G13 PHI @CHA Game Thread

Jeremy Lin has earned more trust from Coach Clifford with 28 min and 29 min in the past 2 games.

The Nets game has brought out a developing chemistry between Batum and JLin to spark a 11-4 run in the 4th quarter to give the Hornets the lead that they never relinquished.

  1. Will we see more Batum to play with JLin in Q3-Q4?
  2. Will we also see JLin close the 2nd quarter to give him consistent minutes of 25-28? Let’s hope JLin regain his shooting touch as he would still need to exert his energy playing team defense to help with the rebounding by committee effort that Coach Clifford stated. JLin and Kemba contributed with 9 and 7 rebounds in the Nets game.
  3. With Hairson and Zeller possibly out, would Clifford experiment with Hansbrough to give more rebounding edge? It’s highly doubtful since Clifford likes to stick to 9-10 player rotation but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Let’s go, JLin! Be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

Game link


Guess JLin's stats in Game 13 vs PHI


  1. looks like a new thread.

  2. Yeap.

  3. PnR for Jeremy tonight – please!

  4. still no big men like Ed Davis to roll to the basket. Maybe only Al can do it.
    Hawes actually did last game .. even shocking himself in the process!

    Still a lot of pick-and-pop more than PnR.

  5. Hawes doesn’t appear to ready for Lin’s passes off the PnR. It’s like he doesn’t think Lin can get the pass through to him. Hopefully Hawes will learn to expect the unexpected!

  6. For now, focus on what you have/do well (pnp) and develop what you don’t (pnr).

  7. Hansbrough probably could but Cliff seems to not want to give him the chance.

  8. I noticed Frank the tank rolled pretty hard in the last game. Hope he will play more with JLin to develop their chemistry.

  9. Cliff is too stubborn.
    The team is clearly suffering on rebounding and he has a rebounding monster ready to be used to rebound & finish strong.

    They could be 8-4 instead of 6-6 now

  10. it’s also about balance to create good spacing but Clifford is … way too rigid with his in-game adjustment

  11. Chinese subtitles for Fung Bros interview with JLin


  12. That would be good, particularly if Zeller doesn’t play.

  13. Exactly. With Zeller out would be great opportunity to give Hansbrough a chance. Especially with a weak PHI team. Maybe if its a blow out we will get to see him in garbage time.

  14. When Lin plays 25+ mins, he could show his true value to help the team to win. I got the following graphic (which shows stats from last two games) to prove. Does it show you why Cliff dared to bench AL and Walker in some close games? or Should Cliff switch 1st and 2nd units?

  15. Let’s hope so.

    I’d love to see Lin/Hansbrough .. just for the chance to excite @KHuang:disqus lol

  16. https://twitter.com/ZachLowe_NBA/status/667795691226456065

    You guys have struggled when you, Big Al, and Cody are all on the floor together.


    Yeah. The numbers are ugly. Why do you think that is? Bad spacing?

    I have no idea. I love playing with Cody.


    Our system is built for him to create action. He’s one of the best on our team at that, in terms of random screens, hand-offs, getting guys open, and finding Al. I love playing with Cody.

    Is Jeremy Lin’s hair cool or ridiculous?

    It’s pretty cool.

    I think you’re just being nice.

    It’s cool. We all like it. It’s an advantage for us. If anyone messes with us, he can, you know, just get ’em for us. [At this point, Walker mimics Lin bending over at the waist, and using his hair as some sort of battering ram into an enemy’s chest — kind of like a bull goring a matador).

  17. Hornets does not have reliable big man to pair Lin for PnR. We see good sign that Lin keeped moving when he was off the ball in last game and made some easy cuts and scores. I bet it was Cliff finally allowed him to get out of the corners when he is off the ball.

  18. Lin is now a defensive stopper, plays bully ball, and enforcer

  19. I wish Hawes would focus a bit more when Lin handles bball. Hawes completely missed two good passes from Lin and doubled Lin TOs in last game. But we all seen Hawes played much better recently. Keep good work!

  20. we saw both Lin & Hawes smiled even after Hawes missed catching the quick bounce pass that turned into TO.
    That would’ve been a highlight to boost the team. Great to see their chemistry boiling hot!

    Thankfully, Clifford didn’t bench JLin for the high-risk/high-reward play.
    McHale would’ve been on JLin’s ears for weeks to come!

  21. I like Lin’s new hair… LOL!

  22. You just gave me flashbacks of Asik messing up all of Lin’s great passes. Thanks pal. Yeesh 😛

  23. Notice: usually bigs playing w/Lin benefit greatly. But it’s bad for Lin’s TO ratio. Like Chandler, Asik, Davis in the past, and eventually Zeller and Hawes will see their value go up and $ follows at the end of season.

  24. Kemba inadvertently refers JLin as a Bull ready to gore people with his hair =)

    Is Jeremy Lin’s hair cool or ridiculous?
    It’s pretty cool.
    I think you’re just being nice.
    It’s cool. We all like it. It’s an advantage for us. If anyone messes with us, he can, you know, just get ’em for us. [At this point, Walker mimics Lin bending over at the waist, and using his hair as some sort of battering ram into an enemy’s chest — kind of like a bull goring a matador).

  25. After hearing Lin lay down his knowledge about basketball I feel ridiculous posting what he should do. That being said I will probably still make ridiculous criticisms of Lin’s game anyways. ?

  26. Yes. I hope Cliff would help Lin to build “chemistry boiling” with teammates by keeping Lin 25+ mins in coming games.

  27. Don’t forget that Asik compensated with his beautiful ballet moves LOL

    For old times sake, here’s Asik beautiful pass to Parsons’ head (refresh for pic)

  28. What is the “political debate with Spencer Hawes” about?

  29. Hahahaha… I can’t stop watching this. Oh man! Thanks!

  30. Interesting interchange about Cody/Al and spacing. Was he, again, being supportive and diplomatic? or does he really not see at all what the interviewer sees?

    Here’s where Jeremy is so good at this. He’d find a way to give an answer to the question that gave information while also supporting his fellow players. No wonder the writers like to go to him for comment.

  31. overall, i get a good vibe from kemba. i felt like parsons and beverly were trying to cash in on lin’s success w/linsanity, and harden was just kind of aloof. from kemba, i feel more of a team player who genuinely likes lin.

  32. Yes, it is much more complex that what we see. I’m sure it’s above Kevin McHale and Byron Scott’s understanding too.

  33. Is that a pass to Douglas via Parson’s head?

  34. Hawes is very outspoken and conservative.

  35. Not really Kemba saying Bull. It’s just he interviewer describing Kemba making a ramming motion with his head.

  36. A must-read article by Howard Megdal about JLin’s come-back
    The Redemption of Jeremy Lin
    “It’s not so much proving to other people as it is #BeingFree, having that #HappinessOnTheCourt again, as opposed to feeling put in a box,” Lin said.



  37. lowe has this schtick in which he pretends lin is not in the league, and is happy to write about a bunch of nobodies no one cares about (Im not talking about kemba but the various articles he does on what can be called role players). doesnt matter how much impact lin has on the hornets, Im sure lowe will continue pretend lin is not on the team. thats how he’s handled lin ever since linsanity.
    when he does bring up lin, there’s always some dis in there. like his defense (lowe’s eye test tells him beverley is a vastly better defender haha).

  38. lol .. The great Turkish bounce-pass!

  39. “There is a narrative arc for Jeremy Lin’s career that would explain his 25-game eruption into superstardom back in 2011-12 as a blip of extraordinary luck in an otherwise middling career; by this telling, he’s been overhyped and underperforming ever since. Then there is reality, which is that Lin has performed admirably and capably in the worst of circumstances—that, when given the chance to play his game, he is very much more like the player he appeared to be during Linsanity’s heady peak than he had looked in its falling action.”

  40. NY just love talking about Lin …. too bad why he didn’t stay in NYK back to 2012. smh!

  41. in case u missed it, Jimmer Fredette was waived by New Orleans Pelicans

  42. He wanted to stay but NYK didn’t offer him contracts and didn’t match HOU’s… come on… you should know this by now! lol.

  43. Yup. Just another example of his “extra-terrestrial” court awareness! 😛

  44. Haha… I don’t remember this at all. Thanks for sharing!

  45. We need to popularize “So handsome can pass by my face” line LOL

  46. At this point, it seems like a long time ago. What’s done is done. Knicks are different, Phil Jackson has come in, Derek Fisher is now coaching and really the only thing that is the same is Anthony. Chandler, Fields, Shump, Novak have all moved on. Dolan didn’t resign him in 2012 and didn’t show interest this year.

  47. I got a feeling New-Yorkers would love for JLin to come back as a Nets to stick it to Dolan =)

  48. I know… I just can’t believe at that time I really hope & happy he’s in [email protected]# Now I know why that reporter from BR told me, Lin should stay in NYK… it’s correct. smh!

  49. Ya! They just want Lin back to NY. No matter it’s NYK or Nets. So am I… LOL!

  50. Some of the reporters from NY are really really nice to Lin… they did a lot for Lin when he’s in Rox….

  51. Nets are kind of in a bad situation. They traded away their 2016, 2017 and 2018 first round draft picks. They’d have to rebuild through trades and free agency.


  52. It’s OK as long as they will let Lin plays his game.

  53. only if they hire MDA though .. or even Clifford w/o Kemba around

  54. Oh! Ya! I don’t like Nets coach either. LOL!

  55. I haven’t followed his news..
    It looks like he failed to take JJ Redick’s route?

  56. I thought it was a while ago or did he get waived again?

  57. https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/the-redemption-of-jeremy-lin “Clifford noted that Lin’s comfort shooting the ball, his improved mobility to the basket with both hands, and his defensive performances are all at the highest level of his career. He’s scoring, too; his per-36-minute production is comparable to his Linsanity numbers.”

  58. man when his shot returns look out!

  59. the spurs waived him “awhile ago”; the pelicans waived him yesterday.

    (tho i guess yesterday could be construed as “awhile ago” too; but it think this is what you are thinking/asking/confused about).

  60. i think the bulls have a better chance to beat the warriors than the clippers; bulls are 8 and 3 and without rose 2nite and i dont have the stat to hand but saw one recently where they have been much more effective without rose. (which would make sense as the new perpetually injured rose has not been effective).

  61. Or I could be confusing him with another player 🙂

  62. last time JLin played the 76ers, this happened:

  63. LOLOLOLOLOLOL you and countless others as well.

  64. “For now, the gap still exists between the idea of Jeremy Lin as a shooting-star legend and the actual basketball player he’s become. This time next year, all it will take is one organization willing to look past the years of backlash to the New York hype—which Lin didn’t create and, truthfully, never would have wished for—and giving Lin a chance to play with the ball in his hands. Lin will be 27 next summer, and a team could be getting a very valuable player at an artificially depressed price specifically because of his fame.”

  65. well i dont want to pretend to read your mind but i mean a few weeks ago aka “awhile ago” the spurs waived freddette; the pelicans picked him up and then just yesterday they let me know….oh sorry chanelling james taylor….the pelicans waived him. so

    im reasonably sure that is the confusion here.

  66. the last time lin played the 6ers he had his highest scoring game of the year 29 points in 28 minutes in a rare lakers double digit win.

  67. It wasn’t that JLin didn’t want to stay; it was Dolan that refused to match the “poison” bill. How could he stay if there was no offer sheet???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I know the whole story but just …. smh!

  69. “Former New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith has been accused of choking a 19-year-old high school student in Chelsea after the younger man quipped about the hoopster’s trade to Cleveland. Smith, 30, has not been arrested in connection to the alleged incident outside Artichoke Basille’s Pizza about 4 a.m. on Nov. 13 at W. 17th St. and Tenth Ave., which shares a block with ultra-trendy celebrity hangout 1OAK”

    Alex Spiro, a lawyer for Smith, said the claims against the athlete are unfounded. “The allegation is completely false,” Spiro said. Smith has been in trouble in the past, including for punching other players. In 2009, Smith received a jail sentence in New Jersey for participation in a fatal collision. He was arrested in 2012 in Florida on charges he drove without a valid license. ”

    –new york daily news

  70. “how can i miss you when you wont go away”

  71. hornetsFriday AND a game day?! #ItMustBeMyBirthday


  72. In the Fung Bros video, Jeremy talks about a lot of guys having trouble adjusting once they are not the alpha dog anymore on the team. Fredette might be on of those guys…

  73. Coach says Marvin Williams will slide to 4, Batum to 3 and @JLin7 will start at shooting guard for @hornets tonight #PHIatCHA
    4:21 PM – 20 Nov 2015


  74. u beat me to it. was wondering why nobody talking about it yet.

  75. I hope he will not stand in 3P line waiting for ball to come all the time.

  76. OK, didn’t see that one coming. I guess Brian Roberts will be running the 2nd unit or Lin will overlap in staggered minutes with Kemba.

  77. It will be ok if he hits his shots

  78. I would have thought that before the last game. It’s a good point. But since Batum and him had chemistry last game we may see some of that. Lin may just get the ball and try to establish Al in his first few minutes though.

  79. But when Lin & Batum together, Lin did run O. Now w Kemba… not sure…?

  80. not sure if he’ll get much shot attempt w/ this lineup. But this should’ve been the starting lineup to start the season anyways.

  81. Is this another experiment with the line up because of injuries? Or, things are falling into places… and we are looking at the final result? hmmmmmm

  82. So this is what Lin means…. “a lot of guys are interchangeable. Guys on bench can start”.

  83. Finally!!!

  84. With this unit, Hornets should be up by 20+ when the 2nd team comes in. 🙂

  85. Wait why???

  86. Haha. You read my mind! Thanks for clearing it up for me.

  87. cody and hairston still out.

  88. Whoa .. this is BIG NEWS

    Coach is ready to test the most LETHAL lineup!

