

    Lin’s father taught Lin to shoot in this manner. I hope Lin sticks with what his dad taught him.

  35. Also, pure speculation but this indicates to me a response to the lack of discussion by TWC AccessSports Net on Lin’s contribution last game.

  36. Opponents are taking naps defensively as the Lakers play soft slow selfish freezeout basketball.

    This results in opponents saving all their energy for offense to burn the Lakers with.

    To improve the defense, the Lakers must involve more of their players offensively even if it results in a drop of the Lakers’ offensive ranking.

    Lin and Davis and Young are the only Lakers that provide a strong physical presence on the offensive end. The more those three are involved offensively, the less energy opponents will have to go wild when the Lakers are on defense.

  37. As long as none are Spiegel, fine with me, Precious!

  38. One of the refs is 77, I remember he is the one watching LBJ holding JLIN and did nothing

  39. i think lakers win this

  40. Kobe: Jeremy, just remember pass me the ball and wait in the corner.

  41. A more balanced Lakers offensive attack would cause opponents to expend energy chasing cutters and fighting through screens and stopping the ball.

    That energy thus would not be saved by opponents for the offensive end of the court.

    This is why slow paced freezout heroball ALWAYS FAILS in the NBA – it kills teams on both ends of the court.

  42. Shoot it Jeremy. Stu’s right. Lin changed his mind there. Unnecessary TO.

  43. oo bad TO by lin

  44. Boozer is getting better at flaring out to open spots, but Hill is still lazy and slow even on cuts that are designed to get him the ball.

  45. they look faster already

  46. Those yoga sessions seems to be paying well for Jeremy. Those acrobatic shots.

  47. Smeagol. Kobe is Gollum.

  48. any link to the game? thanks

  49. thank you

  50. Wow this starting 5 looks much better so far! Seem like a lot better spacing and good ball movement.

  51. Davis will do a much better job of containing Faried.

  52. look at the active defense

  53. Nice block.

    Lin doing a good job on Lawson

  54. yes, Lin contained him from going to the rim

  55. JLin what was that? Bad pass.

  56. Bad TO, Lin should’ve just taken that shot himself!

  57. lin has to shoot that

  58. 2nd bad TO by Lin

  59. yup, shouldn’t have thrown it back out.
    Lin needs to shoot it hoping for an offensive rebound

  60. Ya, stop looking for Kobe.

  61. a miss is better then that turnover. the jump and pass is a issue for lin

  62. I doubt the coach told him to do that.. that is a boneheaded play. period. Should’ve try to shoot that in.

  63. Lin needs to stop the last minute pass decision. It is a bad one. Shoot that mid-range like last game.

  64. Defense has been very solid with Ed Davis so far.
    No easy penetration to the rim that Boozer usually allows.

    Lin tried to get going with Davis on PnR but working quite yet.

  65. Sure if he drew the defense and Kobe wide open but Kobe didn’t have a better situation than he did.

  66. the thing is lin is good enough to make that shot

  67. Shoot that is all

  68. I’m fine with early TO, atleast he is trying to be aggressive and has 2 FGA. As long as he doesnt go into too cautious mode

  69. Lawson attacked Kobe during transition and got fouled.

  70. JAVALEEE MCGEEEE! – Shaqs voice

  71. Wow Lawson got mauled, no easy points in the paint for him tonight.

  72. Kobe’s shot been falling today, so far so good

  73. Lin is out….hmmm

  74. 4 minutes left how come Lin’s going out so early?

  75. Lin and Davis to the bench but Kobe is still out there. Make sense for Kobe this game as he is hot. Not sure why Davis and Lin are out already.

  76. this is scott rotation

  77. Lin just can’t get the feel of the game, horrible decision making. He plays like a scrub.

  78. Kobe is the one that needs to rest, his FG% drops in the 4th quarter. Gets tired. Scott doing poor job of managing his minutes.

  79. have you been watching laker games???

  80. lol really

  81. Lin couldn’t find his rhythm yet in the 1st quarter. Just couldn’t get the PnR with Davis going
    Hope he figures out how to attack DEN defense more effectively in Q2

  82. hopefully.

  83. Davis was also substituted early…its coach decision lets see, if its makes sense

  84. nuggets aren’t very good….

  85. Lakers like to stand around in offence…

  86. Bad teams wow

  87. kobes’ doing fine so far.

  88. That’s cause Kobe likes hogging the ball on offense.

  89. They would look good if Boozer was in. Faried is very good.

  90. Jeremy shoot Ty doesn’t play d

  91. but he’s doing fine so far.. lin got his shots.. 1-3

  92. this unit is struglling bad. the bench needs boozer

  93. Watch it, lets not call players as scrub. Personally i dont think there are any scrub players, in NBA. If there are recruited it, they have some talent. SOme has more some has less, but still they are NBA players

  94. Lin a little off in the first. He won’t come back until six minutes are left in the second. Weird rotation.

  95. Kobe moves offball. If others moved offball they may get it more. But, Kobe and others have to find LIn when he is wide open from 3.

  96. Too bad Lin only made 1 shot a layup so far and miss the other two with 2 bad TOs. He really need to just shoot when he’s getting that close the rim. He tried passing back out to Kobe which cause a TO.

  97. I know, it’s something consistent with Byron.

  98. yeah, thats one think thats lacking, not sure why scott, or Lin to the team, may have not spoke about it?…not sure

  99. That’s where you wish Scott was more inconsistent with his rotation.

  100. This game feels boring ;/

  101. Davis is out and DEN is scoring easily in the paint

  102. He should play Lin longer to let him build a rhythm.

  103. Price sucks.

  104. Stupid foul by Price. Lost Ty Lawson.

  105. yeah, hard to get into the rhythm sitting out that long,

  106. I have no idea why Byron always plays Kobe all 12 min in the 1st quarter.

  107. Thats something he should have learnt or need to learn. His last 2 season had been similar as well, sadly

  108. Nick playing PG? uhh…

  109. That TO on Kobe or Sacre?

  110. at least kobe is PASSING.. he passed more in this game than most other games.

  111. maybe, he gets too stiff, if does get that warmup on 1stQ

  112. kobe

  113. Kobe

  114. Scott is basically Kobe’s caddy.

  115. wow… Denver is really bad

  116. Kobe

  117. they are 5-7

  118. Sacre with 2 steals so far lol

  119. I mean, Lakers is so bad, any other team would be leading the Lakers now at least 10 pts. Guess, the Lakers has friends.

  120. “Painful to watch” game so far.

  121. Rather see Nick as PG than Price as PG if Lin’s off the floor.

  122. hm, that makes sense.
    Kobe is using 1st quarter as a warm-up :]

  123. lin may play with the bench since boozer isn’t there to. thats why he may have come out 1 minute earlier then usual

  124. Atleast its not a blowout yet. Walking Dead will have to wait!

  125. 2 fouls already for both Moz and McGee, good news

  126. you saw the miss FT….he does that early in the game, most of the time

  127. Price is no resistance for Lawson

  128. It’s really contradictory to the strategy to save Kobe’s minutes

  129. lol…yet? 🙂

  130. price can’t guard lawson

  131. he ‘s just not a good player. Bad on offense and defense.

  132. This will be a snooze fest unless Lin scores alot with some nice lobs with Davis ><"

  133. very unfortunate

  134. First basket by Lawson without Lin on the floor.

  135. when the starters played it was fun

  136. he had 0 help, no one can stop Lawson like that.
    I didnt even see Sacre near by, who on earth was he covering that he couldnt help lol smh

  137. Lin wasn’t comfortable on offense. Denver was double-teaming him.

  138. Just came back…..Lin sucks again? LOL #Trollmode

  139. He has to get over it.

  140. Except Lin missed 2 shots and had 2 bad TO =/

  141. he was ok. he missed an open mid shot he usually makes

  142. 😡

  143. Lin is just getting warm up… no worry

  144. i was wrong

  145. stop..its not a double team..its a trap

  146. I think DEN is packing the paint so there’s no space to do PnR.
    Lin, Nick Young. Kobe needs to make some 3s to draw people out first

    0-2 from 3s in Q1

  147. 2nd unit seems to always start 2nd quarter.

