G14 Boston Celtics (12-2) vs Brooklyn Nets (5-8)

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Irving iffy as Celtics go for 13th in row vs. Nets

Irving is traveling with the team so there’s a decent chance he will play. Whether it’s Irving or Marcus Smart starting at point guard, the Celtics will attempt to continue winning and produce their 11th streak of at least 13 games in team history.

Irving’s injury was scary when he took an elbow to the face from teammate Aron Baynes 1:50 into Friday’s win over the Charlotte Hornets. The Celtics appeared shell-shocked by scoring 11 points in the first quarter but came back from an 18-point deficit to post a 90-87 victory.

The Nets have point guard injury problems of their own and will be without D’Angelo Russell.

Russell will sit out Tuesday due to a left knee contusion and Monday coach Kenny Atkinson said Russell is “day to day.”

The Nets did not announce exactly how many games Russell will miss, but he was sidelined for 11 games last season with the Los Angeles Lakers due to soreness in the same knee.

Russell was not supposed to be the primary point guard, but Brooklyn lost Jeremy Lin to a season-ending knee injury in its season opener. This season, Russell is averaging career highs of 20.9 points and 4.7 rebounds on a career-best 46.3 percent shooting.

Russell scored 26 points before getting hurt with 2:57 remaining in Saturday’s 114-106 loss at Utah. The Nets made a comeback in the second half after allowing 61 points by halftime.

“I didn’t think we were focused in the beginning,” Atkinson said. “I thought right off the bat, I thought they jumped on us. They were the more aggressive team and got us out of sorts.”

Spencer Dinwiddie started Oct. 25 and scored 22 points in a 112-107 win over Cleveland when Russell sat out with a sore right knee. He also sat out Saturday with a hamstring injury but is expected to start Tuesday.

Dinwiddie is averaging 9.8 points and 4.9 assists. He also is shooting 45 percent on 3-pointers.

The Nets are playing at home for the first time since a 122-114 loss to Phoenix on Oct. 31. Since Dinwiddie’s big night helped beat Cleveland, Brooklyn is 2-6 in its last eight games.

Both wins occurred during a five-game road trip as the Nets beat Phoenix and Portland. Those also represent the only games an opponent did not score 100 points against Brooklyn.

The Celtics have won the last five meetings.

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  1. ok by now conspiracy theorist moi has determined psalm does this on purpose: every time i get my “stats” (upvotes to posts) back to an all-time high he teases me with this open thread, virgin thread, just sitting here. and i have that hard choice.

    ultimately i have no willpower and give in.

    btw masked kyrie will play today; i believe irving is one of the only 3 players i referenced as taking more shots than russell and producing less points. (but not sure).

    boston was winning without him anyway.

  2. Haha – no worries. Read your posts on last thread. Enjoy many of your posts. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for new thread Psalm. Without JLin playing, harder to be motivated to clear the schedule to watch the games. But will try. To continue to support the Nets while JLin is out.
    The Nets can make some real noise tonight if they play team ball and manage to win. There are only three games tonight. And if they win, they will snap Boston’s 12 game winning streak. Will catch all the headlines!
    Catch you guys later. Hope the Nets win!

  4. The Nets have a strong chance of winning this one now that MeAngelo is out. Teamwork, team works! Do You hear that MeAngelo??Go Nets!!!!

  5. They shouldn’t have won the Hornets game. The Hornets basically collapsed against the Celtics 3rd string players.

    They need Kyrie as well as Horford to continue their streak. Maybe the Nets surprise everyone tonight and wins.

  6. fyi.

    This post is against Rule 7.


  7. Allen may be back. That would help offer rim protection on drives. Good to see Dinwiddie back.

    Also, I’m enjoying JLin’s banter with his dad on Jeremy’s IG stories.

  8. Yeah wouldn’t it be great if DLo developed into a good PG so that JLin loses his opportunity once he’s recovered from injury?