  89. Jeremy won’t get many touches in this lineup but looks like he’s earned new playing time on the defensive end of the floor…Hope he can grab 7 or 8 boards with 2 or 3 steals tonight.

  90. But nothing compares to the career high 3pt fgm game he had with Harden out.

  91. Wow I do not expect this happen.

  92. Thx

  93. This the lineup Cliff wanted before season started… maybe it will becomes final lineup? Cliff is stubborn. Lin as SG.

  94. WHOA! I wondered if Lin would replace PJ sometime since he has shown that he can defend/get rebounds and my wish came true.

  95. latest lineup data only goes through 10 games but that with the other stuff I have been posting it seems so logical!!!

  96. coach has always talked highly on PJ’s defense. I think once PJ is healthy and he can continue his D, he’ll be back on the starting lineup. They want Batum playing SG more.

  97. Perhaps Cliff saw how Warriors won last night playing team ball. This is a welcome move. We’ll see what happens soon. My prayers are that Lin will make shots when the rock is passed to him or able to make plays for himself/others for easy shots. But most of all, players should play team ball to win like Warriors.

  98. Hopefully Jeremy has a big night like he did whenever Harden was out.

  99. better late than never

  100. I noticed that smile. Liked it a lot. Great attitudes.

  101. another experiment. Just hope Jlin will do well.

  102. if he can play solid D(not helping too much) and Batum can get his points, coach might consider this lineup more for the future. Otherwise, Hairston will be back as starter and Batum SG again.

  103. That’s what I’m talkin about!

  104. I hope the starting unit blows out the 76er’s so Clifford will let players further down the bench some playing time like Handsbrough.

  105. A bit worried about the second unit as they don’t have true PG/floor general. Jeremy could be the first one to be subbed out for Lamb…we’ll see. Hopefully he finally gets starter minutes tonight.

  106. JLIN Foundation
    yesterday @jlin7 got a chance to catch up w/ his @PAIRhouston mentees Mya Thu & Deborah! Keep up the great work!!

  107. Lin should be subbed out after about 6 minutes. That way he gets to start, stagger with Kemba, lead the 2nd unit, finish, all the good stuff. This is what we were hoping for after J killed it in preseason!

  108. I think Lin will probably be going back to the 2nd unit no matter how he plays. 2nd unit needs him running point and getting Lamb good looks. Otherwise Roberts run the second unit and PJ isn’t much utilized. Now, Lin may spot start some when other teams go small with their starters.

  109. Walker tends to be the last starter out and overlaps with the bench. Perhaps they will have Lin come out earlier leave Walker with the bench. Then have Lin come back early to play with the bench

  110. They will split minutes. Lamb will be with Kemba and Jeremy.

  111. Yep

  112. I like the idea. Plays few min as SG in 1st unit then back to 2nd unit as PG.

  113. Yup. This would be ideal.

  114. Kemba will. Because he doesn’t really know how not to play anything else but PG.

  115. Anyway, it’s strange against Philadelphia. Audition for a trade?

    Aahh, who cares!! Go Jeremy, go Hornets!!!

  116. WOW Unexpected news that JLin will start in this game. Glad that I can watch the game. Like blubell I’m a little anxious as well. Pray that JLin will do well in this new lineup. Go JLin!

  117. Yeah!!!!

  118. Maybe they don’t want Philadelphia to win the first game as they are really out for blood if Hornets aren’t vigilant enough esp the first unit. Sixers want to get the first win! Who else is the better team to go for??? Hornets!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. JLin is such a great role model and he doesn’t take that role lightly. These kids are fortunate to have Jeremy as their mentor and vice versa, I’m sure 🙂

  120. someone on hornets site pointed out lakers got their 1st win against hornets last year; lin had 21 it was arguably his 2nd best game of the year last year.

    his best? against 6ers; 29 pts in 28 minutes and a rare laker double digit win.

  121. Wow my wish came true.. Lin starting!!!!!!

  122. Don’t think it’s for trade.

  123. That’s okay. The 2nd unit needs to make sure it is not a blow out. Otherwise, Lin can only play 18 minutes and sitting on the bench in 4th quarter. 🙂

  124. I don’t want Jeremy to go to PHI. They are in a never ending rebuilding mode.

  125. Audition to be a permanent member of the starting lineup. Perhaps they intend to negotiate a long term extension with Lin? (MKG would have to play as a 4 though to leave room for Batum.)

  126. Me too. That GM is good friend of Morey… No. smh!

  127. Hope he breaks his old personal record of 9 3 pointers against the 76ers.

  128. Well, Morey seems to be on a sinking ship. Hinkley best not to associate with him.

  129. Ya! You are right. Haha!

  130. Smart decision by Coach Clifford to start JLin.
    @nbastats shows any 2-man lineup from Batum/Lin/MW has good +/- vs Nets

    They’re ranked #5, #8, and #13 to produce +7, +6 and +3

  131. All of our wish came true not just yours! lol.
    Respect the Hair!

  132. like the spike

  133. yup…haha

  134. He is definitely a good role model.

  135. Hope and pray that JLin will continue to do well with Sixers.

  136. “Clifford said he absolutely believes Lin will be a starting point guard in the league.”

    From the absolutely fantastic article psalm posted below:


  137. LMAO

  138. For Lin to start the game!

  139. Hornets is going to give Lin the position?

  140. maybe they will come out at the start of the game and said “NO NO NO. Coach Meant Lamb.”

  141. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. I guess, Clifford remember the 9 3-pointer Lin drained on the Sixers last time. Glad to hear, hopefully, it’s not just a one time deal until Hairston comes back.

  143. Perhaps save the fireworks until we see how Jeremy is utilized? 🙂

  144. Fear the spike.

  145. it would be bigger fireworks with champagne 🙂

  146. Great news. Finally get to see Lin start this season.

  147. We’ll see…

  148. i am really happy lin starts today but i am kind of surprise. i thought lamb might start not Lin because clifford likes size…

  149. Is it true Jlin is starting tonite?

  150. yes

  151. Whooooooo,great I’m off!!!!!!

  152. This is huge step. It means Lin is not PUT into the box in the situation (which Lin hates) when Kemba gets injury or something. Thank you Clifford.

  153. Yes, See Charlotte Hornets PR tweet posted by wukong below.

  154. Yeah just right now….thanks G

  155. I wonder how Lamb feels about Lin starting. I think Cliff will find a way for Lamb and Lin to play together.

  156. JLin made his case that he should start. Lamb not so much since coach constantly has to yell at him to be at the right place and play D.

  157. Is Lamb’s shoulder still hurting him? I saw him grabbing that a couple times last game.

  158. yup lamb should develop his defense…

  159. not sure…i saw him ice packed on his shoulder during knicks game…

  160. I think so.

  161. jLin was in the gym on a rest-day. the boss is impressed. Hard work pays.

  162. Did you forget to feature this?

  163. It’s about time,he earned it,let Batum slide to his original position and Hornets will have their formidable line up…#NEEDSTEAMBALL

  164. I have to say I am hugely disappointed with Clifford so far this season….I thought he really did get it in terms of Jeremy’s ability and potential. He definitely appreciates Lin’s game quite a bit, but he still doesn’t really understand what’s up. Hoping him start tonight will open his view point up when he sees Lin excel in a starting role.

    It seems absurd that Jeremy is not more outraged his minutes have gone from a career of 26 to 22 this season when this was the team who supposedly understands his game.

    Jeremy rarely speaks up and sometimes that has hurt his career and relationship with past coaches. It’s one thing to always want to do the right thing and not ruffle any feathers, but sometimes you gotta just tell the coach your issues. He has a good relationship with Cliff from what it seems and coach speaks very highly of him at least in the media so go ahead and have a meeting.

    “Hey coach, really love how the team is going and how we’re starting to put it together… you know I’m always team first, but I do want to talk to you about my minutes… when I signed this summer and got a great sense you understood my game, I have to say I did expect to be getting at least the same amount of playing time as in the past (two years of being handcuffed) and not 4 minutes less. I am all about being a team player so this is tough for me to bring up, but I wanted you to know how I am thinking and truly I do think our team is best when I am playing more minutes and can have more of an impact. I feel like I have a lot of gas in the tank at the end of games these days with the decrease in minutes. When we spoke this summer, what did you envision in terms of my minutes? is this what you expected or is this due to some other circumstances since then? etc..

    Who knows though, maybe Jeremy actually did say something and that’s why he’s starting tonight. Hoping for a big game to get this season really going. Trip dub anyone! Jeremy loves torching Philly!

  165. I was just about asking NBA LP give me 50% refund on Lin’s avg 20mins playing time.

  166. Wow, I’m going to hug Clifford if I could. Now that starting position is on our guy to keep. Lin will prove to the world he’s the NBA starter.

  167. I am thinking to buy it now. LOL

  168. FYI I just blocked @BaselineBuzz who only wants to rile up JLin fans
    Note: It could be Bradford_Coombs and not AS Chin but either way is too divisive


  169. Well go get it now,they close today…lol

  170. What? Lin will start at 2? Not Lamb?
    What a nice surprise!
    Go LinGo for 21/5 tonight:)

  171. What happened? What did they say?

  172. Kemba and Jefferson PnR. Lin and Batum sneak and lay.

  173. I have unfollowed him sometimes last week when he talked nonsense about JLin fans. More and more I unfollowed than follow now:-) Thus far seem like I don’t get much news from them. Hornets, Hornets PR and Peter will give enough info. The rest I can watch and see it myself or from other JLin fans.

  174. it might got sold out tomorrow due to Hornets game bandwidth explosion.

  175. win one for the gipper?

  176. Batum loves #3 position, doesn’t he?

  177. I think that guy is arrogant and trying to mock Lin fans like laughing stock.

  178. moo floren says/a nice surprise/go lin go/for 21/5

  179. I bet Lin would take 50% PG duties.

  180. 🙂

  181. I don’t think so. I think Hornets used SG to get him over. SG would give him more shooting opportunities and play against smaller SGs perhaps.

  182. That’s his natural position. Hornets want him at 2 so he can be the ball handler, which is not his strength.

  183. Ya I agree, I just checked his Twitter account and read some of his tweets.

  184. Good job!

  185. A pure stupidity on this [email protected] baselinebitsh…just concentrate on Lin’s game not Lin’s fan…it’s a lot of us you can’t even imagine ….prolly a JLOF but sorry Lin got the nod not him…lol

  186. Need update the hair but what a talent artist.

  187. I read an article somewhere. It said Hornets were concerning that Batum wouldn’t be not happy to play SG.

  188. its like the artist gave up on coloring Frank lol

  189. Great drawing. Looks like NYK Linsanity Jeremy not Hairsanity Jeremy lol
    Also, is that suppose to be Walker on the far right?

  190. Do you guys know Hornets is #3 NBA Team Offensive Efficiency when they play at home?

    https://www.teamrankings.com/nba/stat/offensive-efficiency – Click “home” to sort it.

  191. Welcome back!
    No 21/5 is not good enough, Lin will make another 9 3-pointers tonight 🙂

  192. http://swarmandsting.com/2015/06/28/clifford-says-batum-will-play-sg-next-season/

    Doesn’t really clear it up:

    Clifford told Batum that this trade would expand his role and he is seen as a primary scoring option for the team.

    “I know my role is going to be different and I like that. I know I can do a lot of things on the court; I’m a very versatile player. So me and Kemba (Walker) can do great things together.”

  193. Guess game about to start. Gonna catch some before I leave from work and not get fired.

  194. Game time!!!!!!!

  195. we need to work on our road games

  196. I think if let Lin start on the road, the results on road games would have been better.

  197. Stephanie Ready is hot

  198. if there ever was a time for lins 3 pt shot to come back let it be now…

  199. Lin in background shooting his 3s

  200. Lin will play PG today at the 2

  201. Haha. I’m stuck at work and cant watch 🙁

  202. Not good enough. career high in every category 😛

  203. PG not SG…? Good. So Kemba is SG?

  204. We will watch the game for you:-)

  205. Will give you a game to game updates

  206. I think combo. Lin will play both

  207. we better win this 0-12 team

  208. I can always count on JLin fam 🙂

  209. We will.

  210. Don’t just watch… update! 😛

  211. Absolutely!!!

  212. so anybody knows if Michael is sleeping and LAJane is washing the dishes?

  213. oh god if they lose to this team with lin starting the haters will be out in full force

  214. LOLOLOL Not very good on that. Others can do better.

  215. ill take it a quarter at a time

  216. Hornets fans are nice. Don’t worry.

  217. 25&10 it is.

  218. i dont think playing side by side with Kemba will allow this

  219. Win or lose haters are always in full force

  220. Good steal JLin!

  221. same referees as last game?

  222. have to watch 76er feed 🙁

  223. Lin missed

  224. Nice reverse lay up by Lin 8-2 Hornets

  225. This 76ers team barely resembles an NBA team

  226. Just wonder why the steal from JLin in first Sixers wasn’t counted???

  227. Reverse by Lin again

  228. Another nice reverse layup by JLin! 4pts

  229. Kemba got one steal… is that from Lin?

  230. Lin starting?! I know Hairston is out, but this is still a good sign.

  231. So far so good.

  232. So Cliff has put out the best lineup against the lowly 76’s. Should be a kill, but hope their bench can hold up too.

  233. Lin is nicely integrated into this lineup and moving great off of the ball. Now if he just get a 3 to fall.

  234. Gotta make that 3, though!

  235. game too close. need blow out so 2nd unit can just keep it stable

  236. Show some respect and play team ball. Even for 76s, can’t just do ISO.

  237. Well, next time…

  238. hopefully Lin gets to play some with 2nd unit

  239. walker/lin 5 of 6 and 11 of 12 points.

  240. They trotting up the court. Lin needs to make plays for them.

  241. Am I dreaming?! Lin starting?! I hope my vote on the poll is totally off and he goes hairsanity!!!

  242. Kemba run the O not Lin.

  243. I think Lin is more for D in the starting unit

  244. Al is a good outside shooter!

  245. team is good at D now

  246. jeremy out?