  148. Another stupid Price TO

  149. get lin back in please

  150. lol, I like the optimism, this site and that site is like the ying and yang of jeremy lin fan site.

  151. Nuggets are so horrible yet Lakers aren’t blowing them out.

  152. Lin never gets to play with 2nd unit so not even going to expect that.

  153. should let the bench play, until we loose the lead?! 🙂

  154. If Lin was running second unit they’d be blowing them out. They are only in it because the Nuggets second unit isn’t doing that good.

  155. they look really bad until young made a few shots

  156. Even when he does Price plays PG and doesn’t pass to Lin

  157. A lot of doubters and even haters there. Makes you wonder why they even visit a Jeremy Lin fan-site

  158. they’re blowing layups and open 3’s…lol

  159. Scott has no plan or no true logic

  160. We never give up, right? 🙂 Go Lin Go… oh… he is still sitting… Darn!

  161. Scott thanks Jason kidd everyday

  162. Exactly so I rather Lin not play with 2nd unit and just accept that his minutes are only with starters. Not like Lin can’t get 20 points per game playing with starters so long as he keeps shooting and not be passive.

  163. Jeremy should lead this team. By leading I mean COACH this team as well.

  164. Wow DEN 0-9 from 3s
    Lakers might win by default, hahaha!

  165. fine with doubters and haters, as long as there is no personal attacks, and mocking on each other or players

  166. Price knew that was a miss thats why he got the offensive reb. lol

  167. Watching Price shooting 3s makes me miss Toney Douglas 🙁

  168. Price is playing himself out of a job soon

  169. yeah, good to see we are taking some 3s

  170. LOL OMG Nuggets brick after brick of open 3s.

  171. Thank God Ellington is back to shoot some 3s

  172. With Kobe out Lin should be the #1 offensive weapon and Price doesn’t even pass to him. Complete incompetence.

  173. Nope. Not with BS in charge. He loves him some price.

  174. The golden boy of BS?! Not a chance!

  175. Price gets too many minutes

  176. 0-11 now

  177. LAL starts to pull away with 2 3s already 27-21

  178. Golden Scrub not going to get cut cause BS is coach. Sad but true.

  179. Lakers can’t be a fun team to play with

  180. I’d rather see Clarkson than Price.

  181. NYoung is there as the offensive weapon…its second unit in fight now…so its fine

  182. Kobe ISO
    Swaggy ISO

  183. Nick Young chucking all the shots on 2nd unit, Kobe Jr.

  184. Uh price has been in way too long

  185. Ok coach 6 minute make im guessing

  186. Good to see Ellington with a breakaway dunk!

  187. Ellington with the dunk! Now that woke up the Lakers bench and crowd!

  188. Price wasting Davis talent and Jeremy PT.

  189. Yup 6 minute

  190. clap clap

  191. he’s a non-factor out there so far.
    Just bring the ball up

  192. Comes back with Kobe

  193. BS, enough of forcing the Price-Davis pairing.It’s sickening already.

  194. Big cheer Lin coming back in

  195. Lin and Kobe back first at 6min mark.

  196. lin is in!

  197. Johnson is back to reality again.

  198. Or maybe that was for Kobe, Kobe and Lin

  199. You’re being kind, he’s been a negative factor.


  201. Who’s guarding Afflalo for that 3?
    Kobe right?

  202. Kobe was coming in too not sure who was it for.

  203. BS hoping Davis would help Price stats, but ends up dragging down Davis’.

  204. Really hard to watch this team….no real strategy

  205. its horrible 🙁

  206. Johnson stinking it up again after a great start of the game with his defensive plays.

  207. Any pg would struggle with Kobe and this putrid game plan

  208. Real strategy to make Kobe, Swaggy and Price shine, team win be damned.

  209. Davis saved Price from Lawson blowing by him.

  210. BS thinks any PG can pad stats and assists with Davis just cause he plays well with Lin!

  211. If the PG is not going to score, at least must make assists and not TO.

  212. Jeremy shoot that!!

  213. Jeremy these passes… lol get it together boy

  214. Price had more minutes than Lin when Jeremy checks back in. BS and his BS rotation.

  215. this game is brutal to watch.

  216. And he’d be right, except Price is no PG.

  217. Lawson can’t score on Lin

  218. Jeremy going pass silly

  219. Wes acting normal again…

  220. nice layup LIN!

  221. Good patience by Lin to do easy layup after faking Mozgov out

  222. hehehe Jeremy not respecting Mozgov on the inside.. lay-up!!!

  223. Scott must be telling Jeremy that Price is a good PG and Jeremy trying to imitate Price. Jeremy has to play HIS game.

  224. Time out, Kobe screaming at Lin and Lin screaming back what was that about? O.o

  225. Jeremy just told Kobe swing that pass son

  226. Jeremy playing great defense on Lawson, sadly the other Lakers keep letting their man score open 3s, sigh.

  227. regular game stuff

  228. maybe talking about how to get Lin open at 3

  229. Doubt it, probably about offense cause Kobe almost lost the ball in double team, saved by Ed Davis.

  230. After Houston Jeremy ain’t scared of no one

  231. Great, passion. Good stuff.

  232. That was obviously a joke LOL

  233. Kobe and Lin having some exchanges after the fouled on Davis

  234. lol stop, those silly unforced TOs are all on Jeremy.
    Bad decisions, he’s gotta shoot those.

  235. Why is every team raining 3’s on the Lakers so easily? Why, Why, Why, Scott?

  236. Because Lakers don’t defend those wide open 3s!

  237. Lin get your stats

  238. That was a needed 3 by Ellington

  239. Good job by Lin helping D to prevent the easy dunk

  240. Jeremy can easily burn the Nuggets with Ellington and Davis. Too bad, BS can’t see that.

  241. it’s hard to do when he only plays six minutes in the second quarter. Lame rotation by Scott.

  242. I want him to get a career high

  243. lin started rough but he is grinding it out. good stuff

  244. Lin needs to keep shooting to get into rhythm.
    Come on, Lin!

  245. kobe iso last shot of the second.

  246. Nice falling down D by Lin to entice Lawson to travel LOL

  247. Great d

  248. Jeremy, great defence!

  249. thought that three was going to go in. Damn it.

  250. Oh, Jeremy hit those!!!!

  251. Lin’s 3s not falling tonight 🙁

  252. its ok

  253. At this point I think Roscoe would be a better starting SF than Wes.

  254. 2 good look at 3s but Ellington and Lin can’t make it.

    Lin needs to keep shooting them!

  255. So the back is hurtling Lin again?

  256. better he shoots it…

  257. LOL At least it worked. But I think Lin was trying to draw a charge.

  258. He needs to keep shooting. Seems like if he misses a few shots he just disappears offensively.

  259. maybe. good point. Who knows, though.

  260. I’ll let his missed shots slide for now. That back…

  261. i agree with scot the offense is little more clogged with out boozer

  262. I agree only way to get out of slump is to shoot, especially if those shots are wide open!

  263. His shots are long, not short, so I think he’s OK unless he’s compensating by overshooting.

  264. Lin with least minutes amongst starters, BS love for Price is ridiculous.

  265. how can you play price that many minutes coach

  266. how many points does he have

  267. 6 fine 10 come on

  268. Lin always gets the least minute out of starters! Price the scrub of scrubs getting 20 minutes is just ridiculous!!

  269. 4pts/2asts/2to/2foul/2reb

  270. i dread the day when the lakers actually acquire a decent PG. Lin will never see the court.

  271. 4 pts. 2 for 6. Couple of bad turnovers from bad passes.

  272. im ok with lin missing he usually turn those game around if he stays aggressive

  273. He needs to do one of those 2nd half switches and gets in in gear that we’ve seen on the Rockets. Hasn’t done so yet for the Lakers. Time to start with this game. Score at least 12, these low scoring games are killing is PPG.