  9. Lol.

  10. If that’s the case, linsanity is name calling and rule breaking too?

  11. Nets are still too small, shots are not falling yet…this could be trouble.

  12. Crabbe hasn’t taken a single shot yet!

  13. LeVert came off the bench on fire!

  14. Whitehead should not even be playing. Play anyone but not Whitehead. He’s awful!

  15. 37-33 We got a game here folks

  16. Hello Crabbe from downtown 1st shot of the night. 37-36

  17. Somehow, the Nets are only 1 point behind.

  18. omg i thought i was talking to myself

  19. Nets just took a commanding one point lead!

  20. 11-0 run for the nets 40-37

  21. 14-0 run

  22. Good D, but Celts are beginning to score again.

  23. The bench played well. I hope KA doesn’t play Whitehead anymore. He looks for his own shots too much.

  24. Seems RHJ really has the mid-range shot down now.

  25. You cant stop that mask man!

  26. Aww, looks like I broke his tender heart..I guess I shouldnt have talked about his idol, MeAngelo…

  27. Good, a shot falls for Dinwiddie. Irving is 4-14.

  28. Nets look so much better defensively without Dlo. i think a lot of it is because the help side doesn’t have to engage so much.

  29. Irving is a volume shooter. Great handle though.

  30. Dimwitt needs to play his game. He shouldn’t try to outdo Irving.

  31. Lets stick to forum rules, please.

  32. Celts making a run but Nets hanging tough! If KA would play Dlo with the second unit Net’s would be a much better team. Dlo would spark the bench with his scorings and they don’t have to worry about him guarding the elite guards.

  33. Beautiful outlet pass by Allen. Levert float it home! Nets are back!

  34. Great handle, improved passing. Weakness in efficiency and defense.

  35. He’s the guy that would get double team.

  36. c’mon dinwid please don’t play like dlo now!

  37. Dinwiddie with a Lin pass.

  38. that was a great pass!

  39. RHJ is just awesome. The things he does that doesn’t show up on stats.

  40. If Crabbe would get the touches he could light it up!

  41. Crabbe again!!! Feeling it.

  42. After Lin, he might be my favorite on the team.

  43. Go Nets!!

  44. 5 players in double digit scores, very even distribution of offense.

  45. I’m proud of this team. They’re playing hard as a one team.

  46. They’re playing for each other tonight. They go hard on defense.

  47. The Nets has my respect tonight.

  48. Why Din taking ball? He should be aware of his shot off tonite.

  49. Even we lose tonight but we’ve made the opponent sweat.

  50. yes at times he’s shooting 3ft beyond the arc. I think he’s trying to outdo Irving. But he played solid.

  51. That’s fine with me. Glad to see he got double double tonight.

  52. I think the Nets only way to make a difference is cold-blooded MO and pnr. Talent-wise, they won’t even beat Hawks.

  53. They’re more talented than Hawks. But, a lot depends on their 3 point shots.

  54. He played fine. Just didn’t have his shot.

  55. Joe Harris is a long term keeper! Smart, hard-working dude.

  56. For the life of me I cannot understand why everyone feels this way when it couldn’t be further from the truth. RHJ was again team worst -21. After Mozgov, RHJ has the most negative rating on this team. Nets are 14 points worse, 10 on the defensive end, when he’s on the court. Kenny gives him way too many minutes.

  57. I like him. Don’t think he’s a keeper in Mark’s mind, though. In some ways, I like him better than Crabbe. He’s more fearless.

  58. We all know why… no hero ball tonight. Go Nets!

  59. Awesome team effort tonight. They almost won… True grit and sweat! No hero ball! Hats off to the Nets ! #wegohard!

  60. The thing is Nets can’t afford to have Harris next summer. Marks probably has second thought if he knew Harris balling out like this.