  247. Hornets lineup show good chemistry.

  248. 4 points 2 Assist really good 7 minutes

  249. JLin is out after playing 7:15. He has 4 pts 2 rebounds 2 assists.

  250. Al is tearing it up

  251. I think he maybe will be PG for 2nd unit.

  252. Come back to lead bench?

  253. He’ll get some more time in 2nd qtr

  254. Baboom

  255. This is EXACTLY what Clifford should have done since Game 1.

    Start Lin at SG. Play him 7-8m and then replace with Lamb. Stagger the minutes!

    Not brain surgery. Just politics, I guess.

  256. we know Lin out is not he did not play well. He is perfect on SG!

  257. Jefferson is good in the post

  258. Al putting on a show with inside moves!

  259. I know. But KW and Lin should take turn. See that Lin is already out after 6min.

  260. Lin doing squats as a form of celebration??

  261. Al like Shaq when face 76s.

  262. Jlin 1Q: play 7:15 min with 4pts (2-3), 2R, 2A and +10

  263. Oh there’s Isaiah Canaan. I remember him. When the Rockets drafted him the Clutchfans said he was gong to replace JLin as PG. LOL

  264. this 76ers team is terrible.. and people wanted lin to consider this team? hed be miserable

  265. Marvin!

  266. Okay, I think there is no going back after tonight’s blow out (assuming), Lin is going to be the starting SG from now on.

  267. Next year they will have 3 high draft picks plus tons of cap space as well as Okafor.

  268. Marvin and Lin are talking a lot on the bench.

  269. lin got al wide open and got him hot early!

  270. If Lin starts regularly, then I will buy the Team Pass.

  271. Yep believe JLin was the one who had the steal in less than a minute. It’s not recorded anywhere. I also heard Sixers said the same. Well, just had to rewatch the game again to make sure.

  272. oh no…they are going to kill this unit

  273. Funny thing is Batum /Lamb can’t carry this 2nd U

  274. this second team is headless…

  275. Marvin would be a good pnr big if they try it more

  276. I doubt Batum stays in. It may get worse

  277. they look like a bunch of shooters and no floor general

  278. No doubt

  279. this is what i feared earlier…

  280. Ya! Batum didn’t know really how to handle O well w/o Lin on court w him.

  281. Lin will prolly be in for Batum starting 2nd quarter. But Lin should be the PG instead SG.

  282. Batum isn’t pg.

  283. I hope your fear won’t come true,he looks good in the starting line up

  284. With Rockets, anybody is considered better than Lin

  285. Lin in

  286. lol lin back… sweet

  287. Lin is in

  288. Ya! Lin is in for 2nd Q as PG.

  289. Hawes went “Hoo Hoo!” and not “Haw Haw!”

  290. Nice Lamb

  291. total confidence in lin from clifford

  292. Lin is really going hard against his man’s shot!

  293. whats up with Roberts playing PG when Lin is on the court?

  294. 33333333

  295. cuz he can’t defend sg

  296. JLin for 333333!!!!

  297. the seal is broken!

  298. WOO!!

  299. i meant on the offensive end

  300. Finally Lin 3!

  301. Where r u watching?

  302. Yaaa, finally one goes down.

  303. There we go.

  304. 3333333333333333333333 JLin

  305. just need to see one go down woo hoo!

  306. looking at the play by play 🙂

  307. Remember when some said Lin should go to Philadelphia ………no just no

  308. Linsanity unleashed?

  309. 8 more to go =)

  310. Hornets better wins or it’ll be so embarrassing. 76rs is bottom pole team.


  312. He doesn’t play SG. But he passes to Lin a lot to create.

  313. It seems you’re more happy today

  314. Oakfor is not as good as I thought… at least so far…

  315. YES. If they want him. They have a great core of bigs and tons of playing time to rack up Linsanity stats every night.

    But they didn’t want him…because they’re tanking. Again.

  316. breaks a string of i think 1 for his last 12 something like that.

  317. Yeah 8 more assists

  318. and free at last lol

  319. He’s great. Just needs a half-decent PG. He and Lin alone would get the 8th seed.

  320. Now I know Lin’s role .. LIN-ERGIZER

    Energize 1st unit, then energize 2nd unit!

  321. i’m still seeing a lot of guys just walking it up the court when Lin is pushing the ball

  322. It’s jjust the beginning. God’s in control of the Hornets.

  323. No, with today’s lineup, Hornets will blow then out!

  324. Lin could make this Sixers team better.

  325. fear the spike

  326. LOL.

  327. yes. respect the hair fear the spike!

  328. “Three at last, Three at last, Thank God almighty we are three at last.”

  329. LOLOLOL Just tired of people talked of his missing 3:-) This showed everyone. hehehehe

  330. how the heck was that a shooting foul on Lin? lmao refs

  331. Roberts is killing the team

  332. Lamb seems lost without Lin PG

  333. still seeing guys playing selfish.. not passing for a better look

  334. dang that was a bad foul

  335. Jeremy the Linergizer bunny? lol

  336. Roberts not playing well on O and D

  337. That was an awesome block (phantom foul) by Lin on Okafor…but dumb. Don’t risk a foul when you got a shot to BEAST.

  338. Take Roberts out, have Lin run the point.

  339. Put Hansbrough in Let Lin play tha PG

  340. Roberts isn’t helping the 2nd team. He should be playing 2, not 1.

  341. So Lin in w 2nd unit still as SG? smh! Not smart move by Cliff. Roberts is not good as PG.

  342. I agree, but he’s too short.

  343. They can’t load up on him when he plays SG. Not a bad idea.

  344. Marvin for 3!

  345. Hawes is getting schooled

  346. on D. I rarely see him jump when he’s on D

  347. Why not put Daniels in? Lin at PG with Lamb and Daniels = wide open floor

  348. Okafor is a very good player

  349. With Lin, Lamb is alive!

  350. Laaaaamb!

  351. Lin’s harrassing Okafor =)

  352. good D

  353. Yes. He warmed up slowly now he’s finding a rhythm.

  354. Not a good shot choice, there. No angle and it got tipped. Love the confidence though.

  355. Always good D from Lin.

  356. Looks like a shot Kobe would take.

  357. He’s helping Kemba and Lin get a rest from bringing it up.

  358. No teammate close by to pass.

  359. I think he wanted to pass but then saw no one so did a Kobe looking shot

  360. I wonder if Jeremy can make the NBA defensive team this season…

  361. Marv looks like a monster against this team.

  362. Good candidate

  363. Al gotta do more to defend his man

  364. who are the voters?

  365. Lin looked tired lol good

  366. Lamb always has a defensive breakdown

  367. Interesting that all starters minus Batum plays + Lamb with 4:15 in Q2
    Now Batum came in for Lin

    I think Clifford wants the starters + Lamb to be Big 6 to develop chemistry

  368. Clifford doing a good job of managing rotations so far, so that the starters don’t burn out.

  369. wish they could get jeremy going more lol

  370. lol Cliff cussing

  371. I would’ve pump-faked and jumped into Stauskas to get FTs. But again, I like the confidence.

  372. at Lamb?

  373. Lots of energy spent on D?

  374. possibly. He did not like the defense, he yelled “Jesus f$$$in christ”

  375. man, Lamb has a basketball IQ of 0

  376. regret taking Lin out

  377. Lin w 2nd unit but it’s not PG… it’s not good.

  378. the strat this game just seems to let al abuse the rookie in the post

  379. Some one messed up. Maybe Al or Lamb. They are usually the ones who mess up defensively

  380. Lamb’s defense placement isn’t good.

  381. Big Al is shooting well right now….but watch him play is like having an eye sore

  382. The second Lin goes to the bench, Nik Stauskas dunk the ball!

  383. Lamb just tried to ISO.

  384. Al isn’t great either.

  385. Lin 15 minutes already in the first half. He’s going to get his exercise tonight, that’s for sure.

  386. 15m in the first half is great. Lin plays best in the 4th anyway. Just hope this isn’t a crazy blowout or else he won’t get to statpad. He deserves it after getting hosed by Clifford last week.

  387. Not him but he breakdown the D

  388. I think they want to see if Roberts can anchor 2nd unit as PG if Lin becomes a permanent starter

    So far, not so good

  389. it’s entertaining hearing Cliff yell at players. Makes it more interesting.

  390. He compensates on O that’s good Lamb


  392. BAtum was open like for 5 seconds =)

  393. Batum is cool with his open 3

  394. who committed the crime?

  395. gawd…sixers suck so bad..

  396. I was afraid Lin did not start the game and the starters already had blowout.

  397. Lambskin Pullover?

  398. You have to be special to be 0-12 lol we as former Laker followers should know.

  399. SEATTLE! <- one of the play names

  400. JLin first half: play 15 min with 5 shots, 7pts (3-5, 1 is 3 pointers), 3R, 2A and +12; Hope Cliff let him play another 15 min on 2nd half.

  401. NONONO

  402. Agree…last year was very frustrated

  403. You too…lol

  404. Lin tired from playing super hard on D. Filling in for MKG?

  405. Made several block attempts…

  406. They need to give AL a break!

  407. wow at least some people here just mentino something that made sense.
    if lin plays more and get all tired, some lin fans will start saying cliff doesn’t know how to manage, ..and then some say he need to play more but he is tired.. and then blame clifford for not manaing rotation well… sigh..it’s like it’s d-mn if you do and d-mn if you don’t.

  408. why? it’s only 17 min

  409. Thats the KW we need.

  410. He’s got 4 blocks along with 18 pts and 7 reb!

  411. 76’ers is a d-league team

  412. Kemba should be SG not Lin.

  413. This comment could be insulting to d-league teams lol.

  414. Kemba is not happy w Lamb…. Kemba is talking to him…

  415. i hope the 1st unit blow out this sorry team in the 3rd and let all the starter rest.

  416. If this continues, JLin may play only around 22 minutes as a starter in this blowout game.

  417. Save for tougher games to come.

  418. Good. Communication.

  419. I apologized…lol

  420. I think about D or whatever….

  421. It is Okey for today – he started and happy, team win.

  422. Lamb needs to know what he did baaaad.

  423. nah i don’t think a blowout game constitutes sitting Lin.

  424. lamb can’t guard anybody im sorry; if you can’t guard sauce castillo you can’t guard anyone.

  425. 0-22 going back to last year.

  426. He’s to short to guard SG. Offensively JLin should be PG and Kemba SG. On defense Lin should guard SG and Kemba the PG.

  427. if they blow them out and Lin gets to rest, that tells me that Lin is an important piece and they need him at crucial moment of the game

  428. This Sixers look really bad in 1st half. Can they come back in 2nd half?? Any indication from past history??

  429. In 2nd Q, coach seemed to try out Lin w starters & Lamb w starters? But I don’t the idea Lin w 2nd still play SG? Roberts is not good. Hawes is not good today bc w/o Lin.

  430. Kemba’s OK at PG, as long as he remembers to share the ball. Lin is doing well at whatever he is. He’s getting touches and moving great without the ball. With Kemba and Batum on the floor, he’ll have less touches and assists, but he’s still contributing well.

  431. Didn’t watch any of their game…

  432. Deserves some stat pad time for those stupid 17m games this season.

    Also, Lin should be in there to organize the bench guys (Roberts, Daniels, Frank, Hansbrough). Let Lamb sit. He’s not a PG, so there’s no need to play him in a blowout.

  433. He got the start and is getting good minutes. Coach Cliff doesn’t have an infinite list of players, he’s trying to make the team fit. Let’s not be greedy.

  434. Maybe Clifford saw the Warriors game last night.

    Small-ball lineup dominated the Clips and their elite frontcourt: Curry / Thompson / Iggy / Barnes / Green

  435. Robert gets to play with 2nd group in games that aren’t close. He needs to because if Lin gets injured he has to be Lin’s backup so he needs real-game experience. Cliff isn’t worried about Lin at point, doesn’t need the practice and he’s comfortable with Lin at point or off the ball.

  436. Hinkie is overated?

  437. Favorite human vice 🙂

  438. He was leaning towards that whenever possible. Sometimes he likes size, but he also likes small ball if the matchups favor it.

  439. Only bright spot for the Sixers is Okafor. Everyone else is D-leaguer.

  440. this is a team built to lose. (hinkie tank philosophy). be very bad so you get lots of draft picks so eventually you will be very good.

    some people apparently still believe this will work.

  441. those are some nice seats

  442. Grant is a good player…need to watch out on that guy

  443. Lamb is getting defensive practice and also more game time with the starters.

  444. sixers are unwatchable team. there’s little to enjoy

  445. I drove down to Philly a couple of times last season to watch their games. They were OK but I do not expect any miracle or inspiring plays from the Sixers at this point.

  446. noel should start. wasn’t he just recently their first found pick

  447. I think we might see Tyler today.

  448. I know. I don’t get how a fanbase can tolerate mediocrity for so long. When do they expect to get good again? 2-3 more years?

  449. Feel sorry for 76rs players playing w/o passion and knowing their org. has no intention to win.

  450. how com cliff won’t let psyco T pnr will lin

  451. They are probably wondering why they are on the 76ers rather than a top 8 team but they need to step it up. I like when underdogs win just not against Lin’s team.

  452. Sixers are watchable or not, doesn’t matter, as long as Lin get some 3s in, I am totally okay!

  453. It seems Cliff finally found his lineup….the question is,what happened when PJ comes back?

  454. is he even good at PnR?

  455. I don’t know if they are even mediocre.

  456. Back to old days I guess…?

  457. come on run more plays for lin clifford

  458. The fact that Lin can be put in so many different lineups and do well for the team shows that Cliff knows Lin is the missing piece to having a really good team.