  274. Jeremy will get many points and assists in the second half.

  275. its usually boozer

  276. 6 shots going to get at least 10-12 shots so there is that

  277. blocked by Mozgov on one layup, then faked him into the air for simple 2 next time. He’s ok, one of is slow halves not helped by a lot of bench time.

  278. I wander what Kobe and lin were screaming about?

  279. Wes is playing excellent D.

  280. bball stuff.

  281. Probably just something Like. Kobe thinks Lin should have shoot it, while Lin think Kobe took his eyes off the ball.

  282. I’m watching the Denver telecast and they said — when driving, Ty is more effective when he’s looking to shoot than just looking to pass. JLin needs to shoot first, too.

  283. it was right after kobe’s behind the back pass to Davis. Must have been on the action just before that.

    Seems to have settled out because that before half missed 3 was set up 2 passes to Lin. A great look. I needed that 3.

  284. hey all, not sure if you noticed, but as soon as Lin came back in, lawson was not a threat anymore and regional college ball became an NBA game again.

    SwagP and Price were a mess.

  285. They also said the Lakers are playing without a true point guard (in JLin), that he’s loose with the ball and does not defend well. That’s their view. 🙁

  286. Who said this?

  287. Denver announcers.

  288. idc

  289. Their homers that’s what they do

  290. back after the game. watching with family.

  291. exactly they will say what they say

  292. Odell Beckham catch was wowser

  293. That’s bc Johnson is there for defense for kobe

  294. So he held Lawson to 0 FG. Price gave up his only basket.

  295. It was a great look but Lin missed it.

  296. Jeremy has to stop those stupid TOs though doesn’t help him

  297. Im sure i dont want lin stay with the lakers next season lol

  298. that’s not true.
    Lin’s D on Lawson was excellent and his help D prevented an easy dunk.
    We probably need Lin’s defensive highlights

  299. He’s goign to the mavs. It’ll happen

  300. misses are fine, as long as he keep shooting it

  301. Hopefully Kobe says no big deal, just keep shooting it.

  302. Money is not a concern for lin, so 5m oer would be good enough. Justcwant ti see him play his game.

  303. or the Bulls

  304. yeah, this is not getting better with BScott as a coach :]

  305. I agree – we need JLin defensive highlights.

  306. that was a bad TO from Kobe

  307. Jeremy banking that shot…

  308. nice!!!! Get it going Jeremy!

  309. good job getting closer to the rim

  310. Lin’s foot works for go over the screen changed?

  311. Bank me, Jeremy.. – says the ball

  312. Bank me…

  313. Lin time

  314. Pull up J!!!!


  316. Nice stop & pop by JLin! 😀

  317. there you go, and he was hesitant with it too lol
    exploit that mid-range jumper Jeremy!

  318. He is getting HOT!!! Go Go GO…dont stop now…

  319. Lin back to back buckets! Looking great!

  320. Doooooh, Homer, simpletons.

  321. He’s HOT!

  322. Great easy point by Kobe

  323. More Hotter!!! 🙂

  324. Why is Jordan Hill playing as.. stretch 4? He can’t even play as proper 5.

  325. No his foot work did not change. My bad

  326. Great outlet Pass from Lin to Kobe!!

  327. LOL

  328. Lin playing much better this half. Spacing on the floor seems a lot better.

  329. lin picking it up as i said stay aggressive he will turn it around

  330. Jordan Hill can’t do post up plays, gave up on it and focused on his mid range instead.

  331. For a big body… ugh…

  332. Jeremy LIN!!

  333. Lin

  334. LINSANITY!!! And-1!!!

  335. OOOOOOOOO. Asian boy got and1

  336. Stu putting my LOF to shame….

  337. Nice And 1 with 2 defender up in his face!

  338. Lots of pep in that step


  340. Attack it J!

  341. TIMEOUT called cuz Linsanity unleashed!

  342. Lin fast break! 13 points! Linsanity NIght!! Almost tied points with Kobe!

  343. Hey Scott Ronnie price going to get PT????

  344. uh-oh. Lin gonna pass KB for pts. Will BS put Price back in to conserve Lin for 4Q?

  345. good to see lin didn’t pass it on the fastbreak

  346. Ronnie still going to get his mini-starter minutes. SMH.

  347. 5mins into 3rd quarter – Lin got 9!

  348. YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. Just woke up and I see Lin is doing great. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  350. You’re not aggressive enough tonight.

  351. and Lakers outscored DEN 17-10 :]
    Linning, baby!

  352. Linsanity
    ! Thanks to Kobe ‘s leadership, the chemistry is on the right track.

  353. Kobe and Lin both 6/10 at this point. Kobe is sharing with Lin?

  354. Ty Lawson actually reads the defenses very similar to how Lin does.

  355. Kobe in assist mode right now.

  356. What happened to Ed Davis?!?!

  357. Price cooties.

  358. 4th foul, went straight to locker room. don’t know why though.

  359. hahaha no really what happened? I went to the kitchen and when I came back he’s walking to the locker room.

  360. Saclaguwon

  361. thought he was injured or something

  362. LINSANITY!!!

  363. Jeremy you’re free to use your midrange.

  364. Man! They are raining 3’s on Lakers again!

  365. Dont touch the ball ever Kobe.

  366. Jesus Kobe

  367. No D

  368. Kobe has dialed down his D

  369. Didn’t look like it but he was pretty heated though, yapping at Ty Lawson. Maybe he went back to cool off a bit. Hope he’s not hurt.

  370. Bad bad don’t pick up dribble

  371. DOn’t mind that TO.

  372. Lin is arguing with refs alot more this season

  373. Lin can’t pick up his dribble like that!

  374. it was ok he got trapped

  375. But shouldn’t teammates rotate around to provide Lin an outlet?

  376. me two

  377. Price in? Jeeze Scott needs to be fired.

  378. Picking up the dribble is one thing. The problem is Refs are not gonna call it when it was your wrist been hooked.

  379. That time he should of, good defensive play by Nuggets that time. Lin had nothing inside.

  380. Make the quick pass

  381. he should. get some Ts

  382. Lin will just have to deal with it.

  383. Kobe missing FT, legs tired. Rest him Scott

  384. Come on Scott give Ellington some burn

  385. Ty Lawson is so happy to see Price.

  386. Kobe tired as well take him out Scott!

  387. Lawson immediately finds open space and shot over Price! Lin was doing a great job.

  388. So, when do you think Lin is going to come back in? With six minutes left in the fourth again?

  389. 10minute mark

  390. i just got in. what did i miss?

  391. After Lawsons shoots the lights out, for much too long.

  392. yeah, all those PGs release their frustration on poor Price

  393. 7 if Lakers is behind 10pts

  394. he just have to shoot it during times like that. that’s what I mean by double team.he has only 1 wa to go..up..
    and also I dont know if he is trying to padd stats with assists.. after he scores a lot..he try to balance it with assists.

  395. Hopefully earlier than later. 10/ 8 minute mark would be best.

  396. lol i thought they said lin had slow lateral movement. lawson crossing him so easily. look like cris paul or kyrie

  397. Not much. LIN got 0p0a 15tov

  398. Price = Defensive Juggernaut 3.0.

  399. Lin not finding rhythm in 1st half and LINSANITY in Q3 :]

  400. glimpse of linsanity.

  401. A Jeremy bank shot, some crazy layups, and Jeremy heating up his midrange game.

  402. hhahahahaha yea all true

  403. I agree..

  404. nice

  405. I hope you’re right!

  406. OK, Trudell just updated saying that Davis went to retape ankle since he tweaked it earlier, but he’s ok and ready to come back anytime he wants according to coach.

  407. You’re putting the actual Lin haters to shame…

  408. Brent, you really think Occupatio is not going to read the previous post? lol

  409. why lin minutes so low?

  410. What happened to pulling someone for not defending and Wilson chandler raining 3s? Yet lin sits when he is scoring and defending? Let me guess kobe ‘ s man and kobe doesn’t sit despite looking peaked

  411. I tried…well…LOL

  412. Oh and bottling up Lawson

  413. Scott loves Price

  414. Why they talking about Lin’s 3 TO? Don’t even mention that Kobe has 4.

  415. A crazy And 1 with 2 defenders in his face that was sick!!

  416. sucks

  417. Lin’s TO’s are always magnified. Even during linsanity. So lame

  418. ugh… of all the bigs, why Ed Davis.