  61. Look like the the Nets gave the Celtics h3ll even without their clean shaved James Harden.

  62. harris will not ask for more money but will request only for what is due to him if he knows whats best for himself. right now, Harris must have learn of what he’s capable of but understood also his limitations for his high character personality. SM will not find it hard to keep harris next season. #mytakeonly

  63. First off, the Rockets lost! About time.
    Even with McHale gone. Even with MDA there, will hate the Rockets until Daryl Morey leaves. Sorry, not sorry.
    Liked Les Alexander though. He didn’t defend JLin enough but I think he was a true Lin fan at heart.

  64. Finally caught up on the game. To follow up on the posts below.

    Looks like the guys played hard. Defense has improved. SD with a double-double, 11 assists and only 1 turnover. Stepped up big time. Maybe could have taken a few less tough shots.

    Scoring and shot attempts pretty even. Good job sharing the ball. Everybody was scoring efficiently, except for Carroll and Dinwiddie.

    But overall, I thought there was better ball movement in the win over the Blazers. Or maybe Boston played better defense?

  65. They had a few chances to steal this game. In the last few minutes. they got the defensive stops. But then took some questionable shots on the other end.

    The plays out of Kenny’s time-outs were not good. After the time-out with about 9 minutes left, Carroll made a terrible inbounds pass. After the time-out with about a minute left, Acy took the contested three, not his strength.

    And down only 5, two bad possessions at about 8 minutes left which hurt. (Shot clock violation, and then another late shot clock forced 3-pointer from Dinwiddie.)

    Times like these, I know JLin would have gotten them over the hump. Alas…..

  66. Not being a coach, I often have a hard time understanding Kenny’s rotations and substitutions. Tonight was the same. I didn’t understand the minutes and hot-hand management at all.

    Levert and Harris were playing well. Got only 22 and 19 mins. Carroll was not shooting well tonight. Not sure his defense made up for it. I think some of his minutes, or his shot attempts, could have gone to Levert and/or Harris.

    With Crabbe and Harris on the floor, and able to make three’s tonight, not sure why Kenny didn’t run plays to get them open to take a few more shots.

    Not blaming Kenny. Just trying to understand.

  67. In what way do you think Les Alexander is a true Lin fan? To me, he’s just an investor and didn’t really appreciate Lin’s talents and character.

  68. From what I have seen from Carroll so far, I’m not sure I like how he plays. Yes, he can make some 3’s and put the ball on the court. He does hustle and play defense. I know that’s why fans like him.

    However, as a veteran with playoff experience, I have not been impressed with his decision-making. Again, that inbounds pass, with Booker open, don’t know why he made the pass to (Dinwiddie?) AWAY from the basket. Just bad.

    Overall, I think Carroll’s shot selections can be iffy. ( Even Kenny got on his case a few games ago.) I won’t say he plays selfishly. But at the same time, I don’t see him too often passing to a teammate for a better shot, instead of taking a so-so shot for himself.

    I find that Crabbe is much more unselfish. Tonight, even though he could have taken a couple of tougher shots, he passed to Harris for even more open shots, which Harris made. Nice!

  69. Disappointed to see Tyler Zeller did not get any minutes against his old team. I thought he might have earned some minutes from the Denver and Phoenix games. (I think he was available to play after his illness kept him out last game.)

    And what’s up with all the missed free throws? Ugh! The team FT % is only around 74%. That’s terrible! That can cost you games, especially close ones. More practice please!!!

    And those “let’s go Celtics” chants, at a Nets home game! Sheesh! You would never hear that in a Warriors home game. 🙂

  70. I’ll try to end on a positive note. The team really is playing hard, and playing as a team. They never give up. Really encouraging to see.

  71. From his rare comments and reactions on court, I think he did appreciate Lin. I think he enjoyed watching Lin play. I think Les really did want Linsanity for the Rockets, and was willing to make him the core of the young Rockets (before the Harden trade).

    But you’re right. Unfortunately, he is a businessman. So, he ultimately left the basketball decisions to Morey and McHale. IMO, M&M ruined JLin’s career. Which JLin has been trying to fight back from, ever since.