  459. Sixers head coach sad face.

  460. Watching the Brett Brown interview. SO SAD! He looks deflated, and the reporter’s tone is full of pity.

  461. Is this not GM Hinkie came out from Rox? Since he’s been GM for 76rs, this team has not been in winning mode nor competitive.

  462. wow sixers is like a YMCA team, 1st minute, coach got piss called time-out

  463. at least he gives an actual screen

  464. Nice D on Lin disrupting the passing lane on 2 possessions

  465. When he heard he was going to be a coach he was happy … then they told him to where lolololol 🙁

  466. damn Lin doesnt even get to touch the ball

  467. did Lin even touch the ball the first 2 mins?

  468. That’s what I said it’s bad to play SG next to Kemba.

  469. no

  470. No matter which side JLin is, the ball is playing from the other side. So, he is only in to stretch the floor plus defense.

  471. Since JLin play good D, I wish he has the chance to pad his stats.

  472. gawd…al should have gotten that rebound

  473. It’s the only way he’ll start and get good minutes in this team though.

  474. On the play by play, I see everyone’s name except Jeremy. Mostly walker and Batum. Jeremy not getting any touches?

  475. None at all

  476. I will continue to say it. Kemba is not a PG

  477. this is why i’m against Lin playing SG. they don’t pass it to him

  478. Nope

  479. Just 1 passed. That was it!

  480. One touch and then back to Kemba.

  481. Unwatchable

  482. Batum and Kemba NEVER pass to Lin

  483. ball isn’t moving that well. Lin got the ball once and passed it to someone else

  484. its houston rockets all over again if this keeps up

  485. Hornets got big lead, Kemba and Batum taking turns jacking up shots, no ball movement.

  486. Lin has touched the ball exactly twice in almost 5 minutes

  487. Seem like only 3 players on the first unit in offense: Kemba, Al, Batum. No one else.

  488. Lin barely touching the ball this half. He was open for the fastbreak layup, but Batum was too slow and threw a TO. Then Kemba tried to get him the ball last time but threw a terrible pass, almost a TO.

    Lin better get to stat pad in the 4th, Clifford.

  489. They will against real teams. Weak teams so bad they can force action to weak side. Against real teams Lin be get the ball out of necessity rather than willingness. I am not worried

  490. There was the grand total of ONE pass in 3rd Q.

  491. Batum passes the ball to Lin. The ball has been mostly going through Kemba and he’s turning into bad Kemba this quarter.

  492. Basically, Lin only play on D. Kemba and Batum run O.

  493. First half looked great. Guys getting selfish and sloppy now.

  494. kind of wish Lin was with the Sixers so he could mentor these young kids. Lin likes kids. Give them some hope and joy during the season.

  495. Batum tried to do a skip pass to Lin on the fast break

  496. Kemba is good at play making for himself, not good for others.

  497. LOL

  498. haven’t you been watching any of the games? they simply don’t pass it to him. either cus they don’t want to or they can’t. Lin at the PG gives them an even distribution of touches

  499. WOW JLin good hussle! Jump ball!

  500. Finally: Jump Ball Lin vs Okafor

  501. hammered

  502. Okafor classy picking Lin up after fighting for the ball.

  503. Finally Batum passes to Lin

  504. seriously all the dribbling he does mostly keeps him in one zone. You have to dribble penetrate to break the whole zone defense to make openings for the rest of the team. Lin does that either by sheer will or the help of a screen.

  505. Always good hustle! 🙂

  506. Good Al and Kemba helped JLin up

  507. Looks like Clifford tried to get Lin involved. Handled the ball first and then got the open drive for FTs.

  508. How else is he going to touch the ball.

  509. dangerous move by Jlin

  510. two freebies made!

  511. Lin is dangerous lol

  512. I kinda hope the lead goes to 10-15…Lin can stay and play.

  513. Lin really hustles on those boxouts.

  514. If they can win games with Lin as floor spacer, so be it. Problem is they probably won’t beat good. Teams like this.

  515. Lin has to do a better job staying with good 3 point shooters.

  516. why isn’t anyone switching with Lin on D?

  517. Who is guarding Stauskas?

  518. Dumb 3 by Lin…just drive!

  519. Lol no defense by 76ers

  520. Lin over helping and left his man alone again

  521. lin forced that three. it wasnt an open shot.

  522. Lin
    he is a very good shooter

  523. Not exactly a blowout..

  524. both sides are busying building stats

  525. Lin sits now, that means he goes back in to close the game (if it’s not a blowout). i like the minute distribution. but coach needs to let Lin be the primary or even the secondary ball distributor

  526. Hawes got the ball on his lap on rebound but somehow missed it

  527. I like his confidence though. Just too cocky now with that jumper! Watching too much of his buddy Steph.

  528. lol

  529. Good! Lin would have sat the 4th otherwise.

  530. more like a heat check

  531. wow if we lose lol if we lose

  532. canaan is playing with a lot of heart.

  533. this game getting interesting

  534. Oh-oh. Sixers is getting a momentum. Hornets hasn’t put the game away.

  535. Kemba and Batum this half make Harden look unselfish pg.

  536. 76ers is having a decent comeback in the 3rdQ

  537. TBH I’m happy its not a blow out. now we can play the fourth

  538. Good! Otherwise Lin may have sat out the entire 4th!

    Hornets aren’t going to lose this. But glad that’s it’s not a 30pt blowout.

  539. Won’t happen. Just Let Lin be tony Allen of this team

  540. Honestly the defense look even more like harden

  541. That’s when they abandon team ball.

  542. yes, good point

  543. Exactly. Let Lin come back in and MAKE it a blowout in the 4th.

  544. huh? not a chance

  545. haha u are such a stat padder

  546. It’s not primary or secondary, just not be in the corner so much and running out for his touches. I think Lin was cutting and moving more in the first half but the sets didn’t give him the space in the 3Q.

  547. Exactly, seem like only Lin contested jump shooters.

  548. I hope 76ers win by 5 at end of 3q. Cliff would let lin play PG then.

  549. I like Cliff give Lin the full 2 & 4Q better than today… Lin didn’t get the ball that much… SG?! No ball. smh!

  550. Lin is simply not effective when he is put at the corner and not cutting or play making.

  551. Now, Hornets is giving 76rs motivation to play hard. And the momentum started when KW & NB hogged the ball for too long.

  552. that, or Kemba just isn’t a good distributor. which renders the SG completely useless

  553. Exactly… smh!

  554. NBA works like this for decades.

  555. they’re just really bad at distributing the ball. can’t see open guys on the win

  556. But Kemba was in there in the 1Q when Lin was doing the cuts. He received the ball from Batum and Al I think.

  557. need Mr 4th qtr in the 3rd

  558. Lsat 2 was team movement.

  559. Yep, that’s why I said that Lin should also be taking turn making plays, not just KW and NB.

  560. Well, this proves Lin has to be PG because nobody cares passing ball.

  561. Just goes to show that individual stats doesn’t mean team success.

    90% of fans, media, coaches and players will NEVER understand this.

  562. i hope Clifford sees it to. just can’t understand how Lin has to play SG all the time even on 2nd unit

  563. No way we lose lol

  564. 4Q should start with Lin and MW

  565. im mostly bored as heck watcihng this

  566. Oh the worst lineup with Lin + Brian Roberts. to start the 4Q

  567. Everyone needs to just take easy and open shots.

  568. Brian play PG again??? 0 pt and 1 ast in 7 mins?

  569. at least no walker and batum.

  570. Indecisive on that drive

  571. Pete Guelli ‏@PeteGuelli 14m14 minutes ago
    From tonight’s game. Will need these guys in the 2nd half!

  572. that wasn’t an airball..it hit the side of the basket

  573. How can Lin be a good SG if he doesn’t get to shoot?

  574. Does Hornets want Brian to play more and get discount from Lin later or something? What kind of rotation arrangement is this?

  575. The tank plays pretty good today

  576. lin missed another chance to use his floater. smh

  577. not sure why Lin doesn’t use the floater instead of that reverse junk all the time

  578. 1 more shot at least hoping for 2 more

  579. Hawes is just a statue,need to trade this guy

  580. He shot, two weak attempts at the rim.

  581. Lin not playing any pg even backup pg is always coaching fail.

  582. no confidence with his floater

  583. Lin takes off so early on bot possessions,need to settle down my man.

  584. Lin needs to step it up. He’s the leader out there on the floor right now and he should impose his will on such a weak team. Let’s go Jeremy.

  585. bc he was loooking firs to pass, but when the pass to hawes wasnt open, he switched to shooting a runner jumper. problem is trying to pass first.

  586. sure but gotta start sometime

  587. is he PG?

  588. He’s playing off ball but even off ball he could organize.

  589. there’s usually no one to pass to on this team. just be a shoot first pg on this team cus no Ed Davis type here

  590. U fail to grasp Lin is limited and can only do this as ball dominant pg

  591. Hawes again,I really hate his game

  592. Swrong

  593. It is Cliff’s fault. Brain for PG? Did you notice he never passes ball to Lin?

  594. Roberts is the designated PG so it’s hard to organize it w/o having the ball

  595. man, Hawes driving to the hoop looked like someone just hit the pause button

  596. Man what’s wrong with you guys

  597. hrm?

  598. Ses94 smh

  599. Need to chill out and just watch the game…..it’s not bad at all

  600. insane in the linbrain

  601. NIce block by Lin

  602. Comments are little much tonight….minutes are there some shots ain’t falling it’s all good news to me I

  603. can lin touch the ball lol

  604. Brain for PG? That was how they messed up vs Spurs game?

  605. they still give it to lamb smh

  606. googd block by Lin

  607. Lin not touching the ball anymore. Lamb and Hawes are too selfish. Lucky the Sixers stink.

  608. I think he did,with that blocked….lol

  609. When Lin cannot play backu pg I wonder wth they are doing.

  610. At least Lin staying in, even with Kemba in.

  611. what do u mean it’s not…all Lin does is running straight to the corner and waving his hands.

  612. Help wherever Lin can! Hope Cliff realize that.

  613. LOL. Lin finally touches the ball…Hawes with a pointless foul.

  614. it’s very disorganized, lacking ball movement for sure

  615. Cliff loves to yell at a Lamb

  616. boring game

  617. Whenever Lin gets a possession, someone else does something stupid to sabotage him.

  618. Sixers a sad franchise what happened

  619. all i want is 2 more point lol

  620. Clifford just talked to Lin. must be about the over help on defense leading to his man wide open for a 3. sigh

  621. Lin doesn’t even get the chance to attack lol

  622. too long in the bottom of the tank so they don’t know which way is up

  623. They are trapping so no chance

  624. it was a contested 3

  625. When ever he does, someone ruins it.

  626. I hope he said – you need to demand the ball!!!

  627. Lins defense is highly valued folks

  628. Ya! I want that too.

  629. After Lin played SG, will be talked as good on D but bad on O.

  630. I think he can organize by getting the ball from Roberts and initiating. He seems to be not as involved as he was in the first half for some reason.

  631. best defense is denying the ball. his guy shouldnt even be getting an easy pass to shoot

  632. I think he said,you need to yell at Hawes…lol

  633. Lin has 29 min w/ 6 min left but not many chances to be PG.

    I guess it’s experiment time for Clifford

  634. This was the same reason why I didn’t want Lin to start. I knew he would get his minutes but not the touches

  635. He’s done that way too much this game. If the guy is a strong 3 point shooter he has to stay closer to him.

  636. Lin out
    what a dumb team hope they lose

  637. Lin out of the game. knew it. his over helping on defense killed him

  638. Nope this is all on clifford

  639. Another experiment for pg duties

  640. Lin is too nice to his unproductive teammates . He needs to be MEAN!

  641. Lin rested at 5:56.
    Will he come back later?

  642. Lin is sitting. I hope he gets back in to get to double figures.

  643. Yeah but better than backup sg lol! They don’t want him to play pg, even backup pg. I really don’t get it. Seems obvious to win games.

  644. No helping you guys on this board….jlin played the gameplan….will be back in to replace lamb

  645. Asian tony Allen !

  646. I think so too.. Lin should be back with 2-3 min left

  647. Kidding aside,this had been a big problem since he was in Houston,didn’t learn his lesson yet.

  648. it was always been experiment time with the sixers from the start.
    he was experimenting with lin starting..and experiment how the small lineup interact..

    Any sign of losing or trouble, he will go back to the same lineup he had.

  649. i dont know what u are in a tizzy about.

  650. no chance he’s coming back

  651. I guess Lin only got to start today cause of Zeller. Once Zeller is back Lin will be in 2nd unit again.

  652. Really, he was fine with the starting group in the 1Q. Don’t know what happened in the 2nd half.

  653. Depends. I guess

  654. Exactly. Lin followed what the coach wanted him to do.

  655. Long day at work lol

  656. It is LIn’s problem and it was a problem back in NY. Frazier would say Lin has to stick with his man.

  657. Exactly

  658. Lin was great the first half.

    Lin got sabotaged by his teammates in the 2nd half.

    Lin will always take the fall if his team plays bad.

  659. Wrong

  660. i know how that goes.

  661. Al is the only capable post player in the game!

  662. Yep, sounds like it from Hornets’ announcers. That’s it for Lin tonight. Unless, they lose the lead and the game is in danger.

  663. once it’s 20 lead gain, in 3 minutes.. he will not be back dude.

  664. no it wasn’t. nothing Killed him

  665. unless cliff is experimenting with something again.

  666. I don’t want to blame his teammates. I’m not sure what happened in the 2nd half.

  667. i hope the roberts experiment never happens again.

  668. At least Lin is getting minutes now. Hopefully, the 17m games are over unless there’s major foul trouble.

    The team may have learned a lesson in this second half. DON’T BE SELFISH KEMBA, NIC AND LAMB.

  669. The second unit hopeless without a leader

  670. he was playing something else.
    his shooting stinks now.. what happen.