  419. Let’s hope Swaggy heats up too!

  420. Or he loves Lawson, so he puts in Price to let Lawson score.

  421. Stu said a couple of turnovers were just part of the game. He was pretty favorable to Lin, saying Lin overall is having a really good game.

  422. So long as Lin get 20 points I could care less what those haters say about his TOs when the suppose stars of the league have 10x more than him!

  423. Swaggy needs someone to set his shots up. It’s not Price.

  424. thats what haters do

  425. to keep lin down

  426. ronnie is really good at hitting others in the head

  427. Will Ronnie Price score more points than turnovers? 2 TO’s, ZERO points. LOL.

  428. But stu quick to say playing good and just that 1 to bad.

  429. He should start for Ultimate Fighting?

  430. If Price can’t guard Nate Robinson.. well…

  431. as we all know, fake talk.

  432. im shocked how much kobe is passing it. reversing it to weak side very well

  433. WEll Lin did yelled at him…who knows.

  434. robinson is really good, no joke

  435. it’s so bad that he’s wondering why he’s still out there.
    Mekel can’t be this bad *sigh*

  436. Friggin’ Nate, Sacre might not have kids after that kick he got.

  437. robinson kick sacre. saying scare bleu

  438. Nate makes a nice Kick to Sacre’s G-spot on floater! foul.

  439. Kicked ball on Nate Robinson. 😀

  440. really? about damn time . lins problem is simply persona. needs to have the balls to lead these guys vocally. thats his only real fight

  441. When robinson gets hot, he can stream the ball in from all over, near and far.

  442. Sacre working his butt off this game. Good for him, he’s a great cheerleader on the bench so Im glad he’s doing well.

  443. nate is eating ronnie alive

  444. Price is 0 pts 0 ast 2 TO 2PF. SMH

  445. Ronnie Price with another brick. They should just cut him right now.

  446. Yet Nate only gets half as many minutes as Price.

  447. Jeremy needs to come in at 10 min mark

  448. Cheerleader. Bench mascot. Too bad, Jeremy is on the bench.

  449. Nate’s just out there to kill everyone, he just elbowed Price in the face, wtf lol

  450. price leaning got lucky

  451. seriously lins minutes so low, i dont get it. kobe so high make no sense

  452. Why does Price keep (not) making 3’s, rather than passing to a shooter? He’s a really bad 3-pt shooter. Or why does Kobe pass to him on the 3-pt line — does he expect him to shoot? or pass.

  453. Ronnie Price isn’t a bad 3-pt shooter. He’s just bad, period.

  454. He has to shoot it. Otherwise, his life will be even harder. Not that it will not be harder after he shoots it.

  455. I was told it’s Laker’s culture, no reason, just accept it.

  456. he’s too open to not take the shot

  457. Price shouldn’t even be on the court.

  458. Price shouldn’t even be playing, Kobe should be resting. He’ll get tired and start chucking and missing in the 4th.

  459. I like nate Robinson’s aggression but playing put of control

  460. its kobes team, i do get that

  461. Come on Jeremy, you are not done yet… go go go!

  462. Save the energy for our best player on the team.

  463. I’d rather see Clarkson in than Price. Is Price Scott’s brother in law or something?

  464. BScott got his back :] he should be able to make it w/o worry.
    This is so perplexing

  465. Nobody can outscore kobe..LOL

  466. price passed up an open three earlier. ended up with hill shooting a long 2. so stupid.

  467. He’s really making the best out of this opportunity with Boozer out and Davis with fouls. Props to him.


  469. Lin probably knows he has to fire it up in 3rd q, he will not get shots in 4th q.

  470. At this rate if he’s not he will be soon.

  471. Den stole a time out from the LAL….,..

  472. Lin is exactly 10 years younger, needs more time to develop! until he too, gets old legs.

  473. lol true

  474. Look at Coach Scott, so passionately drawing up another Kobe ISO

  475. Game will be lost in first 2 mins with this lineup

  476. I saw it too, hopefully Kobe finally got it.

  477. looks like lin wont be in till lawson returns.

  478. taking Lin out right after TOV when he is hot. reminds me McHale a lot.

  479. Dangit, 5 fouls on Davis 🙁

  480. closer than that!

  481. 6m mark

  482. I would salute lin for yelling at kobe, if he could command players like kobe, he will go a long way in nba as a pg

  483. probably

  484. davis staying in

  485. u mean kobe right 🙂

  486. The Laker with best FG% has least minutes amongst starters, go figure.

  487. Nick, please focus and play better!

  488. lin will come back with kobe

  489. that won’t be the six minute mark.

  490. Keep missing price ya bum

  491. Ronnie Price for 3!

  492. if lin comes back AFTER Kobe, I will be irate

  493. stupid 2nd unit just put denver in the bonus. how many minutes are left?

  494. I would like to see price at least make a shot

  495. Is the only way we get Price out of the game is to have him foul out? Denver will avoid letting Price foul for fear he will have to leave.

  496. swaggy airballs against the dwarf

  497. Get young and price out

  498. Announcer says 0-3 on 3 pointers already. Earlier he said several times in a row, one wonders when Ronnie Price is going to get his shots to fall (answer: look at his stats the last 10 years, don’t count on it). Where the heck in Lin. He’s young and can easily play 35+ min.

  499. is price playing decent on the defensive end? why is BS keep playing him

  500. Jeez, scoreless Q?!

  501. Price getting into construction business.

  502. lin is playing EXACTLY as he should. THisi s a PPG league and if Lin scores, he will be a problem for the NBA and thats exactly what we need fromLin.

  503. Unless it’s because Lin is still slightly hurt and he’s just trying to manage his minutes?

    I know he’s had less minutes in the past, but this is a huge difference.

    Still, I strongly believe BS is not biased because he did put Lin back in several times even after he didn’t do that well (for example, the Rockets game). I think BS just wants to keep everyone’s confidence up and make sure the team can function as a unit.

  504. somewhat, but not great

  505. this is some ugly basketball

  506. Will Byron put Lin in after the time out?

    I say NO.

  507. we needed the timeout!

  508. LOL

  509. what is scott doing

  510. Wasn’t Lin attacking the basket and scoring in 3Q. Lakers are missing anyone who can attack the basket with this group. Too many 3-pt shooters who are not great 3-pt shooters.

  511. man i was bored. this was ugly bball

  512. Nothing.

  513. This loss will be on the coach

  514. 2nd unit actually is in more need to have some good set to get some good shots off.

  515. Nick is going to the same business tonight

  516. Price player of the game for Denver.

  517. thank god LIN IS IN!

  518. BOOM

  519. daydreaming his elite pg taking over the game

  520. Lin is IN

  521. Nugget is going to play 5 on Lin

  522. Scott is doing exactly what we Lin fans here have been criticizing him for – benching Lin so that Ronnie Price can stink up the game.

  523. Mitch currently having second thought about no immediate roster changes…

  524. Denvers Subway Sub of the Game – Ronnie Price

  525. Lin recognize mismatch so quickly.

  526. I’m happy you got this wrong! 🙂

  527. ha you lying

  528. more like sub ZERO of the game.

  529. Lin is in for D, and D only

  530. come on make those 3s

  531. Oh Man!!! everyone is missing the 3s

  532. Come LIN make the FT

  533. Those Kobe ISO must be fun

  534. ft?

  535. threes are off today i say mid range or drive

  536. if it were carlisle’s team, ellington would have swung the ball to lin for the 3

  537. Time for a run or this could be an L.

  538. I bet Lin will make next 3!!!!

  539. The flow of the game is so bad. No team has any real momentum going. We need some Linsanity to win this game.

  540. the question is why?

  541. yes pls stop shooting those today, dont lower your pretty 3pt FG% lol
    More mid-range!