  72. I like Harris. Totally a team player. Fits Kenny’s system. GET HIM MORE MINUTES PLEASE!

  73. Just the hustle plays and the energy that he brings to the game lately. Like I said they’re a lot of little things that he does on the floor, even though it doesn’t reflect on his stats, it makes an impact. I’m surprised that he’s a -21 tonight but a lot of that is because he’s guarding guys that’re way longer than him. He’s a PF but he plays center because of Kenny’s small ball.

  74. Yup – that’s the way to run a fast break!
    Not with RHJ or Booker dribbling up full-court, trying to out-run the defense. Pass it to someone down court, ahead of the defense!

  75. Carroll is needed in the Nets rotation because really there aren’t anyone else. It sort of kind of comes down to choice. If the nets have someone like Kyle Kuzma for instance, I’m sure Carroll’s minutes would go down. But in the mean time he’s still needed coz he’s like a mean looking dude that looks like he knows what he’s doing. He’s a bench player really.

  76. Yeah, I feel bad for IW. As point guard, instead of taking the time to run plays and set up teammates, I think he’s trying too hard to make an impact right away with the limited minutes. That’s why I think he was playing a little better last year. Less pressure.

  77. I thought Zeller was out because of injury. Maybe not. Kenny is taking this small ball to an extreme. I don’t see why they cannot post up Mozgov offensively. They didn’t have to shoot the 3s all the time. Defensively at least Mozgov is a big body that can be intimidating inside.

  78. Not sure why the -21 either.
    But this season, his true shooting % is pretty good, around .59. From game to game, he seems to be scoring efficiently.
    Yes, definitely energy and hustle. But I worry, he falls a lot, diving for rebounds etc.

  79. Haha I don’t see him as MEAN looking, LOL.
    No, we don’t have Kyle Kuzma. We don’t even have Jordan Clarkson!
    Tonight, we did at least have Harris & Levert who could have maybe played a few mins extra instead.
    Kenny apparently values Carroll’s veteran leadership. Having coached him before, he must know what he brings to the table. I just don’t see it.
    Maybe they all just need more time to gel…

  80. Zeller was dressed and available.

    Agreed. Shooting 3’s all the time (drive and kick out) too predictable.

    Saw a little bit of Mozgov’s games in the summer. He has a decent mid-range jumper and can post up. At least let the guy score a bit, to stay engaged.

    Guess Kenny’s system just doesn’t make him a priority.

  81. Jeremy shown with Doris Yeung (a film director) and Brian Yang (actor). He and Yang were doing an interview for some reason. (via Penny Lee on twitter)

  82. Yep.

  83. Here is a riddle: There are 2 players consistently having good personal stats (PER between 18-20) but absolutely awful RPM (-xx.xx). They are consistently given high minutes per game too.
    How is that possible?

  84. I still couldn’t figure out why. As terrific as his personal stats, his rpm was absolutely terrible (-21)

  85. PGs
    Spencer Dinwiddie is ranked 16th in RPM this season。
    DLo is ranked 50 in the league in RPM.
    Small forward
    RHJ is ranked 42 in RPM

  86. RPM alone doesnt say much. Guess who is leading the rank?! yup, its James Harden at top!


  87. It’s not just tonight. On average he’s now a -16.6 which makes him the 2nd worst Net, second only to Mozgov’s -18.2.

  88. On offense, opponents don’t guard him very much leaving the other Nets in a 4 vs 5 situation. On defense, he’s totally ineffective both in the paint and with opponents swishing 3s in his face.

  89. How is it possible? Marks doesn’t care about winning, just development. Kenny stubbornly sticks to his vision of position-less basketball no matter how consistently it fails. Every minute RHJ plays as PF or even C, the Nets get badly outscored. His other stats look fine but his +/- is horrendous.