  671. In NY,it wasn’t that much since he got someone to cover him

  672. lin and robert don’t work

  673. This is definitely a game about experiments on line-up.

  674. at least Lin got 0 TOs in 29 mins

  675. I don’t like the game he played as SG today. It’s no fun to watch & he didn’t get to play his game at all. smh!

  676. he just needs to be asserted and demand the ball from roberts

  677. would rather Lin touch the ball for 20 mins then 30mins with no touch

  678. Neither do I. But that’s what happened. Basketball is a 5-man game.

  679. exactly why I didn’t want lin to start

  680. When he did, Hawes committed an offensive foul or Kemba or Nic turned it over on a pass.

  681. I thought they will let him be PG w 2nd unit… but NO… smh!

  682. Nah. This is better. Today was weird because of the early HUGE lead. Guys got selfish trying to statpad.

  683. So what? Curry had 7 TO last night.

  684. Wrong? He was cutting under the basket in the 1st half with that group and had 2 assists. He wasn’t just standing around, he was involved in the offense.

  685. but 15 of those 29 minutes were wasted at the corner without touching the ball

  686. i dont really care about turnovers. only doubters are obsessed about that.

  687. Plays are by design,he’s the 4th option when he’s starting but he needs to look for spot and move w/o the ball.

  688. Coach clueless using Lin at SG and zero pg. Or bad politics. Guess he knows Lin’s game way 2 well so Lin stands in corner. Really away from ball

  689. he never got to play the PG no matter what. at least he get more minutes when he start. look, 29 minutes already and even more if he didn’t keep messing up with the overhelp

  690. There are so many experiments on lineup in this game.
    Mostly on starters +/- Lamb
    Then 2nd unit with Roberts as PG

  691. me too!
    and khuang.
    and who else?

  692. But he wasn’t going to meet the ball like he was in the first half. How could we know why? He was part of the 5 man in the first half so we aren’t sure what happened in the 2nd half.

  693. pretty sure those were by design too

  694. cliff likes to go to al to burn clock and guarantee a shot at the end of the 24 secs

  695. today is experiment day.. he will never do this with gsw or heat, or spurs.

  696. I care when he’s having 0 or 1 TO games. Very nice sign that he’s “in control” even if he’s not getting touches. In past years, he would have 3-4 TOs during a game like this.

  697. What about Lin? W any unit?

  698. this is weird….a blowout and starters are still in the game.

  699. the problem with this team is they’re so use to playing half court offense. so they never push the ball up the court, they’re always walking it up even when Lin is trying to push it. it can’t be fixed because the three top guys are all doing it

  700. The coaching staff want to compare the impact of lin vs lamb in the starting unit.

  701. so lin wont close game

  702. JLin tasks for this game were: stretch the floor and defense; nothing else.

  703. I mean, it’s a blowout.

  704. T Hans

  705. other starters are out there

  706. That’s for sure. Linsanity there is no substitute.

  707. Nothing wrong with his role…just individuals ruining the game plan because the huge lead.

    Team play in the first half — selfish play in the 2nd. Lin doesn’t do well with selfish dumb teammates.

  708. He needs to fix that attitude where he over help so much.This is the NBA,when you leave your man ,you will look so bad at the defensive end if the shot goes in.

  709. Every time Hornets scored over 100, they won all of the games.

  710. 2 more points

  711. this is like watching harden in blowouts pad stats. yawn.

  712. Cliff doing that Roberts experiment at JLin’s expense.

  713. I think Cliff try out Lamb w starters…

  714. Clifford is not dumb. He wanted see if Roberts could lead the bench if he put lin in the starting unit. It failed miserably. He knows he can’t start lamb because doesn’t even know where he is suppose to be at times.So Hairston and Zeller out, who you got left, lin.It is what it is. Lin will be back with the bench the next game.

  715. Hansbrough, Daniels Harrison came in. Kemba would leave but he’s shooting FTs.

  716. Lin as SG in both units have mixed results.
    Lin wasn’t as active as expected w/ 1st unit but did ok to cut to the rim.
    But he let Stauskas drained too many 3s on him

    On 2nd unit, it’s worse since he couldn’t make an impact by not being the PG.

  717. From the fans on Realgm/Hornets, you can find they like Lin. But a lot of discussions about how to keep Lin in Hornets as low price backup after this season. Basically it is to limit his role and time.

  718. agree.

  719. nah, Roberts has always handled the ball with Lin on the court in the past. nothing has changed

  720. true, 2nd unit did not look good without Lin. Even with batum and lamb they looked confused.

  721. Kemba wants to take highest team scorer back from Batum.

  722. This game was perfect for experimentation.

  723. I really don’t think so.

  724. Don’t think Lin likes to be starting SG either. No ball just stand in 3P line… corner. smh!

  725. why low price!!! they lin him, then give him optimal price!

  726. Ya! Bc vs 76.

  727. its true, this is why Roberts will not get any time unless someone is injured.

  728. T on that PnR

  729. Fans have no say on that. Lin is definitely leaving if he gets a better offer elsewhere.

  730. it is for experimentation
    starting lin was an experiment against this low team

  731. stupid game
    Lin needs to get out of there next year

  732. they want to pay max for Batum.

  733. They sure didn’t read NY Post after vs NYK game. Lin even turned down GSW back up why he needs to stay Hornets as back up? No way.

  734. Esp this is a blow out game in some way. So, Cliff can play different lineups to see what’s working and not. Good time to so some experiments in a sense.

  735. i think Lin started because PJ is out and Lamb is just an awful defender

  736. Cliff has to realize Lin is a PG>SG. He can play Lin as SG when you already got a PG, but he should play Lin as PG when his main PG is not on the court to get the most out of Lin.

  737. at least cliff doesn’t put lin in during garbage time like how mchale did during his 2nd year!

  738. Besides the block, I didn’t love Lin’s defense today. If he’s playing the Spurs or Clippers and he does this roaming away from the 3 point shooter then he’ll play terrible defense and give up a lot of open 3s.

  739. He will not stay at least for now I don’t think so.

  740. too bad.. no lin.

  741. I guess letting Stauskas making 3s too many times weren’t good

    But then again it was about testing different lineup.
    I don’t like Lin starting with starters since he is not allowed to be PG in the 2nd unit

  742. His tasks for this game are: stretch the floor and defense. He had to do what Cliffs asked him to do.

  743. Go ahead. It’s MJ money. LOL!

  744. I would love to see him again in NY,I hope Dolan will do that for the sake of basketball

  745. Cliff isn’t the type to mess around with lineups and experimenting. he likes to keep the lineups the same. Lin started because PJ was out. simple as that

  746. This game felt like an exhibition, not an NBA game

  747. dolan? you telling me that with a straight face?

  748. Lin started because BOTH PJ and Cody are out, and Batum slipped from SG back to SF.

  749. i was bored as heck. im sorry, cant help saying that.

  750. I know people are annoyed, but when you play the Sixers, this stuff happens. Game gets out of hand early, gets messy. You stumble to a win.

    Lin did great when the ball was moving. When Kemba, Hawes and Lamb got selfish, things started going downhill for everyone. I’m just glad Lin got 29m and a start — he looked GOOD starting the game. That’s important.

  751. Just for the sake of china money! Lin seems to be on good terms with melo now
    Just keep feeding melo and Pozingis
    Look for his too

  752. Yeah why not

  753. ha ha…you are spot on

  754. I don’t like it. Lin should be PG not SG in for D?!

  755. pretty much

  756. 50% BROB will take last shot to stat pad

  757. KW and Brian Roberts are small PGs. Lin is the best pg and bigger than them, but has to play sg instead.

  758. and even if lin does well here, it doesn’t mean much other than pad stats average up because it’s sixers.

  759. yet he didn’t do that well!!!!

  760. guess he didnt

  761. Cliff really gives Hansbrough too few chances. Wonder why.

  762. I rather LIn plays Mike Conley than the Toney Allen on the Grizzlier…

  763. Perhaps it’s better. The 2nd unit with Roberts as PG was horrible.
    The ball wasn’t moving much

  764. Lin as the sg have to be more aggressive. When Lamb gets three plays in a row you know something is wrong.

  765. Dolan. That’s why.

  766. i want to see Hans over Hawes

  767. tanking is one of the biggest problem in NBA..

  768. yeah, really not quite happy with what i saw…oh well, maybe Lin is happy, who are we to say?

  769. Cliff needs to know if JLin is playing 2 as starter, whether Roberts can do the pg task. Kemba isn’t very good at playing in 2nd unit.

  770. it’s depressing for teams to play against the Sixers. i’d hate to be the team to lose to them

  771. I want Lin to have a break out year but games like this where he can blow up but don’t will lower his average. Its frustrating.

  772. i didnt realize how bad they were until today. they werent so awful last year.

  773. W/O Lin, Hawes played bad. Lamb was so so too. Even he tried to ISO…

  774. True but this is basketball,let bygones be bygones

  775. Really dislike Roberts game. No flow, no movement, he’s looking for his own shot all the time

  776. Dolan and basketball shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.

  777. I think Clifford will let JLin lead the 2nd unit since the Roberts-led bench was too chaotic & lacking ball-movement.

    It’s better that way since JLin can be aggressive as the PG & hot enough to finish with starters

  778. Whenever Lin starts, good things happen “blow out wins”

  779. Hawes is looking more and more like Sacre.

  780. My highlight for tonight’s game is seeing Tyler Hansborough on court making a 3.

  781. oh well im not a rational fan lol
    I want Lin to shine

  782. So so game for Lin. Very promising beginning but he didn’t do much in the 2nd half besides the nice block and he really has to just plain stop leaving a good 3 point shooter open so much.

  783. I know. Really don’t like this team. Changed the game plan almost every other game…. smh! Damn it.

  784. it’s only temporary cus PJ is out today. and as i’ve been saying, Roberts have always played the PG. no experiment

  785. Philly is sick and tired of losing. Cliff needed someone who hates to lose as well to match their intensity. That someone is Lin. Better then liking to win is hating to lose. Go Lin. Go Hornets.

  786. We were as naive as Lin was…so a hefty discount doesn’t guarantee a significant role that realises Lin’s true potential…smh

  787. I think Cliff let Roberts lead them because he needs real-game practice doing it.

  788. All i wanted was 4 more points but it looked like lin took his foot off the gas pedal.

  789. Cliff mus be tired to hear people say BENCH FORCE ONE. So he killed it today by taking Lin away from the bench!

  790. lin would benefit a lot from playing with a 3&D wing, instead he plays with lamb who is a great shooter but also absorbs the ball a lot. or roberts who can’t run offense but has the ball and does little out there. lin would benefit from a big who could dive but instead has hawes. this roster really doesnt bring out lin’s skill set.

  791. We have to wait for another experiment.30 games.

  792. Lamb was OK beyond the ISO stuff which wasn’t that much. Hawes was his usual. Lamb and Hawes are better with Lin running the point. Much better.

  793. MKG, Shumpert, Iguadala etc

  794. yep, no PnR partner.

  795. a true fan wants Lin to shine.

  796. Shumpert and Tyson was perfect with Lin. and so was Ed Davis and Ellington

  797. We all want Lin to have a break out year but honestly does he?? Lamb is locked up for 3 years and he shoots every time he can.

  798. The thing is lin is a very good defensive player and he sees the floor very well and when he sees wholes in the defense he tries to plug them up. I am sure Clifford will sit down with him and watch how he can do it better

  799. I just wish he’d score as few as possible single digit games. 9 points in 29 minutes brings down his PER. And he doesn’t really have a lot of assists either. He’s a complementary player the more he plays with Kemba and Batum and he’ll play with them quite a lot. On the plus side, he looks happier than with his old teams.

  800. Lin only had 9 points this game why so little when he played 27 minutes?

  801. not with doughboy.

    big business people also have big egos. he is the one who let lin go away and fans blame him.. phil rejected him. do you think they will actually say ok.. we made a mistake.blah. No, I work with big business people myself and they have big egos (look at cuban and those shark tanks if you don’t work with big business people.. you will know what I mean). They have big egos and careless if they missed out on ‘lin’s’ china deals UNLESS they really want to work with china and china say we need lin on your teams first. That will be lin’s only leverage against these big biz boys.

    Also they now have porcingis whom phil chose. They will stick with him because phil is making a statement he is smart to choose him when others say he is cr-ap… If procingis st-nks.. phil will try to make it work for him so he looks somewhat good.

  802. Trading open 3’s for 2’s is not good math. This has been going on from the beginning of the season, so I’m thinking it’s the coach’s plan to have him clog the paint.

  803. he played 29 minutes. lol

  804. Roberts kinda failed at this job with 2pt/3a in 13 min

    I just don’t like seeing JLin losing his aggressiveness by not having the ball.
    Not good for him & the team

  805. Second haif he became passive . Let Hawes, Roberts, and Lamb lead the unit

  806. He held down Staukes (sp?) well in the first half but if he sees a 3 point shooter getting hot, he has to guard against it as a perimeter defender and only help if he is under the basket on a shooter as he was when he blocked that shot.

  807. Well, not a Linsanity game but a good game for Hornets. But then again, it’s unrealistic to expect Linsanity when Lin is not given the main role. Remember Linsanity happened only because all the star players were unavailable.

  808. Bench him for Hansbrough. See what happens.

  809. his 2nd unit teammates are either trash, or ball-dominant one-way players like lamb.

  810. not many touches nor pg duty.

  811. I look at kemba and he takes the ball and says I’m going to take the shot. For Lin he just doesn’t do it. Be selfish some times

  812. I got that,but as a fan…you still wanna see it where it started and how would be drama unfold.

  813. I don’t think it is the coach’s plan for Lin to leave a hot 3 point shooter open. Cliff is too smart for that. And Lin has done this with every team he has been on. I think this is just a bad habit that Lin does and I’m still waiting for him to stay with the 3 point shooter better than he has.