  542. Start shooting closer in for 2’s!!!!!!!! Way too many 3’s, when most are not really good 3-pt shooters. Easy way out. Only Kobe and can get into the paint? 3-20 on 3-ptrs

  543. Scott plays him too many minutes in earlier quarters. Legs tired by 4th and his FG% drops.

  544. if we lose i think scott waited too long. let the bench kill our momentum

  545. Cheerleaders are game

  546. More Linsanity, we had some in the 3rd.

  547. the arc on lin’s 3 was even higher than usual

  548. Lawson assists are insane

  549. wow, Lawson missed 2 FTs

  550. Wasted so many minutes with Price. Jeremy would have had them blown out and we’d be playing garbage time now.

  551. That’s such a horrible shot that Kobe took

  552. He has a coach with no hidden agenda.

  553. All his shots hav been short.

  554. lin must ballhog alittle withot being obvious

  555. LOL…keep it for future then

  556. Glad he shot that

  557. He would have 4asts if Kobe is in DEN uniform

  558. such a selfish Lakeer team

  559. if only JL could hear you


  561. Lin fastbreak leading to assist to Wes’ JAM!


  563. Johnson the 4th quarter hero. lol

  564. wow

  565. Gallo once again poster

  566. Yow, Wesley… if you want to get your points, you SHOULD know who to look for

  567. omg

  568. Good dunk…keep it going!

  569. Did you see the reaction from the LA bench for that dunk? WOOOOWW!!

  570. lin must get rebounds and steals to get the ball. otherwise Kobe will ballhog in half court

  571. That’s how you run a break!

  572. haha… ok you are forgiven for now.

  573. sick dunk by wes great ast by jlin!!

  574. Who was the other player that posterized Mosgov? OH yeah, it was Blake Griffin.

  575. Love it!

  576. finally

  577. oohh yea blake griffin 3 years ago lol

  578. That actually looked like a fast break…

  579. totally

  580. At the beginning of the season I expected to see a lot more of those type of plays with Lin to Wesley, and even alley oops. Surprised there’s been so little of those.

  581. A fastbreak that is actually fast.

  582. Loved it! Posterized!

  583. true 🙂

  584. What a well-timed pass by Lin to Wes on the chest for the JAM!

    Beautiful fastbreak :]

  585. Loved Sacre and Clarkson’s reaction 🙂
    That’s how you cheer for your team!

  586. true…i thought he would be Parsons replacement, for jeremy’s game

  587. i like to think Scott wont play Lin apart from Kobe is because Scott KNOWS Linsanity may happen. ANd it Cannot happen with Kobe there.

  588. In spite of Kobe

  589. wow .. Kobe didn’t pass at all in that one bad possession

  590. Kobe pass Jesus

  591. i havent to come to that conclusion yet…lets see

  592. Scott playing Price so much is exposing him as a scrub. Instead of helping he’s going to cause Mitch to cut him for another PG.

  593. Kobe ISOs to infinity and beyond

  594. 2 misses in a row in..pass

  595. As predicted, 4th quarter is “Black Mamba Fighting Crime by Himself!”

  596. and beyond and beyond . . . snore. zzzzzzzzzzz

  597. lin will only get the ball on fast breaks now..

  598. Kobe’s chucking going to lose them the game.

  599. Denver is so bad in FTs it’s funny

  600. everything he sees, seem to be a crime

  601. Great possession with Lin’s penetration to Kobe to Hill!
    Announcers noticed that

  602. denver is also a bad team. If they were any good, Lakerrs wold be down by 20. I am not fooling myself abou that

  603. Hill should have dunked that

  604. Finally some good team ball.

  605. You seriously need to try calming down. We get it. No need to rub it in our faces.

  606. come D guys

  607. Kobe’s tired, all his shots are short. He really should have passed.

  608. Omg kobe

  609. will BScott come with any plays?

  610. lol i am so right I am not backing down from you on that statement.

  611. Kobe’s ISO is … *sigh*

  612. Bad, bad Kobe. Sick of that iso crap.

  613. just like houston in 4th..

  614. This is crazy to watch the selfish play at this stage of his career is crazy

  615. kobe? does he know how to play basketball?

  616. Finally gonna switch it up a bit and call …. a KOBE ISO.

  617. lakers love it

  618. kobe iso killing us if we lose its his fault

  619. hahaha…but but they have more Wins compared to LAL

  620. I am amazed by how much Kobe is willing to sacrifice.

  621. shame on Koby …shame…

  622. And you’re going to rub it in our faces to make you happy? Seriously you’re trollish now.

  623. Kobe back to back iso fails surprise surprise. Better hope Nuggets don’t make their shot!

  624. Kobe does the crime, and then gets to fight it too. Has his cake AND eats it…

  625. The ball moved a lot….vertically.

  626. Scott is totally executing his plan. I have figured him out. He wants close games with Kobe making or breakig the outcome at the end.

  627. Or maybe they should so Kobe can “learn” that he’s not the same player he is anymore. Sigh….

    At least if they do make it the Lakers will still have some time.

  628. Insane to see the ISO at 36

  629. Kobe 6/10 in the 1st three quarters.
    Only 3/10 in the 4th quarter

    Crime-Fighting is not working well tonight

  630. Only 30 seconds left with Nuggets ball, Laker better play the best D of their lives! Losing to this scrub team would be embarrassing!!

  631. i was just expressing frustration at how bad LAkers really are. and you told me to calm down unecessarily for no good reason.

  632. More like back to back to back to back to back to back isos for whole 4th quarter.

  633. Robert Sacre = new Mark Madsen

  634. oh man!

  635. No wonder Lin’s back is bothering him

  636. The Lakers are not that bad, it’s the coach.

  637. That’s all BALL

  638. Poor call

  639. OT is coming, lol

  640. yeah…@bearness the culprit?!! LOL

  641. 99% Kobe will Iso and miss

  642. well i get that but he coach controls who plays and how and when unls FO steps in

  643. wow, Gallinari with missed 2nd FT 86-86

  644. See your posts.I never saw you celebrate anything good Jeremy has done but just spew complains left and right.

  645. Stu nick young is cold let Jeremy win it

  646. that bs call

  647. this is time for some Linsanity

  648. if we are lucky

  649. there’s 99.99% chance Kobe will fight crime with a buzzer-beater!

  650. Time for LIN!

  651. Time for kobe to save*the team with is heriso ball

  652. Prediction: Kobe iso brick for last 15 seconds? ><"

  653. Lakers lucky Denver has been shooting horribly all night.

  654. Fight crime – new word for ISOs? lol

  655. lame lame game even if they win

  656. Kobe will keep the ball to himself

  657. Save which team?

  658. After he killed them with the iso, SMH!

  659. yeah…they are seriously OFF on FTs

  660. Make that 100%

  661. Kobe misses again

  662. so freakin obvious.

  663. 3/10 is good shooting by Bryant 4th quarter standards.

  664. so so lame

  665. There were four open Lakers…

  666. Disgusting to watch.

  667. OT?!!!

  668. surprise surprise

  669. I’m not the culprit, just keeping it real. LOL

  670. what ever happened to shooting 2’s, or even contested 2’s to get a foul shot?

  671. As expected… kobe brick and OT now

  672. .3 seconds remaining if Nuggets makes a clutch oh my….Lets hope for OT instead!

  673. how deflating.

  674. That shot from Kobe…definitely was on the COACH! smh

  675. phew TO

  676. no kobe, please, no kobe.

  677. Hate the superstar crap, it’s just so obvious whose going to shoot the ball, I mean can’t the nba come up with a different plot?? So boring

  678. rofl

  679. If Lin didn’t pass to Kobe in that last possession, he’ll get fired for a ‘misdemeanor’ :]

  680. Lets see Scott makes the same mistake again?!

  681. wow

  682. he should try once in a while to see the reaction..lol

  683. byron doesnt have the balls to not give it to kobe

  684. Holly smokes, I see BS drawing up a play

  685. wow now Lakers have the last shot, Lin for the win?