  90. ? James Harden and the Rockets have the second best record in the WC.

  91. I agree with your assessment.

  92. Team of best RPM for Nets
    PG Dinwiddie ranked 16th / D’Angelo Russell ranked 50 / Whitehead ranked 52 as SG
    SG Joe Harris ranked 15th / Allen Crabbe ranked 47 / Caris LeVert ranked 48
    SF DeMarre Carroll ranked 8th / Rondae Hollis-Jefferson ranked 42 / J Wiley ranked 53
    PF Trevor Booker ranked 68
    Center Tyler Zeller ranked 32/ Timofey Mozgove ranked 33/ Jarrett Allen ranked 58

    On the roster there is only one listed PF; clearly is the position that needs to be improved.
    Tyler Zeller is the one who could be switched to PF.

    I would think the starting lineup should be

    Zeller, Trevor Booker, DeMarre, Joe Harris, Dinwiddie

    Wonder if there is a rating of this combination? These players also have decent PER ratings.

  93. RPM is used as official stats provided by ESPN just like PER. I would think both stats have their merits that couldn’t be ignored.

  94. DMA had used Jeremy too. There is no doubt that MDA helps Harden too. Look at the company with Harden, you can tell that the rating is not without merit.

  95. cavs v hornets 2nite: lebron 23-1 vs. hornets anyone here know anything about that 1 game?

    hint: who was hornets leading scorer and point guard.

    further hint: player w/ initials k.w. dnp that nite.

  96. Doesn’t look like Hornets will win.

    Batum played ok coming back, but missing clutch shots in the 4Q as usual.

  97. J.L.

  98. What do you mean? JH could have, should have won MVP last season. His stats this season are over the top so far, 1st in assists and 2nd in points. Don’t let his name confuses us all with reality.

  99. This RPM thing by itself doesn’t mean much to me. For example, the #1 ranked nets player on RPM is Carroll, and the 2nd & 3rd best ranked nets players on that list are Zeller and Mozgov, yet Mozgov has the -17 simple +/- net rtg–the worst among all nets players (yes, DLo’s simple +/- is better than his.) ESPN advertizes RPM as a much improved and better matrix number, but I don’t buy that. Using it to compare players within the positions they’re playing may have some merits.

  100. It took me awhile to realize she has Lin7 on her back. Too busy looking elsewhere.


  101. Take a moment to imagine, what would it be if the Nets still had Lopez and newly pick Kuzma leading by PG JLin?

  102. According to Joe Harris, coach Kenny Atkinson constantly reiterates to his players what is expected of each of them. Here’s Harris talking about his role on the Nets :

    “My job is to come off of screens, to shoot the ball,” the Nets swingman said after practice Wednesday. “And if I don’t shoot the ball, I usually come out.

    “So I’m really just trying to focus on doing my part for the team. I’m not trying to do anything that I know that I can’t. Like I’m not trying to handle the ball a whole lot, facilitate, do anything like that. I’m just trying to go out there and help create space for the guys that we have that are our primary ball-handlers and the guys that can facilitate.”

  103. And now it’s 24-1. And the 1 win was the year the Cavs became ultimate champs. I’ve re-watched JLin’s highlights from this game a zillion times. Ah, good times (because he was healthy).

  104. Robert Covington was undrafted in 2013, and was mostly in D-league his first year with the Rockets. The second year that Lin was with Rockets. Just got pretty nice contract with the 76ers. JL & RC always greet each other warmly whenever their teams meet.


  105. Need help! Posted reply to joy about the Rockets below. The reply has disappeared. Does that mean Mods deleted it? How do I contact Mods to ask?
    Don’t want to repost if it was something I said – LOL.

  106. which one? is it about Les and M&M?

  107. Hi Mak! Yes, that’s the one. Was I too critical of them?

  108. Glad we are not the only ones who notice his contribution.
    Wonder what everyone else’s “roles” are…..especially if JLin hadn’t gotten hurt.