  814. yes I do.. but realistic, the will only happen if the whole knicks owner staff is wiped out and completely replaced.

  815. This game is definitely a testing lab; we can’t make out much since 76ers can’t push Hornets much

    Have to wait for another game; maybe few games w/ JLin as an SG
    I just want to see Lin getting a chance to be aggressive

  816. He was playing Linsanity-level…until the 2nd half. Ball movement (and off-ball movement) stopped completely.

  817. i like lin at SG role if the ball gets to him, but it hasnt this game and he doesnt get to run the offense.

    next game, it will be back to lin and lamb at backcourt.

  818. I know right.. it’s like inverse relationship
    more point in less minutes
    less points in more minutes

  819. LOL…Ok I got it….

  820. He’s Lin’s backup. If Lin can’t play a game or a few games, he has to run the 2nd unit at least some of the time. He played well with Lin in the pre-season but not in regular season when he’s been in.

  821. 2nd half, the ball stopped moving. Kemba, Hawes, Batum, Lamb wanted their stats.

    1st half was great: 3-5FG, 7p, 2a, 3r. That’s how the got the huge lead!

  822. thank you.

  823. From comments looks like Lin got to start finally but didn’t get to play as PG nor get as many touches due to selfish teammates again. Lin’s finally getting a chance to prove he’s a starter but when his teammates are selfish he needs to look out for himself as well and take more shots!

  824. i’m pretty sure if lin get’s kembas same minutes and duty as pg as franchise player.. he will be just as good as kemba or maybe better.

  825. Lin should be the one handling the ball with starters then the ball would move more!

  826. Hawes eats a lot of space for LIn,even in receiving end to make a play or driving the lane.THis guy needs to go.

  827. that’s a fantasy. they are wedded to kemba.

  828. Not selfish, but more decisive. I’ve said before Lin defers when he plays with stars or other ball handlers and people don’t like it. Well, look at him. He does.

  829. I don’t want Lin to start. He becomes passive when he doesn’t have the ball. The cutting he did first haif stopped 2nd haif. I want 13 ppg this year thats all. On the Bench 13 plus ppg is more likelier then this. He gets lost in the team. Even the bench he gets lost with Brian Roberts going to the other side of the court overtime. Once Lamb touched the ball i knew he would shoot it.

  830. The Hornet fans seem to like the bench more.LOL

  831. I don’t want him to start on this team.

  832. They gave it to him once out of a time out. He dribbled it up the court under some pressure and then passed it to Kemba.

  833. that’s true, Roberts needed PT as a backup PG
    But to me, he’s a good shooter but can’t organize offense so he’s very limited in his potential.

    In meaningful games, I don’t think Clifford will rely on him much to spark the bench.
    But it’s okay. This game is only an experiment

  834. But I still wanna see him to go back in NY so don’t get me wrong,you have your ownopinion and I got mine.

  835. Because Kemba gets the ball and 34mpg. Lin didn’t even have an opportunity to touch it.

    And when he did, Batum, Hawes and Kemba turned it over. It was almost funny.

    “LIN finally touches it!” [Hawes commits offensive foul 20 ft away).
    “LIN is open for the layup!” Batum throws it away horribly.
    “Kemba passing to Lin for the PnR!” Kemba throws it away.

  836. I didn’t either but look at all the posters here that do. I want him to be a Ginobili type, play his significant minutes and then play with the starters as well. He can play 28 plus minutes and do well with guys that don’t handle the ball as much and then in the 4th, he thinks less and is more apt to make plays when needed when closing.

  837. so, king’s game on monday. that’s a long wait.

  838. one thing i appreciate about Kobe from last year was how he said Lin has to piss on the fire hydrant. it’s so true. Lin doesn’t like to step on anyone’s toes. but he really has to if he wants to gain some respect. as a point guard, no one is out letting the ball to him. and as a shooting guard, no one is passing it to him. but look at the last game against the Nets. Lin started off very aggressive and even Batum’s first instinct was to give Lin the ball every time. unfortunately, Lin’s shot wasn’t falling and the ref was against him. he needs to bring the aggressiveness every game

  839. exactly. He looked passive. I wish Lin stat paid a little more

  840. He needs to start. Lamb and Hawes will hog anyways. At least this way, he got 29m even in a blowout win.

    Can’t judge from this game. Even if Lin had beasted (like he did in the blowout CHI win), it wouldn’t mean anything. Did that game change anything? Nope. It was 10-20 games of winning ball to see any difference.

    People forget how good the first half was. It was the 2nd half where he got the FREEZE OUT.

  841. He stayed in the corner and didn’t go to the ball. And he also did that even with Lamb in the game and it looked like had Lamb facilitate. I think some of this is on Lin, not his team mates. In the first half, he moved and cut like crazy. In the second half he stopped doing that. You’re not going to get the ball if you don’t move around and he isn’t shooting the 3 well enough so that the ball should come to him for open 3s.

  842. He got 29 minutes this game. I agree his teammates are sometimes selfish but he needs to find a way to play better.

    They won tonight and everybody’s tearing their hair out. Honestly, this is the best fit team for Lin in 4 years. He needs to make it work and that’s not all on his teammates or his coach.

  843. I don’t like it when the chef is sent to do the dishes, and then gets blamed for not cooking well.

  844. Kemba is a better self-playmaker but JLin is a better team-playmaker =)

    Hornets will definitely win more with JLin as a starting PG but Kemba is the chosen Air Jordan signee with $12M investment for 4 years. So we’ll have to wait and see how the season unfolds more

  845. lol

  846. good analogy.

  847. he’s not getting the ball on the 2nd unit either. but he gets more minutes and can close games if the starts. just needs to be more aggressive

  848. Everyone is forgetting how good the first half was. Lin looked great and produced great.

    It was the 2nd half that was ugly for Lin and CHA. Ballhogging because of the big lead and easy win.

  849. Everybody calm down. This was Clifford’s little experiment tonight. Lin will get his points back up. The good thing is Charlotte is still a .500 team. The game was boring as heck. On to the next game.

  850. We Lin fans are really hard to pleased…LOL

  851. so, tonight lin got to be tony allen. just spend energy on D and get the leftovers on offense.

  852. You have to maintain spacing. There’s nothing worse than guys leaving their spot to ruin the play.

    Guys have to pass the ball. Why is this so hard to understand? I give up. If people don’t understand passing and dribbling, then I’m out.

  853. wait an see approach. i got you

  854. Whatever he did in the end of the Nets game with Batum and earlier in the game playing off of Al and Batum, he needs to do. I think Lin has tendencies where he just let’s others play and takes himself out of the game. I don’t think it is his team mates doing that to him.

    I don’t like when he doesn’t close but he didn’t need to tonight. Meh game. I want him to electrify the home crowd and against a team he usually dominates, he was meh.

  855. The ONE game I get to watch on weekend morning and I get the Harden / Ryan Kelly show. Blah!

  856. and the busboys are preparing your salad

  857. LOL

  858. Any chance Hans getting more play time ?

  859. you’re good at drawing analogy.

  860. it would be awesome for lin

  861. we fans want fast pace offense unfortunately cliffwant more controlled offense

  862. yeah, there’s nothing much to conclude from this game.

    76ers didn’t even test Hornets hard enough to push them if any lineups are effective.
    Hornets need tougher team to test them.

  863. Pretty much. People know that I’m one of the angriest fans here. But one game sample size (first start ever in CHA and an early blowout) is just not worth panicking about!

  864. Do you think those were 29 quality minutes? His 29 minutes were a lot better in the previous game, don’t you think. And he closed the previous game.

  865. 15m of quality. 14m of not quality. Just like I said. The 14 happened in a blowout easy win.

  866. lin’s stroke looked better this game.

  867. it’s impossible cus Kemba and Big Al are never pushing the ball up the court. they’re not use to it

  868. That PnR bet him and Roberts were pretty

  869. no, its bc cliff wants everyone hanging back there to get the defensive rebound first. its one of his key principles.

  870. I also don’t want Lin to start if that means he can’t play PG in the 2nd unit.
    It’s still possible that JLin can be SG in the 1st unit but PG in the 2nd unit in next few games.

  871. that too

  872. That’s not efficient. 15 min of quality he makes an impact. 14 minutes he’s just on the court, he’s kind of just there. And he had some defensive lapses too. He just needs to defend on the perimeter and force guys to miss shots. When he’s tight on them, he usually forces them into bad shots.

  873. I agree. And I will be put in the Lin haters club now which is absolutely untrue but I agree.

    Maybe Lin was sticking to the game plan, I don’t know but if he, or anyone on this board, thinks he’s going to have better chances than this, I think you will all be vastly disappointed. Jeremy needs to make something of this year by hook or by crook and so far he’s been ok. But not startlingly good.

  874. yes, his first 3 looked like the preseason form w/ lower release point

  875. They never play in the west con where top players play…so they are feeling comfort too much

  876. those shots looked good before they even came down.

  877. If he plays like he did in the first few minutes, great. I have no idea what changed in the 2nd half. My guess is because they were up so much that guys didn’t look for each other as much as they did in the first half. From that point on, Lin seemed out of sync offensively.

  878. Lin play Sg well just plays PG much better but as ZWCVB said its only a one game sample

  879. Well, obviously it’s not efficient. But in case you didn’t notice, it was an easy blowout laugher win in the 2nd half. Even with that late run, the game was never in doubt.

    If this happened in a close game, then I would be mad. But a Sixers 20pt win. YAWN.

  880. Player perform better when their nature skill sets fit in well with a team. Or couch willing to design some plays for you to shine; unfortunately Hornets only want his D, don’t care his stats because Jlin is not their franchise players yet (neither get nor sign a decent long contract; brought in to take whatever left on the table). Too bad, he did get some min, but team just want him to play the hard labor D. It is sad, but I agreed with Jlin, do the part which you can control, play hard, contribute to whatever you can do when your number is called. Pray he stay healthy and enjoy when he play! Go Jlin,GO!

  881. so cousins got suspended. will he be playing on monday?

  882. It was a yawn game. Still, want to see good ball movement and Lin involved in that first unit because that’s the important closing unit that he is in most games, part of. Also, it would be good to build on the chemistry with Batum of the Nets game. It wasn’t as much in this game.

  883. In this game, Lin did quite good as SG w/ 1st unit but under-utilized as SG w/ 2nd unit.

    I expect Clifford will further experiment with Lin as SG w/ starters but PG w/ the 2nd unit to gauge the bench’s effectiveness

  884. I think Lin is stuck with him for awhile.

  885. Yeah, I agree. I obviously wanted Lin to statpad against a weak team, but I’m not gonna blame him when he’s playing off-ball and guys aren’t passing to him.

    And to be fair, unless you’re the Warriors or Spurs, no team is going to share in a blowout win. Lin is unfortunately pretty unique in that he’s a team player no matter what. Even when he’s beasting, he’ll let someone else take the big shot.

  886. when lin guards taller SGs like tonight, closing out on them is not going to affect their shot much. like tonight, made the shots while lin contested. he needs to deny them the ball instead of sagging off them then closing out on them later.

  887. First half was different than second half. Lin made a lot of good plays and cut to the basket for easy shots in the first half with the starters and had 2 nice assists. In the second half, in my opinion, they were up a lot and the starters played more one on one and at the same time, Lin stayed more in the corner and didn’t move off the ball as much. When playing with the 2nd half, Roberts was PG and wasn’t good and Lin still didn’t touch the ball that much. When he did, he had 2 missed drives and a missed 3.

  888. I know that’s the sad part

  889. well on to next game

  890. Crazy thing, Lin would be much better with Hansbrough.

  891. Hornets only wants his D Lmao

  892. I can’t understand why Cliff hasn’t tried that combo yet,they have a good chemistry on practice before the pr-season started

  893. i was perfectly calm, just totally bored.

  894. Batum kind of tried but he looked more inside to the big men. Batum didn’t play great either, hit a few 3s to have decent scoring. Kemba doesn’t mean to freeze his team mates out and once in a while makes a nice pass. But he’s a one-on-one player and that’s how he’s used to playing. He still has a long way to go in learning how to play well with Lin.

  895. Lin was playing like in practice.

  896. that’s definitely needed especially if they get hot making 3s.
    I’d rather Lin stop overhelping inside once his man made the 1st or 2nd threes.
    Otherwise it looks bad on him.

  897. I think he’ll get into a hot stretch. He seems to be still feeling his way through. Maybe next month for at least a few games. Still hoping on this home stand he has 2 or 3 big games.

  898. Yup.

  899. That’s a usual occurrence. The guy is a head case. We’ll see if he plays Monday.

  900. rockets down by 9 pts in the 3rd quarter

  901. It’s still 3 days before the next game vs Rondo and the Kings.
    Bad for us but good for JLin to give more time to practice his shooting

  902. Above .500 team. It’s been a long time since that’s happened. The announcers made a note of that in the game.

  903. now 11 in the fourth

  904. Weekend is only time I can watch a whole game *sigh*

  905. Then he has to alternate at that spot. In fact, it should go more to Lamb for catch and shoot 3s. Lin is being wasted not touching the ball and getting guys good shots off his dribble penetration.

  906. only 1 game suspension so he sat out yesterday’s game vs Heat.

    He should play tomorrow vs Magic then Monday vs Hornets

  907. Something just looked off the 2nd haif. Lin likes to play with a rhythm. Its up to Cliff to get the right units out there. Brian roberts with Lin is not good. Kemba got a bit selfish 2nd haif. Lamb as well. Something is still off with some line ups. Its up to cliff to fix that. if Lamb and Lin back court line up started i think Lin would go off nightly. But the other units are on/off. Datum and Lin are also a good line up. So is Lin, Kemba, and Kemanski. If we see Brian robert I’m going guess lin is iced out or don’t play well.They just don’t fit. Kemba and Lin are on/off. Mostly because of Kemba’s Pg skills are not good. Still the season look good. Like Cliff said in 20 games this experimenting with lineups thing will stop. We will only see lineups that work. till then we will have jekyll and hyde nights like this

  908. Yes, that’s why Cliff had him in this game. A blowout against a weak team.

  909. rockets have 20 turnovers already. lol

  910. ok thanks.
    thats not good for team wins but will make the game more fun to watch.