  686. Nyoung missed…but glad it was him rather than Kobe…

    OK, BScott is not that foolish/bias after all

  687. OT

  688. He drew how to get the ball to Koby

  689. Let kobe brick it, that’s the play

  690. 5 minutes OT… put in Jeremy BS if you want to win this.

  691. should have been Lin, lol.

  692. ot. lets hope more then iso kobe

  693. Sure, give it to Swaggy. He’s got the hot hand today. SMH

  694. wow that was the plan for the last shot?? my goodness, give the whiteboard to LIn.

  695. lol who else

  696. Kobe 0-5 in last 5 shot’s. So obviously he will take all the shots in OT.

  697. he’ll get jail time LOL

  698. OT and JLin has 4 fouls already =/

  699. does kobe hog the ball more at staples center than road games? maybe its some crowd pleasing thing.

  700. it wasn’t saw lin kobe moving to set a play screen

  701. Obviously.

  702. Hope Jeremy will get some assists and points in OT

  703. i know…but Young taking that shot…atleast for now it confirms somewhat, Scott is not all Kobe

  704. if he is getting closer to jail time, then why not 🙂

  705. LOL

  706. NO WAY.

  707. Lundberg.. really? Stop putting my LOF to shame!

  708. As long as there is no Double OT, he’ll be fine :]

  709. and he could just play naive, saying ” Kobe asked me not to pass to him”

  710. At least he is consistent with his misses.

  711. 39 min for kobe… another 5 coming up

  712. It’s all about consistency. Isn’t that what they tell Jeremy?

  713. if @Michael:disqus says that, then must be true…he sees everything from him sleep

  714. Lin with a GREAT Steal!

  715. Lawson with 5fls

  716. finally LIN

  717. yes lin starting to just ball hog. good.

  718. Lin with the jumpshot! 😀

  719. That’s my man…J-j Jeremy jumper

  720. Lets keep the LEAD now

  721. Awesome, Kobe will get an extra chuck!

  722. lin be careful

  723. Lin can’t afford to foul now. 5 fouls

  724. Oh MAN…whats going on on the darn 3s

  725. Yes sir!

  726. just ball hog LIN

  727. Great attempt at 3 by Lin

  728. phew.. Lin drew the foul 😀


  730. missing FTs?!!!

  731. JereME Lin, yess keep shooting it! hehe

  732. huh missed Fts?

  733. Lins 3pt and Ft % will go down after this game :/

  734. This game so frustrating.

  735. they should reset the fouls at OT

  736. damn both fts

  737. Lin must be tired, usually money from the FT line.

  738. very unusual..

  739. there goes the 50 40 90

  740. Kobe made it

  741. this game is weird people missing shots they never miss before its ok though

  742. Body switch with Kobe

  743. lol its normal he will be hot next game of others

  744. he hasnt played that many min, then again, he’s playing incredible defense on Lawson all game, that takes a lot of energy.

  745. god damnit

  746. Lakers will lose the game by 5 points

  747. they outta nail it now!

  748. i prdict lakers will WIN this game still.

  749. Wes Johnson couldn’t contain Galinari twice now

  750. thanks for the confidence

  751. Nuggets mismatching Jeremy to bait him to foul out…

  752. Not yet at least not until JLin hits a 3 for his 20 point game!

  753. I didn’t think he’d make those numbers. It’s very hard to.

  754. BS and Kobe are better at hole-digging than the rest of the Lakers are at climbing out.

  755. Why do they need timeout, I can’t see hey could come up with a different play other than having Kobe forcing the shot over 3 defenders!

  756. If they’re gonna lose, please lose by 3+ points or Jeremy will beat himself up over those missed FTs.

  757. I really hope so. They need to get a quick 2pt

  758. u are selective in what you see

  759. relax

  760. Let’s go Jeremy!

  761. I am..? lol

  762. Dude you’re blaming him before the game is even over, chill!

  763. Come on Lakers, 2pt. Play D!!

  764. Good one Kobe

  765. come ON need D

  766. Dang that 5th foul! Now Jeremy can’t play physical D against Ty!

  767. how on earth did I blame him?
    If anything I blame the Kobe ISOs, I said JEREMY would blame HIMSELF, you know how he is and he’s played great today.

  768. Lin out

  769. Because you really DON’T. I’m not selective.

  770. he has to so he don’t get a foul

  771. and also they been killing it on him.

  772. Lin has played some really good D on Lawson. Only thing he didn’t have tonight was his 3 point shot and for some reason, missed 2 FT.

  773. They need 3pt shooters. Lin 0-4 tonight, Nick made 1 and Kobe’s in by default

  774. Lin can’t defend with 5 fouls, better to leave him out until final seconds or Double OT!

  775. true….

  776. because of the foul trouble

  777. true, not his night on 3s

  778. Interesting shows BS doesn’t trust Golden Boy Price at all, puts in Ellington for Lin instead. At least he’s not crazy lol.

  779. ok folks…enough please please…this is going no where

  780. let’s hope for a double-OT

  781. PPL are gonna pin the loss on Lin’s 2 FTs

  782. relax

  783. nah.

  784. this isnt rox

  785. 4pt diff

  786. Right. Never mind Kobe’s five straight misses in clutch time.

  787. Game was lost when Scott took Lin out for Price in the 3rd quarter when Lin was getting hot. Would have been garbage time instead of overtime.

  788. lol….wake up

  789. Coach Scott already looking at Kobe and drawing up another ISO, oh lord lol
    Draw up a 3 for Ellington, use some creativity, goodness.

  790. let’s be ready with Kobe 1-10 FG (or something like that) in the 4th quarter

  791. not me!

    1. bad coaching
    2. Kobe ball hogging badly

    3. Lin handcuffed in usage.

  792. there goes….

  793. Walking Dead Time!

  794. what a waste of time following that game

  795. The people that don’t like Lin will. But I think most people will blame this on a team loss. While those of us that really watched the game will know it was a Kobe-in-the-4th loss. Besides, they’re losing by 4 so even if Lin did make those 2 FTs they would have still lost.

  796. and Lin’s bad 3s

  797. the game was weird hot cold all day so idk still lin should of been back earlier

  798. game over. Good game by Lin.

  799. Game ovah.

  800. Losing to a scrub team like this, may goodness SMH!

  801. Lin didn’t play his best tonight but the game was lost in the 4th quarter when Kobe took bad shots (1-10 FG?)
    Announcers noted that discrepancy after Kobe going 6-10 in the first 3 quarters.

  802. iso kobe killed us. young needs to play better

  803. they have more wins compared to LAL, how could you call that scrub?

  804. Many games they’ve lost was from Kobe taking all the 4th quarter shots.

  805. 3-11 he was 6-10 before that

  806. Thats on Scott and Kobe since he is a veteran, he should know better

  807. Imo he played well tonight. Used his midrange game to death while bottling up Lawson. The only missing are the 3s and some missed FTs.

  808. thanks, I corrected it after seeing Kevin Ding’s tweet

  809. BS pisses me off, such a crappy coaching job

  810. 100% scott

  811. Damn by 7!!!

  812. Okay now comes the TWC coverup job. They aren’t going to blame this on Kobe high volume low output shooting in the 4th.

  813. i remember two the clipper game with this

  814. well, at least it was a fun close game, not a blowout, will take that…

  815. Too bad, they could have killed the Nuggets using J-Ed PnR to death.

  816. yeah, a mixed game since Lin has been so good in his 3s and FT%
    Byron’s sitting Lin out for 7-8 min (20 min real time?) between Q1 and Q2 didn’t help

  817. ohh yea phenix as well

  818. horrible use of players, minutes, and subbing

  819. anyone has the link

  820. Kobe had done better earlier facilitating his teammates. But in the 4th quarter Kobe was forcing things.

  821. thx

  822. Lakers only shot 11 pts in the 4th quarter
    Lin scored 11 pts by himself in the 3rd quarter

  823. ESPN: lakers lost to Denver despite Kobe’s 27!

  824. Worthy: “I would let the ball on Lin’s hands more in the 4th”

  825. Worthy saying he wished the ball was in Lin’s hands more.

  826. A little of Clarkson would have been good

  827. Amen!!!

  828. I miss the game….how is Jeremy?

  829. Thats Kobe…on his usual mode

  830. Damn, I was so sure at the beginning of the season that the Lakers might be able to slip into the 8th seed. But with the way they’re playing, looks like they’ll miss the playoffs for sure.