  109. for some reason disqus categorized it as spam!…lol…I have approved it

  110. Thanks Mak! 🙂

  111. IMO, stats can be cherry-picked to support narratives and agendas. To me, no one statistic tells the whole story about a player. Big time scorers are not always big time winners. Yet, that’s all that most fans seem to idolize. Look at the poll that Psalm conducted about which version of D Russell fans would prefer.

    Basketball is a team sport. There’s the final stat of Wins and Losses for the team that should matter the most. Even then, as long JLin’s team is competitive, plays hard, plays unselfishly, I find it fun to watch. Of course, it’s no fun to always lose. But really, I mean, only ONE team gets to win a championship each year.

    Points per game are not created equal if your minutes are limited and you’re just standing in the corner.

    Assists per game are not created equal if your teammates miss.

    Turnovers per game are not created equal, live ball vs dead ball. And look at the recent silly “travel” calls. (But they won’t call travel on guys taking 6 steps to do a dunk.)

    Heck, fouls are not created equal. JLin often gets calls against him just “touch” fouling a shooter. But gets no calls when he is being pushed and whacked and smacked.

    That’s why it ticks me off whenever only the basic box scores are used to judge and criticize JLin. When it’s his impact on wins and losses for his team that’s more important.

  112. That’s not to say I don’t look at stats. I do too. And I think groups of stats, or trends, or relative to other players, some advanced stats are more interesting to me as a fan. But I’m obviously not an expert. Teams are using all kinds of stats these days. Nets are using INFOR to add to their data. Does all this help teams identify players who are winners? Does it help teams win more?
    I kinda like the Points Per Shot stat that 1mtoldman (I think?) is a fan of. Too bad that’s not more popularly used. I like that stat along with FG%. It measures individual efficiency, as opposed to a chucker.

  113. long long time ago, we used to publish regular individual and team stats, after analysis, but these last 2 season, JL have been off the floor, just didnt give us any motivation to indulge on numbers 🙂

    maybe next season!

  114. Sorry, more random thoughts.
    Hockey assists are supposedly measured. That stat should be more easily accessed and reported. To me that shows team play and unselfishness.
    Why doesn’t someone setting a screen get the credit of an assist? They certainly assisted the shooter in getting open to score.
    At the end of the day, “chemistry” is even more important. Haha.

  115. I remember.
    I’m too lazy to do any work on my own. It takes time and energy. So, I appreciate it when someone else does all the work and puts it together.
    Yeah, maybe next season! Something to look forward to. Pray and hope!

  116. Keep and start Harris; get rid of Russell. Always liked Harris since last season. He will break out on another team; it will be Nets loss but guys like him deserves better just like Lopez! Nets are clueless about talent! Always asked for Harris to start along side Lin last season, those two worked well and Harris is a great floor general with some amazing passes. Noticed last season how the offense flowed like the Spurs when he was PG.

  117. Ben Simmons is a 6’10” PG, RHJ is a 6’7″ center. They’re playing a game with which I’m not familiar! JJ Reddick was 0/8 from beyond he arc tonight. Here’s a system player that was very effective under Doc Rivers. He was getting screens after screens in that system. You’d have to chase him around while getting hit by all the screens to guard him. Now he’s just another corner man waiting for kick out. I strongly believe Kenny should make Crabbe into a system player. Here’s a shooter with pure stroke yet he hardly every gets his shots off. Who would you rather have shooting the balls? Carroll or Crabbe?

  118. No need to understand, it’s called incompetence and inability to fully utilize snd adjust the offense to the talents of his players. All KA does is set mins before game without a care for the hot hand. He’s not a coach you can win with. Would be surprised if KA can keep his job any longer. Same goes for Sean Marks.

  119. That’d be a nightmare for the score keepers!

  120. Or starting Harris as SG instead of blindly betting on young players like Levert and Russell.

  121. Harris is better than Levert, Russell, and Crabbe for sure. Honestly he deserves starting SG spot the most, meanwhile Sean Kilpatrick should be 6th man.