  911. Notice the first unit, no offensive strategies. players just shooting the ball. The second unit, ball moving everybody getting touches, watching them is fun and the fans love it, that’s all lin. I think the hornet fans are tired of kema/al iso playing. The only players that Charlotte media and fans are talking about are Batum, Lin and Lamb, Also Lin is the leader on that bench. Fans stressing about lin’s play tonight, and lin is probably somewhere chilling.

  912. Lin is just practicing his defense and rebound, no biggie

  913. who are they playing?

  914. grizzilies.

    grizz have 24 team assists. rockets have only 14. tells you everything.

  915. Lynn McHale must be ecstatic shouting at her TV, “Yesssss! KardashianCurse”

    Harden with 5 TOs

  916. LOLOL I gave up on people thought they knew more about JLin how to play games. Guess what JLin said about games has gone off their mind. Let me repost this:

  917. Let me remind everyone here with this:

  918. we have Rox vs Knicks tomorrow but that’s not as Linteresting for sure =)

  919. yup, a win is a win

  920. anyone watching this rockets game? its a gem.

  921. Nop but look at the score now:-)

  922. let me watch some entertainment =)
    Harden with 6 TOs now losing 74-87 to Grizz with 6 min left

  923. We all wanted Lin to pad his stats against the lowly Sixers. I guess Kemba had the same idea.

  924. kemba didnt play any different than the usual

  925. Don’t laugh, the Hornets had only 13 recently when they lost to the Knicks. Bench had eight of them.

  926. one good note cliff rarely telling Lin what to do on defense. He is usually screaming at Lamb. Its odd to say but Lin defense may justify him starting anywhere. His defense is really good this year. I have to give Cliff some credit. Lin and Cliff talk a lot. It may not seem like something now but Lets say 20 games from now it could be something special . Cliff is clearly the best defensive coach Lin has had. The offense is still being figured out so I’m going to be patient.

  927. WOW 93 grizzles vs 75 Rox with 5:15 left. Just read the score; not watching the game.

  928. someone just passed the ball to howard but he wasnt looking so it just bounced off his shoulders. wow this game is pure gold.

  929. Yeah you are right. He was just a bit more effective against the weak Sixers defence.

  930. Lin could be all defensive player if he keeps going.

  931. he would never get the votes despite his merits.

  932. How do they determine that? is it based on stats??? if not i doubt it.

  933. coaches and journalists vote. reputation precedes merit.

  934. That would be difficult. There was a lot of hooha last year at CHA when MKG didn’t get it.

  935. ohh forget it then

  936. That would help dismiss Rox toxic lies.

  937. I do think Lamb got more run this game because of the blow out. Cliff really don’t like his defense

  938. That’s how Beverly was 3rd team all defensive player if I recall correctly.

  939. They just sat Harden? What’s going on?

  940. he came back

  941. Rox waived the white flag w/ 2.5 min left 81-95 emptying the bench

    Harden 1-7 from 3s, plus 6 TOs
    His 3 looked shaky; he hasn’t practiced much I think

  942. nope

  943. Oh ok. Just box score watching.

  944. they gave up

  945. chocolate shoulders, baby!

  946. he didn’t

  947. yup, trailing 14pt w/ 2.5 min
    Very surprising how soon they gave up

  948. Lawson only got 16 minutes. Did Lin ever get this treatment

  949. Not tonight apparently

  950. He didn’t seem to be playing that badly either. One of his better games imo, which says quite a lot about Lawson this year.

  951. wow, JLin’s block was more impressive in slow-mo
    I thought he had a tip but it was a well-timed swat!

  952. -16 though

  953. I recall rondo bested lin during Linsanity. Lin better get ready this weekend. Rondo is playing well.

  954. Lin is Kemba AND Batum’s backup. Roberts has to backup Lin if Lin can’t play games. But that’s pretty much the only way he’ll lead the bench if Lin starts in games against competitive teams. Lin has to lead the bench. And help Lamb play better. Lamb with others isn’t anywhere near as good as Lamb with Lin.

  955. Hahaha, OKC dropped by Knicks. Chucking hero-ball loses!

  956. But he still did it. It’s an old habit.

  957. Lin won’t be guarding Rondo much. Kemba will.

  958. We kind of need them to lose.

  959. Just saw Spurs lost to Pelicans, bottom Western Conference team. It’s their 2nd win. Let’s see if Warriors retains their winning streak vs. Bulls tonight.

  960. A problem with Roberts is he doesn’t play much. So when he gets the ball he wants to do more with it than make good basketball plays as a PG. And he doesn’t even really execute those from what I’ve seen of him.

  961. GSW needs to keeping winning until dropped by Lin-led Hornets. This is the kind of headline needed to reignite Linsanity.

  962. Yep.

  963. Good Lin reports from AtTheHive Game Summary:

    With Cody Zeller and P.J. Hairston out, Jeremy Lin got his first start of the season. He would score eight points in the first half, and finish with 9. Lin would be the first starter subbed in both halves, but only so he could rest and run minutes at the point guard with the 2nd unit. He didn’t shoot that well from the field, going just 3-8, but created a number of plays, including one in the first half when managed to draw three Sixers’ players away from their defenders by dribbling around them, and then finding Jefferson for a wide open jumpshot.


  964. Am surprise to see Mav is doing well, 8-4. Wonder why??? Seem like Rox is out of playoffs unless they play better from now on.

  965. Just because Mav has a good coach

  966. Because Parson’s not playing. LOL

  967. Yep. Mavs is adding more pressure on Rox to win now.

  968. Jeremy’s prayer request 13
    First is a praise to God for softening my prideful heart to have recently found supernatural peace and rest, regardless of my circumstances. As I start my 6th year in the NBA, I’d say I’ve enjoyed the first couple months of this season more than any other season, mainly because God is showing me more and more the intricacies of understanding that my identity as a person isn’t in my job or performance, but in Him.

    Please pray that I would stay in this state of mind. As a very emotional person, I know it can be a quick change from being in a great place mentally/spiritually to worrying and being anxious about my life and future.

    Prayer that I would strengthen my prayer life. God has been tugging at my heart telling me that I am not the center of the universe. I wake up everyday and think about what I need to do and what I hope to accomplish. Most of my thoughts center around me, but recently I’ve been reminded that its not about me, it’s about God. I am His servant and vessel. So prayer for me to not be so self-centered and to spend more time praying for other people would be great!

    Prayer for our team as we’ve started a Bible study and many of my teammates have shown a hunger to either learn more about Christ or strengthen their relationship with God.

    Prayer for my mom to find refreshment and revitalization personally and spiritually as she takes a couple of weeks off from work.

    Prayer for all the individual requests that you guys have been sharing through this email thread. We have spent time praying for many of the requests you guys have sent, and hope to see God work powerfully and miraculously in your lives.

    Please pray for those affected by the recent evil and violence in the world including Paris, Beirut, Syria, and other war torn countries.

    Please remember the JLIN team reads and prays over your prayer requests although we unfortunately we cannot respond to you individually.

  969. may you find the peace, joy, strength, preseverance
    and you dreams come true 🙂

  970. I’m guessing Daniels is in that Bible Study group 🙂

  971. No Lin No Fun!

  972. I think Roberts is having some kind of confidence issue. Anyone who plays with Lin can thrive but Roberts seems to be rushing, playing out of rhythm. Must be tough, trying to crack the rotation.

  973. Rockets have talent. They have character issues ie Harden.

  974. Lin is a very good defender for PG now, unfortunately, he is now used to defend SG….

  975. Mature beyond his years. I gather he is coming out of the disappointment of whatever expectations he had this season. If he was like us, his expectations were probably higher then what is present reality. The great thing about finding peace in God, is that the victory has already been won. The prize is being faithful to the process not the end result. The end result will be according to God’s plan and I’m sure it will be good ending. I’m glad Lin continues to grow in Christ and gives Him glory. That is always my prayer for Lin.

  976. Is this NBA official account (or one of )? If yes, then Lin gets some love from NBA.

  977. lmao

  978. This came out before the game or after?

  979. Haha! Good point. LOL!

  980. Few minutes ago.

  981. Clifford like the offense in the first half, the ball movement, but not in the second as much. He seemed pretty calm about the game. I don’t think he said anything about Lin. He said the lineup for Monday is Nic, Kemba, Marvin, Al and whoever works best with the matchups, he hasn’t determined yet. Said it could be the same lineup as today. I don’t know if that means PJ is not coming back on Monday.

  982. Need to utilize the players well…it is a long journey. ?

  983. No kidding the Eastern conference is tight. Hornets on outside looking in with above 0.500 record. Many of the teams are playing well. Seems like GSW opened up the eyes of east coast offices to open the game up. Eastern Conference is catching up to the Western Conference. Health maybe the only thing that separates the teams that get into the playoffs vs those who stay out.

  984. Cody normally stands in for PJ, but he’s out this game so Lin starts as Batum slips back into 3. Lin may not start upon Cody’s return, PJ or no PJ.

  985. My personal advice to Lin if he wants to not focus on himself so much everyday is to get a girlfriend. She will be sure he will have to focus on someone other then himself on a daily basis. Sometimes on an hourly basis.

  986. Thanks. This season is just going to be up & down again.

  987. I hope so… but it will be Kemba guards Curry not Lin?

  988. Girlfriend on an hourly basis…I hope you’re not suggesting what it sounds like… Mama Lin would not approve!

  989. Kemba will fail miserably guarding Curry, who will shoot the lights out and Clifford will HAVE TO switch assignment…

  990. To be honest, I hope not… I don’t think Lin wants to be corner boy again. I hope Cody comes back ASAP. So weird. When Batum as SG he can run the O why not Lin? smh!

  991. Lakers vs Rockets Dec 12. Who do we want to lose more? Would totally despirit Rockets to lose to lowly Lakers but I don’t want Lakers to win either.

  992. I want Rox to loss bc Lakers sure will be bottom but I just don’t want Rox to win & hope they will not make it to playoff this season.

  993. Hornets buttering up Batum to make Kemba/Al/Batum big three. And even then Batum gets occasionally frozen out by Kemba.

  994. That’s a tough one. If Kobe plays then I want Rox to win, if no Kobe then Rox win.

  995. Don’t get why Cliff just will not allow Lin to be PG no matter w 1st unit or 2nd unit? smh! I doubt they will make it to playoff now.

  996. It is more fun watching Lin lead the 2nd unit as PG with Lamb. I understand people wanting him to start and he does a great job but it’s more exciting watching him swishing and dishing with the 2nd unit. He can close games with the starters.

  997. Kemba and Roberts too short to play SG. Lin is the tallest of the three.

  998. Depends on which half you look at. He was only corner boy in the 2nd half and Clifford didn’t like how they played 3Q. He said they got away from moving the ball. He liked how they played in the 1Q where Lin wasn’t corner boy. I’m fine with Lin off of the bench as long as he’s closing close games but for people that wanted to see him start, the first minutes were encouraging.

  999. That’s what I want to see. But I think many in the forum wanted to see him start. They saw now and maybe now some want him back in the 2nd unit, getting around 28 minutes, and closing with the starters.

  1000. I thought they moved Lin to starting SG, he will be like Dragic in Sun… you know can also run O. OK maybe not w 1st unit but why w 2nd unit also not allowed Lin to be PG? Lamb already was SG why needed Lin to be SG too? What a dumb move…

  1001. Stephen Curry journey was very similar to JLin. No wonder he and JLin are such good friends.
    Both overcame being overlooked in high school and NBA for their small stature.

    This 13-min E60 documentary is worth watching to understand how he had to undergo grueling process in HS to change his shooting form (he was to small so he had to shoot from the hip; Del his dad helped him to shoot from next to shoulder/head) in order to go play college basketball. No big colleges wanted him except small Davidson College.

    He also had to survive 2 almost career-ending injuries in the NBA before breaking records and be the MVP & NBA Champ.
    I hope JLin’s time will come soon to overcome the role uncertainty to rise up again.

    If JLin can spend next off-season to train with SCurry, his 3pt shooting might get closer to video-game Curry =)

  1002. Yeah, but guarding klay is even worse matchup for kemba

  1003. LOL I love @jeremylinhair’s personality


  1004. Testing Roberts…If Roberts can steady the 2nd unit then maybe Lin as starting SG permanently?

  1005. Cliff is joking right? All the game plan from himself…..plus he can make some adjustments… smh! Always like this, when we thought it’s OK then changed again. smh!

  1006. Then bench Kemba and play LL Cool J. LOL

  1007. I don’t think so. I think it’s just Roberts getting in game time to stay in game shape. Also he needed to play so Lin and Batum didn’t end up playing too many minutes.

  1008. So the first year after Lin left the Knicks they did pretty well. But the year after, they completely bombed.

    Now the same is happening to the Rockets!

  1009. Karma’s Modus Operandi. 🙂

  1010. Just a possibility. Seems Clifford is still experimenting.

  1011. good to hear he is still figuring it out. Looks like Lin is being looked at as a potential starter. Cant have the bench bailing out the Starter game after game. 1st haif was promising i saw Lin is up to the challenge

  1012. No. I think they executed the plan in the 1Q. There was nothing wrong with how they played at the start. They didn’t execute the offensive plans in the 3Q. But I think he’s now going to prepare for the tougher Sac Kings so they’ll watch the film and see what they need to fix that they didn’t do right in the 3Q and hopefully not do that in the Kings game.

  1013. I remember everyone wanted him to start on the Lakers with Kobe. That was a disaster. He would have been better off starting that season on the bench with Ed Davis and Swaggy.