    The only good thing is so far Lin had done quite well with his current situation. And I’m sure if he can see it, then other teams can as well since they analyze this for a living. I think the Lakers will try to keep him, but I also feel the Mavs will try to make a run for him as well.

    I know it’s still early in the season, but I don’t see them making it far as “a team” so now I’m just going to root for Jeremy to keep his stats up and showcase for his next contract.

  831. nah…they would be lucky to get 30 WINS

  832. noteven needed, just need lin with bal in 4th quARTER

  833. Lazy even by stat-watcher standard.

  834. Double that!

  835. AC Green said “give to kobe” is okay, others need to move around not to freeze. wow, wow, wow. What a great analysis!!!!

  836. Jeremy with 17pts, 5asts to go with great defense on Lawson. Good game.
    Coach Scott is such a bum coach, McHalesque even.

    Kobe plays 40+min, stop the ISOs or better yet dont play him so much so he’ll still have legs in the 4thQ.

  837. 17pts with 5asts and GREAT defense on Lawson all game.
    He gets a solid A- from me.
    He was too tentative in the 1st half, but picked it up in the 3rdQ.

  838. it was a low scoring night

  839. JLIN MUST not resign in la. and im in la and i want to watch him live. but i want hm to suceed. la with kobe is not right for him. career killer

  840. wow… 🙂

  841. kobe waited too long if he didn’t freeze out his team for a whole quarter they would have a rhythm.. even when lin scored in over time it was iso. players was watching him like they did kobe

  842. Lin did not play well that’s what you get.

  843. i know so dumb. why move when kobe wont ever pass lol. thatswhy noboduy moves!

  844. LA not going anywhere until Kobe the ball hog retires.

  845. To Linfinity and beyond!

  846. team is way too selfish

  847. agreed

  848. Fourth time losing a winnable game, after Suns (Nov 4), Grizzlies and Pelicans. And I ain’t even counting the Clippers game.

    Only positive about this loss is that BS inching closer to dismissal.

  849. yea.

  850. lol

  851. i agree

  852. Lin’s 3 pointers were off tonight with 2 bad TOs but I’m glad he was assertive and made 15 FGAs including OT with 17 points. He never stopped shooting.

  853. Never understood the “kobe’s teammates need to move without the ball” argument. Kobe wants an iso. In other words, he wants people to stay away so he can chuck up a shot. Why do these “analysts” always blame the teammates?

  854. That’ is if Lakers aren’t really tanking but I bet they are! If they weren’t tanking BS would’ve been outed by now!

  855. Because telling the truth (blaming Kobe) might cost them their jobs?

  856. 100% on coach Scoot for that

  857. BScot likes to blame all of his players not named Kobe

  858. Even when teammates shoot 60%+ they get the blame (Dallas). THAT is the real crime.

  859. the iso was so unbelievable young gave kobe that really look. like ……reallly

  860. give him a break, every gp going to have a bad TO or 2, do we have to keep emphasizing his TO of the game?

  861. thats saying a lot given young love to iso as well

  862. Two single digit games by Nick Young now. Looks like scouting reports are doing their work =/ Lakers really needed his 16-17 point game. If Swaggy was on fire, Lakers would’ve easily won this without OT. Against this team with gazillion bricks, they should’ve won yet they struggled.

  863. they should all move back to the other side of the court to get ready to defend

  864. kobe plays pg all 4th quarter as well i hate that so its 50/50 till the 4th

  865. Swaggy forgot to pack his swag, left it in Dallas.

  866. rofl, he’s pointing at LIN, my goodness

  867. I bet even Swaggy is fed up with Kobe’s iso the team to death mentality. Bet he misses last season when Kobe was out with injury.

  868. Missed freethrows? Might as well just say Lin.

  869. sadly it’s true. 2 more years of this ‘Kobe performance art’ is bad for Lin’s career if he stays

  870. I knew it! Never mind that without Kobe’s five straight misses the FTs wouldn’t even be needed.

  871. total BS

  872. yea he hasn’t played with kobe so its his first time. young was open 3-4 times. pass it so he gets going kobe.

  873. Wow, Ty Lawson with 16 dimes. Dang…

  874. I guess he’s always covering him, smh

  875. lol scott says team got great open looks at shots and there is no offense issue lol

  876. great game analysis again! wow, they are so genius !

  877. No BS, you need to play Kobe 44+ minutes every game.

  878. MOre than the Lakers team total. smh

  879. Kobe was fatigue yet you’re still allowing him to play long minutes?! Lin and Kobe’s minutes should be switched then this team will start winning!

  880. Well…….what can we say?

  881. Brick Young update: 36.4% from the field, 46.9% true shooting. Dude had better buy D'Antoni a Ferrari for Christmas.— Gary Collard (@LakerGMC) November 24, 2014

  882. Byron Scott needs to go

  883. thx

  884. I do agree Lin is responsible for hitting his free throws. He rushed them a bit. But just don’t single him out like that. Even if he did, you’re still down by two.

  885. Scott says Lin made big shots, good defensive plays. He’s solid, but got in a bit of trouble in first half.

  886. TO is fine, but as a PG one need to back it up with AST, else his ratio is gonna look bad

  887. ha

  888. thats true. it sounds like comments you make when tanking.

  889. Best Lakers defense: BS pointing fingers to cover own skin.

  890. Right and it had nothing to do with Kobe’s 0-5 bricks in 4th quarter to kill the team!! BS you are so full of BS!! As a coach he has the responsibility to tell Kobe off.

  891. Many Lakers missed ft tonight

  892. It’s ok, we all got them organs called eyes.

  893. there is no single play or player who lost this game. Its on the team and Coach

  894. I am dumbfounded

  895. if davis can stay out of foul trouble

  896. Same old story, sigh. This game was totally winnable.

  897. Team means the other four player, got great open shots but didn’t hit them. He who may not be named is a singularity.

  898. Koby can do no wrong… we know that

  899. Please give me a break.If you are going to post,post intelligent basketball comments…smh

  900. 6 fouls in 22 minutes…..is not really good

  901. A new coach will not be able to change things. Kobe is the coach.

  902. Tanking issue coming up again? Seriously? How about they just have a bad coach, period.

  903. he lasted longer as a back up

  904. not a coach would blame himself for setting up a bad ‘play’ or actually for not setting up any play

  905. I hope he doesn’t stay as a Laker. Already wasted 2 years in Harden-iso land. No need to spend 2 years in Kobe-iso land.

  906. Looks to me all of Kobe’s shots in the 4Q were not open looks..more like forced shots while double teamed

  907. I don’t think so…so just quit trying to drum up drama where there is none…smh

  908. How about stopping Kobe from iso bricking, make team plays so he’d be open and teams can prepare for rebounds.

  909. Lin lost the game because he fouled too much in the first quarter. (Added to the BS list of reasons why we lost the game)

  910. ooh no

  911. missed fts= Lin…so damn obvious

  912. Well those comments on Lin were fair, Lin did struggle in first half with some bad TOs and missed shots.

  913. he had 2 in first half. i think its about the TO

  914. didn’t mean to, I apologize if I make anyone feel that way

  915. I don’t see the problem, he is much more consistent than Lin. His stats are like ______________________.(flat lining)…

  916. 0 assists

  917. His 3P% was 17% before this game.
    Wow. I wonder what it is now

  918. Yeah, this makes a lot of sense.

  919. Stop the madness…smh

  920. uh oh KObe turning on Lin slowly bt ut surely. Lin starting to score and look better, Kobe says Lawson killed them with paint penetration (Lins fault basically)

  921. also everyone else

  922. by shooting too much

  923. Stop the madness comments….smh

  924. sooo….he’s saying he didn’t shoot enough in the 3rd quarter, and Lin should’ve taken less shots

  925. Surprised.. not

  926. thats true in a way…

    many players, had uncontested shots, but were not able to make

  927. That’s fair.

  928. I’m waiting for FO intervention…it can’t be far off.

  929. No.

  930. he had some fault. he did better then price. i thought the bigs over help lin had it guarded well

  931. AC SEEMS TO BE A PAID TWC HACK TONIGHT. TONIGHT WORTHY A LIN SUPPORTER and says Lin shoul hav more ball. To take away from Kobe. Maybe the just paid to cause drama.