  122. Need AI video analyzer to keep score.

  123. The game sure has changed! Also, bigs who are taking 3 pointers. The quicker pace is more fun for me. (Instead of watching Dwight Howard post-up and dribble dribble dribble into a turnover.)
    76ers are interesting. They seem to go with the hot-hand philosophy more. Different players have scored big in different wins. JJ had a big game in a win last week. Daric, Covington, Simmons, Embiid. Different go-to guys. That has to be keep defenses guessing.
    I think Nets have that potential too. Carroll has to take and make some shots. But I totally agree with you. Get the ball to Crabbe. Help him get more chances to take easier shots. Get him more open lanes. I think he has the ability to drive to the rim too.

  124. That’s what I’m into to as well, going to the hot hand. I know some of us love it when Lin hits big shots, but I’m more into Lin hitting some of the big late-game shots, but more when he’s part of good ball movement that leads to others hitting them. Because if we’re into when Lin does it, fans of another player, even those Lin fans may not like, should be able to do it too. It’s no different at all. A one-player domination is what some like, or some like when it is their player, while much fewer like whole team concepts. Yet, whole team is the most fun to watch and best for the team’s spirit and engagement. But, that says, you do need a primary leader, secondary leader, tertiary leader, that should be established and I do believe on the Nets, Lin is the PRIMARY leader.

    So, on a multi-facilitator team, the facilitator getting the job done can vary. But, it could still be the hot hand. In one game, maybe it is Lin, in another maybe it is Dinwiddie, in yet another, maybe it is Russell. And of course there can be games where it’s all or at different times in the game, different guys and it rotates from game to game. That’s why I’m into liking the whole team if they’re likable. (That being said, I did not like Anthony and could not get pass him on the Knicks. There are those do not like Russell and can not get pass him either. We agree or not, but that’s an individual assessment to be made)

    I think Crabbe isn’t showing the confidence and aggression that, say, Harris shows. Hopefully he can soon. And maybe they have to cater to him a bit, but he has to up his aggressiveness.

    I like the multi-facilitator game. I’ve seen too many games defenses collapse on Lin. But not only Lin. They did it to IT last year in Boston, they’ll try to do it to Conley but he’s very savvy in making them pay. As you said, defenses have to guess which guy to check and who to swarm. I think the ultimate shortcoming of D’Antoni’s PG-centric system was if the PG was shut down and not second ball-handler established, then the system was shut down.

  125. Okay, learn something new everyday.

    I remember the NBA started using SportVu cameras to capture more advanced stats. And they started recording “hustle” stats at end of 2015-2016 season.


    Was just taking a quick look at those. They are calling hockey assists “secondary assists”. And, FWIW, drumroll….they are now recording “screen assists”!


  126. For someone who thinks stats should be taken in context and with dose of salt, I do think basketball stats have evolved and provide more info. Very interesting, if you have the time.
    What’s ironic is that,yet, the NBA, and/or the fans, still continue to hype up those high volume scorers.
    For all the talk about team-sport, team-play, and ball movement etc. The rewards and accolades still go to individual achievements. Highest scorer, MVP, DPOY, ROY, all-star. Even contract bonuses are tied to these individual achievements. No wonder players are mostly selfish. No wonder more unselfish players like JLin will probably never get their due.
    Since fans in general seem to go for the hype, I guess that’s what sells.

  127. NBA, and the other major sports, is entertainment first, star-driven and producing, big business.

  128. I proudly admit I am a “Lin only Fan”. Or better, a Lin Supporter. No question that I love it when JLin just takes over and dominates. I cheer mostly for him. Everything is pretty much through his lens. I don’t like it when he’s not played to his strengths. So, I agree with you, he should be the leader, to call plays and organize the team.