  1014. there’s little about curry that applies to lin. curry’s shooting ability opens up the rest of his game and curry is arguably the best shooter to ever play the game.

    there are countless overlooked players in the league. if that is the point of commonality, lin has a lot in common with many many players.

  1015. Yes. That first unit was terrible for him. But then Byron messed it up and when he went to the bench, Davis went to the starting lineup.

  1016. I think Cliff really wants to move Lin to starting lineup since preseason… but it’s for CnS SG only not run O at all. I really think that will not help Lin or this team bc just waste his time running around for nothing. 29 min it’s good but just like Lawson… can’t really do too much at all.

  1017. I don’t know. Maybe a spot starter depending on matchup sometimes but that leaves the second unit without its leader. The first half was promising. The second half wasn’t. We’ll see how it plays out.

  1018. Howard will opt out after this season then they’ll be left just with Harden. Free agents won’t want to play with Harden like they don’t want to play with Kobe.

  1019. his talent is definitely very rare w/ such quick release.
    Maybe not the shooting form but from practice drills and consistency, there might be something to gain.

    JLin is smart; I’m sure if he can pick up a thing or two to improve his game.

  1020. HE played with both units. I think they had it for the first quarter then it all apart. I need more then 1 game to say it doesn’t work

  1021. wonder why nash went to play with lakers…. didnt he know about kobe?

  1022. Yup.

  1023. Remove Roberts with daniels so Lin plays pg the second unit and that would fix a lot

  1024. That’s good plan to me. I just don’t get why Cliff took Lin out in 1Q around 7 min. Then let him played w 2nd unit but as SG not PG? Why? This coach still don’t have any idea how to use Lin… smh! Or maybe not allow…?

  1025. IT was around the 5 minute mark he play 7 or 8 1st quarter minutes

  1026. That’s not at all how he played in the 1Q or in the end of games when he’s with the first unit. He played a potential PnR or penetrator to the rim, strong defense, an inbounder and a decoy. He only did CnS in the Atlanta game. I think you’re discouraged by the 2nd half but look at the first half. He scored on 2 cuts to the baskets, one a give and go with Big Al. He penetrated to get Al an easy jumper from the side. He was part of the offense in the first stint with the starters. And the 2nd half of the game was just getting into letting down because they had the big lead so I wouldn’t be that discouraged by that.

  1027. He took him out early bc he wants Lin to be w 2nd unit but as SG… ?

  1028. He can’t play all of the time!!! He was getting a rest to come back with the second unit. With the 2nd unit, it was practice for Brian Roberts who is a PG and Lin is more flexible so Lin remained at the 2. Just like Batum today, went from 2 to 3 and he slides back and forth like Lin does.

  1029. Playing time it’s OK but just position was wrong for Lin. That he wouldn’t be able to help or do well. A SG w/o ball, what can he do?

  1030. He was staggering the minutes with the starters. And he wanted Lin with 2nd unit and the first. But that happens with Batum too.

  1031. Clifford will use Lin for both positions. When he isn’t leading the 2nd unit, he’s SG. Even if he is in with the 2nd unit and a PG plays, Kemba or Roberts, he then plays SG.

  1032. Maybe he thought Kobe was done…?

  1033. If we think about it this game for the hornet was the first time the starters didn’t start slow. It also looked like both units played free and GSW like. Its a new style so the second haif we again regressed back to iso team but its very promising. Even though lin got iced out the 2nd haif Lin starting is their best chance to be free flowing and win a bunch of teams. with Lin on the bench we will lose to top teams and good teams. After thinking about it i want Lin to start. Is it more risky in term of his shot sure. That being said if that Line up work it could be a revival for Lins career. Spots 4-8 in the east are close together. If we can get higher we can make it to the second round. If that happens Lin will get paid. We have to take some short term pain for long term success

  1034. I don’t think the Hornets have a chance against GSW if they are clicking. They just have so many players that can hit the 3 and not just Stef and Clay. I just hope they play GSW competitively. And of course, any team can lose on any given day so it isn’t impossible. But not likely in my opinion.

  1035. 1st half was OK only. The whole game plan was not good. Today vs 76 it’s OK but it’s not going to work down the road.

  1036. Then you are asking Lin to guard players like Wade for most of the game. That’ll take a lot out of him. A lot of the stuff that they did today against the 76rs won’t work against better defenses. Lin is still probably best used as the off the bench game changer, a la Ginobili. I think Lin can work as a starter next to Kemba against some teams, not the tough ones though.

  1037. Lin can start it’s better for his career bc at least he’s a starter. If he can be a PG w 2nd unit that will be perfect. Hope Cliff can make it happen.

  1038. holy sht..you serious!!!

  1039. LOL. Yup…but wouldn’t be so good for his basketball….put it off as long as you can kiddo.

  1040. I think it will be OK bc Dragic did that in Sun. He’s about the same high like Lin.

  1041. How do you work his minutes? If he starts, he can only go to around minute 6 or 5 and then come back in late in 1Q or early 2Q.

  1042. Just like today… no need to have Roberts on court w him.

  1043. Thats why i said earlier. Lins defense may get him a starting position. Although i wouldn’t mind him off the bench verses those teams. Still i want to see him try for a game or two and see how it goes. The starters are clearly holding the team back. We will early sneak in to the playoff at this rate. You cant have one unit play iso and another play GSW like. It won’t win against the good teams

  1044. Different system though. They didn’t have a post-up center like Al. They had shooters like the Morris bros. And at one time they had Isiah Thomas coming in too and Dragic then wanted out because he didn’t like his role.

  1045. Problem with the starters is PJ. He doesn’t add much. Zeller doesn’t work with them either that well. Lin is an X factor. It’ll be interesting to see how Cliff uses him. He may end up getting a lot of playing time.

  1046. “by dribbling around them”…it’s so much fun when he does that. It just creates chaos, from which he usually profits. Entertains me to no end 🙂

  1047. He won’t be most of the time. He plays usually against bad teams if the Hornets have a big lead or are getting blown out.

  1048. OK.

  1049. Bull’s giving GSW all sorts of problems. Amazing the Hornet’s blew them out the first game.

  1050. Cliff is clearly very analytical. He sees what we see. The best starter is with Lin. The best bench is with Lin and Lamb. He can make it happen. Just need to iron some thing out. ie Roberts.

  1051. No Kardashians or Kardashian like women for Lin. Ever.

  1052. Dragic don’t like his role now lol

  1053. No, he’s not working out well with the Heat. Wrong system for him and wrong team mates.

  1054. That’s for sure… I think Wade would like him to be bench like Lawson.

  1055. He went for the big bucks.

  1056. If i was him id just wait out Dwade. He is almost done

  1057. But maybe still 2 more years…. I watched their game yesterday, Wade & Bosh didn’t want to pass the ball to Dragic. But they were not only passed the ball to Johnson also set the screen for him?!

  1058. Rockets. Because everyone already knew that the Lakers would be bad, but the rockets was unexpected

  1059. What happened to the Lin fan that makes videos and says eat rice at the end of them? Is he still making videos?

  1060. Don’t know if this has been posted yet, but just in case.


  1061. Dang steph curry is just ridiculous. I swear the warriors keep it close just to keep themselves motivated or something, instead of just ripping teams to shreds.

  1062. Both of these overlooked players share a common team and beginning together. They both are superior athletes than other overlooked athletes. They both never gave up. There’s a lot more they share in common than other overlooked players.

  1063. the warriors are on a mission to prove that they legitly won the fist ring because they a re an elite tea m that work hard to reach this level.

  1064. No chicago is causing them issues. The GSW turn the ball over a lot. They play very careless. Thats really the only flaw i see. Steph is lucky to be on such an unselfish team. The ball always moves. Hornets trying to be this. Spurs started this trend.

  1065. Bulls are scrapping, still gonna lose though.

  1066. H barnes, like i said, just messing around with teams

  1067. game over

  1068. H barnes times 2, 3 pointers that is

  1069. its ridic how good GSW is. u never doubt they will come back and win it.

  1070. Good win for the Hornets with Lin starting. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for experiment. Lin played within because KW & Al are Hot early on.
    Get my DESERTS: Rox falls to Grizz, Lakers falls to Raptors… AND The GS WARRIORS Keep the Dream Rolling, baby 14-0. Clipps choke after choke: lost to the “bad” Rox, lost to the Blazers tonight… Should have known- we blew them out of the water in the preseason.

  1071. up and down that GSW roster, so many players can pass and play defense, long and athletic. not just the shooting, that roster is so multi-talented and deep.

  1072. I want PG Lin
    SG Lamb
    SF Batum
    PF Williams
    C Al
    6th man Kemba

  1073. 14-0 baby, all in a nights work. Breakin record for best start ever soon in about 3 games.

  1074. I’m sure it’s not planned but the effect is just the same. Winning attitudes is learned. That’s why I hate what tanking does to athletes. GMs and leagues that deprive players the ability to learn to win is destroying the game. Seventy Sixers are fools gold, they draft promising atheists only to teach them how to lose. Morey and Henkie are making a mockery of sports. How long has Sixers been tanking? The players have forgotten how to win.

  1075. Me too. But without Al.

  1076. before that can happen, Lin better sign a new shoe deal with the owner

  1077. it is ridiculos that the nba,allow the sixers to tanking…how mnay years now?

  1078. I REALLY Want Steph Curry & Co. to Stay Perfect until they meet us. And all I want is the Hornets with Lin leading the charge to put on a great showdown. And whoever win – wins…

  1079. I think they know lin and lamb r deadly…

  1080. new PostGame thread


    In Jeremy Lin’s surprising 1st start of the season, Jeremy finished with 9pts/2asts/3rebs in 29 min.

    1 It was a mixed performance since Jeremy energized the starters in the 1st half as an SG but did not have as many chances to be the playmaker as he shared the ball with Batum and Kemba to initiate offense. It’s understandable as they continue to learn to play together to develop chemistry.

    2 Unfortunately, Coach Clifford also experimented with having Brian Roberts to play as a PG in the 2nd unit but he was not able to direct the offense. The ball movement was not as fluid as Jeremy Lamb, Hawes, Roberts would be too quick to pull the trigger. Perhaps it was due to multiple changing lineups that Coach was eager to try vs. the winless 76ers.

    3 76ers as a team kept shooting themselves on the foot with 17TOs so they were not a threat to make this into a competitive game.

    4 JLin 3pt shooting stroke seemed back to his good preseason form so it’s a great progress as Hornets finished their 2nd of 7 game long home-stand. There will be 2 days before the next game vs Rondo/Cousins with the Kings on Monday so JLin would definitely benefit from extra practices to regain his excellent preseason shooting form.

    5 Lin would also need to be careful with not over-helping on team defense as he left 6’6″ Nik Stauskas too open to drain 3 threes. With tall SGs, it’s harder for JLin to run back to challenge them with 3pt shots.

    A win is a win as the Hornets has 7-6 record. It remains to be seen if Coach Clifford will continue to experiment with JLin at the starting lineup when Hairston and Zeller are back from injuries. One thing JLin has to do is to remain aggressive by being a playmaker or PG role; what makes it complicated is when Coach Clifford set up a game plan for him to be the SG. In the long term, Coach Clifford will certainly recognize JLin can contribute the best with the ball in his hands. JLin also made a great, well-timed block as he continued to showcase his great defense


    Earlier today. JLin conducted a fun interview with WFNZ Radio https://twitter.com/monkeyes2/status/667765337786621952

  1081. From now on we will know if Hornets can be a real play-off team. Next games:


  1082. This Period Calls for Linvasion & Linspired! I want the Hornets to go 9-1 with the only lost is to GS. Make it happen, CCliff. Unleash Lin for 30+ min.

  1083. even if coach unleashes him, the “stars ” on the team freezes him out too much for Lin to be effective on the O…

  1084. Nash went to his coach DMA; definitely not for BS.

  1085. The timing of this start coincides with other events. The firing of Mchale, Morey being on the hot seat and the lies spread by M&M have all swung positively for Lin, while Morey,s reputation keeps dropping like a rock. The truth is coming out for all to see that Lin was never a bench player and that Linsanity is alive and better now than ever. The article today and others recently have all made the experts shudder in fear for their complicity in the effort to bury Lin.

    The Hornets and perhaps MJ jolted the media that Lin would be the most important signing this year for his team. Maybe MJ finally decided that he had to intervene and keep Lin a happy Hornet player.

  1086. They are really going to put into test after this game. It’s all good. No time to mess around with the FO signing and extending contract. Just keeping the team above 0.500 becomes difficult enough! This time, Hornets will have to put their best team together just to survive or stay in competition in most of the games after this.

  1087. He’s sort of worrying about his stats and future in the team.

  1088. You think too much, Lin start because PJ was hurt and Zellers was hurt. That’s it.

  1089. Love Lin mastering Nash dribble-circle to find best way to score or pass -)

  1090. There are problems that Lin has to deal with sooner or later; might as well be now. The situation calls for the best effort from the team as a whole to survive in the very competitive Eastern Conference this year; unlike last year. If Lin comes to Hornet last year, he would be just like Mo Williams for the team and that I’m sure it’s not a good thing for Lin. I’m sure glad that Lin may have a fair chance to break it out. All we Lin fans ask for Lin is a fair chance to succeed. He’s going to get it soon in one of the most hectic schedule for the Hornets.

    Yes, I’m happy for Lin now than in the past. If the team has to put their best players on the floor to survive, I’m sure Lin will eventually come out a winner. I can even smell its coming. I’m having a much better feeling about Lin’s situation now than ever.

  1091. 3-8 isn’t so bad. just one more score is 50%

    When “stars” shoot worse, it’s not even noticed

  1092. Oh right… forgot about that…

  1093. a true fan is happy if Lin is happy
    Im only happy when Lin shines lol

  1094. Ok

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