  932. Stop your drama too. Always with the negative comments

  933. Getting too obvious to deny anymore. Coach Miller will deny it though. “You want the ball in your superstars hand in the end”

  934. why are we interpreting things, when the facts are not there

  935. Lin played excellent defense on lawson, he is talking about price, that is who he scored his points.Scott even said lin played good defense.

  936. ? we’ve been doing it for years, starting from NY to when he was in Houston. This isn’t anything new.

  937. there was alot of uncontested shot, that was not falling for the team…

  938. Summary of what Worthy is saying about Lin?

  939. lol…true…i know we are frustrated, but that shouldn’t blind our judgement

  940. yea something happen with those assist though. i think they over helped lin.

  941. Worthy said ball should’ve been in Lin’s hands more, go away from Kobe more!

  942. Lin plays better defense coordinating with Davis. Scott wasted too many Davis minutes with Price ended up fouling out.

  943. This sounds like some bait post.

  944. that was quick!

  945. Exactly that is why posted to stop the madness

  946. Im lucky i didnt bet on the over, phew.

  947. Way too hard on himself

  948. Expected comment. Classy as usual

  949. No bait posts allowed

  950. Those were wasted minutes. Lin would have been building a lead up with that time. Denver was cold at that time, missing everything but then so were the Price lead Lakers.

  951. JLin can’t be too hard on himself, Kobe clearly loss the game for the team with all those bricks and iso in 4th quarter! His 3s does need to be more consistent and were way off this game but he was assertive with his mid range jumpers and got to the rim with and 1 against 2 defenders.

  952. @GoodDayLA:disqus this is an official warning, further similar posting will be deleted and te next cause of action would be ban

  953. i was looking at the number, last couple of weeks, and with the current lineup and they way they play, I dont see getting much up there, unless they go into Linsanity Mode

  954. it happens, so I dont think i will go hard on him 🙂

  955. true. Lin was out too long on first half and as soon as he came in, he had Lawson under contained.

  956. ed davis starting helped…It will revert back when Boozer returns

  957. Made this using Microsoft Paint LOL.

  958. As expected, he’ll say that 🙁

  959. There it is, Jeremy said those FTs will be all he thinks about.
    I said it earlier, I knew he was gonna beat himself up over them.
    WHich he shouldnt cuz he played great and it not like they lost by 2 😛

  960. well price played 17 minutes. it aint a lot. i saw release him get a better back up

  961. Not happening unless BS gets fired which I hope ASAP!

  962. he will move on from it. he has been through worse

  963. yep good job young say it loud say it proud lol

  964. 17 min is a LOT if compared to Nate’s 10.

  965. What’s wrong with his post? Kobe didn’t say it?

  966. LIN – 14GP (31MINS) – 12.14pts / 4.9asts / 2.7rebs / 0.9stls / 0.4blks / 2.9to / 47FG% / 39%3PT / 87%FT

  967. Yes… share the ball…share…Kobe…share!

  968. They should have played Clarkson then. At least he can hit the 3.

  969. clarkson struggles with the playbook. he gets lost a lot.

  970. Will I go to hell for hoping Boozer’s shoulder is still sore by next game?
    lol nothing serious, just sore enough that he wont play O:)

  971. Yep. After that dunk they went into Kobe ISO mode.

  972. Start looking for new contract, Nick “just sharing the ball” Young…

  973. lol did i say young looked at kobe like… really though

  974. yep because kobe had to shine

  975. he will be at 15 ppg by end of season.

  976. i love robin haha

  977. Yup, that 3-11 records shines so bright it’s blinding!

  978. Scott is going to have a mutiny on his hand if doesn’t police up kobe. I am glad lin got his stats.

  979. Nope. Poster sounds like some Kobe hater trying to stir in so people will hate Kobe more, not that Kobe actually needs it lol

  980. he is signed long term.

  981. Hope to see higher than that…its still early to predict, havent reach 20 games yet

  982. Not as bad as I thought it would be. 50/40/90 is still a possibility.

  983. minutes ain’t bad
    points ain’t bad
    assists ain’t bad

  984. New PostGame thread
    My Lin grade is B+
    Brent and @real-dsb can add more later if they have a chance


  985. thats a low ball number. set expectation low lol be surprised if he does better then that

  986. I agree, i think lin is finally getting it. The 3rd quarters points were all his…LOL

  987. First Boozer and now his beloved Nick Young. Mutiny is abrewing.

  988. his 3rd quarter was Lionsanity. The it was kobe ball.

  989. It’s already happening.

  990. very true. He needs to find a team that will allow him to play his best as the true PG and with the right teammates

  991. It can certainly be motivation for Lin to practice harder on his 3s which were way off tonight and his FTs even more to keep that 90%

  992. I know, just poking fun with 2Pat reference.

  993. yeah, Price didn’t deserve PT with 0pts in multiple games.

  994. first attack lin all year meaning attack often. he usually would score on and say ok I’m done. today it was I’m getting mines over and over and ……..

  995. lol gotcha

  996. Hoping for 18-20 PPG average for the season! Lin finally getting it and kept shooing the ball this game even when he missed shots!

  997. lol that would be great but still 15 close to 50 40 90. would get a pretty good contract

  998. I feel there were at least two more games with this feeling of Kobe ruining it at the end. Lakers could be 6 – 8

  999. definitely not trying to draw up drama, Lin had been unfairly treated by his coach in Houston, I just don’t like him being treated the same in LA, I guess I read too much into what Scott meant when he said the game was lost because of missed FT. Jeremy did great, and there’s no way anybody would come up with a reason to blame Jeremy for the lost game, no one is perfect, yes Jeremy missed 2 FTs during crunch time, but his contribution toward the team is more than enough to out-weight those 2 FTs, even if he made both of the FTs, the game will most likely be lost too because Kobe is going to take those shots anyway and there’s a high chance he would miss.
    I got carried away from posting my thoughts on the sports forum, oh well gotta find a better way to enjoy my off day!

  1000. γ′ ̄‵ヽ   /  §
        {i:i⊙:⊙}  /   §
    (′.皿) / §
       (  つつ@  §
       ゝ  ̄) ̄) §
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄し’ し’     §
            |     §
        I won’t fall for that bait §
                /         §
          ∩___∩         §
      ((  | ノ _, ,_ヽ ))   §
         /  ●  ● |       §
         |   (_●_) ミ    J
        彡、  |∪| ノ 囧mm
    C ̄ヽ /    ヽノ ヽ / ̄つ
      \ ヽ /      ヽ /
      \_,ノ     |、_ノ

  1001. thought it was 48.1%FG on espn before this game, he shot 8/15 tonight, the FG% should go up, why is it just 47% now?

  1002. LOL, they are hard to come by

  1003. yes, very hard indeed :>

  1004. 18/20PPG with 50,40,90 club would be most impressive. XD

  1005. but he needs to take enough shots to be called into the elite club as well, else it doesnt count

  1006. I didn’t see the game. Was he really that great on D?? I see Lawson got 18pts and 16ast.

  1007. Just listened to PFV’s vid. Seems he did well on Ty.

  1008. He was great, Lawson must’ve scored just once on him.
    All the other points were the few times they switched or someone else picked Lawson up during a fastbreak and Lawson easily scored on every possession where Jeremy wasnt defending him.
    It sucked because Ty could not attack or get past Lin so he’d just dump it to someone else and they’d all score because the other Lakers’ defense sucked.
    Jeremy kept wasting all his energy for nothing 🙁

  1009. He continues to bury his head in the sand.

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