    However, I do believe team-play leads to more wins, so I also agree that it’s good to have more than one go-to guy who can also create for the team. By extension, I have to also cheer for his teammates. The team’s success is Lin’s success.
    Once in awhile, I do catch myself yelling at the screen at some end-of-games for JLin to PASS the ball, don’t play hero ball! But hey, he’s only human. Most of the time, he makes the right unselfish play. Who can forget his pass outs to Troy Daniels or to Courtney Lee?

    I have a problem when it’s a one-way street and teammates don’t reciprocate. And Lin’s contributions are minimized for the glorification of “stars”. Nope, not gonna happen. Not gonna get past Carmelo, or Harden, or Kobe. Don’t care how “talented” they are.
    The Hornets guys themselves were great. Kemba, Batum, Marvin. Too bad NBA politics got in the way.
    I can’t say much about D Russell because haven’t seen enough of his play with Lin. He’s only played 12 games on a new team. But so far, he hasn’t helped his team to wins yet. We’ll see.

  129. oops.

  130. Yes, very true, it is entertainment first. I think we happen to be more entertained by beautiful passes and ball movement. And I guess we’re in the minority right now. Maybe that will change, if the Warriors and Spurs continue to be models for success.

    It’s also true that the politics of the NBA world, or sports world, is also a reflection of, and a microcosm of, the “real” world. That’s why many Lin fans can relate. And get protective, defensive, and emotional about the unfair treatment that Lin has gotten.

  131. I concur

  132. Lin is tied to Kenny for now. So, I hope it’s not incompetence. Kenny has a full coaching staff and analytics gurus behind him. I’m hoping that, because of his system, he’s still tinkering, and that there are good reasons for what he’s doing. Or that, maybe because of JLin’s injury, he’s forced to manage this way.
    I just don’t see or understand it yet. And maybe never will. LOL.

  133. Those are the three I did not like either, though Carmelo and Kobe more than Harden. Harden had his moments where he and Lin worked together, but mostly, Harden is a ball hog who supported Beverley starting over Lin.

    There is something Hardenish about D’Angelo. But, I’m giving him a chance because I think it’s the right thing to do. My biggest problem with him is he hasn’t said Lin is the veteran leader the team should take its direction from. Just about all of the other Nets have said that.

  134. O_O

  135. Sound like you saw the hypocrisy of the Nets GM and the head coach for bringing in Dlo after all the talk about “For all the talk about team-sport, team-play, and ball movement etc”

    GM and HC have 100% control who are in their team and their playing minutes. The only reason KA benched Dlo the other night not because he shot too much but because of his TOs.

  136. @JLin7(Weibo): Be an obedient son! Eat chicken soup I dislike every day! Papa said beef shank and chicken essence are healthy to me. #我還是聽爸爸媽媽的話吧

  137. It’s certainly ironic that winning in the NBA might not be equal to winning the chanpionship but make money for the franchises by creating stars.

    And many NBA stars choose the self-preservation mode by putting more effort in scoring over defense (i.e. Harden)

    Sometimes it makes me wonder if Lin would be treated more like NBA stars had he score more and play less D. Most likely yes, and we’ll have more games like 34pts with record 9 3s but losses like HOU vs PHI game a few years back. He was very sad after the game. So it’s just not in him to put self above team.

    It’s frustrating to see how Lin and the Spurs haven’t found each other yet although they seem so perfect together. But it might happen in the future if Lin doesn’t finish his NBA career as a Nets under Tsai’s ownership in 4 years.

    At this point, I just want to see Lin healthy to play and finish next season ?

  138. Except he has talent initiating the offense more than Russell. Last season the offense and passing flowed faster whenever Harris was at the top of the key doing the passing. KA is forcing players to play the way he wants instead of incorporating their strengths. That’s exactly why he will never utilize Lin or other player to their best abilities.

    No surprise why Lopez looked faster and is scoring more with the Lakers compared to when he was forced to play a solo motion offense with the Nets.

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